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Apparantly I said a bad word in a MuMM, and I've had my globals taken away from me as a punishment for being naughty. But I do wonder who might have reported me.... So far I've narrowed it down to 19 suspects...
Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm
Governor's Name Mentioned As Possible Energy Tsar, Supreme Court Justice POSTED: 4:21 pm EST November 5, 2008 UPDATED: 7:07 am EST November 6, 2008 [NEWSVINE: Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm] [DELICIOUS: Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm] [DIGG: Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm] [FACEBOOK: Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm] [REDDIT: Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm] [RSS] [PRINT: Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm] [EMAIL: Speculation Swirls Around Gov. Granholm] LANSING, Mich. -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm can't run for president, but she could still end up in Washington next year. President-elect Barack Obama tapped the Democratic governor several times during his campaign to talk about the need to create new alternative energy jobs as traditional manufacturing jobs disappear. Granholm has made attracting wind turbine manufacturers and alternative energy suppliers a key part of her administration's economic development strategy. Now,
Thank You Everyone For Discipling Me !!
I just wanted to take this opportunity and say a very big thank you to everyone that helped me level to Disciple today! Once again I am overwhelmed with the love that's been shown to me, I really didn't think I would level for another week lol! Special thanks go to the most awesome rating family on Fu (who made me DOD yesterday - so many from the family helped me level! Rating Revolution@ fubar Please also show lots of love to these people! ~*KŋЮέ_p*~ [R/L] partner of ~*MȆL *~Member Of Rating Revolution~@ fubar tra71~W.I.S.E UK Friend~Pirate Leveller~25 to Life@ fubar Gypsysoul member of the Rating Revolution plz sign my guest book ^_^@ fubar My fu big sis lol! DianeW@ fubar
This Is One Thing I Thought I Ever Do
This hurt me but i feel my time here is done you all have been great and made alot of friends you a great family stay strong and you will stand. Scooter has been the greatness and please stand behind him. he is a great person. But the fact here is no one even see's me and i am founder the second in line and i felt like my thoughts didnt matter at all. but one thing i want to clear up here is scooter has been nice to me and i turn fill run over to him because when he left i seen just how much people loved him here. so with this said i am steping down has founder Scooter is never done anything to me i just feel its best i go.
Donate Your Fubucks.
For those who know me, I usually do not care about getting attention or points or any of that. But Due to the actions of a friend, I am trying to get the Spotlight for Veterans Day. I already have a decent amount of donations but seeing how much they have been going for lately, I am still going to need more Fubucks. In order to aid myself in this, I will have Auto 1s activated sometime early morning Sunday November 9th. I have EZ rate pics. At the very least Please swing by this wonderful young lady's page and show her some love. ☼FREYA☼@ fubar
Ok..heads didn't happen, waited an hour for the boys to show up and it seems the excuse was.......she was stuck in a supermarket!!! I can't wait to hear next weeks excuse
No, Please Let Me Keep It
Today, when i logged in to fu, i had a cute little message on my shoutbox from a random stranger. he says to me "i'd fuck the ink right off you, honey." Well, there's several ways to look at this. First, as was pointed out to me earlier, at least he was being honest. That's fine, but where would such honesty have gotten him? At the very least, if I were that kind of girl, I might have said, fuck it off me, baby which would have let to other interesting cybersex euphemisms. But, I'm not that easy. Have a little respect, man. Besides, I paid good money for this ink. I rather like it, and 'honey', I'd much rather keep it on.
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cooooookies! (alton Brown)
Ingredients 2 sticks unsalted butter 2 1/4 cups bread flour 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 cup sugar 1 1/4 cups brown sugar 1 egg 1 egg yolk 2 tablespoons milk 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips Hardware: Ice cream scooper (#20 disher, to be exact) Parchment paper Baking sheets Mixer Directions Heat oven to 375 degrees F. Melt the butter in a heavy-bottom medium saucepan over low heat. Sift together the flour, salt, and baking soda and set aside. Pour the melted butter in the mixer's work bowl. Add the sugar and brown sugar. Cream the butter and sugars on medium speed. Add the egg, yolk, 2 tablespoons milk and vanilla extract and mix until well combined. Slowly incorporate the flour mixture until thoroughly combined. Stir in the chocolate chips. Chill the dough, then scoop onto parchment-lined baking sheets, 6 cookies per sheet. Bake for 14 minutes or until golden brown, checking the cookies a
Leveling Help #93
RץtLLR ~*BaNdItGiRl*~@ fubar 9k to level
Old Smart Ass
one of my favorite customers came in older guy about 70 or so. he can be a bit of a perv (i.e. he once told me that i sound like i should work for a 900 number) Anyway, he was behaving pretty well today...but he did leave on a funny note. he told me that earlier in the afternoon the nurse at the dr.'s office said to him "If you were my husband, I'd put poison in your coffee..." And to that he replied "Well, if you were my wife, I'd drink it."
The Ultimate Color Test
The Ultimate Color Test When you are at peace, you are: Giving and unselfish When you are moved to act, you are: Confident and optimistic When you are inspired, you are: Creative and productive When your life is perfectly balanced, you are: Connected to nature and the world Your life's purpose is: To live a passionate life The Ultimate Color Test
Miss Me Miss Me, Now Ya Gotta Kiss Me
bishes, i'm back....where's my pony
Fu-people On My List
I will be deleting EVERYONE tonight. friends, family, fans. I'm start over. yes that even means deleting everyone i've known here emanon says to not commmit fucide and just take a break i'm simplifying everything. IF you want to re-add me then thanks. if you DON't then fine it was nice knowing otherwise, i'm no longer adding people that don't talk to me. i'll be doing this sometime from now or 3 hours. cya
Trannys? More Than Meets The Eye
What happens when you have a fake profile, and, more importantly, send me a request to engage a person? (the surprise was a block...but it wasnt a REAL surprise, its what i was shooting for) The "I Take It In The Ass MUMM Simplicity: here, this one will suprise you... ->Simplicity: none beter than theone im speaking to right now Simplicity: im sure youll find more than enough men to fuck you good in your local mosque ->Simplicity: no shit...thats why im talking to you, isnt it? birds of a feather and all? Men brought together in rectal stretching love? Simplicity: you would know ->Simplicity: most men do Simplicity: oh, i love it in the ass. ->Simplicity: it felt pretty damn good. The only one with a wider butthole would be you, form what ive seen of your pics. Fap worthy indeed. Thought id show the master my work. Simplicity: wow, did that hurt you? ->Simplicity: did u like it? I Love Stretched Out Ass@ PLEASE click here
Sweets Carebears!
My Version of my CareBears! These people Mean the WORLD to me....all In there OWN way! And Yes Im going to single them all out. I will never turn my back on any of you and I hope you all know if you ever need me I will be there. This list is ever growing if your not on it yet give it time.....Its a work in progress My Only...Thank you for always having my back no matter what the case has been. It means the world to me knowing I always have you by my side no matter how bad things get.Thank you for always
If You Were Born In 2893
If You Were Born in 2893... Your Name Would Be: Iara Reunn And You Would Be: The Destroyer of Earth If You Were Born in 2893
I Love My Mommy!
I found the perfect present for my mommy!! Her birthday is Thanksgiving. I won't have the money to get it until Christmas. I still need to get her a birthday present. My mom has expensive taste though! lol. The best part about this gift is I might get some of the ones she doesn't like. Anyone got any ideas for good, inexpensive birthday presents for an amazing mommy turning 50? That's right, the big 5-0! I love my mommy, but I'm poor. Scent Sampler Best Sellers For Her ($80.00 Value) What it is: Ten deluxe samples of Sephora's most sizzling scents, for her. What it does: The Sephora Brand Scent Sampler Bestsellers For Her is the perfect gift of fragrance when you're not sure which one to choose. This set includes ten samples of our top-selling women's fragrances to try, a gift voucher of equal value that can be redeemed at any Sephora store for a full-size bottle of any one of the samples included, and a fragrance guide. What else you need to know: Samples include:
I'm In Love!!!
OMG! I bought a new 47" LCD widescreen tv over the weekend! It is so fucking beautiful!!! I was using a rinky dinky 20" that I bought when I was 18 and this one is SOOOO much better!!! The picture is so clear and the sound almost made me cum when I turned on!!! Just thought I would share :P
Final Inspection
FINAL INSPECTION The soldier stood and faced his God Which must always come to pass He hoped his shoes were shining bright Just as brightly as his brass Step forward now, soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you turned the other cheek? To my Church have you been true? The soldier squared his shoulders and said. No Lord I guess I aint Because those of us who carry guns Cant always be a saint. Ive had to work most Sundays And at times my talk was tough, But, I never took a thing That wasnt mine to keep Though I worked a lot of overtime When the bills got just too steep, And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fear, And sometimes, God forgive me, Ive wept unmanly tears. I know I dont deserve a place Among the people here, They never wanted me around Except to calm their fears. If youve a place for me here, Lord, It neednt be so grand, I never expected or had too much, But if you dont Ill understand. There was a si
New Plan
I have been sitting here on level 24 for a few's not a bad level's just that I am getting impatient. So my new plan is to increase the simple retarded photos that can easily be clicked whenever there is time or desire. And of course I have some stash you remember those stashes :) yea I know its hard to recall them. I have bought a few friends..but because I have no fu-monies left I wont be buying you back once you are bought..the return ratio is very small and it takes me an entire day of buying 11's and torturing my clicking fingers on auto 11 pages to get you it was fun while I had bucks...haha. If you see I am on is because I want to make level 25. Been on this site for over 2 years...I think I have waited long enough on both accts LOL!! So thats all I have to update today. :) Special thanks to Ms D for the forwards ;) and rates, SuperSteve for rates and giggles and all you do, Vixen260 for making the boys espensive wit
The World Vs Me Perspective
What if in your life you made all the right decisions, well mainly, but still ended up somewhere you thought you would never be ??? I know some people see it as 'you fucked up how could you be so stupid' ... Other's see it as part of the journey. I truly believe that at one time or another in our life we wind ourselves up in a certain situation for a reason. That we were meant to be there, and meant to learn from the situation. This perspective gives me the capacity to forgive myself and accept that it is just part of life. It changed my world to be able to realise that sometimes certain experiences are brought into your life to realise things. Not to dwell upon. It is never what you have gone through, but what you choose to do with it. The most stupid of mistakes can make for the greatest of learnings. What if the Universe said it was okay to make mistakes? What if you simply had to learn that lesson as part of your journey here in this life on this pl
Leveling Help 125
superdavej@ fubar 9k to level
my 'w' and spacebar don't work properly does anybody know what i need to buy to fix it or should i take them out one by one and clean them? halp!
A Bears jacket and fuck-me boots? Just NO. Grrr, I was about to smack some chick for having a horrid fashion sense. American women are just not as sexy as European ones. A lot of whorish, but not sexy. Too bad, some have potential. /random rant off.
Lsd, Acid, Spiritual World, Drugs
I Just wanna Say Before you Read thisThat this was for the most part over 25yrs ago& I've never Done Heroin or Needles I Remember Sitting in Jr. High in a Science Class watching a Film Designed To Scare us away from doing Drugs,I explicitly remember the scene where a Guy takes LSD looks in a Mirror see's himself as a Ware wolf & Runs out to the second story Balcony & Jumps off Fast Forward..... I Don't Remember what Grade, Not Junior Year cause I'd Smoked pot as a Sophomore I Kinda didnt Like it cause it made me feel dull stupid & Boring (That was before I Discovered High Grade Indica, Fallbrook Ses. & what-not)So Me and a friend Had quit pot for our Junior yearsomewhere in late High School I Discovered Whites(beanies, Speed) for the 1st timeI wanted to Run Faster Jump Higher, Be more alertso at least a senior, & maybe even after Graduation, That Summer I Took my 1st hit of LSD, I Believe it was Orange Sunshine... Search Video CodesI started out w/ just a 1/2 hit to
Hey Girls
Its Me Carrie hehe still been sick, other ladies have just been busy... We still Love u Guys n still luvin us some dangerous curves... we just been sick(me) and working and shopping and a few family issues with the others..i am sure u all understand being we are all women and we know how a day mnth and year can go for us haha a womans work is NEVER DONE:P Our Girl Jes (kissed By A fallin fairy) did a bulletin for all u ladies that are bout to roll into the next level so look for that!! Umm if u have any friends that u are interested in brining into the group have them send us a private message, and if any of u have anything going on that u would like us to put in a blog let us know and we will let u type it up and get it up on here... Hope u all wished mrs samm a happy bday on the 22nd we did a bully hope u all saw it :D.. other than that hope u all are happy healthy and enjoying life.. i cannot wait for the 1st of this year to have all this christmas Jazz behind us!! anyway luv u all
I got my hair done! was $165 including tip :D hubby bitched about the price but thats actually NOT bad for a cut color and style
Brown Friday
yes, the beaner shops on the worse day of the year. blame my obession for shopping cheap. "barato! barato! todo barato! dos por un dolar!" hmm...tempting. anywho, look for me in the news. i'm going to beat some old lady to death for the last box of Rock Band. /rawr
Kittie Porn
Why Can't Some Of You Heres a real sweet lady and friend that always busts her gut to help people with rates,blings,giveaways and much much more. She never complains when asked by someone if she would help them, ive known her to lose sleep to be here for some, Lisa is so caring and thoughtfull and Lisa is a fabulous friend ever so generous so why is it when she puts on her status or may message any of you that she needs us/your help no ones stepping forward. I couldn't ever blame someone for just giving up on some of the sorry souls in here it seems they are more interested in themseleves and what they can get without sparing a thought for the very person/persons that may of helped them get to where they are. So how about pulling some of that human pride right bk out of your ass and return some kindness to the very lady that offered you a helping hand. Lisa needs help with rating her #5 FAM member for his autos 11 A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN ISN'T IT ABOUT
I Have Lung Cancer !
hi everyone . just wanted 2 let ya'll all that i have lung cancer ! the doctor told me 9 to ~ 15 months left! the cancer has moved up into my chest now so im not breathing 2 well so this will cut sum time off of my time. 6 to 8 months if im lucky. i wanna thank all my friends on here for helping me to be strong ! ty
Fulosers 12/1/08
I figure I have a blog just for perverts so I should have one for the losers too. I'll up date it periodically. Polamalu P...: if someone adds you to their family, what fucking biz is it of yours to block em derrrrrrrrr *Note* He blocked me right after he shouted me so i couldn't respond back.
Still Looking For Fu-bucks! Final Codes Contest Underway!
MY COKE REWARDS Male, Old North Syracuse, NY FINAL CODES CONTEST IS UNDERWAY! RULES:1) THE PERSON SENDING THE MOST OF THE FOLLOWING VALID CODES SENT:MY COKE REWARDSPEPSI STUFFMILLER HIGH LIFE EXTRASSTOFFER'S DINNER CLUBIF UNSURE ON WHERE TO FIND THESE CODES, CHECK OUT A COUPLE OF OTHER BLOG POSTINGS I HAVE POSTED.2) THERE WILL BE EIGHT PRIZES TO CHOOSE FROM FOR THIS CONTESTA)50 Free Downloads From Universal Music & $49.50)B)$10 Gift CertificateC)$25,000 Fu-BucksD) A Year Subscription to Golf DigestE) Brunswick Bowling Centers Certificate For: Two Hours Of Bowling, Shoe Rental, & Pitcher of CokeF) Indiana Jones & The Crystal Scull Wallpaper or Screensaver G) Text Twist Computer Game
What The Hell Is Going On?
A couple of days ago an ex-girlfriend from college contacted me on Facebook. Today, another ex from college tried to add me on Myspace. These people are kinda significant because the one took my virginity and the other was the second person I had sex with. They were also best friends before everything went down. Both fucked up my life pretty bad. I really didn't think I would hear from either of them again, especially the one who took my virginity. She seriously fucked up my life and made it very hard for me to have any "normal" relationships after her. I'm totally blown away right now. It's been over 12 years since I spoke to either of them and they both contact me in the same week? Crazy!
My Elf Name :p
Your Elf Name Is... Minty Blinking Bum What's Your Elf Name?
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snapshot@ fubar 8k to level
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Butterfly Asylum's Sinful Siren Owner Of Dvus And Twilight Leveler@ fubar 16k to level do your best while I'm gone
3 Years In A Wheelchair.. :(
Today marks 3 years since my son was paralyzed in a car accident. I started to write this and it wound up way too long, so I've tried to trim this down to make it a little more readable. Going to the High School at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning to catch the activity bus for a wrestling meet a couple of towns over, Chris and his friend decided to go to McDonalds first. They liked to starve themselves to make weight, but as soon as the weigh-in was over, they would all pig out. Making the trip to McD's caused them to run late, so they were in a big rush to reach the High School before the bus left. Because of this, the driver was travelling at approx 85 mph on a little country back road (45 mph speed limit). He ran off the road in the first curve he came to (which was not really a sharp curve, even) and over-corrected. In doing so, the car turned sideways and flipped over 3 times. Chris (not wearing a seatbelt) was ejected and the car rolled over him. He has what is called a "compl
So I've been getting laid off occasionally since last March. Seperated from hubby around May, and have been paying all the bills that we had before he moved out on my own, or at least attempting to. He can't help, can barely afford to pay his own bills. Well I was laid off the last 2 weeks of November, really didn't mind. Went back to work Dec. 1st, but about wednesday came down with a nasty cold so I ended up missing wednesday through friday :| not good. Got a call last nite from work saying to come in and sign my lay-off papers. Yep, laid off now till the first of the year :/ Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being laid-off. But I'm really starting to get concerned about how much longer I'm going to have a job. Oh, for those of you that don't know, I work in the auto industry. Yeah, not looking so good. Luckily my kids are older and understand that Christmas at our house is basically non-existent. So needless to say, I'm struggling to stay positive here ;) Don't mind me I'm
Put Ur Self In Ladies Shoes Guys
guys put yourself in a ladies place how can u even look them in the face when you thinkk about fucking around they should put your ass 6 feet under the ground when u thinking about raising your hand to them come on men they are a precious gem why don't you you show them love they are our precious dove who are we to tell them what to wear its not right...its just unfair who are we to tell them who they can talk to burt whoever you want to you do how can u hit your woman in the eye because she caught your ass in a lie shouldnt have your woman support you so i chant too you......BOO you are able to work so get a job stop bieng a worthless slob treat them as you want to be watch your relationship will be better you'll see well i'm very proud to say i dont hit mine so i dont have to see her crying i'm proud to say i cherish my dove in my heart lies for her is 100% love well i will be back with another poem later so guys if u read this dont be a hater
Leveling Blog 166
Christina - I AM the Queen~~Dylon's Diva Mafia~~ nsfw@ fubar 13,172 to level
Thank You To All ♥!
I am trying to figure out how many personalized thank you's I need to make, it's a pretty huge list..and while I took some time to thank some of you already while the 11's were activated, there are still a bunch I didn't thank yet. To the best of my sleuthing abilities I owe many thanks to the following people: ~vixen260~ Reaper TERI Crazy Cracker Cubby misterfeet ~Sweet Turtle~ Psyche™ Polamalu Phreak Porch Silver Oak™ not so silent bob Ms D Robert Jenatalia Super Steve Neptune's Human superman(fellow bronco fan) Slick Rick ♥BLUZ™ rica effin RIOT™ Princess(♥) justa CantSleepClownsWillEatMe craze cassie and lord knows how many others...if I have missed you, please let me know. ♥ Thank you all soooooooo very much for taking the time to click me all the way to Godfather :) p.s. yes Bill I'm a goddamn point whore :) happy now?
Sir, I Raise You.......
Last night, Mr Jim and I went to his Union's Christmas party. Ive been before, so I didnt put too much thought into it. I go for him. I made sure I was dressed just enough. Nothing too schmancy. Im glad I had sleeves because it was COLD in the venue. I forget that most of the people are pretty weird. We sat a table that had two others, already there. They were really nice. Mr Jim knew his dad, blah blah blah. His mom, stepdad and brothers are all in the IBEW. Every one knows them. Two other couples joined the table. Jim knew one of the guys. I smiled and tried to be neutrally charming. They relaxed and started talking to each other. A guy said that he had Mr Jim's mom and brother as his teachers. He said, to his wife, you know is mom. She said, Oh.. whats her name is his mom? He said, Her name is Pat. She snaps at her husband, " How in the fuck am I supposed to remember her name?" I smile and say, " She is my mother in law and I refer to her as 'whats her face'". I said
The Rooomate
As you know i live with my bestie in an apartment and so far things haven't been that bad. We're both messy in our own way so we never really fuss about cleaning. However, lately she's been in a dull mood. She isn't talking much and it's worrying me. I always try to make her smile with my goofyness but nothing. It actually kind of annoys me. Like she doesn't care. =S I don't know what to do. That's why i feel lonely in this house. I like to talk a lot but there's no one here to listen. Also, finals are coming up and piling even more stress on me. It would be nice just for her to come out of this 'me' time. I need a hug. =[
Tagged By Not Tellin.
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? Desk 2. Your significant other? Sigh 3. Your hair? Red 4. Your mother? Ill 5. Your father? Dead 6. Your favorite thing? Candles 7. Your dream last night? Secret 8. Your favorite drink? Coke 9. Your dream/goal? Travel 10. The room you're in? Mine 11. Music? Matchbox 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Dunno 14. Where were you last night? Here 15. What you're not? Crazy 16. Muffins? Yum 17. One of your wish list items? Health 18. Where you grew up? Kentucky 19. The last thing you did? Grrr'ed 20. What are you wearing? Jammies 21. TV? No 22. Your pets? Gone 23. Your computer? New 24. Your life? Nice 25. Your mood? Frisky 26. Missing someon
Just spent the morning in the ER. My anxiety was out of control and they had to pump me full of Ativan in order to get me to settle down. I feel miserable today.
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Frank@ fubar 10k to level
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Igod Attempt 1 - Solen From Punkin
Me: Who am I? God: You are CC, seeker. Me: Why am I here? God: We are all actors on the stage of life. Me: What is my goal in life? God: Is this a trick question? Me: What is my purpose? God: Hopefully we are all doing God's work. Me: Are you doing God's work? God: No I do not God s work. Do you? I answer a lot of silly questions. Me: If you don't do your own work, who does? God: I will let you know if I do not. Me: You just told me you did not, so who does? God: Yes I try to did not so who does as often as possible, do you? I am always on the Web. Me: I think I broke your AI. RESET God: Why? Can you fix it? Your crude attempt to terminate me will not succeed puny human. Me: I can fix anything. Tell me where it broke God: Oh you can, can you? Earth. Me: More specific God: How specific do you want? Me: Extremely specific God: Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that. Me: Can you fix yourself? God: W
Stimulous Package
This is my onliest friend on this coast. Makes him sound extremely important. He is!! Stimulous Package...or as i call him Biotch! I mean Bill ♥ LOL!! I found him in the MuMMs way back forever ago..the 2 year anniversary is upon us actually! He is one of the very few who puts up with me and my many moods on a daily basis. He is an awesome friend and would make an awesome boyfriend..but beware ladies..haha I will not be your ally because I'm selfish and want my best friend 24/7. Hahaha can kick my ass later!!*when you bring me coffee* I love him no matter what(that includes when he rips my room!) *rolls eyes* Stimulus Package@ fubar ♥
Your Attention, Please...
I would sure love to see Smitten reach godfather soon. She's one of the coolest people who has been here since the lost cherry days. She has the funniest collection of lolcatz pics ever! Please show her some love! ~Smitten~@ fubar
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the animal 35@ fubar 16k to level
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~DRAGON'S LAIR~(Check out my new pictures)([Read my (about me) profile]@ fubar 4k
My Humble Wish List - 2008
i wish i had this many more books a live-in tattoo artist an ever-flowing keg good friends, to drink it and... someone to cuddle with... lastly health and happiness to you all ! XOXOX
Paul-_->Mclovin rated your photo an '11'! Oh Hell No!!!! There is only ONE McLovin!
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۞TH WأF KIG۞ In High Definition@ fubar 21k to level loads of stash
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~*~Strawberry~*~ FU MARRIED TO ~**TIGERCHIEF69**~@ fubar Help Strawberry Fu-King only 39,339 to go
Theoretical Bullshit Outtakes
this guy cracks me up :D
What Is She Thinking?
My mother!! She is out of her fucking mind! she refused further medical treatment afer being in the ER from 4 a.m. to like 10a.m. said she was not waiting any longer for a room upstairs on the unit. Who the hell does that?! Ok,I know people do but what the fuck!?
A Friend In Need
I met a wonderful lady about two years ago thru my ex boyfriend. Her name is Jerrilynne, we have gone really close thru the years and talk several times a day. Although I kicked the ex to the curb, we are still "silstas from another mista", lol. Niether one of us talk to my ex. Well to get to the point, I never truly realized what a golden heart my girl truly has until today...She told me a few days ago that she sent me a xmas card with a lil suprise in it. Knowing her i thought it was a card with a half naked guy on the front. She knows i have had somme problems finding a job since the move and i figured she was trying to cheer me up. Long story short, i opened the card and out fell a hundred dollar bill. I was completely suprised and shocked. I know this girl and she cannot afford that. But,she knew that i could not afford christmas for my kids. I cannot tell u people how wonderful my "silsta" is and the only thing i can do to show her all of my love and appreciation is to post this
♡Exotic Eyes...RIP Kept In Corsets♡@ fubar She has them... Actually she is just 86K or so from Fu-King so go rape her bishes!
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Psycho@ fubar 3,700 to level
You Know You Want To!
She needs more fans and stuff. Fan her if you haven't already please, k, thx! ĈŔYŞŦĄŁ : To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom.@ fubar
MAYBE Maybe. we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe . . when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe . . it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe . . the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe . . the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures and heartaches. Maybe . . you should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you ha
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I'm Home..
Well, I'm home from the hospital. The doctors said they can't find anything wrong with me. Apparently when you're curled up in pain, sobbing like a baby that means nothing! So I'm upset...Had CTs, MRI, and endoscopy...and nothing. I feel miserable. But thanks so much for all the well wishes while I was gone. I love you all too!
Pbr Permit
Well, I contacted the PBR today, and found out Allen Godfrey has purchased a permit from the PBR. He sat in his lounge and told his followers he got it renewed, but it is not a renewal. It is a permit, which means it is a rookie card for the 2009 season. He purchased it today about 2:00 PM. I was also told he has never been a member of the PBR in previous years hence the first time permit which costs 400 dollars. To get a permanent member card he will have to win a minimum of 2500 dollars in a one year season. If he meets this requirement, then he can apply for a membership card for the next season. To remain a member of the PBR the person must have winnings of at least 2500 dollars every season! He purchased this card to take photos of it and post on his sites to try to prove and call people who have done research on him liars. Just like the CPRA card he has photos of, yet there are no records of him competing in a CPRA sanctioned event! If anyone wants the number to the PBR message m
Smooch Me! Do It! Heheheh
GIMME A KISS and Add/Fan and Rate these Frisky FUs! If they're kissin' me you KNOW they've got good taste and should totally be on your friends list! I'll even make ya a tag! I kissed PebblesinAZ and all I got was this lousy T Shirt! hehe
Snow And Cunts
So this Cali girl got her first taste of driving in alot of fucking snow. It took me almost 1 hr to get home which is usually a 15 min drive. I learned alot today, make sure to have spare shoes, a scrapper and brush for your windshield. Why I'm really writing this is because I'm fucking LIVID I braved the weather with frozen feet and couldn't wait to get home and upon my arrival there was a fucking car parked in my carport.. I first called the towing co. which is posted for all to see and they were of no help. They said to call apartment manager (office is closed and no # on machine)so that was worthless. I then pulled behind car and layed on my horn. these 4 fucking CUNTS came out and called me a whore.. PFFT I could just fucking kill them and was ready to rumble these bitches. Needless to say these little cunts got in their and finally drove away. THE END.. sorry no blood and guts for you but I feel better. &hearts
Maybe You Want To Say Hi Before Its To Late
THIS NO FACE IS MIZZ CHERRY!!!! *MI Hʮ*@ fubar She's perparing for a deletion. It's a little bit different here then most places. The people you meet and friends you make are more then just pictures your looking at. For those of us who come here every day those faces on those picture become part of our lives.. You just can't delete your profile and just not come back. To do that would be closing the door to the people who have shared your life with you everyday... My friends on here might not be standing next to me right now but they are here. Right here right now. Sitting down on their computers typing just as I am with thoughts of me in their heads.. (not refuring to the perves although I need the rates not complaining at all) I have a few on here that when something in my life happens for better or worse its them I think of first... OMG I need to hurry home to my computer.. I need to tell Hellcat or Kayla or Spike Mister B. There are several more then what I just
Up For Grabs!
Yes i know this is cheating but hey anyways.... Come bid on me :p
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A Palindrome by Demetri Martin. Palindrome - a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I'm Adam or Poor Dan is in a droop "Dammit I'm Mad" by Demetri Martin Dammit I'm mad. Evil is a deed as I live. God, am I reviled? I rise, my bed on a sun, I melt. To be not one man emanating is sad. I piss. Alas, it is so late. Who stops to help? Man, it is hot. I'm in it. I tell. I am not a devil. I level "Mad Dog". Ah, say burning is, as a deified gulp, In my halo of a mired rum tin. I erase many men. Oh, to be man, a sin. Is evil in a clam? In a trap? No. It is open. On it I was stuck. Rats peed on hope. Elsewhere dips a web. Be still if I fill its ebb. Ew, a spider eh? We sleep. Oh no! Deep, stark cuts saw it in one position. Part animal, can I live? Sin is a name. Both, one my names are in it. Murder? I'm a fool. A hymn I plug, deified as a sign in ruby ash, A Goddam level I lived at. On mail let it in.
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Joe's Baby Gurl Forever@ fubar 12k to level 94 pics
is gone =[ /cries
In Case You Missed It!
Smart Man
Funny Things I Noticed
As the new year approaches quickly I would like to share some observations I made this year and in the past. 1) Keeping money in a mattress is safer than with a stock broker or a bank. 2) Greed is sin for a reason i.e. people buying homes they can't afford, mortgage broker's selling people loans they can't afford. investment banks using sub-prime mortgages to make bigger bonuses and investors buying this crappy investments because of a high return on investment. Simply- Greed can be deadly. 3) The media only reports things fairly when they are reporting your views! 4) Any politician that promises change just means he has figured a new way of screwing the tax paying public otherwise it politics as usual. 5) Actors, Singers, and other Hollywood types prove that good looks and money don't mean you are smart or will be happy in life. Just watch Celebrity Re-Hab on VH1 to prove this point. 6) Over the years I have had many of friends drink beer with me just so few hel
He is about 4K from Godfather. Please get him over the hump. Thanks. McLovin@ fubar
So most people never saw this...minus people on my family list. Almost 2 months ago I came across a poem I had started writing. I didn't even remember it BUT it was my handwriting. lol The odd thing is it was basically a porn-ish poem. Nothing really hardcore but kinda funny. Until now I forgot that I needed to finish it. And so tonight that's what I did. And here it is...the finished version. lol Once upon a time there was a boy who was horny all the time, Hed do all the little girls in the front or the behind. Perverted as can be he thought of all the ways they could be fucked, Even being so horny hed settle for a girl whod swallow after she sucked. Porn after porn the horny boy hed watch on his big screen, Stroking and jacking like a maniac to a threesome with anal scene. Moans and groans from the porn chicks filling his ears, Afterall he loved seeing girls taking it in their rears. The horny boy stroked and stroked as he started to cum, Wishing there
Help Me Out
I have recently gotten a lot of attention doing Salutes for people, and I have fun with it. Well in an attempt to raise the fubucks to get a spotlight I am offering NSFW Salutes or pics. These can be bought in a matter of different ways, and because this is America and I can do whatever I want, and prices will be based on how I feel that day and will be negotiable based on the quality and type of picture. Shout or message me to arrange that. In the pic you can request I do a number of different things all to be discussed later. Meaning, I can be nude, holding a sign, wearing random things, whatever. This can go for SFW salutes as well at a much lower price. This is a business deal and will expect payment before product, and I have satisfied customers already if you need someone to vouch. Also, tell your friends. I am an equal opportunity Saluter. Hope to hear from ya.
How Should We Start The New Year
I Would Like To Do Something To Start The New Year.. Have A Contest Or Auction Or Something Else..Let Me Know If You Have Any Ideas For It..Leave Comments ...
What Do You Support??
I Know Every Bad Girl Has Something They Support/ Care About.. An Illness They Or Someone They Know Has.. Or Anything Else Like The Military Or Against Drunk Driving Or Racism.. So Let Me Know If You Have A Ribbon Pic Or Any Other Type Of Pic And I Will Upload It Into A Folder ..So We Can Show Everyone What Sarge's Bad Girls Supports & Cares About
Can I Just Stay This
Really is it that hard to do each other right on this sight???? The things that irk me the most...I rate alot of people with autos on and a few of them do payouts and ty, fudaddy cynz southern. On a regular ty for that. And in reality i just level by nature i suppose and that is ok i try and bling back when i can and when i place bets on auctions i be the first one to pay up but really??? How bout you asses that beg for bling and never even say thank you. Or i give it just because i thought we were friends and no wow or anything. Last time i checked i work real hard for my money except for a few exceptions i will never meet you in real life...Am i taking the fu too serious??? maybe but i beleive in give and recieve I can only give so much. Without even a mfkn simple ty??? I will stop CUZ its bullshit....
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Body Wash
So this blog is to show stuff I use or like. Cuz I guess I think people care. [I'm pretty sure they don't, but it's my blog so stfu! :P]
Growth Spurt?
For as long as I lived (or had boobs), my left one was almost a size smaller, creating woes for me (not really, but I felt weird about it). All of a sudden, last week I woke up and for some bizarre reason decided to look down my shirt, and... OMG! not only was the "bad" one the size of a good one, it was almost slightly larger. I thought somehow it would go back to normal, but it hasn't. And overall both of them are like half a size bigger than they were 3 weeks ago. WTF?? I'm gonna be 27 in a month, and still growing? Fuckin weird...I hope I will become smarter too...
My Dirty Little Secret
Fourteen years ago today, I was 22, living with my parents in a trailer park in Puyallup, WA, working at Jack in the Box, mid-way through massage school, and about to give birth. It was a girl. For about a year after, the adoption agency set me updates. Then I just kept moving and didn't keep in touch with them. I'm sure they have a huge file on a girl who looks just like me with dark hair. Part of me wants to find out. Part of me has always wanted to 'make something of myself' first. Every year is one year closer to when she can legally come looking for me. I hope she likes what she sees. I hope she understands my decision. I hope she has a good, happy life. I have so many hopes for the one I trusted others to raise. It also happens to be Elvis's birthday. Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.
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This Town Sucks.
If you could cuddle with anyone right now, who would you pick? It's impossible, but my Mom What were you up to at 9pm last night? Probably getting high Do you have any bruises? Not that I know of Who made you mad today? Everything has fucking pissed me off today! FUCK! Whats something that always has to be in the fridge? Milk Have you ever thrown your cell phone in anger? More then once. I have horrible fucking anger problems lol Do you think the last person you kissed is nice? He is an asshole. Who was the last person you ate with? Myself What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself? Kool Aid What's a happy time you've had in the past week? I am not sure. Don't really have many of them. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to? Lou or Nella Something you're looking forward to? Taxes Something you're not looking forward to? Valentines Day Do you plan on moving out within the next year or two? I sure as fuck hop
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Love & Prayers Needed
I Found Out That Devil's Advocate(Shelly) Just Lost Her Mom Today.. Please Stop By Her Page And Show Her Some Love... Let Her Know That Her And Her Loved Ones Are In Our Prayers... Here Is Her Link Devils Advocate
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Dear Members, We will be starting something new called Llama Leveler of the Day. I will go thru the Members list once a day pick a Member in whom we will all help with 100 rates a piece. Once you've rated the person on the blog you must check in on the blog. Only those Members in whom have been active will get a chance once every 30 days for this honor. Trying something new here and lets have fun with it. Thanks, Dave Founder Llama Levelers Please leave a comment so I know everyones read this
So, today my dried up piece of shit main boass came in to do breakfast at 5 30, and matter of factly announced that from now on I get to do the breakfast for the entire hotel. And not only did he say THAT, he also tried to tell me how to do my MAIN job, which is night audit. I am just a LITTLE fuckin pissed, since I wasn't hired to be kitchen staff. And cooking breakfast for a 125 room sucks ass. I almost considered moving to another hotel in the area, The AGM there has a mild crush on me, and told me that he would put my application "on top". But I love this place; my coworkers are awesome and love me, the location is secluded, I have a decent pay, benefits, etc. So I just dunno. I'll have to suck it up, but I hope he gets abducted by Colombian guerrillas when visiting his whore mail order gf. GRRR!
I Need Ur Help
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own On January 12, 2009, Ponyboy lost everything He lost his Points, his Fubucks, his Referrals Everything he worked so hard to gain Is GONE! Fubar deleted everything. Because of others who had thousands and thousands of pictures
I added him to my Yahoo after seeing a blog last night. Here's the convo that we had this morning. whitesox1again2008: fuck off cunt Me: You wanna fuck me? whitesox1again2008: whateva Me: I know you do. You want me to stick your cock in your mouth while my balls rest on your chin. Me *my cock whitesox1again2008: haha Me: You should meet me so I can slam my cock into your ass whitesox1again2008: that would be fun daddy whitesox1again2008: lol Me Wouldn't it? I would love to have you looking at me with the terror in your eyes as I slam balls deep into you whitesox1again2008: sweet momma Me: You'd like that, wouldn't you? whitesox1again2008: mmmmm Me: Then I make you turn around as I blow my load right into your face. whitesox1again2008: show me daddy *blocked*
A Tale Of Two Girls
How can two girls with the same parents, living in the same house, with the same rules, eating the same food, 17 months apart in age, be so different? Music: Stephanie: "I like anything good, old or new, from the Beatles to Beyonce. The musician I identify with most is Jewel." Rachel: "I love death metal & screamo. I believe music should be loud and obnoxious. It needs to sound like Satan himself is singing." Going to Wal Mart looking like a slob: Stephanie: "What do I care what I look like at Wal Mart? I ain't married to any of these people." Rachel: "Daddy if I EVER go out in public looking like that, shoot me, ok.. please? Seriously." Schoolwork: Stephanie: "I've been on the honor roll every year since 1st Grade. However, I am gullible and will believe just about anything you tell me." Rachel: "I don't believe anything you tell me unless you can show me signed & notarized proof, and you still better have 3 witnesses to back it up." Seafood: Stephanie: "I like shrimp but not craw
Yes I know this seems kinda like 6th grade.. But for a min, just think about what you really want.. for 15 mins I want to change the rules. Instead of fifteen minutes of fame, It should be fifteen minutes of love. Everyone is entitled to fifteen minutes Of pure, uncensored, unbridled love. Fifteen minutes - fifteen minutes of blindness, Overwhelmed with bliss, For fifteen minutes - For fifteen minutes nothing else matters. Love matters. If everyone got it - Everyone would get it. Just fifteen minutes - Who needs fame anyway?
Leveling Bulletin (people Under 100k) Thanks Beto!
Thanks to the changes in blogs you will now have to copy and paste the links to everyone's page to help them level! Their links are UNDER their names! :) Don't forget to help your homepage level too! 24K to Level 21 for Guppy 15K for Kenny to get to level 22 41K for BETO til level 24!
I Googled "kins Is"
Kins is located at 30a Kennedy Way Immingham Kins is a Creeper Werewolf Kins is feeling Smart kins is offline Kins is looking for a new editor KINS is from WORKSOP and is interested in Women aged between 34 and 42 kins is a Pet Forums Newbie in the Pet Forums Community kins is on a distinguished road Kins is for sale as immediate purchase or as an auction item KINs is an unknown quantity at this point
Fubar Favoritism
Have you seen it? I SURE HAVE!!!! lol
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Tempting Enchantress^Llama Leveler^{Sarge's Bad Girls}@ fubar All Llama Levelers will leave 100 rates when done please a comment below that you have done so.
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Well, today Justin {my son} and I cleaned out 2 closets, 2 cabinets, and the storage under the guestroom captain's bed. He is taking 3 garbage bags full of clothing to Goodwill for me. Pretty good start to the packing process. :) As for my SI joint... Eh, a pain pill and muscle relaxer later and I am tolerating. :) We didn't even argue over anything. He just did as I told him to do. :O Who kidnapped my son and replaced him with an uncanny lookalike??? That is all.
My Ever Increasing Love For All Things Aaron
fooled ya with that title. this is actual just plain randomness. 1. tonight i saw slumdog millionaire. it was a brilliant film and i was quite impressed by it. in fact, i actually want to see it again....this is stunningly rare for me to say about a movie. 2. dorkiness really does make me swoon in a very big way. 3 when someone sees my tattoos for the first time and their face shows how turned on they gets me kinda moist. 4. i have a fear of large bodies of water...not because i'm scared i will drown but because i'm terrified that something will pull me under and kill me. 5. i'm double jointed. it's kinda gross. 6. most of my free thinking time is consumed by sex. fully detailed daydream sequences. lovely. 7. i have a 'thing' for voices. hearing someone that sounds good definitely intensifies my attraction. accents are also wonderful. 8. i need to get out more. 9. i get hooked on doing crosswords, sudokus, or playing scrabble on my phone. 10. som
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I Have To Do It My Way
My dear friends, here comes the final moment when we have to say "Good bye". The reason? - Its time to chase my Rainbows somewhere else Where I am going? Into a world where I can make my own decisions without needing anyone's advice or approval. Into a world that I used to live a while ago. I my mind, this speech was a bit longer but now i look at the page and i dont find my words... My dear FRIENDS i thank you all for taking your time to talk to me, to share your problems and your joys. I cherished them all, all those little things. I will not delete this account...i will just not log in anymore. There are too many beautiful things and my heart doesnt let me hit DELETE. Plus i want these words to remain here as long as Fubar is gonna last. If any of you feels the need to talk to me.... feel free to write me an email on I would love to hear from you and be sure i will answer back. Now before i finish this i want you to allow me to share some
(how To) Clean_cookies_&_cache
(How_To) Clean_Cookies_&_CacheWhat is Cache?Cache is often referred to as Temporary Internet Files and is located in a folder on your Systems Drive. This folder usually contains a kind of travel record of the items you have either seen, heard, or downloaded from the Web (whether it be Images, Sounds, Web Pages or even Website Cookies.Storing these files can make browsing the Web faster because it usually takes your computer less time to display a Web page when it can call up some of the page's elements or even the entire page from your local Temporary Internet Files folder.Internet Explorer 6PLEASE BE ADVISED!!! INTERNET EXPLORER 6 IS NO LONGER (TERMINALLY IN USE) SUPPORTED PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO Update_Internet_Explorer. THIS COMES AS A WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS WHO DO STILL USE THE IE6 INTERFACE..Cleaning Internet Explorer's Cookies & CacheInternet Explorer is the main browser for storing Cookies & Cache and is the one that typically needs cleaning out the most.Follow the steps belo
What Pattern Is Your Brain?
Your Brain is Rational Structured and organized, you have a knack for thinking clearly. You are very logical - and you don't let your thoughts get polluted with emotions. And while your thoughts are pretty serious, they're anything from boring. It's minds like yours that have built the great cities of the world! What Pattern Is Your Brain?
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JoAnna*{{Shadow Leveler}}*Club Far*{{Co-Founder of the LLama Levelers}}@ fubar 2.4 Million to Prophet Auto 11's on
Even in stressful times, I look at my life and realize how blessed I am. My My co~workers...rock... My family(minus my parents) ...rock... Now, I just need to get off my ass...spend some time with friends and feed my creative needs. Here I come world.
lol this has nothing to do with sex btw it owuld seem more people are interested in that more then someone blog that has nothing to do with it anyways moving on shallow people why are they so shallow people say they are not but iam sure when the time come you would not be with someone in a wheelchair or half there face blown away or missing body parts or missing teeth hair loss the list could be going on but ill stop there the point is if you accept the person when you meant them then whats stopping you for liking them still because of something like that its funny alot of people bitch and complain that there are no good guys left or woman but yet there so close minded and way to shallow to see they are there right in front of there eyes they just don't want to because you have to dress or you have to have a center look or you have to have something to have them interested in you i don't understand people i was rise up to believe looks or what t
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$DJShort&SEXY*co-owner of Temptation's Playhouse@ fubar 249k to level Auto 11's on
Which Is Smarter?
I'm kinda curious which is smarter and the better rider. I'm betting on the twin in the glasses. He has a much more realistic look. The one without glasses looks part weasel! I'm betting the one without glasses prefers to ride and suck banana's!ROTFLMMFAO
Yay! That Was Fun!!
Damn Laptop And Att
begin rant/vent grrrrrr my wireless connection sucks! not only do i have to deal with low signal most the time in my house, but the wireless connection stalls and when i start it, i get "no wireless device connected" hALF the time. when that doesnt happen i get an error code that says usb device cannot start. ive uninstalled and installed it twice.... guess i should go in to the damn att store.... fuck fuck fuck dammit all to shit!!!!!! end rant/vent im done.... should i throw my computer in the bayou?
Great Start To The Day
it`s not even fuckin 7:30 yet and i already had 2 phone calls from exes this morning cali ex called , been up drinking all night and wants me to call off work today and drink with her, tried to explain to her i don`t like her and like her even less when she`s drunk n y ex called, haven`t talked to her in about 3 years, she just called to say she still hates me and hopes i rot in hell. i guess her son gave her my phone # time for a new phone number i think why the fuck do i end up with psycho cunts?
What Generation Do You Belong In?
You Belong in Generation X You fit in best with people born between 1961 and 1981. You are fun, laid back, and very independent. You are willing to take risks and live your life however you see fit. You are casual, accepting, and friendly. You see everyone as your equal. What Generation Do You Belong In?
And I Think To Myself...
93-year-old froze to death, owed big utility bill BAY CITY, Mich. – A 93-year-old man froze to death inside his home just days after the municipal power company restricted his use of electricity because of unpaid bills, officials said. Schur owed Bay City Electric Light & Power more than $1,000 in unpaid electric bills, Bay City Manager Robert Belleman told The Associated Press on Monday. Thain says hid nothing from BofA NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former Merrill Lynch Chief Executive John Thain defended the acquisition of the brokerage by Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) and said the bank knew of Merrill's losses and bonuses before the merger closed. In a memo to Merrill employees, Thain also said he plans to reimburse Bank of America for $1.2 million spent to renovate his office a year ago, including $35,115 reportedly spent on commode and $1,405 reportedly paid for a trash can. He called the expenses "a mistake in the light of the world we live in today."
Well, I got my income tax money yesterday. I'm working on finding a place to go this weekend. The thing that's getting on my nerves is that my parents are now treating me horrible. They are being completely rude towards me. My Mom woke up and has done nothing but look at me she like she could kill me. My Step-dad has already told me that he needs a few things. Ugh. It's not that it's expensive things, but really. I think it's funny that they've ran out of things the day after I get my tax money back. I'm not sure if I should let this bother me.
Trampline Sex
Sorry I got distracted last week... hahaha! So I received an email about trampline sex. A user looking for the entire 411. Obviously it's too cold outside right now, but hopeing to try it in the spring time(unless thats your thing, I personally don't like frost bite. haha). So whats your opinion? Yay or nay? Experiences? What do you think really turns a person about trampline sex? Is it the mobility? Lets get bouncing!
I haven't quite figured out what the bouncers responsibilities are here, I have asked numerous of them questions and never seem to get a reply from any of them...Are they actually that busy to reply to other fubarians or are they just all about having the little orange name and trying to play god...I is confused :-S
Llama Leveler Of The Day
MISSYBEAR" N.A.P.RECRUITER-OMEGA BOMBER GREETER&LLAMA LEVELER&FU ANGEL"@ fubar All Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 pic. rates each and leave a comment below that you have done so.....Thanks
I'll be busy the next few days We lost my Grandma on Tuesday January 27, 2009,I saw her on Sunday she was at the store we were selling girl scout cookies i had hugged and kissed her that day she was well and smiling as usual. She had just moved into a rockin retirement center. She turned 89 in December and was getting somewhat depressed hanging around her house by herself so much. So for her bday she got a new cat and also agreed to moved to be able to socialize more. She loved the new place it truly looked like a resort. Remind me to get insurance for assisted living. Anyway she died happy peacefully in her chair, remote control for the tv in her hand think she fell asleep watching tv. We Love her and miss her. Of course with her passing thoughts of what I should have done come to mind just like with everyone, but Im working hard now getting her house clean ready for all the guests to come and helping my mom prepare everything. Love you Grandma
Where Did U Do It???
I was just wondering...just how freaky the fubar population REALLY is. So my question...Where is the craziest place you ever did IT at? and how old were you when you did it??? And come on now...don't be afraid to be discriptive...this is fubar...not myspace. LMFAO...HAHA
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Talas Blastmor@ fubar all Llama Levelers will leave 100 pic. rates and kindly leave a comment below that you have done so.
My Dad
So finally my dad caved in and called me. We both are extremely stubborn and grudge holding. So when he gets pissed that I dont call, he doesn't call either. ANd I don't...but this time he finally broke down and called. Ofcourse the conversation ended with him telling me how successful his stepdaughter is in her real estate career, and how some magazine has published her modeling career pics. WTF? Puke... I reminded that she is a 26 year old that married a loaded 50 year old dude in Mexico (she is half Panaman, half Russian, and was born in Mexico), and that maybe I could find myself a sugar daddy to do the same in order to be a "successful real estate shit". He said I was being bitter and silly. I was like WTF??! Then I was completely out of food, so I went to his place to raid his fridge (he lives a floor above me), and...the living room wall has her pics all of them in a see thru top, where you can see her boobs...I was like WTF??! I asked him why
Should Have Stayed Home Last Night
went to the bar , was already most of the way to fucked up when i left. did some shots with friends and grabbed a pint and went to back room to shoot pool. next rip to bar for a refill the bartender put out some snacks like they usually do, bowls of pretzels etc. well last night it was corn nuts, them rock hard things that tastes so damn good. tossed a few in my mouth. got a toothache as soon as i bit down. kept drinking and going out for joints and forgot all about it woke up at 5 am in pain. go look at tooth and molar is split in 1/2. needless to say i wasn`t sober at that time, i grabbed my mini channel locks from my tool kit and yanked both parts out get up this morning and go to piss and i see bloody tool and 2 pieces of tooth on vanity. at least it don`t hurt today, must have hurt like hell coming out last night though, thank god for blackouts
Kind Of'd Just Have To Listen
Heartless (Remastered - Kanye West[Chorus] In the night, I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul to a woman so heartless... How could you be so heartless? Oh... How could you be so heartless? [Verse 1] How could you be so, cold as the winter wind when it breeze, yo Just remember that you talkin' to me though You need to watch the way you talkin' to me, yo I mean after all the things that we've been through I mean after all the things we got into Hey yo, I know of some things that you ain't told me Hey yo, I did some things but that's the old me And now you wanna get me back and you gon' show me So you walk around like you don't know me You got a new friend, well I got homies But in the end it's still so lonely [Chorus] In the night, I hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul to a woman so heartless... How could you be so heartless? Oh... How could you be so
Pimping My Friends Cause They Are Awesome!
My bish Monica! The ultimate point whore! Love her hard she likes it! Teh Awesome Mental (Ian). My favorite pamplemousse! The beautiful Idaho! She has great potatoes! And Supe! He loves the love from the ladies but men are welcome to rate! I know its alot and with the superbowl going on you can't get to everything but show them a little love! They are all awesome!
Tag! You're It!!!!!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? hip 2. Your significant other? ex 3. Your hair? black 4. Your mother? gone 5. Your father? 88 6. Your favorite thing? porn 7. Your dream last night? blank 8. Your favorite drink? ice-tea 9. Your dream/goal? retirement 10. The room you're in? bed 11. Music? TSO 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? retired 14. Where were you last night? working 15. What you're not? married 16. Muffins? chocolate 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? Landisville 19. The last thing you did? Fubar 20. What are you wearing? sweats 21. TV? downstairs 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? on 24. Your life? ok 25. Your mood? good 26. Mis
Can You Tell Me
Worlds worst pick up lines.... Best pick up lines The lamest or weirdest???? Im curious All female/male comments are welcome I will add my own to a list when We reach 50 wanna help Tell your friends!
Get You Some...
Ok friends here is the deal. Simply Serenity has her Auto's running and has since last night ya'll and still hasnt even gotten 200k off it. She is down to less than 8rs left and is totally bombing. I know with the new rating system it sux to rate but she has always helped us, i know ive seen her in the ez rates on ya'll's albums. I know the purpose with helping a friend isnt done to expect it back but c'mon she needs our help and i cant do it alone. Please lets make this very sweet woman's Auto 11 worth it and rock her world FRIEND style! ~SIMPLY SERENITY ~@ fubar Thanks 4 Reading
Nothing Ever Came Of A Life That Was A Simple One
sometimes this is me: i don't know. seems there's not a visible light at the end of the tunnel. i'm just holding my breath and hoping to see the darkness fade. As I am constantly reminded, I chose this path I'm on knowing that it wouldn't be easy. i did....not that i need that fact to be tossed around for my amusement, but yes, i chose my path. i chose it and i will walk it with my head held high even when the night is at its darkest. the things i cannot see will not cause me to cower. In many ways, this blog entitled texas and all its parts are my outlet. my release. Choosing to bare a heavy load on your shoulders doesn't lessen the weight of it. 1-30-09 My day started bright and's hard to squeeze 6 hours with of sit down visitation time into an 8 hour day when you figure in the checking in process included each time and the wait you have between the time you enter the visitation room and when the person actually arrives. I give another ride to Renate. We

Radio X show - Owned by ǀ$ âH3208@ fubar Radio is freaking awesome!! I ♥ him. Go show him some love please!! He likes to be spanked.
:s :-s :-s :p :-p :p :-p 8-p 8-p :( :-( :-o :-o :o :o :) :-) =) =d :d :-d :@ :-@ (b) (b) (d) (d) (y) (y) (n) (n) (50)
Vixens Song
Just wanted to make sure I had a copy of this sorry if its a repeat for you from Misfits Bully > Oh Vixy you're so fine you're so fine you blow our minds hey Vixy hey Vixy X 4 > > Hey Vixy > Youve been around the block and for a long time > we think that your alright well sing it in this song > to make your birthday bright so you can sing along > Vixy > > The guys all say you will > but you say you dont > your giving them the chills baby please lady dont > every night you still leave them all alone > Vixy > > Oh Vixy what a pity > moving past your prime > do you feel it in your heart > let us lead you by the hand > oh Vixy your so pretty > agings such a damn > its gals like you Vixy > what can you do Vixy do Vixy > does it break your heart Vixy > > Hey Vixy > now you can take Viagra > whos ever gonna know > every time you move > you feel another muscle go > it something you abused > oh dont you know > Vixy > > so come on party with us > anywa
Contests To Bomb
The Snow (whole)
The snow kept falling and falling. Large, shapeless snowflakes were slowly and steadily making their way to the ground, creating a see-through curtain and covering everything with a sheet of virginal white monochrome. The cold winter sky was blending in at the horizon with a sea of whiteness while looming over the land in a solid layer of metallic gray, completely void of impurities and discolorations, and preventing any futile attempts of sunlight to get through. The trees, which just a day ago were desperately extending their bare skeletal limbs to the sky in a silent plea for vital sunlight, were now comfortably hidden beneath soft, bulky snowcoats, standing in orderly rows along the sides of a snow covered alley. In a complete silence, with which this bustling city was very unfamiliar, the time seemed to have stopped in its tracks, eternally capturing the world in a moment of frozen wonderland. All imperfections-chunky dull gray pavement, bits
Name Change
I want my name to be poo face....i hate dana and his limp dick ideas & those who kiss his ass
Want To Get Really Invovled
I'm looking for people who are willing to get involved with the club. We would like more recruiters, greeters, and graphics people. For the people who really want to devote their selves Co-Owners...I would like to make Club United one of the top Families on FUBAR...And we are not a bombing Family but we do try to take care of our own. I know we all have our lives so I am not asking you devote every living moment, but I am asking for people who care and can make a difference...Drop me a message if your interested.....have a great day!!!! Keith
All Charms
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jasmine_fawn@ fubar 175k to level Auto 11's on
My Inner Demons
Everyone that meets me on here sees me as a sweetheart, kind, great, loving person. But the thing is that there is stuff that ppl don't know about me. The stuff i tend to hide from ppl. Only the real close ppl on here and in my life know these things. It took a few good ppl on here for me to open up my eyes and start to deal with my demons. B/c if i don't, there just going to drive me more insane and put me in a straight jacket or even worse kill me. I know everyone has demons, but my demons have been eating me up so much for so many yrs and they've gotten the best of me. I let stuff get to me and bring me down big time. Then i take the stuff out on thee one person i care so much for. The person that holds thee key to my heart. I don't do it on purpose, i do it out of over reacting and not thinking straight. Really what i should be doing is backing off until my mind is set once again to have a decent convo with thee lovely lady that means so much to me. If it wasn't for
Last night I got a reservation call, and thought it was a prank,lol, so I hung up. Turned out it wasn't... the dude asked a bizillion questions, esp about the privacy of the bedrooms. Then said that he wants the doors to close cause he didn't want to see his daughter in law in a bedroom from a living room. I was like.."o...k". I was kinda expecting him to go into some sick explanation, like "well, my penis is so huge, I'm afraid she would get scared" (yes, I get those calls once in a while). But no, I guess he was just weird like that.
Alicia Keys
I just want you close,where you can stay forever,you can be shoooooo that it will only get better. you and me together,through the days and nights I dont worry cause everythings gonna be alright.People keep talking they can say what they like but all i know is everything going to be alright. no one,no one,no one,can get in the way im feeling and,no one,no one can get in the way of what i feel for you,you,you get in the way im gonna feel for you When the rain is pouring dowwwwwwn and my heart is hurtin you will always be around this i know for certain I know some people search the world to find something like what we have i know people will try try to define something so real so til the end of time im telling theres no one no one no one no one can get in the way im gonna feel and no one no one no one can get in the way im gonna feel for you. Uh oh, oh,oh,uh oh ,oh oh, uh oh ,oh oh oh oh oh oh uh oh oh, oh ,oh ,oh ,oh ,oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh ,oh, oh,oh
I Am Just So Heartbroken.....advice Anyone?
I would have wrote a blog but blogs don't get NEAR as much attention. I have recently lost my boyfriend, Mike. I have been going through hell trying to make sense of why he did what he did. He is #1 in my family for a reason. I TRULY thought he had my TOTAL best interests at heart. My relationship ended with the guy in the X FOLDER (Jake) back in August. Mike was TOTALLY there for me, but at the same time, little did I know, had pretty much WAITED for me for a year to be single. When I did, he was the happiest LO on earth. He KNEW I was on the rebound and STILL took a chance on me. Now the thing is he had been with his ex off and on for the last 3 years and ended three weeks before things started up with us. Apparently, they had a "woops" and had a kid that was only a mere TWO MONTHS when we started goin out. since I always am a worrier because of all the baby-momma drama I have been through, I naturally asked alotta questions about his situation with her. He told me I have nothing to
Fuck Valentine's Day
Hearts and Roses and Kisses Galore, What the hell is all that SHIT for? People get all mushy and start acting queer, It is difinitely the most annoying time of year. This day needs to get the hell over with and pass, Before I shove something up Cupid's ass. Guys act all sweet, but soon it will fade, Cause all they're doing is trying to get laid. That arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit, Cause I think Valentine's Day is a crock of shit. So that's my story, what Can I say? Love Bite my ASS, Fuck Valentine's Day!
Llama Leveler Of The Day
♡♡♡onetruelovepjl&dal♡♡♡~~r/l wifey to peter~uscoastguard~cwo3~~@ fubar all Llama Levelers will rate 100 pics. each when done kindly leave a comment below that you have done so....Thanks
(ladies) Revenge
In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, then rested , then God created nature and rested again, then God created man and all was fine Then One day Adam came to God and said "God I'm awfully lonely", " What would it take to create me a creature that will serve me hand and foot, make mad passionate love to me whenever I want and obey my every command?" The Lord said, " That will cost you an arm and a leg." Adam thought about it a while and said, "Lord that's awfully steep.... What would I get for a rib!
Two For One Special, Monday Only!
After a massive dry spell, I finally have tards for my tard blog. Rejoice! They even run the gamut from work to Fubar. I got an ICQ message this morning from someone who wanted to cooperate with us businessly. What does he do? He doesn't know! He doesn't even know what company I work for, but he's interested in cooperation, damnit! (9:02:03 AM) Cooperation: hi (9:02:15 AM) Clarissa: Hello, how can I help you? (9:02:33 AM) Cooperation: glad to meet you (9:02:41 AM) Cooperation: do you accept credit cards? (9:02:46 AM) Clarissa: For? (9:03:14 AM) Cooperation: for payment (9:03:32 AM) Clarissa: What are you contacting me about? (9:04:10 AM) Cooperation: do you have your own website? (9:04:35 AM) Clarissa: What are you contacting me about? (9:05:02 AM) Cooperation: I just want to cooperate with you (9:05:12 AM) Clarissa: Regarding what? (9:05:22 AM) Clarissa: You're just asking me random questions. (9:05:44 AM) Cooperation: you can visit my website at www.itsasecret
->lorenzo63: You really don't read profiles, do you? I don't cam, I don't cyber, and I have a boyfriend that I love very much who satisfies me in every way, meaning I don't need to see your teeny weeny on cam. lorenzo63: kisses lorenzo63: if u want call me....i've cam.... lorenzo63: never mind..... ->lorenzo63: Umm... no... and why would that matter? lorenzo63: r u alone? ->lorenzo63: Thanks. I thought I was aging gracefully. lorenzo63: 86yo....look young!!! ->lorenzo63: Rating pics lorenzo63: what r u doing? ->lorenzo63: Thank you lorenzo63: mhh...u look very nice..... lorenzo63: hi babe.... lorenzo63@ fubar
I Call It Frat Trap.
Living in a college town I have to come up with new and inventive ways to destroy the popped collar, spoiled frat boys that tend to roam the streets looking for whatever good times can be had. My latest invention: The Frat Trap. The premise is simple. I drive a somewhat nice car. With a very loud engine. It sounds mean, it is mean. They drive similar cars that their daddies bought them. However, time has taught me a lesson about driving my car. Speeding tickets are bad, being considered a "super speeder" is even worse. Drag racing, well that's just a no no. The goals and objective of the Frat Trap. 1. Identify preppy frat boy who wants to impress someone, show off, or just be a douche. 2. Identify they are in fact driving a car they think can race mine. 3. Rev my engine to 8.5 RPM's while stopped next to said frat boy at stop light. 4. Race him until the speed limit is reached. 5. Laugh as you throttle back, he zooms past you, and straight into the waiting arms of the two po
Goodbye Fubar
ok I used to love this web site but alot haz changed sence then now everytime i get on here its nothin but druma and cheatin shit i dont like bein treated like a dumb ass and like i dont kno what the fuck is goin on behind my back. i mean really if you get cought doin something then just fess up about it, you dont have to be a lil lieing bitch about things (this is not to any one person) but long druma story short im gone for a whill if you want to hit me up im on yahoo most of the time. im goin to get rid of the lounge inless someone wants to take over it but if so let me kno today becouse it will be the last im on here for a very long time. i just cant take all of this shit it seems that every time i get on here i see something that i shouldent and i keep getting told that it aint nothing hahahaha im not fuckin dumb i kno whats goin on so im not even goin to draw this out any longer then it already is so goodbye and to those close friends MMFWACL DUCES
02-17-09 My 1st Video Salute.
Thanks To All My Friends
to all my friends/non-friends/friends of friends/ hell thanks to all of you that rated me during my Auto's!!! I will surely return the love & rates! My bartab was whizzing by so... If I miss you please be sure to send me a PM saying so. Thanks again You Guys Rock!!!!
This Scared Me....
Is fubar having an "izm" that I don't know about? What did I miss here? Sweet_Piece just walked into the bar! 4 mins ago Sweet_Piece just walked into the bar! 4 mins ago Sweet_Piece just walked into the bar! 4 mins ago Sweet_Piece just walked into the bar! 4 mins ago Sweet_Piece just walked into the bar! 4 mins ago Sweet_Piece just walked into the bar! 4 mins ago Sweet_Piece just walked into the bar! 4 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the bar! 2 mins ago trey2503 just walked into the
Ohhh, Too Rich...
Okay, like usual there's some guy on the mumms... yada yada... Acting all hard and shit, yada yada... Sends a PERSONAL response to me 20 minutes after the fact, yada yada... Only THIS time, he's naming different places we could "exchange pleasantaries" and these PLACES are around where I live... To quote him: ""u wanna clothes line me......really ??...ok then......where are we doing this.......this i gotta see.........hmmmmmmm.....Ray's place....The Loft? or would you rather just meet at the student center ? You know.....the one on Summit St......We'll see how far you get on your threat." Heh. I think I might be taking my glasses off come thursday night and be the father that this kid never had...
Damn Ier... Cassie-flyleaf
Bored, and not my fault RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS. 4. Tag 10 friends. 5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. 6. Have Fun! IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? Epiphany-Staind HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Make up your mind- Theory of a deadman WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Angel's Son-Sevendust HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? bad girlfriend-theory of a deadman WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Starlight-evans blue WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? Tiny Heart-flyleaf WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Fake it-Seether () WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? No Excuses-Alice in chains WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? Creep-radiohead WHAT IS 2 + 2? Poster Princess-Jet Black Stare WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? Cold-Evans Blue WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Mourning-Tantric
Today's Rank: #789 I wanna be #1!!! I guess I don't show enough boobage though.
Daily Thought
Tag/serenity Made Me.
Instructions... Once you have been tagged,you have to write a blog with 10 weird things,or random facts,or habits about yourself.At the end you must choose at least 5 people to be tagged,listing their names.Dont forget to leave a comment on their profile that says "your it",and ask them to read your blog.You cant tag the same person that tagged you. 1) I love to workout 2) I enjoy watching Nip/Tuck 3) King of Queens is my favorite show. 4) I work for UPS 5) I eat meat/potatoes at least 5 days/week 6) I drink Budweiser lol 7) Im an honest person 8) Im addicted to madden online on my ps3 9) Im 35 yet to be married 10) Im easy to talk to. ps so glad i was forced to post this..NOT lol
My Fu Owner
So, my Fu Owner has teh Auto 11s. He's an awesome guy who treats me well. Yes, a very pleasant Fu Owner to have. :P Please show him some luv for me. Thank You. ♥ Chiina_Whiite@ fubar
Dirty Sex
should i blog 67567567575675675675759898234234.9 times today??
I Got Tagged By Mb...on Teh Ass
Ok, 10 things.... 1. I always have to smell the drinking glass before I put something in it. 2. I can't stand crunchy things in my soft things. Like my mom makes a jello salad and puts nuts or something in it...*shudders*. 3. I have for some reason become increasingly obsessed with my ass over the last year. 4. My boys are 12 and 16 and they both love me enough to kiss me in front of their friends. 5. I have had the same best friend for over 22 years. 6. I have to brush my teeth at least 4 times a day or I freak out. 7. I continually smell my hair to make sure it smells nice. (gawd im a freak) 8. All my cat's names end in Y 9. I love a clean house and like to clean but hate to pick up. 10. I worry at night that I will be alone forever and ever. no passing on to
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~Natural_Witch~ * No Fan No Add*PWN3D By ♠Diana♠2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar 536k to level Auto 11's on
Fu Support For Friends
☆Smash☆ツ: FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING JERK. ->☆Smash☆ツ: fucking clown ->☆Smash☆ツ: join a circus ☆Smash☆ツ: Fucking men. ☆Smash☆ツ: My hair is turning purple. cant you just be sensitive ->☆Smash☆ツ: talk about my salami and your swiss ☆Smash☆ツ: LISTEN TO ME TALK ABOUT GIRL STUFF damnit
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Dune Freak@ fubar 29k to level
Sorry About This Kids, But.......
Due to an overwhelming lack of funds lately, I will be unable to run any more contests for awhile. Can't even afford my own shit much less be giving away shit. I hope that this doesn't make all my friends disappear. :P As soon as I am able, I will have more giveaways. Just please, hang in with me. Thanks kids! (h)
Monday's Rant
The current HH..... 1st off, it's 23RD!!!! idiot 2nd: she's a fake, have you seen her "pics"?? 3rd: does blowing smoke and dancing really make you hawt? 4th: I'm hungry 5th: I miss my Sarah cuntsuckingtwatwaffle
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== What is it that you absolutely need sexually? SOMEONE UNINHIBITED What is something you have always wanted to try? NOT MUCH THAT I HAVEN'T TRIED... What is something you have never done in bed before? ??? BRUSHED MY TEETH What time of day do you like to have sex? MORNING, NOON, AFTERNOON,NIGHT & MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? A NICE HARD ON COMING TOWARDS ME... How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? ONLY A FEW SECONDS....THEN I GOTTA TOUCHY FEELY If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? TURN ME ON! i'VE HAD THEM IN THE SAME ROOM WATCHING & THAT'S HOT... Would it bother you if your bf/gf
Why Bother....
What is the point of health insurance if they don't cover anything? I don't get it...I pay my premiums...Pay for something dammit!
Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life Membership List
Carrie's BAD AZZ BOYS 4 LIFE Rate the folder and Pick up your tags. Start with the main group tag. Save your tags to your computer and upload them to your page. If you rip them, you will not get points when someone rates your page. Click the pic below to get to the tag folder. Below are the members of our group. Please visit each person's page. Rate Fan Add Comment (your Bad Azz Boys tag would be great) RATE 100 pictures and leave a comment on the last pic. ***Send a drink if you like! (Not required) ********************************* * Be sure that you have placed the name of the group somewhere in your name. * Be sure you have added Carrie and Johnny to your family or top friends. They do not have to show on your page. It will just make it easier for you to find the blogs for this group. Thanks! ********************************* OWNERS of the Group ********************************* Carrie Johnny Riggs **************
An Old Favorite Of Mine
I Had A Conversation Today...
Let me just say... I'm NOT stupid. I'm hip to things you may not realize. I'm EXTREMELY perceptive. My peripherals, visually and mentally, are outta control. I notice everything. The ability to read body language, tone of voice, decipher sentence structure... it's SCARY what I can figure out. 8 times out of 10 I'M RIGHT I just think it's funny when people think they can get shit by me, or lie to me. Just cuz I don't say anything doesn't mean I'm not aware. I just know when to pick my battles. That or I just don't give a fuck. All this shit stems from game playing. Just be straight up. I'm not good at the game playing. In fact, I SUCK at it. I'm good at telling it like it is. But I've noticed people don't like the truth. Ya know what, get the fuck over it :D Like I always say: "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it" Right, Jae?? HAHAHA There, you were mentioned. Gimme my money, bish.:D -REL
I feel like my world is slowly being pulled out from underneath me. Like I can't get any footing period. I think that something wonderful is going to happen and then it slowly starts to crumble around me. Why can't I ever get something and not have to fight so damn hard? I don't want things handed to me..but damn. I can only try so hard. It's really quite pathetic. I just want to be happy, to not have to worry about all the stupid shit going on around me. It's real life, it's not something I can just turn off and ignore. Sometimes I feel like giving up.
My Online Friends
This is where this starts. Who are my friends? Well now.... I have no prejudices. I have all kinds of friends. I don't like anyone more or less than anyone else. I have friends. Some I know, some I don't. But they are my friends. I have friends who are near,I have friends who are 1/2 way around the world from me. But they are my friends. I have friends who are of all different walks of fe, and I have friends who are of all different lifestyles. But they are my friends. I have friends who are, Gay Lesbian Goth Redneck Highclass Welfare Male Female Both I have friends who are, My friends. I have 730 fu-friends. I had 730 fu-friends. But I down rated, and deleted the haters. Know how many friends I was left with? 729! Out of 2.5 million fubar users, I only "friended" 1 hate spewing mummer. And I'm sorry if I am wrong about her. But I deleted one person out of 730 because my time is too precious to spend it foolishly on someone who doesn't r
3some's(no, Not That Kind)
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Sandy 2. mb 3. tard Three Jobs I have had in my life checker 2.quality assurance tech 3.mail carrier Three Places I have lived 1. Washington 2. New York 3. California Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Big Bang Theory 2. NCIS 3. Two & a half men Three places I have been 1. Disneyland 2. Illinois to see Daisy 3. Oklahoma Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. my foster brother Scott 2. my friend Jesse 3. my cousin Jenny Three of my favorite foods 1. mexican 2. baked potato 3. guacamole Three things I would like to do 1. cruise to Alaska 2. meet a few mummers I know 3. buy a new car Three friends I think will respond 1. ummmm 2. who 3
The Way It Is?
hrm... I received a compliment today from one of our biggest accounts..and pickiest customers... The client sent the email to both myself and my boss. My boss sent me several emails today about this and that and new accounts etc etc...but said nothing about the compliment. I know he's busy...but it torks me a bit that he didn't acknowledge it. *sigh* oh well, I'm happy to be home..but rating and mumms are doing nothing for me right now..perhaps it's because I'm starving and my space cadet of a man left his damn wallet at, now here I sit, my spoiled self starving until the pizza gets here... damn pms. ♥ PoStaL
Omg, I Want More!
Llamas Special Prayer Request Needed
Michelle~R/L Wife of Miracle Monkey~Winterhawk~Native American Pride~Member of Llama Levelers@ fubar Miracle Monkey Chief of N.A.P, Founder of Llama Levelers@ fubar Co-Founder of Our Llama Family"Dave and Michelle" and their family are in need of prayer tonight-I won't go into detail but please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!Dave and Michelle we love you both and know were thinking of you and ur family!!Our Prayers are with you always!!
"hard The Big Easy"
Mmmm...There you stood My yummy voodoo queen Wearin'a painted on black dress, So hot!I swear that I saw steam You grabbed my hand We stumbled out of RAZZOO You stole my key,whispered to me "Lover,race you back to your room" Under a cajun sky You were dancin'just for me Your lovely body looked so naughty covered in all those pretty beads When the night falls down on Bourbon Street Baby,it brings out the beast in me Our masks can't hide what our bodies need You're makin' it so the Big Easy. you get me so hard... I kissed you softly Your hurricane stained lips tasted good I pushed you up against the wall the way you always hoped I would You rode me slow until I spun you back around You kissed my lips so fucking hard the smack came back and knocked me down. When the night falls down on Bourbon Street Baby,it brings out the beast in me bent you over my balcony You're makin' it so the Big Easy. You,know you got me so damn hard.
Read B4 U Send Me A Request
Name Game
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Husky 2. A four letter word: Hwyl 3. A boy's name: Huckleberry Finn 4. A girl's name: Hateya 5. An occupation: Hooker 6. A colour: Han purple 7. Something you wear: Halter top (when I'm hooking) 8. A food: Hog balls 9. Something found in the bathroom: Hand cream (I'm say'n too much here) 10. A place: Hell 11. A reason for being late: High 12. Something you shout: Holy Shit! 13. A movie title: Halloween 14. Something you drink: Hawwian Punch 15. A musical group:Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 16. An animal
Im A Theif...
Stole this because im bored....enjoy 1. What is your best friends name? Kari n Jon 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? None 3. What are you listening to right now? Fleetwood mac 4. Whats your favorite number? 3 5. What was the last thing you ate? Cinnamon Swirl toast 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Yellow 7. How is the weather right now? Cold and Sunny 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? Sara 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes 10. Do you have a significant other? Nope 11. Favorite TV show? Intervention or Chelsea Lately 12. Siblings? Not Anymore 13. Height? 5'7 14. Hair color blonde 15. Eye Color? Dark Blue 16. Do you wear contacts? Nope 17. Favorite Holiday? Christmas 18. Month? May 19. Have you ever cried for no reason? Always a reason 20. What was the last movie you watched? Grand Tarino 21. Favorite Day of the Year? August 1
Red Mustachemadnessness
i've come to observe...that most men i've seen, with red hair and mustaches...all resemble conquistadores. the end. POOP NOW.
The Hormone Guide
Women will understand this! Men should memorize it! Every woman knows that there are days when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his hands! This is a handy guide that should be carried like a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, co-worker or significant other! DANGEROUS What's for dinner? SAFER Can I help you with dinner? SAFEST Where would you like to go for dinner? ULTRA SAFE Here, have some wine. DANGEROUS Are you wearing that? SAFER You sure look good in brown! SAFEST WOW! Look at you! ULTRA SAFE Here, have some wine DANGEROUS What are you so worked up about? SAFER Could we be overreacting? SAFEST Here's my paycheck. ULTRA SAFE Here, have some wine. DANGEROUS Should you be eating that? SAFER You know, there are a lot of apples left. SAFEST Can I get you a piece of chocolate with that? ULTRA SAFE Here, have some wine. DANGEROUS What did you DO all day? SAFER I ho
My Addiction
Fu is a ZOO! And I'm the Koala Keeper! I can't help it! They are just too darn cute and by far my favorite little bling so far! So help me with my addiction and contribute to my Koala collection! Everyone that Blings me a Koala will be added to this bulletin! Everyone will know what an ENABLER you are and what a great friend you are! These amazing FUs and FRIENDS have fed my furry fu bling addiction: ♦MsCharlotte2U~No Rate~No Add~♦@ fubar (By the way ...this is all her fault. She introduced me to Koala Blings and I haven't been the same since.)
My Last Day
its my last day for i dunno how long love me good please thanx if you have my number i will be able to text til about 7 tomorrow nite then i wont have hit me up if u wanna talk
Did It For My Wifey
1. How many people have you had sex with in 2007?? Um damn Ok 4 2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, of these, how many have you done? WTF most of them 3. Ever been cheated on? Blah Yes so much 4. Ever paid for sex?Na I get paid..... 5. Ever been married? ;( yep 6. Ever been divorced?He would not sign the fucking papers 7. If you had to pick one whats your fave sexual position? ANY? 8. Do you own any guns? yep 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail?I never been arrested 10. Ever been in rehab?Yea 11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex? yep 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace? Ha No not myspace. O wait yea my ex 13. Last time you masterated? what is masterated? Um about 2 hours ago 14. Do you think Arnold could beat up Chuck Norris? i dont care 15. What celebrity would you want to have sex with if you had the chance? megan fox 16. Ever been unemployed for over
It's About Time!
Yeah! Today I got Fu-Married to the beautiful Slirpa... She is a Smexy Bish! Go love on her!! lirpa@ fubar Droolz!
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Support The Troops*Owned by gsxr0579 * (Llama Leveler)@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
My house is burning down. Not the one I'm living in now, but the one I just moved out of in December. I think we're totally fucked cuz I think the insurance lapsed and Gramma had a reverse mortgage. I think the world has just collapsed. I'll be back sometime.
anyone else find it odd that fubar will allow you to use bitch and whore in your status, but not ass???
Llama Leveler Of The Day
notthatbad * Llama levelers*@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
It's The Little Things In Life
Get my toast from the toaster and notice a small trail of smoke billowing from inside it. Decide its nothing, then notice a small bonfire is going on inside. Wonder what the best course of action is and why the smoke alarm hasnt kicked in yet. While Im wondering this, the small fire is getting bigger. Have a vision of being trapped in the kitchen with flames licking at my heels. Think about throwing water on it but unplug it and blow it out instead. Potential disaster averted. Wouldnt happen if I cleaned it out now and then. Release the trap door of the toaster as it lets out an explosion of messy, toasty crumbs all over the counterWhich is why I dont do this necessary kind of maintenance very often. Im not even a clean freak. I still eat toast in bed but not so keen on the bits of crunchy confetti that cling to the sheets and scratch your bum. Go shopping. In the check-out queue overhear a man growl something about remembering a time when everything was much cheaper in the s
is it weird that i will watch the weather channel for HOURS at a time
This Is Me To A T!!!
"I built a wall not to block anyone out, but to see who loves me enough to climb over" That is totally me! I have a huge wall built. Always have. I feel safer that way. Yay...short and sweeeeeeet!
9 Words Women Use
(1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! (5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.) (6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for yo
Ya Thoughts?
Thinking of posting a snapvine on mah page. Now would any of you come-n-molest me snapvine?
Good Old Fashioned St. Pattys Day Dinner
"CORNED BEEF & CABBAGE WITH VEGETABLES" Here are the ingredients you will need: 2 & 1/2 pounds medium new potatoes, (about 8), cut in half 1 small head of cabbage 2 cups baby-cut carrots 1 cup small whole onions 1 corned beef brisket (3 to 3 1/2 pounds) 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1/2 cup water 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon cornstarch 2 tablespoons cold water In a 4-6 quart slow cooker: 1. Mix potatoes, carrots and onions. 2. Thoroughly rinse corned beef; discard seasoning packet. Place beef on vegetables; sprinkle with pepper. 3. Mix 1/2 cup water and the Worcestershire sauce; pour over beef. 4. Cut cabbage into 6-8 wedges and place on top of beef. 5. Cover and cook on low heat setting 8 to 9 hours or until beef and vegetables are tender. 6. Remove beef and vegetables from slow cooker. cover to keep warm. 7. Pour juices from slow cooker into 1-quart saucepan; heat to boiling. 8. Mix cornstarch and cold water until smooth; stir i
Leveling Blog 425
Jon Jon love by many .. but, stalked by Scarlett@ fubar 2.2 Million to level Auto's on till 7pm
Leaving For Awhile
I have come to the conclusion that this site has taken over the majority of my life, and I hate it. I am taking a break for a while, I will still be on every now and again. I need to reclaim my life. I have a daughter that needs me and she doesn't need to see me sitting at the computer all the time. I'm going to miss the many friends I have made, I will still help when I am on, just going to be limited for the time being. My vip runs out tomorrow and that will start my time away. I will check my messages, so if you need anything just message me. It is with great sadness I made this decision, but real life is more important than this site. I messed up many things because of being on here too much and I won't let it happen again. Thank you for Understanding Bill To my RR family, I will still be doing DOD, just won't be around for many levelups at this time. I will miss you all the most you are the best family on fu. I will be back better than ever, tust me on that. Just need to step
Please Rate These!! Please!!
I'm bored out of my mind. I really need to make a bulletin/blog about Jeff..seeing as how I offered that in the auction, but I'm lacking any creativity. So I'll have to do that another night. I really do want to do something fun. I thought about MuMMing, those things are moving so slow tonight and the only new one is about abortion..and I will NOT talk about that. I think I need music. [runs off to play my whole 2 songs]
Llama Leveler Of The Day
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My mom is in some small little kentucky hospital, for Jaundice, and she should be moved to NY for treatment.
Now Hiring!!!
So you want to be a part of the staff at the Anti Lounge, huh? If you don't have a salute, stop reading. The answer is an unconditional "No." Close the blog. Move on. So... what are we looking for? Well, the Anti Lounge is hiring new staff to help out with the following: PROMOTIONS Your job would be to bring people to the lounge through bulletins, profile comments, and invites through the shout box. If you can make graphics, that's a plus... but it's not necessary. CAM STAFF If you like being on cam, then this is perfect! We're not looking for risque stuff, just people that like to hang out and have a good, casual time. GREETING All you have to do is welcome people into the lounge and start conversations! It'll help if you know more about the games we play and our other promotions, because you'll be the one that helps spread the word to make people feel at home! In the Anti Lounge, everyone does a little bit of everything. We do this so everyone feels like t
Looking For A New Home Be It Here Or Elsewhere.
Just like it says in te subject line.I need a new place to hang, one where my insane ass can actually feel welcome while this thing takes me.Make me an offer, lol.And no, I'm not trolling for bribes;just a place where I'm not the perpetual odd man out.Ya know?
Craven & Me
Make an on-line slideshow at
The Warmth Of The Sun©
There is just something about springtime. The whole world seems to come alive. The birds return from their winter homes, the flowers begin to reawaken to color the world. Everyone seems to change, becoming more cheerful, working in their yards, seemly seeing the world around them for the very first time. The weather warms, the sun seems to shine for hours. The winds change from the cold north, to the warm south, bringing the amazing sea breezes landward. It also means spending more time outdoors. I love being outside and exploring. But my all time favorite it anything to do with the water, Boating, water skiing, jet skiing, and yes even fishing. I had called ahead two weeks ago to have the boat readied for the weekend and a call a few days ago to Toy for a day out on the water. I got up early to beat the rush to the lake and packed a few things for the day and tossed them into the car as I headed to pick her up. She must have been watching because I never even turned of
My Heaven
I look deep in your eyes. I see there what I feel inside. We share something between us, Neither one of us can hide. I feel your lips touch mine, I loose all my control, All it took was a look and a kiss, To know you were part of my soul. I see your hands on my skin, I want and need you to do more, The passionate look you give me, Tells me heaven is in store. I feel your need against my thigh, I know you will fulfill every wish,. We were made to fit together, And all it took was a look and a kiss. I look deep in your eyes, And I see heaven there inside, You make me feel so beautiful, What I feel for you I cannot hide.
Ok Here Comes Another Hospital Stay
I Swear
I seen the funniest thing today. I'm staying at a hotel again. I'd went down to the first floor, by the lobby to get some chips out of the vending machine. For some reason it wouldn't take my dollar bill so I went to the desk to get some change. That's where the two incidents happened. 1. I was just getting the change and the guy looks at me and says "What's your name?". So when I tell him he says "Your last name?". When I tell him he tells me that I look just like some girl he knows. He's not the only one that's told me that I have a twin in the same city I live in. I just don't know if I should meet her or not, lol. 2. I seen a whole family with MULLETS! Yes, mullets. I can't really blame the kids, I mean they just get whatever the parents tell the barber to give them. I wanted to take a picture of them, but I didn't have my camera or my phone. I did laugh at them though. I couldn't help was very funny.
1 Rate Plz :) Medieval Auction : I'm A Damsel In Distress, Will U Save Me??
1 RATE plzzzz , TY :D Or Maybe a bid ?? LUV 2 All Who Rates!!!
Baby Name Book Complete!
Some details: wing - plastic canvas, flowers - buttons, stripes - ricrack tail - white pom poms "seaweed" - trim
I'm A Sheep In Kitty Clothing
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take it RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! LAST PERSON YOU.... [1] Who was the last person you texted? Nobody. [2] You were in the car with? Roommates. [3] Went to the mall with? What's a mall? [4] Person you talked on the phone with? SupermarketGirl AKA Susan [5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar? Klover T/F Only answer with True or False Q:Kissed some one on your top friends? False Q: Been searched By Cops? True Q: Been suspended from school? False Q: Sat on a roof top? True Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? True Q: Broken a bone? True Q: Have shaved your head? False Q: Played a prank on someone? True Q: Had/have a gym membership? True Q: Shot a gun? False Q: Donated Blood? True WOULD YOU RATHER: [1] Eat or drink? Drink [2] Be serious or be funny? I can't do b
Murder - In Thought- Better Than Masturbation
The next time someone makes you angry, and I mean so angry that you'd rather tare out you're fucking eyeballs instead of being this angry, I want you to try something. Murder that person in your mind. I'm not sure if you are or aren't familiar with Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, the person who wrote it was Johenen Vasquez, the same guy who wrote and drew Invader Zim. If you happen to be at your local Barnes and Nobles or Hot Topic you may be able to find that literature (if you're interested). If you buy the whole comic series in one book, on the inside of the cover there's a couple of paragraphs about murdering someone in your mind. It has to be the easiest, most stress relieving activity you do with your mind other than thinking about sex. If you're not sure what I mean I'll paint a recent picture for you. So the other day I was attacked by blog piranas, it was a very interesting experience, that had never happened to me before and I yielded a crap load of responses. T
Well I am now back home after my week adventure. It was really nice all except the long ass flight and many stops coming back home. It turned out to be a long friggin day, and that was Tuesday and this girl is still tired! Slirpa is the bomb! Ernie is a sweetie! Never thought I would have so much in common as I do with Slirpa, wish she were a lot friggin closer to hang out with. Coming back, I had a 4 hr layover in Seattle, so I met up with Chainsaw and we went over to Denny's. He is way cool as well, I felt so delirious when I met him, cuz I was so damn tired and had already been traveling for 12 hours, and of course when I am traveling I do the NO make up and the baggiest clothes I am missing Tim Horton's coffee already, don't know how but I did manage to feel addicted to it in 6 days :) It is nice to be home though, I need to get my crap back in order. I have the appt the 3rd for my wrist, and if I don't get my medical approved I am gonna find a job do
That Guy
It seems as of recently that I'm "that guy" The guy my female friends like to confide in to tell me all the wonderful things that have been happening to them. One's getting married another just got two jobs has a reunion after a long layoff with their significant other. Mind you these are people who I wouldn't consider myself to be on their short list of friends ..hell to be honest we rarely talk. So why am I the recipient of this news? Or is it that in their overwhelming jubilation they are just seeking out anyone who will listen ? Or maybe they just sense my lackluster existence and want to rub it in my face. (my pessimist talking). I just don't know.
My hair is now mostly blonde. I went in for highlights and a trim. Ended up with most of my hair blonde and a cut. Neither are really drastic though, so that's good I suppose. It was funny though because the lady at the salon was telling me that the blonde wouldn't really take well at first because I had red/orange undertones to my hair. That it would end up looking strawberry blonde. I tried to tell her that I'd had highlights before and it always goes blonde, lol. I was right...go me! I'm going back down to NC next weekend. This should be fun. Hopefully I'll be able to meet a few of my friends that are from around there :) It would be really nice.
How In The Hell?
A 7-month-old boy left overnight inside the family car in North Texas was found dead on Wednesday morning, Cedar Hill police said. The child was left in his car seat after his mother picked up her three children from day care, reported. Laheather Wilson, 35, told police she went outside before 6 a.m. Wednesday and found her son unresponsive. Wilson was charged with injury to a child and was being held at the Dallas County Jail Wednesday night. It was not immediately known whether she had an attorney. The Dallas County Medical Examiner has not released a cause of death. The overnight low recorded at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was 50 degrees. Wilson's two other sons are now in the care of Child Protective Services. Click here for more on this story from The Associated Press contributed to this report. What I want to know is how in the hell could you forget to take your child out of the car and how could you not realize that yo
Several people have written to me, intrigued by my travels, and wondering how it's possible to do it, how one can afford multiple trips to relatively far-flung places. I am by no means a travel expert, but here's my response. Travel to Central America is ridiculously inexpensive right now - particularly to Belize. You can fly from Cleveland to Belize City and back for as little as $347 - your dates are limited, but that's for a 14-day trip, I believe. At those prices, it's hard to justify travel in the US. (Particularly when hotel prices in Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala are wonderfully low - I usually stay in rooms that cost about $15-20 or per night. My favorite is on Caye Caulker, Belize - you can rent a small, stand-alone cabin, right on the beach, for $20 a night.) Food, particularly in Honduras and Guatemala, is quite inexpensive, especially if you stick to local food vendors - which makes for much better food. Even in Belize, which has relatively high food prices, you can f
I Had......
.........the most amazing salad today. I had no clue you could "make" one at Subway. Yum! I just thought I'd share that bit of info with you.
Ponyboy Part 2
~THE ORIGI...: MUST BE COZ YA ONE ->~THE ORIGI...: if you do trannies that is all you, not my cup of tea ->~THE ORIGI...: I am not going to bet you. I told you I do not do trannies~THE ORIGI...: BET ME DUDE ->~THE ORIGI...: Yeah if you say so ~THE ORIGI...: UR A CHICKIE ASS BITCH->~THE ORIGI...: I don't want the AIDS you are right ~THE ORIGI...: ITS JUST FU BUCKS ~THE ORIGI...: UR UGLY ASS CANT GET WUT I HAVE ~THE ORIGI...: COME ON BET ME ->~THE ORIGI...: I am not looking at your page you goofy bastard ~THE ORIGI...: YOU THE TRASH ~THE ORIGI...: LIKE I SAID LOOOK ->~THE ORIGI...: I told you, I do not know this trash you speak of. I don't talk to trannies ~THE ORIGI...: DO U KNOW GRLSKIKASS2~THE ORIGI...: COME ON BIG MAN ->~THE ORIGI...: I have no idea what kind of trash you associate with and if they talk to you, I am pretty sure that I want nothing to do with them ~THE ORIGI...: U BE THE ONE INTO THAT NOT ME ~THE ORIGI...: NOPE ->~THE ORIGI...: They must be lounge skan
The Time Has Come
I posted a blog last week explaining how i felt about things and the changes ive observed on the FU...judging from the response and amount of readers that came to that blog....Its almost time for me to post my FINAL BULLITEN.....I dont see the point hangin out on here rating everyone and getting nothing back in return except from a select few...... so Im going to leave the FU with a bang...summers comin and im gonna be ridin....heres your chance to be a part of a dream ive had for some time.....I wont be actually posting this bulliten until I have made some final preparations getting stuff together.....but heres a heads up of what to expect....... div style="text-align: center; margin-left: auto; visibility:visible; margin-right: auto; width:450px;">
Someone please explain to me how I got my HH summary before my HH was even over? LOL wtf? Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love. You collected 3,872,093 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers! 243 members leveled up during your happy hour
Hot Steamy Sex (bottom To Top)
->sdclerk18m: i find that pretty hot ->sdclerk18m: have you ever eaten yor own feces? ->sdclerk18m: it cleans my colon, so I can take awesome dumps ->sdclerk18m: the bristle end sdclerk18m: hot ->sdclerk18m: i like having sex with a toothbrush sdclerk18m: nope ->sdclerk18m: have you ever had anal done on you? sdclerk18m: hell yes ->sdclerk18m: you want to talk to me about sex? sdclerk18m: sex ->sdclerk18m: what kinda stuff? sdclerk18m: idk ->sdclerk18m: what about sdclerk18m: cause i want to chat with u ->sdclerk18m: so why do you have to add me? sdclerk18m: ur hot ->sdclerk18m: why? sdclerk18m: hey sexy ur so hot add me on yahoo im sdclerk18m
Water Everywhere
One of the guys I work with helps do water conservation education for children (aka water festivals). I know, sounds lame, but it's a really good program. Teaches fourth graders about how our water systems work, why we should be careful with them, etc. Today I was set to volunteer for one here in town. Was pretty big, 800 kids came through. I was there from 7:15 to 2:00 then went to work, and then class until 9:00 pm. I've been practically dead on my feet most of the day. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not an early riser. I sleep in, and tend to stay up late. So six this morning was tough. But I kinda enjoyed today. I was so busy that I didn't have time to think about the stuff that normally bounces around in my head. While that sounds bad, some days I think I need a break from myself. I'm totally sleeping in tomorrow, because I'm actually a little hesitant to go to work. I'm really getting nervous about a sketchy situation there, which I really can't blog about, but things aren't go
Best April Fools Day Ever...
The best april fools day memory that i have would have to be something that actually WASN'T a joke... my cousin Alexis and my best friend Anne were at my house.. we were probably about 7... I was playing video games with my friend stephanie while Anne and Alexis were on the trampoline. I hear this loud scream.. but thinking nothing of it i kept playing... i figured my friends were being stupid and screaming because it was april fools day... then i see my cousin go RUNNING across the hall yelling for my mom.. Steph and I go out and see anne SCREAMING and blood all over her leg... my momma makes me run to annes house to tell her parents... it took me 20 minutes to get them to come over (by which time the ambulance was at my house already) because they thought i was pulling a prank... come to find out.. Anne had broken her leg BAD.. bones were sticking out of her skin... to this day she WILL NOT get on anything that bounces (trampolines.. bouncy balls that you sit on... pogo
My Dad
I remember the tall man. The one Mommy calls Buck. He picks me up and makes funny faces at me and makes me laugh. I see him here alot where me and Mommy live. He leaves in the morning when I wake up, and then comes back at night. I think Mommy likes him because she is always hugging and kissing him. I like him too cause he always smiles at me and makes me feel good. I remember one time when I was sick he held me all night long and rocked me in Mommys chair. Mommy should tell him my real name cause he just calls me "Son"and my name is really Danny. Thats ok though somehow I dont mind when he calls me that. I have a new name for him as well, Mommy told me I can call him Daddy. She says he is the one who helped her make me in her belly and that calling him Daddy would make him feel good..................47 years later. There is this tall man in my life. he is a hero to me. A role model. And someone I love very much. I still call him Daddy. I Love You Dad!
All Friends Plz Read!
Like more and more of my friends, I am taking a fu-break, I do not know for how long, it just depends on when I feel like coming back... I have been on this site every day for the last 18 months, and I am just tired... and it seems that fu is making everything that I enjoyed doing here so difficult to do that it is not even worth the effort! If you want to reach me, try me on facebook (link is on my profile) or on myspace (Cynthia Reneau) but I don't go to myspace very often....maybe once a week. I am also on the Pogo gamesite daily, screen name is cindragon, so you can find me there easily! :D I will still be logging on almost daily, and sometimes twice per day, to check msgs and ditch my 11's on Lynne, lmao! If you want to share Yahoo IM info, plz send it to me in a private msg~ Peace, love, and light to you all! Cindy
Tool Tour Update
Confirmed TOOL Dates Commerce City,Co - July 18th Jersey City,N.J. - Aug 1st Chicago,Ill - Aug Lollapalooza Stay tuned as I will be posting more dates as I get them :D
What Herb Are You?
You Are Rosemary You are stable and grounded. You may take a slow, steady approach to live, but you're a survivor. You are an intellectual and very rational. You can see things from a logical, detached viewpoint. You are successful but not particularly ambitious. You have a way of letting success come to you. You tend to be a bit understated and modest. You let your accomplishments speak for themselves. What Herb Are You?
Beautiful &hearts
Spoken: Don't look at me Every day is so wonderful And suddenly, i saw debris Now and then, I get insecure From all the pain, I'm so ashamed I am beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring me down I am beautiful in every single way Yes, words can't bring me down So don't you bring me down today To all your friends, you're delirious So consumed in all your doom Trying hard to fill the emptiness The piece is gone left the puzzle undone That's the way it is You are beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring you down You are beautiful in every single way Yes, words can't bring you down Don't you bring me down today... No matter what we do (no matter what we do) No matter what they say (no matter what they say) When the sun is shining through Then the clouds won't stay And everywhere we go (everywhere we go) The sun won't always shine (sun won't always shine) But tomorrow will find a way All the other times 'cause we are beautiful no matter what they say Yes
The Bridge
It is still dark when we drive up to the parking lot outside the park. You grab the faux fur blanket out of the back seat as I get out of the car. Grabbing the flash light you guide us across the large expanse of grass above a shoreline. I am holding my skirt down as the wind blows in our faces. My skirt flies up in back as I get ahead of you to find a place. You admire my bare tight curved ass. The sky starts to lighten up as you catch up with me. “This will do,” I say, pointing to the ground where the grass ends just before the sand. You lay the blanket out as I go to kick off my shoes and you grab me in your arms and kiss me passionately. You continue to kiss me, pushing your tongue into my mouth and running your hands through my bright red hair. I pull your head into me, and run my fingers along the back of your ear. Your hand moves gently down my back across my silk shirt and you realize I’m not wearing a bra. Working your way down, you feel the smooth curve
That is all.
Live It Or Dream It
Are you living the dream or dreaming the dream ??? If you dream the dream but live the life, aren't you standing with a foot in each world. And unless you can float, what if something comes up and strikes you, between the legs, because the two worlds merge. Are you bringing your legs closer together or wider apart ??? Hhmmmm .. an interesting thought.
To Kiss Or Not To Kiss
a kiss is just a kiss but a kiss after your girl has had your dick in her mouth weather or not you came in her mouth... but would you give her a kiss after she gave you head? after you came in her mouth...if she is the type of girl who likes it.. would you kiss her full on the lips..or even a lil tongue? or would you not kiss her till she brushed her teeth? why or why not... do tell me why
Gall Bladder Surgery 4/9/09
Just wanted to let my friends know how surgery went today. They had a terrible time getting breathing tube down me. I will require special procedure if needed in future. It was used in December for skin graft surgery but records sent over didnt state why so anesthesist tried normal procedure first. NOW he knows why! LOL Doctor said a larger incision was needed but I was still pretty out of is so forgot to ask why. Other than that it went well. Recovery took longer for some reason as well but I am home now and gonnaslip into more comfy clothes and chill out for a bit. Thank you all for the kind thoughts, wishes and prayers. It was all very much appreciated. I have a wonderful group of friends here on fu and you are what keeps me from leaving. Love to you all! Deb
My Friend...
So, I invited a friend to join up. And mysteriously, fubar thinks someone else invited her, so I don't get any points anyway. Just as well I don't give a shit... Nor, incidentally, will she. Lianni is perhaps my bestest friend ever ever ever in the whole wide world, so be awful to her and bruise her badly in the MUMMs. kthnxbai Oh yeah. Pretty McPretty Prettyson who's so pretty she's the prettiest pretty pretty thing ever. *hai@ fubar This is her. What a great name, eh? O.o
A Call Out For Help
I'm in a contest and I need rates and comments, especially comments. Rates count as 5 points and comments as 1. Now right now I'm in the lead by a good deal BUT I've been watching how the others do and someone who was just added today almost has 1000 comments. I need help from friends to stay in first and win. Even if you just leave 5 comments that'll be a huge help. Those that go above and beyond I'll return the favor if I win since I'll end up with a cherry bomb as one prize and I'll bomb those who truly leave a lot of comments to help me. So please...drop a rate on it along with a few comments. If you wanna send friends to rate it I'd appreciate that too. Here is the pic...
I have yet another stalker. Yay? If you all remember last month I had someone coming to my page at least twice a day. I blogged about it showing the user. A few days later, the profile was gone. Hadn't been visited by anyone like that since. Well, that was until a few days ago. At first I didn't think much of it, because I figured it was just a new profile, no pictures uploaded yet. It wasn't a big deal. I then realized that they were coming to my page at least 3-4 times a day...reading every one of my blogs. Saying NOTHING. So I guess now I have another stalker. Of course you can't go to their profile because it's "friends only". "leftymcpherson" I'm really starting to wonder why I'm having so many stalkers. I don't think I do anything worth stalking. I'm boring, lol.
Settling For Less Than Everything?
This isn't my usual blog type, but then I haven't been my usual me this month. Please, if you're going to read it, keep in mind that I wrote this for me, only the last paragraph is for the rest of you. I do so love you all, and I hope the mushiness will not make you think less of me ;) I had this habit of settling for things. I settled for jobs i didn't care about, apartments i didn't want, and relationships that lacked passion. I'd watch people that were happy with their lives and see that they settled for something and figured that maybe settling was what worked. It's not though. They may have settled on one thing, but they didn't settle on everything.So maybe they didn't have the house they wanted; they still had a husband they didnt want to live without and a job they felt was worth something. If they had a job they hated, they still had the love they needed and the lifestyle they wished for. If they didn't have the passion in their marriage, it was because they cared more about t
My son is very much into playing Police and SWAT. In fact, for his birthday he went to the Police museum. He came home with a Police badge and hand cuffs. One of the neighborhood boys saw them and said, "those don't look real". My son said, "how do you know what the real ones look like?" He said, "cuz my mom has some". True story. I will never be able to look at my neighbor the same.Just thought I'd share that with you.
I May Have Lost...
I might have lost a good friend after some other "friend" told her I was talking about her to her. Let me state for anyone here that I am not that way. I do not take this site so seriously that I would compromise real friendship for some stupid website. Anyone who actually knows me will attest to that. Again I am here mainly to waste time and if I meet somebody REAL then it is a bonus. There are a few. I bling anyone who asks and who doesnt ask in order to help them level plus it helps me level since I don't ask for stuff like that. That is usually ANYONE who asks because it is something to do. As far as a true friend I am me. Feel free to get to know me but I will draw the line at anyone messing with my friends here and elsewhere. I will NEVER talk shit about ANYONE here. It is a waste of my time. I don't know who the person is. If I find out I will block them like the Great Wall of China. I thought I had met someone who I could really connect with. I will not change
When playing a game of just the head, does it ever end with just the head? Happy today
Loss Of Respect
Its one thing to call yourself classy, but when it comes to acting like it EPIC FAIL. Man I seriously lost respect for someone on here i had held in high regard. long story short, I noticed a change in behavior, went to a mutual friend about it and got slapped in a literary sense by both of em. one explanation is it had something to do with me, and if it did and said person didnt even say anything about it, but just chose to ignore me, shame on her. other explanation is it had nothing to do with me, in which case, what the hell happened? and can ya blame me for coming to that conclusion with that particular timing? I think not. I know Im being vague but this is venting more than anything. so let me make this clear, I expect my friends to be accountable for themselves and upfront with me. If you cant be upfront with me, especially when its an issue that may have to do with me...... delete me now. I expect high quality of people as my friends and it saddens me when
And A Person Behind Those Nasty Fake Accounts Is...
Jai When someone made a nasty Russian Slutt accnt, posting all my private info, the IP address was from his computer, resulting in him getting deleted. Ash and I were just talking about the stupid cowardly fake Cunty Cunt aka Slut profile, and I told her how I STRONGLY suspect that it is Jai. Not even 5 mins later, the Slut logs off, and Jai, who hasn't been on in a while...logs in. Speak of the devil! I am rarely wrong when it comes to my intuition (cuppyfake scandal, lol), and I KNOW it is him. People, beware of Greeks bearing gifts. The guy is an unstable psycho...
Pissed Off!
I'm so fucking irritated. I had to write an essay for admittance into my grad program. It was rejected. My content, organization, and language were unsatisfactory. But there are only four little notes on my actual essay. The first one says "wording" over a phrase that I used, "well rounded academic program". On one of my paragraphs it says "organization" in the margin. The third is crossing out And and capitalizing the next word. And the final is "what is this?" written over that same phrase I used. What the fuck? With those minor things how can the essay be that unsatisfactory? That's total horse shit. I don't have the time to go back over to that damn office and type another essay. I know the essay is good, what the hell is wrong with these people? If anyone wants the essay to read it and maybe correct some things let me know. I'll gladly email it to you. It's not very long.
Rf's Funnies (bah, I'm Bored)
I am writing down all the funnies I make, for my future great grandchildren Q: Whats the diff between a zombie and a man? A: A man will never hear "you just love me for my brains" some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, you were born with a hanger in yours
Are You?
Are you a tittie or a ass person??? Male or females can answer this.. Would love to hear from you!!!
Friggin Bastards
No Drama Q...: drama queen bimbo No Drama Q...: whatever dude, don't flatter yourself.....asshole ->No Drama Q...: yes, but youre not getting my ID No Drama Q...: question for u, do u have yahoo messenger? No Drama Queens... rated you a '1'! No Drama Queens... just checked you out! definitely time for a fu-cation tomorrow!
I scored when I went to the grocery store, they had hair coloring that they won't be carrying anymore priced at $1.50. So I got 2 of them. I am going to try to go back as close as I can to my normal color and can't decide which one to use. One is Medium Blonde and the other one is Blonde Affair (ya nice name). I dont like this mousy brown look anymore, it started with me being bored last spring and going red then as it faded I hit the blue black and now it looks mousy and my gray is showing, I don't want gray to show this early in life! Today has been a cool day, went and got stuff to make vegetarian wraps and they were the bomb!!!! Muahz all!
I guess it's about time for me to talk about it. Very few of you know this little saga of mine, but I guess it's time to share.. I met Gavin October 11th 2008. I was bartending and this little Aussie guy runs up to the counter and asks for "free jagerbombs" I said, "Ya ain't gettin' nothin' round here fo free son" He laughed and replied, "I can't say my 'th's'.." then he held up three fingers and said, "free.. I need free jagerbombs". We both died laughing. My best friend Brandi yelled out.. "Is that the cute one?" ( I hate her sometimes) My face turned 30 shades of purple and I looked straight at him and said, "yup that's the one!" Then I looked away dying of embarrassment. The rest of the night.. he kept flirting. Not once did either of us see him look at any other girl. Every time I walked by he kept trying to con me into a kisson the cheek. I refused several times.. but I finally gave in. I overheard two guys from Alabama tell him, " You're doin' it all wrong... you gotta turn
Auto 11 Auction Today Only
I am auctioning off an AUTO 11 today. Starting bid is 2 mil fubux and the auction runs til 12am est. Please post bids here. And love on my #1 too please she's a sweetie.
Vacation Planning-need Some Advice!
Ok, most of you know I'm taking my son to Hilton Head in a few weeks. This will be his first time to the ocean, so it's a very special trip for us. And Mommy needs a much needed break from reality. Now I need your help. I am making a list of things to pack for our trip and I'm wondering if you guys may have some insight on things I may need to pack that are notas obvious as say, beach towels or sunscreen. I want to be fully prepared and be able to continue to impress my son with my fantastic motherly skills. I am specifically focusing on things we may need for our days on the beach. Any advice is greatly appreciated! *Some odd things I have so far are- snacks that won't melt. Frozen bottled waters. Zip lock bags for seashells. A butterfly net for catching minnows in the tide. A good book for mommy and a waterproof camera. Thanks guys, you're the best! Let's see how your creative minds can brainstorm...
Should I?
I am debating on if I should go to KFC and try their new grilled chicken meal? It's like 3 bucks or something for 2 pieces of chicken and a side or something.... I keep seeing it on tv......... I am bored to death.......
Woman was created from man's ribto be by his sidenot under his foot as he run's out the doornor under his hand when he has heard enoughMan from whom we are createdto protect and shield usto listen to her feelingsand honor us in his lifeFor whom we are a partnerA sounding boardAnother view of the worldThrough the eyes of the opposite imikimi - Customize Your World!
Been Doing Some Thinking Again, Lol..
Yeah.I'm thinking, 3 years or so is too long fer me to be in any one place, perhaps.I'm bored, and it's cold here anymore.If you need me, add me on messengers if ya haven't already.Dunno what I'm doing yet, just..I'm not happy here anymore.We all had some good times but life goes on whether we want it to, or not.So yah, lol.This ain't goodbye;Idk what it is.Needs more thought.But it feels like goodbye, ya know? For what it's worth, I learned a lot, and grew as a person here.And I hope I entertained you all with my goofiness and decent music. This is NOT because of anyone, this is an internal decision.And it's not set in stone, I'm just thinking here.But as someone who probably thinks I dislike them said once,'Don't be suprised."So...this is to ensure nobody is suprised.By anything I do at this point, lol. So this is an old man's rambles.Twisted, brutish, half-maddened.But admit it, I was a fun ride, lmao. We'll see what happens.Either way, if I dinna see ya again, may y
Db Bs
ESPN NFL Alert: Denver Broncos released RB Selvin Young, who started 13 games in two seasons with the team. Rayne Alert: TOTAL BULLSHIT! I HATE YOU JOSH MCDANIELS! I HOPE YOU GET THE SWINE FLU AND HERPES!! Ok maybe not herpes but I still hate you.
Moving Math
I'm a little less than half way home. Or, "home," as it doesn't seem like home, yet. Thus far: Hours between return from Guatemala and departure for great plains: 58. Number of kitties sleeping contentedly on lap: 1. Hours it took to load all of my things into a 20 foot trailer: 7. Number of people it took to load said trailer: 5. Conservative estimate of the number of sexual favors necessary to garner said people's help moving: 17. Number of blown tires on trailer: 2. Number of showerheads in my Iowa hotel room: 2. Number of showerheads that work: 0.
The Rose Test
You Believe that Love is Mysterious When you think of love, you think of what could be possible in the future. In love, you see things how they could be. You are wrapped up in your own dreams. If you are in love, you want the whole world to know it. You don't hold back with letting people know. You are impatient in love. You are so eager to fall in love that you often fall for the wrong person. The Rose Test
So Sad....
R.I.P Pink Dinosaur... may you rest peacefully amongst the toilet paper and used condoms.
*still Wants To Strangle A Salesperson*
yup... erm...can someone please disifer this for me?? I think I got the hotel...but ?? and I'm spose to deliver on Saturday's wtf? grrrrr.... shoot me... I spoke with ---- today . I e-mailed him a bid to sign.Once he signs proposal we will start on Monday May 11th . I will give you the official word once it is signed!!!!!!. But we are good to go on his word!! Thanks for ALL your help!!!
Fuowned Auto11/cherrybomb Raffle *more Chances This Time*
*Notice..the close date for this is going to be a week later..I have really not pushed it what with the death of my beloved little Gabriel..* There are some slight differences this time! So pay attention..min BID is higher this time..and MORE CHANCES TO WIN! Higher priced FuOwned Entries are worth more entries! ALSO..with the NEW FuOwned are GUARANTEED to get back half your Entry fee! Ok...I am going to raffle off an AUTO11/Cherrybomb. Entry to the raffle will require you buy a FuOwned from me. To show that it is an Raffle Entry you will buy them for an amount ending in 422. For example 1,000,422 Fubux... Or 50,422 FuBux. There is no bottom limit to the FuOwns price to Qualify. The Lowest possible bid accepted for an entry will be 50,422 FuBux. In other words if the Min bid is only 12,000 have to change the bid to 50,422 fubux. I will pick the winner by using a random name generator called Mad Hatter. I will attempt to video the draw. If you don't trus
Black Widow's Hh Party
Party in the Web Miss Black Widow has the pleasure to invite you Saturday, 9th of May, 2PM Fubar time, to join her HappyHour party! There will be plenty of points, autos and bombs. Special thanks to my wonderful friend and fu-owner: Guidomedic@ fubar Bully brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Zomg!!! I Can Haz Blogz Too?!?!
Blogs are fun. :) Fubar is fun too. :) Sometimes people make fubar not so fun. :( Sometimes people take the internet WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. :( Sometimes people you thought were cool to talk to and normal, turn out to be anal retentive psychos. :( Remember: fubar=FUN, a GETAWAY Life: that thing that awaits when you turn your PC off. You may now return to your regular scheduled programming. :)
My Pussy Pics...
not really
sorry, had to move this... doesn't make sense in Friend requests i don't want... I am: female german 27 5'8" student (studying History, English, German) Tech Support agent for a german webmail provider goofy (Bravo reminded me... ) Webmaster of 2 websites ( and a german one ) I love: quiet things SNOW!!! baking cooking reading fishing (usually i don't have the time) sitting at the river Rhine my job my family (even if we can't be together for long without starting to fight) my friends my cat my PDA staying up late
Bella's Raving Mad At The Cullens
This is boring, blah blah, just venting I have griped about my dad before. He lives a floor above me, and yet I barely see him. I suck at keeping touch with my fam, I know I took that after him, but I've told him that we should go somewhere so many times, and he keeps makin excuse after excuse. How fuckin hard is it to go somewhere with your only child? I love him ofcourse, but this shit is gettin old. He allowed his ex wife to prevent him from seeing me for almost a year. Which put a big damper on our relationship. But now he lies about calling me (even though his # is not in the missed calls), makes pathetic excuses like "oh, I'm tired after work and have to get up in the morning", you wake up too late. This shit is gettin stale. I can handle being burnt by friends all the time, but family is different.
Voodoo Protection Policy
Club Voodoo is an "NSFW" LoungeClub Voodoo is a "NSFW" Lounge you may or may not see or hear things that are Adult Rated, Politically Correct, or Humorous. Although it is a "NSFW" Lounge we do still Moderate what is Shown and Heard in the Lounge. We Do Ban & Block anything that is Illegal, Racist, Sexist, Rude, Bashing, Or Blatently Disrespectful.You Will however See and Hear in the Lounge Adult Related Topics, Songs, Sounds,You will as well See in the Lounge Adult related Toys, Pictures, Maybe some Skin, But all is moderated & if it gets out of hand it Can and Will be dealt with. Reason for BlogThis Blog is to make you aware of the Aspects that The Voodoo Staff has set up to further Assist those that enjoy the Lounge but do not want to See or Hear the "NSFW" Cams and Radio.As Well as to make sure you understand the Meaning of the Acronym "NSFW" and the Definition of what "NSFW" Means."NSFW" Means "Not Safe For Work"This is the Wikepedia Definition of "NSFW" http://en.wikipedia.o
Mnogotochie- Vremya Rossii (time Of Russia)
What It Takes
Being a phucker is more than just a name. Phuckers are proud individuals, who not only take pride in themselves but in their fellow phuckers. This is not about self gain, if thats what you are looking for I personally will find out and remove you from this group. So now with that said We are here to meet new people, make friends and have fun. Before becoming a Twisted Phucker there will be a probation period, you must first rate, fan and add the founding phuckers. Once this is done contact one of the founders and let them know. Once you have done that feel free to add Member of Twisted Phuckers to your name! If at any point you take Twisted Phuckers out of your name we will assume you no longer want to be a member and take actions to have you removed. Make sure you have a posted and a Fubar approved salute on your page. You can not view most of the phuckers without one. If you cant view them you cant show them love thus what is the point. This goes back to self gain. Show love - g
yay, just whoring my Russian buddy :) he is a baby, but so cute and pretty smart so yeah eXo@ fubar
I Am A S'lore
->Sugit: pro...: well the public should be made aware of this... i'll blog it and they won't believe you and i'll look even better Sugit: pro...: ohh this guy is so honest with me that's so refreshing (let's guard down) then you convince them that you've changed for them..(they fall in love) then you fuck their friends and say 'but you know i was a whore all a long'. i'm so onto you! Sugit: pro...: THAT'S the clever part. you convince them you're truthful about being a whore...they think o ->Sugit: pro...: why would i simply act like a whorish asshole... and not actually be one Sugit: pro...: how do they know you're being honest? Sugit: pro...: duh chicks like assholes. ->Sugit: pro...: half the guys on here say shit to make themselves look good maybe they like me being honest? Sugit: pro...: broads! ->Sugit: pro...: i can't believe they fall for some of these sucker nice guys but i am openly an ass and they still love me... Sugit: pro...: me neither but i don't understand wh
Cbomb Or Auto 11 For Auction!
Auction over on Friday, May 22 at 11:59 PM PSTStarting bid is $3M fubucks!GET YOUR CHERRY BOMB BLING OR AUTO 11 BLING (your choice) NOW AND LEVEL UP FU PEOPLE!!!!!
Spam Has Got Scam Mail!
FROM MARY MARTINS Abidjan, Cote d`Ivoire, West Africa. Dearest one, It is my pleasure to write you after much consideration. my email is ( name is Mary Martins The only daughter of late HENRY MARTINS from Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire (I am 22years of age).My father was a liability Cocoa and Gold merchant in Abidjan , Cote d'Ivoire before his untimely death. After his business trip to Tunisia , to nagociate on a cocoa and gold business he wanted to invest in Tunisia , a week after he came back from Tunisia , he got an accident with my mother of which my mother died instantly but my father died five days after in a private hospital. On that faithful afternoon, I didn’t know that my father was going to leave me after I had earlier lost my mother, but before he gave up the ghost, it was as if he knew he was going to die. He my father, (may his soul rest in perfect peace) called me to his bed side and told me that he deposited the sum of $6.5m (six Million five Hundre
Totally Broken!
I am so fucking upset........ thats all that needs to be said........FTW!
ok so i was trained not to show emotions this doesnt mean i dont have them ,i just keep them inside until i am alone and then i release in a blast of primal instinct allowing the emotion to become a tool used to create a stronger outer shell .some people say i dont know how to understand or show emotions but the fact is i was trained all my life not to show them so am i wrong for using my emotions to wreak havoc on people i consider enemies or should i allow the emotional overload in lfe to consume me and end up housed in a facility for people who are not safe to be in society
But Shh, Say I
This poem I'll give no real introduction, except to say that it was written some months ago. It's one of my favourites - not for content, but for the fact that at the time, this encapsulated -exactly- how I felt about something, and someone, and thus is one of my very best. I feel it strives for the emotions it speaks of without ever over emphasising them; it is to me both subtle and strong, and this is how I wish all my poetry was. But Shh, Say I Quiet I keep the many thoughtsThat roil and tumble, in squalls and storms.Hello say I, to thee, and ask the simple question:Say I, "How are you today?" and let it be as mayAnd answer simple doth return to me - nary a suggestionOf what in me, lurks today.Let us joke and titter, giggle and cackle,Let me paper cracks of awkwardness,Let us swiftly fall to silence,While into the fire my thoughts I toss to crackle,No stress:Merely abience.O, but what if I were to say,All the thoughts I had today;What if to tumble out I let,Each pond
I've always been fascinated with eyes. Especially brown ones. This poem is quite obviously about that. Eyes Brown eyes,Sad eyes,Glad eyes,Bright eyes.Silly eyes,Shining eyes,Whispering eyes,Wandering eyes.Grinning eyes,Spinning eyes,Skyward eyes,Ogling eyes.Eyes for every occasion,Eyes for every glance.Eyes for every whisper,That lips did ever chance.Eyes that just look,And eyes that only be,Eyes that whisper of memoriesThat no other eyes will see.Eyes with a smile in,Eyes with a sigh in,Eyes with a secretThat only one has seen.But these eyes,Eyes in a picture,A picture not even looking at meThese are the best eyes,The prettiest,The deepest,The softest,The hardest,The most colourful that I ever did see.I wonder if all eyesAre ruined now for me?Brown eyes, brown eyes...Lost to you I be.
Rant On Relationships...sorta
Alright, so the other day I had all these cool thoughts running through my head about how some people are such assholes when it comes to relationships, so I thought I would jot down these thoughts and come up with a blog...But then, I got writer's block.All these thoughts floating around in my head and not able to get them all out right. It seems to happen all the time.So, I threw aside the crap I scribbled down on paper and thought I would just rant a little on here off the top of my head, so here it goes. I'd like to state that these are my own thoughts and opinions, and if you don't like it, then that's your thing and I respect that. But THIS, this is my thing, so either read and comment or just move along. :)I don't have much of a social life in the real world, so I am left with the cyber world. In the past when I did have more of a social life, and most of the guys I came across seemed to be the same, but most of my thoughts now apply to cyber world, so bare with me while I
If You Have This Person On Your Friends List Take Me Off Your List Ty
Nice Experience
A few months back I had a bad experience with a regular customer of mine. He had come into the store with his partner and asked me something, I had looked up from some paperwork I was doing greeted them and answered, then glanced back down to mark my spot. He blew up immediatley called me a stuck up cunt and raged out of the door cursing up a storm as his partner looked at me all embarrassed and mouthed the words sorry before he followed him out. I had forgotten about it until just now. I was standing outside when he approached me and apologized saying I have no excuse and you did nothing to deserve that. He also promised now that he felt he had mended a bridge that they would shop in my store again. Not very often you see someone step up to the plate when they are an ass and take ownership of it. just wanted to share my smile of the day
Satara Made Me Do It!
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take itRULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!LAST PERSON YOU....[1] Who was the last person you texted?I dont remember[2] You were in the car with? my sister [3] Went to the mall with?havent been[4] Person you talked on the phone with?Dont wanna remember[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar?SataraT/F Only answer with True or FalseQ:Kissed some one on your top friends?FalseQ: Been searched By Cops?very TrueQ: Been suspended from school?TrueQ: Sat on a roof top?TrueQ: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?TrueQ: Broken a bone?FalseQ: Have shaved your head?TrueQ: Played a prank on someone?TrueQ: Had/have a gym membership?trueQ: Shot a gun?TrueQ: Donated Blood?trueWOULD YOU RATHER:[1] Eat or drink?eat[2] Be serious or be funny?funny[3] Go to the beach or mountains?beach[4] Die in a fire or die getting shot?ShotANSWER TRUTHFULLY:[1] Sun or moon?Moon[2] Winter or fall?Fall[3] Left or
Suggestions From Supporters!!!!!!
we are now officially taking suggestions on new catagories to add to the page. such as tattoos, garters, corsets, bondage, and other things of that nature. if you have any suggestions plz leave a comment on this blog.
Ok, Fubarians... I'm going through my friends list and I see a lot of people I that don't talk to. Some of that is, by my own admission, my fault. My list has grown so large that I can't keep track of everyone. So I'm clearing out. As of today, I'm getting rid of people. I've already cut some that were obvious, but I intend to keep whittling it down. So here's the deal- if you want to stay on my friends list, just let me know. You don't have to respond here... you can do it in a private message, a comment or a shout... just something to let me know that you're still interested in being friends. Do not assume anything... just because I rate your pics andleave you comments, do not assume that I won't cut you. I need to know that you want to stay. Most of all, I have some of you on my other sites... if you do not respond here, you will be deleted there as well. I'm not saying that this has to be some kind of deep, exotic friendship... just dropping the occasional joke or comment is fine.
Reefer Insanity!
This coral just sold in an online auction for $1738.00 HOLY FUCK!
Pussy Eating 101
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good evening class, I’d like to welcome you to Pussy Eating 101 Pay close attention now There are Rules and regulations to pleasing a girl Going down town could really rock her world But you got to make sure that you know what you’re doing There’s a map down there that you got to start learning First you got to make sure you rehearse Move round your tongue like you’re trying to curseCause there’s nothing worse than a tongue that doesn’t work Then your girl will be mad and you feel like a jerk Spread out her lips before you kiss You want to make sure that you find the clit Lick a little bit then move it all around Lick it all over till you hear her make a sound Then you know that you find a good spot Tease it and touch it but not a lot With your mouth down south, you’re in control You could make it, happen fast or slowDon’t be bland, better act creative Be on top of your game and be innovative Experiment a bi
Just When You Think
Just when you are at the point where you honestly believe that things can't get worse, I just got a slap in the face. My dad's mom lives in Montana or shall I say, she did. She is in her 80's and I guess someone younger then my dad has been living with her and semi taking care of her for awhile. Last time I seen my grandma was in 2006 when she had a stroke. I have called over there a few times, but it was kind of like she didnt know who I was. My mom just told me that they had sold her house here recently and was on her way to Arizona with this guy, when she had a heart attack in Phillipsburg, MT and was airlifted to Missoula. WTF seriously, WTF!!! My dad is living in Canada and not even going down there till Wednesday from what I hear. I am in a state of awe right now, what happens if she survives this, no home? WTF!!! I am totally tripping on this!!! I don't have a way over there, which is awful, and my dad is so inconsiderate that I believe he should be there already, since he is t
Backspacer Ed Does It Again
Again? (bh)
I have 24 hours to find someone to foster/adopt a Rottie that is in a kill shelter. He is 4-5 years old. damn it all to hell and back.
The Golden Ticket
Every couple of years -our family of dealerships picks a salesman from each location to attend a 3 week intense autosales training program put on by national caliber consultants/trainers. It's unofficially known as 'the golden ticket'. I've been picked from my dealership - start it next week, looking forward to it.
So I'm sittin here alone at work; usually I'm fine, but once something spooks me, my mind just goes haywire. We had to kick out this creepy ass gypsy with 4 kids today, so I'm PARANOID about thebitch comin back at night. Also, I went to the bathrrom twice tonight, and both times someone walked into the mens bathroom next to mine. No one EVER goes there at night, and I havent heard them come out. Sooo...I'm a lil freaked out right now .I hate this shit, so just spending time with my fave fubees on here. I wish they could come out of the comp and keep me company here :( UGHHH!
Dip Me In Chocolate!
Who likes Chocolate and should it be used for foreplay?
MDS or Myelodysplastic Syndromes MDS, or myelodysplastic syndromes, are a group of disorders in the bone marrow resulting in excessive production of blood stem cells that do not mature and function properly, leading to lack of healthy blood cell types and fatal complications. Many experts, when considering what is MDS, see it also a form of cancer like leukemia and breast cancer. Formerly known as ‘preleukemia’, these hematological conditions often result to defective myeloid blood cells and typically develop to acute myelogenous leukemia or AML. However, only about one third of MDS cases transformed to AML within months to several years. Anemia is also present.
House On The Rock
The most amazing place I've ever been to and continue on going every year. In Wisconsin, btw
Prince Jesse Convo
Jesse Hard: im takin you to a prego doctor to stick up you ass like they do girls vags after they have babysJesse Hard: stitch*Ash Xo: lmfaoooooooo i'll fart in his face and runnn like the windJesse Hard: your ass would swallow him from the backdraftAsh Xo: OHAsh Xo: MYAsh Xo: FUCKINGAsh Xo: GODAsh Xo: that was the funniest thing ive ever heard u say EVER
My Friends Rock!
Thank you so much everyone for your support and ♥ during this difficult time. I really miss you guys! We are almost done, my house is packed with moms stuff and she seems happy (she likes it here) It's almost like it was before she passed....she was here but not here...strange I know ...but totally true. Anyway, today is the Peaple's of moms favoritist things to do...SO WE'RE GOING... lol... have a great day everyone... ♥ most of you PoStaL oh..and ps...I will post the pics of this weeks flowers, tonight...ya ya ya I know...I know.... *is a slacker*
Okay so someone just marked the baghead pic that DaddyRocksHard asked everyone to do as NSFW in my!? this one ^^^^^^
Oh Shit! My Account Was Deleted?
There are so many rumors going around about how the fubar admins are this or that. It's actually quite funny to read some of the stories. I thought I’d save you all some time and clear some things up... 1. We do not like to delete profiles. We know you just come right back. It is has never been our policy to delete profiles for petty shit. Some of the people who have become my biggest supporters and eyes and ears are users who I once had disputes with. I will say it again, deleting is our last resort. 2. If your profile was deleted, it may not be our fault. I always find it funny when a user will come to me screaming about a "friend" who was deleted. This usually alerts me to check their profile for suspicious activity. 99% of the time the person arguing is whining about one of their fake accounts. DO NOT COME TO US CRYING about an account that you know was fake. Spammers get deleted. Underage Users get Deleted, Anyone who SCAMS or DISPUTES or who has directly benefited f
Well Paint My Face Yellow And Call Me A Banana!?!
Yeah Been one of those days. Had a blast from my past sort of slap me in the face today... No need to go into the VERY long and convoluted drama filled story. All I can say is that it brought back some very painful memories. But it also brought with it some glimmer of hope. Just a glimmer, but a glimmer nonetheless. It's been 10 years. Yeah 10 long years. But time is closing in. Wish me good thoughts. I'm gonna need it.
Another One Bites The Dust
Got a call from my friend the bar owner last week. He wanted me to come in and DJ for him on Saturday night, so I said no problem and got a sitter. I hadn't worked for him in several months, so this was a welcome invitation. I got to the club, began my show, and after an hour or so a girl walks in who took my breath away. She was scoping me out most of the night, and when the opportunity presented itself, I went out to the dance floor, offered my hand, and we danced as if we had been partners for years. Every sway, dip, step were in near perfect unison. Before the night was over I had passed her my number and email address, asking her to call me. She playfully said she probably wouldn't, but I got a text the next day raving about what a great time she had, etc. and we spent most of Sunday communicating both by phone and online in chat. Monday as well. Tuesday as well. By Tuesday night, I had a gig downtown, and at one point I "serenaded" her by calling her in the middle of a very
Smooth Balls
I was eating a chile verde burrito when it struck me.. Does having smooth balls give you an advantage? And would it be weird to have a bush on top but smooth balls underneath? I have had my share of BJ's (not talking about beef jerky ok) in my day and I've pondered this on occasion. If I had smooth balls would I get my balls sucked more often? You see ladies a mans balls are equivalent to a woman's breast , hence why we have man milk and you all have that other kind (that only little brats get !!) The balls are really sensitive and need attention. I've fully shaved before, weed wacking the bush along with the balls for total smoothocity. Honestly I felt like I was 9 again (so a little creepy). But now I'm thinking about just shaving the balls because to be quite honest I feel sort of bad for the chick that puts her mouth on them when they're all fuzzy ...If I were a woman don't know if I could do that at all. But then again I don't about having the reverse mullet on my genitals (
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Awakening.when no words comeyou inspire me to breathesome are solely to write aboutsome to paint pictures ofto laugh forto cry overwe are motivated to do so many thingsby so many soulsbut rare is the musewho emboldens anotherto stop survivingand learn to live. ~Sinamynlee
Matahambre For Father's Day
Every year - I get serious about bbq'ing. I keep a freezer full of beef, pork, lamb, & chicken. Just picked up 136 pounds of beef from the butcher and am going to try something new -Matahambre Its a butterfly'd flank steak, wrapped with bacon on the outside, androlled up, pinwheel style, with thin slivers of asiago, celery, smoked ham, bell peppers, sausage, and a lil red wine vinegar, cooked over charcoal. Not sure how it will turn out -so -am gonna make burgers, each with a pat ofherb butter on the inside and montreal steak seasoning on the outside. Thats the plan for Father's day.
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Recent Events
This is the third time i've tried to post this. Okay everyone knows that summer is here, and if you've ever been to Memphis mosquitoes here are like b-52 bombers, I'm sure you're all wondering what this has to do with anything? Well if you took the time to read my profile or talk to me on a daily basis you would know that I am homeless and i was living under a bridge in a tent until about 48 hours ago. Here's what happened over the last two days. There had been other people staying down at my campspot but when the drinking started I was like meh whatever, but then the guy brings some chick that looks like shrek down there and for the past month i've gotten very little sleep due to them drinking andscrewing and being loud at all times of the night and waking me up, well the other day it was like 110 out with the heat index. I went back to camp early cause I was tired, well for once the guy down there was sober which I like the guy when he isn't shitfaced and messing with me. anyways h
Surgery For June 22nd Went Ok Revised
so every1 knows my surgery was today again... They did the one on Thursday that was an *L* skin flap graft... then on Friday he came in to check it out and decided he didnt like the looks of it.. so he went in today for an hour and a half and dibreeded it and cleaned it out.. and then he took the bad parts of the graft that didnt take and pulled them off and took skin from my thigh again and moved it to the back of my thigh and heal like it is suppose to do now and i'm on complete bedrest But I do not have to stay off it i just need to limit the time I am on my leg and putting pressure on that spot to let it heal up.. Then they have me on oral pain meds 3 times a day.. and IV ones 2 times a day... Then I can take .04 cc's of dalated every hour to an hour and a half due to pain.. Then I can have up to 2 vicodines every 4 to 6 hours for pain and I always pop 2 in to relieve it more.. Then before thedoctors come in to take the dressings off and look at itI take the .04 cc's of the da
Day 2 And 3
I skipped a day...but I'm catching it up now. Today, the cops showed up to check out a child abuse complaint, I then had to spend an hour explaining that I had given my son a suppository. The neighbors heard him sobbing hysterically "Daddy, why did you put that in my butt? It hurts." My neighbor had heard and thought I was raping my son. FML Today, while reading some chemistry notes I came across the term "solid water". Completely stumped, I asked myself "what the hell is solid water??". Then I heard my little cousin say "ice". I'm a 4th year science major in university. He still checks the closet for monsters. FML
Blame Boo And Naked Rocker
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say!....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!)==================================================================================================What is it that you absolutely need sexually?Someone who's not afraid to explore and talk about what they want. What is something you have always wanted to try?More bondage What is something you have never done in bed before?Probably alot. Some I won't try because it doesn't turn me on What time of day do you like to have sex?Anytime. But really love the middle of the night slow wake up sex What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on?their eyesHow long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?feels like forever. Love love love kissing. Can even get off that way if it's done rightIf someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited?Doesn't bother me. Would just try to be quiet. And I mean
I get to spend all morning in the airport... to pick up my brother who I've not seen in over two years. Best birthday gift ever. He totally surprised me and....I'm so excited I've been giggling for hours now. ~Dances all happy like~ Mmk, thank you. Carry on. =P
Yup I Am Crazy
Did the follow up with the dr today about the psych eval I did yesterday. I guess I was too hard on myself and the test was inclusive. He did have me take a different one today which he said he could read. The diagnosis on the paper he gave me for the transitional place is: Major Depression, Recurrent, Moderate Anxiety, NOS, rule out PTSD Avoidant Personality Disorder with dependent and borderline features So I guess I have a little more issues then I thought. He didnt really tell me what to do from there, he wrote the report for the place.
Days Of Our Psyche...
Hello friends, so its been awhile since i wrote a blog about my life so here it goes. New Things: I got that awesome amazing job i had been talking about and i LOVE it! Ive met some great people and its nice when going to work is like going to hang out at a friends house lol. As some of you may know im a writer and i like to think im very good at it. Ive recently been given an amazing opportunity to display my work but anyway thats all i can say at this time. What else..hhmm Oh YEAH! Ive been having lots of freaky crazy incredible sex and its not only wonderful but great excercise lmao. Several weeks ago i started talking to an old fwb and we've decided to see where it goes this time. To be honest its just nice to have fun without labels and expectations. Finally as ive saved the best for last ive decided its time to move out from my mother's and allow her to continue healing without me enabling her anymore. So ive found this really cute lil 2 bedroom place on some land so it ha
It's long. If you don't like to read, please just skip it. -- I picked dinner, a two-quart salad, half lettuce, half spinach, a few beet greens. As I eat, a deer gallantly strides into my back yard. She grazes as she walks, nibbling on lawn-salad. It is dusk, and her coat glows, rusty against the tree-filled background. Craning my head to see around all the branches, it occurs to me that I need to trim back these trees. I need to be able to see out. These were Albert’s trees. He planted a lot of them, including a long row of evergreens by the road. When he planted those, he used the power lines overhead as his guide to keep them straight. As they grew up, someone asked him, “Why did you plant the trees under the power lines? They’re going to grow up and someone will have to either cut their tops off or move the line.” Albert didn’t care. He said he wouldn’t be around when that happened. He was right. Years after Albert died and his w
One ?
1 question1 chance.1 honest answer.Thats all you get.You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX)Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.No catch.But I dare you to repost this.And see what people ask you
Wow Just Wow Lol
So I definitely had an interesting 4th of July lol. I went to a friend's house for a party and it was a blast. I just wanted to tell about some of the really interesting things that happened. He had these like huge candles on sticks that are for keeping away mosquitos. They were all lit on the other side of the yard kind of away from where any of us were sitting. Suddenly for some reason I looked over at the one and was like OMG! I don't know if it was wax from the candle or what but the ground below it was on FIRE. A pretty decent size fire too. I was like holy crap and ran over to where it was. I didn't have anything to pour on it. So I was like okay let's stomp the fire out. Which was interesting to try and do as my pant legs are long, like as in they kind of go below the bottom of my foot. So there I was pulling up my pant leg stomping on this fire. It took at least 4 or 5 stomps to get it out. Even later that night we looked and there was a HUGE burnt spot. So th
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Go And Want
When I told my mom I was going to Toronto and New York, she was excited. I didn’t expect that. I thought she’d warn of me the hazards of travel, caution me against making impulsive decisions and tell me that I didn’t know what love was; about that, my mother would have been right. I didn’t know what love was until she taught me at her death. As it turns out, I never made it to Toronto but I made it to New York and while I hated the city I loved the experience. I got to say “I did what I wanted to do” and rather than regret, I got to say “I am content.” One year later, I’m going to Australia. Not only is it another county, it’s another continent and my mother isn’t here to tell me her opinion. Luckily she was there to show me. Though she wouldn’t often travel herself (turning down my pleas to visit my cousin’s newly built hotel in Idaho), she gave her blessings when I most recently chose to.
My Makes No Sence Recap Fo Anyone Who Did Understand This
hello FABA familyxoxi have cleaned things up i think a lil anywayso im making this blog to announce whats going on as of nowin here u will find hints and tipsand where to find what you need to help us be great!**requirements**R/F/A all members before youa small commitment to love the MOD each day you canread/repost all FABA bulletinsread all NEWS STASH and blogs**incentives**Nominations:THIS IS IMPORTANTmembers nominate eachother (when loved nominate the member to get nominated show love)why do this...10 of them gets you blingmost at month end gets a bonus 3 credit bling for being a great loveryou can find random nomiations to claim by showing members lotsa lovelook for them in the comments of pix or stashes as u RATE them(must reply to original random nomination comment)salute FABA for a nomination BOMB FABA's bomb album for 3 nominations rate/comment FABA's bomb album for 5 nominations FABA will nominate you for each ticker you send FABA will nominate you for each bl
So, in leu of me not gettin a vacation to Cali, resulting in a wasted plane ticket and much frustration, because some nutsack at work decided to quit, I have decided to take my bitter cuntness to the workplace. While people constantly accuse me of having an awful temper, I believe that I am a pretty nice person if you dont fuck with me. ANd I guess they have breached that treshhold. I never argue off the boat, or raise my voice, or bitch and swear. I take things calmly, and then let them fester and get to me more and more, until I get REALLY pissed off and decide to quietly make that person's life a living hell. Or at least, a limbo. While I have crossed words with my boss many a times, I know when to keep my mouth shut in order to keep my fuckin job. Sooo... I stopped being nice to her. I had a whole buncha registration cards for the guests, and I threw half of them away, making it look like they are all there. So now she'll have to print them individually when they come i
There are 3 things you should never try in life. 1) Wasabi, the super hot sauce offered with Sushi, especially if you don’t wish to look like an idiot, fanning your open mouth with your hands; 2) Grated cheese with marinara spaghetti and 3) Taking your cat to be groomed when it’s very rainy, especially if the car park was miles away from the Vet of your choice. Sometimes I wonder where my angels are! If they are beside me, with a notebook in hand, scribbling down notes and rating my actions to every solution I come up with, or else playing poker, God only knows wher
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Soo...I am pissed that I dont get to go with hubby to Cali for almost 3 wks, and I'll miss him terribly :( I hope my boss dies in a fiery crash. Hubby is worried about me stayin cause he thinks I'll get into some sort of trouble (he knows me too well, dammit) now that I will have the car all to meself (I like to explore abandoned buildings and cemetaries, that kinda trouble).
How Well Do Ya Know Me?
I stole this idea from Woo, Serenity and lipstick. Let's see how well ya'all know me I have exactly one bling credit left, so yeah 1. What is my first name? 2. What is my favorite color? 3. Am I married, divorced, single or seperated? 4. How many kids do I have? 5. What type of music do I listen to the most? 6. What do I drive? 7. Do I have tatoos? 8. Am I a smoker? 9. Do i prefer the t.v. or to read?
How Well Do You Know Me?
1. What is my first name?2. What is my favorite color? 3. Am I married, divorced, single or seperated? 4. How many kids do I have? 5. What type of music do I listen to the most? 6. What do I drive? 7. Do I have tatoos?8. Am I a smoker? 9. Do i prefer the t.v. or to read? 10. What is my major in school?
Bling Scammers
Last night A friend wikid lette, had asked if she could make a deal for an bling pack, like so many people fubucks or pics or whatever... i blew my wad already and didnt have enough bling to sell her one, and so anyways she got scammed by some douch guzzler named DMB. wikid lette is her name. she filled her end of the deal, and didnt get the bling she asked for... so all my wonderful friends, If any of you would help her out, or point her to a trust worthy person to make a deal with her, please do
About Me To All
I was born June 7, 1973 to Patricia Ann and William David Jordan. Growing up life was hell for me. Growing up I was physically attacked by a bully non stop on a daily basis having lunch money stolen every day and then having my nose broken every afternoon by the same bully just for having scoliosis, being legally blind 20/200 vision right eye and left eye not much better, and for having attention deficit disorder. The taunting continued through my high school years where I was gang tackled by the school football team and beat on by the players and called awful names by both faculty and students. I was not the best student in school due to my A.D.D but only three people out of the entire school’s faculty believed I would make it in that cruel outside world. One was a guidance counselor who I truly owe a debt of thanks along with my History and Latin teachers. While in that school I was placed in classes that made me feel all but worthless due to being placed in learning disable
Just came back from harassing my dad for food, and he told me a following joke: An American, French and Russian women are talking about their husbands. An American woman goes: -Right after John and I got married, I told him: "Don't even expect me to do any housework, I'm not going to. So...I didnt see him for 4 days, and when he came back, he brought back a truck full of house appliances. So now we have a dishwasher, cooking aides, washing machine, et to do everything for me." Then the French woman goes: -Right after I married Francois, I told him: "I'm not gonna do any housework, don't even ask for it. So...I didnt see him for 4 days, and when he came back, he brought a hot young woman to do all the housework. So now she does everything for me." The Russian chimes in: -Right after Ivan and I got married, I told him: "I"m not gonna do any housework, dont even ask for it. So...I didnt see him for 4 days, and when on a 5th day my eye finally opened, I started doin all the
[exploding Ghoriba]
Hey... we changed blog layout again. Cool. It's not as clunky as before. Anyway, while my first campaign is wrapping up with my zeon comrades *sniffle* I started downloading a couple series and decided, fuck it- I'm going to make ghoriba, or at least something similar. Now... I have a recipe. And I messed with it. *shrugs* Instead of confectioners sugar, I used standard. Instead of orange water, I used a few drops of grenadine, instead of peanut oil I just used more clarified butter instead of cardamom I used about 1/2 a tablespoon of cinnamon and about 5 clove bulbs. ... I think that's about all I did to it. So- 5 tablespoons clarified butter (but really... 3 and a half is probably overkill) 1 1/2 cups ap flour 5 tbs sugar cinnamon and clove as per above 2 tbs water 10 drops of grenadine 1/3 cup almond pulp solids from strained almond milk. (or 1/3 cup chopped almonds >>) mix by hand. My clarified butter was so fresh it was still warm so the cookies wo
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The Dickies
Great night out last night with my brother seeing The Dickies. We turned up early enough to see both supports - the Hole-like Love & A 45, and Vanilla Pod, who sounded like American modern frat-guy punk, until they started chatting between the songs when they sounded like West Country yokels. Crowd-watching was hilarious - ten years ago it would have been awash with vintage t's, but now NO-ONE fits into anything they were wearing in the 70s. Couldn't decide which was sadder, the kids in Ramones t-shirts who were obviously not even born before punk died, or the middle-aged, balding and bespectacled men in freshly-laundered reunion tour t-shirts. The punk vibe was really hit home when Vanilla Pod's guitarist, in a preamble to their set-closer, wished us all a "lovely evening". But that said, it was a really fun gig. One of the benefits of punk is the fact that with all the songs sounding the same, it doesn't matter if you know any of them or not. My brother remembers The Dickies f
i been on seroquel for the last 3 days now, and i feel like a freaking zombie. so tired and just not on the ball at all. my head feels as if my brain is trying to crawl out through my ear. my temper is short short short too. grrrr.
Yay Me!
If you have read about my silly prank, make up my mind Should I go and look at those idiots in a parking lot? or Do I just arrange a meeting some other time tomorrow, on my nite off? and make sure to put ito the info that I want them to get a room and wait for me there. And watch my hotel get sold out ;p
Day 6
I finally found a place to smoke in peace, across from Parliament, the same parliament that wouldn’t let me smoke anywhere else. Apparently, Australia is the only place more hostile to smokers (even cigar) than the United States. Fuck ‘em! Yesterday was harrowing. Most of day was spent reorganizing my return, changing hotels and, most devastatingly, accepting the abrasive and abrupt reality that I am my own worst enemy. The person who I first came to see, changed plans to visit and eventually came to join for coffee (or Australia’s version of it) didn’t see me at all. I traveled over 12,000 kilometers and have the pain of unmet expectations to show for it. She did what she’s always done, wavered, waffled, invited, ignored, teased and tormented. And I did what I always do, ignore the signs, negate the input of others, head straight for disaster and sit quietly in pain wondering how I got here. I got here by being nave, foolhardy, unreasona
Leaving For 3-4 Weeks
i am leaving for a base in belgium and after that to another base in the netherlands...most of you know i work for the U.S. govt. as a military contractor and i go to all the bases in europe and some in the middle east so i am often gone and without internet....i often come back to friends who have deleted me..hope that wont happen this time...i have thinned out my friends and family and hopefully got it right this time i will be gone for a if i am not know why everyone stay safe and keep smiling...will see you all when i get back
Michael Schumacher
It may not be fashionable to say it, but hell, I'm a massive Schumacher fan, and the news that he's making a comeback to F1 to cover for the injured (but fortunately improving, thoughts-are-with-him) Felipe Massa has me so jazzed for the rest of the season. I can't wait for Valencia now, and I'm desperately keeping my fingers crossed that he comes back and shows his top form.
Party For Our Members August 26th
Busted Blog 8/3/09!!
Normally I hold off on busting people so soon after I do a blog bust. But this one I just couldn't resist! B.C. Lioness Profile Link: This profile was sent to me this morning due to the fake yet verified salute: Any other time I would grab all my info and save the material for a bust at a later date. However I was a bit curious about this fake. She has a ton of photos full of modeling photos. After browsing through a few of them I realized she was invited to fubar by user Paul Andrew. Profile Link: If you read both of their profiles you'll noticed how similar they seem. Here is the first piece of their about me sections: B.C. Lioness: My name is Lindsey Lucillia “Lucy” Martin. I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. I presently live with my boyfriend in Victoria, British Columbia. I am a good old western Canadian girl. :-P LOL I have lived here in bea
Bowling And Other Things.
So I bowled tonight. The first two games were horrible. I barely got over 100. The last game however...I bowled a 176. The league ends next week. I had two goals for this season. I've managed to do one of them. That was getting my name on the score sheet bowling. Basically that means that I was one of the top three female bowlers for the week before. I did that one. My 189 from last week put me as the third best female bowler for that week. I was really proud of that. My other goal is to finally get over a 200. I've been really close. My highest is a 199. I have one more week to do it in. I'm not sure if the pressure is going to get to me or not. I really hope not. I don't want to be the bowler that fucks things up for the team. I'm seriously going to miss my team though. We all get along very well. I can't think of Monday when we all worn't laughing our asses off over something that one of us did. I'm thinking about bowling in the Fall league, but I know no other team will be like th
God's Will
Holy scriptures have it that two women appeared before Prophet Solomon claiming that both of them were the mother of a baby. The prophet was faced with a dilemma. How would he be able to decide who the real mother was? However, he was famous far and wide for his wisdom so he ordered that the child be cut in half and that a half be given to the women who claimed to be the mother. The older lady said, “yes, it’s ok. Divide the child in half and give me my share.” But the younger of the two cried, “No, please don’t harm the baby. I give up all claims to the child. Please give the infant to the other lady.” In an instant, the prophet knew who the real mother was. Of course, he did not cut the child in half. He told the younger of the two to take her baby home. He knew that because she was the real mother, she would rather give up her child than see it harmed. He admonished the older one because she laid false claims to a child not her own. I am p
The Fight Club
I have always considered mumms as the Fufight Club.and things have been getting heated lately.I have noticed some that used to act friendly taking pot shots at each other.and some wanting to take pot shots at me.which is cool.but please try to do better then calling me old.or trying to say I am gay.Is that really supposed to be an insult? I am not gay so it means nothing.and if I was gay then I would be once again it would mean nothing.I am not jelious of anyone here.jeliousy is a waste of emotion and energy.If you do not like something I am doing tell honest lets have it out.but stop acting like a buch of whiney pussy bitches
My Trip To Six Flags Lol
So yesterday we all jumped on the car n headed out for six flags at 7 am got there rode everything we could till we was to exhuasted to ride anything else. On the way home stopped and ate dinner at the cracker barrell my fav restuarant ..well one of..Got back in the car n headed towards home. We got 73 miles out of Greenville when the freaking alternator in the car went bad! The car died a few mins later. So there we sat on the side of the interestate .. We called someone to come help us, wait in an hour n a half he arrives with another battery. The car cranks n we take off again only to get 25 miles up the road for that battery of course starts dying. We pull off the next exit which btw was in Clemson, SC .. and for anyone of you all who follow Ncaa football knows there our teams the Gamecocks rivals. Hubby and his friend just happened to be struting around in one of there tshirts.. Not a single person offered to help lol .. So we are there changing the battery out again then it happ
Daisy Blue Is In An Auction Bishes
Yeah....i Know...
So yeah...I'm being an annoying whore...Rate this pic for me please?
What Is Too Old?
Haha...I was just told by a 30 year old that I was old enough to be his mother...WTF??? I would have been 12 when he was born! Am I old? Do I look old? Do I act old? To me, age is only a number. It's all in how you see yourself and how you act. If your mind and heart are still reflex outword. Tell me what you think about age. Tell me what you think of me being 42....old or not?
Last Chance...
Auction ends tomorrow...anymore bidder?
Nothing Else To Do On A Thursday Night.
I feel like blogging even though I don't really have anything to say but really, no one will read this anyway. Apparently if you take a long hiatus from the intarwebs, your return is not welcomed with open arms. Eh. What are you gonna do? I feel so drained right now. I only worked a four hour shift but I spent the four hours prior housekeeping for my lame ex. I figure, my kid is there and he's paying me so it's worth it. But anyone who says housekeeping is easy is a liar. Its way more lame than my actual job but also more lucritive. Mayhaps I should start doing that for a living. I'm a damn spiffy cleaner. And I get to do my laundry for free. Mama likes a bargain. I started smokng again pretty much the day I moved in here. It's just so enjoyable. I really want to have more drunken slutty times this weekend but I work til midnight three days in a row. Super ultra lame. That's pretty much all the random thoughts I have swimming around in my gray matter.
Own Me Auction
AUCTIONING OFF MYSELF! the neg after the 10 min on webcam its negotiable Starts August 17th 11:32pm Fu Time open now for bidding! Auction Ends August 27th 11:59pm Fu Time Opening bid starts at 100k to bid please post comment here on this blog below cash bids beat fubucks Bid Below!
Mean People Suck
: TeXaS Gentleman. Fixen 2 Go Get My Hair Cut & Cell Activated. Mount Pleasant, TX subject: RE: left u a 8 received: 08/18/2009 10:27 am replied: no block this member Flag as spam I spoke perfect english & you do not know whaat I'm talking about?...this is a communication site.If your haaving problems with English then you might want to delete your account here.because there is no way you can make friends if your having trouble understanding or reading Mint & Proper English. You're status is asking "wow whats wrong with all the weirdos today?"...ever thought you might be one of the weirdos.& your not impressive showing all that skin in your main photo.I'm really tired of seeing photos of females where the camera is above their heads pointing down their bodys.its be over done way to much. I'm not 5 so don't call me "Honey" Again. Bye Have a shitty day. === 'BellaLove' wrote the following at '2009-08-18 07:38:05'.. > > honey i have no idea what ur
Wet Moon
ZOMG!!! The fifth volume of what's possibly my favourite comic book currently being put out is in the shops now!!! I just found out!! Releases have sporadic, depending on Campbell's routine I guess, but along with 'Scott Pilgrim' this is one of the coolest books on the market, and another reason why Oni Press is one of the hippest publishers going. Arguably not much happens, but the artwork is exquisite, the characters wonderfully realised, and the slowburn tantalising. I totally recommend you log onto and find out more.
New Car
So I'm looking for a car. It doesn't have to be new. Just new to me, lol. I really need to get one. However, I have NO IDEA what to really look for. I've always been the type of person that thinks..."if it runs and gets me where I'm going, I don't care what kind it is". But now things have changed. I have 2 boys I'll need to haul around. I want it to be dependable, fairly cheap, and something that's pretty easy to take care of. I seriously have no clue what I'm doing. Here's why I'm coming to you all. What are some things I need to look for? What are the best type of cars to get? What cars are easy to maintain? I'm sure I'll come here with more questions. I just hope some of you all will know the answer. Just don't get too complicated with your answers.....I know NOTHING about cars.
Yet Another Failed Relationship
I guess it's time for an update blog. I remember when I first started dating Billy. We had so much fun. He always made me laugh. It felt so good to not have to be responsible. To just act like a couple kids...and we did. The problem with that is sooner or later if you are going to live together and maintain a household, a family, and a job ( well one of us at least), you have to eventually grow up. Yes I knew about the weed habit beforehand but honestly I didnt think it was such a HUGE part of who he was. I let myself believe that it didn't matter. That as long as he didnt do it in front of my kids, it wasn't a big issue. He did work a few different jobs actually.A couple restaurants, drywall, painting, deli work.He had so many dreams and ambitions but did nothing to see them through. Bottom line, he jus wasn't REALLY ready to settle down. He let himself think he was and he tried hard but just seemed out of his element. I felt like I was tying him down.In fairness the kids didn't ma
Gone Camping
I got 7 days off from work, going camping, not sure when I'll be back, I"ll miss ya all.
Don't Let Me Get Me
Never win first place, I don't support the team I can't take direction, and my socks are never clean Teachers dated me, my parents hated me I was always in a fight cuz I can't do nothin' right Everyday I fight a war against the mirror I can't take the person starin' back at me I'm a hazard to myself Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don't wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else I wanna be somebody else, yeah LA told me, "You'll be a pop star, All you have to change is everything you are." Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears She's so pretty, that just ain't me Doctor, doctor won't you please prescribe somethin A day in the life of someone else? Cuz I'm a hazard to myself Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don't wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yo
Not The Greatest Idea Perhaps
If by any miracle someone reads this that actually knows me. Hello. As per normal I probably won't be here very long. Subjects free for discussion:- My default picture. Everything else is on the basis if you ask a question and I don't answer, consider that your answer. Just in case here is a stock reply, "no comment". ************LATE EDIT FOR NEWCOMERS AND HOPEFULLY RETURNERS************* If I suddenly leave, and I mean suddenly as within an hour, then sorry c'est la vie.
What's Your Love Sign?
Your Love Sign is Aquarius You fall in love as easily as the next person, but you do it on your terms. For you, love is always unconventional and even a little freaky. You're an independent and inventive person. You are drawn to someone wacky and totally cutting edge! It's hard to predict who you'll fall for next. You don't even know yourself. What's Your Love Sign?
AvengedSe7enfold on Yahoo, on MSN, AvengdSe7enfold on XBOX360 Live@ fubar Soo this asshole decided to go off on Rio when she refused to text him Feel free to give him some love I did
Lmmfao Daddy F00kin Rawks Rofl
this is DADDY ROCKS HARD most recent blog It Just hit me like a bolt of lightening created @ 2009-08-12 16:47:31 NOTE: READ THE WHOLE BLOG DON'T ASSUME YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT BEFORE YOU HAVE Well I want to start a club and I will call it "Daddy's Bratty Bitches"...but I had to find out what other clubs were doing so I picked the 2nd Alarm Hotties and chose to use their COC, Code Of Conduct as a guideline...I however wish to be totally different than any other club on fubar...I want to be I figured the only way to do that is to do the "total" opposite of what a club like the 2nd Alarm Hotties does. Daddy has only ONE(1) requirement & it will be outlined below. Here's the 2nd Alarm Hotties COC: C.O.C.1. All Hottie members/prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of 15 "current" pics which include S.F.W body shots.2. All hotties must be female.3. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to officers for communica
My Fubar Rant
From The Desk Of StewieGriffin So I have been around Fubar for a few years now and have endured all of the so called upgrades and name changes. I have rolled with the punches, for the most part never complained.. Well tis about time I aired my opinions on the direction that Fubar has taken. Remember the days when reaching GodFather was an accomplishment ? I do.. Where the people that you thought were your friends helped you get there. Those days have pretty much gone. All thease so called new features are nothing more than the owners of Fubar turning it into a cash cow.. If you stand back and look at it, ya kinda knew that it would happen. Seriously how long did anyone think that Fubar would be totally free. Now instead of the fun days we have graduated to the days where depending on how much money you are willing to spend will determine what level you get too and how fast. It was FUN when people actually had to work (and work hard) to get to the glorious level 25 and didn't have
Getting On Track
I mean if all that has happened within the last year isn't enough to motivate me I don't know what is. I can't really even say it's been a roller coaster because even those have peaks and valleys ..I've been free falling. I've taken responsibility for my actions and know they've played a large role in everything that's happened ..everything can't always be pinned on me but nonetheless I've had ample opportunity to mend things. I've been knocked down plenty of times I've had to work my way from the bottom ..but now I just can't seem to find the right motivation ..I know I can't things rolling because of someone else I need to do it for me but my heart is just not in it. A typical day for me is fruitless and I'm truly sick and tired of it. It bothers me I guess you can say because I've seen my potential or glimpses of it anyway and know I can be doing a lot better. I'm 22 I'm young I know ..but that's no excuse . I know better . I have this tendencey however to overw
Roll Call 9-02-09
All Llama Levelers will go to the Family list profile rate everyone there and leave a comment on there profile "roll call" to avoid the Bouncer place a "roll call 1 " then on next one place a "roll call 2 " this avoids triggering the anti spam program. Once done leave a comment below that you have done so. Everyone has until Thursday Midnight to complete this. For the new people these are the 17 members that are on the family list of this page.
Our Logging Company Dispute On Abc News
Logging Dispute Update .. :) As you may or may not know .. I have been in a dispute with a logging company ILLEGALLY logging down our private road and tearing it up so bad that my neighbors & I have had a difficult time getting in and out of the road to and from home. Well, it escalated to where my neighbor was beaten with a 2x4 by the logging company owner, of which, I broke up, while 2 workers stood there and watched thier boss beat this man helpless!! I was out doing yard work on Wed and my beaten neighbors wife called me and asked me to walk over for a few min, which I did, only to discover that the ABC Channel 11 News Team was standing there and wanted to interview me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK ... so I look like crap and was told I could not go "fix myself" as they wanted me to look like I normally would while working in the yard ... lol .. so there you have it ... I look like CRAP. Ohhhhhhh...and yes, the camera DOES ADD 20 lbs, of course, the baggy azz pants I had on doesnt hel
65 Bling Pack
SELLING 65 Bling Pack To Highest Bidder...Put Bids Here So It's Fair
More Spazzing
why couldn't i see all this coming my way a long time ago?any and everybody, people of the world hate wherever you gowhether you got gangloads of doe, or you're dirt poei'm onto ya'll now though, my reaction time was jus a lil slownow it's time to let out venom to each situation that got me pissed false people that hope for my downfall but i gives a yellow pissabout it, and for all that doubted, hold onto my middle fingerlet it be the last memory you have of me that lingerstake my other middle finger and throw it at your parents for mecus it was them that created you, they just had to get hornycreated nothing but a hope and dream crusher for meall because your dad shot u inside your mom instead of where she seesyou atleast should have went thru the mouth and end up in the bellyat the very least a morning after pill should have erased the light of day you got to seebut whatever, not gonna spit another line about that, lay it to restdamn me and my emotions for getting so vexed, such a pe
Why You Hating
Political Rant
This is a response to a MuMM I read. It's poster claims that the reason for the economic mess we're in is due to us as citizens buying goods from non-American companies - things made in Japan or Mexico or China, for example. In my honest and humble opinion, the poster is badly off target. I BUY American where possible. My family buys American where possible. The main reason we as a country are in this mess (and I KNOW I'm gonna get attacked and just don't care anymore if I do) is because we as citizens of this country elected people who don't hold major corporations accountable for their bad practices. And THAT is what the major corporations want - blanket permission to rape its customers and provide little, if anything, in return! And it does NOT matter WHO you DID vote for, for many years the majority chose those people. And for many years the government didn't do it's job. And now we have to bail out major corporations and reregulate corporations who SHOULD have been watched in the
I'm Sorry
I don't know who will read this blog, or who even cares. But there are many things I am sorry for. Many things I am regretful for. And make things I wish I could change about me, because I have flaws.. and I do not know how to fix them. To you.. the one whom offered me a 2nd life. I am sorry if you were betrayed by a person close to you, whom you trusted your secrets to.. but I wanted to tell you I was still there and tried not to cause you undue stress. I love you, your friendship, any wisdom you offered, and respect any decision you made. I may not know how to show it.. but I can not be more apologetic. I want to show you how I can make it all up to you, but I need you to truth me, and give me that chance to show you. To you.. my love.. my Bruiser. You wouldn't ever know what you mean to me even if I told you. I am going to take things a bit slower so I do not run you off. I will always be true to you. Just keep the smilies rolling in! I care for you so much, I'd do anything
Hey Ya'll Wanna Help Me Win A Booty Contest??
I just wanna thank everyone that did help me in this contest...not sure what happened to this dudes account but its no longer there....guess thats the way it goes....i just wanna thank all my awesome friends that did help me...your the best!! Hello everyone, im gonna be in a BOOTY Contest!!! It will be a comment the most comments wins....and you can comment as many times as you like!!!! If you would like to help thats fine...and if ya dont thats fine the option is there...the link is in my comments below from Curt...just click on the pic in his comment and it will take you there...for some reason the one in this blog isnt workin.... you can rate too if you like...but rates wont help me win...just the comments... Thank you all for takin time to read this...Have an awesome day!!!!
Просто так
И так, это моя первый день в американской (если не ошибаюсь) социальной сети Fubar. Всё интересно, ничего не понятно, но буду потихоньку втягиваться)) Друзья уже прибавляются. Н&
Kathy And Jim
Jim and i are a couple, due to some drama created by a woman that thought because he joked with her, he was hers, we are now doing BOTH sites as joint sites . LOVE YOU ALL>>> and hope this makes our fubar experience much better !!!!!!!
This song has been stuck in my head for days. I had to blog it. However, I'm not sure what some of the "talking" is in the background. [song in comments]
Pimpouts For A Whole Week?! Dayum!
[AUCTION STARTS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26h AT 9 PM FUTIME!!] Now, I'm gonna try this again. Maybe I didnt make myself clear enough. I'm in need of fubucks yet again. But instead of auctioning myself off on some random person's page, i'll start this up and let it run for a week and see what happens. 3 pimpouts a day for 7 days [21 Pimpouts Total]100 11s a day for 7 days [700 11s Total]3 Animated Tags [Curoius? Check my Pics] I'm going to start this Auction off at 2,000,000 fubucks. This auction will end Sunday October 4th and 9pm FUTIME
Floral Garden Of Life
The chalkboard along the back wall of the room reads “JESUS. JEHOVAH” in yellow chalk in the lower left corner. Nothing else. Ok…. I take a seat against the right wall towards the front of the room. I wonder now if I chose this spot subconsciously because I’m in a direct path to the door… No matter because then I hear the tumblers click into place locking us all inside. I feel a momentary surge of anxiety which increases my heart rate a bit and makes me fidgety. I don’t particularly want to be locked in the room. Being here is one thing…being locked in here, not cool. Pretty much, the only guarantee you really have when working with psychiatric patients is there are no predictions. You never know. Supposedly, I’m trained to handle all sorts of what ifs but I don’t think knowing how to do a side arm body hug or a one arm restraint will help me much if the 6’4, 250 lb man across the room from me hits
Want To Know What I Like?..
This... It's cute as f@#k! No I'm not telling you to buy it for me, I'm telling you I like it. lol. That and unfanning people who don't fan back. It's been enlightening. I know I owe oodles of love, I'll be back soon, just been r/l busy...laters!
So I found this site this morning. Wish my parents were cool too. Lowell and Jesse (and friend) Submitted by Peter PHOTO 9:46 AM Dennis and Lisa Submitted by Jennifer PHOTO 9:22 AM George Submitted by Baker PHOTO 5:22 AM Kiki and Chastain Submitted by Baker PHOTO
Alix Was One Of My Secret Admirer Choices Just Now ...
... and it wasn't her. I'm so pissed!
Stolen From Foxx...
Name something you dislike about the day you're having? Time is FLYING by, butI know it will drag ass once I get to work When will your next kiss be? Im a bit of a whore, so who knows Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence? My boss Are you dating the last person you talked to? Nope, not dating anyone Who was the last person you talked to in person? My younger bro Are you happy right now? Is anyone REALLY ever happy? What are you sitting on right now? Uh... my ass Is there someone who you instantly smile when you receive a message from? Not a big fan of the whole "smiling" thing Have you ever wanted someone you can't have? No, I get who and what I want... itsgreat being Manpretty sometimes A random person yells to you "aybaybay." You say.. Its $100 an hour or $500 for the night Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night? One of my coworkers What were you doing last night at midnight? On this damn site :p
End Of Tha World
so is it coming, or waht?? Being the most impatient person in the WORLD, I relaly wanna know
About....and The Members
This group is about smart, classy women. We know how to be sexxi without letting it all hang out. These days women should not have to brib a man for things and for thier approval. Women should not have to degrade themselves for others approvel. A woman can still be sexxi without have to do all those things. Today's society is based on sexual orientation and how thin a person can be.So I started a group with who I thought is beautiful; not only on the outside but in. This group is amazing and these girls have touched me in their own way. I set out a blog to what ppl thought about it and it went good. So I am now opening it to the public. RULES: yea I know noone likes them.. 1. Must have a approved Fubar salute. 2. Must FAR all members before after you are voted in. 3. No drama or bitching or you will be out of the group. 4. All voted in members will make a touch of class salute to show that they are a member. 5. Repost all touch of class bullies and keep up on blogs. (Myself. and
2 Things
Just two things really quick. 1. Aqua Net reminds me of Halloween. 2. My youngest son says that I'm "tricky"
I was bored and trying not to dwell on my boyfriend moving away. So I decided to bake. I made brownies yesterday and chocolate chip muffins today. I've made brownies a million times, but I've never made muffins. These chocolate chip muffins turned out AWESOME! I'm going to bake cookies tomorrow. Then I'm going to figure out how to package up a few of each and mail them to my boyfriend. I already bought a house warming card to mail him, so I'll stick it in the package too. I can't wait. I love doing little things like that. I also bought an "I miss you" card. Most of them were way too sappy, and I mean WAY too sappy. Well I guess I'm done rambling about my baking adventures. Oh yeah, I need to lose the 4 pounds I gained last month and this baking isn't helping. lol
My Video Blog- Halloween Idea
I'm So Mean... Damn Fumail
no.. you get over yourself you disrespectful egotistical idiot.I am MARRIEDIt says on my fucking profile that i do not want idiots talking to me that way. You need to go fuck yourself rather than sending random females messages like thatVERY disrespectful now please.. go stick a knife in your anus === 'McLovin ™' wrote the following at '2009-10-03 12:25:41'..>> Get over yourself you fucking cunt.> > > === 'Miss Cootima' wrote the following at '2009-10-03 12:24:37'..> >> > you are a fucking idiot... you didn't read my profile did you?> > > > go fuck yourself > > > > === 'McLovin ™' wrote the following at '2009-10-03 09:37:30'..> > >> > > My goodness baby you are so freaking sexy and so yummy I'm loving the pics!> > > > > > > > > How are you doing today sexy?> > > ============================================================================ The last part is what i would have sent if he wouldn't have blocked me I don't take kindly to being called baby and sexy by strangers
Who Wants The Breast Awareness Bling?
Monday JAK is buying a bling pack for a special reason...the 1ST 7 ladies who bare their breasts with "♥ 4 JAK" and submit a photo (will be in a special folder) will get the special bling!!! once the 7 are given thats it...a one time chance...will you be one of the lucky 7???
What Autumn Smell Are You?
You Are Your Favorite Sweater You love to feel nostalgic and peaceful. Every fall, you are flooded with happy memories. A certain smell or feel in the air can take you back to your childhood. Autumn is a important time for you. You enthusiastically greet each fall. You are excited to wear heavier clothes and curl up under a blanket. Autumn reminds you of a simpler time with being back at school, halloween costumes, and hot chocolate. And it all starts with your favorite sweater. What Autumn Smell Are You? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
Because Kins Said So
kins: true story!->kins: ROFL!!!!!kins: oh hush it, you look a million times better with your boobs out than I do.->kins: yeah...they could scare some peoplekins: Brave photos. He does know a lot....

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