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The Adventures Of Putz Boy: Good News, Bad News
(Originally Posted on August 16, 2006)BAD NEWS:  My officemate has been reported to Idiot Boss (we are pretty sure it was Putz Boy who did it) for being negative against Idiot Boss and for me not sticking up for him.  Therefore, it seems to Idiot Boss that the officemate's negativity is rubbing off on me.  So I have had to move my stuff into Putz Boy's office, where I will be around him ALL FREAKIN' DAY LONG!  My plan:  Put on my headphones in the morning and take them off when I leave, ignoring PB all the while.GOOD NEWS:  Putz Boy's nemesis, The (Possible) Habitual Liar, has accepted an offer to come back here full time.  It's really like Superman and Lex Luthor being roommates.  :-)  And the best part is, Putz Boy is going ALL negative against Idiot Boss now, not caring who hears.  The Putz is talking about how IB is breaking laws, discriminating for certain employees, etc.  PB's saying he no longer wants to work here and everything.It seems my curse might be working.  All I know is
Please Help My Lovely Friend Piper
She has entered this contest and would love too win it so please help me out by helping her. Mothers day contest starts Thursday April 12th at 6pm Pacific... Please bomb the crap outta me I can't afford a blast otherwise and I really want one *sniffle* lol... Please?! *licklicklick*
Captured Cat
(Originally Posted on August 14, 2006)A while back, one of our cats (Ginger) got feline leukemia and had to be put to sleep.  Last night, we caught the cat we think gave Ginger the disease.  We kept it all throughout the night last night and took it to the pound this morning.So, if that was the cat, then we (hopefully) don't have to worry about the other cats getting sick.tag: Ginger, cats, animals, illness-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Ave Santanas!
To All My Friends & Family!
Just A Silly Rant.
Sometimes stuff gets on my nerves, stupid stuff. Sometimes I have really hard time containing my displeasure, which is kind of a bad thing since I am a waitress, lol. I'm just supposed to smile and be sweet..... no matter what. I have gotten pretty good at that, but.... I sure have some days of falling short. In the last few weeks there have been some issues for me that are pretty nonsensical (yeah, I can admit that) but this stuff just PISSES me off. Some of these things are particular to being a waitress or being in retail or some job where you serve the public...... and they are in your face, in all their stupidity and self-centered glory. I HATE INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE! It puzzles me as to why they come into a public place and do the following things....... When you come into a restaurant, turn your damned cell phone off, at least until you have ordered your food. It's someones job to bring you what you want, but they cant if they don't know what that is, because you
Bitch, Whine, Moan, Complain...
(Originally Posted on August 14, 2006)One woman here is bitching about society getting more lax in their standards and going away from God.  (Probably the Christian god.)  She laments we don't fight the homosexuals, the pornographers, the Hollywood permissive lifestyle, etc.Well I, for one, ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF THOSE THINGS!Can ANYBODY give me ONE reason why freedoms such as she mentions need to be curtailed that doesn't boil down to some religious edict?  Quite frankly, it is NOBODY'S business if two (or more) willing adults get married, be they men, women, or a mixture.  Porn is pleasing to look at, and one generation's porn is another generation's "high art".  (Supposedly, for example, opera when it came out was though of as vulgar.)  And the permissive lifestyle, well, it's fun as well.Here is the deal:  Religious people want others to live by the rules of their religion.  They can't seem to get the "live and let live" thing down.  I could care less if a man and woman marry, just
My Weekend Is Finally Here!
Yippee!! much damn stress at work. It feels nice to be stress-free and at home. Bedroom, here I come!!
Remember Our Troops
Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she took all of the desks out of the classroom. The kids came into first period and there were no desks. They obviously looked around and said, "Ms. Cothren, where's our desk?" And she said, "You can't have a desk until you tell me how you earn them." They thought, "Well, maybe it's our grades." "No," she said. "Maybe it's our behavior." And she told them, "No, it's not even your behavior." And so they came and went in the first period, still no desks in the classroom. Second period, same thing, third period too. By early afternoon television news crews had gathered in Ms. Cothren's class to find out about this crazy teacher who had taken all the desks out
Putting Your Affairs In Order
PUTTING YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER A woman went to her doctor. The doctor, after an examination, sighed and said, "I've some bad news. You have cancer, and you'd best put your affairs in order." The woman was shocked, but managed to compose herself and walk into the waiting room where her daughter had been waiting. "Well daughter, we women celebrate when things are good and we celebrate when things don't go so well. In this case, things aren't well. I have cancer. Let's head to the club and have a martini." After 3 or 4 martinis, the two were feeling a little less somber. There were some laughs and more martinis. They were eventually approached by some of the woman's old friends who were curious as to what the two were celebrating. The woman told her friends they were drinking to her impending end. "I've been diagnosed with AIDS. The friends were aghast and gave the woman their condolences. After the friends left, the woman's daughter leaned over and whi
Pledge Of Allegiance Post
(Originally Posted on August 14, 2006)This picture on the Freedom From Religion Foundation page shows the Pledge of Allegiance as it was from 1923 to 1954:Notice the lack of the words "Under God".  Those words were added during the 1950's.And here's a bit of trivia I found doing some StumbleUpon stuff:And thanks to Barry Weber for pointing out: "Fascinating, isn't it, that we haven't won a war since the words 'under God' were added, but were victorious in a number of them before we claimed that status for ourselves?"Very interesting...tag: politics, religion, Pledge of Allegiance-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Ave Santanas!
Havent Blogged For A Bit !!
so thought id ramble a bit .. yesterday was brilliant . went up to london to the apollo to see joe !! brian mc knight ! and boys 2 men in a concert together iwa amazed at how brilliant joe is singing live .. and he sung my wedding song which nearly made me cry !! it was soooooo brilliant !! loved every minute !! so today im tired and chilling hopefully this weekend is gana be really hot and ill be heading out with the girls sat evening for a proper session allthough alot of them havent got much dollar .... pluh !! then next week kids go back to school so back to a bit of normality !! if my life is ever normal. hahaha !! and kaitlin will turn 3 on tuesday ..and demi 7 on thursday .... wow ... !! how old are they getting cant believe how quick the last 7 years has gone !!!! then in a few weeks time im off to spain ... yay ! for a holiday (vacation) just a wek but should be fun will be our first family get away ! so fingers crossed there wont be to many paddies and argue
Random Fun Stuff :)
A woman's guide to understanding men... 1. A good place to meet a man is at the dry cleaner. These men usually have jobs and bathe. 2. All men hate to hear, "We need to talk about our relation- ship." These seven words strike fear in the heart of even retired General Schwartzkopf. 3. Men like phones with lots of buttons. It makes them feel important. 4. Men like to barbecue. Men will cook if danger is involved. 5. Most men hate to shop. That's why the men's department is usually on the first floor of a department store, two inches from the door. 6. Men forget everything; women remember everything. Think about it! How many women's sports use something called an "instant replay?" 7. Men are self-confident because they grow up identifying with super-heroes. Women have bad self-images because they grow up identifying with Barbie. 8. No man is charming all of the time. Even Cary Grant is on record saying he wished h
I Just Want You
I Just Want You What we share is stronger than any storm yet i didn't take you seriously, Distance played with my head, and I let my weakness take over me.. I see now what Ive done wrong, but I'm scared thats too late... Forgiveness is what I seek, Ive realized now that Ive found my soul mate, It took a mistake for me to notice, I'm sorry for the pain. I'm guilty for loving you, without you there'd be so much rain. Trust me one more time; let me prove to you that I'm ready to settle. I just want you nobody else, I want to share my love with you forever. Everything you say to do, believe that thats what I'm going to follow. I going to be a slave for your love, because without you my whole life is filled with sorrow. Lets start over fresh, lets forget about the mistakes in our past. Lets use that as guidance, learn from it to make us last. Because of you I'm going to change me, Ill change my whole existence. Take a ride with me in this roller coaster called li
My Life And Unhappiness
Everything seems so pointless anymore. It seems like the more I try the more I get kicked back down. I try so hard to please everyone in my life. I try to find love but it seems that everytime I try some one is there to kick me back down. It seems that no one wants me to be happy any more I try my hardest to be a good person but it seems that I turn into a bitch that no one wants anything to do with. This really sucks I don't know what to do I don't know maybe I'm never ment to be happy maybe I'm never ment to have someone I love that will love me back. I don't know WTF I'm doin wrong. I guess I was always ment to be alone and unhappy. Well I guess if no one wants to be in my life then I guess it will be just me and my 2 wonderful kids.
good morning everyone.... i hope everyone is all smiles and ready for the day...remeber today when your on here meeting new people..think before you leave a comment or rating you dont know what kind of day that person has been having maybe the comment you leave puts a smile on there face or it could do just the opposite to some people its just words on the screen but to some its not...were here to have fun and get to know one another if your here because you think looks count dial 1-800-shallow and you will be with your own little really get to know someone try saying hi or would you like to chat....this may be cyber land but you dont have to come on here and be mean or try to be something your smile kick off your shoes and stay awhile and get to know the people on your list........
Satanism Defined - Poorly
(Originally Posted on August 12, 2006)A few days ago, somebody asked for a description of Satanism, a feat which, while interesting, seemed beyond me.  It would be the equivalent of a Southern Baptist explaining Christianity and being all-inclusive of all the sects.So, without further ado, I would like to offer (a) my definition of Christianity and (b) my definition of Satanism.  (I include both so that people who are familiar with either will see how bad their definition is and so relax on the other definition.)A)  Christian:  A Christian is someone who believes a translation of a set of stories in a book called The Holy Bible.  In this work, an uber-being creates everything in the universe (except, of course, itself), giving humans rules to live by.  Anybody living by the rules is favored by this being, anyone going against the rules are evil.  Since the uber-being loves everybody, it has made a place called "heaven" where the righteous (i.e. people who believe in it and follow its r
Are We Friends
Hot Tattoo Is Now Open Go Vote Everyone!
~~ Okay Hot Tattoo Contest ~~ Still taking people for the contest! Contest starts 4/12 thur 4/19 1St Person is...... with 1 comments! 2nd Person is...... with 1 comments! 3rd Person is...... with 1 comments! 4th Person is...... with 1 comments! 5th Person is...... with 1 comments! 6th Person is...... with 1 comments! 7th Person is...... with 1 comments! 8th Person is...... with 1 comments! 9th Person is...... with 1 comments! 10th Person is...... with 1 comments! 11th Person is...... with 1 comments! 12th Person is...... with 1 comments! 13th Person is......
Love is fleeting and unkind at times But then is found again Feelings once buried brought to the top again In a rush of flames that can't be controlled To feel the passion in each touch To fell the passion in each kiss To ache for the passion once held in our hands Three years searching for the passion once lost A passion that never really died Only lost and buried along the way So much to forgive along the way To have found a soul mate only to have them Slip through my fingers My life so full of love and safety, forever My love of three years lost For what I thought was forever But into my life My Cherie returned Like a breath of spring air To lighten my days and nights Her return easing an ache that only she can fill Welcome home my daughter J'tamie Copyright © 2007 Daniel SilverCougar
Hello Friends & Fans
I have really been busy with the husband in the hospital since the 23rd of March and my son has had me running errands/business for him. I will be on Tonight & Tomorrow. I have missed playing with you ALL! XOXOXO ToyfulSweetartMavMOM
Are We Fans
The Queen And Dolly Go To Heaven!!
Queen Elizabeth and Dolly Parton die on the same day and they both go before an Angel to find out if they'll be admitted to Heaven. Unfortunately, there's only one space left that day, so the Angel must decide which of them gets in. The Angel asks Dolly if there's some particular reason why she should go to Heaven. Dolly takes off her top and says, "Look at these, they're the most perfect breasts God ever created, and I'm sure it will please God to be able to see them every day, for eternity." The Angel thanks Dolly, and asks Her Majesty the same question. The Queen takes a bottle of Perrier out of her purse, shakes it up, and gargles. Then, she spits into a toilet and pulls the lever. The Angel says, "OK, your Majesty, you may go in." Dolly is outraged and asks, "What was that all about? I show you two of God's own perfect creations and you turn me down. She spits into a commode and she gets in! Would you explain that to me?" "Sorry, Dolly," says t
I Am New, Help Anyone?
Hey everyone, I am new to CT and it will take me a while to get my stuff right on here. I do have yahoo messenger if you want to chat with me. My screen name is ( tapalotluv )I also have a myspace. ( ) If that is not right sorry lol I will double check it tho. I have lots of pics.
Todays Happenings
To all in my Familly,Friends,fans,etc.My comp not running well today.The amount of Cookies,History an the Crap that the CT installs on Computers these days,is unreal.Everyones Comments will have to wait.I must defrag an other Diagnostic Stuff. I'm not fealing to good right now.Pounding Headache,actually had it all night.An the Cat disrupting my Sleep didn't help either. Big Day today for PiperXylon,an Excellent member of my Familly.She has enterd herself in the Mothers Day Blast Giveaway.She's a very Sweet Gal,as all my Familly is.I hope,us as a whole can give her this Victory she so Deserves. But some of us being in Contest know.It's not always the Best or the Prettiest,cutest,kindest that Wins these things.It's the people whom have many Friends,or cash to pay for Blasts to help them win.So us as a Whole have our work cut out for us this afternoon.At the start of this Contest.I will be trying my Damnest to stay under the Radar of the Constant Barrage of Insults Directed at me
Help Me
I just wanted to give a shout out to the people with crushes on me. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that someone out there is crushing on me. Big hugs and kisses to you! XOXOXO Illuminaughty
Happy 2 B Home
I can't believe im finally here. This week has been mad busy with all the things that i didnt think about when i was planning my trip home. Sorting mail, making an eye appointment, shopping. I have another week before i start back to work, but i think ive got everything done that i need to so im looking forward to a nice relaxing next week. The weekend was awesome; not long enough but awesome. Alli and i had a great time, and even tho she called me a pig 20 times, i think she might be a little impressed that im really NOT a pig. My mom pulled me aside at brunch and whispered "That's not the same girl i talked to on the phone is it, she's so pretty and nice!!!" Yes, it's the same girl. And yes, she is; and so much more. As soon as i think about her i lose my train of thought and all i can do is smile and think of her touch. The house smells like her perfume and every day it fades a little; next time she's here im going to buy her a bottle of whatever she wears so that i can keep it
My Girl
since february i havent felt more alive, im 25 and thought i knew what it was like to be in love.well until i met kristin i didnt.i have the greatest girlfriend in the world and just wanted to let you all know how much i love her
The infamous questions we all seek throughout our daily lives that you sometimes wonder if anyone else thinks of the exact same thing. Have you ever had a conversation with your friends or anyone close to you where you just get so deep in the conversation and start asking questions that boggle your mind? You may talk about space, god, where we all came from. How other people look at you and what they see. The way you see yourself in the mirror. Is that how everyone else see's you? Those little speckles you see when you look up at the sky and ask yourself "Does anyone else see this?" Those weird dreams you may have of all your teeth falling out and you are so scared in the dream but then you wake up and go "that wasnt so bad." The brain is an amazing everyone percieves reality...what is reality? How do we know whats real? Matrix anyone? Languages? They're all just made up. Is anything really real? I'd like to see what other people have to say to this.
ATTITUDE by Charles Swindoll "The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think, say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play the one string we have, and that is our attitude... I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes” I REALLY BELIEVE THIS
That Young Filly
In my teen years, my family owned three horses, a mare and two geldings. We boarded them at a large farm just down the road, and I helped take care of them. My responsibilities included brushing them, cleaning out the stalls, watering them, etc. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it and loved being around the huge creatures. Riding them was challenging, however, as our horses had minds of their own. I can remember quite a few times when they threw me off! When I entered puberty I went through the changes all boys go through, but my development took an unusual turn. Although I was attracted to girls, I began noticing the sexual parts of animals and saw that they didn't seem too different from the parts humans have. I knew it was wrong to think about animals in a sexual way, but something in me was curious about them, especially horses. Throughout my teen years I did the usual rebellious things like sneaking out at night and fumbling my way around with girls, but my sexual experim
The Feeling
The feeling I feel is of pain and love, from many and from few. My love has dismayed me, my friends have hurt me. My trust has been broken for all-time. My friends disown me, My love hurts me. It is hard to go on, yet I must. I cry every night, from the things they say. That go straight to the heart. I feel I must go, but I cant. Love holds me behind, at the same time pain pushes me away.
Things I Want To Know About You.
Things I want to know about you. Body: YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 44 things about you. . Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I wanna know you better! =) JUST HIT REPLY TO SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1. What is your full name? 2. When is your Birthday? 3. What is your e-mail address? 4. Do you smoke? 5.How many sexual partners have you had? 6. If you can't answer, is it really that many? 7. Can you cook? 8. What was your dream growing up? 9. What talent do you wish you had? 10. Favorite place? 11. G-strings or thongs? 12. What was the last book you read? 13. What zodiac sign are u ? 14. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 15. Worst Habit? 16. How do we know each other? 17. What is your favorite sport? 18. Pesimist or Optimist attitude? 19. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me
I Thought
I thought I knew what fun was, until I heard you laugh. I thought I knew what joy was, until I saw you smile. I thought I had felt safe before, until you held me in your arms. I thought I knew what I wanted, until you came into my life. I thought I had been loved before, until you came to love me. I thought my future looked so bright, until you started to waiver. I thought I knew what loss was, until you left my life.
She Was Only 5!!
She was only 5 Body: Her dad was a drunk Her mom was an addict Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one's around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endore A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear And softly crys She loves her parents But they want her to die She sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is My life always sinking? " Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom suddenly Grabbed for a blade It was sharp and pointy One that she made She thrusted the blade Right in her chest,
Can you read these right the first time? 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) The farm was used to produce produce. 3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. 4) We must polish the Polish furniture. 5) He could lead if he would get the lead out. 6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. 7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present . 8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. 9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. 10) I did not object to the object. 11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid. 12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row 13) They were too close to the door to close it. 14) The buck does funny things when the does are present. 15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line. 16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow. 17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail. 18) Upon seei
So, I Thought
I thought I knew what fun was, until I heard you laugh. I thought I knew what joy was, until I saw you smile. I thought I had felt safe before, until you held me in your arms. I thought I knew what I wanted, until you came into my life. I thought I had been loved before, until you came to love me. I thought my future looked so bright, until you started to waiver. I thought I knew what loss was, until you left my life.
Good Morning Wake Up Calls
Have you ever been sleeping so good and ur phone rings?And on the other end is someone you think is so hot....Well I had my first wake up call this morning and I didnt want to move after that call....NO you dirty minded people I know what u thought.But I did enjoy it.BTW this is my first blog on here so bare with me til I get better.They say you do get better with practice on the blog issue I will get better hehehe
This Is Beautiful
She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the Universi
Never Dare A Woman!
Never Dare a Woman A husband and wife were sharing a bottle of wine when the husband said, "I bet you can't tell me something that will make me feel happy and sad at the same time". The wife thought for a few moments, then said, "Your dick's bigger than your brother's" !
I Am
I hope this comes out, my Aunt sent this to me and I wanted to share it with you all.
Revenge Is An Armored Bulldozer
(Originally Posted on August 11, 2006)I use StumbleUpon, and I found a story about a man who fought for ideals in a way that makes it seem Satanic in Nature:From year old welder Marvin Heemeyer lived in Grunbee Colorado fixing vehicle mufflers. His small repair shop was located near a concrete factory called Mountain Park. To Marvin and his neighbors' horrors, the owners of Mountain Park decided to expand the factory, forcing the people living near-by to sell their land to Mountain Park.Sooner or later the factory's neighbors gave up, except for Marvin. Having tried every way possible, the owners of the factory failed to acquire his land. However all the surrounding land was now owned by the factory, which resulted in Marvin's shop getting cut off from the rest of the world.Marvin tried everything in his powers to restore justice. Obviously, the city council and other politicians of the state were on the factory owners' evil
Magic Roundabout
Cokney Music
Ahhh.....three Little Words
A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail with her girlfriends when an exceptionally tall, handsome, extremely sexy middle-aged man entered. He was so striking that the woman could not take her eyes off him. The young-at- heart man noticed her overly attentive stare and walked directly toward her. (As all men will.) Before she could offer her apologies for so rudely staring, he leaned over and whispered to her, "I'll do anything, absolutely anything, that you want me to do, no matter how kinky, for $20.00, on one condition." Flabbergasted, the woman asked what the condition was. The man replied, You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words." The woman considered his proposition for a moment, and then slowly removed a $20 bill from her purse, which she pressed into the mans hand along with her address. She looked deeply into his eyes, and slowly and meaningfully said........"Clean my house."
Untitled Poem 2
Lost in a sea of dreaming, wondering what it would be like.. You know, your still in my heart. Broken and battered, it withered without your light. You showed it so much... how to rise and fall. Utterly alone, I live my life without. You left me here with my suffering Was I not enough? Was I not your heart’s longing as well? The day has become darkest night, under a cold resentful moon. What do I do now? The ashes of my heart blown out to sea.
Quiz Time!
(Originally Posted on August 11, 2006)Take the quiz: Which of the four crownprinces of Hell are you?LuciferLucifer, the morning star, brings enlightenment from the East, with the rising Sun.He is a creature of unspoiled wisdom, and of genuine emotions, such as pure romance and true love. Art and literature, music and poetry are all his area. He possesses both unmatched scholary wisdom, as well as creativity and imagination. Lucifer brings greater awareness, to open our souls and minds so we can question, dream, think, wonder... and evolve. With that he represents the spiritual ascent, and life.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!
(Originally Posted on August 11, 2006)FINALLY!  We might be getting rain here before I go home!  I can hear thunder outside.  :-)But don't worry, I won't get wet.  I brought my umbrella.That's right.  I brought a big, metal stick with all sorts of metal antennae radiating from the top covered with a piece of wet fabric.  In a thunderstorm.Uh huh.  Yeah.  But I will use it anyway.In old news, my parents' house was hit by lightning a few years back.  It came in one corner, fried the alarm system and my dad's computer, and left from the opposite corner.  Bricks were blown out from the force/heat/whatever.And so we come back to the umbrella...tag: weather, lightning
Howdy Yall
howdy yall!!! i just got introduced to this very addictive site!! so far its been a blast...i have met many people that are really cool! keep the comments and the ratings coming yall!! stop bi and say pretty sure ill be here!! keep the shiny side up! rock on!!
Untitled Poem
Oh why do i feel this way I feel like this night and day I really try push this feeling a side but this feeling i have turns in me like knives This feeling i have it is not love It is the worse one of I am lonely I am empty I feel this way often and plenty I want love i want romance I want a woman that likes to dance I want a woman to kiss and hold me Because I never want to feel this empty or lonely
This Is What I Think About Our Nation At War
I've said it before and I'll say it again. People are so stupid that all they want to do is to bitch, whine and complain about my boss and the President of the United State of America. I hate Liberals. I'll admit it. Im not saying Conservatives are any better but I rather have a Republican in office who would want to get those fuckers back for what they did to us on 9-11-01 then just sit back and take it like what would of happened if Gore would of won in '00 against Bush. Everyone knows that is what would of happened. We would of taken the losses of our 2500+ people who had died on those planes and in the WTC and Pentagon. But thats with a Democrat in office. With the Republican, he took immediate action against those who had taken responsibility of the attack. Now, Im not saying that Bush sending my brothers and sisters into Iraq was the smartest or best idea to have. We went into Afghanistan to find terrorists and kill them. Its not only in Afghanistan that terrorists
Lets Say I Break Into Your House
This is purdy funny to me... A lady wrote the best letter in the editorials in ages. It explains things better than all the baloney you hear on TV. Her point: Recently large demostrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, which might make it harder to sneak into the country and, once hear, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests. Lets say I break into your house. Lets say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds, and washed the dishes and did the landry and swept the floors. I've done all the things you dont like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house). According to the protesters: -You are required to let me stay in your house -You are required to ad
My Friends
I wanted to show all you lovely people that are my friend out there some LUV. My cpu is in the shop and havent been on lately but some of you have been kind enough to send me comments and messages despite the fact I havent been able to send any back. Since my time is limited i hope all of you get a chance to read this becous i cant send out inSexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Luv.comdevigal comments yet THANKS
An Excellent Letter
An Excellent Letter Here's one woman who is telling it like it her opinion! Written by a housewife from New Jersey and sounds like it! This is one >pissed off lady. "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East s
Come Vote For Me As The Hottest Military Sweetheart
hey ya'll...Come and vote for me to win my first contest...It is for a blast...I hope ya'll will come and help me out...
Your Age By Eating Out...
Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a falsehood anyway-but your waiter may know! YOUR AGE BY DINER & RESTAURANT MATH This is pretty neat. DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST! It takes less than a minute . Work this out as you read ... Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out! This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun. 1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to go out to eat. (more than once but less than 10) 2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold) 3. Add 5 4. Multiply it by 50 5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1757 ..... If you haven't, add 1756. 6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born. You should have a three digit number The first digit of this was your original number (I.e., how! Many times you want to go out to restaurants in a week.) The next two numbers are YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!) THIS IS THE ONLY
Job In America?
Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN)for 6am. While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG). He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAORE) and tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA). After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA) he sat down with his calculator (MADE I N MEXICO) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN) to the radio (MADE IN INDIA) he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY) filled it with GAS from Saudi Arabia and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his Computer (Made In Malaysia), Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE)and turned on his TV ( MADE IN INDONESIA ), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in AMERICA
This is just an entry for general ramblings and thoughts in my head this morning. I rated it nsfw for some language. I joined this site a couple months back as a favor to a friend. I wasn't going to stay. Then I got sucked in and met some really good people and I just couldn't go. Lately though - leaving here is a thought that creeps into my head more and more. I didn't come here to be judged for the pictures I post or my weight. Yes, I am married. Yes, he does know that I'm on here - fuck - he's on here too! He knows what photos I post and who I talk to. What I do or do not do (or what I post) on here or in my bedroom has nothing to do with you. How dare you fucking judge me - I don't see where you have any right to do so at all. You don't know me, not one bit. Maybe you should take the time to get to know the person behind the pictures before you judge.
Why The Fook Is It Soo Hard To Write?????
Fuck this life I just can’t stand the shit I have to put up with if it’s not one thing it’s another! All I want to do is write a FUCKIG poem but can I???? Huh???? No……NO!!!! My head is soo filled with shit that I can get it onto the right path so that I can write it! I’m just so fucking pissed off right now and I don’t want to calm down I just want to kill something! Anything!........... Just feel the flesh tear from the bone! To taste the tang of blood on my lips! Gods I haven’t felt this hot since I tried to jump off a cliff just down the street from my house!!! Now that was invigorating!!! But childish! Only the strong can live till there time is up in this world! Sadly only the week willed chose suicide! And I am not week willed! And never will be! I sit here and I listen to peoples problems and I have to smile and say everything is going to be ok……. Well its not! We are all going to die and we are going to rot in the earth for years until they run out of room and dig you up
20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
20 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity 1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down. 2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice. 3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that. 4. Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In." 5. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks. Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso. 6. In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write "For Smuggling Diamonds" 7. Finish All Your sentences with "In Accordance With The Prophecy." 8. Don t use any punctuation 9. As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk. 10. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat with a serious face. 11. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go." 12. Sing Along At The Opera 13. Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme 14. Put Mosquito Netting
I'm Back
We are back from Vegas. Whew what a great time! I have added three pictures and will add more soon. Missed you all...........
This is my first blog. Ever! I've never blogged before. What do you blog about? I'm blog blocked.
Just an update on my youngest..She was home shortly after, the doc checked her nose and said that the bleeding is normal because she's had her cold for so long, never bothered to check for infection or anything, damn doctors. Tara
It's gone What's gone? My mind? Soul? No, I'm fine Not really Deep inside, something is missing The love and tender kissing She walked out herself Now all I do is talk to myself in the mirror, with my reflection My heart is dead Soon it will make a resurrection Once the wounds heal And I'm loved for real A type of love I can feel But nobody loves me Nobody cares Nobody loves me That nobody is me I can't love myself because no one does I'm all alone and no longer what I once was But the only thing that keeps me alive Is knowing that the next day, it might all change For the best And that "nobody" becomes somebody
Not For The Faint Of Heart
Just recently in Amarillo, a man was arrested for killing a 6 month old baby girl. The doctors also found out that the "Father" sexually molested this little girl. When I heard this, I cried. How can a man do this to a child? Evidently the "Father" has absolutely NO morals to his life. It is heart wrenching to know that there are people out there who get joys off by doing this to children. I wish there were stiffer laws for this kind of activity. Maybe they should cut the purps balls off(and NOT leave a thing, I.E.: nut sack and all), then slowly pull his toenails out. Believe me there are far worse words to put there, than you might think. It is really sad to know that the baby did die(which is for the better) from all this. ok, I am done, crying to hard to finish
Renewal And Rest
Renewal and Rest Michael D. Warden Recently someone asked me how I did it. You know that question, right? It comes right after you tell someone about all the dozens of duties and projects and errands and whatnot you have to hustle to get done in your typical week. As soon as you run out of breath from running down the list, their eyes get big and you hear them ask it, right on cue. "Wow! How do you do it?" My honest answer is: I don't. I never get it all done. Ever. Do you? Does anybody? As far as I can tell, lists never end. We all have too much to do, and too little time to do it. And yet, we are convinced that getting it all done really matters, even though we know we probably can't get it all done because there's so much of it, but we try, we have to try, right? So we shorten our sleep, eat on the run, avoid "nonessential" conversations, and live with our Blackberries holstered at the hip like it was the only thing keeping our crazy lives moving. If we could only st
Be Careful
Be Careful Be careful of your thoughts for your thoughts become your word. Be careful of your words for your words become your actions. Be careful for your actions for your actions become your habits. Be careful for your habits for your habits become your character. Be careful for your character for you character becomes your destiny.
1000 Posts!!!
Well I had one of the first 100 blogs here when Babyj gave us them and This morning I made my 1000th post!!!! Yay!!! The means you get a Twisted Sister VIdeo!
D00t D00t
I get the sickening feeling in my stomach this morning... I think today is gonna be a shit day... And I'm deciding this already, however, I will make the best of it. I feel rather light headed to be honest.... Maybe its just stress? I'm awefully stressed out today and it's bothering me a great deal. Yanno what its not even just a today sorta stressed I'm just stressed in general, and I don't even fully comprehend the reasons why I am stressed. I makes me want to puke. I feel like one of them little yippy dogs... When they get freaked out, too happy, or way too stressed they puke all over shit... I feel like that. Spooky is doing a little better today, not nearly as bad as he was sounding... When you take a shower he needs to come in with you so you can use the steam to clear his sinus's and make it easier for him to breathe... My stomach is doing flip flops right now.. I utterly loathe this feeling..
To Watch You Leaving
To Watch You Leaving . . . is to know such pain, it's jagged edges tearing into my soul. As a stake from the garden tears into the warm, dark earth. To Watch You Leaving . . . knowing all the while that never again will I fit myself, warm with sleep, against your solid back. Nor hear your steady breathing. Or feel the beating of your heart. To Watch You Leaving . . . aware in every moment of every day that my dreams, my future; once tied with silken ribbons to yours, will never come to be. And the mornings once so silent and hopeful, us gazing at the mountains and so gently awaiting forever - are now but small pieces of my past. To Watch You Leaving . . . your heart a tight fist of anger and your dry eyes betraying nothing of you. I cry for both of us, my love, because you will not. To Watch You Leaving . . . is to know that I've lost my place on this earth. My station. My heart's home. That I will wander, forever a nomad. Alone and afraid. And in my tr
258 Things To Do When You Are Bored!
258 Things to do When You are Bored Wax the ceiling. Loosen the lug nuts on your dad's new car. Drop your cat from a high place, to see if it really does land on all four feet. Repeat above until failure. Rearrange political campaign signs. Sharpen your teeth. Play Houdini with one of your siblings. Braid your dogs hair. Clean and polish your belly button. Water your dog...see if he grows. Wash a tree. Genuflect to Lawrence Welk. Knight yourself and some close friends. Found the Jim Jones' School of Modern Bartending. Flirt with an evergreen. Scare Steven King. Give your cat a mohawk. Purr. Mow your carpet. Rake your carpet (to clean up the clippings.) Whine Play Pat Boone records backwards. Re-elect Richard Nixon. Dress like your favorite Heavy Metal group...surprise your grandmother. Listen to a painting. Play with matches. Buff your cat. Raise professional racing ferrets. Paint your orange. Dial-a-Prayer and argue. Read Homer in the original Greek. Learn Greek. Chang
Where Are You Now?
Here I am, lying in bed thinking about you. Wondering where are you now? Don't leave me here unaware of your whereabouts, just tell me where you are and my heart will calm down. Right now, my hearts is beating, faster than ever before. Please let me hear from you, let me know if you are alright. With you in my arms, you are safe.
I haven't cried or held your hand In over six weeks And every time that we do this we promise Never to repeat And every time that we do this we kiss And we get some sleep Then we wake up and we go out And we find something to eat, well Let's move to the country All our city friends will envy We will find the time for blue skies Always called you baby I never called you honey or dear Because you fill me with good spirits And you help me clean my beard I'd like to thank you oh so much For the last couple of years Just lock the door when I am gone We will both shed tears, well Let's move to the country All our city friends will envy We will find the time for blue skies I hope they all wil never find you And your blue eyes stay clear I hope you know I love you And that my words are sincere, well Let's move to the country All our city friends will envy We will find the time for blue skies
When It Rains It Pours....
Well, things are going "ok" in my world I suppose. It seems like everything bad happens in one week.... Last night at work I realized something... and when I realized this thought, I about died..... I was sitting thinking about all this crap going on in my life (and if you don't know about it I'm either going to tell you this weekend when we both are off of work and i have time for the extended version, or i don't like you enough to tell you {which applies to most of you [although, some of you I really do like, but haven't had time to email each and everyone of you, so if you wanna know, email me, i'll probably explain...]}) SO anyways.... i was thinking about all this crap going on in my life... and somehow led back to lindon... now, as most people know, i hop on his myspace from time to time. I check out who is leaving annoying little messages on his page, and blah blah blah.... I was at work last night, checked his myspace... annoying cute comments from other chicks, hopped o
Ooops My Bad..:)
hi there , too those few that i sent a tgif comment pic.. my appolagies.. wasent thinkin on the exact day lol.. this damn snow storm put me off track.. but i sure hope that you have a great thursday..and btw.. does any one know when (Sim 5) is coming out ?. just curious..MCL...
Terrific Thursday!
Happy Thursday, one and all! School has been delayed two hours this morning! Oh, joy! The guys are all sleeping in for a bit. The temp must have finally dropped last night - we've got icy roads!! Tim has settled down a bit, and Damian has calmed himself, lol! The transfer of legal guardianship is on hold for the time being! They are willing to try again in a week or so. We'll just have to see what happens, lol. Thanks to everyone who supported me with prayer yesterday! It was a little crazy, to say the least!! No clients scheduled today, which will hopefully give me time to catch up on a few things around here. Tim has an appointment with his Behavioral Health doc this afternoon! Have a fantastic Thursday everyone! Much love and warm hugs for everyone! Blessings for one and all, all over the world! Later!
Hey everyone! I want all of my friends with guestbooks to know that I'm sorry for not being able to sign them. For some reason, my pc just isn't compatible with them. I have tried quite a few of them and my pc is so sucky, I just can't get them to work. Even joining the sites, lol I still can't get to a persons book to sign it. I can view your pics and such but I am unable to sign the actual guest book. Crazy, huh? Anyway, I wanted to explain to everyone why I've not signed in case I haven't already told you. Take care, I hope everyone's week is going well. I've been sick and my Internet Provider was down a couple of days so I've not been around. I'm sure it wasn't noticed that I was away, lol but I do want you to know that I missed my good friends. Pamela
Cognitive Psychology...
lectures annoy me.. trying to regain the normalcy after a setback dealing with all the condescending criticism that goes along with it i just want it behind me people are never as willing to let things go as i am like wiping your ass after the kind of shits you only get after finishing off a bottle of cheap red wine that has been sitting uncorked on your desk for a week. you're sweating your knees ache you want it out you want it over you want the misery and the memory of it sucked away in one glorious flush.. and its over and you feel better but you have to sit there and wipe and its never a quick 3 or 4 passes... its the kind that uses most of whats left on the last roll of paper. and you know you'll have another shit just like this tomorrow because thats what you do.
To all my wonderful and lovely friends hear on Ct Just wanted to let you know I hurt my back out of commision 4 a while but keep the comments and lots of love comming Thank you cant sit 4 too long I am on heavy duty pain killers but will try to check my mails time to time I appreciate your understanding Love cherrilicious
Paint An 8
Seven less sorrows, seven more mistakes Seven things to borrow, seven more to take Seven times I've fallen, seven times I'm up Six times I've wondered, where was one more Why did I sleep so late Lost my mind seven days straight If I go for seven more Paint an eight on my door Sevens windows and seven doors Seven sisters and seven boys Seven full words and seven lines Same old story same old crime Why did I sleep so late Lost my mind for seven days straight If I go for seven more Paint an eight on my door Why did I sleep so late Lost my mind for seven days straight If I go for seven more Paint an eight on my door
Erotica: Still
(please note i tried writing from the woman's point of view on this one..kinda to see if i could do it. Since there arent many male erotica authors who get published :( ) All it took was one time. Just the one, brief mention of being with you. I have been filled with pleasure at the thought ever since! And, Still.. My insides are hot and heavy. I feel the weight of my arousal deep within me. The heat starts deep within my center and flows south, directly towards the one point that both causes and relieves my passion and desires. That heat floods my tunnel with juices, creamy and smooth. I feel them flowing, feel the heat, the wet. I hear the pulsing of my blood as it rushes down to create more heat. I shudder with the convulsing of the walls of my tunnel, pushing my juices towards the opening. I squeeze my muscles, trying to stop it. It doesn't work as it should, it makes me convulse even more! Still...I long for you, yearn for the feel of your length buried deep within m
My Paw Paw
Today would have been my grandfather's 77th birthday. As most of you know though, we lost him a little over 2 years ago. He and I along with my mom and sometimes sister Emily and brother in law Bryan would celebrate his birthday in the same manner just about every year. ARCOS (you know the little Mexican joint at 1960 and Aldine Westfield). Paw Paw loved that place. The last time we (me mom and Jeremy) took him there for his birthday was April of 2004 for his 74th birthday. He wore the sobrero and everything. He was such a character and a good sport. Each year since his passing my family and I have made it a point to eat Mexican food on this day, April 12th, in celebration of Paw Paw's birthday. So I extend the invitation to all of you to do the same. If you are unable to have some food, drink a Corona. Shoot I think even a slice of pepper jack cheese would serve the purpose. Either way sometime today, have a taco, enchilada (Paw Paw's favorite) or even a margarita in memory of
Some Stuff
Ok my cat had 4 kitties.You can see diffrent shots of them in my pics under pets.Moving on.The other day me and michael were talking and I was playing a game on my cell he went to say something about if he was a dog he would lick his own balls and when he did my phone beeped and I said you got censored.LOL.Im still not feeling well. : ( This morning while cleaning my guinea pigs water bottle I somehow managed to tear the skin off my thumb.OUCH!!!!!!!! Thats all for now.
Ho Ho F***ing Ho
Chinese Sex Song
Do Ya F**k On First Dates
F**k Ya Guts Out
She's The Sort Of Shiela For Me
It Was Over Before It Began
Grandad's Got A Stiffy
Super Duper Dildo
Absolute C**nt Of A Day
Living Next Door To Alan
You Can't Say C**t In Canada
Hello Operator
Bad Girl
bad girl - some naughty guy In my spare time I work as a counselor in an inner-city teen center. I enjoy my work and although I am white I have made some strong friendships with the black youths that I work with. My main job is to conduct group counseling for the young men of the community concerning their goals and how to obtain them. I also take time to play pick-up basketball, I can still shoot the three, and I hang out listening to stories about daily life in the neighborhood when someone wants to talk about their experiences. One night when I was getting ready to lock up the center, a very nice looking young blonde girl approached me. She introduced herself as Katie and asked if she could talk to me about a problem she was having. I had noticed her around watching us play basketball the past few weeks. It was hard to miss her because she was very attractive and always seemed to be dressed very nicely in the summer heat. This night she was wearing a short black skirt with a
good morning friends and fans,muahhhhhhh...have a good day,remeber always smile
Nigel Medley
The Local Cops A C**t
Back To Eden
Well it seems I need a change in luck So down and out,I'm feeling stuck So much pressure from the man Oh dear lord,Won't you take my hand And set me free from this misery Ain't had a bit to eat in days Oh I just can't go on this way I hurt so bad that I could cry Oh dear lord,Just let me die And set me free from this misery Have'nt felt a woman for what seems like years My face is streaked from bitter tears Every new day just brings me further down Oh dear lord,Please plant me in the ground And set me free from this misery Lost my house,Family and four door car Wonder how in the hell I ever got this far Winters setting in,All the flowers are seeding Oh dear lord,Please take me back to eden And set me free from this misery. Jimbo/Copyright/4/11/07
Tiny Words
Kilamanjaro Expedition
The Lumberjack Song
WHAT KIND OF MAN ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? In a brief conversation, a man, speaking to a woman, was out to pursue the question, "What kind of man are you looking for?" She sat quietly for a moment before looking him in the eye and asked, "Do you really want to know?" Reluctantly, he said, "Yes" as she began to expound... "As a woman in this day and age, I am in a position to ask a man what he can do for me that I can't do for myself. I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without the help of any man- or woman for that matter. I am in the position to ask, 'What can you bring to the table?'" The man looked at her. Clearly he thought that she was referring to money. She quickly corrected his thought and stated, "I am not referring to money... I need something more. I need a man who is striving for perfection in every aspect of life." He sat back in his chair, folded his arms, and asked her to explain. She said, "I am looking for someone who is str
Apocalypse Now
Tom Cruise is the Antichrist but more on that later. What follows is for entertaiment purposes. I am agnostic so this doesn't offend me. If you find any part of it offensive don't yell at me cuz I warned you! I found this interesting and added some to it!It amazes me what people will believe! Jesus is comin...Look Busy! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! -- Chicken Little Back in the early 1980s, Vicki Weaver, a pious Christian lady, persuaded her husband Randy that the Bible proved that the final battle between Christ and Antichrist would take place in 1987, beginning with an attempted slaughter of the Christians by ZOG -- the Zionist Occupied Government in Washington, D.C. The two of them (and their children) logically moved to a high hill in Idaho -- Ruby Ridge -- where they planned to stage their own last fight for the Lord. Alas, 1987 passed, Vicki had to recalculate, and things were a bit fuzzy there for a while. But then the '90s came 'round, Rand
River Tossing
Kitchen Fantasy
Kitchen Fantasy - J My guy and I have been going out for a while. I finally decided to invite him over for dinner. Now I was pretty anxious. I had never had him over and I was always telling him that one of my biggest fantasies was doing it in my kitchen. But what happened was even more than I could hope for … I decided to keep it simple, pork chops, dinner salad, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes and gravy. I even made a cherry cheesecake. I dressed in my skimpy t-shirt and shortest shorts. I just wanted to make it easy on him. He finally arrived and I answered the door. The first thing out of his mouth was, "Hey babe, you got the game on?" He pushed by me and headed for the recliner. He found the game and asked for a beer. I got him his beer and he patted my ass and asked, "what’s for dinner?" I told him and he said to let him know when it was all done. Then he went about his game watching. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. I went into the kitchen and started fin
Flying Lessons
Freaked Out!
Ok first i'll explain a little history, i was with my ex for 2 years, Sierra is his daughter. I've had nothing but problems with him the last two years because i left him after i had sierra. He's an over excessive drinker , who says he's not happy unless he drinks.. Keep in mind what bothers me the most is drinking around our daughter. He hit me and i pressed charges against him in july of 05' he just finally plead guilty to it and now has a no contact order against him in pertaining to me. Two weeks ago i picked up sierra from him and then got a phone call from his dad who he happened to be living with up to this point. His dad called to find out if i had sierra or not because he was afraid that my ex would take off with her and run. At that point he told me that my ex was in some trouble because for the last oh lets say 4-5 months he's been taking his dad's belongings and selling them, and also taking his dad's check book and writing checks off it. His dad said he was pressing
The Worst Family In Britain
The Bishop
For The To Be A Better Lover! I Thought They Needed Some Help!
SIMPLE WAYS TO BECOME A BETTER LOVER 1) CREATIVITY - You should never be afraid of doing new things. Is your sex life predictable? Change it, and put some creativity into it. The way i see it, is that you should never know whats going to happen. Dont be afraid to venture outside the bedroom. Surely we can all agree that going to jail for the sake of "different" sex isnt really worth it, but being outdoors does have a certain appeal to it. I have found that garages work well, and if you have an enclosed back yard, that works just as well also. As simple as it is, sex in the shower is always a winner. When your partner is in there, just hop in and seduce him/her. Its not very hard to just think of something creative and just do it. with that in mind, we move to the next subject. 2) SPONTANEITY - There is no better sex than sex that is just spontaneous. It has a certain passion level that just isnt matched against sex that takes place at night when you both go to bed. Do you have a
Blood Donor
Johann Gambolputty
Giving Up
Yep i know its not a a good title but i feel its what i should do when trying to find someone to love me. To me i just Wanting to Mean Something to Someone or Is that Just Asking too much... been single for the last two years, things health wise in that time have gotten worst. Just needed to get this out...
The Argument Clinic
The Mattress Sketch
The French Sketch
Job Interview
More About Me
Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?: lol! of course, I'm an IT professional, it's one of the secrets of the trade. :D What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve been involved with? 25 years. Ever been in a car wreck?:: Yes. Have you ever been on a blind date?:: Yes. Are looks important?:: NO! Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??:: Yes By what age would you like to be married? I was first married at 30. Then again at 40. Neither one worked out, so if there is a next one, I'll try an age not ending in zero. Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?:: Only if it is AFTER we 've made a commitment. Have you ever made a mistake?:: I wish I could say just "a" mistake. But my life has been plaugued by them. Are you a good tipper?:: Yes, I never leave less then 15% even if the service is awful. I will go as high as 50% for exemplary
Hospital Sketch
Ministry Of Silly Walks
The Cheese Shop
The Spanish Inquisiton
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
International Philosophy
Workin Today
oh god, i work today, from 10-4, i work an Auntie Anne's Pretzel shop, so it can be pretty demanding
Dead Parrot
Thursday Links: Msnbc Pulls Imus, Radiothon Donation Links, David Duchovny And Finger Eleven Videos, New Boobs On Rate My Wow, New Videos
LISTEN TO TODAY'S SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) It's a sad...and somewhat frightening day today in the broadcasting business this morning, kiddies. Radio legend Don Imus was removed from the MSNBC airwaves yesterday, and in the middle of the 18th Annual WFAN Radiothon, no less. If YOU would like to help support this good cause, and raise money for some sick kids, you can donate here or call 877-877-6464...and tell 'em who sent you! Remember kids, the Opie and Anthony Traveling Virus kicks off this weekend in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. There are still tickets available (but not many), so GET TICKET LINKS AND LINEUP INFORMATION HERE As always, if you want to check out any of the show, you can flip on your Paltalk and watch it all happen LIVE. Then, you can get completely distracted by all the naked women on their webcams...just like us.(and no, you don't need a webcam to check out all the video feeds) Thanks to Sam, we have some brand new O&A Vid
Do U Wanna .....
Help me get mo cherry points i'll retun tha favor
Jasper Carrott
Tommy Cooper (jar - Spoon)
Tommy Cooper (hats Sketch)
Hale And Pace
What If, Won The Lottery And Became Rich Overnight?
Get rich schemes do they work and if they did what would you do with your haul? Wow, there is a million dollar question in the making, but far to many of us feel that there is a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow and sometimes it’s just around the corner. What on earth would you do if you suddenly became rich? You know there are statistics oh how long the life expectancy is for Lotto winners. I would have to look that little stat up. In more cases then not some spend to frivolously and end up worse off then the little winnings made them better off…. Oh I almost forgot. GOOD MORNING and happy day! So back to the Million Dollar question, if you became a millionaire overnight what would you do? You realize there are many things to consider. The most important thing one could worry about if worrying is in store is protection. Protecting yourself, family and the coveted Golden Egg. The golden egg would be the cash or Pile in this case… Ok if criminals target the unsuspecting then you b
You walk on like a woman in suffering Won't even bother now to tell me why You come alone, letting all of us savor the moment Leaving me broken another time You come on like a bloodstained hurricane Leave me alone, let me be this time You carry on like a holy man pushing redemption I don't want to mention, the reason I know That I am stricken and can't let you go When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know That I am crippled by all that you've done Into the abyss will I run You don't know what your power has done to me I want to know if I'll heal inside I can't go on with a holocaust about to happen Seeing you laughing another time You'll never know how your face has haunted me My very soul has to bleed this time Another hole in the wall of my inner defenses Leaving me breathless, the reason I know That I am stricken and can't let you go When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know That I am crippled by all that you've done Into the abyss w
Hope You Like Em
My name is Liza Galemore. I get real horny when people see my hot,juicy cunt in action,,,FREE! I'm in my mid-30's and just now reaching my sexual peak. I live in Sikeston, Missouri (THE SHOW-ME STATE) And I DO LOVE TO SHOW IT OFF! I love to get shit-faced and get laid and share it with everyone! My free videos are made to JACK OFF ON! DOWNLOAD MY FREE VIDEOS AND GET YOUR COCK OUT! ;       HIT PLAY BUTTON       
My name is Liza Galemore. I get real horny when people see my hot,juicy cunt in action,,,FREE! I'm in my mid-30's and just now reaching my sexual peak. I live in Sikeston, Missouri (THE SHOW-ME STATE) And I DO LOVE TO SHOW IT OFF! I love to get shit-faced and get laid and share it with everyone! My free videos are made to JACK OFF ON! DOWNLOAD MY FREE VIDEOS AND GET YOUR COCK OUT! ;       HIT PLAY BUTTON       
My name is Liza Galemore. I get real horny when people see my hot,juicy cunt in action,,,FREE! I'm in my mid-30's and just now reaching my sexual peak. I live in Sikeston, Missouri (THE SHOW-ME STATE) And I DO LOVE TO SHOW IT OFF! I love to get shit-faced and get laid and share it with everyone! My free videos are made to JACK OFF ON! DOWNLOAD MY FREE VIDEOS AND GET YOUR COCK OUT! ;                HIT             HIT PLAY BUTTON       
New Guest Book
To all my friends, Family & Fans, I have a new guestbook. could you please sign it for me. thankyou, $Jamie$ ~Freaks & Geeks Family ~ CT Husband of Amber
What I Want
Yep it's 4:30 am and I can't sleep. So many things are just racing through my head. I am just so ready for things to start happening for me, I am ready to be happy and content, I am ready for my fairy tale, my happily ever after to start. Is that asking too much, lol? I don't have to have money, all I want is my kids to be happy and healthy first and foremost. For me to have a job that I love and to find my prince charming. I want a man that is wonderful with and to my kids, someone that can't wait to see me and to talk to me. Someone that will call when he says he is going to call, actually someone that will call me whenever he wants, just because he has to hear my voice. Someone that tells me how he feels, wants to hold my hand, put his arm around me, cuddle with me.....just someone that wants to be with me, is excited to be with me. Someone that is honest with me. Someone that has ambition and drive. Someone that knows how to laugh and play. Someone that is tough but gent
A man woke up one morning to find his wife in a skimpy negligee,standing by the bed with a velvet rope in her hand. She purrrred at him,"tie me up and you can do anything you like." So he did.Then he went fishing.
Water Filled
The blonde said,"Doctor,I think my breasts are filled with water." "Water!"the doctor replied."what makes you think that?" "whenever anyone presses them my pussy gets wet,"she answered.
Golf Balls
A man stepped onto the bus with both of his front pockets full of golf balls and sat down next to a beautiful blonde.The puzzled blonde kept looking at him and his bulging pockets.Finally,after noticing her many glances,he said,"it's golf balls." "Oh,"she said."Does it hurt as much as tennis elbow?"
An elderly couple was attending church services.About halfway through the minister's sermon,the old lady leaned over and said,I just let out a silent fart .What do you think i should do?" Her husband replied,"Put a new battery in your hearing aid."
One night,while a young couple was parked in a popular lovers' lane,the girl sighed romantically,it's lovely out here tonight-just listen to the crickets.'' "Those aren't crickets,"her date replied. "They're zippers"
Gone Without A Trace!!
Why is everyone leaving me? It seems I log on and half my friends have disappeared without a trace. I can't even tell who they were. Boo *sob* If you're gonna leave, please tell me so I can get counselling Thanks nobby
Im Sorry Yall.
I have come to the conclussion that this is the best thing for me- i tried to sit here for a lil while- and got worse off- i aint getting no better- and i am sorry- i just cant do it no-more- to all you that i put on my list -- i am truely sorry- but my health just will not allow me to stay on here that long- i will miss you all dearly- and believe me- i love you guys and girls to death- just remember- when something bad gets said bout the butterbutt-- you who know me- know i will not do it- or say it- or anything in the nature of hurting you..-- much love and respect to you all-
In Need Of Prayers!
Well i haven't been here much latetly cause my family has had terrible news. My cousin chris was in a 4 wheel accident almost 3 weeks ago now in Tampa Florida, he's still there in the hospital, he's not doing so good, has head injuries, wasn't wearing a helment. He has 2 small children that need him, Please pray for him, he and my family need all we can get now. God Bless..
Another One That Fits Well!!
You scored as Bisexual. Bisexual95%Lesbian50%Gay30%Straight30%Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?created with
140 Million Doller Mansion
This is a look inside the biggest home of all time, its bigger than the Taj Majal and Buckingham Palace. The master bedroom has its own swimming pool. Its cost is just 140 million. 140 million Doller Mansion
Hehe,to Funny!!
You scored as Evil. You are evil incarnate, pure power. You're a threat to society and you know it and are lovin' it. It would surprise me if you aren't wearing all black right now and have an anarchy symbol somewhere nearby.Evil80%Holy45%Holy or Evilcreated with
My Night At The Menagerie!!!
What Has This World Come To
Ok, here is my very first blog ever, and there is just something I want to get out of my mind. Why is it nice guys hardly ever finish, period? I have tried meeting women, gotten to know them, helped them through what some may call a severely hard time in their life, and they then turn around and date a complete asshole just cause he is cute, claiming they could never date you cause you are too good of friends. Why also is it that a woman can never just come out and tell you when there is a problem in the relationship? Why do they feel compelled to cheat on me and then wait several months later before they admit it to me, then also claim they never thought the relationship would have progressed so far. I am really tired of never finishing. Why can't I meet a woman that likes me and can remain loyal? And now once again, I am back on the single market, sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, waiting for someone to find me, like me for who I am, and then take me home into their heart.
Hehe, This One Fits Me To Well!!
You scored as Ninja. The ninja an unseen killer and spy, you chose to do things alone and have ways of talking with those close to you to hide what you really mean. You know what you must do, but you choose to not take the credit that comes with it bad or good. Ninja83%Viking67%Samurai 28%Barbarian 22%What ancient warrior was you in a past life?created with
Fuck Sex
Let's Talk About Cheating...
I've been cheated on, I've been hurt... I don't know. And maybe I am totally outta line here. You know, people think online flirting is harmless... it's not. You can learn a lot about someone by talking to them. You can learn things just as easily as you can by knowing them, just because you never met them, doesn't mean you can't connect on some other level. That you can't have some strong emotional attachment. Some of it is harmless though, you know, just random flirting. But people get off on it too. If someone is in a committed relationship, why would they think it's permissible to flirt with anyone other than with their partner? Not only are they putting themselves into a vulnerable situation where they can fall into temptation, but they're playing with the emotions of someone else. It takes a sick person to do that to someone. We're to be different than the animals. Being creatures of compassion is supposed to separate us from the animals. I don't see much compassio
Hehe,how Did I Know I Was Going To Get This Answer!!
You scored as Dark and dangerous. You like your lover to be on the dark side. Blonde hair and the boy/girl next door doesn't really do it for you. Wild and confident people excite you and walks on the beach and romantic dinners will probably bore you after a while. When looking for a partner, you choose dark and dangerous.Dark and dangerous90%Free and Easy45%Sweet and romantic40%Straight Edge30%'What sort of lover do you go for?'created with
Hehe, I Know I Was Going To Score This!!
You scored as Owl. You are the Owl. The nocternal, night-vision equipped hunting machine, you are the last to go to sleep and the last to rise in the morning. You keep your eyes open and you perceive many things that most people just pass by and don't take notice. People come to you to seek your council because you have accrued wisdoms of life from your sedintary observations.Owl83%Phoenix67%Penguin58%Lovebird50%Nightingale50%Swan50%Raven50%Parrot42%Flamingo42%Eagle25%Harpy
U Name It We Will Call It That
~The way to love anything is to realize it may be lost. ~To dream of the person you'd like to be is a waste of the one you are. ~I wasn't kissing her, I was whispering in her mouth. ~Let your heart guide you. It whispers so listen closely. ~The best and most beautiful things of the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart. ~The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have. ~You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. ~If you judge people you have no time to love them. ~Kiss my lips and I'll close my eyes, break my heart and I will die. ~If it's a crime to love you then I would be sentenced to death. ~If you love somebody, there's nothing in the world that can keep you apart. ~If you love someone, just say it, otherwise the moment just passes you by. ~Love is when you're a better person, just because that someone is in your life. ~I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we
Ya, I Scored As One Of My Fav Animals!!
You scored as wolf. you are a wolf! you are vicious and nocturnal but can be very beautiful when viewed from a distance.wolf83%cat67%bird67%horse67%monkey33%snake33%pig17%what's your animal spirit?created with
Hehe,to Fun!!
You scored as Shay. Shay is a vampire who is usually sensible but can mess about and have a good time to he is a master swordsman/boy. He is often tormented by dreams of his past which makes him depressed most of the time until his friends try a cheer him up doesn't usually work though. poor guy :(Shay67%Darius50%Harmony33%Dimitri0%who r u outta my vampire stories?created with
Argh It's Stuck & Won't Go Away
*This is Forever by Papa Roach and it has been running nonstop through my head for days now so figured I would share my torment with you, though I do absolutely love the song and can relate to it very very well* In the brightest hour of my darkest day I realized what is wrong with me Can't get over you. Can't get through to you It's been a helter-skelter romance from the start Take these memories that are Haunting me Of a paper man cut into shreds by his own pair of scissors He'll never forgive her...he'll never forgive her... Because days come and go but my feelings for you are forever Sitting by a fire on a lonely night Hanging over from another good time With another girl... little dirty girl You should listen to this story of a life You're my heroine-in this moment I'm lonely fulfilling my darkest dreams All these drugs all these women I'm never forgiven . . .this broken heart of mine Because days they come and go but my feelings for you are forever One last
Isn't It Weird?
So last night I was pretty hungry at 1 am or somewhere near there and of course Wendy's and lots of other places were closed....sooo somehow I ended up at McDonalds.... Strangely enough....they now have nutritional information on the package...along with the calorie count. My double cheeseburger had 460 calories while my small fries had 250....anyone else seen this phenonemon in any other fast food chains? What are everyone's thoughts on this? Is it about time, or do you not what to know and just want a quick meal you don't have to think about?
I've been working out every night. My body is screaming in pain at me, but it'll all be worth it. I can feel the pain in my arms and legs the most. I need to work on my mid-section. Weather is crappy right now. Hopefully by Saturday it's better. I want to go riding!
Hehehe,so True!!
You scored as wanderer. You are a wanderer. You have a restless soul and you love to be free. School really sucks for you because even though you like to learn you hate the strict curriculum and people dont seem to get you. You are most compatable with the magician or mabye a group of martyrs as friends. If you feel you have been incorrectly charachterized contact me or retake the test. Thankyou.wanderer56%Martyr50%Magician39%Emperor34%Servant33%Orphan33%Warrior11%Whats your personality: warrior, magician, martyr,servant, orphan, wanderer, or emperor?created with
This One Fits To,hehe!!
You scored as Vampire. Vampires are so cool !!!!Vampire75%Werewolf13%Fairy0%Vampire,Werewolf or Fairy?created with
Ok Go On Its Nearly Friday :o)
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
It Fits!!
You scored as black. you are black! you're probably gothic and you tend to be sad or depressed most of the time. you experience pain a lot and you enjoy death. you might want to change before you kill someone...black75%green63%white50%red38%yellow25%blue13%what color suits your personality???created with
they say that things in life happen for a reason and there is a reason that you meet the people you meet. The freinds that i have have shown me that no matter what you do in life they will always be there to help you through the good and bad times. The ex loves showed me what i really want in a man and how to see the signs of the people that really could care less about the real you. The new people i meet show me that no matter how bad times are there is always people out there that will care if ou give them a chance. i love life wish everyone else respected it.
You scored as Goth. Your A Goth!Goth100%Rocker, Mosher85%Emo45%Trendy30%Skater20%Prepy20%Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev10%What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with
Nothing Like Cherrytap..
You know that it took a friend to talk me into jioning cherrytap. It took me a whild to go with it and when I did I was surprised by the respones I got from other people. I cant belive all of the friends that I have made on here. No words could explain how very much I love it here.There had been things I didnt understand and quastoins I needed ansewered and all I had to do was ask one of them. Thay came to me with open arms and some I am very close to. It feels really good to know that maybe , juat maybe the world is not half bad after all. Thank you Cherrytap for it all.xxxxxxxxooooooxox Cathleena
ok, so i'm n my first contest ever. not sure what to do but was told to put it out there every way that i could. so i'm putting the link in my blog as well. lol. don't know if i'll win but i'm hopeing. lol. so here is the link. if ya want to vote go for it. thanks in advance.
George Michael And Brittany's Outide Video
Pierce@ CherryTAP Its me above. Updating Brittany's blog. She will be back on Friday and back on Cherrytap to answer all your comments and questions. I just posted the same thing on my blog I found it! I have been wondering which video Brittany did with George Michael for some time. I thought it was the video called Amazing. But I found out it was the video called Outside. The behind the scenes story on this was this happened right after George was arrested in West Hollywood for Indecent Exposure. Brittany appears as in several scenes at making out in the van, in the pool she the blonde, and making out in the office. Brittany had told me she wanted to be in the elevator with George but the director was afraid that Brittany might end up raping him. And she really would of. Have to post this on Brittany's Cherry tap site now. Enjoy!!
hurray its officialy summer here in north yorkshire, thats in the U.K for those that dont know, its warm todayand the swallows who nest in my garage have returned and were waiting to say hello when i got home last night, its good to have them back.
Please Help Me
I am falling wa behind in the fan race please help, I will fan back if you fan me.
So yea those of you who dont know me and my sexy man drive truck coast to coast. we are in California today and just had to go pick up a load of MILLIONS of bees! AHHHHH, I hate bees! But lucky me my sweet man wouldnt let me get out of the truck so I wouldnt get stung, I knew there was a reason I love him so much LOL Later xoxoxoxox
36 Lil' One
Tearing Me Up
Why do I let men just rip my fucking heart out? With each passing day I find myself having another little "Tear" from my heart. i do not want to sound cold or anthing..but why do I allow myself to get close to anyone? Funny ass thing about it all is they always come back telling me they missed me and love me..and that that they are sorry. If you love me..want me..or want to be with me..don't leave me....the grass is always greener til you get to the other side. Going to go have a good cry AGAIN
Outside Video With George Michael And Brittany
I found it! I have been wondering which video Brittany did with George Michael for some time. I thought it was the video called Amazing. But I found out it was the video called Outside. The behind the scenes story on this was this happened right after George was arrested in West Hollywood for Indecent Exposure. Brittany appears as in several scenes at 1:15 making out in the van, 2:07 in the pool, and 3:45 making out in the office. Brittany had told me she wanted to be in the elevator with George but the director was afraid that Brittany might end up raping him. And she really would of. Have to post this on Brittany's Cheery tap site now.
Hung Out To Dry!
Hung out to dry! I had a dream just the other day Instead of staying you walked away Ripping out my hearts desires our love melted in a burning fire I begged and pleaded for you to stay You shook your head and said no way You said you have had it up to here Holding your hands to the sky so near I pleaded with the gods and the devils too Even mixed up a witches brew Looking for a way to hold you near Struggling with pains wiping back the tears Upon the closure all you said welcome to a singles bed Its not your fault the sky is dim its just bad genes left to you from mortal men I know you tried that I can see But what you gave does not fill my need A warm heart is not enough I need life with material stuff The riches of love just feeds the heart Its just feels a small part I need a life with burning desire With some gold , emeralds and fire Passion like you can’t conceive So here is your rope thirteen knots Is all you need!
Mikey's Leveling Club
Mikey ĆŦ¬¬¬¬-МǎҒїǻ killin em with a :)@ CherryTAP *NOTE* IF YOU INTEND TO BE ON THIS LIST, PLEASE RETURN THE FAVOR OF FANNING & RATING OTHERS. EVERYONE ON THIS LIST WANTS THE SAME THING, SO HELP THOSE WHO HELP YOU! BrattyBytch@ CherryTAP ۞RJeezy۞AsH.WeeEs CT Husband۞UNDERGROUND HEAD DJ۞TEAM SHOCKER CO-FOUNDER@ CherryTAP ~*BossLadywitdaSeXxXyEyEz*~@ CherryTAP Ser William ~♥~ YummLollyPop's CT husband400,000 Cherry Points to go IVORY TIGRESS(CLUBF.A.R)DIRTY SOUTH CREW@ CherryTAP H♥llieH♥ttie™{President of I.A.R. Bombsquad & Founder of I.A.R Fan Train}@ CherryTAP Irish Sweetheart...RENEGADE REBELS OF CT (Please sign my guestbook)
My Attempt At Erotic Poetry..... "face"
face 4/12/07 2:15 am mmm yes... touch taste and sound... visualized through imagination and remeberance... i can taste you smell...see you taste.. and i remember it so well for its traces never leave my senses... im looking to quench my thirst for you but it seems all things keep getting pushed to the left and i guess i cant be greedy but i rememeber your touch and i desire for it... i need it...i crave it...i loathe that i cant have it... tracing the outlines of your curves figure 8's in the nap o fyour neck and down your spine and behind your knees indeed i have cum to please and am pleased to give and once ive lived in you warmth i could never go back i relaspe...i know its not mines but i must have it the madness of it is maddening but such sweet sacrifices to the gods of my loins are perfect i taste the teardrops and pray it turns to rain and im not wearing a rain coat or slicker quicker my pulse rises and so do i and my desire to penetrate
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
i went shopping today brought myself a new pair of pants yay i wanted to buy a new purse also but i didn't maybe next time and there was this cute shirt i want but i also decided to buy it next time yeah and then i brought some rings its pretty cool later i went out to dinner at norms with my family it was okay it was a great dinner. and now i'm watching will&grace on tv and its midnight i'm suppose to sleeping now lol but i'm not which means i'm bored haha i want to see John Cena right now in person I'm serious i want to meet him soo bad damnit hehe.okay i'm off to bed now see ya.
My Purpose
Here I am as a man. Me and me alone. Here to love with all my heart. Here to take you home. Ive seen the wrong. Ive seen the right. We have what it takes to win any fight. Youve begun to erase me the past that once was gloom. Now Im in your life. You are my full moon. In you I see a purpose. A reason to believe. I see a brighter future. Im staying. I wont leave. Youve got me so completely. Youve got me all the way. It just takes one thought of you and everythings ok. I love you Janette. I have right from the start. Youve broke down all the walls I built and now youre in my heart.
I -knew- He Was Totally Useless.
Cyanide & Happiness @
Having A Father That I Really Dont Think Gives A Shit Anymore And That Mentally Abused Me Alot....and A Brother That Treats Me Like Shit...
I swear anymore this man doesnt care anytime i mention being sick anymore he's like oh you'll get over it and theres been many times where hes said that and then it come out to be worse then he thought it moms the only one whos cared or been all that worried about dads never really ever paid much attention to me either its all about his job and always has been and the fact that hes always right and never wrong and he's been one of the biggest hypocrits i've ever known throughout my life...and there were many times when we got into fights where he scarred me with many things he said or did or called me...slapping me across the face one point when i was little we got into a fight he drug me back to my room and scared me to death he stood over me with his fist balled up standing over me about to hit me i was so scared of him that night..calling me a slut at one point...threatening to kick me out constantly if i didnt do things right away the way he wanted them done...Then
Im Not Sweating You...
yes you...the lady with the big tits...the lady with the big ass booty...the lady with the fine ass face or gorgeous eyes... yes all of not sweating you i am sick and damn tired of women playing games all designed to make a nigga sweat you and boost up ya self esteem... its not my damn responsibility to make YOU feel good about YOURself....its called SELF ESTEEEM...the esteem of ya motherfucking self... if you say you gonna call and dont its all good...i ent chasing you....if you all iffy about hanging out and chillen...IM NOT CHASING you... im too damn grown for all of that...i work 2 jobs...7 days a week...60+ hrs a week so in my free time im not trying to chase you around wondering why you dont call or why you avoiding me and similar bullshit do women ever stop to think how that makes a man constantly be chasing after a woman and not get anywhere? i doubt it...and you wonder why so many men do so much dumb shit to feed they really t
A soulmate is so rare to find, that the wonder of actually finding yours can leave you breathless at the joy and wonder of your love - love that gives so much meaning to life. I wade through a life with no meaning, with no desire or aspiration, every day redundant of the one past. One day the sun breaks through the cloud that is my life, and fills my days with a blinding light. You. And everything becomes precious and sacred, you become my passion, my frenzy, my fantasy, my ecstasy. You are my every moment, my every breath. My soulmate. By Jayzee ...Posted by ~THE GUY~
Hangover Ratings
One Star Hangover (*) No pain. No real feeling of illness. You're able to function relatively well. However, you are still parched. You can drink 5 sodas and still feel this way. For some reason, you are craving a steak & fries. Two Star Hangover (**) No pain, but something is definitely amiss. You may look okay, but you have the mental capacity of a staple gun. The coffee you are chugging is only increasing your rumbling gut, which is still tossing around the fruity pancake from the 3:00 AM Waffle House excursion. There is some definite havoc being wreaked upon your bowels. Three Star Hangover (***) Slight headache. Stomach feels crappy. You are definitely not productive. Anytime a girl walks by you gag because her perfume reminds you of the flavored schnapps shots your alcoholic friends dared you to drink. Life would be better right now if you were home in your bed watching Lucy reruns. You've had 4 cups of c
Lyrics Of My Song Of The Week
( words just feel so relative) lol You think you know me On this day I see clearly everything has come to life A bitter place and a broken dream And we'll leave it all behind On this day it's so real to me Everything has come to life Another chance to chase a dream Another chance to feel Chance to feel alive On this day I see clearly everything has come to life A bitter place and a broken dream And we'll leave it all, leave it all behind I'll never long for what might have been, No Regret won't waste my life again, No I won't look back I'll fight to remain On this day I see clearly everything has come to life A bitter place and a broken dream And we'll leave it all behind On this day it's so real to me Everything has come to life Another chance to chase a dream Another chance to feel Chance to feel alive, Oooooooh Fear will kill me, all I could be Lift these sorrows Let me breathe Could you set me free Could you set me f
Finding Out One Of My Close Friends Has Lung Cancer At 28...
just last week i got on here thinking it was going to be a typical day...then my friend brian pmed me and asked me what was going on...and i told him...Then he says guess what? and i said what...and he said i went to the docs today...and i was like ok and what did they say...and he said they told me i have lung cancer and im only 28 and they knew since last sept. and didnt say nothin...i started crying once again feeling like i was loosing something precious to me in my blessings are with you brian MUAHZ hunny
A Pirates Will
A Pirate’s Will Ye who wonders round my halls, I to warn thee of my curse. If ye found my treasure chest, Shall find naught but riches. From near and far within the seven seas, others try to take these treasures from ye, Be silent if ye wish to stay, But be warned of these thief’s hands. If they touch y treasure, Their hands shall bleed ‘til they see their bones. For ye who first find thy treasure. Shall not be harmed in any way. But don’t spend naught for one years time, For these halls belong to thee Who find thy treasure with a crew in two years time? You shall stay on board. All shall be provided on a notice, Be not alarmed of thy wonders on this vessel, So enjoy thy great legacy for the years To come. When these halls and decks Will have the crew, ye will choose To speak of mere acts of every experience.
My Best Friend And The Person I Loved Dearly A Long While Back Being Murdered...
There was a boy i loved dearly he was such an awesome friend to me and we talked online everyday he was always so kind and never hurt anyone...later i fell for him...and then come to find out some girl and her gang were going after him...and one night they were outside stalking him outside his house and he was home by himself...he was talking to me online at the time and then the last thing he typed to me was "they broke into my house" and then he said "they shot me in the arm" then after that never heard another thing...then she come to his pc and said "he's dead bitch" and then not another word was said...then his mother got on his account and told me that it was true that they had lost him do to him being shot...i was so devistated i started crying...i love him then so much like i still do now and he's my gaurdian watching over me...Kai dont ever forget i miss you and think of you often...
Had A Problem
ppl were stealin ma nudes and threatin to post all over tha net so im no longer gonna have dem
The Abuse And Being Used By My Ex....
Women should never have to go through this EVER...Well my ex needed a place to stay i fought tooth and nail to get his ass down here well finally i did...and it was good for about 2 months and then he started hitting on me (slapping,punching me) and then saying it was joke getting mad at me over stupid things and throwing objects at me...Him calling me names like (slut,whore and calling me fat) and then saying that was a joke also...then the night we broke up he admitted to me openly that he was only using me and my parents to get a place to stay...i was so angry..but thats ok bitch got his coming to him later after my parents got back together the second time he got dumped on his ass...lmao every time i think about it it makes me laugh...
Me Just Ramblin
grrrr i just hate being lied to. i know people are going to lie but all i ask out of people is to be truthful with me because i am truthful to them
Finding Out That I Was Sick....
God this is a long started out as just having chronic kidney infections every yr...then while in the middle of a theater one sun. night i got really sick and pale and started to shake thinking my sugar might be low i ate something waited until the movie was over come back out and still no change my face was white and i felt so sick...they took me to the hospital...they did cat scans and couldnt find anything wrong...then i went to my doctor after a few months and then told them what was going on and the problems i had been having within those few months...i then found out that i had severe clinical depression,acid reflux,and severe stomach problems...they then sent me to an endocrinologist and i found out that i was also a diabetic so i was put on meds for that and they made me sick so i took myself off of them and havent ben on them since...i've been in and out of the hospital for various things because of these conditions over the past few yrs being stuck with needles const
Kenneth Duane Brush....
About Kenneth Duane Brush If you you could hear the voice of my dads spirit,these would be his spoken words of wisdom. "I was born as Kenneth Duane Brush, but my friends call me Duane. I have always had a passion for the great outdoors, hunting is my middle name and it was like a game to me. 'Cause it required combining the precision of true marksmanship, eyes like an eagle, timing and the technique skills. Losing the game was simply not hitting the target, but the agony of defeat was feeling like a disappointment to my family by coming home empty handed. The game prize was the fixings for a good homecooked supper. Normally, what would be considered your typical homecooked meal, was more like a daily Thanksgiving feast
Friend A friend is a person To laugh and cry with, An inspiration, Someone who lends a helping hand, Though friends may not be forever, And they may not end up together, The memories of a true friendship will Last forever. A friend is not a shadow nor a servant But someone who hold A piece of a person in his heart. Someone who shares a smile, Someone who brightens up your day What makes a person a friend? Is by saying your Love will stay.
"absolutely Tender
"Absolutely tender Infinitely true This is God our Father Understanding you! Absolutely lovely Exquisitely near This is God our Father Naught have we to fear!" * * * "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, Neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things... which God hath prepared for them that LOVE Him!"
Sad But True.. Try It.
One day a teacher asked her students to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name. Then she told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down. It took the remainder of t he class period to finish their assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed in the papers. That Saturday, the teacher wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and listed what everyone else had said about that individual. On Monday she gave each student his or her list. Before long, the entire class was smiling. "Really?" she heard whispered. "I never knew that I meant anything to anyone!" and, "I didn't know others liked me so much." were most of the comments. No one ever mentioned those papers in class again. She never knew if they discussed them after class or with their parents, but it didn't matter. The exercise had accomplish
Thank You.
I want to thanks the people that red my entries absout my mom and my ex lover. And I also want to thank them for leaving such great coment on it. And such great words of friendship. I realy do apeasate it. I have found some great friends here. And they keep my spirts up. Thank you everyone.
Saying Goodbye To The Best Dad Ever.
Kenneth Duane Brush Monday, December 31, 2001 Kenneth Duane Brush LEXINGTON -- Kenneth Duane Brush, 62, died Sunday (Dec. 30, 2001) at the Good Samaritan Hospital at Kearney. He was born Dec. 12, 1939, at Stockville, to Myron and Luella (Halley) Brush. He graduated from Curtis High School. He served for three years in the U. S. Naval Air Force. He married Darlene Carter in El Cajon, Calif., in 1961. He was employed by the City of Lexington at the time of his death. He was preceded in death by his parents. Survivors include his wife, Darlene of Lexington; two sons, Wayne and wife, Mary Brush of Austin, Texas, Nick and his wife Patti Reynolds; two brothers, Ronald and wife, Ella Brush of Texas, Jerry and wife, Jean Brush of Holdrege; two sisters, Cheryl and husband, Darrell Dockweiler of Eddyville, Shirley and husband, Ron Atkinson of Curtis; and four grandchildren. .."
Finding Out That My Cousin Was Actually My Brother And That I Do Have An Older Sister That Passed Away When She Was An Infant...
well...while at still the age of 13 i had a picture frame with multiple pics in it in my living room i always asked my parents who the little girl in the pic was...and they never told me they always avoided it...and then one night i was playing with my brother and they called me into the living room and i went in and sat down...and they said you've always wanted to know who the little girl in that pic is and we think your old enough to know now...and they said that is your sister...and i was like sister? i dont have a sister what are you talking about? and they said she would be your older sister and she passed away as an infant from sids and her name is lydia...i was in so much shock and started to cry because then i realized i have a sister ill never know...and then later a cppl yrs after me and my dad got into a big fight about what my aunt and uncle had done and then come to find out that the boy i thought was my cousin was actually my baby brother...and again was in so much shock
Update On Mom And Best Friend.
I have been staing in constand contact with both my mother in Utah and my Ex lover here in CA. My mother is doing better. She has not told me yet wen she is going to have her sargay to get her histrectamy. But I have a feeling everything will go well for her. She is a stong woman and she has a wonderful husband whome will take kare of her while she heals. As for Mathew my ex lover, I do not much. He is dong about the same. His doing a bit better though. The docters were going to put in on dialises. But they have found they do not need. to. As for his blod presure it is stell going up and down. more the the docters want it to. And I am not sure about his inlarged hart. I am hoping that will be ok as well. I may not be his lover now. But I steel have stong feelings for him. I think of him often and wish him the best.
I Am Back In The Country.
I am back home, I know, so soon, but the dollar is not doing well against the Euro and i had to come home early. I did get to see western part of Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Britain, Ireland and of course the Netherlands, where I spent most of my time and made alot of friends. i will miss my friends in Emmen, its near the German border in the province of Drenthe. I will return when I can. I was very upset to leave and I was in tears. Well I hope to hear from all my friends and fans soon......... Take care. Pete
The Mental Abuse Suffered By Me And My Brother Because Of My Aunt And Uncle...
My parents went out on the truck and we had to go stay with my aunt for a the time i thought it wasnt going to be such a big deal...but then later it got worse they started to mentally abuse me and my brother saying we were spoiled brats and talking trash about our parents to us and then i watched my uncle throw my brother around when he got mad at him and i sat back and helplessly watched feeling like there was nothing i could do...she threatened to have me and my brother locked up if we didnt straighten up...they then started to blame us for the money problems they began to have...from then on they blamed us for everything it seemed like that went wrong while we were there...i was forced into baptism into a church that i really did not want any part of...because of my aunt...this is just a little bit but god it fucking hurt...this is suppose to be my family i thought how could they do this to me and my brother...then they tried to go after my parents in court for money they
I Am Back From Europe
I am back home, I know, so soon, but the dollar is not doing well against the Euro and i had to come home early. I did get to see western part of Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Britain, Ireland and of course the Netherlands, where I spent most of my time and made alot of friends. i will miss my friends in Emmen, its near the German border in the province of Drenthe. I will return when I can. I was very upset to leave and I was in tears. Well I hope to hear from all my friends and fans soon......... Take care. Pete
I Am Back Home From Europe
I am back home, I know, so soon, but the dollar is not doing well against the Euro and i had to come home early. I did get to see western part of Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Britain, Ireland and of course the Netherlands, where I spent most of my time and made alot of friends. i will miss my friends in Emmen, its near the German border in the province of Drenthe. I will return when I can. I was very upset to leave and I was in tears. Well I hope to hear from all my friends and fans soon......... Take care. Pete
My Parents Splitting Up....
My parents split up twice...the first time i still remember to this day as well...i woke up one monday morning for school and realized it was almost 8 in the morning and wondered why i wasnt woken up for mom then walked in and woke me up and it was like waking up in the middle of a nightmare...she then said me and your dad are splitting up because i fell inlove with someone else (come to find out it was a family friend that was already married and had 2 kids one with health problems) and she said pack your stuff your coming with me and so i did i still remember the look on my dads face when i left he was so sad his looks sunk through me like a cookie cutter in a cookie...we left and were gone for months and never got put back in school and then i saw my mom and the guy she was with doing stuff and it made me one night i got on his computer and pmed my dad and told him to get me out of there b/c i couldnt handle the site of what i was seeing...he came and got me th
Rating Pics And Profiles
OK IVE NOTICED ALOT OF BITCHING/COMPLAINING ABOUT PEOPLE RATING AND COMMENTING PICS AND PROFILES OF PEOPLE OF THE SAME GENDER. AND THOSE PEOPLE BEING LASHED OUT AT AND CALLED DEROGITORY NAMES. SUCH AS QUEER,DYKE,FAG,HOMO,RUG MUNCHER,MUFF DIVER, ECT ECT,ECT ECT,ECT ECT,ECT. WELL HERE IS MY OPINION ON THE MATTER. if they have to stereo type you in that nature just because your being nice and helping them earn points towards leveling up and such then they need to row the fuck up or get the fuck off ct until they do. this is a web community for adults not immature little punks. and also as a member of the lesbian/gay community we happen to take offense to the use of the terms queer,dyke,fag, homo, ect ect ect being used as a weapon to insult or degrade anyone. they are terms to describe a life style. not to inflect pain or verbal abuse. so please use them as they are met to be used or not at all. ty
Yup, Still Insane (pt 2)
OK, kids, yup, still no deep thoughts. Well, I do have a blog on the oppression of women by women percolating but I've been obsessed lately with creating skins. Just wanted to share the skins I've been working on: Music Dragons Fish/Aquarium Bees Misc Also: Skins added Tuesday a.m. (updated on last blog but after most people who are gonna read my blogs actually read it) :) Remember, these are just some of the backgrounds I've used. I made seven goth skins, three lightning skins, etc. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Rip if you want. If you don't know how to rip skins, please don't hes
A Memory That Has Been With Me And Still Haunts Me To This Day...
When i was 13 yrs parents had friends that we became close with that they knew from when they drove truck...they later became my god parents...i trusted them both with every inch of my being...i loved them dearly...they were the second closest thing to my real parents...and i always thought i would never get hurt by either of them...i know of girls or ppl in general that would lie about something like this...but this what im about tell isnt a lie by any means...but anyway we agreed that durring the summer when school was out i told my dad and god parents that i wanted to go out on the truck with them...well i did and then tragedy struck when my god father found out his aunt fell off the back of a truck so we had to go to texas so he could be there for her surgery and all at the same time he was switching companys so he had to turn his truck in...we were suppose to get up the next morning and help him clean it heres where it gets extremely hard to talk about...but tha
Broken Lawn Mower
Broken Lawn Mower When our lawn mower broke and wouldn't run, my wife kept hinting to me that I should get it fixed. But, somehow I always had something else to take care of first, the truck, the car, playing golf, the house, always something more important to me. Finally she thought of a clever way to make her point. When I arrived home one day, I found her seated in the tall grass, busily snipping away with a tiny pair of sewing scissors. I watched silently for a short time and then went into the house. I was gone only a minute, and when I came out again I handed her a toothbrush. I said, when you finish cutting the grass, you might as well sweep the driveway. The doctors say I will walk again, but I will always have a limp. Moral to this story: Marriage is a relationship, in which one person is always right, and the other is the husband.
"a Gorgeous Massacre"
Never did anyone quite understand; This girl before you is not what she seems. The scars on her arms are the SOS, And the look in her eyes is just a cute disguise. The swing of her hips, And the curve of her lips As she whispers venomous words: "I love you." She'll always haunt you. Sensual enough to draw you in, Like a moth to the flame; But get too close and you'll– Burn, Burn, Burn Like all those saints before you on the cross. Her anger will kill all around her, All who love and all who hate her. But her fears and depression Make you want to take her home As a little lost kitten, Oh, you didn't see? The kitten is a tiger! And she'll claw right to your heart, But still you're lured To her curves and her words. No wonder we all love her so. She is after all… A Gorgeous Massacre.
The Hardest 7 Months Of My Life...
For a while i had everything i needed i was happy and was out just being me...then do to lack of money because of my father loosing his job and my mom not working because of her back...we gradually sunk into debt and lost almost everything...first it was the water...then the heat and air...then the electric...then my computer and cable which were material things so i didnt really care much to loose them...and then finally in Jan. of last yr...i lost my house in a that point i sunk into depression really bad because i felt like i was loosing everything...we were even going to the church that we were apart of at the time(dont go anymore) just to get food and money for things that needed to replace b/c of the fire..clothes etc...we wound up staying at a friends house...i went to school and everytime it was mentioned ppl did nothing but laugh at me it hurt so bad that ppl could be so cruel...and then my mom got a job and one of her residents let us rent is a house which is where
The Geek Gets The Girl
Another Friday night, to get the feeling right At the bar when he sees her coming over What you gonna do, if she walks up to you Tongue tied better get yourself together Pound another drink, to give him time to think What's your sign hey I think you know a friend of mine All the stupid lines, that he had ever heard Wouldn't come to mind he couldn't say a word Tonight tonight, he's gonna get it right Even losers can get lucky sometimes All the freaks go on a winning streak In a perfect world, all the geeks get the girls Got her holding steady, forget her name already Sweatin' hard not a smooth operator She's got it going on, dancing to her favorite song He's got the line is it your place or mine She turns and walks away, where did he go wrong? But waiting by the car, she says what took you so long Tonight tonight, he's gonna get it right Even losers can get lucky sometimes All the freaks go on a winning streak In a perfect world, all the geeks get the girls
Picture From My New Film Project
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Watch Your Language!... Sometimes.
The angry rant that was in my profile main page, my "About Me" section, ... was misleading- not because of any failure of reading comprehension but because I didn't know what I wanted to say, and didn't say it clearly :). This is -- (hopefully) -- better. In fact a lot of the problem is inclarity, and how to improve clarity, of presentation of ideas. And- to do so when it's most important. In conversation, in casual discussion, in real-time chat, I can ask for clarification of words that, because they're misspelled, I might mistake for other words, just for example; and since I can, and - moreover - since my own typing, spelling, thinking go downhill at the time of day (... like... now) when I often am computer chatting... I'm less inclined to criticize anyway, if I do notice something unclear. Ask for clarification yes, criticize no :)... In an essay, blog post, writings, ... intended to be more permanent in a way or at least less ephemeral (I maintain there is a significan
The Morning After Reality
The Morning After Reality Can someone in all honesty fall in love with someone and know in there heart and in there mind that it will never happen. Can two souls be so alike.. being in total sincronicity with one another ..knowing that just a single kiss could ruin this. Why do complications of the heart always fog the better of ones judgment .. is it the lack or reason or thought .. can love have purpose other then just the common thread that we all see it as .. Why can loving someone have such larger meaning and devotion yet cant. What is truly love.. a thought or a concept of what happiness is. When does happiness become love, just the simple questions one never thinks yet alone asks .. Hippy
The Feeling Of Always Being The Outcast...
Since Elementary school...i've been the outcast...because i was always the different girl...because im not skinny and im taller then most girls and i have physical features that are not common for most girls to have...i have hair on my neck and arms that i can not get rid of because its a hormonal inbalance in my body its nothing i can help...but i've always been made fun of for having it for being taller and being heavy...though when i was a little girl i was skinny and didnt start getting heavy until i got older...i was always told i was fat and stupid and ugly and other things that i couldnt possibly list here b/c there so almost crying from writing this and im still stuck in highschool...i come home everyday after spending 8 hrs with ppl who do nothing but talk a bunch of shit about me because im different from them...and i dont have money like most of them do and i dont have a fancy car and im not pretty like most of the girls there...and b/c im gothic...and i sit and
Sexual Harrassment & Stupid Women
It's time to bring up a subject that many women have totally misconstrued and it's the wonderful subject of sexual harrassment. Many women need to understand what sexual harrassment is. Too many of them are complaining and bringing up these stupid fucking lawsuits over something that is about as dangerous as a god damn teddy bear. Look, if a guy is grabbing your ass, your tits, then hey, sue the motherfucker for sexual harrassment. However, if you happen to walk by the water cooler and a couple of guys are telling a joke and the punchline happens to contain the word, CUNT, don't go screaming sexual harrassment. Please! Why is the word CUNT regarded in such a bad way? That happens to be my favorite word. CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT Stupid women cry that they want equality, but when it comes down to it, they fucking whimp out in a second. If you can't handle the verbage, shut your mouth, sit down and leave the rest of us alone. Some of us can not only handle it, but w
Barefoot On Barbwire
There is a world of difference between saying what needs to be said and saying what you want to say. Words get taken the wrong way and intentions are often lost in the mix. I'm a compulsive foot-in-mouthist, and thinking before speaking is a lifelong fantasy I've yet to make true. And you know what? Honestly, I just hope I keep on failing. It's so goddamned much fun when I get to actually say what I think. I do curtail it day to day, but not as much as you might think. I'm not one of these secret-other-self type journal scribblers who has a total ego. I don't have to hit the bong or or guzzle 2-4 in order to tap into that inner self. I just have to bite my fucking tongue sometimes so I can yield to convention. But, trust me, most people I know have known me to say incredibly crass things sometimes, and I've no qualms about playing a fool. I miss that, I miss the fact that I'm not feeling as comfortable being myself as I once was. I chalk it up to the oddities of the rece
"orange You Glad?"
What Am I Doing...
I'm with this girl... and her girl... because I just wanted a chance to be with someone I thought I cared about at the time. Or maybe I just wanted so bad for someone to want me too.. even if I had to share. I do like her... I did like her... but I knew she was still in love with her ex. And she wanted to date me and her ex (who lives in another state) at the same time... at the same time...I don't love her, but it just felt so good to be wanted again... However, when things get bad here, when I need her, she doesn't have time for me. It's like I'm her girlfriend when it's convenient for her. Since I'm here, then I'm just the "physical" girlfriend. I don't want to be that... I have more feelings and emotions than that. I have every reason to leave.. I should just leave. I miss being held, being comforted, being wanted... all I want is that feeling again... guess, it is better to be alone than to share an illusion of being cared for...
Veitnam Rock Roll Remember
Lestats Dark Covenant Family...the Family I Will Always Be With Now And Forever...
This family is one amazing that i will never leave for the world...the most wonderful ppl in the whole world i know are in this family...the master is truely a wonderful master to this family as well as its founders...i love this family with every inch of my being and would do anything in the world for anyone in this with that being said...tyvm for everyone in this family thats ever been there for me...i love you all with all my heart and soul...and ty exspecially to lord lestat for creating such a wonderful and strong family MUAHZ to all my family....
Action Weather News! Lol
I may be alone here, but when I watch Mitch Numbnuts of "Action Weather News!" reporting live from a category 17 hurricane, I kind of hope he gets impaled by something horrifying like a fence post, a bus, or Al Roker. Yes, that's a nasty thing to say... But what in the scrotum of Satan are you doing out there, Mitch? It's important to report the facts, but this is American News, dude. You don't need to report facts. You need only provide gossip and dusty, decade-old information about Jon Benet. Besides, there isn't a lot of useful information about lethal weather - other than the importance of getting the fuck out of its way. So why are you standing right in the very middle of God's own explosive diarrhea? If I'm right, it's because news is really just entertainment. It's not meant to provide useful information. Nope. You're out there for our amusement, Bucko. And I happen to love it. And there's only one reason we watch. We watch, because there's a distinct possiblity this
So, I keep having dreams of babies. Of having a child. I just had one last night, in fact and a different one within the last week. I've had at least 2 other dreams of having a baby before. It's always a great thing too. I'm not really exposed to many babies, though a friend of mine just had one in February and my step-brother's wife had one back in November. I do love babies. And I do want some. The other day, I just thought about it for like 20 minutes and realized I wouldn't even mind having one -now-. I couldn't financially support one, but I still wouldn't mind. Of course, I'd rather be married or engaged before having one and more financially secure, but mannnn... I really want one! Plus, I hear making them is pretty fun too :D
Eh.. just having one of them night... CT has been extremely boring lately.. unless it's just MY page that's boring! LOL.. Just wondered if anyone actually reads these things or are they just kinda lingering around in the space that is the internet.... Stop by.. say hi if anyone is alive.. seriously.. hella hell bored! I'm gonna go watch a movie
Stuck In A Hotel
Yeha its true, i'm stuckin in a hotel in Perrysburg, Ohio. In case you don't know where that is, its about 45 south of Detroit, I'm sitting here bored. so i'm going to spend the rest of the night on CT talkign with friends and commenting. So share the love. I'm going to run and get something to eat real quick, it's about 1 in the mornign here. so wish me luck. Evelyn.
Sexiest Beard On Ct
It is nighty night time here at SHayne Central....When the person with 3,500 comments gets it they need to Private Message me...So I can get the time it was done... Or one of the people who voted can do this as well... Because i don't want to have two people getting to 3,500 while I am sleeping and then a fight broke out...Or i will see that last few comments of each contestant on the time...However if there is a winner ...there are also two other prizes...2nd and keep voting for second and third place as well....
A Love That I Thought Was Real But In The End Was Nothing But Broken Promises...
Wow...where to begin with this...there was a man that i was engaged to just last year that i thought was my everything in life...but in the end turned out to be nothing but lies....he promised me he would come here to be with me...promised me a life together with everything a woman could want...and then back at the end of last year...he completely ripped my heart from me...when he left me for my ex gf...i was so crushed and heart broken from it all...because then at the same time i found out that my ex gf was only dating me to get ahold of him to rip him from me and she suceeded...i sat back and felt like i was silently going insane in my mind from the pain i was in from it all...luckily my mother helped me from doing things to myself because of the agony i was in...ill never forget that...ty mom...
Raver Manifesto
Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy. Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our addiction of choice is technology. Our religion of choice is music. Our currency of choice is knowledge. Our politics of choice is none. Our society of choice is utopian though we know it will never be. You may hate us. You may dismiss us. You may misunderstand us. You may be unaware of our existence. We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would never judge you. We are not criminals. We are not disillusioned. We are not drug addicts. We are not naive children. We are one massive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law, physical geography, and time itself. We are The Massive. One Massive. We were first drawn by the sound. From far away, the thunderous, muffled, echoing beat was comparable to a mother's heart soothing a child in her womb of concrete, steel, and electrical wiring. We were drawn back into this womb, and there, in the heat, dampness, and darkness of it, we c
Poems, Graphic!
Goodbye My hair blows in the wind as I stand on this ledge. Looking at what is below me. Ready to be my death. Knowing all I need to do is take a step to plummet to my death. My eyes fall upon the sun set in the distance. It will be my last view at those wonderful colors. The pinks playing with the purple and red. Red reminding me at what is at hand. Reminding me that my last breath will be whispering your name. Forgive me for what I have done wrong. I never wanted it to end. But I had to, I love you Goodbye My Body My body twinges in pain. Another day of abuse. More hits and bruises to cover. But in the end you always apologize. I forgive and let myself go to you. A week later my mind races I see you coming at me with a knife. I know better then to run You’ll only hurt me more I stay still as you cut my clothes off I know what lies ahead. Take Me I lay naked in front of you, shivering and crying. My heart racing not knowing what is next. You
60 Things Girls Never Knew About Guys
Heres 60 things gurls never knew about guys , i hate to admit it but alot of its true , and for those of you who know me and what i am about you will understand 1. Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them! (oh're not "popular" if you've slept with more than 5're a HOE) 2. "Hey, are you busy?" or "Are you doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone. 3... Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 4. Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're gonna say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes. 5. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. 6. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. 7. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-real
Just A Little Poem
Was feeling artistic the other night and wrote this , the words just flowed from my lips to my fingers This emptiness feels like a curse to me when I'm hoping that-- by striking the sky starless to light a smile in your eyes, placing drops of the MilkyWay between the dimples of your smile, and gift-wrapping the heart that now bears your name to set it gently in your palms should you so choose to accept it-- you might look beyond the make-believe of the words I speak to keep you in the dark and discover that all I'm wishing upon tomorrow for is one chance to mean the world to you. If only I could love you for just a day. The loneliness inside me is a hateful reminder of how empty my life is without you to hold a candle to my heart and warm it with your smile, a hint of love shining in your eyes. Engulf me in the flames of your words and soar me beyond the man-in-the-moon on wings of feathered hopes and the winds that dreaming brings a pounding heart; wh
Okay so I decided to blog a bit. Today was a busy day. it is 10pm and I just finally got a chance to sit down after leaving home at 6am this morning. I got a couple new things for my truck and did a couple things to my car nothing really exciting but I am getting things ready for my boat which I should have next week.
A True Fire Fighter
Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. The tone goes off at 2 in the morning and they are on their way to a wreck with entrapment. __________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. They been awake for three days working at four different stations running calls all day and night and don't get to shower. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. They get burned or trapped inside, or while cutting someone out of a car something flys off the car and injures them, or car explodes, or they get called to a medical call where someone was shot. __________________________ You meet up with your friends at the camp and get drunk! They respond to the unconscious people and the grass fire you started. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. They kiss the maltese cross around their neck and say a prayer before they go in the burning building. _
Your Makin Me High Toni B
Rubias Bbw Contest
Rubias Sexii BBW Contest RUBIAS ROCKIN NYC/ '' K..O..T@ CherryTAP Callin all Sexii BBW's Rules Sexiest SFW photo To vote you must be level 4 or higher No down rating Current Contetants Starts April 15 at 4pm EST There will be three winners Prizes Big pimpin gifts (repost of original by 'Papi RH (Entries Need in-Sexiest Texan Girl Contest)' on '2007-04-11 12:42:28') (repost of original by 'RUBIAS ROCKIN NYC/ '' K..O..T' on '2007-04-11 19:16:15') (repost of original by 'CurveeNCute' on '2007-04-11 20
Just A Thought
what if there was a contest for women to show off their nude bodies and have guys judge who has the best nude pic and win a prize obviously.....? let me know if this should take place sometime
Two Of The Greatest Friends I Have In My Life That I'll Never Regret Knowing...
Lord Lestat being the i dont think theres enough to say about this man...atleast not all that i can fit here...He's a great man,friend and master to my family that i will forever be apart of until i die...this mans been through hell and back but still remains one of the greatest ppl i know...i've known him for 9 yrs...i helped run a family on yahell with him that has been mentioned (nightmarez_of_yahell)...he's been there when no one wanted to be he picked me up when i fell...he's been nothing but a real friend to me as well as others... even after death i dont think he could be and him have been through so much together as far as close friends one could ever compare to the type of friend he's always been to me...Then second Would be Lady Ember Vamp...she has been there to as well...shes leaves me comments almost everyday just to let me know thats shes thinking about me...even though we dont really talk much on here in her own little way by leaving m
Sad Moment Of A Crocs Hunter
Sad Moment Of A Crocs Hunter - Watch a funny movie here
Only A Handful
I wonder why hardly anyone talks to me. I have my "friends" on my list, and most wont say a word to me. I have a few friends, and a couple great ones, mostly on my Family list, most others hardly even say hi. Oh well. Seems odd though lol
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fucking Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one likes me! What do I have to do to get people to like me? Huh?!! So that's my question. Maybe someone will know the answer or maybe there is noone who likes me at all! I'm not likeable. I'll admit it. That's something to work on at least.
Another Sad Love Song Toni B
Kind Of Dark
A crimson pool Warm and deep Lulls me to My eternal sleep The flash of silver Straight across my wrist Adds my name To the growing list The pain of life I feel no more Took the easy way out Through the open door Death's embrace So warm and pure I wonder why This is the only cure Who on this planet Loves and cares for me When I look back I'll finally see To those who did care I truly apologize But all the signs were there If you just looked into my eyes I could never find My own true voice At least finally I stuck to a choice Now that I'm gone Flesh being consumed by worms I'm content in knowing I did this on my terms.
My Favorite Song With Lyrics
if you want the lyrics in english here's your place to go
Hey Yo
Hey Yall if u have not done it id like for you to plz hit ma page and sign ma guest book. i would really love it if you all did it for me would mean alot to me. i know i dont ask for much but this i am asking for. much love to all that have sign it already and i will find a way to repay u all much love all
Learning About Spirituality
I am interested in learning about the spirituality of others in Cherry Tap. I know that there is a GOD and I lean towards more Country music, but the way I was raised and went to Church I either went to a Methodist or Protestant church. I am wanting to learn more about others to chat with on the subject. Please Inquire within and we will chat some more.
True Story (church Picnic)
Flying Without Wings...
lyrics - Westlife Lyrics Music Video Codes By Music
Cheating Death
Cheating Death
So Basicaly
Today kinda sucks being alone just sucks I'm tired of not having someone special to spend my nites with I'm tired of not having someone to fall asleep nexted to someone I can just cuddle up with on my couch and watch a movie with ugh being alone sucks :(
Warning About Beer!
Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties & local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females use a date rape drug on the market called "Beer." The drug is found in liquid form and is available anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, or from taps and in large "kegs". Beer is used by female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and sleep with them. A woman needs only to get a guy to consume a few units of Beer and then simply ask him home for "no strings attached" sex. Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several beers, men will often succumb to the desires to sleep with horrific looking women whom they would never normally be attracted to. After drinking beer, men often wake with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a vague feeling that "something bad" occurred. At other times these unfortunate men are swindled
Somethin I Wrote 4 Someone I Really Miss
4 Roses The black is for the ending to a life you once knew. The yellow is for the all the freindship we shared. The red is for all the love we gave each other, for times past, present and future. The white is for the life you have now anew in heaven. As I grew from a child to adult you shared so much and swaore we would never part. As I grew you taught me to laugh, to love, to live. Your love was never selfish, never rude. You gave me love, friendship and an understanding of life as only you knew. For now we must part for your time has come to walk with jesus, but fear not cause you'll always have the love of my unconditional heart. These four roses are for you pappy with all my love and all my heart, I will always be your tater tot.
Getting Used To This
I am still very new at this sort of thing, with the profile and what not, so i'm still getting the hang of this. I will eventually, evil technology
I'm gonna lick the back of your skull with a baseball bat. It's caffeine that's addicted to me. And I can't make it go any faster. I'm all hopped up on dizzy and f- what was I talking about I get so hard to contain at times like this because I'm so bucking fored. I like that. I'm going to jump on my wall for a while now. Don't mind the insane laughter. Come again? No thanks last time I was here you poked me in the eye. Shiney.
Lil Sumthin Sumthin Before Bed.
70 Quirks about me: 1. What are your initials? B.J 2. What is your favorite thing to wear? A gun. 3. Last thing you ate? I have not eaten in like...41 hours. 4. I say Shotgun, you say? The flood. 6. Last person you hugged? I cant remember 8. How many U.S states have you been to? all but 12 9. How many of the U.S states have you lived in? 3 i guess. 10. Does anyone you know wanna date you? Nope. 11. Name something you like physically about yourself? My eyes. 13. Who is your best friend? Ambz 14.Why are you still up? cause i just got outa work. 15. Who/What made you angry today? Me for being sickly 16. Favorite type of Food? anything sounds good right now. 17. Favorite holidays: Fourth of july. 18. Do you download music: Yes. 19. Do you care if your socks are dirty? Not unless they are like ubber dirty. 21. Would you date the person who posted this? Hell fuckin no. 22. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?
Ctaf Members
~AIRSTRIKE LEADER~ LaUrEn♥@ CherryTAP (Contact Your Squad Leader or Lauren if you are in a Contest) She NOW controls CTAF AIRSTRIKE HELP!!! ________________________________________ What we do is help each other in contests...we don't bomb PEOPLE, WE bomb PICTURES ! CONTACT ME AND GET YOUR RANK NUMBER ACCORDING TO YOU MEMBER DATE AS IN I'M # 1 AND ADD THIS TO YOUR NAME IN YOUR PROFILE (C.T.A.F )Cherry Tap Airforce ...oh and when you see someone in a contest with C.T.A.F vote at least 20 times.If a C T A F member is in a CONTEST post a BULLENTIN saying your a C T A F MEMBER and we will AIRSTRIKE IT !!! CTAF President #1NEO@ CherryTAP CTAF #2 SIN {co-Owner of CLUB INFERNO}@ CherryTAP CTAF #3 Dark.Angel¢¾Robs.Girl.C.T.A.F@ CherryTAP CTAF #4 ĐĴ¤ŦỞKΞЙ¥Owner-ClubInferno~CTAF #4@ CherryTAP CTAF #5 Sweet GA Peach~@ CherryTAP CTAF #6 LaUrEn♥@ CherryTAP CT
Still Not Enough.
Blah blah blah So... today I've drawn up... 3?(double checks) 3 concepts. One of which I was very excited about. Payed tuition, got advisement and getting ready to enroll for ... 3 300 level summer courses (academic self inflicted torture) and 4 300 levels and my last gen ed for Fall one of which is the "most difficult course" taught by "the most difficult instructor" who didn't used to teach that course (almost guaranteed failure). Worked out some concepts on another project with my brother (groundwork for a magazine submission) and.. I think I'm about a quarter done with my tattoo news story (really, the only hard part to ANYTHING I do, is getting me to do it, I can't help it foodnetwork is so informative, videogames kick so much ass, and I'm a notorious undertaker of multiple projects that are 1000 times more interesting than school work). And I still feel like I could have crammmed one thousand more things into my day. *bounces*. Yeah, maybe I am manic. *shrug* Nah. I still g
God Iunno
if u've read my photo pics of articles put in the paper bout my youngest you'll understand why I'm freaking out please, say prayers, anything, my daughter was just brought to the hospital by her daddy, she was bleeding from the nose and mouth, no explanation as to why, I will update when I can, just please pray or w/e u do... and hope this isn't serious
I Love
The Detroit Pistons Next Game Friday, Apr. 13, 7:00pm at Raptors
A United States Soldier was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am, God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Soldier got out of his chair, went up to the professor and cold-cocked him, knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Soldier went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken. He looked at the Soldier and aske
More About My Zoloft
I went to the Psychiatrist today. He increased my Zoloft to 250mgs a day now. I knew he was going to do that... I don't know what to think.
Ctaf Leaders
UPDATE of CTAF LEADERS __________________ ~AIRSTRIKE LEADER~ LaUrEn?@ CherryTAP **CONTACT YOUR SQUAD LEADER or LAUREN if you are in a contest!** ______________________________ Squad 1 Leader - Kevs Dogpound KevDog {Commander of CTAF}@ CherryTAP _______________________________ Squad 2 Leader - Elles Warriors Warrior Princess-"CTAF Squad 2 - #13"@ CherryTAP ______________________________ Squad 3 Leader - Verdicts Jury Tha Verdict {CTAF SQUAD 2 #17}@ CherryTAP
I just found out this morning that I won't be staying in Iraq for an extra 45 days. It'll be 90, instead. I know I should feel outrage, sadness or something, but there's nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Kevin Hart
Let Me Tuck You In Tomorrow Night..
Well everyone, I hurt my ankle something fierce. I''m on crutches an dhave a splint on it. I'm supposed to stay in bed for the next few days and have the crutches for 3 weeks yet. SO come keep me company while I'm laid up. My ankle might not work right now..but everything else does ;0) If you're nice I'll do a fantastic squirting end...and ya'll know I'm one of the best around at that. Hope to see you there! This show is free for all members of me site. Not only do you get to see me weekly live for one hour with voice as well..but you get hundreds of my pics, over 40 videos, over 300 Privatecamz archives. can see over 100 girls live on cam 24/7 anytime AND pics of all the other dreamgirls in the dreamgirl sampler. NOT bad for 12 bucks. Hope I get to see ya'll in NYC next week! It's going to be a blast! XOXO, Aimeelynn
Gone To The 9th Ward....
Will took lee and i out today when i got done work... long story short had to go to wal mart to get stuff for my new snake... (btw he needs a name) anyways... we dropped the snake stuff off at my house (along with the other junk lee and i threw in the cart...) and headed to will's house in the 9th ward. I'm pretty much a quarter rat as it is. Its hard to make me leave the quarter but hey sometimes we all gotta... SO to get my ass back to the story we left for will's house. Will lives in part of the 9th ward that is being built back up. the house he lives in had 8ft of water sitting (water was actually higher than that but sat at 8ft) It was a nice house actually.... the inside was completely redone i loved it... Then we went on our drive a few blocks away. It actually made me want to cry looking at these cement slabs and stairs that would lead to nothingness for blocks... This is my home... I live here.... I love this city. I can't imagine how it must be to go ba
Two Buddies, Bob And Larry, Are Getting Very Drunk At A Bar When Suddenly
Larry throws up all over himself. "Oh, no ... Now my wife will kill me! Bob says, "Don't worry, pal. Just tuck a twenty in your breast pocket and tell your wife that someone threw up on you and gave you twenty dollars for the dry cleaning bill." So they stay for another couple of hours and get even drunker. Eventually Larry stumbles home and his wife starts to give him a bad time. "You reek of alcohol and you've puked all over yourself! My God, you're disgusting!" Speaking very carefully so as not to slur his words, Larry says, "Nowainaminit. I can e'splain everythin. Itsh snot wha jew think. I only had a cupla drrrinks. But thiss other guy got ssick on me - he had one too many! And he juss koudin hold hizz liquor. He said he was verrry sorry an' gave me twennie bucks for the cleaning bill! His wife looks in the breast pocket and says, "But this is forty bucks." "Oh, yeah ... I almos' fergot. He shhhit in my pants, too.
With My Misfits Records Out...
List a band that you like and know REALLY well: NOFX. Now, use ONLY that band's lyrics, song titles, and cd titles to answer the following questions. You can't change bands halfway through! 1. Who are you? A PROTAGANIST NAMED BILL.-SCAVENGER TYPE. 2. What is your definition of love? I doesn't seem like you're a million miles away, no. But maybe one or two That doesn't mean, I never loved you I love you long times, when you're on top of me WHATEVER DIDI WANTS. 3. How do you view life? Want to fuck off, drop out, never trust a fuckin' hippie for that matter don't trust anyone. quit school, don't work, livin' up the music you punk. if i could do it so could anyone. DRUGS ARE GOOD. 4. If you were stranded on an island, what few things would you bring with you? There's always a keg of beer and a block of cheese We got charams, pinball, asteroids, space invaders, and missile command MATTERSVILLE 5. Describe your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/crush: b
Mid Life
I can almost feel myself losing weight . . . by forwarding this to you! You'll understand at the end. I've seen two shows lately that went on and on about how mid-life is a great time for women. Just last week Oprah had a whole show on how great menopause will be . . . Puhleeeeeeeze! I've had a few thoughts of my own and would like to share them with you. Whether you are pushing 40, 50, 60 (or maybe even just pushing your luck), you'll probably relate. Mid-life is when the growth of hair on our legs slows down. This gives us plenty of time to care for our newly acquired mustache. In mid-life women no longer have upper arms, we have wing spans. We are no longer women in sleeveless shirts, we are flying squirrels in drag. Mid-life is when you can stand naked in front of a mirror and you can see your rear without turning around. Mid-life is when you go for a mammogram and you realize that this is the only time someone will ask you to appear topless.
Selt Doubt
Self doubt shadows me Master can see it in my eyes Sternly Master commands me Without hesitation i obey Master looks me up and down my eyes casted downwards Reaching out He beckons me Softly Master tells me i'm beautiful Gently He lifts lifts my chin with His hand Looking deeply into my soul Looking back i see the most deepest love ever And i know in His arms i'm safe For the first time He takes my body Taking me to plateaus i never been before Master shows me He is in control As my body envelops Him My body explodes in pleasure Only after His permission The love He has given me Now connects two into one. cherrie (2007)
Starting Again
Is it ever to late to start again? Ever wonder if you did everything right. I know i do every day!! To all you that read this thank you so much and to all the people i have meet here you are all so sweet and thank you for the time you took for me.
There Have Been
There have been times when I may have: disturbed you, troubled you, pestered you, irritated you, bugged you, or got on your nerves with all the emails I send, So today I just wanna tell you that... I PLAN TO CONTINUE !!!!!!
My Fortunecookie
Fantasies are your main sexual excitement 'What is your Fortune?' at
Congrats 2 All Of You!!!
Congrats 2 all of you. U guys made CT history 3 GodFathers in 1 day!!!! WoooHooooo Luv u all!!! xoxoxox Jen Courtesy of Christian Achilles@ CherryTAP Nick GODFATHER WV REBEL COWBOY PLEASE READ PROFILE@ CherryTAP Jerry ~CT TEXAS GOD~DADDY~@ CherryTAP
You Are Thong Panties Woman, you are one hell of a ride! You're a total wild child - and you live for crazy times. Men are attracted to you like flies to honey, even though they know they should stay away. You need a expert cowboy who can keep in tune with your free spirit! What Kind of Panties Are You?
Food For Thought
In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and populated the Earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. Then using God's great gifts, Satan created Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Krispy Creme Donuts. And Satan said, "You want chocolate with that?" And Man said, "Yes!" and Woman said, "and as long as you're at it, add some sprinkles." And they gained 10 pounds. And Satan smiled. And God created the healthful yogurt that Woman might keep the figure that Man found so fair. And Satan brought forth white flour from the wheat, and sugar from the cane and combined them. And Woman went from size 6 to size 14. So God said, "Try my fresh green salad." And Satan presented Thousand-Island Dressing, buttery croutons and garlic toast on the side. And Man and Woman unfastened their belts following the repast. God then said, "I have sent you heart healthy veget
Wtf Am I Doing....
For those of you that chat with me you know life's thrown me a curve ball. I was gonna buy a 69 SS Camaro and to do so, I was selling the 55. The guy bails on selling his car, the SS, so I yank the 55 off Ebay. Well a real nice guy from Cali has been calling me and "has to have my truck". I guess it's a goner so ladies, if you're gonna take the pics of it, you'd better hurry cuz it looks like I'll be kissing it goodbye in a few weeks... On the good side, I did find another SS to buy, the SS I did buy will be here in about eight days. I hope to hell it's not a piece of junk but we'll soon see. I guess I kind of get a rush out of sending that kind of coin to someone half across the country not having any idea what type person they are and hoping that because I have faith in my fellow man, I'm not gonna get a dick up the turd cutter :) Oh please pray for me, the therapy doesn't seem to be working.
The Brick
A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared . Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door! He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry driver then jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against a parked car shouting, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?" The young boy was apologetic. "Please, mister...please, I'm sorry but I didn't know what else to do," He pleaded. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop..." With tears dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth pointed to a spot just
Camel Sex
A new Marine Captain was assigned to an outfit in a remote post in the > Afganistan Desert . During his first inspection of the outfit, he noticed a >Camel hitched up behind the mess tent. > > He asks the Sergeant why the camel is kept there. > > The nervous sergeant said, "Well sir, as you know, there are 250 men >here > > on the post and no women. And sir, sometimes the men have "urges". >That's why we have Molly The Camel." > > The Captain says, "I can't say that I condone this, but I understand >about "urges", so the camel can stay " > > About a month later, the Captain starts having his own "urges". Crazy >with passion, he asks the Sergeant to bring the camel to his tent. Putting >a ladder behind the camel, the Captain stands on the ladder, pulls his >pants down and has wild, insane sex with the camel. When he's done, he >asks the Sergeant, "Is that how the men do it?" > > "No not really, sir...They usually just ride the came
Hey Yall Read If You Want
hey i am just here for friends and down the road a girl friend right now i am single i was looking for a min then i quit other than that i am a big teddy bear i love to cuddle watch movies you name it i will try it i try anything once if i dont like it it will be the last time i do it so get at me
That Little Girl
These small little hands, And tiny little feet. I don't think I remember, Anything half as sweet. She was happy in life, This energetic girl, And to her, her mom, Was the entire world. She would finger paint, With her mom by her side. Never realising just how much, Her mom was dying inside. She would skip along to school With her lunch as always. With her mom in her right hand, This would happen on most days. But she never guessed, What was up with her mom. She was too young to understand, I guess only some, Would really know what was wrong, Why she couldn't stay on much longer, Why her mom was frail and weak, Needed someone to make her stronger. But she couldn't afford, The help she would need, She had cancer of the lungs, No one to take the lead. No one to make her rest, And take all of the stress Of bringing up this little girl, On her own in this lonely world. But this little kid, Had no idea, She didn't worry yet, Because her mom
Little Old Lady
> > Subject: Granny > > > > Defense Attorney: > > Will you please state your age? > > > > Little Old Lady: > > I am 86 years old. > > > > Defense Attorney: > > Will you tell us, in your own words, what happened > > the night of April > > 1st? > > > > Little Old Lady: > > There I was, sitting there in my swing on my front > > porch on a warm > > spring evening, > > when a young man comes creeping up on the porch > and > > sat down beside me. > > > > Defense Attorney: > > Did you know him? > > > > Little Old Lady: > > No, but he sure was friendly. > > > > Defense Attorney: > > What happened after he sat down? > > > > Little Old Lady: > > He started to rub my thigh. > > > > Defense Attorney: > > Did you stop him? > > > > Little Old Lady: > > No, I didn't stop him. > > > > Defense Attorney: > > Why not? > > > > Little Old Lady: > > It felt good. Nobody had done that since my Albert > > died some 30 years > > a
My Job Can Kiss My Ass!
So I've been with my company for 8 and a half years and my salary is now being revamped with a brand NEW pay plan! So guess what? "What?" you ask. When it boils down, I will be recieving less every month unless I sell 700.00 dollars more a week. Fuck You!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah that's right. This is not making me want to work any harder. If anything it makes me want to fucking burn this bridge and find something else that won't fuck me over like my fucking job just did. I know there's so much bull shit to life and that I will experience so much more throughout my lifetime, but it still fucking blows like my fucking smelly ass!! Shit! Oh well.
I Could
A Woman
What kind of a LOVER are YOU?You are a PASSIONATE LOVER!When it comes to sex and relationships you put 100% into both. You like to have fun and try new things but you pay alot of attention to the PASSION that lives in side of each kiss, touch or meaningful word. You contain the whole package and any man would be would be very lucky to have a women like you!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
My Color Green
You Are Teal Green You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you. Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible. While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks. Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have. What Color Green Are You?
Can I Touch You
Survey Me ...
TAKE THIS!Youuu...Name?:Pam Place of birth?:Denver Which spice girl would you have been?:Mute Spice Are you a good/bad girl?:"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" Are you a virgin?:Yeah ... uh huh ... sure why not. Do you smoke weed?:Negative. Drink alcohol?:When I want. Smoke cigarettes?:*craves* ... but no ... I will not ... Do you love life?:Ask me next week... Do you consider yourself lucky?:If it weren't for bad luck I would have none at all. What would you change about yourself? Don't say NOTHING:Eat me... Your dream date:Your mom... Are u spoiled?:Yeah right ... What do u hate about people?:They breath... Are u a good student?:I was when I was a student ... Are u more flirtacious or shy?:I'm shy beyond words ... yeah ... thats it ... Do u talk a lot?:Only to the voices ... What is ur zodiac sign?:Cancer Which character on sex n the city would u be?:The one that dies ? Does anyone die? Do u get along with your parents?:Duh. your best quality:Wit and Sarcasim ... the bes
Swingers Club
Sorry I haven't been around too much lately. I've been sorta sick. I still am, actually. I will be back around more as soon as I start feeling better. xoxoxo BrattyBytch.
i see you silently standing there while wondering why i really care it's not like i even know you i couldn't even if i wanted to but this feeling that i feel deep inside the feeling that i try so desperately to hide is with me always while i wake and as i dream my soul you take so as i'm here trying to forget about you i'm silently wishing you feel this feeling too
Can I Stop Yelling/grounding/timing Out/fighting/crying Now??
I spent all afternoon fighting with the kids, I discovered my daughter has a level beyond "banshee mode" and I finally lost it. went to my room and just cried for about 30 minutes, hysterically. I almost made it 16 weeks, right? and then we get out the door to ballet, and we get all the way there, she tells me she doesn't have her ballet shoes or anything! made her go anyway.. went to the grocery store to buy frozen veggies and found the deal of the day though, Paul Masson Mocha Caramel liquor, the big bottle, for $ that was nice, but I am too emotionally drained and I think even a small nightcap might set me in the direction of the not so happy place. bad enough I am over sensitive to just about every song on my play list as it is... maybe I should just go lay on the couch and fall asleep there... maybe a shower will make me feel better....maybe I will do none of the above...
Winter Song
The snow, so peaceful and serene, caressed by the soft moonlight, gave magical feelings to the night. The soft blue glow, the lovers' words then did flow, their lips closer and closer until, locked in the throes of a passionate embrace, she decided to express her feelings, to keep him safe. She whispered softly, her words like music to his ears, "I Love You," and his response the same, heard like the gentle breeze, "And I love you, forever." That was the night they promised to be together through everything, each to care for the other when old and gray A lovers' pact the most likely to last.
Your Name
Your Name I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.
It's Not About You.
This will shock you. Take a seat. Here it comes. The universe does not revolve around you. It revolves around me. In kind of a wonky sort of circular motion that will most likely make you sick over time.
Pro Wrestling
well i am officially back into pro wrestling started trainin again this month an next month back into doin shows every weekend startin the irst weekend of may loads of fun for those of you that are in the portland,or area look for dpcw signs for locations of shows or message me an ask an i mite b able to let u know where to go
Am I Really That Ugly?
i know that i am not the best looking guy in the world ,but someone on this site rated my photo a 1,and someone else rated the same photo a 6 So that being said ,i just wanted to apoligize to all my friends and fans who have rated the same photo a 10 for being so ugly
Indian Story
While touring an Indian reservation in North Dakota filming a documentary, Barbara Walters was puzzled as to why the difference in the number of feathers in the headdresses. So, she asked a brave who only had one feather in his headdress. His reply: "Only have one woman. One woman,one feather." Feeling the first fellow was only joking she asked another brave. This brave had two feathers in his headdress. And he replied: "Me have two women. Two women, two feathers." Still not convinced the feathers indicated the number of sexual partners involved, she decided to interview the Chief. Now the Chief had a headdress full of feathers, which, needless to say, amused Ms. Walters. She asked the Chief, "Why do you have so many feathers in your headdress?" The Chief proudly pounded his chest and said, "Me Chief, me sleep with 'em all. Big, small, fat and tall, me sleep with 'em all." Horrified, Ms. Walters stated. "You ought to be hung." The Chief said: "You damn right, me hung,
Gonna Try This Again...
The kids have been good at least for the past couple of days, they know when something is wrong with me, I guess. I took a muscle relaxer earlier, am about to take a nice hot bath, then take a few (no more than 4, I'm ok) sleeping pills and pop my favorite man in the DVD player, Mr. Izzard, hmmm maybe some Robot Chicken, thanks for that Nate. If I still can't sleep I may jump off the roof...Just KIDDING...I'll just call up my good friend at 2AM(as has been done to me) for a laugh or 2. I am sure he will just LOVE that... I did call someone today I haven't spoke with in a long time and it was so nice to hear his voice, I miss you so much Bubba. We do need to get the kids together, SOON!!We talked for an hour, and he's going to go to Dark Sol's show with us on the 11th (at least he better!). Since he too was one of us sitting on the grass by the fence every lunch smoking and acting a fool at Meadowbrook (Matt Simpson a*k*a Wheels). Another east~sider as I so lovingly call us, don't w
Have You Ever?
Have you ever been through the same pain? Had aches that just made you insane? Have you ever thought of cutting yourself just because You are unhappy at the time about who you are Have you ever been in my shoes for a day? Can you tell me that my life will be okay? Have you ever been used and abused? Cried, almost died just from being lost and confused Have you ever stretch your mind out of shape thinking of him? Wondering if your true love is with his friends, is he really with them? Lowered your head after being told to never do so Called his cell, went to his house just to know Have you ever felt like you were lesser than you are? Like you should stop now cause you cant make it that far Have you ever wondered when youll ever find your true love? Have you ever thought of your entrance thru the heavens door above? Have you ever doubted yourself and let yourself down? Ever thought that the friends you have now, in 13 ye
Food Is Good
Notify Blogger about objectionable content. What does this mean? Send As SMS BlogThis!cookordie A blunt and true-to-life diatribe from a bitter and cynical line cook...real and expose of behind the scenes action that occur every day in every kitchen..Tony Bourdain without the heroin. About Me Name: Commando Cook Location: orlando, fla, United States see above View my complete profile Previous Posts Wh... "Expiate" ver... Happy as a clam....... Try not to pay attention to the description of thi... Archives December 2005 April 2006 June 2006 Friday, June 16, 2006 Where does that time go???? Actually,it's easy to explain where the time's called the bloody JOB!!! Ok,it is a bit of a lame excuse on the face of it,"But Bill we all have jobs"; Yes I can hear you...and if you find yourself watching the T.V. divas I can see where it might make one think the job's a breeze..let me put this into context
Nakid Women
Thank You!
Thank you guys for all the early b-day wishes and gifts! you guys are the fucking best!!! Lots of love and a shot of tequila coming at midnight! DeZ!
My Rising Sun
This Song Says It All
"Cold As You" You have a way of coming easily to me And when you take, you take the very best of me So I start a fight cause I need to feel something And you do what you want cause I'm not what you wanted [Chorus:] Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day Just walk away, ain't no use defending words that you will never say And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through I've never been anywhere cold as you You put up walls and paint them all a shade of gray And I stood there loving you and wished them all away And you come away with a great little story Of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you [Repeat Chorus] You never did give a damn thing honey but I cried, cried for you And I know you wouldn't have told nobody if I died, died for you (Died for you) Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day Every smile you fake is so condescending Counting all the scars you made And now that I'm sitting here thinking
Today Is So Different
I had a friend who referred me to this site, and for coce I can say is a different pace for me than the usual myspace stuff. I don't normally feel complete when I blog, and this way I can blog and not worry about what's going on in my head and wondering if it's going to be the wrong thing to put down. Blogs are supposed to be a way to express ourselves and yet I have hit so many blocks with trying to blog about my feelings and who knows what else. I am just hoping to break out of this shell somehow.
The Hidden Girl
Across the room they seem to see A smiling girl who looks like me. With two huge dimples on each cheek She laughs and talks, and always speaks. She's the girl they think would have it all. But inside her is where tears fall. Inside her mask is where I dwell This broken girl she hides so well. I try to wipe her tears away But they fall more each coming day She tries to laugh when her heart breaks But hurts with every smile she fakes. And inside her is where I dwell The hidden girl she hides so well. The girl that no one ever sees, Behind a mask that looks like me.
A Best Friend
A BEST FRIEND A best friend is always there, whether you need advice, or a pep talk, or even a shoulder to cry on. A best friend listens with her heart and is always honest with you, even though the truth may not be what you want to hear. A best friend knows all your secrets, understands your fears shares your dreams. A best friend never stops believing in you even if you give up on yourself. you are that kind of friend to me. And no matter what happens, you always will be. You are my best friend.... my forever friend.
Help Me Win My Week Blast Please!!!
The Hidden Angel
The kindest eyes i've ever met the sweetest kiss i've ever known The greatest friendship ever grown A glimpse of hope ever shown Ur the stars in the night sky A feeling is so strong we can't deny A strong embrace a gentle touch The greatest friend is as such A hand so warm a gaze so strong A touch so inviting this is where I belong My love is strong my heart is weak It is an answer that i seek A question rings in my mind and in my heart Do you love me as a friend and that we will never part? Do u want me to be by ur side Tell me this so my heart doesn't hide I try to hide my heart from you But then my love wouldnt be true
Hmm Yeah
1) jealous people sucks 2) my ankle hurts a lot 3) it was a very tiring day: i spent 6 hrs doing installing and configurating things in servers 4) i need vacations and now 5) and i need chocolate... 6) why the ones that call themselves they are friends of me (this is not here, is out of ct) only talk to me when they need me to fix their computer?????????? okay who answers the last get a million of thanks! lol good bloody night
Funny But Crule
Marriage - Part I Typical macho man married typical good-looking lady and after the wedding, he laid down the following rules: "I'll be home when I want, if I want and at what time I want and I don't expect any hassle from you. I expect a great dinner to be on the table unless I tell you that I won't be home for dinner. I'll go hunting, fishing, boozing and card-playing when I want with my old buddies and don't you give me a hard time His new bride said, "No, that's fine with me. Just understand that there will be sex here at seven o'clock every night .....whether you're here or not." (DAMN SHE'S GOOD!) ************************************ Marriage (Part II) Husband and wife had a bitter quarrel on the day of their 40th wedding anniversary! The husband yells, "When you die, I'm getting you a headstone that reads: "Here Lies My Wife - Cold As Ever "
That Damn Owl.
Give a hoot, don't pollute. Ok. Fine. But I'm not sure what a breast has to do with pollution.
TAKE THIS!Youuu...Name?:Samma Place of birth?:new york Which spice girl would you have been?:fuck you spice Are you a good/bad girl?:i put out Are you a virgin?:yes. *rolls eyes* Do you smoke weed?:got some? Drink alcohol?:sometimes Smoke cigarettes?:*inhales* Do you love life?:only when im gettin some Do you consider yourself lucky?:are you puttin out? What would you change about yourself? Don't say NOTHING:my sex life...duh Your dream date:the one that puts out Are u spoiled?:no....why dont you put out n spoil me? What do u hate about people?:they dont put out Are u a good student?:student of sex? Are u more flirtacious or shy?:gee i wonder Do u talk a lot?:only if my mouths not full What is ur zodiac sign?:sagifuckasauris Which character on sex n the city would u be?:prolly Miranda...honestly Do u get along with your parents?:only when they're not having sex your best quality:determination the best quality in someone of the opposite sex:their ability to intellectually hurt my brain
Is wrong with Americans...I can say that shit because I'm still Canadian, for now anyways. But American Idol was complete garbage. How are people voting for Sanjaya? Ughhhh If he makes it to the top 4 even I'm never watching that show again...complete Bullshit!!!
Angels Are Calling
i can hear the angels calling help me, i think i'm falling i can hear their little voices telling me to make right choices they come from all different directions they always ask so many questions why won't they let me be i only want to be free this is the new day and age where they can lock people in a cage this world's a crazy place it makes me feel like an empty space help me, i think i'm falling the angels have stopped calling
Inner Pain
I wrote this for a friend that is like a sister to me basically and it was my way of saying you are not alone. Understand that people care. Understand that they will be there. You are not alone in this battle you fight. Dont ever give up. Just get through the night. Youve been through a lot. Its not hard to see. The sadness in your words remind me of me. I too at one time felt sorrow and pain. The sun was removed and all I found was rain. You have what it takes to make it on through. Youve got your sister and me. We are here for you. In a word or a hug. The gesture is shown. Know in your heart. You are far from alone. Right now is a test to see what you need. Find it within. Eliminate the people of greed. Your feelings do matter. Dont ever think less. When you feel bottled up. Get it off of your chest. Talk and cry. Please dont hold it in. Rise above your fears. Tell yourself you will win. Sis, you can do it. You just gotta believe. Set your s
Yes Another Poem What Can I Say I Like Poems Lol
I write poetry to praise and glorify Christ, Jesus. So my works of art are acts of worship, not people pleasers. Understand one truth... Satan will stop at nothing to deceive us. But we have a God that promised to never leave us... I Stand behind My lord, I don’t try to lead him I don't spit rhymes, People I bleed'em I lived what i write, ask those that know me. It's more then just words, it's my TESTIMONY! So I walk what I talk, and no longer do what I did. I am free, no longer doing that spiritual bid! The bind has been broken, I am no longer bound. i was once lost, but now i am found! Warrior of God, believe me when I tell ya. Ready and willing to kick in the gates of hell, brah! For I have accepted my spiritual authority... Therefore demonic forces know not to bother me. Yet, far from perfection, so yeah I fall to sin. But I have a God that, that continually rescues me from the quick sand i jump in! Thought a righteous man falls 7 times, so shall he rise! And
Honey-glazed Chicken Wings
Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings Don't let the bare-bones ingredients list fool you -- these wings come bursting with flavor, thanks to the sublime sweet-salty pairing of honey and soy sauce. Marinate the chicken in the morning, and dinner's almost done! Credit: Kathy Gunst with the editors of Parenting magazine Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 16 chicken wings * 1/2 cup soy sauce * 1/2 cup honey * 2 lemons, squeezed Directions: Place the chicken pieces in a shallow pan. Mix all of the remaining ingredients in a medium bowl and pour over the chicken, turning several times to coat. Cover and refrigerate for at least 5 hours or overnight. Preheat the broiler or prepare a charcoal fire in an outdoor grill. Broil or grill the chicken for about 10 minutes on each side.
I spit life unto my seeds Because God speaks life to me And it’s only right to pass on the truth, the way and the light I spit life Because death is not an option See, The combination of chemicals Forming the breathe That God blessed me with Nurtures all things that it contacts My life giving sustenance Travels through airwaves, Translates onto paper in ink, graphite and pixels on computer screens I spit life with my hands and fingers, Or with my face, using an expression Or I could use my physical person To bless someone With life
Very Graphic U Have Been Warned!!!!!
Good Bye
Why Do They Do It
I don't understand why guy put girls pics on there main page. Are they gay or what, I don't understand at all. So if someone could enlighten me that would be great.
You would think.. after being married 2 times.. and dating since I was 14.. I would understand why someone would act like they were totally in love with me.. and then one day out of no where.. just flat out stop talking, no saying I don't want to be with you, no saying I don't want to talk anymore. Absolutely no words... All I can say is... I'm done dating! I don't need the drama that comes with it. He knows who he is that hurts me! Never thought a lousy explanation would be so much to ask for. Guess its just another man to prove to me all men really are alike when it comes to dating.
This Could Be The End
i thought u loved me but maybe it was all just a lie u want time to urself u say but yet you hang with other ppl u say mean things to me things to make me cry u say want to be with me but ur actions say otherwise you make me feel worthless guilty like everythings my fault that its my fault for ur actions i dont think theres nething i can do to make u happy i dont meet up to ur standards you seem to hate me for what i am which u say im emo if u hate emos so much why u still with me? i wish u could open ur eyes and see that ill never be perfect ill never be good enough for u will i?? ive tried and tried but it was never enough well im done trying to make u happy cuz apparently its not working so now its up to u are u willing to accept me for who i am? if not then this is goodbye
All The Drama...really Is It Necessary?
So much drama and I guess that I could get mad about it but after all this is the Internet and people do pretty much what they want to do but I look at it this way if you are going to rate something and then go back and down rate it seems pretty childish to me but some people believe that they will hurt someone’s feelings by doing such things and I guess that some people have to feel good about trying to hurt others.
Fear is a place we go when we don't know fear is the man in the shadows behind that bush or that memory or that time walking in the peace of the streetlights down the sidewalk waiting for fear to jump out grab us and pull us deeper into the metaphor just close your eyes and get lost in the metaphor of blue skies and fearless dreams
Hey Listen Up? I'm Lonely :{
Cum join me over here for a while and chat with me....muawww
Common Sense
Here All Alone
i sit here all alone on this night. i can't seem to find a friend, but i am going to wait because i know there is someone out there that wants to know me for who i really am. i sit and i sit but no one seems to come for me. i will be here waiting for you to come take me away over the sky's so blue. i will just sit and wait for you..........
Smart Women
Barbara Walters of 20/20 did a story on gender roles in Kabul, Afghanistan, several years before the Afghan conflict. She noted that the women customarily walked 5 paces behind their husbands. She recently returned to Kabul and observed that women still walk behind their husbands. From Ms. Walters' vantage point, despite the overthrow of the oppressive Taliban regime, the women now seem to walk even farther back behind their husbands and are happy to maintain the old custom. Ms. Walters approached one of the Afghani women and asked "Why do you now seem happy with the old custom that you once tried so desperately to change?" The woman looked Ms. Walters straight in the eyes and without hesitation said, "Land mines." Moral of the story: Behind every man is a smart woman.
Uncertain And Scared
i have had alot of things going on in my life right now... and i dunno wat to do about alot of them. one thing is certain, there is sum1 in my life that i do not wanna lose. and im afraid that im going to. i feel like im walkin on glass with everything i say and do. i wanna tell him how i feel, but im scared to death. im afraid that if i tell him, that he will walk away and not come back. he makes me smile and laugh. not too many people can do that very often. thinking of him gets me through my dayz... and lately my dayz have been very stressful. i dont know wat im gonna do when he deploys. i am so scared and confused right now. i hate going to sleep every night knowing that im going to wake up alone the next morning. i dont wanna do anything to hurt him, nor do i wanna be hurt. those who know me well enuff, know that ive been hurt more than enuff. i guess it builds character, but i think i have enuff character to last me the rest of my life. but i guess i will shut up
Just Something That Was On My Mind
I cut my wrists because I go through so much shit it's not even funny.You may think I have gotten through everything just fine but I guess that just shows you how well i can hide shit from you that i don't want you to see me go through I still do it when i don't get to talk to you for a long time because shit keeps gettin worse on my side of the fuckin world you only know half of what I go through because I don't think you even give a damn most of the fuckin time I already know you don't give a fuck if you don't talk to me or not cause you promise you will and you don't even answer your fuckin phone you say you "love" me and that I "mean" the world to you but all of this fuckin bullshit don't add up to me anyways does it to you?if so I wanna know how it adds up to you I cant stand thinkin about loosing you but if it takes that for you to realize how much you really care so be it that will just show how wrong we were for each other and I know if I didn't love you I wouldn't have stuck a
Giving It Both Barrels
British Thinking
About Me
...::About Me::...
And You Are My Hero,
AND YOU ARE MY HERO, AMERICA'S HERO... YOU ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST, PASSED THE ULTIMATE TEST, GRATEFULLY, WE THANK YOU, ALSO SAY, "GOD BLESS YOU," BECAUSE YOU'RE A HERO... AMERICA'S HERO. Firefighters are trained to save lives, No matter how hot the flames, They have to put all their fears aside. Police forces, always on the beat, No matter how bad they feel, They are trained to protect our streets. Paramedics, on call day and night, They work to ensure our health, They will not ever give up the fight. Search and rescue teams, dogs at their side, Going wherever they're needed, To find those lost or missing inside. Doctors, nurses, and medical teams, Working together, ease our pain, To make us healthy again, their dream AND YOU ARE MY HERO, AMERICA'S HERO... YOU ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST, PASSED THE ULTIMATE TEST, GRATEFULLY, WE THANK YOU, ALSO SAY, "GOD BLESS YOU," BECAUSE YOU'RE A HERO... AMERICA'S HERO.. ------------
Australia And Spain
What To Pray For
What to Pray For by John Piper If you are like me, you find that from time to time your prayer life needs a jolt out of the rut it has fallen into. We tend to use the same phrases over and over. We tend to default to worn out phrases (like the word default). We fall into patterns of mindless repetition. The devil hates prayer. Our own flesh does not naturally love it. Therefore, it does not come full-born and complete and passionate from the womb of our heart. It takes ever renewed discipline. Years ago, when I wrote Let the Nations Be Glad, I argued that prayer is a wartime walkie-talkie, not a domestic intercom. God is more like a general in Command Central than a butler waiting to bring you another pillow in the den. Of course, he is also Father, Lover, Friend, Physician, Shepherd, Helper, King, Savior, Lord, Counselor. But in this fallen “world with devils filled,” prayer will function best when we keep the frequency tuned to Command Central in the fight of faith. So wh
National Anthems
Hey Friends...I have MANY new pics up...Stop by and rate them plz. Thanx:JDsWoman
Do I Make You Horny Baby?
hello all , i have enterd he sexy men of ct contest and because of my work schedule(double shifts this week) i am WAY WAY behind and could really use YOUR hlp stop on by let me know if you think im sexy , or even if u think im ugly lol either way leave me some comment bombs lol Everyone knows ill return the favor when it comes time and u need the love returned .last time i even went as far as sending out thank you cards and messages to everyone =) so PLS PLS PLS i need some love shown cause i wont be able to do much for myself this time =( TY in advance to all my friends and loved ones *MUAH*
In This Life We Often See
In this life we often see, As a manner turns the tide, A mark of this reality, That makes us prone to wont and hide. I see lady liberty, With her hand to her heart in memory, While she wrote in her book things we should never see, As she stared in horror at the scene. She stands alone in smoke-filled skies, As she watched us all with teary eyes, As four thousand men wrote their demise, From where hate and devilish blood-lust lies. Now what cost of men and waste of life, And global turns of fire and ire, Shall we be better than the latter? Or in our hate evil admire? So “memory” she says to me, For forgotten woe is as if none be, And with this wrong we all agree, Or else with jaded masks we wearers see. So now in stone have carved these words, For in this- This document shall we remember, That which hate has cost these lives, On this Eleventh of September.
Another Shift Over, But You Refuse To Go
another shift over, but you refuse to go, want to stay on the job until they are all found, exhaustion takes over, your head is hanging low, you take a nap on a blanket that's on the ground, a nightmare wakes you up, and tears track down your face, wearily, you suit up, slowly rise to your feet, you dreamed it was you caught in that terrible space, that's when you hear the little voice say, "my name's pete," you look down, there's a little boy in a wheelchair, bending down, you rub his head, big tears fill his eyes, "thank you so much for finding my daddy down there, he's now an angel who's looking down from the skies," he says, "do you need a hug, someone to talk to?" a lump forms in your throat, you don't know what to say, you hold the boy close, you softly tell him, "thank you, you don't realize what you did for me today, "i was going to resign, was going to quit, because of what happened, too many lives were lost, we're trained to save li
Jim Jeffries
He Lies On The Surgery Table
He lies on the surgery table Bright lights shine in his face. He knows this is his last chance. He may live or he may die today. A masked nurse stands next to him, pulling warming blankets up to his neck. "It's going to be fine." She reassures him reaching under the blanket for his shaking arm. He smiles weakly at her and says, "Whatever you do, please don't let go of my hand." A cop runs from his squad car, red and blue lights cut the darkness. He runs to the thin blonde girl lying on the street. Pulling on gloves he talks urgently into the call mike on his shoulder. Begging to send Rescue - fast. He bends down to the young girl, gently pushing blood tinged hair from her face. "Hey, just lie still. Help is on the way. What's your name?" She doesn't answer. Her eyes staring straight ahead. He feels for a pulse. "Stay with me now sweetie!" He says putting one arm under her neck gently turning her to him. He holds her blood smeared righ
Dylan Moran
Bill Bailey
I Was Lost In A Storm Of Fire
I was lost in a storm of fire And I lost many brothers with me To protect and serve and rescue It’s all I ever wanted to be And all this haze around me Leaves me feeling strangely out of place I no longer know where I am I remove the mask from my face I do not recognize a thing And I seem to be all alone A minute ago I was exhausted, tired to the bone Suddenly that feeling’s gone And in it’s place a certain peace As if this inferno no longer existed From the wall of flames I’ve been released I finally look around me And nothing seems quite real All this chaos and destruction Turning like a wheel But I watch as from afar And the distance only grows And then I see others like me Perhaps one of them will know What has happened, where we are Rising above the fallen city Shooting through the stars We seem to be following a path Though I know not where it goes I only know that things have changed And we can’t return to those below I
Ian Stone
Papa Cj
Conversation Starter
If you had to describe yourself as a drink, what would you be and why? I'll start: I'd be a margarita, on the rocks, with salt! Always fun, a little sweet, a bit adventurous and will stay with ya till the end! Now it's your turn! :-)
Sexual Iq?
You have a sexual IQ of 123 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
I Went To Jail
anna will go to jail for ... Resisting arrest while having sex 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
General Screen Name Rulez 4 Cherrytap
General Screen name rulez 4 CherryTAP 1. If u are ugly, Pleaze add the word "Goddess" to your screen name. 2. If u are above average in width (OBESE) pleaze add the word "little" or "baby" 2 your screen name. 3. If u are insecure and have no life, pleaze add the word "devil" or "demon" 2 your screen name. 4. If u are a total internet whore, pleaze add the name "lady" to your screen name 5. Add more 2 this and repost.......
I Am Tired!
I am tired... I worked .... 12 hours!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is my LAST DAY! I am sad... Not because I will miss the job, but I will miss the people...:( I have an interview friday though... I hope I get the job! I need money... I need my own car,,, well I am tired~ Night night
Jimmy Cricket (classic)
~~ Manure...a True Story~~
Subject: Manure...A True Story > Manure: In the 16th and 17th centuries, everything had to be transported > by ship and it was also before commercial fertilizer's invention, so large > shipments of manure were common. > > It was shipped dry, because in dry form it weighed a lot less than when > wet, but once water (at sea) hit it, it not only became heavier, but the > process of fermentation began again, of which a by product is methane gas. > As the stuff was stored below decks in bundles you can see what could (and > did) happen. > Methane began to build up below decks and the first time someone came > below at night with a lantern, BOOOOM! > Several ships were destroyed in this manner before it was determined just > what was happening > After that, the bundles of manure were always stamped with the term "Ship > High In Transit" on them, which meant for the sailors to stow it high > enough off the lower decks so that any water that came into the hold w
I Begin To Fall
I wanna take you there to that place that only comes in a dream if you know what I mean. A perfect image that comes from the bliss of a soft sensous kiss Can you begin to tell me if this is what you miss? I see it in your eyes when I stare at an image thats not really there.... at all... and I begin to slowly fall. It is possible to explore what the mind cant see with creativity. Such as the kind I have in me
About Me...
All About Me SurveyTake This Survey at Quizopolis.comI AmbitchyI Wantto be richI Havealmost everythingI Wishi don\'tI Hateno oneI Fearsnakes and spiders
Christmas Tidings
Would You
Welcome 2 the Nasty Survey. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!! rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 Other PPL 1.Would u fuck me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ want me to have u in? answer: 3.Would u give me head/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u fuck me hard? answer: 5.Would u fuck me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u fuck me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then fuck me? answer: 9.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 10.What makes u want 2 fuck me? answer: 11.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we fucked? answer: 12.Where would u fuck me @? answer: 13.Would u fuck me in front of people? answer: 14.Would u fuck me again and again? answer: 15.Would u fuck me in the rain? answer: 16.Would u mind if we fucked like ........ stars? answer: 17.Would u have ph
Women Don't Drive
Women Keep Your Virtue
Check Out Contest
Just Stared This Again
i will have new pics soon
Self Defence
Women Know Your Limits
Conjugal Rights
To all My friends Stop by and Rate this Pic!! It's Her First Contest. No Comment Bombimg Needed.. I just want to show Sum Luv to the Most special person in my life! My sister! Help me out... :) You all were awsome at helping me out! Thanks 2 everyone! Just click her pic (pic is Link), and Rate 10 Cherries! Much LUV 4 U!
yay ma birthday is sunday woot woot
Not Much To Say Tonight.....
I havent blogged in a few days,everything going well,except the fact im realizing Im married and in love with my best friend......enough said !!!!!
Harry Enfields Scousers
Freddie Starr
sign my guess book please and ty tgo all who did SENDING MY LOVE BACK OUT TO U ALL
Taxes (oh No!!!)
Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table at which he's fed. Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes are the rule. Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat. Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt. Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he tries to think. Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries, then Tax his tears. Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways to tax his ass Tax all he has then let him know That you won't be done till he has no dough. When he screams and hollers, then tax him some more, Tax him till he's good and sore. Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in which he's laid. Put these words upon his tomb, "Taxes drove me to my doom..." When he's gone, do not relax, Its time to apply the inheritance tax. Accounts Receivable Tax, Building Permit Tax, CDL License Tax, Cigarette Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Dog License Tax, Federal Income Tax, Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA), Fishing License Tax, Fo
Lee Evans Live At Wembley
Billy Connolly At The Parent's For Safe Food 1989
New Tappers 4-11-06
I’d like everyone to meet and greet some of my friends Most have just joined today All are level 1 to 3 Please show them some love onesxybrat@ CherryTAP Narcissist@ CherryTAP nickers@ CherryTAP Daily@ CherryTAP marie@ CherryTAP stunnahbitchx3@ CherryTAP luvs2photograph@ CherryTAP M/ kIMMIE@ CherryTAP Rayn@ CherryTAP dave@ CherryTAP xtigerchickx17@ CherryTAP Miss Imperfection
The Veins Of Love
Sipping from your pulsing veins Hearing your heart pound like rain Walking through the midnights fire Letting it take us even higher Warming my heart with your love Making me fear the cross above Transforming my lust and fire Laying next to you is my only desire! Finding peace in your arms Falling for all your charm Being seduce by blood and bone For your heart is my new home Scott baker
Thinking Of You
Thinking of you by Sammie Somebody sumwhere dreams of your smile and while thinking of you thinks that life is worth while so whenever your lonely remember it's true somebody somewhere is thinking of you.

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