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Oomph!-die Schlinge
Oh ich kann nicht mehr Ich wei, ich werde brennen Dein Urteil hat sich lngst Um meinen Hals gelegt Oh ich kann nicht mehr Ich wei, du wirst mich hngen Und die Schlinge ist so eng Dass ich kaum noch atmen kann Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod Oh ich kann nicht mehr Mein Schicksal ist besiegelt Dein Fluch schwebt genauso Wie der Galgen ber mir Oh ich kann nicht mehr Der Himmel ist verriegelt Doch jetzt wei ich nicht mal mehr Ob die Hlle mich noch will Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod Gib mir ein letztes Mal Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod ----------------------
Yes I Think So!!
I think this is good sound reasoning...what do you thinK? Easy is to judge the mistakes of others Easy is to talk without thinking Easy is to hurt someone who loves us. Easy is to forgive others Easy is to set rules. Easy is to dream every night. Easy is to show victory. Easy is to admire a full moon. Easy is to stumble with a stone. Easy is to enjoy life every day. Easy is to promise something to someone. Easy is to say we love. Easy is to criticize others. Easy is to make mistakes. Easy is to weep for a lost love. Easy is to think about improving. Easy is to think bad of others Easy is to receive Easy to read this Easy is keep the friendship with words DIFFICULT Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes Difficult is to refrain the tongue Difficult is to heal the wound... Difficult is to ask for forgiveness Difficult is to follow them... Difficult is to fight for a dream... Difficult is to assume defeat with dignity... Difficult to see the other side.
Rest In Peace
> 2007 Tax Code > > The only thing that the IRS has not taxed yet is the male penis. This is > due to the fact that 40% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, > 30% of the time it is hard up, 20% of the time it is pissed off and 10% > of the time it is in the hole. On top of that, it has two dependents and > they are both nuts. > > HOWEVER, effective January 1st, 2007, the penis will now be taxed > according to size. > > The brackets are as follows: > > 10 - 12" Luxury Tax $300.00 8 - 10" Pole Tax $250.00 > 5 - 8" Privilege Tax $150.00 > 3 - 5" Nuisance Tax $30.00 > > Males exceeding 12" must file capital gains. > > Anyone under 4 inches is eligible for a tax refund.
Jouster's Home Of The Dgg Family.
There's a place where Dj's are spinning And people are down to earth and relaxing Trying to keep the drama down And the making sure that no one has a frown Just kicking back having a good time Which we all know is somthing that is tottaly a crime There's are hott ass women and Damn sexy guy's We're dancing singing and having a ball every day So if ya wanna come and play All ya haft to do is follow the Link
Red Rose
Our love is that of a red rose Whose splendor rises as the sun shows its face, Whose petals expand further and richer Whispering secrets of happiness and affection. And even though with the fall of dusk All contentment is swept away, And the rose's petals unite as one Reflecting any light that may endeavor to shine through, The sun will always rise And the rose's petals will eternally broaden Until they fully blossom into a stunning creation. Our love is that of a red rose Possessing a few imperfections That may cause evanescent wounds, But the internal radiance That will everlastingly bestow healing and comfort. ~author unknown to me~
Daddy's Poem
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, a man w
Hey Some People Come And Say Hello Please:)
How Did We Survive As Kids?
How Did We Survive as Kids? Those Born 1930's, 1940's, 1950's & 1960's!! TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's & 60's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cupcakes, white bread
Twenty-nine Lines To Make You Smile
TWENTY NINE LINES TO MAKE YOU SMILE 1.. My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God and I didn't. 2.. I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it. 3.. Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them. 4.. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. 5.. Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive. 6.. You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me 7.. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. 8.. Earth is the insane asylum for the universe. 9.. I'm not a complete idiot -- Some parts are just missing. 10.. Out of my mind. Back in five minutes. 11.. NyQuil, the stuffy, sneezy, why-the-heck-is-the-room-spinning medicine. 12.. God must love stupid people; He made so many. 13.. The gene pool could use a little chlorine. 14.. Consciousness: That annoying time between naps. 15.. Ever stop to think, and forget to start again? 16.. Being "over the hill" is much better than
How Well Do U Know Me?
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Staring At You
through the glass?i wish. its been a while since weve been together i miss it .. i miss you and all the naughty things wed do. i guess what im really trying to say is that im horny/lonely and miss the old way.sometimes i want you and other times i just want to push you further and further away.till death or freedom ...thats the day ..when ill be set free ..and just be me ..maybe well come together and maybe we wont ... but it doesnt matter anymore cause were both destined to be alone
Send To Friends
I'll always be beside you til the very end, wipin all your tears away being your best friend, I'll smile when you smile and feel the pain you do, and if you cry a single tear, I promise I'll cry too.
ok people im in a contest and i need help so heres the link comment all you want and thanks for the help rob
Amish Hand Warmer
An Amish woman and her daughter were riding i an old buggy one cold blustery day. The daughter said to her mother, "My hands are freezing cold." The mother replied "Put them between your legs. Your body heat will warm them up." The daughter did and her hands warmed up. The next day the daughter was riding with her boyfriend who said, "My hands are freezing cold." The girl replied, "Put them between my legs. The warmth of my body will warm them up." He did and warmed his hands. The following day the boyfriend was again in the buggy with the daughter. He said, "My nose is cold." The girl replied "Put it between my legs. The warmth of my body will warm it up." He did and warmed his nose. The next day the boyfriend was again driving with the daughter and he said, "My penis is frozen solid." The following day the daughter was driving in the buggy with her mother, and she says to her mother, "Have you ever heard of a penis?" slightly concerned the mother said, "Why, yes.
there was this girl who i love shes in my dreams so i can not sleep everytime i try to forget her she is always popping up everywhere i look how do i forget her for she is the one i truely love
Thirsty Thursday
I'm back again, that's right I made it through another day! Well the global warming trend has slid off the map, we're back down to a seassonal 36 degrees here in Big Corn Country, aka Nebraska USA. In other words, stay home, mess about with CT and stay warm! No new news about Brit or Anna except Anna's ever loving and caring Mom "the drugs did this to her!" swears Anna wanted to be buried in California next to her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Another tragic blonde bombshell death. The only difference was that Marilyn was murdered, but that's a whole other Oprah! Well it looks like Englands Prince Harry, the Royal Wild Child is going to be deployed to Iraq. I can see it now, there will be more media coverage than you can imagine, but, the upshot there is maybe all those rebel insurgents will wipe out a whole lots of Papparazzi! We can only hope eh? I'm usually not very serious, but on this note I will be. I pray that nothing happens to that boy while over there, as much as
Baby Stash !!
Happy Thursday all I've updated my stash with a cute collection of baby pics !! Come on by and show them some lurve !!!! Some friends already have shown lots of luv, once again i thank you guys, i hope you enjoyed looking ((hugs)). Love as always, Lin xx
Guess I Coulda Left The Link In The Last Post Too!
So here it is!!!
Late of a morning but before I go- I did add a guestbook to my profile page ( ) - it's a bit far down the page at the moment... though I may well move it up toward the top or at least middle more. If you stop by the page, feel free to add yourself; of course, anything very badly out of line will be deleted.
Why Nice Guys Finish Last
All of your suspicions are correct. Nice guys really do finish last. Why? Because nice guys are boring. There, I said it. Let me clear up some misconceptions about women. Yes, we like to be told we're beautiful. We don't like it to be said ad nauseum. Unless it's a spontaneous thought, save it. If it's not sincere, don't bother. Tell us something you DO like about us. We don't REALLY want you to tell us how much you love us during sex. We also don't want you to touch us like we're going to break. My clitoris does not care if you love me. My g-spot doesn't even care if you hate me, as long as you know where it is and how to manipulate it. If you don't know where a woman's g-spot is, you'd better get off here and type it into google. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. If you're still confused, ask me. For God's sake, stop romancing the girls and start seducing them. We like the bad boys because they don't care if we like them. They are a challenge. They do
Sick Of
You May Have Your Salsa But... Texas may have its Pace Salsa, but nothing beats a New York Pizza and Canoli..Forgettboutit!!! Tastes of N.Y. for wounded heroes BY KATHLEEN LUCADAMO DAILY NEWS CITY HALL BUREAU At Sahadi's in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, Akram Albaqal fills barrel with bulgur. City soldiers wounded in Iraq will get a taste of home next week when the City Council ships cannoli, bagels and hero sandwiches to their Texas treatment center. Council Speaker Christine Quinn crafted the plan after meeting with the service members last month at the opening of the Intrepid Center, a privately funded rehabilitation home in San Antonio. "They complained that they couldn't get any good food in San Antonio," Quinn (D-Manhattan) said yesterday, with other Council members and the five borough presidents by her side. The city will send the seven soldiers donations that include bagels from Zabar's on the upper West Side, Middle
I'm rotten inside. i have no heart no soul i'm just a selfish bastard who thinks of no one but himself and even that is nothing but negetive. wahh to me i'm nothing worth looking at or even talking to i really should be put away cause i'm fucking insane and i can't get a grip on my self idenity in fact i fucking hate myself to the point where if i died tomorow i'd thank whoever caused me the death.
Beautiful Girl
Stop By And Say Hello
stop by check out my photos, comment, profile i know it needs some picso type work done but still trying to figure other things out. like my name sometimes. =0) enjoy meeting new people, strange weird or whatever. stop in y'all come back now hear huggers
I Have Arrived...
I'm here..your welcome for the warning!
It's Only Fair I Dedicate My 2nd Blog To My Other Online Best Can Meet Sweet Ppl. Online!
Well....if you read my 1st blog, you'll know about my sis/Bobbie......well....around the same time I met her, I also met another very close, very good friend, Kelli...better known as Rosa/Rosabean, whom I also chat with just about daily on my MSN messenger. We tried to get it goin once to meet in person, and still hope to someday...that damn $$ issue seems to get in our way, she lives in Nebraska, just a tad further than Kentucky....that would be one long-ass ride! But anyway, me and Kell/roo, also met and play on, and now, Bobbie and I got her involved in CT, so please, if ya will, comment her, rate her, bling her....let's help her build her CT points up! Right at this moment, while I'm typing this blog, Kelli/Rosa and I are on mic, cheapest way to beat the phone companies huh? lmao Anyway, love ya roo and I'm looking forward to that day when I get my "big-ass" hug from you too!! xoxox >>>Deb
Please Rate & Comment This Photo For Me!
I'm in the sexiest brunette contest and appreciate any help you all are willing to give me! Please help me out if you can! Contest ends Saturday morning at 11 am Eastern Time!!
Its My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi yall i just wanted to say that today is my special day...ITS MY BIRTHDAY!i want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!
22nd Febuary 2007
Well I am a complete arse, I forgot to put on here that I was away for a few days nad just got back. Seems there was a fault with CT whilst I was away shows I received comments but it aint showing me them so will try in my unique wisdom try to work out who msent them and reply. JP aka Naughty Fecking Brit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
More Pics And My Son's Birthday
well today is my son's birthday and e is 9 oday. i feel real old and w are having a party for him and it is going to be fun. also to my family friends i have more bad pics for bad people so if u like to see then great. i have to go so i can get shit ready for my so's party but i will be back later on today. love hotchick 3
Bombers Needed Plz!!
Hey everyone! When you get a chance please take the time to rate this pic and leave a comment or two. And if you feel like bombing it for me, please do so. I appreciate any and all help! Love you all! Crystal
One Of Those Thinking Days
One of those days where I think too much. :) Guess I will try to keep busy with work and not think more than I have to. Temps are up and the snow is slowly melting. Its refreezing at night so the walks get icy. Almost fell on my butt last night. Twisted my ankle though, so it hurts pretty bad again. Dr said it would be weak a long time. I hate hearing that stuff! Got another small job from a new client today. Small now but he wants to redo his site in a few months so we will get more work. Trying to do more work in the evenings and will have to concentrate more during the day too.. I think I have 10 projects bouncing around and have a few more coming soon. No David this weekend, so I better find something to do. :( I am sure we will play a game over the computer or something. His friends that play too ask when I will be on to play. My friend Liz has been coming on Yahoo to chat. I feel so bad for her. She is so lost since her husband died. I just wish I knew w
Update On Me
well we have a new place. will be moving into it tommorrow. so i wont be on much this weekend till we get things set up. i cant wait to get outta here and into something that we are gonna buy. i will be on for a little tonite. will be packing and cleaning most of the nite. plz dont forget about me while im getting things moved and set up. i will be back soon. ty for your patience. big hugs and much love, catlady
70 Ways To Tell You Been Online To Long
70 Ways To Tell You've Been Online Too Long 1. Tech Support calls "YOU" for help. 2. Someone at work tells you a joke and you say "LOL". 3. You watch TV with the closed captioning turned on. 4. You have called out someone's screen name while making love to your significant other. 5. You keep begging your friends to get an account so "we can hang out". 6. Three words: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 7. You've even gotten on an airplane just to meet some folks face-to- face. 8. You have to get a 2d phone line just so you can call Pizza Hut. 9. You go into labor and you stop to type a special e-mail to let everyone know you're going to be away. 10. You have a vanity car tag with your screen name on it. 11. You no longer type with proper capitalization, punctuation, or complete sentences. 12. You have met over 100 AOLers. 13. You begin to say "heh heh heh" instead of laughing. 14. When someone says "What did you say?" you reply "Scroll up!" 15. Yo
Today is the day i get my second opinion.... WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!
My Dying Bride-for You
I will be there for you All I want is you When I see your face All the Angels are shamed Lay with me beauty Feel me close to you Take my hand to you Touch you softly. Your warm skin Cover me with you Over me under you Pull me into you As one we lay entwined All I ever wanted I have, I need never wish again You are heaven sent ------------------
How Bad Are You Wanted?
Body: Body: Post this and see how many messages u get.... (1) just friends (2) gorgeous (3) cute as hell (4) hot as fuck (5) fine as fuck (6) sexy (7) amazingly sexy (8) we can be friends with benefits (9) id take u to my crib and fuck (10) i want 2 make u my gf/bf (11) i love u baby (12) id fuck you....twice SEND ME A MESSAGE AS TO WHAT I AM
More Hurt
I have never been so scared in my life, to think that you are on the verge of loosing someone you LOVE you feel like you don't have the strength anymore. I often cry myself to sleep wishing that you would hold me so tight and never let go and promise that everything would be alright. I LOVE you with my whole being, and I remember that I made a vow to LOVE you for as long as I shall live and I meant it. I can't imagine life without you, the thought of your touch that makes my whole body shiver, the love that you giving me day by day makes me look forward to a brand new day, every second that we spend together will always be cherished in my heart. Moments go by, days go by but memories of you and I will never leave this heart of mine. Every time you hold me close to your body I feel the connection that is very powerful and strong and it's a kind of a connection that would move mountains and cross the deepest oceans, for you cause there is nothing I would n't do for you cause you ar
Supporting Our Soldiers
I've seen alot of people "supporting the troops" and thats fine. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Now I could say that none of you will ever understand unless you sign up, but there's people that are in the military that go a whole enlistment and still don't understand. So here it is. Say you're applying for a job. You have the job requirements, you've read the job description. In every job there is going to be a time when you have to do something that you don't want to do. Well it's just as well in the military. Even after you've read the job description it has to be something you want to do. After that you have the accomplishment factor. I know some of you may not think we accomplish anything as big as what you've accomplished, but we have, and we still do. Even if we haven't the things we do tackle are big to us. If you look at the big picture....whether or not our lives have any relation to yours....we do things to make the lives of you and your family a whole lot better. So
Yet Another Email I Received!
Below is an email I received adn the link to his page: "I wish I could be dat dress what u wearing. Its ssooooooooooooooo hot. can i suck ur samll cute boobs and suck ur pussy" dirtydinu@ CherryTAP C'mon on ya fucking douche bag!! I understand my profile pic may be a bit revealing! However, I show NO nude shots for a reason!! Don't get me wrong, if you choose to show that's fine! I just don't - so don't leave me fucking messages asking for more! Don't leave me messages telling me how you want to do things to me...fucking cunts! Can ya tell Im not in a good mood! Sheesh... Carry on now... ;)
Classic Rock
I see a bad moon arisin'! I see trouble up ahead. That's an old CCR song. Creedence Clearwater Revival was a great band. But let us face the facts. CCR is really John Foggerty. He is and was the front man. He didn't need the band. They needed him. In the Eagles case it is different. Every member of the Eagles are important to the group. They are all singers and talented musicians. What does all this mean..? I am getting older than the hills! But I still look good, daddyo!
The Muffenbush Injuns
Chief Seeking Beaver called and tole me the toxic wastes were bubbling again. Trouble ahead. The chief is the leader of the great Muffenbush Injun Tribe. They have a reservation on Mt. Sexabus. I am friends with the entire tribe. The Chief shares my belief that the toxic wastes are bad fer the community and have somehow caused the supernatural elements to run amok! Something bad is about to happen. We will have to wait and see.
This Is Dedicated To Bobbie, The Best 'n' Truest Friend Anyone Could Ever Have! it goes, first off, i wanna dedicate my very 1st blog to my sis, my best friend....I met my friend, Bobbie, online in approx. 3 years ago. Well this past summer, Aug. 2006, she came to visit me and my family, I live in Pa, she lives in Ky., so it was approx. an 8 hour or so ride for her. To meet someone in person that you only knew online.....maybe it aint always what it should be or they aint what they "pretend" to be online, but this girl, she was MORE than what I expected! The first thing we did when she got out of the car in my driveway was a "huge-ass" hug! Well, she couldn't have come at a better time, my family really needed and enjoyed her visit. My son in-law had just had a horrible work accident and lost his eye, he's doing great now, back to work, has a prosthetic eye now and has adapted very well. My sis/Bobbie, wanted to come up and give us all a hug for what we were going thru at the time. You'll NEVER find a better, truer friend than that. Well, toda
One Lost Love
I never knew How I loved you.... But I loved you with all my heart.... But what you did to me baby tore me apart I never Knew loves agony- or hurtful tears never felt this way in all my 29 years I dreamed of you holding me- I dreamed of you wanting me- I dreamed of you liking me- I dreamed of you caring for me- My wish came true- You told me you loved me But then that day came- When I went crazy You told me you didn't need me anymore That you found someone knew- I finally knew loves pain & what it would do It was like a knife stabbed my heart- It sank to the very pit- It fell to pieces- Bit- by- Bit I can't believe you left me- My heart can't leave you- But now look what you did to my heart... I felt like an abandoned puppy Everything so blurry- I couldnt believe That day when we kissed- It hurt me It hurt me to know that you kissed And flew away.... I was in so many tears- I didnt Have the heart to tell you what I wanted to say My mind, My Body,
Are You My Perfect Woman
Are you my perfect woman? I had made a list of whom or what was to be my perfect woman. How can another person "make" us laugh if we are not interested in laughing? How can another person be like us if we separate ourselves from others? Trying to "find" someone with common goals and like values may work in a business partnership. I have learned that has nothing to do with matters of love and mutual sharing. After I found the woman that nailed down each and every item on my "wish list" of what was to be my "perfect woman" I realized that was "not enough". What I then needed to do was to try and make it enough by updating, revising and changing my list of items necessary to form my "perfect woman." I now realize that making a list, setting goals, objectives, and a qualification application for my ultimate partner, will not allow a positive relationship an opportunity to unfold or to be experienced. I do not know who a perfect woman would be. How do I describe my ideal ma
Dreams In The Mists.
Yea, I tell it like I see it. Sometimes I may have blurred vision. But usually, I am right on target. I figure if you are gonna write you might as well write the truth. Yea, I'm blunt! I am straight to the point. And am a dirty minded feller. I don't wanna lead you down the marriage trail. I wanna lead you to the bedroom and get you out of them pants! If you won't let me do it then some other woman will. It's just the flow of the universe. And I try not to swim upstream. Go with the flow. Man! I has been having some crazy dreams fer the past few years. I keep seeing a brunett woman in a silver spae suit. The woman claims to be my real mother. She keeps telling me she is from the planet Moron and my father is an earth man named Jocko the Clown. Yea, it freaks me out. This woman claims I am half-earthling and half-moron. She tells me the moron half of me is what makes me so horny. And to think, I thought it was my pecker! Dumass me! I think it is weird to have so many similar dreams. Mo
SOCIALISM: You have 2 cows, and you give one to your neighbour. COMMUNISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk. FASCISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk. NAZISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both and shoots you. BUREAUCRATISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both, shoots one, milks the other, then throws the milk away... TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income. SURREALISM: You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons AN AMERICAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows. Later, you hire a consultant to analyse why the cow has dropped dead. ENRON VENTURE CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at
Whats Up
Hey all I am new to this site, its nice, and seems okay. Send me some messages.
The Nice Guy
I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to Talk To, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up, and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your
If Ever I Get The Chance
If I ever get the chance, To hold onto your heart. I will take it with no doubt. And never tear it apart. If I ever get the chance, To actually make you mine. I'll grab your hand so fast. To that, I couldn't decline. If I ever get the chance, To hold you in my arms tight. I'll definitley take that. Even if for just one night. If I ever get the chance, I'll make you mine forever. I'll hold gently onto your heart. ... If I ever get the chance.
Kooky The Stud!
I ain't trying to boast. It sounds like it, but I swear I ain't boasting. I is stating a natural born factoid! You got men who is smarter than me. I ain't a rocket scientist. That's fer sure. I only went to school fer the lunches. Then you got the pretty men. Most of them is queerer than a three dollar bill. I reckon I is above average in the looks department. But thar is one thing that sets me ahead of the boys out thar. I is hung like a stud pony! Yea, it's a bona fide factoid! All my growth settled between my legs. When I step up to a piss trough and say, "Whewee! The water is cold!" I ain't lying! I know the water is cold. That's why I was so popular in the porn flicks. I had the right sized tool fer the job! You put down one of them footlong hotdog buns and I can fill it from end to end. I call it my shebanger. It stays up most of the time. No ole softee here! To this point... I ain't never needed none of them pecker hardon pills. Yea, I is all natural. Just ask some of my g
Toxic Wastes Dumping Grounds.
Hillywood is located about two miles outside the city limits of Hoopee Holler. A few years ago, Hoopee Holler made a deal with the feds. The feds could dump toxic wastes in the big sinkhole up on the Mountain. It was serving as a landfill fer the local garbage. In return fer the dumping rights, the local citizens of Hoopee Holler would never have to pay anymore federal taxes. We got more take home pay. The deal was put to a vote and passed by a large margin. People were blinded by the money. My parents sold the feds 5,000 acres on the far side of Mt. Sexabus. The Military built a secret base thar. It ain't a secret. Everyone knows it is thar. But no one can get in thar without being shot. My parents made a real fortune on the land sale. After selling it, my parents moved to Lexington. What people did not think of was the threat the toxic wastes posed to the local enviroment and a possible health threat to the entire population of Hoopee Holler and surrounding areas. Since the toxic
You Found Me When Noone Else Was Looking
She broke my heart She ripped it in two said she felt really bad but deep down she didn't have a clue She didn't know what I'd gone through All the sleepless nights alone not having someone to love well if only she'd known that was the final straw the end of the line for me why should i keep getting hurt in my life love wasn't meant to be I stopped looking out for my Mrs. Right I stopped caring about girls but at the end of the tunnel there was light She spoke to me as if she'd known me forever instantly i fell again but for some reason it was different i didn't care if it were to bring more pain I've never fell like this before i don't care that this may not be the 1 shes made my life complete this is more that just a bit of fun she found me when no one else was looking i smile every time i think of her she's my princess and my Queen no more tears fall from these eyes no more crying myself to sleep each night this is all i ever wanted
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Thursday 2/22/07
Good morning everyone, not much going on here again today, Just updating my stash and things here on CT. I've made it to cherry grunt and now trying to make it to the next level lol. Hope everyone has a great day!
heartbroke Sitting all alone just been through another fight crying into my pillow blackened by the night screaming so loud till my lungs ache i just don't want to go through another heartbreak you tell me you hate me you wish i would die well tonight this broken knight going to learn to fly pick up the razor prepare to bleed close my eyes and pull back my sleeve your words echo in my mind i carve them onto every inch of skin i find walk to the bathroom my skin bleeding and sore slip and fall from the blood on the floor so I'm sitting here just thinking about you tears fill my eyes i now know what to do i run a deep bath slowly climb in I'm about to for-fill gods greatest sin...
Vavoom... Bambi.
Bambi came over today and styled my hair. She comes over every Thursday. Bambi is my hair stylist and one of my HoneyNutts. That means we has been in the sack a few times. After the trim, Bambi went fer a swim in the pool. She doesn't need any swim clothes. Not around me. I tell you what... Bambi bears a strong resemblance to Heather Locklear. I ain't joking! Bambi is cute and she has got more physical attributes than Heather has. Bigger boobs. Yea, I know, "More than a Mouthful is a Waste!" But... I can handle the waste! Yeehaw! Bambi finished off with some shagging and some wine. Then she spent the night. I didn't want her to drive drunk. And I didn't want Cooky to have to drive her to town. I needed some company fer the night. Bambi was more than willing to stay. She tole me her husband Earl was driving his big rig truck up north and would not be home until the weekend. I imagine ole Earl was knocking off some ass at a truck stop. Yea, Bambi is hitched. But hey... I don't discr
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All This Time
Laying in bed, Thinking of you, I begin to cry Like I've only Cried for you. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... I think back on The time we shared. All those long nights Holding each other, Comforting each other, They seem so long ago. Your gone form me, Only to return for A short while... All those dirty looks As we would cuddle Up close just to talk, And the whispers As we would pass. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... All the hardships We overcame together, That just seemed like Jokes when all was done. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... All the smiles, laughs, Tears, hugs, and all The happens we Shared seem like They're now dreams. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... All the time we Spent together seem Like part of a Different life. Your so far away, It's hard to feel you Anymore, I feel As though I'm Loosing you! And I can't stand T
Drugs & Wealthy Parents.
Hotel Nuts is the place to be. As far as nuthouses go. I was treated like a king thar. Pappy owns stock in the nuthouse. He owns stock in just about everything. More stuff than I wanna keep up with. My parents ain't in league with the super rich. But they are trying to get thar. I ain't gonna bet against them. I had my own private room at Hotel Nuts. It was covered in soft blue rubber. The walls, the ceiling and the floor were all rubber. I could fall out of bed and never get a bruise. At the nuthouse, you get plenty of free drugs. But no booze. I ain't never been much of a drugger. Yea, I smoke some grass once in a blue moon. And I do have to take a daily dose of anti-nut medication. But that is it. Maybe some Tylenol PM at bedtime with a double shot of bourbon. It helps me sleep. Nuthing else. Pappy and Mama got me out of Hotel Nuts real quick. They did not want to visit me thar. It is bad fer their image. But not mine! I loved the other crazy folks. I met many interesting people
Gm To My Friends & Family
Kooky's Divorce
Since my baby left me... I got a new place to dwell. It's down at the end of lonely street at Hillywood Hotel. I was married once to a sweet gal. Back then she was so sweet I could have just eaten her up! After the divorce... I wish I had! She tried to take me to the cleaners but she made the mistake of finding out I don't have nuthing. My family owns everything. Thar is nuthing in my name. Oh, she bitched and complained. Threatened to tell the world that I was a porn star. I tole her to go ahead. I ain't ashamed of my porn career. I is kinda proud of it! Well, pappy gave her a check with lots of zeroes. She was happy. Moved to the Bahamas. I don't hear from her no more. Pappy tole me never to marry agin without getting the bride to sign one of them pre-nuptial agreements. I assured him that won't be a problem. Once being married was enuff fer Kooky Nutt!
Rejoice... Kooky Is In The House!
This is it... Kooky Nutt has finally made his way here! Rejoice! I am the King of the Bloggers! Check it out if you don't believe me. You want fun and excitement you can get it all in a Kooky Blog. Yea, baby... I am six foot, one...Weigh a solid 200 pounds of romping, stomping, graveyard destruction! I can kiss the gals and make them lie! I am an ex-porn stud. I know how to do it! I now live at my Hillywood Estate. C'mon over and party sometime. Try it and if you don't like it then delete me. What have you to lose? You can have Kooky Nutt or you can have them other old boys who don't know what to say or do! Take a trial run with the King of the Bloggers! It's free! But I is habit-forming! Yeehaw!
There For you For My kids, True friends, My family and God.. I want to save you from everything that holds you back, and makes you feel weak. From all the pain that everyone in their life has to feel. I wish that I could take away every unpleasant thought that may ever fill your head. Thoughts that will ever make you look down upon yourself. I will always try to choose your happiness over my own, For you deserve to be happy much more than I ever will. And I know that you are capable of doing great things when you try. I just wish that you could fully understand that you can do anything. That I believe in you more than anyone and will never stop believing. I would give my world for you to realize that you could do anything to harm me, And no matter what I will always continue to forgive you. That no reason will ever be great enough for me to let you go for hate. Even if we are in the darkest place we have ever been, I will be here none-the-less. I will
Kooky Nutt... Adopted?
People say I look like Elvis did in his prime. I may look some like him. But not much in my estimation. Course, my looks helped me in the porn stud business. I do not look like either one of my parents. Thar is a reason fer this. They adopted me. I have no clue as to who my real parents were. Mama tole me I was left on the doorstep of their home when I was a baby. I had a note on me saying. "Please raise Kooky." That was it. My parents used their financial resources to adopt since they could not have kids. I am their only child. I betcha if they knew how I was gonna turn out they would have put me in an adopting agency! Naw, my parents love me. But they are overprotective. I appreciate all they do fer me. They honestly think I am insane. But it is mainly just an act. I am an actor.
Yeah Same Shit Different Pile Fo Sho
About Hillywood.
Witchy-Woman has to visit me here when she gets horny now. She comes over about twice a week. She likes to swim buttnaked in my pool in the basement. It's heated and inside. You can swim year round at my pad. The basement is my party room. It has a dance floor, the pool, two giant dairy coolers filled with beer, a complete bar, a giant screen HD TV set with Dish, and a stereo music system. It is like having a club in the basement. My parents lived here a few years ago and they entertained their friends and clients here. I just walked into it. You can't beat that. My parents keep hoping I will become sane and turn into a good citizen. Yea, right! Like that will ever happen! Why would I want to give up all this? I may be crazy but I ain't stupid!
The Kookster...ex-porn Stud.
I have plenty of time to write blogs. I have a computer in my office. I am a celebrity. Fer 15 years I was a porn star in Hollywood. Made over 500 low budget porn flicks. My family flipped out when they found out about my porn career. They thought I was in California writing scripts fer TV sitcoms. Yea, I didn't tell them the truth. They can't handle the truth. They did not handle it well. The family bought the rights to my porn flicks and burned all the master tapes. All that humping went up in flames. Course, I reckon many people bought the dirty movies and still have them somewhere. But I do not have any. I made the porn flicks under another name. But when pappy found out he had me brought back here. Under the family's watchful eyes. Willy and me went around to the local clubs playing and singing classic rock. Then I performed the Redneck Exorcism on an evil boss. He owned a strip club we played in and was being mean to the strippers and everyone. That's when I kicked his ass. The
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My Posse
I ain't been outside of Hillywood fer five years. People can come in and visit but I cannot go out. I am a prisoner inside my own home. But I ain't bitchin' about it. I have two acres to run around on. I have a cook named Cooky. He prepares my food and cleans the joint. My parents pay him a salary. He is my butler, too. And my bodyguard. Cooky is six foot, six and weighs 320 pounds. Solid like a rock! Cooky has his own part of the cabin. He is right here if I need him. But he ain't gonna allow me to escape. My parents pay his salary. But I like ole Cooky. He is a deaf mute. Cooky keeps to himself and goes out after the food. The weekends he is away relaxing and doing whatever he does. I get carryout food delivered. Or, Cuzzin Willy goes to town and gets it. Willy stays with me on weekends. Cuzzin Willy Moon is my first cuzzin. He brings me booze, cigars and women when ever I want. Willy also is on salary to my parents. But Willy and me are like brothers. We grew up together and are
Two Occasions
Two Occasions When do you think of me? Sometimes you do that at the midday Maybe at the day and night time You remind me of my favorite love song Just the chorus tells you a story "I only think of you on two occasions" Why does it have to be only two times? Why can't it be all the time? The song may send a message The lyrics tell a story Tell a life of love But the song is not my life You live your own song daily Different rules to be played by There should not be one or two occasions It should be all the time you think of me The song is what we live The lyrics is something a person go through The lifetime is events until we are taken The song I sing will be joyful Happy to know the lyrics of my life will continue to rise
Here Come Da Judge
When I went before a Judge over the Redneck Exorcism I had hoped to get an easy one. Not!!! I got my ole foe, Judge Coton Corndigger. We ain't liked each other since he caught me shagging his wife to be back in high school. He was none too happy about it but he could not whip my ass and he wasn't a judge then. He was going to law school to be a lawyer. He forgave his cheating girlfriend and eventually married her. But he still held a grudge towards me. The Judge wasted no time in sentencing me to time inside Hotel Nuts. I spent about two weeks inside thar. My pappy is a powerful, wealthy, man. He used his political connections to get the Governor to send me to Hillywood under sort of house arrest. The Governor signed the agreement provided a security fence was put in. Pappy had that done in a week.
I Kid You Not...
Welcome To Hillywood
I call my two acre estate Hillywood. In honor of Hollywood. I have a large cabin with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Thar is a barn on my property and a two car garage. I have a high security fence all around my property. My family had it installed. It protects me from all the wild fans who may try to get at me. My family is wealthy. I get an allowance. My family does not trust me to handle money. If I need something I just call the place of business and order it. Someone will bring it out to me. Home delivery! I have to do it this way. I cannot leave my compound. I am under house arrest. I can go anywhere inside my fence. But if I try to leave the law will show up and it is back to the nuthouse fer me. I have an ankle bracelet with a transmitter in it. I don't know how it works but it sends signals to the security at Hotel Nuts. Yea, I is stuck here! But it is better than being inside the nuthouse. I can drink beer here.
The Redneck Exorcism
You can call me Kooky. I have had that name since I was a young man. I always was doing crazy things. Still am. I live up to my name. A few years ago, my reputation got me put inside the local nuthouse, Hotel Nuts. I performed a Redneck Exorcism on an evil boss. He was possessed by the devil and I decided to save his soul by performing a Redneck Exorcism on him. My co-workers were confused and thought I was trying to choke the life out of the evil boss. Naw... That's the way I perform a Redneck Exorcism. I was trying to choke the devil out of him! The boss was okay. But he was still evil. He fired me and had me arrested.
This Whole Lent Thing
Ok. I'm not catholic. So I don't really practice lent. The first time I remember learning about Ash Wednesday I was already over 18. I remember it vividly only because I was working at the information desk at a hospital. It was in the afternoon and an sweet, elderly woman came up to my desk looking for a room number. I glanced up and said... "Oh my gosh! Are you okay? How did you get that bruise on your forehead?" She laughed and told me it was ashes...and then explained why she had it there. Boy did I feel like a dork. So now, years later, I find myself giving something up for lent. The choices were bread, soda, or candy. I chose soda. I'm still not catholic. I'm just doing this for a friend.
Cracker Jack Hood
Cracker Jack Hood was seen running across the field in his red flannel underwear. Fred Astair, the braham Bull was chasing Cracker Jack. I watched as Jack leaped the wooden fence just avoiding the horns of the brown bull. Cracker came up on my porch and asked me if he could borrow some clothes. I asked him what happened and why was he running around in his underwear in the middle of winter? Cracker grinned and explained he had been visiting Ms. Miller. Then Mr. Miller came back early and Cracker Jack had to make a fast getaway through the field. He escaped without Mr. Miller seeing him. But he had fergotten Fred Astair was in the field. I gave Cracker some clothes and drove him to his shack. Cracker Jack Hood is at least 58. And he is still chasing women.
The swamp witch lives about a mile from my cabin. She ain't ugly. Nawser. Picture Elvira at 35 and you get Sindy Spellcast the swamp witch. Sindy used to be a Trainer with a semi-pro football team. She retired and became a full time swamp witch. Sindy makes love potions and things like that. She also does a horoscope column fer the local newspaper. I saw the red smoke coming out of Sindy's chimney. That's a sign that Sindy wants to see me. It's the horny signal. She's hot to trot and she is calling on me. Witchy Woman came over and We shagged this morning and then she went home. It is a terrific relationship we have! Just sex and nuthing else. I like a woman with a one tract mind. It makes life easier.
As you sit and message him I hope you realize how disrespectful you are being. While we are together and his cell phone displays your name I hope you know how upset I become. When you need a hug at the end of the day I hope you understand that I do not appreciate your requesting one. While you sit there eating lunch with him I hope you are feeling guilty. When you casually talk about sex and offer to "make him feel good" I hope that you understand that you, my dear, are crossing the line.
The Land Of The Bed
In the land of the bed thar is only one truth... You either put out or you go to sleep. It has been this way since the bed was invented. I have a queen size bed that I am quite fond of. It is large enuff to accomodate two people. I have ladies over from time to time. Some spend the night with me in that big bed. I have had much enjoyment in the bed. It is like my own safety blanket. The place where Kooky is King...Waiting to share a night of pleasure with a Queen. Always respect the bed. I do. It is much better than the altenative... Which is sleeping on the floor.
Welcome Home
Best Of Family Guy
I Added More Photos
I added some more photos in the default photo album of me and also ripped some wolf photos from StarDrifter and White Wolf today. Hope you enjoy them. Orgasmic Aimee
Family Guy On Mad Tv
Something To Live By
JustanotherIdguy: "Never let someone be your priorty, while allowing yourself to be thier option"
Adult Jokes.
Adult Jokes. Q. What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker? A. A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again. Q. What's a mixed feeling? A. When you see your mother-in-law backing off a cliff in your new car. Q. What's the height of conceit? A. Having an orgasm and calling out your own name. Q. What's the definition of macho? A. Jogging home from your vasectomy. Q. What's the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball? A. A guy will actually search for a golf ball Q. Do you know how New Zealanders practice safe sex? A. They spray paint X's on the back of the sheep that kick! Q.Why is divorce so expensive? A. Because it's worth it! Q. What is a Yankee? A. The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. Q. What do Tupperware and a walrus have in common? A. They both like a tight seal. Q. What do a Christmas tree and priest have in common? A. Their balls are just for decoration.. Q.What is the difference betw
Now This Is A Cool One
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New Zealand Fishermen Catch Rare Squid
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A fishing crew has caught a colossal squid that could weigh a half-ton and prove to be the biggest specimen ever landed, a fisheries official said Thursday. The squid, weighing an estimated 990 lbs and about 39 feet long, took two hours to land in Antarctic waters, New Zealand Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton said. The fishermen were catching Patagonian toothfish, sold under the name Chilean sea bass, south of New Zealand "and the squid was eating a hooked toothfish when it was hauled from the deep," Anderton said. The fishing crew and a fisheries official on board their ship estimated the length and weight of the squid: Detailed, official measurements have not been made. The date when the colossus was caught also was not disclosed. Colossal squid, known by the scientific name Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, are estimated to grow up to 46 feet long and have long been one of the most mysterious creatures of the deep ocean. If original estimates are correct
Beware:dave92100 **alert**
just want to warn all of you,for what ever reason, a friend of mine was treated extremely rude,on a shout this morning!! dave92100 approached her on the shout,and told her she was ugly and small!!and to go back to her husband!!all this I understand because he was "stroking himself" and wanted to to have cam sex!! she said she wasnt interested,and it seems he didnt like "refusal"!! another lady was confronted yesterday,by this same man!!treated the same way!! so just be very careful who we talk to,and who we add!!!there are SO MANY WEIRDOS AND JERKS,on every chat site. hope you dont get attacked too!!!
Ohh Snap
Im going to be a dad agen dont know if the baby is a girl or boy yet hopen for a boy i allready have a girl if i have a son i will have one of each
A Gothic Slave ~ Written By M'lord Lestat
A dark lady that roams endlessly through the night, She bows to her one true master that completes her life, She is a slave to none yet a slave to one, The one she searches for relentlessly under the moon or sun, She longs to feel his embrace to take her from from this place, She calls to him even though yet hes not there, She wanders through the shadows of darkness that only she can share, It calls to her and calms her fast beating heart, Knowing that no matter what the shadows that comfort her will never part, She continues to search for the one master that will call her his own, Through her darkened eyes and the chill felt in her bones, She feels his presence as he begins to stare deep into her soul, Then she falls completely under his control, She has longed for his touch and waited for this day, When her master would finally come and take her away, Yes master, She says I am yours to control, Bend me, break me, make me feel it deep within my soul, Then all of a sud
To All My Family Friends
i have 3 more pics if u want to take a look at them. yes they are bad but good to. also i am doing more bad ones when i get a chance to so i will talk to all u later on today.
Repost From Evil Princess
You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey", "White C*#t" and you think it's OK. But when I call you Black, Kike, Towelhead, WOP, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Gook, nigger or Chink you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist. If we had a White Pride Day... you would call us racist. If we had white history month... we'd be racist. If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives... we'd be racist. If we had a college fund that only gave white students know we'd be racist. In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marc
Just A Funny
9 Things I Dislike About Everyone 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.. I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2 People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the T.V. remote because they refuse to walk to the T.V. and change the channel manually. 3 When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4 When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5 When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6 People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine? 7 When something is 'new and improved!'.
This Will Quack You Up
A Duck walks into a bar. He stands there with a lost look on his face, The Barman asks " what can I get for you ? " The Duck replies " got any bread ? " The Barman looks at the Duck and says " this is a bar we don't sell bread " Several minutes go by and the Barman notices the Duck still standing there and asks him yet again " what can I get you ? " The Duck looks at him with sad eyes and says " got any bread ? " The Barman looks at him and says " mate I told you this is a bar we don't sell bread ", the Barman walks off to the cold room and does some stock-taking.. 20min go by and the Barman returns to see the Duck still standing there, He asked the Duck again what he would like.. The Duck replies with the same thing " got any bread ? " Now the Barman is really getting pissed off with this time wasting Duck and says to him " Listen Duck I have had enough of your time wasting and stupid requests. I'm going to ask you one more time what you want and if you ask f
Liarsenic: Creating A Universe Of Discourse
Run, run farmer screaming bloody murder. The daughters of question have been murdered, murdered, murdered. Deception is charming. No, I don't think so. I dont think so. I don't think so. I don't think so. These things harmonize and overthrow these things will cure, but they will tear down and we are not the ones who carry on. and we are not the ones who wear the shroud, tear down. Liar, condescender, words born as bastards. Our swords will rest and a course in miracles all hail and killers will rise. Where have we gone wrong? Understanding laced in the web. I don't think so.
Thank You All!
I just ranked up to level 13 - ripe cherry! Thanks to all my lovely family, friends and fans that regularly rate all my shit. I'm sorry that I'm too fuckin stoned and lazy to visit your profiles all that regularly - but if you need a boost up on points and shit just let me know. Thanks to you guys who are bombing the fuck out of my pic in the UK's hottest CT guy contest - I entered this for a laugh but I really do appreciate the effort you guys are putting into it. If you haven't voted already or are bored and want points for doing very little - please check it out and comment bomb! Click on pic if you're interested. Say hi to the lovely lovely Candy for asking me to take part in her contest. *Candy*-*Patron Family*-@ CherryTAP
Batman Vs. Predator
Chad Vader Episode 5
STROKE: Remember The 1st Three Letters... S.T.R. My friend sent this to me and encouraged me to post it and spread the word. I agree. If everyone can remember something this simple, we could save some folks. Seriously.. Please read: STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) and that she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Ingrid went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening. Ingrid's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00 pm, Ingrid passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Ingrid would be with us today. Some don't die. They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead. It only takes a minute to read this...
Your Son Is Here
Your Son Is Here >A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is >here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several >times before the patient's eyes opened. > >Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the >young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out >his hand. > >The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, >squeezing a message of love and encouragement. > >The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. >All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted >ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and >strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and >rest awhile. > >He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was >oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital - the clanking >of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night
Im in a contest and i only need 5000 comments please help. Just follow this link
"we R One"
Brown, Yellow, Red, Black, White, Democrat, Republican, Blind, Deaf, Rich, Poor, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Free, Prisoner, Servant, Professional. It makes no difference. Because to our Creator we are all the same, as it should be to us. A wise man said: don't judge another unless you have walked in their shoes. We have the same Capacity for Love in us, We feel the same amount of Pain, We feel the same amount of Joy, We feel the same amount of disappointment, The same amount of understanding The same amount of Misunderstanding. How do we choose? do we Love another because they look and live as we think they should? Have you ever seen a Cat & Dog that Love and care for each other? but yet they look so different, they think so different, they are completely alien to each other! but yet they know it really makes no difference and each allows the other, to be different, Love Knows no difference. If You feel down
New Andold Nsfw Pics!
There are some new and old pics of me in my new folder! My old one was erased accidentally so I put up a new one. Please all of my lovely cherries rate and comment for me so I can add more of you to my family, and put up more and new photos! Thqanx evreyone! Let me know by commenting if you have helped me out! Thanx!
Dani Filth
What Do You Think?
You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey", "White C*#t" and you think it's OK. But when I call you Black, Kike, Towelhead, WOP, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Gook, nigger or Chink you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist. If we had a White Pride Day... you would call us racist. If we had white history month... we'd be racist. If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives... we'd be racist. If we had a college fund that only gave white students know we'd be racist. In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we march
If I Was Your One And Only?
1.)How many times a day would you kiss me? 2.)How many times a day would you just want to hold me? 3.)Would you take me places? 4.)Would you love me? 5.)If we went out on a date would you have me pay for it? 6.)Would you take me anywhere special? 7.)If I was sick... what would you do? 8.)If we had sex...what would you do afterwards? 9.)If one of my friends tried to get with you what would you do? 10.)Would you tell me? 11.)Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? 12.)Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? 13.)Would you care about what I wore when we go out? 14.)Would you go to the club with me? 15.)If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? 16.)If someone tried to fight with me in front of you what would you do? 17.)If a girl/guy tried to talk or dance with you at the club what would you do? 18.)Would you give me your myspace password? 19.)If I gave you mine w
Round 3 In My Tattoo Contest...any Takers?
I am looking to open round 3 in my ink contest tomorrow...Friday Feb 23rd if I have at least 10 entries by then and I have 9 at the moment...anyone else have any ink they would like to show off and see if they can get a big pimpin gift by winning?
In League
Pretty boy with a gun, bang- bang, fun- fun. Pretty girl with a knife, watch your back it's your wife! Heroin, load my blood, shoot- shoot, fun- fun. Pretty girl on ecstasy, now she wants to fuck me. We are the dead, we are in league, we are the doctors of low self esteem. We do it wrong, we don't believe, we are the congress of the new disease. Pretty thing with no head, that's OK, better off dead! Warm blood everywhere, shave off all my hair! Pretty girl, what's she worth? Stick it where it really hurts! Government experiment, welcome to my accident. We are the dead, we are in league, we are the doctors of low self esteem. We do it wrong, we don't believe, we are the congress of the new disease. We are the dead, we are in league, we are the doctors of low self esteem. We do it wrong, and we have no fear, we are the anti of all you hold dear. Social disease, down on your knees. Covered in fleas, give me a freeze. I am a clown, I am disgrace. It's always thrown up in my f
My Kids....please Read
My little ones have been sick since last week with some sort of virus,, not sure what it is however they have been vommitting/shitting like gooses,, the doctor says the only thing I could do is to keep fulids in them but the damn thing is,, it comes right back out... I'll be taken them in today to get checked an see what else there is,, because right now I can not handle these little ones beinging this way,, damn near lost my son Edward when he was only 2-3 y/o from a virus like this he lost about 4-5lbs and I hope it doesn't happen again... Please pray for these little ones for me guys,, I know deep down ya'll have a heart... I'm not asking for much but this is my kids we're talking about....Thanks 4 your love an time!!!!
PHARMACY of march 2007 viagra will only be available under its chemical name please ask your chemist for mycoxafloppin... pmsl
A Pampers Existence
Giving advice is easy. Sticking with folks, and continuing to try and help them is a little harder. You can flash a light on the path to even a perfect stranger. Just tell them what you feel is the best way to accomplish things. What they do with this guidance is up to them. I remember back, 10 years or so, I was having a conversation with my buddy Christy, who at the time was 2 . She was sitting on her training potty, and I spoke to her at length about how wonderful things would be if she would always use the bathroom instead of her pants. She looked me straight in the eyes during my entire monologue. I felt a connection. When I had finished, she leaned forward and hugged me. She truly appreciated the effort. During the embrace is when I received a moment of clarity. She loved me, and was glad I was there trying to help her, but she would continue to crap her pants until she remembered not to. And all the speeches and attempts to change her behavior would be mute points, because in t
Why Women Are Crabby! Good One
We started to "bud" in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find that anything that came in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurt so bad it brought us to tears. So came the ridiculously uncomfortable training bra contraption that the boys in school would snap until we had calluses on our backs. Next, we get our periods in our early to mid-teens (or sooner). Along with those budding boobs, we bloated, we cramped, we got the hormone crankies, had to wear little mattresses between our legs or insert tubular, packed cotton rods in places we didn't even know we had. Our next little rite of passage was having sex for the first time which was about as much fun as having a ramrod push your uterus through your nostrils (IF he did it right and didn't end up with his little cart before his horse), leaving us to wonder what all the fuss was about. Then it was off to Motherhood where we learned to live on dry crackers and water for a few months so we didn't s
My Building
okay. so i've come to a realization. my building has some very strange people. for example. there's the lady who talks to the washing machines. at first that's not a big deal, but then when you start really thinking of it, it's creepy. lol. next. there's the lady who sits in the laundry room and watches the washing machines. doesn't have a bag of laundry to do for herself. just sits in the cold laundry room and watches the washing machines. oh and falls asleep too. lol. after that. there's the old man who goes through every washer and dryer to make sure no one's taken his stuff. oh and stares at the females who do laundry downstairs. lol. anyone elses building like this?? lol.
So, this morning I've been bored here at work so Ive been wandering from Myspace to Cherry Tap looking at bulletins and what not.....i realized that I have yet to post one on here and I came across the perfect thing to blog about: INTERNET ADDICTS. How do u know when you're an online community addicted mothafucka? When you post bulletins saying 'Im gonna go cry now cause no one comes to my page and comments or talks to me, so Im gonna delete you cause thats not nice'....ok first of order to be a respectable HUMAN BEING in society, you must HAVE A REAL LIFE, and this isnt real, so what im saying is, if you sit in your house, have no job, no car, but money to pay your internet bill to talk to skanky hoes on CHerry Tap that give you ego boosts by flashing their boobs or vaginas (or for females- pics of a penis) to you, its time to RE-EVALUATE your situation FOR REAL. You look LAME. SO here are a few reasons WHY you DONT GET COMMENTS: MOST OF US are NORMAL people who have jobs and
Falling In Love With You
Falling In Love With You I think it's love but I'm not sure But I've never felt like this before There's something about you that draws me in These feelings for you are growing within. You are like no other guy I've met I feel so sure that my heart is set You are so sweet and you're always kind The look in your eyes and I can't describe what I find. You go out of your way to always be there Together we make such a good pair It's all like a dream can you be real There's no way to describe what it is I feel. Your beautiful eyes and I can't look away The picture of you in my mind just won't go its way These amazing feelings I'm going through I think I'm falling in love with you.
8 How About Six Pack Abs?
Well that little bit of information on calisthenics was about the poorest received input thus far. I kind of expected that as there is a lot of less than loving memories of those days in the high school gym grunting to do difficult things to get a grade where you didnt want one. That being said today Ill touch on something that is very popular and close to totally misunderstood. Everyone wants six pack abs. Men and women both want to lift up their shirt and show a flat tummy with some muscles showing through. It is a very popular condition and is used continually by any company that is marketing fitness products. When people see the commercials they know they want it and that they will get it when they purchase said products. Always remember this, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Here are the facts that I have observed and that are well chronicled by other reliable trainers as well. Being able to display a six pack is the result of muscles in the abdominal
So, I figured out that I live under some kind of cloak of shadows when it comes to the internet. Everywhere I go, i'm noticed for about 5 minutes, then i'm old news, thrown out like yesterdays one is gonna read this anyways, so why even write it?
Amy Lee
The song is Lies by Evanescence(one of their earlier songs)
Good Morning/good Afternoon!
I am so tired! Just about ready for work, then off I go. Cold front came through, but it's still not that bad out. In the 30's right now. But "significant snowfall" is predicted for Friday night and Saturday! We'll see! Last time it went way south of here. Another long day! Will try to play catch-up with my greetings and comments this evening. Have a great Thursday, everyone! Much love and warm hugs to all! Blessings all over the place! Later!
Can I see? Don't... you... wish... Not... even... in your wildest dreams. So dream on. Suckers. LMAO
the vagina is the best rehabilitation centre in the world, even the biggest,hardest,most violent pricks come out softened,humbled and reduced in size !!! lol
One Day
There is a good man That I have come to know One of God's best His kindness always shows Leaving a little wisdom On everything he's touched A heart like his is rare One that loves so much He made me believe In myself, things he sees That I have self worth Finding good in me He touched my heart He is always there When I am crying I know he will care Devoting his life to others For him I will always pray Maybe our paths will cross Waiting for that day
You Wanta Know The Sweetest Thing?
I havent really slept yet, it hurts to bad, and i just cant get comfortable, because of the way i broke it it feels like dead weight, and its so damn hard to use the crutches, so im suppose to just stay in one place, which we all know is REALLY hard for me to do. Anthony hasnt slept yet ither cause he's seriously to worried about me,he just keeps dozing off then waking up to make sure im okay, i think hes asked me about 300 times if im okay. Its so cute. I love that man with all my heart. I really do. He protects me ♥ It sucks though, cause i cant walk up and down steps like at all, so im pretty much stuck in the house for a few days till the bone gets stronger and it doesnt hurt to move it. The pain killers suck ass and arent doing anything for me. :( ♥ So yeah, thats my miserable story :( Rate my blog please.
Thank To Friends
I just want to say thank you to a lot of people on Cherry Tap that have made my time here worthwhile. All these people have made me feel welcome and have been great friends. In this world there is nothing better than having good friends. Friends are people who you can count on being there. I would love to thank Dorrie,Phoenix,Sid_Recording,Dalesman,and Firefighter's Mom for really making me feel welcome.Yesterday I met another nice young man and he also made me feel welcome and his name is JoshJ. Thanks to all of you for being a good friend.
Our Love
Our Love You came to my life so fast You already got my complete trust my eyes before were in mist And my heart was like knock by a boxer's fist Even my friends were surprised Tell all their opinions and criticized The day that i finally realized That my angel came in disguised. I never thought that there's someone That I wanted to be my only one A person I never expected to meet Who is so thoughful and sweet His love is so sincere and true Which is can be found to those few When were together never feel blue Brings good feeling seems like a beautiful view I miss you everyday I want see you each day Truly in-love people feels this way Going crazy without you today You're the only one who makes me feel like this, Wanting to embrace you with bliss; Seen a shooting star and make a wish To have you with me and feel your warm kiss. I'll fight for my love for you I hope you'll do the same way too; Lets show the world with determination By loving each
This Sucks
hey darlings .. I know .. just 2 more days and were done .. but I really need you .. Kristin really needs your help .. shes been playing by the rules not voting on her self cause she said they couldnt bomb thereselves .. and she was almost 2000 up and come to find out shes the only one that hadnt voted for herself .. fun times over .. this is war lol come help her .. dont take my word for it look at the contest page .. check my girl out ... pleasee
There comes a time in your life when you can no longer fool yourself about things, especially about whether or not that special someone in your life still holds you dear. I am doubly cursed in this way, because not only do I have to compete with World of Warcraft I also have to compete with his slew of bearly legal bitches that he would rather talk to on AIM than spend time with me. I also get to deal with the fact that he's telling everyone who will listen that he is so good at doing certain things... like going down on and fingering chicks. Also that he's "dom". All of these things are things that he no longer concerns himself with as far as I am concerned. He hasn't even attempted to top me in months if not a year. He's gone down on me twice since new years for fucksake! And when ever I try to get him to play with me all I get is "I'm not horny, you need to stop treating me like a piece of meat"... I haven't had an orgasm during sex in about a week now... I'm getting twitchy. Slowly
Hypnotist A woman comes home and tells her husband, "Remember those headaches I've been having all these years? Well, they're gone." "No more headaches?" the husband asks, "What happened?" His wife replies, "Margie referred me to a hypnotist. He told me to stand in front of a mirror, stare at myself and repeat, 'I do not have a headache, I do not have a headache, I do not have a headache. 'It worked! The headaches are all gone." The husband replies, "Well, that's wonderful." His wife then says, "You know, you haven't exactly been a ball of fire in the bedroom these last few years. Why don't you go see the hypnotist and see if he can do anything for that?" The husband agrees to try it. Following his appointment, the husband comes home, rips off his clothes, picks up his wife, and carries her into the bedroom. He puts her on the bed and says, "Don't move, I'll be right back." He goes into the bathroom and comes back a few minutes la
Music Anonymous
View My Playlist 30 Seconds To Mars From Yesterday 30 Seconds To Mars The Kill Alice In Chains Rooster Alice In Chains Heaven Beside You Alice In Chains What The Hell Have I Alice In Chains Man In The Box Angels And Airwaves The War Audioslave Revelations Beastie Boys Intergalactic Beastie Boys No Sleept Till Brooklyn Disturbed Down With The Sickness Disturbed Land of Confusion Disturbed Prayer DMX Lord Give Me A Sign DMX Party Up Drowning Pool Bodies Eminem When I'm Gone Eminem You Don't Know Eminem Lose Yourself Eminem Ass Like That Eminem Without Me Eminem Cleaning Out My Closet Evanescence Call Me When You're Sober Evanescence Everybody's Fool Evanescence Bring Me To Life Flyleaf Fully Alive Flyleaf I'm So Sick Flyleaf Breathe Today Godsmack Keep Away (Short Version) Godsmack Voodoo Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle Guns N' Roses Paradise City Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Min
Good Mood
You can't read this and stay in a bad mood ! 1. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit? Unique Up On It. 2. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit? Tame Way, Unique Up On It. 3. How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest? They Take The Psycho Path 4. How Do You Get Holy Water? You Boil The Hell Out Of It. 5. What Do Fish Say When They Hit a Concrete Wall? Dam! 6. What Do Eskimos Get From Sitting On The Ice too Long? Polaroid's 7. What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn't work? A Stick 8.. What Do You Call Cheese That Isn't Yours? Nacho Cheese. 9.. What Do You Call Santa's Helpers? Subordinate Clauses. 10. What Do You Call Four Bullfighters In Quicksand? Quattro Sinko.. 11. What Do You Get From a Pampered Cow? Spoiled Milk. 12. What Do You Get When You Cross a Snowman With a Vampire? Frostbite. 13. What Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean And Twitches? A Nervous Wreck. 14. What's The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup? Anyone Can Roast Beef.
Canada Canada Canada
Thought For The Day......
Thought for the Day: Man driving down road. Woman driving up same road. They pass each other. The woman yells out the window...PIG! Man yells out the window, BITCH! Man rounds next curve. Crashes into a HUGE PIG in the middle of the road, and dies. Thought for the day: If only men would listen
... ... DAWN In my secret world I see, YOU are all that Love can be: Spirit inspiration Woman love sensations Imaginations dream come true. These happy feelings grow with YOU, inside of me; inside of me, I see I am afraid of YOU I am afraid to feel you, filling my life. I an afraid to love you, dreaming of wife. I am afraid to need you, more than I do. I am afraid of YOU ... Inside of me, I see I am afraid to kiss you, As the love of my life, I am afraid to want you, As my lover and wife, I am afraid to need you, I am afraid for then, Can I live without YOU Again? . . . N O 0 O o o o o ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rhey W. Hedges, August 23, 2005
happy thursday to all you cherries
Philosophy ... The Victor
THE VICTOR Fleet Seconds wing, and Minutes bring; from Minutes grow the Hours. Bright Day arrives, in darkness dies seven Days a Week devours. Each four Weeks wend, to Months ascend; twelve Months a Year empowers. Thus in this gay, relentless way; our Youth cruel Time deflowers. Soon Life is done, the battle won; and Time the Victor towers! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rhey W. Hedges, Jan 5, 1962
Moving On
Moving on I've known you for years. At one time we were friends. We fell out of touch. Now here you are back in my life. Now I'm sad to have to say goodbye. I've made up my mind that I can't stand to be alone. I would like to see if we could be more then friends. But I need to walk away from you now. You hurt me in the past. Now it's my turn to do what you did to me. I'm not going to give you a reason or even tell you goodbye.
Pain Pain has never left my heart. I cry inside so no one will see my tears. Do I really want to find love again? So I can only cry somemore. Can my heart take that pain ne more? No I don't want to love ne one ne more. I don't want to open my heart to a man that will never see me no more then just a friend. Too many times have I been hurt. I'm done with love and looking for Mr Right. I dare ne man to try to change my mind and to break this wall that I have built around my heart.
Ex- Boyfriend
Ex- boyfriend I had to leave. I couldn't stay any longer. You hurt my heart too many times. Over and over with empty promises and lies. I may have loved you once but not anymore. You took me for granted. You took my heart and through it away, in the trash like I ment nothing to you anymore. Now to move on and go back to the person I was before you came into my life. Need to live my life and try my best to raise our wonderful little girl without you.
Our Dreams
Our dreams show us who we really are. The people who we want to be when we are awake. Some of us are those people. But with me there is another side crying to come out to play. No one but my self can bring out my true self.
We Have A Birthday Today!!!
/"> MyLady Tina (There is a Birthday Girl in the House, Today, ME!!!!)@ CherryTAP Get your own glitter and more at
Meditation Rock
After I got to Bridal Veil, I decided not to go to my usual spot. It felt as though it would not comfort me this day. I did not cross the creek above the falls and move to the eastern side either. Instead, I followed the western path that follows the stream from the cliffs above. I had not gone much farther than usual when I came across some fantastic rock formations. One called out to me. It stood out alone, covered with moss and lichen. From that spot I would be able to see up and down the creek below Bridal Veil as well as to the left where the tributary stream was joining Bridal Veil. I knew it was the place for me to meditate, but I walked on a bit further to scout out the area before returning to this rock. Returning to the rock, I stood for a moment listening to the stereo effect of the Bridal Veil falls and a second water fall not far up the tributary stream, and just feeling the breeze upon my face, cooled by the mist of the falls. As I finally sat upon what I now refe
All Alone
well no one to talk too or well for that matter all alone dres at work and so am i so i cant talk to her at home anymore cause shes back so thats good im glad for her shes doing good now im confused i didint get my new car o well things happen and well i mean the past two days have been really good we arent fighting and well thngs are OK still i mean we went out to eat n din din and shoppin n what nots so it was a really good night, things i miss sometimes..............and someone is up north havin a good time MUST BE NICE HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well when life deals u lemons.....................suk it up n EAT EM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..........with
Cherry Tap Is Just Another Lame Web Site
yup so I thought cherry tap was a diffrent website from myspace and it turns out its not nothing new people poseing fake getting high ratings for being some super model that you yes youuuuuuuuuu fucking are not man women sure are funny I got to admit and this sites going to shit you have top photos being fakeness top cherries being fake what the fuck is the internet coming to oh I know its called a fake rather talk to someone thats real and genuine and also down to earth in my life thanks so continue to be little ms popular and seduce these idiotic men online hahaha your doing a good job now I know men can be this way to but im speaking from guys perspective I could give a shit about the men thats up to a women to enlighten that roll...... I will update this when more comes to mind im tired of fake sites and people trying to be oh little ms popular ....... makes me sick
Catch Me On Ifriends
The Zinn Syndrome*
the ZINN SYNDROME* of Rhey W. Hedges** Harsh reality fades away, Imagination rules the day, Lonely sensations stir inside, Forbidden feelings flutter, Reason falters, Intellect fails, A fantasy of love prevails. The ZINN-effect is fact it seems, it grows my sweetest dream of dreams: youthful warm affection has grown to womans love Feelings find expression, sparkling eyes move close to mine, searching lips share silent sounds, softly shaping loves embrace; breathing quickens, pulses race, two are one in time and place, sharing rhythm, rhyme and pace, finding love together Then, reality returns again ... And once again there is a friend who loves me in a friendly way. The woman ZINN, is girl again, and I am old, old Rhey. Each time the cycle is complete, I feel the sadness of defeat, and search for reasons to defend, why I have ZINNed again! **(Rhey was recently diagnosed as a chronic ZINNer) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tomorrows The Day... I've been a smoker for about 19 yrs. My bf is in remissions from cancer and I don't like tha way I breathe when I run or climb stairs. So my doctor put me on zyban and something else I can't remember what its called at the moment. It is supposed to block the nicotine receptors in your brain so whatever enjoyment or relaxation you usually get from smoking is gone. Tomorrow is slated to be my quit day so let's hope all these drugs work! This is far from my first attempt at quitting ( my record is 19 days) so if any of you cherries out there have any advice I am more than willing to listen...
2-22-07 07:16
Yet another day, and I still have no idea what has happened to my girlfriend. 5 days and I haven't heard a thing, I can't call her because she hasn't a phone yet at her new place and I'm an idiot for not getting the number of her mom that lives 10 minutes away. I am supposed to fly there in 5 days. but If I can't even get a hold of her to even find out if she still is my girlfriend I really don't know if I want to be stuck in Detroit for a week with virtually no money. well lets wait another day and she if she ever comes back.
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
How Kinky Are You
1) would you have a 3some? 2) you like to be in control? 3) like to be taking control of? 4) bi or stright? 5) like to be whipped/smacked 6) like to whip or smack 7) enjoy porn? 8) enjoys sex toys? 9) like to wear lingerie? 10) in to crossdressing or to crossdress a guy? 11) spit or shallow? 12) like giving oral? 13) like to receive oral? 14) anal sex? 15) favort postion? 16) group sex? 17) swinger? 18) want me?
The Great Solution
Romans 4:3 What does the Scripture say? "Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness." God hitched Abraham's wagon ot the stars He had created, by His word. In our personal lives the great solution is always found in the words of our Lord when we have His Spirit. Jesus Christ is God incarnate, and He makes His words spirit and life to us. Our little human wagons are hitched to the stars of God's sacramental purpose by the words of Jesus and in no other way. Whenever we induldge in hurry or in the dumps and refuse to pay attention to His words, we smash the connecting line and go off on our own. "And Abraham believed in the Lord, and it was credited to him as righteousness". This is the act by which Abraham goes out of himself and relies upon God for righteousness and grace. Abraham had manifested many noble qualities of heart and many virtues in his walk of faith, but these did not make him righteous before God. That was accomplished through his li
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know by Princess Sarah The night is fading. The stars disappear. I'm barely breathing, because this day is what I fear. I've fallen slowly into the arms of fate... Built up my feelings to a point where I cannot wait. You've got your own life. You've set your mind. I've got the right words. Just give me a little time, But I need to tell you what's on my mind. I need you to know before you leave me behind. I can't help but worry what's going to be. I need you to hear me. I need you to see... I think you're wonderful, you're perfect, you're beautiful. You light up my world. I long to be in your warm embrace. If I could just touch you, brush my hand on your face. I want to look into your eyes and know that I'm the one. It will only take a minute. Let me show you I'm the one. For every minute, for every second I feel in my heart... For every star, for every tear, I want to give you my heart. I saw you walking. I lifted my hand
18 Ways To Piss Off A Pagan!
I stumbled across this and thought I would post it, for every one to get a blast out of it. 18 Ways To Piss Off A Pagan! This is sooo funny and yet sooooo true! LOL I don't know who the original author is though. 1 Be considerate: Rearrange their altar so it looks neat... 2 Blow out their altar candle if it is daylight. (no need to waste a good candle). 3 Sweep up the salt they carelessly left at the doorway. 4 Sharpen their Athame. 5 Untie the knot in their cords. 6 Try on their jewelry for fashion sense. 7 Pick up their crystals for a closer look. 8 See how far their crystal ball will roll (dogs love this). 9 Use their runes as extra Dominoes. 10 Play "Old Maid" with their Tarot cards. 11 Toss holy water on them "just to see what happens" 12 Ask them if they are a good witch or a bad witch. 13 Debate with them about "True Religion". 14 Ask them if they are Satan worshipers. 15 Tell them how the bible says they are going to hell, then ask i
True Friends
True Friends by Jose L Morales A true friend is someone who stands by your side no matter what, Someone who listens to what you have to say. A true friend is someone who is there for you in good times and bad, Someone who gives you advice when you need it. A true friend is someone who never lies to you, Someone who will not avoid you. A true friend is someone who understands you, Someone who loves you for who you are. A true friend is someone who believes in you even when others don?t, Someone you can trust. A true friend is someone who protects you when you are in danger, Someone who looks after you. A true friend is someone who is honest with you, Someone who will comfort you. A true friend is forever! Friendship has no boundaries. Friendship is love.
Philosophy ... Passing Matters
...PASSING MATTERS... LOVE is a passing matter; others passed this way before, passing passion and delight, passing moments of despair, passing round the curve of time _ _ _ _ _ to find, lifes passing matters matter not. THOUGHT is a passing matter; passing passersby unseen, I pass in crowded Solitude, knowing as I pass alone, ALL pass alone, together, alone arriving at the thought, Lifes passing matters not. LIFE is a passing matter; all are merely passersby, passing to a bend in time, where passing matters, that passing mattered so, will matter (not) again to passing passersby. passing Life in Thought, I see, Loves passing mattered most to me ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rhey W. Hedges, February 8, 1981
More Than Friends
More than Friends by Lady of Love My friend, My love What should it be My friend, My love Oh, how I care for thee Your touch Your feel You make me so alive My God, I don't know how I would survive You are my friend Who could ask for anything more You became my love... With every touch you make my heart soar I don't know how to make you understand what you have done for me But to let you know you gave me a chance to be free And a great ability The ability to have the feeling I can be loved The ability to have the feeling I can be cared for The ability to make me just feel good about myself So with that My friend, My love Which ever it may be Please say... you also love me
Throw Some Cheese On It
Hot Women Contest
This is a comment based contest, and right now I'm 500 comments behind. It ends February 28th and I'd greatly appreciate any comments you could toss my way.
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Love And Fairy Tales
"I could forgive you everything, but forgive you nothing at the same time." Love has many different types of stories. You can either love a person, and they will love you in return and you both end up together, or you never get that fairy tale ending. I blame a lot of Romance novels and fairy tales for giving girls the dream of finding their perfect someone, and that good always triumphs. It really isn't that way in some cases, and never in my life will I read my future children fairy tales...The thing is, love is indescribable, you know it's more then lust. It brings you pain and joy at the same time. So is it better to have loved then never to have loved at all? Think about that. -A
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Women's Products And Men's Products There Are Differences
Good Morning, its a solid heat wave outside.. Already close to 40 out woo hoo fire up the bar b hmmm better hold off on that just yet.. not sure if eggs do good on the grill grates oh well it looks to be doing the spring thaw or perhaps just a inkling of it. Wow the girls on Idol have the stage set. On my opinion the guys should just pack the bags and get while the getting is good. I have the impression that this years winner will be one of the four divas singing yesterday and perhaps before its all over there will be the original 6 gals who will make thru to the final 6. Hey here is one for ya. Some things you know are just made for a woman right? I mean like deodorants. If someone seen a light blue container and it had the words secret on it and deodorant I think its a given that its made for a woman right? Perhaps I am old fashion but as far back as I can remember that was their slogan. Strong enough for a Man but, made for a Woman Now I see another one and was under the
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*lovers Promises*
From the swelling water of virgin forest; Here comes the sweetest promises, To Love and Care each others, Till dawn and through sacrifices. Heavens Angel quietly smiled, Looking those two Lovers underneath the pale moonlight, Wishing upon the stars to let their dreams came true... OH Love;thats pure and simple, builded dreams as a temple, Hearts full of promises, Hold on..dont give up and teases, Life will gone,promises still done, I will continue to Love you, And sing my love songs for you, Then Angel will chorus...My Love for you Will NEVER END...
Trouble Gettin Here
I havent been able to access Cherry for nearly a week, has anyone else had trouble? Am glad its back,,,
100 Questions
100 questions 001. real name Ashley 002. nickname Cashley or Cash 003. status single..thank god for that 004. zodiac sign aquarius 005. male or female female last time i checked 006. elementary Babler 007. middle Pioneer Trail 008. highschool OE..Olathe East baby 010. hair color reddish brown 011. long or short reddish brown 015. are you a health freak not too bad 016. height 5'7 017. do you have a crush on someone: can't say that i do 018. do you like yourself most of the time 019. piercings hell yes 020. tattoos 6 021. righty or lefty righty FIRSTS : 022. first surgery intestinal surgery at 6months old 023. first piercing ear 024. first best friend stacey miller 025. first award - some swimming award proabably 026. first sport you joined swimming 027. first pet dog 028. first vacation colorado 029. first concert prince 030. first crush some kid named adam CURRENTLY : 049. eating
Lots Of ???
1. Name one person who is on your mind right now... *** jonathan del mundo 2. Do you think your life has been good so far? *** as far as I know, yesthere are lots of probs but I get to shake it all off! 3. Where is the last place you went?: *** school 4. Who is the last person you called?: *** my bestfriend -- jhing 5. Who is the last person you texted?: *** mom 6. Who is the last person who called you?: *** mom 7. Who is the last person who texted you? *** bestfriend -- jhing 8. Other than yours where was the last house you slept at?: *** hmm, that was ages ago, I slept at jhings place 9. Do you already have plans for this weekend?: *** go to the beach or amusement park 10. Ever cheated on anyone? *** no 11. Been cheated on? *** yeahunfortunately 12. Have you ever thought that you were in love?: *** yeah..just like NOW 16. Do you look like your mom or dad?: *** I look like mom 17. Do you have siblings?: *** YES..2 younger
General "black Jack" Pershing A True Story And Variant 2
A True story about General "Black Jack" Pershing. Born September 13th, 1860 near Laclede, Mississippi Died July 15th, 1948 in Washington, D.C. 1891 Professor of Military Science and Tactics University of Nebraska 1898 Serves in the Spanish-American War 1901 Awarded rank of Captain 1906 Promoted to rank of Brigadier General 1909 Military Governor of Moro Province, Philippines 1916 Made Major General 1919 Promoted to General of the Armies 1921 Appointed Chief of Staff 1924 Retires from active duty Education: 4 Years-West Point One important thing to remember is that Muslims detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won't even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, its meat, its blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise and doomed to hell. Just before World War I, there were a number of terrorist attacks against the United States and
"black Jack" Variant 1
HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS...... it worked once in our History... Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the garrison. There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so "Black Jack" told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson. Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution style. The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing their bullets in the blood and fat. Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they saw that they would be contaminated with hogs' blood. This would mean that they could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs. All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts dumped atop the bodies. The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others. This
Birdy Chicky Birdy Bork Bork Bork!
My Pics
I was just wondering why nobody shows me any love and leaves me comments on my pic. I have almost 200 hundred friends and I have 4 comments. Come on ladies show me some love and throw me some comments.
Yeah Im A N00b...flame If U Must...
ok so i just signed up, im not sure what im doing and i cant do a lot of stuff like rate ppl and that sorta thing. anyone who wants to be nice and explain it to me in 'retard' english please do so...flamers do ur worst i will delete u!
How I Feel About U In A Poem
yes i am i worryed that your not you self and that so suck you no i love you a lot and would give my blood just to see you not hurt or up set i would even give my very soul just to no that you were ok but i no you not so when your hurting so am i and right now your up set so am not happy either and it hurts to see you cry and it hurts to see and when your not eating or you hate life then i lost hope in a world that is never nice nice or me i love you and if need be i would take a bullet for you or die for you if need be thats how i feel am so sorry this is all happen to you and will try my best to comfort you when your here
Where To Buy Abinthe
buy here ABSINTHE - buy with confidence historys most notorious liquor. Absinthe is flavoured distilled liquor, emerald green in colour, turning to cloudy, opalescent white when mixed with water. It inspired many prominent artists, writers and poets. Just to name a few - Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Manet, Ernest Hemingway - in fact his masterpiece " For Whom The Bell Tolls " was written under the influence of "The Green Fairy". Absinthe was first produced commercially in 1797 by Henry-Louis Pernod, who purchased the formula from a French exile living in Switzerland. Absinthe Testimonials Wormwood Artemisia Absinthium is the chief flavouring ingredient, native to Europe and Asia.; other aromatic ingredients include aniseed, licorice, hyssop, fennel, angelica root, star aniseed... Wormwood is a long-lived plant, with greyish-green leaves and the flowers have a greenish-yellow tint, and like leaves give off a strong aromatic odor and are bitter to
Well Well Well
Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is low. You see love as a gift that you should give to many. It's hard for you to imagine being with one person at at time... Let alone one person for the rest of your life! Experience Level: Your experience level is high. You've loved, lost, and loved again. You have had a wide range of love experiences. And when the real thing comes along, you know it! Dominance: Your dominance is medium. You tend to be the one with more power. You aren't a total control freak in relationships.. But of course you don't mind getting you way! Cynicism: Your cynicism is high. Sure you believe in love, but you know it doesn't come easily. You scoff at "love at first site" and "soumates." You rather take the real thing, as unglamorous as it is. Independence: Your independence is high. You don't need to be in love, and sometimes you don't even want love. Having your own li
This is for all that has almost lost a loved one, For all the tears that I have cried. For all the times I thought the pain was to bad to go on, For all the times I begged God too let me die. For all the times I begged God to save my moms life, For all the times I thought i wouldn't have her by my side. But God listened to me i have her by my side, I love you more then ever, To my mother I love you now and forever. This is for has almost fallen, I seen you get sicker and sicker, I seen you fight for your life, When you looked into my eyes, I seen there was fear you tried to hide, You tried too be strong, You tried to fight death, For your kids and your wife, You won this time but what about next, You fight this sickness every day, What if you don't wake up one morning, What if your life fades away, How can I tell you I love you, And I want you too stay, You still have to walk with me when its my time too be married, You still have too show me how too be strong,
Absinthe Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
Absinthe (also absinth) (IPA English: [ˈbsɪnθ] IPA French: [ap.sɛ̃t]) is a distilled, highly alcoholic, anise-flavored spirit derived from herbs including the flowers and leaves of the medicinal plant Artemisia absinthium, also called grand wormwood. Although it is sometimes incorrectly called a liqueur, absinthe is not bottled with added sugar and is therefore classified as a liquor or spirit.[1] Absinthe is often referred to as la Fe Verte ('The Green Fairy') because of its coloring typically a naturally created pale or emerald green, but sometimes clear or artificially colored. Due to its high proof and concentration of oils, absintheurs (absinthe drinkers) typically add three to five parts ice-cold water to a dose of absinthe, which causes the drink to turn cloudy, called 'louching'; often the water is used to dissolve added sugar to decrease bitterness. This preparation is considered an important part of the experience of drinking absinthe, so much
100 Truths About Me
BasiCS: 001. real name Cynthia Sue Cousins 002. nickname Cinders 003. status Taken 004. zodiac sign Sagittarius 005. male or female Female 006. elementary school Yellowquill 007. middle school Yellowquill 008. high school Arthur Meighen High 009. build More to love! 010. hair color Naturally dark blonde, currently nuclear red 011. long or short Long 012. orientation Straight, at least mostly 013. pet peeve People not calling when they say they will 014. sleep on back or stomach Side usually, wake up on stomach 015. are you health freak Wouldnt say that 016. height 5ft 6 017. do you have any piercings 10 020. tattoos 11 021. righty or lefty Righty FIRSTS: 022. first surgery Never had any, *touch wood* 023. first piercing Standard 18g lobe piercings, now stretched to 6g 024. first best friend Andrea 025. first award Writer's award, grade 3 026. first sport you joined Dont do sports, never
How To Install Love
Here is a little something I came across which I thought was quite nice so I decided to share it with my friends and Family. Hope you enjoy. Peace and Love.... Tech Support: Yes, ... how can I help you? Customer: Well, after much consideration, I've decided to install Love. Can you guide me through the process? Tech Support: Yes, I can help you! Are you ready to proceed? Customer: Well, I'm not very technical, but I think I'm ready. What do I do first? Tech Support: The first step is to open your Heart. Have you located your Heart? Customer: Yes, but there are several other programs running now. Is it okay to install Love while they are running? Tech Support: What programs are running ? Customer: Let's see, I have Past Hurt, Low Self-Esteem, Grudge and Resentment running right now. Tech Support: No problem, Love will gradually erase Past Hurt from your current operating system. It may remain in your permanent memory b
A Poem I Wrote
Always in my heart you make me feel more loved than I've ever felt and happier than I've ever dreamed. The love and understanding you have is something I have searched for my entire life. Always in my happiest and saddest moments, you are my best friend and confidante. I come to you for everything, and you listen to me without judgment. Always, deep within my soul, I know we have a love like no other. What we share is something others only hope for and dream of, but few ever experience. Our love is magical beyond belief. Always, without hesitation, you give of yourself completely. You have reached the very depths of my soul, bringing out emotions I never knew I had and unveiling an ability to love I never thought possible. Always and forever you will be my dream come true, the one I have waited for all these years.
His Life.............
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 " blog, i guess. Terms of Use By continuing, you agree to the following Terms of Use: a. You are accessing this b/vlog ("Site") for your own personal, non commercial use. You understand that this is; intellectual and private property ("Content") protected by National and International Copyright Law, that the Site is in accordance with the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. b. You understand that your access and use of the Site is subject to Terms of Use, and other Conditions. c. You acknowledge that no effort or attempt has been, or is being made to send any Content to you, rather, you are choosing to recieve Content. You understand that Content is available for entertainment purposes only. d. You represent that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you are not an official of the U.S. Postal Service, or a city, county, state or federal law enforcement officer, or an officer of any court of law
Same Old Blogs...blahhh Blahh
Same things, same idea, gets boring. You eat peas every day, and you start feeling like youre pea soup. haha Ive lost my grooove. Where the hell did it go...mmmm....Its not impressive when you sit down to write something and nothing comes to mind. ESPecially when YOU just LOVE to write thats all. Even with all my fragmented poems. haha My ex in the states, says a guy in his barracks wants to get someone to write a story on his life, make a novel. lol I was so jealous, i thought gee, the bigger part of the novel should be my story and it could be one of those ohh u know... he said SHE said novels.. lol Im being typical i know. But in all actuality, it would MAke for an interesting story. Youre asking yourslf, come on, everyone has a story they'd like to tell! What makes his, or hers any more special. I could do it, probably. And it might come out sounding interesting. The thing of it is though, Im never happy or satisfied with anything i put down. i'LL go back, and want to revise ev
Same Old Blogs...blahhh Blahh
Same things, same idea, gets boring. You eat peas every day, and you start feeling like youre pea soup. haha Ive lost my grooove. Where the hell did it go...mmmm....Its not impressive when you sit down to write something and nothing comes to mind. ESPecially when YOU just LOVE to write thats all. Even with all my fragmented poems. haha My ex in the states, says a guy in his barracks wants to get someone to write a story on his life, make a novel. lol I was so jealous, i thought gee, the bigger part of the novel should be my story and it could be one of those ohh u know... he said SHE said novels.. lol Im being typical i know. But in all actuality, it would MAke for an interesting story. Youre asking yourslf, come on, everyone has a story they'd like to tell! What makes his, or hers any more special. I could do it, probably. And it might come out sounding interesting. The thing of it is though, Im never happy or satisfied with anything i put down. i'LL go back, and want to revise ev
I'm Back!!!!
WoooHoo!!! I've missed all of you so much!!! thanks for all the love and prayers and gifts too...stop by and see me anytime Lots of love, Naeco
Dont Kill Yourself, Let Me Doit!
Hiroski Maeue is accused of luring his victims by pretending that he was planning to kill himself with carbon monoxide gas. Prosecutors allege Maeue allegedly gained sexual pleasure out of watching people struggling as they suffocated, Mainichi Shimbun reported. "They were heinous and inhumane crimes of a type never seen before in history, and it's as clear as day that the death sentence is unavoidable," a prosecutor said Tuesday during closing arguments in Osaka District Court. The victims died between February and June of 2005, the newspaper said. Copyright 2007 by United Press International. All Rights Reserved.
New Pics
stop by and see new pics
Part 1
So, I have a story that wants to be written. I don't care if you like it, it's just there and needs to come out. The story is about a girl, and I guess she needs a name... I think I'll name her Melanie. Melanie celebrated her 13th birthday... she had no idea that this would be her last year of childlike innocence. I give her the gift of thirteen... that year wasn't too bad and was almost boring. A silly family party, with a silly cake, and silly presents. It was summer, and that's where her story begins. Melanie spent her first 13 years alone. Not quite literally, but where it counted (inside) she was always alone. The perfect child... As a baby she never cried. She never got into trouble. She was almost invisible... quiet and shy, being the middle child suited her. She spent her 13th year in the shadow of her older sister, the same way she always had. She did the same boring things she'd done since infancy, a few weeks with this relative, a few with that, until her summer final
My Culture Vuntut Gwitch'in First Nation
this is a poem that was made because the US wants to put a pipe line through our caribou breeding grounds which in turn cause my people to lose tradition when it comes to traditional caribou dinner. We have lived off the caribou for hundreds of years no and if they put that pipe line through the caribou breeding grounds the numbers will decrease because the caribou will not beable to have their young in a place they know and trust so they will slowly parish. this poem will be in english first then it will be in the Vuntut Gwitch'in language the amount you comment this will tell me how many people still care about the wildlife. any ways here is it in english.enjoy Imagine Imagine a land Of powder blue sky Where caribou roam And many birds fly Imagine a river So wide and so clean Imagine a people So strong and so lean The Vuntut Gwitchin A proud ancient band Live off the earth And love this land See now the sky Turn ashy and blac
I'm Holding My First Contest!!!! Sexy Men of CherryTap Please Cum Join!! I Want the SEXIEST Men Of CherryTap to Cum Join Me In MY WET DREAM!! The Contest Will Begin on Monday, February 26th at 2pm Central.TOP PRIZE is a 3 DAY BLAST. Send Me the Link to the Picture You Want to Use in a Private Message. Pics MUST Be SFW. Comment Bombing Is Allowed by Contestants and Everyone Else. Cum Join, See if You Have What It Takes to Star In MY WET DREAM!! Hugs and Kisses, Laura
My Day, Thus Far....
everything's running smoothly in it's own way. i'm bummed. i'm having pains. doing pushups to stay awake. listening to dumbasses from two media's(he he). g.f.'s being an a.w. i'm tired of living a lie. tired of lying to myself, saying i'm happy. knowing i can never really be. if i ever am, i usually pay with a cataclysmic upset. why lie. for a sense of false hope. you know... the usual. yep... smooth as silk.
How Do U Know When You've Found Love ?
Please does anyone know the true feeling of love . And when you say to some one u love them , why do they go all silent ? And can u love in more than one way ? It's so confusing ...... I know im in love , But it's hard to say why xxx
if any of my frfiends need point IM me but I need your help also I will help you level up if you help me that is the deal
Aviation And Terrorism (again A Newer Paper So Maybe Not As Bad As The Others :)also I Don't Do This For Kicks I Have To Do It For School
Terrorism is a global threat with global effects; ... its consequences affect every aspect of the United Nations agenda from development to peace to human rights and the rule of law. By its very nature, terrorism is an assault on the fundamental principles of law, order, human rights, and the peaceful settlement of disputes upon which the United Nations is established. The United Nations has an indispensable role to play in providing the legal and organizational framework within which the international campaign against terrorism can unfold Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, 4 October 2002. Terrorism is not a recent development and in 1937, the League of Nations constituted the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Terrorism. This was a precursor to the United Nations initiative which dealt with terrorism from a legal and political perspective. Several legal instruments have been developed since 1963 in order to prevent and suppress international terrorism, incl
My First Blog - Please Read!!!
Hi My Dear Friends, I need to ask the help of my FRIENDS and FAMILY to help me lose weight. The intention is to lose 10 - 12 Kg's in 4 - 5 weeks. Every week I intend to publish photos of my progress and need you to rate them. I will give you my target for the 1st week and process a picture and a caption of the weight lost. If I achieve my weekly target, rate me 10 if not you can rate me lower. As I don't want to get less than 10's my motivation to lose this weight will be high. Please comment me if you want to don't mind helping me and I will add you to my FAMILY. The person that gives me the most support will get a CHERRY prize and a FULL dedication at the end of March 2007. Thank you all in advance for your support. Love you all Huggysh xxx
To All The Ppl....
To all the ppl I removed from my fan and friends list: I am srry I added u ppl so soon I was acting like a stat whore but now I learn the stupidness of my ways and will only from now on add the kool (real) ppl.
Emotions In Lyrics
Yeah I tend to use song lyrics to describe how I'm feeling or to describe some of the shit I'm going through. I really don't expect ANY OF YOU to view it or comment on it or rate it. I do this because it helps me out some ok. Yes I did it and I'll do it again It doesn't matter if I am your best friend I don't think so, you're not that smart Over and over it breaks my heart The cycle continues time for your crime The pain comes back in an ugly design Her makeup smears the tears that she cries Over and over every night Emotional swords slash my soul And now the pain - it takes control I think about you, I think about me I think about the way that it used to be I need a bottle, I need some pills I need a friend and I need some thrills A shoulder to cry on, a friend to depend on When life gets rough Time and time again You think about yourself before you think about me Time and time again You think about yourself before you think about me It's like a fight ev
BAD BOY A little boy came down for breakfast one morning and asked his grandma, "Where's Mom and dad?" and she replied, "they're up in bed." The little boy started to giggle and ate his breakfast and went out to play. Then he came back in for lunch and asked his grandma "where's Mom and Dad?" and she replied "they're still up in bed." Again the little boy started to giggle and he ate his lunch and went out to play. Then the little boy came in for dinner and once again he asked his grandma "where's Mom and dad?" and his grandmother replied "they're still up in bed." The little boy started to laugh and his grandmother asked, "what gives? Every time I tell you they're still up in bed you start to laugh! what is going on here?" The little boy replied, "well last night daddy came into my bedroom and asked me for the Vaseline and I gave him super glue." _________________________________________________ WASHING MACHINE DOOR A newlywed couple returned to their apartment after be
Why I Quit Thr Radio Show I Was On...
This is my letter to the station managers... David, Kate (spelling?) Look I am sorry, I need to let you know that I am choosing to leave the show due to both creative and personal differences. I have had absolutely no creative influence on the show although TJ and I were supposed to be developing it together. The show no matter what TJ says was my idea, and to not be able to see any of my vision realized was quite frustrating. I understand that it was never "our" show but solely TJ's show due to the fact that you are his"connection" and thus I would never have gotten on the radio without him, he even told me that he has your agreement on this matter. That matter can be expounded upon, but whats the point? I dont feel that I need to complain or gain agreement or pity, Im just telling my side. Also, I had a personal issue with some of the show's content, I dont find it at all acceptable in any way to make fun of someone, (Anna Nicole Smith) on her day of passing, TJ attempted
________________________ Medical Pot Advocates Sue Feds Over False Info ________________________
:] fuck... yea. the winds have changed they have RE: Medical pot advocates sue feds over false info ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Jack Herer Date: Feb 21, 2007 1:43 PM Josh Richman, STAFF WRITER Inside Bay Area Medical marijuana advocates have sued the federal Department of Health and Human Services, accusing it of lying to the nation about the drug's lack of accepted medical use despite scientific studies showing its efficacy. The lawsuit, filed today in federal court in Oakland, comes a week after the release of a controlled, clinical University of California, San Francisco study showing HIV patients who smoked marijuana found relief from chronic foot pain. "We are asking the courts to weigh in on the science ... and force the government to stop making false statements about medical cannabis," said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access. ASA attorney Joe Elford said the lawsuit is brought under the fe
Transportation Security Administration *referred To In Paper As Tsa Or Tsb(transportation Safety Board) This Is A Newer Paper I Completed About A Year
The Transportation Research Board (TRB) says, "In light of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, enhancing the security of our transportation system is expected to be one of the highest priorities of transportation agencies." And to underscore that prediction, more than 30 sessions and workshops were held as part of TRB's "Spotlight on Security and Recovery" at the TRB Annual Meeting in January 2002. The TSA is a component of the Department of Homeland Security and is responsible for security of the nation's transportation systems. With state, local and regional partners, the TSA oversees security for highways, railroads, buses, mass transit systems, ports, and 450 U.S. airports. The TSA's mission is to prevent terrorist attacks and to protect the US transportation network. The TSA employs approximately 50,000 people. Roughly 40,000 of its employees are Transportation Security Officers, commonly known as screeners. The agency was created in response to the September 11, 2001 at
Ok, Here's What's Up:
I have free long distance now. I need to consolidate numbers, and my comp has em all. If you have given me, or would like to give me your number, send me a private message with it, please. I'd really like to stay in touch better with you. *muah*
My First Mock Bill To Congress
Bill H.R. 1817 105th CONGRESS 1st Session To establish tougher penalties for driving while intoxicated laws In the House of Representatives May 19, 2006 A Bill To establish tougher penalties for driving while intoxicated. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Section 1. This act may be cited as Restructuring Virginias driving while impaired laws. Section 2. Findings and Purpose (a) Findings- The Congress finds the following: (1) In the Commonwealth of Virginia the following is the current law of DUI; 18.2-266. Driving motor vehicle, engine, etc., while intoxicated, etc. It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or operate any motor vehicle, engine or train (i) while such person has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or more by weight by volume or 0.08 grams or more per 210 liters of breath as indicated by a chemica
Dated Feb 22nd Poem
Sunset That night i stood alone watching the sky turn blood red as the sun set down on me for the last time I looked down at my hands beaten and bloodied from a long life of work and i bring them to my face trying to wipe away the dirt and grime trying to erase the years of pain a single tear falls clearing a path along my face Drained of everything numb except for pain and sorrow lost within my own dreams shattered and useless I walked away not looking back By Jason Hartle
Nutty Cherry now:D
Meet Greasemonkey Folks
these are the 2 morons that brought greasemonkey here so now u know who to thank for fucking the site up ~♥Temptress~!check out my stash and add urself to my guestbook!@ CherryTAP SpiffyCool@ CherryTAP now you all know id never post an adress but i had to say it anyway cause im an ass but spiffy cool is the jerrkoff that made the greasemonkey acording to him so now things had to be changed on the site and it takes longer to rate because of him and her so heres the shout ill blog it too for all future reference so you know who to thank for fuckin the site up the one from the convo is right in the lower box ->~♥Te...: ok bye ~♥Te...: i fiued you knew from his yahoo name ->~♥Te...: ah ok well ill be removing me cause i got all personal info on your addy and stuff and will prolly post it since he wont stop so ill tty another time ~♥Te...: no wonder u havent removd me yet then lol ~♥Te...: spiffycool ->~♥Te...: ive only
I Hate It...
why do i always set myself up to be hurt??? why do i always wear my heart on my sleeve??? why do i let my feelings run me??? i can't stop it.... i can't control it.... all i can do is let it fill me.... and let it break me. pain is getting to be a normal part of my life... in all honesty i don't know what being completely happy feels like. more than likely never will. because i always set myself up to hurt. always want what i know i will never have... long for it... yearn for it... think about it.... dream about it.... until it completely envelopes me in it's pain and torture... but i endure it because i can't bear to let him go. my walks become more frequent as my chest tightens at every thought... i try to deny it... i try to push it away... but i can't. it's my own fault... my own doing.... nobody elses... it's something that i have to deal with... becuase i'd rather feel the pain of being in love than the pain of a broken heart.
Know Yourself Well...
.:AQUARIUS:. Does it in the water Trustworthy. Sexy. Great kisser. One of a kind. Loves being in long-term relationships. Extremely energetic. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out. Amazing in bed, THE BEST LOVERS BETTER THAN EVERYONE! 2 years of bad luck if you do not forward. .:VIRGO:. The Virgin Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward. .:SCORPIO:. The sex addict Can be mean. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT kisser.) Always get what they want. Sexy. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. The sexiest ever....Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad luc
No One
You would think our of 100,000 on here someone would have a damn crush on me! Lmao. Mr. Lonely hahahahahaha
How A Real Man Treats A Woman!!
A Real Man Will take Care Of His Woman And Show The One They Love That No Matter What Life Brings Them They Can Work Together To Better There Life. I'm A Single Father Of Two Girls And I Treated My Kids Mom With Respect Never Cheated On Her Not Because I Did Not Want To But Because I Realy Think A Man Should Not Belittle Himself For A piace Of Ass.If You Think About it You Get cougth You Will Lose The One Person In Life That You Will never Forget.I Like To Spole My Woman With Love Not Gifts Im Not Trying To Buy There Love I Want To Show My Woman That A man Can Take Care of Her Needs I like To Run A Bubble Bath When Im Home Before She Get Out Of Work Roses All Over The BathRoom Leading To The BedRoom And Candles All Over The BathRoom And In The Room . I wolud Give Her A massage And Make Her A dinner That She Will Like if You Want More Tips On How a Real Woman Should Be Treated Hit Me Up Dont Be Scare!!! Yes Im Talking To The Mans Out There
My First Serial Killer Q And A
1. What was Dahmers childhood like? At the beginning, infanc y his father claimed that everything was perfect. He was the first child born to Mr. and Mrs. Dahmer on 21 May 1960. He at a young age showed interest in dead animals, his father cleaning out of the crawlspace skeletons of small rodents, the noise they made going into the bucket peaked his interest. From there he moved on to finding road kill and dissecting it in his backyard (this occurred when the family moved to Bath, Indiana when Dahmer was seven years old. His parents had noticed his antisocial tendencies and that he may need to be included more so when his baby brother came they allowed him to name him. By high school he was considered the class clown and was a model student, but only if he was interested. One of his classmates said that he could be a straight A student if he applied himself. The year of his graduation his parents divorced and his mother took his brother and moved to a different state. His father ha
Where I'm From
this is my life this is my mtv's diary i'm gonna let you know bout somethings you might not know bout me somethings that may make you think wholly entirely differently but i'm gonna do this so you see me just a bit more clearly so clear ya mind, think coherently and lemme tell ya where i'm from i was born in a small indiana town white corn bread baby boy my parents had one car, but my pops held it down supported 2 kids, a wife continued goin to school, just to have a better life we leave the country side move to columbus i get a taste of the city life my first day at school man it tripped me out, but i played it cool never realized i was the only white kid every one around me was black didn't see the racial differences all the racist talk it just didn't make sense 7 years old, come to cincinnati talk about culture shock, man the shit had me confused and curious now there's only one black kid this shit made me delirious .... to be continued
I Love You All!
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My First Mock Death As A First Responder Lol The Names Are Wonderful
At 10:30am I was on routine patrol in the west section of Pleasantville Co. when I was dispatched to 1427 Ridgeview Road. Upon arrival at 11:50am dispatch advised that Sgt. Senior was busy but that if I needed a coroner or a detective to radio him. At the residence Ms. Ida Williams met me at the front door and informed me that she had not seen her neighbor, Mr. Daniel Be-Old for four days and that she was worried about him. She then told me that he was a widower, he was 70 years old and he had recently been released from the hospital. I thanked her and asked that she wait for me to return. I then went to Mr. Be-Olds residence and noticed immediately that a car license number YBW 2245 NC State tags and a truck license number XTY 2231 also NC State tags were parked in his driveway. The yard needed to be mowed and upon further inspection I noticed that there was a John Deere lawnmower and expensive tools lying in the yard. I knocked on the door several times and no one responded so I then
The Online Race
Ooooo..... NetTrends 08: The Online Race for the White House Were tracking how 2008 presidential candidates and their supporters are using the internet but we need your help! Take a look at the profiles weve created, explore what the candidates are doing online, and use this form to submit URLs you think we should include. A Side-by-Side Comparison of the Candidates Online
First Responder In A Terrorist Situation (again Be Gentle These Are From The Beginning, I Am Better Now)
In the first responders capacity to take the situation and control it from the start. It is the most crucial step in the crime scene investigation, it starts at securing evidence and witnesses to making sure all people are safe and cared for. With a biological attack it makes the situation more difficult for the first responders, especially if they dont know what has happened. If they do know it may take special training on part of the first responders in a terrorist attack regardless of what kind. In a biological attack we know that it takes special suits and knowledge of the chemical, not to mention how to care for the victims and possibly find the assailants. When dealing with any potential terrorist attack, past experience has taught that the first necessary task is to secure the area and ascertain the nature and severity of the threat. Particularly in the past few years, several instances have been reported when a secondary device has been targeted at emergency re
Omega Rant..
Corey Taylor from Stone Sour [All Spoken, Except When Noted Otherwise] What a skeletal wreck of a man this is Translucent flesh and feeble bones The kind of temple where the whores and villians try to tempt the holistic tones Running rampant with free thought to free form the free and clear And the matters at hand are shelled out like lint at a laundromat to sift and focus on the bigger, better, NOW We all have a little sin that needs venting, virtues for the rending and laws and systems and stems ripped from the branches of office do you know what your post entails? Do you serve a purpose or purposely serve? Wind down inside your adivistic allure, the value of a summer spent and a winter earned For the rest of us there is always sunday The day of the week that reeks of rest but all we do is catch our breath so we can wade naked into the bloody pool and place our hand on the big black book To watch the knives zigzag between our aching fingers A vacation is a
Ok there is this guy i work with...I party alot with him ..and i really like him a have started to get feelings for him...I have told him this..and he told me he is starting to like me more and wants to hang out with me more...I text messaged him one day and we were txting back and fourth and i said something and he said that it wasnt fair..and i said well ife aint fair...he said well you make my life better...and i asked him why..he said i was pretty and fun to be around and i have a great personality...and then at this most recent party...i had alot on my mind and i told him that and he asked if it was about him and i told him some of it was..and he was like bad or good...i told him i didnt know..and he was like oh shit i dont want this to happen...i was like why and he told me he liked me...but it seems like all we do when we hang out is have sex...and i asked him if we were fuck buddies...and he said he has been thinking about that alot lately..and that he didnt know...So this is m
American Values (one Of My First Papers) Please Be Honest But Gentle
Popular Sovereignty is the first and most important value to me because if you didnt have this it would be no different than living in a communist society. I dont want someone else to tell me who the elected officials should be. I think that if these people are going to making our life or death decisions than I want to make sure it is someone that I can agree with or at least understand why they are doing what they are doing. The reason I feel the strongest about this is that I live in Virginia and the legislature here appoints judges and I feel as though you shouldnt have your life held in that judges hands if you disagree with them. If you are ok with the crime control model for example you would be thrilled with a republican judge, but if you are more liberal than you would feel more comfortable with a judge that would want to rehabilitate you rather than just toss you in jail as would most conservative judges. The second highest rated American value to me is the Equality of Opp
Be Gentle
This is a song for the ladies But fellas listen closely. You don't always have to fuck her hard In fact sometimes that's not right.. to do Sometimes you gotta make some love And fuckin' give her some smooches too. Sometimes you've got to squeeze, Sometimes you've got to say please Sometime you got to say hey, I'm gonna fuck you softly, I'm gonna screw you gently, I'm gonna hump you sweetly, I'm gonna ball you discreetly. Then you say hey I brought you flowers Then you say wait a minute Sally I think I got something in my teeth Could you get it out for me? That's fuckin' TEAMWORK! What's your favorite posish? (As in position) That's cool with me It's not my favorite but I'll do it for you. What's your favorite dish? I'm not gonna cook it but I'll order it from Zanzibar. And then I'm gonna love you completely, And then I'll fuckin fuck you discreetly. And then I'll fuckin bone you completely But then I'm gonna fuck you hard. (stretch) Hard. (stretch
This Is Bullshit!
The fuckin media can kiss my ass when it comes to this news report! Copy and paste this into your url.
Premier Night
Premier night, Chris Nolan Deals Blackjack at the Whateveritsnameis country club somewhere in the vicinity of Reno. I guess it was a charity event, or maybe it was a bunch of tourists on a sightseeing trip. All I know is that they paid fifty bucks a head to play and that they were paying my wage. The group was a little rowdy, theyd all been drinking. All was going well until they started losing. I was pitching the down cards when the girl on third base decided to make a comment about her bad luck. This dealer isnt being very nice. The next card was to her. I pitched it high over her head and she gasped. The card caught air, reversed course and landed right behind her chips. She giggled. I know I really shouldnt do things like that, but there comes a time in a mans life when he has to establish control over the situation. All in all it was a pretty fun evening, an hour and a half at the table at scale and ten dollars in tips.
No One Knows
Pain Running through my heart like a blade Tearing me up inside But no one, not even me Can see it Blood Running down my arms Leaving puddles on the floor But no one, not even family Understands why Fear How do you show it? What can you say? No one knows because You cant express it Love What is love? Is love sex? Is love abuse? No one, not even you Knows what it is Feelings Put all together Tearing you apart But no one knows, No one cares Until you use a blade
I think of You, every night and day....... And when I do... You dont seem that far away You make me smile....... You sometimes make me cry..... But it is for You....... That I live or die My body, my heart my soul are all Yours........ For it You that I belong too This lilone cant say.... That she does not wish You were here........ But she knows that deep inside... You are there through out the years So this lilone will love You forever..... And kneel by Your side.... And hope that never.... Will You say goodbye
Latest Gold Price
For those of us watching the Gold Price Index (GPI) - the "spot" price for 1 Troy oz. of gold! Sat, FEB 28 $671.70 per oz. spot gold price go to for a current spot price ticker For those who want to weigh in and speculate on another historic high - some claim gold will go to 1000 PLUS per Troy Oz! Historically the fed interest rate changes and volatility in currency markets reflect a spike in prices higher than 1980-weigh in here-its free!
Juggalos Unite Juggalos in California are being singled out as being dangerous, just because of Four shit heads. Four shit for brains claim the title Juggalo and destroys Everything for the True Juggalos that dont hide behind titles. Swing Your Hatchets, JUGGALOS UNITE
Just Added Some Pic.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I just added some pics to my page. They where taken at the zoo in Koln, Germany.
Thisi S The Fire Upload your own Image here!
Thought For 2007
We know exactly where one cow with mad-cow-disease is located among the millions and millions of cows in America, but we haven't a clue as to where thousands of Illegal immigrants and terrorists are located. Maybe we should put the Department of Agriculture in charge of immigration
What A Treat!
I got Mekaela, Carlie, AND Norah over tonight! What a nice surprise. We ate ice cream sundaes, made fun of American Idol, I created a couple little charms and gave them their pick, and then we watched another pretty good LOST. I have been pretty happy with the last two episodes. And now to bed I go.
Hatin Me Now
you can hate me or love me but it's ok, i'm what i wanna be god fans in every single state but i don't need that cartier or the couvaseier to to hear all you punks say that you hatin on me i got the keys to a charger srt8 and now all the bitches love me and all their men gotta hate but what you wanna hate for? get up on your grind and get you more do what i did and make a name in the biz get ya name on the marquisse and get this shit like me don't need to flash my cars and clothes talk about bitches and hoes cause that's not how i roll keep it classy this is grown man shit i stay fresh ya'll lookin ashy why you at it tell ya bitch it's time to shave her pits ya woman lookin scarier than most my dudes and the bitch as big as an air craft carrier my chick stays thick with them eyes that makes all the bitches sick with jealousy and envy all the homies wanna treat but she's only givin it to me so what you think bout that shit ya hatin me now stay off my d
Amazed :|
I was sitting here talking to my friend about my daughter and my life when i get an alert for a picture comment...I go to look at it and what do I see? Jaw drops and i am absolutely says this 2007-2-21 22:18:46 marry me reply | delete comment now I giggle because I do that and because thats absolutely insane!! But no it gets better... I go to my favorite feature of this site...the *dreaded shoutbox : ->Alana: what? Eddie: what? ->Alana: what? ->Alana: odd comment Eddie: i meant it ->Alana: why? Eddie: your the one ->Alana: how could you possibly know this from pictures? Eddie: beautiful smart Eddie: and so wise Eddie: eyes my love they dont lie Eddie: look into a mirror see what i see Eddie: stole my heart I am not inhuman...i understand i think but I am seriously thinking he is certifiable now...and he posts two more comments on the same picture.. 2007-2-21 22:36:18 mmmmm my bride to be if she wishes wow reply | delete comment 200
How's It Gonna Be?
It started with an invitation, will you be my friend? the more we talked, the more the walls caved , I somehow let you in, We talked away the hours, we laughed,we joked, we cryed, we shared our heart felt feelings, I told you things that no one knew, with every word we spoke, my love grew for you, now we have our problems, we argue more then we should, I wish things could be diffrent, I would change this if I could, Do use both one favor, before you just walk away, and search your heart, ask your self, HOWS IT GONNA BE? How's It Going To Be ( Third Eye Blind ) by
well im going on my date tommorrow..i cant wait!!! seems promising..ohh LA LA
This Seedling Wants
to thank all of you who are helping me to get emough cherries to fully enjoy this site!! mystica, kavscarpetta, Carla, HatFullaStaz, Linda, MeFinicky,ShreekDaStone,Mr&MrsSchriefer You guys are my first!
The Rest Of Mine (for Cassie)
There's no guarantee that we'll see tomorrow Heaven only knows how long we have So there's no way I'll ever for one second let you wonder Just how long my love for you will last 'til my last breath, 'til I'm called on high 'til the angels come and I see the light To the very end, 'til I give in To the last beat of my heart No I can't swear that I'll be here for the rest of your life But I swear I'll love you for the rest of mine 'til my last breath, 'til I'm called on high 'til the angels come and I see the light To the very end, 'til I give in To the last beat of my heart No I can't swear that I'll be here for the rest of your life But I swear I'll love you for the rest of mine No I can't swear that I'll be here for the rest of your life But I swear I'll love you for the rest of mine
I Escaped!
I'm back in Virginia. Next stop is another visit to NY/J, then on to Cali.
Need Music Suggestions!
I'm really tired of my mostly goth, industrial music collection. I've fallen in love with this song by P B & J called Young Folks. It is just so sweet. So I'm looking for new music sugestions along the lines of that group. If you can point me to an mp3 sample of the songs that would be awesome. I've got myspace so I could listen to the music there too. I love 80's music and some of the more indie rock music is kinda neat. No country though. I had enough of that when I lived in Texas. Thanks in advance for the music suggestions!
The Life We Live
Everyone has a path, so it seems, some choose a map and don't stray, some can't find the map, some can't read the map, for those who don't know their own path, what happens? I was asked to do something that is so wrong by someone who will say anything. I hate him for that, i think hate is a wasted emotion but this time it feel right. I never hate forever, i only hate out of anger, how dare he, the words, love, care, compassion, he know what they are, just can't apply them to life. It all about me fits.....
Run Around
Once upon a midnight dearie I woke with something in my head I couldn't escape the memory Of a phone call and of what you said Like a game show contestant with a parting gift I could not believe my eyes When I saw through the voice of a trusted friend Who needs to humor me and tell me lies Yeah humor me and tell me lies And I'll lie too and say I don't mind And as we seek so shall we find And when you're feeling open I'll still be here But not without a certain degree of fear Of what will be with you and me I still can see things hopefully But you Why you wanna give me a run-around Is it a sure-fire way to speed things up When all it does is slow me down And shake me and my confidence About a great many things But I've been there I can see it cower Like a nervous magician waiting in the wings Of a bad play where the heroes are right And nobody thinks or expects too much And hollywood's calling for the movie rights Singing hey babe let's keep in touch Hey
A Little Of My Erotic Mind Before I Go To Bed
Sometimes I just lay in bed at night and imagine your lips on my neck. Your hands rubbing my round ass, as your finger tips trace up my back and over my shoulders. Your hands working their way to my front as I raise up enough to let your hands under me. Cupping my breasts as your fingers work their way around to my nipples. Pinching and rubbing. Your lips pressed against me as I raise my ass up so it presses against you, exposing more of my breasts, so you can cup them more. My head laying down on the pillows as your hands start to explore more of me. Tracing down my back once again to my panties. You place one hand on my hip as the other hand explores the heat that is placed inbetween my thighs. Your fingers tracing my plump lips through my panties, feeling my wetness, as you rub a little harder. Moaning breezes past my lips as you listen to me. You can feel my heart pounding through out my body. Every where you touch, I respond with a moan, or a move, or both at the sa
I would turn it all in for late nights and impossible dreams....
Find Me?
The most disturbing of all actions, self absorbed. Arrogance and lies. They can destroy something, kill kindness and tear friends apart. We all do it but some of us let it control us. For most its part of everyday life, its work, home even talking to the waitress at the coffee place. When did everyone start to care about only what they wanted. Have you ever loved someone enough that you can see them happy without you. I thought it was possible. I still think if we choose not to hurt but if you have to let go. Why damage something more just for self gratification, why attack someone just because. I see my friends and they seem happy but what is happy, it it finding someone that loves you or is it finding someone you love? I love my life, i think, who know one day i may understand it.
who ever reads this go to my profile and add your self to my guestbook please thank you love u all carrie ~~butterfly princess~~
To Bad
I look at you i want to cry, helpless i feel as i look your way. i see no want i see no need. I look at you and i just cry. You see me here but you don't care, theres no room, past, present and future. Truth has no meaning and kindness got lost. I can't feel hate, i am shocked i am hurt. Theres a kind person in him, i have seen it, i know it but its all lost, all i can do it watch and cry. I failed........
Experimental Metamyth For The End Times
What will Winter Solstice bring in 2012? instant of Karma? ethereal spiral dance of the collective soul? ... cosmic judgment leveled against civilization's expanse? ...destruction of the world as we know it? ...a chance for a new start? ...the rise and the revenge of the Goddess? or simply another day in the life of paranoia? These are the false prophesies that your pastor warned you about! Reality Exchange Program "the South side of time..." Crazy Bear said there'd be days like this. As usual, no one believed him. Now, all I want to know is: where IS that lifeboat, and how DO I ditch this ship of fools, without any of these bliss ninnies noticing that I'm already gone? Captain, my ass. We are equal in this sea of madness. That iceberg is looking awfully big. Amana Mission is on a quest to save the world, and the only problem is, she can't remember why she got involved with such an obvious scam in the first place. Jesus saves. Christ. What a loser. Kali kills
Please Help Me Level
Joke #6
The customer in a bordello was dismayed to see the unshaven armpits of the hooker as she undressed. "So much wool, so much wool!" he muttered. As she slipped off her panties, he noticed another prodigious growth. "So much wool, so much wool!" he exclaimed again. The girl retorted, " Look, mister, did you come her to get laid or to knit?"
The Past Revisited
It's funny how past acquaintances come back around and past feelings become renewed. I've always been one to believe you should never forget your past, but learn from it; grow from it. But sometimes when your past revisits you, you need to grab it with both hands and never let go. I guess we'll see how it all works out. ~latez
The Long Winding Road
The long and winding road That leads to your door Will never disappear I've seen that road before It always leads me her Lead me to you door The wild and windy night That the rain washed away Has left a pool of tears Crying for the day Why leave me standing here Let me know the way Many times I've been alone And many times I've cried Any way you'll never know The many ways I've tried But still they lead me back To the long winding road You left me standing here A long long time ago Don't leave me waiting here Lead me to your door But still they lead me back To the long winding road You left me standing here A long long time ago Don't leave me waiting here Lead me to your door Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
My Movie #2
This is for a very special and sweet girl here on ct:)
Who Else Wants To Spend Play Money?
I just wanted to let let you know that I'm hosting a fantasy stock market competition starting March 1st and running until March 31st. If you are interested, you can join up at For more information you can view my blog post about this or just message me. -jeremy
When your head is full of secrets, it feels like the weight of the world crushes down on you. You become isolated, irritable, pissed off at anyone breaking this revolving chain of thought, as they dare to disturb the endless stream of fragmented hopes and memories of the surrounding confusion. Those secrets start to expand, as the thoughts compound in the head. Stretching the limits of what a human brain can hold. I feel my head may burst soon, it feels as if the skull and flesh encapsulating those thoughts are bursting at the seams. The need to get an outside perspective becomes all consuming, the inner turmoil becomes a churning frenzy of self-doubt and negativity. Nothing feels better than to realize, that perhaps i'm not so unique, knowing that my inner turmoil is faced by others, knowing that my feelings are mirrored, that perhaps my so called "secrets" are not really secrets at all. Just knowing that others know what I know, that they have their own uncertainties to sort
What's That Soldiers Name?
by Pam Martin What is that soldiers' name, You know the one that is sacrificing so much. The one that is someones' son, someones' daughter, The one that someone, somewhere misses their touch. What is that soldiers' name, You know the one that wants to be all they can be. That special one, that is dedicated, To give their very life, so that we may remain free. What is that soldiers' name, The one, that is somewhere and feels so alone. Please, soldier,don't you worry, don't you ever forget, His eyes never tire, He is always watching from His throne. AND HE KNOWS YOUR NAME!
My So Very Sad Song
my Days Get longer, I fear theyre harder...I find myself at times debating, why did u have go and do what you did, you twore my heart apart, you broke the family apart...I trusted you until end, and once again I look back in time to see im so alone, I cant fight this feeling til its gone...I shed that one single tear to see your fear knowing what I knew o so along what you've been keep from me all this years, I know now its alittle F**ked up, I've had it with all this fears, I begin to forward to see where I've gone and I gotta im tired of this hating, I just want you to go now and never come back, never show ur face again near here and maybe someday I may forgive for what you did.............. Hey everyone, its not what U think, its not about a girl I liked, its about a parent I had and how her decision in the end of it all made me so very untrusting to everyone... Sometimes like now she never calls and it bothers me the way she'll never own up to what she did and what she kept f
Its Just Money
The penis requested a raise in salary for the following reasons: * I do physical labour * I work at great depths * I am always using my head first * I do not get RDO's, weekends off or public holidays * I work in a damp environment * I don't get paid overtime or shift penalties * I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation * I work in high temperatures * My work exposes me to contagious diseases Response from Human Resources After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons: * You do not work 8 hours straight * You fall asleep on the job after brief work periods * You do not always follow the orders of the management team * You do not stay in your assigned position, and often visit other areas * You take a lot of non-rostered breaks * You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working * You leave th
I Write The Songs
I've been alive forever And I wrote the very first song I put the words and the melodies together I am music And I write the songs [Chorus:] I write the songs that make the whole world sing I write the songs of love and special things I write the songs that make the young girls cry I write the songs, I write the songs My home lies deep within you And I've got my own place in your soul Now when I look out through your eyes I'm young again, even tho' I'm very old I write the songs that make the whole world sing I write the songs of love and special things I write the songs that make the young girls cry I write the songs, I write the songs Oh, my music makes you dance and gives you spirit to take a chance And I wrote some rock 'n roll so you can move Music fills your heart, well that's a real find place to start It's from me, it's for you It's from you, it's for me It's a worldwide symphony I write the songs that make the whole world sing I write the son
Poptarts To Remember
smore, choc chip cookie dough, wildberry, strawberry, blueberry,
Time Away
To all of my true friends and fans After my contest is over I am going to take time away from here, Im not even sure if I will be back. I have met some great people here and some VERY special ones too, I love you all I want to thank my true friends and fans for the help in the contest, you all know who you are. YOU ARE THE BEST. I think its just much time needed away from here
Chad Vader Episode 4
Chad Vader Episode 3
Sorry...I just love this shit
10 Reasons To Masturbate (as If You Needed Any)
1. Masturbation lets us explore our body and discover the sensations and caresses that excite us the most. We learn more about our sexual needs and the way to satisfy them. Of course, we can then share this knowledge with our lovers... 2. Masturbation procures a real relief, physical and emotional. It relieves the tensions born from our sex impulses and helps us go to sleep. No more need for sleeping pills!! 3. It makes us more realistic by teaching us to separate sex from love. Having an orgasm does not mean being in love! 4. If you are lonely, you might still not resist that chocolate bar, but if you masturbate regularly, you (probably) won't crave sex so much that you go and have it with just anyone. 5. Masturbation gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your own pleasure without being too worried about your partner's. 6. Masturbation helps fight certain sexual dysfunctions: great difficulty reaching an orgasm for some woman, premature ejaculation for some m
Chad Vader Episode 2
Chad Vader Episode 1
The Beer Prayer
Our lager, Which art in barrels, Hallowed be thy drink. Thy will be drunk, (I will be drunk), At home as in the tavern. Give us this day our foamy head, And forgive us our spillages, As we forgive those who spill against us. And lead us not to incarceration, But deliver us from hangovers. For thine is the beer, The bitter and The lager. Forever and ever, Barmen
My Music Video
Though not my first, it is the one which I am most proud of. Enjoy.
#49 Really Pointless Questions, But Hell Im
49 Stupid questions I kinda stole this from my friends page!!! hope you dont mind but it is funny!!!!!! 01. NICKNAME? Honestly i dont think i have one.... really 02. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?... hmm i wonder if im named after that stephen king movie"carrie" lol... 03. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? I dont cry... im a big 04. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? nope it sucks 05. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT...i guess corned beef 06. DO YOU HAVE KIDS?.... yep i do thats why im always tired.. 07. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? god no!!! i couldnt handle being in the same room with 08. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? ohh yes its a great way to 09. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT?....unfortunatly all the time and way to often..heh heh 10. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS?...yessss 11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? errr no!!! im a little afraid of heights. 12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? sugar crispssssss 13. DO YOU TAKE OFF Y
More Udating
Did a little more updating on the old cherry home page! Come CHECK IT OUT!
My Movie #1
I created this one for a very special friend of mine from my past
Uphoriaa My Band
Hello all i was just sending out my music to share let me know what you all think of my music if you care to listen to them if you have a myspace account and you can add me as well if you like and look for other names on my friends list look for the name killadoc productions which soon will be changed to cruiz productions add all my sites if ya like one is for a friend i made for him after he passed on his wish to me before he died was to have his music heard so im out to fulfill his death wish to have his music heard his band name was dreemwich so look for killadoc for dreemwich and give it a listen also listen to the song without your love and lonely child they rock the other page is just my reg cruiz3r page has all my production info on it ect but it wont open right now for im changing the name of my company and if you know anyone thats looking for a promoter ect please leave a message and add me i usually do the promos for free but for friends i will do promos for free unless its a
My Worst Fear
I hate it when people who always shove it in ur face everytime they make an achievement or when they get hit on!! Its as if they have to make everyone feel beneath them to make them feel better about themselves. But on the other hand I sit here like a loser in my room as usual. Sometimes it seems like guys never look at me and that I'm just stupid and I'm doomed to failure.
how could you break my heart a second time? how could you lie to me and tell me you loved me? how could you come back into my life and wreck me like that and then leave me broken?
This Guy Needs Some Help Bad He On Drugs
Some Of These People
I've been thinking about this and i come to the conclusion that if you have to take provocative pictures of your self maybe you shouldnt put those pics on the net. mabey if nobody want to take them for you chances are nobody else wants to see your funky ass like that so think about it next time your taking pics of your self in the dark
U And Me
1.)How many times a day would you kiss me? > > > 2.)How many times a day would you just want to hold me? > > > > 3.)Would you take me places? > > > > 4.)Would you love me? > > > 5.)If we went out on a date would you have me pay for it? > > > 6.)Would you take me anywhere special? > > > 7.)If I was sick... what would you do? > > > 8.)If we had sex...what would you do afterwards? > > > 9.)If one of my friends tried to get with you what would you do? > > > > 10.)Would you tell me? > > > > 11.)Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? > > > > 12.)Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? > > 13.)Would you care about what I wore when we go out? > > > 14.)Would you go to the club with me? > > > 15.)If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? > > > > 16.)If someone tried to fight with me in front of you what would you do? > > 17.)If a girl/guy tried to talk or dance wit
Omfg. It hurts. Anthony can't get any sleep because im miserable, seriously miserable, it hurts like fucking hell. The pain killers aren't working. ♥ :( It hurts -cry- And anthony is so sad looking. I feel so bad. :( =( I hope you all are doing better than i am -sad face- ♥ ♥ ♥ Rate my blog please :(
Well, tonight I was talking to a really good friend of a really good friend of mine. No Names will Be Mentioned in this work of art! We never really talked that much..but I thought I'd say hi. We talked for a bit...and then got my assed drilled. It was kind of uncomfortable..but it made so much sence. A chapter in my life that I dont care to discuss publicly has made an influence on me that I didnt see. I never woulda thunk it...until tonight. "I have found the enemy and he is me." I was shown a flaw in my character that is in the long run for the worst. I pride myself for being an honest person, hard working, and devoted. With all that being said...I am correcting the flaw, it may take some time...but will be worth the time and effort. I am not perfect and in no way will ever be. But!!! I can however, give it a run for the money. "Shoot for the moon, but strive for the stars."
Everyone Needs
what everyone needs is a guardian angel someone to tell them when they are down to get back up,when they hurt that it will go away, when they fall to clean the cuts,and when they need to give! i want to be that and i want that! if i never find it again then...............i have lost!
Sex Facts
Yes I am taken, but these were interesting: Men: 1) 94% of men lie about their penis size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men use extra large condoms. 2) The average man is 5 inches long when erect (no matter what you have heard ladies, that's the truth). (Notice how it says AVERAGE) 3) 80% of American men are circumsized. Even though Pediatrics say it is not necessary. 4) No matter what all the ads say, nothing can make your penis grow but time (most men reach the end of their growth by the early 20's) 5) THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN PENIS SIZE AND SHOE SIZE, HAND SIZE, OR NOSE SIZE. 6) Blue balls does exist! It's technically called "prostatic congestion." 7) Only 16% of men shave their privates. +Some stuff on the ladies+ ------------------------------ 1) Only 9% of women around the globe consider themselves "attractive" (20% of British women do). 43% of women use the term "natural", 24% say they have "average" looks, 8% pre
A Group Of My Fav Poems
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Life As We Know It...beam Me Up Scottie!
The first time I ate a cherry, I was 6 years old at my grandma's house. It was fresh, juicy and scrumptious...a little like me I guess! I learned a new trick that day, to piss my Mum putting cherry stones in the pockets of my white cardigan! I liked the pink stains...but eventually, my clean-obsessed mother took the cardigan to the Goodwill...and that was that! Ive grown up a lot since then...but I still LOOOVE cherries...especially when they are put up in brandy and left in the cupboard for a coupla weeks. Mmmmmmm...home-made cherry brandy! Delicious over ice cream and excellent to flambe over pancakes. If your mouth isnt watering arent HUMAN! lol These days, "cherry" can mean SOOO much more than it did on that day of learning back in 1969...Mmmmm...delicious, too! :-0 So to my fellow Cherry Toppers...remember this little anecdote the next time you pop a ALL starts innocently with fruit...just like in Genesis!
This pic I ran across reminded me of a New Year's party over at my friends' house a few years ago. There was a gay guy there and he swore he would look better in this dress I was wearing...but anywoo he decided to bet me if I could deep throught a banana better than him. Anywoo, he stuck the banana in his mouth and it broke off when he was deep throughting it. LOL Well after a tempting to give him the hymlic which he was too big for my friend or I to do). So I told him to lean over and it slid out! LOL
Why is it that sometimes you want to just give up and then something happens that well...
Why Men Prefer Pretty Faces
I've often wondered how much of the fact that my own mother being so attractive (yeah, I'm biased, but what son isn't) affects my personal choices in life. I've been called shallow once or twice in my lifetime (strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause), and it's a woman's external attractiveness that first catches my attention, however, from that brief point forward it's what's inside that I truly desire....the true essence of that soul. So you think beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Think again. According to new research from the University of Exeter in Great Britain, the preference for pretty faces over ugly ones is embedded in our brains from the moment of birth and possibly prior to birth. Newborn babies come fully equipped with built-in preferences, including a preference for an attractive face, that help them make sense of their new environment, report the BBC News Online and Newsweek magazine. The Exeter researchers showed more than 100 infants two images that were pl
Ya Kno!!!!!!!!!!
A Different Kind Of Love
A Different Kind of Love My hands, my mouth, my eyes... Can never describe my love... Not even god himself... Can portray what i hold and conserve... My hands can write all the words describing my love... That i need to let out and express... Yet my hands aren't worthy of... Expressing the wrods i need to confess... My mouth can speak of all the words describing my love... That i need to let out and tell... Yet not even my mouth is worthy enough... To tell the true words for you i shell... My eyes can display of all the words describing my love... That i need to let out and show... Yet not even my eyes are worthy enough... To show the words i need to for you to know... Although god is worthy for my words of love... And he is the creator of our thoughts and destiny... Because i have felt and made a different kind of love... No one can understand or describle it but me...
If any of my friend have pics or stash items that they have added or want rated, please hit me up. I'm free and will be glad to show you love : )
Ten Mistakes Men Make
The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Women And What To Do About It... Here Are The Top Ten Reasons Why Men Fail With WomenAnd How To Make Sure YOU Avoid Every One Of These Deadly Common Mistakes... Free Newsletter And Download eBook -By David DeAngelo, Author Of Double Your Dating MISTAKE #1: Being Too Much Of A Nice Guy Have you ever noticed that the really attractive women never seem to be attracted "nice" guys? Of course you have. Just like me, I'm sure you've had attractive female friends that always seemed to date "jerks"... but for some reason they were never romantically interested in YOU. What's going on here? It's actually very simple... Women don't base their choices of men on how "nice" a guy is. They choose the men they do because they feel a powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for them. And guess what? Being nice doesn't make a woman FEEL that powerful ATTRACTION. And being NICE doesn't make a woman CHOOSE you.
Heheheheh My Girls
"my Song"... For Now
Sittin' alone and I hear rain fallin' on my windowsill Just wanna do what's right but I don't know if I ever will There's so many reasons, too many excuses And all these prescriptions, got too many uses And I'm so lonely It's kind of scary And this kind of lonely is making me weary I'm so lonesome I could die Sittin' alone and I am waitin' for the sun to shine Sometimes I kneel and pray hoping someday you'll be mine She's so many miles away So many things to say And all of the games we'd play don't matter anyway Cause I'm so lonely The sex is empty But this kind of lonely makes it easy to tempt me I'm so lonesome I could die I'm so lonesome I could die Sittin' alone and I am waitin' for somebody to call Think if I up and died wouldn't nobody notice at all Cause I'm so insecure and I feel so unsure Can't take it anymore, no It's never been like this before And I'm so lonely, feel like cryin' And this kinda lonely is worse than dyin'
Before He Cheats (luv This Song, Too!!!)
Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp, and she's probably getting frisky... right now, he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whiskey... Right now, he's probably up behind her with a pool-stick, showing her how to shoot a combo... And he don't know... That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seat... I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires... And maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. Right now, she's probably up singing some white-trash version of Shania karoke.. Right now, she's probably saying "I'm drunk" and he's a thinking that he's gonna get lucky, Right now, he's probably dabbing on 3 dollars worth of that bathroom polo... And he don't know... That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seat, I took a Louisville slug
Adult Fairy Tales
Body: CINDERELLA wants to go to the ball, but her wicked stepmother won't let her. As Cinderella sits crying in the garden, her fairy godmother appears, and promised to provide Cinderella with everything she needs to go to the ball, but only on two conditions. "First, you must wear a diaphragm." Cinderella agrees. "What's the second condition?" "You must be home by 2:00 a.m. Any later, and your diaphragm will turn into a pumpkin." Cinderella agrees to be home by 2:00 am. The appointed hour comes and goes, and Cinderella doesn't show up. Finally, at 5:00 a.m. Cinderella shows up, looking love struck and very satisfied. "Where have you been?" demands the Fairy Godmother. "Your diaphragm was supposed to turn into a pumpkin three hours ago!!!" "I met a prince, Fairy Godmother. He took care of everything." The Fairy Godmother stated, "I know of no prince with that kind of power! Tell me his name!" Cinderella replied, I can't remember, exactly, Peter, Peter, the something eater."
Should I Do My Hair Like Mariah Carey ?
should i do my hair like mariah carey ?
Gotta Luv This Song
Everything you own in the box to the left In the closet, thats my stuff Yes, if I bought it, then please don't touch (don't touch) And keep talking that mess, thats fine Could you walk and talk, at the same time? And its my name thats on that jag So go move your bags, let me call you a cab Standing in the front yard, telling me How I'm such a fool, talking 'bout How I'll never ever find a man like you You got me twisted You must not know 'bout me You must not know 'bout me I could have another you in a minute Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute (baby) You must not know 'bout me You must not know 'bout me I can have another you by tomorrow So don't you ever for a second get to thinkin' You're irreplaceable So go ahead and get gone Call up that chick, and see if shes home Oops I bet you thought, that I didn't know What did you think I was putting you out for? Because you was untrue Rolling her around in the car that I bought you Baby, drop them key
The Black Sea - May 2004
The Black Sea - May 2004 Posted Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 - 2:19 PM Every now and then I get on what I call a NASA Imagery kick. The very hi-res pictures that NASA makes available piques my interest and captures my attention. I hope you enjoy them's one of a couple I found to be exceptional. Phytoplankton blooms and plumes of sediment form the bright blue swirls that ring the Black Sea in this Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiomete (MODIS) image. Sediment flows into the sea through the vast network of rivers that empty into it. The sediment tints the water tan near the mouth of the river and green as the dirt diffuses through the water. In this image, sediment clouds the Sea of Azov in the upper right corner of the image. Two powerful rivers, the Don and the Kuban, flow into the shallow sea, depositing silt in the waters. Sediment is not the only thing that flows into the Black Sea on river water. Some of Europe largest rivers also deposit fertilizer
Other Things I Hate
Okay, the pictures in profiles and comments are cool, but people, can we please learn to use size tags? They are huge, fill up the screen, and are just annoying sometimes.
True Love
TRUE LOVE Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you've never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can't wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they wil
Cape Verde Islands - Feb 2004
Cape Verde Islands - Feb 2004 Posted Date: Thursday, December 29, 2005 - 8:04 AM Here's another image that is freaky to view in it's full size - Fascinating This striking true-color image shows a clear view of the Cape Verde Islands in the eastern Atlantic as a massive wall of Saharan Desert dust (tan pixels) is fast approaching from the east. In this scene, the Cape Verde Islands sit in the middle of a large area of sunglint, which refers to the bright patch of water around the islands where a lot of sunlight is being reflected directly up at the satellite. Notice the wind shadows tapering away from the leeward (southwestern) side of the islands. These dark streaks are caused by the islands disturbances to the prevailing wind pattern, causing small patches of calm. Behind the islands, where there is less wind, the ocean is relatively much flatter and so much less sunlight is being scattered back up toward the satellite, thus making the water appear darker. This scene was a
Sick List (co-workers)
insufferable fucking bitch number one on my sickenning list the whining shrill tone that will never be missed who has a tendancy to blink and cry piss i can smell the ammonia on your soul seeping through your "Vogue" and "Inside" mandated clothes your Gucci sunglasses and Louis Vuitton hand bag you see fashion i see $1000 worth of rags god fucking forbid it was a shitty day at work again no forgiveness if the bus is late again i keep trying to crack jokes if i have to i'll fall over but you want to dwell in an unintersting squalor you were more interesting when you were in a destructive relationship and not medicated now your just ugly and boring with a tendency to complain ---------------------------------------- dumb fucking idiot who can't even manage to become a truck driver takes you half a fucking hour to fill out a delivery slip ever fuck with me again and i'll kick a hole through your shit you've been putting packing labels on your clothes for over four y
To My Pride And Joy
Wow Makes Me Proud! Lol
OK so this was posted in another blog of someone's with all zodiac signs. I had to repost my sign in my blog, cause I like wtf it said... .:LIBRA:. The lover Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone They meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing n Bed..!!! Did I say Amazing in Bed? not the kind of person you wanna #### with... u might end up crying... the most irresistible. So just remember that, when lusting after me, lol!
Dirty Letter
OK, this is one I wrote a long time ago (about 5 years or more...I will hopefully be posting some more current ones here. THIS IS JUST FANTASY, TOTAL FICTION To You, God, anytime you're gone, I yearn for you. I miss your body, your broad shoulders and narrow hips. I get wet just thinking about your caress. Remember our last encounter, let me relive it for you. I was laying on my stomach, naked on the bed, when you came in, I feigned sleep just to see what you would do. My head was turned away from you, so you didn't see me smile when I heard your clothes hit the floor. I felt your gaze burning into my bare skin and it was all I could do to keep pretending slumber. Your feet made the slightest whisper across the carpet as you approached the bed. Your breath was deep, ragged, and hot against the back of my neck as I felt you kiss your way down between my shoulder blades , gently along every vertebrae in my spine. My breasts were swelling and hardening, almost against thei
Stolen Lyrics
Stolen We watch the season Pull up its own stakes And catch the last weekend Of the last week Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced Another sun soaked season fades away You have stolen my heart You have stolen my heart Invitation only Grant Farewells Crash the best one Of the best ones Clear liquor and cloudy eyed Too early to say goodnight You have stolen my heart You have stolen my heart And from the ballroom floor We are in celebration One good stretch before our hibernation Our dreams assured and we all Will sleep well Sleep Well Sleep Well Sleep Well Sleep Well you have stolen you have stolen my you have stolen my heart Watch you spin around In your highest heels You are the best one Of the best ones And we All Look Like We Feel you have stolen my you have stolen my you have stolen my heart Music Video:STOLEN (by Dashboard Confessional)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
How Sexy Is Ur Zodiac Sign
Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. Read your sign, then repost this in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign and label, or you'll get bad luck for the number of years stated in your sign description. This is real shit, try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. :CAPRICORN:. The passionate Lover Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future. Irrestible, awesome kisser. Loves being in long relationships. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. BY FAR the BEST in BED. Very sexy. Coolest. Loves to own Gemini's in sports. Extremely fun. Loves to joke. Loves to be your first. So you'll never forget. Smart. 24 years of bad luck if you do not repost. .:TAURUS The tease Aggressive. Freak in bed. Rare to find! L
Something Very Simple.
i should write something very simple. so that it might make sense, to the folks. i should write something very simple. so they'll all laugh @ my stupid jokes. but saying something simple, isn't as easy as it seems... when you'd rather go on and on, about monday's distant dreams... about hippo-chasing-baby-hosing-masochistic-bears, or fat old grammas, wearing loincloths, in rusty old lawnchairs. or drooling zombie-slingshot-weilding frat boys eating chew. and bible-thumping-jesus-humpers reading taming of the shrew. so it may not make a lot of sense, when i go on about the 'puddle-doom'. but it's much easier not to make sense... than to hear the voices in the room ;) (there Zeke, make more sense than the rest? HAHAHA)
To Avoid Being Hypocritical
Day two of work today. First Government job (well government contractor), and it's amazing how much sitting and waiting gets done at these jobs. I don't know whether it's so much inefficiency is that everyone has their job, and god forbid you should do someone elses for a second to make it more efficient. Example: We were "bringing up" an old machione for a security audit. I received a notice that in order to do the audit, we needed to do some updates. I asked my boss if I could just update the machine. I was told "No, call ... You are a Unix System Administrator, not a Windows System Administrator" Ignore my 21 years of Windows experience (Yes, it goes back to Windows 3.0), and the fact I've probably built and configured more P.C.'s in my life than the technician who spent 2 hours doing a windows update. Well, At least the pay is high. perhaps more about the commute tomorrow, I'm going to lunch with my boss, should be interesting.
Cafe Del Mar
I've been so immersed in my love for ambient extractions and chillout, downtempo mixes, that I've nearly made my mind up that my next overseas destination or vacation (if I can tear myself away from Missoula) will be Ibiza and the Caf del Mar.Now, you're probably saying WTF, what the heck is he talking about? Well, unless you know world geography as well as a few of my readers, currently or ever have lived in Southern Europe or follow the genre, then you might need some help. Allow me to enlighten you.Caf del Mar is a bar located in San Antonio, Ibiza. Tourists flock there on a daily basis during the summer to view the beautiful sunset. Caf del Mar is the original "sunset bar" in San Antonio opened by Ramn Guiral, Carlos Andrea, and Jos Les in 1978. Part of watching the sunset is the music described as ambient, easy listening instrumental music. The bar originally sold their own tapes of the music but a series of Caf del Mar CDs have been sold. Currently (as of 2006) there are 13
How Sexy Is Your Zodiac Sign
Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. Read your sign, then repost this in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign and label, or you'll get bad luck for the number of years stated in your sign description. This is real shit, try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. :CAPRICORN:. The passionate Lover Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future. Irrestible, awesome kisser. Loves being in long relationships. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. BY FAR the BEST in BED. Very sexy. Coolest. Loves to own Gemini's in sports. Extremely fun. Loves to joke. Loves to be your first. So you'll never forget. Smart. 24 years of bad luck if you do not repost. .:TAURUS The tease Aggressive. Freak in bed. Rare to find! L
We often have only one chance to do things right; and it always seems the right thing, is never the easiest thing to do. It is the darkest times where we are tested. They are what define us. It is not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity. -Sir Francis Bacon
What's Frustrating Me About Cherry Tap
So, I've been on Cherry tap about a week now, maybe less. Right now it mostly seems to consist of: a) People commenting on profiles. b) People posting pictures. c) People voting on pictures. d) Various voting contests. Ya know, that's all well and good, but what about getting to know people. Blogs are hard to read (You have to go through them one at a time, and the Alerts box isn't showing blog updates), Bulletins are just well, impersonal. I came here primarily to meet, and learn about interesting people, which everyone seems to be, but I'm wading through so much mindless stuff to get there. I think I may decide to only vote on one picture per friend per day at this point. Right now, it takes me too long to surf through all of them. Rant off from Klandon, whose bulletin's don't get read anyway.
A Star Is Born
Hello friends, family and fans. Please take some time and cast a few friendly votes for my friend Star. She's a beauty! Thank you all! :)
Mercury Rising
Every breath that I exhale is a sigh - Every breath that I exhale is a sigh of exhaustion. How sad - this is what your life has Been reduced to - a single room apartment containing no more than a mattress. The strings have been removed from the blinds and all the outlets have been Painted over. The television screen is streaked with blood smeared from your Knuckles as you were trying to punch it out but you underestimated its Strength, or maybe you just weren't trying hard enough. Startled by a knock At the door you rise for the first time in two days to answer, but you can Only greet the visitor with one short statement. Hello my first name is Distance and I really don't care if I never wake up again. Hello my name is Distance and I really don't care if I never wake up again. Hello I really Don't care if I never wake up again. I really don't care if I never wake up Again.
Beer Just Isn't Happening Dude!!
You know what people? I get sick and tired of seeing women put themselves down or go out of their way to please men. What the hell makes them so god damn special anyway? Lets get this straight. We're suppose to be 5'8", 125 pounds and blonde. Why are women so hell bent on trying to be something they're not? Hey, if this describes you, great! Now get the fuck out of here so the rest of us can discuss! What amazes me is this. The majority of men that demand this type of woman are so fucking gross it isn't even funny. They have these big ass beer guts and they're going to tell us what looks good? They have to get a mirror just to choke the chicken and I have to depend on them to know if I look good? Please turds! They haven't seen their own dicks in years. They couldn't get laid even if they had $100.00, standing on a street corner where hookers were giving $5.00 blowjobs. These men have no fucking right to tell anyone what looks good, much less, goggle and slober on th
I spent most of the day at school doing math. Tomarrow I will spend most of the day at school too. Half in my other classes, and half doing math. The chapter we are on now is kinda hard with all the factoring stuff. I hate factoring, it's confusing to me. There are so many ways it can be done, and you have to find the best way to do it. It also involves memorizing stuff. Not fun at all. I panicked just now. I went and made some hot chocolate. Then I looked in the freezer for my whiskey bottle. I didn't see it. So I looked in the cupboard, and then the windowseel, and it wasn't there either. Then I looked in the freezer and moved stuff. It was behind other things. I saw it and felt much better. There wasn't much left, so I used the rest of it in my hot-chocolate. I need to print out a journal tomarrow. It needs to be about something that happened to me. It has to be in the past tense. Maybe I should write about the traumatic experience I had with not being able t
You Are a Dreaming Soul Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you away from this world So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all... But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you. Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses. Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others. Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life. Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul What Kind of Soul Are You?
Killer Blue Eyez Contest!!
Telling How I Feel
I just need to go on and on for awhile. Have you ever loved someone so much that even when they treat you wrong everyday you still want to stay with them. It sucks I will just tell you. It is hard because you know you should get out but for some reason you cant make your heart believe that. I would give anything to find a man that actually tells the truth, and tells you how he feels. I mean is that 2 much to ask. Then there is the subject of cheating. Every guy I have been with has cheated, Why is that. Does every guy in the world think they have to cheat or something. There is not one thing sexy about cheating. Its wrong, plan and simple. I think if you are with someone and you love them you shouldnt even think about someone else. I would love to find a good friend thats a guy to just give me advice and tell me some inside on the male. LOL..
You Are a Dreaming Soul Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you away from this world So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all... But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you. Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses. Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others. Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life. Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul What Kind of Soul Are You?
The Final Word About The Baby
ugh regardless of the fact that my appointment is still 4 and half hours away i know the prognosis here. I have lost the baby. The physical and emotional pain here is nearly unbearable but this will be the last blog i write about this. I have decided that although my husband said we can try as many times as it takes to for me to have a healthy baby one more try after this is all i think i can handle. The nurse told me the other day i did nothing wrong that this is just nature's way of dealing with a fetus that wasnt right in some way. I know this and I will just have to find the streghth the carry on. i had the appointment i had an ultrasound doc says the pregnancy passed natrually on its own. i would assume so after the pain and other side affects i had last night. the doc was shocked that my hcg count went from 13,000 to 4,000 in 2 days. of course they had no explanation for me just that some women experience repeated pregnancy losses and nothing much can be done. i have to go bac
This Is For All The Girl
i'm bored and nacked what would do you thank is on my mine to can you help me out.if you think you and then send me out a shout? love all my cherry friend's
The Road Behind
Today I am a stable man on a path of great success. In the past I have been brash, foolish, rude, and painful to be around. I left the mother of my child just after I turned 19. I did not finish college as I had planned to because of my self-destructive ways. I was a loser for a long time, until I met Chris C, Joe C, and Mike S. These three men not opened my eyes to the world of politics, but gave me a goal that was hard to obtain. They kept me busy and working long hours. They kept me challenged and gave me near impossible tasks to complete. They made sure I completed them. After six weeks of nearly sleepless nights I saw my work come to fruition; all our candidates won their races! After the campaigns, I worked at Jiffy Lube for a few months until I could get hired by November Inc, a political consulting company; Mike S founded it with two other partners. I remained with November Inc until 2005 and then started my own company, Punkdgeek Consulting. I did alright, but
My Reflection
Driving to work I was stopped this morning for a logging operation. A nice patch of forest that I wanted to pick chanterelle mushrooms in last fall but never got around to it. It made me feel sick, first in line at the flagger, stopped for five minutes, watching some glorious lichen-draped douglas fir trees turn into $$$ and stumps. I took some snapshots of them falling but after awhile I lost my cool and yelled at the flagger, "hey, can I go to work?" They kindly radioed the feller and let me through... Tonight I cooked stir fry with a wooden spatula and cleaned up with some paper towels. I am the logger, same but different. He is whereas I pretend.
Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing! Are You a Good Kisser?
Well I haven't blogged in awhile. So I guess I should just for the hell of it. That and well I am bored but not yet tired enough to go to bed. I guess I should say that after that last blog I did end up ending things with him. I realized he and I are better off as friends. He is someone I can talk to about whatever and whenever he is a night owl like myself so I know if I need someone to talk to he is usually around somewhere. I am always here to listen to him to. That is the way things have always been and I like that. He is a great guy and any woman would be lucky to have him. Things just weren't meant for me and him I don't think at least not right now. I wish him happiness and love. I know he would tell me to take the love out of it but he deserves it. Most people do. Someday I will find the love I have always wanted. For now I give up. I am happy to a point but I miss the Can't help it....I just do! Oh well before I got with him it had been almost 3 year
Let Me Go
How did we get here, what does it mean? why do you love me, is this just a dream, I long to be you near you, to have you to hold, when my hearts empty, when this world turns cold, but there is so much we don't know, so many parts of our lives untold, I search for the words to tell you, but true love must be showed, just to have you here with me, I'd gladly give all that I own, you are always here for me, you always know just what to say, you show my that you care, with the little things each day, makes me stop and wonder why, You love me but you don't know who I am, If this all just a dream, if your love is not true, then Let Me Go !!! Music Video Codes By Music
Unfinished Material
i see you holding your head down and crying in your hands i walk over to you and gently touch your hand with a smile you look up and my heart skipped a beat from that moment on, you were a part of me i'm not much to look at , but , i swear this much is true never again will you ever have to hide the tears behind you i lie in bed each night and hold you in my arms wrapping my love around you , keeping you safe and warm and the nights are cold and lonely without you by my side these words i say to you are the emotions i try to hide with one touch of your hand you bring me to my knees and with one kiss from your lips,is all i'll ever need i see a forever in your eyes that comes from a love deep inside and when you smile , my body trembles beauty of a rose , it does resemble and when i kiss your lips my heart it overflows with a love that only you and i could know passions of the heart when we embrace a thousand sleepless nights i wo
Have A Great Thursday
Since I'm not feeling well, I'm leaving my daily comment here. Please return the love. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from To all my friends, family, and fans. RH
I Want One!!!
i want one of those hairless cats for a pet! sooooooo fucking bad. id put sweaters on it... and itd fucking rock!
Fuck It!
Thats right DJ SexyMel and Im on air right now in the Wicked Realm Lounge... so come and join me!
I'm Having A Boy.....
Yay! Yippee!!! I have to get it out somewhere. I'm so happy. I have 3 girls and now, FINALLY, i'm expecting a boy. Due date is May 1st. Yay me!
Thanks Everyone
A Little Sick!
i saw a dead rabbit a little while ago, lying under a bush near the curb, while i was waiting for a bus. anyway, i couldn't stop staring at it. it had obviously been there for a while. it's insides which had fallen (or been pulled) out and were almost completely black and dry. you're going to wonder why i took a picture of it. well, i don't know. i just found it interesting. i wonder if it got hit by a car or something? or maybe natural causes and the other animals ripped it apart?
~~the Dumbing Down Of America~~
>>> Obituary of the late Mr. Common Sense >>> >>> Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who >>> has >>> been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since >>> his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will >>> be >>> remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when >>> to >>> come in out of the rain; Why the early bird gets the worm; Life isn't >>> always fair; and Maybe it was my fault. >>> >>> Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more >>> than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in >>> charge). >>> >>> His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but >>> overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6 -year- old boy >>> charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended >>> from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for >>> rep
Hey Guys....
Check out my best friend. She is new to cherry tap only been here like 3 days but she is already addicted. She needs some friends to come by add her and rate her to get her up and running. If you'd like to get to know a KICK ASS BITCH then check her out. She is AWESOME. I love her to death! Phat an Fine@ CherryTAP
What Are You Inside ?
TWO WOLVES One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between 2 wolves. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."
Random Quote
Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones...
~~firehose Rodeo~~
....this is being considered as an olympic's event for the next Olympics...............
Just An Ugly Ass Black Dude?
Coolest Pic Contest All Can Enter And Win
ok this is not rilly a contest every one who enters can win... men if you can git 3000 votes you will git a rolex women if you git 3000 you will git a dimond ring.. I need 10 people who thank thy got what it takes to git the gold to enter... and good luck to all who enters.... just send me a message with the link to your pic you want to enter ... NO NSFW PIC'S twistedshadow{TWISTED IS AS TWISTED DOSE 666} ~DARKMOON CT FAMILY~@ CherryTAP
How To Touch A Girl...
I think I could like you, I already do. Feelings can grow, but they can go away too. You're taking my hand, looking into my eyes. Don't be in a rush to get me tonight. I feel something happening; could this be a spark? To satisfy me baby, you gotta satisfy my heart. Do you know How to Touch a Girl? If you want me so much, first I have to know: Are you thoughtful and kind? Do you care what's on my mind? Or am I just for show? You'll go far in this world if you know How to Touch a Girl. I think I could like you, but I keep holding back, 'cause I can't seem to tell if you're fiction or fact. Show me you can laugh, show me you can cry. Show me who you really are, deep down inside. Do you feel something happening? Could this be for real? I don't know right now, but tonight we'll reveal: Do you know How to Touch a Girl? If you want me so much, first I have to know: Are you thoughtful and kind? Do you care what's on my mind? Or am I just for
If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?
Would you? Because it's killing me. Stop calling me. Stop bitching at me because I won't go out with you. Just fucking stop it. And you, stop making me love you. Stop being adorable. And Caitlin. Stop being a sucker for a sweet talker. Why don't you make up your mind? Listen here's the clever one who speaks before his thoughts are done. RAWR. I'm in love with you. and I'll never be able to stop. I wish I could be with you. So fucking bad. I don't care what you do anymore. I just care about what you think of me. What you want from me. I just hope I'm that girl that you can't ever get out of you head. I hope I'm the girl you think about before you go to bed. I hope I'm in that cigarette that you breathe. I hope whenever you're loving some other girl, it's always me you think of first. I hope I haunt you. I hope you love me just as badly as I love you.
200 Questions
A 200 Question Fun Survey 4 Myspace (All The Bzoink Surveys Put Together)Full Name::barbara gail robertson bryant Birthday::september 18, 1963 Birthplace::somerset kentucky Eye Color::hazel Hair Color::brown Height::5'7 Weight::200 Right handed or Left handed?:right Your Heritage::scottish, german, indian My Worst Habit::procrastination Zodiac Sign::virgo Shoe Size::9 Pants Size::18 Innie or Outie?:innie Parents Still Together?:not since i was 3 yrs old The Shoes You Wore Today::sneaks Your Weakness::sex Your Fears::being alone,,,, losing my memory Your Perfect Pizza::hawaiian Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year::meet the perfect man Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger:LOL Thoughts First Waking Up::my man Your Best Physical Feature::eyes and my 44 DDs Your Bedtime:: when i get there Your Most Missed Memory::looney toons an chocolate gravy on saturday mornins MY FAVORITESFavorite color?:garnet red Food?:fried chicken fried green tomatoes and choc gravy Sport?:sex
A Poem
Getting Old...(er) by Mrdennis Getting older just aint no fun When you look towards the rear view mirror at.....41 You get twice as much grey, that grows way to fast For even Grecian , Clairol or Pantene to even last Before you know it a new pair of bifocals are due Forget it pal....she's only twenty-two I doubt she will remind you where your glasses are Or have much patience when hers dont go THAT far A lady more like me, is better I think She will understand when I clog the sink Or lose my glasses cause Im just getting old And be happy to snuggle at night when we get cold
200 Question Survey
A 200 Question Fun Survey 4 Myspace (All The Bzoink Surveys Put Together)Full Name::barbara gail robertson bryant Birthday::september 18, 1963 Birthplace::somerset kentucky Eye Color::hazel Hair Color::brown Height::5'7 Weight::200 Right handed or Left handed?:right Your Heritage::scottish, german, indian My Worst Habit::procrastination Zodiac Sign::virgo Shoe Size::9 Pants Size::18 Innie or Outie?:innie Parents Still Together?:not since i was 3 yrs old The Shoes You Wore Today::sneaks Your Weakness::sex Your Fears::being alone,,,, losing my memory Your Perfect Pizza::hawaiian Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year::meet the perfect man Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger:LOL Thoughts First Waking Up::my man Your Best Physical Feature::eyes and my 44 DDs Your Bedtime:: when i get there Your Most Missed Memory::looney toons an chocolate gravy on saturday mornins MY FAVORITESFavorite color?:garnet red Food?:fried chicken fried green tomatoes and choc gravy Sport?:sex
Cherry Love
what is up with some people you show them some love and they give none in return.the bad part about it is that the ones that dont show love are the higher level cherries you do get a few that will return the love but not many.i guss all of us lower cherries will have to help each other out to level up since they dont want to help us.after all they were low level cherries at one time.......
Show Da Love
Been Sick
Ive been sick all week and still not well. It's why I haven't been around. Just letting ya'll know. peace -Mark
I feel discarded, although It's probably and hopefully not true the feelings are still burbling up. 4 days, no contact. 6 more I might or might not be in Detroit.
How Come???
why is that if i shoot my neighbor in the head i am a sinner and i go to jail whether i had what i thought was a good reason or not, but if this fucked up thing kalled our government gets in an argument with another one they will hand me a gun and make me kill randomly???
True Love
Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you've never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can't wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you
Shelby punched his cat in the taint... It made me giggle.
Hazel And Ezra: Latest Updates, Latest Picture Preveiw
Hazel and Ezra: Latest Updates, Latest Picture Preveiw [ Hazel's Latest Photo Preveiw ] Greetings to All, Hello to everyone.I'd like to to say thank you to all of the continued support and enthusiasm for my girlfriend Ezra's and my upcumming website: Everyone has been so nice and kind and we really appriciate all the kind words and suggestions. Everyone can relax, the website will be up soon. But it will not be ready until it is ready. Ezra and I strive only to bring you only the highest quality site and premium entertainment. I can assure yall that we are working with some of the best minds at our disposal and will only be satisfied when all is perfect. I know yall are anxious for it's release, (some of ya'll are really anxious judging from the fan mail we recieve, lol). However I do have another photo preview availible to see. Trust me, the unbelievibly long wait will be well worth it. ;-) In addition to photos there will be
I'm Losing This Battle Called Life
I feel sick to my stomach with self-hatred. Every time I get a little confidence it gets brutally knocked out of me. My body aches with the sorrow I feel. What is good about me? What is special? Worthy? Because I honestly can't see a thing. My veins are full of pain, I want to tear them out.
So Called Friends...
This shows how much your so called friends pay attention.. I t was my birthday yesterday and only 1 person wished me a Happy Birthday.....Now i dont want to hear Happy Birthday now after I have whinned and bitched about it,but why am I even on here if "My friends" cant even wish me a happy birthday??? :(
Check It Out
1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. If not for you, someone may not be living. 8. You are special and unique. 9. Someone that you don't even know exists, loves you. 10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world. 12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it. 13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. 14. Always tel
Bottom Of A Bottle
Been scared and lonely I've asked myself is something wrong with you My girlfriend told me I need some time alone to deal with issues But something makes me carry on It's difficult to understand Why I always wanna fly I do it for the drugs I do it just to feel alive I do it for the love That I get from the bottom of a bottle You always call me And ask me how I make it through the day I'm always fallin' I guess it's just God's way of making me pay But something makes me carry on It's difficult to understand, why I always wanna fly I do it for the drugs I do it just to feel alive I do it for the love That I get from the bottom of a bottle I do it for the drugs I do it just to feel alive I do it for the love That I get from the bottom of a bottle When I, I wonder why I try And I, I wonder why I bother And I, I wonder why I cry Why I, I go through all this trouble I do it for the drugs I do it just to feel alive I do it for the love That I get
Songs That Explain My Life 2
"My Immortal" I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave 'Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't leave me alone These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase [Chorus:] When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears And I held your hand through all of these years But you still have All of me You used to captivate me By your resonating light Now I'm bound by the life you left behind Your face it haunts My once pleasant dreams Your voice it chased away All the sanity in me These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase [Chorus] I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone But though you're still with me I've been alone all along [Chorus]
For Those Who Know Me.
Dedicated To A True Special Friend
What I Feel...
My family hasn't been the best to me latley. My mom and dad paid for me to get my hair done but then again. My brother just moved in with his girlfriend. I don't mind her at all, I don't mind that she moved in. But I mind how everyone else is changing because they feel they need to. Why can't they just present her the true feelings? I feel that I missed something. What clue am I missing? I understand we have to change in order to meet her needs but what about mine? Nevermind those I can take care of myself...I think I can. Lately people that I hate to remember have been bothering me, it's crazy all the people I've ever hated want to bump into. I bumped into my ex step mom six times, my dad twice, my ex girlfriend twice. I can't help but think something is very wrong. There's nothing really for me to do expect tell you that, what I feel won't go away for awhile. And I'm sorry to everyone who has to deal with me, I wish I could fix it but I will once ...I can.
What Will Happen With D-x
they have been having trouble with HHH's injury and the whole shawn cena thing what do you think will happen?
How Too Pick Up Strippers From Stripclubs
How too pick up strippers from stripclubs* 1. You gotta spend alota money* 2. Make sure you dont talk too much about yourself! 3. Dont be cocky! 4. spend alotta money* 5. NO TOUCHING! (that helps a hole lott) 6. No lieing... we dont like liars.. 7. spend more money* 8. Be nice .. believe it or not girls still like nice boyz 9.Always buy drinks.. (if you dont buy drinks that means either a. you dont give a fuck dont have money
Songs That Explain My Life 1
Tourniquet I tried to kill my pain, But only brought more. (So much more) I lay dying, And I'm pouring, crimson regret, and betrayal. I'm dying, Praying, Bleeding And screaming. Am I too lost to be saved ? Am I too lost ? My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. Do you remember me ? Lost for so long. Will you be on the other side ? Or will you forget me ? I'm dying, Praying, Bleeding And screaming. Am I too lost to be saved ? Am I too lost ? My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. (Return to me salvation) (I want to DIE!) My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My wounds cry for the grave. My soul cries, for deliverance. Will I be denied ? Christ! Tourniquet! My suicide.
Songs That Explain My Life 1
Tourniquet I tried to kill my pain, But only brought more. (So much more) I lay dying, And I'm pouring, crimson regret, and betrayal. I'm dying, Praying, Bleeding And screaming. Am I too lost to be saved ? Am I too lost ? My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. Do you remember me ? Lost for so long. Will you be on the other side ? Or will you forget me ? I'm dying, Praying, Bleeding And screaming. Am I too lost to be saved ? Am I too lost ? My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. (Return to me salvation) (I want to DIE!) My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My God! My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation. My wounds cry for the grave. My soul cries, for deliverance. Will I be denied ? Christ! Tourniquet! My suicide.
New Stash Items
I added 10 more poems to my stash, come by, read, rate, enjoy and comment.
Messed Up Universe
As a little girl you are told stories.... stories of romance and happy ever after endings. Of cinderella and her prince charming. That if you believe something enough or if you are just your self that in the end you will be with the one you love. That the not perfect girl gets the guy in the end. That when your in love your heart beats so the whole world can hear. That time stops just for you and the world stands still. I have heard these stories my entire life. Always thinking that there was some great love out there just waiting for me. And that i would one day understand what love really meant. Well my day has come... and i never knew this is what love felt like.... but i have learned something... what they dont tell you. That true real love... is only for movies and books. That crazy out of this world love... doesnt belong in real life. That love most times doesnt make you fell like you can fly but is a feeling that infects your soul. My life before.. it was great. I was co
To Us 90's Kids
Anybody under the age of 14 should not read this, and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: U remember watching Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain , and Two Stupid Dogs. AAAAAAAH real monsters. You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE! You just cant resist finishing this... "Iiiiiiin west philladelphia born and raised..." You remember TGIF on ABC. Step by Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, and Boy Meets World. You remember when, 2Pac and Selena died. You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. You remember reading "Goosebumps" You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school. You remember the craze,
1 Of My Fave Songs
Spanish Version: Un Beso by Aventura album: God's Project (2005), K.O.B. Live (2006) Hay una mujer, que domina mi sentido con solo tocar mi piel Y como a mi tambien, a otro hombre esto le puede suceder Que solo por un beso Se puede enamorar, sin necesidad de hablarse Solo los labios rozarse, cupido los flechara Y solo por un beso Con ella soy feliz Tan solo con un besito, me llevo al infinito y ni si quiera la conozco bien Un beso significa amistad, sexo, y amor En cualquier parte del mundo no importa la religion Por un beso de su boca Voy al cielo y hablo con Dios Alcanzo las estrellas de emocion Su boca es tan sensual me cautiva y me exita No me canso de besar Su lengua es mi debilidad ella sabe los truquitos, diganme si hay alguien mas Solo por un beso... se puede enamorar, sin necesidad de hablarse Solo los labios rozarse, cupido los flechara Y solo por un beso Con ella soy feliz, Tan solo con un besito, me llevo al infini
I Love You...
I love you because you make me happy I love you because you make me feel safe and secure I love your smile I love the way you say my name I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me And how you laugh at me when I do something stupid, when others would put me down. I love the fact that when I'm around you I can be myself and not worry about what you may think of me, because I know you love me for who I am. No matter what my faults may be. I love being able to wake up with you by my side... It makes my days better At night I love watching you sleep, hearing you take each breath, and feeling your heart beat with the palm of my hand... reality hits that you are not a dream YOU ARE MINE. I love the way you wrap your arms around me and hold me really tight, like there is no tomorrow And I love the way I feel when your lips barely touch mine for a kiss, the love and emotions that go through me at that moment are unexplainable. I love your la
Love & Rockets
For Steve B. I was driving down a road more frequently traveled by another girl as she drove to see another boy. Already awash with memories, a song came on and I was flooded and left dripping with nostalgia. I never linked this song to you before her world and mine collided. That small, eternal flame flickered and lit up a life long ago, and it was you. Always my love, Forrest. Love, Jenny "Come Again" ~Damn Yankees I was a loner crusin' with the wind I wasn't lookin' when you pulled me in I had to leave you like I always did You knew damn well I'd come again Now I'm falling where I've never been My resistance is wearing thin Somewhere in the distance like a long lost friend Whoa oh oh oh, yeah-- Lord, here I come again Come again Yeah Been so long since I've seen you girl Swear I've been around the world Every room is an empty space In the darkness I see your face Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa When I finally get my hands on
Hello Looking For My True Friends
if you could please repost the bullitin i posted titled '' help a juggalette out '' i would be very much indebt to you all thank you
Add Ur Mug To My Page :p
hey peoples feel free to stop by my page and leave ur face in my guest book its looking a bit sad lol ... have a fab night all that are reading xoxo
Vote For Me!!!!!
Show Me Some Love
Hey all I just found out tomorrow I'm going to be interviewing for a pomotion to team lead in my dept. I'm eally nervous, come by and show me some love and encouragement for tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.
Quote Of The Day 2/21/07
No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country, he won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country. -George S. Patton
In the begining.......
The Lesson For Today Is...
they + are = they're try to remember this! a public service message from horisurgi the asshole.
A Perfect Love {karulvinth For Life }
I'll never forget, the day we met I knew you'de be mine, my heart was set. I had to have you, at any cost now without you, I would be lost. I live each day, with you in mind forever strengthening, the ties that bind I'll chat no more, with other men cause this is now, and that was then. You fill each day, with joy and love you must have been sent, from up above. I thought that god, was so unjust then he sent me you, and regained my trust. Kisses are the messengers of love. The End!!!
The Lairs Of Gasping
My lovers begging eyes whisper their surrendering plea to strip away her veils of the day and take her naked aching flesh beyond the walls of any inhibition. Slowly, the candle scents of lavender and gardenia casts their alluring spell opening the chasm to her passions as she willing lies down upon our bed and closes her eyes anxiously awaiting the caressing stroke of my fingers when they explore each burning lair of gasping. Inch by hungry voluptuous inch do I awaken and set ablaze her portals of deepest most intimate moans until her wildest demons of ecstasy at last possess her heart and soul. Once her every pore has gone insane with thirst that only my love juices can quench I eagerly enter her secret garden with my helmet manhood. Pounding thrusts of two lovers' hips heats the climax volcano till it erupts in waves of euphoric quivers and the gloriously release in vein numbing screams.
Awekaning Love
Her heart beats hard as heavenly essence surrounds her aromatic scents of love and lust Traces of nectar spread between her thighs flowing like rivers run His touch sending ropes of shivers throughout her aching body Fingers wandering stroking her lips of seduction feeling their way to pleasure unknown Tongues fervently entwine tasting sweet tender sips of love between two lovers Lips tango teasing,taunting the other to taste treasuring every savory lick Bodies pulse pushing together like perfect pieces of an erotic puzzle Pleasure burns as his manhood brushes her entering her with full force Moans come from deep within screams shatter throughout the room as climax rises in full speed Softly penetrating full release so close they can taste it flesh flushing feverishly Sweat flowing like rainfall deeper he glides between her legs every thrust more intense Suckling upon her breasts drowning moans of excitement slower..softer
Rough Times!!
Im going through a rough time right..Im getting a lot of crap from my ex boyfriend..I let him get to me..sometimes he wants me back and then other times he just tears me to shed..Have u ever wanted to go back in time and erase the memories??...god help him cause he needs it and making my life a living he..!!
Power Over Women.
I have this amazing power over women. It's called "stink". When you stink just right, they can't resist the urge to do stuff. Like run away screaming. And that, my friends, is power. Did I just type "nipples"?
I'm sitting here in front of the pc taking a break from my monthly bookeeping. Oh i hate doing this, i always put it off till the last minute. So i end up at the end of the month trying to hunt n peck my way thourgh balancing my books. I really have to get me a secratary to come in maybe once or twice a week to help me do this.But i keep thinking i can handle it myself...... Anyway i was just plundering round on the net here fer a minute before i started back n ran across a site fer GLOW womens wrestling. Hell i anit seen that show since the 80's. To be honest its the one that got me to watching womens wrestlin, it didnt help i was 14 at the time going thourgh puberty lol. I can rember watching those women on my small crappy color tv with the rabbit ears, them wearing that sexy spandex n boots. I would sit there wide eyed just amazed at how beautiful n sexy these women was, still think so to this day. Anyway i was wondering if any of you folks rember that show, hell someone told me
Could Today Get Any Worse?!
i had a therapist appointment tonight, and i told him about this pattern with my boyfriend... that he gets out of the hospital, goes to meetings for a couple weeks, then uses drugs again and ends up in the hospital. this is really bad because while i am a very strong person, when i'm with him, i have virtually no willpower... i will do anything, ANYTHING that he asks of me. which means when he shows up with drugs, i do them with him. well, my therapist, upon hearing all of this, told me i need to break up with him and put as much distance as possible between us, because he drags me down and hinders my own recovery. he said to tell him he can come back to me after he's been clean 3 years. so now not only is the man i love in the hospital battling a very serious mental illness... but now i have to LEAVE him. i want to die. repost if you feel like it, if not i really don't care, i am so upset right now that no amount of cherry love can lift me out of it. thanks for liste
Splain To Me
What exactly is a "wicked tan"? Is that anything like a "wicked case of the brain cancer"?

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