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Heartistic Soul's blog: "All Things Heartistic"

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Okay okay...so I don't use my blog very often for personal notes. I'm usually hosting a game, or making a skin, or coming up with something or another for people to do on here to help pass the time and have a smile. This one though, is just one full of personal thoughts. Kudos to anyone who makes it past the third paragraph.

Easily said, this site has changed. My #1 has been in a contest, a simple one in which the person with the most rates on the photo will win a bling pack. Sounds pretty easy, right? Nope. Not anymore. For some reason, people just don't seem to care about each other on this site anymore. I'm not sure why - or what has happened to change the way people spend their time on here, but for some reason if you're not offering to give someone something, they don't want to take the 10 seconds it takes to help you.

Scratch that - that's not even true. I know this because over the past few days I've begged, I've bribed, I've offered to pay people fubucks, AND I've even offered to bomb them in exchange for ONE photo rate.

At this point, I'm no longer concerned about the contest. I did try to help the best that I could (it wasn't even ME in the contest, I was trying to help someone else). My only reason for posting this blog is because it's still #10 on fubar (thank you to those who have rated it over the past 3 years!) - and maybe...just MAYBE...someone will read it and have a check in their own heart.

Yes..this is the internet.

Yes...this is all for fun.

But before you spout the "don't take this seriously it's just a website" line at me, please consider that behind every screen name - well...haha that's not even close anymore - behind SOME of the screen names, there is a real person there. Just as you wouldn't pass someone on the sidewalk that was asking for help (you wouldn't, would you?) when you happen to see someone ask for legitimate help online, please take a moment and see what you can do. I'm NOT talking about people that beg for bling, or offer to show their bewbage in exchange for a VIP - I'm talking about genuine people who try to pay it forward, who sometimes might need a little help in return.

I have no doubt that like my other blogs, this will get many many views and very few people that actually read it. Perhaps though if even ONE person will find one other person and pay it forward, this rant won't be a wasted effort. This site is based on levels, and I do understand that - I like to level up as much as the next fu. Please remember though in your journey up the ladder that when you help someone, they remember it - and you can make someone's day with one random act of kindness.

That's all that I have to say on the matter. Any thoughts are always welcome, as I seriously doubt I'm the only person that has noticed the change in the overall number of fubies who visit this site. I remember the good old days where there were no autos, no bombs, and you spent hours clicking and commenting to help your friends...to the point where the first joint of your pointer finger was nearly injured. Those where the days where leveling actually MEANT something, and Godfather was indeed an achievement.

Now that I've finished my vent, I'll go back to my sketchpad. Before I go though, I want to thank those of you who DID take the time to help me during my begging over the last few days - it was much appreciated. The kind FUs are the ones I will continue to host games and make skins for - you give me a simple reason to smile. And...to those who will think this blog is an effort to get more rates, you seriously don't know me at all...and you're a perfect example of the point I was trying to make.

As always, love to all, and best wishes to every Fu.


- HS


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