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Oooops Your Bad
Ya know when you had that girl who would give you the world then you give her up... Your BAD!!!!!!! Ya know when you see your EX in a club and you wanna make her jealous so you start to rub up on your current just to make it look GOOD!!!!! So SAD!!!!! See you need to realize... We got it like that... and YOUR replacement will always be 10X hotter!!! Unlike yours!!! See you lost your dime!!! Now your messin with not even half of what you used to have... AWWWW POOR THING!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER WHAT YOU HAD!!! CAUSE YOULL NEVER SEE THIS ASS AGAIN!!!!!!!
7 Day Blast
pls help me by comment bombing me on my 7 day blast pls i need lots of help. i need less than 800 comments pls help ty all and love ya all :)
All I Really Wanna Do
Morons Kill Through Stupidity
OK the realy shity news came today. Not only did the university of Florida vet clinic loose all of buds information but they charged an extra $80 for shit they did today, they were complete assholes, and they want another $350 to opperate on things they "missed cuting out on the first visit". Why the fuck is everything that school does so complety rude, botched, expensive, incopentant, their concept of 5 min is realy 1 1/2 hours, they make you make an appointment yet make you wait for an hour(s) & yet they have such high ratings with their programs. They took all my money from me, they put bud through hell, they sent her home with meds that state FOR DOGS ONLY, then fucked up & lost her antibiotics perscription, will only fix their fuck up if another $350 crosstheir palm, then had the odasity to say "well she's an old iguana any way, most die before they are 3." WHAT THE FUCK?????????? I think they just want to cut her up again. Fucking students, & fuck the resident vet there. MO
Internet Communities
Communities on the internet are all the same. I have been around and observed long enough to see that drama and cliques exsist on just about every type of chat forum. I used to be part of an "internet community" I guess you could say and chose to flee. I came to cherrytap because it appealed to me in the sense that it was more grown up then myspace. I am a wife and mother of 2 children. I work part-time on the weekends on Grave shift, which screws with my sleeping. So for me the internet has become a way for me to keep in contact with the outside world while I am still at home with my children. Although I sit here and chat with people I still have time with my children and I am not out leaving my children with a sitter to get that adult communication. I have met some incredible people on this machine and some I call my friends. I have found, like I said in my previous blog, that it is hard on cherrytap to actually make friends with people. I started going to the mumms abou
To My Friends And Soon To Be Friends
I'ts my first blog and I don't know what to say, I'm drunk but i still don't know what to say, I can walk around everyday pretending like I don't know what to say when i really do, I can tell you not to go out with this or that person cause their not right for you and i would be right, Or not to do this or that and once cause it's not good for you again I would be right, I could tell you not to say this or that cause it might get you in trouble,or even not to smoke this or that cause you will not remeber what you did the next morning, I can tell you not to drink this or that cause if you do then they will take advantage of you, or i can just sit back and just pretendthat, I Just Don't Know What To Say!
What ???? Now??? you got that right!!! Suckss... It's suppose to be white christmast NOT white February... whatever!
The Most Important Blog You Will Ever Read.
spoilers at the bottom.... definitely important. RE: The Most Important Bulletin Post you will EVER read. ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Connect the Dots, Assemble the Truth Date: Feb 13, 2007 1:04 PM Sorry for the bulletin Blitz...but im afriad im being shut down. I have the site backed up elsewhere but i will loose all of you once this site is deleted. I see a lot of you paying attention and spending a lot of thought on things that you are SEEING.. You are reacting to what you are SEEING... But it isn't about what you are SEEING. It isn't about the Branches...its about the roots... and that takes some digging.. Stop crying over the branches and dying leaves... ITS THE ROOT. Dig! and start here..Google these and answer these questions in as much detail as you can. Get a complete grip on these two things. 1. Executive Order 11110 2. Who Started the Federal Reserve, Who owns it? Just keep copying and pas
What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You
You scored as Mysterious. You wish to hide who you are from all those around you. You find it very hard to trust people. You also may enjoy the fun that comes from playing mind games with others around you.My advice Get out there and reveal the true you if only to one person!Mysterious100%Eyes full of Pain100%Diamond Eyes58%Passion50%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
What Kind Of Writer Should Ou Be?
You Should Be a Song Writer You have the ability to evoke emotion, tell a story, and hook someone... In a very small amount of words, perhaps with some deft rhyming. Even if you can't write music, you can sure write compelling lyrics. Lyrics so good, people will have them stuck in their heads! What Type of Writer Should You Be?
Thank You For The Level.. Again!
This is to all my VIC buddies for the freaking b*tch-ton of 11's I got today.. I burned mine pretty quick hitting you back :) And everyone who rated me all day long.. this happy hour stuff ain't that bad :) i dont fully agree with paying 100 dollars for it, but the benefits are nice
A Cherokee Feast Of Days 2/14/07
A Cherokee Feast of Days by Joyce Sequichie Hifler Once a person gets despair out of the way, few things can slow his progress. Despair is the dividing line between those who can take impossibility in stride and those who wilt at the first sign of opposition. Too much energy is absorbed in despair. Strength gives way to weakness and weakness robs us of the will to overcome. Anything that wastes energy should be left behind. Energy cuts doubt to the bone. When a word of power is spoken, new strength is generated. Power words are not just u wo du hi, pretty words, but strong words of courage that are heard in the ear and then in the heart where they stay to do a perfect work. ~ This is a serious time with you. May the Lord bring you out of all your troubles. Trust your course with Him. ~ CHIEF JOHN ROSS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 13 "I wanted to feel, smell, hear and see, but
The Magic Moccasins.
The beat of the drum sounds across the land. My heart is beating to its rhythm. The drum group sings the powwow songs and the people dance the circle. Elders lead the dance as the people move to the rhythm of the Mother's heart beat. I stand there just outside the circle and watch the people dance around the drum in the middle as they move around the circle. Such a beautiful sight, some in full regalia others in every day tee shirts and blue jeans. Some move very gracefully others just walk slowly taking steps to the beat. I see one Grandfather in the lead, he moves so smoothly, and with such grace. His dance is very fancy, with jumps and spins. He dances like a young man. I know this Grandfather, he has been a teacher to me before. I have seen him dance many times, but never have I seen him move so smoothly and gracefully. He has on moccasins I have never seen before. They are the most beautiful beaded moccasins I have ever seen. I am so touched by Grandfather's dance. Watching him,
What Kind Of Writer Should Ou Be?
You Should Be a Song Writer You have the ability to evoke emotion, tell a story, and hook someone... In a very small amount of words, perhaps with some deft rhyming. Even if you can't write music, you can sure write compelling lyrics. Lyrics so good, people will have them stuck in their heads! What Type of Writer Should You Be?
There Seems To Be A Lot More Concerne With Popularity Than With Reality
Seem that no matter where you go on the net everybody is concerned with thier popularity. There is a lot of wasted time with people and their contest's and its alright but really mabey you should check out some current events or watch a docmentary enlighten your mind a little. It's just a suggestion. Most people that will see this will do nothing but keep worring about thier image. But if u do read this and decide to enlighten yourself thats incrediable then take your new found knowledge and share it with a friend,enlighten them as well
I Wuv You Guys!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!
____..___8"=, , 88, _.__________________≠ ≠_____8""=""8'__"88a8≠8'_______________ .._≠.;88m_a8___, 8""_"8______________≠__ _"8"'__"88"__A"___≠__8;_____________ ___≠"8, __"8___8_______"8, ___________ ____"8___≠8, __8, _______"8__________ _≠____8, __"8, _"8, ______ 8, __________ _____"8, __"8, _"8mm""""""8m.______≠____ ______"8, am888i"'___I3, mm"___________ ______≠, 8"___8"__I3.m888"___≠__________ _____, 88P"""""I3I888888___≠___________ _____"'__≠_______"I888________≠________ ____________≠______"I8___________≠_____ _______________≠____"I8_____________≠__ __________________≠"I8______________ ___≠___, mmeem.m""i, _I8""__, mmeem, '._ _______m""____._"≠8.8_I8__, 8"___.__"8_ _______i8≠__._'__, mi""8I8_, 8_._'__, 8"8 ______88.'_, mm""____"8I88"m, , mm'"___8 ______"8_m""≠_________"I8___""'__≠_____ _______"8______≠_______I8___________≠__ __________________≠____I8_____________ _≠____________________≠_I8""___________ ____≠__________________I8≠_____________ _______≠________
Distant Lover (erotica)
Life leads us all down different roads ours seem far apart tho I know that there will come a time when our two paths will cross When the universe allows the chance for us to be as one I will rejoice with gleeful cries when you touch me deep inside I'll take you higher than you've gone before then gently set you down in parting I shall say to you our paths will cross once more ©Dark
Flashes of life slowly pass your eyes, as instances happen to you in a brief second, recently some things have flashed before me and in every instance anything and everything that I ever cared for or loved couldve been gone. Personally its scary to think about that fact that one day your here and the next you could be gone. It scares me to death to think that my son, might one day have to live without his father, hopefully a lot later than sooner but you never know, its scary to think that maybe one day I would have to live without my son. You do what you can on a daily basis to survive and lived in a world full of hate, distrust, and the hussle and bussle of your daily lives. Do your self a favor, slow town take a look at what you have instead of what you dont have. Do your self a favor and hug your child you havnt hugged in weeks or months. Tell your wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend that you love them, more than likely they love you back and it will bring you closer together. Do
Crew Chiefs Suspended & More
this was in the news today... I put my 2 cents in at the bottom >>> By JENNA FRYER, AP Auto Racing Writer DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - NASCAR vowed last summer to crack down on cheaters, pledging to toughen penalties in a sport where bending the rules is as common as banging bumpers. Officials made good on that promise Tuesday. NASCAR suspended the crew chiefs for Matt Kenseth, Kasey Kahne, Scott Riggs and Elliott Sadler and docked all four drivers points before the season-opening Daytona 500 ó its strongest statement to date on cheating. All four cars failed qualifying inspection, and a fifth, Michael Waltrip's startup Toyota Camry, faces additional penalties that could be even more severe. "It's obvious that we've ramped up our penalties and we're going to get people's attention," competition director Robin Pemberton said. "We're going to grab this one by the horns." Robbie Reiser, crew chief for Kenseth, and Kenny Francis, crew chief for Kahne, were suspended four rac
If Only (erotica)
The Fire burning deep inside Passion building I can't hide I need to yell and scream and shout Can you feel what it's about The heat between us so intense Stealing all the innocent pertience I yearn to have you between my thighs Filling me with rythmic strides Can you feel my fires heat Place my hand agaisnt your meat Lips are burning for your kiss Whisper soft to me your wish Would you have me bind your hands Would you think that it was grand Would you desire that I treat you cruel When I would rather have you rule Tell me are you burning hot Can you feel my passion not Each time I seek you out it seems I am only reaching out for dreams I wonder what you'd have me do If I were standing there with you ©Dark
Perverted Jokes
An old lady is rocking away the last of her days on her front porch, reflecting on her long life, when, all of a sudden, a fairy godmother appears in front of her and informs her that she will be granted three wishes. "Well, now," says the old lady, "I guess I would like to be really, really rich." ***POOF*** her rocking chair turns to solid gold. She smiles and says, "Gee, I guess I wouldn't mind being a young, beautiful princess." ***POOF*** she turns into a beautiful young woman. "Your third wish?" asked the fairy godmother. Just then the old woman's cat wanders across the porch in front of them. "Ooh...can you change him into a handsome prince?" she asks. ***POOF*** there before her stands a young man more handsome than anyone could possibly imagine. She stares at him, smitten. With a smile that makes her knees weak. He saunters across the porch and whispers in her ear: "Bet you're sorry you had me neutered!" _________________________________________________ The mana
This Sucks
I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok So
i have this horrible cold and its killing me, depending on how fast i can kick it i may not be on a few days, right now its hard to hold my head up, lol. but ill miss you guys
Valentines Day
valentines is one of those days that some seem to work there selves up over.....on the softer side of me this says you shouldn't be like that just one day but everyday for the ones you on that monster dark side of me it says look into the true history of the day and now thats a real reason to see red and hearts.......lmao have bloddy fucking happy valentines day all
Happy Valentines To My Friends
Where Ever He Has Gone
A poet said he died today Packed his pen and went away For reason unknown "I'll write no more" He said goodbye and hit the door. A tear I shed from hearing this Oh what poetry I shall miss Could his have been the words that saved A stranger form an early grave What brought him low with just one chop I do not know he did not cop But a hole he left that can't be filled So I shall cry at the window sill The night is dark that I do reap And for his lost poetry I shall weep. ©Dark
Valentine's Day
So I am going to try not to be one of those people who complains about Valentine's Day, especially because I know it is a nice holiday if you have someone because I have celebrated it quite a few times before. Even though up until know I was looking at it as just another Wednesday, now that it is here I can't help but feel just a tad bit on the lonely side. The weather is really bad here so that doesn't help either. I just don't really get the whole single situation. I really don't mind it so much, but I really don't understand it either. I mean, I'm half decent looking, a nice person, funny, up for anything, etc. And it's not that I can't get dates, it's just that I never seem to like the person when we go out. I just can't seem to click with anyone or have any chemistry, which is essential to a relationship, at least to me. So I guess it is partly my fault, but I won't pretend to like someone just for the sake of having someone, it isn't fair to them or me. Oh well, that's all, no
Good Ride Gone Bad (humor... Sorta)
Is this a dream or is it real The moon is full it's time to feel Cold blue steel between my thighs Trembling rumbling it's time to ride Bound up my hair with leather ties Wrap my body in armored hides Zip up my boots with heels a must And climb aboard to feel his thrust The heat is rising between my legs My lovers passion gently begs I swoon and sway to the asphalt dance But when hit that dog I 'bout shit my pants ©Dark
I Have Been Gone Far Too Long
Hi friends and cherry Tappers.I have been gone from here for far too long.I miss talking to all my friends. hope everyone is doing well. Happy Valentines day. SMoochesXXX BRANDIE
When My Sun Sets
Sun on my skin and wind in my hair No where to be and life without care The back road, the byway, seldom the highway That's how I like it, riding done my way Riding the night breezes miles from home When riding at midnight you're riding alone Dark40 out here boys, just stars for light When you're riding at all it must be alright Darkness envelopes you on down the lane The trees close in and the sky does wane Time for reflection passes too fast The stars reappears and the curves are a blast The rumble of the engine as you're pulling through gears Drowns the howls in the distance and all of your fears The older I get and the more that I know Tells me there'll come a time, for a ride, I'll trade even my soul When past the age and time to ride And I no longer have that place to hide I'll take to the road when darkness abounds And find my way home when my scoot goes down ©Dark
Cherrytap A Nice Place To Be
hello,all my cherrytapper friends,I wanted to thank you all for being out there this is just a wonderful place with such wonderful people,...there are so many kind-hearted and caring individuals here I consider this place home,a nice place to come 24-7 when im sick or relaxed or need to rest my feet. And I am thankful for that.
You scored as Sex God. You are a master at sex. You make your partner weak in the knees, and you know it. You've had the practice, and you've read the books, but don't get too cocky (pun intended) or you'll get put into place.Sex God80%A Slave To BDSM78%A Romantic50%Virgin30%How are you in bedcreated with
Warrior's Cry
In full motion gliding fast A twist and roll I hit the gas The night air needles pierce And I crack a smile that looks fierce Rolling down the two lane night The swamp smells at their very height A bat wings over head leading the way To places high and tinted gray A wolf does howl deep in the night And calls me home with all his might Yet in this passionate ride I'm on My mind is soaring and the world's gone I twist the throttle a little more And into eagle warrens I soar The past is gone the future night The present flashes timeless by And in my head a warrior cries Today is a good day to die ©Dark
Hey Guys!!
Hey Guys that I recently added, thanks for the add Requests!!! Check out my Cherry Page and tell me if u like it!!
On Being Tired
I need to embrace Morpheus hold him close and treat him as a lover keep him within the circle of my arms that I might dream To feel the gentle swaying as my mind does slip maddeningly away and cover my mouth that I not scream His kiss upon my eyes would be welcome as a lovers kiss on a moonless night lips soft touch calling me gently into sleep Where is the god of dreams when one has need does he drink the wine of Bacchus high on mountains steep Does he terry long and lovingly with Clotho, Atropos, and Lachesis as they weave out my fate Perhaps he counsels Ares on long dark lonely nights tormenting him with hate Come to me now oh lord of sleep and dreams and take me far and wide from this place that I may sleep a hundred years in just a moments space. ©Dark
Sleepless Night
It's one thing to not sleep It's one thing to be depressed but to not sleep and be depressed can cause me great distress to roam the house from night to dawn with dark thoughts that are not calm and in the light of day when asked what is wrong your biggest fear is that you will go off like a bomb the mind is so convoluted with dark twisting corridors and in every room you try to look for a brief moment of light but the lights go out and the wind blows cold and slams the doors tight depression and sleeplessness may go hand in hand but in the dark the silent dark insanity reigns the land ©Dark
Im Online
Dark is who I am And often what I am Rarely am I tame Knowing I'm not sane ©Dark
New Yummy Pics ......... Also....................................
I have a few new pics also I need to put some new ones on there because i have red hair as of now just did it a few hours ago so i need some hot sexy new ones with my sexy red hair . coming soon.....xoxo
Your Duty As A Citizen
In the name of national security: PLEASE HELP ME LEVEL UP! I have some important issues of national concern that I need to mumm about, but I can't do so until I get to level 5. PLEASE!! Help me tell George what to do.
What I Ride! You Ask... Why?
I ride a Kawasaki Vulcan Not to dis American It's the best bike in the land That answers always to My hand I take it down the road most nights And it takes me to such great heights It never gives me trouble I could ride 'til I saw double It doesn't shake to the bone Like other bikes that some own It keeps me riding in the wind And has bequethed me many a friend It follows roads smooth, rough, or loose I wouldn't trade it for a Guzz' It's taken me from here to there In fact it takes me everywhere I do not own a car you see For it could Not set my soul free I'll ride the night winds 'til I die And scream the banshi's hellish cry The joy it gives me I did learn Is greater than any thing can return It doesn't matter What I ride It only matters how I feel inside It's like I'm trapped in a great spell and breaking it would feel like hell So I'll go ride my forgien bike if you don't like it you can take a hike ©Dark
Just Things On My Mind!!!
Right now alot of things have been going on in my brain from having that mild case of HPV which scares me although its only mild if it does progress it can lead to cervical cancer...Then I went back on birthcontrol I even asked my man if it would bother him and he told me no hes happy with the one child we have together and I know im happy with my daughter and son I really dont think much about having anymore...Then out of no where my man was drinking and he comes out with I want another baby...Im like thinkin where the hell did this come from...I told him do to the fact of my anxiety and stress and all im going through at least let me get my mind fixed first and hes like your fixed But men dont seem to realize anything much about issues us women have most men can bottle up all their issues but us women we can spill our guts out about more than them NO OFFENSE MEN!!! I just know if I were to try and have a baby this second I couldnt handle it...Geez I can barely get out of my house wit
mailto:?subject= Zoloft, Trojan, Partner in Campaign Aimed at Female Sexual Satisfaction&body=Thought that you would enjoy this irreverent article from Mamacita! ... Zoloft, Trojan, Partner in Campaign Aimed at Increasing Female Sexual Satisfaction Worried about your orgasm during casual sex? Try Zoloft! Women annoyed by spam from sites selling Viagra and Cialis may soon find solicitations related to their sexual satisfaction in their inboxes as the drug industry moves to respond to the findings of a new study . The Copenhagen (where else?) study released June 20 mapped the brain function of 11 men and 13 women and their partners during orgasm. The study revealed that the parts of the brain governing fear, anxiety and emotional control are switched off when a woman is having an orgasm but remain active if she is faking. "How strange that a trusting, familiar environment with a loving partner makes all the differ
First Word Ending -ly (erotica)
Softly you came to my bed that night Gently you kissed me and held me tight Slowly you slid your hand up high Firmly you pressed you rod to my thigh Silently asked me to go for a ride Lazily spread my lips open wide Quickly rubbed my spot just there Easily found it without any hair Regularly checked to see if it was slick Eagerly entered me deep with your stick Patiently stroked me long within Pleasantly recreated the original sin Increasingly harder and faster and deep Openly loved me not needing sleep Laughingly prodded me until I came Forcefully moved to cause it again Fervently pounded to make us both cum Comfortably sighed when we were all done Blissfully closed your eyes when we were through Skillfully lied whispering I Love You ©Dark
Valentine Application
Valentine Application!!! would you makeout with me me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would you sleep with me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Would you... (Check all that apply) [] Buy me cute underwear? [] Buy me flowers? [] Take me out to dinner? [] Buy me a drink? [] Buy me a thong? (For girls only...I hope) [] Get me some chocolates Name one thing you would like to do to me... I look like.. [] A player [] Next bf/gf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] A loser If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. ?? [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends [] Friends with benefits [] have sex On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What
The Treasures In Life
There are treasures in life, But owners are few Of money and power, To buy things brand new. Yet you can be wealthy And feel regal, too, If you will just look, For the treasures in you. These treasures in life, are not hard to find, when you look in your heart, your soul, and your mind. For when you are willing to share what's within, Your fervent search for riches will end. The joy and the laughter, the smile that you bring; The heart unafraid to love and to sing. The hand always willing, to help those in need; ones quick to reach out to labor and feed. So, thank you for sharing, these great gifts inside; The caring, the sharing, the hug when I cried. Thanks for the energy, encouragement too. And thank you for sharing the treasures in you. Happy Valentines
The Proposal
The proposal Damp and cold am I Cloudy is the morning sky I see a weeping willow cry As the thunder storm roles by Crisp is the morning grass Roses bloom as I pass I raised a eye as I walk I seen two lovers talk He is Whispering in her ears She broke down and shed a tear Holding a box and her hand He asked her if he could take her hand Scott Baker
Your Love Has Given My Heart Wings
Your Love Has Given My Heart Wings Everyone needs to have someone who knows the right thing to do and say Someone who's gentle, who tenderly shows true kindness and warmth every day.... Everyone needs to have someone who shares, who makes happy wishes come true. Everyone needs to have someone who cares... I'm Lucky.....My Someone is You Happy Valentines, SweetHeart
Real Westcoast Hip-hop
DALUSIONS OF GRANGER1.My mental formilation comes soo MACABLY its a backstabber. 2.M.C probbing deep like a dagger.3.Blunts keep a ninja cloud nine korsair X-MEN fans could say GARGAMEL is true STARJAMMER.4.Beasting out harder then Kelsey Grammer switching up your antimater. 5.My "mouth piece" stays unholsterd & ready meaning its a verbal thumpper with a pulled back hammer.6.Words are sluggs I spit burn puncture & splatter.7.CHAOTIC DAMIZE CRIMINALS stay bent on ending LIFE or what ever it does'nt matter.8.I'm dodging all drama drenched in HATER-AIDE & slander.9.FUCK the dumb shit and your"BOOSH-WAH"glammer.10.Its all about dwelling on pastense adventures incorperating DALUSIONS OF GRANGER.
going to cali 2 weeks, fuckin excited. Gunna be refin the NXL in LA and im going broke so itll be nice to start making $ agian, the off season gets old lol. well i just yawned so im passin out, peace outty!
I Face The World
I face the world with a smile, No one knows what I hide inside. They see only happiness, No one sees the tears cried. It`s gone! What`s gone? My mind? Soul? No, I`m fine... not really... Deep inside, something is missing I look forward to the nights When behind closed eyes you appear Just a vision in my dreams When will you step from My dreams and into my world? Only in the dark of night Can I share my love with you The morning always comes... Like the shimmering mist You slowly disappear With the coming of the sun As I go through my day I search the faces I pass Is it you that I dream of? Searching... searching... Night times are beyond compare We sparkle like the stars above In my dreams... your love Makes me feel whole again When will you step from My dreams and into my world?
Scream, I cried out in anguish, Tearing at the skin that held you, Scream, I cried out in hate, Ripping apart the old and new, Suffer, I screamed into your face, Spraying poison in your eyes, Suffer, I screamed in distress, Digging deep into your disguise, Bleed, I howled in hunger, Digging my claws into your chest, Bleed, I howled in desire, Laying you down to rest, Sleep, I wept with torment, Brushing aside your hair, Sleep, I wept in angst, Stilling a soul in the air, Iím sorry, I whispered in sorrow, Twisting in deathís violent dance, Iím sorry, I whispered in regret, Taking away your last and final chance.
Here It Is...
the contest is now open. here is the link. thanxs for ur help. i would like to win, i think it would b kewl to be considered the sexiest eyes on CT! thanx in advance for ur support!
Another Poem
I'M SO HORNY i'm so horny i need cunt in my mouth ill be blunt suck my cock drink my cum stick my boner in your bum lick my balls and my dick get on top then ill stick my cock inside your warm vagina panacakes with aunt jamima pussy pops bondage chains pleasure pains ride the horsey grab the reins drive it in with doggystyle on your tongue i let it spill if you spit it i dont care at least i know that i was there if you swallow im in love your vulva fits me like a glove
To All My Friends
Courtesy of
Last Step
Last Step Trapped, not of my choosing Isolated, feel I am loosing Abandoned, what do they care Alone, no one to share Lost, my mind out here Edge of the cliff, so sheer Wanting, heart begging to leap Looking down, it is so steep Mind screamin, to the air Needing, Pleading, take a dare One more step, I'll be through It's all that's left, for me to do ©Dark
Fuck You!!!! Video Blog
Mary Rose Scott
Oh hallowed ground where the dwell I sit and listen to thy stories tell Your voice is in the wind and rain Your sorrow caries so much pain You walk with me from grave to grave For our relationship I must be brave You died in ninteen and six so tell me why do we click Your gave stones beauty calls to me And Mary Rose Scott on it I see So many Scotts with you there lie But no others have sought my eye People feel you when I am near And I can hear you in my ear I see you walking sometimes there But always feel your great dispare Sometimes I see you oh so pale And in my heart I feel I've failed I know not what it is you need But I can not set you free Someday I hope you'll tell me true Just what it is I can do for you I've searched the records in the town And of your name not can be found Someday I'll find you in a book I'll find it in a dusty nook And then prehaps I can decern What you would have me learn ©Dark
Panic! At The Disco!!
"Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" Is it still me that makes you sweat? Am I who you think about in bed? When the lights are dim and your hands are shaking as you're sliding off your dress? Then think of what you did And how I hope to God he was worth it. When the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch your skin. I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck Than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me Girl I was it, look past the sweat, a better love deserving of Exchanging body heat in the passenger seat? No, no, no, you know it will always just be me Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close? So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close? So I guess we're back to us, oh cameraman, swing the focus In case I lost my train of tho
My Abcs
Any Baby Can Die Even Friendly Girls Heavenly Inclined Just Knowing Love Mom Never Openly Prays Queer Really She Talks Udders Very Weird Xanthippe You're Zaftig ©Dark
Valentine's Day
~HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE~! I hope everyone has a cozy day spending time with that special someone. If you don't, snuggle with the family pet under the covers and watch tv watching stupid mushy movies haha. To our troops overseas you continue to be in my prayers and remember each day that goes by brings you closer to home. Each of you are in my heart. to my friends and family I love you guys!
Let's See Who Loves Me
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!! NOW POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww! 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as heck! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = PRETTY HOT AND TEMPTiNG! 7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you my man/girl. 9 = Just a friend. 10 = Sexiest person I know! 11 = 'effin hottie! 12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times. 13 = lets Make Out!! 14.= I'd hit it!! 15=BABY YOU IS F-I-N-E!!! 16=Let's f*** now i want you
*look Around*
hmmmm who would be have crush on me? please give me a hint? :P
Swirling, massing boiling hate, Ignoring arrogant, lonely fate, Twisting turning anguished face, Black tightening desolate space, Numbing, painful thrilling fears, Blinding Shattering silver tears, Heaven, light, distorted, crazy, Hellish visions, clear and hazy, Distil the clouds in the paralysed mind, Capturing light, nasty and kind, Find the darkness in yourself, Sitting, low on a broken shelf, Crying screaming frothing night, Trickling, Jaded flowing flight, Catalysts, oblivion sighing breath, Joyous laughing mocking death, Glorious delicious violent pain, Burning crystalline devilís flame, Apocalypse, haunted futures seen, Skin, rotting, dying green, Inside colourful meaningless separate parade, Dancing as all things finally become unmade.
I Am Loneliness
I stalk you like a thief in the night I am the most heinous might I take you from your highest height I even caress you in the light You can not hide from me or fight No crowd will keep you from my sight When I want you, your chest is tight I bring you grief, pain, and fright There is no place to take flight I am always there, you know I'm right With me there is no spot that's bright Your emptiness my only plight The way you feel is my delight Although I do it not in spite I know you think I'm quite contrite To visit upon you such a blight When all you wish for is your Knight ©Dark
~beware Of Early Retirement~~
> Subject: Retirement job > > > > > >> > >> As a retiree I am always keeping my eyes open for that "just right" > >> volunteer job. > >> > >> Something where I don't feel like it is a chore or a drag. > >> > >> Something tht makes a real contribution. > >> > >> Something enjoyable. > >> > >> Something a little different from the ordinary day-in, day-out > routine. > >> > >> > >> > >> > >> I may have found the ideal job! > >> > >> See below................. > >> > >>
New Paper For Class Wanna Be A Cop??
Robin Cropper Organizations of Law Enforcement 2-21-07 # Three out of every four marriages, where at least one spouse is in law enforcement, ends in divorce and approximately two out of every five marriages nationwide. There are approximately 865,000 police officers, according to the October 2006 statistics almanac. Taking into account the long hours, the varied schedule, and the sheer brutality of the job, itís understandable why so many of these marriages fail. So many times the other parent is left at home to tend to the children, alone. They fix meals, help with homework, go to ballgames, and spend countless hours with out a companion. For these reasons police spouses have many times been referred to as ďmarried singlesĒ. Many nights that spouse sleeps alone in bed, and there is a lack of physical intimacy between the spouses due to the job. Beyond the physical need for the spouse, there is emotional stress, for both the spouse and the police officer. It is not easy
Porn Freak
For some odd reason, I have gotten extremely into anime porn. There is just something about seeing cartoon chicks being fucked in the nastiest and dirtiest ways. I suppose because its just a cartoon, you don't feel guilty when you are watching a girl being humiliated and having her vagina punished by an extremely large dick. I mean, because they are just cartoons, anything can happen to them, and it wouldn't even matter...suddenly watching someone being violated or possibly even raped is something that doesn't make your mind go all wonky. I suppose though that you would have to have a very active imagination to find it arousing...but, then again, I have always lived in a fantasy world.
Lets See Who Loves Me...
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!! NOW POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww! 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as heck! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = PRETTY HOT AND TEMPTiNG! 7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you my man/girl. 9 = Just a friend. 10 = Sexiest person I know! 11 = 'effin hottie! 12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times. 13 = lets Make Out!! 14.= I'd hit it!! 15=BABY YOU IS F-I-N-E!!! 16=Let's f*** now i want you
Series Part 3 Of 3
Beserker Rage Followup If you equate rage with hate you better recheck the state There is no resemblance in sight they have no linking left to right They are quite separate you see I know as both have dwelled in me The rage it takes you without sight to do things that cause you fright It is a horrible thing to feel never knowing was is real Only witnesses have a clue to what you did and didn't do You have no memories of the act So think again you might retract ©Dark
Witches Path
Witches path Walking alone on a witches path I stumbles on a white mass Roses around the fire The smell of sage is growing higher Whispering chants so I took a peek Just to see there lover meet Upon the grass wicked and bare They weaved there spells in the fresh air I turned around just to see one of the witches Coming for me With open arm she aroused as I felt my love for her grow. Scott baker
Series Part 2 Of 3
BRESERKER RAGE Have you ever had a RED DAY A burning in your mind DAY A screaming Hot mad DAY Ever had a brain raging burning FIRE A flaming in your heart and eye FIRE An oclusion to your vision FIRE Do you know what a rage IS Not the party kind of rage IS The all you see is RED IS Where all you see is RED Nothing but the RED Blood boiling RED Ever hear the word BERSERKER Such a odd word BERSERKER Goes with Rage BERSERKER SCREAMing in you HEAD FIRE and pain in your HEAD WISHing they or you were DEAD ©Dark
Series Part 1 Of 3
Striking Out My mind is screaming burning in flame with thoughts so dreaded I must be insane I want to strike out let you feel it too the hatred inside of me burning just for you I strike out at others who can not defend because of the hatred that burns within when all the time you are the one I want to end a blackness so deep has taken my heart has filled my soul and torn me apart I am not the person that others do see Hatred and loathing burn in me ©Dark
Back Surgery
Well its been a on going pain since october,when I was hit by a board from a table saw.Its been more of a Mental challenge for the Pain since I have no Insurance an cannot get meds.I have had to Shut my business down for 4 months now.I have been going to Therapy to a Dr. who takes patients with no insurance,three times aweek for spinal decompression.I was contacted today by a Health Service of Saint Thomas,An they have agreed to pay for my M.R.I. that I recieved in a ER in Nashville Tn.& they also told me that they would pay for my surgery,Cause they do charities for the uninsured workers.So I finally get to get rid of this ongoing stressful pain & I dont have to worry about being crippled by my next B-day.Thank God sum one is watching over me,cause sumtimes the pain is too much..
92 KQRS Classic Bit.
~~breakthrough In Medicine~~
Three Surgeons: Three Arkansas surgeons were playing golf together and discussing surgeries they had performed. One of them said, "I'm the best surgeon in Arkansas. In my favorite case, a concert pianist lost seven fingers in an accident, I reattached them, and 8 months later he performed a private concert for the Queen of England. The second surgeon said. "That's nothing. A young man lost an arm and both legs in an accident, I reattached them, and 2 years later he won a gold medal in track and field events in the Olympics." The third surgeon said, "You guys are amateurs. Several years ago a woman was high on cocaine and marijuana and she rode a horse head-on into a train traveling 80 miles an hour.All I had left to work with was the woman's blonde hair and the horse's ass. I was able to put them together and now she's a senator from New York.
Running Out Of Photo Space I Need Your Help Cherries
Hey friends... I just realized that there are only left 2 more photo spaces on my album :( ... I need your help to increase my cherry points and have more photo space.. Wouldn't you love to keep seeing more of your Mistress?? I bet you do!! so start clicking... Sending lot and lots of whips, spanking and kisses to all my Cherry Friends Mistress M
Haunting Me
your kiss still lingers in my mind haunting gentle so sublime my lips do long to reminisce for your sweet mouth was truly bliss ©Dark
THE KISS Just the thought of the kiss evokes the butterfly army They invade your senses Your mind Your body They weaken your knees Soften your heart Your hands get all sweaty Your words fall apart When your lips finally touch It's like an EXPLOSION! All sense of time is instantly frozen The kiss becomes more than just lips and flesh Body and soul collide Intertwine and mesh Time stops The earth becomes motionless You'd stay there forever Locked in a kiss
If You Love Her Enough
My friend John always has something to tell me. He knows so much that young men have to have older and more worldly wise men to tell them. For instance who to trust, how to care for others, and how to live life to the fullest. Recently, John lost his wife Janet. For eight years she fought against cancer, but in the end her sickness had the last word. One day John took out a folded piece of paper from his wallet. He had found it, so he told me, when he tidied up some drawers at home. It was a small love letter Janet had written. The note could look like a school girl's scrawls about her dream guy. All that was missing was a drawing of a heart with the names John and Janet written in it. But the small letter was written by a woman who had had seven children; a woman who fought for her life and who probably only had a few months left to live. It was also a beautiful recipe for how to keep a marriage together. Janet's description of her husband begins thus: "Loved me. Took care of me
I Wonder What Kind Of Message I'm Sending To The Troops
I Wonder What Kind Of Message I'm Sending To The Troops By Jane Merrick March 13, 2006 | Issue 42ē11 Available at: The Onion I support the troops from the bottom of my heart. But my question is, do they know that? What if I'm somehow sending them the wrong message? The other day I lost the magnetic yellow ribbon from my car, and I didn't even notice until my neighbor pointed it out. Just think: It could have fallen off days or even weeks before! And there I was: driving up and down all over town just as happy as you please, all but announcing, "Jane Merrick doesn't support our troops!" I went to the gas station to buy another magnet right away, but they were sold out. So here I am without one. And the way everybody is around here, they'll talk. What if this gets back to the troops somehow? Or take the other night when my husband and I were watching Leno. He cracked this wiseacre one-liner about the president, and it just busted Ted and me up. Then suddenly, we both trail
Vampires Kiss
vampires kiss Twisting in the moon light A lycan fights with blood and might Suffering from a vampires kiss he Finds her lips with loving bliss Chained to a moonlight desires Two souls coven the midnight fires Indulging in a animal passion The blood they crave takes them higher Lovers with a solo twist she grabs him by the wrist Pulling close with all their might Tantric love was theirs that night Silver bullets and wooded stakes This night was not a mistake . Scott baker
Romance Is Dead (re-birth)
Roses are dead. Tears are shed. Face is bleeding red From the scratches. Vases are shattered. Cake is battered. Dresses are tattered That shaped like trenches. Curtains are torn. Mirrors are broken. Essence within itself is lost. The veil is down and the mourning continues, She cries and no one knows what she spews, All the feelings of her have been exhausted. Hearts are even shredded with ferocity, Blowing away with such velocity. Even holding her hand will cost you a slice. Bruises are made, Though they are grave, They sell for lies. Feathers are flying, Faster than they could even create a landing, Fault within itself is caused by another but they arenít told. Youth is rented, Time is demented, However, the only thing remains truthful is the old. Take this note but never give it to anyone, Romance is dead but no one ever killed it. AlthoughÖ I still see you. The mirror is broken but I see your face smiling, Itís nevertheless a ch
Questioning Looks
Your style is smooth and full of grace Your curves are fine and Thank God no lace Your soft supple seat fits like a glove And the purrs that you make I must be in love You make my heart race When we pick up the pace The people all turn around and stare As we slip in and out without a care You take me places I've been and have not And everyone agrees you really are hot There are no scares on you You're perfect it's true From head to tail Fine in every detail And with a touch of my hand You answer my slightest command And though you are perfect in every respect I'm afraid my sanity would be suspect I want to caress and keep you where I can see but people would talk .... If I brought a '67 mustang to bed with me ©Dark
This Is Such A Turn-on
I Can't Stop Thinking About The Foreign-Policy Discussion We Had In The Shower Yesterday By James Harrell The Onion October 18, 2006 I can barely keep it together at work today. It's impossible to focus. Every time I try to get something done, my palms start to sweat, my head spins, and I think about you, with your eyes half-closed and your head thrown back under that hot, steaming water, talking about how our current foreign policy is counterproductive to its stated objective because it is allowing Islamic extremist groups to exploit the U.S.-led conflict in Iraq to recruit an ever-growing number of anti-American jihadists. You've always known exactly how to drive me wild. I'm going nuts over here. It's all I can do not to drop everything, sprint to the car, speed over to your place, throw you down, and feel your breath on my ear as you tell me that America's unpopular, misinformed actions and its unwillingness to open any productive dialogues have had the effect of alie
Running Through My Head (erotica)
The distant sound of engines pierce the night Lying beneath the stars, my mind takes flight I sail off on lightening bug wings My heart and soul begin to sing The suspension bridge bouncing, feel of the sea the water flows noisily beneath me Stars so bright for miles wide Nowhere here for me to hide Lying here in the Devil's woods Gown of black hiding all my goods Milk white breasts heaving up and down Soft smooth mound thirsting beneath the gown Where are you in this garden Should I have you seek my pardon In my dreams I call your name searching for you drives me insane Needing your body pressed to mine Wanting you, thinking you're so fine Hearing your voice inside my head My hands follow where you have lead Caressing my body as if I were you Oh god, you know just what to do Stroking my hair, shoulders and breast My ribs, my stomach then on to the best Rub me slowly through my part Make me feel it in my heart Beat increasing, blood pumping fast Head spinnin
Not Tonight!
I may have loved you yesterday and I may have loved you last week but after everything that's going on.... I'm sorry to say this but I don't love you tonight. I may have liked you the day before and I may have liked you yesterday but after everything that's going on.... I'm sorry to say this but I don't love you tonight. I'm always going to love you no matter what I'm always going to care for you eveyday I'm always going to miss you every night and I'm always going to like you in every way but after these past few nights and days babe, I'm sorry to say...... I don't love you today. I may love you tomorrow and maybe the day after... but after everything that's been said, and after every thought in my head you have to believe when I day this but..... I don't love you! Today, I feel as though I'm not ready. I woke up nd you weren't on my mind. I got online and you were a stranger to me. I spoke and I felt nothing towards you. Today I feel as though I
All I Ever Wanted
ALL I EVER WANTED All I ever wanted, Was someone just like you, Someone to love me just for me, Make me happy when I was blue. All I ever wanted, Was someone who would care, Someone who would treat me right, And when I needed them be there. All I ever wanted, Was not to feel alone, For someone to hold me in their arms, and for all the pain to go, All I ever wanted, Was someone to wipe away my tears, Tell me that everything was going to be fine, And stay with me through the years. All I ever wanted, Was someone to give my heart to, Someone to see the true me, That person would be you. You came into my life, You gave me all I needed, For the first time ever, I felt like I'd succeeded, You loved me just for being me, You made me joyful when I was blue, For the first time ever I was truly happy, My heart was stuck to you like glue, You cared for me just perfect, You treated me the best, I never realized I could feel real love, I never woul
~~how Much Is A Billion~~
This is enlightening! How much is a Billion? The next time you hear a politician use the word "billion" in a casual manner, think about whether you want the "politicians" spending your tax money. A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into some perspective in one of its releases. a. A billion seconds ago it was 1959. b. A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive. c. A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age. d. A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet. e. A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our government is spending it. While this thought is still fresh in our brain, let's take a look at New Orleans . It's amazing what you can learn with some simple division . . Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu (D), is presently asking the Congress for $250 BILLION to rebuild New Orleans . I
You'l Never Leave Mi Corazon Fernando
YOU'L NEVER LEAVE MI CORAZON FERNANDO I love you so much I hate you I'm so angry and confused I feel so hurt and used I know our love must have been true, I know you know it too! I lay in bed tossing and turning the thought of you moving on Makes my heart start churning! I close my eyes and I see your face I get so wound up my heads all over the place! I look at your photo and I sit and cry I imagine being alone forever and I think i'd rather die! I can't take being so sad! I cant stand you being so mad! You act like you hate me like I ment nothing at all You act like your not bothered when teardrops begin to fall! We can't be together but we can't be apart I never want you to move on because you'll never leave my heart. I know i'm being selfish wanting it all one way but if this is your final decision There is nothing more I can say!
I found a job. I am worried. I am not sure if they will want me to work during the day or night. I don't want to work at night. I want to work during the day. A job is a job, but still. I do things at night not during theday. I need my nights to myself. I do not in any way want to work at night. I am very worried about this.
I Will Always Love You Fernando Im Writtin More Now I Feel Pain
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU FERNANDO IM WRITTIN MORE NOW I FEEL PAIN Standing here all on my own, watching life go by, taking in those dreadful words, ...a tear drops from my eye, I stood there as i watched you run, and waited for the pain, love can be a painful thing, you used my love in vain, Why'd you leave me here to cry?, our love had felt so...right, why'd you go and break my heart, just like you did that night, let me kiss your lips once more, so I can see it's true, help me see your love is gone, that I can't be with you, don't leave me here to fall apart, to watch you fade away, tell me how you really feel, and why you just won't stay, I never thought I'd cry so much, I want to see this through... although you'll never feel for me..... I always will love you.
I Styll Love You Forever Fernando
I STYLL LOVE YOU TOO THIS IS NOT A GIVING UP POEM YOU KNOW So many thoughts,I don't know where to begin,I'll start from my heart,and what I feel within.I still have feelings,which haven't changed,because when you left memy life was re-arranged.I used to cryso many times a day,but lately those tearshave been fading away.I am hoping thatmy brighter day soon will come,and maybe, just maybe,I'll find that special someone.Yes, it's been hard,but I'm getting back my life,I've even managed to put away the knife.I will find someone who's right for me,who loves meand lets me be all I can be.Yet the thought of you and her,is tearing me apart,because you will always have a special placein my broken heart.Do I still love you?Yes, I do,but another part of meis getting over you.I never thought I would say this,but I simply have to confess,with each and every day that goes by,I love you less and less.I just wanted to be with you,but now you're gone,and the time has comefor me to move on.You mea
Dear Dear Diary Please Hear Me Out
DEAR ,DEAR DIARY I'm going to tell you a storyAbout a confused little girlAbout how she was broken inside And kept her pain hidden from the world.Here you'll find extracts from her diary About how she went away You'll find a letter from her mother Written on that sad day.So without further adoLet me tell you about that girl's painThe pain that was invisible for so longAnd is now driving her mother insane.1st DecemberDear, Dear Diary I've been a bad, bad girl I lied to myself and thoughtThat I really COULD take on the world.2nd DecemberDear, Dear Diary I'm doing everything wrong I'm such a stupid idiot To think that I could be strong.3rd DecemberDear, Dear DiaryI don't know who I am Sometimes I think if I went away No one would really give a damn.4th December.Dear, Dear DiaryI don't know how much more I can take Maybe if I ended things nowIt would be better for everyone's sake.5th December Dear, Dear Diary All I do it seems is cry When was I last happy? Why do I wish to die?6th De
Sam Kinison
As My Thoughts Wander (erotica)
Sitting here thinking of you looking at a sky so blue Knowing you'll be here soon It's almost but not quiet noon Watching the clock as time slips by Thinking of you I have to sigh Your words have ignited my desire Need your body to extinguish the fire Want your touch to feel the heat You create from my head to feet Need your body pressed to mine A simple thought that's so divine Caress my shoulder, breast, and thigh In your arms I want to lie Give me kisses oh so deep Make my passion soar, heart skip a beat Let me taste your warm skin Hear me moan as you slip in Kiss my neck fulfill my dream Take me higher make me scream Feed my hunger with your lust Fill my body with each thrust I look up and there you are Filling my world like a bright star Now at last we finally meet And you have swept me off my feet ©Dark
92 KQRS Classic Bit
Come Find Me!
cum find me on myspace and my friend :OP
Look To The Sky
Sunrise in the mountains Through the fog sustains Gives life to the forest And to me with the rest Arise early to greet a new day Who didn't mean life to be this way Open your eyes To the sunrise with sighs The sky all around so hazy and blue Just look up I'll share it with you ©Dark
Abortion A Recall Of To My Unborn
Photo's of my baby would of sharednow figments of your look i may never know hoping you will forgive me please tell god to save a spot for me cause i will be next to you in heaven looking back smilingnow i lost my first unborn its hard to sleep knowing your in heaven looking down at me I've made mistakes i feel guilty not being there when you needed me the mostnow you're in heaven with god and the holy goshti cry and hold my pillow wishing that you be alrightyou need daddy and daddy needs you so i hope my words get throughif you were a boy i was going to take you out and show you what a mans about if you were a girl i was going to make you watch out cause cause guys can be sneaky and daddy's always here to help you outnow your lost crying i can hear you in my head smiling giggling and playing and taking you to school would be a joy cause you would be apart of me thats daddy will never forgetour day will come we may meet againbeyond the heavens gate theres a spot for meto my unborn i wi
Senses (erotica)
Kiss my lips so gently yet so deep Taste the bliss that your kisses bring Let me stroke your body from head to toe Smell the heat rising from your pores Close your eyes and listen Hear the sound of your heart beating Relax your mind let it slip gently away See our bodies floating on each breath we take Release your soul to join with mine Feel then dance in jubilation ©Dark
92 KQRS Classic Bit
The Last Poem (not) But Styll Thats What Its Called So Deal With It Lol
THE LAST POEM (NOT) BUT STYLL THATS WHAT ITS CALLED SO DEAL WITH IT LOL In a little home, all alone; there once lived a girl,beautiful, five feet seven, her hairs had lovely curls.She loved a guy, more than she ever loved her life,and waited for the day to be recognized as his wife.She treated him like a gift sent from heavens above,& often said, he taught her the real meaning of love.She longed to be in his arms and hold onto his hand,he was everything to her - a lover and a best friend.He also loved that girl from the bottom of his heart,he had a strong belief, that none can do them part.Only obstacle he had was, he was too far from her,maybe 530 miles, I'm unsure what the numbers were.At times she talked to him about one of her friends,said he's the one on whom she can always depend.He asked her, "Oh! Well, then who am I to you???"She replied "You've made my dreams come true.You're the one whom I think of all day and night,you've filled my life with the happiness and delight.W
I sit here alone in this place, Trying not to feel sad. But, sadness hits and runs without a trace, Leaving me wondering why. I have been called many names. Some deserved, some just to hurt. Where can I lay the blame? On myself, I guess. I get so tired of trying, To make others happy all of the time. Inside, I feel I am dying, Maybe I am, who really knows. This journey is very rough The bumps and holes are hard to miss. I know I need to get tough, But my heart just won't let me. So, I guess I will have to stay, Alone in this sad place. No hope seems to come my way, Eternity is a long time to wait. ~~Darla~~
You Were A Exception Always
YOU WERE A EXCEPTION ALWAYS I still look out the window you know, Waiting for an answer, maybe a sign. That you're out there somewhere But you just got lost in time. It's almost been three years. Since I've seen your face. I'm always searching for something, To fill this empty space We got caught in the moment of life, It seemed as it was just you and me. We didnt have a care in the world. Our spirits were so free. Now, your soul is so distant from me. You still here with me though , Just so much farther away, But you'll never let it show. And I may dig my own grave, Waiting for you to come back. But it something I'm willing to do Because acceptance is what I lack. The cold, harsh reality of all of this is I wake up, knowing I won't see you I know you've moved on with life I guess I always knew. You always said time was on our side, That the memories would keep us together And I still really want to believe you... But because of time I'v
Light And Dark
Light and Dark they live in me Two sides of my personality I am the darkness when sad or mad And fully light when loving had Each side of me it's purpose serves Two entities that all deserve The dark and haunting side displays The torment found on darker days The light she hold the style and the grace She knows the world and her place Light and Dark they live in me Two sides of my personality With open arms they both take in Stark beauty and knarled sin Each hold the other in her turn And for the others power yearn Dark to feel joy and laughter Light to rid the heartbreak ever after Light and Dark they live in me Two sides of my personality ©Dark
Letting Go
THIS IS ONE OF THE FIRST POEMS I EVER WROTE DONT LAUGH TO HARD IIGHT ITS CALLED(LETTING GO) Letting go is the hardest part about love we may never know but let me tell you a story about a boy and a girl who were deeply in love but she end up above walking to school everyday trying to get this girls attention in every way peeking behind bushes trying to hide but then confronted her with pride took her out on dates but after a while became soul mates listened to her every thoughts they were all each other gots took her to school when she needed a ride but little did she know the real man would arise picked her up after schoolcause she walked home late he became a fool touched her in ways he normally wouldn't do used his fist to put her in placemade bruises upon her face tried to use makeup to cover up didn't work where's the love everyday pushing and shoving teasing and taunting now its her dreams he's haunting nightmare's about dieing woke up every night crying andin cold sweats a
Hello Folks
I'm new here, just signed up. It's very confusing and I'm not sure if I will figure it out. I thought I can post nude pictures but when I clicked on the upload form it said "no nudity allowed" - I'm very confused...
Buried at That code/image is all i think about V-day. Its just a day so that ppl go out searching for someoen to call their "special love' because heaven forbid ya go a day without a signifcant other right?? AND if ya don't have anyone for V-day then ya feel Or atleast how it comes out..that ya feel like shit because ya see all these motherfuckers with ppl they love or care bout..or even just occasionally fuck! and Your stuck at home or walking around watching it all. Thats so fucking retarded. And With me saying this I know ppl. will give me the response of " oh just cause you have no-one"..please! I'm going out on Thursday on a date with a chick I absolutly adore...why didn't I choose wednesday hmm...Because its fucking retarded to go and be mushy mushy on a day that candy/florists/jewelers decided to screw off the public! So Fuck love Fuck this whole Candy flower and jeweler bullshit Fuck ALL THIS GODDAMN HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY BULLSHIT!!!!
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Mommy But No Daddy
MOMMY BUT NO DADDY I remember the days when i use to put up my hair and you would nibble on my neck and you were always there taking long walks on the beach watching waves hit our feet i was only 17 but my love for you was still so deep every night was passion and lust told me we would be together and we were a must now 1 year together 8months later baby's born with no father at home doctors visits i went alone birthdays almost here damn Jordens almost a year wish your daddy was here to see the miracle that appeared shes speaking now she knows mommy's here but daddy's nowhere to be found praying to god that someday she's understand that i was only 17 and daddy was no man shes starting preschool now i put her hair in bows i send her a kiss and a little note on a napkin so she knows mommy loves her xoxo's when she gets back from school mommy's there to pick her up and kisses her on the cheek and she giggles and plays and she finally says mommy i know that you love me and daddy's f
The Brush, Of A Dragonfly's Wing
She was a lover and a wife, the reason for his living He loved her with his heart and soul, in all she was his meaning Everything in life changed, every thing all rearranged, by the brush, of a dragonfly's wing. She had a love for living, yes, she was always kind and giving Always sharing her sweet smile, how she made their lives worth living but on this day her life, their love, was forsaken, by the brush of a dragonfly's wing. You were mother, sister, friend now your time is at its ending The truck took more than just his wife, took his reason for believing Everything in life had changed every thing all rearranged, by the brush of a dragonfly's wing. You had a sunny disposition, made easy all life's changing Now we ride in your memory, a sad pegs down positioning Everything in life had changed everything all rearranged by the brush of a dragonfly's wing. ©Dark
Memorys Of The Day When I Belonged
MEMORIES OF THE DAY WHEN I BELONGED I wonder if he remembers meOr if I'm just a memoryI wonder if he thinks of usOr if he finds it uselessI wonder how things would beIf he had never left meI wonder how he is And if I'm still a love of hisI think about him everyday And wonder if he's okayI think about how happy we were And the memories make the tears stirI think about the plans we madeWhile we were laying in the shadeI think about all we said And the lives we lead To not knowWhere to goTo not know where to findA place where he may hide To not be able to see his facePuts my heart so out of placeTo not know when he's nearIs my greatest fearThere's so much in my headThat I wish I'd saidThere's so many missed kisses For my unanswered wishesThere's only so many waysFor me to make it through the daysThere's so little lightIn my heart tonight What would I sayIf given a dayWhat would happenIf I could have himWhat joy it would bring To hear him singWhat would I feelIf he were here for real
Missin You Dearly
MISSING YOU DEARLY These day have been very sad Thinking about the love we once had When I would hug you, you would smell really nice I remember you would hug and kiss me more than twice I remember when you would call me everyday Missing those sweet things you would have to say Everyday I've been thinking about you Remembering when it was just us two I don't know why but I miss you so much Remembering your smile and your lovable touch I want these feelings to go away But I love you so much they will always stay I wish we could have been together until the end But it sadly ended because of a jealous friend I see you and my heart tells me to speak But the words don't come out and I feel very weak When we broke up I thought my heart would heal But then it didn't and I realized my love for you was real Now I'm falling and it's so hard for me to stand If only you were here to grasp my hand
The Light - For My Angel
A positive light Every fear you feel is coming from you. All your thoughts of negativity are being created in your own mind. And because of that, you can be free of them. For it is you who ultimately decides where your mind will go and what it will hold. Your thoughts are not caused by anything outside of you. They are the result of the way you've chosen to respond to life. If your thoughts seem to be holding you prisoner, remember that those thoughts are of your own choosing. You can always, at any time, make a different choice. Simply imagine being free of your fears, and suddenly that's precisely where you are. Fill your mind with positive, empowering thoughts and you'll quickly crowd out the thoughts that bring you down. Reality is as it is, and you can choose to see it in any light you wish. Cast a positive light on life, and you'll connect yourself with real success. -- Ralph Marston
The Letter To End My Pain
THE LETTER TO END MY PAIN I step of the bus and glance around I'm completely alone theres no sound i begin to walk and think about my life people Ive loved people that bought me strife every step i take i feel like I'm dying don't want to be here and then i start crying my vision is blurred voices begin to scream i spin around i feel like I'm in a dream the voices grow louder my tears still flowing no-ones near me fear is growing as i think about my past i remember all the pain i want to run the other way let blood flow from my vein another step is taken i begin to slow down my face is tear stained I'm wearing a frown the voices are so loud my minds about to explode i don't want to be here so i run on the road the car didn't see me but i saw the car the womans face in shock my body flew so far lifeless and limp my spirit that was seized that broken little girl has now been released the letter scrunched in my h
Straight From The Heart
Straight from the heart You'll hear me laughing Straight from the heart You'll feel me loving you Straight from the heart You'll hear me singing Staight from the heart I'm saying I Love You I know that I can be Just what you want me to be If only you could see Deep into the heart of me Just take my hand in yours And then you will set me free To love the way that I had always, Thought that it would be Straight from the heart You'll hear me laughing Straight from the heart You'll feel me loving you Straight from the heart You'll hear me singing Staight from the heart I'm saying I Love You When you are feeling blue And want life to be through My love could give you light, Bring you out of the night Deep in the heart of me Is a love I feel should be It's waiting here for you What more can I do Straight from the heart You'll hear me laughing Straight from the heart You'll feel me loving you Straight from the heart You'll hear me singing Stai
Home Remedies Part 2 Soothing Bathe Soak Recipe
In the end of the day your body aches with the trials and errands of the day? Well here is a very lovely recipe for a bathe soak to ease all that stress away!!! 1 cup of eposon salt 1/8th of a cup lavendar oil or any scented bathe oil you like best 1/8 of a cup chamomile extract mix into a bathe of nice comfortible hot water and enjoy
You Promised Me 4ever
YOU PROMISED ME 4EVER Laying in your arms all night Smiling as you held me tight Knowing we would stay together As you promised me forever Grinning deep down in my heart Praying that we'd never part Knowing we'd stay more than friends Cause I knew forever never ends A wake up hug, a kiss goodbye "I'll see you later" you then lie But I assumed that you were true Because forever wasn't through A call that broke my heart in two Knowing I was dumped by you I thought that this would happen never I mean you promised me forever... The truth comes out when I see you Holding on to someone new Someone who was once my friend... I guess forever really ends
Stoopid Noob!
so i was just on the papa john's website, trying to download coupons....yeah, i accidentally ordered a pizza. i feel so stupid...but ow i know what i'm gonna have for lunch tomorrow. i am an EEEDIOT!
Prom Queen
prom queen The prom queen sits and looks at herself in the mirror tears streaming down her soft pale cheeks she stares as she paints away her emotions ready for another day she pastes on her fake smile and steps out the door everyone sees her walking gracefully through the halls at school kids hoping to be her friends but she longs for a true friend so she would no longer have to pretend she sits at the popular table and the football players all crowd around everyone wanting the perfect image she displays but they don't know as she throws up her lunch and slits her wrist the only thing she can do to minimize the pain she feels wanting to shrink away each and everyday but what would everyone say if they knew the truth about this "perfect" prom queen who lives a "perfect" life would they whisper and point staring and feeling sorry for her or would they glare in disgust and disbelief not being able to imagine why this beautiful rich prom queen cries eve
Daddys Lil Gurl
DADDYS LIL GURL There once was this girl who lived a good life but always was full of pain and strife she never knew how good it was until she hung with the wrong crowd and did things that daddy never allowed people wanted to know why she was full of life but always wrote poetry full of strife she wrote a poem about a dark world she was daddy's Lil girl who lived in a fantasy world who thought she would give suicide a whirl look at her now 6feet below mommy crying as they lower her nice and slow fathers saying why did you have to go to this slow and painful death nobody knows why you took your last breath all we do know she was daddy's Lil girl who thought she would give suicide a whirl having her life be written on a polished rock so everyone could pray the heavens gate they do unlock
Quick Note About My Stash
Hey guys, On the recommendation of a few friends I have started to upload my poems to my stash. Please come by read and enjoy, leave comments whatever. PLEASE DO NOT rip the poem and claim it as your own work. I'm no big shot writter but all my poems have a piece of me in them. To all who helped me level up the past few days please send me a message and let me know so that I can return all the love asap. Thanks again!
Happy Valentine's Day
To everybody on Cherry Tap no matter where in the world you are and for those who think i am weird i am not gay (straight)but to every single person including the guys Happy Valentine's Day everybody from Bruce
Battle Of Sisterly Love
BATTLE OF SISTERLY LOVE Dear Tina, no matter how crazy i got you seemed to always be there and till this day i never forgot the sister love we share remember when you told me i could fly but when you saw the pain you just started to cry we may have had our ups and downs but i still never held it against you no matter how many rounds sometimes i may have got to your nerves and I'm sorry if i said things i said that no one deserves but now your having a family of your own but somehow you still have time for me and always call my phone i guess its our love when we were little thats was shown because your my sister and your full grown but i still love you Tina no matter how much somehow we said we didn't care but when it came down to it you were always there because that love we built when we were tike's even if we had our dislikes we got through like real sisters do
Whiskey Goodbyes
WHISKEY GOODBYES He would pull her close And whisper his dreams into her ear He told her everything From his happiness, to his fears She fell in love with this boy The one who would not break her heart The one who wanted to see the world And wanted to see it with her from the start But he soon became distant His faith seemed to be misplaced His smile was not as bright And she could barely recognize his face When she looked into his eyes She saw no shimmer of light Only dark path ways That used to shine so bright She asked why he did not whisper, Why his voice became numb But his answer was simply vague She wondered what he had become One night after hours of thought She finally decided how she had to feel She was falling out of love And was losing what was real So she went to his house And stood on the steps by his door She took a deep breath And was scared like never before She knocked and waited When no one came, she went inside She wou
fuck. off.
A Story For The Broken Hearted
A STORY FOR THE BROKEN HEARTED I never knew How I loved you.... But I loved you with all my heart.... But what you did to me baby tore me apart I never Knew loves agony- or hurtful tears never felt this way in all my 17 years I dreamed of you holding me- I dreamed of you wanting me- I dreamed of you liking me- I dreamed of you caring for me- My wish came true- You told me you liked me But then that day came- When I went crazy You told me you didn't need me anymore That you found someone knew- I finally knew loves pain & what it would do It was like a knife stabbed my heart- It sank to the very pit- It fell to pieces- Bit- by- Bit I can't believe you left me- My heart can't leave you- But now look what you did to my heart... I felt like an abandoned puppy Everything so blurry- I couldnt believe That day when we kissed- It hurt me It hurt me to know that you kissed And flew away.... I was in so many tears- I didnt Have the heart to tell you what I
How Do I Stop Loving You Fernando
HOW DO I STOP LOVING YOU How can I turn back time? How can I just forget? You ask me to quit loving you. Am I something you regret? You tell me you don't want to hurt me, That its better if I stopped caring. How can you tell me this, When you know with you there is no forgetting? I cant just tell my bruised heart, Quit loving him that much. I cant just act like I don't care, If I ever again feel your touch. How can I stop loving you? How do I erase what we had? How do I tell my heart not to break, When things start going bad? How do I stop dreaming, About you making love to me? How do I forget your smile? I just cant, don't you see? Explain to me what I must do, To forget this love I feel. For how can I lie to my heart By saying my love isn't real? The way my heart loves you, It has never loved before. The way my body craves you, Right down to my very core. If I ever asked my heart to quit Loving your eyes, lips, and hands, It will break
Picture In A Frame
PICTURE IN A FRAME Your pictures are in frames, memories on my wall, To have you here again, I would give them all. A picture cannot capture, the beauty of your skin, Or the radiating glow I'd feel, whenever you would grin. They cannot talk or sing to me, the way you used to do, I'll never love another, the way that I love you. So I look at you my soul mate, a picture in a frame, I cry my tears of sorrow, cause I feel God's to blame. He came and took the one, who made my life complete, And all that's left are pictures, and an empty seat. I also have a feeling down, deep within my heart, It's the pain of loneliness, since we've been apart. I try not to let the grief, just overcome my day, I'll blow a kiss to heaven and send it when I pray. I'll ask God to free me now, from a world so blue, To take me up to Paradise, so I can fly with you. I'm waiting for the day you come, calling out my name, Until then I'll be staring at, your picture in a frame.
Tears Are Not Enuff
TEARS ARE NOT ENUFF My mind begins to wonder My heart begins to race As the memory of you Drifts back into place I got a picture of you smiling With a sparkle in your eyes You looked at me so gently And kept me mesmerized AS much as I tired Your face wouldn't go away Your eyes, your lips, your smile, I thought of you all day It was soon about 3 With you still on my mind I thought while listening to music In a flash it was 9 I made my bed To get some rest As I lay down I thought of nothing less The most important memories Replayed over and over again And I realized how I missed you As the days replayed again No, I hadn't known you very long But you had such an effect on me You captured my heart within a day As I begin to fall wishing for you and me The way it felt when we touched The way you made me feel It seemed that you were too perfect To even be real And that's when the tears Begin to form in my eyes They told myself how much
The Dayz You Were Mine
The dayz you were mine I want to tell you that i miss you. I want to tell you that i need you i want to tell you that i cry every night waiting for the moment you will hold me tight i want to tell you you make me smile all the memories we shared are so worth-while.. I want to tell you.. i wish you were hear because my heart feels whole when you are near. i want to tell you.. that you mean the world to me.. and id do anything for me and u to be i want to tell you... I never wanted us to end.. but we went our separate ways my heart refuses to mend I want to tell you.. you were the best thing in my life.. being without you. is causing this pain and strife.. I want to tell you.. that i love you. and that will never change.. for you've left a mark on my heart that cannot be erased. i hate being apart I wish you felt the same for this mark you left on my heart will always remain. I want to tell you I write about you each day so i know that the
Beneath A Blanket Of Stars
beneath a blanket of stars We go for a drive, Late at night, A blanket of stars, A beautiful site. Your hand rests, Upon my thigh, Move up my skirt, No need to be shy. I close my eyes, As I feel your touch, And instantly, Comes a surging rush. You feel me wet, Right away, And smile, As there aren't words to say. I scoot closer, As you watch the road, I kiss your neck, Sweet kisses bestowed. Run my fingers, Through your hair, And take you in, With lustful stare. My hand travels down, From your strong chest, Down to your pants, Which I start to undress. I reveal your shaft, So hard and long, And I stroke you lightly, Gentle, not strong. I lower down, And skim soft lips, Lightly over, Just your tip. I kiss and I lick, Down the back, Use my hands, To massage your sack. I take you in, I take you out, I tease you so Your lust's devout You breathe so deeply, As you drive, But really, my love, You're on the ride I mo
Meet Me In The Stars Papi Chulo
Meet me in the stars papi chulo As I am saying good night at the end of the day, And you are not here, but many miles away, My heart is so empty and so lonely inside, As I wipe away a tear I am trying to hide. I close my eyes and try to go to sleep, But with the sadness inside I begin to weep. Suddenly I remember what you once said to me, Just meet me in the stars, waiting for you I will be. When distance tends to keep us apart, Remember I still hold you near in my heart. When the night together, can't be ours, Just close your eyes and meet me in the stars. Meet me in the stars, I'll be waiting there for you. With a bottle of wine and glasses for two. Just close your eyes and there you will see, Waiting in the stars, just for you I will be. Remembering those words, I begin to smile, And gently close my eyes, lessening the miles. I can see the stars, oh how beautifully arranged, But you are not there, no hug to exchange. I sit alone waiting, with hope
My Reality Is A Dream
My Reality is a dream you were the one who touched my heart it was love at first sight at the start the more i got to know you the closer we became our love was pure and true not a game. we spent each day together hand in hand and in the evenings we'd lie on beaches sand it was your hand together with mine as we lay in peace as time went by. its your name and soul that i hold close to my heart cause a love like ours is too strong to part one so special so true and forgiving i could stand here forever beside you just hugging and kissing. we talk on the phone for hours sharing stories or secrets our love is so strong so you don't have to put it to the test for ages we could look into each others eyes and every word spoken between us has never been a lie. it was your body laying next to me that night all i felt was pleasure cause you made everything alright it was your lips that i felt on mine at the same time we were both on each others minds. all your
Still Love You Fernando Guiterrez I Do
Still love you Fernando Guiterrez It's been so long Since I talked to you, I missed your voice No matter what I do. Everyday When I go to bed, I think of you, Cause you were the only one I ever had. I missed your Voice, And the words you said, I missed you telling me you loved me, No matter how much tears I shed. You were my moon, My guiding light, My shining star, When in my life wasn't going right You helped me through With life, When everything was wrong. You helped me take away the pain, When everybody was gone. And now your no longer with me, I still love you deep down inside, Cause you were my first love, No matter how much I tried to hide. Still love you.. By Cristionna
Happy Valentines Day
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I stole *coughs* this from my Dori! You scored as Angel Of Darkness. Your The Angel Of Darkness!Angel Of Darkness100%Fallen Angel83%Angel Of Love67%Angel Of Innocence50%Angel Of Death50%Angel Of The Cute0%What type of angel are you?created with
Isn't It Romantic?
With Valentine's Day upon us, I just wanted to send out love to all my cherry tap friends and family! This is my first Valentine's Day without my husband in my life since 1996. I'm spoiling Philip rotten and going to do the ice cream sundae party at his school on Wednesday afternoon. It's fun to hang out with first graders as they sure don't view things like we adults do! Don't forget to tell that special someone in your life how much you love them and if possible, at least get a card if you can't get a gift. It's the thought that counts.
Second Shot
second shot Today is the day, That all is understood. I'm not sure what I'd say. But we are together like we should. My worries subside as you come near. My heart rapidly beats. Our intentions are clear. It's like before but now on repeat. Our nerves on high. Winter's breath against my skin. As on your warm shoulder I lie. Your heart I intend to win. I've missed you alot. I'm sorry of all the fights we've had. But not for the memories it has brought. I hope to never make you mad. Because your smile is my heavenly halo, Your eyes my deep blue sea. How much I love you so, Just loving how you are with me. I'm glad I stayed true to my heart. I'm glad we had this second shot. I hate when we are apart. But happy for what this has taught. That true love never really dies. It's forever in the person's heart. All my love and support lies. In the person I've loved from the start.
To My Unborn
TO MY UNBORN Photo's of my baby would of shared now figments of your look i may never know hoping you will forgive me please tell god to save a spot for me cause i will be next to you in heaven looking back smiling now i lost my first unborn its hard to sleep knowing your in heaven looking down at me I've made mistakes i feel guilty not being there when you needed me the most now you're in heaven with god and the holy gosht i cry and hold my pillow wishing that you be alright you need daddy and daddy needs you so i hope my words get through if you were a boy i was going to take you out and show you what a mans about if you were a girl i was going to make you watch out cause cause guys can be sneaky and daddy's always here to help you out now your lost crying i can hear you in my head smiling giggling and playing and taking you to school would be a joy cause you would be apart of me thats daddy will never forget our day will come we may meet aga
Don't Bother
She's got the kind of look that defies gravity She's the greatest cook And she's fat free She's been to private school And she speaks perfect French She's got the perfect friends Oh isn't she cool She practices Tai Chi She'd never lose her nerve She's more than you deserve She's just far better than me Hey, hey So don't bother I won't die of deception I promise you won't ever see me cry Don't feel sorry And don't bother I'll be fine But she's waiting The ring you gave to her will lose its shine So don't bother, be unkind I'm sure she doesn't know How to touch you like I would I beat her at that one good Don't you think so? She's almost six feet tall She must think I'm a flea I'm really a cat you see And it's not my last life at all Hey, hey So don't bother I won't die of deception I promise you won't ever see me cry Don't feel sorry Don't bother I'll be fine But she's waiting The ring you gave to her will lose its shine So don't
Murder ( A Must Read )
Murder Please lets take a seat while you justify your actions to me wait let me explain you say but why you got to cheat we start screaming plate's start flying you start right back up denying i fall to my knees i cant take no more god please i want a divorce i say at the top of my lungs we were married to young i was only 17 now you got a gun i see from the corner of my eye you kiss your child goodnight and say mommy just fell she'll be alright you grab me by the hair i was scared you push me to my knees and you say my kids are not leaving me but i cry and i cry harder hoping this dilemma doesn't effect my baby daughter she's only 3 shes so innocent she needs mommy to kiss her knees when she scrapes or bleeds yelling back and forth i get off my knees i say god forgive me please i grab a gun he says b your gonna die if you don't slide it aside i say i rather die then my kids live a life of lies with you cause daddy's a murder and raven saw it with
My Love
Cremate my prescious words cement them with my tears hold me in your arms and never release my soul my dear give me love of angels le me stand within the skies petrify my wounders within my heart lovers eyes send me miracals and speratethe foes and immense ocean of love gently toos and fros my heart beats but one name in the darkness of the night a gentle whisper to my ears a shout amongst a fight shelter him from punches and keep him safe from harm i will raise you higher in broken freedoms arms let me show you beauty and fulfill you true desire an hour of your love burns brighter then a socers fire thou hath mine heart 4ever protect thine eyes for as a songbird cometh i can hear thine presicious cries miracals and miracals presicoius wounders true cause 4ever i will love you
In The End I Will Always Bleed For You
Reach into the darkness and pull out my heart so you can feel my love even when we're torn apart i hope you feel my pain i hope you see my cuts because without you dear life itself just isn't enough i bleed and bleed and bleed some more for you pick our promises off the ground and always keep them true when i'm alone i feel nothing yet all i do is cry please just hold onto my heart and never say goodbye i feel empty when you're gone a hole is in my head but when i hold you in my arms you resurrect me from the dead but if you ever want to leave and decide that we should part i'll be alone in that darkness but at least you'll have my heart Öin the end, i will always bleed for you
Kooks !!! Just Love This Song !!!
Music Video:OOH LA (by Kooks)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
One Of A Kind
To you I've promised my heart and soul, As well as my body and mind. And now I'm going to tell you, How our love is one-of-a-kind. I tell you all of my secrets, Some funny, some good, and some bad. In return you do the same for me And for this, I'm eternally glad. We have never had a fight, An argument or anything of the such. We fit together so perfectly And these are the reasons I love you so much. You listen to all my problems, And you tell me you'll always be there. If only you knew how much that's helped me, So now I'm no longer scared. I know I'm not perfect, Though you tell me you think I'm wrong. But, I'll be as perfect as I know how, And knowing you believe in me, has made me strong. Love like this happens once in a lifetime, And is usually so hard to find. But, by now I hope you can see, What makes our love... One-Of-A-Kind
Dreams Of L O V E
Dreams of love you were the one who touched my heart it was love at first hear at the start the more i got to know you the closer we became our love was prue and true not a game we spent each day on the phone and in the evenings i'd lye on my bead and rest my head as i lyed in peace as the time went by It's your name and soul that i hold close to my heart cause our loves to strong to part one so special so true and forgiving after all the sinnning we talk on the phone for hours sharing stories and secreats our love is so strong so you dont have to put it to the test for ages i could look eyes and shore our the secreats my body lyes It was yuor voice laying next to me at night all i felt was pleasure cause you made everything alright it was your lips that i was imaging in bwteen my thighs at the same time we were on eachothers minds all the kinbd words that you have ever spoken have mended anythingin my body th
To Everybody Out There....
I just wanna say THANKS!! Everyone on CT has been so great & sweet to me... but sadly I have to call it a night .... A girl has to get her beauty rest right?? xoxox - Betty
20 To Lyfe
Why does love gotta happen like this i met you and i fell in love with you from the first time i got to see the inner you you changed my life became my friend only if you knew my love grew for you .I'm standing behind you on any decisions you made but don't take life away.because of stupid accusations were made life without you would be life without a soul ..Happiness you brought me i treat like gold you changed my way of seeing and changed my way of life now I'm willing to put my life on the line to save a innocent soul this was dedicated to my homeboy who im loosin to the court whos doing 20-life on stupid accusations
Me No one knows me like you do No one keeps secrets quite like you Everyone says your my enemy but we share the same interests and give off energy We spark the room full of fire shake out the worst of worries and always will keep the same interests No one is around as much as you when feeling down and jus full of blue and i jus wanna say no one knows me like you do and thanks for being by my side when shyt fell through your my best friend and we share whats within
~~this Is For The Ladies~~
One for the ladies One day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his Sweat-shirt. Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, "What setting do I use on the washing machine?" "It depends," I replied. "What does it say on your shirt?" He yelled back, " University of Oklahoma " And they say blondes are du mb... ----------------------------------------------------------- A couple is lying in bed. The man says, "I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world." The woman replies, "I'll miss you..." --------------------------- - ------------------------------- "It's just too hot to wear clothes today," Jack says as he stepped out of the shower, "honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?" "Probably that I married you for your money," she replied. ----------------------------------------------------------- He said - Shall we try swapping positions tonight? She said - That's a good
Sheltered Lyfe
I know this girl who lives a sheltered life shes never seen the stars shine at night she sheds her tears and writes down in black and white hoping you will forgive me as she signs her note this girl who lives such life she sheds her tears every night day by day hour by hour what a terrible sight shes lost and has very little power shes scared to fight afraid of religion and disrespect so as she ends her life she prays that her family will understand of her ways of dealing with life in her own way so as she puts the pills in her mouth she blows a kiss to the heaven above and leans back and sleeps and slowly drifts away hopin her family will forgive her of her ways...... this poem is about islamic religion and how my friend is going through and she almost killed herself but didnt yet atleast help me understand why this religion is so forward towards wemon ..... ~muah~ thankyou
When My Pic Goes Up...
You know I plan on putting a pic of myself up soon ,very soon. And I know that all of you men (and some women I guess) will just fall in love w/me because I am so beeeyoooteeful that I will be getting tons of offers to be in my company. What I mean is that you'll want to date me. So before that happens I want you to be prepared , to know what I like and dislike. That way I wont get any stupid foolish questions like "hey Rhonda, where do you want to go? " " Or hey I your type?? Ok,so read up!! First off my dream boat man looks like "Ronnie Van Zandt" I probably spelled his name wrong, for those that dont know he was the late lead singer in "Lynerd Skynerd" Yes Cherry Tappers I love men who look like that. Long hair ,chunky, "i'm gonna kick your ass if you mess w/me" type. One of my ex's resembles that type. My age range would be...over 18! And under 75! Where to go? Several places come to mind. Ice Skating is one! You might think thats not manly..and its not. But get o
Feelings cold and tears i cant cry all the feelings i felt were left on the side and all your games are getting quite old at first i may have been blind but now i see a different side of you that i thought i never would find so i hope you will agree that you and me were not ment to be I'm sorry if you thought this was a situation we could work through but the more you push and try it ends in frustration now why all the complication i told you i loved you and you torn my soul into two and dropped my dreams hoping you would come through but now i see your games are old and my feelings towards you are cold
Truth To Fernando Aka Issah
I abused and misused what was true to me now look at me left alone feeling blue as I'm sitting here just thinking of you wishing i could take back the lies and sin so now my feelings are blue didn't think you could do this to me guess i was wrong now look at me world feeling cold and feeling left alone because i wasn't true to what was true to me i sit here and cry but that doesn't get me anywhere except tears from the heart i Neva thought i would come from the start i caused the pain and the feeling of mis use because i wasn't true to what was true to me your love was like cocaine swimming through my vains now left like a crackhead feeling confused wishing i was true to you instead i bled now left feeling dead because i wasn't true to you my words may not help but my heart feels the pain because i wasn't true your love left me imbalanced because i wasn't true to you now look at me my feelings are now cold wishing you were here to console but i guess it
About Lupercalia
So what is this Lupercalia, anyway? Lupercalia is the *original* "Valentine's Day". In fact, St. Valentine's day, as appropriated by the Christian Church, has nothing to do with romantic love. The Greeks had three different words for love: Agape (divine love), Filios (brotherly love), and Eros (romantic love). While the Lupercalia had to do with the fierce, unbridled expression of Eros, the Feast of Saint Valentine has to do with the other two. "One of the most revered spots in the city of Rome in ancient days was the cave at the base of the Palatine Hill called the Lupercal, with the sacred fig tree hard by, under whose shadow, as the story went, a she-wolf suckled Remus and Romulus. Here, on February fifteenth (old calendar), a goat and a dog, together with certain salt cakes baked by the Vestals, were sacrificed...A bloody knife, fresh from the sacrifice, was smeared across the brows of two youths of aristocratic families, probably leaders of two colleges of priests called
Thoughts Of You
Late at night when dream's occur when the sky is black and looks like shiny pearls your the only one who crosses my mind and the only one my heart prefers when we meet hoping my feelings are obvious and our souls intertwine cause without you my hearts incomplete hoping our life making goes past just something to do when we meet eye to eye your the only one my heart has chose no other guy would replete your love and affection cause your love is like a trance so I'm taking a chance to be next to you
I open my eyes and look around warily. Once again all I see is fog. I walk slowly in the direction in which I am needing to go. As I step further into the fog, I start to feel the slightest of touch. I can feel the despair, heartache, and other emotions of those who reach out and touch me but, I cannot see them. As I continue walking the weight of the fog grows to such a dense that, silent tears start to fall down my face. After a few minutes I reach my destination and when I enter that place, at least for a little while I have been released from the fog.
People don..'t know me the way you do they don..'t understand the reasons i do the things i do but the only people i feel who does is you i read you poems to share how i feel i read you verses that cross my mind when i talk 2 you it feels surreal just to know another person out there who cares and shares the same feelings that i feel Issah..'s a name that is tatted to my heart may death till us part damn i wish i could sit next to you and let my feelings flow to let you know you never treated me as a h** thank you damn what i would give for a night of bliss to sit next to you and give you a kiss 50 years later and remise i just wanted you to know that issah you name is like rare gold studded with gems from the deep Forest of the African seas never will i forget the way you have me and the way you say chula as you talking to me and the love you give shows through my face like a ultra violet glow Thank you issah for being a special man in my life that treated m
Walls Were Built
Walls were built it started out as fun become something to just do never thought you'd kill me in thats way your love was like starvation in a very wrong sick twisted way tall,young,handsome damn but you were older then me i was only 16 my love was kept on a leash walls were built that had doors thats were bolted until i dug out and showed you i could live without you by my side Dreams of me and you are no longer alive the trouble i went through i now survived chasing you a never ending delima why did i fall for that guy tried to make me what he wanted me to be was i a fool that you taunted just for the pleasure of your own
Valentines Day
valentines day..hmmmmm dont really know if i like this holiday. I dont have a reason to like it for one.. Just a thought I thought I'd put down here
Imaginary Pain
Its time i write my feelings out down on paper hoping that what i got to say doesn't offend you in anyway The hurt I've gone through the past 3years was what drove me insane taking sugar pills to take away the imaginary pain as you say But I'm sitting in the dark with little lights on in the corner of the devils gates pushed away my mother made me believe i didn't love her why this sick game torture of many lonely nights trying to settle a deal with the heavens to take away the imaginary pain but thinking it was all in my mind so i took a whole bunch of pills on the low called sevens so maybe i could get into heavens gates and release the imaginary pain
Life Is Funny
Funny things can happen life. I have a friend who is back with his ex g/f even though 3 months ago he is the one that broke things off. My best friend has found the love of her life on the internet and has now gotten married. I have found some very special people on this perticular site. One I think about all the time. This one is specila to me because he accepts me as me and respects me. Will we ever meet? I do not know, but I do hope so. He means the world to me. I hope I am not going overboard.....(as there are times I do)
Lyfe Goes On
Windows shatter glass breaks hearts are torn everyday enough pain to fill a jar but not enough tissues to wipe them away people die babies are born people robbed of all the have plus women raped of there rights people stabbed by other people homeless people with lonely cold nights and no where to go during holidays when we should be united as one but we are separated by poverty we still live in segregation not through the eyes of you and me but eyes of the government children dieing young on the streets victim of trying to make a dime to buy what they need hoping i don't die cause i don't got anyone close enough to Read my uligie
Breathe Easy
I can breathe easy now about Linguistics! My mentor (one of three that is) got my email and emailed me back. Thank God she knows me well enough to know that I wouldnt miss class unless something happened. She was completely understand and was happy to hear from me! Yay!!! So, I'm good to go for Thursday! Now the only class I have to worry about is Fridays Math, but even then, I dont have too much to worry about since I'll be getting help. I think this semester is finally going to be okay!
She's got mommy's smile and daddy's good looks she was really smart and deep into books slowly her grades were slipping doing things she wouldn't do now its school shes skipping tried to help her but she was into deep told me to mind my business i turned over and tried to sleep she was my friend and my sister too she tried to hard to fit in with the trend now looks the price shes paying plus I've lost a friend i promise my mom i wont make the same mistake twice so I'm preaching about drugs and how they ruined my family's life
Ranting... Plain & Simple
I sent the following to J. Cowan, Pres. Third Way, after watching the Lou Dobbs/CNN interview this evening. Just wondered if I went a little overboard? "If you honestly want to "take up for" the greedy (expletives) in the top echelon of the corporate hierarchy, and deny that the average working citizens of this country are being completely shafted through the unfair profit-mongering of the corporate (expletives), then I say that you are, sadly, one of the most moronic (and probably highly paid) mouthpieces I've ever had the displeasure to hear speak (which is saying quite a bit with the current president and administration)! My question to you is: how can you justify the corporations and their officers soaking up millions of dollars (if not billions) from the sweat of the laborers who work so hard to create the profits to begin with? Also, how much profit would there be if those people weren't breaking their backs and working between 50-60 hours per week on average? Would th
Mommy's Last Cries
Mommy and daddy were married at a young age brought a baby girl into this world full of love but soon turned to into rage daddy's stressed my mother would say i was only 3 i knew what was going on right away after the fighting and the beatings my mother would come up and say it was all a bad dream and I'm OK holding me close as she cries pulling the covers over to wipe mommy's eyes kissed me on the head and says goodnight I'll see you in the morning and silently cries thinking i didn't see my mother cry her last cries
Broken Glass
closin in the night begins ive seen it all before I play along pretend im gone slip out thru the back door i cant see you anymore it seems its all come true the things we said came to pass and i feel at last you cracked this heart of broken glass and now i see the real me the one who cries himself to sleep i feel the pain from the things you do and i feel my world is broke in two and I cant see you anymore as I slip out the door i knew this would all come true i feel the end is here at last with each day that's passed you cracked this heart of broken glass
Tattoo Winners Are....
~~ Winners of the Tattoo contest are......~~ 1st Place is...... Wins Silver Motorcycle with 2400 comments 2nd Place is...... Wins Diamond Ring with 2270 comments 3rd place is...... Wins Platinum Cherry with 551 comments 4th Place is...... Wins Platinum Cherry with 275 comments 5th Place is...... Wins Men's Bracelet with 117 comments 6th Place is...... Wins Beer Keg with 27 comments 7th Place is...... Wins Beer Keg with 19 comments 8th Place is...... Wins Beer Keg with 5 comments Remember you can comment bomb on your own pic! will run from 2/6 thur 2/13 thanks maria
Poetry I Wrote
I knew this girl who was amazed by the world then met this guy who charmed and poisoned her mind of this fantasy life she started out good then lost her mind and started slanging in the hood just to score and make a few dollars on the side father was a lawyer mother was a doctor how do you think they felt in side when this world she took affected their work and how people looked under pressure ran away doesn't have money or food so she had to get on her knees just so she could support her habit one more day but she ova dosed arrived in the ambulance at her mothers surprise started crying and asked what happened they said another prostitute trying to survive her mother shed tears and closed her eyes and said thats my baby why why why
Andrew Dice Clay
Twenty-third Psalm
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul. He leads me in right paths for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff--they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long.
Filf Contest
As I organize this MILF Contest, daddies keep asking about themselves. I am feeling like I am being a little discriminating! haha So I know there are lots of fathers out there! Come join my FILF Contest. I don't know when it will start cuz I only have one contestant so far. But I will let you know when it does. No NSFW Pics. Thanks!
But I Was Stupid. Boy I Was Wrong. &&he Was Right All Along.
If you're tryn' to bring me down I want to be the FIRST to congradulate you You succeeded in B r e a king my Heart I want to be the FIRST to thank you For R i pping it a p a r t I n e v e r thought you were capable of this I N E V E R thought you could e v e r do this shit I always looked at you as someone who would n e v e r hurt me I always looked at you as someone who could n e v e r break me But I was stupid. Boy I was wrong!!! And he was right all along. You ARE UnFAiThFuL. You ARE UnTRuThFuL. You WERE everything I thought you weren't But I was stupid. Boy i was WRONG. And he was right all along. You ARE the LiES he had said. You ARE the WoRDs in my head. You were the BAcKSTABBer i heard all about. You were the CHeATer he said had MiSSeD OuT. I stood up for you for every fight. Doing my best to make things werk right. But I was stupid. Boy was I wrong. And he was right all along. But I was RiGHT on just OnE thing. I said i'd LĘĺVe you for e t e r n i t y.
V-day Pooey's
Okay... Valentines Day is Tomorrow and what am I doing? NOTHING. Gettin' NO LOVE...PHOOEY! I am SO SINGLE! What do I have to do to get some love? I'm 33 swf, never married, no kids, non smoker... Where are all the single guys with NO kids, and NON SMOKERS, NON CHEATERS?
Sorry I haven't really been around a lot of your pages recently. But, I'm going through my own personal little hell. I really don't want to talk about it. Even though I know I should. I'm not going to. *sighs* MySpace Comments Graphics Oh well - I'm off to bed. Or at least my bedroom. Gonna read for an hour and then hit the hay. I've got a long day ahead of me. MySpace Comments Graphics
Andrew Dice Clay
Jeremy...and Me....
I really don't know what's going to happen with me and Jeremy...I mean I'm going out with him again this Saturday, I like him and he's a cutie, but I'm still hung up on someone that I really fucked up with...I wish that I would have had the chance to get face to face with Bobby before I wrecked that. Jeremy treats me like a lady which I appreciate, but I'm not really in for a relationship right now, I mean sooner or later it would be nice to have a relationship again, but I don't know that it will be with Jeremy or any time soon. I want to go out, I want to play the field, I want to have fun and finally I'm getting to the point where I just don't care what anyone says, I'm going to do my thing! But I will tell you, Saturday with Jeremy was very nice, we had dinner at Texas Road House in Butler, he took me for a ride to show me all the big trucks and such at the two coal mining sites he works at, I got to ride in this big truck and no that's not a metaphor for something else you sick an
Biology Is Awesome
Biology teacher is kick ass! He's laid back and funny as hell! I have to pick up some supplies Thursday after my first class is over, but that's fine since I have to go take care of some stuff anyway. I ended up having two friends in Biology and both with the same lab night as me! So, that made all of us happy. We'll have a good group going. I'm really looking forward to Biology! Oh and my friend is still beating me down for dropping that one math class and picking up a 3 hour Friday math class. Honestly, I dont care. 3 hours in math might do me some good.
Help Me Out
I post "let's spread some love" on bulletin,, let's make it to spread all over.. thanks! please :)
Not Much Going On.
Ok. The day before valentines day. I just went to school, and dropped my ex off at the homeless shelter. ( she works there right now. ) I need to do my english and my math.
Sexy Back
[Verse 1] I'm bringing sexy back Them other boys don't know how to act I think your special whats behind your back So turn around and ill pick up the slack. Take em' to the bridge [Bridge] Dirty babe You see these shackles Baby I'm your slave I'll let you whip me if I misbehave It's just that no one makes me feel this way Take em' to the chorus [Chorus] Come here girl Go ahead, be gone with it Come to the back Go ahead, be gone with it VIP Go ahead, be gone with it Drinks on me Go ahead, be gone with it Let me see what you're working with Go ahead, be gone with it Look at those hips Go ahead, be gone with it You make me smile Go ahead, be gone with it Go ahead child Go ahead, be gone with it And get your sexy on Go ahead, be gone with it Get your sexy on Go ahead, be gone with it [Repeat 6 times] Get your sexy on [Verse 2] I'm bringing sexy back Them other fuckers don't know how to act Come let me make up for the things you lack Cau
The Worse Brokenheart,"'til Death Do Us Part"
The WORSE brokenheart,"'til death do us part" she starts to cough blood and no one knows what's wrong it's obviuos she lost her love she can no longer pretend to be strong she hid her weakness she hides her heart and right beneath her ribs torn and broken apart X-rays taken heart examined doctor is curious "TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!" she opens her mouth and not a sound no words come out and thump, her heart pounds vains getting tighter reason to care is loose whats wrong with her? why does she look so abused? bruises on her heart a part is missing they don't know where to start they wonder what she's thinking signs are getting worse worser than before they think it's a curse but no, there's more her hands are clenching tight they seem to be bleeding they try to open her fist to see who or what she's needing she fights them off they just wanna help but it's just a picture she wants all to herself something is shining her hearts about to burst what i
Hey All I have uploaded alot of new pictures tonight. Stop by and rate and comment please.
Do As I Say (not As I Do) Profiles In Liberal Hypocrisy
Members of the liberal left exude an air of moral certitude. They pride themselves on being selflessly committed to the highest ideas and seem particularly confident of the purity of their motives and the evil nature of their opponents. To correct economic and social injustice, liberals support a whole litany of policies and principles: progressive taxes, affirmative action, greater regulation of corporations, raising the inheritance tax, strict environmental regulations, childrenís rights, consumer rights, and much, much more. But do they actually live by these beliefs? An investigation into the depth of the private lives of some prominent liberals shows otherwise. Politicians like Ted Kennedy and other Kennedys, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Ralph Nader; commentators like Michael Moore, Al Franken, Noam Chomsky, and Cornel West; entertainers and philanthropists like Barbara Streisand and George Soros. Using everything from real estate transactions, IRS records, c
I'm Engaged
i have found my girl, and were soon to be married in a few months. i can't believe it, and it's like a dream i thought that i would never ger married but boy i was wrong. even though she's coming from a far place.. you know i was trying to find a girl that was closer like here in virginia beach but oh well.. right now my girl will be home tomorrow night on feburary 18 2007 this sunday...i feel so lucky right now and people think i'm happy now..just wait cause when my girl get's here tomorrow i'll be more happier then ever. you could piss me off so much and i wouldn't even care cause i would be so happy. want to know? cause i'm with the most beatiful girl, and she's the girl i'm going to be happy and married.
Happy Valentines All
HOT Myspace Layouts
I'm Sick...
All I wanted to do this morning was leave work and go to the Dr. But NOOOOO, I couldn't freaking leave work. I'm sure you're curious as to why I couldn't leave work. (yea, I'm loopy on Nyquil right now) I couldn't leave work because I own the place and I had one employee out on vacation and another called in sick. I couldn't find anyone to cover the front for me, so I was stuck. This is the down side of owning your own business and the reality of it for me today isn't very welcome. I am almost envious of my employee that called in sick. I wish I could've done the same. Tomorrow I see the Dr. in the morning. Happy Valentine's Day, right? LOL I almost hope I get a shot to make me feel better quickly. My ears feel like they're going to pop, I might have pink eye, the pressure in my head is awful! And after coughing for a bit, I now can't swallow without it hurting. UGH! I'm going to bed...
Life's to Short. Life's to short to play silly games, But beware of the player's, Cause they'll play anyway They'll take your heart with their old leather glove And toss it out in the field, long There it will lie till fate finds the player Who'll pick it up and decide what to do with it later Cause he's busy now, He and his mates Working out a game plan, drinking till late You wait by the phone, wait for his call It gets to midnight, and you think he won't call at all You're tossing and turning in your feversish sleep Then you hear the phone ringing, you jump to your feet He slurs in the phone, he loves you, he wants to come over For once it would be nice, if he'd call me when he's sober But a player he is, that's all he'll ever be! And really aren't I worth more? Heavens Be! I tell him, 'Do me a favour if you want to come round? ' Take a hike and jump off a cliff, if there's one around! And if you can't find a cliff in your drunken state Do t
Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down Don't dance so fast Time is short The music won't last Do you run through each day on the fly When you ask "How are you?" do you hear the reply? When the day is done, do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores running through your head? You'd better slow down Don't dance so fast Time is short The music won't last Ever told your child, We'll do it tomorrow And in your haste, not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die 'Cause you never had time to call and say "Hi"? You'd better slow down Don't dance so fast Time is short The music won't last When you run so fast to get somewhere You miss half the fun of getting there. When you worry and hurry through your day, It is like an unopened gift.... Thrown away...
Sometimes... When you cry... No one sees your tears. Sometimes... When you are in pain... No one sees your hurt. Sometimes... When you are worried. No one sees your stress. Sometimes.. When you are happy.. No one sees your smile - - - - - - But FART!! Just ONE time.. And everybody knows!! Gotcha!! You thought it was going to be one of those heart-touching stories!
A Hug - The Universal Perscription A Hug ... The Universal Perscription No moving parts, no batteries. No monthly payments and no fees; Inflation proof, non-taxable, In fact, it's quite relaxable; It can't be stolen, won't pollute, One size fits all, do not dilute. It uses little energy, But yields results enormously. Relieves your tension and your stress, Invigorate your happiness; Combats depression, makes you beam, And elevates your self esteem! Your circulation it corrects Without unpleasant side effects It is, I think, the perfect drug: May I prescribe, my friend... the hug! And, of course, fully returnable
The Beauty Of A Woman The beauty of a woman Is not in the clothes she wears, The figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, Because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, But true beauty in a woman Is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, The passion that she shows, And the beauty of a woman With passing years only grows.
Fuck Valentines Day
69 Yay
Thanks everyone who helped! I am now level 8! And I have 69 pics to look at YAY!!!! I have Pics Lady YAY!!!!
Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the gra
Plant Your Garden Today Plant your garden today First, plant 3 rows of peas; Patience Promptness Prayer Next, plant 3 rows of squash; Squash gossip Squash indifference Squash criticism Then, plant 4 rows of lettuce; Let us Obey the Lord Let us be Loyal Let us be true to our Obligations Let us be unselfish Finish, with 4 rows of turnip; Turn up when Needed Turn up with a Smile Turn up with a Vision Turn up with Determination
2/13/07 304,408 To Go!!
Well ya'll, I'm off to beddie bye. I had a productive day ( to me anyway ). I'm an American Idol addict, if some of you weren't aware. Too soon to know how contestants will do. I believe tomorrow night is the last of eliminations, leaving the final 24. We'll see who they are!!! Not sure what my V-Day plans are - Richard and I wouldn't mind a quiet evening in with some vino. I may not crank the computer at all tomorrow, though but I'll be back before long. Good night everyone - I love ya! Hugs and kisses, Tina
Wild Horses
A Life Poem Life can seem ungrateful and not always kind. Life can pull at your heartstrings and play with your mind... Life can be blissful and happy and free... Life can put beauty in the things that you see... Life can place challenges right at your feet... Life can make good of the hardships we meet... Life can overwhelm you and make your head spin... Life can reward those determined to win... Life can be hurtful and not always fair... Life can surround you with people who care... Life clearly does offer its Up and its Downs... Life's days can bring you both smiles and frowns... Life teaches us to take the good with the bad... Life is a mixture of happy and sad... So... Take the Life that you have and give it your best... Think positive, be happy let God do the rest... Take the challenges that life has laid at your feet... Take pride and be thankful for each one you meet... To yourself give forgiveness if you stumble and fall... Take e
After just a few years of marriage, filled with constant arguments, a young man and his wife decided the only way to save their marriage was to try counseling. They had been at each other's throats for some time and felt that this was their last straw. When they arrived at the counselor's office, the counselor jumped right in and opened the floor for discussion. "What seems to be the problem?" The wife began talking 90 miles an hour describing all the wrongs within their marriage. After 15 minutes of listening to the wife, the counselor went over to her, picked her up by her shoulders, kissed her passionately for several minutes, and sat her back down. Afterwards, the wife sat there speechless. He looked over at the husband who was staring in disbelief at what had happened. The counselor spoke to the husband, "Your wife NEEDS that at least twice a week!" The husband scratched his head and replied... "I can have her here on Tuesdays and Thursdays."
A new jail warden was being shown through the jailhouse by the old warden. Soon, after making rounds around the rest of the jail, they get to the cafeteria. In one corner, he sees a group of elderly men laughing hysterically. Interested, he watches them while the older warden gets his food. One of the men shouts out "63!" and the entire table bursts out laughing. The new warden is totally baffled by the behavior of them. "74!", again a chorus of guffaws ring out. The old warden comes back to the table where the new warden sits staring, and the new warden asks "What are those elderly men doing." The old warden smirks, and says, "Oh, those are the life timers. They've been in here so long, they just number their jokes." Meanwhile another one calls out "2!". Nobody laughs. The new warden leans over and asks, "What happened?" To this the old warden replied, "Some people just can't tell a joke."
A blonde and a brunette are on opposite sides of a river. The brunette wants to get across. She yells across to the blonde, "Hey, how do I get to the other side?" The blonde shakes her head and yells back - "People like you really piss me off. You ARE on the other side!"
Love. Almost impossible to believe; incredible. Informal. exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb: a fabulous bargain; a fabulous new house. told about in fables; purely imaginary: the fabulous exploits of Hercules. known about only through myths or legends
THINGY (thing-ee) n. female: Any part under a car's hood. male: The strap fastener on a woman's bra. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj. female: Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. male: Playing football without a helmet. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n. female: The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner. male: Scratching out a note before suddenly taking off for a weekend with the boys. BUTT (but) n female: The body part that every item of clothing manufactured makes look bigger." male: what you slap when someone's scored a touchdown, homerun, or goal. Also good for mooning. COMMITMENT (ko-mit-ment) n female: A desire to get married and raise a family. male: Not trying to pick up other women while out with one's girlfriend. ENTERTAINMENT (en-ter-tayn-ment) n. female: A good movie, concert, play or book. male: Anything that can be done while drinking FLATULENCE (flach-u-lens) n. female: An embarrassing by-product of digestion. male:
My Friends
any one who helped me in valentime day contesy can you plez get in touch with me thx
My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 now & we don't know where the hell she is! The only reason I would take up jogging is so I could hear heavy breathing again. I joined a health club last year, spent about 400 bucks. Haven't lost a pound. Apparently you have to show up? I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I'm doing. I don't exercise at all. If God meant us to touch our toes, he would have put them further up our body. I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. I have flabby thighs, but fortunately my stomach covers them. The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier. If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a small country. I don't jog... it makes the ice jump right out of my glass
Take A Sneak Peak @ The Best Bike Photo... This Contest Will Start Tomorrow 8 Am Eastern Time..
My B-day!!!
Sunday the 18th is my b-day and it would really make my day to get sum b-day gifts!Even is just a cheap card or something cheap!Im headed to orlando tomorrow nite,maybe when I get back I will get to see allllll the luv yall have givin me!Thanx!
A prominent young attorney was on his way to court to begin arguments on a complex lawsuit when he suddenly found himself at the Gates of Heaven. St. Peter started to escort him inside, when he began to protest that his untimely death had to be some sort of mistake. "I'm much too young to die! I'm only 35!" St. Peter agreed that 35 did seem to be a bit young to be entering the pearly gates, and agreed to check on his case. After investigating, he told the attorney, "I'm afraid that there is no mistake my son... We verified your age on the basis of the number of hours you've billed to your clients, and according to that, you're at least 108 years old!"
Cupid Is A Sadist
Cupid is a sadist Winged little bastard stands about three foot three carries a bow and arrow maybe you seen him Lurking in the trees He takes a perverse delight in bringing together the uncomputable types Just to watch the heartache Instigating the lovelorn plight His aim is skewed by sadistic whim There is no dodging his cruel whim Up in arms lets do him in I hear by issue a bounty on his sadistic little ass true love to whoever bags this twisted cad lets end his irony make true love a reality by bullet or bomb a garret about the neck any method you deem fit Because cupid is a sadist and iv had enuff of his shit
17. "I finished the Oreos." 16. "Not to imply anything, but I don't think the kid weighs 40 pounds." 15. "Y'know, looking at her, you'd never guess that Pamela Lee had a baby..!!" 14. "I sure hope your thighs aren't gonna stay that flabby forever!" 13. "Well, couldn't they induce labor? The 25th is the Super Bowl!" 12. "Darned if you ain't about five pounds away from a surprise visit from that Richard Simmons fella." 11. "Fred at the office passed a stone the size of a pea. Boy, that's gotta hurt." 10. "Whoa! For a minute there, I thought I woke up next to Willard Scott!" 9. "I'm jealous! Why can't men experience the joy of childbirth?" 8. "Are your ankles supposed to look like that?" 7. "Get your *own* ice cream." 6. "Geez, you're awfully puffy looking today." 5. "Got milk?" 4. "Maybe we should name the baby after my secretary, Tawney." 3. "Man! That rose tattoo on your hip is the size of Madagascar!" 2. "Retaining water? Yeah, like the Hoover Dam retains
A woman goes to her doctor and tells him that she can't get any from her husband. So he gives her some pills and says "they are experimental pills, put two into his coffee and see what happens". So she does and the next morning come back and says "the sex was great what if I use ten?" And the docter replied "they are experimental pills so try it and see what happens". So the next day she comes back and says "the sex was better, can I put the whole bottle in and see what happens?" The next morning a little boy comes in and says, "my mother's dead, my sister's pregnant, my arse hurts like hell and my father is sitting in the corner saying "here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty."
What Would You Do?
What would you do if i was yours, just yours? (for a couple of days OR a couple of weeks OR even longer).
No Valentine!!
It always seems like, even if ii do have a boyfriend.. i never do anything on valentines day or have sum1 to actually spend it with. When me & daniel was together he would always tell me he forgot & made other plans, and altho he did buy me stuff or whatever it just never compared to how happy ii would have felt to just spend time with him.. yakno?! Ne ways.. enough of that, ii havent been up to much latly.. just hangin out. Went shoppin wit gayle yesterday @ belden mall.. we had sum fun.. she's just a REALLY cheap shopper for sum1 who had 700hun just for clothes.. but thats whatever,lol.. i would have had almost everything ii wanted wit that && she's worried about things bein TOO expensive.. lrl. She said that 20dollar jeans was too expensive.. who does that?! Thats a freakin sale for me!! *LOL* Usually muh jeans are about 24 - 29 bucks.. soOo ii woulda been happy to see sum cute jeans for 20bucks!! lOl.. but u cant tell her that! Umm.. what else?? havent hung out wit katie much becuz
A man and his girlfriend are at a bar when the girl goes to the bathroom. When she comes back she's crying. Her boyfriend asks her what happend. "As I was leaving the bathroom, a big guy at the pool table said he wanted to kiss my breasts all night long"! The boyfriend stood up from his stool and takes off his jacket. "He also said he wants to screw me all night long"!! By this time the boyfriend is furious and starts walking to the pool table. "He said he wants to drink beer from my pussy all night"!!! The boyfriend stops, turns around, sits back up on his stool and grabs his beer. His girlfriend is stunned, and asks why he wasn't doing anything about the jerk at the pool table. The boyfriend says "I'm sorry Honey, - but I'm not messing around with a guy that can drink that much beer"!
Valentine's Day
The general was confined to the military hospital for treatment of a minor malady. For almost a week he made a complete nuisance of himself, irritating both staff and the other patients, demanding attention and expecting his every order to be followed immediately. He was in a six-man ward rather than a private room, his meals were too cold or not served to suit his taste, the light needed to be adjusted to his demands, the nighttime activities interfered with his rest... and on, and on. One afternoon an orderly entered the room. "Time to take your temperature, General." After growling at the orderly, the general opened his mouth to accept the thermometer. "Sorry, General, but for this test we need your temperature from the other end." A whole new barrage of verbal abuse followed, but the orderly was insistent that a rectal temperature was what the test called for. The general at last rolled over, bared his rear, and allowed the orderly to proceed. The orderly then
I Will Never Rank A Full Profile Again
i just finished ranking every single photo in * 'ĽĽ---(Į`.bbG.īĮ)---ĽĽ' * she said she needed her photos rnked soooo see her nsfw pics.. i get there after ranking 200 photos. whats there pictures she took off the net she says is her. NEVER AGAIN!!! if you have more than 20 pics. im not ranking them all ... 20 is my limit unlike most people i learn from my mistakes
Feb 13 2007
Recipe For Freindship 2 heaping measures of trust 2 well rounded scoops of respect 2 generous portions of affection 2 equal amounts of sharing 2 equal measures of love 2 well thought plans for future And 1 large round hug to go around the family. Stir together until lumps and bumps are disolved Then it will be one big happy family. just remember it takes the family to make it all work out. Together you can do it good luck.
Molestation, ridicule, humiliation rape, abuse, self mutilation poverty, single parent discrimination marijuana, food stamps, masturbation an empty plate for my depersonification the first steps in your Americanization. Holding a pinky out to toddle tea squatting above to take a clean pee bending and propping elbows and knees showing my vagina letting you see grabbing a pillow to muffle let you be this is what your America has taught me. Education, medication, terrorism spice and sugar for my pessimism crushing and molding any skeptimism whips, chains, a gag your masochism a mechanism for my fetishism a lonely spectator of the American prism. Child abuse, foster care, lacking a parent what name will you use for the suicide ferret when will change come to your confused current, pollution, unfair distribution, the water turrent my transformation awaits your confused ferment anticipation lingers below the Americana permit. Sorry for falsifying the above Ame
The last four U.S. Presidents are caught in a tornado in Kansas, and off they spin to the Land of OZ. After threatening trials and tribulations, they finally make it to the Emerald City and come before the Great Wizard. "WHAT BRINGS YOU BEFORE THE GREAT WIZARD? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Jimmy Carter steps forward timidly: "I had a terrible time with Iran, so I've come for some courage." "No problem" says the Wizard, "WHO IS NEXT?" Ronald Reagan steps forward, "Well.., Well.., Well.., I need a brain." "Done" says the Wizard. "Who comes next before the Great Wizard?" Up steps George Bush sadly, "I'm told by the American people that I need a heart." "I've heard it's true" says the Wizard. "Consider it done." Then there is a great silence. Bill Clinton is just standing there, looking around, but doesn't say a word. Irritated, the Wizard finally asks, "WHAT BRINGS YOU TO THE EMERALD CITY!?" And Bill replies - "Is Dorothy around?"
Relationships - Understanding The Mentality
My question at the moment: Why is it that there is a perception that because a woman is a large woman that she should lower her personal standards and "take whatever she can get"? Do most men think this? If so, why? Is the perception out there that larger size women are insecure, have a low self-esteem, are meek and weak and loathing of themselves that they will go out with anyone who offers? I cannot tell you the types of comments I've heard from various guys that I've chatted with on-line and in person -- they truly think that because I am a BBW that I will take anything that offers and that I will do anything they want to keep him at my side. There was one guy I met on-line and we chatted for a little while. I told him upfront that I was a BBW and if he had issues with that to let me know. He said he was only seeking BBW types. So we arranged it and I met him at my local book store for a face-to-face meeting. Mind you, he had seen a few picturs of me. When we met - fi
Winner Of The Sexiest Blonde Contest
The winner of the Sexiest Blonde Contest February 8 - 13 2007 1st Place sweetcherrypie She accumulated a stunning 7,157 votes. † 2nd Place ~Dicksucker~ She accumulated 4,517 votes. † 3rd Place Kimmie She accumulated 1,792 votes. † I want to thank all the participants in this contest. They all deserve all the best in their lives. They all are very beautiful women (and men lol). †
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How Do You Spell Bitch?
B Beautiful I Intelligent T Tolerable C Calm H Hilarious
When you look into a mirror, You do not see your reflection; Your reflection sees you.
Raw Feet + Fish Fetish
Orginally we had John West scheduled to shoot with Lexi Love, but when he showed up, Lexi didn't like something about him so she said she wouldn't work with him. No big deal, we gave him his kill fee and called into LA Direct for a replacement killer! We got one. Van Damage! He didn't really do much damage to her this time, but what he did do was an amazing blowjob/handjob/footjob scene. Well, actually it was more the other way around... SHE did all the damage to him! She was literally climbing off the walls in this scene! As you can see, I got to fluff a little. Not really, but I wanted to! All I got to do was clean her feet off for her! I like cleaning all the girls feets in my movies, but I think some of them think I'm weird when I do it! Like they're thinking, "Please don't touch me when the camera's not on!" Hehe, yes, yes, I am *that* guy! Anyway, the scene went really well and I'm very, very proud of how this new movie is coming along. I just can't wait to do MY scenes in the mo
Sexiest Piercing Contest...
show me some love and bomb the hell outta my pic!! a gift to everyone who gives 100 bombs. :DD thank you!! muuuah!
Hello From David
Hi everyone! A lot has been going on , BTW: forgive the lack of content as I will be starting to roll out all kinds of things, but in the mean time I wanted to ask all of you what you would like to hear & see from us. In the coming weeks you'll start to see V-blogs ,podcasts as well as live clips start to appear on this site as well as myspace. We have had a busy week writing and recording as well as a couple shows. Also thank you for ALL the feedback for the different versions of "BDM". We got around 500 e-mails in the 1st day plus a bunch of comments. As you may or may not know based on your feedback thats the version that will get played on radio. love david
Late one night a couple is driving down a country highway and run over an oppossum. Knowing that mother oppossums often carry babies in their pouch, they decide to check out this poor animal. Sure enough there was a baby, so they decide to rescue it. They take it into the car and continue down the road. The little oppossum is scared and squirming around like crazy so the wife asks her husband what she should do? He thinks for a minute and says, " Well it's used to being in it's mother's pouch. Maybe if you unbutton your jeans, and put it in "there" it will calm down." She exclaims, " I'm not going to do that! That thing is smelly and nasty!" The husband replies," Well, why don't you just hold it's little nose
Grandmothers , Contest
I Am In A Contest!!!! Please Vote For Me And My Lips!
I am in a contest for most kissable lips! Please come vote for me!!!!!!!!! Click on the pic and vote! bomb the page for me :D ♥ Kissy
Playlist For The Week Of 2/6/07 - 2/13/07.
Absu - Tara Black Witchery - Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom Burial - Enlightened With Pain Carcass - Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious Dark Angel - Leave Scars Deicide - Deicide Desaster - A Touch Of Medieval Darkness Entombed - Hallowman EP Firebird - Firebird Grave - You'll Never See... King Diamond - "Them" Kiss - MTV Unplugged Megadeth - Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! Mercyful Fate - The Live Oath Monstrosity - In Dark Purity Morbid Angel - Domination Place Of Skulls - The Black Is Never Far Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul...For Me Your Flesh Sathanas - Thy Dark Heavens Testament - Souls Of Black Vader - Black To The Blind Vader - The Art Of War Venom - Welcome To Hell Vital Remains - Forever Underground Voivod - Katorz Witchery - Witchburner
Amazing Video Check this out if you have any compassion what so ever for the wives or girlfriends of Marines!!!!
I Need More In My Buns
I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun You know that a tube steaks more fun I could use a chunk of bacon To stop my daily achin But I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun You know your not feeding a nun When theyíre hot they often shrivel And get lost when squeezed or swiveled I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun In my grill theyíre the first ones thatís done It seems they never swell And often turn to jell I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun If you have nothing bigger then run Now I know I seem atrocious And my passion is ferocious But I donít need a teeny weeny in my bun Now Iíll accept a beefsteak A sausage or even two Friends are coming over To my cook out for food and brew
Sleep & Dream Of Me
In misty dreams I'll come to thee and soothe your restless state For I will love and nourish thee, your hunger will I sate my mind, I'll wrap around you, giving pleasure great I'll calm your aching restlessness, your sad and lonely wait I'll be there with thee, to share with thee, to love thee totally So sleep my darling! Sleep and dream! Sleep and dream of me! Sleep, my tormented restless one, sleep with great expectancy I'll come tonight, by clear moonlight and let thee taste of me I'll sing to thee a siren's song, my dearest darling mate Lovingly, I'll give to thee and quinch your thirsty state I'll be there with thee, to share with thee, to love thee totally So sleep my darling! Sleep and dream! Sleep and dream of me!
Such A Bad Girl
So you want me in the kitchen You tell me you can cook I hope that youíre not fooling Or a self-pleasured kind of crook With a desire that I truly love And an oven getting hot I lead you to my table loft And pray your boasts arenít for naught Pretend that Iím that bread of French Kneaded so gently while I stand Now Iíll lean over on elbows soft Please be gentle with your hands Now take your special rolling pin Lubricate it so it wonít stick Iíll help you if itís what you need Boy this sucker sure is thick Now be sure the oven rack you seek Isnít the one that I recall Make sure you use the lower rack Because the upper is too small Now my buns are swelling As my oven spreads its heat Maybe Iíll do a double cook And slip in a piece of meat At last all is ready Now
chaotic echoes in my head crowding together grounding out my thoughts smothering my id running rampant in me all the things iv heard all iv said the speculations the condemnations bury m e under and avalanche of happenstance colors of off shades shades of off colors violins and chellows ringing in the back ground a tyranny of sound the yelling of my emotions braying like a hound running on without pause for a period staying ahead of the madness staying ahead of the avalanche of sound falling down round and round, dwelling be damned its all coming to a head rapidly reaching a crash-endow of multi colored shadows of who i was and who i've become transposed on who i shall be do you see the twisting in me as i see it in thee is it madness to be three i think so but what do i know what do you think but wait it doesn't matter what you think i don t even know what i think the connections in my mind that allow such organization
Love Hurts
I hate that I love him............................... I love him so much it hurts! I love the way you used to make me feel............. I hate not knowing how you feel anymore at all! I love the way you used to look at me when we made love......... I hate that now you barely look at me at all! I love the way your tong used to linger on my lips............ I hate the fact they barley touch yours any more! I love the way your fingers used to feel on my hips..... I hate now we barely get that far! I love the way we used to talk when we made love.............................. I hate that now we barley talk at all! I love the man you used to be not so long ago............................................ So loving ,so caring, I hate sitting next to you each night , and waiting for the man you used to be.................. to notice me again!
The Forge
THE FORGE Thrust into the flames of strife my soul quickened by the fires of calamity hammered upon the anvil time by the ceaseless blows of life I am a sword forged in the crucible of vicissitude quenched in the waters of ascendancy ever the victor over life's adversities tempered by the tribulations fate has visited upon me
i hate huntington if anyone knows anything about it u understand what im going threw right now its fucking snowing like hell here and i cant take it no where to go nothing to do it sux big ass im stuck we are all stuck here some one come here with a big ass plow and take care of all this snow make it go away nothing to do so who ever reads this if ur bored as well then hit me up with a messege or a shout doesnt matter just need something to read or someone to talk to
R.i.p. Cupid
R.I.P. cupid I found cupid dead tonight A arrow pierced his heart all right A empty quiver and a strung bow A body bleeding red were the killer is who knows I found cupid dead tonight His skin was cold his face a fright Foot print to a note at his right All it said is my lovers left thereís no flight tonight I found cupid dead tonight I was his last stop with no lover in sight. Scott baker
Ravenous Fires
Titans clash Attacking ... fighting Then suddenly Embracing ... caressing Heated passion Woos cold indifference Scorching desert heat Evokes an icy blizzard's embrace Thunder bellows a mighty song Lightning impregnates darkness Ravenous fires rage and consume Energy explodes in rapturous applause The storm subsides Tranquillity perfumes the midnight air Amidst fading echoes of wind sighing Titans part ... until next time
Need You Guys Comments And Ratings Pleaseee
Holy Crap!
Wow, my power went out at work and I've been sitting here for the past hour staring into the darkness...
This Night
This night was rather soothing A movie and a meal A walk along the ocean You told me exactly how you feel I could see within your yearning eyes Your want for me inside The strain against your Dockers You tried but couldnít hide Was it my lips deep red and very lush Or your hands on my behind That caused your rise of attention Or something else you hoped to grind I lead you to my boudoir Then upon my feathered bed When I took charge and ripped your cloth Your face it turned beet red Like a rider mounting a golden steed I slid softly upon your pride I laughed out loud and yelled giddy up Under the pillow your face did hide I rode you like a bronco Bucking and thrashing wild Till our bodies like the covers Were limp and gently piled After the completeness of our passion
Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he's fed. Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule. Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat. Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt. Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think. Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries, then Tax his tears. Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ass Tax all he has Then let him know That you won't be done Till he has no dough. When he screams and hollers, Then tax him some more, Tax him till He's good and sore. Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he's laid. Put these words upon his tom b, "Taxes drove me to my doom..." When he's gone, Do not relax, Its time to apply The inheritance tax. Accounts Receivable Tax Building Permit Tax CDL license Tax Cigarette Tax Corporate Income Tax Dog License Tax Federal Income Tax Fe
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New Band I Hope
I got a call tonight from a darn good guitar player who is forming a new band. They all have the same goals as me and musical taste so I hope to get in with these guys. Wish me luck?
I Hate Valentines Day!
People ruin it for everyone else. Whats the point of that? You are miserable so you want everyone else to be miserable too?? Nice! Happy Valentines Day.
My Valentine Is...
Well I promised that if you sent me a heart I would choose a Valentine on the 14th. Well since I am having a crappy night, I am choosing my Valentine early. I got several hearts, 2 of which cheated and sent heart comments and not heart gifts but OK. So Anyway, my Valentine is: *drum roll please* WENDY!!!!!! Yes yes, Wendy is my valentine! I think she is the best choice and probably the only one who will not make anyone else mad :) hahaha *playin guys* So thank you all for wanting to be my Valentine... I love you all... You are all my CT Valentines... And I hope your Valentines Day are spent with people who love and appriciate you for who you are!
Break The Spell
You have me traped within your spell Our love is such a living hell You bring me pain and pain on end And in my head a rouchous den I should leave to face the light But in your arms is such might Ranted, raved, and even bled To escape I seek my head But it is filled with everything Like all the hatred that you bring Your touch is cold yet sparks desire Your thrusts they burn like endless fire The day will come when I will die And thus escape my love, goodbye ©Dark
The Eagle
I watched the eagle soar high above the tree As he flew higher I set my spirit free To lift above the ground on thermal currents Sailing high with only cross winds as deterrents Through his eyes I see such sights Rivers, mountains, forests, glades, and city lights Hours we flew through the wide open sky This eagle I'd joined was not at all shy He showed me such beauty all over this land Then he took to places that cry 'cause of man To dank, dark alleys filled with decay Where men, women, and children live life as prey The helpless, the homeless, the rich now poor Abandoned like the garbage they use for their floor The people so dirty, they have lifeless eyes Mosts dreams are all gone, no more tears, no more sighs Oh what is like when your tears have run dry And day to day all you want is to die I thought of the people living in mold What would they give to have something to hold Would they give up their souls to have some place to live Or would they offer you noth
House is such a good show. I love the guy who plays him, I don't know his name but man he's awesome. I hope I end up with someone like that, smart ass but still awesome as hell. Work was good today lots of new people to meet. Hopefully tomorrow wont be too bad, it being Valentines Day and all lol. Peace
Night Thoughts
Naked beneath the stars tonight I sit and write by the fire light Thinking in my quiet head How I wish that I were dead I try so hard each day you see To pretend I'm as normal as can be It grows harder with each day To pretend the pain away I lie awake on my bed With criticisms being said And all the voices that I hear Make my self loathing more sever I try to put them out of sight But I know that they are right I am a person who's been broken I'm as worthless as a token The voices in my head have spoken ©Dark
Shower Time Sexy!
With blue robe on And lights ablaze You seek to relax and hope The waters hot The musicís on Your body you begin to soap A waterfall of excitement Turbulence pounding soft Bubbles they caress your skin I'm outside the shower door Glimpsing you at tease A finger motions wonít I come on in A dropped robe An extra towel pole I hug you from the rear Lather up my hairy chest Wash your silky back While pressing ever near Manly hands caress your chest A stomach soft My feel is oh so smooth I hold you tight Formed as one My moves they try to soothe For a moment you're in dreamland I try to reach my goal Shoved back without a care Me whimpering little puppy Forgetting you do nothing Until youíve washed your hair Leave me from your paradise
Children Of The Wild (my Twins)
I watch them playing in the sand Oh how very small their hands There are sometimes I wish they'd be All grown up like you and me But then there is the quiet night When I watch with such delight Sleeping soundly in their beds Wondering what visions dance through their heads When on some nights so dark and bleak The Night Mare makes it me they seek Then in my bed they crawl, it's true They may come as one or two I welcome them with open arms They know I'll keep them from all harms Amazing I can calm their fears So easily kiss away their tears They are not old enough to know That all the world is filled with woe They only know that mommy's near To shush away all their fear Sometimes they look me in the eyes And tell me such great whopping lies Inside I laugh, outside I fume For in this world it would be their doom I want my sons to know right from wrong But damn it's taking oh so long Some day I'll be inside each one's head Helping them through tough times ahead
My Soldier (veteran's Day Tribute)
You left home today you packed your bags and went away I tried to be brave I tried to be strong but my tears flowed as you joined your friends and went along I listened to the news the radio too for any word of you win or lose I saw the protests I heard the evil slurs just couldn't believe they were directed at you and your friends too A friend, a lover, a son, a brother, a husband, a father risking even giving your life for another Had they hated the government alone I might understand but to hate our children in some strange land to dishonor them as they returned made my heart ache and my anger burn For our country to forget that they were at fault for sending our children into the dark Far away places and far a way lands hold American blood and parts in there hands No one cared that we were there for them Most of them wished we'd just scram So many dead, or wounded, and many still missing Can you hear me world are you listening We sent you our fi
Happy Valentines Here's Something For All Of You
Return To Sender
Return to sender I set a valentine to my self To get it stamped by the Loveland post A box of sweets still unwrapped My wallets bare, my soul is tapped Candied tears and a glass of wine Just to try unwind Candle light with one long night Just setting here by my self tonight Seeing lovers on the street ,under the moon light Oh what a treat Lacking my valentines its just me and my wine. Scott baker
Remember Me
What is it that you asked of me Did I play victim well for you to see Was it my pain that set you free Would you make my skin sting Did you not lead me by a string Was it not you who bound me with a ring Did you think I could not hear What was it that you called me dear Who in your darkest hour will be the one you fear ©Dark
Sad Sad Sad .......
R.I.P. Im so sad i miss my spoiled little baby ..
Life's Curves My Highway
the road winds ever on North, South, East and West ever seeking, my final rest said and done, both good and bad some I wish, I never had can't go back, or change the past it will there, forever last time will tell, what is to be as for now, we shall see pain so deep, it has no end the fighting it, is just pretend letting go, to ease the pain not so easy, when you're sane traveling roads, that wind and curve looking for, what you deserve a chance to see, what's around the bend one last look, at a lover or friend I may not make it, through the year but if I do, I hope you're here and as my cycle's wind dies down in the end, there is no sound ©Dark
Walls And Walls
Thinking thoughts so dark so real Would you find them to your appeal If I told you my darkest dream Detailed out I think you'd scream If I shared but half my pain It would drive you quite insane My memories are swept aside But in my dreams I can not hide I am again the child that I once was Screaming in my head with just cause The hate, pain, and fear come back to me Did I not love you I'd let you see It is the shame of many years And even love can't dry the tears Would you have me open wounds Let them bleed beneath that moon You are not near to hold my hand When I crush a wall, who'll help me stand Some of my walls are thick and high My love some reach to the sky ..............And to breach them alone I just might die ©Dark
Thank You To All My Friends And Family Tonight
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from I hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!~ LOve you all ~Heather
Here Are The Guys In The Contest
Not Just Words
The words "I Love You' should not be said Just to lead someone to bed Nor should they be forthcoming Just because you yourself are cumming Do not shout these words I say Just to anyone who'll pass your way These words mean more then you may think Just don't spout then 'cause of drink Heed my warning, I do pray Just think what you give away You give your life to protect Just a reminder I project ©Dark
Relationships Are Lhard Work !!!
recently i posted a blog titled "i met the man i'm going to marry" well here is the new 411 i am not going to marry him infact as of today we are thru because he wants our relationship to be in his control and only wants things his way. A relationship is a two way street and you (speaking in general) have to learn to take the good with the bad. The 2 things in my opinion that we all need in a relationship is communication and trust. Just to let you guys out there know i am 26 years old and have a disability known as cerebral palsy if you read my profile it says the same thing. i live my life to the fullest and i expect to be treated like everyone else!! anyway i just want someone to love me for me and to respect me!!
V-day And Anniversaries
Well me and eric on the 12th of this month celebrated out 2nd wedding anniversary Yay us! And there are many many more to come (the rest of our lives)! But tomorrow is v-day and because we celebrated our anniversary we cant celebrate valentines day. :.0( It kinda sucks but thats ok i am just glad we got to spend both days together and even though we didnt have a whole lot of money he still made me feel special and did somethings for me but since i dont like chocolate he couldnt get me those but i got flowers and a balloon and dinner, and tomorrow he gets something extra special ( if you know what i mean LOL)!
My Lover My Sanity (erotica)
First you're hot and then you're cold You're like a fire in my soul You take me high the me drop me low You leave me wanting things so bold Passion hot desire deep Fill me with your throbbing length Your thunderous booming in the night Calls my soul with pure delight Straddling power form and grace I strip away the whimpering lace To ride you far into the night Glancing not home 'til early light Take me faster harder still Fulfill my every want and thrill Give me not but your formed seat And your pegs beneath my feet ©Dark
My name is Blake. I live in the great state of Maine, but my home town is Clarksville, TN. If u want to no more hit me up on AIM Blakew7605.
Only A Woman Can Express Her Passion...duh!
A raging storm Hurls its torrents That pound incessantly Against my window panes Fierce winds howl, Attuned to my mounting anticipation As I eagerly await your promised arrival. Our hour of ecstasy, soon to began This gnawing hunger that I have for you This powerful love This merciless desire Has consumed my every waking hour I'm lost within my passionate appetites Lost within enchanting power Rendered a helpless, wanton toy. Your toy! My life has richer meaning now Because of you, I sing! My life is exciting now Because of you, I laugh! My ache for you My thirst for you Ever increasing Never completely sated Am I doomed, Locked within this prison of passion? A willing victim of my love and lust, Of you, your scent, your body? Oh my dearest, hurry! My anguish is unbearable! My desire, ravenous! My love over flowing and eternal! Ahhh, sweet torture! My panting breath quickens As I hear you pound upon t
Iím The One
Thereís not a part of your body that Iím not willing to explore. Thereís not a line I wonít cross once weíre behind closed doors. Tell me your deepest desires and your darkest fantasies. Iíll fulfill every one of them, because I aim to please. Some of the things I know I will like, others I may not enjoy. Iím willing to try anything once, consider me your sexual toy. Iíll do anything with a woman, there are no limitations. You want to try something new, send me an invitation. Donít expect me to read your mind, donít expect me to know. Let me know ahead of time, just how far you want to go. Donít be afraid to get kinky; donít think you can go too far. Tell me what turns you on; I want to know what those things are. You may wonder why I am telling you this, wonder whatís in it for me. When you remember the time of your life, Iím the person youíll see. Iím not looking for love or ever lasting devotion. Letís just enjoy ourselves, when our bodie
Are You A Dream (erotica)
My hand upon your chest Your hand beneath my breast Our kisses so entwined Our lust is so divine Tempered by a heart that's true How my passion climbs with you Your touch can set my soul on fire Your longing fills me with desire Passion building hot and wet Sweet man you make my body sweat First above me then below You loving fills me head to toe The yearning burning deep inside From your eyes I can not hide Take from me what you require Please consume me like a pyre Stroke me gently beneath my hood I'd moan loudly if you would Pull me to you hard and deep let me feel you inside me steep Take this fire from my brain Oh don't let me go insane Lick me, stick me, make me scream Oh how I hope you're not a dream ©Dark
Music, The Ties That Bind
Every so often a song comes on the radio that "sparks" a special memory. Some songs bring back thoughts of special events, others bring back a memory of someone or other .. maybe a lost love, or maybe a a lost opportunity. Some songs bring me back to a time or place either good or bad .. seems for me anyhow .. I mark the passing of time or events, and or tie a special song to a past memory .. ( this is terrible I know .. but everytime I hear Sweet Emotions by Arowsmith I think about this particular stripper in Quebec) I find it facinating how music is like the thread that binds our quilt work of life experiances. have you ever thought of the songs that tie you to particular memories? Here's my top 5 songs and memories ... if you have some .. maybe you can share them, 1. Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procul Harem) Jr. Highschool dance first dance with first girlfirend 2. Heroine ( Velvet Underground) addiction of any type sucks .. song sparks memories of a time and place no one wanted to
Judge Not
I was shocked, confused, bewildered as I entered Heaven's door, Not by the beauty of it all, by the lights or its decor. But it was the folks in Heaven who made me sputter and gasp-- the thieves, the liars, the sinners, the alcoholics, the trash. There stood the kid from seventh grade who swiped my lunch money twice. Next to him was my old neighbor
Let Them Grow
I find myself thinking of you quite a bit. Even when I try I canít seem to quit. The sparkle in your eyes, the smile on your face. Theyíre special to me, nothing can take their place. I like the sound of your voice when I hear you talk. And the sway of your hips when I watch you walk. Thereís an aura around you when the sunís in the air. Youíre so beautiful then itís all I can do not to stare. Exactly when these feelings started, I am really not sure. But the love I want to give you is one hundred percent pure. These are my feelings and now that you know, should I stop these feelings or let them grow? Lanny Russell 9/15/00
Motherís Love
Do you remember when I was a baby, crawling across the floor? I was an angel then, a kid you could adore. But as you knew those days didnít last. I started walking and talking, growing up fast. Then as a kid when Iíd scrap a knee, you were always there to comfort me. Then I was a teenager, a young man if you will. Thinking I knew it all but growing up still. No matter what I done or the trouble I found, you were always there for me when I came around. You the streets raised me, but that isnít true. The good qualities I have, I got those from you. I donít hit on women or disrespect any other. Those are just two of the qualities that I got from you Mother. You gave me a big heart, you taught me to care. I want to ďThank youĒ Mother, for always being there. Each night when I pray to the good Lord above, I thank Him for you, and your Motherís love. Lanny Russell
Its The Tummyaching
How do I dispatch this feeling Oh so deep within How can I stop this tingling That runs along my skin By the moonlight I search his number In the phone book by the bed So that I can try to tell him The thoughts that fill my head When will my tiny tummy hairs That glisten like golden lace Meet the lips and warming moisture Of this lovers caring face Will it be long that I will suffer From self brought quivers along my thighs Does tomorrow bring the answer Why pleasure falls from my eyes Shall my tiny little finger Finally find some rest From being thoughts pole of electrocution And the tongue upon my breast Can midnight sighs become less loud So no one ever hears Dare the mirrors on my ceiling Reflect more than self spanked spheres High strung are my wants desires
This One's A Dare For The Real Men!
'The Sexiest Man in a Dress' Contest! Would any of you care to get all decked out in your gals best dress or skirt? I am looking for the first 10 of you Hot guys to show us gals your the Sexiest. Rules are... 1. Must be SFW 2. Both ratings and comments count, so Bombs away! 3. No insults. Period. 4. Minimum number of comments for First place is 5000 Contact me by private message if you are interested. ~Just Meee~ôģ~X~S.B.A.B.~&~K.K.S.~Founder~X~@ CherryTAP The contest will start as soon as I get 10 entries, and will run for 7 days from that date. I will notify you by bulletin, and the contestants will be notified by pm. Prizes will be as follows... First place will be The Silver Motorcycle Secind place will be The Rolex Third place will be The Mens Ring
There Are Times
There are times when I feel so full of emotion. I want to give some one my love and total devotion. Then there are times that I want to stay free. Thereís no way to combine the two that I can see. The love I have to give is unlike any other. My spirit must stay free, that I refuse to smother. If I was to do that then I would never be the same. Itíd be like taking a beast from the jungle and making it tame. Thatís why in my life my relationships have been pretty brief. I have stolen womenís hearts just like a thief. I had to return them when they wanted me to change. Not being able to do as I please makes me feel strange. When I go to return them I could never get it quite right. Iíd leave fingerprints behind like a thief in the night. Apparently with me their heart didnít belong. If they tried to make right what was never wrong. My relationship will be built on a foundation of trust. This is not an option to me, I consider it a must.
A Lil' Somethin' Something' I Found...
Broken Heart No heart can bear the pain of emptyness Shallow seems empty Nothing can abide So much pain so little time No heart can bear the pain of lonelyness not a soul insight No words spoken no words heard The tone of a trumpet is not felt You did not expect what life has dealt Unfair it seems The only despair is in your dreams A peaceful sleep is needed No not rest Just sleep No heart can bear the pain of sadness Bitterness doesn't help Neither do tears Only the soothing touch of an angel Can mend what has been shattered Putting all the pieces back together not so easy as it seems No glue strong enough No surgeon smart enough The only way is a gentle touch The only tool that heals so much. Pete Lugo (aka) Northside 69
Candy Pants
If you think too much about it, having pants made of candy would slowly start to seem like a bad idea.
My World
I'm king/queen of all I do and see within my world of fantasy Here, I'm whomever I choose to be and I create my destiny I ride in space ships through the skies Sometimes, I board the Enterprise I destroy all the evil I see All monsters are afraid of me! Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man and I Play and fly over buildings high I love creatures that have wings like fairies, dragons, bats and things Here, everyone wants to be my friend 'cause summer vacations never end Hot dogs, hamburgers, shakes, fries! Everyone loves me! Are you surprised? Kids all cheer when they see me They love my realm of fantasy Here, I'm whomever I choose to be and I create my destiny!
Updated, Done With Valentines Day But I Hope You All Have A Good One
The Darkness
Done For Tonight~can't Take Anymore
1973 Vs 2006
True Stuff Pretty sad situation DIFFERENCE OF 30+ YEARS Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack. 1973 - Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack's rifle, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack. 2006 - School goes into lockdown, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1973 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2006 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark, charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1973 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal. Sits still in class. 2006 - Jeffrey g
Lol,thoughts Of Banana
While the sun flares upon a sparkling beach Beneath a cabana of flowing cloth sheíll wait Sips of a Margarita moistens hungry lips Thong of white painting loves gate Pink nailed toes inhale the breeze As gentle winds tickle fine stomach hairs The elixir subdues her busy mind Chasing the worries, and all the cares At last her bronzed slave approaches She knows for her beck and call When sheís done heíll tremble For her will demands his all Oil me up is whispered her command Miss not a spot or Iíll surely scream He begins as she turns over Blind that this isnít his dream As drops of oil fall in beads Over a body God didnít waste Excitement pressures Bermuda shorts Her passions wishes could taste Two strings drop and her bottoms bare As Tan lines reflect upon his sol
My 1st Contest! Please Comment Bomb
Please Rate, but most of all Comment on My Pic. This is my 1st Contest, and I'd really Love to win that 3 day Blast! C'mon y'all help me out. Click on the pic below to be taken to the contest. Thanks in advance!!!
Sex Life
Please Vote For My Story
If you haven't yet done so, please go to the link below and read the story and vote for it at the bottom of the page. Hopefully the second story will be going onto the site very soon and be ready for voting too. thanks.
A Message Loud & Clear
I love her attitude Her passionate sense of purpose Her strong convictions Magnetic personality Her sensuality Oh yeah! She fills my life with laughter Brings forth the best in me She makes my heart sing My knees shake Makes my entire being -- vibrate Oh yeah!
13th Floor/Growing Old Conceive true deception multiplied a million fold Visualize the yin and yang in a battle so intense that we get em confused The resident evil specialize in misconstruing We wanna be at a presidential level -- what are we doing? Foolin ourself, clownin ourself, playin ourself By not bein ourself We can't babble no more than we can bob our head offbeat Nimrod by the time we forty cause we can't get our meat While we ask no reason for the misplacement of the season look at the picture that's painted Tainted as the mind who's blinded to the point where Sodomites get all the rights We fall for fights with fisticuffs Get pissed enough to miss the bus It disgusts me to see my folks run up on I say stand up on deception of time all of Revelations And recognize this mind on the reality of horror known as mankind Jesus and his twelve disciples make thirteen A righteous number of righteous men Even Judas the Betrayer came true in the end The Devi
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A Valentine's Day One....(story #9)
She had been planning this day ever since the first hints of cupids and candy hearts had hit the shelves. Valentine's Day had never been a big deal for either of them-to them it was just another day in the year. That was what was going to mak,e tonight such a surprise. There was no way he would be expecting the night she had been planning. At least she hoped not. First thing was first, she had to start getting dinner ready. The Cornish hens were hiding in the back, of the freezer and she pulled them out, unwrapping them and sitting them in the microwave to defrost. While they were defrosting, she pulled out the dried cherries in amaretto she had mixed togethere before she'd left that morning. This was going to be an amazing dinner and she hoped it tasted as good as it sounded. She checked the hens,k frowning when she saw they were still partly frozen. Resetting the microwave she started to saute the celery and onion mixing it with the cherries and breadcrumbs. Now that the stuffing
Oh Dear,waiting & Wanting
A shadowy figure lurks near A silent visitor! A messenger of fear Sending shivers up my spine It's clear, I fear It's wanting and waiting For someone here I hear its rhythmic breath That measured sound Of approaching death And I am alerted of its quest It is clear, I fear It's wanting and waiting For someone here It's wanting and waiting for someone here, But wanting and waiting for who? For me, or for you? Getting accustomed to it near To its powerful presence! No longer do I cringe in fear It's now a welcomed guest! I entertain this new friend dear While it's wanting and waiting For someone here Maybe I'm just a little crazy But I do enjoy its company! I appreciate its mystery And its morbid curiousity Strangely, I don't mind the fact's wanting and waiting Just for me! Oh dear! Now I fear, It could be true That it's wanting and waiting, Just for you!
Happy New Year's
I broke my new year's resolution. Thank the gods...
I am soooooooo tired of people trying to get in the way of me and my baby! Why can't people just leave us alone!?!?!?!? Back off!!!!!! I'm NOT in the mood for this bullshit! Leave me alone and leave him alone too. Go out and find a man of your own!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy fucking Valentines Day!!!!!! Love you Jesse!!!!!!!!!
Valentine's Day Funnies....cheer Up We All Don't Have Dates
Contest Is Now Open!!!
Well I had to change my pic back to blizzard. We are getting another blast from mother nature. There is another pic of same view but on a clear day, in the backround the dark blue line is Lake Erie. So when you look at pics you see the weather isn't all bad, wonder when I will be able to venture outside again. At least I had the fireplace taken care of. Maybe that could explain my headache, seems for one the steel insert pipe for chimney was moved somehow, and top was gummed up with creasote, and even my chimney guy was surprised, he just cleaned it in the last year, no way should it have been that bad, but smoke and all was filling the house when you opened the woodstove to add wood. I was nervous so I called in the inspector. He installed it, he inspects them and has to have license to do so, I was not crazy for worrying about chimney fire. So for now I will go back to my fireplace and watch a movie, and cuddle with my cats.
Open Hands,open Offering
Engulfed within the glittering light Of a charged, electrical atmosphere A caressive ambience of wonder One is inflamed by strong desire and intent Infused with intense aspiration And mounting, breathless anticipation One embarks upon a journey A seeking of spiritual treasure Varied sensations of human expression taunt Sound and emotion ... overwhelm Inner communication ... begins Sometimes, a sublime offering is presented A revelation? Physical exhilaration? Rapturous, spiritual passion? The offering results in Feelings of love and joyous wonder Undescribable bliss Imprint upon the soul and its journey Fortunate are they that experience such ecstasy
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Mediocre - The Best???
"Only a mediocre person is always at his best."-- -W. Somerset Maugham
New Tat
In memory of my father I had his name and the year he was born and died tattooed on my back. I will take pics and add the pic to my other ones.
Sighs For Banana
Finally I have my shower done My skin is smooth and dry I stroll bare into the kitchen Curtains opened to prying eyes Itís time for my evening snack Will a plum or an apple do My vision turns towards bananas And somehow my thoughts of you Amazing how its shape and size Begins to tickle my tummy Reminding me of times with you When learning was so funny Leaning over the kitchen table My short robe reveals my pride I gently hold this delicate fruit As I stir the souls outside With pearled nails I peel its cover Revealing the tip of my wants desires Maybe if I pretend enough It will quench my burning fires Slow at first I suck it in Savoring its pleasant taste Iíll not bite down and ruin its shape Enjoyment is never done in haste Iíll lick it soft and press my cheeks
For All Cops, Fire Fighters And Emts
It may take you two minutes to read this, but if you do not take the time to read this you are one of the people this post is talking about. You stay up for 16 hours Hes been for 48 straight _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. The rain in the middle of the interstate keeps him awake. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He's chilled to the bone, hasnt eaten all day, has the flu, and then runs into a burning building __________________________ You drink your coffee on your way to the mall. He pumps on a five years olds chest on the way to the hospital. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He makes sure the pass device on his pack is working. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He watches his buddy fall through four floors. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring a
Special Valentine's Day Present 4 U
Faimily, Friends And Fans Of Angel This Is For You
You're...My friends, My companions,Through good times and bad,My friends,My buddies,Through happy and sad,Beside me you stand, Beside me you walk,You're there to listen,You're there to talk,With happiness, With smiles,With pain and tears,I know you'll be there, throughout the years!You are all good friends to me and I am grateful to you all. I am glad we met and life would'nt be the same without you. luv ya my friends ANGEL xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo
I Read Your Poem,ooooh Ambassador!
read your poem, Oh Poet Its spirit beckoned unto mine Kindred souls are we Our quests intertwined We poets are a restless breed Battling life's uncertainty Unfulfilled yet still evolving We seek to know its mystery We search for unknown truths Feeding a need to be free Ever wondering, questioning Influencing our destiny I read your poem, Oh Poet It sang of the sublime I felt its gentle caress Touch my heart and mind Mystical and musical It embraced me tenderly Taunting me, inspiring me Seducing me ... completely
Like A Bear
Did you know that Seasonal Affective Disorder partially stems from humans fighting their natural urge to hibernate? After running some errands, I turned off all the lights in my apartment, making it cave-like. I shut myself in my room, turned on my mini-heater and had a brief hibernation this afternoon. It was nice.
Ten Things To Keep In Mind
[to make your life a little better] 1. Trust Your Instincts. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't... fun, tempting...maybe, but not right. 2. Remember your manners. It doesn't cost you anything, but it speaks volumes about who you are. Having class starts with this. 3. Never let possessions "Own" you. It's just stuff! The most valuable things in life - friends, respect, love, knowledge-don't cost money... Hokey, but true. 4. Nature Your Friendships. The investment youe make in true friends will pay huge dividends all your life - remember, you can't make an old friend. 5. Keep your hands clean. This is meant both literally and figurtively... it will save you a lot of regrets later... 6. Believe in yourself. Yeah, this is another hokey one, but you do happen to be the only you in existence, and you're also the only person in the world who can truly hold you back in life... Think about it. 7. Be grateful. Don't waste all your todays in anticip
Gal I Cant Have
anothr poem about a gal i cant have Current mood: depressed take your time with a heart so divine so divine its divine as mine if its ment god give me a sign give me her and ill never again whine never complain nore go insain cause she makes me feel a way that i cant explain shes far from plain she makes it hard to maintain my composure with her exposure she leaves me breathles and so unsure of the world around me and all that surrounds me i wish i knew that she found me the same way as i do her and you can concure she'll start to care i'll loose my self as she palys wiht her hair she'll stare with those innocent eyes and latter that night she'll share her prize all i need is a chance then dont be surprised cause i got tricks other guys they dispize
To All My Friend And Fans
Sorry I have not been on-line. I moved this week end and my father passed away on the 8th. Things have been very crazy for me in the last few days. I myself have been takeing my fathers death very hard. I found myself on a three day drunk trying to cope. And it didn't help. well I will get internet at my place very soon so I can talk to you all. Miss all you guys. Lots of love from me to you.
Song To Her
song to her Current mood: cold she looked at me as i smiled at her and after that every things a blur i dont quite remember all that occured but the fact that we're not together now thats obsured cause she will always tell me she loves me right befor she hangs up the phone and i will always think of her when ever i feel alone cause every body knows we belong togther except for us and we look each other up and down just to see what we have found looked at her face, she frownd cause shes upset cause im not around shes been crying so long shes startign to drowned and nobodycan save her but me no nobody can save her but me cause she will always tell me she loves me right befor she hangs up the phone and i will always think of her when ever i feel alone cause every body knows we belong togther except for us 9:00 PM - 0 Com
Lunch Together?
Shall we meet today at lunchtime And play our game that you adore You just bring your desire for me And tread lightly across the floor Remember to let me be the boss And Iíll fill your fantasy head As long as you will bare your all And let me cuff you to the bed Now youíre shackled and Iím impressed At the size of your want for me Iíll slowly dance upon the bed Unveiling all for your eyes to see Iíll sway and rock to and fro And toss my hair to turn you on Iíll scratch and trace my fingertips Till every ounce of your excitements gone With tiny toes and silk like soles Iíll caress your pounding needs Iíll rub and roll your manly dough Till nature spouts your seeds Your heart pounds like a hundred drums And your face is soaked with sweat Iíll wipe my foot along your chest To dry it from
Another Day In The Freezer
Snow wasn't bad enough, today it rained most of the day and then the bottom fell out of the temperatures making ice everywhere. I was a good guy and only bitching a lot but then the damn electricity went off for about 4 hours. Now my sense of humor isn't quite what it normally is. Please send me something warm, hot or just wonderful to bring me back.
Episode 38
Nothing Happens Without Purpose (Circle Part 2) February 2007 We join our anti-hero in the Holy city of Pan Ra. In the temple of the Dragonlords. As he meditates in the inner chamber, a lone monk enters. The monk senses the new Dragonlord is under alot of stress. The monk looks at Tauru with much concern. DT: "What is wrong master?" Monk: "I should be asking that question, Lord Tauru." DT: "It's nothing master. Something I must deal with on my own." At that moment, the monk realizes what it is he is meditating on. Monk: "It's her again, isn't it?" DT: "I can't hide anything from you master." Monk: "Why do you distress so much? Oh I get it, you still aginize over your choice." DT: "Yes and No. I know I was a different man then. But the love is still there." Monk: "I know. That's what is giving you your focus. The one thing that was always there. The one thing that didn't leave you is your love for her." Drake hangs his h
This is like a better myspace. Kinda really cool!!! LOL. That and i'm bored as all get out. So....For anyone reading this...How are you? i'm good you? I'm bored you? really...Seriously? might want to get that problem checked out............It shouldnt..*Eww* really shouldnt look like that Oo lol Ok sorry enough i wont!!
Had Me At Hello
hade me at hello. is what this ones called it was to a friend of mine who oved away that i really wanted to be with you walked into to my life as fast as she left you made me feel when i thought i had nothing left and the worlds that you said they rizound in my head over and over again cause i could never be your friend cause no matter what i ll feel for you till the end cause what i feel is not pretend i wrote this song just so you know you had me att hello miss im a challange i choose to axcept cause i admire your every consept remmeber that night we sat in my room talking for hours you made me feel like i had magic powers and now i could never be your friend cause no matter what i ll feel for you till the end cause what i feel is not pretend i wrote this song just so you know you had me att hello just so you know you had me att hello
Wont Say The Words
i wont say....the words but she knows i do and baby if you listining you know its true and there aint nuthin that i wont do cause id do any thin anything for you ill be your jeanie your wish is my comand i wana make true your every demand you can be my little birdy fly away with me and ill take you places no one else can let you see as long as you romise me you heart devine ill promise ill be yours and youll always be mine
My Cold Bed
My bed was cold 'cause he wasn't there. He'd left earth long before. I loved him dearly yet struggled not to pine away while aching memories filled my mind with thoughts of yesterday. I forged ahead. Years were full and happy many quests of life achieved. My waking hours filled with treasures, gold. I kept busy! Yet at night, my bed was cold. Until....
Can I Do This
can i do this.. some times i wish that i were dead with all these voices in my head tellin me what i should do instead im so confused so i looked away and again i used i cant remember a time when i didnt abuse and i choose choose to live my life this way i guess that is the reason god wants me to pay i... cant i cant do this i ...dont i dont understand i... cant i cant do this i ...dont i dont understand at night i hold my pillow tight i wish for you to be by my side i need a place a place to hide and as a matter fact you give me that so so very tight when your around cause when your near i feel that ive finally found found a place a place where i be long i... cant i cant do this i ...dont i dont understand i... cant i cant do this i ...dont i dont understand please dont leave me no today not forever cause when your near i have no fear and i can finally rest my head for the first time in a long time i foun
hey people. go check out the new stash that i put up called drive. its so fuckin sweet.
Sleep Them Away
sleep them away you lay here in my arms you lay here so peacful sleeping sleeping in my arms sleeping away all those demons the ones that i can see inside you but youll never tell me about and i see through you much like you see through me and just like you the more i look the more i begin to like what i see me with you and you with me you my baby and i hope youll lways be but ill only stay as long as youl have me and as long as youll have me ill keep you safe safe in my arms in my arms as you lay as long as im here those demonds inside stay away
Valentines Day
Ok As everyone knows tommarow is Valentines day!!! The day lovers spend time together and exchange gifts of love... Well I am single and hating it.... After coming out of A Relationship of years because the guy can't keep it in his pants and feels the need to cheat....I am hating the day... I loved him and in the end I ended up with a broken heart with no one to love me in the end soooo I will be all alone with no one who cares!!! Hope you have a great and loveable valentines day!! xo ~carla
This is my first blog on ct I just wanted to say hello to all my friends if you are reading this things are kinda crazy in my own little world making the best out of life and hanging in there its rough some times but shit happens and I guess u always got to forget and forgive but always remeber you keep forgiving its gonna keep happening if u want to know what im talking about just hit me up with a message subject line what are you talking about i'll tell ya well anyway I guess i'll keep this short take care ...Amanda
For Eternaty
for eternaty take my time hurry up i do my best but its never enough im so fed up with so many things im feening for the smile that your presents brings you'll go out with your friends ill do the same but i wont pretend that i dont want you here near next to me today and tomarrow for eternaty its so perfect never had this befor we meet in the middle and your not a whore your somthing more then ive ever had you pretend not to notice that im pretty bad bad at this you tell me forever you seal it with a kiss you'll go out with your friends ill do the same but i wont pretend that i dont want you here near next to me today and tomarrow for eternaty you'll go out with your friends ill do the same but i wont pretend that i dont want you here near next to me today and tomarrow for eternaty.... today and tomarrow for eternaty
Kiss 2 Roses
If you really want to please me Then never ever tease me As you stroll the body you adore Start with tiny toes Formed in such perfect rows And make me ask for more Glide your fingers gently along my thighs Till you see the sparkle in my eyes Pinch softly till Iím desperately in need Let me feel your nibbles where I hurt As I rip apart your pricey shirt Let my breath describe my hearts plead As you bite across my moistened lips Take your time and savor the sips Hear me as I moan Give me your all Till heartbeat falls And I let out a satisfaction groan Kiss my ears And bite my neck Rise to my peaks and you will see That if you really want to pleasure And do the thing I treasure Then kiss two pink roses for me
War Of Words
war of words if i could only sit back and unwind all this tention of mine...if i could only design somthin to go back in time what would i rewind and erase...what would i leave what would i replace...cause in my mouth is this bitter taste...revenge is sweet but pleasures better...and i look back staring at her picture..readin that love could i let her leave...i just cannot could she deseave...steal my heart like a theif...all to run away...and im standing in the same spot i was then as i am today...and all these hate full thought gather in my mind and i wonder how could i think like could i even gather to be this unkind...this brutal and cruel...brake every rule...use what ever i can as a dont ever think we're cool...if you do your a fool...and you'll be the next one layin in a pool..what i do is not ones trying to fuckin brag...but its what im good the game in the bag with a fully loaded go a head give me
I wanted to take a second and thank all my dear friends fpr all the prayers. Also thnx to all th CT folks for the love! I am new to the CT network and am not online to often. Thnx again folks for all the love! I will send some love back to ya's as best I can!
You Should Be Arrested!!
This is fun to do. Just read the "offense" and if you've done it, you owe that fine. Keep going until you've read each offense and added up your total fine. You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid-- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with the a Puerto Rican -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed some one who's name you didn't know -- $10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work -- $15 Ever drive drunk -- $20 Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- $50 Used toys while having sex -- $30 Got drunk, passed out and don't remember the night before -- $20 Went
seeing if anyone even reads these things? leave a comment if you do :)
Cheery Grunt!!!!!
Good Evening
I am tooooooooo tired.. my eyes is sore and dry.. how is everyone tonight? want go to my bed. I have plently for 6 .. come and hop on my beds ;) and cuddle with me? I hope everyone have a good evening.. hit me back if you are bored or want something to say even take on me :P
Speaks of my soul and of my heart Long before life had itís start Feels like destiny took a hand though time like the shifting sand Came one soul to touch me as no one can One heart to hold me as only her man One who knows my heart and mind One who is far the rarest of find Speaks of my thoughts never to part Owner of my love, soul and heart By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Help The New Cherry
Kayla@ CherryTAP
I'm Gonna Eat You Up !
Today we met at the corner store My sight I couldnít part Something stirred so deep inside Your sight just stole my heart I could tell you were rigid and firm A tasty sort of thing I just had to get you home To see if my bells youíd ring Slipping through the backyard door No neighbors saw us pass If they caught a glimpse at all It was of my firm rounded As**, uh rear I pulled the curtains nice and tight So no others could peek or see The thing I was gonna do to you Whether sitting or on my knees When all was safe I took you out Rolled you gently between my fingers I wasnít in a rush just yet So I let the moment linger Oh but when you touched my lips I parted them with such haste I slipped your hardness deep inside I must admit I love the taste I rolled my tongue all a
A Mayonnaise Jar And 2 Cups Of Coffee
When things in your lives seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes." The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into t
New Pics.
well hi everyone i have new pics and i have some nice ones for all of u to look at.
The Concept.
I am putting down on paper what I am thinking. Feel free to smush my feelings and tell me how ignorant I am, or tell me that "yeah, that sounds right"
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
To Taste You,is Oooooh
I want to taste you, leisurely like a tantalizing cluster of grapes uncovering the pulp of your secrets absorbing you like a good book read on the patio on a sunday afternoon savoring the unique salty sweetness of each drop of juice on my tongue after the skin of your reserve is broken I want to breathe you in, exhaling slowly the fragrance of your cologne and the scent of sunshine in your hair amid that manly smell of sweat and musk that draws me to taste you, with abandon like a prisoner starved on molded bread invited to a grand feast of rare delicacies and the finest wine... I want to taste you devour you like a starving lioness who has endured six months of famine and thirsted too long for springs of love in times of uninterrupted drought needing to renew her strength I want taste you on my lips, my tongue relish your flavor deep in my heart until you are assimilated into my soul
Ended It
My guy and I ended it tonight for good... day before V Day right... yea... plus I gave up on someone else. Man... I hate Valentines Day
Well, I Made It!
Here I am, finally at Cherry Tap! You can find my daily blog here: If you want more and more Elli, that is. ;)
Aaahhhh Just, Ahhhhhhhh
More and more of them are showing up, the woman in the bed in a provacative pose, clothing barely covering certain areas. This is not just aimed at womed, men are doing it too. Now, I am by no means a prude, in fact, my veiws on sex and the human body are quite, open i suppose. But i do not pander myself out there. Come on people, you have more to offer others than your ....ummmm....stuff.LOL. I believe in you, show me how smart and funny and charming you are. Then if you meet somebody, well give them the show. Nothing good comes from it, trust me.
I'm cold. It's snowing outside. Who's going to keep me warm? If you live in the Northeast then you know all about the snow. And if you don't, then you're a lucky motherfucker. Since I don't have anyone to snuggle with, I suppose Goldschlager will have to do. ;o)
Update 8:30 Tuesday
I got 7 for the contest so far as of 8:30 pm on Tueaday.. I need at least 4 by friday. Let me know if you are designing or thinking about it so I can get them organized for the votes and judges ITS FOR A CHERRY BLAST ~tIMMY~~~
Today... Here Without You
Ive heard this song I think prolly like 12 times today... Every time I turn on the radio... I have it one every CD in my car and today it has seemed to be stuck on replay... And well yea its your ring tone... I remember the FIRST time you sung it to me... It was bout 3 in the morning on a Saturday... You were so tired and so was I(so was Traci... Remember I made her stay up to make sure I didnt fall asleep when your phone would drop the call... Damn mountains)... It was a long drive you were going home for the weekend... Your words were simple... "This ones for you sweety", "I know my singing sux but hey"... It was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard... I guess thats why it became your ring tone... I still care about you, I still love you... I dont know if I should... If I still have that right, but I do... Your the only one that can make my heart beat faster and slower all at the same time... Happy Valentines day my love... I love you baby!
Oops,did I Do This?
On some days,don't (us.WINK ) women just feel a little bit wicked... . My car was stuck on a city street It seems I had a flat As I bent over I heard a crash And I thought Oops, did I do that? As I passed two boys with ice cream cones I heard a sigh and then a splat Looking back their cones were bare And I wondered Oops, did I do that? While I was seated on a park side bench There was water where I sat The guys gazed as my white dress showed bare And I giggled Oops, did I do that? In tight shorts I passed the ballpark All the men began to hold their bats The coach was yelling as I walked away And I grinned Oops, Did I do that? In the elevator I noticed a piece of lint So I gave my rear a pat A woman slapped her boyfriendís stare So I giggled Oops, did I do that?
Angelica Submitted..have You?
Angelica submitted her photo of me on a milk carton. Who knew I was a lost child? haha Please submit yours..simple or not. ;) ~Timmy~
Sexxii Valentine
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Hate Me Poem
fuck this place...i cant take all the pressure that pushed on my back...i feel like every one is on the attack and im all by my slef in this world i live in all alone im prone to the pain i let my self feel so much more weighs on the thoughts in my brain im close to insaine and liek this i cannot remain so its time to proclaim and anounc emy clam to imfamous...for being surrounded in lust and have it taken away...and ill live liek this till the tomarrow that brings my dieing day...i cant help but feel this way i dono why i do this to my my own worst enemy and ill ppush any one away who trys to be a friend to me ill take anything you try to lend to me like a grain of salt...till my last breath n theres nuthin left
Have A Wonderful Day !
Things That Make Me Go Wtf!
This is true y'all. This morning I stopped at the gas station to put some gas in the minivan. Yea yea I drive a minivan, but its a sexy minivan. LOL Anyhow a Hummer pulls up to the pump next to mine and it has a bumper sticker that says "Save gas, ride a horse". Ok on aint that just fn' ironic. Hey putting a $100 in that precious Hummer is gonna just do the trick because they ride horses on the weekend. OK OK so they got the money to do that. Here is my other beef if you are not in the military or live in the mountians where roads dont exist why the F---K do ppl have them who live in the city. It just gripes my ass. Well happy campers that is my Lou-Rant for the day. Enjoy!!
Come On Answer
Rrrrring Rrrrring Come on answer Rrrrring Rrrrring Rrrrring Rrrrring Where is he at?? Rrrrring Rrrrring Rrrrring Rrrrring Answer already!!!! Rrrrring Rrrrring Rrrrring Rrrr Hello I thought youíd never answer I feared that you werenít there You said to call whenever I needed you And youíd treat me like you cared Well I need you this very instance Tomorrow just wonít do My innards yearn and my vision burns At just the thought of you You know of my special needs And the certain way I like it If youíre not at my loving door In thirty minutes Iíll bite it Well heís on his way I must move fast No need to take a shower I think Iíll freshen up a bit And put on perfume with some power Iíll put on lipstick glossy pink An
Valentines Day
I hate this holiday. It's pointless. Even though I have a boyfriend. I still hate it. But it's an excuse to gain 3 pounds on candy. but other than that, fucksaintvalentines. ps. did i mention taylor spent the night with me? :]]]]] and that i love him?
This Time It Should Stay Put !
Season of lust , our desires flow I think of us and the feelings grow Stronger and deeper than either knew Because of the soul connection with you Being so joined thought so far apart You live in my dreams and in my heart Dreams of passion and dreams that give All of my thoughts and desires live In the moments that we alone share Lost in the desire to be with you there To hold you and kiss you and be yours divine To know I am yours and you are mine Lasting as one and lusting our desire We are connect as one and build the fire That has forged us to be forever one soul Knowing that in love we grew to be whole You and I share one love dream true Loving and living our whole life new By R. Thomas Dinsmore Heaven in your eyes My world may crash and burn yet this globe continues to turn In a moments time I seek peace And a solace blessing of release To lift my spirit and carry on hope To never left go at the end of the rope And know the moment soon pa
Come On, And Help Me Out
PLEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!!!!!! I wanna make it to a cherry grnt, sounds funny, LOL....I wanna climb that ladder and get to the top, come on in, and rate anything u can, there's not much on my page, but i will devote more time to it soon....Have a good one!!! HUGGAS!!! ~B!
Poem I Wrote
like rain like cold like brave like bold, god made you and broke the mold, i iwsh it be you to forever hold, forget what i;m told, better than any i've done or sold. lost and confused my lonely heart abused, short fused, running on empty. i'll make you love me if you let me
Twister Anyone?
Can you tell I have gotten to the point of boredom to think of useless ways to spend my time while covered in snow?
I hated myself today. I wanted nothing more than to pick up the phone dial your number and tell you I love you. But I couldn't. The number is unlisted. Four years made my fingers forget how to reach you. I hated myself for forgetting. I needed you today. Pacing sterilized white halls; green smocks and strange faces my only source of comfort. I thought of you. You should have been there pacing along with me. You should have been there as my shoulder. Just as I wasn't for you. I hated myself for not being there. I drove by your home on the way to mine. I wanted to stop in just to say hello. To say I miss you. My excuses held me back. It was raining. I was cold. I didn't have any flowers. Besides, you'll be there tomorrow. I hated myself as I drove on. Walking into my room I saw your picture on my windowsill. And my dresser. And my walls. With newspaper clippings folded printed card other random mementos. I told myself I was o
to all my sexy, wonderful, special friends Love you all, kisses Chelle
Your Feather On Me
Like a feather descending upon the ground gentle and disturbance free so fell your nature upon my heart adding color to barren despair softness where once was none a tickle of tenderness inside a chest life steeled a moment in life so yearned for this Iíll be forever grateful You brought out confinements laughter freed discontentment from within my soul not by wizardry or legerdemain nor by illusion or sorcerous spells you cast only your care upon me instilled your life within my soul you created all with out a fall by being the pleasance that is you
Wellllll Peeps
looks like im off to get my kiddies into bed....huggs to all who popped ina nd showed some love!!! awesome, slowly climbing the proverbeal ladder, LOL!!! CHEERI-OA ND ALL THAT MY PEEPERS G'NITE!!!!!
Spiritualized Selfishness Is Still Petty Self-centerdness
For eons we've been taught that it's not good to be selfish and that the world is a better place when people are unselfish by being thoughtful, giving and civilized towards each other. Selfishness itself can be understood as an extreme focus on only one's limited self (body, mind, ego, senses) and all matters relating to and of interest or benefit only to one's self, instead of being focused on the unlimited Self (the whole world and all beyond it). As a result we all attempt to be unselfish and we all fool ourselves into believing that we are in fact unselfish to varying degrees. For the average person though, the issue of being unselfish is often just a passing concern, but for anyone genuinely on a path of spiritual growth, this issue is a matter of spiritual life or death. Those on the spiritual path striving to evolve and grow will often pursue various activities such as: * Meditation * Breathing exercises * Reciting or chanting of sacred prayers or mantras * Attending
Happy Valentines
Hey everyone hope you all have a good valentines day and remember if you have some one that it should never only be this one day where you show that special some one how much you care for them but every day your with them.This day should be a reflection of all the good and bad you have been through and how your love has still stayed strong and thats why you should enjoy Valentins day.
Essence of sweet fragrance dominating, capturing my souls totality meditating. In the silence of this souls peace, the atmosphere surrounds never cease. In a field of beautiful wild flowers scented, there's an existence gloriously contented. Sweet scents in aroma fine, mixing matching they entwine. Lifes a beautiful female passing, her lovely scent belle carrassing? Twas a floria serenading my soul, uplifting my heart to behold? In this day dream of sweet, I hang onto my lady peg so neat. All my Angels soar high above, Tink ling twinkling in so much love. Pat my smack of faith enthralling, surely I hear the creator calling. In this fragrance of vision it jills, so aromatic to a souls thrills. Karen so much for all tink ling, surely my heart pounds twinkling. With such an exotic regina, all that's honey sweet seen her. Sweet fragrance scented letter, coming so much a love in retta. Scented out to all enveloped, loves fragrant touch deve
This Is Me, Snickering.
Dear Cupcake, Here is your single's love horoscope for Tuesday, February 13: What's really going on? A certain relationship may need a little clarification, or perhaps it's time for true feelings to get some daylight. You can at least do your part with honesty and a sense of humor.
Broken Heart # 50
This is actually a song, and was a Christmas Present for a very dear friend. If you would like to hear it,go to Download it if you like it. BROKEN HEART # 50 I stop to think about you, Every single day. I want you more than I thought I would. What else can I say? I miss the way you look at me, I miss the sound of your voice. I want to have you close to me, But I donít have a choice. I know your heartís been broken, Stained and blackened too. Is it so hard to open? ĎCuz thatís the only way I want to get to you. And in the midnight hour, When youíre fast asleep. Do I step into your thoughts? You invade my dreams. I miss the way you smile at me, I miss the sound of you laugh. I want to have you close to me, But time is fading fast. I know your heartís been broken, Stained and blackened too. Is it so hard to open? ĎCuz thatís the only way I want to get to you.
Coast 2 Coast
Taylor'd love most fitting, luscious lucas elizabeth knitting. Eileen on this power acting upon, knowing it's the light near waldron. Keeping my carma near soul, it's a mix of stew art to hold. May I express this gift of humanity, it's diana mite to explode infinity. Being christine in morell makeup, no chance this love will break up. Life in affection most perkovic, a ven essa of joy most terrific. On this love erin of moen superior, it's enlighting inside the soul interior. A corona tion crowning perfection, there's no need in grade correction. Island of sun beach sandra lation, my heart in pump fed elation. A homeland of sun in afrika, exotically within loves touch asha. Sweet weinberger of brew sip, loves kiss in tongue lip. Love in stepha nie high deep, I saw yer in a late night sleep. Fragrant love enticing, delicious life icing. Moore love than the eyes can see, a loving touch from AD Lori. Melanie dream weave
This Snow Sucks!
Well I am on the southside where it is ice and snow everywhere, don't really want to get out in it. My trucks 4 wheel drive is out so i guess it is out of the question to go anywhere.
Poem: Heart Of Stone
COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL PLEASE DO NOT COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION. THANK YOU. Heart of Stone Begin to care, begin to feel Reach out,confirm connection Words sharper than steel Cut, pierce, slice a section Remove that piece, take that part Scar tissue, harder than bone Too much gone, can't restart No more love, heart of stone
Pentagon Caught Red Handed In An Attempt To Frame Iran: Iran Does Not Manufacture 81mm Mortar Shells
Pentagon Caught Red Handed in an attempt to Frame Iran: Iran Does Not Manufacture 81MM Mortar Shells According to a report offered by the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, connected to the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the neocon Brookings Institute, the smallest mortar produced by Iran is the 107mm M-30.
A Dream About Dreaming Of You
With anger in eyeís and voice reflecting despise I awoke to a wondering stare from you What is her name yelled a voice of blame and just what were you planning to do Collecting my senses while searching defenseís seemed honesty was the course to choose So I turned my mind to dreamlandís time and placed my thoughts in a state of muse Was on a journey long that I searched strong till my body was tired and stressed So I found a tree in a field of green where I paused to gain some rest As reality faded my mind it waded along a beach with sands of white Then along came a beauty oh yes a cutey I must admit she was quite a site Naked her form so teasingly warm glistened from the moisture of the sea I tried to resist this maiden of the mist but ran when she beckoned to me So we tossed and turned our bodies squir
Valentines Day
Valentines Day. The one day in the year that romance is supposed to be at itís highest. All couples must be loved up and spend every spare minute with each other, and all singles are to find out their crush does fancy them after all. Fortunes must be spent on gigantic cards and stuffed toys with large red heart shaped foil balloons, covered in the words ďI Love YouĒ If you are a single you are always expecting to be swept off your feet into a fantasy world where blokes notice every little hint and make you feel like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. You are meant to be showered with gifts. If youíre single youíre bound to meet the man of your dreams and heíll whisk you away to some secluded romantic spot and declare his un-dying love for you. And you sit all day waiting for that little surprise thatís the man of your dreams had planned out months ago. If none of this happens you feel like a total loser with no who cares about you and you spend the next day lying to your frie
One More Before I Close This For The Night
There ARE a few ppl on here who ACTUALLY know me and WILL be able to contact me. Ok. The moment I post this I will be gone. SOOO Take care. Jamie ~SDMF~
My Life In General Right Now
SO today I went to my big sister's wedding. I now have another bro-in-law named Tony. It's getting quite confusing lol. I'm pretty much just going through life waiting til the moments that remind me again why my life is entirely worth it (when I get to be in HIS arms for those precious minutes). I'll get to see him soon.. well.. kinda soon. I'll see him during the first week in April (Spring Break) and then he'll be going deploying in early June and won't come back until early October. and that's about the most that's happening right now. Oh yeah... and my best friend's boyfriend and I hate each other. But that's kinda been going on. So nothing to new here. But I gotta go, cuz I'm trying to figure out this dang photobucket thing lol. See ya'll later. ~*~kissies~*~
Happy V-day Peeps!!!
Two Little Old Ladies
Two little old ladies were sitting on a park bench outside the local town hall where a Flower Show was in progress. One leaned over and said to the other, "Life is so darned boring; we never have any fun anymore. For $5.00 I'd take my clothes off and streak through that stupid Flower Show!" "You're on!" said the other old lady holding up a $5.00 bill. The first little old lady slowly fumbled her way out of her clothes and, completely nude, streaked (as fast as an old lady can) through the front door of the Flower Show. Waiting outside, her friend soon heard a huge commotion inside the hall followed by loud applause and shrill whistling. The naked and smiling old lady came through the exit door surrounded by a cheering crowd. "What happened?" asked her waiting friend. "I won 1st Prize as Best Dried Arrangement!"
Crap Blogs
Sorry about that last one. I know it was crap. So, in lieu of offing myself in shame, I give you a dumb joke: Three sons left home, went out on their own and prospered. One day they met up and discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly mother. The first said, "I built a big house for our mother." The second said, "I sent her a Mercedes with a driver." The third smiled and said, "I've got you both beat. You remember how Mom enjoyed reading the Bible? And you know she can't see very well any more. I sent her a remarkable parrot that recites the entire Bible. It took elders in the church 12 years to teach him. He's one of a kind. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot recites it." Soon thereafter, the mother sent out her letters of thanks: "Milton," she wrote one son, "the house you built is so huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house." "Gerald," she wrote to another, "I am too old to travel any more. I spen
The Service
I saw you there all dressed in white I thought you were a beautiful sight your long thick hair done up just right The faded skin so unlike you the pale face and lips of blue never something you would do A beautiful blood red rose only inches from your nose I hope you're not in panty hose Your heart has stopped in mid life was it the struggle or the strife that took away mother and wife Being here has me nervous watching they who don't deserve this I never thought I'd watch my own service ©Dark
I Will Love You { Karulvinth For Life }
I will love you in the springtime, when the world is green and new, I will love you in the Summer, when the sky is sunny and blue, I will love you in the autumn, when the leaves fall and turn brown, I will love you in the Winter, when the snow is softly falling down. I will love you when you're happy, and even when you're sad, I will love you when you're mood is good or even if you're mad. I will love you through the sunshine,even through the rain. I will love you when you're healthy, or when you're feeling pain. I will love you always, every day I live,until all our life is through, I will love you always, and even after forever I'll still be loving you. Happy Valentines Day My Love!!!
Outside Looking In
No one listens to what you say They believe you less everyday Your boasting and bragging falls on deaf ears The stories you tell change over the years The passing of time doesn't make your lies true So tell me without them would you be more blue You enter conversations uninvited Do you really think this makes you united Do the fantasies you weave within your mind Really have to spill over at the drop of a dime Do you need them to think more of yourself Would it kill you to put all your lies on a shelf Are you familiar with suffering bore Or do you really believe it's you they adore Your wit and witicisms leave people cold I'm sorry that live has left you bitter and old You may be a teacher but you're no Momma Cass Hell I'm not even sure you have that much class So here's some advise from the outside looking in Gather all your memory of lies and begin Write out your memoirs in a great book To be published and placed on a fantasy nook ©Dark
The Cold Day
its aa horrably cold day with lots of ice and snow it suck to drive in it this morning i watched it go from rain to ice to snow. when my daughter got out of the car she says whats this whats this its cold. i was so happy to see it stop snowing now if it would all melt i would be happy.
One Damn Man I Am...
Well I stroll the streets, in the bad of town wearin nuttin more than maís evenin gown by the street light I will stand Yea I know, I'm one heck of a man I fry my eggs a dozen at a time covered with mustard and a dash of lime I eat my biscuits straight from the can Yea I know, I'm one heck of a man I trim my beard with a Bowie blade pick my nose with a garden spade brush my teeth with play box sand Yea I know, I'm one heck of a man I take my baths yea twice a year you can tell my soap is full of fear I make it a point to wash at least one hand Yea I know, I'm one heck of a man I wear my pants so they show my cheeks so you gals can take your peeks I flaunt my rolls over my waist band Yea I know, I'm one heck of a man I wear my clothes to match the fall brown or green I wear em all I change my socks when ever I can Yea I know, I'm one heck of a man I keep my hubcaps shiny and clean so the guys can see that I'm pure mean Iím proud my seats are filled
Nothing More
My head is pounding, throbbing, splitting, ripping apart from within. Piercing thrusts that are beyond the endurance of human fortitude Then the fires begin. They sear my right eye from front to back. It blinds every facet of my existence. The touch of my own hand feeds the flame, and when the flame dies down the charred skin crawls slowly back into place. The creeping of it, so much like the tickle of lice on a hot day, cause my hands to reach again to my head, I can not think or comprehend otherís speech. My ability to function is impaired to nihility, except for the pain. Pain is all there is, and all that exists is pain. ©Dark
To My Sweet Panther
My world was so dark and unforgiving. I longed for a ray of light to guide me through. I prayed for years that it would be given to me. I gave up hope. Then you came along. Holding a lattern that showed me that the darkness was just an illusion. That the colors had always been there, they were just masked by the dark illusions. I am thankful for that day. I am thankful for you. You have blessed me with so many things. Have walked beside me and reintroduced me to all the colors that life has to offer. I love you. From your sweetest, PolarDove.
Just My Pics
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