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Texas Highway Star's blog: "Midget"

created on 05/03/2009  |  http://fubar.com/midget/b293695

It has come to my attention, after a long conversation with a Dear sweet friend I met on here and I love him very much,He thought I didn't care about him anymore because he wasn't in my top family or friends,So I have removed the number's and will not  number a Fu family member or Friend again on here,I would hate to lose a great friend because of number's..I do care about each and everyone,though honestly I come to love a few people on here that mean the world to me,even though I have never met them...I have special feelings for everyone but I have to say a few that have become very close to me,in chatting,texting and on yahoo..you know who you are or should .After all I came to this site not really knowing exactly what it was in 07,deleted because of personal things in my life,But I have come to enjoy the very few close friends I have here,would greatly miss them,for you that haven't known me or tried to,I am a very caring,loving person that has a very big heart,My heart breaks when your's does...That's just me,Love you All,Lora  AkA Texas Willow

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