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TwinklingStar's blog: "just notes of interest"

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The R-word

Take The Pledge

I pledge that I will not use the words "retard" or "retarded". I understand that this is hurtful to people who have developmental disabilities and people who love them. I will be careful with my words, and will ask others not to use their words either.

The R-word is hate speech that reinforces negative attitudes about people with physical or mental disabilities.

When the word "retard" is used to describe someone or something you think is bad or stupid it is pure predjudice.

It is hurtful to people with disabilities and people that love them.

The Language of Bullying

Bullying is a hate crime.

Calling people with disabilities "retard" is a form of bullying.

Silence is golden.

Silence means agreement.

If you hear bullying, say something.

Words have power.

People with disabilities and their families know that negative language leads to harmful actions; like isolation, abuse, and violence.

Listen, learn and love.

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