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PROUD AMERICAN's blog: "Go ahead make my day"

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                                                               Ten Years In The Making



       On a cool September morning

         when the Twin Towers would fall

         while many Americans were in mourning

         some answered the call.


       That was ten years ago,

        now our men and women

        are finally coming back

        from that sandbox in the Middle East

        that they call Iraq.


       The battle was tough,

        the battle was long,

        but they are the best of the best

        and they have righted a wrong.


      They come home with heavy hearts

        with thoughts of their brothers  and sisters

        that they lost, they were fathers , sons, brothers,

        mothers, sisters, daughters and wives

        knowing that with their lives they may have to pay

        'cause in a war that is the ultimate cost.


       They missed holidays, and barbecues,

         anniversaries and birthdays,

         we owe them all so much

         and in so many differant ways.


       If you want to honor our soldiers

         for everything that they do

         when you see them ,

         give them a handshake or a hug

         and simply tell them " Thank-You!"

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