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So Hawt - Why Not
Carol-Leigh *Stiletto Girl~�¨The One That Don't Give A Damm�¨**Club Oasis PlayMate**@ fubar Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Carol-Leigh is just one of those people here on Fubar.. She walks into your Fubarian life and never walks out. You may not see her everyday, but she is always there, watching over you & taking care of you, whether it be pervin your profile or your pics&stash or just taking care of your heart&soul. She is truely a beautiful woman as the saying goes both inside & out. Friendship is a relationship that is given to few, but desired by all, and always extended by Carol-Leigh, if friends are like Mirrors and you can see yourself just by looking at them, then you should consider yourself a SuPerSeXayStaR with A Friend like Carol-Leigh! Well here it is Fu's... Another chance to see if you have what it takes to help a Fu in Need! Carol-Leigh needs 12,500 Comments for an auto 11 Bling!!! She's a tadbit
So Hawt - Why Not
Carol-Leigh *Stiletto Girl~�¨The One That Don't Give A Damm�¨**Club Oasis PlayMate**@ fubar Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Carol-Leigh is just one of those people here on Fubar.. She walks into your Fubarian life and never walks out. You may not see her everyday, but she is always there, watching over you & taking care of you, whether it be pervin your profile or your pics&stash or just taking care of your heart&soul. She is truely a beautiful woman as the saying goes both inside & out. Friendship is a relationship that is given to few, but desired by all, and always extended by Carol-Leigh, if friends are like Mirrors and you can see yourself just by looking at them, then you should consider yourself a SuPerSeXayStaR with A Friend like Carol-Leigh! Well here it is Fu's... Another chance to see if you have what it takes to help a Fu in Need! Carol-Leigh needs 12,500 Comments for an auto 11 Bling!!! She's a tadbit
So Hard. Written Dec 20th 08
It is so hard... to find an honest heart. To find someone so true, someone to be faithful to you. To have unending love, someone to hold on and never give up. Someone to be there in the end, to be your best friend. As I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. That I shall not die, without having true love in my life. I have searched high and low- I search wherever I go. Love only lets me down... Love never comes around. I make myself think that I will be alright, even though there aren't two arms holding me tonight. I have wished upon so many falling stars, but none came true for my heart. Is there something wrong with me? I find it hard to believe. That there can't possibly be, someone out there who can love me. Love I have in my dreams, but dreams don't mean anything, to my lonely, empty heart. Where do I start? Where do I turn? What lesson to learn? Where do I find that one love? Blessed by the man up above. So, I start the day
So Hard
lost and alone i cannot see i don't know whats become of me I've lost it all and don't know why it is enough to make this grown girl cry with life so mean and and people too why did it end with me and you i tried so hard to make it work i twisted and tried every little quirk it seems to never last for me me and love were never meant to be
So Happy To Announce!!!
The beautiful Texas Twister who has been a loyal Club United member for a very long time and a good friend has taken the position as Club Owner...At Club United we have 3 owners all have their own responsibilities and I know Texas Twister is a great addition!!!!!!! So if you don't know her go by say hello R/F/A. And show her some Club United love she deserves!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!! Keith
So Happy
i am so happy, i've got a wonderful future hubbie and things have been goin so good for me. it's not perfect but nothing is. me and my high school sweetheart have been on again off again for a while, and we're back together again and this time it's set. we have our three babies and are so happy together. i can't wait for the soon upcoming day where i'll be his wife :D i've never loved anyone the way i love this man. he's the only man that knows me and what i need. he's the first real man to come in my life that i respect and care about. we've had our problems, but worked through them all. he's wonderful and i love him lots :) it's a wonderful feeling loving someone this much. i'm so lucky to have such a wonderful sweet guy. i never thought i would be in love like this, it's incredible.
So Happy Together
I get this song stuck in my head alot...Great Oldies song....I don't know why it gets in my head..i can't relate it to anyone... Imagine me and you, I do I think about you day and night Its only right To think about the girl you love, And hold her tight. So happy together If I should call you up Invest a dime And you say you belong to me And ease my mind Imagine how the world could be So very fine So happy together I cant see me loving nobody but you For all my life When you are with me Baby the skies will be blue For all my life Me and you And you and me No matter how they toss the dice It had to be The only one for me is you And you for me So happy together I cant see me loving nobody but you For all my life When you are with me Baby the skies will be blue For all my life Me and you And you and me No matter how they toss the dice It had to be The only one for me is you And you for me So happy together So happy together How is the weather? So happy together We are happy togeth
So Happy!
As so many people search for that piece that complets them that "thing" that makes you want to wake up in the morning and after a long day working you still feel great cause your better half is going to be home to joke and make you smile tifanie my wife is all that and is the best part of my day always, shes my heartbeat i love her for her and ecept all that she is perfections and flaws and only flaw i see is shes got a mean left hook when we wrestle around lol anyway all that i am , all my love is and always will be yours love until my heart beats no more id gladly give my life up if it ment saving you without a pause. no regrets i love being married to you!    
So Hard Not To Rip Her Dog In Phuckin Half
So the wknd sucked balls...sick in bed til sunday..then just when im feeling better...bammmm wknd even more shot to shit..heres how it all went down Friday..worked and Fu'd...went home and died on the couch..still sick Saturday...fuck missed that day altogether in bed dying Sunday..holy fuck im alive...feel pretty good too...ex wife is in for a visit with my i go in the garage and work on my youngest sons dirt bike for him..its all ready for the new i do a few wheelies up and down the street..take lil Mia for a ride on it...then the ex pulls in to drop my sons back off and get her nasty ass back to NYC...As my sons are saying their goodbyes to their mom...Mia tells me its time to come inside...she is only she shuts the front door....jenns fuckin lil faggot dog..Neko...attacks and tears into Mias right wrist and arm...she has 11 puncture wounds and a huge tear into her right forearm....i rush to my daughter...stop the bleeding...ok maybe i gave a lil kick
So Hard To Believe - Peter Frampton
Another day you try to let it go But it's all encompassing yeah and it grows You knew it all and now it's new to you So much wiser than before but too soon to tell Don't get close to the edge or you will fall fast from grace Then it's so hard to believe Take a look at yourself what do you see Every time you get close that's when I see you - I see me You sing a song of truth but you're living a lie So hard to believe You got a dream, you got to see it through Yes I hear what you say but I don't think you do Come on give me this 'cause I don't need your sympathy As I stand here holding the line please take it from me Don't get close to the edge or you will fall fast from grace Then it's so hard to believe Take a look at yourself what do you see Every time you get close that's when I see you - I see me When my spirit was low you made me look to the sky You left a hole in my heart but I don't know why It's so hard to believe
So Happy
Once in awhile I am glad not totally sure why, I don't want things to turn bad, I feel like I forgot how to cry. The time is too short the feeling will return, good news about to abort I knew I would start to burn.   I have nothing you want to gain all you never need, I cry tears of deep pain I limp and I bleed. You are better off without me I'll just remain here today, you are suppose to fly free I won't watch as you walk away.   I just am too ugly and fat this is me letting you know, your bags are packed, heres your hat just turn around and go. I didn't mean to waste any of your time I am sorry, broken and lame, my problems are just that mine I hope you soon forget my words and my name.   I am so happy but I haven't earned the joy, I fear being so happy I am just a broken toy.    
So Happy Right Now
I just got news that I've been waiting 6 months for. I can finally say that I have my own place. They called me this evening asked me if I still wanted it. Well, duh!    This is the BEST Christmas present ever. I could move in as early as tomorrow or as late as Thursday of next week. Either way, I'll be ringing in the new year at MY OWN PLACE!!!   So happy!!
So Here Goes....
I just joined my first contest...check it out and vote please... :)
So, Here Is Some True Sadness, But Who's Right?
So, I was voting for a contest of the smile sort for a close friend of mine. Why? Cause she's a close friend and I honestly believe her smile was the best of the bunch. There wasn't a large pool of people, and in the beginning the votes were vaguely low, so I took the time, voted high and got her ahead. Eventually another person (the winner of the contest) descided to vote for herself and a fair bit at that. Truely lame I think but her choice, so I voted more and more until Comment limit was reached. This was a first for me, and I can understand it, it's to slow people who descide to comment ONLY to increase cherry level and more than likely to be easy on the server, if everyone could comment unlimitedly then I think perhaps it would overload the server. I don't know this but it is my assumption. Then I descided I should simply start a secondary account for voting, why? Cause it's doable and not in violation of terms of use (Yeah, I checked). This brings out the cry babies an
So Here I Go Again
Ok so Im doing the my space thing and I decided to try here as well. Im not looking forward to the whole singles thing again , but yet here I am again..single..I really do believe I am just meant to spend eternity alone..and I guess Im ok with that ..I really dont think there is a special someone out there for me..funny how you hear "Im strong enough to be your man" but in the end they arent.It really sucks being high maintence..oh well .. I need to figure this whole cherry tap thing out now.
So, Here Then...
I'm not certain why this place has captured so much of my attention. Some of it is talking to people, feeling engaged, because I am distant, removed from the world. The rest? The rest is any one's idea.
So Help Me
OK i have been on Cherry Tap since October and i am so hooked i have found a great bunch of nice and sweet people who are my friends who i love talking too not to mention they are all HOT and rate more than a 10 in my book but i need suggestions my lovely friends. I am so hooked and i have made it to a respectable level i think in a short amount of time but now i am stuck so how do i proceed to get higher what can i do. any suggestions i would love thanks to all you wonderful people and i hope all of you have a happy and safe holiday "MUAH"
So Here We Are
So here we are again in our lonely pathetic lives. We can never truely understand the meaning of love for we always find ways and reasons to end it. We take for granted the ones that love us for the ones who could give a damn. But what it all boils down to is the fact that we are never truely happy. But I have found a light in all this darkness and it has shown me a true path that we must all take one day. I have found the true meaning of what it means to love. It is that one true feeling that you can never ignore. It drives you to the point of insanity and then brings you back with all the understanding you need for you life. So here we are again with the true understanding.
So Here It Is
i am new to this site... have really not figured out how to work it yet... but i'll get i no one worry so... any who...i'm Tye... almost 19.. yea yeah yeah i know i'm young.. but thats how it is.. you know
So He Wants To Read My Mail Now.. Pay My Bills Then Damit! Hahhaha
Dubua is trying to pull this off.. Normally I hate politics.. it makes me vomit. haha But this.. the latest fear tatic is such a waste.. Reading mail of American citizens. For cough.. security reasons.. Kinda like a random drug check. but much worse.. And before some idot states that in wwII we did that .. well those were different times. a totally different war. I doubt if my friends that are over there want to come home with half there mail read.. Let alone regular people like me. Of course there is the.. oh .. by golly.. We caught another one.. We caught some 10 year old sending off for that latest free toy off a cereal box.. threat level lavender avoided.. If you open my cable bill.. BE KIND AND PAY THE DAMN THING LOOSERS! hahhahhaha Yeah , pay all my bills since you had the stupidity to open them. Yes , I know it says 1st class letteres only.. but this is the Bush administration.. nothing applies.. its only a suggestion
So Here I Sit And Ponder...
Now this is where you will see me at my best. My mind has no limits at this point. I create the orgasm that will make you tremble until the wave washes you ashore. I am God right now. And you can not take this away from me. You will listen and pay attention. You will obey my every word without hesitation. If you fail to obey there will be consequences. And please do not apologize, it only makes it worse. To my point. If there was a reason to care for me would you acknowledge it? Or would you wait around until you felt comfortable in your own skin at the risk of losing? Would you be upset if I died tonight and you never had the chance to speak to me as you want to? Or am I just insane to think that this moral train of thouhgt is even inside you? Now. Me being the person I am, my words conflict and I know this. And I also know that whoever will read this will wonder who this is directed to. This is in no way in a compass. There is no north or south. This is for anyone. And als
So Hey
well my night has been okay i got into a fight with a girl... all because i called her a slut.. and its the truth.and im not the only one that has called her that. so ne ways.. then she goes and tries to change her name to saying [hates stupid bitches] ... i feel special. then she tries to get her friend to add me... how fucking retarded.. ne ways... well tonight im supposed to go to the movies with this really cool guy i met at work.. well night.. ttyl
So Here's The's Rant Time
A couple people already know this, but for those that don't, things are going pretty badly right now...well, except one thing (the person that matters already knows what I'm talking about)...but yeah, long story short, I may end up getting kicked out of my house due to certain problems that I don't really feel like discussing since it's not something I want everyone to know right now. I've been considering my options and I really don't have much choice right now unless I leave town and get a bit of a change. I've said it 1,000 times, and I'll say it again: this town isn't right for me. In fact, if it weren't for my friends I would have left already. The fact of the matter is I can't afford to go anywhere at the present time, so I'm stuck in awful-ville. People keep telling me that things will get better, but they've gotten progressively worse as the year has gone on. I really can't take it anymore, so I feel like I need to get away and maybe start over. It would be a big old clusterfuc
So Here I Am...
I have managed to figure out some things ...but certainly not all things lol ...I think I have a ways to go for that. This place is crazy but I love it :D Movin' on up in the cherry world, close to being a twisted cherry already ;) So keep saying hi when you stop by and whatever else you want to do and I promise I'll visit your page too :)
So, Here I Am....
So, looks like CT is my newest adventure... and thanks to the millions and millions of my soon to be fans, i'm here.... just kidding... I want to give a shoutout to my peeps, george, mary, candi... you guys are the best...also to my beautiful girlfriend Sarah, to whom I owe the most.. I love you baby... To everyone else who has yet to discover my or my friends, we're all really cool cats that It would certainly be a good idea for you all to know... hope to hear from y'all soon. DJ
So Here's The Deal
World Rock Radio has moved to a new lounge and to celebrate, we're holding a grand opening. Great music, lots of great people to add to your friends list and cool prizes including cherry blasts. All you have to do is enter the raffle! Come by and have a blast on us!! ***CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW TO ENTER***
So, He Sent Me."
United States Soldier was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Soldier got out of his Chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Soldier went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Soldier and
So Here We Are Again.
I figured for awhile I will just post some tunes that express how I am feeling about Life in General. There are many things a person can feel and come across throughout a simple day of Life. Makes it more interesting to think about yourself, the song and whether it says anything. Not necessarily about you, or me for that matter. It is what it was when I made it or felt it. And it was for me and anyone who feels it when they see it. Got it ?
So Help Me.............
The memorize engulfed my being last night As I laid awake listening to the sound of the rain Pounding on the roof Like the pain in my gut Tossing and turning I couldnt get to sleep I pray for peace but the war still goes on in my head Bring all the past with me now So over wellming it consumes my whole self Crawling out of my skin I just wanted to be content
So Here It Goes..
i basically really like this guy he has noo idea..and i realy would like to be with him but he lives far away...but ya..thats about it..i really want it to happen but...i dunno if hes willing to TRY... but ne ways i passed my first two college classes sooo more time on here.wait lol noo more time for me to go clubbing.. ya..buddy..and i saw 2 new movies...spiderman 3 and vacancy..they were good.. soo ya thats whats new with me..peace
So Here's The Scoop.
this past week has been nothing short of terrible. my mom went into the hospital tuesday morning. i've been a wreck since then, now knowing things could possibly get worse with her condition. i'm glad i've had the support of my friends who in fact, are my family as well. they've made it so much easier to handle all the craziness. especially someone I would have never expected to come back into my life at the right time. lucky me eh? luck never comes my way, so I don't see it that way, but i'm very grateful. hopefully things will get better over the weekend, but all i can do right now is pray. so to whoever may read this, keep me in your prayers too, i need it more than you'll ever know.
So Here It Is.
Maybe everyone is right. Maybe there is too much drama here. I think I'll just delete myself quietly. Anyone who wants to talk to me after this is gone. Leave a comment on here and I'll shoutbox you my yahoo and MSN addies.
So Here It Is.
Maybe everyone is right. Maybe there is too much drama here. I think I'll just delete myself quietly. Anyone who wants to talk to me after this is gone. Leave a comment on here and I'll shoutbox you my yahoo and MSN addies.
So Here It Is.
Maybe everyone is right. Maybe there is too much drama here. I think I'll just delete myself quietly. Anyone who wants to talk to me after this is gone. Leave a comment on here and I'll shoutbox you my yahoo and MSN addies.
So Help Me, God
I've come to an important cherry tap decision; Rate Me Low and I will take you down with me, so help me god. :) Recent Art! the Summer Weed Fae
So... Help Her Out?
rate her stuff. xxx Ruby Cairo {SSDC}@ fubar
So Heres The Deal
I was posting blogs on the levelers name for Kimmy and this girl shoots me a link. I looked and it happened to be for the Mr Fubar contest.I told her that I was voting for someone else. Arch Angel has helped me in my contests and always helps people level up so I believe you help them that help you by returning the love. She laughed and said good luck catching up. Well I need all my bombing friends to help me. Im not asking you to help win this contest but I want him caught up. I help alot of people and don't ask alot for myself so im asking you to do this for me. Bomb this picture below ..Thanks for those that will help. I always watch those that do Ill make sure to always be there to help you when needed and do what i can to get you help. The screen shot of what was said notice i said i loved both jess and Ancient 1
So Here I Sit, Stuck In Iraq...
Ok, so I am in Iraq serving right now. I'm basically on here just to contact people, due to the fact that it get quite lonely out here...
So Here Is The Latest
as it stands could be about a month before i get my net service back up and until then i will be stopping here at the library to catch up...once i get my net back up and i have time to actually sit here and go into detail of the hell ive been dealing with, i will catch you guys up...i wont have time to return rate/fan/comments from the library cuz ive only got a limited time unless it isnt busy and they extend me more be patient and i will be back asap!
So Help Me......
The memorize engulfed my being last night As I laid awake listening to the sound of the rain Pounding on the roof Like the pain in my gut Tossing and turning I couldn't get to sleep I pray for peace but the war still goes on in my head Bring all the past with me now So over welling it consumes my whole self Crawling out of my skin I just wanted to be content
So Here We Are
So, I am in North Carolina for the night, just got through with some training. Well, when you tend to get bored you start thinking, some rationally or perhaps irrationally thoughts and ideas occur. One such is the whole deal about our past, present, and possible future leaders. It all started when I read this book by Lee Iacocca. Now mind you I am not just talking about political leaders alone. I am talking about leaders everywhere. I am very fortunate that our CEO is one of the coolest guys around. He definitely has all the traits of a great leader. This is a quality you don't see hardly anymore. One question is, what defines a leader? Some say either you are a born leader, you learn to be a leader, or some say that you are a natural leader. Either way you look at it, people today don't want to take the responsibility. We tend to point fingers at someone else for our mistakes. it is about accountability. Now, I like to have fun and push the envelope. However, I am accountable
So Heres My First Blog.
I have gotten so many request " tell me about you and what kind of things you like " that I desided to post it here. I am a simple person. There is nothing complicated about me. I like holding hands, taking walks on the strip at the beach or the mountains. I am not a jealous person, if we were a couple I wouldn't mind if you go out with your friends male or female, I have trust and expect the same, trust and communication are keys that unlock a good partnership. I am not a big fella, so if your looking for Big sorry I am not your man. I like camping, sleeping two in a one man bag, looking up at the stars next to a campfire. I personally think a woman is never more beautiful than she is when she first wakes up and looks into your eyes. I like slow dancing ( nude if the time is right ). Like I said I'm simple, theres nothing about me I won't answer if you ask, I have nothing to hide. thats all Jerry
So.... Here I Am
as for the first day being on here--i'm meeting lots of ppl... which is good for me. introduce urself and i'm all for talkin.
So Here We Go Yet Again....
I have most of my life been the type of person that tends to be pretty free with my money. If a friend is in trouble I am one of the first to step up to the line and whip out the cash. I never expect to get paid back. BUT........ I expect the person to reciprocate. If a times come and the roles are reversed that it is not an issue for them to do what I did for them. The last three weeks (two of which I took off) I have not been working I was just worn out from all the hours I had put in before and the move. I just wanted to take some time to settle in and all that. So I put about 100 bucks worth of staples in the house and my roommate was getting smokes and cream and milk and so on. Now I was suppose to get a check on Friday and that would cover my half of the rent due to some issues I did not get the check until Today. I told her if anything bounced I would cover it. But could she not call the bank this morning and let them know. But she could not do that for some reason..
So Here It Goes, My Whinings
Ha its funny when you are young you have all the hopes and dreams and it never occurs to you that you may not ever achieve any of them. When I was little I had this picture of this red haired boy, I never knew his name and in fact I found the picture on the ground...I used to say that when I grew up I was going to marry a red headed boy and be a paleontologist and dig up dinosaur bones. Stupid, eh? As I got a little older it was an astronomer and marry a red headed boy. I guess I always wanted to marry a red headed boy, and my heart would never be broken and some how I was going to be someone great aspiring to do great things and loved by an equal. Now, I am 28 years old and I am far from an astronomer nor am I discovering some great dinosaur, and the red headed boy, well, just a figment of the imagination I once had. I am a nursing assistant that had I guess a good paying job, one I have grown to dislike because I moved up the latter I became the staffing and central supply person. M
So Here We Are Again.......
Almost forgot about this place, but I've just recently left one site and this has kind of taken over from it, still not had anyone say hi, but I guess I'm easy missed. Not much going on, single still, unless you count someone fucking me about. No bother, 2 weeks time I'm out for someone's b'day bash, so I'll get back into the socialising thing if nothing else. Bar that, same old same old. COME SAY HI!
So... Here I Sit...
And i ponder, really, what the hell is going on. Things you find out can be disturbing when hushed whispers are going on in front of you, until later... then when your not around, full on conversations... phone, text, online... so my question I guess, is... do you really call them friends? And yet, they take some happiness in this... Strange to me, but I think if I had anything to say, I would just say it. But no, they have to hear it from 3rd person, or more... and by then the "story" as I call it, is sooo out of proportion its not even funny. But what do they know? They dont live in my shoes... So I just let the gossip wheel turn, for if thats what they need, then I guess they will be happy in knowing that they are "monitering" my life... Happy Monitering! Martin
So Here We Are
im workin again and things are starting to look up for the first time since january. i am happy and content with my lady, we get along so well. yet i want more. a better job, more money, more hours at work, a fukkin ride, i wanna throw a party for Simone for no good reason other than i love her so. i want to take her out to eat for the first time, go to a movie, ride around and make love in the woods and go fishing and stare at the stars in her eyes all night long... my soul is restless because we have so little. yet we dont need much to survive i want to live... I WANT TO FUCKING LIVE!!! at one time i thought i was but i was wrong. i have never wanted anything so bad as i want to make you happy Simone. i cant be satisfied yet. i wont be satisfied until we have everything we want. im working and thinking and trying... not a day goes by that i dont think of something else i want to do for you. yet i cant do but very little with the little that we have. im so frustrated. i love y
So Heres What I Think
OOOO yet another blog to fill with entertaining, interesting stuff that I like. I have a load of blogs now so I will just go threw and make a list and stick it here. It will show all my different sides
~so Help Me Girl~
You could have kissed me Like this wasnt gonna last Kept me from saying Something Ill never take back You couldve held me Like there was no chance Of me waking up where I am You could have stopped short of Every dream Ive ever had So help me girl youve gone too far Its way too late to save my heart The way it feels each time we touch I know Ive never been so loved And I cant help myself So help me girl, youve got to help me girl You had to be there when that old sun came up Making last night feel like a vision of things yet to come You just had to hold me like nobody else Now look what youve gone and done You had to love me So help me girl, youve gone too far Its way too late to save my heart The way it feels, each time we touch I know Ive never been so loved and I cant help myself So help me girl The way it feels each time we touch I know Ive never been so loved And I cant help myself I cant help myself so help me girl
So He Says To Me.....
I cant resist you..I want to make love to you... You are standing, looking out a window. I silently come up behind you and wrap my arms around you. My hands go to your breasts, and I cup them lovingly in them. My thumbs stroke your nipples thru your top. You have no bra on and your nipples become hard and taunt. I use my forefingers and my thumbs to grasp and roll them between my fingers. You lean your head on my shoulder, exposing your long, lovely neck. I kiss your neck, then run my tongue up and down it's length. My mouth finds your bare shoulder, and I kiss it and nibble on it. I grow hard and I step closer to you. You can feel my bulge resting between your asscheeks. You push back against me and massage my bulge by bending and straightening your knees. You let out a slight moan. You raise your arm up around my neck and pull me tight to your neck. I bite down and suck your flesh in my mouth. I suck hard, then release. There is a "beauty" mark now at that spot.While my left hand
So, Here I Sit...
...questing through the vast inner void of thought and memory... I search for that ever elusive dream of dreams... Seaking, yet never finding... Hunting that dark embrace of true insparation... Looking into my core depth for a glimpse of redemption... My mind flows through the meriad abbys of conquests and follies. Looking at the path of rightious powere vs. humble struggle. Challenging the eternal flow of ever consuming hunger. I yern, not grasping an constantly shifting mist of passion flowing through my hand... I stand on the brink of salvation... My soul condemed, without living. My heart held fast by truest conquest and darkest visions... The beauty I see before me flees my trusted senses, dancing back into the shadow of my own eye...'s The Deal..
you know how people say it doesn't just storms? well.. i got one crazy ass storm on my hands and here i am without my umbrella..ella.. ella.. lol..sorry..rhinna flashback.. k..but seriously.. it all started a couple weeks ago.. drama drama drama.. lol..i'm not gonna get into it or mention names cuz ya'll know what that's about.. haha.. well my close friends anyways.. but on the bright side that craziness got me my own lounge.. so i'm not mad.. haha.. it's nice havin your own place.. and then.. on top of that crap i'm nicely settling into my new home away from home and my computer gives out.. what's up with that? seriously?? lol.. so i'm managing the internet withdrawls and keeping up with my close personal friends.. and then my mom ends up in the hospital!! turns out she was in the beginning stages of a heart attack and if we didn't get her there when we did things woulda been a hell of a lot more serious.. but thankfully.. things didn't turn out that way.. she's better.. a
So Here I Am Again.
I'm not the one that you want, I'll only let you down. And I'm pretty sure that you've caught on. And you can say that 'Oh, I'm just feeling sorry for my...' I think it's every time I walk into a room a silence so sudden that I seem to hear it Smiles turn to frowns Contact saying that you are the rain on their parade. And how long could you hang on to a word? Tell me, how long could you hang on to a word? Or maybe it's all eyes on him in love with ego and intention the eyes that are just begging me for more. This is gone and I can see it your head is full of words, full of words that don't mean anything. I'm not the one that you want, I'll always let you down. If that's how you feel, then what's there to do? I'll keep this feeling in my heart but when you look in my eyes, you will know the truth.
So Heres The Deal
i just want to clarify some happy and im engaged to be married..... im madly in love with my finacee matt..... I WOULD NEVER EVER CHEAT ON MATT... I REPEAT I WOULD NEVER CHEAT OR DO ANYTHING TO HURT if you cant tell by my profile im just here to meet new ppl and make some friends i recently just moved down to north carolina and i dont know any one here.... matt is my life....i love matt more than words could ever describe...hes my life my world and my happiness hes literally my profile even states im in a relationship, theres pics of me and matt and i have pics of matt on my profile....and i wish ppl would understand that....and just cause your a guy doesnt mean i want to sleep with you or cheat on my man..... i have a man and trust me hes more than enough man for me.....he treats me with respect, as an equal and he makes me feel like the im the queen of his world..... i would never wreck that for a night of fun..... sorry folks.... i love my
So Here We Go Again.....
k...  this should be leavn @ like 6am tues. and i cant wait to go far away from here......      nothin like LA where everything is awesome and where most of my friends are.....not to mention a few other things.... coachella is here and this summer will be completely badass..... imcomin back to MA. from mid may till bout mid sept.   then off to LA to open melissa n my new shop.....   im stoked...i cant believe this is actually gonna happen...     laters   RP
So Heartbroken.
People say he’s only in my headIt’s gonna take time, but I’ll forgetThey say I need to get on with my lifeWhat they don’t realizeIs when you’re dialing six numbers just to hang up the phone,Drivin' cross town just to see if he’s home,Wakin' a friend in the dead of night,Just to hear him say it’s gonna be alrightWhen you’re finding things to do not to fall asleepCause you know he’ll be there in your dreamsThat’s when he’s more than a memoryTook a match to everything he ever wrote,Watched his words go up in smoke.Tore all his pictures off the wall,That ain’t helpin’ me at allCause when you’re talking out loud and nobody’s there,You look like hell and you just don’t care,Drinkin’ more than you ever drank,Sinkin’ down lower than you ever sank,When you find yourself falling down upon your knees,Praying to God beggin’ Him please,That’s when he’s more than a memory.he&
So Here It Is
There comes a time when a woman needs to realize that she does not have what it takes. It sucks when you come to that conclusion.
So Here
A minute ago i saw a status message stating "my wifey is awesome" and i decided instantly that i would like to shank that person. in the face. if ever i am stupid enough to get married again, someone please take me out, get me drunk, and put me in a room with a band until i've changed my mind... if i ever decide to marry someone who referes to me as his wifey, go ahead and shoot me. all hope of recovering my sanity will be gone at that point.   i am now roommate free. no more exhusbands and their former girlfriends living in this house. the silence is more than golden. yay for walking around however i please again. please, for the love of fuck, someone talk some sense into me should this option ever present itself again.   i tried to take a nap earlier but i was interrupted way too many times. it made me ill. this is why i need someone to nap with. they will be in charge of interruptions.   i have facebook. i get facebook updates on my phone. i hate when someone posts a lengthy s
So Here's One For Ya.
I'll try and condense this.   I used to work for Bank A. While I worked at Bank A I was stoked becuase I wasn't "the man" anymore. I didn't have to solve ERERY damn problem. I had a role and it was for maintaining the security of the network and web development. While employed with Bank A I had a co-worker who sat in the same office as I. During my run with this bank I would provide ideas and solutions to make the network more effiecient and safe, as well as outline some policy and procedure adjustments that might need to be addressed. Enjoying my time as not being "the man" I slowly watched this coworker act on every email that I sent to my director as a suggestion. All the project ideas I had, he began to implement, of course when he hit a brick road I helped him, I figured, it would be good for him to learn, what I know, share the wealth if you will. Over time I found that I began to do nothing but significant troubleshooting and saving the day tasks. Still made me a valuable emp
So Here We Go
I just been dealing with so much stress.. Brian my producer aka owner of the label wants to see me to get vocals down but just cant happen because im so boged at work... I wrote more shit but havent had time to post it.. ryan still with my mom and so much is going on.. i am thinking it was a mistake.. I been meeting some great new people im wondering if brian will sign any of them..
So Here's The Story...... Plz View Pics In Default As Well
UPDATE............. They IP banned me for sharing my blog........... Guilty conscious? When they changed the godmode bling without warning I happen to be running one, I came home from an appt to find it over with no explanation, so I forwarded my report to support inquiring why it ended  after LESS than 5,000,000 pts and 24hrs and almost 15 minutes..... While awaiting I saw Scrapper scroll thru my live feed indicating the rules had changed. I asked him in an sb "why did they change it without warning?", his response "why does it snow when the weatherman says it won't?" then blocked me immediately...... Ok first, I don't pay the weatherman to be wrong or screw up, no money out of my own pocket so no real harm done to me..... 2 really? that's how you handle customers? I have spent several THOUSANDS on this sight and that is how I am treated? I wasn't rude or difficult, did NOT deserve such disrespect.  After talking to a few ppl about this issue I was informed that Scrapper likes to "PU
So Here I Am All Signed Up With Fubar!!
Wow, I just signed up and I'm already shitfaced! I'm taking a whole new approach to things and getting more involved with sending gifts and messages and all that bullshit. Normally I sit back and wait, but not this time!! I feel things will be different this time. neways have a good christmas.
So, Here's An Idea
Okay, I'd like to keep this brief. Like movies? I certainly do! I used to write reviews for them all the time but that sort of fizzled out. I'd like to try to get back into it though...with your help! Suggest some movies for me to watch and I'll try to get to them asap and review them. Could be anything. Want me to watch a terrible movie then tear it apart? Fine!
So High By John Legend (i Dedicate This To Someone Special In My Life)
Ok... well I joined this place and I'm looking around and I'm picking up on it. I think. But wow, this is like "myspace on crack" as one of my friends put it. i don't know if I can keep up. I'm afraid to step away from my computer... This is what happens when computers get to good people. This is what becomes of us...
So Hmm What To Say
round and round we go i kinda end in the same place over and over and i guess thats not bad i feel very alone i just feeling thsi huge longing for conection to something to hae smeone e close to me i miss being loved i miss being sun too i miss walking on teh grass laying down and seeing shooting stars i miss someoen having a fire for me and having one for them i am so alone these days so many ppl here but alone at the same time every night i am alone with my thoughts and i see allthese smiling faces wish for that it funny this song touches me soo i can memeber saying i wanna see u and hold u and it ment the same thing not to hold them but hold them freeze the moment and keep it i i keep looking at snap shots in my head of better times and longing for somethign tp make me feel real i feel so alone so unreal its amazing how alone u can be with all the ppl in the world with u how isolated desire can be and now nothing feels right when ur in peace
So, How About.
Blogs are pretty much one of my favorite things in this entire world and now that this site has one, I'm almost complete
So How You Do You Handle This Jealousy Thing?
SO HOW YOU DO YOU HANDLE THIS JEALOUSY THING? (Information on Polyamory) Nobody is immune to jealousy, of course. It's like being immune to fear or hunger or anger. Some people are naturally more jealous than others, of course, but anybody can feel jealous. Jealousy, like fear or hunger, is just a feeling. But jealousy isn't really a response to seeing your partner with someone else. It's a response to your own feelings; it says more about your own security or insecurity than it does about the actions of your partner. Jealousy is most common when somebody feels insecure, mistreated, threatened, or vulnerable in a relationship. If you feel secure in a relationship, you don't get jealous. Jealousy is not the problem; jealousy is the SYMPTOM of the problem. Address the insecurity or the things underlying the feelings of vulnerability, and you address the jealousy. So the trick to making a poly relationship work is to make everyone involved feel secure, valued, and loved.
So How Did I Get Here?
I was looking through the referral logs on my web server and found someone hotlinking one of the pictures in my images directory, probably found through a google search. I couldn't see what it was they were linking, or who was using it without signing up, so... here I am, and I was up till almost 4am it's so addicting. I had no idea a place this cool even existed. You think you've seen everything on the web and then discover a corner you'd never even heard of. Amazing.
So Horny
Well the heading should tell it all. It would be awesome if you had a little sex story you wanted to share with me It would be even better if you had a perfect,kinky decription of something with the two of us...plzzzzzzz
So Horny
been home all day long me all alone no one to hold me no one to caress me whisper in my ear and touch me but i know this for sure by the end of the night i got someone who i can call to blindfold me
So How Will You Kick The Bucket?...
My score on The How You Will Die Test: Electrocution(38% extrovert, 28% intelligence, 32% risk taker, 38% god-favour)You are the type of person who generally prefers going out with close friends or reading a book. You are of average intelligence and are not the type who takes risks. In fact, you live a fairly simple life, not needing to gain joy from doing anything crazy. You will probably live to slightly under the average age for your sex before being electrocuted as you use a knife to get out a piece of toast from the toaster in your old age However, if there is a god up there, he hates you - don't count on going to heaven Link: The How You Will Die Test (OkCupid Free Online Dating)
So, How Did You Break Your Arm?
Subject: Fw: So, How did you break your arm? :-) Even if you aren't a skier, you'll be able to appreciate the humor of the slopes as written by a New Orleans paper: A friend just got back from a holiday skiing trip to Utah with the kind of story that warms the cockles of anybody's heart. Conditions were perfect...12 below, no feeling in the toes, basic numbness all over...the "Tell me when we're having fun" kind of day. One of the women in the group complained to her husband that she was in dire need of a rest room. He told her not to worry, that he was sure there was relief waiting at the top of the lift in the form of a powder room for female skiers in distress. He was wrong, of course, and the pain did not go away. If you've ever had nature hit its panic button in you, then you know that a temperature of 12 below doesn't help matters. With time running out, the woman weighed her options. Her husband, picking up on the intensity of the pain, suggested that sinc
So How Did You Break Your Arm ??
Even if you aren't a skier, you'll be able to appreciate the humor of the slopes as written by a New Orleans paper: A friend just got back from a holiday skiing trip to Utah with the kind of story that warms the cockles of anybody's heart. Conditions were perfect.. ..12 below, no feeling in the toes, basic numbness all over...the "Tell me when we're having fun" kind of day. One of the women in the group complained to her husband that she was in dire need of a rest room. He told her not to worry that he was sure there was relief waiting at the top of the lift in the form of a powder room for female skiers in distress. He was wrong, of course, and the pain did not go away. If you've ever had nature hit its panic button in you, then you know that a temperature of 12 below doesn't help matters. With time running out, the woman weighed her options. Her husband, picking up on the intensity of the pain, suggested that since she was wearing an all-white ski outfit,
Soho Lounge
wow... it was friggin tight work... i did everything i wanted to .. i went to dance and i did, got in free got 2-4-1 drinks and a freebie.... danced with the people i picked out lol and then i actually jumped into the breakin cipher for the first time... it was hard tho cuz i guess the ppl there were really junglist and not b-boys so they kinda didnt want me there... i dont even think i classify as a beginer b-boy (at least to my standards) but wutever i finally got in and i tore it up real quick in 2 rounds and got the loudest crowd cheer and dipped lol it was mad fun!! who's coming with me next week???!?!?!
So, How's This For A Story?
Ok. I got a check in the mail from my dad's friend so I could pay my, everything should be good right? Well, I go to deposit it into my bank today and found out that my account was closed. Tough luck. I took it to one of the tellers and showed them the check and they think it's been "tampered with." They kept the check and called the cops and had them basically interrogate me for the last hour trying to figure out what happened with the check. The cops called my dad's friend and left a message so they can try to clear this up. Needless to say, I'm a little freaked out, mostly because I'm not sure if it will work out. I didn't do anything so I probably won't be in trouble, but I'm still unsure. It all depends on if they get a hold of my dad's friend. I should find out by tomorrow what's gonna's that for a story?
So Hollow.../goodbye My Lover..
Everymorning the sun quietly creeps in. Slips through the curtains and curls around your toes... You keep your eyes closed as I slowly stretch and slide away from the ever crowding rays... A smile on my face I remember the night before. I know its a bittersweet ache in my empty arms. But I am free, you are bound. I wanted you to see how easy moving on can be. Even I know it is hardly true. For every park I pass and every memorable spot that shows me you is a thought you live with too. I don't expect you to be impressionable to your days ahead~ I only wish I could walk on with ease. The pressure in my head finally released~ I hold the purity of what existed within my cross. Don't lose confidence or spite, lift yourself up, when you're alone working those hands, just remember I am there as I always have... You can't believe every tear is a picture of faith. Or every fault is a weakness... how could that be true when there was no fault in loving you. You know this yet you
So Horny
I'm sitting here watching you needing you more and more. Everytime your dicks in me I feel as good as a whore.. Don't you want to fuck me good and cum on my tits? Or would you just like me to sit on your dick? My pussy is wet, hot, dripping, waiting for you, I want you to come here and fuck me for a few.. Make me scream, make me hollar, oh shit just choke me with your hands like they were a collar..
So How Do Ya'll Get Your Excersize
Eh, I stayed up way too late sitting here wasting time. I need a job. And it's bad for me to stay up late considering my health issues, but every once in a while it can't be too much of a problem. Anyway, Anybody have suggestions on how they excersize and find it fun instead of a chore? I try it, and then after a few days I quit. I know it's typical of most folks. I even quit drinking caffiene for a while and it seems to work,b ut then one day I'm really know how that goes, right? I was really hoping that my externship would hire me, because in that hospital everyone who works there gets a free gym membership. Anyway, anybody found something that works for them? I'd be really grateful for your suggestions.
So How Bad Can Life Get!!!
i got fierd from my job on wendsday and i cant find a job any were and rent is due andphone bil is due and everything is due its the end of the month so for the last couple of days i have been sedating my self with all sorts of things mostly alchol though so yea idk what im going to do i mean my baby loves daniel said he would cover me for rent i even got so despraet that i called my mom my dad my brother and my other brother and none of them are in any situation to help which its all right in the end this will make me stronger no matter how bad it gets!!! i went to my high schools graduation and it was a day to the year of mine and it was so sad i remember moment by moment of mine even though i was so fucked up!!!! man it was one of the greatest days in my life!!
So Hot
A disagreement is a temporary state of affairs. Remember that so you can make sure those unruly feelings don't get out of hand. Disputes are actually good for relationships -- they help you air out any old troubles Many Cowboys Does It Take To Scre In A Lightbulb??
2 1 to screw it in and 1 to sing about how they miss the old one.... How many flies does it take.... Only 2 but ya gotta wonder how the hell they got in there... How many Labor Union workers does it take ?? 57 YOU GOTTA FUCKIN PROBLEM WITH THAT !!!! LOL Jimmy
So How Do I Title This?
A lady in the streets a slut in the sheets... thats what they say right? I decided to leave this profile all encompassing. This means that rather than focus just on one tiny aspect of my life in here, you will really get a chance to know me. If you think about it that is better than most people get face to face. So a quick summary of who I am. I'm a devoted wife (I wont sneak out on my husband). I'm a loving mother. I'm a professional photographer (as in I will always act professionally during a shoot). I'm an artist. I always prefer to hear how much you love my work, rather than how much you love my body. I love philosophy, discussing religion, & the paranormal. I love alternative lifestyles (goth, etc) & will never be quite "normal". I'm very sensitive & can get hurt easily. I might be a little bit crazy. :p I love BDSM & at times can be insatiable about it. I'm bisexual & always love hearing from the ladies. I can be very flirtatious & playful. Now despite bein
So How True Is This????
Translating Personals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUIDE TO TRANSLATING "PERSONAL" ADVERTISEMENTS Independent Thinker . . . . . . . Crazy. High-Spirited . . . . . . . . . Crazy, hyperactive, and throws things. Free-Spirited . . . . . . . . . Crazy and irresponsible. Ample . . . . . . . . . . . . . Large. Huggable . . . . . . . . . . . . Large. Zaftig . . . . . . . . . . . . . REALLY Large. Fat and Sassy . . . . . . . . . Large and loudmouthed. Slender . . . . . . . . . . . . Skinny. Svelte . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anorexic. Petite (I am). . . . . . . . . . Short. Petite (you are) . . . . . . . . Size 2. Dynamic . . . . . . . . . . . . Pushy. Assertive . . . . . . . . . . . Pushy with a mean streak. Excited About Life's Journey . . No concept of reality. Moody . . . . . . . . . . . . . Manic-depressive. Unpredictable . . . . . . . . . Manic-depressive and off medic
So Hot
It is so hot here. I just saw a bank thermometer that read 101 degrees. I came home and ripped my top off as soon as I walked into the door and am sitting on the couch right now topless and enjoying the cool air from the AC wisping around my breasts. This is what I call relief on a hot day. Now I need a nice tall glass of lemonade to complete the relief.
So How Tough Am I?
I get this all the time, "What is adventure racing?" My usual response, "Well it's sorta like a triathlon on crack." OK, not much of an explanation. I'll just tell you about a race I did that was held at New River Gorge, West Virginia called "The Endorphin Fix", racers know at the E-Fix. To train for this race I was trail running 40 miles per week, mountain biking 80 miles per week, weights and rope work twice a week, and kayaking once a week. All with a 25 pound pack on. Bare bone skills required to do any real race includes orienteering, mountain biking, rope skills (rappelling, ascending, and traversing), some kind of paddling on water, and being able to REALLY think while calorie, oxygen, and sleep deprived. Oh lets not forget, you have to constantly think 'outside the box'. The average racer is burning between 750 and 850 calories per hour which must be replaced, you must drink 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes just to maintain hydration. So why do it? Simple answer,
So How Was It For You?
Did you do anything good this weekend? Do tell. I didn't do a blessed thing.
So How Many 11's Does It Take?
To undo one malicious rate on a photo? Back in the good old days of Cherry Tap, one malicious rate was canceled out by just one eleven. Due to the generosity of some of you, I know I received several eleven's today, but still haven't canceled out a solitary four someone left me. Damn new Fu Math.
So How Are You?
1. So how are you? horny 2. If you woke up as the opposite gender, what's the one thing you would do? finger my pussy! lol 3. Have you ever crawled through a window? yessssss 4. Where is your dad? home? 5. Morning or night person? Night 6. What was the last movie you watched? uhh dunno? 7. Favorite number? 69 8. Any cool scars? no 9. Things about the opposite sex you notice first? their vaginas 10. What do you do when no one is watching? masturbate 11. Ever been in love? no 12. How's life going for you? EH 13. What is your curfew? none 14. Do you talk a lot? no 15. Do you pick ur nose? all the time! 16. What's your worst personality flaw? none lol :P 17. Would you marry for money? ok 18. Could you live without a computer? FUCK NO! 19. If you could live in any past time period, when would it be? 1940's or 1960's-70's 20. Do you drink enough water? never lol 21. Do you wear shoes in your h
So Hott!!
So Hot
So fucking Hot!!!! Crave Online: Funny Videos, Sexy Videos, Music Videos, Movie Traile
So Horny
all i want is to let go utterly completely fall back out of mind out of sight broken bound utterly yours just tonight please please on my knees for you beg tease no shame here not tonight give me what i need what i crave what i desire what i live for what i'm made for just for you just for now give it up give it now crawling over you i'll eat you tear you rip you into bits consumed completely in my heat move move move i'll make you make me move move move dig nails into flesh rip you into bits just shut up no conversation just teeth and tongue don't wanna think i just wanna feel don't tell me you love me this isn't a fairy tale this isn't a castle this is your bed and i'm no fucking princess i'm the big bad wolf bitch in heat and i hunted you down so give it up give it to me i know you want it want me want to feed me this aching emptiness hungry wanting my teeth are hungry and you're so bite able go ahead try and tame me tear
So Hott !!!
So Horny....
Hey guys , I Love Fubar! I am a outgoing girl , that loves to play. Write me and i will always answer. I work alot , but after work i love to play on the phone yes phone sex :) Email me lets chat or play. Tell me how naughty you really are ... Ashlee My Favorite Links
So How Many Are Like This
IF A MAN WANTS YOU!! If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn`t want you, nothing can make him stay. ( READ IT AGAIN LET THERE BE NO CONFUSION) Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change your self for a relationship that`s not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve, then NO, you can`t "be friends." A friend wouldn`t mistreat a friend. Don`t settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he IS. Don`t stay because you think "it will get better." (LOL) You`ll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is YOU. Avoid men who`ve got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn`t marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he
So How Was Everyones Xmas?
i hope it was better than mine. didnt really have a christmas this year. went to my moms and was invisible, watched as everyone opened gifts while i sat there with nothing, came home and didnt really have any christmas love on here or anywhere so it sucked so fucking hard the one thing i did want i couldnt get because i dont have a card is this.... but since i lost my job 4 days before xmas i now have to worry about food,gas and all that other fun shit instead of how im gonna get that but still it wouldve made me smile if i couldve got them :( Anyway hope everyone had a good christmas and a even happier new year
So How About
i'm bored out of yeah you should do somthing about it if you read my stupid blogs lol =D and you thought i was gonna rant lol HAHAHA
So, How Would *you* Feel ? .........
Ok, here it is....... put yourself in this position/scenerio for a minute and then let me know how you'd feel, what you'd do, how you would view things or whatever strikes ya to say. You have these friends that've, from what you know, always been 'there' for you, supported you with things you've done, been a shoulder to cry on, had great times with etc, these 'friends' are/were like family to you.....then, certain things change, things that *you* had to do in order to make things in you life bearable or whatever, next thing you know, these same 'friends', that even said they love you and will always be there for you etc. , seem to have pretty much turned their backs on you, no longer there to talk w/ you, support what you're doing etc. ...... Are they pissed off at you for making that ONE decision that doesn't even change who you are? Are they actually NOT true 'friends' ? Should YOU be upset with them for seeming to change 'over night' towards you?? Now, keep in mind that
So How Is Catherine Tate Fitting Into The New Series Of Doctor Who?
Clicky clicky
So How Was Your Weekend?
Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well today. I had a rather busy weekend. Went food shopping and some other errands on Saturday. Sunday I did laundry, went to see the new Indiana Jones movie and went to the nursery for some garden plants. The new Indiana Jones movie I have mixed feelings on. While there were some parts I liked, the premise for the Crystal skulls kind of rubbed me the wrong way. In the previous movies I like the idea of Indy dealing with the paranormal during his endevour. This time, I think they took it on a rather far-fetched tangent. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I'll stop there. Oh, and while I was out yesterday, I went to Dollartree too. I like the deals I get there, but some of the people .... OMG! There was this one couple there that were in their late thirties to early forties. They kept yelling the entire distance of the store to each other. And then, when the man walked past me to go to the checkout, .... the body odor was overwhelm
So How Sure Are You?
"Only the madman is absolutely sure." -- Robert Anton Wilson
So Em Down With Love
The following people in this bulletin have played a very important part in my life....whether it be in real life or in my fu life and I just wanted everyone else to enjoy the same opportunity that I have had to have such great friends/family. Click on their pics below and go F/A/R them...if you already have them as friends drop them a comment or a gift just to show them that you appreciate them as much as I do. Tell them I sent ya so they know where the love is coming from. MY MOM WYOROSE wyorose~Fu Sis To Jalen~Fu Owner Of Miss Crys~Fu Owned By slyspy~@ fubar THE SILLIEST BUT SWEETEST MAN I KNOW COBRA Cobra/ FuRuledByEasyOnTheEyz/@ fubar
So Hot
So Hott
"So Hott" You got a body like the devil and you smell like sex I can tell you're trouble but I'm still obsessed [Chorus:] Because you know you're so hot, I want to get you alone So hot, I wanna get you stoned So hot, I don't want to be your friend I want to fuck you like I'm never gonna see you again ....Yeah.....C'mon....Yeah You're like the kiss of death, like the hand of fate I can tell you're trouble but I still want a taste [Chorus x2] Because you're so hot I want to get you alone I want to get you stoned I don't want to be your friend I want to fuck you like I'm never gonna see you again See you again See you again
So How Many Times Do You?
Forgive me Father for I have sinned I've been a bad girl..I think about sex every single minute of my life How often do you think about sex ?
So How Could I?
So how could I turn away from the one I love?How could I, when I know what my heart’s made of.Could it be that your soul lives inside of me?How could I ever say good-bye?
So Hot
DO YOU KNOW THIS SEXY AND SWEET FEMALE BELOW??? IF NOT, YOU NEED TO GO CHECK HER OUT... BC YOUR MISSIN OUT.. So Letz Go ♥ Her Up!! Rate,Fan,Add,♥ THE HELL OUTTA Her HardCore Fu Style!!! Look at this Princess!!!!! How can you not stop by and say HI!!! Be sure to Pimp and Hit her meter also !!! †Яåîñ†ஐOwner of WYKD@ fubar :::Made W/ Love By $Ðj ßåßý ߺý$Hûßßý †ºChickenbutt Ðj/ PROMOTER/GREETER@ŴŶĶĎ Slave †º †Яåîñ†@ fubar
So How We See All Pic People
so hi to all poeople is there waz i can see all pis
So Hungry...
i want a cherry fruit filled pancake! darn it. i hate cravings. i wish i craved things that i actually have in my fridge or cabinets.
So Hurt There Is No Words To Say How Hurt I Am.
I've never been so hurt as now,people tell me to be truthful with them. But yet they haven't been truthful with me. I'm also hurt that someone would look at me in such a low light as a lier and a back staber. It's like Why the hell would I do that,been there myself,where I was geting backed stabed and that fucking hurts. to be stab by those you care and love. Yes, I have just got a new Yahoo Id,but not for the reasons people think. LIke I said to the main person this blog is for, I'm working on something for someone. The pic on that other blog belongs to a friend who has had a stalker on the net as well as real life and we are trying to get proof that this stalker is doing what they have been doing,because of that we have post her pics on a few places where this stalker hangs out. NOw you know whats been going on and why I haven't been around. As for me not being truthful to you all this time thats fucking bull shit, The only damn thing I wasn't turthful about was the new ID. If you wa
So Hung Over
OMG I am so hung over its not even funny. . . .Gah! Every thing is hurty
So Hurt
Well i dont know where to start or how to start how hurt and confused i am by my fiance. He says he loves me yet he cant seem to find 5 minutes of his time off work to just spend with me to work on us. He wont talk to me nothing. Last week i sprang my ankle and had to risk worse injury by walking on it early because he wouldnt help me. Need i mention how dangerous it was seeing how i live on the second floor of an apartment building? so i had to suck up the pain from the spain and do everything. Then when i bring up him coming home from work and jumping on here till 5 am he says "your making something out of nothing" now im thinking WTF? how am i doing that just cause i ask for 5 minutes dont get me wrong i know he wants "david time" but ya know what "david time" isnt keeping this relationship together. Its me that keeps us going cause i wont quit or give up. Stupid of me I KNOW like last night i texted him this kinda "naughty" message and he couldnt even say anything to me about
So Hurting Now :(
It's what I feel right now... and listening hurts my heart! "Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)" (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) I'll go ahead and pour myself a drink I really couldn't care less what you think Well I don't have to listen now Live this day down If I can't feel a thing You might as well save your goodbyes We can give this train wreck one last ride I'm gonna have to listen now Live this day down If I don't make things right I'll tell you one last time I don't wanna know it's over So save your goodbye kiss I don't wanna know it's over Cause ignorance is bliss I can hardly see What's in front of me Cause the vodka's running on empty I can't stay sober If it's over (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) So save your goodbye kiss (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) I woke up with a heartbeat in my head I reached for the bottle by the bed I saw your side was no
So Hurt
so hurt i was mad so mad i wanted to scream yet i couldnt couldnt scream couldnt hate hell i couldnt even cry for the first time you had me so hurt the tears wouldnt fall i could feel them there yet thats where they stayed thats when i knew it had to be the last time no longer can i let you you crossed the line yet you dont really care i am so hurt i cant even cry
So Humbled.......
to say that I am in shock is an understatement. I have some AMAZING friends!! I have wanted to get spotlight for a while now and have been rating pics for what seems like forever on pages.....BUT get this.....I do not want spotlight for me, myself, but to honor and support the ladies who are breast cancer survivors! We all know someone who has fought or is fighting this horrible disease. I, personally, fought it in 2008. It was not fun!! Look around you....did you know that 1 in 8 women will go through breast cancer? So let's say you have 8 women in your will get breast cancer in her lifetime.....not a pretty picture! We need more support! There were days where I just laid around and did nothing...and then came on my page here and had messages of love and support from family and friends....that made my day! So I really want to show love and support to all women on FUBAR who are proud! You made it through some tough stuff! Please donate as
So Hurt.
So, my husband decides to break a mirror and attempt to slit his wrists while I'm sitting right beside him.   One of the most horrific things I have ever seen, seared into my memory.   I took him to the hospital and they admitted him immediately.   I love him so much.  But I will never forgive him for what he did to me today.  The traumatic sight, attempting to pull the broken glass away, only for him to be stronger....   Why Can't I Be Okay?    Happy 5 months of marriage, Ian.  Yeah right.
So... I
So I Am A Veteran
not of any war, but I proudly served my country for 8 years as a Marine, and Veteran's Day will be here soon, as well as on November 10th it will be the 231st Marine Corps Birthday, so remember your vets, and also if you know a Marine, be sure to tell them Happy Birthday on Friday, they will appreciate it. If you are a Marine, Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis... I for one appreciate the service you gave our country... and that goes for all the vets out there as well....
So I Am Impressed. . .
So people who read my blogs are always complaining that I never write about anything positive and my retort has always been that nobody ever gives me anything positive to write about. Most of my dating experiences are so short lived that before I can even begin to write anything positive, they end like some horrible science-experiment-gone-wrong. Kind of makes you forget the positive. So to appease my readers, I am trying to be more on top of the game and post some positive dating experiences as they happen just in case it ends up another science experiment and I am feeling less positive later. So I've had date number two with this guy I've been seeing. I won't mention his name yet because I still don't know how comfortable he is with this kind of advertisement although some of you may be able to figure it out by simple process of elimination. A couple of things that immediately struck me about this guy: 1) He showed up on the first date with flowers. Either he's just that
So I Am Noticing
So, as my...first week here nears its end, I get messages from people thanking me for stopping by, when I never have. You people should also notice that you havnt gone to these profiles yet it claims you have. I think if your friends with a person, ct randomly tells THEIR friends you visited their page even if you havnt...Which I dunno, that kinda blows.
So I Am Getting Over Him
i am getting over the ex.. now i am looking for a real man not one who just wants to f@#$ me ... i am looking for a long term relationship one that i can take slow... I am looking at someone from work.. hes a cutie who is funny and we have some things in common! oh damn i think i am have crush....!
So I Am Here!
Ok So I am finally getting the hang of this set up and I must say it is alright!! Different but not bad at all! I hope some of you that have been here for awhile can help me master this game! And help teach me the tricks of the trade to pimp my shit!! =)
So I Added New Stuff From Recent Events
“A Special Life” - My True Life Story. Added new stuff from very recently, and changed some parts on request of a friend, and new information changing part of the story. Check it out again if you wish
So I Am Tired...
Ok I am fed up. And not the fed up that most attention seekers whine about. I am tired of being there for everyone. I am tired of listening to everyone else and thier issues when noone listens to mine. I am one person. I try to be a good friend. I try and keep everyone talking to eachother. I don't judge my friends by who they talk to. Or who they don't. I choose them for myself. I am my own person. I do not let others infleuence my decisions. You all are consumed with your petty cherrytap drama and the real world goes on for some of us. My best friend lost her son last weekend. Seems like all my kids gotta have health issues. My blood pressure is up. I am trying to work on alot of things. I made coreys memorial video and its gotten to me. I am tired of this site and most of the people on it. IF i speak my mind on anything such as the fake pics I did so, to show how i felt. I never hid what I thought. When my sticky ended that was it for me. I said my peace. I am soooo tired of this "I
So I Am A Southern Gal
The ''Rules of the South'' are as follows: 1. Pull your saggy pants up. You look like an idiot. 2. Turn your cap around right, your head ain't crooked. 3. Let's get this straight; it's called a "dirt road." I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 4. They are called cows & hogs. That's why they smell to you. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? I-75 goes north, I-10 goes west. Pick one. 5. So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $250,000 cotton pickers that are driven only 4 weeks a year. 6. So every person in the south waves. It's called being friendly. Try to understand the concept. 7. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of doves are coming in, we WILL shoot it out of your hand. You better hope you don't have it up to your ear at the time. 8. Yeah, we eat catfish & crawfish. You really want sushi & caviar? It's avail
So... I Am In A Contest..
I said I would never be in a contest. Lesson 1: Never say never… GUESS WHO IS IN A CONTEST…?!@#$&% (click here to vote & comment) The “MOST UNFORGETTABLE EYES” Contest… VOTE & COMMENT IF YOU HAVE THE TIME. I DON’T EXPECT TO WIN, BUT I REALLY DON’T WANT TO COME IN LAST PLACE… THAT WOULD JUST SUCK A LITTLE. Comments and ratings are counted. (Comment bombing encouraged) This contest lasts for 1 week. If you do… thank you and if you don’t that’s fine too. I will still keep you on my friends list. ;) Click here to repost my bulletin. Thank You MUAH!!! xoxo
So,.... I Am A Little Disappointed!
I posted a few times this morning and spread the word that with some love and reposts I could easily level today but ummmm, here I sit. BLAH! I'm gonna have to go on a point whore spree. So, the auction ends tonight at 7pm FUTIME, make sure you get your bids in. I just got back from some errands and will be getting in touch with high bidders and last bidders to keep it movin'. There's some great bids up there. Thanks to everyone who is showing love for my friends. I will put together a contest update and get that posted as well. OH, and the spotlight fund is in full effect. If you donate $5000 or more not only do you get a salute and ty pimp from me you also get a graphic made for you by the lovely Tinkerbell. So send me lots and lots of bucks. (The salutes also remind me who all has helped me so when you need help guess what, YOU ARE A PRIORITY!) Much love to all my friends. OH YAH, I HATE THE IRS BY THE WAY. xoxo
So I Almost Died Yesterday...
for the record electrocuting ones self with the coffee pot can almost kill you, it hurts and is so very not good.... I was wipin off counters went to move the cord to the coffee pot and BZZZZZZZZZZ i got fried cause apperantly there were exposed wires....enough current i have an actual exit point from the Exposed wires on coffee pots with wet hands....BAD!
So I Am The Asshole
ok for these that know me and jack...... well you know the issues that we have been having.... well it all has come clear to me.... i went and was a little bit nosey i know it was wrong but i just wanted to see why i was having these guts feelings that he is not all with me... well i was right... yeah i had have been talking to an ex and me and him have been talking about this that i shouldn't, but that is only because i had these feelings that jack was being untrue to as he called me his sally..... well this sally is going to have to sew back up her hurt.... because all my jack ever did was put me down push me away and make me feel like shit... i don't take care of him i don't love him like i should i don't do anything for him.... blah blah well if you talk to my jack you hear it all.. hoping his whore is reading this....i sat back rubbing his back and feet (and he didn't have a job) i have paid of him because he was on the net with your ass... he is messy he leaves shit everywhere...
So, I Arrived
Hey Everyone - Well, I arrived in TN yesterday and the flights were unenventful for sure. My sister met me at the airport and the first thing she said to me was, "Dayum girl, you got skinny you need to eat!" LMFAO IDK where she see's skinny because she is smaller than Anyway, while we were at the store getting some items for my brother in law's medical needs; she said something about my size again, and I stood in front of her to show her that I am not smaller in width then she is. As some woman watched on in her car - I moved a little closer to my sister and OMG both of us were looking down and we hit heads. The lady in the car I notice was laughing at us. I only noticed because this was a so did anyone see that shit kind of moment as Haley and I just cracked up laughing at our own silly beings. LMAO Needless to say, when we got to the house the first thing my brother in law asks me is, "Do you think they can fix my face!" I had to leave the room because I was
So I Am Pissed At My Husbands Unit
ok so 2 weeks ago my husband was told by his unit that they figured out all of a sudden after a call from the general as to why he has not been paid for the past year. they said it would be a few days although it could take up to 2 weeks for his pay to hit. well its been 2 weeks to the day today and still nothing and he still has not been able to gain access to his mypay website after he was told once again by the ridiculous unit that all of this was put on rush to be fixed...i am gettin very frustrated and feel bad cuz i feel i have taken it out on my husband but come on its time someone do something about him not gettin paid cuz its gettin a lil ridiculous and i feel as the wife of a soldier i should have the right to speak up.oh yeah and come to find out the col. who is in transition to come home next month..said he was supposed to have done been out cuz of his profile along with his injuries so wtf? they said freedom this and freedom that? well freedom is NOT free when there are me
So I Am New Here...
I'm slowly learning my way around.. my wonderful friend invited me to this site and well it can be a bit overwhelming at first.. I look forward to meeting all sorts of new people and making new friends.. I like that there are blog spots on here ..  I enjoy writing short stories so I will have an outlet to post them at on here..  very cool as I have not had an outlet to post to in quite awhile..   and as much as I enjoy reading my own stories *eye roll*  I'd really rather have feedback on them..   or at least have other people read them..  so if you read them or this.. hope you enjoy.. and if not..  that's ok to!
So I Am 50 This Week
Yes, it’s true, I know what you are thinking, Janey you can’t be fifty not with that skin tone? But here it is, I am hitting the big 50. I told Ashley I didn’t want a party or gifts etc and she looked worried. She thought I was doing my ‘reverse psychology’ which I did to her as a teen, remember when they were 15 and you would say “don’t study for exams, take drugs and sell them it’s a much better option in life” and kids would stare at you and then go away and get a uni degree? No, you never did that to your kids? Well I did and it worked out fine. Anyway I now have damaged Ashley and she thinks everything I say I want the opposite but I genuinely don’t want a party or gifts. What we are doing in way of small celebration, is to go up to my mate’s Janie B, me Ashley and my pal Shirley and we are going to have a curry night as Janie B makes the best curry in the world. Ashley is baking a cake and Shirley is making some nice buns, both of them are awesome at baking. I told Ashley n
So I Bought My Boyfriend A Puppy
I bought him this cute puppy for christmas and I have had it at my house for a few days and he is comming over tomorrow to get his present and I am kinda sad cause now I am attached to it hahaha I know this is what he wanted so without ????????I found him a puppy because he truly deserves to be happy for he has made me so Very happy...I am going to miss Stitch (puppy's name) I know I will see him agin when ever I want but still....hahhaa sorry for babbling on about nothing
So I Bought Stuff
Yep, went to the Mens Warehouse with intentions of getting only a suit and some casual stuff. Figured 500 bucks. So 1200 dollars later i can say, damn im gonna look good lol. Discovered the new mach 3 power razor. Omg I love it, guys its worth the 10 dollar for it. Man makes shaving so easy and so much closer then before. Spent 400 on grocerys as well, and another 100 on some stuff for my girls. It was all in all a expensive but fun day!!!!
So I Bet Here Is Something That No One Knew About Me...
I am a Deacon as well as an Ordained Pastor... I have been a Deacon in my church for a number of years now... since around 1999... I first received "The Calling from God"... I struggled with this for sometime when I recieved this... Like really?? God is calling me for His work?? After all of the eyars I have not been a good son.. and have lived my life in sin.. Why Me??? Why me??? was my biggest question... and what did I ever do to deserve this.... These were things and questions I was dealing with for a number of years...and as life had it... things happend to me over the years.. and my ears went deaf to Gods voice... I had pulled away... and was trying to find myself... and dealing with things in my life... that were pressing matters.. that i guess looking back at it now distracted me from hearing Gods voice... I feel ashamed of this... but early in 2002 I became an Ordained Pastor and have been practicing the word everyday... Though some days are more diffuclt that others... I
So I Broke My Computer!!
I decided to uninstall the newest version of Internet Explorer 7. Because I didn't like Internet Explorer and all the stuff I heard about it containing some bugs, I decided to uninstall it. So I went through Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs and searched for Internet Explorer 7. I clicked on the one that only said "Internet Explorer 7" and it took me to this uninstalling phase. It then warned me that most programs would "freak out" if I have done so by uninstalling Internet Explorer 7. So I decided to ignore it and take the risk, a risk that I was going to pay very soon. It took a few minutes of deleting the files and stuff, then I had to reboot, upon logging on to my account this error message pops up stating: "This application has failed to start because iertutil.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Then there are ABSOLUTELY NO icons present on my desktop nor any start button or task bars or anything. The only thing I can
So. . .i Boycotted Myspace
I've boycotted myspace on the grounds that they have their whole home page decorated in idiotic Bratz movie promos the fact that there is in fact a bratz movie kinda makes me want to yack but I have decided to boycott till they took it down. I did not however take into consideration my total addiction to myspace. I've pulled up the log on page four times totally prepared to check my myspace and then I see the bratz feel disgusted and think to myself that I should boycott or something. . . .then I remember I already have. . . . I spend way to much time on line apparently. Meh its all good
So I Bought A Korean Watermelon The Other Day
So I bought a Korean Watermelon the other day and it tasted exactly like a regular watermelon... I don't get it. How is an exotic fruit that looks completely different and weighs more gonna taste exactly the same, how is that exotic???
So I Blocked
so stalking no life cowards who do nothing but come to my page all the day time i bashed them in the mumms an there still pissy this has been over 3 months ago
So I Bought A Vip :d
hi everyone!!!!! i hope you all are doing well, and having a great saturday :) im feeling a bit hung over today after last night...i didnt really drink too much; it was the combo i drank. started off with a couple red beers then moved on to a couple shots of goldshlauger(sp?)and then back to another beer. not the best combo of drinks. my tummy was not pleased. anyhow...everytime i drink too much i wake up at the crack of dawn, and cant get back to sleep!! im so tired, but i decided to buy myself a vip. :D i thought it would make me feel better, and it has! lol :D now i can upoload even more pictures! yay! and i can give away 11s! keep an eye out for my blogs, cause i will be giving 11s to people who comment :) also...i have room for 25 more family members. i havent decided yet how im going to choose, but i will let you know. more news...i have decided to join another one of kristan smiths contests. i was in her first 2 and i won both, so im going fo
So Icp Came To Town Today
well so i like icp but im not the kinda fan that will spend time painting my face into something im scared of...yes you read that right im scared of clowns and i like icp i know weird but thats just how it happens so i wanted to go to the concert cause their in town but no my mom was like you cant go cause of your knee yay well eff you! but she let me go to the mall...makes no sense to me but whatever so me and my freinds anna zach and matt all went and saw the gaurdian which is one of my new favorite movies! loved made me cry...sad i know but whatever so before we went into the thearter anna wanted to get water so we went and got a water bottle and then i was standing there with matt and anna while zach got the water and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i saw these guys and one of them had their face painted like a clown and i was like oh hell no and i started to run away(cause thats how scared of them i am) and he started to chase me so i ran faster and then he lef
So I Couldnt Help Myself...
i just felt like sharing because i am slightly intoxicated... so, i saw joey lawrence in a club in LA last month, and when i saw him i could NOT help myself from saying, "WOAH!". baaaaahahahahahaha! Co remembers. i called her and we shit ourselves laughing together. werd.
So I Calmed Down
Ahhhhhhh listening to the Good Life always makes me put things in perspective. I havent slept but two hours since I woke up yesterday morning. ok afternoon, what day is it again?! I don't even know anymore. I just am cranky and I cried a little, but it's gonna be ok. Damn, I was being a little drama filled....but it's all good. I am just frustrated that things arent working out in my favor no matter how hard I am trying. But, Tomorrow is another day if I ever fall the fuck asleep and I think I am going to be up all night..... For all you guys that have been here for me, i fucking love you so much words cannot describe So Now I am leaving you with my "dance with Andi in Columbus to the Good Life" song! Friction nightclubs, nightstalkers fast women, fast talkers loose lips, loose limbs the lovely loveless sunset to sunrise black dresses, black eyes tangles of tangos hot hands, hot thighs why can I never get you? theres a sea of bodies between us. I recall the first
So I Cant Sleep So I Write A Blog At 2:17 In The Morning In Iwakuni, Japan
Our LONG day of flying to the other side of the world is finally over. We traveled six thousand miles around the world and spent a day and a half doing it!!I'm typing this after many many failed attempts at sleep. I've got MTV Asia playing on the box. Thankfully tomorrow is a day off, one of two we get this tour. I'll update you as much as I can with pix,video & whatever else I can put up here. So make sure you check back often. I want to thank everyone for all the e-mails wishing us a safe trip! & I also want to thank everyone that came to our last show in the U.S. for a month. You give us a great send off & we couldn't have asked for a better crowd. Here a wrap up off our day: The alarm goes off at 5:00am But the coffee works its magic, the shower breathes some life into my tired frame, and I shuffle downstairs and into the car at 6.00am, and let my mind shut down until I get to the airport. It's a bizarre journey in front of us – We leave early Sunday morning, fly for fourtee
So I Can Start School Early
I had been puching it back to October for the guy I had been seeing now I can start next month after all. Oh well Im still excited about going.
So I Cant Post I Am Posting A Blog!
So I Can Rest My Elbow On Her Hip
so i can rest my elbow on her hip by LateNiteFantasy© at one fifteen I am all cracked out on cigarettes and beer and caffeine and beef jerky which I chew very slowly until it doesn't taste like anything but dead animal. My eyes are glazed over from watching too many cartoons and I have a headache from not drinking enough beer to get a really good buzz. i suppose this poem is a welcome distraction but i'd rather have my girl to curl up against, so I can rest my elbow on her hipbone and nestle my hand between her small breasts and sleepy slip into warm dreams that smell like the lotion she rubs on her legs after a shower.
So, I Can Remember
Negative Calorie Vegetables Asparagus Beet Root Broccoli Cabbage Carrot Cauliflower Celery Chicory Hot Chili Cucumber Garden cress Garlic Green Beans Lettuce Onion Radish Spinach Turnip Zucchini Negative Calorie Fruits Apple Blueberries Cantaloupe Cranberry Grapefruit Honeydew Lemon/Lime Mango Orange Papaya Peach Pineapple Raspberry Strawberry Tomato Tangerine Turnip Watermelon
So I Dub Thee...unforgiven
Another warm day here in West-Central Florida, If it wasn't for the papers declaring the end of Summer, I would have missed the entire thing...That's one of the advantages of living anywhere but here...I was raised up North, and after surveying many folks here seems that there aren't many "locals"...most moved here from there...the mornings are getting cooler, I HATE MORNINGS...I would rather work at night, I consider myself a vampire of much in the news, it makes me question the decision made to have children, what type of world will I leave, I'm not talking about Social Security, which isn't, or even the enviroment...just wonder what my legacy to my children will mother legacy was strength, will as she got sicker, I really hated the fact that it left her, I hope to never get that way...I want to be able to give to my children always, the strength they need, pick them up, and make them independant like my mother made me...she always said, my boy will never have to d
So, I Died Crazy And Missed By A Stalker, Fun
'What will your obituary say?' at
So I Decided Not To Do It...
The photoshoot for the summer fun insnt that I wouldnt like to do it. But I have to be a grown up now and realize that my modeling career is over. Such as it was. And it was never that great! lol :( ok that makes me sad but still its true...theres no Victoria Secret or Sports Illustrated layouts in my future. But that is ok. I left CA a long time go back home and to pursue my MBA..because as mom always said, beauty is as beauty does! lol I figured I would need something to fall back on after I dont have my "Looks to fall back on" (thanks MOM) still its true, and the truth can be a painful thing..but we all need someone in our lives who will tell us the TRUTH! no matter what. So I have to take a pass on that job. It will just compromise my position in the company and I value my job and hope to move up in the company. I cant take a chance that this will damage my chances.. Back in the day girls were doing all kinds of work for shady publications just to
So I Drove Today..
I borrowed a buddy's car and drove down to Canon City, the place I was raised. Visited old friends, chatted about random things that make me giggle. Like the time Ashley and I smoked pot together, and I dazedly wandered around, then squealed "Look! it's the moon!", while looking through the bare tree branches and pointing at a shining, random light. "Uh, No" Ashley told me "That's a street light". Good times.. great oldies. lol! I'm always doing random, quirky things like that.. I only notice I'm depressed when I don't. But it made me remember alot about myself.. things I've been ignoring in my paranoid/depression state. I wish my friends knew how much I really do need them.. :) and how I miss them when they don't write..
So, I Decided We Were Going To Go And Get The New Washer/dryer Set
Leave it to me. I think my husband is completely exasperated with me now thanks to the fact that the washer/dryer set we saw in a sales insert in the newspaper wasn't the one ended up getting. Ok, the one we are getting (to be delivered in the morning) is actually 100.00 more than he wanted to spend but I figured since I would be the one using it, I was getting a choice this time. Like the refrigerator, he had to get the one that was on sale. Not one for a little more. But this time I picked what I wanted. This is actually the second actually item we have picked out (that was a necessity) since we have been married. But at least we got that out of the way now. We got home and he went to his mother's to mow her yard, which left me time to myself (for about an hour and a half I believe)yes, I was bored, which isn't a suprise. But we had stopped at his mother's on the way home from visiting a very dear friend of mine where she worked (it's also the same place I used to work) and I gav
So I Dream.
In my mind I have been kicking myself for a very long time, its so hard at times to even look up from the ground like a kid on his way home from school kicking a can, they say the toughest critic is yourself, its time for me to put away my steal toed boots at least after this dream. Its very rare that someone find peace with themselves after losing a part of yourself, how can there be peace when some of the pieces are missing, but last night was a dream that I will always remember. I was sitting on a pier on a lake, the sun dancing off the water as I looked out into it, as wonderful as this sounds I felt overwhelmed with grief I felt tears on my face as if it was raining inside of me , then I felt a little hand in ,mine, I looked and there was Zachary,it was good to see him again I said to him I have missed you are you OK? he looked right at me and said "daddy sing the song for me" and I thought what song" what song Zachary? the song daddy you know the song, and as if he was singing
So I Did One Of Them Lol
SURVEYYY>>GO TO GOOGLESearch as directed in the following using "quotations"Copy paste a phrase on the first page of results*Type in "[your name] has" in the Google search:- Jessa has boobs LOL i sure hope so.*Type in "[your name] needs"-Jessa needs nudes yes send them or ill kill the kitty!*Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search:-Jessa has black hair to mid-black, brown eyes Wtf?! how did they know my true hair color lol *Type in "[your name] likes" in Google search:-Jessa likes to drawo_o creepy.. i do.. *Type in "[your name] says" in Google search:-Jessa says," I really didn't want to be in schoolboy am i glad im not! *Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search:-Jessa wants you to leave her vagina out of it ummm plz do so.. lol*Type in "[your name] does" in Google search:-Jessa does some fire dancing.-*Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search:-Jessa hates German-Italian-Americans uhh.. i SOOO did NOT say that. .*Type in "[your name] goes" in Google search:-Jessa
So I Did My First Everyone Mumm.
First some background. I am a union steward. I represent everyone who is disciplined by the management of the grocery store I work at. Because of the oil boom in Alberta, we just can't get anyone but kids to work for us. Last week, two of them got caught with booze. One was blasted, the other has had a drink, or maybe two, just enough to have a smell of liquor on his breath. So I asked, Should someone be fired for having a drink or two? Wow, the Anger! Most people took it that I was an alcoholic freak, and did the names start to fly. cinfulone "Sure...why not get blasted at work, get in your car and endanger the lives of everyone else on the road. What an upstanding guy." Jeehosafat "and if you ever make a mumm on whether or not you are a dumbass, the answer to that would also be yes." liquidxtc "i like to get sh*t faced and run the forklifts into everything" Baron VonMuffin... "I bet you work at the sperm donor clinic" (Which I think is supost to be an insult, but is p
So I Don't Lose It - Pimpout By Tappinit
This lovely Lady has only 450k to get to GodMomma!! She's -always- helping others... It's time to return the favor! Reeka@ fubar Hit her up! Rate her pix! Spank her page! (She likes that!!) Bling her with the shiny stuff. She ALWAYS brings a smile to your face in the MuMMs ... Now it's your turn! Pimped with Love: Tappinit@ fubar Dont Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult (repost of original by 'Tappinit' on '2008-09-11 20:59:58')
So I Did An Astrology Reading...
Mercury Conjunct Venus with an orb of less than 1/2 degree Intelligence is sexy to you. If a person you find physically attractive isn't also bright, verbal and someone you can talk to, you're not interested. You have a highly developed aesthetic sense and are drawn to people of taste, wit and charm. Sun Square Mars with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees Something in your relationship with your father aroused in you either fear or anger or both. Your relationships with men - personally or professionally - are not comfortable and when you are feeling vulnerable, you can be overly defensive or challenging. Mercury Trine Neptune with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees You know things intuitively as well as rationally and have a rare capacity to perceive in others feelings, thoughts and dreams they may never have openly shared. Anyone close to you would have to share your love of music and interest in spiritual thought. Venus Trine Neptune with an orb between 1 an
So I Did It........
I wrote the letter to my mom, about the reality of the situation of our family. I hope she reads it all. ugh.......
So I Dont Have To Sound Like A Recording Device Read This If Your Ill Informed 99%
  10:13am gorf fumar...: Sorry I thought you were making a joke about all the comments that go "if you are one of the X% who does Y", didnt mean to offfend. 10:13am Blingy The...: its ok, but by saying this in my sb and not on my status makes you look like a fool for everyone who comments or reads my status. 10:14am gorf fumar...: ah 10:14am Blingy The...: thats why i havent been on much i'm out there Agreeing with my state Getting arrested maced. ETC trying to Get things back the way they should. 10:15am Blingy The...: One thing bout me is I do Not poke fun at Serious Things going in the world, I'm extremely Political its not even funny 10:18am gorf fumar...: Whats ETC? if you don't mind me asking 10:20am Blingy The...: omg really? etcetera it means "and other things" or "and so on" 10:21am gorf fumar...: Ah I know what it means; the context and capitalization confused me. 10:22am gorf fumar...: What
So, I Entered This Contest....
Sexiest F.I.L.F....go vote for me, and tell all of your friends! :-P
So I Entered Another One.
A week after this auction is over I will not be owned by Basil. Then you can own me... lol. The starting bid is 20,000 Here is the link: Now bid away!!! lmao Have a great Saturday!!
So I Enjoy Fantasy Sports Do You??
I have decided to put a Fantasy Baseball league up on Yahoo.  Now it is available to anyone who is interested only thing you win is bragging rights.  It is open to anyone interested just leave a comment and i will get with you at some point.  Hopefully a few of my friends on her are interested and wanna have a little fun and maybe meet some new people.  Must get with me before Sunday March 28th to join league i can have a max of 20 people but must have an even number for this thing to start.
So If You Have Time. =)
Could you please do this for me? I have a buddy in the band and they really wanna win. Just whenever you have time. Voting ends Saturday. Thanks luvs!
So If You Just Got Friend Accepted- Latest Blog Haha
Ive been slacking for a couple days on filtering friends- its like this- if you haven't read it yet- read my blog called read before you friend. I clean out my friends every month now- if I don't hear from you or you're just a point whore you're gone as of January first. I don't cam, I wont show you my beaver.. your lucky to see my pic to begin with. I'm a cool chick read my blogs and check out my stash ! :) don't ask me a stupid question thats on my profile. If you follow these things hey rock on nice to meet you :) if you shout at me with something like hey sexy and I don't even know you- I will ignore you , check to see if you're my friend and remove you. Don't ask what size cup I wear- its Big okay. and none of your fucking business. don't ask me to vote for you- I'm not into 'cone'tests if thats why you're my friend you wont even make it to the first. Any questions feel free to ask :) Thanks!
So I Find Myself In The Same Old Mess....
.....singin' drunken lullabies. Not really. But that song was the reason I "named" my blog that way. Flogging Molly rules. - Koby
So If I Don't Get On 4 Awhile.....
It will mainly be due to the fact I have some things that I need to work out and I probably won't have enough time to get on here for awhile... so if I'm not on here 4 awhile... I'm sorry and I'm definately sorry to you Mario hunni because I'll miss you and I love you sweetie. Take Care.... and remember I am always thinking of you. ;p *smooches and hugs" XOXOXO Tiffany
So If I Drive To You...
"could taste your sweet kisses your arms open wide." If I ran to you would you catch me? If I fell and tripped would you wash out my cuts? I could drive as fast as I can to you Not knowing the outcome. Just knowing that with you is where I want to be. "I drove all night" Maybe Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Robin Thicke Have a better grasp on what love is. Maybe I've never really understood it. I'm alive, I'm a mess, I can't wait to get home to you. But it is not our home it is yours or mine. "This fever for you is just burning me up inside." While I don't have to drive all night to you. It's only a 20 minute drive if I do the limit More like a 10-16 minute ride for me. I can taste you when I am away from you I can feel your body on mine when you are gone. "Crying over you, crying over you" I don't do this much, if at all I get angry, I get scared, I get nervous. I want to be in your arms I want to listen to love songs with you. I could and would cry
So, If You Are Interested ....
I will open up my new NSFW album to the people on my Friends list today during the 10:00am Happy Hour (that's 1:00 pm Est. Time). After that, it will be set to Family only again. Just thought I'd give you all a head's up. :) ALBUM
So, If You Are Bored ...
I'd love for you to sign my Guest Book or leave me a voice comment. :p
So I Finally Did It...
so sunday i went out grocery shopping and at the spur of the moment i decided to cut my hair. i had been pondering on it for a while now but finally got tired enough of it that i had them cut it took 8 inches off... and it feels so much better... so that means new pics will be taken lol some of you will be excited im sure as soon as i can get on it ill post them
So If Anyone Is Interested
this is pretty much where I've been hiding... alone... by myself... surfing the web and posting weird shit
So...if U Havnt Noticed.....heh!
so yah... updated my playlist a lil bit....lmfao!.... some songs r on the top...n some r on the bottom of the checkm out! enjoy :) ps. i picked a few songs SPECIFICALLY for a few of u on here...can u figure out which 1 is yours??? if u do... DINNER ON ME! n e where u want (seriousely) so cmon ppl.... here r the rules!!!! u must put the song name in a comment on my page...n i'll answer u via private msg/shout. hahaha.... lets see who got n e balls! n like i said.. N E RESTAURANT U WANT!!!!
So I Finally Grew A Pair...
and got on a rollercoaster today. totally loved it. must do it again lol.
So I Figured It Out .
This is the answer . I'm sure it's right now . I was asked " Why Do I pay for everything she did wrong " Tha answer is , it's not you . My red flags are easy to trip . It's no fault of your own . I'm over sensitive watching and gaurding from the biggest heartbreak I've ever had . Watching my family be broken to pieces , something I thought I had worked so hard to secure . Be crushed to nothing by sure lust or lonliness . It's not you it's me , because I care for you so easily , but I'm constantly searching for a pattern , a way for my logistical mind to forsee the future to predict , sadly enough ,how it will end . Simply because I've given up on someone really caring about me . I always seem to think it's not gonna last and in the end it will beat me , I come out on top in so many other ways , but never in this area . Why , am I so wrong at times , because I'm scared shitless when it feels so right . Thats why I can act like a SOB . When really and truly , I'm probably on e of the swe
So I Found Him....
So I found out that someone very near and dear to me has been hiding fubar from me for a while now..... just gonna see how much i can piss him off just by being around to fuck everything up for him.  Spineless dickface
So I Fucked
I wish i could get exactly what I want but even when you are specific its hard... Or in this case soft... I wish it was easier to get pounded into soft slut meat by two thundering cocks!!! Do you want a description? I know you do... you want to hear how i sucked them both till my jaws hurt and my pussy lay wet and throbbing how one of them fucked me while i continued to get face fucked by the other... Then how one went down on me while the other pounded my sweet little asshole until i came so hard i shot his cock out of my ass? or do you want to hear how I slammed loverboys face into the matress so he could get his tight little virgin ass fucked by a throbbing waiting cock? Just to let you know I was so turned on I shimmied under him to watch him take it in... you could tell he was loving it and I came harder from that then I did anything else! I sucked his throbbing dick while this random stranger pounded into him. The man fucking loverboy shot his load deep into his ass and i could s
So...if He's Interested He Would Make An Effort Riiight?
So the guy I went out with has been kinda MIA recently. The last time we went out, we were just about to go dinner but then couldn't cos he had to rush back to work. He apologised after saying he'd make it up to me next time...butt this was like 2 weeks ago. I did text him the other say just to say hi and check in and he did apologise again for not having been around much and that he missed me (dunno whether he said that just for the sake of saying it though). I told him it was okay cos I understand that he would have been busy (cos I was too hence why I left it so late to just send a text) as he was working on his master's dissertation (or something). So I sent him a last text saying I hope it goes well for him and I figured that I'd just leave him to it and not be distracting/annoying. But we have a lot of mutual friends so I know that on his days off he's been going out and stuff which seems to be a sign that he's not as busy as he had been I think. I thought that nooow he would hav
So If There's Going To Be A "rapture" Why Isn't It On Sunday?
God might be omnipotent and all-powerful, but the way He's been so hands-off with this planet for so long, I would think the most efficient way of rounding up His followers would be to wait until Sunday, when they're all in church.   Unless! Unless He's not interested in any of those people.   (don't mind me, I'm a blasphemous agnostic with a juvenille tendency to mock things)
So I Figured Out Something....
More than likely, I am going to be single for the rest of My life. All My past "relationships" have basically turned into booty calls (whether short term (week long or whatever) or long (longest, 3 yrs) in My opinion. I'm probably never going to find a real woman that can handle Me enough to want to truly be with Me. I am disabled and wheelchair bound as some may or may not know depending on how much attention to Me you pay, I have several medical issues, scars from multiple surgeries, and could be in the hospital or even just die pretty much anytime. A lot of women I know already for a fact would never be able to handle any of that physically let alone the emotional stress I'm sure they would have to endure just from watching My family go through the things I've been through. So, unless some kind of miracle happens, I've figured that I may just plan to one day die "alone" (at least romantically). No I don't know why I am typing this except to get it out but I suppose if you have feedb
So, I Feel Like I Gave Out Some Sub-par Dating Advice Just Now...
I was told my advice was ok, but I don't know. Women can be tough to give advice to, but then again, I'm just a young guy anyways, right? :P Right. Out of all of that though, I got to catch up with a friend, and apparently, they think I have a bright future ahead myself as far as dating. I'll avoid their method of using magazines for dating advice. ;) I see that can make things messy!
So...i Feel Like I Should Say This...
You know, it really is unfortunate that I have to post this, but I feel like a broken record when I privately chat with some of you guys. Usually our FIRST chat goes something like this: "Hey Babe (Hottie, Sexy, or Girl; not Danni), Where ya from? Wish you were from -insert locale of male acquaintance- or "closer to me". I get that I post extremely sexual content on my page and have some extremely provocative poses and whatever, but being an exhibitionist is most certainly different than being an effing slut. I may get off on posting my ass online for you to jerk off to, but that is mostly for my enjoyment, not because I want to please any of you and I most certainly would not even consider in the slightest actually meeting you outside of this site. It may sound very contradictive for a girl who posts pics of herself spreading her cheeks for complete strangers to say she's not a slut, but hey, like I said, it's for my enjoyment, not welcome, gentlemen to the new millenium!
So I Got Bored Before Work...
So I Got A New Camera.
yes i got a new digital camera.. the whole thing costed 325... wow.. im gonna go broke lol.. well ya..and no im not posting any fuckin nude pics so get over it.
So I Got The Call
And I got the Substitute Position and I will also be tutoring in the evening. I am so happy. I finally, after three years of trying, found a job!
So I Got Coal For X-mas... And?!
Are you Naughty or nice Your Result: your Naughty! wild thing! You were born to be bad. Naughty by nature, you've tried everything at least once and aren't afraid to get your hands - or the rest of you - dirty when opportunity knocks. Whether that means plotting for advancement at work or toying with somebody's affections, you're willing to break the rules. As long as you're having a laugh and getting ahead, anything goes. And it is fun to defy convention every once in a while, but you're walking a bit of a tightrope. Every so often, try listening to that little angel on your shoulder who keeps saying "no!" - it's okay to be nice sometimes. In the meantime, keep being bad and enjoy yourself. Just don't throw caution entirely to the wind. Your Nice! all sugar, no spice! Are you Naughty or nice
So I Got A New Job
I'm working full time again, back to nights where I belong. I'm now at an Alzheimer's ALF that is unbelievably clean and well-managed. It even smells good! I've been there a few days orientating on days and I start nights tomorrow. I'm excited to be there, home health was DEFINATELY not for me! I love geriatrics and although I miss the prison setting, it's good to be back. I work straight through until next Friday morning, every night from 2300-0700. Makes for a long week, but the OT will be great and I'm happy to be back in my element. The hardest part will be being away from home at night; I am so going to miss being in John's arms. But I'll have every weekend off, which is unheard of in nursing! We'll work it out, but it will take getting used to. I have a full-time job, lol!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Peace,
So I Got My Vic
and i love it, lol and i want to keep it going, so i have a new pic ripped, and im starting over, no presure this time, if i can manage to get out 1,000 a day ill be in great shape, ben totaly rocks haha
So I Gave In To Peer Pressure ...
and uploaded a cock shot. Yay me, lol.
So I Get This Message....
So i get this message last night on myspace From this chick thats with one of my friends.. She starts askin me how i know him, if i hung out with him, if i fucked him.. Then tells me shes his Girlfriend.. So What do i do... Even though Im hurt by this.. I tell her No.. I only talked to him online.. And that was it... I mean it really doesnt get much more then that But Thats my reaction.. SO then she tells me shes leavin him cause he lied to her and shit and i was just like do what u gotta do .. Now she wants to hang out with me.. Is this Crazy? i dont know i doubt i will.. But yea I bet hes gonna be pissed cause i know shes gonna tell him i told her he talked to me.. Well anyways.. Maybe before he freaks he'll see this.. TTYL TIFF
So I Got Flashed Today
my a J.B.HUNT truck driver lol, i was driving on I-5 around alderwood, we passed each other a couple times smiling and so forth, we made eye contact and he asked to me to flash him, lol being the girl i am i did, and he flashed me his PENIS twice,id have too say the guy was cute and had a really nice package!!!!! good times, that was my 1st penis flash, cant wait for another one hehe
So I Got Punched!
so like yesterday i was at the mall and this fkn stupid pregnant bitch came over and punched me in the face! D:
So I Got My Feelings Hurt.
I'm sure that sounds wimpy and even Winnie, but people seem to forget that men have feelings too. rated a person today and in my shout box I got a message DO ME A FAVOR AND DON'T RATE ME AGAIN...I thought at first that I might have offended this person but he was on my friends list so I didn't think that I was that out of line by giving him an 11 but I guess that ticking people off goes with being a bouncer,that for some reason I am suppose to be a power driven jerk with little or no respect for others and that some how now I am the enemy now cause I have a different color name, its a shame cause I have respect for this person not that it will change, I just feel a little hurt that because the color or my name has changed I am no longer welcomed to rate a picture or a profile without thinking someone might be upset I am tough skinned , but I am not made of Iron, when I was younger my Father use to tell me that men don't cry, and that men are to act different but he lied to me, men do c
So I Got More Than I Update On Me
I landed the job as a sales rep for the internet company I interviewed with a couple weeks back. The money is beautiful and I SUPPOSE it is worth taking out my visible piercings and pretending to be someone I am not until I get my degree. I was only supposed to be a fill-in, covering shifts for two people when they would need a day off. I was HANDED my own store. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I am getting the hang of things and doing quite well. Ozzfest was great, but really hot. I got sunburnt for the first time in my life, something I thought couldn't happen to me since I've spent my entire life in swimming pools without sunblock and never burned. I've had to turn down a couple of portfolio shoots, one for an art professor from a school in western Ohio which really upset me. I wish I would stop peeling, lol. The semester started last Monday and so far, all of my professors are great. The classes are interesting and I feel I am going to actually enjoy this semester. So th
So I Got A New Dog Today...
yep today at the portland humane society i found a Newfoundland German shepard mix...hes 3 months old...the name they gave him was stupid so i changed it to sweetheart of a dog just very shy at first, will have pice as soon as i get a new digital camra wich will probablly be Xmas...
So I Got Tagged!
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Weird/Random Facts 1) Rocky Horror Picture show is my favorite movie!! I use to know the movie word for word.. 2) I was pregnant in HS. Yes some teenage moms are actually good moms! 3) Use to obsess about D/s. Believe it or not I wanted to be the little subby! 4) Obsess about Firecracker porn. lol Want to know exactly what ask and i shall tell!! :P 5) Umm I LOVE CLOTHES!!!! I have enough to clothes to clothe a small village!! 6) My sons name is the same name is Cher's son. 7) I enjoy depressing emo music! :P If a song makes me wanna cry then I must listen to it again. 8) I had a moose chase me down a hiking trail. 9) I r
So I Got Shit On... Literally!
just got home from riding... did about 80 miles... but the whole ride sucked... cuz i got shit on as soon as we started riding... wtf????? i never got shit on like that before... i just thought sumthin wuz falling from the sky... but then they were like "u just got shit on"! omg ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! totally gross! damn birds...
So I Get This Friend Request...
I was reading a friend's blog earlier (love you, girl) about how this guy who will remain anonymous (Dave) sends her such wildly creative messages like "hi" and "sup". here's her blog if you're curious: Perfectly_Inked And of course so many of you send absolutely nothing with your friend requests. So, on to my point...I get this request today: Richie And I'm So what is there left to talk about on the second-date? I mean, if he's serious, I'm sorry for the guy, glad he seems to be doing well...but it's a bit much for a 'Hello'
So I Guess The Only Interesting Thing I've Been Up To...
I spent a good portion of my weekends from Spring through this past, riding my bicycle on some of the nice trails we have here in the Cleveland area. I made sure to do at least 26 miles every weekend. Sometimes I did more. In all, I'm pretty sure I put over 500 miles on my bike. I lost about 15 pounds and can now fit into some size-too-small pants I bought off a clearance rack at TJ Maxx for $6 bucks many months ago. Been flying and driving tons of places for work. Reading a lot. Writing a little. Been pretty OKay.   I hope all of you have been well, n stuff.
So I Had A Huge Scare This Weekend
Ok, im sick, which is understandable its that time of the year ya know. But a few of you that really know me probably know about the issue that i was born with weak kidneys, which makes it very easy to get sick more the immune system thing...anyways back in elementry school it was a constant thing with kidney infections and they estimated i would be on dialisis by the age of thirty, im nothing like i used to be all heathy and everything but my back left side has started hurting like someone kicked me several times but anyways so the news i forgot from long ago...didnt forget just dint give a damn. I scared myself thinking maybe it was about time, i mean, it hurt so bad i couldnt lay down, but its died down and im very releived. Although i still refuse to give up soda lol no way! but all is good, im still sick with the flu a lil but that will get better. But i avoided the hospital trip and its feeling better or at least starting to. so yay for me!
So I Haven't Been On Much....
Well, my darling son Troy, who's 11 decided that splitting his head open was a great idea- ok maybe not a planned thing... they were all out playin man hunt- ya know like hide & seek and tag in the dark, and he got tagged and knocked backward, and smashed his head on a metal electric box- man that kid bled all over the place!! took him to the ER here, and they had to put 4 staples in his head, poor kid!! he about died when the doctor ever pulled out that huge needle, and then when he heard the stapler..... he was like OMG mommy is he really using a stapler on my head??!! LOL i told him yup, had to staple him up to keep his brains in :)
So I Have 1 "11" Rating Left..
Who wants it? woot!
So I Hurt Myself
ok, so today was my day off.. and i got a phone call. my cell phone was upstairs, so i went up to get it. As im walking down stairs talking on the phone, i slip and fall down the stairs. I hit pretty hard. Pretty much flopped around on the floor like a fish out of water with pain surging through my body. After about half an hour of laying there, and my wife there by my side, i was able to muscle the pain enough to get up. I layed on the couch for an hour, but the pain just seemed to be getting worse. So i went to urgent care. They did some Xrays on me. Come to find out nothing is broken. But i do have a severe bruising on the lower back, especially on the left side over the kidney area. The radiologist will be there tomorrow to examine my xrays some more, and let me know if he finds anything else. So now for a couple days, i have to pretty much lay down, and/or keep ice on it. No heavy lifting, or driving because of my prescriptions. So bleh, that means more time off from work. thi
So I Have A Test Today. . . .
I'm soo not ready, but it's supposed to be really easy. We'll see. so I've been thinking about one person in particular. This person has been on my mind and I can't shake certain feelings when I try to focus on school. I try not to talk about it and I really don't. This person means a lot to me and I hope he knows that. I miss him so much. I know I'm going to miss him even more once he leaves. He's the only person who has proven his love to me. He's been there and has NEVER turned his back on me or hurt me on purpose. I just am so worried about what will happen once he leaves. I wont have my best bud no more. =( Well, at least until he comes back. I know I'm going to see him tomorrow, but I just don't want him to see that I'm really going to miss him and would prefer him to stay rather than leave for a whole freaken year. But I support him in everything he does, and if this is what he wants to do, he will and I will be nothing but happy for him. COMPLETELY. =D Ok w
So I Have Been Feeling Rather....
spiritual today. And wut not. Im a christian, nothing will change that. And so I thought i would just say it for the record since i dont think anyone knows it on CT. Go ahead and call me a hypocrit or whatever you would like cause im not your typical pushy, condeming, force it down your throat bible beater. I dont preach, mostly because, I believe very much in free will, so therefore I dont have the right to cram my beliefes down your throat. The most i will do is put up songs like these cause these guys are friggen awesome musicians. Unfortunatly they broke up to persue other ministries. But like friggen alt rock you'll love these songs, christian or not. yupyup. Any questions ask away, and feel free to hate me. yup.
So, I Have This Friend...
And...her name is Tina...and an asshole...Yep. It's okay - she knows it. She always makes me do these absurd just now...she pulled her shirt out and said...ummm..feel this...and I did and I was like ick...and when I touched it, she said yah - it's all sweaty. The thing is...she does this shit to me all the time. She is totally the person that is like...I think this milk is sour, taste it...but it's always something worse... She makes me smell her armppits...ha...and, yes, I actually do it...cause, really...I'm an asshole too... At one point, her two year old daughter had a cast on her arm and it was getting to be gross cast time and she's like smell it. And, I'm like no...and she is just persistant until I smell the damn thing. So, I do. And, I almost gag. And, she's like yah - it's gross, huh? The other night...she tells me..feel this's so heavy...and I'm like NO. No, I'm not. And, she's like well, you're closer to the trash can so y
So I Have A Question....
What exactly is the point of showing that you have a crush on someone/someone has one on you if you can't find out? Allie thinks that's just silly. -_-
So I Had Your Man And.....
What makes her so much better than me? Thats what I am sitting here wondering. What makes her your everything? I was everything diffrent that she can never be. I let my heart slide into your hand. But yet shes got everything I cant have. But it's alright Im sure I will be fine. I can't beleave I sit and cry. And listened to those voices that told me to try. Telling me that I can. Be everything she can't. You were everything I ever wanted to fall into. Your flaws were transparent to me. So now what am I to do? Sit with a fake smile on my face that you can see. While inside I am holding my breath for something that can't ever be. Because I can't be her and treat you like a pile of shit as she does. And in a way arn't you just like her. Shes unfaithful to your feelings. But your unfaithful to her heart. Your the one that came to my door. Obviously wanting more. While she was at your house probley wondering where you were.
So I Have Figured Out
that I could never work at Pilsbury making toaster streudels for I would run from line to line mixing the flavors then I would go home and giggle all night until work the next day :D
So I Havent Posted On Here In Forever..
yeah, alot has happened. im back in school now of summer was amazing. i had a lot of fun times w/ friends and what not. and now im really happy cause me and evan are back together, i really missed him..not to mention the sex is great. haha :] idk what else to say. hope you all are doing great! leave me comments and stuff!
So, I Have This Stalker ...
I'll venture to his page soon and give you the info. However, he's/she's/it's creepy. Just comes almost daily, cruises my page multiple times. Has no picture, no friends, nothing. Has been doing this since July. I've even asked why they're checking up on me and even went so far to call them a stalker on their page. They haven't really SAID anything to me ... should I report it as it's really starting to freak me out? Kandi!
So I Havent Exactly Been Around Much
There's been a lot going on --what with the holidays and the stress that comes with them--thank the Gods that they are over! I've been spending a lot of time on deviant art, browsing, adding more faves, trying to decide who to add as the fave of the week. I've also been busy doing requests for co-workers and of course for my Sweetheart---Roo :) I haven't forgotten any of you--I miss you all--really. I hope that 2008 has started out well for everyone of you. Have a wonderful day! Brightest Blessings Stace
So I Had This......
jackass add me here today on fubar. He asked me for my yahoo screen name which i gave to him so we could talk instead of using the shoutbox. he asked me how i was and then instantly asked to see my NSFW pics. I was in the process of doing something so i told him i would show him later and actually apologized to his sorry ass for not being able to do it at that moment. He said whatever and then in the shoutbox came back and said fuck u....then on top of that rated me a 1. What in the fuck is wrong with people these days and why are people so fuckin desperate that they need to come on fubar and see pics of naked people. I just don't get it. I have NSFW pics because i enjoy takin pics of myself and enjoy people tellin me that i'm sexy and beautiful. But i won't just show them to every tom dick and hairy out there. People just need to get a fuckin grip on life. UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to vent. Thanks for listening.
So I Haven't Been Here
much lately. I had some stuff to start taking care of. Big changes soon, and my health was/is an issue. I'm glad that at least some of you missed me. I miss you as well. Hugs and kisses to you all.
So I Have To Say Again
I wanna repeat this, just cause i love sexy legs n thighs, dont mean i'm into yer toenials n shit like that. i just think feets are nappy. so i dont want nooooooooooooooo damn pics of feets,. been a couple of ladies on here just dont get it
So, I Havent Done This N A While...(venting 1)
So..its def been awhile since Ive written a tonight seems like a good time to vent. if you're gonna bitch about me venting them please just stop reading now. Its my blog and I have the right to fill it with my bitchiness. so first off my grandmas been n the hospital for the past week. :[ Yeah. It's honestly killing me. She's taken care of me about 17/20 years. I cant imagine life without her. Her doctor said she has been getting a lot better and they no longer think she will pass. Which is amazing news for me. But right after her doctor tells this to my family my sisternlaw gets n the car with me and my kid sister (shes 16) and looks right at her and tells her that my Grandma isnt going to make it. Idk about you But I was pretty pissed. No one tells my baby sister sh*t like that at times like this. SO there is strike one against my whore sisternlaw. so lets begin strike two. Anyone who knows my family knows that the three little ones get away with murder. I mean I even
[so, I Had This Dream...]
Alright, in the span of about 30 minutes, I had this ellaborate dream where I was living in gross pointe michigan (did I mention the scenery and housing was gorgeous? ... okay because it was, and in great detail, but not that important) which I've only heard about, and been to once. Anyway, for lunch I would always grab a couple sandwiches, and about six cherry mashes (I hate cherry mash...well, not really, but I prefer other candies) and I'd go to this fairly popular spot that overlooked the lake, and I figured, the only reason I did that was because I was hoping... someone would come over and join me. *big sigh* For some reason, I could picture myself doing that in my old age. In fact I wondered if this WAS a dream about my old age, but later I walked by a mirror, I was still young, my hair looked great (so I was older, and using rogaine :P), and I was dating a teacher. But she was terifically shy, like, it took me about a month to get her on one date, anyway, we were headed to
So I Have Good News And Bad News
Lets start with the bad news I wont be on fubar to much any more And the good news is got a JOB.!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!! But unfortunatly that is why I am not going to be on fubar much anymore so Please dont forget ME because I will be checking in. I will miss you all And take care Eric aka. BigEasy
So I Had This Friend Named Will
ok, so as a few of you close friends know, i was close to a a guy named will, and and we have known eachother fooorrrr,, hhmmmmm a LONG time now, and since i am Engaged to Rob, i do not have any feelings for him anymore, but will has this pet girl living with him and from what he told me,, he said,,,, she screwed him out of alot of $$$$$, then just left with no warning, oh and then he asked me if i wanted her Dog,, LOL and thennnnnn, she comes back, and now she says shes in LOOOOVVEEEE with him LMAO and he just seems to have said nothing but terrible things about her and wow, its like we should all have our own drama show. now i know shes probably reading this and honestly, i dont really care,lol. so go ahead and email be some bullshit like "i dont like what you posted" "blahh dee daahhh" plus, will even admitted to having a tendency of leaning twards the ppl who hurt him more than the ppl who help him because there have been A SHIT LOAD of times we have ar
So I Have A Spare Ticket...
... for a comedy show tomorrow night. Anyoen fancy it?
So I Have Quit Smokin
I quit smoking four days ago.  I have the first step kid of Nicoderm CQ and it seems to help a lot.  I have my very special newfound friend to thank for it.  I have support as well.  I have been working a lot these days and I know I haven't been on in awhile.  But life is life right?  I have had a lot of ups and downs and have pretty much lost two ppl that I thought were friends but turns out, they have talked shit behind my back.  But that is okay.  I am me and that is all that matters.  I already have one person to replace both of them and they are much better than the two of them put together and then some.  The kids are growing super fast.  My youngest starts school this year and I am freaking out a little.  But now is my time to go to school too.  I always said that when the youngest one goes, I go too.  I am excited and a bit scared but I have my new friend to support me.  I want to thank them for being here for me and supporting me.  I am gonna need every bit I can get.  Thank y
So, I Had A Dream The Other Night . . .
(Like anyone cares, but anyway … ) In this dream, my gf and I were still living in our apartment, but we were housing a bunch of midgets, too. We didn’t, like, adopt them or anything … we were just “holding” them until their, uh … rightful owners could come get them.  (I think they were lost or something … it wasn’t entirely clear) :-/ … Anyway, my gf pulled out a wad of money from her pocket and sat it on the end table, then headed into the bathroom. I walked into the kitchen to start dinner. I turn around to glance back into the living room, and the midgets were trying to gobble down the money. I don’t mean “gobble down” as a metaphor for them trying to steal it.  I mean “gobble down” as in “they were trying to eat the fucking money.” So, I rushed back into the living room and screamed, “STOP EATING THE MONEY!  STOP IT!  QUIT EATING THE MONEY!” There was a
So I Have A Request
I have a birthday coming up here soon... Several people have asked what I want... It is lame as hell, but I wanna level for my birthday...I need just over 7.8 million to level   So I figured I'd toss that out there Thanks for any help Love you all
So I Had This Dream
I had a dream kind of like the wizard of oz on crack..   Most of my friends list was in it.. I think someone slipped me some narcotics or something
So I Hope You Ysl Boots
School, other students gradually emptied, Wang Wei was Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes sitting motionless on the seat, Young Cher as usual came to the table of Wang Wei shouted Wang Wei went home together and found that shouted, but still no response, Michelle Young smiled, suddenly thought of something, all of a sudden from behind, blindfolded Wang Wei eye, and then rough voice grinning Road : "Guess Who" and "childish, boring," Cher Yang hear Wang Wei said coldly, suddenly, like pouring a pot of cold water, and stayed, she could not understand where the usual and talking and laughing Wang Wei today turned out to be so on their own, Wang Wei looked pale Yang Cher, inexplicable heart pain, heart of Alexander mcQueen fringe golfing short boot ocher Wang Wei understand that he is like Young Cher, Cher Yang also like, but Wang Wei own heart has been Qin Dan did not get her promise, he could not free to accept other people, otherwise he will never lose her, it would be Wa
So I Just Recall Him I Was His Friend Hi Hi
So he hasn't told anybody he had won one million dollars, but we just found out on the tv... so i wrote him this letter. it's in french in the text, translation means " we have your dog..."
So I Just Realized....
That some motherbastard stole my blue pen and replaced it with a black one. I've been so busy i JUST noticed I was writing with a black non retractable pen. O_o
So I Just Got Evicted.
My mother will be in Africa til the 26th and we need to be out by the 29th... I take over her paper route while she's gone, but for now we're broke and need the money to move to another place. So if You have any donations you'd be willing to give, any amount; my paypal is thanks.
So, I Just Moved
I just moved across town, finally got rid of the old place, got our Cash 4 Keys money, and now are focusing 100% on the new place... And I actually had to change my city on my online profiles. For the first time in about four years. Odd. So, while in the same area, I'm now living across town in Rio Linda. Those of you familiar with the Sacramento area are probably thinking "Wtf?!? Rio Linda??". Well, it's not the ghetto part of Rio Linda, it's the redneck part. Which is quite likable, to be honest. Upgraded from a 2 bed/1 bath to a 4 bed/2 bath older house, with lots of space, and a basketball hoop. That's freakin' awesome, I've missed having a hoop for a LOONG time! Plus, we each have our own "play" rooms, in addition to our office and our bedroom. My wife's room will be her sewing/project/caged animal room lol, and mine will be a music room, with some photography/camera stuff too. I can't wait! Anyways, back to organizing and unboxing, and whatnot...
So I Joined An Auction
My offer is: 500 or more 11s drinks to keep you sh*tfaced when I'm on top friends possible family add pic with your pic or name graphics personal salute profile comments crush during ownership WANT MORE??? JUST ASK I AM FLEXIBLE minimum bid is 25k......
So I Just Made This New Friend...
i dont know him that his name's howey...and he's a friend of shanny's and a member of bad habitz he cant be all that anyways...he's havin this do you fly your fu...i reposted a bulletin about it...       check it out!!  i'm gonna be enterin a pic shortly  :D  you SO should too
So I Just Got One Of These Tumblr Pages...
The web address is Follow me!
So I Know This Is In My Stash...
I realize this video is in my stash, but more people need to watch it. The song just "makes" the video. Comment what you think =P
So, I Know This Guy. . .
So, last night I rode the bus to go into town for a couple of beers. I ride the bus, a lot. Mostly to work and to go drinking in town (don't drink and drive). Anyway, for about 14 years, I've seen this guy on the bus, periodically. We've never exchanged names, but we sort of chat when we see each other. He's older than me, by prob'ly 20 years or so. Vietnam vet. Lived in San Fran in the 60s. Says he hung out with Jefferson Airplane and partied with the Doors when they were coming up. Pretty interesting guy. Anyway, I've watched this guy as his health has deteriorated. . . He says that he started having seizures and has been on medication for a few years, now. Just been sort of downhill as time has gone on. Last night, I saw him on the bus, like I said. I mentioned that it was later in the evening than I would usually see him. He said that, as of January 1, 2008, the rent in his apartment was raised high enough that his income and his disability benefit would no longer co
So I Like It All... Who Cares...
You scored as Bisexual. Bisexual100%Lesbian80%Gay60%Straight40%Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?created with
Soil's Song
Falls The dream is so far Come and take the consequence Feel things are as certain Winter stays Oppress it away Evacuate Assemble here Soil's song In your throat Future death In your reach Who's first Okay Relax your face will heal in Keep your last words in your hand Fall in will open up Time to go Realistical Falls The dream is so far
Soil, Shinedown, & Godsmack Show
was FUCKING AWSOME last night!!!!!!!! & i was in the front row again & have a lot of pics. i guess im gunna have 2 stash them cuz i didnt level. i also got another gutiar pick from Shinedown & there set list. :)
Soilwork-as We Speak
As we speak the stable table turns As we speak I should have known we're burned And I guess I'll never never learn which of those faces who makes it all turn As we speak I'm going deeper down As we speak with a terrible sound a feeble holy bastard son has it only just begun? Chorus I turn away.....fading out alone Was a lifetime worth it all? ...fading out...fading out alone As we speak we turn to stone As we speak... A young man looses his mind As we speak... He kills what's next in line... A broken down mother asks herself why -Is this the end of her precious time? As we speak... -a conscience leaves without a trace a silent departure to a silent place what do we know about the anger that starts to grow Don't despair, time will heal your torment Don't you dare, spend your days in hell So beware, faith will bring you treason While you stare... Oh! I turn away....fading out alone Was a lifetime worth it all? ...fading out...fading out alone As we s
So I Like Someone
but and he likes me like i like him. but he wants to wait and see what his ex does b4 we get together. but another friend told me that, his ex really doesnt want him back, the reason his ex said that is because she knows i like him. i dont know what to do.. my daughter said that he's just leading me on and that i should get rid of him. what do u guys think?
So Ill Ask The Ones Who Know
so women what exactley do u want? i mean its like this, im sweet, nice, try to make sure whom i am with knows how i feel. but alas 2 failed marriages later i find myself alone. both wives cheated, both said if i showed them that i cared instead of whatever (um i was on deployment alot) im not saying im 100% innocent, but does a person deserve to be cheated on? in my eyes, no. so whats the secret to keeping u happy?
Soilder Please Read Very Sad And Yet Distrubing Kinda I Think I Wrote It But I Styl Love What I Write Its A Part Of Me That Will Always Be Me
You hold me close, hands stroking my back, smother me in kisses, which I'm soon to lack. my eyes start to burn, as I blink back the tears, trying my best to smile, concealing my fears. I choke on a sob, as you whisper goodbye, praying to god, I wont break down and cry. I need to have faith, I need to be strong, I'll just have to wait, you wont be too long. you pull away and leave me, sorrow in your eyes, the pain is etched on my face, its too hard to disguise. when you leave, I'm filled with dread, can't help to imagine, you lying there dead. why do you have to go, and fight this awful war, each and every time you leave, I miss you more and more. my life's non-existent, without you by my side, the only reason you wont return, is you'll dent your precious pride. my minds comatose, I cant even think, pushing me over the edge, I'm right on the brink. everyday I turn on the news, terrorist bombs, soldiers dying, children screaming, women cry
A Soilders Grief.
These feelings I know For I too was a soilder. Into Iraq My unit went. The mometn the battle was to commense. Now at home The forces left to its own. A soilder Ill be Part of 3-7 Calvery. But for the forces I still work. To fix there chopper That scott the land. For this land I have fought For this land I risked my life, But this land does not seem to understand What a soilder does he does by order He joined on his own, and, and pledge he loyalty, and all they get is a bunch of grief. Lfit them up to were they belong These protectors of Our home.
Soil To Support Hellyeah On Select Dates
Chicago's SOIL will support HELLYEAH on the following dates: May 27 - Madison, WI @ Barrymore Theater May 30 - Omaha, NE @ Sokel Auditorium Jun. 01 - Wichita, KS @ Cotillion Jun. 02 - Tulsa, OK @ Cains Ballroom Jun. 03 - Lubbock, TX @ Southbeach Jun. 05 - Corpus Christi, TX @ Pavilion SOIL, SEEMLESS and LIGION will team up for "True Rock Tour" in May. SOIL's latest CD, "True Self", was released in May 2006 via DRT Entertainment. The follow-up to 2004's "Redefine" was recorded and mixed at Bomb Shelter studios in Los Angeles, California with producer Ulrich Wild (STATIC-X, TAPROOT).
So I'll Have Something Left To Give
Come Swing with meeee We'll dance and smile and laugh ourselves to sleep :] can we just go somewhere and color our lives a different shade? make it all just go away, we'll just make it all go away. I'm in love with you, dear, I'm in love, are you in love too? do you want to hold me and scream inside your heart? just break away from the mundane and come to this little park... we can swing in a world apart from everyone else's. Growing up is overrated and I'm not being pulled down with the world... By lisa
A Soilders Christmas
A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzle
So, I'll Be Blunt And Long Winded Mmk?
Just sit right back, and you'll hear a tell you a tale.... So here's the deal. I never cried wolf sorta speak. I truly am unhappy here these days. Maybe its the fact i put too much into this place and don't get back what i used too? Maybe i'm just bored with the whole system? I won't deny i'm a bit Bi-polar when it comes to this site. (No disrespect to the people who have it) I've had a rough week on here, and Saturday came to a crashing halt. I actually did go to Fubar support and ask them to delete my page. They told me how to do it. When your Godfather it isnt as easy as you think. And if it got deleted today, i truly wouldn't be too upset. I have a big few months coming up, and don't want to be wondering what i'm missing on Fubar. Some of you are unhappy with me. Some think i fake leaving to get attension. Believe what you want. That's not me. If i want to be noticed, i'll mumm or make some outragious picture to leave as a comment. Yes, when i hit a wall, i take
So I Lost One Of My Jobs Today So Ya Im Stressing Out!
how retarted!will one of my jobs was teaching chidlern with a.d.d which was my favorite job.i have three jobs.they hired someone else behind my back and then let me go.i had 5years put into that job then they just let me the fuck go!so thats what im disapointed about and stressing they want me to come back so the chidlern can say goodbye to you know how hard that will be for me?they were all like my own kids.some of them i have even watched grow in front of my own i guess monday they are gonna have a goodbye party for me.those bunch of jerks!i knew they wanted to get rid of me.they said they got someone more expericed how much more expericed is this guy then me!i didn't like meeting him today!i didnt like his vibes.i felt like he was a major gonna worry about my students.when someone isnt a good person i know right i hope my student give this guy hell!what am supposed to do now!my other two jobs are cleaning houses,im a mary maid.and i work with di I Like A Boy.... Well More Than Like....
omg so theres this AMAZING boy (MAN) and he is SOOOO hot... he has BLUE eyes, and the BEST SMILE on earth and this KILLER laugh, and he would do the MC hammer dance to make me smile even tho it makes him look like he's crazy... and he will sit there on the phone with me and not say a word listening to my son and me singing songs and telling each other HORRIBLY bad jokes and he'll tell me a million times a day how much he loves me. He will do ANYTHING to see me smile, to know that in some way he made my day better... He is SUCH a sweetie... EVERYONE that meets him falls in love with him... and it's the easiest thing to do.... BUT there is that WHOLE other side... the SOLDIER side... where he carries a BIG gun and he KNOWS how to use it, and he fights so HARD everyday to come home to me and our sons... freaking HOT!! lol i LOVE my MAN he is SO PERFECT the perfect mix of STRONG, GENTLE, BRAVE, WEAK, PASSIONATE, AUTHORATIVE & kind of a BAD BOY which is SOO HOT so this song is for him.... c
Soil - System Of A Down The phoenix he helped create, Out of control boy without a dad, Shot the gun that startled my life, While I drove him with a forty-five. Friends for years images in red, Blew off his own mother-fuckin head, Confidence, death, insecurity, Men fall unrealized, Unrealized, unrealized. Making a decision of death, While everyone around you pled, Now you fly in peace, I hope, my friend, A man can't avoid what he's meant to do, When he's meant to do it, Even if he doesn't really want to, My memories are of fun and friendship, Of weakness within the strength of youth, For reasons undefined, reasons undefined, Reasons undefined, reasons undefined. Friends for years images in red, Blew off his own mother-fuckin head, Confidence, death, insecurity, Men fall unrealized, Don't you realize, Evil, lives in the mother-fucking skin, Don't you realize, that-Evil, lives in the mother-fucking skin, Don't you, realize,that-evil, Lives in t
So I'll Submit
You can tell me to do what you want me to do. I will not obey. You can tell me how to live my life, but I will not comply. You can determine what my future will be, but I will surprise you. The balance of control between humans is not limited to or by any means confined to a single modular space in the brain. Not everyone has the ability to easily sit back and allow nature to be the guiding torch. Some just cannot follow the rules of physics while others shun the idea of going by what is appointed. Humans are not mechanical, they are not programmed formats that can be wiped clean or started over. The program that is started from birth is the one that will be the leading factor for the rest of their life. Be it for the greater good, or for the darkest evils. I cannot, I will not, I do not agree to be anything, but what and who I can be. I do not answer to commands or demands. I will not bend over and take it in the ass because you think I should. Authority in general leaves a b
So I Like To Look Up People From My Past....................
So I like to look up people from my past for shits and giggles.  I have come to find that most of the people I knew in high school and even before that, childhood, are doing really good for themselves......where the hell did I go wrong??  I mean I have 2 beautiful children that I love to death, but I am still stuck in life.  No matter what I do or who I am with I remain unhappy and feel like my life is going no where. Could I blame my parents for this? Possibly, but won't.  I know its my fault but don't know where to start to correct my situation. If I leave the man I am with, the cycle will just start all over again, and not to mention I will have no where to live for about 3 months because of being out of work for so long now. If I stay with him, I will remain stuck in life because he doesn't want kids and doesn't want to get married because he doesn't believe in the peice of paper that says I get half of everything if we get divorced. I know, I know, before anyone says it,
So I'll Be 25 In May
I've never do anything for my birthday that was amazing.  all my birthdays consisted of, small parties, dinner parties, pool parites.  If we had a pool here, I'd not post this blog and just have the regular pool party.  We can't afford anything huge.  my best friend is pregnant, I've lost touch with everyone else.  Only 2 of my friends would be good with this question.  But like I sad one's pregnant, the other my "Lil Big Sis" lives in Fresno and her life has been crazy so I would feel weird asking her.  Though her birthday is in may so is Jamie's *Best friend*  But lil big sis is into bar's and Jamie isn't.  even before she got pregnant.  it's not noticiable and won't be for about 3 months.   There are a few things I could do. 1, go to a club.  We Dean and I found this club called the Nile.  We went there and even though there were 2 other couples.  I visited the web site and some night's it's crazy as hell. 2, Disneyland! hehe 3. Holly Wood would be wonderful but I don't have the m
Soilder Poem
A soldier can still hear the drums of battle ringing in his ear.His deployment can take up most of the year.A soldier carries his rifle to tear down the fear,Of terrorist far away and the ones who are near. All soldiers carry the colors to make one thing clear,These colors will never run away from here.Being a soldier I fight for a cause greater then my own.I would give my life to let your sons and daughters grow old.I will stand against all your enemies even if I don't come home.This is our America, witch will be represented by the strong and the bold.I will withstand the heat of the dessert, I will even fight the cold.Although my blood may shed and tears may flow I will always stand my postNo matter what obstacle lies ahead of me I will fight as I'm told.liberty and freedom comes with the price of so many souls.Even if I'm dealt a losing hand I will never fold.Because the safety of our America is my one true goal.
So I'm Pretty Sure I Hate Field Day...
It's retarded. But you know I have mixed feelings here... 1. Treat us like fucking adults!!! There is no one here under the age of 18, so why does the MC have to play "mommy" and inspect our living quarters. I've owned my own place before this. It is degrading to me... BAH Of course then you have the dipshits that make their living space unlivable. If it weren't for those few nasty people I wouldn't be forced to undergo stupid ass inspections every week... I'm just irritated.... But I feel a little better now... Iraq is just 9 days and counting...
So Im A Newbie..
So i just found this website.. its completely different from myspace.. its the life of the party
So Im New...
well im new to lost boyfriend made me join! but its been pretty cool so far and if i havent responded to a lot of people its bc i still dont know what im doing yet...hehe...but thank you to everyone who has been very nice to me since i have joined! have a great day guys!
So I Met Someone New.
She is cuteh. She lives in here in AZ ! However it is not thrilling. I miss my ex. Wish I could be in her arms. FUCK THIS LOVE SHIT! I am becoming a WHORE! (JOKING)~NFA
So I'm Bored...
it's raining outside. Kinda makes me sad. but i'll be okays. I'm like hardly ever on here, most of my friend's have left...gone to other sites, which is cool cos I can still talk with them and stuffs. uhm so yea. Not much is new with me, so this makes for quite the lame update but oh well. anywho. bye.
So I'm Licking This Toad....
SO I'm licking this toad, because someone told me that it was a cure for baldness, when I remembered that this same person had told me that cyanide would cure my insomnia. I'm beginning to wonder what their motive is with all these homeophobic treatments. Homeopathic? Is that the right word? No matter. I ain't no homer-sexual.
So, I'm Here....
Now what?! I suppose I should start off by introducing myself. My name is Raven. I'm 18 years old, happily married to Aaron. I'm a housewife, also 6 months preggo with our first child, a baby girl we're naming Aubrey. I'm totally excited! I found out about LC on myspace. If anyone would like to add me on there, the URL is that's it for now i guess lol!
So Im Duct Taped To A "torcher Chair" In The Wicked Pleasures Lounge The Other Day And.....
So here i am the other day in the WP lounge minding my own biz as usual..."yeah right"lol...and these two hotties decied to duct tape me to a torcher chair....I was shaved, drawn on , had bright red lipstick put on me, put in a thong, BRANDED, and had a few other dominatrix type things done to me.... Now while i've always been curious as to what it would be like to be w/ a couple of dominatrix chicks i must say that my curiosity has been over come by sheer horror and fear! Yup they were pretty brutal. However i must admit that i was in a way turned on. Up intill my nipples had metal clamps put on them and i was administered an electric shock! "Real boner kill there! ROFL!.... I LOVE U BOTH MICKI N BELLA!! MUAHZ!!!! HAHAHA!!! IF ANY1 READING THIS HASN'T TAKEN THE TIME TO COME VISIT US THE WICKED PLEASURES LOUNGE PLEASE DO SO..... U MAY FIND IT TO BE A SHOCKING EXPIERIANCE...(YEAH I KNOW I SPELLED THAT WRONG...FUCK OFF...) UNTILL NEXT TIME PEACE!!!!! Trying To Write A Book...
Here's a part of it...tell me what you think? Time seemed endless tonight. Silence, nothing but the sound of the wind rustling leaves spilling scents of decay and rebirth through the forest. Ali walked silently into the night, her eyes downcast. Her thoughts far away, trapped in the past. The wind howled and still she walked. The night growing darker as clouds filled the sky obscuring the moon. A heavy sigh spilled from her lips as she tried to break free of the pain filled loop of her thoughts. Ignoring everything around her, she wandered on. A loud pop behind her echoed in her mind. She didn't stop walking, didn't even jolt as she continued suddenly very aware of her surroundings. Ali slid her hands into the pockets of her long black duster, cold steel warming comfortingly at her touch. Black leather boots crunching against twigs and rocks she veered from the path. There was only silence and the wind, but she wasn't in the mood for trouble. Her green eyes flicked from shadow to
So I'm A Lesbian Girl?
What's wrong with protecting yourself from pregnancy and STD's? I protected myself the only way I knew how- abstinence. Does this make me a lesbian? I heard the rumor that I was a lesbian when I was in jr high school. I didn't dispute it, if someone asked me I'd tell them I'm straight but I didn't care about any reputation. Actually, I was relieved. I thought guys didn't like me because they thought I was ugly, but they just thought I was gay. I heard the same rumor about myself in high school. Again, I didn't care I just laughed when my friend told me. I told her they thought they same thing when in was in jr high, but it's not true. How could I not care? How could I let them think I'm gay? Well, I didn't tell them I was gay, they came up with that idea on their own and not only did I not feel like proving myself to anyone, but I thought that rumor was keeping me out of trouble. If people didn't think I was gay I might have had a boyfriend and boyfriends think they're supposed t
So I'm Back Now And....
So i'm back now sorry for the long absence i've been busy having a baby on oct. 25th our son was born he has red hair not the kind that ya call carrot top but a dark almost burgundy color he was 9.5 lbs with blue eyes i was in labor for 46 hours then they ended up having to take him by emergency C section so i've been busy recovering and discovering all the joys of being a new parent like stange colored poopie diapers and being thankfull for my years spent with insomnia for once in my life its ok that i sleep more durring the day then at night any way i just thought i'd let you guys no where i've been hope to talk to ya all soon and hear about what trouble you've got your selves into -Mara Black
So I'm Really It Goes...
In the United States alone according to, there are more than 2.7 million children that are in families with incomes below one-half of the poverty line, this was a study done in 1999. The number of children living below poverty has definitly increased by now. This was described to me one time as making $6,500 a year for a family of three children. Now you're asking me why you should care? Why, why care about over 2.7 million children in the United States, why care? You need to care because these children are our future, these children could be our leaders one day. If they dont have potential in life, because they don't have any money, or any food to eat. Then who will run our government tomorrow? People complain that the government doesn't understand the people. Why is that? Lets go over some of the reasons why the government officials don't understand the people and what they need. These government officials never had
So, I'm New Here...
and i have to admit, i'm here for the porn... i mean, not really, but i have to admit how fuckin' sick and tired i am of "community" censorship. if you don't want to see some hot ass chick's tits, then don't open the fuckin' picture. enuf said! ~e
So...i'm Bored...if You Can't Tell
What kind of Underwear are you? (girls) BoyshortsYou are boyshorts. You enjoy being adventerous and having fun. You are most likely a tomboy at heart. Hanging with the boys or a pillow fight with the girls is a good time to you. You are liked by many, a great listener, loyal friend and a genuine person. Take this test
So I'm Finding Myself In This Contest...
And I am forever grateful to the few of you who've voted their asses off for me. If any of the rest of you might find your way there to just at least rate the photo, please, I'd be happy with just that. Vote for whoever you like, though. Doesn't have to be me, and you aren't going to hurt my feelings if you don't. :) Thank you, everyone, just for being my friends. (edit... for the record, I was entered in this by Brown Eyed Girl... the woman hosting it... I never expected to have a chance, so I wasn't going to ask for votes... I'm really close to first and don't want to see your efforts lost)
So Im New
Thats no surprise By Cherry standards im fresh meat and as for how to get more points i have no idea. But I wont bore with mindless details well i hope to meet new people and so on well ta ta for now
So I'm Curious
Who is it that has a crush on me?? Pretty please come tell me who it is that left a crush on my page hehe and for those of you who don't have one on me i think ya better ahahaha! lol lots of love, Sue
So I'm New Here And I Need Friends
So you crazy people from everywhere add me. I'm just as crazy as you if not more. lol.
So I'm New Here
New to the site (if you hadn't gathered that yet), and I'm not really sure how this all works. I try to rate back, but sometimes i miss a person, or forget, or get distracted, so my bad, lol. This site seems pretty cool... kinda ddicting like crack :-p Holla!
So Im Back....=(
Im back I failed... They give you 3 atempts to pass and I have 6 weeks to get alittle more training in before i go hback and try again.. I dont know if i will even try again but I have a appt if i want to try... So im not in the best mood..
So I'm Still Learning
So I'm still learning and finding things to do on cherrytap. But if anyone could help with some things do I make morph pictures, or them cool looking cherrytap id tags.that would be much help.
So Im Notorious
for odd out there dreams, but today i slept in, and i had a dream with more twists and turns in it then a horror movie haha i was with a bunch of my good friends from junior high at a bar, but the odd thing is her parents and little sisters were there, but i was holding stephainie, only thing is shes 14 now haha first major oddball thing, tiff was downing shots nothing out of the ordinary there, next thing i know were in some bust station or something like that, i still have steph in my arms so im scrambling arroud trying to find her parents i find bill and hes on some bus and tells me to find julie so i run trying to find her and shes just pulling away so im trying to figgure out whats going on so i find my friend mike and hes gonna take us home, but for some reason steph and i are back in the building and theres a pit bull that greatly resembled angel runs up and i pet the dog, and then it runs ahead and stops dead in its tracks and starts pawing at this one place in the floor and
So I'm Seeing All These Rants...
"boys are jerks" "guys are all assholes" "men are stupid" and so on now let me get something straight i agree, most of us men are irrogant little pricks and assholes, but there are those of us that are nice, friendly and willing to do just about whatever, even go out of his way to help a girl he likes out, isnt that what you girls want anyway? you all say "why can't i find a nice guy for once" or "i want a nice guy" BUT it seems like you all go for the assholes and jerk off's anyway!!! if you really want a nice guy who treats you good usually you dont have to look too hard, try one of the guys your friends with or talk to once in awhile.. chances are their interested in you, and you've already got stuff in common if your friends now that i had my little rant you can quit reading my bitching and go on about your daily everyday lives, if this starts getting passed around then cool, other people agree with me.. if not oh well i still told you and you had to deal with it
So I'm What?!?!
so yeah...maybe I can't just walk away no matter what claims I make to the contrary...maybe I just care too damn much...and it'll be the downfall of me...or maybe people will take a look...and see the fact that I care...and maybe then I won't be crucified every time I try to help...if I didn't give a shit I wouldn't look...I wouldn't even try...and no...before you even try to say it...I don't enjoy anyone's grief...look at my life and everything I've been through over the you really think that after the hell I've been through I'd enjoy anyone else's?
So I Made It To 4 By Day 2
YAY aren't you proud of me? I owe all of my fans to rednec over at the stinkeye radio lounge.
So I'm Getting A Pit....
Help me name him!!!! I only like unique names. Anything of Japanese origin. Anime names and video game names welcome as well... He is white with a black spot on his eye. What should we name him???
So I'm Back
Been away a long while. Sorry that I've not been around much at all. I haven't really been on the net much in the past few months. My health has been a big factor in that. See, on November 24th of last year, my younger brother passed away after being ill. Since I had been one of his major caregivers, it struck me really, really hard. I wasn't sure how hard until the beginning of February this year. I had a small breakdown but have since recovered and doing my best to get caught back up with my emails, friends and blogs. I have missed all my Cherry friends so much and it's great to be back among you all. Take care and spread that Cherry Love!
So I'm Going To Try My Hand At....
Composition! I'm currently writing a little tune for my jazz group, no working title at the moment, but it's going to have a little latin flair to it. It'll be interesting once it's finished, and i've almost got the whole thing down on a rough draft, so this'll be cool. In other news, nothing new. Later.
So... Im Shooting Porn In Xenia, Ohio?
so for those that have seen the movie Gummo, you will understand my uneasy feeling with this... I'm traveling to Xenia OH to do a photoshoot/video with a chick I've known for years... so Im oddly scared, yet oddly fascinated as my last Xenia experience was a bit less casual and kind of rushed as we were running down to Houston to start ozzfest in 05... if i make it out alive and with all my teeth and appendages, im sure I will have many a story to tell as I want to hit the strip club there this time and see what kind of train wrecks come of it hahahaha.... *shudder* anyway, for those not familiar with the movie here's what amazon had to say about it: Plot Synopsis: Xenia, Ohio, is a small poor and boring city that never fully recovered after a tornado in the 1970s. Teenager Solomon and his slightly older friend Tummler, have nothing to do but kill time, buying glue to sniff and get high. see more here I just remember seeing a kid that killed cats to sell to a lo
~so I'm Told Lol~
Comment Myspace Sexy
So I'm Back On My Loves.....
So yeah I hadn't been on for awhile because I got this job and I work 1st shift. I didn't have a computer nor did I have the internet. But now I pay for my internet and I got me a laptop.... so no more having to go to my moms to get on it. ;p SO yeah my first job ever has been going pretty good.... I like it. :) Well thats all I wanted to post for now... take care loves. XOXOXO Tiffany
So I'm Sitting On The Couch...
had just smoked a strawberry flavored white owl, and wondered if today had been a perfect day. i pondered why i had felt this calm and the feeling than it had been a good day... so i started at the beginning.... I woke up before the alarm went off... which was good cuz i had forgotten to even set the alarm.. My hair actually cooperated in to cute afro puffs... I got my roomie up and took him to work..came home.. got on the tap for a while... went got my nails done...ate wendy's... chilled at home... cleaned the hamster cage... took the other roomie to work...went to walmart... read the mail... vaccuumed out my car...picked up a friend....took him to work... came home chilled...picked kristen up... and finally smoked the blunt that made me hafta write this on here... so now that i see i had a jam packed day, i felt extremely like i hadn't really done anything therefore why i am thinking it was a perfect day. lol. i'll prolly read this tomorrow and laugh....
So Im Gonna Be In My First Movie
This thursday, im going to be filmed in a short film. After 15 years of playing music, and the last few years at doing some modeling, im trying my hand at movies. Im playing a auto mechanic @ a bar. Its a quick scene but the movie over all is only gonna be about 10 minutes. I also have some other acting work lined up. So I'll see where this takes me.
So I'm A Whore....
Last night in a mumm, I was tod that I am an internet hour because I flirt with guys in the shoutbox....I find this extremely hilarious, and it was great to have a good laugh over it. If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to this link and you will see... I think the funniest part about it was who said it...I mean come on!!! He was not even the person it was said to...I guess the people on here can't fight there own battles and as for the person who called me a whore...well lets just say, i have been called a lot worse by people who are a lot better than him..... Oh, and I also found out that I'm not the only one that he has classified as this, and i had some very sweet women contact me to let me know about how much of an ass he is....To those women,you know who you are, Loves ya and hugs & kisses!!! Oh, btw, if there was ever any question, the only man on here that I ever want to meet is Greg, and as for the rest, if I fli
So I'm A Dbl Bagger
So I'm A Bit Pissy...
For those of you that don't know, i am a landlord...stupidly, I let one of my friends move in...I thought it was ok, they payed the rent and they were clean...well, they decided to move beause they needed more room (they moved into a trailer) and they oved out Saturday. Not only did they move without paying what they owe me (over $1000) I went over there today, they left the keys they had laying on the steps, meaning they didnt even say goodbye, and I about shit when I saw how dirty it was!!! I want you to know, the friend that lived there, I was the maid of honor at her wedding in March!!! So needless to say, I have a lot of work ahead of me getting the broken window fixed, the carpets shampooed, the walls painted, the 2 holes in the wall need repaired, the kitchen light fixed that got broke, and the missing tile in the ceiling, and about 4 window screens that have to be replaced... Now, I have had ppl that I didnt know that lived there that took better care of it!!! So d
So I'm Getting What I Wished For
so i just found out today that we are most likely moving by next week. we don't have any furniture so it should be easy. i have no clue where we're moving to just that it has to be done next week. so the bad thing is when we move into our apartment we will have no furniture so bad and good at the same time right. when we moved down from oregon we left all are stuff be hind only bringing our clothes and a few boxes for very important stuff. this is going to mean that i might have to get a second job to help pay for stuff. i will have internet. it might take me awhile but i will first i need a computer. well my son is awake i gots to go peace and chicken grease chas
So Ima B Gone
ok so im goin out to a party till tommorw nite den i b home so call/txt tha cell 405-625-9650 or add me to yahoo xXScream4BarbiiexX
So I Made This English Roast...
Best slab of beef in the English Roast department at the Butcher's.. Nicest potatoes of the White Russet Blend, yes with skins on.. The most desireable Vidalia Onion I could find, Nice fresh Baby Carrots...a propietary collaboration of herbs and spices.. and 1 critical mistake.. I cut some lemon slices and put them on top cause everyone knows lemon will make the meat fall to pieces and give some twang.. well I got a big plump lemon for the task.. guess I over did it, I didnt want the "lemon pepper" type taste.. I mean most lemon pepper lovers would praise the dish..which I cooked slowly for nearly 20 hours.. but I ruined as far as my personal tastes goes.. So when life gives you lemons..don't put it in a $30 Homemade roast lol..make a margerita or something with it instead.. Works is good, business is booking and Cindy has got to be one of the most beautiful girls I have layn eyes upon. End Blog Entry; Stardate:.. like i freaking have a clue what the stardate is lmao...
So I'm Moved In.
Alright I'm just settling down in my new apartment. I need more furniture to make this place look welcoming right now it's all bare. :( Oh well.
So Im New...
I have no clue how to work this thing... er... nto work, but understand what is going on with this site... I am new... hahaha
So Im Happy!
everything has been going great. ive actually been happy. thats all. :] lol you can leave me comments!! that tends to make my day as well.
So Im Moving This Weekend
that means no more fubar for a while i m really gonna miss yall so leave me love and keep in touch on my myspace/slug30054 well leave love peeps
So, I'm Just Wondering...
I've had one crush on me for a few months now, and I'm wondering who it is? No one's come forward yet, so I was just hoping that maybe whoever it was would tell me... I've been dying to know for a long time now, damnit! :P Please? :D
So Im Lookin Around Fubar
and I noticed that there is a new obsession with the attention whores for everyone to leave comments on thier pics...... I take the same stance I took about the rate me fan me love me bullshit........ FUCK YOU I will rate who I want when i want and for as many cookies as I wanna take..... that being said....... are you ladies THAT desparate for attention that you have to ask or in some cases DEMAND (yes, I have been blocked for not doing so) for comments over rates? Maybe I dont have the time to comment all ur pics........ or maybe I just dont wanna comment. Most often I just rate anyway......... if you DO get a comment from me, consider yourself lucky..... cuz I dont do it often. I dont feel sorry for you ladies that get played by guys on here......... you put yourself in the line of fire by being desparate for attention........ then as soon as ya get a lil bit of attention , all of a sudden HES THE MAN FOR YOU........... til next week when he drops you like yesterday's news
So Im
fixing 2 delet my pics the dirty 1's becouse that just say im a whore and im not im looking 4 more then sexy yall guys so if yall think im wrong plz speak now b 4 it's 2 late
So I'm Being Auctioned...
Click the picture to go to the page.
So I'm A Newbie.....
check it out, I'm a newbie soo where do I start?! Let me know!
So I'm Emo Bitches
LOL. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. Maybe the truth is I like feeling this way. Maybe I totally need to find a guy to share eyeliner and black nail polish with. I'm joking. Personally i don't think emo exists. Its a marketing tool made up by record companies. but the point is that there is a belief that "emo"' people like to be sad or make themselves depressed for attention. Except maybe i wouldn't be depressed if the people i cared for actually paid attention to me. Void I'm an empty space A shapeless mass A soul of ice A heart of glass Mind, Body and Spirit battered and broken Crushed beneath the weight of words unspoken The waters of life turn to hot desert sand Slipping into a sadness I can't understand A black hole I've become A result of all the damage done An ice covered pendulum in perpetual motion Swinging without warning from emotion to emotion No Rhyme or Reason or Justifications Just my own worst fears in their manifest
So I'm Finally Free
It took me long enough but I finally rid myself of the asshole takes everything that I have to tell him to go away....but I do it every time. I didn't need that cheating sack of shit.
So I'm A Cheater .............
if you've noticed from my pics, karm got the new gta last night. she freakin waitin in line for about a hour.ofcourse i laughed at her until she reminded me how long i standed (stood) in line when the new star wars movie came out ( yea I'm a dork lol ) any way, here's the cheats i've found online so far. so if you have the game go kill some mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!! We have cheats!!! Both work for PS3 and Xbox 360!! Dial all cheats into Niko's cell phone: Health 482-555-0100 Armor 362-555-0100 Weapons #1 (Baseball Bat, Handgun, Shotgun, MP5, M4, Sniper Rifle, RPG, Grenades.) 486-555-0100 Weapons #2 (Knife, Molotovs, Handgun, Shotgun, Uzi, AK47, Sniper Rifle, RPG) 486-555-0150 Remove Wanted Level (Blocks achievement "Walked free" 267-555-0100 Raise Wanted Level 267-555-0150 Change Weather/Brightness 468-555-0100 Spawn Annihilator 359-555-0100 Spawn Jetmax 938-555-0100 Spawn NRG-900 625-555-0100 Spawn Sanchez 625-555-
So I'm An "8"
Nice...above a 5, I guess, I should be flattered...hmm...I just thought it funny, why waste your time rating and "8" ?
So I'm Reminded Of A Story
So I'm reminded of a story when Alex Winter was trying to get funding to shoot his movie, Hideous Mutant Freeks. He and Keanu Reeves had just finished up with the Bill and Ted movies, and being friends, Keanu was more than happy to be in his film. The studio started throwing money at him. The thing is, Keanu was playing the role of the dog-faced boy. They tried to hide this fact from the executives for as long as they possibly could. Constantly dodging their requests to see dailies, or visit the set. They thought he was going to be featured prominently, and the studio was banking on this so they'd get a good return on their money. I don't remember this well enough to fill in the truly humorous details, but the fact I was being teased about my having one of my dogs as a profile picture reminded me of how those guys totally screwed over their film studio :D
So I'm Weird...who Isn't?
1)I love to do crosswords...and I do them in ink. 2)I'm a mix of many different nationalities...I see it as a bonus since I can make fun of more than one race....hahahahaha 3)I am far more shy than most would expect from me. 4)The underside of my hair is shaved. 5)I've been accused of being mildly OCD. LOL 6)I am a Diet Coke fiend. 7)I hate when other people take pictures of me. 8)I consider myself high maintenence...and if I think so...then I must be a real handful! LOL 9)I don't usually wear makeup if I can get away with it. 10)Of course, they're real and they're spectacular! LOL
So I Made It To Dc...
on thursday 12am! The plane trip was totally not what I expected, therefore I was perfectly fine. I just didn't like landing... I hate when people slam on their brakes and didn't realize that the planes had to. So yeah... But anyway. When I got here we went to a little dinner, which was very cute and ordered way to much food ;) lol of course we didn't eat it all. But it was great. So after that we came home and went to sleep. When we got up and ready Thursday night we went out to "AdMo" (Adam's Morgan, a little city I guess you'd call it) and we went to hookah, where I got to meet up with my friend Jerry who moved out here when he joined the navy. So I was really glad I got to see him, and then we went to tryst and had some food before we headed home for the night. So now today is Friday! And I am told that tonight we will be going to a place called "Ultra Bar." I am super excited and can't believe tomorrow I will officially be 21! It sure is awesome, I can't wait :)
So, I Met This Really Cool Guy!
Heya my lovely Fubarians! So, I met this reeeeeally cool guy...his name is Daniel, you will find him in my family as my #3 and his link is just below.... �LÏVÏÑ Ðà Ю∃ÃM©••••ÖWñÈРߥ Southern Stunna ÖWñÈR Ö£ KÈLÇÈY@ fubar He is so sweet and always returns love! He has under 300,000 left before he becomes a disciple and you all know how awesome you were when I last made you a challenge! I was wondering if we could show this really cool guy some true fubarian love that i know you are all capable of! I'd really appreciate your help... If he lets me know you have shown him love, I will come over to your page and return any love shown! SO, what are you waiting for! GO GO Love and Hugs The Welsh Princess Emma Lou oxox
So I'm Rather Bored....
...........and this is kinda how i feel right now. someone save me :p Hey John, Whats Your Name Again? - The Devil Wears Prada
So I'm Doing This Thing....
All it takes is 1 rate and I just may win something. :P Please take a few seconds to rate this pic. Thank you!
So I'm Gonna Do It....
Go for Spotlight that is. It's something that I've thought about before,but never really thought I'd actually go through with. But thanks to a wonderful friend,Freak, asking me about it,I'm gonna do it. So feel free to donate,its going to a great cause,me on your page for 24 hours straight! Thats better than watching A Christmas Story!! Thanks in advance for helping! xoxox
So, I'm Attending Miss Wubber World 2009...
I had purchased two tickets, as Paine had originally intended to accompany me to the festivities, however since she cannot make it (time's growing short) I seem to have an extra ticket. A quick look at my photo albums here will let you know in a flash that I will be properly attired, but, if any of you were to atend in her stead, could you say the same? More info is available here: http://www. nyrubberball. com/ ...and I've reprinted some of it here: Welcome to the official website of the New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World 2009 Contest! This year's event will be held on Sunday, January 18th (MLK holiday weekend) at Rebel, 251 West 30th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue in NYC, from 8PM-4AM! Join us as we return to our wonderful new home for North America's premiere rubber/latex event, and see who will become the Next Miss Rubber World! Contestants will be vying for currently $12,095 in fabulous prizes from some of the top rubber/latex designers and retailers ar
So Im Thinking
Its just a feeling and Im gonna go with it. hope you feel it too
So I'm New And I've Got A Question...
What is leveling and why hasn't anyone bought me a drink yet? I'm kinda thirsty.... :)
So, I'm In An Auction
Wanna own me for a month? YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!! Click this link...and make a juicy bid for me...I need the help!! Everything listed, and perhaps alil more with the right get to it!
So I'm Deleting My Account
this site does nothing for me...hit me up on myspace. plus candace doesnt talk to me
So....i'm Completely Done
I"m freakin' sick and tired of guy who play the "OMG I like you so much..." game.. and playing it with every FUCKING female that's around them.  I"m smart enough to realize that most guys(99.9%) are like this, but seriously.. when the FUCK are you guys going to grow up.  I've always been a one-man girl.  I"ve always dated one guy, and only had eyes for him.  I never looked, never admired, never once sought the attention of someone else because I was happy being with the person I was with.  Why can't guys be the same way?  Is one pussy not enough? Do they just need female attention every freaking minute of the day?   God, this pisses me off.
So I'm Up For Auction...
I'm up for auction (my first time) and just wanted to let all you lovely people who like me so well know (wink, wink).  If you're interested please go bid on me here   Thanks for all your support :)  XoXo     *Sarah*
So Im A Lil Woo Hoo Right Now
so heres your chance to ask me anything and everything and you will get a straight answer no matter how much it pisses you off :)   i made it nsfw so now you can show me boobs and ask whose are better
So, I'm Getting Another Tattoo
So, I am sitting here with Thomas, he just got through drawing up a new tat for me. It will be the second one I got in 2 weeks. Both have been pretty big. This one is basically going to be for my grandfather that died in 97. It is going to be a raven with a tombstone, and then his birth and death date...also nevermore on it.  I will post it when it is done!
So I'm An American Idol Junkie. Sue Me.
I want to say American Idol is my guilty pleasure, but I'm not so sure anymore.  American Idol has finally discovered some incredible talent. Talent that says a big "fuck you" to cookie cutter pop and does its own thing. Artists so compelling that it makes sitting through three hours a week of Simon's snivelling overly harsh criticism, Paula's insane enthusiasm, Kara's determination to mold everyone into a bland R&B artist, Randy's pathetic attempts at coming across as a hip young music producer, and countless tedious clips of their disgustingly charmed and appropriately overdramatized lives at "Camp Idol" worth sitting through, if only to get to the meaty center. The show still has its Clay Aikens and Kelly Clarksons and Daughtrys and blonde guys from boy bands and Britney Spears wannabes, but some serious contenders for actual rock superstars have crept their way onto the once woefully undeserving American Idol stage. And those talents are actually getting votes and staying on that s
So...i'm Feeling A Little...not Wonderful Tonite...this Too...shall Pass...just When...i Will...
So, I'm In Love... A Lot
with a much younger gay man.. mmm Adam Lambert... He's a sexy little fucker... rawrs does that make me a gay man in a woman's body ? cuz thats kinda hot too... fuck...      mi gusta the guy liner
So....i Need Some Thoughts On The Following Situation....
For those who know me well, and now for those who do not, I would like to give a quick "cliff notes" version of my sex life (or more to the point, NO sex life!) I am married...5 daughters and the wife has completely lost her sex drive. She realizes this and is actually starting therapy for it. However, she knows my sex drive is out of this world (an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10) and she has some guilt about not "fulfilling my needs". She hit me with the idea of me going and getting cyber and phone sex with my online friends. WHAT?!?!? Sorry, JP...I do not swing that way...even though you are quite an attractive man! LOL Anyway, some who read this may know that I have a sexual way of thinking and have been very straight forward with some comments that even make me blush...others I do not speak to in such ways (too bad for you! haha). I truly have a quandry (yes, Trace, that word comes out again). Even though I have flirted like mad with some, I have not gone over that line of real
So In Love
You're everything I've hoped for, Everything I need... or ever needed. I have found in you ! I've searched my heart countless hours, Looking for my true love ..... A meaningful love....... Someone deserving of my love. You're the best part of me now. Since I've met you........ My days are no longer lonely, My spirit has returned....... Happiness and love have filled my broken heart. Such meaning and purpose have returned into my life. You've picked me up, after falling so hard. Your love has set me free........ To an everlasting place of enchantment. Not a fantasy world... persay...... As you are my fantasy , come true! You're everything to me...... I look forward to every moment we will share together. Belonging with one another......... Not just by fate......... But; by destiny. It is our destiny my love; to have found one another. My life long search is over now, And our beautiful journey together...... Has just begun. I shall love you for eternity.
So Incredibly Single
For the very first time in my life I am totally single. I cannot remember ever being this single. I have always had somebody..not necessarily someone serious but SOMEBODY. During my period of mourning after Wes died I was alone of course but I didn't notice. I don't mind being alone it has certain advantages, but ugh the cons are terrible!! I have internet crushes of course..mostly unattainable men. Wonderfully charming, gorgeous, witty men whom I will never ever meet. Okay I feel like I'm whining. I hate being a stupid girl so I will cease in the self-pity. Have a fantastic day my friends and if you're with someone enjoy them to the fullest. Or leave them and come love me ;) PS. Girls that had no direct comment for any of your men I promise I do not want to take them away. Well mostly ;)
So I Need To Vent A Lil...
So I Need You !!!
So my world is empty, so my life is less complete, so my nights seem so much longer, so only strangers do I meet, so the days don't seem so bright, so nothing feels right, so the rain don't fall, so what you never call, so the snow don't lay, so we have nothing to say, so the river don't flow, so you I just don't know so the birds don't sing, so my life is lost and cold, so my world is dark grey, so what if I love you, so it does not mean a thing, SO I NEED YOU !!! 3 Doors Down - So I Need YouMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
So, In Light Of That Last Post
Why is it that guys (and girls) take so much time making you like them, making you feel special, and even telling you they love then when you finally do, they tuck their tail between their legs and run like little kids... Why is it that they even waste their time? Is there some big thrill in breaking someone's heart? Why lie, why hurt someone that genuinely has feelings for you...feelings that YOU made sure they have?
So Into You~ Tamia
So In Case My Account Dissapears,,
"you are a rascist peice of filth and are in violations of the terms of service of fubar for posting offensive content steps are being taken to have you removed" (this was a profile comment another fubar member left me,,he was the one who was being prejudiced towards me by assuming I am have hate in my heart,,he is also another fool that believes Pride and Hate are the same thing)
So I Need Some Help With This
I'm trying to get people to join my forum. Sending messages in shouts, leaving comments, sending pm's and posting blogs with the link doesn't seem to be working. Any advice? I know the old adage that if there's hot women there, people will join. Doesn't seem to work for me. They all go elsewhere. I do have at least one hot fubar female there. Some people may know her - Kritter. She's a longtime friend though so of course she's there. So any advice? Anyone want to help me promote it and get the word out and bring people in?
So Into U
So Into U I am lost Within Your words As you Speak Them To me. I feel My Heart Doing flips As Your lips Brush Against mine. I sigh With Delight That I am So Into U. Your touch Upon my Flesh Becomes The only Need for My Pleasure To set Free My hidden Flames of desire. Can you Not see This is why, I am So Into U? ©2007 Firestar
So In Luv
So In Love.... New Video I Made
So In Love
though we have yet to meet with you, i feel so safe i am so in love with you i know you feel the same longing for so much i long to be with you long to kiss your beautiful mouth i am so in love with you though we may be apart i sit here and think of us together longing to be in your arms to be held safely in your arms i long to fall asleep in your arms i long to see you everyday when i wake up or fall asleep i'm so in love with you author's note: i wonder if i could ever find someone that could make me feel like this with out having seen them in person? if so that would be nice. i think that i may have but i'm not sure how things are on his end
So In Funny News
Ryan's single!
So In Love
so Kyle and I have been back together for over 3 months and things are going great. I have never been so in love with him. He's opened up so much to me and it seems like its just easier to talk to him now. He asked me to marry him at christmas, but I don't know when it's going to happen. We aren't planning anything big. Just the court house and a family dinner afterwards. I really can't wait to be his wife. Other than my kids he is the best thing in my life. I don't know how i let him go in the first place. Just naive i suppose. None of that matters any more though. We are together and happy. I know our little one Walker loves having him around. He is becoming more of a daddy's boy everyday. My oldest son Lucas is getting quite attached to him also. I just hope that now we are happy nothing tries to get in the way. He has a lot of bitches from his past and they always seem to get in the way of things. Not this time. Hes mine for life!!!!!!
So I Now Give Up
so now i give up on trying, i have now unscribed to all lounges and will not be joining any cause i dont fit in, in any of them i have searched and went into alot of them and it has never worked out, so im done with it, if you wanna chat hit me up otherwise im leaveing everyone alone on here.
So In Love With You
So In Love
Im so in love its driving me crazy, Its really weird to love someone that you have never meet b4. Crazy has it sounds its true. His eyes melt my heart, his lil smiles interact with me in so many ways. His voice, my god, his voice....I dream of us being together...HAPPY. I think I need him in my life and he needds me. Any advice from anyone would help me get this right. But for the record, I have no money or car to get to him. So Im shyt out of luck....guess Ill go on with my life wondering what he is thinking and how he feels...I miss him so much...i love you..
So I Need A Brake
I was talking to a friend tonight along with other things, but I'm here to talk about what her and I think I need to do for myself.. "Andrea: i think you need a new change or something... like a rebirth Brad: what do you mean? Andrea: well, you know how like a phoenix works right? Brad: yeah I know what you are talking about. Andrea: try and change... do something you would never do and get out of your comfort zones Andrea: and start a new life without being reminded of your past or something ================================================= Ok so I'm not going be like, I'm not coming back to the fu, but yeah... not for a while I have some soul seaching to do.. and right now the fu's not helping with that at all. It's just bring me down more and more everyday. As my friend told me "™Minou Min...: you like totally need to take like a couple of weeks off and say it's because you need to sort things out or something... i think it's taken control of your s
So... I Need A Little Help :)
If you were going to give a really good um.. friend of yours a rather interesting gift (gummy boobs) what would you say when you hand it to them?
So In A Word Don't Shed A Tear
So Interesting....
Ya know I never believed in that whole men and women can't be in a platonic relationship. I always though why can't they. If you're really good friends and that's all you are, then why the hell not. Funny thing is women can have platonic male friends, but men can't have platonic female friends; especially if they are married, or dating. I just find it interesting that is how it is. Too bad that they'll destroy a friendship so easily and it doesn't bother them. Keep one thing in mind guys; remember that real friends don't step out on you like significant others may. Guess you'll never know what you really lost, until you wake up and it's not there anymore. So while you kick your friends to the curb, or then again maybe there never really was a friendship there, maybe it was all crap and you were just looking to get what you could. Either way you lost something a lot more vauleable- RESPECT!!!!
So Into You--atlanta Rhythm Section
So Into You
When I’m into you I’ll do more than listen to your desire I’ll for sure glisten that fire Taking nothing for granted with each breath I won’t wait for fate As I’ll pull more than my weight When I’m into you I’ll do more then understand your concerns I’ll make sure it will be no more as the world turns The last days won’t be lived with regret As we’ll look back on the sun That was, that still is because I’m so into your mind, body and soul All your thoughts , all your curves , all your energy The way you make me laugh , the way you walk, the way you set my mind at ease I’m so into you , into you I’ll find our shore splashes onto eternity There in the midst of night Our bodies retrieve the outer limits of ecstasy
So In
I am so totally madly deeply in
So In Fit Flops
Main part that ironing(1) or so usable hand sleeves, and bone ironing, because the unlined upper garment has long sleeve short unlined upper garment, and to have a sleeve, long sleeve is thin, better use the hand bone. But also can need not hand bone, but on record, turn hot side.fitflop(2) ironing firm and fast in other parts, in order to avoid the not very hot ago already dry, this could cause water shortage, influence the quality of ironing.(3) around the shoulder with small sleeve cotton pad, if not hot steamed bread cotton steamed bread, also can be in turn hot while sleeve cuff shoulder very hot.5. Silk embroidery smoke flower unlined upper garment pressing methodHot preparationTightness in the first 20 minutes, water content, the water 25 to 35%, more of a new dry towel. Hot before with the hand embroider part due to a show. Ironing program temperature moves to a method of 165 ~ 185 ℃, direct pressing. Order: the or so TieBian-positive opposite front collar around-both the
So I Only Have To Say This Once (here)...
Yes, I was in the ER, and yes, I'm home (and obviously alive).  For those of you with short attention spans, skip the rest :P   Yesterday just before lunch I started to feel a bit "off".  Kinda dizzy, but I had been for a couple days and wrote it off as serotonin withdrawal since I stopped my last antidepressant a week and a half ago.  I decided I'd go to lunch so I'd be sitting if something happened... when I stood up from the cafeteria table I almost swooned, and kept trying to power through whatever weirdness my body was throwing at me.  I started to breathe really fast because I couldn't take deep enough breaths to feel like I was getting enough oxygen.  I was working at the die press when I realized it was getting worse, not better, and I tried calling my doctor's office.  After waiting more than 5 minutes on the phone I decided to go to the ER since that's probably what they would tell me to do anyway. For the first time, I was seen IMMEDIATELY to a room at the ER and was put
So, I Probably Added You Or Didn't To Family...
I just added about 20 people to my family list, some of you guys are probably wondering why I did since we probably never talk and others well you know why. LOL this is for those that got added and those that didn't wondering why I locked all my nsfw pictures and all my great new photo album titles. To Those that I recently added to family... even if we don't talk, you have a great vibe. What else can I say, something about you specifically I think is a great little aura that makes me think if I were to want people to use my family list as a point of reference for good people, it is you. I have always held my family list cherished. My family list is those people who are wonderful talented, giving or funny people that I wish everyone could have the chance to meet. My Family list is all over the charts from erotic poetry writers to bands to Dommes, Angels, Tat artists- all the way to vanilla quietly corner of the hidden good in the world. The people on my family list is m
So I Quit My Job
I quit my job as a phone sex operator because it was fueling my sex addiction and making me keep crazy hours and my addiction led me to do my job for free for a lot of clients. Now I feel as if I have something missing. Income, something to do. I am irritating my husband with needs of constant sex and anally cleaning every area of my house. We have had to go back to daily sexy chips. My husband made me stop cleaning because I admit my addiction makes me go to far. I vacuumed the attic that we don't use and Dusted the light posts in the front yard. I am going back to school in September to give me something to idle my time with but I am worried I will go to my old ways of having sex with random strangers. I want to become a radiologist but I don't know if I can control myself in school and work in an actual work type environment. Will my husband be able to put up with my crazy behavior for a whole month until school starts. Will I be able to control my addiction in school? It sure a
So Irritated Right Now.....
Okay so i have been having problems with my lap top charging... I bought a new adaptor hoping that would solve the problem... it didnt... the port is what needs to be replaced... I went to the site to check on the status of my warrantie... 82 days.... GREAT.... perfect timing... Vamp called up Dell and gave them the info they needed to identify my lap top... it was bought less than a year ago.. "not under warrantie?" "what do you mean refurbished?" this was the part of the conversation that got me listening... apparently Dell sells refurbished lap tops as brand new... this is what the manager told us... and therefore it does not come with the 1 year warrantie... but this was bought as being brand new... WHERE THE FUCK IS MY WARRANTIE>>??? maybe if they didnt make such shitty products they wouldnt have problems with selling dirty... im so ready to smash this lap top right now... i didnt want a dell when we were shopping for a lap top for me... and i still don
So Irritated!!!!!!
Hey Im back again! Today has been the most Irritating day ever. People tend to ask me why I have a hard time believing people or I just think that alot of people are liars? Well that is because they are, at least in my experience they are. I cant like someone and think that what they are telling me is the truth, and then all of a sudden there it goes everything changes and all the things that they have said is nothing but a bunch of crap! Go figure, I never have the luck where I can talk 2 someone and believe what they say and in the end it is all a lie cause they feel like being an ass and not talking to me bout something or asking me things for themselves. How irritating that I cant make arrangements for something and actually stick to it cause someone feels like being stupid and always has to find something to ruin it, not once but twice! How irritating that I cant talk to someone cause I have no clue if it is going to piss someone off or have the other person think of that conversa
So Is This Good??
Hmmmm is this a good thing? The rest ofyou will have to let me know. You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky100%Average60%A Sicko50%A WUSS !!20%How sexual are youcreated with
So I Started Another One...
Viewing Lost cherry it seems cool thus far but I'm a Myspace addict so we'll see... I Says To Mabel, I Says...
Happy Tuesday, you tools. If you're good, I'll show you the cutest pirate that ever roamed the vast open spaces of my living room this morning. Argh. Or something.
So I Stole It U No U All Love It
Online friends are people we may never meet.... We see pictures, we see cams...It isn't the same.... We grow close...We care and love one another.... One day we may not hear from one another.... Our hearts will break... All we see is a name on messenger but the person we don't see anymore..... We pray....."Please come back".... All I ask is you remember me in the good times we had..... Keep me close to your heart....Friends forever... Pass this on to all your friends....If I get it back.... I know you care
So Is There A Doctor In The House??? ;)
I have been feeling rather sickly lately and the doctor this morning says that I have a virus that will likely go away by next Sunday, but I sure could use a cure - TODAY!!! LOL... Guess I am getting some of my sense of humor back because one of the first songs that popped into my head is -- Artist: Robert Palmer Lyrics Song: Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) Lyrics A hot summer night, fell like a net I've gotta find my baby yet I need you to soothe my head Turn my blue heart to red Chorus Doctor Doctor give me the news I've got a bad case of lovin' you No pills' gonna cure my ill I gotta bad case of lovin' you A pretty face don't make no pretty heart I learned that buddy, from the start You think I'm cute, a little bit shy Momma, I ain't that kind of guy Chorus I know you like it, you like it on top Tell me momma are you gonna stop You had me down 21 to zip Smile of Judas on your lip Shake my fist, knock on wood I've got it bad and I've g
So I Stole This Quiz....
Which Seven Deadly Sin are you? Greed- You think everything is yours. If you don't have it, you need it. NOW.Everything will be taken from you.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
So I Says To Mabel, I Says...
So this broad Mabel at work keeps transferring actual subscribers to my phone. As if I care about their problems. As if I'm not already so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of crap I have to sort through each day for the dozen or so evil, manipulative clients and their evil, manipulative marketing teams. And the phone calls make my head itch. It itches with the itching of what I imagine a thousand itchy infections of a thousand less-than-clean *wink wink nudge nudge* must itch. My large, shiny head itches. And it's Mabel's fault. I shall blame Mabel for everything. I have no idea what that was all about. But it's Mabel's fault.
So Is There
a random rates annoymus group? lol.. when on here that what im doing anymore random profile rates and clicking the im bored button. hell i dont even pay attention to who im clicking i click on the passing pic at the top. but whats sad is when you have to click 4 times before you get a profile or pic you havent yet rated. lol so im addicted to those buttons... someone point me to the nearest twelve step program for random rates PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!1 lol
So Is It Wrong For Me?
Do you believe it is wrong for me to extremely have a grudge against my sister right now because she had me do all of this stuff for my niece for one reason when she told my niece the real reason she had me doing it was because "I have no kids?" She told me it was because they can't agree on anything because there is such an age difference between them and there is only 16 years between my niece and myself, and then today my niece wants to lash out at me and say the only reason her mama had her do it is because she felt sorry for me for having no kids. The reason I have no kids is because I lost mine due to the fact that my ex didn't want the child and he stressed me until I lost the baby before I actually made it to three months. So is it wrong for me to just really want to hate my sister right now considering how much I had trouble with the depression and still do, and it was only December 2004 that I lost the baby and it is still hard for me at times. I really just wanted to come ho
So I Sit Here With My Own Thoughts
After today seeing happy hour after happy hour, and thinking about all that is wrong with this world why does it seem I am the only one who cares? or cares too much it seems like this bothers me more then others, Is it because I lost a child? is it because I was raised to really believe that its better to help someone then walk away, or is it just me thinking I am one person with a loud voice,is this where some wise ass is going to say something stupid like "dude get a life" I am well aware that I can't change the world but nothing bothers me more then watching someone who could make a real change and don't, I can change how I feel about the world and lead by example I have no respect for someone who has money and will not give back to their community or give and expect something in return, after all 90% of people who have money sold you a product to make that money in the first place, so how do they thank you, but letting you suffer,they sit back in their A/C board meetings and count
So I Said To The Bar Tender ...
Got nuttin to say except I thought I'd check out this blog thingamajig ...
So I Said
So, I Should Have Done This Sunday...
but I was way too fucking excited: Eli, monster defense power Giants to shocking Super Bowl victory GLENDALE, Ariz. -- There was a palpable expectation of history here on a chilly night in the Arizona desert. Super Bowl XLII delivered on that score, but history of a different sort than predicted was made Sunday. The Giants, 12-point underdogs, ruined the New England Patriots' quest for a perfect season. New York, which lost six of 16 games in the regular season, prevailed 17-14 at University of Phoenix Stadium. Quarterback Eli Manning, the game's MVP, lofted a regal, floating 13-yard pass to Plaxico Burress -- over Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs --- to put the Giants over the top with 35 seconds left. "The guys on this team and the run we've made, it's hard to believe -- it really is," Manning said. "The drive at the end, there were so many clutch plays by so many guys. It is an unbelievable game and an unbelievable feeling." Said Burress: "This is the greatest feeli
So Is Spring Here?
So is spring here or not? I wish it would make up its mind weather or not its here to stay or not. I am done with all this cold weather,snow and rain . Well Easter has came and went, it was nice! And spring break is over tomorrow the kids goo back to school, thank god for Well I go on vacation in 13 days and I cant wait I need it really bad. Im not doing anything just going to stay home and do so much needed stuff around the house, like finish some painting and clean the basment and attic and every thing in between. Nothing or no room will be left
So Is Texas The Cult And Compound Meca?
Good Morning, How in the world……….how does a situation like that in Eldorado Texas go on…in this day and age? I can’t even put words to this other then…why? Here is a snip-it from that story and I am sorry to say there will be more stories of this gross miss-trust of power this man and the men and women he had in his compound. ELDORADO, Texas - Officials on Monday announced that 534 women and children — more than twice as many as had been earlier reported — were removed from a polygamist compound and that all 401 children have been placed in state custody because a judge deemed them in imminent danger of physical abuse. I can not even fathom how people and so many! Can be lured into a faith… I am sorry, some things bite me right in the crouch and my knee jerk reaction is… I want justice served and served hot while the iron is hot, do not let this man go thru numerous trial lawyers and countless court cases to one day just give him 3 to 4 years in a minimum security compound… or
So I Say Goodbye
So I Stole It From Gs.
Do you sleep with socks on or off: Depends on the season. On in winter, off in summer Do you flip your pillow to the cold side? I don't sleep ON my pillow normally. Do you like to hold or be held? Both. Preferably naked. Do you want a small or big wedding? I want a shotgun wedding. What type of girls / guys do you usually go for? Loaded question. I now realize my type is abrassive asshole with a sweet side. Must be outdoorsy and artistic, with a huge chip on his shoulder and a sarcastic quip for every occasion. Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? I'm happy and not-poor now. What are 3 things you want to do before you die? Travel, kill and hide a body and perform an autopsy. No, I'm not kidding. Have you ever churned Butter? I have. I've also canned fruit and pickled vegetables. Are you trusting of new people? Define trusting Rate yourself as a good or bad friend on a scale from 1-10. Smack on a 5. I'm special to some peopl
So I Said To Her....
I was on the phone with my sister and it went something like this: Me: Apparently your 'people' are the ones to beat when it comes to Water Polo in the Olympics. Her: Which people? Me: The Hungarians dude. Her: Well if they're my people they're your people too dumbass. Me: Yeah but more so you cause you look like a Hun and I don't. lol. Her: Let me know who goes up against them and remember, if they're my people they're your people as well. *click* LOL I love messing with my sister but this one always ALWAYS gives it back. :D
So I Spent Too Much Time...
Translating not to post them to the best of my abilities here are the lyrics to Gasolina (not the remix) in English... apologies for any typos i have a headache lol [Lil Jon] Yeah! Remix Remix Remix (Who's this) [Lil Jon] What' s his name? Daddy Yankee [Pitbull] Daddy Yankee. Boricua, Cuban,boricua Cuban, boricua cuban, boricua (My baby turns up teh engines) [3x] (So they'll be prepared for what's coming hard *Ass) [Daddy Yankee :] Mamita I no that you're not gonna leave me * (Ass) What I like is that youlet yourself take it* (Ass) Every Weekend she goes out to have fun * (ass) My baby doesn't stop hanging out becase (YEAH) [chorus] She likes that gasoline (whatcha say) Give me that gasoline (hey) How she loves that gasoline (whatcha say) Give me that gasoline (hey) She likes that gasoline (hey) Give me that gasoline (hey) How she loves that gasoline (hey) Give me that gasoline! (hey, hey hey.) [Daddy Yankee :] She turns on the
So I Should Start Wearing A Helmet...
Seriously I need full body armor. Friday night I dropped and broke a full double of apple rum and diet coke, and cut myself cleaning up the glass shards. Last night I was walking down stairs and ran into this sharp corner really fucking hard. Like, so hard that I have this stabbing pain shooting up from the welt in my forearm all the way up to my breast bone, shooting through my shoulder blade. Seriously I don't know what's goin on but fuck it hurts. And both of these injuries were sustained before I got drunk. It's not easy being me. Really.
So I Shed This Tear For You
Tonight a moment of moments made my heart stop again those words you whisperd in my head gave my soal a taste of your offerings I held you up among the clouds so long I could not see your feet, feeling for feeling I gave you love you gave me confusion, Again I come to you with this taste the way we were will never be the way we are....  I saw you last night all i did was close my eye's I missed you so much sometimes it makes my soul shiver the end that came to soon haunts my lust for others the mistakes that chassed you away made me feel so estranged I looked into your eye's to risk the chance feeling of love again but something that never left can't come again, we held hands every moment together is the best moment I will never have the past hurt but now the hurt is what gets me through to ask for more pain those simple feelings you had for me created complex emotions, those love dreams became feard nightmares of lonelyness in such a drop that it stalled time long enough to get well a
So I Sign On And This Is What I Get. He Of Course Blocked Me So I Can't Reply.
Tony Scarro NOW I KNOW WHY I LEFT THIS PLACE THE FIRST TIME United States subject: Tony Scarro sent you a Sand Pail received: 05/25/2010 02:16 pm replied: no   block this member "HERE THIS IS ABOUT YOUR SPEED, THE SANDBOX" Tony Scarro NOW I KNOW WHY I LEFT THIS PLACE THE FIRST TIME United States subject: Tony Scarro sent you a Pink Lemonade received: 05/25/2010 02:17 pm replied: no   block this member "AND YOU CAN TAKE THOSE PILLS WITH THIS, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE ENOUGH TO KILL YOURSELF"              
So - I Stole Another Naughty Survey From Tumblr.. Heh .. Heh... Heh...
1: What's your most favorite sexual position? Woman on top 2: Tell me about your best sexual experience. In a car, married woman, long time friend. I was in my early 20s 3: Tell me about your worst sexual experience. My first time. She raped herself with my penis. Ok it wasn't that bad, she just had no clue - and she was OLDER than me. 4: What about sex do you think is funny to you? Funny? Not much,'s FUN way more than it is funny. 5: How many people have you had sex with? Fewer than you think. I can count them on one hand. 6: (To a male) Where would you like to cum on a female after sex? On? No. In, if permitted. 7: (To a female) Would you like a guy to cum on you after sex? If so, where? 8: Tell me about one of your sexual fantasies. I'd do the whole car sex thing a thousand more times. The fact that it was a long time friend in the above example just heightened the intensity, as did the fact that she was married. 9: Where have you had sex at so far?  Hotels, pa
So.... I Signed Up For
This is my introductory paragraph. I hope it doesnt sound to humdrum  Hi, I am a married polyamorous stay at home mommy cancer patient. In this odd strange journey which is life I have gotten it into my head that before I die I would like to star in my very own porno. 3 years ago I made a list of all the things I would have to do to make a successful Porn. 1.Loose 200lbs, I was quite the big girl when I made the goal but mission accomplished.down 260lbs YAY me!2.Build fan base of 5k people via social network site. Done and done...with over 11k followers on 2 sites.  3. Make story board for awesome memorable yet slightly cheesey porn. Done and DONE4. MAKE PORN MAGIC!So I am on step 4... make porn magic. And yet I can't. Somewhere along the way in my weight loss journey I have lost confidence in my body because of excess skin from weight loss.Solutions give me solutions!!! I go to the doctor to ask advice and try to get situation resolved. It turns out that they are unable to help me an
So I Skipped A Couple Days
Dear Soul, I have skipped a few days...but I am trying to keep my head above water...I can feel myself slipping...taking long breaths just to surface sometimes...but I feel as if I'm still just skimming the water...masking everything behind a fake smile and stupid jokes along the way...doing any and everything I can to occupy my mind so I don't have time to think about any of it....constantly looking for a way escape...and that’s when I find you...the good part of me...the part that brings realism to my smile and causes everything else to fade away...writing is my healing is def cheaper than my shrink and lately seems to be more effective...but you outweigh the power of both...I feel cured when I find if my issues do not exist anymore...I know they are still there and will resurface...but to be able to forget...even if just for a short while...that is just one amazing gift you give to me....people look in the wrong direction for power and purity...what
So Its My Birthday Today
and how about i got NOOOOOOOOO cherry love on my birthday. no messages, no gifts, *sigh* nothing. thats ok tho... i manage to keep a real life too and im about to go get FUUUUUUCKED up. no rest for the wicked!!!!!! hahahahahahahhahahaha HOLLA
So I Think I Might Leave Ct
Just have a lot going on and will not really be able to respond to anyone much for a while. Not sure...haven't made up my mind yet but it's tough yanno...:(
So It Begins
I just finished my first dj mix of some of my favorite bands. In the mix includes Suicide Commando, Funker Vogt, E Nomine, Nightwish, and more. I love it and i cant stop listening to it. now if i could only get it on CT for my page music or even in my stash so that everyone else can enjoy it also. If anyone would like to hear it let me know.
So It Begins
Good morning to one and all! My daily greetings to my friends were starting to take up the whole day. So, I'm going to try doing a general greeting once a day to everyone. I will continue to do individual greetings, too; but don't feel badly if I don't get to you every day! I will try to cycle though all of you, so no one feels left out!! In time, I will post some of my poetry in a separate blog. Hadn't written poetry since I HAD to in high school. Now I seem to be waking up about 1 a.m. with lines of poetry going through my head. Very strange. But I've learned to let the spirit lead where it will and I am keeping a notebook for my poetry now! Some of my friends here are incredible poets and lyricists. My humble scribblings are not of that caliber in the least! Quite a bit of my poetry is very personal, dealing with issues brought up by recognition of past life companions. Yes, I believe in past lives. Please don't give me any grief regarding this! I believe in many things that are
So Its Cold
I am freezing. Its freezing out. Need to xmas shop. But its damn cold. Like umm I can't breath when the wind blows cold. So its like...should I even go? Anyhow heres a coolio song... I wish I had an Angel By Nightwish
So Its Christmas Eve
I feel so blessed! I got both my kids with me! (dont have to share my oldest with her dad this year!) Got lots of presents under the tree for my kids...and even have a present under the cherry tap tree! I am feeling blessed with love and kindness! Thanx to all..and hope everyone has a very merry christmas! Cheers to all...plz cheers me love to cheers everyone i know! lol...xoxoxox Love Lynnie
So It's New Years And I'm Bored Until I Leave
so talk or something
So It Begins...
lol.... today is the first day of Torri vs. The far not too bad, but I am looking forward to naptime! After so long helping raise kids you would think I could handle these three yes I mean so long-going on 21 years of raising and caring for children... I think I can handle them, I just wasnt ready for today to start. WAIT- rephrase!! I KNOW I CAN HANDLE THEM!! My step sons were way harder than a group of toddlers!! I can do this and now I am off (haha I mean off to go deal with the girls, smartasses!)
So I Think
that when it says you've hit your limits for the day, it doesn't mean the calendar day, but for an actual 24 stretch starting when you hit the limit.
So It's Like This...
Hey guys! I just was checkin out some profiles and see a lot of BF/GF things goin on. (just to let you know you might be deleted if we don't have anything to talk about and I'm just on your list for headspace). Anyway, I think it's important to let you know where I stand on the issue. I never been in a relationship, never considered my self having a girlfriend. I believe that the only true and fullfilling relationships are friendships and matrimony. The are the only lasting relationships in life. Let me break it down. If you've had more than 1 person as a bf or gf, than you have never found true love and companionship. If you're not married to that person than they aren't really yours and then you want to get mad when you get cheated on. Let me tell you this, if you haven't taken that step to get married than you really have no control over their actions. The only honored relationship is marriage in life, the Lord, and in law. If I'm wrong let me know. Don't try to say tha
So, Its A Bit Lame
Your Heart Is Orange Love equals unbridled happiness for you. You enjoy the wild ride of falling in love. And while the ride is fun for a while, you always get off once the thrill is gone. Your flirting style: Hyper Your lucky first date: Anything you need your passport for! Your dream lover: Is both daring and well grounded What you bring to relationships: Energy What Color Heart Do You Have?
So It's Been Awhile
so i've been missing for awhile but now i have returned.... consider this my official notice of me returning to cherrytap... if you need me, you should know how to find me by now.
So It Rolls
Our debate: Cup of noodles is better than top ramen OR top ramen is better than cup of noodles. Spaghetti noodles and elbow noodles are the only type that should ever be eaten OR spiral and other shaped noodles are the only type to ever be eaten. And finally... Chips REALLY ARE a breakfast food OR not no but hell no they are not. Any thoughts?
So, I Thought
I thought I knew what fun was, until I heard you laugh. I thought I knew what joy was, until I saw you smile. I thought I had felt safe before, until you held me in your arms. I thought I knew what I wanted, until you came into my life. I thought I had been loved before, until you came to love me. I thought my future looked so bright, until you started to waiver. I thought I knew what loss was, until you left my life.
So It Goes
"If I hadn’t spent so much time studying Earthlings," said the Tralfamadorian, "I wouldn’t have any idea what was meant by 'free will.' I've visited thirty-one inhabited planets in the universe, and I have studied reports on one hundred more. Only on Earth is there any talk of free will." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1922-2007), Slaughterhouse-Five, Chapter 4 The first time I'd heard of a cashier's check was in the movie Ghost. But this morning Martha and I went to our local credit union and got one because the underwriter for our home loan requires it at the closing tomorrow morning. It's hard to believe that in less than twenty-four hours as I'm writing this we'll be able to move into our own house! We don't have to rush, fortunately; we paid up our rent to the end of April. Not that we haven't packed . . . oh, I'd say nearly everything we're not directly using now! It's always fun to get boxes from your local store -- I had to do that five years ago when I moved from Crescent City and
So It Has Come To This.
I have no idea what it is about the I'm bored button that brings down raters to my page. But thanks for the rate, and guess what, welcome to my blocked list. Probably the smartest thing to do, because yo u won't be getting rates and the attention you crave. You are the weakest link, goodbye.
So It's My Birthday...
How about everyone pick out 27 of their favorite pictures of mine and leave a comment that says: *SPANK* Hahaha, that would be cool. :)

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