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Miss Vanima's blog: "stuff"

created on 03/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b68837


yeah i haven't been around.. sorry.. life has been crazy..


working a lot... trying to do stuff on the house.. getting hurt by a guy i actually liked.. getting over it.. 


two big things going on right now..

bad things first

i have a VERY good friend of mine who is extremely ill.. please keep him in your hearts for me.. 

he is in ICU.. has been for about a month... 

see.. he lost his mother... they were very close.. he started drinking a lot as she got sicker and sicker and the doctors gave him some pills for his depression... well after she died... he got sick... he got pneumonia.. kept drinking.. kept taking the pills... didn't do anything about the pneumonia.. then stopped eating.. stopped drinking... another friend of ours found him in his house after no one seeing him for three weeks... he recently had surgery and they put him in a medically induced coma... he has machines hooked up everywhere and tubes in his lungs trying to drain things out... they aren't sure if he is going to survive... 

i love him a lot and am heart broken with this...


good thing..

i met a guy.. his name is carl.. i really like him.. so sweet.. 

before some of you ask.. 30, no kids, never been married, great job, great truck (i love that truck...) and is on some of the same paths as me... straight out country boy too.. fishing, hunting, guns, mud... we get along fabulously... 

but i am trying to not get my hopes up.. cause thats when everything crashes down... we shall see... 

He DID do the best thing ever... after not seeing him for a week and a half due to work schedules.. i asked him if he wanted to come hang at the bar i work at.. he said he couldn't cause he was trying to get some things done.. we were texting.. and i made a joke about how we were only gonna see each other once a month at this rate... 10 minutes later he walked into my bar... he lives 30 minute away in texas. sweetest. thing. ever.



so... while i have one very bad thing... i also have one (potentially) very good thing happening... 


Keep Shawn in your hearts for me people.. 

been super duper busy lately. haven't been on hardly at all.. work work work..


Monday (2/18) was great :D had lunch with friend who was traveling through and had a great time (he knows who he is :D:D) and after that went to the nail salon and got a mani/pedi with girlfriend... 

Get home... and thats where my good day turned into hell...

doing laundry.. i managed to trip and fall... when i fell i heard a POP and my foot went numb... thinking i messed up my ankle... i stand very very slowly and realize my ankle is fine... but the numbing feeling is going away and there is FIRE IN MY TOE... yup i broke my toe... doing laundry..... go me..


i wake up on Tuesday (2/19)  get ready for work, go to my car.. and behold! i have a flat tire... get my friend from down the road to put my donut on for me (i don't have enough grip due to problems with my tendons in my hands..) and off i go to the shop... gotta get a new tire.. $150 bucks...  


At least my pedicure didn't get fucked up... granted the purple toe clashes with the turquoise polish... 

all my friends are having babies...


i want a baby.. but NO.. no baby for vanima.... no man sticks around long enough for me to be able to consider having babies with him... 



fuck you bitches

i hate onions. HATE them...

for some reason.. i ordered general chicken and there were so many onions in it that it doubled the amount of food i had... i spent almost half an hour picking out onions... 

HALF AN HOUR!!!! do you know how many goddamn onions that is??!!!


*throws hands in the air* UUUGGGHHHHH

Well.. it has been 2 years since i blogged on here... last time was in october... now its november.. close enough


it has been 3 years since i was seperated from my husband 2 and a half since my divorce...

Things are pretty good.

My cervical cancer hasn't shown back up so far...

i have had several other surgeries (2 on my foot, gall bladder, and tonsils) but am doing very well now.


I have a great roomie (two actually!) and because of that i have been able to start paying off those medical bills

my mustang got totaled 2 weeks after i paid it off but that was a blessing because the settlement paid off my house and put a down payment on my new car

my house is a disaster, but thanks to deacon (awesome roomie) it is slowly getting fixed!

my dating life is crap... but whatever


umm i dunno what else to say haha

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