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I have been getting a few messages as of late, about my mafia character being mean or saying things that some feel is either offensive or cruel.

SO, I decided to write this blog to explain something to you folks that don't understand the concept of a "game."

On Fubar, I am me, Silver.

In Fu-Mafia, I am Frankie. Frankie has a COMPLETELY different personality than I do. She is a mobster that her sworn enemies are the Whack-A-Moles. She hates the moles and will stop at nothing to exterminate them.

Now, although Silver and Frankie are both smart asses, they are different entities. Whatever Frankie does or says in Fu-Mafia is NOT, I repeat, NOT a reflection of Silver. Silver doesn't hate anyone, including the real people behind the WAM's.

Get it yet?

When I am on Fubar, I am Silver.

When I am playing Fu-Mafia, I am Frankie.

If Frankie has done or said anything to anyone that pissed you off, while playing Fu-Mafia,  well, then, YAY! That's part of the game!! Keyword here being "game."

I am not going to apologize for playing a game.

Or I should say, Silver is not going to apologize for Frankie. Frankie is merely a character in a game. Nothing more.

If you can't get that, well then, you really need to just get a clue, or a life, or better yet, therapy.

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