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New & Improved Blogs
Earlier today we released the new and improved blogs. It includes a new look and feel; (hopefully) enhanced navigation; a directory of your family's blogs,  and recently updated blogs; and the ability to follow other user's blogs. If you follow a blog you'll get an alert when there is a new blog entry posted regardless of if you're friends with that user, and the list of blogs that you follow will be posted on your profile and on your blogs. You'll be able to see who follows your blog, and you'll receive an alert when a new person starts to follow your blog. Hopefully you'll like it. And if you like it really, really much we can keep adding enhancements to blogs, like rss feeds and trackbacks and other cool features.Send me a PM if you find something broken. Thanks for all your support. You're the ones who make the world go 'round!
A Playaz Game (mine Is Betta)
A Playaz Game (Mine is Betta)I'm sittin on stacks, I'm rollin high.Gettin that paper while you gettin high.I know you see me bitch so just ride on by.Keep watchin me do what I do.I'ma smoke on by you.I gotta stack full of that green in my right hand.Bitch you know how I do it out here in "da Land."I'm sittin on stacks, I'm rollin high.Gettin that paper while you gettin high.I know you see me bitch so just ride on by.I gotta stay on that grind, it's an everyday struggle.Workin two jobs just to keep up with my hustle.Nothing about me is just plain ordinary.'Cuz the game that I got is extraordinary.You think you know the kind of life I live.Poor little sap you ain't even got a dolla to give.You got no job, four kids, and now one on the way.Maybe I'll feel a little bit sorry for you one day.I'm sittin on stacks, I'm rollin high.Gettin that paper while you gettin high.I know you see me bitch so just ride on by.Everywhere I turn all I see is these haters.I'm gettin that money!Boy what you th
Love Sign
Love SignHe knows we are soul mates, it must have been fate. This kind of love,only God could create. In our hearts feeling we are meant to be,forever in love just you and me.  He lead us down this path to see, you for me and I for you.Definitely worth the wait it's true.No other relationship can compare,to this real love that we share.Your beautiful, and perfect,and yet a gem so rare.Who would have known,that all along you were standing right there?I thank God for you each day.And I pray that your here with me,for always in my life and forever to stay.'Cause this love I feel just won't go away.
Bed Rest For The Next Week
I will be here very little the next week. I am currently on bed rest. I do not appreicate inapp. comments regarding it. I don't care for rude comments, regardless if you know what I'm on bed rest for, its uncalled for, so I'm doing the only thing to do, I'm deleting those that do it. I don't give a fuck if you want to jack off to my pictures, Do you really need my permission??? No, You just think by asking that I'm going to think it's "hot"....Guess What? I DONT. When someone states there on bed rest, do you really think its the time to say such things??? I mean, come on, use your fucking brain. I came here for a little support, and I've gotten it from what I call, Real friends. Sex doesn't rule my life, even if I was single it wouldnt rule my life, there is a time for things, and when someone is on bed rest is not it....It shows me how pathetic you are...and I'm talking about two ppl only, everyone else has been very caring and I thank you so much for it. I know my pics are "suggestiv
Chocolate...ode To My Daddy
Chocolate...Ode to my DaddyIt's not on the outside what makes you sweet.But, the way you make me feel with every heart beat.Without you in my life nothing would be comeplete.You have this way whenever you walk by,you always happen to catch my eye.I melt everytime when you are near.I couldn't imagine my life if you weren't here.Your gentle eyes the way they stare,it lets me know you really care.You have a soft touch that's warm and snug.I feel it everytime when you give me a hug.I see it when you look at me and smile.It tells me you've been thinking of me all the while.And even though we hate to sometimes say goodbye,we know our love will always help us get by.It won't be long when we can have forever,the day when we are finally together.
Love In Past Tense
Love in Past Tense You speak of love like this but, I know what his secret is. Honesty is a funny thing. The underlying truths we hold within. It is something that we can never reveal. Yet, we say he loves us no matter what. Like a drug, that without it, then comes withdrawl. What about loving yourself for who you are or how you look? No, instead we think of how we must look to the superficial eye. Because deep down it really matters. In truth faced with the judgement of oneself. Blindly looking in the mirror enough not to realize. Starring back, a reflection of a fake disguise.  
    May you find solace in the gentle arms of sleep Despite the wolves outside your door In time you will see them all as harmless And their idle threats easy to ignore   And if ever fate should choose to smite you Stand your ground, never walk away Please don't ever let the world defeat you Don't get buried in its decay   As you drift into the gauzy realm of dreams May you take comfort in the thought that you are safe For it only takes a fraction of a second For all of this to change   CHORUS  Return to me When slumber's fog has lifted Return to me Stronger than before   As you sink beneath the soothing streams of time May you be thankful that you had another day For there comes a time when each of us will enter A sleep from which we will never wake   And if ever fate should choose to smite you Stand your ground, never walk away Please don't ever let the world defeat you Don't get buried in its decay   Close your eyes now, if only for a moment For it'
Visit And Rate Her Profile Please
Alison@ fubar
All Men Are Bastards!!!
All men are bastards! Way too long but as funny as fuck! I have just been at the pub and for 27.3 of the most irritating and mind numbing minutes of my life I had to sit at a table with 3 so-called "women" moaning about relationships and men. It was like a really low budget episode of Trisha but even more shit than you could envisage. Imagine waking up one morning an finding that your penis has a smelly, black, throbbing tumour on the end of it which is roughly the size of a Renault Espace people carrier...well this was much worst. It wasn't the ladies themselves, it was the constant use of every bitter womans cliche collection. "All men are such Bastards" "Men are so insensitive" "Men are just sex mad animals"...all the while i am sat there next to them and, despite my fustration, kept my mouth shut and let them carry on. and on. and on. and     aris-motherfucking-ton. It was pathetic beyond belief and after nearly 30 mins (thats 1/48 of a day or 1/336 of a week.
It's Not The Iphone's Fault
The Apple iPhone 4 is coming under attack by a bunch of whiners. The main complaint is the dropping of the signal when it is held in a certain way. The fingers apparently cover the antenna which is located at the bottom of the phone. Guess why the antenna is at the bottom? If you said government interference you are right. Bureaucratic meddling has force mobile phone companies to design their phones with the antenna on the bottom. Now there a group of whacko’s who what to sue Apple. What they should do is sue their government for requiring this stupid design. The rest of the story BlastFM is designed to give you the best music the world has to offer. Listen to the greatest music artists in world @
Grandpa Gaga Lol
My Dad
So I have had my email address for so freaking long and it has tens of thousands of old email that i decided to try and clean out someday....well being a stay at home mommy gives you a lot of time on your hands especially as your tot gets a bit older and is more interested in playing his video games and I dont have to chase or clean up after as much what does that mean? I get to clean out some email and actually sit and type some words which I guess I tend to write alot just like when I talk I tend to talk too much so there you have it! A genuine blogger! Going through my emails I found the correspondance between me and my dad to be quite interesting over the years and thought it might be a good idea to publish them kinda like a memoir or something.....ahhhh wtf why not I think they are blog worthy if not a cool way to scrapbook something in time sinve now a days no one corresponds through snail mail anyways unless you are in jail but now they have e-mail too! so as i clean out
I run my own small tree service and my company's name is Second Nature Arborist Services.   I just took a sales call from some janitorial service, went something like this.   This is my part:  "Hi!  This is Chuck!"   Salesman:  "Is this Second Nature Abortionist Services?   Me again:  "FAIL!" CLICK and....dial tone.
Not Looking For Pitty
I was born in 1966 in Dallas, Texas. From the start I was abuse by my father for about 7 years til I moved to Maine with my mother. In between grades 4-6 I was raped 3 times by guys. From 7-12 I was picked on for the most part of it. I really didnt have friends or even a close friend. After a year of messing around with a dead end job I joined the army. I did 7 1/2 years total. In 1990 I got married and have 2 wonderful boys. I was married for about 10 years she wasnt so I gave up after trying to make it workout. All me ex's cheated on me. With all the stuff I went through and my mother being sick I have been stressed and depressed for many years, I dare not say how many cause its too much. I have always been kicked down in life ALWAYS. That doesnt seen to change. If theres anything esle you like to know just ask me please. I'm very honest and open, I'm not affraid to answer any question weather big or small, unpersonal or personal. Thank You for taking the time to read this blog.
Stronger Woman
by Jewel I guess you could say I'm one of those girlsThat's always been with one of those guysYou know the typeLike right now, he sleeps while I writeBut it's better than cryingI'm worn out from tryingFrom loving a man who always makes it clearI'm not welcome hereJust when he's hungry or friskyor needs something cleanedAnd you know what I meanBut not tonight'Cause come the morning light, ohI'm gonna love myself more than anyone elseBelieve in me, even if someone can't seeThe stronger woman in meI'm going to be my own best friendStick with me till the endWon't lose myself again, never, no,'Cause there's a stronger woman,A stronger woman in meLight bulbs buzz,I get upAnd head to my drawerI wish there was moreI could sayAnother fairytale fades to grayI've lived on hopeJust like a childWalking that mileFaking that smileAll the whileWishing my heart had wingsWell from now on I'm going to beThe kind of woman I'd want my daughter to be, ohI'm gonna love myself more than anyone elseBelieve in
I was hoping to rejoin the human race 5/7/10 and return to work. I have just spoke to my University today and they've told me that since my foot is still fractured that there is noway they would allow me to return to practice at present. Even though the consultant said I could, university are going to overrule him. They do not believe it is in my interests or the interests of the patients to return and have been told to get another sick note when I see my local G.P. tomorrow.   I really don't know if I can take another 4 weeks off on the sick without going bananas .... I am so fucking bored and my arse is soooooooooo fucking fat I could scream!!!!!!!!!!  
When you feel sad and betrayed Who can you count on every single day? When you feel lost and alone Who will be there for you in every way? When you've made mistakes and bad decisions Who can you count on to tell you you're wrong? When you feel you can't go on Who will be there with a feel-better song? Look into your heart and you will find That person you can trust is not far away. Look deep into yourself, don't give up, For if you do, it's yourself you'll betray. When you're looking for answers To all your questions and dreams, There is one person you can count on, It's impossible, I know, it seems. But take a few moments to look deeper inside. Look into your heart and there you will see. You'll be surprised when you find out That you've been looking at ME.
Near You Always
by Jewel Please don't say I love you,those words touch me much too deeplyand they make my core trembleDon't think you realize the effect you have over mePlease don't look at me like thatIt just makes me want to make you near me alwaysPlease don't kiss me so sweetit makes me crave a thousand kisses to followAnd please don't touch me like thatmakes every other embrace seem pale and shallowAnd please don't come so closeit just makes me want to make you near me alwaysPlease don't bring me flowersthey only whisper the sweet things you'd sayDon't try to understand meyour hands already know too much anywayIt just makes me want to make you near me alwaysAnd when you look in my eyesplease know my heart is in your handsIt's nothing that I understand, but when in your armsyou have complete power over meSo be gentle if you please, 'causeYour hands are in my hair, but my heart is in your teethAnd it makes me want to make you near me alwaysYour hands are in my hair, but my heart is in your teethAnd
And Now, A Brief Interlude From Our Good Friends Scott And Ash....
ASH AND SCOTTWhat the fuck was that?SCOTTYour sister has turned into a zombieASH AND SCOTTWhat the fuck was that?ASHYour girlfriend was a demon tooASH AND SCOTTWhat the fuck was that?SCOTTShe just ripped my pre-ripped AbercrombieASH AND SCOTTWhat the fuck was that?ASHI got some Shelly on my shoeASH AND SCOTTWhat darkness lurks beyond this wooden sanctum?What the fuck was that?SCOTTDude, these hoes been zombefied!I cannot stay here anymoreI'm getting out of here!ASHNo, we cannot leave, Linda's ankle won't make it, I fearSCOTTI cannot stay, I killed my lay!I must go nowASHYou can't go nowSCOTTI must!ASHYou can't!SCOTTI mustASHYou can't!SCOTTBitches out for blood!I can't take this anymoreASHWe don't even know if there's a way backExcept for that damn broken foorbridgeSCOTTGotta go!Right now!I'll find a road where I'll flag down a van!ASHJust listen to meSCOTTNo I won't!ASHLinda can't walkSCOTTIt's time to go!ASHCannot hikeCan't even standSCOTTThen we'll leave herThat's our brand-new...ASH
Pop My Cherry
Ok guys and gals I will be straight forward I am a professional model. I am here to promote my website, both private sexy videos and setup webcam shows. If you like to know more details message me.
It Is A Little Known Fact That Superheroes Sometimes Walk
To the best of my knowledge, none of the heroes in my books (“Progeny,” “Legacy,” and “Litany” so far) fly without help.  Oh wait, the hero Mariner does but he’s wearing the armor with its rocket pack, and one of the villains Zephyr is able to manipulate the wind so she can be lifted up by it.  But no one so far comes to mind of my creations I’ve made capable of unaided flight.  There’s probably something in that, and perhaps WHEN I actually finish “Victory” this year I will know it.  I heard the line when Sarah, Jeffrey, and I were watching “Elmo’s World” on Sesame Street this morning and it stuck!  Titles do that; ideas, more accurately, and they usually become my titles that I write around.   I didn’t think “sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot” – the main characters’ denigration of their boss Mr. Hart in the 1979 movie “9 To 5” – would quite f
Soooo Im at the bar gettin a beer and this short brunette is standing next to me...I say hi, she says hi and exchange names..I dont remember her name but i remember where shes from, and shes the bartenders room mate. she hollers across the bar and her room mate comes right away.. I said I like how ya order a drink, do you think that will work for me? thats when she says about the room mate thing...she gets her drinks and leaves... later she ends up standing in front of me as im leaning against the pool table waiting for next fight and i said "Hey Philly" cuz shes from Philly and like i said, i dont remember her name, she smiles and i slipped!!! the floor was wet and i lose my footing... grrrr   I hate when that happens..   as you were
I Guess He Cannot Handle Debate...
Interesting status banter...   faustulusEvil 39 secs --BOYCOTT BP odie aka assholish smartass said: just wondering how u plan to do that... faustulus said: simple..... don't buy their products...... other compaies make the same things they make odie aka assholish smartass said: BP sells directly to other suppliers who then make are you going to boycott them... faustulus said: bug someone else   then he deleted his status comment...
One of my neighbors boasted how they owned all these lot's only to find it is lot's 1, 2, 3, and 4. The lot next to me isn't owned by a church but a person. Imagine that and how deep it is. All the neighbors are very quiet except for the one that boasted. Lier always lie. They never change. Booze always loosens the tongue to boast. Glory to God N  
Food For Thought........
How much sence does it make to run a blast, or even a boomerang, much less auto's, if you have your profile set to private?  
Check It And Dig It! (please Read)
I have people on my friends list, fans list, fans of, etc who don't take the time to talk to me. That's alright. It's your choice if you want to talk to me or not. But, if you continue not talking to me, I will delete you off that list. I need not waste my time on people who are not friends and will not make the attempt to keep in touch or take time out of their day to even say hello. I'll give you a lil time to read this before just deleting you. since you may not immediately notice this blog. Anyway, thank you and take care!
The Reason For This Site
I woke up next to my wife of 14years and my lover of 18 years...And she passed in her sleep...She was only 38 years old and I was 43, and to young to be a Widower. This was back in 2007--- 2 days after THANKSGIVING...Some holiday
Great Day!
Today is gonna be a great day! Came to check my email and stuff before I start packing for my move Thursday and Philemon drew me! He is the BOMB!! Show him some love!     Philemon@ fubar
My Faves
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Sabrina Real Life Gf To Chris
So Apparently Some looser chick Decides to pimp smack me and tell me it wasn't for me and thats she sorry, now all of a sudden she's smacked me 5 different times within two minutes, updating her status message about me and apparently needs her husband back to get her laid so she stops acting like a Tramp on Fubar. Sabrina Re...: OOPS MY BAD DIDNT MEAN TO SMACK YOU..OOPS   cancel Chat 8:49am more To Sabrina Re...: wtf   cancel Chat 8:51am reply Sabrina Re...: SO YOUR NEW AND NOW YOU KNOW WHAT WTF MEANS..YOU ARE ILLITERATE APPARENTLY DEAR   cancel Chat
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)Very LowLevel 4&l
  look more
Tarot Card
You are The DevilMateriality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only beca
You All Heard It
You all heard the expression that life is short and live it to the fullest or something like that. To me 10 years and counting of limited ability does mee no good. Opportunity is coming up. I have to have a sugery for my Aorta. Don't have it done I'm good as dead sooner or later. Nothing and no one to convince me to stay here. Glroy to God N  
Requisite Cooking Supplies For The Extraordinary Outside
Cookery inaccurate Revere Ware Cookware quite a dispute and as much you may poverty a few cooking supplies that are specifically prefab for outside cookery. These utensils pauperization to be sturdy and hardier than those you use wrong your domicile as they present be exposed to alfresco elements in element to possible unstoppered combustion and of instruction, beingness toted around with another outside wheel.Pots and SkilletsPerhaps the primo physical for your preparation supplies in regards to pots and skillets is cast metal or aluminum. Forge metal is superfine over an susceptible shine, is quite comic and the matter stewed in it commonly turns out major. Aluminum is someone over an undecided burning as stressed as you hump Revere Ware Cookware framework or framework to set it downwardly on, such like a burner on a stove.A bandage trammel Dutch oven should be the prime of any cookery supplies you purchase for cookery in the majuscule outdoors. It is varied and you can prepare virtu
Several Unhurried Elementary Cooking Techniques For Place Makers
Acquisition to Revere Ware Cookware and prepare a instruction is an large way to writ how to neology the variant flavors initiate in nutrient. Learning to scan a instruction is a real advantageous unit ability that umteen people abide for acknowledged. The most primary entity to recollect is to construe the instruction altogether from opening to end. Numerous people do not accomplish this initial support and often get a provoking dimension in the kitchen because of this oversight.Primary cooking techniques are rattling substantive to learn Revere Ware Cookware possessing this noesis not only increases the quietude in which preparation projects are realised but also increases the generally enjoyment of cookery.Rudimentary cookery techniques soul particularized traducement that are worldwide among reference authors, preparation schools and chefs. Acquisition these radical cookery methods and techniques are constitutive to successfully learning to navigator.Blanching or parboiling is two
Whole Cooking Can Be Rattling Fun
Cookery is Revere Ware Cookware act of making content for eating, and it consists of a open capability of techniques and methods; mish mashing of diametrical ingredients which adds savour or edibleness to the substance and both else tools as wellspring. Or added it can be said that preparation is the deliver of compounding of ingredients, activity and selecting of ingredients in prescribe to get the wanted results. Preparation can add savour to any and nearly every write of eatable substance items. There are many of the uncomparable structure that are mainly victimized to ready food which are roasting, cooking, hot, cookery, steaming, micro gesture and umpteen author at the one second protective all the nutrients of the nutrient suchlike proteins, Revere Ware Cookware, liquids, and carbohydrates.Notwithstanding, salubrious preparation can be real a fun filled manifestation but can be pesky too for the excavation people but there is aught to scare nigh, as there are several unproblemati
Don't Be Panicky Of Preparation An Wind Ham
Ham is the principal Revere Ware Cookware that people all over the man cook and eat for the Wind Holidays and for different sizeable menage gatherings. Preparation Wind ham is a practice in more families. The bespoke of cooking ham at Easterly seems to go backwards as far as William the Vanquisher. You can use a total, bone-in ham, nock it and position in a few cloves, maybe put on a paste of several university dulcify and condiment, then fastening it all in wampum dough and heat it. But there are umteen recipes you can use for cookery your Wind ham.Preparation Easter ham is a acerate principal education to train and cook, but preparation ham seems to be something that a lot of people fearfulness as they are afeared they give mate it. The superior price of a squeamish sized ham is probably the understanding Revere Ware Cookware the uncastrated hassle over cooking ham, home gatherings are sometimes trying and when you somebody the amount of ruining dinner it ads to the tensity. There ar
If You Require To Be A Extraordinary Make, Signal Learning Those Preparation Damage
When you Revere Ware Cookware watching a evince virtually cookery do you hump all the cooking damage they use? If you essential to larn how to ready those recipes they teach nigh you should advantage to discover those cookery status. Otherwise you won't get far when you try to repeat the recipes. And acquisition them is not that woody erstwhile you act using them patch you cook. The way to instruct those cookery terms is to read books about preparation, await them up on the internet or, and that's maybe the optimal design, begin taking preparation classes. Premier objective you should do is, the moment you center a period that you don't bang, stuff and Revere Ware Cookware out what it substance.So what are those cooking damage we cell conversation some. Let us eff a see at a few of them.. Al Dente is a statement for food that's not overcooked, it soothe has a spicery and is steady and chewy.. Ball is a period mixing one nutrient gently in added.. Modify is a point for sliced up nutrien
The Benefits Of Light And Hearty Search Recipes Is In Cookery Search
There are plentitude of opposite construction of preparation seek and it is fun to try disparate methods. Revere Ware Cookware on whether you are using a complete search, steaks of fillets, you mightiness suchlike to try braising, unfathomed or shallow cooking, steaming or straight cooking the fish on a woods search populate. Stuffed seek tastes yummy and adds texture. Perfect seek are the foremost for intermixture because the embody cavity is larger. Most stuffing is prefab from breadcrumbs, which change when they prepare, so do not use too often. If you are using sea bass, a herb and walnut pesto makes a major dressing. If you person fillets, you can sandwich them with stuffing or bread them, then oven-bake them.Various Construction of Fish CookeryPoaching unremarkably gives fantabulous results. To poach search, you requisite to add herbs, seasoning and a stuff much as ointment. You can use this as a sauce to serve with the seek. Steaming is sluttish and suits livelong fish, steaks,
The Umteen Construction Of Preparation Mexican Substance
Mexican foods, like Revere Ware Cookware added foods, can be poached, grilled, or fried. These are modern Mexican cookery styles but Mexican tralatitious cooking techniques were kinda distinct.In ancient times, Mexicans did not soul ovens. Instead, they would make Mexican content over an agaze onrush, which was the most average out of all the Mexican tralatitious preparation techniques.The substance would be placed in hamper pots before preparation. This Mexican cookery method is connatural to how we fix matter on the grille these life. The Aztecs steamed and cooked their nutrient in two handled mineral pots before the Nation introduced implement cookery pots. These two handled general Revere Ware Cookware were titled xoctli. The pot would be filled with food and then hot over an unsealed sack. A lot of foods were fried and Mexican cooking features frying to this day.Today in the acquaint, it is a lot easier to prepare Mexican dishes. It takes little example to change the foods. If som
How Can You Play To Mate Preparation?
Most Revere Ware Cookware looking upon cookery as a wordy chore, especially when they are affected to fix because they change to eat fast content that can exclusive be fried at national or because they make suddenly acquired a descent or relation who likes plate stewed substance. Others simply hate cooking because they learn it moment intense and unsatisfying when compared to tasty prepackaged meals that are ready to navigator. Nevertheless, lodging grilled food is not exclusive tastier than pre-packaged, pre-prepared nutrient, it is untold statesman nutritious than preserved pre-prepared dishes that are enlarged fat and additive contents and pinched Revere Ware Cookware methods. Thus, home preparation should be purloined as a thing rather than an option if you poorness to meet fit and fit throughout being. Our tips on how you can vantage to copulate preparation at lodging present meliorate straight the severest cookery hater to bask his or her quantify in the kitchen.Try Out Unsubdivi
Cooking Tips That Anyone Can Use To Piddle Cooking Easier
There are Revere Ware Cookware reasons why you may demand to ready at many repair in your lifespan. When you do status to prepare it is e'er a goodness strain to get service with a enchiridion or in other way so that you can instruct how to be a hot ready. One of the things that testament improve you a lot is to grow preparation tips. There are numerous tips for cooking online and offline that give teach you a lot.The statesman preparation tips you make the author you give take. It is ever a just design to correspond felled the tips for cooking or put them on your machine where you can gain them. This is serious because you present find more present Revere Ware Cookware you are cooking that you testament impoverishment to intend backwards to your tips. So always rest them accessible, virtuous in housing.Here are few fundamental cookery tips that you can begin using moral gone when you make. These tips for cookery present aid you expend measure in the kitchen and will also sort cooking
Squad Applicable And Comfortable Tips For Cookery A Country
Expect it or not, cooking a bomb is actually pretty comfortable formerly you undergo the conjuration to Revere Ware Cookware. Sicken a countenance at these 5 operable tips tips that give form your succeeding state preparation conference go that emotional bit solon smoothly.Tip  1 for Cookery A Gallinacean - Cerebration Counts.Provision is very important when it comes to cooking a gallinacean - especially a sleety one. Nonmoving turkeys stomach a couplet of days to melt - especially the larger ones. If you need to navigator a unchangeable turkey, you instrument need to melt it firstly, so it's somebody to hump few content when you give be intake it. Small rooted turkeys can be defrosted in a microwave in an crisis, but bigger ones demand to be finished the slow way.Unfermented turkeys can be toasted change away, but in most places they are exclusive disposable around the example of the Thanksgiving holiday - unless you are able to asking your butcher or grocer to impose one in specially
Free Fuct Pics
Ok FuCt fam if ya want a gif made or just a pic edited hit my PM with the details of what ya want. If you want a basic gif done i need at least 3 pics of you. If you want a stream gif like some of mine I need a video of you no longer then 8 seconds I can edit the video n make it for fu. THIS IS ONLY FREE TO FuCt FAM MEMBERS FOR OTHERS IT WILL COST YOU DEPENDING ON WHAT YA WANT DONE. Pass this along as well plz ty. DJ FuCt
My Favorite Guy...
Migar65@ fubar
Funny Shit + A Shitty Person
Watch out for this member. Apparently if she doesn't get her way, you can fuck yourself! Pathetic!!!   Go to my funny folder to see the convo. It's short, but funny lol
2 Basic Kicks..
Video on my page shows me throwing 2 basic spinning kicks..:)
For Me By 1arm
Cracking The Ranking Game
A crawler based search engine searches literally thousands of pages and finds hundreds of matches to the search terms but only a few results are displayed on the first page or get a good ranking--- the reason is practical as well as informed SEO practices. So here are a few tips on cracking the ranking game……….. Keep away from spamming techniques: All major search engines penalize sites that try to "spam". Techniques "stacking" or "stuffing" words on a page can easily get you black listed or barred. In stacking process a word is repeated many times in a row with the color of the text to be the same as the background color of the page. Since search engines are smart, they compare the background color of the page to the text color and detect bulk keywords used to mislead end result your site is out. Minimum Meta refresh: A number of search engines refuse to index a page with a high Meta refresh rate so try using it less often. Some site create target pages that aut
Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment (repost)
Dr. James P. Wickstrom 6-9-10   It has been estimated by experts that the pressure which blows the oil into the Gulf waters is estimated to be between 20,000 and 70,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). Impossible to control.     What US Scientists Are Forbidden To Tell The Public About The Gulf    What you are about to read, is what the scientists in the United States are not allowed to tell you in great fear of the Obama administration.     They are under the threat of severe repercussions to the max.. Scientists confirming these findings cannot be named due to the above, but what they believe, they want to be known by all.   Take a U. S. map, lay it flat and measure inland just the minimum 50 miles of total destruction all around the Gulf of Mexico as to what you will read below.   The carnage to the United States is so staggering, it will take your breathe away.   Should what the scientists who are trying to warn everyone
H.i.m-dead Lovers Lane
Despair has a faceAnd all these wounds remain unhealedBlessed to kill and enslavedAre all hearts around love's willThrilled to start all over againCrawl down dead lover's lane,The maze of memories stainedAnd suck the blood right out of my heartFear has a nameWritten on unhallowed groundWith dead leavesThose words never failTo feed the hunger that dreamsOur needs beyond God's graspCrawl down dead lover's laneThe maze of memories stainedAnd suck the blood right out of my heartScream out love's name in vainEmbrace the pain againAnd lose yourself alone in the darkDead lover's laneCrawl down dead lover's lane,The maze of memories stainedAnd suck the blood right out of my heartScream out love's name in vainEmbrace the pain againAnd lose yourself alone in the darkAnd suck the blood right out of my heartRight out of my heart
C51 - White Mamba's Birthday Song! Happy Birthday!!! (jay Z - Where I'm From Remix)
C51 - White Mamba's Birthday Song! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Jay Z - Where I'm From Remix)
C51 - Boomerang Girl   ==========BLOOPER==========
H.i,m- In Joy And Sorrow
Oh girl we are the sameWe are young and lost and so afraidThere?s no cure for the painNo shelter from the rainAll our prayers seem to failIn joy and sorrow my home's in your armsIn world so hollowIt is breaking my heartIn joy and sorrow my home's in your amrsIn world so hollowIt is breaking my heartOh girl we are the sameWe are strong and blessed and so braveWith souls to be savedAnd faith regainedAll our tears wipe awayIn joy and sorrow my home's in your armsIn world so hollowIt is breaking my heartIn joy and sorrow my home's in your armsIn world so hollowIt is breaking my heartIn joy and sorrow my home's in your armsIn world so hollowIt is breaking my heartIn joy and sorrow my home's in your armsIn world so hollowIt is breaking my heartMy home is in your armsAnd it is breaking my heartMy home is in your armsAnd it is breaking my heart
H.i.m-this Fortress Of Tears
No one can hurt you nowIn this haven safe and soundNo one can save you nowFrom this grace you are drowninginJust hold your breath on your way downThis fortress of tearsI've built from my fears for youThis fortress won'tfallI've built it strong for youNo one can free you nowFrom the chains around your heartDon't be afraid nowJustdive in this emptinessAnd hold your breath on your way down
Everyone Needs 2 Read B4 Sending Me A Message!
Ok I am a pretty laid back, open minded girl but I am getting tired of all the same BS every day so, I only ask that you please 1 - Don't send me messages that just say "hi" or "whats up" or "you're hot" or "i want to fuck you" etc. 3- No I don't want to give you my phone number 4- Don't send me pix of your dick. 5- Don't ask me to email you or text you nude or x-rated pix of myself. 6- Don't ask if you can get with me because it ain't happenin. If you don't do any of the above, then I will most likely respond to you & if by some chance u do do these things DON'T expect me to be nice to you! **YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**
Cxcvbxcv Bxc
Pay It Forward
When someone does you a favor, and they want nothing in return, is it a good idea to do a favor for someone else, and if you want nothing in return, to ask them to do someone else a favor?
Open Relationships: Good Or Bad?
well then..I've been talking with a few different friends lately about relationships & the varying things that people want or get out of them, & the subject of 'open relationships' keeps coming up..I googled the topic, as well as facebook searched it and found some rather harsh opinions about them..curious now as to how the rest of my friends view them and the people who partake in them?
Dont Bring Me Your Drama
Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday.                                                tomorrow at 3:18pm, a tiny 1lb 6oz miracle was born by c-section 25 weeks early 7yrs ago. She let out a tiny fighting yell and she was handed off to the team of doctors to be stabilized and given her Apgar score, hers were 5 and 9 @ 1 and 5 minutes!. She lived in the NICU in an incubator for 14 weeks. I could not hold her until she was almost 5 weeks old due to the fact she was sooooo premature and tiny so her nervous system could not take even the smallest touch. She had 5 blood transfusions, HBP, low blood sugar, and a breathing tube and a feeding tube in her tiny mouth at the same time. every limb had a life saving or monitor device in it or on it. I drove everyday 1 hour and 1/2 each way to visit my daughter, and I would call every night around 3am to check on her and to talk to her nurse, then get up and be there by 1030 the next day. My pinky finger was bigger than her whole hand. They keep premmi
Where To Put Promo Stuff
1. u will go to my blog and find a promo that u like copy it.   2. u will add fan and rate new members.   3. u will put promo copied in newbies comment box.   4. NEVER EVER promote in other lounges.   5. once bouncer comes up and tells u you can no longer use promo go and pick another and keep promoting.
One Wish
If I had one wish. If one desire could come true. If I had one wish. My wish would be you. If I could choose. I would stay in your arms forever. Our hearts would fuse. And our love would become an endeavor. I would wish for you to stay with me. For you to be my love. You would be my hearts key. Forever my angel, my dove. Forever is a long time. To require in a single command. I will write our love in a rhyme. For it would be my demand. I would ask of this. Only with your permission. Lost in a kiss. Our love is my ambition. So I wished upon the star. The star that reminded me most of you. My actions seemed bizarre. But this wish I had to pursue. If I had one wish. My wish would be you. And since I made that wish. Wonders if it will ever come true... For A Special Person That Even Tho He Has No Idea He Has All That I Have Left ... MY HEART!!!!
Long-distant Love
Reality blurs boundaries,binds dreams with sharp wireextracting all hope assleep seems distant,miles down a road of despairdesire, glass destiny paintedin pastel huesand I can only hope fortomorrow to be better,to feel stable, notanother earthquakingchasm in memorymiles becomes my veinsdrained of blood, of loveof you, as you stand bythe seaside, sand betweenyour toes, pleading with heavenfor closure, to heal thestrain of loving me. 
Which Smumms
Which smumms bother you more, sports smumms that do not ask who to bet or root for, or hypotheticals?
Feeling pressured, Feeling like a tiger in a cage. Needing away to let loose some major energy or something. Hates feeling inadequate, pressured & backed into a cage. Backed up against the wall & feeling walls going up.
Chapter 7: A Broken Heart Bleeds
To trust in ones heart is a dangerous thing to do. Theres been so few times that I've done so and each time I end up feeling I've over stepped my bounds. There was two women in my life that I poured my utter soul to them. And what happens?.. The first gave me a look of disgust and shunned me for several years until her suscide in highschool. The other gives me this feeling as if I've became a stalker in her mind. I cannot help that I grew up in a loveless world and feel so deeply passionate about the feelings that I care to share. Perhaps its not at the right moment.. wrong place wrong time?.. Thats just bullshit. In life there isn't anymore right moments because the next moment might be your last. I had a thing in the past for someone I feel that they should know all because to not know that someone cares for that individual in a time where they are at their lowest could be that thin line between life and death. But wait does this make me a cold person all because I care not for ones
Could You Explain
Could you explain why Coca-cola and orange juice mixed is abhorrant and aberrant to some people?
How Many People Can I Piss Off Today?
Read the title!
Tonight, I'm Goona Make It Without You
It's not you, I swear that it's me,I swore up and down,That forever we would be,But forever ever never came,And now you wanna leave,I never pictured this, Never thought that I would see,"                                                                                                                "I'd make it on your own,  And I be and independent women, I depended on the fact,You never knew what i was doin,Cause if you knew better, Then you prolly go and do it, Now the goin's getting tough,An were finally goin through it," "so,I apologize,For every dropped tear,Cause I dropped the ball baby,And I'll always have to hear..." Tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you Tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you. I'm gonna hold on to the times that we had tonight I'm gonna find a way to make it without you. "And yes,I have tried sleepin nights, With a broken heart,The hard part, Is I brought this on myself,I wanna be-Near MeStill wanna -Touch Me And wanna- Feel Me
(limited to one word answers)   1. Where is your cell phone? OTTOMAN.   2. Your significant other? SEXY.   3. Your hair? GONE.   4. Your mother? SATAN.   5. Your father? VANISHED.   6. Your favorite thing? MOVIES.   7. Your dream last night? INTERRUPTED.   8. Your favorite drink? STRONG.   9. Your dream/goal? IMMORTALITY.   10. The room you're in? COMFORTABLE.   11. Music? EPIC!!!   12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? AROUND.   13. Last thing in your mouth? SMOKE.   14. Where were you last night? HOME.   15. What you're not? STUPID.   16. Muffins? YUCK.   17. One of your wish list items? MONEY.  
My Thoughts For Today.....
 I have decided that there are an extreme amount of obviously phenominally beautifull people, men and women the same... who are so shallow, and hollow on the inside.. that I am afraid one blow, might shatter their entire existance.. some substance might do some people good...
Rookie Card Auction Closed Early
  The Stephen Strasburg rookie card auction, that almost reached a million dollars on Ebay, has ended early and all bids were cancelled.  The auction was ended at 8:17 EDT on 27 June 2010. The bid history showed that all bids were cancelled due to ending the auction early.  My thought is those bidding, that did contact the owner, could not prove to to the owner's satisfaction they had the means to pay if they won the bid.  Now with the additional rules permitted by Ebay will the owner put the card back up for auction on Ebay?  Will the owner find another auction venue?  Will the owner attempt to sell the card to a private collector?  I don't see the card being sold outright.  It might fetch a better price through auction.  If the owner is offered six figure amount or close it might be enough.  Check out my previous post about this card titled How Much for that Rookie Card?. Someone got a screen grab of the card when it hit its high mark last friday, 25 June 2010.  Below is that
I showed Deb fubar and she wasn't happy with it. Myself, I don't spend too much time here. Glory to God N  
so i was searching youtube and found this
Feed Up!
So im honestly to the point of not giving a fuck about anyone anymore besides who i know i can trust, and that have stood by my side for years.  As of today I'm pissed to the point of no return do to the back of me being supposedly like every fuckin male on this planet.  Just because i have a fucking dick between my fuck legs doe not and never will make me like any guy. I do not think bout sex all the fucking time. I would rather hold the girl I'm with tight more then fuck her, I do not treat women like shit, I do not abuse the emotionally or phsyically, and I do not break a womans hurt they break mine.  I'm sick and fucking tired of being compared to everything and everyone. So fucking what you may have had  bullshit relationships or even friendships before, but since when does that give you the right to judge me for who the fuck i am and what i do when you dont fucking know who the hell i am until you truly have sat down and met the real me. Yeah I'll admit ive down stupid shit, but
Decide What You Want!
Decide what you want!
The Aftermath Of The Mumm...
Here is the fight between me and the friend of mine that my last mumm was about - Im sorry I didn't use the phrase kick rocks. She is the pink - I am the blue. This was a txt convo.    Wanted 2 talk  awwww. Whatever nevermindfine Well u dont seem intrest n listenin what could you say that wasn't a big "fuck you"?  Alot ah But u don+ care dude... we've gone through this sooo much that no... I don't. Then fuck it have a great lifereally? ok I hafta wanna hash out shit to be a homie? Wouldn't you rather I just dropped it? fuck! or would you rather I cared and left a shit load of "fuck you" to let you know how I feel? lmao! ignore some more... LOL! ha ha haForget itreally? so we done then?Im dun fightin i was tryin not to... dick Im tired of havin u pist a+ me and not talkin bout yI told you why. You never cared before and obviously dont care now - I always tell youi didnt do anything but get butthurt - and tell you... and i have good right to be.Well i do care u get mad cuz i
Why Put Boomerangs Up, But Leave Profile Private
Why do some people put boomerangs on, yet leave their profiles private?  Any thoughts?
Well Hey Hey Hey!
So. I miss you! I haven't forgotten about you. I still think of you, and think you're super rad. How have you been? Things are splitting apart for me- think of An American Werewolf in London. Painfully transforming, hopefully into something cool- like a werewolf. Where wolf? There wolf. Toy Story 3 is amazing and I cried.   So many changes to Fubar, I feel like an old person trying to figure out Facebook. "Like me? What's this? POINTS? This isn't Super Mario Bros!" (Yes I know we always had a point system, I'm just saying- now it calculates everything in your face, like a show-offy smart kid in class!) Haha, still getting blank friends requests- some thing never change. I am currently reading Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis. If you haven't read him you oughta, he was wicked ahead of his time and darkly funny. My copy is from 1947 and was about $4 in an antique store in Utah, so- awesome! Oh, and the book is great. :) A good new comic series out right now is I-Zombie, by
You Are Afraid Of What?
Most if not all of us have a fear or two about something. As a kid I was afraid of the dark. You know the boogieman under the bed or the closet. As we get older we should out grow most of our childish fears. Sadly, that is not the case with far to many people. And to top it off, there have been more fears added to the list by shrinks. Look at this list to see if you have one of these BlastFM will help you get over your fear of good music. When you need a shot of great entertainment tune in BlastFM
Watch Phat Booty Videos
Politico-esque ▬▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ
Okay Spinoza said to do a quick blog…. was suppose to post this days ago and I forgotOh noes, a blog of words, run now!So I will be discussing random things or answering questions posed to Me… Three things that would speak of My politics or ideal world view… Socialism HumanismGlobalism [no stupid American, socialism is not the same as communism.. damn read a book] I find freedom's mumm “How Socialists get it wrong ALL the time” [] rather funny. He attempts to brand socialism as anti US and Israel because a socialist is a harsh critic of Israel and US.. so does this mean we can think that Partisan Americans who are against Israel must be socialist?Hm, does that mean Francis Bellamy the writer of your pledge of allegiance, a pledge devoting ones self to this country, is anti American? I mean he was a PROUD socialist? Hm, your theory is as always flawed.Since he blocked Me for questioning his style of English .. funny
My First Post
just checking this out....hmmmm...very easy to edit  
#2 - Autism
Lost Angel
Lost angel on this earth, She is not sure where she belongs. She wears cuffs on her ankles and wrist. She believes in her heart, That one day she will find where she belongs. For now, she is a lost angel, She wears a fake smile, to hide the pain that she carries in her heart. She doesn't want anyone to know the pain, So she smiles and laughs. She touched love a few times. But it was never ment to be. Maybe one day, love will find her again. She has the need to be claimed, That would be her greatest victory, Some where is the one that is ment to own her. Until then she is a lost angel. She hears everyone tell her, wait longer lost angel. It will come, the one that will own you. Will find you. These cuffs she wears belongs to the one that will own her forever. Everyone wants her in their life to make it brighter and happier. To touch her is a gift and to own her is a pleasure. To own her heart is the greatest gift, you could ever have. To own her body, mind and soul is
I Look Like A Science Teacher, Or All Of Them Are Named Trixie
I could not pick out which was the better line to open today with!  After church yesterday when Pastor Gerald gave the children’s sermon about the blinders we should keep on when we want to focus on doing what Jesus says without all the distractions and one maybe six-year-old dared him to wear them next Sunday, Martha, the kids, and I were home for lunch followed by her going to work at WalMart and me shepherding Sarah and Jeffrey to Story Time at Main Street Books.  Today in addition to the stories they actually sat still for (there’s a wooden train set and a kid-sized shopping cart that often catches their eyes) Celia and Rose did face painting.  Jeffrey got a ladybug on his right cheek and the American flag (he still calls it “the miracle flag”) on his left, and the artists got creative; one girl got a giraffe on her cheek, and one boy who’s a big Star Wars fan – I can relate – got a stormtrooper helmet on his!   Sarah’s line came af
Thought From Mist Interesting Man
Be weary of a woman who only shows up when your winning..
Don't Be Bullied Of Preparation An Easter Ham
Ham is Revere Ware Cookware Warranty main cater that group all over the grouping prepare and eat for the Wind Holidays and for new titanic kinfolk gatherings. Cooking Easter ham is a practice in galore families. The impost of cooking ham at Wind seems to go play as far as William the Vanquisher. You can use a undivided, bone-in ham, gain it and place in a few cloves, maybe put on a condiment of some brown sugar and mustard, then pelt it all in sugar dough and bake it. But there are galore recipes you can use for cooking your Easterly ham.Preparation Easterly ham is a deltoid primary series to alter and navigator, but cooking ham seems to be something that a lot of fill revere as they Revere Ware Cookware Warranty xenophobic they will ruining it. The altitudinous cost of a precise threepenny ham is likely the think for the uncastrated niggle over preparation ham, pedigree gatherings are sometimes stressful and when you person the possibility of destruction dinner it ads to the enmity. T
Crucial Cookery Supplies For The Uppercase Outdoors
Preparation extracurricular is quite a challenge and as much you may pauperism a few preparation supplies that Revere Ware Cookware Warranty specifically prefab for outdoorsy preparation. These utensils necessity to be rugged and hardier than those you use inside your internal as they faculty be exposed to region elements in increase to achievable undecided flaming and of instruction, beingness toted around with another outdoor equipment.Pots and SkilletsPerhaps the unsurpassed stuff for your preparation supplies in regards to pots and skillets is take implement or metal. Take iron is soul over an staring flame, is quite stalwart and the content done in it unremarkably turns out large. Aluminium is finest over an agaze burning as daylong as you love a restaurant or framework to set Revere Ware Cookware Warranty mastered on, untold equal a burner on a range.A roll chain Dutch oven should be the prototypal of any cooking supplies you acquire for cookery in the large outdoors. It is versa
Flushed Cooking Can Be Truly Fun
Preparation is the act of making content for ingestion, and it consists of a countywide potentiality Revere Ware Cookware Warranty techniques and methods; mish mashing of distinguishable ingredients which adds flavour or edibleness to the content and any else tools as shaft. Or else it can be said that cooking is the activity of combination of ingredients, mensuration and selecting of ingredients in order to get the wanted results. Cookery can add discrimination to any and nigh every typewrite of eatable nutrient items. There are few of the person structure that are mainly misused to ready substance which Revere Ware Cookware Warranty roasting, cookery, hot, stewing, steaming, micro motion and umteen writer at the synoptical measure protective all the nutrients of the content equal proteins, fat, liquids, and carbohydrates.Withal, reasonable preparation can be truly a fun filled activeness but can be vexing too for the working fill but there is aught to fear about, as there are any eas
Squad Unimaginative And Rich Tips For Preparation A Dud
Conceive Revere Ware Cookware Warranty or not, preparation a gallinacean is actually pretty casual erstwhile you undergo the fox to it. Train a see at these 5 applicable tips tips that instrument make your close land preparation conference go that young bit statesman smoothly.Tip  1 for Preparation A Flop - Intellection Counts.Cerebration is real strategic when it comes to cooking a dud - especially a cold one. Preserved turkeys determine a duet of life to flux - especially the large ones. If you necessity to make a unchangeable dud, you faculty demand to deice it eldest, so it's prizewinning to bang many line when you will be uptake it. Small unthawed turkeys can be defrosted in a nuke in an emergency, but large ones requirement to be through the dilatory Revere Ware Cookware Warranty.Clean turkeys can be burnt parcel gone, but in most places they are only usable around the abstraction of the Thanksgiving leisure - unless you are fit to asking your merchant or grocer to rule one in sp
How Can You Signal To Couple Cooking?
Most Revere Ware Cookware Warranty looking upon preparation as a prolix chore, especially when they are unscheduled to make because they hit to eat fast matter that can only be sauteed at habitation or because they bang dead acquired a ancestry or relative who likes home roasted content. Others just hate cookery because they deed it moment intense and unacceptable when compared to tasty packaged meals that are ready to fix. Withal, domicile parched substance is not only tastier than pre-packaged, pre-prepared substance, it is more statesman nutritious than unmoving pre-prepared dishes that are seedy fat and summative list and mean mentation methods. Thus, habitation preparation should Revere Ware Cookware Warranty confiscated as a essential kinda than an alternative if you require to meet fit and bouncing throughout being. Our tips on how you can signaling to jazz cooking at plate testament provide yet the severest cookery hater to revel his or her dimension in the kitchen.Try Out Pand
The Benefits Of Simplified And Well Search Recipes Is In Cooking Fish
There are Revere Ware Cookware Warranty of variant structure of cookery seek and it is fun to try different methods. Depending on whether you are using a whole fish, steaks of fillets, you power similar to try braising, abyssal or shoaly preparation, steaming or plane cookery the search on a writer search sign. Stuffed seek tastes yummy and adds texture. Form seek are the uncomparable for stuffing because the embody cavum is large. Most stuffing is prefabricated from breadcrumbs, which amplify when they navigator, so do not use too some. If you are using sea vocalizer, a parsley and walnut pesto makes a extraordinary mixture. If you eff fillets, you can sandwich them with intermixture or funds them, then oven-bake them.Various Construction of Fish CookingPoaching commonly gives superior results. To poach seek, you pauperization to add herbs, Revere Ware Cookware Warranty and a material much as withdraw. You can use this as a sauce to cater with the seek. Steaming is elementary and suit
If You Essential To Be A Great Make, Vantage Learning Those Cooking Cost
When you are watching a pretense active preparation do you bang all the cookery damage they use? If you impoverishment Revere Ware Cookware Warranty learn how to ready those recipes they verbalise near you should act to acquire those cookery damage. Otherwise you won't get far when you try to reduplicate the recipes. And learning them is not that unpadded erstwhile you begin using them spell you navigator. The way to instruct those preparation status is to scan books some cookery, lie them up on the net or, and that's maybe the finest aim, commencement taking cookery classes. Ordinal occurrence you should do is, the second you hear a statue that you don't pair, wadding and bump out what it effectuation.So what are those preparation damage we stronghold talking about. Let us fuck a look at a few of them.. Al Dente is a word for pasta that's not overcooked, it plant has Revere Ware Cookware Warranty eating and is fixed and chewy.. Ball is a constituent mixing one substance gently in anot
Any Leisurely Radical Cookery Techniques For Housing Makers
Learning Revere Ware Cookware Warranty indicate and make a instruction is an large way to transform how to harmonise the contrary flavors plant in matter. Acquisition to indicate a instruction is a very advantageous household ability that galore fill assert for granted. The most primary occurrence to cite is to read the instruction only from point to end. Many people do not fulfil this initial locomote and ofttimes hold a provoking instance in the kitchen because of this mistake.Grassroots cookery techniques Revere Ware Cookware Warranty really indispensable to read as possessing this noesis not only increases the simplicity in which cookery projects are complete but also increases the mostly activity of cooking.Radical preparation techniques fuck particular obloquy that are worldwide among reference authors, preparation schools and chefs. Acquisition these rudimentary cooking methods and techniques are substantial to successfully learning to prepare.Blanching or parboiling is two defa
The Many Shipway Of Cooking Mexican Substance
Mexican foods, Revere Ware Cookware Warranty more added foods, can be stewed, cooked, or cooked. These are current Mexican cooking styles but Mexican tralatitious preparation techniques were rather variant.In ancient present, Mexicans did not get ovens. Instead, they would make Mexican content over an unfastened criticism, which was the most unwashed out of all the Mexican tralatitious preparation techniques.The nutrient would be situated in bond pots before preparation. This Mexican preparation method is twin to how we navigator substance on the restaurant these days. The Aztecs steamed and stewed their nutrient in two handled politician pots before Revere Ware Cookware Warranty Romance introduced shackle cookery pots. These two handled politician pots were called xoctli. The pot would be filled with content and then heated over an area ruin. A lot of foods were fried and Mexican preparation features cookery to this day.Today in the constitute, it is a lot easier to prepare Mexican di
Cooking Tips That Anyone Can Use To Make Cooking Easier
There are numerous reasons why you may requirement to fix at whatever disk in your being. When you do beggary to Revere Ware Cookware Warranty it is ever a saving design to get support with a enchiridion or in another way so that you can learn how to be a pleasing ready. One of the things that gift ameliorate you a lot is to mature cookery tips. There are umpteen tips for cookery online and offline that leave pirate you a lot.The much cookery tips you acquire the many you module acquire. It is e'er a neat melody to indite downcast the tips for cooking or put them on your machine where you can happen them. This is grievous because you leave perceive umpteen nowadays as you are preparation that Revere Ware Cookware Warranty gift essential to concern indorse to your tips. So ever book them handy, honorable in cover.Here are several standard cookery tips that you can move using rightmost away when you prepare. These tips for cooking present improve you expend indication in the kitchen and
As I lay here in bedI start dreaming of youYou are very beautifulI start to see some wings tooIn a blinding white lightYou appear and come to meYou are an amazing sightFor my sore eyes to seeYou grab my handAs we fly awayWhispers in my earEverything is okayWe fly above the cityLoving the amazing viewYou becoming an angelIs late and long overdue
I once heard a rumorAbout a man with a tumorThe tumor was bigBig and shaped like a pigThe pig was really pinkThe pink pig knew a minkThe mink was white and blackHis parents named him JackJack also had a twinThe twin name was sinSin was evil and badBad and always madMad and sad was PanPan is the wife of the manThe man that had the tumorBut the tumor was just a rumor
Old Friend
me and my wife just found out that one of our old friends in school is missing and presumed dead she was a great person so if you are religous or whatever u do please pray for her and her family. here is a link on the curent staus of the search  
And Yet Another
For every one decent person I meet around here there is his/her tard counterpart.....   My Chat Online Buddies (50+)Clear HistoryPop Out 8:44am reply bakeloveno...: id tear you up 8:45am reply To bakeloveno...: LMAO Many have tried/said but few have succeeded 8:46am reply bakeloveno...: try me 8:47am more To bakeloveno...: Tx is a little far to try anything 8:47am more bakeloveno...: how far are you from hot spring virginia 8:48am more To bakeloveno...: dunno 8:48am reply bakeloveno...: how big are your tits 8:50am more To bakeloveno...: big enough 8:50am more bakeloveno...: c
My Soldier
Ramblings Of An Insane Mind
No one told you to hit that switch. You were warned so many times what it would do. You took me out in the world and made me see, then burned it down in front of me. Now it's done, what is left no one knows. Some days I wish I could turn back time and take back the things I've done. But I know they are all just learning experiences that I have either tried to fade out or leap over. I do know one thing I am me. Take it or leave it's not that I can't change it's that I won't change I am happy of who I am. I know there is a hole it's deep and it will take a lot to fill that hole. I don't know who is strong enough to do it who has enough patience to stick it out. I do know that person will be truly blessed if they do. Until then my friends be careful of those switches, If you truly love whom your with show it in all you do to have love is to live and not many truly get that experience. Forever Lost, Kael Dusk
Untitled As Of Yet...
I stretched, and looked out the window that was right next to my bed. My reflection caught me off guard at first, the piercing gray eyes that had meant pain for so many. My appearance was deceiving, how many times had I heard the words, 'What a beauty?' Only to have someone get too close and... I couldn't bear to think of it. Tonight I would start fresh, tonight wouldn't be the same as it had been. I was going to turn over a new leaf. I wasn't going to hurt another living soul. Slowly, I climbed out of bed, my legs protesting loudly as they moved to start another night. "How can you sleep so much?" I looked around the empty room. There was no reply, not even the echo of my voice comforted me. "You are a monster!" I exclaimed. "How can you live with yourself knowing what you've done?" I made my way to the kitchen. The rest of the house was a wreck. There were scratches down the walls, broken dishes, and glass lying everywhere, furniture was overturned. The whole place looked as if i
Ooops, I Got Burnt
  My favourite thing in Los Angeles is to take a bus, for those of you who saw my show last year you will know what I am talking about. Me and the loonies get on just fine and dandy and the buses are chockfull of loonies.   On the 702 bus there was big fight between a wee man with a walking stick and a driver who wouldn’t ask young Japanese students to get off the disabled seats. The lame man screamed at the driver “I hate communicating with strangers, you tell the fucking gooks to get off the seats meant for disabled people”   The Japanese students sat en masse passively, they didn’t even blink when the disabled man screamed again at the driver “Tell those impolite fuckers to give me a seat I fought in Vietnam and these fuckers remind me of the gooks”   I sat there gobsmacked. The driver tried to pacify him “Sir, you have to stop that racist screaming, just ask the kids to move, it’s not my job to tell people to give up their s
Death came knocking at my door, It was half past twelve, I yelled go away What are you knocking for? My mind goes weary, I lose my thoughts, My eyes go blurry, It is not my fault. Again Death came knocking, It was quarter til one, I could not yell out My time has come. No one to lead me into that wayward light, I can not see past it, It is way too bright. Death came knocking, a third time It was almost two, I hurt so much, I don't know what to do, I can't fight anymore. This final time Death didn't knock at my door. No protest from me, I won't hurt anymore. Death ushered me away at half past two... No crying for me because I'm always with you...
I'm Not Sure
well i've never bloged before but i hear it's good so i'll try...i have so much stuff going on in my life that when i get the think to sit and think it's kind of sad..i mean i have good friends to help me and stuff but i guess that it's just hard
She raised 11 kids, kept them happy, clothed and fed, Kept them warm, sheltered, a place to lay their heads. Such a kind spirit, so gentle and sweet, There was no problem she could not defeat. There was no task that was ever too large, For grandma knew just how to take charge. She did her best with whatever she had, At times she had to be both a mom and a dad. She loved us all equally, with all of her heart, She was such a strong woman, beautiful and smart. She struggled and toiled all of her life, And not once did she complain of her poverty and strife. Everything she owned, she worked for it all, This was the only way she could stand proud and stand tall. She was blessed with so many family and friends, On whom she could call when she needed a hand. Grandma's spirit was like sunshine on a rainy day, She could smile and melt all the tears away. Grandma said we could be anything we wanted to be, She loved all of us unconditionally. She would never judge, never belittle, or criticize, S
How I wish to be a butterfly. Why, you ask? so I can fly free, Free as a butterfly wants to be, No ties to this earth. No strings to hold me, pull me or lead me. How I wish to be a bird, to soar above the clouds, go where I please. How I wish to be a rainbow, beautiful, colorful, larger than life. How I wish to be a tree. Towering above everything. I am the bird, the butterfly, the rainbow and the tree. I am tall, beautiful, and free, So, of all these things mentioned, I wish nothing more than to be me!
How Much For That Rookie Card?
Nope it's not Honus Wagner or Micky Mantle.  It's the rookie card for Washington Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg. From an article in Asylum dtd 25 June 2010 by Brian Fairbanks it seems Topps Trading Card Company released the autographed red border rookie card of Stephen Strasburg.  There was only one copy of this card released.  Yes only one copy.  So this card is very rare indeed.  According to the author at the time of his article the highest bid on the card was for, now get this, $999,900.00.  That is not a misprint.  The article stated the auction has days to go.  When I clicked on the author's link to the auction the page informed me the auction was over.  When I googled for the card several links verified the amount.  The link to the Washington Examiner also confirmed the amount and that was around midday of the 25th of June.  The Washington Examiner also contained more info.  It seems due to the large amount of the bidding the owner of the card added restrictions with permis
Friend's Fam Need Thoughts...
I have an old friend from HS< who is missing. She was hiking on a first date, fell over a waterfall, body is missing, presumably dead. Please, if you are religious keep her family in prayers, if not, at least keep them in mind.
I wish I could go back to what I use to not know,Have the trust in love I had so many years ago,But heartache is my prison and I am safe within,Never more to make such a drastic mistake again.I may indeed be able to change it, only time will tell,I seriously doubt it, for I was taught the lesson well.
The Jabulani
Adidas World Cup Balls 1970-1982-- Leather ball with 32 panels of black and white. 1986 -- 1st non-leather water resistant ball with 32 panels 2006 -- Thermal bonded ball with 14 panels 2010 -- Thermal bonded ball with 3d design with 8 panels.  1st ball to be spherically molded to make a perfectly round ball.  During group play of the World Cup there have been some grumbling about the ball being used.  Adidas has made the official ball for World Cup play since 1970.  Adidas has followed the stringent rules set by FIFA, the governing body.  Some of the complaints from players are that it is unpredictable and flies too easily.  Why are these complaints being made now?  This ball was provided to all teams in the tournament for familiarity this past February.  I'm sure each team received several balls to show consistency from ball to ball.  During this time almost all players when asked about the ball had only good things to say.  They were all impressed with the power of the ball.  T, To This Place. Lulz
Uhh, so yeah. A friend told me to make a profile here. I'm highly confused, trying to find my way 'round the site. I don't fully understand what's going on. A primer on yours truly: I'm an sarcastic asshole and you probably don't want me as your friend. I smoke pot all the time and I get enthusiastic about most other drugs as well. I'm a kleptomaniac and I LOVE to steal from Walmart, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and craft stores. I'm poor as fuck and I'm trying to make my way to AZ so I can room with best bestie and fucking go to raves and smoke it up. I'm logical, cold, and honest, but I'm not afraid to laugh. I'm a HUGE fan of Futurama, Ugly Americans, Flapjack, House, and documentaries. DUBSTEP GETS ME HIGHA!
I realize that it's nice to have a Happy Hour, Blast, Auto 11's, Boomerangs, Cherry bombs, and Bling credits. Of course to have these things it costs money.  What I don't understand is how is it a fair trade to expect someone to sell another member something that costs real money for fake virtual money.  Fubucks can't pay the bills or feed your kids.  So why do people think that they deserve to have real money spent on them but can get away with paying someone back with fake money?   Common sense tells me the person willing to purchase the perk is being taken advantage of.  Even if it is a bling pack that you will use on the seller, if they wanted bling they could buy it and use it themselves.   Seriously if you want something than buy it yourself and if you can't afford it then you just live without. No one is going to die because they don't have  any of the named items above.
Sensual Invitation
oh come with me, take me in your arms, kiss me long and deep, feel my passion rise. remove my clothes, caress my soft skin, with your fingertips, feel the softness of my tender breasts beneath your hands. touch them, shake them, squeeze them, kneed them, cover them with kisses. close your lips around the nipples feel their hardness, with your tongue. delve into me with your hot tongue. devour me, taste my essence as i scream your name.... fuck me. make love to me.
Fusion Of Desire
The sensation of the tempestuous desire to be joined as one, captivates my mind. I surrender my soul to the heat of the moment. Your mental kiss quickens my ache for your unbound touch..wearing a web of liquid lust around me. I am captured by your will and the scent of your smooth skin against mine. I am freedom in the embrace of your skinful wholeness, twisting and turning and quaking, we are overwhelmed by each other's wet carnality. We burst together and the fire is extinguished.
Shadow Of Life
walkin in the shadow of fear drowning endlessly by a simple tear running along side of self discovery fearing the loss of self recovery parts of mind goin unknown one day you will eventually die. so today make everything right.
Here's To
here's to the guys who love the losers that lost me and the lucky bastards who get to meet me.
Accept M E How I Am
love me without fear trust me without restriction want me without demand accept me as i am
Yes This Is Going To Be A Sports Blog
Yes this is going to be a sports blog with some other stuff thrown in.  About all the soccer posts.  Well I finally decided to start doing this just as the World Cup kicked off.  Strasburg for Washington already had his debut game, and did he ever make a statement.  Anyway the World Cup is every 4 years and the USA team each year gets better.  I enjoy the game which is in contrast to alot of Americans.  I know Wimbledon is going on, but I'm sorry tennis doesn't do it for me.  I will be blogging on traditional American sports trust me.  Right now I'm getting what I can about the World Cup done.  In a day or 2 I will be moving.  Luckily just around the corner.  Unluckily I won't have cable or internet access till the cable provider shows late on friday.  So late friday or saturday I will be hear to bore you again. 
Cleaning Up Play On The Soccer Field
One of the biggest turn-offs for Americans is the faking of getting hurt.  A player with possession of the ball gets challenged by an opponent and falls.  What galls me is seeing that player laying on the grass writhing in pain from the contact.  The ref calls a foul and the defender is given a yellow card, in essence a technical foul.  After the yellow card is given, the player writhing in agony suddenly jumps up with a smile and has no apparent problem walking or trotting around.  If FIFA would make it a penalty and require the faker to be given a yellow card this crap would stop.  Also, just as bad, the player on the ground gets carried off on a stretcher only to return within a minute or two is crap.  If the player is injured enough to have to be carried off on a stretcher should his safety be compromised to allow him to continue?  Just require the player to be substituted for.  All these tactics are designed to do is allow time to run off the clock and get a cheap foul called.  If
Is Camera Tech Needed To Verify Goals In World Cup Matches
Has 4 widely talked about calls by refs have an adverse impact on the matches?  All of the calls involve 4 separate games. 2 calls involve 2 USA games.  In both games the USA goals were disallowed due to being offsides.  Replays clearly showed the USA were not offsides.  England, in their match against Germany, had a goal disallowed that would have tied the match at 2-2.  The ball hit the crossbar and ricocheted down to the turf and with backspin bounced out to the goal keeper.  It was ruled a non-goal and play continued.  On replay the ball is shown to hit the turf a full foot inside the goal. The other call was between Argentina and Mexico.  Argentina already up 1-0 scored and went up 2-0.  On replay the Argentine player that scored was seen to be at least 2 yards past the last defender of Mexico, thus the call should have been offsides and the goal disallowed. The final score of England/Germany was Germany 4 and England 1.  The final score of Argentina/Mexico was Argentina 3 and
Demoralization That Occurs On Here
Let me start off by saying I have been on fubar on and off  for about 3 years. I started logging in on a daily basis the last week of May. Once I started playing the rate game I realized why I stopped coming on after awhile. This is what I find most offensive and degrading on here:               Women offering to show their nsfw for pay for perks. That is the same as being a whore. More importantly, it devaluates them as a person. Human life and dignity is priceless, and when women do this they are saying they're only worth $100 or less depending on the perk.                 People are free to behave how they want, but when this type of behavior becomes the norm it affects everyone.  Since the male pervs know this happens they feel it is ok to disrespect every woman they come in contact on here. Even worse, the pervs who don't want to pay your way are hitting up normal women so they can whack off for free.                So please have some dignity and don't give the rest of us a
Plastic People
One by one  they step out of their mold   looking all perfect and cute  the hair   the clothes   the body that makes you count   the rest  just sit  and watch them   parading past   in their new designer suits   like life sized robots   taking over the scene   who's who?  what's the difference?   I can't tell  they're just plastic people   living in their own plastic worlds   synthetic facessynthetic bodies     synthetic love   and they all fall in line   one by one   here and there   they call us the posers   the popular wanabes   they laugh   because we're different   we laugh  because they're all the same. Poem By Tammy C.
Just Listen To This
Mma - One Big Upset
Saturday night at the co-promoted event by Strikeforce and M-1 Global an upset occured.  Fedor Emelianenko, considered by almost every MMA expert as the best heavyweight in the world, submitted to Fabricio Werdum at 1:09 into the first round.  Fedor from Russia is under contract with M-1 Global and Werdum from Brazil is under contract with Strikeforce. What happened?  Fedor knocked Werdum to the mat and proceeded with his well known ground-and-pound attack to gain a quick win.  Then the unthinkable occured.  Werdum grabbed Fedor's left arm and applied an arm bar hold and, with Fedor between the legs of Werdum, Werdum was able to use his legs and put a triangle choke on Fedor.  Fedor could not escape either hold and had to tap out. In the post match press conference Fedor explained that he failed to counter Werdum because of being overly aggressive to have a chance to end the match quickly.  Well the match ended quickly with Werdum victorious.  This is one of the reasons that make M
#1 - Phobias
Stolen Mumm
Do you feel there are too many jealous b****es on fubar?
Thinking Strikes Again
When you try your best i mean you try above and beyond where the normal person would say "ya know what fuck this shit its too damn hard" and give up, what do you do when that still doesn't quite cut it? Keep in mind that this goes for all aspects of causes of you thinking; life, relationships, and jobs and the money the produce.  You could think that you did the best you could more than the average person would keep your head up and carry on unphased but lets be real with ourselves for a second, how many really do that? Sure will do it sometimes but when it is constantly coming up almost tragically short it becomes increasingly more difficult to do that. The vast majority of people out there would stop and , here is the kicker...wait for it wait for it, think that their best is not good enough. Seriously its not hard to understand why people feel like that, I mean if it happens lots the mentality of I'm not good enough for whatever takes over and, I for one,can not blame
Insomnia-tic Rants
Ok so im stuck awake, still i dont know how to feel, or if i even feel anything anymore,  i just want to crawl in a dark hole and not come out when i reach out for help to the one person who is supposed to hold my hand and says im  more important then other things, Doesnt reach out to me how am i supposed to react  I sit here and think what do i do wrong. I know its me. It happens in all of my relationships  Maybe I ask to much? When I ask what happened to us? and i get the same answer.  or rather the same silence,  How am I supposed to react?    You cant be in a healthy relationship if theres not an open line of communication  relationships dont grow if there isnt a way to talk threw obstacle's  that appear    Maybe its what my mom says, I'm attracted to the mentally screwed up people Starting with Mel, he had bi-polar then Nick - skitzo. then Zachary - PTSD. and MORE TO name.  and now Rusty. he has issues but ill be nice. and not embarrass him   I feel no love, and
Naked Blog
Do as you wish!
I Look Like A Troll Already
Shall I become a troll?  A. Yes B. No C.  Who cares? D. What is a troll?
Ok so I have a fu hubby but i'm feeling tossed aside like trash lately.. So i'm going to look for a new one.. You don't have to buy me everything under the sun.. I just want someone who is going to be around and make me smile say nice things.. Not disown me, discard me like a piece of trash.. so if anyone is interested please let me know.
When Does Trust Begin?
When do you start trusting someone that you are suppose to be talking/dating? How soon or when do you think that things should be progressing towards the next part of the relationship? Why play these little games with us, I mean if you dont like us in the sense that you dont wanna be with us, then Y lead us on? If you dont want to be with us in the bf/gf way. I want a honest answer.....GUYS please help out on this one!
Update 1
For those of you who do know me, I have a son who is my whole life. The poor lil thing has gone so much in his one year of life. To make a long story short, I was in a bad situation (I also have a heart condition), was under a lot of stress and the doctors believe he had 2 strokes in utero. He in deaf in left ear, no teeth on left side and drgs left limbs... let alone can't stand up on his own. He has gone for mri's and ct's. He has been tested for cp, autism,epilepsy and brain damage (which I already knew)... as of july 7th I will be bringing him to UVA Medical Center for more tests. More than likely wil be there for a few days. For Those who care, I will have updates... xoxo
Lost My Value
I lost my valueall my happiness are dueeven there is no clueto explainor to complainwhat my heart is feelngand how my pain is healingim all left all aloneand everyone is gonethere is no one to hearto make my point clearand no one to wipe my teariam nowadays treat as a outsiderto whome no one care nor botheriam planning to dieand for everyone is its just a liemy heart was always with youand you broke it into twoiam blessed with everythingbut i could do nothingwhy should i livewhen there is no respect for me to givemy heart is broken into twobut remember i still loves you!!!!!!!!
The Threads Of Infinity
Watch me multiply the threads of infinityas you close your eyes, mourning the symmetriesof love and fear, feeling desire emerging in yourveins once again.Watch me breed enthusiasm while you seekfor shelter in poems written in awe and painwhere my lust and passion shall remain.I make you whole so rest your thoughtwith an open hand and breathe yoursignificance upon me.I make you whole.I am your soul.
For People To See Eye To Eye
What do you think it will takefor people to see eye to eyefunny how we all seek the same thingyet somehow never agreefunny how we never heardbut expect to be understoodsad how we react to wordswithout ever knowing their whyhow we choose to ignorethe hurt and fear in another’s eyeswhile covering up our owneach struggling to outdowe’re all the while strivingreaching for the very same thingignoring the way we’re livingwe prevent the light for being seenwhen the wind blowsit touches us all the samejust like when its rainssunlight touches no one morethere is no discriminationwhen heart and hunger painsa man once tried to imagineand for a moment the word sang alongbut soon words were forgottenlost in each other’s pridefunny how that workswhen we each try to hidebury the question deep insideuntil it quiet moment all alonefeeling rise againand quiet we whisperwhat do you thinkit will take my friendfor people to see eye to eye.
To be passionate is probablythe most important ingredientto being happy and staying happyeach time you feelthat tug at your heartto be more,or do morelisten and move toward itif you dont,in the long runyou will end up feeling depressedpursue your passionswith vengeances and youwill always be happyeven though things might be thoughdont do what othersdeem to be the right thingdo what’s best for yourselfand most of alldo because it makes youfeel happy and satisfiedremember,you have one lifeso make it count.
When I am alone breathing Mother Moon,I see my reflection hidden in cursed tears,After the sunset, I embrace the monsoon,Disguising my sorrow and outcast fears.In my dazed heart I am not glad to liveAs you and I once worshipped eternity.Now songs are still and this I can't forgiveFor nothing can quench my thirst of infinity.I buried my love beneath a delicate pine treeWhere I planted my bleeding hopes and pain.My tired Venus is there crying like a banshee,With the captain of my heart I shall remain.If death is tender, it shall carry my soul too.The dead are free but I am caged without you.
Does My Humor?
Does my humor some times go over people's heads? A. Yes B. No C. You have humor?  D. We don't care, we like you anyway
I'm Stuck!
It's taking me forever to write my "wrestle zombie" fan fiction and vampire stories. I can't think of the words to write. Maybe watching GOOD vampire movies on ANTI-TWILIGHT DAY on the 30th (the 30th is when Twilight Eclipse comes out and I HATE the Twilight movies, they are nothing but Garbage) will help a little bit for my vampire story. David Bowie isn't helping me right now for any ideas for the right words. So if any of my friends have any ideas for certain points in the stories, please let me know!
She Rocks
RockUrFukinPrincess FuWifey to A Clown@ fubar
Purple Rain
PRINCE lyrics - Purple Rain I never meant 2 cause u any sorrowI never meant 2 cause u any painI only wanted 2 one time see u laughingI only wanted 2 see u laughing in the purple rainPurple rain Purple rainPurple rain Purple rainPurple rain Purple rainI only wanted 2 see u bathing in the purple rainI never wanted 2 be your weekend loverI only wanted 2 be some kind of friendBaby I could never steal u from anotherIt's such a shame our friendship had 2 endPurple rain Purple rainPurple rain Purple rainPurple rain Purple rainI only wanted 2 see u underneath the purple rainHoney I know, I know, I know times are changingIt's time we all reach out 4 something newThat means u 2U say u want a leaderBut u can't seem 2 make up your mindI think u better close itAnd let me guide u 2 the purple rainPurple rain Purple rainPurple rain Purple rainIf you know what I'm singing about up hereC'mon raise your handPurple rain Purple rainI only want 2 see u, only want 2 see uIn the purple rain
Normal is in the eye of the beholder.  -  Whoopi Goldberg
zephyr\ZEF-er\ noun; 1.A gentle, mild breeze. 2.Literary. The west wind. 3.Any of various things of fine, light quality.
Rico Suave...of The Fluff And Fold
Just a little tidbit I'd like to share. Some, well observations I have made in the past few months.   I have had to resort to washing clothes at the local laundromat, since i dont have a washer and dryer at the moment. And Im not about to ask the ex...the less time i have to spend there the better! So down the street, every Sunday morning that allows, you can find me knee deep in little shorts (the Boy's) and blouses...*sigh*....   You wouldn't really consider the laundromat to be a place to find romance, but i seem to have noticed there is a few that seem to use the "heat" of the moment to make moves on an unsuspecting victim who is innocently folding her scrubs..never knowing what is coming...   You know the type. But i never knew guidos used laundromats! He's the one with so much gel in his hair you know he uses the entire bottle at least every other day. Big thick silver chain, one size smaller A-shirt, and wears his sunglasses in the place...because his "eyes are so tired fr
Women And Tattoos
Seriously what is it with women and tattoos, I don't get it. I don't know why some think its sexy cause it just doesn't look good on any women, maybe except for biker chics.. Or maybe some of you women just want that "gangsta lookin appeal, which in that case its understandable lol. Oh well to each their own, carry on.
[new Fashioned]
Old fashioneds are awesome. Just for the record. And I put way too much bourbon into this glass because a mortar went off and startled me. Kinda used to gunshots in this neighborhood. Can't believe I still jump.A couple went off in May, I about fell out of bed. Any whozle. Let's reflect.Shall we? We shan't. I'm in a ... decentmoodsince I ... *spaces out*Oh, because I went to the store, found soba noodles, bought rootbeer, bought meatses Then I went home and played the bejesus out of peace walker. I'm on the last first play-through mission.I'm pretty sure I have everything I need to blow through the last boss.Three rocket launchers and some supply drops should be plenty. I think this game would've taken me longer to finish if it wasn't so god damn good. I averaged 6 hours a day on game hours? Good buy, especially for a handheld.Definitely redeems MGS4.Honestly... I want another one. I'd probably play an ops sequel before another solid.Did I mention this
Family Add
Wanna see my naughty pics? I have lots of naughty pics in my family pics. Some are of me with another woman. 25 credit bling pack gets you in family for one month 65 credit bling pack gets you in family forever Anything over 65 credits gets you in family along with add to yahoo messenger This naughty little slave will be waiting for you.
Good Man
What Ur Zodic Means~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aquarius - I Can Make You Love Me Gemini - I'm A Lover Not A Hater Cancer - I'm
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aquarius    - I Can Make You Love Me Gemini      - I'm A Lover Not A Hater Cancer      - I'm The Best At Sex!       LEO  - I **** Like No Other! Virgo       - I'm The Wifey/Hubby Type Libra       - I'm Sexy As Hell! Scorpio     - I' m Great In Bed! Sagittarius - Baby I'm freaky Taurus      - I fuck Better Than You Capricorn   - I Can Have Sex All Night Long! Pisces      - When I Put It On You, You'll Be Sprung For Life Aries       - I Love Sex
What Ur Eye Color Means
  blue eyes People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome, very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They love to party.They are very satisfying and love to please. Are straight up WARRIORS((aka wolves)) when they need to be.They are bad to the bone. If you repost this and you have blue eyes you will have the best kiss sometime in the next 5 days. ___________________________________________________________ Green eyes People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, honest and trust worthy, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the most beautiful, are fun and outgoing, love to make people laugh, and random as ever. They long for the touch of another. They are very laid back. People with green eyes are very VERY sexy and very attract
Just Throwing In The Towel
I feel so, not like me. I hate feeling awkward around someone because I love them deeply and I know they could never feel the same way about me. I keep it to myself. But it makes me feel odd. And I get depressed. I'm not usually all emo and hate the world. I tried to take on or at least TRY similar interests. I tried going out on dates with other people and it just didn't feel right, because my heart IS taken. Indefinately. And i tried being around you and it just broke my heart. Texting is onething. Talking online doesn't bother me. But having you in my sight talking to me in person, hugging me when I know it means more to me then it does to you... I just CAN'T. It will take me a couple months to get over you. To numb myself and close that part of my heart.  I just need time away to think and to do what I personally NEED to do. I love you so much and it's killing me slowly and I can't let that happen. Time heals all wounds? Well... maybe. I guess I will find out. I'm not kicking you o
Listen To Your Heart
If you love someone let them know every second of every day not just by saying those 3 words I love you show it by showing it and proving it.  Listen to them talk to them.  If you have a problem go to them and tell them don't go to someone else and believe what they tell because chances are there gonna lie to you trust your partner and your heart they won't steer you wrong.  Johnny I am sorry I didn't come to you and I'm sorry I listen to everyone else.  I hope you can forgive me.  I love you and I always have and always will.
so...i'm single now, after 18 years.... wtf I love someone who lives so far away... wtf my house is a mess because i let someone house sit... wtf I think Jared Leto is hot in eyeliner... wtf wtf?
Ike Is So Mean!
A. True B. False C.Persona D, Who cares, we like him anyway.  Read the title!
My Buddy
Hes a damn good friend get back with me ur friend always donnie
Make Fun Of Me
Make fun of me, see how I add to it!
hey if would like to get to know me hit me up at so we can chat
What Is Fubar For Me!
Fubar is fun!  I have stayed mostly in the mumms of late, but perhaps I rub people the wrong way, too damn bad.  I flirt, I am a man, I rate and collect photos, and comment on other people's, beyond that I have made some friends.
Yeah, I know, the Subject heading is a bit boring, but that is mainly because I am feeling bored!...Blah!...   For the past month and a half I have been back home, in Northern MI, and to be honest, coming home served its purpose, had been three years since I had been back, but I am so over it! I flew back to get away for a week or so, but it turned into over a Month. My family has been on me about getting my teeth fixed since the accident, but work always seemed more important, besides, beautiful dental work is not a qualification when you're a wrecker driver... steriotypically, those in our profession usually have worse looking teeth than my own. However, it had been a year since the accident, and I actually got tired of hearing about it.   So I went to the U of M in Ann Arbor (A2), and have had my initial visit for X Rays and evaluation. Now I am waiting on planning for the dental implants and the reconstruction of my upper gums. OMGawd!, I am bored though!, I have plenty to kee
so, this is my FIRST blog in this site. I don't know how long im going to keep up at it, but i figured i'd give it a try.    I really don't know where to begain, so I think im just gonna keep it short in simple.  I have the most amazing man in the world, Trinix420. He's perfect, and i have a son, who means everything to me. Those two man are the best people ANYONE could ever ask for, or ever want.    The end. 
Upset People
I am sorry I may have pissed off some people on my take of Christianity and Atheism.  I am sorry for the words, but not for the sentiment!
Hard To Believe
Hard to believe I have to keep my legs close my pussy flow so much like now, down my legs it goes.   Once, I was talking to a colleague and she look nice Damn!, later I felt my pussy cum twice   I wanted her licking my pussy dry, licking  until my eyes roll back as I look at the sky. 
And There Is A Few Quotes From The Greek Philosopher Plato
And isn't it a bad thing to be deceived about the truth, and a good thing to know what the truth is? For I assume that by knowing the truth you mean knowing things as they really are. (Plato, 380BC) The philosopher is in love with truth, that is, not with the changing world of sensation, which is the object of opinion, but with the unchanging reality which is the object of knowledge. (Plato, 380BC) Truthfulness. He will never willingly tolerate an untruth, but will hate it as much as he loves truth... And is there anything more closely connected with wisdom than truth? (Plato, 380BC) Then may we not fairly plead in reply that our true lover of knowledge naturally strives for truth, and is not content with common opinion, but soars with undimmed and unwearied passion till he grasps the essential nature of things with the mental faculty fitted to do so, that is, with the faculty which is akin to reality, and which approaches and unites with it, and begets intelligence and truth as chi
Wat Do U Think Of Me?
Wat Do U Think Of Me? 1. Idiot 2.Funny 3.Fit 4.Marry Ya 5.EWW 6.Hate You 7.Text Me 8.Luv Ya 9.Bloody Insane 10.Nutter 11.Stupid 12.Uncontrollable
Words To Ponder.. By Socrates
Beauty is a short-lived tyranny. Socrates Remember, no human condition is ever permanent. Then you will not be overjoyed in good fortune nor too scornful in misfortune. Socrates Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty. Socrates Give me beauty in the inward soul; may the outward and the inward man be at one. Socrates Whom do I call educated? First, those who manage well the circumstances they encounter day by day. Next, those who are decent and honorable in their intercourse with all men, bearing easily and good naturedly what is offensive in others and being as agreeable and reasonable to their associates as is humanly possible to be... those who hold their pleasures always under control and are not ultimately overcome by their misfortunes... those who are not spoiled by their successes, who do not desert their true selves but hold their ground steadfastly as wise and sober -- minded men. Socrates
The Heart Of Content!
I walk into the dark abyss, seeking the nature of my darkness. I come upon a gravestone that was unmarked, it looked as if it had been there forever, and a spirit becons me, taunting me, and asks,"What are you looking for?" I stand there with an icy glare upon my face and say,"answers to my hopeless existence. Why must I be this way?" and the spirit says."The only reason why you thint that your existence is hopeless is because you are not who you want to be with. You are this way because you are longing for a dark and romantic pleasure!" I stare at the spirit as if i was staring at myself, who has died from eternal loneliness and lack of the physical romantic nessissity of life, and a life of chaos and despair."Let me help you that way you won't end up like the way that i have. Go to your love and follow your heart, listen carefully to your hearts' voice, for your heart IS you, not only mentally, but physically too. Don't be like me and close your heart from those who love and care for
Anyone can write a status for me, I may use one or more.
It's Time To Make This Happen...overdue Actually...
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It's Time To Make This Happen...overdue Actually...
Hello kids, and welcome to another one of -those- blogs... Well, I know alot of you don't vote on mumms or miss things in alert boxes, etc..but based on the results of this mumm I posted a few days back... I think it's time to bring it back some. Yanno kind of back to basics.. See back in the old days, it wasn't just fakes that were blown up here. It was scripters, cheaters, scammers, cons, perverts, criminals, players and all sorts of just the good ol low level fubar gutter trash that I felt that people should be aware of just what and who they were and what they were about. Now I know that like, people g
The Forest
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#2 Friend Jacko
My #2 friend Jacko is only 630k away from leveling...could you guys please help him.  I would greatly appreciate it.   xoxo,   GBT
Get Naked On The First Date
Leave it up to a guy to write an article about getting naked on the first date. But Denis Merkas of says there is at least five good reasons to get naked on the first date. For us guys there can’t be enough good ideas to get naked on the first date. Next time I have a first date I will suggestion getting naked to the woman I’m out with. And before she gives me a look of disgust I’ll show her the article. You read it,2933,595286,00.html BlastFM is always open to a first time listener. Naked or not you can enjoy the sounds 24/7
Brace Yourselves
A Writting By Me......
Friends (by me) A true friend is invaluablewhere ever you may meet it could be as babies or toddlers in grade school or high schoolin college or grad schoolon a team or at a jobin a club or in a band at a park or at the mallin real life or on line Some people you just know in passingothers are just acquaintancesbut a true friend is like the family you choosea real friend is a treasure to beholdthen there are friends who become loverssometimes you are looking for that loveother times it catches you off guardBut when it is real love you will just know Never take a true friend lightly even worse don't push them awaySome will fight to hold on to youothers will just walk awaysome may come backothers you could lose forever Never take a friend for granted no matter what...  
      that is all
It's Time To Live Smart
I'm Sure Everyone Feels Afraid To
Im sure everyone knows what it feels like to be afriad to fall , my heart  got broken a few months back . how much time does the heart need to heal .. if i think i'm falling in love could it be real .. i long to be held tight in his arms .. but im scared .. love hurts.. ive only just gotten over the last sting .. but this new guy .. could be my king .. the one ive been waiting for .. the kind that holds the door for you , and truly bleieves in Romance .. some who i could go out dancing with ..and then look up and watch the stars . someone who loved me for who i really am .. i fall too deeply and i fall too hard ..         lifes put me at the crosswords once again.. i hope theres someone there to hold my hand, and help me understand life and share the beauty of things theres so many places i want to go .. and so many things i want to see          
Theres Someone I Just Can't Stop Thinking About
he tall and dark ad handsome, hes funny and sweet too, his eyes an alluring blue i wasn't trying to feel this way .. but theres somethig about him . i feel nervous around him , though im not usually nervous . when im all alone i think about him, i wonder what he's up to . im scared to .. scared to fall .. but sometimes the injury is worth the risk . i really want to get to know, but who knows what the future holds. life is too short to waste ..  
Using Lace Pt. 4
The drizzling rain dotted along the cracked sidewalk. The trees swayed as the wind kicked up their thirsty leaves. It was dark now. Past midnight by Lacey’s guess. The temperature had dropped a lot since they had entered the club hours earlier. Her and Antonio were leaving now making their way through the crowded parking lot. The only lighting was a street light that flickered, littered with swarming bugs. Under it Antonio’s BMW was parked in the VIP section. “Do you own this place? I heard the way Candy and Domino talked to you earlier. Antonio Richards. Richard’s Treasures. Are they one in the same or just a coincidence? Not only that your car is parked in the VIP section” She looked at him waiting for a response. He hesitated, she wondered if he would answer. Why was he so secretive? Especially with all they had done together. With intimacy like they had some insight on personal life was expected. He opened the passenger door for her and h
Using Lace Pt. 3
Lights flashed, whistles and rumbling music echoed off the tiled ceiling. The atmosphere of Richards Treasures rocked with sultry chaos. The establishment was packed with so many patrons it was hard to see an empty seat anywhere. This was the first time Lacey had ever been in a strip club. It was no where near what she would have expected. Tobacco smoke, alcohol, all assortments of perfume and colognes choked the room confusing her fragile senses. In different points of the room women danced in closed cages. Swinging and swaying with the rhythm of the loud music. Girls danced on the lit stage, wrapping themselves around the poles like sensual lovers. Some of them still had their tops on but most of them only had the lower half covered. Women walked around with trays full of drinks with nothing on but thongs and G-strings. Laughing and chatting with the swarming men. She watched as one patron pulled a girls strap out just enough to slip a twenty dollar bill under it. The gi
Using Lace Pt. 2
Stepping out of the limo Lacey relished the cool night air on her flushed body. Leaning against the cold metal for support she tried to calm her racing nerves. Never in her life would she view a limo the same again. Every inch of her screamed in need and demanded completion. How could he do that to her. He seemed so heartless sometimes. Bringing her to the brink of cumming only to stop and leave her hungry and unsated. Looking over at Antonio as he stepped out he looked so calm, unfazed even. Bastard…She couldn’t help thinking to herself. Before the night was through he was either going to fuck her or she would have to take matters into her own hands. Literally! He looked so sexy standing next to her, staring at her with his chocolate eyes. The stark desire in those dark pools as they raked up and down her approvingly had her ready to melt. Extending his elbow she looped her arm through and entered a nearby restaurant. A cascade of smells assaulted her. Her s
Using Lace Pt.1
Woman being willingly taken advantage of. The intercom crackled, startling her from her focus on the computer screen.  “Lacy, you have a phone call on line 1.”Since her vision was still off focus she had to squint to read the clock on the wall.Thinking out loud she said, “Who would be calling 10 minutes till closing?”Picking up the receiver she punched the button to open the line. “Lacy Clarke speaking. How can I help you?”Speaking that greeting had become second nature to Lacy. So much so she often answered her home phone that way. Her family joked with her about needing a vacation. But as exhausting as her accounting business was she did enjoy her work. An all to familiar voice interrupted her thoughts. Shivers streaked down her spine and her heart raced. Him!!“As soon as you get off work go straight to the Country Inn. Tell the front desk man you are with the Watson party. He will give you a key to room sixty nine and a white
Do You Like Pets ??
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Out Of Nowhere... Yet From Deep Within...
I am a name Written on dust… On a moist mirror That hides a nude bust… I am the memory Of a long lost hope… Carved on the heart With it one learns to cope… I am powerful… Yet I grew so old… I haunt souls… Yet my own's still haunted… I kill for pleasure… Yet I wish to die… Torture is my game… Yet I despise the pain... I told my bitter story… To an endless well… Made it carry my secret… Let it die in hell… Never cared to look at it… As it fell apart… My masterpiece created… Destruction is an art… I destroyed a soul… I blackened a heart… I came back for more… Found a mourning heart… I ran to my dark corner… Hid well in my grief… Couldn’t show my anger… All that I hid beneath… Lucky is the one Who can reveal the secret For I have become numb From all the grief and hatre
Your Loss
It's finally over, you did me in.I hung around through thick and thin.You used me good your talents are great.You got what you wanted you had tha right bait.My heart is broken my soul defeated.I did not deserve the way I was treated.You were a goddess to me and that's all I could seeMy gut knew tha truth, but heart didn't agree.My self respect is all but gone.I let myself be your little pawn.You had your plan when it all began.I let you use this stupid old man.Tha truth would have been nice once in a while.But I found out too late that truth is not your style.Tha kissing and holding you said you enjoyed.Turned out to be something you would rather avoid.I was devoted to you and you know that's true.Not a thing for you, I would not do.Money and time, I took care of you over tha yearsI was even there to dry away your countless of tears.You think you won but I have news.You really lost, and you'll sing the blues.You could have had me as your toy.Now, your life will go on, as
A Pervs Preface
Im going to endeavor to post some, well, we'll call em short stories.  I need an output for some of the tawdry little scenarios that wont quit popping into my head.   I you choose to read any of the forthcoming chapters, be forewarned.  They wont be for the faint of heart or the closed-minded.  So having said that...Im gonna sit here and have a few beers and see if I can either, shock, enlighten, or, ideally, inspire someone to greater depths of depravity than they thought themselves capable of....
Perhaps some will recall the passon from "The Chronicles of the Wanton"... Her simpliest desires as from this repost from the past...   Behind my armchairI found a small scrap of torn black fishnetsAnd I smiled to myselfRemembering…My legs spread wideIn four inch heelsBare breastedGripping the chairBent at the waistYou tore throughClutching my hipsRipping my pantiesEnteringThrustingTogether GrindingMoaningTrembling ThrustingCollapsingExhaustedEcstaticNow I am remembering….I wonder what house guestWill trip over the next scrapAnd pocket itSmilingKnowingWonderingI tucked it in a drawer Where I keep such thingsBecause I have such thingsTo conceal.
Crazy Lyrics
I don't know why, what I'm doing what I'm doing)See, baby I, apologizeFor all the things that I've done(that I've done)See I known that I've been a fool for far too longAnd baby you don't have to go and run away, just come back to papaPlease baby, baby won't you stayIf you really love me then why are you leavin meI can't think, think about this crazy dayI lose sleep just to daydream about you baby heyyyyyyI'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, just to thinkin about you lately (crazy baby)I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, just to thinkin about you baby (I don't know what to do)I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, thinkin about you lately (crazy, crazy, crazy)I'm going crazy, crazy, (crazy, crazy) when I can't touch youCrazy, crazy (I'm going crazy) when I can't hold youCrazy, crazy, (I'm going crazy) when I can't see you again(Said I'm going crazy)(Said I'm going crazy)I've finally realized, that you are my true loveAnd I had a lot of time to think, and you're all seem to keep thinking, To keep t
Sell My Laptop In Plymouth
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An Annoying Sound
  Yes I am going to talk about the vuvuzela.  Way back in 1974 when I was 13 yrs old my dad bought one for me where I grew up in Indiana.  After I learned how to blow through it properly I took it to all the high school varsity football games I went to.  It was pretty cool, because no one else had one and it was loud.  My parents and others around me banished me to the student section.  After the season was over I continued to blow the thing at home.  After about 2 months one day I came home from school.  When I went into my room my horn (what I called it cause didn't know what the real name was then) was no longer sitting in the corner.  When I asked my parents and sister about the horn being missing they all claimed not to know what had happened.  I was even blamed for misplacing it!  I knew they were all lying, but oh well.  It only cost my dad $1.50.  I guess they figured their piece of mind was worth alot more than that.  Mine was one piece of molded plastic as opposed to t
My Dad
Aight Some of ya'll already know what's going on and have a lot of details some don't. But i wanted to write this to let my other friends on here know whats going on so they don't worry if they don't see me on here as much for a lil while.On wednesday night i had got news that my dad had died in a car crash. Needless to say i have not been doing good over here. On top of that, 15 mins after finding this out about my dad, i also found out that i have 1 half brother, and 2 half sisters that i NEVER knew anything about. That situation will have to be a whole other blog altogether whenever i feel like writing about it....  This has been the hardest time of my life and this has broken me in every single way possible. i go from feeling numb to breaking down at any given time. Today and tonight i have been better. I just feel detached from everything though. But i am trying my best to keep my head up during all of this and i know me and my family will be alright at somepoint. Well there it is
Another Tard Bites The Dust
10:21pm reply Fly Boy: you ever had a guy fuck you too deep? To Fly Boy: *perks an eyebrow* is that seriously an opening line you want to try and use? 10:31pm reply Fly Boy: yep  10:32pm more To Fly Boy: does it ever work? 10:32pm reply Fly Boy: hahah actulay it has,i didnt think it would 10:32pm more To Fly Boy: then maybe you should try sending it to one of those dumbasses  10:33pm reply Fly Boy: i just wanna know tho has ithappend to you 10:34pm reply To Fly Boy: Heres an idea,then go to my page look at the name of the person who im owned by(jetaime) send him a message and ask him 10:35pm more Fly Boy: heres an idea you stop being a bitch! And at this point....I was blocked from rsponding lol
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Night At The Club
 It's late and we've had a wonderful time at the club. The drinks have lowered our inhibitions and we are being very affectionate just before closing. We've spent the night mingling with your old friends and making some new ones. You've noticed me chatting it up with a couple of really cute guys you haven't see before, and are happy that I am getting along. When we leave we invite a couple of your friends and one of the cute guys to come back to your place for a nightcap. We spend the ride in the backseat fondling and kissing each other, and make no effort to hide the fact that things are going to get very hot when we get home. The cute guy is watching all this with a sly smile, and nods in approval sitting next to us. We arrive, and soon the group of us is laughing and sharing a few last drinks together in your parlor. A little while later everyone is gone except for the cute stranger and us. I notice you've been checking him out when you've had the chance and ask you if you like wha
The Flight Of Fancy
 As I sit in the first class seat this stranger has mailed to me, on Qantas flight 369, bound for Melbourne international airport from Los Angeles, I think to myself, what am I doing here, sitting quietly, thoughts going through my mind of all matter of consequences, still very unsure of my feelings, doubts about what I am about to do, but that’s me, a natural born pessimist and worrier. We have chatted on the internet for months now, we hit it off from day one, but I was wary, having not that long before, ended an affair with a Brit that I had fallen for, and been badly let down, I thought it had destroyed my confidence in men, and the ability to trust any man, unless it was a face to face meeting, it became a real challenge for me. But I told Barry all of this, and he understood my feelings and misgivings, and how I had been hurt so badly, but he persisted with me, we became great buddies at first, talking about anything and everything, I learned he was such a trusting lo
Oh My Holiday
 The holiday season meant my company's getaway would be coming up soon. It would give everyone a good excuse to relax, and in some cases it would also give us an opportunity to hopefully hook up with other people for some fun over the weekend. Because of the open bar, these parties were usually pretty loose affairs. A couple of the guys at work had been joking about getting drunk over the weekend and swapping women with someone, but I wasn't sure if they were serious or not. They had sexy wives, so I intended to find out on Friday night if they would be willing to have a little sexual fun, it had been a fantasy of mine for years to do it with a few guys and gals at once, and this weekend gave me he opportunity, as there were a few singles attending as well as the couples.Friday afternoon finally rolled around and we all finished work early I was wearing a little black dress that showed off my assets quite well. My sexy earrings and bracelet, anklet combination, all added up to a
Odds And Ends
In 1980, A Loaf of Bread Cost 51 Cents Jimmy Carter is president of the US President Carter announces punitive measures and embargoes against the USSR in retaliation for the Soviet invasion of AfghanistanMount St. Helens in Washington state erupts in a violent blast estimated to be 500 times as powerful as the Hiroshima atomic bombRonald Reagan is elected the 40th US president in a sweeping victoryUS Representative Michael O. Myers is expelled from the House for his role in the Abscam scandalHewlett-Packard announces release of its first personal computerMicrosoft announces their version of UNIX, XenixChristina Ricci, Chelsea Clinton, Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Macaulay Culkin, and Jake Gyllenhaal are bornPhiladelphia Phllies win the World SeriesPittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIVNew York Islanders win the Stanley CupThe Empire Strikes Back is the top grossing film"Lady" by Kenny Rogers spends the most time at the top of the US chartsU.S. viewers get caught up in the "Wh
Welcome To The Strange.. Murderdolls
NowhereNo place I'd rather beI'm my own sideshowI can feel the miseryI lived my whole damn life in colorMy future's so black and whiteI got a nonstop ticketNo destination in sightSo step right up for the ride of your life!The line starts here in the back of my mindI ride into the super sci-fiMy star's are fallin'Down down downTo the Earth tonightWell you can rearange the strange and derangedThe sign up ahead says...Welcome To The Strange!NowhereNo place I'd rather beWell I'ma self-made monster, my ownWorst enemy 
Omg Lol Wtf
Ya not gonna believe this (*@&$@$(*&@$#*&^!!!!!  
I believe - . . . that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do. . . . that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change . . . that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. . . . that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. . . . that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. . . . that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. . . . that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. . . . that you can keep going long after you think you can't. . . . that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. . . . that either you control your attitude or it controls you. . . . That heroes are the people who do what has to be done wh
Another Way To Die - Single
The indulgence of our lives has cast a shadow on our world.Our devotion to our appetites betrayed us all.An apocalyptic plight.More destruction will unfold.Mother Earth will show her darker side and take her toll.It's just another way to die.There can be another reason why.You know we should have seen it coming.Consequences we cannot deny will be revealed in time.Glaciers melt as we pollute the sky.A sign of devastation coming.We don't need another way to die.Can we repent in time?The Time bomb is ticking and no one is listening.Our future is fading.Is there any hope we'll survive?Still, we ravage the world that we love.And the millions cry out to be saved.Our endless maniacal appetite.Left us with another way to die.It's just another way to die.Can we repent in time?Greed and hunger led to our demise.A path I can't believe we followed.Black agenda's rooted in a lie.Will we repent in time?Species fall before our very eyes.A world that they cannot survive in left them with another way t
A Pocket Full Of Nuthin'
   I sit here and wonder how I ever lived,    with the cards that life dealt,    wondering if the love I once had,    will ever again be felt.      I've got A Pocket Full Of Nuthin'    and it's filling up fast,    filled with Heartache and Pain,    and memories of love that didn't last.       I once was a Happy Man,     and whenever something good would happen     in my pocket it would go.     Then something happened,     and suddenly sadness would take it's toll,     and soon I would discover my pocket full     of love and memories had a big hole.        I've got a pocket full of nuthin'      and it's filling up fast,      filled with Heartache and pain,      and memories of love that didn't last.       Then I found you      soon my sadness would end,     and because of the love you showed me,     the hole in my heart like the one in my pocket     you would mend.        
Joe Jackson Game
This is soooooooooooo wrong, but so true of the man
Death Bringer 2
 am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this worldMy work shall never be done This world is full disease, filth, and putrignessThese things I must pacify from my worldI am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this worldThis world I speak of is full of fire and brimestoneIt is a world of eternal suffering and blissIt is my world and I shall controll allI am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this worldThis world demands suffering and painI must destroy the pain that infects my mindThis pain will never go awayI am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this worldI have failed, it has taken me overThe pain spreads across my mind and bodyFailure is my destiny, I am in my own personal hellI am the slayer, I am the bringer of deathI come to erase the mistakes of this world
Death Dealer
The Death DealerHe creeps,He crawls,He slithers,He rolls,Who is this man, you ask?He's created in your fires Your deepest desiresHe's what you wantAnd you can have itFor a small price of courseIt's not much, for one such as yourselfThe counjourer of spirits A jack of all tradesWould you care to play his game?It's not that hardBut it requires a wagerNot money, but something more dearSo make your bid But do so wiselyBecause if you lose You'll find that the cost is pricey!
We have finally arrivedThe bringers of death are hereBloodshed is now among humanityWe spread our broken and bloody wingsCovering the lands in shadowTogether we make rain fall upon the battlefieldsIt washes away all the blood so more may spillWe help the wars, we encourage the slaughterWe take pride in senseless massacresMaking every move like a gameWe cannot be overthrown
I Bleed
i lay awake at body screaming its need.... i know it is wrong to want so much...especially when it is a want that cannot be is tears you up..... it draws blood........... it triggers all kinds of wrong emotions....anger for not being lucky to have such things...depression.....sadness.....all kinds of things...and sometimes they spill..... the need rages in me...the need to be beaten into submission -literally....the need to be sexed into unconsciousness.....the need to hit peaks of intensity of sensation.....the need to be restrained feel the peaks and valleys of energy play tilexhaustion.... the need to get out of my own head...not for a few minutes fleetingly...but...for some extended leave myself as not even sleep will let me.... sometimes this need takes over...and i want to hurt whoever is in my is is is insane...but, it is there....and it is true...... it
Blood Of Men
I look around and seeThe blood of men on the groundMen that died for freedomFor they believed in justiceI walk around and gazeWith my mouth shut tight and eyes moistAt men that had no chanceTo change their fate at handThe world starts spinningAnd I start to fallFall to the ground of menAs I lay on the blood of menI find the meaning of true honor
City Slicker Turn Farmer
A city slicker decided to buy some farmland for sale.  After moving in he decided to visit a neighbor.  His car wouldn't start so he walked to the closest neighbor.  When he arrived he explained to the new neighbor that he wanted to start a farm.  The farmer thought for a moment and then said "I got this here hen ya can have.  She will lay eggs for ya that ya can sell."  Happily he took the hen from the farmer and the farmer added "Around these parts we call hens poulets."  The city slicker said thanks and off he went. He saw another farm nearby and headed over.  The city slicker was greeted by this neighbor as before.  He explained his situation again and this farmer thought for a moment also.  Then he said "Ya can have this mule here and the plow.  Ya'll be able to plant some crop to feed your poulet there and ya'll be able to feed yourself and sell the rest."  Happily the farmer took the mule and told the farmer he would be back for the plow.  The farmer told him "Fine but around t
Death Bringer
I sit here for my timeWaiting my payments of my crime I close my eyes All these painful good-byes Behind me stands Death I can feel his breath Cold as ice All my painful lies Running deep in my veins Slowly I'm becoming insane No more I want to wait I want this to come to an end my fate behind me stands Death I can feel his breath Colder and colder it becomes Evil I will succumb All the suffering I have caused That pain will have no pause For it will linger For I am the pain bringer Behind me stands Death Here to take my last breath
A Story, An Apology, And A Plea
So I was trying to take a nap today and lines just rushed through my mind for a return letter to Cal Poly. It's my hope to return next Spring quarter, and I've had trouble finding the right thing to say. So instead of napping it away, I got up and wrote it all out. I like it. But we'll see how I feel tomorrow, eh? Anyway, I'd like for anyone that cares to take the time to read it, to please offer suggestions, criticism, corrections, etc. This is very important to me, I'd like to get it right.   This is the letter I'll be sending the head of the college of Architecture at Cal Poly for consideration. I can return as an Architectural Engineering student but I don't want to. I want to study Architecture. And so this is my case (warning, it's very long):     I made the right choice in leaving Cal Poly. Not only was I wasting your time and resources, I was wasting mine. If I were to continue to drift through classes and ignore all the benefits and assets provided to me by you I'd never
Deviant Kitty
Deviant would youcould youshould youbebe minein trustto trustwith trustin pleasurein painin controlto submityet be ownedby youby mesince we care poet
Beyond The Produce
You and I stroll into the grocery store one evening to pick up a few things for breakfast the next morning. As we are walking down the aisles, I tell you that there is something I need to pick up and will catch up with you in a few minutes. You say ok as I playfully smack you on the ass and walk away in the opposite direction at the end of the aisle. I am gone for about 10 minutes when you notice that I have walked back up behind you at the end of the adjacent aisle. As I walk up to you, I again playfully grab your ass as the moistness between them reminds you of just how much you enjoy it when I do that to you in public. As you reach up to grab something off the upper shelf you feel my hand as it caresses your inner thigh and pushes your skirt up a little and squeezes the bottom of your ass cheek. You playfully swat at my hand but really don’t want me to stop. Suddenly you feel my hand at your lower back pressing against you as you place a hand on the shelf to steady yourself. A
Not Again.....
Well it seems that Ghana is USA's achilles heel in the World Cup.  4 years ago they eliminated USA 2-1 in group play.  This year they eliminate USA in the round of 16 by a score of 2-1.  This game went into overtime to decide the winner.  USA had a very good appearance in the tournament; but, can't help but feel that if they played defense in the first 10 minutes of games they would win handily.  Congratulations to Ghana.
If Only You Wanted It
I know you have been hurt and you have been mistreated none of it is your fault It is ok to make mistakes Make sure you learn from them You've made mistakes you don't have to live with them When you learn you can change   You don't even realize how beautiful you are You were the girl of my eyes Your meek shy personal I loved you at first sight   I never let you go I just waited for you to come back You don't have to live in pain You can change it all Here I am with open arms   There are loves that only grows founder with years of absense That is the love I have for you if only you wanted it    
French Toast & Poverty
For the past few months my church has held a monthly “Advocacy Breakfast” with a presentation from an expert on a different Millennium Development Goal (MDG).  There are eight United Nations MDGs, established in 2000 and, broadly, these goals are far from being achieved, with only 5 years remaining before the deadline.  These breakfasts typically attract about 25. Last Saturday morning was the biggest such event in the series, with a presentation from Dr Jean Chamberlain Froese, founder and Executive Director of ‘Save the Mothers’, about the 5th MDG – Maternal Health.  There were over 120 people for breakfast, largely because the Hamilton Spectator ran a large feature article about the work of Dr Chamberlain Froese the weekend before.  It was fortunate that she was able to squeeze our little church breakfast into her busy schedule, just one week before presenting to the G8 summit and meeting the Prime Minister. I first found out about her and her work ov
Lena Marie
Here is a girl i knew for 6 Years. It Going on 7 years now. Lena  was 15 when i knew her cuz   of her mom.  She  is so beauitful, She is one of the nicest person you ever know.  I treated her like a princess. She is 19 now. will be 20 this year.  I knew i fell inlove with her since she was 16 i been waiting all this time for her but she wont listen to me right now.  She is  lock up in a rehab but when she get out i try one  more time. But lena can be a selfish girl at time.   she dont even want my help no more cuz of  her on very bad drug.  ( NOT WEED) weed not that bad guys and girls.  I still said weed is still one of the better drug to clam people down.  But i hate what what she doing. is  not getting  better, she being selfish. and is making me insane  cuz i let life pass me up for her. I dont wanna give up but  Do I really  just move on after 7 year   know she dont want my help anymore? Or do i be selfish  and still  try to get her to be with me?
Looking for any NSFW pics,,,, gimme wot you got hehe ;)
im thinking about mass friend requesting just to do it. and every person that "likes" me and rates my photo. but im not going to rate shit. just request. because im bored. BORED GOD DAMNIT. ooooooooooh sweet jesus!!!! the new episodes of futurama werent bad.
-after The Show-
  despite the cliché our eyes meet in a crowded room except i’m up on stage performing my poetry & he’s down in the audience watching i’m saying the words popping the syllables like so many pills overdosing on far reaching symbolism on stage … controlling the crowd with slow motion sound waves turning big budget action movie in your ear but i realize he’s ex-significant & i’m reading my all out vent poetry
[...i Think I Used To Be Someone, Now I Just Stare Into The Sun... (part 4)]
[nine inch nails: beside you in time] i am all alone this time around sometimes on the side i hear a sound places parallel, i know it's you feel the pieces bleeding through and on, this goes on and on and on now that i've decided not to stay i can feel me start to fade away everything is back where it belongs i will be beside you before long and on, this goes on and on and on ooh - we will never die ooh - beside you in time ooh - we will never die ooh - beside you in time [nine inch nails: right where it belongs] see the animal in his cage that you built are you sure what side you're on? better not look him too closely in the eye are you sure what side of the glass you are on? see the safety of the life you have built everything where it belongs feel the hollowness inside of your heart and it's all, right where it belongs what if everything around you isn't quite as it seems what if all the world you think you know is an elaborate dream and if you look at your reflection is that al
*write For Me*?
i think im going to write for myself haha...but i was asked or propositioned to add my "opinion" and "style" via blog sites. yeah it was a few days ago but this will be a few days ago later on...although now i think of it more...ive been yappin and rambling on for years on blogs...that came with the site haha. not a strictly "blog site"...thats why i think about it as a only has one thing in mind WRITBLOGS! hahaha mother of gods and satan's kids! with all the seriousness that has become the new anti-social journal over the years is fcuking insanely hilarious to me, being ASKED to write for someone else's "personal blogsite" hahaha quotations quotations.... being told by each blog promoters....that i took down part of the city by blogging about what was happening currently at the time...using my own opinion  with factual information attached for that opinion to be there! and now! im asked to write for 2 people i broke in half when they fcuked me over and others...w
Need Advice
The following is a real situation i have to deal with, and I know what I am going to say to the room mate, but I figure I can get some ideas and advice from you fine people, as out spoken as you are. I am having some issues concerning my room mate, who has a son and a daughter living here. There are 5 kids in the house at least half the time, 3 of which arent mine. I for the most part take care of my twins and their sister, and my ex wife works and when she wants to go socialize I am obviously watching my boys..well the other room mate likes to go out with her and I have been willing to watch her kids cuz they are usually going to bed when they leave. But its going on about three weeks shes been here, and two of those weeks I have been the cook, the house maid, the baby sitter AND the one putting groceries in the house...I have to put my foot down before it goes any further. She is getting child support and food stamps...GETTING...she hasnt put any food in the house, payed for anythi
How To Get Bombed More Often
After running a few bombs it's just crazy to click a thousand links to only get error messages or their profile. Best way I have found to chase bombs is go to your public profile. View it as anyone else would. Go down and click on your photos as if you were going to rate yourself. THEN click your bomb folder ... where it gives you the thumbnail view. COPY and PASTE that link into shout boxes of bombers. Be very nice. I usually like to put (link) bomb folder link if you have time (or auto's) plz and ty very much... and MAKE sure you go and rate and at least fan them if you do not know them! Remember everyone bombs different ways, this may or may not work. If they are bombing family and auto's only, heavy rate their profile, and also get you link in their shout box. Be sure to say TY some way some how. It really helps to have folders marked clearly and have 250 pics in there. Good luck and happy bomb chasing!  
Goign To Iraq
hey everybody im heading out to training in a couple of weeks then out to balad afb iraq. i'll still be on fubar but i'll won't be on as often while im deployed. hit me up show me some love. I need to level!  need referals! trying to hit level 30. wish me luck i'll try to hit ya'll and be on when I get the free time. to all of the memebers of the military on here wish me luck and hope I come back in one piece. until then MUCH LOVE AND PEACE!
My Flowers Are Real...
You Are Real No matter what, you are always yourself. You don't know how to be anyone else. You are honest, authentic, and comfortable in your own skin. You embrace your faults. You expect everyone else to be as transparent as you are, but you're not always so lucky. You're in search of the good people in this world, and as you find them, you make friends for life. The Flower Test Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
Prologue For My It Please!:)
Prologue As the shadow of night crept across the globe, a figured adorned in a robe as black as the night itself crept along the rocky walls of an ancient canyon, his heavy footfalls echoing across the vast plains with each step. The canyon was said to have been the site of a great battle in the wars centuries before, where thousands of seasoned troops were taken out by a group of guerillas. After the battle it came to be known as the Canyon of the Wailing Dead, as it was said when the wind blew through it’s walls, the cries of the fallen soldiers could still be heard. The man was a very tall individual, most of his face save for the lower portions covered up by his hood, his pale eyes glistening in the moonlight as he arrived at his destination at the canyon’s central chamber. Despite the darkness of the night, the chamber was well lit by torches mounted along the walls of the canyon, giving the entire area an eerie ambiance. It was here where the man found six other figur
Morei Know That I Am Not Worth Anything To Anyone. How Can Anyone Ask Me Why I Feel That Way When The Only Time People Talk To Me Is When They Want So
I know that I am not worth anything to anyone. How can anyone ask me why I feel that way when the only time people talk to me is when they want something from me or I can do something for them? I know that the world doesn't revolve around me. I used to think that it would be nice if I was just a special someone in someone's world. But now I believe that I don't deserve what my heart desires.I am finding out that I am everything I hate and I don't know how to deal with that. I pray for something to happen. ANYTHING. Death, life, love, something. I was told today that I need to "adapt and over come". I have no clue how to do that when I would beat my ass if I was someone else. I am just praying for death so I can be released from the torment I live everyday. No one really cares about me except my mother. How am I supposed to deal with that?
Twoeleven17 Video
Wild Side
Listen to most don't care what most said but this I do know once wild you can never tame unless they wish to be. In other words you can always cage a wild animal but there is one thing you can never cage from that animal and that is the heart. So don't think that just cause I talk to you doesn't mean that I see myself kneeling before your feet or serving what you can do for yourself. I'm that wild animal and you will never cage my heart unless I wish for you to do so and well you might as well eat your own heart cause you will never own this one.
Should I?
I'm not sure what I should do. Thing is..........   My oldest boy  has been staying with my mom and stepdad now that school is out. Thing is..they have no food. So should I buy them some groceries?
Mel Gibson Is Afraid Of His Young Lover
Mel Gibson should be a shamed of himself. First he leaves his wife of many years for a younger babe. Fathers a kids with the new babe. After a year breaks up with his mistress. Then files a restraining order against her. What’s he afraid of? That she might beat him up. At 54, this guy is still knocking up babes. If you’re going to be screwing young babes Mel get yourself fixed. You have more kids then Ocho Cinco and that’s saying something. The joke in all this is that Mel says he wants visiting rights to his latest kid. Mel are you senile or something? For more BlastFM a musical venue to escape the drudgery of daily life. Tune us in for the best music in the world
That's Mister Doctor Pork Chop To You!
The opening of “Toy Story 3” will surprise you, and its climax will sadden you.  Andy is headed off to college and his toys Buzz, Woody, and the rest are headed off to Sunnyside Daycare (I chuckle at the irony; the school Martha and her sisters attended as kids and our niece Josceline just graduated kindergarten from is Sunnyside Elementary) that’s portrayed as the Prohibition-era Chicago of toys.  It’s “run” by Lotso Bear, a stuffed bear toy with his own reasons for rejecting children and who eventually gets his comeuppance in a can’t-kill-him-by-ripping-his-stuffing-out way.  The little green aliens (“You have saved us!  We are eternally grateful!”) also get their chance to shine, and I guess both Martha and I broke down and cried at the end of the film because of why we came to Kentucky in the first place – to visit my mom who’s in declining health.   I am so thankful to God and to my family that we didn’t have
Keeping Up
Any one keeping up with the leak in the Gulf? Hurricane will stirr the pot. I don't do that much here. Mostly at myyearbook. Go check it out if you never been there. Myspace is dead and the previous was deleted. Facebook the same, deleted. By-Pass went well but even though I am recovering quickly there is a price that has to be paid by me. I have to put up with lot of pain. I can't do what I did previous to this surgery. Question would be why did I have it? Since it was so highly spoken of I want to see. Ringht now I'm better in some aspect but not in most. Talk is of me attending Cardiac Rehab and I'm saying it can't be done. Can't left anything heavy for anothet two months and all that will be available will aerobic type of exercise. I can go up and down the stairs and walk at the mall for that. Next surgery that is expected out of me is to Stint the Aorta in August. Six months ago it was at 5.5cm and six months previous 5.0cm. Now it should be around 6.0 or greater. I have to won
California Uber Alles
I am governor Jerry Brownmy aura smiles and never frownssoon I will be presidentCarter power will soon go 'wayI will be Fuehrer one dayand I will command all of youyour kids will meditate in schoolYOUR KIDS WILL MEDITATE IN SCHOOL!California Uber AllesCalifornia Uber AllesUber Alles CaliforniaUber Alles CaliforniaZen purists will control youIt will first seem naturalYou will jog for the Master RaceAnd always wear a happy faceClose your eyes, cant happen hereBig Bro on white horse is nearThe Hippies wont come back you sayMellow out, or you will payMELLOW OUT, OR YOU WILL PAY!!!California Uber AllesCalifornia Uber AllesUber Alles CaliforniaUber Alles CaliforniaNow it is 1984Knock Knock at your front doorIt's the suede denim secret policeThey have come for your un-cool nieceCome quietly to the campYou look nice as a drawstring lampDont you worry its only a showerFor your clothes, here's a pretty flowerDIE on organic poison gasSerpent's eggs already hatchedYou will croak you little clownWh
Day Three In La And All Is Well
  I have the most awesome room with a private loo…things are good. I went out for a walk on day two round the neighbourhood, here in Valley Village and basically there are no pavements or since am in the USA ‘sidewalks’ you are either treading on someone’s manicured lawn or walking on the road. The place is very white picket fence, I imagine there are wives in sticky out skirts making cookies and planning their own suicide in the midday heat. Apparently the ‘Valley’ is the porn making capital of Los Angeles…so who knows what is going on.   I passed a beautiful house and outside they had a yard sale, I have never seen one and decided to dive right in and pick through some nice stuff and believe me the dresses were cute. Just then a young skinny woman in a tight tee shirt and tiny denim skirt came rushing over shouting “What the hell are you doing lady?”   “Er…I thought it was a yard sale?” I said slowly rep
Come Join Me
Like horses? come join me in Howrse where you can raise and breed your own horses.
Lyme Disease Is Becoming An Pestilent
Lyme disease is Lymes Disease Symptoms an plaguey in the Merged States and no one is conversation nearly it; and this disease, tho' not loose to forestall, can be prevented or it may cases, severely unfree. It is especially venturesome if it attacks your uneasy system.Nevertheless, the Agreed States is not incomparable with this maturation disease as it has also started to convey up in Prc, Continent, Japan, Australia, and individual areas of what misused to be the Land Healing.Lyme disease is allay relatively unfamiliar to umpteen people as it has only been around and been registered in fill since 1975 when it was thought to hold been rheumatoid arthritis in a set of children that lived in Lyme, River. But it was premeditated and ulterior determined that it was actually Lymes Disease Symptoms by microorganism and identified as Lyme disease in 1982.The U.S Centers for Disease Restrain and Bar, CDC, has monitored it ever since. In a seven year period from 1992 to 1998 there were nearly
Lyme Disease In Dogs And Humans
It is summer period and that implementation walks in the woods, habitation and all those celebrated trips Lymes Disease Symptoms nature trails enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. However, lurking in some areas there lies a dirty stitch that can grounds both humans and animals an possibleness to transform very ill.It is an illness that is caused by a meal from an septic ticktack and it does not desire who you are hominal or dog. This difficulty surfaced around 1975 when a aggroup of children in a Lyme, Conn., Lymes Disease Symptoms a terrible irruption of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. This different grouping eventually advance researchers to set the bacterial create in 1982 and thusly led to the denote "Lyme disease." In 1984 it institute its way into the canid accumulation and since has skyrocketed. It is a sober and fatal disease if leftist untreated.According to statistics free by a pet insurance businessperson (Doctor Pet Protection) in 2008, Lyme disease is the most unrefine
Using Sinitic Herbs To Relieve Lyme Disease Symptoms
More Asian herbs Lymes Disease Symptoms been institute to be steadying in treating Lyme Disease, which is a bacterial catching disease that comes from Borrelia Burgdorferi, a spirochetal being. Typically, it is introduced to the group finished a ticktock prick.Author grouping extant in the northeasterly United States seem to be unerect to Lyme Disease though there possess also been cases reported from all of the subaltern Lymes Disease Symptoms. In the first stages, it can be bandaged with antibiotics but often it's not sensed in instant. A strapper's eye roseola is a trait of Lyme Disease, but a lot of patients never get it. Since there are so some symptoms that materialise in the subsequent stages, it's calculating to properly examine it. Scrutiny tests are ofttimes ease not true.Lyme Disease usually lowers the embody temperature and causes impecunious slaying circulation. The tolerant may also produce cysts, lumps and symptom throughout their bodies. There's also a lot of upset rela
Beingness Sensitive With Perceptive And Inveterate Lyme Disease Symptoms
Plain Lymes Disease Symptoms can concord all of a fulminant anywhere from a exclusive many days to more than a few weeks time Never-ending Lyme disease gift little by younger infix into the intrinsical status of the moved someone.Penetrative Lyme disease can be processed just and effectively with a fix or recipe of antibiotics similar to penicillin, vibramycin and trimox.Lyme disease symptoms regularly move with flu-like feelings. The Lyme disease symptoms are cephalalgia, fever, tough pains, weakness, and inflexible neck. Afterward the tick's spice, roughly few life or one month after it, around 60% of Light-skinned patients experience an erythema migrans (EM) - an enlarging symptom. Morose skinned people receive trauma.The flu-like symptoms, which are actually Lyme disease symptoms, can finally as monthlong as the treatment, symmetrical as there Lymes Disease Symptoms also be nonaged maudlin and feature manifestations correspondent to weaken swings, slumber problems and concentrating
Ten Symptoms That Point Lyme Disease
There are Lymes Disease Symptoms, umpteen symptoms of Lyme disease, and due to the communication of multi systems, there are unknowable thousands or straight hundreds of thousands who instruct Lyme disease apiece period. Spell suspecting a flu or yobo affect, the infection can quickly enter the important troubled group and make a deeply Lymes Disease Symptoms addicted incident.With season inward, the most transmissible ticks gift be birthing in the trillions, and it is vitally serious to protect yourself from getting bitten and also to be knowing of definite key symptoms that present ameliorate you key Lyme disease, hopefully before it prettify degenerative.There are positive give-away symptoms that Lymes Disease Symptoms vernacular to Lyme and extraordinary for separate illnesses. If you someone leash or much of these symptoms you should be chequered by a Lyme-literate doc.1. Flu in the season.2. Feeling that moves around from render to spliff.3. Symptom in your eyes from sheeny land.
The Nexus Between Flu-like Symptoms And Lyme Disease
Some fill Lymes Disease Symptoms unaware of the dangers related with Lyme disease, an illness celebrated to be transmitted by the blacklegged tick, also referred to as the cervid mark. The blacklegged sew feeds on rodents and weeny animals that propagate the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi. Consequently, the ticktock becomes purulent and can displace the bacteria to humans through a snack.Opposite to hot belief, Lyme disease is not contagious through kissing or effort, and spell dogs and cats can be bitten by an infected stitch, there is no reportable evidence that they Lymes Disease Symptoms transmit the disease to humans. Still, pets can booze septic ticks into the house, augmentative the probability of unhealthiness to its earthborn inhabitants.Symptoms of Lyme diseaseLyme disease symptoms are most commonly knowledgeable in troika stages. Though rare, some grouping participate no symptoms at all during pioneer 1, and not all grouping gift see all 3 of the stages.Coach 1:Commonly, the
How To Think The Symptoms Of Lyme Disease
Become Lymes Disease Symptoms retributory around the nook and after semipermanent life of existence a captive of your residence, everyone is willing to go out of doors and revel the nicer brave. Unfortunately you are not unparalleled out there, ticks septic with Borrelia burgdorferi  Lyme Disease  are also out. If you screw been atlantic Lymes Disease Symptoms worrying grasses and trees yoi may eff been bitten by a Lyme Disease carrying sew. It is must for you to certify if you person been bitten and have steps to struggle this disease. The mortal you act to interact the disease the worsened your symptoms may embellish.Opening, there are the immature pioneer symptoms specified as: bad headaches, inflexible necks, pyrexia, both pain of the muscles, travail unerect, intense tiredness, a bold that may happen anytime between 3 life to Lymes Disease Symptoms few weeks. If you seem to bonk a combination of these symptoms I estimate you get an someone to see a dilute that is spirit the Diseas
New Tests And Treatments For Lyme Disease
Once acknowledged to be a regional disease mostly unfree to thenortheastern Conjunct States and spreading Lymes Disease Symptoms bacterium carried only by deerticks, Lyme experts now interrogation that cases of the sickness get beenregistered in every express. There is also information to evince that itcan be open finished else effectuation, including mosquitoes and bodyfluids. According to JoAnne Whitaker, M.D., of Bowen ResearchWork in Florida, "Lyme disease isn't virtuous a tick-bornecommunication. I acquire institute the microorganism in every concentrated mosquito that I'veexamined, from execution all over Calif. and all over Florida. Dr.Whitaker believes that "Lyme is the most current diseasethere is."Dr. Tod Thoring is a naturopath Lymes Disease Symptoms the someone of Ocean UnprocessedMedicament and Pare Guardianship Sweet in Arroyo Grande, California. In hishouse activity, Thoring has observed a fastened amount in theratio of patients with Lyme. Although the evidence suggests
Dogs, Cats And Lymes Disease Symptoms And Communicating
Lymes disease is able to relate idiosyncratic pets differently. Doomed pets simulation no symptoms, piece individual Lymes Disease Symptoms march febricity, biting joints, projection, tiredness, and death of craving. The eubacterium may alteration troubled method, spunk, eyes, and kidneys of pets, if their Lymes disease is not burned in case.Cats:Cats are credible to demo locomotion difficulties, expiration of appetite, eye modification, unaccustomed breathing, and pyrexia. Several cats pussy with Lymes disease also evince overt symptoms.Dogs:Dogs diagnosed with Lymes disease may Lymes Disease Symptoms languorous, and can bed pyrexia ranging between 103°F - 105°F, along with necessitous appetence. They may also have gameness. Bosom disorders, kidney nonstarter, hostility, and confusion are opposite Lymes disease symptoms seen in dogs.From my personalized pet's receive, I can say that dogs are catching to Lymes microorganism, but they do not impart seeable Lymes disease symptoms. They a
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My Sunglasses Speak..
Your Sunglasses Say You're a Free Spirit You are spontaneous, open minded, and optimistic. You are very youthful and free wheeling, no matter what your age happens to be. You need to be shaded from the darker, more depressing aspects of life. You feel sunniest when everyone around you is up for a good time. The Sunglasses Test Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
The Principals Of Life
26 Principals of Life By Jason Johns   1.All Are Related: There is a Native American saying, which translates roughly to "All are Related". Everything in the universe is part of The Great Spirit, from a rock, to a plant, to a fish, to a human. The spirit flows between and within us all, and is the building block of everything. Since we are all part of the same whole, we should treat the rest of the whole as if it is part of us, i.e. with compassion and love. We are all part of the Great Spirit, just like all the different leaves on a tree are still part of the tree. 2.The Energy Flow: The universe is composed of energy. This energy flows between everything, us and within us all. When we have internal blocks, the energy fails to flow correctly, causing illness, lethargy and other symptoms. This energy can be directed consciously, we can see it, and feel it. How we feel affects our energy levels; negativity drains energy, positivity creates energy. 3.We Are Beings of Both Spirit a
I See A Laughter In His Eyes
and you say you understand me when i hardly know myself. my understanding of religion ---> we take our blessings from the priest with cups of blood we drink it neat or maybe just a hint of soda we shall walk across the water we'll hold a mass we'll speak in tongues we'll break the bread and count the crumbs yum yum reciting psalms we'll testify that we have seen the christ. be sure to leave some money before you go. thanks. now return to your cells. If god created us in his image then we have certainly returned the favor -Voltaire
laying in bed my eyes closed drift in to a dream world, the world i creat is powerful and graceful, beauty bounds it to make it real, dreaming of flying down the road seeing places i only wish to see. dreaming of people i want to met, dreaming who what where and why ....... idk puzzling thoughts swirling together bound by beaty it sfor the faint of heart my dreams are mine but the thought of ur beauty is what bounds me the dreams of touching d feeling the enternal bliss...... what a kiss? the sheets are getting messed up, mmm the beaty that is bound with my thoughts to early to wake trying to stay asleep to see ur beauty ..... its hard to dream with out seeing ur dreams are mine but ur beaty bounds me to the ground don't want to fly away but i will race to get to see ur beautiful face the sun is raising i'll hold on to the dream for ur face is what makes up my dream and i'll treasure my dream every time i sleep
Birthday Gift
 I walked down the passage, as per my instructions, to the first door on my left, it was slightly ajar, just enough to see her bed. On it, lying on her back was a woman of great beauty. A red silk scarf, covering her eyes, tied in a knot behind her head, her arms outstretched, as if to say “I am yours, do with me as you please.” I walked to the side of her bed and gazed at the beauty of this woman, the wanton desires of passion, raced to my head, thinking of the many ways I could please her. I removed my clothes, and with trembling fingers, I bent over to touch this woman, her aroma wafting through the room. She quivered as I placed my unseen finger over her soft lips, tracing, and absorbing the feel of soft skin with my finger. Her lips parted, the tip of her moist tongue touched my finger. My fingers traced to her chin, and back to her lips. A low moan escaped from her. Her lips parted as if to speak, I placed a finger of silence to her mouth.My free hand went to the
Get That Is!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est.  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
By The Bi
  I never even considered being with another woman, until that night.. A work function, generally boring affairs, but my position in the company made me feel obligated to attend these dull events, I generally just put in an appearance and left early. This night, sitting across the room a woman I had never seen before, her long legs folded, long blonde hair flowing to her shoulders, her beautiful green piercing eyes, and the most beautiful breasts I'd ever seen on another human being. I caught myself staring at her, but she caught me. She got up and made her way across the room, her eyes never leaving mine. I like looking at beautiful women, it has always stirred my imagination, but that was as far as it ever went, but I was a taken by this woman's beauty. "Hi, I'm Eva” she said in a husky voice, I felt my heart beating stronger in my chest. "I don't know what got into me" ,trying to aplogise,but slightly embarrassed. We sat down together and talked until the party
Mistress Anne
 Every passer-by could tell that the woman was nervous enough to jump out of her skin. The tension in her body, the rigidness of her posture, the way her eyes darted to each tall form that came into her line of sight, the flush on her face, the wringing of her hands--all spoke of nerves stretched taut.  Every woman knew that she was waiting for the man who would change her life; every man wished that, somewhere, a woman were waiting for him with that same breathless anticipation. She drew in a deep breath and took a sip of water to try to still the inner tremors. She closed her eyes in a futile attempt to will herself calm. She silently scolded herself, Stop it this instant, you silly bitch! She took herself into a quiet little room in her mind and the noise of the bar receded. While her eyes were closed, a tall man stepped up quietly behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "At last, Anne," he said, in that low voice that she knew so well from countless skype conversations
Long Day
meh.. I've had enough today.. pardon me, but I'm going to bitch for a second... it's been a long ass crazy day.. work sucked for the first six hours, worried about my best friend, my back is killing me, and have so many random thoughts racing through my head that I can't grasp them long enough make any sense.. best to ...just go to sleep, I think.. Okay, I'm done for now.. sorry ya'all   (from before I went to bed last night)
As I Slept
I arrived home later than I had told Di, when I rang her earlier that evening, it was after 11pm. As I entered our bedroom, there she was, sound asleep on the bed, she looked so peaceful, laying there on her back with her arms stretched behind her head, with only a sheet covering her lower body, stopping neatly tucked up under her exquisite breasts, I undressed and had a quick shower. As the water ran over me, the thought of her on the bed, in her nakedness, aroused me so much, my cock stood proudly to attention, the fine stream of water spraying from above, danced down on my knob, so exciting me, I thought I would cum in the shower. Enough I thought, I left the shower and dried, threw on my robe and strolled out into the kitchen, a big cold glass of iced water, flick on the TV, and catch the last bit of the late news, and then to bed. Sleep came easy to Di, and she looked incredibly beautiful when she slept, her eyelashes resting against her cheeks and her full red lips slig
My Decision
  As I stood there naked, beside my motel bed, I pondered my decision to let these men into my life. We have never spoken, nor seen each other. But as I stood there, my emotions were running high, the thought of these men touching me, exploring me, had me so excited, I was trembling. The time was near; there was a knock on the door, the handle turned and the door slowly opened. I stood there, my back to the three of them in the half dark; I heard them move towards me, then stop, the slight noise as I heard buttons click undone, and clothing hitting the floor behind me. Not a word was exchanged, as we had agreed. My anticipation was getting the better of me, as with one step one was behind me, his silhouette on the wall towering over me, my 5’6, he over 6’3, his shadow erasing my shadow from the wall. Suddenly fingers sat on my shoulder blades, I trembled from the touch. He touch was so gentle, his fingers slowly followed the arc of my arms, as I held them across my
A Whisper
  A whisper, a sigh A wink and a glance The glimpse of a thigh The thought of romance. You move in a bit closer And dance just right I long to hold you Long into the night. My heart beat quickens Eyes shine with lust My muscle thickens Anticipating a thrust. Our heartbeats are frantic As clothes start to fall Each touch is electric
Annes Fantasy
 The knock on the hotel door seemed innocuous enough, neither of the occupants of the room had any reason to suspect that it could be anything other than room service.Bill and Anne had travel overnight, catching the red eye from Fort Lauderdale to arrive at London Heathrow early in the morning. They had slept for an hour or two, trying to adjust to the six hour delay from continent to continent.Their two weeks doing Europe started in earnest, tomorrow, with a scheduled bus ride around the ‘Old Town’ of London, taking in Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and the new to the programme, Princess Diane’s Garden in Hyde Park. For the next few days, England, or at least the bit that really mattered, would be visited, snapped and filed away for winter nights in front of the video player, then to be digested in manageable chunks.Bill roused himself from the comfort of the couch with an effort, grunting at the sudden and unexpected intrusion to their leisure time. He did
World Cup 2010
Now that group play is over it is now time for the Round of 16.  Uruguay/South Korea----I'm going with Uruguay.  They appeared to have played strong.  Still can't figure out why they had a 0-0 draw with France.  South Korea played well in group play, but I don't think they have the talent to stop Uruguay. USA/Ghana---A rematch from the last World Cup when Ghana eliminated USA in group play.  No team in this years tournament has scored even close to as many late game goals as the USA.  This will be a good match as both squads can really pressure the oppositions defense.  USA will win in a close and exciting match. Germany/England---This match will draw a lot of attention.  I am going with England.  England appears to be the more aggressive of the two offensively.  You can't count out the awesome German defense.  I just don't see them keeping England from scoring.  The loss to Serbia (last place in the group) by Germany is troubling. Argentina/Mexico---Argentina will win for 2 reaso
My Bitch
   My bike is my bitch & I love her to death.she's broken my bones & knocked out my breath.   Her paint tells a story & every dent is well known.As I ride down the highway you can hear my bitch moan.   95 MPH. one more gear left to try,straigt down the highway past a cop do I fly.Cheries a flash'n his siren now wails,try'n his damndest to catch me ,, I laugh as he fails.   My bike is my bitchI love her it's true, when I poped that last gear I hit 152 !From miles away you can her still hear her scream,I'm tell'n ya Bro my Bitch is MEAN!!
Whiskey Days
 Bikes & Babes & Whiskey DaysFree live'n & love'n are this bikers ways  A thick thirty for breakfast, a frsh bowl for lunchShaved pussy for dinner no hair to munch  On a warm summers eve as the suns going downRiding the highways is where I can be found  Sorounded by brothers I roll thirty deepI know when I'm dead I'll catch up on sleep  Bikes & Babes & Whiskey daysI'm love'n my life for my biker ways  A freash bowl for breakfast, a thick thirty for luncha pretty young redhaed thrown in for brunch  Long gone are the days when I was  beginerI'mlive'n it large with  the Saints & Sinners 
My Thoughts
friendshipis not all abouthow much money you haveits not about if your popularits not about your genderits not about your sexual orientationits not about who your friends areits not about if you have transportation its not all about age in general its about finding someone you have things in common with and who can accept you for you why be something your not to plz other people if they cant handle who you  are then they was never really your friends to begin with same with lovesure its easy to say i love you to someone its another thing to show it thu actionalot of people seem to toss friendship and love around like its nothing more then just a word but its not its a powerful word don't tell people that you are if you aren't really that's not only wasting your time but there as willalso there seem to be alot of people who are bitching that there single and cant seem to find the right guy or girlmaybe if people stop thinking that there shit dont stink your be able to find
Where Have All The Good Fus Gone?
Okay I don't use my blog very often for personal notes. I'm usually hosting a game, or making a skin, or coming up with something or another for people to do on here to help pass the time and have a smile. This one though, is just one full of personal thoughts. Kudos to anyone who makes it past the third paragraph. Easily said, this site has changed. My #1 has been in a contest, a simple one in which the person with the most rates on the photo will win a bling pack. Sounds pretty easy, right? Nope. Not anymore. For some reason, people just don't seem to care about each other on this site anymore. I'm not sure why - or what has happened to change the way people spend their time on here, but for some reason if you're not offering to give someone something, they don't want to take the 10 seconds it takes to help you. Scratch that - that's not even true. I know this because over the past few days I've begged, I've bribed, I've offered to pay people fubucks, AND I've even offe
Why Do I Try?
I get up everyday wondering why.......I go to bed every night with the same question. I really don't know why I try when all I ever do is make bad decisions. I just want to go to sleep like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty untill my prince comes but this is real life and I'm sure no princess and I have no prince. I always thought I wanted my little place in this world but I'm begining to believe that for me that place doesn't exist. I am a great friend or so I'm told but some how I'm not good enough for something more or thats real. I think the only reason I am posting this here is because no one cares and I want to be able to sleep. I would really like to be worth something one day but since I'm not worth anything by now  I don't see that happening. I think I want to buy the book of DILLIGAF and study it. Maybe if I am cold and heartless not being worth anything to anyone won't matter to me. I just feel like nothing I do matters and I shouldn't try anymore. I would just like to not wake
Like It Says..................somewhere, Someone
Your smile melts my heart. Just hearing your voice is like listening to angels sing. Your laughter is indescribable, while  your eyes are deeper than the most beautiful sunset. Your skin glistens like the sea on a sunny afternoon. Your dark brown hair flows like the Nile, while your fragrance is as pleasant as a garden full of the finest roses. Your knowledge will take ages to fathom. Just being in your presence alone could bring a giant to his knees.Your lips taste like the finest wines. Your love could enlighten the dullest day. If I ever dreamt of you, arising would not be an option. I would stay in your dreams forever. Your beauty and knowledge go hand in hand, they are both timeless. Your soft beautiful smile is enough to engulf the darkest moments.To have you in my arms would be the worships of all gods, to hear your soft whispers would be enough to make me hold you forever close to me.For I know and understand that time with you will always be a present and never a past.To feel
This Is A Very Special One.....flirty Even..
Sooo..with the completion of Twaune's auction, there was a lucky high bidder :) And with that being said, I'd like to introduce you to my new owner, Flirtologist. Pleaseee show her some good ol fu lovins'!! ... and tell her I sent ya ... we go wayyy here's the one and only... Flirtologist Owner of Johnnydevil@ fubar I know I've been slacking, but trust me, more excitement to follow in the coming weeks...stay tuned.....peace...
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Too Soon!
I think I didn't take a long enough break from fubar. I seem to either hurt or get hurt when I deal with others from here. This is never my goal or intention. I just have to figure out some things and I don't need the lies from the people here to add to my life. I am heartbroken AGAIN and I know that I have to heal before I can play again. If someone really wants to talk to me you can add me on yahoo (I'm always mobile) @ YIM: goodgirl_2480. I'm out!
Come Meet My New Friend
jeanmaegurlhock">@ fubar
Send Gifts To The Philippines
I am a blogger and a freelance writer from Albuquerque New Mexico who has interests in fishing, hunting and computers. I am currently helping out my friend with the redesign of his websites. I am happy to become a member of this community and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas, and opinions here. send gifts to the philippines
Asking And What You Really Get..
....doesn't feel as though I really ask that much out of life and my relationships.. and get far less than that.. Perhaps that's why everyone else seems to ask for much more~ because they have realized this trend, and want to get just as much out of everything they can (satisfaction, love, happiness, etc, etc.) and they know they won't get it all....
A Lost Love By Lora
Ive been reading your Chat  messages over and over againmemories of you keep flashing thru my minddays and nights, same scenariocant seem to get all of it out of my system, thoughi still keep your pictures on my walletseems like i cant live a day without seeing itbrowse our pictures and your pictures stored on my cellphoneSince that's all that was left to me that i owni kept on repeating to myself i have nothing to wait for..but still my heart says wait for morefriends here, texts here, chats here, and series of mall toursbut they cant stay on my mind and lose this memory of yoursit's you i think of all night and daystill hoping one day, you'll be back on my wayso many words left unspoken ,so many questions to be answeredhow can i move on? how can i forget, to myself i whisperedhow can i accept the fact that this is all but donewhen i always hope and wish for you to be the oneand i still think of my future having you by my side alwayswhen all i ever wanted was you every night and dayho
Missing You All The Wayyy
I once knew the love of my lifeI thought that everything was perfectand nothing could ruin itbut the day that you slam the door on my face, the day that you walk out of my lifeyou took my heart with the key insideNow that heart is misable and lonelyall broken in billion of peicesand I will never get the peices back in the same place You made my life complete Now, its black and grey with cracks all aroundThe moment that you left, I broke down and cryCry myself to sleepThen i realize that I miss you and want you back in If you refuse to come back, just bring me back my heart and the peices that you took so i can move on but i will miss you all the way to the end
Trust In Me
Its never yet started . what we thought would do The trust in our lives . It was there and we never knew . You dont have to say it You dont have to show . I knew it all along . Which you could never know . If i dont tell u something which i dont want to tell You might feel i am hiding . And dont love you that well . Trust is there in many ways . It has never made us apart . Makes us stronger each passing dayEven if our future is dark.There are times when words dont say Then , At least my lips dont lie . take my hand and forget the trust . Let me hold you so that we can fly
My Last Breath To You
When our bodies fail usfrom frailties unknown,we may often forget,how much we may have grownWe are all joined in a cycle of life,which is usually describedShowing emotion and strifeWhen you awake one morningand the with windows wide,you may feel me again,flowing deep inside.I gave my last breath,to feed the trees. Now the wind has carriedthe fruit of my last laborto feed your living needYou see we all live on,donating a small amountTo the cycle of lifeWhich in the endwill leave no doubtSo, when you breath that spring air,deep into your soulRemember where the last breath cameand I will have your heart to hold
In Memory Of Anthony Vasquez
Anthony was my oldest cousin on my fathers side only a few years older than me. Last night when I got home home from jail and talked to my mom she told me she had some bad news. My cousin Anthony killed himself. This was a shock to hear because the last i heard of him he had been doing some time in prison but I guess he had been out just a few months ago and I did not know about it. apparently he had been struggling with drugs for a long time and his wife no longer a part of it decided to leave him and in his suicide note he vows he would rather damn himself to hell than  to watch another man with his family and raise his kids. He hung himself early thursday morning just before it started to get light out....on a tree right in front of our late grandmothers house. What a terrible thing for my family just. I really can't believe he did it since they said he never threstened to commit suicide before it just saddens me and pisses me off at the same time. ....i guess there really wasnt any
Not For Prostitution!
I was recently incarcerated in the Las Colinas Detention Facility for failure to appear. Apperently I was supposed to show up for court ordered classes whether or not I was able to pay the 200 bucks they wanted. What  bothers me is the way the officer came knocking at my door stating matter-of-factly how I was wanted for prostitution! ha me a prostitute yeah right. I told him i dont get enough sex as it is being a 4yr olds mommy lol let alone get paid for it shit at this point if I ha money to spend trust me it would be th other way around and I would be paying for sex of course he would have to give me a free sample or demonstration (let me watch him with another woman) so that I know I am not getting ripped off). Anyways I got taken in and it turns out that my charge drunk in public is categorized under the same penal code as prostitution just a different section......go figure....officer was doing his job but not reading the info right! he was cute too =/
Just Cause It Came Up
i was watching my gf go through some old pics of her in her highschool days and the thought went through my head as those days sucked what friends i had were more like acquantences , and it reflects on me still today with next to no friends and what friends i still have i only see online anyways. i guess getting out on my own really helped me mature though cause in school even if it meant i was gonna get my ass beat when i got home for fighting win or loose  id fight in a heart beat well untill i moved out on my own right befor my junior year of highschool then i only answered to me  but thats were people start to show you respect or resentment any ways the whole point of this blog is to point out im a looser and that i will never amount to much and thats what i think about that im sure none of this makes sense but i dont care no one really reads this shit anyways
Strange What Some People Will Say......
Had a couple of days off this week with hubby and my mother in law. We were out and about...Or as the Canadians would say..Oout and aboout and had some lunch downtown. Went to this one place that had rocking chairs so we sat and rocked and people watched for a bit. This man walks by holding his daughter and off they go into one of the shops. My mother in law says to me "That little girl has slanty eyes." I just blinked. She then proceeds to say "I wonder if her mother is Chinese or maybe she's Japanese. I didn't see which way the little girl's eyes were slanted." I was like I didn't say a thing. Just kept shaking my head over and over and saying "Holy hell" to myself.
looking for marriage request im on my one  knee
Casual Obeservations
1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clearyour computer history if you die.2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when yourealize you're wrong.3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.5. How are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?6. Was learning cursive really necessary?7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on #5. I'm prettysure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how theperson died.9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.10. Bad decisions make good stories.11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment atwork when you know that you just aren't going to do anythingproductive for the rest of the day.12.Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? Idon't want to have to restart my collection.. .again.13. I'
Peek-A-Boo You run in and out Of my simple life, As though it were a game, A child’s sport, A sort of forest where You can dart among the trees. Now I see you, Now I don’t. Perhaps you will, Perhaps you won’t. The phone lies still, It means your happy somewhere else. The phone then comes alive again, It means your tired of the world of men. You come, You go, You flit, You fly, You run into my arms, You lie, You disappear. And then I see you, Standing there, Playing Peek-A-Boo behind a tree. Oh No. No More This time I score.
Stuck In My Head!
ooohh oh ooooh, oh oh oh ohhhooohh oh ooooh, oh oh oh ohhhIt's a cruel cruel world, to face on your own,A heavy cross, to carry alone,The lights are on, but everyone's gone,And it's cruelIt's a funny way, to make ends meet,when the lights are out on every street,It feels alright, but never complete,without you,I trust you, if it's already been done, undo it,It takes two, it's up to me and you, to prove it,All the rainy nights, even the coldest days,you're moments ago, but seconds away,The principal of Nitzche, it's true but, it's a cruel world,ooooh oooh oohh, ooh ooh oooh ooh, ooo wooahWe can play it safe, or play it cool,follow the leader, or make up all the rules,whatever you want, the choice is yours,So choose,I trust you, if it's already been done, undo it,It takes two, it's up to me and you, to prove it,ei ei ei ei ei, oh oh oh oh oh, ye oh oh,ei ei ei ei ei, oh oh oh oh oh, ye eh, ye eh, ye eh,I trust you, it's already been done, undo it,It takes two, it's up to me and you, to p
Love Me
Redneck Love Pome
Roses is red an' my neck's red too an' you make my lips pucker like a big plug o' chew. If you was my shed i'd be proud to have made ya an' if you was my gun,in my rack i'd display ya. Cuz yer sleek like a bas boat an' hotter'n fire yer more grippin' to me then a new set o' tries. I'm a sad. lovesick fool jus' a-caryin' a torch            an' i whine like them houn' dogs         that's under my porch. Cuz you make my head spin like i'uz drinkin' white lightnin' (I ain't use to much thinkin' i confess it's a mite fright' nin'.) But yu'v stol my poor heart like that big ol' tornader that come through last month an' took off with my trailer....
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Contact real MAD HATTER or CJS121727 for more details...
Oh No
"...and then you call me and its not so bad..." She sings to me almost cradling my thoughts I think moon lodge I am there not doing it well...not doing it pretty pretending someone else holds me in my not so quiet times loving the sounds of young voices bickering feeling the grandfathers warmth on my face wanting to tell each friend why they are so important to me chills run my spine at being so feminine but i am unkept hair, bottle toting, cussin self craving for the night to come cool breezes and sounds of street lights popping on waiting for that moment alone I sit and wonder when your voice will reach me the desire to have your hands grabbin at me the feeling of beautiful even after the last shot or not so clean shower my breasts know you my stomach knows you my lips sense your every breath I wont say no I cant imagine a minute of my day without craving I want to beg and I do with one strap hangin off my shoulder my head cocked to the side listening to y
I don't think taking my Champix, Antibiotics, Co-dydromol and Amitirptyline altogether was such a good idea .......
Stuck In My Head
this song has been stuck in my head...    
this song and its lyrics are for those that have been through recovery and are succeeding, and for those that fell and relapsed....Thank you, Trent Reznor for writing this song, and thank you, God, for giving him the means to write it.     I hurt myself todayto see if I still feelI focus on the painthe only thing that's realthe needle tears a holethe old familiar stingtry to kill it all awaybut I remember everything What have I become, my sweetest friend?everyone I know goes away in the endand You can have it allmy empire of dirtBut I will let you downI will make you hurt I wear this crown of shitupon my liar's chairFull of broken thoughtsthat I could not repairbeneathe the stains of timethe feelings disappearand you are someone elseand I am still right hereWhat have I become, my sweetest friend?Everyone I know goes away in the endAnd You can have it allMy empire of dirtBut I will let you downI will make you hurtIf I could start againA million miles awayI will keep myselfI will fi
'splainin' Stuff
***This is not an emo blog*** ***Try and realign your expectations and realise that this is not an emo blog*** ***Thank you*** ***The 'you' is a generic 'you' and not aimed at anyone in particular***     Anger is an interesting thing...particularly on the internet. Like most things, people take their own sphere of reference, and use that to interpret what you have said into what you are meaning (reasonable enough), what you are feeling (not quite so reasonable) and what you are like (only reasonable if it's me making the judgements...yes, hypocrisy is ahead in the little minds of some...I make judgements. All the time. Everybody does. Unlike some, I make mine knowing I'm sometimes biased and endeavour to recalibrate accordingly. Also unlike some, I'm prepared to justify my judgements AND my actions).   But I digress already.   I have many levels of anger...'tis true. What amazes me though, on here, is that 99% of the time, I'm not angry at all, but people are gasping in horro
Fu Bar Etiquette
1. When Asking In Shout For A Vote On A Mumm or Pic Or Whatever You Are Needing...Have the decency to rate the people you ask!!! 2. When Asking For A Friend Request...Rate and Fan!! 3. If Someone Goes Out Of Their Way To Bomb You And You Don't Have An Auto...Say Thank you! 4. If Someone Fans You...Fan Them Back!!! Adding More..... 
This Will Confirm The Closing Of Hedonism Iii Resort In Jamaica In Aug. 2010
Details have been posted in several places so I did not post anything here....I apologize. Hedonism III, after many great years and experiences with 1000's of guests, is closing permanently in mid-August. Suffice to say, the resort will then be refurbished/remodeled and re-open in late October as a SuperClubs SuperFun Beach Resort designed as an economy family resort. This leaves Hedo 2 to fill the void...and the reasoning behind the closing of Hedo 3 is simple economics...rather than have 2 resorts with an average of 40-50% occupancy rates most of the time...combine them into one resort where occupancy will be 80-100% most of the time and with 1/2 the costs. It is very sad to see Hedo III go....I've been 6 times and it was like a second home and I leave behind many friends on staff there. Hedo 2 will no doubt become the hot spot and I'm already planning a few nights there hopefully in October....and then my group will be returning for our annual Group Trip there next spring. :-)
Michael Jackson's Mother Can't Be Serious
Michael Jackson is dead but his music will live on. The tragedy now is that his 80 year-old mother is looking for an escape goat to explain his death. Michael was like many other music stars who died early in life, he killed himself by consuming mega amounts of drugs. The law wants to put all the blame on his doctor. My question is, how much blame should Michael shoulder for his excesses? How about his family who let him do all this weird stuff to himself? No one could tell Michael how to live his life. He did it his way like all the other stars who have killed themselves. The boogeyman was not under his bed but in Michael’s mind. Michael should shoulder most of the blame for his early death. Blaming others is just looking for excuses for Michael’s destructive behavior. For more BlastFM looks for the best music on the planet to play for listening pleasure. Tune us in for a music experience
I got sooooooooooooo excited at Rev activating his 'pimp hand' that I stood up suddenly and twisted my already sore ankle.... I iz so stupid!
Chicken Wire *joke*
An old man in Mississippi was sitting on his front porch watching the sun rise. He sees the neighbor's kid walk by carrying something big under his arm. He yells out "Hey boy, whatcha got there?" Boy yells back "Roll of chicken wire." Old man says "What you gonna do with that?" Boy says "Gonna catch some chickens." Old man yells "You damn fool, you can't catch chickens with chicken wire!" Boy just laughs and keeps walking. That evening at sunset the boy comes walking by and to the old man's surprise he is dragging behind him the chicken wire with about 30 chickens caught in it. Same time next morning the old man is out watching the sun rise and he sees the boy walk by carrying something kind of round in his hand. Old man yells out "Hey boy, whatcha got there?" Boy yells back "Roll of duck tape." Old man says "What you gonna do with that?" Boy says back "Gonna catch me some ducks." Old man yells back, "You dang fool, you can't catch ducks with duck tape!" Boy just l
Where Were You When Mj Died?
Talk about traumatic....It came over the radio as I was leaving Old Town with a few of my friends. I thought it had to be a radio joke....Then when I got hom at 1am... read the news articles online... My vision blurred and I could read the screen anymore, I began to sob like my heart was broken. In a way it was... A man I had know through his music all my life, someone I wanted to one day meet....was gone from this world. I'm tearing up as I write this now. I miss you Michael Joseph Jackson...You will always be in my heart.
All my life I have been circling this big old house. Every once in a while I will find a window and get to see inside. My family and friends are in there, as well as strangers, people I have known and forgot about, people I remember passing on the street, everyone. I guess I seen just about everyone in there at one time. I look in the windows and they are all doing something I want to do. They're talking, laughing, and maybe the most important they are listening. To each other at least. I keep moving from window to window, thinking, "Man! I would love to get inside there!" but all the windows are locked. Sometimes the glass is open to a screen, and they can hear me, but never really acknowledge me. And so I move on to the next window. I have no idea what makes me think I will ever get inside, but I keep circling that house and looking inside, wishing I could get in, until there are days that I am so tired I collapse.   I'll look in one window and see my family celebratin
Fishing Trip *joke*
A young guy from North Dakota moves to Florida and goes to a big "everything under one roof" department store looking for a job. The Manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says,"Yeah. I was a salesman back in North Dakota." Well, the boss liked the kid and gave him the job. "You start tomorrow. I'll come down after we close and See how you did." His first day on the job was rough but he got through it. After the store was locked up the boss came down. "How many customers bought something from you today? The kid says, "One". The boss says, "Just one? Our sales people average 20 to 30 customers a day. How much was the sale for?" The kid says, "$101,237.65". The boss says, "$101,237.65?" What the heck did you sell?" The kid says, "First I sold him a small fish hook. Then I sold him a medium fish hook. Then I sold him a larger fish hook. Then I sold him a new fishing rod. Then I asked him where he was going fishing and he said down the coast, so I told him
Selected Movie Quotes: Dreamer
Dreamer: Inspired by the true storyYou are a great champion. When you ran, the ground shook, the sky opened and mere mortals parted. Parted the way to victory, where you'll meet me in the winner's circle, where I'll put a blanket of flowers on your back. Teacher: Cale Crane? Cale Crane: Yes Ma'am? Teacher: Are you working on your creative writing assignment? Cale Crane: Yes Ma'am. Teacher: What's your story about? Cale Crane: It's about a king; in his castle... And a magic horse.………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Cale Crane: I'm sorry about your nightmares, Manny.
Love This Song
I dunno man, just feels like, well a lot different
Kinda feels like, I’m on a whole different page right now
Feels strange but um, I guess it’s kinda like… it’s kinda like [Verse 1]
I feel like I’m morphin’, into something that’s so incredible, that I’m dwarfin’
All competitors, better get your girlfriend in check
It’s psychological warfare, endorphins I effect
His self esteem shatters his dialect
Comes blasting out your deck, she loves me
Such passion you’d expect this sort of reaction from her yet
You strong-arm, you’re fucking corny, you try to turn your charm on
Cause you just think you’re Bishop the Don Juan
But if you think that you’re fucking with me, homie you’re on one
I’m cockin’ my head back like ‘Ed Lover, come on son
She’s on my johnson, she brings my name up constant
Your boy
Feed em the same shit you made me eatIm moving on forget you oh,Now im special, ha I felt special when I was with youAll I ever felt was thisHelplessnessImprisoned by a selfish bitchChew me up and spit me outI fell for this so many timesIts ridiculusAnd still I stick with thisIm sick of this but in my sickness aint addictionYour addictiveness take itEvil as they come vindictive as they make emMy friends keep asking why I cant just walk awayIm addictedTo the pain, the stress, the dramaIm drownin so I guess imma messCursed and blessedBut this time immaAint changing my mindI'm climbing out this abissYou screaming as I walk out that ill be missedBut when you spoke to people who meant the most to youYou left me off your list
Maybe Not So Happy, But...
WALK Pantera Vulgar Display of Power Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence One step from lashing out at you... You want in to get under my skin And call yourself a friend I've got more friends like you What do I do? (Pre) Is there no standard anymore? What it takes, who I am, where I've been Belong You can't be something you're not Be yourself, by yourself Stay away from me A lesson learned in life Known from the dawn of time (Chorus) Respect, walk Run your mouth when I'm not around It's easy to achieve You cry to weak friends that sympathize Can you hear the violins playing your song? Those same friends tell me your every word (Pre) (Chorus) Are you talking to me? No way punk
I Feel ....
OLD!!!!!! I bought my first tube of fixadent today.
What Happen? I'll Tell Ya. . .
Here's what happened. . .I started working at NovaCare around 12pm on Thursday, June 17, 2010, and was trained until 4pm, then went in on Friday, June 18, 2010, and was trained all day that day too.  Monday, June 24, 2010, I had to do the work on my own with no one really to ask questions to.  Yes I sat right next to the boss, but every time I asked him a question he looked at me like he was annoyed and 8 out of 10 times he ended up telling me, “I'll take care of it.”  How does a person learn how to do the job if the boss won't walk you through on how to do the work that is needed, instead he just takes the work over????Well long story short, I ended up making errors, wonder why, and so I got a call from one of the ladies at the temp agency, who I was really working for, and she told me that NovaCare didn't see it working out.  I explain to her everything that went out and she said she would talk to the people at NovaCare and find out why it happen before she sends anyone e
Ensign: Who Do You Say
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.  Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                               25 June 2010   Jesus asked His disciples three times in Scripture who others thought He was.  Matthew 16, Mark 8, and Luke 9 likely refer to the same event because each account has Jesus ask them after the miracle in which He feeds the five thousand.  As witnesses to an event that could only have been done by God Himself, it would be easy to get swept up in the crowd’s acceptance of Jesus.  But Jesus knew how fickle fame was; He brought the disciples back to Earth when He asked Who He was to them.  Like the best speakers, He sought to not make a direct criticism.  First He asked (in Matthew 19:13, Mark 8:27, and Luke 9:18), ”Who do others say I am?”   The disciples’ answers alternated between what they knew of proph
Here This Is The Hell I See When I'm Mad... A Dark Demon That Lives In Us All.
Cold seeping feelings burning into the core and rending it limb from limb, blood pouring down to the floor as their broken body’s fall to the floor in a bloodied heap, the chilled laughter echoing off the walls as he chooses another victim to play with, his games dark and evil, his idea of love filled with blood and pain beyond human understanding. Licking his lips he picks a young girl and pulls her up, her black hair pretty and the fear in her eyes making his lips water. She is beautiful if he had need for human urges she would be perfect for his needs but not any more now all he wants to do is make her scream in pain, his pain is still too great he needs to kill more make MORE PAIN to feed the darkness that eats at his heart. Hours pass he opens her up feels every inch of her and shows her it all before she passes into the cold void that he so wishes he could find yet no matter how many he takes, no matter how many he rends open... none of them hold the secret he seeks to end th
Eminem-love The Way You Lie
Something about this song.....     [Chorus - Rihanna]Just gonna stand there and watch me burnThat's alright because I like the way it hurtsJust gonna stand there and hear me cryThat's alright because I love the way you lieI love the way you lie[Eminem - Verse 1]I can't tell you what it really isI can only tell you what it feels likeAnd right now it's a steel knife in my windpipeI can't breathe but I still fight while I can fightAs long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flightHigh off of love drunk from my hateIt's like I'm huffin' paint and I love it the more I suffer, I suffocateAnd right before I'm about to drown, she resuscitates me, she fuckin' hates meAnd I love it, wait, where you goin'?I'm leavin' you, no you ain't come backWe're runnin' right back, here we go againSo insane, cause when it's goin' good it's goin' greatI'm superman with the wind in his back, she's Lois LaneBut when it's bad it's awful, I feel so ashamed I snapWhose that dude? I don't even know his name
Color Pencil Portrets
hi all, im new here,im nadia am 40 years old and live in belgium my hobby is drawing portrets in color pencil from photo i like to draw  all kinds of animals,stillife,landscapes you can always contact me if you want a portret of your dog,cat,car,.. price is 100$  for a size of 20x28 cm but i can make any size you want
how does my cousin get the hot chicks?   i wanna punch him in the tits    
To live the life of just a bloody sea....The pain ..The hurt..The only the start of my seed....I'll take you down my only feel my wrath...An if you think your'll findout that your wrong... I'm the darkness that rips desire...that sets life on J.E.Bischoff
  As you stood naked beside your bed, you pondered your decision to let this stranger into your life. We had never spoken, nor seen each other’s pics, other than a couple I posted on the net. But as you stood there, your emotions were running high, the thought of this man touching you, exploring you, had you so excited, you were trembling. The time was near, the door handle turned and the door slowly opened. You stood there, your back to him in the half dark, you heard him move towards you, then stop, the slight noise as you heard buttons click undone, and clothing hitting the floor. Not a word was exchanged, as we had agreed. Your anticipation was getting the better of you, as with one more step he was behind you, his silhouette on the wall towering over you, his 6’3, solid frame erasing your shadow from the wall. Suddenly his fingers sat on your shoulder blades, you trembled from his touch, but he was nervous too. He was so gentle for a big man, his fingers cares
Summer Fashion Trend Alert! - Women's Rompers & Jumpers
They re-appeared on the fashion scene several years ago, and initially were received with mix reviews. But I have to admit, women's rompers and jumpers (or jumpsuits) have indeed grown on me! I used to joke and refer to them as "baby clothes" - but as tends dictates - they are anything but kid-like! From dressy rompers, suitable for a night out with the girls - to more casual styles, for a day in the park or at the beach...these throwbacks are making a come-back! There are many people who have varying opinions on rompers. Rompers are similar to jumpsuits; however, they tend to be shorts rather than long pants. A romper may have short sleeves or it may be sleeveless. It is possible to find rompers that have three quarter length sleeves. This season, they are being seen primarily in bright, solid colors, and they are also being seen with military inspired accents. They are generally constructed of jersey or cotton. Though you will find more dressy sets made of silk and pol
Your Missing.
Well. For the past month or so. My boyfriend has been gone in Cali, I terrribly miss him. Hes coming back in four days though. Im excited. I Love him with all my heart. Lol. Once he gets back were goin to Eclipse! x3 Well I might as well tell a bit about myself. I Love animals neon colors and dark colors. My favorite colors are Lime green and Black. I love Hello Kitty. Invader Zim and skinny jeans. I love cookies and muffins. I love metal techno electronic rock punk. Oooh i love gummy worms and gummy bears as well. I love pandas. Thy are sooo damn adorable! Lol. :p...I love grape koolaid. Lol. Ima adorkable. Ooooh And i simply looovvvveee Rainbows! Lol. x3 I love holding hands. I think freckles are cute. I love emo/skaters guys. I love emo gurlss. Ima BI. I love guys in eyeliiner! Lol. I love meeting neww ppl. And i love chatting!And anyone tht knows mee Enjoi! x3
Fearless by Pink Floyd You say the hill's too steep to climb,Climb it!You say you'd like to see me try,Climb it!You pick the place and I'll choose the timeAnd I'll climbThe hill in my own wayJust wait a while, for the right dayAnd as I rise above the treeline and the cloudsI look down hear the sound of the things you said todayFearlessly the idiot faced the crowd, smilingMerciless, the magistrate turns 'round, frowningAnd who's the fool who wears the crown?Go down in your own wayAnd everyday is the right dayAnd as you rise above the fearlines in the frownYou look downHear the sound of the faces in the crowdSong sung by crowd is: "You'll Never Walk Alone"by Rodgers and Hammerstein
The Death Of My Best Freind My Brother
I just found out that my best freind, My homie, My brother was killed tonight. All i can do is site here and cry and wounder why the best ones have to die. He was the only person in this world that i could talk to. He was the only one that was realy true. When i know that things are bad you will be there to get me thorugh. With out you my world is gone. With out you I have no one left. You had 2 beautifull boys That dont have a father any more because you was whereing the wrong colors in the wrong place. And a 23 year old ife that is now a widow. But dont worry my brother your wife and children are going to be taken care of i dont care if i have to sleep in a box on the street and steal to provide every thing they need. You are my brother and i have your back Rest in peace brother i will love you always and i will see you agine when the good lord dicieds its my time. R.I.P Mi AMOR
We Will Miss You R.i.p.
Teenager killed in Killeen Putt-Putt shooting Posted On: Thursday, Jun. 24 2010 05:14 PM  A 19-year-old man was shot and killed at the Putt-Putt Fun Center in Killeen Wednesday night. The victim and a woman were in a vehicle in the parking lot when men approached and an argument ensued, witnesses told Killeen police. The victim was shot and the woman sustained minor injuries. Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke pronounced the man dead at 11:15 p.m. and ordered an autopsy be performed in Dallas. Putt-Putt General Manager Todd Fox said five employees were closing the center when the shooting occurred, but none witnessed it. Fox expressed his condolences for the victim's family.  
How To Find Cheap Uggs
Uggs are very comfortable and warm, and are wonderful to wear in winter. However as they are made from a natural material, namely sheepskin, they breath well, and so are also comfortable in summer. There is, however, one problem with acquiring a pair so that you too can join the new movement to wearing these hot Aussie icons of footwear. The price. A good pair of ugg boots isn't cheap normally. You can pay up to or even over $400 for a new pair, sometimes quite a bit more. Many of the higher priced Ugg boots will sell for over $500, and I have seen them priced at full retail up to $999. Originally in Australia the Ugg boot wasn't a fashion item but just a comfortable to wear boot, and not that expensive, but now as a fashion item the price of uggs has followed their popularity, up. But if you love ugg boots or are new to Uggs and would like to try a pair because they sound great don't despair. You can get discount Uggs that are much cheaper than store bought Ugg boots. You just nee
Does Boredom Make You
Does boredom make YOU do weird stuff. and  if yes, what?  A. No B. Yes
One Step... A New World
My sweetheart, in a few hours you will "officially" complete a process that has encompassed 13 years of your young life. I want to tell you that I stand in awe of you; the remarkable young woman that you are; the really NEAT person that you've always been; the fantastic ethereal gift that life has awarded me in permitting me to be the father of such a remarkable individual. Tara, you DID IT, Angelcakes! Later today, you will step up to the podium, and receive your diploma. That is YOUR TIME. Once given that document, you will take a step away. That is the first step into a new world. I'd like to say that the world you will step into is a perfect World. But you, and I, know that this is not true. It is a world fraught with Promise and Peril, Opportunity and Indifference, Ambition, Laziness, Enjoyment, Honor, Happiness, Uncertainty, Love, Contentment, Adventure. Above all, it is YOUR World. Make it so. I know that you will look at this World and say, "I Claim. Mine!" This old man wil
Cyber Sex
Is cyber sex a waste or fun?
My Heart
My heart is like a rose If its taken care of It will bloom and grow An to do this is with another But if one never finds this Its something that many will miss As the flower wilts and dies As so does the heart when it cries To touch ones soul It helps the heart to grow The look in the eyes Helps all to realize that there Is nothing better in life then A heart thats like a rose
Enrique Iglesias - Ring My Bells
"Ring My Bells" Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Sometimes you love it Sometimes you don't Sometimes you need it and you don't wanna let go.. Sometimes we rush it Sometimes we fall It doesn't matter baby we can take it real slow.. Cause the way that we touch is something that we can't deny And the way that you move oh it makes me feel alive Come on Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Ring my bell, ring my bells.. You try to hide it I know you do When all you really want is me to come and get to You move in closer I feel you breathe It's like the world just disappears when you around me oh Cause the way that we touch is something that we can't deny oh yeah And the way that you move oh you make me feel alive so Come on Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Ring my bell, ring my bells.. Ring my bell, ring my bells.. I say you want, I say you need I can tell by your face, you kno
haptic\HAP-tik\adjective; 1.Relating to the sense of touch; tactile.noun:  1.The science that deals with the sense of touch.
Poverty is the mother of crime.  -  Marcus Aurelius
Enrique Iglesias - Tired Of Being Sorry
"Tired Of Being Sorry" I don't know why You want to follow me tonight When the rest of the world With whom I've crossed and I've quarreled Lets me down so For a thousand reasons that I know To share forever the unrest With all the demons I possess Beneath the silver moon Maybe you were right But baby I was lonely I don't want to fight I'm tired of being sorry Eighth and Ocean Drive With all the vampires and their brides We're all bloodless and blind And longing for a life Beyond the silver moon Maybe you were right But baby I was lonely I don't want to fight I'm tired of being sorry I'm standing in the street Crying out for you No one sees me But the silver moon So far away - so outer space I've trashed myself - I've lost my way I've got to get to you got to get to you Maybe you were right But baby I was lonely I don't want to fight I'm tired of being sorry I'm standing in the street Crying out for you No one sees me But the silver moon (lalalala [till end]) Maybe you were right
[when A Man Loves Two Men]
This blog has nothing to do with the topic. Tonight I mowed my front lawn.And ... came to terms with a growing attraction to hot mexican girl's sister. I mean... it was always there.She's the older, wiser, more temperate shorter, gentler hot mexican girl >> Where one has the swagger and firethis one has chilly modesty I think where my mind wanders mostwhen my eyebrows are damp with sweatand my chest is heavingand ... my arms are bloody and bruised isn't to how sweet it would be to hire some neighbor kid to do this shit but rather I think back to the time I was taking a faux-nap in the breakroom and hot sister was talking to one of her friendsand they were talking aboutporn Oh yes. Not only pornbut sexand deep throatingand their graphicpersonal experienceswith deep throating. I don't know that I'll everEVER tell her about the fact that I overheard... But I was ear-to-ear that whole afternoon. Especially where she talked about how her eyes watered up from it. Tis a charmed
Until We Meet
Until we meet My nights will be a little colder My days a little shorter My heart will beat little less rapid Until we meet I know my arms will be empty My mind hurting from the constant thought of you Minutes will seem like hours Hours will seem like months Months will seem like an eternity Until we meet The starts will not affect me with their gleaming sparkles of life Until i am gazeing up at them from inside your arms Until we meet The food that i eat will not be as fulfilling or nourishing Until it is you that i am shareing it with Util we meet I will not feel whole My world will seem incomplete Until that wonderfull day When our eyes make first contact and Our bodies and souls collide in a blissfull whirlwind The words will roll off my tounge a sweet song HELLO MY LOVE I COULDN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU For Austin I Love You
Television Show
For the longest time Starchaser has said that I have killer chemistry with Captain, that was odd calling him that. I always say Van or Meat Head.   Anyway, he's been telling me that me and  him should move in together and hook up a 24 hour webcam. That we'd have a killer "show" because we are just that funny together. I can kind of see it I guess. We always joke around with each other and we generally have people on  here laughing a lot.   However, he added a new twist in the "show". He said we should have Cubby come on as a guest. I'm thinking that would be great, lol.   Could you imagine a web show of two regular members with "special guests" of other site members. It'd only be popular with a few people though.....   I love my friends
The Secret..
Do you think Love does not lie Is the best of you ? Some lies better than the facts In the sea of love , everyone is a liar ; deceive ourselves and deceive others, sometimesCheating happily; sometimes get lost in a fog no sense of being cheated , and sometimes found lyingAnd deception behind a hidden not live in sadness, sad tears. Then,Degree rise sails, fled and died . Some , on the private Take off clothes in a relatively bare moment , you think you have no secret, in fact ,You do not know , having sex when he psychological thought who do not know , embracingYou, he wants what ? Certainly some of it is love. Also they may beMinistry of love , but perhaps some are fake. At this point, you would like to ask surprised , then , when thinking about who you love , you are mostI love it? Embrace would not sleep when not forget old friends , orJust highlight the moment , is not? If you honestly love a person, you will definitely want to know his past , hisAll , he had
Go Huskies
My neighbor, Jim's, Husky died this last year of old age. Jim's a U of W alum and loves him some Huskies. He brought home an 8 week old Husky puppy over the weekend. Kinda awesome pup. "IVAN" Problem is the puppy's leaving his mummy, his litter mates, a home full of children and a stay at home mom to live with a bachelor that works in the aviation industry. Come 5AM Monday morning Ivan is yelping bloody murder. It dint stop til nearly 3 in the afternoon when Jim got home. This same scene has replayed itself ever since. About 7 this morning, I said, "Fuck this noise." Literally, I said that. I headed for the couch and turned on soccer. It seemed like it was working and after a few minutes I fell back to sleep. It was like the puppy had actually stopped yapping altogether. i dint wake up til after the early match but IVAN was still quiet. Yeay!!! Five of Niko's (chainsaw's 13yr old daughter) stayed over last night in the basement. I figured I'd better feed the
Aesculus Hippocastanum
That's latin for Horse chestnut, which I spent 14 hours in Mon-Tues.   Yesterday was my daughter's (Niko's) end of the school year party here at the house so (between football matches) I was on the go all day.  She had about 25 of her friends here, nearly half boys (get my gun).  Turns out the only love connection happening was between two middleschool "lesbians".  Cute kids but not hawt.  Not cool.   Niko's mom helped chaperone and that was pretty cool.  Here I should say, my youngest daughter totally got my good looks (her mom still has hers). We had enough dogs, potato salad, baked beans, chips, dip, soda, red vines, string cheese, pineapple and watermelon (though I was hella nervous). Yesterday shoulda been a day of rest for me and today I'm tanked. So how's your week going?   { ch }
Pop & Rock
Uhh Hi?
So wow its been a long time since I logged in to here,even longer since i wrote.Life has changed dramtically and repeatedly. Theres been love,loss,heart ache and heart break.Happiness,Sadness, and even a little bit of confusion.(nothing new on that for me LoL) Jet and i finally got married after a 4 year engagement.We got married on the spur of the moment almost 2 years ago after somethings had happened that caused us to reevaluate our life. We've been through several girls over the course of time,only 3 having actually gotten close to being anything near where we wanted....and all 3 hurt us /broke our hearts in thier own ways.Eventaully one of 2 things will happen.We'll meet and find the "one" or I'll go straight LMAO Other then that there isnt much.We bought a new house,which has lead us into trying to find friends and thus far that has failed miserably. Well since I seriously doubt anyone even reads this I think ill end it.
Been to death. Been to surgery. Been married. Been in love. Been out of love. Been in liveins. Been with money. Been broke. Been lied to. Been indecisive. Decision will be given in August. Either yes or no. Glory to God N  
I Was Graced Sun. June 20 2010
   I was fishing today with my cousin wasn't getting any walleye hits but the most amazing thing happened to me. I looked up and a Adult Bald Eagle was flying around above us. I was watching it, with its powerful wing strokes, and wondered how it effortlessly stayed aloft. As it made a turn and came lower, I thought to self my animal guide has graced me with its presents. It neared even closer, closer, closer I became excited. It landed in a tree top that was maybe 20 - 30 ft straight over my head. I am awed at its beauty. It looked down at me, I know now for sure no doubts that my animal spirit guide is watching over me.
Are Facetiousness And Sarcasm
Are facetiousnes and sarcasm lost in translation in the written form?
Frankie-- My Youngest Cat
Recently I've come to the conclusion that my cat Frankie has Ocelot somewhere in his blood line.  He is only 4 years old, but yet is approx a foot tall and 3 feet long.  He damn near swallows people food whole.  And not just chicken-- he loves almost any people food, just as a dog does.  Before I brought him to live with my others, he would get in to these biting phases.  And hard to the point of breaking skin.  When he was younger, he used to hide behind doors and jump out at me.  Come to find out someone my father knows who has an Ocelot, does the same thing-- except from up above.  Luckily, I didn't have that issue.  I've also had Frankie around dogs.  All kinds.  He even managed to intimidate a half Chow half German her own home.  He damn near stole some chicken right out of her mouth too.  I always thought something was different with him, especially after he started opening doors.  Though he would never close them.  Wonder what kind I'll end up with next... he w
Elementary School Students In Ma Get Free Condoms
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is asking, not telling, the superintendent of the Cape Cod school district “…to revise a new policy allowing even elementary schools students to receive free condoms without the knowledge of their parents.” I had no idea kindergarten through 6th grade students were having sex. If you are a parent did you know your elementary school student was sexually active? If you didn’t then the democrats, who run all the schools, have been keeping it a secret from you. I guess sex is OK for everyone no matter the age of the participants. At least in Massachusetts. Read on BlastFM is for anyone who loves great music. Enjoy yourself 24/7 and it’s free too!
Three Things
So about a year ago, I finally pierced my ears.  I bought the piercing gun, and a friend did it for me.  Didn't feel a thing.  Almost a month ago, I got my second piercing--same friend did it again.  Only a pinch this time.  Unfortunately, I have a thing about things in 3s...for the most part.  So I'm wondering what I'll get done next.  I was told by a reliable source that the tongue doesn't hurt.  However, I don't really have any interest in getting that done.  At least not that much.  But since it's mostly hidden, I suppose that would be my best bet.  I don't see me getting another whole in my ear.  But at this point, anything's possible. Speaking of, I am also considering a tattoo.  Seriously.  To the point where I know who I want to be there with me and what I want.  And in this case, there would be 3 things combined in to one tatt.  I definitely don't see me as being the type to have several tatts.  Especially considering how much they can cost.  That's a bit much to throw away. 
A Love Unspoken
     I often wonder what I did,    to deserve a friend like you,    someone who is special,    someone who is true.      It seems like I've known you,   for forever , yet it's been less   than a year, and a future without you   in my life is my greatest fear.     Before I met you my heart was empty,   with a hole no-one could fill,   but then you came along   and poured your love in,   and gave my heart some will.     What I'm trying to say is ,   I love you ! but I can't explain why,   and if falling for you is a risk,   it's a risk I'm willing to try.     But if a relationship   is not for you,   in time my heart will mend.   but the friendship we share   I cherish , and I pray it never ends.
Somebody To Love (girl's Version) (for You Sexy Xd)
For you I'd write a symphonyI'd tell the violinIt's time to sink or swimWatch them play for yaFor you I'd be (Whoa)Runnin a thousand milesJust get you where you areStep to the beat of my heart.I don't need a whole lotBut for you I need IRather give you the worldOr we can share mineI know that I won't be the first oneGiven you all this attentionBut baby listenI just need somebody to loveI-I don't need too muchJust need somebody to love.(Somebody to love)I don't need nothing elseI promise boy, I swear.I just need somebody to love.I need somebody I-I need somebodyI need somebody I-I need somebody.Everyday I bring the sun aroundI sweep away the clouds.Smile for me (Smile for me)I would takeEvery second, every single timeSpend it like my last dime.Step to the beat of my heart.I don't need a whole lotBut for you I need IRather give you the worldOr we can share mineI know I won't be the first oneGiven you all this attentionBut baby listenI just need somebody to love (Ohh, no n
Cage The Bird
I suddenly feel like I have a pocket full of roofies and buffalo wing craving. Wicked is judge/jury. Bridesmaids: Misfit, J, Ashley, Witchie. Flower girl: Rev Ring bearer: Doug lmfaoooooooooooooo too bad he won't log on until tonight or tomorrow morning and I won't be around
My New Lounges
Well yall its that time again.  I have 2 new lounges that are hiring dependable staff and everyone is welcome.  Great places to have fun and no drama is allowed.  Don't like drama and drama doesn't like me.  Hit my shoutbox if u would like the links to them.  I won't mind giving them to you at all. Everyone have a fantastic rest of your week.
Good News/bad News
bad news is had the cable cut off yesterday because the cable guy is a fucking idiot and cut ours off by mistake intead of the one he was supposed to cut off and then they said they wouldnt come out til today to get it back on so now im up and running again   good news is a stalker i had finally got herself a bf and said that if i didnt wanna talk that she would erase me off her stuff so i didnt answer and clapped wildly
L A's Fine The Sun Shines Most The Time
I have Los Angeles. The flight was amazing, as I got upgraded to club class and lay down, slept, nibbled on lobster...had a reaction, took an anti histamine and slept more. Yes, rock and roll hives that's my life. I know I can't eat shell fish, but it was too good not to itch over is all I am saying.   On landing in LA you have to wait ominous queues to get through customs and every second woman was a wee Indian lady in ethnic dress with no command of English and the Americans just pissed themselves with excitement holding them back and shouting out "Can anyone speak Urdu?"   A woman from the back of the queue came forward and translated. I laughed, as it doesn't take high intelligence to understand that if they are using passengers on the same flight as people to translate the potential 'immigrant liars' then...who knows...isn't this an old plot line from 24?   Anyway more queues happened. We then had to line up to get out of the airport and get more immigration che
Mel And Shit Hawk Wedding Fund....
I want to see the shit hawks eyes bulge out of his head...   Apparently he proposed to Mel this morning thinking he would ruffle some feathers..   Can you imagine if she accepts...   He will Be in shell shock and we can all take a break from him.   So help me help Mel and donate bling credits...   she needs 80 to accept.  
Real Life Is Too Depressing....
....So I guess I will be here more often....     Scary, isn't it?
The Firefighters Pledge
I Pledge my life,Like my Brothers before meTo fight the fires to the bestof my ability.Through my training and what I have learnedI'll use common sensenot to get burned.I'll always be alertTo hear the weakest shout,I'll work quickly and efficiently To put the fires out.Through smoke and flame I'll give my all,Like my brothers before me who did fall.And if something should go wrong,And Death should make his callI'll neither take nor place no blame,For I know I gave my all.
Dear Santa By Proud American
Dear Santa,   Don't worry about me,     You don't have to come here,     you see we won't be having     a Christmas this year.         If you're wondering why     we're doing this,     Let me tell you when it begun     it was Sept. 11 , 2001.         Something terrible happened that day,     and we still don't know why ,     but when it was all over     there wasn't one person     in America who did not cry.         When you're delivering presents     around the world and you see     my Mom/Dad in Iraq,     let them know we'll be skipping    Christmas this year, were saving it    for when they come back.         So take my presents Santa,    and give them to the soldiers    who can't be here,    tell them " Thank you " from me    and " Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
Poetry Tree
Start it!
The Coffeehouse
Hard to say at any given time who's the mouse and who's the cat? So we play our cat and mouse game of attractions and passions. I could be her tomcat, she would be my tomboy. We flirt a generation away the tomboy wants to play, ya know, I have never seen her is a dress or skirt. The tomboy and her tomcat, or the tomcat and his tomboy; sounds like the title of a book, one of those super sleuth action-comedy and impossible romance novels all in one Of course the x-rated love scenes would be left mostly to your imagination i.e., "what's wrong dear?" "Mom, a man made love to me, we did everything mom. He did things to me that I can't get out of my mind and it's interfering with my work and I did things to him, well, I can't believe I did them and  I want more of him." Her mother looked at her the way mothers do and; "It's alright dear, now, tell me the truth, what's troubling you." She just looked at her mom with exasperated amusement and said "whatever." She is in her 20s but
Broken Promises Shattered Dreams By Proud American
I'm afraid to love again   and I'll tell you why,   everyone I ever fell for,   soon would make me cry.       With Broken Promises   and Shattered Dreams,   you left me down and out,   Battered and Bruised   the longer I stayed   the more you abused.       Blinded by love   I was unable to see,   you never really cared about   what you were doing to me.       With Broken Promises   and Shattered Dreams,   you left me down and out,   batterd and bruised   the longer I stayed   the more you abused.       Now that you're out of my life,   I'm finally free,   and I hope there's someone   out there waiting for me.       When that day comes ,   I'll know it's for real,   but this time I'll be careful, 'cause my Heart needs time to Heal.
Choke Me, Spank Me, Pull My Hair
[Chorus: girl - repeat 4X] Choke me, spank me, pull my hair [Xzibit] Cinnamon, with a taste of honey, it ain't funny When she walk in the room, I can't help actin a fool I know what she like, she act right She act like she ain't gon' survive the night without my dick all up in her ass, so quick, so fast I see her twin towers and I'm ready to crash Walk around naked witcha beautiful ass Who the fuck taught ya how to move that fast? It took time to perfect the stroke, by any note Maybe we really don't need to drink and smoke And just try a new position, perfect your dick kissin Bang on your G-spot 'til your (voice is missin) [Interlude: Xzibit - repeat 2X] I don't want to love, you I just want to fuck, you You should bring your friends, through I'll fuck you and them, too [Chorus] [Xzibit] I work hard when I'm breakin your back, my lil' nyphomaniac Suck it, swallow it, down the hatch It ain't a game when she givin me brain, she doin her thang I'm up all night but I never complain I d
Things A Burglar Won't Tell You
1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or delivering your new refrigerator. 2. Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier. 3. Love those flowers. That tells me you have taste... and taste means there are nice things inside. Those yard toys your kids leave out always make me wonder what type of gaming system they have. 4. Yes, I really do look for newspapers piled up on the driveway. And I might leave a pizza flyer in your front door to see how long it takes you to remove it. 5. If it snows while you're out of town, get a neighbour to create car and foot tracks into the house. Virgin drifts in the driveway are a dead giveaway. 6. If decorative glass is part of your front entrance, don't let your alarm company install the control pad where I can see if it's set. Th
A Daughters Letter By Proud American
It seems like it were only yesterday  When you held me in your arms,    Free from any pain, safe from any Harm.         When I was young you were hard on me,      and at times a little rough,     But now I realize you did it to make me stronger     for the times when things get tough..      You took my hand and walked me down the aisle,      though you were giving me away,     you did it with a smile.          The lessons you taught me ,      made me what I am today,      filled with pride,and feeling strong,      you showed me how to have confidence      when I'm right, and the courage to admit     when I am wrong.       So I come here to say thank you      for all your lessons, and all your love,      and I know whenever I need your guidance,   I need only to look to Heaven above.
Random Facts!! Updated:}
1****** I love to wear mens cologne on occasions, it makes me feel SEXY, if anyone has a certain one they wear, tell me and I might wear it, heheheh...   2******Im NOT scared of bugs....I usually dont kill them either, just take them outside and set them free lol   3******Does not believe in ghost, UFOs....unless you can SHOW me in person, then I might change my mind lol   4******doesnt believe in "true" love or love at first glance, give me a break...   5******loves CHINESE food,  sooo freakin yummy, I can eat it 24/7;}   6******wants to rule the world, come on, who doesnt....   7******Im the only one on my block who has a  NHRA drag racing tire as their tree swing......I got it from NHRA Nationals in Joliet, IL..   8******Loves watching Scooby Doo cartoons;}   9******my handwriting type is Hippo writing...       Hippo writing is round and large. The round, large middle zone shows self-interest and often a disregard for the comfort of
The Day My Brothers Went Away By Proud American
(in memory of the firefighters & police officers that died on 9/11) Will someone tell me why theres a tear in Lady Liberty's Eye, Is It Sorrow?  is it pain? Or is it because so many didn't have to die in vain ? They did their job with pride, with an honor that cannot be denied, and we will forever remember that day, When so many heroes went away. Will someone tell me why there's a tear in Lady Liberty's Eye, Is it sorrow ? is it pain ? Or is it because so many didn't have to die in vain? With pride they did the job that that they do, With an honor felt by so few, And I'll never forget that day, When so many heroes went away. As we ponder the great unknown, with an honor that is always shown, We will always remember that day when so many heroes went away.
To The Lake!
went to the lake yesterday, spent a few good hours there. lil one had a blast there! ran into a few peeps that we knew from a former living place. she played hard & long! she loves the water! had a hard time gettin her to leave.  she calls it the ocean, but it's only a lake.  it was so much fun there! we shall make it a regular thing!
Where Were You? By Proud American
WHERE WERE YOU   8 years ago today?    when the world seemed    to be in such disarray.         Innocence would be lost,     Liberty would seemto fade.     But In The Face Of Danger,     Heroes would be made.         We came together,     That fatefull day,     While some of us wept,     some of us prayed.         Were you angry?     Were you sad?     Do you remember     the feelings that you had?         We came together,     in a time of great sorrow,     To show the world     We will be even stronger tomorrow.          Hearts were shattered,      live's were lost,     America came together,     But at what cost?         8 years later     Have your feelings changed?     or are you someone     whoes priorities have been     re arranged ?         God Bless America,     and everything for which she stands,     God Bless Liberty and Freedom,     God Bless This Great Land.         Where were y
Untitled By Proud American
 I saw my true love for the first time,    I needn't look twice,    off in the distance,   somewhere between Earth and Paradise.        Put away in a memory,    scenes from the past,    hoping beyond hope,    our love would forever last,    love lost , love found,   love where love was nowhere around.        Just give me a chance    to show you how I feel,    then give me one more    to prove to you   that it'll always be for real.        I didn't see it comin'    But maybe I should've    I was runnin' out of time    And you were running out of love.
Searching For My Love By Proud American
Once I loved and lost,    I tried not to cry,      but then I met you      and gave love another try.           It seems like just yesterday,       two Hearts beating as one,      nothing could stand in our way,      our love had just begun.           Though it seemed like my feelings changed,        you were just not aware,        My love for you never went away        it was always there.          They say " It is better to have loved &      lost than to have never loved at all"      But whoever said that, is headed for a big fall.          So I stand before you,      with my Heart on my sleeve,      hoping to forgive & forget,      'cause in our love      I still beleive.         I never felt this way before,     and still I don't know why,    I never really shed a tear,    'til you said " Goodbye".
In the depths of darkness,    where madness fills the air,      my mind travels to places,      brave men not dare.          Protestors protesting ,     " What are we fighting for?"      but how could we have peace,      if there is no war?         Your rights are being lost     in so many differant ways,     you have " Freedom of Speech"     just not today.         It's important to teach,     right from wrong,     but when someone strays from that,     why does justice take so long?         Children today are running wild,     because you can no longer " Spank"     now they're out of control,     you know whom to thank.         Freedom of Press?     no such luck,     you can burn the flag,     but can't print    " What the f***! "    The rich are getting richer,    The poor are still poor,    a Government " Of The People ,    For The People, By The People"    not anymore.        Am I full of anger?
Thursday Is A No-hurt Day
I liked this when Val said it in Main Street Books before she took away the toy wooden lawnmower with clicking crocodiles from Jeffrey!  She said it in a way that didn’t hurt his feelings (I thought), and after spending a week and a half with the kids on vacation I’d have probably gotten into a shouting match or done something really mean to him.  That’s right, in case you missed me; since a week ago Friday, Martha, Sarah, Jeffrey, and I have been on the road traveling to meet my mom in Cumberland, Kentucky and back again.  She’s been in the nursing home there, Britthaven, since January and my other siblings – the ones I get to see one week a year while I see Martha’s the remaining fifty-one, forgive my rambling – implied I ought to get there sooner than we’d originally planned.  So we did; we left on the eleventh of June and got back into Minot at one-thirty in the morning two days ago.  (Leaving early also let us get a vacation FROM our
Intergalactic Oil?
The Dawn of Intergalactic Oil By Keith Kohl | Thursday, June 24th, 2010 Space: The final frontier. ... For the oil industry? It appears so, as word leaked yesterday from high-level NASA officials that a multi-billion dollar, 10-year initiative had been launched to begin transporting oil back to Earth from Titan, one of Saturn's moons. According to scientists, this smoggy moon located on the outer rim of Saturn's rings is said to contain more natural gas and other liquid hydrocarbons than all proven oil and gas reserves on Earth. And with petro supplies declining at an alarming rate around the globe, the oil industry is now seemingly prepared to embark on the first-ever intergalactic oil exploration mission in history. ~~~~ Good grief! We obviously don't have enough carbons in our atmosphere so we have to haul in more from space!
Lady Bella Sunflower
here is my yahoo if u could plz help me make a bullie i give fubuxs for it
Your Making Me Think...alot!!
There might have been a timeI would give myself away(Ooh) Once upon a timeI didn’t give a damnBut now here we areSo whataya want from meWhataya want from me’Just don’t give upI’m workin’ it outPlease don’t give inI won’t let you downIt messed me up, need a second to breatheJust keep coming aroundHey, whataya want from meWhataya want from meYeah, it’s plain to seethat baby you’re beautifulAnd it’s nothing wrong with youIt’s me – I’m a freakBut thanks for lovin’ meCause you’re doing it perfectlyThere might have been a timeWhen I would let you step awayI wouldn’t even try but I thinkyou could save my lifeJust don’t give upI’m workin’ it outPlease don’t give inI won’t let you downIt messed me up, need a second to breatheJust keep coming aroundHey, whataya want from meWhataya want from meJust don’t give up on meI won’t let you downNo, I won’t let yo
   I hurt my forearm pretty bad on Tuesday morning while sparring. I blocked a kick and now I am in pain.(Just so you know I do not spar people as small as me, they are much bigger with more power) It felt like someone cracked a 2x4 across my arm. I was thinking of going to the doctor to see if it is broke or fractured but today it feels a bit better. So I am not gonna go unless it doesn't get any better.    I have something new going on with me. My hands are shaking a lot and not lightly either. Not sure what that is. I can't hold my coffee cup up in front my face without spilling it if it is full. It has been going on for a few months now but I have been able to hide it. I don't think I am gonna be able to hide it anymore.    I don't understand why the pictures of me sitting in my chair with my skirt and bikini top can not be used for my default. Maybe if my boobs were huge like these other girls then I would be allowed too. Guessing major cleavage is safe for work but flat chests 
Love Me. Hate Me.
you can love me or hate me. its not going to break me. who cares who judges you? live your life the way you want too. only you can change YOUR life. if u dnt like the way i do things, too damn bad...get ur own life then. im bisexual...have been since i was 15-16yrs old. im 20 now. im tired of keeping it secret.    "ima hold my head high like i have a nosebleed" ima keep on doing me and u can keep on doing u....
Mahut And Isner Set Record At Wimbledon With Marathon Match
France's Nicolas Mahut (pictured) and John Isner of the United States made tennis history at Wimbledon on Wednesday, smashing the standing record for the longest match. The contest was postponed for a second day after more than 10 hours of play. France's Nicolas Mahut and John Isner of the United States made tennis history at Wimbledon on Wednesday as they set a new record for the longest-ever match.     They surpassed the previous time of six hours and 33 minutes set at the 2004 French Open, when Fabrice Santoro beat fellow Frenchman Arnaud Clement 6-4, 6-3, 6-7, 3-6, 16-14.     "It is reasonable to say that it is the longest official tennis match in history," International Tennis Federation spokesman Nick Imison told AFP, adding that it was certainly the longest in the Open Era records.     "There are not any records to suggest otherwise."     Other records also tumbled in the epic match on Court 18, where the pair were still tussling at 39-39 in the final set of a match c
Danny Girl@ Fubar
Danny Girl">@ fubar
My New Obsession
Led to the riverMidsummer I wavedA 'V' of black swansOn with hope to the graveAnd through red SeptemberWhen skies fire-pavedI begged you'd appearLike a thorn for the holy onesCold was my soulUntold was the painI faced, when you left meA rose in the rainSo I swore to the razorThat never, enchainedWould your dark nails of faithBe pushed through my veins againBared on your tombI'm a prayer for your lonelinessAnd would you ever soonCome above unto me?For once upon a timeFrom the binds of your lowlinessI could always findThe right slot for your sacred keySix feet deep is the incisionIn my heart that barless prisonDiscolours all with tunnel visionSunsetter, nymphetamineSick and weak from my conditionThis lust, this vampyric addictionTo her alone in full submissionNone better, nymphetamineNymphetamine, nymphetamineNymphetamine girlNymphetamine, nymphetamineMy nymphetamine girlWicked with your charm, I'm circled like preyBack in the forest where whispers persuadeMore sugar trails, more white l
Good Day
I get to sign my lease this morning and find out what say I am moving... Most likely it will be next thursday! Finally My OWN PLACE!
Mistaken Indentity
Peter decided to go skiing with his buddy, Bob. They loaded up Peter's station wagon and headed north. After driving for a few hours, they got caught in a terrible blizzard. They pulled into a nearby farm house and asked the attractive lady of the house if they could spend the night."I'm recently widowed," she explained, "and I'm afraid the neighbors will talk if I let you stay in my house.""Not to worry," Peter said, "we'll be happy to sleep in the barn."Nine months later, Peter got a letter from the widow's attorney. He then went up to visit his friend Bob and said, "Bob, do you remember that good-looking widow at the farm we stayed at?""Yes, I do.""Did you happen to get up in the middle of the night, go up to the house and have sex with her?""Yes, I have to admit that I did.""Did you happen to use my name instead of telling her your name?"Bob's face turned red and he said, "Yeah, I'm afraid I did.""Well, thanks! She just died and left me everything!"
It's A Soulwhirling Kinda Day...
years later, out of nowhere. A box I forgot I still had. pale, near-virgin paper barely creased or ever read. The scent of your lipstick still preserved where you kissed it. The few only words you ever wrote me. "I'm glad we met." "I hope we can make each other happy." "we're a step ahead." ...we're a step ahead... I've heard that one before   I guess my time had come. Time that finally I'd walk in on...I guess my luck had run. Finally all run out, so I'll walk in on...I just want my friends right now. I just want my friends to help me out of this hopeless feeling I'm in, to forget what I saw. Panic in my chest. Clamp around my stomach. Funny when your heart starts beating faster (in a bad way.) God, how do I act? They haven't seen me yet. Turn, you stupid weakling. Walk away and everything will be okay. I just want my friends right now. I just want my friends to talk me out of the stupid things I might do if I go on like this. I should knock you both out right now. God
The Interview
PLEASE RATE THIS FOR ME! Jennifer, a manager at Wal-Mart, had the task of hiring someone to fill a job opening. After sorting through a stack of 20 resumes she found four people who were equally qualified. Jennifer decided to call the four in and ask them only one question. Their answer would determine which of them would get the job.   The day came and as the four sat around the conference room table, Jennifer asked, 'What is the fastest thing you know of?'   The first man replied, 'A THOUGHT.' It just pops into your head. There's no warning.   'That's very good!' replied Jennifer.  'And, now you sir?', she asked the second man.   'Hmmm....let me see 'A blink! It comes and goes and you don't know that it ever happened.. A BLINK is the fastest thing I know of.'   'Excellent!' said Jennifer. 'The blink of an eye, that's a very popular cliche for speed.' She then turned to the third man, who was contemplating his reply..   'Well, out at my dad's ranch, you st
I've just returned from the hospital and have my cast off. You may think great??? But no! The fracture hasn't healed and I guess this is what the surgeon meant by me having future problems. They are hoping over the next four weeks that the fracture will knit together as apparently moving around can actually promote healing. I have never heard of this and I doubt a 60 hour work week on my feet won't help, but hey ho! They told me to today that my fracture was actually a spiral fracture and the look on my face I guess said it all. If you aren't aware spiral fractures are incredibly hard to heal and the break is somewhat like a corkscrew effect. Anyway if it hasn't healed in 4 weeks I will need surgery. I need a drink, but I can't because of the antibiotics i'm taking ... I hate my life at present. I'm going to have a long soak in the bath now, my leg looks nasty, all scaly and hairy, so it needs a damn good scrub.
Help Me Level To Godfather
Good God, I spent all day rating photos and only a few people helped me in return. I need to level to Oracle so the bomb and HH should cover the points, but I need 4 more Big Pimpin gifts and the rest. Check my Angel folder. If you're stingy about fubux, I can send you enough to cover it.
Life As I Know It Now
as i sit here with tears falling out of my eyes.. i am approaching the 6 mth anv of my mom dead. Funny when she died the first thing i said was she wasnt suppose to leave me. I knew know that she did i would hae to deal with everything in my life. See she was sick for a long while and it helped cover everything around me cuz i was a care taker. It let me let go of friendship and laughter and deal with the guy i was dating. I let me shield myself from the world in a lot of ways. I lost my best friend! the one that i went to for everything. the one that didnt judge me no matter what i did. the one that would throw my 20 bucks cuz she wanted her grandkids to go to dinner that night and knew a single mother just cant make ends meet in this world. I didnt want to deal with life.. face what was happening.. basically think.. i was dating this guy from fl. well he lived here.. when we dated 20 yrs ago but funny after 20 yrs nothing had changed.. i didnt notice it till March.. too me three mon
Hh For My Birthday
I'm going to buy a HH for July 7th, my birthday. Hopefully I'll get some bombs on my albums.
I Never Forget This Part
07 June 10’ I VERY HAPPY TODAY :))) YAAAAAAY I see F.A 3 times!!!!! First,I saw him in flag ceremony.and then Second,I saw him when I and my friends go to pray zuhur,He and friends are canteen and Third,I saw him in outdoor canteen AAAAAAAA hmm….He’s very handsome and cute :) and It’s special gift from god to me! Thanks god! and then I see Rain 3 times too! WOHOW! -.- maybe,sometimes he make me dissapointed,but…He face like Hesu U.U CUTE!. First,I see him on flag ceremony,hahahah cause him hair too long he commanded move forward / given punishment hahahah LOL and he move forward in left U.U handsome Stay COOL! Second,I saw him when we pray zuhur (always) hahahha,I dont know why I’m very happy today,cause today I’m not see little bitch HAHAH LOL. and then Third,I saw him in outdoor canteen.WOOOOOW and when I saw F.A HAHAHAH behind me suddenly,Rain come with him friend and…..I SHOCKED MODE ON cause suddenly I saw they in O
How To
How to make suprize to someone : 1.Knock the door in the morning 2.When she/he open the door,you must ready to suprize 3.You have to can mysterious face 4.Show your face,and give the doll (or anything suprize)  TADDAAA !! Your face so cute :)
Soemone Look Like
Someone Look Like What do you want? 1.He look like prefer me,but I think no cause he not know me -,- 2.He look like copypaste me,but I think for what? Random too? 3.He look like care with the problem,but he never solve a problem 4.He look like dont like him aunt give him a new phone and care 5.He look like no need parents,but realized he very need 6.He look like stupid,but realized hmm…he smart 7.He look like not jerk to choosing a exotic girl,but realized….like a jerk 8.He look like understanding,but realized he not understand (maybe) 9.He look like care to sister but realized,he not care,hate and annoy 10.HE LOOK LIKE CARE TO ME AND LOVE ME BUT……..I NEVER KNOW :)
Getting Back In The Saddle....
Back in the Saddle   I have been working the same ol' grind for about 10 years without much of a break. Work has been slow lately, since the ECONOMY is so darned slow, so web design has been a slow business to be in lately. I have been out knocking on doors trying to drum up business, but most of the small mom and pops are going under. It is kind of a sign of the times...I guess. I am seriously thinking about relocating, but then you hear the old timers tell stories of the Oklahoma dust bowl...and they thought that they could improve their lot by packing up and moving...I just have this vision of the Grapes of Wrath. I think I'll stick to life where I am. I love the places I see..the parks here are green....lots of fresh running water, Japanese gardens, wildlife, flowers...everything I would ever want to see daily. I am going to get my mountain bike out soon...and start doing my daily ride of about 20 miles.   I love to shoot pool, play darts, and maybe see sports on the big scree
This Is Very Much Me In Life..
I lost my father when I was a baby.. it left me so confused and unsure as a little girl. Only being raised by my mother and her family, I often wondered if my father's family ever loved me or cared since I had no contact for many years.. Until now. And it's still hard because we have an ocean between us and language barriers.     Spanish Doll - Poe     This place feels so unfamiliar And yet I know it well I think I used to belong here But the only way I can tell Is that I miss you still And I cannot find you here You left me tattered and torn Just like that Sweet Spanish doll (Sweet Spanish...Sweet Spanish...) doll I went down to the alley way (Sierra la Bonita) And found that you were gone Spanish doll: si nunca te fueras (if you would never leave) You left no word no message I still don't know Exactly what went wrong Spanish doll: lágrimas (tears) But now no matter where I go I always seem to return Spanish doll
Fashion Clothes For Teenagers
Teenage is the age when everyone is very conscious about appearance and really wants to look trendy and fashionable. This is true for both girls and boys. When it comes to teenagers clothing, there is a huge variety of clothes that are worn and are in fashion from time to time. Teenagers also like to show their individuality and dress in a certain way to convey their point of view. When we consider teenage fashion and clothing, one thing that comes to mind is as many separates as possible. This means that you get separate items of clothing and then wear them by matching and contrasting. This tends to be not only highly fashionable, but also makes a strong statement. When it comes to clothing, it is important to be yourself and not lose your style in the prevailing trend. You should make sure that you have some pieces of clothing that suit you the best and you feel and look great in. There are many brands out there that specialise in clothing for youngsters and teenager
A Story Tree
A story tree occurs when one person starts a story and others add on to it, it doesn't need to make sense.  Anyone want to try?  I shall. In a little town by the sea a man walked by the shore, 
Mumms even if they may be misspelled, shouldn't they at least be intelligible?  A.  Yes  B. We like the idiots
Come To Night Shift
/">/"> Hey Everyone feel free to Check Out this Kool Lounge that me and my bro came up with come out and jam out !!! Also we are hiring too so if u want a job feel free to drop me or bro Glenn (Owner) "US Border Patrol" or me Rockin Ralphy (Co-Owner) and we will be glad to help u out. Also if u decide u want to be a member that is is great too we would gladly like to have u as a part of " The NightShift Family So Click Below and Check it Out" PS: NOW HIRING

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