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Texas Highway Star's blog: "Midget"

created on 05/03/2009  |  http://fubar.com/midget/b293695

This is for all my Fubar Family & Friend's:I have made a decision to go to Trucking School again,yes if you did not know I used to drive 18 wheeler's  14 yrs. ago..So I am going again for 3 weeks and on the road I go,I will not be on Fubar at that time,Please don't forget me because I will be back..sooner or later..lol...Love all of you...Wish me luck!..As some of you know I am Lora and if ya don't it's Crazy Azz Texas Woman AKA Texas Willow

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GoodWell the snow or the roads wasn't bad..1 week from t...
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