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A Simple Touch
A Simple Touch A Stroke of genius, A thought of a touch; An idea of the body, Your mind wants so much. To have a person, Embrace your soul; To hear my fingers, Completely take control. Stroking kissing, Caressing, Obsessing; Just using my eyes, To start you undressing. As our minds indulge, In a special communication; That provides our thoughts, The deepest of sensations! Deeper and deeper, My penetration flows; Harder and harder, My intrigue grows. Closer and closer, Our passions combine; Tighter and tighter, Our ores Inter-twines. Faster and faster, Your body heat implodes; Stronger and stronger, My diction explodes! We’ve waited so long, I know you can’t resist; For we’ve both been waiting, For our bodies and souls to kiss! thanks to jr69007
A Simple Pleasure
You've been laying on the soft silk sheets of the bed for a few minutes now. You haven't seen anything for a half hour. I've already taken the liberty of having you take your clothes off so the silk caresses your skin, and a cold breeze from a vent tickles your skin. You lay on your stomach, wondering what I'm up to. Suddenly, you feel a tickle on your thigh. You go to swat it away, only to find my head in place between your legs. And my moist lips, working their way upwards, towards your very own wet lips. Your thick aroma already envelopes my every sense, imploring me to hurry up and fuck you. But you know that it won't come that swiftly. My smooth palms, already wet as my body senses the acts about to be committed, caress your breasts, sliding over them, beneath them, tickling your skin and sending goosebumps over your entire body. I gently pull on your nipples, sending a minor spasm through your body, your smooth hips lifting a bit off the bed. I tell my
A Simple Wish
By now, I'm positive that everyone knows how much I loath the cold weather. Sure, I love to wear cute winter outfits with fur on them. You know, the ones that make it look like I killed a small animal to keep warm. However, the cold makes me miserable. It tortures my body and makes me ache all over. Anyway, the cold weather means that the holidays are just around the corner. I was sitting in my car tonight and I said to myself "I believe this is the turning point and I don't like it one bit" By that I mean this: Winter is coming quicker than we know it. Soon all the beautiful autumn leaves that are blowing around in the streets will be gone and thick layers or cold white snowflakes will take their place. People will be warm in their houses spending time with their loved ones, family and friends alike. Meals will be devoured quicker than they can be prepared. And for most people, they'll be thinking of wonderful gifts to give and those they'd like to receive. However, this girl
Simple Act Of Kindness
He lay on my bed watching the Disney channel as always, I crept up beside him laid my head on his pillow. He remained still nor did he acknowledge I was there. I felt him breathing, soft and sweet . . . like him. He did not seem to mind me being right there so I snuggled closer just to feel him, just to touch to be a part of this child my son. After a moment he turned to me, then reaching towards me he took his tattered blanket, and carefully tenderly laid it on me, tucked me in, as I had done to him, so many times.before. And I lay there with my tears and my son, together on the bed wrapped in a tattered blanket. There is joy in simple moments, there is magic in the little things
Simple Truth
Relationshipsmust be built around standards, conditions, expectations, etc. You have to have them to make sure someone is compatible with you and who is going to treat you and your kids right. But unconditional love does not mean that you get into or stay in a relationship no matter what. People get used in friendships and treated like shit in relationships because they don't have conditions that people must meet and they think that "unconditonal love" means they have to accept abuse. My condition is that people must come from love or they are not allowed to breath the air in the same room as me as long they are trying to be a part of my life. If they are not coming from love, they are coming from fear. Fear brings drama, self-pity, anger, abuse, judgment, blame, irresponsibility, inconsideration, arrogance and far more other things that do not serve me and that I refuse to tolerate. Fear is an illusion and is not real. It is something we have learned and need to unlearn and si
Simplicity To Complex
There's simplicity to complex; A square is what I need; To look through at our friendship; And all our woes indeed; As I like you; And you like me; And all the world should Gladly see; That things are not so complex this calls 4 simplicity; I like you; Is not enough; And though I'm strong Then weak then tough; I cannot fight the walls You see; You howl directly up at me; I can't chase a man whose running Or grind him to a halt; Or break my tearful breaking heart, With someone whose a wont; I can't deal with all your maybe's And your there's but never here's, I can't deal with all your halfway points From no man's land to here; I don't like my pentagons; Or striving through red seas; I can't climb your stupid mountains With you not next to me; I'm not crazy bout heptagons; They kind of get me vexed; That things so small and minor Become big things so complexed; I guess, it pained to see; You weren't that into me.
Simpledream But It's Complexreality
heart broken smashed to pieces relentless no repenting no reason left alone questions unanswered day by day they trickle down like my tears and a cancer knowing hurting revealing growing aching when knowledge burned me to ashes no heart no soul no love so cold that broken heart burned to ashes from you blows away...
Simple Rules To Live By
I love it when people try dry hump your leg whe nyour new to any chat area. Why cant people just say hi and not go form zero to sexin 3 seconds?
Simply Awesome!
Yeah had a super terrific weekend (INSERT SARACASM HERE). How about you? So Friday, on the way to work, I get a flat tire. Waited about an hour in the rain for AAA to come change the flat for me. As soon as I started going again and the truck left me, my spare gets a flat. Had to wait another hour for AAA to come again and get a tow. So I get towed to BJ's to get the tire replaced. About 2 hours later, the mechanic comes into the waiting area to show me something on my car. So he takes me out to the garage to show me that the left front ball joint was really bad and needed to be replaced. As he's showing me this, I notice that the spare and my old front tire are still on the car! After 2 hours they couldn't at least have the new tires mounted and ready to go on? I wanted to ask WTF they were doing for 2hours, but I held my tongue. They operate on a first come, first served basis, and there was only one person ahead of me when I got there. So anyway, I give them the OK to do
Simplicity Of Life
Simplicity of Life I once wonder why life is so precious to God. I come to see that life is not about the simplicity of one, it is about the whole, yet life goes on saying and telling life, change is needed. How can life be so blind to reality of life that is just being brush away by the tide of each ripple upon existence? Hatred is preached about life like the gospel of God, but I come to see........ Mankind was the creator of belief not God, cause God created life, but he didn’t created all belief upon the world, he only created man and woman, which lead to us. So are we not creating a false God and belief than the one that God created for life? I have sat upon many benches in many different churches, I found fault in each and hidden darkness that seems to be an overlooked by all that is within that religion. Why is there no united upon mankind? Is it because we are selfish and uncaring beast that is now our own worst enemy? Has Satan become us? Or have w
Simple Illusion
Was this meant to be? Maybe it was . . But I can't help being Caught up in your love Your love is so innocent So pure and divine My heart finds no reason Why you shouldn't be mine So I sit here, mind boggled With turmoil, confusion And wonder if I've been caught up By simple illusion
Simple Decoration
SO.. here we are just a short hop from thanksgiving. Todays agenda... to get the house out of it fall jacket and into it's Santa Suit. Christmas has always been special to me. My mother was a big one for getting it all together usually the day after thanksgiving. I didn't quite do that yesterday.. though all the fall stuff is down and put away... the christmas stuff is laying all over the place. Today I will get the tree... and make my house festive. Simple elegance.... LMAO.. are you joking.. I do it up country simple. Quilted wall hangings and stockings, folk art nicknacks abound. Oh.. did I mention my love of REINDEER, Gingerbread and MOOSE> Keep those freaking snowmen away from me. Not real exciting huh? But you know.. when I decorate Captain Morgan likes to help out.... sometimes he even brings a big of Eggnog along with him. (Vanilla Spice is the best...thank you southern comfort. LOL) So.. enjoy your day.. I will be enjoying mine.
A Simple Thank You By Stuart Margel
Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded 
flag, but did not put two and two together. After we’d boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, 
who’d been invited to sit in First Class (and was seated across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. “No,” he responded. “Heading out?” I asked. “No. I’m escorting a soldier home.” “Going to pick him up?” “No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq.  I’m taking him home to his family.” The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn’t know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the 
soldier’s family and felt as if he did know them after so many conversations in so few days. I turned back 
to him, extended my hand, and said, “Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.” Upon landi
A Simple Thank You By Stuart Margel
Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded 
flag, but did not put two and two together. After we’d boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, 
who’d been invited to sit in First Class (and was seated across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. “No,” he responded. “Heading out?” I asked. “No. I’m escorting a soldier home.” “Going to pick him up?” “No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq.  I’m taking him home to his family.” The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn’t know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the 
soldier’s family and felt as if he did know them after so many conversations in so few days. I turned back 
to him, extended my hand, and said, “Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.” Upon landi
A Simple Poem
"untitled" I met a man the other day and he was on his way to a different world. He had lots of things on his mind but he still took the time to talk to me and now my life has changed. I don't know where he came from or why he chose me but I think it was god u see. Fate came in and took over me and now my world is a mess cause there are a lot of things to adress. Like where am I going, who am I going there with Will it change. Will these feelings stay the same or will it turn into a big cloud of rain. The man is amazing, he can see right through me. He knows what i am thinking, where I am, where I stand. And if someone is watching over me than he has answered my prayer. I need this man more than he will ever know, and I wish there was a way I didnt have to let him go. But this man has other things too. Things I never knew, things I cant change. Thing I wish were easily put away. But I know that day
Simple Wooden Boxes
Tuesday, December 18, 2007 Simple Wooden Boxes Dec 18, 2007 Simple Wooden Boxes By Martha Pendergrass Templeton I suppose everyone has a particular childhood Christmas that stands out more than any other. For me, it was the year that the Burlington factory in Scottsboro closed down. I was only a small child. I could not name for you the precise year; it is an insignificant blur in my mind, but the events of that Christmas will live forever in my heart. My father, who had been employed at Burlington, never let on to us that we were having financial difficulties. After all, children live in a naive world in which money and jobs are nothing more than jabberwocky; and for us, the excitement of Christmas could never be squelched. We knew only that our daddy, who usually worked long, difficult hours, was now home more than we had ever remembered; each day seemed to be a holiday. Mama, a homemaker, now sought work in the local textile mills, but jobs were scar
Simple Pleasures Rest On Complex Piers
Simple Pleasures Rest on Complex Piers Simple pleasures rest on complex piers Engineered to stand against the wind, A latticework of love that lasts the years, Steel lace on which we ply our passions blind. On certain days, however, we recall Necessary links to worlds below, Seasons of remembrance that with small Gifts of grace rekindle what we know. Revel, then, within, and celebrate Each tangled thread that binds you to your life, Embracing the regrets that are your fate, Traveling again the roads to light. In such sweet seasons love, however wrought, Neither what you feared nor what you sought, Grants audience to sentiment unstained, So pure but treasured tinctures are retained. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Simply Irresistible
Simply Red--if You Don't Know Me By Now
The Simple Things!!!!
How in the hell have people strayed so far from the simple things in life, like a simple touch of ones fingertips, or the cuddling to feel each others hearts, or just the simple sound of ones soft voice? I don't know, i don't get it, there is sooo much more out there than just sex its just hard to fathom the possibilities.. Everyday all i can hear is when someone will get laid next, or wow that was a great night of fucking, and then they get all upset when its no longer there. How bout getting to know someone and making it last a long time, in which in the end you shall get what you desire, and then so much more. The completion of ones heart and soul, that special someone that could make the rest of your life feel like there is meaning, and worth living. Giving you a whole new outlook on things... Maybe its just me and i think too much, but its so sad to see it as i do. Damn this heart of mine.... ~SHAY~ DivineOne
Simply Thing To Do Really.. Its Not That Hard (from Mizzshady)
Can we pray for someone tonight? Down under this mans picture is the comment he left under my pic that you see here.. I thought that I should share it with you since it touched my heart. It just might touch yours also.. Mountainboy@ fubar Bless your heart!!!!!!!! Believe it or not I ran into a homeless guy this evening while taking my daughter home and he asked me for help. I gave hime a $20.oo and ask him if there was somewhere he needed to go. He said no and thanked me. I had an extra coat in my car and gave it to him. He was so thankfull. I told him where he could go and get more help. Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!
The Simpsons
Game Name: The Simpsons Category: TV/Movie Buzz Level: High Directions: Watch an episode of "The Simpsons". Before the show begins, have everyone pick a character name from out of a hat. But make sure that it is a character bearing the Simpson name. Each time your character speaks, you drink until they stop. Whoever gets Maggie must drink whenever you hear her sucking on the pacifier. Be careful, each episode is directed towards a specific character, so no one is safe. For an extended game, find someone who has several episodes on tape - They're everywhere
Simply An Illusion
Written a few weeks ago: I had this dream that haunts my sleep as of recent. I am at my own funeral and no one outside a few remnants of friends are there. Most belived that it wasn't worth thier time to see me off one final time. I begin screaming so loud that I hope it goes through the veil between the world their in and the one I am trapped with in alone. I hope its something they hear in their dreams and haunts them...... But suddenly I am shook awake. These arms wrap around me and a voice whispers "Its ok, shhh, I got you." These arm are warm and inviting. There is love with in the words this voice speaks. There is a knowing that these arms can protect me from the darkness that invades my being. As I nestle close to this body the arms hold me tight until my sobs fade. Thinking my comfort will leave me soon, I am shocked to find those arms still holding close. To still hear the voice soothing my soul. This body engulfs my small frame, in comparison to its own. I know that as
A Simple Thank You
"Into the dim lit, bare walls of my world, You entered, bringing light and life to me, The vivid colors, painted with a swirl Of wit and charm, of personality, With tender care, you added comfort, warmth, And images that line the now bright walls. I look upon them fondly, bringing forth A thankfulness that you walk in these halls With me; our friendship has become a part Of my world now; it has its special place, Within my being, life, and in my heart, Your name hangs right beside your smiling face. Rememb'ring just how drab these walls had been, I have to thank you for the light, my friend." - Anonymous This was sent to me from Flanman. Go check him out if you like this, he seems to have a great collection!
Simple Tortellini Toss
Simple Tortellini Toss Making this tempting tortellini dish is just as easy as heating up holiday leftovers. Keep it in mind for your many busy weeknights. Credit: Wen Zientek Servings: 2 Ingredients: * 1 small package tortellini * 1 tablespoon minced onion * 1 teaspoon olive oil * 1 tablespoon minced garlic * 3 plum tomatoes, diced * 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese Directions: Cook the tortellini as directed on the package and drain. While the tortellini are cooking, saute the onion in the olive oil in a skillet over medium heat for 3 minutes. Add the garlic and saute for 2 minutes more. Add the plum tomatoes and their juice to the onion mixture. Saute until the tomatoes are soft and deep red in color, about 3 to 4 minutes. Place the tortellini on individual plates. Top with the tomato mixture. Sprinkle the grated cheese over the top. Serve hot. Print this recipe. Where there's pasta, there's Parmesan waiting to be grated on
A Simple Wish
A Simple Word
Trust. A simple word. A strong word. It's simple enough to spell. Yet it has a deeper meaning. How can trust be rebuilt? Someone hurts you. Do you move along or get all bent out of shape and feel like the world has crashed down around you? Do you move along at a snails pace and feel your heart being macerated from within? Or do you pick up the pieces and move along? Looking for all the right answers. Looking for that one shiney thing that will make all the blocks fit into the right holes? Or do you expect something that shows that your lack of trust was wrong? Do you need time to mull things over? Do you think and say hurtful things that can never be taken back? Do you expect proof? Life isn't easy. It's a crap shoot. If you have trusted that person before, do you not look into the past and see the good in that person? Will you ever wonder "What if I was wrong?" for the rest of your life? Every day, we are faced with decisions. And it isn't every day that we
The Simpsons Movie
Man, I gotta say this was one of the funniest movies I've seen since "Weekend at Bernies"!
Simply Me
2003.... And another year slips gently through the hourglass Of time as I sit quietly pondering the memories Of time I lost, time I spent endlessly searching As I continue to do right now My head begins to pound As I feel dizzy knowing nothing Yet feeling everything in waves rushing over my head Slowly drowning me in a pool of Vast eternal silence of uncertainties What have I don’t in my life That could possibly make me anything Ahh, yes, I know now, I dream If a stranger were to ask me just who I am I would have to say I am not really anyone Yet I am spun in a complexity of inner turmoil and chaos Cloaked in a silken shroud of dreams I quietly pace the forty rectangular feet of my room Remembering the time I spent in a small jail cell How claustrophobic I was the first time I encountered that space Yet like any caged animal You adapt Happiness is a foreign word to me I mean true happiness What that is I’m not sure I have ever really known I know what comf
Simply Me Part Two
2005... not so much has changed; I sat quietly resolved in my somber desolate loneliness For the better part of today Revisited many words I once had the inspiration from my desperation to write once upon a time So long it has been since I felt the sinking of my heart to read the words I So long ago had the courage to feel. Words Odd how in so many ways that is the only way I can feel What is a word? A word has the extreme power to make or break in but a single utterance The fleetingness of a single touch In a word my heart can be but shattered My dreams could break and my spirit broken To succumb I give my heart so freely in this life only yet to “suffer the slings and arrows” To remain lost spinning out of control into a world I have yet to find my role in I died today I cannot tell you how it felt or what it smelled like or even what I saw I just felt a part of my soul slip away If only for a moment I knew That part of me Of my light was gone Disappeared so
Butterflies dart about Within my soul Casting tiny shadows Like a mirror ball in the sun. A warmth overtakes me When greeted with a smile There's heaven in those windows That hint of green in the blue of his eyes. Upon clouds of helium I walk Of ionized air I breathe deep Scent from heaven weakens my knees And I am slain within this moment. Love cascades from head to foot I am awash in some far away land The collective euphoria felt within Whenever you hold my hand...
Simpsons Character I Am:
You care for the simple things in life: food, laughter, and family. You can sometimes be a little too carefree in your ways, especially when it comes to work and your responsibilities. You would do anything for your family and they'd do the same for you. You're not the most stylish person on the block but you are a ton of fun for those around you. Sometimes you leave a path of destruction behind due to your reckless ways. You have a gift which allows you to bring a smile to those you meet, keep it up.
Simple Bs Poetry
SEASONS The north winds bring cold and snow like the feelings of some souls. Keeping beauty at bay for most, then others come happiness. Coming from the south warmth flows, bringing life and vitality, tho with a price. Heat and growth, welcomed for a period, then despised like the weeds in a garden. Between these are the rains that nourish the earth and later brings decay from the trees. Seasons change, like life. What is not seen as good has a purpose. What seems drab feeds the magnificent. Look deeper than the surface, for there's much to see.
Simply Numb
I thought you finally heard me.. cries that could not be denied. Always feeling so lonely, only a pulse tells me I'm alive. Numb and unaware, life just seems so unfair. Where is my place? Why do I hide? Years of salty tears, I have cried. SAD, AFRAID, with thoughts of -----. Friends I once had, no where can I find. Their words once filled me with hopes, withered away, and died. I would rather have had deaf ears, and not heard their misguided lies. Now to each of you, time for me to turn the blind eye. Maybe you will miss me? Or let me go with a simple silent goodbye...
Simply Me Part Three
I suppose you could say over the last few years I really have not changed as most people do, I have not grown up I have not exceeded all others expectations I have not even aimed to meet them to tell the truth I'm still just as much of a drifter in this great thing we call space as I ever have been I suppose. I think what I have grown in however and learned over time is the way I love the way I listen the way I hurt and the way I cry I think honestly I cry more now than I ever remember doing when I was younger. Perhaps the years have eroded some of that giant wall I built around myself most would say that is a good thing though in honesty I would beg to differ I've recently cried myself dry of tears I loved too much laughed too little and tried too hard to fill someones shoes they had picked out for me but was always a bit too tight all I can say is you love me not Too often in my life I have found people tend to fall in love with some sordid ideal of who they th
A Simple Birthday Dance...
The girl stands with her feet a breath a part, her knees slightly bent to take in the soft ground. she takes a deep breath and whispers a soft prayer that she may perform to her Master’s praise and honor. her shyness shows through for a moment as she tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Master is sitting as always in His chair, strong, confident and waiting for His birthday dance. A special low rhythmic tune has been put on so a girl will know her beats of her dance. The pan flute chimes into the soft beat of a hollow hide drum, creating a concoction of serenity and yet a surreal feeling of being needed and wanted by the two instruments working together. A girl bows low, allowing her soft golden brown locks to fall over her bare shoulders. she is wearing the same red silk that He has seen her in so many times and yet this once, it seems different on her this night. He can notice her hair loosely pulled back and tied onto itself with two loose locks framing her face and allowing
Simply Red You Make Me Feel Brand New That Is The Way
*simply Me*
I love to be in love (don't we all?) but I guess I have never found the "one" for me - I suppose he exists but where the hell is he? I have had a few practice runs but the "one" for me hasn't touched me yet. He could probably be looking at me from across the room and I likely wouldn't even recognize him. He could be talking to me on the phone and I know I wouldn't know who he is. I wish I could chase rainbows with the man I love - hmmmm... what a thought. It would so totally elate me and feed my desire to endlessly run in the breeze on a beach, in a park, a field, who cares where - just run with me! Him holding my hand so I don't fall (ha ha ha, wouldn't that be a funny sight - boobs first into the ground and bouncing off my own built in cushions... lmfao I can so totally see this) - being chased even so I don't get there first is just so thougtfully romantic. Hell, I would even settle for falling over him - what about just plain falling for him while running and chasing the same b
Here's the follow up to part one heres a song i wrote and it explains it better its called "Simply" Ive made it so hard on myself turning my back on how you felt seeing a lie that led me on leaving a love that did no wrong thats what it took for me to say that you simply love despite all the stupid things i've done its hard to remember that you simply love even though I know not what ive done I tried to do this all on my own not thinking once of what you've shown all that I've done has blinded me to everything that you have for me I want you to know that i finally see that you simply love despite all the stupid things i've done its hard to remember that you simply love even though I know not what ive done I dont know why i cant understand I dont know why i cant comprehend I dont know why i cant understand that you simply love despite all the stupid things i've done its hard to remember that you simply love even though I know not what ive done you simply love
Simple Gestures ..
We often feel that we don't have the time or energy to extend ourselves to others with the small gestures that compose what we call common courtesy. It sometimes seems that this kind of social awareness belongs to the past, to smaller towns and slower times. Yet, when someone extends this kind of courtesy to us, we always feel touched. Someone who lends a helping hand when we are struggling with our groceries makes an impression because many people just walk right by. Even someone who simply makes the effort to look us in the eye, smile, and greet us properly when entering a room stands out of the crowd. It seems these people carry with them the elegance and grace of another time, and we are always thankful for our contact with them. Common courtesy is a small gesture that makes a big difference. An essential component of common courtesy is awareness and common sense-looking outside yourself to see when someone needs help or acknowledgment. As a courteous person, you are aware that
My grandfather celebrated his 89th birthday, being valentine's day. My grandparents have been married for 67 years. Whatever happened to the simple things in life making a person happy. They survived him going off to war twice. What happened to total devotion to the one you love. What happened to appreciating the sacrifices that are made on both sides? What about unconditional love and friendship?
Simple Things
Why must we suffer through so much pain, is there really anything to gain? I talk to him all of the time, and yes I have committed a crime. I have been searching all my life, for that special person, to make my wife. Maybe I missed out , i really don`t know, asked plenty of times for God to show. Me where I am going and what I should be, those things are hard for me too see. No I am not blind, just haven`t seen the light, I do want to do what it right. For me and the people I care about, that is why I sit here and have so much doubt. About what I should do and where I need to go. All I know is I need to grow. To be someone that I want to like, and no I don`t want to be like "Mike". Want to be me, my own person... that I do know for certain. So this I write just for me, trying to let God help me be. All I can in my simple little light, and maybe find what there is too life!!!
Simple Is A Stupid Word
Confusion and heartache are things I have become accustomed to. Life is full of loss and when you choose to care for someone or something, pain is often a part of that choice, love opens the door to hurt. So I make the safe choices to avoid the hurt. If something is obvious from the beginning, there is no chance for it to become what it cannot be, then it is really no risk, what cannot be, cannot hurt. Right? Life can never be easy, even when you play it safe. You go along, enjoying your delusions, telling yourself it's nothing at all, its perfectly fine and safe. Then one day, when its time to let it go. the truth slaps you upside the face. You never have a choice in the matter. You have no control over your heart. Even when you tell yourself that it wont matter because you wont get involved. Your heart makes those choices whether you try to stop it or not. I have never looked to feel more, The feelings just develop when you don't expect them. But somehow, I wi
Simplest Things.....
The simplest things in life are always the things that make the most impact. People tend to over look the small simple things, not realizing how very important each one of those things really are. If you loose those small simple things then literally the fabric of life would come unraveled and chaos would ensue everywhere. Take the time to notice at least one of the small simple things happening around you each day and you will notice. Your days seem shorter, more relaxed, and peaceful. You will find courage in thing you thought you laked and you will feel a deep since of pride in all the larger things that consume your day. Nothing will seem quite so tough to accomplish anymore. The more you notice a small little thing, the more of them you will notice and better you will feel. You will start living the life you always wanted to, and thought you never could. You will accomplish things that always seemed to be just out of reach. And the simple most importan
Simply Nothing, Nope, Jus Nothing
soon you will know why you are afraid, afraid of the dark. soon you will know why you fear the night. in this life there is no light. the only thing that you fear, is the darkness in sight. swallow you it will, no reason to fight. these demons always seem to take flight. no matter what, they always do it outta spite. always there, always outta sight. twisted yet foul, but somehow always right. sittin here alone in the dark. lost in the shadows of my mynd. in the darkness of what ive become. tearin me apart, killin me from the inside. what pride i once had, it jus withered away and jus died. up insideit has gone. layed to waste what was destroyed. wasted and abused, my life more and more confussed. im a nothing, im a nobody. jus wish my life would amount to something.wish my life, i was a somebody, evern if i was jus anybody.yet i still lay here, a fucking nobody. something ive always been, will always be. Richard ~Kindred @ Broken Heart~ 15 FEB 08
Simple Ideas
The Simple Truth
Simply Fucking Disgustng...
okay, so i have 2 lives. one is as a web designer, the second has to do with real estate but i'll spare you the titles, there are too many... just let me say that there are some fucking nasty - i mean nasty people in this world. i mean what you do in the privacy of your own home is up to you, but lets get real - some shit just don't need to be done! so we evict this gal the other day and go to inspect the home for damages. now this is no ordinary home. this is upscale, gated community, 5000 square footer, pool out back, pimp shit. in short, there is a completely detached guest house - bathroom, kitchen, small living room - a fucking guest house, you get my meaning, but i want you to vision this shit with me. so i go into the guest house (which i might add has some pretty nice fucking carpet), only to discover that this DIRTY TRIFLIN' BITCH had been using it for a fucking kennel! There was dog shit everywhere, I SHIT YOU NOT. she literally had several dogs and simply kept t
Simple Rule
let me overt something new which i found since couple of haters reported some of my pics NSFW there is a simple rule here in Fubar: - a hater who is probably ugly or pathetic and cant see the others or when she/he hates someone(with or w/o reason) reports a pic as NSFW -Fubar sees the report; closes its eyes!!, marks it as NSFW!!!(whether it is or not!!) and then opens its eyes!! the result is that: every pic you upload might be a NSFW!!!! if just anyone hater reports it... flower! or house or dog!! or covered or...!!! now i be silent and let you judge if its logical or ridiculous
10 Simple Ways To Better Tasting Semen Hehe
Sperm taste is affected by what you eat, as are all secretions from the body. It is a fact that your sperms taste can be improved and making your semen taste better, can be done with a few simple diet changes. Diet has A major influence on sperm taste as it’s a secretion from the body like any other. Just as your sweat can smell strongly after eating a heavily spiced meal your sperm will also reflect the spices in its taste. The make up of sperm Semen is made up of ninety percent (90%) seminal fluids including fructose (sugar) protein, and various trace minerals and nutrients. The PH of semen is 7 and scientifically neutral, yet it tastes slightly acidic. Let's take a look at the actual ingredients of semen. A man’s ejaculate is actually only 1% sperm. The rest is composed of various proteins, vitamins, sugars, salts, cholesterol, and water. All the extras are what protect, feeds, fuels the sperm in its journey. As you can see in terms of semen’s composition,
A Simple Little Short Story- Part The First
Crisp autumn air carried the scent of pine, cedar, and newly lit flames of an open fire. Rachel gazed for a moment out the bedroom window. She liked watching the leaves change color and flutter to the ground. She lay back down on the pillow and repositioned herself against a solid muscular form. Rachel and her husband Tommy, bought their countryside home after sha made partner in her real estate firm. The house gave her an escape from busy city life and put Tommy closer to his job at the steel mill. Rachel loved Tommy, and her new promotion allowed her to set her own schedule so she could spend more time with her husband. However, the man sleeping next to her tonight wasn't Tommy.... To be continued...
A Simple Reflection
In front of the mirror I stand A reflection looks back at me The image that I look at now I ask, “Why must this be?” I see the darkness circled around Eyes so tired and weary this day I see the sadness on the face Of a body filled with dismay I can see the sorrow they carry As through life they go I see the furrows in the brow As many wonders they show I can see the emptiness they carry From a heart that does not love Sealed forever deep inside Their body protecting it like a glove I can see a tear as it forms Flowing like many that came before I watch in disbelief now As this vision makes my heart so sore I turn from the mirror now No more of this reflection can I bear The pain I have now in my heart The two of us silently share The image I had seen in front of me Is now gone from my view Inside I carry it with me each day As it is the life I live through © Tall Mountain Dreamer March 24, 2008
Simple Pain
Pain is my pleasure, Pleasure is My pain, the things they do , the things they say drive me insane, all I know is in one simple breath, what I could wish for is death, but upon my life, i have stricken a promise, and never do it with a knife, completely untouched mind, is the stress i leave behind, from what i can see, I will stand tall ME and Only ME!!!! Rate if you wish, but please comment.....
Simply Me
never done this before soo here goes..... my name is ashley and im 21 the only thing i care to talk about at the moment is my sister who is having her baby tomorrow 4/3/08
A Simple B*tch
A simple bitch will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it. *A real bitch will say beat her ass and look at the crowd and say " NOBODY better jump in". A simple bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out. *A real bitch will just knock her the fuck out!!! A simple bitch tells you, she's had enough to drink. *A real bitch tells you we need another shot, we bout to get fucked up! A simple bitch goes to the club with you and sits down. *A real bitch goes to the club with you and says lets show these simple bitches how we do it. A simple bitch wonders who your new man is. *A real bitch know that mutha fucka's first name, last name , his birthday, where he lives, who he's related to, what kinda car he drive's, where he works, how many babies mama's he has, and how many bitches he is talking to right now!!! A simple bitch thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. *A real bitch lets you know that was fucked up, but I lo
Simply Amazing ..thank You All
I'm in tears at the moment... THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I want too thank you all over and over again for all the love you are showing too me. I have met some wonderful people on Fubar. You have truely all touched my life in one way or another. I never imagined the love that you are all showing too me. Thank you all for coming into my life and making my days on Fubar exciting. All of you give of yourself day in and day out for others and not many ask for anything in return... Too all of you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm honored too call all of you great friends.. A very Special thank you to Gary and WildCat for your friendship,your love and for doing this for me. I will be doing my best too return all the love you all are showing too me. Many smiles Much Love too all of you .... BooBoo ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary@ fubar
Simple Arroz Con Pollo*rice With Chicken*
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 lb hot italian sausage 1 lg green pepper, chopped 1 lg red pepper, chopped 1 tbs garlic, minced 1/2 cup chopped onion, chopped 1 pkg yellow rice or saffron rice, family sized salt & pepper hot sauce good grade olive oil Coat the bottom of a large fry pan or saute pan with olive oil. Over med high heat, saute garlic and onion in the oil until tender but not browned. Cut the chicken breasts into 1.5" chunks. Remove the sausage from its casings and crumble into small pieces. Add the chicken and sausage to the garlic and onion mixture; salt and pepper to taste. Saute the mixture, stirring frequently. When the meats are almost cooked through, add the chopped pepper and continue to saute until done. Add the rice and any packaged seasonings to the mixture and stir. Add water (according to package directions) and hot sauce to taste and stir. Cover and simmer until water is absorbed, approx. 25 minutes or according to package directi
Simple Man
A Simple Receipe
I went back to my apartment this afternoon for lunch, I turned on the tv, fixed lunch and packed my gym bag. As always my tv was some how was on the Food Channel. Guys Big Bites was on. He had this totally awesome receipe along with a strawberry Margarita. I would love to make it, the only problem I kind need some body to try it on. This so sucks. Oh well, who knows maybe one day.
Simple Questions
Simple Questions Who am I? It seems to Be a simple Question I know this Answer Do you When you Look upon Me what Do you see? Tell me truly Do you see? Women Do you see? A frightened child Do you see? All of me Or Do you only See what You desire To see Simple questions Yet so many answers by: samara 4-16-08
Simple Words
Those simple words confuse me. For I thought I knew what they meant. Until I lost and won some, My love today is for rent. I love you. Those simple words I know so well. I wish for you to know. That just liking someone is so different. So I will say it real slow. I L O V E Y O U Those are the words of a million feelings. My hopes and dreams and joys. Little girls writing love letters. Chasing after boys. I…L…O…V…E…Y…O…U Those are the words that I say to you. I whisper them to your heart. You turn and look back at me. I loved you from the start.
Simple Little Short Story - Part The Second
Love was never a problem between Rachel and Tommy. The dilema was with Tommy's job. Between the rotating shifts, double shifts, and unexpected six day workweeks, it was a miracle that Rachel saw her husband at all. Tommy was a shop lead, which meant arriving before everyone else and leaving after everyone else. This on top of everything else meant very little time to spend with Rachel. Despite her new promotion, Tommy's countless working hours still made him the bread winner. The two lovebirds met at a party. A coworker of Rachel's, naed Mark, introduced her to him. Mark and Tommy were best friends in highschool and both played on the football team. Rachel was slightly hesitant at first, due to Tommy's quiet and reserved nature. After a few short weeks however, she became very attracted to Tommy. He was not only physically attractive, but very much a gentleman. Soon dates turned into a relationship, and a relationship turned into marriage. Early in their m
Simple Things You Say
Simple things you say, Simple things you do, Keep my tears at bay, And make me smile at you. You’re pure in my heart and mind, I dream of your eyes so true, And in your voice I find, An embrace I wish to keep. Though we are miles apart, You will always have a place, Right here in my heart.
Simple Things
Simple Things It is the simple things in life you will find that make the best memories A flower in bloom, a bird’s sweet melody, the wind on your face on a hot summer day Think of your child hood and the things that you did that made you happy it wasn’t anything elaborate but simple play be it playing ball with friends or skipping stones across a pond, making mud pies, or jumping in mud puddles these are nothing special but I bet when you think back on these things they bring a warm glow of happiness. So when you are feeling blue here is what you should do think of all the things in life that you did that brought you pleasure and joy and soon the blues will go away as you realize it is the simple things that bring the most happiness. Joanne Anderson Beaty © May 3, 2008
Simple Things
Wasted days, I’m caught up in the fruitless chase Wanting more than anything that’s come before I wish I didn’t have to choose When I know there is so much to lose Cruel desires blind me to the simple things Lost in fires of passionate imaginings Simple things Holding out, feeling that it just might come Cursing doubt that keeps you from the perfect one I wish I didn’t have to choose I know there is so much to lose Cruel desires blind me to the simple things I’m torn between what I know and what I dream
A Simple Touch
A Simple Touch by LateNiteFantasy© Hand reaches out for another hugs from sister or brother Child runs into your arms sends electricity that warms Hearing the contentment of lil' kittens purr as hand gently pets thru fur Prickly thorn of beautiful rose drips wet from water hose Deep belly laughter from joke the nasty itch of poison oak Sharp sting of buzzing bee the "Ouch" of skinned knee Throbbing pain of toe stub Cooling sensation of deep heating rub A mild breeze in any kind of weather The feel of black leather A swift stroke of the hair tingles from a stare Caress on face touch of lace Playful tickle from responsive fingers giddy feeling that lingers Passionate kiss illuminates erotic bliss Intimate touch from the heart the purest form of art
The Simple Truth Of The Matter Is
good quotes......."if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you its yours if not it never was." "wanting and wishing aren't gonna get you anywhere doing and pursuing will.'' Listen to the logic side of your heart" "over 1,000,000 times I have failed, and that is why I suceed." "Dare to be different" "take a walk in the pouring rain" "don't get an STD" "don't trick people into doing something they don't want to" "be kind" "always believe in yourself" "use others doubts as fuel to your fire" "Set goals, achieve them, and then set more goals" "always have a direction to follow, but if there are flowers along the way make sure you stop and smell them" "be aware of our priorities, be responsible, have respect" "Fall in love, but only when your ready to be able to give them your heart and give them the ability to crush it but trust them enough not to" "love the life you live, live the live you love" and when someone calls you wierd simply enjoy the fact that you are not the
A Simple Meaningful Task.....
Try, just try this....go to the mirror any mirror which will be close enough to not only touch but large enough for a meaningful view. Approach the mirror and look into the beauty it shallow reflect. Look deeply yet quietly feel your breath and gaze....The eyes, the whole that is within the reflection. Relax , breath, center yourself within..feel the wholeness...gaze upon the left corner as you lift your hand ever so slowly to meet it's other in the reflection place it so lightly and just gaze, breath..MMmmm you are a whole. Is your breath beginning to quicken? Follow with your right hand but dont break the gaze as you lift it to meet it's whole.. Adore the beauty of the whole, the entire it is you..Your breath quickens your heart slightly beats ever so rapid and take it...Deep...Breath slowly and to the depths of all that is you, I lean my forehead to the image the breath mists the mirror..only to be enlightened...It is...YOU engulf what is YOU enjoy and Delight in t
A Simple Thank-you, My Friend
Into the dim lit, bare walls of my world, You entered, bringing light and life to me, The vivid colors, painted with a swirl Of wit and charm, of personality,With tender care, you added comfort, warmth,And images that line the now bright walls.I look upon them fondly, bringing forth A thankfulness that you walk in these halls With me, our friendship has become a part Of my world now, it has its special place, Within my being, life, and in my heart, Your name hangs right beside your smiling face. Remembering just how drab these walls had been, I have to thank you for the light, my friend.
Simple Question
If ever I should wake beside you in the morning and our faces meet in the dawning light will you turn your head in regret and shame or sweetly remember a passionate night A man and a woman seeking solace and comfort in the warm embrace of a lover and friend a moment of ardor this trice of abandon will it shatter our lives or will desire transcend Idle thoughts on a restless day like the pages of life the wind carries astray
Simple Herbs: The Indigestion Cure
Adapted from Healthy Digestion, by David Hoffman, B.Sc., F.N.I.M.H. (Storey Books, 2000). An upset stomach might seem like a small complaint in the grand scheme of health problems, but it can really affect your quality of life. In other words, it’s a total bummer. Luckily there are some very easy, quick and completely drug-free ways to get relief. Herbs to the rescue! Indigestion, also known as upset stomach or dyspepsia, is a painful or burning feeling in the upper abdomen, often, often accompanied by nausea, abdominal bloating, belching, and sometimes vomiting. Indigestion might be caused by a disease, but for most people it results from eating too much, eating too quickly, eating high-fat foods, or eating during stressful situations. Persistent indigestion calls for skilled medical diagnosis. Therapies from chiropractic adjustment to rolfing to psychological counseling often help. Diet is fundamental. The traditional simple, or tea made from a single fresh remedy, is
Simple Plan -"your Love Is A Lie"
I fall asleep by the telephone It's 2 O'clock and I'm waiting up alone Tell me where have you been? I found a note with another name You blow a kiss, but it just don't feel the same Cause I can feel that you're gone I can't bite my tongue forever While you try to play it cool You can hide behind your stories But don't take me for a fool You can tell me that there's nobody else (But I feel it) You can tell me that you're home by yourself (But I see it) You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want But I know Your love is just a lie (Lie) It's nothing but a lie (Lie) You look so innocent But the guilt in your voice gives you away Yeah you know what I mean How does it feel when you kiss when you know that i trust you And do you think about me when he fucks you? Could you be more obscene? So dont try to say you're sorry Or try to make it right Don't waste your breath because it's too late, it's too late. You can tell me that there's nobody else
Simple Plan Untitled
Simply Me
If you have been reading my blog, you know that it's time once again to spotlight someone!! And this time that some one is Simply Me! Show her lots of love!! Simply Me@ fubar
Simple Prayer
by LateNiteFantasy© I close my eyes and see her face, her soothing smile, her lips sweet taste... She pulls the breath right out of my chest, but I gasp with pleasure and happiness I confess... She takes my soul and sets it high, above all things, with her I can fly... Sending my love with a slow soothing touch, to feel her small gentle hands is more than enough... To love her this much without being near, makes me lower my head with a small meaningful tear... Enticing thoughts and emotions of her fill my day, to hold her forever... this now I do pray...
A Simpler Time
There is not one fiber of my body that is old yet. I remind myself of that when I commence to thinking back. Those thoughts usually occur when I believe my son has grown between blinks. I believe that recollection is a powerful idea that anglers maintain and fear releases. Some of you recollect more decades than I. You can recall times when fishing and life and the tools needed to fish and live by were simple. Within you are special souls that understand hunger pains and the pains of life and how catching a river cat or a pond bream erased at least some of life's pains. Even though I am barely beyond my third decade of life, I'm reminded of my youth when I take to fishing. Occasionally, when my haphazard mind slips into a premature state of reckoning, I think back to my early days of following a path to the water. I am certain that I am not alone when I recall walking a worn cow path on my way to fishing for the first time. For those who were not blessed with being reare
A Simple Life Lesson
Eat life... Drink life... Be happy in life. Now stop reading this and go do it. :)
Simple Question .... Needs A Bit Of Thinking !!!!!!!!!!
Could someone ever get addicted to counseling? If so, how could you treat them?
Simply Red- Sunrise
Simply Red-stars
Simply Red- You Make Me Feel Brand New
A Simple Thank You
My God, I pray for nothing for this moment in time. In my thoughts and in my soul, I just want to say a simple thank you. Thank you for letting me be in your heart and thank you for being in mine. Thank you for all the small miracles that you have given me and others on this day and every day. My Lord, My God, I give you a simple thank you from my mind,my heart and my soul.-Ink
A Simple Thank Yous
for all the birthday wishes and stuffs.. it sucks with the wisdom teeth coming thru, BUT tatoe and my family and all of yous seem to have made it better then what i was expecting! again thanks bunches and everyone have a great night!! two more years to 30 :| later dayz everyone!!! *hearts;
Simple Instructions
Simply Me
~ Simple Kiss ~
A Simple Kiss... You look deep into her eyes, you see the smile on her face, the glow of her inner beauty, all because of you. You embrace her in your arms as if you never intend to let her go. You slowly move twards her, sofly kiss her lips, as you close your eyes, you feel the passion start to boil as you two embrace. You feel her tounge twist n bind with yours, as you twirl it around, you 2 are now connected, both are 1. As of this moment, nothing else in the world matters. Doesn't matter where you are, what is going on in the world, because for now, each other share undivided attention. You are the only thing that matters for this split moment in time, you are all hers. You firmly hold her now, running your hands through her hair, softly around her neck, slowly down her back. Caressing her every body line. You slowly look @ her as you slowly suck her tounge, move your tounge around her lips, soflty kissing them. You take a quik glance, and smile, knowing she is left in Xtascy, f
A Simple Thank You
My God, I pray for nothing for this moment in time. In all my thoughts and in all my soul, I just want to say a simple thank you. Thank you for letting me be in your heart and thank you for being in mine. Thank you for all the small miracles that you have given me and others on this day and every day. My Lord, My God, I give you a simple thank you from my mind,my heart and my soul. Amen
Simple Blog About Caring...
When was the last time you told someone you loved them or cared about them? If you haven't done it today, give it a shot...someone could use it (I don't mean me if that's what you think). Be good to one another.
Simply Sinful =]
i'm going to call it a night guys, but can you all do me a quick favor? (I swear I'll stop asking for stuff after this lol) Could you just help out Sara in this contest? Remember rating that picture and leaving her comments helps you get points too! Contest link
Simple Rules For The Wise Dominant
1) The submissive's safety is first and foremost. This includes emotional safety as well as physical safety. 2) Communicate. The submissive should always know where she stands, why something is happening, and should feel safe to voice her concerns, needs, and desires. 3) Trust and be trustworthy. If a submissive feels she is not trusted, she will always feel she is failing you in some way. We have the right to be trusted until we prove otherwise. If you have issues with trust, that isn't our fault even though we will do everything in our power to prove to you that you can depend upon our words and actions just as you should do the same. Complete honesty is a must!! 4) Punishment should never be administered in anger. It should always be with a loving hand when you are calm and thinking clearly. Take a time out before you act. Explain why you are punishing and what you expect to happen in the future. 5) Admit that you are a human being who makes mistakes. The relationship wi
A Simple Friend
A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself (and doesn't feel even the least bit Weird shutting your beer/pop drawer with her foot!) A simple friend has never seen you cry A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. A real friend calls you after you had
Simple Math
so lost without your gentle touch i long, so bad, for your embrace i'd sell my soul just to hold you close i'd give my life just to touch your face a love-sick man behind these words i kneel and pray to the man above "why did you take my heart away?" "are all these trials to test this love?" an answered prayer brought you to me i could have never asked for more i had no clue the gift you are or the strength of love i'd have instore so now each night, i thank the lord for the day he put you in my path me+you=happiness my gift of love was simple math...
~simply Beautiful!~ Nuff Said!
WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT THE TURN OUT OF THIS PIMPOUT. LET THE SPANKINGS BEGIN.... SOME OF THE BEST PEOPLE I HAVE MET ON THE FU!!! ♥ Sweet ♥@ fubar ~ CynzDreams ~Owned by Southern Outlaw Biker~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar JoJo™ aka 1 of the badass bad*girls of fubar...Fu-Owner of Codeputy@ fubar BlondePrincess@ fubar ☆})i({☆@ fubar Submissive Bi Brat =Fu Owner of Ms Priss, Candy@ fubar ♥ Destiny's lil secret ♥Fu-Owner of Jimmie Mac ♥
Simple Things
into the night she stepped Like broken shards of glass It ripped through her soul a feeling well known an angels sigh once more. fear itself sat upon her shoulders Raining down its weight Down to her knees she fell Shattering her inner light Continue she tryed A girl with a broken smile heavy heavy heart untouchable laugh tore her apart Inches away from the end she so craved pushing further loving a lie a mystery a truth unknown Simple things lead her this way simple things destroyed her Simple things, All it took.. She a voice.. Crying out Never heard.. To be forgotten, a story untold..
Simple Love
i am in Pharoh s lottery will you help me out you only have to rate me and ask to be added to his page please follow this link I hope you help me
Simple Plan - Your Love Is A Lie
Simple Plan - When I'm Gone
Simply Slipped Away
Simply Slipped Away So many yesterdays that you’ve had to leave behind. Visions of what used to be playing in your mind. Where is that man that you always thought you’d be? The man who never was, the one we’ll never see. In the darkness, your life, it simply slipped away. So many mistakes for which you have just begun to pay. You never saw it coming but it happened all the same. And now you’re standing there alone with no one but yourself to blame. We both had our dreams, our visions of the life we’d lead. But it didn’t take all that long for our love to begin to bleed. All that promise, all that we had to share, Gone in a moment. Do you even care? In the darkness, your life, it simply slipped away. So many mistakes for which you have just begun to pay. You never saw it coming but it happened all the same. And now you’re standing there alone with no one but yourself to blame. Sometimes, in the early morning hours, I catch a glimpse of what we might have been
Simple Man-lynrd Skynrd
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The Simplicity Of It All Is That She's Simply Fake
Lord KNOWS I am no Johnny Devil, he is truly the father of all fake busters BUT, this one fell in my lap so I am just gonna put it out there...Now, I know she's crush and fubuck hustling so I wanted to make sure it was all out there.... Simplicity Simplicity@ fubar I saw this account scroll and a few years ago, I used to have this girl on my Myspace, and I thought it odd that as much as we used to talk, she'd be on FU and not on my friends list. When I hit the page, I knew immediately that she was fake because the account was written in good English (Maria is from Brazil & most of her pages are not in English, unlike this shout convo) and claimed to be from New York. No dice, so I hit her shout: Okay, so I will answer the fakes question...the REAL person's name is Maria Da Graca Mello. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PICTURES ON THIS PAGE She's Charging 50k Fubucks for NSFW's, my guess is that they are from this site (click image below) I didn't p
Simply A Poem!!
"WHEN YOU THINK OF QUITING" Throughout this life of ours, we will all have trials and tribulations we must face.Not always knowing just what the outcome of these just might be, yet keeping our heads held high. Never must we forget than we never have actually have to ever be alone, for beside us and in our hearts,our friends and family are always there.They help to pick us up when we stumble or fall. There are many days that are rougher than the one that preceeded it, yet we continue on through this thing we all call life. Hoping that we can only survive yet one more day to see that bright sunshine. I know alot of times myself, i feel as if i can no longer go on, but i think of the loved ones of mine, and know i must. For when we give up on living here on this planet, we lose the battle. Depression and sadness is yet two of the main diseases that most suffer from. Alot of times being too scared to seek the help we need to win this fight.So when you think o
Simple Truths On Elders
SIMPLE TRUTHS ON THE ELDERS It is said that you can see what a person is like, by watching how they treat their elders. It is funny that as our parents become older, they become people we have to take care of, just as they once took care of us. However, our elders are unlike our children. Our children grow up, develop their own lives and leave our nest. Our elders are the ones who took care of us as children, who taught us, loved us, and protected us. Unlike our children, our elders contain a wealth of knowledge. This is life knowledge from all the living they have done. Our elders mirror our own morality. A person who has a great heart will see the value of our elders, and serve them with gratitude. This is not easy given the times we live in. We hide them behind the phrases "The Elderly", Senior Citizens", and "Retired". We tend to shun our elders, instead of valuing them for their wisdom that all those years of living have given them. No matter what kind of life they have li
"simple Words"
You are the most wonderful one to me. I can go on forever on how much you means to me but I can sum it all up in simple words: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Simple Truths On The Spiritual Journey.
A Simple Smile From You Can Give Hope To Everyone ...
Always be strong...remember, not everything has a happy ending and endings don't mean STOP! It's just a way of telling us that there's a new beginning ahead of us. We should always be ready for the unpredictable and expect the unexpected. It's easy to fall...hard to get up. But once we're up and back on track, we will be better persons. That's the way of life! We don't just live it, we learn from it! Just enjoy every minute of matter what you have or how you'll do it. Grab every chance or opportunity to share your life with others...remember, each smile you have can bring happiness and hope for others!
Simple Truths On Tragedy And Suffering.
The one thing you can not isolate yourself from is tragedy and suffering. They will come no matter what. There is no way to avoid them. They will come in the own season, in there own time, and for there own reasons.When they hit, they will immobilize you and you will be overwhelming. When everything is going well in our worlds, which are small and a controlled experience bounded by our daily activities and rituals.When tragedy and suffering rare their heads, they shatter our tiny boundaries and break our worlds into pieces. When this happens, we feel as though we are living in a scream, where there is no exit, only echos. The things that seemed so very important yesterday, become unimportant and those daily things become petty and irrelevant. Then when we finally reclaim ourselves from them, we find we have changed. These experiences of tragedy and suffering seem to carry us into a larger realm where we see that which is truly important. This then becomes our responsibility to
Simple Fact
On television today a Democratic operative pointed out that when Obama holds a rally 25-30,000 people show up, whereas when McCain holds one he only draws 10-15,000. The Republican spokesman replied, "That's because McCain's supporters are at work."
A Simple Poem
Your love, if it were, my very own, If I could win, your heart, as mine, to hold, I would treasure it, like Midas did gold. I would, cherish it, like a king, his throne. I'd show you love, like you've never been shown. Our love, it'd read, like a fairy tale told, Ever new and it would never get old. Itd be, the greatest love, that man has known, And if you were mine, bliss, evr would abound, Angels would sing, Choruses, for our love. The stars, they would all, align, in the sky, Because, with us, love, had, truly, been found, And it, they would, simply, be in awe of. All these things, we could make real, you and I.
Simple Words... Just B Open...
there r alays 2 sides to a storey and sometimes even a 3rd... b4 u criticize and judge a person always listen to to all sides... and please ...b4 u open ur mouth and sream the loudest... always b willing to stop and listen to criticism that comes your way b4 u criticize others
A Simple Plan
"No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks." Wow, I havent read a great story like this for a long time.... I saw the movie first and I liked it a lot, thats why I bought this book and... Im so glad I did!! Worth reading if you like mystery/thrill/drama/dark story. I actually feel like reading it again now. Much deeper and crueler than the movie, it made my heart beat faster in the end(the FBI part). I still liked the movie too, mostly beacuse of those great actors, although it was different about Hank's brother and more(wont write here for those who hasnt read), the movie version was "what if Hank did (or didnt) do this and that". So that was interesting too. What made this book so interesting to me was how a normal/ordinary/average person can end up doing abnormal/extraordinary/unhuman things, thinking he is just trying to set things straight but actually going a wrong way, a very wrong way. And this can actually hap
Simple Things
i wrote this for the soldiers that mean the world to me..come safely. We sometimes seem to forget the simple things in life that we take for granted We look at the sun coming up and forget that for some, that is the last sunrise they may ever see We hear a song on the radio and forget that for some, that is the last song they may ever sing We see our children, family and friends every day but for some, it will be the last time they will ever be held So today, I say thank you for the simple things that life brings to us For without you there wouldn't be a world of simple things A soldiers life isn't always simple, but hard and lonely This soldier, who has so much pride Not only in himself, but in his country and fellow man Who takes all those simple things in life and treasures them and holds them dear to his heart Who looks at the sun coming up and gives thanks that he has seen another day Who hears a song on the radio and remembers home
Simply Amazing
Simply AMAZING Fu's!!! These Fu's are Fabulous! Even through my constant neglect, they always stop by and show me love! I don't stop by their page nearly as much as they stop by mine and not ONCE have they ever complained!! So please take a moment and show them a little love, if you don't already know them. They would be an asset to have as a friend.No particular order, just on here randomly.. ===Steve===*ENFORCER@DDR(((MOODYS MAN)))[SHADOW LEVELER]@ fubar ~Sweet~N~Sexxay~Proudly Owned By Tjattherock~Dr@gonMaster©~FU Bomber~Sarges Bad Girl@ fubar —¤÷Ðå §wêê† Ìrï§h þrïñ¢ê§§÷¤—Hêr WðrlÐ Öwñ§ †hï§ §wêê† þrïñ¢ê§§♡@ fubar })i({ HER ✌ WORLD })i({ ® ღ* ஐ*ღ FuAngels Co-Captain Team 3 ღ* ஐ@ fubar
The Simpsons
Welcome to The Simpson's Train. Here are the rules First rate this folder.Comment the last one. 2nd Fan/Add/Rate all riders.If already added rerate and Comment. a line from the simpsons. Like "why you little." Owner xball_ZODIAK Bombers@ fubar Riders ~Rebelicious DixieAngel~ Member of Rating Revolution~Greeter @ Good Ol' Boys@ fubar Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve!@ fubar ~♥~SweetAngel~♥~{Dirty South Crew}~*~Club FAR Greatness TEAM CPT.~*~Sarge's Bad Gi@ fubar ~GoofyLady~ Independent Bombers & Daddy's Levelers ~ The Love Shack ~ Fu*Angel
Simple Pleasures...
So we got satelite TV last week... (I don't even know how to turn it on yet) anyway as an added bonus which I were unaware of, it came with Sirius Radio... nothing like cooking, drinking a glass of wine and turning on real music instead of the shit we get here in radio hell. *smiles* that's all.
Simple Friend / Real Friend
The following is a comment left on my page by my sweet friend Kitten.....Thank you!! I loved it so much I had to blog it, it is so true..... :D ,,,,,Hello my Dear Friend! A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself and doesn't feel even the least bit weird shutting your 'beer/Pepsi drawer' with her foot! A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend's shoulder is soggy from your tears... A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders
A Simple Poem
"Why Is All I Ask" Why is it that when you are in love with someone, it must go and hurt so very much? Making you do and think things you probably never would any other time in your life here on Earth. Why must we as humans suffer so much pain because of feelings and emotions that flood us like some tropical storm ripping across an isaland? Do we ever really never have pain in life? Why is it, that when your heart belongs to someone, it is always broken it seems? Never really knowing how to fix things yet always making them worse as each day passes us on by. I guess these are just a few of the questions i ask myself everyday. Wishing to one day undestand this thing people call LOVE. So, about all i can really say or ask now is WHY!!!!!!! P.J. Page 10-30-08 4:39a.m.
Simple Lemon Herb Chicken
PREP TIME 10 Min COOK TIME 15 Min READY IN 25 Min NGREDIENTS (Nutrition) * 2 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves * 1 lemon * salt and pepper to taste * 1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 pinch dried oregano * 2 sprigs fresh parsley, for garnish * add to recipe box Add to Recipe Box My folders: * add to shopping list Add to Shopping List * add a personal note Add a Personal Note DIRECTIONS 1. Cut lemon in half, and squeeze juice from 1/2 lemon on chicken. Season with salt to taste. Let sit while you heat oil in a small skillet over medium low heat. 2. When oil is hot, put chicken in skillet. As you saute chicken, add juice from other 1/2 lemon, pepper to taste, and oregano. Saute for 5 to 10 minutes each side, or until juices run clear. Serve with parsley for garnish.
Simple Words
I write these poems...these poems I write Words come and go...both day and night I pen them down...or type them out some in whispers...others I shout Feelings so real...both joyous and sad over something...I might wish I had Once they are brain will rest And that for what is best. A.Boudreaux 2008
A Simple Thanksgiving
His turn around the table to share what he is thankful for this Thanksgiving season, this year A simple thanksgiving so like the first Thanksgiving in Plimouth, so long ago thankful for God, for this place This land of ours, our home our ability to believe, to worship as our conscience, our faith guides In a time of war, his words a poignant reminder of how much we truly have to be thankful for, each and every day December 7, 2007 about the sharing of things we were thankful for at the start of Church Council, 11/19/07, Wesley United Methodist Church, Concord, NH This poem is based on Dan Haines, Chair of the Evangelism Commission
Simple Things Mean A Lot...
In this crazy world that we live in today, I often find myself frustrated and cursing myself for the things that I don't have money for or energy for. I am very hard on myself and quite the perfectionist. Sometimes I feel like the people who matter most to me are left to wonder if they are good enough or unsure of their place in my life. Hopefully this blog will communicate what I sometimes cannot when the stress and anxiety of life get in the way of what I hope to say through my actions. To me it's the simple things in life that make it worth getting up every day. It is so easy to get discouraged by the things that you don't have, like money, material things, and time. I wish I could make more hours in the day so I could do everything I need to without having to rush from place to place. But the one thing I wish I had more of is energy and physical strength. My challenges physically make it difficult for me to keep going when there is still so much to be done. I am forced to pace
A Simple Wish
Greetings my friends, To those that I've spent many moments with, and even to those with whom I've only exchanged a few words, I'd like to wish you a day of joy, peace, and love from those around you. I'm presently knee deep in recipe's and ingredients, and hopefully by around ohhhhh 2pm central time, I'll be enjoying the fruits of my morning long labors. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and take a few moments to reflect upon the things in life that have given you happiness. Brad
10 Simple Tips For Sweeter Sperm
found this article and just had to put it in my blog Sperm taste is affected by what you eat, as are all secretions from the body. It is a fact that your sperms taste can be improved and making your semen taste better, can be done with a few simple diet changes. Diet has A major influence on sperm taste as it’s a secretion from the body like any other. Just as your sweat can smell strongly after eating a heavily spiced meal your sperm will also reflect the spices in its taste. The make up of sperm Semen is made up of ninety percent (90%) seminal fluids including fructose (sugar) protein, and various trace minerals and nutrients. The PH of semen is 7 and scientifically neutral, yet it tastes slightly acidic. Let's take a look at the actual ingredients of semen. A man’s ejaculate is actually only 1% sperm. The rest is composed of various proteins, vitamins, sugars, salts, cholesterol, and water. All the extras are what protect, feeds, fuels the sperm in its j
The Simple Pleasures.
Falling in love. Laughing so hard your face hurts. A hot shower. No lines at the supermarket A special glance. Getting mail Taking a drive on a pretty road. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer. Finding the sweater you want is on sale for half price. Chocolate milkshake. (or vanilla!) (or strawberry) A long distance phone call. A bubble bath. Giggling. A good conversation. The beach. Finding a 20 note in your coat from last winter. Laughing at yourself. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. Running through sprinklers. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. Laughing at an inside joke. Friends. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner). Making new friends or spending time with old
A Simple Prayer List
I thought we should start a simple prayer list.
Simple White Envelope
It's just a small white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It has peeked through the branches of our tree for the past 10 years or so. It all began because my husband Mike hated Christmas --oh, not the true meaning of Christmas, but the commercial aspects of it -- the overspending, the frantic running around at the last minute to get a tie for Uncle Harry and the dusting powder for Grandma -- the gifts given in desperation because you couldn't think of anything else. Knowing he felt this way, I decided one year to bypass the usual shirts, sweaters, ties, and so forth.. I reached for something special just for Mike. The inspiration came in an unusual way. Our son Kevin, who was 12 that year, was wrestling at the junior level at the school he attended. Shortly before Christmas, there was a non-league match against a team sponsored by an inner-city church. These youngsters, dressed in sn
Simple Little Short Story - Part The Third
Both Rachel, and Mark were paralyzed with fear. The silence was anguish. Tommy's eyes seemed to keep them frozen with a cold, unforgiving stare. His cold blue eyes were wide open and blood shot, and his face only seemed to turn whiter with each passing second. A few short minutes seemed like an eternity. Finally, Tommy slowly turned and went downstairs. Mark asn Rachel didn't dare to so much as blink, until they heard the front door creek open, and slam shut. Mark took this as his cue to hurry and get dressed. He didn't even look at Rachel. He couldn't. Tommy was his best friend, and he betrayed him. Mark was well aware of Tommy's capabilities. At five feet, eight inches tall, and only one hundred eighty-fve pounds, Tommy was, "the little engine that could". Having been in many barfights together, Mark had seen what Tommy did to other people. The end results were never pretty. Mark had every reason to be afraid. As Mark left the bedroom and headed downstairs,
A Simple Puzzle Of Life
Read this and find the answer to the question that is asked. Send me both the question and the answer you think you find in your reply to this. Be warned I enjoy learning about people’s minds. Please message me your answer and do not post. Posting would take the fun out of it for others. Besides, why give up for free what you worked for. A simple puzzle of life (Here is the answer what was the question} Powerful forces so strong that can push and pull at your very soul. A wanting for the untouchable, no material thing can ever replace. Strong feelings that can tear your heart open. Strange yet over whelming need to climb to the mountains top. Insatiably hunger that eating cannot stop. Over whelming desires that bend your mind making you ponder why. Not hearing the sounds that make you smile except in your mind. Soft winds gently lift you up high into the sky. Marveling at the things that tear you apart yet shed no blood. While finding yet a
Simple Math
simple math so lost without your gentle touch i long, so bad, for your embrace i'd sell my soul just to hold you close i'd give my life just to touch your face a love-sick man behind these words i kneel and pray to the man above "why did you take my heart away?" "are all these trials to test this love?" an answered prayer brought you to me i could have never asked for more i had no clue the gift you are or the strength of love i'd have instore so now each night, i thank the lord for the day he put you in my path me+you=happiness my gift of love was simple math...
Spinning like a child, Whirling with the wind. Time fly's and the world spins, Older now, yet still spinning as a child. My mind is racing, Time is pacing. With every changing season, My body continues fading. Life is simple, As a kid spinning. The wind blowing, Leaving your clothes in a rumple. The sky so blue, The air so clean. You're free as a bird, With air beneath your wings.
Simple Bitches
I had this for a while...This is for my girls.. "A simple bitch will take you where you need to go. *A real bitch throws you her keys and says it needs gas in it! A simple bitch will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it. *A real bitch will say beat her ass and look at the crowd and say "better nobody jump in". A simple bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out. *A real bitch will just knock her the fuck out!!! A simple bitch tells you, she's had enough to drink. *A real bitch tells you we need another shot, we bout to get fucked up! A simple bitch goes to the club with you and sits down. *A real bitch goes to the club with you and says lets show these simple bitches how we do it. A simple bitch wonders who your new man is. *A real bitch know that mutha fucka's first name, last name , his birthday, where he lives, who he's related to, what kinda car he drive's, where he works, how many babies mama's he has, and how many
Simple Things Mean A Lot...
***Originally written November 26, 2008**** In this crazy world that we live in today, I often find myself frustrated and cursing myself for the things that I don't have money for or energy for. I am very hard on myself and quite the perfectionist. Sometimes I feel like the people who matter most to me are left to wonder if they are good enough or unsure of their place in my life. Hopefully this blog will communicate what I sometimes cannot when the stress and anxiety of life get in the way of what I hope to say through my actions. To me it's the simple things in life that make it worth getting up every day. It is so easy to get discouraged by the things that you don't have, like money, material things, and time. I wish I could make more hours in the day so I could do everything I need to without having to rush from place to place. But the one thing I wish I had more of is energy and physical strength. My challenges physically make it difficult for me to keep going when there is
Simple Man
I ain't nothing but a simple man Call me a redneck, I reckon that I am But there's things goin' on that make me mad down to the core I have to work like a dog to make ends meet There's crooked politicians and crime in the street And I'm madder than hell and I ain't gonna take it no more We tell our kids to just say no And then some panty waist judge lets a drug dealer go And he slaps him on the wrist and he turns him back out on the town Well, if I had my way with people sellin' dope I'd take a big tall tree and a short piece of rope And hang 'em up high and let 'em swing till the sun goes down Chorus: Well you know what's wrong with the world today People done gone and put their Bibles away There livin' by law of the jungle not the law of the land Well the good book says it, so I know it's the truth An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth You'd better watch where you go And remember where you've been That's the way I see it I'm a simple man Now, I'm the kind
A Simple Matter Of Multiplication
“Now these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt; every man and his household came with Jacob.” That opens the book of Exodus, the second book of the Old Testament, with Jacob’s sons (the ones the tribes of Israel are descended from, named in verses two through four) and likely their wives and children totaling seventy people who had come from Canaan to Egypt. (More details on that in chapters thirty-seven through fifty of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament.) This list did not include Joseph, Jacob’s youngest son who was in Egypt already as prime minister and had saved his father and their family from starvation and persuaded the then-reigning Pharaoh or king of Egypt (literally “man in the big house”) to let them settle in Egypt. So they did, and so they eventually died, bringing the end of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus in line with each other in verse six. Verse seven (“And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly,
Simply The Best Cheese Ball
INGREDIENTS (Nutrition) 1 cup chopped peanuts 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley 8 ounces processed American cheese 8 ounces blue cheese, crumbled 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoons hot pepper sauce DIRECTIONS Combine peanuts and parsley in a small bowl and set aside. Combine cheeses, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and hot pepper sauce in large bowl. Mix well. Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour. Form chilled cheese mixture into ball shape. Roll in peanut and parsley mixture.
Simple But Funney As Hell
hicky dickery dock my mouth is on your cock the clock stuck one we all cummed hicky dickry dock
Simple Together Was Singing
Trying again......last time some fat bird was singing :-o Just for the girl....
Simple Lil Poem
"Why,Is All I Ask" Why does it have to be that when you care so much for someone,it has to hurt?Wanting ever so desperately to scream out I Love You, but knowing they shall never feel the same. Praying that in time,they shall see just how much they truly mean to you.Always asking yourself if it is worth the pain and heart ache that will come from their rejection. Maybe some of us are truly never meant to have the one we love in our life.Having to sit from afar and only wish to yourself some how you could prove your love for them. Having eyes always so swollen and full of tears because you can not get them off your mind or out of your thoughts.All i would like to know is why must love hurt one so much!! P.J. 2/5/09
The Simplest Of Things.
The Simplest of things. Each day I arise, A red cardinal sings, He shows me life’s wonder, In this simplest of things. The unique song of the bird, In all of dawns glory, Shows each days new chance, To change our life’s story. For come rain or shine, Red sings out his heart, His day is beginning, He’s ready to start. Red knows that he reaps, From whatever he sows, So he starts his day singing, And so, fresh hope grows. Red shows that the hope, And what it can bring, Is one of life’s wonders, In this simplest of things.
A Simple Act Of Kindness Can...
A simple act of kindness can change a person's whole day. What was once dark, dismal, and gray, you can make gay. It doesn't take much effort to impart something magnificent. I must tell you that a kind word has much force, far from insignificant. A simple act of kindness can be the difference between roads traveled, for instance, to a troubled person needing a lift out of sinking gravel. If you could save a life or a soul by giving a heartfelt greeting, I know you would. Or, stop to say: "Are you okay?" to a soul that was needing. A simple act of kindness can put color back into a grimacing face; Move someone from self-destruction and self-hate, So they can find redemption in God's loving grace. It need not be your life's work, but it can give worth to someone else's life: Turn away from strife to a place where hope is rife. A simple act of kindness can bridge the chasm between enemies; Put aside pride and ambition so children can grow with fonder memories. Our
Simple Minded Sicko's
Im talking about that skank 7up aka lil one, who claims it has terminal cancer. This person is a walking contradiction. This person needs to be held accountable for lying about something so serious. The fact that this dissease would have no doubt effected 90% of the people on fu, i think this fucken low person needs to lose something of their own for being such a low cunt. I asked this person why they have 90% nsfw pictures and is constantly up loading new ones when it is meant to be so sick. Now if it was telling the tuth it could have answered this question without question. BUT noooooooooo ... this person cant answer this question and many others, so it blocks me. Now i do not give a fuck that i got blocked, i care about that fact that this low cunt is using a disease that has killed many of my friends and family to gain sympathy and "friends" ... It makes me sick to the stomach. Who is with me on this? Should i start a petition to get this lying cunt booted from f
8 Simple Rule For Dating My Teenage Daughter
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Nov 2, 2006 ... A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. BARNES
8 Simple Rules For Dating
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. BARNES
8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter and over 240000 other books are available for Amazon Kindle – Amazon’s new wireless reading device. Learn more ... 8 Simple Rules (originally known as 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter) is an American television sitcom that originally aired on ABC from ... View Member Profile Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in front of me.. Free 3-Day Delivery... I guess I
8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Jan 27, 2009 ... Back in August 2007, ABC/Disney released the first season of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, the sitcom starring the late ... Created by Tracy Gamble. With Katey Sagal, Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson. Visit IMDb for Photos, Showtimes, Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, ... Aug 4, 2007 ...
8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter Cast
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Cast of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter (2002) Cast of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter (2004) ... 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter
8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughters
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Ritter was starring in ABC
8 Simple Rules To Dating My Teenage Daughter
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Synopsis of the episodes, sounds and information from the show. Aug 4, 2007 ...
Simply The Best
Simply Irresistible
Simply Irresistible - Robert Palmer
Simply Erotic Is Running Her Very First Auto 11! Lets Make It Great For Her And Love Her Up!!
Melissa Has ActivatedHer Very First Auto 11's Go Show HerWhat They Are all About!!! ღ Simply ~ Erotic ღ ღ Simply ~ Erotic ღ (repost of original by ' ♥ MelsFeltHisC☠ck ♥ Manager Of BadHabitzRadio!! ♥ Me Howey!!!' on '2009-03-20 14:47:59') (repost of original by '
Simple Poem With My Blue Eyes
Simple Of A Dream
I lay and watch you sleep at night Jealous of the shadowed light That bathes your body in a sweet caress No touch from me to spoil your rest Your gentle breath a sweet perfume To challenge the breeze within the room I move up close to hear the sound Of the quiescent, peace you've found Your murmured words of love profound For my ears when no one else is around You drift off back to blissful sleep Holding my hand, a special treat I'll join you in your dreams tonight Maybe search for the rainbows light Together running you and I In fields of dreams, where lovers lie... ~W.H.~ ~2009~
Simply My Life~
When I sleep... I dream,  simply joy.... I walk through life, simply with joy... When I hunger... I am consumed simply within the essense of joy... When Im exhausted from the days activity... I'm soothed simply within the  warmth of joy... I'm simply, completely in love with my girl, named.... Joy... I love you baby girl (the pink is for you) ~W.H.~   ~2009~  
Simper Fi
This is a story of my brothers and I. All we have experienced together...its something that I wrote as a story and slowly became a poem. Many people think they know what war is like, but until they've actually been there, they'll never truly know what we Warriors endured. Semper Fi! Carrying a Gun On February 3, 2003 We arrive in the desert, Away home from family. Most of us young men and some of us were old, All of us ready to fight Standing strong and bold. March 19th came swift, Thats when we began the fight, The ground war was finally declared, as we crossed the borders late that night. We carried our Guns to battle and always kept them clean We were all experts with weapons, Then again we're all Marines. We were a few miles in before reality struck, When an RPG Hit our 7-ton truck. We picked up our guns and grabbed our ammo and rushed straight through to the front-lines, All of us alert but scared to the bone, and never-the-less we charged in to fight. From dusk til dawn b
"simple Ecstacy"
"Kiss me girl, taste my soul, embrace your destiny, lay back, relax, arch your back, n' let me take control". "Spread your legs but leave the light on so u can see in2 my eyez, grab hold n' hug while we make love, so strong it will make u cry, tonight lets take our time its been awhile, exotic ecstacy is flowin' as i watch the way u quiver as i deliver". "The slightest touch, my arms will take away the stress, my kiss will ease the pain, have u ever made love that was so intense, when u came its like falling rain"."Dont blush i know u feel me, dont be shy cuz nows the time, someday i'll make love 2 your physical, but tonight let me sex your mind"!
Simple Vs Real
  Simple vs Real Anyone can stand by you when you are right, but a Friend will stand by you even when you are wrong... A simple friend identifies himself when he calls. A real friend doesn't have to. A simple friend opens a conversation with a full news bulletin on his life. A real friend says, "What's new with you?" A simple friend thinks the problems you whine about are recent. A real friend says, "You've been whining about the same thing for 14 years. Get off your duff and do something about it." A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you wit
A Simple Thing Or Is It?
A Simple thing…or is it? I have often wondered I have often dreamed I have often conjured What would it be like? I have been curious I have been wondering I have been thoughtful What would it be like? It drives me to ask It drives me to let it linger in my mind It drove me to satisfy my curiosity… What would it be like? I have wanted to see… I have wanted to take a moment… I had to decide what it would take to ask What would it be like? What would it be like to feel you close What would it be like to feel your breath? What would it be like to feel your embrace? What would it be like to feel your kiss? What would I be like? What would you be like afterward? What would be like between us? What would it be like? The forbidden, the taboo… The purgatory is like Pandora’s box, It’s dangerous if opened, But—What would it be like?
Simple Man
could you look in my eyes n know what i was thinkin, could you love me when i did things that hurt you,when i told you to go away,would you hold on to me tight n say no. would you move with me anywhere with no money in my pocket n still be by my side. can you can you beleive in me when i didnt beleive in myself.will you let me fight for you,even though i know you can take care of yourself.would you listen to me ramble on and still find me endeering.could you know that theres no way you could take away the pain in my heart but still find a way to ease it.can can i listen to you while i look in your eyes for hours,can i open every door for you.can i kiss you underneath the missletoe, take you outside so you can throw snow balls at me... really hard lol.can i put a flower behind your ear n kiss you softley in the woods in the fall n let you throw pine cones at me. can we jump in the leaves in the fall n just laugh. can we make snow forts together n hide in them n kiss.can i watch you make
Simple Ritual For Forgiveness (from A Friend)
On a day devoted to the energies surrounding a state of forgiveness, I'd like to share a way to forgive and forget without ever having to confront the offender in person. If old wounds are making it harder for you to move forward in your life than this would be the perfect day to realize that the pen really is mightier than the sword. Take a pen filled with red ink and write a letter to anyone who has harmed or wronged you in your life. Write everything you feel and whatever will offer you a release from this hostage situation. Don't worry about anyone actually seeing this letter because you're not mailing it. But write it as if you were standing in front of whoever hurt you, whether dead or alive. Purge, purge, purge, and then purge some more. When you are finished writing put it into a red envelope and place in anywhere inside the 'Family/Friends and Ancestors' area. Put a healthy and flowering green plant on top of it and leave it there for 27 days. On the 27th day, take the letter
Simple Plan- I Am Only A Man
its a simple plan todaylet it all goforget the wayleave the trayempty as my cupfill it up overflow with loveaspirations, desiretrampled by the days duskpickin up at days dawnlike a man who's lost it all but im a man simply am mejust sayin the world aint the way it used to besensually taking life one step at a timewishin life away like, drinkin crown todayand at the end of the day we breath life in ways simply ways that make us stray awayaway from lifes today were nothig makes sense and all i am is me nothin but me take me leave me this is what you get like swipe it hate delay it, dont take it
Simple Thoughts Of A Complicated Man.
    When a heart beats......the energy of it fills not only our souls but our lives as well. Once you find your place into my heart......why do most of you feel the need to make a mess and destroy it? Isn't paradise beautiful enough without you fucking with it?   These are just a few thoughts crossing my mind lately. When I try to look at the people in my life, I try my hardest to convince myself each person is worthy of knowing all of me. As I continue on, I learn that most people can deal without knowing bits and pieces of me. Does this mean I am withdrawn? Certainly not. It simply means I have learned things about you that make you untrustworthy. I can't remember the last time I met a person (up until now) that has always been 100% honest with me about everything. I admit when I am wrong. Those of you who have argued with me about something knows that is a fact. I am man enough to admit when I am wrong, but when I am right, why continue the shit trying to FIND a way to prove me
Simple Things In Life Mean More....
Faith Hill "Take Me As I Am" Baby, don't turn out the lightI wanna see you look at meWhisper only truth tonightNot just promises and empty fantasiesI don't need a bed of roses'Cause roses wither awayAll I really need is honestyFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I amBaby, I need for you to knowJust exactly how I feelFiery passions come and goI'd trade a million pretty wordsFor one touch that is realI don't need a bed of roses'Cause roses wither awayAll I really need is honestyFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I amFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I am
Simply Distraught
.....................Simply Distraught..............Tired, exhausted this sand that I walk.....Growing so weary this life that I talk....Come to the distance, what do I find?...All the excuses I hide behind...Shadows cast over, the tempatures rise... Stared at to long it has burned my eyes...Unable to see in this life I have led...Uncover things I have know to dread Pounding in silence with no one to hear... Fall to my knees unable to tear.... Reaching the point i dont wish to return...Can't see through these eyes while they carry this burn. What do you do when your landscape is gone?...Nothing to live, nothing to spawn...Cursed by this silence that has taken my soul. Starved me of things that once were my goal. Surrounding my breath,.. contraction is fair....Heavy my breathing in this stagnate air...Overwhelmed with this anger that wont disspate... All these emotions what stands out is the Hate...Controling desire to leave it behind... not scared of the darkness I know I will find...
Spinning like a child,Whirling with the wind.Time fly's and the world spins,Older now, yet still spinning as a child.My mind is racing,Time is pacing.With every changing season,My body continues fading.Life is simple,As a kid spinning.The wind blowing,Leaving your clothes in a rumple.The sky so blue,The air so clean.You're free as a bird,With air beneath your wings.
Simply The Truth
I am not the one to promise, and I rather not be promised, I prefer things to come if they should. I am not asking you to tell me what you don’t want to say, at the end of it all, the only thing that matters is the truth. All I want is for every kiss you give to be sincere. Because loneliness is evil, let’s not be just to be. I don’t owe you and you don’t owe me, there are no papers to sign. I am not asking for you to give when you don’t want to give. Your time is not my time, leave time to time. Let them be true (for sure) the times that you do give me. That every hug be true, that every expression of feelings let them come from the heart. I don’t ask for more only the truth in every kiss. To each its own story, and to each it’s own. With your plus and minus, just how I found you, I would not want you to change because there is nothing to change. At the end, what matters most is your most sincere kiss.
Simple Joys
  I made my little girl laugh the other night. I was in a space and place of simple joys and it manifested in a chicken dance down the hallway and a rousing rendition of my own lyrical gangsta song: I AM THINKING THAT YOU ARE STINKING BUT I THINK I STINK TOO!!! followed up with: ALRIGHT! OKAY! ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT  ALRIGHT ALRIGHT OKAY! and back to flipping grilled cheese sandwiches I went. It surely is better than the sometimes ceaseless weeping I do while I demand for my grandson to be returned to me, and then outline the detailed plot that took him from me - beginning with the day he was born and the nurses inspired fear by saying they could not find the third vein in his umbilical cord.  Of course I gather my thoughts together eventually and realize that I am in denial. I have a huge imagination. And all sorts of pejoritive words could be leveled at me, while I blinked in hurt confusion because I always have good intentions. I thought it was really nice of the hos
Simple As That
any more questions? just ASK me
Simple Pot Roast
Simple Pot Roast 3 to 4 pound beef roast 1 packet onion soup mix 1 cup beef broth Pepper     Season roast with pepper. Place into crock pot. Pour broth over roast. Sprinkle with onion soup mix. Cook on slow  for 10 hours
Simple Forex Trading System
simple forex trading system
Simple Release
Creation of Me Category: Life  It is alright to Speak thoughts of Life awaiting for YOU .To awaken the right journey that ,you seemed always misguide your own self from enjoying and living that is designed and meant for you to journey through ,actually living without only spoken words to entertain anyone .I am filled with so much Love that want to allow this Love to explode out of me outwards to Life .To live a life that keeps this Love on some limits inside you ,makes anyone most unhappiest soul that walks this earth .I desire in my own self to be complete I walk through this Journey with no more Doubts and softly speak these Words upon you ,holding doubts throughout own self please do both of us a favour and quickly walk away ,leaving only your foot prints in the sand behind you ,as I shall not lve remainer of my life in shadows of doubt as I speak those kind strong words not for you or anyone in this world except for me .I am no ones Shadow in this Life Time nor shall
A Simple Poem
The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesnt want to be held on to. Dont fall for someone unless theyre willing to catch you. The thing about falling in love is that if you do it right, youll never hit the floor.  Life is too short to be anything but happy.  So kiss slowly. Love deeply. Forgive quickly.  Take chances & never have regrets.  Forget the past but remember what is taught to you. Sometimes you just have to smile, pretend everythings okay, hold back the tears and walk away.  If you want to see the rainbow you must go through the rain.  If you want TRUE LOVE you must go through the pain. Women were made from a mans rib, not from his head to be superior, not from his feet to be walked on,but from his side to be equal, from under the arm to be protected, and from next to the heart to be loved.  Think about this closely before throwing away  the love of your life......
Theres Something special about you, im not sure exactly what is it, i dont even know why, but everytime in around you, you always make me cry. It's Something unexplainable report, a unique phenomenon or unsolved mystery of sorts that remains from a complete. You've unbound me from the chains of burden, totally random and free, soaring into the sky, like a bird overlooking the sea, not having to wear the mask of obscurity, for knowing you has set my soul free. The Senses Electric, the five sensations brought to new heights, I can hear every sound, from my outstretched arms can touch the cloud nimbus, Gravity losing its hold upon my world, I'm no longer blinded by your love, taking in all the smells and provided sights. Hands moisture, racing heart pounding in my chest, Mind a torrent whirlwind, can not you feel nor see this turbulant riddle within me Oblivious you've caused? You approach me cautiously, Embracing me with loving eyes, Securing me in warm arms and surrounding me in to
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A Simple Confusion
A simple confussion , Due to a moment of dellusion , Down for the count , Now , I can count this one out ,A mistake or good decison , I cant decide , One way or the other , I know this isn't right , Time over looked , This wasn't the plan , Now Im faced with a choice , Do I fall or do I stand ?Like a hand full of water , You slip through my fingers ,Unable to catch you , My mind starts to linger ,I loose touch of reality , as my thoughts seem to stray , This is dangerous ground , We should both walk away , I can't fight for an illusion , My minds eye can't see , The closer I look , The more things blur to me , What use to be the line , Is some how redefined , I don't know what I can take , I'm not sure when you might break , I dont like who I've become , Whenever your around , I don't want to say the words ,  But I think I might want out
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A Simple Embrace
If I to anyone could give a hug,I would give one to the one that I love.A tender embrace to fill me with warmth,and show her a direct route to my heart.There's never a time that I can't imagine,her arms around me in an innocent passion.There are all types of passionto be learned from a hug.But if you for once can try to imagine,she is the half to the whole of a red box of my lovethat holds dear the key to my heart.Together we create radiating warmth,that is the same as the warmthof the Caribbean waters caressing the beach with a passionfelt only from the depths of its heart.As I give her my hug,she smiles with an undying loveand her eyes are too beautiful to imagine.Sometimes I can imaginethat we're flying like birds towards the warmthof the sun, or a flower of blossoming lovewhich a butterfly kisses for the nectar of passionthat comes from one heartfelt hug,and is formed from inside of your heart.As she slips away, I can feel my heartin my ears beating like drums, to imaginethe meanin
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A Simple Christmas Tale
These are a list of the items underneath my Christmas tree. But first let me tell you about my Christmas tree: it is a family heirloom. Made by my Aunt in the 1960's, gifted to my Grandfather from her in time, and given into my safe keeping by my Grandmother just this year.  I have very little money. It has been a difficult year and I shall not open the book of counted sorrows, because I prefer the book of Bountiful Blessings. Within those pages will be found the list of presents that are for me. 1. Two rolls of toilet paper upon which edible mushrooms were grown by my son in his botany class. 2. Two mysterious packages bought from the children's store at the church by my youngest daughter (people donate used items and the children can shop and pick out delights for their parents for a few cents.) 3. Two Christmas balls, one shiny red and one shiny green (mine is the green one) that my husband and I received as a gift from a lovely wedding we attended a few weeks ago. They are stil
Simply The Best And The Biggest Hairy Site I've Ever Seen! - Jean, Madison
what,,,no shit/// i am totally hearing about shit through my stereo speakers right now....shhhh....omg brittney murphy is dead from crank...i wonder if theres any left...these speakers are on really they are..talking real soft...all jibberish... no wait this is a toaster oven....where in the fuck is my record player....i got MOTLEY CRUE TOO FAST FOR LOVE from my gay roomate BRIAN for christmas...i bet he picked it cause the guy on the cover is all leather POLK ST./GOT SPANKED TOO MUCH FOR LOVE.....looks sorta light in the loafers....why does this peace of shit say i am spelling wrong...wait..whos fucking computer is this??? you mother fuckers better not be switching out comp shit on me......they have porn sites now devoted to girls with really  hairy pussy can you believe that,,,and i look at the shit check this out... Well, I'm member since the start of the site, i guess this says enough. They definitely have the best hairy collection - James, Bristol    Definitely th
Simple Man By Lynyrd Skynyrd
My mama told me when I was youngSaid sit beside me my only sonAnd listen closely to what I sayAnd if you do this it'll help you some sunny dayOh, yeah it willOh, take your time, don't live too fastTroubles will come and they will passYou'll find a woman and you'll find loveAnd don't forget that there is a someone up aboveAnd be a simple kind of manAnd be something you'll love and understandBaby be a simple kind of manOh, won't you do this for me son if you can?Then you canDon't get your lust from the rich man's goldAll that you need now is in your soulAnd you can do this, oh baby if you tryAll that I want from you my son is to be satisfiedAnd be a simple kind of manAnd be something you'll love and understandBaby be a simple kind of manOh, won't you do this for me son if you can?If you canOh, don't you worry, you'll find yourselfFollow your heart and nothing elseAnd you can do this, oh baby if you tryAll that I want from you my son is to be satisfiedAnd be a simple kind of manBe somethi
Simply Me...
I am the kind of girl who enjoys the chase. I get a thrill when it comes to winning someone over and making them fall in love with me. Then when rough times in a relationship emerge, I run off kicking and screaming. I analyzed my actions once. I came to the conclusion that I'm afraid of getting too close to someone because I'm scared to get hurt. When a boy takes one step forward, I take three steps back. I've done this my whole life. It is my greatest downfall, the reason I have lost so many loves.
Simply Delicious Says "come Bid And Have Me For Valentines Day"   Go visit her and make a bid...
A Simple Task For The Single
This is for the single guys and girls who cant seem to find a good bf/gf, now this may not work for every1 but its worth a try, its a simple task so listen and do as i instruct. 1. Think of all of the ppl you kno. (for guys think of the girls you kno and girls the opposite)2. Go over this entire list and put a check buy everyone you'd date.3. Erase those names.4. Go threw the list a second time, put a check buy everyone who has ever done sumthin rly bad to you or rly hurt you in sum way.5. Erase those names.6. Look at who's left put a star by every name that has been friendly and nice to you.7. Erase all names that dont have a star.8. Read over your list, see who's left?  Why not try dating 1 of them...
A Simple Wish
Out across the ocean,A ship there I do see.I wish my heart,It would take from me. A woman so beautiful,It longs to go to.A woman in my dreams,That woman is you. Please take it from me,A wish will take its place.A simple but true wish,For yours to take its place.
Simple Home Remedies
Simple Bitches
1. A simple bitch will take u where u need to go.2. A Real Bitch throws u the keys & says it needs gas.3. A simple bitch will tell u not 2 fight, iit aint worth it.4. A Real Bitch will say beat her ass!5. A simple bitch wonders who ur new man is.6. A Real Bitch knows that mutha fuckers 1st name, last name, his bday, where he lives, who hes related 2, wat kinda car he drives, where he works, how many babies mamas he has, & how many bitches he's tlkn 2.7. A simple bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out.8. A Real Bitch will just knock her the fuck out!9. A simple bitch tells u when shes had enuf 2 drink.10. A Real Bitch tells u we need another shot, we bout 2 get fucked up.11. A simple bitch reads this & realizes Shes a simple bitch & deletes it.-A Real Bitch passes this 2 her Real Bitches without thinkin..
Simply Vile
(CNN) -- A Maryland funeral home has lost its license after investigators found about 40 bodies stacked on top of each other, leaking fluid, in a garage, a state official said. The state Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors revoked the license of Chambers Funeral Home & Crematorium in Riverdale, Maryland after an April 26 visit to the site. Hari Close, president of the the state funeral board, told CNN Tuesday that some of the bodies were cadavers who had been donated to a local university for research. Other bodies came from other funeral homes, Close said. The bodies were supposed to be cremated, but investigators were alarmed at how they were stored in the garage while they awaited cremation. "Even somebody who donates their body to science, they still should be treated with dignity," said Close. "Not to mention the health and safety issues with the body fluids flowing out." William Chambers, co-owner of the funeral home, told CNN-affiliate WJLA said that he hopes to work
A Simple *thank You* Note
spirits are surely a gift, sent to travel lonely roads as our companions.Sustain them as they sustain us.....They are a channel of love.
News tells me it's simple to drill wells for crude in the Gulf. Someone said it'll pay them money. You know what? It will pay for all the loss and the future. Parts of PA, OH, WVA, and NY has a host of gas in the shale but shares with water. Money for the future and employment. I wish I could be cold and think of only of nature but I can't because of the need of the people who want and need to work. I see the absurdaty of certain religious people of middle east. Where there is evil and hatred God will right the wrongs on the backs of those that created it. World News. Glory to God N
Simply Me...u Either Love Me Or Hate Me, U Decide;)
Im in the mood to blog so here goes nothing......I wanted to share whats been on my mind lately, could be a good thing or bad, just depending really lol...anyways..Im forever getting asked "are u single" , well yes I am...Im actually single by choice, just havent found what Im looking for YET. Im not one to jump into any kind of relationship, Im too afraid of getting hurt, so I take my time lol its the same for friendships too. It takes alot for me to trust ya..I will in time and then I'll be hard to get rid of lol. OMG, the next ?? is "what do I look for in a man" really?? god, this one gets on my nerves...I dont have a certain list that I go by, it just happens. But I do like a VERY STRONG MINDED man,  big big plus...if not I WILL and HAVE walked all over them, I loss all respect for them. I want him to tell me NO sometimes and mean it;)..I dont wanna be spoiled all the time, what fun is that.  I like a sense of humor, ROMANTIC (showing up with wild flowers and a pop, I;ll melt). A h
Simple Wedding Ceremony Attire Make You Feel Great
Simple wedding ceremony garments may be descent and stylish too!cheap wedding dresses Considering of wedding ceremony day time offers incomparable elite about the one hand but at a similar time produces so numerous tensions. One has to determine all of the wedding ceremony plans and also the greatest anxiety is the simple fact that of deciding on one of the most amazing attire of Dressok for the marriage. Every single bride normally would like for being vision catching and also to serve since the middle of attraction. Some brides as opposed to other people may perhaps desire to glance descent and elegant. They are able to do so by deciding on straightforward wedding dresses. Since the title recommend they are not straightforward whatsoever but they are much less decorated as in comparison to artist wedding ceremony dresses. It is not essential that every bride would like a similar extended gowns with layers upon layers Cheap Modest Wedding Dresses and also a extended trail heading beh
Simple Wedding Ceremony Attire Make You Feel Great
Simple wedding ceremony garments may be descent and stylish too!cheap wedding dresses Considering of wedding ceremony day time offers incomparable elite about the one hand but at a similar time produces so numerous tensions. One has to determine all of the wedding ceremony plans and also the greatest anxiety is the simple fact that of deciding on one of the most amazing attire of Dressok for the marriage. Every single bride normally would like for being vision catching and also to serve since the middle of attraction. Some brides as opposed to other people may perhaps desire to glance descent and elegant. They are able to do so by deciding on straightforward wedding dresses. Since the title recommend they are not straightforward whatsoever but they are much less decorated as in comparison to artist wedding ceremony dresses. It is not essential that every bride would like a similar extended gowns with layers upon layers Cheap Modest Wedding Dresses and also a extended trail heading beh
Simple Beauty
She Enchants Me With Eyes Of Sapphire Blue She Beckons Me With A Warm Embrace Only To Blow Me Away With Such Simple Beauty.  Jason Aka DJ Blades
Simplee Extraordinary 'e'
Choosing a letter to write about is always interesting since I have 26 options to choose from - but this one was easy - it is one of the most frequently used letters in the whole lot. And it is a personal favorite, so here's the scoop.The percentage of names containing this letter is fairly high, so chances are good that you have one in your name or know someone who does. Obviously, the more Es in a name, the more E energy that person or thing will contain and emit.The placement of the E (or any letter) within your name is important as well. If it falls in your first name, it will be part of your 'public' persona: the social aspect of your personality. If it falls in your middle name, this will comment on the 'secret' you: the true you, if you like. If it falls in your last name, it will refer to your domestic, or family history and is of the least import as it pertains to the male hierarchy that you joined, either by being born into it or by joining it through marriage. However, it is
A Simple Message
The following writing is something I wrote to my darling along time ago..let me know if you think I have any talent..:)   My mind wanders as I sit here thinking ofyou...sitting there reading this.  My mind takes us toa simple train stop waiting for the "F" train toarrive.  You are standing in front me just watchingthe many people around us.  There a few streetmusicians playing a song...not sure what it is..but itis pleasant to listen to.  You turn to me and wrapyour arms around my neck and we start gently swayingto the gentle sounds of the music.  I can feel yourthighs pushing up close to mine underneathe your longdress as we santer along the floor.  We do not carewhom may be watching as we are swept up in the moment.Suddenly, I feel your mouth lock onto my lips and Iam breathing in the air you exhale.  Somehow, we arepressed against a wall and the pressure begins to risebelow.  I feel my hips move down until I feel yourmoans in my mouth and I feel you back arch with everymovement of
Simple Choices
A single smile,A simple kiss,Can lead you on to love's true bliss.A single lieUpon your pateIs all it takes to make one hate.Promise meYou are mine aloneAnd I will place you on my heart's throne.But lie to me...Prove me a fool...Then I shall be anger's tool.
10 Simple Rules
Im going to make this very simple! 1) I decide who I am a fan of, I do not have to fan you! 2) I decide who is my family, not your level requirements! 3) Bling will not corrupt me, i will not beg strangers to spend their hard earned money! 4) I dont care what color your name is OR what level you are, there is more to life than FUBAR! 5) I really dont care who your FUmarried to, its not real! 6) selling your NSFW is PORNOGRAPHY, be proud of what you have accomplished here! 7) Fubar does not determine my self worth. you shouldnt let it either! 8) If you in anyway abuse my friendship, it will be your loss not mine! 9) I will not beg for you to return my love, i will just stop loving you! 10) YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME! if this upsets you, grab a tissue and suck it up your supposed to be an ADULT!
Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry
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The Simplest Way Ugg Boots Developer Possibly Be Fantastic
ridaGiannini your current trip to Shanghai past thirty day period. Brunette mane, big black colored sun glasses, along with slim,mens designer jeans, super women’s high heel ugg boots, running on Nanjing Western world Path being a woman Spider-Man, compared with individuals who absolutely adore the original picture of Italian language style form extravagant Jinzhai girls, more like a new wander in Sixth Av observe the real Brand-new Yorker. “As UGG Classic Tall women,abercrombie uk, nevertheless to hold bold in addition to formidable, but just the way aggressive it cannot become called high quality, girls commonly are not so that you can constantly consider the end associated with explaining many people too rigorous.In . Your woman explains the pattern this moreover seemed to claim their very own. In 1975, Frida was born in The italian capital city, their father is really a widely known architect, his or her woman is surely an fine art past teacher. Extra-curricular pursui
Simply Everything
Ever wanted something so badly you couldn't breathe without thinking about it? Ever over analysed something so much that the simplest concept turns to gibberish in your own head? Ever felt something was just "right" clear down to your bones, so deep that no one could tell you otherwise? Ever wonder if you were insane because your mind races so fast you can't make sense of your own thoughts? Ever lose yourself in something so wonderful you can't remember what life was like before it? Ever have to talk yourself down from an emotional cliff? Ever endure something horrible and come out better because of it? Ever teach yourself to love again? Ever wanted to drown in a feeling? Ever been so happy you don't see how anyone could deserve the luck you've found? I Have.... Have You? Be Strong... Be Loved... Question Everything   
Simple Measures To Provide The Bride A Nice Toast
Nervous about your role to provide the bride a toast that does her justice and wishes her nicely as she embarks on her marriage? Cheap Prom Dresses The Bride chose you as her preferred lady between all her beloved friends. It's an honor. providing the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor's toast isn't all that complicated a method to say how grateful you are for her friendship! wedding dresses Relax and adhere to a amount of very simple measures and arrive out on the finish within the day time searching like a star. Before the wedding, your careers as the top lady are to: Stay in touch using the bride and groom. Know what their hopes are for their wedding day. Know the operate they've carried out to produce this happen. Cheap wedding dresses What's been most very important to them as they've established this incredible wedding and reception? Participate from the preparations. this really is this type of an very important time inside your friend's life. Even if you're much awa
Simple Measures To Provide The Bride A Nice Toast
Nervous about your role to provide the bride a toast that does her justice and wishes her nicely as she embarks on her marriage? Cheap Prom Dresses The Bride chose you as her preferred lady between all her beloved friends. It's an honor. providing the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor's toast isn't all that complicated a method to say how grateful you are for her friendship! wedding dresses Relax and adhere to a amount of very simple measures and arrive out on the finish within the day time searching like a star. Before the wedding, your careers as the top lady are to: Stay in touch using the bride and groom. Know what their hopes are for their wedding day. Know the operate they've carried out to produce this happen. Cheap wedding dresses What's been most very important to them as they've established this incredible wedding and reception? Participate from the preparations. this really is this type of an very important time inside your friend's life. Even if you're much awa
A Simple Question...
I was asked last night by a fare that called in for a cab what my sexiest feature was...You know...random really drunk boy calling in with nothing better to do then hit on the girl behind the desk answering the phones because he couldn't get one of the girls at the bar to take him answer to him was simply the feature...not the reason why...but I thought on my instant answer a little bit later and this is what I came up with... Truth be told...I don't write this mess, any of it, for it to actually be read... although, don't get me wrong... I appreciate the ones that do occasionally hit my blogs :) I write it because I have a terrible memory and I will forget it otherwise...   My sexiest feature? My soul...because it is laid out for anyone who cares to take the time to see can not be changed or altered with makeup or can't be boosted or sucked in...or can't be molded like a mind or broken like a requires nothing to be as it is...
Simple Radiation Check
I checked with SNOPES and this really does work. With all the fear of radiation fallout from Japan I thought it might be useful to tell you about a cheap, effective, homemade radiation tester you can easily assemble and rely upon. Just follow these simple instructions:OPEN A BAG OF ORVILLE REDENBACHER MICROWAVE POPCORN LEAVE IT ON YOUR KITCHEN COUNTER IF IT STARTS POPPING, YOU’RE FUCKED
The Simple Life
Given that the only interesting thing I get to do each day is think, I tend to go on mental tangents that lead me to places that one should only visit either drunk, or well off their rocker.  But here I am, stone cold sober and stamped mentally sane, so why is it that the things that I visualize even when sober, even when sane, scare the hell out of any one with a rational thought left in their physic.  Damn if I know anything that could have any reference to what I am thinking, most of the time I try to ignore my thoughts and turn on the television.  I look to have someone else's voice fill my head, someone else's story fill my life, and this is the only relief that I know.  Turn off the world and turn on "momma's stories".  Only they are not stories my mother would have watched, they are the ideas of twisted and depraved individuals and I can not get enough of it because I am no longer thinking for myself, no longer thinking anything worth contempation. I really need a cigerette.
simpatico \ sim-PAH-ti-koh \adjective;    1.  Congenial or like-minded.
Simple Plan - Your Love Is A Lie
I fall asleep by the telephone.It's 2 o'clock and I'm waiting up alone.And tell me where have you been?I found a note with another name.You blow a kiss, but it just don't feel the same.'Cause I can feel that you're gone.Can't bite my tongue forever,While you try to play it cool.You can hide behind your story,But don't take me for a fool.You can tell me that there's nobody else. [but I feel it]You can tell me that you're home by yourself. [but I see it]You can look into my eyes and pretend all you wantBut I know, I know, your love is just a...lie. [lie x2]It's nothing but a...lie. [lie x2]You look so innocent,But the guilt in your voice gives you away.Yeah, you know what I mean.How does it feel when you kiss when you know that I trust you.And do you think about me when he fucks you?Could you be more obscene?So don't try to say you're sorry,Or try to make it right.Don't waste your breath because it's too late, it's too late.You can tell me that there's nobody else. [but I feel it]You can
A Simple Country Boy’s Solution To The Budget “crisis” (repost)
A simple country boy’s solution to the budget “crisis” Posted on April 18, 2011 by Samuel Smith under Bush administration, business, capitalism, conservatives, corruption, economy, military, Obama administration, politics, Republicans, rich/poor gap, taxation [ Comments: 6 ] Some conservatives see all these fact-laden critiques of our various GOP manufactroversies (see Ryan, Paul) and wonder where are the Democratic plans to solve the financial crisis? (I have been asked this, quite vehemently, myself.) The informed reply goes something like this: The crisis isn’t real. It’s been fabricated by the neo-liberal politicians whose goal is to eliminate all taxes on rich people and bust structures like unions that afford the non-hyper-wealthy with some leverage in the American political economy. It. Isn’t. Real. You’re blaming the wrong people. To the extent that I accept arguments that we do need to cut spending (and I do, by the way &
Simple Me
Simple I and enjoy it I do, life is never easy but try to keep it mellow is what I like to do. I like to laugh, so my jokes are cheese and make no sense. made you laugh didn't it? I rather have my nerd he plays games and quote movie phrases and we understand one another fine. I listen to all type of music, rock my country music on sunny days, blast my techno mixes when I wan to dance, classical when I create in the kitchen, and anything else I want to hear. I like ice cream, how about you, sitting in the park, combatting bee, wishing a bug dare land on your yummy cold treat, it be ~like honey child please~ . I love my life though it may not be where I hoped it might I'm still Blessed to enjoy the simple life. ~Peace of the 4 Winds guide you~ ~~ I.L. P
A Simple Act Of Kindness
A Simple Act of KindnessIt was 12:00 noon on a Monday and everyone was rushing to lunch.As I pulled into a local fast food restaurant and parked,I noticed an old pickup truck with a trailer attached.The driver had pulled into the narrow parking lot and mistakenlytried to exit via the one way drive through lane.  Unfortunatelyhe was going the wrong way and cars were stacked up waiting toget out.When I arrived, he was frantically trying to get turned aroundand out of everyone's way.  There were a lot of people watchingbut no one offered to help.I walked over to the driver's window and asked if he neededhelp.  The driver was an older gentleman.  He was completelyexhausted.The truck did not have power steering and in his attempt to getturned around he had jackknifed the trailer.I could tell that he was scared and did not know how to get out.After stopping all the traffic and asking everyone to be patientfor a few minutes, I guided him back and forth until he finallygot the truck and traile
The Simplest Ways Of On The Search For Mens North Face Down Jackets
Your choice of the exact clothes can indeed magnify credit history . sex elegance by move on in addition to offering up functional includes. If you are a gourmand continually searching for athletically empowered fits, up to date complex styles plus the beloved, high-performance Buy North Face Fleece Jackets cloths just for gents, the actual mens north face down jackets can be found in your court case. Recognized as most likely Britain's Greatest looking Brands, All the North Face offers wide-ranging line of usefulness apparel, systems and shoes or boots. The brand could possibly be the choice of our planet's most gotten to climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders and people and provide some of the most practically cutting-edge products purchased from the market. Typically the North Face Pinnacle Bionic Cardigan. To locate from Height North Face Downward is a windproof, water-resistant, extremely capable light layer parka that can be used because a cover, a out
Simple Needs!
I need a man with a gentle smileI want a man who's sweet and kindI long for a man who's serious enoughTo discuss with me what life is aboutThe size of his biceps don't really matterNor the color and shape of his eyesIt's not important if he's rich or notAs long as he's able to provideHe has to have plenty of timeTo spend on me when it really countsHe has to have a modicum of senseTo realize what I truly wantHe has to have a good memoryTo remember the important daysHe has to be able to understandWhat is written between the linesHe does not need to climb a mountainNor shower me with material giftsHe does not need to buy me rosesBut i'd prefer him to be honestSimple things, simple desiresWould not cost a thing or twoSimple words, simple gesturesCan make a gal's dream come true..
Simple And Easier Shifting Services In Faridabad
Relocation is one of the activity through which shifters get irritate mentally as well as physically. This is a tough job for common people but no one can take a run from this task. People wish or not but because of some reasons they have to shift. Shifting is good but the workload of the task is very pathetic. To come out from the situation one has to find the good solution for that they must check out moving companies near by the living location. There are numbers of moving companies present in market who offer large number of services to fulfill any type of relocation services. These companies take all the headache of their customers and give them assurance that they will definitely give them a perfect relocation according to their demand. They ask their customers that what type of relocation they want to obtain and accordingly they use to perform. These companies have two types of relocation services with them one is full move and customize move. When customers give the demand to
Simple Relocation Services Through Chennai Packers And Movers
The business of door to door services of relocation is rising day by day in this tough and competitive life that people don’t has to get worried about their relocation. These companies are settling their relocation business in all major cities and towns. The workers of the companies are quite good as they handle the whole task of relocation very proficiently. They provide some essential services to their clients by which they can reduce their workload. For the proficient services these companies take reasonable charges. These companies promise their customers that they will provide them reliable result. The workers work under certain rules and regulations of the company by that they do not get wrong anywhere. They concern each and every thing properly according to the demand of customers by which perfection comes. This perfection leads to effortless and quick packing and moving which gives satisfaction to customers. The packers and movers tackle everything very keenly so that th
Simpler And Smother Resettlement By The Professional Workers
While shifting the entire belongings from old destination to new destination is not at all an easy task. One should have to do the hard work to make their resettlement relaxed. Whether people want or not but due to several reasons they have to shift towards the new place. They also don’t get the proper time to complete the resettlement work successfully. If you are not getting the time to finish your resettlement properly then hiring the services of packing and moving companies is one of the best options for you. Reliable packing and moving agencies have the team of talented workers. Their professional workers do the complete work of resettlement to lessen the burden of the clients. They complete the entire work with full planning under the perfect supervision. The work done by their capable workers are as follows: First, they pack the entire goods with extreme care. As excellent packing is essential for the safe move so that they use the finest quality packing materials for th
Simple Methods To Fresh And Clean Odor Give An Impression Of Canada Goose Way Down Ports
Tips to tidy Canada Goose Lower coats If the Canada Goose Over fleece may not be excessively unwashed, it is easy to make the dry up scrubbing strategy. Presently I wish to tell you the path easy methods to rinse your actual Canada Goose Decrease coats .Carefully mop any collar type, cuffs, bust, etc. with a towel dipped in occurrences of theft. After the taking out dust, now wash your Canada Goose Lower overcoats using a dried hand towel in order to all of the fuel. Following ready decades to attempt water loss in energy, you desire we tidy Canada Goose Over leather coats all over again!In case the Canada Goose Downwards cardigan is rather unclean, that Canada Goose Jakker only way takes your cleanup approach: To start with, cover yourself your own Canada Goose Way down fleece with frosty standard water for 20 no time at all, well then, input it towards the domestic hot water that temperature is Twenty to thirty levels hot water, and afterwards increase pair of spoonfuls
Simple Things To Make Your Girl Feel Amazing:)
OK guys it is so simple to make your girl happy everyday. It doesn't cost any money and you don't have to take her out and plan an elabrate evening. All you have to do is simple things. Leave a note on her door saying hope you have a great day or just thinking about you. Just give her a hug and say i'm so happy you are in my life. Hold her hand when your walking or just watching a movie. I know some of you will view it as high scholl or childish but like I said it is the simple things that do it. I am a firm believer that if guys did things like this more often there would be alot of happy girls out there. And if the girl is really into you and sees you doing all of these little things she will thank you very much if you get my drift ;) One last tip keep it up. Don't do it for just a week keep it up you don't have to do it everyday but just do it whenever you think of it or every other week:) Trust me just try it and things will go great for you :)
The 8 Simple Rules For Dating/marrying My Sons!
THE 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING/ MARRYING MY SONS! I saw this and I since I have two young men one who is 19 and the other 15 both whom are very well mannered and well raised gentlemen.  I could so related to this post when I ran across it earlier I just had too share.   We hear the Father of the girls side. So, as a mother of only sons.. I thought I might counter a few of these rules and show the mother of the boy's prospective. Dedicated to moms of sons everywhere!(PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ON In the COMMENT section) Who said we need to stop at 8 rules anyway? Since after all, dating is just a game of "RING AROUND THE FINGER"…. Lets set down a few rules of the game.. Rule 1. (How to Dress) Please don’t dress like a hoochie momma when you go on a date with my son! Dear father of the girl … instead of sitting there talking about how you are going to be cleaning your gun and question my son about his intentions… why not look at your daughter see how she is dr
Simple But Stylish Franklin Marshall Men Hoodie
I was very well familiar with Franklin and Marshall , but it wasn’t until last week that I learned that they had teamed up with none other than John Varvatos! I had never purchased anything designed by this designer before, but I knew from flipping through magazines that he knew what he was doing. So when I needed a new hoodie, I got this Franklin Marshall hoodie for myself. My first impression was that the quality of this 100% cotton hoodie was very good. Cotton clothing always gives me that old fashioned feeling of being all warm and comfortable. With white piping on the inserts, you can tell that this is no bland, brandless hoodie you can pick up for ten bucks somewhere. This is the real deal when it comes to premium hoodies.
Simple And Reasonable Relocation In Hissar
Packing and moving is one of the daunting tasks for the shifters which include numbers of puzzling tasks. For this irritating task, shifters has to plan the things then only one can easily wind up the whole relocation. But people who are unable to plan the procedure then they must consult to the professional moving companies. The moving companies promise their customers that they will complete the whole task in a perfect way that their customers can easily indulge in their other important work. The professional people complete the task in accordance of the demand of their clients so that they do not go beyond their demands. The workers of these companies are quite expert so they handle the whole task in a planned way. They start the work of relocation by packing all the goods carefully so that they do not get a single scratch while moving to the new door step. The workers use quality materials to pack the goods so that they can get satisfy that the goods are safe. After packing the wo
A Simple And Easy Way To Find Real Estate Property.
Housing renting contains a database of rental properties currently available as well as general information and rental adviceAdvertise your rental property, homes for rent or search for a home to rent free.With hundreds of homes on offer on our site, you will find a home just for you.Discover how easy it is to save time and money finding the property you want.
Simple And Calm Shifting Services In Jaipur
Shifters face several unbearable situations while transferring the entire goods from one place to another. The process of shifting requires plenty of time but in today’s busy life nobody have spare time for this hectic task. For the common man it is quite difficult to handle the entire task with their other personal works. In between all the works they get puzzle and unable to find the exact way. So, you can take help of packing and moving companies to make your resettlement easier and smoother. The packing and moving companies offer all important services to make your shifting process successful. They give you one of the best solutions for all types of resettlement conditions. The important services that they offer to their clients are: packing & unpacking, loading & unloading, moving & rearrangement, storage & warehouses, etc. They serve all these services in calm and coordinated manner. They never create any kind of disturbance while serving these services to their clients.
Simple And Easier Services For Safe Move In Karnal
In today’s busy world people get many opportunities from their working place to move here and there. But because of moving task people avoid moving and loose their opportunities. To grab those opportunities without taking tension of moving one must take the assistance of expert professionals. In this fast moving life by seeing the requirement of removal companies there have been numbers of companies emerged. These moving companies have team of professionals who handle the task in an appropriate manner. There are many trustworthy companies available in all major cities and towns. These companies also have their associate offices in various parts of the cities.    The workers of these companies get hired on the basis of their skills, knowledge and experience. As the main goal of these companies is to provide the safe move so they put their all best efforts. They handle the entire relocation in such a way that it customers can leave their all tensions on them. The workers of these
Simpler And Easier Shifting In India
People move towards the new place to make their livelihood more comfortable. Moving along with the goods is really a very annoying and tedious task that makes people tensed. They get confused that how to start the shifting work to make their resettlement successful. They don’t know the exact way to finish the whole task that’s why they get puzzled in between the tedious task. There are numerous packing and moving companies working in India who makes their customer’s resettlement relaxed. They offer one of the best services for the hassle-free shifting towards the new place. The Packers and Movers based companies have team of expert employees who complete the entire task perfectly without doing any sort of mistake. They know all the important techniques to complete the whole process perfectly. They work in a planned manner as per the needs and requirements of their customers. They do the utmost care of your belongings while doing the shifting works. They do their best
Simplicity Is Sometimes The Hardest Thing To See
‎"Do your demonsDo they ever let you goWhen you've tried do they hide deep insideIs it someone that you knowYou're just a pictureyou're an image caught in timeWe're alive you and IWe're words without a rhyme"....:)
Simple Thought
My oldest son over heard his grandparents talking about the president. One of them likes him, the other doesn't. He started asking them how he became president...his Nana told him. Here is the conversation they had:: Son:: Nana, why don't you like him? Nana:: Well, I don't think he's doing his job. Son:: Then you should just fire him. Nana:: I can't just fire the president. Son:: Yes you can, you gave him his job!     My son makes politics sound so simple, lol. I love it.
A Simple Song!
There is a simple song I hear when I think of you A song that brightens my day Gives me strength  Makes me smile I have moments When my emotions run high A thought enters my mind A thought of you I am calm and centered Until I start thinking about the person you are not just the picture I see You are more than your words A voice I have never heard A simple song enters my mind I hope to share it with you All in good time.
Simple Country Life... I Love Simple
Simplistic Way Of Life
Is it wrong to just want to make life simplier and just sleep with my friends? Be like Hey, im horny, you turn me on, feel like taking this up my bedroom? no ok i'll just masterbate, or yes ok then just tell me what you like and i'll tell you mine. it would be so frickin nice. Hell I'm willing to teach my a little weirder probly still a virgin friend and teach him some good "life" skills so to speak. In fact that really seems exciting, but he is far to shy and me trying to alude to that might just make him pass out. I think if it wheren't for my aversion to having stranger sex I would be a whore by now, lol.
Simplistic Complexity
Simplistic Complexity by Kenneth Matlock on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 9:00am ·   If in the end you find yourself in a place upon a shelf. Sitting back collecting dust.. Realizing love was not but lust. Knowing life was a warm light and death is welcome in the same warm right. Then you have learned as I do now... You just live, you don't question how.
Simple Questions I'd Like Answers To
    WHY do people--men or women--walk into your life as friends, endear themselves to you till you start to care for them probably more than you should until you start to act like a teenager with your first boyfriend or girlfriend, and then for some unknown reason basically turn their back on you as if you never existed? Don't they realize how MUCH you HURT from it, thinking you did or said something wrong to make them act that way? So, you make a fool of yourself by apologizing from sunup to sundown as if it WAS your fault, when in fact you did NOTHING wrong? Or, maybe you write a note, an email, or send a picture of something you know they like, only to find out it was ignored or even deleted?    Sometimes you see them depressed or sad over something, and you say silly things or send them goofy pictures trying to get them to smile or laugh, and your only "reward" is to be yelled at in return. Don't they ever SEE that you are sad or depressed, too? Or that your actions to make THEM f
Simple Shifting Services Of Nagpur Packers And Movers
Completing the task of relocation is quite pathetic and that too on your own. People can make their relocation safe and cozy by taking the help of expert movers. There are numbers of packing and moving companies working that take the full responsibility of the move of their customers. These service providers take full assurance of the move of their customers and make them free from all worries. They serve their services not only in India but internationally also. These professionals visit place to place to make the relocation safe and cozy. The workers of these companies are quite expert in handling the entire move expertly. These service providers serve all kinds of relocation services such as packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking and rearrangement etc. All these services are served at affordable price so that client’s pocket does not get any effect. People can also take the help of allied services through which they can make their move more relaxed and easy. Allied se
Simply A Introduction
I am Gideon. Memorize the name No matter what I do or where I go I remain the same. I have no time for half-truths, half lies That's just a simple waste of my time and space. Rather stay one step ahead in this world I call a rat-race. So let's cut the bull And get right down to it No matter what you're dealing with As all true friends, I'll help you through it. A brother, a lover of true beauty, a flirt Got quite the temper, but still got feelings that can hurt. Haters and soothsayers, I don't care what they say Because they don't make my night, And you don't make my day. So all that extra S**t you're talking Just give it a rest Because in the end I'll always be at my best.
Throw out, sell, give away...Home beckons for simplicity,Too much, yet too little, A library of gifts, trinkets, belongings.None to be needed, but only for a time.She gives and gives, thus we like greedy children take,Ignorant of consequence...How did I happen in this place of love?To a place of passion?How, how, how...Need I talk of this again, do not make me do itBells of ice cream chime in the streetsAnnoying to those ears it touchesThe music sings a sadder tune in the cafe I sitI cry, I heart responds.Who gave me this life to destroy?Why do I love to hate love?Alone I am and here still,Thinking, breathing, living, heaving...
Simply Beautiful
Another beautiful day in Alaska. Salmon are in served are first grilled salmon today at paradisos very tasty! folks who don't live here don't know what there missing. Went singin last night made lots of new friends from Florida. cant wait tell the red salmon come in to go fishin what a blast they fight really good and taste even better smile tell tomorrow heres a favorite recipe of my own baked salmon marinate in wine of your choosin with lemon tarrigon and basil salt an pepper to taste over nite. place in foil and an add slices of lemon and butter leave a little of the marinade bake in a 375 degree oven for twenty mins or disired doneness enjoy serve with steamed veggies and rice enjoy
Simple Wonderful Ride Model With Spring Sweet Fa Type
Lead: After the beginning of spring, people all full of anticipation! This spring, what made ??most eye-catching? Teach you several sets of spring-VS Fa wonderful ride, and definitely make you to become the most dazzling the crowd!Feminine with Fa bun, cowboy small coat.Feminine with Fa bun, denim jacket, beautiful yet still able temperament, seemingly random, but in fact carefully machine. This Fa bun, Volume Fa than straight Fa more good-looking, more natural GHD Cylinder Black-NEW. Stylish mix and matchThe most fashionable elements mix together, Fa type can not easily try it. Little attention, the effect will be ruthless "village".Gentle, elegant Fa bun with suitsGentle, elegant Fa bun with suits GHD Deluxe Midnight 2011Gentle, elegant Fa bun with dress, shape the career LOOK, this suit Xiaobian especially like the orthodox inner tube a little playful, interesting. Strong sense of style long-Fa with a little silver suitLong Fa strong sense of style with little silver suit, handsome
Simply Yummy!
Simply Put " Love"
I have pondered the thought for many years " What is Love?" It has been determoned that "LOVE" is a force of nature. It cannot be commanded, demanded nor will it dissapear. We can stage a seduction or mount a courtship, but the result is more likely to be infatuation, or two illusions dancing together, not LOVE. Love is bigger than us. You can invite love, but you cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself. You can choose to surrender to love, or not, but in the end love strikes like lightening, unpredictable and irrefutable. You can even find yourself loving people you don't like at all. Love does not come with conditions, stipulations, addendums, or codes. Like the sun, love radiates independently of our fears and desires. Love is inherently free. It cannot be bought, sold, or traded. You cannot make someone love you for any amount of money. Love cannot be imprisoned nor can it be legislated. Love is not a substance nor a commodity. Love has no territory,
Lets try this again....Eli257 and angeleyescrying are my Youtube channels. Subscribe to me and I shall subscribe to you. I will keep on trying an here and 2 or 3 other sites... be afraid... be very afraid. Mmmmm!! that dudn't do me justice, does it?? Check me out I ain't an aquired taste or maybe I am. I certainly am not ordinary and I am damn proud I am not the same as every Mary Ann or Suzie Jane. There is a point that was carefully given which you may accept or just sit there and spin round and round. Your choice.  I will be still trying to get on a check my profiles but I can't promise much. I have lost the please ability by blowing the tower to make it work. It just don't boot anymore. I hope your life is living up to all your expectations.  Everyone deserves that hug in the morning and that hug or kind word at night. I do care who you are but I mean EVERYONE does deserve a simple yet certain show of affection. Have some fun but not too much. Have some left to share!!
Simple Abc's
  Anyone But You !  Can’t D o it! Even Friends  Guarantees Heartache … If I, Just Knowingly Let Myself  Neglect  Other People’s Quixotic Reactions, Suffice To say – Unacceptable. Violation!! Whom Becomes X Y becomes the question you ask yourself…Z end…   Because I deserve so much better.  
Simple Do It Yourself Insect Control Systems
Pre-treatment systems To begin with you should avoid dangerous harmful termites at all costs. Initially when you are creating elements or homes, you can avoid dangerous harmful termites by pre-treating the wood made at enough length of growth or even before. Wooden that is exposed and vulnerable to getting dangerous harmful termites is managed with ingredients which will last for decades. This is a very effective way to control dangerous harmful termites from getting into your material. A second way is where pre-treatment insect proof is put under concrete items. The material is put before the item is included over it. This is done when growth is going on. It is very effective and may keep dangerous harmful termites away from so long as the creating seems to be. Use of Termiticides When the creating is already developed, you can use the help of professionals who are able to calculate the locations that are most vulnerable to dangerous harmful termites and treat it. Then holes can be dr
Simple Weight Loss Diet Plan
Burn up more calories than consumed. That is the way you slim down. Pay attention to all you feed on, and always make sure you train to burn those extra few pounds. But exactly how? Running is the very best solution. In spite of your real age and mass, the ideal and simplest way to shed weight easily is to do regular running because it plays a part in our overall health by very good aerobic training, so strengthening the muscle tissue. Continual running not just assists with enhancing the general strength by appropriate use of fresh air, but additionally has several natural health benefits, tension lowering and much stronger bones being probably the most well known advantages of the same. It burns up calories and fat tissues at a really quick level that obtaining a sleek and fit body for ladies is not a big problem. Even so, very fat people shouldn't start running to burn fat before talking to a health care provider. It is recommended to stay clear of every situation that could trigger
Simple Selfmade Hangover Remedies
"I will never consume again!" Who hasn't said that after destination been consuming the evening before, and aroused from rest the next day with a booming frustration and a abdomen moving around like a journey. You may have experienced the consuming, but the hangover the next day is not fun. Here are some organic Homemade Hangover Solutions to help you treat the hangover. What to do after the fact 1. An ideal homemade hangover solution is to consume two huge associated with milk items (avoid water at this stage as it may cause you to become intoxicated again) as soon as you get up to get rid of any lack of fluids. 2. As soon you have get over the a sensation of sickness, create a awesome, hot dish of poultry broth. This broth will help substitute sodium and system potassium, our bodies drops sodium and system potassium when you have been consuming. 3. Get Clean, seriously- take a bath, sweep your tooth, etc. being and FEELING clean will do wonders 4. Get effective. Though you'll want to
A Simple Kiss
A Simple Kiss   A lady cupid threw me a simple kiss It hit just right while I was making a wish Then we were sealed with a soft, wet, sweet, kiss that lingered inside my feelings for you I knew then I was stuck inside this thing that was true   While babysitting the vibes of happiness that were bad to the bone, the other point was caught in my view This was our Atlantis and my friend opens the gates that were wide and tall, but they were really loyal and true Some ladies say I am a Romeo, but my love is real and oh, so, into you So, come here my angel, let’s go down this avenue   Hot flashes and heartaches bombard my beckoning wants in love My love, I love you and this is so, true The doorkeeper will open the vast gates for you, so, will you please tell me what you want me to do… Deep in my heart, I am totally into you…  
A Simple Question
I was once asked what I would want to be on that fateful day when I pass away. I stopped and pondered what my response would be, as they look at me very curiously.   My response came to me clear as day, so this is what I began to say I would be the breeze blowing through the hair of the girl I loved, While she is sitting thinking of me. Whispering in her ear of all the fond memories, We would reminisce of the love we shared. Lasting for a fraction of a second It would seem to be a lifetime. Spending that one last moment together in time
Simple Free Business Returns Huge Dividends
$20 hr for any person who has good work ethic! This is a work from home position. This is not at all a “hard sell” and you can realistically make $100-$200 per day in this independent contractor position. WE PAY DAILY. After a few months you will make significantly more. You would be promoting our unique marketing system in a multi-state region.You will be treated as a sales professional, not a telemarketer. You will be a valued member of the team.We have truly designed this to be a wonderful long-term position for the right person. Spots Are Going Fast!
Simply Poetic
She walks in shadows....Lingers in dreams...where nothing ever is as it seems... Standing in shadows...dancing in the rain...Hoping the tear drops hide all the pain..... She is Simply Poetic...
Simple Gentleman
I have been told I am sweet. I have been told my writings are beautiful. I have been told I am very handsome. I have been told I would be the best boyfriend. I have been told my smile is lovely. I have been told I am full of love in my heart. I have been told I am kind to all. I have been told I am a sweetheart. I have been told I am funny. I have been told I know what to say to cheer someone up. I have been told I have stalkers that follow me on here. I have been told I am awesome. These things are all true, but there is something else that is true also. I am not worthy to be called these things because I am just a simple gentleman.
Simple Way To Get Quotes Of Top Movers And Packers In Gurgaon
There are several professional packers and movers in Gurgaon that can help with your move and make your move easy and simple. A good moving company will pack your belongings with care and skill and transfer them to your new destination door step timely and safely. You will get a peace of mind as you will have hassle-free and safe execution of entire shifting process. Obviously, it is an excellent decision to use services of professional packers and movers when you move within Gurgaon or move from this city to somewhere else. All is all right if you hire a right moving company. To find out right moving company at reasonable price you will need to compare quotes of different professional packers and movers Gurgaon based companies. How to get reliable quotes of different companies without investing your precious time is another issue. You know what. There are several websites which are offering quotes of top 5 or 6 different moving companies of Gurgaon. They also list names, addresses a
Simple Bio Of My Life And What I Did
i was born on a rainy wednesday night abovr a rexall drug store,pharmacy,on the twenty third of may,to hillbillies from ohio,my dad and my mom,from tennesee,tobacco road,outside of dad work at the auto plants and mom did several other jobs.we were living in haxel park had just moved there from winsor,canada.soon the work was drying up and so the family moved to los angeles,to. wilmington,that would one day become carson.
10 Simple Rules For A Wise Dominant
The submissive's SAFETY will always be of top priority to a wise Dominant, both physically and emotionally. ALWAYS respect and honour a submissive's safe word and never put him or her in a position to be afraid to use it. Just as submission is a gift to be treasured, Domination is a talent to be mastered so BE educated and experienced at dominating BEFORE you take on the responsibility of another's life. Don't be too arrogant to be able to listen and understand your submissive's viewpoints and needs. You might just learn something from them. After all communication is the foundation of a strong D/s relationship and can not be obtained if it is all one sided. Never punish a submissive by withholding your affection, this is emotional blackmail. Provide guidance and support when needed and stay tuned in to your submissive's moods. In return you will gain a submissive that is eager to please and serve you because they feel of value. Provide your submissive with neg
A Simple Little Poem Is All Folks
 Maybe one day!      Each day as we sit talking and chatting, I find myself starting to care even more. My mind stays racing when we are together, Yet I can not find just the right words to say. I get so tongue tied and knotted up inside, But am scared to leave for I might go hide. Wanting to know everything there is about you, The things you both like and truly dispise. Asling myself each evening we say goodbye, If any one such as yourself could ever like me. There is so many things I wish to express, Yet can not find the way to let them out. Maybe one day I shall not be scared any, To just simply say what you mean to me.            P.J. ...... 5/25/2013 ..... 2:18pm
Simply Thinking
 Sitting here listening to the radio, my mind keeps thinking of things I know I shouldn't be. Finding myself being drawn to someone whom I know can never be more than a friend. Wishing many a moment that I was in another time and place, so that this mind of mine would calm down and quit thinking so much. Feeling so lost and not being able to even come close to figuring out just what it is I need to do, or even how to go about it. Knowing very well that this lady I find myself caring for more and more, could never honestly think of ever liking nor caring for a redneck like myself. The tunes on this radio truly donot help, just only make me really want to go and hide away from society to no longer be a bother nor burden unto anyone. I keep looking at this bottle I have here wanting so bad to crack it's seal, even though it's been well over a year since I have actually sat drinking any. Think I just need to go a load this pipe and enhale the magnificent herb inside it for maybe that way I
A Simple Man With Many Words
  The thoughts between this, that, and the other are only a waste of space. Plans convey, intervene and compile into new plans so , why plan at all. Headaches turn into migraines stress builds and kills the best of us; therefore your life has grown incrementedly smaller. goals are good to make as long as you can meet their requirements. Live in the moment and not the past; dream of the future and pray you make it to where you want to be in life. Relationships can be great and they can be destructive so, choose wisely the person you marry might end up to be the person you hate for the rest of your life. Their's this box with you in it and i'm on the outside looking in. if you need some insightful advice i'm the one to give it. I've been here, there, almost everywhere; in the ditches and on top of mountains, in memories and experiences. Age is just a number not a classification to judge somebody by. Life is a journey, have fun while you can even, if in the end you found out that you got
A Simple Prayer Rafy 2009
  A Simple Prayer created @ 2009-01-27 20:43:18     Share with me your wisdom That I may see reality Through keen unclouded eyes Share with me your understanding That I may learn to accept my life As you intend it to be. Share with me your everlasting love That I may be able to love without conditions Persons so dear to me. Share with me your tolerance That I may accept those who differ from my mold Those who live as I do not. Share with me your patience That I may calm my unsteady nerves. Learn to wait and see. Share with me your forgiveness That I may forgive myself for the sins I have committed. And forgive those who set out to destroy me. Instill within me Peace Eternal So I may look upon the heavens, belief in your existence, and know I shall survive. Lest I forget to say I thank you as you have carried me when I could not walk, stilled my hand when it shook, steadied my gaze
Simplify Home Shifting By Having Packers And Movers Services In Delhi
Planning to move from Delhi to another city? If yes then you might know that moving home from place to another is not an easy task. The process of home shifting (residential relocation) consists of lots of hassles, difficulties and tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of furniture, appliances and other household items. There are also some other unpleasant issues in the process. In fact; the process of home shifting is difficult and complicated enough to pester anyone. It can make anyone extremely tired and stressed. But you can simplify the entire process and get rid of all issues involved in the process by having services of professional packers and movers companies in Delhi. There are several professional moving companies or movers and packers in Delhi that can provide you required services so that you can ease relocation issues and turn the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. Almost all good moving companies of Delhi
Simple Home Relocation Tips By Packers And Movers In Hyderabad
There are lots of things that you will have to take care in moving to a new place. Packing goods, loading and unloading, searching of goods transporter and shifting goods to your new destination require lots of time, effort and money. Here are some useful tips by professional packers and movers of Hyderabad to manage relocation in better and easier way. First, make a complete inspection of your home and try out to find items that are waste and useless. Collect all such items and sell them. By doing this, you can reduce the burden of your household relocation. In relocation packing of goods is the first and most crucial job. It also needs lots of time and effort. Thus, you should start packing goods enough time before your moving schedule. Now make a list of items that you want to shift. To pack them carefully, you should buy good quality packing supplies. To pack goods carefully you will need different size of cardboard boxes, bubble wrapper, wrapping sheets, tapes, moving
Simpler Split Up Companies Along With Packers In Addition To Movers Gurgaon
Interacting with court proceeding is simply relating to the ideal products which has been around since inner surface these types of developing night time and also nighttime and possesses enhanced methods to get change very easily. Many people are excited to determine this sort of products to help them of their many essential cycles. These types of companies very own received much simpler for several this folks who needed to adjust even so because of too little occasion and also other occasions a lot of people are unable to attempt, even so through packers in addition to movers a lot of people very easily moved in addition to presently reside successfully. To stay the suitable circumstance connected with brand-new household. Which usually competent his or her personnel designed for labels in addition to court proceeding procedures after which enables can get on his or her personnel to perform end up being put connected with various position? Packers in addition to Movers are often profe
Simple In Addition To Quick Transferring Organizations Inside Noida
There exists many reliable firms perform to get your moving profitable. That they function an individual stress-free supplying in addition to shifting services and products This supplying regarding products are the upsetting perform at this time there right after managing after that shifting objects in direction of the fresh new spot is usually a different typical perform. Almost all of this work can be complicated on the typical male. Without having appropriate idea of relocation work then you will discover there's chance of damage furthermore. The particular moving corporations carry out each one of these help full obligation without having oversight. Each of the supplying as well as moving corporations for their trained individuals usually is generally able to solve your current each relocation difficulties. The principle purpose of such corporations will be to supply greatest products and services that are certainly as outlined by this customer's needs. When they conduct their ful
The Sims 2
After a year and a half, I picked up the awful habit of The Sims 2 again. I'll be on here even less than I already am, since in my limited spare time I will be playing that.
Sims 2 Castaway Stories For Pc...
If anyone out there is playing this please get in touch with me... Would really like to connect with others that are currently playing... Lori
3 Sims For All
Simthin To Think About
For the record, I am not racist, but something to think about. LE A whole lot of truth here. Settle down Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Get a real job! Robbing their own people! Michael Richards makes his point... Michael Richards better known as Kramer from tv's Seinfeld, does make a good point. This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act. He makes some very interesting points. Proud To Be White Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me 'White boy,' 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' 'Whitey,' 'Caveman' ... and that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of viol
Sim Tam Hoa Là Gì?
Trong bộ sim số đẹp, sim phong thủy có một loại sim gọi là sim tam hoa. Vậy sim tam hoa là gì, tại sao lại gọi là sim tam hoa? Sim tam hoa là sim có bộ ba số trùng nhau 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 000 Có hai loại sim tam hoa đó là sim tam hoa đơn và sim tam hoa kép. Sim tam hoa đơn là loại sim tam hoa có duy nhất một bộ ba số trùng nhau còn sim tam hoa kép là sim tam hoa có từ hai bộ ba số trùng nhau
Simulated Stimulation
It was much less Nefarious Then you were lead To believe I found it somewhat Hilarious Guess that depends On your seat I never meant To hurt you I could not bear To see you cry Sometimes faith Is mere fable With no clear Explanation Of why
Simulating Navy Life!!!!
"HOW TO SIMULATE LIFE IN THE NAVY"   1. Buy a dumpster, paint it gray and live in it for 6 months straight.2. Run all of the piping and wires inside your house on the outside of the walls.3. Pump 10 inches of nasty, crappy water into your basement, then pump itout, clean up, and paint the basement "deck gray."4. Every couple of weeks, dress up in your best clothes and go the scummiest part of town, find the most run down, trashy bar you can, pay $10 per beer until you're hammered, then walk home in the freezing cold.5. Perform a weekly disassembly and inspection of your lawnmower.6. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays turn your water temperature up to 200 degrees, then on Tuesday and Thursday turn it down to 10 degrees. On Saturdays, and Sundays declare to your entire family that they used too much water during the week, so all showering is secured.7. Raise your bed to within 6 inches of the ceiling.8. Have your next door neighbor come over each day at 5am, and
You said I said He said
I sat on the front porch, under the darkening clouds. Feet planted firmly on the wooden slats, digging my heels in. Thunder rumbles overhead and the heavens open. Heavy tears fall, washing over my sins. Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy and Wrath...wash away into murky black puddles. For I am the Devil's Succubus, Satan's whore, and Lucifer's concubine. I am the face of an adultress and a mistress, seducing your men from your beds without guilty or shame. The rains fall, pour, drench me to my soul....but they could not wash away sin as filthy as mine.
let me be your poison and enrage that timid heart nerves set afire, let the poison course through your vein until it becomes an addiction so good its almost sinful lost without contrast to know of pleasure and pain i'll corrupt you in ways that you have never dreamed tear your body apart in ways you will never feel exploit the innocence until there is nothing left lost between heaven and hell, fantasy so surreal lose yourself and should death follow, let him come guilty pleasures shall fall within such heavenly bliss of every scar, symbolic of my tainted love for you and be a martyr of my desire, sealed with a kiss by Lakana *sigh i know, i know... but i cant do the romantic stuff... still trying!
A psycho driver twisted in my head Silence broken, but there's nothing said I got a nightmare from a fantasy Will the voices ever set me free I can hear'em, I can hear'em Someone wake me when it's over I can see'em, I can see'em I can see'em over and over again I saw it happening like deja-vu They tried to tell me, but they couldn't get through In my head I hear the voices scream I need someone to tell me what it means Whoa - Who turned off the lights ? Whoa - A shadow in the night Whoa - It wasn't meant to be I can't tak this alone Don't leave me on my own tonight Oh no I can't take it alone Don't leave me on my own tonight Shattered dreams lay next to broken glass I wonder if tonight will be my last I need an angel who can rescue me To save me from my mental symphony Whoa - Who turned off the lights ? Whoa - A shadow in the night Whoa - It wasn't meant to be I can't tak this alone Don't leave me on my own tonight No, no I can't take it alone Don't lea
My sins are my possessions. Others might think they see them, but they are reading their own stories through foggy glass. They might think they understand, but they only understand themselves better than they do me. They condemn themselves by judging me. My sins are not my shame. They are a collection of my experiences, good and bad. Like any other experience, I might learn from them to live smarter, or enjoy repeating them to live better. I can take them out or leave them tucked away because they are mine. My sins do not define me, any more than the people I know or the food I eat. They do not guide me or set my path in life. When I walk my feet land where they do based on everything I’ve learned before, from myself and from others.
S.I.N. Lyrics By:Ozzy Osbourne A psycho driver twisted in my head Silence broken, but there's nothing said I got a nightmare from a fantasy Will the voices ever set me free Chorus: I can hear 'em, I can hear 'em Someone wake me when it's over I can see 'em, I can see 'em I can see 'em over and over again I saw it happening like deja-vu They tried to tell me but they couldn't get through In my head I hear the voices scream I need someone to tell me what it means Chorus Whoa--who turned off the lights? Whoa--a shadow in the night Whoa--it wasn't meant to be I can't take this alone Don't leave me on my own tonight No, no I can't make it alone Don't leave me on my own tonight Shattered dreams lay next to broken glass I wonder if tonight will be my last I need an angel who can rescue me To save me from my mental symphony Chorus Whoa--who turned out the lights? Whoa--shadows in the night Whoa--it wasn't meant to be I can't take this alone Don
Wooden Jesus where are you from Korea or Canada or maybe Taiwan I didn't know it was the Holy Land But I believed from the minute The check left my hand, and I pray Can I be saved, I spent all my money On a future grave Wooden Jesus I'll cut you in On twenty percent of my future sin Porcelain Mary her majesties pure Looking for virgin territory Coat hanger halos don't come cheap From television shepherds with living room Sheep, and I pray Can I be saved, I spent all my money On a future grave Wooden Jesus I'll cut you in On twenty percent of my future sin
Sin 101
Hello my name is Sindy. You can call me Sindy or Sin and here is what you should know about me. 1. I'm very sweet until provoked 2. I'm a writer by trade and work in the IT Field 3. I love Greek and Egyptian Mythology...they are my favorite subjects 4. My favorite color is pink 5. My favorite food is Sushi 6. I love music...especially rock, classical and contemporary. My favs are G N R, Metallica (not st. anger ) Jeff Buckley, Three Days Grace...etc 7. I love my family and my friend Miso (she's on my page) and spending time with's my fav thing to do. 2nd and 3rd would be reading and listening to my ipod. 8. I'm here to make friends...not to help you get off 9. Respect me and I will respect you 10. I really do like to get to know people. What you like, what you don't etc...So if you're looking for a nice person to talk to and possibly make a good friend then hit me up. If you're just trying to talk about some dumb shit then keep going. 11. If i did not ask to see y
Sin 6 feet deep in a pit of blood mixing with the dirt turning too red mud dark sky's over head up from the ground,The rising dead bright white,yellow,blue lightning strikes the ground upon the top of my head I bear a rusty crown my vision shifts to gray while my pulse slips away everything goes black as I appear in echoside doesn't even felt like I have died flashes of fire & light nothing feels right I wake back up in the dark as I run my fingers over my chest to feel the mark the casket I feel Im in bleeding from the heart with sin
She no longer owns me but ^sin^ is an AWESOME friend so go show her some mad love and tell her I sent ya!!! ^sin^-"Enforcer"@Flirtations♥fu gf 2 sexy sheila♥owned by emt380,kcwolf&suave This pimp-out brought to you by: TinkerbellMN84~Fu-Owned by DJ Beagle & ^sin^
Sin by LateNiteFantasy© Does the smile when I whisper mean you are not offended by my words of lust? Fingertip caresses explore as I breath my desire into your open smile. Sit with me a while. Share a drink with me and let us talk of decadence openly. Thoughts that might take all night to ponder deeply with the time we have to share. moments spent in minutes or hours perhaps days of lust. Sin with me a while.
What is SIN? The nagging voice in the back of your head that reminds you of your mother when you were bad as a child? What is SIN? The action that you repeat only to find the same result in the end as the last time you did that same exact action? What is SIN? An obligation to something greater than yourself that was broken or just an obligation to yourself which was forgotten? What is SIN? A cruel master that forces you to be unhappy because you fear the unknown and you need someone else to tell you what to think? What is SIN? It is being NOTHING. Not leaving a MARK. And having the world forget you ever existed, much like a single speck of sand in a dust storm.
I am the woman down the street I am the drugs in which you seek I am the mindless fucks at your feet I hate all that is cruel and kind I hate what you think is me I hate the person in me I see I want to fuck you up I want to tear you down I want to drink from your cup I want to slid around I will kill you when you’re dead I will steal your happiness to feel I am the maggots in your head I am the beautiful darkness Sin
The Sin
The sin a simple joy found in wanting embrace binds the two in heart together exiled
where do i go from here left alone with only a prayer my worlds turned to darkness and filled with dispear no place of my own no where i feel at home swallowed up by isolation not a friend to graspe on to dont know where im going just want to get away from my sins
Come Play with Sin Live in Devils Rejects! No Sin is as Satisfying as playin in the Devils Rejects!! so what are you waiting for?
Come rock out in S3V3N Sins. The newest hotspon on Fubar. Live Tunes Brought to you by Devils rejects. Great fun, great people! so Enter if you dare and indulge in your sins!!
Arches shake in the church as the girl screams out. It's Confession tonight. What to confess? Her brain stresses trying to think. My confessions are so deep ,so intense can they even be forgiven. I've ran with the Devil and played his crooked games. I lied, I cheated, I killed, The souls of many. I am responable for the unhappiness of all of those who crossed my path. And what a crooked, lonely path it is. She looks up at the cross that rests on Jesus'shoulders and it is wilted toward her. This time she can not run and the confessions begin to spill. Like word vomit, spilling, dripping, stinky and chunky spreading on all around. All the secrets that held her down escaped and she fell to the floor. Heads instantly fell down in shame for everything they did was known. She knew it all. How you may ask? Deep in the night when everyone is sleep and when some do their personal confessions to God, She was being created by all the secrets they hid from others. Bit by bit she became a person f
Sinann's Eye
June 24, 2004 With the lazy ways of water You are flowing gently by And with the rage of a flood You're inclined to change your mind Mecurial at the best of times Always under Sinann's eye. With a drizzle of sweet tears I swell your foolish pride Then an emotional tempest Makes you split your sides Descructive as a hurricane Always under Sinann's eye. Boiling into atmosphere Then settling in milky sky Force my head into the sidewalk And trickle back to apologize Confusing as the night is deep Always under Sinann's eye.
Sinapse And Respond
I feel drained. I feel Tired, I'm frustrated. I want to scream at the top of my lungs till My breath, my heart, my mind gives out. Seems like everything is out to get me. I try, I work, I strive. Only to keep hitting this invisible wall that wont let me succeed. I can't seem to find that winning formula, that thing that everyone else seems to have that lets them move forward. For some reason, it eludes me. I'm alone in this. I can't explain it in a way that will allow you to understand it. I can only put these words down and hope that in some way it will make me feel better. I feel beaten, like I've just been through 12 rounds with a heavy weight champ. Mentally I'm a whirlwind, thoughts scattered and misplaced. Physically, while i may seem to be Ok, I'm not, im bruised, and broken. Sanity wise...I'm not sure anymore. Thoughts, too many, and not enough answers to satisfy. Damned if I do, and Damned if I don't. Can't seem to make myself happy let alone anyone else. You could say i
Sin After Sin
ill bet the world is falling in crashing down on you youve lived with all your secrets and theyre tearing you in two blessed by evil lost in silence spitting poison lies kicked by love sent above dark lifeless eyes sin on top of sin never will begin sin after sin as the walls close in a back lash of bitter feelings a never ending hate a wound wont heal with the knife still in sealing your fate walk the long road of shame sickening the kin left for dead so say your prayers blessed once again sin on top of sin these walls are closing in sin after sin darkness again
Sinai Beach-to The Church
As you laugh, someone cries. As you live, somebody dies. One will fall but another will rise. Someone loves, someone hates. And as you ascend into Heaven, Others pass through Hell's gates. And let us not lose compassion For those who have yet to be pardoned. May we not forget our fellow man. Mourn with those who mourn, And rejoice with the joyous. May we not forget our past, So if grace was ever given, We would be the first to give it. And let us not lose compassion For those who have yet to be pardoned. And I know, by the grace of God, I roam, And I'll stand before Him naked and alone. And so will we all when death comes to take us home. The world is ours to take, so let's take it. If the world is man's, it is what he makes it. And let us not lose compassion For those who have yet to be pardoned. And I know, by the grace of God, I roam, And I'll stand before Him naked and alone. And so will we all when death comes to take us home.
^sin^ And Mr.mischief Are Getting Fu Married!
Mr. Mischief and ^Sin^ are getting fu married today, January 23, 2008 at 6 PM Central Time. Check your world clock for 6 PM Central Time so you can be there! MR.MISCHIEF*FU-ENGAGED TO ^SIN^@ fubar ^sin^-enforcer @ the playpen@ fubar Wild Horse will be officiating Wild Horse ~Lounge Expert~ ~Fubar's 24th Godfather~@ fubar The wedding will be in the official Fubar Wedding Chapel: BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!! This wedding announcement brought to you by: Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Promoter ~ SgtRaider's Bad Girl/Sisters 4 Life/FuOwned by ^Sin^@ fubar
^sin^ And Mrmischief Are Hitched
Mr. Mischief and ^Sin^ just got fu-married!!! MR.MISCHIEF*FU-ENGAGED TO ^SIN^@ fubar ^sin^-enforcer @ the playpen@ fubar This awesome fu-preacher fu-married them at a moment's notice because they were stood up by the other fu-preacher. lol Anyway, go give Anglevil lots of fu love. Anglevil *¢¾ Stryke's real life GF & FuWife ¢¾* ~Owned by Stryke¢¾~@ fubar Mr. Mischief and ^Sin^ send their thanks to all in attendance, especially Anglevil. They are celebrating their fu-marriage! Be sure to congratulate them! This wedding announcement brought to you by: Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Promoter ~ SgtRaider's Bad Girl/Sisters 4 Life/FuOwned by ^Sin^@ fubar
Sinan Bakis Scored For A Consolation Goal For Turkey In The 79th Minute
Turkey battled its way back into the match in the second half but lacked a finisher, and left plenty of space while pressing forward in search of a goal. France striker Florian Thauvin sent a penalty kick well over the crossbar after Baheback was brought down by Fatih Turan in the 64th, but Sanogo and Jordan Veretout added two goals within 10 minutes as they rounded off jerseys Sinan Bakis scored for a consolation goal for Turkey in the 79th minute. HEAR US OUT!FOX Soccer's Blog offers unique coverage of the world game. Join us.France now faces Uzbekistan, which had never before gone beyond the group stage but defeated Greece in a match that included three penalties and two red cards. Uzbekistan took the lead in the 26th minute when Abbosbek Makhstaliev beat Greece goalkeeper Stefanos Kapino at the near post.Greece captain Konstantinos Stafylidis equalized from a penalty seven minutes later, but his team lost control of the game when defender Dimitrios Kourpeli
Sina La Liga: Barcelona And The Barcelona Of The Ball Style Of Pseudo- Xenophobic
Game with Valladolid , Barcelona controlled the ball as opponents and this triggered a discussion of Spanish footballNews Event Background : Argentine coach Gerardo Martino took over Barcelona since its dominant tactics Guardiola and Vilanova is different from the era of ball tactics , especially in the Champions League against Ajax, the last round of La Liga match with Rayo Vallecano , Barcelona had to give up possession of the evidence , which is a war against Rayo Vallecano Barcelona in May 2008 away game against Real Madrid since the first time in the race lost Possession jerseys Catalan media and the Spanish media around this problem recently launched a fierce discussion has thus produced a statement, these " allegations " Barcelona have lost possession of the ball behind the media Cruyff and Guardiola 's shadow the purpose is to give them a contradiction incumbent President Russell embarrassed. And Martino believes that the reason why Barca lose the ba
Sinbad And His Allusions Of Grandeur, Maybe
After or even during an Indian meal tonight we discovered that Hindus eat meat. I always thought they were vegetarian but it seems there are both within the religion, meat and veggie eater. I am not sure if that is correct as a young boy in Goa, a Hindu from Bangladesh informed me of much in respect of this religion. Another gentleman there pointed out that the young boy was slightly deranged and to ask him why they burned the dead bodies. Well I never did ask and the older gentleman never did tell me and as I have no urgent desire to know I did not enquire. The young boy in question, Sinbad, was a talker and last time I saw him he insulted me. Yes, he asked me whether I had children and I told him that I did not because it was not meant to be. He looked at me and said that everyone would say I was not a good woman if I could not have children. Well that hurt and I did try to argue that I was a good woman. He just kept re-iterating that having no children was not good. I wen
Sin Bully 1
The Sin Bin
Now Hiring! We need female security,female and male strippers, female bartenders, promoters and greeters if you believe that you can fill our needs! then come see me Ms D Gems or ms-bi_chics_rock_69
Since You Been Gone,
Here's the thing We started out friends It was cool but it was all pretend Yeah yeah, since you been gone you dedicated,you took the time Wasn't long till I called you mine Yeah yeah, since you been gone And all you'd ever hear me say Is how I pictured me with you (you) That's all you'd ever hear me say [Chorus] But since you been gone I can breath for the first time I'm so movin' on, yeah yeah Thanks to you now I get what I want Since you been gone [Verse Two] How can I put it? You put me on I even fell for that stupid love song Yeah yeah, since you been gone How come I never hear you say I just wanna be with you (you) Guess you never felt that way [Chorus] But since you been gone I can breathe for the first time I'm so movin' on, yeah yeah Thanks to you now I get I get what I want Since you been gone You had your chance but you blew it Out of sight, out of mind Shut your mouth I just can't take it Again and again and again and again [
Since U Cant Read My Profile Ill Post One Here
One of my poems please tell me what you think. and please dont rip this poem Wake me up inside now that im empty And im free to bleed Save me from myself So i can walk off the edge that ive been looking down Ive been living a lie im not here for you im not here for me And i cant begin to think Was this meant to be The darkness is closing in trapped in a corner with no where to run walking forward head on With this nothing ive become how can you look into my eyes dead save for my pain will you become me
Since Bulletins Go By Sooo Fast, I'm Posting This Here Too.
Since You’ve Gone
Since you’ve gone, Sadness descends like thick desert air In an unending heat wave of some immobility. There is no refreshing breeze, Only the discordant screeching of a blackbird in the trees, His throat as dry as my heart. His rasping as monstrous as my thoughts Life is an effort now, each moment of silence a scream for you. Where did the mocking bird go? When will the sweet water flow in springs raging rivulets? Please come to me early in the morning, Come and share my bed without words or warning Before the sun rises to announce the day And the heat suffocates each fly and breath in it’s way. A shade tree is not enough for me, Not even cool water or a relieving breeze. I need you moist and silent in my arms, I need the cool sweetness of your face, I need you before the noon-day sun alarms, Or I will die in this desert of a place.
Since Today......
WELL, Since Today I am not excepting "ALL" friend requests.. *If* your a friend now, GRRREAT I'll keep ya right where u are ;) AND THANKS AGAIN FOR BEING MY FRIENDS!!! BUT... if u are just adding me to get some sort of pleasure DONT BOTHER LOL I am not saying dont send your "friend request" if your serious about being FRIENDS with me!! PLEASE DO and I will make time to get to know you.. I am just doin' this because I dont want to have so many people on my list I cant personally get around to everyone and I dont like to have people feel like Im ignoring them, I really do try to make everyone happy ;) Hugsss to all my *Friends* ~ Much Luv LaDy RaGe
So I went to a buffet tonight. I was more hungry than concerned about the quality of the food so I tried a new place. I’m just going to call it a buffet right now because this is not about an ethnic group, or social differences, it’s all about sincerity as compared to going through the motions. I saw they had General Tso’s chicken, egg rolls, etc, and thought, “Ok, cool, I’ll try this.” I was the only patron in the place. The host came up to me and asked, “Just one?” I turned and looked behind me, over both shoulders before answering yes, and was lead to my table. The service was good, which one would hope, being the only guest in the place. The entire meal I was served by the same guy. After eating I walked up to the counter to pay and the same guy raced to man the cash register. He looked at me and asked, “Just one buffet?” Again, I paused, looked over both shoulders, then turned and said, “Yes”. Anyway, I try to look at everything as an opportunity and maybe I’ll examine my ow
Since You Left
Since you left me I suddenly became stronger And became what I can be And it's all because your gone! I think to myself Why did I hide All my feelings on the shelf And put me to the side? I'm realizing now I'm standing tall And able to take a bow Because all I did was fall. You made me feel horrible Like I was nothing Now you're not my trouble I know I"m something. I wasted my time on you And than I realized What I had to do To not listen to lies. I had to let you go And even if it took me a while It was for the best though Because all the things you said were vile! You made me sick And blinded me To all it became to thick But now I can see. I can see I was used And not physically I was thrown and abused And you did that mentally! You made me hurt And why did I stay Your nothing but a jerk And I'm happy I'm now away. All we went through And all the things you said When you called me your boo
Since Things On Lc Are Down
Please help me lvl. I really need it
Since You Asked.....
How do I stay this beautiful? I'm extremely lazy....and chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate.
Since I Let You Got Away
Since I let you get away I've been thinking, I've been thinking why did I ever liked you. Since I let you get away I've been saying to Myself, Why did I let you go? Also why didn't I told You that I love you. And that you where My first love.
Since I Havent Really
Written one today here i go ♥ First off lets start off with the icon of the day! ♥ ♥ And because i lacked oh so much in the blog department today ima do a few more icons. Then rant and rave. ♥ ♥ ♥ Its sooo true -wink- ♥ ♥ Okay so like. My laptop stoped being homosexual. And its working. For now. So we'll see how that goes. And like. I woke up. Feeling better so im happy bought that. Then theres this chick on here. Who keeps telling everyone that im cheating. Which is kinda funny. Cause im not =] Jealousy is gay. Get over it kay ♥ ♥ ♥ Yes i do! Ask kim lmao. ♥ ♥ Nope! ♥ ♥ So like i dont have class till tuesday. Which rocks. Cause i was getting sick of studying. Ive gotta do some laundry tommorrow. Cause its all over my room haha. And im just about down to my last pair of socks. And i like socks mhmm ♥ Ilu kimmie cup ♥ I thin
Since Alerts Were Down When I First Posted This....
come on, MEN.....send in those sexy chest pics!!!!!!!!!! So, I leveled up. That means it is contest time. Time for the best MENS chest contest.(unless you can think of a better title name for it lol). I will accept the first 15 entries in. Leave a message with a link to the picture you would like me to use! Rules are simple - Most comments wins. Your friends can vote as many times as cherry tap will let them. In the event of a tie - number of actual rates will determine the winner. Winner will recieve a gift from the Please repost this for me! ~*BrattyBytch*~@ CherryTAP
Since I've Been Lovin' You
Since I Won't Be On Tomorrow....
Courtesy of
Since I...
Cant go around to everyone's page and tell them Happy Thanksgiving I am going to do it all at once and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my cherries. I hope your family's have a wonderful day and get super stuffed with good food. Remember all you are thankful for. I have learned today/yesterday what I am thankful and how lucky I am. I hope everyone enjoys your holiday. Much love to all. MrsPerdy
Since I Meet You
I rise each day and wear a smile With thoughts of you there all the while And even though we’re miles apart You’re always living in my heart The days that pass are just a test Reminding me that you’re the best I’ve never felt this way before Each day I love you even more It’s all becoming very clear I know one day that you’ll be near A change from I and you to we For you and I were meant to be "I love you because I did not intend to love you and yet I honestly do."
Since So Many People Have Asked....
pan·a·ce·a Pronunciation [pan-uh-see-uh] noun 1. a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all. 2. an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties: His economic philosophy is a good one, but he tries to use it as a panacea. [Origin: 1540–50; < L < Gk panákeia, equiv. to panake-, s. of panaks all-healing (pan- pan- + aks a cure) + -ia -ia] —Related forms pan·a·ce·an, adjective —Synonyms 1, 2. elixir, nostrum. people!!!
Since The Day I Met You
since the day i met you my lifes never been the same. you brought me love and happyness i never thought would come my way. i learned to smile inside and out with just a menton of your name. i think about you alway every minet of the day. my love grows stronger with every passing moment and with that love comes heartache because your far away. i need to touch you i need to feel you with me everyday. to hold you close kiss your lips and wipe your tears away. to take your stress remove your worries and give you endless bliss. for us to be togeather this is my only wish. iam here for you always please rember this. writen by steven bloomfield
Since I Can Comment My Friends......
I'm going to bed.... I've tried leaving several comments to my friends... hopefully they will have this fixed in the morning... .I"m tired anyways... got all my presents wrapped......and I'm wiped out.....
Since I Dont Tell The Whole Story....
for all that care to know why i "milked" my ex for what i could let me tell you a little bit about my relationship with him. we got married early, was together a year when we said i do. found out i was pregnant a week before we tied the knot. and he wasnt happy about it. *now he tells people he only married me cuz i WAS pregnant* bunch of shit, but anyways. he was controlling, never came home until late, always drinking, sniffing coke and selling it. lost tons of money when he did that cuz he would rather sniff than sell. he would not allow me to work, i couldnt smoke, couldnt hang out with my friends, was not allowed to talk on the phone. had to have his dinner on the table when he came home from work, had to get his clothes in the morning and start the car, had to cut his toe nails and shave his face. he would spend money on baseball cards, signed baseballs, autographed pics of the philles and cds. he played pool in the winter and softball in the spring, but i was NEVER allowed t
Since Forever
On this cold and windy Sunday I'm sitting here alone...It's Autumn I'm looking at a yellow picture You have been gone forever Oh it's so very hard, growing old on your own, alone I'm trying to remember...the days... When we were young Since forever, I still remember your ways Since forever, I still remember I have been reading your letter, over and over again I can't believe you're gonna be here today I can't believe...this is Sunday How nice of you to come, it's been so way too long Let me get you another glass of wine To keep our tongues in time Since forever, I still remember your ways Since forever, I still remember So many things have never been told And now the both of us are way too old Since forever, I still remember your ways Since forever, I still remember Like the light of the sun You used to brightened my day But darkness has taken your place And I can no longer keep it away Since forever, I still remember your ways Since forever,
&&since You Guys Seem To Like My Writing..
one day you’ll miss me, but i’ll already be gone; you’ve kept me waiting far too long. you were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it. let's run away to a place where the air tastes like rain, & the sun shines like sunday morning. you bring your laugh & i'll bring my sense of humor, & we can taste the days, one week after another. it seems i've been here forever waiting for you to just say SOMETHING anything because the SILENCE is deffening the PAIN is numbing and the LONLINESS is wrapping its arms around me pulling me in closer and closer Even in the silence I can hear the music playing. It comes with that urge to dance away my troubles. Dance like a fool but none the less dance along to the music in my head. Some dance to remember, I dance to forget. its finders keepers when it comes to the heart
Since Bulletins Are Blowing Now
Please help me level not much more to level.
Since a new Stupid rule from the site I can't post the same for all decide to post a new blog just to wish you every one a Happy New Year!!!
Since When ????
...By the way, since when did being a Pimp become cool ??? A man who lets his woman, or any woman for that matter, sleep with just any old dirtbag, and makes money from it, because she thinks he loves her, or beats her ass, is a f**king low life scumbag, no matter how you slice it!
Since I Can't Repost Or Post A Bulletin!
Less than an hour til Kick off! GO BUCKEYES!
Since No One Ever Reads Any Of My Bulletins
Today I turned 50 and I thought I'd post a bulletin...not one person has seen fit to read it...oh well...I'm writing this too...can't brag enough about turning 50 :P Anyway, have a great night everyone!
Since Nobody Reads My Bulletins, I Had To Put It Here!
I want to thank you all for everything you have done for me since joining CT! You all are the greatest friends a person can ask for! I truly do appreciate the support and love from you all. I will never forget it! One thing....For those who had people from their lists support me, please repost this so they know how much their help means to me as well. THANK YOU!!! Mike :) P.S. Do not hesitate to ask me to help you out in any way. I will be happy to help all as much as I possibly can.
Since You've Been Gone.. Day 2
Well it's the beginning of day 2 since I made my choice to say goodbye. I've gotta say this is harder than I thought. I'd forgotten how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you feel so much for. Guess I'm a little rusty, not that I want to make a habit of having to make decisions of this kind. I guess I didnt think it would effect me as profoundly as it has. Thought that I was strong enough to not let it get to me, but the truth is it ripped my heart out. I know me doing what did was for the best, but that doesnt make it any less painful.I hope one day he'll understand my decision, see that I had his best interest at heart. Uggh I wish I could turn my brain off.. It feels like it's about to melt from over usage. I feel like my heart has been placed in a vice, but I guess that's what heartbreak feels like.
Since You've Been Gone Day 3..
Feeling a little better today because I know he finally understands why. He posted a blog about it and it left me speechless, and in tears.. I felt that a huge weight had been lifted from my soul. I'm a little more at peace today. The smile on my face came a little easier, and is less forced than it has been in days past. I'm no longer doubting my decision. I'm glad I found the strength. It's taken a lot out of me, but if this is what it takes for him to be happy then so be it. He's been a great friend from day one, and i love him whole heartedly. We can't be together now, but who knows.. Maybe another time, another place.
Since We've Been In Iraq
Did you know? I didn't know! How could we? Its called a purpose! A purpose of helping a country be able to stand on its own two feet. You think that we are there to capture Bin Laden, and since we havent, its been a waste! Well, before you cast your vote as a republican this and then tell me if we have made headway! Did you know that 47 countries' have reestablished their embassies in Iraq? Did you know that the Iraqi government currently employs 1.2 million Iraqi people? Did you know that 3100 schools have been renovated, 364 schools are under rehabilitation, 263 new schools are now under construction and 38 new schools have been completed in Iraq? Did you know that Iraq's higher educational structure consists of 20 Universities, 46 Institutes or colleges and 4 research centers, all currently operating? Did you know that 25 Iraq students departed for the United States in January 2005 for the re-established Fulbright
Since Noone Reads My Bulletins
please help my friend with some bombs
Since I've Been Gone
I see that all the top rated photos aren't the delicious, SEXY ones anymore. They are SALUTE PHOTOS, PLEASE, aren't we all adults here???? My profile photo got flagged today by the bouncers. I'm PISSED! Anyone else?????
Since I Look Like A Guy, Let's Compare.
I've been compared to a guy and a fish and other odd things. So you tell me. The most thing I've been compared to is Dani Filth. This is an exact link to check out if I look like Dani Filth or not. Here's a link of what a fish looks like to. So you tell me. And you have normal pictures of me. So tell me what you think.
Since We Met
Since i met you i cant stop thinking about you Wish i knew if you felt the same way too So scared to let you know how i feel cause what we had was supposed to be no big deal I wish I could get you out of my head Maybe then i could finally go to bed Still i know how things would go if i told you this I still cant stop thinking about the way you touch and kiss Still you probably already know Even if you do i still hope you dont go
Sin City
Since It's Nearly Valentine's...a Poem
Rings My salt tears cause A reflection to be broken Like my heart crying out The ripples are a token Outwards they travel As do my cries Never reaching anywhere And so the cry dies Let the ripple in the water Reach the edge of the pond And the cries from my soul Will reach you and beyond Hosted by
Since U Been Gone
Since U Been Gone (2)By Kelly
Since You Went Away
Ever since you went away, it rains everyday The day seems to be quiet with silence And the nights seem to be long and lonely Ever since you went away… Life seems to have no purpose, No reason to continue this way Striving to survive appears to have no end Such as the path in which I was left stranded in The pain just seems to be growing inside And the trees appear to stand still in the breeze The ocean seems to overflow with agony And the stars look as if they have lost their shimmer Since you went away… The moon does not radiate and lust Among the shallow lakes No longer does the wind howl its nocturnal song Which awakens the truth within the soul Everything seems to be different, Light seems to cower, under the rule of darkness And I seem to have forgotten the meaning of life Please come back, won’t you? Because it’s not the same since you went away Time appears to have no meaning And colors look as they have dimmed and faded away The roses seem t
Everyone Else is doin it! Why Not! Show me some love!
Since The Day You Were Born
Stop playing scared and realize your worth it because when you do you will meet the person thats been waiting for you since the day you were born.....
"since 2002, Pretty Much All The Intelligence That's Come To Us Has Proved To Be Wrong."
"Since 2002, pretty much all the intelligence that's come to us has proved to be wrong." Diplomats say U.S. intelligence on Iranian nukes is thin 24 Feb 2007 Despite growing international concern about Iran's nuclear program and its regional ambitions, most U.S. intelligence shared with the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency has proved inaccurate and none has led to significant discoveries inside Iran, diplomats here said.,0,4451045.story Cheney's plane diverted 25 Feb 2007 The plane of US Vice-President [sic] Dick Cheney has reportedly been diverted to Singapore because of mechanical problems. Mr Cheney flew out of Sydney en route to the United States on board Air Force 2, a Boeing 757, about 9am today after a four-day visit marred by violent protests, arrests and traffic chaos. [Rendition!!!! --CLG reader]
Since Everyone Wants To Talk
This is to everyone that seems to think that my personnal life is that interesting to talk about. We will start off with the whole wife thing that is so gratefully thrown up in my face all the time. Yes I am married and seperated, no she is not coming back and yes I am getting a divorce. My wife walked out on me and my son 2 years ago and hasn't looked back since except to see my son. Second, if I was dating someone I would never cheat on them no matter what is thrown up in my face. When I am with someone it is until it is over or other wise. I am honest about everything and yes I know before anyone feels the urge to say it I did lie about something to someone I care about. So you can drop that subject to, it is done and over with and we have moved on from their. Third thing I need to say is about people going around and telling people that I don't like them. If I instant message you and am talking to you then it means I like you. If I don't talk to you online or on the pho
no one is answering their phone I'm gonna write. Well, today was a good day. It was pretty great actually. A friend of ours had her baby today. Today also happened to be the 1yr 9mth anniversary of Chang's death. Lmao. He laughed at Mal and I soo much today. So... we were coming back from the island and Mal noticed a bunch of CDs that she hadn't noticed before. I went through them and found one from Chang to her. A bunch of different songs. Lol, during one of them she was telling me a story about Yoshi, him and her and the CD kept stopping and starting up again. Lol, we knew he was there getting mad that she was telling me something I wasn't supposed to know but it was funny. She called Rollie and asked him where the CD came from and lo and behold, he has been holding onto a box for about 6 months that had Mallory's name on it from Chang. Lol well Rollie is in trouble, hahahaha. He is so lucky we weren't near him. It was just hilarious, after the whole crying episode. Yea but n
Since No One Will Read My Bulletins...ill Put It In Here
sooo im sitting here on my little break telling you people what happened lol i get woken up by my mom saying theres a flood in the basement and now i've been working downstairs for the past 2 hours soaking up towels and wringing them out into a pot. Isn't this just wonderful!!! My whole day is going to be down there UUGH! WELL love you all but i gota get back to work!! Leave me some loooove!! ~Christine~
Since When?
What have we become, another in this sad place, Following the crowd, blending in with the same face. Wearing the same kind of smile, Weak and out of style. How did we come so far, Only to fall like a shooting star. Something that was so bright, Now is dark like a starless night. Alone to follow whats around you and me, No longer who we want to be. A robot that has no life of its own, But programed to be alone. With the heartach bearing down, Letting it go when its dead on the ground. Not seeing the pain hidden under this mask, People move around staying on task. They see what they want to see, Happy people that aren't in need. But they need someone to save them from this dead end, Reaching out for someone who will be their friend. Only to find another like them scared and alone, But their problems and hurts are unknown. They need our help to keep moving on, But we see someone that is too far gone. We need to bring hope back that need it,
Since Some Can't Show Respect To Read My Profile
I have been on CherryTap for quite a long time. I am here basically to chill and have fun. By fun, I mean joke and comment back and forth using the profile comment section as well as commenting and rating pictures. That is ALL I do here and as well as make and made friends along the way that know my style and that I am NOT on this site to meet or hook up with anyone In other worth, I am NOT here for cybersex, to meet anyone in person or have an online relationship. I would like if you respect that and understand that I also do NOT like having conversations using the shoutbox or via CT's private messages. Have courtesy, if you have ANYTHING to say to me, POST A COMMENT TO MY PAGE. Only a FEW I do reply back to that private message me or shoutbox and it is due to the INTEGRITY of the message and of course, anyone that does sends me a gift, I do acknowledge and give thanks for the generosity and do send a gift in return. Now, it isn't such a difficult task to post a comment to
Since I Dont Think Anyone Reads Bullitons..
Ever hear of RPOL? It's Roleplaying online.. they have a bunch of different sorts of games you can join.. everything from DnD type stuff to just freeform writing.. like writing an interactive story. Anyhow.. I've been in alot of games but this one is my favorite. We roleplay highschoolers or some rp just out of highschoolers... all over 18. If anyone is bored and likes to write you should come have a lookie! Maybe even join! I'm telling ya, it's fun. :D
Sincerely, Vagina Management
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: 1. I do physical labor. 2. I work at great depths. 3. I plunge head first into everything I do. 4. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. 5. I work in a damp environment. 6. I work in a dark area that has poor ventilation. 7. I work in high temperatures. 8. My work exposes me to diseases. _____________________________ Dear Penis, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the management denies your request for the following reasons: 1. You do not work 8 hours straight. 2. You WORK IN SHORT SPURTS AND fall asleep after EACH brief work period. 3. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. 4. You do not stay in your designated area, and are often seen visiting other locations. 5. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. 6. You leave the workplace rather messy
Since I Have Relaxed My New Soul Lol
What kind of soul do you have? Neutral SoulThe world is a scale to you. You see what others don\'t in ways people can only dream. The strongest of anybody you join a fight only when one side is becoming to strong. Everything happens for a reason to you and you make sure that reason is balance. The Neutral soul is often one that sits back with Huge amounts of inner strength waiting until they are needed to keep balance. Take this test
Since You Asked
Sinch-something More
The worst is yet to come, so vulnerable and dumb say the words and I'll dissolve Tell me how long should this last I've been forgetting how to act and These memories will burn like gasoline And I believe there's something more cause this isn't what I've been looking for If I blink my eyes I'm afraid I might miss some of it This makes no sense a mirage of an oasis but it kills my time Well try to remember what I sought, I never gave it that much thought Does it really matter at all, cause there really is no time for opening up my eyes Cause you know that I have seen it all before And I believe there's something more cause this isn't what I've been looking for If I blink my eyes I'm afraid I might miss some of it This makes no sense a mirage of an oasis but it kills my time Well I wish I could always feel this good, I wish that I could always feel this way, Wish I could always feel this good, wish that I could always know what's out there Cause I believe there's something m
Since The Day I Left You
It's close to summertime I got the blues Feelin' kinda of lonely Just don't know what to do Shorty left me awhile ago When do I get over you My hearts been achin' Can't stop shakin' These tears I'm not fakin' Since the day I left you There will always be that part of me That will never be free Memories remain Until the day You walk away for good My hearts been achin' Can't stop shakin' These tears I'm not fakin' Since the day I left you Trying to move on The radio playing this sad song Just want to get you off my mind Tired of hearin' all your lies Shorty it won't work this time My hearts been achin' Can't stop shakin' These tears I'm not fakin' Since the day I left you Goodbyes are forever Signed, sealed and delivered Quit callin' me on the phone I want to be left alone Can't take it anymore With that I just closed the door My hearts been achin' Can't stop shakin' These tears I'm not fakin' Since t
Since Nobody Comes Here To Chat I Am Outta Here Forever
I am trying to make friends with some people but noody seems interested. I shall be leaving forever
Sincerely Yours
She looked down at her own hands, so clammy and cold, trying not to lose their grip on the pistol pointed between his eyes. Her lips quivered as she repeated herself again. "You stole it! Give it back!" It came out so weak and muffled she could hardly understand what she had said. His brown eyes widened and turned black with fear. A few beads of sweat had pooled between his brows and slipped down his nose. "Please," he stuttered, "I don't know who you are or what your talking about." Frustrated, Alexus holstered her gun and began to pace. The room was in a bit of disarray. Shards of brass were embedded in teh walls, part of what once was a doorknob, blown apart by a single ear blistereing shot. The coffee table before the sofa lay upturned, magazines pinned beneath the glass, framed like an impressionistic painting. Alexus turned to gaze at the man's two daughters huddled in the corner. The younger of the two, cowered against her sister, sucking her tumb nervo
Sincerity If you agree too easily you will not be trusted. If you disagree too often you will not be believed. When you strive to be seen as sincere, you most certainly will not be. For true sincerity is never the result of contrivance. Let go of your need to impress others, and you will indeed be impressive. Let go of your concern for appearances, and you'll be authentically sincere. The way to be consistently believed is to always speak the truth. The way to be truly respected is to live the big moments and the small ones with integrity. If you feel the need to hide the truth about what you are doing, it's a good idea to seriously reconsider your intentions. Nothing gained by deception will ever be of any real value to you. Say what you mean, be who you are, and do what you know is right. Live with sincerity, and the pathways you follow will be richly fulfilling.
Since They're Running It More And More Like A Business...
I wonder how many Cherry points they would give you, if you bought some shares in Social Concepts. Instant Cherry Godfather perhaps? Or at the very least throw in a cool hat and t-shirt.
Since When Does "coffee" Mean "blowjob"?!
Okay, so I got an email from an old friend from High School today. I was glad to hear from him. We went back and forth and he said we should meet up for coffee tonight. I couldnt do it tonight, I offered tomorrow night. His response. "Then just come over and blow me."
Since I Have The Pleasure Of Being Sick On My B-day...thought That I Might Make A Video About It....
Ok, so I am spending my 35th B-day sick, with almost no voice...soooooo, I thought that I would make a video for YouTube, based on my being sick on my B-day.....anyone have any suggestions?!?!? I can always use text over the screen instead of talking....
Sin City Pt 1
She was walking home just as she had always done after work. Always at night and always in the wrong part of the city. She always tried to be as invisible as possible. And so far she always got home safe. But tonight was just not her night, it was raining and she had forgotten to bring an umbrella or even a rain coat. At least it was only sprinkling but she would be soaked by the time she got home. She didnt like the idea that she was working at "The Oasis" the local strip club to pay for her bills and her 3 year old son's food. But every time she tried to think of another way to make good money her head would just hurt and then her heart. So she just kept walking down the barely lit sidewalk when she had just realized she had been keeping an eye out around her. She started walking a little faster and looked around franticly. But no one was around save the sound of a rusted out car that was probably one street over. As she kept walking she kept thinking it sounded like the car was gett
Sin City Pt 2
What seemed like hours later the door opened back up and she immediately recognized the driver and passenger. "Are you going to let me go now" she asked. Sh could hear her voice shake uncontrollably. The passenger just laughed and started undoing her ties. She started to feel a little relief wash over her when she started to get up. Her legs still bound to the table she sat up and saw that evil look on the drivers face and knew that her nightmare wasn't over. She started to tremble harder than ever. She watched the driver untie her legs afraid to move. As soon as her legs were free she started to struggle to get free but she knew it was useless. The passenger took her hands while the driver took her legs and they rolled her over onto her stomach on the table. The driver tied her ankles the the bottom of the legs of the table so she was standing bent over the table with her hands tied to the legs at the other end. The table was just long enough for her chin to hang off the end which wa
Sincerely To All Of My Friends....
Dear Friends, I want to apologize to each and every one of you that have expressed care or concern for me during these past few months. I know I haven't been around. I haven't returned phone calls. I haven't returned emails. I have ignored most of all you. Please don't take this the wrong way. I appreciate you and need each and every one of you! I'm just going through the most difficult time in my life right now. I am facing more challenges right now than I have in my entire life. I truly appreciate all the comments, the cards, the letters, the phone calls and the out pouring of love that you have given me. It's just a difficult time in my life and it's one of those things you just have to go through. It's a process. I have tried to be my normal self a few times but I just can't. Too much going on in my head. I can't pretend as if life is just grand right now but I also don't want to dwell on it. You learn in time that as you mature life has it's processes an
Sincerely Seduced
Since I Cant Post A Mumm
Im getting my dolphin tat touched up, Im debating whether to keep the same colors or more purple on the dolphin.
Since You Been Gone
SINCEREmony KNEEL! Before Me You Bow, Eyes Closed to Savor Blind Obedience as a Welcome Curse, As Rose Petals Fall on Creamy Shoulders, Speak to Me Your Vows of Loyal Service. Untouched Soul Inhaled by Your Masters Prescence, Given Freely to Be Obtained, Freedom of Body Lost, Mind Shackled by Desire, "SLUT" You are Renamed. Thy Forehead Annointed by Masters Kiss, a Faint Whisper Recites His Pride, Her Hair Tasted, My Cologne Worshipped, Statuesque, My Cheek caresses Hers to Her Delight.Perfectly Poised and Focused, Her Body Mine to Maneuver, Hair Clutched to Tilt Her Head Back and Forth, Power in My Touch, My Lips Kiss the Circumfrance of Her Neck, Warm and Moist, Never Straying Coarse. Her Heart Races at Her Masters Passion, Feverish, yet Defies Temptation to Respond, She Hears a Faint Jingle, Hypnotic and Alluring, My Hands to Each Side of Her Throat, a Collar attached, too Me She Forever Belongs. Locked with Only One Key, in My Posses
Since I Have Met You
At Times In Life When You Need Love The Most, We Can Never Find It.Love Is Blinding And Is Found In Unexpected Places.But What We Don't Understand Is That,It's Always In Front Of Us.We Look For It At Times.But Do We Really Find It? This Is The Question We All Dwell On At Times In Our Life. But Then There Was You.The Person That Caught My Attention The Very First Time We Spoke. When I First Met You, I Didn't Plan On Love Unfolding, Didn't Plan On You Being So Sweet, Didn't Even Plan On You Being So Understanding. But What I Do Know Is That,When I First Met You, You Made My Days Go By Faster,With Every Ounce Of Love You Gave Me. Since I Have Met You, My Life Has Been Complete.
Since You Left My Life
to my mom who died August 15,2002. Since you left my life, I feel an emptiness inside, So many mixed emotions, That I can no longer hide. When you left my life, You took a part of me with you, It's so hard not having you here, No matter how many friends try to get me through. Now that your gone, I feel so much pain, Where do I go from here? Can I stop myself from going insane? You left my life way to soon, But you're always in my heart, And even though your gone forever, My love for you will never part.
Since You First Believed
"You First Believed" How many times did I pray You'd find me How many wishes on a star Gazing off into the dark Dreaming I'd see your face Safe at home unafraid Captured in your embrace So many times When my heart was broken Visions of you Would keep me strong You were with me all along Guiding my every step You are all that I am And I'll never forget It was you who first believed In all that I was made to be It was you looking in my eyes You held my hand And showed me life And I've never been the same Since you first believed There were times When I'd thought I'd lost you Fearing forever was a dream But it wasn't what it seemed Placing your hand in mine You could see in the dark You were guiding my heart It was you who first believed In all that I was made to be It was you looking in my eyes You held my hand And you showed me life And I've never been the same Since you first believed How many times did I pray You'd find me How many wi
Since I Met You...
the sun still shines every morning... but the golden ray seems to be more soothing... the birds are chirping their daily symphony... now in perfect harmony... i may be alone but i'm not lonely... thinking of you my heart is in ecstasy... my days are now filled with rainbows... since i met you...
Since Im A Princess I Need A Prince
PRINCE/BOYFRIEND APPLICATION =] JUST FOR FUN =] BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who is your favorite band? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the rain? 5. If so...would you play in it with me? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together? 9. Would you kiss me? 10. Do you play any sports? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother to make sure i made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps? (ie: heartbreaker, slut) 17. Would you give me kisses just because? 18. Would u sleep in the same bed as me? 19. Would u take me home to meet your parents?
Since The Other One Is For Writing
I spend all of my time online since i don't work, and I'm a major exhibitionist, so a couple of the other sites I'm on are more along the lines of the hooker skirt album pictures rather than the default ;) I'll be on alt later this morning, after i manage to get the motivation to shower and shave, and the other site later this morning or early afternoon. Although I try not to advertise, if you are curious as to where to find me, please don't hesitate to either visit my webpage at or send me a mail and i will let you know where to find me ;)
Since I Can't Do A Mumm....
Since I can't do a mumm yet no matter how hard I keep trying to increase my points (argh!), I'll just ask here. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they would rather look at porn and jack off, than have sex with you does that mean: A) you are unattractive. Really, quick, grab your paper sack! B) you suck in bed. C) he/she is the one with the issues, not you. What do you think? I'd put on there that he/she is just bored but we'll just say this has been the case throughout the duration of the "hypothetical" relationship.
Since Everyone Wants To Know Here Ya Go ....
This is me .. I am a 40 year old single mom of 37 boys.. Yes i said 37 .. 2 of them are mine and 35 of them are foster boys .. they are all grown but 1 now and i have 9 that are in the military 1- in army 1- in the air force and 7 in the marines .. i am a nurse and have been for 19 years was born in the USAF so im a military brat .. i love makeing new friend and enjoy helping people .. im a very good listern and i am kind hearted but dont get me wrong i can be a biotch if i am backed into a
Since You've Gone Away
Since you've gone away No one ever told me That love would hurt so much Won't you please forgive me? I wouldn't try to hurt you I just needed someone to hold me... Since you've gone away So many things I don't understand What really life's going on Yes, I still remember everything you said, There's much you promise How could I ever forget? Before I always act like a child To find out if you really love me; But when the days are passing by You change your mind; I never thought that it could happen this way Since you've gone away Every time when I come home from school I look up the door Hoping to find you there just like before ...yes distance cannot keep us apart Because of what we have shared always lives in my heart... _dYaNiKa_
Since I've Been Pestered, And Should Have Done This Before....
Well, I'm 32, male, from West Lafayette IN, home of Purdue University. I've been in the Army National Guard for a total of about 10 years, have been a musician for about 17 years, and spend most of my free time with geeky stuff like Warhammer, comic books, sci fi shows and movies, and collecting certain Transformers. Wow, I never realized I was that simplistic... Anyway, getting to know me, you'll find out that I'm really easygoing, but fiercely defend my personal beliefs (some of which I won't go into here, as I like my friends and their beliefs aren't a reason to lose them). Also, don't ask if you aren't prepared for brutal honesty. I'm not a horndog, on here surfing for porn, but I AM male and only human. You won't catch me asking for it, but you might catch me looking... I'm not always the fastest at answering comments, or commenting on blogs and such. Be patient, I'm not a hater.... Oh, and as of right now, I'm at Ft. Dix stuck on med hold before deploying. Anythin
Since Someone Saw Fit To Delete It Its Back
past relationships once again. what is happiness. is it possible for everyone to have or to find. everytime i have thought i found it, it falls apart. mostly over stupid bull shit. i have been accused of cheating which i have never done to anyone cause i wouldnt want it done to me. the strangest reason i have ever been told for a break up is im not used to being treated so nice. the band stuff has interfered a few times. i was once accused of deleting things from the net profiles of my girlfriend and also of going thru her personal emails and stuff like that. i have ended relationships a few time cause it got to the point like i wasnt even there. and some of my relationships have ended for financial reasons which is totally screwed up. but happiness has avoided me for many years. i have searched for it and i have waited for it to find me. neither way works very well. but i have known what it is like to share a connection with someone that goes beyond touch and feelings. so i guess m
Since Someone Doesnt Believe Me
Since I Met This Pretty Girl
Since I met this pretty girl my heart burns like a fire She’s the one in this wide world the only one that I admire When she starts to talk about the future I’m just smiling all around God, you know how much I love here I’m so glad it’s her I found Let her forever be mine Let her never slip away Give me your word, give me a sign that this pretty girl will always stay let me stay with her like the moon who will forever stay together with the sun Cause when I watch the sky in the afternoon I know she will always be my only one…
Since I Am Leaving
Ok, just for fun... I have just over 10000 points before I am a barfly. Can everyone help me get those points in the next 24 hours? I just want to see if I have enough friends to make that happen. LOL! And for those of you who are wondering.... yes.... I am leaving.... I will be gone tomorrow night.
Since People Don't Seem To Understand, I'm Posting This.
I have given up on love. That basically means that I will NOT be having another boyfriend. Ever. Seriously, believe it or not, I don’t fucking care, but I’ve seriously been hurt way too much to ever love a person in that way again. Let me give you an example of what happens if people don’t read profiles... This guy I didn’t even know IMed me last night, saying that he found my screen name on All of a sudden, he “wanted to be close to me” (meaning he wanted me as his girlfriend) and started pretending to kiss me and shit. I’m not even kidding, this guy didn’t even bother to read my damn profile, my profile clearly says “single and not interested” under marital status. I guess he just saw the AIM screen name and that I’m single and started freaking hitting on me. I simply explained that I’ve given up on love but we could still be friends and he, like, got all mad me just because I didn’t fall in love with hime the instant he IMed me! And then he started
Since Alot Of You Seem To Not Know...
I know everyone seems to hate the shout box, it's a pain in the ass cause you have to keep your cursor in the box, and if you recieve a shout it can screw everything up in the middle... which seems to be why at least SOME of you ask whether or not i have other messengers... quick tip: if you're talking to someone for awhile, sending long messages, or think you might be... or think you missed a shout since that tiny box doesn't go back that far... click the person's name, and instead of typing your shout, first click on "open shoutbox" this will open your entire conversation with them in a new window. your messages will still show up in the smaller shout box, but this one won't disappear if you move your mouse, lol So, in closing: no i don't have yahoo, but if you click on "open shoutbox" when talking to me, it may make your life a bit easier ;) Love, Sin
Since I've Been Lovin You
Since We Destroyed Iraq, Hell, Lets Destroy Iran Iran President Ahmadinejad rips U.S. By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 28 minutes ago A day before flying to New York to speak directly to the American people, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad struck a confrontational tone Saturday with a parade of fighter jets and missiles and tough warnings for the United States to stay out of the Mideast. Three new domestically manufactured warplanes streaked over the capital during the parade marking the 27th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Iran, which sparked a 1980-88 war that killed hundreds of thousands of people. The parade also featured the Ghadr missile, which has a range of 1,120 miles, capable of reaching Israel. Some of the missile trucks were painted with the slogans "Down with the U.S." and "Down with Israel." The parade also featured unmanned aerial surveillance drones, torpedoes, and tanks. Tensions are high between Washingto
Since You Been Gone
Since you been gone Well, it feels like I've been chewing on tin foil Since you been gone It's like I've got a great big mouth-full of cod liver oil Well I'm feeling like I stuck my hand Inside a blender and turned it on You know I've been in a Butt-load of pain Since you been gone Since you been gone I couldn't feel any worse If you dropped a two ton bowling ball on my toes It couldn't hurt any more if you Shoved a red-hot cactus up my nose Since you been gone Well it feels like I've been getting tetanus shots everyday Since you been gone It's like I've got an ice cream headache that won't go away Ever since the day you left me I've been so miserable my dear I feel almost as bad as I did When you were still here
Sincere Best Wishes!
I have realized I don't have very much time for this. I rarely have anyone talk to me anyway, however if you to wish stay in touch just leave your e-mail address and I'll get it before I delete this space. Thanks and have a great life, and best wishes. C.J
Since None Of You Have Balls
Apparently its up to me to handle your garbage once again in the mumms. this creepy, insane, drug addict wackjob has decided to try and obsess over the abuse I gave him. 'psychowolf' expect things to get heated.
Since I Promised I Wouldn't
use this blog to beg for blasts again this week: umm /kneels down and begs for tickers and happy hours lol ok i couldn't resist... i'm an attention whore and i want to place myself out in the public eye as much as i can for my birthday :( ok ok ok i'll stop now :p Love ya, Sin
Since When.....
did it become a good thing to be a slut or a whore? i see tons of girls on here with the word slut or whore in there name....and i dont get it really...maybe i missed something but i always thought being a slut or a whore was a bad thing?
Since I Cant Do A Mumm Yet
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very interesting - a short read and I believe very important!!! 33 Senators Voted Against English as America 's Official Language June 6, 2007 On Wed, 6 Jun 2007 23:35:23 -0500, "Colonel Harry Riley USA ret" wrote: Senators, Your vote against an amendment to the Immigration Bill, 1348, to make English America's official language is astounding. On D-Day no less when we honor those that sacrificed in order to secure the bedrock character and principles of America . I can only surmise your vote reflects a loyalty to illegal aliens. I don't much care where you come from, what your religion is, whether you're black, white or some other color, male or female, democrat, republican or independent, but I do care when you're a United States Senator, representing citizens of America and vote against English as the official language of the United States .
Since I Am From Ohio I Thought This Was Funny
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Hot Sauce myspace hubby to . Mallory . Date: Oct 19, 2007 6:15 PM Forget Rednecks, here is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about Ohioans...If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you May live in Ohio .If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don't work there, you may live in Ohio ..If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you may live in OhioIf you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you may live in OhioIf 'Vacation' means going anywhere south of Columbus for the Weekend, you may live in Ohio ..If you measure distance in hours, you may live in Ohio ..If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you may live in Ohio .If you have switched from 'heat' to 'A/C' in the same day and back again, you may live in Ohio .If you can drive 75 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching, you
Since You Asked... Begged, Pleaded
I'll probably be on cam again early morning, it's 2am cst right now and i'm going to try to sleep for a couple more hours, but i'll probably be up at 6am cst at the latest, considering i'm sleeping 2-4 hours at a time. so add another like 5-10 minutes for hair and makeup, lol and i should be on :p this is as close to a scheduled show as i'll probably be doing for at least the next week, as you guys know lately i just say i'm goin and disappear... so if ya catch this, yay for you, and if you don't... i give up :p info for how to find me: Post link: HOT SEX see you later... er you see me later... oh fuck it, you know what i mean Love ya, Sin
Since No One Came To Help
Since no one came to help I did my cleaning by myself lol. I actually got the upstairs cleaned except for one room that is in the middle of a "remodel". All I have left for tonight is to put new caulk around the tub as soon as its dry enough. Also did a few loads of laundry. Please don't let me get too domesticated here. I suppose its time to stop and eat.
Since When
does a poem turn into a fact,,,, i dont know how else to word things and now my bf hates me way to go jenn drunk and fucks up everything typical.. i give up god ... i never wanna wake up again
Sincere Apologies To Everyone
Sincere Apologies to Everyone Over the past months I have forwarded funny pictures and jokes to friends who I thought shared the same sense of humour. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and I seem to have upset quite a few people who have accused me of being sexist and shallow. If you were one of these people, please accept my humblest apologies. From now on I will only send emails with a cultural or educational content such as old monuments, nature and other interesting structures. Below is a picture of the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris. Regards, P.S. For those of you who are interested, Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris and took 26 years to build. Construction began in 1578 and ended in 1604. 'Le Pont Neuf' is actually made of 2 independent bridges, one with seven arches and the other with five arches. Kind regards
Since They Arent Pimpout
Since Not Many Read These Anyway
I'm tired. I'm tired of being alone even with others in the house. I'm tired of hurting all the time. I'm tired of the damn buzzing in my ears. I'm tired of wanting a hug from someone other then my boys. I'm tired of having to be the "tough" one. I'm tired of not having someone to hold me and just let me cry. I'm tired of taking care of everyone else. I'm tired of not being able to work. I'm tired of not being able to give my room mate/landlord/best friend more money then I can now. I guess I'm just tired of it all and if my body wasn't in such bad shape, I would just start walking and never stop. Just get lost and never feel like I am putting someone out or sponging off them.
Since I Know A Lot Don't Read Bulletins :d
Could you please go rate this most wonderful friend of mine.. he'd like to hit PimP and I've rated everything of his I can all ready :/ BONE**I Ride a Harley not a Barstool**(FU) HUSBAND 2 BKR BABE777@ fubar If you let me know you did I'll buy you a fu-gift. *hugz* ahead of time because I know my friends rock like that!! ~FunkyMunky~♥~ Oh and he's real easy on the eyes ;)

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