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She looked down at her own hands, so clammy and cold, trying not to lose their grip on the pistol pointed between his eyes. Her lips quivered as she repeated herself again. "You stole it! Give it back!" It came out so weak and muffled she could hardly understand what she had said. His brown eyes widened and turned black with fear. A few beads of sweat had pooled between his brows and slipped down his nose. "Please," he stuttered, "I don't know who you are or what your talking about." Frustrated, Alexus holstered her gun and began to pace. The room was in a bit of disarray. Shards of brass were embedded in teh walls, part of what once was a doorknob, blown apart by a single ear blistereing shot. The coffee table before the sofa lay upturned, magazines pinned beneath the glass, framed like an impressionistic painting. Alexus turned to gaze at the man's two daughters huddled in the corner. The younger of the two, cowered against her sister, sucking her tumb nervously, and gazing at this madwoman out of the corner of her crystal bue eyes. Alexus remembered the older sister, sweet little Erin, although the last time she saw her she was just a little toddler with jounching soft curls. Erin was a young woman now, about thirteen, and lost the look of innocence she once radiated. Her hair hung limply about her shoulders in greasy strands, and her eyes had lost their lusterous gleam, glazed over in an empty stare lost of all innocence. Alexus turned away in disgust, it was the look that had so long lived within her own eyes. The silence hung in the air like a heavy black cloak, threatening to suffocate them all. Alexus shuffled around the room again, tears welled in her eyes and spilled down her cheek. The dreaded tears that had not been shed for almost 23 years. She hurriedly wiped them away with the back of her hand, and plucked the pistol from the holster. The pistol bounced through the air in unison with her quiet sobs. "I'm different now, aren't I? My breasts have swelled to three times the size they used to be. Feel!" Angrily she grabbed his hand from his lap and cupped it against her breast. "Do I feel the same, do I feel good? Of course not, I'm a woman now, I forgot, you like little girls!" She crushed his hand within her own and violently threw it back to his lap. In the corner, Erin began to cry uncontrollably. She hid her face between her knees and curled her arms about her head. The man's cheeks flushed and he twisted uncomfortably in his chair. "What is it that you want? Money, my car, anything, its yours. Just take it and we'll forget any of this ever happened. Just don't hurt me or my kids! Please i'm begging you!" Alexus chuckled evily. "You asshole, I can't hurt those you have already killed. Look at what you have done." She pointed to the corner where Erin sat shuddering in spasmic convulsions. "Look at her, look at me! You don't remember do you??" Alexus fumbled in her pocket and fished out and old tattered picture. The corners of the picture were curled and peeling, but the picture was as vivid as the day it was taken. The picture was of a girl of about eight. A bush of red curls framed her pale freckled face. The eyes were a beautiful shade of aqua that smiled from within with life. Alexus pushed the picture into the man's hand. "Do you see that girl, you killed her." The man looked from the picture to the woman before him. Alexus stared at him through aqua eyes and brushed a single red curl from her cheek. Alexus saw what appered to be recognition in the mans eyes. "Do you remember that girl? Do you know that your murdered her, you stole her very essence of being, you stole her childhood. Look at the life in those eyes, the beautiful smile that graces her lips. Gone now, gone." "You must be mistaken, I never killed anybody. I remember this girl, she was so sweet, shes's not dead. I saw her when she was thirteen. She was just as alive as she is in this picture." Alexus steamed with anger. She steadied the pistol, cocked the hammer and returned it to its original posistion between his eyes. "Yeah, she was sweet alreight, did she taste as sweet as she looked? Did her skin feel silky beneath the cold steel of your hands? Did you find comfort between her pearly white thighs? Did you like staining her innocence? You bastard." Without a thought, Alexus squeezed the trigger. The loud explosion deafened her for a moment. Through the blue smoke she saw his face, complete with scarlet third eye. She smiled for te first time in 23 years. "Mine," she whispered, "Mine!"
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