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Tk Spotlight!
TopKnotch is going for spotlight...Anyone wanna help an incredibly sweet lady out? TopKnotch aka "Lora, the great"@ fubar
Free Comic Book Day Approacheth!!
So, did it work this time?
My Day From Hell!!!
Ok, everyone has been asking me what has been going on today and I'm just going to blog it and hopefully it will help me deal with it all!  It all starts with me being sicker than a dog with some HORRIBLE allergies and I can't stand it anymore.  I feel like a walking zombie!  Then when I was trying to sleep last night my hubby and I heard a horrible noise outside like someone in pain or something.  screaming and going on When we checked on it nothing was out there.  SO...then neither of us could sleep cuz we were so worried.  The morning went ok I guess.  Nothing major just being sick at home with my 3 year old that is sick with the same damn thing.  When the time came to get two of my kids at school my van started fine to get there (two blocks away), but then when I was trying to leave the school it took at least 6 times to get it to run.  When I finally got it to go and got back home I told my two older kids to go into the house to get the door open so I could carry in my sleeping
Relieving My Horniness
>NickG: how come?NickG: your pretty creepyNickG: actually, I would like to kill you first, then have sex with youNickG: first you wanna have sex and then u wanna kill me. thats really weird->NickG: why is that weird?NickG: because your talking about killing me->NickG: why?NickG: thats kinda weird->NickG: so I can dismember youNickG: lol why do u need a chainsaw?->NickG: yes, can i bring my chainsaw?NickG: tonight?->NickG: at like 9NickG: when are you coming?NickG: 7171 w gunisson->NickG: sure, whats your address?NickG: or you can come over tonightNickG: my place. 4 oclock->NickG: name a place and timeNickG: ok where at?->NickG: tomorrowNickG: very nice. when?->NickG: ofcourse i will fuck youNickG: do you like me?->NickG: yes, I go to the circusNickG: do you fool around?->NickG: yupsNickG: are you married?
Gavin.. The Continuing Saga
I decided I was gonna take off early that night and kidnap Gavin. Of course Brandi had no problem with this. So I walked up to him and said, "Let's go." he said, "Love to." So we left my bar and went up to the shittiest bar I know.. "The Spanish Trail" aka "The Trailer" We ran into a couple of friends of mine. So Gav played pool with my guy friends and I played pool with their Girlfriend. We had a blast. We kept watching each other all night. Played around like kids. Just laid back fun. We closed the bar down and were hammered. (surprise) So we went back to the hotel. He said his roommate was a dick and wanted to get another room so we could spend more time together, so he did. We stayed up for a while, talking, bullshitting... I got up to go to the bathroom. When I was coming back, he was standing there... staring. I was so nervous. He slowly ran his hand under the back of my hair and held it in place..with the other hand he softly touched my face.. as he leaned in with the softest ki
Let's Do The Time Warp Again!
    Actually it I have Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me in my head, but there's only so many Rocky Horror vids on youtube.   oh and I'm at work with no speakers so I can't even hear it, it's ok though, I swear I know the whole movie by heart anyways.
At First Sight...
I'm deep into some Romeo and Juliet right now, and I'm at the scene in which Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. Romeo's problem thus far is his infatuation with a woman who doesn't love him, and upon seeing Juliet he forgets all about Rosalind. I'm not sure if I really believe in love at first sight, I'm having general problems believing in love as it is. However, I think there has been the one of two people I have seen, and immediately known that I could lose myself in them if I were ever allowed to. Maybe not love at first sight, but the possibility of love at first sight. Although I think it would be nice to see that one person, and instantly just be on with them, and have that connection, and know that yes, I could see myself ending it all over the loss of this person. Passion, however motivated, is powerful.
Silk And Tater
    SILK AND TATER           Ok Guys and Gals, I have avoided FU since returning home for a reason. Silk and I are both private people and we were trying to get better and come back to FU together with our stories of our AMAZING time together and pictures (6000+ that’s what happens when you go with a photographer LOL) of our trip. Well, that’s not going to happen for awhile. As some of you may know, (since the drama train here never stops) Silk and I both became ill the last few days of our trip. Since returning home on Tuesday night, I have spent all my energy trying to recover and do what I can for Silk from here. Personally I am drained and in pain and my end up in the hospital myself, but right now I’m trying to get better on my own, be Mommy and worry myself sick about him! He is doing a lil better right now, but not good and is still hospitalized. All well wishes, prayers and good karma sent our way are apprecia
Blown Away...
How far did you get into this story before you 'loled"? I didn't get very far at all..... WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Tinker Bell has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked up the six-pound Chihuahua and tossed her out of sight. Dorothy and Lavern Utley credit a pet psychic for guiding them on Monday to a wooded area nearly a mile from where 8-month-old Tinker Bell had been last seen. The brown long-haired dog was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK. The Utleys, of Rochester, had set up an outdoor display Saturday at a flea market in Waterford Township, 25 miles northwest of Detroit. Tinker Bell was standing on their platform trailer when she was swept away. Dorothy Utley tells The Detroit News that her cherished pet "just went wild" upon seeing her.
Star Trek
Went to see a free preview last night.  Would you believe they actually took our phones off us before we went in? Bloody great movie though.  Totally nailed the hardcore-fan/wider audience dilemma.  Not, admittedly, the greatest foe the Enterprise has ever faced off against, but that's not the point, as what we're really watching for is the pieces of that jigsaw we know so well coming together for the first time.  Quinto and Pine are excellent as Spock and Kirk, and Karl Urban, although underused, gets some of the best lines as McCoy.  The film's fast-paced, exciting, and funny, but most importantly, unlike most of the recent Trek movies, utterly cinematic.  Going to be massive.
Almost 6am and I have not slept yet. I have taken 4 tylenol pm and a few muscle relaxers but for some reason just can't sleep....and now im shivering....i may be dying...someone please hold a fu-neral for me
Humpin This
New Pick Up Line...
"so you wanna come back to my moms house and watch my collection of scat porn?" the response should be something along the lines of fuck no you fucking creep... "so i take it you're not into that, how about you come back to my place and show me what you do like" :) it also weeds out the truly nasty freaks at the bar.. think i may try it out tonight... just saying
The Indian in me should know this but then again maybe not. Depends how much booze I drink on any given day ... :P (kidding)   I was wondering, does ANYONE know what kind of tree grows GREAT near water? We are looking at putting one in my sons memorial garden. I looked up Japanese Maple...some of those shore or purdy!   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Oh, and hi.
I Am Bad
Generally every day before my mom gets home from work I turn her computer on for her so that it is ready since she has a dinosaur. Well today, I looked in her outlook box to see if there was a confirmation on when the net is gonna be off and I seen an email from my sister that happened to be the 1st one in there so it showed what was in it.   My sister had sent my mom some pics of my daughter and said something to the point of : I hear your internet is going to be off on Thursday and I hope Tawnya gets the hint and finds a new place to live.    Yes, I know I was wrong for reading it, but damn it to all hell, my family is totally in cahoots with all of this shit. I am trying like hell, I mean what else can I do, as soon as one of the shelters have an opening I am out of here.  
Wrap Up
This is an "all in one" type blog.  I'm too lazy to write separate ones.   Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, fu gifts, bling, pimp outs, the ticker and the autos; I appreciate it so much. :D Thanks to everyone for rating me and helping me getting closer to Godfather.   I know some of you like making pics and such, so this is just a FYI: my VIP expires in 2 days, so if you made me something and I forgot to get it or you're planning on making me something, let me know, because I won't be able to upload it after Thursday.   The autos: they were a birthday gift--a complete surprise. Yes, I've asked people to rate me; I don't really expect a lot. I know it gets boring rating after awhile. I've gotten a lot of points and fu bucks from them and that's awesome. However, I am not paying for people to rate me. If you want fu bucks or bling or whatever else--you need to look elsewhere. I will help level my friends without motivation because I know what it feels like to be
So, I am still sick and all, but I really need to get my ass in shape, and its beautiful outside. But my house is a mess, which I am kinda afraid to touch. And if I work out now, then I'll have to take a shower before work, and I hate taking showers...   whaaa!!!!
Free 2 Pc Kfc Meal
Do You Twitter?
Is that site any good? It seems pretty neat. I don't know if a lot of my friends are on there though. So, do you Twitter? Give me some feedback on it.
Yeah, I'm A Meaniepants...
Okay, if I ever get this bad...will someone pull my plug?  
I guess its kinda cunty of me, but sometimes I just ignore ppl that I consider...dumb.
Fuckin A
So, today is my ANOTHER court date. Fuckin A! I'll get to sit in a room full of inbreds, waiting for them to rip me another one :(   My broke ass can't wait to pay for another court supervision. The first one has already given me a conviction, but that was my fault. I swear, I'll have to drive like a 90 year old to avoid Pollack cops pulling me over in here.   Wish me luck, puhlease :(
5/13 Whats New!!
Everyone has watched it at least once but have you ever paid attention to how sexual it is?  
The Craigslist Killer Is Totally Cramping My Style
I can't get any of you chicks to meet me at the Mini-Storage place anymore.  And don't even think about buying a shovel, duct tape, and lime without getting dirty looks.Hrmph.To top it off, I can't find my clown makeup and mother won't shut up. This is starting out to be a bad day.
Sunday Brunch - Part Two
I grind down and fuck your lips and nose as my orgasm seeks to escape my body. Somewhere in the very back of my mind I wonder, "Can you breathe?" but the front of my mind says "Don't you fucking stop licking and fucking me with your tongue!" As the quivers and clinching wane, I massage your scalp and look down to see your face covered in my juices. Running a finger down your face and in between my legs, I bring that glistening digit to my mouth to taste myself. Mmmmmmm, silky is the best word to describe my taste. I scoot myself down your body so I can lick more of me from your face. I know how far to scoot before your cock head will touch my still clinching pussy but you know me... I like to tease. I hear you growl because we both know where your cock wants to be. Dipping my finger into my pussy, I put my hand behind me and twirl your cock with my finger like a girl would twirl her hair. "You like that baby?" I hear a moaned "Umm hmmm". "Tell me what you want?" "I wan
Short And Sweet
->lilpenn101...: What makes you think I'd fuck you? lilpenn101...: you are soooo gorougesss baby iad take you to dinner and then iad take you to dancing then iad take you to the sea shore and make love to you in the surf of the beach  
What Worse
Some days, I dunno.   Someone else letting you down or letting yourself down?
Good Day :)
I just feel like killing some time by posting a blog. :) I had a good day today. The class I'm teaching went smoothly and we didn't stay the whole time (3 1/2 hours) thank goodness. I got home around 3:30 and decided not to be a lazy ass and go do something. So I put on my bathing suit and headed to the pool. I took the book I'm reading with me. I finished the chapter I was on and read the next chapter too. It's a pretty decent read. The book is basically a woman's empowerment type thing. I then came home and was trying to decide what to make for dinner. I consulted my big spoon on an idea because it sounded odd, but my mom does it all the time. I decided to make bunless cheeseburgers for dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was delicious! I've got to run to the store in a little while to get two things. I'm stressing about money, but I'm praying that it all works out. Well, that's all. Nothing earth shattering or even remotely interesting. Just me passing time. :)
Can't Concentrate
With everything going on at the moment I am having such a difficult time concentrating or focusing on anything at all. I can't keep it together, when I think I am doing okay, something else hits me and I lose it again. For once I am totally emoish, and I hate it. I don't think my heart could be yanked or smashed to anymore pieces.  I have so much more shit going on in my life then just that, I swear I am having anxiety attacks!! I am tired as hell, but at the same time I don't want to go to sleep, its only 9 pm and I already wake up around 7 no matter how late I go to sleep.  I just wish I knew how to make this easier, all of it, not just certain parts of everything.
Where Is The Ceo???
Some of you maybe wondering where i am...some of you wont even give a shit. but for some of you who do care ill be gone for a few days.   Im leaving florida because they economy is shit, dont blame me, blame the president. I will not put down personal infomation on fubar about my IRL personal life, those who have me on messenger you should know why, where, how and ETC.   Starting today May 23rd, ill be leaving florida and will be gone for a few or more days.   All task from my friends is that Keep me Shitfaced and rated my page.   I will check in from time to time wherever possible to dispurse my 11s n shitfaces!   Wish you all a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend, and for fuck sake, don't be stupid and idiotic and drink and drive.   Thank you all, i dont ask for much, ill get back to making your graphics as soon as i can.   The ©eo
Frilly Henhouse Sheeit
Don't feel like doin a survey. Don't have any henhouse drama to expel. Just felt the urge to type. Back to your regularly scheduled mumming.
Heads Or Tails?
Just about everytime I go back home to Louisiana, my old neighbor Mr Gerald throws me a crawfish boil. He was kind of like a second dad to me back in the day, let me live there when I was having some hard problems with my dad, let me earn some money by working with him on his tire truck, changing flats on 18 wheelers and tractors, and didn't even kill me when he found out me and his daughter were, well, you know. (That would be Cassandra by the way)   Back to my story; so whenever I found myself down home, he'll throw a crawfish boil. If you aren't sure what that is, basically you buy a 20 pound sack of live crawfish and boil them in heavily seasoned water out in the front yard, and throw in some other things like button mushrooms, pearl onions, and corn on the cob, and when it's all done, pour it all out on a picnic table and let it cool for a few minutes, then every body dig in. What you're eating will look about like this: Now, if you've never had crawfish, basically the tail
I almost blew my job interview tomorrow without even knowing it! I thought it was at 11 but its at 10! Thank goodness I looked at the email again...Anyways folks, wish me luck! This could be a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and kick open another door....*crosses fingers* I desperately want a job...I need to work...I'm not meant to be a stay at home mom...I'm an awesome mom when I don't have to be pinned to it 24/7 but right now I feel like the psycho of the year.
so.. i got a text message from my sister last night... it said "I GOT MARRIED TODAY!" yay :D She got married at the courthouse.. they are planning a real wedding in july. how fun!
Anal Sex #2 (the Drink)
I had no clue that there was a drink with this name. I figured I would share the recipe. Not sure that it even sounds good. The YooHoo kinda killed it for me. Since this is listed as Anal Sex #2 I am wondering what #1 is.   Anal Sex #2 (Cocktail)Everclear, Lemonade, Orange Juice, Vodka, YooHoo Ingredients 2 oz. Lemonade 1/2 oz. Everclear 1/2 oz. Vodka 1/2 oz. YooHoo Orange Juice 
Anyone have anything funny to say? I'm rather pissy today and could use a pick me up.  
Stolen From Deacon
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take itRULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!LAST PERSON YOU....[1] Who was the last person you texted?I dont text[2] You were in the car with?Dougie[3] Went to the mall with?I don't go to the mall[4] Person you talked on the phone with?when? most likely, lj[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar?DeaconT/F Only answer with True or FalseQ:Kissed some one on your top friends?FalseQ: Been searched By Cops?FalseQ: Been suspended from school?FalseQ: Sat on a roof top?TrueQ: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?FalseQ: Broken a bone?FalseQ: Have shaved your head?FalseQ: Played a prank on someone?TrueQ: Had/have a gym membership?FalseQ: Shot a gun?FalseQ: Donated Blood?FalseWOULD YOU RATHER:[1] Eat or drink?eat[2] Be serious or be funny?funny[3] Go to the beach or mountains?mountains[4] Die in a fire or die getting shot?ShotANSWER TRUTHFULLY:[1] Sun or moon?Moon[2] Winter or fall?fall[3] Left or r
The C Word
That's right,that's right, I said it Get over it. I've had enough!! I gave up  smoking CIGARETTES in January I have long given up on CANDY I am day six into not having and COCA COLA I'm counting CALORIE & CARB intake daily Doing 15 miles a day on my excercise bike for CARDIO Drinking CRYSTAl LIGHT like it's going out of style I am eating more CHICKEN than beef I was sadden to learn the CARROTT CAKE doesn't count as a serving of vegetables. Limiting myself to 2 CUPS of COFFEE a day and no longer adding CREAM. The Doc did say that my CHOLOSTRIAL was fine tho :) So if I seem to be a bit CRANKY, please bare with me. OK, got to run and go eat some CELERY   Day 6 3 Pounds lost
Once More
So... I entered that contest. And asked you guys to vote.Some of you did, some of you were probably too lazy to help me out.Then some of you couldn't see the designs. Apparently you're still using IE.(which is garbage if I may add, you really should be using Firefox)So I had to resubmit my designs per request of the site in a different color mode.And well... They become new images and votes get reset.So if you guys, or the ones who gave a shit enough to do it the first time,could just go back and vote on my designs again, I'd be grateful. Thx.Just click on the images.Women's design #1:Women's design #2:And the Men's design for those of you who didn't vote after the first note,but have suddenly had a change of heart or odd feeling of guilt....
Sleeze Beez
I think I was 15 at the time. Sleeze beez was a hair band making a video at the Tampa Theatre. It's the most beautiful Theatre in the south. Go ahead. Look it up. I'll wait. I had never heard of them but my sister said they were doing a concert for free in order to make a video for the one song they had that got air play. It wasn't really my thing but she suggested that I go to get over the fact that the guy I was dating canceled our date that night. I'm sure he was cheating on me. It was that douchey Jehovah's witness guy. My sister was going through a tough break up at that time too. which is probably why she was hanging out with me in the first place anyway. I agreed to go with her. I put on a black spandex mini-skirt,  a tight black tank top,  and I teased my bangs about 6 inches high. Trust me, this was a pretty hot outfit for the time. We went down town and waited in line outside the theatre. it was a sea of spandex and bad perms or good perms depending on your view of such
Want Want Want
Okay. This is... possibly the most awesome looking laptop I have EVER seen. WANT.  
I'm Going To Hell.
I seen the ticker first..then I thought..."wonder if she had life insurance". Then I read the article. It's sad..but I'm still wondering if she had it or not.....   (06-04) 14:30 PDT HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) --A native of the Holland, Mich., area collapsed and died at her wedding reception in California, the victim of a brain aneurysm.More NewsAmy Lynn Slenk, 26, died on the day she married longtime boyfriend Cole Handley in a vineyard in Soledad, Calif., about 115 miles southeast of San Francisco.The bride was enjoying "the happiest day of her life" on May 25 when she collapsed at the reception, said her mother, Diane Slenk of Ottawa County's Holland Township."I know they were very excited about starting their lives together and starting a family," the mother said Wednesday to The Holland Sentinel. "They were planning on doing so many things together."Following Amy Slenk's death, a California neurosurgeon told her family that although she appeared healthy, she had a pre-existing
More Kins Questions
1. What is the last thing you eated? Pan dulce   2. And the last thing you drank? Diet pepsi   3. What doe sit say on your favourite mug? Its just pink with black polka dots   4. Who is the best captain of a Star Trek? Picard without a doubt   5. Who would win in a fight between the Batman and Superman? Batmans all smart and stuff so him i guess   6. Robots or ninjas? can i pick ninja robots?   7. Pirates or cowboys? Pirates   8. Dinosaurs or aliens? Dinosaurs   9. Are you good at crosswords? no :( I wish I was. If I had a super power it would be that I could answer any crossword puzzle.. nvm thats lame 10. DC or Marvel? ima eenie meenie it. DC it is!   11. What is better, a man who is handsome and a fireman or something, or a guy what is fat and has a beard and makes you lol in MuMMs? This question is the best outta all quizzy type thingies. I pick the mumm funny dude :p   12. Do you have a special mug that is yours at work? no   13. What's the best kind of char
7 Fu Girls
Sara: See the fake salute? Here's the real version: The real person in the photos: Valeyria Lukianova aka Amatue21 You can find her on myspace (which also has videos of her): As well as her Myspace Music page: *** Ash lee: The real girl in the photos: Jenn Viele (she has photo salutes and I believe a video salute)
Separating The Boys
My ex-wife recently rekindled and old flame down in Dallas. She flew down to see him for the first time in 20 years last weekend for four days. Thursday, she told me she's going back down next weekend. I jokingly said "Are ya'll getting married" She replied..."He wants to..and I think I will" I said..."What about the boys".  She informed that she is taking them with her.... Ian, my 15 year old will have nothing to do with this, and wants to stay with me. Neil, and Nevin my 14 and 12 year old boys know nothing about it at this point. I told my ex that Ian will not go, and I will not split up the boys, so she can take her happy ass to Texas and I'll raise the boys here. So, I may, in the near future, be a single full time dad with no help up here in Kansas whatsover.  Wish me luck. Ironic thing is...I am originally from Dallas, and would love to go back, but I would never leave my boys.  She drug my ass up to Kansas about 11 years ago to be closer to her family. I'm too fucking n
This Week And Last Weeks Floral Arrangements Dedicated And Inspired By...
My mommy *grinz*. She's the little shit on the right *bigger grin* I so ♥ her! She hated when we tried to take pics of her..this is one of bro just got back from Hawaii in this pic... last weeks floral... This weeks floral... Thank you to everyone who has bombed my ass ...
Rut Roh
Either my trolls have adopted my sense of humor OR I have the humor of a 6 and 8 year old. We were watching UHF, That old movie from 1989 with Wierd Al Yankovic, and -we all laughed at the same parts.
I Can Be A Bit Of A Dick...
I have a real problem when people who are getting on the elevator do so inefficiently.  Call it either a lack of brains, or common courtesy but if you are getting off at an early stop, you really shouldn't get on the elevator first.  For example, if you are getting on at the first floor and getting off on the second floor, don't push your way in so that you are the first one in.  You know there is no stop in between the ground floor and the second; you are going to be the first one off.  Yet people do this all the time, they must be the first ones on, pushing and scooting in so they can get on.  Here's where my dickish side rears its' ugly head.  If you are one of those people that feel the need to get on, well I am sorry, I don't feel a real need to get out of your way.  Matter of fact, I may just clumsily get in your way just a little more.  I may even crack a smile if the door closes before you get a chance to get off.  You may think I am a dick, but I think I am more of an Elevator
My Life Sucks...
...and no, I don't want to talk about it.                 That is all.
When I was growing up, and didn't want to eat, my dad used to say: "no, you ARE hungry, and thats why you will eat it".  I guess ever since then it is my peeve when people tell ME what I am and what I am not.   For some reason, people LOVE analyzing me, as if I am a prime choice for some weird psychological evaluation. I have different standards from most people, and thats why they believe they have to pick my brains apart like a puzzle, and try to fit me into THEIR mold. I have my weaknesses, and I am more vulnerable than most people ever imagine, and I'm not a hardass as most people think I am. But I was born in a different country, at a worst possible time, among much different people, under much different curcumstances. And I have a much different set of rules and values that stems from my background. People who didnt go through the same shit I have have no say in what I am like, and what I SHOULD be like.Not even God should judge me, cuase the motherfucker hasn't been in my sh
Should Fubar Donate To Charity?
Short And Sweet
Stinging nettles are absolute bastards   That will be all. The Devil:
I Leveled To Prophet!must Read
I must say how grateful I am to all the people have loved on me and helped me out the last 2 weeks.You guys are wonderful! I can say this in all honesty.9 days ago I leveled to disciple.In 9 days I just levled to Prophet.That is amazing.I signed up on fubar on February 16th,2009 and look how far I have got with the help of real and loving friends.I had an awesome friend who is a member of Moonlight levelers who went and got his whole group to come help me level the last 300k points in under 30 minutes.You guys really made my day and thanks so much for your help.Some of you may not like me.You may not respect me but if you knew the real me you would.I love my friends here dearly and Ill do anything in my power that I can do for you.I may get grouchy and bitchy sometimes but I do care about the ones who genuinely care about me and not about what pics they get to see.Someone helping me because they want to makes me smile.I love helping people randomly as well and making their day.Thanks f
Vote For The Title Of My Next Mumm....
1 - (NSFW) Why do Married couples.....stay together even when sex together feels like you're doing a family member? 2 - Why do Women always want to hear the man say..... "I love you?"  3 - (NSFW) Should couples welcome aboard a bi female.......when the sex in the marriage is dead? 4 - (NSFW) Do you think a well timed bowel movement.... is the most important thing in life as you grow old? **The one will the most votes will be done when i return in 3 hrs...thank you!        
Leveling Blog 459
  biggun@ fubar       27k to Level  
Pimpout Shouts
I need to be pimped out more often!   ->veryhotguy: lmao i dont look at nsfw's I have real life penis to look at anytime I wish veryhotguy: like my nsf wpics sxy ->м@§ŧëя ĐĴ ...: no they need me on here to remind them bitches how they will never amount to anything like me м@§ŧëя ĐĴ ...: hello this is the fu-police and u are way too hawt fo fubar we are gonna have to ask you to go so others have a better chance Tongue2Swe...: for you I would do anything..nice way to die too after eating such a sweet woman ->Tongue2Swe...: such an asskisser....well after I puke I make him eat it up if not I rip his head off Tongue2Swe...: To me anything you do would be beautiful ->Tongue2Swe...: Oh when I cum I dont look beautiful I spin my head around and puke at the same time Tongue2Swe...: I want to eat your cunt because i would love to look at your beautiful face when you cum in my mouth
Are You A Berzerker??
Does metal get you off?Do you crush the skulls of poseurs?Does the idea of being ruled by a Tyrant get you randy?Then tune into The Dark Celt Show.8am-noon(unless I go overtime).     CLICK A PIC TO JOIN US IN GODS FORSAKEN RADIO     ONLY at Gods Forsaken Radio.Like that isna obvious.:P  
Is it immature to delete someone you thought was a close friend if they didn't tell you happy birthday? And yes I know this person was on, they were all over my bartab all day in blogs and mumms...
Daughter's Father Day Gift.
A framed paper with some clip art, a picture of lil girl troll, and the following text>  My Dad is the best! You are the best dad because you take care of me.  You are the best dad because you are nice. You are the best dad because you are a great cook. You are the best dad because you are creative. You are the best dad because you are strong. You are the best dad because you are funny. You are the best dad because you help me when I'm sad. You are the best dad because you are smart. You are the best dad because Have a good father's day.  
Leveling Blog #468
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Is Purple Creepy??
Had another bad day. It started first thing in the morning and it's still kind of going. I'll probably not talk to you much. PLEASE don't take it personal. I just don't want to snap at someone for no reason.   ♥
Michael Jackson
I liked him, I've always been a big fan and always will LOVE his music. I will always believe in innocent until proven guilty. I am saddened that an icon from my upbringing has passed away. We all have out own opinions and this is mine. 
I'm choosing one hell over another right now. the hell of movin back in with my family, restrictions ranging from eating dinner with them every single night to not dating for at least a year. i will become a prisoner to my own mind. that hell is nothing compared to the pain i feel sitting next to someone i love who can't even hold me when i cry because i have caused him too much pain and cost him too much of himself. i hurt the one person i tried my damnedest not to. i said i never wanted to be the one that caused him misery and i failed in that aspect. he says its for the best, and he probably is right. i don't care about right or wrong at the moment. all i feel is dead inside. my heart is shattered, like humpty dumpty on the fucking wall, it will never be put back together again. he scared me like someone else last year, with all the right words and the ease of which i let myself trust him. i knew it was going to happen this way. i ruin everything. i can't take care of myself on a
28 Facts About Wrestling You Didn't Know.
1. The average wrestling fan spends six years of his life watching The Undertaker walking very slowly towards the ring. 2. Shawn Michaels is addicted to mice. 3. Stephanie and Shane McMahon aren't really Vince MacMahon's children.  But every other wrestler on the roster is - even the black ones. 4. Wrestling was invented in 1986 by Suzi Quattro. 5. Rey Mysterio Jnr is six foot five.  In order to make him appear shorter, he is filmed from further away than the other wrestlers. 6. Kane movie-vehicle 'See No Evil' is the least enjoyable film ever made. 7. Jim Ross and Jerry 'The King' Lawler were married in the first same-sex civil ceremony in California. 8. Former Women's CHampion Trish Stratus is, in fact, a man. 9. Videos of a 2007 match between Mark Henry and Viscera are used in US schools to demonstrate plate tectonics.  The footage is speeded up to render it more lifelike. 10. John Cena can't grow a beard. 11. Batista is shit. 12. One of the most contraversial storylines
I have this sitting in my friends requests, I am kind of scared! Accept or Deny hahahaha!! Hello,my name is Tim.I live in bushnell.I lived in bushnell florida for 13 years. I look like a cross between Tim Mcgraw n stone cold Steve Austin.Im a very sexual man and im a very Maturn intimate and Passionate lover.Yes i have a very high sex drive but im very selective who I make love to. I believe that intimate and passionate lovemakeing goes way beyond just intercourse, it involves alot of sensual massaging n alot of touching n caressing. No Im not an old pervert.Im not out for my own pleasure n I wont make or force you into doing anything that you dont want to do.A pervert is only out to please himself and will force his sick n perverted ways on you.I love making love and yes Im a very sexual man but that dont make me a pervert. Your not a piece of ass or a slab of meat to me.Your a woman with a good heart and a good head on your shoulders who has feelings n thats how i will treat and
Uh Oh...
my mom decided she isn't paying for school anymore.. so.. i applied for a grant.. I was denied... It looks like i am not going to school in the fall now...   FUCK
South Dakota?
I took a quiz on Facebook just now and apparently, I should live in South Dakota. I don't think so, but this is what it said.     You prefer pine trees to palm trees, rivers to oceans, and mountains to skyscrapers. You pride yourself on your independence and open-minded attitude. You consider yourself extremely self-sufficient, but you have an extremely close-knit group of friends and family that you would do anything for. Everyone that knows you adores you and you have absolutely no enemies. You don't envy those with money, nice cars, or huge mansions, because you know that "the finer things" in life aren't material. You are extremely well-educated and will most definitely end up in a career that will make a difference in the world. Although you know you don't need to be in a relationship to be happy, you will be completely and entirely lovestruck by someone that is enamored by your inner beauty?"
So lately I've been frustrated with a lot of real life stuff.  Then I come on here and people just sometimes make it worse.  I hate when people tell you they are going to do something for you and even when you tell them they really don't have to they go no I want to and guess what happens?  They don't do it.  It's like don't tell me you're going to do something and then you don't.  I don't expect people to do things for me.  Look at it this do you feel when someone says they will do something for you and they don't do it?    I'm not gonna get into what things are bugging me because most people really don't care.  Some people will say they care but really they don't.  They are just saying that because they think they have to say it.  I had someone today get upset at me because I basically got an attitude with them.  But when I make a comment that I could not come on this site for weeks and people wouldn't care and your response is just "ok" don't be shocked then when I get
Did You Hear??
The moth climbing the wall?   Any ideas for fundraising? Please give, thanks :)    And sorry but I refuse to prostitute. 
Life In The Fast Lane...
This week has beat my ass into the ground like no other! I had to cover what was closed on Friday on my Monday plus, do my floral.... *is beat* Yesterday, it felt like 150 degrees in my van sucked. So, that is my excuse for not doing the "floral" blog this week...not that I think you missed it or anything. I don't dig this new home page format at all!! wtf do we need two bar tabs for, and wtf can't I block all of it? grrr.... *shrug* I really don't care much...just that "monkism" about me I guess *blush* I'm taking another short fu break this weekend *dances* So, have fun everyone and be safe!!! ♥ PoStaL
Totally Creeped Out By This Friend Request
LightDrake (Enf... (Dragons rule) 2009-07-09 11:35:08 My full name is Jon Kossow.To tell you some more about me love. I am a good guy,the world needs more of us.I am a man of virtues.Love is a virtue,Honesty is a virtue,Mercy is a virtue,Patience is a virtue,Fairness is a virtue,Faith is a virtue,Honor is a virtue,Self-sacrifice is a virtue,only when it is needed to save the life of another.I hope and pray to god that the right woman sees me for who I am not what I look like.I don't care what someone looks like true beauty comes from within.I don't care if she is rich or poor,money can't buy my love.I do want a girl who wants to be married and have my children.I also want her to like it in the rear if your wondering im just putting all my info out there so you get to know me.Im just an average looking guy with battle scars from a long time ago,who must find his future wife.Im a smart guy and a gentleman.Do i interest you?Let me know if you are interested sweetheart.If you
dilemma...     I have nothing to drink here, and I REALLY need milk for my cereal. Should I lift up my lazy fuckin ass and go to Walgreens down the road?   I am so lazy right now *cries   and there is something moldy in my trash, which is making me suffocate here
There was a buncha guys at the show, huge muscleheads with their shows off. And it made me realize how much I hate meatheads. I doubt there was an ounce of brains in their heads, and I just hate those self absorbed idiots that spend hours at a gym.   For some reason, lately I like short dudes too. Maybe I should just fuck em all?   gdammit, Im out to Walgreens for milk. What I'm wearing? a bright pink Enforcer shirt, green cut offs, and green flipflops. Mavelous
for some reason, asses gross me out. I dont see how butts can be hot, since they are filled with poop. ewww
More Fakes For The Weekend...
More fakes amazing…right? Check out this one with the clearly altered letters in the salute… Then this one, which is retarded , then is wondering why these aren’t approved?!!? Thanks to Stewie for finding these amazing morons and passing them along….I encourage everyone to do the same. I hope everyone’s staying cool this weekend, it’s a mighty hot July out there….and I’d like to that everyone that has sent in their nominations for me to the F word, it really means a lot and it does show me who my real friends are as well as the real people of Fubar who actually care about the truth…if you haven’t already, it would mean a lot to me to get in there for a lot of reasons…the link to send the noms to is and just leave it a status comment, thanks everyone, stay cool have fun leveling and peace….
Shit Oh What??!!
I got laid off.   I have to finish this week out, then I'm unemployed.   Think I'll take a little time off before finding another job.   IF there is a job to be found.   *sigh* ugh  
[forecast Calls For Increased Gang Violence In The Next 2 Months]
FUCK!I just saw a MASSIVE WSR tag on my side of town.We're talking whole building side.Who are the WSR?Why is this not farcically comical?Let's back up a tick.Topeka has the highest per person rate of criminals especially repeat violent offenders in the U.S.About ten years ago we actually were a crips/blood hub with honest to god gang violenceas inpewpewdriveby.We somehow coerced them to move west to wichita. I have no idea how. Now Wichita is the new gang violence shithole south of chicago.Anyway, in their absence there was a vaccum for posers and punks to kinda spiral out of control and play gangsterthus was born the WSRTopeka's very own West Side Rydas.Not a mispelling.They're mostly an obnoxious bunch of semi-priveleged taggers with guns and a LOT to prove. Guess what- those are the dangerous ones.Someone who has nothing to prove, has no need to commit acts outside of rationality.Now enter my neighborhoods local flavor the ESK*ahem*East Side Kings?The motherfucking LATIN KINGS!!!??
To The Death! No... To The Pain!!
I dare you!
Today has been a long ass day and its not even over yet. I went down to DSHS trying to get on the grant so I can get the counseling done so that I may move on with all that I am about to do. I got there at 11, was asked if I wanted to be put on stand-by so I was like sure... Well 11 turned into 3:15 and I was nerve racked just sitting there for so many hours that I went back up to the desk and asked how many ahead of many, when she said 6 scheduled and 3 walk ins, I was like would it be better to get an appt, so I got one set up for next week, HOPEFULLY they won't make me take those stupid psych tests again, since I just took them last month. Also THANK GOD I decided to take a book with me....I must have read about 100 pages during my time waiting. Speaking of books, I am gonna try to pick back up on reading more. I have started reading before I go to sleep, and maybe this will get me more interested in something I used to love to do. The book I am reading now is a true crime book, an
Yay For Sexy Time
How are you this day?your profile make me turn on when i view it, do you want to chat with me?can I get your email? all do catch me at this email heidiwatson61 at yeah who.....cumplease do response my message babe.   $safe_uid_dname@ fubar
Ladies Love Me
So I know all of you Fu Ladies love me Even if you find it difficult to admit. So I'm thinking that I need some sexy salutes from you beautiful chicks.  Whaddya say? =D
Feeling Uninspired....
sucks left sweatry nipples.... :( *sigh* The hotel had to have tight buds so that the arrangements looked top form for Thursday... I didn't take pics cause most of the arrangements weren't blooming yet .... *sigh* and here I sit..not wanting to design the leftovers... *sigh* at least with all this sighing, I'm getting air to the noggin. ♥ Postal
Doc Called Today...oh My!
So I got the call from the doc Ive been dreading. I have whats called Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. Basically my liver is enlarged and I dont drink. Its not hepatitis either its called that because it is a liver disease. The good news is I can cure it with diet. So begining immediately I have to cut out alot of things from my diet. Im gonna be feeling sick for awile tho it could be up to 2 months before I start feeling better. I just cant beleive this is due to eating everyday things that I thought couldnt hurt me very bad. I still have to go in for blood work to check for the severity. Trust me I feel like it has gotten bad. Ive been sick for about 2 weeks now and I have to endure it for some time until I can make my liver better. The other good news is I dont have to go have surgery like the doc thought originally. Thats awesome cause I hate surgery. I just have to eat like a freakin rabbit for probably the rest of my life which isnt so bad when I think about it. Im gonna go redo m
Damn This Hurts...
Why does this time hurt so much more than any other time? I can't seem to stop crying. I feel so gutted.   fuck   I want to crawl into a hole and stay there.   GOD this is SO not like me.   I'm usually stronger.   but dammit......
Additional Service On Offer
for a one time payment of a very reasonable 15,000,000 i will assassinate everyones favourite conspiracy theorist in dear old fubar land. i will phoshop his head on a corpse of your choosing.
Iced Earth - Life And Death
  I came into this worldA screaming infantForced entry into this lifeAs I grow the pain sustainsDeep inside my soulVisions come and visions goBut hate will never leave meAs I grow the pain sustainsDeep inside my soulVisions come and visions goBut hate will never leave meLife an Death never againI shall not returnSoul sucking pious manI shall not returnThe reflection, an aging soulMy body's old and crackedDeath soon will be with meColdness, inactive painSoul sucked at the speed of lightTrapped in someone elseNo please not againEvil reincarnatedThe cycle's spun once moreSoul sucked at the speed of light
whats best?   angel or demon?
Bite Me
So, a coupla days ago, I got this mosquito bite on my thigh. It ITCHED like a MOTHERFUCKER! I mean, I just wanna stab my leg with scissors to make it stop. Ofoucrse, the more I scratched, the more it itched.   Now I start doubting it was even a mosquito. My thigh has this enormous (about 4in in diameter spot, which is red, and feels hard to the touch ((insert a penis ref, you immature heathens)). My thigh is soft, and theres this semi raised ENORMOUS welt on it. WTF??
Attention All 2nd Alarm Hotties!!
As many of you know, some time a go, one of our founders, Firechief, left the group.  He left the other founder, Blue Demon, and Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess in charge. However, we find it hard to continue this group, cause of all that has happened. So, we want to rebuild the group, starting from scratch.. We want the group to becomme a 2-part group, one for males and one for females. Blue Demon and Annipoo will be the founders of this new/old group. All of the current hotties are more than welcome to stay with us. We need your help to help us choose a name for this group, something new yet bold. Please help us out, and if you have any questions, just ask. Xoxo - Upper management Top suggestion at the moment is to make it hotties and hunks. Girls remain 2nd alarm hotties, and guys will becomme 2nd alarm hunks!
Princess Rbk And Johnnydevil....helmet?
..message me if you want to know what this is
Mummer Hater Love...
A saved shitbox session with Bulletproof Pitbull  this is what happens when you are nice to the crazy person!   ->BULLETPROO...: thank you BULLETPROO...: have a good one and happy b-day to your daddy ->BULLETPROO...: bed* ->BULLETPROO...: but i gotta go to be gotta get up early ->BULLETPROO...: it was nice talkin to you BULLETPROO...: i'm still unbeatin hell ive even eat bounty hunter the wolf messge in a bottle havok misfit ->BULLETPROO...: Im gonna head to bed Im super pooped BULLETPROO...: there all about of ass kisser BULLETPROO...: its pathetic ->BULLETPROO...: Ive had to do it myself before BULLETPROO...: u can't tell me you wouldn't do the same if you was in my shoes ->BULLETPROO...: aaah ok BULLETPROO...: i do in my me folder its only for friends because people ripp my shit ->BULLETPROO...: why dont you have pics of yourself on your profile? BULLETPROO...: they will never adment it but i do BULLETPROO...: i own them thats a fact ->BULLETPROO...: best thing to do is let it sli
I Love My Stupid Ass Friends...
Me and a friend are talking about our sexual conquests, when she says "Ive had three Egyptians" Not wanting to be out done, I say "Ive had a few brazilian chicks" She freaks and calls me a whore. I ask "why am I a whore this time?" She says "Cuz I dont even know how many a brazilian is" and she wasnt playing dumb either :|
Strike A Match
The world is supposed to be full of possibilities, but they narrow down to pretty few in most personal experience.  There’s lots of good fish in the sea . . . maybe . . . but the vast masses seem to be mackerel or herring, and if you’re not mackerel or herring yourself, you are likely to find very few good fish in the sea.  So said Lady Chatterley, on her quest for a suitable lover.  The search for good fish is even more complicated, I think, when one lives so many miles from the sea.   There have been times here when I’ve lain in bed, stared up at the stars, or watched a storm, in awe, blinking as the sky lights up, feeling the rumble of thunder in my bones.  In these times, I’ve felt not loneliness, but a desire to share this with someone.  This place, this space, is too lovely, too wonderful, to keep to oneself.  Then the feeling passes, and I revel in solitude, tuck myself under the covers, slip into dreams of fresh produce, bright egg yolks.  Weeks ago,
ECG (Heart Tracing) ECG (called EKG in USA) stands for ElectroCardioGram. This test looks at the electrical activity in the heart. How Is It Done? The first step is to attach adhesive electrodes to the chest and limbs. It may be necessary to shave the chest to get good skin contact. In women, the elctrodes are places under/around the left breast. The machine will then be attached to the electrodes. At this point the patient will be asked to lie very still while the machine takes a recording for about 10 seconds. The test is not painful or uncomfortable. Why Is It Done The usual reasons for an ECG are chest pain, palpitations, fast/slow/irregular pulse, shortness of breath or unconsciousness. Many doctors also request an ECG as a baseline investigation. It does not necessarily mean something is wrong with your heart. What Does It Show The heart is a muscular organ with its own "wiring". For each heartbeat, an electrical impulse travels through the wiring in a specific way, causin
Leveling Blog 490
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       56k to Level  
Archetypes ~ My Screen Name & Why.
This blog expounds on the philosophy and psychology behind my screen name. Some have asked what it is, or why I chose it, so this should be more than enough insight for those that are curious… Archetypes also relate, in some ways, to another blog I posted about Jungian personality types. It delves in to My Personality Analysis, along with the link to take the test yourself. ^^^Click Underlined Link to View... My favorite song… 46 & 2 by Tool. It speaks of transcending ‘the shadow self’ archetype and moving closer to evolving, or the ultimate growth… much akin to achieving enlightenment. When I chose the name a few years back, it wasn't because of any one particular definition, but rather an amalgamation of them all... to represent a vast symbolic meaning. I've used it on Stickam and various other sites prior to this. Here on Fubar, I have not used it before, only my name & Marqus Arealist (Paronomasia on the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, obviously ;) Archety
Alright, I'm all geeked out today. The boyfriend and I are headed down to Mankato...a city about 2 hours away from go see the Vikings at training camp! Yay for football! I can get my fix! And preseason start is just around the corner! Damn I love this time of year! Only part that sucks is its going to be 90 degrees tomorrow...not exactly jersey weather...and I really wanted to wear my new Berrian jersey!
Don't Give Tamiflu To Children'
Children should not be given the anti-viral drug Tamiflu to combat swine flu, Oxford University researchers said today. They urged the Department of Health to urgently rethink its policy on giving the drugs to youngsters affected by the current flu pandemic. Some 300,000 people in England, including children and adults, have received courses of Tamiflu through the Government's National Pandemic Flu Service for England. Today's study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), warned that Tamiflu can cause vomiting in some children, which can lead to dehydration and the need for hospital treatment. The researchers said children should not be given the drug if they have a mild form of the illness although they urged parents and GPs to remain vigilant for signs of complications. Parents of children with a compromised immune system or a condition like cystic fibrosis should discuss the harms and benefits with their GP, they said. But overall, the researchers said, children wh
Calls For Further Research Into Medicinal Marijuana Gain Momentum (NaturalNews) In 2008, the American College of Physicians (ACP) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, released a position paper entitled Supporting Research Into the Therapeutic Role of Marijuana that expresses the group's support for increased research and investigation into the medicinal functionality of marijuana, including one of its key elements, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC as it is commonly known. Since marijuana is federally classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, legitimate research investigating its efficacy medicinally has been limited due to its illegality and the stigma that often accompanies it. Yet, preclinical, clinical, and anecdotal reports continue to support the increasingly acknowledged fact that marijuana's key components treat a host of maladies, including cancer.
This Girl Is A Fake
Check her out and u tell me. Her pics dont match.  The pics are from a girl on Spice Pad named Ashley.
Go Figure
Go figures the night I get a pass away from the house I am exhausted lmao!
Tax-free Day....?
new blog? or old blog?     it's not gonna be a new post, 'cuz i ain't smrt nuf.....                   hi, how do you feel about former lovers?, i saw two today. how do YOU deal with that?
After Surgery Update!!!
Hooking Up With A Female
Being bi, I had my first experience with a woman when I was 16. It was my first and last time. Why last? Because I have a REALLY hard time finding a female to do it with. I am basically like a female version of a nerd with huge glasses who will do anythin to get laid. Just no luck, and I completely sympathize with men that cant get laid.   Ive tried ads, Craigslist, everything...nada   /woe is me off
The Shoutbox Chronicles
I have decided that since I get hilarious shouts from people I should keep a blog for them   First entry.. ->superduty250: better ask my man first but Im pretty sure the answer would be no  :)superduty250: i wanna make love to your pussy with my mouth   2. ->bluesfan67stl: no bluesfan67stl: oww...want me to spank your hiney? ->bluesfan67stl: Kicks you* bluesfan67stl: run amok over here at my house so i can chase   3. ->Untouchabl...: dont be a doormat Untouchabl...: reverently bows down to reach her shoes ->Untouchabl...: yeah and you can tie my shoes while you are at it. Untouchabl...: shall i bow down in the presence of the Goddess of charm?
Are You High Maintenance?
You Are Medium Maintenance Like everyone else, you have some things you are particular about. You're not too annoying about it, and you're able to go with the flow most of the time. You've learned to stand your ground on what matters but also make compromises from time to time. You have good taste. Too bad not everyone shares it. Are You High Maintenance?
Here I think I am going to have a quiet day at home. What the hell was I thinking?! Max wakes up sick and has a fever. He gets to stay home. okay,thats' cool. He is easy to take care of and still lovable when sick. Now,it's not like my night was quiet. My mother spilt this huge glass of ice and sprite that she has 4x! I love her,but why does she has to be up all night long? No,the elderly do not need as much sleep as we do. Proven fact,but come on!!! Okay,get that all cleaned up and she finally passes out. Thank you lord! Mom is getting sick,this isn't good for Shelby. Shelby's 14th birthday is in 5 days. My mother is starting to sound like she has pnemonia. Thank god she goes to the Dr. tomorrow. Moving on.....I go to mop the kitchen floor. We are outta bleach and my ass thinks "hey,why not use the ammonia it works?" It was all good til i sucked that shit up my nose! I am a walking clusterfuck! Seriously! Do what??..Max suddenly decieds that he should go to school. Ummm,no!You just
Me Singing
Privacy Settings--yes Or No?
I swear, babyjesus does some stupid things on fubar. This is what im goin to start with.... IF you come to my page/pics/blog etc and i dont see you checking me out in my bartab, i am goin to either, rate you 1s. I dont care if you are a friend, i dont care if you are in my family, i dont care if you if you are not a friend on my list. i think this setting is a way for people to be a coward to be sneeky.  Click Here to make the adustment, i dont hide from nobody, and i sure as hell hope you dont either. This is a warning to everyone, i hope others agree with me, if you dont agree or like what i am goin to do, block me becuause i dont need cowards on my page.   If the link does now work here is the link in full     Rate and comment -- you agree or disagree?
I get a ton of shoutbox messages everyday asking me the same questions over and over. Since I hate repeating myself, I am going to answer the FAQ's in here since apparently my profile is too much to read. 1. What do you like to do for fun? I love outdoor activities like camping, horseback riding, swimming, boating, and fishing. My favorite thing in the world is to travel and experience different cultures. I like reading, but rarely find the time. I love concerts and watching movies and plays. I also like to drive, to go and TRY to get lost just so I can say I found a new place.   2. Are you single? This doesn't quite matter because I'm not going to be dating anyone from here anyway. But to answer your question, yes I am single. I love a man, he knows who he is (50),  but distance is an issue. I have a friend with benefits and I'm not looking for any more of those either. My relationship status isn't negotiable.   3. Why is someone as "insert compliment here" single? Well that's
I Had To Share...
The President Supports Prostitution. It's A Fact.
…well, in case I haven’t done enough lately to piss everyone off , so it seems, here’s another one to add to your list of gripes to go off and run like a kid that had his lunch money stolen to the principal instead of fighting back intelligently… case anyone doesn’t recall, I did not support Obama for President of the United States for a variety of reasons. I do not believe at all that America is heading in the right direction at all, as a matter of fact far, very far from it. No matter what side of the political isle you fall on, what you believe, my friends you should be appalled at what these videos represent and show. What is it you ask? They show what our President supports, who he associates with and leads. It’s the truth that every day he continues to try and distance himself from, but you can only hide the truth for so long my friends. Eventually , for some it takes longer than others, it will catch you can find you. No matter if you are b
Some Of You Are Lucky.
And Fubar saved you from me posting this on your page.">   Fucking anti-spam.If I have to hear it for days so should you.
Your blue pumps are vicious Miss. Cheetah phone print. Txt me on that.On the top of your foot, lovin the tatt.Short sleeve sweater fit so right.Not familiar with the logo on your purse but it must be fly.Them frames are way tighter than contact lenses.Salty I'm getting off at 15th when you exit on 11th.Them slacks look tailor made. Professional gray.Little lunch bag. I respect your save money game.Got you out the corner of my eye. Anything else is too obvious.
This Is Funny.
Hi There...
How are you today?
Gimme Gimme Gimme
If you’re not up to thinking or getting preached at go ahead and click the back button now.   I'm upset, distressed, frustrated and downright disheartened with the state of our nation these days.   What used to be the right to pursuit happiness has become the right for a free handout.  It’s snowballing and I don’t see any end in the near future.  Why should you work when your neighbor gets welfare, food stamps and free health insurance?   Why should you work for money when you could sue someone for selling you an undercooked hamburger?  Why should anyone care anymore?   I’m not saying that there aren’t decent, hardworking, ethical people out there, they are still the majority, but that minority is growing and growing.    Kids are growing up not knowing the value of a dollar, or of hard work, why work for what you want when you can beg, borrow, steal or hell, just put it on a credit card.   Bankruptcy used to be taboo, these days, bah,
Brainwashing Of Children?
Page One Of My Book
 -wanting to cure a sick world, and having no power to do so can be a sickness in its self- -its eiser to destroy and start over,, then it is to fix whats already broken-  -Having religion is the same as having no self worth- -its better to follow a good leader.. then it is to lead bad people- -when life starts getting ruff, you know your growing up- -if you are only tought about love, then how can you learn hate-   Please coment on this.. i may put page two on here.. I know some of you wont agree with them.. but all comments are still welcome. ty
Closer To Time
As the seasons change and yet, do not change in the dersert, I feel the legnth of the time that I have been here.  I have spent an entire year of my life here, and yet it feels so static.  I will be very glad to be done here and I hope to never return. But I will return to a different desert and a different life.  One that I love and one that also loves no one.  I know that I will be happy to return, to fight the fight that will never end and may well end me.  It is what I do. I am glad. I will face new challenges and old ones and I will have to be harder than ever before because now it is more violent and dangerous than ever before, but I feel ready and I can't wait.  The Icebear had been quiet for far to long. The time in my life when I hoped for quiet is gone.  There is no quiet, just the drive that will not let me stop, that pushes me to hunt in the darkness, alone and outnumbered, knowing that I will be victorious.
"why Would I Like Him? He's My Boyfriend"
Woman 1: I'm not a slut. Woman 2: He's amazing, you're lucky. Woman 1: I know, I know it. I'm not...interested in him, OK? Woman 2: He's your boyfriend. Woman 1: That's why. Woman 2: Why what? Woman 1: Why I'm not interested. -- Overheard in: Diner, Evanston ILL --
A Special Offer For You And Some News On Me!
Wow I have not blogged in 2 months.I had been working alot and having some health issues so it's been awhile.I wanted to make an offer to someone.I am now a level 31 and I can give all my points to someone for 12 hours to help them.Now I notice most people to give away points for 12 hours want like a 135 credit blingpack and a 30 day blast or something.I just want a 65 credit blingpack for this.Now if you have been having trouble leveling or getting points and really want to leve I can assist you.When I have auto's I usually get around 7,000 to 10,000 photo rates.Yes it's true.Usually when I have autos and get trade my pimps 3 days it's not uncommon and usually rank about 15 to 20 for the day out of the millions of people here so if you are interested the first person to say i want that deal it's yours.I am not a rip-off.Ill even give you fubar refs of my character if you would like lol.Ok anyways..What I've been up too.I've been very sick for about a month.First I had a biopsy a few w
10/7/09 Pt 2
So... I put on my normal pair of jeans I wear right after they got out of the dryer.. they seemed ok.. so i wore them to the bar... an hour after i get there.. i realize i keep having to pull them up..   damn jeans are too big on me!! Gonna keep wearing them until they are falling off my ass though....       maybe i should get a belt....
Rf's Vageena
I have found RF's vageena.    
  Figured I would write a blog to let everyone know whats going on with me...I recently found out I need surgery on my shoulder. Ive had a little round ball of scar tissue on my shoulder for the last 10 years or so (you can see it on my default pic). It has never caused me any problems or pain it just sat there. Well recently is has changed shape and began to swell, My shoulder is all red and swollen So I went to the doc friday..he set me up for x-ray and an ultrasound..Seems this thing is compressing 2 major blood vessels. So he told me it has to come out no matter what, he is also gonna test me for cancer just to rule it out. So sometime this week Im gonna be operated on..Im really worried its gonna be something bad. I havent had the best luck healthwise.I will keep this blog updated with the latest info   :::update::: I went in today for the ultrasound and x-ray..The doc took one look at my shoulder and ordered immediate surgery. It fucking hurts!! he removed a mass from my sh
Bad Little Red
      The hunter stood from a distance, wary of the beast standing not four strides away. He felt an icy fear spread through his body almost as if his heart had been replaced with a cold block of ice that pumped frost through his veins." Please. "He whispered in desperation as he cautiously stretched out his hand. The leather of his glove creaked as his fingers unfurled from his fist. " Please, child. Please step away from that creature before you are done harm, " he pleaded softly to the girl. A low growl emitted from the leviathan sized canine causing the hunter to backpedal ever so slightly. Yet his hand remained outstretched, reaching, beckoning her to come forward in hope she would step away from the monster wolf. The girl tilted her head and shifted herself to look at the hunter. The movement caused her blood red cowl to flutter. Then she turned her head so she faced the massive, silver wolf. She smiled shyly and spoke with soft, sweet tone.“I thank you kindly sir, but&h
I'm not a die-hard Whedon fan - I love 'Firefly' and enjoyed 'Serenity' but I was never a Buffy or Angel fan, and have yet to see any 'Dollhouse' - but there's no denying the man can put a memorable concept together, and has a real sense of fun.  Both these characteristics come across strongly in this one-shot from Dark Horse, collecting the web-based strips for the MySpace Dark Horse Presents series.  Three girls and a robot in a band shot from Earth to take part in an interstellar battle of the bands, with Whedon's trademark snappy dialogue and a large dollop of humour? Great stuff. Dark Horse page here (sorry, blogging up a storm today, think I'm done)
It is really a curse and a blessing to be a Pisces. I have never been one to read into psychic shit and take things seriously, but all Piscean descriptions are so fuckin dead on, it creeps me out
The Wurzels
Over the weekend I went to a Wurzels concert, for anyone who does not know them here's a URL type thingy: Thems is like gods to us country folk.   Anyway, just thought I'd share that.
Tonight Is The Night!
Where I actually go and get my next tattoo, I am excited but since im waiting on my two main pieces this is gonna be something small BUT meaningful. Least to me. This is what I will be getting,sept it wont be black where the hair is.. What im going to get done is get all the people in my family(being my husband and 3 midgets) and I birthstone colours all thru it. Its something different,something that NOONE else will have,and it will be MINE! I think Its gonna come out beautiful. Later days!
After The Happy Hour
This is the 'after the Happy Hour' blog, that I know everyone is excited to read.   I had a blast and I'm exhausted lol. I was tired before it started & this drained whatever tiny energy I had left.   I leveled! Which is awesome. I got over 6 million points, which I'm happy with. I started with a little over 500k  fu-bucks and now I have close to 10 million. Awesome. I screen shot how many requests and messages I received, along with how many tool tips and photo views.   Thank you to everyone who rated me and my family/friends and each other to help me with points. Thank you for the gifts, pimp outs, bombs, & bling.   Special thanks to: RadioXshow for bombing during my HH. ChiinaWhiite for getting me shitfaced before.   Philemon for buying me auto 11s.     And of course, Rio is Lovely, who made all of this wonderfulness possible.     I appreciate everyone who pimped me out in their status and stayed awake for this.
Green kind of goes with the story I'm posting. I decided to go on a "hike" with Daniel this afternoon. I have to tell you that we didn't really go all that far, we were gone maybe 10 minutes. Anyway, I took this picture right before we started. It's so cute. Well, he is.   Well, we kind of got lost. My fault really....I let him lead the way. I told him to walk straight. He did..but I got a little sidetracked. While we were walking back he was telling me, "We have to make it home, I love it there". Kind of made me feel bad and I was starting to panic. The only thing keeping me halfway sane was that I had my cell phone and I was texting Ron. When we got back..yes I'm good, I know =]......He jumped on my back and beat me to death. Not really..but yeah. I was attacked and thought I'd take a picture of it. Hope you all enjoyed it. lol. [edit:] I forgot to mention, when he seen the house he said..."It's a miracle".
Stolen From Miab
What color eyes do you have? very dark brown, almost black   How tall are you?5'3 right handed or left?Right   Your Heritage:Russian Jewish   Your job:the most legal one is a night auditor   Do you like your job? Hells yeah   Any tattoos/​piercings?​ several ear piercings that mostly closed up   What underwear are you wearing right now?white with red hearts, really stupid looking   What shoes did you wear today?Snakeprint stilettos   Do you play video games?No, I hate them Have you ever broken someone's heart?uhmmm... in the past   Have you ever had your own heart broken? no   Favorite car:my ancient Honda Civic   Favorite animal:Raccoon Favorite soda:Tarhun (Russian soda)     Favorite underwear:anythin I can find in my drawer   Favo
Music Monday 5
Gleeeeee! I have the album in the car.  I bought it Friday.  This is just a random Glee playlist that I found...I didn't make it and I haven't listened to it because bossman is in the office.  Also it's imeem not project playlist so I don't even know if it will work...but watch Glee, listen to the soundtrack, be a Gleek.
My Universal Mumm Message
I need to use this more often
DUTIES OF RANKS: LIEUTENTS: 1. You must be knowledgeable in the game meaning; you should be able to answer and assist fellow turf members on how to improve their Mobster (Character). Also, know how to tutor newbie's to locate/function of the Mafia site i.e. Where to locate tabs, how/where to recruit, Add Mobbies etc. 2.Be and active recruiter for the turf. 3.Be an active member in the Chat with the turf and make yourself available to help where needed. 4. Maintain an average or above average win/loss ratio (Lead by Example).   SOLDIERS: 1. Be available to assist in questions for new recruits. 2. Be an active player.
I Got Bored
Let's start off blunt, have you done anything sexual in the last 48 hours?only alone Your phone rings, it's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?hold on im fappin to fubar chicks Where is the person you have feelings for?in my left pocket What color are your eyes?black..yes they really are Do you like the snow?yes i doHave you ever slept on a couch with someone else?no but i slept on a woman whom was bigger than a couch Which did you discover first, myspace or face book?myspace.What/who woke you up this morning?morning wood had to peeWhere did you sleep three nights ago?bed as usual What color is the shirt your wearing?black The past 72 hours have you been under the influence?your damn right i haveWhat are you doing at this very second?pinch and rollin on my left testicle it itches Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?dont borrow shitWhat are you listening to?my secretary bitchIf the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?AutumnDo yo
Hellyion Tagged me Gawd dammut..   10 useless facts about me...   1. In real life I hate most females simply because they are the type that give most of us a bad name.   2. Im the youngest of 9 kids (my mom was a baby Pez dispenser)   3. I lived on the streets from the age of 12 til I was 15   4. I have a serious bad addiction to man titties (not to be mistaken for man boobs)   5. Im a very quiet and reserved person in real life.   6. I have a Wolverine fantasy   7. I hate it when I see people wearing pajamas and fuzzy slippers in public   8. I look at peoples butts (more like everyone)   9. I have to go shit everytime I go to my in-laws house   10. I dress my animals in clothes for entertainment   There I friggen did it...laugh at me and I will tag your ass!  
Can You Handle The Sciencey?
Do you even want more sciencey? Could you handle more sciencey? I thought of a couple of ideas for more sciencey drawings. let me know if you are interested. 1. First draft for todays most loved inventions. 2. If LoLcats taught school. 3. Homes/home products of the future. Thoughts, do you have any?
Very, Very Scared, Upset And ........
this happened after I went to work this morning. we had a home invasion of sorts... Couple guys tried to get in from back and front of our house. Luckily my Dog (Cindy Lou) was here because she stopped the guy in back. Mom went out for morning cigarette and coffee. didnt see him in the back yard. Cindy Lou chased him and got a piece of him.... Dad went out front and the other guy fought with him. Mom came back in with the dog. Dad was screaming and fighting. the dog went after that guy and mom dialed 911.... My dog is ok after being kicked ... My dad is not all that ok. hes in the hospital after fighting this guy. hit over the head with something and cuts / bruises.... Im so upset right now because the police never notified me until hours later before I left work.. I got home and began writing this.... Now im more pissed off at the police and these 2 idiots who tried or did hurt my family. before coming home I went to the Hospital for Mom and see how dad was doing... I
[perfect Pilfered Questionare]
The perfect breakfast: Everyday- French bread, loose tea.Weekends- ho-cakes (or grits), 3 egg ommelette, thick bacon, orange juiceVacation- poached eggs, hollandaise, french toast with syrup, and bacon and hashbrowns and bacon... The perfect date: Roast duck, my exquisite black suit, cocktails at my place- lifestories, breakfast at 4 in the morning after passionate and clumsy first time-sex, or cuddling. The perfect kiss: The lusty wet one I receive with a hot skillful hand on my jock (bare, or over clothes)   The perfect argument: Polite and abstract, preferably with my brother. The perfect man/woman: Not sure she exists, but I'd like someone I can respect and trust, keeps me in check without pressure. Three B's a must: Brains, bust and beauty.   The perfect shoe: Chuck Taylors.   The perfect movie: I would imagine Akria Kurisawa wrote/directed it.   The perfect flower: Nightblooming cereus or jasmine. ... or chrysanthemums.   The perfect time of day: Dinner.   The per
Planned Quarantines And Tracking Of Those Rejecting The H1n1 Vaccine?
Swine Flu is bad enough…This is just downright scary … This was bough to me by Jessica, aka Confidence. Go check her out, she’s one of the best people I’ve met on here.. ♡´¨Confiidence¨´♡@ fubar And on a personal note, I’d like to thank my true friends for sticking by me and not just messaging-and-blocking if you don’t agree with something I post. And if you don’t agree, discussing it in an adult manner. It’s refreshing to see the good people, and the cream rise to the top. And the rest , well, ah whatever …anyone can make new friends every day on here if they tried and took the time. More later in the week…hope you all had a great weekend! Peace..
Gettin Jiggy With It.
Been Awhile
Its been a little while since I have really blogged so I thought I would catch some of you all up on a few things. I finally will be starting counseling on Monday, believe it or not I cant wait and am anxious for it. I have been going to physical therapy for a few weeks now, those of you that have me on fb have seen that since that is how I kill my time there. Since it has gotten so friggin frigid and cold here my body has hurt like an SOB! My casemanger here has mentioned fibromyalgia a few different times to me, and today at physical therapy I told my therapist I was going to talk to my doctor about it and he touched a few areas on my body and literally sent me through the roof :( I have been just claiming old age, but technically I am not that old and there is sooo much unexplained things happening with my body that it would be a perfect explanation :( Here at the house its going okay, I am not thrilled about Christmas quite yet, I have a real difficult time at the holidays. I a
All the cool kids seems to be doing this, so I thought I'd have a go... Spell your name with bands/artists B - Black Uhuru L - Lily Allen O - Orbital O - Orb (the) K - King Crimson Y - Yellowman layer two.- name: Blooky- birth date: 06-AUG-71- nicknames: Blurky, Bent-one- current location: Work- eye color: Green/Grey/Blue...with a bit of brown- hair color: Brown- righty or lefty: Left- best friend[s]: Morning Star, My sister, James & Davelayer three.- the shoes you wore today: Biker Boots- your perfect pizza: Pepperoni- the last time you cried: Couple of days ago thining about my Godsonlayer four.- your best physical feature: Don't know... - most missed memory: Summer on the canalslayer five.- pepsi or coke: Dr Pepper- mcdonald's or burger king: BK- adidas or nike: Don't care- lipton ice tea or nestea: Dar-jeeling- chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla- cappuccino or coffee: Coffee, strong, blacklayer six.- curse: May all your teeth fall out except one, which gives you toothache.- do
Can You Guess Them?
We were bored at work and a girl got on her cell and found these. The object is to figure out what Christmas carol they are really talking about.  I have the answers and I'll post them later. I'd like to say that the first person to get them all right will get something, but I'm not sure what yet. If you don't want anything, you can always try to guess them for fun. 1. Approach everyone who is steadfast 2. Ecstasy toward the orb 3. Listen! The foretelling spirits harmonize 4. Hey minuscule urban area southeast of Jerusalem 5. Quiescent nocturnal period 6. The autocrat troika originating near the ascent of Apollo 7. The primary carol 8. Embellish the corridors 9. I'm fantasizing concerning a blanched yuletide 10. I apprehended my maternal parent osculating with a corpulent unshaven male in a crimson disguise 11. During the time ewe caretakers supervised their charges past midnight 12. The thing manifests itself at the onset of a transparent day 13. The coniferous nativity
In The Immortal Words Of ...
THE BEATLES!!!! good morning, good morning, ahhh!!!!!   ohh n let's not forget it's caturday!!!! gimmie kitties NOW!!!!!!!
And ....
It's morning .. I'm still tired because i'm trying to get puppy on a set schedule ... and she is NOT having it !! but I can't trust her around the house at night so, she needs to suk it up and do it!!! I had the worst experience in a long time .... and don't ever try this ... it's nasty tasting (take from this experience) .... I went to have my morning tea, tea bag in cup and honey .. waiting on water.  Coffee gets done for hubby, I pour his coffee and turn and pour COFFEE in my TEA!!!!! yeah, gross and not tasting well, and not something you want to taste when you first wake up. I hope your day has started better ... I may take a bit and play Devil May Cry 4 or Mini Ninjas ... and I'm going to pick up a movie today (luckily I have unlimited rentals) All About Steve with Sandra Bullock.
a name, title, or designation
I'm not sure what I can do besides scream at my son's school. This past Saturday night Connor woke up because he'd thrown up all over himself in his sleep. He then threw up 2 more times. He had no fever or any other sign of being sick. Sunday he was fine. Monday they canceled school because of the weather and he was fine. Went outside and played in the snow and all. Tuesday he woke up to go to school and he was feeling fine. So I let him go. At about 9am I called his school and gave them my new cell number so they could get in touch with me at any time. The woman in the office repeated the number back to me and said she would put it on his record. I then proceed with my day and spend the day with John and go bowling that evening for the league. When I'm about to bowl my second game, I see that I have a voice mail. It's from my house. I call them back and see what's going on. That's when I find out that Connor had gotten sick at school, about an hour after I'd called them and told t
Harassment On Fubar
Anal Curious? - M4w - 22 (tupelo)
I am a clean disease free white male looking for a girl who would like to try anal sex. I only have four inches so it isn't going to hurt too bad or anything. From what i've read i'm actually the ideal size because i get to your nerve endings but not so deep that it hurts. If you are interested then send me a message. I also like to do role play and will try to fill any requests you have.     lmfao I'm sorry about all of the posts, but this one made me laugh out loud. How do you even work 4 inches?
Moar Ardi Findings....
A beautiful math emerges from the acrobatic flips of supercold atoms in a magnetic field, researchers report in the Jan. 8 Science. Scientists detected an elusive, complex symmetry known as the E8 Lie group in resonating particles, a symmetry long analyzed on paper but never seen in a physical system. The work suggests that this numerical grace may be hidden in other physical systems and may provide a mathematical link between quantum processes in condensed matter and the physics of the cosmos. “Finding a mathematically exotic symmetry in a regular material we can find on Earth — well, it is mathematically beautiful and very interesting,” comments Robert Konik of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y. Symmetries helped theoretical physicists to predict the existence of certain particles before they were detected and to explain phenomena such as superconductivity. E8 in particular may help describe the unseen dimensions in string theory. But the emergent E8 sy
Moody Ass Pregnant Woman Of Mine
So yet once again the GF is pissed at me...all because of the below reason   So yesterday im sitting in line at the local grocery store waiting to pay...this Morbidly Obese woman is in front of me on one of those lil electric wheelchairs to haul her fat ass around throughout the store to get her snacks....and she is bitchin up a storm about how the McDonalds straws are way too thin....So in my most humble of voices i say..."oh for fucks sakes lady...just pay and roll your big ass outta my way..and dont forget your diet coke too"...   apparently im an embarassement to be out in public with....
*kicks Rhythm And Soul*
NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON1. Your Name:2. Age:3. Favorite position (s)?4. Do you think I'm hot?5. Would you have sex with me?6. lights on or off?7. Would you have to be drunk?8. Would you take a shower with me?9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?10. Would you leave after or stay the night?11. Do you like cuddling afterwards?12. Condom or skin?13. Do you give Oral pleasures?14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures?15. Have sex on the first date?16. Would you kiss me during sex?17. Do you think I would be good in bed?18. Threesome?19. How many times would you like to cum?20. Would you use me as a booty call?21. Can I use you as a booty call?22. Do you like foreplay?23. What is foreplay to you?24. Can we take pictures of the act?25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
January 12, 2010-back Posting
Back posting something so that I have an accurate date thingy majiger.. lol I weighed in on January 12, 2010. The nutritionists scale said 278.5, mine said 2 pounds lower (276.5). either way... i fell back a few pounds since October. This is the weight i was in OCTOBER... *growls* Oh well.. it is expected to gain some back after you split from your significant other.. BUTTT I am back on my plan... 1500-1600 cals a day.. and am keeping a lower carb range of 100-160 carbs a day... Not really paying attention to the fat and protein... I am keeping an eye on them.. but more watching the calories and the carbs. I weighed myself today (shouldn't have since weigh-in isn't til tuesday) and MY scale shows 271.8.. could it be correct? could it be that i have already lost almost 5 pounds? I suppose we will see in a few days. It feels good to be eating well again... hell it feels good to be working out again.. Oh yeah.. i started that yesterday.. (1/15/2010) If you want to keep up w
The Book Test
You Are a Thinker You tend to have your feet on the ground. You think about what's actual, and you love facts. You are a rational person. You like to think through ideas, and you like the thoughts that books spark. You are a person with a few deep interests. If you're drawn to something, you learn everything about it. You are a person who values your possessions. You tend to have fewer things but of higher quality. The Book Test Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
I Already Know What You're Gonna Say, So Save It Please
I know you're gonna want to tell me you told me so really bad, but I don't wanna hear it right now please. So some of you will be happy to know, that my husband (fiance) left me tonight. It started about two weeks ago. I had his phone, and some skank was texting him, then realizes that I have his phone, and starts tellin me that she is sleeping with my husband and so on and so forth, it got ugly. He gets outta work, and me and him end up fighting about it...mind you I had a really nice date night planned for us that almost got ruined...oh and mind you I just spent 500 bucks at the t-mobile store getting him the phone he's been begging for for months! Anywho...we fought back and forth, he says I'm acusing him, he says she does this all the time, that she is just a psycho that is fucking with us and to not listen. I even talk to one of his best friends, and she tells me the same thing, that the girl is no good, and he don't love her, and I need to work it out with him. So I did, I feel
I Can't Comment On Mumms.....
Last night I made my first MuMM and it got pulled off for not following the guide lines.  It was an honest mistake.  It wasn't offensive or was not NSFW material.  They pulled it off and they didn't say I was punished or anything.  However, I can no longer place comments on MuMMs, I can vote, but just not Comment.  How do i get the right to place comments back?? 
Giving Up On Drinking?
it's official i have decided i'd rather eat myself to death....
Beggers Can't Be Choosers?
So I'm kinda tired of being alone. Maybe I should be less picky about the people I like. Try and get past the initial revulsion and be nice to them? I blame my cousins for all this really, anytime we go out anywhere they drive away any guy that are interested and tell me they are disgusting. Ok in some cases it's true but sometimes there were some nice ones that I liked but they told me that they were creepy. :(   The last time any guy showed me any affection whilst we were out (just touchy shoulders and stuff, nothing lewd or pervy) my cousin and her boyfriend gave him the evil glare all night, then asked me 'Who was that weirdo that just kept touching you all night?'....So I explained to them that I'd known him for a long time, but still I guess it makes me squirm a bit thinking that they think he's weird. I shouldn't...I know. However I do know a friend who likes being with a guy all the time (she likes sex) and is always telling me horror stories of the icky people that she h
Profile Or Ho File?
Recenly I Found this on someones profile and was pretty impressed by what it had to say. It also made me wonder why there is a need here on fubar to express such things. Top 11 Reasons A Profile Will Be Blocked By Me: 11) Profile pics that show too much skin. I'm an adult, and I'm aware that this is supposed to be an adult site, but GIVE ME A BREAK! It's looking like eHarmony or Match went the hard-core slutty route most of the time. If that's how you want to portray yourself, that's fine. But please DO NOT insult my eyes with it. 10) Having a self-deprecating name. I do NOT find it cute or funny that you call yourself a slut or MILF or some kind of whore. I find this to be offensive and rude, even if it is about yourself. 9) Blank add requests. Please say SOMETHING to me when you wish to add me as a friend.
so my ex wife and i started talking again a few days back and i called the other night and her grandma and i talked for a bit and heres a little of what christina and i talked about a few minutes ago....kinda weird........... Andy: so what has your mom and grandma said about me? Christina: they want us to get back together Christina: and they wish they could help you get back Christina: and that they miss you what y'all think?
This Sucks
Ok... now I'm really pissed!!! I just typed out a HUGE blog and I lost it ... I'm fine, just stressed and at my breaking point ...   The apartment fire was not in our apartment, and we are expecting to return by Wednesday. The cleanup of our apartment should be done by then. I'm going insane and I wanna go home. I'm pissed off at my careless neighbors, which if you have me on Facebook, you have seen me complain about them before. CRACKHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys, I'll be back soon. Catch me in the next few minutes and let me know if you want my number to text me. I'm logging off in about 5.
**closed*********************6 Credit Bling Pack & Pimpout Auction! *opened* Ends Feb 15th @ 5pm Est.
I am auctioning off a small 6 Credit Bling Pack& 1 Pimpout! It will start Friday Feb 11th & end on Monday Feb 15th at 5pm EST.   *Bids will be made in this blog on the comment section.* Bling pack will NOT BE RECIVED untill full bid payment is sent. If you do not respond within 24hrs from when the auction closes bling pack will go to next highest bidder. STARTING BID 1.5 MILLION FUBUCKS  
Fubar Emo's & Point Sluts
As when I am online on here...I see many status that gone emo ..So many people whining,,pondering,,asking  "why ,why" and some who question life"..haha I  sit back and laugh..Hahhah...I find it funny..So much attention wanted from such whining status'.....Ok you all whiners..if you want my attention..Grab a sharp blade then a camera and slice your arm....your tongue,,and  slit your throat..I will be happy to see this !! ....Hhaha just call yourself EMO!! Now you point sluts...Hahah  I smell you slutty points from miles away..HAHAH "you" would pay fubucks for a bling,,,,pimpout...and  the thing I do not the begging.....If you HAVE to beg for something on here...then you don't really need it ....hah..on the other hand....if you want REAL money.just go slut yourself out on the real streets.......Just saying... Have a wicked blooded weekend !!!  hahahahah
Fubar Ego's Vs Real World Rant
We all know them , The men and women that think they are the hottest thing since french toast at ihop.....They are stuck up , Consided way to into themself because they alway get 11's or blings or whatever ...Sure thats annoying but  New Flash Everyone gets 10's and 11's  if not its considered down rating ... and People leave comments they will always say something nice about you , and oh ur sexy & ur hot might as well be a stamp or cut and paste cause its so widely used thats one of the reasons i hate being told that ....Buts what even more annoying is the guys that think they are real world pimps  and have nothing but mostly fake aka non salute people that speak to them  and they think they are to good to even reply to people ...then theres the ones that think everyone wants them to the ponit u cant even be nice to them cause they think ur intrested...then theres the worst the fakes that think they are hot cause they get told there hot even tho there using someone else pic or how abo
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you?It meant I was havin sexTears are falling from your eyes, what's the reason?I got smoke in it and it burns!If you got paid 5,000 dollars would you stick your hand in an elephants ass?At this moment, I would consider it with the proper PPD'sHas anyone ever promised you forever?Yep... Happy Singles awareness day.. (stolen from robs status)Do you get high? NoSomething bothering you?My bank account at the moment..(the acronym atm didnt seem to be useful there)  Has someone told you they'd always love you then went for someone else?allow me to rephrase?  Has anyone not?When was the last time you cried?NO COMMENTWhat color shirt are you wearing?whos wearing a shirt? Or pants for that matter!Where did you sleep last night?My Girl, My girl, Wheree did you sleep last night?... i like NirvanaAre you happy right now?Well, im not pissed off at the worldWho/what do you hate/dislike currently?TSA and the people who are lilligagging on
10 Things About Me.
 I am a hopeless flirt with EVERYONE. 9. I am a people person. 8. I do get upset if I think I hurt your feelings. 7. I love the word fuck a lot! 6. I work a lot. 5. I am getting better with compliments. 4. I can be very OCD and Random 3. I tend to be a comment whore and smart ass. 2. I have the biggest heart ever, yet I am no fool. 1. I am like no other you will ever meet.  
Uterus And Scrambled Eggs!!!!
FINE FAMILY FUN! Lets make a day of it..... OHHH in case things get out of hand... By rhima22 at 2010-02-16   ~SLY
  Well contrary to popular beliefs I do not have a screw loose. It was merely a wire the technician didn’t properly tighten. Sighs. So now that I am fixed okay not me  my car is finally fixed so I suppose I won’t be appearing on one of those ghost hunting shows. I know, I know I am crushed too. However, on an even happier note though you all may laugh at my love of my Focus. I so missed it. I mean it was okay to drive a Lincoln MKX for a day. Yet this girl loves a bit of get up and go a bit of speed if you will, and that I have. And as of this morning I have my car back ghost free so they say. Yay….:D
Alone.... crying in the middle of the nightno one to stop the painheart screaming for attentionno one can hear me thoughcuz I am  Alone.. Alone.... wanting, needing, desiringto fell the warmth of a touchplaced upon my bodybut reality calls me backcuz I am Alone.. Alone.... knowing that in the endwhen all is said and doneI will leave this world broken-hearted and Alone Alone.... Carla K.
Message For Pr Members
Hi Guys! So, I see that there are many of us who are still rating every day, even though the group was officially ended. Since I always worked from the list that SweetOne made for her stash, I know that I'm not rating everyone from the group.  So I thought that I would make this blog, and if you want to continue receiving daily rates from me, please leave a blog comment.  That way, I'll have a permenant list of people to keep rating!  And naturally, ratebacks are always appreciated! And if some no good dirty non-PR members ended up here, I might just be willing to rate them too if they're nice about it! :)
Tongue Massage
If Only
I Had A Dream , , ,   You , , , Me , , , Alone , , ,   Camping , , , Waterfall , , , Catch Pool , , ,   Relaxing , , ,  Grilling , , , Swimming , , ,  Hot Passion , , ,   Evening , , , Warm Fire , , , Snuggling , , , Full Moon , , ,   Roasted Marshmellows , , , Bright Stars , , , Sleep , , ,   Your Breast As My Pillow , , ,  
... In three days I spent over 450$ How and why, and how?And why??? Well, it was mostly coincidence, is it bad that I intend to spend MORE money tomorrow? First there were the two limited edition MG 1/100 models I found then I got dog food and ALMOST bought a dremel but the last one available was the crap ass display model, and someone had already jacked some of the parts- so ... after reading the instructions and discovering the cockery, I said "I'm not buying this" then I went furniture pricing, cuz ... my couch is shit. ... put it off another month. I saw some great ones in my price range though. Then I bounded off to sam's club for my zombie preparation.I bought a 25lb of long grain ricefor $9.00 ... I usually get 5 lb's for $11   All told I spent $150 at sam'sI now have a year's supply of over the counter drugsabout 4 months worth of pasta and crushed tomatosa new pair of jeans that are identical to the ones I am wearingan entire primal of beefa block of frozen tunaa
Im in a down mood today.. too much waiting and not enough money making it to my mailbox grrr   so i log into facebook and find that theres another message from someone with more dead girl drama... Im wondering even why i have a facebook.. think im gonna take my name off it and just not have people from my childhood possibly find me... 90% of the people on there are from here anyways...   im hungry and dont want to eat anything i have in the fridge, which is getting low and everytime i look in there i want to call the unemployment people and cuss out who ever answers   my playlist is cool, do you like 80s  metal?   i have seen so many people bitching back and forth everywhere on this site.  have people gotten angry this year, or have i just not noticed this as much before?   its hard to breathe sometimes   I am trying really hard to keep my mind set as it usually is, positive, but my patience is wearing thin. you may witness me telling people off, and if i do just remind me
Just Curious...
I write. I write horror mostly, or horror related stuff. I getting the bug to start writting again. But I dont really feel to horror-ish like lately (ill watch it, im just not in the mood to write about it)   Should I try comedy? Or is comedy too hard to write. Like it would be geared towards one type of audience. I know there is different types of comedy where some people dont like one thing, but will laugh at another. Should I try to write comedy, or just force myself to get in the mood for some horror?
Bb ... Rest In Piece!!!
Rest in Peace BB you will always be the wind beneathe my wings.                                        " BB "   A year ago today I lost my best friend. I miss her more than you could ever know.   She's in heaven through the  gates of gold, A beauty for all to behold.   I sang our song tonight, and I dedicated it to you. To show the world just how much I miss you.   I sang so loud and so clear. Once I seen you I sang it , without fear.   NObody's calling so answer your phone. Then look toward the heavens , and see, she'd never leave you alone.   In loving memory of my best friend Beverly King 3/13/09  Written at 3:56 am    
Rainy Night In Connecticut.
so since the lovely state of connecticut loves its wet weather the basement here likes to flood a bit during what appears to be on the outside a nice shower but in reality its a whore.   so there is a sump pump in the basement that pumps out all that whore water and makes this not so wet   well guess what?? that sump pump is a whore now because it decided to quit working so now i gotta use only a fucking shop-vac to get the whore water out of there....emptying it every 5 minutes is ghey   boob me and make me happy or i punch you in the jigglies
Helpful Hints
Today isn't a good day. I feel sick, and its probably due to me chugging that Rockstar this morning but God knows I needed it. So I apologize if I don't get everybody I normally do rated today. However, on that note... If you have some stupid ass profile skin, that either almost gives me a seizure or takes more than 5 seconds of my life to load, I'm not rating you. Period. It's annoying and I know most of you won't rate me back if I don't leave some stupid status comment. I've proven that. My rates and profile views doubled as soon as I started to, even though most of you see me on your page daily. So if you're not going to rate me back if I dont leave a status comment, plz take down your more than likely flashing, ugly, not put together very well, hard to read profile with your 2375302573208 graphics that need to load. Please. It usually freezes my computer on top of things and its annoying! And thank you Mel for pointing out you can turn skins off. I like the profile skins and I li
My Favorite Game By The Cardigans
I don't know what you're looking for you haven't found it baby, that's for sure You rip me up and spread me all around in the dust of the deed of time And this is not a case of lust, you see it's not a matter of you versus of me It's fine the way you want me on your own but in the end it's always me alone And I'm losing my favourite game you're losing your mind again I'm losing my baby losing my favourite game I only know what I've been working for another you so I could love you more I really thought that I could take you there but my experiment is not getting us anywhere I had a vision I could turn you right a stupid mission and a lethal fight I should have seen it when my hope was new my heart is black and my body is blue And I'm losing my favourite game you're losing your mind again I'm losing my favourite game I've tried but you're still the same I'm losing my baby you're losing a saviour and a saint
Invictus- William Ernest Henley
Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.   I wish I had such a command of language.
Milky Way In Cold Dust
Bomb Or Auto
I will be auctioning off either and auto 11 or cherry bomb. Auction runs until 4 pm fubar time. Started bid is 5 mil. Winning offer has the choice of auto or bomb. Post bids below. Let the bidding begin.
Rubbing One Out.....
some of you have been wondering where i have been and its kind of a shitty story but arent mine usually like that???? well you all know i was living in CT but im not anymore and heres why..... so y'all know i was living on a friends parents farm helping out...well when there is nothing to do i would browse the interwebz to stifle the boredom...last wednesday afternoon i was partaking in some quality andy time in my room when her mom decided to barge in and im there with my dick in my hands...yes thats right i was flogging the hog when i got walked in on because apparently a closed door means to just walk right on in..apparently the word respect doesnt apply to the bish but oh well she was fuck crazy as it is so its kind of a good thing apparently what i was doing was wrong because she wanted me out that night but thankfully her dad gave me an extra day to get stuff taken care of...the following day he dropped me off in downtown hartford with $7 and said good luck... so i w
The Stat No One Thinks About...
Ready for some simple math kids... 3,876,133 in relation to (which is bogus) 40,803 = 0.0105% The truth is in numbers as nothing else is. Happy Easter. Peace.
This Is Actually Funny
  You Stupid Bastard!  You cheated on Sandra Bullock? How in the world can you be so stupid?  You are married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.She has a body to die for and her current wealth shadowed only by Oprah.  Your wife recently beat out Julia Roberts in the polls and is now named "America's Sweetheart."   You also remember, she just won an Oscar and praised you up and down in front of the world while you were porkin’ away. You are really a piece of work!  You are the most hated asshole cheater on the planet!    How can you live with yourself?! I only have one thing to say to the despicable, miserable, cheating piece of shit that you are: Thanks for taking the heat off of me. Let’s do lunch.  ~Tiger Woods
Frightening Visage
So I went and donated blood a little a while ago. As usual, it didn't particularly go well for me, but something else happened that made me laugh.   This other woman was in there, and it was her first donation. She looked over at me at one point, apparently I was rather pale, almost made her not want to go ahead with it.   Ok not "that" funny, sue me.
I Think.......
You've had to be where you've been to get where you're going.   (h)
Wiener Goats
So someone's left their wiener dog in my bedroom and more specifically it seems, my closet.  And I'm pissed.  Pissed so bad in fact i consider beating the dog cause I don't know how long it's been in my bedroom but I'm positive it's been so long he had to have dropped a dooky somewhere.  I never did find said dooky and likewise I dint beat the little mutant.  Call me soft.  Instead I walked it to the front door to let it out.  On the way to the front door the legless little bastard turned into a goat.   Now I know what you're thinking.  "Really Chuck?  A wiener dog changed into a goat?  Just one goat?" And here I have to come clean.  You've found me out cause indeed he in fact turned into two goats. One of which perched proudly atop a tree stump just outside the front door and the other hauled ass across the front yard like he was chasing a car as soon as the door opened. Aaaannnnnd...  Scene!
New Fubucks Auction
250 million fubucks!!!   Auction runs from Friday, April 23 to Sunday, April 25 at midnight fu-time (Pacific)   Cash bids only please (excluding VIP)... i.e. bling packs/autos/bombs/blasts   Payment due within 48 hours unless prior arrangements have been made *please do not comment unless you are bidding*
Ok, I'm Deleting And Restarting For Game Reasons...
Basically I wanted to make sure that the word got out and those of you who wanted me to make sure that I stayed in touch had the opportunity to say so. Doesn't mean I'm not already bookmarking, but hey, everyone wants to feel wanted, and if you want me to make sure that I expedite sending you a friend add when I am back, please make sure you drop me a line over the next week. David
Why Is It That
Why is it that some people think with the head without the brain instead of the head that has one?
Ash, who despises me in my mumms, has an unrequited love for me!
Bury all your secrets in my skinCome away with innocence and leave me with my sinsThe air around me still feels like a cageAnd love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage againSo if you love me let me goAnd run away before I knowMy heart is just too dark to careI can?t destroy what isn?t thereDeliver me into my fateIf I?m alone I cannot hateI don?t deserve to have youOoh, my smile was taken long agoIf I can change I hope I never knowI still press your letters to my lipsAnd cherish them in parts of me that savor every kissI couldn?t face a life without your lightsBut all of that was ripped apart when you refused to fightSo save your breath, I will not careI think I made it very clearYou couldn?t hate enough to loveIs that supposed to be enough?I only wish you weren?t my friendThen I could hurt you in the endI never claimed to be a saintOoh, my own was banished long agoIt took the death of hope to let you goSo break yourself against my stonesAnd spit your pity in my soulYou never n
[what Constitutes "severe" And "chronic"?]
Well... I just put my head down on the table at dinner and scared the hell out of my parents. I finished eating and within 3 minutes I had one hand on my stomach and one hand on the table pressed as hard as I could, and ... I remember trying to push my head THROUGH the table. Every muscle in my body tightened, especially over my kidneys, in my abdomen, neck and shoulders. and I honestly felt like my stomach would fall out of my skin if I stood up, if I didn't throw up solid organs first. ... I'm gonna go lay down now.The whole ride back I felt like telling my dad to drive faster or I'd ruin his interior.Possibly with a unique cocktail of blood acid and food. And yeah... at least once every other day for 20 minutes to 4 hours.If you had to ask.  
Auctioning A Boomerang Bling...
Okay people I am auctioning a boomerang bling...who wants one ???
What's Your Dance Style?
You Are Hip Hop Dancing You are uniquely talented and creative. And you defy labels. You tend to be influenced by many things and people. You are truly eclectic. You like to push yourself to be a little more daring and original every day. You aren't content with the status quo. You are always interested in what's new and amazing. What's Your Dance Style? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
He was just sitting in his own little world lost in his tunes pumping through the headphones. His back up against the cold metal beam of the waiting platform; waiting for the next train to burst through. Within moments a rush of air signals its arrival. Sliding in to the open slot next to the windows, he thought nothing of his familiar surroundings. It was the same trip and environment that he has been in so many days before. The train jerked to signal the start of the benign routine. The trains movements snapped his head and brought his eyes back up to stare out the crusty windows of the car. The eroding landscape of the city is played out before him like bits of corroded information. At points his visions and the music in his head collide and things make more sense for but a brief moment. As he is lost out the window something catches his eye. A reminder of the warmer weather; the appearance of the bare shoulder of the woman that has sat in front of him. Looking straight ahead
Unlucky Me
It all just falls off. Like every muscle's sighing. Like every screw's loosened. Its becoming the high point of my day.Almost like my body is becoming addicted to itand knowing meit is. Sure the trade off is 10 to 20 to 50 minutes of agonyinexplicable thanotic impulse and terrorpeppered randomly throughout my daybut at least I get something out of itwhich is muchmuch more than what I can say about dating. It feels like I'm being suckeddownas my heart throbs and my lungs papapapap against my ribsthe room spinsand I'm stuck in the middle as it all falls in on me. But nowwith enough bourbonI stay at neutral.Safe. Flat. Idle. Benz would be time release, cause seurosis and short term memory lossand increase depression what exactly is the difference?Ten times the price and a Doctor's note saying its okay to take at work? Same treatmentSame receptorsSame side effects on a less terminal scale. That makes perfect sense.Pass the bottle or pass the barrel.  
What The...
Almost forgot about this.   Walking to work, nearly 11am. In the little church garden next to the school, oldish slightly chunky lady sitting on a bench, has her shirt lifted up and is playing with her tits.   Can imagine my wtf double take face.
I Re Wrote Al Bundys Nuddie Bar Poem For Fubar Hahah
i RE WROTE AL BUNDYS NUDDIE BAR POEM FOR FUBAR HAHAHA ITS JUST FOR LAUGHS I LOVE FU XOXOX Where the Sometimes music stinks and You order cyber drinks Fubar Where the girlies always rant but post picin their underpants Fubar When all you wanna do is see their butt and whenthey want something thier trap never stays shut Fubar Where you can't touch a breast and the perv ask to see the rest Fubar Where you look at a Pic and get bitched out if its under 10 u click Fubar Where the beer Doesnt get you drunk but you dont give a fuck fubar Where a fubuck's and blings enough to see Fu whores stuff Fubar Where No salutes may be fake but man do they make you wanna eat cake Fubar Where you Talk shit in lounges and mums and wish you could lick her bum Fubar Where youll buy bling packs and never get them in the sack fubar Where You talk shit andsick of it but you love it Fubar where you can talk about your problems and people care about them and s
4557710: hello wanna play 9:07pm Klove...: play? 9:08pm4557710: 20 questions 9:08pm Klove...: depends what the questions are 9:10pm4557710: little bit personal 9:11pmKloverlynn: ask...we will see 9:13pm4557710: what are you wearing? 9:14pm Klove...: clothes...why do you hide behind a fake profile 9:15pm4557710: 1st time on here not bothered with a profile yet 9:16pm Klove...: ahh cant bother to put up a pic but wanna ask women persona queaions? 9:18pm4557710: honestly just after a bit of relief before i go to bed 9:19pm Klove...: hmm after relief so you are hoping I will tell you something sexy while you sit there with your falcid baby cock in your hand 9:19pm Klove...: yes? 9:22pm4557710: i think the word you are looking for is flaccid 9:22pm Klove...: yes that is the one...TY for correcting my typo 9:23pm Klove...: So flaccid baby cock...better ? 9:24pm4557710: no offense meant just saw your picture and was hoping you might accomodate 9:25pm Klove...: ah...well I wil
When Love Comes Around
When love comes around, you still must think.  When friendship dies it leaves a terrible stink, When fame is so near you can taste it, laugh, "cause it ain't real, you just have to, face it fore and aft
Sometimes It Is Just Too Easy
1:31amKloverlynn: Master Of Desir...2 mins -- 19 of 21I fail to understand every ones comments that bash a persons mumm I find it very disrespectful an short sighted leaves me to believe those that make such comments dont have much of a life of there own and there for true to subject people to fall to their level 1:31amKloverlynn: their* and* and the rest is so twisted with dumbfuckery I cant make it out 1:32amMaster Of ...: get ur head outa ur ass ya might!! Have a nice day 1:34amKloverlynn: haha says the baby dicked guy in a speedo who pays a skank for snatch pics 1:36amMaster Of ...: commom belieif to disfunctiomal funarians kindly take ur griefs elsewhere thank you 1:36amKloverlynn: in english please fucko 1:37amMaster Of ...: oh come one you can come up with something more original 1:39amKloverlynn: on* Seriously dude are you retarded? Or have you experienced a recent head injury? You fu-skank offers a sexy salute for a am sure she has sold more than one sn
Gotta Love My Bad Boys
Sooo yeah... hot and heavy makeout session tonight with an old flame I haven't seen in years.. was fabulous. Staggered to bed somewhat delirious, and now here I am 2 hours later and I can't sleep. Just got off the phone with him, and it's awesome.... in the years we've been apart, we've actually become MORE alike and developed many of the same tastes in life, including our fetishes... Yeah... I have fetishes... I just don't talk about them often, and hardly ever online. So we clicked. And now... now I'm sitting here just thinking "holy shit!" And it's about to be on with us again. Like, FULLY on... harder and stronger than ever. He said something about it, and it's inevitable. Wow... real life. Who woulda thought?
A Gentle Rant, This Ain't...
First off, if you know me you know I don't use the word "fuck" much. I'm old school and, though I love the word, I believe if you use it too much it loses it's power. So trust me when I say, I mean EVERY FUCKING "FUCK" I'LL BE USING IN THIS BLOG. Fucking technology has been against me all fucking week, and I'm reminded of this fucking fact when I just went to post a blog and Fubar's fucking blog toolbar pops up, the fucking piece of shit. Among so many other fucking things this week, I'll bring up only a couple. Never fucking buy a Disney movie with a fucking "digital copy". The fucking thing made me jump through hoops, just so I can fucking throw it on my fucking PSP (PlayStation Portable). And once ON my PSP, it doesn't play seeing it's not on THE FUCKING COMPUTER IT WAS REGISTERED TO!!! "Have a digital copy to play anywhere, anytime" MY FUCKING ASS!!! On to the next fuck, my building supervisor at work... BITCH, I WAS ASSIGNED TO WORK AT THE LIBRARY LAST NIGHT. MY FUCKING
Tequila Time!!!
I love this ....
Message I Received
Message I received in my SB:  Pimp in Di...:  Thats why your 51 on a virtual bar website. Go fuck yourself stupid.  Real nice fellow, ass garb won't even open up his SB to answer!
For The Record
I would defend my friends all over again if given the chance.  It's who I am.  I don't think I was wrong in what I said, but if I was, or if I *am* off base at some point - I would like to think a true friend would tell me so.  I disagree with lots of friends - I believe that debate is a great way for both parties to learn.  It doesn't mean I don't still like you, until or unless you step over the line to stab me in the back. I truly don't need friends that toe the line and pretend to agree with each party on the sly and publicly state they have no opinion.  Choose a side, be yourself, let people know what you think - and don't make fun of me or call me names when you should know I'm an emotional mess and have been for a couple years.   Yeah, I knee-jerked too quickly, and deleted a couple of people who've been around for a loooonnngggg time.  It was excessively stupid, so much so that I'm too embarassed to even apologize to the people involved.  I doubt they'd ever want to speak wit
Boob Salute
so i just checked my email and someone sent me a boob salute and i have no idea who it is was sent from someones phone and when i wrote no one answered   i think i like this so if anyone wants to do the same please feel free to
A Story, An Apology, And A Plea
So I was trying to take a nap today and lines just rushed through my mind for a return letter to Cal Poly. It's my hope to return next Spring quarter, and I've had trouble finding the right thing to say. So instead of napping it away, I got up and wrote it all out. I like it. But we'll see how I feel tomorrow, eh? Anyway, I'd like for anyone that cares to take the time to read it, to please offer suggestions, criticism, corrections, etc. This is very important to me, I'd like to get it right.   This is the letter I'll be sending the head of the college of Architecture at Cal Poly for consideration. I can return as an Architectural Engineering student but I don't want to. I want to study Architecture. And so this is my case (warning, it's very long):     I made the right choice in leaving Cal Poly. Not only was I wasting your time and resources, I was wasting mine. If I were to continue to drift through classes and ignore all the benefits and assets provided to me by you I'd never
yes I know...i was just as shocked as you are to hear that I was blocked...see below...         xTiiNA: get a life 2:53pm odie aka a...: i have one...tormenting people on FU... 2:53pm xTiiNA: sad 2:53pm xTiiNA: especially if u think thats tormenting someone 2:53pm odie aka a...: no, it is quite fun...dont get so butt hurt. 2:54pm xTiiNA: im not..not even a little 2:54pm xTiiNA: u made a stupid comment so i returned the favor...thee end 2:55pm odie aka a...: u would not be in my box if u were not 2:56pm odie aka a...: this is not a comment...this is butthurting...if u want to comment, u can respond in your blast or in my status or whereever the else it says to leave a comment 2:57pm xTiiNA: amazingly fu is not my life unlike you so no i do whatever i want wherever i want 2:57pm xTiiNA: now stop talking.   All I said on her blast was that I did not like her...what is bad about that...
Hai :) Show Me Your........
a bit of an update.... since i am only the shadow of the blog whore i used to be. :D   i left rocky   im in waukegan, il, which is just north of chicago.   still stressed, but me and the kids are alot happier, though im sure they miss their fathers bunches and bunches   and i am very much looking forward to saturday. now, show me your boobs    sarah
Hip Joint
My house has a Dutch hip joint roof.  That means there are no interior load bearing walls.     Two years ago I tore out the wall between the living room and the kitchen.     Last year I took out the 8' ceilings, and reinforced the roof with 2 x 10s leaving me with a vaulted ceiling.   My daughter rejected the idea of making one GREAT room by taking out her bedroom walls until I offered to buy her a motorcycle.     Last week I bought her a 1985 Honda Spree and this week she left to visit her grandparents in Hawai'i.     Guess how I'm spending her vacation.  = ]   Check out her new bike.
Beavers, Fist Pumping And Pooping Out Babies!
I thought I'd write a blog about nothing in particular. YAY! Just randomness here, so you're not allowed to be disappointed about the intellect.   I have some weird OCD/ADD/ADHD/IBS and other random abbreviations about people rating me 10s today. I know you have 11s. I have over 9000 of them. There is NO way you used them up! And if you didn't notice you had that many: you suck! It tells you how many you have! Pay attention people! Stop being skimpy with your 11s! I am trying to point whore (sort of) and I'm really bad at it. I've become obsessed with Misfit's beaver. It's strange. It annoys me when you have an inside joke as your status and random people comment on it, thinking they know what you're talking about. You have no idea--you're not even close. You will never know. Shut up. And then when I say it's an inside joke, don't laugh like you get it. Because you don't, not ever. Try to be graceful about it and say "Ohhhh okay, my bad." Fuckers. I have some randomness about non-
Blogging Buffoon Activated Okay I am bored as fuck so figured I would write a quick blog on random nothingness. First bout of non-socialistic random nothingness…Yes I was messing with a few people on here and real life friends that when they would say happy independence day I would say I will be celebrating on December 6th, sadly, and more expectedly many had no idea what I was referring to.Well the whole July 4th is the Americans… whites succeeding and getting independence from Britain. So why would I celebrate it? I mean even when America got its independence slavery was still legal and thus they were not free, nor independent. So December 6th is when the 13th amendment abolishing slavery was adopted into law, and thus is the day they gained independence…Or February 3rd, 1870, when the fifteenth amendment passed that said a citizens race, color, previous condition of servitude etc could not be a factor for them having the right to vote…. But okay.Okay..
I'm A Virgin!
Dear friends,      Over the last two days i've turned into a bling HOAR, hence the name change .... blame Baby Jai!     I've also discovered that I like commenting on the cocks of green gay men, giving them helpful advise.   I suggest if you don't want me commenting on your cock pics, please send me some 'pimpin' gifts! over 50,000 and/or 'Buzzkill' me two more times.   This whoring doesn't come easy to me, kinda sticks in my throat .... yeah, for being a VIRGIN!!!
Saving Picture Comments Class 101
Dumb Bitch...
this is the dumb bitch that blocked me yesterday from commenting on her blast... she just now did this... can u say dumb... ·Im Your Baby Gi... rated your photo a '1' +12 points 1 min ago ·Im Your Baby Gi... rated you a '1' +12 points 2 mins ago ·Im Your Baby Gi... just checked you out 2 mins ago
Tired And Happy!
I am really tired today, lack of sleep catching up with me finally. I have to admit I haven't had a damn cold sore since I had shingles at the end of April, but then I haven't been working 60+ weeks since the beginning of May when I broke my foot.   Anyway, I spoke to the nursing programme leader today. That guy is sick of me, i've been the most problematic student he has ever had, seriously it is laughable the amount of problems i've caused him. Usually you don't really get to know the leaders very well, not even to say hello to. ... but me?? well what can I say, he knows my life inside out and hates me phoning because he never knows what to expect next with me. I can literally hear him banging his head of his desk when I call. He says he will never forget me .... but I guess it's all for the wrong reasons, good job i'm so lovable. So, hopefully I will recommence my study at the beginning of September, which actually means I will complete by xmas or early January. I thought I wou
Decision ...
I have decided not to be around this site as much as I have been over the last 8 weeks. It is seriously driving me crazy and I can't afford to get any crazier at present. Each day I come on here and it depresses me a little more, I need a change of scenery and a good kick up the arse. I am also back up the hospital tomorrow, so hopefully I will have news that might actually cheer me up. I need space and time to sort things out not only in my head but in my life. I am not deleting, i'm not even saying that I won't be here on a daily basis, just not so many damn hours.  I just want to let you know that i'm not ignoring you all. I just need a little time and space to chill.  I feel like i've lost the funnies :(   Most of you have me on FB .... not that I go on their a lot either at present due to the fact that everyone is getting nursing jobs and it should have been me too, so yeah, it depresses me even more. Some of you have me on yahoo ... errrr, knock, knock, I am there I j
Oh Mah Gawd
In case you wnated to know what I looked like in 1986 :s  Front row in center  (with my maternal cousins and my sister)  
Love On Her!
you people must go love on my little sister. I loves her :D PrincessBitch@ fubar
Stop! Nana Time!
Just letting you who care know that I will be scarce the next few days.  I am going to pick Blake up this evening.  He will be spending the next few days with me!  MUCH needed Nana time!  Yay!     That is all.
Seriously, Stfu You Whine Ass!!
So I'm minding my own business, IMing with that Helly person when I see someone rate my pic. I tooltipped and when I saw the status, I KNEW this was going to be fun:   Status:I dont want anyone liking, fanning, rating or sending me friend requests, period!!!!!   You know how well I read :) so I rated the only 2 pics that were visable (profile is private.) And this conversation ensued:   Gobfather ...: i wish fubar didnt have ways to bypass a private profile 12:54pm Suga Lips: You can't make a salute private 12:54pm Gobfather ...: damn it 12:55pm Gobfather ...: well i do not want rates 12:56pm Suga Lips: It's none of my business, but you rated my pic so I reciprocated. The point to the site is rating and for other people points--if you have a problem with it, why are you even on here? 12:57pm Gobfather ...: force of habit 12:57pm Suga Lips: Well it's a force of habit for others to rate you. You're either gonna have to dea
Green With Envy
Ok.. so I leveled, and sent out so many referrals im purple.. cool. I dont know if we have head a guy in a green name for being topped like or not, but....   All you angel on my friends list, if you would pimp me out as much as you can, because my new fugoal is to have a green name. at least for a day so i can screen shot it.    and i can pay for some if you see someone selling pimps, link me, or them.   almost forgot:   As you were
Quit Hanging Out With Your Grandparents On Facebook Or The Kids On Myspace!
I was talking to my friend the other day about all the grandma and grandpa's and family members on facebook. You can't fart or the first girl you ever boned will probably give you a "LIKE" and everyone in her feed and yours will know that your farts stink and that you are talking to your ex! I know fubar ain't perfect, but we are pretty darn close. The one thing we do allow is for people to be themselves and have fun in a safe environment. We allow you to control your privacy and express yourself however you want. Yes we do have some freaks here, but I think that is cool. We also have many closet freaks. That is cool too. Fubar doesn't care who you are or what yanks your chain. All we ask is that you have fun, be respectful and do your thing. We don't like spammers. We like real people. Yes, we probably won't attract your grandparents, and I am OK with that. If we do then your grandparents must be cool. Fubar will never be a place that monopolizes on killing your privacy. Here is a n
Need Unique Jewelry?
Steampunk jewelry. For those who don't know, steampunk/cyberpunk is nerd-related. I think this jewelry rocks and it makes me wish I were a little girl again!   There's a few more at this site where you can buy it:
An Extremely Stupid Donkey!!!
PhotoSinTh...: go read that fucking moron bills comment about timothy mcveigh here and tell me i am not imagining that he is attempting to justify his actions as being revenge for waco. 11:47am reply PhotoSinTh...: 12:18pm more To PhotoSinTh...: ok, I shut down computer for a bit 12:22pm more To PhotoSinTh...: I've been to the memorial at oklahoma, Bill is a fuckwit 12:22pm reply
How -not- To Level On
Oh yeah. We all do it. Sometimes it's fun to be able to laugh at yourself and well, this is just one of those times...come all this way to level right? ...And then you.. Fail by shanking your bomb by two folders! Nice right? Fubar lesson of the day: If you're going to level, don't fail like I Hope you all have a good weekend and peace.
I'm Gonna Punch You In The Babymaker.
Dear uterus, I hate you so hard right now! Unclench your fucking fisticuffs. You're hurting me, douchebag. As if you didn't know.Knockitoffkthx. Also, tell the nipple twins to simmer down, too. That's not an awesome brand of pain they're wearing. That'll do, pig. That'll do. Sincerely,Me.  
Household Hazards
I'm firmly committed to household safety and believe no one should ever hurt themselves in my home tripping over cleaning supplies.   The best way I can think of to assure the safety of my friends and family in this matter is to never leave cleaning supplies in harms way.   The only logical way I can be sure to not leave cleaning supplies about is to never get around to the business of cleaning.   So how is it I just tripped over two (not one but two) vacuum cleaners on my way to the fridge?
Smile Contest/pimpouts
Yes, I am here again to bug you for rates for the smile contest I'm in. Last I checked I am 3rd in rates and I'm 1st in comments (thanks to everyone, you all rock, I appreciate it so much!) To help me get more rates, Helly is selling all 3 of her pimpouts for today. If you can get 20 people to rate the pic, she will pimp you out. So we get calculations correct, please tell the people you send to leave a comment telling us you sent them.   EXAMPLE: Witchie gets 5 people to rate my pic, those 5 people leave a comment that says "Witchie sent me to rate" or something similar. I'm hoping this will push my rates up (thank you Helly!)   I know most people don't want to leave hundreds of comments, so don't feel obligated, but we did have a good time in there last night goofing around, so feel free to stop by. :)   I'm posting my pic link and Helly's profile link in the comments. Thanks again everyone!
Girls Of 4 Moon House - Part 2
WARNING: Not for persons under the age of 18.Story contains descriptions of extreme violence and sex. Preface:I write in an effort to change the attitude of the deviant reader... paradoxically those that find what I write appealing. It is by my graphic harshness and salacious content that I attract (bait) those readers ... those deviant minds that I can then interact with... in an attempt to change misguided notions and attitudes of abuse against women and children. My methods are deviously unique... but very successful. I write to AROUSE...and then to APPALL... and so the bitter seed is planted. My stories do not glorify the act of coerced sex or violence... nor do I support sexual abuse of any kind." violence is typically unrealistic, simplistic, glorified, and even presented as humorous."The "bang, bang, you're dead" sanitized scenario that we so often see on TV or in films communicates nothing of the reality of death or dying.It is only when we see death firstha
Hi Everybody
im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkk.....Missed me???? glad to know some of you did......
Fubar Street Team Update
I ordered stickers and tattoos. Stickers are gone! poof. I do want to see some placements. Tattoos are out too. Let's see some photos. Coming down the pike Two New Sticker Designs New material to help you promote offline   We need the Street Team's Help Get on the repost of my bulletins. Tag it with your name and wings and say reposted by the street team. Send me scrapper the link.  I will sticky. New graphics are coming down. New Street Team Tshirts coming down.   Shipping I do not mind sending this shout all day long. However,  I need to show that it is going to good use. The only way to see that is bounty.I am going to set up a small little paypal ID.  It will cost 1-3 bucks and you will get a promo back. I will credit you with bling credits. Come on folks...lets let the Fubar Steet Team Represent!
It's cute when people who have you blocked get mad at you for not returning the "like"s and rates. Just Sayin'
Canada Wants A Cigarette
I entered Canada for the first time.  I was a little nervous, there was a lot of build up, a lot of waiting for this moment.  I fully admit I made some mistakes; I went in a little fast at first, but with direction, I slowed down and did it again.  I felt the warm sun on my face, and while I was confused a little by the signals, I reached my destination in just the right amount of time. I had to make a quick dash over the border yesterday.  I broke no laws that you can prove or that I will admit to.  I was thinking what I would say to the customs people if they asked:  "Yeah, I am just coming over for lunch"  "Yeah, with a girl..."  "What's her name? Uh, Jessica"  "Her last name? Well it's an internet thing, I don't know it"  But they just asked did I hit the duty free, which I said honestly "No" and went on about my business.   I really didnt feel like I was in a different country, well except the road was the QE, and they said something about KM/H which kind of sucked, cause I am r
A Close To A Wild Ride
This summer has been epic and insane.   My return here was May 12th.   May 20th marked my official 2nd year being happily single.   August 16th marked my one year anniversary of quitting smoking.   Literally kicked off the summer with my sister landing herself in jail Memorial Day Weekend. The drama that has ensued since then has been enough to turn even more of my hair grey. (Yes it is true, I dye my hair because I have been going grey since I was 17. Shit happens.) She decided that shoplifting at KMart was more important than spending the weekend with her son. There's enough of a backstory on this one to write a novel, so I'm going to leave further explaination for another blog. I did, however, have an amazing summer anyway. I am allergic to nature (people look at me stupid when I say this, but it is true).  I attempted a few outings and always eved up with some semi-serious eye injury from getting pollen and such in my eyes and ridiculous sun burn. There was also Louis
the people on here really do. besides a few of my very close friends. same thing everyday, it doesnt matter what anyone says about it. it continues. if you are so desperate for attention, that you have to make others feel bad, you have issues. if you are saying to others, LOOK AT ME!! then you should really look at yourself. i spend my time here, leaving shit for my friends (beacause i want them to know igaf) or talking to people (isnt this a social network) and radomly shifting through song lyrics and quotes in my status.   and all without fucking with others. unless they deserve it =]   done, really what else is there to say, nothing is going to change.   sarah.
Lastnight And Into Today
Soooooooooooo how did my evening go...let me tell ya   1: Found out a buddy whom rode with a bunch of us got killed on his bike lastnight..ran into a truck owned by my neighbors grandad   2: Wake up this morning to find out a chick i know thru my lil sis was mutilated and her 8yr old son by some purple crayon fucker( her husband his step son) and infront of a 2yr old to least the fuck opted to kill himself too   3: while gettin a pac of smokes i see an incredibly hot homeless girl whom i was nice and brought out a danish and black coffee to her since she had a will work for food sign...she said thanks i said so you gonna work on your knees for it or should we hit up a dumpster(i was laughin and so was she cause she knew i wasnt serious)...cop behind me heres it and asks if i need to be locked up for trying to solicit a prostitute...i state i was merely joking....he doesnt believe i said then here you take the coffee and blow me...whimpy fuck just turned around a
jtcpcb: u r one sexy lil bitch   I don't find this amusing.
Nowhere Kids
In the land of dirt and plaster lies an army of a thousand nowhere kids losing ground and falling faster into a life that no one should have to live We are the people that you hate We are the bastards that you created (the fucking bastards that you created)A generation with no placeA generation of all your sons and daughters Behind the fake family image Behind the smile of a thousand moms and dads Inside the cage that we've been givenI see an image of the future that we don't have  and what did you expect ... a perfect child raised by tv sets ... abandoned every mile we never get respect ... never a fair trial no one gives a shit ... as long as we smile  
Going to see Papa Roach and Skillet next month got the vids from the sick puppies concert from a chick I actually met at a Five finger show in about a fucking tiny world eh put them in my stash..because fuck that really was a good show...and in hindsight..Shim DID smile and lean across the bar.. I said I wanted to meet Emma, he musta gotten butthurt..because that was when he flipped into asshole mode. Oh well fuck it Totally unrelated   I really dislike people who fucking lie and alter convos to stir shit because they just have to fucking have something to bitch about.. .so any of you not blocked my  that fucking whore Debby can let her know that sadly for her my friends are too smart to fall for her bullshit. Oh and tell her to get fucked for me.   Just hadda get all that out :D  
Beckee420 Offers Up Some Great Promo Idea!
A few promotion ideas! OK Street Teamers - I wanted to make this blog to give a few ideas on easy ways to promote! The point of a street team is to get dedicated people to promote out on the streets. Online ads are great - but its always better to get out there and talk to people. Our goal is to make fubar look good! We want people to join and see how much fun we have! We dont want people get the wrong idea of fubar because of how we promote. Just be smart when you go out there. Dont get hurt and dont hurt anyone else! lol Please always be respectful of people and property. And dont forget to take pictures!!Ideas:You can grab a logo from the street team, print it, take it to Office Depot and get copies made. Or you can make your own designs.Hand em to people, leave em places you go daily, stick em places (with tape), ask local shops to post em for you or leave em on counters. Just get creative and dont do anything to get you in
Mel Maintenance
I just got this email that reads: "MEL will be performing maintenance at 2:30pm.  Please log out before that time.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause." I am stupified. Help me out here.  Does this mean my FuWife wants to have sex with me at 2:30 pm sharp and wants me to log off? She didn't leave me any messages this morning.  I don't know what to do damnit!!!!  Where is Tutti? Maybe she can help me.
I ♥ Her Face !
vixen260 Ɲĩƞĵᾀ™ | MySpace Video
I'm A Star!
I did this after Kloverlynn did. (I am SUCH a joiner! :P) You are The Star Hope, expectation, Bright promises. The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out. I saw this question in the quiz and it made me snort my Diet DP :4) What's your Favorite Heavenly Body? Mars Venus Mercury Saturn Jupiter Uranus Neptune Pluto Sun Moon Uma ThurmanI wanted to say Uma, but it wasn't entirely true...  Rock on!Shawn
Today Is...
Today is my birthday. I am 45! (I feel like I'm giving a bar mitzvah speech... "Today I am a man"...) I want to recognize some of you and some things I like - kinda in the same vein as that Witchie woman... - Lasagna! *drool* - Diet Dr Pepper - COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! - Bling! *big grin* - Friends - especially friends. I don't have too many friends IRL, but lots OL. They are as important to me as if you were all on my block and I saw you every day! Several shoutouts: - Reeka - We met in a MuMM because I said "collar". That was rather fun! We have gotten very close in the last year and half. You have helped me a lot to become the point hoar I am today! I love chatting with you - in comments and shouts and wherever! You have a golden heart! You are a good friend all around! :X - Not Tellin' McLovely Ladybug - we met in kind of a "shitty" way (Thanks IdAhO! :P ), but i am glad to call you my friend! I am SO texting you after I post this! - Wicked - who h
Stalking Is Not Acceptable
So today's topic of conversation is stalkers.   Now, I'm not talking about your daily rater/commenter. I'm talking about that big ol' bowl of nuts that sits of your page and comments about EVERYTHING. What bling you give to that one, who you fu-marry, who your top friends are, why you don't give them bling and happy hours, and the list goes on... Now, if someone adds you, it does not make them have to buy you stuff, especially if all you do is harass them.   Today's stalker to watch for ___________ (can not say name)   Yeah, I knew you probably already heard of him. He's notorious for harassing members on fu, on yahoo, and on facebook. His most recent victim, well besides his constant harassment of Chris/Icon/Koontzy and anyone associated with him, is a sweet chick that you see around fu by the name of JA. {See screen shots in Stalker folder}   The problem is, we are told that we have to block him. Well, the problem with that is that he has more than one account
Random Sb Messages
  4:39pm reply cutie sexy...: you should swing by and visit us tonight at sexys 4:44pm more To cutie sexy...: do I know you? 4:44pm reply cutie sexy...: you dont lol 4:47pm more To cutie sexy...: do I know anyone in your lounge? 4:47pm reply cutie sexy...: i dont know you should come look and find out 4:51pm more To cutie sexy...: are you on cam naked? 4:51pm reply cutie sexy...: no 4:52pm more To cutie sexy...: So I don't know anyone in your lounge and there is no nekkid cams, am I understanding this correctly? 4:52pm reply cutie sexy...: lol i think so 4:53pm more
Lance Rant 4
ts 5am. I haven't hated on this in quite sometime. it's also still 5am.I however do not hate 5am. But lately I do hate certain lingo such as, people saying the word "merked" "I fuckin merked his ass" you sound like a cunt mouth. not super cool or 1337. please stop. also Online short hand. IE: lol. wtf. brb. but the known basics are ok. wtf and brb will never bother me. but lately i've seen people post "SMH" (shake my head) i guess? No. no no no. we are NOT adding new short had. fuck no! i'm still not cool with "bff" or "IMHO" AND!!"FTW" DOES NOT MEAN 'for the win'. it always and will be 'fuck the world'"ATM" DOES NOT MEAN 'at the moment' it always and will be ' ass to moth'IF you text me " with my mom ATM" I will automaticly assume you are with your mother as to mouth....
Friendly Bet
Tonights game between the packers and the cowgirls is gonna be a good one for me.. I have a bet.. a friendly bet. the stakes.. if dallas wins i will be required to give oral to her for as long as she cant stand it..and if green bay wins.. i get to choose and give her a piercing... i know the piercing i want her to have..but the question is if i win should i choose to give her the hood piercing or let her decide against it of she chickens out... I mean either way i win lol she wants it, but is anxious and nervous about it..    as you were
Set up.... I was with a guy for years, it was long distance because of his profession. and I gave more than I ever got. After trying time and time again to explain my feelings and what I needed to happen in the relationship and countless times of him acting up.. I finally told him I was done. Now he has all the apologies and time for me that he couldnt seem to find while we were together.     When is enough, enough? How long do you "work" on a relationship with someone before you just let it go? And why do you think people seem to "act right" after you have had enough and are completely done?       PS - this NOT a current situation for me. It is just something I posted for the blog. PLEASE NO NEED TO COUNSEL ME IN MY SHOUTS OR PM'S.     As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
  Does jealousy fit into a relationship? And if so, how much is too much? And how has jealousy affected you in a relationship? Can it be dealt with or is it just part of a person?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
Turkey Touchdown
My company bought an entire 6 tier pallet of turkeys this year. All 18+ pounders. Just so happened I already had one. So on the way home yesterday, I diverted around to my hard time buddys house, and caught him and his wife literally about to walk out the door to shop for tday dinner stuff. Another ten mins and they would have been buying one. *peace sign to the chest* Soul fix for the kid.  
Is an asshat a hat made out of ass, or a hat for your ass?
Your Eyes
you eyes are summer nights , full of visions , rosy poems and romantic letters . oh my love ............... who are you ? whose magical eyes married life to hope its as if you have come from a distant moon from a golden morning star, from a land, where the sun of love embraces the face of freedom and i travel in that life , with me , the thought of your eyes and a song                          
This is only a test. Nothing to see here. :)
Mr. Whaaaaaambulance Driver
My status, this morning: and the drive to 45 plunders on.   There is a special place in my heart and in my mind for each and every one of you*   This site reeks of dissatisfaction. People not leveling fast enough. The bonus multiplier isn't high enough. This bling doesn't last long enough. My blue-shaded name isn't light enough. I'm sure you understand and know where I'm coming from, and could add many things to that list. There are things even in our own lives we all wish were better, but points somehow seem more manageable, and it's easier to channel frustration here. I'm not writing this for anyone in particular. I'm writing it for me. Hell, this blog itself is about my dissatisfaction with the world in general, and how it all funnels down into this microcosm we call Twitter Fubar. Frustration and dissatisfaction drive us to do or seek better for ourselves and/or loved ones. For our friends, and friends we haven't even made yet.   I posted this in "blogs I typed but didn't wa
Memories Lost
                                                              Memories Lost       I don't remember my mom saying,      "It's ok it'll be all-right.      I don't remember my dad say " You can stay up late tonight"   I don't remember my dad teaching me how to play ball,   I don't remember my mom comforting me   when I would fall.   I don't remember my dad ever say "Good-Night"   I don't remember my mom telling me   " everything will be all-right.   I don't remember much, that is true   but I do remember never telling them   " Thank-you"
Blings And Shit
Ummm...and I the only one that thinks the new nipple blings look like condoms?   If you'd like to send me one, cool and thanks. Also, I'd probably shit myself if someone were nice enough to get me the castle bling.   Oh, the new icon for the God Mode bling is lame. If people are/were offended by the cross, then they should tell people not to buy it for them. I'm sure they weren't offended by all the points it got them.
I need coffee cigarettes someone to snuggle with and I WANT cold pancakes with jelly
    How do you deal with someone who is COMPLETELY amazing BUT....   Has had somethings happen in their past, apparently, and are insecure with you. Yet they wont talk to you about it. Or they are just constantly looking for stuff to make an issue about. Going as far as to twist up things you say into completely NOT what you were saying? Always making you out to be the bad guy when you are just trying to make them happy. And hanging onto the bullshit THEY put in your mouth for an insane amount of time. Putting you on the defensive for shit you never even did or said.   Is there anything that can be done? How long do you try to stick it out - even after you have done all you can think of... ie, passwords to accounts, showing texts - Hiding NOTHING from them.. making sure everyone in your life knows about them. How do you help them get over it, and stay over it - and get back to just having fun and enjoying each other - instead of being completely drained trying to fix something t
Lances' Christmas Rant
you know what I hate?The fact that Relient K is popping up on my Christmas station... yes, Relient K, the screaming Christian band.I understand why, as a Christian band, they would feel it is their duty to record Christmas music, but it's cacophony to my ears to hear these emo-pop good boys screaming "I AIN'T GE...TTING NUTTIN' FOR CHRISTMAS CUZ I AIN'T BEEN NUTTIN' BUT BAD!!!!!!!!!" Come on, let's stick to Mariah singing, 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' and Amy Grant with 'Jingle Bell Rock.' When did Christmas become any singer's opportunity to cash in by recording a song or even album even if it sounds like shit? Bah....
My edge is a razor slice and dice all you fools like a Julienne fry-maker please pass the assault I'm about to blast off the viciousness of my wishedness is a primal maliciousness 50 feet tall and made of solid granite if you could hear my inner thought you'd pass a petition to ban it the rumors are true my status ain't new I just took off for a few hours days years thru the passage of many seasons the flow is still right here I feel so strange everything changed everything stayed the same still don't give a fuck if you remember my name.
Oh Boy
First, Happy birthday Pedro     Now.... I seem to have lost my Christmas spirit in the last two days.. Going shopping has been a chore ( how strange for me ) People are all so rude and miserable Help me get it back?   Oh and ps, ty Witchie for givin me your points the other day (h)
What's Your Attachment Style?
Your Attachment Style is Dismissing You are confident and extremely independent. You honestly don't think about others' opinions. You believe that you are worthwhile and deserve the best. Getting it is a whole other matter. You have trouble getting close to people. You've been burned before, and you're not eager to be burned again. You tend to spend a lot of time alone. You're much more comfortable when you're by yourself. What's Your Attachment Style? Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
Ok, so we all flirt to some degree, its human nature. But, where is the line... when does flirting become cheating? Now think of online as well as real life. Or do you think that flirting, in all forms, is harmless?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog & Follow It
Omg Omg Omg Omg
What? Seems fine to me?
Lilboops Told Me To Make A Blog So I Can See Why I Am So Clueless As About What Is Going On With The Blogs Sooooo Here It Is!
huh???? peace baby
Hi, I'm a paragraph. I am composed [gigglesnort] of words that create a group of related sentences. Without html, I still look like a paragraph. Hi, I'm a second paragraph. Thanks to that nice little thing inserted (twice, in these entries) in between the first paragraph and I, you can tell I'm number two. Love the double entry. It defines paragraphs like me. Without it, I'd still be part of the first. Yay, youtube embeds for all! giant ghey hearts for all tooooo ♥ This box is awwwwwkwaaaard. There's your youtube video. Big babies.
Dark Purple
Welp...looks like its the Bears and the Packers for the NFC Championship next week.... I've never wanted to cheer for the Bears harder in my life... So much for NFC North being the weakest in the NFC....Take that bitches! If I can't have team pride right now I'll sure wave my division pride! and for those that read my earlier blog...check the title of this one...
The Things People Say In My Shout Box
ugly girl@fu...: Soooo do you like bust a nut from going to people's pages starting shit 12:59pmNot Tellin...: You're a jackass, I giggled at a comment my friend made. Get over it. 1:00pmugly girl@fu...: im a jackass because im NOT browsing people's profiles starting shit. Your friend needs a life also if he gets joy out of bashing people on the internet? i mean who does that? 1:01pm her ...: idk how he even got to my NSFW picture. From the looks of seems like he got picked on alot during he has to get payback by doing it on the internet to random i understand 1:03pm ...: i mean look at him. lmao...make sure to tell him that though. He looks like a fucking loser!! hahahaha 1:04pmNot Tellin...: You tell him you stupid twat 1:05pm...: lol im stupid once again because im sitting on the computer comment on randoms people pictures because I dont have a your right  1:06pmNot Tellin...: *you're 1:07pm...: lol is that all you can say? We bot
Finally, watched a good movie. Brooklyns Finest, starring Ethan Hawk, Richard "gerbil" Gere and Wesly Snipes. Its all about some cops.. good, bad and undercover in NY.. with out spoiling the plot, I will tell you there is three different plots going on so you will need to pay attention to this flick. The stories combine in a similar way that Crash did. In fact, with out knowing the guys name, I would guess the same people were involved with this movie.. so next time you are renting a movie on netflix or blockbuster... get it.. Two thumbs up, aand for those of you with one hand, well..youre just s.o.l.   Brooklynns Finest.. recommended
Deviousness On Four Paws.
Font is Trebruchet MS on account of Tinker being a nerd.   He thought up a plan and he thought it up (not so) quick   Bruno and I walk at night.  Most of the year it is cooler at night and when it is not cooler at least the sun isn't burning a hole in your head.  Also, my county has a crazy ordinance against Pitbulls that says basically anything that someone, who may or may not be a dog expert, deems to be a pitbull is one.  The fines start at $500 dollars a day and continue until, ideally in their mind, you have the dog put down.   My vet agrees with me that Bruno is a mix of a lot of breeds including boxer and mastiff.  Certainly one of his parents wasn't a pitbull and that is what the law is supposed to preclude.  But then there is that crazy clause that some judge would have final say as to whether of not the dog is half pitbull. Bruno and my solution is that we walk at night.  No sense inviting trouble even though I am confident I would win and Bruno would be deemed not hal
Judgment By Others?
Family  and friends I have recently been in contact with my youngest son. One that i havent seen in over 15 years. He was adopted by a family member that abused him and treated him like crap. Now he and i will be reunited after all this time. He will be coming to Washington this month to stay with me.  I few have said that they feel that they feel as if they have been pushed to the side. but if you were in my shoes wouldnt you do anything you could for your child. Would you judge someone based on a photo of that person with out getting to know the person for who he is? I mean come on since when does having tatoos mean that the kid is a hoodloom? Yes this upsets me that some think they can judge someone when they dont have kids nor have they walked a mile in my shoes. but yet they think they can tell me whats the best thing to do or not do. to those that have kids im sure you can relate. it doesnt matter the amount of time that has transpired, your child is just that your child and you
Hide And Seek
If you have to try to erase the record, then you didn't have the nerve to say it in the first place. Being able to vocalize your opinion is not a bad thing. Standing up for yourself is not either. Openly bashing good people because you think you can profit in some way by doing so, THAT is where you are going to regret some things. If you want attention, there are other ways to go about getting it. If the attention you receive forces you to change your message, that should tell you that there is something wrong with how you decided to convey your message, or that it was just plain spiteful. Most of us here have a firm grasp on reality. We know that relationships on and off fubar differ greatly, and that while some people are here for the social interaction and to play the game on occasion, others make this their careers. They blur the line between online life and real life to the point that they no longer realize that real life exists away from the computer screen, away from the web
Just feel like writing a blog.. no one reads this shit anyhow..   Pretty disgusted with the amount of people who have no shame and post thier naked sex pics on fubar.. I just don't get it.. probably never will..    I've managed to keep track of nearly all the people who have me blocked and the number is mind boggling.. I am truly hated..    Really sick of the racism going around the mumms and fubar in general.. The bullshit with Joe, Bob, and bill is really old and I wish those pukes would just die.. fubar would be alot more fun without them..    I'm sick of being underpaid and this whole gas bullshit has me worried that the economy will suffer and my company won't survive it..    I miss kissing Jen..    Blazers beat the Heat tonight..  God does love me..    Seems like everyone has drugs but me..         
Song Challenge - Day 02
Day 02 – Your least favorite song I'm not a rap or hip hop snob, but I don't think I'm alone in believing that most music released in those genres during the last 5-10 years really fucking sucks. Like this song. WTF?  
Rate / Point Whores
I know its been said before, but I don't think it gets said enough.....  I am so sick and tired of all the High Level people in here always whining and begging for rates and attention!  Don't you bitches ever think about anyone else but yourselves?  How about going back and giving some rates to all the lower level people that helped to put your funky asses where you are?  Or do you only rate the ones that Bling the fuck outta you?  And don't tell me that just cuz you have 14,000 friends, that you don't have the time to try.   You could all stand to take some lessons from MissBehayvn.  All I am to her is a friend.  I don't send her bling or abilities, but I do rate her page, and leave occasional comments.  And in return, she always rates back and always leaves a comment.  She is a level 45, and has over 18,000 friends, and yet she still takes the time to rate a friend back. I am not so naive to think that those of you with thousands of friends can always go back and rate everyone, bu
Am I The Devil !!!
He came round last night and the converstion steered towards God. He said something that made me believe he believed in God (fucking hell!!). So I asked him if he believed in God and he replied in his thick Yorkshire accent :   Must do !!! I'm going out with the Anti-Christ !!
Going Home.
  Going Home Today we say goodbye to someone we all love, as we grieve our loss , she begins her journey to Heaven above.   She came here for a visit, and stayed for 65 yrs.  her life was filled with laughter, love, happiness and a few tears.   She'd have four children, she loved with all her heart, there's a piece of her in each of us, and there, she'll always be a part.   She would travel the country, and make many friends, she loved everyone of them, and for them her love would never end.   She now stands in Heaven, with her Father, Mother,  two brothers and a son, God sent her here for a purpose, now that purpose is done.   As we say Goodbye,  there's one more journey she must roam,  our mother's not going away, God has called her back home.                                                               
Mission Accomplished
                                                             Mission  Accomplished           Somewhere off     in a far away land,     A soldier stands vigilant     in the hot desert sand.      Hot & tired he's ever alert,    making sure not one more soldier    will ever get hurt.     He's been gone    for quite a while,    then he looks at a treasured picture,    and flashes a smile.    He often thinks   of the buddy's he's lost,   but this is a war,   he knows there's gonna be a cost.    Because of quick thinking,   and a keen eye,   he know's he's lucky   to still be alive.   The mission is now complete,  and you can come home  from that far away land,  the subject of your mission  is now buried next to a tyrant  in that Hot Desert Sand.   WELCOME HOME!    
What Have We Done?
                                                               What have we done?         All the trees have fallen,       there's not a cloud in the sky,       all the birds and bees are gone,       and all we can ask is why?        Man keeps building machinery,      pollution fills the air,      our children can hardly breath,      but do we really care.        The world is full of hate,      because of this thing we call war,      what happend to peace on Earth?      or does that exist anymore?             People are dying everywhere     'cause there's not enough to eat,     all the fish and grain is gone,     and there's no more meat.     The oceans are now polluted,  they used to be so blue,  now they're full of garbage and oil  and there's nothing we can do.    Look at what we've done,  we've bled the whole world dry  there's nothing we can do,  all we can ask is why?.    It's too late for us,  Children it's all up to you,  just learn from
My Playground
My playground isnt the typical playground. Not in any sense of the word. My playground has blonde hair, and deep blue eyes, that can and does capture the soul. A girl can drown in those eyes. He has the body that a girl wants to caress. starting with his silky soft hair. she runs her fingers through the strands. loving the feel of them.  A handsome face,  that she cant stop staring at, lusious lips.. that beg for her kisses.. little bites here and there.. along the jaw.. she kisses him passionatly. Her tongue playing a sensual game with his. she deepens the kiss.. while unbuttoning each button his shirt.. slowl
I Saw Her Standing There
                                                                                     I  Saw Her Standing There             I had a dream late one night,       something about it didn't feel quite right,       A beautiful woman , with tears in her eye's       I wish I knew what could make her cry.         I wondered what her story was about,     full of Heartache and pain and full of sadness     this I have no doubt.       I really wanted to calm her fears,     hold her close, and dry her tears.      Where did she come from?   why was she here?   why was it that when I reached out to touch her,   she seemed to just disappear?   Was she a memory from the past,   or something yet to be?,   How did she get here?   why was she sent to me?     Then suddenly it came to me,  it seemed from out of the blue,  I heard the voice of God tell me,  " My son she is your Guardian Angel,    and I sent her here to watch over you."     Just when I thought   I was all alone a
The Mystery Underground June Contest
From June 1-30, The Mystery Underground ( will be giving one lucky NEW member a G-d mode. To enter, you MUST be a NEW member of the lounge and be back at least five times as a participating member of the lounge and check in with myself or Ultimate Sin. Winner will be chosen by the staff on July 1.
Does The Truth Really Set You Free?
They say that the truth will set you free, so why do the majority of people not use it? Personally, I tend to err on the side of kindness. I can't be hurtful, unless you have struck the first blow.       Opinions?
This Used To Be Where I Met A Lot Of The People I Know On Here
Here, or in the mumms. The whole blogging culture is either dead or I'm just languishing in apathy with the rest of you. I mean, some of you still blog pretty regularly. There's just something different now. I can't put my finger on it. I was editing the 12,000 words or so I churned out during NaNoWriMo and realized I have to finish what I've started. I'm not going to hide from here. Hell, this is where I can act like a 15yo and (almost) everyone will still talk to me. I need all of you, my friends. It was a mistake to ever leave here for so long when I did. This is where I end with a non-sequitur.
Orgasm's Healing Qualities
The natural high we reach, through the release of chemicals, at the time of orgasm, is one of the greatest and most powerful healing we can get.   It cures everything, if we can stay on that high.   The vibrational energy of an individual is lifted by the release of endorphines at orgasm.   Have you noticed that sometimes you feel sluggish and low, the best vibrational adjustment to energy is an orgasm.  And, it's cheap.   How is that for motivation ???   Go forth and copulate ...  It will alter the way you operate ... Hit it quick, Hit it fast Don't become a part of the past.   Works for me ... :D   Namaste Xena Isagun      This is copyrighted material ~ Xena Isagun 2011  
The Fubar Player's Cell Phone Exposed...
This was courtesy of FuSlore. Too funny, and probably more than true. rofl. Peace.
The Gift Of A Lifetime
                                                               The Gift of A Lifetime        A young man died today,    but he will never be gone,    he was an organ donor    so in the lives of others    He continues to live on.      His Heart went to a young woman    she was 24, her own heart was too    weak it couldn't beat anymore.      His lungs went to a man    who couldn't breathe at all    he wants to be a doctor    he'll be starting college this fall.      His Kidneys went to a 17 yr. old girl    who's own kidneys began to fail,    she is an honor student,    she has a scholorship to Yale.      His Corneas went to    a father, who had to face    his worst fears, now because    of this young man, he can see    his children for the first time    in five years.      His liver went to a High School student    who without it wouldn't be alive,    she's getting stronger everyday    and she continues to thrive.      Because of his selfless act,    t
This Week's Specials
This week I am paying the following...   100,000 fubucks to anyone who puts a song and/or video by Ryan Star on their profile and leaves it there for at least a week. 500,000 fubucks for SFW Salutes to me, Chaos Incarnate (or Chaos Inc. for short). 1 Million fubucks for NSFW Salutes to me, Chaos Incarnate (or Chaos Inc. for short).   I am also doing the following for fubucks (kinky, huh?)... Morphing, flashy or slideshow pics...2 for 1 million fubucks SFW Still Salutes...2 for 50,000 fubucks NSFW Still Salutes...2 for 100,000 fubucks SFW morphing Salutes...1 for 250,000 fubucks NSFW morphing Salutes...1 for 500,000 fubucks   Hit my SB or text me 717-538-2283 anytime if interested.
Post-op Physical And Mri 08/24/2011
To paraphrase the words of the doc "I am the poster boy for laminectomy and disc replacement surgery". The healing process is so far beyond all expectation that while formal physical therapy would not normally begin for at least 90 days after such surgery, mine begins tomorrow, just 41 days post-op.  UUUUUUUU fukin RRRRAAAAAHHHHHH !!! The MRI shows that the pain I am still experiencing is the other herniated discs shrinking back into place and my lower spine adjusting to "normalcy" again.  While I still awaken sometimes so stiff and sore I question this whole process, something the doc tells me will continue for a while, though he won't even hazard a guess as to how long with the progress I am making, this "new man" they promised me is taking shape, and faster than anyone could have imagined.  Quite frankly, I think they just never took into account what a motivated Marine can overcome and accomplish, even at my age. There really isn't a whole lot more to say, except for this... whil
My Friend Of 16 Yrs..
All day today I have been contemplating taking my elderly cat euthanize him.  It makes me cry to think about it, he has been there since I was 25...  Kuki is his name, he is or was true to it.  A crazy cat that has no idea that he is any different from dogs, people or other cats.  As of late he has been not doing so well, he has polyps in his ears the vet said to just leave alone as he probably wouldn't make it out of anesthesia and over the last week, he no longer desires food.  I was thinking when I do, that I will get him cremated and keep him in a nice little teak box...Anyways just wanted to express myself...I am sad.  This was him 3 yrs ago..
I Feel Like Dookie
My head weighs 50 pounds, it is so full of snot. Help me.
Getting To Know Me
You know guys, I understand that you see my naked pics and I like to show cleavage and whatnot. That has been something that is a part of who I am. I will never stop being that person. What I have a problem with is the tact that some men lack. To come to my shoutbox and say I have a nice pussy or tits does NOTHING for me. Since I see it ALL THE TIME, do you really think you are original by telling me that? Wouldn't you like a bigger response than "thanks"? Because that is all I will say. I just get fed up that sick fucks will SB me and say something retarded like that. Telling me I have a nice pussy or nice tits should be put where it belongs...ON THE PIC ITSELF. When you comment the pic, that shows you are giving the credit when you see it. To say anything in my SB that is not a friendly NORMAL conversation is just a turnoff. It also shows how unintelligent you are. I have NEVER SB someone for the FIRST time getting to know them that they have a nice cock. NEVER! I will SB them and sa
Un Problemo
So some folks know I now have 2 almost stepkids....they are great and I adore them but I have one issue with them. In my living room I have a 3 seater sofa and 2 matter where I sit they ALWAYS sit next to me...either right next to me on the sofa or at the foot of the recliner...I know they only do this because they love me but it makes me feel incredibly clausterphobic! My kids have learned that I need my space, but these 2 haven't. Is there any way to express to them that I can't have them on top of me all the time without having hurt feelings?
'ode To Our Forefathers
                                                                Ode To Our Forefathers           When this country was founded        they didn't know,        if it would work out or where        it would go.        Oh Forefathers      look at the mess we're in now!         Of, For , and By,      the people it was meant to be      but the rich took power      and forgot about you and me.        Oh Forefathers      Look at the mess we're in now.       Politicians have forgotten     there are people in need     so many parents out of jobs     with children to feed.        Oh Forefathers      look at the mess we're in now.        A man became president      from out of no-where      spending so much of our money      and trying to force us      on his ObamaCare.        Oh Forefathers      look at the mess we're in now.        Now I'm not the one      to gripe or complain      but enough's enough      it's time to get our country      back again.  
A Cat's Will
A CAT'S WILL When humans die, they make a will To leave their homes, and all they have to those they love. I too would make a will, if I could write. To some poor, wistful, lonely stray I'd leave my happy home, My dish, my cozy bed, my cushioned chair, my toy, The well-loved lap, The gently stroking hand, The loving voice, The place I made in someone's heart, The love, that at the last Could help me to a peaceful, painless end Held in loving arms. If I should die, Oh! Do not say: "No more a pet I'll have To grieve me by its loss." Seek out some lonely, unloved cat And give my place to him. This is my legacy, The love I leave behind, 'Tis all I have to give.
A Lot Of Nerve
I called her a vapid cunt in a MuMM and she rated and fanned me. Then this sweet convo happened. :)       Stiletto Girl: you and witchie are made for each other lol 5:37pm Suga Lips: It was probably better when you had me blocked. 5:37pm Stiletto Girl: fuck off x bye 5:38pm Suga Lips: You came in MY shout. YOU fuck off, cunt. 5:38pm Stiletto Girl: cunt whatever slattern 5:39pm Stiletto Girl: i had no problem with you just ur skanky ginger friend so dont have a go at me 5:39pm Stiletto Girl: goodnight 5:40pm Suga Lips: You don't fucking say shit about my friends, you get me, bitch? If you have a problem, take it up with someone who gives a shit. 5:40pm Stiletto Girl: like i said fuck off 5:40pm Suga Lips: Like I said, you came to ME. You fuck off. 5:40pm Stiletto Girl: bye then
First Thing To Go!
Brewed some ice tea last night.My pitcher was soaking, so I used a 2liter Coke bottle I just finished. Stuck it in the freezer to chill for bit, got sidetracked, forgot.Saw it in there this morning, frozen, so took it out & put in the fridge to thaw. I get home this evening, kick my boots off, go to mix a rum n coke, and Im like watching it come out the bottle, and thinkin "wtf?, sumn aint right with this Coke, its looks watered down, no fizz at all, wutindeefuk is wrong with this shit? Did I get a defective product?". So I sniff it cautiously, doesnt seem to have any zing.. *face all twisted up at this point*. I cant believe how scared I was to dab my finger in there and take a taste, but I just had to solve this mystery,...then it hit me...*arms drop, head goes back* "eeeyouhoohoo stoopid mutha fuker hahahahaha"..first time in awhile I actually lost my breath laughin at myself. The more I thought about how bummed I was that my drink was all fukd up and I was gonna have to go b
Ten Years In The Making
                                                               Ten Years In The Making            On a cool September morning          when the Twin Towers would fall          while many Americans were in mourning          some answered the call.          That was ten years ago,         now our men and women         are finally coming back         from that sandbox in the Middle East         that they call Iraq.          The battle was tough,         the battle was long,         but they are the best of the best         and they have righted a wrong.         They come home with heavy hearts         with thoughts of their brothers  and sisters         that they lost, they were fathers , sons, brothers,         mothers, sisters, daughters and wives         knowing that with their lives they may have to pay         'cause in a war that is the ultimate cost.          They missed holidays, and barbecues,          anniversaries and birthdays,          we owe them
Thought Of The Day...12/30/2011
You know, why is it that dudes on here jerk off in broadcasts? I don't understand it. I mean, these are new people too. Makes no sense to me but it sure is fun to make fun of. If you ever need some entertainment or someone to make fun of to let out your pent up Fu Frustration, there's always someone with too much going on in those broadcasts. Rofl. Peace.
I Have Evolved
Fuck you anyone who ever doubted that *I* would do anything but come out on top. Took me a long fucking time, but *I* am HAPPY I took my life by the reigns and I am steering  it now. I quit smoking, lost 25 pounds, started really working out, and got a fuckin life. I taught myself to crochet, and am teaching myself to knit...might seem lame to them I me what you can make :) I have never felt this much peace...I bet I start sleeping like a human again soon\   Hell I haven't even had the surgery yet, and I am already changng my whole life.     To the person who pushed me to the brink...Thank you for never doubting me.
Looking For A Wife In All The Wrong Places
giggles at some people around here       Hello Beautiful,How are you doing and everything with you ? hope you are doing fine ?? I'm Jermaine woods,38 years old widowed with one daughter..i am a Computer engineer...I am new to this online thing and i'm looking for a wife,a woman who is honest,loyal and caring....i will really love to know more and more about you,so tell me how old are you ? are you single ? do you have kids ? what do you do for a living ? what do you do for fun and more about you........I'll be hoping to hear from you soon...Hugs and KissesJermaine.
This is enough to make me feel like shit.    I have it on my profile that I won't accept friend requests from people without a salute. Doesn't matter who it is.   What do I get? A request from someone with no salute. What does it say????   "I can't buy you bling, but I'd make a great friend".     Denying that made me feel like shit. Like I'm only here for the bling =/
Things should be different with us You're the one I want I would love to go back in time Things seem different when I look at you I think of you often I don't want to be just a number for you     ......I'm rambling.
from: HatedEverywhere United States subject: HatedEverywhere sent you a Sympathy Card received: 02/2/2012 07:01 pm replied: no   block this member "Don't fucking be a pussy! You just should start shit with me, regardless of your opinion, I never said shit to you directly, however, you came on here for a reason, you also advertised you're a tranny for a reason, so let that be the reason you stay on. You will find what you're looking for, fuck everyone that gives you shit, me included. You're not here for us, you're here for w/e it is you're after. Good luck with all that, seriously! You're still a human being and have feelings, please don't respond, I'm just sayin"   Click here to return the favor! Click here to see this gift on your profile.       this is an email i get this morning after a mumm ;ast night that i had to have a bouncer pull, this gentelmen thought that it was perfectly fine to tell me over and over again
An Internet Socialization Must Read...
You think you're alone? You think that you know that person on the other side of the screen? Check this out and it might wake some people up... Share it with those you know... Sick.
Benton :) *dances*
Blessings, Good Fortune, Strength and Peace... I've decided to dedicate a blog to the wonderful people that cross my path for reasons I will not question, but will cherish and remember because I grew from the experience... Benton; I decided to take a different bus this morning due to being MOD and having to be there a bit early to open and such… THANK YOU MUMMERS!! I hop off my bus, walk down to the stoplight cross the street and up the block.  Looking for the stop I see someone in a hoodie waiting with his bike….“There it is!” I think to myself “Great, no seat for my happy ass… Oh well, it will STILL be an awesome and smooth day” I walk up put my bag down and begin to adjust my hoodie, its freakin’ cold out!! I look up and I see hoodie guy running up to a house, I look down and see his bike.  “Oh crap, he just left his bike there!” I think I move closer to his bike because the mother bear in me is now “watchin
Ask Me
Want me to answer a question? Then send me a private message with it in there....along with a number. I'll answer it honestly in my status.   If your number was 42 my status would read like this....   [42] the answer to your questison       Go for it!!!!!
Getting Rid Of The Trash
Contrary to popular belief, it does not take a villiage to raise a child, it takes a good parent. I see kids running the streets at night. I see them violating my property, my neighbor's, threatening adults, they have even burglarized homes to just "hang out" in them. I was informed today that they will break in, hang out, have sex, leave condoms and drug paraphenalia around, then set fire to the house before they leave. And all the while, where are the parents? The police finally round up a few of them, and the parents then threaten the person who had their home violated. Are you kidding me? What the hell kind of parent lets their child be trash. Once upon a time, parents were held liable for the actions of their children. Parents actually cared and knew where their kids were, who they were with, and taught their kids to respect people's property.  At one time, the worst thing you could ever do is talk to someone's mother about their behavior, and momma would handle it
Why is it some of the lamest people on here are the most jealous? People should be "allowed" to be friends with anyone they want, even if you don't like it.   I have one friend on here who has had to block someone because he thought she shouldn't be friends with me or my Hubby.  I'm sorry, but what the fuck is wrong with us? I think we are pretty damn awesome.  I'd rather not address this person by name, because that's just far more drama than is needed so I will just say "You"   Dear You:: You aRe a pAthetic peice of crap. I'm not really sure of anyone that actually likes you. All you Do is whIne about how things aren't gOing right for you. You know what? YOU have made your bed, now YOU can lay in it.  You have single handedly pushed away anyone who even thought about being your friend.  All you ever do is talk about how you want to be in a relationship. You will never get that with the way you treat a woman. You want a woman that will not be friendly to any other man. I really
Scammer Update Iii - The Real Person Behind The Page Admitted.
The real person behind our con artist of the past couple months as finally come clean and admitted who SHE really is...take a gander... When will people learn? Probably never. Just keep buying bling for and family-adding lowlives. That's all that seems to go on here lately anyways. It's really pathetic that it's gotten to the point of who you are means nothing and what you run or can con out of people means everything. Peace.
The Truth
For some time now here on fubar alot of people would rather start rummors by their own opinions!! To clear what some people may think they know this blog will let EVERYONE  know the TRUTH!! For startes yes i am married to my fu hubby...We met here on fubar and at the time he was overseas when he came home it was to me and we got married.. he knew everything in my past before he ever came home so to the people who want to talk shit about what i do and its behind his back newsflash he knows everything and if you was able to see my nsfw folder then you would know that! so before you open your mouth again and me doing things behind his back and i really do not love him you might come talk to me first!! because I do love my husband very much...for those of you who think other wise thats shame on you! If i did not love him why would I still be married to him? think about that one!!   as to what people say say about me and my nsfw i have been on here almost 4 years and I have left many tim
Smile Like Butter
You are a fucking idiot. I can't stand to see your stupid smile spread out across your face like you are "the shit". You try so hard to be sexy, but it doesn't work.    I can't believe I ever even talked to you.              Who has a pimp hand?
Bar Alone?
So, the other day I have a few hours without any kids. It was last saturday, I didnt know what to do with my time. It was about evening time so I decided to go to a sports bar and have a drink ( one of my favorite things to do). I didnt call up any of girlfriends because it was kind of last minute. Anyway, i go in the bar and decided to sit myself in between a couple and what seemed to be like a group date or friends hanging out. I did that so I wouldnt be bother with but as Im sitting there I realize how awkward it was. I cant help but listen to there conversations and im trying really hard not to look at them. Like the couple, im assuming it was their frist date because they were going on and on sharing their favorite stories... and then the group that was sitting next too started to talk about sex so do you ever go to bar alone and listen to weird conversations or are you the social butterfly? 
Obessed Much?
This dude is completely obsessed with me. He deleted his mumm because I "kept it real" he was in my private message box. Can you say..."Wants the cock?"   Obviously start reading from the bottom up :D     === 'GeorgeFeelsgood Owned By TRISH' wrote the following at '2012-08-02 21:05:47'..>> > just as i thought, only bitches need gloves and head gear to fight. bare the street in front of my salon.....come on bitch boy, let's box!!!> > > === 'Ronin' wrote the following at '2012-08-02 21:04:35'..> >> > Thanks for proving you are a moron. I am sure everyone is going to love this exchange posted in my blog for the Fubar masses to see.> > > > === 'GeorgeFeelsgood Owned By TRISH' wrote the following at '2012-08-02 21:03:17'..> > >> > > just as i thought, only bitches need gloves and head gear to fight. bare the street in front of my salon.....come on bitch boy, let's box!!!> > > > > > > > > > > > === 'Ronin' wrote the following at '2012-08-02 21:01:2
Creeper Of The Week 9-5-2012
  Thanks to a friend who brought this person to my attention. While the charge is from 1978 and this person is Tier 2 offender, it is still probably safest to be wary especially if you have children in your folder.               
How Selfish Are Your Vacations?
this is a copy of an article thats ging to be printed in a couple loac news papers This may not be your idea of a vacation, but at least one Janesville native has set a precedent.    liverjuice*, 33, a worker at where he works*, spent his day off Tuesday pulling worm-infested, swamp-smelling car tires out of the Cedar River in various stages of decomposition.    An avid river man, liver* had grown progressively disgusted with the tires he could see from the bridge near his father’s home by the Green Mill Bridge, but lately, with the drought-depleted water, the sight became unbearable.    It takes quite a bit of muscle and a plugged nose to pull the mud-caked tires out of the river, but try your biceps on one that has been wedged in rotting, entangled tree branches for a couple of decades and you will get a workout and a history lesson as well.    liver* asked his dad, *, who, with the help of two other long-time friends, Maggie and Greg *, to help him haul the tossed tir
Why are people so stupid? All I did was reply to someone else, NOT him. When he said he deleted comments because he didn't want his MuMM to be pulled for being NSFW, I simply said that he should have made it comment approval...the rest you'll see in here. I want it known that he was calling everyone in there retards and pieces of trash. I missed a comment about "your kind", so I will not go into that one. Here ya go :)   Per7 secs-- 49 of 49 stein said: thats one way to look at it, the other is i dnt want my mumm delted or to get banned from mumming... shows what trash most of you are is what it shows Per said: lmfao, because the bans last forever? Btw, thanks for calling me trash. It is now the highlight of my magnificent day. stein said: your most welcome Per said: My most welcome what? stein said: trash and stupid... u thanked me, did you not even read your own comment? jeez retard... really are a du
How To Chase Fuponies 101
FUPONY POLISHING 101: If you want to be a top Pony Whisperer there are certain things you need: Paper/notebook, pen/pencil and a fast computer.  If you do not have a fast computer you will crash repeatedly and it is not recommended.  If you have a fast computer, you can have over 12 pages of bling, containing a pony or ponies, open at one time.  It takes weeks to build up a log of FUPONY times.  It takes somwhere between 12 to 18 hours to find 5 FUPONIES ready to polish the first day.  After about 2 weeks, you will have approxomately 25 to 35 FUPONIES to polish a day.   Given: Each person is allowed to polish up to 10 bling per bling page per day (mega polishing allows 5000 polishes per bling page).  A day is from reset, midnite California time, or fu-time, till the next reset.  All bling polishes once per 23 hour period minimum, 25 hours maximum (hypothetically), an average of once per 24 hours.  When you polish a bling, it resets to be polished again in 23 to 25 hours.  This is wh
Enough, Seriously...
Before reading this, please be advised that when I originally posted this, I was red with rage and blue with sadness. I am a creature of emotion and for better or worse, operate as such. Contained herein is the foulest of language to be sure, but I wrote it from the heart. I won't edit it because I see no reason to. I want everyone to know how upset I was at the moment of it's conception. It may falsely represent me as immature or impulsive, but it is, as they say, what it is... Those of you that I speak with on a regular basis are well aware of how I feel about the hate mongering, attention whoring, self serving, closet cock sucking demonic douche bags of the Westboro Baptist Church. Well, I guess everyone is now...but anyways, I feel it is time that the group is finally recognized for what they truly are, an organized gang of hatebreeding trolls and there needs to be some sort of action taken to ensure that there is some sort of imposed regulation against these inbred hate-filled de
Good New Bad News It's All News
8JUN2013, About week 6 of the Academy I double tapped on a test. On the college level I had a B grade for that test but to the POST requirements I didn't score high enough to pass. 2 fails on same test or 5 test total and you have to recycle etc...Well it was a good thing actual. About week 3 I thought I had a nasty pulled muscle in my shoulder and fought through it. A week after I left the academy and saw a doctor I was told I had "Scapular Dyskinessis" basically my left scapula is seperated from the shoulder. Had I torn it it would be instant surgery. Now I say is because the 5 weeks I have been out of the academy trying to heal and NOT being allowed to do jack shit it has not healed fully...However I start up 191st on Monday 10JUN. I have to suck it up this 1st week which I believe is hardest of them all. Then I can continue physical therapy every other Monday I have off and drive my doctor and therapist crazy. I wont quit or give up. It's not even an option at this agai
The Coffee Shop Lady
I was sitting in the coffee shop alone reading a book the other day . I noticed just a few booths up a lady , probably in her 60's , doing just as I was. She looked sad, her face looked as if it had not smiled in many years. Huge cloud of smoke around her head as she took yet another long drag off her menthol 100. I wondered her story. I pictured where each line of her tired face may have began. Had she loved and loss . Does she go home each night to an empty house and a memory of the man she loved who has long since passed. Do her children not write or call. Or does she muddle through life waiting for the next holiday to feel loved. Was she as I am , just alone. Gave up trying after so many broken hearts. Figuring one more would be the one that would finally shatter her soul. Easier to be alone than to be yet again made a fool.I picture her more the type that just never found love . She didn't appear to be that feminists strong type. You know the ones who fill the room with their pres
Like A Flower
Like a Flower   I can be replanted   Like a flower   that did not get   proper care     I can be   dug out by   hands so careful   and   dirty   and   strong      I can be moved   to tears   by verbs and   empty desert   caves within   my    painted on heart     I can hold the shovel   slowly break   this earth of   my skin,   my mucsle   and    bone   I can be replanted
700. This is my 700th active* post in this blog. To put that in perspective, that's over 100 blogs a year, over the course of almost seven years on here. That's pretty insane considering that past 2 years or so I've dropped off dramatically in my involvement and posting. But nevertheless, it's a pretty large number. So I was thinking about what to say right. Another "blast from the past" session that 90% of the people that read this post won't even understand what I'm talking about? Nah. More fakes? Nah. More drama and players and whores and the like? Nah. To be honest I don't even have anyone that I'm looking into (at the moment anyways) other than the parade of fakes as usual. I guess that speaks alot about alot considering the past. Hell, the two most recent (if you want to call 2011 recent) people I exposed offsite seem to be headed toward of all things - redemption. Haven't heard any "new" bad about them in quite some time. I guess there's a statute of limitations on thi
Because I Can
MuMM within a blog...Can I start crying about obsessive haters yet?   Options: A) Yes B) No C) Wait 'til they cry about how you harass them...again (52) D) No because that would make you a twat.   I like pink.
Jonathan Winters Encounter
What a delightful man he was!  Back in 1988 I was working for Valley National Bank in Toluca Lake, CA.  The bank was 5 minutes from Warner Bros. Studios and other entertainment hotspots.  Well I received a call in the Mastercard department from a very funny, friendly, whimsical man named Jonathan Winters.  He had lost his Mastercard and needed another one quickly as he was going to be travelling.  I let him know that I could make him one within the hour if he would like to pick it up.  He was absolutely delighted to hear this and asked me what kind of candy did I like, I said "oh no, nothing Sir", he said loudly "Ya like like Snickers Sweetie?"  I said well yeah, who doesn't, but really no thank you and that I would have his card ready. The front office gal came back to me about an hour later and said, "you are not going to believe who is waiting for you Patti."  I said, well Jonathan Winters was coming to pick up his card.  So I went out to the front office with his new card in hand.
Over Population Is Propaganda.
Overpopulation...really? Elitist propaganda. That's all it is. There are enough resources on this world to support double our current population and comfortably too. What are we talking about when we say 'limited resources'..or too many people, too few resources? *WHAT* resources exactly do we mean...which limited resources are there, which we absolutely need for human survival? Water? Air? Food? Land? Energy? The observant among you will see that these requirements, form an anagram of 'WAFLE'...which is exactly what this ultimately is..*a load of wafle'..or elitist hot air. Why? Let's take the most important requirement there is first..Air..without it, we all know we're toast in minutes...but there is plenty of breathable air and we can produce more if we ever needed to, so that's one required resource there's plenty limited resource issue there. The next important one..water..again, without it, we all know we've had it in just a few days..74% of our world is covered with wate
Fu-auction Xxvii Now Taking Entries ! (rate Contest Updated )
Next Best Thing To Orgasm?
This is sort of a mumm.. but I didnt want to put it out there for all to see.. mainly just family and few friends. :D We were discussing the other day about how alot of older patients..and some younger.. are so worried about there bowel movements.  If they go a day without one..they are highly worried.  Anyways.. A dr I work with was discussing how its a known fact..that the next best thing to a taking a shit.  He said.. Now.think about it.. after you take one.. how do you feel?   You feel all relaxed and thats it mainly..relaxed.  So.. anyways.. I am wondering.. does he have a point?  Is there some meaning behind what he says? LOL Anyways.. that is my daily thought..  please let me know your thoughts on the matter. haha  
Disrespectful Childish Stalker, Puts Down Older Women
5:26am reply Countrylov...: QUIT FUCKING IGNORING ME AND ANSWER ME 5:34am reply Countrylov...: WEL U CHECK ME OUT AND NOTHING REALLY???????? 5:39am reply Countrylov...: so what u gonna ignore me? 5:51am reply Countrylov...: SUCH AF UCKING DUMB FAT ASSS THATS SCARED TO ANSWER ME 5:56am more To Countrylov...: I'm just now getting around to looking at my sb. You're impatient and very disrespectful. I can see why nobody likes you at work now 6:02am reply Countrylov...: gee i wonder why lets call a 51 year old hag beautiful really thats old enoughto be your mom 6:03am more To Countrylov...: I'm not gonna stoop to your childish level and call you names either. 6:04am reply Countrylov...: well its pretty rude saw you checked me out but cant rate,like or comment my status but lets call my mom beautiful really 6:04am reply Countrylov...: maybe get the idea of thinking your jason aldean outta your head and
Holy Shit
i am so frikin bored... i am home babysitting my sisters 3 kids and they are definatly a fun bunch... the first is a 15yr old boy who is into goth and hates the world... ya he is so with the wrong crowd.. the next is a 9 yr old boy... all about him him him.. he wants everyones attention and will pretty much do anything to get it... Then the best of all.. well worst in reality is my 6yr old niece... she is omg.. where do i start.. if its not her way its the high yells.. she screams at everything and i give her anything i want.. she cant play nice and if she see's some one with something she wants... she'll get it one way or another... so i guess in all actuallity i am never bored when they are here.. but they are at the park across the road so i am bored... sorry for blabbing and rambling on and on ppls... take care and have a great nite.. Luv ya bunches... Dakota
Why Me God Why Me???
Kay so heres the great part of my day now.. i go and cook sweet and sour boneless ribs.. and homestyle mushroom flavored rice... with baby dill carrots.. this was all for supper.. i mean like me and 3 kids plus a plate for my sister when she gets off work... like this sux.. i made this meal , call the kids for din din.. then.. they come in say it smells sooooo good.. then eat two bites and then go back outside?.. am i a bad uncle for not really giving 2 hoots about them right now? should i tell them that if they dont come back in and empty their plates that i will not be giving them applecrisp for dessert?? i dont know.. i think i am having troubles with kids.. i need be be calm .. stopp... take a deep breath.. count to 3 and ... HJKWHJWHJHJWKHJKHWWJWJKLJWJ:KLWJ:KLEJWKJEWKJKL SCREAMM like at the top of my lungs for being a dipshit.. like i am trying here.. god damn it.. i hate kids right now but i so want one or six of my own.. is there help for me in this world???

Ladies....good Read!
Hearbroken ladies of My Space......Listen up Category: Romance and Relationships Ok, listen up and take notes... Yeah, been on the giving and receiving end of the heartbreak scene for a long time. When I was a lot younger and stupid(er) if I met a girl that was a stuck up bitch, it became my goal to rock her world, then leave her crying. As years went on I grew up. Listen, those of you that know me know I am a decent guy, and love people and try to be a friend to everyone. In the past few days I have discovered several of my friends are hurting from relationship problems. Ok, normally ladies are the enemy camp, been fucked over so many times that that's just the way I feel. For almost two years I went on a spree of carelessness, it was called the "Couldn't give a fuck" syndrome. And it was just the opposite, because that's all any woman was getting out of me! But I came back to my senses and realized that I still longed for a good lady by my si
Quit Being A Baby!!
I like the blog because I get to rant my little head off. I received this note today in my inbox regarding the tattoo contest being a "joke". I will not put the author out there...for obvious reasons but I will do this....... It seems that someone has their ass in a knot because I allow bulletins to be posted regarding entries. So what......have it in a knot. An old cliche says "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink". Meaning a person can send whoever they want TO the contest but the voting is ultimately up the the person who clicks the '10'. Duh! Furthermore, it was posted BEFORE the contest started that bulletins were allowed, so why whine now?? Are they losing???........hmmmmmmm I really took offense to this being called a 'joke' because I ripped and responded to 40 contestants, made the images for the contest, create the images for the winners, and set very hardcore contest rules to keep it fair. I guess it's easy for someone to call it a jok
Alright, so.. i've gotten the question several times in my email.. asking me what I'm looking for... I'll be brutally honest..and possibly break some hearts... No worries.. its only a cyber heart... in the end.. you'll still be alive.. ooooooh looky there.... saved by the bub... more on this later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First.. i wanna say.. i've been unemployed for awhile... and got a job today :) ~~Happy dancin~~ I also.. reached the top 50 on LC..~~happy dancin~~ So ok.. back to the question... I've been asked at least 10 times within the last week, what it is I am looking for. A friend... would be a good start... I've always been a little anti-social.. I'm sure half of you were out at bars all the time when 21... hell even before 21... Lots of parties..and all them fun memories.... I don't have them.. I didn't hang out at bars.. or have a big group of "the girls" going out every weekend.. I was either raising a sister.. or wor
This Is Funny!!!!
Good dick is like a good pillow. It puts you to sleep and doesn't mind if you slobber all over it!!!!!
Sitting Here Thinking........
Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds? Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii? Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes? Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there? Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing? If you can't drink and drive, why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor, and why do bars have parking lots? Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime? Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations? How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings? If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors? If a cow laughed real hard, would milk come out her nose? If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the pan? If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen? If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light,
Horny, Lonely Night
Everyone knows that winters in Oregon bring very short and very cold days. Most people get depressed at this time of year, that’s why there are so many snowbirds traveling to Arizona anticipating the warm weather. Well my husband is too young to be a snowbird, but since he has family in Arizona he usually travels there at this time of year. This leaves me home alone for at least a month or so and since I am in my early thirties, everyone knows I have an over zealous sex drive. I have the perfect job to satisfy my sexual needs, I am the manager of a large apartment complex. So I have access to lots of single and married males. I’m pretty good at selecting the ones that are willing to satisfy my needs weather they are married or not. I have set my sights on 3 males, they must work together as I see this Suburban pull into the complex everyday at the same time and two of them get out and enter their apartments. They are covered in dirt and mud, nothing could be sexier.
How To Go From Diva To Butt Ugly In One Simple Lesson
I don't even have to blog this madness, it blogs bottom up. === 'heyysexy' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-02 10:19:32'.. > > if you put your ugly face to display pic you dont do any thing :DD i didnt see your face before if i see your ugly face before i did give you muahuahuha :D your are reaaly ugly > === '**~The Lovely Stang~**' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-02 10:15:49'.. > > > > Just ugly enough for you to want to talk too...LOL, so you must enjoy ugly women?? You want ugly women to look at your little dick? > > > > === 'heyysexy' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-02 10:13:50'.. > > > > > > i looked your pic again and you are true they are not dirty . they are very ugly especaly your face very ugly > > > === '**~The Lovely Stang~**' spewed forth the following at '2006-10-02 10:11:30'.. > > > > > > > > This is NOT a dirty and my pictures are NOT dirty. My pics are tasteful and your dick is your problem, not mine
Mrs. Army Wife 2 You!!!
Now this is my first blog ever... I need to get some things off my chest. This azzhole who has left numerous comments to a marine and myself.. "2006-10-02 10:42:34 i would if i could just to prove my point...that they are bitches yes yes fuck all them.. ... it would suck if ur man dies in iraq before the two months... i wont lose sleep over it .. i sleep good they dont sucks for them 2006-10-02 10:23:45 i love it ... it all could of been stoped but g.w.b. did nothing about it.. so get over it be mad at him.. and no one asked the ass clowns to go over there no no.. they wanted to join now they have to do their thing so stop crying... and they will never finde b.l. no no but thank bush if anyone.... no no my colors are green and blue get it right... fuck ur flag...... yes yes ... i shit on it.... yes yes" JACKAZZ that Said These Comments It's sad how because of our soldiers today, the DRAFT hasn't been brought back as of yet... Don't blame the soldiers for doing thei
My Mum
My mum is a special lady to me she brought 3 kids up on her own put her kids first before herself worked all her life to put food on the table always went without to provide for her kids & never complained. She loves all her kids the same & never thought one better than the other. She lost her son (my brother) Jimmy in 1987 & nearly had a 3rd breakdown being a single mum isnt easy & thankful i havent been through that.. She is so strong these days even though she battles with a mortgage but never complains she is my friend a confidant & i love her so much for what she has done for us get on better now than when i was a teenager have a lot of respect for her as a person & a mum she is my life & wouldnt be without her for one minute i love you mum with all my heart you & i are the same strong people who never give up just keep going no matter how hard things get, think i get my strength from you. you are my idol forever.
I Often Think When I Might Sin ?
I often think when I might sin, What if the Angel would come to me then? Would I want to be risen doing that sin? I often think quietly to myself, Where will I go, oh, where will I go, When the Angel comes to me? What if the Angel comes at night, With a command from Allah to take my soul? Where will I run, oh, where will I run? What if the Angel comes to me when I'm driving my car? Can I lock my doors, so the Angel can't get in? Where will I hide, oh where will I hide? What if the Angel comes in the middle of tea? Maybe I can plead for a later return. How will I plead, oh, how will I plead? What if the Angel comes to me when I'm watching TV? Can I beg to the Angel for a little more time? How will I beg, oh how will I beg?
Surrender Part Iv©
It may not seem "manly",but oh how I love to cuddle. There is little better than caressing my playtoy as we finish our first rounds of pleasure. I love gazing into her eyes knowing that it was I that cause that fire that burns there. I allow her to caress my body as well. Her finger nails trace patterns of her choosing along my chest,across my stomach,and down my thighs. I feel myself begin to stir. I pull myself up on the bed and lean back against the headboard,drawing my knees up to my chest. I have my lover join me by sitting between my legs,laying back against me. I love the feel of any part of her against my skin. She presses herself back into me and reaches her arms up and behind her and runs her fingers through my hair. I lightly touch her arms tracing her outline. With her arms behind my head she has willing exposed herslf to my touch. I drag my finger nails along her side and am rewarded by her giggle. I wanted to lighten the mood a bit. I run my hand across her belly
A Dedication To My Son, Brian
Since so many have written and asked what this piece means, I think it needs an explaination. I wrote this in memory of my son, Brian, who died of congestive heart failure at the age of six months. Today is Brian's birthday. He would have been 15 years old. This piece is about letting go of the sadness, letting go of Brian and releasing him to a Higher Power, a better place and wishing him well on that journey. It is also about being thankful that God chose me to give birth to one of His angels. Today I set you free to be who you need to be Our paths crossed In a magical place It was the perfect choice But your heart was too fragile Our destination was not meant to be Day by day, reflections Of us in shattered glass This is a place I can never return Our destiny was never meant to be Poems of love will now fade Trails of tears will be distant In the oasis two soul mates Stand with faces silent The thunder of forgotten dreams Will now sound throughout in
Makes Me Sad :((
I personally believe in true love, well I do! I have seen it, No really I have seen it, Twice. I know a Wyoming couple, the man is a chemical engineer and the woman was a med tech, she did a lot more then just collects samples throughout the years but mainly she was a med tech. Once their children were raised they decided that they wanted to tour the world while they were still young enough to enjoy it, so the man took a very good paying job in Saudi Arabia for Aramco. This job would allow them to travel all over the world and provide a very nice retirement for the couple. They left Casper in 1992 and had a ball, they saw the pyramids, they have been to London, Greece, Germany and a whole lot more places then I could name. They even took up diving in the Dead Sea!! About six years ago the woman was diagnosed with A.L.S. or Lou Garracks. As the disease progressed her husband slowly started buying things to help her do things she could no longer do like walking talking and breathing. The
Ok i'm going to rant for a second and then im logging off! I don't know if i will come back. My private pics are now locked up and will be deleted, i do not appreciate being called names when i wont open them for just anyone. and secondly, im not going to rate anymore of the people in bulletins or blasts or who stop by my page, they never bother to return the favor and its just a waste of my time, and energy. I have rated pics and profiles for several ppl and they have never even come by to rate even my profile much less one pic. and lastly i will no longer repost bulletins unless they are not pimp outs or this guy did this because i was called several names over the last two days for doing so. To my real friends on my list, i know who you are and i love you all to death. And IF i do come back you are the ones who will receive comments and ratings for your pics from me. If any of you wish to remove me please do. I'm sick of getting blamed for things i never started andbeing called name
An Evening Of Luxury
I was invited to this event through my company and had an Fucking outstanding time!!!!!! Invite you and a guest to An Evening of Luxury Come Celebrate with the ASTON MARTIN Racing Team as it prepares for the American Le Mans! On Display: The Aston Martin DBR9 Race Car and the limited edition Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX1 R-Alarm Watch Indulge in some of the fi nest wines, scotches & cigars, while perusing the very best that the watch, jewelry, spa, concierge, golf, marine & private aviation industries have to offer Cocktails shall be served, hors d’oeuvres by Gourmet Celebrations Saturday, October 14th, 7pm to 10pm Aston Martin of Beverly Hills • 8833 West Olympic Boulevard • Beverly Hills, CA 90211 RSVP by October 13th Aston Martin of Beverly Hills   Here is a small video I took at the event. The Aston Martin DBR9 Race Car Event to My Profile | More Videos
This Is So Sad & Fucked Up!!!
I am warning you, this is very, very, VERY sad! You may need a tissue... She was only five, This is what happened When she was alive... Her dad was a drunk, Her mom was an addict, Her parents kept her, Locked in an attic. Her only friend was a little toy bear, It was old and worn out, And had patches of hair. She always talked to it, When no one was around. She lays there and hugs it, Not a peep of sound. Until her parents Unlock the door, She'll have to endore A bruise on her leg, A scar on her face, Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear, And softly cries. She loves her parents, But they want her to die. She sits in the corner, Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is My life always sinking?" Such a bad life, For a sad little kid. She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did. Then one night, Her mom came home high, And the poor child was beaten As hours went by. Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade, It
It's Freaky Friday Five Time! Yay Mahn!
Okay, I keep doing this because some of the answers I'm getting just rock my socks!! I also see a lot of lurkers, don't be shy, hop in, answer the questions and have fun with this. So, here goes for this week...have fun..oh and remember, it's okay to play pretend here, I know some of the situations may or may not be applicable to everyone. Let's do it! 1. You bring your significant other to a family function held at a hotel. Your significant other retires to his/her room early and leaves you to party in the hotel bar with your family. You engage in a little innocent flirting with a hottie in the bar (nooo not one of your family memebers....LOL). Later that night, the hottie has gone door knocking in the hotel to find you and they manage to wake up you and your significant do you explain that away? 2. You buy a new cell phone ( I hear some of you giggling already), you go to the cell store to have things switched over. You manage to forget that you'v
The Prophet (PBUH) said "Whoever guides to good will be rewarded equally" and "Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse". Lead such a life that when you die people mourn for you, and while you are alive they long for your company.
Sexiest Cowboy Contest Winner Is
Thanks to my lady fans I won the sexiest cowboy contest on LC here is the announcement on the winner. SEXIEST COWBOY CONTEST WINNER IS
To My Heart My Soul My Lips Of An Angel!!
Honey I know right now that we are both in shock but I want you to know that you have made me the most blessed richest person in the world. I love you more than anything and will always love you good or bad...And also look at the person that you have molded Robbie into...Look at what he would be like if not for you being his daddy. Just know that I dont and wont EVER think that you have given up on me or us You have made me this strong and for that I will always be thankful for all the time that we have had and will have. You are my angel and will always be my angel I love you soooo Much baby always and forever and for eternity. Hope this dont make you cry. Its hard for me to tell you this in person because when you cry I cry but I will. I have been so blessed and I want to thank you Love Always YOUR WIFE CINDY...
Final Answer......
After months of soul searching and many lost illusions I have finally come upon the very simple reason I sit here alone. I let myself build illusions of romantic entanglements with men and well simplest thing to say about that is I am lonely and I do believe in fairy tales. I have to be very honest though because I have finally realized that I am still very devastated by the dissolution of my marriage. I loved him for better or worse and God only knows how that was. I have been what I would call moody, distant, remote, and yes even angry. No reason really except perhaps I wanted to replace what I felt I lost. I cannot. All of these romantic dealings have been at best implausible very long distance complicated scenarios. And to be honest, alot easier for me to deal with. For this very small but real reason, I am not ready for a real relationship. It isnt because I am still in love with him, I am not. I just dont think my heart can take another beating. So at the risk of alienating
My Daddy
Hey everyone just wanted to ask a lil favor from you father is in the hospital for the millionth tyme dealing with his heart i dont know if theres anything the hospital can do for his hes had countless bypasses includeing a quadruple bypass...and now hes back in the hospital with chest pain...we dont kow if hell make it through the night so if you guys dont mind please keep him in your thoughts and prayers id really appreciate it Love all you guys Tabbie
Who Will Love My Children
Who will love my children When I have come and gone Who will wipe their little nose Make boo boo's go away Who will tell them it's alright Don't fear the dark, for friends they be For it does hide them, so no one can see. Who will let them know, to cry is not a sin To get back up, when they fall down. Skin their little knees. To alway's tell the truth, not lie That life is short, to march ahead When I am gone, I can sing no songs Cannot say the words I love you Who will love my children? Will you?
Weeping Willow Tree
These are the words spoken to me, as I sat under the Weeping Willow Tree. Listen to the wisps of the Willow tree, Do you hear, do you percieve? Whispering life secrets, spoken only to you. Heed these words,I want you to see. Soft, sweet words spoken only to me Learn them well, they will guide you through, Make you aware, of life's little treasures. For they are everywhere. Listen intently, ever so close. For your very special, not like most. That soul of yours is very old. Taken from a special mold. Don't ever give up, so much lies ahead. Life holds so much sweetness, it's not all dread. Those gifts you possess, were not given in vain. They are here to assist you. As you walk the plain. As you get older, you will understand. Life is just a master plan. So my child, take it from me. I would never steer you wrong. So I sing to thee, this special song. Alway's listen to the wisps of the Weeping Willow tree.
The 29th ~ Pet Peeves
My first is guys who say their ''with someone'' But still let skanks sit on there laps and hug them and such, And then have the complete cheak to go and say theyve been with the person for ages and there happily engaged! Okay and thats another of my pet hates Teenagers being engaged. 1.Its not gunna work out you pathetic loser 2.You've only been going out with her for a few months (Soon your come crying to me about how anoying she is! Okay and my last pet hate is girls with boyfriend who think cause there far away they can play away. Its rank and actually stupid cause your nice boyfriend actually trusts you. When really your telling every guy under the sun you love then, and getting up to no good I have come to see only the cocky girls who think there pretty do this. I may sound like a complete bitch But if you dont like it go fuck yourself:) I wish girls would go for the good guys for once And not the ones that you just go out with cause they have cool tatt
Step By Step On How To Make A Skin
skins..< you need two windows open for this> rip a skin from me that i created and use this as a starter, go into your skins scroll until you see "my skin" to the right it says "edit skin", click it this opens a new window with the skin coding inside. right click and hit select all hit the back button hit create a skin at the top and it opens a new skin delete everything in the blank skin paste the skin you copied there name it and save it this is the one you will be using to make changes to instead of changing the original now in a different window open your pic hosting site ( or go to the pic you want to use you need to copy the IMG code then go back to the skin you are working on scroll down about a quarter way down the page should be about the 10th or 15th paragraph it says body background(it is much longer than the rest) that is where you paste the IMG code at just replace the http:// so forth from http: to jpg it will shove in the
What Will A Good Shot Of Tequila Do For Me?
What will a good shot of Tequila do for me? I find myself for the first time nervous looking at a good bottle Tranquil and soft, lovely in the light like a Rose Wanting to see it pour into the shot glass before me Thinking about how it shall taste before my lips touch the rim of the shot glass’s lips Oh, will I ask for another, shall I draw the bottle closer to me? Looking so peaceful and calm, as a Rose with beauty yet knowing there may be thorns not knowing Shall it have a smooth flow or a sharp piercing as it goes down? I brace myself as it lifts into the air as it draws nearer to me Looming closer and yet closer, before touching my lips Quivering at the very thought before it even touches my lips Yet so far away Goodnight all
Help Familys Of Armed Forces
what are we suppose to do about our armed forces familys wifes girlfriends mothers kids who have tostand in line for food and clothes,im a american and this should not happen here ,their husbands,boyfriends,fathers and brothers are off fighting for us and their famlies are trying to survive with little the goverment gives them i think its time to do something for them let meknow how u feel
Essay Defines The Qualities Of Those Who Possess Class
Essay Defines the qualities of those who POSSESS CLASS CLASS Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident. It can handle whatever comes along. Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations. Class never makes excuses. It takes its lumps and learns from past mistakes. Class knows that good manners are nothing more than a series of small, inconsequential sacrifices. Class bespeaks an aristocracy that has nothing to do with ancestors or money. Some wealthy "blue bloods" have no class, while some individuals who are struggling to make ends meet are loaded with it. Class is real. It can't be faked. Class is comfortable in its own skin. It never puts on airs. Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down. Class is alread up and need not strive to look better by making others look worse. Class can "walk with kings and keep its virtue and talk with crowds
Here is the reason I choose to stay all alone locked up and without a woman. My back still hurt to this day....LMAO
Do This Out Of Fun !!!
Try to type down your favorite colour by just using your elbow. Most people don't have the ability. so here's mine RED OK I'VE GOT VERY POINTY ELBOWS!!! Just try to do it in a comment and see who's also able to do this.
Crazy Night
Friday night had arrived as Nicole and I (Holly) got ready for a house party. Some guys had invited us to a friend of their's reading week party (for the US it's kinda known as march break or so.) The party was in Muskoka (that's in Canada) and took us about 2 hours to find the place. Horrible directions! When we finally arrived it was about 10pm friday. Troy drove and Terrance came along, he's a friend of Troy. The party had definitely started as we approached the door, loud music and people yelling, dancing, drinking amoung other stuff (in Muskoka kinda farm land the house's were far spaced from each other.) The music was loud but the people were definitely louder. Troy begun to introduce us to his friends. Minutes later we split apart, Nicole and I went for a little socializing. What we did notice was that all the other females were black along with the guys, there must of been 2 white guys there. We went for a drink then to the main room and started dancing. A few minutes later
Friends Lists
I am curious from you all how many people on your friends list on average that you actually have regular contact with?? I would say I have 10 I talk to very regularly, outside of that maybe 20 who pass nice comments and consistantly vote on my pics and show they like and acknowledge me.. There are a few who's opinions in their blogs and profiles and so on I truely enjoy and value as well. But the majority are on here to look pretty show off in pics and not have any substance really... I admit I too love to look at sexy pics but I try to relate to people over more than their pics.. But I value so much more entertaining conversation, intelligence, and similar interests and people who show genuine interest in my likes, thoughts and my personality.. I try to show attention as best I can in my busy lifestyle.. I love being on this site, but what I am discovering is that I do not in anyway have the time to pay attention to 300, 400 or 500 people on my friends list.. there is no way. So
Declaration Of Gingerness...
That's it. I am declaring myself a redhead. I've always been a blonde but don't know that I really fit the stereotype. The redheads' fierce and fiery profile seems more me... at least in some aspects. Lately, I get comment after comment saying, "Are you sure you're a blonde?" when people see the photos. So I always explain, "Yes, it looks red. I am naturally a strawberry blonde. The camera seems to really pick up the red highlights so I tend to look like a redhead. But then I liked how it looked in the pictures so I did dye it a couple months ago and it was killer! It's still fading out so I am a little more red than normal but it's nearly back to normal and still looking red in photos." No more explaining! A redhead is meeeee!
Omg So Young
I just recived real sad news . A very good friend of mine from NY lost her daughter lastnight do to her boytriend shooting her in the head. Then killed 4 others over her not wanting to be with him anymore. I am so far away from her i cant even hold her and tell her how sorry i am . I know my friend for 20 years, She and i found out the same day we were going to be moms . my heart is so hurt right now that i cant be there. Her daughter christina was 19 just like my daughter and man i just could not see that happening to me. R,I P Christina
Alone And Horny!!!
Here's Your Answer
Spiritual Suicide (song Lyrics And Music.)
THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN WHILE I WAS LOCKED UP. IT'S ABOUT MY EX, WHO HAD LEFT ME AT THE LOWEST POINT OF MY LIFE. IT'S SAME GIRL WHO I MENTIONED IN MY "HOPE" BLOG, WHICH I WROTE MONTHS AFTER THIS SONG. Love Sex n Death. SPIRITUAL SUICIDE (click title on player to listen) (Verse) I can feel it coming--all the faces bleed as one--in such a final way--because it’s you I see. Your eyes they flicker bright in my darkest night--in the cruelest way--as you stare right through me. And as I turned to run--all the dreams bled as one--in a colorless way--and I cannot leave (Verse) How am I supposed to feel--choosing the unreal, in such a foolish way? Did it entertain your heart? You put the moment on pause--like a show with no applause--in the quietest way--and it’s tearing me apart. I pretend that you care about feelings that we share--but knowing in a way that you’d.........never wait for me (Chorus) I beg of you some mercy--just put me out--and set my soul aside, for a spir
Hey Loves.
♥ Morning/afternoon everyone ♥ I know im doing this later in the day, but i just havent gotten around to it. I actually slept last night. Which is a first, i havent done that in forever. Granted, i cried myself to sleep. But hey atleast i slept for like 5 hours. I miss my mom. Alot. I wish shed get a better and come home. Its wierd not having her here. Seeing her in the hospital is really hurting me. Well a lot of things are really hurting me but we wont get into that ♥ Icon of the day ♥ Happy birthday Caren. Ilu ♥ Everyone make sure they wish the birthday girl a happy birthday. birthday girl sporks **Rate my profile before adding me as a friend please! :)@ CherryTAP Ilu ♥ Shes awesome. So anyway my hands hurt, from commenting. My eyes hurt from i unno. My tummy hurts cause i have a bad feeling about something. I should probably eat something. Which i will soon. I gotta go grocery shopping, but i dont want to. M
A Horse, A Chicken And A Harley
On the farm lived a chicken and a horse, both of whom loved to play together. One day the two were playing, when the horse fell into a bog and began to sink. Scared for his life, the horse whinnied for the chicken to go get the farmer for help! Off the chicken ran, back to the farm. Arriving at the farm, she searched and searched for the farmer, but to no avail, for the Farmer had gone to town with the only tractor. Running around, the chicken spied the farmer's new Harley. Finding the keys in the ignition, the chicken sped off with a length of rope hoping she still had time to save her friend's life. Back at the bog, the horse was surprised, but happy, to see the chicken arrive on the shiny Harley, and he managed to get a hold of the loop of rope the chicken tossed to him. After tying the other end to the rear bumper of the farmer's bike, the chicken then drove slowly forward and, with the aid of the powerful bike, rescued the horse! Happy and proud, the chicken rode the Har
Me Against The World....
I wonder at times what in the hell i was placed on this earth for other than incessant problem solving. Im in a blue funk today yet again, trying to problem solve my existence and prepare for yet another issue or crisis to rear its ugly head. Christmas is the least of my concerns right now survival is. Struggling to make it all work...20 years ago i had great energy for such things. But i find as time goes on...its harder and harder to put things right. Im just so tired of doing everything alone. These medical issues have tapped my reserves emotionally, spiritually and financially. Ever been at your wits end, yet try to put on a brave face?!?! for your child, for your friends, family and the world in general? Exhausting isnt it? Just a little bit of a break is what i need, something good to happen in my life instead of the endless barrage of crap im dished up daily. I guess to understand it all i should tell you a lil about what happened today. After these 2 surge
Ok,I 've never actually written a blog before,and I'm basically just doing it because I well I really don't know why.I just got off the phon with my mom,She and my Daughter had just gotton back from the Dr's where my daughter has undergone more testing(yes my mom has custody of my daughter long story,please don't judge me on that,it really the best place for her)(and it's a long story that expands my lifetime)back to the subject,My daughter has previously been diagnosed as having ADHD,no big deal right plenty of people with ADHD go on to live productive lives,and then on top of that was diagnosed with mild autism.Oh she's going to be 12 in Dec,Developmentaly she act's like she's 5-6 yrs old.Is in the "6th grd",but doing 2nd grd work.She is in a special school,will never attend normal school again...She is now diagnosed as being Mentaly Retarded,not developmentaly disabled...for the rest of her life she will need adult supervision,no proms no drivers licsense and it's breaking my heart.
When Love Hurts
Makes Me Wanna Dance
Funky Butt Lovin
I made my player at
Fucked (fuck Me Prt.2 Maybe Much Too Far For You)
“Good morning pet”, are the word that float in the distance, eventually finding their way to my ears. My eyelids are heavy, so I don’t bother trying to open them. For some reason, I can’t feel my arms. I’m waking up, so I must have slept, so it must have been an eventful evening, because I feel well rested, like I’ve slept well. Typically I rise each morning with a fresh face of rage, but right now I’m content to simply lie in bed…. bed?, I’m not in bed at all am I?.... Pounce, you’re pouncing on me, and I make no attempt to deflect the eventuality of your weight on top of me. Hiking your skirt up above your knees, you straddle my chest. You look down at me, and I up at you, caress of the cheek, as a vicious smile creases your lips. You start pinching and prodding my face. Flicking my ears, yanking on random bits of flesh, and being generally mean, and malicious you’re speaking to me in a language I love to speak. So, wrapping my arms around your hips, I pul
Some Good News I Think...
My ex-boyfriend wants me back. Our commication got so much better after he broke up with me. I started to open up more to him about my feelings, and pain. He said that's all he wanted was for me to open up to him, but I was really affriad to, because I was fresh out of a one-year relationship once I got with him. I was scared of getting my heartbroken. He said that I pushed him away, and pushed him to that girl. However, his parents said that he can't have a girlfriend right now because of his hockey, he's got to concentrait on that. He told me that he started fucking up after he broke up with me. Yesterday, he's mentioned getting back together with me, but keepin' it on the downlow. He said that he would be thinking about me at his game lastnight, and he said that he played the best game of his life. So I think he's going to want me back for sure. The thing is I'm scared. He hurt me really bad last time, what if he does it again? I feel like I'm just letting him walk all
Im Back Yeah
I am back just wanted everyone to know... Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers it meant alot to me and it must have worked my dad died 5X's through all this and managed to pull through all of them and I feel its all do to your prayers you all mean alot...Thanks so much..hes not out of it yet but atleast hes doing better... Kisses to all that cared. Jules
Stupid State Laws
Alabama: It is illegal to flick boogers into the wind & it is illegal to chain your alligator to a fire hydrant Alaska: It is illegal for moose to have sex on city streets & Kangaroos are not allowed in barber shops at any time Arizona: You may not have more than 2 dildos in one house & Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs Arkansas: A man can legally beat his wife, but not more than once a month & it is illegal to buy or sell blue lightbulbs California: Giving or receiving oral sex is prohibited & it is illegal to eat an orange in your bathtub Colorado: It is illegal to lend your vacuum cleaner to your neighbor & it is illegal for cats to run loose without having been fit with a taillight Connecticut: You may not educate your dogs & a pickle is not officially a pickle unless it bounces Delaware: It is illegal to get married on a dare & it is illegal to sell dead people for money without a license Florida: Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal & Wh
Cherry Promoting Contest Iii
This top promoter contest lasted 11 days in November 2006 from the 18th thru the 28th. I managed to pull into 2nd place this time. Congratulations to Broccoli and babydol18 for their placement in the contest. All 3 of us won a Ipod shuffle, 30 days of cherryblast and some extra points. The official announcement of the winners is here CherryTAP Promoting Contest III - FINAL RESULTS.
Ok I Have Decided
I hate People! People Suck. People annoy me. People need to grow up. Let me say the lil fucker who thinks he is gods gift to Cherrytap! Heres a Newsflash...Ur a kid. GROW the FUCK UP! BTW I should be writing my 10 page Research paper on SOCIAL NETWORKING websites but I have nothing nice to say about them. The Advertisment should read...Hi are you a lonely depressed individual with no joy in your life? Look no further than CherryTap where you can meet someone who is MORE dysfunctional than you. However the other people don't realize it because they are dysfunctional as well!! So Heres some prozac people.. take a Pill cuz remember Here at CHERRYTAP we put the FUN In DysFUNctional!! Oh yea...I aint done... BTW don't take offense...its not like anyone reads this shit anyhow!!!And I am being Facetious...UHOH Big word!!!
Please Pray For Me-part 2
TheRH (not feeling well)@ CherryTAP I regret to inform something bad happened. As you may or have not known I have gone 11 months almost a year without being the hospital. Well this stopped at 6:20 PM CST wednesday night. I had a mild seizure and have re-injured my back. The take the level for the anti- seize med, and the results came back with a .2, that is not good. The level of anti seize med that I take is rated on points low to high. Then normal range is 5-15, mine was a .2, yes that is right. I will be seeing my neurologist as soon as I can, and also have some x rays done on my back to see what's up. The did a cat scan on my head, and hopefully nothing new shows, that would be bad. I asking for blessing and prayers on me getting better. I will keep ct on, but only to see my messages, for I will be relaxing for the next few days or so. Thanks Please rate and coment.
Random Things About Me...again
I will never make american Idol Gotta love people who video you when u are wearing your ipod and have no idea that you are singing outloud!!
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