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Music Monday 8
I don't know that anyone else will appreciate this.  These are the songs that I was super into in junior high/early high school.  I'm a sucker for old school R&B to this day.  I miss this stuff. Not included:  Babyface, Jodeci, Brian McKnight, SWV, Babyface, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Usher, Sisqo (though he was in Dru Hill first, so that probably counts), Al Green, New Edition, Teddy Pendergrass.  Clearly there are tons more and there is stuff that's older...but these songs are almost half a lifetime ago for me. 1.  Tell Me - Dru Hill2.  Promise - Jagged Edge3.  Love - Musiq Soulchild4.  Don't Leave Me - BlackStreet5.  Twisted - Keith Sweat6.  Pony - Ginuwine7.  Anywhere - 1128.  I Care About You - Milestone9.  On Bended Knee - Boys II Men    
Just wanted to say Hi....   That is all.
Random Questions
Do you like to cuddle?I like to push Jarrod out of bed.  Aggressive cuddling.Who has the ability to hurt you the most emotionally?Nobody because I won't give that kind of control to anyone. Do you cry easily?No.  I'm heartless. Has the last person you kissed ever made you cry?Yes. Ever cried while you were on the phone with that person?Not that I remember, but probablyAre you excited for anything?NoHow are you feeling right now?Exhausted What are you doing right now?Watching TVWhat should you be doing right now?Sleeping Are you worried about anything right now?Yes. How do you think this day will be?It was lazy. Ever gotten in a car accident?3, and none were my fault. Do you hate the last person you kissed?No Have you ever been used?Yes.Cheated on?Yes Who did you last ride in a car with?Probably Ian.  I'm by myself most of the time so I don't know What will your next piercing be?Haven't thought about it Who was the last person you spoke to on your cell?JarrodDo you have any drugs in you
Is that even the right word for this? I'm thinking no, but I've had one cup of coffee and it's too early to think. Yesterday while I was going home I seen the most beautiful rainbow/s. There were two of them. One, the one you can really see was perfect. In person you could see EVERY color..all were so bright. The second one was very faint. The pictures do NO justice. Anyway, I can't upload them, so I'm putting them here.   I love how the sun is hitting the top of the trees, making them look like they are golden/yellow. Beautiful, in my opinion.
Not A Norm For Me
This is real strange for me ... to post in here about me.   But there are a few that know what is going on and understand it.  Which I am grateful for.  I love them to death.  So now i have changed my mind and not going to pity me party ... it's a Thank you for those who listen and are truly wonderful friends and people!!!!  I wish I could do more for you.  But, this is the extent for now ....    
I found out when I got home from my morning class that my girl Boxer, Dixie, had a seizure. Anyone who knows how much I love my dogs knows how worried I am. Dad took her to the vet. She definaely didn't have a stroke, but the vet is sure she had a seizure when my dad told him what had happened. He took some bloodwork and will call us tomorrow. She won't lay down. She seems so lethargic, like she will end up sleeping on her feet. She's been pacing for over an hour already and that's just since I've been home.
Blackwater Aa12 Shotgun
Blackwater are pretty kewl guys, eh kicks ass and doesnt afraid of anything
Is Dec 8th/2009. Is Tuesday. Is post to snow. IS the day I get to stand up to a monster and punish him for all the days he had me scared,made me think less of myself,made me think I was a horrible mother and a worthless human being altogther,for abusing me both mentally and physically.ALso for stealing my car. Is a day I have been excited for but yet dreaded for the past year an a half. Is the begining of (well hopfully) non restless sleeps. Is the first day of the rest of my life.   I thank all the ones that for the past year(or well Robyn) that has been my sholder,my rock and inspiration to not fold under pressure thru out this whole ordeal. I feel like I will be breaking my oldest heart..because no matter what has happend between his father and I(he was never much of a anything to my youngest son) he has always looked up to him and I know will miss him greatly. I just pray he will grow to understand. I feel like throwing up just writing this out.   whatever.
Are You Kidding Me? Are You That Dense??
I was just informed that I needed to change my mafia name because of the "profanity." My mafia name was Frankie "Jeezuz" Fuggetaboutit. Now mind you, no one was insulted by Frankie, or even the Jeezuz part. It was the last name that had people freaking out and running to Scrapper. Fuggetaboutit? Really?? Srsly??? You idiots DO realize that it is a run together sentence of "Forget About It" only spelled the way an Italian mafia person would pronounce it. It is a common mafia expression. What part of that do you FUCKTARDS not get?? Well, in order to keep the peace with admin, NOT the idiots that were some how offended, I have changed my name to Frankie "Jeezuz" Fettucini. Gee, ya think maybe all the pasta loving people in this world will get offended?? I fucking hope so.
ok since I can't post status messages ...  I will now have blogs just for them .... damnit I"m genius       I got to BITE Kins for Ignoring me!! YAY GO ME!!!
Stole this from spiker, who robbed many others to get it: Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Pick your Artist: Led Zeppelin Are you a male or female? Achilles Last Stand Describe yourself: Fool in the Rain How do you feel: The Song Remains The Same Describe where you currently live: The Ocean If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Misty Mountain Hop Your favorite form of transportation: Moby Dick) Your bestfriend is: Black Dog You and your best friends are: Trampled Under Foot What's the weather like: Rain Song Favorite time of day: In The Light If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Immigrant Song What is life to you: Stairway To Heaven Your current relationship: Dancing Days Your fear: When the Levee Breaks Thou
my headit would be better off deadit aches and burns it freezes as it thaws my eyessee things I wish I'd never sawthey lie and tell me you're beautifulmy earshear the things I don't want to hearthings you say when I'm away my hearthow it wants to bleedpump it all out until its overmy mindconfuses me all the timetelling me wrong and rightI sit hereon a Thursday nightdrinking until it all feels rightmy dickwants to make me sickwith the disease of a secret lover does better on its own timeit disagrees with my mindmy dickfucks me over and makes me sickmy mind knows bettermy mindnever listens to meno matter how much I plead my eyesI can't believe a thing they seethey always lie to memy dickwants to make me sickwith the disease of a secret lover
Big Day Tomorrow
Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day. A local salon is doing 4 make overs for me and 3 other girls from the house. We are suppose to be there no later than 6:45 am *ugh* . We had to go get *semi* gently used outfits today from another business that is dealing with this as well. To top it off we will all be on the morning news here. I am terrified yet exited...I want a spiral perm, but if they cant do that then I will get a color.... plus they will be doing our makeup and stuff.
Through the years of study and the patience i have exerted through the timeless errors of my ways, i have to come to realize certain things. One of them being, you can not take people for who they say they are. Some people put on this face like... "I'm going to help your friend" ...and the first second they get, they stab you in the back. I would like to believe that i am a good friend. I talk to you when you need to vent, i hug you when youre crying or upset, i keep secrets if i am asked to... etc.....becoming a part of someone's life is easy for me to do...because i have such a huge heart. I wear my feelings on my sleeve...i desire only good things to come for those who have impacted my life. And i see now... thats a flaw.... But, i am so sick and tired of being treated like a complete fool...when all i have done is put my heart on the line and dedicate every waking moment (when im not at work) to something bigger then the pathetic lives of people. Whats so wrong with want
She Has It All.....
He leads her by the hand,walking with her down a path.she doesnt know where the pathleads. she follows him with her eyesher heart. He leads her into a clearingand asks her a question she hasntexpected, and is suprised when hekneels in front of her. holding her hands in hislooks in her eyes. and asks her to be his for life, for eternity. She nods yes. with tears in her eyes.praying that this isnt just a dream. if it is please dont ever wake me. She can not take it if itsjust another cruel joke. played upon her. he raises up from knealing and holds her in his arms. tightly, proving it isnt a dream and that he does love her. That he wants to spend the rest of his life with his love.. his heart, his other half. he has found the other part of his heart. He looks down in her eyes. and asks her, my love is this where you would like to raise a family with me?  She nods back at him in confusion. He tells her that this land that we stand on Is where im am building our home.  She gasps as her eye
The Bile Has Returned...
C51 - Lounge Promoters
Alright this is the first one: And just cause I figured I messed up... heres another one..  So you tell me which one is better... lol! 
  Since everyone else is doing it...layer one:Spell your name with bands/artistsE - Evans BlueR - Rise AgainstI - IncubusK - KissA - Abbalayer two:- name: Erika- birth date: May 23, 1973- nicknames: Reeka (online), my sister calls me Ricky, Shawn calls me Sweetie-Keetie (h)- current location: Brighton, MI- eye color: Hazel- hair color: Strawberry Blonde- righty or lefty: Righty - best friend[s]: Shawnlayer three:- the shoes you wore today: Pink lined Croc wannabes- your perfect pizza: Pepperoni - I have simple tastes :P- the last time you cried: yesterday layer four:- your best physical feature: heck if I know - my hair, I guess- most missed memory: snuggling layer five:- pepsi or coke: Coke, duh... this should have been layer 1- mcdonald's or burger king: McD's- adidas or nike: I have a comfy pair of LA Gears...- lipton ice tea or nestea: *gaks* nooooo tea- chocolate or vanilla: ch-ch-ch-chooocccooolllaaattteeee *orgasms*- cappuccino or coffee: ewwwww, neither... I use Coke for my
Words To Start Your Day By
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is with the bean of java that the thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shakes, the shakes become a warning It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.   How many of you live by the same code? lol
Oral Roberts
(CNN) -- Evangelist Oral Roberts, founder of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and Oral Roberts University, died Tuesday from complications of pneumonia in Newport Beach, California, his spokeswoman said. He was 91. Roberts' son, Richard, and daughter Roberta were at his side, spokeswoman Melany Ethridge said in a statement. Roberts was hospitalized Monday following a fall on Saturday, in which he suffered broken bones, Ethridge said earlier, adding he was being treated for pneumonia. There will be a private interment, the statement said. Arrangements for a public memorial service in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are pending. Granville Oral Roberts was born into poverty in Bebee, Oklahoma, on January 24, 1918, according to a brief biography released by Ethridge. His Christian ministry began with what he described as his own miracle healing of tuberculosis at age 17. Roberts pastored churches in Oklahoma and Georgia and preached at revivals around the country while studying at Oklahoma
Granddaughter Update
they have strarted the granddaughter on a med that they normally do not give to infants. there has been no change since they started the med on thurs. but they say it hasn't gotten worse either. the drs and going to contiun then med thru momday then do another EKG if there is no improvement theysay there is nothing else to try. what has happened is her lungs were no fully develope. so they are unable to provide enough oxgyen so the heart is working extra heard trying to get what oxygen there is to the body and its just being over worked
New Years Auction
Here it is almost 2010 time for an auction!!!   Here are the stipulations and rules: 1. All entrants must pay a 100,000 fubuck fee to join-payable to me 2. You must send me a link to the photo you would like to be used in the auction along with a list of things you would like to offer. 3. I will post all pics with lists of offerings on Thursday the 31st of December so that means you have 5 days to enter. 4. Auction will end on January the 8th 5. All bids must be paid to each member by that day, all offerings are good to the high bidder for 30days 6.Auctionees have the option to close the auction at anytime if they wish to accept that bid. 7. You are responsible for promoting your auction pic, although I will be promoting the actual auction!   ***here are a few hints about some things you can offer*** =Add their name to yours, Keep shitfaced, if vip offer 11's, salutes, give daily gifts, comments, rates..ect =cash bids can be offered as well like they can offer a bling pack
Advance Fee Fraudster
So for a bit of excitement yesterday, I was preyed upon by an advance fee fraudster posing as a Fubar member with a lonely heart. The pitch went kind of as follows:- The girl in question starts chatting to me. Within a couple of minutes she tells me how she's looking for someone to love her and how she's been let down in the past, blah blah blah. She feels she can trust me! After five minutes! Anyway, after literally two more minutes of groundwork she tells me how her rich English father has died, but the lawyers won't allow her to access her $2.7m inheritence until she has a 'man' (?) that can claim it for her (and, of course, take a cut of the proceeds). At this point she gives me details of her 'lawyer' to contact. The powers that be at Fubar (perhaps quite rightly) suggest that there is nothing they can do, such as delete her account, unless I have proof. As such, perhaps I shouldn't even reveal her Fubar identity here. So what do you think? Should I be exposing this person and
I Don't Care
Well some things have changed for me and it's about time I blog about it. I don't mean to really offend anyone, so if I do....sorry. I'm dating someone now. I'm actually happy and for that reason, I've not been online much. I spend my free time either talking to him or seeing him. I've gotten a few texts and not been able to answer because I'm either working or spending time with John. I then get a text, from the same person saying that since I don't want to talk to them, they are going to delete me. [shrug] I also got an instant message talking about how I wanted to "take things slow" with a guy. This guy has hurt me so many times, that taking it slow was exactly what I wanted to do. Is it my fault that I met someone, got to know them and then fell for them? No. Me and the "take it slow guy" were NEVER dating. Not only did they try to make me feel bad for being happy, they ended the conversation with "all I have to say - It figures". Whatever. I didn't do anything to hurt them, ne
New Video Read The Sign Iim Holding Haha
read the sign
My World Is Spinning And Not In A Good Way
I have been taking Cymbalta 160mg since September 16 for my depression. My psychiatrist was giving me samples because I don't have insurance and this medication costs out the ass without it. Well about a week ago, I ran out of samples and called to get more samples and my regular quack doctor wasn't there and the one on call refused to give me any samples. Now you are not supposed to just stop depression medications because of the increased risk of suicide attempts, seizures, and a crap load of other bad shit, you are supposed to be weaned off them.  Since mine have been abruptly stopped I have had increased crying episodes, SEVERE vertigo and dizziness and my lips and feet will tingle and go numb when I have the dizzy spells.  It feels like when you were a kid and laid down on a merry go round, closed your eyes and someone spun you around several times. I feel like crap :(
Besides being insanely gorgeous, this woman is also intelligent, self-sufficient, talented, and above all, the only person in this world who knows me completely! Without her, sometimes, I'd be so lost! It's also her birthday, so go show her mad love! ♥♥ Compa$$ ♥♥ ~E.C.S.~ ♥♥@ fubar    
About Me
Over the last month, Fubar has changed for me. It has been brought to my attention that no one really knows much about me or where I am coming from. This has led to some drama to my friends and myself, people assuming I am this or that, I am NOT one to write much, especially about myself. Everyone is different and everyone wants to know different things, about a person. TRUST is big with me, I am not just going to open up my life and my family to anyone on here. I am a private guy, quiet, honest and truthful. I won't sit here and fill peoples heads full of crap to get things or ask for it, not my style......that's a different topic all together. I am not shy, actually very open and will talk to most about anything, I am single, and I do admit I am a flirt at times, to me it's the way I compliment, to me it is my way of trying to make someone smile and feel special, I mean no harm......but also I see that most do not take the time to get to know me back.....and most actually go tell 20
None Of This Is Real.
Tell me a storyI love the quiet. Hate the the snow smokes from my roofWhen all the lights go outwhen the moon reflects offbounces a few trillion times on blank tired surfaces.Hate to watch this alone. I wonder what you watchwhen your eyes catch the slip between task and tediumwhere do you loungeis it warm there?are you smiling without some subtle referenceamong a room full of strange friendsor just friendly strangers?Do the lights dance like epileptic starsor does the sun beat against your cacao skin? Wherever it is can I stay there?  
Be Contagious!! In A Good Way :)
I was flipping through the channels the other day and a show caught my attention.  It was about "happiness". What IS happiness, how does one achieve happiness, what does happiness mean? Etc. etc... At that point in the show, a P.O.W. was talking about surviving and how him and his buddies used a "tapping" system to communicate between the walls and how important that little bit of communication he had was so important to him and his survival.  He also was speaking about about how he designed his dream home over and over again, knowing exactly how many bricks would be here, there etc. and then reconstructing it a different way.  All part of his survival. Anyway, HIS story was awesome, so I kept watching. (if something can keep my attention for more than 3-5 minutes it usually has me) I will be honest and open, I personally do struggle with "happiness", so yeah, this show in general did interest me on many levels. Another topic spoken about that I found fascinating was this ... and quo
What's Your Pimp Name?
Your Pimp Name Is: Silky Love Your pimp hand is strong! What's Your Pimp Name?   Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.          
My Father
This blog is to tell everyone whats up with me.A lot of you already know but for those who don't,here goes.In November I had to take dad to the doctor and from there to the hospital here at home.After many tests and many doctors they told me that he was "full" of malignacies.A surgeon was called who promptly said to me,"I would not operate on your dad,it wouldn't do any good.His "plumbing" was blocked so we had to then take him to the University of Maryland hospital.They put a stent in to relieve the pressure and allow his system to work for awhile anyway.The doctor at U of M daid to take him home and let him enjoy christmas with his grandchildren.Which he did,as much as he could anyway.He went back to the hospital here at home over the weekend.after stablizing him they talked to me about hospice.My father has end stage pancreatic cancer.Dad came home from the hospital yesterday and the hospice team came shortly after.My dads wish is to be at home and I want for him what he wants..So,t
Online By Brad Paisley
I work down at the Pizza Pit   And I drive an old Hyundai   I still live with my mom and dad   I'm 5 foot 3 and overweight   I'm a scifi fanatic   A mild asthmatic   And I've never been to second base   But there's whole 'nother me   That you need to see   Go checkout MySpace     'Cause Online I'm out in Hollywood   I'm 6 foot 5 and I look damn good   I drive a Maserati   I'm a black-belt in karate   And I love a good glass of wine   It turns girls on that I'm mysterious   I tell them I don't want nothing serious   'Cause even on a slow day   I could have a three way   Chat with two women at one time   I'm so much cooler online   So much cooler online     When I get home I kiss my mom   And she fixes me a snack   And I head down to my basement bedroom   And fire up my Mac   In real life the only time I've ever even been to L.A   Is when I got the chance with the marching band   To play tuba in the Rose Parade     Online I live in Malibu  [ Online lyrics from
This weekend has been really cool to say the least. Friday I was able to attend one of the shows of the US National Figure Skating Championships.... That was AWESOME! I am not one to watch ice skating on tv, but in person it was something totally different. Then yesterday they were having fan fest, we went down and saw the pairs that won (yanno the ones going to the olympics) and then there was a short concert after which was the total BOMB! Jason Castro, the dreaded doll from last seasons American Idol.... I was like 5 feet from the stage, snapping TONS of pics and vids. I was on 7th heaven and cloud 9 combined!! When that was over we went inside and lined up for him to do autographs... Man that was so AWESOME!! Tonight Ingrid Michaelson was playing for part of the fan fest, but since I had told my sister yesterday that I would go overfor dinner tonight, I didnt go to that concert. But whats really amazing is that my sisters and I are starting to get along, that to me is one miracle..
The Worst Night Ever...
So about a week ago, me and some friend went out in town dancing, had some drinks, danced a bit, hell I even shot a few games of pool with a overly charming guy... good looking, well dressed, didn't talk with a rediculous street style slang or anything.. seemed good. He hinted about going out for dinner and showing me things I've never seen before, and while I've heard this all before; I decided to hell with it. So anyway, he gave me his number, a few days go by, so I call him and see if he has plans..  Friday and Saturday he has a seminar and a meeting (which is probably just him not wanting to sound desperate) but he's free on Sunday "after church", which didn't win any points with me anyway, seeing as the last time I went was over 10 years ago on Easter for my Grandmother. So yesterday I went out, got my tootsies done, manicure, hair done, all that. Even bought a new dress, which I look pretty stunning in if I will say so myself. So I call him this morning, and he says we have a w
Check Out The Message From This Racist Ass Hole
Johann Sebastian Okinawa is a beautiful place, I could almost call this p... Australia subject: Am I a racist?   received: 01/17/2010 10:50 pm replied: no    block this member    Flag as spam   By your definition I might well be, but who cares. When I drive an Aston Martin, ride a Harley Davidson, and do that with a Scandinavian blue eyed blonde from a European Diplomatic family on my arm, I say that entitles me to do and say whatever the hell I damn well please. And if that's a problem to you sweetheart, well it's just that, your problem. Johann is who he is, and I'm comfortable with that, I don't need anybody elses approval. If you believe figures by the American centre for disease control, Black American males are 15 times more likely per head of population than White American males. Dating black guys is a death sentence. Live your life as you
List Of Foods To Eat And Avoid
List Of Carbohydrate Food Can Eat Bran, oats porridge, Barley. Fruits - apple, citrus, berries, peaches, pears, plum, and rubard. Vegetables - avocados, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, celery, cucumber, onions, lettuce, mushrooms, olives, peas, pepper spinach and tomatoes _________________________________________________ Avoid Breakfast cereals - Cornflakes, and sugar coated cereals, White bread, cakes, biscuits, bagels, bun muffins, pancakes, doughnuts, white and brown rice. Fruit - Dates, prunes, watermelon. Vegetables - broad beans, potatoes, parsnips ___________________________________________________ List Of Protein Food Can Eat Vegetables - beans, lentils, millet, soybeans Nuts - Brazil, peanuts and pine nuts Free range chicken and turkey (skin to be removed) Lean cut of meats that is non-intensively reared - beef lamb, pork and veal. Free-ranged chicken eggs (but not duck and goose eggs) ______________________________________________________ List
It's About Damn Time!
Sooooooooooooooooooooo I've been sending out resumes, clicking more on and than on fu.  Since I lost my job in September '08, I'd had one interview.  Only a handful of phone interviews or email inquiries.  The job market is crap in SE Michigan, especially for an engineer whose experience is 90% automotive. About a week and a half ago, I saw a posting from Aerotek for a long term contract job and clicked as usual.  That was on a Sunday - on Monday morning a recruiter had called back and was very enthusiastic, wanting me to meet with her that afternoon and get my employment identification out of the way.  It was clear they wanted people quickly, and I was called in to interview on Friday.  After a long weekend waiting, it's 99.9% sure I have the job :D  It's largely in the field I have experience, with some metallurgy thrown in - which is what my degree is in.   I'll be working for General Motors at their Tech Center, and will be hired permanently if the
Erotic Poetry To Heat Your Loins
i got this message today. just now actually. i had to rub one out to it and so i couldn't help but share it's magnificence with all of you. hope you enjoy it as much as i did.... i climbed in bed and from there it was oh marklino, ignite my fires, baby...   A posted thought, a phrase, sentences jumbled on lips,Spilling imagined secretslust brings forth the energy.Thrusting, groping, clawingbarely holding on.Good sense banishedher sexual spell absolute.He knows it's wrongto want, to ache, to yearn.Volatile thoughts ignite firefuel burning, cinders bright.Dark, muted light, as onetwo shadows in motion in twilight.She rocks, he fills the voidshe is open, he is all, everything.Blood beneath the skin,nails bring forth the lines.Hungry mouths, tonguesexpertly dancing with the other.Complete, absolute release, still, content, together, resting.Quick breathes, open hearts,till he responds to her touch, again. god i just read over it...i want him to fll my void again. i'll be back.
A Real Life Story Of Sadness And Living With It...
Here’s something else I found on here today worth sharing, it’s a real life story of someone’s real life experience with an unfortunate event in their youth and how it is effecting them still to this day. It’s well written as well..I figured it’s worth sharing…. Click to read… Hope everyone had a great weekend. It totally sucks the Jets lost and Brett Favre totally lost another NFC Championship Game. Everyone ready for the Fubar Super Bowl Pool? It should be around eventually. My Bet : Colts. Have a great week, it’s going to be a long one… Peace..
Catch Up
Wow, I have so much to catch you people up on! Well.. where to start? Scholastic: My Winter semester (if 2 weeks can be called a semester) finished on Jan 17. Spring began on the 18th. No breaks for me! I managed to pass the Winter course with a high C. I guess I'm ok with that.. not ecstatic, but I'll live. So far I'm very much enjoying my classes in the Spring semester. I've switch my major to Family and Consumer Sciences: Nutrition and Dietetics option. I'm set on becoming a registered dietician :) I'm very happy with what I've picked. I'm enjoying what I'm learnign once again and am keeping up with my readings and stuff for once. I never used to. I didn't see the point of studying away from school. Isn't that what going to classes is for? My view has changed on that though since my switch of majors. It's interesting what happens when you actually find something you are interested in and want to learn about. I'm taking this class where is the basics of social reasearch. I get to d
Ok..fubar point sluts.. haha...I can careless about your silly useless points ...All I want is your useless  penis and your useless vagina Is all I want and all I ask for.... Now do you mind ? Please kindly bug off with " Please rate me "crap... haha.....Just leave your penis and vagina at  the door thank you!!  hah Ok Emanon...For  you.So  you can play in  hahah
34 1/2
Is felatio or cunnilingus by itself half of 69,  that is 34 1/2 ?
Response To My Craiglist Personal
    Nice to meet you, Deacon! I will try to introduce myself more.I live in a Prague, Czech Republic. I live in an apartment of myparents and currently I experience hard period of my life. My exboyfriend has found another girl and I am trying to forget everythingas much as I can. I have realized that life should go further and Ineed to change everything in my life, at least for a while. I don'thave any secrets and I am always straight in my thoughts. I don't knowwhy I am so open with you. I would like to know if you ever met girls frommy country ) I will try to think who I am ))) ... I am:- Honest-  Friendly -  Discreet-  Tenacious-  Romantic -  Independent-  Ambitious-  Supporting-  Always positive-  Confident-  Faithful-  Planning -  Obedient-  Quiet-  Shy-  Careful-  Reliable- Cheerful!You are not tired? )Well, my main interests are music, photo, flowers, comedy and horrorfilms, fashion. I don't think I differ from another girls my age )What are your interests, Deacon? We can have
     I have many friends on here that I have known for years and many new ones that I am proud to call my ANGELS! Each of you has touched me in a very special way and I want to thank you for being in my life and for the constant love you bestow upon me. I truly believe that FRIENDS are God's gift to us as Angels to help us get by as we struggle in life.I am not here to do anything other than spread God's love to my fellowman and show you that LOVE is what we all need in our daily walk through life. Each of us struggle with something in our personal lives and a kind word means everything sometimes when you are hurting or having a bad day. I know believe me.....I have the same struggles in my own life and still do.      I do not care who you are or what is on your page...that is your business and not for me to judge..I don't have to agree with it any more than you have to agree with Mine but that doesn't make you any less of a friend.What matters to me is how you conduct yourself on my
I'm Not Gay {god}
seriously, no matter what the general consensus is, i dont like sausage or tubesteak. Unless its in a really nicely done up package, possibly garnished with some savory nuts...
What Kind Of Storm Are You?
You Are a Hurricane You are downright deadly. No one would ever try to mess with you. You are feared and rightly so. Once you get on the warpath, there's no stopping you. People know to get out of your way as soon as they can. You only pick up momentum as you progress. You may calm down temporarily, but you always get a second wind. You're one storm that takes a while to pass. What Kind of Storm Are You? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
What Kind Of Diner Food Are You?
You Are Grilled Cheese You are easygoing and easy to please. You don't like change, and people can count on you to be consistent. You don't need or ask for much. If you have the basics satisfied, you're happy. You are a loyal and true friend. Your friends know to only expect the best from you. You are a very "what you see is what you get" person and well liked for it. You are simply a delight. What Kind of Diner Food Are You? Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.
The Start Of A Long Journey...
Just over two weeks ago, my niece was visiting her grandparents and they noticed a hump on her shoulder.  This bothered my sister so, the next day, Monday, she took her to the doctor.  The doctor confirmed, my 10 yr old niece has Moderate/Severe Scoliosis.  They sent her to get the round of x-rays and bloodwork.  She was referred to the orthopedic in another city at the Childrens Hospital.  They got in to see him this past Friday.  This doctor confirmed the severity of her case of Scoliosis.  According to the doctor, her only real option for as normal a life as possible, is surgery.  I am unsure of what extent the surgery will be, but it will be a long recovery for her based on the severity and procedures.  The surgery is scheduled for May and the school is going to provide in home tutoring for her once she comes home from the hospital.  Which the stay is to be approximately 8-10 days.  They are estimating that for about a year my niece will be limited in activities, won't be able to l
The Lingirie Test
You Are Dangerous and Unpredictable Your idea of romance is a relationship that makes your heart pound and your stomach churn. You like to live on the edge. If you get too comfortable in a relationship, then you get bored. You need lots of mystery, excitement, and even danger to keep you interested. Your ideal parter is sexy to the point of making you lose control. You like to feel completely overwhelmed. For you, love is being completely taken with another person. Nothing short of obsession will do for you. The Lingerie Test Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
What Dairy Product Are You?
You Are Cheese You are rich, distinct, and completely addicting. You make everything a little bit better. People love you - pretty much no matter what you do. No one can ever get enough of you. You are indulgent and over the top. You don't hold back or do anything half way. You are a comforting and soothing person. You are accepting and you don't judge. People turn to you in times of need. What Dairy Product Are You? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
Valentine's Day
So Valentine's Day is in 2 days. For the first time in a while I have a boyfriend that I can buy for. Thing is, I have no idea what to get him. I was thinking of 2 CDs, but then thought that might be tacky. Is it?   I'm helpless!!!   oh and no "hookers and blow", I already suggested that to him and he said no, but he would like to see me try and score some blow because he doesn't think I can. =/
Bullshit Lol
snagged this from the beginning of a youtube vid.
Which Of The Seven Dwarfs Are You?
You Are Sleepy You are an easy-going, relaxed person. You don't have a care in the world, and you find it easy to nod off anytime. People enjoy being around you. You are a complete natural, and you always act however you feel. Despite what people may think, you don't have a lazy bone in your body. You are a very hard worker. When work needs to be done, you'll work your hardest. That's why you're so sleepy at the end of the day! Which of the Seven Dwarfs Are You? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
Pink....says It So Well.....
PINK LYRICS "U + Ur Hand"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh ohUh uh uh uh uh uh uh ohCheck it outGoing outOn the late nightLooking tightFeeling niceIt's a Cock fightI can tellI just knowThat it's going downTonightAt the door we don't wait cause we know themAt the bar six shots just beginningThat's when dick head put his hands on meBut you seeI'm not here for your entertainmentYou don't really want to mess with me tonightJust stop and take a secondI was fine before you walked into my lifeCause you know it's overBefore it beganKeep your drink just give me the moneyIt's just you and your hand tonightUh uh uh uh uh uh uh ohUh uh uh uh uh uh uh ohMidnightI'm drunkI don't give a FuckWanna danceBy myselfGuess you're outta luckDon't touchBack upI'm not the oneBuh byeListen up it's just not happeningYou can say what you want to your boyfriendsJust let me have my fun tonightAiightI'm not here for your entertainmentYou don't really want to mess with me tonightJust stop and take a secondI was fine before
Want Some Fubucks?
Want Some Fubucks?   I Am Giving 25k For Every 100 SFW Pic Rates! Tryin 2 Level!       Just Send Me A Private Message With The Total Number Of Pics U Rated & I Will Hook U Up! If U Do Not Send Me A Private Message Telling Me How Many R At Least Which Albums U Rated Then How Will I!   Thanks Everyone! SexyBiChris =)
The Butterfly Test
You Are Intense Yet Happy You are a pretty tightly wound person. You can be extremely passionate and dedicated. And while you definitely have a lot of intensity, you don't take yourself too seriously. You still have a good time. Whoever first said "Work hard - play hard" was thinking of someone exactly like you. That's pretty much your personal motto. You never do anything half way. You always go full force - whether you're working or having fun. The Butterfly Test Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Ive Been Gagged Again
So, I posted my mumm about mumms going to was a recycled mumm actually and i have it on my list of mumms... the first one that said the same thing was fine, this one someone posts a pic of terds having sex, and instead of deleting the fucking comment that was offensive or nsfw...the bitch ass bouncer deletes my whole mumm!!! fuck it... I might just be done with this site.. this isnt a fuicide blog or anything, im not deleting...but whats the fucking point of coming here anymore... ah whatever   heres the mumm i recycled   I remember, back in the day yo, when mumms would be made by the minute. it was nearly impossible to keep up with when you were talking to multiple people in various mumms about, you can go some where and come back hours later and there had been 10 new ones total.this doesnt seem that long ago to me, but maybe it was. but im trying to figure out, was it a sudden decline in mumms or did it taper off gra
Week 5 Weigh In :d
I lost 6.25 pounds somehow... GO ME! soo.. in 5 weeks... I am down 19.25 pounds... I have 7 weeks to lose 10.75 pounds to reach my goal of 30 pounds in 3 months :D I guess i better start thinking about what I want my next tattoo to be!
As some already know. I passed my Military physical for the Army Wednesday, just a couple more paperwork details to work out, and I could beback in uniform in a month or so. Sooner the better.
Night Out
Wed. night I decided to go out.. Me, Eva, and Stacy decided we needed a girls night.... well.. girls night was screwed by my cousin brian saying HEY COME GET ME! he was TRASHED and couldn't drive.. so he came with us.. We get to the first bar.. and decided we didn't wanna stay there.. so we leave and go to nates... well.. just so happens the cutie that i am kinda crushin on was there... ya know.. the one i was playing pool with last week? (if you read my blogs once in a while you would know who i am talking about LOL)He and his friends were having a night out too... we all hung out... 2 am we leave nates and go BACK to the first bar... my girls (and cousin) leave me there with the cutie and his friends which was fine by me.. i had my car... Cutie gets DRUNK... and this is where i get a little flustered and frustrated cause i don't know what is going on.. He starts snuggling up to me and stuff... i am like YAY!!  we never kiss.. come close a few times... but whatever.. finally g
Honesty Please Read And Please Please Comment
I tend to get into moods where I question everything in my life. This happens to be one of this times. Unlike many people that I have met whether it be in r/l or fubar...when things don't seem right...I look at myself rather than to assume it is others causing my confusion. Deep soul searching tends to flood my mind more often than I think it should. (Not sure if this is healthy or not). In a time where talk show guests blame their ,parents,society,government,wealth and just about any other reason you can think of, for the miseries of their life. I choose to heap all questionable actions that pertain to my life on my own shoulders (deservedly or not) before passing it onto others as a way of justification. I just like everyone else am far from perfect and never claim to be. Which brings me to my number one concern in my life....Honesty. I consider myself to be well spoken and educated. Along with that standard I realize that honesty has it's place and is subject to what I call si
Its Raining Its Pouring
its raining its pouring9/10 emcees today redefine boringi get tired of explaining the fact that we're changing...the fact that yer not,the fact is yer caught,in gunclap fantasiestellin lies dramatically,this is not the futurenever was and never had to beprepare for succession,the torch must be passed,seek and find directionfrom lessons of the pastset a new courseforge a new pathwe are not the first to do itand  wont be the lastteachin to the youthinnovation as a taskto solidify their futureswithout putting on a maskthey dont have to rob and steal so stop teachin that in rapsaint a damn thing wrong withbelieving in what you dobut listen to yer messagecause they believe in you..   Rainy Dayz
I think my dad was high today. I stopped over there, and when I went in he must have been in the bathroom or something, because I didnt see him. I ran downstairs, and on the way back up, I see him, in the front room, without a shirt on, holding on to the back of his recliner looking at the TV SINGING "oooooh e, oooooh ooooh ah, bing bing wallah wallah bing bang" Which is NOT something my dad would normally do. He's always been so... serious. So I couldnt tell if he was actually high, or if it was one of those rare "Im home alone, Im gonna act like a fool since no one is around" moments But it was good to see him in good spirits...
1 Guy, 1 Girl And 2 Cups
Ok, I admit it. My husband and I occasionally fight over really dumb shit. We've been married for 13 years and have lived together for 14 years. So, sometimes we bicker.Allow me to give you a little example of our marital bliss. Keep in mind that we DO own more than 2 drinking glasses, but these two glasses we both prefer for our Seven and 7. We originally had a set of four glasses like normal people, but two have broken over the years.Me: *playing on the computer, minding my own business and enjoying my cocktail after a long day*Him: *walks in room, bee-line up to me* Hey. You stole my cup.Me: Huh??Him: Maybe if your cup wasn't in the bathroom you wouldn't have had to steal mine. *shoves identical cup apparently from the bathroom irritatingly close to my face*Me: Why would my cup be in the bathroom?Him: I don't know, but it was!Me: Uhh, no. That's YOUR cup from the bathroom.Him: I don't think so. You are using MY cup!!Me: They look exactly the same. How do you know this one is your cu
[what I Got I Gotta Get To Put It...]
So... I'm a scooch hard up.Why does my tooth hurt when I cough?God that's weird-between dating this suuuuuper cute girl and now having sex dreams (not specifically about her) I'm a littlebottled?We'll go with that. I can't pass it off, I can't share the love.I'm stuck here daydreaming and getting progressively more frustratedMo~!Gotta have it :| So the dream I had last night was pretty good, I was on my recliner with ... I think four women in my house, and we ran out of chairs (somehow) so one was sitting on my lap, this cute petite girl and so she's grinding against me and starting to breathe heavyand she unzips me, puts down a blanket and pulls me out for a handy.Then she takes off her panties (wearing a skirt, and pulls her shirt up to expose these itty bitty cupcake titsand I run my hand up her sleek lithe body and she starts jerking faster and starts sliding my tip in(note, my friend chris called me JUST now, and I'm really not in the mood to be on the phone for four fucking ho
Peter Graves
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Actor Peter Graves, who starred in the 1960s TV show "Mission: Impossible" and the "Airplane!" movies, died in Los Angeles on Sunday. He was 83. Graves' spokesman said the actor died of an apparent heart attack at his house in the coastal suburb of Pacific Palisades. He had returned home after attending a family brunch to celebrate his upcoming birthday on Thursday. The younger brother of "Gunsmoke" actor Jim Arness, Graves gained widespread recognition in 1967, when he took the role as leader of the "Impossible Missions Force" on popular TV spy drama "Mission: Impossible." He portrayed Jim Phelps, who would receive his team's next mission instructions on a tape that would self-destruct in a puff of smoke. Graves stayed on the U.S. series until it was canceled in 1973, then later reprised the role in a TV revival from 1988-1990. Graves is perhaps better known to modern audiences for his deadpan comedic role in 1980 spoof "Airplane!" in which he played
User Names
You ever wonder why some people pick the user names they do?  Mine was easy ,Yitzchok is my middle Hebrew name and Ike is a nicknme.
In Honor Of St. Patricks Day
I tried to warn you babyI tried to tell you I was downOh yeah yeahYou would not listen babyYou would not hel pme when I was downOh no noHe tells her "doesn't anybody understand I love her?"That girl she holds my heart in her handsOh baby, oh baby baby baby babyBaby please don't goBaby please don't goBaby please don't goOh no no no no noBaby please don't goI tried to warn you babyI tried to tell you "don't let me down"Oh no noYou would not listen babyBaby you would not leave me go downOh no noHe tells her there is foolish there is wiseThe young ones hold their heart up to the skiesAnd dance the night awayThere is foolish, there is wiseThere is anger in his toneThere is truth behind the liesHis heart has turned to stoneWherever you may be, he loves herWherever you may standHe loves her in this landBaby please don't goDon't hurt me soDon't leave me nowBaby please don't go "Baby Please Dont Go"--Thin Lizzy
Wal-mart Is Truly Eeeeevillllll
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) -- A Walmart store announcement ordering black people to leave brought chagrin and apologies Wednesday from leaders of the company, which has built a fragile trust among minority communities. A male voice came over the public-address system Sunday evening at a store in Washington Township, in southern New Jersey, and calmly announced: "Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now." Shoppers in the store at the time said a manager quickly got on the public-address system and apologized for the remark. And while it was unclear whether a rogue patron or an employee was responsible for the comment, many customers expressed their anger to store management. "I want to know why such statements are being made, because it flies in the face of what we teach our children about tolerance for all," said Sheila Ellington, who was in the store at the time with a friend. "If this was meant to be a prank, there's only one person laughing, and i
One Of Today's Horoscopes...
Yeah, it's probably no big deal to most, but it definitely tells me a lot...        Resist the urge to whimper, whine or say 'if you loved me, you would.'     Guilt may have worked on others, but it's not an attractive technique.     How about brutal honesty instead? I'd rather not have it any other way (right, shithead?) (y) *away doing stuffz*
Why I Am Taking A Break.....
Those who know me know that I have been through HELL and back 3 times this past year. I have been hurt and I have smiled and all of it all over again.  I have decided that I need to fix me and mine and F*ck the world if I need to but for so many years it has been about everyone else not me. I was beatin and abused, lied to and cheated on for 10 years and Im not even 30 yet. My Ex Husband is in jail and deserves to stay there. I took that opportunity to fix myself and my children. In order to do that I need to leave Fu alone for a while. I have so MANY MANY friends on here who have my heart and I hope theirs as well. They know how to get me if they need me but Fu needs to wait. For the first time in a long time I AM FIRST!!!! In 2 months I move to Phoenix. Thats a new life for me. Erase the past and begin to sketch my future, Those that I need will still be there and those I dont need can keep it movin. I love my friends and fam and those who have stolen my heart and friendship TH
The Day Has Finally Come
OMG! It's finally here .. my long awaited, much deserved vacation! Heading out tomorrow immediately after I get off work at 11:30am! Dropping the kids off at my moms in Huntsville and then driving to Nashville to stay the night and get on a plane for the FIRST time friday morning. The husband and I are taking a short trip to Chicago! He's from that area and it was a cheap getaway. The best part about the entire trip is that on saturday I'm meeting a long-time friend from Fu! She's a special, awesome friend! Most of you know her. There is another bouncer friend I also hope to meet if time permits and our schedules fit. I will post lots of pics when I get back. I shall return on Monday, but I probably won't have time to be back online until Tuesday, maybe. Miss me, love me and all that blabbity blah! I'm SO happy! By the way, I had to dote on my hubby, he has planned all of this FOR me. His anniversary gift to me. Which happens to be today. We've been married 4 years. He left me a car
The T-shirt Test
Your T-Shirt Says You're Thoughtful You're the type of person who will make a splash when you're ready to, but you don't like to be pushed. You are secretly subversive and a lot more rebellious than people realize. You question everything. You are stubborn and it's hard to talk you into doing anything. You like to remain self sufficient and independent. You are persistent and have a lot of endurance. If a job is worth doing, you'll make sure you get it done. The T-Shirt Test Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
Found On Another Site... But Fitting.
So, tonight we have, 10 Differences Between Assholes and Douchebags! Brought to you by Gabriel. 1. Assholes do not give a shit, Douchebags are full of shit. Keep in mind this may not be the definition society has taught you. I am redefining the genre of being an asshole. 2. Assholes are not prone to lying. In fact, assholes are brutally honest. They do not sugar coat the truth before spoon feeding it to you. Douchebags on the other hand will lie, beg, and grovel. Whatever it takes. Those mother fuckers have no shame. 3. As an asshole, I proclaim that it is against the rules of the brotherhood of the A-holes to ever take advantage of someone in a vulnerable state. That is to say, we do not pickup drunk women. We do not fuck those on the rebound. And most importantly, we do not fuck women against there will. Whores, however, are fair game. 4. A douchebag may make false promises to call in the morning. They may make claims that they love you in order to pene
Keep Me I'm Yours
Close your eyes everything will be ok. Look into your heart and see that you’re everything that you care about and love is more valuable to you then you may realize. Keep in mind that you already have them and won them over there is turning back now. Stop! Feel your heart burns with desire and wants to bond with another heart don’t let it get away now you know you can do it. Wait! And feel your heart s become one as you hold each other close and tell each other you love one another. Kiss already you know you want to do it don’t hesitate. Wrap your arms around each other pull closer don’t fear not to let go when you must know in your heart you bond is complete and never going away. Step back take a breath know what you feel and love more than life, more than the world, and more than anything. Don’t let me go! Hold me tight never let me have the fear of loneliness again. You are now my beating heart lock yourself in my chest and throw away the key I’m
Hot Or Not
Someone please let this guy know this is not Hot or Not. What a doofus. · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '2'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '1'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '7'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '3'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '5'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '2'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! · kawiboytwo rated your photo a '10'! Yes. I blocked him. I was tired of seeing him in my bartab.
Mummer Rules
Am I allowed to block someone from a MuMM if he claims something and refuses to show a screenshot?
Mon Cher...
New spring blossoms rage burns beyond sun's holy fire eyes drink thine beauty  
Llama Member Needs Help With Rates" target=_blank>MRS WARLORD65 WPL CoOwner Sexual Intentions Owner Intentions RadioWife 2 Warlord65">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar
No One Would Believe This
No one would believe this so I have to post it: NOT INTO THE DRAMA, DAMMIT!  lmmfao!
What's Up
I sent a pic here from my phone LAST NIGHT, and it's still not uploaded. Anyone else having this issue?    
Real Men...
This is from the second movie. It's got Rocco from the first one. Enjoy [video in comments]
Sibling Rivalry...epic Win
This kid has a heart of stone and balls of steel and no conscious what-so-ever... I am talkin' Hero Material.
Tattoo Contest!! Bling Awards!
I decided I want to do a tattoo contest!!1st place will get a cherry bomb or auto 11.2nd will get a 10 credit bling.3rd will get a 5 credit bling.The winner will be chosen by rates AND comments added together!! It will start at MIDNIHGT (est) on Sat April 25th. I will take entries until 10pm on April 24th! (I will postpone if I don't have enough entires!!) Thanks and good luck!!! 
What Is A Dysphemism?
A dysphemism is the opposite of a euphemism.  Euphemism is a nice word for something that is not necessarily nice, for example, urination for piss.
Shall I Stay Or Shall I Go?
Well my pets....if anyone actually reads my statuses'll know Ive been a tad miffed and getting ready to delete my account...Last night I was told something that gave me alot to ponder...I was told by some random futard that I am not fu material...At first , Im not going to lie this really bothered me..but Ive given this alot and I mean alot of thought.. What the fuck is Fu Material anyways and how the hell do I not meet this certain criteria? Hmmm................Ok so lets get this straight, Im not a drama queen, I dont show my goods for bling, I dont beg, I dont backstab, I dont make this sight my real life.....ok so far this is not bad in my book!  Ok so Im not a skinny gorgeous sex goddess! WTF Cares!  Ive lost 135lbs in 11 months! Ive looked death in the face and made a huge step to improve my life!  How many people can say that? WTF have u done to better yourselves in the past 11 months?  Anyone?  Some of you have sat on your asses in front of your computers and let a webs
Boy Toy Application
  Ok so I do like to spoil so I've figured I'd take 5 slots out of my top friends to give specifically to my boy toys.   To qualify you must be physically fit. Must do a salute with my name shirtless Must rate my profile once a day at least I will rate your profile once a day as well Must Trade Pimpout's With My At Least 3x A Week heavy raters will always get a bling from me And on my bombing days you will get bombed without having any 11's or asking Must also have a minimum of 250 photos posted in one album. Must also be willing to fu marry me if we level 5x together LOL   Have a great day Everyone Comment this blog to apply Huggz and Kisses
How To Be An Donkey Orifice On Fubar, A Parody Of My Last Mumm, But Shorter
1. Get into all kinds of drama, your personal real life and fubar, and everyone else's 2. Just leave a remark, voted and shared, on any mumm 3.  Call people names for no apparent GOOD reason 4 Never block anyone so you can add to the drama 5. Last but not least, comment approval on everything, that is very important
Planet Asshole
Have you ever felt that some of the people that comment on your mumms or blogs are recent arrivals from the planet Asshole? Or maybe they have been here a long time, and perfected their art?
Just So You Know
It's kind of weird to have pics of you sucking on a dildo in a folder right above a folder of your kids. Just sayin...  
Usual Rubbish...
  Your result for The Kubrick Character Test... Sgt. Hartman (Full Metal Jacket) Emotional, Honorable, and Honest You are cold and calculating, but you'll rip the opposition to shreds if they don't believe you. You tend to get emotional, but you are very honest. Take The Kubrick Character Test at HelloQuizzy   "Did your parents have any children that lived? "
How To Use Fubar Webcam Chat +
(This original portion was taken from Scrapper's blog) How do I use video chat?fubar allows you to video chat one on one with users or play fulette which randomly pairs you with other fulette players. You can opt in or out of the game by clicking on the “fulette” button on the video chat window. Video Chat Set up1. Connect your webcam to your computer. 2. Make sure your webcam privacy settings are turned on. 3. Go to your homepage and click on the “Launch Web Control” link and the video chat window should pop up with your webcam controls. You will be prompted to approve your webcam connection. Once you approve, you should see your webcam activate.4. If you wish to video chat one on one with a user, make sure they have their webcam connected and privacy settings correct. Also, make sure you both have opted out of fulette. Go to their fubar page and look for the “Video Chat” link below the
Jafo And Emanon
JAFO and Emanon, could it be?
I Need Assistance
So I need help trying to figure out where this guy is coming from.   Follow this email thread: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings again.   Just took the final exam. Number 8. I found something I'd like for you to review if possible. Question 20 reads:  In an experiment by Moscovitch (1982), when older and younger adults were asked to call an answering service once a week without using any reminders:   Selected Answer:    more older than younger adults made the call.  Correct Answer:    some of the elderly used reminders anyway. If you read the text (662) both of these answers were stated. Just kind of tricky....not sure if it merits any credit or not, just sharing.   His reply to me was: Good argument.  What about a point?        Cheers,   Now is he asking me to provide a point to my argument or is he offering me an extra point towards my final grade? What a do
I am kinda bored and pretty hyper for some reason; I've been trying to virtually molest friends (not very well, I might add.) I decided I wanted someone to pick a new default for me, I can never decide. It really can't have cleavage, well not too much, I can't show bare legs (or so I was told), I can't look like crap (might narrow it down a bit.) ...hmm...maybe this isn't going to work, doesn't leave me many choices. So...hi then. How are you? This was a better idea in my head..
                     SEVERING slowly inside ive begun to die as i watch my world fade away tears unshed all these years slowly stream down my cheeck as these last few words i speak only myself this could have avoided as myself i now see the pain of ruin as i become the background of what in the heart of one that did me once love i will never forget how i lost that which i cannot replace Tortured inside I know painOf lovers i know nonewithout another i am stainedLike a leper to shun My heart engulfed in your flameMelting my souls on fireThe heat rising unable to tameThe fever of my burning dsire Just when i thought it was safe to careI find that i do not compareTruly i am now well awareThat my feelings you do not share The picture painted clearOf what i've just seenForever love my hearts fearWashed now the eyes unclean Seduction is my downfallMy own heart I betrayedTorn my pages fallA book tattered and frayed My words they are my life Sending my love to youReturning to cut me lik
Free 2 Good Home
FREE 2 GOOD HOME im single & i've been told im good looking (personal prefernces i guess, depends on what u like)  looking 4 a new start i have nothing holding me back & am willing 2 relocate 4 the right person. i dont have anything but a bike & sum cloths & no BAGGEGE....i like 2 travel lite im 35yrs young 5'7" tall & 145lbs brn eyes & brn hair im making a new start 4 myself & wouldnt mine finding sum1 who shares the same intrests as i do i LUV 2 travel & c new places. i luv the ocean, being by the water is very calming 4 me. i like 2 watch movies hang out @ home or w/friends sumtimes go 2 the bar not really in2 night clubs tho. i drink & i smoke altho im really trying 2 quit both. im healthy & willing 2 work im not about 2 go & sponge off of any1 i like 2 pull my own wieght i need my independence plz. im on an island now & would really like 2 stay out on a coast east or west or maybe even down south. eventho i like the ocean i luv the country very much. the ocean has 2 many peop
Athens Riots
ATHENS, Greece – Deadly riots over harsh new austerity measures engulfed the streets of Athens on Wednesday, killing three bank workers as angry protesters tried to storm parliament, hurled Molotov cocktails at police and torched buildings. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets as part of nationwide strikes to protest new taxes and government spending cuts demanded by the International Monetary Fund and other European nations before heavily indebted Greece gets a euro110 billion ($141 billion) bailout package of loans to keep it from defaulting. The three bank workers — a man and two women — died after demonstrators set their bank on fire along the main demonstration route in central Athens. As their colleagues sobbed in the street, five other bank workers were rescued from the balcony of the burning building. from yahoonews:   Riots in Greece, and Athens in particul
Super Model On My D...
Some of you might remember that I took part in a photo shoot in December. It was for Philips new 'cinema' TV and they've just launched the campaign on the web: A billboard and instore advertising campaign featuring images from the photo shoot will be launched soon.      
They Sure Can Find Me...
they say you can't fix stupid and boy are they right... conversation with a guy that messaged me on the plenty of fish dating website... keep in mind that his profile reads just like his messages. way to put yourself out there. maybe i'll post part of the profile at the bottom. just cuz it's that damn funny. enjoy! Subject: i kno ..... Me n u would b a very good combo Subject: RE:i kno ..... and how do you know this? Subject: RE:RE:i kno ..... Cuz look n the mirror ur finer thn a mother****er Subject: RE:RE:RE:i kno .....  really...does this work on other girls? i read your profile. or at least tried to. i'm not interested in a "getup" so try looking elsewhere. and's "know" not "kno" Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:i kno ..... Nice try at talkn sh*tur not2 good at it tho stick 2 the Lil****losers who r real good spellers baby Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i kno ..... give up the pick up lines, "cuz ur not2 good at it." Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i kno ..... Look baby I gotta 1
The Sexual Life Of Chickens
Yesterday, while I was out doing chores, I noticed some commotion on the patio.  When I investigated, Stella was perched on Lola's back, biting the sparse feathers on the top of Lola's head, balancing gingerly while the ladies arched their backs tried valiantly to get their pudenda to meet up. "Stella!" I yelled.  "RUDE!" This, apparently, is chicken sex.  Except for the fact that Stella is a girl, and Lola is a girl, and they're just a couple of dirty little sluts, not unlike most readers of this blog. I informed my parents of this kinky barnyard action, and my mother responded by insisting that "they're just bored." In other news, I have a law office.  And clients.  And, apparently, lesbian chickens.
20 Credit Limited Edition Bling Auction
I am holding a Limited Edition Bling Auction. It will start tonight at 9 pm EST and run until 9 pm EST on Saturday. The highest bidder has WINNER'S CHOICE to choose between one of the four Limited Edition Blings. Bidding starts at $2 mil. So go ahead and place your bids under this blog and start the ball rolling. Have fun Fu-Landiers!!
What Card Game Are You?
You Are Bridge You are a thoughtful and conscientious person. In fact, you're a bit of a brainiac. You get a real thrill from mastering difficult tasks. You get bored if you aren't being challenged. You are competitive, but you aren't a sore loser. You take a rational approach to competition. You work hard, and you're persistent. You don't expect to be a natural at anything. What Card Game Are You? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
What Holiday Pie Are You?
You Are Mince Pie You are misunderstood, but that's understandable. You're a pretty complicated person, and you aren't exactly what you seem. During the holidays, you tend to keep to yourself a fair amount. You need a lot of alone time in order to recharge. Your ideal holiday is quiet and calm. You don't want to be a total hermit, but you prefer to be surrounded by the people you are closest to. You believe that the holidays are sacred and to be cherished. You don't want to share them with just anyone. What Holiday Pie Are You? Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything
Since I cant upload any pics on here, I am throwing the latest pic of me on here....   Dont puke!!  
Odd Bible Story
Found in: Exodus 4:24-26 Continuing the Bible’s fascination with all things foreskin, we get the bizarre story of God trying to kill Moses because his son isn’t circumcised. God is about to obliterate Moses when his wife Zipporah takes out a flint and quickly cuts the foreskin of his son (ouch), throwing the bloody skin fragment at Moses’ feet. “You are a bloody husband to me!” squeals Zipporah, flint in one hand, child in other. God, clearly freaked out by this woman, backs off and Moses is saved. The moral of this story? Never turn down a woman for being a psycho. Someday she may save your life.
Background *religious Zealots Need Not Read*
Several people have asked me about my religious beliefs.  I decided it might be a refreshing change from my usual whining / ranting blogs, so I thought I'd share some of my history and details of my beliefs.  As always, if ya don't wanna read it, stop now. I was raised by a single mom.  Since she worked full time, and they didn't really have latchkey childcare at the schools then, I spent a lot of time with a family nearby.  They were Free Methodist.  I only went to church with them once, but often stayed at their house on Wednesday evenings when my mom wanted to go out, so I went to their church youth group.  Luckily, it wasn't terribly religious, because I'd learned early on that the rhetoric they were spewing didn't make sense.  I learned the basics of their beliefs, and the one time I went to church was because I won an award for my essay on what Christmas was - the other kids had all talked about presents and Santa, but I was clever enough at the ripe old age of 8 or so to realiz
My Custom Ubuntu Shirt.
I'm not much of a blogger and all but I am rather giddy about my new pro Linux, anti windblows shirt that I customized and ordered for myself. So meh, whatever. All I have to say is :)
Yea So I Guess I Am Pretty Pissed Off For No Good Reason
Judging from my last blog you would have figured. But now that I think about it. I really shouldn't be. It's only people from the Fu. I'm starting to think that I shouldn't really care what goes on around here, nobody matters. Obviously expecting the good from here has opened me up to the effects of the bad also. No expectations is the best way to go.   So from now. I really couldn't give a toss.
What do you think of one so pathetic they need to fu propose to every woman on fubar?
I can make the madness melt.With a simple formula of ecstasy and gaping mouths.Ready for reception of tepid affection and swarming biotics.Medical marvels in the south buroughs. Not unlike working plague. Sequined lepers. A fist full of billsa pocket full of dreamsand tonight everyone's a model just doing this to get by for a couple monthsa single mom in a studio apartmenta sob storyanother jonesing fearful, moaning sanctus semptem charged by the hour You think I'm really cute,but you've gotta get to the next stationso you insist that just this once I pay Still and dry. The skin of your cheeks gone cold.The light behind went out.Will anyone care when they find you?Will anyone find you? As I thumb through the bills I handed youpocket full of dreamsmouth full of poison mediocrity.    
I took a journey on a highway through life, No one picked me up 'cept myself  Scares me to know that very few care, to see a desperate man  They loo but they do not see, they have eyes but they don't wanna see. I took a journey on a highway through life, no one picked me up 'cept myself Scarea me to know that very few care to see a desperate man on a highway, singin' to himself, and laughin at the world as it goes by, but I'm just laughin at myself    
What Is .....nsfw.... Geezzzzzzzzz
MY MUM WAS DEEMED NSFW cause i said in original story the little mermaid dies AND I TAKED ABOUT bambi mother dying and simbas father ... wow just wow its a kids movie/story geez WHAT PEOPLE VIEW AS NSFW THESE FU DAYS IS JUST OUTTA HAND sorry if it was offensive i guess disney isnt safe for work .... but safe for kids O__o lol now im ban for 2 weeks for it haha (ban from posting mums i ew it would be over something stupid lol) oops.. (^___^) i didnt know lil mermaid was nsfw ohhhhhhhhhhhhh its probally cause she has no shirt on in video even tho hair is covering ... i didnt think of that .... my bad its a kids movie i didnt think it was nsfw just for record both movies are G rated childrens movies .... s
Damn my rebel heart keeps beating But yet my soul lies here bleeding My destiny broken My fate unknown Left to die with my eyes open Seeing your face every time I wake Living my future in the past Living backwards so your memory will last Your voice alive within my mind Remembering you, time after time And every night I spend hours kneeling Hoping my hell isn't real Praying for you to smile at me Come to me, call to me In vain So e
Searching For My Love
   Once I loved and lost,    I tried not to cry,    but then I met you    and gave love another try.       It seems like just yesterday,     two Hearts beating as one,    nothing could stand in our way,    our love had just begun.       Though it seemed like my feelings changed,      you were just not aware,      My love for you never went away      it was always there.      They say " It is better to have loved &    lost than to have never loved at all"    But whoever said that, is headed for a big fall.      So I stand before you,    with my Heart on my sleeve,    hoping to forgive & forget,    'cause in our love    I still beleive.     I never felt this way before,   and still I don't know why,  I never really shed a tear,  'til you said " Goodbye".
Today, I...
...feel better. Needless to say, dude, with a medical degree, at urgent care this past week was very wrong about what was wrong with me. And, I was right. Me, with no medical degree. Muahaha. Alright, sinister laughs aside, today sucked until about 3:00 p.m. when my ailment finally started to un-ail itself. (No, Ick, not that raging case of gonorrhea. Maybe next time.) Chocolate milk and peanut butter M&M's cap off a darling evening filled with no pain, Shakespeare in Love, a couple new friends (hi MJ!), and being wrapped in an oh so comfortable blanket burrito. Yeah, you want in, but this is -my- burrito. Today ended well. Tomorrow will be even better. Oui, oui. Peasants rejoice! And that is all. /finblogofsillinessandjoy
Why... the sam hell do i post blogs? 
Anita Blake Series
So I don't know if I have made it clear but I'm an Anne Rice Fan... well several years ago... when I was in the island of Oahu, Hawaii I met this one woman Vely and she introduced me to Laurell K Hamilton  Guilty Pleasures book its the Anita Blake Series. And OH MY GOD!!!!! I was hooked!!!!!!!!! I am a loyal Anne Rice fan but I do must admit she paints a beautiful picture but she would dedicate a whole chapter to just describing a room.... (don't get me wrong that's great pictures a great scene in my head) But Laurell K Hamilton has a way with delivering to the point where she doesn't waste a chapter to describe one thing. Its quick and fast paced..... Now what I LOVE about the Anita Blake series is the fact that Anita herself is a necromancer, as well as a Vampire Executioner...Laurell K Hamilton dives you into a world of everything that goes bump in the night. I love how she incorporates vampires, wherewolf, wererats, wreleopards, faeries, demons, zombies, witches, etc etc and the s
so guess what movie is coming out next summer....     hint in comments
I Need
i need a bigger penis....   that is all.
My Name Is Erica
NOT: Sexy, Honey, Baby, Sugar, Lover, Beautiful, Pretty Girl, Dear, Darling, Girlfriend, Mama, Mistress, Sweetheart, Dream Girl, Cupcake, Heartthrob, Pet, Treasure, Babycake, Pumpkin, Angel, Heart's Desire, Honeybun, Boo, Honeybunches, Jewel, Lamb, Pearl, Precious, Princess, Beloved, or any OTHER names you think suit me. I am NOT your girlfriend, wife, or mistress, and most of the time, the only reason a man calls a woman he doesn't know by these names is because he thinks it will get him somewhere. If I am in a relationship, that is one thing. If I am close to you, that may be ok, as well. But try as I might, I can NOT comprehend why on the face of this earth men that I don't even know choose to use these terms of endearment, as opposed to my name. Do people not realize that the most pleasing sound to the human ear is one's own name spoken in kindness, warmth, or love? Obviously not. And no matter what I do, it continues. It is IRRITATING!!! The biggest problem with c
The Rudest Good Morning Ever!!! Epic Douche Baggery!!!!
It's men like this...that make women like me...want to be lesbians...JFS :) Bren: fancy sucking on my hard cocksilver69 X NL: would you greet a woman on the street in the same way?Bren: sure wouldsilver69 X NL: must be why you are asking for head online then i would guessBren: hahaha, you have a personalitly too i see, very godsilver69 X NL: well i would hope that i would have a personality seeing as i am a living breathing human being and most of us at least claim to have some sort of personality. just a matter of if someones is worth my time He didn't say nothin after that...oops...maybe i was rude lmao  
Should I endeavor to try to be the most blocked annoyance on fubar?
Real Life Is Too Depressing....
....So I guess I will be here more often....     Scary, isn't it?
Is There Any Real Reason
Is there any real reason I should justify myself, for anything I do on fubar?
My Personal Rant
i'm sitting here at 541am and thinking about my life... well heres what I need to get out... I'm sick and tired of being treated the way I have been by friends, family, employers and people who don't even know me.. she heres what I gotta say.. I AM ME... if you don't like the way I am, the way I look, my tattoos, my attitude or what I have to say on any subject then please feel free to go fuck yourself and get the fuck outta my life... I'm still going to be me no matter if you are here in my life or not... I'm going to be making some major changes in my life.. things that need to be done.. thing I want to do and need to do for ME... so if you want to be around me please I am very honored to have you as my friend / family... if you decide to leave.. feel free to have my size 15 EEE steel toed boot in your ass pushing you out of the door...   so this is what I have to say... like me or hate me.. but damn it YOU WILL FUCKING RESPECT ME!!! and you will know my name.. so pissing me off
What Type Of Sushi Are You?
You Are Salmon Sushi You are strong willed person who loves to try new things. You are highly adventurous. You don't like being told that you can't do something. You resent too many rules. You have an appreciation of all of life's complexities. You enjoy contradiction. You notice subtleties more than most people. You have a discerning palette. What Type of Sushi Are You? Blogthings: Waste Time at Work!
Pete Swings For The Fences...
I decided to carry through on my plans to ask PNG to lunch.  I walked up and asked her if anyone had taken her out to lunch to welcome her to the company, she said "So and so did, but I have known him for years."  I said, well I'd be happy to take you out again if you didnt have any plans.  She said she wasn't sure if she wanted to go out today because of the rain.  Todays forecast had called for it to be a nasty day.  She said she would think about it, and get back to me. A few mins before noon, she sent me an e-mail saying no lunch today, she had to return something that she had had in her car for days and she wanted to get it done.  I hadn't seen the e-mail, but I ran into her after she got back.  I told her, well, next week maybe? She said, yes, next week.  Later I saw the e-mail and I followed it up with "You pick the day next week, don't make me escalate this to dinner, I'm crazy, and I just may do it!" She replied with something along the lines of "hahahaa, ok next week!" So
Fucking On The Beach
We walked naked, hand in hand, close to the ocean, still in the sand.  We kissed, and hugged, you got wet and I got hard. you grabbed my cock and started to suck first, then you stood up and stuffed me inside you, and we fucked standing up. we groped, and it was all we could hope. Was there someone watching? Nope!  you laid on the sand I entered you again and your pussy muscles clinched. you bucked as I pumped, we both came with a start.  We went into the water to start again.
X, Y, Z
A friend of mine suggested watching the movie, "Diary of a Tired Black Man". This has nothing to do with color, let's make that apparent now. This has to do with the relationships we carry on now. What has the generations before us done to the generations now? Why are we still trying to make-up for the mistakes of the ones before us? We are supposed to be about independence. Then why do we listen to those around us? Insecurities and fear have gripped us tight. It has left many divorced, single and alone. We forget that relationships are about compromise. They are not about control. They are not about what we can get out of them. Stop being a byproduct of the environment you grew up in. Human beings need to leave the past in the past. The relationship previous, is not the relationship you are in now. How your father treated your mother (or vice versa) is not how every man/woman will treat you. Furthermore, you are carrying these traits on to your kids. Your kids are direct reflection o
Blast Comments
Special report.. lol So I noticed that these people who have blasts are deleting all the comments and making them comment approval. Some even when the comments werent rude to the poster, although we ll know some were. But over the past few weeks, it seems like more and more blast posters/makers (whatever) are resisting the establishment in allowing us to comment. Even one whos blast said something about making new friends, really didnt seem interested in making new friends, more like Having their face plastered up there for however many days and accepting friend requests, cuz the # of friends on their profile meant something... I wonder how long before they remove the comment ability so that they dont become the new mumms... Quite frankly Mumms are Boring me.   Anyway, i had a point somewhere but i forget, nothing me sexy instead     as you(re boobs) were
Like Mother Like Smartass
Usually my blogs are fairly well sculpted pieces of comic genius. Ok, perhaps not, but either way you look at it, this is just a quickly jotted note to share the funniness I have handed down to my child.  I slaved over a pot of homemade vegetable soup today. After spending 15 minutes discussing how good it was with him before giving him the bowl, he still turned his nose up and said he'd rather just go to bed. Keep in mind that he's only 4.  I told him that wasn't an option. He sighed and attempted to gag on every vegetable besides the corn. I held firm, though, and told him that all the chicken nuggets and french fries he eats when he has dinner with his nana were going to make him a fat weakling like his papa.  He threatened to tell nana what I said.  Damn him.  I bribed him with a popsicle which seemed to do the trick. The soup is actually delicious. I get requests for it often from friends that have had it, but he's just hard headed. He was hoping he could hold out for a grill
I Flailedlaugh
A Nice Bunch
It turns out us fubarers are a nice and pleasant bunch. Of all the votes cast on users in the Online Bar (the people scrolling by at the top of your page) and on the New Hotness homepage only 0.002% are "nexts." Congrats on being the most awesome crew ever! If you want to see the New Hotness homepage your can change your homepage in on the settings page.
[mike And Shawn- Fuck Yeah!]
I dunno why but that was my favorite quote from Alpha Protocol.Then I killed a LOT of people, and restarted the game as a veteran >> I got like 80 bonus ability points and some snazzy starting gear. Definitely worth playing through as a rookie first, and the additional commentary is hilarious.My asthma is fucking vindictive. Always at night, always in bed.I vaccummed my mattress and switched things around.Hope that helps. I'd like to avoid seeing a real doctor if at all possible.I'm kind of a walking allergy attack at work though.And I guess yet another set up is in store.This time its the christian's friend.Dinner Thursday... if I don't bail.There is not much build up to this.And it just sounds like some weird crap shoot shot in the dark with little to no work placed.I think the christian just wants her life to be more like a sitcom.When will she learn that people require manipulation and placement in order to get what you want?... holy hell I still haven't paid my bills this month.So
There Is Someone
There is someone on fubar, that thinks the world revolves around him. He has to talk about his women problems and show his fucking hobbit feet, guessed who it is yet?
Science Is Our Demise!
So, there's this article I came across a while back about how the supercollider in (Switzerland?) was broken and scientists hypothesized that maybe the machine sent forces unknown back in time to sabotage itself (seriously - top physicists of the world said this).  Why would a machine do this? Possibly because in our endeavor to uncover ... I'm not sure what... we might do something that would incidentally destroy the universe, so the supercollider from the future sabotaged itself in the past to prevent mankind from undoing the universe! So, scientists, of course, in the face of the theory that they may be working towards the demise of the universe, MUST get the supercollider working again and proceed towards... imminent doom? Read the article here: Updates suggest the machine is now working and we are not yet destroyed.   Now, another story I just happened across. How science is disproving our existence as we know it. This
She's Truly Outrageous
A long time ago, in a land far, far away called the 80s.... I had a Jem doll. Poster girl for dissociative personality disorder Jem was one of those shows created around a line of toys (Hasbro) like GI Joe, The Transformers, and My Little Pony. The basic plot of the show involved Jerrica Benton, the main character, having a "secret" identity as a rockstar. By day, she owned a music company and a foster home for 13 orphaned girls. By different time of day, she was Jem of Jem and the Holograms, a rocker girl whose badassness could hardly be rivaled. The shows the band played were used to fund her good girl activities and she always foiled the attempts of bad girl rival bands like the Misfits out of stealing her thunder. Bad girls, seemingly, never win even in the world of animated bubblegum pop rock... Interlude:
I Want
I want to run, I want to hide I want to release the hurt inside I want to uncover all the mirrors I want away from all these fears I want to love, to have a life I want to be loved at no price I want to laugh, to have some fun I want to stop, not to run I want to break free from the pain I want to live with no more shame I want to cry not one more tear I want to show no more fear I want to be strong, with a will so great I want to find that almost perfect mate I want to hold and be held at night I want to feel loved when I turn out the light Copyright ©2008 Karen E Fryer
Life For A Life
Hide away your secrets burrow in your pain Throw out all the lies Rethink your every gain Was it really worth it Now seeing your end so clear Was it worth the sacrifice  and every single tear Seeing the pain you put her through The lies screamed softly into her willing ears You knew her every wish and played off all her fears Just a young woman before you Begging for release No more then a child Begging you to love her please You took all you knew of her and used it to your advantage She will never be the same  with the scars she now must brandish She tried to hide them silently but of this you would not let her Forcing your hand at ever step  Controlling her very fate I love her more then you ever could But I was just too late I couldn't save her from her sacrifice and her unjustifiable self hate She's lying now so quietly Silence fills the room See the pain etched on so many faces All our nerves frayed so thin They all knew it was because of you She's
Oh Dear
I just got an email from UEA (University of East Anglia) reminding me that results day is the 19th, and that day is when I'll know whether I have gotten a confirmed offer at UEA...I think that's the first time this summer that I've worried about it. *Sigh*   Oh well at least if I don't get in there then I still have my insurance choice of Canterbury (beautiful city) but I'd rather not go there just cos the cost of living is higher than if I get to go to UEA. :(
Who Are We Talking To?
I often wonder what the other people on FU are doing while they are on FU? So I watch my bartab like some kind of FU Analyzer taking statistics....( does sound like a stalker...RUN! RUN NOW!) Well, as a Fu Analyzer (now to be shortened to FA for the remainder of this blog), it is my duty to know that some of my friends have gone to work, are at work, have a day off, etc... The FA sees the sparks happening between two people: "He/She is wonderful!" "I never thought I would meet her/him"..... Trick is to realize which ones are true and which ones are playing another for the extra "FU love"..*cough*blings, bling packs, HH*cough* At the same time the FA watches for those emo stats, standing ready with gift hugs or some other little appropriate gift. "I can't believe he/she did this!" "Fuicide." *Fuicide=to delete one's profile because no one here loves them. Only to return a short time later on another profile as   themselves, or for the more extreme, as a whole othe
Cervical Cancer Fear,Does it have a name?Does it have a face?Can you tell it to go away?Will it disappear when you close your eyes?Fear,Is coming to me in a white coatComes to poke and prodComes with constant painComes to test, only more testsDespair,Words spoken within a fogUnheard within fears dreamGripped with fear all is unseenTears stream with a heatDespair,Hope fades with more tearsFear is ever presentQuestions go unansweredWorry begets allTears,Will it ever answer me?The white coat mocks mePain wracks the bodyThe checks turn red yet againTears,Pain won't go away with a pillTests still hold no answersFear & despair cycle all over againDenial,It can't be true
For Jenuphur!
Another video. This is just another reason I love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!
To Quote A Lion...
Courage isn't the absence of fear, because really, if you aren't afraid, then how are you being brave?  Courage is the ability to overcome those fears and do what you intend to do. Am I afraid?  Certainly, I don't let that stop me though.  There is a difference between a coward and a hero, both of them were scared, one of them decided to act. 
What To Buy My Wife...
I would like to surprise my wife with a gift just because. Any suggestions? Flowers are the obvious choice, but they seem so unoriginal. Any thoughts on gifts that impressed you would be greatly appreciated. She deserves something special for putting up with me for many years. :-) Thanks for your help and I'll let you know which idea I choose and how it turns out! Have a good one!
You walk in shadows dark and gloomy. You walk in silence never hearing a sound. You walk alone on a path you won't share. You keep yourself hidden in darkness. You hide your heart and pain away. You found love that warmed you. You hid deeper in the darkness not letting it in. You blocked the love from finding you. You felt it burning you deep. You still walk alone in darkness. You still hid in the shadows. You still block love out away from you. You still turn from the warmth.   Your me I'm you We're one We're none We're ALL
Another Trivia Question
 Calling all nerds What Am I making??? Sugar Concentrated orange juiceCitric acidNatural flavorsSodium benzoate Caffeine Sodium citrateErythorbic acid Gum arabicCalcium disodium EDTA Brominated vegetable oilThiamin hydrochloride     Same rules as the last round 1 mil for correct answer cost ya 1000 for hints This time I'm not gunna  be so nice though
I Know How To Screw
I mentioned in my to do list that the closet needed to be repaired.  I thought it would be enjoyable for you the reader to hear the steps and see the work in progress.. Remove bracket from the wall Using a saw, take the poorly designed wall mounts off the bracket Throw the bracket away Fish the bracket out of the garbage and throw the wall mounts away Hammer the Mollies in IMPORTANT:  Screw the mollies in tight before final install to allow them to expand, then remove screws Drop screws on the ground Curse Get Kitty lubbins because you are laying on the ground looking for the screws and "I lubs you daddy, I r pawy too!" Mount bracket Replace clothes Post blog   And now for the pictures: Molly Screws The bracket with built in anchors
Erm..a Friends Add?
I havent done one of these in a while..mainly because I just clear most of my pending friend adds..but tis one is odd lol.   DJ Rev St John2 daysHi: OMG.. You are a Beautiful Lady Wanna be Friends? I am currently banned from fubar for protecting a fu-friend from remarks made from staff and hope to return soon and would love to be friends. If you want (your option) to see that I am for real and ask any questions my yim is: cascadejewelry or DJ Rev St John. Have a Wonderful Day :) ps...if you don't show It's Just Me Bday love today I will piss on your leg :D
H.r. 848, The Performance Rights Act
Performance Rights Act - Amends federal copyright law to: (1) grant performers of sound recordings equal rights to compensation from terrestrial broadcasters; (2) establish a flat annual fee in lieu of payment of royalties for individual terrestrial broadcast stations with gross revenues of less than $1.25 million and for non-commercial, public broadcast stations; (3) grant an exemption from royalty payments for broadcasts of religious services and for incidental uses of musical sound recordings; and (4) grant terrestrial broadcast stations that make limited feature uses of sound recordings a per program license option. Prohibits taking into account license fees payable for public performance via digital audio transmission of sound recordings in any proceeding to set or adjust the license fees for the purpose of reducing or adversely affecting such license fees. (Current law prohibits taking those fees into account in such a proceeding without referencing the purpose.) P
In Threes!..
Why does everything happen in threes, dammit...?   First off, about a month ago.. My truck went down... then the dryer quit.. and then the toilet... All in the same week... First off, the truck.. it's the lock cylinder and key.. so I replaced it.. but the old one did something to the battery.. replaced that, as well... Started the truck up and the clutch slammed to the floor.. Out of fluid and had to bleed the fucker..   The dryer.. stopped spinning but gave out heat..possible plugging, like last was plugged, but not spinning again... checked the belt and it was busted.. replaced it.. Still didn't spin.. Have to buy a new dryer..   Now, my favorite.. the shitter... First, the wax seal cuz the thing was leaking.. All the sudden the pump's not working properly.. Fixed the hosing.. and then the pump decides to quit and quirt water all over..Working on replacing the pump tomorrow..   THREE things, THREE problems apiece..   Somebody upstairs is fucking with me and i wish
No Cable?
I've been debating getting rid of my cable to save money, since I don't watch too much on there.  I know I can get a hold of the shows I do watch via the internet.  But what I don't know is if I can watch sports online NFL, NHL, and others...anyone got any feedback about this?
Stupid Convos
After I made a stupid remark on a photo:  the remark I made was No fucking, thank you. From PURPLE GRAPE: WHO WOULD WANT YOU OLD UGLY FUCKER To PG  Is Goodyear missing a blimp? From PURPLE GRAPE: YEAH U UGLY FUCK GO BACK TO IRAN DOUCHE BAG Then she blocked me Yay me Horwitz is a Persian last name?
You Dislike Me! You Really, Really Dislike Me!
So the dislike button is great and all, and I really like that you can specify a reason. But I find the list of reasons you can give to me somewhat lacking. In no particular order, here are my suggestions for reasons that need to be added: Lack of Noodz Can't speel Femenine Hygeine Product You're friends with HIM/HER?? Said that one thing that one time More popular than me Won't cyber Won't give me your Yahoo What else am I missing?
Owned By Jesus
Last night I was at a bar and there was this tall guy with long dark hair and a beard, so of course my mind instantly went to "Jesus!" I was out smoking later and he came out and asked about someone who was fighting or something and he wanted to break it up, so I told him "Well, you are the prince of peace" and he replied "yeah, that's me, Jesus" Here I thought I was being clever and I was totally owned by Jesus. Though later I saw him at the bar and a guy was saying to a bunch of chicks:  "Who wants to do shots with Jesus?"
I R Sad :-(
Okay...So, being the good point-hoar that I've become....and talking to FangBanginCannie, I changed my default picture. The first one I had got flagged. Too much boobage or some such rot. Which is also a crock of shit coz I've seen more cleavage scrolling up top than..well, I can't think of when. :P Then I found another, of Hillary Duff, didn't really care who it was, it was a hotish picture. lol Then FBC said I could use here it is. So, since I've put this one up yesterday evening, I have gotten more likes, points, rates, likes (no bling dammit lol) than I have in all the 4 years I've been on this site. Sad really coz these people see some hot chick who if they actually looked more doesn't look 52 years old. haahaa I've always been told I look good for my age or young for my age but damn. lol Anywhooooo.....I probably should take this down and put up my real one. I dunno....What say youz?
Write whatever the fuck you want to in this blog, that is what the fuck it is for!
Of this world there's a woman...This certain lady carries The candle and key to the darkness In my lonely heart that been locked up....Of this woman, to be bring me light, must first travel The night within my soul...  And heart...For me to be open, I must first melt To the candle light..To knock the rust off the lock.. Its a task I so tried for so long....But finally I gave it thought...I can hear the lady on the other side...Calling my name in the dark, jiggling with the lock... Playing with the candle to see....To light up this rusty padlock on my soul.....I banged at the door to cheer her on...But it came through as a whisper.... A whisper she heard clearly for it said...Please love...Help me with this door...I want you so ever badly... When you heard those words through my lips...Through door...You sat down and cried...Cried and let the tears roll...In each tear...Captures the candle light...In each tear...It sparkled into the night...Each cry make me quiver at the sight....F
The Watercolors Flower Test
You Are Beloved You are adored and loved by many. People care deeply for you. You are a great person, and everyone knows it. You are well liked. You go beyond being just popular. You are highly regarded and respected. You are highly admired and cherished. Many people want to be like you. The Watercolor Flowers Test Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
What Kind Of Scarf Are You?
You Are a Silk Scarf You are sensitive and emotional. You are easily moved by the world around you. You tend to be quiet and reflective. You prefer to stand back and observe rather than making a splash! You are a good listener and a truly caring person. You have plenty of time to devote to your friends. You try to tread lightly while making the world a better place. Doing good deeds brings meaning to your life. What Kind of Scarf Are You? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
Plz Help!
She is about 450k away from leveling and has a boomy on!  Please go throw some rates her way! Thank you ahead of time!     MEL@ fubar
I Normally Never Ask
I don't normally ask for these things,but this person is less than 300,00 and she does return help   thanks   muahzz
Please Rate This Jackass A 1 For Me, Thanks Http://
9:53pm reply ImmortalBu...: OK I want to know what I did to you? 9:54pm more To ImmortalBu...: i have no idea what youre talking about 9:55pm reply ImmortalBu...: Oh ok I am sooooo sorry. I copied and pasted on the search thingy and it came up on my profile. Thats why I was like WTF 9:56pm reply ImmortalBu...: I am very sorry about that. 9:57pm reply ImmortalBu...: Well anyway I rated him a 1 to bad you can't rate him a 0 9:57pm more To ImmortalBu...: thanks! 9:57pm reply ImmortalBu...: Not a problem . 9:59pm reply ImmortalBu...: Like I said. I am very sorry about that. I feel bad now.
Strangers With Candy!
So i took my young neice and nephew trick and treating up our road (mates place first for a few beers at his home bar then Mrs Atkins with awsum cleavage) and thought to myself..wait!...aren't we as responsible adults trying to teach kids not to accept candy from strangers yet here we are doing said thing once a year?   and yes..i did call myself a responsible adult just then.....  
Random Facts About A M0ni... In No Particular Order.
Fun facts about lil o'm0ni [edition numero uno]   Please save all your questions til the end of this impossibly long ramble about nothing really. Thanks.     #33 - Has never seen Rocky (any), Starwars, Star Trek, any of the God Father movies, nor Scarface. I don't really care to change this anytime in the near future. #59 - Doesn't believe in underwear on Fridays... OR when it's just not really necessary. #84 - Still wishes on stars, like a child. #276 - Only likes scalding hot soup. Doesn't like chowder. OR fuggin' pancakes. That had no relevance, I just felt like it needed to be said. #117 - Was a victim. #118 - Is now a survivor. #209 - Pees in the shower sometimes. Everyone does, even grandma. I'm just ballsy enough to admit it. # Whatever number I'm on - Sings, "I'm blue. Da ba de da bah dah x2." In the grocery store. #6 - Still sucks her thumb and rolls her fingers through her blanky, on occasion when trying to fall asleep. #82 - Dreamed of living in the town of "T
What This Blog Is About....
This blog will be about some stuff that my girls and I talk about..... Pretty Simple.   I will post stuff as we come up with it - so no schedule to how often things are updated here. But Im sure some of it will shock you - most will probably make you laugh... And it will definitely give you an insight into our warped world...     In some cases, names will be changed to protect the innocent or insecure.    
Riding The Baloney Fupony
I get a bit annoyed every time I log in and see Fubar wanting to co-opt my social networking status to advertise this site, for the pittance of 50,000 fubucks. Given that they offer a $7.50 1-day blast for 10 million:   750/10000000 = .000075 cents per fubuck * 50000 = 3.75 cents for your giving them access to twitter or facebook or 7.5 cents for both! Or did I do this all wrong because I just saw someone in my bartab "liked" fubar on facebook for 1.875 cents?   Anyway...  you may all extrapolate from there
Lances' Hate List #2
I hate: Girl on Girl porn, White Socks,  The Sun/heat. Shaving. Lack of Pain killers,  Girls who don't "do" oral sex, young Marines at bars,  Pennys,  Toe nails, Home-Improment Tv shows. gangmembers, ICP fans,  Board games that take an hour to set up. Depressing music/ Not-upbeat music in social situation that doesn't call for it. and you.....  
Auction For 1 Pimp Out And A Boomy Over Vixy Won With 20 Mill Bid
Decided I want more fubux....  Will Run Auction from now till Monday Nov. 15th Highest Bidder will get 1 pimp out and a boomy bling from me.... Good luck to all ya'll out there... Don't forget to fan me if you haven't already :)   Thanx Everyone.... Vixy Won 1 pimp out N boomy or 10 credits which ever she prefers :D
Getting Off My Chest
When in an internal battle with yourself, one has to make a decision based on your perception of the situation you boil over. The factors are emotional, mental, and instinctual. How do we sift thru the facts and determine what is perception and what is scars from our personal past? Being with a person emotionally is so difficult to begin with, but when the warning flags fly high, its just too much to ignore our intellectual foresight. When you see something coming, and its so obvious that it cant be ignored...what else can you do but ease your mind by removing the things that make you stress/worry.   I have seen recently things that made me extremely uneasy with a person i got myself involved with. yes it was exciting and rather intense. BUT when words and actions contradict themselves, I started thinking. I come to the conclusion that the end result will be somewhere i dont want to be.  Peoples actions are habitual and I could see myself in a position i have been before and I wont d
Thing's I Should Have Said...
Today my brother would have been 33, its a wednsday so he probably would have been at work like any other day and then we would have dinner n cake for him with exchanging of gifts. No matter how old we get my mom has always believed you should have a cake for your birthday. Dinner would have definitely been chicken from someplace cause that was his favorite food. My brother was the kind who thought birthdays was just another day, no big affair, no gushing and so after we would have went on about our lives. Mom getting ready for bed and me off getting my girls homework finished and ready for school the next day and J probably headed off to his best friends to get high (he called it his medicine). This would have been how today went but things arnt normal anymore and he's not here so this day just breaks my heart. This day 3 yrs ago was exactly 1 week before he decided to take his life. So many times i sit and think when we were having cake and laughing was he thinking of dying? Was he
SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – An Idaho judge has set bond at $100,000 for a Boise woman police say posed as a physician and duped at least two other women into having their breasts examined by her at Boise-area nightclubs. Kristina Ross, 37, remains in Ada County Jail in Boise on two felony counts of practicing medicine without a license. Police say Ross introduced herself to victims -- one at a downtown Boise bar and the other at a nightclub in a Boise suburb -- as a plastic surgeon named Berlyn Aussieahshowna, a name that turned out to be bogus. The two women told Boise officers they believed Ross was a physician because of her apparent medical knowledge, and they agreed to undergo what they thought were breast exams, which happened at the bars. As part of her ruse, Ross gave the women the telephone number of a real licensed plastic surgeon in Boise, the state capital, authorities said. Staff at that medical office became alarmed at the number of calls they received from women
Baby Dead After Mom Tosses Infant Into Washing Machine, Launches Spin Cycle: Cops
Read more:   Lyndsey Fiddler, 26, was high on drugs when she put her newborn daughter, Maggie May Trammel, in the washing machine along with the dirty laundry and started a washing cycle, NewsOn6 reports. An Oklahoma woman has been charged with felony child neglect after her 10-day-old baby was killed in a washing machine.  Lyndsey Fiddler, 26, was high on drugs when she put her newborn daughter, Maggie May Trammel, in the washing machine along with the dirty laundry and started a washing cycle, local station NewsOn6 reported. The baby’s great aunt, Rhonda Coshatt, was also in the house at the time and realized something was wrong when she saw Fiddler passed out and unresponsive on a chair with the child nowhere to be found. After hearing a clunking noise coming from the washer, she opened the lid and found t
So this question sounds simple... But I think that is is actually going to take some thinking to answer. Let me know....   How do you know you are IN LOVE? And how do you know someone else is IN LOVE with you? Forget the words... "I LOVE YOU", anyone can say the words. I want to know the actions or other feelings that make you realize it is really LOVE.     As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog & Follow It
Blizzard Warning For Spokane, Snow Across Washington State.The National Weather Service is warning of a blizzard Monday night east of the Columbia River in Washington, including Spokane. Heavy snow up to 6 inches in Spokane is expected until Tuesday morning, along with north winds of 20 to 25 mph and stronger gusts. Subzero temperatures are forecast and a wind chill in the minus 20s. The service says travel will be extremely dangerous.
I want to start a page/group [Kind of Ultimate Hotties type] Only with a twist. [I don't want to say, just incase someone else is sneaky and steals the idea from me] But does anyone know how to search for pages like this-to make sure I'm not copying someone who has it already?
What Do Your Kisses Taste Like?
Your Kisses Taste Like Raspberries You are a perfectionist in all aspects of your life, including kissing. Luckily, practice makes perfect! You expect a lot of yourself and others, and you definitely don't relax your standards for kissing. You like challenges, and you love kissing someone that you never thought you'd be able to kiss. You and and orange kisser will be instant soul mates, but stay away from high maintenance vanilla kissers. What Do Your Kisses Taste Like? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
How To Screen Grab?
There are many programs ou to do this simple process. Some are better than other. 1. You can always use the "print screen" key and then paste it into whatever photo editing software you use. That is old skool. 2. You can find a zillion different screen grab programs, but some blow monkey chunks, some mine your data and some are just bootsy. 3. I have toyed with many for years. I have been using pixlr grabber on both Firefox and Chrome and love it. It is simple. It allows multiple options such as editing and annotating, link sharing, save option and you can copy and paste into an email. Many people ask me daily how to screen grab stuff. you know.....and knowing is half the battle. You can go into your firefox or chrome extension and search pixlr grabber or copy and paste this URL if it does not link to the page.
Go Team Awesome!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.  I am officially a dirty old man now.    A special thanks for Team Awesome, I really appreciate the renames and profile pics.  It has put a big smile on my face all day.    Just got back from the gym, and now my birthday will begin.  Going to do some x-mas shopping, then it's steak time!  Hitting the IMAX Tron after that for glorious 3D.  Should be a fun night.  
All We Need Is A Little Patients
I started my volunteer work at the VA yesterday.  I was a bit tired, stayed up late watching the first Tron, but I made my way in.  Stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a little energy to get me there.  I went to sign in for duty, but the room was locked, so I just went down to the ER.  While they told me Monday that she'd tell the crew I'd be there on Saturday, I don't think that was the case. I jumped right in to my duties though.  They asked me if I could take a patient up to X-Ray, so I wheeled him on up, I didn't even get lost.  I also then help stock the carts they keep in the rooms with all the sample vials, bandages, antibiotics, and IV's and junk.  As patients left, I would wipe down the room.  The anti-bacteria stuff is toxic on your skin, so I had to wear gloves, but I did a good job.  A lot of my work is wheeling the patients around, or taking them to the wards when they are admitted.  They have these cool motorized beds that I got to drive around. I didn't lose a single patient y
Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus
I post this every year, to me, this is the spirt of Chirstmas. Enjoy. Or dont. whatever   Eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York's Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept. 21, 1897. The work of veteran newsman Francis Pharcellus Church has since become history's most reprinted newspaper editorial, appearing in part or whole in dozens of languages in books, movies, and other editorials, and on posters and stamps. "DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. "Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. "Papa says, 'If you see it in THE SUN it's
It's Time
It is time to regroup.  I will be gone anywhere from 1-2 weeks.  I will miss my family and friends very much. This doesn't mean I don't need your lovin' anymore....I can use it more now than ever and I will return the love.  Happy New Year to each and every one of you.
Someone Post A Mumm
I am in the mood to mumm and they are kinda deadish so one of you shits post a mumm :) heck, I will give you the 5 grand
Shipping Up To Boston
So, Sunday the Jets are shipping up to Boston to most likely end their season. Does anyone have any faith in Gang Green, or are we going to be treated to another 45-3 blow out?
My cats are baby faces! Misfit with a penis is the boss of the house and I forgot about this song... This is totally him ~giggles~ I am going to sing this at pt ;) for realz
Attn: Family
A Melancholy Moment
Well there you are just going along through life and you think all is just fine,but then along come those past ghosts that creep in when you least expect it.And you're all out of Ghosts Be Gone spray,so you have to allow those pesky thoughts to run their course. (Shutter) Well so while I go through my ghosts,I will post some of my favorite poems and some love quotes I like too. Here's hoping your ghosts skip your house tonight. :) Quotes: "If you press me to say why I loved him,I can say no more than because he was he,and I was I." "Love is like War.Easy to begin but very hard to stop"   "Love that is not madness is not love" by Pedro Calderon de la Barca       "Time is too slow for those who wait,too swift for those who fear,too long for those who grieve,too short for those who rejoice,but for those who love,time is eternity"  by Henry Van Dyke     Poems: Let it be forgotten Let it be forgotten,as a flower is forgotten.Forgotten as a fire that once was
[new Game]
Step 1: squint your eyes as hard as you can.Step 2: Breathe through your mouth.Step 3: Stop bathing for weeks at a time.Step 4: Lurk on some of the most unattractive people on the internetwe're talking People of Walmart ugly.Step 5: Leave them a comment stating "ur sexy with X" for example, there's a picture of a woman with a towel wrapped around her torso say "ur (or u) sexy (sexay) with (w/) towel around u"so"u sexay w/ towl round u"Step 6: Repeat until you make a comment following this formula in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OF THEIR FOLDER LIKE SOME CREEPY BASEMENT DWELLING BABY-FUR!...and I'm not telling you what a baby-fur is. Try it on your friends today.
Things started great. But things turned rather sour when after swearing that no one can get between us, you let them. After I've proven my truth, over their lies, you still didn't believe me, and shut me totally out. You had things come up, and I wanted to show you support, and have your back, but you told me I wasn't allowed. You ignored me, and when you did talk to me, it was almost nothing. You then wanted to work things out, but yet, were still ashamed to acknowledge the fact that we were even in a relationship or even me for that matter. After the constant neglect, and also making me out to be something I'm not, and tossing things in my face, I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. Upon making that decision, you realized, that my support, and presence was wanted, and so much, that you even begged me to stay. Then you tossed in my face that I made the decision, and even now, you choose to continue to throw things in my face, use me as a scapegoat, and push me away, yet not only
Hotd Feb 7, 2011
UK man with low IQ banned from having sex. from europe.     I can't but wonder if we know him from Fu...   some of the actual story which is interesting. High Court Justice Nicholas Mostyn agreed that Alan did not have the mental capacity to understand the health risks and should not have sex with anyone. The judge's order put Alan under the local authority that provides his housing. Still, the judge called the case "legally, intellectually and morally" complex and said the court must "tread especially carefully" when the state tries to curtail such a basic human function as sex.  
How was everyones Valentines Day? I went out and had some quality time sunday, it was fun! yes.. mmmhmmm.  So anyways, it seemed like fubar was a ghost town on the day for lovers. If you dont know already, and im sure you do from all my status messages about it, my Area 51 lounge is up and running. We have myself, Peacey and a certain other streamer you all know. When he is on air, you might recognize his streaming data name, but apparently he has been forced underground on fu... and DJ P (amongst other names, he changes his sn as much as witchie does lol) I am streaming right now and I am all alone in Area 51 :( anywho, come in and listen with me
Can You Help Me Decide On New Name Please
I miss the touch of a woman..... i hate being lonely.........
Xbox Live
I have it back...if i had you before message me your tags cause i had to make a new one :(
[first Post Eaten. Goes With That Theme Of Defeat. Fix The Blogs...]
posted on 03/10/2011 @ 07:03 pm [I stepped out, not down.]  (edit | delete) I'm going to put some balsalmic vinegar in this scotch.Okay... next chapter.You remember Return of the Jedi- where everything was pretty much fine after all the downturn of Empire and... there were Ewoks?We are NOTdoing that here.This is probably Empire Strikes Back... and keeps beating you over the head.Until his arms get tired. And then he tags his buddy in while he gets a cappucino and works out his charlie horse.All I fucking want is some walnut chicken and a job actually equivalent to my education and expertise.That'd be terrific.Careers. Income. Bodies of work.There will be /crazy here.Like I've already told you allI don't compartmentalize by content- I compartmentalize by the nonsense in my life.That means there will be surveys, there will be rants and all of my passions will have representation hereabouts.SoVideo gamesrobotsfantasyculturephi
Not So Much Here, But Here.
I posted a blog on my not-on-this-site blog about Japan, the quake and tsunami aftermath, and how to help if one would like and is able to do so. Here's a link if you want to head that direction and give it a read. Red Cross Spells Relief If not, no worries. But you suck.
Every Hero (part 2.3)
Every Hero (Part 2.3)    Davretor woke up with blackness and peace interrupted with throbbing ache of reality, and words.    Stones. Sconces. Dancing torchlight. And men in robes lifted on high sitting amid a forest of deific podiums, looking down their austere and scornful noses at the huddled, nearly naked and restrained mercenary. Heavily armored men driving spear butts into his limbs with their full weight. Thick, tight manacles that- burned a dull discomfort into his wrists ankles and neck in a web of iron.    Only a dozen? More if they could fit more around him.    Through the forest of spears and armored boots Davretor made out a gilded mask studying his face. An executioner?    "What we have here gentlemen, is quite vexing- before you is something that is neither demon nor man, yet-" the mask turned to address the court. Echoing slightly behind ivy patterned gold over silver.    Executioners don't talk. And they certainly can't afford something so beautiful, if not a bit gaudy
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 5
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song (Lips of an Angel - Hinder)Day 03 – A song that makes you happy (Fuck You - Cee Lo Green)Day 04 – A song that makes you sad ( Behind the Wall - Tracy Chapman and Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick)Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone This person can't even see this but it makes me laugh. If you hate Drake (My biracial, Jewish, Canadian future husband) and like boobs, just watch the video on mute.   Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhereDay 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain eventDay 08 – A song that you know all the words toDay 09 – A song that you can dance toDay 10 – A song that makes you fall asleepDay 11 – A song from your favorite bandDay 12 – A song from a band you hateDay 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasureDay 14 – A s
[not The Answer]
I ran out of primer 1/3 of the way into my Zeta C1.........................*sigh*So there's a legitimate possibility that I'll be selling my blood this month to stay afloat and stop bleeding money.Like the juxtoposition of images there?I did.I'm tired of living like a hermit, salvaging light bulbs, and eating 1000 variants of rice and beans.Now, I can't find the actual 30 day challenge (from the guy that did Supersize me) where he and his livein are working at the poverty level, and eating rice and beans almost every day, and have to go to the ER for an injury and so on. Look being cold, hungry, and bored made those two almost breakup.These kids (comment below) did $100 for 30 days of food.Note the token irritation and kookiness on like day 28/29 or day 22 where one of them is sick. And on 25 (below) they talk about missing FLAVOR.F L A V OR.I've been on about ... $20 for 30 days.These kids canseriouslygo fuck themselves.They did this shit for FUN. And to get onTelevision....$100 a mon
I made several salutes today. I will make more, so if you don't have one isn't because I decided you are a piece of shit.   maybe okie dokie,supposed to find out surgery date tuesday and I get mri/ct both on that day. grab your salutes and  never bug me for updated photos again   loves and stuffs your friend kit
So I Was In The Itunes Store Just Now
and I saw these masked idiots called Hollywood Undead, and wondered what the hell... and now I wish I hadn't clicked. The music industry deserves to die, but why the hell are they trying to take us with them?
[i'm Not Dead]
I just feel like I am. Also- welcome back to the tempermental, barely functional Vista laptop at my parents' house. Makes me miss the days when I had to blog on PS3 and could only type in so much per entry. Hah. Anyway, I'm dehydrated, I'm severely sleep deprived (even for me), and I only feel like I'm dead. Which may or may not be an improvement on actually being dead. If the netflix starts working again- I've got shitty movies for a couple hours, lunch, and a Royals game... *shrugs* I dunno. Send pictures of your fanny, I'm bored and fighting devils out here... or just bored.
When It Rains It Pours
Last Tuesday (April 5th) I got a hysterical call about 9:30 pm from my mom saying I needed to get back home (in Ohio) that my brother had shot himself. That 3 hour drive took only about 2.5 hrs this particular trip and still felt like an eternity to make. When I reached OSU Medical Center I found out he had been life flighted and had already undergone brain surgery to stop the bleeding and remove the loose brain matter. Finally at 6am Wednesday morning I was able to see him, he was bandaged from his forehead up, and what I could see was covered in dried blood and extreme swelling, he had no facial features what so ever. He was on a respirator but his other vitals were stable (working on their own). Kyle is 28 and no matter how old he is, he's my baby brother. We've heard bits and pieces of what happened but honestly none of it adds up. Just the week before I talked to him and he was happy and excited over news I had for him, and just this past Sunday (2 days before) he had sent me vide
Ok a few knew that at the first of the year the last job I was wotking closed down.. So it left me jobless and looking for work.. I had enough to pay a months rent and bills saved up.. But after that jobs were hard to get where I am.. Especially in the winter thanks to snowbirds.. Well after 2 months and help from my family I got a job making barely enough to pay rent.. But then I had a stupid moment and lost it after a month.. All I can say is never work as a civilian for the military the job sucks ass and the pay is even worse.. Well 2 days after I lost that job I had a call from a store down here the day after I applied online.. Apparently they needed a manager and offered me the job if my background check came back clean.. Well duh I'm a goody goody type never been in any real trouble so of course I knew what it would say.. But when they didn't call me after 5 days I started to worry because of the shit at my last job..  But finally I got the call today to start immediately and t
How Stupid Can You Possibly Be??
Ok, as my friends you all know I return likes, rates and leave comments. This dumb ass bitch, is going to go on her "man's" page and saw I left a comment... morning(h). Her ass replies to my comment saying, "he has someone, so back off bitch he don't want you when he has all of me." Of course I had to laugh... so after damn there rolling in the floor with laughter, I returned her comment. I replied " I don't want him,lmaoooo. He apparently came to my page, rated  and liked me. All I was doing was returning it. BWAHAHAHAHA. How in the hell a noobieis going to step to me with bullshit. Learn the fuckin site before you start barkin dumbass." Was I wrong? I don't think so.  Much love and hugs to my fuFriends ~Sassi
Birds The Word
Seemed everytime Id sit down in a park in Sydney, I found myself in the presense of this particular kind of bird. And each time it would fly to closeby tree, look down and say "Uh Oh!". First time it was just funny. But it happenned again over the course of several days, and then I became the butt of the joke to my traveling friends, citing "thah burdz see mahjeek n say heeya cahms trouble! hahaha" It occured that prolly no one would believe it, so I had my phone ready next time went to the park. I thought it was some sort of talking minor bird, but I was told its an australian raven. I'll post it in comments in case it doesnt work "heeya", lol I luv the way they say that.
More Travels
So the week of May 9th I'm in Rexburg, Idaho... learning how to take apart and reassemble large welding cranes that are used for building wind towers. Then I spend a few weeks in Michigan telling people how to put them back together. I fly in to SLC on the 8th and have to drive four hours North to Twin Falls, where my hotel is. I need to see what kind of scenic detours are along the way. I won't likely have much time on Friday driving back for my flight home Saturday morning. Boring blog. I know. Just felt like posting something for a change.
I just noticed someone was gone from my friends list and I can't figure out who it is.. The account is gone, as in fuicide or admin delete..   All i could find was their old user # 5779861   Anyone have a clue?.. 
Make It Real
Dear Ninja, Help! I am in love with a fake on fubar! I got lured in with the very sexy and seductive pics and fell in love with the way she obsesses over my penis size and always asks if I'm "playing with it right now". Also we can talk for hours about sports, UFC, cars and how much women suck. My question is should I ask for a profile pic and ruin my fantasy of a super sexy chick with a mans mentality? I'm not sure if I can handle what the implications of my sexuality such a full revelation will say about myself. Cleaning out my Closet   Dear closet, That super hot chick, yeah, she's a super fat dude. And when you're sexting in your shoutbox, just remember, he's really getting hot too. If it makes you feel better, there's probably a few she-males that look like super hot chicks that can help ease you in to that new lifestyle. Just spare me the details of your sexcapades, I get enough of those in real life.  Now, on the other side, there are plenty of really gorgeous wom
The Impossible Figure Test
You Are Intellectual You are always up for a challenge, just as long as it's a mental challenge. Normal things seem pretty amazing to you. It's all about how you look at the world. You turn ideas on their heads and come up with something totally new. You are big on concepts and theories. When it comes to discussing ideas, no topic is off the table. The Impossible Figure Test Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
What Kind Of Bubbles Are You?
You Are Soap Bubbles You are free spirited and a heck of a lot of fun. You refuse to act your age. You can always find a chance to play a little. You bring whimsy to an otherwise boring day. It drives you crazy to be cooped up inside for too long. You need to be outdoors to be able to breathe. It's likely that you crave a nontraditional life. You have to do things your own way! What Kind of Bubbles Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
Into Anal?
Kuss: Are U into anal? if yes...whats the biggest size u took in ur anus? 1:15pm Suga Lips: If you're into anal so much, why don't you get fucked by a horse and get out of my shout. 1:15pm Kuss: lol 1:15pm Kuss: just asking goddess 1:16pm Suga Lips: Goddess? Really? That's how you would talk to a goddess? You're pathetic. 1:16pm Kuss: and u sont compare ur ass to a horse ass 1:16pm Kuss: dont 1:17pm Kuss: whats wrong with u? why do u consider sex a degrading topic? 1:17pm Suga Lips: I wasn't comparing my ass to anything. I was telling YOU to get it shoved up YOUR ass. 1:18pm Suga Lips: ROFL!!! I don't consider sex a degrading topic. I don't even fucking know you, fucktard. You didn't even say hi. Learn some fucking manners. 1:18pm Kuss: lol...still u r goofy....i am not a goddess like u 1:19pm Suga Lips: Yeah, you're a fucking tool. Go bother someone else. 1:20pm Kuss
Dear Fu
dear bouncer type people that i am not friends with stop being twats.
Letters For Mom
"Letters For Mom" @ Growing up he had no clue, What the future held, And what he would do. The only one to stand by his side, Even wiped his face when he cried. Mommie is what she went by, She watched him grow as time passed by. He grew from a boy to a man, Takin on a task that most wouldn't understand. She has to let go of her young boy, Because he wants to go play with his guns and toys. He leaves with his bags packed, She always has a home for him to come back. He's entering a stage in his life most unknown, But courage and honor he's willfully shown. A moment comes when he has to be strong, Mom at home praying nothing will go wrong. People screamin and shouting in the middle of this fuss, A friend finds him amidst the dust. Wounded he begings to think, "Is it my turn?" At home she thinks, "Is he ever to return?" Two hearts seperated by oceans, In the middle of all this comotion. A hero returning home escorted by cops, But never thought he, Would return
"thank You"..just Because
Everyone can admit we are super busy these days and often take things and people for granted. It's difficult to find time in the day to   let everyone you care about know how much of an impact they make on your life day to day. Well I wanna take a minute to say "Thank   You" to anyone who has made me smile, feel better when I'm down, listening when I bitch and moan, put up with me and love me.   I don't have the funds to buy bling or anything like that to show my appreaction for your friendship so I hope this will do.   THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL (h)
Camera Sim - An Online Slr Simulator
so you can learn how to use the complicated cameras before spendng money on one
Looking Out My Window
                                                                Looking out my Window             When I first saw you,        I knew you were the one,        you came past my window,        in the evening sun.           I looked out and saw you,        there was something I wanted to say,        but you were so Beautiful and confident,        you took my breath away.            I watched you everyday,         I felt like a stalker,         I wanted to say something to you,         but I was shy and not much of a talker.             I saw people look past you,          as though you weren't there,            I used to get angry,           'cause what I saw, was an Angel,            just in a wheelchair.              I finally got up enough nerve,           to ask my Angel out,            and when you said " Yes"            I was the luckiest man alive,            this I have no doubt.              You asked me why I asked you out,            even though y
Mobile. High on the wi-fi. Radio transceivers made a believer out of me. Higgs is using his iPod to surf fubar and the rest of the Internet as an experiment. I figure the best way to get the most out of this mobile platform is to be hindered by it. To hit stumbling blocks. Brick walls. By limiting myself to my iDevice, I'm opening pathways to innovation and discovery. The shoutbox sort of works on here. I just need to be on my profile page, and not the home page. I may not answer right away. I'll be available for naked scrabble matches (Fu won't let me post the URL) I can be texted via google voice 440-499-4147 If I think of anything else, you'll surely be among the first to know.
Why does everyone think it's the "cool" thing to thank soldiers in blasts? Now don't get me wrong...thanking them is wonderful and they, for the most part, deserve every ounce of respect. But I will say this...there are 2 members who have been thanking them for as long as I can remember. Awesome. But why does every other girl think they need to do it too? Are they trying to be like the red names in hopes that they too will be red or do they really thank them? For real...I saw 3 blasts in a row that had to do with soldiers. Two were thanking them and one was saying they were going to make "Soldier Salutes". WTF? Anyway, people should really do their own thing and not copy someone else in hopes of becoming popular.  
One Of My Favorite Poems Is One By Kelly Strong
MAY GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS. ENJOY YOUR MEMORIAL WEEKEND BUT PLEASE LET US REMEMBER WHAT MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IS  AS YOU HAVE FUN AND ENJOY BBQ'S OR OUTTINGS TAKE THE TIME OF  TO HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE  ON THAT DAY  LOVE CHINA  I watched the flag pass by one day.It fluttered in the breeze.A young Marine saluted it,And then he stood at ease.I looked at him in uniformSo young, so tall, so proud,He’d stand out in any crowd.I thought how many men like himHad fallen through the years.How many died on foreign soil?How many mothers’ tears?How many pilots’ planes shot down?How many died at sea?How many foxholes were soldiers’ graves?No, freedom isn’t free.I heard the sound of TAPS one night, When everything was stillI listened to the bugler playAnd felt a sudden chill.I wondered just how many timesThat TAPS had meant “Amen,”When a flag had draped a coffinOf a brother or a friend.I thought of all the children, Of the mot
Anti-social Networking
  I didn't sleep well last night. I also left my Fubar page up and running all night. I forgot to turn my screensaver back on after watching a movie :/ So, I'm already grumpy when my alarm goes off at 6am. Imagine the jump in intensity of said grumpiness when I'm greeted by people on Fubar bitching, whining and carrying on about me supposedly ignoring them all night o_O   Ok. I said I was grumpy. That was a warning AND apology for the following bitch fest... No, I don't want to meet up with you. No, I don't want to get naughty/dirty/freaky/nasty/naked with you in person. No, I don't want to get naughty/dirty/freaky/nasty/naked with you on cam. No, I don't want to get naughty/dirty/freaky/nasty/naked with you on chat. No, I don't want to get naughty/dirty/freaky/nasty/naked with you on the phone. No, I don't want to FuMarry you. No, I don't want to marry you IRL. No, I will not take dirty pictures for you. No, I will not make you a salute if I don't know you. No, I will not
Loving You Is Easy Cause You Pay The Bills
Dear Ninja, Que the sappy romantic movie music,grab some bon bons and a box of your favorite tissue. Let's set the time machine back to a few yrs ago (ok maybe 2 1/2 or so)....I met a woman on fubar. She was in a lounge and on cam. Of course all the guys were making remarks (nice cans, i'd tap that, etc - and they say wooing is dead but i digress). I noticed that she had 2 parrots behind her so me being a animal lover and all mentioned "nice birds". That set off a flurry of sb messages between me and her. Long story short we'd talk every day on fu, on the phone, text, smoke signals and morse code. I'd use carrier pigeons but i have cats, rim shot!  Anyways, She came to visit me and we hit it off right there and then. She spent a week here and we talked, watched movies, ate pizza and all that good stuff (mmmm pizza). So ff to a few months later. We decide to move in together. I fly out to middle america (not to be confused with middle earth...damn hobbits and all) and we
Is it possible for a person to have more than one soul mate? I know that may sound weird but I really don't know. Can friends be soul mates? Is there really only ONE person out there that is a perfect mate for us? I have a few friends that I think are soul mates and I have John that I think is a soul mate. My problem is....what if we really can only have do I know which one is THE ONE?   Anyway, is it possible to have more than one soul mate?
Making The Us Economy ‘scream’ (repost)
Quote from Ronald Reagan MAKING THE US ECONOMY ‘SCREAM’ Exclusive: Over the past several decades, Republican methods for winning national power have come to resemble CIA techniques for destabilizing an enemy country — through the use of black propaganda, political skullduggery and economic disruptions. Now, heading toward Election 2012, the Republicans appear poised to make the U.S. economy “scream,” observes Robert Parry. By Robert ParryJune 3, 2011Modern Republicans have a simple approach to politics when they are not in the White House: Make America as ungovernable as possible by using almost any means available, from challenging the legitimacy of opponents to spreading lies and disinformation to sabotaging the economy.Over the past four decades or so, the Republicans have simply not played by the old give-and-take rules of politics. Indeed, if one were to step back and assess this Republican approach, what you would see is something akin to how
That Job I Was Told About
I finally was sent some numbers, and it seems to pay pretty well... I'm just a bit nervous about maybe changing companies again. I'm not getting any younger and I'm really secure where I am. I like it. I've always wanted to work with industrial robots, and here I've been for nearly seven years now. The prospect of a bigger paycheck up front (rather than waiting for a sizable profit-sharing bonus) is appealing. Working from home when I'm not traveling would put another 200 bucks a month in my wallet because of fuel I wouldn't be using. That's appealing too. Going to Italy for a month - appealing. The equipment I'd be working on? Kinda boring and uninteresting. Automated pipe bending and cutting. Bleh. Not as cool or fun or even as complex as robots. I fucking love goddamned robots. I guess the prospect of being able to live anywhere... traveling the world to service things rather than just this country (and Candada), it's also pretty appealing. I really don't know. I've only ever le
My Prayers Answered
                                                      My Prayers Answered        As a child I could see,     How my future would turn out to be.,     Full of joy, and filled with love,     overseen by the Lord above.          In the distance,      Standing there      was a someone       who would care.          I had some feelings,      of doubt and fear,      but they vanished      as I neared.          It was you        to my surprise,       to wake me up      and open my eye's      you showed me what       love was all about,      and freed my heart      of all doubt.         You opened my heart,      to feelings that were new,      and showed me a love,      felt by so few.        Now my dream       has come true,      and I owe it       all to you.        You showed me love,      you showed me sharing,      you gave me hope,      you gave me caring.        I guess what I'm trying to say,     is I'll love you more,     with each passing da
This Is Pretty Bad...
Has it really come to this for bling?..
Updates On Voter Suppression 2012 (repost)
Rachel Maddow has on Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss GOP Voter Suppression. Perry, as usual, is on point. From USA Today: Our view: Republican ID laws smack of vote suppression To many Republicans, it is an article of faith that minimalist government works best. Except, that is, when Republicans want to impose tighter rules for their political benefit. A case in point is the flurry of states —six so far this year— rushing to pass laws requiring voters to bring government-issued photo IDs to polling places. All have Republican governors and GOP-controlled legislatures. Supporters say this is necessary to prevent voter fraud. But the operative question is: Why, at a time of economic distress and state budget shortfalls, is this such a priority? The answer has less to do with prevention than with suppression. In theory, there isn’t anything wrong with requiring photo IDs to vote, just as they are required to drive, board a plane or cash a check. The Co
Facebook, Twitter & The Future...
Well, I don't really know what to say. People are so different nowadays. I guess they need different sitmulations of social media. So, with that being said, I'd like to invite everyone to my Facebook: And to keep up with the random tweets & status updates, Feel free to follow me on twitter: From there you can get more real-time things and access to future blogs both on and off Fu, different postings, videos, etc. Re-connect with long lost FuFriends that may have bailed and other exciting things like that. There's a wide variety out there. I felt the need to post this because I posted something about Casey Anthony and it received more Facebook feedback and debate and opinion-sharing than it did here. Personally, I enjoy that kind of thing. Apparently once people sign into Fubar, they get ADD from the flashing, spinning, dollar signs and blingy tooltips and their brain melts. This also
coolballer: want to see my cock To coolballer: not interested. coolballer: can u at least tell me if it is big enough To coolballer: its not. coolballer: how do u know coolballer: u didnt see it To coolballer: because if it were you wouldn't be online asking for opinions.. coolballer: check my cam To coolballer: i told you i wasn't interested.   come on guys..when a girl says she isn't interested..drop it :) no one cares how big/small your penis is.. this is the internet..i promise there is always bigger and better out there. yours isn't special. get over it.
[seriously Considering...]
... growing a handlebar moustache.   That is all.
[today In Food]
Today I did a few things that I've done before that I have improved upon in the past.   wut?   I dunno.   Lunch was french toast, and I tend to play by ear on this, but I wanted to bake it for a change, and to see if it was more consistent.... and well rounded   twas.   Anyway, I preheated my oven to 350 and grabbed some old french bread (the soft fluffy sweet stuff from the store) and cut them into big hunks like the size of good bruschetta, or slices that were approximately the size of both of my fists I combined 2 tbs of heavy whipping cream 2 tbs of honey and 3 eggs   then I soaked each side of the bread in the batter for about a minute on each side retrieved drained any goopy excess back into the bowl grabbed a baking sheet and some wax paper and placed the battered bread on the paper on the tray then I placed a slice of bacon on the top of every piece of bread, and patted it gently into the damp bread, and covered that with the excess batter and popped it in th
The Woman I Most Admire
Is J.K. Rowling, an average woman with an extraordinary gift to inspire children and adults to read in this technology driven world.  Her writing has stimulated the imagination of all.   Interesting Fact: Every 30 seconds someone in the world starts to read a Harry Potter book.
Fake Of The Day 7/25/2011.
Today's fake of the day thanks to Shattered... Bad Salutes: Real pic here amoung other places: This stupid never gets old. Lol. Peace.
I Just Love This Song
Lyrics to No Halos For The Heartless : HATEBREED I see a world that's out of focus Lost and dying as we witness virtue Thrown aside Now degenerates and leeches thrive While the working mans condemned And the junkies, risen up onto a throne of lies A wretched pedestal But only fools will watch it all I have no halos for the heartless No pity for the insincere No honour for the worthless Who've done nothing in life to be revered When addicts die Their abuse fades If heroes live They face the hardest days They'll demonize the soldier And question motives to try And cheapen all their sacrifice They pay homage to those who don't deserve Praising thieves and liars The corrupt and the pariahs Decency is left to die It's completely despicable Only weak minds will deem them worthy I have no halos for the heartless No pity for the insincere No honour for the worthless Who've done nothing in life to be revered I have no halos for the heartless No pity for the insincere No honour for the worthless
Just Checking In
HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS to all my family and friends. It's been a very long summer filled with in and out of the hospital visits and spending time with Dyani and family. I wont get into the hospital trips to much, I will say a couple of surgeries and a lot complications involved. I was emotionally down and drained from it all for most of the summer but feeling better and have been trying to make the most of the time off with Dyani before she starts back to school. I am sorry I haven't stayed in touch more but I did not take my computer or phone with me to the hospital and when I was home most of the time I was not up to anything but getting rest and trying to get back to normal, or at least my version of I have missed you all and hope you all had a wonderful summer. Thank you for all of you who called, emailed, and send me love while I have been away. I can't be on as much as I would like to but will be back a little at a time. Hugs and kisses!!!!!
Dear Mr. President
                                                                  Dear Mr. President          Dear Mr. President         Do you remember 9/11?         well it's been 10 years,         and though our soldiers         caught our most wanted         yet little has been done         to calm our fears.          America was up in arms       our troops were put to the task       they were asked to do their job       'cause they are the very best.           Because of so little help        it took a little long,        but these are American soldiers        they took out the two most wanted        and they righted a wrong.          Yet our boys are still away,          and not home where they should be          even though Saddam is buried in the          hot dessert sand and Bin Laden          in the cold blue sea.          But now somethings happened         that no-one understands,         instead of coming home         our boys are now in three         sepera
                                                                   Boomerang        I listened to a voice on the phone       the most beautiful voice I ever heard       so beautiful and sweet I was captivated       by her every word.        Even though we never met       I could tell right away       if I didn't try to capture her Heart       It may just go astray.       I reached out and grabbed it,       and held it so tight       but when I tried to look at it,       it was out of sight.       I learned a lesson that day       a lesson I should already know       once you've captured the Heart of       an Angel, you never let it go.       I found out some hearts are differant,       and there's something you never see,       to truly appreciate the heart of the one you love       sometimes you have to set it free.       Letting go isn't easy,       but sometimes it's something       you have to do, the Heart is like a boomerang       and if it is meant
Pete Nuggets
I folded my clothes, but I refuse to mate my socks.  Why should my laundry get more action than I do? How bored am I at work?  Well today I looked up the difference between a Hotel and a Motel I'd like to say it was the gym that allows me to carry $100 worth of groceries all at once, but it's probably the economy.  While it seemed a good idea to do some research on my next car, finding one I really like is making it difficult not to make a move on it.     
Take 2?
I had my cardio kick boxing has evolved into total body blast 35 min of cardio, then 45 min of muscle training... Fat, out of shape girl..lordy..I was so proud of myself for lasting the whole class :D Then, I did good... I went to a relay for life.... I walked and helped man the booth for my team... I got luminaries for Reeka and Highwaysong...It felt good to see them all lit up   I have to say that I am blessed and felt truly touched watching the survivors lap and then was moved to tears as I walked after the luminaries were lit Nothing can explain that I walked 8.5 miles today Tomorrow I may not be able to move...but I feel very good about today
Not Here, But There.
I don't use this place to blog.   I don't really blog, anyway. But I'm starting to more, lately.   You can find me on tumblr. If you have half a brain, you'll guess the URL.   My filterless, honest and harshly opinioned account, however... well, that one's harder to find. If you really care to read it, ask. I might share.
Level 37 Getting Temp Family Adds
Hopefully you've read my other post and plan to level to 38 as an Angel.  If not, please read my post -  Level 37 Demons - the easiest way to level! I know some people that spend days or weeks looking for angel fam adds as they get their points. They get so frustrated that some people add them, then remove them, insisting they need the adds NOW when in fact they won't be ready to level for days, or perhaps weeks!  Relax!!  You can let people know you will need fam adds when you get your points, but don't stress, or get upset as you watch that number go up and down. Focus on the other leveling requirements. 140 Million points, Giftback from a n00b, level up 10 members, and used all 11 angel/demon abilities - then you can worry about getting the family adds you need to level. Once you have successfully completed all of the leveling requirements other than the fam adds, contact me and perhaps some of your other good friends!  If we can coordinate a time when you will be online for about
Question To Those That Read My Blogs...
If I know someone to be an outright liar...but by calling them out I hurt innocent people, do I hush or do I call them out?   Now onto my vacation...HOLY CRAP am I havin fun! Friday I landed, took a long nap then we went out....went to the gay bar and the two straight bartenders got my ass so drunk that I was hungover and missed ALL of Saturday due to pukin my toes up lol Sunday we went to see Cirque Du was freakin amazing!!! Monday, Tuesday and today we just sort of relaxed...watched a lot of Redbox movies and I drank a lot. LOL Went to see A Dolphin's Tale and it was acrually a really cute if preditcable story. During the day today I was in the pool for literally 4 hours...just having a great time. I guess my being a water sign is a literal thing eh? I could have stayed longer but Helen said it was time for dinner...I would go swim now, but with as many drinks as I have had...NOT a good idea! So how are all of you, my lovelies?
Cleaning House
I don't care for the rating game on here. I don't care how many likes I get in a day. I am here to have fun, blow off some steam, meat new people. I am not here to find the man of my dreams, cause I am certain he isn't going to be found on a website that is full of cheaters, scammers, liars and idiots with the few and far in between that may be the good gems. Those ones I find get into my family until they prove themselves stupid.   I am going to start limiting who I have in family to a much stricter standard though, and same with friends.    Friends, family and anyone that wants to be a friend will need to fall into the following: ~Blank friend requests will no longer be accepted.  ~Perverted names, disgusting status messages and beggars for things like bling will not be accepted and if they start will be deleted. ~If you can't respect that I am single and don't want to hook up with you, then you will be deleted. So don't mention meeting me, or how much you think we have in com
Frustrated, Rambling And All That...
Blue, fitting right now...   Frustrated with everything. Sick of Doctors, sick of meds, sick of every aspect of it all right now. I know a lot of these sentences may be 1/2 thoughts and crude, but I'm not going to bother going through and editing all of it. Pain is worse, my back is getting worse...yeah.   As of right now my next appointment is January 9th, too far away. Uncertain. Still no referral to a specialist or any help, hope. I don't even know if I'm going to get a refill of my prescription anytime soon... Can't it all just be over? 10 months and still nothing.   I feel like I'm losing more of myself each day...   Well, no new updates, voice of happiness or encouragement. Nothing.
Eh Fuck It!!
I sometimes feel like maybe I don't belong anywhere. I know I like joking... but sometimes I feel like people think I am a joke. I don't know, maybe I should join a bridge club or some shit and give fu a rest for a bit. 
King O' Nuthin's 'finger Moustache Contest'!!!
CONTEST Since my 'Funny Caption Contest' was a bust, Im  switching it up to a 'Finger Moustache' contest... RULES, RULES, RULES: Entry consists of one thing: A picture of yourself sporting a finger moustache! Proper Example:   This is a 'SFW' contest! Any NSFW entries will be ignored! All entries are to be placed in a folder in your pictures titled 'Finger Moustace Contest!' so I can rip them from your profile. All entries must be in your photos and available for ripping by Wednesday, Nov. 16th!
Talk To Your Children About Bullying
The devastated mother of 10-year-old Ashlynn Conner spoke up about the bullying that she says led to her daughter's suicide. Stacy Conner broke down, as she recounted how kids at school and around the neighborhood would tease the girl."They'd call her a slut," said a tearful Conner, "Ashlynn's ugly. She's fat." Conner, a single mother, says it's been going on for years. She knew her daughter was picked on, but she didn't know what to do. They had talked about the bullying before, but Conner says Ashlynn never told her things were this bad. The girl had asked to be home-schooled after coming home Thursday. When her mother said no, Ashlynn's sister found her the next day in a bedroom closet. She had hanged herself with a scarf.
Please read below.. VERY IMPORTANT!I thought I should tell you all something, in hopes that you understand why I am the way I am lately..See, last year I had three tumors on my pituitary gland which caused me to develop Cushings Disorder. One of the symptoms of this disorder is mood swings.. aka basically like being bi-polar and I am sure you have noticed that lately. when I'm up.. I really am UP. when I am down, like today I am way down. Last December, I had surgery to remove those tumors and I got a lot better when they were removed. I was happy and fun again.. rarely down. And all the other stuff went away after the surgery. I was free and clear. But last month my doctor found two more tumors. I am on medications to shrink them like I was on before inorder to remove them. That happens next month. Someone told me it might be a bad idea to tell you all this, but I thought you all should know and I really hope you understand. My mood swings have been really bad these last two weeks.. U
I Don't Get It
Yea I'm whining but whatever.Someone from here who I once considered a close friend deleted me from fu but we were still friends on fb so I sent him a message and asked why he kept me on fb but not on here and he replied with 'My Mistake *Deletes*'.I mean I know I haven't been around that much anymore but wtf!? Did I do something horrible that I'm just completely oblvious to or something? 
That Damn Curious Cat.
I am waiting for my test to begin and thought I would blog to get my mind off of things. This is what I don't understand, so feel free to let me know why. Why do men and women bling people with no salutes. I have seen profiles on here mainly women ( since I love women ) that have been on here for 3 years or more that can upload pictures of who they say they are, but can not upload a salute. Is that not a camera they are using to take such said picture? Do they offer you phone sex or something. Are you that desperate to get a nut off or for conversation that it doesn't matter what or who they really are? I understand people with self low esteem, but what I can not figure out is why you feed into it making them think they can do you this . A little word of advice THEY ARE USING YOU . You have the bling whores on here, God knows I have been called one among others things but at least you know who you are buying for. Right? I am not all that with a bag of chips and I am no model and
Rebirth, Countdown Start Now
this has had to be some of the best days off i have had in a long while.   wednesday the dr is ohilly called and we did a consult for about an hour and we discussed the surgery and i am really excited about this i got more info than i had and she seems ready to go. so all i have to do is get her my insurance info, the 2 letters from the therapists and set a date :D   thursday. went to therapy and was givin both letters and my dr actually says to me that this was easy he has never for a second doubted my gender identity nor has it been any issue i am well ahead of anybody he has ever seen and my issues that need work have nothing to do with it so its time for surgey and time to work on the other issues that are holding me back.   im excited and a little nervous no lie, we ahve decided to try to do the surgery on my 40 th birthday april 17. only seems fitting to be reborn on the day of my real birth.   i should be able to have the money by then without any help. but i also tried
Happy New Years Toast
New Years Comments Graphics - Comments The Gift of a New Year Here’s to the year that’s almost past its expiration date—2011 We all had some surprises, didn’t we? Some good, some distressing. Let’s use everything we got from our experiences, everything we learned, to enrich the new year. Here’s to the new year,2012 a gift we haven’t opened yet. May its bright, shiny package contain even more than we hope for. And even while we’re delighting in new treasures, let’s appreciate fully what we already have— the blessings we take for granted. Make a list, and check it twice. And here’s to all you wonderful people (wave glass around to encompass the whole group) who are putting up with my toast; I hope in the new year you see yourselves the way I see you: intelligent, interesting, and likable. (Raise glass) To 2012 May it give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "the good life." Redneck Graphics - Comments
your words are nothing But poisonous lies Your eloquence enraptures me Your words enthrall thy soul Frequently you poison my mind, my body And my soul. Your aura is intolerable Your presence is shameful Thou reminds me of an odious palfrey You act if you are my prodigy With thy masked removed You’re nothing but thy fool. With one hand you hold a scythe And the other sword. A sacrifice for the sinner, a deep Torturing sense of guilt. Feeling sorrow and revenge You fall from grace Depraved of soul Resistant’s is weak. My little sinister how you bring harm Evil and misfortune Sulking around the shadows Grasping your evil deeds in your hands You fall deeper and deeper Becoming translucent and undeterred You've become unearthly Thriving in sin An insatiable, unsubdued thirst for pain On the verge of death You stumble into my court. I stand and watch as you wither into agony I step down and whisper into your ear As you slowly fade "I Always Loved You".
Away For Awhile Again!!
This is for all my Fubar Family & Friend's:I have made a decision to go to Trucking School again,yes if you did not know I used to drive 18 wheeler's  14 yrs. ago..So I am going again for 3 weeks and on the road I go,I will not be on Fubar at that time,Please don't forget me because I will be back..sooner or all of you...Wish me luck!..As some of you know I am Lora and if ya don't it's Crazy Azz Texas Woman AKA Texas Willow
Thank You
Two very simple little words that brought tears to my eyes! Why would those two words bring me to tears? Because they were said by one of the many people I respect and pray for each night. His a member of the finest group of people this country has, OUR MILITARY. He said it because I used my voice to recognize him and all those like him that chose to put on the uniform and protect this country. They chose to protect you and me, people they don't even know, so that we can sleep in peace. So that people like me have the freedoms like being able to use our voice, and all those others that we take for granted everyday. Those two words meant the world to me. Imagine what those same two simple words mean to them.The ones that will look you in the eye and say "I'm just doing my job", when we all know they are doing so much more. When was the last time you stopped one of this country's HEROs, past or present and said those two very simple but powerful little words? To al
I originally intended my Facebook account to exist primarily for 'real world' friends, family, work colleagues, school friends etc. Not as a judgement on internet based buddies, but just as a privacy thing regarding photos and that of my friends I might post that they might choose not to have circulated too widely, plus the fact that I have younger nieces and nephews on my friends list that I didn't neccessarily want exposed to stuff posted on my wall like "YO KINS, WHAT THE FUCK YOU UP, HOW'S IT FUCKING HANGING??" and all that. When my Fubar activity went on the wane, I relaxed that, and started adding online friends to my facebook. In a recent change in policy, I have, you may have noticed, reversed that decision. Again. There you go. Not significant of anything, I've just slimmed down the old Facebook. If anyone fancies being all weird about it, that choice is yours, naturally. But don't.
Room Mates
Ok, so I'm having to live with my friends brother and his pregnant girlfriend at the moment. Don't want to, just have to right now. Anyway, to the point. Can I kill her, pretty please? I've never in my life met such a waste of breath. Everytime she opens her mouth I want to punch her in the face repeatedly. In case you think I'm being unreasonable, let me explain a little as to why, and as best I can. He's 21, she's 19, they're both lazy bastards. Go for weeks at a time not washing up, or cleaning anything, or takeing out trash. They leave dirty dishes with food left on them all over the floor, there are cups and glasses literally everywhere. Cat litter tray hasn't been emptied for at least a month. Neither works, he's too lazy to look, she used pregnancy as an excuse not to 'cause she just doesn't want to. She talks at him, never too him, she screams at him from about an inch away like he wouldn't be able to hear her somehow, constantly complaining about something or ordering him t
A Dusty Heart
                                                                    A  Dusty  Heart            Woke up one mornin'      all by myself      Picked up an old picture      from a dusty shelf.          Who were those people       looking back at me?,       what could have been       was just not meant to be.           Whatever happened        came from out of the blue,        now I'm standing here        but it's without you.           My heart is breaking        my life is a mess        can we work things out?        it's anyones guess.           What should have been        just wasn't to be,        but I'll be thinking of you        will you be thinking of me ?           Who's at fault?,           Who's to blame?,           doesn't really matter           'cause in the end             it's all the same.           Dusted off that picture,        Dusted off that shelf,        just another lonely night         all by myself.           
I Deserve Better
                                                                   I Deserve Better          You said, " My Heart Bleeds For You"    but that was just a lie,    because you tore my Heart to pieces    and left it out to dry.         How did things end up this way?,      that's something I'd like to know,      when I gave you all my love      why didn't you let yours show?          My Heart isn't something to play with,       My Heart is not a toy,       How could the sound of my breaking heart       bring you so much joy?          How could you play with my heart?,       How could you ever hurt me?,       if you didn't mean it        when you said you loved me,       why didn't you just let me be?          I've decided to walk away from it all,       'cause I've come to one conclusion       why should I give you all my love       when your love for me        was just an illusion.
Talk: Get It While It's Cheap
    Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with the site.  So many times, I get my feelings hurt because everyone here seems so friggin' fickle...well, almost everyone.     I have come to realize that there is nothing real here...except for the money.  I have been completely real from day one.  Real pictures, real feelings, real emotions...REAL!  I am clearly in the minority.  Most of the time, the words and actions of others do not match up here.     **NEWS FLASH** Talk is cheap, people!!  If you can't back up your words with actions, then save your breath, because I have heard enough meaningless talk.   There are a very small few of you, and the number seems to be dwindling, that keep me here. I would say that you know who you are, but the sad truth of it is, the cheap talkers probably think they are on that list.  Therein lies the issue.     At the end of the day, it's my fault, I suppose.  I make the mistake, almost daily, of believing what people tell me and that feelings
Dog of Mine,  Thank you for spending 2 hours outside then coming back in and wanting to go back out 10 minutes later when I have finally closed my eyes to try to get some sleep. For the record, you will not catch that squirrel you saw out the window. Free dog anyone? Thanks, Me
So...i Feel Like I Should Say This...
You know, it really is unfortunate that I have to post this, but I feel like a broken record when I privately chat with some of you guys. Usually our FIRST chat goes something like this: "Hey Babe (Hottie, Sexy, or Girl; not Danni), Where ya from? Wish you were from -insert locale of male acquaintance- or "closer to me". I get that I post extremely sexual content on my page and have some extremely provocative poses and whatever, but being an exhibitionist is most certainly different than being an effing slut. I may get off on posting my ass online for you to jerk off to, but that is mostly for my enjoyment, not because I want to please any of you and I most certainly would not even consider in the slightest actually meeting you outside of this site. It may sound very contradictive for a girl who posts pics of herself spreading her cheeks for complete strangers to say she's not a slut, but hey, like I said, it's for my enjoyment, not welcome, gentlemen to the new millenium!
Zero Respect For These People!!
I am a very open minded person...I do not judge people..strictly because..who the hell am I to judge anyone....I questioned the way I did things a while back..I won't go into details.but sometime ago..I met a person here..and we got serious...talked to each other work at home...chatted while I worked..this went on for almost a year.and I can honestly say that within that time..he didn't change one bit...he was never anything but sweet to me....sweet to my daughter...nice and respectful to my co-workers...and I finally thought it was safe to go see him...make that trip...but I was text message changed everything....and when I got back home...I deleted everything of mine..and was so distraught that I quit my job..because  was ashamed of what happened to me....thinking it was my fault...I started questioning the things I did....I thought..maybe if I hadn't posted the things I did..he wouldn't of done what he did...but that was the wrong way to look at i
Blah Blah Blah
I have observed A LOT of different things since I joined this site. A lot of drama, a lot of shit talking and a lot of bruised and battered egos. But I see a lot of bitching more than anything else. "WAH WAH WAH" People change, constantly. That's just human nature. This place and what people do here will NEVER change though. Its the way its set up to function. When all you can do is bitch about who's begging for bling, who is showing their naughty bits to get it and who is spending money on everyone else but you...why are YOU here? DELETE ALREADY. Spare us all your boo-hooing, please. Its tiring. Nothing will change here, ever. No matter who deletes, there will be a new one the next day. End of story. So please, for all of us that enjoy this site still, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Happenings And Goings On
Bored and getting up early but don't really want to sleep yet.   Off to hopefully get help rehousing myself in the morning, as I now have to leave where I am before this coming sunday. Trying to think positive but it's not always easy. It's kind of my fault in a way. As much as I don't generally like the two people I've been living with, I'd gotten a bit comfartable and neglected trying to maybe get this sorted out sooner. Though who knows, maybe the urgency will now work in my favour. And living around these guys, I have to wonder if most families gossip about each other as they do. These two are always bitching about his twin sister and vice versa. I'm a little guilty too, but living with them can be a serious chore sometimes.   Eh, enough from me. Nothing else to really say anyway I suppose.
A New Beginning...
Today starts a new beginning for me.  I was terminated from my job, it is the first time I have ever been terminated.  I worked there for just shy of 4 years and it sucked the life right out of me.  I stayed for necessity; I think this might be a sign of good things to come.  I am eager to start my search for a new career, something I will enjoy once again and prosper doing so.  Aside from being kicked to the proverbial curb, I did receive an outstanding letter of recommendation.  Yeah..this is my outpost 
Even I Can Change Lol
So maybe you have noticed, or maybe you haven't, that a lot of my statuses lately have been fitness oriented. Needless to say I have become a little bit obsessed. But wait! There's a reason.   As many of you know, I spent from December of '09 until my surgery in July of '11 enduring rather nasty shoulder/arm pain due to a bone spur tearing up my rotator cuff. It only lasted so long because it took so long to find thanks to a few inept doctors who insisted it was my neck causing all my symptoms. But that is a whole other rant (see previous entries in Rants lol).   So finally this year I am able to get back into a regular fitness routine, and boy have I dug in with both feet and gone after it. Istarted withe a fitness program called Les Mills Pump. It uses light weights but tons of repetions. I chose it as a rehab program for my shoulder plus a way to start building back my endurance. I'll tell you what, people, the programs is a lot more challenging than it may look at first and it
Stranger Danger
I finally got to witness first hand some of the stupidity on here. Matt Haigwood: dude she is a scum you are talking too To Matt Haigwood: who? Matt Haigwood: ariesgoddess. she is a whore liar. she got me n my buddy. watck urself To Matt Haigwood: got no idea who you are talking about Matt Haigwood: you were just talking to ariesgoddess To Matt Haigwood: Oh, just figured who it is. I simply commented in her mumm Matt Haigwood: yea thats how she gets ya. she did it to us Did what? Are people that stupid that they think they should give stuff to point hoars and get something in return? BTW....I need one credit! =^P
A few weeks ago I decided that I was finally decided to get a Wii Fit. I know, I know....I'm a little slow at these things. But the thing is, I got it. I have a few friends that have it and I've heard them talk about it and how it was harder than they thought. I had no idea how right they were. I always knew that my balance was off. I just didn't know it was THAT off balance. My center is way off and I have come to the conclusion that my balance sucks! Good thing that section of the games are my favorite and I'll be able to work on that. The arobics section is fun. I think my favorite exercise is the hula hoop. What's weird about that is that I can NOT hula hoop in real life, but I can kick ass at it on that thing. Tonight I got over 200 spins in a minute =] Believe it or not, the running is actually difficult. I mean the whole running thing isn't hard, but you can't pass the person leading you and they keep slowing down and speeding up. Ugh, it's more annoying than hard....but it w
Liquor Weather.
You ever feel like pushing someone in front of a train?You could rationalize, you could weigh, you could gauge and you could measure.You could make a tiny list of pros and cons.Why and why not.Or you could make a simple gesture and have your answer.I don't remember how this day started.I don't know if I slept in these clothes.I don't remember the last thing I ate.I don't remember how I got here.My hands are chewed.Raw, scabby and bleeding.I'm aware of an orchestra of smell.Iron. Gasoline. Ejaculation. Cigarettes.The hurt. The annoyed. The futile.Coffee can fix this.Coffee and jailbait in daisy dukes.Coffee and whiskey, and jailbait in daisy dukes can fix this.I was fit to drive.But the sun cut into my brain like a sharpened screwdriver.Cheap.Improvised.Fucking scareball.Anyone I know?Quiet.Mercifully.Counter's clean.Jailbait's sweeping.How fucking late did I get here?She starts with a smile.It kinda bobsand follows.I'm struck.As alwaysfrom the line her thin lipsalmond eyesand sharp che
She Gets So Pissed At Me For The Littlest Of Things...
110% true...bring bring bring (last night about 9ish pm)..Caller: Hey baby...Me: hey hun...Caller: You coming home soon i feel frisky...Me: Ya in a lil bit, i really wanna butt phuck you tonight...Caller: OMFG get home now that turned me on you never ask for that...Me: Damn I wish you did not call the wrong number...Mrs.Fapp: Slaps me in the head for being a rude idiot on the phone......
Why Eyes Are The Most Beautiful Part Of A Girl ??
Why eyes are the most beautiful part of a girl ?? ... ... She says "I don't love you !" Her eyes say "I am crazy for you !" ... She says "I am happy without you !" Her eyes say "I am no where without you !" She says "She has many to take care of her!" Her eyes say "No one cares as you do !" She says "All my friends are like you !" Her eyes says " But you stand unique among them !" She says "To hold some one's else hand !" Her eyes say "Never leave me !" She says "Don't hold me !" Her eyes say " Let me just hold you !" She says "Don't touch me !" Her eyes say "Don't follow my words !" She says "Wait for now !" Her eyes say "Let's fall in for each other !" She says "I am confused !" Her eyes say "I just Love you !" .. That's why eyes are the most b'ful part of a girl..
cant think of anything to just here checking out my balog!
A Few Simple Rules
Okay, I have set up a few new rules for this site and everyone on it... 1. I will NOT readd people anymore.. Once you take me off your friends' list.. Do NOT ask to be readded... You won't be accepted... since    you didn't talk to me in the first place. A few have added and readded me several time. Not gonna happen again...It's your loss for removing me...2. I will not be repoking anyone that doesn't talk to me.. it's a waste of MY time..3.  Do NOT ask me to add you to my family, rate your pictures, comment, help you level, like you....or anything else for that matters when you haven't spoken to me in over a year.  4, Just DON'T even bother.......UNDERSTAND?!!These rules will be upheld and adhered to. If this means you... toooooo BAD! See ya!  *insert a cute innocent smile here* Have a great day.
My Eyesight
Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you that I am having an extreme problem with my eyes these days.This is why I have not been on fu for a few days and why I won't be here alot for awhile.The eye specialist that I have doesn't know what else to do so they are sending me to Wilmer Eye Institute to see if they can help me. Wilmer is a great place(the greatest anywhere) and hopefully they can help me!For those of you who don't know this I spent a year being blind about 10 years ago. Wilmer helped get my eyesight back for me and I sure hope they can do it agian.I am telling you all this now while I can still see some. My eyesight is diminishing quickly and I don't know how much longer I will be able to see to type.I want you all to know how much you mean to me and how much I am missing you already. Some days I can see enough to type and some days not.My specialist here says I am not eligble for cornea transplants but I am hoping Wilmer will see it differently.I will be here when I can.Hopefully
The "impossible" Cherry Inferno...
119 folders bombed in 60 minutes.  0.25 second margin of error/bomb.  Impossible?  No, I've done it 4 times already.  Difficult?  Hell yes.  Here are some of the lessons I've learned in my attempts -  Preparation  - First, DO NOT try to use Internet Explorer.  You will fail.  I've used Google Chrome with great success.  - Second, Go into "My Settings" on your Fubar page.  Turn off chat, turn off pokes, and turn on the ignore skins function.  All of these will speed your computer's ability to process commands.  - Third, if you want flip through each of the Top 120 profiles and assure 2 things - 1) that there profile is set to public OR you are friends with them  and 2) That their default photo album actually has pics in it.  Valuable time can be saved with some accurate notes of which profiles to skip because of #1 or #2.  - Fourth, close every possible program on your computer.  - Fifth, close all possible tabs in your browser except for Fubar, of course.  - Sixth, clear your ca
Stuff And Whatnot.
Not done one of these for a while so just a quick update.   Still sleeping on a sofa, still looking for a proper job.Got a tax refund, thought I had a job, things were looking up, but not completely for long. Have to actually apply for the job now rather than it being a sure thing, though I still may get lucky.   Trying not to spend that money so I can use it to pay a deposit on a flat or flat share of my own in the near future once I get some regular income coming.    Looking forward to the olympics, should still be stewarding there as long as I'm processed by the employers on time.   Have a new Samsung Galaxy mini, what I'm using to get online.   Other than that, things are kinda dull. At least I have a vague internet connection to stave off a little boredom now.
I Asked Him To...
STaNtHeHol...: get a fukin life level 50 troll and fumarried your a joke 10:52pm Per: Why don't you keep it in your "MuMM"? You are exactly like I said..a whiny ass bitch. 10:53pm Per: Why don't you grow a set of balls and be a man? It's the fucking internet..get over it. 10:54pm STaNtHeHol...: you self gratify your esteem problems by troling your useless 10:55pm Per: my useless what? 10:55pm Per: and I'm calling it exactly like I see it. You're not man enough to take what people say. You make a PUBLIC MuMM and then bitch about what people I said. Grow a set and man up or get the fuck off this ADULT site. 10:57pm STaNtHeHol...: truth hurts huh night after night of self gratification and buying popularity through levels and your still the same low self esteem person 10:58pm Per: lmfao..I'm on this site for 2 nights a week. I have a real life. I think you are the one with nothing better to do than sit here a
[that "now What" Moment]
You ever go out somewhere and just feel.. assy?That was tonight.People blew me off, and I just felt strange and floaty, kinda disconnected from the whole thing. Even the people I knew, I just feltfar FAR off my game.I guess I should back up a tickat the repeated insistance of close friends I went to a "screamo house show" tonight.Screamo is not my thing.Peopleare not my thingbut a few of those people are.I brought a 12 pack, had a couple, and just never really settled in. I guess I do better when there's opportunities to -talk- about things, not just music.Loud music.Loud music that I know nothing about.So I fumbled a bitand I went in with a stomach ache (not a great plan) but there were about 30 people at the placeand two bathroomsand I was walked in on.Faster than I could say "occupado"it was not a standup meet and greet if you catch my drift....I was dropping the browns off at the superbowl. Mortifying.Could've been worse, so I blew it off.Had another beer, a couple more bands playe
At The Crossroads
I have mentioned this a few times in my status messages.  I am at the "Crossroads" in my life.  I kept hoping the ghost of Robert Johnson would give me guidance.  But that has not happened.  I grew up in a very rural area in a small town.  The old guys used to have a saying:  'You gotta fish or cut bait.'  Well I never really understood what that meant.  But I realize that I am at the point that I must decide if I am going to fish or cut bait, so to speak.   I have some challenges ahead right now.  And I must leave fubar and tackle the problems that lie ahead.  I am not saying I will never come back to fubar.  But I do promise that if I do come back to fubar, my relationship status will be listed definatively.  It will not be the ambiguous 'it's complicated'.  I want to stress, my decision is because of me.  No one has offended me or hurt me in any way. So my profile will be active until my VIP runs out.  If you wish to remain in touch with me, send me a private message.     
So my ex is suing me for "personal injury". I looked it up, to be exactly sure what it would include. Defamation of Character is one of those things. He said he was going to sue the day he got the modification paper of me filing for full custody. In those papers I stated nothing but the truth and I had to list some of his new wife's issues.   Is this really defamation of character? It's not like I've broadcast them in public, it's in court papers. I don't really get it.   He's meeting with his lawyer today. Ugh.
4 Years Ago
Looking back now, I understand more about the human spirit, about family, and about myself. But four years ago all I could only think of two things - surviving, and how grateful I was for another day on Earth.   Four years ago on this day I had my first real meal in weeks. It was greasy and lacked flavor, but it filled my belly. But more importantly it took a huge weight off my mind, because for months I had wondered how to get to sleep at night with a very empty stomach. When I lay down that night I knew hunger was one item off my list and I could concentrate on other things. But more importantly now, I think, I learned a lot.   In the months before I had access to food again, things happened to me that I chalked up to my string of bad luck. Weeks went by as I emptied out my pantry. I would look at a quart jar of beans someone had canned for me 10 years before and think, 'Ten years? Is it safe to eat that?', but I had no choice. I could make a quart jar of beans last
*** Now See, This Is Why I Keep To Myself!!...
Her: Well??...Arent you gonna say somethin? Im WAITING.... Me: Wait-WHOAAA!!! you betta CHECK that attitude ....and why every time theres a situation, I always gotta be the first one to speak up?!? Ain nothin got YOUR mouth glued shut.. Her: Cause YOUR sposed to be the "man" in all this!! Me: SERIOUSLY??? That ain got NOTHIN to do with the price of rice in China, OR the famine in Tibet!! And besides, YOUR the one with the mouth big enough t'park a Rev in!!....."WOMAN!!" So flap them gums like you ALWAYS do an speak YOUR peace!!....cause IMMMM waiting!! Her: Know what? your IMPOSSIBLE!!! Me: NO! YOUR impossible. Every time I speak first, everything automatically gets taken out of context while YOU sit back in the safety of the shadows and leave ME lookin stupid. Her: REALLY?? every time I speak up, you mock me like its all a frickin joke. When theres a serious problem, you make ME out to be the villain, and honestly, Im sick of IT, and GETTIN sick of YOU!! ME:Know what?! you want
Friendships And Love
I posted a new blog this morning. Its truly what I have learned and come to believe. I had a wonderful person question what a new friendship or relationship can be. I want to share the importance of this. We all think we know who will or could be our friends. Or lovers! True we can't pic who we love. Any more than we can determine who our children will be. To us or us to them. We try. But this is why it is imposable to know before we meet them or determine what it will be before it is. We prejudge so many people. What they will be to us what we will be to them is yet to be known.   Some friends will always know each other and have before they met. They live for that moment they need each other. Every relationship has its own birth. Has all the new elements of life. There for all prior understanding of oneself and what they would do for this friend, this relationship has its own birth right. The journey begins here.  By pj
Getting Everything Together For My Upcoming Auction
I still have not yet set a date for the beginning of my auction but I need a few guys to enter if possible or else folks will think it's a female only auction, which it is NOT, or at least not meant to be; but NO guys have even asked so it looks like DMAN will have to represent for all the fellas who don't think they can be in an auction LMAO!! Yes, I will be in my auction so if ya really wanna try to fu own me this will be your chance! I want more entries from any and everyone interested and I am thinking I may start the auction around October 8th which is a Monday, just to give me some time to get everything in order as well as a few more people willing to be auctioned for one month, just one month of fu ownership!! I have around uhhhh 8 or nine interested parties so far but I would like plenty more so here is my latest update. There will not be ANY entry fee in DMAN's auction, repeat there will be NO entry fee to be in my auction for males or females!!!!!!! So if that was stopping y
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THIS is DRAGONLADY,my son (chris)moved his pot slinging busnes and all of his guns  knowing I'M a convicted felon.And when I told him they had to go he has totally disowned me for doing so.I had to go to the E.Rfor my liver trouble,they said I need to see my liver doc at DUKE LIVER TRANSPLANT CLINIC,A.S.A.P.I tried to call cus I needed him and because I wouldn't let him do the drug selling and guns ,he won't let me see my g/bbys and won't even be here rt now or even tlk to me.AM I  in the wrong.I REALY need some input rt now pls .LOVE TO ALLLL MY FU FAMILY,PLS  gv me ur input.THANK-YOU AND GOD BLESS.                                                                                                       
Sensitive People..geesh
Fake Of The Day - 10/9/2012
Hey kids, been awhile. But the fakes never stop. Here is today's fake of the day: Wet * Wild: The real girl is Denise Milani, but upon further review... Most of these pictures in this album aren't even of the same model/porn girl/slut/bar promo girl, etc... Not only is this fake stupid, but hey, it's cheap, only 1 credit for NSFW. I guess for every 100 morons it gets a God Mode to charge 5 credits for fam adds for, then keep it up while transferring the credits to whoever its' real account is. Nice scam. Too bad it's busted. Peace.
Thank God!!!!!
It's been a long time since I've been this excited for anything. As many of you know, for the past two and a half months I have been in severe pain. I've went to the hospital and to a branch from the hospital with no help. The only thing they said was that it was my Sciatic Nerve. They did give me pain medication, but it did NOT help. The only thing that would ease the pain was Ibuprofen. I know that there is a limit to how much of that you can take before it starts damaging your liver. I called a local chiropractor and FINALLY got one that would take me without insurance. The woman was so nice to me. She worked around MY schedule and pain. I go in today at 2:00. I can't wait!!! Granted it's going to cost me around 80 bucks and I only have 50 right now, but she said I could fill out a "financial hardship" paper and if I'm approved, the cost would be cut in half. So I'm hoping that will work. If not....I'll owe them about 30-40 bucks. Hopefully they will still see me.   I can NOT wa
Wednedsday Save The Tatas Contest!!
A message from our sponsor (Tsmooth) Before I tell you exactly what contest we will be holding Wednedsday I just would like to say breast cancer awareness month is a huge deal for me because 2 very close people to me both passed away from breast cancer. Both my grandmother on my mother and fathers side of the family.  This is something I have always donated to (breast cancer awareness fund) and I had been trying to figure out how could I somehow tie in what we do in Orgy After Hours to this very important month. So I came up with this idea. This Wednedsday 10/24, we will have a show us your tatas contest. Now how will this tie into breast cancer awareness month you ask? I will be giving away random save the tatas bling.   In case you do not know 1$ of everyone of these blings goes towards breast cancer awareness funds.  Now what will really make this contest/event special is that for every person that is in the lounge at our peak during the contest I will also donate 1$ to brea
The Razor's Edge
The Razor's Edge The shadow world of Perilous Gard.The setting is almost medieval in the tone. Velvet tapestries line the walls, of mythological beasts and beautiful men and women under their dominion. Stone gargoyles gaze sightlessly at the revelers, certain in their power to terrify. Discordant chants, sinful madrigals echo the seductive screams of the damned. People move as if wraiths;the silks, satins and velvets of exquisite gowns amongst the wind. Crystal goblets tinkle, filled with vintages rare and precious. The food is a delight even for the most discriminating of tastes. Those considered Masters and Mistresses of Perilous Gard are highly sought. They are at the very hight of their decadence, moral only when it suits their purposes. Unlike many of their kind who see a slave only in terms of a willing body to be used or discarded at whim, they tend to form lasting attachments to their slaves-many of the slaves at Perilous Gard bear the mark of ownership, either brands or rings
The Perfect Pussy?
Women often have that desire to compare things with their girlfriends... whether it's the inside of her shoe closet or how much money they spent on their last haircut.So when it comes down to the glorious pussy, women want to know how they measure up. A quick scan of skin magazines and porn typically tells us that it should be either smooth and hairless or have a short, neat landing strip. The lips should be symmetrical, trim and neat. The colour should be a lovely flushed pink. And the scent (according to some douching products) should be akin to a lovely island breeze. Well now we find out that pussy is supposed to taste like mint!In the quest to achieve these standards, women go to many lengths ranging from a brazilian wax all the way up to labiaplasty to reduce a floppy or irregular vulva. Now, those crafty marketing gurus are taking it a step further by exploiting female insecurity and selling us more ideas on things we need to do in order to become a front-runner in the pussy com
Green Tummies
It really annoys me when an adult calls their stomach their "tummy". Okay, not so much when they are talking to a baby, but yeah. Why do adults, while talking to other adults, say tummy? Do they think it's cute? I just don't get it. Why is it now that I don't need drinks from green newbies, I get them by the shit load? I get so many a day it's quite pathetic. That's all.
A Real Man
Today one of my friend's status messages read, "A real man doesn't love a million women, he loves one woman a million ways."  I totally understand the sentiment of her message, but I'd like to offer my own thoughts on the issue.  For me what makes a man a real man isn't whether he has one woman or a million but rather how each woman feels when she is with him.  Does she feel like she is the most important, beautiful, and amazing woman in the world?  Does she feel like when he is with him that she has his full attention and she is the only thing that matters to him?  Does she know that she can trust him with her inner most thoughts, fears, and emotions and be completely vulnerable with him emotionally, physically, and sexually?  If this is true, then does it matter whether she's the only woman in his life or not?  A real man loves the women in his life - whether one or a hundred - and treats them each as unique and special and important and valuable.
Whats Ur Oppinion Of Thinck Womanorskynny
♥Welll i would like to know how manny guys like thick woman and how manny like skynny girls ? reason for asking
Day 3
MF french vanilla shake with coffee  MF peach oatmeal MF Mac and Cheese MF Mint Chocolate Softserve stuff... only half of it though.. it was too much... Tuna steak and a little Cod... with about a cup of cucumbers     today I am so hungry i wanna cry.... im chewing gum like a madwoman...  my head hurts... and i want toast.. with my sister's organic apple pear jam....  
Black List Of Unfair People On Fubar.
BLOCKERS. Some people simply like to block other people without explaining why. Usually because they are greedy, selfish, jelous, confused, playing unfair and I don't know why.    IF YOU ARE NEW HERE, READ THIS !!! Reasons for blocking is usually polishing, talking to some conceited ladies (especially if you have not good English - like I have), you are from wrong country, ..... and usually simple you have no idea for what you are blocked.   On next List of blockers are mainly my blockers, who about I know they are blocking more people. I will add somebody else only if more then 5 people write same name. You can write about your blockers and your experiences with blockers on comments here. Please don't use rude words. Keep this like information, not like revenge. BLACK LIST OF BLOCKERS. (.. it mean, be specially carefull when you do something about these users:)
Come One And All And See The Broken Man, Talking To Himself
How was the Stone Sour show? Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, let me give you seven. Click for the full sized   Besides the fact that I had to stand outside in the cold for an hour in the Will Call line, and I missed the opening band Otherwise, whom I actually really like, the show when quite awesomely. I have a video if you are interested in seeing it, live performance of "Say you'll haunt me" I wish they had played more of the old stuff, but I understand Corey is super jazzed about the new double CD and wants to sell that a bit, but still, Bother & Inhale are the songs that made me a fan, and thats what I wanna hear.       
Hey Answer Me
    older message >> reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete from: ammkk1360 United States subject: hi received: 01/30/2013 01:46 am replied: no   block this member i want to be relation with you if possible? report spam ammkk1360 is only 4,484 points from leveling up. Help out and give a Bling! reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete    
The Fake Online User Bar Count For Saturday 2/16/13 A.m.
So when I was actually here for a bit Saturday morning, I decided to see what kind of list of non saluted and/or fake profiles that were scrolling along the top of the online user bar. This is what I came up with: from porn site : That is startling th
Health Update .. 2 / 20 / 2013
Well Here Goes ... Right Before Christmas I Went To A Christmas Party And Within A Hour Of Being There I Had A Minor Heart Attack... Went To See My Cardiologist.Yesterday ( 2/19/2013 ) And To Make A Long Story Short Since This Is The 2nd One In A Bit More Than A Year .. He And My Other 2 Doctors Have Decided That It Would Be Best For To Have A Angioplasty Done Next Monday ( 2/ 25/2013 ) ... I Will Go In For A Pre Op On Friday ( 2/ 22 / 2013 ) Come Home And Than Go Back On Monday Morning For The Procedure  And Should Be Able To Come Home Later That Day... So For Who Ever Reads This Thank You Tom .. Love You All  ... Below Is What They Will Do If You Don't Know What A  Angioplasty Is ...                                    First, a cardiac catheterization is performed as part of angioplasty. You will receive medication for relaxation, and then the doctor will numb the site where the catheter will be inserted with local anesthesia.Next, a sheath (a thin plastic tube) is inserted into an ar
Catfish Of The Day, 2/21/2013.. Fresh Catch...
Here's today's fresh Catfish: Check out the Hotness... Check out the Salute: From hot blonde white female to black male. All in the name of points. Ever wonder what's under that skirt? Peace.
To zoeygirl: nice tits, whorebag zoeygirl: I am not a whore u jerk To zoeygirl: tell that to your poor mom zoeygirl: F u u pice of sh@@ To zoeygirl: na nana boo boo zoeygirl: Awww I see why u said that ur fat & ugly zoeygirl: Awww I am sorry fatty u have a complex zoeygirl: At least I am not fat !!! & I have a body & would not give u the time of day later ur a wast of my time talking to u To zoeygirl: tsk tsk so judgemental To zoeygirl: i love how peoples true colors show after you insult them...thanks for confirming you're a cunt zoeygirl: I don't care what the fu** u say about my mom I don't known her & my dad is dead so I don't care u stupid ass To zoeygirl: did he die of shame after he saw your fubar profile? zoeygirl: Oh wow !!! Ur the reason I hate guys because there r none of u who are worth a dam To zoeygirl: you're a dyke? oh how rich lol
It's funny, outside of the usual 5 women who are already on my friend list I can go for months without anyone new checking me out. I always assumed it was just cuz I lie low so my profile must just not be in view of general traffic but today I put up a status "like me if you want me to empty my ball sack in that disease infested gutter between your legs" and low and behold some dude pops up.... ·new drink: Shot of Tequila with 10% buzz from SlakaVeli received 1 hr ago ·SlakaVeli likes you +633 points 1 hr ago ·SlakaVeli became your fan +21 points 1 hr ago ·new friend request from 'SlakaVeli' received 1 hr ago ·SlakaVeli rated you a '10' +11 points 1 hr ago ·SlakaVeli just checked you out Such exuberance got me thinking. Clearly my profile is viewable to the general population IF anyone bothered to actually click on it. So why is it women are so uninterested in even clicking on my profile? They just don't. Even when I piss some cunt off it's clear by he
Anger Management
I was at the store, getting ready to pull into a parking spot. Some bitch in a black BMW cut me off and pulled into the spot I had patiently waited for. I hit the horn and yelled that I'd been waiting for that spot, but the idiot ignored me. I noticed a 'For Sale' sign in his back window, so I wrote down the number. A couple of days later, right after calling the first cunt(I had her number on speed dial), I thought that I'd better call the BMW cunt too. I said, 'Is this the lady with the black BMW for sale?' She said, 'Yes, it is.' I asked, 'Can you tell me where I can see it?' Shee said, 'Yes, I live at 34 Oaktree Blvd, in Fairfax . It's a yellow rambler, and the car's parked right out in front.' I asked, 'What's your name?' She said, 'My name is Daisy Hansen.' I asked, 'When's a good time to catch you, Daisy?' She said, 'I'm home every evening after five. I said, 'Listen, Daisy, can I tell you something?' She said, 'Yes?' I said, 'Daisy, you're a cunt!'Then I hung up, and added her
Nobody Special
I do not deserve friends after what I did. I do not deserve respect after what I said. I do not deserve love for being so stupid. I am not good looking to anyone. I am looked at as a pest. I am not wanted anywhere I go. I have brought this all on myself because I am the one to blame for my own mistakes. I have tried to say I am sorry for making my mistakes. I am not even listened to at all now. I have lost a close friend because I was a jerk. I do not know what to do anymore. I am just nobody special.
Make That Im An Ass...
j is a horses ass
A Strange Convo
"She" didn't rate or check me out.   Sexy lover Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Regular (12) Gender: Female, ? Location:     4:49pm Sexy lover: hello 4:59pm Slutty J: hi 5:01pm Sexy lover: i like your name  5:01pm Slutty J: thank you 5:02pm
Sometimes, It Takes A Lifetime Or Two...
She awakens from her slumber and instantly knows something isn't right.  Not bad, just not right.  Looking around, everything appears the same, but different somehow.  It's as if every object has taken on a new, more vivid shade.  She sits on the edge of her bed, trying to remember anything from her dreams that may have brought on such a strange feeling, but comes up with only a blank canvas.  She wonders if she even dreamt at all...these days they seem to escape her.    Trying to push the feeling of awkwardness from her mind, she crawls out of bed and slips on a pair of jeans.  As she glances in the mirror, she notices that she, too, seems different.  Brighter, stronger, anchored with a deeper sense of calm that she has never seen in her blue eyes.  Her soul is screaming from inside, and although she cannot hear the thoughts it's trying to convey, she can feel it.  She stands in awe of the image staring back at her.  She has never seen herself in this light.  There is no fear weighin
some perspective, if you will, on the zimmerman verdict. Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots May 12, 2012, 10:32 AM (CBS News) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Florida woman who fired warning shots against her allegedly abusive husband has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville had said the state's "Stand Your Ground" law should apply to her because she was defending herself against her allegedly abusive husband when she fired warning shots inside her home in August 2010. She told police it was to escape a brutal beating by her husband, against whom she had already taken out a protective order. CBS Affiliate WETV reports that Circuit Court Judge James Daniel handed down the sentence Friday. Under Florida's mandatory minimum sentencing requirements Alexander could receive a lesser sentence, even though she has never been in trouble with the
Big Daddys 2 Tasks...accomplished!!
WOW what an awesome night all because I have an awesome Daddy!!!! I Am Big Daddy gave me a task a couple weeks ago, to find my own sub so that I may learn how to obey better and be more submissive. After doing a lot of searching, I finally found someone that just might fit. My second task was given to me first of the week, to be fucked by Sunday (today...funny thing is..its Big Daddy's birthday today as well...what a strange gift to want, but nothing i wouldn't do for him). Big Daddy said i needed to be fucked to in a way put me back in my Big Daddy advised I get a little sassy and moody when i don't get my dose of cock. Boy do i know it, I could be fucked every day...just think of how happy this Naughty Little Girl would be if she could get cock every day!!! My Big Daddy knows me oh so well! :-) So in my attempt to accomplish one task, i did both in one setting. I made plans to have the new sub come over last night........and it was well worth the wait. Most of the day
3 Year Old Niece Kidnapped By Father. Think Headed To Mexico!  this link to the news.  this link to niece and needs help to find her child.. thank to anyone that can help. We want the child back home.... hugs and love.praying for a safe return .
Health Report
true story. an older gentleman who lives not far from me goes to the doctor about a month ago, has some tests done.  tests come back, and he gets called in to the doctor.  he thought he probably had bronchitis.  turns out, he has pneumonia.  and stage 4 cancer, which has metastasized and is now all over his body.  the man reflects quietly on his diagnosis before asking, "so how are my cholesterol levels?" ----- his funeral is this week.  his cholesterol levels look fine.  may he rest in peace.
Traveling Without Seeing
by Frank Bruni  New York Times September 2, 2013 SHANGHAI — I’m half a world from home, in a city I’ve never explored, with fresh sights and sounds around every corner. And what am I doing? I’m watching exactly the kind of television program I might watch in my Manhattan apartment. Before I left New York, I downloaded a season of “The Wire,” in case I wanted to binge, in case I needed the comfort. It’s on my iPad with a slew of books I’m sure to find gripping, a bunch of the music I like best, issues of favorite magazines: a portable trove of the tried and true, guaranteed to insulate me from the strange and new. I force myself to quit “The Wire” after about 20 minutes and I venture into the streets, because Baltimore’s drug dealers will wait and Shanghai’s soup dumplings won’t. But I’m haunted by how tempting it was to stay put, by how easily a person these days can travel the globe, and tr
My Favorite Position
As I was walking thru fascinations an adult toy store the clerk asked if I was looking for anything special. I told him I wanted a new rabbit vibe one that I can take in the shower with me. Well he advises me no vibe is 100% water proof. I asked him whats popular now he leads me to this couples toy hmmm I might just want to know what it is so I follow him and he shows me a we-vibe 3 hmmm my first thought was you and me. While thinking about you I quickly thought shock and Ihe showed me ' the Zeus violet wand ' instantly I wanted this and some accessories so he showed me how it worked and it sent chilled up and down my body DAMN that was thrilling! But I am one who likes grabbing and touching during sex I can't stay holding so he told me about the accessory bodylight twilight adaptor omg Omfg I want all three! I had to have them. Now to tell you my position with that in mind it would be with my ass on corner of bed you standing with my legs over your shoulders. Can you handle that?
Today is kind of a "sad" day.. Not in the all I want to do is cry and lay in bed sad, but the pathetic sad. People are just really getting on my nerves and I don't know if I'm going to be in a good mood later. I mean I'm not really in a bad mood, just kind of blah. Annoyed would be better....I think. Perhaps it can change.   That's all :)
I'll be having surgery on the 13th of November which requires a 5-7 day stay & 6-8 weeks of recovery so I'll be on a fu vacaction then & don't know how much I'll be able to do when I get back. Lotsa love to my friends & family & I'll miss you all while I'm gone.
When Women Are Called Cunt's For Sayin No
Ok When Someone Shout Box's a Women Askin For Their ALT & Fubucks And They Say No How Dare This Person Call Her a Cunt Then Go And Pm a Women And Call Her a Cunt Turns Around And Shout Box's Another Women He Has No Clue Who He Is Talking To And Call Her A Cunt .. He Is Free With The Word I See I Bet Money On It He Calls His Momma A Cunt For As Much As He Has Used It On Here ... I Unfanned Unfreinded & Buzzkilled Him For Talking Like That To 3 Now There Is a 4th One He Did It To And He Blocks Them ... He Needs a Big Lesson In Matters I Don't Care If This Is a Site And Yes Their Are All Sick Ass's But We Have The Right To Say No If We Don't Want To Give You Are Abilities Points And Fubucks That Simply So Here Is The Face Of Shame ...  Its BIGBEN1979 
My Plans
Sooooooooo here's my plan for those wanting to know... yes, I am trying to rank this week in order to level.  NO I won't screw anyone over to get there... I am working hard at it and not just looking for handouts... I spend hours on here every day and make sure I rate/like/comment all my fam, top friends, another list I keep... thank peeps for bombings and return ALL comments.  I've been told I'm CRAZY for doing all of that and that a lot of people don't put that time and effort into it.  For me? I feel that if you took time to show me love, you deserve my time and love back... so call me crazy all you want ;) And for those that comment and DON'T like/rate in order to get love returned without REALLY giving any? Well, you win... I give it... and I can sleep with myself at night ;) Anywhooooo.... back to the topic...  I would appreciate any help I can get from anyone running famps.  Or PLZ let me know if you hear of a buy in if you don't see me in their fam...This is the ONLY week I wil
Never know there were blogs on this thing.. hmmm Guess it makes sense..
Hell Yeah
I Tend To...
i tend to blog...a lot....haha.....maybe it wont be so bad here, but i doubt that very at is sucking something going to go home and take a nice bath tonight maybe pics? haha who knows....only the shadow...haha, eyup im kinda corny, oh well, laterz
I'm Going Camping This Weekend...
I'm thinking about going camping to Big Basin Forest this weekend. I hope I don't get eaten by bears. Harley will hopefully protect me.
Damn I Was Lucky
Well I had a fucked up day. I was on my way into work when my fucking brakes gave out. AND THANK GOD I was doing 30-40 mph, cause i wound up hitting this chick in a subaru. We pull off to the side of the road, she got out an so did I an she was like your airbag go off? And i responded no, then I said do you wanna call the cops or trade insurance information?? she was like no i work for a car dealership. With that she got back in her car and took off. I was like DAMN i was lucky specially since I had no damage done to my car but I had cracked her bumper. consider me lucky.
*** Close To My Heart ***
Close to my heart, but not in sight... Will I get to hold you again? Will I ever get to look in your eyes and say I love you? Over and Over in my head all I can think about is what you meant to me. What I meant to you.... So many places we have been together... we laughed and carried on I think about them places... songs we said were ours.. and that still are The symbol that describes us I will wear for the rest of my life I pictured us together happy , for a longtime, holding hands.... I still listen to our songs ... I still wear our symbol How can a true love slip way? did it? Why did I let it slip away? Why did you let it slip away? Is this fate? Is this meant to be? Close to my heart you will forever be. Dede
Poem (what Is Love?)
Well from my own understandin of love hurt but ill tell you anwayz Love is the time i spend thru the day making you smile, love is compression i show you when your down, love is the lil thing i do to get you thru the day, love is the way i see you everyday my heart skips a beat, love is the way you linger thru my mind when i sleep, but lately your love for me is untrue, though i did things out of my way to please you in the end it was only to lose you, when i lie in bed snuggle on my pillow in the morning i cant reconize myself in the mirror, they say love comes to those who wait but i think to myself its just another way of sayin nice guys finished last and never will collect the prize only to wonder around aimlessly inside...
A Poem My Daughter Wrote To My Brother
Last breath To my Uncle Joey Daidola Love Amanda It was oneday I saw your smile. I wanted it to last for a while. Since you have been gone things have changed. Everything feels so strange. I loved you more then life itself. But your last breath could not be helped. I want you to know my feelings will show. I love you dearly. Rest in peace Uncle Joey. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Amanda Pennino Copyright ©2006 Patricia Joy Rendon
i really dont like blogs but ill read them even though they have no nudity lmao love you all
How You Gonna????
How you gonna come to my page....NOT rate me or my pics....NOT add me as a friend...NOT become my fan...AND NOT leave me a dawg gone comment!!! Whats the point??? Really people just make the effort to try to do something when you go to someones page...Its not like you can hide the fact that you were on the page. So what im thinking is...WHAT...Was i not good enough for you to leave me a message!! Well HHHMMMPPPFFFF....mabie i will just go to your page and NOT do anything!! LOL I dont really know why this bugs the shit outa me so much....but it really does!!! Im just wierd i guess!!! Sorry for bitching..just need to VENT!!! Hahhahhaa..still luv all my peeps who do this to me!! Lisa
La Bound....
hhmmm so i felt like i should post something....dont know why but.....sounded what to write.....well i am attempting to go to LA next weekend.....hopefully it will happen....i wanna see my sister and what not and i think it would be fun.....who knows if it will actually work kind of scared to go.....i would be driving for the first time by myself for like 8 hours.....kinda scared i might break down or something and be one of those helpless females on the side of the road....damn it why didnt i take more auto tech classes!!! i really wanna know more about cars....i hate being a helpless female when it comes to cars....god.....anyway....we will see what those of you that will be driving I-15 next weekend, if you see me on the side of the road HELP ME!!!! lol
Rantable Raveable
This is a warning. I am ranting. You know what I've decided I'm sick and tired of? almost everything. In school you're taught you get the job. You get the money. You get the girl. Where's my girl? Maybe I'm too picky. Maybe I'm too stand offish. But somewhere there needs to be at least one person who fits my bill right? I mean, I've always been told what a nice guy I am, outside of bedroom things anyway. I've always been told that I would probably be a good family man. Yet women seem to run right at the point of completion. Now I know this seems to be a whiney post. I realize this. here's a small piece of info. My shortest relationship was three years. I'm tired of games. Yet all of my player friends seem to have no end of women interested in the kind of commitment I'm offering. Am I spiritually disfigured? Is my aura off? Do I not have the correct biorhythm? Or maybe just maybe I'm lucky enough to be one of those cliche nice guys. The ones that finish last. So I can si
Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss, But I only slept with you, because I was pissed. I thought that I could love no other Until, that is, I met your brother. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head. Of loving beauty you float with grace. If only you could hide your face. Kind, intelligent, loving and hot. This describes everything you are not. I want to feel your sweet embrace, But don't take that paper bag off of your face. I love your smile, your face, and your eyes. Damn, I'm good at telling lies! My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife: Marrying you really screwed up my life. I see your face when I am dreaming. That's why I always wake up screaming. My love, you take my breath away. What have you stepped in to smell this way? What inspired this amorous rhyme? Two parts vodka, one part lime. Th
My Private Folders - Free Pornography?
What is it with some people? All they do all day is wander around here asking to see in private folders. What do they think this place is? I'm sorry, but I'm not here to provide free pornography and be used for their mastabatory pleasure, and I'm sure most of the people on my friends list don't usually "put out" to complete strangers, and that's what these people are most of the time, complete strangers that you've never seen, or heard of before, as their first appearance comes in your shoutbox "Can I see in your private folder?" Ummm... No! Why should I let you see in there, if you are a selfish, ignorant, and socially inept creature? If I wanted complete strangers to see in my private folder then it wouldn't be private, that's why people have private folders. It's like walking up to a complete stranger in the mall and saying "Can we fuck now?" You might get the very ocassional person who says yes, but 999 out of 1000 people are going to slap your face for
Whoohoo !!!
Hi All, for those of you that enjoy my photos, I entered a photo competition this week and I actually WON "best of show" and out of 5 photos entered I got 2 first place and 2 second place, I will post the winners later for all to see...
Poem: It's Only Me
Its only me Six Foot four and handsome no that's not me Neither do I have a expensive car for all to see No film star looks that all the ladies love No flowing locks on my head up above My pockets don't bulge but they do have holes Shoes not of leather but good wearing soles All of this doesn't worry me,I do not care Because its me the person not what I wear Get to know me what you see is what you get I will try to make you happy on that you can bet Looks and money are not as important as they say Give me good health and happiness to make my day
Written By Kumstain For Her Fagangsta N00b
Come a little closer I wanna show you what im all about Come a little closer Now im openin my mouth I know im a n00b but damn I want your tool I'll freak ya from head to toe Im gunna make you feel the right way But it aint all about that you see Cuz this shawty is crushin She's crushin so bad I'll treat you right We'll never fight I'll always kiss you goodnight Baby take my hand and lets roll I wanna be your Ctown girl and you can be my Gtown boy I'll give you the world And we can make Gtown/Ctown baby boys and girls Basically what im sayin Is your a dream come true And baby, I love you
An Old Letter
I found this old letter while deleting some old files today. Looking back, I wish I would have sent it. I almost never reread things I write, but I read this, not bad. I should have sent it huh? A love letter to you 12/26/2005 Dumb girl, A love letter to your heart. A letter your eyes will never see. You have me you dumb girl. There is no need for your games. No need for your being so coy. See, I know your heart. I know I am in it, even though you dont want me to know it just yet. Some secrets you cant keep to yourself. Some secrets arent secrets at all. I already know. Take my hand, walk with me a while. We can talk of nothing for the rest of our lives. We can share everything we see as we stay by each others side. The smallest things, and the worst life brings to our feet. Together we can make what ever we want to make of it. Even at your worst, I am still by your side. No matter how you decide to be, I am with you. I will stay by you, never changing how I feel to
My Apologies
My Apologies If you are reading this, then your one of my friends, or perhaps family. Or your just noisy, just kidding. I want to thank you all that have dropped by and left me comments, I loved each and everyone of them. I regret that I have not been by each one of you and showed you LOVE this weekend. Some I have some, well I promise if I'm alive tomorrow You will get a visit from me, you can bank on it! I've just a a ruff past couple of days, had some things that had to be worked out, and needed to get away for a while. I think things are back on track, only time will tell. But I'm back at LC, and you WILL BE HEARUNG FROM ME SOON! I got a lot of catching up to do, but I will pass around all the LOVE that has been shown to me. I love you all, take care! I'M BACK! Luv, bites & kisses, TheUnLoved
My Mom Is In The Hosp
Hey everyone. I have had a really shitty day. My mom went to the hosp today with chest paine. They don't know what exactly is wrong with her. Please pray for her and our family. Thanks everyone!
Oral Fun
If I were alone with you. I would lay on my king size bed. I would surround you with roses. With my strong hands I would Massage your body with warm, scented oils, until your body glistened with delight. I would gently spread your legs apart until they revealed your "sweetest of spots" to me. I would nibble on the area behind your knee, where your thigh, and calf meet. Slowly, I would work my way up your inner thigh,as you quiver in anticipation. I would place my warm,wanting, tongue in your silky clit.... licking it slowly... then fast.. then slow, again..... clockwise... and counter clockwise circles, until you released your love juices into my waiting mouth. I would continue to lick until those juices dripped off my chin. I would turn you over, and spread your apple-bottom. Giving your "other tight hole" a tongue bath. My tongue would go deep inside your forbidden spot, as I finger your pussy. I would not stop thrusting my tonge into your apple-bottom until you screamed with

dark and lonely, empty and bare wanting and hoping but still nothings there grown so cold over the years where there was laughter now theres just tears shadows surround me whisper in my ear they'll never let me be loneliness weighs at my heart picking, tearing at my soul ripping it apart happiness so far away miles and miles to go i must'nt go astray i close my eyes my fears all fade as i calmly say goodbye
Hey everyone. My mom is still in the hosp. She did have a mild heart attack, but they arent sure what from. They are still doing tests. Through all of this I have been faced with reality, and honestly I would be lost if I lost her. It has made me think alot about my life and what it is I want. Thanks for stopping by, just wanted to rant.
Poem: Sport The Disabled Way
Sport the right way Today I watched Sport the way it should be Athletes of all sizes it was plain to see All having one thing in common Giving there all with all the strength they could summon Whether first and winning Gold or trailing a lap behind Taking part is all thats in there mind No Coaches, Drugs or Sponsors with big money Just appause when they finished ,smile like bees with honey Smiles and hugs are all they need Not Expensive Training shoes or any greed Who are these people that you would like to know They are all Disabled and put on a fantastic Show. (Thanks to all who took part in the Scottish Championships for the Disabled)
If You Are In Your 30's, You Have To Read This!!!
Sorry...I had to steal this from a Bulletin going around. It was just too funny & too the point not too. Plus I have gotten similar ones in email, before. IF you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were when they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every morning ... uphill BOTH ways ... yadda, yadda, yadda .. And I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it! But now that...I'm over the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today. You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia! And I hate to say it but you kids today you don't know how good you've got it! I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have The Internet. If we
Not Sure Just Felt Like Doint It
Running low, feeling alone, not knowing were to go. Paths are long roads dark where to turn what to take life is maybe a mistake. Take my own or a go on? who knows what goes on? my head a maze my heart a puzzle spread all over like a jigsaw puzzle forgotten and dusty. Leave me there or fix it up know one can get my heart a wall of bricks covered by steal I will no longer let it feel. turns cold never warm. My soul is lost I want to cry and yet I cannot shed a tear for the feeling is lost. My life long my time even longer but what is the answer know one can say. No place to feel good no doors unlocked I lost the key to my heart its gone for good and I wont give it out. So if ya think you got it you probally dont.
I'm Mad Darkness!
Your Monster Profile Mad Darkness You Feast On: Pickles You Lurk Around In: Las Vegas You Especially Like to Torment: Priests What's Your Monster Name?
Thunder Darkness encroaches Upon the dimming sky Clouds keeping stars From my searching eye My pulse beats faster As the rumble starts The thunder echoes In time with our hearts Tingling bare skin Feels the charged air As the wind begins to whip Through long dark hair The rain comes down Chilling my bones Rivers of water Calling my curves home Wet warm lips Parting in hunger Longing for yours Wanting you to plunder Wet soft skin Feeling so alive Needing your touch Wanting to thrive Hidden in the night I open myself to you Hoping you will accept Not knowing what you will do Distance keeps you from me My heart is yours to take The night we share apart Eternity we make
Sweet Jesus!! Lol
We're sitting here bored, reading all the great comments left by our wonderful friends, and wondering how many of you have actually used them to get off? Just curious! LOL!! Let us know, don't be shy!!
What The Fuck
why is it when you help people you never get it back . Its like no matter what you do for others you get shit on.Im really getting sick of it! I hate drama and the bullshit post that try saying one thing but means something right the opposit..Im not in that game im here to be me nothing more im not fake nor am i trying to be something im not,and to the haters out there that don't like me FUCK THEM! Thay don't even know me so all that crap is bull shit. Can people not be grown up, and act your age..We are all grown here so lets show it..thanks for readding...
So Embarrassing
As several of you already know I posted some private pictures today. Meant for family only but in all my super geniusnous I forgot to set the album options BEFORE I posted the pics. LOL some of you got a real eyeful I bet and thank you for rating and all the comments. I apologize that they became private again but those are just not pics I want to share with the world. I'm still embarrassed!! I wonder how many other people have had horrible LC moments like that. Surely I'm not alone :)
The 25th ~ Gaia
to By Shadow Cat Gaia, known as Earth or Mother Earth (the Greek common noun for "land" is ge or ga). She was an early earth goddess and it is written that Gaia was born from Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the universe, and with her came Eros. She gave birth to Pontus (the Sea) and Uranus (the Sky). This was achieved parthenogenetically (without male intervention). Other versions say that Gaia had as siblings Tartarus (the lowest part of the earth, below Hades itself) and Eros, and without a mate, gave birth to Uranus (Sky), Ourea (Mountains) and Pontus (Sea). Gaia took as her husband Uranus, who was also her son, and their offspring included the Titans, six sons and six daughters. She gave birth to the Cyclopes and to three monsters that became known as the "Hecatonchires". The spirits of punishment known as the Erinyes were also offspring of Gaia and Uranus. The Gigantes, finally, were conceived after Uranus had been castrated by his son Cronus, and his blood
Maybe This Would Tell Her Who!!
Mars and Venus Let's say a guy named Roger is attracted to a woman named Elaine. He asks her out to a movie; she accepts; they have a pretty good time. A few nights later he asks her out to dinner, and again they enjoy themselves. They continue to see each other regularly, and after a while, neither one of them is seeing anybody else. Then, one evening when they're driving home, a thought occurs to Elaine, and, without really thinking, she says it aloud: "Do you realize that, as of tonight, we've been seeing each other for exactly six months?" And then there is silence in the car . . . To Elaine, it seems like a very loud silence. She thinks to herself: Gee, I wonder if it bothers him that I said that. Maybe he's been feeling confined by our relationship; maybe he thinks I'm trying to push him into some kind of obligation that he doesn't want, or isn't sure of. And Roger is thinking: Gosh. Six months. And Elaine is thinking: But, hey, I'm not so su
Miracles Do Happen!!!
I am doing a personal entry this time about my oldest son. For 3 weeks now I have had my son on vitamins called Brainiums DHA. I had heard about these through a friend of mine that knows someone that used these on their Autistic son and things started happening.... I then thought... what would it hurt... so this coming Thursday will be 3 weeks that Christian has been on them and WoW!! The changes are sooo evident!!! Now you have to realize that my son with Autism does NOT talk. Doesn't do alot of motor skills that most 8 year olds do. So when I tell you the things that he's done so far with taking these vitamins you might say to yourself at first... "big deal" but... please keep in mind that he's #1 Autistic #2 Not spoken since he was a year old #3 Hasn't done most of these at all or at least not in the past 6 - 6 1/2 years! *~*MIRACLES*~* 2 days after taking the vitamins he was with my mother and she asked him if he would like some more juice. Now normally when asked th
Drug Addict
I have had more than a few people ask me why it is that I am so honest and talk about myself. The answer is a rather long one, but I will indulge you :P I am a recovered drug addict of 10 and a half years. (I will get to the past tense of the word recovered shortly for those who took issue with it) I guess I will explain what a drug addict is first. Im sure you have ideas and I am not going to say anyones idea is wrong, I will however tell you what the real deal druggy is. Me. I am a real deal junky. A drug addict is fundamentally different from “normal” people. There is a chemical difference in the brain. Addiction is not limited to just narcotics. They are just more fun :P Addiction can be anything from over eating, under eating, stealing, sex, masturbating, stealing, gambling so on and so on. I think you get it. In the end there is a hole inside you that you can’t possibly fill. A good example I heard years ago is ‘an ego maniac with an inferiority complex.’ So true lol Some of t
Funny Video Of Me
Get this video and more at
Poem: How Do You Feel?
How do you feel? How do you feel when he lets out a scream Yes your frightened but are thigs what they seem How do you feel when she is crying in the shop Yes you feel sorry, but look, no tears not a drop How do you feel when you see a group out Do you stare, evern if they scream and shout How would you feel if never given a chance With people staring at you, not just a glance Next time your out just give them a smile Doesn't take long just a little while Please see the person standing there Don't let whats wrong with them make you aware.
The Oral Caress
The Oral Caress by Robert W. Birch Copyright 2001 Cradled between your tender thighs I lift you to my mouth. The abundance of your wetness greets me and my mouth overflows with your warm essence. Your sweet taste is on my tongue and your fragrance delights my senses. No gentle lick this visit. No bashful cautious approach For I wish to consume you. Push against my hungry mouth As the tip of my tongue slides up the slippery furrow that welcomes me between rows of delicate pink petals. Thrust against my generous tongue. Show me the power of your desire for my oral caress. My exploring tongue lifts the hood and finds your smooth firm pearl. You squeal in that unique way, signaling that I have found your special spot. I harden in response. My jaws protests what my open mouth provides but I am unrelenting in my gift, intent only on your fulfillment. I feel your body tense, and you are quiet now... Concentrating... bearing
To My Darling
To my darling beloved , the answer to your ? is yes i will marry you , as soon as we can . i love you with all my heart , and i am the happiest woman going , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hmmm I just drooled on myself and don't know why. *wipes face*
I Have A Question
If you were in a relationship with someone and they didn't call or try to see you for a month and a half .. would you still think you were together?? NOOOOOOOOOO I mean omg .. way over a month and then out of the blue you get a call sayin honey I miss you acting like nothing had changed .. then omg then they have the nerve to tell you that you shouldn't have had anyone else in your life because THEY thought you were still together?? I say if they are that freakin stupid ... tell em to get some tweezers, a microscope, and a drop of water and GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!!! but am I being too harsh?? lemme know
Connected Isolation
Connected Isolation - with the information age in full swing the internet has thrown people from all walks of life and persuasions together, but the downside of this is that people are becoming more isolated. After joining and taking part in many communities it has left me somewhat dismayed at the shenanigans that go on. Yes its great for opening up the world but it also opens up the feelings of isolation of being too far away and just how lonely you have become to be depending on virtual communities and because we spend much time her we dont go for the face to face because of the distance. anyway would like to know what you think
My Space Sux
Just wanted to let everyone know i have left my space it sux how many of you agree? Its too bloody slow & boring good riddens to My Space LC RULES!!!!!!!!!
Fuck A Yafro the time spent on pics,personal clubs and modding clubs and making friends,close friends with some..never knew how i could love people i've never met..and then theirs the haterz of yafro..still thru it all we stuck together like family..lets not forget the 2 dummies that have the site...good bye yafro and hello myspace and lostcherry jenny~
My brother is a Linux freak and he has also a birthday the 28 may. So this painting was for him.
The Doll And The Rose
I was walking around in a store. I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back saying "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll." Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. "It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for this Christmas. She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her." I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus will bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it
From The Mouth Of Babes...
The other day I was ribbing my oldest daughter about her body odor. Her defense was that she had basket ball practice that day. I asked, "Which deodorant are you using, the Secret?" "Yes", she answered. At that point my youngest daughter blurted out, "Well, it's not a secret anymore!"
So Sad!!!!
today is saint james day out here.. I NEVER miss it.. its pouring like cats and dogs (which is enough to make anyone sadder or gloomy) and i am working til 6 and the fair if its even going on ends at 5 and its over 35 miles away from where i am right now.. so.. in short.. if its on.. i cant go.. and if its not.. well.. boo hoo too!
Beware, Its A Rant
What is happening to Lost Cherry? My God it used to be this great website where you could log on and meet alot of really cool people. Now? Its a place to log on and meet alot of attention whores and perverts. I am sick to death of seeing the "vote for the best anus contest" "best cum shot" "best fat ass" I have actually seen it all, well except for beasiality on Lost Cherry! Im sure some one will post a picture of that soon enough. And why would that be any worse than what we are (so fucking used to now) seeing everyday? Another thing that really bothers me? Yeah, spend 10 minutes and read through the top 100 blogs. See how many of them are nonsensical bulletin posts. Or just a picture for crying out loud. Okay, Ill give you the fact that ppl can post anything they wanyt. BUT, why is it that those pictures, as random as they are, are read more times than some of the blog entries that have actual content???? I really dont get it. The number one "most read blog" is by a guy named JT.
Speed Costs!
OK so It finaly happened I was on my way home today and wouldn't ya know it I passed a cruser lol, sure enough his light flashed on imeadiatley, I glanced down at my seedometer to se how bad it was gunna be, and commenced slowing down and pulling over.The cop aproched for those of you who have heard about the first ticket I almost got yes he went to the wrong side of the car, lol. This guy was not as impressed by my right side drive or as hummilyated as the first guy damn, and my smile and batting eyes thing just seemed to agravate him I don't know maybe he was gay lol. I handed him my licence and registration and he sontered back to his cruser. when he returned he had a pretty yellow peice of paper for me as well as my licence and registration. ya S~E~X~Y got a tichket lol.he was quite nice about it though further leading me to beleave he was gay. I was caught doing 180 km/h or for all my american freinds thats about (115 m/h) in a 100 km/h zone, or about (60 m/h) zone. just to let y
Poem For Brandi
The Blue Eyes of something more It started from the beginning That first moment that shocked the very Being of myself, maybe it was That innocent feeling that caught My heart you was different to me Then most girls. Each day after the first time seeing you My life changed for the good I realized I could be something more Each day grew on me, your face your words that smile, I thought to myself can I have my dreams come true Cause I was only seeing you and I still do. The B in your name stands for Beautiful but it goes Beyond that I just wish one day you could see That your blue eyes mean so much to me. The Blue eyes of something more. I’m never leaving Till you finally see that I would die for you one day. That I’m always going to find myself in your eyes One day you will understand the moment I actually found Cause it’s the story of my life when everything Seems so clear we both could be alive. When I see the person that touches my
How Many Agree Or Don't Agree That There Should Be A Marital Status And Sex Selection
How many agree or don't agree there should be a marital status and sex selection to check...I feel there should be one cuz u never know who or what you are talking to.
Drunk Dialing! Lmao!
Drunk Dialing 1. Only drunk dial when you are drunk. Everything else is false advertisement. 2.It is okay to call someone 27 times in one night. If you don't remember it, it didn't happen. 3.If you are going to drunk dial a family member, say something nice. Ex. "Mom I'm in McDonald's and they're playing our song. I love you" 4.Dirty talk while drunk dialing is always preferred. Who doesn't want to hear your best raspy, phone sex voice at 3 in the A.M. asking to bend them over something. 5.Voicemails are always better. This way your friend can let their friends have fun at your expense for days, even weeks to come. 6.Drunk texting is alright... If you are prepared to read what you wrote the next day when you are sober. 7.It is definitely a good idea to call all of your exes and remind them that you were the best lover they've ever had and everything they know, they learned from you. This way you can sleep well at night. 8.You can also call this same ex a
To My Friends
well since it's kinda hard to keep up with bulletins lol I thought since you guys really do matter to me, that i'd post in a blog so it's permanent. =) I've been talking to a lot of you, and I want you to know you are some amazing women. Your men are very lucky, and they should see what I see if they already don't and treat you as best as they can. It may not matter to you what I think, point is you are wonderful women and I respect you
The Dick Pix !!!!
Ladies, I have had a debate with several of my male friends, and they insist sending a "Dick Pic" to a woman gets them hot. Several of them stated: I dick pic is better then sending a "hello." I have talked to lots of women. Many have told me they have been sent solicited, and unsolicited "Dick pics." my question to you is: Do they get you hot? "Z"
nOT THAT i NEEDED TO TAKE THIS ....LOL....I'M ALREADY A CERTIFIED NUT CASE.....LOL You Are 76% Bipolar You're more than moody - you're a bit unstable. If your mood swings are effecting your life, you may need to seek help. Are You Bipolar?
As darkness fills my mind, my thoughts turn to rage. Life has never been kind, will there be another page? Will i wake up to the sun, shining bright in my face? Or will i die on the run, from something giving chase? I debate on my choices, which way should i go? What are my chances, Of recovering from this blow? Nothing i have ever thought, has turned out to be true. I never knew what i had caught, Intill I met you. But you are slowly fading, away from my embrace. I cant stop you slipping, I see the tears on your face. I want to tell u something, But i dont know if it is right. I want to say I love you, And that i will put up a fight. But seriously can i do that, And make u wait for happiness? I know you guys got a past, And that bring me pure sadness. I want to be strong and show you, that its your choice to make. I dont want to tell u what to do, follow your heart for heavens sake. I will be here tommorrow, when you call my name. I dont want to bring
Well I Wanna Clean
If you have added me cause you wanna be friends please leave me a note letting me know If you have added me cause you want to talk dirty to me or want to see dirty pics of me and that the only reason than I dont want you on my friends list let me know and i will delete you! Its deep cleaning time so get rid of me or let me get rid of you! Thanks! IJM
Can You Help Me Out?
I really shouldn't be asking you this. I feel shy, but I want it so bad, don't get me wrong it's just that I haven't had it for a long time. I could already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet. No one has to know about this. I need it. I'm desperate, but your help can be very grateful you must think I have a lot of nerve asking you for this, but I can feel my tongue around it sucking all the juice out until there no more left, this has been on my mind all day long and I hope I'm not being forward, I'm usually not like this, but can I have a piece of gum?"
Chapter Five (end Of Story)
CHAPTER FIVE - Zepman's "How I Met Jimmy Page" Note: Thanks for all of your patience, fellow Zeppelin fans, it's been a long winding road of a tale to get to this point, but I hope you found the telling interesting, nonetheless...tonight we get to the meat and potatoes of the story, the part you were all waiting for...but alas, as all true tales seem to have either a silver lining to a dark cloud, or vice-versa, there will be one more chapter published, The Epilogue, which will enlighten you on the aftermath of this encounter. I rang the buzzer, now for the fourth time (and definitely last, I thought, if the same voice answered and told me yet again that "Mr. Page is still in the studio, but...", because I didn't want to seem like a pest, and I would just tell him to pass along my greetings, appreciation, and thanks for so many years of musical enjoyment, and the inspiration to play guitar myself), I admired the large, old trees on the properties in that area, and the vie
(One rule- if you read it, please comment!) I often spend a great amount of driving time reading bumper stickers, I guess that's normal in rush hour traffic. Yesterday I passed by a woman who had a "yes on prop 204, stop animal cruelty" bumper sticker. This rant is two parts.... First animal cruelty. It's an unfortunate fact that we kill and torture animals, the justifications are varied and many. From food, to medical advances, to sport... Personally, I don't like the idea of killing anything, who honestly does? I'm the kind of person who will run an old lady off the damn road for driving too slow, but bring home orphaned ducks to raise them by hand. (twisted sense of morals, huh?) But guess what? I love me some steak. I love leather, I love suede, I love a great piece of fresh backstrap... my teeth were made for eating flesh. I don't want to see my food killed, but I'm not going to complain about the way it's killed. Get over this whole inhumane farming thing. It's going to die a
Men.... Looool
ok all here's another one rotffffffffff have a great evening all :)) "if ya can still breathe rotfff
This Feels So Good I Had To Blog It!
so, like I had these pair of jeans that I've owned since almost 3 years ago and they never fit me. as a matter of fact honestly when I bought them I had to lay down on the bed just to zip them up. Well yesterday I found them and decided to get brave and try them on and guess the fuck what? THEY FIT! Dood, I'm so happy right now, just thought I'd share. It's only 2 sizes but damnit, I feel like I'm on top of the world. KK back to bed, I had a fabulous 3 hour nap and went back to the Job Section in hopes of finding something interesting and alas, I found shit as usual. At least I'm getting thinner lol. xoxo all
Im Gonna Get A New Tat
~*~Tag ~*~ Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! here they are.. 1.So many people think i am busy but if ya truly want to chat msg me and say stop everything else and talk to me. 2.As a diabetic and with blood pressure issues i do not always have the best attitude and ya may just need to tell me to STFU 3. I hate when people say one thing and do another 4. I have a memory like an elephant and do not fogive easily 5. I am a picky eater but eat a great many things 6. Patience is not my best asset and i will often scurry off if my attention isnt kept. I choose: TURTLE, MY EDEN, PHANTOM, FYRETYGRESS, HEATHER-F'N-TASTIC, LEOGAL GOOD LUCK MY FRIEDS :))
Great Dishwalla Song. Very appropriate right now. I wish I could go there. Being far away, well, you know how it is. Home: I'm so sick and tired of all these things that drag me down I've got no where to go they say that life is in these hands you give everything you give yourself away you give and still you choke and find yourself running for the door come and take me home lead me to your door take me where you are lead me to your door at least just for a while its some kind of life forever days we're in the cold unfamiliar way so take this fear and fade it out it won't make me sad cause I get sentimental lord in other ways and I don't want to let me down here anymore so come and take me home lead me to your door take me where you are lead me to your door and let me in just let me in and let me leave just let me leave this world come on now let me leave this world at least just for a while
People Need To Grow Up!
Look i joined LC cause this was a cool place. I have really enjoyed being on here and have met alot of awesome people. But lately people have been pulling out the childish card. Gimmie a break this is an adult site. Some people really need to start acting like adults and stop being childish. I am getting sick and tired of the games. Either people need to start growing up or I am going to leave LC. And to whoever it was that gave my yahoo out you canjump out a plane with out a parachute. Thats hitting low. and I know who did it. not like i can't do the same. but you know what i guess thats what makes me a better person. So you can tell your people to stop harrasing me. It really is pathetic. Like i said if this crap doesn't stop i am out. I have a real life outside the computer and don't need the stupid drama from here.
Ureka,..i Have An Idea!
I was brainburping again, and check this out... Wouldnt it be like the shit, if you could convince all your friends to put one picture of themselves each into one folder, then have them go out and implore to all their mutual aquaintances that they must come by and publicly choose just one of them as the best, and compound that by hinging the importance of thier friendship upon that very choice. And no cheating either, you must glorify the esteem of just one whilst alienating the rest. We cant have people going around complementing others for their individual appeal, that would too much resemble a compassion for humanity, and who wants that! But who am I..what do I know? Lets test this time youre in Walmart, once you get to the checkout and have everyone trapped behind you, take a moment and announce to everyone within earshot "Listen up bitches, I just want yall to know, that I am currently in the top ranking to take first place in the Blah Blah contest on lostcherr
Partial-birth Abortion Procedure!
Hiya Everyone! I'm pro-choice that allows the woman to decide whether she wants to have a baby or not. To me, though, this should be done responsibly. I would support legislation that makes abortion illegal once the baby's hearbeat starts. This means that if a woman gets pregnant, she needs to abort within four weeks once she knows that she is pregnant before the embryo's heart starts beating. This brings us to partial-birth abortion. I would support legislation that makes partial-birth abortion illegal, except in the cases where the mother's life is in danger, rape, or incest. Having said that, I would only support legal abortion BEFORE the embryo's heart starts beating. I'm attaching some links that explain partial-birth abortion. Please be warned that the descriptions are graphic and you may find disturbing. I think that the media doesn't really explain the actual procedure of partial-birth abortion. I can never undertand why any pregnant woman would wait beyond 4
Being a redhead ain't so bad..... How do you get a redhead's mood to change? Wait 10 seconds. What do you call a redhead with an attitude? Normal. How can you tell when a redhead has been using a finicky computer? There's an ax in the center of the monitor. Why aren't there more redhead jokes? Someone made the mistake of telling them to a redhead. For all you redheads, wannabees, admirers and disdainers, here's some neat stuff: Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, Julia Roberts, Yosemite Sam, Ronald McDonald and Lucille Ball (who said, "Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.") are among some of the best-known redheads. Believe it or not, there is a "Redhead Encyclopedia" compiled by Stephen Douglas. Though I've not been lucky enough to pursue a copy, I know it confirms that natural redheads make up only 2 percent of the U.S. population. The country with the most number is Scotland with 13 percent, followed closel
Looking Glass
The reflection that looks back at me is not of my own. Its allure is both breath taking and intimidating at the same time. When I look into the eye’s I see someone so beautiful and a soul so veracious that it makes me turn my head in hopes of not marring it for someone else who may be more deserving of it then me. Its moves are so elegant and carefree that it mesmerizes me because I’m incapable of such grace. To look at this image you can see that it’s clearly not me, but to hear the thoughts, views, opinions, dreams, and desires you would swear it was. I’ve been alone for the most part my entire life and thought that my time had passed me bye before I had met her. I fear though that I may also share with her the fears of being in love and the hurt and pain that are associated with it. I’ve never been in love before, never let myself get close to it, but with her strong emotions and intense feelings are there; it JUST HAPPENED and so now I’m stuck fighting the fight. It’s one
*~fun With Yahoo - Session 7~*
availme04 (10/29/2005 3:04:40 AM): how u piercedqt (10/29/2005 3:05:01 AM): Good, yourself? availme04 (10/29/2005 3:05:15 AM): great... but fully drunk.... piercedqt (10/29/2005 3:05:38 AM): Special... availme04 (10/29/2005 3:05:52 AM): im really very horny too..... availme04 (10/29/2005 3:05:55 AM): just not able to move from my bed availme04 (10/29/2005 3:08:47 AM): i wanna see your sexy eyes.... availme04 (10/29/2005 3:08:54 AM): could you please enabel your webcam hun? availme04 (10/29/2005 3:09:17 AM): lemme see our cute smile piercedqt (10/29/2005 3:10:02 AM): NO! availme04 (10/29/2005 3:10:29 AM): understand and help me... piercedqt (10/29/2005 3:10:34 AM): NO, NO, NO, and HELL NO! availme04 (10/29/2005 3:11:03 AM): im really horny and moving now.... availme04 (10/29/2005 3:11:14 AM): i wanna think about you now.... availme04 (10/29/2005 3:11:20 AM): imagine about you now... piercedqt (10/29/2005 3:11:31

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