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Its amazing how many people out that are so against video games (World of Warcraft, Diablo Series etc etc etc) it breaks up relationships, causes stress and moon swings rules your life. Yet they can sit on a website all day long, and THE SAME THINGS HAPPEN!

Video Game: You get your ass beat your pissed
Website: Someone Causes drama your pissed

Video Game: You spend so much time playing your signifigant other breaks up with you.
Website: You spend so much time on said website your signifigant other breaks up with you. (or your caught with your hand in the candy jar making lovey dovey with someone else)

Video Game: You lost a really cool item sadness
Website: Someone posts something sad sadness

Video Game: Another player gives you a great item you really needed Friend!
Website: Another user gives you a picture or some virtual wealth Friend!

Am I the only one missing something here? Or do some people need to pull there fucking heads out of there asses or have some sense slapped into them. I am so sick of antigamers who come to me and complain whine bitch piss and moan because they don't like the fact im a gamer or they don't like the video games I play. The fucked up thing is I don't know these people, its all random messages from random people!

I also get the fact that your ex spent all there time playing, I really do been there done that got the fucking T-shirt, Yes I've had a romantic candle lit dinner with me at the table with the candle and my ex on the fucking computer GET OVER IT! Grow the fuck up. Get past it move on with your life. Don't hate the game, hate the player.

/End Rant

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