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Moving To Houston, Texas
Okay, so looking back at that last blog...I just realized it's been almost a year since I posted it! Guess I'm due for an update, huh? Well, I'm in the process of moving to Houston, Texas. Thankfully, I'm finally escaping a 6 year period of being more less stuck in the state of Kentucky. I'm getting transferred from my FedEx job here in Paducah to Houston, and I'm ready to get the hell outta town. So if anyone's got any good tips on Houston, feel free to let me know, cuz I'll be in town this weekend!
Not sure if the right people are going to read this, since it is for all the guys that like to do the local search for females in the area. Granted I could just change my location to US or some exotic location but I dont want to. Yes it says I currently live in New Castle, DE... Philly area... but in a week that will change. In 5 days I leave for NY ...YAY... to visit a friend :D and then I leave for Texas the following Tuesday. Its were I have spent the last 12 years and I miss it. So for those that keep finding me in the area and wondering if you want to meet... read my profile. It states everything there and you should figure out the answer.
Since everyone has noticed that my location has changed..and I thought that I had blogged about this before.. Starting Friday I will not be online until the 23rd of April. We are moving to a desolate part of the state..I will have dialup, but I won't be on much due to the fact that dialup drives me fuckin nuts! I will be getting my internet hooked up on the 23rd and by then I hope I have everything settled enough to get back on line! I will miss you all while I am gone..and to remind ya I will probably post again on Friday before I pull the plug on this bad boy! See ya round!
Moving Forward
Moving forward, left and right, at times peace, at times a fight. Our journey is what we make.... Or is it all a predestined fate? Ponder why and how; How come the wait is forever, when i want it NOW!!! Fuck the words Leaders use to create false hope. Life is now, this is the shit; the real, no fake dope. Swallow the pill of real chill. Fade the numbness of fake. Shake the passiveness; the real dope will make you wake! Depend on YOU! Open your eyes. See reality; Not facades filled with rotting insides. Be true, don't steal, cheat, cause hurt. Cause when its done-YOUR WORD is all you can take to the dirt! By: Teresa Williams 4-17-08
Moving On
I am moving on It has taken me far too long to reach this place, it seems My fears may try to hold me back To try and block my way But with courage and faith in my heart I will get there come what may The road will be a long one, And it may be rocky, too But when I reach this place in time, My dreams could all shine through The plans I have made will soon be real Along with the destiny I chose Though I have been tossed and turned in life's storms I will surely see a brighter dawn I'm no longer held back by my fears I'm finally....Moving On
Moving On
I am going down the road to moving on for good. I want Bree and I to have a real life. I am spending as much time as humanly passable with her. she is getting so big and so smart. she sure does have a personality of her own. she is the center of my world. my next step is to be able to get a place just to me and Bree. a place all our own with our own rules and our own way of life. then I am gonna try to find a good man that will love both of us. one that will accept us as we are, broken but still working LOL. HUGS ALL kitten
The Moving Process
OK everyone has been asking HOW the move went welllllllllllll where do I start lol. First of all we had planned to leave Wed. afternoon it was FINALLY Thurs. morning at 12:15 am before we finally were loaded and left. We stopped at 4:30 am to the surprise that the tarp over the bed of the truck was totally shredded. Once we got up stopped and bought another tarp. THOUGHT we had it tied down perfectly BUT guess what within just a few miles it was totally shredded too. Stopped and bought duct tape but that didn't work either. Eventually bought 2 tie downs and yes once again ANOTHER tarp. FINALLY we had everything tarped and tied down properly and were actually able to drive on the expressway and shock AT the speed limit. What a birthday present :(. It took us as long as whole trip should have been JUST to get out of the state of IL :(. Our total driving time was about 23 hours :(. Have to go back to IL still have enough stuff to fill a 16 foot truck and get it down here. Between th
Hey everyone! Just taking a break from endless amounts of packing to let you all know I'm heading back to my home state of Iowa. Not that this makes any difference whatsoever to the friends I have made here on Fubar, but just letting you all know what's going on with me lately. I depart NC on May 9th. I can't wait to get there, but at the same time I'll miss all my NC friends and all the people to come sing with me at my karaoke gigs. But anyway, just a note to give you the news.
Moving On!
things have become very tough for me to handle anymore. I have dealt with enought pain and bullshi that I cant take anymore. I am so ready to end my life and be free of this torment. But I know thatisnt the way to deal with things. I hope to one day find love and happiness in the one that is meant for me. Piers and I have broken apart and I am trying to move on with my life as best as possible. Hopefully one day my true love will come to me! But only time can trully tell what my future holds and who my love shall be!
Moving Up And Out!
So my last blog entry was rickety at best considering I was using that voice recognition program to write it, so please excuse my errors. Yesterday I got two leads on places to move into. One was the hotel I originally wanted to move into. I called them back and asked them if they were going to have any rooms become available soon and the owner said possibly a few on Friday, so that’s good but I am starting to think that place isn’t the wisest choice after all. It would cost 170 a week to stay there as well as 300 dollars of a deposit for both of my animals, but the good news is that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to live out of hotel. I think it would be so awesome to have maid service and not have to worry about moving any of my real shit over there since it’s already furnished. The other apartment is still in this area but a little out of the way down towards the poor area which I am not exactly keen about however it is two bedroom and affordable. No pet fees or anything, and I am
great site to check out movies
so.. im moving to cali for about 9 months..leavein on the 9th of may woohoo..then i might move the fuck out of the states.. like UK or sweden or canada..i dunno..cheers
Moving Back To Colona
Son of a fuck. I hate moving. Especially when I hadn't planned on doing so.
Moving Day Is Nearly Upon Us...
As those who already know,and to those who don't Sandy and I are moving house please dont worry if we dont get back to you as the meyhem will begin,as we are packing and stuff as we go. Many thanks...
Moving On!
Things are looking up for me lately. I am soon to be getting a two bedroom apartment through housing but just dont know where it will be at yet. Then come the 28th of this month I have to go to court for my divorce. I will be so happy when it is finalized and I will be Amanda Lee Compton again. I am still waiting to hear back on my disability benefits and it might end up being another 30-60 days beofre any word in heard from it! So hopefully it will be before July that I hear things regarding to it though. I am patiently waiting for answers that I hope will be in a good way! So all that I can do is sit back and wait for things to fall into play!
Moving To Afganistan
Well I will be transfering to Afganistan in a few days. I recently recieved a promotion but to take it I had to transfer. It is a good thing, I get to support more of our sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen this way. This will take me into year two. I figured that I may as well chronoicle my experiences and impressions of the area. I will be out of touch for a few days. I cannot say when I will be leaving due to OPSEC concerns but I will let all of you Fubarians know when I arrive. Take care if I dont have a chance to say it.
Moving To New Appartment
moving to new appartment, moving closer to work in cocoa , will be on every now and than when i can get to bcc to use there computer . keep up the partying folks. peace after today . Russ
Movie Quote #1
Ok 1,000 fubucks for these answers... I give you a Quote from a movie you tell me what movie... Easy! "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."
Movie Quote #2
Ok 1,000 fubucks for these answers... I give you a Quote from a movie you tell me what movie... Easy! "Gimme a whiskey, ginger ale on the side. And don't be stingy, baby."
Movie Quote #3
Ok 1,000 fubucks for these answers... I give you a Quote from a movie you tell me what movie... Easy! "They make take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!"
#4 Movie Quote
Ok 1,000 fubucks for these answers... I give you a Quote from a movie you tell me what movie... Easy! This is a little different... It's the "end title card" Like it says "The End" well what movie ended with this.... “You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry: you will someday.”
#5 Movie Qoute
Ok 1,000 fubucks for these answers... I give you a Quote from a movie you tell me what movie... Easy! What movie ended with this...going back awhile here...before I was born lol “He wasn't a bad fellow, no worse than most and probably no better than some, and not a bad ball player neither when they gave him the chance, when they laid off him long enough. From here on in, I rag on nobody.”
#6 Movie Qoute
Ok 1,000 fubucks for these answers... I give you a Quote from a movie you tell me what movie... Easy! Haha Since your all so fast you need the year they came out also from now on lol. This is my fave part of my fave movie lol so... "Sorry, your seatbelt seems to be broken. What do you recommend I do?" "I recommend you stop being such a faggot. You're in the backseat."
For 5,000 bucks here's what you need... Movie title Release Date (date not just year) How many Oscars it won And 2 of the stars Quote "Listen to me, mister. You're my knight in shining armor. Don't you forget it. You're going to get back on that horse, and I'm going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we're gonna go, go, go!"
Moving On.
This song has been running on my ipod the past couple days I keep it on repeat..I am excited for my move but yet again I am not ready to leave the place I have been at for 19 years of my life.. Time to move on I suppose but god I will miss the people I cared about in this state.. "Warbrain" by: Alkaline Trio "Thoughts are the shadows of feelings, always darker, emptier, and simpler. I don't care if they're fake or real, I just thank them for showing up at all. I have black periods. Who does not? But they are not a part of me; they are not a part of illness, but a part of my being. What am I saying? I have the courage to have them. Four o' clock in the morning. This sucks." I can't go on You said my head's too heavy I need that song Those trusty chords could pull me through and early on they saw the warning signs and symptoms all day long We sit and dream of better days Where we'd hit the ground running on empty stories we've been told And all those nights we s
hey everyone I just wanted to let ya know if you are into chick flix then watch Over her dead body and PS I Love You. they were good. Alvin and the chimpmunks is also good.
Tomorrow 5/16/2008 I am moving back to Alabama. This means I will be off line for a couple of days. I will b back soon as I can. Please stop by and show me some love while I am gone. See you soon! Sxybama/Melissa
Moving To Arizona
By the 1st of June.... Hope to hear from you all....
Movie Clip: Constantine
Moving On
I just lost a very good friend due to my stupidity and actions In ReaL Life. I met him here And I now have verified the thought of it being impossible to have healthy relationships on here. Life was meant to live in person (for me at least). Tom, I am so sorry That I hurt you. Rob,Sher♥Greg,Violets,Mark,Drew you know where to find me. Sherry, Sher, Blondie,Illusion, Danielle, Beauty, Witchie, Peacey, Mac, Gaetano &Hearts; Yahoo me any time jadelotusre@yahoo and yes..another bites the dust
Stargate - (1994) Star Wars: Ep. I- (1999) Star Wars: Ep. II- (2002) Star Wars: Ep. III - (2005) Star Wars: Ep.IV - (1977) Star Wars: Ep.V - (1980) Star Wars: Ep.VI - (1983) Star Trek: The Motion Picture - (1979) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - (1982) Star Trek III: The Search For Spock - (1984) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - (1986) Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - (1989) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – (1991) Star Trek: Generations – (1994) Star Trek: First Contact – (1996) Star Trek: Insurrection – (1998) Star Trek: Nemesis – (2002) Alien - (1979) Aliens - (1986) Alien 3 - (1992) Alien Resurrection - (1997) Close Encounters of the Third Kind - (1977) 2001: A Space Odyssey - (1968) Total Recall - (1990) The Thing - (1982) Contact - (1997) Invasion of the Body Snatchers - (1978) Men in Black - (1997) Men in Black II - (2002) The Fifth Element - (1997) The Arrival - (1996) The Abyss - (1989) X-Files - (1998) Outland - (1981)
I want to let everyone know I will not be here on line that much I am working 2 jobs to move to NC I miss you all please be paitent with me thank you I will be moving in August Thank you All Love Angel
Moving My Humm Type Of Day
Changing my here and now in this mist of the mess I know is the key to positive evolution. Tomorrow is to late and not a given but, today, this very second, the breath I'm taking now is where I start. This is my world - I only get one shot at it. I realize living by other peoples rules will kill you! Literally... bad days are a state of mind. We allow theives to steal our joy and peace of mind. Whether good, bad, right or wrong- how I see myself is all that matters. The laughter I give off and the pain I dish out is my burden to bear. It's my responsibilty to govern my life with love, understanding, peace, truth and upfrontness! There is no one to blame when the clouds release the rain... the rain is the test of your understandings and just cause you fall does not mean you fail! Looking in the mirror straight into my eyes with no hestation and a feeling of oneness is my goal. Everything else will... if I let it - work its self out!
Moving To Santa Barbara
I called another old friend in Santa Barbara tonight. She offered me a beach lifeguarding supervisor's job, beginning on June 15. I accepted. I pays pretty well and it's full time, therefore, I will be moving about 3 months sooner than I thought. A little nervous now, but very excited.
Moving On
So hi there. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be moving here in about a month. If you dont see me on here that much its because I am packing my stuff up and moving. I will tryin and be on here as much as I can. I love talking with everyone and have met some cool new friends. Things just have not worked out for me where I live right now, nor can I find good work. So I have think moving to where the jobs are is good for my kids and I. You can always email me and those who have my yahoo id can talk with me there. My cell phone is always logged on with yahoo. I might not answer you right aways, but I am there. If you want my name on yahoo just ask me and I will give it to you... Well gots to run. More packing to do. Love ya all, Ang
I'm moving tomorrow (5-28) to Colorado Springs!! Looking forward to meeting new ladies in the area, talking to even more, and maybe finding a hot lil gal in the area for fun and play....and maybe even a bit more! How about it...any takers in the area? Hit me back and let's talk!!
Moving Today
im moving and wont be around for a couple days so dont think i forgot about any of you... talk soon sarah
Movie Script
I've just recently started writing my first movie script. Could use some love. Thanks all :)
I spent way to much time away from Arizona; stuck in the freaking woods of West Virginia. Cant wait to bask in the sun. Get back in shape, get rock hard arms and rippled abs once again. AZ here I come!
Moving Mountains
It's like whatever I do, Ooh Just can't get through to you Ooh, ooh I'm never gonna tell anything wrong Ooh, ooh, Listen Oh Now, now she loved me, shawty I loved her Used to jump up in the maybach and roll out Used to care, she used to share The love that she used to give me can't be found I lost my way, she said she'd stay And lately I've been sleeping with a ghost My stock is down and out, I used to be worth my weight in gold That was before a great depression kicked in and rocked us And that was before the hurricane came in and stopped us I told you to leave, but you lied to me When you said that, baby no worries I promise to get us back I know sorries, just wouldn't do it Her heart is obliterated, I'm trying to travel through But it's like moving mountains... It's like moving mountains... hey. But I keep climbing and hoping things would change And the sky turns gray, and the water from the rain washes progress away. It's like moving mountains... (moving
Well today I'm moving into my new place! YAY! The only thing that sucks is I won't have the net for awhile...soooo you won't be seeing me around much...unless you yahoo me :D...if you wanna keep in touch let me know my yahoo is fadedmemories22...don't forget me! Much love to all my friends! ♥ you know who you are and i love you all!!! Keep on rockin! Take it easy and keep it in your sneakers! ♥ Amelia
Movin On
I have moved on to greener pastures now,I am not going to let any man do to me what has happened in the past!!! So now I am up for alot of fun hehehe... but dont get me wrong I am not here for mens pleasure only I want friends mostly and alot of them too :) so everyone feel free to add me and we can become good friends :) also if u want to u can join my lounge too :) would love to have u there... I just NEED A DJ!!!!!!!!!!
That's right, bitches! I'm outta here! No, no... not out of FUBAR, I'm leaving my current base and going to another one. Goodbye CFB Borden and hello CFB Kingston! I'm finally starting my POET Course (Performance Objective Electronics Training) at the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE). I'm both excited and nervous. I was originally slated to start this course on Sept 15, 2007. Unfortunately, I'm a dumbass and broke my knee. Now that it's healed, I'm going to be starting my POET on June 16th. I'm nervous because I haven't been in the right mentality for course. I'm out of "soldier" mode and in "going to work wearing green" mode. I don't think it will take too long to get myself back into the routine that I was in when I left basic training last August. The POET course is one of the most demanding courses in the CF. It has the highest failure rate (approx 30%) because of its intense academic nature. I will be challenged, but I believe I ha
Hello all..On July 27th I will be leaving Virginia...I am moving to Tennessee for awhile..As life goes on I still have not gotten over a break up that happened in March..I must try to get on with my life..I am going to be with my Grand mother that is very ill..I am hoping my life gets better..Instead of dwelling on the past I am going to try to move on with my future..I will be off and on the computer at times due to place I am moving I will not have a computer..So pleas leave Love and messages for me on my page..TTYL Take care...
Moving Yet Again!
Well Its official. I am moving back to Va in about 8 days. This will make it 28 moves in 22 years. how crappy is that! Damn economy! Rent is cheaper but everything else is more. I want to scream and throw a tantrum. How am I every gonna get it togethter it we cant stay in one place?
as most of you know...i am moving yahhhhhhhh!! sad thing is i wont have internet for a while, atleast not internet of my own. I will be online sometimes but it wont be for long periods of time and i wont beable to dj:( just wanted to let everyone know why im gonna be gone and if you have my number, call me!! im gonna miss you guys but dont worry...I WILL BE BACK...PROMISE!!! I will get internet back as soon as i get myself situated, find a new job in my new town and get some money rollin goal is 2 months!! love you all very much!!! peace Melissa
So I've been making a list of places that I am considering moving too after I graduate, depending on cost, jobs, and living arrangements. So far I have (in no particular order): 1. Staying in Michigan 2. North Carolina 3. California 4. Northern Washington State 5. Connecticut 6. Florida/Georgia Anyone have any other suggestions? Comments?
Well i am deffinatly moving out of Erie where my melodramatic life will end. I am going to start fresh where no one know's me, and I will hopefully find new friends. I will talk to you all once I can get another computer.
Movies I've Watched This Week (6/20-6/27)
So since I'm not very creative and insightful I have to find things to blog about so I'm going with movies and junk like that because that's what my boring ass does most of the time. So this week watched four movies thanks to the good folks at netflix Once: This was a movie about a guy who works in his dads hoover repair shop and is a musical street artist just because he loves it. He plays the guitar and sings pretty damn good. He meets a girl from the Czech republic one day who happens to play a mean piano and they hook up with some other random street musicians to record some demo tracks that the guy can take to London (they are in Dublin I think). I really, really liked this movie. It was an indy film so sometimes the camera work was a little dizzying but I really, really liked the guys music and the character interaction throughout the whole film was fantastic. I highly recommend this movie if you have decent taste in music and have a heart. There Will Be Blood: I thi
Movie- Kungfu Panda
this was a kick ass movie, i dont care if you have kids or not, go see it!
Movie- Get Smart
this was better then i thought it would be. not as slap stick as the tv show, but well done all the same
July 1st i am moving and i will be offline cable company told me they can not get to me until july 8th or 9th so that is when i will be back online so i will miss you all and show me some fu love and i will return when i come back..muaaaaaaaaaaaah
Moving On With Life!
Things hasnt been easy for me to deal with this week after just miscarrying on Monday morning after Mission Hospital released me the night before and them knowing what was going on. But they are going to pay in many ways. I plan to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against Mission and will somehow win my case for their neglegence. But on another note, MAtt and I are doing well together and are engaged now.Its like I have found the one for so long been searching for, but only time trully can tell the future. Today I plan to just enjoy my day and spoil myself a little after the pain I have gone through. Trying to get my mind off of things is the best for me instead of keep on thinking about it. So we are going to be busy with some planning and stuff!
Moving Day (part 1)
Well today I begin my couchsurfing existnce, until I figure out my permanent arrangements. I am so glad to actually have some real friends who are totally being there for me when I need them. The fact that two friends immediately offered to let me stay with them for a while, and likewise my daughter, with 2 days notice is realy cool, and making a tough situation tolerable. Thank you.
i just saw the movie hancock .......omgggggggggggg great flick go see it
Well I started packing tonight. OMG! I have a lot of stuff. If I ever complain and say I don't have things, please slap me. I have everything I need pretty much and then some. I've got all my kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom things packed up. Tomorrow I have to finish going through all the stuff that goes in/around my desk. Then Tuesday I'm going to pack up all my toiletries. And I'll do laundry and make sure all my clothes are clean. Then Wednesday will be packing the clothes. I seriously think I have enough clothes to cloth a third world country. I constantly go through my closet and donate clothes, but I still have a ton. Not to mention all of the shoes I have. It's a sin, I know. But we all have our vices. And finally on Thursday morning bright and early we will pack up the truck and expedition and head down to Georgia. So far the news we have is that they will put me up in an empty two bedroom until my apartment is finished. I'm kinda of pissed, but they are doing their best to
Moving On
Time will only tell what will happen..and finally it is time 2 move on..Move on 2 better things in life..Move on 2 better success in life...Move on in life without drama..Move on with a full commitment to the one I love the most!! Yesterday was a real eye wakening for me while I was in church!! Sum people take others for granted and its really messed...But all i can say is that God is the answer 2 everything!!
my family has decided to move back to my home state of alaska, i am nervous but excited all at the same time. as with the move to springfield i am worried how the kids will be able to adjust to the move, but i know that it will be for the good, as they will final get to meet my family. yes my family has never gotten to really know my kids and they are almost adults now. i have been able to bring them up there a few times but it wasnt for a long enough time for anyone to really get to know them, just meet them see a few sites and that is about it. my whole family is so excited about me moving home that they are planning a hugh party for when i get there. i know that i will not miss all this humid weather, yes i love the heat but i dont like the humidity, i know, i know you cant have one without the other, but hey a girl and dream. we are hoping to be up there before the next school year, or shortly after school starts, and before the snow starts. which for me is a big thing, since i wil
The Movie
It was a pretty normal day as far as normal days go for the both of us. Working different shifts, my wife, Rachelle and I didn’t get to see much of each other. When we did see each other, we would talk about the day, eat and maybe get a quickie in before one of us had to get some rest or go to work. I wanted to spice things up a bit, get us out of the normal day to day rut that we had fallen into; so with a semi hard cock, thinking of what I might say, I began to text my wife. “Hey baby, I was just thinking.” I thumbed. “Oh yeah? What about?” “I was thinking about how hot you looked with that corset on, the one you wore for our Halloween party.” “Oh Yeah?” she replied, I knew it got her wheels turning, thinking about the hot night we had, especially after everyone but a couple of my friends stayed late. I think she came at least 20 times that night. Now my wheels were turning, and I began to message Rachelle again when I was interrupted by her incoming text. “Lets go
Moving With Heads
i noticed myself deep thinking the other day. everyone around the world are going around doing there "thing". ever noticed urself looking at someone and thinking what are they thinking?. i find myself doing that alot. people are headed down different paths and they are all not realizing that life is all a sims game. if you play the sims u would understand that ppl do things and at the end they will die. they try their best to make as much money then they die with it. they go to religious ceremonys and when they die and there isn't anything after death they are gunna roll over in thier graves. just a wierd thought i put out there. well thats it. give me props if u have had the same thought one day or another.
Just wanted to let all of my wonderful friends know that I may not be on here as much for the rest of this month. My family and I are in the process of packing. We are moving the 15th of next month and not sure exactly how long it will be after that before I am back online. So if I dont talk to you anytime soon you will know why. Have a great week and much love to all my friends and fans.
Moving My Body
Waves of compassion was over me in soft rythmic beats, Moving my body to the soft tempo of life, Leading me in a dance with time. As I waltz with time, I feel it pulling at my heart, And slowly, Love plays my heart strings. As I listen to the beautiful melody of love, Everynote more piercing than the last, I feel peace lay a cool hand on my mind, And I can finally rest. As I lay with peace, hearing the beauty of life, I feel compassion blanket me, For the worlds suffering cries. As I feel compassion wash over me, Lulling me to sleep, I feel life grace me with a smile. Moving my body to the soft tempo of life.
As most of my friends know I am in the process of moving and will be n and off Fubar for a few weeks. I just don't want any of you to think I am ignoring you. I truly respect all of my friends here and look forward to getting moved asap. Just hope you all will hang in there and don't forget Tiger. lol Luv Ya all.
Movies For You To Enjoy!
"Starship Troopers 3: Marauder" Genre: Action / Fantasy / Comedy / Adventure / Drama / Horror / Thriller / Western / Sci-Fi Release: 2008 July Rtg: 7.4/10 (774 votes) "The Eye (2008)" Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller Release: 2008 January Rtg: 8.4/10 (3113 votes)
Just sending this out to let everyone know i'm moving back to Texas my last day here is the 26 then i'm gone i just wanted to say that i have made lots of friends and i will miss you all but i'll still be online and i'll still have my cell. so i'll see you when i get back friends from the springs i will miss seeing and hanging out it's been fun. you all take care i'll miss you.....
Movie Review- Batman The Dark Knight
i loved the movie, it left a lot of options for the next one with out being too confusing. the effects rocked and though at time ran a bit on the slow side, still had me riveted . a definite must see
Movie Review- Hell Boy 2
lol ok i fell in love with hellboy in the first movie, and the second takes off not long after. great story line, fantastic effect and loved the sound track. will so be line to buy this one when it comes out! must see, big time!
I'll try 2 pop in every now & then if I can get 2 the library or I luck out & get the net sooner, but I'm moving. I'll miss ya'll.
Moving Pics
l see ppl with pics that move lm not meaning morphs or pics where multi pics are put together...l mean regular pics that move that can be uploaded and dont need to be sent has a vid an via url...ld like to be able to upload some moving pics please if possible can someone let me know how and give me info on how? k thnx
Just saw Get Smart today, and it was fuckin awesome! My fave line: "Russia has no rules! I ran over an old today-greatest vacation ever!" The bonus was the shots of Moscow, which made me really homesick and nostalgic for about 10 minutes. I have days when I miss Russia so friggin much, its not even funny. I loved the movie, and Steve Carell is a gem in an awful world of retarded movie actors.
I've seen all the super hero movies this summer. Wanted: Good movie I will be reading the comic to compare it but it was a twisted movie iron Man: BEST MARVEL MOVIE EVER! Hulk; better then the one in 2000. ALOT better handcock: funny and great too! Hell boy 2:it was UBER better then the first 1 and great story line and graphic. Batman: it had its high points it had its low points but Heath stole the show. You can not compare thisbatman to the one from the 80s. It's like tWo different story arcs! I have seen most of these movies with some epic people and 3 of these movies with an interesting person. I also realize im a comic book nerd and take pride in it now lol ;) THAT is the newest update for me. I have a life and as weird as it may seem I enjoy the nerdisims that is the life of me. Who knows I may see Mamma Mia next week. i'm a sucker for musials.
Movie Quotes
"The things that people in love do to each other they remember, and if they stay together it's not because they forget, it's because they forgive." - "Indecent Proposal" "This is true love. Do you think this happens everyday?" - Westly, "Princess Bride" "Death can not stop true love; it can only delay it for a little while." - Westly, "The Princess Bride" "I've kissed a guy... I've kissed guys. I just haven't felt that thing.... That thing... that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy, and the only thing in focus is you and this person. And you realize that that person is the only person you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life. And for one moment you get this amazing gift. And you wanna laugh and you wanna cry, 'cause you feel so lucky that you've found it, and so scared that it'll go away all at the same time." - Drew Barrymore, "Never Been Kissed" "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever die
Moving Out :-(
So, the thing is....I want to move out and get a place with my boyfriend. But, I think my OVERPROTECTIVE parents are going to stop me in any way that they can from making this happen. I'm so angry right now and I can't even think striaght. I'm like being rude to the people I love, because of this. I feel like I'm trapped and I can't even get out. I just want to give up and forget about everything, but I want this to happen. I want my freedom and my own life. I don't even have a clue on what to do. I need to get proof of my income from my parents, but I totally don't think they will give it to me. I already ask them for it and they yelled at me. I didn't tell them the real reason why I need it, I just told them I needed it for college. What should I do????
Moving On!
Things could be better for me in life but I guess that I just get the messed up end of the stick. I try so hard to straighten up my life and still I somehow get knocked down to the bottom. Here recently I broke up with Matt because he began to bewcome too annoying and I need a man in my life that knows when to give a person space when they need it plus not do stuff to fit in for things. I just wish that I could find a man who understands me for myself and not try to change me for what he wants but thats seems to never happen. Maybe someday I will find someone who can understand me and accept me for myself and nothing more,plus will just be theirself as well. Thats all I ask for in life nothing more nor less!
Ok, I dont know how many of you know, but I am moving from Houston to Granbury. Ive decided that I really don't come on Fubar anymore. So I am going to delete my account. If there is anyone on here that wants my email address, that doesn't already have it, let me know. Don't ask me to give you my FuBucks either... because I haven't decided who will get them. I will be deleting my account probably later on tonight, as I am busy with getting ready for my garage sale tomorrow.
Ok so I just need a place to vent. This could get long and complicated.... Ok so due to my financial situation I have had to rent out the house I own and rent a house that I can afford. Ok I can handle this, no big deal. Now here's where everything starts going totally wrong. I am renting from my soon to be ex-husband and my mother-in-law. That's really not a bad thing. The bad things is that he didn't listen to me about changing the insurance policy on the house and while it was vacant, the copper pipes were stolen. So he won't put in a claim. Well while they were stealing the pipes, the crushed the duct work. So guess what, I'm living in a house with no ac. And it's been in the 90's all week. Then we have a huge fight because he hadn't removed his girlfriends washer and dryer from the house. He had a month to do this. So I put them outside to get mine in. He was mad because I didn't call him and tell him. Ok they had been in the driveway like 20 minutes!!!! I hadn
Moving On
Have you ever been in love and then after it ends for whatever reason it ends you're still left with that feeling inside, that love that you still desire? I've lost what I feel to be the love of my life and even though she hurt me by giving up when I needed her the most there's still a part of me that longs for her return. There's still that love I will always hold inside me for her and there's still a big pat of me that will never truely get over her. I've heard people say they're over someone but is it really true? Are they ever really over that person? There are times when I've cried at night because of the hurt that I still feel. I can only hope that someday sone comes along that fills that emptiness inside my heart. I can only hope that someday I fall in love again and thit actually lasts.
as many of you know, im moving to wisconsin/minnisota area right on the border, well im going to be staying with my neice for a little bit there while i find a job up there and stuff, and she dont have internet, i will try to find ways to get online in any spare time i have to do that, like librarys or whatever, i will also be on my yahoo from my phone from time to time, but if u dont see me around dont worry, i'll be back as fast as i can love my friends so please dont forget me
For those that actually read my blog, I'm moving to Yuma AZ in a few months. So, if you are in Louisiana and want to meet me in person, better do it soon! For those of you that live in Arizona or southern Cali, you will see me soon enough! LOL
Moving On
To submit to someone isn't just about letting them take you over and controlling you and everything you are and do. I have learned the hard way.... You're a submissive, so you have to serve me because I say so'. I've had to cope with enough people with that attitude. I call them 'wannabe doms'. Because that's exactly what they are. You cannot just EXPECT submission from anyone, possibly a stranger. And even after submitting you must not tale advantage of your power and above al be truthful. Lies hurt the worst. It's probably is the greatest gift a sub can make to their dominant. It never can be enforced, it cannot be taken for granted, it's something that has to be earned and valued. It's a sign of deep respect and trust, and possibly love. And it's given selectively. Only because someone submits to one person doesn't mean they will or have to submit to everyone. The first things about building M/s relationship that are going to last is to have faith in each other. It can take yo
Moving Again
In about two more weeks we are moving to Virginia.We've already started getting some things together.I am happy that I won't have to drive the whole way.I will miss the 100 degree weather we have been having here in San Angelo but at least I will be a little closer to my family.I should be stuck in VA for two years.I am hoping to take loads of pictures like I did on the way to San Angelo.I guess thats pretty much it about the move.
Moving On
Well, as some of you know, I will be moving to New Zealand soon, October 27th to be exact. I am hyper excited about it! I'll be starting a dream job and also seeing Ange for the first time. I still am coming to terms with it, it seems so surreal. My new job is basically a contract job for three local investors in a project involving a new type of polymer, to be used in the medical field. It's a big deal for them and the company has a three year contract with them. I hope by that time, I can establish some local connections for a job, hopefully in the same field. And while all this is going on, Ange and I will be enjoying each others company. =)
Have you ever seen a good scary movie?? 1. The stangers 2. 1408 3. the happening
Do you order ?? 1. Popcorn 2. Soda 3. Candy 4. Food
Moving-going To B Offline!!!
Moving On
I am moving on reaching toward my hopes and dreams It has taken me far too long to reach this place, it seems My fears may try to hold me back To try and block my way But with courage and faith in my heart I will get there come what may The road will be a long one, And it may be rocky, too But when I reach this place in time, My dreams could all shine through I am coming nearer to my goals And my excitement grows The plans I have made will soon be real Along with the destiny I chose Though I have been tossed and turned in life's storms I will surely see a brighter dawn I'm no longer held back by my fears I'm finally....Moving On
Moving On Past Henrietta's Lapsed Treatment Of Water
Wondering what to do for her usual slow sun‘n’air-dry she spotted a shaded area and lumbered over to it. As it was near the Termite Tree Henrietta knew she would have to be very careful in order not to get creepy-crawly dreams. Two minutes later she was settled again on the warm, shady ground with the dry grass blowing gently around her large and damp body. And so began the slow, drying off process. Henrietta had slipped off into pleasant oblivion where she peacefully stayed until there was an ‘altermity’ sound from the tree. There followed much hustling and bustling, and to-ing and fro-ing as the inhabitants of the Termite Tree had woken and were starting their ritual march-out drill. Because this was in preparation for their daily food foraging and litter patrols, Henrietta realised that it would be nearly an hour before all was tranquil again. Poor Henrietta sighed and felt a great thirst. Lumbering back to the waterhole made her hot and bothered and so after a long drin
I am moving back to Florida. I dont know how long it will take to get internet set up so I may be gone for a few weeks.
Well I leave wed to cali...
This month has been insane!! I've made 2 trips to IL this month. After the first, we decided to move back after living in Ohio almost 20 yrs. My daughter wants to be around her family (as do I) plus she wants the baby to grow up with family around, in a small town environment. Then my daughters' ex went psycho, he got physical with my daughter more than once and I THINK he got mad with the baby, there were no marks on her so I can't say for sure what happened, but babies don't cry tears like that unless they've been physically hurt - I only know that something did happen so we're leaving before he can take off with the baby or hurt my daughter or the baby again. We've also found out some other things about his "extra curricular activities" - I won't go into details until we go to court for the permanent protective order, but none of it is good and he will NOT expose my daughter or grandbaby to his bullshit. Needless to say her and my grandbaby's safety are in jeopardy so last w
Moving On Again
There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right. And so --now -- knowing all that you know from where you now stand, now what do you want? The answers are now coming forth to you. Go forth in joy, and get on with it.
Moving In Together
Moving Again
We are moving on base tommorrow as usual I have done ALL the packing myself. fucking lazy ass men, lol. Oh well.
Moving !!!!
hi guys i am moving to alton_couples pagr it's ...alton_couple@ fubar if you want me... thanks...
The Movie
Have you seen this "movie"? academy award winner, oscar winner, the absolute worst movie I have ever seen. It was so depressing, I seriously thought about killing myself before it ended. If you value your time, do NOT watch this movie. It's 2 hours of your life you will never get back.
Just bought my ticket to South Carolina, and totally freaking out about it. Dont get me wrong, i am realllllly excited. However, this will be my first time flying,first time out on my OWN without a hubby/parents to rely on. Just having a r/l moment i suppose LOL. for those of you wanting to know...Ill be in Charlotte and staying with my guy for a few days on the 17th of sept. After that, Ill be goin to my friends house where ill be staying in wilmington NC until i am able to get a job/car and get on my feet. Hoping within a month or two to be on my own! Cant wait :D FYI...for those of you driving on the roads of the carolinas...WATCH OUT! HAHAHA :P ok im done :P~ 10 more days! woot hehe
Mov'in On....
When We Move On When we move on we make a choice..... a choice to survive or to give up. A decission made that can change a life or two. When we move on we can do it in two different ways..... we can either do it by excepting what we can not change.... or we can dweal on the negative and never move on. When we move on it is expected that we make a choice..... a choice to live and be who we are...... and regardless we travel down the path that will challenge us. When we move on.....
Movies Of Note For 2009
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds -- 'nuff said) He's Just Not That Into You (You've read the book, now see the movie!) Friday the 13th (Because the other 25 movies just didn't cover it) Terminator Salvation (Don't ya just love repetition?) Land of the Lost (some things just shouldn't be found) The A-Team (Why come up with an original plot when you can just recycle an old TV show?) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (... or an old cartoon for that matter) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Them Weasley twins have gotten pretty darn hot since they've growed up!) Piranha 3-D (Because everyone knows there are Amazonian Piranha lurking under Lake Havasu in Arizona) G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (Again with the old cartoons!) Final Destination 4 (If its the Final Destination, why are there 4 of them?) A Nightmare on Elm Street (Again 25 ...... in this installment, Freddy comes over to borrow a cup of sugar) Astro Boy (A
Moving Back . . .
Yup . . . after 15 years of wandering around the southwest, I'm moving back to New York. The beautiful Mohawk Valley. This is something that has just come up, there's a family issue that needs the big sister to take over and fix. Well, I can't fix it, but I'll be there to pick up the pieces when it all crashes . . . and it will. So I may have a white Christmas after all. Kinda nervous.
It's looking like I'll be moving again soon. I'm looking into the possibility of moving to Panama City Beach. There's a nice new mall there with a lot of businesses opening up around it. I'm looking at getting a part time job and that would be the perfect area for some quick cash. Not only that, there are some places there with cheaper rent that aren't in a flood plain, so I don't have to worry about my stuff getting damaged. I'm thinking of making the move happen around November 1st, so there's a chance I might be offline for a few days but we'll just have to see what happens.
Moving On...
so now i am a single newly seperated female and it is kind of hard to get used to living this life. I am still working and maintaining but it is a struggle not to break down and cry knowing that the man that i love doesn't want to have me in his life. He says he doesn't know how to love, he says he wants to be single, something that could have been told to me before i married him and decided to give up my single life...i gave him a ultimatum the second year it was either me or his life in yerington..he said he loved me and wanted a life with me and we got 5 years down the road he doesn't love me?? I don't get that but you know talking to females these days where their men are abandoning them for these whores...i don't feel so alone! I talked to a lady the other day, who has 5 kids and her husband left her for another woman ...i am so glad we never had kids together...and that i am still young enough to move on from this experience to live my life. These women who you see
Moving On
Im moving on ftom what you thought was real so dont even ask me to love you.
Movie Soundtrack
IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? So, here's how it works: 1) Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2) Put it on shuffle 3) Press play 4) For every question, type the song that's playing 5) When you go to a new question, press the next button 6) Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... Opening Credits: Seether - Fuck me like you hate me Wake Up: Mariah Carey - Touch my Body First Day At School: Rehab - Just walk away Falling In Love: Paramore - Misery Business Fight Song: Creed - My Own Prison Breaking up: Saving Jane - Girl Next Door Prom: Coheed & Cambria - Wake Up Life: Oasis - Champagne Supernova Mental Breakdown: Alanis Morrisette - You Oughta Know (this made me laugh) Driving: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony Flashback: Gavin DeGraw - I'm in love with a Girl Getting back together: Stevie Wonder - I just called to say I love you Wedding: Taylor Swift - Should've Said No B
Hey all :) So in 3 months I will be done with school and have just been informed that a family member has a real estate company in Indiana and he needs a partner. Now as much as I know what a great opportunity this will be, the thought of leaving my friends and family kills me :( I'm not sure if I can do it. The housing market here in Minnesota is terrible, and when I do get my license, who knows when I will be able to even sell, it's not looking good here. I really think a change would be great for me, but I'll admit, I'm scared. Eh, sorry.. just whining. Have a good weekend all. xoxo
Hello all, Just thought I would let everyone know that I will be moving to a new apartment on Nov 30th, the bus ride of 3 hrs a day is just getting to old and dragging on me. The place I am getting is bigger, has better anemities, and only a 10 min bus ride a day, and in a good neighborhood/layout. Once I do get my license back again next year I can just drive home to eat lunch, ect as well which will be very nice! As soon as I get a new address and find out more details I will let you know. Other than that, new job is going good, eye socket still healing, have the nerves re-attaching now and tickles/itches/causes eye/muscle twitches that are very irratating but thats a sign that its healing so thats a good thing anyways, even though I may look like I am a schitzo from time to time lol. Hope all is well on your end, take care! Mike
Movie Legend Paul Newman Dies, 83 Rip
subject: Movie legend Paul Newman dies, 83 RIP date: 2008-09-27 09:04:14 Movie legend Paul Newman dies, 83 Some of Paul Newman's iconic performances - courtesy 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros Hollywood legend Paul Newman has died of cancer at the age of 83, his spokesman has confirmed. The blue-eyed star of films like Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid had died at home on Friday surrounded by family and close friends, said Jeff Sanderson. Newman was nominated for an Oscar 10 times, winning the best actor trophy in 1987 for The Color Of Money. In May 2007, he said he was giving up acting because he could no longer perform to the best of his ability. SELECT FILMOGRAPHY The Silver Chalice, 1955 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958 The Hustler, 1961 Hud, 1963 Cool Hand Luke, 1967 (pictured) Rachel Rachel (director), 1968 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969 The Sting, 1973 The Towering Inferno, 1974 Absence of Malice, 1981 The Verdict, 1982 The Color of M
Effective 10/1/08: I won't be online too much as I'm giving a Fu romance a shot and moving to Ohio to be with my baby Larissa. I won't be online as I'm driving but will be back online when I get to my destination. As usual, please leave Daddy some love and wish me luck as I've found a very special woman and will be with her shortly.
Hey yall I just wanted to let everyone know that I am in the middle of moving right now and will not have net for a week so when I am not here that's why.. Take care love to you all!!!
Moving On
Is it alright For me to tell you How I feel Are we going to continue living this lie Believing you love me Is it alright I can't care anymore Its been too long I've been pretending This is only me and you And, she is just here As a friend I tried To believe we are happy together Convincing myself I am the one for you We can make this work But this love is tearing me apart This will never work Its has been failing Since the first day I don't care anymore I'm moving on with my life
Mmmm...I love that I'm moving into a big house from an apartment and will have double the square footage. I just so don't want to pack. I've got half the house boxed up now. 5 days to go to finish the rest. I guess I just need some motivation to get moving ( know what I mean). Eh, I guess it's time for me to go do a little something or there will be so much left to do the day we move.
Well, 17 more days until I am out of here. I'm so ready for this move! I will definately miss the good friends that I've made here, but I will keep in touch. Yuma Arizona, here I come!
YAY i get out of the shit hole of biggs and back to live oak and im so happy!!! i get away from my aunt and mother!!
Moving Update
Allllllo all my lovely fu friends :P Just a quick update as to how things have been goin for me since the move. (For those of you that want to know.) Ive been doin alright. Been here almost a month now. LOVE The weather. Omg its beautiful down here. I was able to pick up my car yesterday and now its sitting in the driveway :D WoOT! Its officiallly mine now, however its not road legal JUST yet :P So soon enough Ill be back on the roads.....anyone driving in wilmington better watch out and wear ya seatbelts haha. Jobwise.....not much really. was waiting on a car for the next step. I have a laundry list of jobs that are hiring though, so as soon as this car thing is situated ill be on my way to applying at more places and hopefully setting up some interviews! Keep your fingers crossed for me :D Ive also been meeting a TON of people from myspace and a few from another social network site i use. Ive made a few really good friends/connections down here so far. Some really nice g
Movie Badass I Am
Lord Vader The most Bad Ass character ever. He took control of half the galaxy and could kill you with his mind!
Movie Mogul Turns To Web To Stream Indie Releases
By Jenna Wortham EmailOctober 22, 2008 | 12:22:00 AMCategories: DIY, Movies, Web/Tech Picture_6 Is the web destined to become the new go-to venue for must-see indie flicks? That's what former Miramax and IFC executive Mark Lipsky is banking on with his latest venture, Gigantic, a digital screening room that will showcase independent feature films. "I honestly don't know if we have the right leverage or the right product yet," Lipsky told Variety. "But everybody is going to be doing this soon. This is the way things are headed. And the upside if this works is limitless." Gigantic lifted the velvet rope this week with two films: animated, adult-themed fable Year of the Fish (pictured) and a mockumentary about the New York party scene called The Doorman. The web is steadily picking up speed as a viable distribution outlet to successfully debut indie films. Guerrilla filmmaker Michael Moore successfully used video platform BlipTV as a launch pad for his film Slacker Upr
Movin On Up!!
Yay, moved into a new house, got another raise at work, and things just get better and better!!! I haven't been on here much but got a new computer and will be chatting more. I'm on the lookout for new friends, chat buddies, etc etc etc. Hope to talk to ya'll soon!!!
Movie Quote Test
Ok see how many of these quotes from classic movies you can identify! Some are pretty easy others are a little harder. :D 1. Call me sometime when you have no class. 2. Cowbows love fat calves. 3 .If she was a president she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln. 4. My little brother paid a dollar last night to see your underwear. 5. Give me your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle. 6. Sleep well and dream of large women. 7. Rose there's a Messerschmidt in the kitchen, clean it up will ya. 8. Hey Colonel shithead you can kiss my ass. 9. Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child? 10. A family full of midgets is not kids, it's a GANG. 11. it's after 7:00. Don't waste good lip gloss. 12. There is an intruder: male, Caucasian, possibly armed, certainly weird, in my kitchen. 13. We don't have any training rubbers. 14. Like fuck off. For sure. Like totally. 15. It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage. Answers: 1. Back To Schoo 2. Smokey And The Bandit 3. Waynes World
Oh wait... I don't have to move to Canada now :P -REL
Well I'm finally getting to move back to Oklahoma!!! It's taken awhile to save up and with help some friends and family I'm moving back to Oklahoma. Texas is cool and everything but when times get hard I know I can always rely on my family for help. My boys are excited, I got custody back from my ex, was pretty easy when he's got over 5 pounds of mj in his car. I had to go get the boys at the station. So now my ex doesn't get to see the boys at all. Well enough about that we are on our way to a new life in Oklahoma.'s
My wife wanted me to make love to her like in the movies. So, I stuck it in her ass and came on her face. She got mad. I guess we don't watch the same movies.
Went I ain't moving for awhile yet still dealling with the veteran's administration and not finding a way to mak money to pay for the moving so basically stuck in the state of michigan which freaking sucks no good jobs no good weather no good life it basically sucks in this state
So everyone whats a to in a movie with some big actor right well yeah so their filming George Clooney new movie at my college and well I'm in it how odd is that??? Well yeah I get to be a Speical Forces Sergeant...yeah so... other then that I get to pretend to live at Fort Bragg...
Moving Right Along....
...did I tell you my sweet friend, Sweet Serenity is 82K away from Godmama? Um, yeah, go rate the hell outta her. Please.
Movie Survey...but I Am Not A Stalker, Just A Tiny Bit...tiny
what type of movie would you star in? midget porn what would you name your movie? david cop-a-field what type of movie would you never want to star in? a nubless porn. the first porn i ever saw was a nubless porn and all i can say is....never again. that movie nearly scarred me. you get a chance to rescript any of 6 words in the movie, what would you say? orlando, can i keep your sweater. who will star in your movie with you? johnny depp, dr house (hugh laurie) john cena, orlando bloom...who i am obviously not stalking what will your movie be about? me, midgets, unicorns, orlando bloom, back of dairy queen dumpster. if you made a sequal what would you call it and what would it be about? me and orlando hitch and have 19 kids together. about a girl who is obviously not stalking orlando bloom. would you wait outside doors for weeks to see this movie first? if i can sleep outside orlandos window without him ever knowing for months then i am sure i can wait o
Moving On
Well the days pass and i cant believe it is now 18 months since I suffered my heart attack, and now 6 months since my last procedure. Well 100% fit again but you would'nt think so when it comes to applying for jobs. Having decided to remove some of the stress in my life, I decided to move down the job scale. however every job I have applied for the response is the same "your over qualified". Well their loss. Just glad to have found thios site it is just awsome, and am enjoying being here.
Got new orders and looks like the powers to be are sending me to Portland in June so hope its a good tour :P
Moving Toward A Brighter Day
Regarding My blog of yesterday……….. I have decided that I shall be staying………….BUT I do this for ME and no one else From now on, anyone who wishes to cause me trouble or drama will be out, no matter who you are or how close you may be to me, YOU WILL BE OUT FOR GOOD However I do wish to take this time to thank my friends who showed me that no matter what NO ONE is going to drive me away, thank you my friends I love you all To one in particular you alone made me realise the big mistake I would be making if I did go so to you, I thank you from the deepest part of my heart ♥ Finally, to the ONE who has been behind this trouble and drama, move on for you are not welcome here and if you persist you will be considered a stalker and will be treated as such, there is no longer any kind of friendship here for you EVER
Movies Galore
okay...there's more than ten. sue me. dazed and confused pulp fiction fear and loathing in las vegas identity momento american history x the breakfast club snatch fargo ghost world whole nine yards empire records fight club natural born killers detroit rock city blow tank girl basically, i like odd movies, often featuring drugs...often with twists...oh, and cheesy 80s movies alot of which i didn't feature on this list just so you wouldn't have to watch them but here they are (weird science, pretty in pink, can't buy me love, sixteen candles, ferris bueller's day off, fast times at ridgemont high, say anything, don't tell mom the babysitter's dead, adventures in babysitting...and more. i'm such a dork). okay..tell me which ones you haven't seen and let's do trades.
Yup... I'm a-moving, finally.. Got this great little shit hole in this town... 3 beds, small ass kitchen, tiny living room and hardly no yard... with an actual cliff on one side of the house, that doesn't have a fence at all.. just little lines up stones.. hoping to move by end of the week, at latest, the place isn't quite done yet.. I will be gone for who knows how long.. actually, I don't know if I'm coming back.. Fubar's lost any and all magic for me... just the idiocy of it all... I used to work with people that.. couldn't read, "THIS SIDE UP" on boxes, and opened them from other ends... sometimes, the side end.. Who thought a nail was a screw.. the hardware... if it was sex, he'd be right, same thing.. Who said they knew how to drive stick and burned out the clutch 3 hours later.. Who didn't know where the blade on a box cutter came out, and stabbed himself.. Who offered to pick me up a bag of Sunchips, and brought home Doritos.. Who practiced
Moving To Portland Or
Well ive been accepted in to the protland art institute there fore i will be moving up to portland some time in late dec. to early jan..... so ill be here in white city for a lil while longer... hope to see ppl around..
Moving On....
Hiya friends..... I got some Great news tonight at work, I had transfers in at dif. locations & had an interview last Sat. tonight was the night that I would find out if I got it or not, & I did!!! I am so excited, my son will be 18 in 2 wks, hes my youngest, so this is now the beginning of the "Me" phase in life. I have to let them know the date that I'll be starting (which is in Jan). So now I have to find a new place to live & such. I'm moving to Indiana & will be working in Lafayette (home of Purdue). Wish me luck, so if you don't see me on here much, you'll know why.... Take Care friends & love ya all!!!!
Moving Forward
We move forward one way or the othere. Sometimes slowly, sometimes with great spead. I like the great speed, imagine that? But some how things keep getting in my way. I think I figure it out and then wham! Nope, life takes on a new curve and I have a new manuver, sliding around I shall do with as much skill as I can. Sometimes it would be nice for life to slow down and be quiet for a moment but only for a moment and then I can breath. Then I can face anything. I will keep trudging even if I make some wrong choices, but at least I have made my choice!
Moving Sux!
Ok so here is the deal...I was given 10 days notice to move.Seems my lease will not be renewed due to the owner wanting to move family into the house...I have looked at so many houses/apartments/condos/townhouses that my head is spinning...avg price here for 3/2 home is $1600 a month and most if not all want the same as a deposit and last months rent AND $250-300 as a pet deposit for my cat. So i am looking at like $5 fucking grand to move in...I'm fucking pissed 2 weeks before Christmas an not having the coin to move!I hate my life.
Movie Quotes I Think Not
every time i get down about things in my life theres one persons memeory I tend to turn to when I need a pick me up. Way before Boston and before i met Bostons dad i dated a guy it was only for a short while but he said things to me that i could never forget. The things every girl wants to hear from a guy. When i think about them my heart melts and I wonder why I gave him up so easly........ my favs movie quotes I think not somebodies actually said these to me....♥ i've always treated your kisses like splashes of paint against a canvas background. each stroke might seem like just another but in the end it creates a beautiful picture but it was a beautiful could melt ice and break down walls when you wanted you're the beautiful one out of this duo...i could never hold a candle to you because have you ever seen a more breathtaking moment than you smiling?it's quite disarming and you look gorgeous.....a porcelain angel i'm not about t
Instructions: Look up 10 of your favorite films on IMDb and take a quote from each. List them below. When someone guesses the movie the quote comes from correctly, cross it off the list. Leave a comment with your answers. And NO CHEATING. 1. So does every guy have to go through this just to find out your name? You should try asking for my number.Daredevil 2. If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. Pirates of the Carabean 3. Appreciate your prey 4. See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like dynamite... and gunpowder... and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap! Dark Knight 5. Wait. Where are you going? Well, I have to save my ass. Shrek 6. Are you stalking me? Because that would be super. Van Wilder 7. All I know about walruses is that out of all mammals they have the second largest penis. I have the first. That's my joke. 50 First Dates 8. You know what my new favorite sound is going to be? The sound
Movin' On
Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm. I get up in the morning and it’s just another day Pack up my belongings, I’ve got to get away. Jump in to a taxi and the time is gettin’ tight I go to keep on movin’ I got a show tonight Mmmm, And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, baby, yeah I’m never touchin’ the ground. Yeah. I take it to the ticket there’s a half a dollar boat headin’ for the bordengate I’m feelin’ pretty low Fifteen minutes later, I’m sittin’ on my plane fastened in my safety belt I’m takin off again And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, baby, yeah I’m never touchin’ the ground. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Yeah. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. And I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town Movin’ on, I can’t seem to stop now. (Improv. Guitar Solo) I got to move on, move on fro
Moving On
MOVING ON Through life we travel each to our own road we can not see the changes we'll face as we carry each load. The people we meet as we stumble along, the stupid ways things tend to go terribly wrong. No two people are exactly the same the faces change as often as the name. To continue holding fault against the one you love most for the deeds of others is to live as a ghost. It causes pain where none should ever be and has come so close to destroying the very heart of me. She is the one that caused so much grief and you are the place i find my relief. You are My Future and shall remain untainted, she is the past and is anything but sainted. That life from the past is not welcome here and should never be a part of the life we hold dear. I'm moving on to better things with hope for what the future brings. Im not going backwards anymore Im leaving the past and Im closing that door. You are Blameless and without fault of your own and this is my way of tell
Movie Quotes
My favorite quote... Exactly how I've felt for many moons, and even amidst the torture I continue to feel the same! "When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then it subsides, and when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part, because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the desire to mate every second of the day, to not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every part of your body. No, don't blush. I'm telling you some truths. That is just being in love, which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away. It doesn't sound very exciting, does it? But it is. Do you think that you could begin to imagine that that is how you will come to feel...?" -from Captain Corelli's Mandolin Another of my
Moving Home
In today's economy, so many people are having to rely on family to get them through. I am certainly no different. I've recently moved back home from Chicago to Texas to be with my family. Having been raising 2 boys on my own for the past 11 years has taught me so many valuable lessons and I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am to have had each and every experience. I've encountered so many adversities and yet the good outweights the bad by far. I am strong, independent, self assured and know who I am. I'd struggled for 4 years living in Chicago. With the cost of living and my expenses far exceeding my income, I pressed on, determined to prove to everyone and myself that I could do it on my own. I was working 60+ hours a week, never saw my boys, was constantly stressed out and never had any energy. Now, that's all changed. I'm back home and loving it! I'm working from home and am able to take my kids to and from school. I'm able to help them with homework and be there for them
Movie Night At
it movie night
Well, it's official. I gave my notice today here at my apartment complex. I will be moving in the next month. I had chinese delivered a lil bit ago and realized I am gonna miss that restaurant's food and my lil chinese delivery guy. :( My fortune today: Temptation resistant is the true measure of character. That is all.
Movies, Movies, Movies!
i need movie ideas! please pretty please with sugar on top
Moving!! Will Be Gone For A While!
I will be moving to FL next week. I will likely be without internet for a while until things get settled. I can check messages on here from my phone but that is it so if anyone wants to be able to talk to me, message me and if you're someone I want to be able to talk to, I'll give you my number. I'll miss everyone and will hopefully be back soon.
Movie Themed Auction
I am having my first auction, anyone interested in participating please send me the link to the pic that you would like to use along with what you are offering, the entry fee of 25k fubucks and the name of your favourite movie character ~cruel but cute~owner of AARON and Will Owned by AARON@ fubar
My husband & I have decided to move, it's time for a change. Ready to get the hell away from this shit hole. I will hopefully have internet ASAP, So till then you may not see me for sometime even though I haven't been around much lately I'll try my best. Anyways I do love you all & hope you & yours the best. Much love from all of us!!!
Moving Members
We are moving the members from the default profile to "Fubars Most Finest", but with Fubars wonderful process, they shall show up within the next hour lol So just check there for them. Thanks
Moving On
Have you ever known you had to let go of something, but just could not bring yourself to do it? I know that it won't ever be the same, and I realize that letting go and giving up is the best thing to do, I just can't seem to. Honestly, I think I'm more upset at myself for not being able to forget about the situation than the situation itself. In the past I have never had problems with just dropping something and starting over, or forgetting someone and cutting my losses so to speak. I guess as we get older things start to mean more to us. All things change, nothing can stay the same. It's the drastic changes that get us, if it's subtle, we adapt quickly, like a frog in a pot of slowly boiling water. I didn't get the curtesy slow increase, I got the dumped in the stew kettle. Oh well.
Movies In 2009
Get a look at some of the movies coming out in 2009. Some u may not beleive. oto0
Movie Quotes
Bridget Jones: I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan. Bridget Jones: Wait a minute... nice boys don't kiss like that. Mark Darcy: Oh, yes, they fucking do. __________________________________________________ Vincent: We should have shotguns for this Jules: Whoa... whoa... whoa... stop right there. Eatin' a bitch out, and givin' a bitch a foot massage ain't even the same fuckin' thing. Vincent: Not the same thing, the same ballpark. Jules: It ain't no ballpark either. Look maybe your method of massage differs from mine, but touchin' his lady's feet, and stickin' your tongue in her holyiest of holies, ain't the same ballpark, ain't the same league, ain't even the same fuckin' sport. Foot massages don't mean shit. Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage? Jules: Don't be tellin' me about foot massages - I'm the foot fuckin' master. Vincent: Given a lot of 'em? Jules: Shit yeah. I got my technique down man, I don't tickle or nothin'. Vincent: Have you ever given a guy a foot massage? Ju
Movie Quotes 2
Boondock Saints, The (1999) Doc: Why don't you make like a tree, and get the fuck outta here? Rocco: Shut your fat ass Rayvie! I can't buy a pack of smokes without running into nine guys you fucked! Paul Smecker: Okay Duffy, have any theories to go with that tie? Conner MacManus: Jesus! He brought a six-shooter! Murphy MacManus: There were nine of them, you retard! What were you going to do with the last three, laugh them to death? Funny man? Murphy MacManus: You and your fucking rope. Monsignor: We must always fear the wicked. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men. Conner MacManus: I do believe the monsignor's finally got the point. Murphy MacManus: Aye. Doc: You know what they say: People in glass houses sink ships! Rocco: I got to buy you a proverb book or something, because this mix 'n' match shit's got to go. Doc: What? Conner MacManus: Well, a penny saved is worth two in the bush, right?
Movie Quotes 3
Dogma (1999) Jay: I feel like I'm Han Solo, and you're Chewie, and she's Ben Kenobi, and we're in that fucked-up bar. Rufus: You know what the dead do with most of their time? They watch the living. Especially in the shower. Jay: I can't wait to die. Loki: I love fucking with the clergy. [To shocked passenger, after throwing Bartleby off the train] Silent Bob: No ticket! Jay: If you know so much, tell me something about myself. Rufus: You masturbate more than anyone else on the planet. Jay: Shit, everyone knows that. Tell me something else. Rufus: When you do it, you're thinking about guys. [Silent Bob starts to look freaked out.] Jay: [to Bob] Dude, not ALL the time! Metatron: Anyone who isn't dead or from another plane of existence would do well to cover their ears right about now. Metatron: Wax on, wax off. Bethany: What's he like? God? Metatron: Lonely. But funny. He's got a great sense of humor. Metatron: However, if you should decide to stop bei
10 Movies That Don't Suck... But They Do.
This is a list of my top 10 vamp movies... In no particular order... because vampire are hot no matter what order you take them in... 1. Underworld (The first one!!) 2. Blade (Also the first one...) 3. Bram Stokers Dracula (The scene with Lucy on the stone table) 4. 30 Days of night 5. Near Dark 6. Lost Boys (an 80's must) 7. Interview With a Vampire (MAde the list even Louis whining! ;)) 8. From Dusk Till Dawn (Quinton had to make the list!) 9. Salem's Lot 10. Vampire Hunter D Comment away folks!! Add to my list!! PLEASE... If I left something out tell me.
Moving Up Together?
> > Moving on up together??? Auto 11's will be on through 7pm EST (4pm Futime) Tomorrow, Wed., Jan.28th!!!!! C'mon over and level up!!!! There are more than 140k in points and Fubucks available here..
watch the following movies cause they´re awesome: the wrestler slumdog millionaire(thank you du dumme hure!) rocknrolla miracle at st. anna that is all
Movies Again
watch this movie. it is hilarious.
Moving And Scared!
soooo..... im scared to move to a bigger city...... chicago... and i have never been there in my life soo im really scared.. but it will be soon... that ill be leaveing and ill be 18 hours away from my family and friends!!!!
saw hotel for dogs today, what a movie, very cute, andd f-ing funny.....go see it!!!
My favorite movies list are as follows and I'll tell you why they are a favorite. 1. Lord Of the Rings Triligy - the creativity and the time that went into those movies is just awesome and I watch it anytime and still love it. Best movies ever made. 2. Dawn of the Dead (2004) - A very flawless horror film that was very well played and directed. Everything was smooth and kept me on my toes. 3.Pirates of the Carribean movies - The best pirate movies of all time. Johny Depp played Jack Sparrow very well and carried the part to its fullest. Comedy mixed with 4. Saw movies - The creativity that went into the traps and the story line are A+ thus far. I am a huge fan of gore and I can't get enough of it. Hw they tie everything to gether is a master peice and plain genius. Congrats 5. Resident Evil movies - a great perspective that could almost be a prediction of our future. They way we humans play god all the time we will eventually do this to ourselves I think. Ver
Movie Prizes
1. 100k 2. 3 credit bling 3. 1 day blast 4. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 5. custom paint shop graphic 6. big drink a day for a week and 20k 7. 5 credit bling 8. 1 ticker 9. 100 11's on your pics 10. custom paint shop graphic 11. big pimping gift 12. 3 credit bling 13. 100 11's on your pics 14. 100k 15. custom paint shop graphic 16. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 17. big pimping gift 18. 1 credit bling 19. big drink a day for a week and 20k 20. custom paint shop graphic 21. 100 11's on your pics 22. 3 credit bling 23. big drink a day for a week and 20k 24. big pimping gift 25. custom paint shop graphic 26. 100k 27. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 28. 1 credit bling 29. 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink 30. custom paint shop graphic 31. big drink a day for a week and 20k 32. 10 credit bling 33. 100k 34. 100 11's on your pics 35. custom paint shop graphic 36. big pimping gift 37. 3 day blast
Movies That Make You Go Hmmm
Good Morning. Happy Thursday to you and yours, they and them, and everybody else who doesn’t go by you, yours, they or them. I have come to a conclusion no matter where I go there I am. Even when I try to hide I find myself. Apparently the caffeine is not doing its job this morning. I looked at the clock and decided does anybody really know what time it is? I feel like Alford Hitchcock in a Mary Poppins movie. Wow now there would be a twist how about Mary in an Alford Hitchcock movie color me excited! Couldn’t you just see Mary taking the shower in that Psycho Thriller as Marion Crane and along comes Norman Bates to Chop her into sixty 63 piece’s scared as hell. Right when he flips open the shower curtain, Mary starts singing a Spoon full of Sugar. I would think Norman would have a kitten the size of Garfield the Lasagna eating cat. Movies that make you go hmmm. How about that for a Sunday Flick. Hey has anyone seen Madonna lately? Oh my gosh she has got some guns. Pop-Eye the sail
Moving The Capitol
Ok, so I just recently moved to the East Coast for work and haven't been here long though this is something I have thought about for a bit. But what if the US capitol, meaning the president and his folks kinda rotated around the US. Say he has an office in like Kansas and another in California. I know they travel to these places but actually having to live there and being around that area does make a difference. Even as isolated as I am sure they are. It would definately screw the heads of all the professional politicians they reside here in the DC metro area.
so i have been gone for about a week now. some things are changing for me. first i will be moving in a month or the mean time i wont be online much. im helping my cousin and his wife out. also i have been spending time at the hospital with my grandmother. right now all i can do is wait and pray she can come out of this. posting this blog for my friends just to stay in touch. will try to keep updated. xoxox crystal
Movie Game
Ok, I'm going to say a line or two from a movie and you see if you know what movie. I won't make it very sense in sitting here forever! enjoy. Please post your comments with the answers. There might be a reward in answering them correctly!! Also all movies are newly released within the last 5 yrs with the exception of 2. Good Luck & Enjoy!! 1. I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries. 2. If I was going to kill you, I'd have done it when you walked to your car this morning and been gone by the time your body hit the sidewalk. But right now all you can this about is your family. And this is making you desperate. Desperate men do stupid things. Without the suppressor, this weapon will sound like a Howitzer going off in here. And... I don't leave witnesses. 3. Do you want to know why
Moving On
Walking down a winding road, not sure which way to turn. the wind screeching by my ear as I feel its breathe on my face, I hear a thump and look around not knowing where it’s from, what is that sound where am I... should I turn back around? I don’t know where I’m headed I continue to walk, the wind is dying down as the sun is fading behind the clouds; the thumping is getting louder, I hear it over and over, the further I go the closer it seems; and the moon begins to rise in the now dark sky, with every step I take the darker it becomes. I stumble but do not fall, and I hear it again, its fainter now its slowing down, or is it just me... I can no longer see, I don’t know where I’m headed and as I take my next step; I feeling as though someone is watching me,reaching out, grabbing at me, yet I am all alone, or am I? the branches scratch as I stumble, and I hear it again; just a thump then another... Its too late to turn back I have gotten this far; I need to
Moving This Month
Hi fu-land. I know I've been somewhat A.W.O.L. lately. I have been packing up and getting ready to moove out of my apartment at the end of this week. The room that I will be renting will not have internet access. What this means is that I will have to get my fu time in through internet cafe's or other alternative methods. I expect that from here to graduation I'm not going to be on as often as before, so it may be awhile in between and responding to friends here, etc. Drop me a message if you would like my email contact info. Have a great week everyone, ttyl. J.P.
Movie Rules
Special Giveaway I am doing a special giveaway. All you have to do is go to my page. . Click on movies photo album . Rate all photos in the folder . Then chose one photo to claim as yours . Send me fumail with what photo you choose . Leave 50 comments on that photo . You can only choose one photo per account unless they are not all taken and I let you know otherwise . I will let people who want more numbers know each week when the can have them Once all photos have been chosen and all comments are done, I will reveal which pictures have what prizes. I have already posted a private blog with the prizes, and it will not be changed. It will be opened up once the giveaway is over. Here is a list of the prizes that are being given out (1) 10 credit bling (2) 5 credit blings (3) 3 credit blings (4) 1 credit blings (1) 3 day blast (2) 1 day blast (2) ticker credits (5) big pimping gifts (5) 100k (5) 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink (5) big drin
Movie Rules
Special Giveaway I am doing a special giveaway. All you have to do is go to my page. . Click on movies photo album . Rate all photos in the folder . Then chose one photo to claim as yours . Send me fumail with what photo you choose . Leave 50 comments on that photo . You can only choose one photo per account unless they are not all taken and I let you know otherwise . I will let people who want more numbers know each week when the can have them Once all photos have been chosen and all comments are done, I will reveal which pictures have what prizes. I have already posted a private blog with the prizes, and it will not be changed. It will be opened up once the giveaway is over. Here is a list of the prizes that are being given out (1) 10 credit bling (2) 5 credit blings (3) 3 credit blings (4) 1 credit blings (1) 3 day blast (2) 1 day blast (2) ticker credits (5) big pimping gifts (5) 100k (5) 20 11's, 1 custom rock you graphic and a drink (5) big drin
Movie Review: "taking Chance" (2009)
Film: "Taking Chance" (2009) Rated PG for many scenes of sadness and mourning Plot: The true story of hoe an USMC officer escorts the remaims of a fallen USMC elistman home for burial. Good Points: The film shows the care and respect the remains of fallen US military personnel by those who prepare them for burial and transport.; It shows how the loss of one effects the lives of many.; The film makes no political statement about the Iraqi War II or US military policies.; You never see the dead's face until the end credits in which photos and video are shown of him. Bad Points: None Kids Caution: Children under 12 may not understand the storyline. Out Of Four Stars: I give this film four stars. This is a film that if you have HBO, then you must see it.
Just wanted to write a little note to those i care about on her letting you all know that i wont be around after tomorrow for a bit---probably for about three months. Those who are close to me know why. I will miss you all and hey while i am gone show me love hehehe! XoX
moving again. this time to little rock,ar. wa woo!
Moving Hearts With Pink B/g
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Movie Clips
Create Your Glitter Text Movies of heroism, sacrifice and survival Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text
Movie Review: The Last Hangman (2005)
Film: The Last Hangman (2005) Rated R for disturbing images, nudity and brief sexuality. Plot: A bio-film of Albert Pierrepoint, the last government executioner in the United Kingdom, who hung 608 prisoners. Good Points: It shows how efficient the British system of dealing with capitol murder criminals in a quick and humane way.; It shows how even the most harden men can break down.; The film just tells about the executioner and not preach about the good or evil of the death penalty. Bad Points: Not much is developed in the relationship between Pierrepoint and his wife. Kids Caution: Not for children under 14 for there are many scenes of death. Out Of Four Sters: I give this film three stars. A good bio-film that could have been expanded upon.
Movie Review: "sweeney Todd-the Demon Barber Of Fleet Street" (2007)
Film: "Sweeney Todd-The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street" (2007) Rated R for graphic bloody violence. Plot: A wrongly jailed barber seeks revenge against the man who stole his life. Good Points: Great visual effects and scenery/sets.; A gothic version of "Romeo and Juliet".; Songs sung well by cast. Bad Points: No rememberable songs.; No happy ending for the only three decent characters. Kids Caution: Not for kids in 13. A real nightmare maker. Out Of Four Sters: I give this film two stars because no amount of good sets can make up for no rememberable songs.
The Movies
I had planned another lonely night of going out to the clubs and hoping to run into people I have meet this year and enjoyed the music of the night … I just couldn’t decide where to go and since all this is new to me again … it’s been over 20 years since I’ve gone out by myself, for that fact gone out to clubs unless with friends as a “girl’s night out”… this is different. I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go … so I decided to go hang out with my sister who I haven’t spent time with just us in about 6 months. We went to a mall and the movies. We walked the mall as they were closing up .. mostly just to talk and walk. We go into in the movie, sit down and watch the commercials and chat while we wait for the movie to start. A lil back ground before I go into the depth of the story .. I am very open minded and liberal about people, lifestyles, sex, partners … and feel I am not one to judge others quickly. My sister works for an AIDS outreach program so you know her views are much
Movie Review: "an American Carol" (2008)
Film: "An American Carol" (2008) Rated PG 13 for Rude Conent, Drug Usage and Language Plot: A UnAmerican film-maker is haunted by three ghosts soto learn the true meaning of the Fourth of July. Good Points: A decent version of "A Christmas Carol" with a patriotic and Conservative twist.; Shows the hypocracy of Liberalism in a funny way.; Shows that both Democrats and Republicans support our troops and need to fight wars in order to maintain our freedoms and security. Bad Points: The jokes were over the top to the point that they weren't very funny. Favorite Scenes: US Pres. George Washington tells the film-maker that freedom is hard to get but easily lost by showing him Ground Zero.; Near the end of the movie, the film-maker sees in the mists of the concert crowds the ghosts of long dead American troops still protecting they nation they died for. Kids Caution: Nothing too bad for kids. Out Of Four Stars: I give this film three stars. A good conservative film that c
Movies, Movies, Movies!
Movie Quotes 1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies. 2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie. 3. Post them here for everyone to guess. 4. When someone guesses correctly, cross it out. 5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search or other search functions. 6. No looking at my favorite movies on my Facebook page 1. You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles. 2. Don't touch that squirrel's nuts! It'll make him crazy! 3. -A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live? -Then I shall have to make you wings. 4. My God. I haven't been fucked like that since grade school. 5. With enough courage, you can do without a reputation. 6. -Voice confirmation required. - Uhhh... -[after the "uhh" echoes] Accepted. 7. You telling me the man who try to put a rubber fist in my anus was a homosexual? 8. Well, if you say you haven't, you're a prude. If you say you have you're a slut. It's a trap. You want to but you can't, and when you do you wish you didn't, righ
Movies Movies Movies
So I saw PhiloNerd's Blog and decided to put up my own... Oh, and *everyone* should be able to get at-least 3 or 4 of these :) Movie Quotes 1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies. 2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie. 3. Post them here for everyone to guess. 4. When someone guesses correctly, cross it out. 5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search or other search functions.   1 Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, th
Moving Up Fast At Fubar
Worked for me at least. 1. Give a few ratings of profile 10s. So they think you might want to give 11s. There are many ways to find people to give such ratings to, e.g. put up photo and a few find YOU. Look at new people list. Look at Blasts. Look at screen going across at the top. By give rating of profile a 10, I mean on the profile page give the picture there a 10 rating. 2. Buy 500 11's for $10 on credit card at first opportunity. This moves you to level 5. 3. Purchase something ( hopefully inexpensive ?) at fuMall which is under "Fun & Games". I'm not sure just exactly how many fuBucks you have to earn or $ to spend to move up fast, but I think some minimal dollars are required perhaps. I am guestimating that 12000 - 15000 fuBucks are required to get to level 10 friend of Fubar. For me this was 250 VistaPrint business cards. The offer is for free ones with just you pay the postage of $
Movin Around
Although my home is in Tampa, Fl, I spent June 08 in Tulsa, Ok, mid Sept. 08 thru dec. 08 in Springfield Ma, January 09 in Flint, Mi and most of February 09 in Indianapolis, In. i worked in very low to moderate income neighborhoods in each city except for Flint. I was to do the same there but a major idiotic snafu by the organization I worked for left me in limbo there for a month until I was sent to Indianapolis. I lived in a motel in Tulsa, apartments everywhere else. It was a basement apartment in Flint which was actually about the neatest apartment I have ever lived. Got in the bathtub during the night in Tulsa once during a tornado warning. And saw my first snowfall in about seven years in Springfield. What's kinda funny is that although the people may sound different in each place by accents, all are much the same. Welcomed into homes everywhere although moreso in Tulsa. The townspeople were very friendly in each place. People are people if you just give them a chance.
Well as a few of you know. With the way the economy is right now and with only getting 32 hrs or less a week at work. I can't afford to keep my apartment. Therefore, starting tomorrow (March 26th), I will be moving my things out to my dads. His house is just outside of town. He lives in town with my step mom and so he is letting me stay out at his house for $350 a month. He said that he would take care of all of the utilities, water, electric, phone, and all i would have to do is pay him $350 a month. Which will leave me with just two other bills to pay every month. My cell phone bill and my car insurance. Which together will run me about $160-$170.00 a month. And if I get 4 days a week at work then I will be able to save up a good amount of money while staying at my dads. But the downside of living out there is. My dad had the satelite turned off. And he only has dial up if i want to use the internet. But he doesnt want me online alot since he still gets alot of calls there at the
Movie Seats
After I had purchased movie tickets for myself and my girlfriend, she went inside to find seats while I got some popcorn. By the time I was served, the previews were being shown. I stumbled my way through the dark, sat down, and gave my girlfriend a kiss. Then I heard a familiar voice say, "John, I'm back here."
Movies Anyone???
ok, you're in a packed movie theater with the woman of your dreams, there's only one row of seats that are empty in the whole room and it's in the middle of the room. you follow her to the middle seats in that row. you sit down and get as close to each other as possible. people are lookin at you both as you begin to kiss. the lights go out, the movie starts and people forget about you. she wraps her arms around your shoulders, plunging her fingers into your hair, feeling the silky feel of it between her fingers. you nip at her bottom lip and quietly growl at her. you pull your lips away from hers and kiss your way to her ear where you whisper how much ya want her, right there n right now.she smiles slyly before she leans over and whispers in your ear that she's not wearing any underwear underneath her very short skirt. you growl louder and people yell shhhhhhhhhhhh! you carefully undo your pants and pull her onto your lap, slowly sliding all the way into her hot, moist heat. you reach
Moving Again Lol
Me and shizzle are moving to Oklahoma where I might be able to get a job. Keep us in your prayers that we have a safe trip up there and that we have enough money too. I'll post another blog when we get there and get settled in. We love you all. ♥
Movie Review: "the X Files-i Want To Believe" (2008)
Film: "The X Files-I Want To Believe" (2008) Rated PG 13 for Violence and Disturbing Elements Plot: Ex-FBI Agents Mulder and Scully team up to find a missing FBI Agent. Good Points: It is nice to see Fox and Dana finally hooked up as a couple.; It wasn't a long film.; Good to see Agent Skinner show up to help. Bad Points: Not a real X-File case like the ones shown in the tv show.; The overall storyline is boring and anticlimatic. Favorite Scenes: Fox and Dana kissing at the end of the film. Kids Caution: Film is gory in parts but probably pretty dull to keep their attention. Out Of Four Stars: I give this movie two stars. Nice to see Fox and Dana back together, but wish the story had been better.
Movies,music,and Me
Please if you could Send any Ideas to help this page Thanks.
Well the day has come when I get kicked out.  The (hopefully very  very soon) ex wife, has finally pissed me off. She told me, that if I leave, not to come back.  So fine, im moving out.  I have found someone that makes me smile and shows me love and affection, which I was not recieving for numerous years.  I now realize what is is to feel loved.  For sometime now, I thought love was being belittled and lied to.  I was blinded by what I thought was love on my part.  What happens from here on out I don't know.  But wish me luck as I start a new journey in life........ to be continued
Moving In
Wow sorry i haven't been on here much guys lots has changed i recently moved in with my boyfriend it's going great so far he treats me real good other than that just working and paying bills.
I am moving to Apple Valley, Ohio near Mt. Vernon. i can't wait to get out of morrow county, ohio. and i am promoting a new lounge check it out.
Place your order for DVD's and receive them next day, all movies are guaranteed, call or e-mail for prices, Some movies listed may not be in theaters yet.  (Blu Ray also available) call to make request for movies not listed,   (661)331-6970   7 Pounds........ Will Smith - Drama7eventy 5ive...... Rutger Hauer, Brian Hooks   - Horror/Thriller                                             Australia..................... Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman - Adventure/DramaBeverly Hills Chihuahua - Comedy/FamilyBody of Lies......... Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe - Action/DramaBride Wars......... Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen, Kelly Coffield - Comedy/Drama/FamilyBurn After Reading.............. George Clooney, John malkovich, Brad Pit - Action/DramaCadillac Records....... Beyonce, Mos Def, Gabrielle Union,Ced the entertainer - DramaChaos..... Jason Statham - Action/ThrillerChangeling...... Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich            (2009 academy awards nominee for best actress) - Dra
starting to move tomarrow
Moving Foward
Well been a little bit of a long week . Finally went to court for divorce and it went smoothly , got to go to concert with my favorite man and a friend , even quitting smoking . A sigh of relief followed by smiling , knowing one chapter of my life is almost completely over and a new one is just beginning. I still have alot of things to "get over" and I hope in time my insecurities will melt away and words that were said to hurt me vanish from my mind. Abuse doesn't have to mean you get hit or beat , and took me a long time to figure that out . Brett is wonderful , how did I get so lucky ?? Just need th house to sell now . I haven't smiled like this in ages and I don't want it to stop ready to move foward and on with MY life !
The Movie...
The MOVIE... THe movie will begin in 5 moments..the mindless voice announced... THose who are not seated will await the next show.. As we are seated and darkend the voice continued... "The program for this evening is not new, weve seen this entertainment through and through.. Weve seen your birth..your life and might recall of the rest..did you have a good world when you died?.enough to base the movie on?                                       jm               
Moving Forward
It feels good to finally be free. To finally be able to go on with my life. Letting go has never felt so good. I have spent far too long living a controlled, stress filled life.  I have finally woken up and realized who I am again. It feels good. Thank you to the people who have been there to help me get there.
Moving Math
I'm a little less than half way home.  Or, "home," as it doesn't seem like home, yet. Thus far: Hours between return from Guatemala and departure for great plains: 58. Number of kitties sleeping contentedly on lap: 1. Hours it took to load all of my things into a 20 foot trailer: 7. Number of people it took to load said trailer: 5. Conservative estimate of the number of sexual favors necessary to garner said people's help moving: 17. Number of blown tires on trailer: 2. Number of showerheads in my Iowa hotel room: 2. Number of showerheads that work: 0.
sometime today maybe later tonight i will be pulling the plug on our puters and moving them over to our new place its not supposed to be hooked backup til the 7th of may so ill be gone for a bit butttt i will have my yahoo on my cell turned on so if any of yu that need me and have me on yahoo just shout:P
Moving On
leaves the good part of us in myheart but choses to let go of the hate you caused,ive fond new and he has taken my pain away. ive always said their are memories i chose to keep. but when i move on i make new. ive gone from lies and anger, player to kindness. colin you fill my heart , my every need, you see im nt about me but us as you not about you but us . to lay next to you and you to massage my back is wonerful something my past never did . im glad ive moved on i only hope he sees the light. and will get off the roller coaster. but i doubt it he loves to play the game as his fav song ne and letting go ty for loving me but i say goodbye
A Movie Review Of Star Trek
So I went to see Star Trek on opening day. I have never done that for a movie ever. I did it partly because the previews promised a different sort of Star Trek with true action for a change. I went partly because it was Star Trek "rebooted",and really it needed rebotting or just let die out. I also did it out of spite of a lot of old school trekkies  saying bad things about the movie when they had not even seen it.     I was a kid in the 60's when Star Trek first aired. I was a fan of science fiction then as now but alot was going on in the real world 1960's. I watched the "Bay of Pigs' invasion. I watched the Cuban missile crisis unfold and I lived the cold war each and every day of my life. I honestly thought the world was going to destroy itself. I saw the civil rights movement happen. I saw the civil rights marches and riots, Dr. King being murdered, and Mississippi burn crosses.  I witnessed first hand women's suffarage and their march from the kitchen to the work place and their
hey there all. i am making this blog to let everyone know that i am going to be moving out to a campground sometime this week, so i won't be on for a while...and a while i mean like 3 or 4 months maybe longer..i am going to the campground so i can get my car paid off faster so i can move back down to florida. i am hoping i get the car paid off by june no later than july. this is the only way i know how to get it paid off real quick. so if 1 day you see me on and then nothing for a while i have moved. i don't have a laptop...wished i did but then i probably wouldn't be able to get a signal out where i am that would be my luck. so, i when i get to florida and get settled i will return to fu. ty to all my friends and some who are not my friends for helping me level this far. everyone have fun and enjoy life cuz its too short not too. :)
We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... Also, a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyls. Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get into locked a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge, and I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.
I love to watch movie at alot my favortive one is the twlight i watch that i like 5times in an roll it was so good
Movie Quote Of The Day ~wedding Crashers~
Jeremy Grey: [sigh] Janice, I apologize to you if I don't seem real eager to jump into a forced awkward intimate situation that people like to call dating. I don't like the feeling. You're sitting there, you're wondering do I have food on my face, am I eating, am I talking too much, are they talking enough, am I interested I'm not really interested, should I play like I'm interested but I'm not that interested but I think she might be interested but do I want to be interested but now she's not interested? So all of the sudden I'm getting, I'm starting to get interested... And when am I supposed to kiss her? Do I have to wait for the door cause then it's awkward, it's like well goodnight. Do you do like that ass-out hug? Where you like, you hug each other like this and your ass sticks out cause you're trying not to get too close or d
Movies...american Pop (1981)
So i got done watching "American Pop"...My first time...Its not a tear jerker,but its got its moments where you feel each characters emotions. Even more interesting how its one Bloodlines Search for success in the music industry...Falling Rising Falling Rising,Etc,Etc... Ralph Bakshi is an awesome animator at that!Some Friends that its lame,But its the matter that It was nearly the first of its style,ya we have badass CG animation now,But it had to start somewhere.Bow and Arrows arent Guns and Bullets,But both are deadly...Know what i Mean?! of course you dont!   fuck you....  
Movies...the Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)
before my last blog,before i watched "American Pop" I watched "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" What a load of Fucking Shit That Was... It really needed some gore or something... The Protaganist was such a lil fag,I woulda beat the shit outta him myself and Im more passive than agressive... WTF?! Dont waste your time with this shit... If you havent seen it!Keep it that way...Go jerk off or something, better off sticking jars up your ass...   ...yes this again...
Moving On
Just wanted to let everyone know I will be leaving the fu very soon.  I contemplated mentioning it at all but I felt that was the easy way out.  You all are so awesome and have truly touched my life.  I feel like it is more about all the $ the site is making and I am not going to do it anymore.  Back in the day, when it was Cherry Tap, and Lost Cherry, I really enjoyed being here, but it seems now it is all about competition and who has the most points, ect.  I recently made it to Orace, it was my goal, I have reached it but now what, I even feel empty inside. I truly appreciate all my friends who have show me so much love, it has meant so much to me:-) I will never forget y'all Luv you all Let me know if you want my yahoo addy. Wsh you all peace blessings and luv
I'm moving tomorrow and not looking forward to it.  You gotta do what you gotta do and that's what I gotta do.  We can always do it to BlastFM.  Tuen it in for a blast.  
Movie Review
     Well I seem to have set my standards a little too high, judging by the previews I was way too excited for this movie. Im talking about Star Trek 2009. The movie was directed by JJ Abrams the creater of the Fox television series Fringe. In short you take Fringe, Plus some elements of Star Wars and add an overdose of crack, you got Star Trek 2009.      Story begins with death of Kirks father. He became captain of a starship for only few minutes buying his crew some time to escape from an attack of a romulan ship. Among that crew was his pregnant wife who went into childbirth upon his death.      Im not so sure of how the plot was supposed to happen. But theres a reason for the timeline shift making the storyline almost completly off base from the story we all know, also take into consideration that the origional cast of star trek is either old or dead and cant really fit into this movie.     Ok my next topic, The Enterprise. What the fuck is this. The designs I saw looked pretty
Movie Review | Tokyo Gore Police
  For my first review... I thought about doing some sort of video game review... but I decided against it once I got the chance to see this movie. I can't recall exactly where I'd first heard of it, but the name alone stuck in my mind until I got my grubby little hands on it: Tokyo Gore Police.   The title says it all. So does the promotional poster.       Right away, it should be obvious what you're in store for: Excessive amounts of gore. What you might not be prepared for, is a properly put together movie that combines the excessive cheesiness of most modern gore flicks, with the campiness of early 80's slasher flicks, to a superbly acted (though shittily dubbed) cast of characters.   Those with an eye for Japanese actresses (they don't ALL look alike, trust me) will notice right away the main character is played by none other than Eihi Shiina whose previous work includes "Dog Food", and her internationally recognised role as Asami Yamazaki in Takashi Miike's cult hit film: "Auditi
I will be moving so I wont have the internet for a time.
Fubar is being stupid and not allowing the embedded code to work. Amazing clip that will open your eyes. Out of Bushwick
Moving My Account
To all of you on my list please note than am changing my account to another one, plz remove this one and add me with this emaill   Thanks and hope to cu all soon   byee :)  
Moving On Never Felt So Good.
Thanks   Good idea... I think I will write alittle more.   This was the first weekend in over a yr that I DIDN'T worry about some fuckin lounge.  I spent a lot of time with my kid.  Which I've come to realize that, more than ever now, that I was wasting my time with all the lounge BS.  Tony (my son) and I had a great time at home.  It was a rainy weekend, but for some reason playing inside didn't bother him as much.  Since I am a DJ by heart and trade, I always have the tunes going.  We were dancing so much, I could hardly keep up with him.  Another thing I hadn't done with Tony in a long time. Anyway, I am extremely happy that I'm spending more time with my son.  The last blog I wrote helped me learn who the REAL assholes were.  They showed their true colors and now I have them blocked.   I love the fact if you speak up about a certain lounge.  That the owner YIM bombed me,  LOL.  Shit, I haven't played with a bomber since AOL was cool.  LMAO!   Funny that it didn't do anything t
Movie And My Thoughts..just Blogging"
 Last night, i could not  sleep, so , i went to open the ref and found delicious cherries, and some chips, hmmm. what a combination?.. sit on the couch, sigh and sigh"... lazily, i turned on the tv.  i started to watch a movie... i did not see that movie before, but i find it interesting..TIME MACHINE".... as i watch the movie.. it brings me to so many thoughts , to my own thoughts... how i wished it was real and true, if only i can have a chance to go back to the past, ... i would probably at all cost, will avoid this present time,  i will change route  just to avoid this time and situation , to go to my future.  but then i asked myself, what is really in there in the future? and will i ever be forever feeling sorry for my present?   i am here today, but seems in two real worlds, one physical world, where my body exist, and one hidden world , where my soul and heart wandering..but it is a real world to me as well...  i wonder how beatiful it would be, if one day i found my body
Movie Channel Now Up My Budd...
Please it has been brought to my attention that my good friend needs help with leveling....he cannot add any more pix till this is achieved...Pls help my friend out...for i would do this for you.....ty...big Huggggs and well u know...ty....U are all awsome
well im moving again and im kinda scared its a new beggining for robbie and i. i just hope its a good one.
Moving Again
WEll my best friend Rhonda and I have found a house and are finally moving this holiday weekend. were so excited its a really nice house big and even has a big yard for our kids to run and play in. Sooo if im not on too much and wandering if im still alie this is why. xoxoxoxo to all my friends and famiy. P.S. Have A safe and Happy Fourth Of July
Movie Review
Ok,I've been going to the movies for the past 3 weeks now and I've noticed that the critics suck!  The first movie I seen was night at the museum,and it was good,not as good as the first one though.It was funny but the other actors seemed to steal the show more then Ben Stiller.The next movie was Year One with Jack Black,the critics didn't like it,well it was hilarious! My girlfriend and I laughed from the beggining to the end! Jack Black is still one of the funniest guys in movies today other than Adam Sandler.This week I saw Transformers rise of the fallen and it was awesome! I thought it was better then the first one! It had action right from the very beginning of the movie and had a good deal of comedy,Shia Lebouf was outstanding as usual. I would recomend anyone seeing these I see more I will post more of my reviews.
this is to all my friends out there in FU land. I am in the middle of moving from the north to the southwest so if I don't get back with you its because I didn't have time. once Im settled I'll be back on more frequently.
Moving On
Looking around the room I see, Nothing seem so amuse me. For a place so full it feels so bare, I'm lonely now and I don't think I care. I've come to realize I can't care at all, Looking out now into the hall. I see darkness as I feel my heart,
Movie Reviews #1 Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen
On Thursday 25-6-09 or 6-25-09 i saw in the cinema Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen also known as Transformers 2 this movie is also Directed by Michael Bay the director of the first Transformers Movieand in this one there new AUTOBOTSand new DECEPTICONS and surprises and if you haven't yet seen the first movie i suggest you do because the end of the first movie relates to the 2nd movie this movie is totally awesome i loved it i give it 10 stars for a rating it is certainly worth seeing people from Bruce.
Moving Forward, Finally.
There have been several changes in my life, these last few weeks. I decided to move to a new apartment with the kids, it was a great choice. Its not any bigger, but is in a much better school district, and is much nicer a neighborhood. Also, i started a new job a few weeks ago. I'm the assistant manager in a shoe store. It's not all glamorous or anything, but i feel like i'm getting my feet. For the first time in my life, I'm actually making it... and i dont have to ask for help, or answer to anyone for what i do. We are all smiling again, the kids' laughter fills this new apartment, like crazy. I couldn't be a happier Mama :) After spending the past year, feeling helpless and confused, I finally see how many oportunities I truly have for happiness. It can only get better, from here....
Moving On...
This morning I woke up and thoughts were going thru my mind. As I continue I knew I had to say to myself just move on...Theres no space for me in your life...Let alone a small place in your Loving heart...So I pace myself on leaving you behind...I can't dwell on what could've, would've been...I just wish you the best and hope all goes well... I now look forward to that one special guy who I can say will be one of a kind... The one who appears in all my dreams...He will make me happy and never have me shed tears...I will look deep into his eyes and say "I will be here for you, thru the good or bad times...I will never disappear" Because I have found my soulmate , my one True Love... My mind is clear and at ease now for no one has ever come near to what I feel and see in you... I thank God each and every day for sending you my way... God has given me hope along with patience ... I now know he was there to hear.
Moving Day
Well my gf finally told me who the fourth person would be and i was right it is her bf, he is so creepy.  She admitted to me that he has been wanting me since I moved into apartment and that they both came up with idea of her having 3some with me and my friend, that I would be more likely to have 3some or 4some with her and creepy him.  I was like OMG!!! YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!! how could you use me like that!!!! I asked her if our entire time together was a lie, she didn't answer right away which means it was!  gawd I am such a dork, I should've known anyone that would date and live with such a creep would also be one!!!! She tried to tell me that at first it was but she has real feelings for me now and that she really did enjoy the other day with me and friend......I just glared at her and told her to stop lying and get out!!!!  I was so mad!!!!  Her bf doesn't work, always mooches off her and he drinks too much and does drugs..ewwwww!!!!!!!!! what a waste!!!! Anyway, that was a couple o
Moving On Out!
Today is the day I no longer have to see the liar, YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! I have some good news and some bad news, bad news first.......I was going to store my stuff and go back home for awhile but my moms husband - not my dad, my daddie lives in texas - he doesnt want me to stay there, had a big argument with them already this morning while my friend and some guys from work were packing the truck.  So I was like pissed and depressed.  Anyway when I got back to my place I told my friend and he told me not to worry that he would figure something out.  The truck is all packed and I sent the boys from work out to get something to eat while me and my friend talked.  He talked to his friend that has the home for rent, she says I can rent but it will be about a month b4 I can live there, she is having it worked on right now, so i have to wait, so another downer.......but the good news is that my friend offered to let me stay with him until I can move into my new place.  I was like OMG!!!! he is so
Movie Poll
Since this isn't a mumm, I thought I'd do it here:) Which Inspector was/is better? or
Moving On
Moving on I wasted my life.On men like you Here today. I am taking a stand. I am moving on.  I am done with you  I am moving on  You’re not worth being bluenor the shit you put me thru.I am movin on New stomping ground.
Moving On
 Moving on I wasted my life.On men like you Here today. I am taking a stand. I am moving on.  I am done with you  I am moving on  You’re not worth being bluenor the shit you put me thru.I am movin on New stomping ground.
Movie Review. Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen.
Ok here we go an another exciting movie review. this one happens to be Michael Bay's Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. As we know in 2007 the first movie was intense and had me on the edge of my seat for almost three hours. When I left the theater, I didnt trust any cars in the parking lot. Anyways to make this better there came a sequel in 2009. Story continues on about our favorite characters Bumblebee and Sam and of course my favorite Optimus Prime. Transformers 2 was very intense and balls to the wall, its even better than the origional and with the introduction of new characters and such. Also its one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Very well done and almost flawless production values, plotlines and acting. Transformers 2 makes the Star Wars prequels look like a fucking joke. I highly recommend this movie.   Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen gets a perfect 6 stars out of 5 ******
Movie Posters
movie posters were produced for the exclusive use by the theatres exhibiting the film the poster was created for, and the copies of the posters were required to be returned to the distributor after the film left the theatre.
sports memorabiliacelebrity autographs
Moving Company Of Chandigarh Making Relocation Easier And Cost Effective
Today people often move from one city to another city, one state to another state with the change of job, for business purpose or for any other reason. But we all know that moving from one place to another with bulk of goods is not an easy task. It creates many unwanted problems. Moreover it makes people tensed and stress about how to make their goods shift to new location. There are several processes in packing and moving and they makes us feel uncomfortable and more of all these tasks are all risky. So to make the shifting tasks stress free and cost effective hire reliable and authentic moving company. Hiring the reputed or professional moving company will give you ultimate relief from the hectic and chaotic tasks from packing and moving. There are several moving companies in each and every state of India. But today the well known names in the market are of the packers movers Chandigarh companies. They are offering hassle free relocation services to customer at an economical rate.
Movie Quotes 2
I won't let myself fall in love with a man who won't trust me, no matter what I do.   If can't get into his pockets between the two of us, we're not worthy of the name woman. Isolde: how many have you loved before me? Tristan: None. Isolde: And after me? Tristan: None Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?  You're supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God's sake!  Poor old Cat. Poor slob. Poor slob without a name. I don't have the right to give him one. We don't belong to each other. We just took up one day. I don't want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I'm not sure where that is, but I know what it's like. It's like Tiffany's. Im crazy about Tiffany's. You know what's wrong with you, Miss Whoever-You-Are? You're chicken. You're afraid to stick out your chin and say, 'Okay, life's a fact.' People DO fall in love. People do belong to
Movie   Attending What kind of movie do you go see and with whom? If this is among the most memorable dream images, you may be trying to initiate or resolve a relationship issue by watching others portray it. The movie plot will often provide guidance on how to do this. Even if the movie is a film with nonsensical or overwhelmingly destructive events, your subconscious chose it for some desire that lurks below the surface. You may be searching for a vicarious substitution for a life you consider mundane. In the film, what particularly (un)satisfactory events are portrayed by whom and how do those events parallel your own life? Starring In One of the strangest feelings to have is the dream that includes watching yourself in a movie. For starters, you are two places at once-watching yourself and being in the movie. While sometimes your dream logic says, oh yeah, this is a film I am in, other times it fails you. These turn into dream events that contain an out-of-body experience. I
Movie Scene
This is my favorite scene in Desperado. Yes I know it's the beginning, but I like it. I'm going to try and post it here, but I doubt it will work. If it doesn''ll be in my comments. [edit:] It didn't work. Yes I used the HTML thing to put the code it. I just fail. Can someone tell me how to do it?
Ok, am TRYING to pack up with very little success.  Being sick sucks when you have a lot to do.  I am barely eating so am weak.  Sometimes when I stand up I get so dizzy I nearly pass out.  It really really sucks.  And today I HAVE to go to my storage shed, and get out the things I will need to take with me.  Luckliy, I will have some help from Jen, but it's still gonna be hard.  I'm moving to GA, to Carrollton.  I leave Tuesday, Sept. 1st.  It's about a 3 day drive from here, so I'm hoping to get in sometime Friday afternoon or evening.  I hope to anyways.  My Evil Lil Kitty is going with me, and while she tolerates car trips, like any cat she hates being in a car.  Luckily she only bitches for about an hour then settles down & sleeps.  I hope to hell it doesn't rain or thunder along the way, cuz she hates storms when she is riding in a car.  Last time, she peed in the back window.  Car stank for over a month! Ok, am going to go attempt a shower now.  The food isn't settling well s
Moving On ?
Come on in and sit down , have a drink , and enjoy the conversation . That was what i was told when i joined Club VooDoo. I felt welcomed  . Today Club VooDoo closed it's doors for good . the only place many fubarians felt at home and felt welcomed . When the owners decided to close it down , we were all in shock . Speechless more like it . How could the place we call home on fubar be closing ? Well sometimes you cant help it . You must do what needs to be done inorder to maintain yourself . It couldnt be helped . I applaud those that kept Voodoo together . It was a family not just a lounge . (yeah i know it wasnt RL) But real people are on fubar . real people made the lounge i called home for the past several months . Now dont get me wrong , i wasnt there very long . But there were people with voodoo since they opened . And i know i feel like the rug was pulled out from under my feet . Imagine how the others feel. Like walls crashing around them . yes there are other lounges out th
Moving On
September 20, 2008 they say when you love someone they become a part of you and when they leave they take a piece of you with them. what if you love that person with every ounce of your being and they are your whole world, when they leave they take a big chunk of who are.. you feel on whole like your incomplete. I hate to admit as much as it kills me I know its right. but it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. for once I knew love or what I thought was love. I meant something to someone. now I mean nothing to no one. that's what hurts the most having the person you thought you meant the world to no longer care what you are doing or if you're ok. now I get to go through each day wondering if/when I will feel that way or if I really want to again. but its sad and easy to say that I do. to get hopes built up and knocked down all over again sure why not, but not now, not for awhile. I know I'm worth so much more and that I am great. I just need to remember wh
Movies,television,series,drama,comedy,action,adventure,science,fiction,dvd,box Set,complete Series,collection
X-files,Sex and the city,Gossip girls,Gilmore girls,Golden girls,The king of queen,Queer as folk,Star trek,Deadwood,One tree hill,Xena Warrior Princess,The west wing,The wire,Veronica Mars,Homicide,The War,Civil war,Ken burns,The shield,OC,OZ,NCIS,The sopranos,Nip tuck,Prison break,24,Scrubs,Six feet under,Seinfeld,Tales from the crypt,70's show,Friends,Frasier,Ghost whisperer,Hogan's heroes,Macgyver,Lost,Micheal Jackson,Bones,Alias,Charmes,Buffy and vampire slayer,Charmed,Felicity,Cold case,Everybody loves raymond,Babylon 5,Ally Mcbeal,Battlestar Galatica,James bond
Moving Companies Of Delhi Ncr Offering Hassle Free Shifting Services
Popularity of packers and movers companies of Delhi NCR is gaining a towering height. They Packers and Movers are not only popular within their boundary but are the leading packing and moving service provider in India. Often people think shifting of household goods or relocation of office to the new destination is very tough and chaotic task. It is true but not a impossible job. This task has become much easier as well as cost effective with the help of he packers and movers companies of Delhi NCR. They provide comprehensive solution to all the relocation needs of the customer throughout India. They offer services like packing and moving services, loading and unloading services, car carriers & transportation services, warehousing services and storage facilities, home relocation services, commercial relocation services, local household shifting services, residential and commercial shifting, freight forwarding services, sea freight services, national and international shifting services,
Movies And B-day
Well, i just got back to my own treat of 3 movies, Tim burtons 9, district 9, and gamer. I enjoyed all of em and now its time for me to have a large amount of drinks and have fun..hope you all do the same.. Have fun FUBAR!!!
"movies And Relationships. Can't We Just Get Along?"
Woman: Just once I’d like to go to a movie without your complaining.Guy: Maybe if once we went to a movie I wanted to go to, I wouldn’t complain.Woman: We do, all the time.Guy: We don’t.Woman: We always talk first.Guy: Yea, I tell you what I’d like to see, and you say that’s for idiots and then suggest others.Woman: And you agree, and say fineGuy: I don’t agree. I say fine, like fine, as in whatever you want dear.Woman: You’re saying I pressure you to go to my movies.Guy: You make it clear if I don’t go, you’ll make my night a living hell. Yea, you pressure... --Overheard in: Theater Lobby, Evanston ILL--  
The Movie, 300, Sucks Anyway
Woman: Painted Veil starts at 7:00. Guy:  No, I thought we were seeing 300. Woman: Ron, I thought we talked about this. You're going to be more flexible. Guy:  I didn't say flexible, I said I'd listen more. Woman: Well, honey, listen to this. We're going to Painted Veil and if you say anything else about it other than how great it is, you're going to sleep on the couch for the next week. Guy:  (pauses) OK. Woman: See how good things can be when you listen?..
Moving Forward In Afghanistan
Last Saturday, eight American servicemen and two Afghan policemen werekilled in a terrorist assault in Afghanistan. This blow comes at a critical point in the war, when General Stanley McChrystal, the NATO commander, has reportedly asked President Obama for an additional 40,000 U.S. troops in order to beat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Despite pledges to improve security in Afghanistan, the President now seems on the fence about fulfilling his commander's request.McChrystal has offered a promising strategy for the war. President Obama would be wise to embrace this long view strategy, writes Conn Carroll in the Morning Bell, "and avoid short-sighted policies that undermine our friends in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while encouraging our enemies." Americans should pay close attention to the path President Obama chooses in Afghanistan, since his decision will prove critical to America's national security interests.There appears to be some wishful thinking within the Obama Administration regard
Moving Paintings Across 3 States...
I am in need of help.  I need to move 8 large paintings from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Kansas City, KS. They're from my art show that has come and gone.  Nothing sold and I don't have much money to work with to get them back home. ANY IDEAS, ANYONE??  *HUGS ALL*
im trying to think of a movie that i dont remember the name.   all i tremember is that at one point, i think at the end.   the mother is taking a shower, then it shows a boy walking around a corner and sees monster or creaters or something eathin  they look at the boy and say "want some?"   then the boy says   "your eating my mom"       anyone know what movie im thinkg about      please help
Moving Beyond Appearances
Softening Judgment Moving Beyond Appearances It is our natural inclination to judge people, since it happens without our even thinking about it. We take one look and summarize a whole person—overweight, pretty, stylish, sloppy. This habit comes from the mind’s need to categorize the world in order to be able to function without becoming overwhelmed. When we judge, we are looking for pertinent information, trying to determine whether the person approaching is a threat, an ally, or someone we don’t need to worry about. This way of looking at people makes sense in a dangerous context, but in our daily lives it leads to an overly simplistic reading of the people we meet. If you have ever judged someone dismissively, only to have them become a dear friend once you got to know them, you know the hazards of the judgment cycle firsthand. An experience like that may have led you to soften your natural tendency to believe your first impressions. We will always notice things
Movie Reviews
I decided to start this blog because I'm bored and jobless.  I also happen to be a movie fanatic, and I know some of my favorite fu's are also.  This is the one and only time I'm going to say this, I don't care if you don't agree that is why it's called an opinion.  I am not a professional critic.  I know what I like and don't like and that's all that matters to me.  i do however encourage and support suggestions, opinions, and discussions about these films or others.
Moving Close To Be With Daddy
In a very short months, but seems like an eternity, i will be moving close to my Daddy. As it stands now we are over 1500 miles apart and its torture not being with him. We were together for a few days in September and they are ones i will never forget or would want to. He is a very loving, understanding, compassionate, gentle but rule with a firm hand. He is strict, demanding, honest and loyal. He has given me his guidance and knowledge into our lifestyle and offers me a world filed with happiness and love. I love him for everything he has given and showin me of himself and i could never find anyone who will compare to what He is. He is my Daddy Master King Boyfriend and Lover. He is what i want or ever will want and i cant wait for the day that we will be together for life.
Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) I will be moving out. I'm real excited. I've been waiting for this day to come for a long time. I've had most of my stuff packed for quite a while and I been packing up most of the other stuff. I will be doing my big move on Thursday and will be doing the rest of it over the weekend and getting myself settled in. I had takin days off of work to get this all done. I wanted to get this all done before Thanksgiving. I bought myself a new tv. A 32 inch flat screen tv, with a built in DVD player in it. Didn't know that was possiable but hey, that was nice...I didn't have either of them so that works. Money well spent on that. Since I didn't have a tv, I went and got myself one...The TV's here are my ex's and his mom's and I can't use those. Plus I needed a tv to get Comcast set up in my home as soon as I could lol..Im also going to be using my brother's old tv so I can have one in the bedroom that my ex never wanted. I will never get why he never wanted a tv i
Moving Bye Bye!
I start moving in less than 12 hours. Just finishing a few things up then heading to sleep. It's suppose to rain also...bah! Maybe will get lucky and the rain clouds will go somewhere else.. Until then...I'll be back whenever! Bye bye!
Movie List (as Of 11/27/2009)
  Those of you who know me, know I absolutely adore movies. You know I have seen a LOT of movies and there's still so many more I need to see and own. I thought I'd finally put up a list of movies that (as a family) we have in the house. Be warned, it is VERY long. At the end of the title, if there is a (T), then my brother owns it. (H) is owned by me. Everything else belongs to my parents. The list is in alphabetical order. Here goes: 13th Warrior, The 1408 2001: A Space Odyssey 3:10 to Yuma 300 3000 Miles to Graceland (H) 36th Chamber of Shaolin, The (T) 40-Year-Old Virgin, The 50 First Dates 8 Mile About Schmidt Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The (H) Airplane! Ali Alien Alien VS Predator All Of Me All The President's Men Along Came Polly Amadeus (H) American Beauty American Graffiti American Pie (T) American Pie 2 (T) American Wedding (T) Amityville Horror, The Amityville Horror, The *(remake 2005) An American Werewolf
Movin' On.
"Sit at my table and drink all my wine and tell me a tale of some happier times Sit at my table And sing me a song There's no time for sleep We haven't got long Sit at my table And tell me a lie How we'll be friends Until the day that we die."     I wanted to let all that have interest know that I'm leaving the FU.  I've been here for three years.  It's time.   I've made some good, great even, friends here.  I've had my share of drama and heartache.  Ive poured out my soul and tales of woe and listened in return.   There are some really amazing people here and some really amazingly fucked up people as well. The decision is not a reflection of the site or the people associated with it.  Nor is it a reflection on the people I have come to know.  My decision is based mostly on real life factors that I am not going to delve into here.  I want to thank all of you for making my life better.   Just because I'm leaving the FU does not mean I am disconnecting from those of you t
Movies # - Z
1408 13 Seconds 28 Days Later 28 Weeks later Abandon ACDC Family Jewels Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Albert Fish Alien Aliens Alien 3 Alien Resurrection Alien vs. Predator Alien vs. Predator: Requiem Along Came a Spider An American Haunting Animatrix Apt Pupil Armageddon Asylum Beowulf Better Off Dead Bill Cosby: Himself Bill Engvall: 15 Degrees Off Cool Black Snake Moan Blair Witch Project, The
Movie Review-
Weekly movie review wk-1   Alrgt well decided to start this blog thing and make it about movies i watched recently.If they sucked or were wicked maybe someone will give me idea for rating lol.Well im way behind in reviews so this first one be a collage.Plz feel free to comment or recomend a movie to review.Either way this si just my way to gudie u too some wicked movies worth payin for or wouldnt watch if they paid me to watch LOL.everyweek round here the fam gets together and we watch a flick and hang. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.Interesting movie since book wasnt that big.awesome graphics and effects for sure.ANd omg the writer was on soem great drugs the ltl side scences and comments are soem of the best i think.great flic to roll a blunt to and laugh alot.Worth payin @ the movies NO but to watch for few bucks is worth the money for laughs at least.Well this my first review hope i did ok will work on credit shit in future ones   MOvie that totally SUCK ASS THRU A STRAW
A Movie "review"
This really isn't much of a review as it is me just saying that I liked a movie. Shutter Island was really good. I seen it Friday night, the theater was packed!!! Anyway, the twist in the plot was good. Some people say they seen it coming, but I didn't. The ending was kind of weird and will make you think. Like I was telling a friend of mine...if my thought on how it ended is wrong, I like my thought. It makes it much better than either of the other 2 options. That is all.
Why can't more nice girls move to my area?
Movie Review
I rarely ever really write movie reviews. When I do, it's not ever really long and I don't give much of the movie away. Anyway, here is my review.   Last night I watched "Boondock Saints II: All Saint's Day". The only way you would even begin to understand it would be watching the first one. The first one is amazing. If you haven't seen it, do it...NOW. Boondock Saints. Get it.   Now on to the review for the sequel. I had my doubts because most of the time, sequels aren't really all that good. This one is ALMOST one of those movies. The time between the first one and this one is 10 years, so all of the characters have aged. Some more than others. But I can overlook that. At the beginning of the movie the editing is really choppy. I think they could have done a little better on that. It's still something that isn't horrible. They have a few new characters  in the movie. I was a little worried about them when I heard about it. I'm really not sure what to think about it. They jus
Moving Toward A Career Online
I have kicked and scratched away in moving into the 21st Century lately. I felt comfortable back in the 20th. I've owned businesses before, and failed twice. Neither made it past the second year, and neither were on the internet. It seems to me that this new strategy may have some upward mobility if it were to catch on. So, I finally sat down and entered into the Internet business line. Being new at this, I imagined that it would cost me an arm and more to get started. Although it costs, it wasn't as much as I expected. Yet, I still have to shop around for marketing and advertising and coming up with the funds to handle this most important aspect. I'm still shopping around on this, but the site is finally up and running. I've gone into the gift shop career, and for some reason I am always trying to make a successful career in retail. Maybe it's the one area I have yet to succeed in. I like art, and in many respects gifts can be considered as such. So, if you're interested, check out 2
Its that time of the years again.  Dad got transfered and I get to say good bye to all my friends and go to a new home, new station, new school, new everything.  After awhile a girl just get tired of it, lol.  Still got to go though, Dad is dad and somebody gots take care of him.  I hate uprooting though, it sucks losing all my friends, but at leasst I get to make new one.  It seems I can do that with ease lol.  Must be that survival instict, hahaha.  Well my first post and my fisrt feelings.
Hello my friends who read this. Well it's been a long time since I have been back on fubar so I do have news. I'm currently living in Las Vegas but I'm moving back to Viriginia Beach, Virginia end of June. If  anyone is in the area or near the area feel free to get ahold of me. Looking to make new friends and hang out when I get back. *smiles*
The Movie Theatre
You Are Imaginative and Idealistic You are popular and well liked. You know how to please a crowd and work a room. You tend to go to your friends for advice and opinions. You value what your friends have to say. You have a realistic take on life. You see things as they are, and you don't worry about how things should be. Spending time alone makes you a little nostalgic. You tend to think about the past a lot when you're alone. The Movie Theater Test Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
The Movie Archetype Test
Your result for The Movie Archetype Test... You're a total Badass! 24% Villain,  24% Hero,  17% Maniac,  38% Spy,  39% Badass and  17% Hacker! You don't take no for an answer. You shoot first, ask questions later. And sometimes not at all. You prefer to just be plain awesome rather than actually accomplish anything, but when you do accomplish something, you do it with a grenade in one hand and a bottle of whisky in the other. You are always right. Even when you're wrong. Especially when you're wrong. And when you want something, you never hesitate to take it. You defeat even the smartest evil geniuses plans with brute force, and take down an army of Uzi holding ninjas with a pair of chopsticks and your bare hands. And you don't even know kung fu, just basic street fighting. Some great examples are Jason Bourne, Riddick, Rambo, and Ellen Degenerous. Oh and you can't forget gumby. Take The Movie Archetype Test at HelloQuizzy
Movin' On - Lyrics
Just had this song come on and I liked it. Movin' On Lyrics Well, I always remember, I never forget the memory of you and things I regretReplies that I wish that I could could retract, but it's times when I'm no help at allBut time is a matter of life and death, such a short span, a final breathWell I never liked witnessing anyone hurt, but it's just that I die to myselfWell you don't know what you think til you say it,well it could be brilliant or you could regret itBut the rest of the world most certainly moves oneven if you have done someone wrong, wrong, oh, the rest of the world moves onWell I've walked the line and I've come undone,and I've been a good friend to many or oneAnd kindness I intend to carry it on,but it was harder and I just wasn't as strongIt's so hard being here without you,I want to say things only to you,saying goodbye for now because I need to moveCause the rest of the world moves onWell you don't know what you think til you say it,well it could be brillia
Movies I Saw In Melbourne August/september 2010
Ok Hey People i am Back  from my Holiday to Victoria Australia and When i  was in Ringwood (Melbourne) I saw 9 MOVIES   and they are  in order 1.The Expendables 2.Salt (saw This on my Birthday 27/8/2010 or 8/27/2010) 3.Scott Pilgrim VS The World 4.Avatar Special Edition with Extra scenes (3D) 5.Beauty And The Beast (3D) 6.Tomorrow When Then War Began (Australian Movie) 7.The Sorcerer's Apprentice 8.Tomorrow When The War Began (Australian Movie) 9.Easy A so  i Saw Tomorrow When The War Began Twice  from Bruce
Movie Quote
What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to piss off; ending up in some retirement village hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time? Wouldn't you consider that to be insane?
Moving On
Moving On     I look back nowand realize with a sigh,our good times are over...yes, they slipped right on by!Still, I cling to those good times,your laughter--your smile,how I long to talk with you once more...if only for awhile.We let love fall into a patternthat wasn't tended as much,we no longer talked from the heart....I didn't realize we'd lost touch.It's not your faultand I peddle no shame,I just didn't see this coming....the pain is insane!Baby, I simply don't understand,NO, I can't comprehend,what happened between us....YOU were MY best friend!MAYBE your leavingwill someday be for the best,but baby I'll ALWAYS love you....more than the rest!~~~Robin Dawn 'ChinaSwan' Palmer4/29/2010For my friends, Tonya and CharlesLet the HEALING Begin...I love you both By ChinaSwan   © 2010 ChinaSwan (All rights reserved)  
Moving House
one afternoon a beautiful bright bubbly little girl comes up to me all excited and says to me "shell ive got something to show you its in my bag" i convince the girl that now is not the time maybe later when the other children have woken up from their nap so she agrees to this wonders off and returns to playing with her friends a little bit later on she comes over to me and asks me if now is ok i say sure she rushes over to her bag comes back with a turtle shell.. i make a great big fuss over it tell her its awesome i then ask "what happened to the turtle?" another girl sitting at the drawing table decides she knows the answer and pipes up "its dead shell" i take a moment frown somewhat and then ask in response "no what if it just moved house?" the little girl takes a moment to ponder this with a complex look on her face and after shes weighed up all the options she says to me "no shell its dead"
Movie Revew:devil
Devil (2010) Basic Christan ideology, Story line is short, and movie is dragged out a bit. Over all they used a 15 min story to make a 100 min movie. Recommended audience: Religious persons, and any one in need of a moral boost. Not recommended for horror or action movie fanatics, they will be let down. Over all rating 5.5/10
Movie Revew: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes in order to win her heart. Good movie to watch on a 1st date. Semi romantic comedy with enough fake action and laughs to keep a couple watching ( providing they are actually watching a movie....) The film has a cross between "Austin Powers" and "kill bill" Though I would put age range for viewers from 18 - 35. Overall A good film, 8/10
Moving Forward...
Wednesday, I helped my mom get rid of some of my dad's clothes. (Pants, jackets, coats, etc) I kept a few of his old work shirts, a hoodie, and some vest thingie. His pants we just threw away, they werent gonna fit me cuz Ive lost some weight and my other brothers are bigger than me, bigger than my dad was too. I was kinda surprised my mom was ready to get rid of the stuff. Their anniversary is coming up, it would have been 39yrs. We found old pictures, talked about stuff. Stuff we remember, stuff we miss, random stuff.   Last night I had a dream about him that kinda bothered me when I woke up. Im almost positive the dream was caused by going through his stuff on Wednesday. He had walked in to the house with his beard (all he had was a mustache when we buried him) and in the dream I knew he was dead. My mom dyed his beard to the color it was back in the early 90s. And then started to take pictures of him. She said she dyed his beard so if anyone saw the pictures they wouldnt think th
Movie Revew: Death Race 2
Death race 2  The Prequel to death race, Overall not a great film,  if you are looking for the story that brought you to the movie Death Race, watch it, if you are looking for more action, blood gore etc. you will not find it. Over all rating 5/10 Only worth having if you already own the 1st, watch back to back for a decent movie night. Other then the above recommendation I would not recommend wasting your time on it.
Movie Revew:black Swan
Black Swan Good girl goes bad with fame, classic story, long drawn out and seemingly pointless. I could not watch it fully, lost interest quickly. 110% chick flick.. Target audience: 14 to 45, woman, ( a note to the woman, watch this with a glass of wine with some female friends, your man will not sit long, and if he does will not pay mind to it, even if he says he likes it, hes being nice or  he is gay)   8/10 for production quality 5/10 for story Due to myself not falling into the above target audience  I personally give the film a 1/10  
Movie Revew: Red
Red Action/comedy This film is among a few others like it, mixing a action based story with realistic dialog and reactions with a comedic twist. Films like this will be the main for "action" genre  for some time due to the viewing public ( and my own) loss of interest in serious cut to the line type of action movies we became accustom to between the 80s and early turn of the century  ( around 2000- 2002) ( another factor is the state of our country, with the issues we have seen the market nearly demands some light witted  dialog even in the most blood packed movie.) This is a fun movie, good for a date night, Over all rating of 9/10 Age range 16-40
Finally, watched a good movie. Brooklyns Finest, starring Ethan Hawk, Richard "gerbil" Gere and Wesly Snipes. Its all about some cops.. good, bad and undercover in NY.. with out spoiling the plot, I will tell you there is three different plots going on so you will need to pay attention to this flick. The stories combine in a similar way that Crash did. In fact, with out knowing the guys name, I would guess the same people were involved with this movie.. so next time you are renting a movie on netflix or blockbuster... get it.. Two thumbs up, aand for those of you with one hand, well..youre just s.o.l.   Brooklynns Finest.. recommended
Everybody has a favorite movie. I have movies that I HAVE to watch when they come on no matter how many times I've seen them. 1. RoadHouse 2. Urban Cowboy 3. Mommie Dearest 4. Face Off 5. Wizard of Oz 6. Gone in 60 Seconds 7. Gone with the Wind
To All My Fu Family and Friend's,I will not be on as much in the next few weeks,I am Moving to Ft.Worth,Texas,I will be pretty busy getting things ready for my move.I Hope Everyone Will Have A Great Week.I will be back as soon as I can. Much Love to Everyone..Hugs! Lora AKA Texas Willow
Moving On Up!
To the easssst side. Okay, so my [our] new house is slightly southwest. Details, schmetails. I finally tackled pretty much everything in the food cooking and consumption area. I had a shitty day at work yesterday and went apeshit on the kitchen when I got home. Gotta love those GRRR FUCKKKK I HATE YOU WATCH ME CLEAN THIS SHIT moods. Between last night and today, I packed dishes, cleaned the oven, scrubbed the sink. All that's really left in there is clearing/wiping out the fridge, but that's last on my list right before all the floors are cleaned. I wish I could just snap my fingers and all this moving nonsense would be over with. It's a royal pain in my ass. [The crown is the worst part.] Everything in my [our] apartment must be packed by the end of the night. It has to happen 'cause I only get truck use tomorrow and I need to make the best of it. I'm done with this place by March 31st and I really won't have time this week to move any more crap. It simply must be so! I can has m
If you had the choice between shelby montana or denver colorado what would you choose
Moving On
To move on from such a toxic relationship is hard, especially when the other wishes you ill.  But I will not, and as much as this person thinks he has, let them destroy me!   I am far too good of a woman and person to be let on by a false prophet!  I knew the game the second time around and I played along while they played me. A fool I know, but I needed to be sure.  And unfortuantely I was correct!  I will no longer be bound to a single sheep again!  or any sheep for that matter.    The fact is this:  a cold heartless slab of meat isn't one to love or to even hate!  They are just that...meat!   They forgot one thing though.   My wrath! Thine is greater than Satan his self and I don't have to do a thing! not even lift one lil finger.  However, it is that great, more so than ever spoken of by that toxic one!   Never underestimate me!  I am a wonderful person, but to be fucked with isnt a good idea!   I have moved on.  I have great and "real" friends, and a few takers in line
Moving To New Horizons.
Well this is it, I’m moving on the 31st and I won’t have the phone on until the 5th then 10 days after that I will be back online I’m hoping it will happen sooner but who knows. Now I had a few ideas for things to do... I know I need to finish my book and a few other stories and poems and I also wanted to start a video rant since that seems like fun lol... but what do you think? I got my clothes packed and the small things get done tomorrow and dammmmmmmmm it’s so close to moving day ya'll lol... I can’t wait... I am going to miss you all but I still got my mobile so I won’t vanish forever lol... most times I will be logged into msn but I will try for yim every now and then ^_^ What else.... OH I was thinking of taking a barista class to get my coffee making skills up lol... but we will see ^_^ I don’t know who is going to read this so you know... have a good one and keep safe... I love my Chelle Belle ^_^ And I will be back :P
Moving On...
 Watching her spin around the dance floor he morns, she has found happiness and he had not. She Laughs and carries on smiling up at the man that took his place. He cries from the pain, moving though the crowd, he slips silently to the balcony and stares out at the night sky. He hears her approach behind him, and feels as she steps up next to him, her perfume catching in his nostrils. "I miss you..." she says, "But he is a great guy, I wish you could give me your approval but that time has past. I have to live again..." she takes off the locket he gave her and tosses it into the water. Reaching out to touch her and say he's misses her he passes through her as she turns and walks away, crying he floats out over the water and down to the locket, trying to pick it up and take it back so that she knows he is still there and it is okay. but his fingers pass right through it. in agony he screams, a silent scream that ehcos through every alley of the city but is never heard...
Moving Back South
I live colorado but the guys out here suck! I havent met one worth really gettin to know and Ive been here a year! seriously thinking about moving back to Tennessee or Kentucky. course I have a place in North Carolina too, guys can be douche bags whereever you go I know that, but I miss me some southern boys
The Movie Everybody Wants To Be In
  of all the scenes in all our movies, don't we all want the love scene? which can be different from but still include the sex scene & the friends scene.  & every other possible or impossible scene. but without a good love scene any movie can only go so far. when i was younger i used to fall in and out of love like a drunk running through a field of holes. Then there were those moments when i felt like i was running  in slow motion, down a technicolor beach, with my mind flapping happily out my ears. But those things don't last.  Some of us freeze, or we step on each others lines, or just don't have the chops to land the big part, so we become extras, atmosphere.,in our own movies while  other leads have all the fun in theirs . I'm ready for my new love scene now, Director. Cast her pretty and sweet, with an eye for the absurd and a body made for love.   I've researched my part  long enough to be able to play it different this time. No more fight scenes, no more melodrama or d
Moving Companies Should Hire Or Not?
Deciding whether or not to hire packers and movers companies during relocation is a question that makes people curse at the time of move. Actually the answer of this question is depending on the numerous factors like time, money and difficulty in move.  So before any move or hiring professional packers movers, decide first that your priority is money or time. If you don’t have much time for packing then better option is to call professionals packers and movers as these professionals are experts in every field of relocation and can do frequently in very effective manner. There are few questions that may help you to sort out from this confusing question. How much Stuff do you have: by taking the idea of how much stuff you have and you have to transit, can give you the total cost estimate for move and can make you to take decision for taking packers and movers. How far you have to move: by knowing how far you have to go can gives you the total cost estimat
Moving Far Away
Moving Help!
So, I'm in need of a fresh start. Moving somewhere new, the whole works! I guess I am posting this because I am looking to get some input from people. Good locations and good job locations. I don't have a set career right now but, I am wanting to open my own cupcake place. This is a serious post. I do not want weird, pervy guys telling me I should move to where they are. Thank you for all of your help!!
Movie Called The Work Shop
i saw a movie and it about being happy they say if you want to be happy then get naked for real that movie called the work shop and it a ta real life movie but i yhank they are lieing what do you thank
Helping my parents move is hard. First time I won't be able to see them for a long time. Living 45 mins away is rough enough, Now they are moving to Florida. First time my 6 year old son won't be able to visit is grandparents for a long time. They helped me raise my son and they are the only family he has really ever known.
Moving Forward
TAMPA, états-Unis - Steve Downie du Lightning de Tampa Bay a dit regretter son geste. Authentic Greg Jennings Jersey . Chris Kunitz des Penguins de Pittsburgh a dit avoir des remords. Les deux équipes devront se passer dun joueur clé lors du match no 4 de leur série de premier tour, mercredi, après que la LNH eut suspendu Downie et Kunitz pour un match chacun. Les deux joueurs ont commis des gestes fautifs lors dincidents séparés, dans la victoire des Penguins de 3-2 lors du match no 3. à la place de contester la justesse de leur suspension, les deux joueurs ont déclaré quils auraient d? être plus prudents. Les Penguins mènent la série 2-1. ?Je suis très dé?u de moi-même, a dit Downie, mardi. Jai limpression davoir laissé tomber léquipe.? La Ligue a annoncé mardi que Downie avait été suspendu pour le match no 4 pour avoir sauté et sêtre lancé vers la tête du défenseur des Penguins Ben Lovejoy, alors que le défenseur tentait de faire un jeu derrière son filet. ?Jappliquais de léchec-ava
Movies, Video Games, Music, Comic Books.
So as we all know on May 4th Marvel Comics The Avengers hits theaters. This year is a big year for people like me with Men In Black 3, The Amazing Spider-man, Prometheus (Alien prequel/Spin-off), The Dark Knight Rises, American Reunion, and a bunch others. Now Supossedly Supeman The Man of Steel, and Teenage Mutant (or Alien now thanks to Michael Fucking Bay...I hate that man) Ninja Turtles, and Godilla will come out next year. I really wish we could get a game for Dark Knight Rises, Man Of Steel, and Avengers. (The publisher for Avengers was shut down so the game was canceled. Pre-views are on youtube.) What are some other movies you guys wish to see and or video games? Sound off below!
Moving But Where To Somewhere
I am writing this at a McDonalds while sipping a sweet tea, and i ask why am i searching for a new job. I live in Va beach, Va, with my girlfriend, but i never felt so lost in my time here. i have a job, but it is run like high school, with more playing around then people doing their jobs. my relationship has come apart from several small cracks and one big issue. so i find my self job searching for a job, any where away from Va. i thought about NJ which i lived before, and looked at Ohio, but i checking out Tulsa, Ok, Wilmington, NC and Texas, but also opening to be closer to my brother who is in San Diego but moving to Seatle, Wash. the weirdest part about this idea is i am going on faith to follow the road, as if i am did what i had to do here, and moving on to the next step in life. i hope this helps me and i weclome any comments from readers. have a bless day.    Michael Cohen (Anakin, Mingan:the grey Wolf)
The Movie Theater Incident
Occasionally, I like to go to the movies. Friends or family will see a trailer for something and I decide to go see a movie as well. Movies are great, but the people who attend movies frequently are not. On this particular occasion, I decided to strike back in the name of "Justice" for all people who have ever been annoyed, slighted and/or screwed out of the cost of a ticket because of one of "those people".    My sister-in-law sat down next to me at the theater and the movie was about to begin. "What's that smell?" she asked, "It smells like pee."  Unflinching, her husband (my brother) responded: "It's clam chowder." Sure enough, sitting one row back and three seats to our left was a woman holding a large to-go order of clam chowder which she'd snuck into the theater. Surprisingly, clam chowder smells very similar to urine when you don't know where the source is. It's like the asparagus of soups.    The woman herself looked like a water buffalo in a sweatshirt. She had broad sho
so i finally got all packed to move to another location and still dont know when i am supposed to move. we are tearing down tents and closing this jcop. but have no mission and no knowlege of whats coming up.
Movie House
OK listen up I'm only going to say this once Who want fubuck OK I'm a movie fanatic i love movies and i have a challenge for anyone who like moves ok im going to post 15 movie quotes per week if you answer them all their is a 500000 fubuck with your name on it ok rules you can look up and find any that you don't know have to know the tital of the move and write them down in response in order while youa re at my blouge you can check me out open for anyone must have salute ok here we go   1.Take it to the depth of forever and multiply it by infinity and you will only have a glimps of what I'm taking about 2, Nice dress it is because i have these wonderful boobs to fill it out 3.Showing your father a better life was not stupid Leaving him with the parrot what was stupid 4. You all know me so i will put this plainly as i can if we have to give these bastard our lives WE Give Them Hell Before We go 5. My name is Anito Mantoya you kill my father prepare to die offer me money power give
Moving Again
I'm so sick of NORTHERN Indiana it's just sad, this place use to be o,k, to live however now with all the Construction they've been doing around here think it's that time again to head back where I should have been years ago an that's DOWN SOUTH where damn near everything is so much cheaper & beautiful all at the same time.. John and I are getting remarried on 8/14/2012 at the BLUFF in ROCKPORT Indiana, it's just so damn lovely there I'm gonna be so happy to get away and enjoy the rest of my life with him & my two wonderful kids all together I've got three however the one doesn't have much to do with the family any more because well ya know he's better than the rest of us (LOL) yeah but anyways I'll keep you guys posted on whatever happens/my new address and what not....
Moving On From Fubar
I wanted to do this one last blog to try and say goodbye to everyone who reads this.I have been on here for almost 6yrs off and on and I have made some great friends,some of whom have moved on as well..I have seen so many different changes on here..not just the site itself but with the people as well(some changes not so good). When I first started on here all I wanted to do was make lots of friends,play the game and enjoy my time away from reality..although I have done those things I have also went through alot of stress trying to help others move up the ladder,help myself move up and so on... I mentioned changes that I have seen with the people,well...I have seen folks who were the nicest people in the world become some of the greediest people on here..some were friends of mine that I helped to get to the top of the ladder on here who seem to have forgot about me along the way..I have seen those who spend god awful amounts of money so they didn't have to do the actual hard work to m
Moving On
Moving On by Kenneth Matlock on Monday, October 8, 2012 at 7:02am It was a murky mystery that loomed infront of me. It writhed in contemplation of what trouble it should be. Every single day it found a way to play inside. It grabbed all of my sensibility and took them for a ride. On a ride to misery and a place of doubt. Some place in an endless dark of which there's no way out. I often wonder why I let them bring me here. It's not like I have a core in which I feel fear. After you give up inside and stare death in the face You realize there's no shadow more frightening than this place This place you build up within filled with little creeps One with safety islands growing so small it takes gigantic leaps To hop from one to another without making a splash To reach the safety cord and turn this place to ash...
Movie Theater Again
The San Antonio Theater Shooting the National Media Ignored   Bob AdelmannNew AmericanJan 3, 2012 At approximately 9:25 p.m. on Sunday night, December 16, just two days after the horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Jesus Manuel Garcia, age 19, entered the China Garden restaurant across the mall from the Santikos Mayan Palace 14 theater complex in San Antonio, Texas, looking for his ex-girlfriend. Angered that she had just broken up with him, he sent her a text message saying that he planned to go to the restaurant where she work
Touched by a feelingLet us feel the love;Moved or a careLet us know how to love;Touched a mindLet our life more broad and exciting ...
Movies I Watched
This weekend, I have been lucky enough to get free HBO so I have been taking advantage of watching some of the newer movies that I haven't got to watch yet.  Last night, I watched Snow White and the huntsmen.  I have decided that Kristen Stewart can't act worth shit.  I was really disappointed in the movie overall.  Today, I watched Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise.  I didn't care much for the movie itself but I am thinking I am going to have to buy the soundtrack.  It had some awesome music in it.  I think the music is the only reason I didn't change the channel.  So have you seen any good movies lately?  I haven't seen any movies in a long time that just makes me think it was great.
Moving Sucks Balls!
To Bad Moving Companies Are So Freaking Expensive!   Last time I moved the DoD did it for me, not this time! Despite all of the sorting, packing, and cleaning I am still super excited about this move. Unfortunately I do have to keep reminding my old man that we have to much shit and we must get rid of it. Our new place is a lot smaller than what we are living in now but it's 6 miles from the Gulf.  Fort Walton Beach also has great scenery too. Eglin AFB is located there, along with the TACP Tech School if you like looking at that sort of thing. ;-)  
Moving On...
You broke my heart in twoAnd took me like a bet,with all you put me throughI have so many regrets. To lose you was worth it,although I wasn't sure,it seemed to make me happy,but still so insecure. We always said Foreverwe would take it to the endnever give it upbut this time my heart couldn't mend. It cut so deep into meI guess it hurt you toobut when you did it, then you liedI had to say "we're through." I gave you all I hadI tried to make it lastbut now all we haveare memories from the past. So look me in the eyeand tell me what you seea man so broken insidewho's been through misery. And now I’m moving onwith the pain that kills insidebut I’m starting to forgetby reminding myself, how you lied!
Moving Home On A Limited Budget
Only a few people love the procedure of relocating residence. There is a lot to prepare and things to evaluate that it can be quite problematic. Relocating household is believed to be probably the most disturbing activities you can do in your life time. If you're on a limited budget it can feel much more troublesome, so listed below are a few ideas on being economical on the actual shift day itself: Dispose of junk stuff. It is possible that you have certain goods which you do not use. Such things must not be transferred whenever you shift from one destination to another. You need to avoid this stuff on your move. This will help you save cash on needless packaging and transport cost. Coordinate a garage sale to sell your some goods which you do not use or do not want to transport to your new house. This will help you lessen packaging and shipping cost. This will also assist you earn extra cash. Do packaging on your own. If you are expert to do packaging activity on your own then you
Moving On
used to listen, when you said you would always be there.I sit and think about all the times we had together, and how I thought Iused to love you, when you used to care.I'd last through any weather.but when the our storm came you left at the first sight of rain, leaving me hereto deal with all this pain.I sat there crying thinking what did I do wrong, I looked to my mother who said (baby stay strong).so I wiped my tears and begin a new, new me, new life, and happiness without you.someday you'll miss me, but it will be to late for us to didn't know what you were missing but now you do, calling me crying saying baby I love you.I love you too that's why I'm letting you go, I'm a hell of a good woman it's too bad it took you this long to know.what we had is in the past, it's a reason we didn't last.but whenever you get discouraged about why we're through, just look in the mirrorbecause it's all on you...I hope next time you learn from your mistakes, and when that girl needs you do wh
I thought I'd try this out again. I'm going to make a movie of my friends on here. If you want in it......leave me a comment.   I'm kinda bored, lol.   Oh....while I've got your attention, rate me!! I'm getting a boomerang later ;)
Moving Guide – Helpful Tips To Make Moving Easier
Moving from one place to another is can be stressful and burdensome. It is a time consuming and complicated process that can pester you. But it can be simplified and made much easier and simpler. You of course can turn the situation into easygoing and smooth. There are some ways which can make moving much easier and simpler. Here are some helpful tips which will be handy when you need to make moving easier. Planning and budgeting Planning is important. You must have a proper plan for your move. You should also have proper budget for your move and stick to it. But do not have some extra among of money apart from your budget to avoid the last minute surplus charges. Get Rid of Items You might like to get rid of items which you do not use or do not want to use in future or do not want to transfer to your new residence. So, go through each room of your residence and consider what you can get rid of. Make a list of such items. Arrange a garage sale to sell these items. This will also help
Pink  forgot to rewind her movie.
Moving Made Simple By Packers And Movers
Moving from one place to another with lots of household effects including furniture and home appliances is not a fun chore. It is a complicated, time-consuming and difficult process which can be very daunting affair for you. It can pester anyone as it consists of lots of hassles, difficulties and unpleasant issues. But moving can by simplified and turned into easygoing and smooth affair by using services of professional packers and movers companies or moving agencies. There are various professional packers and movers in different cities and towns of India to choose from. You can choose the services of right one and make your move extremely easy and simple. A good moving company will help with your move during entire operation. You will get hassle-free and safe execution of process. All your belongings will be handled with care and skill by experts. You will have to do nothing. You will just see how the process is executed with perfection. Each and every item of your households will be
Moving Companies In Delhi Are Helpful In Home And Commercial Shifting
As we all now packing and moving is really difficult to manage. If you have a plan of shifting your home or business infrastructure then you might need a professional who can organize a successful relocation in a hassle-free manner. There is no need to panic when you think of shifting household or offices. Packers and movers are ready to do it for you. Packers and movers companies provide relocation and transportation facilities. With a little amount of payment, you can make shifting convenient and easy. Moving companies can also provide you corporate shifting services. A business needs to stay productive in order to keep up with competition. If relocation can't be avoided, all you can do is make the transition smooth and quick. With little interruption, you can get back on track and return to normal business operations with the help of a shifting company in Delhi. Professional movers and packers offer different kinds of relocation services. They provide full service pack and also
Moving From Hyderabad With Help Of Professional Packers And Movers
Are you moving from Hyderabad to another city? If yes then you might like to hire services of one of professional packers and movers of the city in order to make your move easy and simple. You know well that moving home is not a fun chore; as it consists of lots of hassles, difficulties, issues, and some tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. So; moving from Hyderabad with the help of professional movers and packers would be one of the best decisions you can take in relation to simplify the moving process and turn the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. If you have decided to use professional services on your move then you will see many companies in this city to choose from. They are providing a variety of services for safe and proper packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of your household belongings on your move. They will provide you full assistance and perfect packing moving solutio
Moving Yourself – Useful Tips For You
Often laymen have lack of knowledge and do not know good techniques for DIY (do it yourself) packing and shifting of furniture, home appliances and other household effects. Generally they think that moving to be simple, easy, no-brainer and muscle-mutt kind of thing. But they might take a whole different view of the matter if they were to watch experienced professional packers and movers companies efficiently and quickly doing a move or if they were to have a painful injury or a costly damages of their belongings during their move. Everyone who self-moves would benefit significantly from some good techniques about how to pack things correctly and how to transfer them safely and quickly in order to make the move successful and avoid the grief of personal injuries and / or costly damages of household effects. Knowing some good techniques and implementing them rightly would definitely help people to save money on move, which is the main purpose behind their self-moving, isn’t it? H
Moving From Pune With Help Of Packers And Movers
Have you decided to use services of professional packers and movers in Pune? If yes then perhaps you have taken the right decision. Hiring professional services for a move would be one of the best decisions you can take towards making your move a lot easier and simpler; and turn the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. Professional moving companies a variety of services for household shifting including services for packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of household items. They help their clients in the whole episode and ensure for safe and punctual delivery of goods at new place. They handle belongings of their clients with care and skill; and make sure that moving will be extremely easy and simple. Everything is all right if you schedule your move with a right mover that is not only affordable but also experienced, reputable, reliable and registered. Choosing the right service provider may be time-consuming and challenging task but will give you
Moving Home With The Help Of Hyderabad Packers And Movers
Moving home can be traumatic and stressful time for you. Packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of household belongings are some tedious tasks involved in the process that make it difficult, complicated and time-consuming. Apart from these tedious tasks there are also lots of hassles and unpleasant issues involved in the process. Undoubtedly, moving home is a not fun chore but can be certainly made a fun chore with some good decisions, proper planning and using services of one of professional packers and movers companies. Hiring a moving company on a move would be one of the best decisions you can take towards making home shifting a lot easier and simple. There are several professional packers and movers in the city of Hyderabad that can help you move from Hyderabad to a new city in most hassle-free way. They are providing full comprehensive packing & moving solution for household shifting with door to door service. They help their clients at the both des
Moving From Hyderabad Simplified By Packers Movers
Moving home can be daunting and stressful even of your life whether you are moving locally within Hyderabad or moving from this city to somewhere else. You will either need to do or make arrangement for packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. The process can be enough difficult and complicated to pester you extremely. It will also consume your precious time. Rightly, moving home or household shifting is considered to be one of the most challenging and stressful events of life. But you can simplify the entire moving operation by using services of professional packers and movers companies. A right mover will provide you just right solution to all your moving needs with door to door service. And your move will be easy and simple. There are several professional moving companies or packers and movers in the city of Hyderabad that may provide you required services for making your move from Hyderabad easy and simple. They will provide full assistance
Moving Tips For Moving Possessing House Animals And In Addition Young Children -- Instances To Understand
Are you currently likely to get using your house animals? That is among the nearly all troublesome issues to recognize packers and movers bangalore which is getting ready to travel what and your house animals with the exact care and in addition focus you spend with your house animals. Your current factors might be delicate and may be transported combined with extensive care nevertheless house animals require exclusive care and not simply focus. Bulk of the particular Moving organizations is not geared up get the home wildlife. If you intend to get using your house animals, you should obtain individual accountability by yourself. Or else you would possibly consult so that you can any dog transporter to move the home wildlife in case is obviously what you require. Unless you utilize any dog transporter thinking of moving in concert, you will need a handful of support any suggestions to generate the particular moving easier, both equally for yourself, the home wildlife though your young c
Moving Forward One Day At A Time
It's been a month since I had written my previous article.   I'm still going though with the divoce. Sean (my ex) managed to take my son from me, on a technicality that I plan to correct.   I thought I was ready to throw myself out there in the world, maybe even date again.  I changed jobs in the last month and while I get some nice hours, it doesn't take my mind off my son or the hell I am being put through. Sean pretended to be my friend and care about me, and what not, and the day of court, he revealed who he truly was. A cold curel selfish being. I can't even bare to think of him as human.  I watched as he took my son away from me, treated me like some criminal.  The days are harder now, I have no idea where to go from here. Everything I ever loved doing is tained and I just don't have the heart for it anymore. So I go to work, I come home and I sit at the computer, or watch TV. Stuck.  Still on that nasty roller coaster, afraid. Afraid that I will never be able to be normal a
Movie Theater
We meet outside the theater, greeting each other and giving each other a quick hug. We get in line to get our tickets and head into the theater. We make our way to our seats, and just as we had hoped, there are only a few people here to watch the movie. We're not really here to watch the movie; we're here for an entirely different reason. Our seats are all the way in the back, and we wait for the trailers to begin. Once we know there will be no unexpected entrants, we turn to each other and savor a lingering kiss. Our hands run over each other's bodies, and you find my belt buckle and I slip a hand up your skirt. You undo my buckle and zipper and push your hand down my boxer's to find an already growing member. I run my hand slowly up your leg, up your thigh, and discover that you aren't wearing any panties. You came prepared for fun! You release my cock from it's prison and wink at me before taking the head into your warm, moist mouth. I gasp, your mouth feels so good and you swirl th
Movies Nowadays
Allo once again, here i am pets in another night of delusions when i remembered this good one :P   unfortunately its a bad one... one that still haunts me... not a ghost or anything just a memory, one that will haunt me and my singing career down the road.... If you ever saw the Movie "Johnny got his Gun" you know that horror and felt the pain of that poor soul's memory, it was not meant to be funny it was not meant to make you feel ashamed, that movie was true, not false. a Poor man scared shitless of War, destruction, death, chaos, decay, unfathomable carnage.... we remember World War 1 as something that happened in the early 1900's, for this man, years go by, all that keeps him going... the machines he is tied to... the end of the movie is him desperately pleading to kill him in Morse code... a horrifying S.O.S. that wasn't heard for years...   All In all, the poor guy is locked away in a closet and forgotten... only to be checked on to see if he is still alive... now that movi
Moving By Way Of Excellent Packers Along With Movers
Use many of the management and business and business households happen to be transporting to be able to Pune. Process associated with proceed is actually tiresome along with incredibly time intensive, whether or not you're transporting your entire property in addition to place of work. Nevertheless, in case you retain the products and services in the products and services associated with specialists later this kind of may be very much fuss-free. Currently, together with city metropolitan facilities several organizations possess fallen up-wards providing packers and movers in pune products and services. At this time, everything together with significant metropolitan facilities is now way too tense and the ones are certainly not receiving enough time down their own function, along with in this period of time changing to a different situation can be quite nerve-racking. Thus, you may want an individual exactly who is able to receive in which anxiety from somebody along with direct you in
.mov To Gif Animation
Alright, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this all night and I finally have the steps.  Step #1 Downloading file format converting program My movie clip files come straight off my camera as .MOV formatted files. My movie editing software (aka Windows Movie Maker which will only read .WMA format) cannot read these files. So, I download a file format converting program FOR FREE called FormatFactory (my friend gave me the idea but I initially downloaded it to convert my .MOV file to .AVI format but decided I needed to edit the movie first). Step #2 Converting file to .WMA FormatFactory makes it easy to convert files to .WMA and .AVI which I also needed to do later. Step #3 Editing clip through Windows Movie Maker My file was 1 minute and 3 secinds so I needed  to cut down the time a lot if I wanted to make a GIF so after cutting out a few parts I got it down to 13 seconds. Step #4 Saving edited clip Here is where I ran into trouble. I could not figure out how to s
Mo Weather
Well now that winter is done with Missouri, it is now time for the storm season and the tornadoes that come with them. I write this since there is a thunderstorm hitting us now. I don't know if there are any warnings issued yet. If the winter was any indication of what is to come, this should be a fun storm season.
The Mower
The mower stalled, twice; kneeling, I found A hedgehog jammed up against the blades, Killed. It had been in the long grass. I had seen it before, and even fed it, once. Now I had mauled its unobtrusive world Unmendably. Burial was no help: Next morning I got up and it did not. The first day after a death, the new absence Is always the same; we should be careful Of each other, we should be kind While there is still time. "The Mower" by Philip Larkin
Does anyone know how to take apart or where to find a 6 speed transaxle diagram???? Any help is greatly appreciated :)   Model# 917.252520
Mowing And Beer
Mowing and Beer On Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in my lawn chair, drinking beer and watching my girlfriend mow the lawn. The neighbor lady from across the street was so outraged that she came over and shouted at me, "You should be hung!" I took a drink from my can of Busch Light, wiped the cold foam from my lips, lifted my darkened Ray Ban sunglasses and stared directly into the eyes of this nosy ass neighbor and then calmly replied, "I am. That's why she cuts the grass."
Mowing The Yard
It never ceases to amaze me that I work so hard to make the grass green and lush.....for what? Just to mow it again! It's crazy! If you look at my pics there's a pic of the mower sitting in the mowed grass...look at the wheels, how deep they are it's actually about 2" deep, that's after mowing it! I don't use any fertilizer or chemicals to make it grow like that. It just does. Once while living in Houston, my then wife was going on a little trip to her Mothers...she told me to fertilize the lawn with the stuff we bought at a local DIY store....she bought 50# of the stuff in 2 bags.... I put both bags in the front yard....and watered the hell out of it! When she got back she asked if I "fertilized" the lawn.' I said , 'yes" . It was then that I found out that 25# was for the back yard and 25# was for the front yard. LOL We had the greenest and thickest yard on the block! LOL LOL! We are not together any more but not because of that, that might be anonther blog.(if you might
Mowing And Beer
On Saturday afternoon I was sitting in my lawn chair drinking beer, and > > watching my wife mow the lawn. > > The neighbor lady from across the street was so outraged that she came > > over and shouted at me, "You should be hung!" > > > > I took a drink from my can of Bud Light, wiped the cold foam from my > > lips, lifted my darkened Ray Ban sunglasses, and stared directly into the > > eyes of this nosy ass neighbor and then calmly replied, "I am. That's why she cuts the grass."
Mowing The Grass
On Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in my lawn chair, drinking beer and watching my wife mow the lawn. The neighbor lady from across the street was so outraged that she came over and shouted at me, "You should be hung!" I took a drink from my can of Bud Light, wiped the cold foam from my lips, lifted my darkened Ray Ban sunglasses and stared directly into the eyes of this nosey-ass neighbor and then calmly replied, "I am...and that's why she cuts the grass."
Mowing The Grass
Mowing the grass, what a mundane task? Not really, look at the blessings all around you. Neighbors waving from thier doorways, or driveways, the birds fying over head, and sitting in the branches of trees above. The hypnotizing humm of the motor, allows thoughts to wander, and the mind to rest. Physical activity helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression... In and out of the sun and shade, back and forth across the lawn I feel conected to the earth below my feet with each step, and kissed by the sun My goddess is with me here, whispering to me Helping me let go with each pass of my stress and worry The humm of the motor allows my mind to wander to another place and time, the vibration in my hands and arms is relaxing Am I hurting nature? No, the roots and shoots of grass are increasing in strengh, I am cutting the grass down, not stamping it out People are the same...have you ever been mowed down? What happened? Did you grow back? Stronger? More resiliant
Mowing The Grass
On a very hot summer day, a woman notices a neighbor lady struggling in the heat to mow the lawn while her husband sits on the porch in the shade drinking a nice cold beer. She becomes furious and heads over and confronts the man. "You inconsiderate bastard, you should be hung" The man replies, "I am, that's why she's mowing the grass!"
Mowing And Electric Fences
We have the standard 6 ft. fence in the backyard, and a few months ago, I heard about burglaries increasing  dramatically in the entire city. To make sure this never happened to me, I got an electric fence and ran a single wire along the top of the fence.Actually, I got the biggest cattle charger Tractor Supply had, made for 26 miles of fence. I then used an 8 ft. long ground rod, and drove it 7.5 feet into the ground.  The ground rod is the key, with the more you have in the ground, the better the fence works..One day I'm mowing the back yard with my cheapo Wal-Mart 6 hp big wheel push mower. The hot wire is broken and laying out in the yard. I knew for a fact that I unplugged the charger. I pushed the mower around the wire and reached down to grab it, to throw it out of the way.It seems as though I hadn't remembered to unplug it after all.Now I'm standing there, I've got the running lawnmower in my right hand and the 1.7 giga-volt fence wire in the other hand. Keep in mind the charg
Mow Survey - Stoled From Emanon
Animal you feel represents you or feel connected to? Eagle? Free and solitary... Cat? Stubborn and proud... Bear? Hates to be woken up... Can't choose What weather do you feel you are? A clear spring day on a mountain lake. Calm, deep, and relaxing. Choose one living & one deceased person you would like to spend 24 hours with, can be anyone. My ex..I still Love her with all my heart, and would like to look her in the eyes and talk to her. Rasputin. I'd like to see how much he truly knows, and how he learned it. If you could go anywhere in the world expenses a non issue where would you go? (choose more than one if you like) Ireland, England, Greece and Italy. Who do you admire most? My father and grandfather. Both have worked their asses off to give to their family. Something I've inherited from them: no matter how much pain and suffering it causes's worth it to make your loved ones happy. What is something(s) that bring you peace? With the exception o
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Moxon We Will Miss
Lauren and I had to put our precious Moxie to sleep today I have lost pets to death before but had been fortunate never have to put one to sleep. It is very difficult to let go but I have to for Lauren's sake. Moxon has been a member of our family for almost 11 years. he was a grumpy old man these past few years but every bit the best friend and love of this family. I feel a very strange emptiness in me that is like missing a part of my body He was the one that helped me thru Lauren going off to school in 8th grade and the one who has always been there when I was lonely. Moxon was always the one that filled that empty spot when I needed someone to listen when things were going crazy. He got sick a week ago and was almost in a coma. They gave him a blood transfusion and after 4 days in the hospital we picked him up to puppy kisses and him back to his old self. We celebrated every day with him with a new sense of appreciation. Then yesterday we noticed that he wasn't coming when we calle
Mox On Soundcloud
More Music From MOX Big Up!!
Moxxie is probably thie biggest slut you will ever meet. This girl is up for anything. Including being treated like a worthless cunt at Face Fucked Are you down with FFC?
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ADAM SANDLER LYRICS Schnine He's a pretty good guy He's nice to his neighbors You can count on him to buy your school candy bars He's a real nic guy He's always got the jumper cables He'll take your mail in when you're on vacation He's a good-hearted man Volunteers at the library He'll help you find a book on whales He's a thoughtfull man Rememers your birthday Says God bless you when you sneeze But there's a problem It's not your average problem But it's a pretty big problem His hobby is moyda His hobby is moyda He'll eat a hamboyga Then commit moyda He's a friendly guy He waves to all the joggers Children use his backyard as a short-cut He's a real sweet guy He always recycles Referees the Junior High basketball for no pay He's a great, great man He'll sign your petition Then proceed to compliment your new haircut But there's a problem It's not your average problem But it's a pretty big problem His hobby is moyda His hobby is moyda South
Moyes: Tribute! Ferguson Does Not Sell Dedicated Champion Wayne Rooney I Never Give Him
Van Persie help Moyes won the first crownWith two goals from Robin van Persie, Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] with a 2-0 win over the Community Shield in the bag, cheap jerseys Moyes also got a new season's first championship. Community Shield victory for David Moyes proved himself the first time in the post-match interview, he said it would dedicate this championship Ferguson. Moyes said: "Sir Alex Ferguson dedicate this title to, if today he was sitting at home watching the game, I would say this is for you to win the championship, it is to lead your team to get the Premier League last season championship, we have a chance to win the Community Shield trophy. Baltimore Ravens Jersey Want Community Shield Cup race the only way to win the Premier League or the FA Cup [microblogging] champion, Sir Alex Ferguson did last season, I hope that from now on I can win the championship. " Turning to the game, Manchester United manager said: "I have been here many
Mozart Birthday
Not sure if there's a Julian/Gregorian calendar consideration to be made here (not in Austria in 1756, I think- will have to check), but I was just reminded that it's Mozart's birthday today. Well, it's not today but yesterday that I finished listening to that wonderful opera Idomeneo for the first time in full, but I'll still endeavor to celebrate - he's still one of my very favorite composers (after Beethoven and Bach- yes, JS..., who sometimes tie, but that's probably it). Favorite instrumental Mozart works, by the way (without voices) - the piano concertos (wonderful string quartets and late symphonies but the piano concertos, especially 1784's works on - nos. 14 in E-flat to no. 25 in C especially, but nos. 9 and 27 are fantastic in more than one sense, and if I could bring one only to a desert island, would it be no. 24 in C minor that grand but also truly tragic piece, or no. 17 in G both bittersweet and truly sneaky and jaunty too? (I had a tape coupling those two precisely
- Buried in an Unmarked Grave -] Decades later Sophie Haibel the younger sister of Mozart's wife, Constanze, still vividly remembered the eerie omen. On the first Sunday of December 1791, she was in the kitchen, preparing a cup of coffee for her mother. The previous day she had gone into the city of Vienna to visit her brother-in-law, who had fallen ill, but had returned with the news that he seemed better. Now, as she waited for the coffee to brew, Sophie stared pensively into the bright flame of an oil lamp and thought of Constanze's ailing husband. Suddenly, the flame went out "as completely as if the lamp had never been burning," she later wrote. "Not a spark remained on the main wick and yet there wasn't the slightest draught - that I can swear to." Seized with a horrible premonition, she ran to her mother, who advised her to return to Mozart's house without delay. Constanze greeted her sister's arrival with relief, saying that Mozart had spent a restless night, and begged her
Mozart Jackson draws goddamn flowers on bathroom walls for old women on Dago Hill - he's pimping paint in St. Louis for the rich and famous - French Colonials lined up like wedding cakes on winding roads to nowhere. He was on his way to MOMA when he met Beatrice and a glass pipe - now he doodles on plaster walls and spends his break time rifling jewelry boxes, separating the rhinestones from the diamonds. From his ladder, he can see the river, muddy with silt and sewage, drawing a line he can never cross again. Mozart Jackson was a fucking genius, now he's fucked - father to a fourteen year-old crack whore, and married to a habit with a dry hole and an endless hunger for pharmaceuticals. I still have a watercolor of a locomotive on a tumbleweed track across an eternal desert - his last great work - and sometimes (when I am playing my guitar really loud) I swear to God I can hear the steam whistle and the roar of steel wheels turning. © All right
Mozart: Requiem In D Minor
Mozart : Requiem in D minor K626 : XII Benedictus - Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Mozart's 40th Symphony(guitar)
Mozarts 25th Symphony(guitar)
Mozart Killed By Strep Throat
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The death of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 35 may have been caused by complications stemming from strep throat, according to a Dutch study published on Monday. Since the composer's death in 1791, there have been various theories about the cause of his untimely end, from intentional poisoning, to rheumatic fever, to trichinosis, a parasitic disease caused by eating raw or undercooked pork. On his death certificate it was officially recorded that the cause of death was hitziges Frieselfieber, or "heated miliary fever," referring to a rash that looks like millet seeds. But researchers from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands said studies on his death have generally been based on less-than-reliable evidence, like accounts from people who witnessed Mozart's final days, written decades after his death. Their new study, reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine, was based on information from official death registers for Vienna in the
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox - faster, more secure, easier to use and sporting a new look, this latest Firefox release sets a new standard for web browser innovation. Mozilla Firefox project (formerly Firebird, which was formerly Phoenix) is a redesign of Mozilla's browser component, written using the XUL user interface language and designed to be cross-platform. It is small, fast and easy to use, and offers many advantages over other web browsers, such as the tabbed browsing and the ability to block pop-up windows.
Mozilla 3.01 Beta Browser
It has its issues but so far it is the best browser out there that I've found for fubar, fastest for sure.
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Plugins
There are alot of new interesting pluggins for Mozilla Firefox. You can find a list as well as the link to download them here. (click picture) Also if you dont have Firefox, I would recomend getting it installed because it works better with reading the codes of Just click that picture to download it. If you need help installing or setting up FireFox then click the pic bellow. This is provided by G33K1N73HP1NK. Thanks Tex
Mozilla Firefox Beta 3.3 New Features
* Articles * Reviews * Tips * News * * About * Resources * Contact * Advertising Firefox 3 Beta 3 review Firefox 3 location bar just became almighty Posted by Percy Cabello on November 30, 2007 Print This Post ShareThis Or at least as mighty as it will get for final release. So far, the most useful new feature I’ve found in Firefox 3 is the much improved location bar autocomplete that unlike Firefox 2 which only looked for web addresses in my history, this one looks on visited and bookmarked page titles and tags along with web addresses. As expected, two more features have been added and will be available for Beta 2. The autocomplete list now shows page titles and addresses in two different lines and colors. According to studies on human cognition, it is easier for us to isolate elements on an image based on different coloring than any other attribute. So, if the user knows she is entering part of a web address or a page title
Mozilla 3.5 Beta Faster Than Safari 3.1 On Mac Osx1 — Previous benchmark tests that I ’d carried out on my Mac mini had shown that Safari 3.1 was the fastest browser for the Mac OS X. Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 changes that. Using the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test my testing shows that Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 holds a 7% lead over Safari 3.1.
Mozilla 3 Launches Tommorrow, 3.1 Already In The Works
By Ryan Paul | Published: June 15, 2008 - 11:55PM CT Mozilla has announced that June 17 is the official date of the much-anticipated Firefox 3 release. Developers and open source software enthusiasts are planning parties all over the world to celebrate the occasion. I'll be covering the release from Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View at the official Camp Firefox event. Related Stories * Firefox 3 beta 5 released * Firefox 3 goes on a diet, eats less memory than IE and Opera * A tantalizing taste of Firefox 3: testing RC1 * When in Rome: engineering the Firefox 3 user experience Mozilla is encouraging users to participate, too, by helping the Firefox team set the record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. The total number of unique downloads that take place on release day will be submitted for potential inclusion in the Guinness World Records. Over a million users have already signed up to pledge their support. Many readers have asked about
Mozilla Firefox
I just installed The Mozilla Firefox3 web browser due to significant and growing problems with my current browser, Internet Explorer. In less than 2 minutes, my computer became 10 times faster, even on Fubar. Now when I click something, it is automatically there. I would recommend it for anyone having problems due to lagging or poor service response. This web browser is very compatible with Vista and XP. I run Vista and it makes things a lot simpler. You heard it here fir$t
Mozilla: Web Apps Faster With Firefox 3.1
Posted by Stephen Shankland 10 comments Updated at 2:40 p.m. PDT with more details about Firefox 3.1 features. Firefox 3.1 will run many Web-based applications such as Gmail faster through incorporation of a feature called TraceMonkey that dramatically speeds up programs written in JavaScript, Mozilla said Friday. JavaScript has been very broadly used to add pizzazz or flexibility to Web pages over the years, but in recent years, it's also become the plumbing for many rich Internet applications. However, because JavaScript has been hobbled by pokey performance, Web-based applications often struggled to work as responsively as "native" software running directly on PCs, and programmers writing Web applications have often turned to other options, such as Adobe Systems' Flash and Flex. Now Mozilla hopes to change the balance of power in JavaScript's favor. "TraceMonkey is a project to bring native code speed to JavaScript," said Mike Shaver, Mozilla's interim vice presiden
Mozzarella Pasta Roll With Mixed Greens
Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients 5 lasagne noodles, simmered 5 minutes and shocked in ice water cheese cloth 2 large fresh mozzarella balls, thinly sliced 2 Tbsps. olive oil 1-1/4 cups fresh basil leaves 3 oz. sun-dried tomatoes, finely chopped 1/4 lb. mixed salad greens, lettuce, radicchio, endive, arugula, etc. 2 Tbsps. red wine vinegar 1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 1/4 tsp. thyme 1/4 tsp. coriander seeds, freshly ground Instructions Lay noodles on cheese cloth (approximately one foot square) overlapping long edges. Arrange slices of mozzarella on pasta, leaving a 1 inch border around 3 edges. Season well with salt and pepper. Brush with half the oil. Arrange basil leaves and tomatoes on top of cheese and pasta. Roll pasta up pinwheel fashion on top of cheese cloth. Tightly wrap pasta roll in cheese cloth. Lightly oil cloth and simmer in a pot of boiling salted water about 8 minutes. Remove from pan and allow to fully
Check out this MySpace MP3 Player!
Three days ago I bought Metroid Prime 3: Corruption... Today at 4.30 pm... I beat it... I gotta slow down... The trilogy is completed for these three games and now i have nothing new to look forward to in a series. However, there is always Super Smash Brothers: Brawl and Super Mario Galaxies to seek. Can't wait. One more tid bit of information. I'm changing my site a bit. I'll be putting up a "Music Page" on liquidmateria so that you can listen to some really bad ass songs and download them yourself. Any comments or songs you'd like to see up on the list? Comment and if I like the song, I'll put it up for you. The link to the Music Page is below. EDIT: OK! THIS THING IS BEING DUMB!! YOU'LL HAVE TO COPY AND PASTE THE LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER!
You my brother from another mother u know that i will always be here for u just like kaliko u know i got ur back and i know u got mine and u know if u need me and u know i will need u so i love u too always and for life big bro and if i would ever leave this earth just know that i love yall to the heart. To You My Big Bro MP I will always look up to You too
The mighty Mp3 players can not only write audio but pic and video. Some have the ability to capture the sorrounding with microphone, in my heavy shirt pocket buttoned down that I kept off of me because it was rather warm in the office in Haddonfield. Surgeon refused to do the surgery unless I quit smoking for three weeks which prompted me to ask, what about those that come in thorugh 911 and other emergency? He said then we have to. January and February it was a Triple By-Pass with a Miatric Valve replcement with metal or flesh from a cow with the AAA stinted later turns into a Double By-Pass with the VA doing the unneccesary aftercare. Memory Card is no longer in my position. I don't know why? My oh my. A little lie here and there. Suddenly everything comes into perspective. Later, Norio  
M Personality Type:
Mp3 Files
  Yeah Yeah Yeah - Maps :   Mos Def - History :   Mellow Hype - 64 :   Tyler the Creator - Analog :   Marilyn Manson - Coma Black : The roots - Otherside:
M65850p/fp Descriptions
The M65850P/FP is a CMOS IC for generating echo to be added to the voice through a  "karaoke" microphone. 1.  It is optimal to provide the echo effect function for karaoke player, such as radio cassette recorders, mini  audio components and television sets. 2. Increased master clock frequency assures high-performance short delay,enabling the IC to be used for dolby prologic surround system. • Built-in input/output filters, A-D and D-A converters,and memory    realize a delay system with only a single chip. • Built-in current control type clock oscillator circuit avoids clock    affection outside,thus allowing prevention of undesired radiation. • Delay time = 164 ms (with master clock set at 1MHz)    (Selection of delay time in a range between 15ms and 200ms) • Small package (14-pin DIP : 14P4,16-pin SOP:16P2N) • Built-in 20Kbit SRAM • Built-in auto reset circuit (The IC reset as power is turned on) • Single power supply (5V) Relate
A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year. That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon. Kinda makes you proud to be American, right?
60 Mpg 2009 Jettablue Tdi
60 Mph
Sights blurred past my window Like kaleidoscope mirages. Yet, each of them were vivid Marking an unforgettable place; piquing me. Red and purple wildflowers, Horses, deer, cornstalks and cows. Things I would have loved to savor Had I only a bit more time. Miles and hours later, I joined Him. Smiling, and relieved, as he folded me into that familiar hug. I wonder if He knew I would have driven one thousand miles more To enjoy His needed reception. Laughter sprinkled onto “nobody but you” talks, like seasoned flavor. Secret comfort-zones, toying with feelings and photographs, Things I would have loved to last longer Had He only a bit more time. Desire, at sixty miles per hour, Leaves its mark, regardless to timing, And, will call upon me in the coming nights Perhaps, revealing why I submit, so readily. Reality, at sixty miles per hour, Leaves its wound, after the nap… With controlled words, He sends me
Вот это скорость...
Mph Interview
Marlboro State Hospital 1977 age 18 I was taken by ambulance to JSMC where I tried to escape admission by running across the parking lots with foam slippers and signing in with obscenity's. From there at night I was taken by ambulance to MPH. On the way with the lights going they asked me if I had any last requests, I remembered the mercury poisoning in the lakes north of here and told them all the useful things to do with mercury like thermometers and electronic thermo-switches. As I was bought into the carport they had me stripped and showered and took all m y belongings for state issued hospital wear. They interviewed me and gave me some pills. I don't remember why I was there but did not answer up to drug or drinking inquiries from the male nurse. I was placed in a room with around fifty people who were all waiting to see the doctor most of them in hospital gowns and a few of them showing all. There was a black and white TV playing bugs bunny cartoons Tom and Jerry
M16: Pillars Of Creation
Mp3 Makers
Mp3 Music
ok, i am needing some help. I have an mp3 player that I got for my birthday and I have a couple of songs on it, but would really like to have some more without possibly having to pay for the songs. Can anyone suggest a good website that will let me download free mp3 songs? I would really love the information if someone knows anything. thanks
Mp3 Player
My sony NWHD3 20gb mp3 player is giving up on me. I've had it for a little over a i just realized that, that really fucking sucks, stay away from sony mp3 players they last long enough to exceed the warranty. The reason why I bought the sony instead of and ipod is because I don't want to be that person who has and ipod because everyone has one, it's fucking annoying! Also the battery last 2 weeks! on one charge...but as time goes on that two weeks dwindled to 5 - 7 days. So I'm going to use the one (ipod nano) my sister gave me for christmas last year. If it last longer than the sony then I'll lose my grudge against apple.
Mp3 Players
a month or so ago when i was home for R&R/leave i receaved a coby MP3 player for my birthday. i was realy excited because i had thought about getting an MP3 player for a while. they are a handy little toy to have aroundput one in the ear on long trips, or while at work, listen to them while at the gym, i would also like to listen to it while out on a run, but we cant have them in while out and about on base like that. i had it for a few weeks, when one day i got back to my room after work and saw that the screen was cracked, not the LCD, jut the glass/plastic cover over the screen, so not a huge deal. the rest of the thing kept working just fine. but, a few days, maybe a week later the things power button stoped working right for me. i know it was still working somewhat, because if i hooked it up to the computer it would regester that it was there, and turn on when i would unplug it from the computer, but than if i touched the play button (power/play/pause) it would instantly tur
Mp3 Player
I made this MySpace Music Player at Well that really sucks!)
Mp3 Players
PHEW...thank god thats done just got my mp3 player up and loaded however still couldnt find an mp3 file for John Cena's theme song. If anyone knows where i can find that mp3 file at id appreciate it so i can upload it to my player here. Thank you to all ive met and those im sure i'll meet later here... This site RULES!!!!!!
Mp3 Players
MP3 Players Creative Zen Headphones
Mpp Report: Does Prohibition Of Marijuana For Adults Curb Use By Adolescents?
MPP's December 2006 report examines whether current marijuana laws effectively deter marijuana use by young people. Among the major findings: Marijuana prohibition has not prevented a dramatic increase in marijuana use by teenagers. In fact, the overall rate of marijuana use in the U.S. has risen by roughly 4,000% since marijuana was first outlawed.Independent studies by RAND Europe and the U.S. National Research Council have reported that marijuana prohibition appears to have little or no impact on rates of use.Since Britain ended most marijuana possession arrests in 2004, the rate of marijuana use by 16-to-19-year-olds has dropped.In the U.S., rates of teen marijuana use in states that have decriminalized adult marijuana possession are statistically equal to rates in those that have retained criminal penalties.In the Netherlands, where adults have been allowed to possess and purchase small amounts of marijuana since 1976, the rate of marijuana use by adults and teens is lower than t
Mprc.. Blah...
well next week monday... sunday by the states time, depending on how our football team does, ill be on my way to the field untill 18 Nov. doing gunnery... i hope i can come back to BUKU comments and luv..
Mps Trickle Back To Ottawa On Eve Of Fall Session Of Parliament
OTTAWA — The House of Commons was dark Sunday. Row by row, chairs leaned forward, propped up against the empty desks politicians normally occupy. On Monday, the chairs will be upright and darkness removed,gucci outlet shedding light on a House of Commons with three parties searching for a permanent leader when the fall session official begins. MPs from the Bloc Quebecois, the Liberals and the NDP, which lost leader Jack Layton to cancer in August, will have to rely on their caucus for support, meaning a heavier emphasis on caucus discipline for rookies and veterans alike, said one former NDP MP. “The hardest thing is being without a leader,” said Judy Wasylycia-Leis, who served as NDP caucus chair from 2005 to 2009. “Caucus . . . it’s your family. It has your back.” After a “baptism by fire” in the brief spring session following the May election —_a session that included a 58-hour filibuster to delay back-to-work legislation for
Mr 180
Lonely, aching for your touch Long gone I remember the old you I miss the you I once knew Whatever happened to you? You hurt me once You hurt me twice Never again will you play me I hold the cards I've got the upper hand Mr 180 what happened to you I greet you on the street and meet a strangers eyes Cold, unfeeling and dark What ever happened to you? What did he do? You hurt me once You hurt me twice Never again will you play me I hold the cards I've got the upper hand Yesterday you crossed my path reached out to me, tears in your eyes Don't you get it? You had your chance Come and gone you strayed too long You hurt me once You hurt me twice Never again will you play me I hold the cards I've got the upper hand How does it feel on the receiving end?
Mr. 7,000,000
haha your turn Hanson Lover lol :P
Mr. 7,000,000
I need 50000 points in my contest, and comments = 5 points, rates = 10 points. I need help. So drop me a line, and let me know what its worth to you to chip in. Is it a salute? Is it Fubucks? My undying gratitude? Let me know, PM me...maybe we can work something out. Thank You Mr 7000000 Mr 7,000,000....This Space for Rent@ fubar He's a great friend of mine please help him out if you can.
Mr 7000,000
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I own a doctor website design company. Also manage a weight loss facility that helps people lose weight.
Xx KatieLou xX@ fubar
Mr. A, B And C
So frustrated for so many reasons... Bypass the smile for its only purpose is to get through! I do a great job at playing the part maybe thats why YOU feel the need to attach yourself to me like a fish chasing a worm....Such a false pretense...Hurts like hell doesn't it? Story of my life only mine is written with a pencil...and wrote yours with a Sharpie. With a dried out bottle of white out....."How you gonna fix it fix it?" My kindness taken for weakness once again...Keep it movin my friend! And You...oh yes You....lets talk about you for a minute...intimidation, inferiority and astonishment all wrapped into one! Its like a tornado of emotions displaced across 100 miles of nowhere! I have never ever felt like this about such an individual. Maybe you are above, a standard set to high that i know i can't reach.....maybe your blind and you just can't see the potential that is Me! Selling myself short not reaching out far enough and reachin in the dirt rather th
Mr And Mrs Winn
well brian .. looks like you fucked up big time .. what did you do .. you have managed to chase away one of the best people you could ever meet .. all this bullshit you blew up her ass and her son .. please .. how could you mind fuck her so bad .. she believed in you .. she wanted nothing more then to be with you and hopefully be happy .. but no .. you had to fill her head with nothing but sweet little promises .. and they were all lies .. you need to get a set of balls and change that .. but i don’t see that happening .. you are not a man but you are a weasel .. how many other women are you doing this too .. god i wish i knew .. and you call yourself a marine a man among men .. for once i can say i am ashamed of a soldier .. heres his page if ya wanna check out a good bullshitter
Mr And Mrs Fenton
Mr. and Mrs. Fenton are retired, and Mrs. Fenton insists her husband go with her to Wal-Mart. He gets so bored with all the shopping trips. He prefers to get in and get out, but Mrs. Fenton loves to browse. One day Mrs. Fenton gets this letter from Wal-Mart: Dear Mrs. Fenton, Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and may ban both of you from our stores. We have documented all incidents on our video surveillance equipment. All complaints against Mr. Fenton are listed below. Things Mr. Bill Fenton has done while his spouse was shopping in Wal-Mart: 1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people’s carts when they weren’t looking. 2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in House wares to go off at 5-minute intervals. 3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the ladies rest rooms. 4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official ton
Mr. And Mrs. Barack Obama.. President And The First Lady

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