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peace AND all that's blog: "What I Am"

created on 10/13/2009  |  http://fubar.com/what-i-am/b312000  |  1 followers

I went to see The Dirty Heads opening show to their summer tour today...

(check em if you love good summer time jammin tunes,,, they rock it baby)

It was totally free... and with all those tents that give away stuff as well.... 


I was supposed to move along Furthur at a venue not so far from where the Heads were jammin...


There was a Meet & Greet with the Dirty Heads  at a bowling alley only 2 blocks away, 

following their show, so.... i packed my cooler & all my freebies into the van and walked to meet

the band and have em sign my Cd's & such.... 

picture of em in comments since i no good at this blog stuffs 


after what seemed an eternity... I finally met the band, chatted, got things signed & journeyed on back 

to the van to keep on trucking Furthur.... only my van was gone   WTF...... 


sooooo....  Furthur will have to wait Furthur but Ima so in a happy high state of mind

I dont give a fuckity fuck fuck that I have to go back tomorrow & get my Van outta the impound or 

wherever the fuck it is..... 


hope y'all having a great weekend 

and as always

peace baby 

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