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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  354 followers

Swine Flu is bad enough…This is just downright scary …

This was bough to me by Jessica, aka Confidence. Go check her out, she’s one of the best people I’ve met on here..


@ fubar

And on a personal note, I’d like to thank my true friends for sticking by me and not just messaging-and-blocking if you don’t agree with something I post. And if you don’t agree, discussing it in an adult manner. It’s refreshing to see the good people, and the cream rise to the top. And the rest , well, ah whatever …anyone can make new friends every day on here if they tried and took the time. More later in the week…hope you all had a great weekend! Peace..

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