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To The Old Ways
As I read the runes They begin to glow Enchanting archaic tomes For the wolf to hear He is my bretheren Constantly fulfilling needs Only he can understand The Hope within me Sad and alone He howls for me Crying out For all to hear Strength and Power We both do share As we delve deep Into druid lore we explore He is my eyes Alerting me to danger Shifting within me The wolf is released For I and he are one The glowing runes now turn blue The transformation complete I have an ally in him Never hurt again  Away from harm My eyes glow For the time has come To enchant my life A druid forever Wolf as my familiar
Take Chances Alot Of Them
Concern yourself with not what is right and what is wrong, but with what is important.   There comes a point when you're more important than your past.   Take chances alot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up - and with who, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make you who you are... you learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel - always. Be you, and be okay with it.
Answers by Kenneth Matlock on Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 7:45pm · I watch it all spin of it's own volition Rotating on an axis on a simple mission Life here we see unique as if it was alone Though, what is out there far beyond the known? Maybe it's just not as complex as we all may think Just because it's difficult and far beyond the brink Well, it isn't clear what truly is to be. We'll never know exactly what all there is to see. Somehow it doesn't matter when you look inside. The answer is within us, in the atoms does it hide. A tiny million answers pushing on without a doubt Forever a flickering flame simply never burning out From the chemicals inside that rush into your brain To the lonlely dreamers that skate between the sane From the icy, chilled whispers in the winter air To mesmeric sensations of fingers through your hair From the vacuum of the deep and empty, haunting space To the sun's warmth spreading across your pretty face In every where you l
Usa's Rebuttal To England's "revocation"
To read these political satire emails in chronological order (they will make the most sense that way), start with the oldest post "England's letter to take back USA as a colony." November 8, 2000 To the Subjects of Her Majesty, the Queen of England, In the light of your failure to prevent us from kicking you out in the 18th century and doing as we damn well please, we hereby notify you that you can keep it down over there before we take notice. Sure, historically America really doesn't pay much attention to the rest of the world. But when someone does catch our eye, we tend to carpet bomb them to a pre-industrial state. It may not be right, or fair, but it is a trend. I suggest you keep it in mind. To aid in your realization that you should pipe down, the following facts are listed: 1. American English is distinct from British English. Our aluminum is a lovely silver color, and we do not 'armour' our tanks, thank you. 2. When you can tell the difference between an Alabama and Loui
Yet Another Funny Rebuttal From Usa To Englad
To read these political satire emails in chronological order (they will make the most sense that way), start with the oldest post "England's letter to take back USA as a colony. (Why would she want us back?)" and read from bottom to top (oldest to newest)" We welcome your concern about our electoral process. It must be exciting for you to see a real Republic in action, even if from a distance. As always we're amused by your quaint belief that you're actually a world power. The sun never sets on the British Empire! Right-o chum! However, we regretfully have to decline your offer for intervention. On the other hand, it would be amusing to see you try to enforce your new policy (for the 96.3% of you that seem to have forgotten that you have little to no real power). After much deliberation, we have decided to continue our tradition as the longest running democratic republic. It seems that switching to a monarchy is in fact considered a "backwards step" by the majority of the world. T
Mother's Day
Well, my Mother's Day was decent. The boys were so cute. Giving me hand made gifts and a flower that their church gave them to give to their Mothers.  I had 3 hand made cards, a hand made flower (out of tissue paper), a hand made place mat, and a piece of coal. The boys were trying their hardest to take care of me. It was cute seeing my youngest trying to walk on my crutches that are about twice as big as he is. But they kept coming over and kissing the top of my foot because "kisses make it better".   However, I was a little sad yesterday too. As some of you know, I have really big issues with my father. He hasn't told me he loves me in almost 10 years. The last time I saw him, about 3 weeks ago, he did nothing but scream at me because I could "just do more". He doesn't get that it's hard to do things when you have two jobs and two boys that require a lot of my attention. He's out of work, it's easy for him to go and do things with the family. Ugh.   Anyway.....I l
I Was Going To Leave This Alone, But Fuck It Now....
you know ...this is rather stupid, but its bothering me and now..well now im a blast off about it. I have a "friend" on here who is currently pissed at me for "abandoning her" in her time of need. under normal circumstances i wouldnt let this shyt bother me but ...i'm like liking some of the shyt that has come out of her mouth. calling me an ass and classifying me like the rest of these pricks in here when i have nothing to gain doesnt sit well with me. I have done nothing wrong other than not be able to send a message or 2 to her. heres the break down: she tells me she is having surgery and it scares the life outta her to go thru being mr.nice guy found out when with all intentions of logging on and checking on her. Make sure everything went ok and that she was calm. well..lo and behold my internet service got turned off when the week her surgery took place. so i was able to change my status  through my phone but for wjat ever reason, they Pm and the SB messages i sent never w
Won't Get You Very Far
Have you ever kept something hidden, about yourself? Locked it away, put it on the shelf. Fearing judgement, what people might say. Because it is different, they might not see it the same way. So you feel like you, have to hide. That's a part of yourself, you're keeping inside. It's not fair, to you nor to them. And by keeping it hidden, no one wins. Who you are, becomes a lie. You can't be who you truly are, no matter how hard you try. Because that little part of yourself, is digging a dark and deep hole. One you can't crawl out of, burying your soul. To everyone who refuses, to accept. Everything you are, until there is nothing left. Be all that you are, despite the cost. Be true to yourself, then nothings lost. Let it shine and be proud, of who you are. Pretending to be someone else, won't get you very far.
A Wise Man Once Said
A wise man once said, I am the strong one. That's when I started to believe, where it begun. Because he was right, I see that now. I have cried blood tears yet, I'm still here somehow. I am not sure if it's torture, or sorrow. When I wake up to face, another tomorrow. Regardless, I am here, and I am strong. I stand up for what I believe in, right or wrong. I love despite, the heartache. Constantly afraid, avoiding the break. No matter what the obstacle, I always prevail. I either walk upon the victory or, regret trail. The path doesn't matter, just moving is the goal. Toward your life, finding your soul. Once you find it, you're search will be complete. There's no medal of completion, or defeat. This is when you can finally sleep. In the arms of the one, who holds the key. Thank YOU so much, for believing in me. YOU opened my eyes, and now I see. That I was the strong one, from the very start. YOU looked inside, and seen my heart. YOU taught m
If I Was Magic
If I were you and you were me I would no longer feel lonely, and you would be experiencing pain that you didn't know could possibly be. I might have a life then and know happiness, but I don't feel you would like my torrid mess. I have been truthful and I know not everyone everywhere is, and that is sad living shouldn't be determined from hit or miss. I would like to give what I get and more, but alas I often find a closed and bolted door.   I like writing very much and it is very often how I reach out to hopefully touch. Your heart and maybe even your mind. I guess that could sound sick. If anyone took the time with me I know they might not like what they find. It is just easier this way, to let you in a little on my life day by day. If I was magic, no one would go hungry. If I was magic, no one would die lonely. If I was magic, all of the world would know love is universal. Love isn't color based or only weaved for only those that have been chased. Every soul means the wo
The Day We Were Blessed...
On May 16th, 1982, God looked down upon the Earth from his throne in Heaven. As he gazed down on all his creatures on the planet, both big and small. He decided something was missing. He called on his two most trusted Angels, Michael and Gabriel, and charged them with the task of figuring out exactly what it was. After analyzing mankinds' thoughts, actions, and motivation, they returned to Heaven and approached God. "Father," Gabriel said, "they seem to need a divine spark. They need something to remind them of the joy in life. They need to be inspired." "Yes," agreed Michael. " They need to be reminded of the pleasures in the simple things such as, music, art, and laughter. They need something to remind them how important it is to stop and enjoy the things around them." Michael added, " They need to be shown an example of a true spirit, love, and compassion. They need to see strength in the face of adversity, perseverance, loyalty and true beauty." God agreed with his Angels. God we
Luv Ya - 815
As much as you might not want me around, the best thing in your messed up life has been found. I am great and I am the very best, that has fondled you late at night and got you undressed. There isn't anyone who is better, and absolutely no one getting you wetter. I don't expect you to stop and start to think, because you don't talk or walk alright when you drink. You are really wrong in thinking you are always right, with way to many wrongs there is never a peaceful night. There may be no music with no party going on, its just flashbacks coming up until dawn. Love is known by few and many don't even see, that love isn't good sex, its the magic no one can see. To try to explain why now is a must, in this age we must better ourselves and take it out so it doesn't rust. How do I say it so you will understand, well, we need to start going right or we will over populate hell. Everyone highly rich or sadly poor, each person can learn love and open the door. Or build walls to protec
Training The Sheep
Our education system in the USA is absolutely under direct control of the politicians and corporations. These Priests-of-the-State select & train the teachers, vote the salaries and dictate what truths and lies the textbooks shall contain. The schools are run in the same fashion as the monastary's of old. "Come here and we will improve your minds free of charge!" So, the pure-hearted, rosy-cheeked little ones enter unsuspectingly. Gradually they are brought "under the influence". The grey brain pulp is forced out of their plastic young skulls and lies, nice pretty, poetic lies are skillfully injected. Bit by bit, with dates and lists and emasculated histories, the iniquitous brain-wrecking deviltry proceeds. When completed, young men and women are turned out with addled minds into a warring world, incapables, semi-imbeciles, unable to defend or assert themselves- footballs of fate ready to SERVE the master. Is it not notorious, the ineptitude, mechanical imitativeness and want of ini
Whitney Houston's "where Do Broken Hearts Go"
       I know it's been some timeBut there's something on my mindYou see, I haven't been the sameSince that cold November dayWe said we needed spaceBut all we found was an empty placeAnd the only thing I learned Is that I need you desperatelySo here I am And can you please tell me, oh[Chorus]Where do broken hearts goCan they find their way homeBack to the open arms Of a love that's waiting thereAnd if somebody loves youWon't they always love youI look in your eyesAnd I know that you still care, for meI've been around enough to know That dreams don't turn to goldAnd that there is no easy wayNo you just can't run awayAnd what we have is so much moreThan we ever had before
Help With The Title
Would love for someone to help me with naming this new song I wrote for my new cd.   It's raining outside lock the door throw away the keyAnd hold me tight my love.There's a fire inside me burning bright so you can find yourway through the storm.Saying I dont show my feelings often as i can you show me how to save me from myself this time.How this life has moved so quickly.Trying to hide the fear.holding back those tears i've cried.noone wants to see my weakness that grows inside of me.Weathered from the Storm!Quonking the memories terrified of whats in store.burried so deeply the pain.i'm caught in a cyclone although it seems im standing still.burning within my own shame.Saying I dont show my feelings often as i can you show me how to save me from myself this time.How this life has moved so quickly.Trying to hide the fear.holding back those tears i've cried.noone wants to see my weakness that grows inside of me.Weathered from the Storm!Sometimes i feel like i
(how To) Likes, Pimps & Abilities
(How_To) Likes, Pimps & AbilitiesThere are three features that have been widely discussed but some still don't know how to do them or they need help understanding what they are..This blog will cover three topics:Liking MembersPimping MembersUsing Abilities on MembersEach of these is used differently and each has a function set to help the member level (some are even used with Leveling Requirements).Liking MembersEveryone likes someone so why not add it as a feature and gain points from it :). This function can mainly be used for anyone at any level starting at (Freshmeat - lvl 0). The only thing is members at a lower level get less likes than (Top Level - lvl 53) would get (even though the maximum amount is 500 Likes per member.Below I will try to explain (and show) some key areas to liking a memberThe Like button can be found primarily on the Online Members Bar located on the top of every webpage(As Shown In Figure 1-1)[Figure 1-1: Online Member Bar]This Happy Hour® brought
Draw You A Picture
I'll draw you a picture I'll draw it with a twist I'll draw it with a razor blade I'll draw it on my wrist And if I draw correctly A red fountain will appear Washing away my sorrow Washing away my fear All of my cuts are a piece of art And every last one comes straight from the heart Leaving beautiful red lines Looking at my arm and seeing how much it shines Oh my razor make me bleed Cut my body in which I plead Hurt me, cut me, scar me And everyone will see The monster that I've become That I'm nothing more than just scum Dead in my eyes The person that I am is someone that I despise So like I said, I'll draw you a picture I'll draw it with a twist I'll draw it with a razor blade And I'll draw it on my wrists!
Shattered Image
I looked into the mirror, And saw a face with no name, I’d seen this face before, Still it didn’t look the same. Tears rolled down her cheeks, Her eyes, wild with fear, Her lips were moving up and down, But her words remained unclear. As beautiful as she was, No beauty could I see, The mirror wasn’t broken, Yet her heart seemed to be. I smiled, but she didn’t, I laughed, yet still she cried, She looked like she was living, But inside she must have died. I looked into the mirror, What did I really see? It was a shattered image, A reflection of me.
This is madness This is rage It’s what makes the heart beat in its cage. Locked away and sick, my mind plays reels Looped with memories transitioning too quick paralyzed and weak  my emotions braid to a weave limbs numbed in pain  this body has begun to fade the ethereal spirit broken my innocence prey its what makes my heart beat in its cage.
Burning Bridges
I have burned many bridges since I've been on fu.  Some of them have been my fault.  I would like to make amends and try to build them up again.  If I could have a second chance, I would be happy.
Tag!! You're It!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.     1. Favorite color is Purple. 2. I love Dragons 3. I write poetry. 4. Music is my life. 5. I have played in Carnegie Hall. 6. I love jigsaw puzzles. 7.I share the same birthday as my sister, we are exactly 3 years 12 hours apart. 8. when I was a baby just born, they called me a smurf, cause my ventricle wouldn't close I was blue. 9. my favorite movie is My Science Project. 10. I drink sweet tea like it is going out of style.   Tagged are: Sandylicious, Sandy, H3rbal R3m3dy, Udohiyu Native, and Cinn
Blues Drive Hero.
My favorite part of baseball has to be close games taken into the ninth.Tensions are highevery swing is a potential game enderEdge of your seat kinda watch.That's where I learned to appreciate a good pitch.A 3 up 3 down.Patterns.Tendencies.Slumps.The skirt of a sliderthe flit of a cutthe dip of a rainbow.That was for bombero.I always called him Jack.Changeup.Got em looking.There's no one there to save.Especially during thatotherhalf of the year.Makes me wonder what becomes of stancesdeliveriestakesHow quiet is the winter?Does that silent terror have a namea faceOr did I just introduce too much bourbon to this particular equation?
Black Cloud
O.k. so I'm sure you all know that I had been diagnosed with two cancers in the same year well now they had me go into the hospital to get some testing done on my thyroid needless to say they found a tumor and had me go through another test to see how big this thing was.. It just seems like no matter what I've always got a black cloud over me as if I'm cursed in some way... Please pray for me cause I sure need all the love I can get right now an leave a comment or two justta lemme know you all care...Thank you!
Relationship Issue
I understand why some girls are not into oral sex. Due to they don't like the white substance. My question is, is it important in a relationship level due to it spicies up the relationship. I don't mind giving but my ex girlfriend loved giving me it. Then we went our seperate ways. Now I have a new girlfriend we been together for a bit. She doesn't bother giving me oral. Any suggestion? This a simple questions??
Pain Hot stabbing pain in my Womb go away I hate that You are making Me feel this way Odin give Me the strength to fight Send Me the healing light I love my body and all it brings Just take away what stings Oh dear Womb please heal Give me the pleasure to feel a Small baby inside of Me Let Me be the Woman I want to be Hope is all I know To give Me the power to grow. I can't take this pain anymore It's becoming a huge chore I want to be the being I was before Whole and Healthy I don't care about being wealthy Just give Me what I want in the whole wide world A New Baby thats all I want
Start Looking Around You For Your Heart
Try to find an angel which crushed on you
Sour Cream
Why does sour cream have an expiration date? Is it going to get more sour?
Still...i Ache
..still I see your face, when my eyes close in this this place... Still I feel this void...until your there will this remain. My mind is scattered, trying to gather composer once again. My curse is to love one, one whom can not be touched.. my curse is a beautiful one... for I love him too damn much. in these tears, your reflections shimmer, yet only for a moment this hell of wanting to feel your presence near is my only torment...... These tears that fall, that leaves a stream, is the lonely path I dwell as for us, I can only daydream.... as I wither through this hell.... Within the yonder, I hear your voice it echos in the dark tomorrow I search of you, only to descend into the arms of sorrow...
Kisses In The Rain
Romance leads to kisses..... Kisses leads to soft touches.... Touches leads to caresses.... Caresses leads to tenderness....   Eyes touching our souls.... Souls pouring out our emptiness... Emptiness filled full of love... And love to connection....   We move like harmony... Harmony like a sweet song... A song that none can know... Knowing each other's taste....   Our body sliding together.... Together making the world jealous... Jealous to have what we share... And Sharing we become as one......
Karen Needs 5000 Likes
please like karen she needs 5000 likes, thnak you
Poetry From Under The Gun # 3
La Pregunta   Someone once asked me, " What do you want to be when you grow up?" One meaningless occupation after another floated just to the surface of my lips The question itself pointing fingers and ridiculing my life thus far I felt trapped My heartbeat was off like a rocket to the base of my throat and plunging back down and up and down I'm stuttering. . Trying all the attractive and "right" answers on They feel tight, as if I am being fitted for a suit that is just one size too small I shift without sound and open my notebook and peer into the well of words that let this boi breathe To the asker I shrug.. Relying on dimples and charm to satisfy the query I close my eyes and step up to the Mic, inhale freedom and say I want to be Me
There are so many thing left unsaid,,,unfinished,,unresolved,,,SOmetimes you just want to throw in the towel,,,I can close my eyes and hear your voice in my head,,,I can see ur lips ,,,,smell your breath on my neck ,,,, feel your hands on my shoulders tightening ur grip,,,,whisper in my ears,,,,I can feel my stomach tie up in knots with anticipation,,,, I can feel the longing,,,,the aching ,,,,the desire,,,,,THEN I open my eyes and its gone,,,, Its seems like you leave me alone for a few days and then do something to catch my attention,,,,you know that I am trying to move on,,,,but cant,,,,Every time I see you,,I lose my breath,,,,Its not fair,,, I know that it is all my fault,,,I just couldnt help but to fall and you made it so easy,,,,You knew what u were doing to me,,,,so I will not take all the blame,,,Every day I get stronger,,, One day I will find "HIM" ,,,my lover,,my Dom,,,my best friend,,my soul mate,,,,but I know that I do not want to be one of MANY,,,,I want to be the ONE
     If ever a moment in my life you are gone my world would be unknown. You are the heart beat that pumps me every day, your the air I breath, my sun shine shinning through on a rainy day. As each day pass's I fall more and more I have no fear only the sounds of the love of one who's soul is warm and caring. In a world when all seemed lost you found me and made me complete as I long for no other but you. You are my dreams and all my hope's come from you. I smile of the day and the night because of the joy you have give'n me every day that i am blessed to have you. The touch of your finger's bearly to touch me would simpily make me week. If ever a moment you are gone I would have to give up cause my life with out you would be no life at all.
For Sale
"Pimpout for sale..." "Shitface for sale..." "Family add for sale..."   Is this what this site has come to?  Whatever happened to having these abilities to help your friends?  For free?  And family?  Excuse me, but I thought family was the people on here who are good friends... like 'family'.  THIS is why I am not on this site much anymore.  If I pimp you out, it's because I want to... if you are in my family, it's because you are a good friend.  None of this 'for sale' stuff.  That's just tacky!!   Okay, I'm done now.  
Heart Of Stone
Here we are, back again It's the same but somehow so different I hear your voice it's in my head and then there's this hardening of soft tissue then silence. All I asked of you then was to please not abandon. All the things we said we'd do we did and then .... "the end"...   Now I stand here all on my own The weeds in my mind are overgrown No sunlight no cool breeze no song in my ears to comfort me My feet planted firmly where no more love can grow and all you gave me to remember you was this heart of stone....   All your words, felt so true Nothing in the word  could "us" undo I still hear them They're echoing but carry with them also everything All those times I thought you'd run You held your ground we found the sun Now you're gone and here I am a shadow fading dancing it's last dance look quickly before it's over...   Now I stand here all on my own The weeds in my mind are overgrown No sunlight no cool breeze no song in my ears to comfort me M
I got nothing today.Happens.Tried prose.Tried poetry.Tried character writing.Just isn't my day.I could blame it on the yankees.I could blame it on the strangeterminally ill people I've met in the last 24 hours.I could pretend it's about a girl.Fake it's about a woman.And there is a difference.Beats the hell out of me... and nothing is particularly on my mind.Exotic things.Tan women.Spicy food.Orange sunsets reflected.The burden of being naively earnest, and intentionally empathetic... Love could fix this.Love and cigarettes.And I'm looking for new blog names... Not exactly ending on a high note, but keep your fingers crossed, and I'll keep watching my mailbox for news.In the world of food, I'm stuck looking forward to liverwerst first thing in the morning.But there's a part of me that kinda misses eating once a dayin a house with no climate control, and filthy faucets that dripand possitively no better place to be...I really don't know that coming here has done me any good...... yeah I
My Cost
I Try And Try With All My Might... But You See Somethings Just Not Right... How Can I Fix It, How Can This Be... Is There Really Something That Wrong With Me... Am I Not Worth It, Or Am I Just Lost... Or Is This Just Finally My Cost.... The Price To Be Me, Is Higher Than Expected... I Think I Would Rather Be Completely Rejected....
Tiz Funny
the woman on here who deserve the most attention dont get it... its the sneaky photo shopping, angle testing, fake ass bitches that get all the attention.  stupid.. but.. am i surprised.. not at all.  
A Day To Remember
  Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, with over two dozen cities and towns laying claim to being the birthplace of Memorial Day. There is also evidence that organized women's groups in the South were decorating graves before the end of the Civil War: a hymn published in 1867, "Kneel Where Our Loves are Sleeping" by Nella L. Sweet carried the dedication "To The Ladies of the South who are Decorating the Graves of the Confederate Dead". While Waterloo N.Y. was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966, it's difficult to prove conclusively the origins of the day. It is more likely that it had many separate beginnings; each of those towns and every planned or spontaneous gathering
Watching Us Die Tonight
Back against the wall, What the fuck just happened? Don't you cry, We've been here before. Bring it on, Taking action. No more lies. I'm not gonna blame this on you I know I gave it all I got. No, I'm not gonna blame this on you, I'll tell you that it's not your fault. But honestly, you're killing me. I'm sick of us wasting time, I took your heart, I tore it apart, Watching us die tonight. Take me for a fool, What the Hell were you thinking? All this time, Now I have to choose. 'Cause I'm done, No more faking, Let me out. Honestly, I'm sick of wasting my time, You took my heart, Tore it apart, Watching us die tonight.
Our Hearts Hold Our Real Feelings
Our hearts hold our real feelings, our minds think those feelings, our lips speak those feelings, and our outside bodies hide those feelings.
Happy Memorial Day
Dear God Good Morning. As we sit and ponder the this glorious Memorial Sunday. We think about the heroes who have given their lives for this nation. We are reminded of their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families who have paid so much for our freedom. Thank you God for keeping our service men and women safe today. As our families and friends travel this holiday, please ride with them and keep them safe. Amen
Crushed like iceLike twenty tons have been thrown on my soulYou spoke those words that emitted through your vocal cords like venomA snake you wereLooking through my eyes into my coreSo delicatelyYou devised your plan, to kill everything inside meSkillfully you weaved your web, planted your trapAnd with your love decoy blindfolded my logicAll which was open was my trustYour weaponYou deceived, I believedYour arms were so warm,Now the only warmth I feelIs that of my bloodSpilling from my soulAs my life swings carelesslyLike a pendulumBack and forthHigher and higherBut going nowhereThe 5 senses have gone numbI scream louder and louderBut no one hears meThey speak they call out to helpI cannot hearLook at me look at the nothingness you have brought onto meThe well hath run dryAs she layCrippled from loves fangsUntil nothing remainsBut her backboneHe hath eternally forsaken herHer life has becomeLife's lesson to womenBetter to have LovedThen never at all.written by Andrea Y. Gallego
The Bleeding
[V1:]I remember when all the games beganRemember every little lie and every last goodbyePromises you broke, words you choked onand I never walked away,it's still a mystery to me[Pre-Chorus:]Well I'm so emptyI'm better off without you and you're better off without meWell you're so uncleanI'm better off without you and you're better off without me[Chorus:]The lying, the bleeding, the screamingWas tearing me apartThe hatred (deceiving), the beatings; it's over[V2:]Paint the mirrors black to forget youI still picture your face and the way you used to tasteRoses in a glass, dead and wiltedTo you this all was nothingEverything to you is nothing[Pre-Chorus:]Well you're so filthyI'm better off without you and you're better off without meWell I'm so uglyYou're better off without me and I'm better off alone[Chorus:]The lying, the bleeding, the screamingWas tearing me apartThe hatred, the beatings (disaster); it's overAs wicked as you are, you're beautiful to meYou're the darkest burning star, yo
What To Do To Access My Naughty Pix Hehe
i have a teaser album and to get access to my family only nsfw album i either need 65 credits or a God Mode ability bling!!  heres the link to my teaser album to see what your missing!! i make it worth your while!!!!   if you want in my family just send the credits or the God Mode!! its that easy!!!
Just Couldnt Stop
I see you sitting at the computer looking hard at something on it, trying to study something ... i slowly come up next to you and sit next to you on the floor ... gently i start to touch your ankle, slowly bringing my hand up your leg... toward your knee, small circles around your knee and on the inside of your theigh... my fingers just catching the edge of your boxers skimming underneath, on both theighs... i catch a little bit of your cock soft but growing as im rubbing your legs... working my way up... i turn your chair to face me.... moving your boxers out of my way, so i can see what ive been thinking about all day,  building up my desire, just wanting your hard cock inside me all day, my desire is peaking and i need release... im almost too impatient for it and have to mentally slow myself... i want to just jump on you now and squirt cum all over your lap... but back to the slow rubbing of your hips and cock... i lick the tip of your cock, and run my tongue from the
My Dream
I had a dream the other night... its been hanging with me for a couple days... i keep thinking about it, it was so hot wet steamy and just mmmmmm..... u were there, so i want to share it with you.... maybe u will know why im so stressed when u hear about it, i hope i do it justice im not sure i have the vocabulary to actually paint the picture for you.... but i will try....i was dreaming and asleep alone in bed.... i was just taking an afternoon nap... needed a little rest... i started feeling a warm hand on my leg... slowly making its way up.... waking up my senses on the way toward my knee... then a second hand joined in on my other leg.. slowly just gliding up my legs....stopping on my theighs for some light massage... and gently pressing them open....then i felt a warm breath on my inner theigh followed by a warm wet kiss.. gently working upward..  gliding by my pussy to the other theigh to give a warm wet kiss there too, then slowly working up to my pussy lips where
Love is never lost.If not reciprocated,it will flow backand soften and purify the heart.At least be there to wipe away my tearsif you're going to make me cry.You can fall in love in an instant.It's letting go that takes time.
Honky-tonk In The Garage.
I tried to take the road without footprints or signs.I tried to laugh at your mistakes.I tried to smile at the blatant attempts.I tried to say goodbye.Instead I held my breath.Waited for you to turn and walk away.A handful of hope, and mischief.Trampled fine, dribbles a faint trail home.Whatever that is...Bleeding quietly from tightly clenched fists.Grasping desperately at the fade.Didn't mean to lose it. Bit by bit.The moment where there was nothing came silently.My hands. My mind. My heart was empty.I feel like I could find my way back...But there's a lingering impression that I shouldn't...What changed about me?What broke, fell off, burned?Or was I always this defunct?Hey... if I told you the truth.Right now.About everything...Would you hate me too?
Sign Of The Times Ii...and A Memorial Day Special.
First of all kids, have a happy and safe Memorial Day, especially those in the upper midwest and in the southeast that got smacked with the backwards Tropical Storm....and it's HOT!..anyways, just wanted to say hey and leave you with some "sign of the times" thoughts this holiday weekend. Figured I'd share something for ya all on this holiday. Big time player/fake/old/con/whatever it is coming soon...stay tuned...remember, I can't make this shit
This Is Why I Say Do Not Fall For Me.
  :00pm DemonHawkx...: unplugged the wrong usb cord when i tried to reset my cam lol, thats why i dropped the call 2:05pm Blingy ST: k.o have fun on ur drive 2:15pm DemonHawkx...: dont know if im gonna go or not, gas isnt cheap 2:15pm Blingy ST: well ok 2:16pm DemonHawkx...: its taking everything i have not to come back to you for more. i just dont know if i can handle it either way 2:17pm Blingy ST: RaWr Dan. Rawr. you dont want any of this . 2:18pm DemonHawkx...: thats the prblem i want all of it. i want you, i need you no matter what i will always love you. and its goin to be the death of me 2:18pm Blingy ST: lol you should go comment your real feelings on my new photos 2:19pm DemonHawkx...: lol i got sum pics i should have comment on 2:19pm Blingy ST: ill comment you if you do me.. comments of course  2:20pm DemonHawkx...: lol well id have to give you access
Love Blinded Me - 621
Don't leave me all alone, don't go far away, there will be no light and you won't hear me say..... Trust me, I won't burden you, I am able to make you feel good, in the early morning or late at night I have, will and would. By the light of the moon I have dreamed of me and you, even I need and want it so much but no other male would do. You are the first I have seen and until your attention is caught, the truth will stand and hold your heart and soul is always what I've saught. I can't see your attempted tries, and my heart it slowly cries. I don't know the words to say, so you will not leave and want to stay. Its true, love blinded me, it hurts that I can't see.
I can never get my mind off her, I wonder if she'd mind if i'd, make her my own, and never let her go, hug her tight, treat her right, act all polite, take her on a date, make sure i'm never late, kiss her on her lips, talk about our kids, Make her feel like princess, living in a castle, hope that is not too much hassle, But i am so blessed, hope i can be the best, hold you tight, have your rest, on my chest, pass the test, NOW YOUR MINE!
断子绝孙  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 断子绝孙之人形肉盾。 为了给既成事实的小私宝和自己不退休拖时间,每过几天,又要祭出王小丫,栗坤两具人型肉盾。 2011年7月11日,今天老杂种又故计重演祭出王小丫,栗坤两具人型肉盾,为了给既成事实的小私
[from A Married Woman]
Can you fill this out without lying?Probably, but I'm not saying that I won't. Whats the last thing you put in your mouth?My tongue. Where was your default picture taken?My room, next to some very old curtains. Last time you cried?uuuh... man, I dunno... It probably had something to do with dogs Can you play a musical instrument?I play a mean stereo. Last time you walked further than a block?Today. Name someone that made you laugh today?I haven't really laughed today. How late did you stay up last night and why?At least 3:20. Later, but that was about the last time I saw the clock. I don't really sleep all that well. If you could move somewhere else, would you?Yes. Ever been kissed under fireworks?Yeah, and they were professional grade, downwind, and I got a nice hot chunk of rock-sand lodged in my eye from one of the effects... Do you believe exes can be friends?Dear. God. No. But then, my exes have all done pretty terrible things to me. Do you like calling or texting bette
In My Time Of Dying......
I tear my heart open...I sew myself shut My weakness is that I care too much My scars remind me that the past is real I tear my heart open .........just to feel.....hell of a life I'm existin' in...... no benefits for PTSD, TBI...nothin'.....just because I put my hands on a bitch-ass LT. when he made a fucked-up comment about the emotion I was displaying for a member of MY fuggin' fire-team who had bled out not ten minutes before........I was still covered in his mother fucking blood cause I had my mother fucking HAND jammed in his leg trying......trying so so so very hard yet so very futilely to close off the femoral artery that had been torn......So , yea....I kicked the LOT's ass right there on the the boot....but fuck WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!
First Names
A guy and a gal met at a bar and hit it off. after several hours of drinking and just having a great time. the guy asks the girl what her name was, she says "carmen".  He replies, "wow , your parents did a great job of naming their daughter, carmen is a beautiful name for a beautiful lady!" Carmen says, "thank you, but I named myself carmen." the man asks, "how come?" carmen replies, "I named myself after the two things i love most, cars and men" carmen then asks, " hey, whats your name?" the man replies. "B.J. Titzangolf"
Get To Know Me!
  1. What time did you get up this morning?  11:30 =]  2. How do you like your steak?  Well done 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?  The Lorax 4. What is your favorite TV show?  I really don't watch much TV 5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? This place is looking pretty nice 6. What did you have for breakfast? I don't eat breakfast 7. What is your favorite cuisine? Mexican 8. What foods do you dislike? Liver 9. Favorite Place to Eat? Casa Garcia 10. Favorite dressing? Ranch 11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? One that runs  12. What are your favorite clothes?  Jeans and a hoodie 13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?  Ireland 14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?  Half full, most of the time 15. Where would you want to retire?  No clue 16.  Favorite time of day?  night 17. Where were you born? A hospital 18. What is your favorite sport to watch? I don't watch much sports.
Growing Up Or Being Immature
Its really funny that when i joined this site it was for 21 and older.Just today a pic in my defult album was marked NSFW well to be blunt about all of this if its in a folder and you dont like it leave my page i am not forcing you to look at anything of mine.Now that this site has openned to a younger generation stiffer rules and regulations have been placed and everything has to be handled with kid gloves,remember you shouldnt try and judge me less ye be judge thy self.....or everyone lives in glass houses and all yall shouldn't throw stone if you get my point.
Part 2
I remember this one summer when i was eleven. We were leaving to go to Suki Bay, we always left in late May after school let out, it was a warm, muggy day with clouds scattered across the sky like specks of paint on a blank canvas. We all packed up the old station wagon that my parents have had since the dark ages it feels like. My mom so was a petite woman with shoulder length blonde hair, mesmerizing sky blue eyes, and a smile that would not just light up the room, but banish any shadow to a dark corner of another room. She loaded up my duffle bag into the rear of the car and yelled toward the house, "Stacy, Psymon, Ariel, and Kris is that all of your stuff." "We need to hurry Aunt Melissa is supposed to meet us for lunch at Brickyard," she bark, knowing we still had the long drive, "we going to be late." Kris got in the front seat with mom and my sisters sat in the middle, but being the rowdy kid I was i sat in the back with the bags so i would have plenty of room to lay down or do
The Results Are In! "what Makes A Douche Bag Mcdoucher?"
 If you complain constantly, complain constantly about others complaining constantly,(you're just as bad) degrade others, disrespecting others, etc... To sum it all up, if you have no moral values, respect for others or for yourself, If this offends you! Yes, you know inside you're a Douche Bag. And you know what you must do to correct this issue.  Stay tuned in for my next thesis. You just never know what's running through my brain. :D :P (h)(h)(h)
Easy Tips For Fixing Your Computer
I've been working on computers in one way or another for many years now, and the one thing that has never changed no matter how advanced they get is: THEY STILL LOCK UP. Now I try TO be a responsible guy when I'm working on my computer. I try to save my work on a regular basis "just in case" something goes wrong.  But every now and then I forget, and that is the time that my computer ALWAYS decides to lock up on me. It's like they put monitoring systems inside a computer that track when the last time you saved your work was... and if you haven't saved your work in an hour it plays a joke on you by locking up on you or crashing. (computer thinking to itself) "Hmm, he's been working on that song for 2 hours straight and he's so involved with it that he's forgotten to save it! Well, it's time to ruin this asshole's day! Muahahahahahahahahah!" So what do you do when t
F*ck You*
God Damn It Fuck It Yes Motherfucker Fucking Kill It Kill Every Mother Fucking Thing Fuck   Just Fuck With Me All Fucking God Damn Day Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   You Mother Fucking Cocksucking Bitch Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   I Fucking Hate You You Stupid Motherfucking Cunt Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   *(Dedicated To Motherfucking Google Chrome)
Love On Fubar
For all the people here on fubar what do you think is  the percentage of people who have found the man or woman of their dream here on fubar I did I love Midnight Star and am changing my life to be with her I dont think im the only one post if you found the love of your life here Sincerly Ben
By No Claim
By my way of seeing things I am by no means claiming I am the best. Even it seems that I have more heart than most of the rest. I believe if you want friends than be friendly. Therefore I am asking here and now, if you want to pretend then be gone, just get the fuck away from me. I don't want any games played!! Its not proposing way too much at all to ask that you be real. Tell me the truth and I'll do the same. I already know that this isn't the way to go to find true love. Evidently true friendship may be asking too much from everyone. But I will promise I can be a friend. I don't use or abuse people. Just as I hope to not be used and abused. I have never lied and that is the truth. It just isn't in me to lie and I ask that no one stoop so low as to lie to me. That alone is disrespectful and if you can say nuthin nice then don't say nuthin at all.
More Poetry From Under The Gun
Route of Your Evil   I know who you think you are but in essence you are an illness A heartless disease spread by your wanton selfishness to destroy the gift of human love and trust I feel your feet settled against the walls you created trying to kick it loose blaming the bricks that you alone stacked so high that even in regret you cannot see over to find yourself Your pain is a Beacon though the light is just another lie you expect people to eat and be satisfied with the taste It's murder the way you tug at the strings of this beautiful heart i have for unlike me it is forgiving I bet the silent shame is screaming you to sleep for the miles of ache you have delivered to the highways of anothers trusting heart The route of your evil
Poetry From Under The Gun
lyrical Bastard   Trapped inside the feathered silence of your smile I falter Shaky trouble and clefts that refuse to hide her excuses anymore A cage of metal mirrors nestled between broken sunshine Putrid rain that paints your corpse upon my hands in hues of canary yellow and blood orange dead I am blinded by fear and filth and cemetary birdsongs Tripping on a beak full of foul notes and haunting whoever will listen to me and my pain In those unhinged sighs beaneath the bars of your dirty fingers is where I will find rest Touching the wings of severed harmony and explode into the sky
Wolves express themselves in many ways. There is the howl-bark, which is usually a distress call. It starts out as a high pitched bark and quickly turns into a short howl. It's a "Wolf Alarm", a warning to pack mates of possible danger. There are the yips, yaps, squeals, and chirps of play. These sounds are also used to show submissiveness to higher ranking pack members. The Wolf Growl is distinctive. It is a very bass sound, which emits from deep inside the animal. It is a warning that should be taken seriously. The Wolf Howl is harmonic. The howl usually shifts pitches to achieve a discord. It is believed that this is done to confuse unwelcome visitors as to the actual size of the pack. It appears that Wolves love a good Howl.
Yntb Chapter Twenty
YNTB...I Cant! Part 20   Life sometimes is so full of risks.We take gambles everyday, everywhere we go, with every person we come in contact with. I knew the risks for getting back  with PorchDawg. It was desperation mixed with a blind hope that I will get to Missouri, or I was going to die trying! It didnt matter how anymore, as  much as just doing it. I had already lost everything. There isnt anything more to be taken from me. The only thing left to me, was my determination to succeed.   Realistically speaking, time and distance was 11 hours and 500 miles from where I was..... to where I wanted to be.This time there wasnt a sleeper to go crawl into and get away from him. He was in his personal truck. We were going to be less than a foot apart, on this whole trip. He told me he had orientation for the new job out of Springfield. He had to go thru it in order to be officially hired. So I calculated I would much rather go with my soon to be ex, than a stranger. At least I knew wha
My Bestie
To my best friend===   There was a girl who met this man... Staying together was their plan. They fell in love and never fell out. They stand together without a doubt. They showed the world just what they are. That their love was a gift from a far. Nothing else could even compare. Because love this true is oh so rare. Although it's not an easy road that there walking on. But no matter what there faith remains strong. So they continue down that road. And their love continues, keeps it's hold. They would last to the very end. Because their not just lovers their best friends.   ===Love you so much
Help Someone! Don't Ass/u/me
I have seen I'm guilty of criticizing today's Fubar, seeing newer Fu's aren't like veteran Fu's... I saw they lacked Fu-etiquette I had learned on the site as a n00b. I had forgotten how I learned ... I was told by a veteran Fu or I asked one.  There is an album for New Fu's in my Photos ... Rip them to your pictures (you can now get points for Rips) I will add to it when I see a need Don't curse the darkness - turn on a light...........
[that's Not Happening]
... put on Rosalita, on loop if you have to.Alright, tonight I went to a full moon party.Whatever that means.Took a light nap, and had an out with some organ pain.Things were pretty slow.In a weird tense way.Tiny redhead showed, and gave no indication.No sign.So by around 10:30 I was ready to pack up and drink at home, but as about six people left, six more showed.Guy I hit on.Pseudo-brother, and his girlfriend.That's about six right?Things happened.I got a calland was sincerely advised to fuck someone tonight."That's not happening" "Why not?""I just aint got that kinda appeal babe"Smoked my first cigarette in 3 years.Went on a beer run with the little, and talked about his upcoming tour.And the weirdness we find ourselves in.I wanted to talk about something else, but he didn't really bite.2 40's, six pack, and a couple reds.We killed over half of it.Just chilled after thatbut the damndest thing happened >>lil's girlfriend gave me a hug"hope that's not weird"and paid me multiple very f
June 5th 2012
Yesterday I find out that from my jump on June 1st of last year I sustained a compressed disk fracture in my L4 spine.  The only fix is with surgury and I am not sure if I can even get it.  Today I get my appointment for my next MRI to figuere out the next cource of action.  This could mean that if they cant do the sergury then my military correer could be cut short.  I really want to retier in the military so this could be a huge set back for me.  I am used to things not going my way, but I always seem to pop back out of everything so please dont worry about me I am sure I will be just fine.  I will be posting on all the up dates I get for now on.
My Prayer
My PrayerOur Father Odin Be thy name Valhalla Be thy home You give Us Mead You give Us Meat Let Me pray to You Hear Me Oh Almighty Father Give Me the strenght Give Me the Might Lets Win this fight. Blessed Be Your Sword And You Shield Please hear my War Cry. Heed My call  Answer My Prayer oh All Father. Keep Me safe, Keep Me from Harm. Bless My Family and who I hold close to my heart. FIIIIIGHT !!!!!
You Are Everything (a Poem For A Special One!)
You are ... You are the woods in which I walk, I'll gather them for you from confiers deep, You are ... You are the fire that burns deep in my heart, I'll keep you held withing those warm arms, You are ... You are the earth on which I tread, Someday we shall walk through those plants that spread, I wish to be ... I wish to be your iron protect you from all harm, Within my walls & come to no harm, We both can be ...We can both be the stream of life, Flow gentle together in harmony, One just does not know ... I do not know what I would do, Without you my love,
My Breath, Your Lung
my breath, your lung  My love,for thee  is laden with a million perfumed kisses and drops of sunshine given perpetually to dew-dropped petals of the peril behind the very mist of your breath... I will adore you until death  and through the depths of eternity seek out the raven earth dusted abyss that you've sunk yourself within or rather the world you value yourself beneath; pity really for me I adore what you you abore, detest, despise and I suface yet and surmise and raise you on a pedestal high above all else moreso than i value even myself perhaps I am a glutton, greedily groping with scar soiled fingers of disdain to the sand of your soul slipping idly by through the groove of my grasp  hoping to catch, coddle and keep within all that you seek to discard but I often hope you will give freely without inhibition, reserve or regard you fit the curve that is me the bend in the ribbon of eternity that shrouds the moment where we united and twined our souls like a tangled thi
this is a writing from a dream i had just last night almost as if i was out of body.....   she was sitting on the bench at the picnic table where we had our first date. It was dark but i couldsee her very well from the lights on top of the levee. I was merely feet away, standing in the shadows. but she couldnt see me. she was waiting for me but i didnt want to speak just yet, i just wanted to watch her. i could feel the blood and adrenaline pumping violently through my veins. i was on fire on the inside, and my heart radiated through my chest and face. it was all that i could do to not race up to her and rip her clothes offright there in the park. my god i wanted her. to taste her... dear god that taste. it was still so vivid in my memory that i could still taste her wonderful juices on my tongue even after all this time.   my breathing quickened, and my pulse raced. the breeze changed direction towards me, and i could smell... could it really be?... yes... my god i could sm
Summer Tour!!!
Virginia, June 8 (AP) -- On a cool night in Dumfries, VA Good2BeDaPNessKing prepares for another long journey in this thing we call life. He closes this chapter of the book we call Life with a couple of very good friends. Lorenzo said, "I've known this lil f*$&3R for too long, I know we will see each other again," as they sat there eating chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings at the Potomac Mills. With Yuengling in hand, DaPNessKing cheered his friends and family on the great times he had here in Virginia, and toasted to the the well wishes on his impending drive across country. With scheduled stops in Gettysburg, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Ohio; Tennessee; Arkansas; and Texas he plans on making this drive an adventure. King was heard repeatedly saying, "How often do you get paid to take 30+ days vacation to drive across the country to see sights, family and friends." The hard part for him is saying good-bye to those that are close to him. We are always left hurting when we say farewell, but
Getting It Off My Chest From Both Sides
statistics show that majority of couples who live together before the get married never end up married or in an early divorce. heres my questions fb, WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THIS CRAP? i mean seriously who in their right mind would marry someone without living with that person first. i mean that may work for some ppl but in reality i dont think it is highly recommended to put yourself in that situation. next thing..why do women think that men only want women that look perfect. personally i love it when a woman can walk around in some baggy pants and a tank top, hair tied back, wit some sneakers on, and no make up. that is amazing to me. leave it to the media to make it hard on dudes that love the realness of a woman's beauty. women understand this when i tell you. a real man dont give a damn. yea we look at skinny women and we sometimes get a lil attracted. personally i dont want a toothpick. you dont understand how awkward that is. back to the makeup.  there is no sense in putting all
Show Sum Love In All The Right Ways
welps, ive never really promoted someone in my blogs before but im gonna today lol Please show Break the Dawn some love. Her bday is in 6 days. She is one of the sweetest on fu,  keeps to herself,  unlike some of u fu's lol FAN/RATE/ADD, heck BLING her, make her smile.....and be fuckin nice, no pervy shit or im coming after ur sorry ass lol..   thanks, MOSH xo                             heres her link
Head Games & Women
You know i have never understood the reasoning behind the head games that some women like to play. But what gets me the most is when a woman bitches about not being able to find a man that would love her for who she is, be loyal and treat her right but at the same time all she dates is trash, men that want nothing to do with being a commited individual unless it's simply long enough to get some tail the bounce.  I've seen this happen time and time again, and it's happened to me a few times. Some women that i have been friends with for some time always do this yet they never take notice of the person that has ALWAYS been there for them when the others treated them like shit. That just goes to show how blind and stupid people can be. I used to feel bad for women like this, now i just laugh and shake my head. Why? Because i am sick and tired of wasting my time to get to know people, be their friend and then getting overlooked when i am the #1 thing their looking for. So it's their own fa
100 Questions
1. What's your middle name? Lynn 2. What are you listening to right now? I Need Love - LL Cool J 3. What was the last thing you ate? Turkey Sub 4. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Wes 5. Do you drink? Only on days that end in Y 6. Do you smoke? Yep 7. What is the first thing you noticed in someone? Physically...eyes ...but i notice if they have an outgoing ot dry personality. 8. What is your hair color? Red- the best hair color DUH 9. What is your eye color? Blue 10. Do you wear contacts/glasses? Perfect vision 11. Dogs or cats? both 12. What's your favorite animal? Lions 13. What's your favorite television show? Single Ladies (VH1) 14. What's your favorite movie? Love & Basketball and 7 pounds 15. What's your favorite band/singer? I love too many 16. How old are you? 31 17. Do you have a crush on anyone? Yes 18. What's your sexual orientation? Strizzle my nizzle 19. What's your favorite color? Blues and Reds 20. What was your most embarrassing m
Love And Life
As i wake up and the sun starts to rise i think today will be the day my love comes alive ..... but as the day plays out and the night comes in i fall alseep all alone again ... for one day i hope and pray i wont be alone and crying in pain for my life has become lost and unfair all my heart feels is blqck and dispear..... there are a few things that my heart still see my friends and my kids mean the world to me ..... i say these things for they all r true and maybe one day my heart will be in love anew ..... time for bed i close my eyes back and as i drift off i fade to black ........... DJ TILT  
Just Fucked Up!!
Isn't it fucked up to fall for someone you don't really know. Wish for a wonderful relationship and then tragedy strikes. Could be a number of things... Not compatible... Bad in bed... Snores... Boring... Someone who plays emotional games... Etc... Well, I'm not one who likes to play those types of games with others, It's really not cool to play with peoples emotions, One day you will fuck with the wrong person ;). So just a little friendly advice for those men and women who like to do that with others...BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!! Much luv to all of my real family and friends even the ones that are REALLY not wanting to talk to me right now (you know who you are still my babes) ~~Sassi
Part 3
I woke up just as the the high whispy were just being licked from the horizon by the rays of the intense flashes of gold and burnt orange of the rising sun. I sat in the bay window and watched it rush out over the bay like it was being fished from the depth of the ocean like a prized pearl from an oyster. I had the the window open and could hear the sounds of life stirring around the bay, and the smell of the fresh salt air rolling off the waves that crashed against the sea wall forty feet below me. Making my way down stairs I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I pulled out the apple juice and the cream cheese, the spun around to grab a bagel. I smothered the bagel in cream cheese, and then licked the knife as to not to waste the smooth spread in the sink washing it. Aunt Melissa walked in, "What are you doing up this early," as become a custom of mine for the last four weeks to not get up before the crack of noon. "I dunno why i woke up this early Aunt Mel," I repli
Ladies Night
!Only In Club 69!The Lounge That Never Dies!
It's Been A Long Time Since I've Seen My Muse
Emptied stand in your own judgement may the shadow cast drown your souls as it has mine. like acid it has dilluted and eaten away a surface once bright. cut into eachother slicing off pieces of heart until nothing is left but a miserable human average.   Namesake I was given a name that carried a strange burden. there must be a cell that dictates the weight ever preseent on my heart. temporary gift of a 5 year lift. now over. and i am standing on the precipice.  knowing and not knowing of the fall to come, and the crash landing that awaits.   In the Park here i am, lost in private thought in a public place. sitting by cold stones that are older than generations. there is a sickly knowledge interfering with the peace of the moment. after years of cutting, moulding and shaping i'm still nothing more than the average. not a happy ending princess as promised but a fall back plan. a child in a world of adult rules and expectations. a bad poet without wiso
I Just Want You...
Ok, I'm not perfect (hard to believe right *giggle*)...but I'm a simple, intelligent woman. I mean, I've never dropped my guard to anyone in fear, yea I have a fear, but in fear of being a victim of heartbreak. Don't get me wrong I have been there and done that in the past, that is the reason for the tough and bold exterior.  I can say that I believe in love. I haven't given up on that as of yet LMAO, but I know that whatever happens there is someone out there for me. Someone I can trust (which I have no problem in doing as long as you don't give me a reason to), someone I can depend on, someone I can talk to after having a bad or a long day, even if you are having a bad a long day I can listen and be there for you, joke around and just hang out or have fun. Hell, even on occasions talk shit with lol. Oddly I do this for my friends only difference is I'm only intimate with that special someone. I know you are wondering, why is Sassi opening up like this? Well, I lost a special friend
I don't regret my past, I just regret the time I wasted on the wrong person~~unknown   A relationship isn't going to make me survive. It's the cherry on top.~~Jennifer Aniston   There are two primary choices in life: to accept current situations as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. You can't make a person listen to the words they don't want to hear.  You can't make them ask the questions, when they are afraid of the answers.  So you just go on biting your tongue, hoping they figure it out.   What is worse - Making a big mistake in life, or living the rest of your life saying "if only."? Every day is a brand new day we have the choice to make it the best day we can imagine. It's ours to move in any direction we want, positively or negatively   If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will make an effort to be in it! "People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that cha
DARK O’ that night A light that never shines Bitten left there to die Tears of blood left for them to dine Burning pain Running through your veins Dark O’ that hell No sun here in your cell Changes to your skin The evil contracts from with in Cursed by the lust Blood is now your drug
I find myself lost searching for something that is missing in my life.  The dark shadows of night haunt me.  I am surrounded by evil, though I feel safer now than I have ever been. I find myself at the edge of a cliff. DO I JUMP? Do I turn and run back into the shadow filled hallow night? I catch myself turning back and wondering what is at the bottom of this dark hole.  Thinking will he be there to catch me? CAN HE CATCH ME? WHAT IF I JUST FALL? I turn and look back into the shadows. Saying to myself "DO I KEEP RUNNING AND HIDING?" Staying away from thing that haunt me. I cant fight the evil that lurks anymore, I close my eyes, Take one last deep breath, Whisper I love you into the air, hoping you can hear it. Then I take on last look in to the cold dark night and I JUMP. I dont feel myself falling, I hear screams and crying in the distance, Realizing it is the cries of hearts I broke, loves that I have lost and people that I have hurt. I can not repent what I have done in my past.
I watched my baby sister get married over the weekend :) I wanted to cry cause im so happy for her! I hope she and my new brother inlaw have the best life together and hurry up on making me an Aunt! I had to drive through 2 states :) It was a lovely vacation :) HAd me a nice room with a Hot tub and a fire place.. The moutains on the way were so beautiful. I Wish i could travel more. The lil shops were nice too. I had alot of fun.Was very relaxing! Just seeing her and helping her get into her dress brought me to tears... I love my sister so much! I wish her nothing but happiness and love! I will never forget all the things she has done for me she is the best sister in the world! I would do anything for her! Love u sis!
Love And The Butterfly
Love is like a butterfly never here nor therehigh or low not really watching where to go.A first love is like a butterflyhatching out of a cocoonwe are amazed by the beautyof this new feeling.True love is like a butterflyspreading its wingsand starting towards the skyknowing that they want to have this forever.Loosing love is like a butterflylaying its eggs then flying away to dieleaving them in this big world all alone knowing nothing familiar only home.Wanting for love is like a butterflystill as a caterpillarwanting those wings to be just like his friends.Love is like a butterfly Trying to spread its wing and flyLove is like a butterflyIt can stay or it can die.
What Not To Say To A Military Wife!!!!
1. "Aren't you afraid that he'll be killed?"(This one ranks in at number one on the "duh" list. Of course we're afraid. We're terrified. The thought always lingers at the backs of our minds —but thanks brilliant, you just brought it back to the front. Maybe next you can go ask someone with cancer if they're scared of dying.)2. "I don't know how you manage. I don't think I could do it."(This is intended to be a compliment. Though, its just a little annoying. Here's why: it's not like all of us military wives have been dreaming since childhood of the day we'd get to be anxious single moms who carry cell phones with us to the bathroom and in the shower. We're not made of some mysterious matter that makes us more capable, we just got asked to take on a challenging job. So we rose to the challenge and found the strength to make sacrifices.)3. "At least he's not in Iraq."(This is the number one most annoying comment for those whose husbands are in Afghanistan. What do they think is hap
Just Me Going Off!!! Tired Of These Guys Who Cant Carry On A Decent Conversation.
ok so this guy comments my mumm demands a fam spot me being nice I let him in to see... He then demands I go and check out his one cock pic rate it and comment it.  OK sure I go check it out but I rarely comment pics besides my Masters (as I am an Owned and Collared submissive in a real life D/s relationship that I dont hide from anyone).  I warned him before I let him in that I was owned and collared and that most of my pics were BDSM related (My Master allows me to add whom I wish to fam and to show my pics as I please and also to carry on any conversations I feel like having whether it be just friendly chat or flirting but if I flirt they are told I am with Him.) I DO NOT HIDE THIS FROM ANYONE I AM PROUD TO BE HIS OWNED PROPERTY!!! I let him in and then when I didnt rate his cock an 11 and didnt comment he got Bitchy with me! Disrespecting me is Disrespecting my Master! THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! I kicked him from fam then he said " Fine there wasnt much to see in your pics anywa
Oh Look New Pics Up..
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Time Apart
Is time apart from your partner healthy?  If so How much? If not Why Not?
World Of Illusion
We live in a world of illusion Nothing is as it appears Life lends itself to confusion Creating heartfelt fears Let me clear the way Reach out take my hand Not tomorrow, today It will be grand I have so much love to give Creating a world of passion and desire So much life left to live Let me set your mind and body on fire The moon and stars are for you Twinkling and shining in the sky at night You shall have all the planets too Basking in your loves glorious light Promise me tomorrow Live for today No more sorrow Show me the way
I Am Lost
I am lost in the shadows of the night. Left here to die or fight. My heart bleeding from pain. Do I really have nothing to gain. Should I run, Should I cry, Or should I just lay here and die. Will some one find me before its to late Or has my heart meet its fate. Tell me should I run, Should I cry, or should I just lay here and die.
The Myth And The Majesty Of Trucking In America
The Myth and the Majesty of Trucking in America    The minds of people in America have been so washed with dirty media water that no one is talking about the truth regarding trucking in America. Name one thing that we have in our daily lives that was not brought to us by a tractor trailer truck? If you can think of one write me and let me know.   The majesty of trucking in America has been clouded by old myths and popular old media that has been taken to be true. Remember Smokey and the Bandit starring Burt Reynolds? No? Look it up: the story puts “Smokey” better known as the highway patrol, against the truckers who are given an offer to make an illegal delivery. The “Bandit” Burt Reynolds accepts the offer and recruits help from other truckers to accomplish his task. This movie has put into the minds of most of America what truckers are like and what trucking is all about. Not this movie alone that has done
(how To) Speedup Opera
(How To) Speedup Opera™¹Most of Fubars members are referred to using either a Webkit based browser (like Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon or Safari) or a Gecko based browser (like Firefox or K-Meleon), but there are a few that use a Presto based browser named Opera. Opera is like any of the browsers mentioned above (meaning they have different API's and Settings.There are always Pros and Cons to every Web Browser (no matter which one you choose or decide to use). Each browser has a different level of Customability, but most browsers don't allow the user to customize the settings easily.I have two other blogs ((How To) Speeding Up Firefox & (How To) Speeding Up Chrome) which explain how to speed up the browsers speed by a small fraction and hopefully this blog will be of some helpful insight into that as well.
Things went weirdand then really bad last night.Really bad.I had no direct involvement, but I'm kinda on damage control/keep the pigs out duty. It is a pretty familiar scenario, so I'm in an advisory position.Sucks that this comes on the night I get some phone numbers and highfives and praise of my prose.I mean, seriously- people want to read my prose.That's new.And I read it out loud.To strangers.That's really new.Guess it's coming from some bolstered confidence, and the recent opening of a new public-internet blog (which will probably be a repost of a TON of my stuff from here, and then populated with new content)I'm worried about my friends and the shit they're in right now, but...with the bad there was also tremendous good.I got to hold a baby!Under 8 lbs.Holy crap that's a tiny person.Like... he has a heart. And tiny lungs. And tiny fingers...I totally want a couple of those.Not the lungs, the tiny people.They're so cool >> and they could be ANY thing.But I'm still in a weird... l
Mentally Ill, Hospitals, And Possible Cries For Help.
Every winter I become clinically depressed. Ive been hospitalized almost every year since I was 14. I always have a breakdown and wind up in the mental hospital. I hate everything about it. I hate the no freedom; I hate the strict rules and stupid schedules and groups. I hate the stupid people there sometimes too..Though I’ve met some of the best people of my life in there. Despite hating it, I know that I need it. I need the protection from myself. I need to get away from all substances for a while. I need people to keep and eye on me, and I need to be kept busy and learn routine again. I need more coping skills too. I need to find what works for me. I need to go again. Its important. Its not for everyone, in fact maybe its for the weak. But I am very seriously mentally ill, and I know that when I need help, I have a place to go. And again. Its important. Life threatening. Last  winter I became so enveloped by the past. My life was rewinding constantly and the guilt piled and m
Life Is Hard Sometimes!
Behind this beautiful smile is a girl breaking in two, Behind every heart felt sentiment is a girl crying out, Behind every word of wisdom is a girl wishing she had someone there, No matter how happy i may seem to be there's someone inside crying to be let free, I would never show a tear, For that will never be my weakness, So i hold my head up high and i display this smile on my face, Cause there's nothing in this world that will ever BREAK ME...
How To Snap Out Of Bullying
Ok, without getting counseling, i'm VERY stubborn and i like working things out on my own. Because of being bullied 10+ years being hearing impaired/deaf it affected me with friendship & relationships...habit of forgiving people and being too nice at tells me i need to toughen up,sometimes i'd blame myself on things i didnt do,when someone says something mean to not good at comebacks...and when someone says something if theres a problem..first thing that i'd say is "did i do something wrong for that to happen?" How do u snap out of that???  just hope some people can give me tips..     also the most thing that i freak out when someone says you look like you are 10.....what would you tell them because sometimes id get offended and i wouldnt know what to when i was in the makeup school...a teacher insulted me how i look like a kid from  high school musical infront of an entire class i was competiting against for a what would u would
Food For Thought
The measure of a man is not determined by his show of outward strenth or the volume of his voice, or the thunder of his action. It is to be seen, rather, in terms of the nature and depth of his commitments, the genuineness of his friendships, the sincerity of his purpose, the quiet courage of his convictions, his capacity to suffer and his willingness to continue "growing up".
Hard Work, And A Dream
Thomis Edison once said "Opportunity is often missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"... Truer words have never been said.     I take the term "Dress for Success" to mean a multitude of things, dressing like you mean to take the world, dressing like you mean to impress a hot date, and dressing yourself.. to be able to look in the mirror and say "I am proud of you".  Dress for Success meaning you are mentally, spiritually, and physically ready to succeed.  But we all know life is very hard.. everyone needs help, not everyone is offered the same chances to just instantly jump into something good..  Life takes hard work. and a Dream.. Let me explain in further detail.   Before i grew up, i was nineteen years old when i was first homeless, I had the right idea's but wasn't in the position to do anything, nor was i smart enough to even know what I was doing.  During the time i was homeless i was however fortunate enough to have a job. But the job pai
Its What I Didnt Say
It seems so many times We regret things we have said.But it's what I didn't sayThat's hurting me instead.It kills me that three wordsCould have changed your mind.Now I bite my tongue,And tell you that I'm fine.I know you've found someone,Which is why I play pretend.You never knew I loved youSo I want to keep us as friends.Believe me, it wasn't planned.Yet, it happened anyway.Regrets keep whisperingThe words I couldn't say.It's so unfair to my heartThat it's pained by words unsaid.Wish I could tell you nowBut you found someone else instead
Our Dance
OUR DANCEYou entered my life on a night like other nights.You seen my feelings long before i saw yours.Our dance started in a wild wind.You burned me,riped me apart.You healed me ,put me togehter ech time.We danced in a blaze of fire and heat.You slipped in to my soul,You slipped in to my heart.We danced in a storms.You made me return to places i forgot.You made me pull you in to places you forgot.We danced as hard as thunder.Your left yourself in my heartAs well as my soul.We danced our dance.You killed me,I killed you.Yet we still danced.You pushed me,I pushed you.As our dance twisted wildly.I left you ,You left me.Our dance shifted in to overdrive.Here at the end.I find that I love you,That I need you,That I'm so wraped up in youThat I don't want to be without you.
Real Or Not??
Seems some I have considered friends..might not be friends like I thought they were.  I know Its fubar..all a game ..etc. Someone who says they will always be my friend, but I do not hear shit from them though? Is that really a friend? Is your idea of being a friend..coming to my page daily and rating,,and polishing my high dollar blings? To me..I think its more like using me to get points. Then moving me down in your numbers..on your friend list? Seriously if anyone doesnt consider me a real not put me in your damn number system. I would rather not be in it then to see myself lowered in your list of what you do consider a friend. I know this is all a bunch of rambling..but Its cuz I am slightly ticked. This is why I do not number my family.  All I have added to family I consider a good friend.  There might be a handful I consider really really good friends..but still..I will not number any of them..becuz I like you all for you. This is directed mainly towards one
I Am Not Done Yet!!
Not even half way....I have dreams. I know that may surprise everyone but it is true. I won't want to change for anyone. Gives me a righteous reason to try an get out of bed each and every morning. I do realize that I might not achieve my goals today but I am one more day closer. One more step closer and just a few more breaths away. Not too sure there is anyone else out there that just needs a hug sometimes. Its not that I am shying away from everything else. I just don't want what I know can hurt anymore. I may not be the best looking person out there but I am a kind soul. Sorta like the last of the earthbound angels. The ones you think are never around but they walk among you. I don't get off on hurting others. May sound unreal but there are too many people that like screwing around with people that are too good to be true. I never fully understood the idea of strength gained from taking advantage of the unknowing, unexpecting, and the true hearted few. There is a old saying that
Just How Much You Really Mean To Me
Heartbreaks just a part of life,Everyone has hurt sometime.But if you let me i could be your shield,Protect you from all the hurt you feel.I would stand tall and be your guard,Be there for you even when its hard.It breaks my heart to see you cry,Would do anything to see you smile.It kills me just to see you hurt.I know you dont beleive me buti could take that pain away as long as you can feel the same.I could mend your broken heart,Piece it back together like it was at the start.I wish you could just open your eyes and seeJust how much you really mean to me.
About 2 months ago. I applied at the local police station for a permit to purchase a hand gun. After submitting the paperwork and waiting a week, I got a letter in the mail and got my “card’ saying I was good to go. I went to the local gun shop to pick up a nice  45.  After filling out the paperwork , the clerk picked up the phone and dialed the NICS/FBI. After being on the phone for 10 minutes. He came back and said. You have been wait listed, random 20% of the population get it..  no big deal and to  call back in 5 days…                 5 days later I call in and am told I was DENIED. And that all I get is a yes or no answer, along with the humiliation of being looked at as a criminal  and a denial number.  The appeal process, for this is to fill out a form, get finger printed, and send them to the NICS in Clarksburg. Now remember I had done this 10 years ago, and I kept everything.  I filled out the form attached scanned copies of my prints and the letter  I got
Trigger Time
Rest(less)   I am restless this night My poem filled eyes travel the lengths of my palm and I wonder if they hold any secrets to my stay in this world I look over at my Wife an Enigma of calm and grace even when clipping Her nails Picturing this scene right here without me in it Squishing my eyes shut the thought is let go I smile Away from these words I blink These freedoms lost and found in a hailstorm of moments and touch Her knee Her eyes a lighthouse of Emerald catching me stealing awe filled glances Her way In my bottomless heart I caress each blessing of the new Moon that whispers that I have plenty of time to love and be loved by Her Light It's becoming easier to push and stretch my fears into the past where they belong I am restless this night
Born - Died
I don't know why I remember this or if it is common or rare. When I was a little little girl, I thought you were born and you died on the same calendar day. I have reasoned this idea came from seeing gravestones with birthdates and seeing older gravestones with just year born and year died. I had the idea if you didn't die on your birthday this year, you were good to go another full year!
I Am Not Too Mean
When my time comes I choose to be remembered as a person with a good soul and a kind heart. Therefore I am going to be nice and kind till my last breath. I am on my second profile because of a deranged soul. I have started back from nothing twice because there are those that have lost their way and only know how to be angry and mean. I have had more times of heartbreak than joy. But I know that there is righteousness in this world somewhere. I will continue the search even though I grow tired easily. This battle may not be won but I won't stand by and let the crude rule.   If "IF" was at all possible things would be different. I have love on my side and with that the sun will never set on my dawning plan. You can laugh if you choose. I won't hate you. I may not know you that well and I don't really want to if you are going to waste precious time laughing at any person you don't know or understand. No mean feeling here.   Perhaps those that have a big problem with people that give a
♥♥ Love And Miss You Dad ♥♥
♥♥ It is Fathers Day in my neck of the woods in a few hrs and I want to pay a little tribute to MY dad thats passed away. I love you dad - that will never change - I miss you - that will never change either. I know you are an Angel watching over my kids , my grandson and me every day and night. I can feel you around me - I see you every day in my heart. I have so much to be thankful for because of you. Do you remember when I was a kid, I loved to explore - to take in all the scents, sights and sounds of Mother Nature. I felt quite close to all of natures creatures as if they were a part of my own family - and in a sense they were and still are. This love for nature was your influence dad and still is today. When I sit outside drinking my coffee I always look up to the sky and I have my little talk with you :) I tell you about all the creatures in the garden and around me. It is quite different from where I grew up - but nothing changes the beauty no matter where you are.
For someone who ment the world to me and was loved by all around him who left a broken hearted daughter  and a trail of tears. I loved the sunshine that was in your smile, and the kindness that was your heart. Yet the gods saw that you were tired which ment you had to part. Now here it is your special day, and your so far away. I hope you know forever more that your always going to be my world. Happy Father's Day Dad, and I love you.
Fathers Day
happy fathers day yall
Insignifigant Signifigant
  Insignificant significant Ungrateful bitch Hold jur tongue, silence the inflicted hurts Significant bitch The likes you have not imagined...but believe The skars you will never see, The molded manipulated me The mild mannered never be Masked in dezignz of skars you’ll never see. Hold styll Resist the urge to No sneeze no sniffle- Gag your mouth Choke back the tears Little shrunken coward girl In the corner crouched in fear- Resolve to Never to,.. Had to Fall down too So hopeless, The cause, The claws Retracting- REFRAIN-Shut thy mouth…don’t fucking speak! Control doesn’t make you superior Your insistence creates a freak What means nothing to you In- Significant even to you Perhaps, by chance, Not A deciding factor for you And be it so of little monetary value Insufficient as you view. Although, little worth is hardly true, I didn’t say a word… Hold the tongue If you ever doubted- Know in fact it is true Substantial damage exists within and behin
Perfect Man- Perfect
Looking for a man who lies, cheats and steals...a lot! I'd like to meet someone who is dishonest, lazy, mean, uneducated, unethical and rude. A previous arrest record is not necessary, but would be nice. You should know how to act like a king, preferably a drama king. And not be afraid to talk openly about your feelings, even in a crowded movie theater. You should also be a good communicator, understanding that yelling, screaming and swearing are effective in most conversations. I'd like someone who is open-minded enough to believe that unicorns and leprechauns are real, but also believes that things like hard work, deodorant and exercise are just myths. I like a man who enjoys spending time at the beach, or on long hikes in the woods, as a way to hide from police until "things settle down". You should enjoy a nice evening out shoplifting, or just staying home to cuddle with a nice porn video. And since I'm blind, you should be willing to describe all of the "scenery" in these videos f
Always A Pawn
Midnight skiesThe calmness of the lakeTraffic buzzing byAwaiting daybreak Thoughts in her headFeelings in her heartRegrets and remorse Tearing her Apart Confusion sinks inWhile lying awake Asking herself whyThe smiles are fake The heart feels one thingWhile the head thinks anotherShe wants to make a choiceBy why even botherThe end results Will always be the sameShe'll always be a pawnIn someone else's game.
Sexually Charged Story....
Life was great till I met him... I had a job, had everything and anything i wanted... or so I thought!  Do I have issues?  who doesn't?  Some more than others... I was a pretty and happy little girl till i was 6 years old... and that dreadful day that i visited the neighbor at his mother insistance that i could just stay there until mother came from the market... and so there i went and Miss Maria was making me cookies and what not... the good neighbor.... and when i asked to go to the restroom... how would i ever know what lurked on this obscure place...  Miss Maria's son offer to  show me where it was.... and i went as trustful as one can be of the neighbors we had forever....  So when he is helping me to get my panties down and as soon as i finished... it was different, i should have scream, or say something or do something but all i saw was his finger to his mouth telling me to be quiet....  and all of the sudden.... he is not helping me anymore, i'm trying to pull my panties up an
My hair touching my neck! It's very claustrophobic! It could strangle me!
I Waited For You
Chances are dreadful, I fear, Not one soul would miss me not being here. Therefore I wonder why in the hell do I try, to still make it online, let the brain cells fry. Push on and sometimes the moniter comes, sometimes it doesn't, it just hums. I have different complicated thoughts while, have you ever read than imagined a scowl or smile?? You sure can tell when SOMEONE IS PISSED or needing their ass sorely kissed. Its off now. I figure I'll let it rest, we all need time to work our best.  I waited for you in the rain, near a road where I had seen your car, pretty but plain. I wish you would come back, I waited for you. Allowing timeless memories to resurface too. Maybe I should no longer want any more, my heart as already felt more than before. While the pc was off I started cleaning up my son's toys. I came upon a paper bag of tumbling timbers or lincoln logs and lifted it to move it. It was only then that I saw Mr. Spider. Now I use to freak out when I seen spiders. I even broke a
Awesome Friends Of Fubar
Its Been Almost A Year since I joined Fubar, throughout that Year I met great people who now happen to be my greatest Friends, Yeah, it may just be a Website, but there is truly remarkable people on here. Ran into a few nuts, but all in all this is a great site to meet great people.   I made a List of some of the Most Amazing People I met on Fubar, Make sure you friend them, add them and all the good stuff. #1 Daddy Spankalot #2 Ranger Basil #3 MonaLisa #4 Small Town Girl #5 Red Hot Candy Apple #6 Mia #7 Tallboy  #8 LMM4Fun #9 MonaLisa #10 Irish Princess #11 BadAss Chevy Girl #12 Baby Scorpio #13 Uniquely Me
[let's Talk About Things Going Wrong]
I think I pissed off some ancient god-let's reviewMy old health insurance is suing me.One friend is unplanned preggers.One friend just broke up with a longterm live-in with explosive drama.More dudes in town wanna fuck me than girls.The girls that wanna fuck me just wanna have my kid.My car made it ALL the way back from the repair shop only to shut off again... in new and creative ways. (Ran a whole 12 minutes)I just pulled a biting tick off my knee (fucking hate parasites)My black paint went all kinds of fucky mid project and likely needs replaced with high quality stuff.Diablo 3 dropped the biggest nerf-assrape hammer I've seen in decades making the game nearly unplayable.The next game on my list had some... arcane bizzaro bug that made everything look like a multi-color acid trip.I still feel guilty about wanting to fuck you. (not you. You)I have the most strategic, brilliantly placed cut on my finger that wears and grinds throughout the day since I'm holding a tape gun a good ... h
Trigger Happy
Slivered   These past few centuries have changed me, She whispered into the deepened waves at our feet Our lives have crossed over and over the boundaries of time The broken hearts stay awashed on the shore I hand Her the poem I wrote a hundred years ago.. The tears and salt cascading to my lips as I try to smile at the setting of the sun Time is irrelevant for us, I remind Her There is no clock along the beaches of my soul and You're here now Your heart ticks and my heart talks We hold hands while You read the tides and words that will forever wash Us clean
Under The Gun
Search and Destroy   I went looking for her But instead i saw the other boi All savvy punk and crisp in her boots and leather jacket She waved Carrying the face of a hurt child thats been brave since October of last year I call out My own voice an echo as her lips move with mine Her shadow faster than my legs can pedal She doesn't want to see me and her failures of transplanted hearts that corrupt and implode beneath the silence "Quit fúcking running!" I scream I see her middle finger, my M.O raised in indifference as she turns the corner " We need to talk, I whisper." Choking down the revelations with my back against the bricks I kick a bottle watch it scatter the nightmares that for too long I have abated while I enabled Her to keep running Zipping up my leather shoving fists deep into the pocket of my faded out jeans, I cry Watching the cobble mock me beneath the thud-thud of my boots Knowing I have to let me go Again I lift my arm and poise my hand as i fly
Redneckgirl , You Will Never Be Forgotten.
for those who may not know i lost one of my closest friends just under two months ago. not only did she passed away but the baby she was carrying was lost as well. This world lost two bright and shining lights in the matter of two weeks. Red was only 27 years old far too young to pass from this world. in her passing several lives have been turned upside down , including mine as well. her and her husband are two of my closest and dearest friends , in her passing i have stood by my adopted brother as best as the distance between us allows. sadly he it seems that he is not recovering from this double tragedy in his life. honestly i dont know if i could if it were to happen to me. so tho i understand why he is having a hard time , it is breaking my heart to watch him slowly self destruct and not being able to do anything about it but be there for him. this is partly why i havent beem around. trying to find some sort of acceptance for her passing and trying to be there for my
Waste Of O2
from: sportsfanru San Diego, CA subject: cumming, for a visit.. received: 06/19/2012 10:46 am replied: no   block this member Sometimes you feel like a NUT?!?! And sometimes you don't.But when you DO?!?!?!!?Who you gonna call ? Ghostbusters ?!?!?!Look no further because ALMOND JOY's got NUTS, MOUNDS don't. Kevin, a Leo, age 36, 5'7',170 lbs., who resides in San Diego , is a University graduate, of French Canadian, Creole and Belizian decent, wants you to be honest with yourself. You would thoroughly enjoy A NO STRINGS ATTACHED GOOD TIME.The thought of experiencing MULTIPLE ORGASMS definitely excites the both of us!!! Ummmm !! Well, it's not necessary to own the entire pig, when all you really want is some sausage !!! Right?!?!?Besides, who you gonna trust! Eh, don't talk to me about trustManny ! I dont like it! Who do I trust?!? Me! That's who! Who put thisthing together?!?! Me ! That's who. WAIT, this isn't a Scarface movie script!So where SHALL we beg
I Got Hurt
Yesterday and today too my son hurt me. He may not consciencly do it but his elbows and chin really hurt. I have bruises on my arms and legs from my son. I tried to raise him right. I haven't heard yet that he is treating girls wrong. However, I did find a note from his first girlfriend. It said that she couldn't go out with him any longer because her parent didn't want her in an active relationship. He is 12 years old and if I find out that he is active already he is in bad trouble. It is just that simple. I once had a thought that it was like yeah I can do this, no problem. Now I am not so sure. My daughter is more than 50lbs heavier than me and my son beats me up. My daughter has only slapped me once. It did hurt. It added to my fear of her. She keeps on threating to leave home and live on the streets. I guess I am not as perfectly stable has I hoped to be. I already guessed that most of Fubar could of already figured it out. But besides bully camp I don't know how to change my ki
Rambling Writings Of Writer's Block
While writing, which I do very often and quite fondly, I came up with this. I have no idea what it is, where I'm going with it, or what I'm doing, so without further ado, meet Kiska. A null.   The hair on the back of Kiska's neck stood up straight, threatening to crawl down her spine in a cold sweat. Her eyes were fully dilated while staring down at what had once been the homecoming queen of Orione, Florida. The picture wrinkled in her hand was of a shining, rosy-cheeked cheerleader, not at all the skeletal child clinging to the bed covers.She seemed so out of place in the sunny pink room with its rose cabbage patterns and fluffy teddy bears pronouncing undying declarations of valentines. The photos pinned to the dresser mirror didn't show the hollow-faced sickly teen, but rather a laughing playful spirit.Her mother, Rosario, braced one shoulder against the door frame leading to the hallway as if she didn't have the strength to stand. Her own rosy cheeks were tear-stained and bruised
Found In The Lost
Found in the Lost by Kenneth Matlock on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 2:43am Tried and true I broke on through to find my missing link The only way I could constue to others what I think Why did I feel the need to make a grand connection About the philosophy for life I chose as my selection It was because I felt alone in the rocks amongst the stars The idea I was seeking needed to extend out beyond red Mars It found me in an instant and it shivered down my spine I had finally found a way to get my ducks all in a line I had always wondered why it was we're here Why God would create us and then never again be near Which faith was the right one, Which one would bear fruit Which one would I believe, Which one to me would suit None of them seemed to make any sense to me Why so many would follow I simply could not see Was I heathen, had I turned my back on faith Was I part of the darkness, was I a spiteful wraith I convinced myself that I was evil to the core No mat
Just Figures
I am still having pc problems and can only use my laptop sometimes. Last night I let my son use my pc and then he didn't use the mouse that much and the computer froze. Anyways I went to turn it off then turn it back on and it would not boot. Grrrr.... Turned on the pc when I woke up this morning and it still hasn't been able to boot. I remembered that it might just want a short blow. I tried that three times but something else seems to be messed up.  I get ideas when I am offline and it don't help alot when the pc don't want to boot. Its only when my daughter leaves that I can use my laptop. I don't mind if you think of me as a weakling. I just don't want to piss off my daughter. I will try an return... be gentle. Remember not everyone has the capacity to have thunk it all out yet. Smiles and giggles, hugs and licks!!
I Need You Over Here!
I can see through the shadows, I know you're here. I'm screaming out your name, please reappear. I know you can feel me, as I feel you. I am begging you to make, these hazel eyes turn blue. Bring some sort of happiness, back to me. I know that with YOU, is where it has to be. I keep reaching, please don't let me slip. I know you're hurting too, I can't handle this shit. One slap leads to two, then three, will it ever stop? I just want a better grip, than the one I've got. On reality, someone I KNOW, cares. Just reach back, I know you're there. Don't go away, just step out from the dark. I need the light right now, I'm surrounded by sharks. By those who thrive on, my blood tears. Please just hear me, feel me, I need YOU over here.
Garden Of Truth
When crushed by intimate lies the lonliness between lovers will grow. Dating quickly darkens. Dreams shatter, rechid emotions come to pass. Excitment turns to regret as uncontrolable ecstacy rages. Misplaced hatred subsides due to untainted love secretly transforming into an orchid blooming of betrayal.
Lifes Free Lesson
     Lifes lessons.                                               Learned my way   We are slaves to this world and the things in it.We work are asses of to have nice things .To shine brighter than the next person.To have the perfect home,Perfect wife,well mannerd children.BUT in reality what we wont, nead, and desire.Takes over and becomes are master. I work because i like to spend a desent ride,In  alll that i work for: none of its realy mine the trailer will never be paid for ,the van i drive also will never be paid for. So do you think ive lost my mind yet! well for the record never had one.If you dont pay your taxes you wont have that home .If you dont treat that wife good .she be gone.The ones in my past said i treated them to good and left anyway. The kids grow up and do there own thing that money you have .Let uncle sam catch you not giving him money to whipe his a... with.the thing we never had we dont mis .Well when i got laid for the first time .the pleasure bec
A Reply To Last Post I Found With Someone Taking It Wayyyyyyyyy To Serious
Replace lost quotes: Man alive, not this “Englishman walking down the road invention list” garbage again. Why the obsession with Englishmen? Are we the only ones that use the earth changing invention of a thermos flask? “The average Englishman, in the home he calls his castle, slips into his national costume, a shabby raincoat, patented by chemist Charles Macintosh from Glasgow, Scotland.” Why the sneering reference to a castle? This is a proverb suggesting your home should be private and secure. This is an alien concept north of the border? I had no idea we all wore a Mackintosh. I wouldn’t be seen dead in one, but then I never notice anyone else wearing one, so obviously I’m mistaken. Since when has a coat design been an invention? Should I list some world famous English designers? Interesting you use the term “patented by…”. Is this an admission that the vast majority of supposedly Scottish inventions aren’t Scottish
I Must Be Popular! Lol
As I am going through loving on friends and family..I have noticed a couple of the same women have visited there pages. I can only assume they have seen these people been blinging and lovin on me. I have heard of bling chasers before..but never had one or two who have came to my page and then  went chasing after the men! All I have to say is WOW...I must be popular. haha. Anyways.. just here for a few! Wishing all a beautiful weekend! 
Oh My......
I got a phone call today. It wasn't really expected. Turns out I have another company who wants me to publish my poetry. The guaranteed me a 50% deal. They say they will distribute world wide. By E-Book and Barnes And Nobel, among other ways. I just told them I have 1021 poems and 5 songs. They said they would list me as the author and by that fact I have the ability to publish it as poetry with the right to rerelease them as songs. Things are looking up but I would still like to share my future fortune with someone that will love me for who I am and not my future bank account. The one poem I read to the person that called was "Our I Love You's". He was very impressed. I would like to be seen as a creative person. Sometimes I think that is asking too much. All I ask is that you try to see the creativity because there are times I see this as a curse. I get ideas and plans when I have no note taking things. I write on receipts and grocery lists. When my inspiration flows there is no dam
You ever had one of those days, when sometime just tickles that funny bone so much you know that you got to share it…well lucky you, I just happen to have one of them and lucky you we have this thing called a blog…honestly now, who the hell names this stuff, come on! you couldn’t come up with something thing better there? I mean blog…this is what comes to mind right off when I think of “blog” be sitting at the house, when there’s a knock on your door, you open it and get this greeting” HI MY NAME IS BLOB AND THIS IS MY SON BLOG AND WE JUST MOVE IN…” you know “the blob”… the movie…hehe? Okay sorry…I know…but really it sounded funnier in my head, and yes it’s true, I am easily amused!!! Well welcome to world!!! Okay drifting now…where was I? Oh yeah, I remember….I was sitting at a buddies house one night, just kicking back in the den watching some sport on the boo
Cars And Ladies
I was in the store the other day chatting with a buddy, we were talking about cars, when his wife walked up, stood there, put her hands on her hips, and blurted out these words, oh come on ladies, you all got to admit being guilty of that, I can see those smiles!!!she said in true style, “I just don’t understands what it is about, GUYS AND THEIR CARS” now remember that was my best bitchy voice… I tried…So it got me to thinking…hmmm…Well ladies, I might have an answer? as you know men are very simple type creatures, right? We don’t have many wants but we do have some needs, here’s a few, roof over our head, someone to bed, and damn it time to get fed! And we are notorious for turn anything into sex, Yep, I’m guilty of that! So remember that! See, pretty simple, huh?…But guys and Cars, hmmm, there’s just that something about them, just listen to the words we use…We can “bore ‘em“, we can
Star Struck - 809
Day one I didn't know what to expect, if only I knew I must lie to protect. The night came and so did you, now I fell I must protect yet pursue. Your feeling you dared to show, some were nice but naughty; fast food on the go.   What we did I won't ever tell, I know what is sold I can't sell. I won't make any kind of claim, since I know you would deny knowing my name. Also it is understood you are busy, with the likes of Bloody Mary or Dizzy Lizzy.   I am lucky I had that one night, others didn't get that much, right?? They usually aren't close enough to see, a second who is nobody to you but somebody to me. So the lights go down and you close your eyes, I kiss you and slide in your 7 inch tongue depressor & teasing it to rise.   Here we are full of luck, that night it was nice to be star struck.
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Well its day 6 on fubar. everyones been really nice not sure how everything works on here. but am figurin it out. Also cut Ruhbarb today and made strawberry ruhbarb cobbler very yummy!
Dark Soul Feelings
Love You Baby
My fingertips, slowly, slide up your thighs. Your legs parting wide.  Your eyes closing in time with your sigh.  My thumb slowly traces your perimeter, lightly brushing, but never quite coming in full contact with your clit,  As your hips start to slowly roll, my palm presses to your pubic bone.  My fingers covering your pussy.  Your rolling hips, grinding your pussy slowly against my hand.Our eyes meet in a knowing embrace.  I see, desire and anxiety warring for supremacy.  Your hips continue to roll  Your pussy wetting my middle fingertip as it massages just below your entrance with each grinding roll of your hips.  As your pace increases, our eyes meet again.  You begin chewing your lower lip, your fingers finding purchase in the sheets.  Anxiety fighting for ground lost to your building desire.  Our eyes locked, my free hand starts stroking your inner thighs in time with your hips, increasing your desire's control.  My middle finger curling inside you as the depth of your grinding
A Poem For Vets
   HELLS OWN CHOIR     He crawled out on the sand Thirteen thousand miles from home Wondering if he’ll be there, When comes the dawn Tracer fire and cannon fire The scream of the Warthog jets Listen to the whimpers of the wounded The quiet of the dead Sounds from Hell’s Own Choir Are screaming in his head     Screeching through the buildings Nothing stands in its way Two hundred miles per hour Winds take away the day Folks heading for the high ground Screaming all the way
Go Wrong
when things go wrong and you have no one to go to what do u do? i guess you just have to try to work it out on your own and try to figure out why its ok for some to just walk away and others to sit there and wonder wtf just happened....   I know everyone's life isn't perfect and people have drama and so forth but its not right in no means to get dragged into it when it really has nothing to do with you. But you still try to be nice and stuff....but grrrrrrr why do you need it really!?! It just ends up hurting a lot of people in the long run, sometimes it ruins friendship or relationships (boyfriend & girlfriend or husband & wife) or best friends outside/inside fubar.  How do you keep out of it when you don't even know your in it? the drama that is  would we ever really know? if we can ever get out of the drama other people have. I mean dang no one lives in a bubble and there's always bs outside/inside fubar. 
It Isn't Wrong
     There is plenty that I would like to one day have. But I'm not going to ask for anything, I believe I should earn it. There is a few things I kinda figure will remain a dream. I have heard everyone needs a dream. It may just give you a reason to keep going. If all your dreams have been achieved then maybe you can just stick around to enjoy the glory.      With all that is possible my dreams don't seem so wrong. I am not in search of Superman. Yet, my love is not a toy to be played with. In my heart I know the truer the person the less they will play with me.      What I write in this blog I hope just may be accepted as not just typed words but words with feeling. I am not a cheater or a easy catch. I am like a genie in a bottle or a princess in a tower. I shall remain here till I am rubbed the right way and/or rescued.         Just maybe someone can and will someday accept that I am just me. I try to explain this in my poetry. Take all this as you will and remember I care how I
The Majesty Of Humility
The Majesty of humility   The greatest challenge mankind has in all of our living is taking into consideration what is true about us. We cannot change a single thing about our lives unless we first accept what is true about us.   The influence we receive from the world tells us how great we are for many reasons that serve it’s purpose of keeping us in the dark. This simple truth is kept out of our consideration by powers that we cannot even see working; though these powers are at work constantly and relentlessly.   The world is dominantly influenced by the principalities of darkness; they were here when the world was without form and dark. Satan and his legions of fallen angels make up the principalities of darkness. Their one common sin is pride; not being willing or able to surrender to authority, God.   This single sin is the most often used to direct mankind away from any consideration of truth. It is simple to see this truth as a motive if you allow yourself to actua
But Hurt Ppl On Here
i just love so called friends on here. ya single , depressed and they say they are there for ya but never talk to ya or shit. soon as ya get in a relationship with someone , the socalled friends are all up in ya face sick of it. 
Strange Journey's End.
Move damn it. The burn on my shoulder is still raised and puffy.My jeans are still ragged.Light.Drag.Exhale.Last night's a haze.Last week...This headache isn't getting any softer.This drain is only getting louder.And only fourteen hours to go.Just enough for cigarettes and twelve packs.What the fuck am I doing?What was it all for?Is this what my lifeless aims have come to?Half-hearted swings.Noncommital shrugs.What exactly is left?And is it worth saving?Could it get any worse with you?Over thereWe could pretend we're a village.A home.A family.For a while at least.Would it be this bad?
The Miracle Of Today
I met someone today just like myself.. A shattered heart and soul just trying to mend. i know exactly who and what im looking for now. and no, i wish it was this person but they are taken. and i am NOT going to interfere with that. i want to watch her heal, i want to see her love in her life blossum into everything she desrves in love and life. everything we all deserve, and be her friend and learn from her. its so funny because our paths have crossed, we have been at the same place at the same time about 8/9 years ago, and yet now so far away, our paths have crossed agin, here of all places, and this time "Life" allowed me to meet her and have the chance to earn her friendship, something i am going to handle like fine china. In a day this person has helped me and changed me. if im so fortunate enough, can you imagine what knowing her as a friend will do for the rest of my life. i know, right, its unimaginable. I have several "walls" i surround myself with, although im an open book. i
Wtf Moments At A Spa
WTF moments at spas: So here's a kicker, you guys remember "Mr.Ejaculator"?, you know, the guy that likes to leave me a little bonus on the sheets to clean up when he leaves? *shudders* yeah, well he and HIS wife came in, her for a facial (she should just ask her husband for one, he seems to have a loose valve on it anyways) and him for a massage...they bring raw meat in from their shopping and want us to store it in the fridge for them while they are getting their services....not too weird right? course not, but, then when their services are over, we tell them we will be getting their meat for them and they say no, we can just hold onto it for a little bit cause they are gonna hop over next door and have breakfast....WTF?? do we LOOK like your friendly neighborhood storage place??? Take you meat and your fuckin nasty as ejaculating husband and get the fuck out. Oh and Btw, you should have seen how hard the wife was trying to re-book an apt for her husband with me...they
For You Girly!!
From the very first word, we just clicked. Been going strong, every since. She accepts me regardless, if I am right or wrong. I know our bond, is life-long. The miles between us, are just that. They are more than worth it, no turning back. When I mess up, like I always do. She's the first one there saying, girl I got you. And really she does, she won't allow me to fall. I remember being broken, when she called. She made me laugh, when all I wanted to do was cry. I love ya to death, and this is why. Because regardless of all the wrong moves, I am always making. You keep me thinking that I am great, prevent me from breaking. These are the words, I can't say out loud. I want you to know that, you make me proud. When I think I have no one, I know I have you. You are like some-one's, dream come true. You knew I didn't have a Mom, so you shared your own. Girl you surpass, all that I've known. When someone tells you, you don't mean a thing. Then you j
Some Days....
I don't even know why but I get out of bed and just instantly either want to break down in tears or feel completely useless and wonder why anyone in the world would even want Me alive. I'm not saying I would ever try to kill Myself. Hell I've been clinically dead 4 times and on the brink several others and I remember them all. I know what's happening after I die and I'm not afraid but not looking forward to death either. I just wonder how anyone can find anything in Me that they actually like when I am in My own body and can't. And then there are the ones that DON'T seem to want Me around or like Me. And that's when I want to and feel like I have died inside even a bit. Why am I writing this? Hell I have no damn clue. I just have felt completely useless all day and can't seem to stop crying (yes, I'm male and cry, fucking sue Me) for absolutely no reason. I don't know if it is the heat....or the fact that I've basically been cooped up for almost a month now between the hospital and not
Sometimes I Just Don't
There are times that I maybe shouldn't even think about it. But you know what?? I am a sinner, not to the extremes but still a sinner. And ifin I want to get a Smoothie or Frappae when I have the money then I will. I stopped by Catholic Charities today and its been awhile since we needed to do that. I got some food and a few articles of clothing then walked out without having to pay. I don't totally feel guilty because there are times when we are just scraping by. Like now. I operate my old desktop here on free wireless. I am not someone who can eat out at a resturaunt every night or get Mickey Dee's whenever I choose.  We know that we can't afford a car or house and we can stand to live in an apartment and take the bus. I have a heart for the people I see begging for food. Simply because I have been there. I sometimes wish others would give, if they could give, to the people with less. Then its like I wish the rich would give to the poor. Sometimes the poor know to value money rat
The Good Stuff
People compliment me, all the time. But one part they leave out, is my heart, my mind. Are people really that shallow, is that all that matters? You think I'll tell her this, I'm not the least bit flattered. Because people like that, you can find anywhere. I want someone that, looks elsewhere. That looks inside, despite the view. Around the beauty, something new. A walk, holding hands, would be enough. Not needing anything more, that's the good stuff.
All I Ask
Tainted, marked, damaged goods. Just a few of many names, that you could. Use to describe me, fits me well. Another word you might try, is hell. My insides feel like they are, on fire sometimes, living in doubt. Because these tears, just won't put the fire out. The flames are too high, out of control. All I want is a chance to be happy, that is my goal. Money can't buy it, I only want one thing. My smile back, I would give anything. At just an opportunity, a shot to just live. Before my time runs out, what do I have to give? Take what you want from me, there is nothing left. Just give me a life please, that's all I ask.
Idiots Omg
why is it that guys can hit your sb perv the hell out of you, you then post that convo to show ppl hey look what happened to me yet you get in trouble. i mean come on guys you need to be adult and try and at least act respectful around us, not everyone wants to see your cock on cam, and all your bs i hardly use fubar can i have your yim, um every perv says that so no you not getting my info kk thx
"PARENTS" There are always two people in your life that shall always stand by you. Whether it is in good or bad times,they will never be judgemental of you. They may be your best of friends at times, and your worst of enemies at others,but they will always be the ones you can truly say love you most of all. We have but only one set of them in our life, so we must always cherish the time we do have with them.They are like us, and not excluded from death. So if you are sitting there now trying to figure out just who i have been speaking of, just think of the two people that bought you into this world. They are our one n only beloved parents. p.j. page 5/19/07 10:26 am
Another Older Poem
"FIGHTING THIS BATTLE" Fearing this dark urge inside me shall one day go and take over, I try not to thing of all the pain that is surrounding me.Knowing that if I do not keep myself in check, it may be a mistake. Having thoughts I know should not be there inside my mind, I try to keep busy and not slow down long enough for them to catch up. Fearing I may go and do the one thing I am trying not to. People keep telling me just how grand and wonderful love is, but so far i have had only pain and misery. Having this heart of mine ripped from the encasement that once before housed it there. I know not all situations are the same, but I can not seem to once again fully let down this guard I have yet once again put up. Trying my best to keep away the pain that gave me these thoughts. Wondering at times if I am truly going insane or if I am just scared to ever really love someone once more. Wanting to never have this demon known only as depression tighten it's firm grip. Wishing there w
An Older Poem
Wanting Back My Sanity!! Feeling the urge to just say the hell with it all, I think as well, of those I would leave behind. Wondering if they would be able to cope with the decision I am looking at. Wanting this pain to go away, but not wanting to cause others any as well. Wishing some how I knew what to do. Asking myself as I hold the cold steel barrel next to my temple, if this is actually the best thing for everyone. Knowing that once I make that choice, there is no going back to the way things used to be, in this mixed up and twisted life that I am living in as of right now. Oh what shall I do?? Having a feeling of loneliness and being lost constantly, I feel like all I am to every one is both a burden and troublesome bother. Some times it is as if I am the only person upon this diabolical planet, searching for an answer I know that I shall never find or even come close to locating. Things from days of old, swirling through my mind, making me wonder why we did the
Its Just Fair
     I'm not feeling top of my game today. Please everyone take it easy on everybody else. The world isn't fair and that also means you don't need to add to the unfairness. I would like to be around today but I can't promise anything. I have good days and bad days too. Just like you. There isn't any earth shattering difference. I know by short fact that you can handle the truth. Even if you don't want to play fair all the time or stare the truth down and roll the muther fuking dice.... and that there is nothing but the truth!! Fubar may be an online bar but I believe like other computer sites people come here to escape not to face rudeness and meaness. Try, please try, to be nice to a greater degree than what I usually see. I am not trying to change all of you into flower children but I hold the belief that kindness can be the best pain releiveing medication. Being nice can turn a frown upside down. May sound ancient but its more true than some want to admit. Angelic care can be shown
Have you ever noticed that there are some people that won't look at your profile because of your friends' list?
The burning light of my soul burns so brightIt's in clear sightMy whole being feels like it's on fireburning and yearning with desireGive Me Your loveFill Me with the Fuel I need to burn brighterI can feel You in my heartI can feel You under my skinIt itches slightlyIs it such a SinTo want and need You so badlyKeep the flames going So I can be a beacon of Our love.Let Me soar as high as a DoveThis feels amazing.What We have You and I.It's clear as day how We feel.But it can only be Fubar my love.But We fit like a pair of Gloves Tight and snugI feel like Your little love bug.
Ok people... for all those guys who pass around their number to everyone... i dont want your number. so dont give it to me... maybe if i asked for it, yeah thats fine because im interested in you... but if im not even talkin to you and you just throw your number at me... yeah im never gonna text you or call you... reason why i dont text is because i get a number and start texting... then an hour later the person disappears... ummm... not worth it to me.. sooo the little number who read this, you have been warned..
Did You Ever Think??
Did you ever think what if today is the day the world stops turning?? What if today is the day I fall in love?? Did you ever think the person your talking to today might, just might be the last person you ever see?? Sometimes I think of such things. I use to wonder why. I mean why the fuck me?? I have been strapped to a bed in a hospital. I have been in the back of a police car and I have worn hand cuffs. Not because I broke the law but because I was lost. The officer said I had to wear them. Not true. I have also rode next to the officer, in the front seat. I have hugged an officer too. He wasn't in uniform. Relax already, it was my brother. Yesterday is but a memory, the future is but a dream, and today is a gift. Maybe unwrapped but you ain't gotta peak anyhow. Everyday can be better than the last. I should listen to my own words sometimes. There are times when I feel rotten and days when I am on top of the world. Unkind vibes or unkind words wreck my flying high mood. I could jus
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i am in a conest plz rate my plz 
We're Back And Need Members! Sarge's Bad Girls
Yes!  We're back!  Sarge's Bad Girls!  Contact me or hit up Sarge at his link below and either of us can help you!  SO excited to get this going again!  You will need to make a SBG salute sfw or nsfw and send it to Sarge.  Thanks!   The Sarge Ecuadorian Goddess Fu Hubby@ fubar
I Love Her To Die...
I Love Her To Die   She haunts my nights and my dreams, She is the mistress of my private realms, I love her to die... She is the one I always get to miss, She always greet me with a blissfull kiss, How can I ever sleep? She is in me too deep, I love her to die... She vanquished all her pains, And still fight them today... She vanquished all her pains, I have more to say... She washes and cook for me, She always have a wink at me, I love her to die... How can a man could resist, When she comes out from the mist, How could I ever sleep? She is in me too deep, I love her to die... She vanquished all her pains, And still fight them today... She vanquished all her pains, What more could I say?
The Critical Role Interactive Voice Response Service Plays In Any Outage Management System
The Critical Role Interactive Voice Response Service Plays In Any Outage Management System When it comes to implementing an effective and efficient outage management system, some corporations rely solely on their geographic information systems, and with good reason. GIS applications have truly revamped the way organizations in a slew of sectors execute their outage management system. A high-quality, innovatively designed geographic information system can help utility providers keep a firm finger on the pulse of their grids in ways never before imagined. With just the click of a few buttons, a GIS can quickly deliver data relevant to a comprehensive host of geological and environmental factors. Hotspots, troubled areas and even regions that often fly under the radar when it comes to issues can all be identified and examined in hopes of improving the service of the outage management system.Interactive Voice Response Service: A Critical Piece To The Utility Puzzle However , re
If there's one face I want to see,so beautiful, so true,one smile that makes a difference,to everything I do.If there's one touch I long to feel,one voice I long to hear,whenever I am happy,or just needing someone near.If there's one joy, one love,from which I never want to part,it's you, my very special love,my world, my life, my heart.
“Future”   Be brave. Be brave. Dance to the grave. Trust in Christ -you will be saved. There's nothing they can take away, That won't be gone someday. Take up your joy. Take victory. Love for every soul to see, The way that Christ has set us free, From every broken thing, And even now, in little time, I'll be His and He'll be mine. One step, and then, eternal life- The past no more in mind.
Lesbian Love - My First Day At Office
  "What do you want to do?" Lexi said "I don't know,  it doesn't matter to me." I said Lexi got up and headed to the bathroom,  "where are you going?" I asked,  staring at Lexi. I couldn't help but look at her body,  it made me feel all good inside. Lexi turned around,  her long dark brown hair flung over her shoulder,  and she looked at me with her dazzling hazel eyes. "I'm going to take a shower,  I'll be back in 20 mins. You could watch tv or something until I get out if you want." Lexi said. She then turned back around and headed to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I heard Lexi turn on the water and the sound of the curtain closing. I sat there for a moment,  listning to the water splash against the tub,  I closed my eyes and pictured Lexi's naked body. I felt myself getting wet,  I didn't know what to do,  and I didn't know if Lexi was like me,  maybe I should find out. I opened my eyes and looked at the bathroom door, my heart skipped a beat. I got an
Nature Vs Love
There is somethingAll encompassingThe air, wind and wavesAt times, you can smellThe rain beforeIt downpours.. ..The wind whips aroundAs a warningA thunderstorm approachesOn a secluded beachLaying on a tattered blanketWe watch the stormThe tide comes inWaves poundingAgainst the shoreYou start to shiverI hold you closeTo my soulIn return, you anxiouslyKiss me.. ..As the thunder rollsWe lie side by sideOur eyes exploringWhile our hands deliverWe kiss as it flash/thundersAll are passion drainsA stillness evolves  
Warning Red Flag Ahead!
Again, I did not write this, but some of you really need to know. by cattatail Red flags are warning signs that someone is not be a safe partner to play with and the flags may vary from person to person. How can you identify the abuser in BDSM when safety should be the most important thing for a slave or sub . Mistress Kashiko gives us some ideas and I thought it would be good to share. Most are obvious and we know to look out for some not so much. If you know someone or have been through a red flag sitution please share as it might help someone else. If you think of more red flags than listed below please add to it. You might just want to make a copy and keep it someplace. Your saftey should be put before anything or anyone..always. References:Brazell, J. (1998). BDSM Safety - Warning Signs & Red Flags. Retrieved 09 10, 2011, from Twist of Wyrd:…Chicago, M. (2007). 40 BDSM Red F
Pure Happiness!
There aren't very many words to describe how happy I am right now! After leaving a man I had been with for 5 yrs due to domestic violence, I never thought I would find a man that would make me so happy! I am so glad that I was ablw to find him after all this time! I am so glad he remembered me from that drunken night in Atlanta back in December 2005! I really friggin am glad! I knew then I LOVED him! But back then, he and I were both young and stupid! Now, we are in the best relationship that either of us had ever thought was possible. He knows what my situation is and that I am a single divorced mom. We've been dating about three months and I couldn't be happier! He is amazing with my daughters! Living with him for the past week has been the best week EVER! I love my Juggalo more than he will EVER realize, more than word can ever hope to express. He brought back a side of me that I thought was long dead thanks to my ex-hubby(that's something I never thought I would say)! I am so glad
Need Fans And Friends To Level Up.
Straight Up Word To The Male World...
Hey you Dude… Yeah you, hiding over there in the fu shadows.  I am here to let you all know, that I am wise to your sneaky ways.   How you hide in the shadows and wait for a sign that I just might be online and then pounce me all up in my shout box.  You’re Never brave enough play with me on my statuses or page, just always wanting to tell me what you want to do to me in my box.  There are usually countless others you tell the same song and dance to and then never learn when the drama unfolds.  Just because you do your best to keep it as out of public eye as possible, you cannot control the other’s involved and eventually one or two will find out and the bitch shit will fly. You dudes just never learn, you turn around and start all over again.  It is a game, an old and boring game that has been used and abused.  It’s such a shame too, because if you would give just one or two a straight up fair chance, you might just find out you enjoy getting to know someon
It's early eveningAnd night's shroud has fallenA silent, stealthy darkAnd the fireflies flutterSafe in the impenetrable coverOffered by the depthsAnd crevasses Of spruce boughsThe smoke trailingFrom the cigarette in my handReminds me as I watchOf the trials, the testsOf everything I've enduredTake a hit and ponderAs the fireflies wanderLittle moving starsIn the deepening darkRecalling things you saidThings I saidThe tears fall unbiddenMy self loathing deepensAnother draw off the smoldering stickI bitterly press to my lipsAnother nail in the coffinSome have saidAnd I can't help but wonderIf a quick deathIs better than this slow oneSuck in anotherLung-ful of smokeExhaling and watching thoseLiving, sweet, mini starsStill twinkling and shiningMy fate they're diviningSending my wishesTo fall on their wingsLove is always conditionalIts truth truly fictionalI no longer meetThose set termsAnother puff of smokeIts trail as fragile as hopeAnd the night windPicks up and takes it awayThe cigarette
Bling For Friends
I'm trying to get more frinds on here so im going to start giving bling out.  For every 25 new friend requests I recieve i will be selecting one person to bling out of that 25.  It will be a random selection but it will be one of the 25 new friends that I add.  So start getting those friend requests sent to me and you could be one of them that gets blinged.   ****It won't always be a 1 or 2 credit bling either.  Last time I did this I gave out a couple 10 credit blings and a couple boomies also****
How Tp Pass The Cherry Inferno Achievevement And Move Beyond Level 50
If u need the cherry bomb achievement chrerry inferno and have been unable to pass it and u need some help or would like me to try and get past it for you message me :) i passed it my first try with a broken wrist.
My Best Time Ever!
I remember it was one of those boring Monday morning lectures, something to do with Moslows theories, I mean what’s the point I could have stayed in bed. Fortunately I’m in a class with real boff’s therefore been that little bit late always means that I get to sit at the back. In this serene setting I’ve often slept through the lecture or scribbled eligible notes that encrypting them is a task worthy of an encriptionologist.   But today was surprisingly to be not unlike any other day. It opened with a drole and I’m sure it was the case throughout but I had become so completely separated from the lecture that I’m sure others must have thought that I was on some illicit substances. I diverse. Anyway I came in, sat down and feeling so tired as Anna came round again, I just put my head down on the desk and rested it on my hands, and that was all it took. One sniff and Anna was there again before me, naked mochican pussy, huge tits and those deep brown
I Thought You Needed Me - 148
I do realise how wrong I was, then it didn't matter, now it does. I played you ultimate fool, and you played it totally cool. I was oh so wrong, it has been too long. I thought you cared, but you wanted me scared. I should not of fell, I was chained in hell. First you told a lie, you didn't even say goodbye. Honestly I needed you, I thought you needed me too.
The Elevator Ride, Part 2
It was then that Cassie looked into his eyes, and she saw the hunger in them. He looked at her and said, "I wonder what we can do to pass the time", as a grin spread over his face.  Being more brave than her usual self, she looked back at him "I have been considering a few ideas", as she then began to feel her face become flush after being so bold.  It was then that Dane placed his hands on her shoulders, sliding them down the length of her arms, his hands then landing on her thighs.  His hands roamed upward, bring up the skirt of her dress, bunching it in his hands as they proceeded up her thighs landing on her hips.  Cassie knew that her black lace panties and thigh high black stockings could be easily seen now, and the thought made her pussy clinch and become wet,  soaking her lace panties.  Dane then knelled before her, pushing her to the wall of the elevator car as he looked up "I am suddenly very hungry, you look good enough to eat".  Cassie without realizing it, reached down to
8 Long Years And Still Going
Passing my 8 year mark in serving in the army, i start to look back to the many challenges, heart break, and just how my life has turned since I raised my hand and put on the uniform. 2 divorces, 2 children later I'm still no closer into finding happiness than i was when i was 17.  I have traveled all across the world have seen such wonderful sights, and some not so great to remember. Done things the common man would shit himself, yet I do not feel proud. infact I do not feel anything, so much has happened it hard to put into words, but yet i keep going on, I continue to serve afraid of what would happen if i ever got out. Now I'm starting over again, new post, new home, new state. Alone again, missing my sons like a piece of me is missing, though that is the army life. Some families cant survive the long deployments, the constant training. Though I wish all could.      These are just my random thoughts n rants, better to get them out than keep them in.
Missing Being A Father
These feeling I have I try to hide but it is me they seem to find from time to time they beat me down sometimes they just lead me to cry most the time they make me want to die why why couldn't i see the lies bestowed upon me if only my head was clear you would all still be near sometimes i wonder if you even remember this estranged family member i hope and i pray that there will come a day that i can once again hear you say say that word that makes my heart melt until you i have never really felt anything greater than this feeling there is no other greater than being a father
A Bigger Man
my father told me alot of things and showed me just as many he said it takes more to be the bigger man i said like walking away in a fight over something stupid he said no like putting ur heart and feelings aside so that someone else can be happy its knowing the pain is going to come and willing to embrace it in the warmest hugs and make it ur best friend just so someone else is happy ...........i am a bigger man   i know she is telling my boys all kinds of bad things about me an i know they will soon beleave everything she says, to them she is only telling the truth and they will soon hate me never to know the truth that i do love them and miss them so vary much but i know they will deal with this in there own way and will get through it just fine with out me in the picture so why would i want to shater there happy world ?? for my own selfish happyness? to prove myself right? is shatering there world worth it ??no most definetly not so i will play the bad guy and step aw
Why Not Join? Can't Hurt Ya
My Instant Messengers
MY INSTANT MESSENGERS    All together i have 4 instant messengers 1 of which will be uninstalled shortly. I have Skype, MSN, yahoo and cam frog, camfrog will be uninstalled shortly. i have now decided to put a time limit on add's on my instant messengers due to having so many people on them who are never accepting all these people give me their addy's then i tell them i add them  but they never accept.   Due to this instead of leaving it i have now decided to put a 2 day time limit on all adds if there is a good reason why you can't get on then fine aslong as i am told. I can't keep having all these people on my list. When they are not accepting requests.   this action will be perminant with another action being put in place. If a request is accepted and the person does not talk they will be given 4 seperate convosations if all of them are ignored then that will also result in a deletion. I'm not trying to be bossy or mean i'm doing it to lower my contacts lists to people who
Bad Sorms...
I have not been on last few days due to the tornados we had in Ohio.  I knocked out my electric for almost 3 days. It finally came back on lastnight.. Just wanted to say thank u to my family for all the luv the sent my way.  Yesterday I had a experience that after it was all over.. I look back and laugh over..and can say I had a adventure. The whole weekend was miserable and hot..and down right depressing so I decided to go tubing with boys and bruno. We went down the road whre the bike trail comes out at..which taking the trail is only mile and 1/2.  (not realizing the  river is way more miles..and takes longer) Anyways..was fun. water was nice and warm..but cool somewhat to.  By time got 3 miles into it..I was getting tired some what.  I had on sandles..which are no good to wear in the river. STUPID me.  About a mile from where Wanted to get out at ..(across from my house)  It started storming.  The winds picked up..etc.  The boys and I got out on the shore..all huddled toge
Holding My World On My Shoulders
I'm holding my world on my shoulders. It's up to me to not let it fall. Sometimes I almost lose my balance; It is a lot of pressure, after all.   It's my job to do all the thinking, It's my job to plan ahead. It's my job to make the world safer, I'm so tired I look like I'm dead.   Most of the time, I'm busy working, But today I just want to play. I'm holding my world on my shoulders because... She says she can see her world better that way.
Little Caterpillar
It's time, little caterpillar, to come out of your cocoon. Come out of your self-built, second womb.   I know that you're scared, the world is a frightening place, but take a chance, poke your head out and let the sun shine upon your face.   Know that you are lovely, one of the loveliest creatures on earth. Open your eyes to the beauty that is you, so that you can see your own worth.   Climb out of the shell of your own making and rest upon the side. Feel the warmth of today all around you and stretch your new wings out wide.   Let go of the last, of all fear and all pain. Embrace your new wings, it's your time to reign. Let go of the loss, of all of you fears. Embrace a new day with only happy tears.   Take your time, there is no rush to get up off the ground. With a lot of patience and a little practice, you'll soon be flying around.   Flap your wings to go faster, or let them rest and ride the wind. Drop low to kiss a flower, or maybe to hug a friend.   Fly abov
We All Fall Down
Put your hands in mine. Pull yourself up to your feet. Get your balance. Let go. You laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands again. Pull yourself up to your feet. Get your balance. Let go. You take a step, you laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands once more. We'll try it one more time. Get your balance. Let do. You take a step, you laugh, you take one more, I smile, filled with pride.   I close my eyes a moment. Pull myself up to my feet. Get my balance. Open my eyes to see how much you've grown. I laugh, I fall down, I cry.
Poetry By Me
Im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, I know its not fair and i know its not right.... but im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, go up the stairs and turn to the right, im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... three more pills and ill be alright, im drowning in darness and cant see the light, laying back in my bed eyes closed tight....  death is coming in the black of night, im drowning in darkness where is the light, if someone had cared shed be here tonight.... but she was drowning in darkness as she searched for the light, so hold out your hand ill grip it with all my might, for im drowning in darkness, ive lost my light... plase whisper softly itll be alright,  just take my hand ill show you the light, cuz im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... i know its not fair and i know its not right,  but you see, im drowning in darkness.... wait.... is...that....light..... (this poem is mine the original date i wrote this has sinc
Everybody At Least Once Needs
Everybody at least once needs somewhere they can be alone, a space where they could hold tight to the serenity and privacy of their own.
Sometimes You Think
Sometimes you think you wanna disappear, but all you really want is to be found.
Sometimes You're Not Afraid
Sometimes you're not afraid of letting go, you're just afraid of accepting the fact that its gone.   Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.  The loneliness you feel with another person, the wrong person, is the loneliest of all. Lonely is not a feeling when you are alone. Lonely is a feeling when no one cares.  Someday, you're gonna wind up all alone, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.
The 4th Of July
I can't think of the fourth of July with out first thinking of my father and all the others who have served in our armed forces both past and present. With out your courage, passion, and dedication I wouldnt be enjoying the level of comfort and freedom that exist in my life now. I am, and forever will be, in debt to all of you. My dad loved the fourth. He spent hundreds of dollars every year and was very proud of the number of times his neighbors called the police on him for excessive fireworks. When I was a kid I always thought he just enjoyed putting on such a great and intense show but as I aged I realized he did it because he was so proud of his country and its history. Thankfully I was there for the last two 4th's of his life. They were both incredible gatherings of friends and familiy, oh and we had a policeman already there on standby before we even shot off one firework. I will never forget those last two years. I love you dad and miss you dearly. Now I have my own tradition wi
The Past Comes Back
07/04/2012 @ 05:07 am   Born in November of 1982. A few weeks after my birth my father's mother (my grandmother passed). I was the only grandchild she knew about when she was alive. Time passed and here came middle school. 1st Friday of the school year, I trip over a curb and fracture my left hip. Ok its the pelvic bone at the hip joint. I was on crutches for 13 weeks. I was off crutches for 2 weeks when some friends and I were playing around and I tripped on my friend landed on my right ankle. Sprained my ankle and was on crutches another 8 weeks. over the years I will have many injuries. The summer of 1997 changed me. I had 2 best friends who were twins 4 years older then myself. July 24th, 1997 we lost my best friends parents to a head on crash with a drunk driver. August 14th, 1997 I watched my best friend (Kev) get murdered saving me from a psycho who wanted to date me and wouldn't take no for an answer. the end of August 1997 princess Di died in a car crash. There was more loss
Think About It
If our troops in Afghanistan “lose”; if they were pushed out of the entire country and “lost” the war, would we here at home suddenly not be “free”? Would our lives change? Would we lose our rights? Would we have to speak another language or adopt a scary religion? None of that would happen. That’s how you know that none of our soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq are fighting/were fighting for our freedom, or our rights. I don’t say that to discredit them, their service, or those who’ve died serving. I served. I say it because I’m still hopeful that a day will come where people will learn to think for themselves, and learn to see truth. But, I realize it’s unpleasant to think down that road, that if our troops aren’t defending our freedom or our right to be ignorant chauvinists, then what are they dying for? What are they killing people for? It’s much easier, on a day like today, to post videos of “God
Drinking Stories....please Help Get This Started
Soooo, we are playing a drinking game so why not share some real drinking stories? Do you have any funny ones? Those are probably the best, because we all need some good laughs, right? Be the first and maybe the best...
What Makes You Know How Beautiful You Really Are
                                          BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE                 Ok criosly der are hundreads of wayz to figure out how beautiful you truly are, but before going on y'all shld know dat wateva or whoeva you are, you wer nd will alwyz be beautiful..kk enof of the dumb issh....1st thing's 1st wtz is beauty? wtz bin beautiful? in what aspect or area are you beautiful at or in do u consider yourslf beautiful what will you do for beauty(real beauty). (finaly)what makes you know how beautiful u rily are.... now getting to know all dis iz just a step closer....soo hola at ma blog if u do wanna know.....
F*ck Miss Cherry....
. Ha. Well, no but she's back on a new account and one of the most unique people I've ever met here (she was here before me, imagine that?) and a former #1 overall lifetime member. And she's back with her real name if you feel like making a new friend or reuniting with an old one...go show some love to... MISS CHERRY@ fubar ..wasn't that holiday like a waste being in the middle of the week? Like it never happened. Lol..peace.
The Shadows
in the shadows he stands tall his scars Hidden there,As he looks upon the one once rich land now laid bare,His hardened eyes water as the memmories start to come back,To the night his land was lost to an un expected attack, Without any waring his home was gone ,to become a land where the enemy had won,As callaused hands turn to fists he stands as a stone,Knowing only rage throughout muscle and bone, Where once stood a land of the just,the knight has let his armour turn to rust,With every passing moment he becomes whole again,He finally returns to the twisted land.
I miss your touch I miss your taste I miss the smile upon your face I miss the nights we were alone I miss them more now that you are gone I miss your laugh I miss your cry I miss the sparkles in your eyes I miss your heart I miss your soul I miss you more than you will know I miss your hair  I miss your scent I miss a love heaven sent I miss you now I miss you then I'll miss you til the very end
Been There Myself
My eyes are shut, but I can still see. The pain, the hurt of others, they speak to me. Their voices, never stop. They ask for my help, how can I not? I am the voice, for the weak. The strength for those, who cannot speak. I live with fear, but it will not consume me. I control it, use it, apply it, positively. Hate is a useless emotion, learn from everything. Big changes can be made, even from the smallest of things. Fear is easy, overcoming it, is not. A little life lesson, I was taught. The school of hard knox, taught me more than I need. The skills to survive, to succeed. I am here for a purpose, to help those who can't help themselves. Regardless of what it costs me, I've been there myself.
I Am More
Do you know how easy, it would be? For me to hate, shut everyone out completely. Loving and living, after all I have seen. Is difficult, but I'm living my dream. I won't take the easy way out. That is not what life, is about. Life is a journey, finding out your cause. What you're here for, the person you are. I am more than, the bad guys took away. I smile in their face, by living each day. What they did, made me strong. Made me who I am, no matter how wrong. It was, I still hold my head high. Because I am worth more, than the tears I cry. The tears cause a water fall, I swim through them all. Because I am bigger than the bad stuff, that seems so small. No words will break me, no actions for that matter. I can love and be loved, the vision is shattered. The vision they had of me is faded, because I am more. It just took me a while, to know that for sure.
Now I realize too late Maybe it was just fate Why couldn't I see What you really need I am the one that could have been Why was I so blind to see? We were there, just you and me Now alone I sit Missing the fire that we lit That flame is now blown out Never to burn again without a doubt So I sit here thinking of you and I I just ask the stars, why? oh why? There is nothing to do Its time to get over you. So I say good bye to all we had This is just too sad I wish I didn't have to go through that door I realize that you want me no more.      
Blog From Twiguy28teamcullen- A Conversation I Had With An Agnostic Woman About Christianity(please Read The Entire Thing Before Coming To Any Conclus
Agnostics are much easier to talk to about this because, unlike atheists who don't believe in God at all, agnostics just don't believe the existance of God can be proven or disproven. I would like to stress that the question behind this conversation was NOT whether God existed or not. In fact, that is besides the point. The point of this discussion was that "if" God did exist and you had to live by a certain set of morals and values and did not accept the gift offered to you that would save you from the consequences that go with breaking those morals and guidelines(which, in the case, that gift was Jesus Christ being beaten and crucified on a cross for your sin), would you deserve those consequences? And in Christianity, the ultimate consequence is Hell. But, the ultimate reward is eternal life through Jesus Christ.   Now,here we go. Me-"Do you think you're a good person?" Her-"Sure, I consider myself a good person." Me-" Well, may I ask you a few questions to see if that's true?
For The Women Of Fubar
Ladies I truly wish you would stop putting yourself down by making comments on your pictures like. Here's my fat ass or I know I'm fat so don't look if you don't like it. The only thing your doing is giving ammunition to the haters and losers on here to attack you. Don't you realize it's not the size of your butt or chest that makes you sexy or liked? It's the size of the attitude you have and the way you present yourself that makes people like you. As far as haters goes just block their ass. Don't bother replying to them. That only tells them they succeeded and got to you. There are plenty of women on here with so called "Hot bodies" who in my eyes and in the eyes of many others are UGLY INSIDE. So take my advice and let the haters and losers stew in their own low esteem of how they view others. 
Think About Your Troubles Harry Nilsson
Think about your troubles   Sit beside the breakfast tableThink about your troublesPour yourself a cup of teaAnd think about the bubblesYou can take your teardropsAnd drop them in a teacupTake them down to the riversideAnd throw them over the sideTo be swept up by a currentThen taken to the oceanTo be eaten by some fishesWho were eaten by some fishesAnd swallowed by a whaleWho grew so oldHe decomposedHe died and left his bodyTo the bottom of the oceanNow evverybody knowsThat when a body decomposesThe basic elementsAre given back to the oceanAnd the sea does what it oughta
Blood And Water
They say blood(family) is thicker than water(friends), but often your friends are the ones telling you that its all water under the bridge and stick by you regardless.  Rarely this day and age do people grow up with family that stick by them as close as there friends.  Some of us live life following your own heart and your dreams.  Friends tend to uplift your dreams no matter how far fetched they may be.  Family tends to want you to follow thier thoughts and beliefs of what your dreams should be.  Most of us now live in familys that support you only when its what they want you to do.  No two people are the same so just because you may have a fully supportive family just remeber that is rare indeed.  Those that feel alone in this world with no support and no family to turn to.  If you are like me look to the friend next to you, if you do you just might find the family you have been missing.
Feeling Loved
I wrote this way back in 2006 during my deployment to Iraq. Shortly after I recieved the wonderful news that we were going to have a child together! "I Love Monica, I love being with her, I love that we will get to share the responsabilities of a child together. She is my best friend and she holds my heart. I love her more than I knew I ever could love someone. When I come home to her, I will hold her twice over than I ever have before. i miss her so."  
Heat Stroke
 Heat stroke signs in cats
The Way I Look And Dress
THE MAKE UP I WEAR   The make up i wear is what i want to wear, you dont' like it well it's not your fucking face it's mine. No where have i seen anything saying make up is just for girls, that is actually and official thing, all i see is shite people make up in there spare time. After shave you would probley debate thats only for men well women wear it too. Instead of wasting my time telling me what i should and should not wear why don't you spend that time finding a reason for yourself to wake up in the morning. Now i am perfectly fine with those who havn't said anything, this is based at those who have or want too. Oh and by the way people like me don't call it make up we call it CORPSE PAINT now i know thats a new word you learnt today but i'm sure you can handle learning something new. THe only peoples opinions i care about is mine and my family not some randomer who wants to try ruin my day and not realise they fucking failed terrably. Now i would tell you what would ruin m
The First Meeting
The mood was light as we sat across from eachother for the first time. Sure, we have had several heated video chats but this was the first time I could smell her fragerance and see the want in her eyes. Her smile could light up the room as she laughed at me meaningless small talk. We both knew why we were there and as the time passed it became more apparent that we were wasting precious time. It was already noon and her flight was leaving at 6 PM. As we made our way from the bar to the elevator, my eyes were constanly fixed on her body. The way her skirt hugged her hips, the outline of her panties pressing through as she walked. My hand was seated in the small of her back as we entered the elevator. When the door closed, she spun around, looking up into my eyes. I could not resist the urge to lean down for what I thought would be a simple kiss. Our lips locked, as her hand draped over the back of my neck. I could feel her fingernails tracing through my short hair as the heat between us
Today, as I chased the mist over the eastI wished to be a mountain.Strong. Outlasting. Uncompromising.The dawn would stretch coyingly over my backthe dusk would tip and bow to unflinching grandeur.The day begins and ends with my stark reproach.The clouds pass with fleeting admiration.Brushing by with casual flirtation.There are worse things to be.More unlike things to be.You could spread stories of the gods that dwell within me.You could pay fawning tribute to my cool shade.Why wouldn't you already?
100 Innna 55
Sometimes people come into your life and you have no idea why. I believe you meet someone (weather it be online or in person) to teach you a lession, to help you grow, or just simply at that moment in time you need that one person just as they are. Weather you chose to form a bond with them is up to you. Those first words make all the difference. How you bond is what will define what could possibly be an amazing relatioship (friends or otherwise). I believe that some people are too vain to look past a mis-shaped image. I believe the we ourselves are our on worst critics. I believe that somewhere we must find a medium. Look past what is seen and let our minds paint a pictures with words.   "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it."  
Earth- One World Government
Imagine a world Without; Nuclear Weapons, Starving Nations, Waring factions, Hungry babies, Utility bills , Taxes, Animal genocides, Deforestation,Rampant Disease,Ozone depletion, Resource depletion.......... Then Imagine a World that shares it's Resources offering free energy and food for everyone, Eliminates disease, Eliminates borders as it Ends wars, Plants more tree's than it harvest subsequently replacing lost Ozone, Ending most extinction from stopping Animal Genocide, Destroys monitors and bans Nuclear weapons and you'll Imagine One World Government "EARTH" a Happier Planet
Really Men Or Maybe Women.
These last couple of days I have observed this on men, I am not saying women don't do this by no fucking means, cause I know they do.   It is these men that I am speaking about right at this moment. The juggling of women. This is what I have to say about that. Play on !!!!! With the exception of this. Don't even step here on this page to try that fucking bullshit with me. I have enough drama in my life away from here, that I do not need your so called girlfriends coming to me over what the fuck you do. Apparently you are not playing them very well for them to notice what the fuck you are doing.  Now go back to the drawing board and re-learn everythng you thought you knew. Understand or do I need to spell it out for you? You want to get to know me you better not have any ties to anyone else on here for the simple fact of this. Yes I know it is only internet, but these bitches on here think it is for real and I do not need there fucked up crap. I am going back to my other ways of
first of all i dont know how to say this. but i have a lot on my  mind. and i have a bf that is always on his fb all the dang time. and random girls keep texting and messaging him. espically when i am spending time with him. it just gets on my nerves. girls need to like leave him alone he is mine. i cant stand this its starting to irritate me and get on my nerves all the time now. i dont want to lose my bf.
First Kiss
The stars sparkle and glistenUpon the black velvet skyTo the sounds of nature they he sides his hand up her thighA cool crisp breeze slowly blowsUnseen embers begin to ignitePassion's fire continues to growEnhanced by the energies of the nightThe pond reflecting the light of the moonHe eases into her while his lips softly tease hersThe night echoing the sound of the crickets tuneYet everything around the couple blursTwo hearts flutter and beat as one...Electricity grows filling the air...Caressed by the warmth of the rising sun...with the first kiss of dawn their souls they now share. ~RavenMoon
A Bed Of Clouds
I sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky,I'll keep dreaming as life passes me by,I think my dreams keep me sane,I dream of happiness, a life without pain,some people say I'm stuck in this place,and I'll never go anywhere,but in my dreams I've already been there,I know some day I'll have to wake up,but I feel the real world is more like a nightmare,I'm safe in my closed eye wonderland,this poem goes to all the dreamers that understand,no matter what they say...keep your dreams but don't dream your life away.
Eye's Of Fire
Problem 1
I love this place and what i can do as a person but my problem is ??? Why do we suffer if we are in control of our own destiny ????? can you answer this. not for me but for you
I Am .....
I am dieing inside 
Tears Of A Clown - Smokey Robinson
Now if there's a smile on my face It's only they're trying to fool the public But when it comes down to fooling you Now honey that's quite a different subjectBut don't let my glad expression Give you the wrong impression Really I'm sad, oh sadder than sad You're gone and I'm hurting so bad Like a clown I pretend to be gladNow there's some sad things known to man But ain't too much sadder than the tears of a clown When there's no one aroundOh yeah baby, now if I appear to be carefree It's only to camouflage my sadness In order to shield my pride I try To cover this hurt with a show of gladnessBut don't let my show convince you That I've been happy since you decided to go Oh, I need you so, I'm hurt and I want you to know But for others I put on a showNow there's some sad things known to man But ain't too much sadder than the tears of a clown When there's no one around, oh yeahJust like Pagliacci didI try to keep my sadness hid. Smiling in the public eye. But in my lonel
I have a bf now. I likes him lots... but since he is far away and I am so sexual, I am trying to keep us from doing anything sexual together again till after my ren fair job is over so this month and next month even if i get the chance no sex...   So I am masterbating... and thinking of his voice the things he says to me, and stuff hes done already. Me with my vibratior i have been having the best I ever had like ever. So I just hope that he can match it or surpace it, though thats hard to think.   and till the time i can find out I have distractions. work and plays and well life.
Lounge Cams And Linux
Plug your cam in and set it up in OS system configuration   Please read the following sites to further understand what your doing and how it works. Next you will need to go to   On that page you will see  Global Storage Settings panel, you need to click on that link and it will bring you to the flash setting pannel   Quick link to where you need to be ->   Click the cam on the settings pannel. You will need to allow these sites to allow cam always:     (if these are not in your list then you will need to add them or attempt to use the services and that will add them to the list)
Just Asking Women. Please, Lol
do any women still think that a man is more then his money.
Though lips have never met nor palms embraced, nor safety felt in arms around her waist, he’s touched her in a way she can’t define, with unseen hands, her heart, he’s realigned. Three words, though left unsaid set spirits free, to soar in unison, to love, to be. Entwined beyond the realms of skin and bone, beneath the stars, they’ll never be alone
Lets Talk Dirty?
Wondering what it takes to be a great mate potential for any man you like? Good looks, you say? Well, you’ll be surprised. Find out what men want in a woman, really.   Do you want to be the super woman in your man’s life? Or do you want to be the woman that all men desire? Read these ten facts on what men want in a woman and you’ll be all this and more. Most women assume that great looks is all that matters to make a guy swoon and fall head over heels in love. And quite frankly, most men assume the same thing too. But there are a lot of great looking women out there, leading an unhappy life in a bad relationship. So what do men want in a woman they’re in a relationship with if it’s not just the looks? Could there be more to a desirable woman than just looks? Of course, there is. Find out what men really want in the woman of their dream #1 A gorgeous woman Now don’t get us wrong, looks are pretty high in the wishlist of things that men want
Find Deep Discounts On
Hey guys i want to share a secret i found out recently. I am not sure if its a secret or not but well i got to know recently. I like road bikes so I was reading one of the blog on road bike reviews . On the right hand side of the blog there is a widget saying FIND DEEP DISCOUNTS ON AMAZON, and there we can choose the category in which we want to find discounts and also the amount of discounts like 50% or 75% or whatever. I am not sure if everybody knows about it but it definitely saves time to buy discounted products. I bought a lot of jewellery.. :p Anyway here is the link to the blog . Check for the Amazon widget on the right had side :)  Hope it helps. Thanks
Not Too Sure Anymore
Not too sure anymore.... figured just maybe they were correct. Then I found out they are full of bobbycock. Treat others nice and they will treat you nice - haha, not always. Give and thou shall recieve - on this one you need to read between the lines. Even though it is one word. You just may recieve but it could be silence or something you didn't want or need. Here is what I say to that 'be specific!!' I was really sure - I dreamed and then dreamed some more and then I was in a car accident and found out my dreams are just dreams. That is how they will stay. I could just step into the real world and throw them away. I have already thrown alot of pictures away because I was lead to believe that living with past memories is a bad thing. You know what?? I miss every damn picture I tossed and wish I could really hurt the boy that told me that. I sometimes get distracted and follow through...then sometimes I can stand strong and give one hell of a fight. With all the questions and confus
Never Give Up
I'll never give up fighting till the endIf I fall along the way I'll get up and try againBut never shall I accept the fact of defeatI've set goals in life and those I must meetBut never will I let negativity hold me downThose who think positive I keep them aroundNever shall I dwell on things in the pastBad times come but never do they lastI shall never give in to those who are weaker than IIf I give up now why not lay down and dieNever Give Up
What Is A Real Friend
The Art Of Peace
Greetings Each All these are from a wonderful Human being Uishiba O Sensei The Art of Peace begins with you. Work on yourself and your appointed task in the Art of Peace. Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here for no other purpose than to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment. Foster peace in your own life and then apply the Art to all that you encounter.   Yours in the spirit of Budo Mike
Me.... And U....
They say in life one must settle for many things but one thing i feel one should never settle for is who to love or be with should be able to be happy with every choice one makes with there life becuz we only have one life and we need to live it to the fullest.....   just cuz we know people who have settle doesnt meanwe have to..... live love laugh......   take it from me i never settle.....n im the happiest woman alive......
My Name Meaning.....without My Name Hahahahahaha
Warrior/Defender....Celtic/Gaelic Of noble birth...German Possibily a form of Wallace (Scottish). Wall (English)...or one in the same.     Can you name me?  If you do not know already....LOL!   Kisses!!!
Remeber the day you longed for your mother's kiss to your forehead and to tell  you " Everything will be fine " as she leaned into you with a soft and gentle hug but it never came Remeber when the first day of school you felt lost and abandoned amongst 100s of strangers  Remember when you began to realize there was an opposit sex and sometimes you couldn't keep your eye off that one certain person Remember when your first kiss was so overwhelming you thought you'd never breath again Remember your first love and your hearts began to beat in unison wihtout the other you felt you would surely die then it was over Remember the years that pasted by it seemed that no one on this earth would ever complete you tho so close you find only to be let down once again I remember all of these, I remember the walls I built around me to keep the hurt away, I remember the darkness that engulfed me, I remember the numbness of my heart, I remember love and how it felt to excitement within me to hear
Taste So Good.
Someone accused me of being Rock and Roll once.I was two fisting with a cigar in my teeth.Single.Simple.And pissing four times a night.Wasted.Angry.Waxing philosophic on the merits of fatherhood.Making the leap, claim, and uninformed assumption.No empty pill bottles, no alimony, no better living through backyard chemistry.That's fine since Rock and Roll is dead.Can't roll without the rockor at least the tar.
in the world of Wicca , which is pagan, but not satanic, let peopel know it is about the spirits, loving all and following simple guidelines. Iwill not bring any neagtivity or something bad into anyones life as the karma would smack me upside the head 3 times back .  What Wicca Isn't: Wicca does not embrace the concepts of sin, heaven or hell, the evils of sex or nudity, confession, Satanism, animal sacrifice, or the inferiority of women. Wicca is not a fashion statement, and you do not have to dress a certain way to be a "real Wiccan." Basic Beliefs of Wicca: While not exclusive to every single tradition, the following are some of the core tenets found in most Wiccan systems: The Divine is present in nature, and so nature should be honored and respected. Everything from animals and plants to trees and rocks are elements of the sacred. You'll find that many practicing Wiccans are passionate about the environment.   The idea of karma and an afterlife is a valid one. What
A Small Prayer Of My Own!
I am here, A burning mass, A flame to carry you through the darkness, Carry a light for my family, No matter what I persevere, Flaming bright for all, In mind body & soul, May you stay warm, May you have comfort, May you stay safe, May you be blessed, Swallows & absorbs all your darkness, It shall not eat me, It shall not overcome me, Bring me your nightmare's I shall try abolish them, May the protection of the moon smother you ,The animals gather by your side, They & we
If You Could Date A Celebrity
  If you could date a celebrity, who would it be?   you know dating or being with someone who is more economically and/or socally sucessful than you are, is not about taking advantage of that person,  despite the obvious ego boost you feel. It is about leaning on the person for support when you need it, and it is also about sharing the talents and abilities you do have with them.   Everybody wants somebody that makes them feel special.  
My Daughter's
When I look into my daughter’s eyes, I can see exactly the kind of person I want to show her how to be…kind and empathetic, generous and unselfish, fun and loving, happy and appreciative of life. She is a clean slate right now, and we have the power to influence who she is and what she values in life.
When You Finally
When you finally realize you didn't matter at all to someone, you begin to wonder if you matter to anyone.
I`m About Ready To Cry Or Scream And Not Sure What One, And It Would`t Help " !
I`m about ready to cry or scream and not sure what one, and it would`t help "" i cleaned out my sweeper because i thought it was just clogged up and put new belt on it, had to take it all apart to do it, put it back and just try`d to vaccum and it was loud and broke the new belt, i think it`s a gonener "" :( and i was trying to clean for this inspection "" and they had one on the 18 th last month said they were picking a few at randum so i cleaned for that one to "" every time you turn around these places are having a dam inspection for one thing or another, now i don`t know how i`m going to vaccum "" :(
What I Would Give
Has anyone ever spoke, directly to your heart? You can hear the words, feel them from miles apart. Woke-up from a dead sleep, with this excruciating pain. Only to find out, they were calling your name. At that very second, the two of you became one. Power so strong, you can't define where it comes from. No one really knows why or what connects, you to another. But the feeling it has, is unlike any other. To just sit and stare, into someone eyes. Without saying a word, while feeling them inside. Inside every inch of you, pumping through your veins. Feeling their warmth, by the sound of their name. When hours become seconds, and the world just stops. That's a feeling you can't get over, exactly what I've got. When simply their words, hit all the right spots. Just the way they look at you, is more than enough. It has more value than, the materialistic stuff. I have never felt anything so powerful, I just can't let go. It surrounds me, consumes me, just
It Just Never Will
The strong one, YOU say. Well I am feeling, pretty weak today. I was your Goddess, the ONE for you. Then I got scared, fear came through. My wall, I promised myself I would shut it out. But it came through anyway, it smelt the doubt. The doubt that lives in me, screaming it's too good to be true. But it couldn't be more wrong, when it comes to YOU. You're still here, just not as close as I would like for you to be. And the one to blame, well that would be me. YOU are the ONE real true thing, just no longer mine. So I remain stuck, in that moment in time. When you were, the way it felt, that's where I live now. Searching for a way to get it back, somehow. Nothing is impossible, both YOU and I know this. Only YOU can complete me, with just one kiss. I want to feel the earth move, make time stand still. And without YOU, it just never will.
When Someone Does You Wrong...what's Your Response?
Will you Ignore Them? Get Even? Or Tell Them How You Truly Feel?
Just A Note
to the few of you that stick around even when i'm not here, thank you for being cool and asking how i am when i do finally show my face around here...we must find other ways of communicating if we don't already do it. to the rest of you...hope you're doing fantastically... i was going to write a huge blog about whatever typical blog type shit i was thinking about, but i'll spare you a bitchfit, there's enough of that already. peace.
These Particular Well Known Polos Are Offered With The Stores That Sell Them Directly
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Chaussures Timberland
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Polos Manches Courtes
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Found this elsewhere and liked it enough that I thought I would share it.       Recently I overheard a Father and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure.Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the Father said, 'I love you, and I wish you enough.'The daughter replied, 'Dad, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Dad.'They kissed and the daughter left. The Father walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see he wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on his privacy, but he welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?''Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'..'I am old, and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' he said..'When you were saying good-bye, I heard you sa
I want to be the girl he gives his coat to and cuddles with when it's cold,He'll be the one who comes up behind me wrapping his arms around my waistCatching me off guard and say "You look beautiful" I want a guy who will call me beautiful instead of hot,Who calls me back when I hang up on him.A guy who kisses me on the forehead,Who wants to show me off to the world. A guy who thinks I'm pretty without make-up,Who is constantly reminding me how much he caresand how lucky he is to have me. I want a guy who won't care that I am incapable of sitting still,That I can't grasp the concept of being "Lady-like".Someone who realizes that half the decisions I make I will never regretAnd I have the right to "Over-React" at any moment. I want a Guy who knows how completely insane I amand he would never want me any other way.  
Fade Away
She smiles to hide her fear,To hide the pain that's always near.Her stomach aches from being sadShe wants to stop feeling so bad. She wishes the world were a happier place,that way she could put a smile on her face.Will no one notice the pain that's inside?Can no one see how much she's cried?Wanting to feel free, wanting to be happy. She is tired of pretending there is no miseryWhat will it take for people to know that the smile she shows is fake?She has the world fooled into thinking shes pleasedWith how her life is going. Can they be so naive?But someday soon someone will seeSomeone will notice there is no bright light to light up her misery.To fade away the pain and someday soon that one person will make her really smile.  
Straight From The Heart
Love in so many ways can be the most amazing thing in the world. You nuture it, it grows. You neglect it, it dies. What is love anyway? My opinion is that is its something that makes you smile. The warm feeling you get when someone walks into  room or you hear their voice.  Most people go through life not even getting the pleasure of knowing what love really is. Some have it right in front of them but choose to ignore it because of past relationships.  I have had the pleasure of knowing what love is. Love is an amazing thing if treated the correct way.  Love is always being there. Love is saying your sorry when your wrong. Love is doing whatever humanly possible for another person Love is unconditional. Love is real or is it? Live for today, Love for tomorrow.
Only In Truth
only in truth may we find ourselves beyond all the darkness an pain we are there sitting waiting for something sum may never find an others may never even relize is there an it is never gonna change there will always be saddness death even pain walk down the path with your head up cause in truth threw all that is you waiting to be found so fall down get back up you are waiting dont let yourself down!
  二,马失前蹄,  1,原形毕露,  当然,中国卡扎菲也有马失前蹄的时候,也有恼羞成怒,威胁利诱的原形毕露的时候。可以想象,裆天,晚上,96岁的万山老仙性致勃勃地想占便宜,结果未能如愿。 所以蛮狠蛮横: 松下上海分公司发现该情况后,于当晚通知麦肯公司停止杨颖的广告拍
LOLZ @ people making mumms when Baby J shut them off!!!!!
The 10 Types Of Guys Woman Have To Choose From
THE 10 GUYS WOMEN HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM. 1.) The Listener: This is the guy who is the shoulder to lean on when they need one. The guy who is sensitive and listens to their problems.He does this because he thinks he’ll eventually get to hit it. He won’t. He gets friend zoned. 2.) Mr. Fix it: This is the guy comes around and fixes things for her. The guy who thinks by helping out with her clogged sink or changing the fuel filter in her car, he’ll get her in bed. He usually never does. If he does, it is mostly because she feels really bad or just temporarily desperate. She will more often than not, regard this as a mistake after. 3.) Money Bags: This is the big shot money guy. He has a great job and loves to spend lots of money on her. Fancy dinners, jewelry, expensive clothes, purses, etc. These guys get her in bed, but not nearly as often as you’d assume. Women usually sleep with this guy when they feel they owe it to him or reluctantly give in to his persistenc
I think about revenge the way most men think about sex.I can't fault that any more.Revenge is a candy wrapped in a cage of wagging fingers and reproachful glares.For a long time It's all I lived for. The outside chance I could pay it backward.I lost entire years to it.People with the sweet life can't understand. They judge, they nitpick nettle and nag.They keep asking whyand how could I lose myself to that place that moment where something diedleftand never came back.When there's so much goodso much light.Day always gave me a headache.Sensitive skin and freckles too...Good joke.
沾花微笑  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 在中国卡扎菲的强力操纵之下,为了自己永霸职位,永不退休的私欲,所以我们看到的是其走狗的人、其跑腿的人发狂般的,千方百计地,要来抓我进精神病院或者枪毙。或者第四次搜脑子。现在更是天天在我家
Paintoy A !! Update!!
It is time to update with some infos and material of my Paintoy A it is the best when she does introduce herself on her own: Hi. My name's Alexandra, but I prefer Alex. I like to read, write, draw, take walks, and have sex. Im quite shy, and pretty reserved. I mostly keep to myself and just stay quiet. I enjoy attention from both the male and female population. I expect that this is going to be pretty difficult and painful, but Im sure Ill get through it. What I love about this is the pain, attention, and how it makes me stronger. I have a greater pain tolerance now. What I like about my Sir is that hes forceful, but hes also understanding. When he wants me to do something, he makes me do it. But there are also times where he will let me rest and do what he wants later. Im looking forward to continuing my training and pleasing my Sir.   Paintoy A just started with her Position training as you all can see:             soon you will find new material and infos ab
When I Get To Where I'm Goin
The path of life. What does it all mean? As I weed out my own, both brown and green. The brown represents sorrow, along the way. And the green is the beginning, of a whole new day. Each day something new, is learned. Either it's a wonderful lesson, or a punishment unearned. But through it all, I appear lost. Destined to find my home, at whatever cost. Each day that passes by, I cherish life a little more. Than I did, the day before. This path may be thick, and hard to get through. But there is no limit, to what I can do. I appreciate every flower, even the thorns along the way. Because it'll all be worth it, when I get to where I'm going someday.
i am so bord and no one what to talk to me :( i need more men to add me !
I Just Don't Get It...
As I start writing this, I haven't yet hit the NSFW button because I am not sure where this is going to take me.  On this subject, I am very passionate. Hence the fact that after 5 years on here, I am finally writing a blog.   I have a lot of friends that are military. One thing that I hear more often then not when I am talking to them is, "My ex cheated on me while I was deployed or away for training." It does not matter the branch of service or whether the person is male or female. It still bothers me to no end.  It takes a special type of person to be able to handle the lifestyle of being a service members signifigant other. I understand this fully. But if you don't think you are up for the task, don't do it.     These men and women work extremely hard. They risk their lives, and all you can think about is someone else? They leave for months at a time and as hard as it is on us that stay at home, it is hard on them as well.    I am tired, and at the rate this is going, if I ke
狂暴鸡奸  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 中国卡扎菲,怎么办? 所有给女人的电话都打不通,你刨不刨; 所有给女人的信件都没有回,你刨不刨; 所有女人其实都是没得办法,你刨不刨; 所有女人都被你控制操纵着,你刨不刨; 所有女人都在做假都在&
Mature Toy Susie
Everybody should take a look at my Toy Susie,   she is a very interesting and submissive female that has the pleasure and priviledge to apply for a position as slavegirl in training. she does know how to present herself as well usable toy and enrichment in every form.   for sure she is a clean girl.       also a nice asshole and a clean cunt!!!       but what would a Toy be without her toys?????     and she does know how to use them!!!       and i prefer it when her asshole is stuffed.         she is a lovely toy. soon you will read and see more of this enlighting subj
Just Deal With It
If I only knew more than I did and didn't have such a short memory. I would believe some dreams could still come true if I could be the kind of person I want to be. Seems like a long time ago that everything was going really good. I never knew I would meet those people I have on the internet though. I may never meet you or know certain things about you I might want to know but I just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life. I don't think I would be doing anywhere near as good as I am now. I don't have diamond necklaces or a fancy car but I have some really nice friends and that is good as gold for me. In my will I am leaving whatever my kids don't want to cherity. I have nothing I value except my kids. Sometimes they hate me and sometimes they love me. They don't thank me for what I do all the live long day but I helped create them. They wouldn't be here if I played it safe. Yeah I like to walk on the wildside every now and then. Deal with it!! I am not a theif or a killer. I
不死不休  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更该的可能性  中国卡扎菲一天到晚在对我干些什么呢? 瞒神弄鬼,阴险残忍;嫁祸于人,栽赃陷害。 痛苦折磨,恶毒折腾,血腥无耻,邪恶恐怖。 一, 想方设法让我搬床, 首先, 在新闻联播里搞一个托举哥。中国网络电视台૴
  六,  千推万阻不安防盗,  1,2012年07月08日9:04,今天早晨量防盗门的安装尺寸,结果测量安装宽度的尺寸与我在睡梦中的尺寸一模一样是87厘米。也就是说,中国卡扎菲操纵家奴,即凶奴:中国国家安全机构的人员又还在我家里对我测脑子。 2,在我去找防盗门的时候,中国卡扎菲操纵三ߑ
i   tired of bing   single  i  wish find wright woman
Stop Whining And Suck It Up, Jeebus
This is not a neighborhood bar and grill, restaurant or the street corner. This is a privately owned site and the owner has his own rules and regs for us to follow. Please do not get confused on where you are at at any given time. If your avatar was removed, it was removed because it violated Fubar's Terms of Service. If you are NOT familiar with the TOS on Fubar, you can FIND them by clicking the Terms of Service LINK at the bottom of EACH page. Read them CAREFULLY. Or CLICK HERE if you are slow.  "Haters" can NOT remove your avatar. Only Fubar STAFF can do that. "Haters" can only REPORT your NSFW avatar. Please make sure you understand the difference. Hating on the "Haters" just isn't "you". It's also childish and stupid to blame someone else for your "error" in violating those terms. If you can't play by someone else's rules, you can find out how to leave by visiting a bouncer, the support lounge or the FuBible.  Fubar isn't all that strict, and all the whining and bitching abo
Love Will Rise Again - Loverboy
You've been hurt and left for dead Shot from the saddle And your heart, it's been cut and bled Run from the bottle You've been shattered, battered, you've had it rough But never, ever, never give up Cause love will rise, love will rise Love will rise again You've got to fight like a true survivor Love will rise again Up from the ashes Love will rise again... and again You better run and hide away Lost in the shadows You're alone, you wear the pain Just like a medal You've been shot down, brought down You've had it rough But never, ever, never give up Cause love will rise, love will rise Love will rise again You've got to fight like a true survivor Love will rise again Up from the ashes Love will rise again...and again Believe me I know where you've been I used to be one of the wounded There's something your heart can't defend I'm back on my feet, I come back alive Stand up and fight, never say die Up from the ashes, love will rise Love will rise again You've got to fight like
Work Part 2
    Thurs.  I went to work, where I got the 3rd degree from one of the teacher's at work.  The office manger was on vaction.  I walked in, a (teacher that I never saw) asked me if I was sub.  I explain to him that I was permit> Then  he asked me what room I was working for, what school I came from & how long I been working with the district ( nasty tone). I told him I worked for QA for about 12 years.  The  new pric. that I work for post a letter in the Teacher's Lounge telling staff members that the school would be getting 5 new aids.  She forgot to mention are names, hours, were we came from, & are starting day.  Also, that same day, we got two new aids & someone forgot to tell them their reoom  assments. I was pissed as hell, of the lack of caucation  my new school has.      I am not quite sure what neighbrood the school is in.  I think it's in Hollywood somewhere ( near where Sunset & Hollywood become one). I only use the 2 South & get on Sunset for the rest of my route.  I have a
You bY Christine
Application For Girlfriend
Ok..I am taking applications for a new girlfriend...Im serious Even I know this aint E harmony, well I dont fit that anyway.. As this is non-conventional I well aware of, but its a long shot Im willing to take the risk. please no hate mail..I aint forcing no one to do this ok.. If your really interested, message me and I send you the information..
People Getting Mad On Here Is Amuses Me
I just wonder why people get so damn ill when you don't return the favor of likes, rates, pokes, and etc. I know this is a "game" of sorts, but it's still a social site when you get down to the center of it. So what if I didn't add you, like you, or so on. There are some people that do in fact not say anything out of the way when the favor is not returned, but chances are high that they aren't even aware if they don't get a return gesture from you. They are just doing what they do...liking, rating, commenting, and they loose track of what they have done and on who's page they have done it. I just hope that in the end fate will weed out the ones that don't read profiles and divert them away from my profile cause I am tired of the "game players" here on this sight. You want to play the game here and that's fine. Just don't include me lol
Besties Til The End
I know we just met but it seems like I’ve know you forever. You are just like me and I am just like you. Finishing my sentences and thoughts. We can make each other laugh at the stupidest things, When you are down I can tell without a word, When I am upset you know just by a sigh, I don’t think you know how much you mean to me, I don’t think you know how much you help me out, I will always be here for you no matter what, I hope you will be here for me all the same. One day we will look back and laugh and not be able to remember the day we first met. I will always thank god for that day because without that day I would have never met my true best friend. Guys Shocked Me..thank You..:)
I have to say that I am a little shocked..and that's not easily done...I have seen some pretty horrific things...hardly anything shocks me can spend as much time as you want getting to "know" someone and the truth is..when you are using the online is never a guarantee if you really "know" them or not..regardless of the time that has gone by...they can be exactly who they say they are..and still not be who you think you know only what they want you to...I know that all too well...I have wasted my time and my emotions on people that I was CERTAIN I "knew" before..and it caused a lot more than emotional trauma...but the fact remains...people like that simply do not care how their actions effect other long as they are able to fulfill that little fantasy they have in their heads..well that's all that matters to them...they could care less about the physical scarring that will eventually go away..the effects it has on someone emoti
My Buddy.........
I have many things going on in my life, one of my concerns (as trivial to some as it may be) is my dog....the love of my life, Buddy...I have noticed lately, he is not hearing things like he used to. Yes, he is getting old. I've had him longer than my RL boyfriend. So over 12 years. He is a Lab/Chow mix. He has become so needy that it makes me a bit nervous. Almost like...."hey, I am gonna me while you can!" needy. He wakes me around 3 or 4 a.m. each morning to lift this hefty 80 lbs. onto the bed...I can't say no. Last night, I lifted him onto the bed, he faced me and slept...I did not. I cherished the moment...stroking him...his sweet face at mine. His NOT so sweet dog breath consuming my own. And I thought to myself...I can't live without this. How could I? PURE loyalty...PURE love...I thought I would die when my father will be as bad when my Buddy leaves me....and I worry about that day!   Just venting, I guess...
I Don't Fit Into Your Box
Surrounded by darkened hearts and broken dreams. Only horrors to look forward to on a daily basis or so it seems. When I was young I was told to be whatever I wanted to be. Yet the media and the world today have no place for people like me. It has gotten so bad that the government wants to put a leash up our ass. It's a far cry from the freedoms I learned from my grandfather and in class.   Where are the freedom fighters of today? Oh that's right people like that get put away. They say we have a voice and let us scream. Yet most of us are living nothing that resembles the American dream. Politicians today spew vomit and shit. Funny thing is they attract the sheeple whom quietly sit.   Land of the free home of the brave. Seems to only be true if your a foreigner of which the government wants to save. Fuck the bureaucracy let freedom ring! Of which our founding father used to sing. All of you assholes think your as sly as the fox. The fact remains I don't fit into your
Jonathan Ruppel
To anyone who is friends with both Jonathan Ruppel ( known to many of you as Master Stormcrow or under his new name DJ Stormcrow) and I.... please understand we are no longer together. At this time he has chosen to leave me and his unborn son who is less than 3 weeks from being born and return to his wife whom he was in the process of divorcing. From what i am told they have chosen to stop the divorce and try to work things out. I do wish him the best if this is the road he has chosen to go down. I will ask anyone who chooses to keep us both on their list.. please leave my name out of things when you speak to him...if Jonathan wishes to know how His Son or I am doing he may Contact me directly his self... certain lines of communication are being left open so he always has a way to reach me... If i find you are in contact with him and giving him any information on me or Dameon you will be removed from my life permanently... There will be no second chances given on this. As of right now
Famp Adds
WOW    I don't even know where to begin .    Today during my famp run i had two girls prev in my fam say " you booted me out of family :( "  i reply  & answered "yes" i explanied to them both that i needed to charge credits for a debt  i was in i had to get a rockstar so a person could to the cherry inferno for me so thats how i made my credits. so I had to kick a few people that i normally had in my fam for these  credit payers. most of these credit payers were prev in my family anyway .  I just dont get why ppl do this .  i try to rotate people around but then  again i'll probaly get the same thing going on over & over again  i will never get anywere if i just charge nothing , even to help my self or even others.  i'm just doing what everyone else is doing.  its true  and its  a good way to make credits.  i admit i used to be that way and whine about  stuff like that, not gettin my way in.  so on and so forth , but  its a waste of breath to whine and sit there and wonder hmmm hy
Morph Your Pictures
Hello fubar friends. Look at the comment to start morphing your pictures. I want you to have some fun with this awesome good site...Morph Thing.            
I Had You For 3 Days
I had you for 3 days was the best days of my life you hold me dear to your heart say the right things make me feel like I was the one I had you for 3 days was the bast days of my life you hold me dear to your heart I could of fall in Love with you I hold my words back not knowing what to say I hold the moment as long as I can so I won't lose the time I have with you now you are gone like the wind blowing in the sky go bye my love was nice knowing you my true love
I Am Lost
I am lost in you love as taken over me
Dear bloggy, Ugh so I already wrote all this on Fubar but of course Fubar deleted it without saving it! Hisses! I use to write blogs everyday on Myspace about my life and things in general. I decided that today I would like to start writing blogs again on Fubar this time. I decided that this could help me in the writing department since I have been working on my writing. Basically nothing has been going on in my life that is that exciting. I watched the Olympics today it was pretty interesting. I am excited to watch track and field because I am a thrower. I am not the best thrower but this is my last year in college throwing so I am pretty stoked! I had to work today, a lady asked my manger if we were hiring and I glared at my manager, and she told the lady if she was to hire anymore people that 3 or more people would quit! She told the lady to look at my face! I am started to get more hours and I am just trying my hardest to get them to see that I have potential
Tattoos & Condoms
Me: Let's let him do our tattoos. He's really talented. BFF: No, I want to go to a shop where it is clean. Me: He's shit is clean. He has everything a shop would. He just doesn't have to pay rent if he uses his house. BFF: I don't want to get AIDS or HEP C! Me: If you are truly worried about that then maybe you should start using condoms as well. Just saying. 
People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.
Spoken Word Poetry: 1
Hard to breath, Nervous, feel the fluttering of butterfly's.   Am i murdering uncontrollably?   I look a pone you and can't see.   For your beauty is brighter then the sun.   Behind that pretty smile and pretty  eye's   I am hoping there is a warm heart waiting for mine.   How can this one person make me daydream with out my mind?   Seeing thing's i never could with my eye's.   My heart carries the beauty watch is pain to the brain driving me insane frying my brain like cocaine.   I am feeling a love like ultra violent ray's and x ray's warming my insides   causing a meltdown shutting down my mouth where i cant ask you out.   As the angles moan a song  for this man that can't speak.   If i let her go with out saying a word.   I'll never fall a sleep in my own sheets.   I jump to my feet to kiss the kiss that was on its way to me that i almost never discovered for all i heard was my butterfly's and uncontrollable mudders.   Awakened by a kiss that felt l
August 2, 2012
I fell off the first page - top 42 hottest chicks on the hotness style homepage - a spot that's included me for the last six months or longer.  It's my fault for not being here as much to rate/like/help as much as I have the past six months but I have a reason to be AFK more .. I have physical theapy twice a week and exercises daily, doctor's appointment once a week, an aide helping me twice a week .. so you see what you do without giving it a second thought takes me an hour or two these days .. and wears me out physically .. I have to rest a lot with my ankles propped above my heart to reduce swelling, too. I guess if I were totally crushed by losing my spot in the top 42 chicks, I'd be clicking boomerangs instead of blogging though... My day was spent doing what I felt I needed to do ... helping people level, plan happy hours, finish widowmaker, get family adds, and I made some pictures for my friends to use .. some screen shots for a couple others early this morning .. I've had l
Greatest Feeling
lips so soft and smooth   sending chills down my spine.   Slow music nice wine.   quickly are hands touch.   Your five fingers meet mine.   greatest feeling in my life.
What She Is To Me
A man’s weakness is his strength His strength is her love. Her love is his light. His light is his world His world is his life.
Times Edge
I sit on the edge of time. trying to find my mind. deaf holds my had.I'll help you ease your troubled mind. As i jump he hold's back the hands of time. My son it is not your time. For the hands stopped so say I. I seen you back my son for one last try.   I sit on the edge of time. trying to find my mind. deaf holds my had.I'll help you ease your troubled mind. My mind is at ease thanks to father time
A Dream
For a moment you where the one. I believed Your eyes. Your soul was a thousand times more beautiful than mine. thought the darkies days where left behind. Your love inhabited my mind. Hoping for a boundless love for all time's. I wish I would have never closed my eyes. The next morning Brought tiers to my eyes. Love was just a illusion of my mind.
Sub Or Master
I saw your pose of pure male perfectionit caught my eye and unleashed my thoughtshow to bend that magnificent body to my willchained to my wall for my amusementlashed tight under my desk inhaling my wetnessmy eagerness to possess youoverroad common sensea fault I should not possessbut remembering I am humanas my mouth watered at owning youfeeling your quivering flesh at fingertipsI wrote of ideas for youto use you to your limit then push you furthermy goal was to taste your edgehear your criesknowing full well you were not even closetempting to break that wall you had upshowing you the true submissive you held insidebut as we spokeyou showed anger in your wordshostle at timesno words of submission in sightmy doubt begin to formwas this truly a subor a master on the prowldo you truly want to feel me top youfinding yourself bound tightsmothered by my essencedrowning in the power i can have over youor are you that master lurking insidewanting so badly to feel my flesh under youpleasing y
To Walk The Red Road
~TO WALK THE RED ROAD~Long road winding began in the stars,spilled onto the mountain tops,was carried in the snow to the streams,to the rivers, to the ocean…It covers Canada, Alaska, America,Mexico to Guatemala,and keeps winding around the indigenous.The Red Road is a circle of people standing hand in hand,people in this world, people betweenpeople in the Spirit people, animal people, stone people,river people, tree people…The Sacred Hoop.To walk the Red Road is to know sacrifice, suffering. It is to understand humility.It is the ability to stand naked before Godin all things for your wrong doings,for your lack of strength,for your uncompassionate way,for your arrogance - because to walk the Red Road, you always knowyou can do better. And you know,when you do good things,it is through the Creator, and you are grateful.To walk the Red Roadis to know you stand on equal groundwith all living things. It is to know thatbecause you were born human,it gives you superi
Void That Only You Can Fill It
wave of mind get me on cloud nineclosing my eyes its aura of winethinking of sunshine i found you mineappearance  of yours say's its all fine moving along with my eyes can vehemence the dreams that never flymelancholy of failures make me in vain with closed eyes i cried in paincontemplating sun to stop rainfolding my wings to fly again
Not Sure Why I'm Here
I took a break from Fu because of the problems it was causing. I was flirting when I shouldn't have been. Looking for attention from everyone but the one I should've wanted it. I come back out of curiosity, only to find that it's worse than before. People are arrogant, rude, condescending, and can be downright nasty when one does not act the way they want. When did Fu become a porn site? Does no one want just simple friendship? Last I checked, it didn't require you to take all your clothes off to get a few rates and decent conversation. So to the haters out there who moan and complain because there are no NSFW in my photos, GTFOff my page and go find someone who will give you what you want. The block button has been the most satisfying button to press since I've come back. 
Are You A Sinner ;)
so, i log into my FUBAR account today, to see a man trying to "Holla" at me, I tell him that I am involved. he asks with whome (like its any of his business) so I tell him I have a girlfriend. He calls me a sinner and tells me that I will be going to hell, I said I dont believe in that sort of thing, he said ( here is the rest of our conversation:)   11:17am reply ABDUL321: YOU'LL SEE SOON   cancel 11:22am more To ABDUL321: so.. its ok for you to come at me never meeting nor speaking to me before.. most likely intending to "cyber" with me, being that ur a black man also makes u a sinner for even wanting to associate with me since in the bible inter racial couples are frowned upon as well, and ur just pissed at the face that i get more pussy then you. take note also in my list of sins that im heavily tattooed and peirced..and fuck yes my vagina is one of those piercings! see you in hell boo...oh! and Ill be the sin
The Mafia Boss
Want to take a break of Fumafia? Dont have to leave fubar to do so. Just try this game right here. Look at comment.  
Alright, Already, Sometimes It Gets To Be Too Much
When I was just starting highschool ya know how they like to run sex education by you. I had already traveled the road and made a few extra pathways. So yes I knew some of what to expect. At no time had I ever thought that I would have kids before marriage. The mere idea didn't really sit well with me. My mom and dad got divorced. My mom's second husband was about 13 years older than me. I didn't want to get married. I heard how my dad and even my stepfather hurt my mom. That part of the deal didn't exactly thrill me. As I grew up I kept seeing marriages go bad. To me marriage by law was really something to treasure and from what I saw no one else seen it that way. The famous scene was all screwed up. Still is. Can't really see me getting married EVER. Unless its to my dream lover. Unless it is someone that doesn't beat me and rape me. I no longer want to be ordered around either. I may be picky but I don't think so. In order for me to be anywhere near happy I need to feel needed for
Being Sappy
How It Used To Be © Melanie Edwards I remember how it used to bewhen nothing else matter but you and memusic, country roads, and future dreams.I miss you, I wish you could seealthough you are here, I miss you and me.I remember when you said how happy I made youand you really meant, it's just a phraseyou say without thinking.I miss those days when you'd call just to say "hi"or "I love you"...the days it was so hardjust to say good-bye for a while.I remember how wonderful it felt the first timeyou held me in your arms-and how after all thoseyears you still made my heart melt.I miss the old you- and the old meThe old us that could just sit and talk for hoursand never run out of things to say.I remember when time simply stood still-when in each other's arms is the only placewe wanted to be...forever.I miss us as I remember how it used to be...when nothing else matter but you and me.
Sarcastic, Nasty Statuses...and The Bullies That Post Them
Okay some of the bitches out here really grind my gears is up with the nasty, hateful, sarcastic statuses some of you nasty bitches post? not only the status...which shows what a bully you really are (one fubitch in particular who believes she is the be all, end allof the fuworld...maybe even the real world as well lol)...but also the hateful way your nasty c*nt cronies chime right in and insult the people who express an opinion...or confusion more often than not...about your idiotic status?   Why don't you idiot followers of the fu bullies...keep your fucking mouths shut and get a real life? I'm beginning to think these members (women, 99% of the troublemakers out here) just come here to release their inner bully and degrade other women and even be the person they don't feel they can be in real life lol...although, well, that IS the person they are deep's just sickening to me...some of us wanna have fun...move along and leave u
Speaking My Mind
I am not liked by everyone possibly because I speak my mind very freely, who knows .. Historically, great men never had good references because they always rocked the boat .. John the Baptist was Hated by a queen .. Jesus was Hated by a King & an entire community, some people still Hate him if you listen to how they speak .. Moses was Hated by a King .. King David was Hated by a King .. Daniel was Jailed by a King .. Galileo was Disgraced for asserting that the world was not FLAT .. I suppose it's only fitting that people Hate me as well .. But when I cross that Bridge do not follow close behind, because I plan on Burning that Bridge on the other side .. and I'm out!
Beneath Contempt
I can only take so much before my back will breakSo tell me what you've learned from your thousands of mistakesI don't want to be anything like you areNew strains of apathy infecting all the old scarsSo many times I thought you would come through for meYou've had your chance to prove your authenticitySo many complicationsSo many limitationsAll lead to confrontationsAnd violations of trustI didn't want to believe that you could be so quick to deceiveI thought you understood 
The Tree
The TreeSitting under my special tree one day. Sun glaring down on me from above. It's warm and sensual on my skin. Filling my entire being with happiness and wholeness.I'm listening to music on my player. No one for miles around.  I'm lost in my own little world, singing gently to myself and breathing in the fresh summer air. Grass beneath my bum and the security of the canopy of the tree. I lay down and look up. I can see the sunlight sparkling through the leaves. It's so beautiful.Laying on my back I can feel the heat through my shirt on my nipples. Ohhhh the bliss. I undo my crisp white shirt and expose my breasts to the Sun and breathe deeply as the warmth kisses them oh so gently.I circle each nipple with my fingertip and it feels so bad being out in a public place in this state. But it just makes Me horny. Caressing each breast in turn I can slowly feel myself getting moist and tender.My pussy is tingling and pulsating.  I open my legs to reveal a pantieless shaven mound of
I've noticed a lot of girls one here romanticize pain but I wonder if they would still feal that way if they had to live with it 24/7/365. For people like me that live with chronic pain there are no "Good Days" only "barely bearable" where you plod on and hope to accomplish something to "intolerable" when you just want to give up. The amount of Morphine I take would make most people incapable of stringing together a complete sentence yet for me it just takes enough of the edge off of the pain so I'm not curled up in bed wishing I were dead! Today was the kind of day where it hurt to do anything but some things had to be done. Every pothole was jarring and each accumulated to the last so by the time I was home I just crawled in bed and quit.   Let me try to explain the type of pain I'm talking about. If you've ever head a broken bone you might be able to understand. It's like a break (braket?) that has been healing for about a week or two and then constantly banging it with enough fo
Basket Nike Shox Femme
The belief of Timberland company is that according to the excellent creation,sac guess pas cher and chaussure timberland homme schemes out the the innovative production all over the world. The company established in American Bostonian in 1918 which is a major shoesmaking company in his early ages. The shoelace holes are antirust. In the moist environment even the whole shoes are immersed into the water, they can not produce rust.The second is immortal model.Handsewn Shoes are the immortal model of TIMBERLAND. They insist the classic spirits in quality. the crown leather must deep into water and after the leather be soft, the wood model fixed the the quarter exterior. Then the crafts sew to complete.rayban pas cher femme and ralph lauren polo The progress of making shoes wasting a mount of labour power need to rely on proficient task females. Only the certified shoes are wind-resistant design. It is necessary in the winter. There are the logo of Timberland in the soles. It mus
Timberland Bebe Chaussure
you will wear them with utmost abundance and adjustability to your feet as they exchange their footwear products manufactured with magic materials and leather ingredients.rayban pas cher femme and nike talon Most of the judged online stores make safe you through despite the nobility products and on constantly utterance of your desired air max 90 shoes at your mentioned address. There is a wide range of Parfum pas cher perfumes available for women of all moods and kinds. She may be playful, spirited, confident, and vivacious; there is a wide array of Parfum pas cher perfumes available Some of these perfumes divulge a burst of seasoned fruits such as lemon, A foul choice of nike air max 90 pas cher shoes can ruin more than justifiable your feet. Your feet are considered to be your skeleton's foundation.requin tn pas cher and rayban pas cher femme If you have a incorrigible with the foundation of a erection, you ruin surpass up having problems with the turn up of the building. The fro
My Poetry Part 2
We head down to erotic city where we can funk alright Round and round I drive my love machine cuz money don’t matter 2nite, We cream 2 the cross down alphabet street 2 the glam slam All night we dance on doing the housequake and the funk n jam When 2 r in love it is positivity full of temptation Cuz i cant stop this feeling I got 4 prince and the new power generation. So I shake and push in the latest fashion just like melody cool Strollin down like a thunder bolt breaking the biggest rule. The future holds the electric chair 4 your fantasy Or do u lie your delirious from all your ecstasy. I am willing and able to go around the world in a day with crazy u, Its gonna be a beautiful night so why are we so blue Lets pretend we are married cuz i wanna be your lover Baby, my love is forever u know there is no other. So take me with you , im yours, so we can be free
A Talk With Oma.
Today I was at the restaurant when an older lady came in. Kim showed her to a booth and took her order. I noticed that the woman had a German accent. Being curious about other cultures and countries I asked if I could ask her a question. She invited me to sit down and ask away. I asked her what Germany was like. That began a conversation that I will never forget ever.   She told me her name was Adala and that she was born in 1935 in Rangsdorf. She told me her whole life. It was amazing what this woman had gone through in her life time. She was raised by her grandfather who raised argyle rabbits and sold the fur for a living. Her father and mother had been killed for refusing to join the Nazi party. She had been forced to shake Hitlers hand twice. I asked her why forced? She told me that she and others thought he was a vile man and didn't want to do it. They were given the choice to either do it or be sent to the camps or even worse shot. She had two sisters. One older and one younge
Missing You
My heart is broken, the rain is falling. the thunder crashes down, and i can no longer here you calling. the roses have faded, i drown in my own ocean of tears, i run from my own fears. I am missing you. the smiles, the laughter. the words I love you, faded into the distant skies. the clouds cover the sun,  i can still see your face. time can never erase. The pain is deep, i can not sleep. I am missing you. where did it go wrong. and now i wonder if it even matters. do you even care that i was ever there. I try not to cry, wishing you were here. time passes by maybe its time to say goodbye, maybe its time to move on. even though I will always be  missing you.
Our Rights To Marijuana!!!
    Amendment I    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.     King James bible:  Genesis Chapther 1   Vers 29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.                                       Revelation  Chapter 4  Vers 11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power:
Bright Light
Bright LightTonight I was lonely,I had to come by,I wanted to be happy,In moments I would cry...Just to say this to you,I'll always be loving you...I forget about the tears,With your music in my ears,I am really into you,When I share with you,Moments of your day,What you have to say...The little things you do,Are those defining you.No solitude in the night,When I see your bright light,My heart gets so happy,I sense your serenity...I'll just say this to you,I'll be forever loving you...
This is a quote that I wanted to share and explain a bit of what it means to myself. "HISTORY TEACHES THAT WHEN YOU WILL BECOME INDIFFERENT AND LOSE THE WILL TO FIGHT SOMEONE WHO HAS THE WILL TO FIGHT WILL TAKE OVER." COLONEL ARTHUR D. "BULL" SIMMONS SON TAY RAIDER NOV 21,1970   To me what this means that when you lose the will to fight someone with more determination will come and take over what you can't handle anymore. There has been a few times in my life when i gave up on everything even life itself but the one thing that always remained is that I have an UNWAVERING BURNING desire to be something more than myself. If you dont understand what I mean here is another explanation. I feel there is something more that I should be a part of so I can't rest until I find out what that is. I have pushed myself way beyond my physical and mental limits throughout my life so far that I have had to get surgery from some of my injuries. I never could allow myself to forget what I am reall
True Love
                                               TRUE LOVE   True Love is hard to find, when i found my true love , i could not think it was real,when i talk to him all i think about is him and me nothing else, when i see his face, his eyes i know that he is everything i wanted from a man and noting else, his voice makes my heart ponder, and it skips, and my eyes have that glow in it that i have never had happen before, i prayed one night to God, asking him what i should do, i was looking outside when i was praying and it was sprinking in rain, and i seen in the woods, 2 wolves, one had  green eyes, and the other one had blue eyes , they looked at me and just nooded for some reason, then i seen the moon how full it was and i heard the wolves howl as i go outside wondering what i should do i had tears in my eyes, and then i heard a weird voice in the background going do what your heart tells you, my heart tell me to tell this wonderful man how wonderful he is and how he makes me feel, wh
first off i want to take this time to say a few words of wisdom in both gender base on what i know about on the same sex before i do this i want all of them to know this first.1 obama don't give a fuck about you he is using all of you to try and be reelected if you do then you are stupid i dont rember what year it was but he said at first not in so many words but told all of you to fuck off and now that he has fucked up some what in office he is using the gays and lesbians  to try to get reelected by saying its ok to married the same sex. also this is not about bashing anyone because alot of straight people do this too its called cheating men cheat alot dont matter if your gay,straight or bi they all do it however gay guys specially alot of them do not respect there other half some try to do things behind there lover back my big pet peeve is how they try to convert straight guys to fool around with and normally that would be ok however if they say there just not into it
A Touch Unfelt A Poem By Me That I Wrote Way Back In 2009
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, kiss and love you Every moment o
Clean and sober.Fresh out of cigarettes. Like a virgin.These are the days my grandfather warned me about. Where your back gets soft and fragile.Pins and needles on the edge of the table.That numb hook that used to be your hand.Soldier on.Although I was almost a pacifist.That year I lost to many machines.Green machine.Hate machine.Heart machine.God machine.Larry took the escalator at the last minute.Said a few words between rasps, then high fived Jesus.There are tiny pieces of that man with me.Everyday when I check for encroaching baldnessor mumble something about bunkers, bombshelters, and boozeSome are more literal.Like the tiny disc of silver I carryor the stripped and dormant piece in my dresser.I'd like to think they matter.But more than anythingalwaysrememberthese days.
People see me as this crazy person, well not true, I did used to be an ass on here awhile back, and most of them are okay, but I will say one thing, if you screw me over or are not a true friend like you say you are, then I can get really bad. As some of you know there are people who write blogs about me, some I happen to read, and laugh because most of the time they just add lies and rumors to it to make me sound REALLY bad. When people bling me out of the ordinary or blue, dont expect a bling back unless I make a deal with you, I do spend money on here, but only on good ocassions, and to people who really deserve it. I also am wondering why people chat in the SB but never reply, I mean there are a few where they still let me chat with them but never reply to anything, if you dont want to talk, let me know, dont leave me hanging and then all hell breaks loose there. I only make deals to be in famps, and if I cant, well I can't. But if you make a deal and then back out of it, I'd l
I Just Don't Fully Know Anything
I just don't know fully anything, I guess. Its been one of my close to death days. My daughter tried to commit suicide. Now I know everyone has problems and mine may just mean flat out nothing to everyone else. Then again this is my vent page, so just deal. Providing anyone at all reads this.... I have to get out what I am feeling to something. Just me and my kids here. I was thinking of telling my daughter get a job and love your brother or get out. She is all complaining. Saying she has been trying to get a job. She claims to fill out an app least once a week. I know from personal experience that she could be trying harder. She claims that everyone is getting on her back about not getting a job. I told her that I loved her before she was born and after she was born. I tried to keep her at home when she was seven but she got all out of sorts that I was raising her little brother that had just been born. The county said, "maybe you need sometime apart for her to realize how good sh
~~~my Thoughts And Feelings~~~~~
Well its been a very long Year for me and i still have alot yet to accomplish before the end of the year is over, It has been a very rough one for me alot has happened in my life and not all good i am now faced with alot of serious decisions i need to make , and some of those are going to be very hard for me to make for it is going to affect alot of people.and not in very good ways i might add , I am at a crossroads in my life asking myself where do i wish to be and what do i wish to do if i had it my way i would be out on the open road in a Large RV traveling with my animals and enjoying my life for once , instead of living my life for other people and caring what they think or feel i have made alot of mistakes in my life over the past few years some i wish to god i could go back and redo and some are not so bad but i do wish i could definately redo some of them for i would not of made the mistakes i did . Over my whole Life i wish i had of listened to my mother more and not been so q
Family Changes
I luv all the people I have ever had in my family. But at this time I have been playing fu seriously for the game and to level. If you aren't someone that plays regularly I really need to take you out. This is not permanent but I need people in my family that I know have the time. I get we all have real life and that is most important. But not being in my family does not mean we are not friends. I care for all of you and put you there for a reason. I hope no one gets upset and just understands that I am trying to play the game well right now. If I have hurt your feelings my apologies here for you. Like I said it is not personal and not permanent. xo, ~chi
lickin lickin in yer plush bush push push push ya buttons til the buttons stretch from yer yer aroused breasts heaving of yer chest and sweats yer skin, yer juices all the rest lickin lickin lick flickin switchin between clit and tit twistin tweakin u like a stereo like an aerial w/ yer areolas goosebumpin and yer thighs pumpin 2 get that proper frequency of sighs and movement w/ yer thighs finally thrusting my head so my tongue will go deeper u r the keeper of my mouth 2nite and my fingers 2 play u like a new orleans stride on mardi gras and the sweat is like throwing beads on her breasts breasts that bring to the beast 2 feast on my mouth or maybe it's me that just delights in the buffet that u supply ...and u demand me lick inside yer thighs like a obese customer obsessing over snow crab legs begging 4 more u see yer flesh food as my food 2 b eaten and eaten and eaten and eaten until yer juices flow like the ocean that i captured u from...cum so sweet and sticky and all over my face
5 Kinds Of Homemade Conditioner Formulation Easy Money
Home homemade hair conditioner, can be as simple as knock eggs, ghd iv stylercan also be complex seems to be in the home to set up a chemistry lab.However, on their own, can save a lot of money, but also for the head fatigue hair to create targeted moisturizing products. 5 kinds of homemade conditioner formulation easy money In fact, conditioner is very simple moisturizing products, shampoo for hair.It can recover hair chemical equilibrium state, with moisturizing effect, strengthening hair.Using conditioner, not only oil, also contains moisturizing agent.Moisturizers can alleviate hunger and hair, pure oil will only dust adsorption (micro-blog), increasing the burden of hair. 1 in Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera Gel 5 kinds of homemade conditioner formulation easy money If you ignore the deep care, hair becomes dead, no gloss.The following formula, you can bring deep moisture conditioning hair.In a bowl, add 3 oz jojoba oil and 8 ounces of aloe vera gel, mixing.The modulation o
Small Or Tiny Cock
would love to hear from woman about there point of view and all us small cocked men
I cant beleive youre gone. I cant believe and i wont accept it. your blood on the walls but no i wont see it. I loved you. I love you.  I still feel you. I still see you. I can hear you. You cant be far.  yet they say you are.  gone. wasted brilliance. cold silent beauty.  I loved you. I love you.  Im going crazy, Its been weeks and I cant stop crying.  You said I saved your life. I guess i really had. I went to rehab. didnt know you needed me so bad. the guilt is there. and youre still everywhere.  God i loved you. I love you. 
Drowning in sarrowNo one seems to careSome may say they do but they don'tThey say there is always tomorrowBut its the same day after dayDrowning in sarrowThey don't know the anguish I feelThey can't tell me tomorrow Is going to be any better The ones you want to care Seem to be the ones who are never thereThe harder you try the more they are disappointedSo where does that leave youDrowning in sorrowAll anyone wants is to be happyYet in the times we live in that is a fantasyNo one in this world is truly happy They are all tormented in some wayThat is why we all are just drowning Drowning in a sea of depressionAnxiety, worthlessness, and dispairThe reason no one seems to careIs because they are all Drowning in sorrowJust think there is always tomorrow. ~RavenMoon
Sea Of Misery
Dispare and misery they always seem to beWhat would life be like without themHappy and joyous almost perfectThere is no chance of that No matter how perfect it is you will never seeBecause without them life would just be emptyAnxiety depression dispare and miseryAre just a little part of some great testIt's like some sick jokeJust to see who is the best Life is never a bed of rosesIt is more like a bed of thornsNever any comfort just painAnd they wonder why people go insaneThere is not enough love in this worldTo overcome these dark emotionsThey seen to be as big as oceansWe are all just lost never to be found in a Sea of Misery ~RavenMoon
The Darkness
A woman afraid Afraid of the darknessAfraid of what she might find.Why should she be afraid?There is nothing in the darknessshe should keep that in mind.She said there was painand loneliness in the darkness,and that she was not to blame.What did she do and why did it happen in the darkness? ~RavenMoon
Happiness Is A Rarity
In a world of pain It is a breath of fresh air To find a little happinessNo matter what kind For we all have a lot to gainIt makes everything else easier to bearEveryone can use a little happinessFrom time to time just something to keep in mindAfterall it is one thing that keeps us saneEven if it does seem rareto find some type of happinessYet when you do it is one of a kind ~RavenMoon
My Mate
my heart affraid of being hurt again my soul affraid to lose you my sprirt tells me to stay my mind tells me to go  my body misses your touch but my love cannot wait I miss my mate      
You Wouldn't Dare Predict!
See me as you must, honestly I couldn't care less. Because I am more powerful, than what you possess. I wasn't born a bitch, life made me this way. It came from life lessons, learned the hard way. Gather your own opinion of me, in that shallow fucking mind. That just tells me, you're not worth my time. Judgment is NOT yours, to make. Passing it upon me, was your mistake. If a fight is what you're looking for, I can give you one. For you underestimate me, this one you got wrong. I am small but powerful, but don't take my word. Finding out for yourself, is the method I prefer. Get in my face, and I'll knock you down to my size. Pierce right through your soul, with one stare in these eyes. Like daggers, piercing your heart. Because you can't touch me, this is only the start. Of my tactics, you hit below the belt. You brought this on, now prepare yourself. For a battle, you wouldn't dare predict. You will have to EARN the right, to call me a bitch!
Conquering My Fears
I was his Goddess, he is still my King. What I would give, to take back everything. To say I'm sorry, just isn't enough. I can admit my mistakes, I'm gifted at fucking up. I see and feel something so great, and it scares me to death. Then I push it away, and live with regret. Never surrendering my power, to someone else. I take it away from them, and punish myself. Because for me to be happy, means being weak. Vulnerable to pain, refusing to speak. Refusing to surrender, to just give in. That means I have the possibility, of never being able to win. But what am I winning, when I have lost so much. Due to fear, an unwanted touch. Everyone suffers, because of the bad things. I still shed tears, it controls everything! I am head strong and stubborn, but damn I want to live! Without ruining every opportunity of happiness, life gives. The nightmares keep forming, they just won't stop. I want a fresh start to this life, I've got. I walk and search for
Just A Waste
Sometimes I may not know, but come on, you really need to let go. I am a woman & you say your a man, but I know you aren't doing all you can. The man I want is out there, he is real, he gives a damn between joking and how I feel.   You really need to grow up and see, you are not man enough for me. I am Grade A and what more, you lack in so much & I'm keeping score. Gotta wait until you are mature, for the loving to get pure.   My man waits for only me, the day will come when we will make history. Until that day does arrive, we will enjoy loving life because we are alive. You are as dead as a door nail, I hope you enjoy your ride straight to hell.   Your just a waste of breath, face it, your just a waste of everyones time & yet... I know you'll never be, what my #1 is to me. Your just a waste, but wait, HaHa your just too late!!
4 Ways To Lose Weight (for Girls)
Quick weight loss is a lot more a mind factor instead of a actual physical one. You need to self motivate for weight reduction. Here are some ideas regarding how to lose weight fast. How to drop Fat Quickly Take in A lot of Water While you are for a weight loss program, you actually clearly take notice of your diet, however usually neglect to keep an eye on your own refreshment consumption. If you wish to truly lose weight fast, you may gain a good deal by enjoying water, particularly h2o. Fresh fruit juice are usually one additional alternative, nonetheless they have pure sugars, which may be fairly harmful. If you drink plenty of water, tend not to drink it down at one time, alternatively just take smaller sips. Having drinking water during supper allows you to come to feel completely full very fast and also lowers your own use of meals. You should not Miss meals A lot of people use fad diets and even reduce their diet plan to successfully fifty percent gra
Dark Chocolate
If u only knew just how much I hunger for just one taste From your deep ebony eyes to the soles of your feet I quietly wait to consume it all without haste Skin like silk and taste of honey oh so sweet You walk with the commanding presance of a true king Try as I might I can't get my fill of you it's jus to much I am captivated by your body and the heat you alway bring My mind continually haunted by the phantom of your touch I am rendered completely helpless by your undeniable charms My secrete addiction I can't quit no matter how I try I dreamt of us laying feverishly in each others arms The feel of your suculent lips forever emprined in my mind's eye My Dark Chocolate I egarly wait to bathe in your embrace As I desretely remember our last meeting I begin to lust
COCAINE My minds been eaten up with rustMy thoughts are covered with white dustI've got no one I can trustI'm surrounded by all this shitCan't turn it awayIts to hard to quitIm on my way down,To the devils pit!!I can feel the heat from the blazing flames,Its so intense it drives me insaneI'm just a prisonerOf this deadly Cain!  
Me And My Disease
As the doc walked in I immediately knew...his expression said it all. No sugar coating here. I found out I had The Big C on my birthday yes, what a pisser 2 years ago. Although it was difficult to hear, I took it with grace (and several Jager shots at the bar later) and humility. My oncologist, Dr. X we will call him was compassionate I mean it WAS my birthday, gave me the info I needed and plan of action considering, it is stage 3. So, to Chemo or not to Chemo that was the question weighing heavy on my thoughts an considering my healthissues in the past I chose Chemo why you ask why not just let it ride out I do not know I figuered what do I have to lose It was the longest 6 months of my fucking life  every 2 weeks chemo for 3 hours man it sucked ass not sure which was worse, the nausea, the vomiting or the complete depression which consumed me. If it had not been for my son, my friends or loads of music I am pretty sure I would not have survived on my own. Have you every tasted metal
Short But Sweet
Today was a little too much. I did something I haven't done in a long while. Now don't laugh.... I went rolling down a grassy hill and then I rolled back up the hill. Hey it took alot of nerve and a couple less brain cells then the little dance I do when I'm really happy!! My daughter went rolling down the hill too. I tried to share the information that I felt was good info. If you put your hands straight out above your head you could roll faster than keeping them by your side. It joggled my brain alittle but nothing damaging. I know that some of the people I know might just think I was crazy for doing this but then again the ones that know me best will at least understand why I did it. After I rolled, I came home and slept for about three hours. Seeing how I will be forty one next month I think I am doing pretty good for my age. I still am trying to be an adult but I'm just athinking if you can't break lose once in awhile, your mighty boring. That is besides the intake of liquor. I
A Poem: Eldritch Road
There he goes...into the darkness..staring fate into his heart lingering thoughts of fearno longer abiding his soul...the pale moon abovethe stars shining of angelsthe night wrapped around his bodyenveloping its sorrow into his mindThere he goes...into the Eldritchstaring thru the mirrors edge.. fighting fiercly for freedomno longer living out of will...the howl of the wolfthe beat of the wingsthe wind encasing him into blacknessreaching its hand through his eyes There he goes...And there he stays...Gone with the desire to find evil.
Life passing knowing what is next moon shinning on my face  love will come my way. Voice telling me stay or go . Do I dear feel my heart of love  more falling pain. I let you in and now your gone. I think of you day and night. My heart hurts I stand alone now not knowing Magical things fly my way in life. I will keep you in my mind that is all there is. Life lesson of love. bY Christine
So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their
Such Beautiful Eyes
Such beautiful eyes Such beautiful eyesI tell myself not to lookWhen you walk on byBut i take a peekJust to remind myself whyEvery time you turn the cornerIll be there watchingLooking into those beautiful eyesEvery time you leave the houseIll be on the other side of the streetIm your shadowEven when its darkYour all alone nowWalking down an empty roadSuch beautiful eyesEven when death is in sightSuch beautiful eyesEven when life is no longer insideNow i walk down A busy streetLooking for another pairOf beautiful eyes.  Bill Steward
Summer Days
Summer Days cool summer grass on my feet nature all around me thinking of you.
Coffins used to be built with holes in them, attached to six feet of copper tubing and a bell. The tubing would allow air for victims buried under the mistaken impression they were dead. Harold, the Oakdale gravedigger, upon hearing a bell, went to go see if it was children pretending to be spirits. Sometimes it was also the wind. This time it wasn’t either. A voice from below begged, pleaded to be unburied. “You Sarah O’Bannon?” Yes! the voice assured. “You were born on September 17, 1827?” “Yes!” “The gravestone here says you died on February 19?” “No I’m alive, it was a mistake! Dig me up, set me free!” “Sorry about this, ma’am,” Harold said, stepping on the bell to silence it and plugging up the copper tube with dirt. “But this is August. Whatever you is down there, you ain’t alive no more, and you ain’t comin’ up.”
Beyond The Silk Stockings And G Strings
So i think its important that people on here know my mind and where im coming from. Ok,lets get some stuff out of the way. Im not here for hookups,for sex,to show off racy pics,to do phone sex,to talk dirty. I know alot of people who might have seen my pics and wanted to be my "friend" just Xed me off their list after reading that but i dont care. There are enough ladies here that will gladly help you with all of the above wants...i know because i had an account a long time ago here and saw a bunch of females doing it...i am not going to add to te pile. Mainly because i dont want to be bothered with horny hormones from strangers all over the place. Do i sound like a bitch?  Believe it or not i am just telling it like it is. I am a beautiful 41 year old woman. Older women tend to not beat around the bush about their feelings and wants..they will give it to you straight.  Dont get me not hating on the other females on this site that want to show or give more. More pow
I Hear Our Hearts
I love dreaming of only you, gives me the best destination to openly pursue. Come join me and the circle of love we will travel, nail me to the bed after I ride and pound you like a judge's gavel. I was thinking maybe another small world after all, thank God I was wrong, Your strong and tall. We have interlocking parts, I was made to love you, I hear our hearts. Waking up to hug tight there is no reason to complain, you even dance in the rain. So simple and its hard but still there is a yet, I want and need to remember and never forget. That a spark ever existed betweem us two, that we feel drawn in to being a one person crew. The fact that I love you loving me, even if there is a chance of no chance to see.     If we will have fun to every extreme, I know you know what I mean. I would like to relish you inside and out, with you I never have a doubt. I already love all that I know, I'm more than ready, lets go!!
Why O Why!
One day Adam asked God "Why did you make Eve so beautiful?" God answered "So that you will love her". Adam again asked "Why did you give her such long flowing hair?" God answered again "So that you will love her." Adam asked again "Why did you give her such a beautiful figure?" Again God answered and said "So that you will love her." Adam said - "Then why did you make her so dumb" and God answered and said "So that she would love you".
Human Capacity
THE HUMAN CAPACITY IS INCREDIBLE; WE CAN ADAPT TO ANYTHING IF WE MAKE THE RIGHT DEMANDS UPON OURSELVES INCREMENTLY   I read this once a long time ago and after reading it I sat there and thought for hours of what its true meaning to me was. But truthfully I knew the answer even before I even read this. This is something that I have been doing most of my life. I have given myself a GOAL that was very hard to attain but I also set small milestones along the way so I could check my progress getting there. Sometimes I have faltered from the GOAL that I set but I always kept trying to reach them. I have wavered many a times on the PATHS/GOALS that I have set but I have always clawed my way back up onto the paths. The path that I have CHOSEN now is a path that many have tried and failed but only a few have completed it all. I have tried and failed as well but with each failure I have LEARNED something and I will use that knowledge to help me. As of now I have a few issues to take care of b
Sugary sweetness swells around my ankles...pulling...gripping.. holding me still Embracing me with beautiful words and darker visions of the truth I ache to wade out in the make believe that is you and swim Blind my watering aqua eyes to what my heart doesnt want my mind to see  "if you loved me you would save me!" Save me from who? you or myself?   You say, " come closer love, drown for me"
MYRDDYNN WYLT by Donn Harper on Monday, August 16, 2010 at 9:24pm MYRDDYNN WYLT____________________ Wrapped in a tattered woollen cloak. Over layered with a patchwork of uncured skins. The old man shuffled along. His left hand clutching an ash staff, cut from an old spear shaft. His right, held close to his body. He cradled a small black piglet."The gods are all mad little pig, They cannot be trusted. But we are their pieces, they play with abandon.."Myrddynn murmured to the piglet. " Mad they call me! Wild man of the forest...what else would the blind call the sighted man I ask you little pig?" The piglet wriggled, trying to get closer, snuggling for warmth.The late afternoon was already cold. Samhain was close upon them." I have seen little pig. She cursed me with the honey tongue you know." The white raven ruffled her feathers, pecking at Myrddynn beard. Plucking bread crumbs. "She is the betrayer of heroes, The sow that eats her young, you cannot trust her little pig. She will m
I just don't understand why I can't find a nice guy who also lives close to me... I have met a one guy who I thought was nice but turned out to be just another jack ass... and had another guy who kept saying he wanted to meet then asked me to dinner and sabatoged his own plans... I do meet other nice guys but a lot of them live 1000s of miles away... I just don't know why dating is so hard...
What I Think Of Level Level 55
Well I see that there no Negativeness been posted re the New Lvl 55 WFT MORE MONEY we have to spend talk about take the fun out of this site.. you never think or the POOR people out there it's all about the RICH... why can't you for once think of us poor People.. I'm sure u will not post this...WELL DONE FUBAR for thinking of your Pocket and not other 
Tears Of Pain
The sting of tears fall from a pair of eyes, so sorrow filled with grief and pain, for what was to be a year of joy, fell into dispair. Papa, you were the first, a week after my birthday you said goodbye, your wise druid spirit will forever carry on. Grandpa, you came next, your familar laugh and always warm smile, will be my eternal sunshine within me. Charlie, you were the final, my father figure from age 16 to now, I loved you as my family, and I will eternally be grateful for your fatherly love. All 3 of you I loved dearly, and I will continue to though your gone, for your spirits will always carry on.
Sun Diamond Update
Update on Mary's condition. (8/26/12) Just got off of the phone with her and she is in wonderful spirits. She has recently passed a milestone in her recovery by walking 600 feet without the us of her cane. Next week she will be tested for new glasses as her sight is steadily improving. She is looking forward to attending her daughters wedding in October in a condition that would be as she was before her stroke. Her memory is improving and I would guess that her return to FU will be in the next few months. Your prayers and blessings are greatly appreciated. Salutes2William
Dangerous Women Of Wrestling
I am a promoter for Dangerous Women of Wrestling and I just started a few months ago just want to prove to them I have what it takes to work for them Dangerous Women of Wrestling are Finalizing video production dates for their First national Pay Per View for Cable, Satellite and Digital Tv providers debuting later this year. More Info coming!!
Found This On Trampy Druids Blogs Is Not Mine
I'm Sorry created @ 2007-11-06 22:28:42   i bet NO guys will repost this ;i'm sorry i'm sorry if i'm not pretty enough to be "your girl"i'm sorry that i don't want to have sex every minute of the day.i'm sorry that i'm not a playboy bunny so i can act like a pornstar for you.i'm sorry if i don't have a dream body that turns you on.i'm sorry if i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me.i'm sorry if my hair isn't long enough.i'm sorry if i'm not the "hottest" girl you've ever seen.i'm sorry that i try my best to get you to like me, but then get hurt. but most of all; i'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are. and i'm sorry that most guys will read this and post it and may agree with it but after 5 minutes they forget about it and do the same thing all over again. GUYS! just think about it, about how you treat girls.If you're a girl and you agree with this letter, repost as "I'm sorry."
Dreaming Dreaming is my time To Explore my Mind Keeping time and taking notes Feelings and Emotions running riot Making a Movie  One image at a time Bringing thoughts to the fore front  Living and feeling everything  Loving every moment Bad ones creep in but I shoo them away Taking stock of my life  Dreaming about people, places, times and environments  Pleasing and enveloping my whole being Mental time out and my time to heal My space to be who I want to be.
No One
No one knows even after I tell them because they hear me but don't listen Until lightning strikes like a sharp pain in my side and it shows on my face; the hurt i always try to hideI wear a mask, A mask that covers my pain, I wear a smile, A smile to cover my frown,No one knows even after I tell them because they hear me but don't listen  Secretly I am sad, No ones here to hold me, No ones here to love me, I have no one, My mask covers the pain in my eyes, My mask covers the pain in my face, My mask covers the pain in my heart, My mask covers the pain in me,Until lightning strikes like a sharp pain in my side and it shows on my face; the hurt i always try to hide I am but alone, I am but in pain, I am the only one, I put a mask on, To cover my pain,No one knows even after I tell them because they hear me but don't listen Until lightning strikes like a sharp pain in my side and it shows on my face; the hurt i always try to hide
Never do these blog thingys, usually not interested in them.  But I have to say something about people because they are the most interesting species that walks gods green earth.  And in my time here in Fubar I have seen, met and read tons of profiles.  I have had my share of the sweet people that I was so fortunate to meet and lord have mercy I have met the shits, people with little to no respect for others.  I believe most come to fubar to live out their fantasy because they have no balls, and it makes one wonder if half the shit they say to you in messages and SB, if they would dare say it to your face..I call them SCUM.  Then their are those that the only time they bother to say hi to you or rate your profile is when they want something from you...put out a special ability out there and lo and behold you have new friends I call those ASS SUCKING USERS.  Then there are the  people who comes and like and rate your profile never say anything but a hello and how are you, they read your
The Night You Were Born
Based on Psalms 139. ~"For you are fearfully and wonderfully made...."   ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN ~written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman, 2010~ On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, "Life will never be the same."   Because there had never been anyone like you.... ever in the world.   So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain that they whispered the sound of your wonderful name. It sailed through the farmland high on the breeze..... Over the ocean... And through all the trees...   Until everyone heard it and everyone knew of the one and only ever you.   Not once had there been such eyes, such a nose, such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes.   When the polar bears heard, they danced until dawn.   From faraway places, the geese flew home The moon stayed up until morning next day. And none of the ladybugs flew away.   So whenever you doubt just how spec
My God I`m Sick Of Apt Inspections !
before i moved from the other place they were doing a bunch of inspections same time i was moving out, now i got here and since i got here they been doing a bunch of inspections, my God i`m sick of inspections, so since Febuary i have had back to back to back to back inspections """" !!!!!!
I see the sun after the rainI feel the happiness after the painI have fought through the hell you put me throughNow I have so much to look forward toI see the door a head of meI have always held the key
A Hidden Scent
a hidden scent I sat quietly in the cafe.Not really focused on anythingSipping roasted coffee, butOn the edge of my perceptionsSomething lingered I closed my eyes.Yes it was closer nowI inhaled deeplyYes..that's itA feminine scent I felt an erection,Why from just a scent?Because it smelled like sex on the beachLike heavy breathing in the darkIt permeated my skull I had to subtlely reach between my legs and rubGaud i must be messed up, laughsBring it on cuz i aint changingI opened my eyesShe sat across from me watching my hand I smiled self consciouslyShe got up from the tablePreceeding out the doorDropping a piece of paper next to meWith her number in hand i went home and masturbated furiously.
Ok, Im good for about 2 or 3 of these a year. Im not a big blogger....Id rather just tell you how I feel in person. But every once in a while I get the "urge".  So today class I would like to discuss Fu relationships. First, lets make it clear that this is aimed at NOBODY in particular. Once again, its just an observation that Ive made after being here for a while just like all my other blogs and stuff. I understand that this is a social media site. And if you come here looking for love your probably more times then not going to be dissapointed. I get that! But after being on here almost 2 years I have become close with a bunch of people on here. True, its only a cyber type close, but still...I know your real name, I know the name of you kids, etc, etc. I think that it is only human nature that after talking to someone either online, on the phone, or by letter that eventually you would like to meet them in person.  Now look, I know Im a guy so right away you are thinking "Oh! He wan
Just Talking Lol
So I am still nursing this stupid broken leg. Its not the big fractures that are giving me problems it is where I shattered both bones that are just being real slow to heal. Some days I am on the crutch some days I am off and it is so frustrating. I dont mind the brace it is not a big thing at all. From everything I have read and what the Doctor has told me it could be 6 months before I am completely off everything. UGGGG!!! For those of you who dont know this adventure started the last day of April when I who never get hurt managed to fall down a very steep hill. I broke the big lower bone right above the ankle and the little lower bone right below the knee. Then I also managed to shatter both bones way up them. I spent seven weeks in bed in a full leg cast which sounds like a vacation till you actually do it. Then spent another two weeks in a half cast. From there I got put in an air cast which is basically two pieces of plastic with inflatable air sacs. All and in all I was very luc
Love- Is a lot of things. But the main thing is the spark you feel when you meet some one like you, not completely but some one with the same personality or interests for example. You can almost find Love anywhere. Love, it comes in many forms. Love, should not be discriminated by race, gender, or law. It should be celebrated and blessed by any means. Love is essential to one's true happiness and i believe as well as many others that everyone in life has that special person to find and love forever until death. When Love calls out to you, don't hesitate to give it a try. Even though Love is happiness, it comes with hurt and sadness as well. Stay strong and just be you!
50 Shades Of Grey...
I have heard wonderful things about this book ..and I thought I would get them to read. I have to say the book is quite interesting..although i love to read a variety of books. I got to thinking though as I was reading it. I hear of women being submissive..and I see quite a few on here who have it in there they are proud of it. I sometimes wonder ..if they are really submissive..or just advertising it to get mens attention. I guess to each there own..but seriously. I have more pride then to have a man treat me like that. Yes..some of it can be fun.. I understand that part...but to really be submissive? NOT! Most who do this wise.. do it for the power and control. Theres no love there at all. So what does that make a woman who lets the man do it to her? Might as well consider yourself being used. Anyways.. this is my oppinion on the subject. Like I said.. it would be fun to be tied up .. etc.. out of fun...but no way is anyone gonna control me.
The Woman Who Stole My Heart
The Woman Who Stole My Heart!  I love you more than words convey, more than you could ever know,  I wish I had the words to say, how deeply I love you so,  and although we’re separated by oceans vast  and our Worlds are lands apart,  You are my lover, fantasy; dream;  ..........the Woman who stole my heart.  I’ll give you all you wish for, pluck diamonds from a night sky,  Pull the moon ever closer, with red string now its balloon tie,  And although we’re separated by oceans vast  and our Worlds are lands apart,  I’ll hand them to you; gift; love;  ..........for the Woman who stole my heart.  So take my hand my dearest, let our fingers entwine,  Love me always and I’m blest; you’ll forever be mine;  And although we’re separated by oceans vast  and our Worlds are lands apart,  You are my love,  ...My life;  ......Twin soul;  ..........the Woman who holds my heart.  Sweetheart, I want you to k
The Moon
i used to believe, only,in endless skies; breathlessly, honestly, seeking outthe depths of the universe.the turmoil arousing the cloudsin the night sky,as they blanketed the coldatmosphere against the stars.i never believed in muchof anything, other than the sky.the moon claimed meabove anything else;it swallowed me.i owed the owned me.i never believed in muchof anything, neverin falling in love with anything other than the moon.   -ashley daly  
My one and only true love is Robin and he is the love of my life. I could never ask for someone more wonderful then him. I am here for friends only so if you have other things in mind then you are sadly mistaken. I would never give up my true soul mate for anyone. We were meant to be together forever. My life,soul,heart and world is devoted to him in every way. There is nothing to compare to being in love with this man.
~let Your Light Shine~
The most important thing in our life is to "feel" the love that was put in our hearts, to make it grow and believe that you can can experience the purest form of it. Love has no barriers as its power is infinite, it could travel millions of light years in one microsecond , it could take us to feel in the moon and the next second we could find ourselves swimming in the ocean of our heart, it is just a matter of being present with our hearts open that we can experience this magical love story, the journey of the soul in bliss ♥ Let your soul feel it's beautiful shine, love yourself and others, be happy, radiate LOVE >3♥♥
A Letter To Myself (fetlife) Not Written By Me
You and I, we have been through a lot. Been down a lot of dark alleys and stuck in massive rainstorms. We have jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, and felt like we could conquer the world. We have traveled across the ocean on a whim. We have cried alone in the deepest of nights. We have felt powerful, beautiful, peaceful, lonely, sad, and lost. I know you are headstrong. I know you often miss the red flags, miss the warning signs, get caught up in the charge forward, only to realize you are storming the wrong gate. I know that sometimes you have to kiss the pavement to learn. Here are some gentle reminders for the path ahead. - If you are lost, quit walking and sit your ass down. Evaluate your surroundings. Evaluate the positives and negatives. Choose a path. Choose wisely. - Just keep swimming. Once the path is chosen, and the excitement of a new journey wears off, keep on keeping on. Life can't always be shiny. Sometimes it's dull work. Sometimes it sucks. Every day is a step
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What I Hate Most About Me.
I'm just writing this to straighten shit out in my head. This isn't directed at any one person, but more toward the whole, and at me. I've been on this site a long time. I originally came here over 5 years ago to see what it was about and have some sort of social outlet in my life. I work a lot and my schedule is jam packed full of insanity. So as a single father, I gave Lost Cherry (which if you don't know became Cherry Tap, then Fubar) a shot to at least attempt to fill the hole of fun communication with other adults. This place had a lot to offer, it was dark, seedy, and it was sure a lot more fun than MyFace and Spacebook. Plus coming here and chatting with the other reprobates had a certain appeal. We were all adults, it was easy to suss out the BS, and we all liked to laugh, many times at others and even our own expense. And it wasn't that known about. There was a certain currency to being here when it all began. Even through my recent deletion (still with no reasonable expla
Your Idea Of A Perfect Person
I have been asked this more then once and to be honest there is one thing I say about it: THEY DO NOT EXIST! Anyone I don't care who they are, where they are from is not going to be perfect for you. There will always be something you love, and dislike (or hate if you have really strong feelings and emotions) about a person. People ditch, or bitch about whatever relationship they are having at the time. They don't seem to want to try to fix things. Heads up here: It's how you deal with the other persons issues you dislike or hate that makes the relationship happen! Its the differences in all of us that make us and our relationships unique, I don't care what kind of relationship you have, or what kind of person is in it. So the next time you feel like ditching or bitching about your relationship or person your with remember you could be part of that problem, and try to remember why you got together with that person in the first place, If your really that unhappy, then talk
Scorpions Scorpions:  Facts, Identification & Control Appearance Scorpions are arachnids that possess eight legs. They are related to spiders, mites, and ticks, as well as other members of the Arachnida class. The scorpion’s anatomy is composed of two segments called the cephalothorax – also known as the abdomen / opisthosoma. It is composed of an extended body and a segmented, erectile tail, which ends with the stinger.A hard, bony outer covering known as the carapace protects the cephalothorax. This covering supports a pair of median eyes at the top center. Anatomy Scorpion Anatomy Scorpion Identification The Scorpion Stinger Spider vs Scorpion Identification Scorpion Bites In a human victim, a scorpion’s venom may cause symptoms like swelling at the site of the sting. However, some people experience numbness, and convulsions. In extreme cases, some people may experience difficulty in breathing. People who are allergic are most likely to die fr
Doesn't it taste bad? Is there anything to do that fixes that?In general, nutritionists say that alkaline-based foods such as meats and fish produce a bitter, fish taste. Dairy products, which contain a high bacterial putrefaction level, create the foulest tasting fluids by far. (Dissent: almost everyone I know says that there is one worse than a high-dairy content-- asparagus. You can't miss the taste of asparagus-laced semen.) Acidic fruits, such as sweets, fruits, and alcohol give bodily fluids a pleasant, sugary flavor. Chemically processed liquors will cause an extremely acidic taste, however, so if you're going to drink alcohol, drink high-quality, naturally fermented beers (Rolling Rock or Kirin) or sake.This is a followup to the question above. We researched in different areas to find out what made the sweet semen taste that way. The overall result was the following:Makes Him Taste Sweet Makes Your Eyes WaterVegetablesVegetarians have a smooth flavor that can only b
New Blog Entry
Here it is, your den of mediocrity and self-effusive vanity.  Enjoy.      
Who Am I
I entered the U.S. Army in 2006 with a goal to see serious combat . I was an Artilleryman stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany . I deployed to the Wasit province ,in Eastern Iraq in Dec 2008 . Almost immediately I noticed that something was odd about our Nation's involvement in Iraq. The size of the giant fobs , the numbers of civilian contractors, and The waste of Materials all around. None of this really bothered me too much at First . I thought it was cool at the time. Two months into the deployment,Two of my friends where seriously wounded by an IED, .This event along with several others caused my outlook on the war ,the Army, and my life to change drastically. I began notice and question everything , The pointless missions that put us in danger, the contempt toward the Iraqi people by my peers and leadership, The impoverished Iraq cites, and the Corruption in the Iraqi Security forces. Ive heard countless accounts of fellow soldiers and my leaders bragging about killing Iraqis and
The Things I Love About You
Your eyes, they were the first thing I noticed about you. They captured my soul. In the first second you looked at Me as a woman I was yours. Your smile, It lights up my life, Brings me more peace than the rain. I could melt in that smile. I fall in love with you all over again Every time I see it. Your fingertips, The way they linger on my skin, So gently I can barely feel them Sometimes. Other times smoothing over My body like a sheath. Your hands, That show me your love In a way that words Never could. They bring me safety and steadiness. Thank you for that. Your body, The way it holds my attention, The way your every nuance Makes me want you even more than The last time I saw you. Your feet, How could I not love them? They are the part of you That allows me to show you how much I love you. I can spoil you to death And there's nothing you can do about it. I love all these things about you, But what I love the most, Is the You I fell
Then And Now
I used to think that if his hand was up my shirt and we liked the same music we might be in love That love was something shared in the dark hours of the morning between the navy sheets of his best friend's older brother's bed where he'd tell me I was a good kisser and in the awkwardness of day I'd remove all evidence of our presence there, plucking long blond hairs from the pillow cases That was love then Now I know that love is something passed from your honey browns to my denim blues and my head fitting perfectly beneath your collarbone I know that it's my fingers entangled in your dark curls and holding you other hand when you drive my car I know it's the fact that you accept my faults praise my silliness and that you prefer me to my own body This is love now
So much anger is wrapped around my heart, Compressing my blood to stop it from flowing delicately, Tears drizzle down my bone cheeks as I bite my soft lips to avoid screaming. My heart is pierce, sharp hater and jealousy, I loosely open to those I thought I love. I couldn’t feel sorrow and despair, I lay in the earth soil. My tears fill a pond beside my tomb, I shut my eyes to seal the hole, Nothing shelters me, but the tall grass concealing the land. No one to see or feel the presence of my absence, I blindly lose sight of where I am, deeply buried within nature's ground. I hear cheers above my head, Laughter of play, Yet, I peacefully don’t move or stir. Is anyone there? I shall not know, So I gracefully shut my eyes, my heart feels a heavy burden. What anguish? I did not know such a merry place.
Fear Itsself Is Undefined
I lay on my bed soaking my pillow with my tears, I try to remember exactly what it is that I fear. Is it the passing of time or the love that I lack? Is it the mistakes that I've made or the fact that I can't bring the past back? What is it that I'm afraid of? Why am I so scared? Is it the people I've hurt or the people that have hurt me? Am I afraid of everything that I cant seem to see? Is it the love of a friend, or the loss of my family? Is it the possibility that my life can end in a tragedy? What is it that I fear most? What do my eyes say I'm scared of? Is it the sun that sets but won't seem to rise? Is it the hope that I have that always seems to die? Is it the trust of a person that I cannot begin to grasp? Is it all the memories of my horrid past? Is it me? Can it possibly be that the thing I fear most is the thing I can't be? The things that I try to understand? The me that I try to be with when I'm feeling sad? The person I'm expected to be? Is t
Drop The Mirror
A silhouette upon the moonlight night Spawned internally by her mind A glance in a mirror, a shock of fright Thoughts she daren’t leave behind Beside herself with grief and pity Eviscerated of her veracity Beneath salty watermarks of ecstasy Lurks her boiling blood-lust Wrapped in her mirror, dramatically Containing all within her bust, Pale faces greet her own reflection Slowly rotting, breeding tradition My own inward conscious mind Seeks her happiness without restriction Meticulously I seek to find Emancipation from her own condition For I myself, amidst solitude Reflect in that very mirror, a harrowing view Upon the waking eye, ever in pursuit I reach to smash and break This mirror concealing her fortitude To release her-to awake So drop the mirror, turn and face Stay a while within my warm embrace
Don't Be Sad When I Die
When tomorrow starts without me, and I’m not there to comfort you, please know that I still love you, cause I know you love me too. When tomorrow starts without me, and you feel lost and blue, I hope these words I’ve written will help to see you through. Someday your pain will ease, sadness replaced by fond memories Come tomorrow you will hear I love you whispered on the breeze. When tomorrow starts without me cause God has called me home I turn, blowing a kiss for thee Sad that you may feel alone. I will miss you tomorrow as I take one last glimpse a tear falls from my cheek I’ll be going home. And tomorrow will start without me
Struggling With Depression And Suicide
Days of endless struggle More hopeful pills today Trying to appear ‘normal’ In some sort of way. It seems that the struggle Is always here with me And I wouldn’t be here now If guilt would leave me be I know there’s been many Who’ve had it worse than I But that doesn’t always mean That I wouldn’t say good-bye People say I have a lot going for me I’m sorry, but I just can’t see I can’t see because my worst enemy Is not my life, but inside of me. Always on a roller coaster, Not much consistency I’m nothing if I’m not up or down I’m nothing if just ‘me.’ Very little energy Wanting to stay in bed Wishing to be enthusiastic Instead of feeling like I’m made of lead. Wanting to be excited Wanting to care for more But when nothing makes sense It’s hard to focus on the poor. Cluttered mind, cluttered thinking It’s hard to keep in touch With what is happening around me And not to worry too much. I feel that everybody is better than me And that I c
I Miss You
Every morning I wake up Realizing you're really far away So I put on my make up And pray for a good day. I know God's watching And he'll lead me back to you I just have to keep living So he can see me through. Although you're not close And many miles away I'll still love you Even after today. I really miss you dearly And really wish I was there But despite of not having you here At least I still have air.

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