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I walked into her Not on purpose of course An accident that happened to occur Still I have no remorse She moved with such grace Smell of her skin was exotic I imagined her wearing lace It was quite erotic Wondering was she as sweet as she looked Quick daydreams of passions met My whole body shooked Walking away made me fret Conversation was never made I apologized with dignity in strife Wishing numbers were trade That is the spice of life
Random Thoughts Of Mine.
My unit will be heading to the sand box again here in the near future and I will not be joining them. Some might say good, but I am sad. Last time I was over there I took the bus from my part of the base to the chow hall. And that bus driver was an Iraqi man. I remember being the only one on the bus and just tring to hold a conversation with that man. One day he took me around the bus showing me everything. I think that he was tring to work on his english some and I was tring to work on my arabic a little. I believe that everyone looks down upon these people because just me tring to comunicate with this man made him jump with joy. It was like no one even tried. I have had the pleasure to go to third world countries in this world and I will tell you what. The United States is the BEST! If you ever think you have it bad, trust me you don't! It made me step back and wow, even on a shitty day I got it great! I saw a family of 5, yes 5 on a dirt bike! Familys of 10 living in a
So created my own, feel free to join
Our first kiss, it was a beautiful nite with a beautiful lady. With us looking out over the water, towards the lite city. The stars shining almost as bright as the sparkle in her eyes. I wanted so badly to feel her lips against mine, but did not want to move to fast and scare her away. She gently lend her head back to stretch an I saw my opening to move in. I started by gently kissing her on her neck, it was a smooth as silk. She moan softly, letting me know that she liked it and that I was safe to move forward with my desires. I wanted to feel her wet soft lips against mine. When our lips met, I was so excited that I could hardly control myself. As we continue to kiss, they became more passionate than I have ever experienced before, deeper, more sensual and erotic than any other kiss I have ever experienced in my life. They were more wanting than anything, we made love with our tongues through our kisses as they became deeper and harder. We both became so excited that
ahhhhh... my life is so amazing right now and its all because of that special someone... im moving on friday into town hamburg not far from wher ei live now like not even 5 minutes and ill still be going to the same skewl and everything only thing that sucks is ill be farther away from brandon but closer to my friends lol hope everyone had a good valentines day
Operation Dignity
I am grateful that there are people like Alex McElree in this world, its not often you find people who have been through stuff who go back to help others Operation Dignity has been providing emergency and transitional housing to homeless veterans and non-veterans since 1993. We have housed more than 875 people since opening. Our goal has always been to quickly take people right off the streets, without a complicated referral process or waiting period. Alex McElree, founder of Operation Dignity As a Vietnam Veteran, Alex McElree has sworn to never forget. "We don't leave our people on the battlefield and we consider the streets the battlefield." After returning from 3 tours of duty in Vietnam, Alex was homeless himself several times and battled alcoholism. When he looked around and saw the number of homeless veterans, he vowed to do what he could to help them. Starting with his own Social Security check, he rented a house in Oakland, bought some beds, and brought home som
Her Eyes
I can remeber just like it was yesterday, the very first time I ever saw your eyes, I knew that I would like them from your pictures, but I never dreamed that they would melt me from the inside. They are such a deep pool that makes a man weak at the knees. To be able to sit across from you and look into them was like having a fantasy come true.
Just Me....
I'm Sondra I make too many mistakes. Sometimes i wish i were perfect and flawless but it's quite obvious that i'm not. I'm really not the trusting kind of person, never have been and probably never will be; everyone i meet disappoints me in some way. i guess maybe i'm used to it by now. I like being outside when it's cold and smiling when i'm not happy. I laugh when things are bad. I guess that's just a habit of mine, maybe one day someone will find my flaws endearing and maybe one day I'll find someone who really does think with their heart. Life is inevitable, I don't take it for granted but i do wish i could change it even for just one day. I have faith in time that everything will work out for me and my family. And i won't change for anyone. LOVE ME FOR ME OR NOT AT ALL!!
Last Night, Ohhh Yeah ;]
soo for the past month or so that ive been going to the club, i have been crushing hardcore on this guy. i thought he was sexy as hell and he would come up to me and dance with me all the time. last week he got my number and only called me once this week. then last night him and his friend were telling me that i was the most gorgeous girl in the whole club and that they both liked me. after i told my friend amber i would SO fuck the one guy, she went and told him and he was like "im SO down for that" haha so im sure you can guess what happened from there, we went out to his car. but the downside, i still love evan. even though he wont even talk to me now. hes mad that i didnt answer my phone at all last night and says he will never talk to me again cause he cant trust me. i guess thats his loss but i still miss him. not to mention im basically snowed into my house and cant leave at club tonight :/
I recently went into a local chatroom for people all over my state. Some i became aquainted with and actually thought might have a friendship with. Im not against people having relationships online and actually meeting. honestly i did it be4 many times. now days i quit just giving the sex away. i am trying to wait till i meet the right person. i recently realized almost everyone who ims me in chatrooms all they want is sex. my question is does it matter to someone that they have family at home?
F-u-2 !
.....and u know who u is all imma
Lost, But Not Forgotten
There's a small tunnel. It looks like a hole in the wall. It's just big enough, that I can fit my body through. It'll probably lead me somewhere better than this, this world of hatred and heartlessness. I'm not afraid of what could be in it, or on the other side of it. I've seen what this world has to offer, and I'm not too impressed. I bend over and look in, and there's nothing but darkness. Emptiness. Silence. Already, it's better. The room is the complete opposite of my thoughts of the moment. Nobody yelling at me anymore, hurting me, lying to me, or even talking to me for that matter. I know the voices is only the memory of the day, but it's so repetitive, it feels like I'm in front of an audience who won't respond to the command "SHUT UP!!!" Closing my eyes and covering my ears only intensifies the sounds. Sleeping is only a memory. I've been awake for 5 minutes, and I still feel as though I haven't slept. The emptiness is inviting. It's quietness calling me
Can You Help ?
Stacia bought me a silver motorcycle for valentines and Cherry Tap says she clicked the send button twice so now she over $20,000 Cherry bucks in the hole. Please go rate all her stuff. LOL i do have two motorcycles. Stacia (Mike S, C.T. Wife)B.S.F.@ CherryTAP Thanks Mike S
i think its past my time of thinking about what got left behind and what we knew i remember things you said about livin life as best we can until we die was it that bad i spend so many nights all alone I think its time that you came home well start things new today i think we let life get in the way ill bet we could i think we should feel again i think it might be alright to try again forget the thorns of the night and make amends return my heart to my chest and then ill be free to love again
My Vampire
What type of vampire are you? The Sensual VampireTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
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Black Nights And Blue Tears
As i look up in the sky my tears run down my face ... just thinking about u tears me up... i cant go 1 night with out thinking about u ... wanting to know how it would feel to be by your side walkin down the streets kissing at the concerts doing things i never thought i would ever do ... now that u left me i will never know how to feel that something that i felt with u ... not knowing if any1 will love me again not knowing if i could love any1 like i loved u ... i dont even know if i will fine any1 like u ... now my nights are balck and my tears will alwayz be blue
Tired Of Being Hurt!
It happened again....I got PLAYED! I'm getting extremely frustrated with the dating scene. I keep getting built up and then something happens that its broken off. This time "I" had to break it off. The person I was dating was holding back information (so much for being up front with everything). Some info came out this morning, but was the info true? How can I now trust this person? Too many excuses to make it sound "OK". She was blaming it on her meds and offered to take me to her doctor to verify. It was too good of a match (personality, likes, etc). Like they said, maybe "too good to be true". Very possible. There were just too many flags this last week that pointed me away from her. My mom told me today that something just didn't seem right a week ago when they talked, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Since I had started dating her, I had been approached by a couple other people, and had turned them down because I thought I had found my perfect match. I'm
I Hate The Navy!
My hubby is in the reserves, and he got called up to active duty. Well Last friday i had to take him to the reserve center to leave for deployment.....he's goin to be in Va fer about 2 months r so, and then they r sending him to Kuwait. So he's gonna be gone fer at least 9 months... :( UGH!! I HATE THE NAVY! He's gonna miss so much, our son graduating from kindergarten, my brother graduating from HS! And he has to put off finishing college! UGH!
I Like To Know What You Are?
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The Greatest Weird Al Video Ever!
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What Would You Invent?
Is there something that you would invent if you could that would make your life easier? Something that you just think would be cool to have around? IF so, what would it be?
Hi Xoxoxo
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Hey there ya'll... new to cherrytap but i've heard good things! Feel free to drop by and leave a comment! Happy Saturday!
Let's Relive Some Old Times.
A couple had been married for 50 years. They were sitting at the breakfast table one morn ing when the wife says, "Just think, fifty years ago we were sitting he re at this breakfast table together." "I know," the old man said. "We were probably sitting here naked as a jaybird fifty years ago." "Well," Granny snickered. "Let's relive some old times." Where upon, the two stripped to the buff and sat down at the table. "You know, honey," the little old lady breathlessly replied, "My nipples are as hot for you today as they were fifty years ago. "I wouldn't be surprised," replied gramps. "One's in your coffee and the other is in your oatmeal."
A. Andrew Gonzalez
This guy's work is totally amazing check out his gallery A. Andrew Gonzalez the piece below is a work in progress
Since he left my life sorta just been faling apart. I got terribly sick for 4 days and then got fired on valentines day because i didn't get a doctors note for missing one day of work. [thats very dumb/gay/retarded if you ask me]. Went out to breakfast last night with two of my best friends and this 27 year old kept hitting on me.[hes was drunk. very.] but He is nothing compaired to my man. I'm just ready for Feb to be over with. This has been the worst month of teh year so far. March should be better, hopefully have a new job and my brithday is on the 10th and he comes home the same day. theres no where but up from here.
They Walk Among Us... Great One. Lol
I walked into a Blimbie's with a buy-one-get- one-free coupon for a sandwich. I handed it to the girl and she looked over at a little chalkboard that said "buy one-get one free". "They're already buy-one-get- one-free" , she said, "so I guess they're both free". She handed me my free sandwiches and I walked out the door. They walk among us and many work retail. A friend of mine bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: "Free to good home. You want it, you take it." For three days the fridge sat there without even one person looking twice at it. My friend decided that people were too untrusting of this deal. It looked too good to be true, so he changed the sign to read: "Fridge for sale $50." The next day someone stole it. They walk among us. One day I was walking down the beach with some friends when one of them shouted, "Look at that dead bird!" Someone looked up at the sky and said,"Where
Pickle Slicer
Bill worked in a pickle factory. He had been employed there for a number of years when he came home one day to confess to his wife that he had a terrible compulsion. He had an urge to stick his penis into the pickle slicer. His wife suggested that he should see a sex therapist to talk about it, but Bill said he would be too embarrassed. He vowed to overcome the compulsion on his own. One day a few weeks later, Bill came home and his wife could see at once that something was seriously wrong. "What's wrong, Bill?" she asked. "Do you remember that I told you how I had this tremendous urge to put my penis into the pickle slicer?" "Oh, Bill, you didn't!" she exclaimed. "Yes, I did." he replied. "My God, Bill, what happened?" "I got fired." "No, Bill. I mean, what happened with the pickle slicer?" "Oh...she got fired too."
Brittney Spears
check this out.....she "oops i did it again" something stupid
Do You Have A Dentist Appointment
One night, as a couple lays down for bed, the husband starts rubbing his wife's arm. The wife turns over and says, "I'm sorry honey, I've got a gynecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh." The husband, rejected, turns over. A few minutes later, he rolls back over and taps his wife again. "Do you have a dentist appointment tomorrow too?"
Woman In A Hotel Lobby
A man bumps into a woman in a hotel lobby and as he does, his elbow goes into her bre ast. They are both quite startled. The man turns to her and says,"Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you'll forgive me." She replies, "If your penis is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 221."
Busy Day, Busier Days Coming Up
I've been away from this site for about a week simply because I haven't had time to come on here. It sucks me in when I do, so I just avoided it altogether! Been busy seeing clients in my dungeon. Done a few shoots. Working out a lot trying to lose the winter blubber. I go to yoga class twice a week and I found out my teacher studied under David Swensen. Pretty cool. I had no idea I could find such prime quality here in Flinttown. I have a session in an hr, going to get in a quick workout before then, after that I have a shoot with Joe Cardenas. Probably post more pics tonight from my other laptop which is now working again. I've got the winter blues. All work and no play makes me a lonely girl. Note-- lonely doesn't mean horny! No offers, please. My vibrator works for me.
Do Not Lose Your Grandkids In The Mall!
Do NOT lose your Grandkids in the Mall! A small boy was lost at a large shopping mall. He approached a Uniformed policeman and aid, "I've lost my grandpa!" The policeman asked, "What's he like?" The little boy hesitated for a moment and then replied, Crown Royal and women with big tits."
Declaration Of Independence
I am tired of living by other peoples standards and I am taking the reigns of my life in my hands and I slapped them and going full gallop. I am living on MY terms. I am doing my modeling I took a nude shoot with Mirror Ball Studios.I am done being nice cause "its the thing to do" at least to people who don't mean shit. I am done holding my tongue. Letting people treat me like Iam less. Fuck them. I don't talk to my family anymore. I have nothing in common with them. I am calling in favors I am getting my ink done. I have been there for so many people in my life and now I just need to know that when I falter and I need a hand that they are actually there. I am tired of being there for people who can't even call to say "hey." I don't regret my life, but I am going out on fire. I am losing weight not for THEM but cause I want to. I am singing at the top of my lungs when I want and if someone wants to go toe to toe with me better know there is a black panther living in my eyes. Offi
Jason Thinks I'm Sick Lol
Serial Killer Nicknames Quiz Correct! You answered 9 items out of 10 safely. Your score is 90%. Excellent. You are a true crime buff! Congratulations! *laughs..snorts..laughs harder*
Please Help Me
still trailing...still appealing....please... just click my pic below and comment bomb me... Smoochessss, Crystal Ice
*just Human* By:josh Brookover
Conceived by madness, sedated by sadness. delving in the inconcievable, life is unbearable.The pendulum swings as time wastes away,never knowing which way i will be forced to sway...I am a puppet of society, leaving me empty. Feeling no curtesy, for what’s within me. I destroy myself more and more everyday by drinking and drugs, while watching my mind decay. Elapsing to self affliction, while creating a new addiction, Emancipated mind free from society’s cage, changing from passive to an unexplainable rage. Humanity keeps me from being who I need to be. Held down by emotions and pity, stranded in an empty city. I await the end of me for there is nothing left to be....
Expectations Of Change
Expectations Of Change by: Heather and Rev joe The oysters are Clambering Atop and sliding Snowflakes glisten By the streetlight Creating shadows Of angels In the air What is leaving but a new beginning does the page open again a new book or a new chapter Of your journey The watercolors Reflecting this life The whispers Of illustration The gallery Of your mind Writing that seems to melt Make it known now that Your art is pricless It is beyond Value Mix me a potion Close thine eyes, The airy azure darkness painted behind the eyelids never leaves Your vision Vanishes You are left With beliefs shrill notes a cacophony of sound bedlam and morass, Take me where the plaintive trills of birds sound and still the leavings resound
What Colour Is Your Heart?
You scored as Blue. Your heart is blue. You are a very calm and relaxed person. You are very caring and like helping others. You\'re grateful for what you have in life, even if it\'s not perfect. People love you for who you are, don\'t ever change that- it\'s what makes you the great person that you are.Blue86%Yellow79%Pink79%Orange29%Green21%Red14%Black14%Purple7%White0%~What colour is your heart?~created with
Words Women Use And Their Meanings
1.) FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right, and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means half an hour. Five Minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine (see #1). 4.) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) Loud Sigh: This is not actually a word but a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. "That's okay" means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you
So I Think
that when it says you've hit your limits for the day, it doesn't mean the calendar day, but for an actual 24 stretch starting when you hit the limit.
February 17, 2007: Remail
Attempting to follow up on previous email messages which have gone unanswered. employee: "Jim isn't responding to my email requests to shut down the Hope Creek nuclear power plant before the East shore of New Jersey is a radioactive wasteland." boss: "Well, remail him. Maybe he's just busy."
I got this off a friend of mines web site and it struck me as a good thing. Enjoy! Improve Your Self Confidence in 15 Minutes By Mark Tyrrell Creative Director of Hypnosis Downloads I used to be frighteningly lacking in confidence in social situations. And although people who know me now would never believe it, I used to doubt myself so much that I literally had to learn confidence until it became a natural part of me. I can tell you: relaxed optimistic confidence is just, well, so much more fun! Here I'll tell you about the things that made the most difference to my confidence levels... Some people have naturally high levels of confidence but everybody can learn to be more confident. Firstly, it's important to get a clear idea of what self confidence really means, otherwise you won't know when you've got it! So, self confidence means: 1. Being calm. For every situation in life you need to run on the appropriate level of emotion. Too much emotional 'leakage' into a
How Could You?...a Poem I Wrote
A POEM BY ME!!! time passes... days go by... i think of you... and start to cry... how could you do this to me... how could you just get up and leave... did you ever really care for the life we created... while you ran the streets... and we sat here and waited... waited for you to realize what you had... to step up be a man... take your place as a dad... but it's clear to me now... there's no man left in you... a real man wouldn't hurt us... the way that you do... so, as more time passes... thoughts of you fade... 'till you're no more than an unfortunate mistake i once made... i used to sit there and wonder where i had gone wrong... i had been blaming myself... for far more than too long... you may be blinded right now... but it's your loss, you'll see... i won't stand around waiting... you're not worth it to me... so when your eyes open... and you regain your sight... you'll be standing alone... with your wrongs to make right... to
Seeing Is Beliving
Gods I am tired. Dealing with labor and industries is enough to make anyone crazy. So there you go. Haven't posted for a couple of days cause the whole scenerio at work has me pretty much in the dumps. Do to know what I mean? So yet again I am on that constant thrill ride ( sarcasm noted here) that is my job. Yet again I am asking myself WTF am I still doing here? The job depresses me to the point of not wanting to do much else, and I don't see that changing any time soon. What to do what to do. All I see them doing is bleeding me dry again.. I want that to change.
Time Murder Ballad
I waited patiently behind your eyes. I've been there for a thousand years. Impose a need for my disguise as I washed you in a bath of tears. And I gave you castles of famine, decorated you with disease. For your courage I live up to, to feed me. I'd reward you with insatiable greed. You sweated with desire to cure me, while lovers shivered in your arms. Pregnant with the fear I've given you. You've paid so dearly for my charms. And you haste to the good, built towers in my name. And you raped your own children while you courted me with violence. Call me decades. Call me dust. Call me centuries. In the space between your footsteps come and look for me. I came in frequencies of light and sound with wonders for the senses to thrive on. Rainbows bending back to be themselves, cut half upon this moments horizon. And you heard my vibrations. And you saw me in color. And you called me money. And you bought and sold each other, in my name. In my name.
What Is Love?
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Love is not the act of sex nor mere passion. It is carrying within you the hunger for another's company, their nearness, their laughter. Sex can be found anywhere and everywhere but that special connection is a rare thing. The hunger that burns deep within your soul that captivates the soul. "Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I am yours forever". Annette Hasalone copyright 2/2007
Comment And Rate Me Till Your Fingers Hurt Pleaseee
Well this blows The salon dosn't have time for me today So I get to get done on Tuesday Oh well I guess I'll just play with it till then hehehe Any ideas for cut colors anything? I'm think about more layers and...blonde Wahahaha
Pot Of Gold
"Pot Of Gold" Julie Roberts All alone in a café I watch the world rushin' by They're all dreamin' 'bout dollars and thinkin' 'bout Mountains that they have to climb A woman checks her reflection A man straightens his tie They wear troubled expressions and meanwhile I just sit here and smile You can chase all the sliver If you need riches to hold You can run after rainbows 'Cause I just found my pot of gold I just met him last weekend We've been out a few times And it may seem too soon, but when he kissed me I knew that He was my purpose in life You can chase all the silver 'Cause I've found somethin' to hold You can run after rainbows 'Cause I just found my pot of gold You can chase all the silver 'Cause I've just found my soul You can run after rainbows 'Cause I just found my pot I just found my pot I just found my pot of gold All alone in a café I watch the world rushin' by They're all dreamin' 'bout dollars and meanwhile I just sit here and smile
Which Type of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Right For You? The Artistic and Confident Type!You need a partner who quietly draws the real you out. Your partner must understand that you are very self-satisfied; therefore you might not always be the best communicator. You need someone that loves to have fun, but also has the capability of concentrating on a great classic film. A creative and confident prospective is what you need. Stay far far away from the needy ones!Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Kids are away and hell we are off to relax have a good time, wear my freakni new boots and party, I love geting but naked!!!!! So I placed a new photo up and by the time it was uploaded it had already been reported. I mean damn this mys well be freakin myspace, damn I see so many ladies in thongs, and stockings and crap, and they never have any problems with their pics, however I post one up and someone obviously does not have anything to do than sit here and keep an eye on my page and report everything I do. Do they get extra points for reporting? Just curious, hell how cares off to party! I am thinking tomorrow I might create me a myspace page for the hell of it, and I can post my fuckin picsw any god damn where I feel free to, and don;t have some asshole sitting here reporting because they are so boring and do not have a fuckin life damn faggots.
Pretty In Pink
on i am in another contest called pretty in pink please come by and comment bomb. THANKS Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
New Xfanz Blog Posted...
My latest blog entry has been posted over at XFANZ. You can checked it out over at their site under the "Blog" section. Link:
What Element Lies Within You?
You scored as Fire. FIRE! You are spunky yet loyal, and have the heart of a warrior. Though unpredictable and hard to contain, but your best buds always manage to keep you in check. you can have a bad temper but you are not mean. You are however strong and protective, so enemies WATCH OUT!Fire100%Earth83%Wind83%Light67%Darkness33%What Element Lies within you?(PICS)created with
Ghost Rider
Went to see Ghost Rider last night.  It was three shades of wonderful.  I give it 5 stars, two thumbs up, whatever you want to say to show that I loved this movie, say it.Nicholas Cage, even with his comedic take on the character, was the perfect choice to play Johnny Blaze.  He gave the character a personality that you could really get into and like, but there were actually better characters in the movie, as there are in the comic.  The focus of the comic is Ghost Rider, and whenever the focus on Johnny, they generally falter with the fan base.  There were three characters that actually drew us a little better than Johnny, other than Ghost Rider.  They were Caretaker, played by Sam Elliot (one of my favorite actors); Blackheart, played by Wes Bentley; and Mephistopheles, played by Peter Fonda (watch for the 'Easy Rider' moment).  These three characters plus Ghost Rider himself make the whole movie worth watching.  Also, the F/X were wonderful; with only one glitch that was very visibl
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I Feel Pregnant
I feel pregnant for the first time! The first three months theres was a little cramping, like not even as bad as I would get with my period, but now! At 16 weeks and two days I feel this thing in me. GET IT OUT!
Thought I Was A Slut
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An American Me
Molestation, ridicule, humiliation rape, abuse, self mutilation poverty, single parent discrimination marijuana, food stamps, masturbation an empty plate for my depersonification the first steps in your Americanization. Holding a pinky out to toddle tea squatting above to take a clean pee bending and propping elbows and knees showing my vagina letting you see grabbing a pillow to muffle let you be this is what your America has taught me. Education, medication, terrorism spice and sugar for my pessimism crushing and molding any skeptimism whips, chains, a gag your masochism a mechanism for my fetishism a lonely spectator of the American prism. Child abuse, foster care, lacking a parent what name will you use for the suicide ferret when will change come to your confused current, pollution, unfair distribution, the water turrent my transformation awaits your confused ferment anticipation lingers below the Americana permit. Sorry for falsifying the above Ame
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Happy Hr Is Comin Up Join Me @ One Of These Contest Plz!!
Shout Box Entertainment
this is copy and pasted from the shout box so start from the bottom and read up... ROFLMFAO... this is the first convo i wake up to this morning... finish: (see now if he was a respectful man, me telling him i was all about my bf would have been enough to make him give up. instead he assumed i was some skank out for a big dick... and you know what assuming does... it makes and ass out of you and a bitch outta me LMFAO) me...: LOL no you dont (ROFLMFAO!!! he walked right into this one) sexy metal...: :(-tears- i have a bigger dick me...: no babe im sorry i have a bf that i absolutly adore its nothing against you, but the only person i want is him (ummm no sorry about your luck but i will commence with a polite let down) sexy metal...: u dont want it me...: nice looks like your having fun (looks like a fuzzy dead turtle wearing a blue latex body warmer) sexy metal...: wat u think (i begin to rate NSFW pics of him and his gf not really paying much a
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Check out this and get back to me Shaun "RevelaShaun 6:8" Robinson At 619-955-7916 You can make alot of money helping other promote thier music also.
Will Murai
I found this artist called Will Murai while I was stumbling round the net, here is a link to his gallery Will Murai I fell in love with this picture its called Cyberfeeling.
Happy Birthday To Me!!
So I am tooting my own birthday horn here.... Its my birthday weekend!! Waho0o0!! I love my birthday!! Its the one day of the yr just for me!! My actual birthday is Feb.20th but i decided to celebrate all weeekend :) This year my family is taking me for our traditional "Amanda's bday steak dinner" on monday. I cant wait!! I love steak and look forward to this evening yearly!! We rented a private room so the kids can be themselves and the adults can just relax and enjoy. Then tues its my birthday!! This yr it will be spent at a spa...getting primped and pampered from head to toe...the day includes a manicure, pedicure, hot rock massage, makeover and SO much more!! Ohhhh i cant wait!! My son is sooo excited and is already singing to me. Its sooo cute, and my daughter has something up her sleeve and i am a bit worried. hehe So Happy birthday to me!! Ok, tooting done :P Carry on with your weekend!! x0x0x0x0
Fuck You
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Coffee ?
An Indian walks into the coffee shop, The waiter gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee. The Indian drinks the coffee down in one gulp, Turns and blasts the buffalo with the shotgun, Causing parts of the animal to splatter everywhere And then just walks out. The next morning the Indian returns. He has his shotgun in one hand, pulling Another male buffalo with the other. He walks up to the counter and says to The waiter "Want coffee." The waiter says "Whoa, Tonto! We're still cleaning up your mess from yesterday. What was all that about, anyway?" The Indian smiles and proudly says .. "Training for position in United States Congress: Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull, Leave mess for others to clean up, Disappear for rest of day.
Windows Vista
I am here filling in for Chris and Mr Kangaroo while they are touring the country. So I recently bought a new Notebook and love it. My PC finally died, duct tape couldnt hold it together anymore. I have found that Windows Vista is the a new program and it seems [retty decent so far. AOL, however is having issues with it. Though they have AOL9.0VR that is used for the new Windows, it is having issues loading. If any of you have AOL and know what I am talking about, let me know if you had the same issues. OK, now I am going to get back to this artical, later.
Two Nuns
Two nuns, Sister Catherine and Sister Helen, are traveling through Europe in their car. They get to Transylvania and are stopped at a traffic light. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a tiny little Dracula jumps onto the hood of the car and hisses through the windshield. "Quick, quick!" shouts Sister Catherine. "What shall we do?" "Turn the windshield wipers on. That will get rid of the abomination," replies Sister Helen. Sister Catherine switches them on, knocking Dracula about, but he clings on and continues hissing at the nuns. "What shall I do now?" she shouts. "Switch on the windshield washer. I filled it up with Holy Water at the Vatican," says Sister Helen Sister Catherine turns on the windshield washer. Dracula screams as the water burns his skin, but he clings on and continues hissing at the nuns. "Now what?" shouts Sister Catherine. Show him your cross," says Sister Helen. "Now you're talking," says Sister Catherine. She opens the window and shouts, "Get the
Dear Fucker
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The Lights Go Out
A nun, badly needing to use the restroom, walked into a local Hooters. The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once in a while the lights would turn off. Each time the lights would go out, the place would erupt into cheers. However, when the revelers saw the nun, the room went dead silent. She walked up to the bartender and asked, "May I please use the restroom?" The bartender replied, "OK, but I should warn you that there is a statue of a naked man in there wearing only a fig leaf." "Well, in that case, I'll just look the other way," said the nun. So, the bartender showed the nun to the back of the restaurant and she proceeded to the restroom. After a few minutes, she came back out and the whole place stopped just long enough to give the nun a loud round of applause. She went to the bartender and said, "Sir, I don't understand. Why did they applaud for me just because I went to the restroom?" "Well, now they know you're one
Pearly Gates
A minister dies and is waiting in line at the Pearly Gates. Ahead of him is a guy dressed in sunglasses, a loud shirt, leather jacket, and jeans. Saint Peter says to this guy, "Who are you, so that I may know whether to admit you to the Kingdom of Heaven?" The guy replies, "I'm Joe Cohen, taxi driver, of Noo Yawk City." Saint Peter consults his list. He smiles and says to the taxi driver, "Take this silken robe and golden staff and enter the Kingdom of Heaven." The taxi driver goes into Heaven with his robe and staff, and it's the minister's turn. He stands erect and booms out, "I am Joseph Snow, pastor of Saint Mary's for the last 43 years." Saint Peter consults his list. He says to the minister, "Take this cotton robe and wooden staff and enter the Kingdom of Heaven." "Just a minute!" says the minister. "That man was a taxi driver, and he gets a silken robe and golden staff. How can this be?" "Up here, we work by results," says Saint Peter. "While
How To Cut The Amount Of Gas We Use
Plan A: Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use. The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants! That would be 11 million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come down. If you think this is a good solution to both the problems, forward it to your friends. I just did. __________________________________________________ Plan B: Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the border. When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Iraq . Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military. Give him a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it. After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country. He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot. This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a better
One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "My dear child, why are you crying?" The seamstress replied that her thimble had fallen into the water and that she needed it to help her husband in making a living for their family.The Lord dipped His hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with pearls. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked The seamstress replied, "No." The Lord again dipped into the river. He held out a silver thimble ringed with sapphires. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. Again, the seamstress replied, "No." The Lord reached down again and came up with a leather thimble. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. The seamstress replied, "Yes." The Lord was pleased with the woman's honesty and gave her all three thimbles to keep, and the seamstress went home happy. Some years later, the seamstress was walking with her husband along the riverbank,
United States Marine
A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his Chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, "What the hell is th
A Quick Post
Because more Commo soldiers are desired in the Army worldwide, I'm on the list to get promoted, if the needed points go down by 9. Without even trying, I'm currently at 350 (for you Army folks). Although I keep getting asked by my peers when I'll become a Sergeant, it would be rather ironic to have seen folks working so hard to get their E-5, and I'm just given it. Am I being an @$$ for saying that? At the very least, I feel a little evil.
Please Share With All
Let's send it around the world. FRIENDS ARE BORN, NOT MADE This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad. For those who take the time to read it, you'll see a letter from him to his Dad at the bottom. It makes you truly thankful for not only the Marines, but ALL of our troops. THE MARINE We all came together, Both young and old To fight for our freedom, To stand and be bold. In the midst of all evil, We stand our ground, And we protect our country From all terror around. Peace and not war, Is what some people say. But I'll give my life, So you can live the American way. I give you the right To talk of your peace. To stand in your groups, and protest in our streets. But still I fight on,
Test Dated Today,wtf?
You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at I had no clue that all of that reading would help out,i'm ready for the next quiz or maybe a practical,anyone wanting to help? peace
Bit The Update
No, did not bite the update. Had a barber appt. this morning, also bought some trimming equipment. Later today going to a support group, and then to a Chinese New Year party held by some very long-time friends. Right now listening to some of last Tuesday's BBC 3 Tchaikovsky Experience programming (really should listen to last Saturday's, as it will be going off the server... let's see... yep, listening to now (Tchaikovsky's 1865 B-flat quartet movement, Stravinsky's concertino, etc. - then lunch, etc. :) ) Dad's now an ex-dentist so dental appt tomorrow will be with someone else. That's ok too :) Monday, fairly regular appt. with prescribing doctor (mostly for certain kinds of medications; she's related but also an excellent doctor). Should be a pretty good weekend.
Went Out For Karaoke Last Night
Well I sang a whole crap load of songs last night. They had a karaoke contest and I lost. It was just me and this other guy. You had to pay $2 per song entered and the winner gets the pot. Well I did 3 for the contest and the other guy did 1. They decide the winner by audience applause. (I knew I was screwed becasue it's more like a popularity contest, so the other guy got all the applause and me pretty much none) (even though I was WAY better.) All he won though was $8. I got 2nd prize which was a tee shirt and a shot glass. So I think I was better off. lol I'm not being a sore loser but I'd love to lose to someone who's atleast as good as me. I won't enter these things again. But I did have fun, though I pissed my hubby off. We went to another bar and my crazy girl friend was there and we all danced together. I got in trouble cause I sorta danced a bit dirty with a guy on the dance floor. It was probably wrong but I had fun. On the way home was not so fun.. but I won't go there.
Discreet Photography In The Portland, Me Area
Hush Hush Photography, providing discreet amateur photography to fun loving adults. If your in the Portland, ME area and need discreet amateur erotic photo (video coming soon) work done then look no further. I have an excellent record of keeping all work confidential and discreet. How I usually work is when a client asks for my services we set up a time and date, I arrive at their home or hotel room they have booked for the occasion and I take the shots they want. First and foremost I am an amateur photographer, do not expect Playboy style photography. On the flipside I am also not the blurred, finger in the pic, out of focus, photographer that the majority of people are either. While I may be very liberal in the work that I may do, I do have general guidelines that I follow. I will not: Shoot anyone under the age of 18, I.D. is required for proof of age. Shoot any act that I personally feel is depraved and /or illegal. (Ask before dismissing anything) Shoot male / male
Twinklebug Needs Help Please!! Contest Very Close!! Please Comment Bomb!!
Please help me win this contest!!! It ends in less than 2 hours and I am just barely in the lead! I will help anyone that helps me!! I love to comment bomb! PLEASE comment bomb my pic!!! HUGS~N~SMOOCHES TO YOU ALL!!
The Pit Stop Lounge
Thanks to some of my friends and family, my new lounge (THE PIT STOP is now open! This is how I would like it to work. It's open to all, to chat about whatever, whenever, EXCEPT SUNDAY! On Sunday I would like the Main Topic to be about the race! I would like people to have a place to discuss the weekends race activities. I will try to occasionally try to post the Race Schedule for Nascar Craftsman Truck Series, Nascar Busch Series, and Nascar Nextel Cup Series. Who knows, I might throw in some Outlaws and Hooters Pro Cup! This will be posted on the bulletin board and in my blog section. I hope you all enjoy my new lounge! REMEMBER, the lounge is open to all conversations! I just would like Sunday to be open for the Race Fans! Thanks to all who helped in making this possible!! Have Fun and Enjoy!! P.S. I'm an Earnhardt fan, but all are welcome and can voice their opinions with out worry!
What Does This Song Mean To You?
this song is by a band called Shinedown it is one of my favorite songs. What it means to me? I think it describes the war that we fight inside of us and about the drive and courage to overcome challenges life throws at us. But it may mean something different to you. The song is called "I Dare You" hello, let me introduce you to the characters in the show one says yes, one says no decide - which voice in your head you can keep alive even in madness, i know you still believe paint me your canvas so i become what you could never be i dare you to tell me to walk through the fire wear my soul and call me a liar i dare you to tell me to walk through the fire i dare you to tell me i dare you to hello, are you still chasing the memories in shadows some stay young, some grow old come alive, there are thoughts unclear you can never hide even in madness, i know you still believe paint me your canvas so i become what you could never be i dare you to tell me to w
Steve Argyle
A while back I was talking to Stu about artists and he mentioned Steve Argyle, he is one of Stu's heroes anyway so I thought I would show some of his work and here is link to his gallery Steve Argyle Gallery his stuff is amazing
Me & Naelli
Threesomes World Of Warcraft And French Boyfriends
So threesomes, I had one yesterday did you? It's horrible when you go into one and you have no clue how the third wheel looks, and then when you finally see them and all of your fears have been confirmed you want to get out but you can't because well... you promised. Meh. Anyways. I discovered last night that, Yes! I am insatitable... two people and 5 hours later I was the only one that didn't want a break. I think I'm proud of myself. Maybe. However before all of that the night was filled with nothing but talk of World of War Craft which... made me want to pull out my hair and burst my ear drums. Oh and Azzie took pictures... I asked him not to and he still did.... meh. And I finally found something to do with the shitty sucky Liquor from spain that Azzie's parents gave us. If you mix it with cola it tastes like carmel, and is very yummy and hits you like a sledge hammer. I shall call it a French Boyfriend. ::end transmission::
If u can please help my friend out in a contest she's is her last day ! Thank you! Preciouangl
Who Are You And Why Do My Nipples Hurt?
court tv at peabodys... random other shit... and more... so pardon the drunkeness as i'm kinda hammered thanks to peabodys... and the (i dont remember howm any shots were fed to me by hot girls tonight) drinks at the club... but tonight was insane... I show up at 530 to shoot a few of the staff for a local magazine highlighting local bars... well COURT TV is there videotaping the whole thing so im already off mygame but damn near entertained... I shoot anette, sam and courtney behind rockstar and after about an hour I pack up... well hours later im half hammered and julia shows up half hookered out and looking to party... little did I know I was going to be cockblock for the night... a few bands play and I lose count of what drink im on and all of a sudden i notice im not walking straight... penny, who i haven't seen in a while, was there with nikki... and of course the harassment beigns instantly (and without drama)... so that turns into foul play pretty quickly and
What Is Love ????
What is love? is it a feeling that makes you feel good? is it a feeling that makes you feel bad? What is it? when your in love, the next day your in tears! Love is pain! but why? why cant you just be happy! why does it have to hurt! why do you have to suffer? love is pain! but everyone ones it! because once in a blue moon, love is love, not pain. once in a blue moon, you can feel the joy, the joy of love, but then it can be torn down! so enjoy every second you have of life! because once in a blue moon, you can know what love is!
Things Are Geting Good
Well life is getting better Like, alot The last few days have been... Amazing To say the least The Gods must be smiling upon me My boyfriend He is so perfect An angel So kind Caring And loving He treats me so well Like a princess And I know I don't deserve him But I can't help but be addicted to his love And of course Return it 100% I love him more than anyone Or anything He is truley unbelievable Because of his love I've been comeing out of my depression I wrote my first love song the other day It's pretty lame But he likes it atleast.. I'm comeing into good fourtune A large amount of money just crossed my path I'm sure it comes without saying that I'm excited about it Ha ha Today I'm spending my first few dollars of it On a much needed hair cut I'm trying to think of what else I could blow some on I love to blow money But havent had any to blow in years So this will be fun Well the day I've hated most for years came and went And it was wonderful
Bartendersand Moderators Needed At The Biker Bar
Good Morning
I should so not be up this early in the damn morning lol
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This Is Why Pa Sucks
Looking over the 2000 census for the Reading area of Pennsylvania, just cause that's how I roll, I found some interesting statistics. This is the proof that where I live sucks and trust me, I am working on having enough money to be able to move and soon. The approximate population in 2000 was 81,000, so to accommodate for 7 years, that population would most likely be approximately 84,000 now at the most. At the time, only 11.7% of that population was in the 18-24 demographic, the demo to which I belong. So far we're off to a rough start. With the 81,000 residents, there was an average ratio of about 4:5 men to women. So for just about every male, there is one female basically. With that, you can see that there are higher chances of these people not being single since there are roughly equal numbers of the opposite sexes here. Nearly 34% of those on the census were reported as being married, and another 34% of the population was said to have a child(or children) under the age o
Dark One
Introduction-part 3
Their parents jaws dropped, and Thomas' mouth clamped shut. He decided that she needed her space in order to calm down. She was the spitting image of him. He was erily silent. He decided that if she needed her space, she would get it, and his wife would not intrude. Just then, Michelle exclaimed, "She's not going anywhere! I love her! Why would she do this to me? Daniel! What did you say to that impatient girl?" She was going into hysterics, and crying, which is what Daniel anticipated. Daniel then stated, "Mother, dear, " "It is your fault you goddamned bitch! If you wouldn't have made her believe that the rape was her fault this never would have happened! You are the reason that she cant stand living in this house! How dare you not believe her and treat her with disdain! She wasn't ready for sex, and you just want her to open up her legs, acting like the common slut you are! If you don't talk to her and calm her down, I will not come home, no matte
For The Ladyes
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Feeling Un Luved
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Uncovered Puddles of pain All over my face Empty arms With no embrace Words to whisper No ear to share The hurt inside No heart to care Body so cold Chilled from my past So much love to give No hand to hold Song playing Feet won’t move No Dance tonight I’m out of the groove People are paired Two by two Yet, I’m alone With thoughts of you A hand to hold An ear to share Yesterday’s stories Never told Blind eyes Without a care Seeing through me Deep inside Maybe one day I’ll stop trying to hide And allow you to see All of me Without a mask Bare to the bone Completely exposed Unprotected Without a worry Fearless too Because I have never Met anyone Quite like you~ Written by Melody 2/17/07
Cream & Me
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Were Is The Cherry Luv?
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National Hoiday!
What is wrong with me? Why can't I find love? Why can't I be happy?
The End Is Near
i give you my heart but you threw it in my face i gave you my all but you threw that at me too you promised you'd be there promised you'd never need to take a break i told you not to make promises you couldn't keep you of all people shouldknow how it feels to be lied to i fully trusted you trusted you with my heart and soul nowisit here crying not knowingwhether we'll be together or not i let my walls comedown i let you in my heart butyou almost don't seem to care i can'teat i can't sleep my mind is fully of thoughts thoughts of what's going to happen next i can't think straight i can't walk straight i have visions of us breaking up replaying over and over in my head is it worth the pain? is it worth the suffereing? are you worth all ofthe emotions running through me right now? before i met you my life had hardly any meaning to it i hoped and prayed that god would send me somsone someonewho could mend my broken heart and make the pain go away all of the
Great Day!
I'm in a fantastically good mood this morning..NO work for me today...All play, I took Zeusy to his second doggy training class and he did VERY WELL!! I was so proud of my lil man!! YAY!!!!! Mark is here with me *sleepin at the moment but here no less* which always makes me smile! Zeusy is sleepin ontop of mark hehe so cute!...Spring Break is comin up in about two weeks and NY here me and mark come! CANNOT WAIT!!! even tho its gonna be cold, guess that gives me a reason to buy some warm gloves and hats n stuff..but just felt like sayin hey to y'all and tell ya about my great day so far...hope all is well w/everyone!!stay sweet!!! Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
My Kids
well it saturday and i get my kids today so i wont be around much til sunday nite. but if any of you are bored stop by and toss me a few comments and rate the pic plez just click on the pic and i`ll be sure to help out the ppl who help me the contest is over at 3 pm todat and i`m about 5000 comments behind thank you and have a great weekend i`ll try to get online tonite after my kids are sleeping mike
"out Of My Mind"
"Out of My Mind" SheDaisy I live on caffeine, Camus Eagles and Airplanes I decorate my lies with butterflies That glimmer in the shimmering rain They say you can't lose 'em all But I'll sure give it a shot I want more than enough Yeah, I want more I want more than enough When enough is all I got The truth is so unkind But I'm good when I'm out of sight Best when I'm out of my mind I don't know what you'll find But I'm good when I'm out of sight Best when I'm outta my mind I'm afraid of fallin' upwards I'm afraid of my own age I'm a paragon with an apron on And I'm beautiful on an empty page Buried in a dresser drawer Is a rusted, ravaged heart And the piercing regrets Yeah, they pierce me All the piercing regrets And false starts The truth is so unkind But I'm good when I'm out of sight Best when I'm out of my mind I don't know what you'll find But I'm good when I'm out of sight Best when I'm out of my mind I can be as strong as Morphine
Dont Now
badman2006@ CherryTAP/" >Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from www.sexiluv.coma>
Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Sometimes ....
Actions Speak Louder than Words, Sometimes words, or lack of speak louder
My Bull Terrier (not My Pitbull)
so last wednesday my terrier decided to put 2 fracters on his right back leg... how? who knows! so thought to myself maybe he strained it cause of the limping and such... so thursday came around and it only got worst he really could not get up with out yelping so i had to help him up... so fuck i called the animal hospital and made an apointment for friday morning (poor dog going two days with out nothing)... its actully kind of deppressing cause before hand he is really hyper and sometimes that got anoying but now he just lays there with a sad look on his face and now ill do anything for the hyperness to come back.... so friday (yesterday) rolled around got up, looked at his leg and it got really swollen... i took bully in about 8:00 a.m. i was really nervouse cause i did not know what to exspect, how much it would cost, what was going to happen... so some nurse girl took him into the back and told me ill get a call around 2:00 to pick him up... i got the call to get him, the doctor
Hughrock Mardi Gras
if any of you are in the toledo area, come out to CLUB SODA tonight for a huge mardi gras party!!! can you say beads BEADS BEADS???? hope to see you there!! -Dave
If you do anything, sincerely believing you worship One Above, then you are worshiping Creator. Your worship must be treated with respect, so long as your worship does not trespass on another's rights. You need not understand nor agree with another to respect their ways. Freedom of thought and worship must extend to all, not just to those with whom you agree. There's always more than one meaning, one under­standing or one voice. Life's road is traveled by many, side by side. You cannot know all the secrets, joy or shame of their hearts nor they know yours. You are only fellow travelers, not judges. Elect those in whose presence it is easiest to reach agreement; no good can be conducted in the presence of those with whom it is easiest to argue. To know a man's character, listen to his female relatives. To understand his character, watch him with children and pets; his true nature will show and the quality of his memories will be known. There is no future without the past and n
"bring It On Back"
"Bring It On Back" SheDaisy What if I said I wanted to hold you For more than just one night Oooh, what if I said, I said I wanted to show you It all, it all, it all Is gonna be alright I'm a good thing Make sure you know it You only get one shot Baby, don't blow it I'm the green, green grass As far as your big brown eyes can see And if you leave You'll wanna bring it on back to me, yeah I know, I know, I know I ain't easy To get a handle on It don't take more than enough to please me But I don't wanna wait, don't wanna wait to long 'Cause I'm a good thing Make sure you know it You only get one shot Baby, don't blow it Yeah, I'm the green, green grass As far as your big brown eyes can see And if you leave You'll wanna bring it on back to me, yeah Oh, oh, yeah Open the door your ready to walk through I'm where you prayer was meant to land Oooh, give me the holes in your heart I promise that I will do anything, everything You know I can Look
Part One Of Finding The Fun Factor!
Please take a look at my Bio, I am a fun loving, filthy, cheeky chappy that is looking for fun and frolicks in the UK with CT Angels. I'm happy to share pics and laughs to see how the mood is! The summer is coming and I definately find another gear of energy! I'm 6'0, athletic, blue eyes. I'll leave it to you to work out if you think I'm attractive. If you would like more info, pics, jokes or to chat, please send me a mail!
I Think I Am Dying
It sure feels like I am. I cant even get a sentence out without coughing. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. I will be here dying. Breathless! The daylight's fading slowly The time with you is standing still I'm waiting for you only The slightest touch and I feel weak I cannot lie, from you I cannot hide And I'm losing the will to try Can't hide it (can't hide it), can't fight it (can't fight it) So go on, go on, come on, leave me breathless Tempt me, tease me, until I can't deny This loving feeling (loving feeling) Make me long for your kiss Go on (go on), go on (go on) Yeah... Come on Yeah... And if there's no tomorrow And all we have is here and now I'm happy just to have you You're all the love I need somehow It's like a dream Although I'm not asleep And I never want to wake up Don't lose it (don't lose it), don't leave it (don't leave it) So go on, go on, come on, leave me breathless Tempt me, tease me, until I can't deny This loving feeling
I owe you a great deal This I know you feel Unable to ever pay back Is only what I lack My heart you steal My soul needing to heal Problems are all I stack Wishing Love wasn't at a lack Snapped back into reality Not one I want to see Knowledge of it remains Bound by chains With you I want to be Falling to my knee I bow with my shames For you I owe changes
Words Of Wisdom!!
Check out these words of wisdom from Bill Gates. {You might want to give it to young people you know.} Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11 things they did not & will not learn in school. He talks about how feel-good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality & how this concept set them up for failure in the real world. Rule 1 : Life is not fair - get used to it! Rule 2 : The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. Rule 3 : You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both. Rule 4 : If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. {Boss spelled backward is (S)SOB} Rule 5 : Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity. R
Hi Ya'll
heyyy everyone ... Im sooo sorry if ya dont do the whole contest thing but I didnt either ..until now lol I can win a 30 day blast for the most comments in a sexy eyes contest .. If you bomb.. bomb away if ya dont if you could leave me a comment or 2 Id appreciate it sooo much .. and I'll help ya out if u ever need it to :o) huggzzz and kissess to all myyy friends and thanks for any help you can give me ... Love ya'll ... Kris Just click on the pic :o) thanks
Being Awakened For Sex...
Talking to a friend the other night. She was complaining about her bf always waking her up in the middle of the night by touching her in certain places on her breasts and "you know, down there". She was asking me if that were normal? She wanted to get some sleep and he was just constantly touching her sporadically throughout the night. Now, this is the guy that she was planning to marry someday and had known for a long time before that. She wanted to know if that was being abusive. I am saying to myself, "Heck, I would give anything to have a boyfriend in my bed who would be touching me. I'd welcome that!" Then, came the dreaded question. What would you do, if it were you??? Now, I was being forced to give my opinion in a crowded area of other folks about a sexual preferences. I so wanted to blurt out I would awaken gently and turn around so that we could make wild passionate love. Instead, I said, "This isn't about me though. Who is to say that my reaction woul
Im Back For A While....
so the last three days were the best ever...i didnt have to deal with the stress of work or n e thing that makes me miserable in kansas city... i didnt wanna leave my vacation in oklahoma. so this is what went down..i drove down to oklahoma and met up with chris... (this is chris) and we went out and drove around hyvee hell......then we went out to eat at applebees my favorite place to eat...then he drove an hour up to where i was staying the nite...and stayed with me....that was one of the sweetest things a guy could do....actually taking the time to spend time with me instead of just running off after the "date" is somewhatever...that makes me mad...n e who back to the update.... i didnt wanna get up...having someone next to u that gets up when u roll over and makes sure that u dont fall off the bed and wants ta "cuddle". that is all i ever really wanted in a guy someone who wants ta hang out with me..and be with me... "day two" so we got up and went
DAMN cherry has decided i am NSFW can you imagine that???....i post 2 pic an get 7 messages from them...should be what is good for one is good more all....thanks for listening!! xoxo.....becky
Memory begins to qualify the imagination, to give it another formation, one that is peculiar to the self. I remember isolated, yet fragmented and confused, images - and images, shifting, enlarging, is the word, rather than moments or events - which are mine alone and which are especially vivid to me. They involve me wholly and immediately, even though they are the disintegrated impressions of a young child. They call for a certain attitude of belief on my part now; that is, they must mean something, but their best reality does not consist in meaning. They are not stories in that sense, but they are storylike, mythic, never evolved but evolving ever. There are such things in the world: it is their nature to be believed; it is not necessarily in them to be understood. Of all that must have happened to and about me in those my earliest days, why should these odd particulars alone be fixed in my mind? If I were to remember other things, I should be someone else.
Hey everyone it has been forever since I have been on! Just wanted to tell everyone hi and I will do my best to get back on here... Miss ya all!!! Muah!!!!!!!!!
~~miltary People Contest On Ct ~~ Couple More People Needed
~~Miltary people Contest on Ct ~~ I need Miltary people for my contest! Contest will start 2/19 thur 2/26 Vip Gifts and VIC Gifts For the winners ! 1st Military person is...... with 1 comments 2nd Military Person is...... with 1 comments So send me your pics to my inbox and i will enter u! Thanks Maria Click on pic to enter contest ! Maria ~!~......Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
A Special Love
The woman was tought but she also was a sweet loving lady who would hug you when you cried and tell you it would be alright... She was strong when it came to correcting you but then would kiss the tears away... She always did what she thought was right even if it mad some angry...she stood on strong beliefs live right for god and wanted all her family to do the same even though some disagreed with her....she never loved one child any more or less than she did the matter if you were the first child,grandchild, or great grandchild you all got treated the same with a loving heart and a strong safe hugg from a small woman who stood about 5 foot 3...There will never be another one like her some may try but there is no way that she will ever be replaced. She was loved and she lived a good long life to the age of 93. Grandma you were truly loved and you will be deeply missed but every day when i see a flower or a bird I will remember you and the memories we shared and I will know th
In This River..
People come into our lives, most just passing threw, like a leaf cast into a river, there soon out of sight from you, you may remember names & faces, but the friendship never grew.. Then there is that hand full, they come into our lives to stay, the ones thats always there, the same true friend every day, to swim, sink or float, there in life's river with you, to lend a hand or perhaps an ear, when your alone and blue, if we must all sink in this river, then my friends I'll sink with you... Music Video Codes By Music
For Meshull...
seasons come and seasons go some with rain others with snow no matter the weather will we stay together yet dare i say forever because no one knows what forever will bring for angels & demons alike will eneter your life with karma and chaos they will try to rule but be strong my love carry your head high let every one see you cry to know your pain that flows through you ware your scares with pride for i am here by your side hands cluchted tightly we jump together notthing to lose noting to gain in my heart you will remain your love is what runs through my veins... i love you meshull!
hey, go check out my myspace page as well
Morning Every1
Buried at
Insurgents Push North Out Of Baghdad, Making Fight More Deadly For U.s. Forces
Insurgents push north out of Baghdad, making fight more deadly for U.S. forces 16 Feb 2007 Iraqi 'insurgents' have been streaming out of Baghdad to escape the security crackdown, carrying the fight to neighbouring Diyala province where direct attacks on Americans have nearly doubled since last summer, U.S. soldiers said.
A Very Sick Joke!
kari gerstenberger (2/15/2007 5:04:47 PM): so he passed away at what time last night? did he go fast or was he pronounced at the hospital..... he was a very good friend of mine...... well please let me know what is going on... smores_74 (2/15/2007 11:44:40 PM): I recently got home not long ago to find out my roommate thought it funny to say i was killed kari gerstenberger (2/15/2007 11:44:58 PM): WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS smores_74 (2/15/2007 11:45:08 PM): yes smores_74 (2/15/2007 11:45:12 PM): i am here kari gerstenberger (2/15/2007 11:46:05 PM): JASON I HAVEA TOLD A FEW FRIENDS THAT YOU WERE KILLED IN A ACCIDENT LEANNA EVEN PUT UP SOMETHING ON YOUR CHERRYTAP PROFILE THAT YOU HAD PASSED smores_74 (2/15/2007 11:46:33 PM): i havent been there yet but going now kari gerstenberger (2/15/2007 11:46:40 PM): OK kari gerstenberger (2/15/2007 11:47:01 PM): AND SO DID I ON YOUR PROFILE AS WELL THINKING YOU REALYL DID PASS AWAY kari gerstenberger (2/15/2007 11:47:16 PM): WHO IN TEH WORLD IS
For Those You Care!
Sorry people, for those who care, I haven't been ignoring anyone, my computer crashed and it's in the shop! Hope to get it back soon
Clinton To Bush: Do Not Strike Iran Without Congressional Approval
Clinton to Bush: Do not strike Iran without congressional approval 14 Feb 2007 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton warned President [sic] George W. Bush on Wednesday not to take any military action against Iran without getting congressional approval first.
Four More Years For Keith Olbermann
Four More Years for Keith Olbermann 15 Feb 2007 NBC News announced Thursday it had agreed to a "second term" with MSNBC "Countdown" host, Keith Olbermann, whose contract was due to expire next month. The extension will take him into 2011.
Come Out To Play
i am 34 as of yester day and i am out to have a little fun and find new friends and chat if you like so add me if you feal good and want to have some real fun
Senate U.s. Attorneys List 16 Feb 2007 U.s. Attorneys Whose Resignations Have Been Sought By The Justice Department In Recent Months (list)
Senate U.S. Attorneys List 16 Feb 2007 U.S. attorneys whose resignations have been sought by the Justice Department in recent months (list),,-6418705,00.html
Eagla Poem
To pray you open your whole self To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon To one whole voice that is you And know there is more That you can't see, can't hear Can't know except in moments Steadly growing, and in languages That aren't always sound but other Circles of motion. Like eagle that Sunday morning Over Salt River. Circled in blue sky In wind, swept our hearts clean With sacred wings. We see you, see ourselves and know That we must take the utmost care And kindness in all things. Breathe in, knowing we are made of All this, and breathe, knowing We are truly blessed because we Were born, and die soon within a True circle of motion, Like eagle rounding out the morning Inside us. We pray that it will be done In beauty. In beauty.
Republicans Block Bill On U.s. Attorneys
Republicans Block Bill on U.S. Attorneys 16 Feb 2007 Senate Republicans blocked a bill Thursday that would curb the Justice Department's power to fire and replace federal prosecutors. Democrats had sought to give the courts a role in the appointments of U.S. attorneys, to GOP opposition. Democrats used the occasion to complain anew about the firings of at least seven prosecutors, some [all] without cause, under a little-known provision of the Patriot Act.,,-6418467,00.html
Suppressed Report Shows Cancer Link To Gm Potatoes
Suppressed report shows cancer link to GM potatoes 17 Feb 2007 Campaigners against genetically modified crops in Britain last are calling for trials of GM potatoes this spring to be halted after releasing more evidence of links with cancers in laboratory rats.
A Good Day At The Beach
This was my first time,do you remember your first time ? The Beach I was walking along the beach, enjoying the quiet and the late summer sun. I came up to a sea wall; a huge pile of rocks stretching the whole length of the beach. It was built to stop the sea washing all the sand right along the beach. I looked up at the wall of rocks, climbing fifteen feet above me. As children we had always been told not to climb these walls, the loose rocks could slip and fall, taking you with them. But young men like to ignore danger and I started to climb up the large stones. As I got to the top of the wall, I looked over at the next stretch of beach. The sea had pushed the sand against the wall and the drop on the far side was only two feet or so. As I climbed over, I noticed that the beach wasn't empty. A naked woman lay on a blanket, sunbathing. She was very close to the wall, which was why I hadn't seen her earlier. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirti
Passion (erotic)
Passion (Erotic) Lightly licking Softly nibbling Hands carressing Legs opening Head tilts back Temperatue rising Pussy dripping Nipples hard Blood rushing Clit throbbing Tongue hungers Begins to explore Tasting every drop Wanting to explore Cock hard Resting on the outside Wanting to pry Deep inside Hot moisture Readies the shaft Pulsating forward Hitting the zone Loving moans Lust begins Blood boils Deep inside Cum elates Begins to escape Shooting through From me to you!
Ricky Martin Defends Obscene Bush Gesture
Ricky Martin defends obscene gesture 16 Feb 2007 At a recent concert, Ricky Martin stuck up his middle finger when he sang George Bush's name in his song "Asignatura Pendiente," which includes the words, "a photo with Bush." The gesture last Friday prompted cheers from thousands of fans in the San Juan stadium. On Thursday, Martin repeated his criticism of the Iraq war and explained his changed position on Bush.
White House Is Reported To Be Linked To A Dismissal
White House Is Reported to Be Linked to a Dismissal 16 Feb 2007 A United States attorney in Arkansas who was dismissed from his job last year by the Justice Department was ousted after Harriet E. Miers, the former White House counsel, intervened on behalf of the man who replaced him, according to Congressional aides briefed on the matter.
Dod Deploys 1,000 Troops As House Passes Resolution Condemning Troop Surge --army Unit's Deployment Accelerated
DoD Deploys 1,000 Troops As House Passes Resolution Condemning Troop Surge --Army Unit's Deployment Accelerated 16 Feb 2007 The 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters, based in Fort Stewart, Ga., will deploy to Iraq sooner than originally scheduled, DoD officials announced today. The unit was scheduled to begin its deployment in June, but will now begin its deployment in March. This three-month acceleration affects about 1,000 servicemembers.
How To Get Men To Stop Drinking
My Sight
I am getting very discussed everytime I try to do anything from adding background /layout , to music its pissing me off I am not real good on the computer anyway so maybe I am doing something wrong but it is pissing me off.
How My Day Is......
hey hello. I have been on this site for a while but never really spent alot of time here, witch I think is going to change. everything in my life is golden right now. however that will start to worrie me as it always does. when everything is going fabulous I start to wonder why instead of just letting it flow. I worrie about anything and everything anything witch might or never happen. I turn 26 next week, I don't think its any big deal, brithdays that is. it is just another day. however on the 28th I will have 3 years being clean and sober, well I have over 3 years now clean from drugs. not really sure of the date that I stoped smoking pot. but on feb 27th 2003 I had my last drink. my grampa was having his 50th year party in AA and yeah he played a big part in my getting sober, god took him home when I was 3 months sober and I miss him. however I have found true friends in AA that mean the world to me, sometimes I wish I could remmber all their names lol. anyways everyone, thanks for
I Think It's Time..
I think it's time I take a break from Cherry Tap. At this point I can't say if it'll be a couple days, a week or longer. I can say I am not completely leaving Cherry Tap just taking a very much needed step back and a break. My reasons for this are very simple.. I joined CT to meet and interact with other "adults". To get away from the everyday stress and BS of life, CT was that for me until lately. When I am here and more stressed because all I see is nothing but drama everywhere.. "Friends" stabbing "friends" in the back, people leaving lounges or just leaving CT to escape people harassing them, people being threatened, stalked.. ect.. And we all know the list could go on and on. It's time to take a break. If I wanted stress and BS I can turn off my computer and just deal with everyday life. While I believe that you can meet great people on the internet, make good friends and even can meet even that someone special and take your friendships or other into your real life
Naked Jelly Wrestling Jiggling Hot Chicks In Jelly.
I went to the pub last night and whilst putting the world to rights over a Guinness or five, a very valid point was made regarding Hannibal. What the hell was he drinking when he came up with idea of taking elephants over The Alps to invade Rome? "Right lads, we're off to invade Rome. One problem...its The Alps...they're big, snowy, cold and slippery. I'm sure you'll agree, they're pretty much nothing like the jungle or scrubland typical of Southern Asia or the African sub-continent". "Yes boss". "So we'll get some elephants..." And with that one, I left the pub, got a curry, went home and fell asleep on the couch watching Battlestar Galactica...and drooled quite heavily on my shirt.
February 2007
I am new to cherry tap, so experimenting with all the different things in here. I am a currently looking for a new job. I hate my teaching job here in NC. Scared by the way things are heading in education. I have 67 students and not one is on grade level and parents feel that I am there babysitter for 8 hours rather than allowing their children to learn. It is very sad. That last statement about babysitting was actually told to me by a parent. Anyways enough complaining. Drop me a line if you want to say hi. Take care and have a great day.
* Uraeus *
The Uraeus (plural Uraei or Uraeuses) is a stylised upright cobra (or snake / serpent), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity and divine authority in ancient Egypt. Uraeus is a Greek word that may have its origins in ancient Egyptian, meaning "she who rears up". The Uraeus originated from the goddess Wadjet, who was seen as a cobra. She became the patron of the Delta, Lower Egypt, and so was worn by the Pharaohs as a head ornament, in effect part of the crown, as a claim over the land. There is evidence for this even in the Old Kingdom (3rd millennium BCE). The pharaoh was seen as a manifestation of the sun-god Re, and so it was also believed that the Uraeus protected the Pharaohs by spitting fire on their enemies. In some mythological works, the 'eyes' of Re are said to be uraei. As the Uraeus was seen as a royal symbol, Horus and Set were also depicted wearing one. Another name for this is the term "Totaf" found also in the Bible. Golden Uraeus of Senusret II
Intimate Shower
Intimate Shower Imagine slick skin sliding together as two people stand under the hot, pulsing spray of a thousand aquatic fingers massaging away the tension of the day...heaven. Add the erotic touch of human hands kneading, caressing and rubbing intimate regions and what you have is a recipe designed for explosion. Unlike the fantasy, bathing is an everyday necessity that most people don't put a lot of thought into. However, it can be one of the most arousing, intimate experiences a couple incorporates into their relationship. The main focus of a couple's shower is not sexual; instead it should be sensual. Increasing the level of intimacy by showering together and focusing on the erotic can open the door to new ideas. Heightening the senses can intensify the sexual encounter that may follow. The possibilities are endless. The key to the ultimate experience is communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, a willingness to try new things, and an open mind. Pre-shower pr
Im A Taurus
Once you have opened this, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. Read your sign, then forward in a new email with your zodiac sign and label, or you'll get bad luck for the number of years stated in your sign description. This is real shit, try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. .:VIRGO:. The Virgin Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward. .:SCORPIO:. The sex addict Can be mean. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT k
Fees A Texas farmer got in his pickup, drove to a neighboring farm and knocked at the farmhouse door. A young boy about 12 opened the door. "Is your Dad home?" the farmer asked. "No sir, he ain't," the boy replied. "He went into town." "Well, said the farmer, is your Mom here?" "No sir, she ain't here neither. She went into town with Dad." "How about your brother, Howard? Is he here?" "He went with Mom and Dad." The farmer stood there for a few minutes, shifting from one foot to the other mumbling to himself. "Is there anything I can do fer ya?" the boy asked politely. "I know where all the tools are, if you want to borrow one. Or maybe I could take a message fer Dad." "Well, said the farmer uncomfortably, "I really wanted to talk to yer Dad. It's about your brother Howard gittin' my daughter Pearly Mae pregnant." The boy considered for a moment. "You would have to talk to Dad about that," he finally conceded. "If it helps you any, I know that he charges $50 for the bull and
* Theta Healing *
What is Theta? You wake up in the morning, still under the spell of your night's dream, trying to memorize its details. For a moment, you are still able to hold on to that fantastic reality, feeling it's texture and contour. You try not to move, not to blink, maybe it can continue... maybe you can consciously keep that experience alive. At the same time, part of you is waking up. You hear the dog barking outside, the neighbor starting the car and you sense the early morning sunrays sneaking through the curtains. It lasts for just a few seconds and then suddenly, it is all over. You are completely awake. The dream reality fades away, the memory becomes dull as if you have traveled a very long distance from it while the contour of that landscape blurs and loses dimension. Finally, the visceral experience of the dream state completely fades away. During those precious moments between waking and sleeping your brainwaves were in theta. Our brain produces electrical frequencies (measur
Get Ur Bombs In This Contest Will End On Monday
Internal Fire
Internal Fire (Erotica) You make me so fucking horny with desire My cock aches, and your lips sooth the fire The way your tongue dances around the tip Sends my head and spine into backflips I love laying you down and eating your fine pussy Licking all around your clit, your head becomes woozy I love bending you over, and softly cock teasing Ready to penetrate and get that pussy ready for pleasing Slowly inserting the tip creating such a sensation Cock searching deeply, now I'm using my imagination The Glory of your body, softly melting into mine Your exstacy I am experiencing, feels like the first time Your body twitches, and tenses up, I know your almost there The fire is burning deep, my balls are wanting to share Each stroke becomes an art, our bodies become un done My yearning for your treasure, our connection is now one
I Aim To Please
I aim to please(Erotica) Every drop of blood rushes to the tip Swelling, pulsing, unbelievable trip Your tongue so wet and warm to the touch My cock so hard, I've missed you much! Your mouth slowly surrounds my cock Your tongue teases, my body is in shock Your hand caress my balls and shaft Your eyes look eager, you display a masterful craft Sucking my cock, and ever easily you please I want your pussy, it's your turn for release I throw you down, and rip off your pants My tongue begins to flirt, it's time to dance I start at your toes and lick at you feet My tongue works down to your tasty treat Once there I cherish your tasty fruit I start at you clit, my cock does a salute I lick that clit and finger you galore Your pussy is wet, your now my whore Hips bucking and wanting to explore I raise you up, now you're all on fours I tease you from behind and taste your wanting ass I rub my cock on it, I'm hoping
Im An Leo
Once you have opened this, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. Read your sign, then forward in a new email with your zodiac sign and label, or you'll get bad luck for the number of years stated in your sign description. This is real shit, try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. .:VIRGO:. The Virgin Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward. .:SCORPIO:. The sex addict Can be mean. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT k
Hey Ladies
When you have a chance come vote in my poll. I have a lot of female friends, and only 37 votes. :( Please vote honestly. Thanks so much, small1sh Please Vote in My Poll! From what you've experienced, how does mine compare? My size = 5.75" long, 4.5" around, and 1.5" wide
Blow Job
Blow Job God your skin feels so good up against mine The way you rub me, my cock feels so fine You work your way down my body with such grace With my manhood nice and erect, the pleasure upon your face Lightly licking the tip, balls cupped in your hands Long slow sucking, your doing great with all my commands Balls start pulsing I can feel build up in my veins Liguid starts flowing, cum is flowing driving me insane!
One Flaw
Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They'll drive, fly, walk, run
* Have You *
Experienced an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or practice Astral Projection - and if so (if you believe these experiences to be possible) - what was your experience ... If you have not experienced either of these journeys (but believe it to be possible) - what are your thoughts on them? If you do not believe these journeys are possible - what are your thoughts / feelings and why?
Okay Wow.
When i said id rate pics i didnt think my hand would get tired. BUT i did get to all of you. If there is anyone else i forgot just drop me a line in here or something. If you want your pics rated, its simple just rate this blog please ♥ My eyes hurt mhmm. Sooo whens happy hour :P LOL
All Is Finished
Movie Review....epic Movie!!!
IT SUCKED!!! It was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. I got a bootleg copy of the DVD, and this movie was so bad that I got up and walked out of my own house halfway through it!!! At least I thought it was halfway through. When I came back 10 minutes later, the movie was over...which also makes it the shortest movie ever too! For any other film, that would be a complaint. For this one, it proves that God is a merciful being. I never thought I'd ever say to myself, "Boy...I sure wish "JAWS 4: The Revenge" was playing instead of this crap!".....but there ya go. The usual scale of 1 - 10 will now have to be changed to include zero. Zero (0) cherries and a kick in the balls for the writers for "Epic Movie"!!!
From The Desk Of Ohio Gop Leader Bob Benit
Despite their newfound success at the polls, Democrats in Ohio and in Washington, DC, still don't share our common sense Ohio values: Ted Strickland wants more government control and increased taxes. John Edwards preaches the evils of Two Americas, yet builds himself a $6 million estate in North Carolina. Barak Obama dismisses his past use of marijuana and cocaine by saying it's just something typical teenagers do, while the lives of the soldiers fighting overseas are "wasted." But not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton boasts that she is the one most Republicans are afraid of : "Bill and I have beaten them before and we will again," she says.
What Is Love?
Ok... Valentine's day just passed and hopefully it is time for people to get back to being normal again. Why is it, on Feb 14th, people get all mushy and goo goo eyed over someone? I would think that if you really loved someone it would be every day you were all mushy and goo goo eyed? But then again, I am not sure what love is in the first place, I think it is just a gimmick to sell lots of candy and flowers for when you really piss that someone off, or it is their birthday, or VDay, and let't not forget the most important gift giving day of the year.. Christmas. Ya know.. I am sick of the commercial holidays, and would like to have someone in my life that just being around them was a gift, every time I was around them. Someone to enjoy and laugh with.. and walk thru life with. I guess that is an awful lot to ask for in this commercialized society. I can't seem to find that partner for me to hang out with.... and if anyone has the inkling to send me flowers.. that may change m
* Dna Activation *
Imagine if you woke up one morning and realized that you had dormant superhuman abilities that were waiting to be unleashed. That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest anything you desired in your life, live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to all dis-ease, and REVERSE the aging process. Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access to your subconscious mind, and become intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly what your purpose is in life. There is now a process which will allow you to do all these things and more, and it is called DNA Activation. What exactly is DNA Activation? Most people know that DNA is the 'blueprint of life' and is located in every cell of the body. In addition to each chromosome's 2 strand double helix of DNA, there are an additional 10 etheric strands of DNA available to each human, whic
Things To Say When You're Stressed At Work!
Things To Say When You're Stressed at Work... 1. Okay, okay! I take it back. Unfuck you!!! 2. You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing?! 3. How many times do I have to flush before you go away? 4. Well this day was a total waste of make-up. 5. Well aren't we a bloody ray of sunshine? 6. Don't bother me, I'm living happily ever after. 7. Do I look like a fucking people person? 8. This isn't an office. It's HELL with fluorescent lighting. 9. I started out with nothing still have most of it left. 10. I pretend to work, they pretend to pay me. 11. YOU!!... off my fucking planet!!! 12. Therapy is expensive. Popping bubble pack is cheap. You choose. 13. Practice random acts of intelligence and senseless acts of self-control. 14. Errors have been made. Others will be blamed. 15. And your cry-baby, whiny-assed opinion would be.....? 16. I'm not crazy. I've been
* You Are *
Come Bye
Sorry To Leave My Friends Hanging
One of my last entries I was trying to figure out what was going on with my cycle because I was late by about 2 days or so and couldnt figure it out because tests told me I wasnt pregnant. The dr told me to wait it out another day or 2 because when you use the cytotec to cause your cycle to start after a miscarriage it can take a few months to regulate your cycles from what the dr told me and sure enough...later on that night "it" showed up. Thanks to my friends that were here for me to talk to and reassured me. I was actually more scared of being pregnant than excited because of the fear of losing another one but about the time I decided I wanted to be I found out I wasnt....such is life. lol
Flat Tummy
Flat Belly A little boy walks into his parents' room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down. the mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She dresses quickly and goes to find him. The son sees his mom and asks, "What were you and Dad doing?" The mother replies, "Well, you know your dad has a big tummy and sometimes I have to get on top of it and help flatten it." "Your wasting your time," said the boy. "Why is that?" the mom asked puzzled. "Well when you go shopping the lady next door comes over and gets on her knees and blows it right back up."
How can you expect respect from yourself, don't expect respect from anyone else? Do it for you, do it for yourself, cause in the end it'll be waiting there for you. Don't take shit, stand up for yourself, don't do it for wealth.Don't do it for anyone else. Look in the mirror now, don't you want something more then just self respect? Something more, then just lookin back with regret?
Email Got
So I got this in an email the other day and well I really liked it (I'm sure you all have probably have seen it too....) It just really touched me is all What does Love mean? A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think: "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." Rebecca- age 8 "When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Billy - age 4 "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." Karl - age 5 "Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs." Chrissy - age 6 "Love is what
I Cant Wait For This To Be Over! Lol
Mike and I have been busy working in the apt downstairs getting it fixed up, painted and cleaned so that we can move down there. For most of the last week or so we have been down there patching walls...painting...shampooing rugs....etc and now the last couple days we have been moving stuff down there and getting things transferred over into our name. Today will most likely be the last day of it all though. We got a TON done yesterday and last night. The bulk of our biggest furniture is down its just some boxes and smaller pieces left. It will just be really nice once this is all over with so we can spend more time putting things away the way that we want it and relaxing.
3 Don't Stop, Keep Progressing
So you've written down your desire to get in shape. You've also written down the fun things you expect to encounter as you move along. You measured a three mile loop to do your walking on and you've started walking. That's a good start because it will give you a stronger resolve to continue and it will not place an unreasonable demand on you too early. That is one of the worst things that people do on their way to getting in shape, they expect to undo years of bad things with a few workouts, it doesn't work like that. This is the main reason that I always advocate make sure that you're having fun, start slow, keep progressing and don't stop. In the same way that you go to work or school every day, do your workout. It won't take real long. Your three mile walk may take an hour if you're walking very slow. When I train people in a gym and they are going after a fairly aggressive goal, I only expect small gains after the first month. Please don't get on the scale everyda
The Seven Clans Of The Cherokee
Blue (A NI SA HO NI), who made medicine from a blue-colored plant to keep the children well. Also known as the Pantheror Wild Cat Clan. Long Hair (A NI GI LO HI), also known as The Twister, Hair Hanging Down or Wind Clan. They wore elaborate hairdos and walked with a proud, twisting gait. Peace Chiefs were usually of this clan. Bird (A NI TSI S KWA), skilled hunters of birds, using blowguns and snares. They may have been messengers, as are the birds in many Cherokee legends. Paint (A NI WO DI), who made red paint and served as healers and medicine men. They prepared teas for vapor therapy specific to each ailment. Deer (A NI KA WI), keepers of the deer. Known for their speed afoot and success as deer hunters. Wild Potato (A NI GA TO GE WI), gatherers of the wild potato in swamps along streams. Also known as the Bear, Raccoon, or Blind Savannah Clan. Wolf (A NI WA YAH), the largest and most prominent clan. Most war chiefs came from this clan, the only clan allowed to h
Another Empty Photo
I want to write Something Just for you But I’d rather Say it I can rewrite A thousand words But I don’t want To delay this See, I’ve got This thought One of those BIG ideas I think about Procrastinating But I would hate To leave you waiting If you hear it You won’t need To wonder What it’s all About You’ll hear me Read it Out loud
Happy Days
1 Man Utd 27 12 1 1 35 8 9 2 2 28 10 45 66 2 Chelsea 27 10 4 0 30 8 8 2 3 18 11 29 60 3 Liverpool 27 10 3 0 25 3 5 2 7 15 16 21 50 4 Arsenal 26 8 5 0 32 10 6 2 5 16 12 26 49 5 Bolton 27 8 3 3 20 12 6 2 5 12 16 4 47 6 Reading 27 9 1 4 26 16 4 3 6 15 18 7 43 7 Portsmouth 27 8 4 2 22 10 3 4 6 14 16 10 41 8 Everton 26 7 4 2 20 9 3 5 5 12 14 9 39 9 Newcastle 27 7 4 3 23 17 3 2 8 11 19 -2 36 10 Blackburn 27 6 2 5 16 16 4 2 8 14 22 -8 34 11 Tottenham 26 8 1 4 21 16 1 5 7 9 22 -8 33 12 Middlesbrough27 7 3 3 19 13 1 5 8 11 20 -3 32 13 Aston Villa 27 6 4 3 15 11 1 7 6 13 22 -5 32 14 Fulham 27 6 4 3 12 10 1 7 6 17 31 -12 32 15Sheff Utd 27 5 5 4 17 16 3 1 9 7 20 -12 30 16 Man City 26 5 4 4 10 11 3 2 8 10 21 -12 30 17 Wigan 26 4 2 7 13 20 3 2 8 14 23 -16 25 18 West Ham 27 5 2 7 14 17 0 3 10 4 25 -24 20 19 Charlton 27 4 3 6 11 17 1 2 11 9 30 -27 20 20 Watford 26 2 5 5 10 14 1 4 9
Top Morons Of 2006
1. WILL THE REAL DUMMY PLEASE STAND UP? AT&T fired President John Walter after nine months, saying he lacked intellectual leadership. He received a $26 million severance package. Perhaps it's not Walter who's lacking intelligence. 2. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS: Police in Oakland, CA spent two hours attempting to subdue a gunman who had barricaded himself inside his home. After firing ten tear gas canisters, officers discovered that the man was standing beside them in the police line, shouting, "Please come out and give yourself up." 3. WHAT WAS PLAN B??? An Illinois man, pretending to have a gun, kidnapped a motorist and forced him to drive to two different automated teller machines, wherein the kidnapper proceeded to withdraw money from his own bank accounts. 4. THE GETAWAY! A man walked into a Topeka, Kansas Kwik Stop and asked for all the money in the cash drawer. Apparently, the take was too small, so he tied up the store clerk and worked the counter him
Life, Love, Meanings.
It isn't often a Man gets the chance to tell a woman how much He Loves her, or even why : Goddess knows, these days it's hard enough to get ten minutes in which to smile to each other. With this thought in Mind , three songs, By Bob Dylan : "It's alright Ma, I'm only dieing" -- those near Me in age will know exactly how, on days of strain , this song expresses what can be so typically the attitude such a day produces in a Man. "Lay lady, Lay", What He and she both know to be true, and should admit to each other more often. and finally: "Shelter from the storm" -- Forgive Me writing thy name, My love, But here's what thou art unto My Soul, nikki : "Suddenly I turned around and she was standing there, with silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair: she walked up to Me so Gracefully and took My crown of thorns: "Come in," she said, "i'll give You shelter from the storm..." No Man should ever fear or fail to Bless His Loves and though here I mention the na
The Story Of The Missippian (cherokee)
It’s dawn. You wake up thinking this is going to be a busy day. Relatives are coming-people from your mother’s clan, the Wolf clan. And today is the New Green Corn Festival. After months of dry cornmeal, you can already taste the season’s first ripe kernels bursting beneath your teeth. The new turtle shell rattles you made sound crisp and ready for the Green Corn Dance. But first you must greet this day as you greet every day. Your whole village gathers on the banks of the Oconaluftee. All enter the water, face east, and pray to the seven directions the four cardinal points, the sky, the earth, and the center or spirit. You give thanks for the new day, and wash away any feelings separating you from your family, neighbors, or the Creator. This is duyuktv ‘the right way,’ the Cherokee Way. When you visit Cherokee, North Carolina, you can almost imagine yourself living this way. Here, the same mountains where the Cherokees have maintained their traditions for generations surround yo
A Sister's Revenge
A sister's revenge Oh what sweet satisfaction would ensue to hear the sucking sound of a blade being pulled from his pain wracked body. Only then would he begin to have an inkling of the heartache she has experienced. Oh how the giggles would break free when he babbled and begged for his worthless soul as the life drained slowly from him. Only then would he understand the need for release she has known. Oh how entranced I would become at the sight of his oozing blood as it spread out around him. Only then would he regret every single tear that has fallen from her eyes. Oh how my smile would widen when his perfectly golden skin turned ashen and his eyes grew dull. Only then could he appreciate the many sleepless nights and nightmare riddled days she has survived. Oh how I would sigh when his last shuddered breath was taken. Only at that moment would he experience the desperate gasp for life she has been fighting for. Oh how my laugh would r
The Turnaround
The heart has a habit of remaining fickle as a female. She is never satisfied. She is never sated in her quest to quench her desires. Instead she devours every tear and sighs in malcontent at your loneliness. She quivers at his touch and trembles when his kiss pierces your soul. She giggles incessantly when his words turn to chills that course through your body. She holds her breath when his gaze seems to pierce straight through you and into her. Though she remains vain to the end in her beleif that his heart whispers to her alone, she holds a vigilant guard, knowing that bliss is mearly temporary. She shatters when he walks away, vomiting tears and sighing in disgust. She quivers in anger and trembles as grief wracks her senses. She giggles at images of his demise and it gives her chills to dream of her revenge. She holds her breath to control her rage and blocks the pathetic whispers to forgive and forget. She let her guard down again. Just
Delusional So Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are locked in a passionate threesome involving whips, chains, leather and spandex on a beach in Africa. They break from their lovemaking only to mine for diamonds so they can support their cocaine habit that keeps them all bouyant and happy all year long. Meanwhile the jolly green giant and Paul Bunyon are having a secret affair that started when Brokeback Mountian made it okay for strapping young men to diddle each other as long as they are wearing cowboy hats and Wrangler jeans. Mother Earth has divorced Father time because she caught him cheating on her with his secratery the Blair Witch. The Leprahcauns and the Trolls are locked in a religious war over a sacred tree that borders both ther lands. President Bush is now investigating the possability of nuclear arms involvement and plans to deploy 100,00 more troops to keep the peace. Jesus has returned from his three year sabbatical of caring for AIDS
* Blessings Of Love, As Is Below So Is Above *
** Sending you many blessings of light and love, as is below so is above ** ! **
Letter To By Soon To Be Ex-husband
This is a letter I wrote to Shannon I wrote to him in October. Some people have asked me how I know I am sure my marriage is over. Well this is why. This is how I feel about Shannon. Shannon started reading it in front of me and stopped. I guess the truth was too much for him to hear Dear Shannon, Well let me tell you this, after Sunday any tear I cry is for how much my girls are hurting. And for losing a man that once existed but died 7 years ago and I am finally ready to morn the lose of the man I fell in love with and accept the man he as become. A selfish and irresponsible man, trying to relive his teenage years rather than grow up and be the man he promised to be. I will never forgive you for this affair. I will never forgive you for leaving your family. I am not going to sit around hoping for you to come back. You are dead to me. I wish I never had to see you again. When I think of you I am disgusted. When I think of you I am trying to figu
The Best Test
My score on The ~BEST~ Test: "One Track mind"(You scored 20 Factual, 25 Creative, 40 Witty, and 15 Trivial!%) "One Track mind" . You scored the highest in the "Witty" variable - Witty: 1: archaic : having good intellectual capacity : INTELLIGENT 2 : amusingly or ingeniously clever in conception or execution .. A "One Track Mind" as the name suggest, has a strong intellect and wit about them. Always clever and with amusing thoughts. And yes as the old expression goes: "You've got a one track mind!" You often think about sex! The average person thinks about sex something like ... every 5.2 seconds -or- is it every 3.5 seconds? *ponders* With your high thought capacity it's more like you'll drift back to sexual thoughts 5.2 times every 3.5 seconds! *ponders again* You probably are a jokester and quite like a-b-l-e . . . "sorry, lost my thought" ... You may like to make a dirty comment here and there, but in a joking w-a-yy . . . "So sorry, lost it again! Boobies,
The Secret!
Good morning/good afternoon, everyone! My friend Stacey gave me a copy of The Secret to watch! Just finished watching it, actually. What an incredible piece of work! Please, find yourself a copy (DVD) of The Secret and watch it. This is life changing information, my friends! I've always tried to be careful what I "speak into existence." The Secret takes it to a totally higher level. I'm not always as careful as I should be; usually, I'm pretty optimistic. But I have a tendency to frame my thoughts from a negative perspective! That is going to stop!! Do yourself a favor, watch The Secret! It will make your life so much better, so much more abundant! I'm off to watch the store for friend Paula today! Just from 10 to 2 - not too bad for a Saturday. Have a wonderful day, everyone! Much love and warm hugs to all! Blessings all over the place, lol! I'll be back online this afternoon.
Wake Up Call
So, I am sitting minding my own business and I explain to someone that i am feeling used by someone who claims to be a good friend. Couple hours l8er I get a "Wake up call". Well let me tell you, if this ass hat who called me to publicly humiliate me let me get a word in edge wise, HE is the one that woulda looked like an ass. After publicly threatening me, he then wanked out by saying he wasn't gonna drive all this way to kick my ass. Well, The offer still stands Ass Hat. So if you are ever in the area, don't hesitate to call, I would Glady dance with ya. BUT, since you are a coward who hides behind your Computer, and a "Radio personality" Tough guy, I reckon I won't hear from you. You threatened to come kick my ass, i made a promise that if you were to show up, I would glady dance. Oh, and Don't call your "Friends in Ontario" to do your Dirty work, ACTUALLY, Go for it, I will dance with them too. why don't you all come find me ass hat. Don't make a promise you can't keep, Because the's Another Poem!
The Mushroom Tree The day has done, the Sun's gone down; The day has done, the Sky's aflamed. Soon no eyes will see the wonderous beauty That came before the Mushroom Tree. The day has done, the Moon has risen; The day has done, the Stars are shining. It's too late to see the mistakes For we've seen the bloom of the Mushroom Tree. The day has done, but it's the dawn of Doom; The day has done, and so are we. For the city glows with ghostly Silence; The Fruit of the Mushroom Tree. The day has done, and I'm alone; The day has done, and I'll soon be gone. Soon there'll be no Life to see; So deadly the fragrance of the Mushroom Tree. The planet is empty except for the ruins. Is this another world far off in space? Or is it our world the chosen one For the blossoming of the Mushroom Tree? The hollow Night has done, the empty Dawn begun; As the silent grave circle the Sun, No one will see the sterile Fruit Of the glorius Mushroom Tree.
My Life....and Im Sure You Can Relate....
When things in your lives seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous "yes."The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively
Here Lyao
Superman's Night Out Superman's had a hard week of fighting crime in Metropolis and is ready for some R&R. So Friday afternoon he looks up his pals Batman and Spiderman to see if they're up for going on the prowl that evening. Both turn him down on account of prior commitments and Superman is pretty ticked. As he's flying around the stratosphere letting off steam, he spots Wonder Woman lying on her back stark naked sunbathing on the beach. "Hey," he thinks, "I'm Superman and I don't need those two clowns to have a good time. I can just fly down there at the speed of light, catch a quickie and fly away before she knows what happened." So, Superman zips down, takes advantage of the situation and flies away at the speed of light. Wonder Woman says, "What the hell was that?" The Invisible Man says, "I don't know but it hurt like hell" ______________________________________________________ Samples An old man goes to the doctor for his yearly physical, his wife
I have been sad for so long Out of the light comes a friend and gives me hope Friendship is very clear and I’m so glad their here Take one day at a time and see where it goes But at least it will get me hoping that I can share my thoughts and dreams Not to get laughed at and a understanding that the two of us can share The world is big but so near, by this by of commutation Two people so different but not when it comes to wanting a friend So please lets be friends and share what the world can teach us. Thank you my dear friend, until I put fingers to the keyboard.. Waiting for news of you
To Waken In The Night
To waken in the night To always find your there To reach out in the shadows and touch of you face and hair To waken while you sleep And as I stare; to feel you strong arms close around me To know that you are real, To sense the steadfast throb Of your heart beneath my cheek! To surrender to your lips As drowsily seek mine in tender passion…. In the dark to hear your whisper From the land of dreams
* The Breakthrough Celebration *
The Breakthrough Celebration - Generating a flow towards oneness by the year 2012 By Carl Johan Calleman | There have been many questions about the fact that Don Alejandro Oxlaj - head of the council of elders of the Maya - in an interview has rejected the December 21, 2012 date as the ending of the current creation. I want to point out here that I have also myself for more than a decade consistently rejected this date. Although the Maya have continued to use the sacred 260 day calendar unaltered they abandoned the use of the Long Count several centuries ago and so the date December 21, 2012 is something that has become known from the archaeologists and not from the contemporary Maya. There are however strong reasons to doubt that archaeologists, who often look upon the Mayan calendar as a superstition to begin with, would be able to address the question when the point of completion of the present creation is. I feel finding the answer to this requires a different po
Whatever will be, will be but in the end what truly matters to me? So here I am, taking it day by day, falling and getting back on, time after time no matter the injuries. If you want to give up, know you can't stop me, and all those times I wanted to left be. Slow down now, I'm seeing ahead,maybe next year I'll wind up dead. Maybe I'll be alive and kicking, noone knows so I guess all I can do is hold on and see.
Hello All, I Need Help
can you please help me level up, i only need 280 more please xx
Native American Art
I put this todether i hope you like it
Good Morning Cherries
my familly , my friends , my fan all my respect and much love for all of u.... after the valantine day i hope i hear from all of u that every one spend very nice time there who is married who is have boy friend from egypt i say hello for my cherries there r much love inside my heart for all of u cherries i just want to stop today to see all of u if any one need any help about any thing i will be here always for all of u we here like familly and always i will try to connect more than this some thing good when u have special friends like all of u am now in my way for the c.t good morning ladies and gentelmen trible_xxx-alfa-fox-99 mohamed
* Mayan Lord Of Creation & 2012 Roots In The Milky Way Tree *
The Mayan Lord of Creation and 2012 In the Roots of the Milky Way Tree 2006 07 27 By John Major Jenkins | Twentytwelvology. You won’t find it in Webster’s dictionary. Not yet. But believe me, before this decade is out, we’ll have that as well as plenty of 2012 -isms and -ographies. “The 2012 Phenomenon” was recently the subject of a paper written by anthropologist Robert K. Sitler. [1] The sub-title of his paper brings focus to his approach: “New Age Appropriation of an Ancient Mayan Calendar.” In his assessment of the writings and statements of popular writers, New Age teachers, and independent researchers (including myself), he sorts the wheat from the chaff and exposes “merely tangential connections to the realities of the Mayan world.” To his credit, he distinguishes the serious work done by myself and Geoff Stray [2] from the wild and unfounded speculations of other writers. Sitler’s area of focus is the Long Count calendar and its 2012 end-date,
My Celibrity Look Alikes
Need Your Help
I still really need help in this contest....I will return the favor for any help that is given...just click on my pic under here and comment my pic on contest site...Thank you all! Smoochessss, Crystal Ice
Who do I trust, what can I trust? It'll all come and pass like dust to dust, sand to sand in an hour glass as it runs through my hand. Whatever happens, happens even after its come my way. Truth is, right now I don't know what to do, or what to say. If tears could drown the world, would you cry an ocean from feeling & emotion? Maybe at times we all question devotion, can you see it all, even if its not clearly. We all walk darkend halls, we all see the darkness close to our falls, we all try to cool it off when we're close to losing it all.
Another Poem
collared by threads silken gold, by flowers sweetly wild; unicorn dips spiralled horn, bows to Dragon, bows to Lion. old wolf bitch woicing song with Twilight's rhythm, unicorn dances in Sun's Lastlight, then moongleam, then starglow; Dragon, Lion Smiles.
For those that don't know me, I have Epilepsy Seizures and on Feb 9th I ended up being in the hospital for having multiple seizures. I had 3 seizures by the time I had gotten to the hospital by ambulance. And while I was in the hospital I had gotten sick with Bronchitus real bad which kept me in the hospital even longer that I had planned on being in for. So needless to say I was in for a whole 7 days straight and had just gotten out today on Feb.16th. I am usually on here everydayand night so if you noticed me not being being on here thats why I wasn't on here all last week.
You Are Important
You are important In moments of doubt, you may say it aloud I’m nobody special, a face in the crowd I wont be remembered for the things I’ve said I’ve little to show for life that ive led Well listen to me, get your head off your chest, Don’t judge your importance by fame and success You’ve set yourself standards and values off worth Your loved and considered the salt of the earth For the genuine feelings that set you apart And the caring affection That springs from your heart With the warmth and wisdom In words that you speak, These are talents that make you unique, Plus one added extra required of a star You’re the last one to know How important you are.
A Poem
Silence Silence came like the creeping fog, Glowing like dew in the dawn's light. Growing as a dandlelion weed, Swelling gently, slowly as an ocean wave. Silence, like dust, filled the corners, Hung like cobwebs in the rafters. Drifting softly through on a draft, Filling a soul that has died.
I'm not sure what will go here. Poems, yeah. Some ranting and raving, more'n likely. Off the wall ideas, deffinately. Oddball thoughts, of course!
Australia sees Dragonforce coming back to Australia for the second leg of their world tour for their album Inhumn Rampage. Last year they played at the Gaelic Theatre on May 17th, this year we see them play at The Forum on May 9th. I was rather impressed with their last concert so am rather looking forward to seeing them again. I have photos of them from their last concert so i hope they do a sign in so i can get their autographs on the photos :) I hope to get the scanner working so i can put the pictures up in my photo album for all you Cherries to see!!! Cotea.
Things Can Only Get Better
Things can only get better I am sitting in café waiting for my friends Kate and Molly to come in. I sit with my latte and muffin, just waiting for them to walk in and sit down and tell them my day. Looking back on my day while waiting goes back to how I woke up. Had a bad night same as I have for weeks now, it was all down to Mike. Mike dumped me two weeks ago, for a co-worker, a tall blonde and with massive breasts, so big that if she took her bra off she would fall to the floor. Cow! I was working and the phone went, carol from the next desk and handed the phone over and said it’s the prat again, as you guessed she never liked my taste in men. I said “hello darling.” there was a pause and then Mike said, “We have to talk.” Alarm bells rang in my head as I noticed a tone in his voice I had not heard before. “Bronte meet me outside as soon as possible” with that he put the phone down. I sat there wondering what it could be, I know he phones to talk about anything and everyth
Can U Please Tell Me?
Do i put my salute pics in my photo section or do i need to put them in a special place??? Please reply asap! xxxxx
Good Morning Sunshines!
Its 7 Am and once again i have not yet been to sleep. Oye. Im watching fever pitch with anthony. Its cute. My ass is kinda numb though. And we just played one hour of pool and i got my ass whiped. It was like woah amounts of sucky. My eyes are sore :( Im not in a pissy mood anymore woohoo! My laptop keeps freezing which is annoying the shit out of me, but ill get it fixed later tonight. w00t. Anthony is so sexy i swear it, when i look at him, i just smile, like weeee. Cause hes precious. And i adore him. I havent been this happy truly in a very long time. But i am with him. I can honestly sit back and say i love him. He means a lot to me, and hes so precious, and my future ♥ Hes what i care about most. Since he came into my life, ive truly just been on top of life most days, i mean i can still be a moody bitch and stuff but for the most part im happy. We have a lot of things to worry about but as long as hes by myside im good ♥ I loves him
if tomorrow does not shelter me in it's dark and dusty day... will u still be there to pick me off the floor? if the night comes and takes me in the peacefullness of my sleep.. what would u do if u was not here anymore? would u cry out loud with curses to the world or would u sit back and let the feelings go? would u shake ur fists in anger at a stranger... or just not talk anymore... would u hide beneath the smile u have and keep the pain out of ur eyes?? or would u not even know that u loved me until then.. would u then realize? if i leave this world suddenly.. would u be ready for the change? do u think that u would miss me or would u not remember my name? does anyone really know anyone? does anyone really care? cause u know what? i have a heart and it is a heart that i constantly share. so tell me now what would u do.. what if god took me today? do u think that u would be ready for that? or would u turn and just walk away? just remember that i leave
Being Stalked...seriously
My husband and I went to throw our paper route tonight only to discover a very serious problem... We were being stalked. Two nights in a row this white car has sat in the same Del Taco parking lot as us. When we leave, they would appearantly leave. Tonight after we finished folding our papers and started to leave, they left, but going a different way...though kind of fast. As we were driving down Main Street I could see them on the back streets, driving rather fast to keep up with us. As we turned down the street we needed to get on, we thought we were okay and it was just a fluke thing. Threw the first paper, than suddenly we had this white car come racing up behind us and got on our ass. Didnt put a blinker on or anything even though we were crossing 3rd Street. Got to the second house and started to pull into the drive way.... the white car got on our ass again, but kept going, stopped for longer than usual at the stop sign, than went ahead.... to 5th Street where they suddenly
A Dark Angel
twisting and turning wreathing in pain i call out to you but my cry is in vain a cut so soft and a red crimson tide is all licked away as u come for my ride to heaven or hell with bittersweet tears a pain ill inflict keeping you over the years no love just a lust an unquenchable thirst for your soul's what i need and you wont be my first as wings sprout forth i begin to take flight and carry your soul to the dead of the night No mortal shall feel my endless pain from which i will save you if you call my name i return to the dark from where i arise to sleep till next night when i hear your cries
I Am Doing A Special Saturday Pimping
Driving Round
You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a 'drop off' (The ground is 18-20 inches below the level you are traveling on), and on your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you. In front of you is a galloping horse which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it. Behind you is another galloping horse. Both horses are also traveling at the same speed as you. What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation ??? Scroll down ;) v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v * Get your drunk ass off the merry-go-round. *
i think the worst feeling is when someone rates ur blog a made me sad!! i try to befriends with evetyone that talk to not perfect!!
This is wise advice Recognizing Abusing Personalities Many women are interested in ways they can predict whether they are about to become involved with someone who will be physically abusive. Below are list of behaviors that are seen in people who beat their girlfriends or wives. If the person has several of these behaviors (say three or more) there is a strong potential for physical violence. The more signs a person has, the more likely the person is a batterer. In some cases, a batterer may have only a couple of behaviors that the woman can recognize, but they are very exaggerated. The behaviors become more severe and serve to dominate and control the woman. 1. JEALOUSY: Abusers usually say that jealousy is a sign of love. Jealousy has nothing to do with love; it is a sign of possessiveness and lack of trust. Abusers tend to question their partners about everyone they talk to, accuse them of flirting when they are carrying on a normal conversation, or be jealous of time spent with fa
Dreamers Of Disappearance
Who doesn't know the fear of remaining a dreamer for ones whole life? Fear is the mindkiller, those illusions keep the soul trapped. The fewest reach out for the things that lay next to them... So I don't. Dreams are deceitful, they separate from life, they are sweet and addictive and oh, so necessary; and when you lose them it will break your heart and maybe your neck... I am not able to deny them, reality is such a grey condition. I keep on dreaming about a soul recognizing on a level which is more profound and living life to its fullest but who keeps on dreaming and philosophizing at the same time. A dear friend told me I'd been searching for the impossible, for there is no one who ever could correspond my requirements. But here I am with all my versatile interests and needs and there must be another person who dreams of the same things I am dreaming of... I'm looking for a quite obsessive relationship, very passionate and devouring, adventurous and thoughtful, childish and pla
Whats Your Dirty Little Secret?
Fight ..
Jelly Baby walks into a bar and starts talking to a Smartie. After a few beers the Smartie says, "Ere, a bunch of us are heading to that new club, fancy tagging along?" The Jelly Baby says, "No mate, I'm a soft centre, I always end up getting my head kicked in." So Smartie says, "Don't worry about it, I'm a bit of a hard case, I'll look after you." Jelly Baby thinks about it for a minute and says, "Fair enough, as long as you'll look after me", and off they go. After a few more beers in the club, three Lockets walk in. As soon as he sees them, Smartie hides under the table. The Lockets take one look at Jelly Baby and start kicking him, breaking cola bottles over his little jelly head, lamping him with little sugary chairs, and generally having a laugh. After a while they get bored and walk out. Jelly Baby pul
due to minor surgery on my ear i had to retire one of my lobe piercings now only have 3 in one lobe
This Applies To Both Women And Men
This is wise advice Recognizing Abusing Personalities Many women are interested in ways they can predict whether they are about to become involved with someone who will be physically abusive. Below are list of behaviors that are seen in people who beat their girlfriends or wives. If the person has several of these behaviors (say three or more) there is a strong potential for physical violence. The more signs a person has, the more likely the person is a batterer. In some cases, a batterer may have only a couple of behaviors that the woman can recognize, but they are very exaggerated. The behaviors become more severe and serve to dominate and control the woman. 1. JEALOUSY: Abusers usually say that jealousy is a sign of love. Jealousy has nothing to do with love; it is a sign of possessiveness and lack of trust. Abusers tend to question their partners about everyone they talk to, accuse them of flirting when they are carrying on a normal conversation, or be jealous of time spent with fa
I Lose Myself Becouse....
"When i be with you" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I lose myself in your beautiful eyes I cant pull away even if I wanted to try Your perfect in every way The thought of you just makes my day You came to me from the heavens above You flew in on wings my angel of love When nothing seems to go quite right and I no longer can see the light I look upon your angelic face and I'm taken away to a far better place I cherish every word you've said You move me like the music I play in my head In this world of false truths I know only one thing true I'd give up everything just to be with you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Fuck Off!!!
ONE GOOD RANT FOR GOOD TIMES SAKE Current mood: BEYOND PISSED I am sick and fucking tired of people! I try to be friends with them out when needed and they just fuck me in the end for no god damn reason!! I am sick of putting my trust in people as well. All I get now a days is mistrust from certian people that come and go in my life....and everyone around me acts like I just shouldnt have a care in the damn world. Well DAMNIT!!! I do care. It is my feelings that get shattered when I lose friends. It is my feelings that get distroyed when people sit and talk shit behind my back and start lies and rumors about me. I am just passed sick of it. I am tired of having people come into my life...just to toy with me. I am passed done here people. when will you people realize that I am not a fucking doormat? I am not just some fucking pawn in your fucking little High School games any longer. From now on you will see the true me. I am done taking shit from everyone!!
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desert_angel@ CherryTAP
Just Thought That I Would Do Some Ranting Before Goin To Bed......
Rant One The other day, some BITCH had the never to call me fat!!! Okay now i know i aint skinny, far from it (BBW and proud of it) but i feel that if you are going to call someone fat, make sure you have no extra weight on you and especially make sure that you arent as big as the person you are talkin about...this dumbass girl lost 60 pounds and now thinks that she's the shit. First of all, I'm not dissin big girls...shit i am one....but when you have what looks like cottage cheese on the back of your legs, do you really think you should be callin someone fat?????
Rise Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Somewhere a good man must rise from the young ones among us.I rebelbreed am geting old!!!! "Will you ever begin to understand the meaning of the soil beneath your very feet? From a grain of sand to a great mountain, all is sacred. Yesterday and tomorrow exist eternally upon this continent. We natives are the guardians of this sacred place. We lived on our land as long as we can remember. The land was owned by our tribe as far back as memory of men goes. We are truly unique things because we are the descendants of our ancestors and we are the ancestors of our descendents. "Listen to the air. You can hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it.", "Animals are part of us, part of the Great Spirit. The winged and four-legged are our cousins...There is power in the buffalo. There is power in the antelope. There was great power in a wolf, even in a coyote. To us, life, all life, is
So Cold
'Ol Jack Frost what a louse A statue for a waxworks house his gaze alone could freeze a star turn molten lava to a popcycle bar breath so cold he froze my skin his touch produced no warmth within Road a bike in the cold of night now frozen here I must look a sight my strength is gone and in it's place this frozen mask of my face nothing left of what was me pale as death can't you see cold chilled me to the bone riding froze now all alone the shivering stopped a life ago my heartbeat will be the next to go ©Dark
Ok Then
so to what do i owe the pleasure of your company??? are you going to tell me your deepest darkest secret??? Go on you know you want to tell me.... if you want to i will let you know of my little exploits as an aussie girl only can... we dont take shit from noone and party hard when we party so tell me do u like stuff????? what stuff r u into???? tell me about you and u will get an exploit for each tall tale u tell.... so go on and give it a try..... I dare you!!!!
A Sex Storie Called Spank
had a dream last night, I know not the most original of first lines but stick with me: I promise it gets better. I was walking down a long corridor with a lush red carpet and orange toned walls; people were milling all around me, entering doors or just walking like me. It was a while before I started noticing the signs on the doors I was walking past. WATERSPORTS HORSE RIDING FOOD They all seemed quite innocent at first, then the signs started to become more blatant BONDAGE ANAL RAPE I watched people as they marched confidently into these rooms until I came upon one that made me look twice. SPANKING I felt undeniably drawn to this room, as if there was a force pulling me on. I walked forward and opened the door quietly and slowly, my heart thumping and my nipples hard with excitement and curiosity. As I walked in I could see nothing ahead of me, the room was quite dark and I couldn't hear anything, my heart started to beat harder as I felt more s
Doesnt Anybody Want A Morph
im not askin for nothin just the experience is all....if ya want one done let me
Well it's about time for me to go to work...wish i could just stay home today but i missed work yesterday because of the memorial we had for my b/f. so i guess i'd better go to dont work , you can't eat..right??? Hope yall all have a great day and i'll be writeing more later.
Music/lyrics 2
"My Mercy" When I die I'll die with my mercy, when she cries I'll cry with her, in my life See I've loved an angel My mercy my mercy Such a glance, the softest of skin Wax dripping, so paper thin Remember oils, positions of plenty Well this memory, how it still haunts me We are love We are love When I die, I'll die with my mercy And when she cries, I'll cry with her And in my life, see I've loved an angel My mercy eternal to me We are love, we are made of many We are two, we are made of few You've taken my life and left me to blame You will never understand the shame I will die for my mercy, can't you see Eternally eternally We are love, we are made of many We are two, we are made of few We are made of few
What Horror Movie Death Would You Have?
Immoral Death How will it happen?You will be hypnotized into stopping your own heart. 'What horror movie death would you have?' at
"Ride The Wings Of Pestilence" Hiding behind the shadows I'll be waiting in the dark to drive this blade straight through your heart I'll drag your body to the car as blood races down my arm I think everyone will wonder where you are (tonight) I'll hide you in my walls your body will never be found I'll wear your skin as a suit Pretend to be you, your friends will like you more than they used to Dear diary my teen angst bullshit has a body count (count) I believe it's 6 going on 7 now (7 now) I've been dreaming about you in a pool of your own blood with your eyes gouged out by the work of my thumbs the scent of your insides from under the floorboards the perfect perfume for settling a score. I'll hide you in my walls your body will never be found I'll wear your skin as a suit Pretend to be you, your friends will like you more than they used to Pretend to be you, your friends will like you more than they used to Ride the wings of.... Ride the wings
Just So All Knows
I am sorry i haven't been on but due to being very sick and the up and downs of Micah's progress i am been a mess and then my cable got cut for a week and that almost sent me over the edge
What Do You Do???
what do you do when your life is at a fork in the road? one road leads to a familiar place... familiar people... friends... loved ones.... playmates.... family.... a road very well traveled. the other leads to a new place... new people... unfamiliar grounds... no safety... no guarantees. tragedy hits and leaves you to chose... do you stay and deal with the ups and downs and twists and turns of your everyday life.... fight through the depression.... the feeling of nothingness? or do you run??? run away from all you know.... all that is safe... all that care and love you so? what do you do when you long to go but something is holding you back??? something inside shouts at you DON'T GO..... something telling you that you need to stay. what can you do but hide??? yes i know.... hiding doesn't solve anything.... but when it's the only thing that keeps you thinking about your situation then hey... it needs to be done. i hide in my home... doors locked.... curtains pulled... safe inside the
Why I Haven't Been On Much Lately
First off I would like to say Hello and Thank You to all my friends, thanks for the ratings, comments, adds and gifts. I recently had to move which hasn't been an easy task, living on SSI and trying to set up a new place that needed work to make my security and find people to help me move my stuff has not been easy to say the least and then in the middle of all that my mom's Lung cancer got worse. She ended up in the hospital on antibiotics and steroids. She's not doing to well. They gave her 3 yrs if they can keep the cancer at bay with radiation seeing her body is too weak for chemotherapy and she can't keep getting lung infections. She's only 57 cause she had me at such a young age so this really was so unexpected and has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. I will be taking her in during the day to keep watch over her and her husband will have her at nights to keep her out of a nursing home. She has been very confused and is losing some of her senses and co
What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? ADHD refers to a family of related chronic neurobiological disorders that interfere with an individual's capacity to regulate activity level (hyperactivity), inhibit behavior (impulsivity), and attend to tasks (inattention) in developmentally appropriate ways. The core symptoms of ADHD include an inability to sustain attention and concentration, developmentally inappropriate levels of activity, distractibility, and impulsivity. Children with ADHD have functional impairment across multiple settings including home, school, and peer relationships. ADHD has also been shown to have long-term adverse effects on academic performance, vocational success, and social-emotional development. Children with ADHD experience an inability to sit still and pay attention in class and the negative consequences of such behavior. They experience peer rejection and engage in a broad array of disruptive behaviors. Their academic and social difficult
Dinner With Mike
my friend mike is visiting h9ome from the airforce he stopped bye to say hi we went to dinner it was kool he and i and possibly killer are gonna go see virginia after she has the baby i havent seen her in forever since 2 xmass ago when she mike and josh and i hung out at the beach
Introduction Continued..untitled Still
She wasnt cold from the rain yet, which wasnt odd for her. In fact she was really warm and finally starting to relax as she thought, "My mother wasnt there, who is she to say it's my fault it was attacked and raped? No one that's who!" So she finally started to unclench her fists, until her brother Daniel shouted at her. "Moira, what are you doing up there? Ma's looking for you!" Daniel was mother's favorite and could do no harm in her eyes. Boy was mom blind. He was the party animal and loved his ladies. Moira kept his secrets, and lied for him to mom. Mom was none the wiser to any of his shenanegans. "Tell ma that im taking some time to relax, and she knows the rain does that for me." Moira was in no mood to deal with her mother, and she needed some time to herself. "Sis what are you up to?" Daniel asked nervously. His skin was getting goosebumps from both the cold and the steel reserve in her voice. He was afraid of what was to come. "T
Want A Morph Made???????
hey i finally figured out the whole morph thing still very rusty but im learnin as i all excited to get goin.need a morph?i need might get overwelming though.with lots of peeps askin but ill make ya ll one...just please rate my default photos for me if ya havent.ill really apreciate it thanks to all who have bye bye
Help Win A Corvette
To all my friends will you please come and bomb my pic with comments.I need all the help u can give..follow the link below and bomb away. Thanks for showing the love.. ~~LyNn~~
May Be A Change
Looks like there may be more than surgery for me in the future. This time will end up being them going in and getting a look at what is all goin on. Luckly this mean this time that I will only be out of work for just a few days. Which is good cause I need to be working right now. But they told me once this one is done they can go ahead with the major surgery at a later date.
Have A Great Day!
Have a great day and weekend my cherry sweety's! With LOVE
So Whats Goin On People?
Anything? come on you know you wanna talk to me....or at least thats what i'm gonna tell myself.
well ive been screwed again..I wish that they would be honest with me..angel is my nickname and i will stand by it.They seem to think that im angel and its okay.well true and pure u dont like thats okay...he will find me!!
Casey Visit
So here I am, 3:30 am, writing my first blog. My friend Casey lust left. I love workin with him, it's like a party all the time. It's been so hard makin friends and gettin them to come over. We just talked and I showed him pictures from my album. Granted I'm a talented photographer, it still felt lame. I get really paranoid that people think I'm weird and won't wanna hang out because I have trouble makin friends here...I guess I shouldn't worry so much. I can't think of anything else of substance to say...
My Baby
Watch my son's face "i hope no one saw me feed her"
The Truth
Perversion of a truth I'm stuck there, (Inside of lies buried in me, why) Alone Born into a world never asked to be here (Try to forget truth doesn't exist, truth) (It doesn't exist, it doesn't exist, truth) Maybe we're all the children of a star, Misguided in direction, our misdirection Pardon me while I pray for light I'm not the only one, that walks between the rain, there are many. I'm not the only one, When everything is lost that doesn't surrender Perversion of a truth I'm stuck there (Inside of lies buried in me, why) Alone Blind walking through a world I never asked to be here Versions of the truth... I'm not the only one... Lies!
For You.
[Sigh.] Why is it that two people can seemingly never part on amicable terms? I knew what I wanted; what I needed. I knew what you were willing to give. They weren't the same. I was never angry. I was frustrated, but I was never upset. All I wanted to do was talk. Discuss how I felt. For real. Without all the bullshit. I just wanted to hear how you REALLY felt. But you cared more about the online drama, cared more about... whatever else was more important to you than giving me a chance to express my feelings without telling me that I was selfish. And now you're gone. And you don't appear to care or miss me or even give a shit. And I'm REALLY not sure what I'm trying to accomplish by posting here. I guess I'm just hurting at the moment. Whatever. I was SO far off-base about us, I can't even believe it. So now it's time to move on. Again. I'm doing it, a little bit each day. But it's funny, the one thing you said keeps running through my mind...
My New Pub ...for Science Mag .:p
The Quantum Gyroscop In this project we suggest to study noncovalent interactions between single wall carbon nanotubes, between concentric multiwall carbon nanotubes and between the inside of the tubes and carbon cages or other molecules which will be established inside the cage. Such interactions were claimed to be rather strong on the one side since nanotubes are observed to aggrgate into bundles or very stable multiwall hoses. Transport experiments demonstrated on the other side a current flow only through the outermost walls of concentric tubes with hardly any intertube leaking. Experiments will be carried out by light scattering spectroscopy in combination with analyses by scanning probe microscopy. Very special modes observable by the light scattering process allow to draw information on the tube-tube interaction and on the tube-cage interaction. Such modes have been observed sofar only in single wall carbon nanotubes but are expected to be also observable in multiwall tube
Lets Chat!
So i have this friend who lied to me, and anthony kinda sorta told them where to go, cause he was protecting me, which was the right thing to do, Thusly i love him even more ♥ Hes my heart mhmm be jealous ♥ ♥ &hearts So i better put my laptop on the charger haha its 2 seconds away from dying. I wish the certain drama with a cowardless user would stop but i doubt it, hes an old faggot ♥ And Yes i hope he reads this. All i asked for is my stuff back, how hard is that? Considering YOU DIDNT PAY FOR it i did. And i worked my ass off for the other stuff. So you know what FUCK YOU. And yes im saying that not anthony. You wanta send me text messages at 6 am, saying bullshit, then bitch fuck you. ♥ I am so sick of bullshit. God get over yourself. Oh whatever. Just remember cupcake, HELL ON EARTH ♥ Rate my blog please. And remember SAY NO TO OLD PERVS!
Send me a voice comment. It's FREE! Just call 1-641-985-7800 and enter *3296903. If you get one too, I'll reply.
I Got A Job :)
I just wanted to say that I got a job today :) After about 7 months of REALLY trying hard to get a job. I will be working night shift as a direct care giver for mild-moderate mentally handicapped people... And many millions of thanks go out to my baby Matt aka Borsey because he always believed in me and was really positive, even when I was negative about it. :) I start next week.
Phillosphy About Christianity
To all my friends...this is entirely in refference to CHristianity and the twists and turns it has taken over the years. My views and beliefs are hybrid forms of Christ-like viewings of the world (in the compassionate forms of the "red text") as well as the ritual and focus of witchcraft (eclectic-white magick) and Alchemy (in principle). Now that this is out of the way, please do read further... Why is it that when people refer to their church life or belief they automaticly say, "Yes. I am religious" or "My religion is_____"? I know that people understand religion as going to church and praying and all, but....there is something much deeper below the exterior here! We must be careful to use the word "religion" so much in our daily speak. You see, when Jesus first started his ministry, he never once reffered to any one denomination. Jesus was never quoted as saying, "We must all enter the church of the Nazerine, Assemblies of God, First Baptist, Catholocism, Mormon, or any o
We Are Rockin Out!!! New Radio Station In Our Bar
Sexiest Smile Contest
Here are the standings so have till wednesday guys show these people some love!!!! 1st place DJ Chronic 1841 Comments 2nd Place Nick 902 Comments 3rd Place Nodzilla 102 Comments 4th Place Mysticpotion 21 Comments 5th Place Chronicposer 0 Comments Come show these great friends some love
I remember talking with a friend quite a few years ago (4 or 5) about this subject. I was telling him how beautiful girls actually have it pretty rough in life when you think about it. They usually can't find an honest man because all they receive are lies delivered upon a silver platter. One lie leads to feelings of acceptance while another leads to a kiss. kisses lead to deeper things that usually end in regret. After the guy gets what he wants he is already hunting out new prey. Poor thing was left in tears. This is just one thing they will see throughout this reality we weave. You might be asked, "Why is it that a girl so pretty doesn't have a ring on her finger?" If only everyone knew...First she must learn how to trust! But, how can she trust when when only so few are after her heart and the rest of the guys hate the strings that true love brings (attatchements)? By the time she meets an honest, caring, encouraging, as well as God fearing man, her vision has been blured. All
Confessions Of Mortality: I Glimpsed Him
I dream of a Prince with moondust in his hair exuding the grave's glow; with his Demon Lover's Stare We'll raise hell at first. -Then we'll drink what we sow Depraved delights & wicked wines are among the first which will quench our thirst I need a new incubus to slake this wytch's fate His wintered silvery eyes may, whisper of forgotten wistfulness.. His bones might creak with sorrow. Still full of that tortured longing for fair Zeniths' honied kiss But I will know him- by what he grows Yearning for the freedom of tomorrow When the wind bring no more madness; borrowed or bloomed in his garden of shadows Then in our oasis when we find; our elusive phoenix We will renew & reburn Together COPYRIGHT WYLDFEY.COM
Things I've Learned
Things I've learned: Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle. Life may begin at 30, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 60 mph! You start the game of life with a full pot o' luck and an empty pot o' experience... The object is to fill the pot of experience before you empty the pot of luck. If you wait, all that happens is that you get older. Midnight bugs taste just as bad as Noon time bugs. Saddlebags can never hold everything you want, but they CAN hold everything you need. It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed. The only good view of a thunderstorm is in your rearview mirror. Never be afraid to slow down. Don't ride so late into the night that you sleep through the sunrise. Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight. Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees y
Whew! I've just finished my 24 HOUR LONG CQ duty. It's basically just sitting at the front desk of where we live and keeping the peace. Damn it's boring! I also have staff duty on monday, but I got Tuesday off. Good news is that it's over with and I can get back to enjoying the weekend. But 1st I need some sleep. Thanks for all my new visitors. I promise I'll check you all out when I wake up. That's all I got for now. Nighty night!
New To The Site
Well this is my 1st blog on cherrytap, I have had a lot of fans and friends tell me to check out this site and I did. I am more of a myspace kind of girl but I am going to try this site and see how I like it. Much Love ~Nikkei Nicole~
Being A Fan
I feel like a sleazy weirdo being a fan of strange women, that I don't actually know. Ha.
A Woman's Power Over Men!
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Don't Read, Because You Don't Even Know Me. I Just Wanna Blog My Brains Out.
Don't tell me what you want from me if you can't have it. Don't try to pawn something off on me and disguise it as something I might like. Don't tell me you like me, it will raise the bar on my expectations from you. I expect people who like me to not lie or mislead me. If I ever start to doubt you remind me to trust me instincts. I hate cheese poofs, don't give me any of those. I could go on and on but I'm sober. There is a tenative plan to be drunk tomorrow. So I might just blog again then. AHH can't stop now I'm still pissed AHHH! Just leave me alone cause you are not good enough for me any way. If you think you might be well bring it on. I'll know right away. And then I'll be able to move on. So come on gauntlet bring forth the maddness. The quality of goods this merchant has to share will only be appreciated by a select few. The few that are unknown shall be missed if never found. The feeling I am hoping for, to belong to be needed, to be deserved, to thrive, to never have to worr
Ok Figured These Were Cool.. Sign It!
Bikini Shoot
Vida Guerra Calendar Photoshoot
New Virus....
I was due for an appointment with the gynaecologist later in the week. Early one morning, I received a call from the doctor's office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am . I had only just packed everyone off to school, and it was already around 8:45 am. The trip to his office took about 35 minutes, so I didn't have any time to spare. As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn't going to be able to make the full effort. So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pyjamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in 'that area' to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car and raced to my appointment. I was in the waiting room for only a few minutes when I was called in. Knowing the procedure, as I'm sure you do, I hopped up on the table, looked over at the other side of the roo
so damn its 330 and i gotta start answering the phone at like probally 7 or 8 fucking AYE this sux but i gotta do it if i wanna make some monnneyyyyy
Pap Smear..lmfao
There is a virus being passed around electronically, orally, and by hand. This virus is called Worm-Overload-Recreational-Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss, or anyone else via any means. DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely. If you should come into contact with WORK put your jacket on and take two good friends to the nearest grocery store. Purchase the antidote known as Work-Isolating-Neutralizer-Extract (WINE) or Bothersome-Employer-Elimination-Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.
I Got My Tattoo
yay i got my tattoo and i posted a picture of it go check it out
Doyoulike..... stupid site i just joined..
Pick Your Poison
Pick Your Poison An updated environmentalist's guide to gasoline by Sarah Ives and Robynne Boyd January/February 2007 {Editor's Note} In the September/October 2001 issue, Sierra published "Pick Your Poison: An Environmentalist's Guide to Gasoline," by Jennifer Hattam and Paul Rauber, in which we tallied the pluses and minuses of the largest U.S. oil companies. Since then, continued consolidation in the industry has further shrunk the field, and new oil spills and pollution releases have blackened some carefully green-washed reputations. These companies are among the largest and most powerful enterprises on the planet. The complexity of their organization and activities, the vastness of their reach, and the huge number of variables involved make objective ranking difficult. That said, it is possible to lump them into three general categories, as Sierra editorial interns Robynne Boyd and Sarah Ives do below: the "bottom of the barrel" (ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips), the "mid
New Cherry Tap
well finally think i have figured cherry tap out it took me a while but i think i finally figured it out. well its 2:16am and i can't sleep.In 3 weeks im having my baby, found out today that we are having a girl, thank goodness we bought nothing but nutural colors on clothes ect.. i will blog more again later.
Phillosophy And Religion
God has 21 names and they each mean something different. When praying, see if you can incorporate any of these names into your prayer depending on the situation. For instance, if you need for God to provide a job, you may want to say, "Jehovah Jireh, I have total faith that you oh Lord will provide the perfect job for my needs. Thank you Adonai for this blessing." If you have fear you could refer to God as El Elyon and even Jehovah-Rohi since the first means "most high God" and the second means "the Lord my Shepherd". Try being creative in a way which specifies or targets your need that you need prayer for. It kind of adds a depth to your prayer life and moreso a challenge to be very specific while in a time of prayer. It is not necessary but it does have more meaning than a common "blanket prayer". • Adonai - Lord my father (shows ownership) • Jehovah Jireh - My provider • El (the Strong One) • Jehovah-Mekaddishkem - The Lord That Sanctifies Thee • El Elohe Yi
The End Of Wolfie
Death is here with me as I write this down for all of you to read! I’m Wolfie and this is the last words you will read from my hands… as I write this I look deeply into the glittery shine of my knife! It looks back at me with my own eyes and I wonder to my self dose it know what I am about to do when I am finished writing this all down! I’m drinking tonight… as I did last night too…. And all I can say is the drink dose nothing to easy my pain! It dose not stop the feelings or numb my senses at all…. It simply makes them all stronger! Makes them all more real! Maybe I’m not drinking enough? Maybe one more glass? Maybe strait? Yes that dose make it more hard! And work much faster! Yet I still can not take my eyes from the blade~! What shall I do? Shall I give it it’s chance to slice my fragile wrist? Or should I give it the pleasure of taking my family first? They deserve it! Putting me in hell they are! I’m hot now! But only for a moment.. another drink.. Ahhhhh
Like I Need A Subject?!
Ya know... sometimes you just need to rant... I really hate CT however... it's a way to get numbers for my shows... honestly... it's bullshit... maybe I'm pmsing but I really don't care... just felt like ranting... and what's with the blasts? this is my first time... yea right!! that's why I've seen you a few times over the last 2 months with different pics and different wording... morons... it's more like... look at me, I'm a slut! C'mon... grow a brain! I'm done now
54 Live's Poem
I bleed the dream with this life I'd love to redeem I got inner children within me from this hell I evade I blame the seed's that made me Sometime's I feed the crop this tear of life From gun's to blade's to battle's to strife/ I fucking love it This opaque window in my head Screaming for a new dawn awaiting the dead to transcend God-Send this chaos to order The theories we speak The dream's we dream The voice's we hear The soldier's The gun's Oh how we fear. Speak this truth Breathe this feebleness Exhale this talent I'll never place down my life without a fight Rosary bead's to hold Rip the tongue that speak's the untold. I'm dead already I have no fear I feast on your heaven I'm the deadly sin's of seven. Reap this life I fucking love it Reap this body I love it I'll fight till I die 54 coming ballistic at your front door. You bring the flower's And I'll set the casket The execution my signature Your blood is the ink The pavement is the
What A Great Start To The Weekend!!!
If you read this then im sorry!!! I just need to blow off some steam!!! lol god this weekend brings back shit I hate lol all I do is laugh when I always feel like im worthless like how many of the poeple hurt me in my past....tonight has been filled with Threats. Decieving,Disappointments,Broken Promises and many others of the sort....Right now I dont know if I can stay positive and let the darkness have me again like in the past and plus I have a sickness and in alot of pain and these pills im taking are making me feel sicker and depressed and plus im still coughing up blood!!!!! So Im guess Im writing so I can blow of some steam since none of my friends r on...So if anyone reads this im sorry dont worry about me, I'll be better in the morning!!!!!
What Is It All For Part 2
Save Me
Walking through a world of shadows, a wastland of shattered dreams, can you save me? Looking in a mirror was, like looking into the past, once I had known love, but it all slipped away so fast, can you save me? Then you came into my life, you turned my heart around, you gave me a reason, to put the drugs and bottles down, can you save me? Now my life has meaning, I long to talk to you each day, if only for a moment, even though your miles away, You Saved Me and I Love You... Music Video Codes By Music
English 2. . .
English is a crazy language. There is no egg in eggplant, nor ham in hamburger; neither apple nor pine in pineapple. English muffins weren't invented in England or French fries in France. Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbreads, which aren't sweet, are meat. We take English for granted But if we explore its paradoxes, we find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are square and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig. And why is it that writers write but fingers don't fing, grocers don't groce and hammers don't ham? If the plural of tooth is teeth, why isn't the plural of booth, beeth? One goose, 2 geese. So one moose, 2 meese? One index, 2 indices? Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one amend? If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them, what do you call it? If teachers taught, why didn't preachers praught? If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat? Sometimes I think all the English speakers
Caulk Art
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Help Me Out!
go check "Shampoo" rate/add her please for me and make her feel welcome to CT.. it is her first time being here on CT.. thanks!!!
English. . .
You lovers of the English language might enjoy this There is a two-letter word that perhaps has more meanings than any other two-letter word, and that is "UP." It's easy to understand UP, meaning toward the sky or at the top of the list, but when we awaken in the morning, why do we wake UP? At a meeting, why does a topic come UP? Why do we speak UP and why are the officers UP for election and why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report? We call UP our friends. And we use it to brighten UP a room, polish UP the Silver, we warm UP the leftovers and clean UP the kitchen. We lock UP the house and some guys fix UP the old car. At other times the little word has real special meaning. People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UP excuses. To be dressed is one thing, but to be dressed UP is special. And this UP is confusing: A drain must be opened UP because it is stopped UP. We open UP a store in the morning but we close it UP at
Tge V2.0 Total Request!!!
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This in an excerpt form a song called "Nein" by Ot3p This is also a poem performed as such by her and watching her deliver it brought tears to my eyes. I never understood how someone would think to take their own life till i thought about how good i've had it. Band: Ot3p Album: House of Secrets Song: Nein My pain, my pride, these scars are mine My pain My misery has been formulated into an equation of nein My sanity wrote a suicide note but One of us is illiterate And the other is blind My first act of treason was picking up a pen My First act of love was Finding myself again The hardest thing to do Was standing up to you Now I'm off my knees Now you're begging me please I'm the wound and the weapon The fracture and the Fist
A Lil Bit Of Info On Jc
Commitment Type: INMATE Conviction Date: 10/06/2006 County of Conviction: GASTON Service Status: ACTIVE Sentence Status: ACTIVE Projected Release Date: 09/13/2007 Sentence Begin Date: 11/07/2006 Actual Release Date: Punishment Type: ACTIVE SS Sentence Type 1: DEPT OF CORR DIV OF PRISONS Minimum Term: 10 MONTHS Maximum Term: 1 YEAR He got arrested April 24th 2006 and did 6 months for violating probation plus that above for something else im not going into details right now but yeah itz some shit i fucking miss my juggalo..
I May
I may I may whisper your name when I’m all alone. I may do naughty things when I have you on the phone. I may dream about you almost every night. I may try to seduce you, let our fantasies take flight. I may want to touch you and kiss you all over. I may imagine us sweaty and breathless, under my covers. I may want you so bad that it hurts. I may use my teeth to unbutton your shirt. I may touch you softly to hear you say my name. I may have dirty secrets, but I know you have the same.
What The Hell Was That?
Oh boy, I have to leave here in half an hour and as I'm sitting here, window open, and watching tv... I hear what sounds like a gun shot. That scares me. Hard to tell where it came from but that's not the point... the point is... that fucking scares me. And I live in the really good area of my city...not that that makes any difference.
Im Sorry
im sorry i havent been on lately, i have been trying to deal with a lot of personal things, i just want to say thank you to every one who has left comments or gifts! ya'all are too sweet!
The Man On The Beach- Chapter 4
Krissy set the green cup down on the counter softly. The ringing still in her ears from the doorbell. She could just barely taste the bitter liquid on her tongue. Wiping her mouth, she approached the door. She grabbed the handle, pulling the door open slowly to reveal John, the man on the beach. "Hey, I was walking on the beach after you left and I found this...I assume that it is yours?" He said, showing the homeless black book with the small rips and tears. "Oh my god, you- Where did you find it?" She asked frantically, offering her hand out to take the holder of her thoughts from the strong man's hand. "I found it on a pile of sand next to where we were talking. Out of instinct, I thought it was yours." He said to her, grabbing her eyes with his and smiled. How could she be so beautiful? "It is... Did you read it?" She cringed. "No, I didn't. There's probably something in there I don't want to know." She looked into his tender dark eyes and found herself at loss for w
Pregnancy Survey♥
Long Pregnancy Survey!! About the mommy! Name: Vanessa Age: 24 First child?: Yep!! :) About the daddy! Name: Travis Age: 24 First child?: Nope Finding out!! What day did u find out?: December 26 2006 How did u feel when u found out?: all sorts of diff emotions went through me that day.... Who was with u?: Tiffany Who was the first peson u told?: My Grandma How did they react?: Excited and kind of worried... How did the daddy react?: Scared kind of ...shocked now he's happy Telling the grandparents! How did ur parents react?: See above lol How did his parents react?: His mom didn't believe it she was shocked Are they helping with baby names?: Nope don't want them to I can pick my own out :P Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: My grandma and aunt have :D How often do they call to check on u?: lots About the pregnancy! When was ur first appointment?: jan 13th I believe When is ur due date?: August 18th
Id appreciate it if all you bitches that insist on hatin me cuz your jealous or threatened by me to quit lookin at my shit....I feel like I have stalkers....Its called an obbsession but you really need to get over it!
The Poker Dealer
Eight guys in the game at two bucks, that’s sixteen and the small blind folded so that’s another buck – seventeen dollars in the pot and the rake at five percent is seventy-five cents rounded down to the nearest quarter. Burn one card and lay a three-card flop. Round of betting, two fold, five players in at two bucks, and the guy on the button raises two. Three players call the raise. So the pot is two times the two who folded with chips in the pot and four times four remaining in the game. Sixteen plus four is twenty. Add that to the seventeen from the first round and you get thirty-seven. The rake is a dollar seventy-five. I already have seventy-five cents in the rake pool, so I take a buck from the pot and add it to the pool. Burn a card and show the turn. Three players go in for four and the fourth player goes all-in for three. The main pot is closed and I create a side pot for the remaining three players. Four times three is twelve in the main pot, added to the thi
Nobody But You By Charles Bukowski
nobody can save you but yourself. you will be put again and again into nearly impossible situations. they will attempt again and again through subterfuge, guise and force to make you submit, quit and/or die quietly inside. nobody can save you but yourself and it will be easy enough to fail so very easily but don't,don't,don't. just watch them. listen to them. do you want to be like that? a faceles, mindless, heartless being? do you want to experience death before death? nobody can save you but yourself and you're worth saving. it's a war not easily won but if anything is worth winning then this is it. think about it. think about saving your self. your spiritual self. your gut self. your singing magical self and your beautiful self. save it. don't join the dead-in-spirit. maintain your self with humor and grace and finally if necessary wager your life as you struggle, damn the odds,damn the price. only you can save yourself. do i
SOOOOOO, i was on the phone w/ tiff, just now... and she was discussing and 8 inch inappropriate subject that arose at work... and i was like, did you giggle like a school girl? Cuz man, she does!!! When dick or pussys are discussed, it's like she giggles like a 11 year old virgin. It's some funny shit. Which is like, HOW THE FUCK ARE WE FRIENDS.... thats like, a whore being friends w/ a nun right?? But it was funny shit, so we're laughing our asses off over her penile-phobia... so if any figures the real word out for "sex organ" phobias, lemme know, but man it was great... good times... luv ya tiff!!!!
Leave A Message!!
Hey cherries, I hope you enjoy your weekend!!!!!! Im not sure if i will be on here much for the next couple of days. By the way leave a voice message on my page........i will be so happy if you do....mwahhhhh!!!!! Also add yourself to my guestbook.
Dont Tell Anyone...
It pointless to tell someone this word believe me! Especially at work, actually it'll travel faster if you add this words. So if you really dont want anyone to know then you dont tell anyone!!!! Is that easy really....
Omg This Needs To Be Stopped!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: **Love is a journey that you have to experience~*~ Date: Feb 14, 2007 9:16 PM .. REPOST THIS. Living creatures are suffering for your comfort. If You pass on any chain mail, I hope you pass on this one. No one cares about your middle name, or what you did in 2006 or stupid stories that involve killers in the night. THEY ARENT REAL. GET OVER IT. THIS IS. This is wrong to the highest level. Please help spread awareness of the animals that go through testing. It is not right and should be stopped. The following images are of animals that have been used for consumer product testing. They are graphic. If you have a heart you'll repost this. IF YOU DONT REPOST MAYBE YOU NEED TESTING ON YOURSELF. Hit reply then copy the codes
A Friday Nite On Yahoo..
ang6041: HI lady_of_kaos_1: UM HI ang6041: YOU HAVE WEBCAM? lady_of_kaos_1: YES DO U razorblad3_kizz: who that fuck is that lady_of_kaos_1: FUCK I DONT KNOW ang6041: PLEASE lady_of_kaos_1: CAN I SEE U TOO? You have been invited to view ang6041's webcam. Accept (Alt+Shift+A) Decline (Alt+Shift+D) razorblad3_kizz: u recording him lady_of_kaos_1: U WANT ME TOO? razorblad3_kizz: sure razorblad3_kizz: we can have fun razorblad3_kizz: always fer a good blog lady_of_kaos_1: YES CAN U SHOW ME SUMTHING? ang6041: GIVE YOU WEBCAM ang6041: PLEASE lady_of_kaos_1: SHOW ME SUMTHING I WANT TO MAKE SURE UR GUNNA MAKE IT WORTH MY WHILE lady_of_kaos_1: I MEAN UR DRESSED lady_of_kaos_1: IF I PASS MY WEB CAM I WILL BE NAKID lady_of_kaos_1: NO CLOTHES ang6041: NOW ang6041: PLEASE lady_of_kaos_1: U GET NAKID AND I WILL lady_of_kaos_1: UR FULLY DRESSED WTF lady_of_kaos_1: WHY U STILL DRESSED ang6041: NOW ang6041: YOU WEBCAM PLEASE lady_of_kaos_1: OK UR PLAYING GAMES lady_o
Web Cam
i have a new web cam i cant seem to find any entresting people out there to play or chat
Please Help Me!!!
Meaning Of A Kiss
~Kiss on the stomach = Im ready ~Kiss on the Forehead ="i hope we're together forever" ~Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything ~Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends" ~Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you" ~Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together" ~Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you" ~Kiss on the Lips = I like you" **************************************************** What the gesture means... ~Holding Hands = "we definitely like each other" ~Slap on the Butt = "That's mine" ~Holding on tight = "i don't want to let go" ~Looking into each other's Eyes = "i just plain like you" ~Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me" ~Arms around the Waist = "I like you too much to let go" ~Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you" **************************************************** --Advice-- Dont ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. *****************
Back Again
Was just too busy to get on the last week. I'll work on catching up;)
~~anal Glaucoma~~
A woman calls her boss one morning and tells him that she is staying home because she is not feeling well. "What's the matter?" he asks. "I have a case of anal glaucoma," she says in a weak voice. "What the hell is anal glaucoma?" "I can't see my ass coming into work today."
Autumn Valentine By Dorothy Parker
In May my heart was breaking-- Oh, wide the wound, and deep! And bitter it beat at waking, And sore it split in sleep. And when it came November, I sought my heart, and sighed, "Poor thing, do you remember?" "What heart was that?" it cried.
Pandeism And Sexuality
The Sexuality of PanDeism I think I'm safe in saying that Religion and Sexuality generally don't mix.... when religion enters the picture, it's usually as a wet blanket, a dampener, providing a set of thuo-shalt-nots restricting sex to persons in the kind of relationship authorized by the church, and even restricting sex acts to those deemed "pleasing" to God (i.e. husband on submissive wife, penis-in-vagina missionary position, with the lights out, for the purposes of procreation).... Sadly, most conventional religions do not appear poised to lift themselves from the false dogma of sexual negativity -- certainly they are long way from accepting masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, homosexuality (for those who are so inclined), partner swapping, and all other activities consensually maximizing sexual variety, as the gifts from God in the way that PanDeism embraces these pleasures!! PanDeism may well be said to be the most sex-positive of all religious beliefs.... indeed, the sac
Music Video:HATE ME (by Blue October)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone lets see who can tell me as to who he is sing to...
Ladies This Is For U
Feel Confused
why is it when you come on cherry tap and you try and have some fun and rate pics and get to know some people but when you message them to talk and see how they are they never seem to answer you back.. thats been happening alot to me and i dont understand.. iam doin something wrong? it makes me feel horrible.. i dont know maybe its just me or something being over emotional..
A Plea For Help!
This is to all my friends, all of my friends' friends, and so on and so forth. I say that because I'm asking all of my friends to pass this on. (I'll be putting this in my bulliten and also messaging it to everyone on my friend's list) I don't know exactly how to say what it is I want to say so just bear with me please. I am asking each and eveyone of you for help. Most of you... well my friends anyways already know this but for the rest of you this bit is to inform you of my situation and why I'm asking for help. This is true and real I promise and I'll be leaving a link as well to show this is real. I doing this to ask for help as well as raise awareness of a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Most people don't even know of it. I've heard it called the "common uncommon disease". I have a daughter, and her name is Ariyana. She is the most beautiful and unique little girl you'd ever meet. She was born healthy (or so I thought) and with no complications. She had a normal infancy, b
Deal With It
Here are some great ways of dealing with the burdens of life: * Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue. * Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them. * Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. * Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker. * If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. * If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it * It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. * Never buy a car you can't push. * Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on. * Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. * Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late. * The second mouse gets the cheese. * When everything's coming your way, you'r
To My X Girl
my girl... tha fact that i hurt yooh makes me wanna hurl nuff said n dun lets give it another whirl.... hahaha im fukkin round with yooh but on real talk... now that yooh r not minez im no longer finez it hurtz 2 look at our words 2 each other n rememberin all tha good timez n no im not just tryin to feed yooh sum fake linez yes i dumped yooh baby but please reconsider bein with me please say maybe baby say n-e-thing other then tha word no but if thats what yooh wanna say ill understand n try to let yooh go i kno i have not been tha best girlfriend n i kno tha rules once its over its over but maybe this 1 time tha rules can bend im sorry n i kno i should let it be but i cant n wont i want yooh back baby please 4give me?!?!? im sorry baby!!!
When eve gave adam the apple.... do u think they were just hungry? or did adam just think he would get in her leaf so to speak...... when noah built the ark for the animals and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights do u think he cleaned up the shit after em? when romeo took his life did he know juliette would follow? or was he just so over the bitch's nagging where for art thou romeo???? if i told u i wanted to be kissed with total passion and held on to like your life depended on it would u believe me???? or would you just give me the spanking i need????
Life Organizing
It's mid-morning, and several minor crises have already derailed you. Your plan for the day is in shambles, your to-do list feels like a boulder around your neck, and all you want to do is hide. You're reaching for a Diet Coke in the hopes that it will give you the energy to decide which item on your list to tackle. Then you remember that there's another way. You make the choice. You feel your feet connecting with the ground beneath you. You take a deep breath and reach your arms overhead, exhaling with a huge sigh. You put your hand on your heart and recall feeling balanced and flowing, trusting the flow of life. You gently ask, "What choice feels the easiest in this moment?" You visualize yourself bringing this question into your heart, and take a breath or two to infuse it with flow and peace. Perhaps a brief image of your sister comes to mind. Or maybe you hear a refrain of an old song, and when you focus on it, you realize it reminds you of your sister. Or perhaps you reme
Ya I Cheated On Yooh So What
ya so i cheated on yooh, yooh stupid scave yooh never ment n-e-thing to me n yooh never really have n now with all that said n dun go on dumbass n run hearin yooh git sik on tha phone was fun hurtin yooh like yooh hurt me was mandatory nigga dont hate yooh was jus another chapter in ma story n when i say what i say jus remember ma nig i aint sorry i told yooh dont EVA try to git 1 up on me haha givin this bitch ur heart came 2 yooh with a fee i said i didnt want yooh no more but yooh wouldnt let me be i tryed endin it peacefully b4 but yooh jus kept wanting more oh boo hoo keon yooh called me a whore haha yooh only said it kuz yooh kno that eats at ma core haha who woulda knew that tha 1 yooh truly loved did what all these otha bitches have wanted to do yooh n ur homies say yooh this big ass playa playa runner of game?? oh ya so thats y yooh were so easy to tame? oh playa playa, great runner of game if yooh soo good at it
2 My X Hubby Keon...
As i lay here in ma bed all these thoughts bout u racin through my head i cant belive this is tha end baby we've been outta love 4 so long yooh n i both kno ive never done yooh wrong but now our relationship is like a sad love song through thik n thin i was always there n babe yooh kno yooh werent always fair yooh fukked me up n i didnt even care but now...those thought of love we no longer share tha thought of lovin yooh is so very rare babe i wish yooh all tha best but now i need to rest good bye keon!!!
She was my beauty queen man!
What A Freakin World...
So, I'm enjoying the life of dating immensly because there's a really really really sweet guy that I'm getting to know. Funny thing going on around me is, I've known him for about a month and my other friend just got to know this one guy ONE WEEK AGO and all of a sudden shes in a relationship with him IN LESS THAN FIVE DAYS!!!! I mean, how crazy but then again, that's life right. Oh wellz... best to them. That's all I can give. So tomorrow I'm off to celebrate my friends bday as a ghetto type of surprise. Ice cream cake and karaoke. Never done the whole singing thing and my voice is WAAAAAYYYY tooo messed up for all of that sooooo who knows, maybe I'll be the next instant star hmmm? Alright hotties and qts. Get lots of cherries and give alot more. laterz ;-) Pixxi
Well, I'm new to this so I'm still trying to figure it all out...Everyone has been so nice ...not like myspace but if anyone's got myspace feel free to
2 Bulletz
2 bulletz..... nigga 1 of these bulletz r ment for yooh... so when yooh saw me in da shadows yooh already knew... yooh n i both kno i gotta do what i gotta do... yooh git on ur knees beggin cryin "no i gott kids, i gottz 2!!" i recant "i dun givea fuk bout yooh or them 2 foo n nigga yooh can cry n pray till ur face turns flu yooh kno what yooh did now its time to pay we all gotta die sumtimez nigga n 2days ur day!!!" "please ma.. let me call em n say good bye if i may?" starin in ur glossy eyes i think is this nigga that dum i kno tha game ur tryin 2 play what so yooh can call tha copz n i git locked up like ma nigga ray haha lookin in ur eyez i say no yooh freeze seein tha anger n hate i gottz for yooh kuz ura foe i tell him i kno shit bout ur bitch that i want yooh 2 kno haha b4 i pull this lil trigger n yooh gotta go i smile as i say ur bitch is a hoe i kno this kuz she pays me walkin down that trak lookin like lil mo haha yooh
I'm trying to make my own skin but I am having trouble. I tried using CherryTap Tools @ but the generator is getting me no where. I did as it said to do. Can someone help me please???!?!!!?
Tonights Statistics
1st place Female : Mrs. Babycakes 41 ratings 2250 comments 1st place Male : *~*The Unloved*~*~Dark Moon Family~KOT~ 33 ratings 4406 comments 2nd Place: Roughneck MP (Cowgirls and Cowboys of CT) 34 ratings 2481 comments 3rd Place : The Juggalo Thrill Hammer 14 ratings 110 comments With the stats out of the way, let me paint you a very lovely story.This is a true story, I know because it happened to me. Lmao. Anyhow, my car got stuck tonight in a really bad patch of icy gravel. I had two of my gay friends and my sister with me. So I looked back and said come on boys, time to push this bitch on out of the ice. So my sister steers the car. We get almost completely out of the ice, and the one on the driver's side that is pushing falls and goes almost completely under the car. The one next to me freaks and almost falls, and in the middle of falling sticks his thumb up my ass. Talk about a beautiful moment. I was totally molested by one of my gay best friends. He know
(you make me sick to my stomach) (as you rummage through your garbage) (and plumet into darkness) (begging for light to be shown) (learn to bludgeon all your troubles) Take away my pain? That’s blasphemy Best you can do is dance with me Across burning insanity and travesty Watch me dope up on self loathing Lick at blood that seeps through my clothing I don’t want advice I want to blood fuck until morning When you dig through yourself as much as I do There really isn’t anything left for you to show me The villain in a psychiatrist’s bedtime story You’ll never find someone more levelheaded about their own psychological deformity Lay my whole mess on a table and revel in its glory Insufferable asshole that can’t stop saying he’s sorry Not much left that I can’t use to make me horny When I find something that bothers me I dive in and go swimming Pile some more on top of me I’m only chin deep You know I won’t be happy until I’m drowning Rock pitching participan
I know most of my friends are ladies on here. But anyways I'll just say it.. I"m tired of porn. The chicks are always so not pretty. Plus they are so nasty. Plus there whoo haaa is so nasty lookin.. its like someone put a belt sander on their crotch and left it on hyper drive. I'm not getting laid. I know ppl hate hearing me say that shit but its true. I'm tired of sleeping with blue balls every night. Then waking up to the same old boring shit. I wanna get some pussy. For real... I know friends and sex isn't importatn.. blah blah blah I want some pussy..on my dick.. no friends no relationship thats what i want. now i know now a days that is impossible cause you can get a half a billion different STD's but really this is fucked up. I've seen somet ugly ass mother fuckers get pussy and I haven't got any since September. You have got to be fucking kidding me. This isn't fair at all. fuck ok im done sweet dreams ~Timmy~ PS I WONT!
People suck ♥ Seriously i don't get why people think they know it all, caus really they don't ♥ I smell all good though, just took a prettyful shower! ♥ Mhmm so how is everyone? Comments = ♥ Rate this blog please
The Guy's Rule...
Finally , the guys' side of the story. (I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear " the rules" From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note... these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is
Thanks For Your Support - Sweetheart Contest
I want to thank each and every one of you that supported me in this contest. I will gladly return the favor. Holler and let me know what I can do to help youThe Best Comments @ out.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
So, I'm invited to this party just above me, up the stairs. There are a shit load of cute young ladies there, and I picked this night to be antiscocial. What the fuck is my problem!!?
Slouching Towards Bethlehem
W.B Yeats Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. Surely some revelation is at hand; Surely the Second Coming is at hand. The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out When a vast image out of Spritus Mundi Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert. A shape with lion body and the head of a man, A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun, Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds. The darkness drops again; but now I know That twenty centuries of stony sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle, And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
Photography/art Contest Rules And Information(reposted From Ezra Valentine
Photography/Art contest rules and information(REPOSTED FROM Ezra Valentine), Ezra Valentine@ CherryTAP Greetings Everyone! I would like to first start off thanking all of my wonderful friends for helping me level up to make my photography/art contest do-able. I attempted to do a photography contest before..but no one wanted to enter. This time you people better enter or...or..ill take all my nakey pics off!!! hehehe no i wont lol. anyways. let get to business.. ill start off with the glamorous prize. I'll buy the winner a 7 day blast and any picture from my nature photography folder or photography work folder the winner can pic one photo from those folders and ill print it up and mail it to you!! sounds good eh? okey heres the rules and crap.. Photography/Art contest rules: *no comment bombing! ONE comment per person please. (I know that in the long run yeah that gives ME more points, but thats not how i want to run this contest. its about exposure of someones t
So Right Now....
there is a car outside, playing this. It's hurting my ears, everything's vibrating, fools! Sweet Diana, make it stop? ...I'm going outside. They have the...."415s" are they called? The REEEAAALLLY loud car stereo..subwoofers and whatnot.
My Love To You
My Love to You by BlueWolf Let it all start with a kiss. May it all end with a smile. She walks through the ocean of dreams. He walks through the clouds of hope. May their hopes and dreams converge To form the most perfect of unions. One soul, one dream, one hope. With love that will not end with death, But grow with each passing day, On Earth as well as in Heaven. A love that cannot be surpassed, Nor can it be matched............
A Cowboy And Indian
While riding on the range one day, a cowboy met an Indian riding along with a dog and a sheep and began a conversation. Cowboy: "Hey, cool dog you got there. Mind if I speak to him?" Indian: "Dog no talk." Cowboy: "Hey, dog, how's it going?" Dog: "Doin' all right." Indian: Look of shock. Cowboy: "Is this Indian your owner?" pointing at the Indian. Dog: "Yep." Cowboy: "How does he treat you?" Dog: "Real well. He walks me twice a day, feeds me great food, and takes me to the lake once a week to play." Indian: Look of total disbelief. Cowboy: "Mind if I talk to your horse?" Indian: "Horse no talk." Cowboy: "Hey, horse, how's it going?" Horse: "Cool." Indian: Extreme look of shock. Cowboy: "Is this your owner?" pointing at the Indian. Horse: "Yep." Cowboy: "How's he treat you?" Horse: "Pretty well, thanks for asking. He rides me regularly, brushes me down often, and keeps me in a shed to protect me."
Did I Say I Didn't Like Kids
HA I say, I laugh in your faces! Now you’re going to want to ask me, what’s with the hostility towards children? Well, I’ll gladly answer that right after these messages……. Do you enjoy having a life? Do you enjoy your sanity? Do you at least like French toast? Use condoms damn it and stop overpopulating this damned world! That goes for you too, China! This commercial break was brought to you by the Bastard’s Church of Latter Day Saints. …..and now back to the show! My answer: I truly think they’re evil. In fact I’ve come to despise and also fear the monsters. I don’t have any of my own. I was told many times that I seem good with them. I’ll clue you in why, I try to keep them distracted with sugar and other bribes as I reach for the holy water, hammer and stake. I was inspired to write this rant because within the last 2 weeks I saw some real atrocities where I was so compelled by fear
A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner. The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy beer with it instead of dinner?" "No, I had to stop drinking years ago," the homeless man replied. "Will you use it to go fishing instead of buying food?" the man asked. "No, I don't waste time fishing," the homeless man said. "I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive." "Will you spend this on greens fees at a golf course instead of food?" the man asked. "Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless man. "I haven't played golf in 20 years!" "Will you spend the money on a woman in the red light district instead of food?" the man asked. "What disease would I get for ten lousy bucks?" exclaimed the homeless man. "Well," said the man, "I'm not going to give you the money. Instead,
My world feels upside down I yearn for joy, for love, for laughter I want to be happy To feel someone craving and adoring me No lies. No games. No pain.No tears. No more. Satisfaction. Passion. Smile. Everyone and yet no one Nothing Bring me joy Bring me love Bring me happiness Make me believe Make me see Make me smile Make me forget That I'm all alone
Sex is evil, sex is a sin but sin is forgiven...put it in!!
Call Me
Send me a voice comment. It's FREE! Just call 1-641-985-7800 and enter *3296903. If you get one too, I'll reply.
Lost Love
like most men i didn't get it, i didn't see the signs, i should have known. but guess what i got it and what i have is a broken heart and i can't get over it. i have heard the you never know what you got till it's gone well i knew what i had thats why it hurts so bad. the only thing i know of that can stop the pain of a broken heart is time but what you do with that time is what ether heals or makes the wounds deeper. lucky for me i have family and friends that see my pain and lets me go though it instead of tring to help by letting me wine. well sure they listen but no addvice they let me figure it out for myself. what i have learned from this is to pay attention let your partner know how you feel saying i love you more with every minute we spend togther. i wish i said half of the things i wanted to but thought they were understood nothing is ever understood till it is said. and finaly whoever said it's better to have loved and lossed was the one who broke a heart not got theres b
Looking For Some Friends
I am just a bored married man looking for some friends to talk and play with. Seems like everyone on here is just after more points though. I don't see why we cant do both. Oh well, just the ramblings of a bored married man. LOL
is it fluke or real? i cant descide. at times all i want is attention but what what is attention when all guys want is get laid? wheres the love? do guys love me cuz im a flirt or cuz im just that nifty?! yeah being fat kinda gets in the way. no one wants a fat bitch! too bad i am what i am and not even i would change myself...other then loseing some ass. pants are an issue. even thou the lisa's say it's the magic coffee table ass that gets all the pretty boys! yeah i get pretty guys but i cant keep their attention for shit. like lil josh...he went gay came bak and went bi then to gay...i give up on him he hurt me too much. yuh i still talk to him but i do still have feelings for him as i do for the other ass hole who shall remain nameless and one other who i had an affair with for a year and ended up in a bad way...i was pregnant! heaven forbid i shall reproduce a that time and even now im still not ready neither was he but he has a kid now and a life w/o me. we're both unhappy with o
Thoughts Count!
Today I woke up with a sore throat and it made me smile because I knew that I had done a great job yesterday at work! I made my way into the kitchen to make myself some fresh juice out of apples, oranges, carrots and beets. I bought my juicer about a month ago and I love it. I like to do this everyday if I am not too busy. Then I was off to work (which is literally up the stairs). I did a phone interview today for the Detroit newspaper that will be released very shortly. I also did an interview via email for the Good Vibrations online magazine which is a sex positive lesbian run sex toy retailer out of San Francisco and I thought it was a good interview. I like doing interviews but some are better than others. I feel that some questions can be a little repetative, so when I get questions that are intresting to me I am excited to answer them. I went to take a shower with my new body wash that my special fan sent to me and I was surprised at how smooth and creamy it was going on my body.
I Know He Is Out There
somewhere only the heart knows where,he the one I know he is out there,someone that will think of me when it rains,someone to tell me that I am specail, and his little angel,someone who does not have the world,but to try to make all they have the world to me someone that says you deserve the best,and not only on birthdays and holidays,someone who is true and speaks from the heart.someone who just hearing my voice will make them smile,someone who makes the darkest day light up,someone that thinks that you are a blessing just to hold you,this is not a fantsy this is not a dream,this is real.
Need you can lie to yourself you can hide from yourself you can put all kinds of pretty bandages on the gaping wound of your soul but until you stop until you are brave enough to rip them all free and let it bleed and see your soul's deep pain and yearning that only one thing can alleviate you heal nothing you can stuff yourself on emptiness and you will become heavy but not satisfied you can fill your ears with noise and you will continue to fear quiet you can fill your hands with toys and yet know there is nothing there you can fill your bloodstream with things that make you think you're happy but your blood will tell you the truth again when they wear off you can surround yourself with warm things and it might still leave you cold until you stop numbing your soul's pain and start listening to it until you stop pretending you're ok and start to embrace your aching until you stop trying to distract yourself from one need by giving yourself other ones yo
As far as collaborative art projects go this is one of the best ones I have seen so far as I have been stumbling across the web you have to go check this out,the art in it just blew me away Zoomquilt
Lori, My Sister
Lori@ CherryTAP
Never Alone
I feel you in the morning When at first I awake Your thought is with me With each decision I make You'd been around forever Since the first breath I took Now I have to go on alone But for love, I need not look Cause by what you bestowed In our short time together Will last in my heart Forever and ever Although you've left And now walk above I'm never alone I'm wrapped in your love Enjoy now your long waited reward Feel peace that your love continues on What was taught to me, will be taught to mine Cause you live on in me even after you've gone
~~for People Over 30 Years Of Age Only~~
HOW TO CALL THE POLICE WHEN YOU'RE OLD AND DON'T MOVE FAST ANYMORE. George Phillips of Meridian, Mississippi was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things. He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?" and he said "no". Then they said that all patrols were busy, and that he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when available. George said, "Okay," hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again. "Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people in my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now cause I've just shot them all." Then he hung up. Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response unit, and an ambulance showed up at the Phillips residence and caught the burgla
Face It Bitch!
I just need to deal. It's not gonna happen..get over it! i have no idea why I cry about it. I guess its just because I am still lonely. It just sucks when things stop so abruptly...and I was just letting my guard down. Now...well, I don't know what. I just don't want to ruin things like last time. I don't want everything to be awkward. But I didn't really want to start this shit all over again...
The Battalion Of The Dead
In memory of fallen volunteers we stand here proud of an army such as ours we are the peoles army since 1912 to present day For they shall not grow old as we are left grow old age shall not weary nor the years condem at the going down of the sun and in the morning This is dedicated to the officers and volunteers of the Ulster Volunteer Force and Red Hand Commando for their dedication and sacrifices over the years. NO SURRENDER. \"For as long as one hundred of us remain alive, we shall never in any way consent to submit to the rule of the Irish, for it’s not for glory we fight, but for freedom alone, which no man loses but his life\" PREPARED FOR PEACE, READY FOR WAR U.V.F. - The Peoples Army - Y.C.V. FOR GOD AND ULSTER Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. ___=//\"\"\"\"\\ |....__UvF-------- |=|\",\",\",\"::::::==\"---- |_---\"\"\"/_/-\'\"\"\" U. V. F. \" STILL UNDEFEATED \" \"READY TO DEFEND ULSTER WHEN NEEDE
``send Your Donations To Jessie Jackson~~
Subject: Jesse Jackson at Sears! > > > > The Reverend Jesse Jackson was holding a press conference in > > the appliance > > department of a Sears store in Chicago. > > > > He was there to protest > > the fact that all the washing machines were white. So the clerk called > > the > > store manager, who asked, "What's the problem here, Reverend?" > > Jesse > > pointed at the machines and loudly bemoaned the fact that all of > > them > > were > > white. The manager replied, "Well, Reverend, it's true that all the > > washing machines are white, but if you'll open the lids, you'll see > > that > > all the agitators are black."
Loyalist Pledge & Loyal Dedication
LOYALIST PLEDGE If the Provos os the pan-nationalist and the British and Irish governments keep trying to succeed in a United Ireland then they may prepare themselves for another 30 bloody years for the battles will just have begun. U.V.F. WE ARE THE PILGRIMS MASTER; WE SHALL GO ALWAYS A LITTLE FURTHER R.H.C. Lamh Dearg Abu ULSTERS DESTINY IS IN OUR HANDS, OUR GRIP IS TIGHT AND WE WON'T LET GO. Y.C.V. THE YOUNG, THE BRAVE AND THE FEARLESS LOYAL DEDICATION As the sun breaks through the mist and due, on a graveyard on a hill, as a piper plays midst the lonely graves and his notes are clear and shrill, as the air is rent with this sad lament, we remember those held dear, men who gave their word and took up the sword with the Ulster Volunteers, as the bugler blows over the graves and rows and the last post fades away, as reveille sounds over deaths parade ground, were our fallen comrades lie, with our standards proud, once their death bed shrouds, we will come
The History Of The Red Hand Commandos
On Saturday 27th June 1970, there were a series of violent republican attacks upon Orange parades as they paraded along Springfield Road, Ardoyne and the Newtownards Road. Stone throwers attacked the Loyalist marchers and spectators, mortally wounding a Woodvale protestant. On the Crumlin Road at the interface, the stone throwers dispersed to permit IRA gunmen to randomly open fire on the Loyalists. Three Loyalists fell dead whilst many were wounded. Later that day, IRA gunmen opened fire from the Chapel and killed another Loyalist. It was because of the events of that terrible day that a small group of young Loyalists from the Shankill and Oldpark, met in a house off Manor Street to band together and organise for the future. They needed arms and the wherewithal to oppose the IRA so they decided to meet secretly with John McKeague who, at that time, led the Shankill Defence Association from rooms over the Bricklayers Arms on the Shankill. Within a short time, the small g
Beauty Of A Woman
"Beauty of a Woman" The beauty of a woman Is not in the clothes she wears, The figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, Because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, But true beauty in a woman Is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, The passion that she shows, And the beauty of a woman. With passing years- only grows! -author unknown
History Of The Ulster Volunteer Force
Formed to oppose the implementation of Home Rule by military force if necessary, James Craig and Sir Edward Carson were prominent members of its leadership. Guns were procured and landed at Larne in April 1914. The outbreak of World War 1 and the suspension of Home Rule resulted in the UVF becoming the 36th (Ulster) Division of the British Army. The division was all but wiped out in the Battle of the Somme (July-November 1916). The UVF was re-established in 1966by Gusty Spence, amongst others. It immediately declared war on the IRA but was banned by Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O`Neil in June of that year. It called a cease-fire in October 1994 under the auspices of the Combined Loyalist military Command. Since 1912 until the present day, the Ulster Volunteer Force has produced volunteers - both men and women - who had the courage and honour to make the supreme sacrifice of giving up their lives that others may have their religion, liberties, freedoms and laws safeguard
~how To Get Free*health Care*tuition*no Taxes~~
..I have sent a copy of this letter with my name to my two Senators....................... > > > Becoming Illegal (From a Iowa resident to his senator) > > The Honorable Tom Harkin > 731 Hart Senate Office Building Phone (202) 224 3254 Washington DC, 20510 > > Dear Senator Harkin, > > As a native Iowan and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue > Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the > Department of Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process > for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you. > > My primary reason for wishing to change my status from U.S. Citizen to > illegal alien stem from the bill which was recently passed by the > Senate and for which you voted. If my understanding of this bill's > provisions is accurate, as an illegal alien who has been in the United > States for five years, all I need to do to become a citizen is to pay > a $2,000 fine and income taxes for three of the last five years
At The End Of The Day (and Before The Weekend :) )
Busride was delayed as usual by Friday traffic and full of incident besides, but- got in ok, had a great dinner with my family at a Vietnamese restaurant in the 90s in Manhattan, looking forward to a good and interesting weekend (with a dental checkup probably much needed).
This Love Has No Toll
People that know me well know that Vtimes days is not my bag but this year was different. I didn't get a girl if thats what your thinking ( I wish I did) but I did understandint More on that later, see ya
Between The Two....
please rate me, um anyone!!!!!
Yet again he comes to me with his questions. And what does he think it will accomplish? Does he need me to tell him the truth? He already knows the answers he is asking me, so why does he do it? I am not cruel. I loved him with all of me. I took those vows I said I do...and I meant it. He says he meant it, he says he loved me. He just couldnt show me, he didnt know how to love me. I could understand that I suppose, and I have forgiven him for walking out. I dont call him and tell him I blame him for any of my unhappiness. I dont know that its my job to ease his worries. I hope he can find peace within himself. We do have a beautiful son, and that is my only concern. I can't fix anyone but me.
Pinz & Needlez
The sharpless prick of a needle and two new holes, is my sovereignty. I am the paragon of all women.....should u choose to dissagree I will over rule u. My linguistics shadow the fears that no one else will speak aloud, I roar the things that few have fotitude to come forward with. Adding pain into suffering is another way of dealing. To add more pain to an already painful situation is my sin. Built like an old school foundry, a lead pipe is what u can expect shall u be the next to piss off a goddess. My morals and values is the ultimate dictatorship that my daughter will use to run this country one day. Dont try and taint the young minds into believing that they are powerful, they are young and innocent let them believe that first. I will hinder anyone into the depths of the earth, should another snob look at me like I am nothing. I know nothing of economizing, this world couldnt afford me as its leader. So I will take post and reap my profits from the delicate lives of our en
Not Myself
I've noticed something.... I'm reading this book called "I never promised you a rose garden" Wow. It's un fucking real. (there's a word for ya tiff lol) I mean this girl describes her insanity to such detail. I find myself understanding her pain, and her feelings. When life gets too tough, she escapes into this world of her own. It's a created world, called "Yr". I, do not have such a world, althogh it would be nice.But, i do find myself lying, and creating a world of my own. A world where everyone loves me, no fighting, no bullshit... just, happiness. I enjoy escape. And i wonder sometimes, if thats what the cutting is all about.... this girl describes cuting herself with a tin lid... "no pain, just feeling her flesh resisting" although not word for word... but we all feel that. by we all, i mean those of us who cut. I learned my BFF and i use the same technique. We use the side of the blade. The corner. Otherwise, you can't even feel the cut... too clean. Yet still, very little pain.
~~heart Attacks On The Rise~~caution*****
For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting nutritional studies. 1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. 5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. CONCLUSION Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.
Startng To Find My Way Lol
all my frends have been great showin me things thanks for the love xxoxoxxoxox
~~a Mexican Appetizer~~ Hot******
Texas cowboy Texan cowboy stopped at a restaurant in Mexico. While sipping his tequila, he noticed a scrumptious looking platter being served at the next table. Not only did it look good, the smell was wonderful. He asked the waiter, "What is that you just served?" The waiter replied, "Ah Senor, you have excellent taste! Those are bull's testicles from the bull fight this morning. A delicacy!" The cowboy said, "What the heck, I'm on vacation! Bring me an order!" The waiter replied, "I am so very sorry senor. There is only one serving per day because there is only one bull fight each morning. If you ! come early tomorrow and place your order, we will be sure to save you this delicacy!" The next morning, the cowboy placed his order, and was served the one and only special delicacy of the day. After a few bites he called to the waiter and said, "These are delicious, but they are much, much smaller than the ones I saw you serve yesterday!" The waiter sh
Does anyone here use a webcam, I haven't gotten any use out of mine yet.
Remember # 3
Its Daytona 500 weekend, aside from all the hype, all the drama, the suspensions, the fines, the celebrating, we all need to take a moment & remember that this is the weekend that changed the world of NASCAR, This is the weekend that we lost #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. on the last lap of the Daytona 500. If you care to you can watch Dales last race in my stash that shows the last lap of that race, I just did and the lump in my throat really hurts. #3 DALE EARNHARDT SR. >>> NEVER FORGOTTEN !
Sick Of Whining Ass School District Sucks Donkey Balls!!
Current mood: annoyed *ok i live in a lil shit town called Rochester in pa , north west of pittsburgh , for the last 2 weeks .. my kids have been out of school due to a work stoppage *strike* now these teachers and staff are striking mainly because they don't want to pay into their healthcare benefits , But yet they're standing outside in 8 degree weather with signs saying how they miss the kids blah blah ... well GET YOUR LAZY WHINING ASSES BACK IN THE SCHOOL WHERE YOU BELONG AND STRIKE IN THE SUMMER when noones going to care and parents aren't going to lose jobs because of lack of childcare or the inability to afford childcare because they're making less than 8.00 an hr !!! No pact reached in Rochester By: Larissa Theodore, Times Staff 02/16/2007 Rochester area school officials bargained for 10 hours Friday, but ended without a formal resolution. Butch Santicola, spokesman for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, said none of the nine school board members a
Absolutely Amazing !!!!!
You have to check this out this girl is truely amazing!!!!!
For You I Will
For You I Will by Christina Marie Herring Even though we haven?t been together for a while, It feels like I?ve done everything to please you right. I?ll do anything and everything in my power to bring you whatever you need. Even if it takes me a day or two to give it to you, I will do it for you. When I am with you, It feels like I am the King in your life, And you are my queen. It feels like I am connected to your body at times, Because it seems like we both want the same thing, but we are scared. I told you over and over again that I don?t want to push unless you push back, Which you are already doing, But I am afraid. But as I said, I am your King and I will give you anything and everything that I have, If what I have pleasures you. I want to give you the world, And serve you until I die. Even though I am giving this to you, Not the poem or this card, but something else. I want you to answer this riddle or something that I thought of. If you
These Last Few Months
these last few months, while being a bit difficult at some points, have also been some of the happiest of my life. My oldest son has moved back to new jersey. so now it is just the two of us and two boys. I have not seen my mother since new years. I miss my family like i can't even begin to describe. some days it is one thing after another. but, at the end of each day, i get to come home to Michael every night. I get to come home to someone who understands me like no one ever has. some one who has shown me the true meaning of the words, relationship, love, togetherness, compromise. although there are days when i miss my family, and some of the pressures of every day weigh down on me so heavily. even though my medication has run out, and my depression is trying desperately to bring me so far down. I look forward to every day that i have, because I get to share them with him. he is my everything. kiz.
The Best Way To Love
The Four Agreements
The Toltec Nagual (Shaman) don Miguel Ruiz offers his apprentices these four simple yet profound agreements as important tools on the path to personal freedom. Anyone can use these wonderful tools to break their self-limiting beliefs and agreements from the past and transform their lives into a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. These new agreements have the potential to help you move your attention from what the world thinks you "should" do or be to what you know is right for you, reclaim scattered personal energy and power, and open up to a deeper intimacy in personal relationships. Be Impeccable With Your Word. Our words, our thoughts, and our feelings all contribute to the creation of our reality. Our word is a two-edged sword, it can create or it can destroy. To be impeccable is to create with conscious awareness and love. The human mind is fertile ground for the seeds that are our word. Plant the seeds of love, not fear. Judging, blaming, shaming, and especia

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