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Miss Vanima's blog: "blah"

created on 06/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/blah/b93062

night out

Wed. night I decided to go out..

Me, Eva, and Stacy decided we needed a girls night.... well.. girls night was screwed by my cousin brian saying HEY COME GET ME! he was TRASHED and couldn't drive.. so he came with us..

We get to the first bar.. and decided we didn't wanna stay there.. so we leave and go to nates... well.. just so happens the cutie that i am kinda crushin on was there... ya know.. the one i was playing pool with last week? (if you read my blogs once in a while you would know who i am talking about LOL)He and his friends were having a night out too... we all hung out... 2 am we leave nates and go BACK to the first bar...

my girls (and cousin) leave me there with the cutie and his friends which was fine by me.. i had my car...

Cutie gets DRUNK... and this is where i get a little flustered and frustrated cause i don't know what is going on..

He starts snuggling up to me and stuff... i am like YAY!!  we never kiss.. come close a few times... but whatever..

finally go home at daybreak and i get about 3 hours of sleep before having to get up for school and work... not 20 minutes later cutie texts me... made my day.

i go to class and then meet up with him after class... hanging out for a couple of hours until i go to work... no biggy.. but then while talking about the night before.. i realize.. i don't know if he REMEMBERS any of the stuff he was doing... IE.. does he remember pulling me close and keeping his arms around me.. or like.. nuzzling my neck (i started stuttering... i have a thing with my neck... and scruffy faces.. rawr).. or other stuff... (again.. didn't kiss.. and no sex either!!)

I dunno if it was the alcohol or what.. but now i am kinda scared to say anything... i wanna know if he remembers.. but gah! so confuzzled!!!

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