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Blessings, Good Fortune, Strength and Peace...

I've decided to dedicate a blog to the wonderful people that cross my path for reasons I will not question, but will cherish and remember because I grew from the experience...


I decided to take a different bus this morning due to being MOD and having to be there a bit early to open and such…


I hop off my bus, walk down to the stoplight cross the street and up the block.  Looking for the stop I see someone in a hoodie waiting with his bike….“There it is!” I think to myself “Great, no seat for my happy ass… Oh well, it will STILL be an awesome and smooth day” I walk up put my bag down and begin to adjust my hoodie, its freakin’ cold out!!

I look up and I see hoodie guy running up to a house, I look down and see his bike.  “Oh crap, he just left his bike there!” I think I move closer to his bike because the mother bear in me is now “watching it” for him.

He runs back out and I move closer to my bag.  I look up and he’s putting on his bag in somewhat of a panic rush fumbling with his hoodie and bike.  “Forget your bag, man?” I ask with a smile. “Ya” he replies.  “Glad you remembered I’m lost without my bag” I say still with a smile.  He looks up at me smiles and says “Me too, I saw you put yours down and panicked!” “Ya, man” I say smiling back “I watched your bike for you”  “Thank you!!” he replies “No biggie, It’s the momma bear in me” I reply.


I look over and he’s now smiling most largely.  I can tell that he’s overjoyed that he has his bag, didn’t miss the bus and that a complete stranger watched his bike for him  He pulls out his pipe and begins to puff.  “Do you smoke?” he asks “YES!” I reply with a grin bigger than his “Care to partake” he sings as he holds out the bowl “OOO dude, you have noooo idea how much I’d LOVE to! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU” I giggle slightly as I take the bowl happily from his hands and toke.  “I’m out, so I had to take resin hits this morning and I’m manager on duty!” “THAT SUCKS!” he states as he lights the bowl again.  “NOT NOW” I yell as I gladly take the bowl again.

We discuss that we are both going to work and where as we enjoy his bowl…I ask “What’s your name, man?” “Benton” he replies “Kitten?” I say. He laughs “Noooo Benton” “Bitten?” I say “Damn it’s hard to hear on this street!” “Yes” he says as the bus approaches.  “Bitten” I think to myself “Doesn’t seem like a Bitten to me.  Oh well, people call themselves strange names in this state” Smiling from the amazing buzz of “Bitten’s” kindness and inspirations, I hop on the bus.  “Bitten” loads his bike on the front of the bus and hops on and takes the seat next to me.

“Hey, is your work hiring?” he asks “Ya, it IS spring, but you have a job” I say with huge grin that I have nooo reason or want to shake.  “Ya” he smiles back “But I’d rather work there”

We discuss how things are seasonal there and how it may work out for him to have two jobs.  He has experience with organic gardening, our store need someone else with said experience besides myself and one other.  I gladly give him my work information so he can come in and fill out an application.  “Shit, I’ll give you my cell too man. You make me smile and THANK YOU again for the herbs” I say as we are approaching our stop.  “My pleasure” he says still smiling “I wanted you to have a nice start to your day, for you have done that for me”   “What first name are you putting on your app man?” still thinking his name is “Bitten” “Benton” he replies “B E N T O N” “OOOOOOoo” I say smiling with a slight laugh “I thought you said BITTEN” “noooooooooooOoooo” He replies with laughter “Nobody ever hears me correctly at first”

We hop of the bus and begin to rush off in opposite directions “Bye Benton!” I scream behind me “I’ll probably see you at the bus stop sometime if not we’ll always have” he yells as he removes his bike from the bus “Peace” I yell back “Exactly!!” he yells back smiling…

“Benton rules” I think as I put on my headphones, light a smoke and dance the rest of the way to work…”today really WILL be a most awesome day!”

Well, work throw me for a crazy loop first thing and I was busy busy busy BUSY, but that’s OK cause Benton crossed my path and all was good and groovy…even had a customer tell me my attitude was inspirational *big grin* when I was dealing with a crisis this customer had no idea I was dealing with *grins even larger*

I finally went out for a break 2.5 hours or so later, checked my phone and a text had come in “Hi J this is Benton, if you’re ever out of greens again text me.  Resins are icky lol” omg LMFAOOL! I texted back “Thank You!! You so rule”  


Benton, you've touched my soul and have put a smile on my face.  My life is better since you've crossed my path.  Thank You!

I wish you many blessings, good fortunes, strength and peace




ps. I'm not attracted to Benton in "that way" he's way too young for me ;)

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