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6-4-07 Astrology
You can love someone and support them and still be in total disagreement. It's pretty amazing to see how far you two have come. With that kind of attitude, there's no telling just where you'll go next.
Useless Info You Didn't Want To Know
I have been getting a great deal of stupidity on here lately from people who just show up out of nowhere and expect me to be something that I am not and chances are will never be. So, here I go once again I will try to give you all a glimpse into who I am and what I am really like, trust me those who actually know me well can attest to the fact that this is who I really am all the time I do not put on some show online for people. So, here are some more useless facts about me, please try to follow along and not ask these things anymore. ~ My name is Jessica, people call me Jessie and Jess for the most part but honestly I don’t care one way or another what you call me ~ I am almost 30 years old, August 17th I will be 30 though I feel about 75 on most days ~ I really am a nice person in general it just takes some effort to get to know me well enough to find that part of me ~ When I get angry I get very angry and at times violent though I try to keep that at a minimum now-a-d
Woman Are A Tripp....
why is it that woman always make you feel like you are the lowest of that low and the most worthless piece of shit in the try to show them you love them but all they do is accuse you of cheating and lying????????????
Fake It...until You Make It...
How do you fake it until you make it? This is an alltime expression Well, lets see. Obviously you cherries out there more than likely have experienced that moment. For example: You and your guy or gal are really into the intimacy and really want to get this thing going. In the process of caressing, kissing, teasing, and tunging one another you just need to spice it up. You are wanting to become a complete equivilant of one another thrusting to make your partner's desires become destiny. Yada Yada... To hit that G and get that response your looking for. You begin to moan and tantilize your taste buds with extraordinary measures.... Leading to a final state of sexual indulgence. This is when you obviously need to get the skills mastered so you incidently ejaculate by your false ideas and imaginative injuniuty therefore creating an all time : We can do this together on the count of 1, 2, 3. AWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH MMMMMMMMMM YEAH OH GODDDDDD YEAH THATs RIGHT.......
More Violence
Robert J. Klein , 28, of 724 Meadow in Rockdale, was arrested by Rockdale police and booked into the county jail Sunday on a charge of aggravated battery to a handicapped person. **As printed in the Joliet Herald News on June 4, 2007 The handicapped person was my son Joey. He is alright and was not injured. My son was at a Pig Roast, at a table, eating food with his female friend. This man walks up and inappropriately touches my son's friend. My son tells him to take his hands off of her and then this man attacks my son. Would someone please tell me what this world is coming to when a grown-ass man attacks a 17 year old handicapped kid in a fucking wheelchair? ~~Spanky~~ :(
The Glass Spider
"Up until one century ago there lived, In the Zi Duang province of eastern country A glass-like spider Having devoured its prey it would drape the skeletons over its web In weeks creating a macabre Shrine of remains Its web was also unique in that it had many layers Like floors in a building At the top of this palace-like place, assembled with almost apparent care, were tiny, shining objects, glass, beads, dew drops. One could almost call it an altar When the breeze blew through this construction It produced sounds of wailing, crying Tiny wails, tiny cries The baby spiders would get scared and search frantically for their mother. But the Glass Spider would have long gone, having known that the babies Would survive somehow on their own. Oh-The Glass Spider had blue eyes almost like-a human's. They shed tears at the wintered turn of the centuries." Written by David Bowie
Do You Really Know?
Sometimes I can't believe that he's thousands and thousands of miles away. I can't even begin to imagine what things are like for him. I don't get to talk to him whenever I want to, I don't get to see his face, EVER! It is so difficult to see other couples so happy around me. Even when its other military wives whose husbands are deployed and get to talk to them everyday or every other day. Whether it be on the phone or online. I don't get that. I don't get phone calls, IM's or Emails. I did for awhile, but now they're hard to come by. You know what it feels like? It feels like I've just gotten my heart broken. I feel like a part of me has just died. Its hard to smile anymore, hell its even harder to fake smile-- I don't have the energy anymore to make others believe that I am happy and that I am not worried. I am very worried. When the phone rings, I check the caller ID of who it is-- and I'm always left heartbroken when it isn't him. I check the mail everyday only to find that ther
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest!
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Contest will start on 6/4 thur 6/11 1st Set Of Eyes Are....... with 1 comments! 2nd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 3rd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 4th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 5th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 6th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~ FoUnDeR Of~ * AnGeLs Of MeRcY BoMb SqUaD * ~@ CherryTAP
Separated In Duty, United In Love
"Naturally, the common people don't want war ... but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country." Its pretty late, and I thought about going to bed, I was actually IN bed but there were so many thoughts of randomness going through my mind that it was just impossible to slip into my field of dreams. For the past two weeks, I've been without him and I won't lie, its been hard on me. It could be of two things: It will get easier living a life where I won't hear from my husband for several weeks or months. Or get harder only getting t
A Chick With Long Legs
A man walks up to the bar with an ostrich behind him, and as he sits, the bartender asks for their order. The man says, "I'll have a beer" and turns to the ostrich. "What's yours?" "I'll have a beer too" says the ostrich. The bartender pours the beer and says "That will be $3.40 please," and the man reaches into his pocket and pays with the exact change for payment. The next day, the man and the ostrich come again, and the man says "I'll have a beer," and the ostrich says "I'll have the same." Once again the man reaches into his pocket and pays with exact change. This became a routine until late one evening, the two enter again. "The usual?" asks the bartender."Well, it's close to last call, so I'll have a large Scotch" says the man. "Same for me" says the ostrich. "That will be $7.20" says the bartender. Once again the man pulls exact change out of his pocket and places it on the bar. The bartender can't hold back his curiosity any longer. "Excuse me, sir. How do you mana
9465 To Idol
Please help me level..only 9465 to Cherry Idol..please rate my pics and profile..all the love will be returned...thanks "WANT SUM, CUM GET SUM"@ CherryTAP
Aphrodities And Devilish Dd's Hideout
Aphrodities and Devilish DD's Hideout CLICK PIC TO JOIN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also the lounge is looking for help if your willing to help on positions in the lounge please join the lounge and reply to the help wanted section in the discussions. We Need The Fallowing so far 2 Bartenders 2 Greeters 2 female dancers 1 male dancer 3 promoters Enforcers 2 between midnight central time to 6am central time 1 from 6am till w/e ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also check out this other lounge of ours as well The Devils Playground Click the Pic to Join PLEASE JOIN NEED PEOPLE AND TY AS WELL JUST COPY AND PASTE THE CODE IN A NEW WINDOW Both are Proud members of The New and Improved Excalibur Radio (Old name was Daves Hideaway Radio)
End To Innocence
Moments when my hearts fills with anger To feel sorry for those who fell at my feet Losing patience in my body and soul I can't be compromising anymore. The leaders of the free world and their selfish goals Lying out of everywhere but their bank accounts I pay the damages that they soon create There seems to be no possible outcome but chaos. Like an old dream that one cannot remember The point in time of eternal peace soon shall end We only have one life to live and to make it the best I don't see anyway to exchange my life for another. Innocence is lost in these hallowed chambers The victim in the crossfire of absolute doom Children shall walk with the images of destruction As being the only way to survive another day. We only get one chance at making a difference And the only way to do that is still a question in the mind The innocence in the world shall fall slowly into the abyss As they rot out brains with the lies they create.
Ok everyone, this is a short entry from a book I am currently reading, Coroner's Journel, Stalking Death in Louisiana by Louis Cataldie, M.D. Most of it isn't very funny at all but I busted out laughing when I read this. It was about four P.M. on a Friday afternoon in the summer of 2001 when I was summoned to a crime scene on Comstock Avenue, behind the Sam's Club store, which sells cereal, soda, and practically everything else in a large volume. I've been to that store often, usually trailing behind my wife, on a quest for bargains. I know the area well. I was informed that one of our citizens had discovered three human embryos that had been dumped out onto the driveway of a local business. EMS had come and gone. The report I got was that since the fetuses were dead, EMS had deferred the whole matter to the police and the coroner. This was the right thing to do. The initial thinking was that this was the work of an abortion clinic or worse. I was duly notified of the thr
The Finger
I know I'm old and out of touch. But i'm trying to understand why so many people giving the finger in their profile pics? Is that how we say hello nowadays? Am I supposed to say; "Hey you just told me to fuck I definately want to be your friend!" When I was young, most of us thought we would evolve into a peaceful and loving society. I see now that that won't be happening. The only planet blessed by life and we just turn it into a ruthless meat grinder...amazing.
A Deeper Look Inside Of Me
Sometimes I feel like I bother people. Not the normal, " oh she gets on my nerves sometimes", but all the time. It;s nto with everyone though. There are a few people who I don't feel this way towards, i.e. Jessee, Di, Cory, Becca, my grandparents and my Aunt Kathy. Other than that, I feel like I annoy people. Hence the reason I may not talk much in a box or I get quiet on the phone. Even when you give me your number or IM name and tell me, " You can call/talk to me anytime." I even sit online sometimes when I see someone I wanna talk to and just wait to see if they'll IM me. I don't want to bother them. I think I've always been this way, a few years at least. Maybe part of it is from the fact that I don't want to look " obsessive". I've been called that before, but I'm an openly affectionate person. I love to show people how they make me feel and I want the ones I love to know I love them. I think the other part of me being this way is the relationship I have with my mother. I've laway
Kids... Don't Try This At Home!!!!
So my vertical hood piercing came out in someone's mouth the other day and then got lost altogether. I bought another today but had to go from 14g to 12g because they only had fugly gem ones in 14g and I don't do fugly gems. Well, I didn't have enough time to have my piercer put it in for me so I had to do it myself when I got home. What a fucking pain!!!!!!! Kids, don't try this at home!!!!!! took like 20 minutes and a magnifying mirror but I did it. bad enough putting it in with a horizontal hood in the way but to guage up, too.... ugh. Just thought I'd share my aggravation/success with you.
Kill The Deed Not The Breed
Translation Please?
Ok, I know all about shorthand for text messaging purposes, but some people take it a little too far. The following is a short text conversation with a wrong number that I had earlier this evening. I've been getting alot of calls for someone named Angela or something lately. I really can't tell exactly what her name is when they ask, but the closest approximation would be Angela. Person I don't know (PIDK): "I call u bac last night" Me: "Do I know you?" PIDK: "Who dis" Me: "This is Tiffany. If you're looking for Angela or something like that, this is not her number." PIDK: "Naw my b i gt da wrong numba i gt da rite 1 now thank u doe" I mean really. Come on people, shorthand is one thing, but is it really that hard to type "the" instead of "da" or "tho" instead of "doe"? I mean no offense to people who use slang in speech, I do it too, but text message shorthand is hard enough to read already without the added confusion. Bleh. /rant
Good Nite To All
It's been a good and interesting day on CT for me today. I met a few good people and maxed myself out on rates for the first time since I was a newbie. I've had fun and learned a thing or two...that makes it a damn fine day...lets see if I can manage the same thing tomorrow. Good nite to all and hoopefully I will see you all on the morrow!!
For Those Who Are To Good
to step into my clubhouse please remove urself from my friends list. I'm tired of helping u ouyt and ur to good to stop by so take ur gooding too ass off from being my friend u are some low lifes
Skeleton Dance
It's easy to get caught up in ideals, but you need to come back and plant your feet on the earth. Once you do, you'll see that reality is the only safe place for you to be. Once you know the truth, you can work with it
Its Hard To Watch A Friend's Relationship Turn Sour
I've always believed that you shouldn't date someone you work with; I've seen a few of my co-workers who have dated other co-workers only to end up splitting up and requesting to work opposite shifts because they can't get along anymore. Crystal is in the this boat--or is soon heading for this one--she's been dating Steven for , oh I don't know, several months now. (I told him in the beginning that if he ever hurt her he would regret it.) I ran into her saturday evening at the graduation ceremony. Crystal told me that her and steven actually had a huge argument in the crew room. He was pissed at her because she's better on grill than he is and he was stuck making meat, and having to help assemble sandwiches. He was so pissed he was slamming trays and throwing stuff. Crystal also told me that when she went to his place the other evening, he sat and played video games and acted like he didn't even want her there. Here's the disturbing part: I was telling her that she knows he's bi
Just Cause I Can
(This is still rather rough) The concern, even to the question of wage disparity, within the question of gender differentiation in society and the economy is: how much difference does choice make in the variations of resource allotment and opportunity? It is of note in the technical industry that the increase of women in the traditional male technical administration roles did coincide in a general decrease in pay levels for both genders. As women entered the discipline there was a trend towards reduction in the wages paid in general. This could be due to women accepting less pay for the same duties, or simply that there were more people in the industry in general of both genders, and it allowed the corporations to significantly reduce wages. Some would call this increased opportunity for women. However, in the late 1990s the disparity was substantial. Women new hires were coming into the field at $30,000 a year less then their more experienced counterparts. While the experience leve
Revenge Is Sweet
There once was an old couple who had been married for thirty years. Every morning the old boy would wake up and give off an enormous fart, much to his long suffering wife's annoyance. "You'll fart your guts out one of these days," she always complained. After a particularly bad week the wife decided to have her revenge and got up early, placing some turkey giblets in the bed next to the old boy's arse. While making breakfast downstairs she heard his usual morning fart reverberate through the floorboards followed by a scream. Twenty minutes later a rather shaken man came downstairs. "You was right all along Missus," the old man says, "I finally did fart my guts out, but by the grace of God, and these two fingers, I managed to push 'em back in!"
Bad Mood!
DON'T READ THIS...I am having a pity party and it isn't pretty. I am gonna wallow in self pity for just a bit and if you don’t like it don’t read this. I am pissy about so many things. I hate that the few men I feel such an incredible connection to are either married or too far way…or BOTH! I hate the saying “if it isn’t one thing it is another” fuck that…I hate it… why does it have to be???? Why can’t something just go smoothly for a change? I hate always having to be the rational one. I HATE BEING LONELY! I hate that my dad is dead and that my brother is too. I hate that there isn’t anyone to hug me just cause. I hate that I am 38 fucking years old and wasted 18 (June 16th) god damn years on his ass and what do I have to show for it. NOTHING! I am ALONE! Cause doing meth was more important than the life we built together. I hate that I tell myself life is too short to wait, to put things off or to live unhappily but I find myself doin
Farts With Lumps
The teacher asked little Johnny to use the word " definitely " in a sentence. Little Johnny replies, "Teacher, do farts have lumps in them?" The Teacher says, "Of course not Johnny," To which Johnny replies, "Then I have definitely shit my pants".
Farting All The Time
Doctor, "What seems to be the problem?" Patient, "Doc, I've got the farts. I mean I fart all the time," The Doctor nods, "Hmm." Patient, "My farts do not stink and you can't hear them. It's just that I fart all the time. Look, we've been talking here for about 10 minutes and I've farted five times. You didn't hear them and you don't smell them, do you?" "Hmm," says the Doctor, He picks up his pad and writes out a prescription. The patient is thrilled "Great doc. This prescription, will it really clear up my farts?" "No," sighs the Doctor, "The prescription is to clear your sinuses. Next week I want you back here for a hearing test."
Bathtime Fun
A man worked hard all day digging the garden and felt very stiff and sore. His wife fluttered about him, pleased with the amount of work he had done and anxious to get him to do some more. "Have a nice soak in the bath and I'll bring you a drink," she suggested smiling. "Good idea," says the husband looking forward to being waited on. He's in the bath when she comes in with a nice glass of Scotch which he accepts happily. "If there's anything else you'd like just call," says the wife as she leaves the bathroom. When she got halfway along the landing the husband relaxes completely and lets off an enormous long fart in the bath. A few minutes later, despite it being a very warm Summer's evening, the wife comes in with a fluffy bed warmer "What the heck is that for?" asks the husband snappily. "Oh Darling," says the wife, flustered, "I thought I heard you say, "Whataboutahottawaterbottle."
How Fuckable Am I?
You are 82% fuckable! Take this quiz at
Peter Britt On Soundclick,help Get Lay The Sugar On To Number 1r
Vote on his songs, my moto has always been there if ya like it hit hot dang !!! inside info lay the sugar on is at 22 lets get it to number one :) Click on banner
40 Of The Most Spontaneous Questions..
40 of the most Spontaneous Questions Ever, BE HONEST 1. Where were you 1 hour ago? Doing Dishes & Cleaning The Livingroom.. 2. Who will be your next kiss? Serenity Or Oscar.. 3. What are you most excited about right now? That Serenity is almost 6 months old.. 4. Are you wearing socks right now? Nope, I like being barefoot when I'm home.. 5. When was the last time you went out of the state? I was out of state about 5 months ago.. 6. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? Ya the movies right in my livingroom, lol.. 7. What was the last thing you had to drink? Water.. 8. How do you describe what you are wearing right now? Black & Red Silk Pjs.. 9. What was your last purchase? A new outfit for Serenity.. 10. Last food you ate? French Fries, yummy.. 11. Last person you talked to on the phone? My mom's wife Tammy.. 12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Not for me no, but for my baby yes.. 13. Do you have a pet? Y
You Are All Missing
the biggest party of this year at bikers clubhouse ur all welcome we have a house full
My Lady Friend/my Best Friend
You can never be with her You will never be with her She was always with someone else She will always be with those others She is never treated the way you think she deserves to be treated She has always been hurt, exploited, and even abused Though never respected Never appreciated for the beautiful person she is and has always been Always pretending to be happy Though you know inside she is crying A stoic little foundation for the sake of her children She has managed to be at a distance with her emotions this long Why not Though there has been outbreaks mostly misunderstood as tantrums Though you know - how a person can hold that much in? There has to be a time when it overflows You have seen her control You have seen her potential You have kept faith for her she would overcome, persist and triumph In success and in her dreams to be realized Other then her there is only one other You think that understands you In retur
The Mumms have gotten stupid! okay, I stated the obvious.
i luv outdoors, cuddling, romance, music, traveling - mainly road trips, am affectionate, honest, trusting, loving. Part native and love living life to the fullest...luv all animals but prefer cats of all kinds. Have many interests and activities.
How Rare Is My Personality?
Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP) Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware. Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?
Lookin Up
I just thought that I would leave a short blog and tell all my friends On CT that I have found a great guy and he has been making me a happy woman for the past few days so i am not sure if i will be on CT as much as I have been ,but i will check in on everybody regularly ,thanks for being friends ,I love you all XOXOXO
So You Wanna Know What Is?
What? -A personal site about myself. Where? What's in it? -Pix -Samples of music trax I've made -Graphic design creations I've done -Media/Videos -Links to my other sites -Shop - to buy personally created merchandise! -& hopefully a members area Why? -To get my music, creations & myself out for the whole world to enjoy! haha! :) When? -Soon hopefully... the last guy that was suppose to finish it, bailed on me so it's a work in progress again. I'm currently working with new clients to get the project finished in a 1-3 wks. Thanks for being patient! -Crystal.
well all everthing is going so good , got a lady thats everthing to me i know i can fully trust her words and actions and soon well be together and the people that became fake i now keep at arms length
Kentucky Ren Faire
I been wanting to go to the Kentucky Renaissance Faire in Eminence. Has anyone ever gone? I am hoping that I will have a chance to go this year. It is every weekend from June 2nd until July 22 I think. Just wondering if anyone out there enjoys ren faires or the such. Later
Job Interview
I got a job interview at Blockbuster for a sales manager. I am really excited. Its better than fast food and I get to see movies before they come out! How cool is that? I am going to do my best to get this job.
Swimming Pool Is Closed Until Spring'08
Howdy friends, I have posted a handful of pics of the new swimming pool. Anyone who wants to drop by and say hi is more than welcome! Guy
Bbw Women Are The Best
My personal opinion is that BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN have the best personalities, who agrees/disagrees? I'm not just talking fat girls- I mean true BBW's, they know who they are and there men can definately appreciate them.They know how to treat a man and they know with pride just how great looking they are. That's why I can say "good-looking,beautiful and a personality, what a deadly combination.
Weight Loss
If you haven't noticed by my profile, I am a BBW. Well I have been fighting with my weight my entire life and I have failed every diet I have tried. I saw a commercial on TV today for Optifast. People who have lost A LOT of weight and have kept it off. So I called and made an appointment. As of yesterday June 3,2007 I weighed 252 pounds, and I am 5'6. I want to lose at least 100 pounds but hoping to lose even more. I am a Big boned person so I think losing 112 pounds would be great and I'd look great at 140 pounds :) I have No family here to support me, I do have a few friends here and I know they will help and support me. I need to do this for me....then I will work on quitting smoking. That is going to be harder. Wish me luck!
Do Not Repeat This Over And Over Again In Your Head All Day!!!!!!
Here’s the story of a lovely lady Who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold, like their mother, The youngest one in curls. Here’s the story, of a man named Brady, Who was busy with three boys of his own, They were four men, living all together, Yet they were all alone. Till the one day when the lady met this fellow And they knew it was much more than a hunch, That this group would somehow form a family. That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch. The Brady Bunch. That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch.
I Find This Funny
Contest Pls Help
just clink on the pic
Goal, Hopes And Wishes
Some are more doable than others right now, but one day.... 1. go horseback riding 2. rafting or canoeing down the Saluda or Congaree 3. A weekend or a week in the mountains, camping with someone special. 4. Ren-Faire 5. Dragon - Con 6. Road Trip, no special place, just pick a road and drive and see where it takes me. 7. 3 months in Europe 8. hike the Appalachian Trail, or at least part of it. 9. A trip to Scotland and walk the Highlands 10. Make love to someone special in the Highlands 11. Take a ride in a fighter jet 12. Take a ride in a hot air balloon 13. Vegas, Baby!!! 14. Alaskan Cruise 15. Trip to Galveston and Texas and see some of the old places where I used to live. 16. Highland Games 17. Camping in Yosemite with someone special and making love under the Big Sky. ( am I too fixated on the making love bit??) 18. Build my Dream House, either a Log Cabin in the Mountains or the ultimate Dreamhouse to have a hobbit hole like Bilbo Baggin's Bag End. 19. Win
My transmission blew up, I have no money saved (due to the fact that I've had to cover daycare and such by myself since I wasn't getting child support for a month) and I may not have a place to live by the end of the week.... Oh the joys of life!
A Poem For My New Husband
We are connected in the stars, you and I. We are connected in the stars, and every moment I am yours, my spirit soars among them. They sing to me of the love we share. I sing to them of the joy I take in it. Your love, to me is a sweet poison and I wish no antidote. The cure could only do me more harm than the venom does me good. You, to me are an addiction, and I would never think to give it up. The breath of your voice is a sigh of wind that sets the chimes on my heart to utter a sweet tune. These words, like any other, never do justice to the way I feel for you. I could spend a thousand years and write a thousand poems and still it would be inadequate to the way you brighten my every day. With love, comes fear. Fear that you will see me for the imperfections I harbour. Fear that you will tire of me, and seek another. And yet you give me confidence. Hope. The faith that your love will endure. Security like I have never known. For all this and a hundred thousand other
Deleting My Profile 2nite
I am deleting my profile from here 2nite...i am grateful that i got 2 meet all of yall on here...and i will miss yall bunches...but some things have happened..and i need 2 delete my profile...take care...Ivy
The Sex Test...are You Up For It?
The Sex Test...Are You Up For It? The Sex Test...Are You Up For It? Start at 50 and add or subtract points as stated for each statement that applies to you... +Above 50 means you are not so good in bed..and not so fun --Below 50 means you are real fun and damn good in bed ;). AFTER you're done... put your name at the bottom, along with your score. (TIP: USE A CALCULATOR...THINKING...pfft!!!) Copy this and post your own bulletin! Put the subject - "The sex quiz...Are you up for it?" -Add 10 if you are a virgin. -Subtract 5 if You have had sex before. -Subtract 5 more if you have had sex with more then 5 people. -Add 5 If you have never had oral sex. -Subtract 5 if you have had or performed oral sex. -Subtract 2 if you have had sex in a public place. -Subtract 3 if you have done 69. -Add 5 If you have never had an orgasm. -Add 5 If you cant name 3 types/brands of condoms. -Subtract 2 if you have masturbated. -Subtract 3 if you have fingered
For Those Who Love It
What is life and what does it mean to me Its like the birds and the bees Love is kind sweet and every thing that is good Even a little bad jus the way it should A deep feel in my soul that wants to be let out Like an animal in the wild with an aggressive shout I never thought it would be true to love someone with a love that it like no other But as they say never say never for it may happen now and forever Well this is dedicated to my blooming flower and a close friend To show you my love and appreication hopeing our friendship wont end You like the warmth summer air thats passes over my face For with you i found my resting place Gentle,calm,mellow and peaceful is thge way you make my heart feel Been afraid to show my hearts desires that are real Listening to your voice and the way you talk,your smile and eyes Everything about you that leaves me my mismerize You play a very important role in my life I also admire your pian and strive So my ove i
Grilled Coconut Shrimp With Pineapple Salsa
This recipe serves: 4 Ingredients For the pineapple salsa: 1 1/2 cup canned or fresh crushed pineapple, drained 1 jalapeño chili pepper, seeded and finely chopped 1 red bell pepper, seeded and diced 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice salt to taste For the grilled shrimp: 1/2 cup lite coconut milk 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1 tablespoon low-sodium soy sauce 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger root 1 tablespoon brown sugar 20 large shrimp, peeled and deveined freshly ground black pepper 3 cups cooked rice 1/2 cup cilantro sprigs 4 metal or bamboo (soaked in water) skewers Cooking Instructions For the pineapple salsa: 1. Place the pineapple, jalapeño pepper and red pepper in a bowl and toss to combine. Season to taste with lime juice and salt. Refrigerate until ready to serve. (This can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. For the grilled shrimp: 2. Combine the coconut milk, lime juice, soy sauce, ginger and brown sug
Today's Wonders!
"It's easy to get caught up in ideals, but you need to come back and plant your feet on the earth. Once you do, you'll see that reality is the only safe place for you to be. Once you know the truth, you can work with it." Sorry but when i read that this was what i felt the urge to do.. Put my hands firmly over my ears.. Close my eyes as tightly as possible.. AND YELL! "I don't ever wanna grow up".. Then wait for the mean horoscope to go away!
31 Weeks
31 weeks and 9 to go to the big 40 weeks
Standing Tall
now let me tell ya something about us here juggalos before you start to hate us for some reason you don't even know we are a true family we got each other's back even if we dont know them and thats a fact you see, we all stand for the same thing mad juggalo pride and we have all caught the same carnival high we dont like to be stereotyped like being a lo means all you do is smoke weed just keep the respect goin thats all we need we mean it when we say "i trust my life with these los and lettes" even with the ones we barely know or never met we keep the scrub life alive so do our rising clowns we've got mad love for anyone who's down we're a bunch of outsiders brought together where we belong and if you think we're all the same this is where you really are wrong wiggers, twiztid serial killers, and ninjas so many hate, yet we stand tall laid back stoners and college-bound kids our family has them all its not the amount of merchandise, the face paint, or
"we Miss You"
It may take you two minutes to read this, but if you do not take the time to read this you are one of the people this post is talking about. You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. ____________________________________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. ____________________________________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. ____________________________________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. ____________________________________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. ____________________________________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren'
In Need Of A Vacation
I would really love to get away from this hick of a town where I live in and go somewhere that I can have fun .They have closed all the night clubs and there is no where to go dancing with out leaving the state.
"a Soldier's Son"
He cheers as he sees The soldiers pass by Lined up in formation Full of pride. On Independence Day They march for freedom After battles of war Returning home. He waves and grins At one special soldier Who smartly salutes As he passes his son. The memory of that day Floods his mind How happy to be The soldier's son. Tears cascade Down his cheek Hearing the crack Of rifles fire. The colors are folded And given to one Taps completed A final salute. He wanted to be Like his father Now never to return The soldier's son.
Anyone Know?
I would like to post some pics on CT, but I want them to be private. This way if someone wants to see them, they have to ask me first. Does anyone know how to go about doing that? I'm still learning everything here, so I'm a little confused about it. Thanks
The Charge Of The God
Listen to the words of the Great Father, who of old was called Osiris, Adonis, Zeus, Thor, Pan, Cernunnos, Herne, Lugh and by many other names. My law is harmony with all things. Mine is the secret that opens the gates of life and mine is the dish of salt of the earth that is the body of Cernunnos that is the eternal circle of rebirth. I give the knowledge of life everlasting, and beyond death I give the promise of regeneration and renewal. I am the sacrifice, the father of all things, and my protection blankets the earth. Hear the words of the dancing God, the music of whose laughter stirs the winds, whose voice calls the seasons. I who am the Lord of the Hunt and the Power of the Light, sun among the clouds and the secret of the flame. I call upon your bodies to arise and come unto me. For I am the flesh of the earth and all its beings. Thru me all things must die and with me are reborn. Let my worship be in the body that sings, for behold all acts of wi
To Those Who Say They Want To Be In A Realationship With Me... Seriously.
Recently I've had quite a few people (guys and girls alike) hit me up with offers of companionship. I've even given it a go with a guy I met on myspace from NC... but as usual, things did not pan out for us, and I find myself single once again. I have made the decision that if I ever do get back into a realtionship, wether it begin over the internet or in person, I need to know some things first... It may make it easier to determine how long the realtionship will last, or any problems we may come to during the course of our "togetherness". If you are going to fill this out, be real. I want honesty and not just what you think I want to hear. No one word answers, either. I can tell when someones just trying to kiss ash. --- put all your answers below the question & reply in a comment... only fill this out if you are seriously contemplating a relationship with me. This may make you change your mind or think twice. --- The basics: 0) My ACTUAL name is Crystal Gayle Grimes, My m
This 6 Month Old Baby Needs Our Prayers!
This is Kaleb. He is suffering now from shaken baby syndrome caused by his babysitter a few weeks ago. Please keep him in your prayers. He has been going through so much. Precious little thing, he did not deserve this. I hope that God will see to taking care of the person that did this. Just absolutely horrible, evil thing that that person did. Pray for a complete recovery for little Kaleb and that his parents stay strong through this. Kaleb needs a miracle. this is kaleb before this horrible and traumatic thing happened to him. although you cant tell that much he is blind.
Two young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of Tampax and proceeded to the checkout counter. The man at the counter asked the older boy, "Son, how old are you?" "Eight", the boy replied. The man continued "Do you know what these are used for?" The boy replied, "Not exactly, but they aren't for me. They're for him. He's my brother. He's four. We saw on TV that if you use these, you would be able to swim and ride a bike. He can't do either one."
The Level-up Club
Free Glitter Maker Comments & Layouts THIS IS SOMETHING NEW THAT WE ARE GOING TO TRY. THIS WAS BOO BOO'S IDEA. NOW THIS IS HOW IT WILL WORK. 1. You must need NO MORE THAN 10,000 points to level up. 2. When you reach the 10,000 point mark or less, send Boo Boo a PM or shout in her shout box. She will then let RebelBreed or myself know that you need help leveling up and we will post a blog. Boo Boo will post a bulletin announcing that you need help leveling. 3. We will not start a new level up for someone else until the current one is 100% complete. 4. If you have more than one certified profile, ONLY your main profile will be eligible to be leveled up. Now this is the main rule for the Level-Up Club. 5. If you wish to have help from the Level-Up Club in leveling your page up, you MUST RETURN THE LUV!!!! If we level you up and you do not help to level up other family members,
I Have Mad Love For You Friends
I have mad love for all of my friends. When they hurt, I feel their pain. When they cry, I feel their sadness. When they laugh, I generally have said or done something to be their comic relief. There are good times and bad times and right now, bad times have hit a lot of them. A friend that has been married for 30 years who's last son just graduated on Thursday, was kindly asked for a divorce Monday. How nice. This is the exact reason why I am getting a divorce now. I don't want to waste 30 years of my life going through the motions with someone, being their roommate and having nothing with them when our children leave home. Its just not worth it. Now she is in her late 40's and having to start the dating game all over again. Another friend sent me a message that she had lost her baby. Of all the women I know that want to be a mother, this woman has waited and waited and deserved this wonderful opportunity. She is an exceptional person. Now not only is she recovering from her l
Tomb Of The Unknowns
On Jeopardy one night, the final question was How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns ---- All three missed it --- This is really an awesome sight to watch if you've never had the chance Very fascinating. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 1 How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why? 21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary. 2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin his return walk and why? 21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1 3. Why are his gloves wet? His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle. 4. Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time and if not, why not? He carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an about face and moves th
The Seamstress
One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "My dear child, why are you crying?" The seamstress replied that her thimble had fallen into the water and that she needed it to help her husband in making a living for their family. The Lord dipped His hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with pearls. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked The seamstress replied, "No." The Lord again dipped into the river. He held out a silver thimble ringed with sapphires. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. Again, the seamstress replied, "No." The Lord reached down again and came up with a leather thimble. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. The seamstress replied, "Yes." The Lord was pleased with the woman's honesty and gave her all three thimbles to keep, and the seamstress went home happy. Some years later, the seamstress was walking w
Its crazy Crazy the way u can feel Crazy how you can feel so much for one person How one person One person that you may have just met Can mean so much to you You don�t even know why sometimes Its like the feelings you have are undescribable You can�t even think of one word to allow things to make sense But maybe things aren�t suppose to make sense when you�re in love Maybe everything is suppose to be a mystery Suppose to be something that you don�t know what the outcome will be But if love is such a mystery How can everything seem so perfect when you�re with them? How can it be that nothing else matters when they�re around you ? Its like nothing makes sense Nothing can truly be understood Its like things happen and you will never have control But why would you want control? Want control over who you love Why would you want that? It wouldn�t be called life if you didn�t make mistakes Th
Daddy's Poem
Daddy's Poem Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, a man who
Memorial Service
For those on here knows me as a real person, knows what my family has endured. We have lost our dad and brother, and now mom just called me, my oldest brother is now being shipped home too. Sweetsiren anyone can tell you my mom is the most gentle and forgiveing person, but this time she has really lost it, first time in my life i have ever heard her swear and put this war down...NOT THE SOLDIERS..... the war itself. She has always been the one to help hold us together as a family, and not just our blood family i am also talking about our military family as well...everyone called her mom, even Sarah's little one the first time he met her he would not leave her side and i think within 5 minutes he was calling her grandma). She wants Tammy and I to go to trenton's airforce base and claim his body, truthfully i don't have it in me anymore, i am so tiredof losing someone i love or care about deeply.How much more can a person really take?. I can bitch and complain on here this blog but i k
Apple Patch Diet
Spanish Rice
Ingredients This recipe calls for: 1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil 1 Cup White Rice 1/2 Onion 3/4 Of A Green Bell Pepper 1 Can (1/2 oz.) Diced Tomatoes 1 Can (8 oz.) Tomato Sauce 1 and 1/2 Cups Warm Water 1 Beef Bouillon Cube 1 Teaspoon Chili Powder 1/2 Teaspoon Salt 1/4 Teaspoon Cumin Powder 1/8 Teaspoon Black Pepper Spanish Rice Equipment Spanish Rice Equipment Spanish Rice Equipment For this recipe you will need: Sauce Pan Measuring Cups Measuring Spoons Cutting Board Can Opener Wooden Spoon Bell Pepper and OnionBeef Bouillion Cube Rice Flavor and Vegetables First Step: Bouillon Cube and Vegetables The first step is just getting everything ready. Chop up the bell pepper and onion. If you are worried that you don't have enough the bell pepper should fill a half cup and the onion should be a rounded cup. Next dissolve the beef bouillon cube in 1 1/2 cups warm water. (don't boil the water just zap it in
Important Rules For Men 1. It's important to have a woman who helps at home, who cooks from time to time, cleans up and has a job. 2. It's important to have a woman who can make you laugh. 3. It's important to have a woman who you can trust and who doesn't lie to you. 4. It's important to have a woman who is good in bed and who likes to be with you. 5. It's very, very important that these four women don't know each other.
And You Kissed Me
You leaned over and you kissed me I felt my knees go weak You leaned over and you kissed me I couldnt even speak You leaned over and you kissed me With a passion flowing free You leaned over and you kissed me Sparks flew that we could see You leaned over and you kissed me A touch so soft and tender You leaned over and you kissed me A kiss I would remember You leaned over and you kissed me Im sure I kissed you back You leaned over and you kissed me With the fire no kiss should lack You leaned over and you kissed me You left me wanting more You leaned over and you kissed me My soul you did explore You leaned over and you kissed me My heart no longer full of pain You leaned over and you kissed me Darling, kiss me once again
Apple Patch Diet
Five Rules For Men To Follow
A HAPPIER MARRIED LIFE: 1. It's important to have a woman who helps at home, who cooks from time to time, cleans and has a job. 2. It's important to have a woman who can make you laugh. 3. It's important to have a woman who you can trust and who doesn't lie to you. 4. It's important to have a woman who is good in bed and who likes to be with you. 5. It's very, very important that these four women do not know each other!
Number 6
You Are 100% Bipolar You have some serious ups and downs, maybe to the point of endangering your own life. Consult a doctor to see if you may truly have bipolar disorder. Are You Bipolar?
Casting Crowns Praise You In The Storm
Beef Enchilada Ingredients
Beef Enchilada Ingredients This recipe calls for: Chili (click here for chili recipe) 3 Tablespoons Chili Powder 1 1/2 teaspoon Cumin Powder 3/4 teaspoon Garlic Powder 1 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 Tablespoons Corn Oil 6 Tablespoons Flour 4 1/2 Cups Water 20 Corn Tortillas Cheddar Cheese Velveeta Onion Beef Enchilada Equipment Beef Enchilada Equipment Beef Enchilada Equipment For this recipe you will need: Sauce Pan Spoon Measuring Cups Measuring Spoons Cheese Grater Frying Pan Tongs, or forks to fry tortillas Grating Cheese Cheese Filling Cheese Filling First Sep: Grating Cheese Grate 1 cup Velveeta cheese and 1 cup Cheddar cheese and then mix them together. Set aside in refrigerator. Corn TortillaFlpping Corn Tortilla Blotting Corn Tortilla Frying Corn Tortillas Second Step: Frying Tortillas Next you will want to sof
You & Me
I am the land, you are my boundries. I am the earth, you are my creator. I am the shadow, you are superior. I am what you were, you are what I should be. I am the seed, you are the tree. I am you, you are the reflection of me.
You are like lightning, because you know how to strike me. You are like the moon, because you reflect on me. You are like the stars, because the thought of you sparkles in my eye. You are like a rainbow, because the thought of you is never ending. You are like a tree, because you grow on me. You are like a fortune in a fortune cookie, we belong....
For Becky
Reflections in my mind of all the thing in my life remembering each magical moment Like the day I became a wife The day I heard those precious words congratulations you have a son Not just once, but twice I've been blessed with the sweet little boys they've become I feel free like an eagle soaring above the sky free to laugh, free to love sitting on a rainbow up high These memories I hold so deep in my soul fulfill my every need and never will I be alone.
I look up at the pale moonlight thinking, what would it be like to be a star. A twinkling star in the sky, like a beautiful jewel. Then I start to think I am that star, but it's nothing but a gaze, a gaze up at the pale moonlight.
I walk on the beach thinking. please God don't let my heart be sinking. Sinking with an unpleasant pain. pain which I can not explain. Tears begin to fall upon my face, I begin to walk in a slower pace. Then I start to walk on the beach thinking, please God don't let my heart be sinking. I finally come to realize, it's nothing but a sinking feeling of emptiness.
Land Locked Blues
So, I've been here now for going on 6 years and I can honestly say that i really don't like much more than I did when I got here. I mean I like the fact that there are seasons (4 in all) cause where I'm originally from is California and there are only 2 seasons (hot and hotter). Course living only 10 blocks from the beach made the Santa Ana's that much more enjoyable. Boy do I miss my home state. I go back there at least once a year just to remind myself what I've left behind and to visit family. My sincerest hope is to get back to the west coast someday for more than just a visit. Though my hubby is looking for a better job (the one he has doesn't appreciate him or his talents at all) I'm hoping that we will one day get out of this state. Even if its to the east coast I wouldn't really mind. I just need a body of water that is bigger than a darn pond!!!!
i'll put more pics of me up sometime today or tommorow
If I Could Just Tell Her.....
If i could only tell her how i feel about her. Maybe it would make things right. But would it hurt things even worse than they are. If i could tell her i see her pretty face each and every minute of everyday would that help? If i told her i can still feel her close to me and feeling the love that is supposed to be would that help things? If i told her i can still hear her voice. A voice of an angel speaking over the phone. Would that help? If i told her that i can hear her beautiful laugh would that make things right? If i told her i love her because she is my everything would that help? If i told her i may not be able to give u everything but i can give u my heart would that help? If i told her that i'm not a perfect man but i try will that help? If i told her i stay awake at nights crying for her would that help? What would help us get thru this?? Or am i just being a fool for trying to get us back together? If this ain't love then i guess i haven't experianced it yet. Wha
Celebrate The Simularities
The Most Important Thing is NOT to focus on the Differences, But Rather to Celebrate the Simularities. My friend Eugene left this as a user comment and I thought it was too beautiful not to share it with you.. Thank you Eugene.. I love it and it is perfect!!!
All The Wonderful Things That Nature Offers...screw That!!!
I try to get along with nature. I was raised in rural Florida and Georgia, and I never really had a problem with all of God's creatures. But now I have had to go into battle against nature's meanest, cruelest, most bitter of creations...the WASP! There I was, minding my own business, mowing the lawn and singing a song in my head, when out of nowhere I get the dive bombers tapping me on my head! I'm one of God's creatures, so I naturally defend myself against such and unwarranted attack. That's not enough for the little bastards...they have to deploy their stingers! Before I know it, I'm dropping everything in my hands and running for my life as I get tapped on my hand and wrist! I was only mowing the grass! That's alright, though; I'll give them round one. But they dropped the chemical attack's time for PAYBACK! I've come in from what can only be described as a mission of justifiable genocide. Young, old, big, small...none were safe in the wake of my wrath. Arm
Get The Book & An Autographed Cd
Well this is something a little different, or extra if you will. There are only 35 copies of my book pre-ored left, so I am going to give the rest of the pre-orders a complimentary autographed cd along with your book order. You will get the book, with your name in it and, an autographed cd with it. Read below and click, that's all there is to it. However, you muct ensure that you send me your mailing info with "exactly" as you wish your name to appear in the book. Thanks to everyone :) Peter Britt I thought it would be a great idea to offer friends & fans the opportunity to get their names in my book on a special dedication page. Please red below as to "how" to pre-order and, to read some samples. Peter Britt; Country/rock recording artist-Singer/songwriter/musician-Twice published author, poetry and now his soon to be best selling book "All That I Am, I Think!" And, his soon to be submitted and published second book, "The Devistation" To pre-order the book is $35.00 to have your
Advantages Of Being A Woman
Why it's better to be a Woman! 1. We got off the Titanic first. 2. We get to flirt with systems support men who always return our calls, and are nice to us when we blow up our computers. 3. Our boyfriend's clothes make us look elfin & gorgeous. Guys look like complete idiots in ours. 4. We can be groupies. Male groupies are stalkers. 5. We can cry and get off speeding fines. 6. We've never lusted after a cartoon character or the central female figure in a computer game. 7. Taxis stop for us. 8. Men die earlier, so we get to cash in on the life insurance. 9. We don't look like a frog in a blender when dancing. 10. Free drinks, Free dinners, Free movies ... (you get the point). 11. We can hug our friends without wondering if she thinks we're gay. 12. We can hug our friends without wondering if WE'RE gay. 13. New lipstick gives us a whole new lease on life. 14. It's possible to live our whole lives without ever taking a group shower. 15. We don
Difference Between A Rep, And Dem.
Subject: Difference between a Republican and a Democrat Fred Thompson and Hillary Clinton were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. Fred, the Republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person. Hillary the Democrat was very impressed, so when they came to another homeless person, she decided to help. She walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into Thompson's pocket and got out $20. She kept $15 for administrative fees and gave the homeless person $5. Now, do you understand the difference?
{ Crystals Fetish Diary } (( They Call It Dementia))
{ Crystals Fetish Diary } YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. IF YOU'RE GONNA READ THIS, LEAVE A COMMENT!!!! Role Play One: Suffocation He had cheated. I knew he did... The late night phone calls, staying at work, barely touching me and never having a sexual craving in the last two weeks. It was more than obvious. I loved him, even so. And part of me knew he loved me... but I had to know for sure. He thought I was sleeping that night he came creeping into bed... took off his clothes and crawled beside me. I waited for him to pass over into his dreams before slowly moving to face him, raising my pillow above his head. A tear slowly fell from my eye and onto his face. He didn't wake. Quickly I stratled him and pressed the pillow to his face with all my might. He began to fight me. Pushing and kicking as I pushed harder. "I know what you've been doing" I told him. "Give into me" I whispered. At that moment he fumbled to find my face and gently caressed my cheek. When his hand fell to his side, I knew
10 Husbands, Still A Virgin
A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced ten husbands. On their wedding night, she told her new husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin." "What?" said the puzzled groom. "How can that be if you've been married ten times?" "Well, Husband #1 was a sales representative: he kept telling me how great it was going to be. Husband #2 was in software services: he was never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he'd look into it and get back to me. Husband #3 was from field services: he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up. Husband #4 was in telemarketing: even though he knew he had the order, he didn't know when he would be able to deliver. Husband #5 was an engineer: he understood the basic process but wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art method. Husband #6 was from finance and administration: he thought he knew how, but he wasn't sure whether it
im horny...any nekkid guys?
101 Ways To Annoy People
1. Sing the Batman theme incessantly. 2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage." 3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go." 4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..." 5. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others. 6. Amuse yourself for endless hours by hooking a camcorder to your TV and then pointing it at the screen. < 7. Speak only in a "robot" voice. 8. Push all the flat Lego pieces together tightly. 9. Start each meal by conspicuously licking all your food, and announce that this is so no one will "swipe your grub". 10. Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 98 copies. 11. Stomp on little plastic ketchup packets. 12. Sniffle incessantly. 13. Leave your turn signal on for fifty miles. 14. Name your dog "Dog." 15. Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers ru
Check It Out Guys
Girls Night Out
Two women friends had gone out for a Girls Night Out, and had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the cocktails. Incredibly drunk and walking home they suddenly realized they both needed to pee. They were very near a graveyard and one of them suggested they do their business behind a headstone or something. The first woman had nothing to wipe with so she took off her panties, used them and threw them away. Her friend however was wearing an expensive underwear set and didn't want to ruin hers, but was lucky enough to salvage a large ribbon from a wreath that was on a grave and proceeded to wipe herself with it. After finishing, they made their way home. The next day the first woman's husband phones the other husband and said, "These damn girls nights out have got to stop. My wife came home last night without her panties." "That's nothing," said the other. "Mine came back with a sympathy card stuck between the cheeks of her butt that said, 'From all of us at the Fire Station, Well nev
Im Slacking And Im Sorry....
I just wanted to let everyone knwo that I havent forgotten the ELITE and my resonsability in helping out. This week will be rough, it is services and viewing for Vince. I am still doing all that i can do for the brothers so i have not time. Lastnight i got to go out, (taking one of the brothers out with me). It was nice to get out. However, I was just wanting to let you all know that I will be back next week to helping out. Right now is just rough, and I apologize.!!! Take care, I love you all, Ravon.
Poor Guy
A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife: "Listen, this guy's an escaped convict, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck." If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you." To which his wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He wwas whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Be strong honey. I love you too!!"
Birthday Present
A wife decides to take her husband to a strip club for his birthday. They arrive at the club and the doorman says, "Hey, Dave! How ya doin'?" His wife is puzzled and asks if he's been to this club before. "Oh, no," says Dave. "He's on my bowling team." When they are seated, a waitress asks Dave if he'd like his usual and brings over a Budweiser. His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says,"How did she know that you drink Budweiser?" "She's in the Ladies' Bowling League, honey. We share lanes with them." A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Dave, and says "Hi Davey. Want your usual table dance, big boy?" Dave's wife, now furious, grabs her purse and storms out of the club. Dave follows and spots her getting into a cab. Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her. He tries desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone else, but his wife is having none of it. She is screaming at him at
Church Bells
On hearing that her elderly grandfather had just passed away, Katie went straight to her grandparent's house to visit her 95 year old grandmother and comfort her. When she asked how her grandfather had died, her grandmother replied, "He had a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday morning." Horrified, Katie told her grandmother that 2 people nearly 100 years old having sex would surely be asking for trouble. "Oh no, my dear, " replied granny. "Many years ago, realizing our advanced age, we figured out the best time to do it was when the church bells would start to ring. It was just the right rhythm. Nice and slow and even. Nothing too strenuous, simply in on the Ding and out on the Dong." She paused, wiped away a tear and then continued, "And if that damned ice cream truck hadn't come along, he'd still be alive today!"
Last Day On The Job
It was the mailman's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighborhood. When he arrived at the first house on his route he was greeted by the whole family there, who congratulated him and sent him on his way with a big gift envelope. At the second house they presented him with a box of fine cigars. The folks at the third house handed him a selection of terrific fishing lures. At the fourth house he was met at the door by a strikingly beautiful woman in a revealing negligee. She took him by the hand, gently led him through the door, and led him up the stairs to the bedroom where she blew his mind with the most passionate love he had ever experienced. When he had had enough they went downstairs, where she fixed him a giant breakfast, eggs, potatoes, ham, sausage, blueberry waffles, and fresh squeezed orange juice. When he was truly satisfied she poured him a cup of steaming coffee. As she was pouring, he
One Wish
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.
The Tiger
A couple was on their honeymoon, lying in bed, about ready to consummate their marriage, when the new bride says to the husband, "I have a confession to make, I'm not a virgin." The husband replies, "That's no big thing in this day and age." The wife continues, "Yeah, I've been with one guy." "Oh yeah? Who was the guy?" "Tiger Woods." "Tiger Woods, the golfer?" "Yeah." "Well, he's rich, famous and handsome. I can see why you went to bed with him." The husband and wife then make passionate love. When they are done, the husband gets up and walks to the telephone. "What are you doing?" asks the wife. The husband says, "I'm hungry, I was going to call room service and get something to eat." "Tiger wouldn't do that." "Oh yeah? What would Tiger do?" "He'd come back to bed and do it a second time." The husband puts down the phone and goes back to bed to make love a second time. When they finish, he gets up and goes over to the phone. "Now what a
Great Week
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
The Bride Tells Her Husband
The bride tells her husband, "Honey, you know I'm a virgin and I don't know anything about sex. Can you explain it to me first?" "OK, Sweetheart. Putting it simply, we will call your private place 'the prison' and call my private thing 'the prisoner'. So what we do is: put the prisoner in the prison. And then they made love for the first time. Afterwards, the guy is lying face up on the bed, smiling with satisfaction. Nudging him, his bride giggles, "Honey the prisoner seems to have escaped." Turning on his side, he smiles. "Then we will have to re-imprison him." After the second time they spent, the guy reaches for his cigarettes but the girl, thoroughly enjoying the new experience of making love, gives him a suggestive smile, "Honey, the prisoner is out again!" The man rises to the occasion, but with the unsteady legs of a recently born foal. Afterwards, he lays back on the bed, totally exhausted. She nudges him and says, "Honey, the prisoner escaped
Birds And Bees
A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in. “Mother, where do babies come from?” The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, “Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their bedroom, they kiss and hug and have sex.” The daughter looks puzzled so the mother continues, “That means the daddy puts his penis in the mommy’s vagina. That’s how you get a baby, honey.” The child seems to comprehend. “Oh, I see, but the other night when I came into your room you had daddy’s penis in your mouth. What do you get when you do that?” “Jewelry, my dear. Jewelry.”
I find myself as of late questioning everything. I do not mean to and I can honestly say that before I got sick I never did that. There is a lot I do now that is just so not me. How do we get back to the person we was? Will we ever? I mean I am trying to live my everyday to the fullest but there is so much out there that will try to knock me back down. I feel as though I have accomplished something great. I am here still.I am fighting cancer. I am walking again after a long year in a wheel chair. I am eating after a year of living off of Ensure and water. So what more could I want? Honestly, I want to know what TRUE love really feels like. I mean I spent a year going from day to day wandering if I am going to wake up the next morning.I never knew if when I closed my eyes to finally go to sleep if I would die. So now I feel like I have to fit everything into one day. I have to get things done and do things all at once and it is tiring. I mean really. There is so much I want to do and fe
0 To 200 In 6 Seconds
Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really pissed. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE !!" The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway. Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale. Bob has been missing since Friday.
Yeah, Huh...
The husband had just finished reading a new book entitled, "You Can Be the Man of Your House." He stormed to his wife in the kitchen and announced, "From now on, you need to know that I am the man of this house and my word is Law. You will prepare me a gourmet meal tonight, and when I'm finished Eating my meal, you will serve me a sumptuous dessert. After dinner you are going to go upstairs with me and we will have the kind of sex that I want. Afterwards, you are going to draw me a bath so I can relax. You Will wash my back and towel me dry and bring me my robe. Then, you will massage my feet and hands. Then tomorrow, guess who's going to dress me and comb my hair?" The wife replied, "The fuckin' funeral director would be my first guess."
Album is coming together nicely. The working title of it is "Dead Dreams and other failures" As soon as I get this cherrytap down a little better, I'll start posting some links or something. Not that any of you really care anyway.
How Do I
How do I remove a crush I am told the trash can above the crush however I don't see one :( Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
Need Help From All Ma Peeps!! Vote & Comment Bomb Me, Plz!!
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
Where Am I?
Ever get home from work and take a nice little nap in the afternoon. You wake up and you cant remember what day it is, what time and what happened to your clothes? I am having on of those times right now. Oh hey of my socks
A Lil Page
Ok I don't know if its safe to post this on here lol..but uhh... anyways I just completely redid my whole MySpace page and poor me doesn't have any friends yet =( so i was wondering if any of u that ALREADY... (not trying to recruit) have Myspace pages would add me?? I would be so happy.
Social Security Disability
My case is in the judges hands again and I'm still waiting for my second decision. Some people are denied 4 or 5 times until approved and you never win in the federal level. The problem is president Bush told the judges to get tough and there have been people taking advantage of it so the people that need the money are the ones to suffer. With no income coming in thats why I get down to so its been tough.
Fucken Heated
More Shit To Happen In My Damn Life..
Well here is an update of what is going on.. A month passed when grandma died and now on saturday my great grandpa died of a heart attack.. This is bull shit why does this shit happen to me in my damn life.. I am just hanging in there yeah I did got it out of my damn system and I do feel a little better.. Well I will keep you all an update on me ok.. Virgo24
His Dark Wish Still Haunts Me......
    The good with the bad, is what we have to take Stress and pain are how you know your alive. Feelings overwhelm some people, causing confusion. Deep inside every person is a cold empty spot A spot with its own thoughts Dark horrid thoughts Its human nature at its best Raw primal urges and cognitive thinking Though you don't agree with his decision Its only cause your afraid of what they will say He openly talks about it, his dark deep wish You assume he wants attention Why else hasn't he done it then….. Could it be he is waiting to see if he is wrong Maybe its part of his planed wish Maybe just maybe he is as scared as you Time flies by and weeks turn into months He doesn't call or come by No one sees him, and wonders why He did it, just like he wanted to He ended this miserable existence Going on an unknown adventure into the beyond When he took his life he got no attention. Only one guest at his viewing No flowers on his grave, not a tear shed So why
100 Question Survey About Me.
100 New Questions You've Probably Never Been Asked. 1. First thing you wash in the shower? my hair. 2. What color is your favorite hoodie? Black, with red lettering that reads "REVENGE" - its a my chemical romance hoodie. 3. Do you like coffee? I have recently fell in love with dunkin donuts coffee coolatas. 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? fat. as always. 7. Do you say aim or a-i-m? AIM 8. Tell me about the last dream/nightmare you remember having. I don't remember details but I was staying in a hotel with Mark (the one my ex fiance left me to go live with), and we we're making out for some odd reason... he said he liked me, but somehow in a twist of dream, I was back with Steven. 9. Could you eat your favorite food everyday for a month and not get tired of it? I did that once, chicken tenders... yummie. 10. What are you craving? blood 11. Do you floss? yeah 12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? nasty dinners. 15. Would you dance to t
Rush The Floor
Stop By People The Bikersclubhouse Bar And Grill We Are Having A Big Party Right Now
bring ur friends over request a song and hear the D.j. annouce ur name on air
Seren Bombers
ROCKGIRLTIA/TIACINDERS:FOUNDER SERENE BOMBERS tracey 'spudbaby angel of mercy .seren bombers ' 'VampireGirl: Seren Bombers' Richtee. Member of Brits on Tour Seren Bombers Roxanne 'ur2gd2betru1' Seren Bombers Canadian_Hottie..."Seren Bombers"'s
So instead of taking the eMac to the Apple Store to get serviced, I laid around, watched movies, talked my friend Amber and eventually just serviced myself. Now, it doesn't take long for me to get off, but first I have decide what I'm going to watch. I can't just grab the toys and go to town. I need a little visual stimulation. Guys have no problem fantasizing and closing their eyes and picturing some hot chick they want to bang. But with me, and most girls I assume, it doesn't work that way. We need a little something extra. We need porn. We need batteries. So my man's out of town. I'm not flying out until Thursday. I need a little love. Even if it is self-love. My mother always said I can't love anyone until I love myself. And that I did. So now, I'm vedging out until I go up to Lake Forest to hang with Amber, and then we're going to Blue Mondays. Woohoo! Gotta rock some leg warmers tonight.
More On Peter Britt's Book. Will Be Out Soon!
I thought it would be a great idea to offer friends & fans the opportunity to get their names in my book on a special dedication page. Please red below as to "how" to pre-order and, to read some samples. Peter Britt; Country/rock recording artist-Singer/songwriter/musician-Twice published author, poetry and now his soon to be best selling book "All That I Am, I Think!" And, his soon to be submitted and published second book, "The Devistation" To pre-order the book is $35.00 to have your name in the book. You will also receive an autographed copy for that. No extra shipping is required. Pre-order the book and have your name in it alongside those who have made a differernce in Peter Britt's climbing music career. Click the banner to join the street team. Click the paypal link below to Order the book. Click here to pre-order All That I Am, I Think! Below is a preview of chapter Five (Passion) and chapter Twelve (Rights & Wrongs) of All That I Am, I Think! This preview will also be
Get Up Off Your Lazy Asses' & Help Me!
I'm very angry right now! You guys call yourselves friends? I go away for two hours & find out that NOT ONE of you took the time to rate or comment in my contest. NOT ONE! And now i'm 1500+ comments behind. Well, if aren't going to help me & win this contest, well I will have no choice but to start dropping you as friends. So you better be getting up off your ass & start helping me win, or you can start looking for a new friend. And while your at it, I have a bulletin posted for the contest as well. I'd appreciate you take two seconds & repost it for me. The link to the contest is my pic below! Thank you very much...& have a nice evening! [ photo: 151774446 ]
Anyone But A Bush Or A Clinton
(Shamelessly stolen from,1,2563126.story?ctrack=1&cset=true) Having refused a third term as president, George Washington offered the nation a farewell address in 1796, urging Americans to cherish the Union and to avoid the "baneful effects" of political partisanship. Successors such as Thomas Jefferson warned against the formation of an "unnatural" aristocracy of men who inherited great fortunes and political office. Both of these warnings have been overlooked in the debate over Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2008 presidential run. But if she secures the Democratic nomination, wins and serves two terms, by 2017 the United States will have been governed by either a Bush or a Clinton for 28 years. That's three decades governed not just by the same two families but much of the same supporting staff. As Dick Cheney is a name familiar to both Bush presidencies (as George H.W. Bush's secretary of Defense and his son's vice
What If Our Mercenaries Turn On Us?
(Shamelessley stolen form Armed units from the private security firm Blackwater USA opened fire in Baghdad streets twice in two days last week. It triggered a standoff between the security contractors and Iraqi forces, a reminder that the war in Iraq may be remembered mostly in our history books for empowering and building America’s first modern mercenary army.There are an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 armed security contractors working in Iraq, although there are no official figures and some estimates run much higher. Security contractors are not counted as part of the coalition forces. When the number of private mercenary fighters is added to other civilian military “contractors” who carry out logistical support activities such as food preparation, the number rises to about 126,000. “We got 126,000 contractors over there, some of them making more than the secretary of defense,” said House defense appropriations subcommittee Cha
Been A While
It's been a while since I've been up here, I was gone to a deployment and was gone for a while--but the girl is BACK and ready for anything!!
Dj Dark Angel Is On Da Air
CRAZY-SEXY-COOL On Air Now Click Below To Enter The Pit!!!
Way Boreeed
ugh ii wish ii was wid mii baby..i juss woke uhp and there ain shit t0o do....
I Am Alive
im here fucking rockin it the best i can and i love you guys no matter what happens.... goodbye
The Best F'n Day Ever !!!!!!!!!!!
Well Kiddies, I have been exhausted from my new, crappy-paying, but nonetheless "job" that I have been at for the past 3 weeks . . . However . . . I just got the phone call. I GOT THE JOB AT PPG!!!!! I will be an Admin. Asst. in the Corporate EHS Law Department - Chemical and Contract Law, the latter I majored in in college. It is a $14,000 a year raise over the last job I had, and an $18,000 a year raise over what I am making now. The benefits are BEYOND phenomenal. It is pretty bad when your current employer, who hired me with the understanding that if I was offered this position, I was to take it - his words, not mine. I already talked to him and he is extremely happy for me. Thanks to all of you, especially Jackie, Lurk, Rich, Lane, Miss Dee and everyone else who was keeping me in their prayers and their fingers crossed!!! 82 interviews later . . . and my dream has come true!!!
How many friends does one truely really have? I can count the true friends I have on one hand. I can count people I know using several people's fingers and toes. But over all it's the ones that will always be there for you that matter the most in life, oh and don't forget the ones that won't hesitate to sit in jail with ya ;)
I Cry.....
When Im alone I cry. I cry because I have to deal with it all on my own. I cry because I cant please them all. and im realizing its impossible. I cry because I cant handle it. I cry because its starting to take its toll. I cry because few understand. I cry because most dont care enough to want to understand. I cry because those that do, I cant talk to. I cry because I know its my fault. all of it. and theres nothing i can do about it. I cry about the past and I cry about the future I cry because the present isnt as i thought it would be. I cry becuase I fucked it all up. I cry because I dont want it like it was. and I cry because I dont like it the way it is. I cry because Im alone. I cry because I have no one to talk to. I cry and no one can hear. I cry when I bottle my feelings. and when I let them out. I cry when I cant tell you how I feel. and because I know why. I cry because the way I want things arent how they should be I cry because I cant be with
Cait Sidhe
Cat Sidhe or Cait Sith (Pronounced caught shee)is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on it's breast. It is said to haunt the Scottish Highlands. Some common folklore suggested that the Cait Sidhe was not a fairy, but a transformed witch. The myths surrounding this creature are more common in Scottish Folklore, but a few myths originate in Irish folklore as well. The name comes from the root words "Cait" which means "Cat" in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic and "Sidhe" which is the word for faery folk or other otherworldly beings. It is possible that the legends of the Cait Sidhe were inspired by Kellas Cats, which are probably a hybrid between European Wildcats and domestic cats only found in Scotland (the European Wildcat is absent from elsewhere in the British Isles). Typically, Kellas Cats resemble large black wildcats, but with some features closer to domestic cats, and have probably been present in Scotland for centuries,
Today's Scope 6/4/07
What happened? This place used to be so lively, but now it's totally dead! Alas, everyone has their heads buried in their work. It might be time for you to take a deep breath and dig in as well. Sounds like good advise to me. I need to get to work now. TTFN. GH
New Here...
Okay. so I guess I'm so bored that I fill out surveys on myspace and then the fucking hippie came and held me at gun point to create a profile here... Then I hear him snicker everytime that I add a friend or leave a comment. the snicker sounds very similar to a "cha-ching, cha-ching" sound, to be quite frank. Anyway, I'm Cris and I'm here to prevent boredom at work. (and it's only monday.)
Six Flag Tickets
I am sellin six flags tickets,, any one interested get at me,,,, they are 4 for $100.00 or $30.00 each,,,, i have 8 left,, let me know if u want them,, get atcha girl
My Cousins Bachlorette
Night out with the gilrs............ Well last night was my cousins bachlorette party,,,we went to manhattan to the copacabanna night club for a male review,,,before that even happen we were stuck in major traffic so we bypassed the GWBridge and went toward the Lincoln Tunnel,, to find out that was crazy too,, right now i have a headache that was just gettin worse ,, the fumes from the cars in that tunnel were so bad i really thought i wasnt gonna make it to the club,, well finally we get out of the tunnel and we get by the club to find out the car show was going on,, we forgot about that,, thats why there was so much traffic.. anyways now we are lookin for parking,, and of course there isnt any on the street and to find a parking garage,, please,,, well finally we did find a parking garage maybe 3 blocks up,, ummm yeah 3 blocks,, not to mention i wasnt wearing sneakers,,, well we started walkin to the club and half way there i couldnt walk no more,, my feet were killin me,, i didn
Wounds Of Love Can Only Be Healed By The One That Made Them
€ Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. ~Author Unknown € Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. ~Author Unknown € Maybe part of loving is learning to let go. ~From the television show The Wonder Years € I prithee send me back my heart, Since I cannot have thine; For if from yours you will not part, Why, then, shouldst thou have mine? ~John Suckling € As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you. ~Toto € Let your tears come. Let them water your soul. ~Eileen Mayhew € It's so curious: one can resist tears and 'behave' very well in the hardest hours of grief. But then someone makes you a friendly sign behind a window, or one notices that a flower that was in bud only yesterday has suddenly blossomed, or a letter slips from a drawer... and everything collapses. ~Colette € The heart is the only broken instrument that wo
Well here we have a bitch names Amanda aka Panda nasty ugly stink bitch from the bx,, well i came @ her like a women but she still didnt care,,, bitch has no self asteem and i hope she likes the taste of my shit,,, literally,, this bitch is the worst eva,, 21 years old she will get hers,,just thought all my friends would love to see what my man cheated on me with,,,,Well as far as he says he didnt cheat,, but this bitch made sure she said all she could,,, ill always love him,, he knows a real women and she is just dreaming,,, but hey life goes on!!! well i mean my x,, has been and thank god its been ova. im out,, and im closing this subject,,,,,,,, JUST CLICK THIE LINK BELOW TO SEE WHAT A BEAUTY SHE IS,,, SHES A BEAST!!!!!!
Thank You
This is from CntryGoth... I would like to thank you all for accepting my dog as a friend :) He is part of my world and is very important to me, this is why I created him a profile. I am slowly workin my way thru all of the friends in his list to get you all rated. Please be patient. He is still at a pretty low level and doesnt get that many rates a day :( Hopefully that will change very soon. Take care and much love to you all :) CntryGoth & Frazier
For The Women On Cherrytap...
hi ladies... friend me...then PM me(and or comment here in blog): where you from? age? kids? married? how tall? shoe size? fav color? fav food? what else can/will/should you tell me about yourself?
(warning: I'm In The Mood To Piss Someone Off) Let Us Breed Constantly With No Regulations.
so, i concede. let us all breed a thousand fold, for billions of dead soldiers. how's that sound? really, what is the point in breeding? (yes, breeding, like dogs, cats, rabbits, and sheep) to further the species? for what gains? it's not like we're really furthering ourselves. no, we're just trying to expand our life expectancy. so, we breed more calfs while keeping the bulls and cows alive longer and longer, further depleting our stores. what a thought, what a thought. pathetic, isn't it? and not only are we depleting our resources, but we're also trying to fuck the planet. but i got news for you folks, this planet is far bigger than any of us. think of it as... a bunch of midget pigmies attacking elephants. or better yet, ants trying to destroy us. it won't happen. why? because Ma' Nature, she's got one big foot, and she will crush us without a second thought. but, the point is... the point is... why do we keep breeding, 'eh? why aren't abortions manditory? why? why? why?! why d
so people have said to me 'barbie, you don't talk to me' yadda yadda yadda...well today, i'm vouching to get better at talking on here. you guys just have to understand - i can get up to 10 or more people shouting at me in my tiny little at the same time i'm trying to juggle adding/fanning/rating i'm sorry if im a little slow. much love dorky barbie doll
A Good Life
I was sitting alone at work the other nite. I started thinking about my life. I realized that I have a good life. This comes after seeing my second ex-wife driving a brand new car. She must be spending quite a lot of time on her knees, but I digress. I thought about what I have. I own my own home, bought a paid for myself. I own my car, it isn’t much but I like it, and it’s paid for! I have 4 wonderful kids, 3 great dogs, 1 silly cat; I love my pet as much as my kids. I have a very sweet and loving girlfriend; guess you could say I’ve found my soul mate. I have a very good job that I love, how many people can say that? I thought, you know, I may not have a lot but what I got is mine, bought and paid for by me! So let my ex have her fancy car and everything that’s goes with. Let her drink all the booze she wants, let her do all the drugs she wants. Cause unlike her, I grew up. Gave all that crap up for good! I take care of myself and my kids. Unlike my step kids (hers) mine are growing
Nothing But A Corporate Whore
*sorry if there are some typo errors in it. I have been in the business world for more than 2 years now. I can’t even believe I am a part of it. I am not even a graduate. As you know most of the call centers are not that strict when it comes to educational background, you just have to have experience. Working in the said industry is like going back to school. You will be in class for 2-3 weeks. You will be learning new stuff, have new classmates, a new teacher, will be graded and graduate. After which you will be distributed to your teams, then again you will meet new people. When you ask ordinary people what is a call center, they will mostly say ‘oh, those people who work at night’, yeah most of us work at night, and as a personal opinion, night differential helps a lot, especially in paying taxes. The good thing about working at night is that you get to avoid the hustle of the traffic world. But what I hate about it is that you don’t get to have a social life, unle
Please Help Me Welcome A New Member
please help me welcome a dear great friend of mine DMC@ CherryTAP
Being Single
Is REALLY starting to SUCK....Iam 35 years old and been single prolly 4years now and I HATE it!!!! Iam looking to settle down into a long term committed relationship and the rest of this bs and games well they can just go on cause Iam THROUGH with all of that shit
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My Friends
Thank You
Ty TO ALL THAT HELPED MY FRIEND IN HER CONTEST U GUYS ROCK... SO COME SHOW THESE SPECIAL CHERRIES OF THE DAY SOME GREAT LOVE.... ALWAYSNICE@ CherryTAP Nav@ CherryTAP Vastatio!!@ CherryTAP HillyBunnie@ CherryTAP Don Aviles@ CherryTAP Most*Beautiful*Plague@ CherryTAP Hellspites22@ CherryTAP NO MORE DRAMA@ CherryTAP fireman1x1@ CherryTAP burg@ CherryTAP mister bukkake@ CherryTAP eric
ok im in very bad pain who wants a cold and a hurting wisdom tooth thats trying to come though?
A Kiss From A Male Persepctive.
A piece I wrote about a year ago. It was requested of me by a friend. And it goes with this music. (the kissing scene) It is writen from a males perspective. Which is something I always try to figure out. I see you. there. And I want you. I've been waiting for you. Here. Waiting for you to walk into this room. And here you are. At last. You walk in to this room and my heart beats harder. I want you. I can smell you wanting me too. Soft and spicy. I can tell you want me. And you are not even close enough to touch yet. You are hard for me. There. I look down and I can see them. I want to lick them and taste them too. Don't hide them from me. Our eyes clash. They meet. They slide away. They clash. I want to devour you. I touch you and my hands tremble. I've watched you. I've thought of you and I have spilled myself over my hands for you. I have cried out for you at night. Into my pillow. But I go slow. My finger
Training Tonight!
I'll be attending a class tonight towards getting my certification in tutoring. This will confirm my desire to teach. My passion lies in teaching young children, but this first of four sessions will allow me to assist/ tutor in the GED program at my local college. I love to help others! God Bless all who read this blog! ~Libby
Friend Request Denied!
Ok here's the deal...i'm here to have fun and have really great friends...don't go comign along asking to request me as your friend just so I can be another number or better favorite one was this guy...loftbill or soemthign like that friend requests me just so i can see pics of his penis...dude! I knwo what a penis looks like i DON'T need to see your for anyways that's my please don't request me if i'm just gonna just look at you penis..i have one to look at in real life TYVFM! The rant Krissy~
My Last Chance
i've ruined the best thing that has happened to me ever... I can't take it anymore
Maybe I Am Paranoid
I just posted two Mumms concerning Nonviolence as an option. I noted people who I thought would add to the discussion in the Mumms and active. But they ignored both of my Mumms. Am I being shunned because I don't buy into all the sociological norms of the left or the right? I have seen some very strange inactivity as of late.
A man doing market research knocked on a door and was greeted by a young woman with three small children running around at her feet. He says, "I'm doing some research for Vaseline. Have you ever used the product?" She says, "Yes. My husband and I use it all the time." "And if you don't mind me asking, what do you use it for?" "We use it for sex." The researcher was a little taken back. "Usually people lie to me and say that they use it on a child's bicycle chain or to help with a gate hinge but, in fact, I know that most people do use it for sex. I admire you for your honesty. Since you've been frank so far, can you tell me exactly how you use it for sex?" The woman says, "I don't mind telling you at all. My husband and I put it on the door knob and it keeps the kids out." (AND YOU THOUGHT WHAT?)
Space Colony Made by Firefly studios Coomputer Game (Think Sims meets Sci-Fi) Rated Teen and up 2003 $5.00 _________________________________________________ Roller Coaster Tycoon Computer Game Atari Rated for Everyone Windows 95/98 or higher to run 1999 $3.00 _________________________________________________ Baby Einstien DVD's: Baby Beethoven - Symphony of Fun Baby Santa's - Music Box Baby Neptune - Discovering Water Baby Bach - Musical Adventure Baby Monet - Discovering the Seasons $10.00 Each or $40.00 for the whole set Retail: $16 - $20 each ___________________________________________________ The Texas Chainsaw Masacre DVD Rated R Approx. 98 minutes $7.00 _________________________________________________ The Ring DVD Widescreen edition Rated pg-13 1 hour 55 minutes Dreamworks Pictures $7.00 _________________________________________________ Turistas - Unrated Extended Unrated Version Exclusive Special Effects Featurette Audio Commentary Deleted Scenes 2006-2007 Wi
Stephen King
"The arguments against insanity fall through with a soft shirring sound; these are the sounds of dead voices on dead records floating down the broken shaft of memory." from Lisey's Story by Stephen King This struck me as undescribably beautiful... and morbid at the same time...
Come Join!!!
CLICK PIC TO JOIN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also the lounge is looking for help if your willing to help on positions in the lounge please join the lounge and reply to the help wanted section in the discussions. We Need The Following so far 2 Bartenders 2 Greeters 2 female dancers 1 male dancer 3 promoters Enforcers 2 between midnight central time to 6am central time 1 from 6am till w/e ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also check out this other lounge of ours as well The Devils Playground Click the Pic to Join PLEASE JOIN NEED PEOPLE AND TY AS WELL JUST COPY AND PASTE THE CODE IN A NEW WINDOW Both are Proud members of The New and Improved Excalibur Radio (Old name was Daves Hideaway Radio)
Contest Ends Tonight
Fake Pis
why do people on there profiles place fake pics of themselves.for instance a met this lad of a website once and on his picture he was a stunner well in my opinion he was.he asked me out on a date so i said yes anyway to get to the point i met up with him and he looked nothing like the man in the pic he was horrible.why do people make themselves out to be something there not?
I Found-d Internet...
Too bad it's only for a few minutes... Oh well. On a bad note... Had to drop out of summer classes already (and today is the first day of them...) And I have a headache from dealing with all the paperwork and people that can't seem to understand simple questions and simple requests... On a good note... I'm home... and even without munchkin... I'm home... Only for a few days though... (then back to MN for a few days... then home w/ munch for good) And I managed to get some stuff done... My licence and title done... the mid-life crisis car has a new plate... whoot... and I have a new ugly licence... Off to do about 4 million other things now... Then drink myself in to a stupor.
Hello All A Update That Is Not That Upbeat
hello all my friends of the weird wide net. as you all know to some degree or less. that i just moved here to columbus (ohio) after a nigthmare of two years spent in vegas after the death of my wife of 10 years. i came here with very limited resources and HI hopes. well as of this wensday i will be homeless. the same day i was told that i was being supended AKA fire! was the the same day my roomate who from day one i have been giving more then my share of the rent and what not! tell me that she haves lost the lease for non payment of rent. and i will have to be out the dorr by this when days.i still say she had guts as big as king kongs ball tell me this 2!!!!! days after i payed her my half of the rent 2 days earleir. so i be on the street as of whensday morning. well i'l be doing a journal of my time on the street here so here hoping its a short term project.
Hi There
I am actually working on a poem to put in here. It won't be great mind you, and it'll probably be a little depressing...but oh well.:-) just read it when i post it dammit.
Sudden Attack
sudden attack stabbed & hacked but no pain no death zone of silence sudden powered mute strangeness & awareness most awkward to the mind alive w/love & laughter &memory sweet of kinder times when we spoke & words had soft form by a fire Jim Morrison
Friendly Advice
If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you.
Dude Chasing Chicks
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Finnally In Love? Could It Be? I Think So!
hmm...i have a question for anyone who reads this. how many ppl acctually believe in "love" these days? and do u think it's strange to just start believing in it for the first time when you meet someone special? i've had a few b/f's in the past, and i've even been engaged at one point, but i never really felt "true love" i dont know if anyone knows what i mean, but i have recently meet someone, and those of you who know me, know who it is, and for some freaking reason, i cannnot stop thinking about this person. i dont know how i know this, but i am seriously in love with him. like the truely madly, i dont know what to do with myself kind of in love. that scares the hell out of me and makes me feel better than i have in a while, all at the same time. how weird is that? can anyone explain love to me? i need some help here. lol he is the greatest man i've ever "met". i didnt think that men could be so sweet and caring and he proved all those things that i've seen in the past w
Who Has The Right To Brag
Wow! there has been a lot going on in the world in the last few weeks and months. So much to rant and bitch about it's hard for me to pick a place to start or a single subject on which to piss and moan. From Don Imus to Nancy 'Whore of Damascus' Pelosi to the Duke rape scandal to the Iranian hostage/nuclear crisis to the O'Donnell/Trump feud to the Anna Nicole baby's daddy saga (as you can see not much going on in my personal life beyond a near death natural gas poisoning mixed in with tons of work). I think the best topic for this rant should be morons in general. I'm not talking about morons in chat or the guy that sits through a red light fumbling for some shit in the passenger seat while you are laying on the horn for him to fucking go already... I'm talking about the morons that never have anything to say about anything. Because believe it or not they are the ones that run this great country of ours. I am of course referring to the 'no opinion' people. If you watch the news like
My Grandfather I Lost To Cancer.
In Memeory of Marvin C. Starnes(11-10-2004) Marvin C. Starnes Sept. 4, 1928 Nov. 10, 2004 Two years has gone since you passed away but in our hearts you're here to stay doctor's said, "There's no cure." but God said He'd make you pure so you went away here we're left but not alone although we can't call you on the phone we still talk to you everyday especially during this holiday but in our hearts you're here to stay.
My Daughter
In Memeory of Shianne Michelle Greene (03-23-99) Shianne Michelle Greene March 23, 1999 Many years have passed since the day we saw you last I guess something just went wrong but you're memory still is very strong you're our angel girl you're hair all in curl we can't wait for the day that we get to say, "We love you, Shianne." in that great heavenly land.
Do This For Me! =d
Would you makeout with me? [ ]Hell Yea [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]Maybe [ ]already have ;) Would you sleep with me? [ ]In an instant! [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]Maybe Am I attractive? [ ]Eff no! [ ] Hot as hell [ ]Fine [ ]Cute [ ]Okay [ ]Beautiful Do you think I'm a virgin? [ ]Yes [ ]No Are you a virgin? [ ]yes [ ]no I look like.. [ ] A player [ ] a wife/husband [ ] One time thing [ ] Next bf/gf [ ] A friend [ ] A friend with benefits [ ] A possibility [ ] A loser [ ] A studmuffin If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ]No [ ]maybe Would you rather.. ?? [choose what you'd do!] [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Friends [ ] Friends with benefits [ ] Marry me [ ] Have sex [ ] OTHER (give details) On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [ ]1 [ ]2 [ ]3 [ ]4 [ ]5 [ ]6 [ ]7 [ ]8 [ ]9 [ ]10 What would you want me to be to you? [ ] Friend [ ] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [ ] Friend with benefits [ ]
You Must Confront
you must confront your life which is sneaking up on you like a rapt coiled serpent snail slime you most confront the inevitable eventually bloody bones has got you! Jim Morrison
Iam A Kool Countrygirl Lookin For A Sweet Cowboy
Come Join A Great Family
CLICK PIC TO JOIN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also the lounge is looking for help if your willing to help on positions in the lounge please join the lounge and reply to the help wanted section in the discussions. We Need The Fallowing so far 2 Bartenders 2 Greeters 2 female dancers 1 male dancer 3 promoters Enforcers 2 between midnight central time to 6am central time 1 from 6am till w/e ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also check out this other lounge of ours as well The Devils Playground Click the Pic to Join PLEASE JOIN NEED PEOPLE AND TY AS WELL JUST COPY AND PASTE THE CODE IN A NEW WINDOW Both are Proud members of The New and Improved Excalibur Radio (Old name was Daves Hideaway Radio)
The Evelution Of Math In The United States
The Evolution of Math in the United States Last week I purchased a burger and fries at McDonalds for $3.58. The counter girl took my $4.00 and I pulled 8 cents from my pocket and gave it to her. She stood there, holding the nickel and 3 pennies. While looking at the screen on her register, I sensed her discomfort and tried to tell her to just give me two quarters, but she hailed the manager for help. While he tried to explain the transaction to her, she stood there and cried. Why do I tell you this? Because of the evolution in teaching math since the 1960s... Teaching Math In 1960 A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit? Teaching Math In 1970 A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit? Teaching Math In 1980 A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80. Did he make
Beautifully True. Thank You Biki..
"Often in our lives, we fall prey to the idea of a thing rather than actually experiencing the thing itself. We see this at play in our love lives and in the love lives of our friends, our family, and even fictional characters. The conceptualizing, depiction, and pursuit of true love are multimillion-dollar industries in the modern world. However, very little of what is offered actually leads us to an authentic experience of love. Moreover, as we grasp for what we think we want and fail to find it, we may suffer and bring suffering to others. When this is the case, when we suffer more than we feel healed, we can be fairly certain that what we have found is not love but something else. When we feel anxious, excited, nervous, and thrilled, we are probably experiencing romance, not love. Romance can be a lot of fun as long as we do not try to make too much of it. If we try to make more of it than it is, the romance then becomes painful. Romance may lead to love, but it may also fade w
Do Ppl Really Think About Their Actions?
Ok, so there are a few (if not more) ppl on here that seem to only look at other ppls pages just so they can hate on them. i dont know about everyone else...but i think that is pretty ...dumb, for lack of a better word. if u acctually take the time to look at someones page and all their pics and shit like that, just so u can insult them or talk shit or INTERFEAR in their lives then wouldnt that make you the stupid person? and yes there is one person i had in mind writing this. well, that's all just a thought i had. later
I Dont Ask...
OK i guess i got entered into a contest for prettiest eyes...I dont enter contests but i guess my cousin (THANKS DESTINY) entered me...So please click and vote and say hello just something like that for me...THanks again...i guess...
Ooooh, Im All Goth And Stuff....
Stolen from the all knowing Oracle's page.... You scored as Darkness, Darkness! Silent, mysterious and contemplating, you keep to yourself, and maybe a best friend. You are sometimes shunned and sometimes adored. It really depends. you will fight if you have to, but dont take much pleasure in it. You may feel alone, but its really that you just push everyone else away... Darkness100% Light50% Fire33% Earth33% Wind33% What Element Lies within you?(PICS)created with
Who's The Real Issue?
Ok so I'm tired of listening to my guy friends bitch about women so much. So what if the one you want doesn't like you..or has a boy friend...IT'S THEIR LIFE!! Or how bout that you can't get ass on a first what we're not all down for that shit. Or maybe the fact that you can't find someone that wants you...Maybe it's you not everyone else. How bout that only the "fat ones" want you...maybe you're too pushy or you're just not good enough for the hot ones. Hey maybe the fact that you have 3 dates cancel on you in a month...obviously they found something better to do. Get over it...don't make us the issue when it's more than likely you. Re assess your life take a break then get back in the game when you really know what you want or need. Maybe I'm just dumb and venting, but I'm tired of the shit. It's not always the women that are the issue...especially when you can't get any.
Me, Just Being, Enjoy
**A note from the author** *This is copyrighted material, just as you sign your name on a story or poem, that is copyrighted as well. Please do not copy or publish this anywhere. Thank You* Day 1: Dec. 31, 2005 Well, here we are. The Doctor says you would be good therapy. That i might start to remember the days that i have missed. I don't recall going to bed last night. The doctor said when i forget things, that i should... shit. OH, that i should write them down, silly me, forgeting again. Ok, so i went to the store, got me groceries, made dinner, i even did the dishes, and cut my hand. I took the rascal out for a walk, rascal is my dog. I watched a movie, then i took a shower, and then went to bed. But i don't remember falling asleep... and the blood. I was covered in blood. I remember the sticky redness all over me, like i showered in this disasterous red mess. But... I don't remember sleeping, or dreaming. The sticky redness started to smell bad. S
Um Nasty Aint No Dude Doing That On My Face
Okay, This Is Cool...sorta.
Apparently now we can get free points just for being online! This can be good if we've already added all the friends we intend to and rated everything, since it lets us level anyway. On the other hand, though, if we just leave our computer online on CherryTap for a month, I imagine we'll get some levels without doing a damned thing. It may be worth it to let our profiles "time out" after a few hours of inactivity, just to keep people from cheating a level with free points.
Shawn And I Part 2
Well looks like Iam not what Shawn wants in life...Which in reality makes me sad cause I was starting to really like him and all but oh well guess Ill just be single the rest of my pathetic life from now on...:( anyways enough of my whining about this but I will say he and I have chose to stay good friends at least so I now have gained another friend out of all this
Dude Did That Guy Say Face Scruff Can Be Rough On The Shaft
Update On Mike
Mike has been transfered to the Chippewa County Jail if anyone wants to write him the new addy is as follows... Michael Ver Heule Chippewa County Jail 50 East Spruce St. Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 Thanks, Danielle
Things That I Wanna Bitch About...
There is a reason that pain rhymes with insane. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Chronic pain is an issue that I deal with. Most days it is like an insect buzzing around my head, slightly annoying but manageable. Bad days feel like a gorilla has put on a pair of 8" stiletto heels and is dancing the Lord of the dance on my lumbar area. Riverdance and Clogging are not things that need to be done to a spine. They say (who ever THEY are) that that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. To quote another over used cliche, I now believe that I CAN carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. At least on a day like today it feels as though it is already there. Most people looking at me would probably not notice my "handicappedness" (other than of course the occasional firing on blonde moments) I look normal (whatever that is.) Most days I walk normally. I suppose that could be why most people don't
I broke up with my boyfriend. There's nothing left to hold on too. He brought me back to a place I promised I would never return. I won't be scared or hurt anymore. I will never forget the look in his eyes that night. It was the first time I thought he would actually do something to me. I saw the anger, the fire burning inside him. I spent 3 years being beaten day in and day out. I won't be in any kind of abusive relationship again. His eyes keep haunting me... I'm not going to cry about it though. I'm not a baby. It's another lesson to be learned.
Omg This Is Soooo Very Wrong
Thong Bikini Of The Day 6-4
Thong Bikini of the Day 6-4! Check out this sexy pic larger, by clicking on it! Please leave a comment on what u rate this pic 1-10(10 being the best)
Words Were Never So Damn Right On!!
Livin' with my eyes closed, goin' day to day I never knew the difference, I never cared either way Lookin' for a reason, searchin' for a sign Reachin' out with both hands, I gotta feel the kick inside All Fired Up Now I believe there comes a time All Fired Up When everything just falls in line All Fired Up We live an' learn from our mistakes All Fired Up, Fired Up, Fired Up - Hey Ain't nobody livin', in a perfect world Everybody's out there, cryin' to be heard Now I got a new fire, burnin' in my eyes Lightin' up the darkness, movin' like a meteorite Chorus: All Fired Up Now I believe there comes a time All Fired Up When everything just falls in line All Fired Up We live an' learn from our mistakes All Fired Up, Fired Up, Fired Up The deepest cuts are healed by faith Now I believe there comes a time When everything just falls in line We live an' learn from our mistakes The deepest cuts are healed by faith Now I believe there comes a time When everythin
Ah, That Was Fun.
I took a nice job thru a two building hallway. I love when things get tedious around here. I can run w/o gettin in trouble for it.
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest!
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Contest will start on 6/4 thur 6/11 1st Set Of Eyes Are....... with 1 comments! 2nd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 3rd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 4th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 5th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~ FoUnDeR Of~ * AnGeLs Of MeRcY BoMb SqUaD * ~@ CherryTAP
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest!
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Contest will start on 6/4 thur 6/11 1st Set Of Eyes Are....... with 1 comments! 2nd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 3rd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 4th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 5th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~ FoUnDeR Of~ * AnGeLs Of MeRcY BoMb SqUaD * ~@ CherryTAP
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest!
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Contest will start on 6/4 thur 6/11 1st Set Of Eyes Are....... with 1 comments! 2nd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 3rd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 4th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 5th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~ FoUnDeR Of~ * AnGeLs Of MeRcY BoMb SqUaD * ~@ CherryTAP
So Ready For That Vacation
I get up this morning, in a decent mood,ready for work. Our opening routine go's as normal till we go to open the drawer. And we realize the float bag was missing. For those of you who don't know, the float bag is the money kept out of the deposit to be used the next day. A total of $200, including the change left in the drawer. We searched hi and low, in every cupboard, every drawer, under everything. It was NOT there. So, starting to freak out, I called the employee who was in charge of taking care of it last night. And guess what, she doesn't remember what she did with it, I had her check her over sized purse. I was thinking perhaps she absentmindedly took it home. It wasn't there. It was 9:30 by then and the doors had been open for half an hour. The drawer could not be opened, because I didn't have the cash to put in it. So, if someone had actually come in, we couldn't have given them change for anything, and we couldn't run credit cards. So, I called the store manager. Who could d
Guestbook On Profile!! ; )~~
yall need to sign my guestbook thingy on my profile....if you take the time to look at my profile and read my blogs then you can definately take the time out of you so called fucking busy schedule and sign my guestbook....oh did i mention...please please god
Talib Kweli - Ear Drum [advance][2007][grouprip
For all thoes That know good music & can't wait for the album to drop Take a Peek At My Dude Talib Kweli This has gotz to be oone of the finest Albums Talib put out. Instructions for download : 1. You have to unzip the file using WinRAR 3.7 go to To download 2.Copy n pase this link for the Album: 3. You must use this password to unzip the file: ( ) if you dont you cant open it.. Enjoy Ya'll Image :)
The Gift Of A Giggle...
Not everyday do I wonder around with a smile on my face and a lift in my walk. Some days I do not feel like smiling. Some days I try too...I do try. And my cheeks will not lift. My heart does not hop. As I was snapping on my seat belt this morning... "Children! Repeat after me..... Wonky." "Wonky" "wonky" They answer from the left of me, and also behind. "Does that make your heart happy?" I ask A smile curls onto my lips...and softly... It settles there. My son looks at me from over his glasses. "I guess..." They are used to my words. Simple words can cause me happiness. "It makes my heart happy this morning!!" And as my hand lowers to shift into reverse I hear Emma behind me. "wonky wonky wonky" smile smile smile. I have a small and intimate circle of friends. I am not quick to open up to new people. In fact. I am most closemouthed about many things. Life is private. I do open myself up here on my blog. Where my words feed your
Talib Kweli - Ear Drum [advance][2007][grouprip]
For all thoes that can't wait for the album to drop Take a Peek At My Dude Talib Kweli This has gotz to be oone of the finest Albums Talib put out. Instructions for download : 1. You have to unzip the file using WinRAR 3.7 go to To download 2Copy n pase this link for the Album: 3. You must use this password to unzip the file: ( ) if you dont you cant open it.. Enjoy Ya'll Image
Guest Book And Audio Message
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Now Open!
Best Sexxy Eyes On Ct Contest! Contest will start on 6/4 thur 6/11 1st Set Of Eyes Are....... with 1 comments! 2nd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 3rd Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! 4th Set Of Eyes Are...... with 1 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~ FoUnDeR Of~ * AnGeLs Of MeRcY BoMb SqUaD * ~@ CherryTAP
Bull Lol
A man took his wife to the rodeo and one of the first exhibits they stopped at was the breeding bulls. They went up to the first pen and there was a sign attached that said, "This bull mated 50 times last year." The wife playfully nudged her husband in the ribs and said, "He mated 50 times last year." They walked to the second pen which had a sign attached that said, "This bull mated 120 times last year." The wife gave her husband a healthy jab and said, "That's more than twice a week! You could learn a lot from him." They walked to the third pen and it had a sign attached that said, in capital letters, "This bull mated 365 times last year." The wife, so excited that her elbow nearly broke her husband's ribs, said, "That's once a day. You could REALLY learn something from this one." The husband looked at her and said, "Go over and ask him if it was with the same cow." NOTE: The husband's condition is stable and he should eventually make a full recovery....
Personality And Love Style
My personality!! She's driven by a restless and longing for something more. Part of her wants to stay put and keep everyone happy; another part rebels and wants to shake things up. A spontaneous nature helps her juggle her life—a work in progress—she's open to whatever it brings. My love style!! She's seeking a lifetime companion—someone who'll share good times and bad—a love that's an extreme form of friendship. She doesn't expect love at first sight, liking and respecting someone is a good start then as comfort and closeness grow, love can emerge.
My Shit List As Of 06-04-07
My shit list as of today June 4 07 is as follows in no perticular order. I don't want any favourites I hate you all the same. =) : Tom aka Fluffy Teddy Dan Steve John Dom Danielle Sarah F Chris Matt Denny Tim Alyssa Adam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More added when I can think of some more or new ones get added
Just The Way I Do
Is this the way you are? The way you feel and think? You say it is, but are you sure? Or is this because you are so insecure? Please open your eyes and try to see The way you look to me So sweet, caring and not so tough That is you and that’s enough I know you’ll say that I don’t know But sometimes this is the part you show I know you’ll say I can’t see through But sometimes I see this part of you You’re holding back, you’re hiding You won’t share the things you feel Why won’t you be the girl I know you are? The girl you are for real Please don’t hide who you are inside Show everyone this part of you Just try to set your pride aside And everyone will love you Just the way I do
Due To Lack Of Interest
I have decided not to hold "The Sexy Role Play Outfit" Contest. I only had one person interested. Sir Dave
How In The Hell?
What is it I'm feeling... could it be... that stupid emotion I burried deep inside of me after Steven? that one that Rusty walked all over after I had his child? The same feeling I put walls up around after Daniel was ripped away from me? I can't start to feel this way again... I have a bad history of it... And yet Im craving something real... as the popular MCR song goes... I'm not okay.
Another Monday
Hello world. How are you all today. Its just another day here in Oklahoma.. I was doing pretty good till I got a phone call this morning. See, it all started when I decided to be nice and rent my extra home out to my husbands aunt. I even got her a really good job. Told her she didnt have to give me any money for a whole month. This morning she calls and says that she doesnt have the money to get here. Ok here is the point I am going to make. In life it takes helping yourself out and then other people might help you if u need it. I work over 70 hours a week and I have 4 children, not to metion I go to college fulltime as well. How fucking hard could it be to pay for enough gas to drive maybe an hour and then only have to pay me 200 bucks a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home.. Pure lazyness. thats what I call it.. Sorry, i dont like to yell at people, so I had to let it out somewhere.. Oh and lets not forget I got her a job making 11 bucks an hour sitting on her ass...... All I can say
Real Men
what happed too the real man when he use too stand on his own an not have too rely on a back up buddy or weapon
Don't Call Me A Cock! Tits Ok
A CHARITY has banned bird lovers from using the word “cock” to describe the male of the species — in case it offends people. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds — which ALLOWS the word “tit” — uses four asterisks for “cock” on its website. It says: “Some words have been hijacked for a different and more offensive meaning. It is better to be safe than sorry.” But the charity was accused of political correctness gone mad. RSPB forum user John D, of Holmfirth, Yorks, said: “As bird lovers will know, a Parus Major is a great tit and while cocks do not get past the forum censor, tits do not cause offence. “I’ve heard of PC but that is taking things too far. It’s censorship that is just silly. What should I have said then? The daddy bird, father bird?” A worker on the website claimed the word is replaced by asterisks thanks to the filter in their software and added: “Pretty much all internet forums use the same or similar filters.” But an RSPB spokesman confirm
Beats And Eats
Burst foreth from this gaping wound. A tattered reminder of mans waste. The Devils reign over such todry things. I like it when the scream. An abundance of filth and fine lace. Come see the peep show of horror. Mutilate and Masticate Everything We Know! Erupt from the guts of a virgin whore. Sluts on parade. Can you belive the things we do. Sexual Desolation. And we fear the goods Sodom sold. Gods punishment he should have delieverd onto thyself. Mutilate and Masticate The Skin We are Buried In! Splatter upon the cold tile floor. Murder for hire. Like a child playing in the mud. Sour deeds and suger tears. Like a lizards kiss. Threatin the afterbirth. And abort the Second Coming. Down the drain for another day. Mutilate and Masticate the Procreation of Propaganda. What do we have to do. To find the equilibrium. Spining in this gyroscopic hallucinogenic dream. Just waiting for the fool to press the button. Come watching the mushroom glow and grow.
Why Oh Why
has it ever occured to any man out there.. that when a woman says she likes being cuddled and protected that seriously doesnt mean she wants to be kept in the corner.. that for all intensive purposes she wants to shout her love from the top of every building.. make sure that every one knows she loves some one and yes god damn it she is loved in return.. did it also every occur to any one that perhaps when one has been cheated on in every damn relationship, while she has been absolutely faithful, and has done everything in her damn power to please him.. that perhaps you shouldnt ask to keep the relationship a secret because god forbid some one should find out.. .. holy shit.. holy shit.
A Lil Something I Read...
The Wooden Bowl I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow,a week from now,a month from now, a year from now. A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his Eyesight was blurred,and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. "I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl! When the family glanced in Grandfather's direction, sometime
Ladies, School In Now In Session
Author Leidra Lawson's ten years of experience as a sugar baby--and having given many men and women "sugar baby/sugardaddy dating lessons"--led her to write this unique book. Sugar Daddy 101 will show you how to meet rich men. You can get a sugar daddy to: pay for college, give you a monthly allowance, put you into his will, get money to start a business! A sugar daddy can show you how to make money and open a business. Some women have paved to road to success with help from a sugardaddy and learned how to get rich. Learn how to use online dating to date a millionaire and marry rich. A rich benefactor can make a good sugar daddy. Learn how online dating is a great way to meet successful men. Wealthy dating is what ladies love to do today. Learn how many wealthy men use online dating and the personals to find women for pampering and spoiling. Learn how some women can even marry a millionaire or marry a billionaire, while other women choose to be a kept woman by dating ric
A World Of Glass
As I stand within this world of glass my eyes wide with the horror before me. My thoughts becoming twisted forms of illusions you chose to create. Dreams no longer are comforting but condemning forms of self-abuse. Love no longer bringing pleasure but an endless source of pain. Hope as if a forgotten novel lay tossed aside in a darkened corner. All I know and once found comfort in vanishing without a trace. When all is lost what is it there is left to see? When I no longer can stand inside your twisted version of what should be. Will you still refuse to see within you is me and with in me there is you? Will you cast me out and stand aside laughing while I begin to bleed? Or will you embrace this our reality and allow again your heart to be free. Nixy
Hold My Tears Back
I try to hold all my tears back Now that a dark cloub has return My words won't show my broken heart I'm moving around this room While the world outside is quiet I've let my head down once But I've learned to much to do it again Al though no one can give me comfort I have to find the way on my own No one understands my silence My will to figgure it out alone But I still hold my tears back Just not to show that I'm broken My reasons for fighting isn't clear at all Not even for my eyes to understand I'm so tired of losing it all the time So sick of fighting things that won't change I still fight for my tears not to be shown I don't understand why Some how I always hold my tears back
"You have received 225 points for being online!" Thank you, little diapered savior, for reminding me that I've let another hour of my life trickle out of the tap and down the drain. Well, not entirely down the drain. As Cyrus has pointed out, one's profile on the tap is a kind of scrapbook, a scrapbook in which some parts are more lasting than others. Unlike blogs and photos, profile comments are fairly ephemeral--especially for people like me who carry on conversations in them. The bulletins, too, are fleeting--particularly if you have a lot of jackass friends who repost drivel about contests and missing children, neither of which matter to me. But I've recently discovered an even more transient feature of the tap: The Lounge. I recall that in my first days on the tap, I wandered into a lounge. A few people noted my arrival, greeted me, and we exchanged pleasantries for a minute. Then the conversation quickly slipped back to football or something equally uninteresti
You wanted her to fall before you To tremble with fear but you hadn't counted on the tears Broken Defeated They fell like rain Raging.. Swelling... threatening to drown your deceitful heart You place the blame for all to see Another mark upon her heart A stillness came You backed away Now it is you who feels fear Through cloudy eyes she looks to you Her image branding itself deep with in your heart With a single look she bares her soul for you to see With a gentle sigh she turns to leave Alone she wanders farther from your embrace Nixy 2005
For once and never more Loneliness is like the puzzle, of the ribbon and the rose. One comes from nowhere, just knowing where it goes. The other is creation, from the one who made the world. Whose petals are so beautiful, once they are unfurled. When they come together, no matter whats in store. The loneliness you felt, is For once and never more... Poetry by Me... Lick me and like it Poetry...
A Story Written Awhile Back With A Dear Dear Friend
Story Written with Lestat Awhile Back- Beware Intense LESTAT ~ CHALLENGE ISSUED MY DEAR PRINCE From the shadows comes the softest of whispers ~ " Your thoughts beckon me to you my pet. One should not think so loudly for you never know what might come" even before the speaking is through from the shadows she steps. Black lace drapes the soft curves as she steps closer her every movement presenting elegance and class. From the wrist dangle black ribbons too long for merely decoration perhaps she wishes to play. Hesitation........ will she abandon the hunt now that the prey is near? She thinks not for even now the hunger grows. The desire to possess a addiction she can not cure. With the grace of cat she stalks him. The lace of the transparent gown parting slightly revealing the soft pale skin beneath. The slightest twitch in you bringing reaction. In moments she is before you, her finger tip tracing the moist flesh of your lips. " You desire is strong. My will is stronger"
Every Girl's Dream!
Every girl's dream.... 1. Getting kissed in the pouring rain 2. Have that one hott kiss where you're pressed against the wall 3. Have a guy that thinks you're the world 4. Have a guy that holds on as long as possible when giving hugs 5. Have that moment where you just gaze into each other's eyes 6. When you're not with your guy he's all that you can think about 7. When you cry, he kisses your tears away. 8. A guy that will play her favorite song outside her window 9. A guy who tells you that your smile makes everything better 10. A guy who tells you that you make his day better, just for being you 11. A guy who squeezes your hand 12. A guy that says he loves you and means it 13. A guy who would love you forever no matter the circumstance 14. A guy who is loyal 15. A guy that will sing to you no matter how bad he is at it. 16. A guy that will kiss you on the forehead. 17. A guy who stands up for you no matter who he is against 18. A
With Respect Of Persons
The second chapter of the New Testament book of James has two emphases which split the chapter down the middle while reflecting one unifying theme. Within the church itself (this letter was originally written in the context of assemblies of believers, but it can be equally applied to the public worship buildings we meet in as well), it is vital to not only treat others as we want to be treated but also show that in our daily living. As representatives of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, on earth when we've taken Him as our Lord and Savior, we have to do what He would do and act how He would act toward others. Such are the works that we have to have not to make us ready for salvation -- remember, we're saved from the penalty of spiritual death for our sin by God's grace, not by what we do to earn the unearnable -- but to show what the grace of God has motivated us to do. If we're sincerely moved by the acts of another person, we're moved to do all we can to show our gratitude, isn't th
Check Out The Pics. Private Pics For Friends.
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Ain't That The Truth?
There's a piece of you that's here with me...It's everywhere I go...It's everything I see..... And one day you'll realize that you could have been with me... I hate the way I could never hate you...And the fact I'll always love you no matter what you put me through... I keep coming back to the one thing I need to walk away from... I am stupid...I am foolish...I am lying to myself... I will never ask if you don't ever tell me...I know you well enough to know you'll never love me... It's just so hard not to want you... So...From now on...When you think of me...Just remember that I could have been the best thing you ever had... Sometimes we get second chances...Sometimes we never make it past the first... You know that silence is loud...When all you hear is your heart... It's always times like these when I think of you and wonder if you ever think of me... I know you don't believe you mean this much to me...But I promise you that you
She Is Worth It
Sometimes he removes her walls not to free her but to show her how much he cares When he sees her want to run he watches and waits because she will return if it is where she is to be When she runs so far she is lost He will be her beacon to find her way back _______________________________________________ Written by Restrictive ... I am glad my blog inspired you to write this ... it is a wonderful honor to have you finish off what I couldn't ... Thank You :-)
What A Kiss Means
+kiss on the stomach = Im ready +Kiss on the Forehead ="i hope we're together forever" +Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything +Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends" +Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you" +Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together" +Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you" +Kiss on the Lips = I love you" What the gesture means... +Holding Hands = "we definitely like each other" +Slap on the Butt = "That's mine" +Holding on tight = "i don't want to let go" +Looking into each other's Eyes = "i just plain love you" +Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me" +Arms around the Waist = "I love you too much to let go" +Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you" --Advice-- + Dont ask for a kiss, take one ;) +If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love.
Watch Boring Tv And Lose Weight!
Study finds Entertaining TV programs make you eat By Jennifer Kwan Jun 2, 4:11 PM ET People eat more when they are glued to the television, and the more entertaining the programme, the more they eat, according to research presented on Saturday. It seems that distracted brains do not notice what the mouth is doing, said Dr. Alan Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Hirsch explored the impact of smell, taste and eating behaviors while watching TV by measuring potato chip consumption. Forty-five volunteers ate as many chips as they wanted during five-minute intervals over three-week periods while they watched monologues by late-night talk show hosts David Letterman and Jay Leno. They also were given chips to eat when the television was off. Hirsch found people ate an average of 44 percent more chips while watching Letterman and 42 percent more while viewing Leno, than when they did not watch TV. "If you can concentra
Because I'm Broken
I do the things I do everyday. I walk the same way I walk everyday. I do what I do. Everyday the same, but I don't like it anymore. I feel so unhappy. I can't laugh anymore. I can't sleep anymore. Because I'm broken. I believed in everyday. But days after days, I don't believe in tomorrow anymore. I give up the way I walk everyday. And I make my own way. Because I'm broken and I wanna stand up.
If I Was A Union Worker's Spouse, I'd Beat The F*ck Out Of Them
Strikers have new gripe--no sex 1 hour, 54 minutes ago South African workers striking over pay and benefits have a new complaint -- they no longer have the energy for sex. Monroe Mkalipi, a regional chairman of the powerful COSATU federations of trade unions, complained that work conditions are so tough workers can't perform in the bedroom. "The harshness that we have in all our workplaces is so severe to such a point that when you get home at night it becomes a problem expanding our families," the SAPA news agency quoted him as saying. Public sector workers are negotiating with the government to increase pay for the first time since 2004.
Sweet Dreams
Its late my pet and even now your systems slow. Sleep beckons you~ There will be no struggle to stay awake this night. The troubles of the world left behind. Lips of perfection no man could duplicate.Skin softer than the finest silk. Sleep as not fully claimed you before you feel my touch. No words are spoke for the language spoke requires no words created by man. As night over a feathered touch along you lips begins the first part of your journey. The path you follow contains peaks and valleys contained on no man made road. Silk sheets bind you to the very bed in which you sought comfort. A soft moan escapes as nails trace a forbidden path along your thigh.Just when think control will break the breath of a thousand fires burns a path along your taught abdomen. No bounds are known as the caresses tease and delight fueling your rising desire. Pleasure and pain are the gifts on this night I bring. An angel or devil you really don't care. The rhythm of your bodies driving
im outta here for a little while. i'll try to hit some of your pages with some love when i come back. i have a few errands to run. rock on! Best fuckin song ever..... Turn your speakers up for this!
I Have Free Creampie Gangbang Swing Partys
free swinger / creampie gangbang partys.. YAHOO GROUPS Click to join weluvgangbangs5 Click to join creampieking2 indy TV group Click to join central_indy_gurls join here to get the party dates. take special notices. Meet hot MILFs online right now! indy TV group
My Shoutbox Is Messed Up!!!
if u'd like to contact me please do so by private messaging me until they fix my stupid shoutbox... thanx!!!!
Dead Tired
Dead man rides on tram all night Mon Jun 4, 8:23 AM ET A Croatian man who boarded a night tram and died in his seat rode through the city for more than six hours before the driver discovered he was dead, a Croatian daily reported Monday. The 61-year old, identified as Tomislav K., boarded a tram shortly before midnight Friday. He soon fell asleep and died as the tram rolled on through the night and most passengers trickled out, the Jutarnji List said. Toward the morning, he remained the only traveler. The driver, separated by a glass partition from the rest of the tram, tried to wake him up at the end of his shift and realized he was dead, the daily said. The police put the death down to natural causes but are still awaiting post-mortem results, it said.
Attention Ne Where Members......and Everyone Else Revised 6/5
Here are some contests that our members are in. Please go show them some love and bomb away! If I missed someone, let me know and I will revise it. Thanks Carrie James needs 15,000 comments for a free month of VIC. Alan needs to win to get his 7 day blast (I think, if wrong correct me please! lol) Carrie needs 15,000 comments for a free month of VIC. Julie is in the best cleavage contest for a weeks blast. Please repost, and once again if I forgot any of our Family members contest, please tell me and I will revise. Thanks!
This Looks Quite Amusing (to The Ladies)
999 Ways 2 Say No 2 A "No-Good Man" takes an uncensored look into the ways of the no-good man and exposes him for who he truly is: a dog disguised as a human. While promoting women to think with the head and not with the heart in matters of love, this book unveils what every woman may or may not want to know but needs to know about the canine, who may not currently be in her life, but may someday bring his paws to her doorstep. 999 Ways reveals the internal pollution that allows a woman to tolerate his ways, encouraging her to confront and transform this into strength. It reemphasizes the fact that the very structure of a woman is composed of strength. It is just a matter of finding its location then continuing on with application. From Love 2 Be Defined to the Colorful Commentary and Excerpts of Encouragement, the usage of poetic expression will provoke thought and laughter to uplift the spirit. A.A.D. is the phrase that pays: Acknowledge, Act, Depart. So enter at your risk because on
Thanks To Everyone For The Nice Comments
Except for the perv who thought I wasnt 18! ;-)~ See everyone after I get home from work!
3 Minute Management Course
Lesson 1 A man is getting into the shower just as his wife is finishing up her shower, when the doorbell rings. The wife quickly wraps herself in a towel and runs downstairs. When she opens the door, there stands Bob, the next-door neighbour. Before she says a word, Bob says, "I'll give you £800 to drop that towel." After thinking for a moment, the woman drops her towel and stands naked in front of Bob. After a few seconds, Bob hands her £800 and leaves. The woman wraps back up in the towel and goes back upstairs. When she gets to the bathroom, her husband asks, "Who was that?" "It was Bob the next door neighbour," she replies. "Great!" the husband says, "did he say anything about the £800 he owes me?" Moral of the story: If you share critical information pertaining to credit and risk with your shareholders in time, you may be in a position to prevent avoidable exposure Lesson 2 A priest offered a Nun a lift She got in and crosse
Thinking Of You
Internet: Better Than Heaven
The Internet is the place of dreams, the last bastion of total freedom. Anything and everything you could ever imagine can be found here. Nothing is too bizarre, rare or taboo on the internet. Your experiance on the internet can as amazing, fun, disturbing, educational, sexual or boring as you wish it to be. You can see things on the otherside of the world, or not even on this world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. No other medium allows us this much freedom outside of life itself. You can put your face on the internet, or you can anoymously make fun of those that do. Logging into the internet can be like going beyond thunderdome or maybe your just buying groceries. From the exotic to the mundane, the internet is everything, all the time. Internet: serious business.
Bah 1
I only joined this site to look at pix of the little e-Whore my boyfriend's been doin whatever with for however long.
The Medicine Is My Enemy!!!
So I'm pretty sure its my meds that are making me sick. . . See because this morning I was mildly congested so I took the decongestant I've been taking all weekend. Within about twenty minutes my head was pounding I want to puke and I'm pretty sure I'm running a fever. These are the problems I've had since Friday night. . . When I originally started taking the medication. I think its clear. . .The entire medicine industry is out to get me. . . . Or I'm allergic to something in the pills
My Personality...i Guess. What Do Ya'll Think?
To Scratch A Dog's Ass
To Scratch A Dog’s Ass There has always been much controversy over evolution, even the heated arguments such as the Scope’s (Monkey) Trial around 1925. Reason being, of course, is most men, and women, do not want to be compared to a lowly animal, (religious differences aside that is). Now, I hate to rattle cages here, but as far as I can see mankind, uhm, womankind? Humankind… personkind… whatever. Let’s just say that people are a whole more like animals than they want to admit. Never fear, I’m not going to cover every which way man… uhhh… people are like various animals, (i.e. some people look like monkeys, some are stubborn as mules, etc.) I am just going to pick on one thing I’ve noticed over the years of my existence: If you scritch a dog’s ears, you’d better be ready to scratch his ass… or have a damned good reason why not. Most people I’ve met are pretty much the same way. Well, I don’t mean you have to scratch their hind side or anything like that. What I’v
Love Is Worth Waiting For
For so long I felt that there was no hope for love. Then unexpectedly I was reunited with a man I loved 10 years ago. We both quickly discovered that our love never faded. We are back together now and have rescued eachother from what we thought would be a life of loneliness. He makes me feel as though I can do anything and be anything I set out to be or do. I get butterflies in my stomach every time he looks at me. I melt with every kiss. My heart skips with every touch. I never knew I could experience a love so real and so strong. For those of you who think of giving up on love.....don't. Love is definately worth waiting for. You'll realize that when it happens. And it will happen, when you least expect it.....
Why not do this ,or do that,or something else, do it today or tomorrow or yesterday, why not be creative or destructive,why not be negative or positive, why not be hot or cold, be fresh or stuck up, why not care or dont care, why not help out or not help at all,why not buy this or that,but when it all boils down the only who has to live it is you
Its A Hot Here ..muggy
to hot to soon! strange to say.. Global Warming? Hmmm or is it just Change.. gonna be a hot year all around.. the globe is spinning differant magnetic fields switchN..all these things happen..evry thousands years So get used to it ..and dont Pollute....give A hoot dont pollute..its life
Stormy Love
A man sits alone, depressed, as the rain pours. Pounding at the roof he cries, hating the forbidden. The little girl inside her cuts at porcine flesh, making it easy. As the blood drips on the wood floor, making a puddle, she thinks of him. He breaths on the window and scribbles her name in the fog, as she whispers into her pillow his. Thunder grows and lighting guilt’s, she tares at her hair and he punches the wall. Blood stained sheets and a tear dampen face connect them.
Come Vote 4 My Car
Sitting In My Pity Puddle...
It's been five weeks since Jim left. Wait.. six? Yeah, I think it's six. I am so incredibly ready for him to come home. What makes it even more frustrating is that the whole reason he took the duty was because they'd made a big deal about what an urgent job this was and how they'd be working 10-12 hour days, 6 or 7 days a week. We figured with that kind of overtime, we could finally get together that down payment we've been trying to scrape up for the longest time. And since he's been down there, he's had sixteen hours of overtime. GRRR. Even typing it gets me all riled up again. All this fucking time apart and for nothing. Bastards. Speaking of fucking, this also means I've been celibate for six weeks. Now, I know a lot of people go a lot longer but I've become accustomed to my minimum three times a week (and if I'm lucky, every day) so this is driving me mad! One of my playmates offered to come keep me company for a week or two but I've sorta put him off. It'd be one thing i
Ok This Is It
Im cleaning out my list....nice knowing some of you.....but those of you that know your gonna stay dont worry about sending me anything...
Wanna Play?
hi married couple looking for single females and couples to play with in the high point NC area.
F**k Michigan
O, we don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan The whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, we're from Ohio We're from Ohio...O-H We're from Ohio...I-O O, we don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan The whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, we're from Ohio
Alma Mater
Oh! Come let's sing Ohio's praise, And songs to Alma Mater raise; While our hearts rebounding thrill, With joy which death alone can still. Summer's heat or Winter's cold, The seasons pass, the years will roll; Time and change will surely show How firm thy friendship O-hi-o. These jolly days of priceless worth, By far the gladest days of earth, Soon will pass and we not know, How dearly we love O-hi-o. We should strive to keep the name, Of fair repute and spotless fame, So, in college halls we'll grow, To love the better, O-hi-o. Tho' age may dim our mem'ry's store, We'll think of happy days of yore, True to friend and frank to foe, As sturdy sons of O-hi-o. If on seas of care we roll, 'Neath blackened sky, o'er barren shoal, Tho'ts of thee bid darkness go, Dear Alma Mater O-hi-o
Across The Field
Fight the team across the field, Show them Ohio's here Set the earth reverberating with a mighty cheer Rah! Rah! Rah! Hit them hard and see how they fall; Never let that team get the ball, Hail! Hail! The gang's all here, So let's win that old conference now
Be Yourself
There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren't the way you had hoped they would be, ....that's when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down, but those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself and all that you are capable of. There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them. Constantly keep yourself headed in the right direction for you. It may not be easy at times, but in those times of struggle you will find a stronger sense of who you are, So when the days come that are filled with frustration and unexpected responsibilities, remember to believe in yourself and all you want your life to be, because the challenges and changes will only help you to find the goals that you know are meant to come true for you. Keep believing in yourself.
Battle Cry
In old Ohio there's a team That's known thru-out the land; Eleven warriors, brave and bold, Whose fame will ever stand. And when the ball goes over, Our cheers will reach the sky, Ohio field will hear again The Buckeye Battle Cry- Drive! Drive on down the field, Men of the scarlet and gray; Don't let them thru that line, We have to win this game today, Come on, Ohio! Smash through to victory. We cheer you as you go: Our honor defend So we'll fight to the end for O-hi-o.
My son and 2 of my best friends who are no longer with us...
Bikini Contest
We're working on getting hot bodies put together for our first annual Bikini Pic Photo Contest! For more details, or to tell a friend, go to this profile and wait for things to load. The details and the information on the contest including PRIZES are there! Make note that there are some awesome ways to build bonus points before you ever start. So, let your friends know or enter yourself, as we are looking for the hottest bikini pic here on CT! Muahz Tiff and The Texas Flames!
Bad Things Happen
I don't know if other people will see this as being appropriate, but I am not afraid to speak out about these things. Maybe I could even help someone else going through the same things. When I was 9 years old I was molested by a family member. When I was 13 I was sexually assaulted by a drunk man. I have been in two different relationships that were very abusive. I have been through alot over a course of many years. Very few people are willing to speak out about their bad experiences. My only hope is that someone may read this and see that they aren't alone. The feeling that no one else in the world knows what you are feeling is a horrible feeling to have. If I can help even one person see that they aren't alone, this will be worth the effort to write. Things sometimes happen that are beyond our control, but it's important to remember that there are good people out there too. Don't hold these things in, it could be dangerous to do so. Keeping things like this inside could ultimately
Im Moving On June 6th
My Weekend
So this weekend me and the kids went to fun plex it was a blast we rode all the rides even got a few bruises from them.. that was a long 9 nine hours though let me tell you!! so how was your weekend?
Pay Attention
Fight the team across the field, Show them Ohio's here Set the earth reverberating with a mighty cheer Rah! Rah! Rah! Hit them hard and see how they fall; Never let that team get the ball, Hail! Hail! The gang's all here, So let's win that old conference now
A Walk At 8am
Women smartly dressed for work dash by with a focus, with an intent. You can tell that those that work the night shift at the hotels are taking their coffee break before they make their way home. She decides to grab an espresso, a double. In line are two people, a female and a male. They are talking with passion about, umm, she can’t make it out exactly, but she dubs them Eco-Warriors and lowers her gaze. ‘What is happening to me’ she seems to say as her head darts around seeing her reflection in the glass and not escaping an answer. You could call it primal. A primal pull with an unseen rope tugging a self confessed city girl out of the glitz. Where was she going? It was a mystery to her as she walked and sipped. Some people never change. Some people radically change, she had read the stories in Marie Claire. To progress out of the sleek sophistication of her local haunts toward a timeless indefinable, well, it was not in her nature or so she thought. Lately, pseudo-friends woul
The Ghost Cat
I live in a haunted house. If you live in a house which is a 131 years old like mine you will probably have a good chance of supernatural phenomena. I moved into my current Victorian terraced residence in August 2001. After living there for about a year phenomena started. The most surprising thing is that we have a ghost of a cat in our house. The first time it occurred was on a Sunday evening around 7 pm. I was lying on the floor watching TV (as I do) when what seemed to be our cat rubbed it's way down my back and legs. If you have a cat you will be used to this and know what I mean. Obviously as I am used to my cat doing this I was not startled in anyway. I turned around expecting to see my cat but he was not there he was fast asleep on a chair on the other side of the room. I sat there in stunned silence for a few seconds trying to assess what had just happened when my wife who was reading a book on the sofa suddenly sat up and said that sometime had just rubbed around her
You Can Never Win
When yout nice you get jerked, and when your nice you get jerked. You never can win.
2nd Contest come one come all to this lovely contest call dash to a blast come comment bomb the hell out of my pic to make me win 1st or 2nd or 3rd lol
My Return
I guarded myself But not for too long Let the guard down To prove myself wrong But instead of returning My displays of admiration You've broken my spirit With your hesitation You left me waiting Yearning for more Confused and wondering What's next in store So I'll return to the ways I was accustomed to Pretending it's fine And hiding from you
Look at me again, Sir. Melt me with your smile Let me see so deep inside And just gaze at you awhile Touch my face so tenderly Your fingertips caress Run your hands across my skin Oh how you finesse Kiss my cheeks, my nose, my lips And press your mouth to mine Seconds turn into eternity As a chill goes up my spine Tell me how you feel for me And what I can do for you Whisper your secret wishes And I'll make them all come true
My First Contest!
Well I'm finally entered in my first contest. I'm pretty good about helping other people out when they are in them so now it's your turn! Go show me lots of love :)
Summer A Comeing!!
yeah ..summer a comeing All Are you's Ready to Rock???!! hang on tight, its gonna be a hot Year and A rockN one to ...So think positive We got it made, and I welcome you all .. Good To be alive matter wher your from Stay cool...IAm... Peace& Happiness...
Intrducing Myself
Hello, New Cherry Here. Just Introducing myself. Here looking for an amazingly good time and to find friends from everywhere. Yall got some hot ass people on this site I might actuallly stay. My name is Chelsea. I live in Illinois. I love Jerry Springer! lol. Hmmm. I smoke. Mostly Reds or Newports. I drink occasionally.
Psycho Beeyatches!!! Current mood: naughty Category: Blogging So last night I am home on the couch watching tv minding my own business. Something I rarely do on a Sunday Night or any night these days. I hear my phone ring that I have a voice message from a blocked number. So, I listen to it and some psycho beeyatch says to me "hey lori you fucking whore, why don't you stay away from other peoples men and find your own...agree" Now this psycho beeyatch was obviously being sneaky cause she took her man's phone and got my number, she was also being sneaky cause she was almost whispering. Obviously she does not know me very well, she may know of me but I can't imagine who the fuck she is. I am not going to disclose my business on here because it is my business. But I am of the opinion that if "your man" has my number and you are jealous enough to call me and threaten me obviously your man has cheated on you before and you may want to rethink the kind of person you have chosen
So It Would Seem......
So it would seem that i have gotten a lot of my life on track, i finally moved out of oak park and aways from the insanty that is the girl. I found the one girl i have been wating for ever since ruthie died, she is just incredable i am so in love with my blue haired goddess. I am less stressed a lot happier and have gotten back to the old me ( yes i found my spine ). But with change and trasistion comes problems from the old life that refuse to die, namley certain women that are in denial ( yup just not a river in egypt) one of them while young and a bit wise refuses to give up th ghost of any relationship with even thought i have told her flat out that i dont love her in the way that she does me. So i get the converstions of your dumb all your friends think your dumb kinda shit, for starters if you KNEW all my FRIENDS they your tell fucking insane and to go on with your life or somthing to that effect , you want me around but not as friend but then you tell me i am being a bad frien
My Non-paying Job
Anyone interested???Here Take a look at the work, Backgrounds for all images can be made any color. SweetZ ¢Ó Juggalo Mafia ¢Ó ¢¾ Thugday1's CT Wife ¢¾@ CherryTAP Here is some of my work. If you would like me to make something for you please feel free to let me know. I will need to know everything you would like the image to say. For Backgrounds and other images to be added in to photo I will need to know your interests and will have you IM me on yahoo. I also can make morphs if anyone is interested in one. They are kinda outta style now, but I can still make them, all I need is the 2 photos that is wanted in the morph. Feel Free to message me and let me know what you want and please leave your yahoo messenger ID so I can IM you for information for your Image.
Pet Monkey
Jim walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink and while he's drinking, the monkey jumps all around the place. The monkey grabs some olives off the bar and eats them, then grabs some sliced limes and eats them, then jumps onto the pool table, grabs one of the billiard balls, sticks it in his mouth, and to everyone's amazement, somehow swallows it whole. The bartender yells at Jim, "Did you see what your monkey just did?" Jim says "No, what?" “He just ate the cue ball off my pool table whole!" "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me," replied Jim "He eats everything in sight, the little pig. Sorry, I'll pay for the cue ball and stuff." He finishes his drink, pays his bill and for the stuff the monkey ate, then leaves. Two weeks later he's in the bar again, and has his monkey with him He orders a drink and the monkey starts running around the bar again. While Jim is finishing his drink, the monkey finds a maraschino cherry on the bar. He grabs it, sticks it up his
How Well Do U Know Me???
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Living Will
Last night, my wife and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the TV and then threw out my beer. She's such a bitch.......
Growing Old ...
Growing Old...I loved this and thought I would share it The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn't already know. I stood up to look around when a gentle hand touched my shoulder. I turned around to find a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at me with a smile that lit up her entire being. She said, "Hi handsome. My name is Rose. I'm 87 yrs. old. Can I give you a hug?" I laughed and enth us iastically responded, "Of course you may!" and she gave me a giant squeeze. "Why are you in college at such a young, innocent age?" I asked. She jokingly replied, "I'm here to meet a rich h us band, get married, and have a couple of kids..." "No serio us ly," I asked. I was curio us what may have motivated her to be taking on this challenge at her age. "I always dreamed of having a college education and now I'm getting one!" she told me. After class we
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Just Thoughts...
I No Longer Have Interest In Life.
Yeah i know every time i write a blog.It is something about what happens to me.Something bad or what i hate about it.Well to be truthful i just wanna say that i lost interset in everything,and life.I'm sick and tired of worring about stuff that is not my concern.Like my family problems,and my love life.If i had one thou.I am sick and tired of helping people out,and when i need help.Their is no one to help me.I am sick and tired of always helping my family with their fucking financial problems.they work hard for their money,why can they fix their own fucking problems.Why do they alway have to come to me for help in their financial problems.They fucking know that i'm in a fucking wheelchair trying to extend my money for my medictions and my disabelity.But noooo,I have to have a heart,and help their sorry asses.I am sick and tired of always getting my ass dump for no reason.I fucking know that i didn't do anything to get dump.All i ever do is to be truthful in what i do.I'm a freaking nic
What's Important!!!!
What's important is not what kind of car you drive, but rather how many people you give a lift. What's important is not the size of your house, but rather the number of people you welcome into your home. What's important is not your social status, but whether you live your life with class. What's important is not what you possess, but rather what you give. What's important is not how many friends you have, but rather how many to whom you are a friend. What's important is not how much overtime you worked, but rather if you work overtime for your family and loved ones. What's important is not if you live in a great neighborhood, but rather how you treat your neighbor.
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Whispering To Me
Gentle whispers in the wind What is the message that you send? Calling softly, "Come to me." What I ask, am I to see? What is there that I will find In the recess of my mind? Are there lessons you will teach About the walls that I must breach? To find what I have hidden there And if I find, must I beware? Fearing all that I have sought Hoping all won't be for naught Trying to dispel all doubts In the dreams that seek me out I seek the answers in the night Hoping... praying... for the light. © Andi 2007
This Horrible Disease
I suffer from sever depression. It is a horrible life altering disease. I want so much to be happy and every day is a struggle to smile. I can't control my mood swings or thoughts. I often think of suicide to ease my pain. Thankfully, I have a wonderful boyfriend and many friends that are always there to remind me of all the reasons to keep on going. Unfortunately, I can't just decide to stop being depressed. There is a chemical inbalance in my brain that keeps me in this state of depression and I can't control it. I don't really want to die, but some days the pain I feel on the inside is so intense that I'd do anything for some relief. My friends and loved ones care enough to intervene and help me. I have every reason to be a very happy person but am unable to experience the joy that I so badly long for. I have been fighting this disease for 13 years now and still have yet to overcome it's anguish. There is no one I've met that can relate to the feelings I have. Very few even understa
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Can't Help Falling In Love
Wise men say only fools rush in But I cant help falling in love with you Shall I stay Would it be a sin If I cant help falling in love with you Like a river flows surely to the sea Darling so it goes Some things are meant to be Take my hand, take my whole life too For I cant help falling in love with you Like a river flows surely to the sea Darling so it goes Some things are meant to be Take my hand, take my whole life too For I cant help falling in love with you For I cant help falling in love with you Sung by Elvis words & music by george weiss - hugo peretti - luigi creatore
Random Acts Of Kindness
Hey dis dude was mean to me when I come on cherry tap but i do random acts of kindness even though he is kind of mean to newbies please help him out everyone is welcome to comment bomb WILDMAN55 HEAD SECURITY OFFICER OF THE GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY~INDEPENDENT~BOMB SQUAD ~@ CherryTAP
Sometimes When We Touch
For those of you that don't know, this is a song that was sung by Dan Hill in 1977. I don't know if he wrote it himself or not. If you'd like to hear it you can check out the song on myspace: You ask me if I love you And I choke on my reply I'd rather hurt you honestly Than mislead you with a lie And who am I to judge you On what you say or do? I'm only just beginning to see the real you And sometimes when we touch The honesty's too much And I have to close my eyes and hide I wanna hold you til I die Til we both break down and cry I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides Romance and all its strategy Leaves me battling with my pride But through the insecurity Some tenderness survives I'm just another writer Still trapped within my truth A hesitant prize fighter Still trapped within my youth And sometimes when we touch The honesty's too much And I have to close my
50 Years Old
Q: What can a man do while his wife is going through menopause? A: Keep busy. If youre handy with tools, you can finish the basement. When you are done you will have a place to live. Q: How can you increase the heart rate of your 50+ year old husband? A: Tell him you're pregnant. Q: How can you avoid spotting a wrinkle every time you walk by a mirror? A: The next time you're in front of a mirror, take off your glasses. Q: Where can women over the age of 50 find young, sexy men, who are interested in them? A: Try a bookstore, under fiction. Q: Why should 50+ year old people use valet parking? A: Valets don't forget where they park your car. Q: Is it common for 50+ year olds to have problems with short term memory storage? A: Storing memory is not a problem, retrieving it is a problem. Q: As people age, do they sleep more soundly? A: Yes, but usually in the afternoon. Q: Where do 50+ year olds look for fashionab
People Get Ready...
Jesus is coming Soon you'll be going home! That song has been in my head since lunch. Not sure why it got there to be honest. I like the song actually. The interesting part (at least to me anyway) is that I heard it last week while I was watching a Mets game on TV. They were playing it for the crowd, not sure why though. I just happened to hear it behind the announcers.
Stuff From The Weekend
Even though it was a weekend without my son, it was pretty good and I did get time with him yesterday. Sue, my ex, called Friday afternoon. Wanted to know if she could bring him down. I wasn't home or I might have said yes. I want him ALL the time, yet this last minute stuff has to end. Really didn't do much Saturday. Went to a Strawberry Festival. They were out of pie But I did get a big dish of Sunday I drove to where my son lives for church. The were having a Children's service, where the kids do everything. I'm all for a service with no sermon lol. David sang a solo and also played his sax. After church we went to Sue's house for a few hours since David had a soccer party. His little sister (not my child) climbed up in my lap for most of the time we waited. I know it drives my ex nuts but I think she is accepting it now. Kids can't help who their parents are. Soccer party was pretty nice.. lots of food. The kids swam still ev
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Please Pray For Baby Caleb
Please if you have a myspace page go to this persons page and look at what Shaken Baby Syndrom can do to a baby. STOP CHILD ABUSE!!! PRAY FOR BABY KALEB!!!! HE NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS... Body: PRAY FOR BABY KALEB ~~ READ AND REPOST ~~ KEEP THIS MOVING! Kristy Reynolds and her husband are parents to a beautiful little baby boy named Kaleb. He is 6 months and 3 days old. A couple weeks ago Kristy picked Kaleb up from home care and noticed something was wrong. She immediately took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. He now has meningitis in response the the surgeries on his brain, his body can't regulate his temperature, his heart rate drops every time he is moved, and he has seizures. He is also blind. His sitter shook him so hard that he is in a coma, had to have spinal fluid drained from his brain, and doctors think that if he lives he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Brain scans show that his brain tissue is dying and his brain is sh
My Perfect Woman
My perfect woman... 1. A woman who can go horseback riding all day long ,picnic included, have a great time and not complain about the bugs or the ants. 2. A woman who lets me be a gentleman without complaining or making a big deal out of it, but still understands that from time to time my testosterone will get the best of me and make me do/say "dumb" guy things. 3. A woman who lets me get away with those occasional "dumb guy" moments and doesn't remind me about them for weeks on end (bonus points if every once in a while she thinks they're an endearing quality). 4. A woman who can participate in a heated discussion about who's better, Hugo or Hawthorne, and then cuddle on the couch with me and watch Austin Powers (for the 100th time). 5. A woman who can dress up and do dinner and the symphony and act the part, but can put on jeans and a t-shirt the next night and shoot darts and/or pool with me in the local bar, listen to my country music selections on the jukebox, and act tha
i am so bored and alone and i feel like crying. why are men such pigs? why do they want to plain us? so much pain.... is there any way to get rid of this pain inside. i want to die just to end it. every one listens but does not listen. they see but they do not see they speak but they do not speak...what to do? listen see and speak of the things that are not. we all might do better in this world. so many secrets waiting to be let out..any one willing to do it? no they only want to judge people for looks. thats not important. look for what is in the inside. personality humor some of the best people in the world are those we judge. do we not all have bones 1 heart brain and so forth under neith the skin? do we not bleed when we are cut? do we not cry when we are hurt do we not laugh at something funny? people wake up! my heart is so cold and hard but at the same time wanting to be sweet and caring. i am so confused. i want this wall to come down. can any one do that?
The Ultimate Crash
Well, one thing about my life is for sure. One minute you're comfortable with the way things are. Your ballteam is winning, your job is running smoothly, and life is treating you fine. The next minute your laptop hard drive takes a dump on you... a major one. I apologize if I haven't been able to keep in touch with everyone since Thursday, you can understand why at this point. In my defense, all I was doing was checking my e-mail and listening to some music, just like any ordinary day. Then the computer locks up... so I turned it off, and when I turned it back on, I got one of those really bad computer messages in DOS. So I tried reloading the operating system... there was no readable hard drive to load the OS onto. So I'm screwed every which way but loose. I know that this is gonna cost me at least $200 parts and labor. And now, not only am I without a phone (since my computer was one) and an outlet to vent my frustrations and express my opinions, I'm reduced to using a library comput
Self Esteem
Here is a blog designed to raise your self esteem. Invite as many people as you care to and watch your pretty little head grow! yay! 1. List three things that you like about the way I look. 2. List three personality traits you like about me. 3. Think of three of your favorite memories about me. 4. What was your first impression of me when you first met me? 5. List three things you'd like to do with me, naughty or not. 6. When I see you again, would you give me a hug or a kiss?
To all my family and friends that knew I went in for a biopsy on my thyroid last week all is good it turned out to be negative and the dr said we will just keep an eye on it. Hooray!!!!
She Needs Friends And Luvins And Levels
Her name is Roni she is my lil sister let her feel the luvins
25 Ways 2 Tell That You're Grown Up
1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them. 2. Having sex in a twin bed is totally out of the question. 3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge. 4. 6AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. 5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator. 6. You watch the weather channel. 7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of "hook up" and "break up" 8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14. 9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualifies as "dressed up" 10. You're the one calling the police b/c those $#%@# kids next door won't turn down the stereo! 11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you. 12. You don't know what time taco bell closes anymore. 13. You car insurance goes down, and your car payments go up. 14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of leftover MacDonald's. 15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt. 16. You take naps. 17. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the
In the company of females, intercourse should be referred to as: A. Lovemaking. B. Screwing. C. Taking the pigskin bus to tuna town. - 2. You should make love to a woman for the first time only after you've both shared: A. Your views about what you expect from a sexual relationship. B. Your blood-test results. C. Five tequila slammers. - 3. You time your orgasm so that: A. Your partner climaxes first. B. You both climax simultaneously C. You don't miss ESPN Sports Center. - 4. Passionate, spontaneous sex on the kitchen floor is: A. Healthy, creative love-play. B. Not the sort of thing your wife would agree to. C. Not the sort of thing your wife needs to ever find out about. - 5. Spending the whole night cuddling a woman you've just had sex with is: A. The best part of the experience. B. The second best part of the experience. C $100 extra. - 6. Your wife/girlfriend says she's gained five pounds in the last
Blind To Myself...
Your beauty intoxicates all you encounter, Yet you fail to notice, This is your blunder, You've had a rough time, Though now it is over, But yet you continue clinging to what is left over, And in doing this your depression grows deeper, Pulling you apart at the seams, Causing you to unravel and fall to you knees, Pondering desperately: "How much worse can it be? " To ease your mind of your terrible burden, You bargain with Satan (as if he cares), Giving you a release, in turn for your soul: That you believe tarnished and not worth much at all, When all of your friends have been with you till now, But here comes the crossroads up ahead, They give you a choice: "Stand tall or fall down." You have your beauty and charm, Your intelligence and grace, Good friends and your health, What more does it take for you? © Andi 2007
My Pics Biotch
I put up new pics, you better comment and rate them. If I comment and rated yours you better return the favor, its only fare..... thanks kisses xxxxx
The Simple Truths Of Service Movie Clink Link above and enjoy
A Piece Of My Heart
One day a young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming that he had the most beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large crowd gathered and they all admired his heart for it was perfect. There was not a mark or a flaw in it. Yes, they all agreed it truly was the most beautiful heart they had ever seen. The young man was very proud and boasted more loudly about his beautiful heart. Suddenly, an old man appeared at the front of the crowd and said "Why, your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine." The crowd and the young man looked at the old man's heart. It was beating strongly, but it was full of scars. It had places where pieces had been removed and other pieces put in, but they didn't fit quite right and there were several jagged edges. In fact, in some places there were deep gouges where whole pieces were missing. The people stared -- how can he say his heart is more beautiful, they thought? The young man looked at the old man's heart and saw its state and la
Have you had cold showers of pain My friend, you've stood in my rain Deathly feeling of loneliness No need to feel shameless I've been there before Not wanting to feel any more Your heart has been broken in half Mind still living in the past Cold dark thoughts of suicide Why don't I do it tonight Don't worry it will go away Learn to love another day Put it in the back of mind Let it rest and you will find Dark clouds begin to part New love will mend the heart Thoughts of suicide disappear Self- esteem will reappear One day you'll be able to say My friend you've stood in my rain © Andi 2007
Sow Good Services
Sow good services: sweet remembrances will grow from them. --Madame de Stael
True Silence
True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment. --William Penn
I Am Mad!!!!!!!
OK, first off I want to say that I have done some bad things in my life. I am a convicted felon, I am doing my sentence, which is home confinement, and I regret the things I have done to get here. Anyway, I found out today that I am being screwed by the court. Now, I haven't complained about this so far. But now I am PISSED!!!! The damn court system is charging me double for the home confinement fee. That damn fee is $6 a day and I have been on it for 16 months now. I have never been late with a payment. But making me pay double for it is bullshit. I think the court is just making an example out of me. I know of people that have been let off of home confinement that have served less time than me and have committed worse crimes than me. Does anyone else think this it total bullshit or is it just me?
Soap Operas....i Don't Get It
What is this obsession that people have with Soap Operas? Why is it that the world seems to stop when their favorite one comes on? All is put on the back burner at the time of showing? Maybe someone can shed some light on this subject and make me a little bit more informed of this..... I am so deprived at this time...sniff....sniff
well i tried 2 change my profile on here and of course it wont let me so ne ways yes im engaged as of wednesday the 30th and i love hime very much. so of course i wouldve said yes. i regret a few things since we been 2gether but only the stupid shit we did 2 each other lke me throwin him out lke a couple weeks ago but other then that we're both over that and i gave him a second chance and now we're engaged. well im out later all
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Best Back Tattoo On Ct!
Best Back Tattoo On Ct! I Need Tattoos Of Backs! Contest will start on 6/6 thur 6/12 1st Tattoo is..... with 1 comments! 2nd Tattoo is...... with 1 comments! 3rd Tattoo is...... with 1 comments! Winners will get 2 gifts each! Comment bombing allowed and self bombing also! Want to enter just send me a link to ur pic or tell me and i will Rip your pic for you! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~ FoUnDeR Of~ * AnGeLs Of MeRcY BoMb SqUaD * ~@ CherryTAP
Trying To Find A Better Way
Whenever I say "I love you", It just doesn't seem to be enough. Trying to find a better way, I know it's going to be tough. Looking deep into my heart For the emotions I don't always show. Trying to find a better way For the words you already know. Wrestling with my emotions, Digging deep into my heart. Trying to find a better way But I don't know where to start. The words don't come easy, Trying to tell you how I feel. Trying to find a better way To tell you my feelings are real. So now I dig deep into my heart With words that are so few Trying to find a better way, But there is none better, I LOVE YOU....
Lets Get This Straight!!!
I have had several people message me about being my sugar daddy! Thats fine cause thats what I want males to do...HOWEVER: 1. # 1 thing read my profile..its not that take the time to read it! 2. DO NOT ASK ME TO FUCK YOU AT MY JOB! NO MAN IS WORTH LOSING A JOB OVER! IF YOU ASK ME THAT THEN I KNOW THAT YOU ARE JUST LOOKING TO GET LAID AND IF THAT IS THE CASE THERE ARE PROSTITUTES OUT THERE THAT WILL DO THAT!!! 3. DO not ask me to leave my man..cause I am not looking for a partner but a SUGAR DADDY! If you are not aware of what a sugar daddy is..It is someone that is willing to help you out financially, give ya gifts and you will provide them with sexual favors, dates etc.... So if you understand those three things..then we can talk!! If you are going to break anyone of those three things then do NOT WASTE your time or MY TIME!
More Contests...
Hey, to all of my friends and kids are going to be seen in two other contests starting tomarrow. Or supposedly going to be starting, once the creator of the contest gets like two more enteries for the contests. Jake will be in the "Best kid on CT contest" and both my kids, Jake and sammy, and my niece, Cortney will be in the "best children on CT contest".... Here is the link to the blog if u want to check it out. Best kids on CT: Best Children on CT:
Moved, No Internet For Now!
Hey, just to let everyone know, I moved to my apartment recently. I have to see about getting my internet hooked up over there, so I'm gonna be on hold for a little while. I can still check my page on my phone, just can't post anything. As soon as I get settled I'll make a new post, maybe do a blast or two.
With A Twist Contest
Service By "maer"
She knelt before the fire, clothed in the tightly laced black corset. The bones clenching her waistline into an hourglass figure. The cups pressing the curve of her breast unnaturally high with the nipples exposed. The long legs folded beneath her with the curve of her ass resting gently on her thighs were clad in seamed black stockings, the feet encased in the needle point heels that He loved. Her head was bent slightly forward and the long, slow brush strokes she made thru the still damp hair seemed to hypnotise Him. He could just see as she lifted her arm with each stroke the soft curves of her breasts pushed upwards by the restraints of the corset, the firelight catching the gentle movements of the silver chain that swung between her nipples. He held in the low groan of desire that threatened to escape His lips...This girl was a treasure to be a good meal...not rushed like a snack. His voice soft in the room growled out the command to crawl and she turned to f
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My First Two Obsessions
in classical music were Alexander Borodin's second string quartet (the source for Baubles, Bangles and Beads and And This is My Beloved from the musical Kismet - see this Wikipedia article - which I knew before I heard the quartet)- and Georges Bizet's symphony, a student work which was not found until well after his death, though much played now. (If the name is unfamiliar, is the name of his best-known opera, Carmen... I believe that page anyway links to some sound samples :) - yes, three near the bottom, in the ogg file format.)
Update On Mom
Just wanted to say thanks to all my friends and fans on Cherry Tap. You guys have been great about my mom. Well, we had to install stints in her liver again because they got stopped up, hence where all or most of the fluid developed. Shes a LOT more comfortable now. I have no idea what direction her health will go, but she is better than she was for now. I appreciate all your prayers and promise to keep you informed as things develop. Again, many thanks for all your support and God bless. CHris XOXO
Pork Me Baby One More Time!
I had parked my car in the supermarket parking lot and was walking past an empty cart when I heard a female voice say, "Mister, are you using that cart?" "No," I answered. "I'm only after one thing." As I walked toward the store, I heard her murmur, "Typical male."
People Like To Run There Mouth
I posted a mumm today and got alot of negative comments.Why do people like to run there mouth when they have no idea.
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% SEXIEST FEET CONTEST% WHO’S GOT THE SEXIEST FEET? VOTE NOW!! BOMB AWAY!! (Save your favorites to your browser so you can help them win! Top 3 wins!! FitIsis Lori & Dave *{Twisted Radio Promotions}*--MYSTERY'S PIMP!!! JJ (FAN me and i will ADD you) Club F.A.R Member ♥ red wing hunny ♥ ilessthan3yoo Sexy Babygirl Wes Goddess Ludmillia LilMissVixen Lovstosmile longlegs069me For contest prize and info, please check out my blog: Thanks and much love to all!! Please repost!! Luscious♥Mami
Reflections Of An Intoxicated Sunday Night
It's sad how carefully I have to word my blogs, now, but... here we go. June 3 didn't go well, to say the least. In fact, the entire weekend left a lot to be desired, but June 3 was the biggie. It opened with my getting up sometime in the afternoon, after having slept from the moment I got home from work Saturday afternoon until then. Somehow, my body took back nearly 17 hours of sleep and chose then to do it, dashing my hopes for Saturday night activity. I finally got a full view of how irritable I get when I mix insomnia, loneliness, and alcohol. After taking myself to D&B Sunday evening, I came back two Walk The Planks later, already tipsy. This is when I got online and ran into the girl I'd been pursuing for some time. After having not spoken to me in three weeks, she finally officially put me in the "friend" zone. In order to not take it out on her, I did what it looks like is habit: I took the anger and let it amplify how aggravated I was to CT's petty annoyances. A
Maybe I Am Depressed?
Within the past few months many people have mentioned to me that I may be depressed or that I may have bi-polar disorder, lately i've heard it more. So today I decided to look up symptoms of depression, Here they are (I put an "x" by the ones that deal with me); * Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood [X] * Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism [X] * Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness [X] * Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex [X] * Decreased energy, fatigue, being "slowed down" [X] * Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions [X] * Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping [X] * Appetite and/or weight loss or overeating and weight gain [X] * Thoughts of death or suicide; suicide attempts [X] * Restlessness, irritability [X] * Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic
Best Children On Ct Contest!
Best Children On CT Contest! I need pics of More then 1 child for my Children Contest! 1st Kids Pic is..... with 1 comments! 2nd Kids Pic is...... with 1 comments! Can be other Family members with your child in pic is fine! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! Comments + Rates = Total 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 5/26 thur 6/1 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
Best Children On Ct Contest!
Best Children On CT Contest! I need pics of More then 1 child for my Children Contest! 1st Kids Pic is..... with 1 comments! 2nd Kids Pic is...... with 1 comments! Can be other Family members with your child in pic is fine! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! Comments + Rates = Total 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 5/26 thur 6/1 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
How Well Do You Know Me???
Well... I guess you'll just have to take the quiz to find out! Here it is: Create your own Friend Quiz here BROUGHT TO YOU BY Katelynn ♥ Echis' Shiny Thing & RL Fiancee ♥@ CherryTAP
My life seems to never go as planned. It just doesn't make sense. I have so many things going on and can't seem to keep up. My life is just crazy... I have a son, I have one friend here, the rest of my friends are scattered through the US, (thank goodness for unlimited long distance,lol) and it's just And that is what you need sometimes. I'm lonely, physically, I have friends that fulfill the lonelyness on the people to talk to side. but I've been single for 4 years, and I'm tired of being single. I know that there are things that I could do to change that, but I don't want to commit to anything right now. I love all my friends don't get me wrong, but LOVE in the sense of being in love, scares the shit out of me. I want it so much yet I fear it. I have told my friend(s) that I love them, and even that is hard for me to do...Why is that..? Am I really that messed up that I have trouble telling someone that I love them. I guess to me that means that I've made a commitmen
Thought For Today
No matter how bad things are, no matter how sad you get, always be thankful for something. Being able to see something good in the roughest of times will give you something to be happy about when you need it the most.
10 Things That Suck About Being A Guys Sorry Guys
1) You have to take out the garbage. 2) Being told to put the seat down. 3) No sofas in your restrooms. 4) External genitalia are vulnerable to knees and fastballs. 5) Even if you get you head caught in an industrial wood chipper, you're not allowed to cry. 6) James Bond movies only come out every 2 years. 7) Ribbed for her pleasure - not yours. 8) You have to wear ties. 9) You can't flirt you way out of a traffic ticket. 10) "Women and children first."
In Trouble
A doctor and a lawyer in two cars collided on a country road. The lawyer, seeing that the doctor was a little shaken up, helped him from the car and offered him a drink from his hip flask. The doctor accepted and handed the flask back to the lawyer, who closed it and put it away. "Aren't you going to have a drink yourself?" asked the doctor. "Sure, after the police leave," replied the lawyer.
Cleaning Out The List!!!
Those that wanna stay on my list let me know,, those that don't will be removed an I'm sure theres gonna be alot of em taken off...
Look, if you are going to add me, then rate and comment my pics. It's only fair. I am not here to add a bunch of guys to my friends list if they dont care to rate & comment my pics. It's nice to get feed back once in a while. I did change my pics, once I my level goes up I will add more personal pics but only to be seen by my Family. If you wanna get to know me and are female, send me some love. I dont mind talking to guys, just obey the rules as the are on my profile and we will get along and respect my MARRIAGE to an USAF Ssgt! Thanks and Have a great day!
Bombing Time I Need Help Please
Ok, had to get u to open this. now please i need as many comment bombers as i can get on this pic. I want to win this vic, and need your help to do so. I show luv, so please can i get some in return..also please repost this. the more that help me out the more i help out in the future. Thanks
Best Kid On Ct Contest!
Best Kid On CT Contest! I need pics of Kids for this contest! 1st Kid is...... with 1 comments! 2nd Kid is...... with 1 comments! Comment bombing allowed and Self bombing allowed! 2 Gifts from gift shop per winner! If u want to enter the contest plz send me link to ur pic in my messages or tell me and i will rip it for u ! Contest will start on 6/5 thur 6/12 Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest! ~~AnGeLHeArT~*Majorboredum* LoVeR69*~~ Owner Of *AnGeL FaMiLy *&* A.F.H.* ~~ Plz Sign My Guess Book Plz...LOL@ CherryTAP
You Gonna Eat That?
This weeks edition of the world weird web blog is now up and this time it's all about food. Wow, blogging about a blog ... how meta. :p
Thank You
Thank you to all of my friends and fan, for all the support and advises. I apreciate all your advises, i am going through my training more confident then before, and that is all thanks to you. Stay cool and supportive. Most love and respect. Moe
Monday 5/4/07
I haven't done much today yet,but wanted to go ahead and get this posted so that I won't forget and get behind again. So far the only thing I've done was go to the dr. and get something to eat at Rio Grande. My dr. appointment went well, everything was fine. The rest of the day I just plan on relaxing and chatting and listening to music. Well, I guess I'll end this here for now, and maybe write again later if something exciting happens, which I highly doubt lol. Have a great day all.
Sunday 5/3/07
Not much to write about today, although I'm a day behind again lol.I hate when I do that. I just did the usual chatting and listening to music. Camp reunion is getting closer so I'm really looking forward to that since it's alot of fun. Well, I guess I'll end this here, have a great day all.
Heart Beat
I want to make your heart beat just for me I want to love you for eternity I’ve looked for so long for a love that is this strong Then you came my way and brighten each an everyday I want to make your heart beat just for me Cause you an I was meant to be I have loved before but felt so cheated You are the one I always needed….
New Blank Header/tags For Download
The following images will be uploaded into my "Header/Tags For Download" album.. if you like something, feel free to rip it :) And many more! Take a look .. you might find something you like :)
The Weird
Listening to some Dragonforce!! Man I love them. I plan to head into the college today to get my tee-shirt from my club. It's possible that I might go to the YMCA to get lessons on swimming. I do know how to dog paddle and swim under the water but I don't know how to tread water. Weird huh? Ya well there are a lot of weird things about me. Such as corduroy creeps me out. I'm also dislike opera and auctioneers because they put me to sleep. I don't like not having control of my own body and anything that can put me to sleep without my consent is not cool. Okay I just read the last sentence and I think it makes me sound crazy but it's staying. There are no truly sane people in this word just different levels of insanity. HERE is Some Word Salad to feed your madness: I want to adjudicate the cerebral, and domesticate the eternal squirrel.
Im Hungry !!!
all i want is pizza and wings, all i want is pizza and wings
Im Hungry !!!
all i want is pizza and wings, all i want is pizza and wings
Click It, Or Ticket
Something has really bothered me of late. This whole "click it, or ticket" thing. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should wear their seatbelt. It is a proven fact that it will save your life if you get into a serious accident. What I don't agree with is making it a ticketable offense. All the commercials say "It's about saving life's, not about writing tickets." What a crock of bull shit. If it wasn't about giving out tickets, you wouldn't give out tickets. Just like when a girl says, "I don't care what you do," but then asks you what you did. Of course it's about writing tickets. Correct me if I'm wrong, but every other traffic law I can think of, is made to protect other people more so then the driver. Like drinking and driving for example. Drinking and driving is not against the law for the safety of the person driving, it is against the law for the safety of everyone else that is on the road. Protecting you the driver, is a distant second. Same with speeding. Speedi
Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Let me feel the love that is meant to be I have been so lost in the past its time For me to feel a love that will last So take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear I’ve been a prisoner can’t you see Break my chain and set me free
How is it that no matter how you look at life you get screwed?
Worth It
Sometimes he removes her walls not to free her but to show her how much he cares When he sees her want to run he watches and waits because she will return if it is where she is to be When she runs so far she is lost he will be her beacon to find her way back
What A Waste !!
What a waste my daughters wedding was...That BOY and yes he is a boy, turned out to be a total POS!!! not even 2 weeks after they were married .. he took off to a party with a bunch of his friends... My daughter was here working her butt off for that lazy SOB!! anyways he calls her at work to tell her that he had a 3some with his two best friends... What a SOB.. So now She is gonna be going thru a divorce .. I tell ya it does make you wonder are there really any good guys left out there ????
God She Thinks I Am Stupid
This Is Funny, Can You Think Of Others???
Subject: Questions that Haunt ME!! 1.Can you cry under water? 2.How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? 3.Why do you have to "put your two cents in".. but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? 4.Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? 5.Why does a round pizza come in a square box? 6.What disease did cured ham actually have? 7.How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? 8.Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours? 9.If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? 10.Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? 11.Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to
Bibliography Aronofsky, Darren, dir. Requiem For A Dream. Artisan, 2000. Darren Aronofsky’s film “Requiem for a Dream,” although made in collaboration with the original novelist, distract from the 1978 book’s more political, social, and spiritual messages in a way which romanticizes and glorifies the deteriorating spiral of the drug culture. Not only does this movie provide an artistic interpretation of the novel, but it contains details of the movies’ making. Throughout the filming, Selby himself was there, working with the actors and reading excerpts from the original and getting them to really understand the characters. Coutreau, Robert. “Defining the Sacred.” <>: online addition: winter 1999/2000. Coutreau interviews Selby and reveals the author’s late-in-life beliefs about philosophical topics such as God/spirituality, happiness, the creative will, and love. Selby humbily speaks of universal concepts and western consumerism. Hinduism and Taoism are favor
This Goes Out To All My Sexy Ass Friends & Ya Know Who You R
To My Friends
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Midnight Special
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down On The Corner
State Of Florida
STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION INDIVIDUAL INFORMATION FORM ATTENTION: ALL MALE TAXPAYERS FROM: INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE SUBJECT: INCREASED TAX PAYMENTS DEAR TAXPAYER: The only thing the Internal Revenue Service has not taxed is your pecker. This is due to the fact that 40% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 30% of the time it is pissed off, 20% of the time it is hard up, and 10% of the time it is employed., but it operates in the hole. Futhermore, it has two dependents, and they are both nuts. Accordingly, after Jan 1 2008, your pecker will be taxed on its size, using the pecker - checker scale below. Determine your category, and insert the additional tax under "other tax", page II, part V, Line 60 of your standard Income Tax Return. ( Form 1040) 10-12 Inches Luxury Tax $50.00 8-10 Inches
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary
My Friends
hey all i just thought i would let u all know that if any of u wanna talk to me go to i go by dolphinlover
The Mouse In My Hand
Fathers Day Contest -entries Neded
Another Sad Story....
This is just tooo funny. I wake up this morning, having had a good nights sleep. My best friend, Billie, hung out at my place, yesturday so it was cool seeing her. Then I get on Cherry Tap to see what is going on and my younger sister messaged me and told me about what a certain person was writing about me again in the mumms. But first of all, I want to cover some things. My sister is pregnant with another little girl and for some reason "this person" seems to think that my sister is asking for the hand-me down clothes that she had given me awhile back when my little girl was born. Of course, I intend to give the clothes back to her but that doesnt mean that I don't have any clothes for my daughter that isnt hand me downs. This "certain person" aparently does'nt know anything. Yes, she is concerned that my daughter may not have any clothes if I give these clothes back to my sister. But that does not give her any right to write a mumm about something that she does not know about. I m
Men & Women - Some Differences
The Differences in Men And Women NICKNAMES: If Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle go out for lunch, they will call each other Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle. But if Mike, Phil, Rob and Jack go out for a brewsky, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Schmegma, Peanut-Head and Useless. DINING OUT: And when the check comes, Mike, Phil, Rob and Jack will each throw in $20 bills, even though it's only for $22.50. None of them will have anything smaller, and none will actually admit they want change back. When the girls get their check, out come the pocket calculators. BATHROOMS: A man has six items in his bathroom -- a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of Dial soap, and a towel from the Holiday Inn. The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to identify most of these items. GROCERIES: A woman makes a list of things she needs and then goes out to the store and buys these things. A man waits
Illegal Immigration
Lengthy read, but awesome! Want to know why I am soooooooooo opposed to illegals--read this. Those of us that work can't retire until Medicare kicks in because we need health care. Got the basics in life such as a house/car/food, you can get sued by the same city/state/fed government that advertises to be our "uncle" (ie: Uncle Sam). STOP REWARDING ILLEGALS FOR BREAKING THE LAW. Send them "home" w/o U.S. money. Let them come to the US legally (then I would welcome them). The U.S. had a campaign a few years ago telling Americans to limit their families to 2 kids because we don't have enough room/food/water but let illegals have a dozen kids w/o paying and they get rewarded. The American way is skewed. Careful who you vote for. Joanne Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas , Texas is a fairly famous institution and for a variety of reasons: 1. John F. Kennedy died there in 1963 2. Lee Harvey Oswald died there shortly after 3. Jack Ruby-who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, died the
First Blog
Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm still trying to figure al this out, so gimme some time. I've gotten my 50 photos, I've fan'd someone, someone's fan'd me, I've gotten comments, added to my stash, now I'm trying to figure out the rest. This is definitely a bit harder than most sites of this type. I really have to say that I'm not sure I like it, but I'll give it a fair chance.
Today On Wrr
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Why Do We Have People Crying
to many people crying or and winnin about us wearing are colors or representing biker groups U except us for who we are or remove your self we have just as much right on cherry tap as anyone.The bullshit needs to stop cause I'm here and I'm Support your local Red and White 81 and a pround supporter.Stop in to Bikers clubhouse tommrrow for bike nite
Myspace Url
Hey All!!! You can find me on Myspace too!! Here's the link
Mountain - Southbound Train
Thought This Was Interesting
> The young soldier knew it was Sunday, the holiest day of the week. > > > > As he was sitting there, he got out an old deck of cards and laid them out across his bunk. > > > > Just then an army sergeant came in and said, "Why aren't you with the rest of the platoon?" > > > > The soldier replied, "I thought I would stay behind and spend some time with the Lord." > > > > The sergeant said, "Looks to me like you're going to play cards." > > > > The soldier said, "No, sir. You see, since we are not allowed to have Bibles or other spiritual books in this country, > > > > I've decided to talk to the Lord by studying this deck of cards." > > > > The sergeant asked in disbelief, "How will you do that?" > > > > "You see the Ace, Sergeant? It reminds me that there is only one God. > > > > The Two represents the two parts of the Bible, Old and New Testaments. > > > > The Three represents the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. > > > > The Four stands for
Different Sex Positions...
Different sex positions... Ken and Barbie style - Neither partner is allowed to bend at the elbows or knees. Doggie style - The man attempts to do the impossible. Froggie style - Male and female partners in large spa. Male attempts to fertilise female using only the water as a transmission medium. For couples who don’t like each other much any more. Fish style - same as Froggie style, but neither partner may use their arms or legs. Mummy and Daddy Love Each Other Very Much, And Hug Each Other in A Special Way style - The only position in this list you won’t be embarrassed to tell the kids about when they're five. Style style - Sex with a Vogue Living editor. Crouch position - Each partner crouches down on the ground, then simultaneously leaps up, and attempts to couple whilst in mid-air. Couch position - Same as the crouch position, but starting at opposite ends of the living room couch. Ouch position - Usual outcome of the crouch position. Lazy Susan sty
The Grateful Dead -high Time
Happy Birthday Hannie

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