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You've Got A Crush On Me
The show is done But you're still hangin around You want some fun But I'm on my way outta town You know you wanna hit it So why don't you just admit it [Chorus] You've got a crush on me And it's easy to see That you write about me in your diary You've got a crush on me Never gonna go away I talked to you And you tried to play it cool That's hard to do When you're wiping off your drool You know you wanna hit it So why don't you just admit it (Chorus) Your're all alone Your friends all left cause you were waiting for me You call my phone But you'll never get past my caller i.d. You know you wanna hit it So why don't you just admit it (Chorus) You've got a crush on me ( you've got a crush on me) You've got a crush on me (3x)
lilliputian\ lil-i-PYOO-shuhn \adjective; 1. Extremely small; tiny; diminutive. 2. Trivial.
Holidays Are A Bitch
Well it's that time of year where all the hard work and long hours you put in at your job finally payoff... How you might ask? Well instead of taking all that extra money you have saved up over the past 11 months and going on a vacation with the one you love, you get to spend it on everyone else!!!(yah!)( note the sarcasm in that) Not that I don't like to spoil the ones I love, I just wish product nowadays wasn't so damn expensive!!!!! Unless all you have for kids are dogs, if you don't have at least $2,000.00 saved up for Christmas, your'e pretty much screwed in the present department(and not in the way you would like to be). So I'm going to do what any good father would do, I'm going to spend as much as I can and worry about myself at a later date. And if that isn't enough, well then they can get off their ass and get a job and buy their own shit!!!!! Gotta go and surf the web for more Christmas gifts..... So much fun...
Info Box
Simple enough, this is the box toward the mid section of your page to the right of your UIL/display pic section and to the left of your FuBling. It contains your age, sex, location, fuowned, buzz, level, and all that good stuff. I labeled it conflicted coding because it shares a lot of css with the tables on the right side of the profile. I'll get into this in the Major Tables or Background section, for now though just going to go through each part of the Info Box.   This is the first line, it contains your Age, Sex, and if no city link the zip code or country name..userprofile_stat_firstline {  border: .2em red ridge;} These both are the city/state link. They both affect the same thing you can use either or,but coding them both with different css won't produce a cool effect. This is a subtable to the Age/Sex table.This also affects the blast box city/state link, but will be overridden by Fu-Code. For reference though, on the blast box if the city/state isn't desig
Complete engolfment in this mutitude of passion and fury spent on relentless rage, nevermore will lust be a key to ones soul feeling for a moment what one should for a lifetime.L.P. 2010Living life on the backburner of someone elses life, knowing the grass is not greener on the otherside, but yet wanting to know the otherside for all it's worth.L.P. 2010To feel you bodily is not enough in this physical form, to have your soul in my heart is the void that needs to be filled to complete this emptyness that remains in a soul that still yearns for more.L.P. 2010Showcase your love in my eyes, feel all that is to be felt in your heart, make known what is to be said, fullfill every lustful movement in my arms, and feel no pain within this body.L.P. 2010
Gf Application
GF application.Name:Age:Phone Number:Hair Color:Eye Color:Piercings/tattoos?:Drink/smoke?:WHAT D0 Y0U THINK 0F MYPersonality:Eyes:Face:Hair:Clothes:Humor:Manners:Friends:Decisions:W0ULD Y0U...Go out with me:Give me your number:Kiss me:Let me kiss you:Watch a movie with me:Drive me somewhere private:Take a shower with me:Be my gf:Take me home to meet your family:Let me sleep in your bed if I didn't have one:Tell me the truth no matter what:Lie to make me feel better:Hold my hand:Keep in touch:Try and solve my problems:Love me:Ditch me:Use me:Fuck me then fuck me over:Call me right after I saw you:Come see me when I needed it:Drive around all night and be with me:D0 Y0U...Think I'm cute:Want to fuck me:Want to kiss me:AM I...Smart:Hot:Funny:Cool:Interesting to talk to:HAVE Y0U EVER...Thought about me:Thought there might be an "US":Found yourself wanting to kiss me:Wished I were there:Wanted to ask me out:Flirted while you had a girlfriend:Cheated on anyone:WHAT W0ULD Y0U D0 IF...I said I
The Heart, The Soul, The Mind
        Kill me now; shove me in the ice; dont worry about how I feel; Dont worry about being nice; I fell too hard; I fell too fast;  This time, this fall; will be my last; I shall sit in the corner of shadows; I will be here for all eternity; I will sit in this world of darkness; and hope one day the light comes to me; This is my soul; my heart and soul are one.         My mind will go forth and play in the light; So all that know me shall not know my plight;  As fake as it may be; Those who cant see wont see;  However those that already know can see it's for show;  My heart is no more; it has been destroyed;  It was by my choice; that I had it deployed;  So who is to blame but the owner themselves; Nothing matters nothing else;  So I go to the shadow; dont follow me there;  It is very dark; and full of despair; I will say these last real words to you; you know who you are; and you know its true; So as I go; when this is through; always know, I Love you. 
Things That Irritate A Sane Person
things that irritate a sane personA piece of foil candy wrapper makes electrical contact with your filling.  A station comes in brilliantly when you're standing near the radio, but buzzes, drifts and spits every time you move away. It's bad enough that you step in dog poop, but you don't realize it till you walk across your living room rug. People behind you in a supermarket line dash ahead of you to a counter just opening up. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?" People who point at their wrist while asking for the time. The car behind you blasts its horn because you let a pedestrian finish crossing. The elevator stops on every floor and nobody gets on. The person behind you in the supermarket runs his cart into the back of your ankle. The radio station doesn't tell you who sang that song. The tiny red string on the Band-Aid wrapper never works for you. There are always one or two ice cubes that won't pop out of the tray. There's a dog in the neighborhood that barks at EVERYTHING
Going Numb
sad in my head cold in my heart becoming numb from the pain tearing my reality apart i know i have to face the truth your just like the rest dreaming of you thinking that you were the best but now i know i cant trust anyone in this world im going to die by the sharp end of the sword that was shoved in my back when you said "i love you" last keep these words close to your heart i hope you find love but with me is not where you'll start i hate to be used i hate to believe i hate to try to love i hate that i now see love isnt my thing and neither are you i say goodbye i hope to never see you soon
My Xmas/bday Wishlist
Ok so, this is my list of things I want for my bday. this does not mean u people who love me are restricted to just this list. if u ever find anything u think will make me giggle, laugh, shake my head and smile or is just plain funny to someone go ahead. I love gag gifts(its what I usually give anyway). So do not feel apprehensive if u get me something not on the following list.  Gift Cards(just so its easier) Footie Pajamas(preferably the kind with the ass flap in the back, i think it could be fun)(I've heard they can be found at walmart) Pay for my first Tattoo Digital camcorder/Camera Massage (professional or a friend w/e) Funny hats (I have a big head so...keep that in mind Concealed Handgun license Ipod A kilt(yea i want one...i dont know sizes for ur best. and yes I will wear it.) Buffy the Vamp Slayer seasons 5-7 Angel Seasons 5 novelty Tshirts(XL) movies, movies, movies a big holder for the above movies Cool weapons External hard drive/Printer that is c
Awesome News
I won some meet and greet passes to go see Trapt on December 9th plus I found out Kid Rock is coming back to Greenville and will be   here in February. I am uber excited :D :D :D
Poem I Wrote
as i sit and ponder what it is to wonder why it is that hearts shatter so i cant help but to think on all the relationships past that just had to blow my mind it scrambles onward thinking harder and harder about all the pain and suffering i have felt and all i think is it would just be easy to let go to finnaly be rid of the pain to love never again and yet i cant help but forage on thinks will get better they say things will be better they say the hurt only lasts a short while they say but what is that they know i would rather feel the sting of a billion bees than to be hurting so bad it puts me on my knees at least then all i have to do is let go to stop trying so hard to just let go
Fuck U N Ur Scratch Offs
 I hate Entering in those ridiculous codes to post a comment or a message, only to be told “this user requires all messages to be approved.” Well FUCK YOU!!! I thought that was why I was entering the fucking code in for in the first place. So now you wasted how much of my time because I can’t get it right the first, second OR third time…only to have the realization set in that I might not get it posted. SCREW YOU!!! – People who put so much shit on their fubar page that it takes a minute and a half to download it even with lightning fast high-speed internet...get a fucking life! Get out just a little bit more.  – Almost all of reality television, DUDE there is nothing real about it. Well except for Hell's Kitchen...LOL. – Cock blockers, enough said. They come in two forms, women and men. – That jackass buying lottery tickets and scratch offs when all you want to do is pay for gas! You suck. I am on a timetable here!!!! Now I suppose
My Buddys' Ongoing Struggle With Gov Implants
This Guy Was A Lil Pissed Off Lol
  Dear Mr.. Minister, I'm in the process of renewing my passport, and still cannot believe this. How is it that Radio Shack has my address and telephone number and knows that I bought a t.v. cable from them back in 1997, and yet, the Federal Government is still asking me where I was born and on what date. For Christ sakes, do you guys do this by hand? My birth date you have on my social insurance card, and it is on all the income tax forms I've filed for the past 30 years. It is on my health insurance card, my driver's license, on the last eight goddamn passports I've had, on all those stupid customs declaration forms I've had to fill out before being allowed off the planes over the last 30 years, and all those insufferable census forms that are done at election times. Would somebody please take note, once and for all, that my mother's name is Maryanne, my father's name is Robert and I'd be absolutely astounded if that ever changed between now and when I di
Bridge Over Troubled Waters By Simon & Garfunkel
When you're weary Feeling small When tears are in your eyes I will dry them all I'm on your side When times get rough And friends just can't be found Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down When you're down and out When you're on the street When evening falls so hard I will comfort you I'll take your part When darkness comes And pain is all around Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down Sail on Silver Girl, Sail on by Your time has come to shine All your dreams are on their way See how they shine If you need a friend I'm sailing right behind Like
Magnet & Steel By Walter Egan
(Ooooooh, oooh-ah)Now I told you so you ought to know(Oooooh) It takes some time for a feelin' to grow(Oooooh) You're so close now I can't let you go(Oooooh) And I can't let go (With you I'm not shy) to show the way I feel(With you I might try) my secrets to revealFor you are a magnet and I am steel I can hope that I'll hold you for long(Oooooh) You're a woman who's lost to your song(Oooooh) But the love that I feel is so strong(Oooooh) And it can't be wrong (With you I'm not shy) to show the way I feel(With you I might try) my secrets to revealFor you are a magnet and I am steel (Oooooh)(Oooooh)(Oooooh) (With you I'm not shy) to show the way I feel(With you I might try) my secrets to revealFor you are a magnet and I am steelFor you are a magnet and I am steelFor you are a magnet and I am steel
Is Everyone Blind?
Ok so I just am wondering if guys are blind or do they just chose to ignore the information put on a page???? I clearly put in there where just a very short time ago I had seriously messed up by believing someone else and not even talking to my guy b4 jumping to conclusions and assuming things... I did some horrible txts and calls to him calling him horrible names only to find I was in the wrong and he was telling me the truth and being straight up with me the whole time. I saw what life without him would be like and I was incredibly depressed and broken hearted. I never want to feel like that again. I have a man who loves me and is honest with me and who holds my heart in the palm of his hands. I will never do anything to hurt him like that again and I am wondering why it is that guys can not read on a profile when someone is NOT SINGLE!!! 
I'm sitting here watching scrubs Episode: My 15 Minutes of Fame. First I love scrubs...Let's start with that. I really love the show because it deals with every day issues. I'm talking to 2 of my newest friends here who I adore Dinahh and Khem who are a great couple, not that that is what it has to do I'm watching the show expressing the fact to them that I have some things I'm worried about, they help me threw this. I'm grateful for them. That doesn't have anything to do with scrubs just putting it down, so I am listening to the part of the show because JD has to do his own evaluation because Dr Cox isn't doing it for him. So he writes it and at the end of the show Dr Cox sees him in the conference room and he asks him if he knows why he asks him to do his own...JD doesn't is his response -   "Clam up! I wanted you to think about yourself, and I mean really think. What are you good at, what do you suck at?  Then I wanted you to put it down on paper, and not so
  "DREAMS...are in the night time and some seems like it were yesterday. But they seem to fly away, No words left to explain. I ,Dream a dream to know what it means, I listen to my heart as i begin a new start. A laugh ,A smile ,A thought of you only, makes me sad and blue. Just like the world; goes round the moon. I dream A- believe and pray you'd come home to me someday. The seasons seem to change just as, people do and change. My friends try to derail me from thinking bout you. But ,memories of you makes me wait for you. They tease and joke me I'll be old and gray someday. Wishing for more time i pray for you to be fine. So many tasks you've left undone tells me you wont be back someday. Time after time i watch the seasons and years wash away. Just like the rivers weep what lies in its path. And whats gone is done and what was once a team is only a dream. I will only picture the memories of your face. For there will never anyone take your place. I will set a memory glimpse of you.
Don't Play With Someone's Heart
Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart, because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond, while you were too busy collecting stones...
Please Watch
The Final Approach
Well its been a long trip and im longing for that one thing that a returning soldier wants..HOME. its were i lay my head at night and were im in the arms of my loved ones.. its been way to long and for some reason when we landed it almost seemed strange to me.. like a place ive missed for so long and the world has gone on with out its coming home to a new life and whole new modernized world.. when back in Afghanistan i felt i was in the early stages of civilization with mud huts and rock walls with people trying to blend with the 21st century lifestyle..weird as it may seem coping with all of this is gonna be tough but with enough energy and enough support i can return to a normal but more hecktic life..somethings just never change,, and start over again.. for all those who know or are going through this same understand what this  is..for those who dont.. well lets put it this way.. we are soldiers being released back into the wild so to speak..
[things I Still Don't Like]
1. Jennifer Garner.2. Hillary Swank.3. Cooked Brocolli.4. Angelina Jolie.5. Youtube-google.6. Unemployment.7. Thin socks.8. Bread without coffee.9. Diners without a smoking section.10. Microsoft.
Untitled 3 (a Continuation Of My Thoughts And Feelings) (the Thoughts Of Mem Chapter 21)
The Clock Strikes. It Ticks By Each Second. Never Again To Be Regained. Lost Forever But Still In The Same Place.  Like A Rose In Winter, Beauty Is Taken Away. Never Again To Be Praised. Only Left Damaged And Jaded. But Stop And Think That One Day When There Is Rain. The Clouds Will Disperse And The Rain Will Disappear. The Sun Will Finally Shine And The Things That Were Once Damaged Will Then Be Healed. And That Damaged Rose Will Once Again Be What It Is Suppose To Be. A Thing Of Pure Beauty In This Cold Decrepit World. A World Reborn A World Healed With That Time That We Thought Was Lost. For Really With Each Passing Moment A Moment Is Gained. A Moment That Can Repair Any Damage That In Your Life Has Taken Place. And Sometime In The Future Rather It Be Sooner Than Later Or Later Than Sooner. We Will All Regain That Praise & Will Be Called To Accept Our Grace.   As It Is Written As So Shall It Come To Pass Quote The MEMesis Nevermore. 
This Might Be Legit...not! Lmao
I received the following email this morning. Obviously, it's a scam. Anyone with an ounce of a brain could determine that, but if you couldn't, check out the highlighted company name. If this isn't a big ass tip off, I don't know what is! LOL   Attn: Executive Director,This is a Private Management Placement on behalf of my client.My client is looking for an experienced individual / organization that canprofitably invest capital in excess of $50,000.000.00 (Fifty Million Dollars).My client prefers unidentified or anonymous investment with you because of hispolitical problem in India.Forward your details for further information.1. Full Names.2. Country of Resident.3. Direct Telephone No.4. Detail of Business.5. Investment Experience.My RegardsLoonies Consultant IncE-mail:
Monday - December 6, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Monday the 6th of December.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on December 6th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... All Ability Blings bidded will also be run during this time.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux (+ atleast 1 Boomerang) - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
I See You Drool... Giggles
what did i do  to drive you away was it really me or could it of been you was it the things you did or what i would say whatever it was, you're gone and leaving you sure as hell wasn't wrong it was your loss, you fool and by the way... when you look at me.... i see you drool!
White Mamba & Iowa
Since I can't get my song I want to play on here, here are the lyrics..."You Complete Me" by Keisha Cole   " Can you hear me out there? Have you ever had someone who loved you, never leave your side? I know you'll be here because you love me, yes you do. I'm givin' all my life and all my love if you promise me that you'll be here forever. I'll give you all of me, I'll give you everything if you promise me you'll never leave me.  What my friends say don't matter. You've been right here from the start. And I'll get on my knees, I'll give you all of me if you never leave my side because you love me, you complete me, you hold my heart in your hands. And it's okay 'cause I trust that you'll be the best man that you can. 
Fun Site I Found...   just as HILARIOUS as it!
You Have To Pass This Amnesty Bill To See What's In It
The nation’s unemployment rate stands at 9.8 percent, a post–World War II record 19th month that unemployment has been over 9 percent. President Barack Obama is the largest tax hike in American history. So what do Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) have Congress voting on today? Amnesty. Specifically, the House and Senate will be voting on the fourth and fifth versions of the DREAM Act, which would legalize anywhere between 300,000 and 2.1 million illegal immigrants.Supporters of the DREAM Act claim the bill would provide citizenship only to children who go to college or join the military. But all any version of the legislation requires is that an applicant attend any college for just two years. And if President Obama wants to reward non-citizen service members with citizenship, he already has the power to do so. The Secretary of Defense already has the authority under 10 U.S.C. § 504 (b) to enlist
Why is is everytime I have male friends all I am worth to some of them is something to fuck and have sex with? I am not just something to fuck and use for sexual urges I am a human being with a heart and feelings not just a piece of meat.
"bird's Eye View"
I have been back on this site now for about six months. I met my best friend and wife on this site as well, much has changed since I met her here back in 2007. We have had the most precious little girl a couple could have, been through a deployment and a Permanent Change of Station move inside of our almost three years of marriage. We again are packing our bags and heading for the Hawaiian Islands on yet another PCS move as Big Army has decided my skill set is needed in the Pacific. I am very lucky, especially when I  see all the guys that leave comments and talk S*!t on Classc1's page. It sucks to want what you can never touch, taste or feel boys. Believe me I do just those things every night. Enough on the view on our life here in hillbilly hell Missouri. It will soon be in a tropical paradise.    The real reason I am wiring this evening is ............................................ All these ladies sporting the cleavage shots or the just from below that boob to the shoulder and
New Texans Diary!
May 30th: Just moved to Dallas, Texas. Now this is a city that knows how to live!! Beautiful sunny days and warm balmy evenings. What a place! I watched the sunset from a park lying on a blanket. It was beautiful. I've finally found my home. I love it here. June 14th: Its really heating up. It got to 100 today. Not a problem. Live in an air-conditioned home, drive an air-conditioned car. What a pleasure to see the sun everyday like this. I'm turning into a sun worshiper. June 30th: Had the backyard landscaped with western plants today; Lots of cactus and rocks. What a breeze to maintain. No more mowing lawn for me. Another scorcher today, but I love it here. July 10th : The temperature hasn't been below 100 all week. How do people get used to this kind of heat? At least it's kind of windy though. But getting used to the heat and humidity is taking longer than I expected. July 15th: Fell asleep by the pool. (Got 3rd degree burns over 60% of my body). Missed 3 days of work; wh
Military Wedding Vows
  Dear family and friends, we are gathered here today in the sight of God and the Department of the Army, to witness this exchange of vows, and see the love that these two dedicated, loving people have for one another. "Wilt thou, Spc Hawthorne, take Eva (who will now be referred to as the "dependent"), as your family member, to dwell together in so far as the Department of the Army will permit?" "Wilt thou love her, comfort her, via the postal service, over the phone or via email, make sure she knows where the commissary, PX, and church are, and what time she is scheduled to use the laundry room the day she arrives, wherever you are stationed?" "Wilt thou attempt to tell her more than 24 hours in advance that you will be leaving for two weeks, beginning the next morning?" This especially applies to the years you will live in a foreign country! "Wilt thou Eva, take this soldier as thy wedded husband, knowing that he is depending upon you to be the perfect (well almost) Army w
Buried Alive
cold, heavy earth all aroundshe was buried alive never to be foundworms crawl between her fingers and toesher grave bearing no evidence of her, but for a single black rosenever again to be seen or heardnever another tear, smile or wordtaken from this world at such a young agelast thing she saw was his eyes full of ragethose murderous eyes shoveling the earth atop her grave
New Days Ahead. Old Ways Behind.
Hello family, friends, and various haters!  It has come to my attention, as of late, that I needed to change a few things in my account. And for those that have been to my pages before, you may have noticed that something is missing.  That would be my old blogs.  They were decidedly dark, and depressing.  But, for those that don't know, or never read, it was my realization that my M.S. was destroying my life like a worm in an apple.  Yes, it seriously caused a bout of depression.  From moving from the greater Chicago area, back to the southern tip of Illinois.  I grew-up in the area I'm living in.  And things have changed.  More stores, more vacant stores.  A new strip club (never been to one down here, even when I was younger, all I can picture of them here is meth addicted, toothless yellow-hammers) or two have been built. More banks and churches.  Less enrollment at Southern Illinois University (home of the Salukis, hence my name here).  Friends from grade school to high school pret
My Status ~
Sometimes you think you want to die but in reality you just want to be saved..   just because today is the most terrible day of your life doesn't mean tomorrow couldn't be the best..   Never be dependent to anyone in this world because even your shadow leaves you when you are in the dark.   Never sacrifice who you are, just because someone has a problem with it..   The worst part about crossing a line is when you don't know you already have.. "i love the "dead end" least they have the decency to tell me im going nowhere.
I Was Never There
Aren't you sick of pretending everything is okay? I wanted to offer you my love But you tell me you're doing just fine today Next, I tried to embrace you and offer you a kiss- but you tell me emotions can't hurt you If they cease to exist. You hide the truth well in those eyes But while doing so you tell yourself the ultimate lies. Now you're in a world free of emotion and pain. You say you're learning strength But emptiness is all you gained.
One And Only Time
This is stupid...I really like everyone on fubar. The poeple that I've gotten to know rock my world. But recently some stupid drama crap has come about. I won't name names cuz that's just not my thing I don't like trash talking really. But I would like to say this:   If you decide you don't want to be My "friend" anymore that's cool that is the beauty about being free you can do what you want and shouldn't be judged or looked down upon for it. But if you do, Don't make a big deal about it and post it on your status about how big of a bitch I am or blah blah blah, cuz I won't be doing that to you. My fu is pretty drama free, I love to love if you don't then we just don't talk or have contact simple as that really NO big deal this site is big enough for you to stay on your side and be an adult cuz after all everyone on here is supposed to be adult, No minors. I don't like fu-whores of men who like my pictures stalking me, I'm REALLY not even that cool to begin with so why bother with m
Winners Of The 2009 Mensa Invitational
Mensa Invitational Winners:    1. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.  2 Ignoranus : A person who's both stupid and an asshole.   3. Intaxicaton : Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.   4. Reintarnation : Coming back to life as a hillbilly.   5. Bozone ( n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately,   shows little sign of breaking down in the near future   6. Foreploy : Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid..    7. Giraffiti : Vandalism spray-painted very, very high    8. Sarchasm : The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.   9. Inoculatte : To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.   10. Osteopornosis : A degenerate disease. (This one got extra credit.)   11. Karmageddon : It's like,
Word On The Street
Finding it very hard to answer alot of you people here, especialy the American people. I get alot of people coming into my chat box asking me what's up? My immediate response would be to say "nothing i'm fine" when i use what's up it usualy when someone seems upset, another question i'm asked often is "what's good" now my immediate thoughts to this is "not much at the moment apart from Eastenders! (a British soap). I respect that we are'nt the same and do use different terms of phrase but i'd rather you spoke Geordie to me and if you don't know Geordie plain old English will do, thanks. :P    
I Fucking Hate You
For 4 years I have been trying to get my oldest kid back and my ex is killing me that fucking bitch. I fucking hate her.
Rules Of Life
I've taken to exploring a new web site/tool called 'stumble'. It's a tool that supports me in exploring the web. I identified subjects I like, and stumble finds sites that have those subjects. I will share things I have found now and then...below is the first thing I want to share... A few rules.   1.Never stop thinking. This is important. If someone ever says to you ‘You need to stop thinking so much,’ call them ignorant in your head and keep thinking deeper. It is this mentality that breeds stupidity and sheeple. Your mind is the most important tool you have, if you stop using it, it will atrophy. Question everything. 2. Stare into space blankly and don’t mentally punish yourself for doing it, even if it is for that split second. If you have a problem with staring blankly, think of it as daydreaming.3. Root Beer sucks after having spicy food.4. Everything is going to be just fine. If
Sunday - December 12, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Sunday the 12th of December.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on December 12th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
Monday - December 13, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Sunday the 13th of December.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on December 13th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
Bully From Andrea. Awesome!
    PEBBLESINAZ is GOD for 2 days!!! spank her page starting tonight!! show her she ROX your FU ( i know she kicked my FU's @$$ ) i say love her everyday!! but especially while shes a GOD! Spank her page with tons of love! shes got a great Holiday Auction... check it out u might wanna bid shes has tons of pix for u to Rate and Bomb theres a lot of stash to thumbs up rate a blog or 2 or 24 CLICK 2 THUMBS UP STASH BLOGS NEED LOVE 2 (repost of original by 'HerbalRemedy' on '2010-12-13 00:51:10')
Where Have I Been...
For the record, I never truly left this site...I just took a 6 month vacation! OK  So now that I've paid my "Hell Freezes Over" tribute (fans of The Eagles would know what I am talking about there), time to answer the question on a lot of my friends' minds...where the hell have I been and what's been going on?  (I seem to answer this one quite a bit!) I like to think of myself as one of the most liked and most respected people on here...and I have/had the messages to prove it!  Yet in the last 6 months I have found myself wondering who is a true friend and who just takes me along for the ride.  I have heard friends talk to me about what other friends have said about me and I consider myself betrayed once again (and the ones telling me are not the lying types...I've looked into their souls and seen the integrity they have).  I've been called a player to a fraud...hell, I've even heard the comment about being a "Jeckyll and Hyde" (I gotta admit, that one was creative)...makes me wonder
What Cha' Know
well you can like me or you cant, who gives a hary rats ass? i am me, you are you, they are they. a lot of people like barking up other peoples trees, here is an idea, bark up your own damn tree. maybe if you tried that ever once in a while you might see that the real problems in your life is realy only just your own problems. i know it is hard for some people but dont shit and fall back in it cause it makes you smell just like it, and it gives you away cause other people can smell shit also, and most of them aint stupid so they know exactly where that shit smell is coming from. sincerly (FU) josh- have a nice day :)
Don’t you know that I have cared about you,That I fall just for youThat I cried because of youThat I could die for you. Don’t you know that I live just for you,That I dream just for youThat I laugh just for youThat I hope just for you Don’t you feel my great love just for you,My dreams I have offered youMy pain each time you cryMy joy each time you smile. Don’t you see what’s deep inside of me,What’s in the very heart of meDon’t you see, yes you really don’t careBecause you don’t know me after all.  
So Mad At My Moms Parakeet
This is so not Funny-So right Off dont even Laugh.......                              But here I Am Playing Pool at My House and I had Just bought a New thing of Pools Chaulk,And My Budz and I had been Playing and Drinking a Few,and Playing Pool...And I had got to Missing My Pools Chaulk-I Like totally Cussed My Budz out and told them I Knew one of them had my Freakn New Thing of Pools Chaulk....So I Told them to Just Leave....And geeeez if they wanted it that Bad,They Knew I Would have gave it to them dayum!! But anyways I Had been watching My Moms Parakeet all week cause she was out of town,And he never gave me a Problem One...Well Here I Was sitting watching a Movie on Tv and I Looked over and that Mug had raised he little leg up and Farted and of all things Blue Smoke Came out.....lmfao WTF!!!!  You tell me cause I Dont
Stupid Encounter #57
This Guy... Hits me up and says... seeking a mistress to use me online. So I write back and say... Arnt you that guy that dances in pink underware on youtube? and he says... yes i am you tube video where g rated. i do mostly xrated pics and videos. i am seeking a mistress to use me online. have an interest mail me please then i can send you my info some pics and start with one of my videos. these videos would never be posted on you tube. i am into bdsm online and in person thanks bi slave rob peters. So I say... Right on Im on YouTube as well I do fubar Videos... its probably not a good idea sending random girls messages about seeking them to be online mistresses this can get you deleted! So he says... yes your right i don't usually. i guess i thought you were into bdsm online from your nick name my mistake. sorry i did not mean to say something wrong bi sl
Tuesday - November 14, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Tuesday the 14th of December.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on December 14th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
Just A Few Jim Morrison Poems For Now.
What are you doing here?What do you want?Is it music?We can play music.But you want more.You want something & someone new.Am I right?Of course I am.You want ecstasyDesire & dreams.Things not exactly what they seem.I lead you this way, he pulls that way.I'm not singing to an imaginary girl.I'm talking to you, my self.Let's recreate the world.The palace of conception is burning.Look. See it burn.Bask in the warm hot coals.You're too young to be oldYou don't need to be toldYou want to see things as they are.You know exactly what I doEverything
Jim Morrison - Open
open The Night is young& full of restI can't describethe way she's dress'dShe'll pander to some strangerequestsAnything that you suggestAnything to please her guest
Wear Red On Friday!
As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support "Red Fridays."  Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest act's of patriotism I have ever seen.  Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their cameos, as they began heading to their gate everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the  soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families.  Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal!    Just when I thought I could not
equations,... crazy i am or nasty so sweet another +- finding breath to be so -+ some move/others stay +- simple lips drench in decay -+ another voice go run and play+-  
Too Funny 4 Words!
Joe complains to Mike his elbow hurts. Mike says "go to Walmart Dr." It's a machine you dump a urine  sample  and it tells you what's wrong with you. Joe figured he would try it! He goes to Wal mart and  dumps his urine into the slot. After 30 secs the Dr. prints out instructions. You have tennis elbow,  take some alieve(aisle 2) and avoid heavy lifting. Later that night Joe wondered if he could mess  with the machine.  So he mixed some puppy pee...urine samples from both his daughter and wife, and a little semen of his own.  He took it back to the Walmart and dumped into the machine.  After 30 secs it printed out instructions.  Your puppy has worms buy meds (aisle 3),  your  daughter's addicted to crack, put her in rehab, and your wife's pregnant with twins, their  not yours get a lawyer....& Quit jacking off, your elbow will never get better!!  Thank you for  shopping at Walmart!
For Tawnya
Dear Tawnya, I loved you. I don’t know how I can state it any more plainly. I loved you for everything I thought you were, and for everything that I became when I was with you.  When we were together, I felt truly happy and complete in a way that I had never felt before. Being with you recontextualized everything that I thought I knew about love, and I came to understand that while I had felt love in the past, it was only a shadow of what real love could be.  Now, I don’t honestly believe that I will ever find someone who I can feel that same love for, and with that realization, I can find very little motivation to experience the future at all.  The two of us related on a level that went beyond simple emotion or base attraction. We made our connection on a truly spiritual level, which is something so rare as to be unique in our lives, and something that I believed was worth trying to hold onto.  I loved you the moment i met you, like all the pieces were falling into pl
My Christmas Wish
The presents are wrapped and under the tree The lights are all up and bright as can be Everyone's full of Christmas cheer It's just not the same without you here This time of year is always so sad I wish you were here, I miss you so bad You always loved when Christmas time came Since you've been gone it's just not the same The gleem in your eye, the smile on your face Nothing else on earth could ever replace You made us all happy no matter the cost Now with you gone I'm feeling so lost If I could have one wish to really come true I'd wish for this Christmas to bring me back you I know that I shouldn't be feeling this way I just don't understand why you couldn't stay As time slowly passes, every single minute There's no memory I have without you in it        Wanda A. Jones 12/15/10
As I Watch The Rain Fall...
As I watch the rain fallI wait for someone to callSomeone to call my nameSomeone who feels the sameAs the rain drips down the glassI think about my pastAll the things people have said to meHow all I want is to be freeFree from all the pain and fearI've suffered too much these past few yearsI wish that I was different in so many waysLife has been so hard these past daysAs I listen to the rain fallI wait for someone to callSomeone to say they love meSomeone who can set me freeFree from worry and painBut tight nowI'll just sit and watch the rain.
No Happy Ending For This Chapter In My Life...
I have found a part of myself in your eyes, in your words, in your smile,I miss the days I had seen there , hidden in those eyes, How could this be?That the heavens could take you away from me?Where does it say, that you had to be taken from my life?That the days that fallow could not be filled with smiles and laughter of needed happiness?Why must I endure all the pain alone and with no way out?I need you here, to take my hand, to lead my out of the shadows....All I could do that day was cry many tears..I would never let you go, nor do I even to this day.I will not agree with the heaven's choice,I had only wanted what I saw in your face of endless love, and care,The face of love, face of many things, The face that held so many dreams of the future..I will not let you go...... I hold you in my heart so close...I just wanted to be with you for another moment from the first...So... many moments that I have longed for with you...Why must I live in this darkness with out you by my side?Why
The Day The Heaven's Took Your Name... ( Second Part To No Happy Ending For This Chapter In My Life)
Listening to the never ending quiet sound that fills my life,I sit here .. With so many thoughts of what was once there,I could almost taste your lips , the lips I had wanted to kiss so sweetly,But nothing could keep you safe within my reach,Taking you from my once peaceful life,Now it is only filled with more puzzles that I struggle with putting back together...A day goes by, and soon many more..I can only try to hold myself together from here on out,Doing with out ..What was so whole..Taking you from my once peaceful life,Now it is only filled with puzzles that I struggle with putting back together ..Holding myself late at night, As I lay but under the moon light and clear, cold sky,Crying out to you and what was meant to be...Screaming your name...As to make sure you don't fade from my life, .....yet the heaven's have found a way to take what little I had left of you,Your name.. The morning I woke up from the a night of crying out your name, Screaming so loud as to make sure the hea
Last Lover You Come To My Side...
Bleeding.... and breathing... bleeding... and breathing... I bleed away.....Taking my life ... I feel my body drain of all existence..You can see my living soul slip from out of my eyes..You can hear that my vocal cords  no longer make a single cry..Bleeding... and breathing... bleeding ... and breathing.. My last breath I struggle to take in and hold..For one last time I taste life's every want and need to hold onto what I had ..Bleeding ..and breathing...bleeding...and breathing...I can smell for the last time of my beloved roses of red.. that once you had given me...I can see the never ending sky of what I use to gaze... looking .. thinking.. What could this day bring to me now. Today was a day of my death, so watch me ... see me ... die..Right before your very eye.....Bleeding...and breathing...bleeding....and breathing...I lay there with no sound, no life.... just a small body ...That is turning the mind is slowly next to die...It's last memories unfold..Poke the dead bo
Is This My Fate?
Slip the rope and take my life as I take you out of the lime light , your hate for me becomes more as you see me succeed in my everything...I will never hate you for what you hold over me...  I will just take this fate as my time to fall...Fall from the top that I once had claim , from years of strive to make  myself something in this world of anarchy...Positioning my body on that wooden stake, I can feel my wrists bleed with the pressure of the rope ..cutting into my flesh...Feeling my feet dangle there as my legs feel as if they are about to fall off from my torso it's self..I can hear the chants of haters along with you in the dark.. behind the flames of fire ... ... they scream MORE!.. HARDER!... TIGHTER! ...Pulling ...harder..tighter... you try to bring me to my breaking point... I wear this white dress, ..  bleeding from my stomach , I wonder why... Looking down and I see that you have me by a second rope... ... they scream MORE!.. HARDER!... TIGHTER! ...Pulling ...harder..tighte
.best Divorce Letter Ever.
  .BEST DIVORCE LETTER EVER. Dear wife: Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone.   -Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!     Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter.
5 Shows I Wish Dexter Morgan Would Visit
If you're familiar with Dexter (and if you're not, shame on you, it's one of the best shows on TV), then you know that the eponymous main character is a serial killer, but he only kills bad people who deserve to die. Perhaps I'm a little more liberal in my definition of "those who deserve to die" but this isn't about me. So let's pretend for a moment that Dexter considers extremely annoying people to be worthy of his death sentence and imagine how much better life would be if he could cross over into some of these other shows for a special guest appearance.   Let us also imagine, for the sake of variety, that Dexter may deviate from the norm and use different methods to do away with these characters so that this doesn't get really boring after about the third entry. Many of these shows have already completed their run, so let's just consider how great it would be if Dex could appear in a rerun and suddenly retcon these sorry losers out of existence. So wh
A Soldier's Christmas
Desires In The Dark Staff Rules
LOUNGE STAFF RULES (all staff must agree to terms to become staff) 1.) Staff must be in the lounge at least 5 times before being considered for staff 2.) If a member is being considered for staff, s/he must be voted on by all top staff 3. ) Top staff must be staff for at least two weeks before being considered for a Top staff position 4.) If a staff member is being considered for top staff they must be voted on buy all other top staff memebers 5.) If you have a problem with a staff memeber you must talked to the owner (DJ Chaotic Cutie). Do not start drama in the lounge or fight with the other staff memeber! A meeting will be arranged in yahoo messanger with myself (DJ Chaotic) and both parties involved. 6.) All staff must have all other staff added to their friends list 7.) If a DJ misses two shifts with out them being excused they will be put on probation. If they miss four shifts with out being excused they will be fired. If a dj however gets a hold of a GM or the Owner and t
Snuff - Slipknot ;)
"Snuff" Bury all your secrets in my skinCome away with innocence, and leave me with my sinsThe air around me still feels like a cageAnd love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...So if you love me, let me go.And run away before I know.My heart is just too dark to care.I can't destroy what isn't there.Deliver me into my fate -If I'm alone I cannot hateI don't deserve to have you...My smile was taken long agoIf I can change I hope I never knowI still press your letters to my lipsAnd cherish them in parts of me that savor every kissI couldn't face a life without your lightBut all of that was ripped apart...when you refused to fightSo save your breath, I will not hear.I think I made it very clear.You couldn't hate enough to love.Is that supposed to be enough?I only wish you weren't my friend.Then I could hurt you in the end.I never claimed to be a saint...My own was banished long agoIt took the death of hope to let you goSo break yourself against my stonesAnd spit your pi
Just Litttle Help
 just want to help friends out
Sorry - Buckcherry
"Sorry"Oh I had a lot to say was thinking on my time awayI missed you and things weren't the same[Pre-Chorus:]Cause everything inside it never comes out rightAnd when I see you cry it makes me want to die[Chorus:]I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue, I'm sorry about all things I said to youAnd I know I can't take it backI love how you kiss, I love all your sounds, and baby the way you make my world go roundAnd I just wanted to say I'm sorry:This time I think I'm to blame it's harder to get through the daysYou get older and blame turns to shame[Pre-Chorus][Chorus]Every single day I think about how we came all this wayThe sleepless nights and the tears you cried it's never too late to make it rightOh yeah sorry![Chorus] 
I Am The One
I am the one who loves your heart, The one who still believes, with kept promises and Souls released. The one who knows the real name of love... Still never asks and waits a while for your smile. The one far behind but walking for you You made the distance though i love it,  with no regretting instance. The one with such a tough heart, the one with many tears left  loves you the same as he used to. The one who never falls with dreams around, loves you the most, though someone better you found The one with real pain who never stopp, The one with only love, For you.... and always remains
The Vampire
The VampireYear written: 1858    I found a corpse, with glittering hair,    Of a woman whose face, tho' dead,    The white death in it had left still fair,    Too fair for an earthly bed!    So I loosened each fold of her bright curls roll'd    From forehead to foot in a rush of red gold,    And kissed her lips till her lips were red,    And warm and light on her eyelids white    I breath'd, and pressed unto mine her breast,    Till the blue eyes oped and the breast grew warm,    And this woman, behold! arose up bold,    And lifelike lifting a wilful arm,    With steady feet from the winding sheet    Stepp'd forth to a mutter'd charm.    And now beside me, whatever betide me,    This woman is, night and day.    For she cleaves to me so, that, wherever I go    She is with me the whole of the way.    And her eyes are so bright in the dead of the night,    That they keep me awake with dread;    While my life blood pales in my veins and fails,    Because her red lips are so red    That I f
Letter To My Son 12/17/10
Dear Son,     How are you?  I hope you are doing well and are happy.  I am ok.I am still here at Frank's and just trying, day by day.  I am still waitingto start work at OnStar.     Along with this note are the things I want to give you for Christmas this year.     I recently went through all my things and I saw the black Superman you alwayswanted.  I told you that when you were old enough, you could have it.      There is also a Superman movie that I am not sure if you have or not.  My Daddy got it for me for Christmas 12 years ago but didn't get a chance to give it to me.  This year, I want to give it to you.     When I saw the Superman and Batman it made me remember me and you.  We would sit on the porch and play.  You were always Batman and YOU let ME be SUPERMAN FOR YOU.  Right now, I can't be there to be Superman for you, but now you have Batman and Superman and hopefully some day, when you play with those toys, I can be Superman again to you.     I also put in a book for you abo
Drinking With A Texas Girl..
Drinking with a  TEXAS  girl...   A Mexican, an Arab, and a Texas girl are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In Mexico, our  glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the same one twice.' The  Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks non-alcohol beer (cuz he's a Muslim!), throws it into the air, pulls out his AK-47, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In the Arab World, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't need to drink with the same one twice either.' The Texas girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips out her 45, and shoots the Mexican and the Arab. Catching her glass, setting it on the bar, and  calling for a refill, she says, 'In Texas, we have so many illegal aliens that we don't have to drink with the  same ones twice.' God Bless  TEXAS !!!
From Rev
The only time I feel Alive Is when you Are inside Me She said on Her way down I am obsessed With your Insertion Addicted to Your cock Just fuck me Like you Hate me Fuck me Until I Hurt Ride me With no Mercy Pound me Until I Squirt I never wanted To love Like this You are My worst fear Come true I never believed That someone Inside me Could not Feel Close enough I once acted Like A bad ass Bitch But your love Has called My bluff  
Voodoo Penis
The Voodoo Penis A businessman was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort with an extremely healthy sex drive, so he thought he'd buy her a little something to keep her occupied while he was gone. He went to a store that sold sex toys and started looking around. He thought about a life-sized sex doll, but that was too close to another man for him. He was browsing through the dildos, looking for something special to please his wife, and started talking to the old man behind the counter. He explained his situation. The old man said, "Well, I don't really know of anything that will do the trick. We have vibrating dildos, special attachments, and so on, but I don't know of anything that will keep her occupied for weeks, except---" and he stopped. "Except what?" the man asked. "Nothing, nothing." "C'mon, tell me! I need something!" "Well, sir, I don't usually mention this, but there is The Voodoo Penis." "So what's up with this Voodoo Pe
have you ever felt like you want to grab someone by their neck and shove their head through glass and nails cause they wont shut the fuck up? like you didn't care who they are , as long as you could make them shut up? i feel that way right now. im sick of hearing " me me me me me me me" i have problems too but you dont see me complaining!!!!!!! im so sick and tired of their bullshit. im not prefect , but at least i dont go around complaining i dont ahve enough money for fucking ciggarates ... stupid bitch.     have you ever felt like your all alone? like your in the shadows and everyone is going against you? like they all throw shit up in your face that you regret or ahte or cant bear to think about? i feel that way everyday. im sick of hearing bitching and complaining im so fucking tired of it and im to the point where ill pack my things and live in a living assistance facility!!!!..... i hate my life. but ill be fine , i do it everyday. how , idk. but when i get out i aint never c
In 1862 American Blue And Grey Were Battling And Stopped To Write This Poem
A Soldier’s Christmas Eve published December 27, 1862 In a southern forest gloomy and old, So lately the scene of a terrible fight, A soldier, alone in the dark and cold,    Is keeping the watch tonight. As he paces his round he sees the light     Of his comrades’ campfire, gleaming far,     Through the dusky wood, and one bright star Looks down with a twinkle of light and love From the frosty sky that bends above.     Large, cler and bright in the far-off skies It twinkles and glimmers there alone Like the blessed Bethlehem star that shone     On the shepard’s wondering eyes.   As he watches it slowly, sweetly rise His heart is touched by its gentle ray.      And away, away, His thoughts on the wings of facny stray, He forgets the night with its frosty air, And cheerless blast, that every where Moans load through the branches black and bare, He is thinking now of the little band   In his boyhood home, whose faces bright Are beaming with happin
Do You Have ?????
Do you have a Boomy ? God Mode ? a Famp ? or some other piece of pricey bling to bring you a few hours or days of Fu Point and cyber popularity ? I can remember three years ago when a friend asked me to join this site. I was hesitant and it took me three months to set up a profile.  When I did finally join I met several people on here. Little did I know that I would meet someone and have something that all the money in the world could not buy. A beautiful woman that was true and loved me for me, not some sorry a## woman looking for that next bling to earn points to level up on a website. I have had 3 profiles on this site over the last three years. This is the one that will be here for many more to come. Each month or two I chuckle to myself to see the next edition of bling every woman will be begging for to try and get to the next level.  I am truly amazed that most men would buy bling or bling packs for women just to see some NSFW pictures showing a little chest or a hint of a belo
Anal Sex And The World Around You!
I am honestly a dirty little whore. I dont mean to be, it just happens. It starts with the throbbing aching pussy and the need for more. I get out I get laid and I want more and i want to try all types of things. This means Ive probably secretly and not so secretly fucked, licked and sucked my way through most items in the Karma sutra. Through all of this I have been searching for someone to share my particular taste in nympho mania with and I have finally found him. This is my blog of our adventures getting fucked sucked and licked by as many men women and couples as we can get our hands on... Its a little whores diary..
Trial Period
So back stories are nice... I have had enough cock and pussy to qualify as possibly the dirtiest whore on earth... Never caught anything do to three simple rules... 1)get to know them, 2)use condoms 3)if you wouldn't talk to them agan... don't fuck them. it seems simple but its not... I am a grade a hundred percent friend fucker. I love friends with benifits and if I cant have benifits... It seems kind of hard to be friends with some people for me if I can't fuck them or havent fucked them or havent fantasized about fucking them. Its just a matter of sex. I have had the discussion with a psychiatrist about this... We wont get into what he said because they don't say anything that you'd want to here anyway. So to the history. I started fucking young, real young. My cherry was popped barely out of grade school. Honestly any of the people who have ever met me can tell you every word group of words or item ever can be related to sex or be found sexually expicit. I make sure you know it.
Plans And Waiting
Today I infiltrated the craigs list sight to find new partners that i felt comfortabe sharing this Minor sex obsession with. We narrowed it down and discovered fakes suck... which is sad because so do I! First guy was 8th grade in computer class... Tonight we will dine on jd... a tastey treat for a tastey day... He is driving all the way from ky to let us have a good taste of him and be taken to new hieghts in his sexually explicit fantasy world. You see my friends.. He has never fucked a man, I want to see them It might be a crowning achievment for this year.. Last year it was Double teaming a 18 year old virgin after helping her ditch school with the mistake... It was my acheivement because he couldnt get it up... So i just took her and made him watch... once she was broke in he fucked her with good measure... His fantasy scared him to som unknown an un measured extent. That amazes me because we live in a country where the only safe way to expess yourself is sexually. You can keep th
What Is Hot And What Is Not
What is Hot ? Real 36Ds and an ass that will fit into Victoria's Secret skinny jeans. SIZE 8 and under .................... Classc1 has REAL 36D - DD tatas and owns and fits into size 4 Victoria Secret skinny jeans. What is not Hot ? an over weight woman and unattractive claiming all these men want her fat ass, thinking all these men are lusting over her and talking 3 kinds of crap on her page about how hot she is .................... PLEASE !!!  Let us step into reality. Of the women whom are depicted in REAL profiles, YES I said REAL Profiles. This site is way inflated with false and fake ones. Maybe 1%, ( I am being generous ) are good looking enough to say that they are sexy or  HOT !! Thanks for reading.
My edge is a razor slice and dice all you fools like a Julienne fry-maker please pass the assault I'm about to blast off the viciousness of my wishedness is a primal maliciousness 50 feet tall and made of solid granite if you could hear my inner thought you'd pass a petition to ban it the rumors are true my status ain't new I just took off for a few hours days years thru the passage of many seasons the flow is still right here I feel so strange everything changed everything stayed the same. Still don't give a fuck if you remember my name. Crazed2APoint ENIGMA WRAPPED IN FOOLISHNESS carry multiple razors in my mouth, when i spit, blood comes outgot a sharp tongue, spit darts, of sick thoughts that should not be allowedi'm shadowless, darkness inside me that u don't know a thing aboutthey asked who killed em? no hesitation, it was me without a shadow of doubtas the blood trails lead, to bodies that bleed, laid out on the concreteon my street, it becomes a canvas, chal
Phone Sex
Ive been up for two hours and already Ive been well fucked and had my little asshole stretched around loveys cock. He fucks so well. Then one of the hopeful men (a cop oh cuff me and fuck me oficer) Called about our New Years apptment.... some how or another the conversation turned to sex... Imagine that a conversation with me leading to the topic of hot and heavy fucking... Lovey started licking and sucking on my pretty little busd and i couldnrt help my self... I told officer dick what i wanted him to do to me on New Years and heard him cum all over the place... YOu know me by now.. things like this excite me i had to suck loveys dick while he ate me out I felt my entire body quiver with his mouth lapping up my juices it was the BEST phone sex ever!! I would know I'm the one woman in the world who calls phone sex hot lines just to hear the man on the other end cum... I just get on the phone call the number and find the right guy... Hes the one with the big raging hard on who needs so
Twas The Night Before Gameday !!!
Twas the morning of game day and all through the land the fans were all stirring, with their tickets in hand. A quick cup of coffee, then each Jill and Jack Get dressed in their very best silver and black.   Then out to the car, or the truck or the van to p...ack for their tailgates as much as they can. The stickers are placed in the windows with care And the Raider flags fly in the crisp autumn air.   The excitement is mounting as their engines they start; it's easy to see that these fans have such heart. Then out on the highway there arose such a clatter I ran from my house to see what was the matter.   The morning sun shone with a soft golden glow on car after car traveling below. Fans from the east and fans from the west heading to Oakland to watch football's best.   One fan in particular went driving by. A mean looking dude with a patch on his eye. His face was all blackened, as it scattered with soot and he was dressed all in black from his head to his fo
My New Owner
Everyone should check out my new owner. He's been a great friend of mine for several years now. JAKdaSQUISHY@ fubar
Teddy Bear
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Just to be precocious... sardonicbitter.The first words out of my mouth this afternoon were"are you there god? Its me..." I don't think god was amused.Or there. Probably busy getting someone a job, a date, a life, or smiting a teenage drama queen.Such important work to be done.I wonder how many scratch-off ticket conversions there have been in my life time. As condoms, cigars and a defiantly lingering lighter fall from my upturned jeans. Number...surely I got a number in there.Or a name, or a homepage...something. Nothing.Just the same bits, scraps, receipts and gum wrappers. That's hardly fair. Did I make all those good times up in my head?Was I really just drinking with the lights off and the shower on? It'd explain the set of footprints smudged through that thick layer of dirt on the floor...but not the second set leading to the ledge. Maybe all this maudlin nonsense drove another one off.Took a topple off the overlook?Or am I just catching up to the inertia's haunt of my o
The Twenty Healthiest Foods For Under $1 (repost)
Food prices are climbing, and some might be looking to fast foods and packaged foods for their cheap bites. But low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. In fact, some of the most inexpensive things you can buy are the best things for you. At the grocery store, getting the most nutrition for the least amount of money means hanging out on the peripheries—near the fruits and veggies, the meat and dairy, and the bulk grains—while avoiding the expensive packaged interior. By doing so, not only will your kitchen be stocked with excellent foods, your wallet won’t be empty. 1. Oats High in fiber and complex carbohydrates, oats have also been shown to lower cholesterol. And they sure are cheap—a dollar will buy you more than a week’s worth of hearty breakfasts.   Serving suggestions: Sprinkle with nuts and fruit in the morning, make oatmeal cookies for dessert. 2. Eggs You can get about a half dozen of eggs for a dollar, making them one of th
Decked Hall Skid Mark
  It is not Depression You are in A bad Mood That may be Insensitive But is hardly Rude Life has parts That hurt Like hell But plenty Of good stuff To cling to As well We never Allow credence Of our weakness We confront it And deliver A fatal shot My people are Warriors Whether they Know it Or not
Classics Lounge Music
Holiday Rant (just Read And Agree)
ok so today i was looking at federal holidays (Holidays that schools, federal offices and most businesses are close) and i noticed something VERY odd. There are religious holidays that have been around FOREVER example: Christmas and Easter. then there are traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Independance Day. And holidays like Columbus Day Or Martin Luther King Jr. day. now im in the Army and yeah we have Memorial Day, but what about Veterans Day¿ there are no school closing for the people who go to war and come back¿ yeah i understand well "thats what Memorial Day is for". NO WRONG NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!! >Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May, formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemerates the U.S. Soldiers who have DIED while in military service.< >Veterans Day also known as Armistice Day, and (although rarely in the US) occasionally called "Remembrance Day", 'Veterans Day' is the American name for the international holiday which commemorates the
Just FYI - When you lose someone, especially before their time, the pain NEVER really goes away and it loves to pop up especially during the holidays.   I got what I wanted in 2009...kinda. No one died, but I lost 2 in 2010, Bleh. So now I have only 1 grandparent and even though he's not blood, I consider him my grandfather in every sense still. I really don't know how to approach him at this point. I know how it felt after my mother passed - every second I felt like I had been abandoned by those who were still alive because I literally didn't see anyone in my family for quite some time afterwards but I understand it now - grieving can turn your personality into a nasty thing and everyone needs time to cope but at this point I think I need to go visit the old man before too long. Let me set the theme here: Lets go back 25 years (Mid 80's wtf) I was actually a cute kid at one point... I know right? Anyway my crotchity grandmother on my mothers side had met a guy and decided to bri
A Perfect Jem By Bedrock
a perfect jem, a perfect jem is someone like you, who sees the soul of a person, and not what the person looks like, a perfect jem is when you smile. not the frown we sometimes see, a perfect jem is someone like you, who will be my friend to the end, and someone who we can call upon, when we lost our smile, you are a perfect jem, just remember that bedrock 
I told you that I could make you happy, I told you I could love you. I promised you I would never hurt you. But you are the one who keeps hurting me!! So I release you from my heart, you don't  deserve my heart, you don't deserve my love.Your not worth the tears any more. Go away from my heart, it doesn't need you anymore All the tears I wasted on you, you don't deserve them either. You played with my love for you, and maybe one day, I'll forgive you. But for mow I'm just gonna have to hate you. I want you to know how it feels, cause I wanna see you cry, I wanna see you hurt. Because that my friend is what I truly feel you deserve!!!!!I don't wanna hear the I'm sorry's any more, they can never replace the love I had for you. The dreams I had for us. They are only wasted nights. One day my heart will sing again and it won't be because of you, it will be because I finally found the one who wants to take my hand, who wants to dance with me. The one who wants me in his life, It may not be
Me Just Ranting
Every now and then I get on one of those kicks where I sit back and take a look at the morals and vindictiveness of others and think to myself or out loud if need be and wonder how a person can go through life being so deceitful.Is is that the person lacks the moral ability to actually be a decent person, is it something they were born into, maybe the social behavior they learned growing up in their happy little homes or is it something much more. Is it that they thrive on other people's misery or that their life has no true value and so they must mislead others by covering up their own insecurities by provoking fallacy amongst people within their social groups.This is not the first time I have sat back and pondered such thoughts nor shall it be the last. I often wonder what drives a person to act in such a way that they thrive on the deceptions they create. Do those people sit back and dream up evil little ways to make an others life so miserable and does this give them a greater feel
Anger Management, It's Not Just For German Alcoholics Anymore.
Anger is everywhere these days. Who hasn't been the object of or even experienced road rage? Is there a co-worker everyone tip-toes around at your office? Might you be that person? Here's a joke that's making the rounds: "I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out!" It's hilarious, because it's so true, or it would be if Hockey weren't only marginally more popular than curling. Besides, if you're anything like me, you certainly don't need a sporting event as an excuse for brawling. You can get a good punch up going at church if you know what you're doing! But what if your anger isn't there when you need it? What will you do when your Boss blames you for his own lack of preparation at the 10:15 meeting when you totally blew your entire rage wad at your kid when she refused to leave for school on time because her socks 'felt funny'? How are you going to respond to the wife's needless provocation regarding your failure to pick up sour cream on the way home having barked
I never asked for much. My pride wouldnt allow it. I never expected much. My sense of reasoning knew better. I coined the terms patience and humility. I speak not rather than to hear the voice of fools. I draw near to hear the wisdom of silence. I stand in the end not ashamed of who i am but of what i have become. I see the beauty of imperfection. I know that the right fit is always what is wanted but not neccesarily what fills the hole. I try to dim the darkness all around me rather than extinguish the light  within myself. Anymore tho i am tired and bitter. I ask why every good deed goes unpunished. Where is the good in this world if i bring some one their wallet and somebody steals mine. Where is humility if i remain silient and people beleive me dim for doing so. If i give to one homeless man ceaslessly till i have no more and turn around and there is another. Why was i born with a congenative defect. Why are some people not afforded life at all. I try my best to ignore circumstanc
The Holidays Suck
Please Help My Cousin And Her Friend Are Missing!!!
NEWS REPORT FROM THE DAILY INDEPENDENT, RIDGECREST, CA. LOCAL NEWSPAPER: Ridgecrest, Calif. — A Reno television story, which the embed video code can be found below, suggest two Ridgecrest teens may be in Reno after leaving town early Monday with an 18 year old male. Stevie Ann Duff and Larissa Ann Brown allegedly left Ridgecrest at 2 a.m., according to a report from KTVN in Reno. The 18 year old, which KTVN identified as Blake Holmes, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of being in possession of a stolen car. From the report on KTVN: Stevie Ann Duff is a 12-year-old white, female. She's described as 5 feet 3 inches tall and 110 pounds.  She has brown hair and brown eyes and was last seen wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and black Converse shoes. Larissa Ann Brown is a 13-year-old white, female.  She's 5 feet tall and 105 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.  She was last seen wearing a dark, blue jacket (made by either Hollister or American Eagle), dark jeans
Long Term Relationsips
I wanted to share something with the fubar nation written in a book wrote by an associate of mine about relationships and other issues. I am writing this in hopes of recieving an honest answer from  whoever reads what I am about to write. There are 3 types of long-term, tangible, relationships you can have with another person.  Consider how you would feel if you were married or dating or the child of a person or even the employee of someone who treated you like this: 1.    He or she imposes rules on you without any explanation.  The only time you ever hear or see them is when  she or he is giving you a rule, letting you know you broke a rule, or punishing you for breaking a rule.  This is rules without a relationship or what I call the         "Prison guard" relationship.                   OR 2.     He or she gives you unlimited and unconditional love without any expectations in return.  You ask and they give, you do wrong and there are no consequences, the only time you call the
New Life
Ok well I am now divorced and heading in a new direction with my life. I have a new guy who gives me the world and loves me for who I am unconditionally. It is hard for me because I love this man with all my heart but I am scared and having a hard time making a commitment to him which is not fair to him. I've made him wait so long that even though I'm not ready I'm afraid he'll get fed up and leave if I don't. UGH!! Well anyway I'm off on a new journey and hope to find new friends along the way.
Rant From One Hell Of A Day!!!
Im loosing respect for people every min of everyday lately. Im not understanding how people can be this way. How their little fucking minds are wrapping around the stupid shit that they are getting themselves into. How they can see logic in any of the actions. What the hell happened to commitment, respect, love any of it?? someone tell me where the hell it all went to. cause im sure as hell not seeing it anymore. I see so many people getting themselves into fucked up mind fucked situations. I myself have got stuck in the middle of one. But no more. My mind is clear and im seeing things for what they really are. And trust me if you seen them how i see them you wouldnt want to. cause all i see is stupid people doing stupid things, with more stupid things. and its creating huge messes. examples (sorry if this is fixing to offend anyone) but let me get this out there.......   how on earth can you sit there and honestly think that the person your in "love" with (or like alot) will in any
Five Finger Death Punch-never Enough
I'm so fed up with everyone around me(No one seems to care)I'm just so far gone and nothing's gonna change(I'll never be the same)It's always do this, do that,Everything they want toI don't want to live that way(No)Every chance they get they're alwaysPushin me away[Chorus:]It's never enoughNo it's never enoughNo matter what I sayIt's never enoughNo it's never enoughI'll never be what you want me to beIt's all so messed up and no one ever listens(Everyone's deranged)I'm just so fucked up and I'm never gonna change(Wanna lay it all to waste)They're always say this, say that,Nothing that you want toI don't want to live that wayEvery chance they get they're alwaysShovin me aside[Chorus]I'm Done(I'm done X6)[Bridge:]In the end we're all just chalklines on the concreteDrawn only to be washed awayFor the time that I've been givenI am what I amI'd rather hate youFor everything you areThan ever love youFor something you are notI'd rather you hate meFor everything I amThan have you love meFor so
Rose In December By Halestorm
I've taken all this timeStanding in the snowAnd I'm so afraid of what could fall from my lipsAfraid of what I knowBut still I carry onFollowing my heartThings could let me down, and I could be betrayedBut love never lies....soLet me be your Rose In DecemberAnd I'll be standing here, until spring comes and the snow meltsawayLet me be your Rose In DecemberI'll stand here forever, loving you, as a rose in decemberCool, autumn daysWhen everyone else walked awayThey told me to forget, and to spare myself the stormBut, I knew you were worth the waitAnd as the snow fellLanding on my heartBurying my emotion, but still I stand here frozenBecause I know I love you, oh, I love you...soLet me be your Rose In DecemberAnd I'll be standing here, until spring comes and the snow meltsawayLet me be your Rose In DecemberI'll stand here forever..loving a rose in decemberAs a Rose.....As a rose in december.
Have You Forgotten
I sit here on Christmas Eve and I wonder what the hell has happened to most of the people. Most everyone is out for themselves. Want, want, want. Thats all everyone does. What happened to a time of giving. Something that comes from the heart. I am getting so sick of this place. I give without being asked. I help because thats what makes me feel good. But all I see in status messages is give me this and give me that. Its sad. You all wonder why this country is going to hell. Everyone has a hand out and wants something for nothing. It makes me sad. Makes me actually hate the Christmas that everyone else talks about. I celebrate a season of giving, but I dont do it just this time of year. I do it year round. So examine yourselves. Think about the real meaning for the season. And then do something for someone else without them asking. Figure it out before its to late.    Merry Christmas Scott a.k.a. Venom
why do i come online when people don't talk to me? i mean what the hell do i have to do to get some attention. do i have to cross a line do get attention? i talk on here, i'm not just points or a damn bling buyer. i'm a person, i have feelings and somewhat a heart. i may say some things but do i really meant it, no, i don't take myself serious, i laugh at myself, to myself i'm a joke, besides noone takes me seriously and why should i?
A Gift From The Amazeing Joker
Dear Xoxo, I know roses are red, violets are blue, and skies and oceans are bluerBut when I think of those flowers they die, those violets turn a darker shade, and those skies and oceans are deep and their depth alone shows how much I have to cover to find and love you in so many ways.Dear Xoxo, The skies are no limit, the oceans are no deeper, and the space between us is astronomical yetWhen the skies create clouds of our love, it shows no limitations only unspoken thoughts of you. When the oceans are filled with the pearls of your qualities and individualities it is incomparable.When the space that is astronomical and is vast just but a number I see you because you know that the speed of light and sound is nowhere near the amount of times I love you.Dear Xoxo, When I know that our time and lives are short and there are no perfections just imperfections. I see…I see time spent as a measure of how much we had grown together, I see that our lives haven't achieved its momentum but w
What The Hell
wow...i swear there really are some douch bags on this site. disrespectful assholes! sititng here doing the fubar thing and watching christmas movies and i just happen to scroll up and this was in my shoutbox   5:17pm reply dork: Well I'm hungry, hungry and your pussy looks so good I wanna suck your asshole, wanna piece of...? I don't even care if your on the bloody rag I'll eat you buttplug, come on sit on my face I wanna eat you out, baby eat you out Open up your legs baby, I wanna eat you out Eat you out, baby eat you out I don't care if it's runny and I don't care if it smells Eat you out, baby eat you out I wanna stick my tongue in you and suck your cunt juice out Don't wanna finger fuck you, stick my dick inside of you I'd rather? Fat or ugly it looks like you don't care If your young or old, you gotta cunt? I'll lick you there (chorus) I wanna put my tongue so far inside of you Drink your piss and cum and you can drink mine too Wanna eat your shit, you can eat my dia
Gucci Handbag Fashion Winter
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New Cams In Classics Lounge
This is how you may get on cam in CLASSICS LOUNGE A few rules: #1  NO NUDITY OF ANY KIND ON CAMS !!!!!!!!  WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE CAMS TO BE BANNED, IF THIS HAPPENS CAMS MAYBE REMOVED FROM THE LOUNGE. #2 Please make sure there is NO ONE ON A CAM  before logging in to it. YOU WILL PISS OFF SOMEONE FOR SURE  #3 Respect everyone. #4 PLEASE KEEP ALL AUDIO OFF ON CAMS !!!!!!!!!!!  #5 DO NOT change any settings to the cams, as in adding pictures, videos display names or so on. #6 Reminder that there are other people besides the people in the lounge watching you on cam. So if you don't want other people to see something outside of the lounge DON"T SHOW IT.... Go to LIVEVIDEO.COM RIGHT SIDE CAMS  cam 1 user classicslounge  password classics  cam 2 lil Lea cam 3 SweetBabylovesjmoney1972 cam 4 user classicslounge3 password classics3 LEFT SIDE CAMS cam 5 Ari the Extraordinary cam 6 user classicslounge5 password classics5 cam 7 user classicslounge6 password classics6 cam 8 user
The Promise
The Promise   How time will heal? Make me forget, you promised me. Time will heal, make me forget, you promised me. Love will save us all and time will heal, you promised me. You promised me, You promised me.   How love will save? Make me forget, you promised me. Love will save, make me forget, you promised me. Time will heal us all and love will save, you promised me. I trusted you, I wanted your words. Believed in you, I needed your words. Time will heal, make me forget. And love, love will save us all.   You promised me another wish, another way. You promised me another dream, another day. You promised me another time, you promised me another life. You promised me, you promised me, you promised me.   So I swallowed the shame and I waited, buried the blame and I waited. Choked back years of memories, I pushed down the pain, I waited. Trying to forget, trying to forget, trying to forget. Trying to forget, trying to forget.   You promised me another wish, ano
"the Death Sentence"
"The Death Sentence" Expression is obsolete Coldness in his body I stand at his feet Chills running through him causing him to shake I stare into his eyes Watching as the blood drips from his face Evil at it's best in disguise I know in hell they will have you a special place Look into my eyes and feel the pain as I squeeze the life from you with every drop that flows from your vein As you drift off I whisper in your ear Death is my right hand man, now is the time you should really fear and every drop of blood you bled Is only a small price for the tears you caused to be shed Now is the time, the time you die from the depths of hell no one shall hear your goodbye My right hand man has sentenced you to death screaming will only be a waste of breath Take him away, he is all yours Death.                                                    by:Shakey Lee
Love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.
Poison In My Veins
You left your poison in my veins, every time you youch my skin I drop to my knees from the pain. Its emotional torture and i cant take it, each "i love you" only feels like youre faking. So go on, finish taking what you want, help me finish breaking. I know that i should probably walk away, that i shouldnt let your dead love song make me sway,  but its a chemical reaction, your acid touch, your toxic kiss, the way it stings upon my pale skin. I feel it burning, its breaking my heart. your whispers in my ear leave me deaf and my body stills to numb. I know i should make you stop, that i should walk away, but i crave your poison in my veins. Poison in my veins to make me cry, i taste your venom in each and every lie. Poison in my veins to break my heart, but oh how you make your poison feel so good! You were made to break my heart, my love, i always knew that you were poison from the start....
Just one more sip of scotch... Just one more smoke. I take myself down that path... The path of which I know.   The path I am most comfortable... Sweet destruction, sweet wrath. I lead myself there... My jokes in tow.   I need no one else... So misunderstood, I stand tall. Even as I jest... My heart will not let go.    I stand proud... Knowing who I am. NEVER changing that fact... Let the emotions flow!   Laughter, tears, anger.... My passion is alive. Never to die out... Always aglow!
Hardy News: Breaking News - Jeff Hardy To Plead Guilty To Drug Charges, According To Ap Report
Hardy News: Breaking News - Jeff Hardy to plead guilty to drug charges, according to AP report Dec 27, 2010 - 10:20:43 AM   By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor The Associated Press reports that TNA World Hvt. champion Jeff Hardy plans to plead guilty to drug charges at his next court hearing on January 20, 2011. The AP report, which was picked up by the Charlotte Observer newspaper, says the Moore county district attorney is making the claim that Hardy will plead guilty. The report does not indicate what the punishment will be for a guilty plea. The report notes Hardy is the current World champion for "Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on the Spike TV cable channel." On January 4, 2010, Hardy was indicted on three separate felony and misdemeanor drug charges related to a raid on his house on September 11, 2009. An additional drug charge was tacked on when Hardy was indicted. Hardy's court case was sent to Superior Court in Moore County, N.C., whe
I want to be love again, the way u once loved me. That feeling, that high, the rush, the passion. how people go a day with out it i dont know. I guess ill have to learn it breaks my heart not having you here. For once you love someone the way i have loved you, nothing will be the same. It's an addiction your heart races, your body goes numb, you crave it, that dire need, your eyes, your lips, your hands running down my body. you were my drug and now i have to live with out you!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Music Monday On Tuesday
And only one song... Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks     Robert's got a quick hand.He'll look around the room, he won't tell you his plan.He's got a rolled cigarette, hanging out his mouth he's a cowboy kid.Yeah he found a six shooter gun.In his dads closet hidden in a box of fun things, and I don't even know what.But he's coming for you, yeah he's coming for you.All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun.All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet.x1Daddy works a long day.He be coming home late, yeah he's coming home late.And he's bringing me a surprise.'Cause dinner's in the kitchen and it's packed in ice.I've waited for a long time.Yeah the slight of my hand is now a quick pull trigger,I reason with my cigarette,And say your hair's on fire, you must have lost your wits, yeah.All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun.All th
Come Join Me & My Wifey At Havensplaygroundradio:) & Rocketofloveradio
well to first say that i love females so much more then a man will........But i have a problem...why do some females NOW begin to become gay or whatever? It knocks the ones who r really into the gay industry but these bi and homo aren't gonna get wat u think....if bi just stop or if so wat....
How "bout Us" By Champaign
(Oooooooooh)(Oh-oh-oooooooooh)Oh-oh-oooooooooh-hooo(Oh-oh-oooooooooh)(Oh-oh-oooooooooh)Oooooh, short and sweetNo sense in draggin' on past our needsLet's don't keep it hangin' onIf the fire's outWe should both be gone(Some people are made for each other)(Some people can love one another for life)(How 'bout us) (Some people can hold it together)(Last) through all kinds of weatherCan we(Oh-oh-oooooooooh)Oh-oh-oooooooooh-hooo(Oh-oh-oooooooooh)(Oh-oh-oooooooooh) Now don't you get me wrong(What you sayin' to me, baby)'Cos I'm not tryin' nowTo end it all(Let's start something new)It's just that I have seen(What have you seen)Too many lover's hearts lose their dream(We won't lose it)(Some people are made for each other)(Some people can love one another for life)(How 'bout us) (Some people can hold it together)(Last) through all kinds of weather
These Hands
  THESE HANDS Could wrench the life from you. Deathbreath. THESE HANDS  Could shun the light from you. Lightheft. Passion in mortal embrace, no memories to replace, both the wicked and chaste. THESE HANDS Have ways to hold you.  THESE HANDS  Could warmly enfold you. Shatter your fears, catch all your tears, ceaseless devotion through the passing of years. THESE HANDS Have ways to maul you. THESE HANDS Have ways to enthrall you. THESE HANDS can mold a purer love. THESE HANDS can snuff the gentle dove. THESE HANDS Have seen their share of strife. THESE HANDS  Search for better life. THESE HANDS Could be your damnation. THESE HANDS Could be your salvation. THESE HANDS Could begin you. THESE HANDS Could end you. THESE HANDS. Are all I have.
No Friends On Fubar
I've been here since the 23 rd of December, and have only two friends on it. I've searched for local people near me, and recognize no one. I'm starting to wonder if anyone, other then the two people already on my friends list, even know this site exsist's. Just like writing this entry, I'm really starting to think that this , just like my old myspace account, is nothing more then a waste of time. ~ Still not seeing the point of this
Something To Be Said About Bbws And Thick Women...
(reposting this because it needed to be) if you reject them based solely on that, you are missing so much, not only in terms of your own personal character but also the possibility of meeting someone who can either make you happy or be a great friend. If you like women with big breasts, then this is a natural in most cases. While I love women as a whole in general, I am attracted more to women who have something on them. Weight (as well as race, etc, etc) should never be a factor in how you interact with them or feel about them. Everyone (for the most part with exception) has a heart, a soul, a spirit that needs to be nurtured and appreciated and excluding a whole bunch of people because of weight issues is completely and utterly ludicrous and needs to be ceased. So next time you see anyone, show them some love and not some ridicule. People are love everyone because life is precious. And also as I would say, always think pink. Thank you.
Wtf Is In Retrograde?
I don't know what's up lately but man oh man. First my car. The Check Engine light comes on. Bring it down to the dealership. My oil was low. Now WHY the check oil light didn't come on is beyond me. Get a lecture about how I need to get my oil changed regularly. Okay, thanks, I generally do. I was a bit late on this one. If I was male would you have talked to me like I was 2? Chances are NO! Hooray, car is better. Until the other day when the damn Check Engine light comes back on. Now I'm pissed! Check the oil. Levels are good. Call for an appointment. Can't get in until Monday. Okay, not happy about that but what can ya do? Go to start my car yesterday. Yup, DOESN'T FUCKING START! Took me about 20 minutes to get it to turn over finally. So get up, call Toyota this morning. Sounds like I got bad gas to them. Okay, fine, whatever. I did get some more last night cuz I hate being below a half tank in the winter. They're busy today but if I want to bring it down, they'll try to squeeze it
Famous Face Dies
  CHICAGO (AFP) – A Michigan factory worker used as the unwitting model for the wartime Rosie the Riveter poster whose inspirational "We Can Do It!" message became an icon of the feminist movement has died. Geraldine Doyle died Sunday, a spokesman for the Hospice House of Mid Michigan told AFP. She was 86. Doyle didn't realize she had a famous face until she was flipping through a magazine in 1982 and spotted a reproduction of the poster, her daughter told The New York Times. But while Doyle recognized her face under the red and white polka dot bandana, the strong arm held up in a fist wasn't hers. "She didn't have big, muscular arms," Mrs. Gregg said. "She was 5-foot-10 and very slender. She was a glamour girl. The arched eyebrows, the beautiful lips, the shape of the face -- that's her." Doyle was just 17 when she took at job at a metal pressing plant near Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1942. She quit about two weeks later after learning that another woman had badly injured her
pk_lucifer_pk: the weak do not deserve life and death is to harsh for them so where do they go,My vote is there all fucked from the start it doesnt matter if they are strong or weak everything ends up in the abyss. demon: everyone is fucked anyways the only thing we can hope is those who deserve it get a slow extremely painful demise *points at words above
Peeling Back The Layers
Peeling back the layers with all faults exposed. Memories of past regret lay raped from constant thought, scars are the souls decor lining the walls so sweetly with bitterness of before, some ripped open, others slowly healing....the deeper ones lay quite, not speaking the warnings of what is to come.  A vision dies by the hands of fate.... Tears of anger stream down the face of the lover, burning the soft flesh. Silent sorrow poured into the pillows at night while the other slumbers so deeply beside, never knowing the pain that is released from his own oblivion. Teasing with the softest of touches he brings the pleasure to surface, a touch of heaven too soon torn away only to leave the lover alone once again.  Careless words are spoken that shred the spirit and deadens the heart, the mind poisoned with hurt and anger slowly builds the scar covered walls, mind racing trying to catch the heart before it falls so deeply into the abyss of lies and false hopes.  Begging for
A Daddy/dom
The term Daddy Dom got me thinking about the misconceptions surrounding this aspect of D/s. I realize most think that it involves a father/daughter relationship. That isn't quite true, Daddy/little girl is a much different level. I do not know if I can explain what I mean so I will simply talk about what a Daddy Dom is to me. First I should say that in my relationship my Dom is not my father, he is nothing like my father, and I have no need for him to replace my father. He is however my Daddy. We do not engage in age play specifically (beyond the occasional schoolgirl fantasy *s*) and our relationship is not based on any need to have sex with children.I am always all woman, and always a very independent woman. He does have the ability to make me feel like a little girl, however, a very cherished and sometimes needy little girl. It is a feeling that I revel in, it is the safest place I have ever been, and it allows me the freedom to be all that I am without fear of reprisals. So what ma
first:sudo apt-get install gparted ntfs-config ntfsdoc partimage-doc partitionmanager mountmanagerthen gyachi:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adilson/experimental; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gyachi
      I failed to celebrate the best years of my life.It only occured to me well after I was over the better part.That awkward turn of being closer to thirty than thirteen.And I still find myselfincapableor perhaps unwilling to... to think that I'm just one loaded chamber from being a solution.A snippet in your paper.An awkward farewell. Why should going out be anything new?Awkward childhood, adolescence, courtship, friendship, ambivalenceand now adulthood. I never think about what I'd leave behind.Except the burden.I never get the resolve to say "this will be my last sunrise""last smirk""last headache""last tangerine" And that's all it is.Nerve.If not cheek. I just don't feel like running the race any more.I never intended to win.I never thought to place.So why finish? No satisfactory answers...was I asking the wrong question, or was the problem more elementary
I truly would like to know who turns in my primary photos, especially Hot Donna from that 70's Show, she was COMPLETELY dressed.
Forbidden Love
I am sitting out here watching the rain as thoughts of you begin to flood my brain.I know that it can NEVER be...a relationship between you and me.I want you and you want me.Oh,how I wish that it could be.Just one night,It'd feel so right to feel your arms encircling me.This is a love that cannot be. A forbidden love between you and me.You were my love, you were my life.I wanted so badly to become your wife.Times have changed.Life got in the way.I'm married to another today.
Never Untie
The tender words are spoken Each body and soul bared Told secrets over endless days Often doing more than dared   New world beyond my door With intrigued and intensity Now we have shared our hearts A bond now made it permanently   Facing our days made easier Despite any type of weather Each other's heart felt deeply Both happy we stuck together   It took us little time and effort The bonding as strong as glue I now promise never to untie The strings I have tied with you   The understanding of each other Breaths to take, we breathe the air
Surgery Woes
So, I had surgery 'down there' last month. I tell people I had a sex change operation. It was actually a really common surgery for women my age.....The big 'H' I've had some issues since then and while I was out of town on Wednesday I had to go to one of those walk in clinics because I was in a lot of pain. The random doctor I saw was furious that this is my second infection since my surgery 6 weeks ago. He thinks the surgeon nicked my bowel and that's why I'm in pain and infected and miserable. He took some samples to culture for a few days.... My test results will be in on Monday and that'll tell if I have a staph infection or a nicked bowl. He checked me for heart issues and gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him anytime this weekend if I'm having trouble. He is concerned I could get septic and have a heart attack. Ack! I didn't know that could happen. I'm glad I went to see him. I'm REALLY full of crap! Ha....but wondering too - will I have to have surger
Metallica - Fade Away
Lost And Found
                                                                              "SITTING HERE"   I'm sitting here all alone,feeling so sad,empty and lonely. I think of you every minute and second of each passing day.Wondering how you are doing, what you are doing? I spend my time also wondering where you are right now. Wishing I could hold you again. I sit here remembering all we have shared,over the phone and in person,just dreaming of all that will be. Crying a tear every minute we are apart. At times I tell myself that I'm strong and these  times will go by fast.Yet,at other times I sit here and wonder why I must hurt this way. Though some where in this emptiness I find myself feeling loved still. Then I realize that its not the sadness,emptiness,or even the loneliness that hurts me the most. It's the sitting here and being without you....
My New Year's Resolution
You Should Resolve to Get Fit You know you should love your body at any state, but you think you'd be happier if you were a little fitter. Your body will thank you, as well as your jeans! It doesn't take a lot of exercise to make a difference. You don't have to commit to a crazy fitness goal - just try to get moving and see how it feels. If possible, try to find a workout buddy. It's hard to exercise without support, and a friend makes it a lot more fun. What New Year's Resolution Should You Make? Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
What Has Happen
2010 on fubar left me sorrows and happiness. Goodness and naughtiness. Was friends with ppl that I would  have given my  life for. Ppl that I cared for deeply.. men and female. Maybe I am naive or just not understanding, but if I did something let me know. I also met some ppl some have shown me true friendship outside of fubar..  What I am shooting for in the new year is strength, guideness and the ability to understand more from people and to know where the bs is before it happens.  I wish all of my friends and family much love this year and prosperity.   Thank you for listening. Your favorite Robin.    
Hello world how are you  me im fine i have found one that can make me feel the way no one has befor   she is my love i would be nothing with out here   my love for her is strong   my love for here is un dieing   my love for her is un bindabel   my love for her is not changeable   Mistress i love you
My First Teen Series Novel Is Released!!!
Fu friends, I am proud to announce the release of my first teen fiction novel, "Kirsten: Blackwood Book One" If you have teenage daughters who are bored with Vampires, check out a fresh start to a new series aimed specifically at teens who need some new reading perspective!! :)  Follow this like to begin the journey...
My Name Is Destiny Hope©kimberly Looney
my name is destiny hope. Today, I would have just turned one. I would have taken my first steps, said my first words. I am sure that I would have loved to watch my mommy smile, isn't she pretty? I'll miss my daddy, it hurts he will never know me. I would have loved nature, flowers, trees, grass and even dirt. I would have wanted to ride a pony like most little children do, and when I turned five, I would have went to school. I would have done all the things to make my mommy and daddy so proud of me. But I will never see this birthday, or see gods beautiful nature with my pretty cobalt eyes. I'll never wear a ribbon in my hair as I take my first steps, I'll never say a single word. I'll never watch my mommy smile as I sit so proudly on that pony, and I'll never make them proud of me in school.ill never know anything. Instead today, I am with god, for he is my daddy now, and he sings to me ever so sweetly as he bounces me upon his knee. I am in heaven now because today, I became an angel
Long Lost Sister
Recently I have had a wonderful person join my life. My long lost sister Jeanne has after 45 years made contact with my father. Every day since Jeanne was 3 yrs old my father has thought of her and tried to contact her in some way. Now my father is the happiest he has ever been since we received her letter. I can't wait till i meet her and also happy that I have gained her in my life as well. She also has 2 kids which means i'm an aunt x3 total. Only wish i could have been in their lives earlier, I feel i have missed so much with them as well as them with me. God has given us all this wonderful gift and I can't thank him enough.
Love As I Know It
I once watched a show that featured six guests that were married three times or more. Each had different yet equally interesting stories. A woman in her fifties married for the third time as her first two husbands died due to heart attack. The other woman annulled her first two marriages because of irreconcilable differences. One man married three women in three separate countries he’d been into and lives with his fourth here in the Philippines. A Japanese national’s three marriages failed; his last wife left him for some other man, taking with her all their properties leaving the Japanese homeless and without a single penny. The way they told their stories was quite amusing and the discussion was light despite of the weight of the topic, as if they are talking about their most memorable experiences. Hearing their stories hit me hard. I have ended up a relationship not so long ago and somehow I feel for them. I admit I still lack experience when it comes to love. However,
Judgment In God’s Court
They always say that there are two sides of the coin. In their coverage, the media make it a point to seek both sides to be able to present balanced news. When a complainant files a charge against someone in any court or public office, the one being sued will be summoned to defend himself. Recently, the integrity of the criminal justice in the Philippines is being put in question as the Supreme Court acquitted the suspects in the most prominent case in the 1990’s, the Vizconde massacre. The heinous crime took place in 1991 and the suspects were proven guilty in 1995. The case was reopened and after almost a score, the defendants were exonerated. The news, for a night was full of interviews of the two parties; the families of the freed murder suspects and Lauro, the head of the Vizconde family, the now only living member. When the nation’s justices seem at loss and fail to solve the case, how can an average joe have an answer? Mr. Vizconde was left asking where he would see
"be Careful Objects May Seem To Be Closer Than They Are"
When are friends truly friends ?When is The line crossed from Internet flirting and Reality ?You say one thing and it is read one wayWhile all the while You know what they SayYet They say they didn't write that.Then you bring back the letterThey say you miss read thatThen you show where they explainedAnd they say they did not mean that.When some one writes that they want to work with youOr what ever they write... When Is it time for them To mean What they saySay what they meanAnd stick to itIf you are one who speaks the truth who speaks to ones who don'tHow are you to know ?You believe what is said to you You meet what is not.All I know is that WeAre to be carefulFor objects(people) May seem to be closer than they Are.All words I write AreMy Words Come from deep with in, Mine are how I feel andMine are , Knowing what I want and wanting what I know...I Love My True Fubar Friends N U Know Who U R..Ride Safe Harley
Love Vs Infatuation
infatuation is instant desire,one set of glands calling to another.Love is friendship that has caught fire.It takes root and grows,one day at a time.Infatuation is marked by a feeling of insecurity.You are excited and eager,but not genuinely happy.There are nagging doubts,unanswered questions,little bits pieces about your belovedthat you would just as soon examine too closely.It might spoil the dream.Love is the quiet understanding and mature acceptance of imperfection.It is real.It gives you strength and grows beyond you,to bolster your beloved.You are warmed by her presence,even when she is away.Miles do not separate you. You want her near.But near or far,you know she is yours and you can wait. Infatuation says,"We must get married right away.I can't risk losing her."Love says, "Be patient. She is yours. Plan your future with confidence."Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement.Whenever you are in one another's company you are hoping it will end in intimacy.Love is the maturat
One Life
dont ever settle for second best. never lower your expectations. you will only lose in the end. forgive those who have hurt you...its the only way to let go. open your broken heart, its the only way to heal it. love for passion not for loneliness. always cherish the one you love...always! dont be afraid to love someone completely. if its meant to be it will be. if its not, it never was. dont forget the good times and learn from the bad. forgive but dont forget. hold your friends close. love.
Upgrading From Girlfriend 7.0 To Wife 1.0
Dear Tech Support:Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticedthat the new program began unexpected child processing that took up alot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installeditself into all other programs and now monitors all other systemactivity.  Applications such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, Huntingand Fishing 7.5, and Racing 3.6. I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in thebackground while attempting to run my favorite applications. I'mthinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but the uninstall doesn'twork on Wife 1.0. Please help!Thanks,Troubled User_____________________________________REPLY:Dear Troubled User:This is a very common problem that men complain about. Many peopleupgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0, thinking that it is just aUtilities and Entertainment program. Wife 1.0 is an OPERATING SYSTEM andis designed by its creator to run EVERYTHING!!! It is also impossible todelete Wife 1.0 and to return to Girlfriend 7.0. I
Quote For My Sweet And Special Pixie
A friend is someone who can sing you the song ofyour heart when you've forgotten it. Love Quotes by Anonymous     I would rather have had One breath of her hair,One kiss from her mouth,One touch of her hand,Than eternity without it. Love Quotes by City of Angels     A true friend is just like a piece of puzzle. Without that particular piece, your life wouldn't be complete~Source : Anonymous's falling in love quotes     True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly~Source : Jason Jordan's falling in love quotes     Love in it's truest form has no languageor words, it just has a thousand and oneactions we all wish we could describe. Love Quotes by Kenneth B. Emery     Doubt thou the stars are fire,Doubt the sun doth move,Doubt truth to be a liarbut never doubt thy love. Love Quotes by William Shakespeare    
What Is Your Rapper Name?
Your Rapper Name Is: Afrika Moohlah Bust it! What's Your Rapper Name? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Fubar Scams - Watch Out For Christina
Well i was rating a girls profile named Christina.  Her name was in pink and she was a blond.  I was ready her profile and she was wanting bling packs anywhere from 15 bling pack all the way up to 1000 bling pack.. We started talking and she went over what was included in the bling packs and she tried EVERYTHING she could do to get me to ge her the 1000 bling pack.  I told her i would start smaller and maybe work my way up and see how things go then get more later.  So i went ahead and got her a 135 bling pack that cost 80 some dollars.  So i was promised personal salutes, a album with pics for me, added to her family, her number to text and so on and so on.   Well after i gave her the bling pack she did add me to her family. She never did give me her yahoo messenger to see her on cam. I forced her to give me her number as promised and she doesnt really reply to text. She has never done any salutes for me or even asked what pics i wanted taken for my album.  So she has made excuses for
  if u dont show me how could i ever know if u dont know me how could u ever show in a round about way these games we play i'll give u a little, enough for me to take it all give it to me baby, the only thing is all i want i'll speak to ur soul if u give me control i loosen my grasp and u start to gasp, breath for me.. . its what i do for u
Email Sent To The Ministry Of Community And Social Services In Ontario Canada
Right I have to start looking for a new place to live, because my Landlord can't respect my privacy, keeps walking into my apartment at night, when I'm either sleeping, or doing my thing in bed at night. Been looking at the prices for rent in Durham Region, I pay $640 a month now and can barely make ends meet. Take a fucking look out there, the average price for a Bachelor Apartment in an apartment building is $800 a month. I served my country, I've been a volunteer in St. John Ambulance. I won't share with people I don't know and I won't move into subsidized housing because you morons just cut my entitlement back. WAKE THE FUCK UP QUIT SHITTING ON US LET US HAVE OUR DIGNITY AND PRIVACY AND GIVE US THE MONEY TO AFFORD A DECENT FUCKING APARTMENT IN A DECENT FUCKING AREA.
Pro's And Con's Of Being In A Relationship
pros feeling loved - loving someone and getting love in return feeling wanted getting affection spending one on one with your special someone feeling appreciated getting to do something for someone else that will make them happy  getting satisfied physically and emotionally.   cons feeling like your trapped fighting over stupid shit all the time feeling lonley when there not around becoming almost obsessed with the relationship planning so much for the future when you dont know if its gonna work out or not trusting them if they spend more time with there friends then with you always worried about where they are, who there with and what they are doing getting too wrapped iup in the relationship not taking care of yourself, emotionally, & physically     if you have more comment below (:
One Wish
If I could have just one wish It would be to turn back time To go back into the lonely past To the days when you were mine. If I could have just one wish It would be to be with you Because I know that in my heart My love is forever true. If I could have just one wish It would be to be in your arms To have you hold me, touch me, kiss me To keep me out of harm. If I could have just one wish The future is what I would see So I could know if someday soon You would be with me. If I could have just one wish I would be able to read people's minds So I could hear your hopes, your fears And hear what's going on inside. If I could have just one wish It would be to move on with my life Because you were my one true love And you cut my heart like a knife. If I could have just one wish It would be to forget all about you Because you see I can't live with myself Knowing I'm not with you.
Pablo The Penguin!
I love, love, love the Pablo the Penguin Bling! XOXO My daughter collects penguins and everywhere we go we are looking for penguins. Send me a Pablo and I'll add your link in a permanent blog (temporarily pimped on my profile page) and every time I have a God Mode or Bomb I'll come love up on you! I'll rate you, polish your bling and show you lots of love whenever I can!    Barsider@ fubar Junctionguy@ fubar archangel@ fubar dj russ the crazyone at ST@ fubar Reddawg69 WHS Enforcer@ fubar NyC gurl FST Fuowned by Bronco@ fubar BhamBuggy Owned by Vodkagurl@ fubar bronco@ fubar greg21@ fubar Wouldn't Fit In My Status...dammit...(sorry...just Needed Ta Spew)...k???...;)
"The only "things"....that one cannot any other...are one's heart and one's soul...nor can they be taken from one...listen to your heart is a constant reminder...even if it were to be cut out from is still is of no any other being...nor entity...but to the one it is encased true to yourself...and it will will thrive...Only you...have that power...the flesh is weak...the made...of pure power...tap...the power...heal the flesh...empower the core of your vessal...your soul. There is only one...and it is yours...and yours alone"...Belle... HellzBelle 8/2010
Wifeys Obituary
Samantha Ellen Gelenaw-Farden View or Send Sympathy Notes Back to obituary listings September 24, 1982 - December 04, 2010 Birthplace: Manteca, California Resided In: Chico, California In Loving Memory of our beloved Samantha “Sami” Ellen Gelenaw-Farden, who went to heaven on December 4th, 2010 in Chico.   Sami was born September 24, 1982 in Manteca, CA to Roger and Marilyn Gelenaw, she was the youngest of three children. At a young age her family moved to Chico where she was raised and she graduated from Pleasant Valley High School. She was a loving wife, mother, daughter and sister.   She will be greatly missed by her husband; Randy Farden, daughter; Evanna Jeanne Farden, mother; Marilyn Reyes, grandmother; Eva J. Weahunt, two brothers and sister in laws; Robert “Bubba” Waddell and Reidun Gilbert, Louis & Mariah Gelenaw, nephews; Anthony and Chandler, aunt; Jane Weins, she was loved by her husband’s family and all that knew her.  
What Is Wrong With Society Today
In this world today are kids are getting less discipline and the morals and ethics of this country or rapidly fading.  We as parents need to step up and take are country back and raise are children can respect life and enjoy it without all the violence that they show as they are on school, in the neighbor hoods, in the home, any where and every where they are.  We as parents should have the right to bust butt and not have to worry about social service coming and taking us to jail.  You wander why they have police walking hall ways of so many school, is because they are not even allowed to discipline children.  When a kid gets into trouble they are immediately taken before the Juvenile in so many cases instead of being discipline having that tail swatted a couple of times.  The government was established by the people for the people not the other way around.  The government wants to control are lives.  Make us live on a budget, but they can not even budget their own expenses.  They want
I"m Sorry
1. I'm sorry I don't run God Modes and Famps Daily. 2. I'm sorry I don't feel the need to bling everything that walks to be cool or for attention. 3. I'm sorry I don't take one on one personal drama and blog it on your behalf. 4. I'm sorry I treat people like people. 5. I'm sorry if I don't perv on you or give you that attention you might need from elsewhere. 6. I'm sorry if I hold people close to me in high regard and hope they do the same by actions and not lip service. 7. I'm sorry if your name color today, level or rank mean nothing to me. 8. I'm sorry if I question things. 9. I'm sorry if I call it like I see it, even though you may not like it. 10.I'm sorry I didn't rate your page today. 11.I'm sorry if I didn't reply to your message fast enough. 12.I'm sorry if you are a coward and block me without ever speaking to me. 13.I'm sorry if I think your boyfriend is a douchebag, because if I think that, he probably is. 14.I'm sorry if I think your girlfriend is a user, be
Another Poem For Your Viewing Pleasure =)
Bliss One night of bliss becomes a nightmare.I have nothing here for me any longer.I let my guard down and enveloped myself in you.One night of bliss becomes a nightmare.I've wanted you for so long.My dreams have become skeletons in my closet.One night of bliss becomes a nightmare.I want to be yours forever.Why can't it be so?One night of bliss becomes a nightmare.Your lips are poison to my soul.The passion is unbearable.One night of bliss becomes a nightmare.You're my dirty little secret.I crave what I'm missing.Just one more night of bliss.
Deuces(remix Ft Drake, Fabolous, T.i. Kanye West, And Andre 3000
Here these are Deuces Remix Lyrics by Chris Brown [Drake]What you mean I ain’t call you?I hit you when I landedI’m waiting in my hotel roomseems like we are arguing more and it’s getting less romanticyeah, I think she’ll be able to tell soonbut I f-cked you right I willI f-cked you right I willI’ll f-ck you like no-one has ever ever made you feelI mean it’s part of our relationships, amazing stillI might just put up with the arguing and stay for realyou looking mad, girl for goodness sakesyou with all those curves and me without no breaksooh, I’m willing to work it out however long it takes youyou feel like you miss those happy days well girl that makes two of usOur timing is wrongyour friends always tying up every line on your phoneyeah but tell them b-tches that you’ll always be my missusand the hardest part about the f-cking business is minding your ownuhh, and everytime I try and break it offwe just yell until we tired then I break y
Change~ A Poem By Josie
 Change                           Tired of these games you play,                       It’s only for the kids I stay.                       You don’t treat me like you should,                       And you’ve said you never would.                       You call me names and put me down,                       Then your mad when I’m not around.                       You don’t value who I am,                       Don’t think you even give a damn.                       You never listen when I speak,                        always the same every week.                       You come on in, tired as hell,                       And right off you start to yell.                       Always with the same rebuff,                       About how I don’t do enough.                      Mad that I don’t talk to you,                      And that you don’t get a screw.                      But why should I even let you hit?           &n
From Joker
Please to meet you, I've come to realize that my moment with you keeps running outand every time I think of you I begin to think of the stupidity I dealt, the amount of emotions flowing and the amount of rage I keepby the end of the night, I have realized that I want to say you have pushed so many buttons in my system that even my so-called back up doesn't even make come close at allthey broke! they broke! they fuckin broke! that by the time I've come to say those three words they end up just throwing in my mouthso i'm sorry if my mouth is just pure shit but every time I think I've come to realize that you and I have been nothing but just not even one but TWO different ideasand even big bangs or a the big contraction you and I cannot even bond but just keep on growing apartNow I don't know how to say how I hate you but if I have to come up with words that sound like I love you in the most decent and purest waythen castrate my balls, pull the hair out of my nuts too, and make no mistake
Hi :)
So, I know I've been away from the fu for awhile. Just thought I'd say hello to all my friends and get back in touch with everyone.   How have you been?!   Love Bubbles
Going Home
to being where i left off this place was okay cause the people made it bearable and the place sucked overall IDF attack kids stealing c-wire and TCN being stupid just every other day shit that I do back home I do here. didn't do anything really important so that why i rate this place a 4.
Case Of The Stolen Water
One hot sunny afternoon, out in the yard we had set up some water play, i had perched myself on a rock and was watching the kids as they played happily in the water splashing laughing generally doing what kids do the most, one little boy sitting in the clam shell pool full of water looks up at me and says "shell im going to fill my hat with water"... "ok sure" i respond so he proceeds to do so dunking his hat in the water he then lifts it up and puts it on his head he turns to me again and says "shell i got water in here did you know?" as he points to the hat on his head i smile at him and say " wow thats fantastic " he decides to hop out of the clam shell pools looks across the yard to spots his friend whos sitting on the wooden fort then yells across the yard "hey!! friend i got water in my hat... see!!" he pulls the hat off his head and shows the friend he then looks in his hat with a puzzled look looks up to his friend and asks "did you steal my water?"
A Note To My Daughters
Girls, I wanted to let you all know that Harley has bone cancer in his leg and the prognosis isn't good. The vet wants to amputate his leg today. She is afraid that the bone is so fragile, just walking could cause it to break. He's having X-Rays this morning to see if the cancer is in his lungs also. The problem is, even with the removal of the leg, the most Harley would be here is around 6 to 9 months, IF he survives the surgery / recuperation. Dad is a wreck. He just asked me what I thought we should do and I couldn't even talk. He realizes we have to take Harley in and put him to sleep but he doesn't want to make the decision for when that happens. He'd love to take him to the ranch for a weekend of fun but if his leg broke up there, we'd be in big trouble trying to get him to the vet. Regardless of what the vet says, we're not going to put him through surgery to remove his leg / chemo / radiation treatments. Can you imagine him trying to learn how to walk at his ag
Copied From An Email From My Dad
CINDY WILLIAMS was appointed by Obama as an Assistant Director for NATIONAL SECURITY in the Congressional Budget Office..... Military Pay This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America .  Ms. Cindy William  wrote a piece for the Washington Times denouncing the pay raise(s) coming service members' way this year citing that she stated a 13% wageincrease was more than they deserve.  A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms  Williams:I  just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GI's earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes per mont
People We Know
been living in the past time going by so fast it doesn't seem like things changed i can still almost smell the sea remember the way we used to be sitting there at the park listening in the dark to the ocean waves as they crash against the shore peaceful, calm, nothing wrong pause this peaceful time peaceful frame of mind i miss you truely i do my friend till the end you're always there for me Jessie: people often fade away look the other way see someone they used to know hide yourself or run away hopeing not to have been seen hiding behind a screen almost like looking through a mask you act like you care tell me your my friend say i can trust you but these are just words from some meaning nothing these people think if they pretend to care you wont be mad when they stab you in the back proving Jessie: they dont care distrustworthy people they are trust is something earn and given freely to those that have earned it but trust fades away and all thats left is backstabbing and pain, hearta
Fuck You Chris
so today everything should have been back to normal, but like any fucking other day someone has to go and fuck it up. My g'f's daughters b-day today and the same geriatric fuck decides to throm my g/f agaoinst the wall and scream at her. thats not even the topper. I hear the thud against the wall from down stairs ad come up to the stairs to only be ushered out the door and told i cant do anything about it. The most fucked up thing tho is my g/f's mom whos b/f is the geriatric fuck just stands there and does nothing while that lil girl stands there and watches. I do beleive that there was a day when any man seen a women get put against the wall they would stand up and do something about it but some how this lil foot note in history missed somewhere b/c my g/f sister and her husband were up there when it happend. The sister calls the cops and Crystal ty for that ty for having some sense to help stop it. but the guy sat there and did nothing but watch as his wife yelled at the old fuckin
Wanna Own A Princess
I Miss You Sis
Well for starters, my sister just passed away this past year a few days after my birthday.  She was taken from us by a heart attack that was caused by her diabetes.  She had been fighting to live for over 29 years.  She had both legs apputated within the past year or so due to the lack of blood flow to both legs.  She was also fighting cancer and needed a kidney transplant.  It took us forever to get her to finally quit her job and worry about her health.  She hated the idea so much but she finally gave in to all of us.   Her and i were as close as a brother and sister could ever be.  Yes she was older then me by about 18 years or so.  She helped to raise me and would even take me on the weekends so that my mother could rest while my father was working all the time.  When mom died back in '99 my sister stepped up and took our moms roll in my life.  She did things for me that most sisters wouldnt do for a brother.  She did the best that she could to take care of me and keep me from com
FETISH VIBRATING TRIPLE SUCKERS FETISH TRIPLE SUCKERSTurn on the 3 mini vibrators, place the cupped Nipple Super Suck-Hers over the nipples and place the cupped Clit Suck-Her over the clitoral area and pump the ball until the suckers stay in place. The stimulating suction and titillating vibration brings on a sensational climax. Just press the quick release button when finished. Try it in the bath for a new and exciting thrill. Enjoy FREE samples of Moist Lube and toy cleaner!                                                   BUY NOW GO TO HTTP://WWW.GENSNAUGHTYCLOSET.COM
Patti Labelle
i was just watching Youtube videos of probably the greatest female voice of this or ANY might beg to differ but this woman just made me cry watching her sing..... cant ever get the videos to post in this damn  box correctly so im going to put it in the forst comment...
The Glow Radio
The Debut of The DJ Joe D Show Sunday Morning at 7am PT/8am MT/9am CT/10am ET/3pm GMT Every Sunday Morning DJ Joe D will be Live from Toronto, Canada The show will include DJ Whitney and her Springsteen Minute Jonah is back in time for the playoffs on his NFL Minute. The ever-popular DJ Joe D Blog Review returns as does both the Canadian Content and Novelty Songs of the Week! Joe D's show with The Glow Radio is much longer from his previous shows. A longer show each week also means more music, more interviews and talk, more shoutouts and of course, more opportunity for all listeners to interact with the show! We will shortly provide details on the multiple ways to you will be able to reach The DJ Joe D Show while live on air as well as before and after the shows!   We want to know that you're out there listening each week. And that you let your friends, family and acquaintances know about The DJ Joe D Show. We want all the listeners to once again make the show p
Another Active Day On Fubar.
So It's 11 O'Clock now and I'm drinking down my 6th triple strength Rockstar in the past two days which I've been up for the full 48 hrs and don't feel like going back to bed anytime soon.. All the DJs have left the lounge and I'm the only one left for another 40 minutes before I goto bed.  That will make a total of three hours that I've been chillin' in the Psycho's Social lounge.. I'm thinking about picking up drinking... again... life seems pathetic when you don't party. The whole world is screaming it at me. All the movies that I watch people drink like it's a normal thing to do.  I've got the movies Crank 2, Gun, and the Town burned to my laptop now and all of them give a message that it's the cool thing to do.. I feel like my life is so lame ass right now.  I've never even partied it up hard. I've had three hangovers my whole life and I've never been high.  I've never had the social commradre to go out and party.  I don't have a car so I'm pretty much fukd in the area of relation
Bling And Credit Break Down
Give someone bling and make their whole day! :)When you bling someone, BOTH of you get 1000 fuBucks and Points per credit! Your bling will be shown on their profile with YOUR NAME underneath!For every Donate Blood bling given in January, fubar will donate $1 to the American Red Cross The Way you get bling is with Bling Packs Which can be purchased in the bling shop can give Credits and Get Credits for yourself also others can buy you Bling Packs as well! What are credits?: Credits allow you to buy cool stuff for your friends - and yourself! Bling, Happy Hours, Special Abilities, VIP status... Get some credits and spread some love!God Mode(100 credits)Bling of all Blings. In one bling you can have the powers of all the blings! Lasts for 20 MILLION points or 1 day, which ever comes first!Auto-11s(35 credits)Give someone immunity from down-raters! When activated, EVERY photo and profile rating is forced to 11 for TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours. All actual 1
Al Green
this man has the greatest falsetto voice of all time......  
So I Am New Here...
I'm slowly learning my way around.. my wonderful friend invited me to this site and well it can be a bit overwhelming at first.. I look forward to meeting all sorts of new people and making new friends.. I like that there are blog spots on here ..  I enjoy writing short stories so I will have an outlet to post them at on here..  very cool as I have not had an outlet to post to in quite awhile..   and as much as I enjoy reading my own stories *eye roll*  I'd really rather have feedback on them..   or at least have other people read them..  so if you read them or this.. hope you enjoy.. and if not..  that's ok to!
Things About Fubar That Annoy Me.
Lounge advertisements: I rarely actually go to that lounge. And on the rare occasions that I may visit, I never join. Random SB's from people asking for MSN or something: Not happening, sorry! People who insult based on appearance: It's the internet, why do you care what i look like? E-drama: Not interested. People who wanna argue: See 'E-drama' answer. Cliqueyness: Just because you don't know someone, doesn't mean you should pretend they don't exist.     There's probably more but whatever, i don't care.   BYE! =|
Texting For Seniors
This is no way applies to anyone specific...age or otherwise...LMAO Got suggestions to add below? leave a comment!!!   Since more and more Seniors are texting and tweeting there appears to be a need for a STC (Senior Texting Code). If you qualify for Senior Discounts this is the code for you.     ATD: At The Doctor's BFF: Best Friend Farted BTW: Bring The Wheelchair BYOT: Bring Your Own Teeth CBM: Covered By Medicare CUATSC: See You At The Senior Center DWI: Driving While Incontinent FWB: Friend With Beta Blockers FWIW: Forgot Where I Was FYI: Found Your Insulin GGPBL: Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low! GHA: Got Heartburn Again HGBM: Had Good Bowel Movement IMHO: Is My Hearing-Aid On? LMDO: Laughing My Dentures Out LOL: Living On Lipitor LWO: Lawrence Welk's On OMMR: On My Massage Recliner OMSG: Oh My! Sorry, Gas. ROFL... CGU: Rolling On The Floor Laughing... And Can't Get Up SGGP: Sorry, Gotta Go Poop TTYL: Talk To You Louder WAITT: Who Am I Talking To? WTF
It's Gotten The Best Of Me
Even tears do not dare travel the cheeks of this tormented soul. This spirit that lies here quaking in the darkness. Tongues of flame licking the inner most parts of the seemingly lifeless. Fear begins to set in. Fear of the unknown. Fear of another power. Paralyzed by the venom that seeps through constricted veins. Eyes wide shut that run a continual reel of what has been and  working without fail to prove what will be. Still the evil liquid crawls slowly and terrorizes. Taking every precious thought and making it its prisoner. Lying cold and shivering, this soul is betrayed... One tear falls.
All day Staring at the ceiling Making friends with shadows on my wall All night Hearing voices telling me That I should get some sleep Because tomorrow might be good for something Hold on I'm feeling like I'm headed for a Breakdown I don't know why I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell I know, right now you can't tell But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see A different side of me I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired I know, right now you don't care But soon enough you're gonna think of me And how I used to be Me Talking to myself in public Dodging glances on the train I know I know they've all been talking 'bout me I can hear them whisper And it makes me think there must be something wrong With me Out of all the hours thinking Somehow I've lost my mind I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell I know, right now you can't tell But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see A different side of me I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired I know right now you don't care But soon enough
Ok, if you want to fu-marry me then this is all I ask that you do for me. Send me a mail explaining why I should fu-marry you. I'm not making it a requirement but I just want to see the reasons why someone would want to fu-marry me. The mail can be short or long, it doesn't matter to me but I would just like to know why.
Funny Cat... Oct 31st, 2008...
Jameson my crazy cat      October 31st, 2008... I woke up last night because I heard a noise. I looked over at where the noise was coming from and I saw Jameson, my cat, pulling my socks out of the drawer and dropping them into the small trash can below. He had about 9 pairs of socks pulled out of the drawer. He was trying to build a nest in my sock drawer. LOL... I was annoyed but it was pretty funny. Dumb cats. I guess I just have to make sure I close my drawers all the way next time. Bad lazy Al!
Houston Tx My Boy Friend Is Been Missing Since Saturday
HOUSTON TX   Last Saturday January 8 My Boy friend took me to my job around 6PM and we was having a discussion because his actions seem a little shady, and I confronted him If he had use drugs lately. He deny being on drugs, but got really upset about it. He has problems in the past, but I was hoping he has gotten the message, and was finally on his way to recovery. The last thing he mention, was that he was going to an AA meeting, and that was the last time I saw him. Today its Wednesday and I still have not heard anything from him.   He is driving a green Ford Explorer Sport. With two doors. It has the temporary paper plate in the back and no plate in the front. It also have a San Jacinto Auto Sales Sticker on the back.   If anyone has information about it please contact me here or at 936-242-9045    
Pray if you want to!   CBS and Katie Couric must be in a panic and rushing to reassure the White House that this is not network policy -- re: Andy Rooney's commentary on prayer.    Folks, this is the year that  we RE-TAKE AMERICA & CANADA    ********* Get  Ready ********* Keep this going around the  globe. Read it and forward every time you receive it.. We  can't give up on this issue. Andy Rooney and  Prayer
One blonde, one brunette, & a redhead... yeah.
[chickpeas, Lentils, And Rice]
I'd feel bad about staying in bed til four today if I didn't feel so fucking awful.I equated sleep last night to the feeling of having some colossus stepping on me.It was just so heavy and indomitable. That's a word right?*scratches his head*So I've only been up for a couple hours.Went through the daily lulz, and was making some chickpeas and rice when I remembered a couple things.1. Tomatos make me feel better when I'm sick.Possibly more than OJ.2. I had a can of "whole organic peeled tomatos" sitting on the counter.3. ... I've left my tea on the counter for like half an hour.Brb.So I drank the juice and my throat started to feel a little better.Blended the tomatoes and the chickpeas with some spices, and ... noticed it came out pink.Crap. The tomatoes weren't really cooked. So I had this gaspaccioish curry that... didn't do anyone any good.So I popped it in the frying pan and thought about what one can do with whole peelednotalltheway cookedtomatosRoast them of course.So lunch was al
Reality is a sliding door.  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
mansuetude\ MAN-swi-tood \noun; 1. Mildness; gentleness.
You are the reason i wake in morning  with a smile.You are the reason i look forward to getting home at night after work.You make me feel wanted an loved .You are the one i have been looking for all my life .You make me feel feelings i have never felt before.You being in my life now completes me.You give me reason to believe again in love an life .You are my soul mate an i so love an adore YOU!!!!!!!!
[the Toaster Made Me Do It]
That was a lot of Gundam today.A lot of dead... gundam.I think I could wade through ceramic-titanium composite armor.And gears... and fusealages.Oh the horror.Oh the gleeful nightmarish horror.Today I managed to unlock the second tier Gelgoog.He is awesome.Actually the highlight of this story is that I met a good ... 20 Japanese players and proceeded to KICK ASS with them.Turns out that if you leave a room open long enough, people will just sort of wander in and be up for doing whatever the hell you already were doing.Case in point, I got a bunch of parts I needed, and a bunch I didn't need.I wouldn't say it'd be impossible for me to get all that stuff by myself, but it certainly would've taken about 100x more time.Then we tried one of the download maps... difficulty curve was a bit OFF on that one.I average about 3 shots to take down a mobile suit, I was using about 9 per enemy on this mapandthere were probably 50 that came in at waves of 5.There may have been more than fifty.It certa
Wat I Nstill Need To Get This Is So Hard
pts VIP Become a fubar VIP. Achievement Locked 10 pts Rate a Newbie 11 Rate a fubar newbie an 11. Achievement Locked 25 pts Five Years on fubar Five Years on fubar. Achievement Locked 10 pts Cherry Popper First to leave a newbie a profile comment. Achievement Locked 25 pts Top 10 Member of The Week Top 10 member of the week on fubar. Achievement Locked 25 pts Top 10 Lifetime Top 10 lifetime member on fubar. Achievement Locked 25 pts Top 50 Lifetime Top 50 lifetime member on fubar. Achievement Locked 25 pts Top 100 Lifetime Top 100 lifetime member on fubar. Achievement Locked 25 pts fuPony Receive a fuPony. Achievement Locked 10 pts Activate Special Ability Bling Activate any special ability bling. Achievement Locked 25 pts Activate Cherry Bomb and Auto-11 Have a Cherry Bomb and Auto-11 active at the same time. Achievement Locked 10 pts Bling
The Tribe - Question To Friends And Family
I've been pondering lately, and thought I'd perform myself a little survey/questionnaire and would appreciate feedback from friends and family. - thanks, Jeff   First If you created a society, for the sake of my little experiment we'll call it "the tribe", whose purpose was to be self sustainable and renewable with as little negative impact on the environment and ecosystem, what would you're top ten rules be if you were the "chief" ?   Secondly If you were a member of "the tribe" what would you be able to contribute and what would make you an asset or valuable member of the community ?     thanks for taking the time to answer.
why does life have to be so unfair? I ask myself this time and time again everytime you find happiness it just seems to drift away, How are we supose to hold up if life keeps letting us down? married to someone for thirty years and in three months its all taken away  ,now how do i live ? life seems so unfair im lonely and scared and need some friends most people say get over it but i cant its really hard ,so when i think of life i wonder will i ever live a happy life again/
My Sunshine
Just being her friend is an honor , and she brightens each and every day. I ramble, babble and sometimes make no sense,she just listens and has kind words to say.We got to know each other really quick,and we have shared things we both have been through. Sometimes I just have to question why ?, God has graced me with a friend so true .I tell her how her smile lightens up a room,she says thanks trying not to be coy.We both share a love for animals and nature,cant help but to think of her as a tomboy .Tries the best she can to be there for me,in these trying times and when I am in need.I stay up late sometimes just so we can talk,for a sweetheart to me she is indeed .We talk as if we have known each other forever,a friend to her is what I try to be. Finding it a little hard to write it all down,just how much she really means to me. I am truly grateful to have her in my life ,giving out compliments and sharing out time.So this one my dear is only for you,in my eyes you are a "ray of sunshi
I am done..and i'm movin on from my past for those of u that doubt u can kiss my ass, i've fought and i have fallen but now i can hear my destiny callin...For those that have lied, and cheated and stole i will take ur abuse no more......i am beatin but far from broken, and it is about time my words are spoken.....i will leave this place never to return and when that happens i hope u will learn....that i was the good one who deserve much love and respect....but if you dont see it now than u will always time is coming and for those that are with me good on u for those that are against me well FUK U too.....but the time is coming and soon you will see.....that u will find no greater treasure than me........
For Those Of You Who Are Curious
Some of you have been curious to why I am not feeling good and why I have been bummed.   The answer is I have been feeling bad for a few months now and finally decided to break the silence to my parents and my boyfriend.  They in turn took me to my doctor.  My doctor then found a massive mass on the inside of my anal cavity.  I have had to have tests done to be sure its not cancer.  This has been a long week for me.  I am hoping that this doesnt turn out to be cancer.  But if it does, I hope that I have all of your support and caring. My fubar friends and my fubar family are the best and you can see why.  I broke the news to them this week and most are dumbfounded.  There needs to be more awareness to this type of cancer. Its almost the worst cancer you can have.  Farrah Fawcett had this horrible disease.  I hope if I have it, I dont go down the road she did with it.  I love you all and thank you for your support throughout this very tough trying time. -[
What Do U Think The Title Should Be
The sun is bright, the sand is hot, damn I'm sleeping on a cot! I haven't heard and haven't seen my family since I was 18. The closest friend I have to say, is a M16 and a grenade. The people here are full f pain and sorrow, Lord I pray, I live 'till tomorrow. Blood, sweat, tears and pain, what do we have to gain? Blood in the street, tears in our eyes. Why did these people have t die? Why?
(how To) Create Bulletins™
(How To) Create Customized Bulletins™Lets face it everyone creates Bulletins (whether it be Fubar Admin, Fubar Bouncers, Advanced Users, Lounge Owners, etc...). We each use Bulletins in our own way. For those that don't know what a Bulletin is this blog will explain as well as show you some of the background information behind a Customized Bulletin.This blog will be referenced by my two blogs titled (How To) Coding 101 & (How To) Specify Colors Within A Webpage. Bulletins are mainly used to broadcast Fubar Promotions, Member Concerns or Lounge Invites/Special DJ Players. Bulletins are also classified as Mini-Blogs which allows members to spread the word on a topic of their choosing. Below I will list examples of (How To) Create a Customized Bulletin using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).Coding A Bulletin 101Basically we are going to begin with the code portion of a bulletin and show what can be used within. - This is the f
We look into each others eyes just as the sun begins to rise My heart begins to race as u hold me in your loving embrace I knew it from the very start that ud be the one to melt my heart. The way you see into my soul my love for you continues to grow. Hold my hand as i hold yours and together we will open all closed doors
What Do U Think
Previous zodiac sign New zodiac sign Capricorn: Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20 Your previous qualities: willingness to work hard and determination to succeed Your new qualities: philosophical, wide-open and curious nature Aquarius: Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16 Your previous qualities: vision, intellect and humanity Your new qualities: willingness to work hard and determination to succeed Pisces: Feb. 19-March 20 Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11 Your previous qualities: compassionate and charitable nature Your new qualities: vision, intellect and humanity Aries: March 21-April 19 Pisces: March 11-April 18 Your previous qualities: initiative, courage and determination Your new qualities: compassionate and charitable nature Taurus: April 20-May 20 Aries: April 18-May 13 Your previous qualities: stability, loyalty and dogged determination Your new qualities: initiative, courage and determination Gemini: May 21-Jun
Freedom Isnt Free
Freedom Isn't Free I watched the flag pass by one day. It fluttered in the breeze A young soldier saluted it, and then He stood at ease. I looked at him in uniform So young, so tall, so proud With hair cut square and eyes alert He'd stand out in any crowd. I thought how many men like him Had fallen through the years. How many died on foreign soil? How many mothers' tears? How many Pilots' planes shot down? How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? No Freedom isn't free I heard the sound of taps one night, When everything was still. I listened to the bugler play And felt a sudden chill. I wondered just how many times That taps had meant "Amen" When a flag had draped a coffin of a brother or a friend. I thought of all the children, Of the mothers and the wives, Of fathers, sons and husbands With interrupted lives. I thought about a graveyard at the bottom of the sea Of unmarked graves in Arlington..... No -- Freedom isn't free!!
Still Trying To Get Out...people Need To Stick Their Nose In Too Far.
Still trying to get out. I tried to let my voice be heard but not enough, so my mom stepped in, phoned the agency the woman on the phone had said that bed bugs are everywhere, and we have to wait till our suite is re-rented and pay 75.00 admin fee, or wait till the lease expires which is Oct. My mom tried explaining whats going on and that bedbugs spread fast, the woman pretty much said we have to pay the rent. Then my mom had said she will call the city (311) thats our info line for non-emergencies, and they had said they are going to investigate, and call my mom back. So I dont know whats happening as of yet, but everyone I know said you have a right to get out. You shouldnt have to be in this mess. Who wo uld want to live with bedbugs? Or at least know they are in this building, I was told that they had a case of bed bugs before in this building, so they are hiding in this building for sure. Spraying the adult bugs that kills them but not the eggs. Some chick had the ner
My Poem To Michelle
A Man
Boy meets girl it's a delicate thing So much time spent wondering if What you see is what you get I keep looking for a friend and a lover When I find one he ain't the other Sometimes, I just want to quit One wants a maid one needs his mother They either want space or they want to smother me And my poor heart needs somebody who Can take it like a man, steady and strong Not a lot of fuss and carrying on True to a promise I can write in stone Take it like a man who knows about love And every little thing that a girl dreams of Someone wise enough to understand If you want this woman's heart Take it like a man I met somebody the other night Started thinking he was Mr. Right..wrong I might have never known If a friend hadn't brought it to my attention He's got a wife he forgot to mention Girl, leave that fool alone I keep hoping and telling myself Somewhere there's one good one left 'Cause my poor heart need somebody who Can take it like a man, steady and stro
The Importance Of Fear And How It Can Help Us
I have had a skype job interview last Thurs. Ok, many will just say "so what?", others will say "cool", but there's generally very little exceptional in an interconnected world. The interesting thing, however, is that I have Tourette's and this poses interesting challenges in a job interview. As many of you probably know, being a tourettic can't be hidden. Unlike other diseases, we do bark routinely so... well... it's a tad hard to hide, you know But this is not the fear I want to talk about. It's rather a much more common one, it's the fear of new things. As a few of you will probably know, I am from Italy and I can't find a decent job here. It's been a few years that I keep applying for jobs in the UK and that's what I was interviewed for. One of those job advertisers did indeed show interest in me. He showed interest to the point of scheduling the interview and actually bring it on to completion, ultimately adding me to the short list of candidates. The worst pa
The Ideal Woman (according To God's Word)
"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies." The Hebrew word chayil, translated here "noble," or "virtuous" (KJV), means a wife of valor — a strong, capable woman with strong convictions.Her husband trusts her management of their resources. Her industriousness adds to the family income. "She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life." This woman does not do right only when it is convenient and profitable. Her actions are not based on how she is treated by others or by what others think. Her character is steady. She is reliable and dependable. "She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands." This woman enjoys working so much that she plans ahead for what she needs in order to accomplish her responsibilities. "She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar." The trait not to settle for the mediocre is portrayed by a woman who goes the extra mile for quality items. "She gets up while it is still dark; she provides f
What Matter To You
What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; Not what you got, but what you gave. What will matter is not your success, but your significance. What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught. What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage, or sacrifice That enriched, empowered, or encouraged others to emulate your example. What will matter is not your competence, but your character. What will matter is not how many people you knew, But how many will feel a lasting loss when you're gone. What will matter is not your memories, But the memories that live in those who love you. What will matter is how long you will be remembered, By whom, and for what. Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident. It's not a matter of circumstance, but of choice. Choose to live a life that matters It is only through Jesus Christ our Saviour that this can be done
Just Thoughts
I want to cry I want to scream I want to tell you mostly I hate that I'm so afraid of everything I wish I would've been strong enough to say no to you I wish I could believe my own lies I use to cover up the pain you left I envy the way this hasn’t hurt you at all I envy the fact you don’t understand what this feels like at all I want to hurt you I want this nightmare to be over I wish I could make things the way they were before you I wish I could change time I wish I could change you I wish I could have hurt you before you hurt me I need you out of my thoughts I need you out of my heart I need to start doing things for me I hate that you used me I hate that I gave you something I can never have back I hate that I wasted time on you I'm tired of hoping aimlessly for you I'm tired of wanting something I can't have I'm tired of hurting me for things that aren’t my fault I'm sorry I wasn't good enough I'm sorry I defended you when everyone else was right I'm so
Love And Heartbreak
As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends Cry as I may these tears won't wash you away Listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us Tears are words the heart can't express The hardest to do is waking up without you. He taught me how to love, but not how to stop Breaking up is just like having the worst nightmare after having the best dream True love is when you shed a tear and still want him The times we were happy together are worth the times I cry alone Real loss only occurs when you lose something you love more than yourself It's amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.Wherever you are, you'll always be in my heart I hate the stars because I look at the same ones as you do, without you
Hat Pics
If anyone wants to volunteer a hat pic for my album hit me up please... love you guys and thanks a million. Supe
Chapter 2 Tease
This is just an excerpt. I don't want to post the entire story in blogs. But I might post bits and pieces here and there. Hopefully these will be nice teasers. This is some of Chapter 2. Chapter 2: The Bard Well, of course I watched it happen. And who am I? Why, none other than the narrator, the puppet master, the teller of tales. I write the story from my safe perch high up above this cesspool. I'm the observer. I watch the events unfold. I sometimes make them happen. Oh, don't call me a bad guy. Call me The Bard. But back to the story. Don't worry. Little Bobby is okay. It is five years later now. He's twelve. His mother had left his father after he was born and no one has heard hide nor hair of her since. Because of this, he was in a foster home for the better part of a year after the accident, but after pulling some strings, Harry's friend, Jim, managed to adopt Bobby, who prefers to be called Robbie now. Sure, Robbie misses his dad, but he's grown quite fond of "Uncle J
Regarding The Courage, Strength, And Honor Of The Gorean Master:
"If one is not strong, it is natural to make a virtue of weakness." ~Savages of Gor~p 235~ ............ "It is said," said Samos, "that only weaklings, and fools, and men who deserve to be slave girls, fall slave to women." ~Hunters of Gor~p 13~ ............ "He who surrenders his mastery surrenders his manhood. I wondered what those who flocked like sheep to their own castration received in recompense for their manhood. I supposed it must be very valuable. But if this were so, why did they feel it necessary to shrill so petulantly at others, those who scorned them and had chosen different paths?" ~Players of Gor~p 176~ ............ "We met in the center of the room and embraced. I wept, and he did, too, without shame. I learned later that on this alien world a strong man may feel and express emotions, and that the hypocrisy of constraint is not honored on this planet as it is on mine." ~Tarnsman of Gor~p 21~ ............ "With weapons and courage.... They were truly free m
Ugly Or Not???
I'm confused by the mixture of comments that I get from various people, both in real life and on here... So, am I ugly or not? If I am, explain what's wrong with me? I'd prefer if people with a neutral mindset towards me answered this. People who I've had arguments with in the past, please avoid this post as your comments will NOT be approved. Thanks!
The Will And Why A Poem By Yours Truely
Whisper in the night carried by the breeze That intoxicatin desire brings you to your knees The passion burns bright in your eyes A blazing inferno that never dies.... Do you give in unleash the fire feed the fuel flames touch higher lighting the dark as you seal your fate the will is lost, timing too late. If you hear me wont you open your eyes dont get lost in false aliabies your faith is broken and troubles are high in the end all you ask is why... Why do i try itll never be why do i let it get the best of me why do i stay i'll never know why hold on when youre letting go.
I know she's there before you trailing her fingers down your face I know in your darkest hour it's her you seek to embrace I don't know how I can deal with this for even another day when the tides have turned and you're all alone You then have so much you want to say I understand these feelings spinning in your head they thrive upon my misery leaving so much left unsaid I can't take the madness threatening to consume knowing deep down inside nothing but the truth I want forever to leave my heart entombed forgetting every second that I spent with you You're voice whispering softly right beside my ear breath exhaling sweetly You temper my every fear I can't take these memories coursing through my mind you leave me broken and all alone For some other soul to find I think I'd be better off never feeling this pain don't listen to those foolish words Don't ever believe there's a single thing to gain I hope more then you c
Unconditional Love
I love you as you are, as you seek to find your own special way to relate to the world. I honour your choices to learn in the way you feel is right for you. I know it is important that you are the person you want to be and not someone that I or others think you "should" be. I realise that I cannot know what is best for you, although perhaps sometimes I think I do. I have not been where you have been, viewing life from the angle you have. I do not know what you have chosen to learn, how you have chosen to learn it, with whom or in what time period. I have not walked life looking through your eyes, so how can I know what you need. I allow you to be in the world without a thought or word of judgement from me about the deeds you undertake. I see no error in the things you say and do. In this place where I am, I see that there are many ways to perceive and experience the different facets of our world. I allow without reservation the choices you make in each moment. I make no judgement of th
Why Is It...
That the top women ask for so much bling and crap, and they get it? I mean yeah most are hot but they won't show you shit until you pay for it.
The Fu-whores And The Men That Can't Get Any...
Fu-Whore{noun}-woman on fubar who essentially sells herself for bling/bling packs/fubucks So, women get on a networking site and are pretty much hookers. They are showing goods for a profit. It's really disgusting! You show your body in hopes to get bling or credits. Here is food for thought...GET A JOB and PAY FOR IT YOURSELF! You think someone is giving you a gift..NOT SO. Reality check ya dumbass, it isn't a gift when you require it in exchange for NSFW pics. So, put your clothes back on and have a little respect for yourself! The men who can't get any: Well, it's apparent you can't get any if you are sending stuff to women for NSFW access on the damn internet. Here is a tip, there is free porn all over the internet..yes, really...there is! FREE! Let me say that again for you.....FREE! So instead of spending your entire paycheck on some nasty chick that doesn't work for a living, spend it on something that will give you more than a couple seconds of pleasure. Maybe a p
Gay Boyfriends
Forver And Always
You totaly stole my heart and made me fall so totaly head over heels in with you,You are by far the best thing that has ever happened to me the way u make me feel,smile,blush and cry u tore down every wall i had up like is was nothing!!I cant wait to have you in my arms to hold you 4eva.You made me feel like me again and 4 that i thank you with all my heart
The Silliest Things I Have Ever Seen
I have been playing for just over a year and have sat back and watched as people in mafia have made such silly remarks never mind the vulgar talk common in most turfs. like this turf comment We are hated by most but respected by all gee can you believe the conceit in that one lol Or the people want to come into a turf and cry because they were milking your turf and then they got it back 10 fold with questions like hey why are ya down attacking lol because you were a fool and thought you were all that so here is your box of tissues bye bye have a nice day lol And yes these are my thoughts my words and if you do not like them let me know you can leave my page and be removed as a friend as well as blocked from my profile I am not here to impress anyone nor pick up a man so I will handle my profile with in the fu bible laws and my own There are many more of these silly events but these 2  I just had to share Anna
fain\ FEYN \adverb; 1. Gladly; willingly.adjective: 1. Content; willing. 2. Archaic: Constrained; obliged. 3. Archaic: Desirous; eager.
Free To Do It
i'm happy soloi am loving the freedom to finally be myself, to do the things I like to do, to live my life the way I want to. it's been awhile since i've had this chance, i'm in no hurry to "find someone"this is such an incredible feeling to be who I want to be w/o the burden of another's expectationsi want to enjoy this for as long as i can, this is my life now and i can take it in any direction i wanteveryday is what i make of it and so far all the things ive done fill me with a sense of pride and accomplishmentdoing things i've never been allowed to do myself before, no one to stop me, to tell me i can't do iti laugh at myself these days and realize i've missed being a happy klutzi'm not "alone", i'm just flying soloi dont need someone "waiting in the wings" to feel securei suppose one day i may meet someone who's willing to share my life with me without trying to take it oversomeone who wont want to change anything about me, much less HATE certain things about me. maybe then, not
Threads Of Fate
Two lovers of day and nightneither could live without the otherboth can shed plenty of lightbut they could never live together \while most prefer onethe other gets praisethough praise is fun power enters the phase \the praise of the moon,not something to be trifled with.just like the praise, the powerof the sun is just a myth. \praise follows myth but never seems to trymyth waits as long as it can,but keeps going and begins to cry \thus is the way of life,even if it fills u with hatenothing can be helpedthis is the Threads of Fate.
No Think Before To Know What:
Today Exist Many Menu About Food, To Lunch Or Breakfast, But The Good Think is, In One Combination Food Have The Cure To Some Illness.   Delicious Is To Probe, What The Good Life Offer God To You. Thank You.
Way To Go Bj, Usa, Represent
The following MuMM (mine) was removed by fubarThis constitutes the arbitrary censorship of political speech in what fubar deems a public place and prior restraint by threats of ad baculum force.
A Dear Friend In Need Of Levelling.
amiee@ fubar Dear all...would you be so kind to help out this friend of mine ? She works as hard as possible to level and is very close to it. It doesnt have to be much..anything would do. Thank you for all you do.    
Dealing With Pain
The pain comes and the pain goes As fast as it arrived. Living with pain is like watching a train wreck in slow slow motion Life changes Disappointment sets in once again Life changes
You know I'm no prude, but if you can't go without talking about sex and my body on chat, there's no way I'm meeting you. Ever. You obviously just want a roll, and I don't have sex with anyone until I'm sure there's going to be a relationship, and I'm comforatable with them. Also online, guys say the rudest nastiest shit. It's so pathetic and I wonder if they would like it if their mothers, daughters, or sisters got treated in the same way as they do me. It's freaking pathetic. I understand Fubar is a virtual bar, and there's nudes. I took mine off. Deal with it. But that does not give you the right to ask if I'm into anal or other things. Grow the hell up. I'm not desperate to get a date either. If I want to meet you, I will tell you. I consider a guy to be interested in me if he kisses me or holds my hand either the first date or second. Nothing after the second, and I'll assume you're too shy or not interested. I want someone confident enough to make a move! If you freeze up whe
Help Jak's Friend Out If You Would
JAKs friend Jordan is in a magazine contest and needs votes on her pics. if you are offended by 420 then you dont have to vote. here's the link to get to the pics   if she wins she'll get to be in their next calendar. thanks so much for your time.   John "JAK"
Do You Know How To Farkle?
Hey everyone who is interested in joining the latest craze FARKLE is an amazing dice game but the name just makes it sound so naughty like it was made for FU.  We really need a Farkle ability bling or plain Farkle bling to celebrate the rage.  Don't leave us sitting in the dust Scrapper even FB has Farkle!   Now put your heads together all vote on my blog and send a message to the powers that be on FU that you want and need to Farkle!  Get a Buddy never Farkle alone.... it is always more fun to Farkle with others.  Let's have a FU FARKLE FRIDAY!!!
Cum For Me
Pink is the tongue that licksFlicks the tip of your cockAs I look into your eyesWatching them close with desireWarm and wet is my mouthTaking you deep insideWorshipping the part of youThat brings you such pleasureMy eyes close as I enjoyThe salty taste of your skinHow smooth you slide in and outI lose myself in youMoan for me, beg meTo let you have sweet releaseTighten and tense your body, grab my hairYes, that’s it, cum for me
Elevator Ride
The elevator was crowded,He was backed up against the wall,Then he felt my rump press into him.At first his mind became clouded,And then he had an urge to squall,He got an erection on the drop of a pin!I pressed back against him harder,And I felt his hard cock pressing,Between my soft warm yielding crack.This inflamed and fired his ardor,My warm heat felt like a Blessing,He began pressing slowly back!That elevator ride was long,And our hip movements were real slow,He was thrilled with this happen-chance.His exploding climax was strong,When I left he felt such a glow,I left him with real messy pants!!
Word Of The Day --> Transvestite
Whenever something negative happens I tend to try to vent it and get the negative energy out of my life by posting a blog. I am not sure that this is always the best thing to do because…. The way the ppl on the internet behave, the ignorant ones here read what I have to say and put more negative energy towards me with comments, insults and other displays of their own ignorance. So… I am going to vent for a minute about this whole “transvestite” thing. Several times on chat now, ignorant guys (the ones that don’t even know the difference between transvestite, transsexual, gay etc.) make comments to me like “Are you a Tranny?” and at first I was like… what the fuck are you talking about? How could you say something so ignorant and asinine? How miserable does your life have to be that you get online and just insult random people? This has been my reaction most of the times that I have seen this which seems to be once a day on a bad week.
The House, And Me Being M.i.a.
So as most of my friends already know, I am almost finished the renovations! It's been a really long, annoying road to get this all done, but progress has been made in leaps and bounds as of late!   If you've been wondering where the hell I have gone, that's where. Sorry, but getting the house finished and moving in is way more important to me than this place is. I finally have a real kitchen! All I need now is my sink hooked up and it's totally done! My dad is bringing my fridge to the house tomorrow and finishing installing my sink. This weekend, John Paul is coming to do the bathroom floor, then I can finish my master bathroom! After that's finished, I can gut and redo my guest bathroom and I'm finished with the inside! This has been a large portion of my time and energy for the last 5 months, and I can now breathe! All that is left after that is my fence!   Now it's time for a vacation!
Where I Stand
Where I Stand                                 Maggi Smith                 10/10/10 I was using you, you were using me, We stood side by side.   We fell in love, we were happy for a while, And then we made a child   I loved you, you loved me, We thought we would be happy for all time.   I’m still yours but you got scared and bored And now you are no longer mine.   I love you, you love me But I’m not enough to make you happy anymore.   I’ve given you wings to help you feel free, Now I lie and cry in a ball on the floor.   You smell of her when you come home, We shower and I wash her away.   You make love to me as though you still care;  I smile and pretend to be okay.   I cannot eat, I do not sleep, I spend most of my time alone crying.   I’ve given all that you want, all that you need. For this sacrifice my spirit is dying.   I walk behind you, my head hung low; You don’t even hold my hand.   You walk ahead not soothing my
[the Meat Of Kings]
Apparently while I was buzzed last night I ate about 1/3rd of the prosciutto I had.Bummer.I'm not going to remember most of that experience.Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep (surprise)I've been up a whole 20 minutes.And someone told me I inspire them.Aw. That's always nice.But last night I also drew my old personalized suit Abgrund and in doing so, I may have come up with an existing bandai kit that might be modified into him.See Abgrund is this big, spooky (I'm not bothering to scan and post the picture right now) faceless hulking gimp. He has a spinal column-like midsection supporting two huge arms with lode chains.His eyes re 8 small rivets that look something similar to spider eyes, clawed fingersetc.I was trying to draw something that was the sum of my fears as a mobile suit, so I drew a blank (hah- get it? Cuz he has no face) and out popped Abgrund, now that I have him, I think of him more of an interdimensional pet with the ability to rip a tank in half with his hands.The Gyan
As I sit my mind heavy and tired, Long days work done…. relax time expired. Wishing for sleep to come furious and fast, The fatigue in my bones just cannot last.   I am so tired but cannot sleep, I hear this quiet peep peep peep. I look around but nothing to see, Why does this disease seem to only plague me?   To the left I look and then the right, The illuminated numbers tell me it’s night. As the cascade of dawn filters out the black, I turn to my side to receive a light smack.   Time to wake up says my beautiful wife, Have to go to work to pay for this life. Falling asleep happened when I don’t know, Off to work none the less I must go.   The kids, the wife, the house and the car, These are the things that make me go so far. All I need are those smiling faces, To take me to the best possible places.   Then it happens right out of the blue, When I woke up the sky had a strange hue. Not black not grey not blue not red, Have I succumbed? a
2011 Contract After serious & cautious consideration ... your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2011It was an easy decision to make ... but try not to screw it up!!! My Wish for You in 2011May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be tears of joy.May the problems you had, forget your home address! In simple words ...May 2011 be the best year of your life!!!
Its a cloudy dayThe rain is softly fallingThe plants around meCovered in rain dropsI reach out my handTo touch a raindropIt rolls off the leafFalling into the palm of my handAs i stared at itIt reminded me of how...I held a tear of yoursIn my hand...I started to thinkOf the things I said and doneThe hurt I caused you...I felt a painDeep in my soul, mind, and heartMy body started to feel weakI truly didn't mean to causeYou painTo make you cryTo lose love  in me...As I'm walking down this streetAlone, cold, sad, and afaridI feel a chill in the airI looked up to the skyThe clouds were darkLike the pain in my heartThe once softly falling rainTurned into pouring rainI prayed to God for forgivenessFor the pain I caused yuI prayed that you  in me againI closed my eyes and...Then i saw your faceThe tears that you were cryingI saw the pain in your eyesThe sorrow in your heartI opened my eyes...I couldn't tell if i was cryingThe rain was covering my faceOut of all the raindropsOn my
On The Dark Side By John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
The dark side's callin' now Nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel From out of the shadows She walks like a dream Makes me feel crazy Makes me feel so mean Ain't nothin' gonna save you From a love that's blind You slip to the dark side Across that line On the dark side, oh yeah On the dark side, oh yeah The dark side's callin' now Nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel From out of the shadows She walks like a dream Makes me feel crazy Makes me feel so mean Ain't nothin' gonna save you From a love that's blind You slip to the dark side Across that line
Turn Me Loose By Loverboy
I was born to run,I was born to dream,The craziest boy you ever seen,I gotta do it my way,Or no way at all.And I was here to please,I’m even on kneesMakin love to whoever I please,I gotta do it my way,Or no way at all.And then you came around,Tried to tie me down,I was such a clown,You had to have it your way,Or no way at all.Well I’ve had all I can take,I can’t take it no more,I’m gonna pack my bags and,Or no way at all.So why don’t you turn me lose,Turn me loose,Turn me loose,I gotta do it my way,Or no way at all.Why don’t you turn me lose,Turn me loose,Turn me loose,I gotta do it my way,I wanna fly.I’m here to please,I’m even on my knees,Makin love to whoever I please,I gotta do it my way,I gotta do it my way,And when you came around,You tried to tie me down,I was such a clown,You had to have it your way,Well I’m sayin no way,So why don’t you turn me lose,Turn me loose,Turn me loose,I gotta do it my way,Or no
So I've had like 3 people block me in the last week or so - one of them I think because the other girl he was talking to found out. LOL I told you she would you crazy fool. Not that he and I had talked in weeks or anything but why send me a message to my inbox then block me so I can't even reply? I"m like NO I'm not his gf wth I' have someone I dig and he knows that   The other two IDK it's just weird. Not really a big deal but if there is a girl you're "dating" on fu or whatever just say it that's totally cool I'm just here for friends pretty much anyways. It just seems lame to me. Why block someone? With the few odditys I don't know that anyone really meets anyone from here...I mean I don't really care it's not that big of an issue just something I suppose I find interesting.    Anyways, I'm gonna shower and get back to life in Denver...To the Library, ok maybe just to the store but none the less to somewhere!
State Of The Union 2011 - By Blazintommyd
  I was disappointed by the State of the Union addressAdmittedly the response from the Nazi Fascists made it even worse leaving the impression well you can have the President or full blown unbridled Nazi Fascism. It's kind of like you can have Mussolini or Adolf Hitler but never Stalin. So essentially it was the same old shit since Ronald RayGun was Fuhrer. But this was actually the 1st time I felt completely disconnected and alienated from the entire event and all of the people. I've been wondering if it's something that has to do with age, like one of the founders of Letterism had said you have to be 50 something before you can comprehend what it is. I can view a Letterist film and feel inspiration, interesting thoughts, pleasant imagery; but let alone soulless and dull, there literally wasn't a single thing in the President's speech or the Nazi response which was of any interest to me, at all, except "limited government" unfortunately to them limited government only means the abol
If You Need A Good Laugh
do you want to hear something funny Why females should avoid a girls night out after they are married......If this does not make you laugh out loud, you have lost Your sense of humourThe other night I was invited out for a night with the 'girls..' I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!' Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easily. Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I heade...d for home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hallway started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with him. (Even when totally smashed... 3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals = 12 cuckoos MIDNIGHT!)The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, I told him 'MIDNIGHT'.... He didn't seem p***d off in the least. ........Whew, I got away with that one! Then he said 'We nee
Love Me
"Love meAnd worship meI'll lavish you and ravish youFulfil all wishes and fetishes tooMany never want to seeMany never want to knowThe truth behind their fantasiesTheir deepest needsLet alone be shown them"
Plz Help Me To Get The Next Level
Hi everyone. I've been stuck on this level for quite some time now. I really want to get past it.   I am willing to trade someone fu bucks for an auto 11 or a vip......I really want to be able to make the points I need (7,897,954) to get to the next level! Being on dial up makes it very difficult to rate photos and such. If anyone is willing to let me pay them Fu Bucks in exchange for an Auto 11 or VIP, plz shout box me!!!!! If you have any suggestions plz leave a comment.... I'd really appreciate your help!
There is a time and place that seems so far. To be the one who who hopes and feels for the near. I can feel my heart jump when you say "HI".  I can hear my voice tremble when I answer.   There is a time and place that seem so far. Far for what is in reason Far for when there no season You have given me time, you have given me hope. Given to what is already. When the time is there to give something else, it's not there Only the tears of another. The breaking of a heart.   There is a time that seems oh so far away, that the heart can not fathom.
Tell Me How Good I Write A Poem:)
Look at the stars tonightAs we see the same lightAnd in that momentIt will be alrightIf you miss a falling starI'll catch it for youKeep it in my heartAnd we can share it tooKeep holding onAs life goes alongPain is short-livedAs you are so strongI will hold your handAnd look in your eyesBut it is only thenThat our star will shine.I wrote this poem tell me what u think    
[and That's The Problem With Sleep]
Grotesque trolls having sex with pornstarspulling strange oozing cancer out of my bodygetting electrocuted by wall sockets and lightswitchesyeahfuck sleep.The nightmare king has returned.And not the loveable scamp from little nemo.I've been trying to work him out for a few years.Story.Drawing.*yawns*mobile suits.He kind of evades explanation. But he's definitely there. Thursday... missed wednesday during the gauntlet. Didn't make it 30 hours.What should I do today?I'm still scared of building more, but its gotta happen sometime.I know that if I sit down to it, something will get done.Oh-and I fucked up on my mecha forum :Bbut the leader of the tribe told me it was okay to make mistakesI dunno why but ... that really made me happy.I'm feeling a bit accomplished other than that though...part of a short story (I like it so far) reduction and repair is done on my goufI got a color scheme done for something I wanted to finish a LONG time ago. (at least a year).I am one of those people that
A Little Pick Me Up From Me To You.
:::THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD EMO CLEAN UP SQUAD LEADER!!!::: Why hello! I bet you are sitting there, elbow deep in a bag of cheetos, the latest self help guru on your television set, hand on your sad deflated little pecker, or if not, an Oral B toothbrush at the ready to be shoved down your throat and you are thinking: Why don't I just kill myself? No one wants me around. I should just do it.  Well lemme tell you something: You aren't gonna do it. The fact of the matter is this; if you are so pithy and whiny to sit there and bitch and complain about how hard it is to go to school and then come back and sit your dumpy ass down on the couch and cut your wrists-not deep enough to do any good, mind you-then you aren't a strong enough person to do the world a favor and kill yourself. Damn it all. But far be it from me to judge. I'm sure your life is so hard, afterall, living with your parents must be tough on you. The point of the matter is t
Chrome Plated Heart By Melissa Etheridge
I got a chrome-plated heartI got wings on these fingers trying to tear it apartI got angels crying from up aboveAnd they got rust in their eyesThey got rust on their loveBut I have learned to leave no stone unturnedAnd keep the wall against my backAnd the love is real as the day is longAnd the night is blackAs black as nightI got a two dollar stareMidas in my touch and Delilah in my hairI got bad intentions on the soles of my shoesWith this red hot fever and these chromium bluesAnd I will feel another lovers wheel[From:]And drive for miles and not look backAnd the love is real as the day is longAnd the night is blackAs black as nightOn my chrome-plated heartWings on these fingers trying to tear it apartI got angels crying from up aboveAnd they got rust in their eyesThey got rust on their loveAnd the only way I know where the train will goIs when I'm sleeping on the tracksAnd the love is real as the d
A Troll Or Not?
Some have been saying I have a troll, and others are so sick as to say I fap to it.  First, who the hell cares?  Do you really think there are almost six million members with NO multiple accounts?  As it is said in Yiddish, a nekhtiger tog, , a nightly day. something that cannot be found.  I like having fun, not fapping to myself, that is fucking nasty!
Perfection In My Eyes
All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,And for us to be together, to never be apart.No one else in the world can even compare,You're perfect and so is this love that we share.We have so much more than I ever thought we would,I love you more than I ever thought I could.I promise to give you all I have to give,I'll do anything for you as long as I live.In your eyes I see our present, our future and past,By the way you look at me I know we will last.I hope that one day you'll come to realize,How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.
If Not For You
If not for you, I wouldn’t knowWhat true love really meant.I’d never feel this inner peace;I couldn’t be content.     If not for you, I’d never haveThe pleasures of romance.I’d miss the bliss, the craziness,Of love’s sweet, silly dance.     I have to feel your tender touch;I have to hear your voice;No other one could take your place;You’re it; I have no choice.     If not for you, I’d be adrift;I don’t know what I’d do;I’d be searching for my other half,Incomplete, if not for you.
Road Trip
Hey all, How are ya? I'm not bad.    Just packing, I am going to the states for 2 nights and 3 days, starting tomorrow. Just to shop really. My bf/fiance gets to have time to himself this weekend!!! Isn't he lucky lmao   Well catch ya later.
Put You On Blast
Haters List! Copy and Paste.   1.) 2.)
Why?? Why Do People Use Sarcasm?
  Sarcasm can cause discord in both romantic relationships and friendships.  Sarcasm is a large component of social interaction and conversation.  To demonstrate a sense of humor, people frequently use sarcasm as a means of “breaking the ice” during initial encounters with others.  People also use sarcasm as a means of being comedic with groups of friends.  They say something contrary to what they feel and/or believe for the purpose of being funny.  Sarcasm, in these instances, seems harmless and playful.  But is it really?  Too much sarcasm is annoying and hurtful, but can even a minimal amount be too much?  People often joke around by saying the absolute opposite of what they mean. Sarcasm is an indirect form of speech intentionally used to produce a particular dramatic effect .  The subject of sarcasm is complex because many factors are involved:exaggeration, nature of the speaker, relationship of speaker to victim, severity of the criticism, and whether or not the
The Thousand Year Snake. (continued)
Rumors.Hunches.One child described an "oogy feeling" when the dew came down and a thick mist settled on his mountain.As if the world shuddered, chilled in its sleep.As Alorid approached this mountain, the tempo and murmor of travelers and foreign rumor disappeared, after four days of walking, the small villages dotting the road disappeared, first with the loss of peddlers, cryers and bustle, then the children running through the street, and down to the last few woodsmen nodding gruffly heading downhill to their shacks or woodsheds.The world of man seemed to disintegrate as he drew near. As if the world of the ancients was making tiny, almost invisible comebacks with every step.There old gods wound around his feet with the slightest signal. A strand of ivy twisted on the underside, a butterfly lit against his cheek, the complete inability to start a fire. Mushrooms moss and rounded stones facing the wrong way.A coy, but gentle warning.This is where the gods lay sleeping.Tread lightly hu
Todays Thought
Roads Unknown When we keep making the same mistakes We dont blame ourselves it is alway others fault But we are the one that construct our destiny We are the makers of our predestination Then suddenly as the lights go on You realize where you've gone wrong So it is time now to step off of that path Change the course of your life, endeavorer to break away Take the road that you have never traveled  Allowing ourselves the chances to succeed  Pushing open new doors to new opportunities Take possession back of your life Don't let it guide you, make it follow you So you can look back in you life and say with pride Some of the best roads I have traveled were the ones unknown
Stength...what Do You Have?
So over the last few weeks i put all my effort into making someone realize all it takes is strength.... That being told "I Love you" Isnt always the truth but an easy way to play with your mind and your strength. People allow themselves to fall so hard for ppl...yet deep inside know damn well the person they fell for is making them look like a complete fool...Why do they do this? I Don't have the answers for that..but i guess maybe for the stimulation of having the "Someone loves me feeling" As sad as that really is.   I have no idea why im writing this..other then i need to vent. The worst feeling in the world is to know your close friend is being played so BAD yet is so whipped he or she can't see it for him or herself.... With that being said i have a question.. U as a person whoever is answering the question...If you were promised by whomever you love they would get a divorce 3 maybe 4 times but they never, would u continue believing all the excuses? or would you move on and sto
I am a little irate right read if ya want. Fu-Marriage is nothing more than a business arrangement! I chose my fu-hubby because he is a great friend.  We don't EXPECT anything from eachother.  We have fun on here and earn some points while we do it.   POINT 1-putting your name in his/her name and vice versa...if you are going to do it, hey more power to you but it IS NOT a requirement! Nor is owning that are automatically put on their page as their don't be greedy! And yeah, don't expect the person to do it if you aren't willing to as well! POINT 2-trading bling...someone gets pissy because the RL wife gets better bling from him than than you do? Get over yourself..our money is together because we are REAL LIFE therefor if my REAL LIFE HUSBAND gives me bling guess what, I helped pay for that!!! Oh and another point...I help pay for everything he gives you be thankful! POINT 3-pimpouts...we have 3 pimpouts a day we can give
A Beautiful Soul
A beautiful soul is arriving this day to stay,Inside my heart where there is always light.No one else can cast a shadow to douse our life,We spend our lives together not parting from sight.We sit by a cozy lit fire to unwind before we dine,we whisper words of endearment as we sip chilled wine.Our words of love flows through our beautiful soul,making each other complete and whole. Lovingly we touch our beautiful souls; caresses soft and light,kisses so feathery we can barely feel its delight.  oh! how exquisiteit feels to be touched so light; its almost too surreal this beautifulsoul, how he takes me to the highest heights.His love makes me feel so elegant; our love is well spentembraced in each others arms, a night with eloquent intent;augmented by our love we both represent; loving ourselvestill we're both content, basking in our gift of love in life's segments.A beautiful soul enclosed in a dream where lovers hide; casting noshadows to disguise what we hold inside, I close my eyes. R
Ok...been Thinking Again
  I noticed that I think a lot. But I guess that I know that I need to clear my head. Cause if not, and if I bottle shit up, I could end up depressed, or anything like that. I try to release that pain at least one time or another, it makes me feel better. And listening to music helps me think about different things too, well at times, or it helps me release what needs to be released, like maybe a few tears or in my case a Nah, I try not to cry a lot, or any if at all possible, I try to be happy, but at times I just find it hard. I try to hide that pain, but at times it's kind of hard to do from time to time. Especially if I hold something in for so long.    Well, on the other hand I am feeling better. But I am at work, had to be here last night an hour early...But I am off for the next couple of days from that's the plus  I am sooo not ready to work like 5, 12 hour shifts....not ready what so ever... But it will be a pretty decent paycheck, so I ca
Relationship And Love
Relationship.....The definition of relationship in the dictionary is this Definition of RELATIONSHIP 1 : the state of being related or interrelated 2 : the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship: as a : kinship b : a specific instance or type of kinship 3 a : a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings b : a romantic or passionate attachment Love.......The definition of Love in the dictionary is this Definition of LOVE 1 a (1) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (2) : attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3) : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests b : an assurance of affection 2 : warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion 3
Stupid Encounter #60
2:19am clamdigger: shout me your cats page 2:22am iC51NerdGo...: 2:24am clamdigger: ty 2:24am iC51NerdGo...: welcome why did you want it 2:25am clamdigger: i love cats 2:25am iC51NerdGo...: right on 2:26am clamdigger: hope she adds me lol 2:27am iC51NerdGo...: Hes a he 2:27am clamdigger: ok im gay for kittys 2:32am iC51NerdGo...: umm clamdigger@ fubar
Club Wrat Headliner Happy Hour
Something interesting happened on Friday. I came home to find a note scribbled on a scrap of paper from my son. Apparently I won something from a local rock station, 95.9 WRAT (The Rat). Here's the note I got: By the time I got home and called the number, they were gone for the weekend. I'm not sure if the happy hour is on February 4th or if that's when they need the guest list. I'll have to call tomorrow morning and find out. The usual contest is for 40 people, open bar, free buffett on a Friday night at Headliner's in Neptune, NJ. I'll post more when I find out more. If you're local and want in, let me know!
Add the year you were born, for an example 67, and your age or how old you will be this year, in this example 44. The number will always be 111. Weird huh? NSFW because I know you swear a lot
I asked you, could you love me you told me for always.   I asked you. Look into the eye of a dragon to see the untamed heart of a woman You told me you did.   I asked if you could  break the walls of that heart to accept the passion You told me you could.   You tore down the walls, Only to bring them back .. stronger To show you love, you turn your back. To show you strength, you scoff and tell me it's weakness.   Should you find the love of a true heart, Live for that love.   Accept the passion for with passion comes the unbridled love of a woman who has yet to be touched.    
I see you standing you hold out your hand I place min in yours.   You lead me through the mist only to stop and ask me what I see. As I tell you: my dreams You move closer to tell me: All I have to do is say 'yes'.   You back away but never leaving me. Always watching Always waiting for me to answer.   As I turn to you You already know You start to lead, but place me next to you not allowing me to fall behind   For this how it is to be .. together Next to each other Not in front of the other.
Stupid Encounter #61
TooMuch419...: hi sexy 7:58pm TooMuch419...: hello 8:00pm iC51NerdGo...: Hey whats up? 8:01pm TooMuch419...: your hot 8:01pm iC51NerdGo...: Thanks 8:02pm TooMuch419...: what made you stop in i see you are orgy ? 8:02pm iC51NerdGo...: Im a few lounges... someone invited me 8:02pm TooMuch419...: who ? 8:03pm iC51NerdGo...: Sweet Teddy but hes not in there now so i dont know 8:04pm TooMuch419...: he will be here dont leave 8:04pm TooMuch419...: faerie is on cam 1 u can join her if youd like 8:05pm TooMuch419...: imma have this place packed hopefully 8:07pm iC51NerdGo...: right on 8:08pm TooMuch419...: cam 4 me sexy 8:09pm iC51NerdGo...: Im on cam in orgy
I Dont Even Know Anymore
For the longest time now ive been pondering what is it that im doing wrong. No one of the opposite sex at all no attention i mean im not looking for all the attention or  i want them all lovey dovey on me either but not even a look when im out at public places no one to talk to, and when i do get setup i get thrown aside by the asshole ones.  I feel like giving it up on this, its been 2 years and im 20 bout to 21 and i sit at home and work..this life of my blows badly .
From Peacy Via Crazy Lips!!!
[url=][b]You Are Powerful and Determined[/b][/url][img][/img]You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want.You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.A true chameleon, you ar
Dreamlike silence shrouds my sullen worldWith loneliness keeping me companyA feeling of dejection creeps inside meAs a moment of mourning shares the tearful reality I find myself in solitudein the vast expanse of immense emptinessQueries overflowing, wailing and wonderingfor things still left unspoken All the things turn out to bebleary, bleak and drearyAs tears trickle tenderlyKnowing failure has come my way
The Start
People often come to me seeking my advice on fashion, lifestyle and stuff.  Why? Because I have three things going for me -    1 - I'm a guy 2 - I have wisdom and experience beyond my years 3 - I have access to the opinions of my pre-teen children   So I will favor you with my help and advice when I get to it.  And if no one cares - I'll make stuff up like in the paper.
Seducing Mom
I’ve been thinking sexual thoughts about my mother for the last year. I’m eighteen years old now and when I was seventeen last year, I started looking at my mother not as my mom but as a very arousing and sexy woman. It all started with me looking at her sexy panties in her underwear drawer of her dresser.   As I gazed upon the sheer lace material of her panties, I became very aroused. I started masturbating into her panties, stroking my hard cock for several minutes until I would cum into the soft cotton crotches. At first I unloaded small amounts of cum but as I grew up, my ejaculations grew too.   I graduated to searching the clothes hamper and looking for a sexy pair of mom’s worn panties. I was rewarded several times as I found them and brought them to my nose. Oh the enticing smell of my mother’s sexy juices would send me quickly into an intense orgasm, time after time. My lust for my mother continued to grow.   Some may think it was weird but I occa
You're Hired
you can never be too skinny or too rich.
Yes I Am A Fembot From A Production Line
big thanks to my husband for taking this production by myself in photoshop...anyone else want cloning...just ask...i'll do one for you....kj xx
....thought Frost......
So, its a mental blender and heres the contents that i spill; spewing forth the sickness within me, all the twisted tear streaked memories that reside inside my mind. Riddled across the scars of my soul is a jellybellys bag of moments forever immortalized. The sweet tender dreams of yester years gone awry.... Trepid anticipation shattered by the breaking ride of expereince.... Sundering heartaches ripping seams anew, realigning....rectifying.... There is no longer the glimmer inspired by the echo of voices long withheld.. How is there to be a flourishing with all nourishments denied!?!?!?! To ease the Agonies within me, would seem as if a blasphemy as all Soulpieces pick the trials, obsticals that litter their pathway to Grace, Harmony, Mirth, Sacrifice, Compassion, Honor, and not leastly Love..... It is not my place to gainsay Karma's dictations on payment. There seems no abode i might call my own.... ever a steping stone  
I Never Learn
I've broken Too many things That I can Never repair Shattered the Trust Of those I loved As if I Never cared All I did Was hurt myself Though they too Felt the Pain I warned them All To stay Away But their heart Overwrote Their brain
Riding My Bike
I get on my scoot and point it in one direction. I take a deep deep breath and let it out and all my troubles disapear. They just go away. Not matter what has happened, no matter what I've been thinking about, it goes away. I love it. I feel that the day I can not ride anymore is the day I die.
Be Good To Your Wife, Your Companion And Gift From God To You
"A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds. Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it. Never spiteful, she treats him generously all her life long. She shops around for the best yarns and cottons, and enjoys knitting and sewing. She's like a trading ship that sails to faraway places and brings back exotic surprises. She's up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organizing her day. She looks over a field and buys it, then, with money she's put aside, plants a garden. First thing in the morning, she dresses for work, rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started. She senses the worth of her work, is in no hurry to call it quits for the day. She's skilled in the crafts of home and hearth, diligent in homemaking. She's quick to assist anyone in need, reaches out to help the poor. She doesn't worry about her family when it snows their winter clothes are all mended and ready for wear. She makes her own clothing, a
Nice Guys "finish Last" . . . . . . .
"Nice guy" is a term in the general public discourse and in popular culture for a male with certain personality traits and behavior. A typical "nice guy" is a man who is likely to put the needs of others before his own, avoid instigating confrontations, do favors, give emotional support, and generally act in a way consistent with the general meaning of "nice". It is an active debate whether these traits, which have historically been considered valuable in courtship, may actually make a man less desirable from a sexual perspective. This leads to justify hypocrisy that may exist among some women; those who "want a nice guy", yet usually end up with the more confident, experienced and less considerate male that may be more subconsciously desirable.   That's basically what it's like to be in my shoes everyday . . .
True Love
                                               True Love   True love is a sacred flame that burns eternally. And no one can dim it's special glow or changes it's destiny. True love speaks in tender tyone and hears with gental ears. To give love with open hearts and true love conquers fear. True love makes no harsh demands. It neither rules nor binds and true love holds with gentle hands with the heart that it is entwines with.   Love you baby 
Love What You Have
"Do you know the saying, "Drink from your own rain barrel, draw water from your own spring-fed well"? It's true. Otherwise, you may one day come home and find your barrel empty and your well polluted.Your spring water is for you and you only, not to be passed around among strangers. Bless your fresh-flowing fountain! Enjoy the wife you married as a young man! Lovely as an angel, beautiful as a rose---don't ever quit taking delight in her body. Never take her love for granted! Why would you trade enduring intimacies for cheap thrills with a whore? for dalliance with a promiscuous stranger? Mark well that GOD doesn't miss a move you make; he's aware of every step you take. The shadow of your sin will overtake you; you'll find yourself stumbling all over yourself in the dark. Death is the reward of an undisciplined life; your foolish decisions trap you in a dead end."
For My Baby
                                              For My Baby      Every night I fall asleep to thoughts of you and every morning I wake up looking for you.When I am down I all I do is close my eyes. Because your always with me.When I am hurt it's thoughts of you that make me forget about everything. When I am filled with worries it is you that calms me down. Your my first and last thoughts at the begin and end of my day. Your my one and only person I dream about and do anything for.I hope to make you feel like you never have felt before. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you baby
Lonely V
So I just read that "of the 380 English spelling rules, only ONE has no exceptions.  No English word ends with the letter 'V'".   Having kids, I know that English is already one of the hardest languages to learn and teach.   Yet, here is an exception to the exceptions!   It makes sense that English is difficult since it is a blend of many different languages.  But why make it more difficult.  This has to change.  I propose we introduce a new word that ends in 'V' and get rid of this non-exception.   Here are a couple ideas of the top of my head:   Nagev - People who only eat vegetables backwards. Enuv - Exclamation parents use in anger: "I HAVE HAD ENUV" Fubarv - To verbally spew forth garbage on fubar     Any other ideas?
Socially Awkward
Social Anxiety. Socially Awkward.  I saw my cousin at the store the other day, she's much younger than me & waaaay cooler. I noticed when I talk to her online that I can say anything, I can type it. But when it comes to face to face contact I freeze up like a loser. I really need to work on that.  I noticed too sometimes, my brain is screaming "talk!" but my mouth just won't move & half the time, my brain won't even tell me what to say. I grew up shy & I am actually a lot more shy than I was as a child. I don't know what to do in social situations & I really don't know how to combat that.  This is becoming redundant.    Most people label me as the creepy quiet friend & sometimes that bothers me. How do I take that & make it something awesome?  I guess I probably should put myself in more social situations, but when I think about that I think I might have a panic attack.  Is there a pill I can take for that? Most times, I don't even want to talk to people online because i ge
Who Me?
I only eat Heinz Ketchup.  I am claustrophobic  I also suffer from lollypopguildophobia. I will give you a minute to google it. . .. ... .. . good? ok! I only eat fish in the form of sticks. I rarely drink alcohol.  I am addicted to hair dye, it's like a bad drug.  I have a bucket list, and haven't yet completed anything on it.  I probably never will.  I am very untalented.  I just have no talent.  I am a nerd  I am 'mathlexic' Every time I go to the doctor, I think they will kill me.  I lost my dad in 2008 & will never get over it.  I fall for 'As seen on TV products'. I only like raw vegetables unless it's corn.  I am afraid to have sex because I don't want to get pregnant. I have crushes on fictional characters .... TV boyfriends are dreamy. I have a real life boyfriend that I have been with for almost 3 years.  We act like a married couple.  Drag Queens inspire me. I still have security blankets. They will never leave me. I am socially awkward & avoid h
Creepy? I Think Not
Imbolc/festival Of Brid (breed)
February for the ancients  was the time of the long night -- great darkness, piercing cold, and dwindling food stores. February was such a harsh and brutal month that it was called the Dead-month. Since travel at this time of year was so fraught with danger, celebrating Imbolc at a large regional festival was out of the question. Instead the Feast of Brigid was celebrated with small rituals in the village and in the home. Imbolc was nonetheless an important holiday because its message was "hold on, there is hope...the bitter days of winter are near their end." It marked the midway point between the winter and the spring solstice, a time when hope begins to stir with a longing for the return of spring. Imbolc (also called Oimelc) was primarily a women's festival. Young girls dressed in white carried a corn dolly in processions. Women made corn cakes from the grains that were gathered first and last in last year's harvest and the women and girls feasted together. And
My Windows
  My windows are my eyesThey let me see the worldThrough different types of glassI see different types of moods Through tempered glass I seeThe chilling realityThe bitter losses of those lessFourtunate than I Through stained glass I seeMany different colorsThat blend into harmony with easeBut sometimes they collideInto thoughtless war I see this from my windowsMy windows are my eyesThey let me see the world. Copyright © 2009
A Simple Question...
I was asked last night by a fare that called in for a cab what my sexiest feature was...You know...random really drunk boy calling in with nothing better to do then hit on the girl behind the desk answering the phones because he couldn't get one of the girls at the bar to take him answer to him was simply the feature...not the reason why...but I thought on my instant answer a little bit later and this is what I came up with... Truth be told...I don't write this mess, any of it, for it to actually be read... although, don't get me wrong... I appreciate the ones that do occasionally hit my blogs :) I write it because I have a terrible memory and I will forget it otherwise...   My sexiest feature? My soul...because it is laid out for anyone who cares to take the time to see can not be changed or altered with makeup or can't be boosted or sucked in...or can't be molded like a mind or broken like a requires nothing to be as it is...
The Demise Of Mamba & Iowa...or Is It?
This is the only time and place this will be discussed. Don't text me. Don't call me. Don't send me a message on YIM or even a PM or SB here. I won't be discussing it. Yes. Tony and I will be divorcing here shortly. OMGZ one of Fu's power and popular couples are divorcing! And since I will be working pretty hard core until next Thursday, I thought I'd write this blog now before we divorce and I have people all in my shit.  Here are some facts though. What happened with Tony and I, is Tony and my business. It's no one else's business thus is why I will not be talking about it, TO ANYBODY, other than this blog right here.  No. Tony did not screw me over. No. Tony is not a bad person. No, I did not screw him over. No, none of the rumors about other people causing shit in our relationship is true or the cause of this to happen. Tony and I both realized we have more of a friendship than a relationship. It was a MUTUAL decision. 100% mutual. I'm sure even me saying that though, certain
"the Dreams Of Two"
The love that shows deep into your eyes that's the very first thing I realize then the thumping that's in your heart I can hear it calling me from afar that's wheen I come running to your cozy arms that held me tight and set my alarm. It was your lips that touched my tender face Oh my lord, I won the race.... Was this really you & me ? or did I just have another dream ? So please tel me before you go because this one dream I really must know !!
Ptsd Poemi Love You Through My Anger, In Between My Fits Of Rage. I Want Us To Be Happy, But I Just Can't Turn The Page. I See In You The Answer
I love you through my anger, In between my fits of rage. I want us to be happy, But I just can't turn the page. I see in you the answer To every time I've prayed. Then I get mad; you leave the room; I wish that you had stayed. My love just wants to hold your hand, But my anger doesn't care. I feel the weight you carry. It really isn't fair. I gave our country everything The day I went to war. I thought the cost would be my life, But it turned out to be much more. I look into my child's eyes, And I see a child burned By Napalm lying on the ground, Without a lesson learned. So now they send the young folks To act like war is fun, Without a thought of how they'll feel When their killing job is done. When folks go fill their gas tanks I think they all should know, A veteran's future happiness Is drowning in the flow.         I struggle wiuth this everyday. Wish I had more ppl to lean on.
Secrets And Lies
Untold lies disguised as omissions Secrets of the soul buried beneath    the surface of your cold eyes Telltale signs of your distance    mocking the truth and it's existence Fake smiles covering the void of feelings Overwhelmingly empty    like the silence between us Uncaring hearts playing a fools game Tangled and twisted with pleasure and pain
Oh No! Poor Houston!
I Am So Tired!!!!
Today is one of the worst days of my life. Today was supposed to be my one year anniversary with my bf.  He broke up with me in december. Now he has a new girlfriend and today is his birthday. I sent him a webpage that I had made him and told him happy birthday and nothing. He hadn't even checked his messages. then a mutual friend comes into my live (how convient) and I asked if she had talked to him this morning and she said she did on her way home from work. I take it he called her because she would have been texting and driving...either way he messaged her and talked to her so he was up and online. I am so fucking mad right now!!! I feel so used and under appreciated and he was acting like we were so close and wonderful and then he just slaps me in the face with this. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
From Me To You
Dear Person There are many things in our lives that pass us by, there are many things that we hope will pass our way, but then there are things that come to us without even trying.   I write this letter to the person who over the last few days has brought me joy and happiness, who without even trying has touched my heart in so many ways words don’t seem enough right now. There is always someone out there who can turn your spark into a flame and keep it burning, which can make the storm inside turn into a calm gentle breeze, who can keep your heart beating everytime you see them.   But there is one person who has done more than I ever thought was possible, who has taken me and made me feel like a brand new person and giving me a new leash on life, who has brought so much happiness into my life without even knowing it. There is never a minute when I don’t think of him, but there will never be a moment when I cant be without him, I’ve grown to know him as time as go
For My Shadow
There is something about your touchthere is something about your eyesthe gentle touchthe gaze of loveMeeting you was fatehaving you in my life is pure joyyou are truely heaven sent to meour souls are destined to be togetheri know we havent known each other for that longbut i feel likewe have known each other for an eternityas the old sayins goi have never known a love like thisnor have i ever thoughtthat love could be this good or feel so truely are the love of my lifei want to spend the rest of my daysliving to make you happy and making you feel the way i do about you.i love you, my shadow baby
Was It Real? Part Two
Part Two.....   After Tracie moved in, we became even closer than before. It was almost like having my sister here with me. I miss my younger sister a lot, we used to do everything together and I can't wait til spring break when she is visiting me.   Anyway, I broke up with my bf. It really wasn't his fault but ever since that night, every time we had sex I would compare his skills or lack thereof to my dream lovers. It was hard for me to remain aroused and I really don't like faking it. He took the breakup in stride as I have heard he is dating one of the cheerleaders, he'll make a good hubby for one of the whorish cheerleaders.   Classes have been going good, actually they've been going great! Ever since that night, my head seems to a lot clearer about schoolwork and things. I have been trying to broach the subject with Tracie, but it just seems so surreal and I am starting to think she will think me a crazy bitch. But each night when I go to sleep I see images of them
Not Even Me
 2/6/2011 8:03PMI lay awake, In our room, there's nothing left just me and you. we seem so cold, distant and used. I'm all alone, even when I'm with you. I reach out for you, Though nothings there. Where'd we go? what's with this dispare?At night I cry, wondering why? Why is this love so bitter sweet? What happened to us? You tell me it's all in my head, Tonight I'll cry in our bed. I feel so numb, So left out in the cold.Where you went? I do not know.  I miss you though. You're out of reach, where does that leave me? Who'll hold me tight, As the nightmares creep in? Who'll tell me it's alright, when  I cant take it anymore? Baby it's cold, I whine and I plea, But no ones here, Not even me.
I Just Want To Tell You
I just want to tell you,I love you with all my heart.I wish for us to be together,Never shall we be apart.I just want to tell you,You put the smile on my face.I want to be by your side,I don't want to be any other place.I just want to tell you,You mean so much to me.I see you as nothing less than the world,And that I want you to see.I just want to tell you,I wouldn't be able to live without you.Without the comfort you give,There's nothing I could do.I just want to tell you,I thank you for being there.You've always given me a shoulder to lean on,And you always care.I just want to tell you,I think of you every moment of the day.And how much I love you,Words could never even say.I just want to tell you,I love you with all my heart.I wish for us to be together,Never shall we be apart.
_____xxxxxxxxxx______xxxxxxxxxx___xxx pass xxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx____xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_____xxxxxxxxx heart xxxxxxxxxxx ______xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_________xxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx ___________xxxxxxxxxxxxx_____________xxxxx all x______________xxxxxx _______________the x_______________xx_______friends__xx_____________x_you_______x_________xx ___care_xx _____xxxx__x about x___xxxxxxx____xx the xx______xxxxxx_most!!_xxxxxxx_________xxxxx_________xxxxx________xxxx_____xxxx
You Sick Lil Monkey
What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs, and over your neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack, And fits on your back? It's log, log, log It's log, it's log, It's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good." Everyone wants a log You're gonna love it, log Come on and get your log Everyone needs a log log log ...
Valentine's Day Application
Valentine's Day Application Contact Information Name: _________________________________ Address: ________________________________ Phone #: ____________________________ Cell phone #: _______________________ Screen Name AOL: ___________________________ MSN: ___________________________ Yahoo: __________________________ E-mail address: ____________________________________     Vital Statistics Height: ______________ Weight: _______________ Eye color: _________________ Hair color: _________________ Hair style: _______________________   Measurements Chest: ___________ Waist: ___________ Arms: ___________ 6-pack? Yes / No Tattoos? Yes / No If yes, indicate what and where.         Piercings? Yes / No If yes, indicate where and why: For verification purposes, full frontal and rear photos of self are required. Attach photos with application (unless submitting application in person).     Psychological History Personality Description:      
Thank You
I thank you right now for being my friend. No strings attached, no being condemned. Taking me in ,with little or lot. Unconditional a word this world has forgot. You hear me out, when I need to talk. Hanging in there No matter how rough the walk. And all the times past and those to still come. Bringing my spirits up When down they've been run. So if I seem distant, cold or not here. Remember inside I'm thankful you care.
Loyal And Faitful
know the difference between LOYAL and FAITHFUL ?a FAITHFUL person don't have time to get attracted with others. his/her attention is exclusively for the only one he/she loves.a LOYAL person still gets attracted to others,appreciates beauty,flirt in some ways. but at the end of the day.. a loyal person knows where his/her heart which one are you?
Peter Pan And Tinkerbell
When  peter pan saw tinkerbell after quiet sometime.he asked,"why did u have 2 go for so long?tinkerbell replied, "u never give me a reason to come back.i was always there wen u needed me.but i guess u never showed how important i am to ur its dfferent & now we've changed. but im still smiling""Peter then asked her,"Why?Tinkerbell replied, "i,myself dont know the reason. its  just that now, its ur turn to miss me.
Cheerwine Cake
1 Box Devils Food Cake mix 1 cup Cheerwine 1 tsp Almond Extract   Prepare cake mix as directed except substitue 1 Cup Cheerwine for the water.  Add Almond extract.  Pour into 9 x 13 pan. Bake as directed.   FROSTING:   1/3 Cup Cheerwine 2 1/2 Cups powder sugar 1/2 tsp Almond Extract 1/4 Cup Cocoa 1/2 cup butter   Heat cheerwine, margarine & cocoa together until it comes to a boil.  Pour misture over powdered sugar & blend unil smooth.  Stir in Almond extract.  Cool. Spread over cake.
What To Do About Love
what to do?  oh what to do?  why is it we struggle so much with love.  recently i got stuck in a tough position and cant decide what path to choose.  I have meet a woman that is had a crush on a long time ago.  she had got married and moved away. now seven years later she reappears and tell me that she is divorce and she really liked me. will i have went on a couple dates and still feel something for her. Now for the twist in the road.  i have been in love with another woman for 7 years but i believe that she does not have the smae feeling for me any more.  So what do i do go with the one the think that i am the greatest thing to happen to her. or the one that says see loves me but never want to do anything with me and acts like she is ashamed of me.  i dont what to hurt anyone but i want to be happy. all i ask for is a little sign on what path i should choose.
Feb 20th, 2008 The Worst Day In My Army Career. A Memorial Peice.
Feb 20 2008 worst day in my army career. This day, in 2008, i was in Iraq. It was the absolute worst day of my two tours over there, no contest. I have never sat down and wrote down everything that had happened but I feel it is time for me to now. All this is to the best of my recollection and since its been 2 years i might be fuzzy on some points, but i dont think that i'll be too far off. It was a bright sunny day in Mosul, Iraq. Gold Platoon Alpha section was scheduled for OP(Observation Position/post) on Rte Santa Fe on the west side of the city. The patrol consisted of two tanks, the Lieutenant's, Gold 1, with him and I honestly dont remember whom else on it and mine, Gold 2 which had Sgt Mackey as the commander, Sgt Dryburgh as the gunner, Lucas as the driver and me as the loader. We arrived on station around 1230 and were talking. Sgt Mackey was a replacement commander in that my normal tank commander, Ssg Gibson was filling in for the platoon sergeant of Green or 4th platoon wh
Dog Tag Chasers
You see it everywhere. Women running around with a collection of soldier's dog tags. I'm not talking about the women that think a guy in uniform is hot. i'm referring to the women that think he's hot but dont see him, they see a steady paycheck. Fuck the soldier get him wrapped around their fingers, and bleed them dry.
If You Think You're A Real "thug", "gangster", "g" Or Whatever...:
Nothing bothers me more, Than seeing these "wannabe"s these "real'G'"s, Wishing they could be like me and mine, A selfstyled soldier is all they can claim to be. Telling me they are at "war" and must fight, But the war they fight is of ignorance and pride, Saying the other side must die, Sayin you're not racist but hell, you're not colorblind. From corner to corner and street to street, Always on the lookout, Waiting for something to breakout, Watching your life eek by and by. You claim to be at war, but thats' what which you know nothing about, The bullets the bombs teh blood and guts. Bodies let lie in the noon day heat, Hearing a child cry out, A sniper's shot just rings out, The real soldier next to you just had his light snuffed out. You talk about drivebys and robbery like your'e hard, Hard is seeing a veteran soldier break down and weep and thank the Lord. When the days are long, and you dont know where teh next shot is coming from, The sand the blood teh sewat the grit stings y
Boy has this been a busy week.  The weekend was fantastic...I almost did a big fat bag of nothing...and yet still accomplished a lot.  But I thought it might be a good idea for summarize what I learned this week.   Polyester stretchpants should be illegal.  No ma'am they don't look good on you.  Their wide-legged goodness didn't even work that well in 1977.  And orange doesn't look good on ANYTHING that big except a please put them away. Voodoo donuts are gooooooood....for everything except my ass...for which they are extremely bad. Cats can make 10,000 different sounds.  Dogs can make 10.  Cats CANNOT be trusted.  They are watching us people...leading us to the salughter. Some people shouldn't breed.  It's just that simple. I hate people in Downtown Portland on bicycles.  You do NOT constantly have the right away...especially if I am on foot.  Bums, while funny, can be dangerous. I can still take a pretty good photo. I miss kissing someone over the age
A Place Where You Belong
A Place Where You Belong Your body's coldHope is lost I can't let goCan I die with you so we can never grow old?Count the timesWith this note you left behindAs I read the words I hear you telling me whyToo late, too lateI never said goodbyeToo late, too lateCan't even ask you whyAnd now I'm wasting away in my own miseryI hope you've finally gone to a place where you belongMy sadness showsAs your name is carved in stoneCan't erase the words, the reality growsI wish I diedOn that night right by your sideSo just kill me now, let the good times rollToo late, too lateToo late, too lateI never said goodbyeToo late, too lateCan't even ask you whyAnd now I'm wasting away in my own miseryI hope you've finally gone to a place where you belongWill you wait for me?When I see you on the other sideYou won't have to wait too longYeah, yeahWill you come to me?When you're safely to the other side'cause here I don't belongToo late, too lateI never said goodbyeToo late, too lateCan't even ask you whyAnd
[fact, I Could Use A Drink]
I got a few more chapters in with the count.This is not a good day.Probably not a good week. So I'm going to pour myself a glass of scotch, and I'm going to think for a minute.I could probably afford to draft my anti-material rifle, and even test fit the bugger. But I feel a complete lack of motivation to even fail at it...We're drawing toward that lonely time when everyone's asleep, and I'm empty. Feeling unaccomplished, or outright desperate.I'd like to think a hot bath and some liquor will help, but I'm probably mistaken in that assumption. There's just something so dreadful and suffocating about it all.Failure, boredom, frustration.Like there's only one answer. Ah depression... how I've missed you.Wait... he's ever-present with me.What to do with myself... Maybe some more goufing about when the buzz settles. Though I do hate this feeling. Its so opressive, you can hardly get anything done with it.
What Have We Become?
What have we become?   What is this I see and feel? Your body turned facing the wall. You sleep, as I search, For someone else to catch my fall.   Once our passion burned hot. Is it me? Or perhaps it's you. I was once your love, but Our dark heat has now lost it's hue.   Oh how long since I've felt your caress? Feeling skin against skin. Too long waiting for that touch, That once made me spin.   Strangers in the same bed. What have we become? Habit and conformity... To that, we both succumb.   No longer will I conform, To a passion long gone. I die more each day... As the blood you take is drawn.
My days are darker without you, my nights so very silent, empty, seemingly dead. I know you are there just out of my reach I know I can feel you if I can coax myself to sleep. I wake up in the morning turning to and fro, all I want is your arms around me and for this lonliness to just go. Seems I can't wait another moment without you at my side, I know I must have patience and not believe my minds lies. I see this every day when I look about my room, the only thing missing from it's presence is you. Nothing I wouldn't give up, a million miles to you I'd run. Somehow along the way I've fallen so very hard, wouldnt' change a second but maybe speed up time, give myself an advantage and finally make you mine. Never in my life have I wanted something so much, I dream of you in so many ways you could never know. Quiet walks and golden beaches, fingers trailing softly down your cheek, kissing you gently upon your lips and letting my breath simply speak. 
Is There A Future?
No one knows were their lives will take them. A new city, a new love, a new life. We can't forsee the obsticles in our paths until we hit them, no matter how big they are. That is life though. The enever changing facts of birth and death are the only set things. We were born just to die, and in the process affect all those we come in contact with on the way. Some lives, we make better, some we destroy. And at the same time, life plays that back to us individually. We meet people who change how we think or act or live. We watch events unfold that shape who we are, some events we can control, others we cant. But is there someone to blame if our lives don't go how we percieve they should? That depends on the type of person you are. Most blame theirselves for others actions and some refuse to acknowlegde the damage their actions cause chosing to blame the another. But both are at fault on some level.  I can see my own future. Someday, I'll die. It's no surprise. In simplest of terms, I
Just A Thought
How is it that I can still love you with all my heart And hate you so much at the same time You give me strength to move on and yet you are still holding me back After all the lies and all the betrayal I know deep down that I should love you no more But I cant help for some reason or another to love you more You bring me tears at just the thought of you I panic if you say you are coming over I should slam the door in your lying cheating face But instead I welcome you in with open arms I try to defeat your damn charms and deceivingly good looks But I never seem to be able to no matter how hard I try I am hoping that one day soon I can find someone to help me get over you I had hoped that you would just walk away and leave us be But I see now that you have other plans in mind Plans that bring me to my knees as you beg my please Please to talk to you that you love and miss me I know that in time things will get easier But right now it seems as if its taking forever But
All We Are
  All We Are – Kim Mitchell All we are is all that love brings We spin as the highest star spins We get hearts on fire and in love And sometimes we're too blind to see And I know now that love sometimes stings When you're waiting for a telephone ring And you feel like a lone star spinning That might as well give up burning Don't ask me if I'm still in love I'm hit by this love song I sing Cause you made me feel such a long way away I know now that love sometimes stings I've waited for your telephone rings And you made me feel such a long way away All we are is all that love brings We spin as the highest star spins We get hearts on fire and in love And sometimes we're too blind to see Don't ask me if I'm still in love I'm hit by this love song I sing Cause you made me feel such a long way away I know now that love sometimes stings I've waited for your telephone rings Cause you made me feel such a long way away
No More Immunity For George W. Bush – Abroad, At Least (repost)
by Kanya D'Almeida UNITED NATIONS - Former U.S. President George W. Bush may have mostly vanished from the headlines since January 2009, but the alleged crimes committed by his administration are not forgotten. The former US president’s visit would have been his first to Europe since his waterboarding disclosure in Decision Points. (Photograph: Anne McQuary/Bloomberg) On Monday, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) released the 'Preliminary Bush Torture Indictment', a document outlining the core aspects of the case against Bush for torture, and his violations of the Convention Against Torture to which the United States is a signatory. The move by the CCR, in conjunction with over 60 other human rights and legal advocacy groups, including the Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), coincides with the ninth anniversary of the day Bush decided that "enemy combatants" were no longer entitled to the fundamental protections gr
Twilight Spoof! Lmaoooo
The Elevator
The Elevator Copyright by Ms. Cleavage 2007 The elevator door closes and behind me is a very handsome man that I noticed as I entered. He is wearing a very expensive looking suit with an attaché case in his right hand leaning up against the wall. He smiles at me as I enter the elevator and I press the button for the floor below the button he pushed. We have many floors to go yet. I stand there in the middle of the floor and we began our ascent to our destination. I can smell the scent of his cologne as it wafts over my shoulder. Very manly and extremely seductive was the scent from his cologne. It made my mind wander with the allure from his scent. I hear the tap of his attaché case as he sets it on the floor behind me and off to his side. Suddenly, I feel his arm slowly reach around my waist and give me a slight tug backwards and I can feel his body press up against my back. I gasped for a second but never say a word. Against my ass I can feel the stiffness of his cock as it ris
North Atlantic Sail
North Atlantic Sail Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2007 I was dining on the deck of my boat and I saw you lying in the deck’s lounge chair sunning yourself in the North Atlantic early evening sun, topless. You only wore the skimpiest of bikini bottoms with white bows of string holding this bottom on your body. Otherwise your body would have been completely nude. What a sight to see on this warm evening. The setting Arctic sun and your loveliness before me were too much for the senses to handle. Your breasts are magnificent. Your nipples are erect with the sea’s air tantalizing them as they are exposed for me and the God’s to see. I walk over to you to offer you a glass of only the finest of desert wines for our post dining pleasures. You open your eyes to see me approach. You offer your hand to receive the glass into the delicate grasp of your fingers. You sit up to drink your wine and your large, delicious breasts settle on your chest to display their ripe firmness. You
One Of My Favorite Poems
After we flew across the country wegot into bed, laid our bodiesdelicately together, like maps laidface to face, East to West, mySan Francisco against your New York, yourFire Island against my Sonoma, myNew Orleans deep in your Texas, your Idahobright on my Great Lakes, my Kansasburning against your Kansas your Kansasburning against my Kansas, your EasternStandard Time pressing into myPacific Time, my Mountain Timebeating against your Central Time, yoursun rising swiftly from the right mysun rising swiftly from the left yourmoon rising slowly from the left mymoon rising slowly from the right untilall four bodies of the skyburn above us, sealing us together,all our cities twin cities,all our states united, onenation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Is It So Wrong
Is it so wrong to want to know u come first and that you matter? Is it so wrong to want to be told that you are beautiful?  Is it wrong to want that which you give to that special someone in return? To know that you mean as much to them as they do to you?
She Sleeps....
She sleeps in the nude, moist, pierced nipples hard. Anticipating the touch of a strong hand. Knowing one day HE will be there........
Melissa's Story
  I've just recently started watching that show, Intervention. If you are not familiar with it, it is a show about alcoholics and drug addicts. Their families plan a surprise intervention to try to get them the help they need. This is at the end of the show. The first 2/3 of it is a documentary type of look into their life and how they got to be the way they are. Watching this show has made me face my own addiction and I want to share my story with you.   This is Melissa's story    Melissa has agreed to be in a documentary about addiction. She does not know she will soon face an intervention.   Melissa grew up in a small town. She
Try This Again! The Status That All Could Learn From!
Explain to me...You call me a whore..Do explain how I am a whore when 1). I'm not getting paid for anything. 2). Whore means I would be getting laid right? Then why am I not getting any dick? So yes please explain to me how you have come to this conclusion     Trideez The Psychologist Destiny said: I came to this conclusion after running various t tests and pearsons r correlations and establishing that your whoreness continuously falls 3 standard deviations awat from the mean. Its a difficult process but i must reject the null hypothesis and call you out as a whore [image][image][image] Sass Love FU Wife to Soldierboy24 said: thinking you ment to say away not awat...but nice try cupcake! Trideez The Psychologist Destiny said: your stupid box is all white after you type a bit and then you cant see wtf you are typing sooooooooo [image] Sass Love FU Wife to Soldierboy24 said: excuses excuses...face it your analogy got ruined with your lack of abil
[notes And Random]
ZEON WANTS YOU!So it took me a month to get my sleep schedule back to where I was up 7:00a.m.-12:00 a.m.It took ONE sleepless night about 2 weeks ago to FUCK THAT UP!!!I woke up... an hour ago?More or less.Fuckingsleep.Well dear readers this is primarily a robot and ~ food blog in that I'm going meatless a couple weeks again due to necessity.I've got a ribeye primal (practically) in my fridge which is at least 6 BIG steaks for me. About 2 lbs of pork sausage, and a whole duck in my freezerand I'm due a couple whole beef livers.*calls the folks... probably not going to be up for a while*But as an act of penance (for not getting a fucking job) I'm eating another pound of rehydrated black beansthat means gallo pinto. WOO!Actually this stuff is a million times better with some pig or cow fat.Save your drippings kids.*stomach growls* so hard to be excited for rice and beans...On a happier noteI think I've made at least one breakthrough on my gouf.Since I want to make the rear thruster of th
Hahaha Fcken Priceless
Shout Box Message From "f.a.s."
So I wake up this mornin to find a nice little message from a woman in "F.A.S." and her name is Babii. Here is the message: BaBiiLoVeS...: hello my name is babii. and im with the females against suckage committee. or f.a.s anyway im here to let you know you fall on the suck scale. i know thats horrible news. but alas its true. you sir suck in fact you sir should of been swallowed. your mother failed.. to pay for your crime you have been downrated. you should also consider killing yourself to avoid further ridicule and suckage. have a wonderful night. sincerely the f.a.s I am sure I am not the only one to get this message. But I can say one thing about this person. She is a very insecure little princess bitch that thinks everyone should be the same. Also if you read this Babii at least have your profile open so I can at least respond to your message. Oh wait that's right you don't want to leave it open since you will probably get a lot of hate messages. Also who are you to deci
Black Is The New Black.
Leave me here where you found me. I'm tired of all your indecision. Heavy hearts weigh the least in here. I can taste the fear on you, and my subtleties are lost on deafened ear. Perhaps I wasn't clear. All in none and none for all is my loudest cheer. Make it so. I know you will.  The blood in me has yet to spill.  The sane attack the sane in waves of calming discord. And then.... And Now.... Over.... Above... Below.... Don't fret. Safe in the know. Black is the new Black.
Stephen Hawking's Warning
   There has been much controversy over Steven Hawking’s latest documentary “Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking”. One of the World’s most respected astrophysicists, Hawking is boldly stating that extraterrestrials likely exist and warns us not to try to contact them as it could be dangerous. Hmmmm… The man has a point. Can you imagine? If another intelligent life form is out there, pray that they aren’t like us. Since the earliest existence of Homo sapiens, we have attacked each others’ tribes and societies. In order to survive before the invention of agriculture, we were Nomads of sorts, moving and conquering each other to survive. Even when we developed agriculture that didn’t seem to be enough for us.. as population grew, so did the conquering… survival of the fittest, so it would seem. We explored the world by means of water travel and had little regard for the Native people that occupied the lands that we travelled to. Ki
What's Wrong With This Picture? : Child Neglect
   Sometimes I shake at my head when I read about tragic events that could have been avoided.I definitely shook my head sadly  while reading about a precious young girl with Down Syndrome that went through a terrible ordeal.  In  Chilliwack British Columbia, a young teenager with Downs syndrome was found trying to nurse her dead decomposing mother ,who lay on the floor of her trailer back to health. She was meticulously shoving pills and medicine in her mother's lifeless body, trying to get her to wake up.She had opened a box of macaroni and cheese with cheese sprinkled on top of it, her attempt to feed her as well.  The girl herself was emaciated and near death herself, for she did not have the mental capacity to even take care of herself. When authorities found the young girl in the filthy trailer, they estimated that the mother had died nine days prior.The only reason the authorities went to the trailer was that neighbours were concerned by the absence of noise or movement  over pre
Some Wrong With Me
I am really starting to think there is something wrong with me. . . It seems like the only guys I can attract attention from anymore are either married or a lot older then me.For once I would like a single guy to come along and maybe even hit it off with him. No, I'm not talking about getting into a relationship, but hitting it off just enough to where we can maybe make getting together for some fun a regular thing. You can't do that with married people, and as for the lot older guys that is just a turn off for me.Grrr, I think I should go back to the whole idea of not needing the touch of a guy.
To Day For My Net Family
Net Friends   We live in a world where we have n race Our only prejudice is a closed mind Our ears can not hear But our voices can be heard Our tongues can not speak Though thoughts,emotions and what is needed to be said can be heard It is our eyes that hear for us Our hands do our talking In the end when all is said and done We open our minds, our hearts, our souls And make room for faceless strangers And every once in awhile you are lucky enough to find A person who excepts you for who you are
35 Reasons Why You Love Your Sweat Heart
I can be myself when I am with you. Your idea of romance is dim lights, soft music, and just the two of us. Because you make me feel like, like, like I have never felt before. I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked. Your undying faith is what keeps the flame out of love alive  You and me together, we can make magic. We're a perfect match. Thinking of you, fills me with a wonderful feeling. Your love gives me the feeling, that the best is still ahead. You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going. You are simply irresistible I love you because you bring the best out of me. Your terrific sense of humor Every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat You're the one who holds the key to my heart You always say what I need to hear (You are perfect). You have taught me the true meaning of love. Love is, what you mean to me - and you mean everything. You are my theme for a dream. I have had the time of my life a
Applying To The Jlm
Applying to the JLM is simple and easy... First Figure a super hero you wanna be... WE can Help with that if you need... Send us a message telling us you wanna join the JLM and with what character... it that simple...    Once you we get the message we will respond to you and tell you what we need for you to do next...    The JLM is a close family of friends... We help each other all the time with leveling and generally hang out in the same lounge with each other either Cafe Risque or Velvet's Playground, but it not a requirement to do so... IF you have any questions... Send us a SB or a Private message and we will happy to answer them...
Off My Chest
Many times my name leaves lips with minds that know nothing in witch they speak apon. Everytime i catch wind of it, its something new like the morning dawn. A new day begins but the same old trash continue. Stop eating that garbage, order something new off the menu. But this is what your into. Your ears open to the gossip. The nonsense of these fools who say anything to anyone for a desired response out if you... Thats a trip. A car rides by. Its music trustpast my walls. The voice of Jay-Z speaing about making tears fall. The same here appies. I cant see them coming dotn my eyes. So i gotta make this poem cry. Love is a crule force. It ments twon into one hart. Once it gets tired it rips that connection apart. The test of true love is how easy u let go. The truest is like antimantium. It wont break bend or fold. In the begining is the weakest, Only because thats when you mold. But once it hardens thats it. Youl love to watch each other grow old. Thats not
Black Cloud -inspired By Joe Budden
its enought to make you black out pull the Desi out. load it aim and shoot. its the comin of the black cloud... spewin from my ears dont ask how... turn and run to the point you wana pass out. i had enought dats why im snapped now got the Desi out. everywhere i go man im followed by this black cloud... wont be happy till im burned out... i cant reat till it burnsout. warning signs were clear as crystal so soft music is what i listen to. too much time to think alot. hurry up and wait is what i had to do. so i watched my world turn in tha faces of clocks 1 o'clock 3 o'clock 5 o'clock FUCK! my pacense wore thin my fews was shortinin my thick skin cracked and my happy mask was broken then my ears started smokin my vision darkend onlookers say im posessed cause my face was hardened stole look of a killer with the matchin straight eyes brim low fitted with the darkenin skys. Desert Eagle palmed left Raggin Bull in my right. walkin slow,
The End
my mind is workin like a slave coincidentally so am i butsin my ass as much as i can just so that when i die people have a reason to miss me have somethin good that they can mention when their standin at the podium theres no awkward pauses or hesitation but right now as it stands theres not much that can be said no children in my life my little brother get all the bread iv had death wished appon me and almost seen it come to fruition iv had people take they shots but miss me in the end some tried to run me over threaten to have me wacked but the only worry in mind is the fuckers over in Iraq my hole plan of attack is to prepair for the worse im doin what i must even if it hurts if it means rippin off a limb in order to save the core then so be it im sorry right arm your services are no more ill train to use my left. this old dog is goin to learn cause ill be damned if no one remembers me after my body is set to burn.
Fu-hubby Application
WILL YOU FU-MARRY ME? Thanks for taking the time to fill out this application. You can send your responses to me via message on Fubar. Name:____________________________________________ Age:_____________________________________________ DOB:_____________________________________________ Phone:___________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________ _________________________________________________ What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ What was your longest previous relationship and why did it end?__________________________________ _________________________________________________ Complete this sentence: "I want my relationship with my future fu-wife to be ____________________ ________________________________________________" Tell me about the best sex you ever had. Where? When? Why? ____________
Books In My Hands This February The Doldrums Of Winter...spring Only One Ides Away..
What I've Just Finished:   The Cathedral Of The Sea, by Ildefonso Falcones.  A heavy, thick, and gorgeously jacketed novel, written by a Barcelona author and translated from continental Spanish, this story takes us to 12th century Barcelona and the true story of the building of one of the most important cathedrals in Spain, through the life of a single man whose lifetime coincides with, and is intertwined with, the construction of the Cathedral Of The Sea. Fascinating.. gripping.. and enlightening.. I could not put it down, and would never have known that this book was not written in English originally, so skillful is the translation.   Edenborn, by Nick Sagan. If the author's name sounds familiar.. yes, he is the son of Carl Sagan, famed astronomer, author of Cosmos and Contact, and founder of SETI, the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Edenborn is the second in a post-apocalyptic series.. an Earth devastated by plague and now inhabited by a grand total of less than two do
Why Valentine's Day? Why do we need one day?To show someone loves. Hugs, Kisses, and Caresses... Little gestures of love.Flowers, candy, and jewelry... Little tokens of love. Does it really matter? Why only one time a year? Romantic evenings, Heart felt words...Why do I need only one day a year? Valentine's DayWhy this day to show you? What you mean to me. When there are 364 other days... I can do the same. So why valentine's Day?
Update On Kelly!
Last washout surgery was tonight . When they did this washout they found no infection in the muscles, skin or the tissue. However, I have to assume the infection in the bone is still there..but since no infection anywhere else it pretty much means it is now dormant. With 3-6 months of anti biotics via IV it should pretty much assure that this is going to remain dormant.Since there was no infection, pus or drainage they were able to put on some kind of biolayered graph that is suppose to get sucked into the arm and grow or attach to the arm and then as long as it takes..which he said with an exposed bone sometimes they do and others they do not...then they would be able to do a skin graph and cover that up.She has probably at the most 4-5 days more in the hospital at which time they will check to see if this graph is taking.I find it amazing that 24 hrs after they removed her teeth the infection is gone...Makes me believe that the infection was coming from the infected teeth and once re
Are You Free Like Me?
are you free like me? do you see what you see? do you hear what you hear? im free as can be. i see through my eyes i hear only me... you cant penatrate my mind i wish you were free like me its a shame..
D.n.a. Said No! But My Heart Said Yes...
Every childs laughter reminds me of the one that i thought to be mine. every smiling face every bit of chatter from a little one leads me to think of who it was left behind. Why do I feel so emotionaly unstable as if a part of me is not at home? Why do I feel as though i have commited some kind of abandon? when D.N.A. said "to me she did not belong." Why am I so mournful? Why do I still feel so unclear? Why am I still crying? wanting Karleigh Hope to be so near. Why do I miss so much who I cant see? Why do I so badly need to from her to hear? Is it all just my imagination, or are these feelings that i feel for real? Am I just holding on to what has gone terribly wrong, or am I wrong for having dissapeared? I still see her beautiful face shining brightly, i can still hear her adorable laughter in my ears. I still want to sing lulabies for her hold her close and tell her Daddy loves you dear. I still want to change your diapers. I want to be there when you ill.
I Wrote This For My Ex...
Butterfly   Butterfly, butterfly where might thou be, aloft beneath the skies of blue, or simply mingling? Butterfly, butterfly how much you mean to me. So deep are my cares for you , yet see you do I so scarcely. Butterfly, butterfly when will you come unto me again ? Butterfly, butterfly where might you choose to land ? Butterfly, butterfly why do I frighten thee ? Butterfly, butterfly how could I capture one so free ? Butterfly so beautifully you spread your graceful wings, fanning at the flora grown from seas of blue to fields of green . Butterfly so majestic that winds are swept at such great strength , enough to turn this earthen wealth upon the axis whereby we lean. O butterfly how resplendently you have attained this awe of mine, an yet I yearn wholly in hope to see you from time to time. Butterfly I lay in wait betwixt the flowers of spring, perspirating below the sun-praying that my patience be blessed by both a visit from you, and the cool breath of a comforting breez
The Poem I Wrote For My Dad And Pollies Wedding Gift.
May you Always be blessed with each others company. May you Always find rest within one another’s loving embrace. May you Always have A heart that hears out each others needs. May you Always feel the joy that being loved should be. May you Always be understanding. May you Always rejoice. May you Always feel loves fancy. May you Always long for the sound of one another’s voice. May you Always be filled with romance simply for the sake of romancing. May you Always sing unto one another A song of good praises. May you Always dance with glee. May you Always be bound to one another in the name of the Lord God Christ our king. May you Always remain dedicated to this loving endeavor firmly rooted forever growing. Truly, deeply, wonderfully in love together may you always be.
I Am A Dreamer
Dreams In my dreams My thoughts become reality Wishes and my fantasies Castles and my nights in shining armor Where dragons slain A maiden saved Where sunsets last forever We have no second thoughts No doubts No resolutions When even in my nightmares Sub-thoughts rid them selves Bring on the night and all its glory Bring on the dreams and still it's story For when daylight beacon's me Thoughts only chance to be set free Diminishes as dawns whispers call As does another castle Fall
Blimps, Anorexics
I feel  morbidly obese and anorexic women are not pleasant to look at it.  A  Right  B  Wrong C  Individual taste
Mary Roach: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm
A very interesting and educational speech given by Mary Roach (author of Spook and Stiff), on scientific facts about orgasms, it’s not pornographic but is very entertaining.   Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm | Video on
It's Gonna Hurt Me, More Then It Hurts You [feb15,2001]
I'm standing at the fork in the road, and I Don't really know which way to go, it's like 17 years ago all over again, and I I'm a little girl lost alone, and yes I wanna know what lies ahead, and yeah my Feet are planted and I don't wanna take a step cause I won't make it any further with you on my back Carry a burden I can't do it this time, goodbye Then again, do I listen to my heart, do I cry for help I keep second guessing myself Why does it have to be so, hard to let you go Its almost sun down I gotta put my foot down and I know if I do It's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you I know, how much you need me Breaks my heart, believe me Now I know what I gotta do But it's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you More than it hurts you But its gonna hurt me more than it hurts you More than it hurts you But its gonna hurt me Now ordinarily I wouldn't give up I'm no quitter, but under the circumstance I Think it's better that I wash my hands of ya, love ya But I'm thinking that I can't
My Pre-req
2-16-2011   I always wanted to write a blog about clarifying dental products, treatment, insurances, ...  My works is on a referral system from other dentists so I see all their work.  Half my job is about putting out fires because someone somewhere upset the patient.
[keeping The Light]
K I'm kinda working out some background story or at least some plotlines for "the bad guy"in that novel I've started and stopped 20 times.Fun factoids:In the present form of the book there's several forces.Humans (no surprises there)Gods (not that surprising)Devils (again, with Enkechel... not that surprising)And titans (Whoa!? ... I dunno, that's the best word for it proto-gods)...Actually you can think of "Gods" more as a anamoly unique to this setting. They're neither good nor bad (much like the devils/demons) but unlike the demons they were willed into being by man.A desperate, powerful, or deranged enough human wills these gods into being, and consequently, reality gets torn a new one. Every time.I think that MIGHT be the reason that there's an absence of arcana in this story, in favor of heroism demonology and deific powers and mundane anti-heroes.That being said there's this guy I've had as a concept for a whilethis kinda... lordly type menace. All seeing type, prideful, powerfu
 Their are a few People on the net with SDMF on thier names and don't even know what it means. They make it out to be a  net trend and its not. A few of them have went to other lounges calling people racial slurs. . These kind of SDMF are the net trend SDMF bylaw #7 says Respect all. I myself am sick of the racial bs that goes on here. Just because your of one certian race of people dont make you any better than anyone else. js    In real life we may not get along with all people example if i have a friend i may not like some of his or her friends. I will not choose sides I am a grown adult not a teenager. There is a lounge ran by  net sdmf on here and he trys to bully people if he dont get his way he will pull mods or bann you if you talk to me. He also has went to most of my family members on my page saying stupid stuff (harrassment and childish)  I have only met a few real SDMF on this site just because someone has SDMF on thier names dont mean they are real js.   I have been scamm
It's times like these when i wish i didnt have any real life friends (sounds selfish i know). My best friend from school is currently in a relationship with an aggresive coke head who treats her like shit, I personally dont understand these kinds of relationships i like nice guys. My point of view is forget about him but that's not helping i just don't know what to say seems like there's nothing i can do to help it's up to her in the end. The worse part is social services are involved as she has a daughter of 10 years and i fear that she sees all that goes on if not she must be feeling her pain. All i get out of my friend is i cant stop thinking about him grrr i just feel like washing my hands of it all once again selfish but there's nothing more i can do for her but be there even though it's killing me inside............
Delirium Shadowy feminine figure Lurks outside the glowing window Watching silently Coveting in the night Two angels illuminated By flickering firelight Cast in passionate embrace Lamenting why it is not her... Imagining that it is! Happy enough in her delirium She continues the fight Though reality eludes her In him she will never delight For his heart belongs to the light  SMF
Shrimp Scampi
This is an easy recipe for shrimp scampi that will be just as good as getting it in a restaurant. Follow directions, and enjoy!   Ingredients 2-3 lbs of large Peeled Shrimp, Deveined and Butterflied. (To butterfly a shrimp, you need to hold the shrimp in your hand with the vein side up to you, start from the head end and slowly make a slit down the center about half way through the shrimp. Do not split it entirely in half. This will also remove the vein at the same time) Cayene Pepper White wine (I use Chablis) Butter 3 tablespoons Diced Garlic (use the kind that comes in the jar. It's easy and will save you a lot of time) Half cup chopped seasoning A packet of Garlic & Herb salad dressing mix Angel Hair Pasta (you can cheat here with the Garlic & Herb Pasta Roni)   Prep: Butterfly your shrimp and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle a teaspoon of Cayene pepper over the shrimp (and a Sprinkle of cajun seasoning if you have it), and sprinkle the garlic and herb mix on it as well. Y
If You Give Me A Bling Pack..
I am in dire need of some bling credits, so I can get myself a god mode bling.. If you send me a bling pack, here is what I will give to you. 65 credits- 15 credits goes to you, 1 sfw salute, 100 pics rated, family add for 1 month 135 credits- 35 credits to you, 3 sfw salutes, 200 pics rated, family add for 1 month, pimpout 350 credits- 150 credits to you, 5 sfw salutes, 250 pics rated, family add for 1 month, 5 pimpouts, 1 ticker promoting you. 1000 credits- 500 credits to you, 10 special sfw salutes plus salutes everytime I make them, PERMANENT family add, unlimited pics rated, crushed, 20 pimpouts, 1 day blast promoting you. PLUS FOR 135, 350 OR 1000 CREDITS.. DURING MY GOD MODE(s) WILL BOMB YOU AND POLISH UNLIMITED BLING, YOU WILL GET POINTS BECAUSE YOU ARE ON MY FAMILY, WILL F/R/A 15 OF YOUR FRIENDS AND BOMB AND POLISH THEIR BLING, AND IF I HAVE A HH/GOD MODE TOGETHER: I WILL PROMOTE YOU DURING MY HAPPY HOUR.     Contact me if your interested :)
Scorpio And Pisces (romeo & Juliet)
Scorpio is sitting in a chair by the fire watching Pisces read.    Scorpio: Come here Pisces: Yes Sir   Pisces closes her book and walks over to him dropping to her knees, her hands in her lap. She peers up at him through her lashes, a quick flash of amber before she respectfully drops her eyes.   Scorpio: I want you Pisces: I'm yours Scorpio: No, i want to possess you, command you... Pisces: I'm yours my love. Do as you wish. Scorpio: No, i don't think you understand. I want to do vile things to you, things a good man should never do to a woman...    He rakes his hands through his hair in frustration...   Scorpio: Look at me.   Pisces looks up at him this time giving him the full weight of her gaze. She looks so fragile to him eyes so innocent yet knowing. How can she both... Her throat so delicate so breakable the site of her makes his blood boil and slam through his veins. Those lips... so plump begging to be kissed, to be bit. He grabs her by the hair and yanks her
Tag Heuer Watch: Excellence In Swiss Watches
The life and times of Edouard Heuer was a span of aspiration towards excellence and superior performance in the form of precision design and nonpareil quality. He began the company in 1860 in his unpolished which was Switzerland. The Tag Heuer Replica Watches_replica Tag Heuer watch_ Tag Heuer replica watch making company spent manifold years with success in these aspirations. A centenary and a quarter later (1985) they were put into the glistening glitzy lines of TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde). TAG is world renowned for designing and manufacturing components for Formula One race cars. With that glistening ecumenical racing environment comes a smooth sports-car appearance. TAG Heuer watches are made by means of this solitary styling earlier silent of the nonpareil quality and design that company has produced for manifold years.  With the look of theTag Heuer Replica Watches_replica Tag Heuer watch_ Tag Heuer replica watch on your wrist, you can dive into sunk water and silent se
The Strappy Shoe Test
You Are Logical You've got a lot of flair and creativity, but you temper it with organization. You have an eye for innovation, and you're always inventing totally new ways of doing things. You see the big picture, and while you delight in details, you don't get hung up on them. You get bored by routine easily. You need to be around similarly open minded people in order to thrive. The Strappy Shoe Test Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
My Life
So..heres a blog about me again. Its been awhile. I am mainly posting this for those who have wondered where I have been or why I am not on here as much as I use to be. Well Back in July when I got a bunch of lab work done..I was told that I was borderline diabetic. My dad just fund out 2 yrs ago that he is..and I know it runs in the family but I have made up my mind that I am not going to get it at this age if I can help it.  So..I started dieting. In september I decided to join curves.  In the past I have never actually exercised when I dieted.  This is the first time I have..and to tell you the truth..its true what they say. The more yu exercise the better you feel. Since then I have lost 38lbs and am just 13lbs overweight now. I have had more lab work done for a wellness program at work. I just got the results back this week. My bloodsurger and cholesterol and all is outstanding! :D  It was a big relief not to see my A1c level normal (thats the test to test how your body
But If I Did...
I don’t lie down at night wishing you were beside me and imagining the feel of your arms wrapped around me tight… I don’t wake up each morning with visions of your sweet face filling my mind… I don’t dream of your touch, your kiss, your caress… I don’t spend my waking hours envisioning your smile and the light in your beautiful eyes… I don’t long for you with every breath I take… I don’t yearn for you… I don’t love you…   But if I did, how would you feel about that?
Sad And In A Blah Mood
[oh Happy Day]
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? Regularly >> 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? Mine actually wore off after a while 3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) Yeap. I like spiders though. 4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once? Truth be told, I probably have 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? Yeah, long boring stretches of highway in eastern kansas have a hypnotic effect on me. I might be able to drive Highway 75 in my sleep. 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? yes... and I said "Oh, I'm terribly sorry- I just sneezed, could you please forgive me"    7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand? See above. I didn't shake at all.  8. Ever been so drunk you ate all the individual components
Dear Eddie....
Hey. It's me again. It seems that you always weigh heavily on my mind when something bad is about to happen, and lately, you've been on my mind alot. I seem to think that you try to guide me away from things and people that would hurt me, but you have always done that. Why should death stop you? I know that's what you would say to me if you could. I understand that since you're gone, it's harder to communicate, but you know I am always listening for you.  No matter where I go, I feel like you're always right there, with your hand on my back. You touch my face every time the wind blows, and I taste your tears everytime I cry. I remember how you always smelled, cigarette smoke, adidas cologne and pot. I've never been one to get high, or smoke cigs, but you suddenly smell so good now that I can't smell you every day. But sometimes, even in a crowded room, I smell you, and I know you're simply saying "im here, I love you", and you know I love you too. It's these moments when I know that yo
Sex Story
So sat here naked on my bed i wonder what your voice sounds like and i begin to drift off into my little sexual fantasy. I think of travelling to see you, all full of nerves because already i know you're interested sexually and i know i so don't want to dissapoint. when i first see you i think wow, i must've won the lottery and just think how strikingly sexy you are but i feel to shy to speak them. you obviously look at me and think i pass the first test, which is such a relief. We go into yours and have a couple of cups of coffee while we chat and get to know each other better. the more we talk the more relaxed we both feel. After about an hour or so we decide that we are both a bit hungry and decide on going out to a bar and having a few drinks and a meal at the same time, so both take turns to get ready.                                          A little while later we both are in the local having a nice meal and getting nicely relaxed as the alcohol kicks in. At some point the conve
Mental convolution. Blur the lines of thought and action. I know. What has my mind gone and done without me? Again.  Succumb. To whim. Promise. Folly is my deepest sin. all aboard....
When you get less than a 10 on a pic, even if you get points, do you mark the person less than a 10, or give them a 10 or 11, "like" them and mark their only pic a 10 or 11?
All Bout My Dad That I Miss
i wish my dad was here i miss him so much. i have not seen him in 15 years and i just wish you would come back home because so hard not seening you in my life. i can remeber when he was a around. it was so good times to have him in life and now he is gone and i want him back. i love my dad a lot. i am dad's girl and his not seen his grandkids that he has. i miss u dad and i love u i just wish would come back to me.                                                                                       love always your daughter tracy
Sexy Appearance Of Tila Tequila Trumps Jennifer Aniston On Same Show!
Pretty funny skit featuring two sexy babes, one has a sex tape the other does not have one yet, that we know of any way! Watch The Sexy Tila Tequila get all of the hosts attention and Jennifer Aniiston get jealous and angry! CLICK HERE TO WATCH FUNNY VIDEO NOW!
All My Kids And My Family
Living In A Dream
I was never the kindTo be taking my timeAny place that's worth a damnAnd today's another dayThat I've gone and thrown awayAnd I don't care where it lands'Cause I'm just thinking about usI've been living in a dream about youAnd now I know you were all I ever wanted on my mindAnd if I never seeMy own realityWell, I'm okay to leave it all behindI'll be gone for a timeTuning out for a whileIt's gonna look like I'm not all thereI've decided that todaySeems alright to piss awayIgnore my empty stare'Cause I'm just thinking about usI've been living in a dream about youAnd now I know you were all I ever wanted on my mindAnd if I never seeMy own realityWell, I'm okay to leave it all behindWhen I come downAnd look aroundI can't believeThe fantasy is gone like a memoryOut of my reachFading out from meYou're fading out from meI've been living in a dream about youAnd now I know you were all I ever wanted on my mindAnd if I never seeMy own realityWell, I'm okay to leave it all behind
Another One Of Justin... Possibly Starting Center! Woohoo!!
OFFENSIVE LINEThe Starters: Missouri brings back four starters from last year's team. The tackle positions are set with Elvis Fisher and Dan Hoch. The starting guards are Austin Wuebbels and Jayson Palmgren. The only new starter will be at center where it seems Justin Britt will get first shot to replace Tim Barnes, but Travis Ruth will be in the discussion as well.The Challengers: Along with whichever player does not win the center spot, Jack Meiners will play major minutes. Mark Hill could push for time in a reserve role. Coming off redshirt seasons, Anthony Gatti, Nick Demien and Mitch Morse all have a chance to position themselves well for the future.Major Spring Storyline: Who replaces Barnes? Before Blaine Gabbert and Aldon Smith went pro, many would have said Barnes would be the biggest loss off last year's team. Missouri has had a stunning line of succession at center, starting only four players going back to Rob Riti in the late 1990's. For the first time, there is some questi
A Guide To Being A Perfect Boyfriend / Husband - Yes I Wrote All Of This, And Its From The Heart/ Past Experiences - What I Want In A Guy
1) if she walks away from you - follow her 2) if she tares at your lips - kiss her 3) when she pushes or hits you - grab her and dont let go 4)  when her hand rubs against yours - grab it and hold her hand 5) if she's cold - give her your jacket 6) if he lets you wear his clothing - he likes you in them 7) if she comes  to you crying - ask whos ass am i gonna kill 8) most women PERFER to be called BEAUTIFUL over sexy. by calling them sexy, iot most of the time makes them feel like just a trophy girl, if you  tell them they are beautiful, they know you mean inside and out   * most of the time girls jsut want their man to cuddle with them, so sit on the couch, watch a movie, and put your arm around her   * girls love when their man holds them, and hugs them for no reason at all   * those kisses out of nowhere ? yeah we love those too.   * dont say  you love us if you dont, cause sooner or later we will find out the truth   * if u feel like cheating, just end the realtion
How To Catch A Fish. The Pisces Love Mystery.
How to catch a fish. The Pisces love mystery. So have your eye on a Pisces woman. You find yourself attracted to her because there is something so mysterious and intriguing about her that you just can't figure out. Join the crowd. Making a Pisces woman fall in love with you is the easy part, its keeping her attention that's hard. You may always feel like there are parts of her you can never touch. If you are astute enough to notice theses things. And if you are not you wont last long. She needs her shadows to feel safe. When she loves she does so with every bit of her soul. This requires her to be very vulnerable. She needs that shadow to run to when she is overwhelmed or if things go badly. Everything has meaning to her; the wording of your speech, whether you kissed her goodnight, did you call her at lunch. For instances; she asks what are you going to do tonight. You say, "I don't know I think i'll stay in watch some tv then go to bed early." What she he
Pisces On Love And Sex
When your Venus is in Pisces, you love tenderly and compassionately. You are a peace-maker at heart, and your sensors are so strong that you pick up as much as possible, and perhaps more, from your partner. You have a sense of humor in love, although you have your shares of ups and downs, as you are a very sensitive person. Harshness bothers you. Wistfulness is almost as natural to you as breathing when it comes to love. No matter how you approach other areas of your life, there is a romantic side of you. You crave making a connection with a person—many would call it a deep connection, but spiritual is a better word, as your ideal love rises above rather than plunges below the mundane world. You can be devastatingly attractive to some people, and your charm is of a tender and soft quality. Others sense your warmth, but also some elusiveness. As much as you want to connect and share with another person, you also resist being pinned down. You prefer to enjoy a certai
If You Know A Biker
IF U KNOW A BIKER" PLEASE" REPOST!!I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line.But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall.I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant.But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by.But you didn't see me driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window.I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children.But you didn 't see me when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.I saw you stare at my long hair.But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love.I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves.But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to those that ha
A Vision
i have a vision... i want to share with sitting on the leather sofa wearing a tank top and shorts. we are just sitting here watching the news with a couple glasses of wine....when i stand up to go to bed after the news you grab me gently wrapping your arms around me with a warm strong embrace you kiss my neck and nibble my ear gently... your hot breath on my ear and neck, makes my whole body get weak from desire... my knees start to bend slightly and your hold on me tightens so you can work your way to the other side... you are gentle but firm you are taking what you want... doing something you have been thinking about doing for a few hours while watching me drink wine relaxing with you after a long day... you take one hand to grip my breast... holding it, rubbing it, starting a fire inside me... you lay me down on the couch, continuing with your hand on my breast working it out of my shirt so i can feel your hands on my skin burning me up with desire... anticipation of the p
Burn Supper
im cooking dinner... its almost ready... everything is on low just simmering.... u know ive been in a bad mood for a couple days and just dont know what to do for me... but you decide to be sweet, and kiss the back of my neck while im bent over the stove.... and the warmth of your lips and the heat of your breath just drives me over the edge.....i lean into your kiss as you bring your hands to my hips causing a burst of flames to shoot from my neck to my hips... and below... you turn me in your arms, and grab my butt ... while you kiss my neck, and nibble my ear... all i can do is moan from the pleasure of your touch...  im instantly on fire from your attention... the look in your eyes as u pull away from my face tells me how much you want me, your eyes are clouded with passion as you gently pull me around the corner toward the bedroom...  i follow you as if there is an invisible leash connecting us... our eyes are locked as you lead me to the kiss my neck, and shoulders as y
Well I am on the road to healthy weight loss and being more active.  The worse is all the measuring and the weighing in and knowing that if I am to make this work I have to cut out all alcohol and all sugary, fatty, non-healthy, non-essential foods.  Bright side, I love to cook and cooking healthy shouldn’t be all that hard for me.  But yeah I am a bit down tonight after all is said and done, I hope tomorrow will be better.   Brought to you by
Toy's In The Attic Will Be In Colonie Ny And Haverhill Mass This Weekend
this weekend we will be at the road house in colonie ny on friday and at mal's lounge in haverhill mass on saturday.....come on out and have a good time....and if you see me say for more info
Just Had A Thought That Made Me Giggle To Myself.....
I saw the status "If you cant handle me at my worst, you don't deserve my best" now what made me giggle is ive seen that status countless times from fu whores throughout fubar over the years and to those fu whores i say....... if your worst is showin ur stuff to anyone who wants to look at it.... what's your best? keeping your clothes on? laying off the crack? the word to the wise being, your worst better not outweigh your best or you will ultimately end up lonely!
What Difference   What difference does it make If the sun won't shine tomorrow If all you feel is sorrow  What difference does it make?   What differance does it make If you give love and it's not returned A ray of hope is what you yearn What difference does it make?   What differance does it make If inside you really hurt If you feel like is dirt What difference does it make?   What differance does it make If all you do is one big mistake If all just want to take What difference does it make?   All the differance if tomorrow Is the day that rids the sorrow All the love you gave is returned You get more then all you've earned Love gets rid of all the hurt Washes away all the dirt You learn from your mistakes Find out just what it takes Find out  A day Makes All the difference in the world.

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