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Crazed2APoint ENIGMA WRAPPED IN FOOLISHNESS's blog: "Crazed Times"

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My Dad

Aight Some of ya'll already know what's going on and have a lot of details some don't. But i wanted to write this to let my other friends on here know whats going on so they don't worry if they don't see me on here as much for a lil while.

On wednesday night i had got news that my dad had died in a car crash. Needless to say i have not been doing good over here. On top of that, 15 mins after finding this out about my dad, i also found out that i have 1 half brother, and 2 half sisters that i NEVER knew anything about. That situation will have to be a whole other blog altogether whenever i feel like writing about it....  This has been the hardest time of my life and this has broken me in every single way possible. i go from feeling numb to breaking down at any given time. Today and tonight i have been better. I just feel detached from everything though. But i am trying my best to keep my head up during all of this and i know me and my family will be alright at somepoint.

Well there it is. A look into my life at the moment. And i wanna make sure that all of you that knew about this before reading this, and who have offered me support and have been texting me and calling to check on me, or help get my mind off of things and help me joke around and feel normal, and the ones reading this right now who cared enough to click on this blog to find out what was going on with me I LOVE YA'LL.  ya'll have no idea how much that truly meant to me and has helped me. I don't wanna name anybody, just know that if you have texted or called or sent messages on here this is to you and from the bottom of my heart i thank ya'll. But i'll be around. Just gonna be sporadic for a lil while. Aight now that i have totally made the last part of this blog so sweet it rots the teeth. i'm out for now. Ya'll be good until i am back here full time. Once i'm back, you may resume chaos :P Peace

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