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Something To Believe In
Believe it or not. I use to be in chior in high school and i sung this song for my final exma my senior year and got an A+, scored better than anybody else. ------------------------------------------------- Something To Believe In Will I see him on the TV Preachin' 'bout the promised land He tells me to believe in Jesus And steals the money from my hand Some say he was a good man But Lord I think he sinned, yeah Twenty-two years of mental tears Cries a suicidal Vietnam vet Who fought a losing war on a foreign shore To find his country didn't want him back Their bullets took his best friend in Saigon Our lawyers took his wife and kids, no regrets In a time I don't remember In a war he can't forget He cried "Forgive me for what I've done there Cause I never meant the things I did" Chorus: And give me something to believe in If there's a Lord above And give me something to believe in Oh, Lord arise My best friend died a lonely man In some Palm
Something To Make U Smile
A woman meets a man in a bar. They talk; they connect; they end up leaving together They get back to his place, and as he shows her around his apartment, she notices that one wall of his bedroom is completely filled with soft, sweet, cuddly teddy bears. There are three shelves in the bedroom, with hundreds and hundreds of cute, cuddly teddy bears, carefully placed in rows covering the entire wall! It was obvious that he had taken quite some time to lovingly arrange them and she was immediately touched by the amount of thought he had put into organizing the display. There were small bears all along the bottom shelf, medium-sized bears covering the length of the middle shelf, and huge, enormous bears running all the way along the top shelf. She found it strange for an obviously masculine guy to have such a large a collection of Teddy Bears, but doesn't mention this to him, and actually is quite impressed by his sensitive side. They share a bottle of wine and
Some Girly Poems....
Girl Poem A poem for us.... I shave my legs, I sit down to pee. And I can justify any shopping spree. Don't go to a barber, but a beauty salon. I can get a massage without a hard-on. I can balance the checkbook, I can pump my own gas. Can talk to my friends, about the size of my ass . My beauty's a masterpiece, and yes, it takes long. At least I can admit, to others when I'm wrong. I don't drive in circles, at any cost. And I don't have a problem, admitting I'm lost. I never forget, an important date. You just gotta deal with it, I'm usually late. I don't watch movies, with lots of gore. Don't need instant replay, to remember the score. I won't lose my hair, I don't get jock itch. And just cause I'm assertive, Don't call me a bitch. Don't say to your friends, Oh yeah, I can get her. In your dreams, my dear,
Sometimes Its Alright, But Its Never Gonna Be Right
I don't think about the future, and it happens but I'm so thirsty, I could drink the rain but I'd rather not drink today, tonight, or tommorrow morning. I just want to fuck, and smoke, and write, but I never write when I don't smoke, or drink, or fuck. its a cliche, and a joke, and a problem i've got nothing to fight I dislike more than myself.
Someday We'll Know
Ninety miles outside Chicago Can't stop driving I don't know why So many questions I need an answer Two years later you're still on my mind What ever happened to Emilia Airheart Who holds stars up in the sky It's true love just once in a lifetime Till the captain of the Titanic cry Someday we'll know if love could move a mountain Someday we'll know why the sky is blue Someday we'll know why I wasn't meant for you Does anybody know the way to Altantis Or what the wind says when she cries I'm straighten by the place that I met you For the ninety-seventh time ... tonite Someday we'll know if love could move a mountain Someday we'll know why the sky is blue Someday we'll know why I wasn't meant for you Yea yea yeah yeah Someday we'll know why Samson loved Dilaila One day I'll go dancing on the moon Someday you'll know that I was the one for you I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow I watch the stars crash in the sea If I could ask God just one qu
Some Of The Shit I've Wrote
E.S.A.D.B. (Eat Shit And Die Bitch) All your lies and endless bullshit That's all I can take of it I'd say hello, you'd say bye I'd say I love you, you'd say die Mocking me behind my back You put on a real good act I used to let it all pass But now you can just kiss my ass All my love has turned to hate Say your sorry but it's to late Nothing left for you to say Now I'm pushing you away When I look upon your face All I see is a look of disgrace Lead me on, crush my dreams In reallity nothings as it seems Now you want me to take you back Tell me what the fuck is up with that To you I have nothing more to give Because without you I can still live
Sometimes The Best Muse Is A Wish
I sit here alone in the dark Wishing for her and the spark I wait for her and long to see If we share perfect chemistry To hold and look deep in her eyes To share the wonder and surprise At two who feel loves bond grow And deep in our hearts it does show For none can guess the mind of god To try is an effort to be found odd Destiny calls and we must be Together till end of eternity By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Some Love
Chocolate said to a lollipop, "You are damn sweet". The lollipop replied "I'm Not as sweet as the person reading this"! "Ur smile makes me smile"..."ur talks make me glad"... "Ur company makes me happy"..."But ur absence makes me sad"... "Be always with me my dear friend"!!! Send this 2 all ur friends in ur list, and also back 2 me if i am ur friend...
Some Paintshop Pro Creations
These are just a few PSP creations I have done . I will post more as I get time. I couldn't get them to look right or animate when I uploaded to store as pictures. Oh and anyone is welcome right click and save as if they fine one they like although most of these have been personalized for family and friends. But hey if you share their name you're more than welcome to snag them. :)
Somethings Nevah Change:(:(
just to let you know, my pc performed an act that normally one doesn't see too often. needless to say it's not a pretty sight, hehehehehe. at te moment i am using my daughter's pc, she's gone, so what the heck. it has it's own issues, indeed. her pc. long sad story short is i'll be hit n miss until i can get my 'puter back to life and in usuable mode. hope that eveyone has a safe and happy weekend and thank you for all the love, it's awesome. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo Hosted By
Sometimes The World Seems
by Larissa Myschuk Sometimes the world seems like it's Upside-down Inside out Torn down the middle In need of arrangement Desperate for guidance Wanting direction Lacking leadership Losing patience Turning and flipping Backwards and sideways Speeding endlessly forward On a path of self-destruction And the only thing to stop it, The only thing to calm it, Is the lives of the men that Fight passionately Fall readily and Die willingly.
Some Info On My Sets...
If you would like to download my sets, please go to here and get them for free! I am looking for some feedback on them. Here is some info about each set... "It's A Beat Down" - This set is an upbeat set that has new songs as well as some favorites from the past. BPM's: 140. Please enjoy! "The Voices In My Head" - If you enjoy vocal trance, this is a must have. Almost every song has some sort of vocals in it. This set includes the likes of Benny Benassi, Madonna, Tiesto and Iio. BPM's: 130-140 "The TPS Reports Volume 1" - This is my first tag team ever with the very talented Dj plur. This set is based on our premise of TPS, which in the DJ world stands for "Total Perfection Syndrome". An 80 minute mix that fits perfectly on a CD to bump to in your car and at home! BPM's: 134-142 "Broken Kode - Clearly Misunderstood Passive Aggression" - This is my second tag team and it joins Dj DnC to form "Broken Kode". This set has a lot of vocal trance plus some breaks and c
4some Of Friends
4some fun Current mood: artistic Category: Romance and Relationships So we were al talking bout sex and shit like positions and shit and it came up to show me what you are talking about so I was showing them with you and she came over and sat next to us and you leaned over and started kissing her. Well that was cool with her so I told whats his name to come on over and started playing with her tits well before Ya know it every one is naked and kissing, touching, and playing with every one and every thing. So I tell Kathey to lay back at the end of the couch so she does and I send him around to put his cock in her mouth I start licking on her calf and working my way up her thighs while you are sucking on my cock after a few minutes into my lunch I tell you to come up here and I will show you what to do well she is so pre-occupied with his meat that she never even noticed that you were working on her and I was down on you. So anyway we al change positions after about 15 to 20 mi
Some Bitch That Says That I Am Gross
jenna@ CherryTAP fuck her if you love me go tell this bitch to fuck off she never had to look cant she read my profile??? jenna@ CherryTAP go tell her she should just hit the back button and fuck off - and not try and attempt in putting me down cuz ur words are like water under a bridge for me
Some Things To Think About
Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak? Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle? Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him? Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"? If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white? Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale? Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized? Why do people keep running over a string a dozen t
I don't know how I feel sometimes. Sometimes I feel sick, but theres no reason why Sometimes I smile, and laugh Sometimes I cry. I do all this with no reason. Or is there? Do I do everything for a reason? Do I feel everything for a reason? Answer me that? Why does this happen to me? I don't understand it, so why should you. Thanksgiving is coming up soon. I don't know what my plans will be around that time. I'm not sure if David wants to come home with me or not...If he does then he can, but if he doesn't that's fine too. . .I'm an understanding girl. All I know is that I told my family ahead of time about the possibility. I'm lonely, and I'm tired. Lonely is a normal feeling though, especially at night, night time is the worst for that feeling. It's like an empty feeling inside your gut...pulsing to get out. I should go on a walk, those calm me, they make me think. I need time to just ponder my life, and what I'm meant to do. HOw I'm meant to hel
Someone Looked Me In The Face
Someone Looked Me In the Face Brown trees, gray grass, running running don't look back the wind rustles through the trees to send a haunting mourning breeze black clouds, thunderbolts do i shake from fear or cold? hush, hush, dont dare cry times are changing by and by black water, black sun, run until i find someone the past is grim, the future bright run until the end of night it is there i hope to find my pacifiying peace of mind i'll run into your warm embrace can you look me in the face? purple trees, blue grass no more need to watch my back the wind rustles through the trees to send a calming, peaceful breeze white clouds, gentle rain you have licked my wounds of pain hush, hush, you can cry times are changing by and by crystal water, golden sun you are my sweet only one the past is grim, the future bright hold me in your arms so tight it is here that i will find my pacifying peace of mind i've run into your warm
Something Important!
Everyone that has been giving me points.... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Today is my first day on this. I have absolutely no idea what this place is or about! So... just chill I'll start to figure things out! NikiNacole!!!
Some Christmas Stuff Up In My Store!
Go check it out! Chaney's Creations
Something To Think About
Have you ever wondered which hurts the most? Saying something and wishing you hadn't?, or saying nothing and wishing you had? I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say. Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. Have you ever decided not to become a couple because you were so afraid of losing what you already had with that person? Your heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesn't. You can't tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own........when you least suspect it, or even when you don't want it to. Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but that other person was too afraid to let you ? Too many of us stay walled up because we are too afraid to care too much...for fear that the other person does not care as much, or even at all. Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear of rejection was too hard to handle? We tell lies when we are afraid... afraid of what we don't know, af
Some Classics Of Mine That I Thought I'd Share...
Junction  For every path one followshe is faced with a choicethat inevitably will cause himto create a new pathfrom the point in time in which the decision was made.And reality branches outwardseparating the "yes" from the "no";creating two parallel worldssplit by the power of one word.How will your every answermutate your life,you reality?For once a path is chosena new one cannot be takenuntil the next choice is made.So here we stand togetheron the same path;journeyed through mazesof past "yes's" and "no's"to reach this point,this junction...And the time of changeis upon us yet again.Shall we call this our realityfrom which both our answerswill shape our intertwined livesbuilding our mutual reality,our multiverse,with others who wish to sharethe same views, choices and patheven if onlyfor an intersecting moment? Succubus (2:15am) I had this dream, some vivid nightmare in it you swam naked in a seaof shattered glass which glowed deep rich red from the glare of two maroon suns that
Some Things You Just Long For
I miss the beautiful sunset I experienced in California, it was incredible. Seeing a photo that I took just brings me back to those beautiful days, the beautiful landscape - the good memories, even in confusion. I miss my future home. XOX, Bam
Some Asshole
Just a warning to my friends on here. If someone with either 951 or 909 behind thier name or from Riverside, CA comes and gives you ones or nasty comments please let me know. It is someone mad at me messing with my friends it has happened to 3 people this past week. I am sorry about this and have no clue who it is. Chris
Someone Please Help! I Am In Some Distress!
I have someone who is threatning me of my life, and my childs life. Can anyone help! CRY BABY
Someone Save Me.
Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Spiderman "I have always been standing in your doorway. Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?" What Famous Movie Kiss Are You?
Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell!
TheUnLoved has Stopped by Your Page.. TheUnLoved, Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell!
Something Good To Read....
Something good to Read.... Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. 9 Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how
Something To Think About
Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won\'t make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn\'t love you the way you want them to, doesn\'t mean they don\'t love you with all they have 4.. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can\'t have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don\'t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn\'t willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when
Some Bullshit
A former Sumner County Sheriff's deputy will face a jury charged in the death of his 19-month-old son. Tuesday morning, a judge said there was enough evidence to send Steven Rupert, Jr., to trial. Prosecutors say Rupert left his son, 19-month-old Lucas Cole, alone in a chair just a few feet away from a private pool. Rupert made a couple of runs to his car when the boy wandered into the pool and drowned. Branden Stitt, a former co-worker of Rupert's, testified he was on the phone with Rupert when the man noticed his son had left the chair. "Then, there was a quick, 'Oh my gosh!' said Stitt, "and the phone hung up." "As he was walking closer to the pool, he noticed a foot or a leg in the pool," testified Jeff Newsum, an agent with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. "As he got closer to the pool, he saw Lucas floating face up." Rupert is charged with involuntary manslaughter and a count of aggravated child endangerment. The judge said the two charges could be overlappi
Something To Forget Or Not?
Is it ok for couples to fight? Is it ok to get physical while fighting? How far should u let it go before you quite? If you fight and no one gets hurt is it ok? Or if someone does get hurt is that ok? Does it make a difference if the person who gets hurt male or female? Is it ok to hit? If you Where hit how would you react and what would happen? Would you continue with the relationship or end!Please I am just looking for others opinions on this situation and senario. So please read and leave a comment! Here is a small senario: A couple in a pretty new relationship have been haveing issues agreeing on very important things like how the disaplineing of the children should be. Well the kids where at home with the dad and while mother was at work. the kids started a fire in the house that could have turned extreme if the dad did not smell the smoke up stairs and if the fire had gotten out of the bathroom trash. the dad called the mother at work told her what happened. He told her he
Some Guys Can Say That About Them Self Lmao
Something You Should Know About Me.
To be honest.... I think you smell funny. I just thought you should know. Your mother didn't want me to say anything. She's a moron.
Something I Found Was Interesting
I was watching a TV show and it made reference to composers who all died before completing their 10th composition. So...sittin here with my laptop I decided to google it... low and behold here is what I found. I always wondered why famous composers never wrote a tenth symphony. I thought maybe they got bored and couldn’t be bothered, but no. It all started in 1827 when Beethoven died after writing nine symphonies. NSS (Ninth Symphony Syndrome) is well known to music scholars as an apparent cause of composers’ deaths. In 1828, Franz Schubert died after writing nine symphonies (his unfinished eighth is considered to be one of his greatest). Half a century later, NSS struck again this time claiming the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner, who, despite numbering two symphonies ‘0’ and ‘00’, died while working on his ninth in 1896. Classical composers became paranoid; the Czech, Anton Dvorak, cannily tried to fool the Grim Reaper by calling his ninth symphony Number Five, but still expir
Sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner and die...
Some Dumb Shit I Just Title Yet, Probably Gonna Throw It Out Anyway
Fucking dead man at roadside What once was me Shivering transient drunk and bleeding I could walk a million miles That black part of my mind reawaken Your eyes never looked so empty Break myself against your fist Victimized by the combination My unstable mind Your fucking treacherous words Destroy myself to take away your suffering This will be the last mistake I ever make So look long and hard Tell me what you see The only thing you ever had worth keeping The only thing you lost Last time I saw you Fog clouded your face into the night air I never loved you I never loved at all
Something I Was Thinking About Last Night
Something Dear To My Heart
No matter what our troubles I still love you As thought a part of me were also you Life isn’t easy but I know with out you There will be bitterness in all I do I fell the broken heavens in my heart the blight that will outlast the years of healing the darkness underearth all time and art the pain that from within there no concealing we were so much in love when we first met a river that would reach in time the sea we outht not let despair turn to regret but be through choice what love chose us to be no love can last except it be through will were wastelands in our path id love you still You are everything I ever wanted on you my future happiness depends unless I’m with you all my thought are haunted after seeing you my unease ends reason warns me that I am in danger eventually everthing must fade my love like yours is flammable in anger yet my trust is such im not afraid something in our loves more than emotion underneath each thought and each desire no
Some Funnies For You
i lost a friend the other day... he left... i miss him sooo much... i cried when i found out... i feel like apart of me is gone... i know that he's never commimg back... that makes me cry harder... i just want him to know... that i love him...
Some Poes By Me!...jane
A BRIEF MEASURE IN TIME Night whispers your name with mine. Heat, summer ,the rain and time. All a mixture to dance upon the the skin. As mends and blends and scents arises. Moans, sighs, and laughter shared for a brief measure in time. Your face, your taste,I will remember as mine. For a brief measure in time JUST FOR TODAY Just for today I wish you could understand how I feel Just for today I wish we could stop and look at each other and know how lucky we were to have each other Just for today I wish I could have told you How much I loved you , just one more time, to have you believe me Just for today I wish ,you would have loved me enough not to hurt me with words Just for today I wish I could go back in time and erase all the hurt Just for today I wish I could reach out and touch you Just for today the silence is the only sound ,letting it seep into myself making me numb Just for today the tears fall silently down my face and I wont wipe them a
..................................Oooo Some people .............( .....) come into our lives..... ) ../ and quickly go.......... (__/ oooO (..... ) .......Some people ...... ( ........become friends .....__)...... and stay a while... leaving beautiful .....Oooo footprints on our ....(...... ) hearts..........................)... / ..................................(_ _/ oooO .(..... )...... and we are ........ ( .......~ never ~ ......__) ......quite the same because we have made a good friend!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right Now - -somebody is very proud of you. -somebody is thinking of you. -somebody is caring about you. -somebody misses you. -somebody wants to talk to you. -somebody wants to be with you. -somebody hopes you aren't in trouble. -somebody is thankful for the support you have provided. -somebody wants to hold your hand
Something From George Carlin
Growing 20's They call it the "Quarter-Life Crisis." It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are many things about yourself that you did not know and may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now. You start realizing that people are selfish and that maybe those friends you thought you were so close to are not exactly the greatest people you have ever met; and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most important ones. What you do not recognize is that they are realizing that too. And that they are jsut as confused as you. Look at your it even close to what you thought you would be doing, or maybe you are looking for a job and realize that you are going to have to start from the bottom and that scares you.Your opinions have gotten stronger. You see what others are doing and find yourself judging more than ususal because su
Somebody Asked Me
the other day what do I look for in people. I kind of struggled with the question a bit cos half the time I either aint looking or dont know. I think there are three main things, intelligence, imagination and a sense of humour that preferably would be a bit twisted and dark. Also someone who can string sentences together and can hold a conversation is great.
Some Day My Prince Will Come
some one will love me someday.....and some day some one will keep me and be with me forever......but i dont know how many days i have left.......i was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer......and now the biggest thing im worried aout is never finding my soulmate.....its the truest for of unfairness.....
Something I Have Been Noticing On The Bulletins Lately
Some Quotes I Like...
These are just a few quotes that caught my eye (and mind) and I thought I'd share. Enjoy! "Anyone who clings to the historically untrue, and thoroughly immoral, doctrine that violence never settles anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence; naked force, has settled more issues in history than any other factor and the contrary is wishful thinking at it's worst. Breeds that forgot this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and with their freedoms." -Robert Heinlein A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood - Gen. George S. Patton I base my calculations on the expectation that luck will be against me. - Napolean Work fast, learn slow. Work slow, learn fast. - Maestro Ramon Martinez The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke Those who for
Some Signs That You, Yourself, May Be A Redneck Pagan...
Some signs that you, yourself, may be a Redneck Pagan... If your ceremonial garb consists of cut-offs and a tube top, Or if you think a "family tradition" is a dating club... If you've reached the 3rd degree but not the 3rd grade, Or if your coven's secret names for the God and Goddess are "Cooter" and "Sweet Cheeks"..... You may be a redneck Pagan. If your ceremonial chalice says "Budweiser" on it... If chewing tobacco is considered a sacred herb... If your circle dance includes the words "dosey-do", Or if your altar pentacle is a photo of John Wayne's star on the Hollywood "Walk Of Fame"..... You may be a redneck Pagan. Now if your coven chose it's High Priest at a belching contest, Or if they chose their High Priestess at a wet t-shirt night... If your annointing oil smells like "Old Spice"... And if you have ever refilled your chalice from a keg... You may be a redneck Pagan. If your Goddess picture says "Miss September" at the bottom, Or your God statue lo
Someone Was Mentioning....
that all of my blogs are like who wants a fully boring positive blog.... alrighty then lets see... I'm happy a lot of the time, I just dont' always look like it. I have a wonderful boyfriend named David, and have 2 dogs 2 cats a bunny 2 hampsters fish and things like that. I love life, I couldn't live without my friends that's who sustain me. They make life possible to bear. David drove my car last night, it was funny....he's only driven one other time in his life, so I let him, it was late at night in the back roads, and he let loose. Pretty funny if you ask me. There was a cop behind us, so I made him pull over, I didn't want him driving near any other cars anyway. I went to Karen's house sometime over the weekend, and I jumped in her bed, he sheets are soooo soooo soft, I couldn't get out. And then David left us in the bed to go downstairs to talk to her mom. Sleep is limited for me now, just because I have so much to do without any time. And my
Some Internal Wisdom To Share
written on my 21st bday the world around us dissolves to the touch of fear, expands to the heart of enlightenment. may the journey be fufilled, the thought of life surrounds a single stepping stone to the expansion of the mind. fear not , fear exceeds all recongnition, all placement and all hope. fear itself is home, the thought our existence, unknown. to master fear, is to understand the contentment of it.
Some Things On My Chest
you know i hate when you bust your balss for people help them level out uses all your posting all the time for them but wjhen it comes down for them to help you . its like ok wwe will do it later i just figured out that your cant belive nothing any more but hey so i probly be crawling back in to my hole doing my art and running one of the best station on the net but hey who am i aperently im none tony
Somebody Wake Me From This Nightmare
I can't escape this hell So many times i've tried But i'm still caged inside Somebody get me through this nightmare I can't control myself So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I have become Help me believe it's not the real me Somebody help me tame this animal (This animal, this animal) I can't escape myself (I can't escape myself) So many times i've lied (So many times i've lied) But there's still rage inside Somebody get me through this nightmare I can't control myself So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I have become Help me believe it's not the real me Somebody help me tame this animal I have become Help me believe it's not the real me Somebody help me tame this animal Somebody help me through this nightmare I can't control myself Somebody wake me from this nightmare I can't escape this hell (This animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this anima
Some Advice...
Don't date because you are desperate. Don't marry because you are miserable. Don't have kids because you think your genes are superior. Don't philander because you think you are irresistible. Don't associate with people you can't trust. Don't cheat. Don't lie. Don't pretend. Don't dictate because you are smarter. Don't demand because you are stronger. Don't sleep around because you think you are old enough & know better. Don't hurt your kids because loving them is harder. Don't sell yourself, your family, or your ideals. Don't stagnate! Don't regress. Don't live in the past. Time can't bring anything or anyone back. Don't put your life on hold for possibly Mr. Right. Don't throw your life away on absolutely Mr. Wrong because your biological clock is ticking. Learn a new skill. Find a new friend. Start a new career. Sometimes, there is no race to be won, only a price to be paid for some of life's more hasty decisions.
Someone Rated All Of My Pictures A 1!
How can I figure out who it was. That makes me so mad! No one's that ugly, I mean come on...
Something Very Cool!
a href="" target="new">
Someone Rated Your Profile A '7'!
Seriously? Cuz I sorta thought my profile was a '10 I mean look at it. Its simple and it isnt overloaded with 10 million graphics...::sighs::
Something You Should Know.
I am very open and honest, so here goes: I have the worlds smallest penis. I charge $5.00 to see it and $1.00 to touch it. I have a problem saying NO to women so I tend to get into trouble a lot. Considering my problems I have had to become very good at giving ORAL to women. I also tend to be shy around beautiful women because I am afraid they will laugh at me. I am kind of sensitive but I have met some very sweet and caring women that make me feel better about myself.
Sometimes A Smile.....
Sometimes a smile is all someone needs to brighten their day. Case in point, today I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute items for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I got into line where an Assistant Manager was at the register. I was watching him interact with the customers ahead of me in line and I was taken aback at how callus this man seemed. I remember when I worked there I would greet the customer as I began checking him or her out and I would thank them as I gave them change or their receipt. But here was an assistant manager, the face of Wal-Mart, not greeting his customers, not thanking them, not telling them to have a nice day. He began checking me out and said nothing except to tell me what my total was. I handed him my money and waited for him to give me the change. As he handed me my change, I smiled at him and said, "Happy Thanksgiving". He looked back up and smiled and said thank you. I can't help but think that perhaps a smile and a warm wishing was all this man n
3 Some
We are looking for a sexy, young, sweet thing to have some fun with. It's been very difficult to find. we want someone thats outgoing and up for anything and likes to party. Check out our profile and send us a message if you're up to it. We look forward to hearing from you!
Something To Think About.......
something to think about the next time you think about your freedoms and rights...... It is the Soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of press. It is the Soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the Soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the Soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who gives the protester the right to burn the flag. so next time you wanna bitch about your rights and freedoms, or think it all just comes with being an american remember you only have them because of the soldiers that fight for this country and all ya'll that live here. THANK A VET!!!!
Something I Cant Deny
something i cant deny dont ask me why a cherry makes me so very happy its scary oh shit oh dam how come a man can get hit with this like blam i need a fan im hot from this feelin i got on the top of my head my heart wont stop from floatin im hopin theres more to life then chokin and death let my breath reach new heights fuck all the old fights lets all party Cherry style on these chill nights
Something About Fake Love
love is meaningless well these day and ages is a false remembrance to embrace companionship but its mostly compared in par se betrayal in lies and triffling females and males alike who are in lust they cant define it into words and say docile you try n selcude but relationships art based on trust and verbal communications enforcing the predicate of the movement however its a word of an understatement to say the least for all of you art unfaithful now your just inadequate in the knowledge of that emotions for its to complex for the average mind to comprehend i speak to tha atmosphere wonder then i blink once i see your face in the sky smiling down at meh telling me you love me your adoring persona is so consuming me on the inside a spirit whispers into meh while i look in your eyes of your picture i think to myself then i start to cry mesmerized shadowed by your big heart sheltering our fears pulling you closer in my dreams that far star in the zodiac awakens me trusting confort you
Some Things Ive Written
NO LONGER Creeping past the crept of despair a world of pretense hanging on to hope walking through a mind numbing fog of paranoia Shirking back under the rock of self control A scrape book of anger to remember all that went wrong Drowning in a life of make believe with locks on the doors Two faces with little time, lost in an illusion and self pity Tired of lies without penalties that torch the roads of recovery Burnt out and hung over with all that is Hazing the world with the truth that no one seems to want welcoming me home to what once was and now no longer Lost in a tomb of dreams and so tired of living with someone Else's point of view. copyright JMS RELEASE .. Splashed across like a cheap horror show. It flows evenly with the start. At once with the first slash it trickles down. Unable to feel what this shit fucked life has become. I hold with steady hands the razor blade to my skin. A little harder a little deeper I cut. Bold and bright colors t
3 Somes
no strings unless you want them we just wana have fun and we hope you (sexy female) do too!
Some One Plz Talk To Me
will some one plz talk to me i am so fuckin board its not funny and my life sux so some one talk to me
Somebodies Watching!
somebodys watching Hope. Everybody needs hope Some kind of peace of mind That they can call their own And everybody needs love Just a little trust 'Cause sometimes eatin', sleepin', breathin' Just ain't enough As long as the truth is on the table As long as there's kindness down the line Like the little babies in the cradle We'll be fine 'Cause I believe Somebody's out there watchin' Somebody's out there watchin' I believe Somebody's out there watchin' Somebody's out there watchin' Over me Dreams. Everybody needs dreams All the joy and happiness That the good life brings Everybody needs freedom Everybody needs touch Somewhere to lay their heads When it gets to be too much Got enough time to last forever Got enough faith to get us home We're never gonna die and go to heaven All alone 'Cause I believe Somebody's out there watchin' Somebody's out there watchin' I believe Somebody's out there watchin' Somebody's out there watchin' Over me Hidden f
A friend of mine opened his wife's underwear drawer and picked up a silk paper wrapped package: "This, - he said - isn't any ordinary package." He unwrapped the box and stared at both the silk paper and the box. "She got this the first time we went to New York , 8 or 9 years ago. She has never put it on, was saving it for a special occasion. Well, I guess this is it. He got near the bed and placed the gift box next to the other clothing he was taking to the funeral house, his wife had just died. He turned to me and said: "Never save something for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion". I still think those words changed my life. Now I read more and clean less. I sit on the porch without worrying about anything.I spend more time with my family, and less at work. I understood that life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through. I no longer keep anything. I use crystal glasses every day. I'll wear new clothes to go to the supe
Somehting For Everyone!!!
I know some of you may not find this interesting and others may be all up for it!!! I have a website up and open for pic and vid contests!!! There are different age groups and different contests available!!! Every contests is separated into sex and age groups!!! Now I want you all to read the rules listed at the top of the page when you get to the contest website!! Startng January 1st 2007 the contest will be on and a winner will be anounced!!! You have to register and enter the contests!!! In order to do that you must go to the website and join in!!! You will see that you can camment, rate and add pics after you register!! The more the better the fun!!! You can also tell me a contest that should be added and i will try to get it added on as soon as possible!!! All winners will be anounced first on the station and then posted!!! Some have asked me on how they can listen in to the station and thats a good question!!! You will see a link shown bellow and once you get to the site, b
Something For Everyone!!!
I know some of you may not find this interesting and others may be all up for it!!! I have a website up and open for pic and vid contests!!! There are different age groups and different contests available!!! Every contests is separated into sex and age groups!!! Now I want you all to read the rules listed at the top of the page when you get to the contest website!! Startng January 1st 2007 the contest will be on and a winner will be anounced!!! You have to register and enter the contests!!! In order to do that you must go to the website and join in!!! You will see that you can camment, rate and add pics after you register!! The more the better the fun!!! You can also tell me a contest that should be added and i will try to get it added on as soon as possible!!! All winners will be anounced first on the station and then posted!!! Some have asked me on how they can listen in to the station and thats a good question!!! You will see a link shown bellow and once you get to the site, b
Somehting For Everyone!!!
I know some of you may not find this interesting and others may be all up for it!!! I have a website up and open for pic and vid contests!!! There are different age groups and different contests available!!! Every contests is separated into sex and age groups!!! Now I want you all to read the rules listed at the top of the page when you get to the contest website!! Startng January 1st 2007 the contest will be on and a winner will be anounced!!! You have to register and enter the contests!!! In order to do that you must go to the website and join in!!! You will see that you can camment, rate and add pics after you register!! The more the better the fun!!! You can also tell me a contest that should be added and i will try to get it added on as soon as possible!!! All winners will be anounced first on the station and then posted!!! Some have asked me on how they can listen in to the station and thats a good question!!! You will see a link shown bellow and once you get to the site, b
3 Some
My bofriend and I are looking for sexy young female to join us for a new sexual experience. I've never been with a woman before, but would like to see if what everyone says is could say that I am extremelt bi-curious. We are in a serious relationship....we've been together for 5 years. He is EXTREMELY HOT and SEXY! I like to think that I'm not so bad myself. He would also LOVE to watch and maybe get some action too! We are in Tampa....but if anyone is nearby we would travel a little bit. We love to have fun and are very sexual people. We loave anything and everything. Check out our profile and pics...and if you're interested let us know. We have some pics we're willing to trade if you're interested. We'd like to get to know you first and see what happens. There is no commitment, or strings attached....who knows maybe if it works out it could become more then a one time thing. Just remember....he'e mine!! lol! but i'll share him with the right long as I get some to!
Someone On Cam Now?
Tell me;-)
Somethings I Remember From My
Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at
Something A Friend Sent To Me In An Email Today
A Different Christmas Poem Please Read This. The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A
Some Good News I Think...
My ex-boyfriend wants me back. Our commication got so much better after he broke up with me. I started to open up more to him about my feelings, and pain. He said that's all he wanted was for me to open up to him, but I was really affriad to, because I was fresh out of a one-year relationship once I got with him. I was scared of getting my heartbroken. He said that I pushed him away, and pushed him to that girl. However, his parents said that he can't have a girlfriend right now because of his hockey, he's got to concentrait on that. He told me that he started fucking up after he broke up with me. Yesterday, he's mentioned getting back together with me, but keepin' it on the downlow. He said that he would be thinking about me at his game lastnight, and he said that he played the best game of his life. So I think he's going to want me back for sure. The thing is I'm scared. He hurt me really bad last time, what if he does it again? I feel like I'm just letting him walk all
I saw this in my bulletins and well it just fits.. Hope you enjoy. I LOVE YOU!! At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep. You mean the world to someone. If not for you, someone may not be living. You are special and unique. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later you will get it. Always remember the compliments you recevied. Forget about the rude remarks. Always tell someone how you feel about t
Some Sing
some sing, some die, and some cry. this can only leave us asking why. why do i do the latter of them. some times this just leaves my life dim. then there is an angel that appears unto me with her light shining so bright. her light renews my sight. now looking foward to brighter days ahead and asking myself will this angel ever be mine. or will i always order only a single glass of wine.
Something I Wrote Tonight 112706.... Please Dont Rip
A junkie is the last word you said to me I ran away twisted the hot glass between my fingers till the burning i could no longer take you found me behind my favorite rose garden, tangled in the prickly branches the horror on your face as you watched me sink into abyss with my last make believe hit I breath nothing but tainted smoke after burn and without fail strike it up again holding onto a flicker that something may come. As you stand there staring at the nothing i have become Red hot burst and glass fly everywhere Some cut my lip and you smear the blood away. we both cry You kneel over me and pick the few out of my hair You take my hands and pull me out. You untangle my soul from the thorns gnawing at whats left of me you carry me home, all the while telling me you love me but you hate what i have become. "CHANGE" whispers in the summer wind. I agree in hopes to passify your heart once more and make you stay, when what i truly w
Something Happen You All Should Know
Ok Friday is my doctors appointment and when I went out there to get the bag of clothes my mom said that I was kicked out.. so now I don't have a computer over my other grandma house so my sister alisha is going to check my cherry tap while I am gone.. Just to let you all know what is going on with me ok.. I think it is bullshit the way my mom is to me.. I hate her.. well I have to go bye bye.. Amber
3some Agreement
“3 Some PRE-BOOTY CALL AGREEMENT” This pre-booty call agreement, hereinafter called the AGREEMENT, is made between _________________ and ________________ and_______________three consenting adults. This AGREEMENT is entered into this ______________ Day of ___________, 2005. The following conditions shall apply to both parties unless otherwise agreed to by both parties: 1. No sleeping over. 2. No meeting in public. 3. No calls before 12:00 am. 4. None of that "lovemaking" shit. 5. No emotional discussions. (Example: Where are we headed with this? You know where it's headed - to the bedroom only!) 6. No plans made in advance... that's why you're called the backup! 7. No non-sexual gifts. 8. No baby talk (dirty talk is encouraged). 9. No calling for chit-chat between booty calls. 10. No asking for comparisons with former lovers (in fact, no conversation is better!). 11. No kissing, It's too intimate. 12. No calling each other "friend
Something To Think About
Ok everyone this was posted on a site from a friend of mine a really good friend of mine that I have known forever and it gave me a little insite on not only relationships but also on friendships. Thanks Steve So I thought that I got the priviliage of getting the insite and the words of wisdom from him i would share it with the friends on my myspace!!! So many people take for granted what they have and before you know it ist is gone and welll let me tell your from experience, IT SUCKS. So live life to the day for your friends, family and loved ones!!! Don't take anyone or anything for granted!! Recently I did a Myspace survey and one of the questions was who was your first REAL Love. I thought about how to answer this question since lately the words Real and Love haven't fit together so well. I took the short and politically correct answer in the interest of time and space on a short survey and answered Tanya, Kelli, and Shannon. While my answer was truthfull it was also flawed in
Something To Offend Damn Near Everybody....
Where does an Irish family go on vacation? ~ A different bar. *Did you hear about the Chinese couple that had a retarded baby? ~They named him "Sum Ting Wong". *What would you call it when an Italian has one arm shorter than the other? ~ A speech impediment. *What does it mean when the flag at the Post Office is flying at half mast? ~ They're hirin' *Why do drivers education classes in Redneck schools use the car only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays? ~ Because on Tuesday and Thursday, the Sex Ed class uses it. *What's the difference between a southern zoo and a northern zoo? ~ A southern zoo has a description of the animal on the front of the cage, along with a recipe. *How do you get a sweet little 80-year-old lady to say fuck? ~Get another sweet little 80-year-old lady to yell * BINGO * ! *What's the Cuban national anthem? ~ "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" *What's the difference between a northern fairytale and a southern fairytale? ~ A northern fairytal
Something I Found
SOMETHING I FOUND . THOUGHT IT WAS WORTH ADDING. 'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stockings by mantle, just boots filled with sand, on the wall hung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, A sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, I found the home of a soldier, once I could see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder, not how I pictured a United States Solider. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this night, owed their lives to th
Something Like
i am the god of your silence the fix for your addiction Im the plan that never fails the taste of retribution falling off your wagon drunk on me some kind of feeling something like hate never leaves the deep seed never shuts the gate a name not spoken and words not said a lie to make us give poison to make us dead a forgiving soul comes to speak filling your cup until your full cry a little more its you I will adore cry a little more rest in the death of truth passion's what you live for
Some Of Use Got Deleted
AS U KNOW SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DELETED LATELY... HERE IS A FEW ADD US, RATE US, CHECK OUT OUR PICS!!!!♥MARIA♥SEXY NUDE LETTE♥@ CherryTAP,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸-(_sªpÞhï®ê_)-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸@ CherryTAPVICKY-Please Rate My Profile@ CherryTAPFallen Angel 2 Rising Devil@ CherryTAPTHANX 4 UR TIME!!!!
Sometimes I Look At You
Sometimes I look at you Sometimes I look at you and I do not recognize you. I study your features with my fixed gaze and meditate on your soul. Sometimes I look at you and wonder why God created a person such as you, why God chose those specific facial facets, those particular curves of your body, the soft texture of your hair, the smooth hue of your skin, the length of your arms and the bass of your voice. Sometimes I look at you and can see only you and nothing else around you. My eyes penetrate your skin and see your mind, your heart, your soul and the life of bliss and the idyll world that I so often conjured. Sometimes I look at you and I wonder how God knew that I would truly love every piece of you, and how God could create the life that I once thought was only a dream.
Some Things To Ponder
1. The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow. 2. Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail. 3. If you don't have a sense of humor, you probably don't have any sense at all. 4. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs. 5. A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water. 6. How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night? 7. Business conventions are important because they demonstrate how many people a company can operate without. 8. Why is it that at class reunions you feel younger than everyone else looks? 9. Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. 10. No one has more driving ambition than the boy who wants to buy a car. 11. There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity. 12. There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 AM. It could be a right number. 13. Th
Somebody’s Eyes
She said she can tell who Iam when she looks into my eyes I tell her that’s a big fat lie For I wonder what could she possibly see When her eyes stares back at me Iam completely different can you tell? She hid things from all and She rebels She don’t let me get close for me see Her heart has too many enemies I don’t know how you feel I don’t drive the front of your wheel I can’t imagine why you lust for love Because that’s the place where you can reach above Why do women think they can define me by walking into my life Your eyes are visible when they are covered by the night She said she can tell who I am as she looks into my eyes But in mind I say that’s a big fat lie
Some Have Nothing
Be it ever so humble There’s no place Like home Sadly Some have no home To call Their own Torn and tattered clothes Holes in their shoes No food No warm place to sleep Sadly many people Live on The streets Parking lots Or storefronts Maybe inside A cardboard box Is where They make Their home They carry Everything they own Which is not much As they roam The streets Both day and night Looking for food And shelter For the night Donated clothes From area Churches Some that don’t fit right But they are thankful For these clothes That help keep them Warm at night Searching through dumpsters And trash cans Looking for food to eat A half eaten lunch or dinner That people like you and I Throw out It’s a meal to them Sometimes The only one they eat That day Some push Around shopping carts Looking for cans to collect So they can cash them in And get some things They need True So
Some More Thoughts
you know,i posted a couple of bulletins to ask for some help to level up,the first one, no one even read,i hardley ever ask for help,but sometimes it just seems like it takes so long to get to the next level,so it helps sometimes to get a little help to get there,heck im only on 8,and i dont think i will ever make it to level 9 more less any higher.i love ct,and i thought i had made some good friends here,and there are a couple that do help me when i ask,and i dont like to ask.mabey im not high enough in the rankings to ask for help,but it isnt something i do everyday.but it doesnt matter,i will get there sooner or later,i still love ct,and all my friends...
Some Things To Ponder
Some things to ponder 1. The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow. 2. Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail. 3. If you don't have a sense of humor, you probably don't have any sense at all. 4. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs. 5. A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water. 6. How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night? 7. Business conventions are important because they demonstrate how many people a company can operate without. 8. Why is it that at class reunions you feel younger than everyone else looks? 9. Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. 10. No one has more driving ambition than the boy who wants to buy a car. 11. There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity. 12. There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 AM. It could be a right num
Someone Hacked My Account!
Something Funny
It's been rough lately...I have so much to do with school that I'm losing touch with people and it isn't because I want to. But this made me feel loads better...I just needed a good laugh I guess! lol FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE PHILOSOPHY OF AMBIGUITY 1. Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. 2. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor... 3. Atheism is a non-prophet organization. 4. If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes? 5. The main reason santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live. 6. I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, "whereʼs the self-help section?" She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose. 7. What if there were no hypothetical questions? 8. If a deaf person swears, does his mother wash his hands with soap? 9. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage
I need someone in my life Who will care for me As much as I will care for him I want someone who will love me For who I am And who will see all the love I have To give I need someone who is not afraid Of showing me who He really is I need someone who will not Run away when he discovers My true colors this someone is you
Someone Has To Say It!!!
WITH ALL THE DRAMA I GOT CAUGHT UP IN, ABOUT THE NSFW, AND STEPPING BACK AND REALIZING THE PRESSURE THE STAFF IS PROBABLY UNDER from us, and others. Also the fact that, yes I have in the past, stressed over points and leveling up, with all things considered, I have this to say: I reposted a lot of Bulletins for people, a lot were very important, a lot were from friends, real friends here that I will continue to. I have re-posted Drama, no MORE! I have friends that have me on their list STRICTLY to get POINTS. I am much too busy for that. I NEVER said I wouldn't rate profiles, and pictures. I Said: IF THE ONLY,O-N-L-Y REASON that you have me as a friend is to get points, PLEASE DELETE ME. I am not here for that I have helped people out, people have helped me out that I still have to get to. This is because of the Leeches. wASTING TIME ON THESE PEOPLE WHEN I COULD HAVE BEEN RATING PEOPLE THAT HAVE HELPED ME OR REALLY BEFRIENDED ME! Yes something has me "ticked off" toni
Some Other Places That You Can Find Me On The Net!
Other than, My MSN Fanclub and my Yahoo Fanclub, here are some other sites you can sometimes find me on... feel free to add me as a friend if you're already on any of these sites. Enjoy your day! Melanie - Winner of GAME #5 - 2006 My MySpace page. My Hi5 page. My profile on Savvy. Also go to the ISH tab and vote for me in the "Is She Hot?" contest. Thanks! My YouTube page. Join my Frappr map!
Some Wisdom From Gilby
1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. 2. Don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often. 3. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car. 4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. 5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before. 6. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. 7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious. 8. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission. 9. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program. 10. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip. 11. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks. 12. A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good. 13. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway. 14. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it
Something Deep
For only being 19,I have learned a lot as time has gone by.Things dont always turn out they way you want and they never are what you think they are.In one day,your whole life can change.And you wont have a say in the matter.You wont even know what happened.But that is all that it takes.One day for your life to become something else.What seemed to matter to you before,only seems like a childish game in the past.And that is basically all that it was.A childish game.Looking back at my 19 years on this planet, it has had a lot of good and bad times.A lot of ups and a lot of downs.But thats the thing.You have to take the good with the bad.No matter how good something can be, there will always be something bad to follow.Ive put people through things they should have never encountered.Ive made my parents go on trips to hell and back pleanty of times when all they were trying to do was help me out and look out for me.They didnt deserve an eighth of the things they have gone through.I know I ca
Some Jokes From A Myspace Friend
A young virgin marries a Greek man and before the wedding her father tells her that, being Greek, her husband may ask her to turn the other way in bed one day, but that she doesn't have to do it if she doesn't want to. Sure enough, after a couple of months, her husband asks her to turn over one night and she says, " No, my father said I don't have to do this." Her husband says "OK, that's fine by me, but I thought you wanted children." ========== Three friends die in a car accident, and upon their arrival to heaven, they are all asked one question "When you are in your casket and family and friends are mourning upon you, what would you like to hear them say about you?" The first man says, "I would like to hear them say that I was a great doctor of my time, and a great family man." The second man says, "I would like to hear that I was a wonderful husband and school teacher who made a huge difference in our children of tomorrow." The last man replies: "I would l
Someday I will have what is rightfully mine... money, success, love, happiness, the whole nine yards... and mark my words, I will do whatever it takes to achive those goals and obtain what should be mine...
Something To Entertain You....
So, yeah... i got my grades on tuesday... i guess i really need to rethink success or something... I failed yet another class... that makes 3 classes out of the 6 that Ive taken (not counting the 2 im in now) that ive failed. One was because I ditched it and neglected to withdraw. I dont know what im going to do... I really dont... To top it off the school called wednesday and theres a problem with my fincial aid or something.. Ive been enrolled since July and this is now almost Decemeber!!! What the fuck... to top it off I dont even know if they ever found my immunization records. They keep bitching to me about where I park my truck... hello that thing is like 18 feet long... you find me a place to park it so that it doesnt keep getting hit by the fucking morons that attend this goddamn school that cant drive or park!!! I'm seriously contemplating dropping out... and getting my education elsewhere. I used to like the school... but now im not so sure. The failing of classes isnt be
Something I Agree With
Lo, there do I see my father Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning Lo, they do call to me They bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla Where the brave may live. Forever.
Some More Interesting Facts About Your Sign:
The symbol associated with your sign is the water bearer, it is symbolic of the Gods nourishing the earth with life giving energies. One of the first to be called the water bearer was the Greek God Zeus in mythology. The color of choice for Aquarius is TURQUOISE TURQUOISE The beautiful Turquoise is your starstone. The name comes from the French "turquoise", which means "Turkey" as in the original localities in Persia (today Iran). Since before 4000 BC Turquoise has been used and coveted. It can be pure in color or may contain secondary minerals. If the matrix forms a pattern of interlocking polygons it is called "spider-web" turquoise. --------------------------------------------- RE: STARSTONE CONTROVERSY There is, and always have been, a controversy over "starstones". Starstones are NOT birthstones. I give you here in these pages the stones that are called your starstones, (planet stones), which vibrates the strongest to your planet or sign, NOT to the m
Sometimes My Imagination Gets The Best Of Me...
...And I find myself lost in my fantasies. One in particular is set in your office downtown, and I'm scheduled to interview for a job. You're sitting down in one of those plush leather desk chairs and staring at me as I enter. While I approach you, my eyes focus on the bulge in your jeans, and I start feeling warm between my legs. There's something in your gaze that's getting me hotter, and I lean over, look you in the eyes and say, "No disrespect to you but the way you're looking at me right now is getting me wet." Suddenly you grab me and kiss me hard, our tongues tangling. Your hands are in my hair. I'm biting your lip. Your squeezing my breasts. Then, with your hands still in my hair, you pull me away from your face, and start pushing me down. I know exactly what to do next. I kneel between your legs, pulling up your shirt, licking your belly, while my fingers work on first your belt buckle, then the button and zipper of your pants. As I peel off your pants, your
Something I Didn't Know Before...
Contractions hurt REALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY bad and I might end up going to the hospital if they keep it up, I'm not suppose to go this early but who knows, it might be baby time. I'll kepp ya'll posted..
Some Skills
I had to add the New York skyline before the attack I'm going back, like Uptowns not Air Force Ones and cooked crack I'm back, those who lack or dont like take a hike I'm about to get ill on the muffugin mic, showing the flow that you already know I'm a pro, burning wack mc's by 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 at the door Lyrical homicide, watch the chalk line contaminating the evidence lyrical bullets spent when I vent, MC's nah rappers gotta pack a lunch for this event. Yall aint ready for this kids more Steady than B but not from Philly The B-X is where I represent, Atlanta is the home so what you expect 2 musical meccas here to wreck step to my throne and get cha shit wet up shut the f*** up. listen up, youngsta when ya talking to a genius Check the pedigree 3 decades apple, 1 in the peach city My 2 homes we'll crush ya dome from north to south anyone wanna know? This flow is not for the meek I mean weak, it comes from dirty up north grime a southern coun
Something I Wrote For Writer's Craft Back In Highschool. That's Right, I Was Weird Then Too.
As I opened the door to the cold, I saw a small, helpless figure cowering in the corner. It seemed to tremble and shake slightly as I came upon it's situation. It was surrounded, outnumbered by the brooding force of a foreign gang. I watched as the antagonists moved in unstable and and unbalanced towards their tiny prey. I quickly took action and grabbed the hom from the danger. I held his frail being in my hands for awhile, and glared at the others in shame. I then closed the vegetable door locking the apples in their drawer, closed the fridge and then ate the fragile kiwi.
2 Someone Iam Srry
I finally tols you exzacally how I felt and Now I wish I wouldnt have! Iam sorry for the way I feel! I miss you so much and Iam srry for that! I give up tho...I finally know what you think of me and I give up I feel like giving up on everything I just want to not be here really....Iam sorry I fucked up..Iam sorry 4 fuckin everything but I cant help how i fell.. Love you always, Mandy Music Video Codes By Music
Some Tunes From Back East...
Hey there peoples! Just letting anyone who reads my BLOGS know that some of my Boyz from back East just started a new band. They call themselves : Hi Def Herpeez They're Wicked Pissah, so click this link and check 'em out! If you like Heavy Metal/Hard Rock then you should enjoy it as much as I do!
Sometimes I Wonder...
I am the tpye of person that will bend over backwards to help someone... I never ask for anything in return... just respect... yet...sometimes I wonder if ppl play on a good nature person... Has the time come in this world to just take and take? not caring? no respect? lying to get what they want, telling you what they think you want to hear...then poof your invisible .......until the next time... wondering if others get this alot in their lives, how do you deal........? Im locking the
Some Much For Everything?
Ah.... there are times I'm mad I stopped drinking.... Well, I didn't completely necessary stop all.... Just Whiskey drinking and all the hard stuff. Some of you might know what happen as to why I stopped... But sure I still have beer and such... but even that I stopped doing a whole lot of... Like wine a glass maybe for a social occasion or something now.... I guess my vices since I quit smoking besides girls..... is cigars. I don't know.... I sure could use a glass of Johnnie Walker right now. I mean to the top! of the glass. Due to reasons.... But oh well... Hope you all have a great month! Xmas is right around the corner. So I hope you all have a great holiday be safe.... Enjoy your time.... Let the people you love or like and care about them.... let them know you do. So well, that's been a minute and I've be me. Signed me.... Jim...
Something To Think About...
Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man / woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we final
Sometimes I Forget - (rough Draft)
Sometimes I forget that there once was a you that your name ever crossed my lips Sometimes I forget That there was ever a time When I was happy and content There must have been good days not only bad There must have been laughter as well as tears But, Sometimes I forget All that time All those years You took away my childhood you stole away my soul But, Sometimes I forget when I do I am complete I am whole When I remember The mask that I wear The facade that I have constructed Falls away, crumbles am I am left with what remains A frightened little girl who knows nothing of love except for what you taught me A shivering, cowering mass under the comforter Hoping that this night I will get to sleep all night through When I remember the flood gates open from the deepest darkest recesses of my memories And I relive the fear the pain the humiliation but sometimes I am lucky I get to pretend I am normal and play at being a wh
Someone Needs A Jacket.
My family is so insane sometimes. My dad is in the shower like singing 'hurry down... come down... hurry up... I'm down... babab baa uhhh' (directly quoted JUST now)
Some Slideshows I've Done...
Some Other Slideshows I've Done.
This is so sweet . . S O M E T I M E S Sometimes... when you cry... no one sees your tears. Sometimes... when you are in pain... no one sees your hurt. Sometimes... when you are worried... no one sees your stress. Sometimes... when you are happy... no one sees your smile. - - - - - - - - - - But FART!! just ONE time... And everybody knows!! Gotcha!! You thought it was going to be one of those heart-touching stories!
Some Give Some Some Give All
Im in this life of chances and fucked up surcomstances. Try to be happy and not take in sometimes how fucked up life is. Im eighteen and still a kid. Should I have to pay for what others did? Their wrongs shall not be my wrongs. Ill make everything right and hopefully it wont take long. If it so happens that I cant become greater than them. Dont judge me by my house or by my money. Judge me for me and not by what you think is funny. Ive been through alot that nobody truly understands. Thats why I have this pain in my chest and the blood on my hands. Blood from the tears that Ive shed. The tears when I lay in my bed. The sheets are now tinted with red. By tomorrow you will have forgotten everything that Ive said. The pain with still be with the blood that ive bled. Hope is the will power to keep on going without even knowing the challenges that lay onward. This whole life things seems kinda awkward. But I stay strong and move on to the sound of gods word. Somethings in this life
Some Last Words....
and in the midst of a tired eye i long for my slumber the night will cradle me as does, shall it you; please close your outer thoughts and retrieve to the inn you'll find solace there and there, with Him, will begin.... good night all, and i'm going to leave youwith my favorite prayer, i've loved it since i was a little girl. my mother used to say it to us before bed: now i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord, my soul to keep thy love be with me through the night and wake me with the morning light but if i die before i wake, i pray the lord, my soul to take. god bless you all, inthe name of your son, jesus christ, amen... just so you all know, i am a strong believer in god, and do accept jesus as my savior and lord, and that is who i am. take it or leave it. in the end, it's him and i. same with the rest of you. don't ever forget it.
Some More Quizzes
You scored as piper. your piper your married to leo and your a kick ass whichpiper67%pru50%leo42%paige33%pheobe25%which charmed character are youcreated with ******************************************************************************************** You scored as You are an Angel of Pain. You are the Angel of Sadness. You have been hurt many times in your lifetime, if you could call it that. You are in an almost constant state of depression because of the hurt. You fell in love and they were either taken from you or chose another instead!You are an Angel of Pain88%You are half Fallen/ half Light Angel!38%You are an Angel of Beauty38%Angel o
Some Call Me...
Sometimes I wish I could run and take you away with me, the way we seem so good together, or the way we laugh so hard our cheeks turn red. The reason I stay up late at night sometimes is because we laugh so hard and because good friends are so hard to come by. We'd laugh and throw our heads back clutching our stomachs not being able to breath and telling each other to stop making the other laugh so hard our sides began to ache. I miss the laughter, but it's like you went and poofed away in the blink of an eye, my night owl. You're like a best friend, but the distance between us makes it only a friendship to be grasped to so tightly our fingers start to hurt. I wish we could stroll along a busy street lost in our own silly laughter and just allow ourselves to breathe for the moment in our childlike antics. Isn't it fun sometimes to have a moment when we can feel like a kid again, carefree, and oblivious to anything but the beating joy in our hearts? Hmm, I wish we could j
Sometimes I Just Wanna Strangle My Ex
GODS i want to strangle the exmonster right now. I was so worried for hours.. He brought my kids home over 3 hours late today from there weekend visit. He is on a quick path to me puttin my foot up his ass. He wants me to drop back child support arrearages in exchange for him not taking the kids for the next two summers.. OK i can handle that but there should be some other things offered in that too! This whole deal is nothing but one fucked up mind game to him.. Peeps do ursleves a favor... if you dont have kids becareful who you have them with.. if you do have kids I hope that your marriages last atleast till the last one turns 18 because custody disputes FUCKING STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Something I Can't Do
Empty mind and hollow soul There is nothing left to withdrawal Now it’s final, now it’s the end No room for dreams to grow, to extend All alone suspend, in an awful foggy weather Standing there waiting for my lover Sharing fear and cold their lingering hours Oh.. I have no power for waiting more Having nothing left of me my considerate lover But freezing organs and a tortured soul My desires, my dreams, I dropped them all Now I’ll collect my pieces and go home May be it’s hard for you to find That I gave apart of heart and mind Without a reason you can’t avoid!! Sorry darling, I have to say adieu Waiting forever is something I can’t do
Something I Wrote For A Mother Who Lost Her Son .. ..
the truest love anyone can give is a mothers love its the strongest there is a love that made him shine when blue a love he knew would see him through a love that could only come from you the advicce you gave the knowledge you shared the faith you gave if he felt scared a love that made him rich with pride a love which had you by his side a love impossible to ever hide although he seems far away he's always with you each and every day each day you feel a gentle breeze or hear the wind among the trees a mothers love is the greatest treasure a mothers love means your always together ........
Some More For Today 12.4.06
Why Did You Come Back? can't have this need get out get OUT everything was quiet peace was on the tongue quiet in the hands and you fucking came back you FUCKING CAME BACK disruping what was sacred cutting survival to pieces leave me to the acid denial whispering into the empty night under a full moon that we both used to stare into loyalty wasn't a lisence to cut me to pieces so get out just get out and leave me in contented misery W.G.S. Give What Will Be just be like the others and look away take the love and give only betrayal give the knife in the back that there is a plan for touch and tear away pieces when you leave and you will beautiful angry hatred bitter heart that prayers won't heal and love won't soften m. e. j. Stay Out bouncing around in the head filled with alcohol and self infliction die when i'm done into the night into the empty sleep crazy bitch not so different hate me for my unorigionality and weak momen
Someone Will Like This
I hear your voice carried on the breeze Silent sweet melody puts me at ease Listening to the spirit that calls from within Wondering if love is ever a sin Now that I have found you no other can be I am so lost in you your all I can see You fill me and are that missing peace You’re the only one who can this soul release I soar upon clouds at the sound of your voice I seek you out for I have no other choice I am drawn to you as a moth to the flame I live for the melody of your sweet name I feel you I think you inside my skin There is a joining beyond flesh’s sin You are that one I sought through all time The rapture of love living ever sublime Perfection in all that I ever had dreamed The one I would kill for and die if so deemed The hand of god is seen in the working of things I will wait another life time and accept all it brings For I will never be whole till I hold you near My sweet Jolene the one I hold dear By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Something Easy
The porno of Lane's life will be called ... "Victory on Mount Venus" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
Someone Had To Get Fired
He had narrowed it down to one of two people, Debra or Jack. It was an impossible decision, they were both super workers. Rather than flip a coin, he decided he would fire the first one who used the water cooler the next morning. Debra came in the next morning with a horrible hang-over after partying all night. She went to the cooler to take an aspirin. The Boss approached her and said: "Debra, I've never done this before but I have to lay you or Jack off." "Could you jack off?" she says. "I feel like shit."
Someone Told Me Ima Pimp I Want To Know What You All Think.
>>>>insert comment
Something For The 3 Or 4 That May Read This
The song is called "Love will make you Beautiful" by The Afters. Time is slipping away Days go by, fade away With one eye opened, one closed I think you know Love will make you beautiful Love will make you beautiful Thoughts swirl, spinning around Weary, falling down When out of the darkness a hand Reach out Hold fast ~Chorus~ Love will make you beautiful Love will make you beautiful Turn round this time Love is there to find Lift your head and see Open uo your eyes Love will make you beautiful Love will make you beautiful
Some More Fun!!
You Are 88% Intuitive Your intuition is so spot on it's scary! You can learn a lot about people and situations, simply by listening to your gut. And you've even wondered if you can predict the future at times. Just be sure not to always listen to your intuition... someday it could be wrong!How Intuitive Are You?
Some New Developments
Well it has been a little while and I am happy to say so far things are looking up. I right now have been pretty busy I have been doing some seasonal help with UPS which has got me in great shape and and in weight standards with the navy which now means I will be able to move forward now and see what comes next so that's it for now I'll be letting you all know what's going on with me as soon as I know myself thank you all for the support it means a whole lot thank you see ya next time. --mp
Some More Fun!!
Your Dating Purity Score: 56% You are an average dater. You're experienced enough to be a great girlfriend or boyfriend... Though you still may be figuring out exactly what you want in love!Dating Purity Test
Some Classics
The 1st Affair A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. He put on his shoes and drove home. "Where have you been?" his wife demanded. "I can't lie to you," he replied, "I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon." She looked down at his shoes and said: "You lying bastard! You've been playing golf!" The 2nd Affair A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen. He told his wife: "There's no way I can be the father of this baby. Look at the two be
Sometimes Life Just Sucks
Sometimes when life gives you lemons you can make lemonade ; but sometimes you don't have any sugar and all you can manage is a sour-ass glass of lemon juice. That has been my life for just under six months now. The lemonade:Katie and Emmy(the greatest gifts ever given to me);A good job that I like(at least for the present);a certain someone(they know who they are); My two best friends, Lance and Scooter (One for being there when I needed him and the other because I know he will be there if I ever need his help) The Lemon Juice: The fact that I see my children only once a week because of logistic problems(This just sucks, I'm missing them growing up);Ending up in the psych-ward(There was a woman there who was playing hop-scotch with Jesus);The way that my marriage broke up(I could have handled it better if it didn't go down like it did, all I ever wanted was the truth) I like lemonade;but lemon juice just sucks. All I'm sayin' is next time maybe life could try giving me oranges
Somebody Kill Me Please
3 Somes... Is It Right For You???
his article will explore the world of threesomes: what kinds of people participate and why, some of the different types of threesomes, and its advantages and disadvantages. Who Wants to be Part of a Threesome? People pursue threesomes for various reasons. First, the most common, are men who are looking to fulfill the fantasy of being with two women at the same time, especially if the women perform bisexual acts during the course of the threesome, otherwise known as “show time”. ? There are also women who want to experience being with two men at the same time (which is not as uncommon as you might think). Furthermore, there are those looking to experiment, usually during college years (otherwise known as the “experimental years”), or those who have recently been divorced after being married for a lot of years, particularly those who married at a very young age. They may have missed out on the experimental years when they were younger, so they look to make up for it later in life.
Someone Asked...
I liked what I wrote, so I decided to post it here so everyone would see. 8) "What would you have done if you were caught or someone watched from the door?" It's possible someone heard us. It was over the wkd, but maybe someone was in working on research. I would have loved it, because I know how I get whenever I hear other people fucking -- it makes me ache. If someone did see, I would hope they would be good enough to take the opportunity to enjoy the show. They could watch her pussy swallowing my thick cock over and over, her ass sliding down to smack my balls and rising up again, her pussy coating my cock with her slick wetness. I'd be happy if they would have that image stuck in their head for days later, masturbating when they were alone, their back arching and mouth wide open as they cum with the image of our fucking in their head.
Some Of My Writing....
So here I am at work, feeling kinda crappy and just kinda lost in my thoughts. Trying to write...but I have too much to say. I need a break from trying....thought I would post some of my others writings. Please feel free to comment and give feedback..I can take it. this one is an old one..I was in a much darker place when I began writing it. I don't think I ever did finish it.... Darkness Outside the cold wind blows through the trees But not as icy as my thoughts flow through my soul, outside the light of the moon still shines, but in here, the deepest parts of myself only darkness, Once my eyes held light & life But now they behold only darkness & death Once they flickered like the flame of a candle, Now they stare blankly seeing only darkness Once I feared the shadows of exsistance Once I sought out the light for safety Once I cradled myself in the suns beautiful rays Now I search out the shadows, enveloping myself in only darkness
Some Of You Know I'm A Minister...
I had recieved a heads up from one of the organizations I'm a member of and they were talking about our responsibility in the ministry to make people aware of things.. Not that anyone on Cherrytap would probably take "Moonies" seriously..(you remember the folks selling flowers on the street corners and spewing stuff about Sun Myung Moon...) But this link: Is pretty involved in the major baloney this crazy guy has been up to. I had never heard that Rev.Moon had been convicted to 18 months federal prison time.. Interesting stuff for people who actually give a rats ass.. Just another example of dogma biting some people on the assma
Some More Reasons To Date Me....cont
Again, i had promised some more of the wonderful things about me, and the many reasons to date this Mistress. Keep in mind, this is for entertainment purposes and if you truely wish to date me, I truely wish you to schedule a date with your shrink! 1)I have active nerouns in my brain, meaning that when you ask me what i want to do, you wont get the responce " I don't care". 2) I can be a proper hostess anywhere I go, therefore, if I am staying at your place, I will cook for you, clean for you, and follow you around the house picking up the things you leave behind and putting them in the proper place. 3) If you like concerts/ comedy shows/ boxing- wrestling, I work for a Theature. Free tickets babe! And beer, pizza, possible interaction with celebs almost guarenteed! 4)I dont care about your past, as long as you dont care about mine, but this only applies if you dont have past issues in present tense. (i.e. ex girlfriends still bugging you, major red flag for me) My past is
Sometimes My Job Is To Sad!!
For those of you that know me I work with Adults with developmental disbilities. I love my job very much and develop strong relationships with our consumers. for the last two weeks we sent this one lady home twice for being sick the day after she was sent back to us in no better condition. Her sisters said she was putting on a show nothing was wrong with her. She came in two days ago and started complaining of not being able to breathe. (keep in mind she is in a wheel chair) We had to call the ambulance to come and check her oxygen levels and so on. She was transported to the hospital where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Infection so bad in here lungs tubes couldn't be placed. Now she is on life support can't breath on her own. her lungs have collapsed twice. And infection in her lungs in severe they take so much out and it's still just full. They tried to take her slowly off the life support today but she couldn't handle it. Her family called today and said if we wanted to see h
Some More Things About Me...
*** Some Things About Me: Name: Melanie Pitts Birthday: July 30th Birthplace: Chilliwack, BC, Canada Current Location: Daejeon, S. Korea Eye Color: Grey-green Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'8.5" Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: German, Acadian, Micmac Your Weakness: Chocolate Your Fears: My friends or family getting sick or dying while I am overseas. Your Perfect Pizza: Meat lovers! Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Start my Phd Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: LOL Thoughts First Waking Up: It's cold! Your Best Physical Feature: Smile (many say my butt) Your Bedtime: 1am Your Most Missed Memory: My soulmate - we are on different paths. Pepsi or Coke: Will drink both - but preference is Coke. McDonalds or Burger King: Neither! Subway! Single or Group Dates: Single Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Don't drink either. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: Neither! Hot Chocolate! Do you Smoke: No Do you
Sometimes As I sit here day in and day out I think back to older times. I know I shouldn't because it just brings back all the pain I've held onto. I try to forget, try not to think about you. Sometimetimes I sit someplace we shared laughs and try to remember the smell of your body close to me, the feel of your touch, the taste of your kisses, and the sound of your laughter. It seems so easy for you to forget those things. Do you see the tears in my eyes as you left as you did so often? Do you remember the sound of my voice as I said I Love You? Sometimes do you think about me? Do you remember the feel of my skin against yours? I know I should move on like you have but I remember you. I gave myself fully and you took me completely. You said you'd love me forever, I guess I was the only one who meant it. Maybe you will and just want me to think you don't to make it easier. Who does it make it easier for? Sometimes I remember how we were so long ago. All the pain we shared with one anot
Someone Shout At Me Or Something
do it
Something I Wrote.
I need your opion on this. It's published. Don't steal it. I got eyes all over the internet. lol.. sersouly. Though you left, And left my heart in pieces I think there's some things you should know. I know, I know. You probaly don't even care, But listen to me. I remember when I first met you. Man, I coudn't stop my heart from running wild that night. Always thinking of you. Saying to myself " He could be the one!" I fell in love with you the first moment I talked to you. And on the phone your voice so calming and sweet. The first time I ever heard it I got tears in my eyes. Don't ask why.. The first time you wrote I Love You on my screen. My heart skipped My breath cought in my throut. That's all I remember besides the dorky smile that wouldn't leave! And my mom saying "What are you so happy about?" Then I heard you say it on the phone, Remember my voice going high? Yeah, I was holding back the tears. I mean I actually love you. I've never lov
Someone Gave Me Flowers Today. . .
Yes, that's right. You heard me correctly. I actually got flowers from a guy today. But even better than that, when I opened the door I was instantly attracted to him and had those silly little butterflies of excitement that I mentioned in my last blog. We had a great afternoon. We went to a nice restaurant for lunch, fed the ducks at the park and walked around a bit. He was opening doors and was the perfect gentleman. And he loves country music. It went really well. He even sent me an email later that night saying that he also had a good time. And yes, I was really checking my email every five minutes to see if he wrote or running to the phone every time it rang (pathetic I know). What do you think? It's funny because I've been on so many dates this year so far I couldn't even begin to count them all. There have been several I've been excited about like this one but nothing has panned out thus far. But because of the few failed ones I'd been excited about, many of my friends and es
Some Help Needed .. If Possible
Since getting my new pc . I havnt been able to see the Vid's on here everyone has on their page .. I keep getting a message stating the following .. If someone can Help me . Id really appreciate it :) The message i get is ... No Suitable Plugins were found .. Unknown Plugin (Applications/x-mplayer2) .. What the hell is this . and how the heck do I get it lol thanks ahead of time for the help :) Hugs !!!!!!!!!!!
Some Disheartning News...
Within the next week or so I will be losing both my net and phone. No I do not know exactly when so I figured I'd take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful friends I've made here. I'll be thinking of you and look forward to being with you guys again in the future
Somethig I Got From A Friends Page
Medical Terms Artery......................The study of paintings. Benign......................What you be after you be eight. Bacteria....................Back door to cafeteria. Barium......................What doctors do when patients die. Cesarean Section............A neighborhood in Rome. Catscan.....................Searching for Kitty. Cauterize...................Made eye contact with her. Colic.......................A sheep dog. Coma........................A punctuation mark. D&C.........................Where Washington is. Dilate......................To live long. Enema.......................Not a friend. Fester......................Quicker than someone else. Fibula......................A small lie. Genital.....................Non-Jewish person. G.I.Series..................World Series of military baseball. Hangnail....................What you hang your coat on. Impotent....................Distinguished, well known. Labor Pain..................Getting hur
Someone Is Talking In My Head!!
I cant take it... Leave me alone... Go away! Leave me alone!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Dont talk to me... I HATE YOU! I hate me... I cant take it... This shit... Fuck you all... GO TO HELL! I'll see you down there This pain... This fear... I hate you all... I hate this life This pain This sorrow Make it go away... Please!!! Have mercey on this soul... I cant take it... Kill me now...
Some Pix Of Me
heres some of me some ppl was askin for full body shots this is as close as it gets....haha...anyways.
Something For The Solstice...
Something I Read , Good Laugh
Boudreaux, the cajun fireman came home from work one day and said to his wife, "You know sumpin, we have a wonderful new system at de fire station." Bell 1 rings -- we put on our jackets, Bell 2 rings -- we slide down de pole, Bell 3 rings -- we jump on de ingine and we's ready to go. >From now on, when I says "Bell 1" I want you to strip naked. When I says "Bell 2" you jump on the bed. When I says "Bell tree" we's gonna mek love all tru the night. The next night he came home and yelled "Bell ! 1", his wife stripes down, he yells "Bell 2", she jumps on the bed. Bell 3 and they are off making love, After a few minutes the wife yelled out "BELL 4". What the hell is "Bell 4"? He asked. She replied: " Roll out more hose, you ain't nowhere near de fire."
My MFM 3 some was fantastic I was on my back with my legs spread wide and Mark was on top of me and inside of me. He came really hard, filling me with his hot cum. Mark climbed off of me and moved up and kneeled by my head so I could lick and suck on his cock. Then Mike climbed on me and inside of me. This put Marks cock right between Mikes lips and mine. I reached up and moved Marks cock so it was between Mikes lips and mine. Mike added his cum to Marks cum inside of me. I love being the cum mixer for two men
Sometimes I Hate Being Female.
I am well aware that it is my own mental shortcomings that have gotten me into this situation but I prefer to blame it upon my two X chromosomes. I swear if I had been lucky enough to have been born a man my life would be so much simpler. Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that being XY has its own challenges. There is the facial hair thing, constant need to fart, higher insurance rates, prostate issues and, most daunting of all, dealing with women. I must say, I've met a lot of women and I realize that most of us are freaking nuts. The one ability that men have (other than falling asleep after sex) that I truly envy is the ease in which they can sleep with someone and not develop feelings for them. That is the crux of my problem. This is an indifference that I have not yet mastered. In fact, I believe it will never be a part of my skill set. For me this really sucks. My last relationship was a nightmare (see my first blog) and am very reluctant to enter
Someting Special
Somewhere I Belong
(When this began) I had nothing to say And I get lost in the nothingness inside of me (I was confused) And I let it all out to find That I’m not the only person with these things in mind (Inside of me) But all that they can see the words revealed Is the only real thing that I’ve got left to feel (Nothing to lose) Just stuck, hollow and alone And the fault is my own, and the fault is my own [Chorus] I wanna heal, I wanna feel what I thought was never real I wanna let go of the pain I’ve felt so long (Erase all the pain till it’s gone) I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I’m close to something real I wanna find something I’ve wanted all along Somewhere I belong And I’ve got nothing to say I can’t believe I didn’t fall right down on my face (I was confused) Looking everywhere only to find That it’s not the way I had imagined it all in my mind (So what am I) What do I have but negativity ’Cause I can’t justify the way, everyone is looking at me (Nothing to lose
Some Of My Poetry
Looking Inside Take a look to the inside Tell me what you see. Or if that's too much to ask Take a look at me. See what you have tarnished Let ride in the muddy stream. Take a look to the inside Are you what you seem? Or did you let the black smoke choke you? Has your conscience gone and died? Take a look to the inside, then tell me you have tried. Where can I put my focus so that I can see clear? I can't look to the inside God, I have too much fear. Copyright ©2006 Elizabeth Anne Pierson In This House In this house there is pain. In this house there is anger. In this house there is fear. In this house there is guilt. In this house there is depression. In this house there is a young woman. She can't take living in this house Anymore. So she tries to take her life In this house. Her mother finds her laying on her Bed in this house. And at that moment they all realize That things need to Change In this house. Copyright ©2006 Eli
Something To Offend Everyone
Somebody Stop Me...
Someone's A Real Ass Out There!
can ya'll believe this shit? someone rated the photo of my dad&son-in-law a 2. that's just plain mean. what do you think?
Something Funny
Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America, Kentuckians, Tennesseans and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as "HILLBILLIES." You must now refer to them as APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS. And furthermore .... HOW TO SPEAK ABOUT WOMEN AND BE POLITICALLY CORRECT: 1. She is not a "BABE" or a "CHICK" - She is a "BREASTED AMERICAN." 2. She is not a "SCREAMER" or a "MOANER" - She is "VOCALLY APPRECIATIVE." 3. She is not "EASY" - She is "HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE." 4. She is not a "DUMB BLONDE" - She is a "LIGHT-HAIRED DETOUR OFF THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY." 5. She has not "BEEN AROUND" - She is a "PREVIOUSLY-ENJOYED COMPANION." 6. She is not an "AIRHEAD" - She is "REALITY IMPAIRED." 7. She does not get "DRUNK" or "TIPSY" - She gets "CHEMICALLY INCONVENIENCED" 8. She does not have "BREAST IMPLANTS" - She is "MEDICALLY ENHANCED."< BR> 9. She does not "NAG" you - She becomes "VERBALLY REPETITIVE." 10. She is not a "TRAMP" - S
Some Girls
Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins Never knowing how to grow up or change their fate Forever sparkling and glowing in the shine of this life Skipping along never knowing wrong from right It's a damn shame for anyone to have come this far To just smear their faces with dark black makeup And leave the house too late at night Some girls are just born with ribbons in their hair Not a care in the world Weaving in and out of random parties And crawling out of foreign beds every other night of the week Attempting to find their too tight pants In someone elses dark disgusting bedroom Some girls are just born with a cigarette in their mouths Looking like forever permanent groupies Scribbling their nails with semi permanent nothings Waiting for some boy that will never come around To sweep them off their dirty sneakered feet Some girls are just born with fake rings on their hands Letting the jet set life get to their head And forgetting to eat when th
Some Words
That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves. Thomas Jefferson
Some Sexy Clothes Here :)
hi everyone heres a link to a site with sexy clothes. please look around and pick out something sexy for yourself or a gf :) .
4 Someone...iam Sorry
Sorry for everything Ive did and said...Iam sorry you dont care anymore and its my fault.Iam sorry that I have screwed up once again and prolly cant fix things this time and I wish I could but iam not gonna try because I know it wont work.....I hate te feeling that I have because you no longer care anymore or want anything to do with me...All I can do is say sorry and hope that u read this and that it will be enough but deep dpwn I know its not and I wish i could change that but I cant but ull never know how sorry i truly am. Love, Mandy
Someones Having A Bitrhday!!
Some Of The News I Like
Listening to the radio this morning and they was quoting some of the strange news stories, so i decided to have a look because it is something i can forget to check on. a story about a phallic xmas tree: something that can be seen from space LOL: some naughty xmas decorations: Just copy and paste into the address bar of your browser and have a laugh :)
&&some More
Fell asleep last night with tears in her eyes. It may take her some time to grasp the meaning of good-bye. She won't forget him, but she'll try. Nobody understands how much I miss you, miss how we used to talk, and miss all the things we used to do. I try not to admit to myself that I still feel this way. Nobody knows that I still wake up thinking of you each day, but I do. I just got so hurt- so really hurt... and sometimes when that happens.. something inside.. just shuts off. Have you ever noticed that the worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside you and yet you can never have them... when the moment you can't feel them under your fingertips you miss them? Have you ever wondered which hurts the most; saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had? I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish them, words shrink things that seemed timeless wh
Some After School Tutoring
The music was a little loud for Kaye's taste, but the students seemed to be having a good time, and Kaye didn't really have anything else to do, so she didn't mind that when principal Ray Devlin asked her to chaperone the Saturday night dance in the school gym. A local dejay was playing all the latest CD's, and with about a half hour to go, he had slowed the pace down, giving the kids a chance to have a few slow dances. It looked like it would turn out to be an uneventful evening, until Cal Norridge showed up. Right from the get go Kaye could see that he had been drinking, so she quickly moved towards him to prevent any altercations he might start up. When she stepped in front of him, her nostrils were filled with the pungent aroma of fresh liquor, and she hoped that she could get him to leave without causing a scene. "Cal," she began, "since you've been drinking I think you had better leave, school property is no place for that kind of activity!" Cal gave a short harsh laugh and repli
Someone's Telephone Number
It was one of those evenings. I was between lovers and hadn't had sex for three whole days and nights. Desperate, I sprawled on the floor and tried the number of Frank, an old flame. There was no answer so I left a message. Now horny and disappointed on top of being frustrated, I sank into my comfy chair and tried to think who else I could call. Harry? The boy did so love my nipples. Just thinking of how he used them made them prickle so hard that I couldn't help but bare them as I dialed. 'Out of service?' Fuck! Oh well! There was nothing for it but to... I slithered out of my dress and down deep into my chair. My thighs spread to hook my knees over the arms. If the phone company wasn't going to help, I'd just let my fingers do the walking. A few minutes dabbling in the soft hot wet and I was soooooo close - and the phone rang. With my voice hoarse from lust, I croaked, "Hello?" "That you, Baby?" I managed to grunt, at least. "Horny?" I gasped a, "Yes."
Some Poems And What Not
The Churning in my guts. The sweat upon my brow. Ever movement an agonizing event. Death so out of reach, life but a mockery. Holding breath watching the red melt into black. Numbing seduction of the moment of mortification. Lay me down on the cold stainless steel slab. Examine what I used to be. Watch as this shell putraits into the nothingmore. Salvation in Self-denial. The Burning emptyness. The Shallow regrets. With the dried up tears I no longer capable of shedding. My body tenses and spasm in regamotus state. The softies blue of my cold skin. No longer able to see the lights the burn the washed over eyes. Sharpest knives cutting away. Instaments of examination probing my empty being. Descovery of my infringment of the netherrealm. Tossed out into oblivion. Watch as nothing becomes nothingness. Salvation in Self-destruction. Let me hang. Let me rot. Let the haters throw there rocks. Brused and battered and yet I laugh. All knowing, that life is no
Something To Make The Tears Flow Like Blood From A Wound.....
Some People Really Suck
Some people on here who know me, know that I love to make tags for people, and like to do photoshopping and such. So far whenever I have entered a contest, NO ONE bothers to read my bulletins, nor do very many of my so called friends even bother to go and vote, although every time they ask ME for support, I SHOW IT. Friendship is not a one way street, and usually while I would pretend not to care, I DO and it bothers me that so few of you give a shit. If this does not change soon, I am seriously considering emptying most of my "friends list" and limiting it to those I know for a fact give a damn. so, if anyone cares to show ME some support for a new contest. here is the link
Some True.. Some Not
The images of me were not me. I took them and I am sorry I wanted to be something I am not. I am not glamorous and I want to be. I think I am cute. I have placed two pics of ME here... they are cute pics I know I was wrong to do what I did It was stupid I was stupid My two previous blog entries are true Perhaps I am a slut to make up for what I am not To those I harmed in taking their images and passing them off as me, I am sorry To my friends and fans.. I am sorry and i understand and accept if you unfriend me
it just doesn't matter......
Some People Have It So Damn Easy!!
This is basically a follow up to the You Figure It Out blog that I wrote previously. Well the other day I spotted a former co-worker and was invited to his house. When I got there he told me he had only been back there with his girlfriend for 2 weeks. Previously he had moved out and was living with another gal. He says he was miserable with her and her father came and punched him in the face and told him to get out. So he came crawling back to his old girlfriend. I tried not to shake my head but I let out this little sigh. He said..yeah I have a lot of drama in my life don't I. I lucky fucker. You fuck around on your girlfriend. Move out and then come crawling back and she just lets you in? WTF. Everyone shoud be so damn lucky. I will never find someone that will do that for me. Here I can't find one person..let alone one person to let me come crawling back to them after I have fucked around on them and moved out. So that shit just makes my skin burn. Some o
Something To Offend Everyone.
Offend Everyone, some old, some new *What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? * * ** * *Juan on Juan * * ** * *What is a Yankee? * * ** * *The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. * * ** ** ** * *What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover ? * * ** * *The position of the dirt bag * * ** * *Why is divorce so expensive? * * ** * *Because it's worth it. * * ** * *What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over? * * ** * *Doughnuts * * ** * *Why is air a lot like sex? * * ** * *Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any. * * ** * *What do you call a smart blonde? * * ** * *A golden retriever. * * ** ** ** * *What do attorneys use for birth control? * * ** * *Their personalities. * * ** * *What's the difference between a girlfriend and wife? * * ** * *10 years and 45 lb
Some Things Men Can Say When Getting Caught Looking At Another Woman
"I can't believe that outfit she is wearing"; (said disdainfully). "Look at that guy!... Over there... behind the woman." "I think that's a man dressed as a woman!" "Isn't that the actress from the movie Delicatessen?" (Chances are she hasn't seen that movie - and neither have you, but you will get brownie points naming a foreign film, and it will be just obtuse enough to distract her. "I think that's the girl I knew from high school who eventually joined a convent (or was committed to an asylum) and turned out to be a real nut case." "Help me, I got something in my eye... can't see a thing!" "Hey that's the loser I dumped in order to go out with you. Boy am I glad I ever got away from her. What a moron." "I was just thinking how I felt sorry for her - since she can never hold a candle to you!" (This one might only get you punched, but its worth a try.) "Do you think she's prettier than me?" (Give her a taste of her own medicine!)
Something To Offend Everyone
Something to offend everyone 1. What's the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? A porcupine has the pr*cks on the outside. 2. What's the best form of birth control after 50? Nudity. 3. What's the difference between a girlfriend and a wife? 45 kilos. 4. What's the difference between a boyfriend and a husband? 45 minutes. 5. How many women does it take to change a light bulb? None, they just sit there in the dark and b*tch. 6. What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Through his chest with a sharp knife. 7. Why are men and parking spaces alike? Because all the good ones are gone and the only ones left are disabled. 8. What have men and floor tiles got in common? If you lay them properly the first time, you can walk all over them for life. 9. Why do men want to marry virgins? They can't stand criticism. 10. Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring and good looking? Because those men already have boyfriends. 11. What
Something Containing The Words; Spread, Clit, And Dick
Entering my brain Do you like the taste of my insane? Give me claw marks give me stains Shit, here I go again AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Spread! Bite your lip and beg To feel more then just the head That I press against your cleft Paint you from pink to red Make you so wet you’re a mess Of twitching muscles flexed As I stroke my cock along the clit that you AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Spread! I think I’ll go down instead Even though you’re clawing at my head Even though you’re dying for my little death I think I’ll carve figure eights instead With the tongue I press against your AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Spread! Grab the short hairs on the back of my neck That’s a controlling grip Taste yourself on my lips Suck my tongue like it’s a dick Wrap your legs around my hips Make inviting thrusts with your pelvis In one agonizingly slow stroke I sink to the hilt Push my thumb under your chin Expose your neck and bite at the growls within The growls that growl to me their need Growli
Someone Will Always Love You....
someone will always love you.... and that someone will always be me someone will be there to love you. someone will always cherish the warmth of your smile and the happiness in your heart. soneone wants to always be close enough to care in every way and treasure each and every day spent together. someone will always keep you lovingly in mind and will welcome every opportunity to find you in happy thoughts. someone will always know that life is good because of you and tomorrow has a bright and shining hope that would'nt be there if you weren't here today. someone will always try to find the words to "thankyou" for filling life with dreams come true and with beautiful memories Hello there! I came from A really special place called butterfly love land.I came all the way to show you my love and tenderness heart. And make your heart love and tenderness inside and outside your heart. You can show that you are a butterfly of love allso. So spread your wings, A
Some Things Are Better Left Done With Out Me
some times i feel that am better off not being rembered but thats me anyways i got thing to do and a world to walk throught by my self i guess thats my curse something i tryed to out run and yet i cant out live it is just their
Some Kids Just Don't Get It !!!!!
This started yesterday .....bottom up ... My thoughts are posted after this message...... ->ArmyGuy63B...: DONE ASK WE SPEAK ArmyGuy63B...: GO AWAY!!!!!!!! ->ArmyGuy63B...: WENT AWAY ON YAHOO AS PER YOUR REQUEST.......NEXT IS HERE.......ENJOY YOUR LIFE........GOOD LUCK WITH THE KIDS AND THE ARMY.......CHIEF ->ArmyGuy63B...: name calling is not necessary.......i have thick skin.....but that was not necessary........ ArmyGuy63B...: fucking bitch ArmyGuy63B...: ok deleted ->ArmyGuy63B...: I mean I do need to do that every now and then .... ->ArmyGuy63B...: Delete if you wish .... but I was in bed sleeping ....SORRY !!!!!!! ArmyGuy63B...: ok cool i guess ill delete u too since u dont talk to me anymore ArmyGuy63B...: hello? All I ever asked out of him on Yahoo messenger was to say he was sorry for the name calling.... Now don't get me wrong I have been called this many times to my face over the years....but it has been face to face with someone that I hav
Some Philosophy For The New Year.
1. Jesse Jackson, Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert have written an impressive new book. It's called "Ministers Do More Than Lay People." 2. I hate sex in the movies. Tried it once. The seat folded up, the drink spilled and that ice, well, it really chilled the mood. 3. It used to be only death and taxes were inevitable. Now, of course, there's shipping and handling, too. 4. A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression that he just cleaned the whole house. 5. My next house will have no kitchen - just vending machines and a large trash can. 6. A blonde said, "I was worried that my mechanic might try to rip me off. I was relieved when he told me all I needed was turn signal fluid." 7. I'm so depressed. My doctor refused to write me a prescription for Viagra. He said it would be like putting a new flagpole on a condemned building. 8. My neighbor was bitten by a stray rabid dog. I went to see how he was and found him writing franticall
Someone Help!!!
I'm having way too much fun at work and have incurred the wrath of Tierre. Give me something to do quick!!!!
Someone Wrote This To Me......
hought you might like this story ..It's winter time and we have just come in from a day of fun in the snow...we are freezing and wet as we peel off our snow clothes...we run up the stairs you are ahead of me and I pinch your heinie....we walk into the bedroom and continue to remove our clothing I'm standing in front of you and you lean down to kiss me..I sigh and kiss you back as you pull me towards you....I can feel your warm tongue in my are kissing my neck and throat while you remove my bra...your strong hands caressing my breasts and rubbing my errect nipples as we move towards the bed...the bed is high and you push back so I am lying on my back as you stand in front of me kissing my throat...kissing the space between my breasts...your goatee is soft and you are touching me stroking my smooth mound as you take my breast in your mouth..teasing my nipple...gently with your stick your finger in my wet pussy and i shudder with move to my other br
Some Sins
Birth was my first sin, be here, to cry, with my scream silence tear... Life was my second sin, just live, mock this world, my opinions give... Love was my third sin, to care, just worship her, how did I dare... Questioning was my fourth sin, raise doubt, my mind use, see no reasons when look out... Rebellion was my fifth sin, my own rules make, refuse to obey, not orders from others to take... Arrogance is my sixth sin, to my own sins list, to think I know, believe my own sins see in life's mist... I will still have many sins, my own pride I will fall, I will regret most, hope redemption before death call... Death will be my last sin, to surrender and die, just release my life, to darkness and oblivion fly... by SorrowMan
Someone Make This Happen
So we are lying on the beach on a lazy Sunday are lying on your stomach and I am slowly rubbing lotion on your back....massaging your shoulders...down your long, strong legs ...arms.....lower back....more lotion and now my hands move down your thighs... look up and see me lying there. so you move up and lie next to me ...the sun is warm and sensuous on our bodies....the waves roll up and gently pound the beach....You stroke My cheek and reach over and kiss me softly...I open My eyes and are so incredibly sexy...I could look at I forever...we lie there for awhile...enjoying the sound of the ocean...enjoying each others company...How about a swim?. I stand and pull you up as we walk hand in hand to the water...I pull you into the surf with I...the wave's crash against our warm bodies. cool and refreshing as we make our way to deeper water....we make our way past the breakers and float on the gentle rolls...I disappear under the water and surfac
Something Close To My Heart
This is a very personal subject for me.A friend of mine is doing time because of this time of crime. Native women of all shapes,sizes and backgrounds here in my home town of Prince Albert sell themselves on the streets.What bothers me is the fact that a friend of mine got convicted of murdering one such type of woman. The thing that also bothers me,is after she died she was painted to be sweet and innocent.The truth is she was pregnant and a junkie.The thing I believe is don't paint people to be something they ain't.After all people are not perfect nor should they be painted to be perfect.We as people make mistakes and are not divinly perfect.That's what makes us humans and lovable.Yes,he was wrong to kill her and her unborn child.Nor do I think he wasn't wrongly convicted in any-way. (WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO IS TO GET HIS STORY OUT THERE FOR PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT THERE IS TWO SIDES TO THIS STORY AND TO HELP OTHERS IN THIS SITUATION OR TO GET SOMTHINE DONE ABOUT THESE GIRLS AND THEIR
Someting That Is Pissing Me Off
Now I know that there is men out there that are just down right flirts but this is realy begining to piss me me off. My profile on here says i am happily married so why is it that men get on here and want to chat on yahoo msn or something else or wants to tell me how sexy i am and ask if i am very happily married, Well if I wasn't I wouldn't of put that in my profile. I am here to meet friends and friends only and i'll have guy friends BUT!!! that is it i don't want a relationship I already have one and am very much in love with him have been for 11 years so no one on this earth will take that from me unless it's the good lord above so if any of u men have a problem with that then you need to remove me from your list. im sorry i may come off to be a bitch but i have said it till my face is blue and i wont say it no more i'll just start blocking the ones that are doing it.
Some Of My Hopes And Plans For 2007
I have been thinking a lot about this new year and just what I want to do.  It symbolizes a beginning, and in somethings it means a chance for a new beginning (which you can do all year but it only seems like it  this much at the time for making resolutions).   This year I am planning to play with fire... No I'm not planning to go off and hook up with the wrong crowd. I am planning on returning to My study of fire eating, which I had started studying at one point in New Orleans.  I also want to combine fire with two things I already do and enjoy.  I plan to start applying fire to My  love of hula hooping in the form of the fire hoop, depicted in the first image.  And the last 2 images are of the next fire arts that I want to ad to My repertoire. Last night was the first time My sissy had scene Me do the "Human Block Head"  with My stylus to My palm pilot.  He was so grossed out. I have always loved grossing out boys, so I showed him the "Mental Floss
Some Gave All
Some Gave All Video - Billy Ray Cyrus lyricsBilly Ray Cyrus Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Something To Think About This Time Of Year!!
Something not to laugh about If they know of him at all, many folks think Ben Stein is just a quirky actor/comedian who talks in a monotone. He's also a very intelligent attorney who knows how to put ideas and words together in such a way as to sway juries and make people think clearly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary Herewith at this happy time of year, a few confessions from my beating heart: I have no freaking clue who Nick and Jessica are. I see them on the cover of People and Us constantly when I am buying my dog biscuits and kitty litter. I often ask the checkers at the grocery stores. They never know who Nick and Jessica are either. Who are they? Will it change my life if I know who they are and why they have broken up? Why are they so important? I don't know who Lindsay Lohan is either, and I do not care at all about Tom Cruise's wife.
Sometime I wake up at night, and can't go back to sleep. Sometimes I cry and don't know what is wrong. Sometimes, I feel like I can fight a room full of people. Sometimes I pray to God I had never been born. Sometimes I like to stop and look at the horizon. Sometimes I like to stay up all night doing nothing at all. Sometimes I wish I was someone else. Sometimes I think everyone is talking about me. Sometimes I talk to whoever is inside of me that answers back. Sometimes I wish I could fly away over the earth on a warm spring day. Sometimes I wish someone would break into my house, just to see what I would do to them. Sometimes I can't believe how far i've made it. Sometimes I can't stand to go on. Sometimes I dont know if i'm dreaming or not. Sometimes I change the ending of movies, because they aren't true anyways. Sometimes I remember how good things used to be. Sometimes I stare at strangers, to see who looks away first. Sometimes I wish I was not so weak. Sometimes I wish I could
Some Confusion Lol
Funnt it seems as you take the chance to actually talk to some their moral rightousnesses made and hate words thrown when they havent a clue about things. Got a nice message from a married woman to me a married man accusing me of being insensitive to her and remaring she loved the girls name by my name and would not be a part to any harem......the girls name Bonnie Nuit. For those out there whom are thinking right now " I don't blame her!" wont she be surorised to wake and find 1 there was no message. If it was a shout it was overlooked or not there ;) easy to think you clicked send and oopsie shut it instead and 2nd, Bonnie Nuit is no girl at all, but French for Good Night. So for those curious and those whom may ask in the near future. THIS is why I kep to myself and away from most people. Piss Off World!!
Some Men Are Not All Bad
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differently? Always have you
Some Christmas Fun
1. What do elves learn in school? The elf-abet 2. What christmas carol is a favorite of parents? Silent Night 3. Why does santa have 3 gardens? Ao he can hoe hoe hoe 4. What is the difference between the christmas Alphabet and the ordinary alphabet? The christmas alphabet has No L (Noel) 5. What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Frosted flakes 6. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite 7. What kind of bird can write? A pen-guin 8. How do sheep in mexico say Merry christmas? Fleece Navidad! 9. What do you get if santa goes down the chimney when a fire is lit? Crisp Cringle 10. Why was santa's little helper depressed? He had low elf esteem 11. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!
Some Thoughts On Religion
Some Thoughts on Religion WARNING!!! Strong religious opinions inside. If that makes you uncomfortable feel free to scroll down to the bottom and leave. This is the only warning. ________________________________________ I grew up in a home with no particular church going ways. Off and on throughout my my childhood and teen years, I attended various churches and participated in the usual Sunday Schools, youth groups, bible studies, and summer activities. In my Senior year of high school, I joined a church and youth choir, and even went on tour to sing. I was quite content, or so I thought. But then a year or so after I graduated, my father became deathly ill. All around me I heard how he must have done something bad in his life to be punished like that, we only get what we deserve, etc., etc. And how we are given only what we can handle. That soured me on church in general, but I still attended, when my schedule permitted. Then about ten years ago, I lost all respect for churches
Some Kick Ass Lyrics
Here s a great Song. It explains itself We'll do it all Everything On our own We don't need Anything Or anyone If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? I don't quite know How to say How I feel Those three words Are said too much They're not enough If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? Forget what we're told Before we get too old Show me a garden that's bursting into life Let's waste time Chasing cars Around our heads I need your grace To remind me To find my own If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? Forget what we're told Before we get too old Show me a garden that's bursting into life All that I am All that I ever was Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see I don't know where Confused about how as well Just know that these things will never change for us at all If I lay her
Sometimes And Other Confessions.
Sometimes, I don't sleep. I'll go for days without eating. I'll cry when no one is watching, and I'll re-read romantic and sex scenes in Harlequin books (they're really too frivilous(sp?) to be called a novel) over and over again. Sometimes I'll go on webcam and be a whore, because I need the attention, I need the compliments. I don't last long during sex. I love quickies. I'll take countless pictures of myself in hopes one of them will be okay, then post them on cherrytap, because .. let's face the facts here, no one is mean on cherrytap. everyone has at least one comment that calls them sexy/hot/stunning/beautiful even if they are 1000 lbs. (maybe everyone here can see the beauty in others, maybe we're just nice) Sometimes, I look at porn. yes, I believe it's wrong, but I just can't help myself. I'm straight, but sometimes I think I'm bi. I've kissed two girls, one of them was my best friend at the time. She's since moved on without me. I Love Women. Sometimes, I
Some Things You Wanted To Know... Or Not. :)
Just to let you know upfront, I have ADD. Do not hold that against me and if you do, your loss, not mine. LOL! Those crack me up. I laugh at almost anything and everything. I do know when you're supposed to be serious, but I've learned at an early age, life deals you a shitty deal. You either shrug it off, or you buckle under the pressure of depression, anger and resentment. I have a tendency to jump from subject to subject during a conversation. It gets confusing at times, but I know what I'm talking about. You just have to stay on your toes to keep up with me. Can you handle that? Yeah. most of you can't, so I'm not too disappointed. Love for me has been the biggest joke of all. Seriously, let me tell you. Men, not all, but most have a tendency to believe that women are, well men are SUPPOSED to believe that women are here to do more than decorate their lives and give them pleasure. My Mom didn't believe in taking medicine for my ADD, because it was a drug that would ca
So.. Merry Christmas
Yay! Christmas is almost here. Yesterday I went to get and give my presents to Mat. Which was coolies cuz he really enjoyed the two shirts I got him which were both on the top of his list. I only knew about one. (He's a band shirt collector) I picked out an iron maiden shirt for him. It's the Benjamin Breeg shirt. On the back it says "here lies a man whom little is known"...very pretty shirt. That was the one I guessed at. The other one I knew he wanted was the cradle of filth nemesis shirt which I wish came in my size. It says "painting flowers white never suited my pallete" So pretty! :) He got me the Pirates of The Carribean 2 movie. The special 2 disc one. I was jumping up for joy with that one, literally. Then he got me a Riddlebox shirt, the one with the roses around him. That put a big smile upon my face. Yay, it goes with my sweatshirt. *giggles* His mom got me this perfume, its called Red Door. It smells really good. And his gradma gave me a gift card. They are so nice ^
grace flowing as beautifully as the blood on my face creeping as deceptively as the slow burning inscence grace will wash me soon giving way to the boon of my good seeping under my hood for now i`ll just hide in my hoodie where i know it`s safe where i know no one can penetrate where is my satisfaction why do i kill myself trying to satisfy others where are my kin of the debase where is my satiation where is my slap to the face where is my attack why am i asking questions i know the answer to the blood will flow i fear it won`t happen soon i fear a missionary hell i fear the stagnation of will but it won`t happen because i do not give up I HAVE NEVER GIVEN UP!!! it just gets hard i try to forget my path it is such a lonely fucking path fill me answer to my pull it is reaching the hilt and release will be spilled the birth of a virus the growth of a god shrouded in fog to be unleashed on you all he`s coming i have
Something About You
Now How can it be That a love Carved out of caring Fashioned by fate Could suffer so hard From the games Played once too often But making mistakes Is a part Of life’s imperfections Born of the years Is it so wrong To be human after all Drawn into the stream Of undefined illusion Those diamond dreams They can’t disguise the truth That there is something about you Baby so right I wouldn’t be without you Baby tonight If ever our love Was concealed No one can say that We didn’t feel A million things And a perfect dream of life Gone Fragile but free We remain Tender together If not so in love And it’s not so wrong We’re only human after all These changing years They add to your confusion Oh and you need to hear The time that told the truth You know there’s something about you Baby so right I wouldn’t be without you Baby tonight Because there’s something about you Baby so right I couldn’t live without you Baby tonight (counter melody)
Someone cares a lot for you, Someone cares a lot for you, Where ever you are, Whatever you do Cares if your troubled, ill or sad Cares if your happy, well or glad, Somebody loves your voice, your smile, The touch of your hand that makes life worth while, And someday as the years roll by You'll look behind the years gone by, Then you'll discover by and by, The someone caring so much was I
Something From The Heart
when you my love my heart my soul my life walk beside me and my voice disappears slowly into your lips to scream your name my steps goes by the boulevard keeping our eternal love in every step in every instant every were i can hear that beauitful song only a heart in love can hear tell me slowly that you love me as i do my beauty girl came and give me you love which teaches me to dream that of my lips you cannot be seprated and where you are i feel you belive in you in me in us i know that one day will not be good byes cause with you will come all what i need to put to end our solitude the love that began in a cold night and to came to stay with us cause no one can seprate us although they say that silly is our love blessed love there exceeds words to tell how big you are and how needed to my heart you are love Darkangel
Something To Live By
" Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see" " No matter how far you travel in life, remember...never do any half steppin'"
Sometimes I Think I'm Cursed...
Well for those who havent heard from me in a long time... Heres the skinny.... Well do to the time of year, its been hellish with Birthdays and Holidays, and work... cakes and holidays and OMG birthdays all seem to go together... cakes and work galore!!! What are us adults REALLY doing during the Holidays LOL!!!????!!!! Well then to top it all off with a nice cherry and whip cream, Saturday the 16th of December as I was heading to work with my Mother and sitting at a stop light... Some Drunk Ass Bitch, runs into us... we were her breaks... she pushed us 4 car lengths which put us in the intersection.. luckily, slow so we didnt get t-boned!!! So I ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance because they werent sure if I broke my pelvis.... well theyre still not sure if its fractured. So they put me on light duty and low and behold my job has no light duty for people who werent hurt on the job.... SOOO, I'm on sick leave til January 4th!!!! We have no car either.. I'm b
Some Lyrics To A Song That I Like
Wester I can feel you waiting for me as the sun retreats to the hills and I, beneath the blanket of a burning sky, wrap myself within. Embraced by dead leaves as the rain leaves trails of black down my face, I creep through the twilight to that hidden place beyond the lonely. I'll meet you tonight in the whispers when no one's around. Nothing can stop us now. Tonight in the whispers where we won't be found. I can feel you dreaming of me and the time when our steps are retraced and I creep through the twilight to that hidden place, beyond the lonely, I'll meet you. Beneath a dream, lost in a dream tonight. Smile.
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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut....
sometimes you don't.... LOL... How does that jingle go??? LOL.... Take this quiz at Perhaps, we should make Friday, Be Nutty Day!! LOL...
Some Thoughts....about People
Living in Vegas I have the prime research ground for people watching and seeing plenty of ordinary people along with celebrities making complete asses of themselves. I know everyone is entitled to a few nights of blowing off some steam, but when you do it on a regular basis, it is indicative of "who" and "what" a person truly is. I've seen ordinary people carry beer on The Strip and get tickets. But Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Dennis Rodman, Madonna, Britney Spears and Linsey Lohan (to name a few) can walk out of Casino plow ass drunk with drink in hand and get a police escort and no ticket. Yes being famous has it's perks. Furthermore Ms. Lohan isn't even 21 she shouldn't be in an establishment drinking anyway - let me know if you figure that one out. I luv a good time don't get me wrong, but if I'm going out I make sure I have a ride home or that I have a room waiting (have fun but plan ahead ppl). From my very own personal interaction with some people here in Vegas I have de
Some Of My Favs
Some Things I Do And Some Things I Dont!
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Come on people help me comment her she's in a contest she can't comment herself so she'll need some help thanks maria click on the pic
Something I Got Today
The Circle of Life... A man walked into a bar and with a disconcerted look on his face immediately called out, "Who is the owner of that Saint Bernard tied up outside?" Another man looked over and replied, "It's mine. His name's Rudy. Why do you ask?" The first man walked up to him, put an arm on his shouldner and said, "I'm sorry, but my dog just killed your dog." The owner of the dog was shocked. "Are you kidding me?! It's a Saint Bernard! That dog is huge! He's bigger than my car!" The first man nodded in agreement and then said: "Well, he choked on my Chihuahua."
Some Of My Life
I was married for 7 yrs and was very much in love with my husband. I though he too loved me. I was wrong! We had 2 fantastic kids, Emma my daughter from a previous relationship who Bill (my ex husbands name) bought up as his own from 4years old, and Lee who was ours together. Our first home together was in Yaxley. I always knew he was a jealous man and felt threatened by my friends. I thought, because I loved him so much that if I gave them all up then it would make him feel safer. Instead I just made my own life harder but I was in love. It always made me sad at how much my spinal problems affected him and his family. He would be late home a lot from work as he said he had loads of work to finish. I always believed him. I trusted him and had no reason to question him. He did a lot of things to make me feel bad when we were in company. I couldn’t be myself and if I did say some thing he didn’t like then I would either get a kick under the table or a look to say shut up that ever
In a dying world I am alone I reached out for what I thought was a hand reaching for me But grasped only the silent, icy air Realizing too late That it was only a wavering illusion Some dim and quavering memory Of a time when I was whole I weep... Thick, oily, black slime that collects in my chest A miasma of my dreams, my hopes, my thoughts A reflecting pool of everything I've lost A whisper... Sometimes, we're not worth it Sometimes, we don't have the strength anymore Sometimes, it's better to give in Dances through the trees Singing a comforting lullaby as it stirs shadows that dance in twisted lines past my mind THE FACE OF FEAR And yes, it's cold Alone here in the shadows with only you to walk beside Paralyzed by the look in your eyes Feeding off the fear inside Till I am numb again Remove the stain of humanity And strip me down to soul
Some Choices
You can find me, at the diner of the crossroads, where all signs read 'destination nowhere' I have turned up, so many places, so many faces, asking you an easy question, your heart's desire. When you are alone and wanting, I am right there, When you have that crucial moment, you know I am near. I can look like anything and anyone, what do you want? what do you want? Don't trust your heart, trust only in me, I am truth, I am the only thing you need to know. Find me at any juncture, I am lover entropy.
Some Great Advice...
Sometimes ~ Britney Spears
You tell me you're in love with me Like you can't take your pretty eyes away from me It's not that I don't want to stay But every time you come too close I move away I wanna believe in everything that you say 'Cause it sounds so good But if you really want me, move slow There's things about me you just have to know Sometimes I run Sometimes I hide Sometimes I'm scared of you But all I really want is to hold you tight Treat you right Be with you day and night Baby all I need is time I don't wanna be so shy Every time that I'm alone I wonder why Hope that you will wait for me You'll see that you're the only one for me I wanna believe in everything that you say 'Cause it sounds so good But if you really want me, move slow There's things about me you just have to know Sometimes I run Sometimes I hide Sometimes I'm scared of you But all I really want is to hold you tight Treat you righ Be with you day and night Ba
Something To Help You Know Some Of Me
If what Proust says is true, that happiness is the absence of fever, then I will never know happiness. For I am possessed by a fever for knowledge, experience, and creation." "It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before... to test your limits... to break through barriers. And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Some New And Old
Owner of my love and lust Inside for you my passions bust They rule me with heated desire I see you and I am on fire To hold you and make you mine alone To let you keep the soul you’ve known As we are one and it is you I love You’re my greatest love from god above And I belong to you for all eternity Will you always burn for me By R. Thomas Dinsmore Haunting Spirit Haunting me with words that touch A spirit so dear I feel it so much In my mind and under my skin Thoughts that possess me from within Ruling my heart with feelings so deep I feel this spirit when I sleep In dreams I see a sweet smile Haunting me holding me all the while Toss and turn kicking covers away Laying naked and on display For a spirit that never leaves me be Possessed of one, never wanting to be free By R. Thomas Dinsmore Understanding begins where doubts can not go Seeing through the eyes of wonder is how to know Discovery of every thing new held in awe The
Some Sex Positions To Experience In Holidays
This topic is a little tough because women vary so much in their likes and dislikes when it comes to sexual positions. Some positions are pretty much universal. However, just when you think she is a good girl that will only do missionary style, she’s flipping herself over lickety split, putting her ass in the air, and breaking out the vibrator while you spank her. It really depends on the girl as far as what makes them tick in the bedroom. I will give you a few of my favorite moves and teach you how to do them correctly. I'll also provide a few insider tips on how to "feel better" for your partner. As always, the bottom line is communication. If she is not a talker, force her to be. Keep asking her to tell you what feels best. Stay persistent. Ask her, " Harder? Faster? Slower?" Keep asking, and she will eventually tell you. If she refuses to communicate, then say, "Ok, that’s it we’re done". Most of the time she will tell you. Occasionally it will backfire and she'll say
Some State Officials Give National Id System A Cool Reception
Some state officials give national ID system a cool reception ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Some state officials give national ID system a cool reception by Jake Stump Daily Mail Staff Some West Virginians, including officials at the state Division of Motor Vehicles, hope Congress will reassess -- and perhaps repeal -- legislation it passed that establishes a national ID system by 2008. The Real ID Act of 2005 is intended to deter terrorism and illegal immigration, but many deem the program unnecessary, costly and annoying. Some have gone as far to correlate it with the mark of the beast. The legislation would establish national standards for state-issued driver's licenses and non-driver's identification cards. Here's the dilemma for residents: You'll need one of these new cards to board an airplane, open a ban
Some Pics From 2006
Something Everyone Can Relate To
This is true You are Everything To Somebody Right now at this very minute----------- someone is very proud of you someone is thinking of you someone cares about you someone misses you someone wants to talk to you someone wants to be with you someone hopes you aren't in trouble someone is thankful for the support you have provided someone wants to hold your hand someone hopes everything turns out all right someone wants you to be happy someone wants you to find them someone is celebrating your successes someone wants to give you a gift someone thinks you ARE a gift someone hopes you are not too cold, or too hot someone wants to hug you someone loves you someone wants to lavish you with small gifts someone admires your strength someone is thinking of you and smiling someone wants to be your shoulder to cry on someone wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun someone thinks
Some Funny Shit, That Just Happend!!!
ok this is some really funny shit here. ok i got on yahoo minding my own business then this stupid ass 30 somethin yr old man came at me with some off the wall stupid ass shit!!! anyways the whole retarded ass yet very hilarious conversation is below for all of my friend and fellow cherries to enjoy and have a laugh, ya gotta luv stupid people im tellin ya! (1/2/2007 12:14:27 AM): hey (1/2/2007 12:14:35 AM): have fun last night? (1/2/2007 12:14:56 AM): hahahahaha you like that shit? (1/2/2007 12:15:07 AM): thats some funny shit huh? (1/2/2007 12:15:21 AM): can you turn that shit off? (1/2/2007 12:15:34 AM): hahaahaha pretty fucking funny huh? (1/2/2007 12:15:52 AM): I'll stop it in about 2 hours ok? (1/2/2007 12:15:58 AM): lmfao (1/2/2007 12:16:19 AM):
Sometimes Frustrating
I really enjoy this site. I have chatted with some very nice people and I enjoy the lack of teenagers too. I get frustrated by it from time to time due to how slow it can be and some of the limitations too. All-in-all, I would say it is one of the best sites out there. If anyone has any tips or thoughts on how to get even more out of the site...please add to this blog.
Someone Special
Something From My Head
FAMILIAR FRIEND It hits so hard. Why can't she see it coming? The rememberence of rejection from one so dear. What pulsating strength she had left now fades with the consuming nothingness. Why does the cold comfort? Like the sliding touch she once felt. The gaze, once so warm, now glides over with peaceful disdain. As it reaches for its victim, the once hated shadows become the grudging hiding place for the slowly burgeoning madness. Will they see? Will they see that the world around is breaking? What once was whole grieves with no visible signs of trauma. Are they blind enough? So that it may consume her. As she lets it sink in, it feels familiar. Like an old friend. The insanity strikes fear, yet continues to draw her in deeper into its ever winding labyrinth. No fighting, no struggle on her part. In fact she greets it with a smile. Its viscid halls cocoon the knowledge of lost innocence. Walking slowly to the door, she beckons her savior inside. No one will
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Something I Can Read Later And Laugh To...i Always
. How old will you be in five years? 26 2. do you think you will be married by then? well, damn you just jump the guns dont you? no, i honestly dont think i will be 3. How tall are you? 5'6 4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? my birthday! 5. What's the last movie you saw? i was really fucked up this weekend... 6. Who was the last person you called? my friend ___ shit i dont give names mo fo...why do you wanna know? 7. Who was the last person to call you? my sister 8. What was the last text message you received? we ballin! thanks mel that damn song will be in my head all day 9. Do you prefer to call or text? doesnt really matter ... 10. Do you have any pets? well, its hard to convince most grow men into getting into a cage.. i tried the whole bacon thing, it wasnt working 11. What were you doing at 12am last night? passed the fuck out 12. Are your parents married/separated/divorced? both fucking suck. dont care 13. When is th
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you should not get out of bed.
Some People
all i have to say is some people need to learn to talk to other people . But know some people have to be jerks and every rude to other that is trying to be nice to them .
Some Shit From My Myspace That I Typed Comment It
I just don't care no more. im gonna live my life and im not gonna let one moment slip away im gonna cherish all of it to the good and the bad from the happy and the sad its each moment in every persons life who makes them who they are dont take anything back Dont regret one desicion you have made it's what makes you who you are today you learn from your mistakes dont let anyone tell you any other way but once you know you have that one good person dont you ever let them get away
Some Of My Golden Rules In Life..
1. Depend on yourself, others will most likely let you down. 2. Be careful of false hopes, those who deceive you will make you feel used. 3. Keep your promises, they are to remain true as you are true to yourself. 4. If you feel a draft, if you are not wearing a kilt, look for holes. 5. Life's a stage, enjoy the hell out of it before the curtain drops. 6. If you love, remain true to that love. 7. Pleasing your partner, pleases you. -everyone needs a little give & take- 8. When drinking Loki, watch on how many shots you take. 9. Always protect your heart, you may be strong but, the heart is fragile. 10. When auto fails, manual will never let you down. 11. If it bites, bite back. 12. Squirrels are greedy bastards. 13. If your face is getting to hot, move the torch. 14. Liquid latex is fun! 15. Drunk traps must always be placed. 16. Dreams & hopes can easily be shattered, be careful how you treat others. 17. Don't lie to yourself. (ex. don'
Sometimes Life Is Like A Smack In The Face.
Just when you thought they were gone forever, they come back to you to taunt with your heart once more.
Sometimes You've Got To Wonder What People Are Thinking
After a much deserved vacation I returned to work yesterday. I knew it was going to be rough, but I hadn't expected to hear what I did when I went in. Most places are rumor mills and the like, there's no getting away from it. I get there and am talking to the boss. He tells me that I missed the excitement the previous day (New Year's Day.) and goes on to tell me about the day. The prices were increased by 10 - 50 cents on everything; now the customers knew this was coming. It was the main topic of conversation for the last couple of weeks. Anyway, the boss tells me that one of the coffee seniors was all kinds of pissed off because the price of coffee -- including the senior coffee-- went up. This guy tells my boss, "Do you know that you just lost three tables of seniors?" -- the boss looked at him and said "Let's see, there's three maybe four of you to each table, that figures out to about five dollars. So we're looking at maybe fifteen or twenty dollar loss." The boss said he shru
Some People Have An Expiration Date
People come into your life for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered, and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh. They may teach you some
Sometimes I feel like I am your world And sometimes I feel like no one I feel as if there could be another And then I know I am the only one I sometimes think you hate me I sometimes feel that more I know that you couldn't but then you call me a whore We fuss we fight we love, all night we scream and yell and slam the doors We always seem to make up we always seem to get better just to wait for the next time or when you write that letter. I know that when we argue sometimes it makes things better But I don't like your tone of voice couldn't we have made a better choice? I know that we will always be Unless we always lie But if you left me one day Deep down inside I would die.
Some People...
This is part of a term paper I wrote. A study done by the internet world stats shows that; as of September 18th, 2006 over 1.08 billion people use the internet. With the increasing use of the internet the dangers rise for children and adolescents. In a typical American household with both parents working, a majority of the time parents are not aware of their adolescent’s internet activates. Adolescents are easily influenced and at a confusing time in their lives, thus making them venerable and easy prey to online predators. One of the biggest and fastest growing social networking sites is since is debut in 2003, Myspace has reached a total of 106 million accounts. The site reported that they receive a total of 230,000 new registrations per day. The point of why I am sharing this is because my cousin that is 14 years old recieved a message earlier from a 21 year old. He asked her how old she was and she honestly answered. He then went on to bluntly explain how he
Sometimes I Don't Know Where To Begin
I guess I got my first stalker today and well I don't feel any different. I enjoy the thought of being stalked, online or in real life. It is exciting knowing someone is looking after you because they find you beautiful or smart, etc etc. I can't believe the things people will do to get that attention but when it is given freely it means so much more. WHen you have to make people like you it is so fake, yet here we all are on this site for a whole smorgesboard of reasons but mainly to find people to like us. I was asked to join but I don't think I will last long. Not very much can keep my attention span so I will only say this, Have fun with me while you can because I don't know how long my cherry has to live... PEACE LOVE AND RESPECT!
Something Fun!!!
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
Something Is Wrong With This Picture...
I am trying to help someone out by connecting them to another resource. I dial the number.... "Thank you for calling -------. If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911. If you need some immediate assistance, please dial zero." I dialed zero.... "Please wait." So I wait.... and wait.... and wait.... and wait.... and wait.... and wait!!!! "I am sorry. That person does not seem to be there. Please call back!" ((aughghghgghghghgh!!!))
Some Beautifully Done Memorial Sites
In this entry you will find some links to some amazing baby memorial pages. I give the families of these babies props for sharing their stories and babies with us. Please be aware that there are pics of some of these babies on some pages. Micheal's Page Tyler Branden Lotz A memorial of 5 babies Georgina Elizabeth Rosina Weeks Memorial of 5 babies Memorial of 4 babies Brianna Nicole Brittany and Jessica Mary Ann Grant Alex Grace
Sometimes I Wonder
Sometimes I wonder why the hell I bother with people. Most days it isnt worth gettin out of bed to talk to them LOL. Only thing good right now is my daughter. She's my reason for being, and I do everything I can to make sure she is happy. I love my sweet angel bear so much. She's so rotten though. My mom took me and her out to lunch for 'girls day' and our waiter was really good lookin. My 2 yr old looks at him as he's comin towards us and says "ooooooooooo thats nice you like that mommy?" I swear my face turned 15 shades of red LMAO. He just smiled and gave her a bowl of ice cream LOL. What a ham :)
Something That Started Off As Nothing~;)>
Hello Sex4Kitten, I was going to post this with one of your photos, but I hit a limit 2000. So here you go~;)> I'll go post "insert here" on the pic. I was going to post it to. After I send this to you, copy the text starting with Yummy to the comment box where that photo is, then read, don't hit post. You don't have to do all that but it gives you a better idea of what I was looking at for the past hour or more(I haven't paid attention to time) while typing this. Hope you like~;)> Please don't read it till you paste it in the comment box. *I whip my cock out with my right hand, and smack your ass with my left hand, then with my hand on your ass I use my thumb to circle it around your rim pushing your g-string to the side, then I grip your g-string and pull, *snap* they rip right off. I toss them over the side of the bed. I then spit on my hard throbing cock and stroke it making sure it's ready. With that same hand I start playing with your hot ste
Something I Wrote 2 Years....
Wings I laid down to my eternal sleep Eyes wide, staring at the endless starry depths of heaven My gaze locked with that of a silent winged creature Its vibrant, gold speckled eyes, full of wisdom and mystery Eyes that promise to wisp me away to serenity I grasp death by its powerful wings Releasing my soul as an immortal wonderer. Elizabeth "Lilly" Schneider
Sometimes You Just Want To.....!!!&*%&$(%$!!!
Well for those that know, and for those that are about to... I usually can take quite a bit of torture, but cross that line and it's "Guts for garter's anyone?" New meaning to wearable art!!!!
Some Witchy Scent Recipies
PRE-RITUAL BATH SCENTS: To cleanse and relax the body before a ritual, and to energize the psychic centers. Fill small sachets of muslin cloth with equal amounts of the following herbs: Basil (for psychic energy) Borage (to strengthen the inner self) Lavender (to banish mental and emotional stress) Centuary (a traditional witch herb) Rue (a traditional bathing herb) Put a sachet into your bath five minutes before you get in, to give the aromatics time to work. DIANA OF THE MOON INCENSE: It is recommended that it be made in the hour and the day of the Moon - i.e. the first or eighth hour after sunrise, or the third or tenth hour after sunset, on a Monday. Thoroughly mix equal amounts of the following: Gum mastic Jasmine Mandrake Orris root add a few drops of wintergreen oil and moisten with a little clear mineral oil. AINE of KNOCKAINE INCENSE: 1/2 oz (15gm) meadowsweet flowers and leaf (gathered when the plant is in full bloom and dried) 1/2 oz (15gm) finely c
Some Small Jokes From Rodney
My wife only has sex with me for a purpose. Last night she used me To time an egg. It's tough to stay married. My wife kisses the dog on the lips, Yet she won't drink from my glass! Last night my wife met me at the front door. She was wearing a Sexy negligee. The only trouble was, she was coming home. A girl phoned me and said, "Come on over. There's nobody home." I Went over. Nobody was home! A hooker once told me she had a headache. I went to a massage parlor. It was self service. If it weren't for pickpockets, I'd have no sex life at all. I was making love to this girl and she started crying. I said, "Are you going to hate yourself in the morning?" She said, "No, I hate myself now." I knew a girl so ugly that she was known as a two-bagger. That's When you put a bag over your head in case the bag over her head comes off. I knew a girl so ugly, they use her in prisons to cure sex offenders. My wife is such a bad cook, if we leave dental floss in
Something To Think About...and Hopefully Smile!
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it. I had amnesia once -- or twice. I went to San Francisco. I found someone's heart. Now what? Protons have mass? I didn't even know they were Catholic. All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy. If the world was a logical place, men would be the ones who ride horse's sidesaddle. What is a "free" gift? Aren't all gifts free? They told me I was gullible... and I believed them. Teach a child to be polite and courteous in the home and, when he grows up, he'll never be able to merge his car onto the freeway. Experience is the thing you have left when everything else is gone. One nice thing about egotists: they don't talk about other people. My weight is perfect for my height -- which varies. I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure. The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity. How can
Something Scary
Houses make strange noises at night like creak groan and... "Austin, I'm going to kill you." I told myself in the creepy dark house. ...So I remembered what my mother told me, "Whenever you feel afraid just whistle a happy tune..." whistling] ...then I felt a hand around my throat and a voice said, "Thanks. I thought I'd never find you in the dark."
Something Stupid
Questions on the Universe and the Meaning of Life... Do pediatricians play miniature golf on Wednesdays? Before they invented drawing boards, what did they go back to? Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery? If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting? If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too? If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2? If work is so terrific, how come they have to pay you to do it? If you're born again, do you have two bellybuttons? If you ate pasta and antipasta, would you still be hungry? If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them?
Something I Read On The Net.. Our Worst Enemy...
Who do you consider as your worst enemy? The criminals roaming the dark streets? Your boss who's killing you mentally and emotionally with stress and harsh words? The people in office who are engaging in graft and corruption, instead of helping those in need? We have many implications of who our enemies are; but we have one common foe who is the main cause of our failures and misfortunes, and we're not even aware of this opponent. You may not want to admit it, but our worst enemy is ourselves. Who do you blame when something goes wrong? You blame the people around you, the weather, maybe even God. But we are the ones who are in control of ourselves. We can change the outcome of our lives because we have the capacity to do that. It is our fear, jealousy, greed, etc. that is ruining our lives. Some people who never managed to get out of poverty blame the government or their jobs. But they're too afraid to try out new ventures that may improve their lives
Something Funny For You All
John invited his mother over for dinner. During the meal, his mother couldn’t help noticing how beautiful John’s roommate was. She had long been suspicious of a relationship between John and his roommate and this only made her more curious. Over the course of the evening, while watching the two interact, she started to wonder if there was more between John and the roommate than met the eye. Reading his mom’s thoughts, John volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Julie and I are just roommates." About a week later, Julie came to John and said, "Ever since your mother came to dinner, I’ve been unable to find the beautiful silver gravy ladle. "You don’t suppose she took it, do you?" Julie said, "Well, I doubt it, but I’ll write her a letter just to be sure." So he sat down and wrote: "Dear Mother, I’m not saying you ’did’ take a gravy ladle from my house, and I’m not saying you ’did not’ take a gravy ladle. But the fact remains that one has been missing ever sinc
Some Words
P eace E nsures A ll C an E volve
Something I Got In An Email Today Please Read
BEING A MOTHER After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you." The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my MOTHER, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well," she asked? My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you," I responded. "Just the two of us." She thought about it for a moment, and then said, "I would like that very much. That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I
Something To Think About
Cats always land on their feet. Toast always lands buttered side down. A cat Strapped with buttered toast on it's back hovers above the ground in a state of quantum indecision. Can someone please explain that to me??? Onyx illuzion of Xxxtasy
Someone Has Too Much Time On Their Hands Literally
Some Girls I
Some Girls Ii
Some Girls Iii
Some Girls Iv
Some Girls V
Some Girls Vi
Something Strange
It's weird. I have this strange excitement. I feel like something is coming. And a certain part of me wants to come out. For those of you that know me, you know what I mean. I have felt the full transformation. I mean everything. Everyone else is feeling the same way. What's really funny is that the year 2012 is now a year closer, and I feel it. Something big is getting ready to go down. So all my brothers, and sisters of the path. Please beware. And Please let me know if you have been feeling the same thing. And def. let me know if you have any clue as to what's getting ready to go down. Thanks, Wingy
Some One Say Eye Candy?
here thay are some very yummu EYE CANDY
Some Of My All American Heros
Some Immigrants Are Re-arrested 6 Times
Illegal immigrants who were caught but released in the United States may have been re-arrested as many as six times, Justice Department data released Monday indicates. The findings by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine are based on a sampling of 100 illegal immigrants arrested by local and state authorities in 2004, the latest complete data available. They show that 73 of the 100 immigrants were arrested, collectively, 429 times - ranging from traffic tickets to weapons and drug charges. Fine's office said its audit could not conclude precisely how many of the 262,105 illegal immigrants charged with criminal histories that year had been re-arrested. "But if this data is indicative of the full population of 262,105 criminal histories, the rate at which released criminal aliens are re-arrested is extremely high," the audit noted. The audit was required by Congress in 2005, and parts of it were redacted because of security reasons. It looked at how local and state
Sometimes In Life!
Sometimes in Life… Sometimes… In life there are things better left unknown… unsaid… unfelt… and … unseen Some things are better left undiscovered and misunderstood Because Sometimes… the Truth is to much for hearts to handle Too much for our minds to take in And to painful to get through Sometimes… living in a dream is better than understanding the reality of things Sometimes… believing in a lie that makes you shine rather than knowing the truth that breaks you into pieces is the better thing to do There are times in life that we're eager to know the whole hard truth but in our hearts we know that we really don't want to… because the truth will hurt and brake us in ways we're not ready to be broken into Sometimes… We just wanna cherish the moment Enjoy the feelings And keep just smiling Sometimes… we just want to be happy Because deep down inside we know that things aren't going last… Because everything tends to change… All feelings at som
Something Stupid
We Need To Have A Talk... After just a few years of marriage filled with constant arguments, a young man and his wife decided the only way to save their marriage was to try counseling. They had been at each other's throats for some time and felt that this was their last straw. When they arrived at the counsellor's office, the counselor jumped right in and opened the floor for discussion. "What seems to be the problem?" Immediately, the husband held his long face down without anything to say. In contrast, the wife began talking 90 miles an hour, describing all the wrongs within their marriage. After 15 minutes of listening to the wife, the counselor went over to her, picked her up by her shoulders, kissed her passionately and sat her back down. Afterwards, the wife sat speechless. The marriage counselor looked over at the husband, who stared in disbelief. The counselor said to the husband, "Your wife NEEDS that at least twice a week!" The husband scratched his head a
Some Silly Words That I Wrote While Thinkin Of U
The things you don't say to me hurt more than the things you do Why can't you look at me like that Why can't I be the one When will I get to be the one you fall for, when will I get to be "her" I want to make your heart flutter I want to make you smile You make me happy... please let me do the same for you I'm not "her" I won't do that This is me and I like you
Some About Me
Well, today, I cut my hair... finally, it looks a lot better... i will post some pics, when i take them... and like, I went to orientation thingy today... and have a test tomorrow... and a lot of stuff... just been busy... school is frustrating sometimes... but thats life... and today has been pretty cool... not too stressful... so, thats good... and i am getting to talk to my scott!! although, he left me for a moment... thats also life... Tash is starting her ballet classes in the morning, i am SO excited!!! It's gonna be major fun... And today, i realized, Jill is probably one of the best friends I have out here... I mean of course, tiff and sarah, are like my sisters.... but out here, i don't make friends, the ones i make, suck and are crazy, but she's hella cool.. a lot like me, ina lot of ways, and hella fun to be around... thankfully she's watching lexi for me while i take tash to her class, but that'll give us time to hang out and stuff too!! which is good... she's
Something I Can Never Have
i still recall the taste of your tears echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears my favorite dreams of you still wash ashore scraping through my head 'till i don't want to sleep anymore you make this all go away i'm down to just one thing and i'm starting to scare myself you make this all go away i just want something i just want something i can never have you always were the one to show me how back then i couldn't do the things that i can do now this thing is slowly taking me apart grey would be the color if i had a heart come on tell me you make this all go away in this place it seems like such a shame though it all looks different now, i know it's still the same everywhere i look you're all i see just a fading fucking reminder of who i used to be come on tell me you make this all go away i'm down to just one thing and i'm starting to scare myself you make this all go away i just want something i just want something i can never have
Most of the time I love CT but sometimes I fucking get so disgusted with it too.There are days I feel like this is like it was in high school,the popular people get all the attention.I guess it has just been one of those fucking days.
Some Quotes!!
1. I like you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry .. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful. 10. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happen
Someone Took Too Much Retardanol PLEASE PASS THIS ON....VERY IMPORTANT WARNING!!!!! Very Important please read This is seriously fucked up, and anyone caught doing this should be shot. Anyone who knows who my myspace profile is will realise the irony in this however what you are about to read is fucked up. THIS ACTAULLY HAPPENED IN UXBRIDGE - IN ROYALES BE CAREFUL!!! A woman at a night-club on Saturday night was taken by 5 men who, according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before dumping her. Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the repeat rapes and along with traces of Rohypnol in her blood, was Progesterex, which is essentially a small sterilization pill. The drug is now being used by rapists at parties to rape AND sterilize their victims. Progesterex is available to vets to sterilise large animals. Rumour has it that Progesterex is being used together with Rohypnol, the date rape drug. As
New poem :D Sometimes.. by Travis J. Teeter Time is something that constantly drifts away, It seems as if it'll never end, always one more day. But how could we know that for sure, if you had one day to live.. What would you do? What would you say? What would you give? ..For just one more day, to live and love, and hate.. To laugh, and cry, make love, and smile. Last chance for that big date. All these things we take for granted, and its so sad.. Because if you look at it, we really don't have it so bad. Sometimes I want to wake up, and take the world on empty handed. To destroy the villian, be the hero, be on that ship that just landed. Its all a boy's fanciful dream, but lives are born of dreams. Now our lives are dull. We live just to live, it seems. But I'm not going out like that, not for you or for the world. I've got my dreams, my hopes, my desires. Around them my fist is tightly curled. Pry them from my dying fingers if you think you really can. Des
Some Friends Have No Faces....
We sit and we type and we stare at our screens, We can't help but wonder what all of this means. With mouse in hand ...we roam through this maze, On an infinite search...lost in a daze. We chat with each other, we type all our woes At times we'll band together to gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody, to type out our name We want recognition, but it is always the same. Soon friendships are formed - but - why we don't know, But some of these friendships, will flourish and grow. We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes we'll flirt, In IMs we chat deeply, and reveal why we hurt. Why is it on screen, we are so easily bold, Telling our secrets, that have never been told. The answer is simple, it is as clear as a bell, We all have our problems, and need someone to tell. We can't tell real people, but tell someone we must So we turn to our 'puters ...and to those we can trust. Even though it sounds crazy...the truth still remains, Mo
Some Shit On My Mind..freestyle..
Lay me down to ease this ache Fucked in the head, it's about to break Damnation One Nation Under the dollar bill I pray to thee Find God in a STD MTV Or your version of XP I'm the loser you see in the streets The bad guy under your sheets I'm the blood on the ground Spilt & never to be found The effects are wearing off Jesus is a fucking cop Nailed to the cross in morbid bliss Give the Crucifix a sweet tender kiss On his bloody lips Pretend it all makes perfect sense Ignore the ignorance and the things that are bent The truth shall set you "Free" Just as long as you believe BeLIEve Believe in what they teach Preach...
Some People
Okay, I confess. I’ve been dithering for the better part of a week tying to think of something to say that will be sparkling and entertaining and interesting. No pressure there *g*. Some people tell me to write about what’s going on in my life. Hmm. It just isn’t glamorous to say that I’m......( no comment) Love and romance. Passion, and that three letter word, S.E.X. We love reading about it. We love talking about it. And we especially love writing about it. All of it! So give in to Temptation. Spend some time with your favorite Now and then, love needs a little magic to help it on its way. Sometimes passion weaves its own spells, to transform lives and make wonderfully impossible things happen
Something Really Stupid
Please Hang Up and Try Again... A man calls home to check in with his wife, to let her know he'll be home early, when suddenly, a strange woman answers. The confused man inquires, ''Who is this?'' ''This is the maid,'' answers the woman. ''We don't have a maid,'' says the man. The woman says, ''I was hired this morning by the lady of the house.'' "I told her we didn't need one, " the man muttered under his breath. ''Well, this is her husband. Is she there?'' The woman replies, ''She is upstairs in the bedroom with someone...who I thought was her husband.'' The man, suddenly realizes what's going on and begins to fume. Moments later, he says to the maid, ''Listen, would you like to make $50,000?'' The maid hesistates, but answers, ''What do I have to do?'' The man explains to her: ''I want you to get my gun from the desk, and shoot the witch and the jerk she's with.'' The maid pauses for a moment to consider the awful deed and puts the phone down. A min
Some Advice For The "real Boys"
A REAL MAN !! 1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his family first. 2.) A REAL MAN raises his kids, not JUST out of pocket either. 3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself. 4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN. 5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises 6.) A REAL MAN calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck. 8.) A REAL MAN CALLS YOU on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS. 9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you. 10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you. 11.) A REAL MAN comes over just to watch movies with you. 12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because. 13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real. 14.) A REAL MAN should be treated like one. 15.) A REAL MAN
Someone, Plaese. . .
The writting isn't helping anymore. I really need to get some sexual, soon. This is starting to get epic. Anyone wanna help a sad, sad man out? Please. . . I am not beyond begging at this point.
Some Poetry By An Author By The Name Of Lady Bug
Some Thing To Think About
1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. If not for you, someone may not be living. 8. You are special and unique. 9. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world. 12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it. 13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget abou
Some Folks Are Like Slinkies...
they are not really good for anything but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.
Sometimes I Hate My Gender.
You know It pisses me off how guys do some women. SPecially one that can offer so much. And then wonder why women go les or are ... well I want say that... towards them. WELL WAKE THE FUCK UP. Stop using them as a cock stop, and give them some freaking respect. I have many women that are friends of mine, and through them I learn alot. WHY? Because I Listen. If you listen hell you can learn exsactly what the want and need. but I guess some guys have cum in there on ears, and all they hear is mumble. ~Shakes my head.~ Will We as a gender .. SOme not all might I add. Ever learn?
Something I Wrote About Me
As i walk throw the valley, i smell the fresh air.looking around at the green grass,the birds flying so free.I know thats where i wanna stay.I want to be free from everything that tries to hold me back in my past,everything thats so evil and sad.I wish i was a bird,so i could fly so free.with no worries about what to morrow will bring my way. All i have to do is fly away to the next valley thats greener on the other only think about flying free to the promise land we all see,where happyness is made for us.thats t dream i have and when i meet her i hope the promise land is there for me and you.. Its time to move on.No more will i look into my past.. just thinking where i want my life and where it could have been..Its time start over once more but i know i can get throw.. No more will my past follow me around. i let it all go like setting the dove free.. i know where i have to start and i know where i will end for once i have a plan to a better life.No more thinking
Something That Some Ppl Will Like
Just to let everyone know, I have had always been interested in seeing my Asian wife getting fucked by another guy. I don’t know why but just the thought of it still gets me going and we’ve been divorced almost five years now. I loved it when she would on rare occasion describe to me how an old boyfriend would fuck her. It would make for hours of great sex that she also willingly enjoyed. First, she had pretty much a typical Asian body, about five feet tall and about 100 pounds. She has a great little ass and cute tits, not too small, but in proportion to her body. She had invited a guy to stay with us, whom she had met on line. She said he needed a place to crash for a while, to get started in CA. I totally trusted my little pearl of the orient and consented. I actually had secretly hoped that this might be the guy. We had a pretty casual living arrangement, as I used to sunbathe nude on the patio and after a few weeks he would join me. Several times my wife would come home fro
Some Thoughts Of The Night.
I have told very few people about something I went through after my ex left. I had a bit of a scare and did not know how to go to anyone and talk about it. I actually openly spoke to my cousin about it tonight, it felt good getting it off my chest. I honestly realize how that it is not something anyone should go through alone, you should have someone there to listen and offer support.
Someone Has A Crush On Me
who is it that has a crush on me?
Some Words And Prayers Of Strength
I am not an alcoholic or drug user, but found serenity in these prayers since I was married to one. They really can be applied in ones daily life as words of wisdom and strength. Dear God, I am so far from perfect. I pray this prayer so often. Help me to focus on those special words in it. Serenity. Accept. Courage. Wisdom. Grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change ~ COURAGE to change the things I can; and WISDOM to know the difference. Living ONE DAY AT A TIME; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace. Taking this sinful world as it IS, not as I would have it. Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy forever in the next.
Some Strengths
vampyres are not like myths very much. We don't live forever, however we do tend to have a longer life span, probably because we are aware of our bodies more than others, and because, well, we feed on life force (or a part of the life force), naturally that'd help. However, it is possible to have this happen to a normal person, as a matter of fact it is very common with people that are aware of their own energy and practice meditation regularly, for example material artists, or Buddhist monks. I have seen myths where vampyres have "x-ray vision", and other superman qualities, and again I need to tell you that that is not the case. I don't know of any being on earth that would have such abilities, as a matter of fact (without getting into religion, that is). It is true though that vampyres experience heightened senses, sometimes painfully heightened. Let me give you an example. A normal human at my age should be able to hear sounds up to 16 thousand hertz (just a very high pitc
Somehow It Goes On
somehow life goes on in spite of it all life goes on in that process is beauty and pain in that process are things that bind the spirit human those things common life it somehow goes on somehow I find in the moments between words too dry or a muse demanding truths I am not yet ready to own that words still spill out in the still small moments words somewhere in-between in the process of life and writing which so often are the same I discover distance between where I was even yesterday the path stretched out before me I move sometimes without even trying because life somehow it goes on tjs2k70110
Someone To Love
I want someone to love someone to kiss. I need someone to to love someone to miss. What is love? This thing I crave. What is pain? This thing i feel. The smile on my face looks so brave, but the pain in my heart is real. Pain is all I feel lonliness is what I embrace. Is happiness real? Or is pain all I face? The love i have touched deep within my heart Can it bring me happiness? Or just heartache? I loved once but it all fell apart, he broke my spirit, and took my heart. He said he loved me, but it was all lies, I trusted him and i dont know why. Can i ever trust again and have it be true?? CherryTAP Images at
Something I Made..
Some People ...
Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same. ~ by Flavia Weedn ~
Someone Has A Crush On Me??
Someone has a crush on me?? Now they have this new thing that someone can have a crush on you & you don't know who it is.. We'll if someone has a crush on me I'd like to know about it.. we could "crush" together... Who are you my "Crush"??????
Someone Slap My Face Please!
1) my stomach+liver problems doesn't stop 2) the stupid Subversion doesn't want to work, f*ck... stupid apache server that doesn't want to work with the svn 3) i hate you mod_auth_sspi!!!!!!!!!! 4) and someone slap me because i let people approach too much to me enough to let them hurt me
Some More Crap
Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||| 46% Stability |||||||||||||| 56% Orderliness |||||||||||||||| 66% Accommodation |||||||||||||||| 63% Interdependence |||||||||||||||| 63% Intellectual |||| 16% Mystical |||||||||||| 50% Artistic || 10% Religious |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Hedonism |||||||||||| 50% Materialism |||||||||||||||||| 76% Narcissism |||||||||||| 50% Adventurousness |||||||||| 36% Work ethic |||||||||| 36% Self absorbed |||||||||||||| 56% Conf
Something I Came Up With.
I would give "You" my smile and laugh. Just so "You" can laugh and smile with me. I would give "You" my thoughts and dreams. Just so I can be in your thoughts and dreams. I give "You" my heart and soul. Just so I can be there when "You" need me the most. I give "You" the world and more. Just so "You" know there will always be someone there for "You". I give it all to "You". To: You.
Something To Think About
A popular speaker started off his lecture by holding up a $20 bill. In the room teeming with people, he asked. "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands started going up. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you - but first, let me do this." He proceeded to crumple the 20 dollar note up. He then asked. "Now who wants it?" Still the hands were up in the air. "Well," he continued, "what if I do this?" He dropped it on the floor and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?" Still the hands went into the air. "My friends, you have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless; but no matter what happened or what will hap
Something More..
Going through a world of sad debris, Regard quixoitic reveries of ownership: The blossoming disease of man called tenure and accretion, The ancient western treadmill of deception and derision. But I want something more. Racing through a life of tragic wastage, I experience the loss of trust and innocence. The billowing cyclone of time has blown away our reasons As we trudge like blind men forward trying to avoid collision. But I want something... More.
Some Rambling From An Insane Poet,don't Ya Know It "a metal chastity belt is not a chew toy" in days of old,thy story's told; about thine kings,and what thee would do... if thy happen upon, a lovely fair maiden; thou damned ole king,did thoust screw you..... before thoust story begins,thy story must end, withst thee holding, much of a grudge; thou does curse the gods, of metal workings, for thine chastity belt,that wouldn't budge.... thy shall visit ye ole town dentist, come first light; of ....the new moon; thy hast nay chewed so much metal, but thoust next time, will bringeth thine locksmith or thine spoon.........
So Mean Yet So Funny
Some People Are Stupid I Think!
THIS PERSON SHOUTED AT ME AND WANTED TO TALK ON YAHOO, SO I DID FOR THE HELL OF IT. COME TO FIND OUT LIKE I THOUGHT IT WAS, ANOTHER PEOSON STUCK IN NIGERIA!!!!!! LMAO NIGERIANS MUST THINK AMERICANS ARE STUPID OR SOMETHING!!! SAYS SHES FROM IOWA, BUT SHE COULDNT ANSWER ME WITH WHATS STATES BORDER IT!!!! AND SHE TRIED TO ASK ME FOR MONEY!!!..LOL debs@ CherryTAP Debbie Carlson: You mean chatting with me really make u happy and u catching fun uhh?? BIG DAWG: no, you make me happy and giddy talking to you Debbie Carlson: ok Cool Debbie Carlson: cool..Could i ask u something if u could be of Lil help with it?? BIG DAWG: sure, ill try Debbie Carlson: Could i Just ask if u could help me with 270$. Cos i Just wana use it to balance up hotel bill here BIG DAWG: i was waiting to here something like this, its always ends up this way when i talk to someone for a few days, Debbie Carlson: Whatt?? Debbie Carlson: How do u mean?? BIG DAWG: like you dont know Debbie Carlson: I ju
Sometimes In Life
Sometimes in life, you find a special friend; Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop; Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.
Some Quizzes
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at Sue's sexual nickname: "Playboy Bunny" Take this quiz at Sue -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Something's Different..
The same song, but a different melody...sung slightly off key.. The same color, but a different shade...not quite as pretty.. The same style, but a different doesn't fit right anymore.. The same words, but different meaning...they have lost their passion.. The same hearts, but different paths...they have lost their way... The same moonlit sky, never changing...ever beautiful... Lead them back home.
Some News
Hi A/all ok a small update .. i went to see my doc today and she said that my heart is in a normal rythme but it is beating on the fast side.. like 108 beats per minute and its supposed to be under that .. so i have to go see a cardiologist and they will do a stress test on me.. and an echocardiogram so when i know more You all will know until then have a blessed day Debbie
there are people who come into your life who leave a mark. It's a mark that can't easily be erased but leaves a lasting impression. That one mark is still present. Shannon
~~something We Would Like To See~~
Some Days...
Like today for instance....I wish I just wasn't... Nothing is working right....not even my blog name. Ever have a day like that?
Some Things About Me...
Cheryl posted this as a bulletin but I think it would be better suited as a blog entry for me... Now there are not exactly 105 ... whoever sent this to Cheryl apparently had an issue with counting.. lol1. EVER BEEN GIVEN AN ENGAGEMENT RING? a couple of em 2. LONGEST RELATIONSHIP?11 years 3. LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED?perfume and surround sound for  my pc 4. EVER DROPPED A CELL PHONE?plenty and lost more 5. WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU WORKED OUT?ugghh... I am on a new weight loss deal so today 6. THING(S) YOU SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON? Bills 7. LAST FOOD YOU ATE?mashed taters and corn 8. FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE PERFERRED SEX? chest 9. NEW FAVORITE SONG?new... umm.. ummm... 10. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Ohio temporarily 11. HIGH SCHOOL YOU ATTENDED:Mandarin High 12. CELL PHONE SERVICE PROVIDER: none, We got rid of them. 13. FAVORITE STORE TO SHOP:I am not a shopper 14. LONGEST JOB YOU HAD:Telephone Operator for AT&T 15. DO YOU OWN A PAIR OF DICE?yes 16. DO YOU PRANK CALL PEOPLE
Something A Friend Wrote For Me...
A friend of mine from Scotland who is an artist, songwriter, etc. wrote this for me after we first met over a year ago... From the other side of the pond you can develop a bond but never ask the time unless you need a rhyme shes native to the county the most shes seens a mounty she wanted me to read it the scorpio can feed it if you want her to relax all you do is ask the clarinet is lurking where the house is working all the friends are shopping where the plumbings dropping pick it up and start again aviod the heating men the government holds office "you heard it" said the novice been reading this hard book before the hands were shook so if you love to fish just kneel and make a wish from the pictures I have seen these places that form a dream where people are all friendly where you might enjoy a medley bryan drummond
Some Wish's For All My Friends.....
.o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. ( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( ) .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. Always try to help a friend in need .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. Believe in yourself ( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( ) Be brave...but it's ok to be afraid sometimes .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. Study hard ( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( ) Don't be overly concerned with your weight, it's just a number .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. Always try to see the glass half full ( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( ) Meet new people, even if they look different to you .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. Remain Calm. Even when it seems hopeless ( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( )=( ) Take lots of naps.... .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. .o. Be weird whenever
~ Some Help Needed Plz ~
please stop by and show my friend some luv. thanks maria click on the pic to comment him plz
Some Bullshit..
Pathetic.. Is the main fucking word. This family, This fucking family is nothing more then a pathetic bunch of fucking idiots, that most of them should be wiped from the face of the earth. They honestly don't deserve this thing called living. I don't either. But it's pretty damn stupid to go fucking insane over the most moronic bullshit. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of every little goddamn thing. I can not wait til I finally get out of this toxic waste dump.. Everyone thinks they understand what I am going through. But just face it. You don't have ONE percent of an idea of what I am feeling nor what I am going through. You are just assuming and guessing. But you are nothing more then WRONG. You do not know anything about me, But what day of I was born, My name, and the plain fucking fact that I am your flesh and blood. You don't know how I feel, What I wish to do with my life, What I wish to be when I get older, What collages I'm interested in, My interests, My hobbies, What's my taste
Something New......
As I lay here trying to sleep, Trying to hold back the urge to weep. So much damage has been inflicted on my heart, By people who enjoy tearing it apart. A lot of things said in vain, Causes my self-esteem to be slain. A happy person is what I let everyone see, I don't let people see the real me. Persephone
Someone Special Wrote This For Me ;) I Thought I'd Share...
together we walk together we talk hand in hand side by side each new step brings us closer yet closer and closer again to each other and to our future together we cry together we sleep together we weep together we laugh together we kiss together we miss anything is possible always within reach and within grasp hand in hand side by side we walk and talk laugh and love gaze up together at the stars above happily together and in love thankful for each day we have together never wanting it to end but to go on forever and ever there is only a beginning and no end
Some Thing New Coming
Ez$Money Da Re-Mix King@ CherryTAP
36 Somethings....
1. You have ten bucks at a gas station to buy some snacks, what do you get? Soda chips sammiches 02. If you were reincarnated as a sea creature, what would you be? turtle 03. Who's your favorite redhead? jana 04. What do you order when your at ihop? crepes 05. Last book you read? I dont remember satrted to read Frankenstien I think 06. Have you made out with anybody on your friends list? yyup 07. Describe your favorite pair of underwear! comfy 08. Describe the last time you were injured. hot butter 09. Of all your friends, with whom would you want to be stuck with in a well? jana 10. Rock concert or symphony? depands on my mood 11. What is the wallpaper on your cellphone? invisible 12. Soda? dr pepper cherry coke sprite 13. Flavor of Pudding? cheesecake 14. What type of shirt are you wearing? Dr. Pepper 15. Prescription medication? cyclobenziprine, ketoprophen 16. If you could only use one form of transportation for the rest o
Some Input I Provided Baby Jesus - Part 1
I started up with the CT just as it was transitioning from LC. Overall, things aren't too bad. I would like to see the following things done to improve it, though -- 1. When you delete a family member or friend, have an option to choose whether or not you would like to have them entirely deleted or just as a family member or friend -- or completely. This had caused a problem with an inactive family member when I deleted him and it blocked him totally. 2. In having crushes, it is a great thing to have. I would be nice to have more than one...or, at least, consider to be able to have 4 or 5 lusts too. 3. Fix the shout boxes and the alert boxes such that when a lot are coming in at the same time, it doesn't slow things down. I'll be in the middle of composing a blog, bulletin, shout out, or mumm and suddenly can't write a thing because incoming alerts/shouts are slowing the system down. I am not sure how you can tweak that, but if you can that would be great in order to expedi
Some Input I Provided Baby Jesus - Part 2
Oh,and, hey! The photo count isn't working by the way. I haven't fussed about it because it seems to be such a minor gliche, but, if you can add that to your to-do lists (while you are at it), I'd certainly appreciate it! :D Kat
Someone Who Can...
Some More Fun
Pledge To Be Veg!
Something To Offend Everyone!
SOMETHING TO OFFEND EVERYONE! What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan What is a Yankee? The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover ? The position of the dir t bag Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it. What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over? Doughnuts? Why is air a lot like sex? Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any What do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever. What do attorneys use for birth control? Their personalities. What's the difference between a girlfriend and wife? 45 lb. What's the difference between a boyfriend and husband? 45 minutes What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Through his chest with a sharp knife. Why do men want to marry virgins? They can't stand criticism. Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring, and good-looking? Becaus
Sometimes you wonder who is your true friend, deep down you want to believe in this so called friend, yet they sometimes treat you like your nothing... And you've got to take a step back an think, an listen to what your heart tells you...
Sometimes Life Really Has A Soundtrack...
Fist fight with the older bro. Stupid reason to start it, but I did. As I threw the first, idiotic punch : Mayhem's 'Freezing Moon' comes on. (iTunes, yo.) Soooo, I got beatthefuckup to Mayhem. Lame, but kind of neat in a way.
Sometimes You Shouldnt Interrupt
Little Johnny watched his Daddy's car pass by the school playground and go into the woods. Curious, Johnny followed the car and saw Daddy and Aunt Jane in a passionate embrace. Little Johnny found this so exciting that he could not contain himself, he ran home and started to tell his mother. "Mommy I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane. I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kiss, then he helped her take off her shirt. Then Aunt Jane helped Daddy take his pants off, then Aunt Jane . . . ." At this point Mommy cut him off and said, "Johnny this is such an interesting story suppose you save the rest of it for supper time.I want to see the look on Daddy's face when you tell it tonight". At the dinner table Mommy asked little Johnny to tell his story. Johnny started his story, "I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane. I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kiss, then he he
Some Stuff ;)
A Naughty Adult Survey - Be honest. If you aren't honest then what is the point? Fill it out and re-post as a bulletin. Have fun. 1) Ever been to a strip club ? Yes 2) Ever been to a bar? Yes 3) Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club? lol there was one time i was at a bar and the owner kicked EVERYONE out, does that count? 4) Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere? lol no 5) Kissed someone of the same sex? nope 6) Thrown up from drinking too much? HAHA Yup 7) Had sex in a car? hehe yes 8) Had sex at the beach? nope 10) Had sex in a bathroom? yes 11) Had sex at work? Nope 12) Have you ever been in an "adult" store? Yes lol 13) Bought something from an adult store? yup 14) Have you spent over $100.00 in one visit to the adult store? no, but ive bought over $100 worth of stuff from a toy party, same thing 16) Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with? heck yes 17) Have you been caught
Something To Think About
I received this in an email from a good friend of mine. Made me think alittle. Especially since I'm so close to celebrating another birthday; or maybe I should say that I'm thankful to soon be celebrating another birthday. :) Enjoy! COUNT YOUR SATURDAYS The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it's the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, or maybe it's the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable. A few weeks ago, I was shuffling toward the garage with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other. What began as a typical Saturday morning turned into one of those lessons that life seems to hand you from time to time. Let me tell you about it: I turned the dial up into the phone portion of the band on my ham radio in order to listen to a Saturday morning swap net. Along the way, I came across an older sounding chap, with a tremendo
Something I Can't Do.
Dear Lowly Applicant: We thought it was cute that you applied for our position, but we require a master's in phone answering and four years experience in filing papers to hire. If we need someone to mop the floors, we will give you a call. Hold your breath, Every office you have applied to so far Pfft.
Something I Can Do.
So, baking a cake. It's not about schooling or any such crap. It's all about instinct. I told myself to add some cinnamon and nutmeg to my pineapple upside down cake, and good thing, too: the topping is major brown sugar-pineapple-buttery goodness, but the cake itself is as exciting as watching golf. I did not really like any of the recipes I found, so I worked out my own and will continue to improve it as I go.
Someone Probably Isn't Going To Like This
Well folks, no rum tonight but I'm about to start on a few beers and just felt that this was funnier under this blog than my "less intoxicated thoughts" one. I got this one in a e-mail and I think no matter where your stand is on the subject you gotta give the guy a little giggle for the way he wrote this. Dear Senator Sarbanes, As a native Marylander and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you. My primary reason for wishing to change my status from U.S. Citizen to illegal alien stem from the bill which was recently passed by the Senate and for which you voted. If my understanding of this bill's provisions is accurate, as an illegal alien who has been in the United States for five years, all I need to do to become a citizen is to pay a $2,000 fine and income taxes for t
Some People Can Change
i have a son and he is my number one one day i see him being a star but thats afar.he is something unique...and also very cute u think? he makes me smile..even when im in denial..he is my number one so i am so glad he is my son....
Some Stuff About Me
Hello everyone, My name is Heath Above all and foremost I am a person who greatly loves other people, and the freedom of people, and the freeing of other peoples minds. I believe that all of us are connected in more ways than we could ever fully understand as a living person. Other than That I enjoy art in all of its many forms. Music especially. All kinds of music all the time. I don't think there has ever been a time in my life where I was like, "I don't want to listen to music right now." As far as drawn or painted art or computer generated art for that matter I really enjoy a piece that gives me a view of the spirit. Like Alex Gray. Or Emi Coleman. ;-) I like all kinds of different movies. Especially the ones that make me think. I highly suggest a movie called Waking Life. I have a 2 Year old son Named Isaac Gabriel. He is the reason I wake up in the morning and live and love so much. He is super cute too. If you want to know more about me just ask. Shift your
Some Questions
Some Questions 1. What time did you get up this morning? 6am 2. Diamonds or pearls? diamonds 3. What was the last film you saw at the movies?passions of the christ 4. What is your favorite T.V. show? 5. What do you usually have for breakfast? grits eggs livermush fried taters and onions and homemade biscuits 6. What is your middle name? i'll never tell 7. Favorite food? steak 8. What foods do you dislike? salmon stew 9. What is your favorite chip flavor?ranch 10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?nana 11. What kind of car do you drive?buick 12. Favorite sandwich? roast beef 13. Favorite item of clothing? pj's 14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? hawaii 15. What color is your bathroom? rose and white 16. Favorite brand of clothing? lee's 17. Where would you retire to? hawaii 18. What was your most memorable birthday? gettin my little candy, my little angel. a chiuaua however u spell i
Sometimes I Ponder
SOMETIMES I PONDER Sometimes I ponder about what will come next Where will my life turn when it seems to stall? When is the next time I will smile again? and how will I get up, should I fall? Happiness fills me with a touch of sadness. By that I mean I know it can't last. Beauty decays, laughter subsides When will the stones be cast? Tragedy can be measured by the amount of happiness taken away Elusion is our only protection As we fall victim to its prey So when I've reached a fork in life's road and the choices are many or few. I follow the one that leads away from misfortune Thats all I can really do When life is good You have to hold it in your hand You have to close your eyes You have to breathe it in! Happiness may end While tragedy begins Today is the beginning Is tomorrow the end?
Has a crush on me, on here.. thats so sweet Makes me smile... now who of ya is it? lmao
Something To Think About
Rex Barker here with my thoughts on "Some Things I Have Learned - Part Three," submitted by Cara... I've learned that two people can look at the exact same thing And see something totally different. I've learned that there are people who love you dearly, But just don't know how to show it. I've learned that my best friend and I can do anything or nothing And still have the best time. I've learned that I'm getting more and more like my mom, And I'm kind of happy about it. I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, Even over the longest distance. I've learned that just because someone doesn't love you The way you want them to Doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. I've learned that no matter how much I care, Some people just don't care back. I've learned that you should never tell a child His dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are more humiliating, And what a tragedy it would be if he believed it. I've learned that
Something To Share
GREEN FLASH Have you ever sat and watched the sun set while at sea ? The awesome majestic color show that rivals all that can be I would sit there with my gaze locked on to the sun set as the colors change from red to purple brilliant even yet transfixed as they gently fade then suddenly it comes on bold a brilliant flash of emerald green like no other sight to behold Then the gentle fade as the sea becomes so dark beyond compare These are the times I would sit in solitude and wish that I could share With one who could appreciate the simple wonder of it all I sat there almost every night and yet I can't recall A time that I ever really felt that this was something just for me an awesome show like that should be shared with a love for all eternity. By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Sometimes We Have To Cry
“sometimes we have to cry” sure it hurts alot sometimes without any warning at all the dam breaks in your soul and the tears they start to fall i might think of many memories maybe thats how it’ll start how can forget so easily i love you with all my heart so iam gonna let it all go iam gonna let myself fall baby i dont have no self control left to stop me at all seems like it lasts forever and i dont know why all i know to feel better sometimes we have to cry sometimes i feel like a rock but deep down iam just flesh and blood i guess i just got caught up with being in love its nobodys fault i dont hold anyone to blame sometimes with moments of pleasure you have to feel the pain intensely completely iam gonna fall in love again but until then Scovil’s Music 2006
Somewhere there is a woman, being savagely beat, cause dinner wasnt ready when "he" wanted to eat. who walks around on eggshells and lives her life in fright who wonders if "he" will kill her, one of these drunken nights. who hopes the kids sleep thru the beatings that she takes. who wonders if it will continue whenever he awakes. who really wants to leave, but isnt sure of what to do. who hides bruises from friends and family that shows the hell that she goes thru. Somewhere there is this woman! is this woman You? written by Some1special2k
Some Plans For The Year....
Well, my friends Billie and Jen were telling me today that I should look into YMCA sports for my four year old son, Jacob. Samantha is still too young so I will not probably put her into any sports until next year. So, thanks to me ex's fiance, I know that my son is actually interested in something like this. So, I called the YMCA today to find out more about their sports programs for 4 year olds and such. The lady over the phone told me that they are taking registrations for soccer teams now for the four year old bracket as well as all other ages. But they will stop taking registrations on Febuary 10th, however. found out that, for non members, it will cost $66 to register and members of the YMCA pay $33. Kind of a big jump from there. So I asked the lady how much for a family registration. She told me that there are two types...a regular family registration @ $57/month or a single family membership registration @ $47.50/month. I will look into something like that though...ot
sometimes, sometimes.. just sometimes.. I stand at the EDGE.. of the BACK of my mind.. and I just want to JUMP.. out of my thoughts.. and FALL forever into nothing.. but.. sometimes, sometimes.. just sometimes.. I wonder what lies beneath.. when I stop falling.. and I know.. I dont want to fall forever.. into nothing.. but.. sometimes, sometimes.. just sometimes.. I look deep into the darkness.. the back of my mind is.. and wonder if there is.. something I am not see'n.. so, I want to take that chance.. and jump.. but.. sometimes, sometimes.. just sometimes.. I wonder.. If I am ready to see.. and if I do see what lies.. in the depth of the back.. of my mind.. will I return one day, and stand.. at the back of my mind again.. so I stop wondering what lies in the darkness.. and stop wanting to jump.. anymore.. but.. sometimes, sometimes.. just sometimes.. I stand at the
Something Funny.
I took this pic for the haters. lmfao.
Some Quiz Results
Ok that I have the results I'm thinking maybe I don't really want to post them - cuz I can just imagine the ideas it's gonna give some of you ...ahhh, but what the hell :P Those of you who have read my page and know of my aussie friend and tell me how lucky he is are likely to think so even more now lol ============================================ You scored as Wet. You're wet 'n' wild, while that isn't always a good thing, we have to give you points for trying...right? Hot94%Wet94%Exciting88%Soft88%Violent81%Sweet69%Awkward50%Shy25%What is your sexual style?created with You scored as A Slave To BDSM. Admit it, you like being tied up and being told you
Something I Have Been Working On
This is to my friends whose names inspired me to write this I couldn’t of done it without their inspiration. Love can find its place in the strangest places. To my kids who mean the world to me. To my family who has done nothing but support me, especially Wolfie she’s the one who inspired me the most to start writing again. It was a long day for the bounty huntress Mckayla she just gotten home from an important hunt he was a well known felon, she was running on pure adrenaline rush. Waiting for the next hunt, out of the blue she gets this call from the government she was a well known huntress, they needed her help with her training they knew she was the right one for the job. Ex CIA operative, DEA trained as well so she knew how to take care of herself. Her only weak point was the Special Forces guy she had fallen for that played her for the fool. Promised her the world her world she was going to quit her job to be with th
Something Naughty From The Dungeon
Things around the dungeon were quiet no screams or whimpers or moans Just silence that is when I realised that I still had my earplugs in. everything was still quiet I wandered from room to room everyone was there right where they wer supposed to be. ties still tied buckles still buckled masks, gags and muffles still in place I believed I had gone deaf it was not the case I was just bored I needed new sounds to come forth So out came a new whip paddle and slap and lo and behold I had a rather raging a'hem thing going so slap whack spank paddle whip scream moan cry yell nothing but pure joy and my arm starting to ache it was new happiness I had found the new sounds were rapturous and so was the sting i felt from my own whip as i drew it back across myself oh what an evening
Sometimes You Have To Update
Things are looking up! I have had a resurgence of creativity thanks to a new person in my life! Yay!!!!! Been getting into fractal art as of late. And I find that it is so much fun to make! There is so much you can do with it! I think my gallery is vastly improved and I can't wait to wake up, if I get to sleep at all, to see what comes out next! My hubby is sweet enough to post some of my newer stuff right here on CT, and if you wanna check out more, go to If you REALLY like them, there is a few of them available for print there. And they are CHEAP! On another note, I just want to say that this place rocks! I am fairly new to CT and I have met some very rockin' folks here! Thanks to you all for being you.
Something To Think About
Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. The tone goes off at 2 in the morning he is on his way to a wreck with entrapment. __________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. Hes been awake for three days working at four different stations running calls all day and night and doesn't get to shower. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets burned or trapped inside, or while cutting someone out of a car something flys off the car and injures him, or car explodes, he gets called to a medical call where someone was that person still around!!! __________________________ You meet up with your friends at the camp and get drunk! He responds to the unconsious people and the grass fire you started. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He kisses the maltese cross around his neck and says a prayer before he goes
Someone Talk To Me!! Blah.
1. The phone rings; who do you want it to be? anyone interesting.... Im so fucking homesick. 2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? depends. 3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? depends... i can be the listener and the talker. 4. Do you take compliments well? yeah... i dont hear them often anymore. 5. Do you play Sudoku? nope. 6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? Yes I would... I love the outdoors. 7. Do you like to ride horses? yup. 8. Did you ever go to camps as a kid? dance camp... lol 9. What was your favorite game as a kid? bugging my sisters. 10. If an attractive person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married would you still go for it? nope. 11. Are you judgmental? depends. 12. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you? yes. 13. Do you like to pursue or be pursued? pursued 14. Use three words to describe yourself: engerge
Some Of You Ladies Could Only Wish.....
Well, I seriously hope not, but check this out
Some Other Points To Ponder....
*************************** Love is grand! Divorce is a hundred grand. *************************** I am in shape. Round is a shape. *************************** Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician. *************************** Conscience is what hurts when everything else feels good. *************************** Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand. **************** *********** Even if you are on the right track, You'll get run over if you just sit there *************************** Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason. *************************** An optimist thinks this is the best possible world. A pessimist fears this is true. *************************** There will always be death and taxes. However, death doesn't get worse every year. ***************************
Some Sexy....
I have always dreamed of some sexy azz shoes that have some height to them and dont hurt your feet, and that they could be shoes that go with everything in your closet....
Something Stupid
Larry's Lamaze Lessons The room was full of pregnant women and their partners. The Lamaze class was in full swing. The instructor was teaching the women how to breathe properly, and informing the men how to give the necessary assurances at this stage of the plan. "Ladies, exercise is good for you," announced the teacher. "Walking is especially beneficial. And, gentlemen, it wouldn't hurt you to take the time to go walking with your partner!" The room was very quiet. Finally, Larry, a man in the middle of the group raised his hand. "Yes?" asked the instructor. "Is it all right if she carries a golf bag while we walk?"
Somethings In Life Never Change Lol
Why is When you've been there done that & Know that NOTHING Can be done for you On a personal Note! That Some think You'd go back for Round two? I personally Won't go for Second rounds when the first round Couldnt give me satisfaction of what I needed! lol If you know me or Your Friend Knows me and Read this then You Know what this is about! I wont reveal but others Will find out on their own! Get r done & Get it fixed lol Who Better to Say than One who KNOWS!!!
Some Updates
Alrighty, most of you know how hard it's been for me to find a job around here. Trust me when I say I've been trying and trying, and failing every time. I can't keep struggling this way, so I'm now making my goal to get out of Greeley. I have a very special friend in Seattle who's gonna help me out (basically give me a place to live) so I can pay back everyone I've borrowed money from . And before I go on, I have to say that I am truly sorry it's taking so long to pay back what I've borrowed...not to mention the rent I owe as well. Like I said, things have been really tough. Anyway, as stated above, I'm probably moving fairly soon. Nothing is set in stone yet of course, but I'll most likely be leaving Colorado (at least for a little bit) while I get back on my feet. I'm trying to figure out if I can switch to some online classes so that I won't have to transfer. Of course, it won't be easy, but it's definitely the best option I have at the moment. I'll make sure to keep everyone up-to-
Some New Things Happenin In Life
well folks, i'm engaged to jamie, he's my heart and soul, ....i'm about to become a step mom to his wonderful son trevor ...trev's pic is in my pic thingy if anyone would like to see him hopefully this weekend i'll have a pic of me and jamie up on here but i dunno cause by the time he gets here on friday's he's really tired cause he works all week long at like 2 in the mornin till 3:30 in the afternoon and he normally just wants to spend alone time with me ......unless we go out to the innfield ..........but anywayz ...oh i finally get my engagement ring back sometime this week (it was sent to be resized) ............well i just thought i'd let every1 know what the deal was since my bestfriend suggested it ...........oh btw .....CONGRATULATIONS JAMES KILMER AND HEATHER WAGNER ON UR ENGAGEMENT ...I"M TRUELY HAPPY FOR THE BOTH OF U AND WISH U THE BEST IN THE FUTURE AND HOPE U TWO HAVE A HAPPY LIFE TOGETHER!
Some Of You Note About Me
i have a fucked up, sick, twisted, pervered, gross, imature, since of humor and if i offend any one of you i honeslty "DO NOT" mean to and please tell me if i do
Somebody Err Nobody??
Everybody’s got somebody Somebody’s got nobody Nobody’s got everybody Where’s my somebody Who’s my nobody Why can’t we have everybody Why is somebody knocking on my door Everybody wants in But nobody’s there Nobody has my heart Everybody wants it Somebody can have it Somebody doesn’t want it Everybody tries to get it Nobody can get it Be somebody Don’t be everybody Take nothing from nobody
Something I Got From A Friends Blog, Check It Out
I copied this from a friends blog, and i agree with him 100% it was awesome. FreedomWave@ CherryTAP This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School, Kingston, Tennessee, by school Principal, Jody McLeod. "It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country." Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it "an alternate lifestyle," and if someone is offended, that's OK. I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex." If someone is offended, that's OK. I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem...
Someone Deleted My Blog
All did was to post my yahoo groups addresses is that a crime? anyway if you are interested vissit my profile page carlos
Something I Wrote
I can see you Plain as day And to hear you Takes me away To a time when Things were better All my best friends Still together Laughter and tears Went hand in hand But as time passed New lives began Over time things Just fell apart Now here I sit Pouring my heart Keeping in touch In many ways But it can't touch Our golden days. So I touch this pane of glass I can't get through to see you. And it breaks my heart in half To see all the things you do. And the only thing I want Is to be there by your side But behind this pain of glass Is the world where I reside. I can whisper And I can scream Try and break it But nothing seems To make it through This awful wall Yes it helps when I call or write But it can't help Those sleepless nights It just scares me That as time flows You'll forget what I hold so close So I touch this pane of glass I can't get through to see you. And it breaks my heart in half To see all the things you do. And the o
Some Muslim History
Democrat Keith Ellison is now officially the first Muslim United States congressman. True to his pledge, he placed his hand on the Quran, the Muslim book of jihad and pledged his allegiance to the United States during his ceremonial swearing-in. Capitol Hill staff said Ellison's swearing-in photo opportunity drew more media than they had ever seen in the history of the U.S. House. Ellison represents the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. The Quran Ellison used was no ordinary book. It once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States and one of America's founding fathers. Ellison borrowed it from the Rare Book Section of the Library of Congress. It was one of the 6,500 Jefferson books archived in the library. Ellison, who was born in Detroit and converted to Islam while in college, said he chose to use Jefferson's Quran because it showed that "a visionary like Jefferson" believed that wisdom could be gleaned from many sources. There is no dou
Someone Has A Crush On You!!
Any hints who my crush is???
Something To Offend Everyone Part I (good Stuff)
What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan. What is a Yankee? The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? The position of the dirt bag. Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it. What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over? Doughnuts. Why is air a lot like sex? Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any. SOMETHING TO OFFEND EVERYONE PART II (JUST WARMING UP!) What do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever. What do attorneys use for birth control? Their personalities. What's the difference between a girlfriend and wife? 45 lbs. What's the difference between a boyfriend and husband? 45 minutes. What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Through his chest with a sharp knife. Why do men want to marry virgins? They can't stand criticism. Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring, and good-looking? Be
Some Men Blah
some men not all men but some are inconsiderate and pathetic i dont know how we put up with those type of men i really dont.they treaty you like shit and dont give a crap about you what so ever why is that?you work your ass off to please them and make them happy in anyway that you possibly can.they dont care how you feel at all.about anything.when somethin is incredibly important to you like lets say your mom is very sick and she lives 3600 miles away and you need to be by her side and he cant be bothered to help ou out with getting what you need to get to her even though he can and just wont..pathetic really pathetic i dont know how we do it.put up with them that is but for some reason we do...........comment on this if you like id appreciate the imput from especailly the girls...
Some Unanswerable Questions (repost Of A Bulletin)
* Why does round pizza come in a square box? * Why are you "in" a movie but you're "on" TV? * Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing? * How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings? * If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors? * Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? * Why is it that when you transport something by car, it's called a shipment, but when you transport something by ship, it's called cargo? * Why does an alarm clock "go off" when it begins ringing? * Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice"? * If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends? * Why do you wear a pair of panties and only one bra? * Why is it called a "near miss" when you don't hit something? * Why is abbreviated such a long word? * If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still w
Something To Be Learned
Something To Be Learned Were those eyes yours They looked across the trees of a virgin forest Water clear as a brisk winter sky Sand brushed by wind blowing off the ancient sea People, you see people Children of nature Worship the spirits all around them Never harming nature Leaving only footprints wherever they travel Alone for a thousand year they look at you Watching, seeing what you may do You watch back Curious Afraid You do not understand How can people live like this You desire what they have You see the smiles in their faces The joy of their children The way they live How their spirits protect them You wish as you watch You want to be like them But what they have, you will never share You do not understand To you a rock is a rock A tree is a tree These people see different Everything is vital Everything is alive Everything has a soul That is something you have not learned Something you never will
~~some Good Things In Life~~
Author and lecturer, Leo Buscaglia, once talked about a contest he was asked to judge. The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring child. The winner was: A four-year-old child, whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman, who had recently lost his wife Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman's yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there When his mother asked him what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy just said, "Nothing, I just helped him cry." *************************************************** Teacher Debbie Moon's first graders were discussing a picture of a family. One little boy in the picture had a different hair color than the other members. One of her students suggested that he was adopted. A little girl said, "I know all about adoption, I was adopted." "What does it mean to be adopted?", asked another child. "It means", said the girl, "that you grew in your mommy's heart instead of her
HAHAH SOO IM NOT INTO WORKING TODAY - LOL I THINK IVE BEEN ON THE INTERNET MORE TODAY THAN ACTULLY DOING MY WORK!!! LOL Sometimes I walk without seeing Sometimes I see without knowing, Sometimes I live without learning And sometimes I learn without showing. And sometimes I pay no attention To what lies on the road ahead, And sometimes I just rush in Where the angels fear to tread. Sometimes I listen real well To words that my soul speaks, And sometimes I dont hear reason When my heart is feeling weak. Sometimes when it rains I see the sound that it makes, And sometimes it floods my heart Because of my mistakes. And sometimes when it snows I hear it's gentle sound, As it falls like silent thunder Everywhere upon the ground. And sometimes when I see you I think I'm really seeing me, Because sometimes life's not really All it would seem to be. Sometimes instead it's all gone Sort of topsy turvey, And sometimes right or wrong Is not as
Something To Remember!
Money makes the world go around but love and happiness makes the trip worth while! href="" target=_blank>1badasschick@ CherryTAP
Some Collect Stamps , I Collect Pretty
Lookin 4 some hotties to rip their pics , JUST DIDNT WANNA DO IT IN A STALKER FASHION....LOL , SO IF UR OK WITH IT , msg me and let me know if ur interested in bein in my collection...luv-amy
Something I Had To Do Tried To Avoid But Couldn't
SOMETHING I HAD TO DO FOR MYSELF(Tried to avoid it but couldn't) You were there for me when no one else was. You were there when everyone else gave up. When I had no place to go you gave me a place to stay. You introduced me to sugar water. lol Man I miss those times. You always knew the right thing to say and when to say it. When no one else could get a smile on my face you always brought the smile out of me. You always listed you always cared. There were times you put me before your girlfriend. There were times when she would get mad and jealous. We laughed together, We cried together, we yelled at each other, we screamed at each other. Hell there were times people thought we were married. I couldn't ever lie to you you always seen right through me and through my feelings you always knew when I was trying to cover up something or not wanting to talk about something. You and I we didn't just connect as friends or as best friends our bond was deeper. we were lovers at on
Someone Is A Click Away From A Free Mammogram...
I Checked this out personally to make sure that it was not an email spam. And it is NOT. So please read and repost. Thank you. Momma Dukes A favor to ask, it only takes a minute.... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of 45,000 hits to enable the donation of at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. AGAIN , PLEASE repost thanks again.
Some More News #2
ok A/all i have went and seen the cardiologist and he told me that i have a slight heart murmur and that my heart is beating rapidly.. so on the 16th Of February i have an echocardiogram .. and then on the 21st of February i have the stress test and some kind of xray or something.. sighs so yea i am a lil upset and really down.. i'll keep You all posted huggs Debbielee
Something Close To My Heart
Something Unknown
I'd say this was a headache, if I felt any pain, I'd say this was confusion, if I didn't know exactly where I am. I'd call this dissonance, but nothing seems out of order, I'd call it a fugue, but I know where it began. I'd describe this in all sorts of ways, but the words fail me.
Some Times When Am A Lone I Feel Useless
thats how it is for me some times i feel a lone like dont have a friend in the world as much as i dont have being sad some timesi am and its not because of the person that i with or who i like its because my folks all ways ruin it for me by trying to proect me to the point it makes me feel misable and for me thats not much of them trying to make me happy or feeling happy
Something To Think About
Something to think about Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the U.S. involvement in Iraq, here's a sobering statistic. There has been a monthly average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the last 22 months, and a total of 2,112 deaths. That gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers. The firearm death rate in Washington D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000 persons for the same period. That means that you are about 25% more likely to be shot and killed in the U.S. Capital than you are in Iraq. Conclusion: The U.S. should pull out of Washington
Something To Listen To
This speech always moves me so much. For those who don't know who Jim Valvano was, he was a basketball coach and later announcer who died from cancer. He gave this speech not long before he passed away. You have to listen to the whole thing to get the full message. It has good advice for all of us on how to live each day.
~~someone Is Always Watching~~
Something New
This is weird,I joined this site cuz a friend asked me to and I ended up meeting alot of wonderful people,some have become friends.One became more. I dont know what will become of it but I do know this I like how I feel when I talk to this person,both on the phone and oneline,We are making planns to meet,I have my fingers crossed that something special will come of it and of us meeting. I do that I have left him sweet little mushy messages.After all it's weird for me but that is my baby bear and I love him very much.I think it's cute on how he calls me baby-doll. I do know that I think about him alot. I know awwwwwwwwwwww,but Im beginning to like this awwwwwwwwwwwwwww very much,lol. As,I sit here and write this blog right now,I have a smile on my face even though,I am tired and wanting to sleep. So,I hope that says soemthing about the specialness of my sweetie and my soon-to be ct husband.
Something I've Started To Wonder....
So I've started to wonder if everyone has that someone. If everyone has that one other person in life that they are supposed to be with for ever. If there is one other soul out there that is perfectly complimentary to mine. Is there a love out there that is like the love displayed in movies or sung about in all the great love songs? Or am I going to have to walk the world alone, forever a single white female? There are times when I think that I will find that love and I will be happy with it forever, then there are times when I think that I will never find the one person that makes me truly happy. Then the saddest thought of them all, I sometimes think that my true love it no where near me at all. I fear that I know him and that the one thing standing in our way of being together and being happy is our location. Yes, I know some say that if it is love, it will overcome all obstacles. But some part of me fears that if I don't make a move nothing will ever happen. So here is my

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