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My Daddy
ok people, I am a total Daddy's girl, I am the first to admit it, i got away with MURDER growing up, they adopted me when i was 15, took me in as a foster when i was 13, fought the system to be ALLOWED to adopt me, because they were gonna send me to a group home in Phoenix, because they didnt usually allow fosters to be adopted in the same town.... well today my dad was taken in to the hospital at 3AM they think he either HAd a stroke or was on the verge of having one, his blood sugar is still over 1000... and he is incoherent, but improving as they try to get it under control, he is still unable to talk, but is able to nod, and write to communicate now... they are moving him to the ICU... as he is still considered critical... i am asking you for thoughts, prayers, wishes... whatever faith or beliefs you may have... please send them his way... i just can NOT lose my Daddy.... thank you all in advance, i am a basket case, but i firmly believe in the power of faith and love... and you gu
My Dad
ok here it goes , this is stalkers daughter im on here as sammim, i just wanted dads friends to know that he past away on thursday afternoon, im on his page to let everyone know what happened to him , if u ?'s please ask me or africanqueen62 we will be glad to talk to , thank you for taking time to read this blog
My Daemon Aerodon
I went to the Golden Compass web page and took the quiz to see what my Daemon is... I'm not sure if I agree with it being a mouse.. I couldn't answer some of the questions about myself other than neutral... but I do like his name Aerodon.. so could you help me determine his species? just click on the link and answer 5 questions about my personality.. if you make one let me know and I will do the same for you! :) btw the species will be set on Dec 15 (12 days) so help me soon please!!
My Dad
doc@ fubar my dad is having his second heart surgery tomorrow...say a lil prayer for him and go wish him well thanks and much love to my friends and family
My Daughter
i would like to thank my friends who helped me whole my daughter was ill she alot better now she had a temp of a 104 now it has gone back to normal now she is back to school tomorrow so thank you my friends you know who you are
My Dad, My Hero
LtCmdr.William H. Feyh Caldwell-William H. Feyh, 61, passed away Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005, in Charleston, WV, of a sudden illness. He was born Mar. 20, 1944, in Columbus, OH, the son of the late William M. and Estelle McGinnis Feyh. Mr. Feyh was a Vietnam veteran who received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star among numerous other awards. He was a member and an Elder of Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg and was studying to be a commissioned lay pastor through the Presbytery of West Virginia. He was the director of the Lewisburg-Fairlea Food Locker and on the Board of Directors of the Greenbrier Valley YMCA, as well as President of the Greenbrier East Band Boosters. He is survived by: his wife of 19 years, Leah Stuart Feyh of Caldwell; four children, William A. Feyh of Windson, CT, Kathleen E. Feyh of Austin, TX, and Andrew S. Feyh and Elizabeth M. Feyh both of Caldwell; sister, Carolyn F. Cartwright and husband, Jerry of Milton, FL; brother, Charles L. Feyh an
My Daughter
My daughter fell on her knee in athletics today...its looking worse then I thought so I am on my way to take her to ER ....wish us luck...I hate the wait alone is enough to make you ill I will fill you in when I get back Huggsssss
My Day
holy crap im soooo outta shape. its gross. so i kicked me and sammi out today for a bike ride on the trails. sat on my ass all day today now im pooped and my legs are burning. and it wasn't even strenuous. i wasn't even pushing myself. so that tells me im in real trouble. but on the plus side i feel rejuvenated. and happy. surprise. surprise.
My Daily Horoscope
You can't analyze the unseen, so get into the middle of things and learn the facts.
My Dad
It's been a year. The year has flown by with more trouble on the horizon then I anticipated, but I made it through. Yesterday, was the first anniversary of my dad passing away. I haven't talked about it much, because after all this time, I still feel blindsided. I don't think there is any good way to lose a parent, but my dad died while doing what he loved the most....his job. My dad died of a massive heart attack filling out an accident report on a pretty nasty car accident, during a snow storm. He had been at the scene when it happened and then followed the ambulance. He was at the hospital's Emergency Dept. when it all happened. Yet, they couldn't help him...if was so massive and sudden. I don't think he had any pain at all. That makes me feel better to know that. Yesterday, we had a Mass of Rememberance. I had mixed feelings about doing this. I didn't know if I could have all these memories drudged up and make it through the day. But we did. And I'm glad we did.
My Darling
I sit in peaceful harmony... 'neath a gum tree,tall and grand... The wind plays gently with my hair.. as my toes play in the sand.. The trickling of the little stream... as it flows across the rocks.. makes my mind drift off to dream.. As if time stands still or stops. My mind goes to a time long passed.. To a place I'll not forget... To him...the only man I have loved, Of when he and I first met. I was young and foolish..barely grown.. my heart still in my hands... A man came to my parents place... And I thought.."Oh what a man!" He was working for my father.. on a station way out west... Lots of men had come and gone... but this one passed my test. When he smiled his face became so bright.. His eyes shone dark and warm... I felt when I was by his side.. I'd never come to harm. He made me laugh and made me cry... In the time that he was there... I gave him my heart I don't know why.. And he gave me love and care. We married when I turned 18,
My Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius For December 9,2007 Your social energy is strong now and you ought to be able to make a real difference for at least one of your good friends. Even if there's no crisis to solve, you should at least hang out together!
My Daily Horoscope
Why choose to assume a negative outcome in an unknown situation? Think positive.
My Daughter Is Having A Baby!
well i found out my daughter jamilee is having a baby shocked i was dont know what to say really well still schocked
My Dark Day.
Well today is December 16th and if you know me pretty well, then you know what today is for me. I wish I would've been smart and asked off work...but unfortunately it's a Sunday and I ALWAYS work sundays cuz my manager is always off. I dont know how I'm going to make it through the day. I'm positive that by 10am I will have sunk into such a depressive state that NOTHING will be able to pull me out. Except maybe my baby who's gonna ignore me all day...and a Packers victory. But even then...I will be too far gone to really care about that. Why is it that a day sticks with you for so long? Cant I just forget about it and move on w/ my life...I wish I didn't have such a good memory cuz then maybe for a year I would forget about today and it wouldn't be so bad... I need to buy alot of alcohol when I get off work today so if you see me online, it's probably best not to talk to me. I'm sorry guys.
My 12 Days Of Christmas
My 12 days of Christmas On the first day of Christmas my true love got for me On the second day of Christmas my true love got for me On the third day of Christmas my true love got for me On the forth day of Christmas my true love got for me On the fifth day of Christmas my true love got for me On the sixth day of Christmas my true love got for me On the seventh day of Christmas my true love got for me On the eighth day of Christmas my true love got for me On the ninth day of Christmas my true love got for me On the tenth day of Christmas my true love got for me On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love got for me On the twelve th day of Christmas my true love got for me All I want for Christmas is a true love.
My Daughters Surgery
Hi yall so i found out when my daughters surgery is gonna is january 16th, it is to remove a cyst in her throat please keep her in you thoughts and hope that she makes a full recovery... Thank you
My Days Are Long And My Nights Are Short
My days are long and my nights are short My nights are short and my days are long Without you I wouldnt be where I am today Without you I wouldnt survive Without you I couldnt breathe My days are long and my nights are short My nights are short and my days are long Without you I couldnt see Without you I wouldnt have the strength Without you who would I be Without you I would be sad and alone Without you I would be in the dark My days are long and my nights are short My nights are short and my days are long You are everything I want and everything I need so I am here to say You have my mind you have my heart you have my body and the most important thing you have is my soul I will love you forever and always and all eternity
My Daddy The Dancer
> >One day a fourth-grade teacher asked the children what their fathers > did for a living. All the typical answers came up -- fireman, > mechanic, businessman, salesman, doctor, lawyer, and so forth. > > However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically quiet, so when > the teacher prodded him about his father, he replied, "My father's an > exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all his clothes in front > of other men and they put money in his underwear. > Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home with some > guy and stay with him all night for money." > > The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the > other children to work on some exercises and then took little Justin > aside to ask him, "Is that really true about your father?" > > "No," the boy said, "He works for the Democratic National Committee > and is helping to get Hillary Clinton to be our next President, but I > was too embarrassed to say that i
My Dating Terms For 2008
My Dating terms for 2008 Dec 28, '07 9:43 PM for everyone With the way 2007 is ending... and everyone else setting their resolutions-- I thought-- sure.. why the hell not do one myself.... I usually don't do resolutions because I believe they, for the most part, set you up to fail... For example: we all claim were going to lose weight in the new year... for Valentines day to fall a few weeks later with the romantic dinner and chocolets... and then it is easter-- more chocolet.... and by then there is no chance of fitting into that bikini you swore you'd get into this year.... So, I am considering this as a guideline and not so much a resolution.... Setting some dating ground rules so hopefully the heartbreak and disception I expereinced of late won't happen again... I am officially putting myself back on the dating market... one week to deal with the emotions of Daren is all I am going to allow.... he's not worth any more of my time or tears.... I have grieved the los
My Day
My Day I start my day with coffee in hand to take a break and make a plan. I think of all the friends I have and wonder how to make then proud. I think of what to do today to make me feel like things went my way. I look at my life different now and try not to dwell on things I don't see. I like to think of happy things to make people smile and wonder about me. I think of life and how it can be and try to make it like that for me. I think of all that I have and wish I could share that those that I care for. I look at my life so differntly and I thank the Lord for what I can see. I think life is special and wonderful to for all hat that I can do. I think that my life is worth something everyday and I am thankful for that in everyway. I think that I have changed and became a person who is looking for more. I look at my day differently instead of ho-hum and yuck today I see a rainbow and all my friends and smile at what life has given me.
My Daily Love Tarot
The King of Pentacles card suggests that when it comes to your relationship or love life, there can be too much of a good thing, particularly if you fall into the trap of showing off. Like an all-you-can-eat buffet, where what you want is quantity, the situation changes or disappears once the want has been sated. But in matters of the heart, do what you believe, which, like a banquet, is all about quality. Tend to what you need, consider those who rely on you for support and practice gratitude. You may find that you are surrounded by a cornucopia of abundance and in a position to share this bounty with others. The more you give, the less you will suffer want in the first place. Get back to basics and make a clean sweep of those things that are cluttering up your love life or distracting you from true commitment and sensual pleasure.
My Daughter
Rest in Peace Allana Kay - Lynn Norton 11 * 5 * 04 - 08 * 25 * 07 God called one of his little Angels home to Heaven. Lil Miss Lala always lived her life to the fulliest. She will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. Her memory in everyone's heart. A little piece of everyone who knew her died today, She captured the love of everyone who came in her path. She will always be loved an remembered, as a sweet little Angel with The Golden Threads. Please pray for the family, and everyone greeving for the loss of little Lala Bean.
My Dad Pass Away Today
i lost my dad today he was all most 88 and my hero so to all my dear friends if you can't find me on here it because i got to fly back to iowa this week so thank you all for all the love you have show me
My Daughters Surgery
I just wanted to let u all know that I wont be on as much as I usually am for a few days because my 16 month old daughter Janessa had to go to Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh to have surgery. She fell and cut her self between the legs and they had to put her to sleep and numb her to get stitches. She went to the hospital on the 6th and had the surgery yesterday. She is home and doing pretty good so far. So please pray for her! She definetly needs it! Oh by the way there are pictures of her in my me folder while she was there!
My Day Off
What makes people truly happy ?? sex ?? realtionships ?? tell me what makes you happy
My Day...
My Damn Day Well, my day started out alright. Normal by all standards. Get up, shower, brush my teeth, you know the routine… First sign of trouble was getting stopped not 50 yards from work by a million fire trucks, police cars and rescue trucks. I swear there was a million!!!! (Ok, well not really but there was a lot!) Well, I am sure the person that requested assistance needed each and every single person that was there so I felt guilty and waited in line to move an inch while the guy directed traffic. Ok, work was routine once I got there. Until… I got a the dreaded note. You know the kind. The anonymous kind. All the letter said was “Hi baby doll guess who!” First off, you don’t ask a question and end it in an exclamation mark (LOL!!). And second, OMG!!!! Why by so cruel! Not only am I paranoid now as to who in Gods name left me the darn thing, but now I’m freaked out about it… Oh God the list is endless… This can only end in a disaster. Oh well. Just wanted to sha
My Dark World
i block the world from my view so i don't hurt agian i prefure to be blind then see it all offend i wish it all could be sweet but that just isn't right i wave my hand then remind everything will be alright i know now i was wrong to think those stupid thoughts how the hell can the world go on knowing all i've fought if i just lie here now and give it one more try maybe i'll just get lucky and wave away and die welcome to my dark world the senseless creepy find the place where i keep myself welcome to my mind
My Daughter
imikimi - Customize Your World
~my Dad~
Life Lessons You may have thought I didn't see, Or that I hadn't heard, Life lessons that you taught to me, But I got every word. Perhaps you thought I missed it all, And that we'd grow apart, But Dad, I picked up everything, It's written on my heart. Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be The woman I am today; You built a strong foundation No one can take away. I've grown up with your values, And I'm very glad I did; So here's to you, dear father, From your forever grateful kid. ......................................... Hes not only my dad but my friend....I love him with everything I have and I miss him...he lives in Indiana...and dammit man it sucks...i cant wait until he moves back south!!!
My Daughter Was Born
As many of you know, me and my wife Jess have been expecting. As of last night, Our little bundle of joy arrived, precisely at 11:55pm 1/18/07. EmmaLee Jean Siney 6lbs 14oz 20 1/2 inches long. For those of you who are my close friends and requested to see pictures... here you go.. i will be posting more later.. :) Nik aka Dj Redd
My Dads Made This I Love It Ty Dad And Mom
Happy Birthday Texxas Sweetie. ~Texxas~@ fubar This is the sweet little Texxas, Stop in and show her some Birthday love. Rate her, Become her fan, Crush her. Happy Birthday love Mom and Dad
My Darkness
Lost in thoughts of the past, The anguish of the years Darkness is my only friend, Darkness hides my tears. I've lost the only light, The embers fade and die. The memories of days long gone Refuse to ignite. Lost in thoughts of the past, The anguish of the years. Darkness is my only friend, Darkness hides my tears. I've lost the only light, The embers fade and die. But why? Can this be all that's left? This love has gone amiss. And why am i left to die, To perish here for all to see? Why? Can this be all that's left? This love has gone amiss
My Daughter
Love being a part of my daughters life... She keeps me young at heart..... THought I'd share her video. Some of you may not even care, but I love watching her!!
My Dash
Today was one of my hardest days in a long time. Today, I buried a co-worker, a good friend, and one of the nicest men that ever lived. Taken from this life too soon.. he had so many lives yet to touch. But those who knew him were touched by him each and every day. His wonderful personality, quirky sense of humor and overall genuine caring of people. When he asked you how you were, he truly wanted to know. As I sat in the pew listening to the music, looking at him laying there so peaceful, I looked down at his memorial card they handed out at the door, and I noticed the dash between his birthdate and the date of his death. ( You should check out my stash called the dash if you haven't yet), and I couldn't help but think about all that was in between those dates. He was a husband, father, a brother, an uncle, co-worker and a wonderful friend to so many people. This is a part of life I know, but no matter how you try to put it in perspective, it still hurts. His son spoke the sweetest
My Daughter
my daughter is in a contest. she is 2 years old and i was wondering if some of yall would help her out. all u have to do is copy and paste the link and vote soo please help her out and thank you.
My Dating Style
Your Dating Style:Casual Dating You are all about taking things as they come, you may just date someone once or it could turn into a life long thing. You just enjoy the mystery of it all. 'What is your dating style?' at
My Day To Be......
Hey people...I am bored so im posting up on here. My day will go just like this i promise you, it's gonna be freeze my arse off in my cold flippen house untill bout 11. Then get ready for work. Get to work about noon. Get yelled at for not putten up all the truck shipment that came in yesterday. Which wasn't my fault cause i put up 75% of that truck and the other guys were jacken around not doen nothen. So today i'm putten a boot in someones ass if they try and say i havn't done my job. Then i get off work at 830 and i'll be heading home. Come home get some sleep and get up early tomorow and do it all over again! GOD I HATE MY JOB!! But then again doesn't every1?
My Dating Personality
April, your dating personality is: Social Idealist April, when it comes to dating, you are a Social Idealist. This means you feel in your heart that there is one special partner out there for you and chances are, you've spent plenty of time daydreaming about them. You've probably imagined all kinds of things about who they are, compiling a mental checklist down to the smallest details. After all, knowing what you want is a good thing. You're pretty sure you'll know love when you see it and you're more than willing to go out and find your ideal mate. Being naturally social, meeting people may feel almost like a hobby of yours. You enjoy chatting up friends of friends, or even total strangers, more than most people do. But this outgoing nature doesn't mean you take whatever comes your way. When it comes to finding a love interest, you're not interested in just anyone. You want "the one." This romantic quest likely has you sizing up new people's potential as soon as y
My Damn Good Songs
My Dad Is Better Then Urs Lol
My Daughters Comes First
My Daughters Come First Please forgive me my love but my daughters come first. Being in love with you and needing you has my heart roaring to burst. But the feelings I have for two little ladies so pure. Wanting their daddy in their lives and nothing more.   So if there is a choice that I must make I will not have their lives at stake. I can not allow that to ever happen to them. My emotional feelings will never go dim. In love with you, yes I am. But I can not leave them out on the land.   Innocent young bystanders knowing nothing about life. And losing their daddy would be a hell of a price. They are my heart, my joy, my gifts from the Lord. I would rather hang myself with an extension cord!   Or rip my heart out and look at it with a stare! Then feed it to a lion, a tiger or a bear.
My Daddy...
VandenBoogart, David L. "Daisy" VandenBoogart, David L. “Daisey” Age 66, of Menasha passed away Saturday, July 08, 2006, at Franciscan Care Center, Appleton. He was born August 30, 1939 in Little Chute, WI to the late Lawrence and Lucille (Welch). He attended St Johns Vocational School for the Blind. David was a caring and open-minded man. He was always willing to help others in need and was very loving to all who knew him. He enjoyed spending time with all of his children. David also was very energetic and was always on the go. There was nothing that could stop David from succeeding in the things he wanted to accomplish. He also enjoyed listening to TV. He also enjoyed time spent with his cousin Richard Vanhammond; especially trading things, drinking together, talking about old times and many other things. He will be sadly missed by his seven children: Anna, Steven, Douglas, Katie and Lucynda VandenBoogart, Tuesday Ehrgott, Debbie (David) Wilcox ; four grandc
My Dad
(I Miss You Dad) many images come to mind whenever I speak your name; It seems without you in my life things have never been the same. What happened to those lazy days when I was just a child; When my life was consumed in you in your love, and in your smile. What happened to all those times when I always looked to you; No matter what happened in my life you could make my gray skies blue. Dad, some days I hear your voice and turn to see your face; Yet in my seems the sound has been erased. Dad, who will I turn to for answers when life does not make sense; Who will be there to hold me close when the pieces just don't fit. Oh, Dad, if I could turn back time and once more hear your voice; I'd tell you that out of all the dads you would still be my choice. Please always know I love you and no one can take your place; Years may come and go but your memory will never be erased. Today, Jesus, as You are listening in your home
My Daddy
My daddy drinks his life away. He drinks away our away his fears, Mommy says we shouldn't stay and full our hearts with tears. My daddy drinks his life away. He drinks aways his dreams, Mommy says we shouldn't stay and full our hearts with screams. My daddy drinks his life away. He drinks away my laughter, Mommy says we must go now to live happily ever after.
My Daughters
hi to all the first thing how to say or how to start my blog my i gust that my firt love to say is saing and gaving thanks to god. why? because thanks to him gave my life to keep going on futher on more know.that i know i my mother feels when she use't to screem and yell at us.And know that i am a mother to of two beautyful girls ill say to you all mother,girls, and ladies be proud for who you are and from were you come from.because the blessing of god is the most beautyful thing that could ever happend to any relationship on in any convivation way and in any loving respecting and caring way. my life will be my daughters for life untill death nomatter what so please allthose who are parents take care of your kids and dont let any one to come and harmd them please by law of god......
My Day!
10 Days!!!!! Well I talked to my boss today and she is going to give me March 1st off. Its the best job ever. And the money is great too. Today work went kind of slow. But I got everything done. I got hit on like 5 times. One guy went up to me and asked me what would it take to get me in his bed....and i told him uhhh babe,,,,some class maybe. lol. It was too funny. He was hot too. But i am not an easy tramp. But there is some good news on the boy front. I have a friend in oklahoma that I have been talking to on the computer forever now. His name is Duncan. I am not one to meet people on the internet, however, it has worked for my mom and Lucas. So when his conversation up and changed to wanting to get to know me better as in a more personal way I went for it. He is great. Has a great job, and owns his own home. So things are looking up for me. He might come up here to go to the three days grace concert with me and jess. He has to check his schedule though dont know if he has to wo
My 1 Day Tribute To Emerald Eyes
I know some of you are confused why I have a tribute to Emerald eyes today and what it's about... Well the answer is... Today marks 15th year anniversary of the Funeral date of my 1st true love Patrisha Kay... So for today only; I am gonna dedicate my page to her memory...
My Danny Vaughn From Tyketto Photos
NOT TOO LONG AGO I USED TO WORK FOR WILDCHILDMAG.COM , THAT JOB GAVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY AND INTERVIEW OF A LIFETIME -- DANNY VAUGHN FROM THE BAND TYKETTO !!!!! THE MAN IS BLOODY GORGEOUS , THE PICTURES I AM ENLCOSING CAME STRAIGHHT FROM DANNY AND HIS NEW BAND VAUGHN , I WAS THE VERY FIRST PERSON TO GET THE PRIVILAGE OF THESE PHOTOS !!! MY INTERVIEW IS INCLUDED Thank you Danny for taking the time to do this interview !! Always a pleasure! ==== Tell me about your latest project ? -- There are a lot of thing going on right now. I co wrote the title track of Richie Zito's new album "Avalon", which was great fun as I haven't done anything with Richie since "Don't Come Easy". I've written a song with Spanish guitar shredder, Jorge Salan on his new cd, and I'm working with guitarist Davis Ramay in Brazil on a couple of tracks as well. Ever since making myself generally available to work on people's demos or recording projects, I've been able to experience a lot of new music from al
My Days With Suzyq
I just got back Monday from spending 4 days with my Suzy. It was great. We went to an awesome place called Cedar Key and shopped and had some really good food there. It was a really place we had a good time just walking around the town and looking in the gift shops. We went into a biker shop in Cedar Key and we bought her lots of cool stuff. Then I drug her into several beads shops to get supplies for my jewelry making.We hung out and talked alot and did some shopping. She cooked dinner one night and it was awesome one of the best home cooked meals I have ever had. She introduced me to sushi and it is awesome. I had always been afraid to try I taste what I have been missing. I really enjoyed spending time with my Suzy but was really sad when I had to leave..but she reminded we will see each other again soon. Nook Nook
My Darkness
I live in my darkness, My home for no one cares. You try to do something nice and get in trouble, You show love and get pulled away from, So why bother comeing out ever? I will stay here with my hurt, my pain and my bloody arms for eturnity. Love is a four letter word they use only to hurt me later. If they cared they'd come in and save me but I know they wont. Good bye for ever cruel world. Hello Darkness.
My Day
well for the last fukin week alot of shit been goin on in my life well the past 5 months and well my wife has cme down to see me and it seems its wrong i take personal time to her and spend time with her well if yall dontlike it remove me cause i had alot goin on and im sick of the drama it has the time of my vip is up to end if its not im deletin my fubar cause i cant take the drama and bull crap no more im done and im stickin to it.. i had enough of it and im finished with it
My Daughter Is In Hospital!
my daughter(WHO IS 15) is in hospital in ephrata. she went in sun afternoon. she was a passenger , one of 6 kids in a car and a 19 yr.old was driving. he thought it would be fun to pass a car in front of him on a side road and lost control and swerved back and forth a couple times hitting the mountain side and then the car flipped a few times landing on it's roof. she was the last one to crawl out the back window and she was pretty much the only one seriously injured. she had surgey sun. nite on her knee to repair fat cells, ligaments, skin had to be stretched back over it. it was awful! she has road rash and debree on her hands and elbow. she cant write or feed herself. they have her leg in an imobilizer so she cant bend it for at least 2 weeks. she has to stay in hospital until they figure out whether or not the skin is going to live or die and if she will need another surgery for a skin graph. paramedics called me on her cell phone and i thought it was a joke at first! she is having
My Daughter
My Daughter A Ballade When first I saw her, she seemed to me, a little bundle of wonder and care, who could steal my heart for eternity with a beauty both pure and rare; and as she reached for life and air, filling the room with newborn cries, she fixed me with a wondrous star; I saw the future in her eyes. In one brief moment in memory, bless'd with some time that we could share, we walked together happy and free; and then a breath of spring fresh air blew aside her golden hair, to frame her against the distant skies; and in that moment I must declare, I saw the future in her eyes. E'er since then she's helped me see with eyes wide open and aware, just how special this life can be when you have someone with whom to share. She's my every thought, hope and care, the answer to every question why, this little girl with golden hair; I saw the future in her eyes. Hear my song, hear me declare, with my voice raised to the skies, I love my girl with golde
My Darkness
My Daddy
Come and sit a minute and get to know my daddy. A year ago in April, he had a whipple resection to get a tumor out of his ampullary duct leading into his pacreas. These are picture from the time before he was admitted until after his surgery. To give you an idea of how difficult this surgery was, Only 20% of people diagnosed with this very rare disease are eligible for surgery. 5% of those that have the surgery live through it. My dad was the lucky one. Now he is fighing it again, it has came back with avengence, his chances at beating this are slimmer, only 1% of those diagnosed with pacreatic cancer will live. I am praying for a miracle for my dad! If you want to follow his story; it is posted here:,3608.0.html So without further waiting: This is my daddy!
My Day
Today I woke up. Then I noticed that Helmut Kohl was fallen down. After I had repositioned him on my Display, I went downtown to a wonderful swedish bank. A Woman copied my id-card and I went along to the Tombola! Sadly I didn't win anything. So I visited the post office at the ghetto district of my beloved city and received my amazon packet! :) :) :)
My Day
Today was good. Not too long, but not too short. Got back into college, so that was good. Other than that not too bad. TTYL.
My Dad
so everyone that cares at all understands why I hate this day (March 12) more than any other day: Six years ago today started out like any other early spring day. I was making plans for working on my old Maverick, trying to get her ready for summer. I went to a neighboring town to pick up some special order parts for the beast. Stopped for lunch at a DQ, and headed home to start wrenching. When I pulled around the corner to my house, I knew there was something wrong. My mother and cousin were parked in my driveway and talking while waiting for me. When I got out of the car, James told me to get in his truck as my mom grabbed my car keys. They wouldn't tell me what was going on. Then James got me in the truck and started driving. As much as I begged him to tell me what was going on, he just kept saying " I CAN'T" As we drove to the south end of town, I started getting a terrible feeling in my gut. The closer we got to my dad's house the worse the fear set in. When we turned the cor
My Dad
I know I haven't been around here for a while but I was trying to spend as much time as I could with my dad. He has now passed away. It doesn't make it any easier knowing that this day was coming. I am grateful he isn't suffering anymore, the last few days were such a struggle for him. Might be awhile before I will be around again. Take Care, Susie
My Daughters Lounge
My Daughter And Sister
She was born September 13 2007.. she had alot of medical problems and my husband i went through alot to feed her and give her medications.. my best friend ashley learned all the stuff and was really close to her.. my husband i were back and forth to the hospital.. anyways march 17 we lost her and it is almost a year since she has been gone and it is really tough.. i hope and pray every night my best friend/sister has a healthy baby and everything goes alright.. i am going to be there for her as much as she was for me... I love ya ashley
My Dad
My father had a heart attack today. I have been at the hospital most of the day with my mom and sister. I have been checking my email and fubar from my blackberry. He is in surgery right now, and I won't know much more until afterwards. I thank all of you that have sent me wishes. I will keep you up to date as I hear things. Thanks for being my friend. Please keep him in your prayers. John
My Daddy, My Marine!
To love a hero, is one of the single most honorable opportunities one can have, To serve a country through a hero is a feat difficult at best, To support a hero for miles and years of one’s life is granted only to a select few, And to follow a hero and bare the separations are at most times cruel. To be the daughter of a Marine has been my source of pride. And when I was small everything my daddy did and all the places he went were part of a world I could not yet comprehend. I believed my daddy was larger than life. He fought in epic battles, visiting lands where the prince slays the dragon, and saved the damsel in distress. I believed he had once been a toad that my mother had kissed. Then I got older, the fairy tale ended. The truth and reality is… His commitment was not only to us, but also to his Marines with a duty to defend America, Lady Liberty, and it’s dreams. He vowed to always love us, but to put it all on the line for the cause. And if the time came, he p
My Day
My day was okies chatted with loverboy for a bit...Man I miss him saying he loves me...but all comes in time...Gah I hate time...Lately i have been very confident in the way i look which is good cause i take better pictures.. Ummm i go back to school tommarow which is boring cause i dont know what to do...:C...boring nesss...On our last projects...weeee enjoyment... Man apart of me wants to go to texas and break down his door and just make him understand how much i care for him...wether it be tourturing his ass or smuthering him to death...LMAO
My Dad And Friends
Hey all my friends my dad needs all the help he can get. I'am asking my friends to come an help him out in his contest...all my friends know that if you need my help I'll help you out when you need it.... Plz come help me out.... The link to the pic is below...... thank you There is also a wonderful friend that is in a contest also and can use some help, so stop by to help her out also. Just remember every little bit Helps.. Here is another Friend that could use some help also... Please every bit counts...
My Daughter Joined
Tara@ fubar
My Daddy Hurts Me...
I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlies bar I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work
My Daddy Hurts Me!!!
I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlies bar I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words, He says its my fault He suffers at work
My Dad This Is For Him
hello people i was just puting this up for my dad i loved him so much when he went out on the road he was a long hall truck driver he would go all over the stats so he would be gone a long time wen he was on the road i would play roll on and here is the song i hope you like my dad went home to the father above july 26 1985 love you dad
My Dad
My dad went in for some tests yesterday and they put him in the hospital and he is having triple by pass surgery today....Just letting a few of my friends know! If I am not around for a while! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!
My Dad Is A Dancer...
My Daddy Is A Dancer One day last week, a fourth-grade teacher asked the Children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came up: Fireman Mechanic Businessman Salesman Doctor Lawyer and so forth. However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically Quiet, so when the teacher prodded him about his Father, he replied, My father's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and Takes off his clothes in front of other men and they Put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is Really good, he will go home with some guy and stay With him all night for money.' The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, Hurriedly set t he other children to work on some math Problems and then took little Justin aside to ask him, 'Is that really t rue about your father?' No, the boy said, He works for the Democratic National Committee and is Helping to get Hillary Clinton elected as our next President, but I was too embarrassed to say that in Front of
My Dad Died
He died early Sunday morning on my mom's birthday.
My Daily Blog
I recently started a daily blog/diary of my day to to day life. This is an experiment that will chronicle my existence from my 26th birthday, to my 27th. If you ever get bored and want to read about an up and coming screenwriter/filmmaker, then goto and read my daily musings/experiences. -Script-
My Daughter(poem)
My life is bleak, My life is incomplete, My heart is broken, Without her, I cry and weep. Where are you my daughter? I cannot see you, I miss you, My daughter. I am lost without you, I wanted to see you grow, Become a woman. But they took you before my time was done, I miss you. Anna Marie. My life is bleak, My life is incomplete, Without you daughter
My Daughter
i need to just get this off my chest cause i just can't come out and say it... today is my daughter's 2nd bday. i have never seen her nor have i ever held her... i am missing a piece of my heart and soul because she is my blood and i have never and i mean ever let my kids go... she's 2 today and i'm just lil depressed that she's not with me.. my other kids don't really know except for my oldest son that they have a younger sister... it's hard... ty for listening or better yet reading.. this isn't a blog to make me feel better but to relieve some stress that is on my chest......
My Day Sucks
I have so much to say yet so little time in my life i have so much i want to do yet so little time in my lifetime. I always heard that i should live life to the fullest and i try hard to do that but it becomes 3 times as hard when u have problems and u just want to give up on life it sucks and is not worth it. sometimes i just wish time would stop and i could beat everyone up who has been a bitch. I want to forgive and forget yet with it being so hard I know not what to do i feel happy sad and angry every day it is not healthy. But knowing not what what to do I guess i just suck it up go on living for my beautiful child even though i just want to end it all i just wish all of life was easier and love especially was easier to deal with i don't know what is good in life i trust no one i am trusted by no one so i live my life thinking it is nothing but one big lie. I don't know do it i guess cuz i have been lied to so many times and i am so tired of it I just want to know the truth and no
My Day
Its been a hard day. If you have read my previous blog you all know my brother died 3 years ago today. Today is the first time that on this dreadful day that I have smiled. I have always been alone on this day. Even on the day we committed my little brother to the ground. I, for the first time had someone that was there for me. I have fallen head over heels in love with her. She has made this day so much more bearable. The sound of her voice has soothed me. She knows how i feel about her, but she will never know how much she really means to me. All my life I have been looking for that one that would be there for me in my time of need and now I have her. This is the real me, the one and only. I will never change who or what I am and she is happy with me just the way I am. I love my Angel.
My Daughter's Words
I have a Mac computer and when you listen to music you can turn on the visualizer that makes designs in time to the music. One day I was watching it with my 8 year old daughter. I asked her how the designs make her feel. When I watch the designs it reminds me of a boy saving me. I imagine the boy is singing to me, and then we sing together. Its like we are at a beach and the wave is about to hit us. And then we make designs in the water. And then I feel like there are sparkles that come down and make us beautiful. The designs make me imagine. I feel like we dig down to the ground and we have privacy and talk. It reminds me of all my boyfriends in the states and in Germany.
My Dad
my dad has been dead for 4 years. i find that hard to believe. i dream about him very often. in my dreams i know he's dying but thought he was already dead...i know that doesn't make sense...but in my dreams it's like i know he's supposed to be dead or that he will be dying soon. in 2003 my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. it hit my family pretty hard becos it was so unexpected. it was just a really hard time for me. for all of us... but i'm expected to be "the strong one." so it was really hard for me to keep up that front. i was really close to my dad as a little girl. i had a t-shirt that said "daddy's girl." & i have written about this before & it's still just as hard to write about as it for me to write about 2 years ago. my dad & i drifted apart. & we were no longer close as i got older. i try not to blame my mom for this but she is the reason my dad pushed me away. she was always really jealous & as a matured she made him feel like he couldn't talk to me so it was hard for h
My Day
Its been a hard day. If you have read my previous blog you all know my brother died 3 years ago this month. Today is the first time that on this dreadful day that I have smiled. I have always been alone on this day. Even on the day we committed my little brother to the ground. I, for the first time had someone that was there for me. I have fallen head over heels in love with her. She has made this day so much more bearable. The sound of her voice has soothed me. She knows how i feel about her, but she will never know how much she really means to me. All my life I have been looking for that one that would be there for me in my time of need and now I have her. This is the real me, the one and only. I will never change who or what I am and she is happy with me just the way I am. I love my Angel.
My Day Was Fine Until You Showed Up :p
Well people I guess I have finally succumbed to the annoyance and pettiness of this site we call Fubar. The more and more I log in, the more I wonder WTF am I getting myself into. I have been here for quite awhile and have saw it go from Lost Cherry, to Cherry Tap and now what we call Fubar. Well out of all the names I think FUBAR fits BEST! Yep, seems to me half this fukers are Fuked Up BeyonD All Recognition or Repair whichever or BOTH...TRUE STORY! I love all my friends, even the phony ones but I have decided I need a DETOX. No I am not deleting, thats just stupid. I worked hard enough to get where I am and will be damn if I start over unless they delete my sh*t on their own LOL. But I will say that I have never been on a site where DAILY bullsh*t is as common as everyone's default being a tit pic. All of us are old enough yet instead we act like the kids we gave birth to. Not all this applies to everyone because I have met WONDERFUL people on here. They know who they are and i
My Date
My date went greater than expected. We went to Dennys. Which was her idea . We had fun. Went back to her place and watched half of a movie called Knocked Up. We will finish it tomarrow
My Date From Yesturday
I just recieved a Instant Message from my date from yesturday. She didn't think it went as good for her as it did for me. We kissed over and over again during the movie. Which at times she started. And now she says she is not ready for a relationship. Ok what ever. Its just one more rejection in my life. But again what ever.
My Daughter
My Daughter When first I saw her, she seemed to me a little bundle of wonder and care who could steal my heart for eternity with a beauty both pure and rare and as she reached for life and air filling the room with new born cries she fixed me with a wondrous stare I saw the future in her eyes In one brief moment in memory blessed with some time that we could share we walked together happy and free and then a breath of spring fresh air blew aside her golden hair to frame her against the distant skies and in that moment I must declare I saw the future in her eyes E’er since then she’s helped me see with eyes wide open and aware just how special this life can be when you have someone with whom to share she’s my every thought, hope and care the answer to every question why this little girl with golden hair I saw the future in her eyes Hear my song, hear me declare with my voice raised to the skies I love my girl with golden hair I saw the future in her
My Daughter
Hello My friends or visitors, I just need a little help your thoughts on this issue. I am a single parent of a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl. She had her tonsils out over this past school year and she has had alot of colds and infection issues since then. Long Story short she will not pass this year and be held back. She wants me to allow her to drop out of school and go for her GED. I would rather see her start fresh next year even if we need to enroll her in a different school try the first 2 quarters providec she gives 100% if she is still struggling so badly i told her i would consider her going for her GED then. She acts like i am asking way 2 much. Is she right am i asking 2 much from her? Am i being unreasonable? I think an actual high school diploma is worth more then a GED. These are different times i know near the end of high school i hated it i could not wait for it to be over i didn't like my teachers either. But if i had dared to tell my parents i was going to drop out ju
My Daughter
i just wanted to say hello to you all and let ya know that i'll be back just as soon as i can my 16 yr old daughter has been in the hospital since last weekend but luckily she or should i say we came home today. ill be spending the next few days taking care of her, and keep you all updated if you will just keep her in your thoughts.
My Dad...fighting The Fight Of His Life.....
You have always meant the world to me My dad, my joy, my big part of being me A big strong man that nothing in life could scare Your strength and invincibility always there Through the good and the bad that life has thrown Ive never felt that i was ever on my own You and mum were always there, you could fix it all And now you are not at your best, i wish i could repay it all With the click of my fingers to make you well This tower of strength that has never tripped or fell So high up on this pedestal ive put you on You cant come down, up there is where you belong So as we wait the news, praying for the good Not wanting to think of whats not understood Im thinking of you and sending love from me Im your little girl, and always will be.
My Daughter..written For A Friend About His Love For His Little Girl...
You are the light in my eyes when i wake to a new day You are that shining sun i see through a clouded haze You are the reasons that i do everything in my life You are my reasoning, my love, my life lead to right You were just a little girl when everything changed You were too young to know why your daddy was estranged But you never once doubted me, or lost your faith in us You were always that smiling face and you never lost your trust You will always and forever be my number one girl As years do pass your hair will straighten from the curls Your wisdom and your intelligence are so way beyond your years I can share with you so much, my hopes and dreams, my life , my fears Because the bond that i have with you, my once baby girl Is that you and your brother are all that matters in this world To see your faces when i come to spend some time You have no idea of the love that blossoms knowing your mine So proud that the past hasn’t hindered the young lady you;ve be
My Darling Angel
Angel from heaven, fallen from heaven to earth just for me. A gift from god indead. Little sweet angel in my life, shin your darling smile upon me. I hold you dear to me. If I show you what it like to have a mother, can you show me what it's like to have a daughter. You touch my soul with happiness and joy. You fill my world with excitement and hope. The sound of your laughter is truely music to my ears. Sing me a hym to ease the pain that my past has brought me. My sweet darling angel, hold me my hand lead and show me what heaven is like. Hug me tight to show me what it is to love. Be tender, be sweet, be my precious angel, My precious angel, show me the way in life. Please help me guid me through the hard obstacles of the harsh world and I will be your teacher for life. Don't ever go away or leave my side, I beg of you not to. Little darling of mine, let me ask you just one thing. Before I lay my head down to rest guid me to heaves para
My Dark Heart
My Daughter Wrote This 4 Me!
Hey mom, Guess what? You're an April morning, Filled with delight as you ponder down the stairs With a glee to bright Still you're glamorous as though it were an April day, but things have changed and you're No longer the shades in my life when I'm sobbing So,remember you'll always be the true hero till dusk us part.
My Day
(Also writen on the 3 year anniversery of my brothers death) Its been a hard day. If you have read my previous blog you all know my brother died 3 years ago this month. Today is the first time that on this dreadful day that I have smiled. I have always been alone on this day. Even on the day we committed my little brother to the ground. I, for the first time had someone that was there for me. I have fallen head over heels in love with her. She has made this day so much more bearable. The sound of her voice has soothed me. She knows how i feel about her, but she will never know how much she really means to me. All my life I have been looking for that one that would be there for me in my time of need and now I have her. This is the real me, the one and only. I will never change who or what I am and she is happy with me just the way I am. I love my Angel.
My Dad....
I know I havent posted anything in awhile let alone a blog but this is my final entry in this blog... My dad died on Feb 9, 2008.... Its taken me this long to try to come to grips with it and its not been easy... My mom, sister and daughter are still reeling from this blow and Im not sure if my kid will ever truly get over it... As for me, I am surviving and pressing on as anyone else would do but I still feel the emptiness and a profound sense of loss from this...Time will tell if any of us get over the significant loss... No more talks about sports and no more chess games...Was fun while it lasted... EOL
My Daughter
My Daughter T--errific as a daughter A--blaze with radiant energy B--orn a leader, not a follower A--bsolutely the best daughter in the world T--hrilling to be around H--appy most of the time A--dorable even when she is sleeping Tawnya Sue Read Copyright ©2008 TawnyaRead
My Dawn
"Beanie...I just want to know..." She starts the conversation off. And instantly I smile. My body floods with happy feelings and I wait to hear her go on. "..Do you really go to hell for masturbating because...really? I'm going to hell." I laugh into the phone so hard I feel my body shake. "No! Who the fuck told you that?!" "No one..." she sounds serious with a side of giggle. "...but I you know there's crazy stuff in the bible." I laugh. "Do you want me to go on about the bible?" "Beanie...have you read the bible?" "I have read a whole hell of a lot of it." I laugh " just home aloooone, don't wanna watch Tv...what the hell else am I supposeda do...really?" "Well I have absolutely no idea." "I know Beanie...cuz If im going to hell for masturbation you are too...and really would that be so bad?" Sometimes when I meet people. I get an instant feeling of a certain color.I cannot explain why or what the hell the color is for. But most
My Dad
My dad has had alot of problems for years,he has trouble swallowing food, liquid, anything, he has lost alot of weight. Recently he went to the Dr. because he had a knot on his neck, they took a biopsy and come back cancer, he has advanced stage 4 lung cancer, and is expected to live 6-8 months. The cancer has spread through out his body, it is eating away at the bone of his shoulder so they might have to amputate it. I seen him yesterday and he looks terrible, from where they took the biopsy his face and neck is swollen hardly recognized him. He know has another growth on the other side of his neck.the knot on his neck is pressing against his jugular if he turns the wrong way it cuts the blood flow to his brain... I will keep you updated when I can, I probably won't be on much... Please keep us in your prayers...
My Day
My Day Sometimes I just don't think it pays to get out of bed, ugggghhhhh. I know you guys don't know it, but I have been really struggling with alot of personal issues lately, I wish someone could explain to me why I always seem to attract men, that seem to really want to be with me, be around me and then just POOF!, they are gone without so much as a good bye. It has really been weighing on me lately. So day before yesterday I was finally starting to get past this a little, then I wake up yesterday, lol....should have just stayed in bed. First I go outside to my car and discover someone has been in my car! It's not that they took anything of value, lol, actually it's pretty funny what they did take...a case of bottled water, 12 empty cd cases, lmao, I wish I could have seen their faces when they discovered the cases were empty, lmao. Anyway, its not what they took, it's that they were in my car, i feel violated. Then I had to go to my bank, change accounts because I am
My Daughter.. Omg..too Funny
ok, so i have this teacher, that i sort of... don't particularly love. ..i hate her. but anyways. every day i like talk bout how much i hate her. and like when i'm behind her i always make like gestures of killing/stabbing her.. hahaha. But today.. i was in one of those.. kayleigh moods, that i'm in an awful lot. and so in study hall i was like making airplanes with my hands and making airplane sounds, and i like got so into it that i fell out of my chair and i got up and continued. she came over and was like "kayleigh, that is enough. be productive" so i just did it quietly. Then like 2 minutes later i needed help with a paper so i was like "Ms. schnare!! I NEED HELP" and she wouldn't listen to me so i started making turkey noises to get her attention (oh yeah, by the way. we have inside jokes about her being a turkey, because of her 3 chins. ) and she didn't listen to me. so i was like meowing for 5 minutes
My Darkness
The darkness closes in Squeezing my dreams from my grasp Squeezing the love from my heart Squeezing everything from me 'Til I am nothing Nothing but a shell Weaping in despair Tugging at my hair Wanting it to end Needing to escape The darkness get only deeper As the pain slips away As up becomes down Left becomes right As tears become rain Sliding down unfeeling cheeks Bloody lips, coughing into exhaustion Everything has fallen apart All my dreams, All that's left a shattered heart The darkness makes it's last attack As the blade cuts deep As the blood runs thick My last whisper, Words of love to you Words of farewell Of apology I never wanted it to end this way I never wanted to leave this day But I could not escape this darkness...
My Daughters Boyfriend
I have never hated anyone before in my life but my daughters fella is a lieing cheating fucker he tells my daughter what to do as if she dont have a mind of her own yes they had a baby together but im not allowed to look after my grand daughter because he says iam a bad mum for kicking my daughter out of my house I only did it for so that my daughter would get housed. If I hadnt of done it she wouldnt be 10 weeks off getting her house she would be stuck at home with me and id of probley killed her fella by now as he calls me a slag and a fat whore yes by this Iam very pissed off and i want to get him out of my daughters lve but cant work out how to do it. He uses her as a punch bag and she would call the police on him she is frightened of him what can i do .Iam so fed up and i love my daughter and grand daughter with all my heart . I know what he is trying to do hes tryin to tip me over the edge but its not going to happen so id cut my arms up but it will never happen hes my pain in my
My Daughter's Pictures
If someone on here continues to add pictures of your child to there page because they talk to the child's father on here.... would you be pissed? I have REPEATEDLY asked this person to stop adding pictures of MY daughter to her page and she REPEATEDLY refuses. I am really not sure what else I can do to make this person stop. My daughter's father is not now nor will he ever be with this person in real life. I am not sure what has possesed her to do this... but I am tired of it and frankly concerned that she is so obsessed with my child! PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!
My Day....
Well the day went well...showed up back at work at 5:45am....Coworkers were very welcoming. Asked me where I had been I told them...very sick. MRSA. Oblivious as to where I picked that up from..yea but apparently it had worked itself into my system between March and April. Read up on's our newest Staph killer. I'd had it so long in my system that when it finally broke and the blistered welts, that later look like bruises, came out...the doctor said if I'd tried to fight it without medical attention I probably would've made it as far as this Saturday to my death because I had lost the will to eat, drink, sleep and just weak. He said I should only give symptoms such as these 2 wks to fight and then get to the doctor. He also stated where they were located that it had to have been passed on to me through something or someone who has no idea they are a carrier. But I've pretty much been work and home in between those two months I guess you could say. Keeping this in min
My Dark Hair Angel
My dark haired angel by LateNiteFantasy© My dark haired angel beckons me and I must heed her call we spiral in towards love’s embrace onto the bed we fall she presses close against me hearts race like quickened fire to feel her touch, I’ve missed so much her wish is my desire. The way she feels so warm and soft both locked in love’s embrace her slow seductive teasing, puts a smile upon my face our passion burns, a quickened pace the moment is at hand I feel the rush and then release waves crashing into sand we lay spent together and bask in after glow her face so sweet, she kisses me no stronger love, I know I drift off to peaceful dreams through sunlight’s wooded glen were I await my dark haired angels beckoning call again.
My Daughter Is Missing Please Help.
As the title says, my daughter is missing. please go to I just put this site up so it's just the bare bones facts right now, but I am hoping to add information and updates as time goes. Hopefully not too much time passes though. Here is the link to her poster on the National Missing and Exploited Children's website. Please pray for her safe return. She's been missing a long time now, it seems like forever. She is 15 and will be turning 16 on June 22nd. Please pray that she is home before then. I'm so scared that I can't even put it into words. Thank you all.
My Dad
I know that most of you will think that this is stupid but it isn't. My father passed away four years ago today. I am still not over it. He was the one who taught me how to care for people and to treat people the way I would like to be treated. He never looked down on people because they were different. I miss him greatly every single day of my life. I miss his advice the most. Since his passing my life has been on a downward spin cycle that I'm finding harder and harder to pull myself out of. So if you have spoken to me in the past few days or plan to speak to me today, please forgive me for the things I have said. I am just so angry that he had to go. He shouldn't have and he and I both know why. This time of year is hard for me. He died right before Father's Day. He was one hell of a father and now I know that, to some he was a great daddy. As I have learned in the past week: A father is someone who knocks up a ho and just keeps on going. A dad is someone who
My Daddy
My Dad...
this has really been a rough last couple of weeks for my dad..and our family....hes been in the hospital for the last 2 weeks..with terrible infection...his whole body was full of infection...he had phnemonia...his blood pressure keeps bottoming out...his heart stopped...but its going again...we've been called to the hospital twice..saying he wont make it thru the nite...and just when we thought it was getting better and he was going to evansville to a rehab/theropy place to make him all better...he got another setback today..where his neck, throat, tongue is all swollen and blocking his breathing..he had to get a tube inserted keep him breathing..i just got told hes gotta be airlifted to indianapolis...which is now farther away....(about 3 hours)...if its not one thing ..its another...pleaze keep us in ur prayers...thanx for reading..just had to get it off my u all my friends....
My Dancing Angel
My Dancing Angel by LateNiteFantasy© a movement stirred i moved about the bend to find the end within that i moved to the drawer where the window was above and in the darkness i found my love she danced with the beat of the wind breaking time and flying high i followed till i fell asleep and woke with her at my feet she calls my name again she calls me out to play and she is dancing under moonlight skies endless nights of passion filtered with the color of grey and in the moonlight night we found our loves delight and then the dawn broke out it swept the land clear she looked down to me before she left me there... she calls my name again she calls me out to play and she is dancing under moonlight skies i could have seen her burn i could have seen her fly instead i saw her fall down i saw her die i wake again in the bedroom i cant believe my eyes im scared now as i wait for her to come... she calls my name again she calls me out to
My Daughter...
Usually I can handle things pretty well, but some days are harder than others. This day being one of them. It was 24 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She had a bit of a rough start, but came home with mommy and family to love and grow up with. Unfortunately her light was extinguished when she was only 3 1/2 months old. A terrible thing SIDS is, which is what claimed her life, oh so long ago - yet the hurt and pain of such a loss still exists to this very day. So many questions... What would she look like? How smart would she be? What interests would she have had? What talents? and so many more bouncing around in my head. A waste of energy I tell myself, for I'll never know the answers so it's futile even going there. But still, I can't help myself. R.I.P. Aileen Elizabeth... 6-25-84 to 10-13-84 Mommy Loves You and knows you are watching over me. With all that is crammed in my brain, being alone without the support of my best friend, my husband
My Dad
I'm so sad tonight. A lot going on in my life right now and I got a call from my mom that has upset me beyond belief. While on a driving trip to Florida last week, my Dad had to pull over to the side of the road as he wasn't feeling well. He then lost consciousness and had symptoms that sounded like a stroke. My mom was on some freeway and there were no roadmarkings -- so when she called 911 she had no idea where to tell them to come. My dad is in good health - stays very active but is 71 years old. My dad came to - and said he was "fine" - so Mom took over driving and they proceeded to spend a week in Florida. They are home now and Dad had surgery two days ago - thank goodness tehy didn't have do general anesthesia with him being 71. he's home and doing well - and we're just trying to get him in to see a cardiac doctor as family is wondering if it was a heart arrhythmia and not a mini-sroke. He has never had heart problems before; so this is all just so unbelievable. I k
My Daily Kiss Fortune
Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less,say more, love more, and all good things will be yours. --- Be aware of what your actions and their effects on others --- demonstrating concern for another can go a long way in the next five days.
My Dad!
When I close my eyes at night, I see a light of hope. For today is the day that I know I must cope. I have to say that I wish my Dad was here today. He left us in such a way that we still don't know what to do. Ever since he walk into Gods' Door, I know he does not hurt anymore. Out of all the people in the world to see, I wish my Dad was here with me.
My Dad
I wanted to write some things about something that has changed my life and my outlook on it. This concerns my dad, Paul Tyler. Dad has been in the Air Force for almost 18 years. He is a pilot qualified on B-52'S and is also qualified as a navigator on a variety of other planes. He has served 3 tours now over Irag and Afghanistan. He is a very brave man and the greatest dad anyone could ever ask for. A few days ago he began experiencing migraines and was feeling faint. After an in-depth physical, the doctors found a pea size tumor in his brain. After a biopsy it was found to be malignant. They succesfully removed it and scheduled him for a series of treatments. Two days ago, while awaiting the first treatment to begin, he suffered a stroke and lapsed into a coma. His prognosis is pretty good they say, but it is extremely difficult to see my dad lying there in bed waiting for him to wake up like they say he will. I am having a really hard time with all this, and I know my sis
My Daily Kiss Fortune 071108
In the garden of your dreams many things will blossom soon. --- Watch your garden carefully - and care for the tender shoots of love.
My Dad
My father, mother and sister are visiting. Ever since I have known dad he has always been a doer. He and I have always done projects together. Everything I know about tools I learned from him. He has taught me a lot. But he is getting older - turning 75 this year and he is slowing down. When I asked him to bring his chain saw, I didn't figure he would help, but really he was in the way. It has to be my fault. I am just not used to working with other people on projects anymore. I just don't watch out. So when I was cutting down a small tree and dad stepped in to help - I should have stopped what I was doing. Instead when he lost his balance when the tree fell, he reached to stop himself and caught the saw. Fortunately, as soon as the tree fell, I stopped the saw, so he caught a decelerating blade, but I never should have had the saw near him. I know better. He had minor cuts, some of which required stitches, but none were very deep. He should be fine in time, b
My Day In Hell In The 909....
THIS IS MORE OF A RANT/MUMM So I had been waiting months for the Rockstar Mayhem show. I thought my friends and I were going to go have a great time and ROCK. Well that did not happen.. all my friends flaked out due to being poor (the tix were 7 bucks) anyway.. So I ended up getting a email from these kids who needed a ride to the show. I figured what the hell, I know what it's like wanting to go to a show but no way to get there. So I said sure I'll pick ya up. BAD BAD BAD IDEA..... These kids not only got me lost from their house to the show (and I asked if they knew how to get their from their house, they assured me, yes they did) SO.. 40 minutes later he says "have you seen any signs) I was not looking for the signs mind you, I was driving... I said "you were not looking' and they say " NO WE WERE SPACING OUT". That should have been a warning since they both weighed maybe 150 together....and I was in the 909....I found out laterthey were carrying drugs in my car the wh
My Darling Lois
This is something i wrote for a newspaper a few years ago... My Darling Lois, It seems so long since we’ve been together, since I could smell your perfume, since I’ve seen your radiance. But I realize that’s how life is sometimes. We can survive this, because our love is stronger than any circumstance that might be front us. We’ve been through so much together, but that has only made our love stronger. I remember our first date at the Homecoming Dance our junior year. Your baby sitter was late and my beer got warm, but it did not seem to matter. I was spellbound. Your daddy said, “Any woman that keeps a man ‘a waitin’ like that deserves both fists, one on each side of the face.” But to me, one was plenty. I know he still thinks of me as a wimp. And I remember our first fight, on our way home the same night. I can admit to you now, I was really scared that you would never speak to me again. I remember looking at your sweet face and praying to God that you would say something t
My Daughter Amanda Is Being Signed For Her Music
My daughter Amanda was just called and was told she will be signed for her music . She got a call from Leslie West last night . She and her friend will meet him in tampa FL in a few weeks I am so proud of her , She writes and plays her own songs . If you dont know who Leslie West is here is a vidio of a song i think everyone knows with van halan
My Day Of Birth
The influence of your Day of Birth; You were born on the ninth of the month, which means your birth number is 9. You're a broad-minded, idealistic, generous and energetic woman. And talk about a flair for the dramatic! You truly enjoy making "an entrance," whether it be into a room or into life. For you, life is one exciting adventure, which you nonetheless take quite seriously. You're the type of woman who wants to experience everything there is to do at any one time. Going on vacations with you can be frustrating for friends and family because you want to see and do EVERYTHING! Your Destiny number; To those who know you, you're as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar! You're a 100 percent reliable and trustworthy woman. The reason why you have your feet on the ground 24 hours per day is that you're under the influence of a 4 Destiny. Women with this Destiny are sensible, hardworking and live life with integrity. In fact, you probably adhere to that old saying, "Honesty is
My Dad
AS most of you know my father is a fire fighter, hence the name. He has been gone since sunday night, he is one of the thousands fireman fighting the mariposa fires. I guess a part of me is proud and a part of me is selfish because I want him home. He has been a fireman for over 30 years and he knows what he's doin. I am scared for my dad and for all the men out there. To top it off Im alone. I thought I had a friend to help me deal with this but when it came down to it I was wrong. To get to the point of this blog is that I miss my dad, just like the thousands of other family members who's father, grandfathers, uncles, brothers wives, mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters that are out in this mess of fires that are burning right now.
My 30 Day Blast Giveaway...wanna Help?
this is a 20k comment giveaway and ive done 8000 on my own...really hate asking for help (anyone who knows me knows this is true)...but have had a lot going on in my life and got behind...this is a giveaway for a 30 day blast and im posting it here in case you all get bored or just want to help a gurl out...i could use any help i can get!!! All love will be returned (if anyone knows me at all, you know this is true)....TY for taking time to read this...Much love to all my friends, i adore you all!!
My Day
A poet came to our school today He told us to write about what happened to us today And put it in a poem Most people will try and make their poem rhyme Something like Sarah's: Roses are red Their leaves are green My brother hit me I think he's mean Or something equally as confined Me, I wrote a freeform A girl called me names at lunch A boy pushed me down today And the teacher, She forgot I was here when she called roll Invisible is my middle name A poet came to our school today He told us to write about what Happened to us today And put it in a poem.
My Darling
My Darling, How I miss your touch I miss your whisper of "I love you so much" Your love is so sweet, so gentle, so tender So wonderful - just like the sender My love for you is so true and so deep I pray that my love you will forever keep I love you more each and every day I love you, Baby - in every way Me pleasing you and you pleasing me I want to be touching you - skin to skin Baby - I am ready for our life to begin I am counting the days until then You will long for love - never again I will love you like crazy for the rest of your life You will have the best friend, lover and wife I want to be your everything I want to be what makes your heart sing I love you, Darling - please never doubt I love you so much - I want to Shout Until we are together again - hold me in your heart I am holding you in mine - as I have from the start
My Day Out..sexual Fanasties
“My day out with Big Daddy” Written By Christy aka Sanari March 17, 2006 We were meeting His boss for lunch. The office building towered above us like a giant glass monster as we got out of the car. i had no idea why i had been invited, or exactly at whose request, but there i was, standing on the sidewalk, looking up forty stories, a death grip on His hand. "Come, My sweet, nothing to be nervous about." Daddy's fingers squeezed mine and He took the first step forward, pulling me along in His wake. Inside the building, the walls were lined with mirrors. i could see nearly every visible inch of myself from any given direction. There was a guard seated in the center of the lobby surrounded by a circular desk. He acknowledged us with a nod and a smile, obviously recognizing my Owner. His eyes traveled appreciatively over my body, covered in leather from shoulders to ankles, my sandaled feet with whore-red polished toenails. i couldn't help but blush and cont
My Daddy
Daddy/little girl does not refer to the ages, real or pretend, of the participants. Nor does it imply closet desires. It refers to the environment that two people have created. A Daddy Dom is so named because of the qualities he possesses and the service he provides. So, what are these qualities? What is a Daddy Dom? A Daddy Dom wants to be the center of your universe. He wants to be able to provide for your every need and care. But more than that he wants to be able to shape and mold you to the image he thinks you should become. He sees in you someone who, in his mind, can achieve a much higher, much greater status. He believes more in you than you believe in yourself. What he wants in return is to be able to bask in his image of you, the image he has created. How does he achieve his goals? Through love, respect, and discipline. His love for his little girl goes without saying. He accepts every part of her and works to emphasize the good while improving the bad. He loves her as much f
My Dad And Me
My dad is visiting, it is the first I have seen him since his heart attack in Feb. I can't believe I gave him CPR and thanks to his neighbor and me he is alive. So, for our commbined strength to survive amazingly negative odds this one is for him... My Dad and Me By:Heaven My Dad colors inside the lines, smiling as he watches me create my own. My Dad always orders sweet tea with extra lemon... LOTS!!! I never order the same thing twice. My Dad comes with his own sound track, you can follow every ache and pain. Tell me? Do you know if I hurt? Where? That is just some of how we are our own souls. Now, when it comes to beating odds no one should, could you do it? I know we could! My Dad and I have time and time and time again. Will you sacrifice what you love for a little time? We have and we don't look back. What would be the point? New things await he warrior who gives up something small for something big. Like to live. What could you take? Facing your gre
My Daughters Audition
Yes my daughter had her audition for American Idol, and she didn't make it which I am still just as proud of her anyway... not important, but the reasoning s and what goes on at these are a whole other story. We spent 5 hours Monday in line and getting inside to register for this audition, and that went fine they give you a seat ticket for the one auditioning and one person friend or parent there for you. Today Aug 13, 2008 we got there again at 5 am to find out the rules that say there will be no camping out or early line up was broke by hundreds so by the time we got there the line was as long as it could possibly go. It rained and we got wet.. but made in inside the Arena. When they do the auditions the have 24 producers that they split up and put two at each desk about 20 ft apart with a small partition wall between them. This is all set up in the center of the arena. They divide the people auditioning into 4 lines in front of each desk, so each group is judged by a diff
My Daughter Is Comming To Visit
I am still battling a sore back. My back is almost better, just one sore spot left. Not sure what caused it, but will be glad when I am totally pain free. I am ready for school. Class will start the 25th. I will have to do a little juggling. Because my daughter will be here the 30th and leaves Sept 20th. So I will have to adjust school, and work while she is here. I am so nervous and excited. It will be great. I haven't seen her since she was a baby. Well anyway if you don't see or hear from me during that time you know why. My daughter, School and work. but I will try. but if you don't hear from me you know why.
My Day
Pretty much staying on the ground I'm 44 years I don't need to be jumping out of no plane or off a cliff with some rubber strapped on me. so personally i'm just keeping it calm Love to jump on a motorcycle and ride off anytime
My Daddy
September 4, 2007. That the day I lost my dad it has been almost a year. He had a massive myocardial infarction that stopped his heart, we had chosen AND which is allow natural death instead of resuscitation we felt that he had suffered and he had already made his peace with god. That was not an easy choice to make cause he was my father and growing up till I was a teenager I only got to see him twice a month. And as teenager I wasn't perfect and there were times when we disagreed but I always loved him just the same. There was a time when I was 16 that well we actually came to blows and I hit him right in the nose and broke it in tow places. But, that was not really my fault cause in the course of an arguement I turned to walk away and he grabbed my arm and spun me around and out of reflex I fired back. We didn't ever come to blows again after that. But, there was the time that he got angry with me and took all my plug wires off my car so I couldn't leave. Wel, he did finally put th
My Daughter
lexi lillyan fowler was born at 1:16pm on 1st september 2008 she waighs 9bl 12oz more info cumin soon
My Dad
We would out that my Dad has Lung Cancer. They are going to go in and remove half of his lung. This by no means will cure it all so they say. Its going to be a hard time for me because Father is not only my Dad he is my best friend and has been since i was about 10 years old. My Dad has always been ther for me and i love him dearly. This is going to be a hard time in my life. Please keep my Dad Kenny in your prayers.. thanks guys
My Daughters Wedding
My Dark Side ...a Long Time Ago...
All of my demons come out in the dark, no matter how hard I try I miss my mark. Sitting there not being able to sleep, thinking about my past my demons make me weep. People think im just like all the rest, but everyone I ever met make me look best. Trying to remember all the times although they were bad, when it comes down to it they were all I had. All of the attempts to suppress the demons,nothing is more powerful than my demons. Now it is dark and she is still not here, guess im going to have to face my fear. Nothing good ever came out at night, sometimes it gets better with the coming of the light. When it is so dark I feel like im falling into the abyss, everytime I think about it everything is amiss. Never thought life could feel this way, but until a few hours ago I had a place to stay.Of course this news came to me at night, anything done after dark is never right. I don't know if I can take it anymore, what do I deserve all this for.I know she is sick but so might I, at ni
My Daughter Has Gone Home
Well My Daughter is safely back in Honduras. I took her to Houston this morning for her flight back. That was a long stressful trip. The hardest part was saying goodbye. Stephanie leaving still has me pretty much bummed out. But still it was an amazing trip. Even though this is the first time I have seen my daughter in almost 21 years. Even though we have been talking by e-mail, messenger and by phone, everyone knows that isn't the same. but we just clicked. it was like we had been together everyday of her life. I am very blessed to have a bond like this with my daughter. I know many aren't that lucky, and I wish I could have a bond like this with my son. For my daughter it was quite an adventure, comming in ahead of huricane Gustav. So that kept us indoors for a few days watching tv and talking. Got her hooked on a couple of my shows. Sharing music and stuff like that. We did the tourist thing, took her to jefferson, did shopping there, saw a lot of kool museums.
My Days Are Numbered!!
Well it's back! Didn't take her long to come to my page and be her normal self. Apparently I am improtant enough to her to go off on once again. _Anne ~Mis...: your days on this iste are limited. they are seeing thru u _Anne ~Mis...: nice mumm comments cunt. you fat hogs stick together like the pack of wild dogs u r. im back & will NEVERbe gone. you act so fucking innocent. even fireman915 came to me a couple of months ago, apologized, asked me o forgive him for how he treated me & told me he had finally seen what a fake trouble making cunt u r
My Dad
My mom and dad divorced when I was four and as a result I've had an unusual relationship with my father ever since. Don't get me wrong. He's a great guy; always paid child support and my tutition, took me to Disneyland and all that "good dad" stuff. He has tried to stay connected throughout my life and yet our relationship has always seemed strained and forced like reaching out to a stranger. My education was the primary topic of our conversations during childhood and as I excelled at school this made for pleasant though superficial bond. When I was fifteen he hooked up with a new partner, a woman from Aruba named Carol with a nine year old daughter Britney. When he went down there to move in with them I was very upset and didn't speak to him for almost a year. Slowly we rebuild our relationship to the point where I usually visit once a year and spend time with his "new family". The first few visits felt very akward. I would spend the day touring around the island with them and in the
My Daughter Is Bi But I Think We Should Let Everyone Be Who They Are Not What We Want Them To Be
ASAL2 gets in trouble for kissing her friend! Current mood: angry Category: Blogging This news arrived to me late. I personally didn't even know Seattle still had a baseball team. I read the article off another website (sad that I'm the last one to know about this) I did a search on the story for more info and I have a headache. Just so you know I am a straight male, but I'm not ignorant. I am very accepting to peoples life styles. Unfortunately not everyone is the same. Sirbrina and a female date where at a Mariners Game and they decided to kiss, just like anyone of us would if we had a date. Well apparently a woman complained to an usher about the kiss. She was worried about how parents would have to explain to their kids why two females were kissing. For the love of Pete it's not like they were giving each other oral! It's just a kiss. Here is where my headache kicks in. "I would be uncomfortabl
My Day From Hell
Yesterday was OFFICIALLY a day from hell. It was that bad that even sitting here talking about it makes me want to cry. Where to start.... The kids refused to take a nap yesterday so I had them in their room and closed the door and told Lois to quit screaming or mommy would smack her mouth. I went to go to the bathroom and their room got really quiet so I thought MAYBE they went to sleep.... I THOUGHT WRONG!!!!! Sometime the night before their dad cracked their bedroom window because the apartment was hot and Lois, who is almost 3, got the window open more, the screen moved and climbed out on the roof and her brother Nathaniel, 19 months old, followed her!!! So here are my two little babies on a second story roof. A neighbor was out walking and saw them on the roof and got them down and had them in the back yard playing. This all LITERALLY happened in about 3 minutes!!!!! THEN!!!!!! After getting them back inside I went to close the window that they had just climbed out and as it
My Daughter My Best Friend
Tane To my daughter i love you with every ounce of breath i breathe your my best friend and also a fabulous daughter may the angels always look down upon you and always guide you in life. Your a fabulous mother yourself now and that little man 'my grandson' is a tribute to you & your love and patience shines through always, your a special mother with love and kindness. Im so very proud of you my 'first born' and the lovely grandchildren i've been so blessed with in my life i thank you for that wonderful blessing i have of them and you in my life. We have a special relationship you and i not only as mother and daughter but as best friends always remember a 'mother heart is always open and always forgiving teach that to your children also so they always come to you and confide in you teach them to walk upright in life and be as strong as you their mum is. ' I love you.
My Daughter Is Missing Please Read
My Darkest Desires
MY DARKEST DESIRES My darkest desires Of pain and agony To see him suffer When he's not by me To see him cry And watch him bleed As I laugh in evil sin He beaks down in sorrow Just I can win My darkest desires Of madness and suffering To see him in agony My laughter will sting To see him in pain Makes me smile Evil mind and heart My eyes stare at him I will break him a part My darkest desires Of blood and tears To see him surrounded by madness It's me he fears To se him in blood Makes me high It's a thrill He's glancing behind And I get my prey, my kill My darkest desires Scaring him away All I wanted Was to be loved But now I got left On my own again And it all strikes back My desires become my fears
My Daughter
Daughter -Elizabeth Hall- Ever so gently I hold you in my arms beautiful butterfly. Diaphanous wings gently test the breeze promise predestined flight. A fragment of time passes such a short time it seems to the hands the hold you close. Gossamer wings grow strong and restless. The morning comes when you leave my hands and flutter triumphantly around me though remaining quite near a mere breath away. Each new day you venture futher perfect, pwereful wings carry you away from my protective hands as you seek the wind yet return at the coming of night. This day, though, my proud heart rejoices this day my bursting hears silently weeps. This splendid butterfly soars aloft to touch cerulean skies to discover her own laughter and joy, triumph and pain, free, unfettered, unique. No longer in need of these hands that have held you, but forever cradled in my heart.
My Dad
As i was messing about, doing some cleaning (yup). I saw something that made me stop...and feel horrible. My Dad`s Fathers Day Card. Yea...i KNOW ! Ok.....i sent an e mail card, but....its just not the same. Anyone who knows me...knows...i am horrible at remembering birthdays, and ...well...sending cards and such. But you know....what hit me the that my mom & dad ALWAYS remember me. Birthdays, everything. Its bothered me...and will always....that i did not send that card. Here is why..... My the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back, then ask you if it fit right, and if it did not....he could fix it for you. No kidding. When a "ex" of mine visited my parents with me, she stated that staying with my parents was like being treated like royalty....because of how they go out of their make you feel more than matter how much of a mistake she was (lol). My dad ...always put his family first, well before
My Dark Friend
His words touch my soul and give me what I have been missing The sound of his voice makes my spirit soar He sees through my barriers and brings down my walls I know deep within myself that he is good for me He is the one that can help me discover myself I embrace my true form with him I leave my body and my mind when we talk I close my eyes and can feel his touch upon my skin Can feel his kiss upon my lips I am complete
My Darkness
The seventh of september is a day that I'll remember, It's the day the darkness left and the demons there subsided, It's the day I looked into the sky and for the first time saw the light, It's the day my future brightened. And standing at the edge of my pit was an angel to help me out of it, she said, " you've been locked away for far too long and I'm here to help break down those walls, you've been rejected you've known depression so you lived without expression. But that's not how it has to be I'll show you love just follow me." "But how do I know this is not a trick, I've heard it before and fell for it." "Because with love it's all a risk but you have to open and let me in" "But the demons are tricky and they are cruel, they'll break me down they have the tools." "And if they do I'll build you up because that's the power of true love. So I reach my hand inside your pit, I offer love accept it." But when she tried to pull me out, I flinched and she cam
My Daily Kiss Fortune111308
Your luck is about to change. --- What was elusive will now be available when you are honest with your love, honesty and warmth will come back to you.
My 12 Days Of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmasfor sapphire jewel:Day #Who?What they got you1stA forty pronged whip for lashing all of your friends2nda confused homeless man bearing a sign that says, 'i'm a slave for you'3rdthe complete works of the Marquis de Sade, on tape4thA signed document releasing their body to you upon their death to do with as you please5thA reverse strip tease6tha pubic hair trimmer7tha gigantic vagina in your yard, drawn in flaming gasoline8tha one-man puppet show using three simultaneous puppets9thA tape of you showering which they filmed without your knowledge10tha small, laminated card stating, 'ALL ACCESS - TO ME!'11th
My Dad * My Hero
Well today would have been my Dads 75th birthday * I miss him so much * There's not A day that goes by without me thinking of him * He not only was A great father he was also my best mate * He and mum brought us kids up, and there's 6 of us , in the most loving and caring way . He was a so funny tho , one minute I'd be crying my eyes out over some little thing that, I thought Id never get over and dad would always do or say something to make me laugh and feel better . He taught us his values of life , Never lie as it will always come back and bite ya on the ass , Lies hurt people feelings and in the end your really hurting your self as well , Treat people with the respect they deserve , Don't put up with nasty people , you don't need them in your life they will only bring you down, Don't try to be some one your not , you are you and if people don't like you that's OK , Don't be pushy let people do things at their own pace , If you hurt someones feelings apologize, only if you mean it
My Daily Kiss Fortune 111808
A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. --- Enjoy your love and if you feel it falter, perform one small loving gesture each day for a week.
My Day
Woke up late, as usual, got yelled at my mom, dropped apple juice all over me. And now im babysitting kids, that im sick of, they treat me like crap. I need to find a job? Seriously. And i can't wait to go see twilight!!!!! On the 3rd book. On this sucks though. I started reading em before they were a hit, and a movie was coming out. Now im starting to feel like a follwer, Ahhh hell with it. They are great books. Holla at ya later. Love And Laughter -Lisha
My Daughter Was Assaulted Today At A Party!
My 13 year old went to a slumber party Saturday the 22nd (November) at a "friends" house and in the night (3 am) one of the girls there beat the snot out of her. The girl was kicking her in her ribs til the wind was knocked out of her, and she was crying for her to stop, and then took a plastic whip thing and was beating her with it. She has marks on her legs from it. I went and picked her up ASAP and after talking to my cousin that is a cop he told me not to mess around waiting and to go file a police report against the girl. I took her with me and we went up to the police station and filed a report for assault charges. I'm taking her to school tomorrow morning and going into the school to talk to her 3 teachers (jr. high) and the principal. Let them know what hapened and that a report was filed. If worst comes to worst she will be transferred to another school! It sucks that this stuff happens when you send your kids to CATHOLIC school! She's in a lot of pain right now. Eve
My Dad .. 05/20/42-11/25/08
My 113008 Daily Kiss Fortune
One cannot refuse to eat just because there is a chance of being choked. --- Love is a great risk, but not loving is of greater risk - even though you may have been hurt badly before - a great love will come to you soon and you must be ready to accept it.
My Daddy And I
just few moments of fun and friendshipon on fubar" i call him daddy"dizzywonder...'a great friend" - Photo Flipbooks
My Day
My day really sucked anyway i hope all of you have a good night and weekend
My Dark Lover
come to me my dark lover to be in your arms for all eternity to be in your arms would be to forsake all that i am come to me my dark lover to be held in your arms would be all that is pure but to be held in your arms would be to forsake the ones i love come to me my dark lover to be in your arms for all eternity would be to frosake god to be in your arms i would have to forsake all that i am i worte this one my first try
My Day
I am so excited! My state gov is going to jail! My best friend had to call me from CT to tell about it. She was still sleeping when she told me, or she sounded like it. I hate Blago, so happy they are doing something about all those assholes. Too bad we all know he wont get raped cause the prison is gonna be better than my house. Oprah admitted that she is a fat pig. Like we haven't known that the whole time...shocka... I've finally managed to put in my cam so it feels more like a RL interaction with my friends. (note to pervs: no, this is not an invite for you to see me naked. Since I won't be) Its a lil slow and makes me look like I have AIDS, but oh well. My boss called me at 2pm to "remind me about the meeting on Fri". WTF??? I was in the middle of my slumber. I don't call HIM at 2am. He left a message "hope you sleep well". cunt.
My Daughter...
I am soo upset now I just found out 2day that my daughter is getting cut off of SSI omg what is she gonna do I am just a mess...if they only knew the bills for the Diabetes and her is so fucked up sorry but I am a bit cost 80 a bottle of insulin and not counting the strips she has 2 use let alone if she gets put into the hospital...omg well i am venting sooo bye for now....
My Dad May He Rest In Peace
I found out this morning that my Dad passed away. I am going to drive to help my mom get things settled tomorrow. My friends have been absolutely awesome thanks for caring and cheering me up. I love ya guys. It is a sad occasion but you keep me strong. And I need to be. So thanks again. talk to you next week.
My Darkest Hour
I've been hurt I feel the pain, My minds gone blank I'm going insane Lock me up Put me away, within these walls Is where I will stay I've lost my mind I'm out of control, I'm going downhill With nowhere to roll I've had my ups And I've had my downs, I tried to smile But could only frown I gave it my best It all went sour, I lived my life This is my darkest hour
My Damnation
I am but alone, lost and unnoticed, screaming inside with rage, yet i am silent to you. I cry alone in the darkness calling your name, yet you walk away. Am i wrong to feel such passion for you. Is this to be my cross to bare, has my heart forsaken me. Has my wings become stained with tears and holds me to the ground, Is my love to strong to be contained within this immortal coil. Does my passion run too deep. And is my soul destined to wander alone without you, through this wretched god forsaken world. As i pass by you, I become intoxicated by your essence, and relish in the thought of you in my arms. As you look up into my eyes just for a moment. I am transfixed for a lifetime. I find heaven in your eyes, as angels dance to the shimmering light that radiates from your soul. You have become so close to me at that moment. If i could only reach you, touch your face, kiss your lips, and taste the tears that fall like rain. and if i could only sho
My Dark Angel
My Dark Angel 2
My Dark Angel 3
My Dark Angel 4
My Dark Angel 5
My Daughter Singing And Her Father Playing Acoustic
My Daydream
As simple as it may seem I considered it a day dream Something that you may deem a little off mainstream A view turned reality between our two personalities A mix of emotions a potion of this loves sensuality An elixir a mixture that got me staying like a fixture Couldn’t move it with a spoon no giving it a thick stir No tricks served with games just picture you laying on my chest like the bar when I get ripped and I train things aint the same situation but a different terrain like a railroad switched tracks and flipped over trains a klepto that stole my heart and left no remains so silent on a deaf note yet though I hear what ya sayin
My Dante's Inferno Test.
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)ModerateLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)ExtremeLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
My Daughter,
she has a cough, I asked her, "do you want to go to school" normally she says YES or a cute way to say no, but she said SOOL! attempting to say school. so I can't say no to that. getting her ready for school!!!!!!!
My Dad
We're heading home to see dad today. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. He does have lung cancer and he only has a third of one lung left. the infection that he developed is getting better, though that is good news,he is still in the hospital and will probably be there for at least one more week. the antibiotic that they are giving him is working it's just a slow process. He still needs prayers though,and I know that god is listening. Again thank you everyone. I love my Fu Family and Friends. Love; Mare
My Dad
So finally my dad caved in and called me. We both are extremely stubborn and grudge holding. So when he gets pissed that I dont call, he doesn't call either. ANd I don't...but this time he finally broke down and called. Ofcourse the conversation ended with him telling me how successful his stepdaughter is in her real estate career, and how some magazine has published her modeling career pics. WTF? Puke... I reminded that she is a 26 year old that married a loaded 50 year old dude in Mexico (she is half Panaman, half Russian, and was born in Mexico), and that maybe I could find myself a sugar daddy to do the same in order to be a "successful real estate shit". He said I was being bitter and silly. I was like WTF??! Then I was completely out of food, so I went to his place to raid his fridge (he lives a floor above me), and...the living room wall has her pics all of them in a see thru top, where you can see her boobs...I was like WTF??! I asked him why
My Day
I just had the loveliest day. My son was off from work today. He called this morning and asked how I would feel about him coming over to spend the day with me. We had a wonderful time. He did a few things around here for me, I made lunch for us, we watched some comedians on youtube together, and had stimulating conversations. I am so glad I moved this close to him so we can share more days like today. I haz a happy. ♥
My Darker Side
My Daughters Wish
Not long after Jessie was diagnosed with cancer I got a call from the Make-A-Wish foundation saying that Jess had been referred to them via her doctors.We talked a bit on the phone and they told me to have Jess start thinking about a wish.Jess could choose to go on a vacation,meet a celebrity,get a gift wish,or participate in an occupation of her choice.In the meanwhile we set up an appt. for the wish team to come to the home and we could make a choice. Jess had said from the beginning she would love to go to Disneyworld. So the team of 2 come to the house on Feb.26th and while I filled out the paperwork with one,Jess went over her wishes with the other.They told her to pick her top 3 wishes and she chose 1.Disneyland 2.Disneyworld 3.they didnt even tell me lol So from what I gather Jess changed her mind and wants to go to California as first choice.As long as she is happy then I am as well. To be honest I would never be able to take her there without their help! Soooo...anyone
My Dark Princess
My eyes bleed from her beauty, yet the pain is not enough to make me look away. After all these years of wondering, will my princess be the one that stays? My heart is locked up for protection, all because the many years of neglection. Pain flows thru me like the endless night, yet my dark princess has shed some light. What happens when dark worlds collide? One never knows if the pain will subside. And though I'm not ready to give away the key, It's dangling on a hook for all to see. She rules with a dark embrace, Still I wonder if she will vanish without a trace. I am at her beck'n call, Still leery that I may fall. Her kingdom is endless like the sea, Will she know when to be my security blanket or when to uncover me? The jester I could be, For her entertainment when she's in the mood for laughter and glee. My Dark Princess, I bow before you on a humbled knee, To show you I need you wickedly.
My Daughter Wants To Come Home
well i see my daugher every 2 weeks and im trying to get her back and i go to court on the 31st of march 2009...
My Daddys A Soldier
yesterday in the park,i watched a father and his young son.they were laughing and playing and then they came and sat next to me on the bench. the son looked at his dad and said daddy why do you have to leave. he then looked at his son and said cause theres a war to be won. the little boy wraspped his arms around his daddys neck and gave a tight squeeze,he said daddy go and win this war for me.daddy youre my hero,i love you daddy.a tear rolled from his eyes. his daddy closed his eyes to remember the embrace.he hugged his son tightly and said i will win this war for you. the little boy slowly let go of his daddys neck grabbed his face and gave him a kiss.he then took a step back and clicked his heels together and gave his dad a salute. he then looked over to me and said my daddys a soldier hes gonna win this war for me and you. tears were just falling from my eyes uncontrollably. his dad looked over to me and saw the tears falling form my eyes,and apologized for his son,as he tho
My Darkness ......
what you seek is here grow old along with me ! the best is yet to be in your arms i know that i belong i only regret not having met you sooner from the moment i met you , i knew i had come home my heart is ever at your service if i lose thy love, i lose my all every day i find new reasons to be thankful for having you in my life though i doubt it is possible to love you more than i do i welcome each opportunity to try no one sees me with better eyes no one knows me at greater depths no one touches my heart as gently each time i tell you that i love you , your face glows the graciousness of the smile you wear and the happiness that radiates from your eyes just makes me want to repeat myself over and over if the sun refused to rise my love would fill your days with light and if the moon forgot its place my love would guide you through each night in a world of difficult realities and challenges
My Daughter Started Her First Job Today
My little girl started her first job today. I can't believe she Is old enough to be working! It seems like only yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital and began my journey as a father. She turned 16 on March 10th, and that was shocking enough! I'm not really old, and I don't really feel like I am. But It seems as If the time Is flowing very quickly. A lot has gone on In the 16 years since she was born, and most of It I have been a part of. However, since her Mother and I divorced 4 years ago, I have not been In my kid's lives on a day to day basis. I accepted this when I divorced their Mother, but I miss that bonding time I enjoyed so much. Now I only get to see them every other Weekend. That's not enough! Also, my kids are at that stage of a teenager's life when it's just not "cool" to hang out with their Parents. So when they come to my home, they spend minimal time with me. They hang out In their rooms watching TV, or playing video games. I'm not here compl
My Dad
well i called my dad today but he was not all there. he wanted to kill himself and i couldt handel it. he wanted me to come over so i went over there. he started to cry thinking that i hate him but i dont. i hate when he drinks but not him. I cant stand my mom..i wish on her way back from hawii the plain crashed.
My Dad
I remember the tall man. The one Mommy calls Buck. He picks me up and makes funny faces at me and makes me laugh. I see him here alot where me and Mommy live. He leaves in the morning when I wake up, and then comes back at night. I think Mommy likes him because she is always hugging and kissing him. I like him too cause he always smiles at me and makes me feel good. I remember one time when I was sick he held me all night long and rocked me in Mommys chair. Mommy should tell him my real name cause he just calls me "Son"and my name is really Danny. Thats ok though somehow I dont mind when he calls me that. I have a new name for him as well, Mommy told me I can call him Daddy. She says he is the one who helped her make me in her belly and that calling him Daddy would make him feel good..................47 years later. There is this tall man in my life. he is a hero to me. A role model. And someone I love very much. I still call him Daddy.  I Love You Dad!
My Dark Angel
My Dad
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My Days As A Muse
I casually stumbled upon a bushel of overflowing ubundence, only to find rotton moldy cores of frosted and weathered nectarines, bitter from a hard winter of solitude and BRUTAL oppression. Tomclancy rocks because he walks with a hand of righteousness down his pants and keeps his hat down out of respect for the ugliness of his forehead. On a quest, a quest for a pony, and my dreams have been stolen. A man smelling of cheap crappy single malt scotch and stale hooker crawl and newport lights. A man with little or no tolerance for alcohol, an insatiatble boner for life, and a pony-shaped hole in his heart. Seriously, he's bleeding internally. The fucking rubicks cube is not gonna plug that shit up. Nurse, stat, CCs, gloves, prep, and various other medical terminology.
My Day From Hell!!!
Ok, everyone has been asking me what has been going on today and I'm just going to blog it and hopefully it will help me deal with it all!  It all starts with me being sicker than a dog with some HORRIBLE allergies and I can't stand it anymore.  I feel like a walking zombie!  Then when I was trying to sleep last night my hubby and I heard a horrible noise outside like someone in pain or something.  screaming and going on When we checked on it nothing was out there.  SO...then neither of us could sleep cuz we were so worried.  The morning went ok I guess.  Nothing major just being sick at home with my 3 year old that is sick with the same damn thing.  When the time came to get two of my kids at school my van started fine to get there (two blocks away), but then when I was trying to leave the school it took at least 6 times to get it to run.  When I finally got it to go and got back home I told my two older kids to go into the house to get the door open so I could carry in my sleeping
My Damned Angel
Stayed in the shadows so long, The moon was burned into his eyes Around that moon, sallow and pale Was unbreakable darkness in the skies His eyes are everything black and white A portrait far too pure A honey warmth when he's calm, But solid black when he's unsure I can't see anything past those screens I've never seen anything like them on earth. It's in my heart when they change From depression to unshakeable mirth. What has God done to such an angel? And why is he so sad? Poor angel, my damned angel, The injustice makes me mad. Promise after promise is made Not one can be carried out. Poor angel, my cruel angel, I hear him as he shouts. He says he wants to see the sun Once more before, too much at steak. I can't watch my angel, my broken angel, He slowly starts to break. My angel, my everlasting angel. I love him with all the power of the sun. My heart burns and I'm on fire, My angel, my precious angel is the one. Eyes lance through my soul
My Dad
Just wanted to tell ya'll about what's been going on and why I haven't been on much lately... My dad has been fighting lung cancer for the last two years and they have finally gotten it under control, but alas, fate has decided to leave him with the lovely present of prostate cancer.  It's very advanced and is only treatable with hormone therapy.  The doctors referred to this treatment as "chemical castration"...Whoo hoo, eh? Anyway I am pretty angry with cancer, life, God, or whatever higher power you believe in.  I'm trying very hard to not wallow in the "Oh woe is me" cestpool, but it seems to be dragging us all under this past week.  I'm sure it will get better with time.  that's why I haven't been here and probably wont be on as much.  I do ask one thing...If you could say a prayer for my family, to whoever it is that you pray to,  I would sure apprecaite it!! LOVE&LIGHT~~Amy
My Daughters Graduation !!
I'm so excited !! I could piss on the floor like a lil puppy !!! Heading to Kansas Friday for my daughters graduation. She will be the first of my kids to graduate from high school. I am very proud of her for everything she has done. She has been working full time for 2 years now along with going to school and after this she is going to further her education and become a pediatric nurse. I am so blessed to have such great kids !!
My Days", My Moments.
been busy lately.. and my world here and there has different stories.... but i guess, i am happy these days".  my life here at home is smooth sailing' so far, ceasefire!!! no arguements, no discussions..   i am living pretty quiet these days.. and am happy too, coz , i am learning how to really assert myself to do the things that i want.without really asking my hubby's approval".. and i am glad he is starting to let me do things that i feel  i enjoy doing".  so i wake up early morning, send my kid to school, have my breakfast.. rush to my class, then  spend few minutes chatting, talking non sense with my classmates, and rush to the gym for an hour of aerobics.. then again rush to  do some shopping, by 11 i shd be home...  a little bit earlier than cinderella's curfew,... and of course i will be busy cooking lunch... within one hour, i shd have my lunch ready  coz my son will be coming home from school , and u know, his lunch must be on time.. or else, he will  not really compromise o
My Daughter Is Graduating
She's making the move from pre-school to Kindergarten this year, she graduates on the 12th. I've made her a dress this year, she's going to re-use her regalia from last year with two new designs an eagle and talons  already have the eagle on it just have to cut out some talons for the front, Jocelyn's sisters are going to be wearing similar dresses just w/o the shells, they all have the same designs on them just smaller versions hehe. they are going to support their sister and look just as cute. My baby girl is getting so big cant believe she's going to be in elementary school this year it came by so fast. next thing ya know I'ma be puttin AIrvee an Soraya through pre-school....UHG wawawawawa they need to stop growing... Iknow it will never happen
My Dad
  My dad (the guy on the left, with my brother Steve) is seventy today.  I've known him all my life, during which time he has remained married to my mum (not pictured).  For a lot of his life, he worked in insurance, but has also worked for the Church, and remains active since his retirement a few years back.  On the day this photo was taken, it was my brother Steve's birthday, and my dad made him these concrete mushrooms.  He then proceeded to drink too much red wine, and fell asleep in the shed.  A lot of my sense of humour comes from my Dad, and also my love for country music.  He makes me laugh, lends me money, and gives me advice about cars and houses and shit.  I love that old man. LET'S HEAR IT FOR MY DAD!!
My Daughter Deanna
As i sit here its june, 2 2009. My daughter has been away from me almost 2 weeks now and god how i miss her. I hope both me and her father can get her back soon. Damn them cps people all they like to do is make peoples life miserable and turn our lifes upside down.... If anyone who reads this has any advise or any ways to beat them bastards please contact me at thanx very much                                                     A broken hearted mother 
My Daughters Hair, Need Advice
Okay I know this is going to sound kinda stupid to some of you but...i have a daughter who is three and she is mixed, and im at a loss for what to do with her hair!! lol. i feel so bad for her bc im not sure what i can do. Its thick and its really coarse and dry and i have done everything i know to do to try and make it less dry and more managable and im not getting anywhere. Is she too young for the just for me relaxers? I found one that is supposed to be all natural and less harsh. but im afraid if i use it her hair will fall out or something :( i live in a small town and i have been to a few hair places for help but they dont know what their doing. Anyone have any advice for me?
My Daddy
Well As We All Know Our Parents Get Older As We Do. My Daddy Is Going To Be 50 On 6-30-09 And Isnt Doing Well. Im Very Afaird That By The End Of The Year He Will Die And Ill Be With Out  My Daddy.:( So Plz Keep My Family In Ur Prays
My Dad!
    Your morning thought for the day:    He didn't tell me how to live -- he   lived, and let me watch him do it.       Clarence Budington Kelland 
My Dad And Step Mom R Now Outta My Life 4ever
Last night I was online talking to some of my family, when i found out that my step mother was bashing me to them. I was told all the awful things that this woman has said about me. I  can't take this abuse from my so called family any longer. I called my father and confronted him with what was said, he was yelling at me barly let me speak. I started yelling at him back, that he needs to listen to me for once and he listened to me for about ten seconds before hanging up on me. Before he hung up I told him I want my daughter back and then I never want to see him again, his response was that's not gonna happin. I am hurt that my so called family that was supposed to be helping me is now fighting me for the rights to my daughter. I am really depressed at this point, I feel my father has been taken over and that this woman has put things in his head to make him belive that she is this awesomely nice person when in the real world she is a person who tells everyone how to live and what they
My Dad The Last Time He Spent Time With My Grandfather This All Who Lost A Dad And Grandfather
I never got meet my late grandfather he passed away when my dad was 12 this his favorite memory of him: With Father's Day nearly upon us I can't help but to feel it is fitting to start a thread for those of us who had fathers who are or were railroaders and/or railfans.I was only 12 when I lost my Dad but in the few years that I had him in my life he helped to create an interest in trains that has lasted for 52 years.Though memories are at times few I can remember times when he would take me to the local Five and Dime to get an ice cream cone and then we would head down to the Espee depot in Palmdale, Ca., to visit both his friend who was the agent and to see what trains we could see.One of the memories I have is seeing a Black Widow EMD SD9 that usually powered the wrecker train that would come into town ever so often and how he would walk around the train with me as it sit, resting for the day. And I remember the wonder I expressed when the San Joaquin Daylight started to change its
My Day....
Well my day totally fucking sucked ass.  Hope yours was better.
My Dad
As most of u kno i dont post to many things but i am asking everyone who knows me or even if u dont to please pray for my dad, Frank Frank is a loving man who came into my life when i was 7yrs old. my real father abandond my family right after i was brought into this world and Frank accepted me as his own born. He's been the only dd that i've ever known and i wouldnt trde him for the world. But over these past 5 yrs my dad has developed some serious health problems. He's had multiple strokes, his left leg is completely riddled with mrsa, he has lymphodemia, and other health issues. Over the past week or so my mom and I have gotten some bad news. My dad now has a mass around his bronchial tube and it extenses to his heart (we dont know wut the mass is yet) and he has Fluid in the paracardial sac incaseing his heart, that is slowly putting more and more pressure on his heart. We were also told that he is in Conjestive Heart Failure, which means his heart muscles arent strong enough nemo
My Day Is Ruined Overa Dream. . .
although I should be glad I woke up when I did.  Ty car alarm!  My day is still crap!
My Day..
  today i turned HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME".
My Daughter
my daughter is 9 pounds hieght 13 1/2 inches tall. she was born april 3 09 weighed 3 pounds 7 ounces 6 inches tall.
My Daughter N Firemen's Parade
Ok my daughter wanted to go to this Firemen's Parade we had in town, I figured ok so she likes the trucks, the colors, mascots, whatever. NOT! The whole time we are watching the parade she keeps asking, "So Mom, would ever consider dating a fireman again?"  I'm like what!!!!! Where the heck did this come from! I'm seeing someone, atleast I hope the dude is still into me. . .but anywho, and I look at her and "Where is this coming from?" Her responds, "I want to find you someone who will take care you, treat you awesome, and take you out on dates. . . cuz Mom you starting to embarrass me." At first, I started to laugh so hard cuz of her last comment. It's probably true, though.  There is only so much you take of mom being around ya 24/7, n I think she likes being home by herself without me. Then I thought about the rest of what she said, and I just sat there not knowing what to say or do.  I mean I know I'm not prefect and I'm going to fuck up a bit here or there, but now she want
My Damaged Heart
For my heart there is no cure For my heart that once was pure For my heart now beats for you In my heart a new tear has grew In my heart there is a pain In my heart that’s not the same With my heart I cry for you  With my heart I never knew With my heart I die in pain Now my heart will never hurt again.
My Dad
There is a pattern with my dad: whenever he gets married, he doesnt have time for me. His last wife prevented him to see me for over a year, which made me a lil pissed, moreso at him. The current one doesnt hate me, (as far as I know), but he never "has time" for me anyways. When confronted, he says I work "odd hours" (11pm to 7am), hence he can't do anythin with me. I call BS. What do you say?
My Daily Grind
Since I have retarted doctors who cannot seem to diagnose why I have pain 24/7. I have to pick and chose my battles everyday like sitting here now I will pay for it tomorrow but I try to get online as much as I can.
My Day
What a day! took my chair out to go visit an old friend at another nursing's just a mile or so farther then the mall (2.4 miles to mall) when i get there i realize I am almost out of juice! I'll never even get 1/2 way back! So, I call my place and ask if someone can bring me my charger...i charge for an hour and head out....30 minutes later (means probably 2-2.5 miles) i see my power guage is nearly empty! good thing i am now 1/2 way home..about another 25 minutes...and right in front of an emergency entrance. i go in, explain i need to plug in...they put me in a small room behind the desk, i plug in and nap for an hour....BTW, i had my charger with me this time....made it home safe...sunburned, tired, but safe and happy!
My Day
I been looking for friends and job I have a CDL but I been out of work for 11 months now there no laber work a round here. I have ask a lot of trucking compings if I can drive for them but thay say I can't becoss I have not have no work for so long so I wood have to go back to truck driving school to drive with them but there are some schools that will not take me becols I have to motch expernts.
My Day...
...totally fuckin ruled...   Soo...I am a member of an Urban Exploration group on, and today me and 3 people from the group finally got out somewhere.   We went to an abandoned Manteno mental hospital, which is like 2 hrs from me. Then we went to three abandoned houses in the middle of nowhere. The dude brought his uber fancy extra camera (he is a pro photographer on the side) for me to use, even tho I told him I'm not into takin pics. It was really nice of him, and I took about 200 pics alltogether.  It was amazing...We left at 11am, and I just got home 15 min ago.   Pics comin up
My Daddy Said "boy You Gonna Drive Me To Drinking If You Don't Stop Driving That Hot Rod Lincoln"
When my son was younger, I tried very hard to turn him into a gear head. I'd bring him to car shows, I brought him to NHRA drag races, and NASCAR races, and I'd have him help me when I was wrenching. Me being a "Ford" guy I would have loved to bring him up to follow in my shoes, but none of this worked in the long term; he was then and remains today a gaming nerd. But for one shining moment in time when he was about 10, he was almost one:My wife had the kids in the minivan, Chris was in the front passenger seat wearing a pair of my sunglasses. Had his arm up on the window sill with the window down, rocking the shades. Oh yeah, he's as cool as can be in the minivan with his mom, lol.Sitting at a red light, this old hot rod pulls up next to him, with an older man driving it. No one who was there can even tell me what KIND of car it was but by description I'm assuming some 1930's roadster. It had a hot rod engine with a loud exhaust, and when he pulled up next to him at the red light, Chr
My Dash
I read of a man who stood to speakAt the funeral of a friend.He referred to the dates on her tombstoneFrom the beginning to the end.He noted that first came the date of her birthAnd spoke of the following date with tears,But he said what mattered most of allWas the dash between those years.For that dash represents all the timeThat she spent alive on earthAnd now only those who loved herKnow what that little line is worth.For it matters not, how much we own,The cars, the house, the cash,What matters is how we live and loveAnd how we spend our dash.So think about this long and hard;Are there things you'd like to change?For you never know how much time is leftThat can still be rearranged.If we could just slow down enoughTo consider what's true and realAnd always try to understandThe way other people feel.And be less quick to angerAnd show appreciation moreAnd love the people in our livesLike we've never loved before.If we treat each other with respectAnd more often wear a smile,Rememberin
My Dark Friend
come to me my dark friend,let me see you in the real not just in my dreams. come to me my dark friend,let me know you are real and not just a dream,or fantasy,or what i read about in books.To see you in the real would be something i would like to see. come to me my dark friend,to know you are real would be nice and i would know i am not just living a life that is not real.come to me in the night to know you are real would be nice                           by kim
My Dads Condition,etc
  Last night sometime, my dad had (another) stroke, I’m asking everyone to please send positive and healing thoughts to him and my mom he is a Leo Virgo Cusp and she is a Scorpio. They are @ the Salem (Oregon) Hospital ICU .Thank you to all the nuts and Bolts: Last week, my dad had a stroke brought on by lack of oxygen to the brain due to insufficient o2 amount (he was supposed to have a certain amount, and it was actually supposed to be something like double the amount.  It appears,He went to the hospital for overnight observation and then released later the next day. He has been somewhat bed ridden from my understanding since and then sometime last night, he had an "actual" stroke and has been in the hospital since. My parents as some of you might know were trying to go on a cruise, and it was cancelled last time due to my moms Stroke, and then they rescheduled after my mom was cleared from there they thought it would be ok, and proceeded to schedule 1 for later this month a
My Dad
got  a ticket for not making a complete stop at a stop sign.   he paid and is taking traffic school. i told about the class you can take online and took him to the only spanish site approved by the local court.   well first, he doesn't know how to use the computer. and second he can't read the words properly   so i made the words extra large and showed him the basics on how to use the mouse.   yeah..   he took the mini quiz at the end of the page..and failed.   he didn't even bother to read the passages. ugh. and he wants ME to do it. uhm..   he's the one that needs to learn not me. besides its in spanish and i can't understand every word. but now he's mad at me for not doing what he is suppose to do on his own   ugh. whatever.
My Dad
Today is my father's's a shame he is spending it in heaven. I miss him everyday. I wish he could see how my children have grown up. He would be so proud of them both. They have already accomplished so much!              R.I.P DaddyXOXO
My Daily Struggle
The StrugleI strugle everday To Find the Words to sayTo make sure that the way I feel doesnt get outTo wait until i can show you what I am all aboutI try everdayTo make sure I tell you in little waysHow I feel is plan as dayBut I will have to tell you in person somedayThe feelings I have I am sure are clearThat everyone can see how I feel far or nearNothing ever have I felt quite like thisThe feelings I have felt could never compare to thisThe words I love you are always on my lips and at the touch of my finger tipsTho the feeling that the time isnt right to tell you wieghs heavy on my heartI shake with everything held up inside of meThe pit inside my soul I just wanna fill up full of your loveI know that I am going to explode if I never get this outI feel like I am going to go nuts if I dont know how you feelThose words so simple but yet so trueCan cause so much healing in one single breathTO hear them from you just even onceWould send me over the edge in pure blissThe Strugle inside
My Daughter
Gees I just found out some stuff about my daughter that is so amazing i just cant believe it but i have to. Well I was told she was in the 50% area for her weight which is about normal for kids her age since is 2. However she is in the 90% area for height which is the amazing for her i can only imagine how tall she is going to be when she grows up since she is like anywhere from 3 feet 4 inches to at least 3 feet 10 inches. I just dont know what to say but wow my little is going be a tall one and i can only imagine if that means being taller then me. Hell she will probably be taller then her mother by age 5 if she keeps growing like she is and since she is already like at her mother's hips if not higher.
My Date
Well, I guess I should write a little something about the date I went on Tuesday night. . . We met at the movie theater around 9:20 and saw “Where the Wild things Are,” which was a pretty good show, I can't believe I have never read the book. After the movie we stood in the parking lot talking until around 12:45 PM and at that point we both left in our own cars. There was no kissing, no real planing on the next time we would get together, there wasn't even any hand holding. I gave him a good night hug and that was that. Yeah I'm not good on dates, because I tend to not know when to shut up, but oh well life will go on. So yeah that was my big date on Tuesday night, how not so eventful.
My Darkness
There is a storm coming, i can feel it in my soul. The sky is dark, like the thoughts that race through my mind. Why does this greyness and unhappiness make me feel as if, as if i am a shadow somewhere waiting, waiting for the world to pass by without even looking at me. Outside this life in the shadows the world is cold, unfeeling. Seems like no one cares about anything but themselves. I need the darkness, it comforts me. Makes me whole and warm inside. It doesn't judge or hurt me, just holds me and keeps me close. And as the storm comes closer, with its malevolent clouds looming overhead, I am safe. The darkness is with me. Always.
My Day
things that managed to annoy me already today:   I started gettin Russian spam mail, in addition to American one Annoying stupid pretentious douche neighbor who is a cunt British tard at work that has a mild crush on me, and has to sit at the hotel where he can stare at me with his fishy eyes and bad teeth I am out of Corn Puffs, and have to stick with Cornflakes. Ughh I have cramps I am annoyed this early in the day   Good things that happened:   I think I found a chick with huge tits I'm gonna meet Read above  
My Dad "donny Clooten"
My father Donny Clooten: He died 2 days after my 26TH Birthday the only thing he ever told me about himself and his life was about being in the US Navy and being there for the cleanup of Nagasaki and Hiroshima after the atom bomb was dropped.  You always celebrate a mans life and not morn his death!
My Day Of Hell...
Microsoft Hell that is. Had 27 - yes 27 - updates in 2 days and somewhere in one of those meaningless updates a very meaningful thing happened. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, was able to so rightly make me unable to choose a link after searching. I can't click on a link without my browser freezing up. That's right...I need to do research for school and all I can do is look at the friggin link. It doesn't work on MSN Search or BING! (what ever), or Yahoo! Search, or in Mozilla/Firefox browser. And yes folks, I even tried the INPRIVATE go. So here I go again...deleting cookies and memory...things I need...and if you are thinking just search for the solution...yeah I did that...I stare at the link with tears in my eyes. So may I sue Micrsoft for losing my Dean's List status? Doubtful. I will continue to trudge on...try to get out of my Microsoft Hell.
My Day...
Typical phone conversation with my boss today: 835am cst BOSS: Hello! Its Me "John" ME: Good morning! How are you? BOSS: Good, forgot I will be in training the next two days so you will be alone. I will be in possibly during lunch, no maybe not. They are not feeding us so I have to go somewhere to eat. Don't know where I want to go....blah blah blah blah blah...might get a sandwich, possibly a salad *I fall asleep BOSS: Are you there? ME: Yes! Ok whatever you decide. (Am contemplating knocking myself out) BOSS: I am expecting a phone call from "Mr Smith". ME: Ok, no worries. I will let you know when he calls. BOSS: He is going to call me to tell me whether or not...blah blah bla blah blah. ME: No problem! I let you know right away. BOSS: Yes, call me on my cell phone. Now I am going to be in class so you will have to leave a message. ME: Saying to self - NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! ME: Yes, no problem. BOSS: Ok, we will have a few breaks and a lunch break. They are not feeding us
My Dad
"I remember Dom...he was a friend...please accept my condolences and prayers. On more than a few occasions he did speak about how proud he was of you. Sorry for your loss."   Just got this as a comment from a man i never knew. Telling me how my father was proud of me. I'm happy and wanting to cry at the same time. It's been eight long months, and i think of him everyday. I'll never love any man as much as i could my father. The only man who could tell me I'm beautiful and i won't doubt for a second that he didn't mean it. It's true when they say " no man can love a girl like her daddy".  R.I.P. Dominick Rocco Locantore II 9.24.67 ~ 4.11.09
My Darkness
My Darkness Hides Inside Of Me,It Sneaks Around My Soul.It Lurks In The Corners Of My Mind,And Slowly It Unfolds.It Grows Into A Horrid Beast,And Feeds Upon My Thoughts.My Darkness Spreads Throughout My Mind,Lurking Though My Head.Deeper And Deeper It Digs And Digs,Finding Thoughts That Have Been Left Unsaid.It Burroughs Deep Into Those Dreams,And Hides Itself So Well.But The Darkness Slowly Comes Back Out,And Now It's Going To Raise Hell.My Darkness Lurks Around My Head,Turning Me Into A Beast.It Makes Me Fight It Makes Me Scream,For My Darkness Is Being Unleashed.My Darkness Doesn't Care Who Is In The Way,So Stay Clear Of My Path,Or My Darkness Will Have Its Way.My Darkness Lurks Inside My Soul,For It Is My Fear And Hate,So When My Darkness Causes Me To Break,It Will Have Long Been Too Late
My Darkness
Well I uh... I'm an addict I use heroin, shoot it, and it's effecting my job. My boss found my works, he fired my ass. yea but I showed him, I spent every penny of my last paycheck on junk. Doctors said I... uh I almost died.
My Dating Life
it seems that through out my whole life ive dated girls that have had bad relationships.....we date i treat them nice like my mom told me to......then they tell me they can do better than me and i get dumped.........its almost like being supportive and encouraging makes them think that the guy that is showing them that is the bad guy.....   maybe you girls on here can tell me what the hell that is all about...........i know its true that nice guys finish last but how many races do i have to run before i win one?..........just one?
My Dad
I remembered the tyrant you once wereYou ruled with an iron handYoure rules were the lawRespect wasn’t earned, it was a demandYou saw fear as a way to control usAnd you used it all the timeYou never let us have a voiceOr even our own minds“What happens in this house, stays in this house”Was drilled into our headsGod, I wonder whyYou knew that you were doing wrongAnd you wanted to hide it behind the blindsDid you not think that we would grow upAnd eventually break free?Did you not see that keeping us on a leash all those yearsWould backfire…And eventually alone youd be? I hold no bitterness against youI just don’t understandThat you caused your life to be this wayWhen, once, im sure you were a good manBut now there is no tyrant in front of meBecause your spirit is all goneI hardly recognize youYou never joke or smileIts sad but I think that the broken man was hidingBut he was in there all the while Now you  are so differentI see  a withered old manI look a
My Day Of Pampering
  I keep Wednesday's free for my pleasure and amusement. I like a weekly massage to relax me so called to arange one for Wednesday morning after my ballet class. The masseur arrived ahead of time, and I had to rush around organising the massage table we have as the for him to work on.The doorman buzzed, and then I opened the  door myself, despite not having had the time to rush upstairs and get my dressing robe.  Yes, I was naked! John didn't seem too surprised, but greeted me and said: 'I see you're ready for me!' I smiled and watched as he came thru the door. I closed the door. He helped me get the massage table up. I then got a striped towel, orange and green stripes, which I spread onto the table top. I asked John: 'Where do you want it?' I meant the table, but he answered: 'Up, prone on the top please!' He was smiling, and I could see we were going to have a fun time. He opened his box of tricks as I pushed the table a little closer to one of the long windows and climbed up on i
My Dad And The Boy.
I see the twinkle of my dad's eyes in my son's smile. I hear the I love yous of my father in my son's voice. I know my dad is watching my son grow up. Just wish Pop was here so The Boy can watch him grow old. I will forever be the bridge between them as they never met. My promise is to ensure they will know each other through stories and prayer.
My Dark Haired Girl
My dark-haired girl, your hair does grace,In silken strands, your perfect face;Your face is like a portal to, The secret world of me and you. My dark-haired girl, I kiss your lip,Like a bee that would seek to sip,The nectar of a wondrous rose,In my arms I’ll hold you close. My dark-haired girl, I've promised you,And you your faith have given too,I would not change for the crown of an Earl, The pride of being loved by my dark-haired girl.
My Daughter
We had my daughter to see her back specialist yesterday and it was not good news. WE found out her spine has gotten much worse and that now we have no choice but to start surgery on her. I know many of you on this site hate me but my daughter will need a lot of love and support even from all of you whom she wont ever know face to face. The surgery is scheduled for June 2, 2010. She will have growing rods placed into her spine which will be a 2-3 hr procedure. If everything goes well and she does not develop any complications from the surgery she can come home as soon as June  7th. Then 10 days after surgery she will have to go back to see the drs for a post op check then will be in a back brace for 2 months. Then every 6 to maybe 9 months as she grows they will go back in and adjust the rods to compensate for her growth.    With any and all luck by the time she stops growing she could be very straight and may not require having a permanent rod placed into her spine.     This link
My Dating No No List.
I'm typing up my own dating No No list. I will update it from time to time. Here it goes.. 1. If you use a bicycle as your sole means of transportation, I'm not gonna date you. 2. If you allow your pants to sag below your cheeks, I'm not gonna date you. 3. If in your default pic you are holding a alcoholic beverage, I'm not gonna date you. 4. If you have a dozen or so pics with you in the "myspace pose", I'm not gonna date you. 5. If you don't make friends with soap on a regular basis, I'm not gonna date you. 6.If you have a pink shirt in your wardrobe, I'm not gonna date you. 7. If you think cRap music is cool, I'm not gonna date you. 8. If the term Woop Woop is in your daily vocabulary, I'm not gonna date you. 9. If you ask me what kind of tattoo I think you should get, I'm not gonna date you. 10. If you drink more than once a week, I'm not gonna date you. 11. If you don't have steady employment, or are not self sufficient, I'm not gonna date you. 12. If you got a
My Day At The Spa
We got there at 9.30AM! The lady had converted her house into a spa and it was sooooo nice! Anyways, my treatments weren't till after lunch at 2pm. So we just hung out for a bit till lunch at 1pm. Sooo...yea we got started on the champage at 10am...(5 o'clock somewhere right) And then we went in the Jacuzzi, dunno why but I think drinking in it makes you get drunk quicker. Gah we drank Moet Rose...that stuff takes me DOWN. Then we had lunch, it was all yummy and healthy stuff but I stuffed myself so much that when I had my massage, which I had to lay on my tummy for, I felt like I was going to puke. Treatments that I had done was the Thai Herbal massage (I smell really nice now!) and a deep cleansing facial with an extra hot stones facial...sooo nice. Total to £110 pounds.   But then we were looking at all the treatments and my friend got a brazilian, we all went in to watch lolz. She was like 'everyone can see my fanny flaps!'. It looked painful. But in my still drunken
My Dad
i have not too many memories of him .. when i was a small child . someone who came into my mums life after him destroyed all of my family photos.. i have but a few memories of him .. i remember him always carrying his camera , and asking to hold my hand .   i remember him taking us to the park , and giving me bread to feed the ducks..    i remember him taking us to  pick fruit from the trees , i can still see the apples , and apricots   and i can smell thier sweet fresh scent. and i can remember how proud he was . we picked after bucket after bucket . until our hands our hands were raw .. our clothes with a lilttle dirty but even though it was hard work we treasured every moment of it  cause we were with our dad .  
My Dad
Aight Some of ya'll already know what's going on and have a lot of details some don't. But i wanted to write this to let my other friends on here know whats going on so they don't worry if they don't see me on here as much for a lil while.On wednesday night i had got news that my dad had died in a car crash. Needless to say i have not been doing good over here. On top of that, 15 mins after finding this out about my dad, i also found out that i have 1 half brother, and 2 half sisters that i NEVER knew anything about. That situation will have to be a whole other blog altogether whenever i feel like writing about it....  This has been the hardest time of my life and this has broken me in every single way possible. i go from feeling numb to breaking down at any given time. Today and tonight i have been better. I just feel detached from everything though. But i am trying my best to keep my head up during all of this and i know me and my family will be alright at somepoint. Well there it is
My Dad
So I have had my email address for so freaking long and it has tens of thousands of old email that i decided to try and clean out someday....well being a stay at home mommy gives you a lot of time on your hands especially as your tot gets a bit older and is more interested in playing his video games and I dont have to chase or clean up after as much what does that mean? I get to clean out some email and actually sit and type some words which I guess I tend to write alot just like when I talk I tend to talk too much so there you have it! A genuine blogger! Going through my emails I found the correspondance between me and my dad to be quite interesting over the years and thought it might be a good idea to publish them kinda like a memoir or something.....ahhhh wtf why not I think they are blog worthy if not a cool way to scrapbook something in time sinve now a days no one corresponds through snail mail anyways unless you are in jail but now they have e-mail too! so as i clean out
My Daughters First Concert.
Devin my 6 yr old went to their first concert ever.Josh Grasin preformed It was up at the Riverwind Casino where a good friend works.  At first it was supposed to be Out side. I thought "Cool, this will work nicely, out door music by a guy they like, they can jump and yell and scream and dance out all that energy!"  Boy did I think wrong. First problem, rain came in and move the concert inside. Kids are still okay to go in but now i have to make sure they don't go in certain areas and there are some rather... freaky people playing in casinos i know i used to work in one. And then I think about loosing Brenden, my son who is 4 in a Casino. I got smart. Brenden was wearing pants. I have a cat leash. I never honestly thought I would see the day where I would have to leash my child. wow... Btw, did i ever play Houdini on you when I was a kid? there one sec, gone the next? Brenden did that to me in a fair once.... (no i didn't buy the leash just for that.) After
My Day At The Er
So the past couple days I've had a dull pain on my right side. Today would be day 3. After day 2 it turned into a sharp pain. Have you ever had a gas bubble so bad you curled up in a ball until it passed? That's what I thought it was. Then when the pain just kept getting worse I started worrying. My back was hurting too. My thoughts, "Crap my kidney's again." Well, I was part right. I do have a minor UTI/ low grade kidney infection. But that didn't seem to be the problem. I spent almost 4 hours in the ER. Not waiting at all, lotts of testing. None all to pleasant. After the 4 hours of testing I get my own room because they needed the ER rooms. And after blood work and tests, a few of them someone better be buying me dinner after that.... They decided to do ultra sounds. I thought they were thinking pregnant (possibly tubular). I mentioned my concern and got no answer. That scared me too. So there opens a new worry. "Well what are you looking for?" Apparently they needed to look at
My Daughter Is Engaged!
I really don't share too many personal things Fubar; but the following is such a special part of my life, that I couldn't wait to let people know.   +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Some good news happened today. Becky got engaged to Tim, her boyfriend of at least a year and a half. They went to New Jersey State Aquarium and after they left, he proposed to Becky at the waterfront. It was a surprise to her. Tim caught Ed and me  by surprise also this morning when he told us of his plans and asked us our opinion. Of course, we gave our blessing. He has been with Becky through her toughest times (her surgery) and never left her side. He showed us how much he cared for her then and that was a year ago in May and how much he cares for her now. Tim said he was not sure whether he would ask her today or on her birthday, but in the end, he proposed around noon today.  Welcome Tim to the family.  
My Daughter And Her Journey.....kicking Leukemias Ass
First let me say i am not posting this because i want you to feel sorry for me...or her.  She is in remission and this ordeal will only make her a stroger person in the future.  If she can overcome this......nothing will stop her. I guess i am posting this because FUBAR seems to have alot of drama lately......people have forgotten what is really important in life. So seriously....quit feeling sorry for yourselves that you dont have that bling or this bling.....that that person bought this for someone and not you................   This slideshow design generated with Smilebox
My Days Are Numbered
my days are numbered and so are my nights thinking about it leaves me in fright i lose so much sleep tossing and turning dont know where i am going but i long for the yearning i want you to see what i can truley be age is jus a number cant you see im full of love and care freewhy cant you love me just for me jus when i think i have found someone who truley cares the assholes have found me from somewhere its all a game to them i seeplaying with my heart so fucked up for memy mind is racing with thoughts galorewhat is wrong with me i think once moream i to old to be in this gamei cant be happy but theres no one to blamesarrow lives beneath this framemy days are numbered and so are my nightsi no longer live in fright my heart ice cold within my soul how could someone love me being so old one day maybe that man will come and melt my frozen heart some until that time i will be lonely and freenever fullfilling what should become of me sitting here waiting what could be but never the less alw
My Day Off Story!
 i love day in OFF from's time for me to think...over...&over charge& be energized...oF COURSE....FUBAR time AND FACEBOOK (ignored all Farmville invitations,coz I don't have farmville...they said it's addicting so I'd rather not to start it...don't want to be addicted to many things hahah)...BUT i love when i saw that i have new fans on fubar hehe! love it to accept new friends aww..well anyway~~~~          I went to  mC DONALDS ths Afternoon ,ordered my favorite CHESS BURGER SET,found out that I have no wallet!no money in my pocket!I just simply smilled to the owner&said:Sorry I forgot my purse...Can I just pay it tomorrow?EAT NOW PAY TOMORROW!!!hahaha...went home w/ a big smile w/ my chess burger hmm yummy! haahaha...common hurry lets visit again heheh!
My Daughters Quote
My Day.. So Far.
Spent the night at the motel last night, all by myself.  Got up and walked 6 miles. Last night my friend steve visited and talked a while and he took some photos for me (and for you guys on Fubar ;)  )  and NO we didnt have sex. here is one of the pics he took.. do you think I look sexy??   I think he did a pretty good job.  well Catch ya later!
My Day To Day Life
It has been a very streesing last few days for me between trmoilal at home and at the fire department i over it that is all there is to it. in my mind ppl need to grow up and pull there head out of there A@#.
My Day
I actually got a full nights sleep last night, as I was exhausted after getting home. I woke up this morn and had some toast and coffee before heading out with my day. First stop was the bank to talk to them about this $21 that came out of my checking account. I assumed that because my purse was stolen that the thieves had found a way to use my checkbook. I came to find out the the thief was my bank. They took it out to pay for my new checks. That chick up front never told me of any fee that I would have to pay to replace anything and just took it out without me knowing. Bitch. So I will be calling management tomorrow or Monday to talk to them about putting that back into my account if possible. So I took out some money and was on my way. Next stop was the courthouse in Lexington to drop off the paper about my divorce court date. When I walked in the officers started talking shit. One said I was trouble and to watch me because of my brass knuckle necklace, then he said
My Daily Torture
No more windows to the future.. having to live for today. No more dreams if white picked fences but living for to make it through today. Struggles to stay sane with every corner losing a bit daily. I used drugs to ease my pain now I use pain to remember I am even alive. Wishing daily death will take me to my grave.... Oh wait I have already died just waiting for the funeral.   Call me insane, But to struggle any further seems torture.... Tired of people telling me to just deal with it. Suicide? Nooo I have already died! Now you have the right to call me WickedAngel  
My Day Off
So, this is how I spent my day off : I slept in till 12:30 PM , or just a few minutes before then.  I got up, cause I had a headache. I dunno why but, every time I sleep in I get a headache. It really sucks. It like punishment for having the day off.  Well upon getting up, I played video games. NCAA football to be precise. After winning the game I was playing. I turned on TV. NCIS was showing on channel sleuth. So I watched that for a couple hours or so. Then it was dinner time, yes we eat early here. I got left overs.  Yippy. After dinner, I went to eastern hills mall. Where I found two new winter hats. Don't really need them, but I found them, and they are hard to find. Like the one in my profile picture. I love my hat.  Hehe. Now, I'm back to watching TV,  bones, and soon it will be the late local news, then it will be off to bed. ~ Sadly this day off will soon be over
My Daughter's First Published Poem
  Creative Communica As Happy as Can Be I'm as happy as a puppy when it gets petted,I'm as happy as a fish that has fresh water,I'm as happy as a bear with honey,I'm as happy as a shirt with someone to wear it,I'm as happy as a homeless person getting a gift,I'm as happy as a plant when it gets watered,I'm as happy as a pencil when someone writes with it,I'm as happy as a military person that gets to come home,I'm as happy as a sock when it finds its match,I'm as happy as a baby when it gets to sleep,I'm as happy as a child that gets to play outside,I'm as happy as my teacher when everyone is good,I'm as happy as a shoe with someone to wear it,And I am as happy as a good book with someone to read it. Angelica , Grade 6 tion Poetry Proofsheet – Fall 2010This is a copy of your poem that has been accepted for publication. IMPORTANT In order to be published you will need to give us permission by using our online permission form by February 8, 2011.If a
My Dark Melody
I hear it in the night air. It calls to me, like the sirens of old. The rush of that songstress resonates with every fiber of my being.  I must have her. I must feel her delicate touch. I must burst my loins within her dark chalice.......The melody again calls to me. My dark lady is near and I am her escort, and soulmate, she is my hearts keeper, and eternal beloved...She is moving again, moving through the night. She is the night. She sings to me again, calling me to her....Leading me to our dark rendevous... I close my eyes and the song boils my blood.. I land in a populated area, enticed by my ladies call.. Our foreplay is usually quite fatal for others, I grin knowlingly as I begin to assume a more human form.... tonight we play with toys...A burly man brushes passed me, and makes an unseemly remark, I quietly reach my hand forward and with a simple slash, his head lolls sideways uselessly and he drops. What fools these mortals be.... arrogance has its own rewards... That last exc
My Dark Agony
It was a day like any other. The sun rose as it always did, kids played outside as they always do. People came and went as they often do. it was looking like an day not unlike any other. That is how it seemed, anyway, on the surface, but the deals that are made behind closed doors often have their casualties. Whether intended or not. Lives, are ended over such deals. Its funny what people are willing to give up when no one else is looking. What matters go undefended that are entrusted to the watchmen in our lives. Vigilant and ever present to protect such things as we give them power over. Was someone asleep at the gate? Was it a snake oil salemen, silver tongued and full of false promises? No, unfortunately such treasures are handed over readily and easily and to the first takers. Was it a glamour? Was there some uneven footing that pushes the matter? Perhaps, but when we practice dishonesty it brings it own rewards and punishemnts. Let no good deed go unpunished, simple, so simple a
My Dark Lord
In my black velvet dreams; your lips call to meskin pale as the moon; fangs dripping with anticpationyour bite is intoxicating; plunging me into a twilight abysswarmth rushes around me; senses tingling; passion flaringI awake; the daylight burns my eyesI'm left craving you and the darkness that follows   By me
My Dark Moments
she stares at the bottle. wondering how many it will take to end it all. a hand full or the whole bottle. should she drink the bottle of rum to make them go down easier. she thinks to herself, " why did it have to be this, way?" Why wasnt her love enough for him? Was there anything she could have done differently? She gave him her heart. Her very soul. But he crushed her. when he walked away. taking everything with him. She forgets to think about her daughter. that is or was her life. before him. Its as if nothing matters anymore. that she doesnt want to feel anything anymore. shes tired of turning her emotions off when it comes to dealing with the pain. this is a pain she has never had to face before. because she had never truly been in love.. or loved. She opens the bottle of pills.. looking at them as they spill on the table in front of her. they are are a pretty chrimson and white. She reaches out to touch here and another. she puts them one by one into her mouth.. she ta
My Day On Fu So Far
  9:01am buster: hello 10:34am buster: hello 10:35am Reeka: hi 10:36am buster: how r u doing 10:37am Reeka: ok, you? 10:37am buster: im good here on my own 10:41am buster: who is there with u hun 10:42am Reeka: nobody 10:42am buster: nice 10:43am buster: i love being alone sometimes 10:46am buster: i love ur nsfw pics hun 10:59am buster: do u like bondage hun 11:02am buster: do u hun 11:04am Reeka: yes 11:04am buster: lovly 11:04am
My Dad Knows New Words
There are two things I know for sure- One is- everything changes and the other is -my dad doesn’t change. Dad is currently running a battle with his new digi box and satellite dish that despite leaps in modern technology- it lets a tree distort its service. The satellite man told us that was the problem. This doesn’t salve dads temper and his need to argue about everything concerning his telly.   Dad calls me every day to use his new word ‘pixelated’ he wasn’t to know that since the 1940s there would be new words to insert into his vocabulary, he thought all the words had been invented- so did we- but what we didn’t know is the new words he discovered he would use more than the old ones. It is as if he needs to wear them around his dentures to get a good feel for them and then they will settle sufficiently into his mouth.   “I think that’s a Beta service we are getting as the picture is pixelated again, they need to experiment more wi
My Daugher
my daughter has a brain tumor and has to have brain surgery next week.  FML so a bunch of people have been asking what's going on so I figured I'd post a blog post and fill you in.  My daughter had my grandbaby a month ago.  Eva is a beautiful baby but was born with some birth defects.  She had her first of 2 surgeries Monday and althought the poor thing has 9 staples in her back, it was successful and she's recovering nicely.  Her birth defects are very serious and so scary. Monday, the day of my grandbaby's surgery, my daughter had a horrible migrane.  After bitching at her for 3 days... 5 days later she went to the er.  They found a growth deep in her brain by the veins that control the blood flow to her brain.  The mass is swelling and causing retention of fluids in her brain which was causing the migranes.  Fast forward 10 hours, she's at University Hospital in cleveland in Neuro ICU and is going to have major brain surgery next week.  I keep reminding myself to be strong. That th
My Day As A Bbw Model
Well it was an experience of a life time 4 me!! It was in 2000 there was a bbw competition in London in which at that point i lived(now reside near Scotland)everyone had 2 attend an interview -out of over 300 women who went only 15 finalist were chosen!! OMG i was 1 of them finalist -almost died in shock when i got the phone call -thought it was candid camera or somethin----well things like that just dont happen to me-does it???well this time it did haha!!! I had to start attending rehearsals-wearing make up all the time(was not 1 for make up but had to wear the works haha),had 2 get some1 2 sponser me(chose my local shop which were great!!!) -'thong song by Sisqo will always ave a fond memory in my heart!! Iwon an achievement award for personality on stage wooow -we had male escorts who gladly volunteered!! It done so much for me it was unreal -my dress was made a long flowing dress wid a basque -it touched the floor wow -had to come out in 3 different outfits-introduce ur self 2
My Daughter's First Paid Video Gig
Just a bit of bragging: She was contacted because of her video posted on YouTube and the production company bought the rights to use her video in their ad. I have to laugh. She and her friends do a lot of videos and post them on YouTube. That it actually paid pretty well is fun.
My Daughter's Wish
"Incest is best" is a phrase intended to be funny, but it conveys a truth that most ignore. A man who fucks his daughter is actually doing her a favor by 'breaking her in' properly to the world of love and sex. She will forever be grateful to him and in many cases allows the father to impregnate her willingly. It can be a beautiful encounter between a father and his young daughter, a consummation of their love, when the little girl becomes pregnant by their father, her young belly swelling with the baby that their love created.Once I thought that any father who would fuck his own daughter was a sick pervert until circumstances changed my opinion. My name is Shelton and I am thirty-seven years old, I am a widower and the father of a beautiful young daughter named Amber who is twelve.The other day I over heard Amber and her friend Erica talking. I heard Erica state what I had expected, she was pregnant. I then listened a little bit more intently to find out who had knocked up this little
My Dads Drunk Friends Mad At The Pats Loosing The Superbowl
there was a superbowl party at my house tonight that my parents were having for them and their friends. but of course my mom only has like one friend lol and my dad has like 7 different guys that he works with over. Which they are still here. And thanks to the Patriots loosing this superbowl they are very angry and getting more and more drunk lol bt its kinda funny, they arent getting too out of control at least :p but i just find it funny how the more they drink, the more i notice each one of them staring at me at different times. and when i walk out in the living room to go to the kitchen they all stop talking and watch me walk by :p i like the attention :] but now my mom and dad are arguing in the other room. they all see me in my room on here cause my doors open hehe OMG! I just looked out there at them and they were all looking in!! :D lololol what a night this will be!
My Dad
i miss u dad my dad passed away in 2008 of cancer an i love u so much an wish u was here.
My Dad
A week ago today, I posted in my status that my dad had been taken to the hospital. He suffered from a ruptured Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm. For those that have looked this up, it is a silent killer. Those that survive usually end up suffering from multiple organ failure etc. He had collapsed in the shower and was rushed to the emergency room where the aneurysm was discovered. He lost 6 liters of blood. That is all the blood we have in our body! He was taken in for emergency surgery and given 20% chance of surviving it. He did. Saturday morning he suffered a minor heart attack due to the blood loss and was again taken into surgery. He was in a medically induced coma for a few days, they brought him out of it sooner than expected. A week later and he is awake and alert, although while he remembers his name and DOB, he thinks he's in a beauty salon. Really, Dad? LOL He referred to the computer in the hospital room as the "black refrigerator". The doctors are pretty sure he did not suffer
My Daughter Is Now On Fu And Needs Friends And Love! :)
Hey everyone! My daughter is on fu now. She's been seeing me on it for years now and can have her own now so she's looking for friends. :) I'm sure you guys and gals will treat her good. :) Here's her link! Blondie2014@ fubar Don't forget to still love on me! :) xoxo Vampie
My Day!
My day went from i L L to KILL in five minutes! Hung out with I L L E S T and she bought pizza, and we broadcast. Then I went to my baby mama's and killed out her house and moved it then wanted to kill her! She rather smoke weed with her LAME stoner friends instead of take me back my car! So I walked back!
My Daughter's
When I look into my daughter’s eyes, I can see exactly the kind of person I want to show her how to be…kind and empathetic, generous and unselfish, fun and loving, happy and appreciative of life. She is a clean slate right now, and we have the power to influence who she is and what she values in life.
My Daughter In Law`s Story Of 9/11
I don't always bring up today. I used to avoid it. Partly because I was so thankful, and at the same time, ashamed that I thought "it wasn't my loved one." But today I will, because I can never forget. My mother and my uncle Larry Rose, both worked at the Pentagon. I remember the night before staying at my aunt and uncle's house for movies and games. Then I went to sleep in the guest bedroom. I never had to worry about going back home because mom had to work and I didn't. So I just stayed where I was. Early in the morning the phone wouldn't stop ringing. At first it took multiple times for it to penetrate through my sleep. Then I ignored it to try to go back to sleep. But then finally...someone said something other than "call me back." They said "I watched the news. Please tell me you're still alive." That jolted me. I ran to the phone and picked it up. It was one of their sons. He told me to turn on the television. That's when I saw them repeating the n
My Dad, My Grandfather
I have had such a rough year, but I kept going as everyone expected me to do. Death has surrounding me a lot. I lost my real dad that I didn't barely know while I was traveling to Texas to see him because he had had a heart attack, but I did-not make it in time. That hurt as it would anyone but I had only met him twice in my life, once when I was little and last Christmas, I should have know that this would be the roll and the start of everything to come. So much has happened I can't even remember the order they went. It has been one hell of a roller-coaster, I then found my sister overdosed in her vehicle at the park, but she didn't die nor do I think it was intentional, then my cousin Leonard died of brain cousin and then my Aunt has surgery in which could kill her because of all the chemo she has been through has damaged her body greatly, but she made it through with Gods blessing.. Then my granddaddy had a stroke and my mom and I had a blow out which ended in a physical fight th
My Dad!!!!!!
My dad has a blockage behind his knee and the first time they went to check it he had 95% blockage in his groin area. So he had to have a major surgery to remove the plaque then. He has had a heart attack and a stint put in so I was scared because every time they do angioplasty something goes wrong. Today they made it to his knee but he has new arteries that go around the blockage so they cant do anything for the blockage and he has to deal with the pain until the new arteries make it down to his foot! Thank you for all of your prayers! Nothing bad happened today! I am so thankful!!!
My Darling Dear, I Love You.
I love the way you make me feellike I can tell you anythingI love the way you make me smilelike all my joy is yours to bringI love the way you look at melike all the world makes perfect senseI love the way that you kiss mefor every one is so intenseI love the way that you love meyou have my heart it's true it's trueI love the way that I can darling dear, I Love You.
My Dark Angel By Liljazzbox
You are my only one,Above or below the sun As I meet your deep eyes,We connect with a depth I cannot disguise. My dark angel,Sweet at heart but with wings of power,I am entranced in this moonlight hour,The more we are together, our love empowers, With lips so tender and nectar sweet,And dark hair all but neat,I listen dearly for your hearts solid beat,And silently bask in your comforting body heat. My one true wish is that we could stay,Never be separated for a single day, Take me with you If you may,With your mighty love sweep me away.
My Daddy Is Here With Me
Her hair was up in a ponytailHer favorite dress tied with a bowToday was Daddy's Day at schoolAnd she couldn't wait to go.But her mommy tried to tell her,That she probably should stay home.Why the kids might not understand,If she went to school alone.But she was not afraid;She knew just what to say.What to tell her classmatesOf why he wasn't there today.But still her mother worried,For her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,She tried to keep her daughter home.But the little girl went to school,Eager to tell them all.About a dad she never sees,A dad who never calls.There were daddies along the wall in back,For everyone to meetChildren squirming impatently,Anxious in their seats.One by one the teacher called,Each student from the class.To introduce their daddy,As seconds slowly passed.At last the teacher called her name,Every child turned to stare.Each of them was searching,For a man who wasn't there."Where's her daddy at?"She heard a boy call out."She probably doesn't ha
My Dad - Paul Petersen
He isn't much in the eyes of the world, he'll never make history. He isn't much in the eyes of the world, but he is the world to me. My dad. Now here is the man, to me he is everything strong no he can't do wrong, my dad. My dad. Now he understands, when I bring him trouble to share ah he's always there, my dad. When I was small I felt ten feet tall when I was by his side, and everyone would say that his son, and my heart would burst with pride. My dad. Oh I love him so, and I only hope that someday my own son would say, my dad. Now here is the man.
My Daddy - Vindicated Tears
Her hair was up in a ponytail Her favorite dress tied with a bow.Today was Daddy's Day at school,And she couldn't wait to go.But her mommy tried to tell her,That she probably should stay home.Why the kids might not understand,If she went to school alone.But she was not afraid;She knew just what to say.What to tell her classmate,Of why he wasn't there today.But still her mother worried,For her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,She tried to keep her daughter home.But the little girl went to school,Eager to tell them all.About a dad she never sees,A dad who never calls.There were daddies along the wall in back,For everyone to meet.Children squirming impatiently,Anxious in their seats.One by one the teacher called,A student from the class.To introduce their daddy,As seconds slowly passed.At last the teacher called her name,Every child turned to stare.Each of them was searching,For a man who wasn't there."Where's her daddy at?"She heard a boy call out."She probably doesn't
My Daddy
  This happened last week.   Sitting in the blazing sunshine of Los Angeles, I decided to call my dad, so I dangled my feet in the pool and pressed out his number. "Hello dad, it's hot here" I opened with. Dad sounded drunk & sleepy like a teenage college student waking up after spring break and bear in mind this is a man who has been sober 31 years.   My heart constricted, he lives alone and immediately I thought "he is having a stroke" dad couldn't speak clear. With a hammer slamming into my chest I asked him to hang up best he could and with the knowledge he might die and I might never hear his voice again, I hung up and called my husband who was in Glasgow. What followed was seven hours of telephone silence from them both. I considered flying home but that day in LA a man ran amok with a gun in the airport and all planes were grounded.   Me and my daughter Ashley stared at each other in a gripping fearful silence. Finally husband called "your dad had a wee stroke and i
My Daughter's Column In The Local Paper ~ Every Parent Wants To Know...
  I Wish I Still Knew. Chapter One   Heather Craig • Thu, Nov 14, 2013   Well, at nearly 38 years of age, I can FINALLY admit, I don’t have answers for everything. I just…don’t. And sometimes, I don’t even have a clue about it. Whatever “it” may be. Im not as smart as I thought I was after all. And that’s all you get, those three confessions of me ever being wrong. But, its all true.Let’s rewind life a bit, to better understand how this came about, me just now finding out that for sure, I really don’t know all the answers. I had guessed a time or two that I could be wrong, but was later proven wrong by the right fate. And I have no shame in admitting, I am a tad bit Naive. And simply DO NOT have all of the answers. When I was a little girl, living the straight up Laura Engall’s life, on my little prairie, out in the country, I had my ma and pa. My “sisters” (no, really
My Dad
I know this manWho is dear to my heartSuddenly one dayIt was torn all apartThis man taught me every thingThat I needed to knowBut I never really listenedUntil he had to goHe gave me loveAnd touched my lifeIts all over nowHe no longer has to fightHe tried to teach meRight for wrongThe day he leftI wasn't that strongHe is gone nowIt is hard to believeThis man is my dadWho I will never seeBut I will see him againThis I knowThe day will comeWhen its time for me to goSo, I'll hold him dearAnd close to my heartCause the day we meetI know we'll never be torn apart.
My D Day
MAY = SEXY Suave and compromising. Funny and humorous. Stubborn. Very talkative. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal. Does work well with others. Very confident. An awesome kisser. Sensitive. A very good girlfriend/boyfriend. Amazing Smile. Positive Attitude. Thinking generous. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Able to cheer everyone up and/or make them laugh. Able to motivate oneself and others. Understanding. Fun to be around. Outgoing. Hyper. Has All The Characteristics of John Carrico Bubbly personality. Suductive. Boy/girl crazy. Loves sports, music, leisure and traveling. Super sexy. Extremley hot but has brains. If you repost this in 5 mins, a cutie that's caught your eye will introduce themselves and you will realize that you are very much alike in the next 2 days
My Deep Thoughts
Women should not have children after 35. Really... > > 35 children are enough. > > > > Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents > at bowling alleys. > > > > After all is said and done, usually more is > said than done. > > > > I am a nobody. Nobody is perfect. > Therefore, I am perfect. > > > > No one ever says, "It's only a game," when > their team is winning. > > > > Why do we choose from just two people for > president and 50 for Miss America?" > > > > Ever notice that people who spend money on > beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets are always complaining about being > broke and not feeling well? > > > > > > Why is it that most nudists are people you > don't want to see naked? > > > > I earn a seven-figure salary. Unfortunately, > there's a decimal point involved. > > > > The next time you feel like complaining, > remember: > > Your garbage disposal probably eats better than thirty percent of the people in this world.
My Dear Aunt And Nephew
I have had a really bad past 4months But hopefully It will get better I lost my 3 year old nephew in may on his 3rd birthday. He was ran over by a vechile, and killed I feel for his mom and dad cause I know they are going thew a living hell then this past wednesday we put my dear aunt to rest. She had cancer that ate her up I know they are in a better place and one day we will be together again. But it still does not help the pain. But I turn to god and It helps alot. I know I will be ok but it makes you hold your babbies a little tighter at night and when you go to work in the am. But thanks guys for welcoming to a great sight. going on line to chat helps me unwind and feel good about my self again also my kids help me feel good about my self I guess what Iam trying to say is trust in the lord during everything and live life to the fulliest.
My Dearest Cheryl
it is the night before i leave for camp and i cannot stop thinking about you. i am sad that i am leaving you for a week and i am a bit nervous to find out how your date with matt has gone. it has been on my mind all night. the camp is tomorrow and already i miss you terribly! to spend a week away from you, not even being able to call you makes me sad. i already feel lonely. i just wanted to tell you, though, that i love you. you will be in my heart and on my mind all this upcoming week more than ever. and i promise that, even though you won't get them until later, i will write you a letter every day telling you what i did. so that means you should have seven plus by the time i see you next. i love you and miss you. tell mom and kris i say "hi". i love you. love always alex
My Dear Lost Friends
About two years ago I lost my best friend at the time and then two other friends all in the same year. And as if thats not bad enough, they all died within two months of each other. My best friend was a joy to be around, he and I were the same age and it was just so sad to see someone that young dieing from cancer. He was a funny, outgoing, and spontanious man. From the moment his doctors told us he only had 6 months to live we were inseperatable. I helped care for him and took him to all his appointments, but when he passed away I felt so lost. Since then I have been lost, then two months later I lost another friend to drugs. She was a very pretty and wonderful person to be around, she left behind her young daughter who was the light of her life. And once again two months after that another friend passed away, we still dont know the truth about how he died. He was moved after his death, to the place where he was finally found. But threw all this grief and mourning I thought well it wi
My Desperation...
You are my desperation, that which fuels the fire within that which fans the flames adrift into the unrelenting storm into the serenity and the norm You are my insanity, that you are there within my mind that you are there adrift in time memories that will not fade memories that will ne'er be made Lost within this ageless mourning desperate lives, desperation pouring seeping into a shallow hole an end to my depseration there shall find me... Written by Tesa
My Definition In A Sexual Dictionary
Stormy -- [adjective]:Extremely dominant 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
My Decisions
Well for any of u who really care what i do and don't get upset with the decisions that i make for me and my daughter....people want me to stay here in the area that i am in but at the same time this town and area up here just sux.....there is nothin really here and to be honest i don't want my daughter growin up what if i wanna better my life don't be negative about least i have plans! Another thing i have noticed is my male friends think that there is more too the friendship then what is there...they insist on talkin to me 5-10 times a day it feels like and if i don't let them know every minute of the day what i am doin they get pissed off and act childish...or get mad when im chillin wit my other guy friends and accuse me of messin wit them when for one half of my male friends have gf's hello im not a homewrecker....well too all of you out there that do this too me news flsh ur not my man so grow the hell up and act ur damn age!!!! To my family and friends th
My Definition Of Love And The Internet!
I do believe there are many different levels to love but saying "I Love You" to a complete stranger online that you haven't even known very long is a bit loose. I have my online friends that I do adore and cherish of course. But then there are the ones I have known for quite some time that I can comfortably say I do love. Considering in my opinion there are many levels of love I feel it's safe to say I do indeed love my online friends. How is there many levels of love? Well that is easy enough to explain. There is the love I have for my children that is unconditional and can never be broken. There is the love I have for my family that is pure and been there my whole life. There is the love I have for the one I date and/or marry who is my true love. Who compliments who I am. Who brought my soul to life and set it on fire. I would be utterly lost without my love. Then there is the love I have for my friends. I love my friends dearly and I would do anything I possibly can to help them
My Dear Lostcherry Bulletin Posters
My Dear LostCherry Bulletin Posters, YES, I did see your bulletin. Yes, I do read all the bulletins (except the whore trains). Yes, I did see the bulletin to see if I was paying attention. Yes, I did see the one where if I didn't repost it you would delete me. Yes, I did see the one where my mom would die if I didn't repost it (Sorry, she passed away two years ago, may God(s) bless her soul.) Yes, I did see the one where I'd have bad luck, a bad relationship, not get sex, be infested with the fleas of 1000 camels, and my balls would rot off if I didn't repost it. As my profile has long said, I am a no bullshit type of guy, if you haven't read it, perhaps you might want to (I update it regularly). I know it's longer than others and it takes a little time to read, but I hope that it won't keep you away from the LCP contest too long. BUT, just so you know, I WON'T ever repost or respond to any bulletin like the above... so, if you truly expect a repost... please, delet
My December
This is my December This is my time of the year This is my December This is all so clear This is my December This is my snow covered home This is my December This is me alone And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all The things I said To make you Feel like that And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all the Things I said to you And I give it all away Just to have somewhere To go to Give it all away To have someone To come home to This is my December These are my snow-covered trees This is me pretending This is all I need And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all The things I said To make you feel like that And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all the things I said to you And I give it all away Just to have Somewhere to go to Give it all
My Demons
Demons They exist within my head and verbalize memories of those that are lifeless. I loved you as a child loves her mother craving to be the hero in your eyes but never discovering the time. I despise myself more than you ever could and I try to drink the demon away to a area I cannot find. I journey with the demon close to my side ready to pull the trigger and wipe away the soreness. Stroll in some dismal shadow where I cannot be touched. Laugh at those who fall madly in love cause I wonder what is love. So I tilt my glass back and drink even if its hard to swallow away the misery. I let the demon pull the trigger and I think of you and hope you wake up tomorrow.
My Destiny
You betrayed me And left me alone I know think of the love We once shared I turned to walk away With my head bowed... I did not watch where I was going I looked at my feet And thunk... This must be my destiny To remain...alone Yes... My destiny I was still looking at my feet Watching them carry me Through this lonely city *Bump* 'Opps I am so sorry' I said Then I looked up... I looked into the eyes of the man that i loved A handsome man that i knew Now... Destiny has the upper hand To the man from my dreams And I realise that THIS is MY destiny to love him
My "dead" Name
"DEAD" NAME GENERATOR Is it time for a new online nic? Well, you've come to the right place! Simply enter your first and last name in the form below and click Submit. The short address to this page is Check out our new adult gallery Here. ((because I felt guilty, okay???)) Enter your first name: Lucy Enter your last name: Brott Your goth name is: Morbid Princess Enter your first name: Lucinda Enter your last name: Brott Your goth name is: Deranged Insanity What's your "dead name" ??? Go check it out at: **************************************************** It's back.... lmao, are ya happy? (don't want them thinking bad of *you*! LoL!)
My Depression
Silent tears fall. They hit the ground and break. My screams escape, for silent tears fall. Crimson blood pours, down from my wrists. No one ever noticed, for crimson blood pours. Fake smiles are made, to hide this frown, From all your put-downs, for fake smiles are made. This child,alone tonight. Daddies gone,and mommies late. They don't care,it is my fate, for this child,alone tonight. Hunger is always there. I will waste myself away. It's my disorder until my dying day. For hunger is always there. The music gets louder, to drown out the voices, Who make my choices, for the music gets louder. Mistakes are made. It's myself I blame. Now I cry tears of shame, for mistakes are made. Silent cries again. They're my "help cries". You can't hear above my lies, for silent cries again. Silence is made, 6 feet under,where I lay. Because of my mistakes, silence is made. I see a white door, and I want it to be black. The door is open, and
My Denied Friend Request Msg To "storme"
It annoys me to no end when someone bases their profile on the amount angles of skin shots they litter throughout. Is that who your telling me you are..? A person who is naked most of the time, with no life..? Replace those useless pics with pics of your kids(if you have some) or your family, or things you like to do Cheap sexual attention is just that... cheap I have 1 pic showing, I guess, skin... but, its just my frikkin arms:oP:oP I deny ALL of you with at least half skin pics... cause, think about it, isn't it bad enough when creeps undress you with their eyes, in public, let alone maybe even having HAD seen you naked, in the first place..? You leave nothing to the imagination, and, thats what turns me off... No mystery, no nothing... Just skin:oP DENIED!!
My Dearest Love
My dearest one, My one true love… I sit here numb and helpless… Missing you… Feeling your loss… Wishing for just one bit of your touch… Your eyes upon me… But that will continue to be my wish… As I cannot dare conceive Or even dream of getting in your way… When you are on such a road… I can only be here… Waiting for the moment in which you will let me know… Let me in… And let me help you… Help US… Through this confusion… Through this…destructive darkness… I love you with all my soul… All of my being… And I will always come back… The silver thread that ties and binds… Grows stronger each moment with you… The more time I am with you… The more I can no longer imagine myself without! And you know what, my love? I don’t want to imagine life without! There is no life without… I don’t know that there ever was before you… You have seen my past… Or at least have heard of it… It was nothing… I was nothing… And may haps you do not see it now… But wit
My Dearest Wife
My Dearest Wife To My Dearest Wife, During the past year, I have attempted to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of only once every 10 days. The following is a list of why I didn't succeed more often: We will wake the kids - 54 times It's too late - 15 times I'm too tired - 42 times It's too early - 12 times It's too hot - 18 times Pretending to be asleep - 31 times The neighbors will hear - 9 times Headache or backache - 26 times Sunburn - 10 times Your mother will hear us - 9 times Not in the mood - 21 times Watching the late show - 17 times Too sore - 26 times New hairdo - 6 times Wrong time of the month - 14 times You had to go to the bathroom - 19 times Of the 36 times that I DID succeed, the result was not always satisfying because 6 times you just laid there, 8 times you reminded me that there was a crack in the ceiling, 4 times you told me to hurry up and get it over with, 7 times
My Declaration Of Faith For Today
My Declaration of Faith for Today God's plan includes me, and I am a valued part of His will and purpose Daily Prayer Oh God I come to you as humble as I possibly can be. I want you to know that I am asking for your forgiveness. I know I am wrong for what I have done. Everything that happens to me is to teach me a life lesson. You have to learn from all things as best as possible. Oh God take me from this sin that I have committed, help me to overcome the wrongdoing. Help me to help myself in this situation. Nothing in life is easy, every body goes through things in life, and God you only give me what I can handle. Help me to pray the right prayer, and give my life to you. Save me dear lord from all the evils in the world. Help me to stay on the right path. Keep people in my life that can continue to be positive in my life. The lord is my savior I shall not want. I love you dear Lord with all my heart, help me to not be ashamed of you, and always lift up your holy n
My Destiny
My Destiny Shunned Pushed aside Not accepted They were such fools Fighting Lies No trust Condemmed for life Loner Predator Killer Feared by all Warrior Blood War Death by my hand Will it ever end? Will they ever see? Will I ever live in peace? It was unforseen My path was chosen I am cursed for eternity It is my destiny. BY: -DLoV- (ME)
My Dear Friend
my dear friend comes to me in my dreams smile appears on my face taking me away for pain misery and turmoil infuriates me at times worries me so caused an heartbreak but mended it quick a sweet lady eternal bliss shakes the foundation of my soul does bring my blood to boil so tender an sweet a person i would be blessed to meet a friend who shall never fade lasting through time turns us grey a woman of sweet desire who always ignites my fire my dear sweet friend
My Death
You scored as Disappear. Your death will be by disappearing, probably a camping trip gone wrong or an evening hike you never returned from. Always remeber that one guy who was hiking alone and got in a rock slide. He could have died, but he cut his own hand off to save himself. Don't end up like him (or worse, dead).Disappear93%Bomb67%Posion60%Suicide53%Gunshot53%Suffocated47%Eaten40%Natural Causes40%Stabbed33%Disease27%Drowning
My Desk/my Mind
10-28-06 My Desk/Mind By: Travis Smith Sitting at my desk The top is such a mess Papers, books, misc items All these things are scattered about Dust, eraser shavings, and crumbs Lay firmly like a person Whom lies still in sleep on a bed Only moving when disturbed Mirage of pictures float above my screen Friends, family, myself I see this as I sit here looking towards the wall Wondering if they ever thing of me at all Silence.. Thoughts.. Wonders.. Feeling.. Wishes.. Feelings.. Mixed up emotions for wanting everything
My Death
Jaci Location of Death: Lincoln, NE Date of Death: 11/23/2030 2:20:56 AM Last Person Called: Jamey Last Number Dialed: (402) 219-667* Autoposy Performed: None Performed Date of Autoposy: N/A Cause of Death: Suicide See your own death. Or Try this Awsome Game
My Dear Billae!
Have any of you heard of It's really freaky. It pretty much just has the myspace profiles of people who have died, and gives you the articles on how they died. It's weird, check it out.
My December
Well I love December!I love when it starts to snow and how the city looks covered in the white stuff.I also love the Holidays and New Years Eve,But I also love that its my Birthday ten days B4 christmas,So Remember gifts and cash are accepted ')
My Demolition Accident
This is a 21-year-old Caucasian male who states he's otherwise healthy who presents to the ED via squad after an injury at work. The patient was working at kenwood mall in a demolition site. He was carrying a mirror, apparently some drywall fell, cracked the mirror which smashed into his right arm. per the squad, the initial evaluation the blood was "spurting" at the scene. They wrapped a pressure bandage on it and he arrived to the ED in stable condition. Upon arrival the patient was complaining of pain on the right forearm as well as numbness of the right fifth finger. Pressure bandage was intact. The patient denies any other injury. The patient has multiple lacerations of the right arm. The most significant of which was in antecubital fossa. There was a significant amount of bleeding after the bandage was removed. We reapplied a pressure bandage. The patient was noted to have a 2.5 cm laceration in his right upper arm. He also had a 5 cm laceration above the antecubital fossa, an
My Dear Friends
hello everyone! ever since ive been here ive been shown so much love and kindness from everyone.... and I was wondering as a favor to me, if you could show that same about of kindness and love to a good friend of mine who's been going to through a really rough time. show her some love, fan her, add her, rate her.......and if you do this send me a message and you just might find a little surprise in your inbox.Thanks guys! ¢¾ SexyGreek ¢¾ AthenianSweetheart@ CherryTAP
My Demons
The angels really how cruel they really are. Through their eyes they see only good while my demons lets me see nothing but blood of sins. My past is scary, my present is not really what I wanted and my future is just a hellish wasteland. I will never forgive that people for losing their virtue. I am a monster with my thoughts of suicidal dreams. When the thoughts end I know I won't remember who I am. Will the gods let me die in piece or in agony. Will I die with Honor or like the rest of the sheep and hope to live a long life with out a life. Another oldie!!!
My Deadly Sin!!!! (its Too True!!)
Greed:Very High  Gluttony:Medium  Wrath:Medium  Sloth:High  Envy:Medium
My Dearest Wife
To My Dearest Wife, During the past year, I have attempted to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of only once every 10 days. The following is a list of why I didn't succeed more often: We will wake the kids - 54 times It's too late - 15 times I'm too tired - 42 times It's too early - 12 times It's too hot - 18 times Pretending to be asleep - 31 times The neighbors will hear - 9 times Headache or backache - 26 times Sunburn - 10 times Your mother will hear us - 9 times Not in the mood - 21 times Watching the late show - 17 times Too sore - 26 times New hairdo - 6 times Wrong time of the month - 14 times You had to go to the bathroom - 19 times Of the 36 times that I DID succeed, the result was not always satisfying because 6 times you just laid there, 8 times you reminded me that there was a crack in the ceiling, 4 times you told me to hurry up and get it over with, 7 times I had to wake you u
My Dearest Heartbreak
Am I a fool, no fool, or a tool? You are a friend... You have always longed for tenderness, love and a sensitivity of feeling into which you would like to blend. You are a very gentle, warm person and responsive to 'All things bright and beautiful.' This personifies a caring person… a sweet man… a person who 'needs' and indeed 'needs to be needed.' You are working extremely hard… perhaps even above and beyond the call of duty. You must chase your bliss… your muse… chose to be amused! You are preparing for the future and therefore trying to build a firm foundation upon which you may base all of your dreams and aspirations. You are trying to break away from the mundane existence that you have been experiencing of late. You have many high hopes and ideals but you are concerned whether circumstances will allow you to realize these ambitions. You want to spread your wings… to broaden your fields of activities; yet you are concerned that your dreams are just that… 'dreams' which ar
My Desires
my desire to make you my slave my longing for you to touch my loins my lust for you my passion for your passion my lips swell for your kiss my breast swell for your touch my eyes search your eyes my skin spews the aroma of love for your skin can you feel me? i feel you do you lust for me? i lust for you is it you? yes it is me am i the one? you are the one i tremble you hold me mmmmm so good why your here? im here calm my fear im scared strong im strong love me i loved you caress my body feel the warmth of my skin touch my soul im bare,open,naked,vulnerable,alone cover me mitigate my hunger sooth my dominance
My Deadly Sin
Which Deadly Sin Is Yours?LustYou crave the pleasures of the body. Your lustful desires make you crave more of what you know is good.Find out your Deadly Sin at
My Definition!
Courtney -- [adjective]:Tasting like strawberries 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
My Dedication
As a former member of this great Nations military forces. Having served three years in the Army and, three years in the Navy Reserve. Also being the Grandson of a most wonderful man that served this nation in WWII, and having a son that served in the Army , who was fortunate enough to come back from Baghdad alive and in one piece, have a few feelings I would like to convey. Unlike my Grandfather and son I did not have to enter a field of conflict, but that didn’t exclude me from danger and possible death or dismemberment. The life of any uniformed individual is far from being an easy one. The dangers of their every day existence far exceed the dangers in a civilians every day life. You live every second of your life in the reality and fear, that at any moment you could be called on to put your life on the line to protect the weak, to save the unfortunate, to right an injustice or to help emancipate the oppressed. Many of us live in a comfort zone. Not being put in a situation where a
My Deadly Sins..=)
VANITY was always my favorite SIN GLAMOUR was always my favorite WEAPON PAIN was always my favorite PLEASURE BEAUTY was always my favorite CRIME ENVY was always my favorite POISON LOVE was always my favorite HATE FAME was always my favorite MOTIVE
My Death (quiz/survey) - Funny
Weird thing is, I'm almost 47!! More Fun Quizzes at
My Deepest Thoughts Of You.....
The thought of having you was very tempting to was like a dream coming true, I couldn't believe that it was finally happening. My prince charming was finally here and he was about to make love to me for the first time. I felt like a 16yr old about to discover her first kiss. What was happening to me, I couldn't stand the thought of you going away forever and not having your touch on me. As you take me in your arms the kiss is sooo passionate, I can taste your desire towards me, I could sense the sensuality between us, the wanting to make me yours. You take my hand and lead me to an open area on the beach, you have everything ready, the candles, the music, the blankets, the rose petals all over the beach, the chocolate covered strawberries, the coconut body oils. It was perfect just as we had talked about. You look into my eyes and express your thoughts and feelings through your touch, you guide your hands and you caress every inch of my body, you can feel me trembling and m
My Deadly Sin ....this Is
Which Deadly Sin Is Yours?WrathMake war and not love is your motto. Better to rise up in anger and strike someone down than be pushed around.Find out your Deadly Sin at
My Delilah
so as much as i hate to admit it ryan you cock you are my delilah how ratarded... im retarted for well everything i guess isnt it silly the fantasy girls create in there heads ... i guess its the lie they really want to beleive ..does this even make sence ?it does to me in ways ....but delilahs dead at least what she stood for ... if you dont understand relate you life to something else it sthe same ... bunny of doom bitch bunny of doom .. if only it had never turned into the niss that it did ..shank ...its what you do to me ..and your to blame
My Deepest Thoughs
Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occurs to test the limits of your soul. Without this small tests, whatever they may be, life would be like smoothly paved, straight, flat road of nowhere. It would be safe and comfortable, but dull and utterly pointless, got it? The people you meet who affect your life and the success and downfalls you experience, help to create who you are and who you become. Even the bad experience can be learned from. In fact, they are probably the most valueable and important ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart, forgive them, for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious when you open your heart. If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally not only because they love you but because in the way, they are teaching you to love and how to open your heart and eyes to things. Make everyday coun
My Deployment To Iraq
I am getting deployed to Iraq in May. I am with the 2 Brigade 1-64 AR BN at Fort Stewart, GA. We are the Desert Rouges. We are in the field doing alot of training. We finish up next Friday then on the 24th, we are doing our MRE (Marne Readiness Exercise) instead of going to Cali for our training. So far things are going ok.
My Dear,
Scantly clad, my dear for you. Tonight I will prove my love is true. Your emotions I feel as if my own. Baby, why am I placed upon this throne? I don't have to miss receiving your touch, Because I know you love me that much. The trees they sway above me this day.... Your the wind that forces my insecurities away. You're the rain that makes my flowers bloom, In my heart, you will always claim room. You care not to dispute the feelings I embrace As you wet your lips and come close to my face.... My body heats from a fire within.... Now is the time this chase will end.
My Dear
You my dear, are loved here. Here you're a sweet heart, you were right from the start. Inside your sensitivity, hides much invincibility. Your aura flows, as your strength grows, everyone feels and knows. Best to come with a hush, rather than try it with a push. You don't need no four leaf clover, it's no luck you're not a push over. When all is said and done, you'll still be the grander one. It's only right and fitting, for the throne you're sitting. Reach out you do, all around and through. You won't give in, too all the negativity within.
My Desire
In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight's in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel aroused The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seems to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As you answer with a sigh And in a very sexy way Your sweet body comes alive Your the heat of my desire As we slowly come undress I then start to lay you down While you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curves You have a taste I can't resist And your breast show some response When I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your love To a sexy love condition Feeling passions start to rise While making love in all positions You give me so mu
My December
This is my December This is my time of the year This is my December This is all so clear This is my December This is my snow covered home This is my December This is me alone And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all The things I said To make you Feel like that And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all the Things I said to you And I give it all away Just to have somewhere To go to Give it all away To have someone To come home to This is my December These are my snow-covered trees This is me pretending This is all I need And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all The things I said To make you feel like that And I Just wish that I didn't feel Like there was Something I missed And I Take back all the things I said to you And I give it all away Just to have Somewhere to go to Give it all
My Desire.
BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN Three, two, one and now it has begun The burning sky is but the beginning Of what has to be done. Eradicate, annialate, dessimate. This foresaken world will be so easy to take The true purpose of destruction is hidden within A massive constalation of lost souls. Never again to taste the sweetness of lIfe. Forever to suffer a meaningless plight. The Mother's carcass burnt and soar. Those who survive will surely die Of starvation and sorrow. Deep will be the wounds hatred will cut into Society. That is only the start. You will know fear As it is plunged deep into you heart. Now come! The burning must start. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN We will show the celestial thieves The true meaning of fire. The gates are open, so now come. They are burnt and scared with our desire. Where once he has failed we wil gain with fire. There is no time left, it's too late to turn back So much pain and suffering is to be had Now
My Desire Has No Mercy
Enveloped by your embrace Entranced by your scent, your taste My desire has no mercy. Arching beneath you The hands fisted in my hair are my tether to this world The emotions in your eyes are the anchor to my soul As I am being driven screaming towards oblivion's edge Exploding around you Scattering us like seeds in the Wind To which we have thrown all caution and thoughts of Fate.
My Dearest Grandmoher
My dearest grandmother passed away a week ago and i traveld by grey hound bus to my home state. I have to say i will not travel grey hound again. the trip down i feel asleep and some man grabbed me. there was an unescourted federal prisoner on the bus with us. and on the trip back a man triedto jump off the bus while we were going 70miles per hour. i have to say i never ever want to be inside of a grey hound bus again. but i went through all of this to see my great grandmother one last time and say good bye. growing up my grandmother would give me that nasty castor oil or codliver oil if i was bad. but as the years passed my grandmother was there for me in ways no one else in my family could be. Feb 28th marked 4 years since i lost a lil girl at 2 months old. my grand mother was the only one in my family to have ever. there has only been one other time an infant has died in my family feb 6 that was 64 years go. my great grand mother had been here for me the last four years to help me
My Depression
This a blog to let everyone know why I have been so depressed. I think one reason is its a genetic order that i got from my mom and I dont understand why I get so depressed maybe its because I cant handle the loss of my grandpa and now might be losing my mom as well so if I lose my mom that will be the end of it. I know my mom didnt raise me or my brother but I will always love her no matter what. I lost my grandpa in April and if I lose my mom I dont know what I will do since she has been there for me through it all. And for this is why I am so depressed at times......
My Demons + Your Pleasure= Chemical Marriage
I left the dream world with hopes of forgetting you. But to NO avail it isn't working. Your face, scent,taste and the way you felt against my body is over powering. Yeah, Your on my mind night and day. I thought by keeping away and watching from a distance it would make a difference. It hasn't, not one damn bit. Stop looking around the rm you won't see me. But i see you, the way your playing with your hair. while your typing on the comp. I heard something was wrong, but i tried not to seem like i was concern. But i knew i had to check for myself, you didn't sound like yourself, your aura is sad and i don't like that. Watchin you walk to the bed and just sitting deep in thought. All you need to do is drift off in thought and your mine. Gotcha. You can stop acting like your surprised now. Yes, were in my world now. Where i can create any scene esp the one on the beach with us just chillin. I just look deep into your eyes, i see things i don't like, i want to take them away, but all i ca
My Deadly Sin
Which Deadly Sin Is Yours?LustYou crave the pleasures of the body. Your lustful desires make you crave more of what you know is good.Find out your Deadly Sin at
My Depression
all my pain all my depression all my aggression into me my legs, my wrists, my arms oh god why me just kill me oh god I’m asking you why me… why my unbend hearts JUST FUCKING TAKE AWAY MY LIFE OF MISERY what person deserves to live like this im not a person im worthless shit All I ask is for some one to love me is that to much to ask im crying on the inside I CANNOT EVEN PRETEND ANYMORE! I CANT FUCKIN FAKE A SMILE! I CANT FUCKING FAKE IM OK! people lie to me guys cheat on me… IM SORRY I DONT NOW WHAT I DID BUT I APOLOGIZE! for everything ive done everything I haven’t done everything I have yet to do. who can I talk to if I have no one? not even a FUCKEN PARENT… to say that “I’ll be okay”… or to give me a hug when I what to cry. A simple hello which would simply make my day. Just to hear someone say ‘I care, ill be there maybe’ just maybe… some where out here there someone who loves me? It seems like I cannot do any thing Wright, the only thing that I only now is t
My Dearest Friend
My Dearest Friend Did Anyone Ever Tell You, Just How Special You Are The Light that You Emit Might even Light a Star Did Anyone Ever Tell You How Important You Make Others Feel Did Anyone Ever Tell You Many Times, When They were Sad Your E-mail made Them Smile a bit In Fact It made Them Glad For the Time You Spend Sending Things And Sharing whatever You Find There are No Words to Thank You But Somebody, Thinks You're Fine . Did Anyone Ever Tell You Just How Much They Like You Well, My Dearest Friend Today I am Telling You Thank You My Dearest Friend Copyright ©2007 Running Wolf
My Deviant Mind
Entwined limbs we wrestle as one Me inside you our act begun Deep kisses of passion a tongue tease You on top doing as you please Riding and grinding to your own beat Bucking and slide in and out we meet Holding me tight within you so deep Feel me swell as I am yours to keep Juices that flow and a sweet musky scent We grind and buck faster till passions spent Climax comes hard and moans fill the air The feeling for us both is beyond compare My souls mate, My dreams I share in the night I do this and more as I hold you close and tight Sweet kisses that carry me to the brink of day Always our passions come and go in this way And then I awake alone in my bed Visions of what we did still fill my head And I long to be there in our dream shared only my dream with you is beyond all compared By R. Thomas Dinsmore FOR ONE SO LOST IN THE HEAT OF DESIRE LUST FORGED SO STRONG IN PASSIONS FIRE KNOWING THE THINGS I LONG TO DO DESIRE ONLY TO DO THEM WITH YOU FEEL THE
My Dear Friend
You gave me words of kindness Tied with a ribbon of gold Hearing them was important To heal my heart and soul Your gift of words made a difference When i was down and feeling blue Questioning why i bother Doing all the things i do Life can be a challenge Sometimes it seems unfair But when i was tired and struggling It helped that you were there What can i give you in return Your friendship is so dear Please know if you ever need to talk I'll always lend and ear Kind words and time are needed By people everywhere When wrapped with a smile or a hug They're a gift that says i care
My Desert Rose...tara
You bring wonders to my life and make it worth living in its entirety. The imprints your kisses left on my soul keeps the flame of passion burning in me. The heat is always at its peak like the heat in the desert from the sun at high noon. It makes the camel dry of thirst after hours of long walk in an endless dune. Years are counted before rain falls to satisfy the parched desert sand. I will wait forever for the rain to come until forever is gone. I will love this desert rose, with all that i am and all that I have..because....she is Tara
My Desire
In the still of the evening without sunlight to intrude. I see the twilights in your eyes as the moon sets up the mood. Playing music softly and slow while romance feels the air. I can't help but feel aroused the very moment you come near. You submit to my embrace while candles flick their flame, I can tell the smell of my perfume seems to drive your lust insane. As I look into your eyes you run your fingers through my hair. I taste the sweetness of your neck as I kiss right by your ear. You whisper words of love as I answer with a sigh. And in a very sexy way, my body comes alive. You're the heat of my desire as we slowly come undressed. You then start to lay down as you welcome my caress. You have a sexy body, I have a taste you can't resist and my breast show some response as you touch them with a kiss.
My Definition Of Love
My Destiny
The Destiny you match most closely is Provider At your core, you're meant to be a Provider. You are 90% in line with the Provider role. This indicates that you have a genuine nurturing concern for the welfare of others and you're eager to serve them. You can recognize exactly what people need and your friendly, helpful, social nature makes them feel comforted. With your kind and generous heart, you are personable, talkative, and outward with your emotions, and your openness and sensitivity make you concerned about the way others view you. You have the capacity for profound care and sympathy for others. Just be careful not to blame yourself when things go wrong. You cannot prevent bad things from happening, even though your tendency to be orderly with a strong sense of right and wrong may lead you to believe you can. Your "work hard, play hard" philosophy should do well to keep you in balance. As a Provider, you are in good company with Bill Clinton, Mary Tyler Moore, and Sal
My Death
mandy Location of Death: Solana Beach, CA Date of Death: 4/11/2039 12:02:56 AM Last Person Called: Alfonzo Last Number Dialed: 911 Autoposy Performed: None Performed Date of Autoposy: N/A Cause of Death: Licking cheap stamps See your own death. Or Try this Awsome Game
My Definiton Of Pain
The Lightning Flashes in my head I try to love again but the feelings dead The pains too high, too much to bare But who's to care? no, there's nobody there No one to stop me from falling down My heart cries out but no one's left around to make a sound Well, i guess thats where I'm all alone Not that it matters cause my hearts made of stone Yeah i guess this is what I get for passing the test Shoulder to Shoulder with the men who give a hundred percent This life... made up of pain, deceit and lies, and men men who cry because nobody's left alive When do the good guys get a chance to change the tide No, never... I guess we're just along for the ride So much for the happy ending between husbands and wives And at the end of this verse Another Soldiers inner burn dies
My Dearest Friend
You’re my dearest friend My friend till the end You were by my side Even when I’ve felt sick You were always there You were always here Always supplying your best Always supplying your support Always being my friend Thru the winter Thru storm Thru hell and high waters You were there to help me thru the end.
My Dearest Friend
You’re my dearest friend My friend till the end You were by my side Even when I’ve felt sick You were always there You were always here Always supplying your best Always supplying your support Always being my friend Thru the winter Thru storm Thru hell and high waters You were there to help me thru the end.
My Dearest Friend
You’re my dearest friend My friend till the end You were by my side Even when I’ve felt sick You were always there You were always here Always supplying your best Always supplying your support Always being my friend Thru the winter Thru storm Thru hell and high waters You were there to help me thru the end.
My Death (poem)
My Death (1998-2000?) Forgive me father, for I have sinned. & Death welcomed me with open arms while chanting at me: Anahl nathragth, ooth vast bethud Dothyell dienve. Over, like an endless breath the charm of making, around me like a wind--a storm never dying, yet growing stronger: Anahl nathragth, ooth vast bethud dothyell dienve. When I was within Deaths grasp, close enough to touch the blackness and feel it crawl about my skin, Death closed its masterful arms around me, like I was its very own child, and Thunder clapped loudly as it completed its circle of embrace around me! When I looked up at the cold, dark thing loving me, I saw bolts of sheer Lightning where eyes once would've possessed a place had there been a skull. And when I told it my thoughts and pain with my eyes, the Thunder clapped again, more loudly, and the Lightning in its eyes grew bigger--Stronger and more filled with hate; My Hate! Yet I felt no fear. Then it cov
My Dear Friend
A friend is someone who listens and cares, a friend is someone who's always there. A friend brings happiness that can warm and mend. I'm glad that I can call you a friend. A lot of people have entered my life, but one thing remains true... I've never met a single soul who has touched my heart like you. Thank you for being a friend
My Declaration Of Self-esteem
My Declaration of Self-Esteem by Virginia Satir I AM ME In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me Everything that comes out of me is authentically me Because I alone chose it - I own everything about me My body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, Whether they be to others or to myself - I own my fanatasies, My dreams, my hopes, my fears - I own all my triumphs and Successes, all my failures and mistakes Because I own all of Me, I can become intimately acquainted with me - by so doing I can love me and be friendly with me in all my parts - I know There are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other Aspects that I do not know - but as long as I am Friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously And hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles And for ways to find out more about me - However I Look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically Me - If later some par
My Decision...right Or Wrong
It takes a day to love someone... but it takes a lifetime to forget them... people i know tell me to get over you... but i don't know how because i don even want to try.... i love you too much.... and getting over you is the last thing on my mind... every time when you're just beside me... i felt as though you're so far away.... i want to hold you... but what can i do when i'm not even sure where i stand in your life.... i really miss you.... i'm not sure what was in your mind.... in your heart..... i wish you could just tell me.... i want to hear you say that you love me... i want to hear you say you miss me.... juz like before... but this time,forever.... i don't know why i made the decision... of a separation.... to avoid you getting stuck in the middle.... i got stuck myself.... i never regret the days we had.... but i do on the decision i made... i think of you alot.... i felt that i really do need you... never a day pass that you were not on my
My Desire Man I Dream Of With A Harley
My Definition Of Love.....
My Deployment Date And Time
I just found out this morning that I will be leaving Friday. I have to be at my company at 3:45 to get my weapon and have our bags loaded onto a truck. We will be split into 2 groups. One groups will leave at 11:00 and the other group which I am in will be leaving at 1:00 am Saturday morning. We will have a lay over in Germany. Then off to Kuwait where we will be for about 3 to 4 weeks. Hopefully I will have internet before too long after that. Until then, Love to all
My Dearest Ex, Wish I Could Tell Him This
Oh you say you love me and want to be with only me. Wait sounds famliar, isn't that what you said last time? You have to throw in the cancer and dying card too that is low and turns the knife a little more. Play your guilt trips some more they only make be angry and frustrated. Do you have to try and throw every peeble in my face when I am not throwning your boulders at you? Then you give me a deadline. Leave me a voicemail saying you don't trust me then try to tell me you do. What the hell is going through your head? Please hammer in the spikes to my cross a little more, I am not taking the blame any longer. Take your blame and eat it for I am sick of being your scapegoat. She may or may not sign the papers and I no longer care for all you are doing is hurting me and I won't be hurt any more by anyone. EVEN IF I WILL BE ALONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.
My Decree
My Decree Im not a man of many means. Im not a man of many things. Im not the man with the best of looks. I am a man who can cook. I can be a man and take care of my own. I am a man who can be grown. Im not a man who's prone to violence. Im not an angry man, i'll fight you with silence. I'd rather kiss you than kick you. I'd rather hug you than hit you. I'd rather be true than beat you. I'd rather love you than hurt you. But beware and understand your decisions and how you choose it It takes awhile to gain my heart, but a split second to lose it
My Dear Friends....we Are Gathered Here...
If each one of you would come by next time you are on during happy hour and rate ahandful of my stash and a handful (or truckload- hehe) of my pics, I may be able to level up soon. I am ready, and what are friends for, right. Stop by and help me out if you feel like it. If I am on during happy hour and I see you are in my stuff rating it, I usually will come to yours and do the same...I try to return the favor. I usually give out my 11's during happy hour since they are worht so many more points.
My Death
I'm so scared all alone in a world that’s so cold my only friend is this blade that I hold I cry bloody tears I feel alone with my fears I know that so many care but still I feel so lost right here I blackout from the pain not only from this blade but from the heartache and hatred of everyday the cuts go deep deeper than they seemed to me next thing I knew I had hit an artery I that that wound was deadly I cry cause I know that I'm going to die here all alone in the comfort of my own home but I didn't want to die first I wanted to say good-bye but I knew I was out of time again I begin to cry this wasn't meant to be a suicide yes you heard me right it was an accident I wasn't meant to die just yet all I wanted was for the pain to just...just go away how was I supposed to know that I would end this way so many people cried as they all filed by knowing that my eyes were closed for the final time they all said their last...good-by
My Destiny
To touch you would be incredible The feel of your flesh beneath the tips of my fingers The beat of your heart as I lay my hand on your chest. To kiss your lips would be heaven To taste your essence as my lips lightly brush over yours Hesitating slightly as my heart begins to race. To look into your eyes would be mesmerizing Seeing your soul as my eyes meet yours The first acquaintance of the person you are on the inside. Your love has touched my heart Piercing my spirit with every passionate word you speak. Feeling my entire being as it enfolds around your every expression. My heart shall be yours To love and cherish for as long as you carry it. Protecting it in the palm of your hand My mind shall be yours As it takes note of each utterance you speak And hangs on your every word My soul shall be yours To have possession of and shelter. Taking form to your every passion So to my love Whom I shall love from this moment Till the very end of t
My Dear Friend Come To Me Again
I feel as though my heart must stop with pain. I miss you so, the darkness will not pale. My darling friend, come to me again. I know you cannot come, and still I strain To put my arms around you through the veil of my heart. I feel as though my heart must stop with pain. You are my unendurable refrain. Back and back I hurry to impale My heart on you, to stop my heart with pain. Yet nothing that I do undoes the plain Brutal fact which always must prevail. Ah, my darling friend, come to me again! You were both my sunshine and my rain, My dearest joy, my anguish, and my holy grail. I feel as though my heart must stop with pain. My dear friend, come to me again.
My Denial
You lied I listened, against my own will I forced myself to believe you once more. I fall deeper into my denial that you've changed, if not for me or you but for her. Things never change, the routine of the way it was before slips back into place, picking up were we left off. Sadness come calling for me all over again, you'll never know the damaged you've caused, cause you don't care to know or see
My Desperate Wish
Come please, sit beside me I beg you, take my hand Sit close, so we can enjoy this moment and make real what we can I have these same wishes these hopes for a reality so come here, and sit next to me and lets see how things should be I wish to have these moments to enjoy and cherish with you Sitting, laughing, talking, loving Whatever we may do So as I write this poem tonight the main thing on my mind, it seems is looking into the memories of you and seeing you in my dreams For in my dreams, my questions are heard and I hope they are heard by you For if I receive my answers I might know what I am to do For in the real world, I am confused and in need of emotional help But I must hold on to my secrets for there are things I'll never tell So as I sit away lonely tonight my secrets might be revealed I shall soon reveal myself to you my soul no longer concealed
My Deployment Experience
June the 7th...a day i will never forget for 2 reasons.1 because i got married to the love of my life...2 my husband got deployment orders that very same night.June the 10th the last time i got to see my new husband. Sittin there amongst the soldiers and their families my mind drifted to many things. 1 being newly wed and having to ship my husband off..2 being pregnant and the possibility of goin thru birth without him..3 the thought of my husband going off to war for the 3rd time..many many things i thought of.As the band played patriotic tunes and songs played over the radio, i thought WOW this is it this is waht families go thru in deployment.All i wanted was to spend the very last few minutes..last few hours i could with the love of my life..With a huge flag hanging behind her a lady from the air force said those dreaded words...."FOLKS ITS THAT TIME".. and told the soldiers to go to their assigned lines to aboard the planes...No was this really happening to me or was i just abou
My Defintion Of Sexy
sexy is standing in the rain as you push me up agianst the hood of your car. Tearing my shirt as you kiss me with the intent to never stop.
My Dear Friend
My Dear E-mail Buddies,
Now that the Holidays are over, my heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send me "forwards" over the past 12 months. Thank you for making me feel safe, secure, blessed, and wealthy. a.. Extra thanks to whoever sent me the one about rat crap in the glue on envelopes, cause I now have to go get a wet towel every time I need to seal an envelope. b.. Also, I scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. c.. Because of your concern I no longer drink Coca Cola because it can remove toilet stains. d.. I no longer drink Pepsi or Dr Pepper since the people who make these products are atheists who refuse to put "Under God" on their cans. e.. I no longer use Saran wrap in the microwave because it causes cancer. f.. I no longer check the coin return on pay phones because I could be pricked with a needle infected with AIDS. g.. I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like a water
My Deleted Mumm About Orgies
For all those that posted to the mumm that was deleted.......feel free to add me or send comments to me....I was really interested in knowing all of your alls opinions on the sunject...Thanks
My Desolate Heart
Somewhere within myself there is an oasis. A haven to escape to. Where a lush valley with fragrant flowers and a babbling brook flows quietly in the background. The area of this oasis was a much larger place at one time. Where I could kick off my shoes and feel the grass beneath my feet. Inhaling the intoxicating aromas of exotic fauna that had flourished. To maintain this place beholden to myself was simple, a few moments of happiness. The more bliss betwixt my existence, the more fervently my garden bloomed. Now when I attempt to escape to my secret hideaway, the smaller and smaller it seems. Once the edges were permeated with new growth and shoots of soft blades. Traipsing along the borders of my retreat I am astounded by the emergence of dried patches of ground. The soil that was once rich is now arid and cracked. The desolation is encroaching. How long before this harborage is completely overtaken? With your tutelage my conservatory once throughly covered all
My Destiny
My destiny, Is to do what I can, Let nothing stop me, As long as I know who I am. My destiny, To reach for the top, Never giving up, Until I have to stop. My destiny, To do my best, Trying my hardest, To beat the rest. My destiny, To be true to myself, Not to care, About anyone else. Written by me...Little Lee
My Decision
No one really knows whats going on in my mind, I've been acting happy and content, so you think I'm fine All alone in my bedroom My mind darkens more I hope they find me in a puddle of blood on the floor He caused all these pain and tears Now I can't seem to yell It seems like I'm going through A never ending hell So the way to end it all Is to run this razor across my wrist They wouldn't expect it It would be a twist So as time goes by I haven't ended it yet What I'm waiting for Is something that no one Will forget Slowly the front door begins to open As people rush in the door It has become the perfect time to die I'm now laying on the floor I wish they understood, what he did to me He broke my heart He told me he wouldn't But he ripped it apart But now I'm safe from his evil grip I'm on my way to heaven now My very last trip So now that you've found me,found me please don't cry I'm sorry that I didn't say I Love you and good-bye
My Decorating Style
I know you were all dying to know my decorating style. Aren't you glad I share these things? :) By the way, you, too, can take this quiz at
My Demon In Hell
My Destiny
My Dearest You.........
You have given me wings to soar, High above into the clouds of love, You are the petals to my red rose, Every petal, a definition of our love. You are the painting of my heart, Capturing this beautiful piece of art, My feelings for you deep within, Is felt with every stroke of the wind. You are the treasure neath the sea, Lost for centuries to be discovered, You are the moon lite night sky that is, Admired passionately by two lovers. You are my dream within a dream, True love is felt in the heart, not seen, You're my own heaven sent angel, And everything love is suppose to be.
My Destiny
My Destiny
What if I never knew What if I never found you I'd never have this feeling in my heart ~ * ~ * ~ How did this come to be I don't know how you found me But from the moment I saw you Deep inside my heart I knew ~ * ~ * ~ Baby, you're my destiny You and I were meant to be With all my heart and soul I give my love to have and hold And as far as I can see You were always meant to be My destiny... ~ * ~ * ~ I wanted someone like you Someone that I could hold on to And give my love until the end of time ~ * ~ * ~ But forever was just a word (just a word) Something I'd only heard about But now you're always there for me When you say forever I believe ~ * ~ * ~ Baby, you're my destiny You and I were meant to be With all my heart and soul I give my love to have and hold And as far as I can see You were always meant to be My destiny... ~ * ~ * ~ Ohhhh... Maybe all we need is just a little faith 'Cause baby, I believe that love will find the way ~ * ~ * ~ Oh b
My Dear Family & Friends...
My dear family & friends...I don't even know where to say how much you have all touched my heart with your love, concern & caring...& how much it means to me. A few weeks ago...I got myself so down...& over things I know I have no control over...but just couldn't help myself or pull my self back up. My Mom in law....who is my Mom in every fighting lung cancer...& my brother Jason...struggles with his alcoholism & has for years. My Mom is so brave & so optimistic....I truly admire her...& wish I could be more like her. And I became terrified of losing her. But I know now I can't dwell on that. Instead I am going to enjoy every moment with her I possibly can...& celebrate each & every day of her she does. And my brother Jason...I'll just keep reminding myself that not being his enabler & coming to his rescue everytime he gets in trouble because of his drinking...does not mean I am abandoning him...does not mean I don't love him...because I do. And
My Dearest Miranda
My dearest Miranda... Its has been a little over 2 years since you have been gone from me... Everyday is a constant struggle to go on knowing that i cant hold you... And watch your smile brighten up my day... Everyday when i think of you all of my breath seems to leave me, thus making me incapable of breathing.. Tears seem to swell up in the back of my throut... And i find myself falling to my knees screaming at the top of my lungs because i miss you so much... I havent stoped crying since the day you left... You told me to be strong... But how can i do that? I love you so much and i miss hearing the sound of your voice... All i have left of you are pictures and old video recordings... But watching them seems to be gluton for punishment.. All i do is cry myself into a depressed sleep everytime... But i cant stop watching them... Its just your smile... All i want to see is your smile... Nothing else... I have changed alot since you went away... So much has happened... I became a grea
My Dear Mom
You Understand I'm Human that I Will Make Mistakes But You There To Help Me Up Whenever Something Breaks Thank You Mom For Everthing You Are A Precious Gift Whenever I Have Needed Hope You Gave Me Such A Lift THANKS MOM
My Depression And How It Can Effect Ur Mind
Harsh words& violent blows Hidden secrets nobody knows Eyes are open,hands are fisted Deep inside I'm warped & twisted SO many tricks & so many lies Too many when's & too many why's Nobody's special, nobody's gifted I'm just me,warped & twisted Sleeping awake & choking on a dream Listening loudly to a silent scream Call my mind,the number's unlisted Lost in someone so warped & twisted On my knees, alive but dead Look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone,my mind has drifted Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted Brunt out, wasted, empty, & hollow Today's just yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out, the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped & twisted...
My Desire
My body has a fever Burning hot to touch, Erotic thoughts fill my head I want you oh so much A shivering sensation Travels down my spine, An overwhelming desire I have to make you mine Churnng in my stomach Dizziness in my head, I am drifting into fantasy Alone here in this bed Heavily my eyes do close In to ecstasy I go.... Now you are mine my love And no one has to know As this passion rises My throat feels hot and dry, My hungry gasping breath Becomes a long satisfied sigh One day I will have you Not a fantasy in my head, Be sure that I will get you I desire
My 7 Deadly Sins
Wrath Who did you last get angry with? My doggies last night What is your weapon of choice? My words Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? No, never hit a woman. How about the same sex? Yes, if the need arose. Who was the last person who got really angry at you? probably Jessica What is your pet peeve? stupid people Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily? I do not hold a grudge, that seems to be a woman thing. Sloth What is one thing you're suppose to do daily that you haven't? floss What is the latest you've ever woken up? probably noon Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't? John, my BFF from High School What is the last lame excuse that you made? I am too tired. Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through? Yes - those things are captivating. How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock this morning? once, maybe. Gluttony What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of
My Desire
In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight's in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel aroused The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seems to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As you answer with a sigh And in a very sexy way Your sweet body comes alive Your the heat of my desire As we slowly come undress I then start to lay you down While you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curves You have a taste I can't resist And your breast show some response When I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your love To a sexy love condition Feeling passions start to rise While making love in all positions You give me so mu
My Dear Friends
Just wanted to say thanks to all thay helped me in the contest..I appreciate all the work..I didn't win but it was fun for the most part...contest will end today, and there is no need to comment that pic anymore...Thanks again..I luv you all!!!!...MUAH
My Deepest Gratitudes
I want to thank all of my family and friends that remembered my birthday. I appreciated all of the birthday wishes!!! Thank you sooooo much for showing me some love!!!
My Dear Vibrator........
Have I told you lately that I love you? Well just in case I haven't....I love you so! I know that there has been days that I've thrown you against the wall when you didn't have the energy to go on and there have been times when I've kicked you and tossed you under the bed like a $5 hooker on Wilson Way. But don't forget the times that I have wrapped you in your velvet case and thanked you too. You are the lime to my Tequila, the cream to my coffee, the Lenny to my Squiggy, and the cocaine to my razor blade. I guess what I am saying is....if it weren't for you, I would be so lost. I love you. This is for you baby..... XOXOXO Cyn
My Dear Friend...
A friend is someone who listens and cares, a friend is someone who's always there. A friend brings happiness that can warm and mend. I'm glad that I can call you a friend. A lot of people have entered my life, but one thing remains true... I've never met a single soul who has touched my heart like you. Thank you for being a friend.
My Dear
TO MY DEAR WIFE: During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, w hich is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired! 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo
My Dear Friend
Just wanted to give everyone who is on my friends list that has Mina on their list as well, an update. I spoke with her mother this morning and her surgery went fine. She is resting now and should be released in a few days. If you have read her recent blog you are aware that she is deleting her account. She is my dearest friend and has been sick for quite some time. The drama on here has finally gotten to her and she feels that at this point in her life she needs to focus on taking care of herself. If you would like updates on her recovery and you are not on my friends list, send me an add request and I will be relay all messages to her. Thank you for your understanding. Peace, Mindy
My Desires
Someday I will find a man who will learn to dance with me so that if we ever go out he won't be afraid to show me how he moves, I want a man who will learn to tango, bachata, waltz, foxtrot, linedance, clog, and even swing and shag. It seems impossible but theres got to be a gentleman out there willing to have some fun and learn something new. I mean hell I learned about sports and beer.
My Dearest
My blood is pouring from every vein. My wrists are cut. They have been slain. The razor once sharp. Has now turned dull. My voice has been hushed.. Down to a lull. The only ones to keep me here. The two that I hold dear. They keep me away from fear. So you must not shed a tear. For I will not go without them. 12/30/03
My Destination (make My Journey Complete) (song Lyrics)
I climbed over the mountain, though the mountain was high. I climbed over the mountain and it reached to the sky. Lord, the mountain was high! Girl, I’ve come a long way just to look in your eyes. You’ve probably heard the same thing from a lot of other guys. But I’ve come a long way and the mountain was high. Lord, the mountain was high! I crossed over the ocean, though the water was cold. I crossed over the ocean for my kettle of gold. Lord, the water was cold! Girl, I’ve come a long way. Am I being too bold? I finally make it to your side and your beauty behold. Now, I’m afraid all that glitters isn’t gold. Am I being too bold? (Bridge) I waited for a message from you. I wanted to let you know, everything that I go through I do for you (it’s true). I crossed into the desert with no shoes on my feet. I walked down through the desert in the hell and the heat – with no shoes on my feet. I know another man might have been beat. I finally made it to
My Destiny
Forever Alone thats what Im meant to be. Forever alone, thats my Destiny. The words of others is what you heard. And you disappeared with the wind just like a bird. I lie awake at night thinking of you, and I wonder how I could thing that our love was once true. For a while I thought you might come back to me. But now I know here is not where you really wanted to be. Forever alone, thats what Im meant to be, Forever alone, thats my Destiny
My Departing Gift To You
For future reference, forgetting my birthday and making a big deal out of yours every year is a problem. Wishing me happy birthay would have been enough, a card, cooking me dinner, or even cleaning up. For furture reference, not recognizing a holiday like Christmas is a problem. When every year I make sure you get something from me and you child/children. A simple card, note, or baking brownies from the pantry shelf would have been fine. For future reference, buying toys for yourself and you child/children instead of paying bills, or asking what is needed in the household is a problem. To understand it is not about you but the whole group is a lesson to be remembered. For future reference, when getting permission to trade in something of mine so that your child/children can have something and only getting fifty cents for it is a problem. Maybe it would have been better not to trade it in since it cost me 100 times more than that when purchased. For future referen
My Demented Mind On My Current Affairs.
Greetings from me with the dememtned mind.... My life is a roller coaster....As I am sure most of your are too. I have now bee out of work for almost two weeks now. I was Ill with both the flu bug and Bronchitis (sorry if I mis-spelled)....I was running a fever and can guess the rest. I went to the doctor 3 times. Trying not to go into Pnemonia. I called work damn near every day like I am supposed to. No one answers their Damn Cel phone. or returns calls from the work message center....I Called Damn it.....But no one returned calls. I Left messages every time! However...I guess that wasnt good enough..I was fired becasue I was a no call no show. What a crock of shit!!! I even have my call records printed out and copied, but I still was fired becasue I didnt actually talk to one of my three managers. Like I said WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!! But, to be honest....I hated that job anyway. I have several interviews and prospects. So the job hunt is looking good. Bills a
My Death
Wounded, broken, helpless, torn, I lie suffering by my love. Her spirit departed not long ago And mine is not far behind-- I can feel Death pulling at my soul. One last thrust of my knife I close my eyes-- There's no use living anymore.
My Desire
she sits an arms reach away but yet she seems so far her beauty more radiant than the brightest shining star accepting all of my affections but truely desiring none i hope she knows in her heart that i believe she's the one my heart belongs to her and i always let her know if she has any affection for me it surely does not show she tells me with her words that she wants to be with me her words are lightly hollow and her actions never agree i remember the person i met full of love and desire her passion for me burned like the hottest roaring fire she would travel the furthest distance just so we could be near her words more warm and truthful than i ever did hear i truelly have no idea if she will ever be the same all the changes in her i feel i am partly to blame i know she has alot on her mind and i hope im am in there too she says she does love me and i really hope it's true i have given her my heart, she can break it or set it on fire she is the godd
My Depression
not many of you know but for the past few weeks i've been fighting severe depression.It has really had me down and hopeless, but then tonight as i was sitting and praying and crying a feeling, a whisper, a thought came over me and i went back to my childhood and the music from church and there i found the obvious answers that have been there all along. As i listened to "What a friend we have in Jesus" and "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" a calm and a peace came over me that i havent felt in years. Instead of leaving my burdens and grief at the cross i've been trying to carry it alone and fix it myself.IMPOSSIBLE!!But a few simple words and reminders and an incredible change is occuring.What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear,and oh soul are you weary and troubled no light in the darkness you see turn your eyes upon jesus and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.The great physician is truely our best friend and healer.So I jus
My Deepest Thoughts
its raining here, the pittering of it makes me want to curl up in the bed and sleep till it stops lol i have alot on my mind these days and yet icant make heads or tails of it, so i sit here in front of the computer (new one) and think of silly things to say or do. and yet still the boredon runs the day for me. like a lurking ghost who cant lweave til he or she is released somehow from its earthly bonds. Rain...gods stop already! lol
My Desire
It’s the way he looks at me The way his eyes roam That makes me feel wanted He whispers lightly in my ear As he gropes at my hips He says, “I need you, baby You’re the reason I exist.” I understand his every desire Yet, I am so unafraid He wants to possess me Control me, call me his own I’m drowning in his passion Overcome by his heat He slams me up against the wall Ravenous for my heart beat How could I have let him so close? Is it possible that he really cares? He's such a beautiful friend How could I ever let him go!? Guided from the dark by him Living in this crazy dream How can I refuse him? He was my redeemer, my savior He led me from the darkness Took me from the alleys of the dead Freed my scars from their past By him, I was accepted It’s the way his hands roam It’s the way his eyes look at me It’s the way his lips kiss me Pinned beneath him upon the floor My fingers trailing along his back He presses down against me And my breaths become harsh

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