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Slave's Contract
I am your servant. I shall not be free. You will protect me; you will keep me safe; you will guard me. You will keep me sound; you will protect me from every demon." An Ancient Egyptian woman's slave contract that was shared with me.
Slave For A Day
Some of my friends @ work thought it would be nto have fun this Valentines' So, they had the idea to "auction" some of us singles for Valentines atleast it was intended to be fun. Now everyone is getting too serious about things and are already asking what is the starting price? what do you guys think? How much am I worth>? Damn I hope I dont have to put well, maybe depends on who! I'm posting this today hope you guys have some ideas. xoxoxoxo IE IL i
Slave Princess Auction
Im Up for sale.Click pic below to leave your bid.My offer is below my pic. if vip is given lls given daily, sfw salute done, pimp out done weekly, comment left daily, a big pimpin gift bought for you from me. owned by in my name rate their stash, add their link to about me for a month, become their crush for the month, added to family for the month
Slave Application
Have you been properly trained yet? What is your fetishs? How will you please me? Do you like pain? What is the most embarissing thing you've done? What is the nastiest sexual experiance you've had? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? What is the most thrilling sexual experiance you've had? Are you bi or straight? Have you been a dom? Have you cross dressed before? How many partners have you had at one time? Would you enjoy joining another one of my slaves at the same time? Would you perfer male or female? Do you like to be blindfolded during domination? Do you have piercings, how many and where? Do you like the being tied up? Have you been fucked with a strap on before? Can you deep througt? Your last requierment is to send me a picture of your little bitch pussy. Males I pefer you to be in sissy bitch dress up and on your bitch ass knees. Females are more likely to be accepted as my slaves. Male bitches stink. You bette
Slave Owner Advertising On Fubar
Here I am with a dilemma. Wondering if it's what some may call jealousy, or what I may just call 10 year old fucking moron like behavior. Really I get laid, pretty much whenever I want. Not because I am ultra cool or some hot fucking ripped stud, but just because that's how it works for me. Lucky me. So I guess this rules out jealousy in the idea of an "I wish I could get laid" scenario too. It seems as though the names on Fubar that go like this, "I am a dumb whore and Master D. Fuck Wad is my owner" has become all too cliche for this website. When I read it, I think about myself as a 5 year old having my first kiss with a couple chicks under those big round tables the teachers use to feed you cookies and milk on in kindergarten. Really if I had the opportunity to take a slave and their ultra cool Fubar master, and place them in a sleeping bag. Nothing would be more ultra Fubar cool than doing a Jason Voorhees swing smash against a large forest tree. Now you don't need to agree with m
We are all Sons. Sons of Slaves, Sons of Slave Holders, and Sons of People who looked the other way. We are the Sons of the South. We have come a long way down a very long road. We have a long way to go. Slavery was evil. Robert E. Lee once said, “There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil”. In Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address he attributed the incalculable suffering experienced by our Nation during the Civil War as God’s punishment on a Nation that had tolerated slavery. The purpose of this site is to provide you with original source material on the topic of slavery. We do not attempt to edit, distill, or interpret; we simply present the historical resources, for you to read and reflect upon. Are you the descendant of a Slave? Should you feel proud, angry, or ashamed? Are you the descendant of a Slave Holder? Should you feel proud, angry or ashamed? Are you the descendant
Slave Auction
Slave Training
The slave knelt naked before her Master with her head bowed as she listened to HIS words. "Your training begins today, cunt. You will be stripped of everything you think you are and everything you've learned. You will be reduced to nothing more than an animal until I deem you worthy of rising above that station. Since I do not wish to have to groom my animal, your hair will be shaved from your head. I know you place a lot of pride in that mane of yours; it is part of who you think you are but no longer! Does the cunt understand what I've said so far? Nod your head if you do." The slave humbly nodded her head once. Beneath her lowered eyelids, tears filled her eyes, threatening to overflow. she was about to lose her hair and knew from that point on she would belong totally to her Master; there would be no turning back. The slave trembled from the panic that welled up inside her and yet, she was aroused beyond anything she had ever felt before. "Good. From here on out you have N
~slave To Love~
~Slave To Love~ Tell her i´ll be waiting In the usual place With the tired and weary There´s no escape To need a woman You´ve got to know How the strong get weak And the rich get poor You´re running with me Don´t touch the ground We´re restless hearted Not the chained and bound The sky is burning A sea of flame Though your world is changing I will be the same The storm is breaking Or so it seems We´re too young to reason Too grown up to dream Now spring is turning Your face to mine I can hear your laughter I can see your smile No I can´t escape I´m a slave to love Peace.
The Slave Ship's
The Slave Ship Many have written and argued that Slavery was a Sin of the South. I would argue most strongly that Slavery was NOT a Sin of the South; It was the Sin of a Nation. Placing the Sin of Slavery onto the doorstep of the confederacy is easy, and even comforting, but unfortunately is not the complete picture. The simple picture of Slavery as a Southern Sin does not reflect the much broader participation, exploitation and profit in Slavery as an Enterprise. Here, for your perusal and research, we present an original 1860 news account of a captured Slave Ship. The Slave Ship was owned by a New York Slave Trader, It was full of Native African Men, Women, and Children, and it was delivering the Cargo to be sold in the South. My hope, and even my belief is, that few today could look at these images, and read the accompanying story without being appalled, repulsed, and even outraged. Click on the thumbnails above. Look at the picture of these people, created by God and in
Slave Trade In Hell
Slave Trade in Hell My sister and I chanced upon a hidden cavern while exploring some deep underground caverns one day. In one of the rough cave walls was a small crack and through this we saw the entrance to Hell. There were many strange looking demons stalking the halls of the massive cavern that revealed itself to our startled eyes. Some held tridents and stood guard over other exits; others were just traveling to and fro. They were of a multitude of colours, and of bodily shapes and limbs as well, and all looked twisted and abnormal to our innocent minds. Some had the legs of strange and exotic animals; while others had heads that were meant to reside on the shoulders of animals and birds. We were terrified at first that we might be noticed, but as the days passed into months and the imagined dangers did not immediately occur, we snuck down there often to ease our burning curiosity, and were luckily never seen. Through that tiny hole we saw things that mort
Slavery In Modern Day America
....I was privledged enough to attend The 16th Annual University of Miami Bio-Ethics Conference this past week, at the Miami Beach Resort and Beach Club. ....Many topics were addressed, including the shrinking funding for child services and the elderly on national, state,and local levels. ....One of the presentations that shocked and dismayed me was about human trafficking in present day America. ....I knew trafficking in human flesh was rampant overseas, for purposes of prostitution, sex-tourism, forced labor, forced military duty, and marriage brokering, but I had no idea the slave trade was not only in existance, but thriving in my own home town. ....Well, you say, "He lives in Miami". But apparently it's easier to hide this activity in smaller towns. ....Men and Women,Girls and Boys forced into prostitution. .... Domestic help smuggled in from other countries, with the lure of a good job, and subjigated and controlled once they're here. ....Many of these poor souls are actua
Slave Tryouts ....
Slaves Creed Or A Wife's Problem
~slave's creed~ He is Master, and i am slave, He is owner, and i am owned, He commands, and i obey, He is to be pleased, and i am to please. Why is this? Because He is Master, and i am slave. I will communicate with complete honesty my needs, desires, limits, and experience. I realize that failing to do so will not only prevent my Master and I from having the best experience possible, but can also lead to physical and emotional harm. I will not try to manipulate my Master. I will not push to make a scene go the way I feel it should. I will keep an open mind about trying things that I am not accustomed to or comfortable with and expanding my limits. I will continue to grow as a slave and as a human being. I will accept the responsibility of discovering what pleases my Master, and will do my best to fulfill His wishes and desires. I will not allow myself to be harmed or abused, I know that slave does not equal "doormat". I will be courteous and helpful to my fe
Slave App Fill Out If You Want To Be Considered
slave APPLICATION FORM (Females only please) slave’s name:> All slaves MUST fill in and answer the following questions, be very detailed. Location:> E-mail Address:> Ethnicity:> Age:> Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)> Virgin:> Height:> Weight:> Neck:> Hair Color:> Eye Color:> Measurements:> Waist:> Hips:> Bust:> Cup Size:> Circumference of Breasts:> Left Breast:> Right Breast:> Nipple Size:> Nipple Color:> Pubic Hair:> Bra Size:> Panty Size:> When you have completed this application, email to master4hire ASAP! If there is anything further you wish to let me know about, please do so!!
Slavegirl Alexcia
alexandria was owned by me during 2000 - 2005 My slave and online love from FL. She leaved me without a warning. She was good trained and its hard, not to see her around anymore.
A Slave's Prayer
Ä §låvê'§ þrå¥êr Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fathom. Allow me the spirit to know his needs. Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts. Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace. Allow me the love to show Him myself. Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him. Allow me the light to show us the way. Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him. Let me be able to show Him each day my love of my service to Him. Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him. Let my eyes show Him the same respect, rather I sit at his side, or kneel at his feet. Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman. Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself. Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely. Give me the strength to please us both. Permit me to love myself, in loving Him. Allow me the peace of serving Him. For it is my greatest wish, my highest power To make his life complete,as he makes mine.
A Slaves Contract.
This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between two individuals, hereafter termed the slave and the master (both terms are intended to be independent of sex). This agreement is legal and binding. This agreement must be entered voluntarily, but cannot be broken except under the conditions stated herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved. (See section 7.0.0) 1.0.0 Slave's Role The slave agrees to submit completely to the master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the master without risking punishment, except in situations where the slave's veto (see section 1.0.1) applies. The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, their body belongs to their master ,, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. All of the slave's possession
Well ladies and gents, here is another spotlight blog for someone who showed me lots of rate love recently. Go help me return the favor by give her some love! Tell her Gimptastic sent ya! *~Slave~*@ fubar
Eternal internal feelings I thought would never fade! Chains of your love has made me your slave. I move to your motion I crave what you craved. A victim of your venom in my veins for all my days. I could run to the end of the earth and still could not hide. The feeling a harbor for you while living this lie. Fight it! Dismiss it ! I try and I try! Yet its there when awake for my dreams of freedom it’s there I can not lie. Chains of your love has made me a slave. A victim of your venom for all my days I punish those who want to love me for I am stuck in your chains. Thoughts of you that’s stuck in my brain. I make love to my lover while I call out your name. I want you I needed you but you never gone change. Must find the courage to break these chains. To be free from your memory No longer your slave. Happiness wants to be in the rest of my days. Not a day longer shall I be your slave...... By Chill KoSar
Listening for your footsteps Just waiting like a fool Burning with a fever Only you can cool The clock beside my pillow Has ticked away the night Like a heartbeat mocking me Until the light Gotta stop these thoughts about you Gotta learn to live without you Gotta find some freedom for this weary slave 'Cause I'm hungry for you And I'm longing for you And I'm burning for you I worship your opinions I imitate your ways I try to make you grace me With a word of praise However much I tell myself That I'm strong and free and brave I'm just another woman Raised to be a slave Slave, nothing but a slave Mind of a slave Body of a slave I find I gave away the soul That I wanted you to save I'm just another woman Raised to be a slave hungry for you And longing for you Burning for you And I'm longing for you burning for you And I'm yearning for you Longing for you
Slave 2
It always feels like a craving is unfolding in me It's just as bad as it seems So I'm looking around cuz I'm lost when I'm down I was blind but now I'm starting to see The slave in me And now I'm falling again I'm so close to the end I can see The slave in me And now I'm falling again Don't know where to begin Can you see the slave in me It always feels like I'm shifting and moving the line But I'm still falling behind Now it won't go away and the feeling will stay I can see I'm starting not to believe The slave in me And now I'm falling again I'm so close to the end I can see The slave in me And now I'm falling again Don't know where to begin Can you see the slave in me I can't take one more day I can't stand to feel this way Take away from me, take away from me The slave in me And now I'm falling again I'm so close to the end I can see The slave in me And now I'm falling again Don't know where to begin Can you see the slave in me
A Slave Is A Slave Is A Slave
In the magical land of Gor, a slave is always a slave. They can attempt to run away, but someone else will just enslave them. Once they are branded, they can never truly regain their previous status, once a slave heart, always a slave heart. If a slave girl is good, she usually is treated pretty well, when they are bad, their lives are fairly miserable, its good encouragement to be pleasing and serve their Masters well. Either way, they don’t stop being a slave no matter how they act or feel. Whether smart, or stupid, feisty or meek, submissive or dominant personality, they are always a slave . Their Master’s just don’t accept any less than their surrender, even if they have to be taught how.On the planet earth, many self-identify as Master/slave. Many of the slaves often say that your acting un-slave like. I don’t think this is possible; a slave’s actions don’t make them less of a slave if they are owned property. It might make them a bad or naughty slave, but not “less” of a slave
Slave Positions Opening Up
The weeks just seem to be getting more and more busy. I have been sessioning more than ever lately, and this month My roommate will be moving out so I have put off videos till at least the 1st.Also, with the roommate moving out I am looking to work on building more stuff for the dungeon, and possibly converting more space in the house to playspace. This means that there is a slave position being opened for building slaves. I have 2 current possible applicants for the position.Regardless, dungeon construction and video shoots both have to wait a couple of weeks till the roommate has fully moved out. Mistress Genevieve KEEP UP WITH ME AND JOIN DISCUSSIONSON MY YAHOO FAN GROUP!!! Click to join mistressgenevievesslaves
Slave Auction; Yes Or No?
I'm wanting to have a SLAVE AUCTION here in sevierville, TN. Tell me your oppinion. Tell me if you like the ideal. And tell me if you are interested in being a slave on the auction block. I want to make it so the slave makes a little cash. It will be a party with food or snacks, maybe both. It will be a BYOB party. It will cost $20 at the door, to cover the ballroom and snacks and drinks (non-alcolholic). There will be a $30 licsense (must have licsense before the party)fee. The licsense will cover the police background checks and other securities. There will be a standing $50 bid on all slaves. This is NOT a place to get sex from the slaves. That is at their discretion. This is also a great chance to meet Masters/Mistress and/or subs. So, contact me here or on my page. Thanks for your interest and participation.
A Slave Is Awakened
Lynn slid along on the dance floor in the arms of the strange young cowboy. At 26 she was a hottie. Hottie was the only word available to describe her. Red hair, green eyes, 5'4", 105#. She only had little A-cup titties, but their smaller size made them extremely sensitive. Her ass and legs were to die for. She would dance and flirt with this cowboy and maybe one or two others then they would join us at a local motel and fuck her for hours. We wouldn't go home until the next morning. This was regular and frequent activities for Lynn and me and the select few she managed to seduce at the cowboy bars we frequented. 'Managing to seduce' these young cowboys was never an issue, because besides being a hottie and easy on the eyes, Lynn also had a great personality. Tonight she wore an extremely short denim skirt. She wore no panties under the skirt and as she danced, occasionally you got a good look at her ass cheeks peeking out from under the short hem. She was such a tomboy, sh
In a document published by the IRS .. IRS publication 6209.. it states that we pay income tax to the british royal 1783 we became a corporate venture of the royal crown....not only that recent court rulings state that we are slaves and have no rights.. and *the primary control and custody of infants is with the government" that is stated in Tillman VS Roberts...along with the civil judgements upon is a civil contract between three parties...a man, a woman and the state...Vankoten VS Vankoten... the last statement is from senate document #43 73rd Congress 1st session...The ultimate owner of all properties is the state.. The individual "so called ownership" is only by virtue of the according to these laws...Americans are worse than slaves... they are debtors...Now ask Senators Obama or McCain about these things...and see how long it takes to get the FBI to get to "your" house....FEEL FREE YET??
Slave Becomes The Master...oh Yeah!
My FAVORITE lyric off of the new Metallica album from the song, The End of the Line: "Drop the hourglass of time Spilling sand we will not find As we gather here today We bid farewell The slave becomes the master" YEAH BABY!!!
Slave Register Ownership Icons
A Slave's Uniform
Fishnets and chainmail Flaming cobra butt tattoo Nipple rings clit ring.
Slave 4 U
Slave 4 u - La gorda britney
Slave Positions
As a helpful hint, to get a feel for the emotions that are felt by a slave girl in these positions, and to help you better describe the positions, try practicing these positions in front of a mirror, wearing a short but loose silk blouse. Notice how these positions display your beauty and grace. The feeling of being a totally owned and submitted slave can be overpowering. The joy and freedom of being a bound slave burns in your belly and the Master's love seeing a slave girl kneeling at his feet. Tower slave position kneels body erect....head up..eyes lowered..chest out....thighs parted....tummy in.....hands on thighs palms down or crossed over her heart. This position is used by white silk slaves, slaves reserved for their Master's use, and for kneeling before a Mistress. Karta position used when entering a tavern or inn, or to make a request of a Master. Kneel in nadu then press your head to the floor, letting your hair spread out, your bott
A Slave's Ten Commandments
1. Master's word is law. 2. A Master's name is always to be capitalized. 3. A slave's name is always to be lowercase. 4. A slave never speaks unless spoken to first or given permission to speak freely. 5. A slave ALWAYS asks permission BEFORE they do ANYTHING. 6. All comments that could be contriversal are to be made in private or not at all. 7. NEVER touch a collared slave unless permission from their Master has been obtained prior. 8. ALWAYS ask your Master if you are unsure of proper behavior. 9. Respect and understanding is the key. 10. Never refer to your Master as anything but Master unless granted permission to do so.
Slave Journals
Journals Submissive journals can be an incredibly useful yet simple tool for Dominants. By creating a journal in which your submissive writes all of their thoughts and feelings on their exploration of the scene, you have an immediate insight in to exactly what they are thinking; what they enjoy; what they do not; what you can push further. As well as a tool for gaining insight, submissive journals can help teach your submissive to open up to you and bring you both closer. By having to expose their thoughts and feelings to you - and having to trust you with those thoughts and feelings - it can be a very powerful way of strengthening your connection. Depending on your circumstances, there are different ways of getting to read the journals. If you are only temporarily or periodically apart, you can wait until you are back together. If you are unable to be together at all, email works well - the ritual of having to send their thoughts daily or weekly can be another reinforcer. You
A Slave Is Bound
Slave Me Out!!
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   I hear you distinctly, as you walk away & under your breath you call me a bitch. Irony is how much closer you are to it. Recognitions or validation of your own fits. And the deep impact, due to the result of your lack of responsibility in owning it. Back & forth you go, but only when it serves you. Stirring the pot. When others are at their weakest. You take their confidence when they come to you to vent. You betray & use their words as tools for a tactic. Ignoring the impact. Compounding the issues. Digging deeper. Stepping aside, avoiding what you created. Being jaded & enforcing/inflicting others w/it. Insisting on making them taste the very jaded indifference you taste on a constant, while desperately you insist upon others to keep the very taste you keep on a constant in the back of their mouths. Cause you cant get it out of yours. Pick & praud, seemingly as a kind trusted kindred. The very
Slave Princess Is Banned
Slave posted a mumm earlier talking about some dumbass who was promoting other sites. She didn't do a damned thing wrong, and now she's site banned for a week. This is bullshit. She is totally against ripoff sites, yet there it is. She posted telling people to stfu about shit and quit promoting bullshit. So this is an announcement to let you all know what's going on. Until then I'll post for her.
Slave To The Dark
A broken soul, lost in perpetual silence. I sit here still yearning for you. A shattered mirror, Broken and forlorn I still feel my flesh screaming for your’re touch How could I have been so foolish? To allow you to luring me in? Your smile became my damnation   With the sound of a goddess. You’re voice was my downfall. The very mention of you’re name sends me spiralling downwards. An age old story of love lost, pain gained   The core of my soul lays unbeaten, Rancid and festering at the bottom on an abyss. Where once happiness and joy existed. Now only a tale of unbridled perfect damnation does.   When your light touched me, I was alive. Now all light has since passed. Darkness surrounds me in its choking cloak The air has become stale and poisoned. Forever shall this wander be damned. Forever shall I be a slave to the dark.
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Slaves On Dope - Pushing Me
Slave Auction (a Work Of Fiction)
i am alone right now, even in the crowd i was alone. i looked no different from the rest of the sluts that where in this room. i rested in a pile of pillows, as far away from the door as i could, i did not know what was going to happen to me, but i knew that the others could all go first. i was dressed in a red tunic, no under wear, the tunic was fastend at my waist by a gold chain, and just tied at each should. there was a light collar that had been fasten on me when i had been dragged in the door. i smiled sadly as i wached the other girls, they were excited, they thought that this was just a game, that they would be put on display and then go home with their partners. me i knew better, i knew that i was to be put on display for sale. i would be going home with a Mistress or Master this night, and that after tonight i would turely be an owned slave. i dreaded what was going to happen to me. my thoughts turned to the Woman i had called Mistress for so long, i let my thoughts shape int
A Slaves Prayer
Please let me forever be open, to learn and understand, please let my service be adsolute, to accept his guiding.   Please let me have patience, when anrgy,hurt,or full of doubt. and correct me shouldl i shout.   Please never let me  shame him, or disappoint him in any way, please give me the strength in my submission, let me make him prouder every day.   Please know that this prayers sincere,everyword coming from this slaves heart. Please know how much i need to werve him,my devotion always his for the stat.     this is something that a friend sent me and i think it applys to most slaves and i for one liked it very much.
http://www.slaveskeep.comSlavesKeep is a refuge for many to come together, to commune, to play, to chat, to learn, to teach, to grow and to possibly find what T/they are seeking. SlavesKeep is a place of free will, where submission is a beautiful gift. To belong in SlavesKeep is a privilege, to all, Masters/Mistresses, Switches and submissives/slaves alike. Here Y/you will find a home. Inside these castle walls, Y/you will experience Dungeons, a sanctuary, schools of thought and a Repository for all varieties of the BDSM lifestyle. Y/you will have the opportunity to make a profile and begin advancing in degrees to earn privileges and work toward a goal. Along the way, Y/you will meet people from all walks of life who share the commonality of some form of the BDSM lifestyle. Y/you will probably make some amazing connections or friendships. There is also a lot of room for fun and artistic expression. The rules here are simple and clear and respect will be the key for success. So come ins
Slave To Taxes
Funny until you get to the end and realize the truth about taxes! Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he's fed. >>>>> >>>> Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule. >>>>> >>>> Tax his work, Tax his pay, He works for peanuts Anyway! >>>>> >>>> Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat. Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt. >>>>> >>>> Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think. >>>>> >>>> Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries Tax his tears. >>>>> >>>> Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ass. >>>>> >>>> Tax all he has Then let him know That you won't be done Till he has no dough. >>>>> >>>> When he screams and hollers; Then tax him some more, Tax him till He's good and sore. >>>>> >>>> Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he's laid. >>>>> >>>> Put these words Upon his tomb, 'Taxes drove me To my doom...' >>>>> >>>> When he's gone, Do not relax, It's time to apply Th
Slave V's Submissive.
Many ask if slaves truly exist. In the way a dictionary and history define slavery, no they do not exist in most modern countries. (Though there is some contention that slavery rings do still exist in secret) Most people in civilized countries generally agree that the legal ownership of another human being is immoral and thus make it illegal. However, in the world of BDSM, one will find that some of the people involved call themselves by many different terms; one of these is the term "slave". Of course, this often raises the question of how is a slave different from a submissive. This question often is met with outright hostility, disbelief in the existence of slaves and the thought that the words slave and submissive (as nouns) are interchangeable terms within the context of BDSM. Many will not
Slave Contract
slave, previously in possession of her own person, agrees and states that she wishes and intends to deliver herself entirely into the hands of ....................... her Master. Master agrees and states that he wishes and intends to take possession of slave. By signing this Slavery Contract, it is agreed that slave gives up all rights to her own person in every manner, and that Master takes entire possession of slave as property, claiming for himself her life, her future, and her heart and mind. 1.0.0 Slave's Role (a) Slave agrees to obey and submit completely to Master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of Master, except in situations where the slave's veto (section 2.0.1) applies. (b) Slave also agrees tha
Ok, so my house is a FUCKIN MESS, and after perusing my daily share of Craigslist, I have stumbled upon an individual that would like to be a domestic slave, AKA someone that gets off by cleaning your house.   Sooo...I am so contacting that person, since I could sure use someone to clean my shit for free. I hope he wont get lost in my mess.
Slave Tortured With Wax
Hollywod's hottest Sweet teens digging deep in the ass Celebrity Toons from Movies and TV Full access to all XXX Over 1 million fake images of celeb Black lesbians eating chocolate snatches MILFS getting fucked by MassiveBlack Cocks White pussies RIPPED by the Black cocks Asshole and buttfucking session by pregnant Exclusive video and pictures
Slavegirl Nora
hello, i want to show you a slavegirl that offered me a lot of pleasure and amusement. a really nice and perverted cuban/spanish slavegirl Slavegirl Nora       a very interesting and horny slavegirl. and after a proper treatment her cunt was also a nice and clean viewable part.       some stinging pain to her ass cheeks and a proper training made a perfect slavegirl out of this hot female.         tomorrow i will update the blog with a new entry... then my new amusement subject can be seen here. a very cute young female that knows her place as slavegirl in this world and that does her best to serve properly and to amuse her sir up to his likes and interests.  
Slavegirl Nora
now i would like to present a nice us/cuban slavegirl i have been in contact with. a born submissive and pleasure toy. a perfect female.   Slavegirl Nora     as you can see... a hot slavegirl. just a bit hairy, and that had to change! so after a proper treatment, Nora was sure about presenting a clean pussy.       with a clean smooth cunt i liked her even more... and she had a better appearance in her greeting position         and she has a lovely ass!!!!!!!   and she allways did her best!!!       soon there will be more updates!!!
A Slave's Heart
To My Master … from your baby  girl How can I tell you what I see When I look to you And you look inside me Your eyes hold the wisdom of ages As they reach into my soul. How can I tell you what I feel When you order me to you And I sit at your feet You hold me there like a butterfly, fragile At your mercy, I trust and adore you. How can I tell you that heart stops When your scent permeates my senses
A Slaves Punishment (part 1)
*she walks into the house from a long day of errands. she senses something is off. something in the air that tells her that she has done something wrong, and she will pay for it*   "Hello?" she calls answer   "Master? Are You here?"   *she slowly walks thru the house, trying to see if anyone is around. Turning on every light as she continues, she reaches the bedroom and pauses. The door is closed and the light is on. Even slower now, she approaches the door, her hand reaching for the door knob. Even though it seems like eternity, a few moments later she has the door open. She steps in. A few more steps now. she looks to the left, then the right..nothing.   "Mas-" her words suddenly stop when a hand is firmly placed around her throat. She hears a deep voice from behind her.   "You have been a VERY bad girl"  
A Slave- As Sent To Me
A slave is a truly enraptured and enrapturing creature, capable of the greatest pain and the deepest passion. She is a temperamental creature, simultaneously fickle in her emotions, and fiercely, ferociously devoted in her affections. She is tumultuous and tempestuous, a mercurial maelstrom, and she knows no other way to be. If she could, she would not change, because, on some primeval level, she realizes that the death of her passion would be the death of her. In truth, a slave is not simply the finest of all creatures; she is the epitome of all creatures. She combines strength and weakness, boldness and a certain shy innocence, languor and desperation; she is both cosmopolitan and naïve. Her nature is an amalgam of all that is passionate in any sense of the word. She is nothing without an owner, but in his arms, she is all things. She is voracious and demanding, wanting nothing more, and certainly nothing less, than the absolute enslavement of the one she loves–the owner of her
Slavegirl Naomi
Slavegirl Joanne is also a very pleasing contact, but also someone who needs a strict hand. a very devoted and loyal slavegirl, that follows every command! but also a slavegirl that needs a lot of help with her behaviour and her exercies and tasks... she forgets easily and needs to be reminden by her whip "Joe" very often. Joanne is loyal and a good servant... she does know that she is born to serve. this is what she needs, desires and wants. she follows commands easily and can also offer an interesting conversation if needed. in the near future she will be allowed to write some lines on her own for the blog.
Slavegirl Leanna
I want to introduce my Slavegirl leanna, she is currently in training and it is a big pleasure to take care of her behaviour, needs and interests. i know her since a long time and she realized lately about her real nature and why she is here. it is the best when leanna can say on her own why she is my slavegirl. Written by Slavegirl Leanna: I am a young, single mother. I work full time and have my own place. You could say I’m normal but, I’ve always had self esteem issues and trouble with self control. I had accepted that about myself. I assumed I would always be that way and I would never be happy with my body or who I am. That is how I felt until I met Sir Alex. When Sir first contacted me, I was very curious and also very drawn to him. I didn’t know much about being a slave girl but I knew that I was a submissive at heart. However, Sir helped me realize how subservient I really am. He is a strong and powerful man but also very intuitive to my emotions. He knows
Slavegirl Deb
I want to introduce my Slavegirl Deb, she is in training at the moment, like Leanna.   It is the best start when she can tell you something about herself on her own. written by Slavegirl Deb: I am slavegirl Deb, I am very strong willed, I am a control freak. I like things my way. I demand respect, I have a problem w/ time management, I have a problem w/ doing things my husband tells me to do and yes, I can be lazy. Call me selfish if you want, I don't care. My needs are minimal. I used to think I would feel complete w/ just a roof over my head and food in my belly. My husband provides everthing I need. But, there was always something missing. I wanted to feel owned. No one I spoke w/ ever understood what I ment. Then one day I met Master Alex. I knew from the moment he said he would send me a set of Rules, that he was the Real Deal, that he was a Real Master. Since, Masters training, I have something to look forward to when I wake up, I enjoy knowing that I will be pleasing my Ma
A Slave Is
A slave will never be truly happy or content in her life if she is un-owned. A slave's most profound freedom is found within her Master's chains. Within these chains, she is free to live as she is destined to live to serve and please, and to be pleased in return for the privilege to serve and please her Master. A slave should never think of herself as a weak person for it takes a strong female to commit to the drive inside her, to serve, to obey and to please a Master. A slave chooses willingly to be her Master's property. As a slave is her Master's property and an object of great value she is an instrument Master will use to draw out His pleasures. Above all else a slave's primary and foremost focus shall be to please her Master, hoping that her Master finds her pleasing in all that she does, whether she is in her Master's presence or not. All of a slave's choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please her Master. A slave and a slave's behavior are a direct reflection
The Slave Orgasm..illustrated...
Perhaps I would not have considered these matters save that I was unable to drive from my mind the recollection of an event which had occurred late in the sordid abuse to which I had been so brutally subjected. I had been thrown to my Master's men. One after another had used and beaten me, and thrown me to the next. I was handed about as an object. Fierce was the discipline to which they subjected me. Though I wept for mercy, and cried out, none gave ear; no consideration nor lenience was shown to the piteous slave girl in their power. Then, strangely, late in this abuse, the event occurred, which even now troubled me. I lay on my back, weeping, my head bound in the blanket, thrashing and squirming, struck, held, unable to withdraw, helpless to withstand the plunging discipline of the brute to whom I had been last thrown, and it had occurred. I suddenly felt an indescribable sensation. First, it seemed to me, incredibly, that this was fitting, what was being done to me; I had been prou
Slave Auction
Slave Auction   Feb 1st-Feb 8th    500k FuBucks To Be In It   What Are You Willin' To Do for: FuBucks VIP HH And You Have To Do That For 2 Wks-A Month   Tell me in here if you want to be in it. And say which pic you want to be posted.
Slavegirl Nora
now i would like to present a nice us/cuban slavegirl i have been in contact with. a born submissive and pleasure toy. a perfect female.   Slavegirl Nora   as you can see... a hot slavegirl. just a bit hairy, and that had to change! so after a proper treatment, Nora was sure about presenting a clean pussy.       with a clean smooth cunt i liked her even more... and she had a better appearance in her greeting position         and she has a lovely ass!!!!!!!   and she allways did her best!!!       soon there will be more updates!!!
Slavegirl Deb
at this time i would like to introduce a Slavegirl i am still in contact with. She is a pleasing contact and she has the priviledge and honor to spend some time with me. It is always a big pleasure to meet, to talk and to have the amusement and pleasure of her service. but she is also in need of a strict and guiding hand at times. but i don't want to miss her.   Slavegirl Deb   but after a short time Deb did know how to present herself in an acceptable way that does fit to her true nature.but also a Slavegirl like Deb does need correction and a guiding and helping hand at times. she does need to be shown that an upfront and fiesty behaviour can have consequencesbut she wouldn't be Slavegirl Deb when she would not be thankfull for every help and correction she does get from me.and doesn't she look nice when she is in waiting position?but such a nice ass should get the needed treatment!!!but Sla
Slavegirl Amber & Deb
hello, at this time i would like to introduce Slavegirl Amber. I took care of Amber about 3-4 month ago for a period of a few months. she is a very pleasing and interesting contact and it was a pleasure to be in contact with her. she has a nice body aswell as you can see.     she was very eager to learn and it was an amusement to watch her learning and to spend time with her. she is a natural servant. a clean and well usable girl.     all holes are well usable and properly trained!   next to that she did also know how to present herself as good as possible.           at times i talk a bit with her and i hope she will never lost that sort of submissive magic she has.     now lets come to Slavegirl Deb, due to technical problems she is just usable in a limited way. but wouldn't you agree with me that she is doing it perfect? she does know how to show a proper behavior and she did also greet to friends here on fubar with
Slavegirl K
i want to introduce Slavegirl K, it is the best to give her the possiblity to do that on her own.   written by Slavegirl K: im slavegirl k i am in the u.s. i enjoy many things reading, cooking, camping, swimming ect... i am a country girl,..however i love the city i love to go clubbing, at a coffee shop,...i love to sing and go out to a karokee bar with my cousin. i can be a strong willed person sometimes and i tend stray from the path every now and then but i am happy that i my sir honors me by keeping me in line and helping me through things. i plan on starting college soon and i am glad that sir will be there with me to help, because i know that i will need help keeping to my studies.   a lovely young Slavegirl. a natural servant and nice contact. i don't want to miss knowing her and it is always nice to talk with her. she is eager to learn and does know about her needs and interest a way better then most mature slavegirls do.     isn't that a good
Slavegirl K !!update!!
hello... it is time for an update about Slavegirl K i am still very happy about her development. she is doing well and it is a pleasure to be in contact with her. the nature of a slavegirl is no phrase to her. she is a living example for a proper slavegirl that is sure about her nature and what it entails. she is on a good way and it will be exciting to see what future will keep at hand.   next to that it is also a pleasure to watch her.     near to perfection...     it is her nature...     nothing to hide...   pure Slavegirl K      
slaver \SLAV-uhr; SLAY-vuhr\intransitive verb;    1.  To slobber; to drool.noun:    1.  Saliva drooling from the mouth.
Slavegirl K !!new Update!!
i think it is time to show some new material of my Slavegirl K. I am still very proud and happy that Slavegirl K is doing so well during her training. It is a pleasure to share some of my limited online time with her and it is a pleasure to talk with her and to take care of her behaviour and to act with her when i am not addicted to a Slavegirl and my work here in Germany.   and i am sure everybody has to agree that this view is worth the time and attention i offer to her.   her daily training is doing well and she is getting used to her new toys.     exspecially her anal training is on a good way, the plug sized will be raised in the near future. as you can see, her dildo workout also reached on a new level.     also her pain acceptance raised and i changed some of her daily routines. also her new paddle does make a big help during her training. and her red ass is as lovely as the marked result the cable lashes left on her ass. i am sure even that can b
Slavegirl N
I also have good news for every follower and the ones that prefer to see this blog anonym.   a new Slavegirl does have the pleasue to amuse me and the priviledge to get a training as Slavegirl. let me introduce: Slavegirl N like most subjects, she will also get the chance to tell you a bit about her with her own words. "I am slavegirl n. I love to draw and paint, and go on walks through the woods surrounding my house. I live at home with my parents, but I treat my friends more like my family. I hope to better become obedient through my training, and to learn to please and amuse my Sir however I can. I'd like to lose some of my stubbornness, and grow as a submissive in general. I believe that i am a born servant, that i am here to amuse my Sir, to please him, to learn and to grow as Slavegirl"   this is Slavegirl N, isn't she a cute Slavegirl?   a nice ass   and a nice cunt       but lets see if that ass is till that nice after a proper cable treatment.     bu
Slavegirl N !!update!!
It is time for an update on Slavegirl N   as you can see, Slavegirl N is still a lovely subject that does know her place at her Master's feet. And she does allways look beatiful exspecially with the help of some clothespins.     a lovely ass     gorgeous tits, that will get a special treatment soon!       but for sure she does also have other qualities...       and as a proper slavegirl should always be, Slavegirl N is also a marked Property!!       soon you will find news and infos about her position training and how she is doing in general...  
Slaves Creed And Oath
~slave's creed~He is Master, and i am slave,He is owner, and i am owned,He commands, and i obey,He is to be pleased, and i am to please.Why is this?Because He is Master, and i am slave.
Slaves Creed And Oath
~slave's creed~He is Master, and i am slave,He is owner, and i am owned,He commands, and i obey,He is to be pleased, and i am to please.Why is this?Because He is Master, and i am slave.
i am looking for a slave to be train.. if who is interested add me at yahoo luckydomme.. just sincere slave
Slayer - War Ensemble
Old school thrash metal at it's finest...
Enter my mind can you stop the rage No one shall mourn or pity my grave Fighting the world without remorse Searching for blood to never grow old A personal hell is where I reside Taunting death sounds cadavers in pain Judging my soul I am not his son Screaming God's name I want some more You love to hate me But you won't kill me Suicidal surge Desensitize the world Take what I want primordial ground Humanity bleeds from inside my veins Losing all grasp an evil so old Vengeance it breeds driving you insane Exhaust all will hanging by the neck Anguish within let it blind the eyes Better off dead us your epitaph Apathy feeds the human demise Absolute reign a malevolent mind Conceptions so vile in this bottomless soul Total addicting, corrupt and profane Force-fed lies in this chapel of lust Dancing in blood disciples enslaved Putrefied walls adorned with your flesh Coating this shrine of the ungodly cross You love to hate me But you won't kill me Suicid
yeah!! i get to go see slayer fuck yeah !! :)
Slayer "spirit In Black"
"Spirit in Black" Lyrics Artist(Band):Slayer (Jeff Hanneman/Kerry King) Welcome to my world Involve yourself within my dream Experience a life Just like your mind thought not to be Take a look through time As past or present words to be I rule this inferno Enthroned for eternity CHORUS Coils of the serpent unwind Buried beneath you will find Deep in the halls of the damned Spirit in black till the journey's end Spirits damned to rot Amidst the brimstone fireballs Eyes of the dead Watching from their living walls Broken glass reflections Show your flesh eaten away Beyond the gates I 'll take you Where the blood forever rains CHORUS Afterlife confessions Tell me who you used to be Looking on in wonder As I show you it was me Burning from within You know one spark is all it takes Hear the piercing cries of all Who found that hell awaits Living nightmare can't you see You really have no choice Faded memories haunt you Listen clearly to my voi
Slayer was one of the most distinctive, influential, and extreme thrash metal bands of the 1980s. Their graphic lyrics deal with everything from death and dismemberment to war and the horrors of hell. Their full-throttle velocity, wildly chaotic guitar solos, and powerful musical chops paint an effectively chilling sonic background for their obsessive chronicling of the dark side; this correspondence has helped Slayer's music hold up arguably better than the remaining Big Three '80s thrash outfits (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax). Naturally, Slayer has stirred up quite a bit of controversy over the years, with rumors flying about Satanism and Nazism that have only added to their mystique. Over the years, Slayer put out some high-quality albums, one undisputed classic (Reign in Blood), and saw the numbers of naysayers and detractors shrinking as their impact on the growing death metal movement was gradually and respectfully acknowledged. Slayer survived into the 1990s with arguably the mo
Slayer - South Of Heaven
Slayer Fans
Slay The Lonlyness
Lonlyness comsumes me I need to find someone to set me free Just to be able to hold them TO feel there soft lips as I kiss them To feel alive again even if its for a short time I could fina a fuck buddy easy just by using a lame line But that ain't what I"m looking for After awhile that gets old and leaves me wanting more FOr once I want nothing but to cuddle and maybe forplay Lonlyness is my hunger I need to slay.
Slayer - Reign In Blood
Slayer - Reign in bloodAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Slaying Media Statements: Paris Hilton
One of the least understood and possibly most abused tools in the public relations arsenal is the media statement. Once upon a time, it was simply meant to grab the attention of reporters and give them a lead on a story. Today, however, it seems like more and more celebrities, elected officials, and corporate executives are attempting to use them as masked position pieces with little interest in reporter follow up. In fact, most statements made today try to end stories, not begin them. It almost never works. Sure, there are plenty of examples out there, but Paris Hilton's recent weekend statement, published by the TMZ, really drives the point home. (Hat tip to Spin Thicket for the link.)"Today I told my attorneys not to appeal the judge's decision. While I greatly appreciate the Sheriff's concern for my health and welfare, after meeting with doctors I intend to serve my time as ordered by the judge." Stop. The first graph of her statement works. It might have worked better with a littl
Slayer - Eyes Of The Insane
Slayer-angel Of Death
1. Angel Of Death [Lyrics & Music - Hanneman] Auschwitz, the meaning of pain The way that I want you to die Slow death, immense decay Showers that cleanse you of your life Forced in Like cattle You run Stripped of Your life's worth Human mice, for the Angel of Death Four hundred thousand more to die Angel of Death Monarch to the kingdom of the dead Sadistic, surgeon of demise Sadist of the noblest blood Destroying, without mercy To benefit the Aryan race Surgery, with no anesthesia Feel the knife pierce you intensely Inferior, no use to mankind Strapped down screaming out to die Angel of Death Monarch to the kingdom of the dead Infamous butcher, Angel of Death Pumped with fluid, inside your brain Pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes Burning flesh, drips away Test of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil Frigid cold, cracks your limbs How long can you last In this frozen water burial? Sewn together, joining heads J
Slayer-dead Skin Mask
5. Dead Skin Mask [Hanneman/Araya] Graze the skin with my finger tips The brush of dead cold flesh pacifies the means Provocative images delicate features so smooth A pleasant fragrance in the light of the moon [CHORUS] Dance with the dead in my dreams Listen to their hallowed screams The dead have taken my soul Temptation's lost all control Simple smiles elude psychotic eyes Lose all mind control rationale declines Empty eyes enslave the creations Of placid faces and lifeless pageants In the depths of a mind insane Fantasy and reality are the same Graze the skin with my finger tips The brush of dead warm flesh pacifies the means Incised members ornaments on my being Adulating the skin before me Simple smiles elude psychotic eyes Lose all mind control rationale declines Empty eyes enslave the creations Of placid faces and lifeless pageants
Slayer Hell Awaits !!!!!
SLAYER will come on stage at 8:10 p.m. Prepare for the ultimate in heavy riffage to hit your computer screen on August 25th. And the best part? It's all LIVE! Watch Slayer shred in San Diego on August 25th from the comfort of your own chair. Starting today, Slayer fans can access daily video updates from the tour on their profile pages — including interviews with the band and highlights from the tour leading up to the August 25 webcast. In addition to viewing the show live, fans will have a virtual all-access pass to the behind-the-scenes locations and activities leading up to the concert. will have five cameras posted at various locations at the San Diego Sports Arena, and fans can choose if they want to check out catering, watch the stage be set up, or see the members of SLAYER arrive, as examples. In addition, YeboTV will have five video chat rooms where fans can converse about the show in real-time. Details for when these exciting features will go live
Slayer Webcast Live Right Now
Slayer - Bloodline Lyrics
HELLO ALL JUST ANOTHER SONG TO FIT MY MOOD, THERE IS ALOT OF STUFF GOING ON IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW SO IF I DONT TALK TO YOU GUYS IAM AWAY FRO A WHILE I JUST GOT ALOT WITH MY LIFE AND TRYING TO GET INFORMATION ABOUT STARTING MY OWN BUSINESS I WILL BE ON AND U CAN SAY HI IF IAM HERE I WILL TRY AND ANSWER. YEA TRYING TO FIND THE ANSWERS TO LIFE QUESTIONS SO I MIGHT BE A WHILE AND GET MY FUCK UP LIFE IN ORDER SO YEA GIVE ME ABOUT A YEAR THEN I WILL BE BACK Eternal the kiss I breathe Siphon your blood to me Feel my wounds of your god Forever rape mortality I smell of death I reek of hate I will live forever Lost child pay the dead Bleeding screams of silence In my veins your eternity I'll kill you and your dreams tonight Begin new life Bleed your death upon me Let your bloodline feed my youth First breath born come alive learn to kill Bloodfest awaits to feed your hunger Dark side has no rival test your faith in blood Night hides the hunting packs a feeding frenzy
Slayer Fucking Slayer
Slayer - Angel Of Death
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=== '~DJ BayBay~owner DarKSidEOfThEMooN~ WIFEY 2 King Flirt~PA2BW~ ASST GREETER MANG. @ CLUB TOOSEXY~' wrote the following at '2008-06-24 19:11:34'.. > > > > > > > > > > > COME SEE WHAT ALL THE SLAYING IS ABOUT IN THE SLAYGROUND!!! > THE PARTY IS IN HERE... DON'T MISS IT!!! > WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! > CLICK ANY PIC TO ENTER!!! > > > > > > > > > >
Slaying The Dreamer...
Days turn into months. Months turn into years... It feels as if time itself has slowed to a crawl, but yet watching day turn into night in a blink of an eye. Time has begun to betray me. I search for a light, but the light I see is so far away. I run for this light... but it keeps moving beyond my grasp... I have grown so cold. there is no life left in this empty shell of a heart. I don't know how it is to love someone. all i know is the word, and it has lost its luster. it is as empty as the space in my chest. I nolonger reach out for it. I nolonger wish for it. I feel it has no place in my life. I have let it go. there is no place for me in this rat race of life. I can not do a young mans journey for it. A quest for love is not for me. My time has passed. i am growing older day by day. I have had to watch so many fall in love. but yet all I can do is watch. I see me for me. i can not find that flame
Slay The Dream
Blinded by eternal light Forged within a broken heart Lies a soul With a humble plight Offered up an honest quest To ride the winds of hope Slay the dream And let her rest
Slayer - Bloodline One Of My Fav Slayer Songs
Eternal the kiss I breathe Sucked in your blood to me Feel my wounds of your God Forever reign immortality I smell of death I reek of hate I will live forever Lost child, pain of death Bleeding screams of silence In my veins your eternity I'll kill you and your dreams tonight Begin new life Bleed your death upon me Let your Bloodline feed my youth First breath 'fore I come alive Learn to kill Blood thirst the ways you feed your hunger Dark shy has no rival test your faith in blood Nightime as hunting packs of feeding frenzy I'll kill you and your dreams tonight Begin new life Bleed your death upon me Let your Bloodline feed my youth I am the first after last Commune by a single kiss Betray eternally I'll rip inside your soul Contaminating the world Deviding Godless sun Black art to face your death There will be a hit for me Lead - King Take the flesh of life itself Prepare to reign a thousand years I'll kill you and your dreams tonight Begin new life Ble
Slayer Goes To Church
Seeing you is like seeing a star at night You are alone yet shine across a vast distance Hearing your voice is like listening to an opera bright I can’t help but listen and be drawn within But loving you is like pure bliss As you give me your soul and let me in I can never forget that, and I will always cherish it My heart is on your lap, I only hope you hold it tight My soul is in your space, I only hope you visit it I love you more than these words can say tonight My foolish attempt to show it makes me weak But I do know that it feels right … I keep your heart at my side, right there, next to mine … I keep your body in my mind, right there, inside mine I keep your soul in my soul, right there …. together with mine … as one …    
I'm so excited!! Cardinals are going to the World Series!!! Preston Wilson, left fielder graduated with me from high school. He and I took accounting together and cheated off of each other's papers. Hmmmm.....seems when I see him again I'm gonna kick his ass. Best of luck Preston!!! Go here for his stats!!
S0l Cal Hustler's Loungeeee
Sldeshow Of My Godmother To Be Sis, Donna
S.l.e. And Mist (haikus)
S.L.E. Tender Carresses Gentle kisses like velvet rthymic dances ensue. Mist Smoky white tendrils carressing the land and sea sweet lovers embrace.
Sleazy And The Stupid
WTF? Seriously here! What a sleaze he is and how fucking stupid is this woman?!?! Suspect Peterson says he's engaged to marry Publicist confirms commitment to 23-year-old woman despite missing wife Oct. 28: One year after his wife Stacy’s disappearance, Drew Peterson tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer he believes she’s still alive and with another man. Drew Peterson, the retired Illinois police sergeant who gained national attention after he was suspected in his third wife's disappearance, is engaged to be married again, his publicist said Wednesday. Peterson's publicist Glenn Selig confirmed the engagement to a 23-year-old woman to NBC's Chicago affiliate, WMAQ, after it was first reported by CBS News. The woman's name was not revealed for privacy reasons. Selig said that the 54-year-old Peterson made this decision to remarry because he wanted to be happy and was trying to move forward with his life.
Sleazy Skunt
So this very ugly skunt, still brags about her $100,000 or $799 if renting home LOL She harassed me and my bf for living in a gorgeous one bedroom apartment, and we rent its worth more than her home (that looks like a trailer) while her home is a dump, she thinks my bf wants her LOL just because he told her off, I'm not skinny but I"m certainly not 215lbs. I hate ugly bitches who think they are all that, when they aint even close, I am happy with who I am, I dont call myself a model, or anything, Leave my friends alone!!! 
Sled Riding
ok so today my cousin and his kids came up today they started sled riding.I video taped them some.They kept asking me to go so i finally gave in.It was so fun!My ass is numb,i am cold!Did i mention snow turns into water lol!I had fun for once .Been a long time.
Sleepless In Pennsylvania
Another restless night awaits me My mind ponders random thoughts Leaving me unsettled in this empty, lonely bed. My thoughts race numerous directions, Only to leave me tiresome, craving peaceful , dreamy slumber. I close my eyes, hoping to fall into a deep , meditation state Only to be awoken abruptly by Shadows towering over me. I try to resist the temptations of sleeplessness, but they overpower my mind, leaving me exhausted.
Sleep Come Quickly
Well here I sit. 8pm. Just took some meds to sleep. Ugh Clincals. Have to get up at 4am, and no way I will go to sleep on my own and be able to get up at 4am. So most of my day will be spent at the hospital. Fun. After that, time for work. Jeremy has night class. So someone has to be there for those last few minutes. Today was fairly unproductive. Woke up, ate, and was bored most of the day. Did decide to try to knit a scarf. Hope to have it done by spring. lol. I loose interest in things way to fast. There is nothing on tv. Football- yea that is why i started trying to knit. Would have liked to went to cave run, carter caves, or maybe to the fire tower today. It was such a beautiful day- wanted to take advantage of it. Not a big cold weather person. Snow sucks!!!! Well off to try to get some sleep.... 4am comes way to early here. Sweet Dreams...
Sleeping...or Not
I can't sleep. Its 2 a.m. and I can't sleep. I have class at 9 a.m. So if I was to take some medicine to help me sleep then I won't be up in time for my class. So I don't know what to do. Anyone have and suggestions? Oh and yes I did get stood up again, if you read yesterdays blog you would know what I'm talking about. My so called friend who called me and asked me to do something stood me up. Couldn't even call to say I'm not going to make it. Honestly who does that? Well him of course, and apparently the other two guys from the weekend before. So thats that.
Sleepless Nights.
Have you ever been so drowned in the thought of yourself, you've forgotten what you once were? If ignorance is bliss, may we be the most blissful actors to grace this stage set for life.
I'd like to float above my mind beyond my thoughts and chaos to leave the tempest down below and float among the tranquil clouds that kiss the sky of quiet I'd love to sleep awake for once to see the world move slow instead of shooting stars of pain filled thoughts...
Weeeeeeee bedtime for bonzo, thanks to KevinW and his wife for GETTING ME ADDICTED to something else lol. Now i wont be able to sleep ever again....
I close my eyes to sleep... I close my eyes to life... I close my heart to love... I close my heart to hurt.... Cuz if I do all this then I cannot Love You.... I cannot Hurt the ones I love...... I often wonder if I went to sleep and never woke up ..... If I'd even be missed at all..... I close my eye to sleep now......
i cant sleep i neeed help every night i sleep less i dont worry about losing my mind because i lost it quite a while ago i need sleep please help me sleep i dont know where ive been i dont know where i as please why cant i sleep what was that a noise behind me i turn to look but nothings there sleep please find me please dont leave why cant i sleep............
Sleeping Habits
well, lately i have actually been sleeping, but now, i am waking up at weird times at night. like few nights ago i woke up at 1:11 am, 2:22 am, 3:33 am, and then fianlly slept until my husband got up for work at 5:30 and, and then went back to bed. just the other night i woke up at 1:11 am, 2:12 am, and 3:13 am. then again slept through the night until my hubby got up for work at 5:30 am. i wonder if its a way that my body is preparing me to wake up every hour when our son is born or if my body is just being weird. but i think ill be fine.
I'm ssooo tired! I haven't gotten much sleep the past few weeks.. Too much stuff to worry about I think. I lay there every night. Eyes shut. NOTHING happens. Most people just tell me to drink warm milk.. EWW... ARRG!
Sleeping With Angel's
You're sleeping there, With dreams of love. As angels, Whisper of what you are. A widow, A spider, No more than what you were yesterday. But listen not, To what they say. For they know only half Of your truth. You are a mistake, Your are worthless. Don’t let then, try. To make a fool of you. But there you sit, You passive idiot. No longer caring, What they say. But the blade you use, 0f words and sorrow. Has grown dull!. And as you sit there, Your arm covered in you loneliness, You see what it is you are. Still alone, All alone, A dreamer of what use to be...... By DLM 2005
The Sleepless One
i live without love i live without hate i live to destroy i live to rebuild i am nethier good nor evil i am both good and evil i am out of my mind i am trapped within my mind i am life and i am death my motives are unknown even to myself my motives are known to everyone i am contradiction incarnate I AM THE SLEEPLESS ONE
Sleep, my lovely, sleep, rest your eyes, as you rest your weary head upon my chest, let me comfort you, protect you, and watch over you, as you journey far away, to a better world, where your dreams are full of miles and miles of joy and smiles, and everything you've ever wished for. Sleep, my lovely, sleep, let the worries flow from your brow, and let them rest upon my strong body, let me carry your cares for you, so that you might be free. Sleep, my lovely, sleep, so that you might wake tomorrow, and find me here, holding you, caressing you, waking you with love...
Hey ya'll.. Im bouts to go to sleep but just wanted to update a min. Im oOo soOo freakin bored, my life is just nothing these days!! I hardly hang out wit friends & I have no job.. but dont remind me of that, i get bitched enough about it all the time.. & i needa get my L's.. But my parents be trip'n sumtimes & it makes it real hard. I made 30$'s yesterday baby sit'n.. Ahhh.. i had fun tho. Tha lil girl was pretty good, it was my cousin's daughter chelsy. She's only 1, and she slept most the time away ne ways. Other then that playin sims & watchin tv is what i be doin.. *haha* cept saturday i went to the Mck VS Perry game. McK won of course.. Blah! AnJ
it's a sleepy kinda day so their was nobody at my store today and it was very boring so it sucked and so did the mail I found on my bed tonight one day I wanna find something interesting on my bed.
How I love to watch you sleeping Calm and peaceful, drifting, dreaming Nothing but the still of evening Golden tresses strewn about Luscious lips in gentle pout Your breasts softly rise and fall My eyes strain to take in all Your arms, your legs and sweet backside Arousing something deep inside Thoughts quickly turning into lust Life's tender moments dawn to dusk Drawing closer, not to wake you Quietely I bend to taste you Softly wispering your name With all the passion you inflame Enchanted by love and wedded bliss As I lean in for one more kiss IMspidey/M.M. 9/06 Copyright ©2006
The Sleeping Dragon......
his breath is soft and slow, caressing her cheek.. she reaches out with a tentative touch.. fingers feather soft upon the armor of his skin.. each texture a new experience, a new sensation.. her hands travel the length of his slumbering form.. as she marvels at the beauty and color that is him.. the magnificent iridescence of his majestic body.. ever changing, ever growing, a fire burning within.. he stirs slightly, stretching forth one great wing.. its transparent glow blinding her momentarily.. her eyes adjust to the brilliance of his aura.. and she wonders at this glorious sight before her.. in awe that she has been chosen to behold him.. to revel in his greatness, his tremendous abilities.. he could easily crush her with a single blow.. easily destroy her with one fiery outburst.. but he does not, for he holds her in highest regard.. he sleeps only because she is so near to him.. she is the comforting force that allows him peace.. her touch is a lullaby to his to
Sleepng Position Lol It Actually Exists
What Your Sleeping Position Says You are secretly sensitive, but you often put up a front. Shy and private, you yearn for security. You take relationships slowly. You need lots of reassurances before you can trust. What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?
Sleeping In Church !
One day Mrs. Jones went to have a talk with the minister at the local church. "Reverend," she said, "I have a problem, my husband keeps falling asleep during your sermons. It's very embarrassing. What should I do?" "I have an idea," said the minister. "Take this hatpin with you. I will be able to tell when Mr. Jones is sleeping, and I will motion to you at specific times. When I motion, you give him a good poke in the leg." In church the following Sunday, Mr. Jones dozed off. Noticing this, the preacher put his plan to work. "And who made the ultimate sacrifice for you?" he said, nodding to Mrs. Jones. "Jesus!", Jones cried as his wife jabbed him the leg with the hatpin. "Yes, you are right, Mr. Jones," said the minister. Soon, Mr. Jones nodded off again. Again, the minister noticed. "Who is your redeemer?" he asked the congregation, motioning towards Mrs. Jones. "God!" Mr. Jones cried out as he was stuck again with the hatpin. "Right again," said
I hate this insomnia! I cant sleep and even when im tired i sleep for 3 hours and wake up da only time i do sleep anymore is if im drunk or have some1 layin next to mii =/ eh i'll live right? lmmfao ok i officially HATE Wisco!!!!! It's cold and rainy and uckiiz out and it smells like rotten cabagge outside! lmmfao ooo u kno for halloween im goin trick or treatin and im gunna have a pa-nump-kin thing on my head =)im silly huh? shyt im getin lots of candii this yr !! w00t w00t! who wants to come fix my brakes on my mazda this week? huh? any takers? i didnt think so oh well datz almost 100 buz out my pocket i dnt need to spend!!!!!!! happii happii joy joy! im sooo happii! ha happii in pantz hahahahhahaha umm yea ok im postin a new pic of my costume! lmmfao miss mii, comment mii, and love mii!!! remember its illegal to give a dog a cigar in Zion IL....haha FUKKERZ!
OK yet another morning class mised because of no sleep. When will it end. Just once I would like t be able to sleep like a normal human. I will take any advice you have out there at this pint. I just want sleep. I can not keep missing classes because i can notsleep at night. Anyone got any ideas. Let me know.
its time to pass out guys, too much beer....if there is such a thing
i have a whorish bulletin out there, help me out. Oh and to the wonderful friends that talked to me today, you bloody rock...
Sleeping Positions How Do You Sleep?
Sleeping Positions How Do You Sleep? Myself i sleep on my tummy, head to 1 side, so im a party animal which is pretty much spot on, but which applies to you? Curled up on his or her side. Going fetal is the most common sleep position, with 41 percent of people (and twice as many women as men) reporting this as their preference. These snoozers may seem tough on the surface, but they're actually sensitive and shy, so keep that in mind if you want to crack a joke in the a.m. about your sweetie's morning breath. Sideways and straight as a log. Fifteen percent of people lie on their sides with their arms at their sides. These space-conserving sorts tend to be extremely trusting and gregarious, so if you're seeing someone like this, you'll continue to go on plenty of group dates, dinner parties, and outings that will allow this social butterfly to spread his or her wings. Sideways with arms outstretched. Warning: The 13 percent of folks who slumber with their arms reaching
Sleep? What's That....
It's 7am...7:10am according to my computer...I have yet to go to sleep...Im tired as all hell...does that make sense to you?Doesnt make any sense to me!!! Feel free to put the fry pan to my head...PLEASE...atleast LC is keeping me active!! that I wasted about a minute of your time...bye! .::. Loyal .::.
Sleep Is Overated Anyway
ALL RIGHT the brain is working overtime again: I was chatting last night and this guy I met 2 years ago was connected with someone I talked to a week ago Well the the guy from 2 years ago told the guy I talked to last week to back off because the guy from 2 years ago still was interested in me. the guy from 2yrs ago wanted me to be his!!!! WELL, I was talking to the guy from 2 yrs ago when he contacted me last month I told him to get lost block him from chatting further. this guy from 2 years ago is persistant. I got to tell you this guys nerve of saying to me how come I was nice to his friend but I gave him a hard time. Asked if I was playing a game. REALLY NOW! there is a reason it didn't work 2 years ago it was not a good meeting. I did not know the guy from last week I knew the guy from 2 yrs ago. SO 2 different men 2 separate personalities. I know I am not the same person I was 2 years ago BUT, I am still ME!!!! ITs not a game and I am not acting IT all depends how you appoar
Sleep: The Final Frontier
I will boldly go where no woman has been before....My bed... Call it a pathetic thing to say but it's true.I much rather have sex in other places such as the car..The closet..The shower...The bed is just plain boring..This is also a new bed too so if anyone want to help me break it in let me know. Well this little mental flagalance is all about sex...Well Sex and me anyways.I was a late starter when it came to sex.I was 19.Guess that comes with being in a strict Christian family.Like all surpressed urges once I had my taste I couldn't get enough for the most part.I've done the one night stands which is a sad part.No connection and plus my main goals in sex were never really satisfied.Get in get off get out.Just not my cup of tea...Or rather coffee in my case. My main goal and one of the few things that turn me on is the orgasm...As in HER orgasm.Tells me I'm doing the right thing.Granted I learned most of my "skills" from a lesbian which is the best teacher btw...Taught me tha
Sleep Song Poem
Sleep Song. By Steven Kroll How far and wide the fairies fly On bright and golden wing. But when they settle down to sleep A gentle song they sing Sweet Queen of Night Soft silver stars We're glad you are so near We seek our beds We rest our heads Without a moment's fear On thistledown In hidden nooks We watch the waning light The joys of sleep Upon us creep We wish you all good nig
So I am still running on only 2 hours of sleep...Alex had nightmares all night and ended up sleeping with me in my bed. So I am exhausted and I still have laundry to get done tonight....uuhhhhhgggg...well, I am going to go get started on my laundry.
Thats where im going. I wont be back till tommorrow. Goodnight. And please im begging you no messages saying, are you really sleeping. Itll just make me stabb you. Night < 3
omg im so tired im almost falling alseep infront of the computer... nwo im gonna brush my teeth and go to bed. atleast i got to lvl 54 with my night elf rogue in world of warcraft.... yes sorry im addicted to that shit :P but i love it.... tomorrow im gopnns sleeeeep until i wake up no alarmclocks nothing :P welll off to bed.
Sleeping Beauty Awakes
Just a brief second to write a blog or two as I get ready for a video shoot.  Though I am no longer on staff at DOI, I am in good standing with them, and do have a working relationship with them on various projects from time to time. This is a shoot for their memberships section, their videos and their video clip store.  And we will be shooting some other footage for private collectors in the next couple of weeks. Reminder, If you want to see a ton of pics of me unavailable on Myspace, My website of anywhere else on line as well as a blog, and some of my favorite things I have collected from across the web, join Me on Lost Cherry.  Add Me, Give Me a 10, and drop Me a line. And also drop in to the polls daily and vote Me in the Listeners Choice Awards on KSEX radio. This week on BaadMaster's Dungeon, Nov. 2nd 5-7p PSTUgly Shyla & Saryn Angel
Sleep Blissful darkness, Claim my soul, Carry me in your arms, Take away my pain, Take away my wearyness, Take me away, Blissful darkness, Take pity on me, Don't leave me here, Light is coming, I want freedom, Freedom from this world, From the feelings, From everything. Blissful darkness, Purify me, Recharge me, Pick me clean. Blissful darkness, Grant me sleep, Allow me rest, Bestow upon me slumber. I want to dream, I wish for your touch. Blissful darkness, How you fade in the morn. Before you leave... Please... just... take... me... to need sleep........
Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis I glance through the mirror on a moonless night. I see my reflection glare on this moonless night. The shadows consume my face and fear of the dark. Oh, I wish I had a light. A smoldering cigarette. I distract myself with a smoke. Light me up, little zippo, I gotta have a smoke. There's witches in the walls and clowns eating my face have never been a joke. My room is a barren hole. Get me to a hotel. My bed provides no comfort. I'm going to a hotel. There the lightbulbs never go out, halogen certainty releases me from my hell. Under my blanket I hide my face. The monsters can't get me if I have no face. That's the only reassurance I can get while I'm stuck in this haunted place. No one has died here. No, there aren't any angels. I don't believe in the devil, and there aren't any angels. Faithless and frozen, I succumb to the supernatural, waiting for the sounds of morning churchbells. I won't be able to move, but my b
Is it the city? I don’t know I guess no, not really. But what is it? I am lying in the dark usually Morpheus takes me here any day or night time but I can not even force him and my thoughts wander around to those I barely think of and I’m searching for reasons to exculpate why I keep away from them… but who am I exculpating to? Me? I wish it would be as easy as she said since she was right: There is no community mixed as random as a family… …but like she said: the blood is thicker I see my mother in my face but only when I travel I run as fast as I can run but jack comes tumbling after… and when I'm brave enough and find a clever way to kick him out and I'm so high not even you and all your love could bring me down I guess that’s it, I wish they would hate me it would be so much easier then. I can not stand their love know that I know of it.
Sleepless Nights
wow this is the 5 th day in a row that i haven't gon t bed till 5 am . thats pretty fucked up .... but on well i'm just not tried at night
Sleep Sweet
when angels weap and you can't sleep think of your lost sweet angel dreaming of a sun swept beach and holding the one beyond your reach who whispers for your dear touch carry your thoughts to somewhere quiet and away from your turmoil and riot to hold her in your troubbled mind sleep sweet dear lover soon in peace you will discover that love will take you home m.e.j.
i require sleep. oh yes i do. almost 1.30am only 7 hours sleep. oh my. stockholm here i come.
Sleepless Nights...
Sleepless nights, full of painful sorrows, like there's no tomorrow... many a dreams shattered like an arrow to my heart. Thoughts, looks, stares, voices, they're all here...they won't go away, they won't leave me alone.The stars start to shimmer, and with the moon as bright as can be, it begins lighting the darkest of nights...And as the crisp, cold air gently brushes through,the creatures of the night start to venture.The night soon begins to fill with fear, it is overcome with deceit and whispers of the gentle breeze of sleepless nights. By:Edith Gonzlav 2/3/06
I don't know what it is but I almost always avoid sleep whenever possible. Ok I actually have a few ideas as to why but whatever. Almost every day I stay up till I'm so exhausted that I pretty much pass out once I hit the bed. Anyways no real reason for this blog post than to ramble and get my blog started here ;).
Sleepwalker & Whispering Fingertips
Sleepwalker & Whispering Fingertips--Lacey Mosley(Flyleaf) My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak My eyelids grow heavy and I might just fall asleep Walking around in my sleep Running into walls I cannot see Falling and scraping up my face Ignoring the softest spoken grace How many times will I go and take the bait Only for this hook to rip right through my face How can I love you back? What can I do to show you? His piercing eyes meet mine Please simply stay awake. Talk to me and I'll hear you Don't fall asleep this time Gotta stay awake, gotta stay awake Don't you see me reaching for you? I swear I really do love you. How can I love you back? What can I do to show you? His piercing eyes meet mine His piercing eyes meet mine Please simply stay awake. Talk to me and I'll hear you Don't fall asleep this time Gotta stay awake, gotta stay awake Contemplating you is like a dream I never want to wake up from what I
Yup trying to stay awake to earn more points lol
I've been so tired lately. All I do is sleep and sleep some more. And no matter how much I sleep or try to stay awake so that I'm on a normal sleep schedule, I am always lethargic. It sucks. I went to the doctor today and she order blood work done and some other things. I think it's mostly the winter blues, since I always get like this around this time of the year. I am excited for Christmas, I love buying things for people. It's like buying their love *kidding*. Lots of stuff to get, but I plan on doing most of it online, so that will be a big help. My little sister is coming home too, and I'm really excited about that. We're lots of fun together. Well fun and trouble. I can't wait. I hope these winter blues get better by then......
Sleep Deprived
blah.. i have been awake for almost 36 hrs now....this effin sux monkey balls..i would go to sleep but idk how long i would sleep...wut should i do?
Sleepy Time
good night off to bed i go.. do all this below and i'll be happy and return the favor :) send me some love rates my profile and pictures leave me lovely comments and picture comment to.. add me and fan me nites
Have you ever hurt someone without knowing it? Have you ever worried so much about it that you made yourself sick? Have you ever sat and cried because you wanted to scream I am sorry for whatever I did to hurt you? What am I to do? I can't sleep I am exhausted and yet I need to know. If I sleep I might not get the answer. If I knew the answer surely i could fix the situation or atleast atone for it. My thoughts won't sit still they are trying to pinpoint a possible time, place, action where something happened. How did I hurt this person so much I could lose a friendship?
Sleep Now
.....When she came out of the bathroom with an armload of makeup and shampoo, Joe was sitting on her bed amid stacks of clothes, absently running a finger over the lace of a bra. The action seemed so typical of him that she almost smiled. "You don't have to go with me," he said in a carefully controlled voice. "Yes I do." After a few seconds he shrugged, then sat watching as she quickly filled her suitcase. When she added the simple black dress to the bag with his suit, his jaw clenched at its significance but he made no comment. She closed up the bags and put them in her dressing room, checked the contents of her purse and added it to the pile. Joe was still sitting on the edge of the bed, but his mask of indifference had cracked. His eyes were full of the loss of his father and fear for his mother. "The company is lending us a private jet. We leave at six tomorrow morning, and should reach home by early afternoon. There will be plenty of time
Sleeping On The Couch
Well i get home and jackass is talking on the phone he gets off and actually asked how my day went. So i told him that it was shitty and i was like your about to make it worse. He's like probably. Then i noticed that he had sex with Ashley in my bed. IN MY BED. What kind of shit is that. So from now on i'm sleeping on the couch. Moving out as soon as possible. Then he was like man you look pissed. I was like respect Cody. You should show some. People give you it and they shouldn't. Then Ashley has to nerve to say "what can i say i'm irresilbe. (Don't think i splet that right but who cares) If you all could see her. She ain't nothing but someone who's easy and has seriouly slept with everyone in town. I'm serious. She don't even know who her baby's daddy is. So you know what she can have him. He use to beat her guess she likes it like that. She can have it all back. Guess that's all for now. -Amanda
Sleepy Time
MySpace Comments Graphics Good Night - Sweet Dreams!
Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.
Look in these eyes, It shows how I'm spending time, Blood-line designs, Follow the red over white. I'll hear, I'll taste this, Whispering misery,I'll hear, I waste, I know your not safe with me. I can't face you, I'll erase you, Can't escape you, I won't miss you. I'll drink myself to sleep, Five thousand times. I'll drink, I drink myself to sleep. I can't recall, Drifting I fall down, Maybe I'm selfish and blind, I'll drink myself to sleep, Five thousand times. Look and despise, Reflections telling lies, See you behind, Your stare is so sickening. I'll hear, I'll taste this, Whispering misery, I feel it take me, And i shout at you suddenly. I can't face you, I'll erase you, Can't escape you, I won't miss you. I can't face you, I'll erase you, Can't escape you, I won't miss you. I'll drink myself to sleep, Five thousand times. I'll drink, I drink myself to sleep. I can't recall, Drifting I fall down, Maybe I'm selfish a
Sleepless Nights
Another sleepless night, I haven't had one in awhile. Well haven't had a major descion to make either. I work off instinct, it's the way my life is ran and know I have to really think. Dreams are like nightmares they both screw with your head. So is this a dream or something I should be scared of like a nightmare. Should I hope for the best and prepare for the worst and meet somewhere in the middle. I hope things change but most likely old demons will come and destroy everything. I'm trying to be postive but it's scary.
Ok it is 10:30 am and I am so damn tired I went to bed at like 3:30am and had to be up at 7. Ugh Why is it when I need to sleep I can never get there. So much has been going on lately that my mind just will not let my body rest. In the begining of Nov. I lost my best friend who was more like my brother to we are not sure but we think a drug overdose. We will not know until the police release the information it has been under investigation. Thanks to his mom who to put it truthfully his twin brother and I think made sure that he was to far gone before they called the EMT's. She has for years tried to get custody of his daughter. We think she let him die so that she could try to get her. Sad but true. So things have not been all that great lately and I would love to get thru the holiday's and into the New Year without someone else I care and love dying. I have had a hard time with letting this go. It was a senseless death that could have been prevented if only his mom had called the EMT'
Sleep Wa;lker !
Sleepwalker Video - Wallflowers lyricsWallflowers Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Sleepless Thoughts
so I ask myself what is love is it just a feeling or is it something bigger is it a way of life I do not know but I was in love once and its a crazy thing I miss that it was like my life was different not the same almost in-between real and fake but I know I was happier than I ever was it was like I was living someone else's life then it went all bad I got engaged and then I found out she cheated on me and I dumped her and ever since then I have been questioning myself I closed myself out and now I need to open back up and start living again its like I have changed to some one I do not know I want to love again and its hard when all I do is kickit at home on the computer its interesting to meet people on here but I don't expect to find miss right on here its fun talkin to females on here but you never know what kind of person some one is until you hang out with them for a while and still that isn't always show you who some one is unless they open up and let you into their mind I am a g
Close your eyes Feel the ocean where passion lies Silently the senses Abandon all defences The place between sleep and awake End of innocence Unending masquerade That`s where I`ll wait for you Hold me, near you So closely, sear you Seeing, believing Dreaming, deceiving Sleepwalker seducing me I dared to enter your ecstacy Lay yourself now down to sleep In my dreams you`re mine to keep Sleepwalker
Sleepless Nights
I have been waiting for you to kiss me. I raise my lips eagerly to yours, and when your tongue prods my lips open I am happy to oblige. I meet the thrust of your tongue boldly, and the kiss deepens and becomes more erotic than anything I've ever experienced. You sample the textures of my mouth, sliding your tongue across my teeth and dipping into the dark nooks and crannies as though seeking a hidden treasure. You take my bottom lip between your teeth and tug it gently, then raise your palms to my face and turn my head just so, giving you free access to my mouth. I have never been so thoroughly kissed in my life. The kiss goes on, pausing only briefly so we can gulp air into our lungs. Our lips cling together hungrily, melding as one. Your body is on fire, your muscles rigid in an attempt to hold yourself in check. You are so hard for me you hurt. When you finally raise your head, we are both gasping. My lips are damp and swollen, and you have a sudden brief picture of those sa
Sleepy Dragon !!
Even though we've never met even though we've never touched even though we've never talked nor seen each other face to face There is one thing that i must say one thing that you must know Through every moment and everything that has ever happened and will happen One thing in my mind has never and will never change. Regardless of what's happened i love you. Regardless of the distance regardless of the fights regardless of everything that comes between us I love you with all of my heart. We live our nights alone we live without seeing each other without a single touch we must decide if we are in love without hearing one another we must wonder what is true Others will always wonder what it is that drives us to live like we do and without what they have They all wonder why we sacrifice a kiss, a hug, or a single feel of each other when we could have so much more if we choose one that is closer They wonder how we can say we love when we have not touch
Sleeping Over At His Place
Michael Gurian, author of what could he be thinking? Offers tips on what you should do when spending the weekend at your guy's apartment. 1. RESPECT HIS TURF. Ask before tossing anything useless of his. 2. ABIDE BY HIS BED RULES. Don't sulk if he won't cuddle all night he's probably just hot. 3. DON'T FREAK If he tunes you out at some point. Men detach to recharge. Wish I knew this when I was about 18. LOLO>>>>
well i just came back on to check messages and things...i'm going back to bed. see you guys tomorrow after work. MySpace Comments Graphics
Sleeping Disorders… Is That Called Narcolepsy
Good Morning. How’s the world treating you today? Or should I say how did it treat you this past weekend, perhaps it’s to early to determine today’s treating. Just hope you were treated well. Hey, I just heard something on the radio about a window washing in Nashville Tennessee cleaning windows around the 20th floor on the Fifth-Third Bank apparently fell asleep. Now…I have fallen asleep on the couch, also at a movie…(The Documentary of Noah’s Ark) That flick was about as interesting as watching lawyers decipher the National Electrical Code….Yeah.. Prod me with a hot iron. I have fallen asleep high in the air as well…. Not the 20th floor mind you I was on an Airplane. I heard tale that I also as a kid did the Spaghetti face first dive into my plate…Now how many kids have not done that? I have fell asleep in a hammock and nodded at company meetings....Yeah…those were important blah, blah, blahs.. But in all my recollections I just can’t remember a time I was dangling from scaffolding
Sleeping Beauty??????
You scored as Sleeping Beauty. Your alter ego is Princess Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty! You are beautiful and enchanting, and as sweet as ever. Sleeping Beauty100%The Beast75%Cinderella63%Goofy56%Cruella De Ville56%Peter Pan50%Ariel50%Pinocchio50%Snow White31%Donald Duck19%Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?created with
Sleeps Wit Da Fishes
I am so tired. Not sure why. I made a huge to do list and did not accomplish much. I have a 5-gallon fish tank now. I need a plecostamous and either one smallish/medium fish that is a loner or a few small/tiny fish that like to be in groups. The focus here is the plecostamous. I love those little guys!
Sleepin Position
What Your Sleeping Position Says You have a passion for everything - including sleeping. Outgoing and brash, you tend to still shock those who know you well. You tend to be selfish. You are the most likely type to hog the covers. You gravitate toward comfort and don't like extreme situations. What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?
Hey to all my new friends that have been missing me that past couple of days. Went for what was supposed to - oh about a six or seven hour trip - and it turned into a two day event lol We headed out to Brandon (about 2 1/2 hrs outta Winnipeg) for a family event and left pretty much on time as planned ...was near the end of the day ...dusk. By the time night fell completely we couldn't see a thing on the highway. Snowing and blowing snow ...I swear couldn't see a foot in front of the car. The driver said, nope, not driving in this - which was good - cuz I woulda suggested we stop if he didn't. My boys were in the car, no reason to risk anything. So we stopped in a nearby one-horse kinda town. This was a novelty to my boys who haven't been any where remotely so small lol ...was a town with a main street and a few more jutting off of that ...not much more else. Was interesting listening to their comments and questions ...most of which I don't remember now but had me laughing at the
Sleeping With Me!
I like it when you sleep with me Your hand clasping mine. Then gently you loom over me, Bend your head to meet my lips. Or, when you think I'm asleep, Your fingers trace my lips, my cheeks, Down my face... With a sigh, you carefully turn me... So we lay like spoons, Your body pressed against mine, Tenderly you wrap me in your arms With your lips in my hair You whisper, "I love you." I like it when you sleep with me. I can pillow your head on my chest. I can touch your skin, and trace Your eyebrows, or your nose. Sometimes, if I just lay there With my arms around you, You'll go to sleep, Lulled by the sound of my heartbeat. I like it when you sleep with me... Even when it means waking up Not sure which body part is mine. Funny, how in sleep we struggle to get closer. So we awaken, tangled by the quilts into one creature... I like it when you sleep with me!
Well I'm going to get off of here..goodnight and thank you everyone who left me comments, ratings and love. I do appreciate it!
im going to bed peace out everyone
Sleep, Money, Blurred Vision
Four hours of sleep and shampoo in my eyes have them blurred to the max! I do not sleep well when I have things on my mind..son is searching for a job, ex lost his job, daughter having relationship problems, and bf and his cancer. Was going to attempt to find me a pair of pants that fit but step daughter got a ticket and bf immediately told her he would take care of the ticket. Before the ticket..he gave them money for babysitter AND their night out! They had been fighting for sometime and finally getting along and they went out. They made the most of their night..did not get home til 6am! I am glad for them as they do need time to themselves without kids around! I would have had two pair of pants that fit properly! Church beside me had a big turn out tonight. Kinda surprised me with the Super Bowl on. Course.....this is the bible belt too!lol Went to Walmart to find some thermal underwear for bf, a couple of Boston butts for bbq and brunswick stew(Yes, I make my
Sleeping Kitten I
Sleeping Kitten Ii
Sleeping Kittens
Sleeping Kitten Iii
Sleeping Kitten Iv
Sleeping Kitten V
Sleepless nights With true love, in mind I try, to please you With my poetic rhymes. Sleepless nights With thoughts divine Of wonderful moments Lost in time. I strain, through the night To write a song At times crooning With melodies along. By the time you wake With your usual smile I know my darling This heart, you'll never break. I greet a new day As the sun, breaks dawn Pleasing hopeful signs With every flashing ray. An ode, I'll write about you a poem, I'll recite Forever, wanting to please you Embracing you closer, to my side.
Sleepy Angel
sleep is a funny thing. You want it so bad, and you lay down thinking that it will come, but no. So I red. I need to buy some more books so that my reading dosent go by so fast. I lose a couple nights sleep a week for lack of reading material. lol somebody get me a membership to the book club. do they sell that on cherry tap? I bet i could get points for doing that somewhere. Okay gonna go read Devil Wears Prada agian. The book really was better then the movie. The movie took alot of the detail outta it. But Meyrl Strep really did a good job being a bitch. Reminded me of a couple people i know. welp good night cherry I'm talking to myself and yet still over a half a million people if I'm really luved.
Sleep Them Away
sleep them away you lay here in my arms you lay here so peacful sleeping sleeping in my arms sleeping away all those demons the ones that i can see inside you but youll never tell me about and i see through you much like you see through me and just like you the more i look the more i begin to like what i see me with you and you with me you my baby and i hope youll lways be but ill only stay as long as youl have me and as long as youll have me ill keep you safe safe in my arms in my arms as you lay as long as im here those demonds inside stay away
Sleep & Dream Of Me
In misty dreams I'll come to thee and soothe your restless state For I will love and nourish thee, your hunger will I sate my mind, I'll wrap around you, giving pleasure great I'll calm your aching restlessness, your sad and lonely wait I'll be there with thee, to share with thee, to love thee totally So sleep my darling! Sleep and dream! Sleep and dream of me! Sleep, my tormented restless one, sleep with great expectancy I'll come tonight, by clear moonlight and let thee taste of me I'll sing to thee a siren's song, my dearest darling mate Lovingly, I'll give to thee and quinch your thirsty state I'll be there with thee, to share with thee, to love thee totally So sleep my darling! Sleep and dream! Sleep and dream of me!
Sleepless Night
It's one thing to not sleep It's one thing to be depressed but to not sleep and be depressed can cause me great distress to roam the house from night to dawn with dark thoughts that are not calm and in the light of day when asked what is wrong your biggest fear is that you will go off like a bomb the mind is so convoluted with dark twisting corridors and in every room you try to look for a brief moment of light but the lights go out and the wind blows cold and slams the doors tight depression and sleeplessness may go hand in hand but in the dark the silent dark insanity reigns the land ©Dark
Sleeping At Your Desk...
FIVE BEST THINGS TO SAY WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT SLEEPING AT YOUR DESK. 5. "They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen." 4. "This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the time management course you sent me to." 3. "Whew! Guess I left the top off the Whiteout. You probably got here just in time." 2. "Did you ever notice sound coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?" And the NUMBER ONE best thing to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk... 1. Raise your head slowly and say, " Jesus' name, Amen."
Sleep Last Night?
SLEEP LAST NIGHT? Bed a little lumpy... Toss and turn any... Wish the heat was higher... Maybe the a/c wasn't on... Had to go to the john... Need a drink of water... ? ? ? Scroll down Yes... It is like that! Count your blessings, pray for them, Talk to your Creator and the next time when... the other car cuts you off and you must hit the brakes, or you have to park a little further from Walmart than you want to be, or you're served slightly warm food at the restaurant, or you're sitting and cursing the traffic in front of you, or the shower runs out of hot water, Think of them... Protecting your freedom!
As i lay in my bed hoping for sleep my mind paces in the dark stirring the silence thoughts of you and him who do i need? which do i crave? Both, but only one is allowed How can i follow my heart? Half for you, half for him Can i follow the new road and keep sight of the old? Or should i turn back? Choosing neither one What do i do? As i lay here in the dark Praying for sleep
Sleep Of Darkness (happy F*n B-day To Me!)
I'm still on my Adkins diet.. matter of fact I am not eating much of anything lately. I won't ever give up on life. Never fear... the will to fight... to live... is engrained into me since I left home at 12. But today... I lost a lil more faith in people. 2 day is a day 2 vent, and say F*k it all!! (hugs) Even a mountain can crumble... and lose a few pieces at times, U know? Peace@all. (hugs) Now here... after years of slacking off... is my new METAL song. Out of sorrow.. creativity, spreads it's wings, and takes flight... ~~~ Johnny Edman ~~~ 03/05/2007-4:45 p.m EST Sleep of Darkness (Verse 1) Shattered dreams, my heart it breaks. I gave you more, than I tried to take. My soul is dark, my heart grows still. Nothing matters, nothings real. I hear your voice, I see your face. You left a mark, that I can't erase. Cause now your gone, I'm all alone. I'm talking to myself at dawn! (chorus) Did you ever care for me? Was it a game!!! Do you hear my echo'd pain? I call yo
Sleep Last Night?
SLEEP LAST NIGHT? Bed a little lumpy... Toss and turn any... Wish the heat was higher... Maybe the a/c wasn't on... Had to go to the john... Need a drink of water... ? ? ? Scroll down Yes. It is like that! Count your blessings, pray for them, Talk to your Creator and the next time when... the other car cuts you off and you must hit the brakes, or you have to park a little further from Walmart than you want to be, or you're served slightly warm food at the restaurant, or you're sitting and cursing the traffic in front of you, or the shower runs out of hot water, Think of them... Protecting your freedom! Message from Iraq The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute To our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is By taking a picture of Baker Company sayi
You Sometimes Don't Get Enough Sleep You're often more tired than you'd like, and you're probably not getting enough quality sleep. Sleeping a little more could make you a lot more energetic and happy. Try having a bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, and only eat fruit before bed. Do You Get Enough Sleep?
Sleeping......or Trying
Swing from side to side. Toss to the left. Fuckin wall. Move over sideways. Restless as the hours go by. 7 pillows, 2 blankets, dawned in artillirary night wear. So cold. The cold and being so, sucks ass. Toss over and turn to the right. Nope......not comfortable. Creak! fuckin water pipe. Noises are heard, when you cant hear his breathing. Pull up the blanket...warmth would be nice., school, all starts in 4 and a half hours. Gonna be another 20 hour day. Damn.....if only. Close my eyes. Fuck! its too bright. Open my eyes. Roll to face "heaven". Looking into nothingness isnt very inviting. Start to think........... Dark. Alone. Silent. Scared. Pissed off. Depressed. Sad. All sliding into the reminder that it didnt have to be this way. Roll over to the place where someone else should be lying. Hear him. Feel him. Love him. Smell him. Know him. Want him. Need him. See him. A perfect lullaby for the grown wo
Sleep Walker Icp
Sleep Is Wrong
i cant wake up. at least not totally. i know its a side effect of my meds, but that doesnt make it any easier to deal with. yawning all day. being tired after less than 12 hours awake. i need meds to stay stable though. i dont know what to do. do i accept the tiredness as the price of stability, or do i get my meds changed in order to lose the tiredness, but risk not being this stable again? Sleep is Wrong.mp3
Sleep Survey
Sleepy TimeHow manyhours of sleep do you get?:4 to 5 Do you snore?:been told that I do Do you sleep walk?:no Do you drool?:yes Do you LIKE to sleep?:yes What time do you normally go to sleep?:when I get tired How about get up?:love it Do you like staying up late?:yes Do you get VERY tired after having fun earlier in the day?:no Are you about to goto sleep soon?:no Do you read before you sleep?:sometimes How about eat?:yes Do you drink milk before you sleep?:no How big is your bed?:california king How many pillows do you have?:4 How many layers of blankets do you have?:2 How many beds are in your house?:7 Do you sleep in pajamas or anything other than your normal clothes?:brief Do you have slippers?:no Do you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom?:no Are you scared of the dark?:no Do you have dreams?:yes Are they in color or black&white?:color Do you share your room with anyone?:sometimes Do you wear socks when you sleep?:no Have you ever slept in the nude?:yes During
Sleeping Beauty
She lays there so nice and quiet A princess without a crown She dreams of flowers, candy, winged horses and dolls She wears a pink dress, covered with flowers Her red hair flows down across her shoulders She smiles ever so slightly A faint giggle comes from her closed mouth She sounds so sweet as she stirs Asking her mommy for water So sweet So innocent Someday she will grow She will marry She will have a little princess of her own Maybe she will dream of flowers, candy, winged horses and dolls Wear a pink dress Smile ever so sweetly And ask for a glass of water I am sure of one thing She will be loved
The colorless walls grow deeper With every thought and constant stare The air grows heavy and settles On the shoulders of the shadows The rhythm of hypnotizing "tick" Reassures the passage of time As the spring draft dances Across the motionless body The darkened memories gloom in her mind The night air tingles her tongue And follows her breath to her lungs Grief possesses this vision of beauty Unable to erase the handful of pain... She lays there still... sleepless...
alone truely sucks..... i guess thats lame....fuck you
Sleezey/spineless Fuckers
Ok now can someone tell me what the hell is going on here? Every pic of a chick I see, there are heaps of guys comments saying shit like "hot", "sexy", "beautiful", "gorgeous" blah blah blah. Honestly, if you like a chick, try actually talking to her, works heaps better. Idiot. But what is REALLY disturbing me is that really ugly people, grossly obese people, people who obviously have some type of phsyical disforment, people who are so ugly as to make a grown man cry just by looking at them, are still getting the same sort of comments! I'm sorry have you all gone mad? Wake up and smell the bacon people! If someone is ugly, tell them that! don't sit there and lie to them and tell them they're sexy when they make you want to puke! Lets be honest here, we're all lets start acting like adults.
Sleeeepy Time
Bothered by this unwelcome guest...knockin on my Door all night some junkie dyin for a fix...pounding and pounding despite my Shouts to thwart the visitation...hmmm? Visitation. Visitors leave. But you constant this House until enough Medication puts you Away. You'll be back...taunt me...but bring my that late at night and early in the morning...the best time to Fall
so. i slept with Fred again. i really need to break that habit. while its good stuff...yannow? oh wait...y'all dunno who Fred is do ya? hmmmm k. well Fred...lets see... the incredible cuddler the incredible listener hearts spooning. lets me do shoulder crying is always there when i need him. cuz he's Fred...and he's awesome. so last nite Fred and I are in my bed watchin Goblet Of Fire for the upteenth time...and Cade decides she wants to ingratiate herself between us. *le sigh* i hate it when she does that...cuz then she kicks him. and sure Fred doesnt mind...but *I* mind* so maybe the best recourse is to stop sleeping with Fred...even tho i love his furriness...and his huge eyes...and that pillow he's always so desperately clutching...cuz Fred? is a big fuckin stuffed frog that mah chick-a-dee bought me. so there. perverts. ha!
Sleep With Peace
Good Night and Sweet Dreams My Friends,Have a good one and I will see you all tomorrow! Zangy Comment Graphics
Sleep In Peace
How great, to be entwined within your arms, And lip to lip, fall gently into sleep, And dozing, dreaming, think of nothing more nor less, Than the heartfelt vows that love has yet to keep. How content, to slumber on through life, Lulled to rest by the tender songs of night And the rhythm of two hearts as one, who beat in perfect time, In a tone so true, and a voice so strong and right. How fully sweet, to love with no reserves, And feel the echo of that love returned to me; And dormant, yet with every inch of soul alive, Sleep in peace for all eternity
I close my eyes and try to sleep, But my mind won't let me and I begin to weep; They're not from sadness, the tears that flow, It's the passion you give that stirs my soul; Your lips so soft and full of desire, Pressed against mine they ignite a fire; From the glow in your eyes, I can see the flame, My body grows hot, but I can feel no pain; The touch of my hand brings a smile to your face, Your body trembles as my heart does race; I pull you close and begin to kiss, The length of your body not wanting to miss; A way inside to place so tender, Deep in your heart so you will always remember; That time stands still when we're together, And my love for you will last forever.
As I ready what really shouldn't be called a bed Thousands of thoughts run a rampage through my brain Yet it is finally a quiet, dull, pounding pain My handiwork with carbs is my life jacket Not enough to make me feel better just a way to vent A distraction might be a more accurate word Now they all overwhelm me and I shut down Taking all of me to just curl up and cry Knowing I have so much to do in life to waste time Because once it starts who knows when it will stop Please forgive me I need to lay down for awhile Till the dawn may I have some peace maybe after
Sleep Eludes Me
and time passes as I watch my body aches with anxiety from holding myself still I try again to close my eyes and will my mind to relax and time passes as I watch
It is 5am. Ask a random person some random questions and I will answer honestly because I will most likely not meet most people who leave me questions to answer. I will answer anything from Christianity To Gay / Lesbian Whatever strikes your fancy. I need to start writing more and putting more of my thoughts on paper even if it is virutal paper. Ken
Sleeping Disorder
I seriously think I have a sleeping problem. Every night, no matter how little sleep I get the night before I still cant go to sleep until about 3 AM. And it is sooo fristaring becaue my mind says I am sleepy but my body won't respond. It is fristrating because I only get about 4 hours of sleep every night before my son wakes and he wakes up at 7 AM like clock work. So now I am up and tired but I cannot let him run around the house unsupervised. He is a good from the potty training....and I know he won't cause trouble, but I know as soon as I let my guard down is when he will hurt himself doing something or worse. I am constantly falling asleep at work...tho I never get caught but that is still not right. And i know that the reason I have had a bad attitude lately is due to lack of sleep, but I still cant get a goodnights rest. I need to see a specialist!
I left work yesterday and went to get a massage from a friend... who is a professional masseuse by the way, ahem. She did a 1.5hr full-body massage that was amazing using different oils for different parts of the body. While my middle back needed the most attention, it really felt amazing when she was massaging my sinus area near my ears and forehead. Oh my god... amazing! I came home, ate a small Greek salad, and fell asleep on the couch. Gwynn got a massage just after mine and came home and ushered me to bed. I slept from 6PM Tuesday to 5AM today nonstop, and I feel like I could sleep even more. Probably has a lot to do with all the toxins released from my body during the massage. Best $50 I've spent in ages.
Sleep Walker
Sleeping Soldier
Let sleeping soldiers lie, men who, while they snore and sigh, dream about you safe and warm behind their armor and guns. Let sleeping soldiers lie, men who, as they say goodbye, will always pack their gear and go to where the danger runs. Training hard, and laughing harder, partaking of life's full larder, a soldiers' lot is all for those who think the cost is cheap. Eager hearts, whose boldness longing, with their fellowship belonging, to shoulder arms to hold your freedom for such, never weep! For gladly marching, to dreadful daring, any price or burden bearing, keeping such as you in safety. Loved ones wait to welcome home, Heroes' triumph, victory gallant, accolades for virtuous talent, our best reward: to see you smiling, stronger love than song or poem.
Don't ya hate it when you know you have to go to sleep and you just can't. I have had this problem for as long as I can fucking remember and it is gettin fuckin old. I lay there and my mind doesn't shut down. It races along and thinks about anything and everything. From wrestling story lines companies should use to what I need to get done in the next couple weeks. I need a way to calm down so I can fucking sleep. I have tried sleepin pills and to be honest, they didn't work. They will work for a day or two but not after that. Doc told me it could have been some post dramatic stress syndroe. Ok here is the story behind that, July 26,1997 at 6:26 am, 2 black males walked into Broadway Marathon and held me up at gun point. Had a gun pointed to my head and also my back. That happened over 10 years ago and he thinks that still bothers me. Yea, I remember the date and everything very clearly but I don't think it bothers me. Oh well, life goes on and I guess I will just deal with this for how
I'd like to float above my mind beyond my thoughts and chaos to leave the tempest down below and float among the tranquil clouds that kiss the sky of quiet I'd love to sleep awake for once to see the world move slow instead of shooting stars of pain filled thoughts...
Sleepless Nite
hello my friend ive been up all nite with a restless mine feelin like i may die alone soon. everytime i tried to sleep i couldnt cause my mind was too active and i broke into tears. really miss my daughter alot (( see good news )) and miss her badly. can ya please take the time to put me in your prayers to get thru these troubled moments. i will have a buddy 2 take me to mens group prayer at 8am and that can help me try 2 hold on and maybe gain hold of things. i need your help and cant deal with things alone. a few of ya have been very kind to me druring recent woes and i appreciate your caring concern. LOVE CHUCK
Sleeping With A Corps April 30,06
sleeping with a corpse sleeping with a corpse .. is sleeping next to you ..the one lacking in passion could anyone sleep with you..not a man just a boy with nothing ... with nothing ... to give except an unsavory injection... looking back ..i was sad in my reflection ... making bad descisions ...only now .. can truths be seen .. laying .. dead ...laying slain laying alone inside your brain... being alone ..being alone would be better .. ..getting close to ...getting to know you .. but you didnt see for 3 .. and one more innocent ...less time knwing makes you feel much more like glowing ...hard to beleive you can spen so much time ... and really end up with heart in mind ... side byside doing nothing is much better than sad fucking so i guess i was really pissed at ryan or just really in a funk but its interesting
As I lay down my head Fresh dust is thrown While droplets of salt and water fall Screams and wails cover the area Why Why now Has the time come We weren’t ready. As I lay down and close my eyes I slip into a peaceful rest The sleep to awaken my soul But on this day I will not sleep alone No, not alone For others shall follow in this slumber. As we lay down to sleep We wonder shall we be punished Or shall we be rewarded Have we been obedient But then I wonder If I was to sleep tonight Would I become a distance memory Would I be long forgotten Would anyone care. If I was to sleep Would you be happy Would you be sad Would you cry Would you rejoice. If I was to sleep Would you remember me as a nice person Remember me as a devil Remember me as a jerk Remember me as a friend Remember me as someone sensitive Remember me as someone kind Would you even remember me at all Now it’s late The time has come Now I sleep my peaceful slumber.
well i am going on my 3rd day without sleep. i usually work at night from about 3 in the afternoon till about 3 in the mourning. i started a new job this week too that starts about 7 in the mourning and the past 2 day i have had to go straight from there to my other job. its not hard i take care of kids dureing the day an 8 month old and a 4 year old. at night a 1 year old and a 2 year old they are all sweet kids but once you go so long without sleep and cant smoke around them so i am lucky if i get a break long enough to smoke a cig every 3 or 4 hours so needless to say i have not been in the best of moods and as far as i can see i dont have a day off anytime in the near future i dont know how much longer i am goin to be able to keep this up but both of the jobs are for freinds of mine and i cant say no to anyone much less freinds so i guess i am pretty much screwed i have no idea what i am going to do i am starting to get very impatient with them and thats not fair for the kids and t
Sleep, my lovely, sleep, rest your eyes, as you rest your weary head upon my chest, let me comfort you, protect you, and watch over you, as you journey far away, to a better world, where your dreams are full of miles and miles of joy and smiles, and everything you've ever wished for. Sleep, my lovely, sleep, let the worries flow from your brow, and let them rest upon my strong body, let me carry your cares for you, so that you might be free. Sleep, my lovely, sleep, so that you might wake tomorrow, and find me here, holding you, caressing you, waking you with love...
Sleeping Pills And My Warped Mind...
So they say when you take sleeping pills, you will often have more and longer REM sleep, and hence will remember more dreams, and usually more details about the dreams...Well as some of you know, I usually have nightmares involoving demons or satan, or some other form of evil... So I've decided to log my dreams. Although I'm sure I've already forgotten a lot of last night's seeing how I've waited over 16 hours to type about it, I'm going to blog it anyway. First of all I've had several different kinds of dreams with my parent's house. The weird thing is, although they've all been different dreams, the house as always been the same in the dream. So I'm in my parents house, and about half the house is territory left untouched, and ignored as if it doesn't exist, though no one talks about it. And I walk around the house, as if I've never been there before, and I'm really enjoying discovering how huge and wonderful the house is. Oddly, I find that there's a VERY large full room
Sleepy Meez
I fail to see the lies they seek I fail to hear their dying screams I fail to waken from this sleep I fail to lead my loyal sheep Take away your voice Take away your choice We've come a long long way We're here, and here to stay Take away your sight Take away your rights We've got you in our net We are your government Give you basic needs Give you hate and greed We've come a long long way We're here, and here to stay Show you desperation Show you a failing nation We've got you in our net We are your government Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep I fail to see the lies they seek I fail to hear their dying screams I fail to waken from this sleep I fail to lead my loyal sheep My mind awake My body whole I consciously break from this hold I no longer will live this lie I will fight back The greys must die
Sleep To Dream Her
Hurray, another sleepover at the museum. Can I contain my rapture? You know what, I think I can...
Sleeping With Unattractive Women
One of the inherent traits of being a Guy is that you make your living hooking up with considerably less-than-desirable girls, because let's face it: if they were attractive enough in the first place, you wouldn't bother bedding and discarding them, you'd actually make an attempt at establishing a long-term, loving relationship. The problem is, unattractive girls are almost never aware of the fact that Guys are making a huge concession by hanging out with them and that they are nowhere near the top of the preference list when it comes to who a Guy actually wants to spend time/be seen with. So here are some tips for the ugly set; this way you won't get your heart broken and you and your Guy can continue having passionless, emotionless drunk sex without anyone's feelings getting hurt. 1) If we actually wanted to pursue a serious relationship with you, chances are we wouldn't have drunkenly slept with you within three hours of us meeting. 2) Don't get angry at us when we ask y
Sleep Poetry
To Sleep O soft embalmer of the still midnight, Shutting, with careful fingers and benign, Our gloom-pleas'd eyes, embower'd from the light, Enshaded in forgetfulness divine: O soothest Sleep! if so it please thee, close In midst of this thine hymn my willing eyes, Or wait the "Amen," ere thy poppy throws Around my bed its lulling charities. Then save me, or the passed day will shine Upon my pillow, breeding many woes,-- Save me from curious Conscience, that still lords Its strength for darkness, burrowing like a mole; Turn the key deftly in the oiled wards, And seal the hushed Casket of my Soul. Keats was such a punk.
so. tired. if i had the luxury of being able to close my eyes and go back to sleep...i would. but no. ive got things to do. and boxes to pack and Monkeys to feed. brain function is not very..high, yet. i think i slept wonky...cuz my back is not happy in the least and my wonderful Monkey thought it would be uber cool to sleep with her sippy cup upside down after she climbed into mommy's i woke up covered in juice. go me. *yawn* i should be packing. it seems never ending yannow? ive gotten rid of so much useless shit... and even never ending. good thing i bought garbage bags. somehow i think stayin on the phone til...ehh 2:30 ish didnt help my tiredness in the least. *shrug* oh well. or something no more thinking.
Sleep Realm
Sleep realm Lords and ladies walking the halls Dragons and unicorns hearing a lovers call Blooming flowers as the rains begin And the rainbows as it ends Pixie dust on the rains Making ones heart soar with no pain Making love upon the meadows grass As your ex. goblin walks prudently past A bitter bite for that apple ,a witches brew Making me feel all but ample Twisting and turning in my sleep Wishing that dream times is not the only time we meet. The labyrinth of a sandy, sadistic king wakening one as you get closer it seems. Scott lee baker
Sleep Study
well the doctor called today to say i can have my sleep study tonight instead of my schedule time at the end of the month so they will moitor me tonight to try and figure out why i havent slept well and what might be the cause why i havent really slept or rested in years
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty has awoke. She's an insomniac now and dreams with her eyes open. Daydreams of sleeping the rest of eternity away. Dreams of her childhood castle, where she never grows old, eternally young and beautiful. Dreams away her suburban split level, her two kids, her good provider, her wide ankles and creative meals with hamburger. Dreams of a prince who will never come to disappoint her imaginings. To sleep eternally and escape realities bitter ironies to escape the waking prison to dream forever
Sleep Aid Tea Recipe
chamomile mint leafs crushes (peppermint best) rose hip licrorice root set to equal parts and if working with a tea ball its vitally important you do research on using your tea ball.
Sleeping All The Time.
I've slept so much recently that I shouldn't have to for at least a few weeks. Yet, I'm constantly tired. I'm not sure if it's tired more than just sheer boredom and or the constant feeling of being down. Sometimes the feeling of being down turns into anger, but it usually ends back where it started. I don't know what's wrong with me honestly. I think I should go and see a doctor about it, but I'm kind of scared to go. Some of you may know that I was in counseling here at the college for a while. They said that I had mild depression that seemed to drop down into the more deep areas of depression at times. All in all, I guess it just sums up to the fact that I'm an unhappy person. The fact that I've been in this fucking room for so long that it makes me sick. I don't want to go home since the last time I went I had a fight with my mom. She ended up treating me like shit in front of a friend. She later apologized for it, then the next day when talking to my grandmother on the ph
Sleeping Awake
Why are you sleeping awake Refusing to get rid of your hate So what if they are different then you That just makes you different too You justify killing your own kind Just because they don't share your frame of mind Countrymen killing fellow countrymen You wake up and do it all over again You stone a woman for defending herself But the men who tried to rape her aren't going to hell Bend religion to fit your actions You're no better then Hitler with your hate factions Our DNA is the same, less a cell or two You may not like it, but it's true Ignoreing the truth won't make it go away Stop going through life, sleeping awake
is it over rated? why can't i sleep?? I AM FUCKING TIRED!!!
is it over rated? why can't i sleep?? I AM FUCKING TIRED!!!
my eyelids are rebelling. i just choked on my inhale of mr wonderful smokie treat... television sucks children are being annoying.. and if it wasnt summer time...and of course if they were a tad older...i'd leave them to their own defenses n go to bed... cant do that with a toddler tho... its irresponsible. took me 3 times to type that word. they keep playin james blunt on the show im watching. the universe is not being kind to me. i want a bath...with a good book...which i have...n to pass out. dammit. but i wont. cuz sleeping means dreams... and dreams means...the universe not so subtley talking in ways im not quite sure i understand...cuz i cant make heads or tails or whys of it...i'd shake my head but that would make me dizzy...ha. wouldnt it be nice... if things were just spelled out so that we knew exactly what was going on instead of having to guess and come to our own conclusions which wind up completely warping our thinking patterns and more important
Sleep Apnea: Treating It
Treatment Overview Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) includes lifestyle changes, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) (to prevent the airway from closing during sleep), and surgery. The goals of treatment are to relieve symptoms such as snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness and prevent other problems, such as high blood pressure. Your doctor will base your treatment on how severe your sleep apnea is. Generally, your doctor will have you try lifestyle changes and CPAP first. Surgery is an option only if these do not work. You may need to be treated for other health problems before you are treated for sleep apnea. For example, people who also have infections need to take antibiotics. People who have an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) need to take thyroid medicine. Children have the same treatment options as adults. However, surgery (tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy) generally is the first choice because enlarged tonsils or adenoids cause most case
Sleep (old)
Your so mean but your my everything the person that makes me scream the person who makes me bleed the person that makes me smile But only in my deepest dream my love for you will forever stay as i lay in my grave Forever meant to sleep my love Cold in frozen tears my love Waiting for my love Now i sleep Forever meant to dream Sleep Sleep Forever, forever meant to dream to be with you Even if you wont be with me in my dreams we will forever be
Sleep Deprivation
How is it that you always know when you are sleep deprived at work?? Is it because work is so monotinous? Someone bring me some coffee!!!!!!!!!
Sleeping With The Eneme!
one decision flows into the next. the moments consume me in an avalanche. life tumbles down its steep mountain slope. and all those tiny instances come together in a fury of if's. is this the darkness, is that what i am in, or are my eyes closed so tight that i can't tell the difference. is this life, is that what i've been given, or just a parody of life that skirts the window, but cannot open it. where were we then? in tufts of lies falsely blessed. with desire as the needle filled with with potions so addictive, i emptied it into my veins. always believing that tomorrow woud be my friend.yeah right, my friend. never thinking about all the beds it had slept in and abandoned like a cheap whore before it was in these sheets upon which i lay... i slept with the enemy too long before i knew i was it. so many locks, so few keys.
In the last few days I haven't been going to bed till around 4 in the morning,, I've tried taken a nap yet when laying down it doesn't seem as if I have went to sleep,, today I done the same an just couldn't fall asleep why hell you've got me, not sure what else to do ya know?
Sleepy Little Everything
My life has taken me far and wide and very short of where I wanted to be but still I am finding contentment. Cancer sucks and I hate going to treatment and I wish that it would just go away. But it doesn't and thus I go each week to get the shots that are helping me live. I have this new life in and around me and its unsettling. I live in this sleepy little town and do sleepy little town things like play in the leaves with my brothers and sister. I find joy in the fog that rolls in at night. Its a different type of Lullaby here than in Vegas and I am not certain which I am holding more dear to me. College starts in the fall and life moves on. The loves of my past have come and gone and come back again, but I am finding that the silence of being alone is bliss. I don't need any one to make me happy and whole--its happening with out them and with out me really trying. This place makes you breathe, granted walking through the woods to get to the neighbors house helps, but your heart and s
It's been a long day — Friday, June 29, 2007 I got about 4hrs of sleep about 24hrs ago. I was up late wednesdaynith writing the rest of my essey. The day was mildly productive, but kinda went to crap. I haven't been sleeping well for a while. I kinda " wake up " atnight sometimes. It makes for good writnig. It sucx for sleep though. One day blends into the next ( with little sleep ) and weirdness sets in. Life is in somewhat of a calm state. I'm not sure I trust it, or know what to do with it. There's been somewhat of a surreal feel to it latly. I don't know if it's circumstances, lack of sleep, the prozac is starting to take effet, or what. Maybe a comination of them. I don't know. I'm going to sleep though. Hopefully I'll have a productive weekend. Friday just kinda snuck up on me.
Sleeplessness I fell upon my pillow and wrestled from it sleep I closed my eyes surprised to find you dancing in my dreams- twisting -turning -trapping hopelessly I watched you sway And then the music took me; helplessly defenseless I knew I was your prey And I had no choice as I watched you dance enraptured anyway but then you stopped--you touched my face as the music slowly died now I'm haunted by your lovely eyes and the angel trapped inside
Sleeplessness I fell upon my pillow and wrestled from it sleep I closed my eyes surprised to find you dancing in my dreams- twisting -turning -trapping hopelessly I watched you sway And then the music took me; helplessly defenseless I knew I was your prey And I had no choice as I watched you dance enraptured anyway but then you stopped--you touched my face as the music slowly died now I'm haunted by your lovely eyes and the angel trapped inside
Sleepy Girl
So I"m totally exhausted. I suppose its not surprising as i didn't get much sleep this weekend what with one thing or another but I was sitting looking at cherrytap and I fell asleep. . . I have no idea how long I was asleep but I can't seem to type coherently just now cause my fingers keeping sliding onto the wrong keys or not pushing down hard enought and leaving out letters or entire words sometimes. its crazy
Sleeping With The Enemy
Sleeping with the enemy "Planning is not a major in discreet relationship" There is a secret passage in ur mind behind your heart through ur eyes when your body feels tempted pasion hold no fear only obessesion and greed. some say breaching the heart of the enemy lust is the prisoner of trust until love set its free. Through the eyes of the wolf deception is its most viligant gift trained or untrained guided by brightness within. some say love work too hard to achieve perfection ploting truth by sparing balance fate between good and bad using conspiracy lies to only get wat ones wishes and desire. to unbalance that purpose an enemy can create a circle of wish granted but careful one must be when accepting certain hospitality becuase your heart depends on it. the wolf doesnt side with niether good or bad because one lack responsiblity and justice to each other but through surival the wolf depends on it equality. it is said in the light all shall not judge precious base on charac
“sleeping Beauty” By Jöseph Lee Foster-shumpert-lear, 1997
“Sleeping Beauty” by Jöseph Lee Foster-Shumpert-Lear, 1997 Published 2 July 2005 :: Poetry Read more by Jöseph Lee Foster-Shumpert-Lear Clouds gather Darkening a sunless sky Birds flutter Joining the harmonious pursuit For he who would capture her heart Setting her free From the crystal Which held her For an eternity of loneliness and sorrow A rose in hand A man will travel To the place Where animals crawl To the place Where no man will traverse Thunder sounds Scaring up the wind Causing me to shutter And my rose to fall Tears of pain and sorrow fall As I hold her in my hand Removed her from her captivity I have But opened her heart I have not Am I the one She could truly love Or just an image Of happiness to come Am I her gift The prize for her eternity of slumber Or just the beginning Of the end Upon her crystal bed I place her Giving care to her every detail As my hand I slide Up her skirts Releasing her center From its clothed domain Next
Umm. Im tired and yea.. so ima go to sleep!
Sleepless Nights
Lying here early in the morning, for some reason I am still awake. Just don't really know, how much more of this I can take. You say you were out with some friends, that you just forgot to call. While I was here worried about you, you were out having such a ball. I here an engine in the middle of the night, and you hurry and run outside. Get into a dark corvette, drive away and find a place to hide. Wish I could give you the things he can, but I know I cant, not anymore. Oh God, why did I have to fall in love, with such a filthy little whore. Why should I be angry at him, because it does always take two. Finally I come realize, that I really don't need you. All you do is make me insecure, and hang my head in shame. As if I am the only one, that there is to put on the blame. Now I know what there is for me to do, that`s why my bags are packed and on the floor. She says wait just give me a chance to explain, that is when I head straight for the door. Explain what, why you are the way you
Artist: Til Tuesday Album: Voices Carry Title: Sleep *** verse 1: You are on your honor, now be on your way I'll be right behind you, you can hear me say *** chorus: Sleep, close your eyes, say goodnight now He is waiting Sleep, close your eyes, say your prayers now He is waiting *** verse 2: Thought you'd live forever, thought you'd never die I am so familiar, with each lonely cry Oh baby don't cry *** chorus: Sleep, close your eyes, say goodnight now He is waiting Sleep, close your eyes, say your prayers now He is waiting *** bridge: Thought you'd live forever Thought you'd change your mind Oh, when you get to heaven Tell me what you find Peace of mind, i hope *** chorus: Sleep, close your eyes, say goodnight now He is waiting Sleep, close your eyes, say your prayers now He is waiting *** chorus: Sleep, close your eyes, say goodnight now He is waiting Sleep, close your eyes, say your prayers now Oh i'll be waiting ***
Sleep Eludes
Sleezy Pottydoodle
OK.....take a minute and laugh!! MY NEW NAME IS IN THE SUBJECT.....DON'T LAUGH UNTIL YOU FIND OUT WHAT YOUR NEW NAME IS. We all need a little stress-reliever! This only takes a minute Please don't be a bore and ruin it. Send it on to everyone you know including the person that sent it to you. Sometimes when you have a stressful day or week, you need some silliness to break up the day. If we are honest, we have a lot more stressful days than not. Here is your dose of humor... A. Follow the instructions to find your new name. B. Once you have your new name, put it in the subject box and forward it to friends and family and co-workers. Don't forget to forward it back to the person who sent it to you, so they know you participated. And don't go all adult - a senior manager is now known far and wide as Dorky Gizzardsniffer! The following is excerpted from a children's book, Captain Underpants And the Perilous Plot Pr ofes sor Poopypants, by Dave Pilkey,
i slept. real sleep. non induced. non exhausted induced. the kind that just sorta...sneaks up on ya while standing outside in the dark with moms having a smoke n going 'whoa...i have to go to' n then wandering down to your room discovering that the kids went into the garage after dark... which is a no no...cuz it hasnt been bug bombed yet.. so theres half a dozen lil flying ants stuck to the wall...and a weirdo white spider...which normally i would leave alone cuz spiders eat...flies n stuff...but in my room? ya had a bad experience with a spider in my room once (those of you that know me are prolly laughin so let me just flip you off right now ,,|,,) so pulling out the bug spray...and keeeeling zem all popping in breakfast club for the bajillionth time and passing out before midnite and waking up post 10am without babies screaming, children running thru the house...and there was hot coffee. good coffee. drinkable coffee. and a text. today has start
Need more sleep. I came off of the road this morning, and after 24 hours of constant travel, I'm feeling it. I got to see some wonderful sites though. I drove up me-26 (Maine) and the view was amazing. The smell of fresh pine, nothing man-made for about 70 miles. IF you ever get a chance to go up that road, I'd suggest it. DON'T FORGET THE CAMERA!
Sleep To Dream
Music Video:SLEEP TO DREAM (by Fiona Apple)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Sleepless nights Stale cigarettes Racing thoughts What am I to do now? The pills the doctor prescribed arent working... "Will make you fall asleep." Ha! What a laugh It's failing me My sanity is going I'm starting to fall The littlest things piss me off No control, no emotions Just anger Icy glares, snide remarks Just want to get away 730 am, cold coffee So confused, so frustrated I'm leaving soon Maybe it'll be better there Need caffeine sleep pills nicotine love Anything to make me feel better. ================================================= No sleep again for the 4th night I dont know what I'm doing I need him just to tell me everything will be ok If he can make it, why cant I? But his pills work mine seem to hate me Oh, how lucky he is. I can barely comphrend what my mother is saying it's turning into a buzzing far away sound the tv i
Looking for a way to understand what is the master plan what is in this man what makes him tick, what about “us” clicks Ways of the heart are not far apart, similarities are a rarity Do we dare see what is to become of the Love we share or is this something we shouldn’t care about, there is too much doubt not enough clout to even bare an imperfection or a self-reflection of hurt and If its Love that we share shouldn’t we take a chance, not just a glance at the future Who knows where it leads, the ending doesn’t always turn out how it reads. ~I will rest assured when I am loved~
Sleep! :d
It's 11:30 on a Saturday night, and I am at my prime age of 21. What am I most excited for right now? That I don't have to be at work until 2 tomorrow and I can actually sleep from now until 1 p.m. if I so desire. Yes, it's come to this. I'm 21 going on 42. If only I didn't work 2 jobs and some ambition, and just got hammered every night like many of my peers. Oh well. On the bright side to all this working, I'm making some serious cash for someone my age. That makes me smile :)
Sleep Last Night?
SLEEP LAST NIGHT?... ↓ ↓ ↓ bed a little lumpy?... ↓ ↓ ↓ Toss and turn any?... ↓ ↓ ↓ Wish the heat was higher?... ↓ ↓ ↓ Maybe the a/c wasn't on?... ↓ ↓ ↓ Had to go to the john?... ↓ ↓ ↓ Need a drink of water?... ? ? ? Yes.. It is like that! Count your blessings, pray for them, and the next time when... the other car cuts you off and you must hit the brakes, or you have to park a little further from Walmart than you want to be, or you're served slightly warm food at the restaurant, or you're sitting and cursing the traffic in front of you, or the shower runs out of hot water, Think of them... Protecting your freedom!
Sleeping On The J-o-b
TEN things to say when caught sleeping @ your desk! 10. "They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen." 9. "This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the time management course you sent me to!" 8. "Whew! Guess I left the top off the Whiteout. You probably got here just in time." 7. "I wasn't sleeping! I was meditating on the mission statement and envisioning a new business strategy." 6. "I was testing my keyboard for drool resistance." 5. "I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise to relieve work-related stress. Are you discriminatory toward people who practice Yoga?" 4. "Darn! Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out how to handle that big accounting problem." 3. "Did you ever notice sound coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?" 2. "Who put decaf in the wrong pot?!?" AND THE NUMBER ONE best thing to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk........ 1. Raise your head slowly and say
So my first day of my new job is tomorrow! Its midnight right now and I gotta be there at 8am! I am like so not sleepy... I am so not a day person! I am so glad that benefits start from day one at this job! One of the first things I'm going to do is goto the doctor and load up on pills! Mmmmmm pills :D This includes Ambien so that I can sleep whenver I need to! I hope I don't oversleep cause I think on the first day of work that would be insta-fire! Now I wonder if I should stay up all night or just try to get a few hours of sleep and make sure I dont sleep through my alarm!
Ok so here's the deal I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night and then took a nap that afternoon and here we are now 6:29am and I am wide awake. I even took some sleeping pills to try to knock me out but that was at 3am. I layed in bed counting sheep I tryed to meditate but nothing I'm still wide awake. I want to get some sleep I know I have to but I have alot going on in my head and I think that is part of my problem. We are looking to move out of this place and into a apartment but I have to find one that I will be comfortable in. I need to have room to move in a home if I don't I begin to feel traped and I just can't handle that. I really do hope we find something soon this place is driving me crazy the town is small there's nothing to do. My friends don't like comeing out here because it's so dead and it's a far drive. I want to be closer to them so that if we decied to get together at the last min. I can. But anyway that's my rant for the day. Hopefully sleep will come soon.
Time to go to bed soon. Gotta get up early. Another day of work. I do hope i can find another job. Perhaps I could work at Hollywood Video or some other place. Whever I work, I just hope i get paid more than i do where i am now. (at least $1.50 more). For now's bed time.
i miss ur amrs around me. i miss how ur rough hands feel smooth to my body.. never knowing the hardness.. to close my eyes and lay there next to u.. how my days are brighter.. funny i know.. how just to sleep in a friends arms makes my day brighter.. well it does.. to smell u as i go to sleep listining to ur heart beat.. lookin at u as u sleep.. smiling on the inside.. knowing this is my hide away.. an knowing i dont want to leave.. only to go home to a cold bed.. sleepless nites.. an only having dreams of u come to mind.. i sad i sound to love these things so much.. knowing at any time they can go.. yet im not scared to keep going.. i tresure u.. admire u as a person.. an there for i have grown to love our time.. i go now.. to sleep in my empty bed.. knowing its cold.. holding on to my pillow close.. wishing it was u my arms where around.. there will be more time.. just miss it..nite
Sleep Is A Strange Bedfellow.
Sleep seems to be escaping me now. I'm delirious. I'll crash soon. Counting sheep only makes me dizzy. Reading is futile. Trying to search for a reason for this insanity. But I'm too fatigued to figure anything out. I had one dream during all this. I was tap dancing. I can't remember where, or for whom. Just the shiny black shoes. Funny thing is, I don't Tap dance. And I can't remember if it was day or night. Is it light or dark outside? My head is spinning. My body wearing down. I feel a numbing sensation in my legs. I'll just stare into the mist. Someone needs to claim me. Identify my remaining existence. Before I fade into the woodwork. I'll be easy to spot. I'll be holding my heart.
Well this is weird. I have been suffering from insomnia for a month or so. Last week I was beginning to really show it, acting psycho all day after only getting an hour or less sleep a night for weeks. Then, Saturday morning, I talked to a wiccan friend of mine. She gave me some things to try and within a few hours I felt like a happier person. I slept for 4 hours last night, which is an improvement, and now at 10 PM I am rubbing my head to stay awake.
Close your eyes and come to me, Drift into the dark, Search for something meaningful, Ignite that fatal spark. Steal my breath away from me, Crawl into my veins, Take me from this waking world, Free me from these chains. Lay within the dreaming world, Whisper in my ear, Tell me what you crave from me, Wipe away all fear. Sleep my love and come to me, Kiss the world good-bye, Fall into my waiting arms, We'll spread our wings to fly. One day when you just let go, A dream won't be required, To find me waiting by your side, Like always you've desired.
Sleep Deprived Thoughts
The Myth of "Just Friends" or Sleep Deprived Thoughts Vol. 3 Current mood: apathetic Category: Blogging There is a scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally," where Harry (played by Billy Crystal) tells Sally (played by Meg Ryan) that Men and Women can never be friends. Sally, of course, is insulted that he would say such an awful thing and rejects the notion. Ironically, they end up being friends for years before sleeping together, which changes everything. If you haven't seen the movie, I won't spoil the ending for you. Does Harry have a point? The writer of the movie poses a question through this dialog that few people consider: 'Do intimate but purely platonic male-female friendships exist or are we just kidding ourselves?' I would assume that most people, especially women, agree with Sally and take for granted that they do exist. I, on the other hand, see some truth in what Harry is saying. While I am not so naïve as to believe that these types of friendship have never e
+sleeping Pills Rawk.
This person says they've been looking at all my comments and they make me an 'ugly cunt'. Sweeeeeeet, they noticed I'm a girl.(beats getting called a 'dick') Anyhoo, sometimes I wonder if people WANT others to be more hateful than they truly are. Perhaps they are uncomfortable with the fact that ALL of my comments are not hateful, actually most of them are just funny and full of honest's the realization that I am only an asshole to retards with stupid mumms that must hurt. But whatever, to that anonymous person : I can't get over you. You have made me feel accepted into the 'Kickass Honest Mummers' club or something. It's like a medal I just won with my wit!+
Have you ever slept so hard that you feel as if you have sunk into your matress? And when you wake up or stir, you feel as if you were rising from out of your matress? Man that is the best sleep ever and that is the kind of sleep I had last night. Even though it was induced, it sure was great. I wish that I could sleep like that every night. I woke up feeling refreshed and somewhat energized. It would have been a better morning, if I could actually walk!!
Sleepy Kitty
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Sleepy Kitty 2
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Sleep, My Darling
Sleep, my darling, please with my voice inside your head, singing softly soothing songs like a breeze, gentle through your hair and dream of us together, always. You have carried me to this moment, let me ease you into bed, to lay beside you, watching over, as you slip away to sleep, my lover, peacefully - knowing I am here and I am constant. In the morning, I will kiss you once again again again, but for now, my darling, please, my darling, sleep. © All rights reserved
Sleep My Fallen Angel
Sleep my fallen angel Lay down next to me Hold my hand and close your eyes And fall into deep sleep Try to never wake up again Embrace your eternal dreams And they will hide you from reality So far away… To never let the pain to touch your soul Sleep my fallen angel Sleep, sleep forever Your silent cry that I hear every night , I have felt your loneliness And your soft tears you have weep and hide them inside your broken heart Let them fall, Let them drown inside my cold soul To taste your fears Feeling grace so deep inside you So deep that you are lost in the dark And yet again you surrender to shadows And you let yourself to fall in their embrace and you still let their cold touch to venom your soul Close your eyes and sleep my fallen angel Sleep, sleep forever in darkness To forget all memories that you always keep them in your pure heart Watching you how you burning them deep into aches I can still see into your eyes the sorrow, Sorrow you have never d
Sleeping , Tryin To Feel Better
Just writing in case anyone comes by .... I had to go to the hospital yesterday had a pretty bad asthma attack . and migraines feelin horrible am on inhalers ,and all sorts of crap .. gonna just be layin around tryin to feel better . I hope you all have a good next couple of days .. *HUGS N SMOOCHIES* Wen :)
Sleeping... How Was It? Read Me.
have we ever read that file? i mean it always say read me, but when i open it it is not very cool to read anyway.. i am always feeling sorry for that file.. but it should be more cooler to read anyway.. yeah yeah it is just monday.. i want to sleep but whenever i want to sleep there is lots of stuff coming to my mind, even i don't want to thing something and i am really sleepy... whenever i slept a little bit, i saw confusing dreams that has no meanings.. and then woke up and have lots of stuff in my mind again... i know that i need to sleep so my mind will erase stuff so i can think clearly or whatever. i am not able to sleep and i dont even want to think anything. I hate being tired.. being very tired make you feel like this.. i mean i am trying to sleep but i am thinking a spoon... or how to use a spoon, dvd... how they put data in it.. or cooking, what i will cook when i get up, why people want to eat sugar..... blah blah... i was trying to say they are so meaningless a
Sleepy Cream
Sleepy cream I see you laying there, dreaming of things Moaning and slowly grinding your hips. Having fun in those little secret worlds you keep. Wondering who you are having fun with? It’s fine with me, sitting here watching you dream. I love the smile on your face. Every now and then you even let out a little scream. I laugh knowing it’s not from pain. You nipples are erect, I can smell your juice. It’s getting me hard as a rock. Sure I could go over and make a move. But it’s more fun watching you get off. My eyes open wide, your hand moves slowly down. Begins rubbing your pussy while you grind. I sit here careful not to make a sound. God babe you are looking so fine. You moan a little louder, arch you back just a bit. Beginning to tighten you thighs. Next thing I know, I’m rubbing my dick. Watching you have such a good time. Your hands moving fast, your body is shaking. You gasp! My mouth begins to water, for this cream you are making, So Fast!
He cannot sleep. She is in his dreams. He rests within blinks In fear of her sight, Though not out of fright. He hurts from the confused pain. He dreams of her willingly, Due to his wants and hopes. His deprivation is wearing him thin As he does not see her near. He will not sleep tonight. He knows she will be there. He always rests in blinks. She is always on his mind.
The Sleep
Sleep Sleep while You can for tomorrow may bring Sorrow. Lucky little child sleeping in the wil. Why must You only sleep for a while, sleep as You want we've got miles. Sleep to a song, sleep oh so long. Sleep on a pond, or even in a palm frond. Sleep on the Ground, don't listen to the sounds. Sleep on a mountain, or even next to a fountain. So sleep dear sweet child, Sleep all the while.
Sleepish At Work!! Lol...
Actually, there is no way that I can be truly sleepish here at work tonight, but I did dress for comfort -- comfy hoodie jacket, sweatpants, socks, and huge slippers with paw prints all over them. Part of this due to largely to running late because of being absorbed in my cleaning and sorting at the apartment, an effort largely due to trying to continue to downsize. It is a good thing though. Some of my coworkers tonight are either called in sick or no shows at this point in time, which may mean that I get to have overtime this week after all. What ever the case, I am dressed for comfort!! As I am sitting here, answering calls.....I am wondering why I put a status "Working" in the status box at all though. There was someone named "Nikki" who insisted to show me her thang b/c she was oh so horny. OMG -- what part of work did she not understand....besides, I am not into the cam things or looking at other women. LOL... Good thing there is a BLOCK option!!!!! Fortunately, or
Sleeping Sun
yes its a challenge given to my pillow!!! JAK is off to bed alone to have sweet wet dreams...will you be there too??????
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Sleep paralysis is a condition characterized by temporary paralysis of the body shortly after waking up (known as hypnopompic paralysis) or, less often, shortly before falling asleep (known as hypnagogic paralysis).[1]
Sleeplessness Is Making Me Crazy....more.
Rarely do I blog twice in one night. I can't seem to sleep. My heart and my brain are fighting against each other. My heart is longing for love. A real love. Not just some virtual bullshit. I don't have a long laundry list of faults. My heart aches to be touched by another soul. But no one wants to take that risk. I'm slipping deeper into this fucked up depression. I can't find the U-turn back. I need your arms around me. I long for your touch. Your heart beating in time with mine. Wanting me as though life would stop with out me. I must be delusional. Or maybe the fog is just too thick. Just reach out and touch me. I'm not far. My whole life is yours for the taking. Dammit. :(
I know it's Friday night and I should stay up with you guys but I am so freakin tired. So I am off to nap under my flying house. Sweet Dreams Friends..... If they are real sweet tell me about them tomorrow. ;P
Sleep Pattern
What Your Sleeping Position Says You are calm and rational person with a good deal of balance in your life. Friends consider you to be kind, caring, and truly loyal. You are easy going and trusting. However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games. Open to the world, you are not afraid to be yourself. If you don't get enough sleep, you are: Able to cope but a bit cranky It's hard to sleep next to you because: You're sexy as hell! What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?
Sleeping Issues...
..i've been having trouble sleeping latley, I heard this and thought it appropriate.. Enjoy :D ..pretty much sums it up. Sad.
Sleep Eternal
I want to lay by your side Hold you in my arms Caress you face Tell you how you make me feel Give you tender kisses Run my hands up and down your thighs Kiss your neck Pull you towards me Suround myself in you Breath in your scent Taste you on my lips Feel you deep within my SOUL You can be that drug That I can't put down Fill me with your LOVE Bring the light back To my restless spirit I want to lay by your side Let the life drain from me You are what I want to see Before it's time to say good bye SLEEP ETERNAL
Sleeping Arrangements
A man and a woman who had never met before, and were both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a transcontinental train. Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly.... he in the upper bunk and she in the lower. At 1:00 AM, the man leaned over and gently woke the woman saying, "Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to reach into the closet to get me a second blanket? I'm awfully cold. " "I have a better idea," she replied." Just for tonight, let's just pretend that we're married." "Wow! That's a great idea!" he exclaimed! "Good," she replied... "Get your own damn blanket." After a stunned moment of silence, he farted.
slice of the wrist release the tension blood flowing free life misery fade no more pain no more tears no second chance i cant turn back pain flows out vision speech lost no more time no more dreams i feel nothing i am nothing i must change i'm out of time
Sleep And Whatnot.
i cant do it. not right now. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut im bored. man! its kinda cold. its just..... and.... you know.... and then...... *cracks neck* im goin for a walk.
Look in these eyes, Show how I'm spending time, The blind designs, Follow the red over white. I hear, I taste this, Whispering misery, I hear, I waste, I know your not safe with me. I can't face you, I'll erase you, Cant escape you, I won't miss you. I'll drink myself to sleep, Five thousand times. I'll drink, I drink myself to sleep. I can't recall, Drifting or fall down, Maybe I'm selfish and blind, I'll drink myself to sleep, Five thousand times. Look and despise, Reflections telling lies, See you behind, Your stare is so sickening. I hear, I taste this, Whispering misery, I feel it take me, And I shout at you suddenly. I can't face you, I'll erase you, Cant escape you, I won't miss you. I can't face you, I'll erase you, Cant escape you, I won't miss you. I'll drink myself to sleep, Five thousand times. I'll drink, I drink myself to sleep. I can't recall, Drifting or fall down, Maybe I'm selfish and blind, I'll drink
She can hear the water dripping off in the distance. It's annoying but not what's keeping her awake. Lying in her bed, staring at the ceiling that she cannot see in the darkness, there is only one thought. Her heart hurts. Pressed for specifics, she couldn't tell you why. Things have been good recently. Work, school, and the kids have kept her busy, allowing her to use her mind on something other than the thoughts. She comes home and is physically and mentally exhausted. A hot shower soothes her and her cool sheets invite her to find the path to a restful night's sleep. She waits for the sleep to come. The water is still dripping. Her chest feels like it is constricting. The memories pour in. The doubt and the fear. She rolls over onto her left side, tucks her folded hands under her cheek. The first tear slides out of the corner of her eye, wetting the back of her hand. She has developed a rich fantasy life, one that removes her from her stark and lonely reality. But the nights come, t
Sleeping Under The Stars
When things finally turn my way, i put my hands together and thank God, when the winds make a sudden shift in its direction. i kneel down and say a prayer, after saying it many times i finally see a tint of light, that manages to put a smile back on face, just when i thank God, and look up to the sky, i see beautiful stars that God created, so high and above, but then the wind makes another drastic turn, and i wake up to learn, that i only sleep under a bunch of plastic 'glow in the dark' stars which explains the continual tears from my eyes.
so i get up out of bed and see my computer on ...that is just odd but come on it anyways since i cant sleep decided to do a blog....found a truck for work yup a i cant stop whinning about that...monday is a holiday but my kids have school wich is really weird... I listened to screaming guitar riffs all night ...head is hearing that sound eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee not sure how the kids slept threw it all i kept thinking was when are the drums showing up lol Feeling a little lost with my life lately but what else is new i always wonder if i make the right decisions...I care deeply for those around me even though sometimes i dont show it.... hmmmm well its 1:30 and i'm sooo bored and i have to turn off my mind cause all i can think about is one thing and no its not sex lol...i'm a girl hopeless romantic over the top drama as i keep i say ...what has happened to me. i was never like this before. or at least no one pointed
Sleep, For Whom Is Concerned
im lost in a world of lies, that mesemerize my nights, the sky scrapes and building sites, im feeling so alive, whatever's clever whatever's clever will have to wait thinking on the world at large, the city's got it all culture crash and sidewalk trash dont look down you might fall. im gonna win, im gonna lose im gonna chase it till the end and if you walk it in my shoes your gonna make it all pretend whatever's clever whatever's clever will have to wait. and now we just feel like energy, how will i ever be able to sleep but its all turned into synergy. fake is fake, but its a placet to be. its a place to be
Close your eyes and come to me, Drift into the dark, Search for something meaningful, Ignite that fatal spark. Steal my breath away from me, Crawl into my veins, Take me from this waking world, Free me from these chains. Lay within the dreaming world, Whisper in my ear, Tell me what you crave from me, Wipe away all fear. Sleep my love and come to me, Kiss the world good-bye, Fall into my waiting arms, We'll spread our wings to fly. One day when you just let go, A dream won't be required, To find me waiting by your side, Like always you've desired.
bodiless I float in endless blackness surrounded by a sea of lights, an immense swirl of tiny pinpoints glittering more sharply than stars on the clearest night, it is here you'll be visible... in the tiny gap between dreams and waking in this infinite, between reality and our lives our two points could be side by side through the distance for dreamers are miles and miles. moving without moving I search for you lights seem to spin around me sweeping by so fast it blurs into streaks, while I float motionless in the starry sea, vaguely aware of my body. I am pulled toward you as you swell into sight rushing toward me from a star in the sky to a full moon to a shimmering wall that fills my vision pulsing like a breathing thing. reaching out with sheer will across the space that remains between me and my dream I speak to you, with no body, no mouth to tell you I love you. (c)2007
Sleeping The Day Away.....
Damn, I have been sleeping the day away! I had an appointment this morning for an MRI on my neck and the last time I had one and only my knee was in the machine, I had a panic attack. I am claustrophobic! I don’t like small spaces what so ever. So they told me to take valium beforehand to help me relax. I not only took a valium, I also took a muscle relaxer. Ooops.. ;) But I wanted to make damn sure that I wasn’t going to freak out. Peter drove me there so I didn’t have to worry about driving. I almost fell asleep in the car for the 25 minute ride. I made it through my scan without even moving. I was fine. I won’t know the results from it until my doctor contacts me. I am sure with the Holiday; it won’t be until next week. Then I came home and tried to work and I was just so sleepy so I laid down on my bed and fell asleep for hours! I had to wake up because the “My Favorite Things” Oprah show is on right now. I enjoy seeing all the neat gifts she gives the entire aud
Sleep Delicate white blankets suffocating, crushing breaths against empty stone. Winds adrift upon fading dreams, arcane visions clouding liberty. Smoothed tightly in a frozen grasp, frolicking amounts disperse. Desperation a well known friend, cradled within a self embrace. Translucent fingers graze at sanity, bathed upon soulless abandonment. Awaiting the silent haze of darkness, till death touches my sleep.
Sleep Does Not Come This Weekend
no partying and no sleep how lame is that??!!!!!no work Hey its starting to SNOW!!!!!!!
Close your eyes and come to me, Drift into the dark, Search for something meaningful, Ignite that fatal spark. Steal my breath away from me, Crawl into my veins, Take me from this waking world, Free me from these chains. Lay within the dreaming world, Whisper in my ear, Tell me what you crave from me, Wipe away all fear. Sleep my love and come to me, Kiss the world good-bye, Fall into my waiting arms, We'll spread our wings to fly. One day when you just let go, A dream won't be required, To find me waiting by your side, Like always you've desired.
how the hell can any one get the right a mount of sleep they need when they do so much for others?
Sleepover Cake *for A Sleep Over*
Since sleepover parties aren't really about sleeping, let your wide-awake party-goers decorate the cookie faces to match their own features, then tuck them into this sweet bed. video Watch a step-by-step video demonstration of this recipe. RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 1 baked 13- X 9- X 2-inch cake 6 cups frosting (pink and light pink) 5 Twinkies 5 marshmallows 5 vanilla or chocolate wafers Gel icing (pink and green) Mini jawbreakers Pink and green Fruit by the Foot Step 1 1. Turn the cake upside down and lightly frost it. To make the bodies, cut the Twinkies in half lengthwise and place the tops cut-side down on the cake bed. 2. Frost a pink sheet on the top third of the cake, flatten the marshmallows for pillows and position the wafer faces on the pillows. (Curly hair and big smiles can be made with gel icing; mini jawbreakers are perfect for eyes.) 3. Frost a light-pink blanket over the Twinkies and the remaining cake. For flowers, use pink and green gel icing; f
3am and once again I'm not sleeping. I am not a happy camper. I have to be up in 2 hours. Sucky. So what's new since my last posting...let's see... Saturday my husky ruptured an anal gland...very unpleasant for her and for me. Also unpleasant for the bank account...200 bucks to have her seen at the emergency vet to find out why she was bleeding from her rear end. Plus she's on antibiotics for the next 3 weeks, 45 bucks a week. Lovely. I used to do skip tracing, or tracking people down, for a repossession company or two back in my day...a couple of weeks ago I put my skills to good use and found my step son's girlfriend's birth father. She hasn't seen him for 16 years. They have had dinner a couple of times and are talking on the phone and getting to know each other. I feel I did a good deed... We put up our tree, and I began wrapping presents...still have a few more to go, but most of it is done. I have a few more things coming in that were won on ebay, too.
Sleeping Giant Having A Bipolar Nightmare
On Dec. 8, 1941 . In the wardroom of the IJN Nagato , The flag officers were toasting them self for the sucessful attack on Pearl Harbor. All but one, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. It is said that he sat quietly, with a troubled look on his face. An adjutant noticed the admiral's troubled look, He leaned over and ask , " Why are you so troubled, Admiral? Everything went perfectly to plan, except missing the Aircraft Carriers" Admiral Yamamoto slowly raised his gaze from his cup, Looked at his Adjutant, Then slowly scan the room. The room went quiet. Then Admiral Yamamoto spoke. In a voice , soft, but at the same time filled the room. "I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." No could believe those words. In the following months the Japanesse military rolled on , Defeat was impossible. Many forgot those words. But we know how PROPHETIC those words were. 9-11-01, We were attacked, Many more were killed and wounded
Sleep Study
Last night I had to do one of those sleep a joke..I had it done in Sugarland and did not fall asleep until around 11pm....Unfortunately I woke up at 1:35am and was unable to go back to sleep..I tossed and turned the entire test..I was too congested to do anything but cough...and that made for a miserable night...It rained fairly hard and I heard the thunder,,,then I heard a train...and a second train,,,lol..and then I could hear the techs talking and watching tv...I give up..I am so exhausted the only thing I am going to do tonight is sleep...
The Sleeper
The decision is mine, will I remain the same The cost of getting forced into something that used to be a game The fragments of joy, the fragments of faith I can still recall when I feel that... I'm present, I just know If there's anything I should regret I would've been told Counting hours, counting days Will you listen, will you play Is there anyone, who can get it done Taking me back to the place that I once belonged What if tomorrow was gently taken Away from me, away from me... Awaking the memories... Was I meant to get old... Repressing the agonies... Start breaking the mold And the faith, comes back to life Still waiting for, a constant thing to react But I will save myself some of the time Keep aiming for, a constant thing to react As the sleeper awakes Mesmerized by the memories that walk by my side Shelter comes easy As soon as sadness sets in By an impulse the search will begin Searching, collecting all the things I possess a Detecting,
Sleep.... It is 2230 and my body is tired.... I sit and I read or fiddle on the computer or even try to find something useful to watch on the tub.... But I am unwilling to lay down and go to sleep. It is 2330 and I am restless and fighting sleep.... I am curled up on the couch with a soft blankey and pillow unwilling to go to bed and unable to close my eyes... Not really wanting to go to sleep alone is such a big bed. It is 2430 and I am needing to close my eyes.... but I am here instead writing this passage unable to fall asleep peacefully into dreamland. It is 0130 and although I drifted off for a time or two I am unable tostay asleep and dream of happy things. It is 0230 and sleep is not a good thing now... there are tears of tiredness and fears of restlessness that I can not explain... I just want to sleep, is that such a hard thing? It is 0330 and all I beg for is an hour or two of sleep.... is that so much to ask.... "Please, Mr. Sandm
Sleepless Nights
Oh sleepless night With my demons I fight With no sword or shield My bed is the battle field Cover oh my sweet cover No sweet dreams of my lover My pillow knows my fears And it swallows all my tears The night is so silent and dreary And even though I am bleary I can't find a way to sleep I can't find the tears to weep So soon the sun will shine And brings peace to this heart of mine And ends this sleepless night And I will lose my hopeless fight
Ah, the restless and sleepless nights. What to do What to try Wide awake while all the world sleeps. And why is that? Because something is missing and something is lost. I try to sleep I even follow all the rules Drink warm milk Don't get an afternoon snooze and drink your sleeping pills. So I do, but now why am I awake? Well I am awake because I am. My body is telling me something and I can't properly respond. Ergo, "Cogito, ergo sum" awake.... Its just that simple.
night i lie awake my room is so cold. i think distant thoughts of some one far away. my head swims with the ideas and the fantasies. i drift in and out of reality and dream, untill the world is unclear to me. was that my phone or did i dream it rang...... should i get it or stay here..... i reach for my phone it beats like a heart, the red shining shell seems to glow knowing i need it. i look.... nothing ...i was dreaming. i lay my head to the pillow and try to get back to where i was... the my red phone beats again.. i watch it ask my self do i fall for it again or just go back to my dream.... what do i have to lose, i reach at it look heart jumps it is real i look and see what i wanted to ..... lay smiling back on to my pillow.
Sleeping In
Ok so heres the deal - I love sleeping in on Saturdays. I got up at 1 pm today not that I was wasted last night or went to sleep at 4 am. I just really enjoy sleeping - this might be a slight sign of depression or maybe even my love of being naked in warm sheets in a dark room. Is it wrong to waste a day or is it a moment in the week when I can just enjoy the silence?
Sleeping Beauty
something i remember from my childhood that i want to pass onto my daughter. I tiptoed into your room tonight and I looked down at you smiling. You were so lovely my heart nearly broke and I thought how very much like sleeping beauty a little girl is. When I tuck you in I never know how old you'll be when you wake. One night you crawl into your my lap and throw your arms around my neck...and the next morning you may be much too grown up for that sort of thing. You're so quickly approaching that awkward age...too young to drive but too old to be carried into the house half asleep in my arms. You are going on exciting will travel from yesterday..all the way to tomorrow. Leaving behind your measles, mumps, freckles, bumps, bubblegum...and me. Yesterday we could fix your dolls broken leg with a hug...tomorrow you'll be breaking a boys heart with a kiss. Yesterday you were a pain in the neck when you were around...tomorrow you'll be an ache in the heart when you're gon
Sleep Is Over-rated...
So maybe I honestly am the girl that hides it all so well... And honestly when I say that you probably think that I have relationship problems, and regular stress that I just can’t handle... When honestly? As of right now... I’m totally happy and most days “bubbly” when I talk to that one guy that I like and I’m totally content with where that’s at with him.. As with stress? Yeah there are some days that I have a headache... But really that’s life and there is honestly that unusual that I’m going through to make me want to breakdown daily... For once I’m happy where I’m at... Well except for the whole Arkansas mishap... But that’s beside the point... I honestly don’t know where to start... Which I guess is always my state of mind until I stumble upon a coherent way of saying what is getting to me in these blogs... Anyways... I’m sure that everyone that has stumbled upon this has already heard (probably more than once) about Heath Ledgers Death this past Tuesday... I guess -for
Sleepless Nights
I toss and turn, with every breath missing you beside me. I think of you constantly, not knowing where you are or what you're thinking. Please come home and lay next to me. The warm kiss, and your gripping arms around me has been replaced with a memory. Nothing more is lonely than these sleepless nights going through my head. I stay awake, waiting at the door thinking you'll be coming home.
Hey everyone thanks for sharing the day with me. Now is time for me to head off to sleep. What should I dream about? Who should I dream about? and What area they doing to me? Talk to you in the morning.
Sleeping At Work
Ten best things to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk 10. "They told me at the blood bank this might happen." 9. "This is just a 15 minute power nap like they raved about in that time management course you sent me to." 8. "Whew! Guess I left the top off the white out. You probably got here just in time." 7. "I wasn't sleeping, I was meditating on the mission statement and envisioning a new paradigm." 6. "I was testing my keyboard for drool resistance." 5. "I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise to relieve work-related stress. Do you discriminate against people who practice Yoga?" 4. "Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out a solution to our biggest problem." 3. "The coffee machine is broken." 2. "Someone must have put decaf in the wrong pot." 1. " ... in God's name, Amen."
wakeful, sleepless in the night thoughts of you keeping my body warm my skin heated to the touch nip, bite, kiss, lick warmth of breath on my neck pressing from behind me pulling me near pressing back and wanting more i move my fingers over my chest pausing to circle as i lay wishing it were your hand feeling the touch i've never felt from that distance not so far knowing that someday i may wake to you the caress of your fingers on my breast i cup my palm, adjusting and weighing feeling the density of my own flesh the hardness of my nipples, yearning for you a sigh escapes as i flick the bud hearing your voice in my ear your fingertips, now, pinch my nipple my fantasy flows like warm water over my senses my back arches in pleasure, wanting more needing your touch another quiet cry from my throat desiring you yearning for you my knee rises, legs spreading my fingers travel down taking your imagined touch lower over my belly flitting over my
Sleep In Jeffrey, Sleep In Jeffrey
Ok, sing the first verse of “Silent Night” and you’ll see what I mean. I was taking the kids through the mall last Sunday while Martha and Mary were shopping for some clothes in JCPenney’s when I brought them into the adjoining Christian bookstore, Gideon’s Trumpet. I caught a glance of their name cards display, the one where you find wallet-sized cards that tell you a person’s name along with what it means and a Bible verse. I knew Sarah’s name meant “princess” and had deliberately chosen that when I was still in Florida, well before I met Martha. I read Jeffrey means “heavenly peace”. I like that; Beloved (that’s what my name means) was pushing Princess and Heavenly Peace in a stroller. Until Sarah really didn’t like her front seat and wanted to walk, so I let her. We do carry a harness I can have her wear, but she doesn’t like it and neither do I; besides, the mall was pretty sparse for a Sunday, so I let her walk herself as long as she held Daddy’s hand. She likes that, and
I lay down, kiss your forehead. I put my arm around you, you lay your head on my chest. I pull you close, squeeze you tightly, and hold you near to me as we sleep. You breathe evenly, slowly..passing off to sleep next to me. I smile as I doze, content and comfortable to know that you are with me.
Now I think its time for sleep. To close my eye's to a non-eternal sleep. I will wake again refreshed as can be. To a life that can be only one for me. If I do not wake. Then I know my life was not in vain. Fore I left it in deep slumber. And remember there was no pain. And when I do wake it will be sweet surrender. I render myself full of life in the after life. JLM
Sleezy Pottyboob
This is too funny... Don't forget to post your "new" name below in a comment. 1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your New first name: a = snickle b = doombah c = goober d = cheesy e = crusty f = greasy g = dumbo h = farcus i = dorky j = doofus k = funky l = boobie m = sleezy n = sloopy o = fluffy p = stinky q = slimy r = dorfus s = snooty t = tootsie u = dipsy v = sneezy w = liver x = skippy y = dinky z = zippy 2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name: a = dippin b = feather c = batty d = burger e = chicken f = barffy g = lizard h = waffle i = farkle j = monkey k = flippin l = fricken m = bubble n = rhino o = potty p = hamster q = buckle r = gizzard s = lickin t = snickle u = chuckle v = pickle w = hubble x = dingle y = gorilla z = girdle 3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name: a = butt
Sleepless Torture
Nights like these when I can't sleep Thoughts are running way too deep Leaving my days foggy and cold This shit is really getting old Wanting to escape this mess Not brave enough I must confess To end it all and rest in peace This torturous life just won't cease...
Sleep Or Lack There Of.
In the past 3 days I've gotten less than 20 hr's of sleep. I'm barely coherent. Which would I guess be my modus operandi anyways. I really want to get away from here. Here being New Jersey, this apartment, this area... Take me and the kitties,some clothes and just go. But I know,I'll stay here and be utterly miserable.... Misery is what I know,what I thrive on, what I am. My head is pounding, My eyes tired. I have zero appetite. I've been drinking alot of water and musn't get dehydrated. Heh. I've watched a few movies lately...those being : 1. Requeim for a Dream 2. Pi 3. Fight Club and tonight I shall watch Memento. G0d, those movies are so utterly depressing. Especialy RFAD. Ever watch a movie and it leaves you empty? That movie does it to me everytime. Another movie that left me empty and in tears was "Last American Virgin". Yes, it was supposed to be a dopey 80's comedy and it had it's moments. However the last part of the movie
I would kill to be in bed, but damn graveyard shift...
To sleep, perchance to dream. Screw dreaming, I just want sleep. Every night I toss and turn. My eyes close, but my brain keeps running. Thoughts and worries race through my mind. My body won’t cooperate either; Relaxation just doesn’t happen. I turn over for the hundredth time, Breathe deeply, try to settle down, But sleep still doesn’t come. I stay in bed and try to rest; Anything’s better than nothing. Then my alarm goes off; it’s morning Another sleepless night is done.
Sleepless Night
Sleepless Night A sleepless night Spent struggling Through the meanders of my mind In endless explorations. Innumerable considerations Scattered around As stars in the sky None with enough light Of its own But adaptable In their interconnection To show me the way. The harmony of the universe Confined for a moment in the boundaries of my head explodes in its beauty. The thirst for knowledge Has kneeled At my need of sensations. Bittersweet memories Erase all the powerful thoughts Leaving a proven soul Sighing in an exhausted body. The dread of the night Has subsided And a sudden warmth Has overtaken me. While the first sunbeam Sneaks through the window I remember how to sleep.
Sleeping Position?
src="" height="100 What Your Sleeping Position Says You are calm and rational person with a good deal of balance in your life. Friends consider you to be kind, caring, and truly loyal. You are easy going and trusting. However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games. Open to the world, you are not afraid to be yourself. If you don't get enough sleep, you are: Able to cope It's hard to sleep next to you because: You're a bed hog What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?
Sleepy Time Update
Hi All! A little birdie told me I was being too quiet and wanted to know if I was staying out of trouble. So I figured I'd shoot out a blog before I go to bed. I wonder who that little birdie is? hehehe Ok, here is the short version...I went to my GP yesterday, and he put me through a range of motion test on both of my shoulders. He came up with strained/possibly torn tendons in both rotator cuffs. As if the back wasn't enough. *eyeroll* So basically, I have no choice but to be good. I can hardly move! LOL I had to do some driving today, and let's just say, you don't realize how much you use your shoulders and arm muscles to steer unless you do something like this. Ugh! At least the left shoulder isn't as bad as the right, and I'm a leftie, so that helps. Here's the freaky thing...I have no idea how I managed to do this. LOL I have to train myself to sleep on my back because I usually sleep on my right side. Not anymore! Ouch! Ok, enough whining for now.
Sleepless In Houston
Hello everyone, MMMMMM, I love kandi and tweek.....and love guys who use it so they tag my pussy and ass. Nothing like the feeling of the drugs setting in and finding myself having to fight off 3 guys. Its funny when 3 guys have fuck my little helpless animalistic drugged body every way they can think of until they passout, and I'm left naked, chained up, and thing about all the other things that could be happening to my body. I haven't slept since Friday. Blake is learning how to hurt me. From beating my pussy with his belt to pouring melted wax on my tits and stomach, to wrapping a belt around my neck and strangling me as he fucks me. He enjoys his friends filling all my holes except my pussy with their cum. He's is the only one filling my pussy so when I get pregnant he knows its his kid. The fucker is hell bent on me being pregnant by the end of the month so that I am showing at graduation.
Sleep, I Miss You..
It's 2pm here in Fla and I just awoke from another wonderful 3hrs of sleep! I think the sarcasm is obvious...I work the overnight shift(11pm-7am) and have been doing so, for the last 2yrs at my current job. Initially everything was fine, I got at least 6hrs a day of sleep and never had a problem with wkend adjustments. But something has just gone absolutely insanely wrong the last 3mnths. I'm barely able to keep my schedule and I can't even remember the joys of a 6hr rest session, let alone anything longer. I can't explain it, but it's really starting to affect me. I'm nodding off on the job, and I operate machinery, so that's not going to work. I'm constantly 'stuck' in neutral because my body never gets a chance to fully rest/re-energize. I've even tried to take sleeping pills(Tylenol PMs ), yet here I am 3hrs later; AWAKE. I really don't have any stress in my life that would be a trigger for this, so I'm just left dumb-founded and tired. Well, I'm off to try again...
I went to sleep waay late (12 30) and woke up at 4 30. I have no idea if I should go back to bed or just get up already. :(
Sleeping Problem
I have big problem sleeping. I know of way to help me sleep and that is my angel. Need help i want to sleep. I go to bed but get up every hours never get good sleep. I need final get good night sleep monday night. I talk to my angel and fell alseep on her. Since then not sleep good. Can anyone help that read my blog.
Sleep Position
Position No. 1: The Fetal (41 percent) People who sleep this way, which is the most common way to sleep, are described as tough on the outside, but sensitive on the inside. Often shy when they first meet someone, people who sleep like this soon relax. Twice as many women as men sleep in the fetal position. Position No. 2: The Log (15 percent) People who sleep this way lie on their side with both arms down, close to their side. They tend to be social and easy-going people who enjoy being part of the in-crowd. While they are trusting of strangers, they are often gullible. Position No. 3: The Yearner (13 percent) Sleeping on your side with both arms stretched out in front of you describes the yearner's sleep position. While they have an open nature, they can be suspicious and even cynical. Such people are slow to make up their mind, but once a decision has been made, they are unlikely to ever change it. Position No. 4: The Soldier (8 percent) Lying flat on the back with both ar
Sleep Forever And Ramblings
I just want to sleep. Sometimes I want to sleep forever, never wake up. Sometimes not so much. Last night I dreampt there were two of me. Like one good and one bad. It was kinda like a video game, except no fun. In order for one of me to survive i had to kill the other. Everytime i killed myself i woke up. 6 times atleast i can remember waking up, and going back to sleep and having to do it all over again. Sometimes I couldnt tell if i was the one killing or being killed. Sometimes i couldnt tell if i was the good or the bad. I dont know who won. Needless to say I got very little real sleep. When I want to sleep it doesnt come. When I need to do things I sleep. Now I sit here. After tossing and turning in bed for a hour. Frustrated and angry at the lack of unconciousness. Frustrated and angry at how I feel as of late. Frustrated and angry at everything it seems. Frustrated and angry that not even in my dreams can I escape anymore. I dont wana watch tv. I dont wana
Sleep Screams
She's too depressed to be alive Let alone to wake up and face the day Broken down by all that people say She's screaming for you In her sleep Screaming for you In her sleep Blood on her hands, hate in her heart Sleeps with one eye open Stays awake when it's dark She's crying for you In her dreams Crying for you In her dreams Hot tears pour down a frozen face She'd go anywhere but this place Daring you to take her there She's praying for freedom To no one Praying for freedom To no one Can you wake her from this nightmare Can you bring her back again? She needs you. She needs you. Where are you? She's screaming for you in her sleep Screaming for you in...
Sleep Apnea
04/22/08 I've been to the sleep study and have been told that I in fact do have sleep apnea. The doctor told me that I stop breathing more than 6 times during the night. I didn't know or realize but when I heard that, it freaked me out. So as of this morning I just got this new breathing machine (supposed to help me when I sleep at night). I'm not looking forward to something being on my face while I sleep, but if it's gonna help me then I try it. Since I normally toss and turn all night due to losing circulation in my arms & legs, I'm also hoping this machine will help that area of trouble too. I'm looking forward to being able to sleep better through out the night, and wake up feeling fresh w/ energy too.
Sleepless In Wayneattle.
The time is 4:13 am ...and my mind is racing..... I'm sitting here listening to Deee Lite - what is love - holographic goatee mix - Awesome bass line.....memories of the Red Zone club in NYC are flooding back. The dance floor would normally be packed...but when this song would come on... the floor would explode. Another song that would get the crowd moving was Plez's - I can't stop - acid rain forest mix. I live in the past. It's all i know. I associate everything now to then. It's when I was outgoing, somewhat social, and dare I say, hip? On a Deee Lite tip, they ran a club called "More or S'more" that was down the block from the Sound Factory. I ended up getting a job working there...and sufficed to say I had a blast....good $ off the books, all the drinks I could handle (which wasn't much and getting to hang out with Deee lite!). And even though they were well known at the time, they were down to earth and pretty cool to hang out with. And now? And now...noth
Sleepless Night & Rip Monica
Im having trouble going to sleep. I really want to cut, Its been a few weeks since. Found out theres a service/funneral for Monica on thursday. Also found out it was an Overdose, Kat is pretty torn up about it. Im doing what I can to be there for Kat, doing what I can to comfort her since she was far closer to Monica then I was. I dont know. I just dont know. I dont know how I feel. I dont know what to say to Kat, cuz there isnt anything I can say. I dont know in general. Im feeling overwhelmed. I feel like crying. I feel like cutting. I wana "rescue" Kat from all this death and pain, and I cant. I cant rescue anyone when Ive not even rescued myself yet.Just because i feel better for a few weeks does NOT mean that im better. Took months for me to feel like this, will take a while for me to be better. Doesnt mean i dont still wana ignore my problems and try to rescue someone again. Im glad to have kat as a friend, a closer friend now, but at the same time i have to remind myself
for thirty years at night sleep did elude me past terrors and traumas pursued me i get terrified when the sun goes down trapped in my own head no one around now things are starting to change my whole world to be rearranged a new love a lighter heart a new life mine to start fell asleep and awoke in the night shocked myself first time no fright im sleeping at night now just a lil more wondering if your the one who slammed that door cant wait to sleep with you i wonder what its like to sleep a whole night through
Crystal gave me this idea. She blogged about a song that helps her sleep. For myself, any music helps me sleep. At the moment I'm listening to Metallica for said purpose :P And I'm a damn heavy sleeper, slept through a bomb going off at the bottom of my street some years ago. Anyways, point of this is, is there any weird things that help you guys sleep?
Sleepaway Camp - Pirated Video Episode 10
Sleepaway Camp Ii: Unhappy Campers - Pirated Video Episode12
Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland - Pirated Video Epi 14
I cant sleep. And then when I do sleep I sleep for days. I have been fighting the flu for about a week now, I just feel horrible. If my throat would heal up, I would feel a whole lot better. Other than that life is doing good. I have a good idea that someones life is going to be altered due to a "conversation". But frankly, I dont think that I will be believed, but whatever has to happen will happen. Ya know? I still have to worry about my daughter. People will jump to their own conclusions no matter what I will say, and will say that I said it just to cover their asses. Drama that I dont need. Anyway, I am off, back to bed... relaxing and blowing my nose. LOL. Cant wait until my lil girl wakes up so we can go do something. ~Jen
Sleep Tight
sleep my baby dream of things to come upon the twilight hour you shall see what my love means to you holding me oh so thight never letting you go sleep tight my baby don't you cryi'll always be by yourside sleep tight my sweetheart our love will grow and grow sleep tight my love we'll be married soon enough as i watch you sleep i drift off myself dreaming of things that i'll never have thinking of someday when i get the things i need sleep tight my baby don't you cry i'll always be by yurside sleep tight my sweetheart our love will grow and grow sleep tight my love we'll be married soon enough as i wake up i see you still asleep.... sleep tight my baby... sleep tight my sweetheart... sleep tight my love don't you cry cause i'll always love you
Why is that every time I have to go to bed, I REALLY don't want to? And try to drag the time before I have to sleep. But every time I have to go to work, I just sooo want to dive into my bed? Fuckk
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty by LateNiteFantasy© In dreamscape she flew, The stunning Sleeping Beauty, Cursed to sleep for a hundred years. Her silken hair fanned across white satin, Rosy lips slightly parted. Her dreams were not of Castles in the sky, Or happily ever after. Vibrant and all woman, She dreamt of feminine desires, The kind wiles are composed of. In her dreams, she saw visions Of wonderful substance, The stuff that female dreams Are made of. Exquisite imagery radiated Like a kaleidoscope Behind her closed smoky eyes, As male appendages of love, Paraded before her, Dipping and dancing In perfect form. Her perfect lips smiled With wanton delight, As she inspected every one. Every pore, every shiny inch, Each vein and every ridge, She explicitly explored, Not missing a delectable spot. First, she employed her finger To trace every curve and arch. Next, she used a strand Of her glossy soft hair To tease and tickle, Finally, using a ribb
Sleep To Dream Her
I know I'll miss her later Wish I could bend my love to hate her Wish I could be her creator To twist her arms now She stares up at the stars when The stars fell from her hair then I bent down to collect them And then she was gone Oh, I sleep just to dream her I beg the night just to see her That my only love should be her Just to lie in her arms Oh, I came there to find out Find out she'd made up her mind, oh My arms are all tied up To me she was blind This space between us Where wingless dreams fall earless Will you not bear me witness With your back to me now It seemed so unnerving Still somehow deserving That she could hold my heart so tightly And still not see me here, oh Oh, I sleep just to dream her Beg the night just to see her That my only love should be her Just to lie in her arms I know I'll miss her later Wish I could bend my love to hate her Wish I could be her creator To be the light in her eyes
Ok this is the craziest shit i have ever dealt with! Two nights in a row, i have only got 3-4 hours of sleep, this nightmare, is starting to get to me. My first night it was just crazy, my family members were chasing me around, but they were dead. I got caught in this balloon sash and i was like a ballerina floating in the balloon sash. But when i hit the floor, my family members went at me. There is a doll, crazy looking thing that worse then Chucky! NO shit! scares the fuck out of me. I grab it, it starts to stab me,,,, i woke the fuck up! Now last night, alot of running around alot of different places, but it was not family members after me, it was just a bunch of zombies, now i am running around a school i guess and i am running fast thru what ever door i can get to, been stab in my leg and arms, this doll again same doll, still scaring the shit out of my ass. Now this doll is nuts knives, chainsaw, and fangs not like a vampire, but metal teeth. Well im running and running,
Sleeping Still Sucks/life And People
so sleeping still sucks.i don't know what to do to make it better. ive talked to people both professional and not and neither really helped.i wish i knew how to fix it though because constantly reliving everything is not fucking kool.ive taken pills and poked some smot but i don't want to have to that forever and if i did id still be on migraine meds and painkillers.its not a good way to live and i wouldn't trust myself around that many going to look into hypnosis i guess because i cant deal with this stuff in a good or "normal" way.ive been going to clubs more frequently though and thats helped a little. maybe ill just have to run myself ragged in the hopes that it will make me sleep so hard i wont dream.ive cut a lot of people out of my life too and thats also helped a little bit, but i feel bad because thats not how i want to be. i care about people way more than i should though. so sometimes its just better for me to be alone. that sounds so fucking awful.its not that i
It takes me forever to get to sleep. Case in point: Last night, my wife and I went and saw The Dark Knight. It was pretty good, but a bit long. We got home at around 9:30. After taking my medicine and packing my wife's surgery wound, I went to bed. It was 10pm. It usually takes me a couple of hours to go to sleep after I go to bed, so I expected to be asleep by midnight. It was not to be, mainly because my wife (who doesn't go to sleep until 4 on most nights) kept coming into the bedroom for different things. I finally got to sleep around 2:30 or so. And I woke up at 7. I am so sleepy right now...
"SLEEP SAYING" 01. You know you should go to sleep when the sheep your counting start to hit the fence. 02. The only cure for insomnia is to get more sleep. 03. I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car. 04. If I didn't wake up, I'd still be sleeping!
Sleeping In The Darkness
Curtains drawn for the night Darkness swallowed that of light Blankets folded down just right Yet not a soul stirred An air of peace consumed the room In the corner a shadow bloomed The evasive scent of vanilla perfume All a clue to what occurred Flowing streams of curtain lifted Shattered glass was the sight it gifted The phantoms moved and shifted Pools of glimmering ruby shown blurred Once again a sweet breeze came by Moonlight illuminated vision to the eye Next to the bedside a sleeping beauty lie Forever to rest without a word... Forever to rest in the darkness of night...
Sleep Over And Cook Out!
The girls had a busy weekend. Friday evening they went over to Tash's t-ball coaches house and went swimming, watched movies and had a sleep over. They had a blast. Tash overcame her fear of going down the slide and then wouldn't stop. Then she decided to start diving from the side of the pool into a floaty. Lexi had a blast as well. She started getting more comfortable and walked around the edge of the pool and played under the waterfall. Then today the girls went over to Adam and Aunt Alisha's house for a cook out. They swam, played with the baby, watched Bondoc throw Daddy into the pool, and Adam set firecrackers off. Needless to say they stayed busy and had a fun weekend.
Sleeping Awake
Why are you sleeping awake Refusing to get rid of your hate So what if they are different then you That just makes you different too You justify killing your own kind Just because they don't share your frame of mind Countrymen killing fellow countrymen You wake up and do it all over again You stone a woman for defending herself But the men who tried to rape her aren't going to hell Bend religion to fit your actions You're no better then Hitler with your hate factions Our DNA is the same, less a cell or two You may not like it, but it's true Ignoreing the truth won't make it go away Stop going through life, sleeping awake
Sleepless Freedom
Ok, like 3:30 in the morning, and a fith of vodka later.....i am so bored now. Just started this account thing outta boredom, and kinda ok with it. We will see where my boredom has taken me.
Took your final breathe Your words seem so wrong live on to the break of dawn burden are left way beyond Sleep into the finals day Hold your hand high grab on to your life Sleep into your dreams once again Your spirit been release but not forgotten You mean well but you don't mean wrong you just want the final say in the final day open the book of faith through the verse in their face For you sleep well
Sleeping At The Beach
last night i slept in the sand at the beach under some kick ass stars... oh yeah and i kicked ass at glows tick ring toss heehhehe
Sleep Failed Me?...
My curse spreads wide as it flows through these viens oh how i wish i could remove it get rid of all the negative within my heart an soul but for some odd reason my heart is patient who does it wait for someone special? might that person already be there inside? if she is she knows. I can't sleep after having a VERY different nitemare in which this time i wasn't being chased by a demon or monster it took a whole new turn i was being chased by something more real an human that this living world...
Sleepless In Shushan
“On that night could not the king sleep, and he commanded to bring the book of records of the chronicles, and they were read before the king.” Sounds pretty routine, the beginning of chapter six of the book of Esther, but usually His Majesty King Ahasuerus wouldn’t ask for the book of records to be read at night. Why couldn’t he sleep? Maybe it was a upset stomach from dinner that he’d shared with Queen Esther and his chief vizier Haman, maybe he was nervous about something – Scripture doesn’t say. But even the absolute monarch of the known world (check history, that’s pretty much what Xerxes I, the name he’s known by outside of Esther, was except for troublesome Greece and the unmentioned yet logical trading partner of China) was human, and he couldn’t remember everything. Hey, maybe he thought having the royal records read to him WOULD put him to sleep! Royal records tend to read that way … or perhaps God was choosing to remain anonymous that night. Coincidence? Verse t
Sleep Is For The Weak
I fell asleep around 10 pm and now it's 3 am and I'm wide awake. Ok, so (as some of you may know) being awake at 3 am isn't unusual for me. However, I can usually fall asleep a few (4-5) hours later. One of these days I'll have a normal sleeping schedule.
Sleeping Sickness - City And Colour
Sleeping Sickness - City And Colour Feat. Gordon Downie I awoke, only to find my lungs empty Through the night, so it seems I'm not breathing And now my dreams are nothing like they were meant to be And I'm Breaking Down I think I'm breaking down And I'm afraid to sleep because of what haunts me Such as living with the uncertainties They'll never find the words to say Which would completely explain Just how I'm breaking down Someone come, Someone come and save my life Maybe I'll sleep when I am dead But now its like the night is taking up sides With all the worries that occupy the back of my mind Could it be? This misery will suffice (Gordon Downey Singing This Verse) I've become, the simple souvenir of someone's guilt Like the sea, I'm constantly changing from calm to ill Madness fills my heart and soul As if the great divide could swallow me whole Oh, how I'm breaking down Someone come, Someone come and save my life Maybe I'll sleep when I am dead Bu
Is 6 hours of sleep enough for a 8 hour working day? I'm starting to think no. I only worked two weeks and feel like I could just conk out for the next two. Just don't like going to bed early, as stupid as that sounds.
Sleep Deprived Thoughts, I'm Not Ashamed.
We've all been in one of those "If I could walk a mile in your shoes" type of scenarios. Those "Freaky Friday' hopes that we could spend the day in someone else's body to 'live their life.' There's only one problem with this hope. We're still us. Every time someone is shown to switch bodies, they maintain their personality and mindset, it's where the comedy and drama comes from in those movies. Even in Being John Malcovich they merely inhabited the man's brain... even if they didn't control it, they still saw the world from THEIR point of view. So what is the point? If we merely inhabit another body as ourselves, yes we may come to know and understand a piece of their life... But never TRULY understand them. We still perceive with OUR mind. I wish there was a way that you could completely switch with a person, and keep those memories once you switch back. Have the knowledge that it is YOU in THEIR body, but still have the personality and thought pattern of the body you poss
Sleeping Angel
Sleeping Angel In your bed at night I watch you sleep in peace And think how you Have changed my life For all eternity You've given to me As much as I have tried Tirelessly to impart to you A never ending spring Of love, hope, patience and fun Shared by two You've come to me In the fall of my years Yet transported me to springtime With your tiny fears Making me remember How simple life can be To a winged little angel of three Suddenly I am the focus Of your needs and desires Making me stand taller To the task and never tire So sleep my little angel, I'm here for you always You have given me the gift of Springtime and sunny path ways Dian Hall
I drift up out of slumber...on my back, in my are laying on my chest, straddling my hips, your breath deep and regular. Oh my god, my cock! It throbs! I remember now, falling asleep still embedded in you, your sobs of lust giving way to quiet moans of contentment, my cock softening, snug and warm inside your cunt, having just drained its copious load into you. Now I awake some time later, apparently, with my cock so hard it's uncomfortable! Throbbing inside that nasty cunt of yours, which drips its own juices around me. Grasping me. Stretching to fit. Even asleep, your cunt knows it's time to be used, and is ready. Waiting. Gently I reach up and hold you in my arms, one hand softly cupping your head on my shoulder, the other around your waist. Sliding down to caress an ass cheek. Such a gorgeous, round, slutty ass cheek. I hold it and slowly start to thrust into you. A tiny questioning maon escapes your lips, your breathing catches slightly as I stroke your cheek...Your cu
Sleep Positions And Personality
Sleep Positions and Personality According to research from the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in the UK, our sleep positions can give us clues to our personality. It's the same theory as body language, but it comes through when we are in the sleep state. Here are some examples: -Lying on your back: (The Soldier or Starfish position) On your back with arms at sides, this position reveals the most skin, which, points to a high degree of confidence. You may be quiet and reserved, but you know what you want, and you set your standards high. If you sleep with your hands up you're a good friend and listener. -Curled up in a ball: (The Fetal Position) People who sleep in this position are tough on the outside, but sensitive at heart. They may be a little guarded at first, but when they feel comfortable around someone they relax. This is the most common sleep position. Women sleep in this position twice as often as men. -Sleeping on your side: (Log or Yearner position) These peo
I don't wanna go to work. I think I got like 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Probably fell asleep a little after 12am. Took me a while to fall asleep. I remember waking up at 3am and thinking....Nooooooooo it's almost time. I had totally forgot that I downloaded a new alarm for my cell phone. It's when Peter Griffen, from Family Guy, is singing. Just him and three others of him singing dee dee dee dee or whatever. Scared me at first but then I realized it was my alarm. Bleh, it's almost 5am.....I have to leave here in a bit... finish my coffee, get my coffee mug ready for work also..... Yeah....I loves my java.....
I can't sleep..without dreaming I can't dream..without sleeping I don't sleep..I don't survive But to survive..I have to sleep!! He chases me in my dreams, this evil man I am so scared of..I have tried to talk about it but no one listens or do I get this man in my dreams to leave me alone so I can sleep..because I am running out of energy to stay and fight!!! WHY WON'T ANYBODY LISTEN!!!!
"sleep On It"
Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. --Matt 6:34 To worry about something ahead of time is a waste of time and energy that could be better spent on living a full life today. For instance, if we spend hours today worrying about an important test at school tomorrow, we can't very well concentrate on studying. And if we lie awake tonight agonizing over what we don't know or haven't studied, we're going to be exhausted tomorrow when we take the test. Wouldn't it be much better to focus on doing all we can today to prepare for the test, and then, knowing we've done our best, let go of it tonight and get a good night's sleep? In fact, if we do that every day of the year, when a big test comes along, we'll know we're as ready as we can be, and won't have a thing to worry about. What a relief it is to know we've done our best today and every day. What can I do well today so I won't worry about it tomorrow?
Sleepless Sleeping
i sleep for days and days, frightful dreams just arent so frightful anymore, i see everyone ive left behind, beckoning me to join them in limbo. ive dreamt of ways and ways, pitiful claminess of awaiting atrophy sores, i realize now life has no rewind, cant leave but in the end we all go. take from me, wait for me, laugh at me, wink at me, smile for me, lie for me, kill for me, dont do for me. sinking or floating, laughing or gloating, rising or falling, crying or balling, what does it matter? isnt this just one of my dreams?
A Sleeper Walked Among Us
"A Sleeper Walked Among Us" I saw the destruction of a man today He spoke of an everlasting prodigy I did not know this man he spoke to many Said he would set us free Blinded by power and overwhelming rage He could not free himself from an all-too mortal cage He mended so many broken hearts And he tryed to set the stage He contracted many followers For the wars that he would wage He swore to God that he would cleanse this place And that society would change But then a concience grew inside of him A feeling much too new and strange He had a distinct look on his face One that was racked with pain Scars covered his body As though he was beaten with a chain He was lost in the passing days And was eventually destroyed I saw the destruction of a man today He spoke of an everlasting prodigy I did not know this man This man was... This man was me...
Sleep Depravation.
Ever have one of those little stretches where You can't sleep? Not because of drugs, but because of Insonia? I am mired in the midst of a 3 1/2 week long bout with it. I am averaging about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hrs of sleep a night. Everything is getting "Fuzzy". I am seeing the swirling thingies in the air in My peripheral vision, the tweek monsters that zip across the floor, & the tingles all over My body. I have tried everything to get to sleep for a good night's rest. Soma's & beer & shots, sleeping pills, shit loads of booze, smokin weed till I am about to drop, meditation, & reading a boring book. Nothing helps. I can lay in 1 position for 3 hrs stright, not moving or opening My eyes & nada! This is a trip. I am literally a walking zombie @ times.How I am functioning is beyong Me as I am going to work, doing My job, & doing rather well. It's fucking amazing that I ain't loosing what little of My sanity I have left. It's starting to get so bad that alot of things are beginning to look li
Sleepless Nights
Nazi. Nose. Hvis vi legger sammen puslebitene blir utfallet overraskende men allikevel opplagt: Hitler begynte med sin avkuttede bart influert av Chaplins jødehaterbart. Og den eneste som kan ta til seg den hatefulle spøken slik Hitler gjorde er en person som både hater jøder og mistenker at han selv er en jøde. Chaplins bart kommer direkte fra Barbereren I Sevilla og lager et bilde av noe voldelig som også Groucho Marx kommenterer i en av brødrenes filmer. Hitler bruker antagelig symbolet som "det å skjære bort noe uønsket fra seg selv". Hvis vi deretter ser Elefanten som ett av de viktigste bildene på Isis blir koblingen slik: Egypterne kunne ikke bruke et dyrebilde på Isis ettersom hun er morsgudinnen. Hun er Gudinnen og egentlig den eneste. Samtidig muliggjør det scenarioet en uendelighet av ANDRE guder (som f.eks Anubis) i dyreskikkelse. Allikevel kommer aspektene av Isis til syne. Løvinnen finnes i Sfinxen og indirekte med løvehamen til Anubis og hodeplaggene til fara
The Sleeping Doll By Jeffery Deaver
Plot Summary: Kathryn Dance, an investigator with the California Bureau of Investigation, returns from Deaver's The Cold Moon (where she was a secondary) in this post–prison break pulse-pounder. Dance is the lead cop handling the escape of psychopathic killer Daniel Pell, dubbed "Son of Manson" by the press for his "family" of young runaways and his most horrendous crime, the murders of computer engineer William Croyton, Croyton's wife and two of their three children. The only child left alive, nine-year-old Theresa, is known as the Sleeping Doll. Pell, charismatic and diabolically intelligent, continually eludes capture, but Dance, a specialist in interrogation and kinesics (or body language), is never more than a few suspenseful minutes behind. Dance is nicely detailed, and procedural scenes where she uses somatic cues to ferret out liars are fascinating. The book sags in its long middle, but toward the end Deaver digs into his bottomless bag of unexpected twists and turns, keeping r
Sleeping Dragon
Betrayal ,emptiness and powerless with clouds of darkness all around, I lay in bed but to many thoughts go through my head, No body to hear my silent screams , no 1 to wipe away my tears or hold me and feel my darkest fears. Wen will this all end or maybe it wont and God nos what i will do or become if it dont. The terror that lays with in is like a sleepin dragon and when it awakes there shall be no pity on any ememy it takes.Head screaming with pain will this anger go and will i ever be the same I think not as one can only take so much before they break Is this all a test to see how much it will slowly kill me or is it to see if i will be the one who finally stands strong and be the one holding the gun Which ever way it goes i dont really know but my heart is now black and lays dormant maybe for ever For my life now has dealt with to much pain and with too many scars i shall not be the same, for the moment they fear me not but my time will come and my enemy shall run, thats wh
lying awake i cannot sleep pillow soaked from tears i weep thoughts running rampid through my head every night i lay in bed noone here to ease my mind so i think and my teeth i grind with my brain overloading eventually i'll sleep only to awaken from a dream i cannot keep
Sleep Is Important To.....
function. so after not sleeping for like a few days...i think its time to hit thae sac. rp.
Sleepless Night~
I was dreaming... I was standing in the corner of my room, deep in the shadows, watching myself sleep. My corner self was breathing very heavy. I wanted the me in the bed to wake up. This was weird, I knew it was weird, but the me in bed was sleeping soundly. I wanted to scream but I could not. I wanted to run from the corner and jump back into the me in bed, but I couldn’t move. I was starting to panic, my heart was beating hard and fast. I couldn’t believe that the me in bed wasn’t tossing and turning from this...this, to me, nightmare. Then a thought came to me that sent chills through my whole body, I must be dead. Then I saw her enter the room, and go to the bed. She pulled back the covers and ran her hand softly over, well, my face. I mean that was me in that bed wasn’t it? Bree, wake up, I am losing my mind in this dream, I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know this woman, I have never seen her before. She ran her hands down to my breast, rubbing my nipples as I stood
Sleep Now
Sleep Now My tune softly plays Drawing you into rest Lay your head now Here upon my chest Let me stroke fingers Through your hair Drift off into fantasy Release to me your cares My open arms welcome Your soul to be at peace My heartbeat soothes Feel your fears release Let go my love Let me touch your skin Let me caress your body Touch you deep within Let the melody bring dreams Let my lyrics stir thoughts Let the rhyme weave tales Let the notes fire burn hot You will feel a new sensation As the music’s spell is cast Enjoy these moments my love For they will be your last
Sleep Cycle Quiz
Night Shift Sleep Cycle Quiz by Vicki Cadwell RN, BS, CEN, MICN Capistrano Beach, California As published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing 1998;24:377 1) If Helene, who works the night shift, goes to sleep at 9 am and receives a phone call at 1 pm, what is the equivalent time on the sleep cycle of Joan, who works during the day? A. The middle of the afternoon. B. The middle of the night C. It is 1 pm no matter what shift you work. D. It does not matter because people who work the night shift do not need to sleep anyway. 2) Helene, who works the night shift, has had how much sleep when she is awakened at 12 noon? A. Enough -- anyone can sleep until noon. B. Who can sleep during the day? C. Only about 3 hours. D. Plenty -- people who work the night shift sleep faster than people who work the day shift. 3) If Joan, who works the day shift, received a phone call at 2 am asking what was charted on Mrs. Smith 2 days ago, how happy would she be? A. Ecs
Sleepy Cat.....
I've gone back to sleep I can't hear you anymore I've crawled back into my hole I feel the darkness surrounding me Sleep kills all sound Sleep cannot kill the sights I see them crawling behind my eyes My precious has left me Sanity has gone away Why does everything leave me? Everything gone The dreams still stay Demons are my dreams Pain sustains me Tears stain me Suffering elevates me I have almost reached the top I'm almost to the bottom What am I doing here?
I've been told I have extreemly vivid dreams. Last nites dream, yes I dream in color. It's a highschool setting but I'm older so more like college. I'm dressed in Gene Simmons type elevator boots with steel dragon heads on the toes and a black trench coat. It's a math class of some sort, and the teacher (who looks like Amy but blonder,( a select few of you will know who Amy is)took my bottle of Capt'n away at the beginning of class. She has a complex problem on the board. She tells us to pair up and who ever figures out the problem can skip the whole quarter. The guy who was left to be my partner The guy who played Spiderman, Tody...?) choses to work alone because I just slack off. The problem has something to do with how much air pressure is sopposed to be in her tires of her 1920's car? I get up hand in the solution to which she says is wrong. So I point out she used the indoor temp instead of outdoor and lied about her own weight. I even stated that the cars themselves where diffe
the walls have eyes when i lay awake and toss and turn theres no peace here the room sinks in andi feel it crushing down on me i reach for u findng nothing no one there cuz u never really were there nothing i can do i lay awake and i find my self in a cold sweat i wait and paces but i cant seem to find the stillness in my mind whats the use at least the darkness holds me victim of my mind its own abuse nightmares i always wake up screaming see it all and it touches me deep cold child shaking panting i would love to run but whats the use admit defeat but this it takes no prisoners scream for mercy but my mind seems to think its all fair game another restless night
I can't! For some reason it's 2am and I am not tired. I should be. Too much stuff bouncing around in my head I guess. Same shit, different day. I could read some more. If it wasn't so damn cold, I would go for a walk. But, it's snowing and being winter out there. So I will stay inside with the heat of the woodstove. I could continue sorting out all the music files on my computer. But, that is a project that is going to take a looooong time. Days. Baby Hayden might come home soon They might have to have her on a monitor. She still sometimes forgets to breath and has to me moved around, then she remembers. I cannot wait for her to be home! I give my sis and her bf Evan so much credit for making the 45 minute trip everyday to the hospital to see her little girl. I am so proud of them both! With that, I am going to do something. What, I am not sure. Toodles
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Ok so I got a new puppy last week! His name is Fizz Gig! He is so cute his eyes melted me and I love babies and animal so baby animals are just the cutest thing. Anyway the people I got him from said hes half Pomeranian and half miniature pinscher. Also that he was 4 weeks old. I think he is a little older but he is so spoiled and wont eat anything but puppy formula. lol He wakes me up several times in the night and wants to play. I have tried to put a pic of him on here with no success yet. I'll keep trying. I still do not have internet but a friend was nice enough to let me try a couple of air cards over the weekend to see if they were an option. They are almost as bad as dial up. Wish me luck with the pup and any ideas on what do do at night would be helpful!

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