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Father Had A Stroke 3 Weeks Ago - Update
Well, my father had a stroke about 3 weeks ago, i've been in and out of the hospital to visit him quite frequently, yesterday i went to the hospital to visit my him, and sofar he is able to move his leg pretty good but the newest news is he is actually able to move his arm.. with quite a struggle but still none the less he IS able to move it!!!
Join My Mafia Turf
join my mafia turf
Walking You may be trying to slow down your pace or lack the means to make speedy progress. Walking is a dichotomous symbol in that it can be both frustrating and relaxing to walk. Walking is much more of a discovery-oriented journey than driving, flying, or other modes of transit. When walking, you are forced to experience your environment in much more detail since you are moving through it so slowly. To walk in a dream, especially if your perceived destination is far off, may indicate that you are missing some of the pleasure life has to offer by fixating on destinations, rather than on journeys. In order to see the interpretive value of the walking, it must be determined why walking is the preferred mode of transit. Are there other dream characters involved in walking, marching, or hiking? Are you trying to walk in an environment that is normally traveled by car?
Abandonment   Watching a child realize he is alone is a heartrending event. In a moment, he goes from content to worried to panicked. One of our most primitive fears is the fear of being separated from family, friends, or society. In dreams, being abandoned can have several connotations that derive from psychological or physical experience. The primary interpretive question is: Who abandoned the dreamer, and why? Being individually abandoned by a significant other can represent a feeling of insecurity in a relationship. This may reflect concerns about the feelings of another towards you. Are you genuinely receptive to the idea of being loved and valued, or do you view another's affection as a put-on? Perhaps you view yourself as lovable as you are known, but fear that more revelation about you will lead to isolation. This could be especially true if there is a taboo experience being kept secret from the person who has abandoned you (e.g., marital infidelity). Dreams of t
Will You
Will you be there with me until the very endWill you be my soulmate, my lover my friendWill you stand beside me In good times and badWill you hold me & comfort me in happy and sad.Will you promise to love me, not break my heartWill you promise not lies, a fresh clean start.Will you promise to hold me, kiss me each dayWill you say "I love you" and mean it alwaysWhen its time to leave me, your time to move onWill you tell me goodbye, my friend, my love I'm gone.
Nobel Prize
Obama’s speech after receiving a peace Nobel Prize that war sometimes is for humanity, In other words fighting for peace is like f…cking for virginity.      
This Is A Good One
Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man.  He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the Kentucky backcountry.  As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost, and being a typical man I didn't stop for directions. I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight.  There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch.  I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn't know what else to do, so I started to play.  The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around.  I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends.  I played like I've never played before for this homeless man.  And as I played “Amazing Grace,” the workers began to weep. They wept, I wept, we all wept toge
Cave   If you ever watched the old Kung Fu TV series, you may remember the powerful beginning sequence: Grasshopper (David Carradine) is in a cave. He seizes the smoking cauldron and burns the tiger and dragon images onto his skin as he carries the cauldron out into the sun. Upon doing so, his initiation is complete and he is an official Taoist monk. The cave is the archetypal place of initiation. Caves are the first and most sacred of human dwelling places. As such, people may often feel a primordial sense of attraction to caves in their dreams. Initiation is the Jungian term for becoming a Self in the transition from childhood to maturity. Jung contends that there are rites of passage that need to be completed. The cave is often the place this is done. For much of human history, caves have been sacred places of shelter from the world; the place that became the extent of a person's kingdom in the face of uncertainty and peril. While the cave itself may not be a central image any lo
Kissing   Kissing is often associated with youthful love. It is teenagers, and not parents, who kiss until they are weak in the knees on the escalator in the mall. You can be kissing another, watching others kiss, or experience that I'm about to be kissed moment. Kissing another is often wish-fulfillment or sexual acting out. The wish-fulfillment may not be to kiss per se, but to experience the youthful energy of love. Kissing in this sense is the desire for the awakening of passion, not necessarily the passion acted out. Watching others kiss may be a sign of knowing too much about them personally or participating in their lives at too personal a level. The exception here would be if you are watching your partner kiss another, which is an obvious herald of infidelity or a desire for voyeurism in the relationship. The about to be kissed moment is an interesting one. Often, it occurs as we wake up. This is the dream that may most accurately reflect a desire for actual passion with a
Missing Appointments
Missing Appointments Many people live and die by the desk calendar these days. Ours is a time-conscious, time-driven culture. Most of us have more things to do on our schedules than we can comfortably manage. These pressures have created an environment where missing appointments and scheduled events is a constant threat. Dreams to this effect are common. One of the trigger events for these dreams is the nagging fear that we may not get it all done as we should. Our anxiety about appearing competent to others is fragile and often assaulted in dreams. Another interpretation of this dream is missing an opportunity. Life invites participation in more than could ever be accomplished. Every invitation comes with the promise that this event could change your life. The changes may include relationship or career rewards. A final scenario revolves around fulfilling the relationship obligations that already exist in your life. In this case, dreams of missed appointments may be reminding you
Health Care
Ok  i am growing tired of this back handed sneaking around bullshit from our politicians in the great toilet bowl called Washington D.C. what ever happened to a government  ( OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE )? It has turned into a political agenda for the two parties,We need to flush these turds out to sea and find representatives  that will represent us. Health Care is a serious issue but each party has their own agenda and it is like trying to fix a leaky dike with bubblegum. They should start with the illegal aliens why the fuck are we paying for them they come here and take our jobs. Next unwed mothers having children to collect welfare tell them suck dick next time. Now we come to what they call a broken system ( IT IS NOT BROKEN IT IS JUST REALLY FUCKED UP ). Get rid of the damn HMO'S and all of the other shit and combine  them into one health care organization. Now you have one system with rates that are the same all across the country.                               
Humiliation Junkie.
You couldn't love me if ever you tried.I'm not your type, not full of pride.Or full of me, all i can be, is what you see.I'm in pieces...A cross to bear...A jaded Narcotic..defrauded tear..Still so hysterical...A moth drawn to your flame..Encomium showers me in glow.Don't say goodnight, you needn't have to go.I'm a Neophyte, Pristine...Burning inside..I want you to know that I really fucking, here's  your poision, across there,  the otherside.I'm impure.Slightly demure.My self - abuse it shows I missed the nooseon the inside my conflicts grow..I expected nothing more tonight, how obscure of me to think I might...I wouldv'e painted your world Euphoria..Raised you to elation, a seventh sense of sight.How Sedate.... My Nocturne isn't played with hate.I know you crave a malevolent symphony.One played not for you, but he.The demon that steals you, and hides you, and rapes you.What happened to serenity?Covered with blood again..Would you adore a halcyon?or maybe an anodyne, to fo
He had awaited this day his whole life. the day that She and he were finally 'one'. Thinking back about all the absolute **** they had gone thru, he was again amazed. Afterall.. so many had been against their union from the start. Those who were jealous, those who were suspicious, those who were just.. EVIL and wanted to see either him or her sufforing. Never happy. But now, on this very day, they are PROVING all the others wrong. He looks up as the music starts. Tho he's heard it countless times before, this time the song seems brand-new. He sees her.. 'she looks more beautiful evey single day' he thinks. Standing there, even thru the veil, their eyes lock. He smiles even wider. She smiles back, that smile of hers that just melts him. All his fears, all his worries.. every bad thing just disappears when she gives him that smile. She walks towards him, slowly, in time with the music, tho every instinct in her makes her want to run to him.. Now they stand there. Both answer the questi
Perfect Song For How I Feel
I see your face in my mind as I drive away 'Cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way People are people and sometimes we change our minds But it's killing me to see you go after all this time Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Music starts playin' like the end of a sad movie It's the kinda ending you don't really wanna see 'Cause it's tragedy and it'll only bring you down Now I don't know what to be without you around And we know it's never simple, never easy Never a clean break, no one here to save me You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand And I can't breathe Without you, but I have to Breathe Without you, but I have to Never wanted this, never want to see you hurt Every little bump in the road I tried to swerve People are people and sometimes it doesn't work out Nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out And we know it's never simple, never easy Never a clean break, no one here
What I Fed My Buddah Belly Today and banana8:00am....Coffee and Fiber bar11:30am... Salad with  beets, olives, eggs with ranch dressing, 1/4 wheat roll, Vitamin water. (no java after lunch...sob)6:30pm...Coffee and 6 slices of turkey bacon
Invictus By William Ernest Henley
Out of the night that covers me,Black as the Pit from pole to pole,I thank whatever gods may beFor my unconquerable soul.In the fell clutch of circumstanceI have not winced nor cried aloud.Under the bludgeonings of chanceMy head is bloody, but unbowed.Beyond this place of wrath and tearsLooms but the Horror of the shadeAnd yet the menace of the yearsFinds, and shall find, me unafraid.It matters not how strait the gate,How charged with punishments the scroll.I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul.  
Tequila And Salt
  Tequila and Salt   This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it every d
I'm The Reason
I'm sorry that I hurt you,I hate to see you cry.I'm sorry what I said to you,Made you want to die.I know why you walked away,Why you left my side.And when you walked away from me,My best parts all died.But for all the pain I caused you,Hurt feelings held inside,I really did love you,And it's the thing that still survives.
Geminid Meteor Over Monument Valley
Facebook Tourture
        Hood Mood: Clay        Travis : my older brother     Travis December 12 at 8:12am    (no subject)in regards to any heat you may catch from norms and simps by having me in your click    Between You and Travis Travis McMaster December 12 at 8:12amClay I added you as a friend but you have to try to tone it down a bit here, and how about just a pic of "clay" not evil clay? Do I need to pick you up thursday night or can you get here friday (18th) morning to help me move?Clay  December 12 at 8:42amfuck thatClay  December 12 at 8:44amregarding moving, what is today....i want to help...i like helping....helping is nice for friends to help each other with love, cuddles, hugs, we kiss and love hugs....what is i late already...i cant feel my thumbsClay  December 12 at 8:55amplease consider: ones right to try and express their inner feelings by way of changing ones exterior to reflect the way one may feel inside/outside (inside,out) does not necessarily warrant EVIL or TONE IT
A Trace
When at night, I close my eyesI have you on my mindThrough all the fun and gamesThere's something I seek to find. Signs I am searching forFrom expressions on your faceTo words that are spokenExpecting more than a trace. With this new discoveryWhen crossing over the lineAs sleep comes upon meThe dreams alone are mine.
The Lyrics To My Theme Song...if You Read It You Will Understand Why
Can you imagine us, making love The way you would feel the first time that we touched, Can you think of it, the way I dream of it, I want you to see it like I'm seeing it, It's a picture of perfection, The vision of you and I... You're lips upon my lips, Can you just picture this, You're fingertips on my fingertips, Your skin upon my skin Would be the sweetest sin All night I lie awake, Cause its too much to take, dreaming about the love that we can make, All day I think of schemes, to get you next to me, I want you so bad that I can barely breathe, It's a sign of my obsession, That I can't stop thinking about Your lips upon my lips, Can you invision this, Temptation I could never resist, Your skin upon my skin, Would be the sweetest sin You are the sweetest sin It would feel so good to be so bad, You don't know how bad... I want that.... I would do anything to feel your love Your lips upon my lips can you just picture this your fingertips on my fingertip
My Life
I just got back in touch with my daughter after 15 years. We sat down and talked. She now knows where her temper comes from and why she has a big heart. Now she is sad that dont have anyone in my life. I just got out of a 7 year hook up. What do a 43 old an is going to do?
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Tournament by Loretta Osgood 8/95 - Houston, Texas USA   There were about 45 people gathered for the weekly Sunday afternoon BDD at Sherlock's Baker Street Pub, an establishment located in a 2-story shopping center with the upstairs dart room opening onto a balcony. Just before the draw was made a strange smell was noticed. Laughs all around about someone having thrown a "funny" cigarette in the waste basket. But the smell got stronger. "It's OK folks, said the barmaid, "I think there was a paper towel burning in the trash can." But the smell got stronger...and the room got smoky. Really smoky, with solid curls of smoke obscuring the boards. Everyone started going out on the balcony between rounds for fresh air. Then sirens connected to great big red trucks sounded in the parking lot below. Then a man (I think it was a man, you couldn't really tell, what with the big yellow coat and oxygen mask he was wearing) comes running through the bar and is startle
My Life According To:
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)." ← not doing this   Pick an artist: Dave Matthews Band   Are you male or female: Monkey Man   Describe yourself: Best of whats around   How do you feel: So right   Describe where you live: The space between   If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Louisiana Bayou   Your favorite form of transportation: Two step   Your best friend is: Bartender   You and your best friends are: True reflections   Whats the weather like: Grey Street   Favorite time of day: Sleep to dream her   If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: One sweet world   What is life to you: Help myself   Your current relaitionship: So Right   Your fears: What will become of me?   Thought of the d
Learning Acceptance
I thought it was time to write something serious well at least to me anyways. In the last week I have been having a really rough time. I have been dealing with things, I wish I didnt have to deal with. I writing because things have change for me. I have learned lot of things over the years of being online. I am not looking for the love of my life on here, though if it happens that good too. I have accepted that finding true love anywhere not just one line is almost impossible. I have learned there are liars, player, and hurtful people even though they claim not to be. I just dont understand why people have to be that way to get what they want. For if i can't get what i want for being my self then i dont wont it. just sad to see alot of people pretending to be somethere not. This blog is not directed to just one person, its general observation. The things that I have been dealing with for the past week has taught me something. Even though I have heard it many times before. I am just goi
Dedicated..... To... A Past Lover
Stop Staring at me like that I can feel your gaze across the miles All I wanted was a piece of your time One on one conversation about.... US You gave me lies, accusations.... distractions I was one of your lies When I questioned you about it you denied me time and again But look at the stains on my hands and soul You called me your lil destroyer Told me to crush spirits and souls for you And blindly I followed your words How many have I killed for you? Is my soul forever tarnished? I ran to you broken You viewed me as a threat Hostile But still you bled what you could from me take took gone Nothing left when you were done Just a broken shell with an ice hard heart Running as fast as I could from you Putting myself in peril His knife was duller than the pain you forced Unwanted Unloved Whithered I crack like bitter leaves Still you push for things After the fact Your nickname for me.. "cumbucket"
The Difference
I have been getting a few messages as of late, about my mafia character being mean or saying things that some feel is either offensive or cruel. SO, I decided to write this blog to explain something to you folks that don't understand the concept of a "game." On Fubar, I am me, Silver. In Fu-Mafia, I am Frankie. Frankie has a COMPLETELY different personality than I do. She is a mobster that her sworn enemies are the Whack-A-Moles. She hates the moles and will stop at nothing to exterminate them. Now, although Silver and Frankie are both smart asses, they are different entities. Whatever Frankie does or says in Fu-Mafia is NOT, I repeat, NOT a reflection of Silver. Silver doesn't hate anyone, including the real people behind the WAM's. Get it yet? When I am on Fubar, I am Silver. When I am playing Fu-Mafia, I am Frankie. If Frankie has done or said anything to anyone that pissed you off, while playing Fu-Mafia,  well, then, YAY! That's part of the game!! Keyword here being
Need A Free Shoutcast Server? Heres How To Get One!
Trying to find a Cheap Shoutcast server or just tired of paying for one? Why dont you get a FREE one instead? How you ask.... it quite simple. There are many sites that offer free ones but they dont allow you to stream out side of there web site they give you... or can you. With a simple work around you can! Dont beleive me, check out mine at the whisky lounge. now heres how I did it. Go to and make an account and install the server, it will give you several choices of server locations to choose from. Then will give you the ip and port, setup sams ( or your favorite streaming software) to stream to that server. change player in lounge to the new server, and start streaming. Listeners will need to open up the page that is setup for your server just long enought to hear music. Have them press play in your lounge player and close out the listen2myradio page and POW!!!! You are using your 100% free shout cast server out side of their site. Still d
What Im Feeling
Baby, don't turn out the light I wanna see you look at me Whisper only truth tonight Not just promises and empty fantasies  I don't need a bed of roses 'Cause roses wither away All I really need is honesty From someone with a strong heart A gentle hand Who'll take me as I am Baby, I need for you to know Just exactly how I feel Fiery passions come and go I'd trade a million pretty words For one touch that is real I don't need a bed of roses 'Cause roses wither away All I really need is honesty From someone with a strong heart A gentle hand Who'll take me as I am From someone with a strong heart A gentle hand Who'll take me as I am 
What is love? why must we always search for love? Do any of us really even know what love is? hate is so much easier than love. That's why there are more wars then peace... love is easier to give up on. how do you really know if your in love? honestly? lust is easy confused for love. so how does one really know what love is? Some people just say its out of habit some say its cuz they are more in love with the idea of love then love it self.. So how do we find this out? i mean some say love is being able to see a person at their lowest point and still don't want to give up on them. Some say its loving a person to the point that you can't live without them. but shouldn't a reason for love not be so selfish? How do we really know? Is it being able to deal with a person all the time? Is it i that we cant see ourselves with anyone else? Or do we just all settle for the next best thing? because love is to hard that we find someone and be with the, cuz we are afraid of the idea of being alone
Walk Across America For Cancer
Please say a prayer for my friend scott norman, he recently found out that he has a progressive brain tumor and the doctors say he will be lucky to make it till christmas. he decided to do a walk across america before his time is through here on this earth and i am asking for my fu friends and family to please pray for him that he finishes his walk. All prayers will be greatly appreciated.   I am very passionate about cancer and my heart goes out to all that have suffered from it...the reason i am so passionate about it is because it took my family one by one. I pray that there will be a cure to stop this monster from hurting anymore. God bless you all and remember your in my thoughts prayers and heart.
Nsfw Images On Comments, Blogs, Mumms, Profiles, Etc!
*****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG***** If you are posting PORN or overly NSFW comment tags on people's profile you will be either deleted or suspended from leaving comments for a week. If you have multiple accounts, we will suspend all of your accounts and/or delete you. This is clearly posted on the site. NSFW content must be marked. Comments, blogs, bulletins, stash, etc, etc. fall under this.   If you are reading this blog because you are getting an error message when you post comments, bulletins, blogs, etc, I would rethink about the content you're posting. You are suspended for violating this policy. You are more than welcome to put your favorite NSFW content in a photo album and mark it NSFW. If you are a repeat offender, your profile will be deleted. The majority of people here do not want to be forced to look at soft porn when cruising the site.  If you see someone who is abusing their comment privs, please report to a bouncer.
For Surreal #5 (savage Garden - Truely, Madly, Deeply) By C51
C51 Swimming
C51 (pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here) 2009 Lmaooooooo
I Never Made It/ Dub Fx
If you havent heard these guys yet...check it out!  I highly recommend :) I NEVER MADE IT I’ve got my eyes open wide to the ceiling I’m lying on my back in the centre of a room I’ve got a voice giving me a funny feeling Its telling me the world’s going to end real soon I’ve got to get a job otherwise I’m unappealing Do my little dance for the man and consume So i let my energy build for the healing So i can reign down with my super sonic boom I’m held down by a fog on my way to the top All clouded and the pressure won’t rise I’m on a mission to the sky with the stars in my eyes Yet the weather won’t compromise Like a ball on a chain that is strapped to my brain I’m a prisoner inside of my dreams So i will appreciate the future of a day Where the clouds open up and scream And i sing now I aint gonna spend my time wandering why i never made it I’ve already made it I aint gonna spend my days thinking about why
But, You Did.
What would have happened if...?   What would have happened if you hadn't said goodbye when you did. If you hadn't had to go to South Carolina. What would have happened if it hadn't been sadness for days, of weeks, of months of ends of years. If time was tide and tides rolled out slower than in. If the talk hadn't turned to silences. If hours hadn't turned to days, which turned to weeks. If we hadn't learned to talk less and be alone more.   If you had have been able to stay. If you'd wanted to. If they'd shown up before it was all bad. If she hadn't needed a breathing tube to remember before. If we hadn't come back here where you can't be you and I'm far too me. If we'd stayed in the rain and danced transcendent. If it was all just piercings at the Metro and walking the parking lot of the Krogers at 2am, contemplating pumpkins and the chill.   If that night at the Catwalk was a lifetime. If we'd never been to Vegas or left half our life there. If I never gave up, gave in or gave
A Beautiful Little Christms Tale
This is a Christmas song, and I like many can't figure out how to embed this in my blog so it will be in my comment.  A little background first... As stated before, I am a socialist, not afraid to admit it.  It's not about government control and the bullshit that conservative talk radio accuse the current president of.  Socialism is about workers, workers rights/self ownership and representation for labor by the government. This song does relate  TRUE story.  It's important to me because it concerns poor workers on strike and Italians working in an area with very few italians, and were therefore hated... The song is written and sung by Woody Guthrie... Merry Christmas...
...don't Look
A dark night. A lonely, winding road. Silence, pain and God, the shadows.   The silence struck like windshield glass to a developing thorax. The dark was palpable. Like ink falling at the edges of the panels. You could feel it infecting your eyes. Drooling down like boney fingers threatening to peel away the lens. It felt wrong...just wrong. A haze fell everywhere, even in the foglights on the front of that pumpkin orange Pinto. If it wasn't a gift, it would have been funny. But it was, so it wasn't.   The truth is that noone knew which side of the road it had come from. Noone could say where it had been before it was just...there. Just a bone cracking sound, wet thud, jarred feeling. Stopping the car wasn't hard as much as it was...instinctual. The dust and dirt that kicked up made it a romance novel, a Hollywood horror film, something just...wrong. The smear on the bumper told the tale, but where was it...what was it?   And the shadows whispered "Don't look"   Bu
Christmas Time Once Again
yes christmas time once again....that one moment in the year when we forgive the smallest discretion. Its the one moment when we treat people like we want to be treated all year round. It's where the people that are homeless, instead of being treated like they're invisible, are treated with kindness. When instead of asking for a handout, all they want is a smile. Its the time of miracles and maybe just maybe if we believe, we can make miracles happen. But then miracles do merry christmas to all....
Always Look Around You
Hello my Fu Friends,    Tis the season again,and this time it has found me in a awkward position. My company has transferred me a thousand miles away from all family and friends. I spent Thanksgiving walled up in my room here in TX,feeling bad that isolation and lonliness really affects people,I will be here alone for X-mas too. But you know what? There are always others less fortunate than you...or me. God bless our troops overseas,giving their lives,pray for them,feel for the homeless,be glad everyday that you have somewhere,or something to call home. Take the time to reach out and touch a strangers hand,even if it is only to extend a friendly smile,for they do a long way ya know. Think of the sick and weary in hospitals that will not be home for this holiday,be grateful always of the health and happiness that you have,and hope to keep.    Happy Holidays to all of you,make it the best it can be...
The Most Important Lives
the most important lives in my life will always cherish my love will never lose faith in anything i do   the most important lives in my life give me smiles ive never worn before give healing to my torn being give every breathe i need   yes,theyre the most important lives  in my life my 12 gifts on christmas all my love bundled up all that i count on   the most important lives in my life are mommys whole world mommys brave big world mommy love all bundles up for them   theyre the most important lives in my life    
All Your Sex Questions Answered
The questions we all wanted answered about the sex experience are here for you to see. Some sexperts have published their finding for all to feel I mean read. For example, At what point in their lives can people experience orgasm? In other words, at what age can you can have an orgasm? Here’s a one I like, Can reaching orgasm trigger a heart attack? If Nelson Rockefeller were alive today we could ask him. As you might know the vice president died in his young girl friends Upper Manhattan apartment. Here’s the mother of all sex questions, Are the sensations experienced from orgasm the same for males and females? Who cares? I like my orgasms when I’m lucky enough to find a babe willing to let get off on her. When she has hers, she’ll let you know if it’s as good as yours dude. Want more sex, and who doesn’t, follow this arousing link:,2933,580199,00.html?test=faces Get all the orgasmic music feeling you want right h
Huge Virus Coming!!!!!!please Read
HUGE VIRUS COMING ! PLEASE READ [My input/mein Beitrag] From Richard E.  Word to the wise.       Hi All,      I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing up for this virus!       I checked Snopes, and it is for real. Get this E-mail message sent around to your contacts ASAP.     PLEASE FORWARD THIS WARNING AMONG FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS!       You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK,'regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which 'burns' the whole hard disc C of your computer.      This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts. It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.      If you receive a mail called' POSTCARD,' even though sent to you by a friend, do not open it! Shut down your computer imm
A Different Christmas Poem
A Different Christmas Poem:   The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight.
The contents of my old fashion are frozen to the side of the glass.Sooty alchohol and stiff parts breaking off in the chill.All new, redesigned custom tailored hell of a flop house and a broken-down furnace.On the upshot, there's a metal garbage pale and plenty of bad poetry to burn.Scribbles thick with charcoal for starter.Hues tanins stains and smudges smolder for a brief flirtation of warmth.The things I loved intensely for a few hours at a time.Moments. Flawed curvature. Siren.How I hated her for being so perfect today.Hair down, like cool sunlight gliding down her shoulders.Pixy smile, impish, coy, perfect for a precision nipand a few thousand sunday mornings.Reclined, and exposed to every clumsy compliment and stumbling second-guessed advance,it was trust.Not surrender, not extortion, not begging, bargaining or hurled glass.You've had that same look in your eyes every time you have a minute for me.Like sweet unburdening life support.That wasn't there before.I think the first time
My Rant
Long life energy saving light bulbs are total bollocks. They don't last ten years and they are so dull you have to buy the highest wattage, which still feels like a flickering candle and end up buying another lamp to brighten the room.   How is that 'energy saving'? I now have two lights running to make up for the ONE light I used to have. Apparently if you use the energy bulbs on the ceiling they don't last long with heat reflecting from the ceiling and they are only going to last ten years if you only use them for 3 hours a day, and to make matters worse, if you continually switch them off and on, THAT reduces their lifespan as well!   On top of all that, the light gives me a dull thudding headache and I end up with a battery lamp beside my laptop!   So, basically I am going through these energy saving bulbs at a rate of 2 a year! My old bulbs lasted longer and I don't know if that's less energy used, but when you work out the carbon footprint of supplying these bulbs at the s
Water Rings
You're just so fucking sad, aren't you?   She's a stain on a wall. Nothing to see, but the remnant of a human undescribed, undefined, underloved, the undersigned. Just a stain...on a wall. An outline where a girl should be, could be, would be, should we, won't be, won't see... and me... I'm just looking at the watermarks.   She's out of phase. That's the state. The way she waits, the way she prays.   They can't see her, walking by. If she smiles, if she cries, if she sighs, if she...   But she...   And you... you're just so fucking sad, aren't you? Your tearstained whine bleeds ears but feels empty. You don't know from echoes. You're just singing Robert Johnson ...while she's bleeding on the crossroads.   You can't bend a string. But she's just a stain...on a wall. Aren't they sad.   ...aren't we all?    
Please Help Me!!
Click "VOTE"(on all 3) and then click "SHARE"(on all 3) to post to your sites (to get more votes)...I am trying to win a scholarship and can really use your help. Thanks so much in advance for anything you can do=))   Share Your Bright Holiday MomentsSponsored by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Who Would Jesus Do?
My Christmases were claymation and cartoons. Charlie Brown picked a wretched tree while the Abominable Snowman kidnapped an elf who just wanted to be something else. Bedrock was the starting place for a trip around the world in a night, while all the Whos down in Whoville were hornswaggled and bamboozled.   My Christmases were huge trees and gaudy tinsel. Hours upon hours of decoration just to balance it all out and fingertips cold crimson from sewing needles and popcorn. Cat heights taken into consideration and strings hung in bows to hold cards and carefully misbegotten ornaments. Somewhere there was silence, just under the carols that came from the stylus needle. Akai, or Aiwa emblazoned on the woodgrain speakers, near tall as I was...or more. The only people stirring outside were travelling house to house to hand out cellophane wrapped ideals of suburban delight. Sure we knew our neighbours, but did we really like them? Why would you wish a fruitcake on your worst enemy?   My
Lost Hoping To Find
recently i have een trying to find a man by the name of chris heckman for my daughter wants to know where he is i have put his name on myspace and facebook and yahoo and yearbook but no one knows him this my last try if you know him and know his mom by the nam of terry heckmen please email me at thank you
Kitty Lyrics For Brackish
She is not scared to die..The best things in life drive her to cry.Crucify than learn..(take so much away from inside you, makes no sense,you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)Sit and watch me burn..She's led to believe, that it be okay,look at your face, scarred in dismay,but times have changed, and so have you..I think I'd rather crucify than learn(take so much away from inside you, makes no sense,you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)Sit and watch me burn..I'd like to take you down, and show youdeep inside, my life my inner workingso smell and lack of inner pride,to touch upon the surface, is not forwhat it seems, I take awaymy problems, but only in my dreams.(take so much away from inside you, makes no sense,you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)Crucify than learn..(take so much away from inside you, makes no sense,you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking
Crimson Love
The night is stalking the day an inch at a time Locked together in a dance forever intertwined Ever so close only allowed to touch at twilight This passionate kiss forever fractures the night Not dead or alive but dreaming somewhere in between Eyes forever open listening for the silent scream Of the innocents lost to feed the eternal need The eternal hunger, I give you my body to feed I love you in this second for all eternity I'll share this life together our immortality Passion red as a rose and sharp as this thorn Poised above my neck ready to be reborn The nocturne sings to the children ever lost The gates of heaven and hell forever shut Thirsting for the wine of the deepest cut Drowning in a flood of reverent blood
Mother Moon
Mother moon you are my guide With father night by my side; The rain and thunder, are my brother born Winds and lightning, my sister storm... My family close I hold them dear, And with that strength I have no fear.. But my immortal enemy is Sun the King, for my death, will one touch bring.. So I wrap my soul in family mine and never for my foe to find.. shrouded in darkness pleases me I wing my way so fast so free Whispers softly of shadows untold, listening closely as legends unfold; I walk with pride in Darkest night , my beloved family feels so right...
Crimson Night
Night falls and I awaken Light of day I have forsaken, My Vampire eyes seek far and wide There is nowhere safe for you to hide My prey calls to me upon each rising Their blood I seek , so appetising... moonlight bright, I grow stronger Makes me wish the night was longer. Wicked wings through the sky But my Crimson Night is alone... Hunger claws me inside out The need to feed makes my route.. Finding you here your blood so strong Fangs sink deep where I belong Sweet and hot my crimson high, Your pulse is fading, you slowly die.. Stop me before the demon rises Human life is what he despises I try to take just what I need But the demon trys to take the lead.. So cold and still in my arms, Your fate is sealed in stone.. You rest in peace at heaven's gate, Watching as the world flys by..
I Need It
Nothing else matters anymore, It's all about the one. The one thing that gives life, Or can even take it away. Tasting and craving it, Wanting and needing it. Every vein in my body Tells me to find it, drink it. I listen to it, Dreaming of the taste. There, now, the prey comes, Startled by my presence. A smile, a polite apology. A smile in reply, a quick movement. It's in my mouth now, Flowing down my throat in Pure ecstasy. Nothing else matters, The body falling to the ground. Now that I have it, I am alive again Forever wanting more.
Drip Drip Drip
the rain had fallen, leaving everything a glistening wet behind, the drops fell off of the windowsill, drip drip drip Where a bird lay perched, Its sleek black feathers matched the dreary scene, It feet tapped the metal, tap tap tap The bird with the wicked face, lonely the man inside the house, and scratched the window, screech screech screeh The man's eyes followed the sound, to that haunted window, to see the bird with the wicked face, the very same one that had witnessed it all, stomp stomp stomp The man hated that bird, so he decided to kill it, on that very dreary day, Boom boom boom The birds blood was splattered on pieces of shattered glass the blood fell from the windowsill drip drip drip
May I Please Have A Moment Of Your Precious Time?
"May I Please have a moment of your precious time. And share a dream with you, that may just help you unwind. With this special message, a dream we will create. With magical abilities having both of our hearts, and souls at stake. Close your eyes for a moment being well aware. And let's dream of our biggest dreams if we only dare. We must believe this magic is truly happening, right now to us. Being very gentle and kind to our hearts, for it is only in ourselves we must trust. Allowing our imagination to begin stirring, while feeling the warmth of magic occurring. Believing with both of our hearts, that we know, one of our dreams will create a desiring spark. Now see your dream taking form, and give a smile .. the type of smile you haven't had in awhile! ... Are you smiling? ... Keep on smiling and reach deep within, and touch your soul so that one of us may win. Now keep believing and make your wish. ... The biggest wish that is on your list. ... Now after all of that, and reading all
Naughty Or Nice Link That I Will Add To Mybully!
Lies Of Obamacare
Are Obama and his friends taking you as a fool?     You have to wonder what they really think about the intelligence of the American people.     Obama repeatedly has out-and-out lied about his healthcare plan.     Here are just 5 of the big whoppers.     Lie #1: 'You Keep Your Doctor, You Keep Your Insurer'     This is a complete fabrication.     Under plans Obama has backed in the House and the Senate, almost any business can opt their employees into the "public option" — the government health plan.     That means you could lose your insurer. And if your doctor is worth his salt, you'll lose him or her as well.     Why? Because great doctors probably will not want to get the very low rates the government will pay private doctors who are part of the new government system.     So, without your consent, you very easily could lose your insurer and your doctor.     Lie #2: The Elderly Will Not Face Rationing or Medicare Cuts    
Kiss Loses Again
Today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announced ABBA, Genesis, Jimmy Cliff, The Hollies and The Stooges as its 2010 artist inductees. Also being inducted this year as individual recipients of the Ahmet Ertegun Award will be David Geffen and songwriters Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Elle Greenwich, Jeff Barry, Jesse Stone, Mort Shuman and Otis Blackwell. The ceremony will take place on March 15, 2010 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City and will air live on Fuse, Madison Square Garden's national music television network, as part of the three-year broadcast deal between the Foundation and Fuse. "We are very happy to present this year's inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as they represent a great cross-section of artists that define the broad spectrum and history of rock and roll and people that have contributed immeasurably to our business" says Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation President & CEO Joel Peresman.
March 14th Is Steak & Bj Day
The following description is from the official website: know the drill. Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for a significant other by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Every Valentines day you rack your brains for that one special, unique gift that will show your wife or girlfriend that you really do care for them more than any other. Now ladies, I'll let you in on a little secret; guys really don't enjoy this that much. Sure seeing that smile on your face when we get it right is priceless, but that smile is the result of weeks of blood, sweat and consideration. Another secret; guys feel left out. That's right, there's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life. Men as a whole are either too proud or too embarrassed to admit it.Which is why a new holiday has been created.March 14th is now officially "Steak and Blowjo
Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies 1 cup of water1 tsp baking soda1 cup of sugar1 tsp salt1 cup or brown sugar4 large eggs1 cup nuts2 cups of dried fruit1 bottle Jose Cuervo Tequila Sample the Cuervo to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the Cuervo again, to be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink.Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butterin a large fluffy bowl. Add one peastoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the Cuervo is still ok, try another cup just in case.Turn off the mixerer thingy.Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit.Pick the frigging fruit off the floor.Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaters just pry it loose with a drewscriver.Sample the Cuervo to check for tonsisticity.Next, sift two cups of salt, or something. Who geeves a sheet. Check the Jose Cuervo. Now shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts.Add one table.Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink. Whatever
Peace To All That Read This.
As I walk through the valley of death I feal no evil for I've lived and breath it.I fear no evil for I've seen It and done it.As I walk alone. I'm not people who walked before me and the ones to walk behind.I'm not alone.When you can feal me but not see me.When i walk through sand and no tracts are there and i am.Then you would have knowed me for me.And loved me for all the right reasons.I'll miss and love you all.Go find your internal happiness no matter how big or small as long as you like for you. because in the end thats all you have. Go in faith that you lived like you was dieing because we all die one way or another.Peace to all that read this.
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow
Now the dark begins to rise Save your breath it's far from over Leave the lost and dead behind Now's your chance to run for cover I don't want to change the world I just want to leave it colder Light the fuse and burn it up Take the path that leads to nowhere All is lost again, but I'm not giving in I will not bow, I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall, I will not fade I will take your breath away Fall! Watch the end through dying eyes Now the dark is taking over Show me where forever dies Take the fall and run to heaven All is lost again, but I'm not giving in I will not bow, I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall, I will not fade I will take your breath away And I'll survive, paranoid I have lost the will to change And I am not proud, cold blooded, fake I will shut the world away I will not! I will not bow, I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall, I will not fade I will take your breath away And I'll survive, p
Tigers Holiday Poem
Twas the night of Thanksgiving and out of the house Tiger Woods came a flyin', chased by his spouse. She wielded a nine iron and wasn't too merry, Cause a bimbo’s phone number was in his Blackberry. He’d been cheatin' on Elin, and the story progressed. Woman after woman stepped up and confessed. He’d been cheatin’ with Holly, and Jaimee, and Cori, With Joselyn, and Kalika. The world had the story.
Its Only A Matter Of Time
Wright You Fu Partner In Jail!
First off you should have a fu spouse!  If you have one then you should read this. My fu wife and i were talking and i realized that she is a very cool chick and i would like to talk to her forever but anyway we talk everyday and if she got locked up then i would wright her in jail! My reason is that it would be good for them because a lot of time when your locked up ppl that are your real friends and family don't care enuff to wright witch i think is messed up and if you care for someone and tey are put in that perdicament then you should keep in touch! prison sux so if this ever happens to you take my advice and just send them a letter a day or every other day because like i said you get lonly and a few kind words from your fu partner would sure brighten anyones day! I LOVE YOU AMBER!  
Happy Holiday's
Since the earliest of times, trees, especially green evergreens, were worshipped by the pagans. To them it represented life and freshness. Since it was EVER green, it always had life. The trees were worshipped as symbols of life, fertility, sexual potency and reproduction. These pagan rituals of worship were then brought into the homes and set up as idols, with the belief that it would give men a heightened potency of sexual virility to procreate new life for their harvest god in the new year. The evergreen tree represented a "PHALLIC" symbol (the mans sexual organ of reproduction) set in an upright position.. Any wonder why people hang round balls on a tree? Is having a Christmas tree in your living room like putting a big, green, erect penis there to put presents under? And if so, how can one reconcile this practice with Christianity?   You need to put up a whole bunch of boobies and vaginas around the house to balance it out.
I try not to hide and I try not to cry but everytime I do my feelings come alive But no one can see What your doing to me You hurt my feelings And you don't even realize itBut how do you know If I am hurt or not You're not inside my head You don't know my thoughts I try to make you understand but most the time you don't care You say I mean the world to you But your never there You talk to other girls And act like it don't hurt me But it hurts me more Than you will ever see I love you and I want to be with you But how can we be together when you keep getting me confused You act like you want to be with me And sometimes you don't I thought you love me But maybe I am wrong I want to be with you And I'm sick of being confused So if you love me Then what are you gonna do?
Early Dismissal
Early Dismissal   It is near the Christmas break of the school year. The students haveturned in all their work and there is really nothing more to do. All thechildren are restless and the teacher decides to have an earlydismissal.Teacher: "Whoever answers the questions I ask, first and correctly canleave early today."Little Johnny says to himself "Good, I want to get outta here. I'm smartand will answer the question."Teacher: "Who said 'Four Score and Seven Years Ago'?"Before Johnny can open his mouth, Susie says, "Abraham Lincoln."Teacher: "That's right Susie, you can go home."Johnny is mad that Susie answered the question first.Teacher: "Who said 'I Have a Dream'?"Before Johnny can open his mouth, Mary says, "Martin Luther King."Teacher: "That's right Mary, you can go."Johnny is even madder than before.Teacher: "Who said 'Ask not, what your country can do for you'?"Before Johnny can open his mouth, Nancy says, "John F. Kennedy."Teacher: "That's right Nancy, you may also leav
Eyes so full of truth,Piercing through my soul.Speaking the words I don't want to hear.Forcing me to look inside,And face the demons within.Taking the mess that once was me,and working hard to get it right.Showing me I'm not alone.Building me up,Being there to catch me if I fall.I would not be me,If not for you.YOU ARE MY HERO!
Have you ever gotten a message in your shout box like this?   From JD ok this has nothing to do with Doug anymore you pissed me the fuck off.. Who the fuck do you think ytour talking shit to? You obviously have no idea who i am or who i know so i will make this easy for you and fuck off bitch cause seriously Santa Barbara isnt too far away to find a bitch.. You turned this whole thing into something it didnt need to be but keep talking shit bitch Over a comment on a mutual friends page that simply said: "Miss You". LMAO. Silly Stuff...                         
No Title
I walk my daily life Not being true to me. A promise I made to one Is one I must keep.   It isn't I do not love this soul. It is amazing and sincere. But I am not myself, I am not truly here.   I long to be what I am, And fear I will never be. Afraid to let it come out, Scared to search my loyalties.   Obviously it is not my contentment. That is not my main concern. So for now I will continue to dream For the life that I truly yearn.
i can careless about anything anymore.. the only person who ment the world to me just gave up on me and keeping us as a family.. i see now that she doesnt love me, she is nothing but a fake and i will not care or love someone who wont love or care for me back.. i am done with the family breaker and i know one day she will see that she could have a wonderful life with me but by then, it will be to late.. she had her chance and now that chance is gone.. its time for me to leave her behind and all the bad things she has been doing to me.. even though my love is strong for her, i wont put myself through the bullshit she is puttin me through.. its time for me to live my life without someone here to care for me.. time to learn to live life on my own...
Washing Car
Photo and video editing at
Lost!!!! I find myslf in the dark, Searching and Searching but I can not find the one I am searching for. He is here but he is hiding and will not let me see I know he is here because I feel him, breath, think, his soul I smell him, his sweet, amber smell, I taste him, but yet I can not find him to touch and smell and taste yet again. Ohhh I feel so lost.. Please come and find me so I can feel something, that I have only been allowed to feel once for a brief moment in time, I will not loose you because of the darkness!!! Our souls are as one.... Come and find me! For I am lost and fear I may never be found...
Where To Start
well today 12/16/09 i had got some worst news ever since my mom's diagnoses of lung cancer back in june of 2007. now she has bone cancer and is going though 15 radiation treatments and her time left is maybe 3-6 months left to live. i had sat with my mom at the hospital for a good 4 hours and has told me she would like to see me have a 26" lcd tv and a ps3. im not sure if anyone can help my mom and me  get theese 2 small items that me nor her could ever get since she gets social security and i get ssi. if you can help us out, plz leave a reply or send me an e-mail. thank you all and try to have a merry x-mas
Wrote This During Rough Times But Im Dedicating It To Somone That Inspires Me Torward Better Times
The fall  Life is  a bottomless pit, you feel yourself falling getting  lower, slower, older, duller. atrophy and entropy closing in engulfing your  Very soul that once  was so vibrant and clear . Surpassing Fallen angels and the  decrepit  rising dead, u wonder can my life  get lower the this, you continue your  plunge. Life is pain they tell you,  only in being numb do we find our end.  You  crave this  pain, for to hurt is to feel, to feel is to live, to live is to love, so through this pain we continue to fall, Welcome my complacent friend to the human  endeavor, for the truth is we search out pain, ,the sickness, as it is sometime called,it is as a real and beautiful as the blood coursing through are veins. And  as the warmth and glow you are born into this world begin to fade, as u become colder, bolder, greener, meaner, u feel yourself getting closer to the numbness, the, beautiful quiet serenity that is death.  A newborn baby cries, we give it love,  when that same  man dies, w
Darkness can consume the mind if it is invited,You can feel it creeping in the veins and crawl down your bones.It is a shadow that follows you where ever you go waiting for the correct moment to steal your life.A demon that lurks within, it stays dormant until something comes along to awake it and over power you.You can feel it ripple under your skin like something taking over your body.It will control you if you give it an invitation. With your arms spread wide open as a welcome.All you have to do is give in and give up, let the darkness pump through you and eat you alive.You embrace it so easily. Your eyes vacant as you walk among the living.Once the blackness fills the heart and mind you become numb, mechanic, a zombie.A pretty porcelain doll on the outside but a heartless, emotionless being within.Your demons grab and control you like a puppet. Sucking the life from you, you become more lifeless.It puts a mask on you that bare a smile but within you weep.Will you invite it in so wi
What is a friend? A friend is someone who is always there. A friend is someone who is always dear. A friend is someone who is always near no matter the distance between the two. A friend is someone that always lends an ear or two. A friend is someone who always lends a hand or two. A friend is someone you can hold no matter what you’re going through. A friend is someone you can depend on in the time of need, no matter how big or small it may be. A friend in deed is what I have in you. ©WMW2004
A little info on the "just some stuff I write" category. They are in no particular order. Some are even older than the time I've been on fu. They may not be for anyone specific or they may be for you. If indeed it is for you...more than likely you will get it via email or some other way. I write because I write, sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn't. Some are pretty fucking good and let's face it....some are garbage. But I think it's smart to post the garbage as well. Just to show how the Muse works or doesn't work. Some are rantings that must be purged or it will poison me inside. I do write from deep within but sometimes it is embellished in some form to make it work. I am not always miserable (ok a lot of times I am). But it mostly works for the type of writing I do. And I am by far NOT the best (I have seen some amazing stuff on here) But writing is good for the soul therefore I do it. So I just wanted say that they are not in the order they were written. For some reason I th
Need A Mafia Turf To Join? ( Damn Fubar Won't Make The Link Clickable...surprise)_
Happy Holidays Or Not?!
A lot has gone on this past year and i mean a LOT. The best thing other than still being alive and bring life into this world 11-20-09 @ 12:59PM.  It'll be Kieran's 1st Christmas, he'll be 1 month and 5 days old on Christmas.  I'm happy to be celebrating his 1st Christmas with him along with my 3 yr old son, Elijah as well. They are both the best things that have ever happened to me in MY life at this point.    With everything that has gone on this past year though I don't even care to celebrate the holidays.  Other than my boys and my own family(mom, bro, uncles) I don't have that special someone to share it with.  A year ago it was great as I was spending Christmas and the New Year with someone i loved at some point and someone who i thought loved me.  Well now? Now i am signle 23 with 2 kids.  All i can hope for is 2010 to be better than 2009.
Kinda Cool fullscreen and follow the instructions , then look at your hand when it tells you to look away.  
Another Year
I thought things were getting easier, i thought i would be able to make it through this season without the pain dayum i was wrong and its never going to be the same. The things i need in my life are not around , and the people that ive trusted in my life have all but surely let me down Not everyone is the same and i know this isnt for all of you, but as i sit here thinkin WHAT DO I DO NOW WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE, fawk it give me another beer, lets bring in andother shitty new year
Goodbye My Lover
  The moment was brief, to brief, but it was there. In the end who wins? The one that truly loves, or the one that just plays? I still have happiness and true feelings in the end, I say I win !!! Me Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine by eternal right. Took your soul out into the night. It may be over but it won't stop there, I am here for you if you'd only care. You touched my heart you touched my soul. You changed my life and all my goals.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  -  Sigmund Freud
Smuggling...i Think Not
His face looked funnyAs he walked in the doorSo much tobacco packed in his assHe thought it couldn't hold anymore. He grunted and groanedAs he sat in the canTrying to crap it outHe felt like less of a man. The stuff he packedSlowly began to moveBut the mini bic moving slowlyTo him did not soothe. It flicked and it litAs it came to his rimCombined with the gasesIt was a quick end to him. The moral of this storyWhen you put flame next to gasMake sure you wrap itOr you'll burn your ass.
Researchers Finds Hidden Sensory System In The Skin.
wishing you all a great christmas
why is it that ppl think Christmas is just about presents??? Im so tired of hearing ppl ask me if I have all my shopping done !!! Christmas is about love and showing love . If you want to buy someone something-take it to heart and find the special present for that person--A gift card just shows you dont have the heart or time to find something special.Pll now a days think its all about the gifts. Im sorry--I had to voice my opinion on it.
The Sun And The Eternal Return
  It's one of those rare times of the year when we are able to witness and participate in the unicity of life. No matter our religious or cultural heritage, all our season festivals celebrate the solstice, the darkest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the day the Sun's light starts to return. It's one of several cosmic moments human beings have commemorated since we first noticed solar cycles. You could say — and it would not be a stretch — that the solstice, winter and summer, as well as the equinox, vernal and autumnal, are the first astrological holidays. For they delineate significant cycles within our enduring relationship with the Sun. Great monuments thousands of years old — Newgrange, Stonehenge, Maes Howe, Carnac, Gao Cheng Zhen, Chichen Itza, Chaco Canyon — all celebrate this turning point, when the Sun "stands still," which is what "solstice" means, and the solar cycle begins anew.Other than from an astrological perspective, we seldom
All I need is her smile,And my feelings start to awake.To touch her deeper in her heart,Will my words be all that it takes. I cannot hope with just my words,Her heart would become mine.Everyday I must show her,That I am worth her time. I want her open to me,To tell me what she feels inside.To feel completly at ease,Like the waves of a moonlite tide. For her to open her arms to me,Her mind,heart and soul.To have her give them to me.To me that is my goal.
Civilian Friends Vs Military Friends
civilian friends vs military friends Current mood:  satisfied Category: Blogging civilian frends vs military friends Category: Friends Military vs Civilian FriendsCIVILIAN FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunkMilitary FRIENDS: Will post 360 security so you dont get caughtCIVILIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and MrsMilitary FRIENDS: Call your parents Drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick upCIVILIAN FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.Military FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you saying, Damn...we fucked up...but hey, that shit was fun as fuck!"CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Cry with you.Military FRIENDS: laugh at you and tell you to put some vagasil on your pussy.CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.Military FRIENDS: Keep your stuff untill they PCS.CIVILIAN FRIENDS: know a few thi
Loss Of Hope.
My friend passed away on Monday and left behind two sons . i have been in touch with the boys and have been trying to help them when they need me, unfortunalty the rest of the family has decided to fight and bicker over material things . i don,t pretend to understand this as the boys are the ones to suffer, In my heart i don,t beleive that my friend ever thought that he was going to leave this earth so soon ,i just wish he would have been able to secure what he wanted for his children as they are the ones left to handle all the greed .RIP MY FRIEND . Bless his children with STRENGH.
When Will I Learn
I swear I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.  My relationships with men are like a nightmare set on a loop.  It's the same thing every time.  Things are great then they just disappear on me all together.  And the excuses....GOD THE EXCUSES.  I love how men think I'm stupid and will believe the lies they tell me.  I'm not a moron.  You can only have bad signal on your phone soooo many times.  And the fact that it's everywhere you go??  Hmmmm yea I believe it. I need to quit bein so nice and forgiving.  And I need to quit wearin my heart on my sleeve.  All I'm doin is lettin people take advantage of me. Look out...this MILF is growin a set...try and play games...just remember, never play games with a woman who can play better. >:)
Not Always Right | My Cup & My Joe
Coffee Shop | Fairfax, VA, USA Me: “Do you have a rewards card?” Customer: “Yes!” *gives email* “That’s my husband’s email.” Me: “Oh, lots of people share accounts, it’s okay. It helps you get rewards faster.” Customer: “My husband’s really handsome…but he’s mine!” *glares at me* Me: “Uh…” Customer: “He’s handsome and he’s mine!” Co-worker: “Uh, medium mocha at the bar?” Customer: “Oh! That’s mine!” *glares at me* “Like my husband!”
Not Always Right | Up His Own Perineum
Home Improvement | Canada Me: “Hello sir, how may I help you?” Customer: “Yeah, I’m looking for some perennials who don’t need maintenance on it.” Me: “Well, we got a few who need very low attention, but–” Customer: “–and I don’t want to water them! I don’t have time for that!” Me: “Every plants need water sir, even cactus, but we–” Customer: “And they gonna be by the pool, so they need to be waterproof, too!” Me: “Waterproof?” Customer: “Yeah, so the chlorine won’t affect them and they will not die!” Me: “So you want some flowers who doesn’t need maintenance, don’t need water and that chlorine won’t kill?” Customer: “Yep, that’s it!” Me: “Plastic flowers gonna work?” Customer: “Do you think I am stupid! Get me your manager!” (I call my manager, and the custo
Not Always Right | Smooth Whipped Criminal
Coffee Shop | Dallas, TX, USA (We’d just opened one Sunday when a man comes in and robs us at gunpoint. During the robbery, the robber makes us lock the doors so no customers can come in. After he leaves, we were so upset that we didn’t think to unlock the doors. While we wait for the police to arrive, another man knocks on the door.) Customer: “Are you open? I’d like to get a coffee.” Me: “I’m sorry, sir, we’ve just been robbed at gunpoint, so we’re a little freaked out.” Customer: “Well, did he steal the coffee? I can still get a latte, right?!”
Not Always Right | Not Born Yesterday
Tattoo Studio | Falkirk, Scotland, UK (As a general rule, we refuse to tattoo anyone has had a baby in the last three months.) Me: “Okay, so you’re getting this name?” *spells it out to check correct spelling* Customer: “Yeah, can I get her date of birth underneath, too?” Me: “Sure, what is it?” Customer: “19th September.” Me: “Um, today is the 24th November.” Customer: “Yeah.” Me: “So, your daughter isn’t 3 months old yet. We can’t tattoo you for another few weeks. We explained this when you arranged your appointment and you told us she’d be 3 months old.” Customer: “She’s 3 months old.” Me: “She can’t be, this is the 11th month. She was born in the 9th month. So she isn’t 3 months old.” Customer: “She’s 3 months old.” Me: “No, she’s 2 months old. She was born in September, so she’ll be 3
Broken Flesh And The Catalyst~by Jd
Tempers flaring like a bombardment of flames through my soul, Anger rises, I am trying to keep composure but im slighted and feeling easy to lose control. This day has triggered the demon in my soul and to the surface it shows its face, The taste of blood fills my mouth and my skin breaks this is your warning to watch out.   I am the tramatic, The darkness has devoured my soul, I am not conscious to the world around me, No emotion no self control. Blind sided rage and my heart stops mid beat, I hover and my tongue is blistered from the heat, Disgusted and ready to trample the earth, Fear the monstrosity evolve from inside me.   My eyes blood red and i feel my flesh slide off the brittle bone, I am no longer the man you have come to know, I am the demon that lies within. Solid black heart, This world is not ready for the anguish im set to bring, With one solid step i will destroy this materialistic inferior world.   Jagged teeth, Sharp as shards of glass that rip the skin
I'm irritated and I'm frusterated. I spent my Friday evening going to bed around 8/8:30PM crying myself to sleep because my stress level is just so high right now I don't even know how to handle it. And things just kept piling on me yesterday, series of unfortunate events and I just snapped. I feel really alone anymore. Maybe it's the holidays. I don't know. Maybe it's just this time of year. I know I won't breathe easily until the next 12 days are over with. But I'd like them to go faster. I haven't been sleeping. My mind doesn't know how to stop going going going. I hate big crowds. I hate being touched in crowds. Shopping has been a nightmare. Matt's work has been a nightmare in my opinion, and I miss him like crazy. And it sucks and makes me want to move there like now because at least if I were living there, I could be around him while he's doing all the things he's doing when he can't be on the phone like cooking or shoping or whatever. *sigh* I feel like I'm reaching out and be
My Fault?
I been questioning things soo much lately. Kieran will be a month old tomorrow and NOT once has his dad asked how he's doing or tried wanting to see him. A close friend of mine is going through a divorce and her soon to be ex husband hasnt been around to see their daughter because hes avoiding all the stress.Seeing my friend go through this, its making me wonder if thats the reason my ex wont come around to see the baby which i dont get because while i was pregnant he sounded determined to be in the baby's life.  I try at ALL costs to keep the stress down between me and my ex and everytime he gets stressed from other situations he seems to take it out on me.  I dont know what to think anymore bout the situation. This will be Kieran's first Christmas and its going to break my heart more than its already broken if his father doesnt even come around to see him.  How can anyone be so fucking cruel like this? Yes! My ex and i have probs but those probs are between me and him, it is NOT the
I'm This Girl
I’m the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she’s sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you… I’m the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive resturant… I’m the girl who says,“ok, but you owe me...” jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you… I’m the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will (or at least try to) have fun because it means I am spending time with you… I’m the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like, I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms… I’m the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me… I’m the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have… I’m the girl who once I let you into my heart, there’s always a place there with your na
Friendship Is Like A Flower!
Friendship is like a flowerFull of faith and powerIf nourishment is not rightKeeping it alive will be a fightA flower needs sunlight and roomSo its petals can blossom and bloomFriendship needs love and caringSo there is always room for sharingTrue friendship is a blessing from aboveSo nourish it with truth and love                  Annette
Hold Me Close
Saying I love you isn’t enough.Not like I wanna show you.If you only knew how I feel..What would you say If only you knew.That my love for you is real.I try to make you understand.Not like reaching out my hand.And touch you.Hold me close.Never let me go..Help me make it real.What would you do.If you only knew.That I really love you.
In The Cold Of Tonight
I’m so Lonesome.In the cold of tonight..I see the light in you.That fires my soul.That heats my night.And I wanna hold you tight..In the cold of tonight.You have a way.That saves my day.I want you.To want me.Wont you say.You want me too.I wanna stroke your hair.As if it was my everyday.Or do I just fade.In the cold of tonight.Copyright ©2009 Vernon  Reese
Generousity , And Being Taken Advantage Of ,
My First Blog here on Fu-bar ,,,, Well I have only been here a few months and I see that alot of us are affriad to get involved once we have have been hurt ,, Both Men and Woman these days are very abusive with there partners both Physically and Emotionaly. Myself I have been there as well , I will not aloow My past or what has happen in it to stop me from finding someone to truly Love and cherish . My real life Generousity has become to some a Co-dependcy and that what has caused My heart ache , I can not blame no one except me fpr allowing it to happen and manily continue once it got out of hand . I know One of you ladies here are looking for a true hearted man as I know there is a true hearted woman amongst you .. Just take the chance talk to me find out that I am 100% me ..  No Games No Lies and No Bullshit .. Jusy a honesty Loving open heart human being .. is my e-mail and messenger ,,   Thank you Sincerly Daniel aka Howller
"maybe It's Day 4"
Well my friends, I know it has been a long 4 days sense i last spoke but my dog was so sweet as i was leaving (she brought me another beer) that i couldn't take another step. (again it was the beer). but i went on with my journey even though i knew i would miss my dog,(boy could she make a mean Jack and coke). I've made it to the sidewalk now one that i didn't know i had , anyway after i took my third step i realized "My god I'm not even at my house"! I don't have a side walk. So was that my dog after all ? do i even have a dog? I'm so confused at this point. Do i go back and ask the dog? or do i continue on? At this point it's a really hard desesion knowing that the liqure store is only one block away. It has to be the worm. This is going to be a hard on to make up my mind on. Ok hold on i found another piece of a candy bar in my pocket . I must set here and think, i will be back. "Damn Worm"
Sand Castles
There is magic in your heart without a doubtas I am riddled with goose bumps that make me want to shoutThis is how love should make anyone feelenticing and invigorating the soul with each dealThere is more to your obvious sultry beauty appealas a rose unfolds her petals your glory is unraveled in its sealFiltered with allurements that bear strengths and numerous desiresyour values and dreams are beams of light and a virtue that never tiresThere is magic in your touch with a sense of purposeno delay or mistaken your commitment to run this courseVibrating on the reality that surrounds your treasured beautyI'm thrilled to be the one who can share whats meant to beAll the vividness captured in this endless lovebares the jealous of the heavenly stars aboveAs they are just a glimmer of our genuine bond at handwhile we live the dream walking together with our feet over the sand
A Poem Written By Me
A Precious Treasure   I can't wait another day And hold these wolves at bay Tis not just a kiss That could bring eternal blissFrom being with you missPeople stop and take a ganderAt what I found that is so much granderThan any treasure in the world...
To have loved and lost is better then to have... Lies.  
insufficient, ill-advised, tarnished, beaten, fear-filled eyes.   I apologized with my mouth but nothing else..... as is my way.    
Facing The Dark Without You~by Jd
I am stepping outside my mind with this on, There is so much more to tell than i can find the time to speak. Ending where i once began and part of me is dead, This is the way it has got to be and i'll never let you meet the real me.   Asking me "why" now and suddenly i have no words i am mute, Disillusioned and not quite ready to openly share my thoughts. My life is so out of control and im feeling rather comfortable being lost, A jaded smile and misguiding eyes make me seem like i know exactly where i stand.   At night my head dont sleep, Thoughts of this tragic life circulate all hours of the night, A constant battle of will versus instinct and in the process emotion is completely left behind. A man filled with misery not willing to share with those around me, Turn your glance from me, Alone i stand a broken man and there isn't a chance to turn this around, To join me will only drag you down.   I have been to the depths of the darkest halls and i know what fate awaits
Why do you still care for a girl who obviously doesn’t care for you?Accept the fact that the relationship is over, and we will not be getting back together again.Maintain No Contact, and do not check up on her, if you want to avoid pain.Why keep pining for a girl, who has already forgotten about you.You are better than that. You are going to push yourself to be the best man ever and not let this define who you are.You are young and you will experience so much more in life.The relationship is over. Accept it or keep feeling this way. She is not coming back. Listen to all your girl friends’ experiences, when a relationship is over…its over. What’s the use of looking back? What will that do for you?She doesn’t care for you anymore. She doesn’t think of you anymore. She’s not made one ounce of an effort to see how you are. You are not even in her mind…so why should you keep letting her into yours?The past is gone. You must look towards the
I get it now.  It took a while but I finally understand.  I am not what she wanted, not who she thinks of, not the person that makes her happy.  I sit up at night and wonder what it is about me.  Am I not smart enough, am I not attractive, am I to needy, demanding?  Or do I not care enough, do I not give her enough attention? Well whatever it is I get it.  She don't want to be bothered. I get it now, I finally understand.  I am not the one. Thought that I could complete her and that she could complete me.  So much in common, so much understanding between the two of us, but I guess that was wishful thinking. I was intrigued by her and wanted to know more.  I wanted to know all of her desires, dreams, passions and the things that make her uniquely her.  The thought of her placed me in a dream that I didn't want to wake up from, a dream that I wished to return to each night, but no such luck.  Instead I was forced to wake up, forbidden to go back at night and trapped in the cruel realit
This is a Joke told in many different ways but is definately a classic... MARINE   A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in ... Iraq and Afghanistan... One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU   One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes."  The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting."  It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform.  The professor was out cold.  The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence.  The
The Ode To The Wench Whos Heart Is Filled With Wicked~by Jd
Here we are once more, Lets keep it simple lets keep it quick, I never told you that you had to like me, Inside your head your sick. Now you want to hold a grudge against me, I thought we were all grown? You're nothing more than a wolf in sheeps clothing,  Funny we co-exist.   Crucify me for nothing, You pass judgements even though your far from right, Being starved for attention can be so harmful, Im no more far from dark then you are to light. Your soul is sinister, Just takes you to be ignored before you put it out to see, Hate me for all its worth and thats little, If you win the arguement i have won the fight.   You would like to believe your better than me, Tell me just who lied and told you that you were the fairest of them all? Perhaps you've been misguided by fools with false intentions, Now you are looking to blame someone and making it so commonplace so cruel.   Who the hell did you think you were dealing with, Did it feel good to gossip and ruin anothers lif
Everytime before I eventually fall asleep, I would stare at this little light that I can see outside through my bedroom window. I'd stare at it for quite some time. Thinking. I cried myself to sleep again last night with both my cats on my side. It does make me feel good that they're there to comfort me. I day dream and think a lot. Not always a good thing but sometimes I can't help it. I try to think of postitive things but they usually lead to negative things. I wish that my negatives would just turn to positives. I'm always real sad at work. Some people can notice it at work, some think I'm just tired. I wish that I was someone completely different. I wish I was more special. I wish I didn't always have to be the one that has to make the move....sometimes I just wish they would come to me for once. I reach for things but they're out of reach...the other person needs to extend their reach.
Climate Cultists Assault Global Warming Skeptic
Climate Cultists Assault Global Warming Skeptic During Live Interview Aghast that someone dared challenge the sanctity of Al Gore's holy climate empire, global warming loons pelted journalist Phelim McAleer with objects during a live television interview, proving once again the extreme left's constant preaching of tolerance doesn't extend to tolerating the free speech of anyone who disagrees with them.
What's Wrong With Kids Today ?
A Question..
Does life have to be full of people that cant be fucking truthful to you no matter what?
Twelve Days Of Fu Mafia X-mas
On the 12th day of christmas my fu mafia luv gave to me Twelve body armors Eleven M-16’s Ten red wrenches Nine tennis rackets Eight tommy guns Seven armored vans Six tech 9's Five at4 rocket launchers Four glock 40's Three blast shelters Two rusty butter knives One fully armored humm-v's
Honey Love
by CassandraXVeronicaXONealaXLawsonSoldiers are mistreatedand lacking of their causethey want to fight for our countrybut the leadership is gonethey serve long terms in Iraqas frighting dreams all come backthey can't handle and they deconstructbecause war has left a cutcrying in pain I hear from the woundednow the ones that were cool are all goneinstead you have a little man (woman)with their spirit goneit's hard but they keep going onbecause they are trained to not runthey are trained to not seek help in times of needwhich leads to no way to let their emotions freebut I am here I'm here to speakto all these soldiers that are in needit can be rough i understandand i appreciate you fighting for our landyou our loved by many moreso please find you spirits and let them sore    
Inside My Mind
So everyone wants to know what goes on inside my head huh. well here we go. i believe suicide is the easy way out so why not try it why love only to get hurt more whats the use in it.people only care about themselves on here so why should i give a fuck wait cause im a caring person. friends ha ha thats so funny there is no such thing on here nor eal life 99.9 % people only look at you as a way  to get ahead in life. yes im a man an yes my eyes cry im unlike any man on this earth but my heart is not mat for you to walk on please dont take my kindness as more than what it is cause yes u push that wrong button im worse than the devil himself  i dont like liars whore fakes im real as it ever get if u dont like me oh well guess what u dont i know this isnt much a blog dont like dont read.
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"tell Me!"
How old are you? Are you single or taken? Eat with your hands or utensils? Do you dream at night?  A secret about you?  If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be? Do you trust the police? Do you have a crush on me?   Why? If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? Would you cheat? What do you wear to sleep? Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to? If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? Which do you prefer - short or long hair? Do you sing in the shower? What's your favorite color? Are you naughty? What was your first impression of me? Have you ever done drugs? Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?  
I Don't Wanna Leave This Way Don't Say Goodbye
Were involved in something you'll never forget?Yes very muchTripped over a coffee table?yes .. that hurtsDyed your hair?yupCame close to losing your life?close...Saw one of your favorite bands/artists live?Yup.. I love concerts2009: Friends and EnemiesDid you meet any new friends this year?yeah I didDid you hate anyone?YupDo you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?I regret some on here2009:birthdayDid you have a cake?yeah.. Did you get any presents?Some... my 21st bday sucked2009: All about YOUDid you change at all this year?yes i haveDid you change your style?no wayWere you in school?nopeDid you get good grades?decent Did you own a car?I wishDid anyone close to you give birth?she used to be close to me Did you go on any vacations?nopeWould you change anything about yourself now?idk2009: Wrap UP:Was 2009 a good year?no it wasn'tDo you think 2010 will top 2009?i really hope soPainted a picture?haven't painted for over a yearWrote a poem?not good at writingRan a mile?I can
Peace/love/friends And Family
"Thank You" to each and everyone. Thank you especially for the support, care, kindness and love i recieved.....  I wish you all a majical New Year filled with loving wishes and beautiful thought.  May 2010 mark the beginning of Tidal wave of LOVE, HAPPINESS, BLESSINGS and BRIGHT futures.....  Those who need someone special, may you find true love.....  Those who need money, may your finances overflow.....  Those who need care, may you find a good heart.....  Those who need friends, may you meet lovely people.....  I wish you all a very BLESSED and PROSPEROUS  2010!!! 
Just For Fyi
I'm really EMO today, and extremely tired with a hint of depression.   Today may not be the best day to say much.
Alone And Lost
Alone and lost in the world of chaos. One soul is shattered. All this soul wishes for is for the love that so many others have found. Unconditional, wonderful mindblowing love. To find the compassion in another that can see past all faults. Some say these things do not exist but we all long for them. To find the one who can see us for the person we trully are.   Alone and lost in a world of chaos. One soul searches for there one match. For each of us has one who will mesh well with our torn and tourched soul. One who can help us to heal and become the one who has been burried for so long.   Alone and lost in a world of chaos. Will one true soul step out of the shadows and be seen. To help mend the peices back together to reopen the lost faith the damaged soul has.   Alone and lost in a world of chaos. This soul sits alone in the dark corners. Wandering through your mind late at night.   Release this soul to the happiness that is so seeks. Allow it to love again and to be free f
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Umm Fake Ass Niggas
Sometimes it amazes me how people can be so 2-faced or fake. Now i can hardly give correct advice on right actions or positive relationship dealings but you will always know where u stand with me. I have no problem telling u i dont like u or dont care either way....unfortunately some people in my life cant do that. Or they choose not to, which is another wierd way to look at relationships with people....why would u contact or try to have contact with people u dont like? Its something that gets me still after almost 29 years on earth. Just be yourself!...Im a complete aware of that fact...trying to make it better. Why would u go around in life not trying to improve yourself in any way? Fear! Thats the answer! We are all scared about terrified constantly, I acknowledge that. But instead of maybe putting a small amount of effort into, I see a lot of people in my life just stay the same. Why do i stay off the radar, because I know that I will alw
Brittany Murphy
LOS ANGELES - The unexpected death of 32-year-old Brittany Murphy, who gained fame in such movies as "8 Mile" and "Just Married," appeared to be from natural causes but police are investigating, officials said. Murphy died about 10 a.m. Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to the hospital. She was transported to the medical center after the Fire Department responded to a call at 8 a.m. at the home she shared with her husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, in the Hollywood Hills. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said Murphy apparently collapsed in the bathroom, and authorities were looking into her medical history. An official cause of death may not be determined for some time, since toxicology tests will be required, but "it appears to be natural," Winter said. He said an autopsy was planned for Monday or Tuesday. Los Angeles police have opened an investigation into Murphy's death, Officer Norma Eisenman said. Detectives and coroner's officials we
What Exacly Is A Fake Bls Fan?
If she only knew how much,She caught my eye.And how empty I was,When she left. I patiently wait through the night,Anticipaiting her mornings return.I look to the night sky,And wish for the suns morning burn. Will this day bring her closer,In my heart my hopes are high.To win this beautys heart,And cherish her forever,Till the day I die.
I'm so horny right now. I sitting here rubbing in between my legs. my pussy is throbbing for me to touch it. ummm   so nice and wet. very hott. oooo as I touch my clit i move my hips, moans as I move. slides my finger in my pussy, so very wet. wishing i had my toy out. but can't .. so i just keep rubbing on my clit and moving my hips. this time sliding 2 fingers in my pussy. o yes !!!   I keep sliding them in and out, i move faster every time.  O I think I'm gonna cum !!!   
Snow Bunny
This beauty could shine forever,Better than any day I've seen.At into the night,She could easily capture my dreams. To see her smile in my days,Warms me without end.Her eyes like a fairy tale,I close mine and pretend. She is truely a dream,One forever I would like to keep.Throughout all my awaking momments,And far deep in my sleep.
First off I want to say Thank You for all my friends on here who have been praying for my future mother in law Ann and for all the kind words you all have expressed to me. I'd still like to ask you all to continue praying. Her hospice nurses told us today things are progressively gettin worse. Her bp and oxygen level are startin to drop and she's getting more and more unresponsive. They are giving her anywhere between now and 2 weeks to pass. So please just pray for strength for everyone to get through this! Thanks
Her beauty to me magical. Beyond my imagination so rare. I fear if I close my eyes. She would vanish, gone in the nights air. Maybe she is a dream. Forever locked in my mind. As long as she stays. That answer I dont need to find. So my little beauty. This spell you may forever cast. Because if you are a dream. I hope my lifetime my sleep does last.
I Dont Hate Christmas I Just Have No Reason For It
Am I the only one that could care less about this time of year?  Granted its fun to watch little kids faces light up when they find that one toy when they go shopping in my dept. but other than that. I find it hard to deal with after of years of being with no one on christmas and years of working retail. Its kind of zapped it all out of me
No Longer In His Dreams
She sees his image,And her mind leaves this place.Her whole life turns,When she sees his face. A noticable change appears,That all can see.The hold he has,Is really hard to believe. Her life and love,She gave without question.Is he her lifes fate,Was it all predestined. A tear appears her smile confusing,Contradicting or so it would seem.She wipes her eyes and turns away,Is she truly no longer in his dreams?
A Letter To Alcohol
Dear Alcohol,     First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays (hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings). However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences:1. Phone calls and text messages: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation after 2 a.m. can have  much substance or necessity. Why would you make me call my ex's? Especially when I know, for a fact, they DO NOT want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night.2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal. But, why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce along with a big Italian meatbal
Merry Christmas To All Our Soldiers Over Seas!!!!
We know its tough and we understand your aloneness. Americans are with you, maybe not in person but in our hearts! We love and support you all and are grateful for everything you do! We want to send you a Merry Merry Christmas as we approach this day and let you know that we carry you in our heatrs and prayers everyday we wake and thank you for that day! Soldiers are Special Men and Women that do things that no others can do, your precious and a little piece of heaven in your own unique ways. We love you and GOD loves you and your wished the best of the best wishes this holiday season!  GOD Bless You All!!!!!!!!    ~Kimmie~
Too.. (work In Progress, Lyrics By Me)
Too late, you say it with gustoyou have nothing but rust under your feetToo soon, you cast your judgement on meyou damn me with words incompleteso havent a clue who I ambut you dont give a damn about it allSo you decide to just let me fallBreak me down, let me fall (Take Me) undertow(Make Me) grovel below your feet, humble me
Bfs And Gfs
ok so i thought when your a guy with a girl you love her right? like you want to talk to her like everyday right. you share everything. You also want to see her right. Well I dont understand why a guy would ask you out and ignore you most of the time .. the when you finally ask why he is he tells you *my world doesnt revolve around you* even though you never had the chance to talk to him more then once a week because he never returns messages or calls or anyhing.. so what i am wondering is since when is that right .. to tell the girl YOU asked out that your world doesnt revolve around her?
Lost In The Living
hey first blog. put em up. LOL First and foremost i neeed to enter the newest theory that sprung from my mind today. health care is nothing more than a scam to force the general population to conform to neofacist docterins designed to clone us and then sterilize us so the World population growth can be dropped to nothing, allowing the government total control over our lives. Next........i'm at a lost, i not good about talking aboutt myself..... so please forgive if my thoughts are chaotic. oh i got stopped tonight. cop was going for glory bust. kept trying to get me to say i had drugs on me or in my car. which i didn't. but i also didn't have my liscence. which due to being so angry about not gettin his glory bust, he completely forgot about it, let me fof on a warning for failure to use my blinkers. freaking glory hounds.   not much else happened. so i guess i willl close. Ordum Necronis
FADEDMEMORY I dont want you coming around I dont want you banging at my door forget my name forget my number I dont want to love you anymore cause all you are to me is a fadedmemory of how things once were so just leave and let me be I dont want you waiting for me I dont want you calling out my name things turned out so differently nothing here will ever be the same cause all you are to me is a fadedmemory of how things once were so just leave and let me be I dont want you writing me letters I dont want you calling on the phone I dont want to see you in the morning i dont want to hear you bitch and moan cause all you are to me is a fadedmemory of how things once were so just leave and let me be I dont want to hear your lies or deception I dont want any of your sympathy I just want you out of the picture just spread your wings and fly away from me cause all you are to me is a fadedmemory of how things once were so just leave and let me be
Patiently By The Phone
The day goes by so slow,As I wait patiently for your call.Wondering when I hear your voice,How much deeper my heart will fall. Your soft sweet slow voice,Rings sweetly in my ear.Longing to hear you,Slowly to my eye brings a tear. The miles between us.Allow for now nothing more.The dull silience around me,Makes me miss you even more. I will wait patiently,For it to ring.To hear the only voice,That makes my heart sing.
I never knew I'd miss youNow that you aren't hereOr how much I want to hold youNow that you can't be near. I long to hear your voiceTo gently touch your faceBut I know this can't happenTill I leave this place. Time flies when you're having funFor me this is an eternityAfter this never again will I leave your sideA promise forever, you will see.
Family Friends And Love
 In our quest for happiness we must be sure that we don't settle for a playmate when God has a soulmate waiting for us. Sometimes this is hard distinction to make.  Playmates are tricky, they are so much fun to be with that even the smartest of us will be fooled into thinking this has to be our Soulmate. Worse yet, too many of us attempt to make a soulmate out of a Playmate. The danger of this is that later (after years of playing) we will meet our Soulmate, but it maybe too late then. We may have already made a lifemate of our Playmate and created life-long bonds (emotional, children, etc.). Or we may have been hurt from playing so hard that we are in no shape ourselves to be anyone's anything.  How can we distinguished between the One, and just another one? First we must be open with ourselves about who we really are and what our soul yearns for. Only you and God know what is truly in your heart and mind. Only you know what will make you truly happy and whole. In order to find your
The One That I Become
I hope the sun shines so brightTo fill your day with light.I hope the birds can singThe song I used to sing.I hope the wind can whisperThree words I used to whisper.I hope the moon will always be thereTo inform you I still care.I hope all of the stars up aboveReminds you of my true loveAnd i hope that special someoneThe one that I become.
Live Clips Being Naughty On Cams
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Darkness forever lingers,Sorrow reaches across these lands.Desolation and waste surround her,Leaving nothing left to stand. In her wake many have gone,Thier bones scattered in empty fields.Behind her chaos and doom,Before her nothing can yield. Her madness cannot be stopped,Till nothing still survives.The riegn of terror goes on,Till they've all given thier lives. She on an endless quest,Forever to walk this path.Till she has them all,And thier breath no longers lasts
Time Out!
Having a break fom fu for a few weeks ...(Drinking and hookers...and resting my mind)   hope everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   till next time :)
Blood And Ash
Burn me to ash and scatter my soul I hear the old bones calling me home The ghost of love has haunted me for so long I've become lost in the fog of what could have been Struggle as I may I cannot get free The moon mother I once looked to has fallen I'm not sure how much more of this I can take I've tasted the blood of my fate Is it possible for this to end Future days are long past becoming Every minute that goes gets me closer to the door Raised my voice so many times I can't speak Ancient scars cover me head to toe I carry deep within me the pain of the ages There is no future for me I tire of wearing masks The charade has to end soon before it consumes me There is a time for games and toys Such a time is so long past The masks I wear are cracked and crumbling My toys have grown rusty and fragile with age Just please allow me this one chance Let me go as I choose I can't fly with the wings of an angel Let me fly with the ashes of the dead
To not see a smile,Something I can not stand.Even if her beauty comes to me,From a far and distant land. Her smile to me,Almost worth my breath.When it is gone,My heart has nothing left. So beautiful if you would,Please smile for me.And over the thousands of miles,You'll know the happiness my heart sees.
Organizational Changes At The North Pole
The recent announcement that Donner and Blitzen have elected to take the early reindeer retirement package has triggered a good deal of concern about whether they will be replaced, and about other restructuring decisions at the North Pole. Streamlining was necessary due to the North Pole's loss of dominance of the season's gift distribution business. Home shopping channels and mail order catalogs have diminished Santa's market share. He could not sit idly by and permit further erosion of the profit picture. The reindeer downsizing was made possible through the purchase of a late model Japanese sled for the CEO's annual trip. Improved productivity from Dasher and Dancer, who summered at the Harvard Business School, is anticipated. Reduction in reindeer will also lessen airborne environmental emissions for which the North Pole has received unfavorable press. I am pleased to inform you that Rudolph's role will not be disturbed. Tradition still counts for something at the North Pole. Manag
Why Are You So Fuckin Stupid
what the fuck is up with people nowadays.everyone thinks they are the shit i mean its ok to have some convidence but dont get stupid with it.And jealousy ok yeeah who fuckin cares who you date or your fu-married to just in case you didnt know fubar is fake its not real life so wake up dumbasses
My Life, My World, My Everything~by Jd
This is heart wrenching, Surely this will be the crushing blow, My heart is fading as the moment arises, Sure to lose control. You cannot expect to take my heart, Expect me not to fall to the floor, Trying to seperate me from my children, All i woked hard fo to be no more.   My head is spiining, I feel so sick with grief i die from the inside out, Without the ones who matter most to me, My life may as well be ghost. All the nights i cried for them, Prayed that one day i'd have them in my loving arms, Threatened now and feeling defensive, There is danger and my children have become the pawns.   How could one even think, I'd risk everything that keeps me going just to give it away, This is my life your trying to play with and theres no way i would ever jeopardize their fates. All the times i pulled out the impossible to make sure they had all they needed, Now so close to losing and this was all just some rediculous childish mistake.   At night i am tramatize, I remember ho
Memories, The Maker Of Eternity~by Jd
I am rattled and withered, Hands shaking i feel almost like im fighting for air. Lost and bound my chains and blind folded all i see is the dark, Alone and shaking out of no where my life is steadily falling apart.   Memories are the maker of eternity, Why would this world choose to take all of mine away. I am upset and feeling bed ridden, My life as i know it is being ripped right out from under me.   Everything is not ok, I will fake a smile up until i crack, I fought for this tooth and nail and now this supposed god is destroying me. I want to have so much hatred, But its too hard when my heart barely exists, Now you want to take the reason it beats from me, How can i make it through this?   I breaking down the walls of my mind, Destroying all the reasons i should have been a better man. How could this life make it so easy to destroy me, All i have ever wanted was a chance to show im capable of doing this.   I am on my knees and pleading, I have waited so long a
End Of The Year Blog
I know it's not quite the end of the year, but hopefully if things work out the way they're supposed to, I won't be home or near my computer around the end of the year because I'll be busy with the love of my life :) It's been a rough year. It's been an incredible year. It's been a life altering year. It's been a life lesson kinda of year for me. I never imagined I'd be where I at at with my life at this point in time; however, it's not a bad thing either. I've spent this last year learning things I should've learned years ago. I'm by no means a pro, but I am so much better off and an even better person than I ever was before. Taking time out for myself was the best thing I ever did for myself. Ever. Thus far ;) Taking the opportunity to be single this year and to learn to depend on nobody but myself was an incredible experience. Sure there were guys along the way that I looked at, or messed around with, but none were worth my time and effort relationship wise. And I've never felt tha
My Tarot Card
You are The Hierophant Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching. All things relating to education, patience, help from superiors.The Hierophant is often considered to be a Guardian Angel. The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.   Every time I've taken this quiz, I always get the same result. Nice to be consistant.
Love With In The Night
It was a dark cold rainy night, the wind was loudand the lightening bright, rain was comeing down hardand the fog made it hard to see 40ft infront of you...  alice who was a brown hair, 5'6, green eyes, had 38 Bbreast size with milky soft skin that makes a man want to touch and curesse every part....  She walks over to the fire place and lays infront of it, with a see through nighty and a thong that isblack but also see through, and a matching bra to go with it..  her hair so soft, it falls to the floor gently as she lays her head down, stairing into thefire that keeps her worm and comfy. the light thatcomes from the fire moves across her body fillingin all those curves of hers, makeing her more beautifulto the eye, and more tempting...   Her eyes are getting heavy now, when lightening makesa silowet of a man standing at her window, she jumps,the man walks over to the door, starts to turn the door knob, she doesnt relize she forgot to lock the door when she came in, thinking that she f
Sprawled Santa
So I'm trying to cheer up & somebody suggested writing a parody , short & sweet as it is I'll try finish :p Santa sprawled on the floor , the reindeers eating his ball balls , whatever happened to the presents , oh yeah we left um down the bar    The mistletoes all moldy , the kids aare hanging of the tree , the turkeys as cremated as screw , what are the parents gonna do ?   The kids now have the candy jar stuffed away , rushiing about on a sugar high they dance , the playstation is knackered , the floors a mess the trees fallen over guess we never passed the test Father has the whiiskey out in the snow , the missus has the pan , with one fell whack he wont be coming back!
I am just a worthless liar; I am just an imbecile; I will only complicate you; Trust in me and fall as well; I will find a center in you; I will chew it up and leave; I will work to elevate you; Just enough to bring you down.  - Sober by Tool
The ingesting of one's own flesh (usually for sexual reasons).
My Poem- "this Time Of Season"
Peering out, through a frosty window. Watching the snow slowly fall, to the ground. A sea of whiteness, is all that appears to be. Just sitting here thinking, where you are now. Remembering the days, when you and I spent in the snow. Building forts and snow men, chasing each other around in the snow. Laughing and smiling, having a great time. But now I sit here, all alone thinking about those days. When we were going to be, a loving family. Your son is here, a beautiful little boy. Two years of age, with your amazing blue eyes. Now why is it every year, I sit and think about you. This year is the last, you left us, and don't even want us. I have the best of you, and he is sitting right here. I have new, brighter memories to cover yours. My son and I, playing in the snow. So today I'm finally, letting you go. Forever this time, no need dwelling on the past. Me and you are done, and its about time i get on with my life. ( new poem i just re
The Last 5 Hellish Days....
So I am quite exhausted, but I wanted to quickly write my first blog about the past 5 hellish days I have experienced. Friday my boyfriend and I left Pittsburgh to travel to Charolotte, NC. We heard about the impending storm but thought we would just be missing it by traveling early. The first 4 hours or so of the trip went pretty smoothly. Once we hit the mountains in West Virginia, however, it started to snow pretty hard. Trailers and other cars and trucks were stuck on the side of the roads, but we seemed to be doing okay. We decided to hit a rest stop, get some gas, and keep on going as far as we could. We got on 77 South and immediately shit hit the fan. We were stopped briefly, but resumed for a few miles. After that, we got stuck again. This time, however, we didn't leave the spot for 15 hours. Little did we know, 35 miles down the road a few trailers had flipped. They shut down the highways with miles of cars still waiting for some sort of news. Each hour passed and I started
Internal Monologue Saves.
Talking myself out of tomorrow.And with any luck next November.Yes. My hair gets darker when I'm depressed.Why don't you come sit on my lap and hear all about it?I promise I won't bitethe wrong spotsWhy am I depressed?Because you have a smile that's real.Because your laugh is like novacaine.Because I can't put these arms around your hipsor my chin on your shoulderbecause I could tell you a thousand jokesa million storiesand hand you a lifetime of giddy infatuation. I could love you in the ways you've only read about.I could experience you more vividly than Carpaccio saw red.I could feel you with more intent than Vangogh's left ear.I could taste you with more salt than the imperial army's wage. Instead I'm a passing nod, or the occasional long, aimlessly sullen quip. Glad we had this talk.  
What Do U Do?
what do u do when ur not sure what ur doing is the right thing? what do u do if ur not sure where ur going is where u should be? what do u do if u feel like u cant trust anymore? what do u do if u decide to live on ur own but meet someone who has chaged ur mind? what do u do if u dont know where ur going but u know u cant stay where ur at now?
Big Blog
I have a big blog coming some time by the end of the year, unleashing everything I've held inside this whole year about certain people on Fubar; good and bad. People will be put on  blast. Names will be used. Clear conscious needed and wanted for the new year. No regrets. Watch for it :) -Mz. Iowa
Two Is Better Than One
I remember what you wore on the first dayYou came into my life and I thought"Hey, you know, this could be something"'Cause everything you do and words you sayYou know that it all takes my breath awayAnd now I'm left with nothingSo maybe it's trueThat I can't live without youAnd maybe two is better than oneThere's so much timeTo figure out the rest of my lifeAnd you've already got me coming undoneAnd I'm thinking two is better than oneI remember every look upon your faceThe way you roll your eyesThe way you tasteYou make it hard for breathing'Cause when I close my eyes and drift awayI think of you and everything's okayI'm finally now believingThat maybe it's trueThat I can't live without youAnd maybe two is better than oneThere's so much timeTo figure out the rest of my lifeAnd you've already got me coming undoneAnd I'm thinking two is better than oneI remember what you wore on the first dayYou came into my life and I thought, "Hey,"Maybe it's trueThat I can't live witho
Lie To Me
Lie to me, tell me you love me, for just one moment make me believe Hold me closely, kiss me sweetly, and tell me you will never leave Who cares how bad I'll hurt tomorrow, if you can take my pain away? Show me life without sorrow, even if only for a day I'll leave all thoughts of her behind, it doesn't matter if it's true For on the morrow shall I find someone who lies as well as you
Your Prolly A Slut If.......
Ok I posted a few days ago on another site the status of::"BITCH IF I WANTED YOUR OPINION ID TAKE HIS DICK OUTTA YOUR MOUTH!! NOW GET OFF YOUR KNEES AND SHOW SOME CLASS!"Mind you this was not directed toward anyone in particular HOWEVER Kevins ex GF who we will call "E" has been stalking that page and assuming everything I write is directed about him or is me calling her out even though Im not with him nor have I been for like 2months--Yes we are friends. Yes we love eachother and still fuck and have a child between us but we arent together and I have no association to this bitch what so ever.Regardless this became E's status in response to mine cuz shes a slut::"AND JUST THINK OF HOW MANY TIMES HES LEFT YOU TO PUT ME ON MY KNEES!"And this is why I love dumb bitches cuz E-While yes he has left my bed to go to you-Please for future reference remember these two things:: 1. He never put me on my knees cuz he loves and has respect for me AND 2. Everytime you sucked his dick remember it
2 John 1   3 John 1   Jude 1   Bible Reading Plan -- Complete NIV Bible in a YearRead the NIV Bible in a year, reading three chapters daily and five on Sundays.
When I first saw her stare,I never saw her eyes.When I looked deeper,I realized I could never say goodbye. They spoke to me so soft,I couldn't look away.Forever they'll stay in my mind,I'll wish for them everyday. If she chooses to show me everyday,To show me the heaven in her eyes.My life would never be lostThankful for her,until the day I die.
Best Features
PLEASE RATE THIS FOR ME!   A young man moved into a new apartment of his own and went to the lobby to put his name on his mailbox. While he was there,an attractive young lady in a robe came out of her apartment next to the mailboxes. The guy smiled at the young woman, and she started a conversation with him. As they talked, her robe slipped open, and it was obvious that she had nothing else on. The poor kid broke into a sweat trying to maintain eye contact. After a few minutes, she placed her hand on his arm and said, "Let's go to my apartment. I hear someone coming." He followed her into her apartment; she closed the door and leaned against it, allowing her robe to fall off completely. Now nude, she purred at him, "What would you say is my best feature?' Flustered and embarrassed, he finally squeaked, "It's got to be your ears." Astounded and a little hurt, she asked, "My ears? Look at these breasts; they are full and 100% natural. I work out every day, and my butt is firm and solid
A Man who displays sensitivity Will be a Master who is sensitive to you A Man who displays humility will be a Master who will show you respect A Man who is not afraid to cry will be a Master who understands your tears A Man who is quiet will be a Master who will hear your quietest whisper A Man who knows fear will be a Master who will not leave you to face yours alone A Man who will listen to a child will be a Master who will always work to understand your words A Man who can stand alone will be a Master who will not crush you under His weight A Man who controls Himself with ease will be a Master with the ability to control you in the same way A Man who does not have to prove His point will be a Master with many worthwhile points to share A Man who never makes demands will be a Master who treasures anything you give A Man who doesn't run after you will be a Master you will never need to run away from A Man who is calm will be a Master who can weather your storm
Night Befroe Xmas 2009
twas the night before xmas and all through fu bar land there was nothing stirring not even you. i heard a clit clatter on the roof top, when i took a look jolly saint nick was staring at me, on  naughty nikki  , on jersey or crystal  or lilslave, why wasnt the naughties out tonight, the raindeer were drunk, watching the gals strip,  merry xmas to all and all have a good xmasbedrock
Molesting The Decapitated
My mind is as rotten as the bodies of the fuckin' whores I've killed. I raid a fresh grave to satisfy my thrills. What the fuck is this? A filthy fuckin' ugly bitch, I must rip the head clean off this scabby dead trick Now I rip the thread from her lips, bugs exit from her pale face I jam my prick in her mouth and then I spin her head around, unburied I gaze at her body mutilated but not by my hands stab wounds from a prior predator but the job is not yet done Now I will get the sloppy seconds of this rancid slut I fuck the fuckin' shit out of her filthy neck fluids from her stiff vagina seep parasites proceed to enter my pulsing pecker gnawing their way through me hundreds of maggots nesting in my nutsack horrible hybrid from the unseen how will I rid myself of these filthy scum guppies fuck this crude larvae Pissing blood and pieces of meat A small price to pay for my crimes Tickling from my dick into my own hand I tilt my head back, feel it oozing down my throat she agrees to fuck m
My Wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stbscake25@ fubar
Through That Door
I sit where we once where one Where you finally had won my heart Where we started our family And dreamt of our future so desperately I clung to your ever word blindly With this home full of memories I sit alone staring through that door Wondering if you’ll ever come through it again Although I know this
Christmas Again
Well here we are again, Christmas. A time we are to be happy. Well let me say I am happy so happy u can not believe. I haven't enjoyd the hollidays since '97. Thats when I lost my mom & dad. Even when I was married I didn't care for them. It's now 2009 and a lil angel came into my life. April Marie is her name. She change my life, make me enjoy life again. She fills the empty feeling I've had for so many years. I might not have much, but I do have the greatest gift to give, my Heart & April has that. I just ask one thing, April please hold it close never let go, it can't take another break. I love you. MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY
Crushes And Salute Photos
Do to the holidays and the fact that i am working two jobs and it is very busy for me...i wont be able to do salutes until after Chrismas. Please be patient...and if you're not...Merry Christmas anyway.
I Am With You!!!!
I give you this one thought to keep--- I am with you still--- I do not sleep, I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain, When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swiftk uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.
Christmas Blessing
           Sometimes, things happen in life which challenge our faith in God but we have to always remember when one door is closed, another opens...Between the bills this year including outrageous heating oil costs, electric, car repairs not to mention feeding four sons- there just wasn't much left over for Christmas- and to mention their father is months and months behind on child support. I prayed on this matter but I must admit I have been crying every night just thinking my boys wouldn't have much if anything for Christmas ..Knowing how excited they are for Christmas each year, especially my 9 yr old autistic son Christopher I knew I had to do something...In the newspaper one morning there was written in a small article where a local agency was giving away 1 prize of $500.00 worth of gift cards to the family they felt was most needing assistance for this  holiday season ..I wrote a 500 word essay explaining our particular situation and I was shocked when they called and let me kno
Every Day
Everyday is a journey; and every step takes on that journey; and when we get home; we hope we have gotten a happy landing
Not Always Right | The Trim Reaper
Christmas Tree Farm | Illinois, USA Customer: “Are these real trees?” Me: “Yes.” Customer: “I mean, are they live trees?” Me: “Yes.” Customer: “So, we just go cut them down, right?” Me: “That’s right!” Customer: “Will it still be a live tree after we cut it down?” Me: “I’m sorry, but cutting the tree down does mean the tree will die. However, if you water it daily, it should survive until Christmas.” Customer: “But you said those were live trees!”
Not Always Right | The Funny Pharmacy
Retail | United Kingdom (I work in a shopping mall. On my lunch break, I visit the pharmacy. A woman runs into me.) Customer: “You! Where do you keep your toilet paper?” Me: “In my cupboard.” Customer: “How dare you talk to me that way! I want to talk to your manager!” Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t work here.” Customer: “Oh, so now you’re going to get into trouble, it’s ‘I don’t work here’, eh?” Me: *pointing to the company logo on my shirt* “No, I genuinely do not work here. I work in [shop name], see?” Customer: “So you don’t wear your uniform either? Where’s your manager?” *turns to make-up counter employee* “Are you her manager, missy?” Make-up Counter Employee: “Yes, yes I am.” *turns to me, winking* “Don’t do that again.” Customer: “Thank you! See, now I can shop here again!” *to make-
Not Always Right | Driving Miss Crazy
Bus | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (I was coming home on the bus and overheard a conversation between an elderly lady and the bus driver.) Lady: “Oof! Do you mind?! You’re so awful!” Bus Driver: “I’m sorry, ma’am? What’s the problem?” Lady: “You keep starting and stopping the bus! I keep falling forward and backward, and it’s taking so long for me to get home. It’s getting dark!” Bus Driver: “Well, I’m sorry ma’am – I have to stop at the designated stops.” Lady: “Stop making excuses! There’s no reason to be doing this. Just ignore the stops!” Bus Driver: “So you want me to ignore all the other people wanting to get on the bus?” Lady: “Well, yes! Finally you understand! You can go back afterwards and get them! Is it so much to ask for good help anymore?!”
Not Always Right | Driving Miss Crazy Part Ii
Police | Wyoming, USA (We’ve had to close down a road due to a car crash in a snow storm. Fire trucks and ambulances are there with lights flashing to block the road. I’m at one side of the street directing traffic.) Driver: *slows down looking at the scene* “What happened?” Me: “Accident, ma’am. Please keep moving.” Driver: “Can I go down the street? It’s a shortcut.” Me: “The road is closed, but you need to keep moving…you are going to cause another accident.” Driver: “I didn’t cause any accident! I’m a good driver, how dare you imply that I’m not! I’m just trying to get home, why are you being so rude! I will have your badge, you little b****!” Me: “Ma’am if you are not going to move then you need to pull to the side of the road now!” Driver: “I pay your salary! You are supposed to help people! Don’t you want me to get home? I have
Hard At Work
Seeing you walk into work today, our eyes meet for a moment,a devilish little smirk on your face. You think you know me so well, and know how to get to me, " well I am gonna make you pay today baby" , thinking to myself as I smile back. Work is slow as usual, and I keep waiting for my chance to tease you, finally lunch is over and back to the same old slowness . But I am on a mission now, wanting to drive you crazy . I walk by your desk lightly running my fingertip over your hand and up your arm as I walk by. You just look at me and smirk. On my way back to my desk I lightly brush your neck with my fingertips, softly caressing along your ear and your jawline, smiling a little looking into your eyes. You just kinda sit back and look at me wondering what is up with me cus I dont normally act like this. Sitting back at my desk I glance back and catch you watching me, you dont mind me knowing. One of the things i love about you is your confidence, find it so sexy. I turn my cha
My Sister
Sometimes you think you know someone, and you see the side of them they show to people that they for some reason they hide from you. I just joined here, and just started using all the net stuff that my sister has been using for decades. As far back as i can remember she has had some sort of book or eletronic device in hand. But to day I saw what I guess most do, but I have always over looked. She is talented, and more pretty than I ever gave her credit for being. I feel sad in a way having over looked her in so many ways. But we are still here so maybe in time I can let her know the beauty I saw today viewing her and her world from where she spends so much of her time. I love you Tame'ra !!! I hope you know at least that !!!
Hell Returned
Sadness burning inside me,Hell, I have returnedThe darkness is insideI'm continually burnedDo you remember meI knew you so wellso many memoriesMy own personal hellI remember how you embraced meWhen I had no where to stayNo one else was thereEven as i was on my knees to prayMy feelings never went numb They just burned in your flamesHatred and jealousyThose were my favorite gamesI left you to follow a narrow pathIts a lonely one, the trailFull of honesty and lightI prefer the road full of betrayalSome one once saidAll i needed was strengthBut I want to depend on depressionMy weakness is full of lengthSo here I come Running back to your fiery armsLet them burn my flesh offYour black eyes have such a devilish charmPeople don't understandWhy things are wrong in their livesWhen you embrace the hellYou let sadness thriveWill you join meTo see the end of your lifeTo see all the struggle of painand hurt along with strife
My Darkness
My Darkness Hides Inside Of Me,It Sneaks Around My Soul.It Lurks In The Corners Of My Mind,And Slowly It Unfolds.It Grows Into A Horrid Beast,And Feeds Upon My Thoughts.My Darkness Spreads Throughout My Mind,Lurking Though My Head.Deeper And Deeper It Digs And Digs,Finding Thoughts That Have Been Left Unsaid.It Burroughs Deep Into Those Dreams,And Hides Itself So Well.But The Darkness Slowly Comes Back Out,And Now It's Going To Raise Hell.My Darkness Lurks Around My Head,Turning Me Into A Beast.It Makes Me Fight It Makes Me Scream,For My Darkness Is Being Unleashed.My Darkness Doesn't Care Who Is In The Way,So Stay Clear Of My Path,Or My Darkness Will Have Its Way.My Darkness Lurks Inside My Soul,For It Is My Fear And Hate,So When My Darkness Causes Me To Break,It Will Have Long Been Too Late
No Sex Since 1955!?
A crusty old Marine Sergeant Major found himself at a gala event hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young idealistic ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Sergeant Major for conversation. "Excuse me, Sergeant Major, but you seem to be a very serious man. Is something bothering you?" "Negative, ma'am. Just serious by nature.." The young lady looked at his awards and decorations and said, "It looks like you have seen a lot of action." "Yes, ma'am, a lot of action." The young lady, tiring of trying to start up a conversation said, "You know, you should lighten up a little. Relax and enjoy yourself." The Sergeant Major just stared at her in his serious manner. Finally the young lady said, "You know, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but when is the last time you had sex?" "1955, ma'am." "Well, there you are. No wonder you're so serious. You really need to chill out! I mean, no sex since 1955! She took his hand and led him to a priv
Real Vampires
The Calling
"The Calling"   I had made a plea a couple of years ago, For my love to come for me to bestow. As days past and time did so creep, My heart weakened and my soul did weep. But as quick as the night does fall, He skipped in step to answer my call.. An unspoken promise to always be there, Not knowing it should turn out so unfair. (unfinished)   11-09
I sit upon a throne in judgment I shall never...I place my hand and with I endeavor..I walk with pride but yet see the pain ..for I see the loss I give love to gain.I spin the herbs for which I bless...and children linger for within I caress...I understand your pain for I see like no other...I can light the way in which you may not had ever bothered...Have faith in me and I shall grow...And for this a gift you shall bestow...
Revelation 1   Revelation 2   Revelation 3   Bible Reading Plan -- Complete NIV Bible in a YearRead the NIV Bible in a year, reading three chapters daily and five on Sundays.
Most Beautiful Love Video Ever:
Mary Marcie Brown
So I work in a cancer hospital and well anyone who works in one knows it can take up a lot of your life and you can become close to the folks you work with much like a combat unit, So this post is for a fallen comrade, a plucky ole gal, who not only worked in this cancer hospital but battled it quietly for years, until losing the battle one of the nurses I work with without a second thought said Marcy your comin home with me, lol not only did she take her home but they  actually went on her dream cruise to the Bahamas together, and tonight Christmas eve at approximately 4 pm Mary Brown Marcie my friend and coworker and the dear friend of My dear friend Wendy, lost her fight with cancer but as my status says not before she gave each of us that knew her the chance to see and use the depths of our humanity and for that we owe her a debt of thanks
Angels Among Us
Theres only one perfect thing in this worldAngels all around surround us but only one shines trueLooking across the horizon & far distant skiesOne exists shining bright & true alwaysIf things were just that simple then I wish That oceans would quickly partAllowing only one to tread upon the gentle sandNo matter what the distance I believe it can beWalking through fountains of eternal bliss Just to severly be with the one I missI'd skate , I'd skate or glide with prideJust to fall half dead & glowing blueI know her aura would revive me for the the life I want to pursueI may be breathless & weak , cold & half dead , but she whispered in my ear ,Wake up , wake up , my dreadfull soul I am sending you in the direction of the nearest polewhere the skies are blue & the clouds roll byeRight beneath a sunny  sky , thou soul shall surviveThrough stress , strain , betrayal or hurt Get your face out of that dirt that envolves youRise again , keep your head up high Take a deep breathh & smell the a
The Family Prayer "And Shepherds we shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti."   Il Duce's Prayers "And when I vest my flashing sword And my hand takes hold in judgement I will take vengeance upon mine enemies And I will repay those who hase me O Lord, raise me to Thy right hand And count me amoung Thy saints ."
How Am I
going to ever stop doing drugs it is the only thing i am good at i dont even fuck right anymore...and those two things go together although i dont know when i slept last at all this is not poetry i cant feel my thumbs i cant feel my lips i have had to piss for over three hours i have not been near water in over 24 hours i have people from another dimension giving me computer advice and yelling at them "your going to fast slow down i have to click on all this shit motherfucker who looks like a lizard man in a cloak party made of air and ciggeratte smoke" KUNT   i cant spell i dont care i am over that fucking bitch, not you from last night....the other fucking FUCK YOU BITCH, you are not even up to speed on addiction, your doing it wrong your supposed to enjoy yourself   k thats all for now   motley crues first album...i dont give it enough i feel bad i am going to cry no i just play shout at the devil......who looks lime a lizard car insurance salesman
These Are Fucking Huge If You A. Use Xp Pro Or B. Want To Go Anywhere On The Internet Undected Called Proxy Bitch
K JUST THE LINKS CAUSE THESE WILL NEVER FIT IN A BLOG AND YOU NEED THE FORMAT AND LINKS INFO just copy the link and paste it in your web bar for you really stupid cunts who dont know shit accept that your boyfriend broke up with you and blocked you from his myspace cause he is fucking your little sister now: Choose one of 712 working proxies: Add this list to your site. || RSS feed (Glype) (Glype) (PHProxy 0.5x) (PHProxy 0.5x) (PHProxy 0.5x) (Glype) (PHProxy 0.5x) (Glype) (Glype) (Glype) (Glype) (Glype) (Zelune) (Glype) (CGIproxy)
Greeting. . .
Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for anenvironmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all and a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2010, but not without due respect for thecalendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great (not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country or is the only "AMERICA" in the western hemisphere), and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical disability, religious faith, choice of c
A Bdsm Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the domain,Not a subbie was stirring, (they were tied down with chain)The shackles were hung by the chimney with care,And the St. Andrews cross stood empty and bare. The subbies were nestled all snug in their beds,While visions of floggers danced in their heads;The Dom in his leather, and I in my slave cap,Had just settled down after getting our whacks. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,I crept from the bed to see what was the matter.Away to the window I flew very quickly.Tripped over some handcuffs and cursed soft and thickly. The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snowGave the luster of mid-day to objects below,When, what to my sleep-crusted eyes should unfurl,But a miniature sleigh, pulled by eight pony girls, With a Dominant driver, so forbidding and stern,I knew in a moment I'd a great deal to learn.More rapid than eagles his pony girls came,And he whipped them, and shouted, and called them by name; "Now, dash
It Never Fails....
This December hasn't been too awful by any means. But it never fails. Every December for now the last 5 years I can't just get through the month without bad things happening. And people wonder why I hate the end of the year so much and why my anxiety disorder goes into over drive... My grandpa's been in the hospital 3 times this month already, one being for surgery, and the other two for later complications. My dad's been in the hospital sick again and will probably end up there again very very soon. He didn't look very well last night and...yeah. I'm almost sure if things don't change rather quickly, this was my last Christmas with him..... And now my uncle died this morning. Nice way to start out the family Christmas party....and I've still got 6 long days left of December. I'm just at the point now where I won't be surprised if Matt doesn't show up. I think I'd be more surprised if he did still come down here than I would be if he didn't. Things just kind of suck today and I'm jus
Help Fu Mafia
hi please join my mob ty friends click link
The Tag Read "something To Keep You Warm On Those Cold Lonely Nights"
You may delay, but time will not.  -  Benjamin Franklin
Arousal from being dirty or defiled.
embonpoint\ahn-bohn-PWAN\ , noun;1.Plumpness of person; stoutness.
Something I Had To Keep For Later.........
A woman once said that a man is like a deck of playing cards...You need: ♥ A HEART to love him! ♦ A DIAMOND to marry him! ♣ A CLUB to bash his fucking head in! and ♠ A SPADE to bury the mfkr!
Disappointment is: when you look forward to eating potato salad that your mom sent you home with, but when you open it, you realize she gave you the wrong container and it is full of onions.... *gag* when you open the container of gumbo she sent you home with, and realize that there is no chicken in it... only sausage... and sausage makes you sick if you eat it... ------------------------------------------------------------------- I am eating gumbo.. with no meat (well.. very VERY little chicken) and with no potato salad.... because it has nasty onions in it... *sad*
Hero Because our dreams are our own creation, it is very common for a dreamer to experience the role of hero within a dream. Usually this is a sign that the person is very confident in life in general, or in a specific aspect of their life which is addressed in the dream. The fact that you are the hero in a dream may arise soon after you have accomplished something. It is even better to have such a dream just before taking on a challenge of some sort in your waking life. The fact that you may find yourself enhanced with incredible skills or superhuman powers is noteworthy. What special skills did you have in the dream? Were there any recognizable people in the dream? If so, their presence may indicate the area to which you should attribute the dream's implied meaning-business, home, or leisure pursuit.  
Death   Death can appear in dreams in many forms ranging from the near-death experience to wish-fulfillment projected on others. It may seem to be terrifying, or almost joyful in its sense of power. The near-death experience can be either a psychological phenomenon or a physical one. The physical phenomenon comes from lucid dreaming in a nightmare condition. You may become aware of the body paralysis of the REM state and feel powerless to defend yourself in the dream. This can create an overwhelming sense of vulnerability to the threatening circumstances of the dream and a near-death experience. The psychological facet is part and parcel of feeling endangered by your circumstances. This danger may be tangible or merely sensed in the dream. If it is tangible, the source of the danger is the area for interpretive work (whom, why, how, and what has endangered your life?). If the danger is merely sensed, it may symbolize ambivalence concerning a soul's transition into facets of self-aw
William Osler
"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."
Sail Away
Little girls molded ... groomed for their place.We buy the fairytale ... we make the plans.White for me ... black for you.Cake for everybody. And somewhere along the waywe  learn the secret that no one had the decency to share.Generations of the tricked biting their tongues;Clenching their fists.As the ice castles melt around us we are left damp ... hurt ... bitter. What's worse still is the destruction left in our glacial wake.Babies ... friends ... parents ... siblingsOur hearts ... destroyed ... broken ... and numb. We drift along in the cold waters.We see others floating on the tide.But never again can we risk drowningand so we cling to our rafts. I hear a voice call to me.Telling me there is shore if only I will step onto it,But even the chilly water around my ankles gives me pauseand I jump back into my boat. Sail away ... sail away ... sail away
Truth is such a lie. We all claim to be honest … our bluntness like a badge we wear on our chests.But in the end we push and pull on the truth.Like a sheet pulled just enough to fit over the corner of the bed.I protect you … you protect me.Yet in your attempt to shield me, you insult my intelligence which hurts me more than any lies, half-truths, or blatant honesty could have.I am not so different from you.I move deftly between the pillars of truth.Careful not to trip on the landmines that seem to multiply with each passing day.Knowing that one day I will set them off leaving a path of destruction in my wake.Assuming you are even close enough to feel the blast.But until that day we dance around the truth. Keeping in time with the music.Not sure of who is leading.Until the song ends and we can leave the ballroom.Neither of us with the person we came in with.
Fu Family And Top Fu Friends Management - My Way Not Your Way
Coming new to Fubar as we all do, I was not quite sure how to manage the Family and Top Friends categories. Family was not so difficult, but Top Friends is a bit dicier for me. All things being equal I didn't see it a big deal, but as I started bombing and managing the 100-11's I have available, it has become a bit more of a challenge. So here is my thinking, it may not be yours but it is mine and as such the way I view this. Friends are those that over the past couple of months I have come to be able to count on, if only for a morning re-rate whenever I rate. In most cases these are the people that make sure I remain shit-faced and rate me everyday, so that an old goat like me can level. They have helped when I have needed it, have asked but not whined or begged for help when they needed it and I have answered that call without hesitation. Some are lovely people...pretty kind some might even say they are sexy. No arguement here, but not why they are Family. They earned Family st
C51 - In Da Club (wafflebeaver Happy Birthday)
The 4 Noble Truths
  1. Life  means suffering To live means to suffer, because the human nature is not perfect and neither is the world we live in. During our lifetime, we inevitably have to endure physical suffering such as pain, sickness, injury, tiredness, old age, and eventually death; and we have to endure psychological suffering like sadness, fear, frustration, disappointment, and depression. Although there are different degrees of suffering and there are also positive experiences in life that we perceive as the opposite of suffering, such as ease, comfort and happiness, life in its totality is imperfect and incomplete, because our world is subject to impermanence. This means we are never able to keep permanently what we strive for, and just as happy moments pass by, we ourselves and our loved ones will pass away one day, too. 2. The origin on suffering is attachment The origin of suffering is attachment to transient things and the ignorance thereof. Transient
True Story
True story written by my brother in law Alex.  Pretty hot.
Yo Momma
I have 4 hundred and 69 some thousand to go. Good thing here is that the number 69 is prevelant,  and it HAS to mean something. all are gonna beam me up into the next level or some crazy cosmic shit............   dig it   Love Tew you all.................2X   Cyn
Is It Really Worth It?
Is it really worth it to be back here after I was gone for a year? The answer is clearly becoming NO. I thought when I left the first time that there was too much begging and too many self serving people on here. This site was for ADULTS but it was the "go by my rules on life bible thumpers" who were trying to DICTATE what we posted, did and said here. Since my return, I have seen MORE beggars, cheats and liars than ever. No wonder this world is the way it is. Doesn't anyone EARN their keep anymore. It's so unnerving when I see so many supposed good people BEGGING for this and that. MANY OF YOU NEED TO FACE THE FACT THAT YOU AREN'T WHAT YOU PRETEND TO BE ON HERE NOR ARE YOU WORTH THE TROUBLE OR THE MONEIES SPENT EITHER. I have tried to be friends to so many of you and yet you don't return the gester only begging for me to join this or buy you that. To this I will tell you "FUCKING GET A LIFE LOSER"! This world does not, will not and never will REVOLVE AROUND YOU! There have been only
I come to you in your dreams in the pale moonlight, a shadow creeping over goosebumped inner thighs, crushed velvet curtains pulled aside to reveal lurid glimpses of carnality, where we may rendezvous in secret. We are alone my darling...Gaze deeply into the sultry abyss of my eyes..slip into the dream world of the undead. Succumb to searing carnal fever and rampant delusional desire. Fall deeper, surrender to your wanton impulses. Cast off all restraint. Sink downward, inward, to the heart of your darkest, most sinful passions. Let the fire burn. I am a stunning beauty, no? A masterpiece. An enchanting maiden of the dark, Queen of the night. The one you hunger for. Come to me my pet, Let us quench our torrid thirst for lust.
My Nsfw
Yes, I have pictures of me in various stages of undress, and full nude. If you would like to see them, here is what I have decided it will take:   1 bling - 1 day Bling packs - 1 day per bling (25 bling pack, 25 days..etc up to 5 months) VIP/Autos/Bomb-6 months access   There are a few exceptions to these rules, but you know who you are and why. Begging will get you no where, except possibly blocked. I know that rating NSFW does not get any points, so you must comment each picture. Failure to comply with my simple rules will result in being reduced to friend or blocked. I don't want to be mean, but I have been forced to these measures by some rude people.  Please read my profile before acting on this blog. Thank you, Mikee
Barak Obama meets with the Queen of England.He asks her, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?""Well," says the Queen, "the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people." Obama frowns "But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent? "The Queen takes a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy. You just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle."The Queen pushes a button on her intercom. "Please sendTony Blair in here, would you?"Tony Blair walks into the room. "Yes, my Queen?"The Queen smiles. "Answer me this, please, Tony. Your mother and father have a child. It is not your brotherand it is not your sister. Who is it?"Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answers, "That would be me.""Yes! Very good," says the Queen. Obama goes back home to ask Joe Biden, his vice president, the same question."Joe. Answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your
Help...i Think
I should think it suicidal, my desire for escape.   Although it is not the death of my body that I long for but the death of the decisions that have lead me to the desire.  I accept that suffering is as it should be, a notion that gives me strength to continue because I am constantly waging against this emotion and therefore I am more honorable by comparison.  Should I have ignored this fact, and instead accomplished my own desires, where would the suffering of my soul be then? Lost I suppose, lost with the desire for suicidal escape.
When Smiles Collide
Two whispered soulsFrom across the roomWho have thoughtsof despair and gloom.But for just a moment They're lost in timeAnd spirits liftWhen smiles collide.Suddenly, they feelthat all's not lostKindred souls togetherA simple gesture's brought.A gentle lift of sunshineupon lips that cannot hideThe act of human kindnessWhen smiles collide.
Getting Started
Yo Fubar check it out. Josh a.k.a Tat2artist a.k.a Fubars unofficial favorite tattoo artist is hittin the streets tomorrow and going to every law office in town and finding a lawyer to set up the 501c3 for free to help out the kids and teens in the community I live in. We are gonna get this building for these youths up and running. If you wanna help we are gonna take any donations you want to give send pens paint paintbrushes anything cd players we got noting so far. I dont expect people to hand out no money cuz i know its hard out there for everyone but if you got it like that and you got a heart for givin some kids a place to kick it where instead of trickin off their time doin stupid stuff (you all know what i mean) and a safe place from the negative influences of the world hit me up through my inbox and ill send ya my email address. Look forward to talking with you all if you got some ideas shoot them at me. one love respect and peace Josh
When Will Your Number Be Up?
    So I was at my brothers house on Christmas day and was sitting there talking to someone that out of respect, I call “Pop”.   We were talking about life itself.  He looked at me and told me this story.  With it being the end of one year, and almost the start of the next, it’s fitting to write this now.     “My wife and I have been married for 58 years, and in the past seven or eight months, we’ve been closer then ever.  We go to bed at night and hug and kiss each other goodnight, wake up in the morning an hug and kiss.  Neither one of us know if when we go to bed, we’ll wake up in the morning.  When you get to be my age you realize that every day is a gift.  We’re both in our 80s.  Hell, I went out the other day and before I did I made sure that I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her that I love her.  You just don’t know when your time is up.”    I know that may sound pointless but it’s really not.  Every day should be th
When I wrote our story, I wanted it to start with “Once Upon a Time” and end with “Happily Ever After.”All of the most important parts were there -  the handsome prince with his dark curls and rugged smile, the beautiful heroine with her sparkling eyes and fancy dresses, the songs that seemed to tell their story, the stars in the night sky, and the kiss …But in the rush to write a perfect tale I forgot that life isn’t always so accommodating.Sometimes the dragons are inside and you can’t slay them without destroying a part of yourself. Sometimes the kingdoms are so far apart even the trustiest steed is no match for the mountains, rivers, and oceans that have to be crossed.Sometimes the fairy godmother only has enough magic to last through ten o’clock and you have to leave the ball earlier than you’d like.But oh how we did dance at the ball …     and stare into each others eyes.         How beautiful the touch of your hand on
Ugh- Venting- Single Life
IM SO SICK OF BEING SINGLE... is there any decent guys out there?? Seriously... i must be attracted to fucking assholes. lol i just want to have a cuddle buddy and be loved i hate this single shit.. Blah.. And I dont want any wierdos either... or any guy over 25.. lol
Forever Young, Enternal Unrest Of The Loveless Soul~ By Jd
Over exhausted and feeling like i need this, Getting a grip never seemed so hard and its easy to get sick of it. Feeling out of sorts and almost as if there will be no change to come, Looking back now, I have come to realize why most say they wish to live "forever young".   There were no restrictions, As children our minds roamed free of care, Friends came and they went, We laughed, We cried, Our thoughts genuine we were alive. As we grow people change, Once good friends become strangers that carefree feeling fades away, Left to wonder when it all was lost and just for what reason hopes and childhood dreams fade to grey.   Living the good life is only a dream when life deals a hand thats almost impossible to beat, How many times must we be broken and stuck to repeat, Life is so real but leaves us with so much grief. Self righteousness makes us want to give in to the beatings we take, How easy it would be to pull the plug, Water runs dry and we will wake to face another dar
As We Grow Up
As we grow up... We learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder everytime. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend, you'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt. because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of hapiness you'll never get back.....
Last One For The Night
As of today, I have absolutely no regrets. I think i'am a mature person who can take things in stride. Im grateful for people in my past, they helped me get where i'am Wherever that is, but now, I'am thinking for myself
It's Time To Start Over 2010 Is Comeing
yes i cant wait for new years to come . its my favorite because you get to start over .my 2009 was like a rollercoaster with alot of up's and down's and now i cant wait to see what 2010 have in store for me and i have friends thats going to come in and party with me .alot of people are not going out because they dont have no new years date will i 'm not going to have a new years date but i am going out because i'm going to be so excited that i made it to new years because there have been alot of people pass in 09 like michael jackson, brittany murphy, farrah fawcett, david carradine etc  all them tragic passing's made me learn that i should not even sweat the bullshit people bring and that i should enjoy my life and never ever take it for granted .so my dear friend's for new years just enjoy the moment and never let anyone fuck up your nighti hope everyone had a great xmas did you get what you want ?nicole
Wrecking Our Realities~ By Jd
Awake i will rise into the thresh hold, Undeserving and not yet prepared to get ahead. Some of these people spened their whole lives never realizing, There are a chosen few in life, Are forever prone to lose this epic battle, Disguising their own realities, Harbouring lost in thought over all the heart breaks.   Never wanting to intentionly wreck anyone, Almost to the point i could lose control, I would like to compare it to the mad man who finally gets that ultimate power in his fingertips. Dreadful look from his eye that reassures you not to come inbetween him and his obsession, Body numb but stuck in stance, Danger surrounds, All that is golden will not always bring us that bliss.   My life is constantly screaming right into my darkened face, I cant tell you the last time i could stand to see my reflection and like the man i see. Life is so much more than the fronts we use to disguise when we are broken, I look at myself in this bitter fight, Needed to have a second gl
Her beauty ever so softly shines,like the sun of morning dew.Sparkles in my eyes,Like a star shines true. To touch a gift by heart or hand,To think If could be in her thoughts.Is a gift far greater,Than any ever bought. Maybe forever a dream or vision,Is all she'll ever be.Just to know and love her beauty,This is what my heart choses to see.
Farewell 09 You'll Be Over Real Soon.
Down To 320pounds Now !!!
i was last time 330pounds now i lost 10pounds and down to 320pounds i have a long way to go befor i am at 200pounds not giving up yeah its alittle slow losing it but i am not putting on and thats the main thing and as of right now i am very happy ,start of 2009 i was at 385pounds now down to 320pounds so thats 65pounds lost i still have along way to go and will get there someday...
The Strangness..
It is strange if you ponder. How large the world is but how shrunk it can be thanks to technology. The internet has let us reach many places and people we normally would never talk to, and it instills in us a curiosity that even with the closeness of the virtual world known as the world wide web. That there is still but a great distance between all of us. Some are nearer while others are farther. Then a intimate concideration is struck between two people, and that great distance and sometimes that ever looming ocean. Brings the hope and wild thoughts down to ground level. Yet then we forget that there was a time. When soldiers were lost in trenchs a ocean away, their loves remained strong. Yet while things grow closer, they seem farther. We let the great distance divide our hopes and dreams into things we might behold. We fail to relise those that dream bigger then where they stand normally attain it or a monicore of it. Be it in bussiness or love. It is those who see only obsticales
Stupid Question?
Ok here we go another of those nights when my mind starts to run wild, based off others comments or questions directly to me.. I was asked how could i ask such odd mum questions after a insightfull thought i posted in my high tech blog about ipv6. Well my answer was this, not exactly as this time i tend to imbelish on it on purpose. What is a stupid or odd question? well in reality there is no such thing. We teach our kids there is no stupid question but as we grow as adults we tend to forget this. We then assume there are stupid questions from one adult to another. because we should know the answer. But in reality we do not know what each individuals answer will be. We know not the answer till we ask it. That is like assuming that everyone feels the presedent is doing a great job, we each have our own opinions on this, but do not know another exact answer untill we ask. That is like the one question i pondered, Does age reflect a person maturity, or just hint at it? i did not phras
R.i.p Rev
Avenged Sevenfold drummer James Owen Sullivan, also known by his stage name ” The Reverend Tholomew Plague” or simply “The Rev” was found dead in his Huntington Beach home yesterday on December 28 at approximately 1 p.m. The talented drummer was 28 years old. Sullivan was a huge Pantera fan, another band with a tragic early death. Jimmy also played many different instruments other than the drums, such as the piano and guitar. His death is being investigated by The Orange County Coroner’s Office but at this time the Southern California musician is thought to have died of natural causes. The metal community and many blog are speculating the death was an overdose. Sullivan was rumored to have history with drugs.  No statement has been made yet from Avenged Sevenfold or the Management of AX7 in regards to this tragic loss. .
Wet T-shirt Contest
            Rules of Submission (1) Use a white shirt, or for a better chance of winning use a shirt with less or no graphics on it Make sure that we can see the front of the shirt. (2) You can submit a picture of you doing anything sexy or provocative. Understand that you are responsible for yourself. Remember we didn't make you do it, the alcohol did. (3) The higher the quality the better. We want to see a picture perfect view of the goods. (4) DO NOT alter the picture with any programs such as Photoshop, we want only real pictures of real women getting really wet. (5) Note: by submitting any pictures you agree that can use your pictures on our site and for any other reason that we want. See our TERMS OF USE for all the legal mumbo jumbo. (6) You MUST be at least 18 years of age to submit any pictures into this contest.   to submit a pic CLICK HERE!!   prizes      
Important Things I Know, Yet Other Girls Don't
1. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you,nothing can make him stay. 2. Stop making excuses for a man's behavior. 3. If you have ANY doubt in your mind about a man's character, leave him alone. 4. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. 5. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. 6. Don't force an attraction. 7. Slower is better. 8. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. 9. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat afriend. 10. Have faith in God regarding your relationship, but don't let faith make you stupid. God does things decent and in order. 11. Don't settle. 12. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. 13. If he keeps changing his mind about the relationship-take that as a BIG sign that he is unstable. Do you really want to be wit
I'm hurt all the time. I don't want to cry for the way I feel inside.I just want someone to hold me...I'm alone in the dark, please try to find me.If no one cares, I don't see a point to go on.Anyone find me! Anyone care!I'm sorry, I just don't want to be alone anymore.I feel unheard and unseen. Depressed and weak. No one cares and yet I'm always the sorry one.Someone find me! I'm scared. Please hold me until it all ends.Just hold me that’s all I want.I don't want to be alone in the dark.Just hold me as I start to disappear from the light.Just hold me as I start to cry.Just hold me so I wont be alone inside.Just hold me so I don't do something wrong.Just hold me so tight, that for a moment I could feel the light....
A girl depressed... Moved Into a world filled with hopes and dreams something diff. from her life only to be crushed between whats going on...I seem to live in a world thats only somewhat famaliar... and my Friend Brooke is all That is.......Every Night is A Bomb Waiting To Defuse...but it comes from not only one person but the other...i try to stay away from everything but its making me feel even worse in the me my friends are my savor at this moment but the only friend i have here is her....i live with a man that is wanting to be back to a life that does exist due to time and a women that sees whats best for everything for all...and in the middle is a child that knows nothing and a niece that came cus they said it was best.....i am the niece i came knowing only that i would  work my ass off and do what i needed to do but coming in this situation..i am human and i do try to work what i can to only seem as though this may have been a bad thing to get into....i know it may
A Decade
I sit her thinking about the yr ending in 2 days , its got me thinking. Another decade is gone and what do i remember. I remember the loss of 2 cusions, Kevin and John both gone to soon .. john at 15 and just a month ago. My Uncle Joe, lost him last week. And most of all my Grandpa @ yrs ago . I miss them and always will.  I remember trying many of times to find love and have not. The last time hurt the wort of all. I finally got tehat D.U.I.mama alwasys said i'd get . Lost my truck in the process.. I lost my license but mostof all i lost self respect in myself to have deen that foolish . This last decade hasn't been ll that bad though . I found a carrer i should have nevr left in the 90's. I am remembering  the last 7 yr of my life i have held the same job down . I remember being tols at the beginning of this r that myempolyer likes me andn wants to keep me and keep me happy. I just wonder what this next decade will bring . I hope its better than this last one .. who knows i sur
What Is Help Them Level?
Hey All... ARK decided to add a new feture! Help them Level... If you know of someone whom is almost going to level than please send us a shout box or a private message and we will Blog them!   Thanks!
10k To Level Dj Sdmf Kilgor
Rest In Peace ... ♥
Eskimo Kisses
I want to share more then a physical embraceas I know that there is more that the beauty of a body or face Together beyond the realm of a heavenly abode I want to grow into a bright star from out of the cold From the moment we would meet and touch each step would feel like it was meant for us to clutch For us to endure with the fullness of our hearts desires of joy we embark without the enthusiasm of  child opening a new toy There won't be a day that I would ever turn my back on you not a single deflection from your radiance shall be unloved in view In a crowded sky of clouds I see illustrations  of our life one which will entail all of my energy and enduring whatever strife This life is ours to color with each of our passions array and we can deliver nothing but a pure genuine sway Swinging on a high where we never can come down your smile and eternal inner beauty will always keep away a frown
Loving You
Every time I think about you,I'm reminded of the reasonswhy I love you from the depthof my heart and soul.And I wonder what I'ddo without you,without your healing smile,your words of faith,the caring and sensitive wayyou word touches me,and lifts me,just when I need it most.Without you,what would I have?What would I be?I can't imagine existing ina world where someone doesn'tlove me the way you do.You're the only one who everunderstood me and accepted mefor who I am.And I think you're nothing shortof amazing.Your love always has beenand always will be,life's greatest gift to me!
Mustard Man Lyrics Artist(band):cky (camp Kill Yourself)
Mustard uhh behold Hahahaha A story that I rather not have told Of a mustard mayhem! I’m riding and I'm running in my sleep From mustard man He chases me ‘til the last sunrise And fucks me in his mom’s mini van Mustard man whoa, whoa bow down I must serve you I am on the ground Bowing to your mustard shit Lick your ass at the end of it I will march for you mustard man; ill stay true Wu, Wu when I shit, when I try to run away, mustard man whipped me with his mustard chain, And his mustard seeds pissed in my face And I bleed; Mustard… disease! You think it's hot, but try on theese jeans made of whicker, And they've got horse fleas, Mustard in my dreams. Whoa! Mustard god I’m on my knees bowing for you it’s hot I feel pleasure, won't you please serve me twice tonight I need Wu, Wu Mustard seeds like I set up in my head Jam them with some sugarcane, pleasured so good and I feel the pain Wu Wu mustard makes me cry, I hate it. Suicide I'd rather
My Fuck You List
1. Do you think you can get through it without answering "I don't know"? Yes 2. Are you involved with anyone? yes we are in a casual relationship but we are very much involved 3. Where do you wish you were right now? back in bed with Her and not waiting on breakfast 4. What should you be doing right now? whatever She asks me to, which is make breakfast right now 5. Does sex mean love? no sex means attempting to achieve orgasm with another persons vaginal or anal assistance   6. What do you believe is a true saying about life? good things come to those who destroy everything they consider negative    7 Are you a bad influence? on some people who are easily influenced. 8. Who has had the most influence on you (good)? good Katherin...bad Raven   9 night out or night in? night out endin in being in someone 10. Single forever with a great family or no family and your soul mate? i have everything i require right now 11. What is your favorite game? its not something id discuss he
Trip To The Video Store
This is a work of fiction.  Any reference to real individuals is just because they are part of my fantasy world.  LOL   After a few days of running around New Orleans together, Robin and her hubby invited me to go to a video store with them and her friend Adrienne. When we all met at the entrance, Robin gave me a wink and said, "Are you ready?". I had heard of some of the wildness of N.O., but didn't expect anything like this.Her husband bought some tokens for the video booths and said, "Let's go!", grabbing Robin's hand. Adrienne pushed her chest into my back and whispered, "You are so going to love this."I got back into the room, let my eyes adjust, and realized that there are two long couches facing the video machine. Hubby has already started dropping coins in the slot and I see Robin on her knees in front of him, with his cock out and sucking on it. I turned around and Adrienne had her shirt and bra off. I moved in to suck on her tits while she removed her pants, pushing my head
New Years Eve
I'm not the happiest person in the world right now given the last couple days, but I suppose that's to be expected with it being December and December and I not getting along so well the last few years.... But my top 3 family are the most amazing, and bestest people on fubar, hands down. Cutterbum is an amazing man with a lot to offer a woman, and a friend. He's always been there for me, always made me laugh and is simply just an overall good person. It's hard to find that these days whether its on fubar or in real life, so anybody looking for somebody real, go see him. He doesn't turn people away. He's not stuck up. He's a damn good person and friend. I love my boyfriend. He's amazing and a very good man. I'm extremely lucky to have caught the attention of the type of person he is because he's one in a billion. He's one of the most honest, truthful, hardworking, sexy, and genuine people I've ever met in my whole life. He makes me smile and makes my heart melt. I'm very much in love
And Sometimes
And Sometimes....We Lie Because The TruthIs Too Hard To Accept
Ahhhh...I am screaming in my head today!I don't get the reason why all the sudden you have changed recently. I feel as if the knife you held to my neck is the same knife you are tearing my still beating heart out with. You keep telling me you have all these things on your mind about us.But you still keep them to yourself. As I am running around in my own mind chasing my tail worrying about wtf is going to happen.You walk around with you thumb up you ass.I dont understand the years of you begging me to stay with you and come back to you and all the empty promises you misled me with why you find it so hard to talk me. Why is it I give in? Why do I even bother with this when you find yourself more involved with wow and them. I shouldnt have to compete with them nor should I come second to them. Sometime I just wish you could sit in my head for a meer day just so you can see and feel what you put me through.You tell me you think that my spirit is weak due to all the pain and heartac
From Me To All Of You
Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes With Slay
LEARN CHINESE IN 5 MINUTES!!! Here ill teach you. Say the words out loud. 1) That's not right -- Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harboring a fugitive? -- Hu Yu Hai Ding 3) See me ASAP -- Kum Hia Nao 4) Stupid Man -- Dum Fuk 5) Small Horse -- Tai Ni Po Ni 6) Did you go to the Beach? -- Wai Yu So Tan 7) I bumped into a coffee table -- Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni 8) I think you need a face lift -- Chin Tu Fat 9) It's very dark in here -- Wai So Dim 10) I thought you were on a diet -- Wai Yu Mun Ching 11) This is a tow away zone -- No Pah King 12) Our meeting is next week -- Wai Yu Kum Nao 13) Staying out of sight -- Lei Ying Lo 14) He's cleaning his automobile -- Wa Shing Ka 15) Your body odor is offensive -- Yu Stin Ki Pu 16) Great -- Fa Kin Su Pah
Day 9
Headache....massive... Oh the pain oh the humanity...   Boom

So... I'm super fat so my new years resolution should probably be to lose weight...get out of debt....yadda yadda yadda... but I'm going with something different. I'm not chasing friends down anymore....  I spend so much time alone then do my best to inject myself into other peoples lives...  I'm done.  Friendship works both ways... and as of late it's been very one sided.....minus a few that are good about keeping tabs... I am making changes... keep tabs on me and keep in touch...or be a memory... it's your choice now.... I'm done trying to make it happen... either it does or it doesn't.....
The love of truth" is a highly significant expression. One will never be disposed to accept truth until he possesses a love for the truth. Embracing truth depends almost entirely upon one's attitude toward truth. If one is disinterested in truth, he will never search for truth.  Truth is to be discovered. "Seek and ye shall find." Seldom does one "stumble onto" truth. It is imperative that one cultivate a love for truth if he would come to possess truth. If one possesses not the truth, there is only one alternative. Those who possess not truth are possessors of untruth. They are victims of error. Having failed to embrace truth, they necessarily embrace untruth. The man who holds not truth is a prey to lies, and if one's faith rests upon lies, he stands condemned.                                                   
Happy New Year!
2010 has started off for our lovely county's fire department with 17-57 year old people drinking, getting sick, and fighting. Why can't this be a night for people to be happy? Hope ya'll are having a good one, best wishes for the upcoming year! :)
Come Own This Sexy Ass For A Whole Month!!
Come on down fu land!! Come own this sexy ass!! I am in the New Years Auction and I am up for bid!! Come check out my offers..I promise not to disappoint!! Plz make sure to show love to the hostess!! Ty everyone!! The link is in the comment section!!
You Don't Know Me
Avenged Sevenfold -seize The Day
Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time but I'm too young to worry These streets we travel on will undergo our same lost past I found you here, now please just stay for a while I can move on with you around I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever? I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture) Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Newborn life, replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in No longer needed here so where do we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, what if there is no eternal life? I see
Have Fun Decoding What This Is Saying (hint 1st Letter Of Each Word Spells Something Else)
India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha Tango Uniform Sierra!
Thanks To All Who Helped
Well I finally made it to ANGEL. With a lot of help from some great friends. First and foremost I want to say thank you to my beautiful and loving girlfriend, Brittany Brutality. Without you buying the bombs and auto's I would have never made it as far as I did. And lets not forget all the pimp outs either. I love you my Princess.   Secondly I would like to thank BBQBANDIT. Truely a great friend who has helped me acheive my wings. Thanks for the bombs, bling credits, autos, pimp outs. I will pay you back someday. You bought all these things without asking for much in return only to be bombed and to be a friend. I thank you for that.   Thirdly and in no matter less important, all the folks who rated me on a daily basis ( just too many of you to list, and you know who you are ), those who bombed me when I had my autos running, and even when I didn't. Those who pimped me out when I needed it while bombing. Those of you who bought me drinks, sh*tfacings, blinged me. And lastly those o
Happy New Years
          Happy New Years, Welcome 2010, Good riddance 2009.   Well let me start out by saying Happy New Years To all who read this. 2009 was a so - so year for me. It started off horrible, when some rotten no good theiveing wench stole my money, stole my idenity and did the same to my grandfather ( who lives with me ). she even gotten me fired from my job. I was jobless, penniless and in debt because of her. Then things started to look up for me, she went to jail and is currently there. I joined Fubar and made some great friends, got a new job and on a July evening I confessed to Brittany that I loved her and had loved her from when we first met about 1 year prior. We have been together ever since. ( Love You Baby )   So as I look forward to the new year and sort of a "new start" I feel I should make some resolutions as do many people. I know I probally wont keep them but here is a short list of things I would like to acheive in the new year. Some may be obtainable, some may tak
Closeys Don't Count
Four hundred tho plus a few to go until I am a Godfather. Fourth times a charm
New Years Resolutions
What would the first day of the new year be without the new years resolutions? I think this is the first time I'm making resolutions to myself and actually going to attempt to stick by them. 1. I know everybody's #1 resolution is to lose weight. But the reasoning behind it isn't the same as why it's my #1 reason. I need to be healthy. I need to get my diabetes under control. I've ignored it, and refused to accept it for the last 14 months and I've probably been a diabetic for much longer than that; I just refused the tests because of the needle work involved. I'm also a really big fan of the Biggest Loser. Yes, I'm into the reality shows. Sue me. But I like the show. I have a few of the books. It's inspiring honestly. I wish I had the time and resources to do something like that. I'd never go on a tv show all of America could see though hahaha It's not even about being skinnier or prettier. It's simply time to get healthy. 2. No more bad habits to reduce stress. It's just been one ba
New Year!
This is a new year its time for a new me. I know people say this all the time, but after the day I had I think it is for the best. I dont know why I keep coming back to this site. It really is nothing but a place for drama. I met someone on here, fell for them (which was stupid on my part I will admit) met up with them and well ya ya know. So the whole time me and him were talking he says to me "I am not the kind of guy to say I love you just to sleep with." Well thats kinda funny. After we slept together he stopped talking to me. So I am a little confused. Is it that you dont say it to sleep with girls more than once, or is it you dont say that to sleep with girls ever. I think when people make statements like that it is just proving the opposite. They really are all like that. Now I will take the blame on being a stupid girl who talked to someone online and thought something real could come of it. That I will take full responsibility for. I guess this time I just thought it was going
*velvety Rain*
Listening to the rainfall I heard your footstep coming A faint whisper in the hall As soft as echoes fading You told me your life story Your past,your dreams and your fears   Your childhood of worry free While today is filled w/ tears You have one hope I advise And that is to Love again You may then say paradise Is velvety falling rain::: written by Jose Antonio Cangco
Friends Or Foe
Hello everyone who reads this ..... So I have friends added on here ... Yeah they help build points so you can rank up .... We all rate pictures but do we really know the person behind the profile? Do you ever take the time when rating their profile pics to make a comment of something nice other then Folder rated? I always try to get to know someone or interact with someone other then rating their pics and poof be gone. Then ones who drive me insane are the ones that you help and rate their pics for an hour and poof not even a thank you. I hope as you read this you get to know the girl behind this profile. I dont bite unless you want me to. I am polite unless you piss me off. I am sweet unless you are sour to me.   The name is Jenn! I hope I get to know some of you also!
Dj Heavy
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After All Its Just Another Day!
Well after another year comes to an end and a new year begins its time for promises to be made on what we'll do different this year. Why wait till New Years Eve to make any changes, hell we've got 364 days to do that,after all its just another day!
Deja Vu Of The Day I Dream~by Jd
I am all talk and no action, Displaced and fighting to  stay up from the ground. I am everything i claim i'll never be, Constantly so inviting, Yet invisible when your around.   I hide behind my keyboard, Then im gone in a blink of an eye quick as a flash, I never have been one to care what mindless people think of me. I could tell you everything you ever wanted to hear, Then i'll break you down, Without effort making it look done easily.   My indecision leads me to trample over everything, A "me first" kinda thing, I could talk about love, But without you it never would mean a thing. I'll be here to deal with the little that remains,  Trust me not, Leave me pillaged, Leave me alone in this to play my own twisted game.   I could talk about death, Only because without you in life it would be so easy to die, I could sit here and try to explain myself and once again silence creeps over me. Who were you thinking of blaming?,  Look, notice my hand is raised, Some lessons i
I Need A Gf
hi i need a gf to mack me happy
Needing A Girlfriend/boyfriend To To Be Happy
  I saw a recent blog by a man who wrote one sentence in the blog. "I need a girlfriend to make me happy." The ability to be happy without a girlfriend is the thing that is going to get you a girlfriend and make a relationship successful. Otherwise you are coming from neediness because you are giving your own personal power away. Your security and emotional state is dependent upon a girl being in and staying in your life. This is called neediness and causes people to make emotional responses that can often turn ugly, instead of making rational choices. People simply get along and have some sexual chemistry so they get into a relationship, but they often find out later that they just don't get along, or there is some other problem. Instead of talking it out and letting each other go, they try to own, possess or control the other or ignore the signs of trouble and drag it out hoping the problem takes care of itself. You choose your own emotional responses. The actions and behavior of
What Type Of Poem Are You?
You Are Free Verse Inspired, devoted to the pure expression of yourself without any constrictions. Rhymes bind. Grammar kills. What Type of Poem Are You? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
Blue Moon Eclipse
Shatter My Interior~by Jd
Preoccupied in my mind and im not even close to sorts, Locking myself inside my room and feeling somewhat abrassive to say the least. Keeping my distance and right about now its working rather perfectly, Comatose and slowly the clock runs down the minutes, Dragging my feet today i feel diseased.   Maybe i want some kind of closure, Maybe i want something new to endure, Maybe i am just tired of having to pick up the pieces of my frail stained glass heart off the floor. For whatever it could be worth, I am so used to putting my foot in my mouth and this i accept, Suffering from my mental illness i like to call stupid, Tripping over my own two feet yes this is real.   Unconscious and barely breathing, Watch me play the fiddle with my hands stuck in cement, Ever ready to feel change, But my feet are cinder blocks heavy and stuck to solid ground. Sick and tired of never knowing what the next day is going to throw at me, No emotion is real, Say what you will to distract me, But
Your Wish Fullfilled
I will take youon a flight of fancyupon the wings of pain/pleasureof nibbles and bitesI will draw you a bathof caresses and kissesand shower your soulwith the fragrance of my essenceI will keep you nearthe edge of eternityand only I will decidewhen you have releasepoet
Day 10
New Years Resolution... I stop saying no to certain questions.
Your Horoscope Today:you Will Join The Zodiac Lounge¤t=zod001b.jpg
New Begining
I’ve noticed that a lot of my old friends don’t stop by any more. So in thinking about it I have decided to clean out my friends list. If you come by now and then don’t worry, I won’t remove you from the list. If you don’t then you’re gone. I don’t have time to try and keep up with everyone like I used to. Nothing personal but it’s getting ridicules. There is just too much BS going on the world to put up with it here too. I come here to get away from reality. Those that I hear from on a regular basis will be in my family, others may be on my friends list but, that doesn’t mean we’ll talk. It took me three years to get to Fu-king and I see people who have made it to Godfather in months. WTF! Sorry I don’t have nice tits to show you or money to buy my way to the top. I can’t stay on here 24/7 like some people do. I have a job and life that goes far beyond Fu. If I piss you off, I’m sorry but this is the way it&
I Don't Want Any Other
Our life has not been easy, We've managed to drift apart But whatever it's worth Know you're always in my heart Not a day goes by When I don’t wish we'd talk To say hello or goodbye Or maybe go for a walk Your missing important days I'm not kid anymore It's a difficult maze Everytime my heart's tore There are times I need you To be there for me That nurturing statue If only you could be It's not you I blame For the way we are But all the hurtful shame Left an invisible scar Sometimes I feel trapped I don't know what to do Does God have our life mapped Help me sail across the blue! Why can't we mend this We both love each other I'm not sure about him But I miss you I hope you understand Why it's so hard to call I have the phone in my hand But it seems to always fall For now I'll hope and pray For you to come around That would be the day When the new us is found I still Love You And still want you to be mine Regard
The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.
Auto Or Bomb Up For Auction
Best offer by 6pm Sunday EST gets their choice. If Interested start bidding.
If Only..
I'd wanna wake up next to you,With your arms around my waist,And your eyes, so blue,looking into mine.I would want you to protect me forever,And infinitely be mine, only mine.I would wanna be there where you are,So I can always make you smile.I'd do anything you asked of me,Just to make you happy.Only yours is what I'd be,If you would promise to forever love me.
Does My Marriage Sound Like A Sham?
So I married the first guy I ever dated, my college sweetheart, in 2000. The last 5 or 6 years have been very trying for us, and I've grown up a lot, learned a lot about myself and what I want, need and deserve. 10 years ago, I was under the assumption NO man would EVER want to be with me, because I'd never been the "girlfriend" to the guys I knew, just a "girl friend" and I thought it was my lot in life! I was very naiive, VERY insecure, and found a guy that felt the same way about himself. The problem is, I grew up, and changed, and gained confidence in myself ... and he didn't. He knows he's good at his job, and is very confident in that respect - but in himself? no. I found a guy that made himself appear to be everything I wanted and needed and seduced me away from my husband for 6 months. I learned very quickly that I'd found another insecure mama's boy that was a total mooch, and came back home... That's when the real trouble started. I have lots of friends online, a lot of them
Go Away...
falling together in the cold grass holding hands on the hill side watching stars descend forever seems like just an empty promise we spent so long ago but we were younger then. each sour word sounds so absurd but lingers in the air while happiness in an ashen dress fades into the years each lonely hour my heart has slept has drifted back to me a splintered dream of awful things that now have come to be She said Go I don't want you any more She said Go i don't need you now, my dearest She said Go i don't love you anymore She said Go and I heard the angels cry for us... simple words that simply disappear while silence has replaced the sound of laughter and in the twilight memories shimmer in a breath of hesitation but it only lasts a moment before its gone each sour word sounds so absurd but lingers in the air while happiness in an ashen dress fades into the years each lonely hour my heart has slept has drifted back to me a splinte
Handbook 2010
Health:1. Drink plenty of water.2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants..4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy5. Make time to pray.6. Play more games7. Read more books than you did in 2009 .8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day9. Sleep for 7 hours.10. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily. And while you walk, smile.Personality:11. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control.. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.13. Don't over do. Keep your limits.14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.15. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.16. Dream more while you are awake17. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need..18.. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with His/her
Retro Wednesdays With Narly Beast@snake Eyes Radio
New Bill Goes To Congress And President To Sign " Cyber Security"
OpenCongress SummaryThis is comprehensive legislation designed to address our nation's vulnerabilities to cyber crime, global cyber espionage, and cyber attacks. It would establish a new Cybersecurity Advisory Panel within the White House and stream-line the cybersecurity effort through all levels of government. The bill also calls on the Department of Commerce to establish and maintain a clearinghouse on information related to cybsecurity threat and vulnerability information to public and private infrastructure deemed "critical" by the President. The Secretary of Commerce would be given access to this information "without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access." The bill would also give the President new authority to "declare a cybersecurity emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic to and from any compromised Federal Government or United States critical infrastructure information system or network."Official Summary
Cyber Security Bill Our rights are being taken away every day, Stand up and vote We The people This latest bill is about Internet Security.Google this. Giving the govt the right to take it away. The bill goes up to congress and the President to sign sometime this week.
Hh Thursstarting ,chaotic At 4pm,bratt At 5 Pm And Teresa At 6 Pm..futime
These Three Sexy Ladies Has A On Thursday Starting @ 4pm til 6pm Fu-Time Come & Party With Them Rate, Fan, Add, Bling Them This Is Bratt's and Chaotic Princess First Happy Hour! Chaotic Princess Bratt TERESA Bully Brought To You By:
Help Her Level
She doesn't have autos but she is nice and returns rates. Please help if you can. Muggsy ~ RL GF to Tedybearus~ His Tiny Bubbles Forever@ fubar
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1                                          HEY!!                                  Welcome to FUBAR          Come Rawk with the Best Fam and Friends around!      Club Paradise, Have some drinks and Join in the FUN!!     Copy and paste the link and join the insanity!! Hope to see you there!                   2                                           HEY!!                                 WELCOME TO FUBAR!
[all Things Obnoxious]
1. Please do what I ask you to do.2. Do what I tell you to do, after I asked you to do it.3. Do not ignore the terms/consequences I lay out when you ignore what I told you to do.4. Do not act surprised or indignant when I do what I say I would do after you broke my last straw. Now its not a big dealbut don't touch me.Don't touch me if you're 60, 10, 12, 30 or a zombie. Don't touch me. Don't have me explain to you 10 times not to touch me.Don't have me ask your grandmother to "drop the hammer or I'm going home". And yes. This is all in reference to a ten year old boy using profanity regularly and poking me with regularity after being repeatedly asked to stop. Now, I may have high expectations. I may be uncompromising. But I just pulled my keys out of my pocket, held them up and walked out on family christmas zomg. I shouldn't have to be pestered. These kids constantly live without consequences, disciplinary enforcement, or any consistent authority in their life except me. Now
Feeeeeeeeeel The Love
  Aaron hearts.le...Online41 mins ago-- 12 of 12 Aaron said:well I think your nothing more then a ass hole hat wearing peice of shit that beet's on women she is new here and has not got every thing down yet fuck stick so go fuck your self in real life you ever talked to one of nmy babe's like that and I would kick the fuck out ya ass foul so suck a cock and if you want some better bring a big big gun but i still will shove it up your ass fag boy now what puke bucket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U Matty™ said:oh I feel the love already....... e-threats...... gotta love em......... all that anger defending the indefensable....... I feel sorry for you that you have so much anger in you. Face it, fubar just is not for some people (fakes or flakes).a salute is not hard to do...... if those are "real" mobile pics, then she has a camera phone as most people with a cellphone do these days....... really easy to make a salute. If she wants respect and validation
Heaven's Devil's Playground!!!
Heaven's Devil's Playground is and awesome laid back place to hang out! Come join in on the fun! If ya can't reach me jump on in and see if ya can find me!!! A place with fun people, sexy ladies, and hot guys!   Can't wait to see you! ;)
LOVE BROKE THE BACK OF A STRONG MAN OF INFINITY STRENGTH, BUT SHE CANNOT BREAK THE LOVE THAT IS BURIED DEEP DOWN IN HIS HEART                                                                                         THANK YOU!!!!   (:
Shit You Should Know
im highly visual im highly intellectual im modest im 6'3 im in canada my job is pretty fucking cool, but it isn't a huge challenge anymore no i won't tell you what i do. i love language. it's made for play i don't mind the cold too much. i wear a light coat throughout the winter. except when it's -50C outside. i don't care if you're gay, but if you do shit that i think is dum, then you're a fag i've never read a book in which i couldn't find a typo mishima and hemmingway make me feel like less of a man i don't ski or snowboard. but i'll hit the pond for hockey anyday when it snows i dispose of it with my shovel and my neighbours use snowblowers my friends make fun of the music i listen to. but i could care less few people can keep my attention for any amount of time. you should try i have some integrity i have just as many flaws if you have a secret but you need to tell somebody. i'm your man.  i have trouble trying to figure out if i look young for my age or if i lo
Will You?
can you plz comment on the pic you think i should use to enter hottest fu chick contest?
You Were Just Backhanded By Fubar!
This is not my Blog Post but THIS IS 100% TRUE!         *** You we're just backhanded by FuBar (two weeks ago)    SO! How does everyone like those MERCS? You know, the ones you can sign yourself up to be from any wifi hotspot with a different IP and your link. I think I'll go to Starbucks today and sign myself up for one, and then hit McDonalds for another at lunchtime. In fact, I could just sit here in the comfort of my home and SPAM yahoo chat, or twitter, or craigslist, etc.    I could also just sit here in my chair, login into my linksys router and change the MAC address, reboot and Comcast will give me a new IP every time; within 10 minutes. In fact it's so easy to cheat this system there is no way to guard against it. But thats not stopping 'them' from praying that 1 in 10 MERCS will be a productive and loving FuBar user that spends Money on this site. I'm not going to tell you to dream on guys, but I will tell you this is one idea that should have stayed at the
The worst is holding on to someone who doesnt want to be held onto. Dont fall for someone enless they're willing to catch you. The thing about falling in love is that if you do it right, you will never hit the ground. life is too short to be anything but happy. So kiss slowly, love deeply,forgive quickly, take chances and never have regrets and remember that u wanted it at one point in time. Forget the past but remember what it taught you. Sometimes, you just have to smile pretend everythings okay, hold back the tears and walk away .if u want to see the rainbow u must go through the rain. if u want TRUE LOVE you must go thro the pain women were made from a mans rib not from his head to be superior, not from his feet to be walked on but from his side to be equal from under the arm to be protected and from next to the heart to be loved
Natural Causes My Ass
( -- Casey Johnson, the heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune who recently made tabloid headlines with a purported engagement to reality star Tila Tequila, has died at age 30. Her death was announced by Tequila on her Twitter page and confirmed by police. "Everyone please pray 4 my Wifey Casey Johnson," Tequila wrote. "She has passed away. Thank u for all ur love and support but I will be offline to be w/ family."' Los Angeles police and firefighters were called to a house at 11:51 a.m. Monday. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene. "It appears to be a natural death," says police Officer Sara Faden. "There's no evidence of foul play. A toxicology report from the coroner's office will proceed next." Johnson, who leaves a toddler daughter Ava whom she had adopted, was the great-great granddaughter of the founder of the pharmaceutical giant, and the daughter of New York Jets owner Robert Wood Johnson. An openly gay socialite, Johnson had a knack for attracting papar
A Moment
Fire trails through silken black as the sun hides the dayDancing through the endless night with the stars at playEnrapturing in displays of quiet mischievousness sublimeDenying the pull and the dark and the passages of timeFor a moment in time, I breathe a little lessAnd for a space of a second I cannot feel my chestLost in the presence of a body celestially brightAnd burning through everything as my body feels too tightCan I wander space with you, do you think?Can we see the end of the universe and dance at the brink?I'll wait for you on the other side of the moonHeart in my hands, hoping you'll meet me there soonRiding the waves of the dark, like dolphins teasing the seaSo peaceful and still out here, just enough of you to breatheSurrounded on all sides by infinite days of unknown and nearHolding love and life by the hand and questing into the clearWhat if black was a color too beautiful to behold by eyes?Would you come taste perfect with me, beyond endless skies?For a moment in time
First Day
Only got two hours of sleep last night. Don't know what the hell has been wrong with my sleep schedule. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous going in. I couldn't wait for it to start but I'm feeling like I could use another week of studying at least. Here goes nothing!
Lossing Myself
You live your life thinking that you are the one that has the control. What happens when it feels like that power is starting to slip. No one truely knows who you are, nor will you alowe anyone to truely know you. Lieing to yourself to make you feel better, when all it does is make you feel worse. Hold that head up high, dont let them see that weak bitch that you are. Put that front on, but why. So others dont see where to hit you were it hurts. But what hurts worse, hiding the soft side or the compassionet side of you, or being that balls out no holds bar bitch that noone wants to fuck with or come close to. Wheres the middle. Is there a middle, and if so how do you use it. Grewing up all you do is hide who you really are, for fear of letting others in only to have them stab that emotional knife right in your gut. Fuck it whats the point anymore. Someone give me a good reason why I should keep trying. Im not talking about offing myself fuck that shit. I have no desire to die what so e
Busy Busy Busy
Every Day we are all so Busy.We need to take things much EasyWe sometimes get a little lazyEnding up doing things crazySo be yourself foreverDo what you want wheneverThat will make you cleverTo live a life happily ever
Happy Mungday!!!
"Today* is Mungday, the Holyday of the Apostle Hung Mung, the Patron Saint of Chaos, and the 5th Day (Setting Orange) of the Season of Chaos (the first season in the Discordian Year) in this, the YOLD 3176. Hooray!Hung Mung is a Sage of Ancient China and Official Discordian Missionary to the Heathen Chinese. He who originally devised THE SACRED CHAO. Patron of the Season of Chaos.On the teachings and imitations ofSaint Hung MungSetting Orange Chaos 5, 3169 Anno LuminaOn Setting Orange Chaos 5 (January 5th), Discordians set aside the day to remember and commune with Saint Hung Mung, whose name means Primal Chaos, sage of Ancient China, inventor of the Sacred Chao, Official Missionary to the Heathens, leader of Operation Mindfuck and patron of the season of Chaos.This is the season of Chaos, the ancient universe as earliest humans saw it, where anything and everything is REAL. Apostle Hung Mung came out of this mindset and planted the seeds of the Taoist religion, whose followers don't a
Gate   Think of the gate in larger terms as an opening in a boundary or secured area where one is not normally allowed access. Is the gate locked or unlocked? Do you have to open it or is it opened for you? Depending on your answers, these questions may reveal some level of tension concerning an opportunity that may exist for you.What is inside the gate: a building, a sacred or taboo place, or a place of tranquillity and safety? You may see yourself going to such a place alone or with a helper for some kind of ritual experience. If you go through the gate with somebody, it may herald that a relationship in your life is moving on to a different level (for good or bad). Are you at a loss for opportunities, or do you feel prevented from making progress towards a particular goal? The gate may reflect potential progress, or the hope thereof, depending upon where it leads in your dream.
Moon   The moon is often an archetypal woman image. In many cultures and religious orders, the moon is identified as a mother figure. This is true in Native American, African, Christian, and Eastern literature and lore. The moon dream may come with or generate an intuitive feeling that someone in the inner circle of your life is pregnant. Another moon scenario is a product of the twentieth century. Specifically, the desire for space travel. These dreams can be based on either the scientific desire to experience the event or the spiritual desire for absolute separation from the churning, tumultuous human experience on earth. The moon can also evoke feelings of magic and mystery.
Running   Running is a traditional symbol of health and vitality in addition to being a means of fleeing potential danger. Thus running could be considered a dream of virility, as well as fear. Usually, in a dream of running in which fear is the dominant emotion, you will find that you can either run all night and successfully escape the danger (albeit with a serious emotional drain), or you find that you continue to falter and stumble, making the object of your fear even more terrifying. In the latter case, try to relate the dream situation to a situation in your life where you are feeling incredible pressure. Sometimes a simple change of perception can solve the problem.
the world i have built up is crashing down around me. where are those i need most? open your hearts to me like have opened mine to you. dont shut me out dont turn me away i helped you anyway i could why wont you help me? i'm losing hope and my faith is fading. where did i go wrong.. what do i do now the world i have built up is crashing down around me.. i'm reaching for you calling your name listen close. for my voice is but a whisper. my world is crashing down please save me.. for i cant save myself.
She questioned if my words for her,Would be for her and her alone.My words under your picture are only yours,It's the only way I've known. With that now done and said,Maybe I can tell what I see.And you my darlin,Will learn a little more of me. You are a beauty without a doubt,But I know you also have a mind.To see one and know the other,A way to do this,I will find. To look at you,but never really see,Would never do us true.If I only know of your outer beauty,Then I'll never really know you. So if you would please beautiful,Open your thoughts to me.Show me your inner beauty,So the whole you I might see.
Happy New Year Friends.
Hi Friends Happy New Year to all of you, hope it will be a awesome new year it is now 2010 wow imagine that so hard to think I been on here sence 2006 wow I have made alot of good awesome friends and had some good time and great times and bad times of course like we all have this site of course is something else it was alot better back then as cherry tap but of course we all know times and things are for ever changing who knows mite change again sometime huh. I have made some awesome new friends so far this new year and also last yr of course still have a few old good friends from my first start of the day back in 2006 never thought id be on a site this long wow and still single on top of that hmmm hehe but of course those who know me or of me on here know that there is a reason why I am single and stay that way but of course for those who read this and don't know well the reason is because I collect pet snakes its posted right on the front page of this profile even in big letters but
At Arms Length The Angel Rises From Her Knees~by Jd
The rain is falling, My breath freezes in mid air, All i am thinking about is your lingering words, The sweetest i love you. I cannot wait much longer, Forever makes me nervous but im not letting go, let me be your escape and i'll promise we can make it through. Even the thought of being without you leaves me empty and lost, I am willing to break down all my walls and give you my all. I may not be an angel, But i've decided you are all i want in this life, Let me share this world with you, So many times i was wrong let me show you now that this will be right. I am standing here through this down pour, Soaked and in need of your subtle touch, Just to be able to talk to you will never fullfill my need to make you permenant in my life. My eyes are lit up and seem almost to reflect the embers of this flame you light inside my soul, Feeling so overwhelmed and yet so comfortable, Right now is the moment i have figured out i can never let you go. I am just a man who ha
Epiphany (from Koine Greek ἐπιφάνεια "appearance", "manifestation") is a Christian feast day which celebrates the revelation of God made Man in the person of Jesus Christ. It falls on the 6th of January or on a Sunday close to that date. The 6th of January in the Julian Calendar, which is followed by some Eastern Churches, corresponds at present to 19th of January in the Gregorian Calendar, which is the official civil calendar in most countries. On this day, Western Christians commemorate principally the visitation of the Biblical Magi to the Baby Jesus, i.e., his manifestation to the Gentiles; Eastern Christians commemorate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, seen as his manifestation to the world as the Son of God. It is also called Theophany, especially by Eastern Christians.
Big Daddy's Hot Spot And Bar Auction!
Wanna be in one of the hotties auctions ever?! Join us for the Big Daddy's Hot Spot and Bar Auction! Starts Monday January 11th, 2010; Ends January 18th, 2010 Everyone is welcome to join! Send me your offer, photo link and 50k! All staff memeber is free to join!
Joss Whedon On Passion
“Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion maybe we'd know some kind of peace... but we would be hollow... Empty rooms shuttered and dank. Without passion we'd be truly dead.” Joss Whedon quotes
2009 Darwin Awards
A tough choice for  THE WINNER this  year!!        And once again,  it's time for the Darwin  Award Nominees.  TheDarwins are awarded every  year to the persons who died in the stupidestmanner,  thereby removing themselves from the gene pool.  This year'snominees    Nominee No. 1:  (San Jose Mercury News): An unidentified  man, usinga shotgun like a club to break a former girlfriend's windshield,accidentally shot himself to death when the gun discharged, blowing a holein his gut.        Nominee  No. 2:  ( Kalamazoo  Gazette):  James Burns, 34, (amechanic) of Alamo, MI, was killed in March as he was  trying to repair whatpolice describe as a "farm-type truck." Burns got a friend  to drive thetruck on a highway while Burns hung underneath so that he could ascertainthe source of a troubling noise. Burns clothes caught on something howeverand the other man found Burns "wrapped in the drive  shaft."    Nominee No. 3:  ( Hickory  Daily Record): Ken Charles Barger, 47,accidentally shot himsel
Why Random Acts Of Kindness Are So Important
Lets spread some kindness around!!! Be generous. Give to those you love; give to those who love you, give to the fortunate, give to the unfortunate — yes, give especially to those you don’t want to give. You will receive abundance for your giving. The more you give, the more you will have!– W. Clement Stone Wikipedia says that a random act of kindness is: “a selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual… There will generally be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happier.” Perhaps it is the use of the world random that is misleading, and that it would be easier if we used the word spontaneous or impulsive instead. Spontaneity means we are acting on an impulse, in the moment, freely; particularly, that we are moved to do something for someone without any thought of receiving something in return. Such behavior is surely the ground of a healthy and joyful society, where we happily giv
You Just Need To Know!
 HOW TO STAY YOUNG1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay 'them' 2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. 'An idle mind is the devil's workshop.'4. Enjoy the simple things. 5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive. 7.
Unbelievable President
Unbelievable PresidentTHIS HAS GOT TO BE THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENT EVER MADE BY A PUBLIC OFFICIAL LET ALONE BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. AND THIS GUY IS OUR "COMMANDER IN CHIEF". HE IS A DISGRACE.HERE IS HIS RESPONSE WHEN HE BACKED OFF FROM HIS DECISION TO LET THE MILITARY PAY FOR THEIR WAR INJURIES.Bad press, including major mockery of the plan by comedian Jon Stewart, led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to require veterans carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540 million annual cost to the federal government of treatment for injuries to military personnel received during their tours on active duty. The President admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal."Look, it's an all volunteer force," Obama complained. "Nobody Made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute.." "I thought these were people who were pr
Whats The Point?
Whats the point in trying with everything you have just to feel like its crumbling down around you?  Personally, I dont see a point.  Comments anyone?
As she walked across the roomHer coat fell to the groundShe had my full attentionAnd never made a sound. Wearing nothing but her heelsShe slowly slid on top of meBefore long the lips between her legsWere all my eyes could see. I offered her my tongueWhich she began to grind happily onI could tell by her moans and gaspsFor her it wouldn't be very long. She slid down her fingersTo help me with my taskHer juices began to flow down my faceI knew she couldn't last. Her hips now grinding hardWith fingers diving deeper inHer mound gushing a tidal waveHer orgasim had now began. Her screams echoed throughout the roomThe bed no longer stayed stillEverything inside that roomNow bent to her will. Once over the crestHer movements began to slowA soft sweet smile appearedHer face was all aglow. A look from her eyesHer love for me would never failAs she slowly tongued my dickBut alas, that is another tale.
Fuck Your Pot Roast
Engine driver thought he could mess with me and yell at me while filling in at his firehouse... well, I WAS going to be a nice guy and turn the burner off that their dinner was cooking on, but he was being a dick so whoops looks like you should have turned it off yourself einstein :-D.
The act of inserting the tongue into the anus of another (as opposed to just licking it).
Esto Perpetua
Thursday, June 25, 2009   It’s 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. I have the worst song stuck in my head - Neutron Dance by the Pointer Sisters. The cat wont quit licking my face, and I've decide to get up and crack my last beer. I stare at the computer for a few as I wash down my Effexor, Bupropion and Methylphenidate with a cold Keystone Light. You can't buy beer till 6:00 AM, the bank doesn't open till 9:00 AM, and I don't work till 5:00 PM.   I feel now is a good time to share my trials and tribulations of the last 2 months. I grew a beard and drank myself half to death on more than one occasion, and cut off, pissed off, or pushed away friends and family. I've endured heartache, self-loathing, loneliness, and regret only to realize that life is a journey to the center of yourself. I put these things in perspective and deal with them accordingly. With the combination of psychiatric drugs, fishing, a warm camp fire and plenty of alcohol; I've managed to rise from this
My First Try At A Bondage/dominance Story
"A bit late to be nervous now isn't it?" I asked Leah as I spun her around and pressed her chest against the wall. She didn't reply, but didn't struggle either as I bent her left arm behind her back and snapped the first handcuff into place around her wrist.  These weren't the lightweight novelty handcuffst with the easy release button on the side, or a set of those cute fuzzy numbers, these were the cuffs I'd been carrying at work for fifteen years. They had been worn by countless men and women, from trespassers and petty thieves to child molesters, rapists, and on one occasion a man who had just the day before stabbed his wife to death in their Alabama home. I quickly followed suit with the right, and she stood there my prisoner."Rest your forehead against the wall, take two steps back and spread your feet," I told her forcefully. She complied with little hesitation. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back against me, her ass pressing against my crotch."We'd better make sure y
Just For You
Here is another one just for you, don`t know what it is that you do. When i think of you i smile, she has her own special little style. Yes I do notice when you are not around, and sometimes you make me feel like a clown. I told them how your eyes are hazel, forgot to tell about your cute little navel. And how you dance around the room, even do it sometimes with a broom. She even likes to sing her favorite song, when i know it i will sing along. Very independent, has her own place, she likes to have a lot of space. We stay up at night and play games, tells me about her friends, cant remember all their names. She wears glasses so she can see, doesn`t know what she means to me. Sometimes I think she is on her own cloud, and yes she can be somewhat loud. Talked to her on the phone the other day, asked me if i can come over and play. Oh yeah and bring over a friend, it was just me and her in the end. Brought her a book she can read, already has everything that she needs. Well maybe not rea
Wanna Be My Friend
What is a true friend. Someone who takes you in no questions asked. The person that sticks bye your side, through the good times and the bad. The person you know you can call any time or day and lend you a helping hand. Someone that travels 450 miles just to hang out. A person in your life that you can ask anything, and they wont judge you. No matter who you are, what you say, or do, or even look like, you or accepted for who you are! Silly with some, serious with others, and never hold back on what you feel. Unconditionally you are willing to give, as long as you recieve also . Sitting around not doing nothing, but still enjoying your time together. Being able to know what to say, to get a smile. But, of all the things I consider a friend, knowing something is bothering them. Knowing when to leave them alone and knowing when to lend them a shoulder to cry on.
Wish For Spring
Winter now so deeply apon us,Forever it seems skys are gray.Makes me long for the summer,And bright sunny skys all day. Winter digs in without caution,Putting its cold into my bones.I look at the empty streets,And I feel so alone.   It never shows any mercy,Its cold plowing into my core.It prenatrates my body each day,Worse than the day before.   I look for the sunlight,Through clouds it does not flow,But still out into it,From my home I must go.   Weeks will pass before its gone,And each day I must carry on.How I wish for spring,And winter over and done.
At a distance she was not clear,But still I needed to see.When I got up much closer,Her beauty shined on me. From her eyes to her smile,Her beauty grew in my mind.I knew I could never leave her,Could never leave her behind. If she would walk with me,A friend today and from now on.I will make her beauty smile,From her lips it will never be gone.
I Had To Run
I had to run I couldn’t see the sun. I had to hide, Thought you were on my side. It has been a tough ride. I built a wall, Thought I heard you call. Thought I was strong, But I was so wrong. Like every rose I watched you grow. I want to cry, Don’t want to say goodbye.
The Puckered Sweet Blow
You kiss me, the design of your lust is printed on my nude body, your hands on me spread on my very flesh like a forest fire. passions burn  wild and uncontrollable.  your hand clutch my breasts and your lips stir to my erected nipples , kissing and sucking on them. my heart beats forcefully my breath weakened and broken up. my pussy wet i feel a craze lust for you. i slide down your chest ,belly and work my tongue to your erection, hard stiff pulsing with blood rushing firmly to make the hard appeal that is like eye candy for me. i  cling  my hand to your cock  teasing the tip with my red plush soft warm mouth. mmmm pre cum excitedly exits the stiff cock . a single thin strand ladders across from my lips to the cock head of your dick. mmmm yes so tasty i can hardly Wait to taste your nectar sweet. i grasp  with my other hand your balls and i take a breath and i take every last inch of your man hood, into my mouth mmmmmm yessss  thick cock  sliding in and out  more rabidly as i  coax i
Story Numero Uno...
It started with us sitting in a lounge, watching TV, chilling, and just having a nice time. Anyway, you kept brushing my thigh or my neck as we sat there, pretending you weren’t doing anything but giving me a look that said you knew just what you were doing. I retaliated by giving you a quick squeeze of your leg when you asked for my hand. I gave it to you, and you took me upstairs to a bedroom, locking the door behind you. You walked up to me and started kissing me softly on the lips, our hands running through each other’s hair as I moved down to your neck, opening up your shirt and kissing you along your collarbone. Then you pushed me onto the bed as we rushed to take our clothes off, leaving you just in your underwear and me in a pair of boxers. You climbed on top of me, straddling and rocking back and forth on my crotch, making me hard and yourself wet as you rubbed against me. I ran my hands all over your curves, one hand on your hip, the other tracing circles along
Sb Idiot
This one just made me laugh. What an idiot?!?! Read from the bottom up. Amykins ♥: lol riiight airforcech...: ur the one looking like a fake ass bitch airforcech...: oh whatever it was a joke Amykins ♥: piss off fake! airforcech...: lick my huge dick baby as i eat ur pussy and watch football lol Amykins ♥: cheaters! airforcech...: longhorns lol
Just Some Thoughts....yeah, Mushy Ones.
Limitless possibilities Across the horizon I see All the opportunities That are there for you and me It’s not to be questioned Only allowed to move ahead Having so many options Is something special said Grasping every moment Every second that presents Not to waste a single chance Of emotions so intense Accepting what is given
Hmmm- A Ponder???
I have been asked......what is life without love?  Consider this....what is love without life?  I am still pondering this.  One thought leads to another.  I say that we should experience ALL the emotions in life.  Without those not so pleasant ones, how would one learn to really appreciate the truly pleasant emotions? What with nothing to compare it to.   Any thoughts?
Silly Little Man
you ever dance around without a care, maybe in a crowd as people stare, sometimes i even play air guitar, i even drink pickle juice from a jar, nah, well maybe you should , loosen up a little if you could, we only live once,so be happy when you can, go ahead and tell me i am a silly little man, i don't care, i like to have fun, like going to the park and eating hotdogs in a bun, why shouldn't we all have fun once in a while, what that ain't really your style, sorry smiling makes me happy, better than always feeling so crappy, so can i please see you smile, sitting here writing, i`m on the kitchen tile, there you go see you are pretty, don`t smile alot that is a pity, that`s why i am writing all this down because i don't like to see you frown, so go ahead and lets see those teeth so white, you know you do have a right, to express your feelings whenever you can, i know i am being a silly little man, again!!
Stupid Encounters #34
Loved By All
All three of you are idiots. One thinks she's a model. The other thinks she's not fat and poses naked all the time. (there she mentions me)You stay on welfare your whole life. Please, strive for something better then the gutter in your lives. left by chasity_ an hour ago   that dumb chick wants me she can't stop talking about me even when I'm not on the site any more rofl rofl rofl.
Mom...can You Hear Me???
Mom, Can You Hear Me?     it's been 45 years, mom...a lifetime for me,but not for please don't go!the earliest yearsweren't shared asmother and soul was shatteredby the son youdidn't watch close enough...and you ran in shamefrom the placeyou held in my heart.i never understoodwhat i'd done wrong,why you stopped loving me....i never understoodwhy grandma took over me,and grandpa held mecloser to his heartthan he did the others....i never understood,no,never understood,why i always felt sougly,so inhuman,so completely invisibleto you afterthat day...and i was only 4!mom,he raped me,said, done,can't be took 22 more yearsfor you to tell meit wasn't my fault...that you believed me,that i wasn't unlovable....that it was your guiltthat kept you back,that kept our heartsnot apart,but jaded toeach other...and that it was fromlove that you gaveme to grandma and grandpa!they were dead whenyou finally told me...too late to raise me then,too late to make ital
Let's Blow The Roof Off This Mofo!!!!
A Old Mantra Made New
Greetings Neighbors: 2009 is over and I must ask, 'Can I get an amen?'. Yes, if that last statement was any indication, last year sucked 'nougie' flakes for me personally and it showed. I found myself running here and there trying to put distance between myself and the present situation I was in. You see, neighbors, we became another number of the many people who were granted the chance to own a home, but in truth, could not afford it. Therefore, we started 2009 in a rental and to keep things brief, we were never truly happy there. The other low lights of last year are as follows: Not able to spend anytime with my daughter, Tru. Trying to start a business with any knowledge of how to make a profit Taking care of my grown children with no extra income coming in. Moving back into the house left for dead only to leave it behind again Having a disagreement with my family one time too often You get the general idea. 2009 was really not much different from any other year. We all face
Sometimes we make way to many mistakes,And always seem to say the wrong things.When Anger consumes large amounts of you,and the constant feeling of being used. Feeling lost and always confused.Over time this changes, who you are and what you do.Walking thru the days with stress on your soul,Ruins the way your eyes may see things.Yelling at walls, or nothing at all.Picking up pieces, making up excuses.Your head is out of control.Little reminders of the past can bring boil to a still pot.And I don't care what anybody says..That changes you ALOT!Trust is more important than you may really know,it makes people react different and your love may be hard to show
Mystery Of The Fading Star
Maybe ... we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.Maybe ... when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us.Maybe ... it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives.Maybe ... the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.Maybe ... the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures, and heartaches.Maybe ... you should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the thin
You Know Who You Are..
                                         Sometimes a heart can’t dictate the moment... As I walk into a room, and it’s you that owns it. You are what I see, and my eyes will do the asking Just give me one sign Because with no voice, my words are lacking It’s not what you might end up saying.. But it’s everything you do. It drives me Crazy And it’s all because of you.. I can’t stop these thoughts They enter me everyday
Warped & Twisted
Harsh words & violent blows..: Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open, hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted So many tricks & so many lies Too many whens & too many whys Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me, warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream
England my England   Goodbye to my England, so long my old friend Your days are numbered, being brought to an end To be Scottish, Irish or Welsh that's fine But don't say you're English, that's way out of line. The French and the Germans may call themselves such So may Norwegians, the Swedes and the Dutch You can say you are Russian or maybe a Dane But don't say you're English ever again. At Broadcasting House the word is taboo In Brussels it's scrapped, in Parliament too Even schools are affected, staff do as they're told They must not teach children about England of old. Writers like Shakespeare, Milton and Shaw The pupils don't learn about them anymore
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My words may fail, my actions never will with a gentle touch one can reveal a strength A strength that is endless , a strength that endures
My Muse
Inspiration is not an inner thing Its a force which resides beyond the mind, beyond the flesh A divine spark, a glimpse of creation and all that one cherish or strives for
Some Of My Work
In your eyes is were I feel safe, everything about you is wonderful The touch of your lips against mine, the scent of your skin, my every desire With you is where I want to be, stay always I love you more as each day passes You know me better then anyone else, without saying a word you kiss my lips Stay with me always, my love, my passion, my everything
Learn Something New Everyday.... About Food And Diet
ok i feel like a nerd for knowing this .. but a fruit is produced as the "fruit of the blossom or plant" from something that has seeds falls and can reproduce from its seeds ... tomato a fruit. which most of you probally know ... but It also makes cucumbers, squash, green beans,avacados,olives etc.. and walnuts all fruits as well. VEGETABLES such as, radishes, celery, carrots, and lettuce do NOT have seeds (that are part of what we eat) and so they are grouped as vegetables. also bananas and avacodos are high in fat so is yuka and platians ... FEEL FREE TO POST ANY DUMB FACTS ABOUT FOOD AND DIET U WANA HAHA
I hold him so close to my heart.I never told him how scared I was.He never saw what I really felt.We spent our first night under the stars at a park.I wanted it to last FOREVER.The first time I let u know that I was falling for u was when u had my phone.U never really told me u felt the same as I do.I sit up wondering what could have been instead of what is.Please end this pain u have given me.My heart is broken and I cant fix it on my own.Its been two years now and I don't see a change.U yell at me saying the three words most girls love to hear.I wish I could open up to u and let u see me for me again.I need u to start being honest with me.Wondering what u are doing day in and day out isn't what I need to be doing.Trying to trust is something I have been doing for awhile.I love u more than what my words and actions will ever say.When I gave u my heart I gave it for keeps.I trusted u with it all.Now I'm left sitting here trying to figure out why u caused me so much pain.U took Kaden in
I love u but I hate uI want u but can't stand uU make me happy but yet I'm angry I trusted u and u betrayed meI gave u everything, u gave me nothingWhen will my nightmare become a dream.How much longer must I wait for that ring.When will it change for good and last forever.I love u but I hate uI want u but can't stand uU make me happy but yet I'm angry I trusted u and u betrayed meI gave u everything, u gave me nothingU asked me to marry u after three weeks.We had a baby boy by choice.U told me u love me but yet u abuse me.I love u but I hate uI want u but can't stand uU make me happy but yet I'm angry I trusted u and u betrayed meI gave u everything u gave me nothingWe made love so many times.U did something no one could.I got hooked on u.I love u but I hate uI want u but can't stand uU make me happy but yet I'm angry I trusted u and u betrayed meI gave u everything u gave me nothingWhen will we say "I do."When will u loose ur attitude.I'm about through with waiting on U!!!
When The Tones Go Off
I've had the best/worst luck the last three days. I've walked into the firehouse and each time within 5 minutes a call's gone out. Yesterday was no exception... walked in, said my hello's, and we get tapped out for a 7 year old female seizing. Look around, no one else to drive the medic unit... God dammit. Jump on, off we go. Head into the house, she's unresponsive and barely breathing. Then she starts seizing again. Get oxygen flowing, establish an IV, push some drugs, then I pick her up in my arms and take her to the ambulance. Put her on the cot, help get some equipment set up, then go back up front. Hop in, throw it in reverse, and off we go. I always tell my guys that speeding is almost never worth the risk it comes with; you might save a minute or two and you also might wreck. Well, in this case I decided it was worth it. Turned a 19 minute trip into just a hair over 13. Rolled into the ER, and within 5 minutes they had a helicopter en-route Priority 1 to take her to a pediatric
Hey everybody! SpiritWolve is only 60899 from leveling and requested help....Lets see what we can do as a family and try to help out with leveling him...... ~Spiritwolve~"No Hard Feelings"~OWNER The Wolves Den~@ fubar
Kissy Face
What would I have to do,So she would look my way.To sparkle in her eyes,Throughout all of my days. How can I turn her head,To smile towards me.I will be myself to her,And ask her only from her to be. To be true from her,Is really all I ever need.And a real friendship,Will grow from that seed.
The Honored Few Code Of Conduct
       The Honored Few COC Please Read Carefully 1. All The Honored Few Prospects must have a verified salute. 2.Must sign the COC (code of conduct) agreement below as a comment o"I AGREE " in order to be considered for membership.3.Shout Box & Fu Mail must be open to all Officers for communications .You may be able to set your profile to friends only if you have added all officers this allows us to communicate with you when necessary. 4.The President, Vice President, and Sgt. At Arms, must be added to family, they do not have to be top family, but they just need to be there for communication. 5. When requesting to join the Club As a Member, please specify when you request membership. Club members will be U.S. Military Vets. 6. All other friends and fans are asked to remember that this club is for U.S. Military Veterans, please do not use this name with out the Presidents
Things I Have Learned
My Niece and Nephew are a crazy pair. If I ever happen to be there as they get out of school, I get to hear everything they learned that day. It keeps me sharp, keeps me informed and its a great way to pass the afternoon when it takes them twenty minutes to tell me how the spelling test went that day, or how the teacher lost her cellphone. An animated duo for sure. It got me to thinking, and eventually led to this posting. I dont post much anymore, and I think it is due to the fact that I dont have as much going through my head as usual. Regardless, here is my list of what I have learned in life so far. -No matter how much I care, some people just dont care back-You cannot make someone love you-No matter how thin you slice it, there is always two sides-My sense of humor has never failed me-Its a lot easier to react than to think-Either you control your temper or it controls you-Death is final...there is no time out, no take backs and no do-overs-My best friend and I can do anything o
20 Years Ago
I was burning some music for my sister the other day (yes, I can be nice once in a while), and it got me thinking. You see, the music I was burning for her was Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits. There is one of his songs I happen to like ( ok, there is more than one), and it is titled "Twenty Years Ago". Part of the lyrics say "Life was so much easier, twenty years ago". I dont think it matters what decade you were born in or what happened twnety years ago, but I believe this holds true for most if not all of us. So I thought today we would discuss what happened to us twenty years ago. Twenty years ago a Flock of Seagulls ran (they ran so far away), Madonna wasnt married and she was doing the Vogue. Johnny hated jazz, Frankie went to Hollywood, and Prince sang under a Purple Rain. Men Without Hats popped the world, Motley Crue took the world by storm with headbanging, thrashin metal, and Bon Jovi set a fashion trend with ankle length trench coats. There was The Cure, The Femmes were violent,
Tricks Of A Memory
Lately many of us (me included), have been posting notes on our Facebook pages asking others to recall memories of us through the years, or perhaps silly things they know about us. We have all answered our fair share of questionaires, and we have all endured the skeletons emerging from our prospective closets. I wont post one of those. I am not sure what people remember about me is what I remember from childhood. Or growing up for that matter. Im sure I would get the obligatory "you made me laughs", and the " You were so funny" comments, and that is all good and well. But I thought in order to really clear the cobwebs I would write what I remember. I have been feeling old lately. Not in the sense that my bones ache and my memory is shot. Just old. Weary. Tired. For some reason I have been thinking a lot about my youth and the years that bring me to who I am today. In reality what I am writing here is a confession. Knowing that, if you turn back now you will never be the wiser and you
Its The Law ( I Swear To God It Is )
Now to the real reason for todays mind numbing blog. I was thinking today about some of the more "out of date" and rather idiotic laws posted across this fine country and even throughout the world. So seeing as how the Legislature just ended their lawmaking session, I thought I would bring up some of the laws that will never be revised but should cause a chuckle or two anyway. In Utah it is illegal to hunt whales In Boise it is illegal to fish from the back of a camel In Alaska it is illegal to wake a sleeping bear for the sole means of taking pictures In Hawaii it is illegal to place coins in your ears In Florida it is illegal to fish off a bridge while driving In Kentucky throwing eggs at a public speaker could result in up to one year in prison In Massachusetts all men are required to carry a rifle to church on Sunday, yet it is illegal to hunt on Sundays. In California, no vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour In Wyoming, you may not take a picture of a rab
Who Did Start The Fire ?
Ok, so today I was listenin to my IpoD at work like I do everyday, and one of my favorite songs came on. It is "We Didn't Start The Fire", by Billy Joel. I'm sure most if not all of you know the song. It is a list of events in his life. Starting with the year he was born and working to the year the song was released. There are so many events listed...Disneyland, the Kennedy Assassination, Space Flight, and The Cola Wars among others. Important and interesting. It is his legacy. His claim to History and what it has left us. So here I was singing and dancing and it hit me...why not write down the events of my life? My, or I should say OUR legacy. So for all of you born around the same year I was, this is for us. For those of you reading who are perhaps older (Hi Pops), your legacy stretches further, and entails so much more. So without any more blabber and even less ado, let us begin our walk through History. 1971I was born August 19th of that year. China joined the UN that year as well
The Cunsumption Of Her Heart And The Poison Touch~by Jd
She'll crush your world, She'll drag you down into the depths, She'll talk real sweet and turn it around, Next she'll make you want to die. She'll whisper all to you all her insecurites, Only to find out she was never real, She'll make your head explode, Her words are poison to the touch, Run and hide.   She build you up, Only because shes in love with breaking you down, She'll get you drunk then make you drive, her life is spinning out of control. She'll make up lies to make you feel helpless, Behind your back she'll be laughing in your face, She'll promise you that you are her everything, Only until the moment she decides its time for you to be erased.   She'll whisper sweet nothing when you embrace, But shes really thinking how pitiful you seem, She'll do her damage until it can't be undone, You will be empty and she'll still be having her fun. She'll load the gun and tell you theres no bullets in the chamber, Do not be a fool, She'll make you regret ever trying to love
Light Of Some Kind
i wish i didn't have this nervous laugh i wish i didn't say half the stuff i say i wish i could just learn to cover my tracks i guess i'm not concerned about getting away 'cause every time i try to hold my tongue it slips like a fish from a line they say if you want to play you should learn how to play dumb i guess i can't bring myself to waste your time 'cause we both know what i've been doing i've been intentionally bad at lying you're the only boy i ever let see through me and i hope you beleive me when i say i'm trying and i hope i never improve my game yeah i'd rather have these things weighing on my mind and at the end of this tunnel of guilt and shame there must be a light of some kind there must be a light of some kind i must have blown a fuse or something cause it was so dark in my mind she came up to me with the sweetest face and she was holding a light of some kind and i still think of you as my boyfriend i don't think this is the end of the world but i think maybe you sh
Need Help Findin My Real Father
My name is Leland Stanley and i'm 24 years old, and back in 1984 my mother lived in Thompson Falls, Montana. While there she met a man named Earl Lee King. He was in the Army when they met.  The story i've been told is that when my mother told him she was pregnant, he told her that the baby wasn't his and left her at a road side cafe.  All my life, i have been wanting to meet him, but everytime i try, i fail.  These past couple of years, i've been thinkin that my mother is either lying to me or hiding me from my real father. so i would really love to know the truth. his name is earl lee king. and if anyone on here or knows anyone who knows him please contact me asap.....thank you either on here or  contact my girlfriend at leland d. w. stanley
Andromeda Island Universe
Pomegrante's And Pleasure
I die for darkness craving light "I'm done with the dark boys..." I've turned in my innocence badge. This sacrificial lamb will never bleed dry Chilling tales of a Horror Junkie are proverbial personal evolutions. Terror ridden we ride the spiral people like us, you and I fear nothing and everything at once. Complicated layers, complex intricaies We are following our pattern repeating history already knowing how the tale plays out. Dangerous liasions laced with cruel intentions, Perpetual madness in perfect medicinal doses. Here I am standing in the skeletal orchard bearing pomegranates. Contradicting the breath of life held symbolic in the fruit of death. Forbibben to eat, I am hungry, in need of filling, lip licking lust permeates my projective aura. All wisdom comes in retrospect too little, too late, too much, too often He says there is no moderation, I say there are no simplistic answers.
One whisper upon your lips, Those Silent words i long to kiss. The hum in your breathe, It's rythmn of silence scare me to death. A hush so suprised, This feeling deep with in what a rush. The stir of silence takes on the meaning of sadness, Yet this is my guidance. The breeze among the leaves, It is singing it's melody to you and me. Chirping birds dance through the sky, We watch them dance on by. Many Stars light up the night, So silent yet so bright. The stir of silence fill the air, I want to reach your soul to consume you with, love and care. So this stir of silence is pure, This stir of silence is our hearts only cure.  
It Just Can't Be! So Shocking!
Found out something very disturbing about my Chris last night....he has NEVER seen the masterpiece that is fight club! I cannot...I mean CANNOT marry a man that does not know who Tyler Durden is! The wedding is in 5 weeks, we must do something about this!
KISS The O2 DublinFri 7 May 2010, 18:30
Four Things That Matter
These four simple statements are powerful tools for improving your relationships and your life. 1.   PLEASE FORGIVE ME. 2. I FORGIVE YOU. 3. THANK YOU. 4. I LOVE YOU. These 11 words carry such wisdom of what people need to hear who are dying. A deep, natural drive to connect with others lies at the heart of what it means to be human. These four expressions help us to discover opportunities to revive ALL our important relationships--with our children, parents, relatives and close friends. By taking the time and by caring enough to express forgiveness, gratitude, and affection, you and I can renew and revitalize our most precious connections.
Just sliding through life is never good enough for anyone. If you have to try harder, even just a little, it will make you better and stronger (i hope it would at least). I think all the things I've gone through have done that for me. Easy roads arent always the best ones. We think they are, because they take less effort, but look at the people you have respected in your life. They were usually the people who made it when the going wasnt easy. People who have survived and grew from all the pain. I know I did. The ones who had it easy dont have a hell of a lot going for them. Its the others, those of us, who have climbed the mountains with our heads banged up, our faces scratched, and our shins bleeding, who were worth knowing. They(we) had the ability to be able to share and pass along the things weve seen and been through and to be able to leave our footprints on those roads that the weaker dared never to travel.

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