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Michael's blog: "Ramblings"

created on 01/14/2009  |  http://fubar.com/ramblings/b271726

Back against the wall, What the fuck just happened?

Don't you cry, We've been here before.

Bring it on, Taking action. No more lies.

I'm not gonna blame this on you

I know I gave it all I got.

No, I'm not gonna blame this on you,

I'll tell you that it's not your fault.

But honestly, you're killing me.

I'm sick of us wasting time,

I took your heart, I tore it apart,

Watching us die tonight.

Take me for a fool, What the Hell were you thinking?

All this time, Now I have to choose.

'Cause I'm done, No more faking,

Let me out.

Honestly, I'm sick of wasting my time,

You took my heart, Tore it apart,

Watching us die tonight.

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