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Per's blog: "Yeah.."

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Well, my Mother's Day was decent. The boys were so cute. Giving me hand made gifts and a flower that their church gave them to give to their Mothers.  I had 3 hand made cards, a hand made flower (out of tissue paper), a hand made place mat, and a piece of coal. The boys were trying their hardest to take care of me. It was cute seeing my youngest trying to walk on my crutches that are about twice as big as he is. But they kept coming over and kissing the top of my foot because "kisses make it better".


However, I was a little sad yesterday too. As some of you know, I have really big issues with my father. He hasn't told me he loves me in almost 10 years. The last time I saw him, about 3 weeks ago, he did nothing but scream at me because I could "just do more". He doesn't get that it's hard to do things when you have two jobs and two boys that require a lot of my attention. He's out of work, disability...so it's easy for him to go and do things with the family. Ugh.


Anyway.....I left him a comment on his facebook page on this birthday. It said.."Happy Birthday! Just wanted to tell you I love you.". His reply? "Thanks....I know". WTF? Really???!! It's now Mother's day and he goes to every woman's profile that is in the family and tells them "Happy Mother's Day. Love ya".....EXCEPT ME. I know it sounds like I"m jealous, but I"m not. I'm hurt. 


What did I do that was so wrong that he can't tell me he loves me? Why couldn't he tell his own daughter Happy Mother's Day? 


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