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Carrie Underwood "before He Cheats"
Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleached-blond tramp, and she's probably getting frisky... right now, he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whiskey... Right now, he's probably up behind her with a pool-stick, showing her how to shoot a combo... And he don't know... That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seat... I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires... And maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. Right now, she's probably up singing some white-trash version of Shania karoke.. Right now, she's probably saying "I'm drunk" and he's a thinking that he's gonna lucky, Right now, he's probably dabbing 3 dollars worth of that bathroom Polo... And he don't know... That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seat, I took a Lou
In bed my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream.
Now I Finnaly Get It
Why do they always send the poor Barbarisms by Barbaras With pointed heels Victorious victories kneel For brand new spankin' deals Marching forward hypocritic and Hypnotic computers You depend on our protection Yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth Everybody's going to the party have a real good time Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine Kneeling roses disappearing into Moses' dry mouth Breaking into Fort Knox stealing Our intentions Hangers sitting dripped in oil Crying freedom Handed to obsoletion Still you feed us lies from the tablecloth Everybody's going to the party have a real good time Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine Everybody's going to the party have a real good time Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine Blast off It's party time And we don't live in a fascist nation Blast off It's party time And where the fuck are you? Where the fuck are you? Where the fuck are you? Why don't presidents fight the war? Why do
Own Me!!
I'm gonna be in an auction March 9 - March 16. Starting bid is 50k Fubucks. I've never done anything like this before, but I figured what the hell. You only live once right! I'm hoping I can count on your support in this. This is the pic I'm using. You think I'll make out pretty good on this one? I will post another blog and bulletin when it starts so you can participate in "owning my ass"...lmao. Here's what I'm gonna be offering to the winning bid: * Owned by _____ in name for one week. * A one day ticker * Rate all photos 10/11 during Happy Hour * Rate all stash thumbs up during Happy Hour * Post a Profile Comment daily for 2 weeks * Send a Gift daily for 1 week * Put name in status for 2 hrs. * Share Profile daily for 1 week And remember cash bids (blasts, tickers,happy hours) are above all Fubuck bids.,
Ok here we go - this is my first contest so ya'll know the drill! Go and bomb away! xoxoxo
I think it's funny how someone can give attention to those they shouldn't, but can't give it to the ONE they should! It's amazing how someone can flirt, chat and look at others that they shouldn't be flirting, chatting with or looking at, yet they can't even give the slightest hint of attention to the one that should be getting all the attention. It really pisses me off! And there he goes again... doing stuff he shouldn't. Telling ppl things he shouldn't... WTF!
Finding A Love
If your lucky enough to find your special someone, cherish them , love them for who they are , not what you want them to be..We are all Unique in our own ways......
ok here a good one for you, i mean a couple months a ago i was tormenting some people im a rant and rave site and i started chatting with some, one was fairly cute and was on cam for a bit, and we started emailing each other, well she sid somethings right off that didnt make sence so i started search her name and email out on the web, and found her pics and some posts where her and her hubby tried to scam some people so i played along, now most of my profiles tell you straught up i am a widower and raise my two daughters and now have a grandson,and i know i am not the best looking guy around and this lady is saying she is 22( half my age and says she thinks i am cute( ohhh boy does she need glasses, so i played the lonely widower bit to seem if she would try and scam me, sure enough it took her two weeks before she started hinting about needing money for this and that( yea right, i am not about to send anyone money) anyways she started sending me pics and saying how much she enjoyed
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Awesome Lounge To Join!
Come join the newest hang out on Fubar.. The Pitbull Playground.. Lots of amazing friends and great music... We have 4 of the hottest DJ's around Come check them out.. It's nothing but fun and laughs in here come play with us..
Im In A Contest And I Need All Your Help
to all who reads this, please help me...i am in a contest... the VIP Blast contest! FYI The first to get to 6,000 comments will be the first place winner! If none gets to 6,ooo then there will be no vip or blast given (there will be other gifts to replace them)! if u can pls click on this pick and bomb the ever loving hell outta this pic...pls and thank you
Do U Know Me
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Time For Name That Movie W/coop
Coop's in bed watching a movie this snowy afternoon & he wants to know if you can NAME THAT MOVIE. Click the pic below to rate & guess. First one to get it right wins an Oscar. Friend's he's my 5 yr old & gets such a kick out of this. We don't do it often but please consider doing it for me. ~*~XOXO~*~Lizzy
Who Wants Fubucks
So Sad
this is so of my friends got into a bad accendent lastnight and she just lost her daughter and she was only 15 yrs old..and about 3 yrs ago she lost her soon to be husband..u just never know how life is so short one minute they r with u and the next they r gone
Soooo, does anybody actually read these ??? I don't really have anything deep and meaningful to say....just bored and clicking on stuff....if you leave me a message and say you actually read these, maybe i might start puting something on her other than just rambling on about absolutely nothing.......
I just found out that Chili's on Broadway needs some help so I have accepted to work there on the night of the 18th. I will be there all night so all my friends please stop by and say hi. I would love to see you all.
Reach For The Sky
...from My Mumming 03-06-08
->superman: ok thanks, "comoputer" genius with your "advice" superman: im explaiing my theory dumb ass ->superman: are you done with your conspiracy theory--and if you are to good for me why are you still talking to me? superman: so i advice u to be a good girl on here superman: the police are useless ->superman: oooo superman: i cant be traced my friend superman: everything ->superman: well when I hear it, I am sure that I will know all about who started it, now won't I? and have this page screen shotted and saved!! superman: and finally a balck screen everything gone and ill have all your info superman: a very slow but painful death superman: and you will expierince a slow grinding sound in your main terminal ->superman: good to know..thanks.. superman: what that means is your computer will shut down real slow superman: and send you a zooms day virus superman: i can get through your pc ports and find your ip address superman: wanna bet ->superman: ha. superman: yes
Okay. I'm not really good at letting out how i feel....... Anyone who knows me knows i'm a listener. Anyway..... These past few weeks have been really stressful for me. My mom was in hospital in serious condition for a few weeks. Yes, i was scared..... Nothing like this had ever happened to me, i thought my parents were indestructible. I guess i was wrong. Seeing my dad so worried and upset about her made me realise how much in love he is. And that made me think. I'm not going to mention names, but several of my really close friends had found partners and were in love. I tried to hide how sad and, i suppose, jealous i was but i couldn't. So that is an apology...... If i hurt anyone with my actions i am sorry. But you have to understand, i have never really been that popular, so the thought of everyone else in love made me think how terrible i must be for no-one to like me........ Okay, it makes so sense in the light of day, but when you are down...... Its just feels like the end
Contract Between Dominant And Submissive
Initial Agreement of Service i, ________________________, with a free mind and an open heart; do request that _______________________ accept the submission of my will unto this Dominant and to take me into this Dominant's care and guidance, that we may work together in trust and mutual respect. The satisfaction of the Dominant's wants and desires, are understood to be consistent with my desire as a submissive to be found pleasing to him. To that end, i offer, use of my time, talents, and abilities. Further, i ask, in sincere humility, that, as the Dominant, the care of my body be accepted for the fulfillment and enhancement of our sexual, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. i ask to be guided in sexual and sensual behavior, in such a way as to further my growth as a person. i ask that extreme care be given to clean and safe involvments with regards to bodily contact regarding all manner of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and all forms hepatitus and other infection. Afore mentio
hello to all just a note wishing all of you the best theres alot of grap being said about me on here so im setting it strait ok one thing i love this site another some people on here want to hurt and judge u well i guess so be just think every one is human and yes everyone dreams to sometimes its took away from you but you go on and hope one day they will come true .well i thank you all for being my friends .god bless dreamer
Endeavour's Uhf Radio Fails Re-test - Main Propulsion System Pressurization Latest
Endeavour's problematic UHF radio - which underwent replacement via parts donated from Atlantis at the weekend - has failed a re-test. The Engineering Review Board (ERB) has recommended to fly as-is, though this needs to be approved by the ongoing noon board meeting. Image Above: The STS-123 crew patch depicts the space shuttle in orbit with the crew names trailing behind. STS-123's major additions to ISS- the first component of the Japanese Experimental Module (the Experimental Logistics Module - Pressurized Section (ELM-PS)(shown being lifted out of Endeavours cargo bay) and the Canadian Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM)(shown left). The ISS is shown in the configuration that the STS-123 crew will encounter when they arrive. Image Above: STS-123 crew portrait. From the right (front row) are astronauts Dominic L. Gorie, commander; and Gregory H. Johnson, pilot. From the left (back row) are astronauts Richard M. Linnehan, Robert L. Behnken, Garrett E. R
Plural Form
Dr. Dave and I were discussing the word 'smurf' and what the plural form of it would be. He came up with smurves. LOL good times.
Week Only Contest. Please Help!!
Randy Pausch Reprising His &last Lecture&
Please check out this video
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New Rate Folder Open Till March 11
Come get your fubucks. 11's are 20k 10's are 10k. If you rate and comment all hundred I will throw in a extra 5k. Please only rate these pics during HH. I will have to take away some of the fubucks if you don't, Make sure you have rated the entire album to get paid. Send me a message when you are done. Do not put it in my shout box. thanks sky click this pic to begin
Initial Agreement of Service i, ________________________, with a free mind and an open heart; do request that _______________________ accept the submission of my will unto this Dominant and to take me into this Dominant's care and guidance, that we may work together in trust and mutual respect. The satisfaction of the Dominant's wants, desires, and whims are understood to be consistent with my desire as a submissive to be found pleasing to him. To that end, i offer, use of my time, talents, and abilities. Further, i ask, in sincere humility, that, as the Dominant, the care of my body be accepted for the fulfillment and enhancement of our sexual, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. i ask to be guided in sexual, sensual, or scene-related behavior, in such a way as to further my growth as a person. i ask that extreme care be given to clean and safe involvments with regards to bodily contact regarding all manner of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and all forms hep
Tag 4
(hed) Pe - Hey Bartender!!!
Ain't nothing working ain't nothing right There's a whole in me that I can't fill No matter how hard I try Hey bartender hit me with a double And introduce me to that girl with the bubble I'm looking for trouble tonight No momma don't trust me tonight You be the center baby I'd be the quarterback Hike hit the tailback Watch it on playback Jah smash that hitting that redbone Up in the endzone biting on the collarbone (chorus) I just want your company I just want you to comfort me just come with me Hey bartender hit me with another I just about had to kill this brother Shit I'm looking for trouble tonight You be the beauty - baby I'd be the beast Who gives a fuck take it to the bedroom Take it the streets Take it like a man muthafucker Yo bitch chose me muthafucker (chorus) 2x Take me there take me with you I can't be alone tonight I can't trust myself tonight I can't trust myself tonight Baby please don't trust me tonight Take me there take m
i was lost and i climbed mountains that had no tops i was lost a passerby with a bagful of costumes for rent i am lost a servent to time and thoughtful confusion my own mind dances like fire around the questions of life earth love cruelty and mystery i was lost and found myself returning to the same point in anguish surrounded by nothing i could understand or like or love or feel apart of i am lost and i feel tired of seeking change i am lost and i am tired of living through confusion i am lost and i will never meet my fate.
Tag 3
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Faceing The Dark
everyone has a duality everyone has the dark in them everyone has the light in them to walk into the darkest recesses of our own minds to look at each emotion, fear and demon that dwells in that dark place, where every one fears to tread to own, identify it to name it to face it to embrace it to make it your own is what sets each person apart from the others... some will never admit they have the dark desires some will never admit they have the light hearted goodness and love to balance each with in our selves is what sets us apart. never judge another person, just by what little they show in a pic or in a blog... you dont know how far into the darkness or light a person is willing to walk... hence the expression never understand your enemy... ppl watch the news and hear about horrific crimes and say "oh how could a person b so cold"??? simple, every one has that same darkness in each one of us.... but once again how far is a person willing t
Sorry For The Stupid Things
"Sorry For The Stupid Things" Sometimes we wish for the better When we have it good as it gets Sometimes the grass isn't greener soon as we find out, we forget Sometimes the fool doesn't know he's a fool Sometimes a dog he don't know he's a dog Sometimes I do stupid things to you When I really don't mean it all Sometimes a man Is gonna be a man It's not an excuse It's just how it is Sometimes the wrong Don't know that they're wrong Sometimes the strong Ain't always so strong Sometimes a girl Is gonna be a girl She don't wanna deal with all the drama in your world God knows I don't mean to give it to you So girl I'm sorry for the stupid things I wish I didn't do but I do Oh so sorry, oh no, oh so sorry Sometimes I wish I was smarter Wish I was a bit more like you Not making stupid decisions made at the last minute You live to regret when it's through Well, sometimes the fool doesn't know he's a fool And sometimes a dog he don't know he's a dog Some
Please Advise
This is where it ends…or is this where it begins? I don’t know anymore. I’ve always been the one with the answers to everything. Why can’t I solve my own issues? I’ve had it all. I’ve lost it all, and now, my scruples are slowly scattering as well. Where do you turn when you don’t know where to look? How do you get started when you don’t know where you stopped? "Everything’s gonna be alright." What is that supposed to help? I need direction. "You need God." Umm, sorry, but I’ll be damned on that one. Been there, done that. I need a break. Not like a relaxation break, but I need my lucky break. Everyone gets one, where’s mine? Did it already pass me by, back when I had it all and was too busy working to keep it to hear opportunity knocking? I actually thought I had it when I found my dream job a couple of weeks ago. They worked me in at entry level, and I knew I had the BIG job in the bag. But, how about the position was eliminated almost as soon as it was
Check It Out....
Please fan, add and rate LJ for me. He's been on the site awhile now and I'm trying to get him more involved. Plus he's only got 3,725 points to level. Thanks ya'll Jackie LJ73@ fubar
Landmark Military Recruiting Station ~ Received Minor Damage......
Associated Press ~ 43 minutes ago NEW YORK - A small bomb caused minor damage to a landmark military recruiting station in the heart of Times Square before dawn Thursday, and police were searching for a hooded bicyclist seen on a surveillance video pedaling away. ADVERTISEMENT The video shows the bicyclist getting off a bike at 3:40 a.m. Thursday and walking toward the building. A minute or so later, the person returned to the bike and rode away. A brief flash and a cloud of white smoke follows. A bike, believed used in the crime, was later found in the trash on West 38th Street, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. The blast left a gaping hole in the front window and shattered a glass door, twisting and blackening its metal frame. No one was hurt, but Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the device, though unsophisticated, could have caused "injury and even death." "If it is something that's directed toward American troops then it's something that's tak
Words Of Wisdom
Below are the best lyrics to the best song written in the history of the Universe..... and thanks also Phil for writing the book!!!. BOX OF RAIN Look out of any window Any morning, any evening, any day Maybe the sun is shining Birds are winging or Rain is falling from a heavy sky What do you want me to do, to do for you to see you through? For this is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago Walk out of any doorway, Feel your way, feel your way like the day before Maybe you’ll find direction around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you What do you want me to do, to watch for you while you are sleeping? Well, please don’t be surprised when you find me dreaming too Look into any eyes you find by you, you can see clear to another day Maybe been seen before through other eyes on other days while going home What do you want me to do, to do for you to see you through? It’s all a dream we dreamed one
::great Day For Tv::
Seriously, today's a good TV day!! So I come home, cook me some lunch [[yes I cook]] and I turn on the tv to see me some fighting [[Silva is one, big scary but hot mofo]] while I'm actually interested in MMA and hope to pursue it more once I gain some more finances, I admit, I just love watching big dudes shirtless in those cute little tight shorts beating the crap out of each other with sweat and blood everywhere [[I know, a bit freaky but get used to it]]. Whats even better?? Commercials in between of a bunch of Marines in cammies and big guns telling me to join the few and the proud and while channel flipping, seeing John Stamos [[hotness!]] on Full House and seeing some Dr. Drew [[hotness pt. 2!]] on Celebrity excuse me, but I have some more tv to watch *sits on the couch with popcorn and coke* Who wants to join me??? =P And dammit, comment the blogs!!!
Up For Auction...
I AM UP FOR AUCTION..ONE MORE DAY.. TILL FRIDAY!!..GO BID NOW!!! WINNER WILL RECIEVE.... Owned by __________ (1 month) personal salute (SFW) as my default pic (1 month) added as #1 top friend (1 month) 1 profile comment daily (1 month) made my crush (1 month) daily drinks (1 month) link in about me (1 month) added to my family (1 month) name in my status bar entire time im online (1 week) daily texts (1 week) rate of all pics $20,000 fu-bucks added to my yahoo messenger If you wish to bid on me here is the link!!!
Yahoo Tries To Delay Microsoft Showdown
SAN FRANCISCO - Slumping Internet pioneer Yahoo Inc. on Wednesday postponed a key deadline in a looming battle with spurned suitor Microsoft Corp., hoping to gain more wiggle room as it tries to escape a takeover. The Sunnyvale-based company's maneuver means that March 14 is no longer the deadline for Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) to nominate a slate of candidates to replace Yahoo (nasdaq: YHOO - news - people )'s current board - the 10 directors who rejected the world's largest software maker's initial takeover offer of $44.6 billion. Microsoft had already signaled it was prepared to oust the board if Yahoo didn't come to the negotiating table before March 14. Yahoo hasn't offered a new nominating deadline. It will be set once Yahoo announces the date of its annual shareholders meeting. Microsoft will have up to 10 days after the public notice to nominate directors and begin what's known as a "proxy" battle. "Our objective here is to enable our board to cont
Today the depression is winning. I feel like a total waste of skin. Everythig is surreal. I can't seem to connect to it. I sat in the yard for an hour just looking around, trying to see the world in more than 2 dimensions. It didn't work. All that happened is that I spiralled into a deep black pit. I can't remember what it's like to be any use to anyone, not even myself. Right now is not for me.
::my New Goal::
As most of you all know, I'm currently attending a community college...I have been going there now for the past year and a half. But anyways, now that I'm halfway from getting out of there, I have some new goals I want to accomplish. First off, I'm no longer going to major in journalism, but in criminal justice. I know a bit about law thanks to my mom but there were other factors that made me change...especially because a certain someone I consider a hero inspired me to want to enter the criminal justice field. I've also always wanted a job where I can help people as well. Anyways, I went to see a counselor yesterday and I'm actually almost done getting my general ed! The only classes I'll have to take are Social Science and Communication classes as well as a bit of P.E....I'll probably take one of the required classes this summer so that way come fall '08 I'll only have to focus on taking two more classes and then in spring of next year, I can focus on taking classes I'll need t
For Those Who Really Wanna Know Or Are Just 100% Nosy!
As most everyone knows by now, and there are still some who dont, Phillip and I are going thru a dissolution, we are not compatible at all and we are doing something abt it now. I have found the man who has made my life have meaning made me feel whole and feel like I can do anything in the world if I set my mind to it. Plans are going accordingly, and they entail tying up loose ends here (dissolution and custody) and then Abigail and I are going to join Matthew and his lil girl Emilee in Arizona. Might be temporary but Im telling you I loved it when I was there last week. I have a ton of friends out west that I will be closer to which will be great! I need to step outside my lil comfortable box here. I love Chillicothe and Ohio but I need something totally new and different, it scares me to death to leave everything I know and have known ALL my life. I do believe that is most of my problem.... I am too comfortable here and wont step outside that comfort level here.
Lost in the universe, thats more frightening than fear, Lost in the Earth, where i feel as if nothing is near, Lost as a person, Lost as man, Needing to find myself, but i dont think i can. Lost to all feeling, that is felt inside, Lost to the sea, and its longing tide, Lost to the people who really care, All these people, never lost but always there. Lost somewhere, all alone, Lost with the world, and its pityful moan, Lost in love, lost in hate, Just waiting for a chance to lead me with fate. Lost for words, that i should say, Lost for thoughts, even when i pray, Lost in mind, lost in hope, Help me lord, i cannot cope.
Show Muh Babe Sum Looove!
Ok.....photshop Ideas For Magazine/cancerbenefit
Hey all...I was offered a modeling shoot for a tattoo in my hometown, and I want something creative from photoshop. I have a friend that will be making me this. I need help, and I don't normally do this type of thing. I have cancer, and I want to make sure my kids, and my niece and nephews are taken care of if i shall not make it. I am not passing this opportunity up. So please give me suggestions on what to do with Photoshop, because my webpage for this will have the most creatives pic and a shout out. I appreciate all of your love, and support here to MY TRUE FRIENDS....Love Life, Live Life, before you can is my link below...if your not family...add me...ok..Much Love, Skeeterville1976/AKA Tabatha...
For A Friend In Need
please help she needs 50,000 for a happy hour please come and help her out if you can thank you very much
Tim Mcgraw "let's Make Love"
Baby i've been drifting away Dreaming all day Of holidng you Touching you The only thing i want to do Is be with you As close to you As i can be Let's make love All night long Until all our strength is gone Hold on tight Just let go I want to feel you in my soul Until the sun comes up Let's make love Oh, baby Do you know what you do to me Everything inside of me Is wanting you And needing you I'm so in love with you Look in my eyes Let's get lost tonight In each other Let's make love All night long Until all our strength is gone Hold on tight Just let go I want to feel you in my soul Until the sun comes up Let's make love Let's make love All night long Until all our strength is gone Hold on tight Just let go I want to feel you in my soul Until the sun comes up Oh, until the sun comes up Let's make love Oh baby, let's make love All night long All night long Let's make love
Help Level Please
SHE NEEDS 7200 YET TO LEVEL 22 Connie ~BrokenAngel~@ fubar
Fu-own Me
Im being auctioned off. whoever wants me. can have me. go there to place your bids on me :)
Washing The Blood From My Hands While I Dance The Bye Loa
No, I haven’t killed anybody today (though in the words of Curly from the movie “City Slickers”, [the] day ain’t over yet), but last night in our weekly Lenten drama I got to play Pontius Pilate, the Roman procurator of Judea who bent to public pressure from his Jewish constituency in Jerusalem to have Jesus crucified. Of all the people involved in the life, death, and raising of Jesus, Pilate comes across to me as the most pliable – somewhat ironic, considering that he’s in a position of authority where he has to respond or could probably care less about responding to the people he sees every day in the Jerusalem area. That religion and those, to Pilate’s cultured Roman brain, weird customs of theirs were something he could throw a sop to without being called on the carpet for letting the city get out of hand. That was Barabbas’ release. I suspect even people with barebones knowledge of Christianity know who Pontius Pilate is. What’s said in the Apostles’ Creed – “he suffered u
Christina Aguilera "beautiful"
Dont look at me every day is so wonderful And suddenly, its hard to breathe Now and then, I get insecure From all the fame, Im so ashamed I am beautiful no matter what they say Words cant bring me down I am beautiful in every single way Yes, words cant bring me down So dont you bring me down today To all your friends, youre delirious So consumed in all your doom Trying hard to fill the emptiness The piece is gone and the puzzle undone Thats the way it is You are beautiful no matter what they say Words wont bring you down You are beautiful in every single way Yes, words wont bring you down Dont you bring me down today... No matter what we do (no matter what we do) No matter what they say (no matter what they say) When the sun is shining through Then the clouds wont stay And everywhere we go (everywhere we go) The sun wont always shine (sun wont always shine) But tomorrow will find a way All the other times We are beautiful no matter what they say
Billy Holiday, Lover Man
Billy Holiday, Lover Man Billy Holiday, Lover Man Jimmy Davis / Ram Ramirez / James Sherman I don't know why but I'm feeling so sad I long to try something I never had Never had no kissin' Oh, what I've been missin' Lover man, oh, where can you be? The night is cold and I'm so alone I'd give my soul just to call you my own Got a moon above me But no one to love me Lover man, oh, where can you be? I've heard it said That the thrill of romance Can be like a heavenly dream I go to bed with a prayer That you'll make love to me Strange as it seems Someday we'll meet And you'll dry all my tears Then whisper sweet Little things in my ear Hugging and a-kissing Oh, what I've been missing Lover man, oh, where can you be?
Clarification Needed
Why is it that every dictionary gives the definition of nymph, nymphomania, nymphomaniac as referring to a woman? Nymph: 3 entries pronunciation: nim(p)f 1) any of the minor divinities of nature in classical mythology; represented as beautiful maidens dwelling in the mountains, forests, trees, and water. 2) girl 3) any of the various immature insects, especially larve of an insect (grasshopper, true bug, or mayfly) with incomplete metamorphosis that differs from the imago especially in size and in its incompletely developed wings and genitalia. Nymphomania: Etymology-New Latin from the word nymphae meaning inner lips of the vulva;( from Latin plural of nympha) and the late Latin word mania meaning excessive sexual desire by a female. Nymphomaniac: noun: meaning disapproving; a woman who desires frequent sex especially with multiple partners. WHY A WOMAN? Nymphomaniac: Is it someone who is forever searching or yearning to fulfill their sexual needs? Is it someo
Billy Holiday, Fine And Mellow
Billy Holiday, Fine and Mellow Billy Holiday, Fine and Mellow My man dont love me Treats me oh so mean My man he dont love me Treats me awfully Hes the, lowest man That Ive ever see He wears high trimmed pan Stripes are really yellow He wears high trimmed pan Stripes are really yellow But when he starts in to love me Hes so fine and mellow Love will make you drink and gamble Make you stay out all night long repeat Love will make you drink and gamble Make you stay out all night long repeat Love will make you do things That you know is wrong But if you treat me right baby Ill stay home everyday But if you treat me right baby Ill stay home everyday But youre so mean to me baby I know youre gonna drive me away Love is just like the faucet It turns off and on Love is just like the faucet It turns off and on Sometimes when you think its on baby It has turned off and gone
First Blog
Well, my sister says this stuff is easy to navigate, once I get the hang of things, so I guess I'll give this blog thing a try. LOL I don't know what I'll write here - maybe I'll get brave and post some of my poetry; I honestly don't know - but I guess I'll just have to go with the flow and see what happens. I have six other blogs on another site (I have a lot of different interests, and I like to give them their own spaces), but I guess one more can't hurt. We'll see. Anyway, I'm just trying this out. That's all.
An Examination Of Conscience
Is anybody happier because you passed their way? Does anyone remember that you spoke to them today? The day is almost over and its toiling time is through, Is there anyone to utter now a grateful word of you? As you take a glance back over the day that's slipping fast. did you help a single person of the many that you passed? is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said? Does the one whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead? Did you win the day or lose it? Was it well or sorely spent? Did you leave a trail of kindness,or a scar of discontent? as you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God will say. "You have earned one more tomorrow by the good you did today.
Fire My Words
Billy Holiday, Lady Sings The Blues
Billy Holiday, Lady Sings the Blues Billy Holiday, Lady Sings the Blues Billie Holiday used drugs all her life. I do not believe she would be the same musician without it, just the same as if she were born a rich white kid! Her music comes from her experiences and her state of mind, which in most cases (as she seems to show in "Lady Sings the Blues") to be filled with pain and experience...she seems road weary if you will. Being a professional musician back then was a rough, poor, drugged experience. The music of the era seems to reflect this. As far as her musical technical ability, so what! She's great! She has more style in her fingernail than many other musicians that have the ability. I love her music...she's going to last forever :)
Shared Profile
This is my new shared profile with my girlfriend. Please feel fre to add it. I will keep this one for now.
Yet Another One That Doesn't Know How To Have A Convo Ppppffffftttttt
Billy Holiday, Strange Fruit
Billy Holiday, Strange Fruit Rare Live Footage of one of the firtst anti rascism songs ever. Southern trees bear strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Pastoral scene of the gallant south, The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth, Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh, Then the sudden smell of burning flesh. Here is fruit for the crows to pluck, For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck, For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop, Here is a strange and bitter crop.
Billy Holiday, The Blues Are Brewin'
Billy Holiday, The Blues are Brewin' Billy Holiday, The Blues are Brewin' Eddie DeLange / Louis Alter When the moon's kinda dreamy Starry eyed and dreamy And nights are luscious and long If you're kinda lonely Then nothin' but the blues are brewin' The blues are brewin' When the wind through the window Blows across your pillow And tells you sleepin' is wrong If love goes a thirsting [ Lyrics found at ] Till you feel like bursting Then nothing but the blues are brewin' The blues are brewin' Suppose you want somebody But you ain't got nobody You only get a gleam in your eyes Till somebody's found you And put their lovin' arms around you You got the feelin' you want to die But when the Lord up above you Send's someone to love you The blues are something you loose You're so busy doing The things that you're doing That love ain't got no time For brewin' the blues
Things I Hate About Everyone!!
Things I Hate About Everyone 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time ... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2 People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually. 3 When people say 'Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too.' Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4 When people say 'it's always the last place you look.' Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5 When people say while watching a film 'did you see that?' No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6 People who ask 'Can I ask you a question?' ... Didn't really give me a choice there, did you sunshine? 7. When something is 'new and improved!' W
Vip Contest
To All My Friends, I am entering my first contest. Please help me out. I would greatly appreciate it. VIP Blast Contest! Opens March 6th at 1:00 pm central time! Ends March 13 at 2pm central time! The First place winner will get a VIP or a 7 day blast, 10k fubucks and a morph! The second place winner will be 10k fubucks and a morph! The third place winner will get a morph! COMMENT BOMBING IS ALLOWED!
Billie Holiday & Count Basie - God Bless The Child, Now Baby Or Never - 1952
Billie Holiday & count basie - god bless the child, now baby or never - 1952 Billie Holiday & count basie - god bless the child, now baby or never - 1952 Billie holiday / arthur herzog jr. Them thats got shall get Them thats not shall lose So the Bible said and it still is news Mama may have, papa may have But God bless the child thats got his own Thats got his own Yes, the strong gets more While the weak ones fade Empty pockets dont ever make the grade Mama may have, papa may have But God bless the child thats got his own Thats got his own Money, youve got lots of friends Crowding round the door When youre gone, spending ends They dont come no more Rich relations give Crust of bread and such You can help yourself But dont take too much Mama may have, papa may have But God bless the child thats got his own Thats got his own Mama may have, papa may have But God bless the child thats got his own Thats got his own He just worry bout nothin Cause h
Leaving Fubar For Awhile
I am leaving Fubar for awhile, There is way to much going on with my parents. I need to put on my focus on them and less everywhere else.I can do more then two things at once, It's just they are very important and need me. Sorry for any inconvence this my cause some of you. I will be back when I don't know. Maybe when things get better or when I feel I can deal with what's going on. It's a shock to hear things like I was told. So thanks and I will miss you all Hugs Lynn aka ~MC is My Angel~
Wow Im Old (lol)
Wow hard to believe that 18 years ago today I had my 1st born...All started the night before at around 2:30AM...The next morning exactly 8 hours and 43mins later he was here...Bouncing baby boy named after his grandfather and uncle weighing 7lbs 11oz...Its hard to believe he is now a "legal" adult haha....Now that bouncing baby boy is now a good looking 18yo that is goin to go graduate in May and start college in the fall...WOW though I may feel old I couldnt be prouder of my kids...Mom is proud of ya son...Happy Birthday son mom loves ya!!!
I realized in my last post I forgot to mention that Friday night I was at work until after midnight, then Saturday morning I had to be at work at 630 am. Then all those other hours. Gotta work tonight, don't wanna but I do. Money will be good this week, I'm just tired and wanna go back to bed. Oh well- just hope it will be an earlyish night (should be since we're starting early) since I have to be at work at 7 am tomorrow. They roped me into doing a third store tomorrow night at 8 pm- which isn't going to be too bad since it SHOULD only take about 3 hours. Here's hoping people do what they should do. Anyways... I'm bored with the internet. I think I'll go cuddle my blanket.
Children Don't Wake Up To Smoke Detectors!!!!
I was sent an email today that was so alarming I wanted to make sure everyone else see's this too. That our children more than likely will not wake up to the beeping sound of a conventional smoke detector. It's important to test your kids while they are sleeping to see if they will indeed wake up. A new product they say is coming on the market for those whose kids don't wake up to the beeping sound is actually on the market now. I'm going to test my kids asap. Here is the investigation video for you to check out. Here is the website given about the new smoke alarms Please let everyone know about this!
3 Men On A River
3 Men on a river Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a large raging, violent river. Needing to get to the other side, the first man prayed: "God, please give me the strength to cross the river." Poof!.....God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim across in about 2 hours, having almost drowned twice. After witnessing that, the second man prayed: "God, please give me strength and the tools to cross the river." Poof!......God gave him a rowboat and strong arms and strong legs and he was able to row across in about an hour after almost capsizing once. Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed: "God, please give me the strength, the tools and the intelligence to cross the river." Poof!.....He was turned into a woman. She checked the map, hiked one hundred yards up stream and walked across the bridge. GO AHEAD, SEND THIS TO A WOMAN WHO NEEDS A GOOD LAUGH AND TO ANY MAN WHO CAN HANDLE IT!
The Perfect Person
Just what exactly is perfect? Ever notice people seem to be always searching for that one "perfect person"?do you think anyone really knows what perfect is anyway? Ya cant tell it if they do!!. It seems every one looks for that perfect person and when they think that they have found them, the first order of action seems to always be the same. Take your perfect person then try to change them and mold them into someone that they are not. Now second, once you have this person molded into someone that is totally different than the person that attracted you in the first place, tell them your leaving because "they have changed".It really doesnt seem all so hard to simply accept people for who they are, if you dont like who they are stay away from them to start with!! Hell ,seems so simple dont it?Should be but its just not human nature. People will always try to change you to better suit them, but please, remember this "the best suit for you, is the suit that suits you best".
Want Some Fubucks?? Bomb My Pic With Comments!!!
The person that can get me the most comments in this contest >> I will give them 5000 fubucks. Someone already has 18000 comments I need to get way more than that and pass him. So please go to the link and bomb the hell outta it. Thx! :D
The Gift
I have a gift to give you Please open it with care, This gift is very dear to me , and also very rare. I cannot give you diamonds, or shower you with gold. But these they give no shelter in a world thats grown so cold. It's all I have to offer, I know it may look small, But deep inside I know It is the best gift of them all. There is no other like it, I'm sorry , it's not new. But if you say you want this gift I'll give my heart to you! Bobby white
Fu Bucks Auction
I am putting myself on the auction block for the 1st time Too see what kind of response I get. The Bidding will start today (March 6th) and End 2 Saturdays from now (March 15th) The winner of the auction will get their name mentioned by mine stating that they Fu Own me, A song Dedicated to you During one of my DJ shifts, a lifelong stay in my family status, and 1 phone call from the True Man of Steel of Fubar...Me!!! (US Only) Also you get BOTH my yahoo instant messenger names So I can always be found. Lets start the Bidding off at 50,0000 Fubucks. Leave Bids in Comments here Please!!!
Timbaland "apologize"
I'm Holding On Your Rope Got Me Ten Feet Off The Ground And I'm Hearing What You Say But I Just Can't Make A Sound You Tell Me That You Need Me Then You Go And Cut Me Down But Wait... You Tell Me That You're Sorry Didn't Think I'd Turn Around And Say.. That It's Too Late To Apologize, It's Too Late I Said It's Too Late To Apologize, It's Too Late I'd Take Another Chance, Take A Fall, Take A Shot For You And I Need You Like A Heart Needs A Beat (but That's Nothing New) Yeah Yeah I Loved You With A Fire Red, Now It's Turning Blue And You Say Sorry Like An Angel, Heavens Not The Thing For You, But I'm Afraid It's Too Late To Apologize, It's Too Late I Said It's Too Late To Apologizes, It's Too Late Woahooo Woah It's Too Late To Apologize, It's Too Late I Said It's Too Late To Apologize, It's Too Late I Said It's Too Late To Apologize, Yeah Yeah I Said It's Too Late To Apologize, A Yeah I'm Holding Your Rope Got Me Ten Feet Off The Ground...
Wanted (angelina Jolie)
Wanted Exclusive TrailerAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Dating Again....
OK.....just a little update on whats going on....Hitler (my ex) has stopped harrassing me...he still calls and texts me, but it's not like he is being rude this time. I've finally decided to move on...I am very happy with my life at this time...all except I still havent found a decent job yet....hopefully that will change soon.
Things are still pretty rough for us right now....Lee is just getting to go back to work after his shoulder injury. We are living with my father-in-law still. He has been very mean to me and I am not sure how much more I can take....basically what i am saying is that physically I am ok but emotionally I am not doing so well. We are hoping now that Lee is back to work that we can find us a place to live...and I am hoping that I can get a job soon so that I won't have to be there too much because of my father-in-law.
Not feeling too bad today, doped up on lortabs. LOL I'm looking forward to the pj party next weekend. As long as mother nature co-operates that is. Woot!
What Is A 710?
What is a 710? A few days ago I was having some work done at my local garage. A blonde came in and asked for a seven-hundred-ten. We all looked at each other and another customer asked, 'What is a seven-hundred-ten?' She replied, 'You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine, I have lost it and need a new one...' She said that she did not know exactly what it was, but this piece had always been there. The mechanic gave her a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to draw what the piece looked like. She drew a circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her over to another car which had its hood up and asked 'is there a 710 on this car?' She pointed and said, 'Of course, its right there.' If you're not sure what a 710 is scroll down
Every Other Weekend
Stupid Fucking People....
ok so, i'm not in a good mood, and I am sick of dealing with stupid fucking people today... seriously... how many fucking people on this earth could be stupid and/or retarded?!?!?! And why do they have to find their way... to me... today... when I'm already in a pissy fucking mood... I'm gonna take a nap, and hope and pray i wake up to not RETARDED people....
New Photo's
Howdy !! The weekends just around the corner .... yay I've been busy sorting stuff out at home today so i decided to sort through my photo's. I've got rid of some and reshuffled others to other albums plus i have added some beautiful new ones. So please stop by and take a look, some albums you may be interested in: Stuff made by me Nursery rhymes Dragonflies Thank you in advance for any love you leave :) Love'n'hugs Linda xx
Too Funny Lol
It's time again for the annual "Stella Awards"! For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald's in New Mexico where she purchased the coffee. You remember, she took the lid off the coffee and put it between her knees while she was driving. Who would ever think one could get burned doing that, right? That's right; these are awards for the most outlandish lawsuits and verdicts in the U.S . You know, the kinds of cases that make you scratch your head. So keep your head scratcher handy......Debbie Here are the Stellas for the past year: 7TH PLACE : Kathleen Robertson of Austin , Texas was awarded 80,000 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store. The store owners were understandably surprised by the verdict, considering the running toddler was her own son. 6TH PLACE : Carl Truman, 19,
Ever Feel Unappreciated..
I know I do at times!
Enchanted Beautys
Enchanted Beautys All females can enter! Lounge members will vote on who's in and who is out if you are voted out you can try again next month but once you are in you are in Rules: 1.)all applacints must have a standerd fubar salute with The words Enchanted Realm on it 2.)if made a enchanted realm beauty you must frequint the lounge 3.)Standerd lounge rules aply ***** I am looking into getting stikams up in the lounge for the beautys **** 4.)if Stikams are put in the lounge, then any beauty showing nudity will have there cam rights revoked and banned from the lounge.
In A Contest
I am in a 7Day Blast contest, I must Have 10,000 Comments.I was hoping, if you get a chance, that you could stop by and comment bomb this photo! . (REPOST)Thank You!
Baby And Momma Doing Better
I took my daughter for her check up yesterday and things are looking up!! She gained 5 pounds since her last visit and the Dr seemed very pleased. She is still on bed rest till the baby delivers though in hopes the baby continues to gain more weight. Thank you to all who have posted to my blog and for all the prayers and energies sent!! Thank you again pet
When You're Playing Aic, It's Gotta Be Loud.
Is it just me, or does Alice in Chains just not sound as good when played at low volume? I had turned the volume down to take a client phone call and hadn't gotten around to turning it back up. Then all the sudden I realized I was playing AIC, and it sounded...bad. Solution? Crank it UP!!! Ah, now that IS better.
The Eagles - Desperado
Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? You been out ridin' fences for so long now Oh, you're a hard one But I know that you got your reasons These things that are pleasin' you Can hurt you somehow Don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy She'll beat you if she's able You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet Now it seems to me, some fine things Have been laid upon your table But you only want the ones that you can't get Desperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no younger Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you home And freedom, oh freedom well, that's just some people talkin' Your prison is walking through this world all alone Don't your feet get cold in the winter time? The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine It's hard to tell the night time from the day You're losin' all your highs and lows Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away? Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? Come down from your fences, open the gate It may be rai
Damn Flu
Been fighting off the flu for a few days now .. its a doozie so im going to finally get some rest ( other than going to work ) and hopefully find myself better before the weekend . Im hoping its going to be nice and im going to feel better .. id love to get out and take some pics and maybe do a lil hiking ..we're finally starting to see some grass outside .. althou we've still got about a foot of snow in most places .. ( Ewww im sick of snow ) .. Anyway .. I hope youre all doing good . and None of you catch this damn flu .. its horrible .. and if you do have it .. or catch it . i hope youre better soon .. talk soon .. Ill pop back on monday and catch up with you all . Take care .. Be well .. Hugs ... Wendy
Every patient with type 2 diabetes needs to be aware of an important new study from Israel that shows just how crucial it is for diabetics to get ample amounts of vitamin E. Cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol intake, radiation, environmental pollutants and highly refined junk food. These are some of the most common factors that prompt oxidative stress in the body, increasing the risk of a wide range of health problems. According to a new study published online in the Journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, an antioxidant protein known as haptoglobin helps prevent inflammation in artery walls and is a key element in preventing cardiovascular events such as heart attack in type 2 diabetes patients. Unfortunately, some diabetics have a haptoglobin gene called Hp 2-2 that's been linked to poor antioxidant protection and a greater risk of heart problems. A group of Israeli researchers conducted a study to test their hypothesis that vitamin E
A Plasma Hdtv Or An Lcd Tv Set - Which Is Better?
Though both LCD and plasma displays come in the form of slim flat panel displays, yet from a technology perspective, these two flat panel displays process the image in a totally different manner. Plasma uses a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells that are charged by precise electrical voltages to emit light and hence to create the picture image. Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) panels - work by trapping a liquid crystal solution between two sheets of polarized glass. When an electric current is passed through the liquid crystals, they change the polarization of the light passing through them in response to the electric voltage as a result of which, more or less light is able Review: Panasonic TH-42PX50U Plasma TV ...or side for easy access - Does not support picture in picture display - No computer input or camera card reader Specs - 31 inches tall - About 42 inches wide - 4 inches deep - 76 lbs - Stand ... to pass through the polarized glass on the face of the display. It is not the sco
Life As I Kno It Is Over
Fire Body
Her hand touches the door and her eyes fly open. Different than before, with a gaze ment to melt the walls around her, she knows what she must do. Heat rises and that tell tell sound... "Popcorn" .... is a small indication of whats to come. The temperture brining sweat, making the room buckle and she knows its too late. The knob dripping out of her hand, her Firebody is growing, her love on the other side, feeding her like the wind, disapearing. She makes peace before the destruction to follow, before she finds him. As a gust a flame clears a path before her , she sees the destination and begins to walk...
I Have Something To Talk About
For Cheryl & Chelle :)
i went outside yesterday morning, and i saw this. it's the first flower of the year. it gave me a good feeling, so i walked around my yard to see what else was coming up. i noticed the tulips and daffodils were already a few inches tall. then i saw that my maple tree is budding. it made me think of psalm 30 - weeping remains for the night, but joy returns in the morning...
Achtung! Attention! Hey You!
To all concerned (and to those who aren't) : I shall be taking a hiatus from Fubar as well as AIM/Yahoo, text messaging and phone calls for a bit. I shall periodically check fubar from time to keep the account active. There's some things I need to sort out. I haven't a clue as to how long this will take but sufficed to say it won't happen over night. To those I speak to regularly, thanks for your kind words and all. I haven't been very "chipper" as of late. I'm normally quite verbose but sufficed to say the wind has been taken out of my sails, so to speak. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and all (I can't think of any more witty feel good sayings to put here). And with that I'm gone.
Falling... Lacuna Coil
. Falling Stained, looking at my hands I talk with these lines It's not the answer I'm crying and I now I know Looking the sky I search for an answer So free, free to be I'm not another liar I just want to be myself...myself And now the beat inside of me Is a sort of a cold breeze and I've Never any feeling inside Around me... I Bring my body Carry it into another world I know I live...but like a stone I'm falling down Damned, looking into the sky I can feel this rain Right now it's falling on me Fly, I just want to fly Life is all mine Some days I cry alone, But I know I'm not the only one I see that another day is gone I don't want to die... Please be here when I arrive, don't die...please
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life And realize there's nothing left 'Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long that, even my mama thinks that my mind is gone But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it He'd betreated like a punk, you know that's unheard of You betta watch how ya talking And where ya walking Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk I really hate to trip but I gotta lope As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool I'm the kinda g that little homie's wanna be like On my knees in the night Saying prayers in the street light Been spending most our lives Living in a gangsta's paradise Been spending most our lives Living in a gangsta's paradise Keep spending most our lives Living in a gangsta's paradise Keep spending most our lives Living in a gangsta's paradise Look at the situation, they got me facing I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the stripes So I gotta be d
Apart of me feels like I can be strong but another part of me wants to be near him I regret what I did and somehow i feel like he is being childish he wont talk to me about it he wont even answer my calls but now i guess the best thing to do is leave him be and do what i always do "good morning have a nice day" the only thing i will text him...cause it is the only thing he may smile about
Shyt Happens
shyt happens to everyone. so thats why im supposed to feel better, cuz we all go though some shyts, im not the only one. But somehow it didnt make me feel better when someone told me that. How convincing.
I Caught Fire
THE USED LYRICS "I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)" Seemed to stop my breath My head on your chest Waiting to cave in From the bottom of my... Hear your voice again Could we dim the sun And wonder where we've been Maybe you and me So kiss me like you did My heart stopped beating Such a softer sin (I'm melting, I'm melting) In your eyes I lost my place Could stay a while And I'm melting In your eyes Like my first time That I caught fire Just stay with me Lay with me Now Never caught my breath Every second I'm without you I'm a mess Ever know each other Trust these words are stones why cuts aren't healing Learning how to love I'm melting (I'm melting) In your eyes I lost my place Could stay a while And I'm melting In your eyes Like my first time That I caught fire Just stay with me Lay with me (Stay with me lay with me now) You could stay and watch me fall And of course I'll ask for help Just stay with me now Take my hand We could tak
Too Many
I'm the type of person who likes to make friends. I like to communicate with alot of people and I tend to spread myself way to thin, and then chide myself for not keeping up with everyone. I have a Myspace, and yahoo, and I'm married with 2 kids. I hate not being able to sit and leave everyone comments and I hope that people don't get offended that I don't. This is a fun site, and I'm looking forward to just hanging out and such. I'm having a hard time in my real life though, keeping up with people. I can't even have any free time to myself when I get home from work. It's frustrating. I wish I knew how to balance everything without leaving anyone out, but I'm not there yet in my life. No suggestions needed...comments welcome...just frustrated today. My 33rd bday is coming up, and I don't want a that weird? Who knows
I need you, boo, I gotta see you, boo And the hearts all over the world tonight Said the hearts all over the world tongiht And I need you, boo, I gotta see you, boo And the hearts all over the world tonight Said the hearts all over the world tonight Hey, little mama, ooh, you're a stunner Hot little figure,yes, you a winner And I'm so glad to be yours You're a class all your own And, ooh, little cutie, when you talk to me I swear the whole stops, you're my sweetheart And I'm so glad that you're mine You are one of a kind And you mean to me what I mean to you And together, baby, there is nothing we won't do `Cause if I got you I don't need money I don't need cars, girl, you're my all And, oh, I'm into you And, girl, on one else would do `Cause with every kiss and every hug You make me fall in love And now I know I can't be the only one I bet it's hearts all over ther world tonight With the love of their life Who feel what I feel when I'm With you,
Don't Hurt
Hurt people.. hurt people take time to care and LOvE...its a wonderful feeling!!
Attn Fu Bratz
Late Night Thinking
late night thinking, has brought me to the conclusion that there are four people i miss more than words can describe. so much, to the point where i lie in bed and cry. which isn't me. thought it might prove helpful for myself if i verbalize it. not so much for other people to see it, but for my own sense of sanity. meh. i'm not sure anymore. Joseph; this is any easy one. my brother and one of my best friends. leaving him behind when i moved is the only thing i regret about moving. i can't stand being away from him. we don't talk as much as i would like us to, but at least i have some sort of contact with him. the last time we spoke, i asked him about moving here. he still wants to, so i'm just holding onto that until i can see him again. Adam; without a doubt my favorite person in the entire world, and obviously my bestest friend ever. i love him more than words can describe. i'd literally take a bullet for him. the first boy i ever fell in love with. and e
Weddings Off!!!!
till tuesday, same time same place, i'll make invites tomarrow.
Off To Georgia
My mom and I are leaving for our road trip to Georgia in about an hour or so. We'll be down there for 3 days trying to find me a place to live during grad school. So don't miss me too much. :P I'll have my cell on me, so text me if you have the number. I'm sure I'll be on here at night, but I may be too tired. Apartment hunting is a very long and boring process. I've been through it with my mom and my best friend. Wish my luck! :) I'll talk with all you lovely people soon. ♥ Amy
Clubs And Crews
Hate if you want, I really don't care. This is my opinion on the matter and like assholes, every body has one. When I first joined this site, I though, "Hey that's pretty cool, you get lots of friends and get to know people." Then I started seeing what it is all about. My thought became,"Umm, no thanks I'll pass!" Now if it is something you are in to, I am not meaning to insult. If it works for you then that's great. I for one, do not want to be obligated to rate, fan and comment every member that joins the group nor be made to comment bomb those in a contest. That is when it starts to no longer be entertaining but more of a chore. I would rather be the outsider that gets a long with everyone and rates, comments and adds as I chose. But, that's just me.
i've come to realize you have only a hand ful of true friends. and i want to thank the ones i do have on here and u all know who u are. but i have also realized that if you don't look or act a certain way you don't go far. if u don't have a v.i.p or if your not a barbie type or show nsfw then u don't get much i have many people on my list that i don't hear from for one reason or another. and when i do hear from them they always want something but never are willing to give back. so for those of you that are on my list and are there just for points please remove your self because i'm hear from friends not points i'm not a size 2 never was nor will i ever be i'm tired of handing out things and maybe get a few things back. i was told today that if isend out comments send something that looks like me not what i'm not what ever that so that person won't be getting any more from but i just wanted to let ya all know what was goin on i don't need fake friends
With Honors Clip: One Man's Opion Of The Constitution
Journey - Faithfully
sorry... feelin real sappy today... Highway run Into the midnight sun Wheels go 'round and 'round You're on my mind Restless hearts Sleep alone tonight Sendin' all my love Along the wire They say that the road Ain't no place to start a family Right down the line It's been you and me And lovin' a music man Ain't always what it's s'posed to be Oh girl, you stand by me I'm forever yours Faithfully Circus life Under the big top world We all need the clowns To make us smile Through space and time Always another show Wondering where I am Lost without you And being apart ain't easy On this love affair Two strangers learn To fall in love again I get the joy Of rediscovering you Oh girl, you stand by me I'm forever yours Faithfully
ok well i never really blog but fuck moods shitty today i got sucky ass fuckin work....AND im aggrivated....any ideas on how not to kill somebody??? EDITED PART....And My coffee Has Milk And Sugar In UGHHHHH WTF?!
Going Dancing
Paul and I will be going dancing tomorrow night, Friday March 6, at Angels & Wings in Corbin. If you are out that way, stop in and say hello and have a drink with us, and a few dances. Hope to see you all there!...Babs
For My Angel
The day you came into my life will be cherished always. An angel sent from heaven above for my lonely heart to hold. My heart is no longer lonely, but instead filled with the wonder of a love like I’ve never known. When you first held me, it was magical! A touch no other but my soulmate could provide. Truly the passion needed no words. Your kiss on my lips is something I long for each day. With a single kiss the intensity of your love so incredibly clear! Your eyes melt me with emotion so intense it is beyond belief. A caring and unconditional love that shines from them that makes me shiver with excitement for our life to come. Each day your smile fills my heart with a joy like no other. Oh but to have you in my life is truly a blessing! On the day we may wed... I promise to you yet again my unconditional love and devotion. For I will cherish each day that God gives me with you, our own little piece of heaven on earth. I will love you always.
Tired of seeing statuses of people leaving..etc. Tired of trying to convince stay. Not to leave because of liars..etc.. on here. I feel like I waste my time and energy.. for nothing. Lost a good friend again..who said.. she would not delete fubar again. Out of blue yesterday.. she disappeared..for third time. If she comes back again..should I readd her again? Just so it can happen again? I do not know. If you decide to leave.. please think long and hard about all I got to say.
you left me alone when i needed you the most i hope you can live with yourself dont try and make yourself feel better by saying i never asked you to stay i did and i shouldnt have had to ask you left me alone on the floor crying in pain i had surgery because of you and you left me alone so that you could go drink when you came home instead of checking on me you took the tv out of my room just so it could sit on the floor in the living room and not get used then you made me move me stuff out the next day even though i wasn't supposed to because it could hurt me or make me bleed and you got mad at me when i said i had to stop because i started bleeding really bad. you even got pissed when i didnt come to get the rest of my stuff the next day because i had to go to the hospital to get checked out because i was bleeding to much and told me you were going to start throwing my stuff used to be a better person then this. i cant belie
Own Me
click the pic to bid on me ;)
Reo Speedwagon - I Can"t Fight This Feeling
... whats up with the baby at the beginin of this video... I can't fight this feeling any longer And yet I'm still afraid to let it flow What started out as friendship has grown stronger I only wish I had the strength to let it show I tell myself that I can't hold out forever I say there is no reason for my fear 'Cause I feel so secure when we're together You give my life direction, you make everything so clear And even as I wander, I'm keeping you in sight You're a candle in the window on a cold, dark winter's night And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might And I can't fight this feeling anymore I've forgotten what I started fighting for It's time to bring this ship into the shore And throw away the oars, forever 'Cause I can't fight this feeling anymore I've forgotten what I started fighting for And if I have to crawl upon the floor Come crashing through your door Baby, I can't fight this feeling anymore My life has been such a whirlwind sinc
Contests Of Urgency
Bombing Assignment Divide these 2 up Please. Seeking Bombers.100 Comments 1 Morph Tag.200 Comments 2 Morph Tags.300 Comments 3 Morph Tags May the Luck O' the Irish be with: 'Live each day to the fullest.... tomorrow's a gift not a guarentee!!!Spirit Warrior W.W.S.' ~*XTC*~
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to tune in now! World Rock Radio presents... TRIPLE SHOT THURSDAY!!! Your Hosts: 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
Domestic Violence
i can't stand it because it not only hurts the person we love, but it also hurts the people who are most innocent and don't even have a voice....our children when i put that song by garth brooks in my stash, i was looking at the aspects of domestic violence and those who have been hurt by it it hurts so much so that sometimes we have to do something about it
4-year Old Drunk In School
THE VILLAGE, Okla. -- Authorities are investigating the apparent intoxication of a 4-year-old girl at an Oklahoma City elementary school on Wednesday, police said. The child was carried out of Andrew Johnson Elementary School by a paramedic, according to an officer with The Village Police Department. "We don't believe it happened on school ground. We believe it happened before she got to school today," said Deputy Chief Steve Jagosh. Jagosh said his department was called by school officials to check on the child, who they described as acting strangely. Teachers told officers that they smelled an odor of alcohol on the girl. The girl was taken to Children's Hospital in good condition, authorities said. However, Oklahoma City spokeswoman Kathleen Kennedy denied that the child was transported anywhere. Police said they will investigate how the child was able to access alcohol. After the child is released from the hospital, officials said, she will be taken into Departmen
For Those In The Ds Lifestyle
While there are many subs out there have you noticed how hard it is to find a good housegirl? The search continues for us, maybe one day one will come across our path :)
The Shower, Part 2
As I begin to slow my motions on my clit, I give in to your touch. The heat from the shower refreshes your cologne from the night before. That smell envelopes me and draws me in. I turn to you to wrap you in my arms and bury my face into that place in your neck where I fit so comfortably. Taking deep breathes inhaling your aroma and lifting my breasts against your skin. With the water running down my back and your hands slowly caressing the small of my back turns me to putty in your hands. As you smooth and caress the small of my back my lips quiver to feel your skin against them. I lean up to you just enough to kiss the side of your neck, working my way around to the front. I gently kiss your Adams apple and work my way up your chin. Leaving a kiss on your cheek, then moving to the tip of your nose, to the other cheek, and now lingering so close to your lips. I can feel your desire to press your lips against mine, but I hold back just enough that you can feel my breath. This is dr
I Dont Need Another Hero
Why do so many guys think a girl wants you to save them...or they want to be my hero? I don't need a hero...only I can save me and I wouldnt have it any other way. I guess Ive learned that the hard way. I have learned that depending on other people to make your life better is in vain because its only you that can change you or make you happy. Not to say it isnt nice to have support, love, and even just companionship to compliment your life but if that IS your life, if your happiness depends on the way others treat you, view you or how many people love you, are you truly happy? Because if you loved yourself, it wouldnt matter what others think. That is why some feel lonely in a room full of people...its about what a person feels inside themselves, not about everyone around them. Don't put anyone on a pedestal higher than you because they only way they can look at you is down...Put yourself up there and be your own hero. Java March 2008
Good News Or Bad News
“Okay... I have good news and I have bad news... Which one would you like first??” Don't you just hate that question? Every time I have someone ask me that question, I stop to think if I really want to hear either. Especially if they have to preface their comments or statements with the bloody question to begin with... So, which one do you really want to hear first? Does hearing the bad news first tarnish the good news? Does hearing the good news prevent you from absorbing the bad? How do you really take both and appreciate them for what they are, teaching lessons on what has gone really well and what has gone strangely awry? I can say that I for one appreciate a common mix. Just spill the beans in one statement and then I will work through them as they hit my brain. Not to say that this is a good thing, but at least I can get the necessary inputs and then work out the details that need definition and TRY to work to a common solution to both scenarios. So, my dilemma toda
Birthday Party For Ex
Untitled Entry
Just some things I've come to think about life and its workings....... Life is messy. Sometimes things are just messy because they have to be that way. Because somewhere in the mess you eventually find some clarity.... Everyone knows the saying "Don't care what other people think about you." Well thats bullshit. You should care what people think about you and allow yourself to be seen in good light, and for who you are, what you shouldn't care about is how people judge you. Religion and faith are two very different things, yes I may be religious at times, and yes my faith sometimes involves looking to god, but faith in ones self, who the are, what they stand for, why they care has nothing to do with saying the Our Father. Be careful with trust, try not to hand it out to easy but do allow yourself to give it. Everyones definition of love is different. Listen to them all, though it may not be your way, you can always learn a new way to love. Relationships are hard. Any
Can fairy tales come true? When I was a little girl I always imagined I was Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. I loved the idea that someone handsome, a real gentleman, basically someone perfect, would come and give me something amazing... A kiss. And everything would be ok. He would take care of me, be there for me every single day and every single night. I would be his queen, and we would forever be in love. But of course, like every dream, I had to wake up too. I realized that not everything we imagine can be magically turned into life. I realized that there are school buses, not golden chariots. Dirty mean boys who tease you. And as you get older, there are guys who'll promise to call, but never do. Guys who say they'll do anything for you but can't even come over to help you fix your... Well, something... You realize that life isn't perfect. And you should consider yourself lucky if your life didn't suck for two weeks. Little girls grow up too, right? But then even if we know t
Mail Order Brides
I've decided to steal someone's idea and mess with one of those Russian Mail Order brides. Since I'm fluent in Russian, I have some really sweet ideas. mmmmm
I Will Be Back!
Just for those of you who wish to know, I am taking a trip out of town that will put me out of my element for about a week. I will be back on Monday of next week! Until then, feel free to leave Me your great messages and checkout the tour page for the new Members Area off the site at: www.ladyvelvetnoir/tour/ Remember, you can always fine me at! If you are itching for that call and I am not available, try my friends at
1.) How many times a day would you kiss me? answer: 2.) Would you call me? answer: 3.) Would you have sex with me? answer: 4.) Would you take me places? answer: 5.) Would you love me? answer: 6.) Would you lie to me? answer: 7.) If I was sick what would you do? answer: 8.) Would you leave me for one of my friends? answer: 9.) Want to have a future with me? answer: 10.) Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? answer: 11.) Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? answer: 12.) Would you care about what I wore when we go out? answer: 13.) Would you hang out with me AND my friends? answer: 14.) If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? answer: 15.) If we dated and broke up, would you want me back? answer: 16.) If I gave you my heart what would you do? answer: 17.) If I said I loved you would you say it back? answer: 18.) How much do you like me 1-10? answer: 19.) How do you feel about me?
Come Check Us Out House Of Pain We Play Whatever U Ask For
COME CHECK OUT THE NEWEST LOUNGE ON FUBAR HOUSE OF PAIN IS NOW OPEN SO COME JOIN US!!! CLICK ON PIC TO ENTER COME FEEL THE PAIN!!!! (repost of original by '♥DJ Mistr3ss♥ ~Owner of Mistr3ss's HOP/Azrael's Mistress/RL GF Of DJ Freak~' on '2008-03-05 17:40:42') (repost of original by 'DJ SMOKIE Owner Of House Of Pain/Co-Owner Of Hillbilly Lounge/ Fu Husband to DJ Wabbit' on '2008-03-05 17:43:38') (repost of original by 'Vîøłėť20 Head Promoter@Hillbilly Lounge & House Of Pain' on '2008-03-06 06:33:16')
Good For The Lawn?
Physical Evidence For The Coexistence Of Dinosaurs And Humans Part 1
Physical Evidence for the Coexistence of Dinosaurs and Humans [Part I] by Kyle Butt, M.A. and Eric Lyons, M.Min. Printer version | Email this article People generally enjoy showing pictures of places they have visited and things they have seen. Simply telling someone about a trip, say, to Sequoia National Park, is one thing; showing that person a picture of you standing next to the largest tree in Sequoia National Park, named General Sherman (which also is the largest tree on the planet), is entirely different. As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” People constantly take pictures of things they want to share with others. Someone on a safari in Africa may bring home pictures of an elephant he saw in the wild. Visitors to the islands of Indonesia delight in showing pictures they took of real komodo dragons scurrying across the ground and up trees. Tourists in Alaska often are seen on roadsides capturing moose, doll sheep, and even grizzly bears o
History Of The 'shaft
gRabshaFt was created back in 2000 or so when O.G. Toughlove and thejMc a.k.a SnatchMasta formed together to make a band that defied definition. Then as it turned out, we mainly defied being a band. I, thejMc played bass for a St. Louis area band called Bother the Weak and Toughlove was playing bass in a band called the Rock Molesters. Its not that either of us were unhappy with our current situations, however we felt we could both offer more in way of other stuff. Toughlove liked the drums and I the guitar. As it turned out, I wasn’t too good at guitar but O.G. was an excellent drummer. I went to back to bass and he and I were so together that we had no choice but continue this thing. Next, we needed a name and we decide on one. About that, I’d like to take a moment and clear something up. Just because a group calls itself gRabshaFt does not necessarily mean that the members must be gay. Feel free to say it, I’ve heard it all before. It generally goes like this: “Are you one of the
This Formula Is Guarteed To Work!
The Fubar Man Manual by Hammie Rule 1 - Sex him up well and often, in all mutually satisfying manners. Rule 2 - Feed him well. Rule 3 - Allow him his libations. Rule 4 - Allow him his favorite toys. Rule 5 - Make your point, but NEVER nag. Rule 6 - Don't expect him to read your thoughts. You can't even do that. Rule 7 - Require that he work AND bring the cash home. Rule 8 - Expect and demand respect. ( Follow rules 1 - 6 and this should be automatic.) Rule 9 - Let him look at others. Again, following Rules 1 - 6 should ensure that that's ALL he does. Rule 10 - Allow him the mythical belief that he is in charge. Rule 11 - If unable to follow the rules yourself, do the honorable thing and set him free.
Product Launch Formula
Product launch formula Click Here To Read A Product Launch Formula 2 Review Product Launch Formula was created by Jeff Walker, a leading internet guru. After the stupendous success of Product Launch Formula he is launching Product Launch Formula 2 now. If you don't know Jeff Walker, then I am pleased to let you know that he is the one who made six figures in a seven day period. Jeff says, I have a huge passion for the internet publishing business, and I love sharing it with people. Now I want to be absolutely clear here - not all of my motivations are so altruistic. You can rest assured that I will make a very nice profit from this web site. After all, that is what I do - I put together profitable web sites. And I am going to turn this one into a very nice profit center - just watch me. In fact, I am going to let you see how I do it as I go along. product launch formula, product launch formula 2, product launch formula 2 review, product launch formula 2 download, produc
Car Wash Abuse Allegation Investigated
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Investigators are searching for a woman on Thursday who was videotaped while spraying a girl with a pressured water hose at an Orlando car wash. Surveillance cameras captured the woman holding the girl with one hand and holding the hose in the other hand at an arm's length distance. Marlene Diaz, a manager at Magical Car Wash, said she has never seen this type of abuse before. "You don't do that to a kid," Diaz said. "No child deserves that." The video showed the woman dousing the girl, spraying her in the face and down her legs. The woman continued to grab the girl as she tried to flee. Investigators said they believe the child is 3 years old. The driver of a white Hyundai Sonata shown in the video watched the woman spray the child for a moment before walking away. The video showed the child trying to hide her face while the woman pinned her to a wall and sprayed her at close range. "Disgusted," Diaz said. "I'm mad, infuriated as to how someone
Boyfriend Requirements
Boyfriend Requirements: You must be willing to do all of the following: 1- Shower me with attention! 2- Be sweet and give me lots of flowers, but be a devil in the bedroom :) 3- Be with me for ME, not because it's convenient for you. 4- NO LYING! Be honest...don't be a dick 5- Must be willing to devote at least 40 hours to me during the week, and 60 hours on weekends...MINIMUM! 6- Return phone calls even if it's only because of PMS 7- Express feeling when necessary. No whiney bitches...I can do that myself. MOST IMPORTANTLY----- Love me for me, let me be me, and love all of my quirks. :) Prove that your not like other men, you're different. Stole this from Beautifully disturbed's blog... awesome huh?? lol although, i changed the hours, i apparently need more attention than her lmao
Watching the night sky so vast ,yet so close to touch Reaching out for acceptance at the same time powering over us Opening to an emptiness of space while enclosing us in calmness Like love..makes us strong and at the same time so vulnerable Emotions rise to unreachable heights but can fall so quickly and shatter Tears of forfillment and sorrow fall like the rain of a storm Releasing with it the passion from within a single being As night turns to day the horizon is filled with wonder like the sky has revived itself from all emptiness and need The heart has opened to a new love one of friendship and new possibilities.
Wandering, Searching, Longing..
I moved back to Az to be close to my family. I've been here since July and have seen my family only a handful of times. I get about as many phone calls as I did when I lived in Oregon. The only one I see often is my baby sister. I am glad about that, since she and I had a falling out and didn't speak to each other for 8 years. Well, I'm itchin to move on. I knew this was not where I wanted to be when I packed up and headed here. I knew Oregon was not where I wanted to be when I packed up and headed out, with minimal regret. I have been looking at different parts of the country, can't make up my mind. Louisianna is beautiful, Northern California, North Carolina, East Texas- I wonder if I'll ever find someplace to call home, where I won't always feel the need to find more. Maybe I'll buy an RV, take a leave from work and head out-
Taxi To The Dark Side (& Apology)
Taxi To The Dark Side (& Apology) Body: Footage from the film starts at around 2:15. It sort of reinforces the message we are seeing with all the brutality to animals over in Iraq. Also, hey I am really totally sorry for being kind of brusque to some people today when I would disagree with bulletins. It turned out - as evening turned into night - that I have caught my husband's flu. I'm sitting here with a jacket on in a 69 degree house, shivering and my legs aching. Now that I know something's actually wrong with me, I'll stop being so cranky. I humbly ask your pardon. ♥ Here's the YouTube:
So Ppl
i'm not haven a baby right now thank god
Police Investigate Times Square Blast NEW YORK - A small bomb caused minor damage to an empty military recruiting station in Times Square early Thursday, shaking guests in hotel rooms high above "the crossroads of the world." ADVERTISEMENT Police blocked off the area to investigate the explosion, which occurred at about 3:45 a.m. No one was injured. The blast left a gaping hole in the front window and shattered a glass door, twisting and blackening its metal frame. Authorities said at a news conference that a witness saw a person on a bicycle wearing a backpack and acting suspiciously, but that no one saw a person place the device in front of the recruiting center. "If it is something that's directed toward American troops then it's something that's taken very seriously and is pretty unfortunate," said Army Capt. Charlie Jaquillard, who is the commander of Army recruiting in Manhattan. He said no one was inside the station, where th
Reality Vs. Fantasy
As little girls, you have set in your minds how you want your life to play out. From your wedding day, to your job, to the number of kids you'll have. You have it all planned out. You may even have the kind of house you are going to live in and your car in your mind.In your fantasy. As you grow up, some of us hold on to these fantaises, expecting them to happen in your life, reality. What you fail to realize is when you fantasized about your life, you didnt factor in the negatives. You didnt factor in that he might cheat on you or that she may stab you in the back. Or that you may have to take a year off from college to work or that your parent might pass away. All of these things happen and the first thing we say is" This is not what I invsioned for myself". Honestly, who would include in their vison the bad things that life can dish out to you? But we have to be realistic and learn how to seperate the fantasy and the reality in our lives. Reality is bills have to be paid,
Social Distortion - Ball And Chain (live)
Well it's been ten years and a thousand tears And look at the mess I'm in A broken nose and a broken heart, An empty bottle of gin Well I sit and I pray In my broken down Chevrolet While I'm singin' to myself There's got to be another way [Chorus:] Take away, take away Take away this ball and chain Well I'm lonely and I'm tired And I can't take any more pain Take away, take away Never to return again Take away, take away Take away Take away this ball and chain Well I've searched and I've searched To find the perfect life A brand new car and a brand new suit I even got me a little wife But wherever I have gone I was sure to find myself there You can run all your life But not go anywhere [Chorus] Well I'll pass the bar on the way To my dingy hotel room I spent all my money I've been drinkin' since half past noon Well I'll wake there in the mornin' Or maybe in the county jail Times are hard getting harder I'm born to lose and destined to fail [
My Love For Music
I have always been a music lover. Its in my blood. My mom loved music,whether she was singing or dancing.My father played the bass guitar in a band so he was not only a lover but a participant. This love story of mine is like none other. Me and music will be together til death do us part. Its my drug. Man, when a good song comes on, and I mean a song that strokes all the parts of your body that can tingle and the others part just grow tense, there's no better feeling. Hearing words come out in a sweet cord and hearing the guitar or drums set the dramatic effect is a feeling that you really cant put your finger on. All you can say is "umm". Feeling the pain in the bass and the joy in the cymbals can either bring you up or lay you down.I love music for it has ministered me through many problems, love triangles,spiritual warfares, and broken hearts! If it had not been for the song that God put on Marvin Sapps and Fred Hammonds heart, I dont think I'll be right here this moment. Mu
Hope Ya Like It!!
SHORT SEX STORY/POEM) feeling you inside me the pain always grows, like a sexual tenstion im thinking theres hope. Turn my world round like a mad man on coke, dont treat me like your lover, treat me like the sex toy youve dreamed of, Tie your hand around my throat and give me a tug, one hand on my hair and give me a rub. Thinking about it i get all warm, between my thighs go lower and you'll know, this tension thats building deep inside my head, you put it there and never do what you said. Ill do to you what you do to me, hypnotize you with my eyes and make you scream, fuck you hard and raw, like a bat out of hell get out of my way because im starting to melt. I bit your chest and let out a scream, the blood starts to drip and your startig to tease, you pull my hair like you mean what you say you put me in doggie and we do it that way. Pull my hair choke me like a toy, make me feel the pain, please me from the inside,Fuck me harder, deeper you push.Fatser and faster as we go.ram your
Virgo - The One That Waits
Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. A pushover. Loves to gamble and take chances. Needs to have the last say in everything. They think they know everything and usually do. Respectful to others but you will quickly lose their respect if you do something untrustworthy towards them and never regain respect. They do not forgive and never forget. The one and only.
Songs Again...
AIGHT, I'M SICK AS SHIT. MADE DIZZY SPELLS, FEVER, HEADACHES, AND I'M DRUNK AND AT WORK!! LATER ON TODAY I HAVE TO GO TO A FRIENDS MEMORIAL SERVICE, THEN TONITE HAVE THE WAKE AT MY BAR. TO TOP OFF ALL THE FUN AND EXCITEMENT I HAVE THESE SONGS STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR ONE ODD REASON OR ANOTHER....SO ENJOY. PEACE OUT AND SHIT.-BILL. P.S. NAKED AND SEEING SHIT. LOVE SONG. DRUNKEN LULLABIES. Must it take a life for hateful eyes To glisten once again Five hundred years like Gelignite Have blown us all to hell What savior rests while on his cross we die Forgotten freedom burns Has the Shepard led his lambs astray to the bigot and the gun Must it take a life for hateful eyes To glisten once again Cause we find ourselves in the same old mess Singin' drunken lullabies I watch and stare as Rosin`s eyes Turn a darker shade of red And the bullet with this sniper lie In their bloody gutless cell Must we starve on crumbs from long ago Through these bars of men made stee
Auction On 3/08
COME SEE WHO ALL THE SEXXY PPL ARE UP FOR AUCTION IN THE ACE CAFE MARCH 8th AT 8 PM EST Tscrazy84 Sparrow Dj Vamppy Dj Soulz> Raven Patriotschic Nascarfan30 MIchelle Dj Devil Dogg
When I Thought He Didnt Care!
So the love of my life ISN'T in my life; frankly most days even though I think about him, I am pretty sure he isnt thinking about me. But I must have been mistaken, because he seems to know things I didnt tell him... or didn't know I told him. I forget that he is amazing. I will never underestimate him again. Busted flirting? Yep! Trying to move on? Not so easy. Being absolutely addicted to someone I can't keep? Yes every moment since the first time he said my name. How does a soul deal with that?
Nude Auction
come bid on me please and u have to add the host before u can bid on me ty
Bid On Me (auction Over) Thanks
I am in an auction, if you want own me, come and bid on me.Click on pic to see what I have to offer..
What's So Hard About The Autism Question?
We’ve heard some extraordinary statements in the last week. For the first time in any of our lifetimes, autism has become an active issue in a Presidential campaign, to the point that the major campaigns have all developed an autism policy statement. In questions posed directly to the campaigns (in two cases by A-CHAMP) and to the candidates (in one case by a mother in a town hall meeting), we’ve learned that we have a clear consensus among the three leading candidates about the answer to a simple question. Question: Do you believe there is an autism epidemic in the United States? Barack Obama: “Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United Sates and, perhaps the world.. One in 150 children is diagnosed with ASD. These numbers can not be explained solely by increased awareness or changes to the diagnostic criteria. It is a health crisis and I will act accordingly.” Hillary Clinton: “Yes. Today, one in 150 children are diagnosed wit
Please Help Me...ok????
Will you please help me bomb my friend? He's very special to me and I'd appreciate it if you'd help me...MUAHZZZ!!!!
Life at times hit's a dead end and you feel as if theres nothing left to do, and no where else to go. .. . right? Well thats when most people give up and say fuck it istead of turning around and going the other way. Some people think there worthless and will never amount to anything and I have to say I say that about my self and alot of people hate it. I see my self as nothing but a fuck up in life and thats all I'll ever see my self as. If I would have had a better life and I wasent so confused on alot of things. .. . then maybe I wouldent feel this way.. .. but I do, and I dont want to and I'm trying so hard not to feel this way. ... . but I cant help it. It's something I have felt for many years and many more years to come. I wish it would go away. .. .but it wont. .. not until I see it fit to. Not until I prove my family wrong that I'm not a worthless piece of shit like they say, and think I am. .. .cause in all honestly im not but something keepts telling me I am. .And I dont know
Dream Slut
Every day this week I've woken up with a waft of rememberance. The theme is reoccuring. It has to do with dating/life partner/things of the like. This morning upon awaking the memory was of a class room. The teacher, a burning beacon of raw sexuality, was going around the class about to announce who he was going to take to dinner that night. Finally his fineness declared the lucky girl to be me. Shortly thereafter I realized I already had a date with another teacher of equal orgazmic proportions. And then I woke up. I do believe this makes me a dream slut. My mother was right when she said I was destined for great things.
The Love Of A Lifetime~written For Geoff Tate
Quick Update. My Son *is* Stewie
It's a fact. My son Dain really is Stewie. Waking up from sugery he was so mad it took 5 doctors to hold him down (he's just four - 35lbs). He threw the finger heart monitor across the room, held up his hand that had the IV in it, and with perfect pronunciation said: "Get this Fucking thing out of me!" Needless to say, we weren't there very long after that. *laughs* He's doing well now that we're home :)
We Should
The Purple Hat In honor of women's history month and in memory of Erma Bombeck who lost her fight with cancer. Here is an 'angel' sent to watch over you. Pass this on to five women that you want watched over. If you don't know five women to pass this on to, one will do just fine. IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER - by Erma Bombeck (Written after she found out she was dying from cancer). I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day. I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage. I would have talked less and listened more. I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace. I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his y
I'm Born To Be Wild
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Re: Bali Bomber Claims Cia/mossad Involvement
RE: Bali Bomber Claims CIA/Mossad Involvement ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 06 Mar 2008, 13:58 Bali Bomber Claims CIA/Mossad Involvement The ringleader of the Bali bombers claims that the attack on the nightclub district in 2002 was much larger than he had expected and that the only explanation for so much carnage was that the bombers were aided by the CIA, KGB or Mossad.
Loss Of A Member
Today I learned that we lost a member of our chapter. She was out riding yesterday...such a beautiful day it was...and got into an accident that claimed her life. We just rode with her on a ride this past Saturday! It amazes me how we can be here one minute and gone the next. It keeps me mindful to pray for all my Brothers and Sisters out riding on their bikes for safety out on the road. Not always do people driving cages (cars) look out for us on bikes. Please!! All of my Brothers and Sisters who ride...ride with extra attention and ride safe as you can. You never know whats ahead of you or behind you! Also keep us in mind as we ride often as possible and we will be out riding this weekend!! Take care all of you....thanks for reading this. We went on the Memorial Service Ride for our friend. It was a great turn out for her. She is very loved and appreciated as the person that she was when with us in body here. She will be missed by many and her good deeds will be remembered by al
Accepting Applications
I am currently accepting applications for fu wifeys.....started out as a joke, now its serious. I see how many people it pisses off...and ya know what? Pissed off people talk.....and people that talk about me keep me popular on fubar.....keeps my page getting hit, keeps people rating me, keeps people adding TALK TALK TALK. Now back to the point at hand. Just a few rules: 1. MUST have salute. 2. MUST marry me AND Buttons ( love ya babe) 3. Must R/A/F and preferably crush us both ( one crush I know) 4. MUST pimp me on ur page, as I will do you the same until I get too many wifeys to fit yall. Heres what you get.... 1. random pimp outs done by Buttons and reposted by my friends and probably stickied too 2. attention from all the people going to my page and buttons page and seeing you. 3. added to fam and top friends ( you will in the order u were married so as not to cause jealousy. 4. Atleast ONE big pimpin gift.... 5. Various other perks as well. Mesage me or Bu
~never More~
So ,I don't think about us, or what we shared in trust. I never think about the way you held my heart in love. No , it never crosses my mind..not at any time of day...I never think about times  you held me along the way....I don't think about the happiness , I know I seen in you...I never took for granted , it was all I had of you. Never more will my heart break, the walls stand firm again. I hold things in my heart, but never , ever again.
Alex Jones On Marine Killing Puppy - 03/04/08
Alex Jones on Marine Killing Puppy - 03/04/08 Alex Jones - Marine Killing Puppy - 03/04/08 Let's give him support because what he is saying is sadly too true ! Cornwall's Voice for Animals THE PUPPY KILLER HAS POSTED A PAGE ON MYSPACE AND....he ADMITS TO KILLING THIS DOG. He says ....... " When you are constantly under fire sometimes people develope a different sence of humor ... " ! ! ???? Sorry - that was a wrong answer - and a very bad one too !
030608 Dilbert
Bush's Bid For A Death Penalty Fast Track
*** I Came Across This A Little While Ago. *** Bush's Bid for a Death Penalty Fast Track A look at the White House's plans to cut death row inmates' right of appeal. The Bush administration is preparing to speed up the executions of criminals who are on death row across the United States, in effect, cutting out several layers of appeals in the federal courts so that prisoners can be "fast-tracked" to their deaths. With less than 18 months to go to secure a presidential legacy, President Bush has turned to an issue he has specialised in since approving a record number of executions while Governor of Texas. The US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales -- Mr Bush's top legal adviser during the spree of executions in Texas in the 1990s -- is putting finishing touches to regulations, inspired by recent anti-terrorism legislation, that would allow states to turn to the Justice Department, instead of the federal courts, as a key arbiter in deciding whether prisoners live or di
Chicken And Fettuccine With Sun-dried Tomatoes
packages (9 ounces each) BUITONI Refrigerated Fettuccine 4 (about 1 pound total) boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, cooked and sliced into strips 3/4 cup Italian salad dressing, divided 3 cups chopped cooked vegetables 3/4 cup sliced sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, drained 1/2 cup (1.5 ounces) BUITONI Refrigerated Freshly Shredded Parmesan Cheese PREPARE pasta according to package directions. HEAT chicken strips in ¼ cup dressing until warm; toss with pasta, remaining dressing, vegetables, tomatoes and cheese. Season with salt and ground black pepper. Serving Size: 4
I'm Up For Auction Again
Ok so I'm up for auction yet again. Have you ever wanted to own me??? If so go place your bids, you know you wanna hehe
3 Women In A
You Have 2 Choices In
You have two choices in life: You can stay single and be miserable or get married and wish you were dead. At a cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?" "Yes, I am. I married the wrong man." A lady inserted an ad in the classifieds: "Husband Wanted." Next day she received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: "You can have mine." When a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let her keep him. A woman is incomplete until she is married. Then she is finished. A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" Father replied, "I don't know son, I'm still paying." A young son asked, "Is it true dad, that in some parts of Africa a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?" Dad replied, "That happens in every country, son." Then there was a woman who said, "I never knew what real happiness was until I got married, and
Cheese Pastries
1 package (10-oz.) Classic Recipes Welsh Rarebit, defrosted according to package directions 1 package (11-oz.) pie pastry mix 1/4 teaspoon onion powder 2 teaspoons poppy seeds or sesame seeds, (optional) PREHEAT oven to 425°F. COMBINE welsh rarebit, pie pastry mix and onion powder in a medium bowl. Roll out to 1/8-inch thickness on a lightly floured surface. Cut into 1 ½ x ½-inch strips. Place on ungreased baking sheets. Sprinkle with poppy seeds, if desired. BAKE for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve warm. Serving Size: 18
Traditional-style Tiramisu
2 1/2 cups coffee, sweetened 10 tablespoons vanilla-flavored syrup (see note), divided 4 egg yolks* 3 tablespoons superfine sugar 1 pound mascarpone cheese 4 packages lady fingers, 1 dozen per package 1 tablespoon NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Baking Cocoa In a shallow dish mix coffee with 2 tablespoons of the vanilla syrup. In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar together until pale. Add mascarpone, one large spoonful at a time, mixing gently to keep the mixture light and airy. Add remaining vanilla syrup and mix in gently. Dip about half of the ladyfingers into coffee mixture and use to line the bottom of a 10-inch springform cake pan. Spoon half the mascarpone mixture on top and sprinkle with half of the cocoa powder. Repeat layers, ending with a sprinkling of cocoa powder on top. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. When ready to serve, release the springform and serve sliced from the metal base. NOTES: Vanilla syrup can be bo
Sad And Rage
Last night I when to bed in the worst mood I've been in for a while...This morning I woke up in rage and ready to give everything up.I'm not happy with my choices.I don't know whats wrong with me,or what has gotten into me lately but I don't like it.I feel all depress and feel like losing it all.I stay unhappy every since me and my ex broke up...Could be I'm still in love with him or I Just want his attention and be close to him....I don't know what it is but I wish it would end cause me feeling this way is not good for my present relationship...Cause it makes me want to give up....Maybe I just need space away from everything.....I could sit here all night thinking of stuff.deep down I feel like I'm cheating somewhere.:(
If I Dont Believe In Myself Would That Be Blasphemy?
I always wondered what would happen if someone fed the Pope L.S.D...... The possibilities of Catholicism taking some weird turns because of his delusions of grandeur coupled with the emotional and physical effects of L.S.D. are through the roof. Who knows what "God" would tell him. And how he would interpret it back to the masses. I could see him prancing room to room in his sweet papal hat, wrapped in his 4000 count Egyptian sheets, proclaiming the Banana as the HOLY FRUIT. Blessing every little bug that he spots in the window sill or on the walls. Dubbing them Saint Spider, and Saint Fly. And then he peaks. One of those crippling peaks too. Where you don't want to move and you can feel your pores squeezing each individual bead of sweat from your brow. He'll stammer something about "fuck the ecclesiastical functions, I am the lord. I am the lord! Fuck yo' couch nigga!" And WHAMMO! He's paralyzed by fear and adrenaline when he realizes the crucified Jesus on his wall is trying
Love Its Free
a friend of Mine Said to help this Guy out and Now Im asking every one else. He needs a little under 7000 by Midnight tonight. So please help out thankx
Gary Gygax Has passed If some of you do know know him he was a game designer and a co-creator of the role playing game D&D. I remember playing this game at the age of 12 and have not stopped playing it yet. I had a blast playing as a teen and found it very cool when a friend of mine kids wanted to learn . We had some late nights wondering what lurked around the conner. I still re-call the first time I went into a dungeon and saw in my mind this huge red dragon and wondering if we were going to survive. World of Worcraft said it will... "you will be missed."
Lost In Her Eyes
I am lost in her eyes But I am not looking to be found When I stare in the abyss of her iris My heart ceases to pound The world around me grows cold Her glare ignites a fire in my soul She hold me captive within her sight My freedom I have forsaken, I wish not to fight Her eyes speaks to me saying, " I love you" I part my lips to say, " I love you too" I am lost in her eyes But I am not looking to be found. This poem is dedicated to the sexiest part of a woman, her eyes. It was not inspired by one particular woman.
Leo - The Lion
Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Usually happy, but when unhappy tend to be grouchy and childish. A leo's problem becomes everyone's problem. Most Leos are very predictable and tend to be monotonous. Knows how to have fun. Is really good at almost anything. Great kisser. Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive. Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Good when found.
A Time Of Absence
Hello everyone its me, Mr RAIDERNATION. The new apartment is great i am loving it. Only one problem...... not internet access!! so i hijacked an internet uplink and posted this to for all to see. I wont be on for a while so for those that know how to get in touch with me feel free to do so. and for the rest of you all that dont know leave me a personal message and i will try to get check in as often as i possible can to see how you all are doing and hopefully chat with you here and there. So untill then may your drinks be strong your women or men (what ever rawks your boat or blows your dress up!!!) be hot and your nights be or days for those people that love the daytime as smokkkin. chris
Can't Find The Words
Can't find the words to express how I really feel A passion so new,I have to question, "Is this real?" I'm not looking for love. I've enjoyed being alone. But here you are and my heart is no longer my own. My mouth cannot express, so I let my pen write How I feel about you on this cold winter night. This poem is not about anyone. Just something I wrote while bored at work.
by mad love to create and meditate on what is god good real TRUE I am driven by dreams of brilliant colors and siren song when the flowers smile it takes my breath away
This is Memory !!!! This woman has got a heart bigger then gold. Once again I'm doing another pimp out and its her turn.. Everyone if you don't have her as your friend then the time is now to add her.. She is really one of the most sweetest ladies on fubar.. Hey when I find them I share them.. Add/Fan and Rate her to death.. She works really hard on here and she will return the love... Just click right her on her pic and over to her profile you will be.. HI guys.. It's me Mizz Shady!!! Wazz up!! Another pimp out.. Plz add her and give her love.. Thank you guys.. Whos your daddy? lol Gota love it baby... Rock on.
I am sitting here at the house bored as hell not wanting to go to work this morning, I know it is going to be a long rough day, Kids need this and that and it is cold and nasty out! Just wish I could climb back in my nice warm bed and sleep all day! But that just can't happen cuz if I do then nothing will get done and everything will fall to shit! Have to be down town at 9:30 then to work for the rest of the day till I come home and take care of everyone here, Maybe when I get home I will just go to bed and let them grab and grawl, on what they eat for dinner, hell there are plenty of leftovers!! Well thats it for now
Product Launch Formula 2
Product Launch Formula 2 Click Here For An Honest Product Launch Formula 2 Review If you want to get REAL case studies to find out more about product launches, then join Product Launch Formula 2. Some people think product launches are a bunch of guru hype. All those “big name” guys just get their buddies to send a bunch of email about something, they make a million bucks, and then they go party like rock stars in Las Vegas. And I suppose that stuff does happen. In fact, I actually KNOW it happens. But the reality is there’s a bunch of regular folks who are doing product launches in all sorts of regular markets (or even some tiny little weird markets) and making small fortunes. John Gallagher did it teaching people about "medicinal and edible herbs and plants." Todd Brown did it in the massage therapy market... with a list of only 312 people. And Jane Savoie did it in the "dressage" market (dressage is HORSE BALLET (no, really) - and she made $140,000 lauching a produc
A Song For A Special Someone :( He'll Never Get To Discover It...because....he Aint On The Site :p
Where were you, when I said I loved you? And where were you, when I cried at night? Waiting up, couldn't sleep without you Thinking of, all the times we shared I remember when my heart broke I remember when I gave up loving you My heart couldn't take no more of you I was sad and lonely I remember when I walked out I remember when I screamed I hated you But somehow deep inside, still loving you, sad and lonely No one knew, all the pain I went through All the love, I saved deep in my heart for you DIDN'T KNOW WHERE I WOULD GO, WHERE I WOULD BE But you made me leave, and plus my heart it just It just kept telling me so I remember when my heart broke I remember when I gave up loving you My heart couldn't take no more of you, [I Remember lyrics on] I was sad and lonely I remember when I walked out I remember when I said I hated you But somehow deep inside, still loving you, so sad and lonely There was nowhere else to go, oh No
About Me
I decided to place what was on my "About Me" portion on here instead. I didn't like it on my main page. To tell you about my actual personality almost seems silly. Kind of like I am trying to sell myself on this dang place. I wish I could have my friends write about me on here instead! I started looking into Fubar when my baby sister had a men just about stalking her, so I was very skeptical at first. It has turned out to be more like a high school reunion for me. I keep in touch with friends and family. I have even gotten to know a couple of new people, which I thought would never happen. I don't normally add people I don't know, so if you put in a request and I don't know you, it is fairly unlikely that I will add you. I know that you can't put me in a box, but I am dependable & I know how to make the best out of every situation. I love music, singing, and dancing, yet my talents don't lie there. I am told that I am creative, insightful, caring, and just plain looney
Hey Guess What???
I want to win a VIP so I will have "11;s" to give all my friends during Happy Hours!!! You have done so much for the Family and worked so hard that this is only one way I can help repay your kindness... Thank you!! FU*Bombers are the GREATEST!!!! WE RAWK!!!!!
Easily @times
Sometimes the words Come easily Just pop into My head Other times it feels as though My brain Has gone dead The poets silence I guess thats what that is I sit and think of words To put down on paper Sometimes they are sitting there Just waiting for me to write Other times Not one word Can I find I keep a pen and paper Right beside my bed That seems to be the time When the words Pop in my head I have to write them down The words wont let me be I have to write them down So I can go to sleep The time that bothers me the most Is when no words will come I search my brain I search my heart Yet I find none At times I guess All poets are silent Until they find their words To put upon the paper
Children See And Hear All
Have you ever watched children As they play Have you ever listened To the things they had to say Do you know That they listen to you Even when you think they don’t Even though they are little They know what is going on And when you see the playing They are mocking you What you see them doing They have leaned From you When you see them, with their toys Telling them They are bad That is something, they have heard From their mom and dad When you see them, strike a toy And call it awful names They did not learn that alone they have felt and heard the same Have you seen them, playing house And heard them say Sorry kids But daddy and mommy, can’t get along So daddy Is going away Those are words They have heard you say When their daddy too Had upped and walked Away Have you listened, to them speaking To their make believe, friends And the things you've heard them
Sailing- Believe
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Being Played...
Heard a great quote a few days ago from Warren Buffet one of the richest men in the world…. With the economy as strong as it is and the people of America fearing a recession you can blame it on 2 people – Hillary Klinton and Barack Obama. People – the economy is very simple… Works 2 ways – 1) People spend money and buy stuff, companies sell it, hire people too make it, they get paid and go out and buy stuff and it just keeps chugging along. 2) People do not spend money, companies lay off people, and the economy tumbles… So with the Democrats CONSTANTLY saying what a rotten economy we have, and the LIBERAL PRESS printing it for them, MORONS buy into it, and stop spending money and the economy starts too falter… What is causing people to FEAR for their jobs??? Klinton, Obama and the Press... If people would just buy stuff – the economy would just keep chugging along.. Why do they talk it down… Some dumb people wil
This Sux
I just received my summons for Jury Duty. Not that I mind serving Jury Duty, but why, when I have a court house that is 10 minutes away, and another that's 20 minutes away, do they assign me to the one that is almost an hour away? Going to try to get re-assigned, but I don't hold out much hope.
Sexual Quiz
You have a Sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. 'What is your Sexual IQ?' at
I'm on the inside Looking outside I'm on the inside looking out I'm going somewhere Feeling nowhere I'm on the inside looking out I can't be free Till I know what free is I can't be me Till I know who I am Do you believe There's more than what you see All that we need Is some free association Painted pictures in a room of glass Looking through the floor above Don't know what has brought me to this place Ecstasy confused by love
Sisters 4 Life Now Getting Some Brothers
Allow me to introduce the newest addition to our little family Brothers 4 Life! The rules will be exactly the same as for Sisters 4 Life. The only difference will be that the Sisters will add the Brothers and the Brothers will add the Sisters. I am still in process of working out the details. I will post more information as we go along. Any Men interested in joining please read "the rules" blog and then leave a message for me by clicking here. Thank you all! (repost of original by 'SuperStarrPrincess *Owner of Sisters 4 Life* *Owner of Brothers 4 Life* *Owner Sisters 4 Life Lounge' on '2008-03-05 20:28:17')
With All I Am
I love you with all I am And all I'll ever be. You are my moon, my sun and stars, My earth, my sky, my sea. My love for you goes down and down Beneath both life and death, So deep it must remain when I Have drawn my last faint breath. Holding you for months and years Will make Time disappear, Will make your lips my lips, your face My face, your tear my tear; Will make us one strange personage All intertwined in bliss, Not man or woman, live or dead-- Just nothing--but a kiss! By: SEAN BATES
It's Amazing
It's amazing how I feel when I'm around you, How my heart pounds when you come into a room. I look at you and think: My God! How lovely! And everything I am bursts into bloom. I feel as though you must, you must be mine, Not as a possession but a goal, Something almost unimaginable: The free devotion of another soul. As though I were about to enter heaven Or just within the hour condemned to die, My mind with one fierce thought keeps running over, With you, and only you, the reason why. By: Sean Bates
You Have An Angel's Face
You Have an Angel’s Face You have an angel's face, a loving heart, A peaceful, sunlit smile that lasts forever. You are the whole, of which I am a part, Not fully me unless we are together. I know there is a world beyond our love In which such thoughts are merely poetry. But thinking of you now, I can't remove The glow that shines on you from inside me. How happy, happy life is when some tender Feeling like a candle lights one's eyes. For all my life you'll be my heart's true center, Striding like a sun across my skies. BY: SEAN BATES
Shirley Phelps Roper thats the link to a petition...a petition against the phelps website...the very same people waving signs and boycotting a soldiers death...they claim american sodliers dyin over seas are gods warning...thats me out and sign that petition if you support your country and your military...if you even have a shred of humanity in you youll sign it...thanks
The 4'9" Rule...
Good Morning and hello there and how are ya? The gal Idol’s were ok last night. I still think the Nurse rocker should go, but she did well last night. Carley was awesome to say the least, she should win… enough Idol chat. Ok, I heard this on the way into work today and it’s a safety notice, law what ever one may call it and perhaps just plain good sense to do it, but…when the object of a law crosses over into another category that is where I like to step in. The law is the safety seat for children. I agree with it and lord knows you have to have something in place or people will abuse it… oh before I herd off into another direction, I best give you the law I am referring to. “ Children under the height of 4’9” need to be in a booster, safety seat” So here is my thought process, most amusement parks will not allow a child under I believe it to me the 40” mark to ride there rides… you know the roller coaster thing-a-ma-bob that trusts one around and around until ya need a vomit bag or
Repost This Petition..some Fucked Up Shit... thats the link to a petition...a petition against the phelps website...the very same people waving signs and boycotting a soldiers death...they claim american sodliers dyin over seas are gods warning...thats me out and sign that petition if you support your country and your military...if you even have a shred of humanity in you youll sign it...thanks and just in case you need a refresher on who they are heres the vid of her on hannity and colmes
Eat Me
The Wild West provided many horror stories. But few can beat the fate of George Donner's wagon train, taking new settlers to California. In August 1846 it took a wrong turn and got lost in the Sierra Nevada. Starving, the 26 men, 14 women and 44 children decided on a new method of staying alive. They ate each other. The settlers became cannibals - and they are not alone. Cases of cannibalism: During Napoleon's retreat from Russia in 1812 some 12,000 men perished at Vilna in December. Over three days the cold and starvation got so much that many began to eat parts of the already dead. Some four years later - in July 1816 - the French frigate Medusa ran aground off Senegal. Some 151 men built a raft and attempted to escape. Starvation, drowning and eventually murder led to ten surviving. Many of them had been eaten. One of the worst modern cases concerned a Uruguayan plane en route to Chile in the winter of 1972, with 45 people onboard. It crashed in the Andes. Slowly they began to die o
Eminem - Superman
Lost Gram
just wanted to let yall know i might be a bit crabby abd bitchy for a few days...i lost my gram at 3:30 yestarday afternoon...she was ill and sick for a while....i know shes in a better place but its hard to loose a loved one ur so ised to seeing everytime u went to ur moms she was in her rocker and said there is my baby doll(referring to my lil guy) and got hugs and kisses from him....she always cheered me up....R.I.P. Gram ur missed greatly....
Classical Music
I just found the coolest web site for classical music. Totally free streaming audio and video.
Reba Mcentire - Till I Said It To You
Reba Mcentire - So Good Together
Yet Another One Lol
UGH PFFFFFFFTTTTTT A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE JUST GOT THIS IN HER SHOUTBOX ........ ANOTHER FUCTARD!!! misterak25...: hello... you are a good slavegirl material? that was just a question... and i am not here to joke arround... when you are curious about that theme... and when you are curious to behave like a slavegirl... to act like one and to be treated like a submissive by a dominant... adress me as sir and give me your yahoo or msn id so that i can contact you... if not... have a nice day
How Honest Can You Be? I Dare You To Do This!!!
So, how honest do you think you can be? Heres a list of questions that i have come up with. This isnt something i copied and pasted.... these are really questions i wanted to ask. Rest assured, it is far more personal than any other questionaire that you have filled out. I dare you to complete this. 1000 fubucks to anyone that can answer all of these honestly... and dont take the short way out. Give explanations, and details. Have fun with it. What about you is heroic? What about you is social? What do you like about people? Do you have a nickname? What is it, and where did you get it? How do you dress most of the time? What do you wear when you go to sleep? Where do you live? Describe it: Is it messy, neat, avant-garde, sparse, etc.? What is your most prized mundane possession? Why do you value it so much? What one word best describes you? Who was your father, and what was he like? What was your parents marriage like? Were they married? Did they
Reba: I'm A Survivor
Reba & Kelly
Hubby Application. Please Fill Out
now i can see who's willing to go through the trouble of filling one of these lame surveys out for me :) 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18.Would you dance with me? 19.Would you come ov
Good Morning
gooood morning my awsome friend,i hope to find you in good health,you know i found out the hard way about listening to my mother when they say mothers know best well their right,i bought a perm and wanted my mom to put itin for me and well worst thing i could do when she put it in my hair fell out:( no matter how old we are we should alwys listen to mom
Reba Mcentire - I'll Be
Reflecting On My Life!!!
I have been going through alot relationship wise I have been serious with Kevin off and on for now over 6 in a half years I have loved him continously and have never giving up on him though he has left me quite a few times and right now our relationship is on the off stage yet again.I do love him and care for him and i usually dont give up on him but as of right now I think I may have to and try and move on with my life I have fought for this relationship so hard and dont seem to get the same effort from him.I want someone to love me and not give up when times are tough and he gives up and I dont get much reasoning behind it.I left things in Gods hands yet again and I feel I have to give up even for right now.I feel that if he wants to come back into my life it will be his turn to fight for me and I have to make him wait for me and not give in and let him in right away he will need to work for it really hard and get serious about it.All I want is for him to be a man and be there for hi
Stupid A guy choked to death while taking part in a fairy cake eating competition. That would be embarassing...
Reba Mcentire- The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
Some People thinks its funny to run a load of laundry in the washer while i have to take a freakin shower. fuckin assholes.
Wow so just cause I had some experiments with black guys I get shut down by guys on this damn fucking website....seriously guys it's a fuckin site don't get to thinking your going to marry someone off of here or get something may happen that it can but who knows.. plus WHY IS IT THAT IT'S ILLEGAL FOR A WHITE GIRL TO FUCKING LIKE BLACK GUYS IN A WHITE MAN'S EYES? seriously but it's okay for everyone and their mama's to be sluts and whores... just irritates me sorry had to get it off my chest *~* me *~*
Another Week And More Shows To Come!
Was it four weeks of DJing that just passed? Am I really on my 5th week of DJing now??? Wow!!!! It hardly seems that soooo much time as passed when I am having sooo much fun learning about the world of DJing. So many good things are happening. I am having musicians wanting me to air their music and I am soooo very happy to do so. I am all about the underdog and getting them some air time. I am also all about not necessarily playing the same songs that you will hear on all other radio stations. It might be a little bit of Indie music or a song that is sung by a well known singer or band that hasn't been played in quite some time. I have some bands giving me exclusivity to air their not yet released music as well. I am so excited that they have their faith in me, which makes me so much more excited to do my shows. Not this week, but next week, I am also looking forward to having a guest DJ on air with me. Can't wait until that happens. It'll be fun to have the com
Memory Trick Breaks Pc Encryption
Memory trick breaks PC encryption Because of their portability, laptops are particularly vulnerable Encrypted information held on a laptop is more vulnerable than previously thought, US research has shown. Scientists have shown that it is possible to recover the key that unscrambles data from a PC's memory. It was previously thought that data held in so-called "volatile memory" was only retained for a few seconds after the machine was switched off. But the team found that data including encryption keys could be held and retrieved for up to several minutes. "It was widely believed that when you cut the power to the computer that the information in the volatile memory would disappear, and what we found was that was not the case," Professor Edward Felten of the University of Princeton told BBC World Service's Digital Planet programme. Volatile memory is typically used in random access memory (RAM), which is used as temporary storage for programs and data when the
Gaza Conditions 'at 40-year Low'
Gaza conditions 'at 40-year low' The groups say a battered, starved Gaza cannot be a peace partner Conditions in Gaza Gaza's humanitarian situation is at its worst since Israel occupied the territory in 1967, say UK-based human rights and development groups. They include Amnesty International, Save the Children, Cafod, Care International and Christian Aid. They criticise Israel's blockade on Gaza as illegal collective punishment which fails to deliver security. Israel says its military action and other measures are lawful and needed to stop rocket attacks from Gaza. Israel pulled its troops and settlers out of the Gaza Strip in 2005, but retains control over Gaza's airspace and coastline, and over its own border with the territory. Click here to for an enlarged map of the Gaza Strip It tightened its blockade in January amid a surge in rocket attacks by Palestinian militants in Gaza. Israel's Defence Ministry rejected the criticism in the report
Burrell Refuses Return To Inquest
Burrell refuses return to inquest Paul Burrell says he has no plans to be in the UK in the near future Former royal butler Paul Burrell has refused to return to the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. He had been asked to explain discrepancies between his evidence and comments reported in the Sun newspaper. In a video recording obtained by the Sun, Mr Burrell apparently claims he introduced "red herrings" during his evidence and held back facts. The coroner said he cannot compel him to give evidence because he is outside the court's jurisdiction in the US. Lord Justice Scott Baker said in a statement: "The coroner asked him to give further evidence either in person or via videolink from abroad. "Mr Burrell has refused to do this and, as he is outside the court jurisdiction, the coroner has no power to compel him to give evidence." Further evidence from Mr Burrell will be read to the jury, the coroner said. His lawyers have said he did n
So the baby... should be arriving anytime this month. Going in for another ultrasound,cause the Doc said she seems to be getting a bit big.And they wanna make sure she has enough fluid still.If shes getting bigger then 8lbs,they'll induce me. Which is exciting.but makes me even more nervous. But i know shes gonna be a big baby. I can feel it with the extra 45 pounds. Alrighty. Well goodnight.
Revised Id Cards Plans Unveiled
Revised ID cards plans unveiled Critics say the cards are unlikely to prevent future terrorist attacks The government is to unveil a rethink of its identity scheme - including allowing people to use new "biometric" passports as ID cards. The introduction of the new passports will be delayed from 2010 to 2012, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will say. And instead of being made to get identity cards at the same time, applicants will be able to use their passports to prove who they are. Critics accused Ms Smith of trying to introduce ID cards by stealth. And the home secretary stressed the new timetable she is announcing in a speech later did not mean the scheme had been shelved. She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme she wanted to "speed up" up the introduction of the cards by making them compulsory for some groups at an earlier stage. 'Public acceptance' Non-EU nationals will be issued with compulsory ID cards this year, airport baggage handlers and people
You Are Screwed (must Read)
America the free? You work hard, pay taxes obey the law, do it just b/c you are told to. But seriously have you ever considered looking into the f'in government that calls itself "free" or a "democracy" that is here to protect you. Here is the TRUTH: The government is set up to make you believe all this.. all of it is a big fat lie. They feed you whatever they want, they make you pay taxes on the little bit of money you make..when there is NOT even a law requiring you to pay income taxes. Show me the law? These are just a few examples what your government thinks about you: "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy" Henry Kissinger Council of Foreign Relations Senate bill 1873 allows the government to vaccinate you with untested vaccines against your will Executive order 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision. The FDA says Americans do not have a right to know which food
this guy is a loser he is abusive if you dont tell him your height and weight this is what a friend had to put up with patrickbush12: u serious;y have some probelm well byebey then if ur afraid to tell someone how much u weigh patrickbush12: leach hahaha ur a funny bitch patrickbush12: go fuck ur self and leave me alone then bitch nasty fuck my friend blade is lovely and no one should be subjected to that the guy needs to have lessons in how to be nice and have some respect what do you all think I THINK I AM GONNA HUNT THE BITCH DOWN AND FUCK HIS FACE patrickbush12@ fubar
Much Ado About Everything?
A book was written a century ago called "The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals", by E.P. Evans. I kid you not. I am serious as a heart attack. Before you sink into the abyss of animal husbandry, the book laid forth a phenomenon that we would laugh at today. In olden days......older then most of us....the people had unusual responses to injuries. If someone fell over a rock and died or a child was run over by a wild boar. They didn't die in vain. The surviving people took ACTION!! The killer rock was most likely broken down into gravel and the boar would be hung. Leave it to Ye Old Peeps. They certainly knew how to take care of their own. These days we call an attorney and we would sue the rock and the boar and all their relatives for their life sustenance. You may think I am digressing at this point. But not really. Cole Hall, at Northern Illinois University, where the Feb. 14 killing of some NIU students occurred, has been scheduled for demolition
Updated 7/20/08
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What A Hug???
Hey guys If you want to chat with me and not in this silly little shout box click the avatar below ( thats me) and it will take you to my home page of a really cool messenger site (totally different then yahoo or msn or aim ) so come join me i'll give you a hug.... . I just had to the bed was calling me ....
The Sound Of Goodbye
Sometimes the sound of goodbye Is louder than any heartbeat Every face I see is cold as ice everything I touch is pale Ever since I lost imagination Like a stream that flows into the sea I am lost for all eternity Ever since you took your love away from me Sometimes the sound of goodbye Is louder than any drumbeat
All 4 One - I Swear
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u can c more of me on search for fat katt and u will c
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I was passed out on a couch, but I think I heard 2 gunshots outside. WTF
Find A New Love......
Why do you allow her to treat you like that? Blocking the verbal punches from the front, while I have to remove the knife from your back, I apologize for my words, but I feel I must be blunt. Your heart is not her chalk board, to cherish and write her name on, only when she chooses, or when she is bored, time for you to take your heart back and move on. No need to look back to that mess she created, it was lies and deceit, that was in your arms, not the woman that at first you had dated, now you know she only laughs when causing you harm. Her friends they lie to you as well, they are no better than her at all, she has been putting you through a private hell, now babe it's time for you to be the one to walk tall. With a heart as big as any I have seen, please make a smart choice today, make the decision to walk away, just leave, it is time for things to go your way. You deserve to be loved, you deserve to be respected, you deserve to have true kisses and
Tlc Unpretty That Is How I Feel Like I Amunpretty
Fu Relationship
Ok so here is the question....Why do people announce that they are fu engaged or fu married to someone if they are still interested in meeting new ppl and trying to meet these new ppl in real life?? It's usually all the same: two ppl like each other and live very far away from one another and usually have and won't ever meet... I just don't understand that!!! It doesn't make any sense to me!! I mean do what u want but it's just doesn't mean anything to anyone!!!! or does it???? Am I alone? Do u feel the same way I do? Tell me how u feel about these fake fu engagements and fu marriages.. I am very interested to see what other ppl think!! ****Please leave me a comment**** and if u have a fu engagement or fu marriage announced on ur page...Please tell me why!!! Thanks so much, Tracy **** Please don't forget to rate this blog****
Tlc - Waterfalls (1995)
Tlc-no Scrubs
Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel
Khia - My Neck My Back
Monica & Brandy - The Boy Is Mine
A New Beginning
Today, I was reaquainted with my sister. Now, I haven't seen her in 15 years, and before that I can recall seeing her maybe 5 times. I don't know her, but I want to. She came here to my house, and I know that had to be a pretty scary thing to do. Not knowing what or who to expect to be here on the other side of my door. That told me that maybe she really has changed, why else would she take the risk? Our Mom passed away in April and she is just now finding this out, through no fault of my own. I tried for weeks to find her, and I left messages with everyone I could think of to let her know. I braced myself for her arrival at the funeral, but she didn't come. Now I guess I know why. The reunion all started when she got an urge to find me, and acted on it. Now, it would be easy to say that it's coincidence, but is it really? My faith prevents me from believing such things. I know my Mom was completely instrumental in this. How do I know? Simple. I had a whole lifetime of pent up anger to
Buckcherry Sorry Music Video Tribute To Brett Favre
STATEMENT FROM PACKERS GENERAL MANAGER TED THOMPSON: Brett Favre has informed us of his intention to retire from the Green Bay Packers and the NFL. He has had one of the greatest careers in the history of the National Football League, and he is able to walk away from the game on his own terms - not many players are able to do that. The Packers owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. He has given Packers fans 16 years of wonderful memories, a Super Bowl championship among them, that will live on forever. Brett's many accomplishments on the field are legendary. He leaves the game holding virtually every career passing record, plus his consecutive starts streak, which may never be duplicated. The uniqueness of Brett Favre - his personality, charisma and love of the game - undoubtedly will leave him as one of the enduring figures in NFL history. Favre To Address Media Thursday; Watch Live On Retired Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre will discuss the decisio
Ok so here latley I haven't been able to get on fubar as often as I did ... I just wanted to do this blog to let everyone kno that I am NOT just ignoring you !! lol ... As we ALL kno ... Pixie [[Thats me !!]] Is a point whore ... :P So yes I do stay logged in 95% of the time and not really here ... But I promise I have nbot forgotten you !! But most of you that this blog is directed to ... all kno that I had a car wreck that totaled my car out so I was stuck at home for almost 2 weeks straight !! Now that I have another car ... I have to get my life back !! I will still be checkin in on everyone, however I will not be at my desk as often as I once was !! I just thought that I would let you all know that I honestly haven't forgot you !! I am working on getting back on track with my job and school [[hopefully]] and alot of running I missed out on !! But those of you who kno me kno that if u leave me love I am going to return it ... REGUARDLESS of how late I am doing so !! Much love
My Wife My Hero!!
I know that many say, how can your wife be your hero? She is because She is brave and she can handle anything you throw at her in the most difficult times she has been my rock. even when I had doubts about wheater I was worthy of her and of our kids she gave me the courage to believe in myself. I LOVE my beautiful Angel!! She is my hero!!
ok i thought i would just get on here and vent, today is the one day that i truely hate, today i turn 24, but is it just me or is it that you only have 4 great memberable birthdays in your life your first, 16th 18th and 21st, and after that 21st and you get older and not only do you feel it you realize it too, and you think back to when you was 16 18 21 and you think about then and where you thought you would be by this time, and you realize that you are no where close, like when i was 16 i thought by now i would be working at a nice computer place, and have my own office would have graduated college, and here i am always on the look for the next best job, still not knowing what i want to do for the next 20 years, by this time most people are either in that job or well on their way. i mean yea i am getting ready to go back in the military for at least four years but who know, knees might give on me again, or i might be 6 ft under within those next 4 years because i dont know if its a
Now Im Just Pissed!!
RIGHT THIS dude ims me and blah blah starts talking to me.....And he ask me if im single i say yes..he ask why i said cuz men are pigs? im not over my fiance and i havent found the right guy...And he gets all butt hurt...And im bout to insult the marines but remeber i respect you..I said god you cry like a marine i think u joined the wrong branch...hes in the army ..he replied with this ArmyGuard82: just remember who is fighting for our country, it does hurt to know that you have no appreciation to anyone in the service TELL ME IS HE NOT THE WORDS BIGGEST DUMBASS? i dont apperciate the armed forces.....Fuck that my family has served this country for 200+ years......But i dont apperciate the man i loved more then life itself BLOOD SPILLED in iraq...i dont appericate my freedom being free at the cost of the men and women who serve this country! ARMY/AIR FORCE/NAVY/COAST GUARD/MARIES THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!
I'm starving, but really don't feel like drivin anywhere at this time to get food. Grrr
Just wanted to say I'm excited to have a chance to totally change my life this summer... the interesting thing is last summer I had my tarot cards read and the reader did say I would be making this change...I had no idea and had even forgotten... This will be a total change for myself and my family .
Thursday Opie And Anthony Links: Geraldo Rivera Live, Gbenga Akinnagbe And Isiah Whitlock Jr From The Wire, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Old School O&a, An
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony and the Tax Man online Now!!) Jim Norton's Got TEN CD's Worth Of Material online - order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! Li'l Jimmy's also doing a li'l comedy tour, and you can see him in YOUR town if you get your tickets now! Today on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram we welcome the one and only Geraldo Rivera to the hot seat. He's sure to have fun... or heave a chair at someone...maybe. We also continue our droolfest over from Opie and Jimmy's favorite show, THE WIRE because we're hanging with Gbenga Akinnagbe and Isiah Whitlock Jr, who play Chris Partlow and Sentator Clayton "Clay" Davis respectively. Remember, if you want to see any of these real
I Cost$160.50!!!
All right, so I know these things are silly, but honestly...what else do we have to do with our time? Here's the deal. You look over the following list and see how many of these things you have done. Add up the "fines" along the way. Then post the amount that you owe as the title of the blog or bulletin. PS: the smaller the better! 1. Had sex: $10.00 2. Smoked: $10.00 3. drank: $5.00 4. Went skinny dipping: $10.00 5. Kissed someone of the opposite sex: $1.00 6. Kissed someone of the same sex: $5.00 7. Cheated on a test: $7.00 8. Fell asleep in class: $5.00 9. Been expelled: $10.00 10. Been in a fist fight: $10.00 11. Given oral: $10.00 12. Got oral: $10.00 13. Prank called the cops: $10.00 14. Stole something: $10.00 15. Done drugs: $10.00 16.Dyed your hair: $5.00 17. Done something with someone older (like a few years): $10.00. 18. Went out with someone OVER 18 (if your under 18): $10.00 19. Ate a whole bag of Oreos: $10.00 20. Cried yourself to sleep: $0.50 21.
Goodbye Fargo
well, for all three people out there who i actually talk to on here from my hometown, i m off to college in minot on monday. surprisingly, i think for all the boring shit fargo has to do, i m gonna miss it. well, see ya in 4 years, and for god sakes, someone can take a road trip up ta see me. peace out fargo
Beef Or Chicken Fajitas
1 tablespoon vegetable oil 2 small red or green bell peppers, cut into strips 1 small onion, sliced 3 large cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 pound extra-lean beef sirloin or boneless, skinless chicken breast meat, cut into 2-inch strips 1 1/4 teaspoons ground cumin 1 teaspoon chili powder 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup bottled chunky salsa 4 (6-inch) fajita-size reduced-fat flour tortillas, warmed Light sour cream, chopped fresh cilantro and lime wedges (optional) HEAT oil in large, nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add bell peppers, onion and garlic; cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 to 6 minutes or until onion is slightly golden and peppers are tender. STIR in beef or chicken, cumin, chili powder and salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 7 to 8 minutes or until meat is no longer pink. Stir in salsa; heat through. SERVE in tortillas; top with sour cream, cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice. Serving Size: 4
Angel Hair Pasta With Lemon And Chicken
1 package (9 ounces) BUITONI Refrigerated Angel Hair Pasta 1 1/2 cups cooked diced chicken 1/3 cup butter, melted 2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley or 1 teaspoon dried parsley 1/4 teaspoon marjoram 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder PREPARE pasta according to package directions. TOSS pasta with chicken, butter, lemon juice, parsley, marjoram and garlic powder. Season with salt and ground black pepper, if desired. Serving Size: 4
Beef Penne Pasta Casserole
1 pound dried penne pasta, prepared according to package directions 8 ounces lean ground beef 1 small onion, chopped 2 cups water 2 cans (6 ounces each) Italian tomato paste 1/3 cup red wine or water 1 tablespoon MAGGI Instant Beef Flavor Bouillon 2 cups (8 ounces) shredded Monterey Jack cheese PREHEAT oven to 350° F. COOK beef and onion in large saucepan, stirring occasionally, until beef is no longer pink. Add water, tomato paste, wine and bouillon; cook, stirring occasionally, for 10 to 15 minutes or until flavors are blended. LAYER ingredients as follows in ungreased 13 x 9-inch baking dish: 1/2 pasta, 1/2 sauce and 1/2 cheese. Repeat layers; cover. BAKE for 20 to 25 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted. Season with salt. FOR FREEZE AHEAD: PREPARE as above; do not bake. Cover; freeze for up to 2 months. Thaw overnight in refrigerator. PREHEAT oven to 350° F. BAKE for 45 to 55 minutes or until heated thro
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - more commonly known as simply OCD. Whether provoked by boredom, the fact that it is nearly two in the morning, or a combination of both...I have decided to list here all of my "quirks", or "ticks" that are part of my particular case of OCD...the majority of which have to do with even numbers and general even-ness...I know, fun fun 1. Constantly checking and re-checking that the door is locked at night...and the need to touch the lock an even number of times. 2. Constantly checking and re-checking that the alarm is set and on...and the need to push the set button an even number of times. 3. The need to eat popcorn, candy, chips, etc. two at a time in order to assure that I am eating an even number. 4. Eating any multi-colored snack (M&Ms, Fruit Loops, etc.) two same colored pieces at a time...if there is only one of any color left over, I will not eat it. 5. If I touch a wet object (such as a soda can or steamed up mir
Dragon's Breath
Come Join The Fun and Games in the ~Dragon's Breath Lounge!!!! We have lots of fun!
Why do i feel like dieing? its just that i just want to give up and not try anymore. I sit,stand,walk, and pace all day and think do keep tring or just lie done and just let time and the reaper take me? oh well tell me what you think.
Happy Birthday!!
March 6, 1947 that's the day she was born. Maureen Kerri Fitzgerald. There were four girls and one boy. She being the oldest. Today is her 61st Birthday. She had Three children I being the youngest, the baby. I have two older brothers. She worked hard to raise us right. Honest, giving, thoughtful of others. She has six grand children, three boys and three girls. March 13th 2000 We lost mom today. In all the years of my life I could never remember the day my mother was born. Now I can, because she died exactly one week after her birthday. She was watching my girls up until she went to the hospital, always doing for others. March 17 2000. St Patty's Day, the day we lay my mom to rest. We are of Irish descent.Ironic, coincidence, or a sign. To lay her to rest on this day means something. My oldest brother and I are going to see her today. It'll be the first time I've been in over five years. We Miss You HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!
Belly Dancing
The reason I am posting this in here is well because in April I will be starting my belly dancing classes an I am very excited about it an wanted to share with you all!
Sperm Donor
My dad has found a coupon for Vodka in my name, back from the times when there was no food in Russia and everythin was rationed off. Oh, the good ole times when I ate cardboard.
Help Me Win The War!
Help me win the STALKER WAR to prove I am the best stalker. Leave my #3 girl "Mullet Hunter" this or another 1 of these comment: "Trinket is watching you & says your running low on milk" "Trinket isn't a stalker she's devoted" "Trinkets wondering when you wil panic & give in" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you so much for your help :D
Wild Woman #me
I am an insomniac by genetics. I can think of much worse to be dealt by the chromosome genie (
Tips, Bums And Bologna.
Guy came in to get a $7.50 facial and left me a $30 tip. *POPS COLLA* --------------------------------------------- Lunch time. ReL + friends head on over to little mexican place. Orders food. Waiting for food. Homeless guy comes in. Begs guy by window for a dollar. Tells some ridiculous story about bologna. Begs lady standing next to me. Same story about bologna. Taps me on shoulder. "Can you help me out? I have bread and mustard. I just need money for some bologna." ReL reaches in pocket, pulls out dollar. Bum: "I owe you! I owe you big! I'll pay you back!" ReL: "How the hell you gonna pay me back? You gonna beg someone else to give me back my dollar?" Bum walks up to next victim. ReL walks up to counter, asks for application. ReL hands application to bum... ReL: "Here. I solved your bologna problem." Walks out. ReL
Why My Advice?
You know what I don't get is, I have always thought that I didn't give good advise but I have people especially this one person always telling me there stories and stuff n wanting me to give them my advise and talk to them to cheer them up? Im not saying i dont like that but i mean why my advise do i give good advise do i cheer people up, and why about 4 times a week i gotta do it im getting kinda bored with it im kinda wanting it to stop but not fully i hope that dont sound rude but i just dont wanna have to spend my time always cheering people up and stuff i got things bothering me at times and i cant really be giving advise and stuff when im not feeling that happy myself at times. but then again it makes me forget bout my un happy times becuz im thinking of theres and how to make them happy.
Wanted Exclusive TrailerAdd to My Profile | More Videos Hell i wanna see this fucking movie.
Vip Or Blast
Hi All These friends need your help they have entered a giveway for a 1 Month VIP or 7 Day Blast. They each need 10,000 comments to get the gift. No time limit, all I ask is that you Fan, Add & Rate me as do the friends who leave you comments. BOMBING YOURSELF ALSO HELPS 'Pen!sFlyTrap [Shadow Levelers]' Karen aka '~{Owner of The Helping Hands Club ~ Karen878806 R/F/A/Bling Me ~ Shadow Levelers ~}'' Jessica aka 'cherokee_babe1988 R/F/A me~~ ClubMystic' Zachary Jackson II aka 'BigDaddyZach2004(Wolves of Wiccan Society)'
About My Son
I've had a decent amount of people ask me about my son. So I figured blogging it and referring people to it would be one hell of a lot easier than repeating myself twenty times. Yes, I had a baby when I was 19 years old. No, he was in no way an accident. The condom didn't break, I didn't forget my pill. We intentionally got pregnant. Because when I first started seeing a gyno, he told me my uterus was unusually scarred. When I turned 18, I went to a specialist about it. He told me if I waited until 25 like I had wanted before trying to concieve, the odds would not at all be in my favor. It was important to us to be parents. So we started trying to concieve that same week. I had three miscarriages before I finally carried a baby to term and had our son, Liam. I had severe morning sickness, but I was as well nurished as I could get with that diagnosis. I did not smoke (I don't smoke period, actually) or drink or use drugs while pregnant. Liam was born with congenital cataracts. He
Kma Radio.. Check This Out!!
THIS SITE ROCKS!! LIVE INTERNET RADIO. This is a rocking radio site it has live dj's and a shout box to chat and send out your request for songs to hear. thanks for the invite DJ_W0RD!! YOU ROCK!!
cix and cool
I would kill to be in bed, but damn graveyard shift...
I'm Never Going To Complain About The Aches N Pains Of Chemo Again....
Why you ask ....well you must be curious your reading my blog my last blog I was telling the great news that my liver is clear and that is still wonderful news in my heart...I also mentioned that I had a wisdom tooth pulled (not fun) and so my chemo was delayed a week I truly believe God was looking after me....I have just suffered a rotten I repeat rotten flu bug that did me in and every bone hurt,not ached but bloody hurt and I couldn't even keep water down...I had a high fever. I'm sure any of you who have had any dealings with cancer yourself or a friend or loved one knows that it is not good to have a fever let alone a flu... you generally end up in hospital hooked up to an IV yuk yuk double yuk but as I had a weeks grace of chemo my blood counts were fine and I was aloud to be a typical whiny normal person....I'm on the mend but not a 100% so chemo is delayed one more week...So as I said no more complaining that chemo is like a flu bug...I'll suck in up and take like a
Hopes And Dreams
Well, right now I'm siting here in sunny Texas. Its nice, but I'm starting to miss home. I miss my sister and brother in law, my niece and two nephews, and my friends. Granted I'm going to be moving to Virginia in not too long a time, but at least I would be able to spend time with them and my moving would be planned. I hadn't planned on coming down to Texas. I've been here for over three weeks now and I've been down here way too long. It took us 200.00 to get down here, but I want to have at least 250.00 to get back home on. I haven't been able to come up with the money, so hopefully I can get something figured out. I'm going insane w/o a phone and smokeage. It really sucks, but I'm trying to manage. Also, I'm in high hopes that when I move to Virginia, that the man of my dreams will feel the same way I do. I truely believe this man is my soulmate. He has always been the one I run to when things get rough. He has always been there to pick up the pieces when everything has gone wrong a
1 Am.
*props feet up on desk* So. I am going to already assume that people may actually read this. Probably a foolish assumption, but I am thinking there are those on here who are as bored as I am. After reading mumm after mumm of those who are in shitty relationships, have no idea what to do with their lives, and the stupid questions that people ask in order to get points, I find myself wanting to write a blog. Why do people conform to what others want them to be? Why do they try so damn hard to fit in with the 'in crowd?' It's the desperation to look cool and sound like a fucking bitch or asshole that astounds me. Oh yeah, we are going to think you are so wonderfully cool just because you bash others with your surprising wit and charm. *insert rolling eyes here* Of course, there are those who probably do. They probably fall down and worship you... or should I say fu-worship you? Eh whatever, I have more pressing issues in my real life that to really care about most of t
Auction -own Me
Runs from 03/05/08 till 03/15/08 (est) Link - click Pic Dont forget to leave a rate when you go check out what is being offered.
Jeff Healy-3-25-66...3-2-08
"Never rub another mans rubarb"
Healing With Hurt ...
Pain is a fact of being and one that permeates all of our lives to some degree. Since the hurt we feel may be a part of the experiences that have touched us most deeply, we are often loathe to let it go. It is frequently easier to keep our pain at our sides, where it acts as a shield that shelters us from others and gives us an identity-that of victim-from which we can draw bitter strength. However, pain's universality can also empower us to use our hurt to help others heal. Since no pain is any greater or more profound than any other, what you feel can give you the ability to help bring about the recovery of individuals whose hurts are both similar to and vastly different from your own. You can channel your pain into transformative and healing love that aids you in helping individuals on a one-to-one basis and spreading a tide of curative energy throughout the world. The capacity to heal others evolves naturally within those who are ready to disassociate themselves from their iden
Real Men.
Some people might find this offensive. owell this is my views and my life. Those who know me. know I go on dates usually twice a week.. and I have a bunch of beautiful women too choose from. The women I date normally have fun and enjoy spending time with me. and usually want to go on more and more dates.. and then they want more time, and more sex. ect ect.. it has nothing to do with my looks.. it has nothing to do with my money.. it has nothing to do with the fact I play drums. its all about being a real man! and not some wimp pussy boy! if I want to talk to a girl, I walk up and talk! if she with a guy or not! what's the worse that can happen?(if her bf gets upset smack him around) if I want a phone # I ask her for it,, if she hesitates in anyway except to find a pen, ,I tell her forget it. and leave. and go talk to someone else! if I think she's sexy, ill say "hey i'm not sure why, but I find you sexy!" if I want to spend time with a woman, I ask her
The Happiness Factor
I was watching Cnbc and there was a piece on happiness and health.. as of right now in the US they said. "Men are more Happy then Women these days." Then some doctor explained. "most women walk through There life filled with Worrie,frustration,gloom,dispare,and heart ache in there youth. then a viscious cycle of depression sets in by age 25. and remains with them for the rest of there lives." He continued to explain. Even thoe we see women every day laughing and having fun, the reality is that most women are just putting up a fasade in order to be socialy accepted by her peers and not truly enjoying herself. and if givin the time to be alone for a wile will slip back into depression and cry herself to sleep at night. Wow! I find this to be true alot during my nights out. I always see women sitting with freinds and they have this im so bored,I wish I was dead look about them. When there not activly talking or laughing. I even see this in guys faces too when
Tie Me Up
Tie me up but don't tie me down I don't want to wreck this thing I have found Put your hands around my neck squeeze a little now work your way down to my middle a little more and stay make me scream for more do what you will even call me your little wh*re for I will be still until I feel what your given to me Tie me up baby but don't ever tie me down for I don't want to wreck this thing I have found
Cindy The Tease. Lol
About a month ago,I was on a date with Cindy a lil 23yo 5'5 chunky blonde with sparklin blue eyes and a nice figure. well the date was going great. we danced and laughed and drank a bunch,She was getting real friendly rubbing my back n stuff,and I told her dont start somthing you wont finish. She just giggled at me and jumped in my lap and started making out with me. ok now shes got me all hot and bothered, so i ask her to leave and go to my house so we can be alone. she agrees and we climb in our vehicles and she follows me.. now on the way there,,im thinking ,,ok i got condoms, the red wine in the fridge,along with some kiwi and strawberrys. i'll turn the fireplace on, with some slow jams and dim the lights. and give her a great warm oil body massage. and let nature take its course,,nice sweet and romantic. in the morning ill cook her breakfast. this will be awsome..and im excited. so we pull in the driveway, I get out but she remains in her I walk over and a
Love Making For 1
Half dressed in the dark beside you in the bed getting hot needing you is something my body screams making love to myself is an impatient tease smelling sex wakes you up wanting or not you stiff enough grabbing at me making yourself known but I'm already done what you want you can do on your own.
A Womens Beauty & Power
The illusion of a womens beauty / power universally men have week mindsets, when it comes to dealing with hot women. this is from years of social programing and hormones. hence: aproach anxioty & low self esteem nerviousness. or just being blinded by lust and acting her fool. and some women prey on men like this,,using there sexuality or hot looks as there main weapon. and after dating some of these so called hotties through the years myself.. I now often laugh at women who dress and act like this. because i realize its just there pityful atempt to validate themselfs in society today.and there trapped in the illusion of beauty themselfs. instead of spending an hour every day to make themselfs look bueatiful,,they should concentrate on making themselfs a more beautiful person inside. because no matter how good she looks on the outside , the fact remains that her pussy is no better then the average girls next door. and believe it or not some of the most hottest wome
One Week Vacation
Dear friend, I will be out of fubar for one week start from today, going vacation to France, hope all of you have a happy weekend Kisses
Lingering in the moment, lost in your eyes, Content, I cherish the sweet surprise. Kissing tongues tangle, making me ache, No longer can I wait, for you to take. Laying back, I plead without words, As if hidden lips could somehow be heard, Raising hips high to greet your stare, Hoping to speak to some part of you aware. I Beckon please enter with no hesitation, Yet you stand firm, with no reservation, Taunting me, teasing me, grin on your face, Admiring how you've put me in place. Then suddenly, you grant relief, Knowing now I must have peace. Penetrating with your pride, Charging, you thrust deep inside. Planting feet upon your chest, To brace us both, I do my best, Not to scream loud like before, When places reached cut to the core. Wondering if you're hurting me, You ease mo-men-tar-ily, Slowing, then come "please-don't-stop" pleas, Whimpering I'm at your mercy. Back in our entrancing dance, I catch your e
Cherrie Busters
I got this email from my friend ken,,hes like 22 yo and in the email he was bragging about how he busted shannons (19 yo) cherry last nite. I pesonaly know shannon and watched her grow up. so it concerned me a little that he was braging about it,,so i wrote him back the following email. hey ken. well good job I guess. I hope you made it a little special for her thou! I’ve only got one thing to say about the whole busting cherries thing.. when im out on dates with women. one of the things I like to ask is.. do you remember your first time? most of the time I get this answer.. I was drunk and stupid one night ,he was cute and I thought he really liked me ,and of course I never seen the asshole again! and I can always see the hurt and despair in there face. like they were robbed of there most prized possession. or there one special moment in life. sometimes they even cry a bit wile remembering it. I’ve got nothing against busting virgins, but you a
Angel Eyes!!
Fuck Yea!!!!!!!!!
Touch the Darkness
Wake Up And Smell The Pherimones
that fact that women are alot bolder today throws me off every time. im getting aproached and hit on everyday! but i dont realize or see it untill its too late. example 1 sitting at mr heros eating.. cute lil table washer girl aproaches me. her: hey,havent i seen you before???? me:I dont think so. this is my first time at this place.. her: oh ok ,you look like that cute guy that was in here last nite.(smilling) me: well it wasnt me. her: just thought id ask.. then she huffs and sighs and walks into the other room.. it dosent dawn on me that she was hitting on me untill an hour later. im so stupid & blind somtimes example 2 checkcash at the bar.. i normaly never cash my paycheck at a bar but one time i did. i walk in take a seat at the bar. me: hi,let me have a millerhighlife and a order of nachos. her: sure dear comming right up. (she gathers the items) 4.25 sweety. me: (i pay her) hey do guys cash payrole checks here? her: sure do! is it signed? me
1st Blog
hey everybody, this is my first blog as you can tell. i'm still really new to the site so i'm at that annoying stage where i have to learn everything..well, i might as well blog about my day. ::cracks knuckles:: here we go, today had a interesting start. i woke p at my friends ryans house where i crashed the night before. i hung out with him til around 2:30 er so. we're working on putting up some sites for you all to visit. one is already up and running. its called it is a site that criticizes movies that we usually pick out of the cheap movie bin from walmart...but i am not here to advertise, so i will tell you about the rest of my day. later my girlfriend sarah picked me up (since i don't drive due to a suspended license) and we went to the mall and shopped around for a while. she picked up some hot pants and a pair of shoes. later we went over to her parents house to do her taxes...well, she did her taxes, i just kinda watched tv. later we went out for coffee and a good
It’s funny sometimes, how we learn things. I was in a class over the past week for 6 days. It was an interesting class, and actually made me think about some stuff. Heck, I even learned some stuff about myself. I was in the US Army Equal Opportunity Leader’s Course. It is a 6 day, 60 hour course. Makes for a long day when you get up for PT at 0400, and get back to your room at after 1800, and then still have homework to do, and your normal stuff like cleaning, checking email, calling home, etc..etc..etc.. During the course, we covered a lot of stuff. One of the areas I learned a lot, was in our self evaluations. It was an ongoing process through the course, but it made me think a lot on where some of my values came from. I also learned during our recognizing sexism and racism that I have some tendencies which I have to address. Those will be dealt with first in this, then the values part of it. Racism. I learned that I do have racist tendencies. But, so does 95% o
Painting My Feelings
I went to a site called and answered questions to generate me a painting of how I feel: Click here to create your own painting.
Bar Hopping 10-06-07
So tonight I went out, and did some bar hopping. started off the night at creos lounge. It was a the first time I ever been there. I stopped there, because the band is a bunch of local guys whom im friends with. and they invited me out. I walk in its about 10:30 or so and the band just finished there first set. so they run up to me and say hi and waz up. then ask me if I would set in and jam with them. I replied no thanks guys im here to chill and listen to you and have a few beers. so I go grab a stool at a table and order my miller lite. the bar maid brings my beer and after paying her she leans in and sniffs me.. and says ummmmm you smell good, what is that? im a little weirded out by the whole sniffing me thing. but I play along being the quick witted guy I am.. and I tell her "im not wearing anything, but I did leave the house tonight with a hard on, I just didn’t think anyone could smell it. she blushed and laughed and turned 3 different shades of red. and th
Touch the Darkness
Sex Story #8 Fantasy
Torn With Love
This past week I have been asked numerous things of myself. Being a single mom and havin this site as a vent place you could say I have chosen to write a blog about my directions. I know in the past I have hurt people but this time the tables were turned on me. I was hurt very deeply but understand why when I am able to sit back and see what was happening. I choose to meet someone off of here and see what would happen between us he wasn't the first I have met from here though. In the past they have been controlling, liars, judgemental, and this time he was perfect gentlemen. I decided to choose a major decision for him this weekend. I needed to let go and still am letting go on the matter actually. He has to find where is heart and soul lie for him. I make this promise to him that I am here to pick up any pieces and say goodbye if need be also. I have chosen to stay on the site mainly cuz I have great friends and can also have some good fun with some of them also. Please know I
Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!
Touch the Darkness
Alone With My Shadow
Consume the wind of last breathes peace entangle the dove of sweet release sun scattered kisses within sweet dark authentic designs of a walk in the park alone..... centered around a souls disgrace bruises remain upon his face shameless he lurks along a stone wall onlookers stare, watching him fall alone.... rising again to another guilt walk hearing judger's whisper and talk tattered, confused, barely awake turning back, assuming he breaks alone.... alive and well becomes his light sharing one spirits wings of night nothing can break his zest for life except the silver war torn knife held by his shadow standing alone
Very Nice....
Touch the Darkness
Tease And Please. Part 2
Hey, I have a lot of respect for all my brothers who like to eat pussy because there are too few of us out there. And I'm sure most woman would agree too. Anyway some of you guys got mad from my last blog,and sent me emails shouting "Hey WTF I DO Eat her pussy!" Well all i can say is "Some of you ,who are giving it the old college try,are not doing too well, and thats why you have gf trouble,,so maybe this little lesson will help you out. Because When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare dude and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. (trust me on this one) So, remember, most guys can fuck, and most can usually do it satisfactorily, but the guy who gives good head, he's got it made in the shade. Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's goin
The Best Kind Of Friend...
The Best Kind Of Friend… Is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, Never say a word, and then walk away Feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, But it's also true that we don't know What we've been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love Is never an assurance that they'll love you back! Don't expect love in return; Just wait for it to grow in their heart But if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, An hour to like someone, And a day to love someone, But it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile Because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. May you have Enough happiness to make you sweet, Enough trials to make you strong,
Tease And Please.
Ok last nite, a few guys kept asking me stupid questions. like: bryan :"my girl dosent get off! and i dont understand why???" tom :" how come,,when i get with a women its fine untill we have sex,then she leaves my ass" dale: "my girlfriend is ready to leave me,because she says theres no passion,what can i do??" So here you go guys. in my opinion Your not teasing her enough! Also your not building up,hot passion within her! You guys are just jumping on top of your women and getting your rocks off and then going to sleep! Basicly i believe making a women cum is like building a fire! It takes alot of lil sparks(tingles) before she ignites! and explodes into a flaming fury! So first of you need to set the mood! Be warm,be gentel,and be romantic my friends, kiss her with passion,massage her for awile ,,and for christ sakes dont be afraid to do a lil muff diving! shesh! The toughest part of diving for me... Well it has to do with cleanliness, otherwise guys y
Stalker Count
Frozen_Trinket- 20 Mullet Hunter- 9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I in the lead with 20 "Stalker" comment posted by another. And Mullet Hunter with 9
Tank Almost Empty
The tank is almost empty The car is clean and tuned The car runs smoothly But all is not as it seems The tank is close to empty The gauge has made that clear Each curve and rise are mastered But all is not as it seems The tank is close to empty Gas stations are open but you drive past The car runs smoothly I know I cannot last All is not as it seems The tank is almost empty That fact is crystal clear But the car runs so smoothly Gears shifting, brakes braking Cool from air conditioning But the tank is almost empty as we coast past another station out into the landscape each curve and rise easy driving But all is not as it seems You are driving The car is mine I say Time to tank up You say nothing You ignore my words ignore the gauge But it's time to tank up before we
Do I Need The Hook?
do I need the hook of potential rejection to still my critical eye? do I need the lure of uncertain reception to ensure I don't pass you by? do I need a hood over happiness to light my fire? do I need a cloud more than a silver lining to stir my desire? do I need your gaze to say, maybe at best to tempt my love to arise? do I need the hook of potential rejection to exempt you from my critical eye? do I need distance to stave off my turning from this chance? or is this attraction just a passing phase is this attraction to someone who looks, pulls me near, withdraws bad luck a matter of timing the luck of the draw? I've had enough analysis to have broken old constraints I no longer feel paralysis or frozen with fear yet in the last analysis where have I got? am I an advertisement for what should nor happen with therapy for what inste
Age Difference
Age difference Ok ,,this blog is dedicated to a few of my buddies who seem to think a person's age makes some kind of big difference in a relationship.. Well in my opinion age doesn't mean squat!!,,ive been hit on by mature women (40+),and young girls (21+) and both have found me extremely exciting and fun to be with,and most of them wanted to keep me forever! The only problem lies in yourself as a man,,are you adaptable and flexible enough to provide a younger/older woman with what she needs and wants in a man! If so,,then age will never be an issue! OK Lets imagine an age scale for the average women. At 21 everything is new and exciting and she has a ton of energy to spend,she has allot of friends and values there opinion. She also has very lil responcibilty.she expects you as a man to be fun, exciting and to fit in with her friends and be accepted! At 30 she has responsibilities and set goals, she still has plenty of energy
Congrats Freaks! Woot!
WOW! You guys were awesome and really brought it home for me today! Congrats to those who won and Big Thanks to everyone else for all the effort! We will be having 2-3 mini contests per week so remember to watch for you FREAK SHOW BULLETINS and check my blogs regularly. You can perv my page as often as you like to make sure you aren't missing anything. So the WINNERS of the 1st FREAK SHOW MINI CONTEST are: For most rates: 1st~Karen with 180. She wins a 1 day blast from me and $50,000 FUBUCKS! 2nd~Pebbles with 133 (yah, the other one! haha). She wins $25,000 FUBUCKS! 3rd~Her World with 122. She wins $10,000 Fubucks! FREAK decided since so many thought comments counted as well and had been bombing the pic half the night that she would also throw in a 1 day blast for most comments. I decided well, if that's the case then, I will give the same FUBUCKS away also. SO... 1st~MattDeizel with 2810 comments. He's got guns folks. Don't go up against him in a bom
Sinfulyswttasten Is Only 8500 Away.
She needs a good spanking. SinfulySwtTasten~*~ DJ,PROMOTER AND OWNER OF "KEEP THE DRAMA FOR YA MAMMA~*~SHOUTBOX IS OFF@ fubar
Im Sad!!!
So my grandma died today and im really sad... anyone got any ideas to bring me outta this slump??? please share!!!
For Sale
Some of you have been asking me to let you see my NSFW's so I think I'll sell it then, with a few other thing to go with heres what i've got so far.. 1 mounth in family 1 mounth in top friends 10's on all pic,blogs and stashes Comments on all photos Owned by you for one month 1 NSFW photo link to your profile from mine for a month Bid over 500,000fb add: Email address 1 nsfw photo Any bid over 1,000,000 fb add 1 suprize gift you will get add on's for any and all extras (balst, VIP's, Est) you bid with the FBs Good luck .................................................biding starts at 50,000fb
Another Thing I Wrote
Abused Oh see her standing there her screams echo through dead air her dreams wonder around her mind soon to be lost with time an she says…. these scars show me for who I am Just another abused by the hand She’s living in the shadows Feeling so alone with no love for her at home Slowly slipping away She just can’t go through another day an she says…. these scars show me for who I am Just another abused by the hand Cause everything she did was Overlooked by what she couldn’t do
New Voice Chat
Found out there is a new voice chat on the block that might be worth checking out. There are two good things i have read about it, for those who have used teamspeak or ventrilo. well here we go. 1. Its got ventrilo quality from what i have read. 2. Servers are free for up to 200 users. Those two reasons alone make it worth checking out. But here is the other info. Features Free Voice Communication * Create multiple channels and subchannels * Pick from any of our 12 datacenters worldwide to host your voice server * Full moderation of your voice channel, including the ability to kick/ban users * Automatically save channel settings Friend Tracking and In-Game Chat * View status of your friends online, including information on games they are currently playing and what server they are on * Text or voice your friends instantly — even while playing most games! * Easily log conversations for future reference * Customize your GSC accou
A drug which induces a parody of heaven, leads into a biological counterpart of hell.
ME and my pointless thoughts
Oh No No No Yes Yes Yes! It Has Happen To Me Again! Check It Out!
New Improved Capsule Bulletin
Come check out the Hottest New lounge on Fubar THE TIME CAPSULE LOUNGE CLICK THE PIC TO JOIN (repost of original by 'Jim Carlson35"Owner of The Time Capsule Lounge"' on '2008-03-05 17:42:29') (repost of original by 'ღ DJ Black Widow ღ Head DJ & Co-Owner of SFS Radio~ DJ WhoKnow's Bitch ~' on '2008-03-05 21:04:20')
The Reality Of Fake
The Reality of Fake As of late, I've noticed a lot of women have decided to employ a phrase into their vocabulary, whether it be spoken, written, or on their MySpace page, which is the cool thing to do after all. That saying is "girls fake orgasms, boys fake romance." Normally, I'd say whatever to this, and pass it off as the garbage that it is. However, I've been somewhat nervous, somewhat anxious, and somewhat pissed off lately, so I am going to calm myself down with a good old-fashioned rant. While girls want to say boys fake romance, let's look at the numerous times women are the ones faking. Appearance. Women tend to have a very fake outward appearance, on a number of levels. They wear eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss, and some wear push-up bras, short skirts, and high heels. That's being fake enough right there. Your eyes aren't really that color, your complexion isn't really that clear, your lips really aren't that soft and subtle, your boobs aren't that big, firm, or perky, y
How To Become A Member!!!
Cyanide And Happiness Now Hiring!!!!! DJ's, Managers, Dancers, Cam Girls, Promoters And Greeters! Apply Within Click Me And CUM Play With Me
New Interracial Update To My Site
Gotta love mixin it up!! See what's new on my adult site!! This week's update includes an interracial cocksucking video and pic set!! I do love to indulge in different flavors so this is only the beginning of things!! yep, we just gettin warmed up in this set ;) make sure to join now so you can cum enjoy the fun with me!! over 2600 pics and hardcore videos! for further details you can also check an earlier blog with all the info you need; any questions, just ask! *licks, kisses & naughty wishes* ~kaylee
DREAMING Iam walking along and i see a man standing in front of me, he smiles and looks at me he says keep walking ur doing fine, I keep walking,and walking i look back he walks behind me, he says ur doing fine keep walking .. as i keep walking i stop and look back and ask him why do u follow me? He says mi child i can feel u r in dange. hmmm i reply i am how? then he says well u r walking in the wrong direction then i look forward and all the sudden i see a clif and end of nowhere i scream oh my god help me where am i ! I wake up and realize its just a dream by maria 3/3/08
My Deepest Apolagies
The Walls
There are some walls you can walk through and some walls you can not. Recently, I have been catching myself walking through walls I can not walk through.
You Are Animal A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts. You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary. But you sure can beat a good drum. "Kill! Kill!" The Muppet Personality Test
Omfg .. U Have To Check This Out .. Lmfao
Bling Baby Bling Please follow the above link and rate/comment me as much as possible. I am entered in the Bling Baby Bling Contest... I will give you 1000 fubucks for every ten comments...just message me when you've posted the ten...and don't forget to rate! Love every one of you!
Im Bored 2!!!! Come Chat?
This is the beginning of a new day I can waste it or grow in it's light and be of service to others but what I do with this day is important because I have exchanged a day of my life for it when tomarrow comes, today will be gone for ever and I only hope I will not regret the price I have paid for it!!!
Email Which U Have Prolly Seen Already
Let's see if you send it back. We all know or knew someone like this!! One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd." I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him. He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to him as he crawled around looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye. As I handed him his glasses, I said, "Those guys a
what up
Needs A Break Soon
hello fu peeps....once writna blog....before...i start..i want to state...that im goin to ash anybody....point out anybody.....if anybody offended...sorry but it has to be said...first...i wan to clear up some things....for those who dont know..or i didnt tell...i am datin somebody.....and its all over my page....i dont try to lead anybody on..and if i did i apologize.....this bout what happen earlier today...while i was a work....i get comments like everybody....i was inform that i got some very sexy comments..and my gf and her daugther...saw upset her daughter...and made her mad...she has problems with those kinds of comments..and i dont....but i agree that some where a lil too all who post on my page....i do appericate the comments...and post..and the time u do themm...out of respect of my realtionship...if those who choose to keep the post nonsexual....not too naughty.....i would appreciated...if t
Thanks Everyone
Officially In The Navy, After Giving Blood
Im giving a pint of blood tomorrow at my high school, then leaving there to drive to winston, and get in a car with 3 guys all going to Raleigh . . .a 3 hour drive with boys ages 18-25. This is gonna bring on some interesting conversations and no sleep. Anyways I get officially sworn into the Navy on Friday. Yay me! I love you all and I'll be back sometime this weekend and maybe with pictures, maybe not, I'll prolly forget to take my camera (as always). *****************my special boys***************** HI JAMES - AT CAMP LEJEUNE, in JACKSONVILLE. NC!! HI FRANK THE TANK - IN JAPAN!! HI RICHARDS - SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD!! HI JOSH - IN IRAQ!! ************gotta respect these boys************
Quote 2
"what this town needs is an enema"
Quote 1
"add this to a list of things I didn't want to see"
Boredom Becomes Me
Lizzie Is Just 11k Away...
From becoming a Fu-gee. Please help out a good friend of mine. Lizzie is The Consigliere's fu-fiancee@ fubar
King Of Pop's Finances Going Poof?
Michael Jackson's credit rating appears to be moving into dangerous territory. Per newly disclosed public records, the self-proclaimed King of Pop's financial woes have gotten so bad that he's had trouble paying the mortgage on a Los Angeles-area home that his famous clan has utilized for years. Jackson failed to fork over payments of $153,000 on the Encino property to mortgage lender Indymac Bancorp. as part of a $4 million loan he took out. Consequently, the once "Invincible" singer faces the possibility of defaulting on his financial obligation, which could result in foreclosure. A document filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office dated Feb. 7 reveals that the Pasadena-based company originally issued a notice of default to Jackson, but then vacated it. Jackson's reps were not available for comment. The cash-strapped music icon is already in the hole on a $24.5 million loan for his famed Neverland Ranch, which he defaulted on in October. As a result, Fin
Stella Awards
Well, it's time once again for the annual "Stella Awards"! For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald's in New Mexico where she purchased the coffee. You remember, she took the lid off the coffee and put it between her knees while she was driving. Who would ever think one could get burned doing that,right? That's right; these are 2007's awards for the most outlandish lawsuits and verdicts in the U.S. .... you know, the kind of cases that make you scratch your shaking head. So keep your head scratcher handy. Here are the Stella's for the past year: 7TH PLACE: Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas was awarded $80,000 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store. The store owners were understandably surprised by the verdict, considering the running toddler was her own son. 6TH PLACE: Carl Truman, 19
Jlo Babies Names Announced
Jennifer Lopez has finally clued the public into what's written on her babies' birth certificates. J.Lo and Marc Anthony's newborn twins are—sweetly, simply—named Max and Emme, Lopez's manager, Simon Fields, confirmed to People Friday. The children were born Feb. 22 at a Long Island hospital, with Emme arriving at 12:12 a.m., weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces, and her 6-pound little brother showing up at 12:23 a.m. These are the first offspring for Lopez, while Anthony has three other children from two previous relationships. Adding to the secrecy surrounding Lopez's pregnancy, which she and Anthony didn't even confirm until November, the couple refrained from announcing their kids' names until the frenzy over the births had died down. "If they have [named the babies], they're not disclosing them—good for them," Lopez publicist Leslie Sloane-Zelnik told E! News the day Max and Emme were born. Lopez and Anthony toted the tots home to their Long Island manse—where, per
Well, I don't kno how to handle all tha bullshit up there at Job Corps cuz nigga damn there is alot of it and its hard to handle. My ex just lost his uncle and well I kno in one of my blogs I was talkin' hella - hella shit on Tim. But, now I understand all tha stress, and shit goin' on with him and he ain't all as bad as I said he was. He just need time and space now and needs to be with his family and well maybe in tha near times him and I will cross paths and get back together. If that is in our cards ya kno? Gotta go!!!!! Buh-Bye
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Kid Rock Not Copping To Battery
Kid Rock's not waffling on his plea when it comes to a battery charge. The rap-rocker pleaded not guilty Monday to a misdemeanor count of simple battery stemming from a fight at an Atlanta-area Waffle House last October. Rock, 37, did not appear in court and had his attorney, Darryl Cohen, enter the plea on his behalf. The singer (real name: Robert Ritchie) and members of his entourage ran into trouble at the breakfast-purveying chain in the wee hours of Oct. 21, following a concert at the Tabernacle concert hall in Atlanta. While at the restaurant, a woman who was with Rock's group allegedly got into a heated debate with another Waffle House patron whom she recognized. The two apparently took their quarrel into the parking lot, where Rock and five members of his entourage became involved before piling onto the rocker's tour bus and departing. Police stopped the bus shortly thereafter and took Rock and his cronies into custody on a single charge of simple battery. Roc
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Scarey Week
"Don't be scared" he tells me. Then he tells me he is at the hospital with chest pains. The man I love the man I spent more then thirty years searching for was in the hospital...and he tells me "don't be scared". I was scared I began to panic, I thought all the worst possible thoughts. I thought he was having a heart attack. I thought I would never see him again. I was very scared. I paced the floor what was I to do. I had to go to him, and I did. I walked into the ER of a not so local hospital on Wednesday morning...I didn't leave until Saturday evening( ok I left for an hour on thursday to get some clean clothes and my medications.) I stayed at his bed side frightened that I would lose him and too frightened to let it show how frightened I really was. On Saturday morning a small amount of relief came when we found out it wasn't his heart. But then the fears crept in...if not his heart then what. What is making this wonderful man suffer in this pain. What could be causing hi
Cant Deal
the only ones who have that tear my heart out and rip it to shreds. only ones who can make me cry. dont know how they have so much of my heart but they both do. and they both do a pretty good job at breakin my heart. therefore im done with it for now...going to bed not thinking any more. i dont want to feel this way. sick of the hurt. i just want to be happy. what the hell is so wrong with that? really cant deal with this feeling anymore. im out for the night...if your reading this and are worried dont be im simply going to bed and will be back on tomorrow...hopefully in a better mood. cant get wasted so im gonna try sleeping it off....fuck it all
Britney Spears
Look who's in the zone. Two UCLA psychiatrists paid Britney Spears a house call at her Beverly Hills residence Saturday afternoon, one week after a court commissioner granted the "Baby One More Time" songstress permission to see sons Sean Preston and Jayden James for the first time since Jan. 3. A source tells E! News that Spears' bodyguard escorted the doctors from the Westwood-based medical center to her home in the posh, gated community of Summit Circle at approximately 2 p.m. They subsequently met with her for two hours before departing around 4 p.m. No word on the nature of the checkup. However Mark Vincent Kaplan, the attorney for the popster's ex-hubby Kevin Federline, told E! News last week that as part of her agreement to retain visitation rights with her kids, Spears is obligated to undergo "custody evaluation" by medical experts among other requirements. The "Toxic" singer's privileges were reinstated after a deal was hammered out between Federline's camp and
Privite Pics,nothing New
so what some people have privte pics on here,mainly girls.what is so special of not seeing something that us men havn't seen before!i mean come on where is the freedom of it?
Check This Out
This is a link for "The 10 Commandments of Speaking to a Person with a Disability", I got this when I was at a conference on Disability Etiquette when I was at a conference earlier this morning since I'm a Co-chairman of the Traverse City-Grand Traverse Co., MI. RICC and I was there with my girlfriend Kate who also volunteers with me and also an associate of ours with Disability Network which is the local Center for Independant Living, here is the link for it: It is very informative and a petty good read forthose with children with disabilities too.
More Jeff Healey
The house band at the Double Deuce has lost its leader. Grammy-nominated guitar great Jeff Healey, who rocked Patrick Swayze's Road House, died Sunday at a hospital in Toronto of the cancer that left him sightless as a child. He was 41. Top 40 fans may remember Healey for the 1988 soulful hit, "Angel Eyes." Bad-movie fans surely and fondly remember Healey as Road House's Cody, the blind musician who memorably observed of Swayze's philosophizing, Tai Chi-posing bouncer, James Dalton, "I thought you'd be bigger." Bryan Adams, a Canadian like Healey, remembered his countryman more simply, calling him one of his nation's "greatest talents." "It is a huge regret to have to say goodbye," Adams said Monday, per the Canadian Press. "Wherever you are Jeff, we remember rocking with you." Born March 25, 1966, in Toronto, Healey was stricken with retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye, at age one. "My eyes were unable to be saved and had to be removed, so I was fitted with artificia
Broken Bar Tab
It is messed up, keeps going back to previous things. I just had to share.
Stroke You Up
Changing Faces - Stroke You Up lyrics Relax baby, I'm gonna make you feel real good Tonight is your night, come here Let's get this shirt off Now tell me what you like Cause I make it everything you want Now come closer Uh-uh closer Don't be scared, touch me, right there Yeah right there, oh yeah, uhh, you go boy [R. Kelly]: You asked for me So whatcha wanna see me for [Cassandra]: I wanna show you something [R. Kelly]: Oh yeah and what's that [Cassandra]: Turn the lights down half way [R. Kelly]: Huh, hey yo that's cool [Changing Faces]: (R. Kelly} 1 - Do you mind if I stroke you up (I don't mind) Do you mind if I stroke you down (I don't mind) All through the night (I don't mind) Until your body's tired Do you mind if I stroke you up (I don't mind) Do you mind if I stroke you down (I don't mind) All through the night (I don't mind) Makin' you feel so right C'mon in and close the door I've got what you're looking D
A New Banner For Fubar
so i was board and made this new banner for fubar i think it fits tell me what you all think of it ~ Lost In The Dark ~
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Announcement Of Potential Band Oppertunity.
Hey all, I am writing this to all of fubar as an invitation to see if anyone in my general area is looking to form a metal band. i have a few rules that a band has to abide by One. dedication as a unit. one person cannot do it alone, if one makes sacrifices, all make sacrifices or those who can do it get sacrificed. Two. If you do drugs, great if you do drugs and it affects your place in the band. thats bad. i dont play with drug addicts who cant show up to practice on time. Three. its treated like a business. i cant stand prodigies who play and say they do it just for fun. you dont get sgined playinfg just for fun. I play guitar and bass, and do vocals. samples of my work are at i would prefer that i be contacted here first work out the details second. I live in and around the spartanburg area in sc. not close, but close enough that if its worth my time i would make the effort to drive out there until i can find a permanent residence
Music Video Appearances
Dale Earnhardt Jr. has made appearances in several music videos, including: * "Show Me What You Got" with Jay-Z * Matthew Good Band's video for Anti-Pop, as he is friends with band front man, Matthew Good. * Sheryl Crow's "Steve McQueen" music video. * Trace Adkins video entitled "Rough and Ready". * Three Doors Down's "The Road I'm On" along with Tony Stewart. * O.A.R.'s "Right on Time". * Nickelback's "Rockstar" along with other celebrities.
Can You Stand The Rain
New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain lyrics Ooh. Yeah. Ooh. On a perfect day I know that I can count on you. When that's not possible, tell me, can you weather the storm? 'Cause I need somebody who will stand by me. Through the good times and the bad times She will always, always be right there. Sunny days- everybody loves them. Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain? Storms will come, this we know for sure. Can you stand the rain? Love unconditional- I'm not asking this of you. And, girl, to make it last I'll do whatever needs to be done. But I need somebody who will stand by me. When it's tough she won't run. She will always be right there for me. Sunny days- everybody loves them. Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain? Can you stand it, oh? Storms will come, I know, I know, all the days won't be perfect. This we know for sure. But tell me can you stand it? Can you stand the rain? Can you stand the rain ? Can you stand the rain? No pr
Never Ask Men For Advice... Lol
Men shouldn't write advice columns. To wit: Dear Walter: I hope you can help me. The other day I set off for work leaving my husband in the house watching the TV as usual. I hadn't gone more than a mile down the road when my engine conked out and the car shuddered to a halt. I walked back home to get my husband to help. When I got home I couldn't believe my eyes. He was in the bedroom with a neighbour making mad passionate love to her. I am 32,my husband is 34 and we have been married for twelve years. When I confronted him, he broke down and admitted that he'd been having an affair for the past six months. I told him to stop or I would leave him. I love him very much, but ever since I gave him the ultimatum he has become increasingly distant. Can you please help? Sincerely, Mrs. Sheila Usk Dear Sheila: A car's stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a variety of faults with the engine. Start by checking that th
Earnhardt started the season by winning the 2008 Budweiser Shootout, a non-points paying exhibition. It was his first race for Hendrick. He lead for a total of 47 of 70 laps, a Budweiser Shootout record. He followed that up five days later with a win in the Gatorade Duel. This was his third career win in the duels, however he was unable to follow it up with victory in the Daytona 500, finishing 9th. Ryan Newman was the winner of the event. Dale Earnhardt Jr was docked 50 points because his rear spoiler didn't meet the specified height in the Nationwide Series. His crew chief Chad Walter was fined $35,000, suspended for 6 races and was placed on probation until December 31, 2008. Team owner Rick Hendrick was also docked 50 owner points along with Jr. [11] Dale Jr. started 15th for the Auto Club 500 because qualifying was rained out and the lineup will be by owner points from last season. However lap 21, teammate Casey Mears went up into the wall due to water on the track. When he
The Move To Hendrick Motorsports
After much speculation, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. announced on May 10, 2007, that he would leave Dale Earnhardt Inc., the company founded by his father, to drive for another team in 2008. Earnhardt expressed that his decision was based entirely on his desires to achieve his career goal of a Sprint Cup Championship, and his apparent belief that he would not be able to attain that objective while driving for DEI. He said that unless he could gain majority ownership, and therefore control, of DEI, that he was not confident in the organization’s ability to field the elite level equipment that would yield the elusive title.[5] Dale Earnhardt Jr. (left) standing between of two different paint schemes for the #88 Chevy. He stands with Lt. Gen. Clyde Vaughn, director of the Army National Guard, and Rick Hendrick, in Dallas where the announcement was made on September 19, 2007. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (left) standing between of two different paint schemes for the #88 Chevy. He stands with Lt. Gen. Clyde
Earnhardt, Jr. began the 2007 NEXTEL Cup season by finishing 32nd at the Daytona 500. His first top ten came at Bristol Motor Speedway in the Food City 500 when he finished 7th. His first Top 5 came at Martinsville Speedway in the Goody's Cool Orange 500. He led 136 laps and finished 5th. Jr. collected his third top 10 of the season and his 8th at Talladega Superspeedway with his 7th place performance in the 2007 Aaron's 499. On May 14th Earnhardt, Jr. was docked 100 driver championship points, car owner Teresa Earnhardt was docked 100 owner points, and his crew chief Tony Eury Jr. was fined $100,000 and suspended for 6 races due to the use of illegal mounting brackets used to attach the wing to his car.(April 2007 at Texas motor speedway he drove the last 10 laps in the #5 car of kyle busch owned by rick hendrick) On May 27, 2007, Dale Jr. rode a camouflage #8 car in the Coca-Cola 600 on Memorial Day to raise money for the families of military troops. Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, G
In 2004, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the Daytona 500, six years to the day after his father won his only title in the "Great American Race." On July 18, during an off-weekend from NASCAR, Dale Jr. crashed a Chevrolet Corvette C5-R during a practice for the American Le Mans Series Grand Prix of Sonoma at Infineon Raceway. The car slid off course and hit a concrete barrier during warm-up the day of the race, rupturing a fuel line and causing the car to burst into flames with Earnhardt, Jr. still inside. He suffered second and third degree burns on his neck, chin, and legs partially due to not wearing a protective balaclava with his helmet. The burns prevented him from finishing two races where he was replaced by Martin Truex Jr. and his DEI teammate John Andretti in the middle of the races. In the fall, Junior became the first driver to sweep a weekend at Bristol by winning both the Busch race and Cup race in the same weekend. He was able to qualify for the NASCAR ten-race playoff, and ha
Nehgs Announces Discovery Of Helen Keller Photo
NEWLY DISCOVERED PHOTOGRAPH FEATURES NEVER BEFORE SEEN IMAGE OF YOUNG HELEN KELLERPhotograph Part of Recently Donated Large Family Collection. Boston, MA – March 6, 2008 – The New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston today announced the recent discovery of what is being called one of the most significant photographic finds documenting the impressive life of Helen Keller. The photograph, taken in July 1888 in Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, shows eight-year-old Helen Keller seated next to her teacher, Anne Sullivan, as they hold hands. Ms. Sullivan taught young Helen sign language by fingerspelling into the palm of her hand. A large doll rests on Keller’s lap. When Sullivan arrived at the Keller household to teach Helen, she gave her a doll as a present. Although Keller had many dolls throughout her childhood, this is believed to be the first known photograph of Helen Keller with one of her dolls. Both Keller and Sullivan indicated later in their journals th
For My Love
Sweet Beauty I want to be IN your arms I want to FEEL your touch I want your LIPS on mine For I LOVE you very much You are ALWAYS on my mind I am THINKING about you all the time And I want to LET you know That in my HEART is where your love lies For my love for you is a JOURNEY Starting at FOREVER and ending at NEVER I love your SWEET BEAUTY
In 2002, Junior had a roller-coaster season. He struggled after enduring a concussion at Fontana in April — an injury he did not admit to until mid-September. In the three races following Fontana, Earnhardt, Jr. finished no better than 30th. Still, Junior rallied to score two more wins at Talladega, a pair of Bud Pole Awards and an 11th-place finish in the standings. 2003 saw Earnhardt, Jr. become a true title contender. He scored a record-breaking 4th consecutive win at Talladega, but people were beginning to say that Earnhardt, Jr. could only win on the restrictor plate tracks, as his last win on a non-plate track had come at Dover in 2001. He put that talk to rest as he scored a victory at Phoenix in October, recording a career best 3rd place effort in the standings. He would also take home the NMPA Most Popular Driver award for the first time in his career.
In 2001, Earnhardt, Jr. came into the season hoping to avoid a sophomore slump, but the year proved to be one of the most tumultuous and memorable seasons the young driver would experience. The major event of the season occurred in the final corner of the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500. As Earnhardt, Jr. finished second, to his teammate Michael Waltrip, his father had crashed in turn four. Dale Earnhardt Sr. did not survive the wreck. He was pronounced dead at 5:16 p.m. that Sunday. Junior raced at Rockingham the following weekend, but finished in 43rd-place after a wreck that looked eerily similar to his father's wreck just one week earlier. Earnhardt, Jr. rebounded and scored victories at Dover and Talladega, as well as an emotional win in the return to Daytona in the Pepsi 400, finishing eighth in points for the year. The Talladega victory earned Junior a Winston No Bull 5 $1 million bonus. This season of emotion produced nine top-fives and 15 top-10 finishes, as well as tw
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Earnhardt, Jr. competed for the Raybestos NASCAR Rookie of the Year Award in 2000. His primary competitor for the award was Matt Kenseth. Kenseth outran Junior in the season-opening Daytona 500. Earnhardt, Jr. scored wins at the Texas Motor Speedway and Richmond International Raceway. He also become the first rookie to win the All-Star exhibition race. Kenseth ultimately scored a 42-point victory in the rookie race. Dale Jr. did have a part in recreating one Winston Cup milestone in 2000 when he competed with his father and half-brother Kerry in the Pepsi 400 at Michigan International Speedway. That occasion was only the second time that a father had raced against two sons. Lee, Richard and Maurice Petty had previously accomplished the feat. Dale Jr. also wrote a non-fiction book based on his rookie season titled DRIVER #8.
Almost To A Salute...
Well i am almost to my salute i need to go find a camera so i can do it. anyway ill have that done soon.
Early Career
Earnhardt, Jr. was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina to Brenda Lorraine Gee and Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr. His maternal grandfather was a NASCAR car builder.[1] He began his Racing career at the late age of 17, competing in the Street Stock division at Concord (N.C.) Motorsport Park. His first race car was a 1979 Monte Carlo that he co-owned with older half-brother Kerry. Within two seasons, the young Earnhardt, Jr. had honed his driving abilities to the point of joining the Late Model Stock Car division. There he developed an in-depth knowledge of chassis setup and car preparation, while racing against Kerry and Dale's sister Kelley Earnhardt-Elledge. Junior ran 9 Busch Series races between 1996 and 1997 for Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Ed Whitaker, respectively, before driving for Dale Earnhardt Inc. in the Busch Series full time in 1998. Earnhardt, Jr. won consecutive NASCAR Busch Series Championships in 1998 and 1999 over Matt Kenseth. Also in 1999 he drove in 5 Winston Cup races in the
Hubby Manual
INSTALLING A HUSBAND Dear Tech Support, Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance -- particularly in the flower and jewelry applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5 and then installed undesirable programs such as NFL 5.0, NBA 3.0, and Golf Clubs 4.1.(and NASCAR 500.0) Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do? Signed, Desperate Dear Desperate: First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an Operating System. Please enter the command: 'I Thought You Loved Me.exe' and try to download Tears 6.2 and don't forget to install the Guilt 3.0 update. If that application works as design
March 5th
I'll be somewhat candid about what happened today. Just like to unload some crap. I don't think its a big deal to talk about it. Well I got off from work today to go look for rentals with Pamela. My prediction that the day was going to go fast was more than true. Not long before I arrived at her mom's we were off. We drive through some places, more than half of them were closed or primarily for elderly. We didnt find any in Easton which was kinda dissapointing. Honestly I don't think we look well enough for other places. I feel in love with this one place that was gorgeous. Of course $$$ fell into play and I can't seem to afford. Maybe when i can figure out my job and living expenses I can set aside what i need. It breaks my heart not being able to provide that type of accommodation to her. She definitely deserves it.. The one that was around 500 a month was a pain cause i got a money order for the sign up fee and the place closed at 4 pm. We didn't get there til 4:30.
Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (born October 10, 1974), is a professional American race car driver who drives the #88 Mountain Dew AMP/National Guard Chevrolet Impala SS in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series for Hendrick Motorsports, and drives in the Nationwide Series part-time for the #5 car for his own team, JR Motorsports.
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Whatever...deep Dish
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Brett Favre Retirement
Thanks, Brett, for all the fun memories. However, I reserve the right to take that back if more memories are forthcoming. Brett Favre announced his retirement Tuesday, which was about as surprising as the retirement of a gray and grizzled quarterback can be. And, when there is a surprise in sports, conspiracy theories invariably follow. Favre is trying to show the Packers who really runs the town. He is expressing his displeasure that they again failed to land Randy Moss. His agent's cryptic remark - "Nobody pushed Brett Favre out the door, but then nobody encouraged him not to go out that door, either" - means Favre wanted more love. Everyone expected Favre, 38, to retire the past two springs, when his skills seemed to have declined and his team was lousy. Instead, he has called it quits after a season in which he proved he is still among the elite quarterbacks. A season when his team was one overtime interception (as much a part of the Favre legacy as the thrills) away fr
You Are a Pegasus You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty. You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste. While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills. People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you. What Mythological Creature Are You?
This Dude A Genuine
Police dash cam:Apparently this is genuine and real footage from a police dash cam from Iceland of a robbery suspect evading some police officers

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