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So i think its important that people on here know my mind and where im coming from. Ok,lets get some stuff out of the way. Im not here for hookups,for sex,to show off racy pics,to do phone sex,to talk dirty. I know alot of people who might have seen my pics and wanted to be my "friend" just Xed me off their list after reading that but i dont care. There are enough ladies here that will gladly help you with all of the above wants...i know because i had an account a long time ago here and saw a bunch of females doing it...i am not going to add to te pile. Mainly because i dont want to be bothered with horny hormones from strangers all over the place. Do i sound like a bitch?  Believe it or not i am not..im just telling it like it is. I am a beautiful 41 year old woman. Older women tend to not beat around the bush about their feelings and wants..they will give it to you straight. 

Dont get me wrong...im not hating on the other females on this site that want to show or give more. More power to them if thats what makes them happy i just dont want to be bombarded on every side from sexual wants and desires being thrown at me. I am a businesswoman and i am focusing this profile to show sides of me that arent sexual. Between all the free porn online everywhere and the ladies all over fubar satisfying male needs i think that should be enough to make any man happy. Do i care of i go up to the highest level on fubar? No...this is a website.not a video game..no competition going on.  If all i get out of being hee is a handful of good friends thats good enough for me. Im not gonna post racy slutty pics to get ratings/add friends..if you like me you like me and if you dont you dont..Hopefully you will and will decide to stay.

So what do i like to do...mostly quiet things..reading,writing,..blogging,,studying. I am reading PLATOS REBUBLIC right now and i read some of THE ART OF WAR and want to finish it. I dont drink or party and i think people who repeatedly go out and get fucked up drunk to the point they become a nuisance to others trying to have a good time are stupid. If you cant handle something then dont do it. I dont do drugs..drugs are stupid. If you use drugs to escape a problem then it would make more sense to deal with it head on and solve it then keep escaping it. No matter how many drugs you do sooner or later you WILL run out and that pink elephant in the room you are trying to ignore will be in your face again,waiting to be acknowledged. 


I play video games once in awhile..my favorite being WOW..(WORLD OF WARCRAFT) ......what???? a actual woman playing WOW??? Yep..got two 85 toons on wow.. WOW is easy to get lost in for hours but i limit my game time to after i get all nessesary shit done.

ok enough about me for now..im out






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