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RmYWarrioR5's blog: "This Place"

created on 12/08/2010  |  http://fubar.com/this-place/b338184

I have been back on this site now for about six months. I met my best friend and wife on this site as well, much has changed since I met her here back in 2007. We have had the most precious little girl a couple could have, been through a deployment and a Permanent Change of Station move inside of our almost three years of marriage. We again are packing our bags and heading for the Hawaiian Islands on yet another PCS move as Big Army has decided my skill set is needed in the Pacific. I am very lucky, especially when I  see all the guys that leave comments and talk S*!t on Classc1's page. It sucks to want what you can never touch, taste or feel boys. Believe me I do just those things every night. Enough on the view on our life here in hillbilly hell Missouri. It will soon be in a tropical paradise. 


The real reason I am wiring this evening is ............................................

All these ladies sporting the cleavage shots or the just from below that boob to the shoulder and face shots and to those that are doing the "Birds Eye View" shots. Some profiles that have checked my profile out show nothing but these types of shots. Come on ladies if you are going to so BIG cleavage, why not be brave enough to show from below the boobs down. I am the last guy that is going to get drawn in by these types of shots ............... I can look at a set of 36D's on the VergE of 36DD's that have a size 4 ass under them on a daily / nightly basis. You ladies hiding the size 14 -24 ass in your bird's eye view shots are just going to disappoint a guy should you step from behind the security of you computer and meet them. 

Having a wife such as Classc1 and taking around 97% of the pictures on her page myself, I know what FAT/OVERWEIGHT is in pictures, I can tell if you outweigh me .................... I am not a small man at 210 pounds; just by looking at arms, shoulders and face in your pictures. I know that if your wrist and forearm are bigger than mine you got me by at least 40 to 50 pounds. IF you insist on showing your large tits and cleavage, then have the intestinal fortitude to show the rest of yourselves. Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

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