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My Girl
Something New: Once upon a time, I said I would never take another submissive. Things had gone... not badly but unexpectedly and I just wasn't comfortable with what I saw in myself. I don't think you can be a Dom and truely be everything a sub needs, if you don't trust yourself. So... I said that part of my life was closed. Then someone came along that managed to change that, and re-open a door. Made me think about teaching again... about taking a submissive, and really trying to give her everything she deserves. D/s relationships, to me, are far far more than "getting kinky"... if I don't feel the connection to teach and to grow with a submissive, then it's not going to work. I know that. This happened more slowly than I expected... I found myself in a very deep relationship, and she came to me and offered her submission, with complete trust and a certain innocence. And somehow I found that I wanted to be her Dominant, and with her I felt completely comfortable. It's one of t
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"my Promise"
I promise to love you all the days of my life. Promise you'll do the same until the day we die. And if the angels call my number before yours, My soul will be waiting in heaven for yours. When we finally meet, we will live in happiness eternally. But, until that day comes promise to be mine. Promise to over come any obstacle necessary to keep us together. 'Cause I'll do the same. "Even when I have no strength to keep going, 'Cause for you I'll do anything, that has to be done. Remember you always will be: number one in my life, in my mind, and best of all, in my heart and all the space it provides. I love you and that is why I will not allow anything or any one brake us apart" Even if the world comes to an end, and there were no flowers to smell, or a sunset to see, we will always be! Written By Slim Shady The Poet
A Refreshing Sunset..
After a long day of work and long hours of stress, it's feels so good to lay down a nice big comfy blanket and lie down with you. A field cleared of weeds and a babbling brooke near by. Hills to the left and to the right of us filled with trees swaying from the wind. Clouds floating over head. In the distance are two rabbits searching for some clover to eat. The sun is slowly going out of sight. With the colors of red, blue, yellow, and orange swirrled into one. Mixing with the clouds so perfectly, an artist would be astonished. The sounds of nature all around. We hear in the forests around us the sounds of deer as they walk among the broken branches and twigs. The sky magnifies the land, glowing in a red and orange tint. The sun is going down, the stars are glistening. We lay back and watch as the stars come into view. Your head on my shoulder, my hand in your hair. Your hand laying over my chest, your leg upon mine. A gentle sigh heard from your lips, as you exhale you
Got To Be Smooth...
Sweaty palms, a racing heart, feeling so nervous I are terrified of making a wrong move. I look through my closet in a hurry, trying to find that one special suit. I am willing to go more than that extra mile to ensure her that this is going to be an evening to remember. I find my most favorite tie. I am very pleased with this outfit. I hope she will be too. I hand my clothes upon my clothes hanger on my bathroom door. I scurry to get into the shower. I feel so impatient, but I stop to remember. The water is turned on and warm to the touch. The steam billows over the curtain and fills the room with a lovely scent. I bow my head and put my arms against the wall. The water drips over my head and through my hair. The feeling of water over my body gives me a massage as the heat passes over me. I finish and brag a towel. Starting from head and finishing to toe. Slipping on my boxers and looking at myself in the mirror. I shave my 3 day beard away. Revealing baby smooth skin
Need From My Families
yup. We've finally snapped that last vine, I cant do it anymore, nor do i think its heathly for both of us I understand why you wont let me take Jadein I dont exactly have anywhere for her to go, I dont think that any thing we do will fix this mess so yes i am leaving. You better raise her right and you BETTER TELL HER THE TRUTH i left for our health, She doesnt need to be around us when all we do is fight I knew i shouldnt have moved to Maine cuz the only reason ill leave her here is cuz your family will help you but if we were still in Ny your ass woulda been the one leaving forcably or on your own accord I BETTER NEVER HEAR HER SAY YOU TOLD HER I DONT LOVE HER CUZ I WILL find you and.. ill leave that thought there cuz it is defently NSFW jadein will always be my heart i wish you would see that and maybe oneday youll call me and say come get her cuz if i was strong enough to stand up to you and your family she would be in my care only you need help and i do mean prof
Thanks To Them!!
THANKS TO THEM i WON THE SEXIEST CLEAVAGE CONTEST!! Well and many many otherss!!!! ELITE BOMBERS Scottys And Angels Elite Bombers@ CherryTAP Burg burg@ CherryTAP Nascar Nut "nascar nut"@ CherryTAP Wanna Play Wanna_Play?*CT hubby to ANGEL with FLAVA*@ CherryTAP Digvib Digvib1999W.C.M (Purdy Family) Mafia Soldier owned by steph upyours@ CherryTAP Jeff jeffp63@ CherryTAP Jak JAK~Faery Dragons CT luvslave@ CherryTAP Harley harley822331{be sure to add urself to my guestbok}:)@ CherryTAP Junior Junior@ CherryTAP High Tech Redneck High Tech Redneck
This is were i'm supposed to write whats on my mind n shit soooo.. sex food sleep porn money eggrolls cigarettes gin rum sex porn girlz girlz girlz HOOKAHRADIO.COM ummm more sex porn food sleep n watermelon and the anti-comma movemnt..fuck a " , " ...the end
Shower Fun
i could hear the water running... i knew that my friend Carla was taking a shower... and i stood there outside the door... stroking myself imagining what your hot pussy looked like as you soaped it and rubbed it... i wanted so much to just open the door and walk in and fall on my knees and pull your pussy to my mouth... i wondered what you would do... would you be shocked... i'm sure... but would you also enjoy it... or would you be mad... knowing that this new friend wanted your hot pussy to eat... i looked with anticipation for the keyhole... or some other way to look in the bathroom... there was nothing... i reached out and touched the doorknob and turned it... the door wasn't locked... it opened quietly... hot moist air floated out of the bathroom as i stood there in the doorway... looking at the moving form behind the frosted glass of the shower stall... i could see you... moving around... a dark blotch of hair on your head and another at your pussy, that l
The Anniversary Gift...
Mark, a loving husband, was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary and his wife was really ticked off at him. She told him, "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in under 6 seconds, AND IT BETTER BE THERE!!!" The next morning, Mark got up really early before work. When his wife woke up a couple of hours later, she looked out the window, and sure enough, there was a small gift-wrapped box sitting in the middle of the driveway. Confused, the wife put on her robe, ran out to the driveway, and took the box into the house. She opened it, and found a brand new bathroom scale. Mark is not yet well enough to have visitors
Sorry I Have Not Been Talking Much
Pissed Off People.
I met this woman yesterday and we talked for a while then she left. I thought I had made a new freind. what do I find this morning when I sign on she's pissed off at me and has blocked me. I have no idea what I did or said. and now she won't tell me. it may be me but if i was pissed at someone I would at least tell them why I was pissed at them.
On Cherry Tap
People who stop by my page/blog and don't say 'hi'! People who rate less than 10! (and for some reason, it's almost ALWAYS a chick! Wassup with that?) Slow connection speeds, viruses/worms and the like (get alot of those from here), plus hard drive overload!
My Home
My Home A mystical and scared place A place of love A place of happiness A place you look forward to meeting, After a long day. A place to meet a warming family Wow, I must be dreaming. It's a place of anger A place of hate A place of bullshit (excuse my French) A place I never liked to be in A place to meet an unsatisfied family A place most wouldn't call a home Maybe it's my fault Maybe I wasn't suppose to be born Maybe I was a mistake Maybe I wasn't suppose to help others Maybe I'm not smart enough Maybe I was switched at birth Maybe I was abandoned Maybe it's entirely my fault Maybe Is this the cause of my migraines, Or is it that I'm lazy. Is this the cause of my low grades, Or is it that I'm stupid. Is this why some teachers like me, Or is it that they think I'm a forlorn kid. Maybe. Maybe my parents were right. I'm a stupid, good for nothing, lazy, low self-esteemed, poor excuse for a child.
The Trip... So Far
Hi everyone! Yes, I'm on vacation. Yes, I'm logging in while on vacation. I didn't expect to log in this much, but they have wireless here, and with Miranda sick, we spend a lot of time couch-potatoing it (which means time I can sit online while watching TV -- the glory of the laptop). It's been a great vacation so far, although I'll admit -- it did start off somewhat rocky. There were storms over Chicago on Saturday so my plane got stuck on the Pittsburgh runway for over two hours!! I missed my connection and was put on a later flight. I was told I'd get bumped from first class (I'd cashed in miles to upgrade) and would maybe lose my miles, so I was really annoyed. Then I left my jacket somewhere in O'Hare... grr! But I did finally arrive, and walked past security to find the smiling face of my good buddy Charlie. Yeah! Sunday we had a quiet day. Hung around, talked a lot. Did some shopping (attempts to replace jacket were in vain -- noone sells jackets this time of
POSITION & POSTURE One of the factors that sets Spanking apart from other forms of swatting is the deliberate and sometimes ceremonial positioning of the participants. While some Spankings are haphazard, I prefer Spankings that include the ritual of positioning. Both the spankee and spanker adopt positions that facilitate and enhance the Spanking. These positions generally work to the advantage of the spanker and the disadvantage of the spankee. The spanker enjoys the following advantages from their position: Comfort. Whether standing or sitting, the spanker is positioned to be comfortable throughout the Spanking. They are able to swing their arm at a natural angle and able to sustain a lengthy Spanking with ease because of their position. Strength. Because they are able to wind up and freely swing their arm at a natural angle, the spanker is able to apply swats to the intended target with force. While standing, the spanker cannot only swing their arm but rotate their body to del
It Still Hurts.
I saw him online breifly on yahoo. I didnt know what to do. I haven't talked to him in months. His account here vanished. I still feel the pain in my heart. I have to get over this. The pain..and I just want to cry like I am now...DAMNIT
Introduction: My Son - The Little Prince
Hey everyone. Just wanted to introduce you all to my pride and joy, Liam - or the little prince as we call him. He's a special little guy in a lot of ways, not the least of which is because he has Autistic Spectrum Distorder (ASD). He's 4 years old at the moment, only recently started taking his first steps, has almost no vocabulary, can't use utensils to eat and is very sensitive to sudden noises. He's also got a penchant for music and even at this stage shows an uncanny ability to repeat the general cadence (if not words) and pitch of any songs he hears with almost perfect clarity. The following is an excerpt from the Autism Awareness Center Inc and a pretty good source of information: "Autism is a lifelong, nonprogressive neurological disorder typically appearing before the age of three years. The word “autism” means a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction. The classic form of autism involves a t
Man This Is A Tough One
Well somehow,someway she has fallen 3000 behind.Not sure how with all the hard bombing that we been doing but all I can do now is ask all and anyone for some help to regain 1st place.The contest end's tomorrow so we gotta get 1st back today and hold till contest close.
One Wish
A lot of people are always askin if you had one wish what would it be... That shit is hard to answer!!! A lot of people would want money and lots of it, but what good is money without love and happiness? So I suppose that would be my wish... Love & Happiness... Maybe then money will have more of a meanin.. Whats one wish you would make?
Pit Bull Credited With Saving Life In Kokomo
Pit Bull saves man from garage fire. Kadense, a 1 1/2-year-old pit bull (KT photo by Tim Bath) By MIKE FLETCHER Tribune staff writer KOKOMO, Ind. - If it wasn't for the actions of Carroll McKoon's 1 1/2 year-old pit bull Kadense, McKoon's 70-year-old uncle, Bruce Price, might not be alive today. Like most house dogs, Kadense often barks when she hears something unusual or someone outside. But when she barked continuously, jumped at the door and started howling Tuesday morning, McKoon's 19-year-old son, Jason, knew something was amiss. "She was flipping out," he said of the dog's actions, which McKoon believes saved her uncle's life. "When we walked out, the whole side of the apartment was orange and the shed was on fire. My buddy called 911 and I went and pounded on my uncle's door," Jason said of the 2:20 a.m. blaze that damaged several structures behind the house at 523 W. Jefferson St. Jason managed to get his uncle safely down the stairs of his apartm
A New Song...
Hey all, Well, I'm in the middle of working on my latest song. I'm tired of being a creeper magnet, and I somehow managed to attract the most creepy, eerie guy in the world this weekend. I wrote him a song :P Voila: Hey there sugar I know what you want But you're not gonna get it from me Flirtatious smiles And puppy dog eyes You gotta do better than that phony disguise Hey sugar, hey hey, hey sugar Hey there sugar The way you saunter It makes me feel a little sick Why don't you see? Your tactics don't work I can see right through you and I know you're a jerk Hey sugar, hey hey, hey sugar And maybe your tricks Have gotten you somewhere before But I'm not that dumb I'm not that kind of woman Just get it through your head, Hey sugar, hey hey, hey sugar.
What The Fuck!!
this is pissing me off, it took my friend time to make these tags for me, and some fucktard comes along and rates this one as well NSFW!! WHAT THE FUCK!! why do i bother..
Ok i live in Lisbon maine, We suck out here and well if you havent been watching the News. RAIN is on the way and when it rains out here it makes us loose power. YES i know ITS GAY! but its a sad true fact. for so for the next 5 days i might have net i might not, so those in bdr watch my back and keep us strong,. everyone knows my number but if you cant rememeber it its 207-353-9184 call if you need help with something
The Hunt (part:4)
With eyes closed...I experience your touch...My skin on fire...Scorched by your hands upon it...Your mouth feeds on my body...Tasting...Devouring...Your tongue slides down my neck onto my breast...I shudder against the tree,As your teeth fall onto my nipple,Already perked up with the anticipation...I feel a warmth in between my thighs...So hot...So wet...I want to touch my pussy...Feel with my fingers the cum you have manifested.But you grab me by my wrist and restrain me from the pleasure...While your mouth still hungrily feeds upon my breasts...I moan...Maddened by my own sensations...Insanity sets in as my pussy throbs and I cannot fulfillMy need...My want...Your lips meet mine and you stare into my eyes...I kiss you fervently...As if I will surely starve without your taste...My tongue runs circles around yours...I take your bottom lip into my teeth...Softly tugging...Your body moves close...My breasts against your chest....My breath quickening when I feel your firmness against my w
The Wooden Bowl
I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. "I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate a lone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl! When the family glanced in Grandfather's direction, sometime he h
Prisoner Released.
As I pack my bag and make my preparations, I can't help but think to myself about the fact that this is my first real vacation in years. Every other trip I've taken has either just been a long weekend camping [usually with the kids and/or dog] or the trip has been taken for some other reason [such as the trip to NC when my father was dying]. When I was a kid, family vacations were always taken to visit my father's family in North Carolina, with a brief stopover in the Smokey Mountains. We never really went anywhere else. But now, I am. I'm getting on a plane all by myself and flying to someplace I've never been before. I'm taking that leap. I'm taking that chance. It makes me feel free. I feel like a prisoner, acclimated to life behind bars, suddenly released into a world full of choices. After all of this time, that's kind of a scary feeling. 2 days.
Can Some 1 Tell Me Whats Nsfw Of This 1 ?
grr i cant copy it lol but my 1 where told haters kiss my butt some jerk marked NSFW got my face and clothes on grrrr
Best Kind Of Love
The best kind of love is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had!
Yuck. Ick. Ew. Today has definitely been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day... I can't stand those days when work just blows. And, today, is definitely one of those days. I'm all blah now and I hate it. I don't like when I can't make myself get over shit...cause really, none of what's gone on today is that big of a deal... So, yah. RA! Fuck work. But...ummm...YaY Ducks. Quack!
I Dare You To Move
I look at my reflection so dirty with hate. She's staring back at me disgust on her face. I reach out to touch her, our fingers collide. She's cold and shes hard like water turned ice. She opens her mouth these words are not mine. "Your selfish and heatless payback comes in due time" My lips never moved my voice wasnt hers. My mirror image is alive and convicting me to hurt. "You kept silent so long tell me why now should you speak?" My mirror image doesn't answer just looks with eyes so bleak. I shake ever so slightly my lips quiver in fear, my mirror image is moving her hand draws ever near. "You had your chance and lived a life of lies. You look at me each day and try to read your eyes. theres a reason they show nothing at all all the feelings you possess are concealed by a wall." Her hands at my neck and pressures applied, Im gasping for air looking into her eyes. I see anger and hate pain and deciet. I see dissaproval dissappointement and its all aimed a
I've Been Tagged!
Aye tagged me and I can't turn her down. So now here's the rule: I'm supposed to list 10 random things about myself....and, then tag 10 people at the end of this blog who have to post their own blogs of RANDOM THINGS ABOUT THEMSELVES and tag 10 new people as well. 1. I love scooby doo... can't tell you why. It cracks my shit up. 2. I bellydance. Not professionally, but I have performed for audiences. 3. I love thai buffet, buffet more than a thai restaurant cause then I get to try everything. 4. I was the tallest girl in my school (or grade can't remember which) until I was 11. 5. I love cheese. 6. My boobs have names... coco and chanel. 7. I hate romantic comedies. 8. I'm jamaican and cuban 9. I know how to play the trumpet 10. I love daytime tv... judge shows and maury, hilarious. I have to tag 10 more people... not sure who...
How The World Sees Me
How the World Sees Me (4.24.02) I am the abnormal in this world, I say spook, is what I am others say Goth is more like it. Many souls see the shell, but few see the truth that lies within. I have the kindness of a saint and the hatred of all, but I am me. I am who I am by those who treasure this soul, not by those who disregard it. I have seen the darkness that this world creates; I choose neither darkness nor the path of light. The things I do make me; my actions, thoughts, and feelings, all make me, no other but myself.
Fat Girls And Huge Flowers
I'd like to know what frigging genius decided it was stylish and figure-flattering to put huge floral print on fat-girl clothing. I mean, is there an unwritten law somewhere that states anyone over a size 12 must be seen coming a mile away, in bright colored obnoxious floral print? I can maybe see back in the '70's, when it was the general style for everyone, but C.T.F.O., this is the 21st century. I don't care how big and bright those flowers are, my ass is still fat. I've never in my life been to Hawaii, but you'd think Don Ho barfed all over my closet with all of those fugging flowers. Seriously, all I want is a decent shirt, sans flowers, that doesn't have armholes the size of my thighs. Yeah yeah, I know..."If you don't like it, lose weight." Bite me. /rant off. (lolz)
June 1st 2007
A lot of us in are adult years have had flashbacks of when we were a child. I have a flashback of when I was about 4 years old and it involves my father who passed away in his sleep on April 11,2006. This is not what you think it is really. You might want to fasten your seat belts before you read on. Back in the year of 1962 I have this flashback that has stayed with me for 45 years. I remember one afternoon my father came home from work to have lunch with me and my mother. I remember sitting at the table and my father started screaming at me about how I was chewing my food. The next thing I remember my face bouncing off the kitchen table and I fell to the floor bleeding a screaming in pain. I remember crawling away and my mother telling him "He's just a little boy!!!". My teeth were sore for days I'll tell you. My father had went from beating my mother until she had him thrown in jail. Then he started abusing me for many years after that. When you're a small child and man who is ove
Boys Kiss Boys
A Heart Like Yours
Hi ..I just thought u should write u this lovely poem ..hope u like it.... I never thought I would find a Heart like yours within my reach I'm waiting now so patiently for the lesson that Love will teach I can see your Smile through the Laughter we share, and I know this is just a taste The warmth I will feel from your gentle touch when we're finally face to face You have captured my Heart so fast that I can hardly catch my breath Drawing from a well of Love hidden so deep, preserved within myself I desire the action of Passion bursting like the Beauty of a Flowers Bloom The Stimulation that exists brought forth by Loves first Kiss .engaged in a Candle Lit Room .It's June, and if it should rain on that day, we'll occupy a quiet space, just you and me
June 1st 2007
Forgive me Father for I have sinned..... I just had the FUCKING time of my life...... .....I am so going to hell.... that's all i got for now....
Her Chosen One By Jagulicious
Her Chosen One I can still remember the events of that warm and stormy evening in which I found my mistress. It was a hazy humid August day, the weather man had been wrong about the storm, because through the front windshield over the horizon I saw the thunderheads rolling towards me. Their grey-black form stretched through the sky, blotting out the slowly sinking maroon sun. The contrast of sunset and storm almost made me miss my exit off of the highway. Her directions had been accurate for I had arrived at Landry Street and in fact at the driveway to her home, for the ornate mailbox clearly read 112, just as she had said it would. But before me was nothing that I had ever, or could have ever, imagined. Was this real or just a hoax? My mind retraced the events of the last evening, of the telephone call which had brought me to this place. Her personal ad had read: SF- Looking for someone special, with an interest in the unique. Only the brave need apply. Must be clean non-smo
Why Do I Bother
why do i bother even trying anymore it seems like eventually one by one i am hurting the people that love and care for me the most. so someone tell me why should i even bother anymore i should jus give up on everything
10 Things If A Man Woke Up With A Vagina And A Woman A Penis
Things a Man Would Do if He Woke up with a Vagina 10. Immediately go shopping for a vibrator 9. Squat over a hand-held mirror for an hour and a half 8. See if he could finally do a split 7. See if it‘S truly possible to launch a ping-pong ball 20 feet 6. Cross his legs without rearranging his crotch 5. Get picked up in a bar in less than 20 minutes 4. Have consecutive multiple orgasms and still be ready for more without sleeping first 3. Go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam and ask to have it recorded on video 2. Sit on the edge of the bed and pray for breasts too 1. Finally find that damn G-Spot Things a Woman Would Do if She Woke up with a Penis 10. Get ahead faster in the corporate world 9. Get a blowjob 8. Find out what is so fascinating about "beating the meat" 7. Pee standing up 6. Determine WHY you can‘t hit the bowl consistently 5. Find out what it is like to be on the other end of a surging orgasm 4. Touch/shift herself in public witho
Playboy Lesbians French Kiss (jenna Jameson)
I am hosting a collaring ceremony, and reception tomorrow, and could not help but think of the signifigance of the ceremony. A collaring ceremony I use is based on the pagan custom of "hand fasting". A binding of souls. So, since I am feelings so pensive I thought I would describe this ceremony for both of us. BDSM has always been a formal lifestyle, more than likely stemming from its' roots in medieval times. And so the ceremony may seem quite formal. The submissive to be collared enters carrying a single white rose with thorns, the rose not quite bloomed. The dominate carries a single red rose in full bloom. Both roses have to be freshly cut and with thorns. Clothing for both Domme/Dom and sub is optional and by personal choice. The dominate takes the jewellry used to symbolize the collaring and with the left hand places it on the submissive. The left hand is the hand of the heart. A declaration is made that the Dominate will protect and guide the submissive. With the thorn of the
Madly In Hate
**MADLY IN HATE** i hate you... because i can i hate you... for hurting me i hate you... for the lies you told me i hate you... for becoming the person you've become i hate you... because you just don't care i hate you... because i have many good memories to forget i hate you... for making me cry i hate you... for meeting HER i hate you... for loving her more i hate... that i don't hate you at all
Doctor Says...
ok i went ot the doc today for my surgery and she said that as far as she can tell it doesnt look too bad just some abnormal cells but she cant b sure until they go in for tests so i have the biopsy and will know by the 20th if its cancer or not. keep me in your thoughts and prayers!! I love you all so much!!
Ok I Have Had Enough
For you that are my close friends ty for being there for me.For the others i have had about enough bullshit.If you dont want to be friends then and if you do that is great.But if your going to start shit with me then dont even come to my page stay the hell away.
Say Goodbye...
man...i know some of you think i am some tart..or some crap..but i do have feelings. if it doesnt take the cake..i pour out what i really feel and i get kicked in the face. im going back into the isolation tank...thats why i dont get close to anyone
Ct Ratings
After seeing some of the high school levels of drama, I try not to take CT too seriously. It always strikes me as funny when users have photo albums of "downraters", like they're trying to shame someone who may have been completely honest in their assessment. What's the point of having a rating system if you're pressured into always rating 10s? At this rate, it might as well just be a thumbs-up/down system like in Stashes. I've been thinking about how this problem might be fixed, and after a few flawed ideas, the only thing I can come up with is if the ratings are all anonymous, and there's no Tab message saying that someone "just checked you out". I guess it just boils down to which is the higher priority: getting honest ratings, or meeting new people. I believe that CT is more about the social aspect, so my vote is to do away with the ratings, and have a single thumbs-up or "I like it" button, similar to
New Messageboard
We have moved everything out of the blogs just because it is easier this way instead of trying to search for the info that is needed so what i will need is every1's email they want used and i can get them added to the message board Yahoo is Pr03ffect
Grandma Visiting Monday
...she will stay for three days!
Desert Rain
Desert Rain falling for the heart. Where over the mountian passes of love. held high by the hand of God. One seeks a rainbow in an oassis. What sweet dreams may come of this. Only a fool will cry over anger. Arabain nihgts are not found in the desert of this land. So travel the hidden highway's to ones heart. Be true to ones love. Find adventure in a kiss. Yes a kiss of ardent love. See the desert animals dancing to the heat of hte day. Yet laughing with joy on a cool desert night. Light the northern sky red. Wish to the stars, that the rain will come for one and all. Until then we will dance to hells heated time. Only the truth of love, for the desert rain is what we need. Rain, rain of thunder and lighting. Flash floods in the desert rivers. But we still dance to the rain for it brings, life to one and all. Desert rain the given happiness the final life blood of all life, in the desert. So we dance to dance for the desert rain to bring relief for jsut one more day, to live life. De
Heres A Question For Ya...
My boyfriend and I watched a movie last night and in the movie someone died so the maid stopped the clock and hung a cloth over the mirror.. Can you tell me why she did what she did?
1st Round Of Scum More To Come
Graduation Party
Today my ex's neice who i've known for most of her life, called me and begged me to come to her graduation party! WHOLE family type thing! So ex inlaws and everything! MOst of whom can't stand me! and thats mainly because i can't stand them! And i've let them all know it! but anyway, my neice's dad! who is in the same situation as me. Has a fight with his illegitimate son that showed up from who know's where, cuz he was called and begged same as me! shit spills out! shitloads of bullshit drama that i stayed clear of with my daughter in hand. Then of course my ex-brother in law decides to start his SHIIIIT haaha with me for some reason. So i just tell the ex! im takin my daughter and getting out of here! call me later if you want to pick her up. THen on the way home, a ford explorer with a DRUNK old lady smacks into an on coming van! I see it all, truck flips, i pull up next to it, get out and start gettin the lady out, she reeks and is talking and fine, but she's all "im soooo sorry,
Whiny Bitches (long Blog)
OK, so this chick named Shed A Tear posted a mumm earlier today. Her question was this: "Do you think men who dont get laid live with there mom for the rest of there life.?? And do what do you think there problem is as far as not getting laid. ?" Most mummers started calling her out on her bullshit, including Punkin, who said "because of women like you which there are plenty of em'" Shed A Tear got all pissy and bitchy, and she attacked Punkin. I defended Punkin and said "punkin's cuter furthermore, when she said women like you, she was referring to personality, not looks you made an assumption that men who live at home dont get laid, which is a bullshit assumption, and you see it as a problem that men dont get laid that in itself is a stupid thing to think. like wiz said-maybe guys dont have sex because they're tired of how women tend to play men maybe they're not looking for one night stands, but an actual meaningful committed relationship maybe th
Important About Me...
ok.. to let all of my sexy friends of mine on here.. friday june first.. my appendix burst. and they have to do emergancy surgery on me friday nite.. it took them 3 hrs for the surgery. because they couldnt control my bleeding or my blood pressure.. so they almost lost me twice.. im home now.. recovering.. i got out of the hospital today at 2 pm.. by the grace of god.. my blood pressure went back to normal.. i have over 100 staples in my tummy. they had to reopen my hystroectmony(sp) to find th bleedin..
Why Cant I Get A Job
I have been looking for a job since March and I have had no luck. I have a BA in Accounting and still nothing. I have 5-7 of experience to back it up and still nothing. I have even applied for other jobs such as retail and still nothing. I am a nice polite person and still cant get a job. I love working. I always have had a job. I have recently reloceated to this area due to my divorce and the only person I know is my sister and she is no help because she is a petty person. I dont see how peopel do this not having a job. I am going crazy. If it wasnt for the internet, I would have no social life. I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong.
Heart Problems
In life we take breathing for granted. I don't! The simple reason being is that as most of you know I have a mechanical aorta valve! When I was young I thought I was normal I played around like any kid would. When I was older I started having problems. Being that I was born with the problem I thought it was normal! I couldn't breathe right and I had severe chest pains every so often (but not enough to make me wonder if something was wrong). It realy hit me one day when I was working for a meat company. I had a bad chest pain and had to literally drop what I was doing and wait for the pain to go away. I've had them in the past but this was the worst! My stupid ass thought this was normal. I had to go for a physical to get my CDL. The worst felling you ever have is the one when the doctor says to your face you are and I quote "fucked up. you need open heart surgery." I have never been so scared in my life. something always goes wrong. I didn't want to die!! My family didn't believe this
When All Else Fails...
If Beauty Is Skin-deep.......
If beauty is skin-deep how deep is your love cause your beauty is eternal and soft as a dove you flow through my veins like a river to my heart that wil never stop running and will never depart forever together together forever with us together none could be better your sexy while awake probably sexy while asleep so just in that your love must be deep!
I Ran Into Love
I ran into love just the other day and it told me that it was lost, and I would've offered it a place to stay but it would come at to great of a cost. Thats when love looked at me and said I used to know you but haven't seen you in quite sometime, and I said this is true that we used to be close as a matter of fact you were mine. And love gave me a smile and it touched me so deep to remember how it used to feel, to have it, to hold it, to kiss it and know it but still I realize it's not real. Thats when love said so softly, oh please can you help me and find me another way home? and I said I was sorry but find someone else for I'm happy just being alone. And then love hung it's head and it walked away slowly but it stopped all the sudden and turned and said tho it was lost there was something it found or better yet something it learned, that no matter how far or long it's away that with me someday it would return.... Let me know if your'e feeling this....Holla
You hold your breath as I leave the room I see the worry lines in your brow I've caught you watching me as I sleep Do you think I'll disappear somehow? How can I make you understand I'm me.. not her. .my dear. I am another sort of woman you can depend on me, don't fear. My love for you is strong, dependable and true what will it take to demonstrate that I'll always be here for you. There may be times I must go, must sometimes leave your side but I will never leave your heart, in there my trust will abide. Darling, I give to you my heart and fiercely will I ever shout I love you and hope that I can heal your wounds of doubt
June 3rd Pink
60 Minutes
They just showed a tape of Kevorkian administering his "killer" injections to a 50 year old man with Lou Gehrig's disease or Alzheimer's or some other horrible illness. Yuk.
Why Bother
I am so tired of making friends and letting people into my private pics and then they seem to vanish. I really don't know why this happens but it is getting so old. Or when you have friends but you never hear from or see them. I guess cherry tap is alot like mysapce , who can get the most friends. I try so hard to keep friends and comments them and stay in touch but dont get the same in return. Well that is my vent for today, and if you are my true friend dont take it persoally! JUST VENTING!!!!!!!!!!
Comments for Friends -
yes i can handle it guys :P
Gone For A Week
As some of may know, my father has not been well over the past few months. Well, he passed away this morning. It was peaceful, and really, it's for the best. He was suffering. Anyway, I have to leave town, probably tomorrow; Tuesday morning at the latest. I'll be online for tonight, but once I head out, I won't be back on here until next weekend. Eat a peach
Timm And Lisa Forever I Hope
Lisa is going back to Florida with me. We are hoping to start a new life together and to live happily ever after. I have no plans of getting rid of any of my friends, but for now all my romantic and intimate needs and desires will have to do with only Lisa.
I seriously wanna know who has the dam crush! Spill it! LMAO
The Card Game (for Vampy Cassiel)
"Who wants to start," Paige asked excitedly as she shuffled the cards!?! "This was your idea, Page," Anna replied nervously, "I think you should lead it off, don't you girls!?!" Both Glenna and Mo nodded their heads in unison and while waiting for Paige to finish shuffling the erotic game cards!!! "Okay," Paige replied with a shiver, "I'll go first but you all gotta promise to play at least one round, agreed!?!" The three other girls glanced back and forth between each other before Mo replied, "Agreed, we'll all draw at least one card, after that we'll see how it goes!!!" After Paige completed her shuffle, Glenna cut the deck and all eyes turned towards Page in anticipation of her draw!!! Paige licked her lips nervously as she drew the top card and gingerly turned it over to read, You're lucky, all you have to do is show your pussy!!! The other girls whooped and hollered as Paige stood up and in defiantly pulled down her jeans and panties and showing off her auburn haired pussy to the
Another Story For You
I picked you up, just like I said I would, we shared a long, deep kiss, and we drove to that old dirt road by the river. No words have been spoken between us, it is just an understanding that we have. I parked the car & we got out. I pulled the blanket out of the trunk, along with the cooler, filled with ice & drinks....I have missed you so much, that I can't even find the words to explain this to you, so I am working on showing you how much....You spread the blanket out & take us a cold beer out of the cooler, I am just so turned on by watching you take charge of the situation that I just cant move, at the moment. I take my beer from you & set it down, you pull me close to you, feeling my nipples through my tshirt, as they harden in excitement at your touch. You pull my tshirt off & all I have on, now is my blue jean shorts, you lean down and take each nipple into your hot, wet mouth, licking each one as if you were tasting something so exquisite, I can feel my pussy just aching for
Your Sexual Horoscope.... I Am Taurus
virgo:THE VIRGIN Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORPIO: The lover¢¾ Can be mean somtimes. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT kisser.) Always get what they want. Sexy. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. The sexiest ever....Romantic. Caring. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIBRA: The sex addict Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone They meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing n Bed..!!! Did I say Amazi
My life seems to never go as planned. It just doesn't make sense. I have so many things going on and can't seem to keep up. My life is just crazy... I have a son, I have one friend here, the rest of my friends are scattered through the US, (thank goodness for unlimited long distance,lol) and it's just And that is what you need sometimes. I'm lonely, physically, I have friends that fulfill the lonelyness on the people to talk to side. but I've been single for 4 years, and I'm tired of being single. I know that there are things that I could do to change that, but I don't want to commit to anything right now. I love all my friends don't get me wrong, but LOVE in the sense of being in love, scares the shit out of me. I want it so much yet I fear it. I have told my friend(s) that I love them, and even that is hard for me to do...Why is that..? Am I really that messed up that I have trouble telling someone that I love them. I guess to me that means that I've made a commitmen
What's Important!!!!
What's important is not what kind of car you drive, but rather how many people you give a lift. What's important is not the size of your house, but rather the number of people you welcome into your home. What's important is not your social status, but whether you live your life with class. What's important is not what you possess, but rather what you give. What's important is not how many friends you have, but rather how many to whom you are a friend. What's important is not how much overtime you worked, but rather if you work overtime for your family and loved ones. What's important is not if you live in a great neighborhood, but rather how you treat your neighbor.
Sitting In My Pity Puddle...
It's been five weeks since Jim left. Wait.. six? Yeah, I think it's six. I am so incredibly ready for him to come home. What makes it even more frustrating is that the whole reason he took the duty was because they'd made a big deal about what an urgent job this was and how they'd be working 10-12 hour days, 6 or 7 days a week. We figured with that kind of overtime, we could finally get together that down payment we've been trying to scrape up for the longest time. And since he's been down there, he's had sixteen hours of overtime. GRRR. Even typing it gets me all riled up again. All this fucking time apart and for nothing. Bastards. Speaking of fucking, this also means I've been celibate for six weeks. Now, I know a lot of people go a lot longer but I've become accustomed to my minimum three times a week (and if I'm lucky, every day) so this is driving me mad! One of my playmates offered to come keep me company for a week or two but I've sorta put him off. It'd be one thing i
Sweet Dreams
Its late my pet and even now your systems slow. Sleep beckons you~ There will be no struggle to stay awake this night. The troubles of the world left behind. Lips of perfection no man could duplicate.Skin softer than the finest silk. Sleep as not fully claimed you before you feel my touch. No words are spoke for the language spoke requires no words created by man. As night over a feathered touch along you lips begins the first part of your journey. The path you follow contains peaks and valleys contained on no man made road. Silk sheets bind you to the very bed in which you sought comfort. A soft moan escapes as nails trace a forbidden path along your thigh.Just when think control will break the breath of a thousand fires burns a path along your taught abdomen. No bounds are known as the caresses tease and delight fueling your rising desire. Pleasure and pain are the gifts on this night I bring. An angel or devil you really don't care. The rhythm of your bodies driving
The Mumms have gotten stupid! okay, I stated the obvious.
A Deeper Look Inside Of Me
Sometimes I feel like I bother people. Not the normal, " oh she gets on my nerves sometimes", but all the time. It;s nto with everyone though. There are a few people who I don't feel this way towards, i.e. Jessee, Di, Cory, Becca, my grandparents and my Aunt Kathy. Other than that, I feel like I annoy people. Hence the reason I may not talk much in a box or I get quiet on the phone. Even when you give me your number or IM name and tell me, " You can call/talk to me anytime." I even sit online sometimes when I see someone I wanna talk to and just wait to see if they'll IM me. I don't want to bother them. I think I've always been this way, a few years at least. Maybe part of it is from the fact that I don't want to look " obsessive". I've been called that before, but I'm an openly affectionate person. I love to show people how they make me feel and I want the ones I love to know I love them. I think the other part of me being this way is the relationship I have with my mother. I've laway
Useless Info You Didn't Want To Know
I have been getting a great deal of stupidity on here lately from people who just show up out of nowhere and expect me to be something that I am not and chances are will never be. So, here I go once again I will try to give you all a glimpse into who I am and what I am really like, trust me those who actually know me well can attest to the fact that this is who I really am all the time I do not put on some show online for people. So, here are some more useless facts about me, please try to follow along and not ask these things anymore. ~ My name is Jessica, people call me Jessie and Jess for the most part but honestly I don’t care one way or another what you call me ~ I am almost 30 years old, August 17th I will be 30 though I feel about 75 on most days ~ I really am a nice person in general it just takes some effort to get to know me well enough to find that part of me ~ When I get angry I get very angry and at times violent though I try to keep that at a minimum now-a-d
Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy you. -Dr. Wayne Dyer
Rating People...and Idots Who Respond
So I go about and rate everyone daily...I go to my folders and see who has up loaded pics and i TRY to get to them...Some times i do and sometimes i dont...So yesterday i was rating pics and i usually give out all 100 of my rates fairly early in the day...So i was rating profiles and when i go by pages i give them the option of wanting to add me...I am not here for fan and rates and anything else, Just to make friends with people and i have make lots of friends...So anyways...I go about rating people....SO i come upon this profile and i rate it a 10 because i am out of 11's..I dont judge on names because my name isnt the best being ASS KICKIN REDNECK I rate this guy a 10 and then he sends me this message.... wow Show header Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2007 17:21:04 -0700 thanks for the 10 when ya had the abilty to give me an 11 anyways what i gotta do to see those shh pix? :) ufortunatly i am here to trade nudes and have fone sex lol :) and i see you arent bu
Ewl Gross!
Lawd what is wrong with some of you men!! Lol, I have done the cherrytap thing since September and I have had all types of people on my list, with all types of pictures! But why do some of you men think we wanna see pics of you fuckin? And its not even about you fuckin, its what your fuckin! Do you honestly think its sexy havin pics up of you puttin your dick into some pussy that looks like its been hacked up? That is mot a turn on!! I have seen pics of dudes fuckin chicks with sores all over their thighs, Bumps on their pussies, cracks of their asses look like they have taken a dozen shits and not wiped. If you feel you need to post them nasty ass pics, you could atleast photoshop them 1st and cover up all the nasty shit!! You post these pics thinkin its gonna make people say "Damn, that is so sexy" , when in all actuality I think "Ewl this nasty ass dude will put his dick in anything" Not someone I would ever deal with! And whats even nastier is the chicks that leave comments talkin
I wish I could say for the most part I like being single. But lately I have just been in the dumps. I have been used over an over again. I know that all you say that I am hot. An yeah, so what, I have a brain, an I have a heart, I would never use a guy to get what I want!!! Sexually or material wise. Why is it time an time again, I am hurt? Am I that Naive?
Body Part
Which body part do you like the most a. Ass b. Breast c. Thighs e. Eyes f. Feet g. Lips h. Chest i. a combination or all of the above
Poem #3 " A Soldier's Tell"
a final check, it's three a.m. a cloudy night, with light so dim. tactical positions to the left and the right. sniper's night vision pierces the night. the order is black , leave none alive. fire teams move into the enemy hive. gurgling of blood from a sentry guard. wound to the throat that won't leave a scar. "mark is at ten," is the call from the rear. senses honed and heightened by fear. target is down with little sound made. the smell of urine where the warm body lay. gun fire erupted till the call of the sun. then silence like thunder, mission was done. surveying bodies not yet turned cold. i spotted a boy about twelve years old. eyes toward the heavens, with rifle on his back. wrong time...wrong place...never heard the attack. then comes the image of my own son, in bed. this one with a sniper's round through his head. i pause for a moment to say a small prayer. his eyes not yet white...just a blank hollowed stare. how do you cope with
The Fake Fabulosity ... Exposed!
For a long time now, many have suspected that Fabulosity aka Funluvinatalie was a fake profile and her referrals were frauds based on stolen pictures from a porn star. It wasn't until today that proof was finally discovered. She's been using stolen pictures from porn star Nicole Graves. Check it out below: ** Note that there are alot of links in here because they all have NSFW content in them ** This pic: With link to photo below: Is one of the pool table pics taken from this picture set: This pic: With link below: Is the same blue dress from this picture set: This pic: With link below:
Lest WE Forget The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father's; but he has never collected unemployment either. He's a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and a 155 mm howitzer. He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pai
Random Shit
Pages Pics And Your Precious Feelings
The Park..
(I have trains too.)
Benfica Wallpaper By Mistic
My Tragic Flaw
My Tragic Flaw Category: Life by: Gregory Smith The more things change, the more they stay the same. I'm not sure who the first person was who said that. Probably Shakespeare. Or maybe from a song. But at the moment, it's the sentence that best explains my tragic flaw: my inability to change. I don't think I'm alone in this. The more I get to know other people, the more I realize it's kind of everyone's flaw. Staying exactly the same for as long as possible, standing perfectly still... It feels better somehow. And if you are suffering, at least the pain is familiar. Because if you took that leap of faith, went outside the box, did something unexpected... Who knows what other pain might be waiting out there. Chances are it could be even worse. So you maintain the status quo. Choose the road already traveled and it doesn't seem that bad. Not as far as flaws go. You're not a drug addict. You're not killing anyone... Except maybe yourself a little. When we finally do cha
Nude Photos???
Graphics & Layouts I was ask a question last night..."Why do I have a problem with people posting NUDE pictures?" Ok I want to explain this to everyone, Personally what people post on there site is there business,And what I post on my site is mine,It's a free country.. I perfer not to post, nor look at nude photo's, I don't care how big your "WORM" is..I feel that going that deep with yourselve is private,Not something you show people around the world to gain ratings or points whatever.This is something that should be shared between two people that love one another../Private in a meaningful way. Some people get there kicks out of it, Which is like I said a free country, But you want see me looking at or posting nude photo's.. Some may agree with me, Some may not... Ty Brandy xxox LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK PLEASE..
A Little Mild Wednesday Reading :)
I used to be on ICQ, well, I still am. Anyway I used to send out a thought for the day to all my many friends on there. This went on for almost two years every day, so I have collected many of my thoughts for the day. I decided to begin sharing some here for all my friends. I will start with one that is particularly clsoe to my heart. Some are somewhat erotic and/or very sensual, some are born from philosophy, some are meant to elicit a certain feeling or thought. Well here we go with the first one, hope you enjoy :) Peter Britt A Thought For The Day by: Peter Britt "To this day I give my heart. That it might beat out the rhythm of my soul and the music within. Into the night I send out my song, that it might be heard and savored by waiting ears. Cast upon the waters I give the fluid lyric, that it might mingle with the drink of the earth. Amidst the darkness I release my passion, that it might call the light to brighten this world. If only, for a moment" ©1996Peter Britt
Unique What a boring world it would be if we were all the same All the pictures of all our friends would fit in one small frame I'm not a hippy I'm not a freak I'm not a yuppy I'm just unique My thoughts may differ my spirit run free but that's the way the good Lord made me It's not the way we dress or how we wear our hair But how we act that decides if we are just and fair Should we be judged by our color or for the way we treat each other Condemn someone for being different or respect them like a brother The greatest gift God gave to us is our own free will To follow the paths that we choose and our potentials fill We may not always do what's right lie steal cheat and fight Following which ever voice is our own free choice So remembering what the good book said and the direction that for us He led Size shape and color don't mean a thing as long as to the world love we bring not written by me but I agree
Yay! Curtains
Last year for graduation my boo purchased a super sweet tricked out Singer in my honor knowing my deep weird craft-y desire to sew. (That's admittedly not the weirdest desire I've ever embraced, but I digress ;P) It was taken lovingly from it's box, and placed atop the fridge- where it's nested for 10 monthes. My best intentions were to get just the right book, and teach myself, but alas this lass is diagram deficient. I get agida tring to puzzle 2 dimensional sketches and huff about amid a pile of varied level starter books. I'm not simple, but an admitted hands on learner... (yeah, baby!) Julie from work who I lunch with is uber sweet super crafty momma deluxe. I trekked to her house on Saturday and only got a lil' lost (I always get lost, just sometimes much more than others). She bought a 12 pack of my favorite soda, and we began- She started from the super basics, giving level common sense explanation- she showed me how to set up, problem solve and repair. (She teaches sewing ov
Swinging first surfaced among AAF (Army Air Force) Fighter Pilots in England during WWII. IT was developed as a survival mechanism due to the fatality rate of fighter pilots during the war, and the need to make sure that the wife was cared for in the event of capture or death. It carried on from there because, in the male dominated society from the 1940s to the 1960s, it was "fun." It later, in the 1960s, morphed as a form of individual protest against social norms. It has some of that flavor now, but not the attraction which it once did due in part to STDs. Polyamorous relationship also surfaced as a stable form of swinging for the same reason as sited above.
No Peeking !!!
Ha!!! No peeking.. Never know what might be in the next one :P
Why Men Are Never Depressed Lmao
WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcas
you know the problem with learning to live alone? the loneliness. i have been told that i am an easy person to live with. i am generally a clean person, and somewhat organized. living with myself is not the problem. i can do that. it's the companionship that i miss. i have always had someone to replace the last one. this time, however, i am determined to find in myself that which i have been looking for in my partners. but the loneliness..............
Why Should I Show I Care When I Don't See It In You
So anyone that knows me knows that I think a lot about stupid stuff sometimes I even over think things to much but that's who I am and that's what I've always done. So I've been thinking about jealously issues and insecurities mostly thanks to what i listen to all day at work. The question can two people of the opposite sex be just friends. I am a female and I do have a lot of male friends so of course part of me wants to say that a male and a female can be just friends although I know it's not true. Men being the species they are have three types of "girl friends" the first of course is the ones they've already had sex with, second group the ones they are having sex with, and the last are the ones they want to have sex with. Men will lay ground work for a long while to get a piece of ass or keep the piece of ass if it's good enough. So now the question becomes when a person is in a relationship do they keep these friends of the opposite sex around and if so how should their par
Misguided Angel Video
Which One Of These Is Yo Man?
1.) MR. THUG LIFE Advantages a. Real good at making love b. Fun and exciting c. Makes you laugh d. Has your back, will fight and protect you Disadvantages a. Usually drinks and smokes too much b. Always got drama c. Stays a thug forever d. In and out of jail 2.) MR. NAW, I DON`T HAVE A GIRL Advantages a. Will take you out in the beginning b. Will introduce you to all his friends c. Compliments you all the time Disadvantages a. Has a girlfriend who he's been with since the 2nd grade b. Will not get rid of her c. He tells you about her after you've fallen in love with his ass! 3.) MR. BIG BALLA Advantages a. Will give you money with no questions asked b. Has a lot of style to him c. Will show you some of the nice things in life Disadvantages a. Never returns your phone calls b. Feels he can come to your house at any given time without calling first c. Loves to be around his boys more than you. 4.)MR. I`
I'm That N!@@a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.) A real nigga doesn't kiss & tell. 2.) A real nigga notices his ladies' hair & nails. 3.) A real nigga calls her beautiful.. not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck. 4.) A real nigga calls his ladie on a daily basis no matter how busy or tired he is. 5.) A real nigga looks past what he's heard about her or what his friends think of her. 6.) A real nigga wants to spend as much time as he can with his woman, & won't get sick of her. 7.) A real nigga doesn't care if she gave it up on the first, second, or third night. 8.) A real nigga comes over, just to watch a movie . 9.) A real nigga kisses on the forehead just because. 10.) A real nigga doesn't tell U what he thinks you want to hear, he tells you what's real. 11.) A real nigga should be treated like one.... 12.) A real nigga knowz how to put ya azz to sleep 13.) A real nigga don't ask questionz when u say u need somthing... him, sex, or money. 14.) A real nigga let'z hoez know he gotta wife. 15.) A real nigga don't play gamez!
It will be 4 year's!~ ?Since My Todd has passed away!~ I went through Edmond's yesterday to run an errand and I told my self I would be ok driving by the cemetary and not going to see him.....but I coulden't I started balling ,and when I saw his beautiful face...on that tombstone...I felt 1000x's better. Crying is not a sign of weekness, it's a sign of STREGNTH!!~ remember that please. For those of you that don't know who Todd is or heard about what happen...I knew him for 8 year's..he was a very good friend to me..and for to have a friend that long is very special..well....I lost him July 1st 2003 to Foul Play Overdose..someonelse took his life. You think you have it so rough...take a step back and relize u don't...~ Intell u loose someone to that kind of thing. Anyway's I thought I share that with Ya'll. ? Love , T
Graduation Pics !!
so i took some pics last night thought id share em...... this is my 4 beautiful kids notice how happy my boy is to be in this pic!!!! lol ME OF COURSE CHESARE AGE 12!! MY OLDEST GIRL MY YOUNGEST
I Can't Win
I live a very busy life. I am a student at UMA, and even though it's summer I'm still pluggin' away. I work in the Adult Ed. office at the school,even through the summer....I have a fourteen year old daughter,and her social life to deal with.....FIVE beagles! Have you ever raised beagles? They are alot of work, but they love me unconditionally so hey. My Daisey is almost three,Cooter just turned two, and Jesse, Ziggy an' Emma just turned one....and none of them like to sleep alone. So guess who ends up on the couch with all the dogs? You guessed it ...lil' ol' me. I work until 10pm only to come home to no dinner for me and dogs awaiting my great snuggle ability. I have to stay with them because ziggy will cry, jesse will eat the couch....then I have to listen to Scott bitch because he can't sleep. If I manage to sneak away from them and get to bed Scott will grumble because the dogs will wake him up...WELL THEN YOU GO OUT ON THE FUCKIN" COUCH!!!! So here I am with a broken back from sl
Way Too Many
Marq's Jung Personality Analysis
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality indicator designed to assist a person in identifying some significant personal preferences. Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers developed the Indicator during World War II, and its criteria follow from Carl Jung's theories in his work Psychological Types The Indicator is frequently used in the areas of pedagogy, group dynamics, employee training, leadership training, life coaching, executive coaching, marriage counseling, and personal development. If you would like to take the test to see your type.Click Here MarQ's Type is ISTP (Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving) Portrait of the Crafter (iStP) ”The Virtuoso" The Crafter Artisans are not only concrete in speech and utilitarian in getting things done, they are also directive and attentive in their social roles. Though directive like their Promoter counterparts, their directiveness is leavened by a good deal of attentiveness and seclu
More On Me.
I enjoy expanding my horizons. I can be easy to get along with or very hard to put up with. Personally, I'd have to recommend never screwing with me, EVER. I may not always come off as a really nice person, but I AM. If you are truly my friend and I care for you in any way, I would break my back to give the world for you. However, I will be the most evil bitch ever if you purposefully screw me over. I can make life hell for people. Don't AT ALL think I am a slut, I just have a terrible mouth and I'm a touch perverted SOMETIMES. I do not pass the goodies out like Halloween candy to just anyone. If I would actually act out everything I talk about and say to people, then you could call me a slut. I get annoyed easily. In the past, I used to get attached too quickly, yet lately I tend to let go very fast. I'm weird, and people tell me that alot. I can get pretty paranoid, and my true friends that know me well will say that I'm (slightly) neurotic. I am hard to follow in a conversat
The Pile Of Sand
An Italian, a Scotsman and a Chinese man, are hired at a construction site. The foreman points out a huge pile of sand. He says to the Italian guy, "You're in charge of sweeping." To the Scotsman he says, "You're in charge of shovelling." and to the Chinese guy, "You're in charge of supplies." He then says, "Now, I have to leave for a little while. I expect you men to make a dent in that pile of sand." So when the foreman returns after being away for a couple of hours, the pile of sand is untouched. He asks the Italian, "Why didn't you sweep any of it?" The Italian replies, "I no hava no broom. "You saida to the Chinesea fella that he a wasa ina charge of supplies, but he hasa disappeared and I no coulda finda him nowhere." Then the foreman turns to the Scotsman and says "And you, I thought I told you to shovel this pile." The Scotsman replies, "Aye, that ye did laddie, boot ah could nae get meself a shoovel. Ye left th' Chinese gadgie in
Is This What You've Been Asking For?
It's been recently brought to my attention, a little detail about my recent blogs. Somebody was kinda sorta complaining about how the majority of them have been lyrics to songs, and not thoughts from ME. Well, I read over all the lyrics before posting them, and they do reflect a lot of what's inside of me right now. It's been said that I "live vicariously though the music of others". I suppose that's true. Being that my few attempts many years back at songwriting rather sucked, well... It's almost surprising to find out how many friends who've read through those lyrics are just checking out the titles, rating, maybe commenting, and getting points racked up. That's cool enough. But each one was posted for a reason. All you need are the eyes to see. But anyway, since I've been asked to just ramble on, here goes.... I'm hungry. Aint really got anything to eat, so oh well... I havent really written all that much of my own, because there's not really that much going on t
90% Of You Guys Really Suck
it really seems that cherrytap is nothing but an i wanna fuck you site The guys here love to play with a womens heart and mind which i find totally fucking sorry .. its oh i love you and i wanna be with you just long enough for you to get in to see the private pics or long enough to cyber with until some one else better comes along to play with.. well you men that do this really suck i hope one day yall will be as dumb as us women and get your heart broken just as yall broke ours... and for those of you that are gonna comment on this blog about women do the same things dont bother commenting cuz hell we have learned it from yall
The red moon rises, Wolves howel, The sea boils as the waters turn red with blood. This once valent Princewho was once loveing, Gentel and kind. Now is Jadded for his soul his ben broken, Battered and brused. For the New age Princess' ALl they did to him was use. Now Hell's unleashed it's Beast. An evil Prince the world now gets. This shattered heart has no need for mending For his loveing, careing was are now ending. WIll this prince return? The world may never know for he's lost in his own mind. His face he is afraid to show.
Serving The Beast
My fingers shaking as I press the number four on my phone, the speed dial taking over with it’s familiar beeps. One ring…two…. “Are you there?” His voice comes from hundreds of miles away. “In the parking lot.” I say. “Turn it on.” The Beast in my ear gives the command in a tone as cold as steel, but at the edge of his words I can hear his excitement. I reach into my pocket, where the control is hidden and feel the tiny red phallus come to life, fresh batteries making even the first setting an intense thrill. A small whimper escapes me a result of both the sudden buzzing in my pants, and the realization of what it is I am about to do. His responding gasp eggs me on. It is nothing to me to be in my car with it on, still not too big a deal being semi public, but I am about to be fed to the wolves. Take a deep breath. Step out of the car. Excitement taking over me, mixed with urgency and embarrassment, I walk toward the entrance. The motorized doors making their hiss and s
Sts-117 Mission Information.
**The Launch Blog will be activated at 1:30 p.m. EDT** Godspeed STS-117 Atlantis!! 6-8-07 @7:38 PM EST Watch Live: From left are mission specialists James Reilly II and Steven Swanson, Commander Frederick Sturckow, Pilot Lee Archambault and mission specialists Patrick Forrester and John D. Olivas. Image credit: NASA The new set of solar arrays (highlighted on the left in the photo) that Sturckow’s crew- Pilot Lee Archambault and mission specialists Patrick Forrester, Steven Swanson, John "Danny" Olivas and Jim Reilly- will install on the starboard side of the station will be a mirror image of those installed on the port side in September. And like the crew that installed the port arrays, the STS-117 crew will be in charge of unfolding the arrays and preparing them to track the sun and generate power. Launch Target: June 8+ Orbiter: Atlantis Mission Number: STS-117 (118th shuttle flight) Launch Window: 10 minut
Passionate Friday!
Yet another installement of my thoughts for the day. Decided to get a little passionate today. Guess how I'm feeling! lol A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Upon a ravaged breast I reach, I paint her flesh with a furious purpose. She bends to me, as my hand becomes the brush against her skin. I show her colors of a new world and she is pleased. A palette of rapture and delight fills her eyes to see a picture unfinished. Misery knows not this canvas, now, purity of desire forms her world. She steadies my hand as it flows unto her, passion found, again." ©1993-2007Peter Britt
Adios Amigos!!!!
Headed to the lakehouse today for a fun filled weekend of sun and beer....and more beer! Leave me some luuuuuv while I'm gone! I will miss you all dearly, especially those that feed me beer on a daily know who you are. :) XOXOXO BeerQueen Sam
Have You Met Your Crush??/
I've been talking to my girlfriend and we've been discussing the way you get sucked into CT... how you meet people and think you care for them... What I want to know is 1) Have any of you 'fallen in love' on CT 2) Part two of that - have you ever met face to face that person? I'm really interested in hearing peoples stories... Has anyone out there really married someone they met? etc... Either comment on this blog... or send me an email to THX!
Dj Burger K
Ok quick survey for yall Who thinks it would be a good idea for cory to change his dj name to DJ Burger K responces pls sorry cory got to jump up to next level some how lol........pls respond yes... or no... and leave ya thoughts lol....
For My Daughter Dana
Just because she loves this song.. and it fits how I have been feeling for the last three or so weeks. I hope you like. I love you babygirl!!
Well...I met with the surgeon yesterday. It turns out that the surgery is more complicated than i thought. The surgery date is set for june 27th. Apparently, they need to go in thru my stomach. This means that they have to move my intestines and stomach out of the way, by one surgeon, and then the spine surgeon comes in and puts in a device made from dead peoples bones and screws. The removes the damaged disc and then put the device in its place and attaches it to the surrounding vertebre. Fun addition to all of this, they cannot give me a sufficent amount of pain medicine to relieve the pain because they make people constipated. And because they are pushing and poking around with my guts, they have to make sure that there is no blockage and that everything is working correctly. Oh yeah...the best part....(for smokers only i'm sure) but i have to quit smoking asap (which i set the date for monday) because your bones are porous breathing bones that need oxygen to be he
** New Chain Of Command For The Ldc And Clan Lupin **
** To ALL LDC Members, Founders and Co-Founders !!! ** As of June 9th, 2007 there will be a new Chain of Command put into place within the LDC Family and the Clan Lupin Family. These chains are basically so that nobody goes over anyones head in doing something. How this chain works is simple. You will start with the Number 1 spot if you have a question or a problem. If they arent on, you will go down to the Number 2 spot and so on. This Chain of Command is to be used when dealing with ANY family situations or drama. Use this Chain of Command before posting any bulletins or comments over anything. Clan Lupin is in place to deal with any drama or problems within the family but when dealing with the more serious situations, the Chain of Command needs to be upheld. Should the need arise that a creator steps in on ANY situation, then the decision of that creator over rides any decision previously given. Below you will find the Chain of Command for the LDC Family and below that you will
My message to her tonight after her starting bullshit in the mumms earlier today....Never underestimate me. Obviously your "friends" love me more....Stop talking shit about me or all your pics go public all day every day on this site and others. He likes to make little digs (you would think if he hated me or didn’t care…he would leave me fuckin be) Bernies mumm where I got fed up with porch’s snide comments he stole another cherries primary picture (of the actual guy) and made a mumm…which who knows with porch…he coulda deleted it or someone else coulda (don’t trust the fucker) so the guy who he stole the actual picture of made a mumm after he turned on me the first time (like all the mumms talk about when someone fucks you over once – shame on them, fuck you over twice – shame on you) I sa
Sts-117 Atlantis Launch Video
STS-117 Atlantis Launch Video 6.8.07 @7:38 PM EST Watch Live:
My Fiance
I have changed over the last couple weeks. It is all because I met a very amazing girl named Shae. Technically I have known her for what seems like a long long time, but it hadn't been till recently that we actually met in person. We originally met online over a year ago. Over the internet we talked about what was going on in our lives, what we had gone through, relationships, life, and other stuff. We were getting along great. Not to mention she had been calling me her future husband. In my mind I was saying to myself, "I want to be her future husband." We always told each other that we would meet in person one day. Although we decided it would be me who would travel. I told her that when I had the money and the time I would go see her. When I was at Fort Gordon, GA for training I decided that I would take the weekend off and go see Shae in Alabama. I was nervous the whole week before the weekend. I was nervous and telling myself do it, no don't do it. I went back and forth with m
Sts-117 Atlantis Flight Day 2
STS-117 Atlantis Flight Day 2 06.09.07 10:08 AM EST It has been a long standing NASA tradition to play a crew wakeup call song.... Todays Song: "Big Boys Toys" by Aaron Tippin, Played for Commander Frederick Sturckow. Atlantis is currently 7,000 miles behind Station gaining @ 840 miles per orbit (90 minutes). During its first full day in orbit, the STS-117 crew will inspect Space Shuttle Atlantis’ heat shield and prepare for Sunday’s arrival at the International Space Station. Crew members will use Atlantis’ robotic arm and an orbiter boom extension to check out the spacecraft’s underside, nose cap and leading edges of the wings and will also take a closer look at the OMS Pod blanket damage. The inspections are conducted to see if any damage occurred to the heat shield during the climb to orbit that began when Atlantis lifted off at 7:38 p.m. EDT from Kennedy Space Center, Fla. In preparation for Sunday’s activities, the crew will extend the shuttle’s dockin
Sultry Saturday
Yet another installment, which I hope everyone enjoys reading. :) A Thoguht For The Day From: Peter Britt "She stood there on the sand, never moving. The wind lifted around her, cradled her so gently. I watched the light dance over her in a fiery glare, setting my senses aflame. For an instant she burned in my soul, and it scarred me. This vision of a woman like none I had seen or likely ever would. Her hair, strawberry in the light, on fire in my mind. A moment passed and I was enriched, I was destroyed." ©1996 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Apparently I Scare My Co-workers.
Yeah, this was kind of funny. To me anyway. But here's the story: I have this knife in my desk at work that I use for opening computer boxes. I brought it in because I got tired of ripping up my nails on the boxes and there was never a box cutter available. So anyway, I was opening a monitor box last week and I forgot to put the knife away when I was done. One of my co-workers found it and asked me if it was mine. When I said yes, his response: "The more I get to know about you the more scared I am of you." I suppose the knife (which, admittedly is a little large) combined with my taste in music makes me scary!! LOL!!! :)
So, I have a question for everyone reading you have dreams about sex and it feels real? Like that person in your dream is actually right there? I had a crazy good dream lastnight and I could feel every little bit of it...It felt soooo real...wonder if everyone else feels things like they're lovers are real in your dreams...maybe I'm just crazy...idk! I don't care either, cuz if the sex was that great in my dreams, I can only imagine how great it would be in person! Later, Cami
Life Must Go On....
Life Must Go On.... By Cursed Cowboy Life can be cold and mean, Hurt and pain are your only friends. Tears run down my face Wishing you were here, Holding me tight and never let me go. But I know this cant be, We must part for now. Not forever you will see, A new day comes and a new sun rises. I will be there waiting, hoping,wishing, Soon you will see. Life is hard and people come and go, But true friends last forever. Just remember through good and bad, Happy and sad I will be there.
happiness,not Happiness I cannot feel Love to me is so unreal I look to the sea for my survival Searching for some kind of arrival Beyond the waves and ocean deep Is where I lie my soul to keep.....
More Feelings
My heart is broken Because of words spoken My heart is broken The tears have woken They're here to stay Because of words spoken They won't go away I'm caught in this curse They're here to stay A heartbroken verse Pours from my soul I'm caught in this curse I'm no longer whole Everything I knew Pours from my soul I thought it was true Everything I knew My heart is broken My heart is broken
Drama (not Meant To Offend Anyone, Just Been On My Mind For A While Now)
Well you know we all have lives outside of CT. We have families and personal drama...Am I wrong or isn't the internet a way to get away from all the bullshit from time to time? A pretty cool guy on here recently left CT and I was sad to see him go, and the main reason he left was the penny-any bullshit that goes on. All the bitching, crying, and whinning. LMAO, most of us can get this at home with our own families...we don't need it from the families on here. I really like CT but lately the things that my friend who left said are entirely true. Lately, all the drama seems to supercede the good on here. When you look at your bulletins and all you see are sticky's of people bitching about the fakes...THIS IS THE INTERNET PEOPLE!!! Not everyone on here is going to be completely honest!!! For me the internet is an escape from my day to day bullshit. I don't need the drama on here too. If I can't find a way to remove myself from it on CT, then I too will remove myself from
Poem: A World Gone Mad
"A World Gone Mad" Yeah… Can someone tell me where it all went wrong? Where the world finally lost it. When it became cool to say "Nigga" and not think twice about where it came from. When it became cool to try and be "ghetto." To try and strive to be…poor. To live back in a time where one man was hell bent on an Aryan nation, dividing families and forcing them into disease ridden conditions. But…I'm sorry. I forgot. Its bad ass to be a drug dealer…making all this money and still being…poor. Living off welfare checks and driving a Jaguar. Being up on the latest fashion, dripping in gold…no wonder why you live in the ghetto. And I walk down the street, past 14 year olds with babies… Past guys in ugly ass dropped down suped up Honda Civics. Hey…guess what? Your car is still a piece of shit. Hey, guess what? I'm not the type of chick you can fuck for a night. Whispering the "Baby, I love you's" and the "I'll always be there's." Brainwashing me into believe that I'm mo
Your Gone
you slipped away...I know... I just don't want to believe you've drifted...somehow... tears could fill a thousand pools.. I know you were hurting...I know the pain was always thought of everyone took the pain so others wouldn't feel it by putting up a front when your insides were hurting... My fear came to life The day you lost the fight But a hero you remained Touching the souls of so many that gained Just from simply knowing you.... I know you're in a better place.. I know you have a smile upon you're face.. but I'm cryin' now! Time just wasn't on your side.. this agony..I can no longer hide, that's why I'm cryin' now I played hide and seek with reality I don't want to believe this tragedy Hoping this was some joke on me... but it's hittin' me now I close my eyes in hopes to see You standing right in front of me Sayin "it's ok, it was all just a dream" "Stop cryin' now". I can't accept you laying there A
My Changes
You are traveling through the day doing what you love. Sharing this day, like so many others, with your best friends. Then suddenly with out warning everything comes to a complete stop. You are laying there with life hanging in the balance. You are unaware if you will live or die as you struggle to understand what just happened. In a moment your whole life changed. What do you do? How do you adjust? Can you accept that your time on earth almost came to an end. Can you understand why you are still here and what your time is now used for. It is a difficult time as you struggle to recover and to try and see the new mission of your life. People make suggestions for changes, that you are lucky to be alive, what do you think? I say it is now the first day of the rest of your life. You have been charged to share and lead others to understand that life is fragile and should not be taken for granted. You have been given a second chance to make your life one for others to see. Tou
I've been tossing around what to write about first for a couple days - with this whole deeper me thing, where do I start? I realized that starting at a fundamental point would be best. I think the biggest thing that people do not know about me and the biggest thing that sets me apart from most is my ability to believe that reality is far more complex than the general populous is willing to accept. I have never been able to figure out why so many people simply accept things the way they are and close their minds to all other possibilities. I am talking about a broad range of things. From the fact that I believe that life outside our planet is not only a possibility but a probability to the fact that I believe in other planes of existence. Not because I have proof or because I can even pretend to understand the how's and whys but because I can not accept that what we see is all there is. Hundreds of years ago people thought the world was flat, had no comprehension of the w
When You Look At Me......
When you look at at tell me what you see.... am i just the picture that you see? or do you see there is more to me???? When you look at me. what do you really see? do you see the person looking back at you? am i just a pound os flesh to you? When you look at me,, am i a person you could trust or am i some one you just lust?????? when you look at me,,,what i want you to see, is a person, not just a picture or an other pretty face i am a woman who has a resectful place.... i have a heart ,and feellings.just like you... so when you look at me remember i am human and more than what the eye can see..cause when i look at you ,i see you for the person you are and not a mear object to be played with.... when i look at you i see some one as real as me.....
I'm Bored .....
Somebody entertain me!
The Plane! The Plane!
Due to a request from Masokyst, any of my future blog posts that are more than just a poem or a paragraph will be posted in two parts. The first portion of the post will be the full version, for people who actually enjoy reading what I've written and want to know the whole story. The second portion, the condensed version, will be for Masokyst...because he's lazy like that and he will probably always know the whole story already anyway, because he's just...well, he's HIM. And that makes him special. =] -Full Version: I'm on the plane and headed home. I'm not quite sure where home is anymore and I haven't been sure for quite some time. I think I lost track somewhere in 2006. Maybe it was when my dad died. Nothing's felt completely right for me since then. I haven't been comfortable with where I am or what I do or who I've become. I've longed for change and new direction. I stepped off that plane in Phoenix and it was so simple to fall into a pattern wit
I Dunno
Why is it that only guys comment on my page? I am straight, but I would like it if girls commented as well. I mean, if I was ever in a bar in real life, i would probably be more likely to talk to girls cause im too shy around guys, especially really good looking ones, lol. so i hope that i can make more friends and get more comments on here, from both guys AND girls. thanks! :-)
What Would You Call It?...
Finding someone unlike anyone you've ever met. You're not sure what makes everything about them so special, but you're going with the flow for a while. There are limitations to this new friendship you have encountered. You know them and understand your boundaries. When you see him/her you feel that bubbly feeling in your heart that you just love. You can look into a mirror and sure enough, that smile has now returned. When you walk, you can feel that extra bounce in your step. When you have to walk away, you feel that deep throb in your heart that aches to see them again. You still aren't sure what it is about them, but you really like being around and seeing this beloved person. The sound of their name, when you close your eyes you can almost make a perfect image, the sound of their voice when they say your name... You snuggle up in your bed at night with something dear and close to them. If this is as close as I'm ever going to get to them, I'm ok with that, You say to you
Guess What ??? Im Backkkkkk
Hello all my Wonderful Friends .. Hoping your doing good... Welp The Graduation is Over with .. What a wonderful nite .. other than the damn tornado's comin thru ... But we made it . He's got his diplomia . and has since told me he's goin to College . ( YAYY ) he wants to be a teacher .. So .. the Next step of the SAT's are in the process of being taken . and he'll be movin on .. Had some big tears the other nite .. I could see that lil face with all those lil curls looking up at me .. Now a Man .. as he leaned in to give me one of the biggest hugs id ever gotten from him ..He leaned in .. and Said Thank you Mom for everything .. I love you .. Yepp I was flooding the yard with the tears .. Then he asked me for the keys .. and went to pick up his girlfriend to spend a lil time before Graduation .. I told him NO goin out and makin me a Grandma ! Welp .. Whats next for this chickie ?? Who knows but whatever it is .. is going to be AMAZING !!!!! Thank you all for putting up
Ct Men Are Evil
meeting one male and thats all it took. he said hids sweet whispers of nothing than turned to the dogs. thats not fair. ladies beware of maleairhead. he will make u feel irresistable until he gets what he wnats. signed angrycitizen aka latinagoth
Lately, those who u think are friends, seem to be shady and two sided. In the past several months, i have made many "friends" on CT, some of which turned out to be fake, and some who I believe to be real. I have seen staged deaths and mockeries enough to drive you insane. That's the realism of internet communities.. fakeness to a degree. I had became a DJ at a lounge that at one point was very popular, and had many friends in it, and i have seen many other DJ's come and go, some to start their own lounges, so therefore creating a rift in our lil family, others have "died" but not really. I have spent months dedicating myself to the lounge, and when times got rough for the owner, i said i would take over for them, and ease the load. I gave my ALL on top of my daily life. Working numerous hours for the benefit of the lounge, while other's were "to" busy to help us out, when they were needed the most. On that note, when it comes down to it, the owner decides that the lo
As We Grow.
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.
i dont know if im crazy or if im just a dumbass but it seems like people in this site judge you as much if not more than real life...and and after a little bit of seeing it it kinda messes with a person.......... i got that shit my hole life and i thought that here people would not do shit like that but i was very wrong! now i know im not the smartest person in the world or the best looking... but what the fuck people!!! it was to my understanding that if you rated someone that they would have the common courtesy to do the same.. instead most people will just look at a page and leave....grrrrrrr it pisses me off when they do that shit! and it makes someone feel like less of a person.... who ever reads this please tell me if im crazy or just losing it because i dont really know any more! THANK YOU!
General frustration about life isn't a new theme. It just hasn't lasted this long before. Sometimes I think that I want something good to happen so badly that I'm forcing the issue and getting caught in really bad situations. Philly is poison. Its in my veins and all over my skin. Its the stink of bitterness and failure, it can't be like this everywhere... it can't. I just need to survive 2 more months. Dave Matthews Band- If I Were King Sometimes I can't move my feet it seems As if I'm stuck in the ground somehow like a tree As if I can't even breathe And my screams come whispering out As if nobody can even see me, like a ghost Sometimes I can't see myself sometimes Then again if I were a king, If I had everything If I had you and I could give you your dreams If I were giant size, on top of it all Then tell me what in the world would I sing for If I had it all Sometimes I feel lost As I pull you out like strings of memories Wish I could weave them into you
Fallen Angel Radio Sucks
Stupid Furniture Store Experience
I wanted to share my wonderful experience I had yesterday *insert sarcastic face here* I am not sure if you all know what a IKEA is but its a furniture store. Up by Salt Lake City a new IKEA was built and has a restraunt in day care area in it. I never been to a IKEA before but figured I would check it out. Some of us went and I sware you would think there was a theme park being opened with all the police and employees controlling traffic and getting people parked. We finally got intot the place and to my disapointment there was no Micky mouse or kick ass roler coaster rides LOL. Just furniture. **Insert sarcastic look again** I have never been to any store much less a furniture store that had so much attention. but they did have some really cool stuff ........ and walked away with some nice addatives to my new home :D Ok enough of the retarded store story...........I again will always appreciate and love all of you who work so hard to get where you want to be. Keep your head
Do You Know The Three Rings Of Marriage?
DO YOU KNOW THE THREE RINGS OF MARRIAGE? "The three Rings of marriage" 1. Engagement Ring 2. Wedding Ring 3.suffer Ring
A Funny From St. Petersburg, Fl...
St. Petersburg, Florida: A Florida woman is offering to sell one of her kidneys to pay off a hospital debt. Ruth Sparrow ran an ad over the weekend in The St. Petersburg Times. It read: "KIDNEY - Runs good. Taking offers." Sparrow is serious. She owes $20,000 for gall bladder surgery, and wants to pay it off. She says both her kidneys work fine and she's willing to part with one to settle her debt. She offered one directly to Bayfront Medical Center, which turned it down. The newspaper has stopped running the ad, since selling organs is illegal in Florida.
My Bloody Pics
Hey to all that commented on my pics, the ones naughty or nice, well the nazis on here erased them! So if you all wanna see them you have to ask! Cheers to those who gave me 10 and 11's and wrote a little line or two!~
Sopranos Explained
For all my Soprano heads... contemplate this forward.. Anybody who says "nothing happened on the Sopranos" is completely missing out on the ending! This is NOT a life goes on ending! And anyone who thinks so should go back and watch it again. Watch the last scene of The Blue Comet (the 2nd to last episode) first. As Tony sits on the edge of the bed he contemplates his demise. Then, there's the flashback to Tony and Bobby in the boat discussing being whacked, "You probably never hear it coming." Remember when Tony was speaking with Bobby...basically saying that you don't see or hear death? It just happens and you would never feel it.....aka fading to black..... Fast forward to Tony in "Made In America" final scene. So, the point would have been that life continues and we may never know the end of the Sopranos. But if you pay attention to the history, you will find that all the answers lie in the characters in the restaurant. The trucker was the brother of the guy
Mindful Monday
Monday is a dreay day, but hopefully this will brighten someones evening. If it does, my day is brighter :) A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Of all the women I have known, there was a flower amongst them. One that shone brighter and loved longer than any other. While some were magical, but one, was heavenly. Many angels did I know the truest part of, their love, minds, body's and their souls. It was one who captured my heart, only one. The genuine angel, she who shelters me with wings of true grace and beauty. With truest lasting love, she guards my soul wrapped within her own. Her heart is a haven, and it is my sanctuary, eternally." ©1999 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Dare To Enter My World?
Since I was about 11 and I was introduced to body modification I have been interested in every aspect of it. I have had many best friends who were into cutting and scarring their body with the many images the human mind could imagine. From hearts, to ex's names, the sky was the limit. My best friend and I used to see how long we could go without cutting. If someone failed at the game, they would get a bitching from the other person. Of course, I was heavily into blood play and the whole cutting experiences. For some reason I thought inserting a sharp object into the skin and making the little blood droplets come out was fascinating. When I was little I used to love getting hurt. I loved the stinging of the cuts and scrapes from falling Being little, I just thought this was a kid thing to do and nothing intense or serious. In elementary school my friends and I used to take our folders made of heavy paper and purposely give ourselves paper cuts. Oh how I loved the stinging and the burnin
Spiders Webs
I don't know if this indicates some sort of mental problem in me, but whenever I see a spider's web, especially if it is a big impressive one, I have an overwhelming urge to cut a couple of the supporting guy ropes so that the whole thing collapses. Maybe subconsciously I just like to piss spiders off.
A Discussion Concerning Cherryblast
I have bought a few, no one has given me any, so ... whatever. Women don't feel inclined to buy gifts for guys who are married unless they are real close friends, and it is not the kind of thing guys buy for one another because buying a guy a blast doesn't really increase his status. As this place is a meat market and the end game is a fantasy which leads to intimacy, the dynamic is about gain in status to impresses a member of the opposite of sex in order to seduce them into a closer relationship. Such a gift is meaningless in my specific circumstances. People do not tend to give for the sake of giving, to be nice, any longer. There are exceptions, but those are rear. Nova, you can't burst my bubble, I don't have one. LOL. You have had two bought for you, I have paid for mine on my own. Maybe all that means is that I am not popular. I will annotate that someone did send me their old webcam so I could make a salute and get out of the holding pattern in the site. Maybe that translate
Another Celeb Couple Break Up
First it was Joanie and Chachi Then Pamela Anderson and Chachi Then Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Then Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Then Tommy Lee Then Kid Rock Then....well, the list goes on with her. But yesterday, my world came to such a grinding halt, that I needed my seatbelt and massive airbag deployment, to keep me from slamming into the dashboard. Another celebrity couple came to an end. This one so devastating to me that my life may never be the same. Did I believe the rumors of Carol Brady and Greg? Greg and Marsha? Angelina and her brother? Barbie and Ken? Bert and Ernie? Today, it is with a heavy heart, that I break this news. Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are no longer those jet setting siblings that we have grown to love and admire. How did this happen? What caused this rift? The answer is the National Toy Hall of Fame. That’s right, people!! Raggedy Ann was inducted and Andy is left to wallow in the wake of her increased celebrity stat
Get A Fucking Clue!
Ok I have to make this clear to everyone who comes to my page. I'm not looking to hook-up, have sex, engage in cyber sex or phone sex. I'm looking some intelligent people who I can have a conversation with. I know that this is like an adult myspace, but c'mon, have some dignity for yourself. Sure I've got some naughty pics up but that doesn't mean that I will pose in a new naughty pic for you in a certain outfit. Nor does it give you the right to sit there and ask me sexual questions. I do appreciate all those who say that I'm pretty, beautiful, sexy and so forth. I enjoy the comments. But I'm not a piece of meat for you to gawk at with your fucking cock out in your hand ready to splooge. And if I rate your dick pics, that also doesn't mean you have to ask me about "what I like about it". Get a clue. Most women want a man who will want her for who she is underneath. And most if not all want you to back off with the sexual shit. I for one find a man who has something to say more sexy t
The Photo On The Night Stand
After a long night of making love, he notices a photo of another Man on her nightstand by the bed. He begins to worry.. "Is this your husband?" he nervously asks. "No, silly," she replies, snuggling up to him. "Your boyfriend, then?" he continues. "No, not at all," she says, nibbling away at his ear. "Is it your dad or your brother?" he inquires, hoping to be Reassured. "No, no, no! You are so hot when you're jealous!" she answers. "Well, who in the hell is he, then?" he demands. "That's me before the surgery." LOLOLOL
Why Do We Wax????????
All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal - The epilady, scissors, razors, Nair And now...the wax!!!!!!!!!!! My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise: the bathroom. It was one of those "cold wax" kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined enough to figure this out. (YA THINK!?!) So I pull one of the thin strips out. Its two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, my genius kicks in so
That's Just Not Fair!
My sister just threatened to send me to my room with no freaky people to play with! That's just so unfair!!!!
Im Home Safe Yahoo
Letting Everyone Know I Made It Home Safe Be Back Tomorrow Thanks All For Caring Love You Muahhh.
Giving A Title Of Bbw
I saw recently in a mumm, the question of BBW,( Big Beautiful Woman) I don't understand why we must apply this title to woman of size. Beauty comes from inside, Whether you are a size 2 or size 32. Beauty comes in many forms, the way we treat others, the way we speak to others, the actions of our behavior. Our outside appearance may change for many reason, age , health. So this isn't something we should take as the end all. I have met some people in my life that their outside appearance was flawless but they personality was hateful and they had a negative attitude and frankly I didn't see beauty when looking at them once I learn who they really were. I say if we are looking for acceptance in our looks alone then we have more work to do to improve who we are. Don't look to others to find yourself, look within. Know your values, know who you are and stand proud. Online can be a dangerous place or it can be a wonderful place to find those of like mind. Just remember Be
A Joke For Tony
One day a man and his granddaughter were sitting on the front porch swing.. and the little girl looks up and asks, "Grandpa, will you please make the sound of a frog.. will you pleaseeeeeeee?" the little girl pleaded for. With a perplexed look on the man's face he looks down and said, "Why do you want me to make the sound of a frog?" The little girl then looks up with a very excited look on her face and says.. "Grandma says when you croak.. we're going to Florida" Sorry Tony.. I had to. This was too good to pass up. I know.. "Angel come here for your spanking" LOL!!!
Nerd Pie.
->PIE.: they aren't "maroon" until they reach oxygen! DURR! PIE.: shut up deja! PIE.: your ... the maron cells... ->PIE.: well maybe your moron brain cells aren't working up to par today hmm? PIE.: grrr. i tried cock squeez ->PIE.: hit me up on the hoo PIE.: dude.... were you at
Just Info.
This is for the ppl i talk to most and try to catch on line , my friends it will be a while till iam back on line i will check the mail bu that wll be about it as i will be using a public computer system when all is well again i will let you know, i will miss talking to you ( and the ones this is ment for you will know) and i look forward to being back on line asap. Tony " pure evil 1 " Buried at
Count The F Word In Pulp Fiction
What Man Are You?
To my male friends... Are you an ass man? Are you a breast man? Are you a leg man? Or are you a something else man? Please leave your answer in a comment.. Thank you.. Kisses..
I Give Up
I don't normally bitch or complain. I like to just handle things and keep it to myself. I am beyond the exploding point, I am going to strangle the next person who toys with my emotions. I am sick of people telling me that they care about me when they really don't. I've come to realize that there are very few people in this world that actually do care about me that don't have their heads shoved so far up their asses. Most people are only out for number one (themselves) I mean yes it is good to look out for yourselves but sometimes you need to stop and think about other people. I try to hard to be there for others maybe its time to just crawl into a hole and forget about everything.
He's Happy & I'm Not . . . . Imagine That
Why is it so hard to see someone you once loved so happy with someone else? You no longer want that person yet you find yourself aching when you know how happy they are without you. Why does that hurt so badly? Is it just a human emotion, is it normal? A few months ago there was a man I would have given anything to be with. I let myself open up to him only for him to decide that I was not what he wanted, that I could not make him happy, that I could not change enough to suit him. I took all that in stride; I sucked it up and moved on. I am still friends with him because I do care about him and want to see him happy . . . But now that he is I am finding it a little more difficult than I imagined. How childish is that huh? Am I that horrible really? I swear I am happy for him it just stings that he is so happy with someone else, that he is actually doing all the things with her that he was going to do with me . . . Stupidity sheer stupidity in my part I know. It’s like
My Birthday
Family List - Updated 10-29-07
This Blog will be continually updated as members are confirming that they are staying with our family. Please check often and make sure you are there.. If you're name is not listed above your link, and you'd like it listed, please let me know what it is :). If you are not on the list, please submit a comment after you have placed Honorable Society of Wolves at the end of your name so that we might know your intentions are true. Theresa - Honorable Alpha Female BGD's Yummy~Alpha Female ~ Honorable Society of Wolves~Joker's Mistress :)~L.U.V. Club Mem~@ CherryTAP Wolferz - Elder Druid Wolf, An Honorable Wolf Wolferz ~Elder Druid Wolf --- Acting C.E.O. --- L.R.L. -- Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Dana - darkangel696930@ CherryTAP Ang – ~*ANG*~ ~Honorable Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Teresa – drusdragon ~.L.R.L.~Society of Wolves@ CherryTAP Raven - Raven Lonewolf~CT Fiancee of Juggalette4Life~Honorable Society of Wolves~@ CherryTAP Ron
I Love You!!!
When you said, "I love you," I went over the moon. My heart sang its glory, The stars sang in tune. As when with a word God brought forth light, So with these words You ended my night. So with these words You made something new: A bond of devotion Between me and you. How powerful words To shape who we are! We ponder in silence; Our words cross a bar. Your words crossed a threshold And entered the past, Yet they have created A world that will last.
Time To Catch Up.
I know I have not been responding as I should and I am sorry to those that might feel that I don't want to, I had just been really busy around the house and with this week, having my sister and her family visit Tuesday, then last night Megan and the kids visited. So I haven't had much of a chance to be on-line. Plus, when it has been just me, I was busy boxing Megan's stuff up and believe me, it's a lot.. It has been a very busy time for me at work also and it's all starting to catch up to me now.. For the most part though, Megan and I have been amical since Memorial day weekend, which anytime she comes, I always dread it in a multitude of ways. From how she feels about me being on-line, the fact that we are separated and soon to file for a divorce, she has to let the kids get away with more because she has her hands full at times, and when they are here, I still make them mind and not sure how she will react to it, I am more forceful and blunt than she ever has been even when t
Losing A Daughter
Do you feel this pain? Eating me away This pain… Breaking me apart This pain… Making me crawl This pain… Making me still Do you feel this pain? All the pain The pain in my life you can't see it but i can Its horrible and discusing I wish the pain wasn't in my life But it is and its killing me The pain is causing me to lose my friends, family and people who i care about The pain is always there, in the car and at school and at home pain follows me everywere I can also see if another persons in pain or upset Pain is everywere in this world its even following you and me right now But the best thing to do is fight the pain I am and its helping a little bit It will either end you up dead or in the hospital Pain is everywere pain surrounds you day to day nothing helps it go away pain in muscles pain in joints pain so bad in trigger points. pain that comes and pain that goes pain that keeps you on your toes. pain that people think is in your head.
Damn, I'm Good!
Talk about a kickass day! If there's something I didn't do, it's because it doesn't exist. haha Okay, seriously: *Met my friend Joe to work on our theses together (and actually made major progress! lol) *Had a meeting with my advisor and somehow managed to keep him happy *Went out for way too many drinks with a bunch of friends to celebrate *Got elected to the Board of Directors of an art gallery *Attended the first board meeting and actually had something important to say lol *And STILL managed to squeeze in my bellydance practice before I headed home! I haven't been this productive since God knows when! Bring it on! hahaha
More News On Peter Britt's Book
Just wanted to let everyone know that the publisher told me they will have the cover gally to me tomorrow probably. As soon as I get it, I will be posting it here for everyone to see what the book will look like along with the new paypal links to get the book. I am VERY excited I must admit. My book goes to print on Monday and will be available in no time at all. So watch for a blog about the cover and how to get the book. Will let everyone know of course. I also wanted to thank ALL my wonderful friends here for your ratings, comments and support, most importantly, your friendship. Very happy to have many wonderful new friends. :) Peter Britt
My Mom
Wahoo Another = D
"Change is definitely in the air, even if you can't quite see when or how it's all going to come about. You can help this transition go much more smoothly. How? By being willing to let go of what's not working." ooohh where to start = D
Three Wishes
Lets see who Responds? If I was like a Genie that could grant you three wishes,any three wishes what would they be? So rub the bottle gently so that I may grant those wishes!! So come on let me know..
Part 1
She sifted through her large brown bag struggling to find the keys. Finally they appeared. She unlocked her door and entered the room. As she laid her keys on the table, suddenly she felt hands upon her shoulders pulling her close. She felt the warm breath each kiss gave off on her neck. Tingling sensations moved slowly up her thighs and into her very soul, subduing every part of her body. He slowly turned her around to gaze into her soft green eyes. One by one he unbuttoned her pink blouse till he could get a glimpse of her soft subtle breasts. He removed her bra and with long warm kisses his lips touched every part of them. His tounge sliding down her breasts and kissing her stomache. His tenderness soon became like a wild animal craving food as he lifted he skirt and pulled her panties down almost ripping them. He knew what she craved as she started to moan. Her breath almost taken away by excitement. He lifted her up with his strong arms and carried her to the bed where he tossed h
emptiness Current mood: lonely Emptiness creeps over me. Day by day, night by night. It seems I'll never wake from this nightmare. Life drones on in patterns, never ending. In my dreams I see you- Your infamous smile that only I understand. Hope? I once knew of this, but with every mile between us it was ripped further from my mind. Oh, how I miss you! I see you everywhere. Not your face; I see your heart. A shining star bears your enthusiasm. A single rose, the most beautiful on the bush, stands alone. In a pool of water I see your inner peace and serenity. I remember the calm that you bring into my life. I long to dive in and swim deeper, deeper. Forever immersed, never having to think. Just feel. To know I'm yours. Without you I feel as if I'm trapped in a whirlpool. Life spins around me while I lie helpless on this bed of thorns. The light from where you used to be dims. Day by day, night by night,
Xx Rated Pics Here
JOIN HERE MY GROUP SEE U THERE copy and paste and join my group please
What The...??
so i'm out sick with some dam spring flu and don't get online for a long time, and did anyone send me an email? or leave me a message asking how i was? makes me wonder why i even bother at all... some days it doesn't seem like its even worth getting up any more. i don't have a dam clue what i want to do with my life...i know that i like movies, playing outside, comics, sex....what the hell are you going to do to earn a living like that? shit. i dont have any close friends any more. everyone from high school is married or moved away, and we just don't seem to have anything in common any more. i just dont seem to be hooked to anyone or anything. not close to my family, co workers.... don't have any serious women i'm so here i am...wondering why...why do i even bother? i'm so sick of going thru the motions. i don't enjoy life as it is. and i don't have a freakin clue as to what to do about it. so fuck you. its my turn to whine. if you don't like i
Love Love Love
6 signs you're falling 4 someone: 1 - as soon as you get online-who's name do you look at first 2 - when you hear your phone ringing-who do u hope is calling 3 - when a love song comes on the radio-whos face comes to your mind 4 - whos name makes your heart skip a beat every time u hear it 5 - who is it that you always find yourself thinking about-wondering if they're thinking about you 6 - the whole time you were reading this bulletin, there was only one person on your mind.....
1 To 10 On My Body Right Here Naked Rate Me
JOIN HERE MY GROUP SEE U THERE copy and paste and join my group please
Nsfw Bullsh!t
For starters id better mark this as NSFW means if i dont someone will report me and CT will do it for me...Its pretty much a bunch of crap i cant make a picture that doesnt show any nudity at all in it and someone reports it to CT but yet half these women on here can have their tits or ass hangin out and its all ok, from now on all pics will get marked as NSFW for these PRICKS around here that need to report people and thats if i upload anymore..... and if it was you that reported it FUCK YOU!
I'm The Slime
This tune by Frank Zappa accurately describes how I feel about most people. I am gross and perverted Im obsessed n deranged I have existed for years But very little had changed I am the tool of the government And industry too For I am destined to rule And regulate you I may be vile and pernicious But you cant look away I make you think Im delicious With the stuff that I say I am the best you can get Have you guessed me yet? I am the slime oozin out From your tv set You will obey me while I lead you And eat the garbage that I feed you Until the day that we dont need you Dont got for one will heed you Your mind is totally controlled It has been stuffed into my mold And you will do as you are told Until the rights to you are sold Thats right, folks.. Dont touch that dial Well, I am the slime from your video Oozin along on your livinroom floor I am the slime from your video Cant stop the slime, people, lookit me go
Us Army
2 days ago was June 14th the birthday of the United States Army. The Army was born on June 14th 1775. The Army is now 232 years old and still running strong. I support the US Army and I hope you do to. Keep the faith in out Army or get out of this country. The US Army fights for our freedom everyday and will contuing fighting everyday forever. Happy Birthday US Army keep strong.
What's On Your List This Year?
Hello.. and Merry Christmas.. Yeah.. I said it. It is only six months away.. and I know.. you all think I am crazy for posting this.. LOL.. but I want to know.. What is on your Christmas list this year? It isn't too early to think about it. And have you been naughty or nice so far this year??
Read This Before I Add You!!!!!!!!!!
Well lets get this over with, do not message me and tell me to fan you or whatever I will do it when I feel damn good and ready, don't ask for nudes I don't post nudes of myself i'm not like some of the other assholes on here, yes it says nudes welcome on my profile page therefore thats just what it means if you have nudes and want to show me then fine but you do not have to show I really don't give a fuck if you have them or not. I WILL NOT post pics of me on this site and I don't give a damn if you like it or not if you want to see what I look like you can go to and see pics of me and my kids, and if you send me nudes does not mean that I want to fuck you, I am soon to be happily married I do not need extra pussy on the side no matter what anyone says I am a one woman man. I am not a poser and I am not on here telling anyone that I am gene simmons I am just a really big fan of KISS. Do not rip my photos without permission i'm not stealing yours don't do it
Have Ya Gotten The Point Yet? Cause I Know You Can See That I Am Blasting You!
Well its like this...again a "friend" flagged my tag's--not even me! NSFW. Ok so its like this. If i have to lock my shit down, I will, and have, there is no longer access to any of my photo's because of a jealous that just does not have it! Its fucked up in my opinion...are we on an ADULT sight? or is this kiddyland.. GO THE F*** BACK TO MYSPACE asshole. All of my pictures are now for family only- If you want to see them, you will have to drop me a mail, I will check you out--then add you to family! This is soooo bullsh**! yea, you can say I am angry- I show everyone the same respect they show me. I do NOT flag peoples pics as NSFW--its seems to me, that if you are my friend, then you already know that my pictures are EROTIC but not Porno~I am dressed in everyone of them. If its you doing it? Why dont you go find yourself a nice religious sight! CT is about T n with it, or stay off my page!
Hysterical Video
For those I did not get a chance to send this to, You must laugh today :D
Blah... Sic Of The Bullshit
Why is it people on the net gotta be so damn fake? Is it seriously that damn hard to keep it real? A lot of these females on the net wll sit and play all these silly lil games, well I am not the one! If you are on some bullshit and can't come correct, don't even waste ya time commin at me!! I am too old to play petty ass lil games and quite frankly I refuse to play games. Time is somethin very valuable... you can never get it back. So please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.
As I sit here on this bench Watching a family play around Many questions begin to run through my mind Why we live Why we die and Why we love Is it possible to love someone to much Is it possible that the ones we love we can not have Is it possible to not have enough love Is it possible to live without love Well I believe we all live for love I believe we all would die for love And I believe that we all love so we can feel alive So tell me Is it possible to love someone to much Is it possible that the ones we love we can not have Is it possible to not have enough love Is it possible to live with out love I know it sounds like I have the answers But yet these questions keep running through my mind Like why we live Why we die And why we love Is there anyone out there with the answers So please tell me Is it possible to love someone to much Is it possible the ones we love we can not have Is it possible to not have e
Hello everyone. I am sorry that I have not been around much. I have been very busy getting ready for my in-laws coming for a visit. They will be here for 2 weeks. They got here on Friday night and will be here until June 30th. So, for the next 2 weeks I will playing the role of tour guide in Amish land and of course a visit would not be complete without going to Hershey. Hopefully then, I will be back on here a little bit more.
Top 15 Little Known Government Departments
TOP 15 LITTLE KNOWN GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS 15 Office of Investigation of Unfair Internet Humor List Hiring Practices 14 Department of Annexation: Because those damned Canadians can't hold out forever. 13 Bureau for Explaining that What Happens on "The X-Files" is Not Real 12 Dept. of Chinese Nuclear Technology (formerly Dept. of Defense) 11 Why are Pork Chops Shaped Like South America Dept. 10 Official Judiciary Department In Determined Investigation To Uncover Deception Of Real Killers (O.J.D.I.D.I.T.U.D.O.R.K.) 9 Strom Thurmond Animation and Preservation Department 8 Bureau of Alcohol, Tabasco, and Fire Alarms 7 Committee to Re-Erect the President 6 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Big-Ass Monster Trucks, Jerry Springer, and Butt Cracks You Could Lose A 12" Pipe Wrench In. 5 Dept. of Empty Public Gestures 4 Th. Off. Gov't Dept. o. Abbrv. 3 Committee Rationalizing Appropriate Propagation Of Long Acronyms
I Q !!!
You have a sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of an 8 year-old again. I want to go to McDonald's and think that it's a four star restaurant. I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make a sidewalk with rocks. I want to think M&Ms are better than money because you can eat them. I want to lie under a big oak tree and run a lemonade stand with my friends on a hot summer's day. I want to return to a time when life was simple, when all you knew were colors, multiplication tables, and nursery rhymes,that didn't bother you, because you didn't know what you didn't know and you didn't care. All you knew was to be happy because you were blissfully unaware of all the things that should make you worried or upset. I want to think the world is fair. That everyone is honest and good. I want to believe that anything is possible. I want to be oblivious to the complexities of life and be
Giovanni, I Hardly Knew Ye (1999-2007)
So, as I called my father to wish him a happy Father's Day today, he gave me some bad news. "Your stepmother is in South Carolina right now," he said. "Oh?" I responded, hoping this wasn't the bad news. "What's she doing over there?" "Well, Loretta's boy died yesterday morning." Loretta is my stepsister. Although we aren't close enough to talk every single day, the news was still a shock. Her son, and my nephew, Giovanni, was barely seven years old. "Really?! From what?" I asked, trying not to choke on my coffee. "He caught some sort of meningitis strain about three weeks ago, and he had been in the ICU ever since." My thoughts drifted back towards New York, sitting in the waiting room at Mercy Medical Center in Hempstead, holding Giovanni and trying to get him to stop crying while the patrons were watching me haplessly flounder like a newbie. Eventually, Giovanni's father made it to the hospital and took over. I still remember being reluctant handing him over.
Resigning From The Godfather Family
Yea I'm sorry but I have to.I like all you guys and hope we all can still be friends, but I have had and heard enough about my bombing. Everyday I come on here and when I see a blog I start bombing.Everyday this week I was bombing someone. I,m not here to win any contests and I dont mind helping others win contests. But you all agrravate people to death with this bombing thing. Its like this, I bombed 50 times today plus more for the other family member times that times 7 and you have 350 bombs and maybe more on the right night. Stud was real rude the other day. I was on the computer about 15 min before he started saying that if I'm not gonna bomb take my name off the list thathes tired of the shit. Well im sorry for that and I wrote an apology and didnt say a word, Then Ange1111 said 50 bombs are not considered bombing. Well i sat here today for a straight hour plus more for someone else for what for someone to critisize me. I didnt come to Cherrytap for that. I came here to have f
Lol, Another Nsfw
Okkkkkkkk, well someone first rated my "downraters" pic as NSFW- it was just a tag-but it did piss me off a bit. Since i could not see who it was---I kinda "set them up." I intentionally uploaded a picture that was NSFW! I knew it would be tagged quite quickly--because WHOMEVER you were--you had just tagged one. Lmfao. And they did so. There were 2 names that were identical on both pictures and get this---I thought it would have been females--NOPE both MEN!! that were tagged NSFW. I removed them as a friend AND blocked. I have also removed all photo's but 2 into folders for just friends. Pretty sad when you have to watch your back so friends don't stab you in it. But hey---in the end, I nabbed them.. I did however remove a total of 7 friends. What a shame..because I know 6 of those were NOT to blame! If your a fan, getting this, and I have you blocked, my sincerest appologies. Kiss
I Love It.....
The taste of your lips, so sweet and divine, The touch of your hand when it’s holding mine. The feel of your neck as I kiss it softly. The sense of your body when you’re feeling naughty. I want to explore your inner emotions I need to read your outward notions. I love to feel your energy flow. I wish to go down and kiss you below. You’re getting so hot I can feel your flames. You’re acting like a tiger that I wish to tame. You’re gonna explode but I wont let you yet. You’re here to get it all, and all you will get. It’s time to roll over and come on inside. Mister, you’re in for one hell of a ride. Daring yet caring in so many ways. Our bodies entwined like a twisted maze. Our minds are cascading with pleasurable thoughts. Do we dare to perform them? Will it hit the spot? The ride is now over. It’s time to sleep. All I keep thinking is “Damn! You’re a FREAK!” Strawberries On T
Ok So I Created A Mum And Ppl Said Some Mean Things And When I Rsponded They Blocked Me
why on earth would you be rude and say rude thing to ppl in a mum and not even know what they look like or check them t before you do make your decision and then when i ask y or comment back block me if you are to afraid to show yourself how can you make judgment on someone who takes pride in shoing tem selves i just dont undrstand lol i made a rude comment in a mum that i took offence to and you know what i talked to that person and became friends things arnt always worded right and if you dont like it and arnt willing to defend yourself then dont comment give me a break some ppl are just asses i guess and are just to afraid the same will happen to them mpersonally i like constructive critisism if you are willing to give it i am willing to take it and give it back much love jess aka cutie with a booty p.s. sign my guest book please
A Poem I Wrote "true Friends"
hey everyone, I write poetry an some of you have already read some of them so I decided to post them on here to an let me know what you all think please.......... True Friends By: Ashley I met a great friend Who knew who I was right away It's funny how you understand All I have to say you listen to all my problems you listen to my dreams you give me advice We talk about love and life It seems like you've been there too I've never felt judged by you you know how I feel You seem to accept me for who I am and all the problems I have you don't interrupt me or need to have your say You just listen to me patiently And you don't go away I want you to understand how much this means to me that you are my friend you always tell me the truth Even if its going to hurt me But I know the only reason You do it is because you are my friend I am so glad I met you I don't know what I'd do without you Tha
99 Cent Store(dont Ask Me Why I Wrote This It Just Sounded Really Funny In My Head Lol)
You can bomb the pentagon Hell, you can even blow up my home But if you fuck with the 99 cent store You bet yo azz It’s gon' be on… In this store I trust and hold dear Unlike the economy, No inflation is applicable here It never becomes the $1.99 store Or the .99 store and more It maintains its integrity So it has my loyalty Until my time on earth approaches readily I got six rolls of toilet paper for 99 cents, but there were no serrations So it couldn’t be torn Didn’t notice that defect Until Taco Bell had takin’ its toll So I had to wipe my ass with the whole got-- damn roll Purchased Crest brand toothpaste that was manufactured in Chile For ¼ of the price I would in Wal-mart's a plenty Crest smelled like shit and tasted bad, too. Don’t ask me why I put it in my mouth When it smelled like doo-doo Bought a bottle of salsa picante, That’s too hot for human consumption. Had me askin' myself “Is it suppose be movin’ or somethin’?” Had to scoop
What Am I Waiting For
With the things happing in my life and that have recently happened I have to propose some questions to myself.. The most important one is what am I waiting for?? that is a question that has been consuming my mind I sit here night after night waiting, hoping, dreaming of something that seem to elude me Day after day, Week after week, Month after month, and even Year after year.. I have Loved few people in my life like have loved someone recently.. Only to lose each and everyone on of them.. If I look back through my life it is a sad trend in my life for someone to fall in love with me and me with them only for them to end up in someone else's arms and for me to remain sitting here alone.. So it leads me back to the same question what am I waiting for? I guess I am waiting for someone to see what a great gift my love is and to return that love.. but will it ever happen for me? As the days goes by I lose more hope that I will ever find that love as with each passing day mo
Monday 06/18/2007
A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Heart in hand extended thee, scarred of lovers past. Ravaged of the selfish beast who takest of the last. Foreboding of the demons call, a lovers cry of night, she calls thee to the darkness to coax thee from the light. Thy heart be given freely, thy punishment secure, thou hast delivered passion, but love eludes thee now. Thy spirit weakened, blood flows freely of the unrighteous heart." © 1999 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
Never Serious
why when a girl needs a real friend can no one have a serious conversation? ~icy~
The Scars Of Life
The Scars of Life Some years ago, on a hot summer day in South Florida, a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house. In a hurry to dive into the cool water, he ran out the back door, leaving behind shoes, socks, and shirt as he went. He flew into the water, not realizing that as he swam toward the middle of the lake-- an alligator was swimming toward the shore. His father working in the yard saw the two as they got closer and closer together. In utter fear, he ran toward the water, yelling to his son as loudly as he could. Hearing his voice, the little boy became alarmed and made a U-turn to swim to his father. It was too late. Just as he reached his father, the alligator reached him. >From the dock, the father grabbed his little boy by the arms just as the alligator snatched his legs. That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two. The alligator was much stronger than the father, but the father was much too passionate to let
Oh Shit! I Spoke Twice In One Night!!!!
ok so this one just may be a bit longer... So i post this blog right before this one that is obvious the girl is sad right?, i have over 1000 ppl on my friends like prob a few hundred i talk to on a semi-daily basis and NO ONE reads, comments, or anything but 2 totally awesome guys i have never spoken to before, write me, send me a gift and even sb me to say ~hey u oh fuckin k~ *yes put in my own words lol* but yea my point is its moments like this you realize sitting on a site like this (ct, or mysapce or any of them) u convince yourself you have a friend when most times u just dont. Its very sad. but who cares right? what will maybe 5 people actually read this ahaha ok i might as well stop typing since its more or less to myself anyway and well imma be rude soon lol so Thank you to my new friend, u rock dude! and u better know who u are lol *does a happy dance* ~icy~
Something To Keep In Mind, Always
* To laugh is to risk appearing the fool. To weep is to risk appearing sentimental. To reach out for another is to risk involvement. To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self. To place your ideas, your dreams, before a crowd is to risk their loss. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. To hope is to risk failure. But risks must be taken. Because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. If you risk nothing and do nothing, you dull your spirit. You may avoid suffering and sorrow, but you cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, and live. Chained by your attitude, you are a slave. You have forfeited your freedom. Only if you risk are you free. Leo Buscaglia.
Who The Hell Is Still Up Besides Me?
For all my sexy cherries that are still up please click this link to see what's happenin!! Loves ya!!
Light My Fire
Can You Swim, You'll Have To.
Go to Click on the Get Directions tab near the top of the page. Enter from 'Boston' to 'Paris' Click Get directions Have a look a what is listed at number 5 for the directions to should take. =D
Free Food Rocks!
That's one thing that I like about where I work. Every so often there is free food around. Whether its something that someone brought in -- like the chocolate cake today -- or sandwiches and pizza left over from a meeting. Tis all good! :)
Whats Wrong With People?
Sonmeone please enlighten me why people need to say such bad things about those they dont know. I have read many things on this really kool CHERRY TAP and have found some not so nice things here.there are many mean people who say such nasty things to people they dont even know......thats sad I kind of get frustrated on these websites sometimes as i find alot of people "pretend" to be someone they are not and either get jealous of other members or just are plain rude. any comments on this would make me feel a whole lot better........ thanks for those wishing to help
Bdsm - How To Begin
BDSM. How to begin No matter how long have you been feeling the urge to be involved in BDSM sexual activity, it's never too late to learn this unknown area. But as with the any sex activity, most part of it is left in the dark for a newbie. Find the right one to get involved with It's a common misbeliefe that people who are practicing BDSM or use BDSM toys do harm to each other. In fact many people who feel the urge to play BDSM think that you'd better pick up a stranger who is more or less "fit" for the role of "dominant" or "slave" than say to your partner about your "dirty" desires. This is absolutely wrong approach to the matter. Those involved in bondage activity set particular limits and keep to "Safe, Sane and Consensual". Know the difference between a "reality" and "play" Of course, almost all of us are manipulating the other person in a dominant or submissive manner to some degree. But that doesn't mean that "play" should be ruled by desire someone for a real "sin"
how and why do i tend to run off people i actually like? without meaning too.. must be a secret quality that only comes out when i dont want it to. fuckin'a.
Fuck Him In The Ass With No Lube!!!
So I just found out that the guy that I was seeing was in fact pretty much cheating on me the whole fucking time. he met a girl on here who he told that I was his "roomie" and that we'd never slept together. Turns out he was on the phone with this girl every night as soon as I went to sleep. Then he fucking sent her pics of his cock telling her how much he wanted to fuck her. All the FUCKING time he was going behind my back telling her how much he cared about her begging her to move to utah so they could fuck. I swear to god if I EVER see that son of a bitch again I will fucking kill him. In facct I"m pretty fucking sure that everything he fucking told me was a lie and I'm so disgusted with him right now. I'm too angry to even form words that lying useless piece of scum. . .I can't even comprehend things I'm soo pissed off I'm just sitting here trying to work and I'm fucking up because I"m just so goddamned mad. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Azz
lmao ..I just have to laugh it got even better must be his woman who came and rated me a 1 and left the same comment he not have her link but name is canadian420
Slideshow, My Family
Who Is Hotter Paris Hilton Or Michelle Manhart?
Raunchy Lunch
I had lunch with a friend today. Who cares, right? Keep reading. He came over on his lunch hour. He came right in the door to my room where I was waiting. After a brief kiss and a 'how are you'.. I told him he needed to get naked. As he undressed, I positioned myself on my tall bed by lying on my back with my head hanging off the edge. With his boxer-briefs still on, I watched him... upside down... get closer and closer. His cock was right in my face. I pulled him to me by the ass/thighs until I could feel his hard-on against my face. I pulled it from his boxers and teased it with my tongue.. flicking up and down, left and right. Then I gently sucked him into my mouth. When I started hearing his moans, I gave him that famous hand motion to 'bring it on'. "Oh, you want more?" I nodded yes and he pressed into my face until he was in my throat. I pulled at his thighs again letting him know how bad I wanted him. He tweeked my nipples while he fucked my face and then
Lookin For A Sugar Mama
Im Leavin For 2 Weeks Or So
I went to see Tool in concert last night. I'm still recovering. I don't think i've ever been so amazed in my life.
Tristens Graduation
Well the end of the school year is next week but for all the kids that go to the YMCa Nursery School Friday June 22, 2007 is there last day. Tristen graduation is Tomorrow Wed June 20th, 2007 I have spend a few hours doing baking for the party. I made cookies & muffins. There having a small graduation tomorrow for those kids that will not be coming back next year. Its going to be so cute I cant wait to see him all dressed up. Yes I will take pictures because if I don't I am sure I will have people bugging me for some (Rhonda) lol. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself next week not having to take Tristen to preschool every morning is going to drive me crazy I can tell you that. I do know that my boyfriend is going out of town for three days to help his brother move from Windsor Ontario to Timmins Ontario. Our sister in law is 8 months pregnant a& we don't want her doing all that driving. I know that I still want to do my work out Monday & Thursday heaven forbid I miss a c
Frustration And Jubilation
I am both happy and frustrated with my reef right now. It is looking the best it ever has but I still can't figure out why I'm getting hair algae on the live rock. I had thought it was a Phosphate problem but I tested my Phosphates and they are almost undetectable @ 0.2 ppm. My water parameters are totally perfect other than a slightly low pH. This makes me very happy because it shows my reef is very stable and very healthy but now I have no clue why I'm getting algae. Ugh...
Your Curves
are incredible...were the words I read from the very well educated gentleman I had been exchanging emails with. Being BBW I do admit I enjoy a man who can really wrap himself around me so when this person told me he stood at an impressive 6'4 I was intrigued. Being in Manhatten at the time he would take over an hour to come over. Somehow he made it down to me in record time. I opened my door standing in my sheer nighty with the satin matching robe, the leaned over me andkissed my forehead. We from there looked at my beautiful bayfront view and looked at the lighthouse. we sat on the couch and exchanged idle banter...he leaded over and kissed me..soft lips and passionately. Licking and sucking his way down my body his large hands held my hip as his face was burried deep in my pussey as I sat on the couch. I leaned back as he sucked my hot pink sweet clit and slid his fingers into my tight hole...I came all over his face. We then proceeded to my bedroom. I looked up at his face
9, 8, 7 ??? Wtf??
This asshole rated my page a 9, then a 8, then a 7. I guess he couldnt make up his friggin mind. He said he based it on the picture. The asshole doesnt realize its a profile rating and not the pic rating. Duhhhhhhh! Anyway, plz block him before he gets to you too. Hugs to all!!! handsome1@ CherryTAP
Why is it that I seem to be a magnet for women who really dont give a shit about me. They say they care but their actions don't match what they say. I don't understand what it is that I am not doing right. Is it me or is it them? Do I just pick the wrong women? I dont know. I really dont understand. Its a complete mystery. All I want is for someone to Love me as much as I Love them. Is that asking to much? I guess it is, because so far it hasn't worked for me. Oh well maybe someday. A man can always dream can't he.
are there any ladies out there who can take my tounge more than once?
One day a 6 year old was sitting in a classroom. The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children. The teacher asked a little boy: TEACHER: Tommy do you see the tree outside? TOMMY: Yes. TEACHER: Tommy, do you see the grass outside? TOMMY: Yes. TEACHER: Go outside and look up and see if you can see the sky. TOMMY: Okay. (He returned a few minutes later) Yes, I saw the sky. TEACHER: Did you see God? TOMMY: No. TEACHER: That's my point. We can't see God because he isn't there. He just doesn't exist. A little girl spoke up and wanted to ask the boy some questions. The teacher agreed and the little girl asked the boy: LITTLE GIRL: Tommy, do you see the tree outside? TOMMY: Yes LITTLE GIRL: Tommy do you see the grass outside? TOMMY: Yessssss! LITTLE GIRL: Did you see the sky? TOMMY: Yessssss! LITTLE GIRL: Tommy, do you see the teacher? TOMMY: Yes. LITTLE GIRL: Do you see her brain? TOMMY: No. LITTLE GIRL: Then according to what we were taught today i
The House Of My Dreams ... If You Wake Up You Can Smell And Taste The Pacific ....
I'm Thankful For Your Friendship
Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die Before you do I'll go to heaven And wait for you I'll give the angels Back their wings And risk the loss Of everything Just to prove My friendship is true I'm thankful to have Family and Friends like you! LEAVE ME A COMMENT SAYING YOU ARE MY FRIEND AND IF I GET A COMMENT, I KNOW THAT YOU'RE TRUE FRIEND!!
Call Me Wat U Will I Kno The Truth U Kno The Truth But U Wanna Lie Bout It All.....
all the bullshit goin on im fuckin done i hav tried to explain myself time and time again but im getting called the whore and everything. saturday the 16th i had a party for my sister it was her graduation i was drinkin and i ended up makin out and shit with a friend of mine and i also kissed another friend of mine that nite as well and the nite b4 the party i was hangin out with a friend and he wanted to do shit with me but i didnt do shit with him you all want to call me a whore and a bitch and shit go ahead bc i really dont care i hav explained myself time and time again and i dont need it anymore wat i do in my personal life has nothin to do with any of you IM NOT FUCKIN DATING YOU SO WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! ** you kno who u are** and to the other lil fuckin bitch that decided to tell me that u did shit then deny it u kno wat u fuckin said to me but you kno wat one day all this shit you lied bout and fuckin did will bite u all in the fuckin ass and then theres goin
Who I Am
I am fun, exciting, talented, sexy and funny. I love making love in the rain and feeling someone's breathe on my neck. I love to hear I am special and soak up all the attention I can get. I enjoy a good fight so I can make up later. I like to be in charge but also like to be at someone's beck and call. I enjoy the strength of a man and finding his softer side. I like to be told no and still find a way to talk him into it. I love to be romanced and I love to be argued with. I am emtional and moody, positive and fun. This is me, this who I am.
Oh My Lovely Friends
…How can I tell you... What you truly mean to me In a way you haven’t already heard How can I tell you... About the way I feel when we talk That you can’t already tell in my voice How can I tell you... that I love you so much Differently than I have already expressed How can I tell you... That my life begins and ends with you that you are everything wonderful to me Can I tell you…I love you more than you’ll ever know… or even imagine… To all my sweet and lovely friends in cherry tap .i would like to ask if no one of you can mind and really I like to have answer you all look very beautiful but I can see from you're eyes many things maybe I can see that already what about your boyfriends or your man they can't see it or what the problems with them God blessed you all my lovely united states woman's and hopping you all very good summer and wonderful holyday . for me I am ready to travel by my car's to my sweet century Friday morning and I will misse
Member Listing
If you are a member of L.U.V. Club, please add everyone below. Pete -Founder ♥Pokerpete13♥~OFFICIAL L.U.V CLUB FOUNDER~ HONORABLE SOCIETY OF WOLVES~@ CherryTAP Theresa – Tech Advisor/2nd In Charge BGD's Yummy~Alpha Female ~ Honorable Society of Wolves~Joker's Mistress :)~L.U.V. Club Co Fd@ CherryTAP lAURIE -Master Morpher/ Moderator `blakpnthr68`~Master Morpher~Honorable Society of Wolves~Official L.U.V. Club Co-Founder~@ CherryTAP BRIGITTE -Official Greeter }:{MisssButterfly}:{~~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~~@ CherryTAP CAL - PUTER EXPERT ~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~ PUTER EXPERT~@ CherryTAP Stacey – sweetlady_tx_loves_hotbostontrkr~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO - FOUNDER~@ CherryTAP Crissy – ladyhumps22@ CherryTAP Chris – ~*~SweetAngel~*~ ~Official Fallout Slammers~ ~*~Club F.A.R. Member~*~Please sign my guestbook. Than@ CherryTAP Tracy –
That Burns My Ass
You know what really burns my Ass are people who can afford two three even five happy hours a week and still there are hungry children in this country, still there are people living on park benches and shelters, still there are people that have to decided whether to have something to eat or get medication to stay alive and I should be grateful that there are so many willing to give Cherry Tap happy hours? and don't be calling me a hypocrite cause I have a VIC it was a gift,so fuck you!!! heres a little un- know fact for some of you fuck heads to chew on about "who I am",I give to the homeless I NEVER TURN A BLIND EYE when someone is in need, I would be willing to feed hungry kids or anyone who needed it, I give to Toys for Tots twice a year and I donate toys to the good will as well as clothing and furniture that I no longer want or need,and yes at banks I have stuffed extra money in little cans for cancer kids, so don't you FUCKING DARE!!!!! tell me that I am jealous of those people
Deleted Friends
Basically, I'm going through and deleting all of you people who have like 257 photos who are here on CT for e-fame.. Sorry but I'm not here to give you points, I actually like to chat with my friends and learn something about them.. If I delete anyone by mistake who may have actually wanted to chat with me, send me a message and strike up some conversation and I will add you back to my friends list. Also NSFW pics are gone, doubt they will return. That's no longer the kind of attention I'm looking for online. :) Peace
Michael's Gayspace
ok cool I am a guy and i am not sure if you are into guys or not but either way I hope you aren't offended. On 6/20/2007, wrote: hey. sure. we can chat sometime. On 6/17/2007, wrote: you're really cute :) want to chat sometime? LMAO Michael thought this was a female and accepted the guy's friend invite.
Its Been A Bad Week....
imikimi - Customize Your World I just wanted to apologize to all my friends,fans, and family for not being up to date on rating all the new stuff you have uploaded in the past few days. Monday at 2:00pm my very best friend of 33 years Frankie past away...he was only 43. He had a very long battle with Cirosis of the liver. So as sad as I am for his loss I am truely at peace with the fact that he is no longer suffering. But that is why I have been unable to be on here. I will be on more as the days pass!!! Thank you for reading this and being understanding of this. ~*~WE LOVE YOU FRANKIE...until we meet again~*~
Music Today Is Prole Feed
They don't make good music like this anymore. These days its all about how much money you have, how you got it, who you don't like, what size you like your booty, how your girl is a ho or your guy is a deadbeat, how your teenage girl dumped you and you want to cut yourself. Music used to be beautiful CCR- Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Someone told me long ago There's a calm before the storm I know, It's been comin' for some time When it's over, so they say It'll rain a sunny day, I know, shining down like water I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? Comin' down on a sunny day? Yesterday, and days before Sun is cold and rain is hard I know, been that way for all my time Till forever, on it goes Through the circle, fast and slow I know, it can't stop, I wonder I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? Comin' down on a sunny day? Yeah! I want to know, have y
I'm not dissing anyone,cause I love boobies. But i'm surprised at how many sluts there are on here...anyways..back to the boobies...
Doctors Are Assholes
I hate being sick. Truly I do. It happens, rarely, but even I get sick. Like today, I was so sick I even went to the doctors. I hate the doctors. Why? Is it the fact that you have to pay $25 to sit around for an hour so they can spend 2 seconds with you and toss some drugs at you? No. Is it the fact that every so often they ask you to "turn your head and cough"? No. It's because they are sadistic assholes. I went to the doctors today because I'm very very sick. I tried to just sleep it off, but I'm too sick for that to happen. When I woke up drenched in sweat for the 3rd time, I decided it was time to go. So I drive myself to the doctors office and sign in. Found out that on the plus side to everything, I don't have a co-pay. That was the ONLY good thing. So...I go to sign in, and some dumbass hooker is blocking the registry window with her wheelchair, she's just sitting there, content as can be, blocking anyone else from signing in. So after I shove her decrepit ass down the hallway (
A Hug
A hugs the way to share the joy and sad times we go through, Or just a way for friends to say they like you ‘cuz you're you! A hug is an amazing thing . . . it's just the perfect way To show the love we're feeling but can't find the words to say. And hugs don't need equipment, special batteries, or parts . . . Just open up your arms . . . and open up your hearts
Buckeye Commandments
The Buckeye Commandments As the season nears... we all could use a friendly little reminder of the Buckeye football rules: *Never agree to get married on a Saturday Ohio State is scheduled to play football. There are typically 40 other freakin' weekends to choose from...make her/him choose one of those! *Never attend a wedding during an Ohio State football game unless you carry a TV......and watch it even during the ceremony. *It is OK to wear an OSU football jersey even when old....and fat....and bald. Extra points if you've got an OSU baseball cap on backwards. *Always, and I mean ALWAYS, return any "O...H" with a hearty "I...O." This is true even during funerals, sex, in foreign countries or when witnessing the birth of your child. *When Notre Dame plays Michigan, it is mandatory to despise both teams. There are no winners. *You despise the following teams, in order: Michigan, ND, USC, Miami (that's Florida), and Bama *It is OK to be emotional (and even "tear
Marriage Lol
Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is a husband.
Just Called To Say I Love You....
It Must Be Nice
to be a parent living in a nice ass house have top of the line shit and just throw ur kid out with no money and no place to go for the simple fact she has a new bf great parenting kudos
I Loved You!
This poem is dedicated to My little cousin Alexis Rae Lovaas September 25, 1990 – September 23, 2002 I Loved You By: Ashley There's not a day that goes by that i don't think about you We had our up and down times but no matter what I always loved you There were days I yelled at you and Told you "NO," but thats because I loved you and I never wanted anything bad to happen to you We also had our times that we could sit there and laugh, cry and talk all day and night long Even though we were so far apart in age that didn't matter because we understood and loved each other Now even though you are not here physically, you are with me mentally I will never forget the times we had together We would always look out for each other I will always charish the times we had together Good-bye is such a strong and painful word So, I will never say it because we will se each other someday again up in heaven When I think about u now I cry because I
well it saddens me to say "see ya" for awhile. due to circumstances beyond my control i will be off line for awhile. with good behavior... just kidding. losing the net is all. hope ya all have a great summer. please be smart and safe. i don't want to see any of ya missing when i get back.thanxs for the love and fun. cheers, and ladies, please---"BOTTOMS UP!! dano
My Grandad Passed Away
On Wednesday night I got a very sad phone call from my Aunte telling me that my grandad died yesterday afternoon, so I have been on a bit of a downer for most of the day. My grandad was called William, thats who I am named after. He taught me alot of things, how to play golf, teach me respect and good manners. I knew that when ever i went to visit him, never to speak back to him or say no to anything he told me. I'm gonna miss him alot. So Im sorry to all my friends on here that I havent managed to get round you all and leave you comments like I always try to do. I will try and catch up with you all on here as soon as I can. Take care and know that I miss you all very much. Willie
New Pix
I uploaded a few more pix in the June 21, 2007 Folder. Empress Skeeter came over tonight with a jug o'margaritas and forced me to do a photoshoot...LOL
This big man right here turned two years old!
Comment Bombing
Just a little note. Friends, If I do not comment bomb your photo, it is not that I don't want to help. The lag where I am at gets so bad, that it is an exercise in futility, not to mention frustration, to comment bomb. And I don't need any more frustration in my life from CT. I have enough of that with inane Mumms. I apologize in advance, but I cannot comment bomb for your contest. Sorry. I wish you will with it. Thank you, GH
New Roster
this is a compiled list of members who are either full time or parttime if this is not correct please c-mail me the correct standings. full time- ************** snukkums redkandy diamond gems yugioh redangel dragonlover nikkilfc ***************** PEOPLE WHO ARE ILL ***************** cherrybomb christian1369 newbabenwoods ************** parttime ************ goddess ellen okwaho odinsmomma headhunter662 txblondie bigdog luis robbie megan magnumforce54 badassnick djpogobob broken_hearted420 txsunrise this is the roster ,like i said if there needs to be corrections let me know.
Due Too
due too a guy named raptor i will be deleting most of my picture due to the fact that he reported a picture sorry guys
Bla Bla Bla
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6 Things That Make Me All Grrrr! ;p
I was tagged, and not even in that fun sweaty twisted limb-cooing-whimper- giggle squeal way by Crissy to do this... so here goes (prepare for bizarre neurosis & idosynchratic pattern): 1. I like to keep my pennies seprate from the rest of my change. I have a lil' purple heart shaped plastic Powerpuff Girls change purse just for the pennies. I keep the quarters, dimes and nickles in my regular wallet. Don't know why, but I feel all "grr" when they intermingle. Coin segragation is rough... but someone has to be oppressed. Yes, cashiers do give me the "WTF?" face when I crack open the PPG sack of penny dewm... Maybe I'm too young to be that lil' old exact change lady... *for once I'm early for something!* 2A. Like Clementine in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" I find the word nice a wholly inadequate descriptive for anything. I use it rarely, and find it like boiled white potatoes... blah, and meal-y paste-ish goo that serves as a functional & genial social spackle...
A Simple Prayer....
Subject: A simple prayer Relax your mind and humble your heart to focus on Christ. Allow God to be the only person on your mind while you read this prayer. If we can take the time to read long jokes, stories, etc., we should give the same respect to this prayer. Friends, who pray together, stay together. If you pray this prayer, change the number. Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness. Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You. Please broaden my mind that I can accept all things
Why ????????
Why do people hurt others? Admit they knew their actions would hurt you and go ahead and do it anyways? Admit the same actions would hurt them and go ahead and do it anyways. Then after the fact continue with the same behavior while all along insist they LOVE YOU ?? Please post your comments and feelings on this. JG
Saying Goodbye To Friends
A few days ago ...we lost nine firefighters,those nine were close friends of mine . I've spent alot of time shedding tears and asking why ...then I got my answer they just like me would put their lives on the line for anyone . So today I bid my friends a farewell .Thanks for the time that we did spend doing what we needed to do ...Goodbye my wonderful and now angelic friends.
My First Post
Mistress M has ordered me to make a public account of my service to Her. i have been serving her for almost a month now. However, the last week she has taken over my whole life. i am only her internet slave, but she is with me always. i am only allowed to cum when She allows it. i am used to cumming everyday, so this is a major change for me. She took it easy and only made me wait 5 days this first time. However, She likes to make that time very interesting. Every night, i have to sleep in my stockings. This causes me to lay awake hard and horney thinking about Madame. Also, at work, twice a day i have to go into a bathroom stall and play with myself for 5 minutes without cumming. Since meeting Mistress M, i spend most of my time horney and my ball ache, and i couldn't be happier.
It Pisses Me Off
He didn't show up!!! I waited up in the tree, with a special gift for him. I was gonna jump out and surprise him, but he never showed. Luckily there was another couple up there sitting in the car. I watched them screw for a little, then I broke the window in with a bat. Turns out I knew them and they knew me, I guess that's why they took of like a bat out of hell. Why doesn't anybody wanna be my friend?
I Am Home
I got home last night from our vacation all the way down to San Diego. We really enjoyed our trip. Spent last weekend in San Jose and went to see the San Jose Sabercats beat Las Vegas 66-26. On Monday my husband took our son to the Anaheim Stadium to watch the Angels come from behind by 5 runs to be Houston Astros 10-9 in the bottom of the 9th inning. Tuesday night we went out to dinner to celebrate my step-father's birthday at the Black Angus in San Bernardino. Wednesday we went to San Diego for the day and had a blast visiting Sea World with my parents. Thursday we drove back to San Jose to spend the night with my husband's mom. Friday we got up and drove to Travis AFB to visit with our oldest son for a few hours. And then... we drove the rest of the day to our home in Oregon to finally get back home just before midnight... Today... back to work :( We had a great week off but now it back to the grind and I am just about to leave to do a 12 hour shift
AS you all know, I was going through a broken heart, I am all mended, and thanks to all my CT friends, that helped me out. My questions is, can you forgive someone after you feel such a pain in your heart? I am not very good at foregiveness!
Jeff Gordon To Appear
JEFF GORDON TO VISIT PITTSBURGH A one hour Question and Answer session with Jeff Gordon will be part of a day long racing event to be held at the Waterfront complex in the Pittsburgh suburb of Homestead. (Pittsburgh, PA June 22, 2007) – NASCAR driver and four time series champion, Jeff Gordon along with his #24 Nicorette sponsored race car will be at the First Commonwealth Bank, located in the Waterfront complex in Homestead on Tuesday July 10, 2007. This appearance is part of an all day event. Jeff is scheduled to be on stage from Noon till 1 PM. This is an off track VIP experience for members of the Official NASCAR Members Club (ONMC) as they will be given choice locations in front of the stage. Members will need to register at the ONMC table beginning at 10 AM. The table will be located in the lot next to the First Commonwealth Bank. Jeff will not be signing autographs at this event. The First Commonwealth Bank will be giving away a trip to the September NASCAR Race at Dov
This One Is For You, Deb !!! Dancing Barefoot :-)
Destiny !!! A Poem Copyrighted And Took 1st Place With Awards' Y Marty Kays !
Destiny I had a dream of our first kiss A precious dream that went like this As we walked by the babbling brook Away from me my breath mistook The world was peaceful and serene Where you were queen and I was king The sky above was a sea of blue A vision of love for me and you I knew right then someday I'd be Asking for your love upon one knee Though just a dream of our first date Inside it seems like futures' fate And if someday we find our souls embraced as if in rhyme Remember this and you will see That our first kiss was destiny! Martin Guy Kays Copyright ©2006 Martin Guy Kays
Mange La Mode
A friend of mine is involved with this group to explore with her fashion designing and modeling. I am so proud of her for taking the leap of faith and exploring the realm unknown. Check out the site Mange La Mode and let me know what you think.... It certainly isn't for everyone, but it can spark a few imaginations.... :D
Newest Update On Me
One Man, One Woman..
One man and one woman,,two people entwined in mind and spirit,seperated by distance..both longing for loves first touch, first embrace, and love's first with the thought of what could be..if ever.. I belive that for this one man and this one woman what will be will be, no matter the distance,or time that keeps them apart.... that they will have love's first touch,love's first embrace and yes love's first is not fair,nor do we always choose who we will love but rather it finds us...and for this one man and this one woman love found them, in the most oddest of places..but for for this one man and this one woman, time is all that keeps them apart...just remember to keep your eyes on the prize and you will have it...most important thing is in any relationship like this is how bad do you really want it..cause if you do then nothing will stand in your way of your happnest..only you..
I don't ever let all of me go.....but today I feel exposed to all my I put one foot in front of the other, walking on a new path...I find myself wondering who will reach out and take my hand....*smile*...and moreover, will I grasp theirs back....I dream of late afternoon, sun drifting down, sinking into a wonderful soft bed, passion running furiously through two souls bound in a fury of physical love...soft kisses starting at the very top of a person and slowly caressing down, savoring every inch of a partners gifts to me...stopping along the way to suck and lick the passion from inside and causing explosions of love all over me....nothing is not right...nothing is improper...first softness, in the beginning, graduating to a frenzied fiest of passion and unbridled hot passion....yes, in my dreams....until....I find myself touched by the hand that will take over my path and lead me to a new one to be shared with all the passion and love my soul can give....
Please Read.....comment Welcome..
It completely FREAKIN amazes me @ the insecure immaturity level of some of the "women" here on CT.....Actually no not women @ all just little girls wearin make up pretending to be a woman.......A friend of mine recieved these "gifts" and messages today........ Someone has sent you an anonymous CherryTAP gift! {dirty weeds} "fat bitch he's taken continue to fuck with my man bitch and see what happens fat ass slut" and also this one............ On 6/24/2007, wrote: Someone has sent you an anonymous CherryTAP gift! (dirty weeds) "whats up you fat ugly hore hehe where is your weed dj who u u look like a cow thats why u wont show your true pics gotta us cartoons to cover up thats fat .. by hore u will fuck anyone wont you porky lol.. have a good day miss piggy" NOWWWWW Im reading these and thinkin..WOW what a bad ass hiding begind the CT gift shop...ROFL....SOOO from a friend of the per
Import From The Uk
...HE was 6'4" and extremely Handsome. His blue eyes shined thru his blonde hairas he looked down at me. Smile, dimples and a bit scruffy in a sexy way, he leaned over and kissed me...from that point his lips carressed down my neck to my freshly showered nipples in his lips...I grabbed his hand and lead him back to my room. We got in my room and he laid me on my back..suckin and kissing me down to my hot lips..he spread my pussey open with his face..sucking and licking me. I could not beleive this political 27 year old would be making me cum this much with just his mouth tongue and fingers...he slid his long fingers in and out of my pussey and ass making me cum over and over again. I didnt want him to stop..spreading my lips licking and sucking pussey was throbbing from cumming so much..but I wanted him in me. I told him I wanted him to Fuck me..and he got up and i could not beleive how large he was...up..undressed..and I could not beleive how well endowed this man was
Oh where is cali? The air is soo warm there....I miss cali...Sigh....
Something Worth Reading And Remembering!!!
Dinner Anyone?
If I were a drink, I would be sprite Sparkling, refreshing and amazingly light If I were a food, I would be Manicotti spicy and saucy, sometimes a bit cheesy If I were desert, Chocolate Cake I would be Sweet and rich, a tasty treat! But if were your mate, I would always be true Loving and passionate only for you I would share your heart and hold it close I would make you breakfast, strawberry french toast! We could dance all night or stay at home enjoying each other and our time alone. So until I find you my sweet soulmate Think of what food you want on your plate.
What Am I?
confused and lonely consumed by the danger falling into misery with a complete stranger dazed and excited longing to breathe catching a glimpse as I fall to my knees Passion and trauma scared of the unknown afraid he'll leave me and again I'm alone
He Said Eternity
You're my star guiding me I know love Whispers of a life, in one breath you'd be Everything I am, you saved me You're the light, in my darkest hour I'll be fine, with you i can move on This is our eternity There no words, to say how proud i am You're my miracle, my angel I would walk through flames for you, to light a way I light a path for you, and carry you through life
Cancer Of The Heart?
I found out yesterday that my dad has lung and bone cancer. The hospital only found out because he was drunk and fell (got thrown out more likely) of a pub and went to hospital cause he hurt his shoulder and x-rays showed this other stuff. Should I feel bad, or sad, or anything at all? Cause I don't. I think I don't cause firstly, i never really liked him or got on with him when he was still around, secondly, the fucker didn't even want us to know, and thirdly he brought it on himself by smoking and drinking booze like water. So, anyways, now thats off my mind, on a lighter note, had my last ytwo exams today, so i'm done, dusted and freeeeeee. Now to wait for results (crap) and to look for a job in the meantime.
Song Of The Forgotten
its not true that no one understands or could understand and care its just hard to find someone who understands how complicated you are hurts so bad you don’t know what to do and your night is just starting as others days are through can you be alone with yourself just one more time can you sit with yourself and still be just fine you wade through the hours between night and day cuz the sleep you don’t want won’t come anyway talk to a stranger and call them your friend could they really even care about you in the end you don’t really believe it you don’t dare try you try not to be sad and try not to cry but night after night its coming again what I would give to sit with one real friend
Hubby Shit Again
Ok, first let me fill you in on a little tidbit about me. I have fibromylgia syndrome. Noone really knows what causes it so there is really no treatment for it. Mine attacks my legs and the one thing I am thankful for is that it attacks me in spells. Although i do have problems everyday. I have spells about once a year that can be crippling. Sometimes i am confined to a wheelchair and in the worst pain i have ever felt. All they give me for it is narcotics. I hate taking them in fear of getting hooked so i will suffer the pain for quite a while untill it becomes unbearable. Now let me tell you what my selfish, good for nothin', hubby is doing. I want you guys to comment on this and tell me if im viewing it wrong or am i right. Acutally, I may even post a mumm and get opinions on this. Ok, I started having pain in my legs about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Like i said before its very hard on me to walk when in this condition, although i am not confined to the wheelchair right now i do have
An Explanation
Not even sure how to start talking about this... Most of you who know me pretty well know my Dad is my hero. I don't think there is a better person alive today. He has been there for me throughout my struggles with depression. He is my best friend, my strength, the one I can go to with anything. Without him, I would not have made it through the last couple years. Many of you know I lost my Mom to cancer many years ago. I don't talk about it much, but Dad is also a cancer survivor. I guess I don't really talk about it much because the thought of losing him is something I just cannot face. Dad is turning 70 this Sunday. I can't believe it. He doesn't act it, or look it. This week he and my stepmom are taking a tripout to Washington. He may have retired, but he is still out helping to cover other ministers most weeks. He is helping 2 churches whose ministers are ill. And Dad's last few tests have not been so good. The levels have all elevated. While the Dr says this
How To Change Your Homepage Style
1. Click on My in the gray menu bar, then select profile. 2. Look on the right hand side and you will see the 8th one up from the bottom where it says Homepage Style, Set it to either Power or Original. This will make it easier finding things on your homepage. 3. Then you save the changes by entering your password at the bottom of your profile page and clicking on submit. If you have any other questions please click on the banner below or come to the Support Lounge.
Tell Me How...
How do I tell you that you have taken away everything.When you do not want to see the damage. My daily keeps moving as my mind , body , and soul remain stuck in moments of u. My heart looses sight of heaven only to wallow in hell's madness. My mind races a marathon of us. Only to have the starting line the repeated desire, the finish the hangman's self imposed sentence. My only ruler of love is disappointment. Disappointment's greatest accomplices are expectation and desire. I wanted you from day 1. I expected to want you forever. Now I just need to forget. I need to forget those kisses, but how?... When in a moment you're tasting the flavor of granted wishes and the next, GOD reveals heaven. How does a man go back to the line at heaven's gate after he has already been in...E.D.M.L.
Maybe I'm A Little Tipsy
I might be a little buzzed, but I just need this off my chest, I'm not after sympathy so spare me your sorries and condolences, but I'm sick of how people try to down play everyone even if they know them or not, I don't attack a person unless they ask for an opinion on them, be it physical or emotional, it annoys me when I see people do it as well. I've seen people sheep it up and just try to follow a group to fit in, but the people that stand out and I talk to may have some of the same traits but at the same time they have their own thing. You can see it in the way they type, in the way they act when something goes down. Alice is the big sister that no one will fuck with but will joke around with you if you just mess with her. V1rus is the little sister who is outspoken but at the same time hard to handle because you are afraid of the wrath of people who are her friends. Porch is the drama starting older brother who just gets a kick out of watching people make asses of themse
I was talking to a friend about my previous post on here about the darkness in my heart. He was talking about how I want to find the calm of the darkness and that is very true that is what I was searching for. The calmness and the peace and the security of darkness and all that it offers. Here is what I got from that conversation. What he said rang very true that I am never going to find a man to lead me into that darkness; but as I told him I am not searching for someone to lead me but for someone to join me. I know that I can’t be lead into the place I want to find but I also know that I don’t want to venture there alone. So he told me that it is a trait in men that they want a woman to follow them but yet they never lead them anywhere, and that very few will ever be willing to join on such a journey. Yeah, I guess I knew this, he explained that I would have to hold a man’s hand to get him to go with me. Up until this point I thought I had been ready to do that. I thou
WOOO HOOOOO i just levelled up.... firstly I want to thank my BABY NIGHT VIXEN for doing the final honor of pushing me up...second i want to thank the surveys...2 came in yesterday at happy hour LMAO easy 40,000 points there....and last but by NO MEANS LEAST...i want to THANK ALL of my FRIENDS who have cared enough and been a true friend...thanks for ALL the rates and comments and Compliments on my art work...I love making morphs and editing pictures.....and a Final note to my BRO ROB...LMAOOO told you id level from 20 to 21 in under a MONTH...wanna go double or nothing. Peace out my friend God Bless Each and every one of YOU
chris benoits wife was leaveing him so he took everyone out .....i found this out at
Lately I've been thinking a lot about a lot of things. One thing that's been getting to me is that a lot of my friends have kids. Granted I'm almost 26 and I still have some time, but I've been so down lately about it. I mean I love hearing stories of what their kids do or have done. I love hearing funny and cute stories. But it just sux that I don't have any stories to offer. Lately, I've noticed that there is something wrong with me. I mean I'll be watching either one of my tv series or a movie. And if something tragic happens and someone gets tears in their eyes, I seem to get tears in my eyes.
To Chita Con Todo Mi Amor
Rip Dr. Socolinsky
Today, the famous doctor Mario Socolinsky (here in Argentina) passed away at the age of 65 years old He has been a Pediatrician, and had a tv show for parents with babies, kids, pregnant women and for general medicine since 1977. Many families got their most of their questions answered and knew about how to care of their kids in a better way because of the tv show of this doctor. Actually many of those kids finally graduated as physician because of him, for all his life dedicated to kids. And i'm sure my sister wanted to be physician for the same reason as many others out there... he was very loved by all this country. for the ones that speak spanish, you can read about it here .... WE WILL MISS YOU DOCTOR!
Soul Mates...
You are my heartbeat. You are my strength. You are the only true love I know. I am yours until the end. You saved me from all my heartache, You wiped away my tears. You kissed away the bad dreams And blew away my fears. Somtimes I wonder what I did to deserve you. To know you is to know a mystery. To hold you, my one true wish. And to kiss your lips so softly, Oh... YOU are what true love is. Others can't understand it, How we fell so fast. Showing all the people, That our love overcomes our past. So now it comes time, To prove this love so true. Test after test, we show others That we're stronger together, Stronger then we ever knew. You are my other half, The missing link of me. You complete my soul, Like no other can ever be.
Back To Work
I just enjoyed two days off of rest and relaxation...back to work tomorrow morning...I am in on wednesday and thursday...and friday is my first pay day...I can't wait...hopefully I have this weekend off...but if I don't that is okay too...have a great day my friends...thanks for all the ratings my goal of 1,000,000 point is in reach now lol...stay safe.
just so you all know well if you wnt to that is ,well the women of my dreams said yes to my question to marry me . so were getting married WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. just wanted to tell all of you , have a great night yalll .
Oooooook, Lets Get A Few Things Straight
Ladies, ladies, ladies... Let's just get a few things out of the way here. Ok? (And tell me if this sounds familiar guys...) We're talking and conversating and in the course of the dialogue you start sending me pics of your boobs (oh yeah, you sent them "because (I) didn't ask to see your boobs") and you're askin to be in my fam and whatnot. Cool. I like boobs (And no she never saw my Man). I get ya there on the fam list thinking to myself, "wow, boobs AND good conversation. Cool." No big deal. Anyways, I log in the next day. You're there on my fam. I check out your away message and it goes something like this... "Missing Him". Ummm, ok well we all miss people I guess. I look a couple hours later and its saying "He makes me smile." Then, "Thinking of Cali". Then whatever a hoe-ish internet skank would say next. Ok, at this point you're off the fam. This isn't rocket science. Nah, you're not my girl, but I don't like looking at a hoe's face when I log
People Are Werid
You think with age people tend to grow up and tell each other things that need to be said it sucks because some cant and I make a point to say how I feel does hurt though people cant do the same by coming to you first what can I say the world sucks And fake people do suck so for the real 1's left out their love ya and hope you dont turn your back on me I had to deal with it enough in the last month already
Stupid Tourist Tricks
To start off, I work in security emergency services at Disneyland (the one in Calif) which is just like police dispatch... and tonight, we had a doozy under the Stupid Tourist Trick categor!!! I tell you, the gene pool needs more chlorine! Tonight we get an emergency call from one of the elevators at the huge parking structure from a guest stuck in one of the guest elevators. He said he was punching the button for almost 5 minutes and then decided to hit the emergency button which comes directly to us... Here's the catch, the elevator door was OPEN the whole time he was "stuck" in the elevator!!! Please, get this man out of the gene pool!
This Is The Kind Of Shit I Think About.
So I was sitting in the laundry room having a cigarette, and thinking about things. I've been doing nothing but thinking for the past week or so, but this never really occured to me until now. What is love? Is it a real emotion, or is it just an idea? Do we really love the person, or just what they do for us? Do they really make us happy, or is it just the things they do? If there was somebody exactly like the person you're "in love" with, would you be in love with them too? How much do you really know the person you're with? They could be telling you everything somebody else is whispering in their ear. This thought doesn't just end at love though. I've been thinking about this shit my whole life, but it's just now coming into words. When I was little, I'd play with my barbies and think "What if the barbies are living the exact same thing we are? What if there's people from a different world playing with our bodies, thinking that we are nothing more than a doll?" Or I
Firefighter "danny Pudjak" Ladder-146
Danny's mother and father are a breed of their own and have a tremendous amount of courage, will and faith. They shook hands with or hugged every person that came past their son's casket. Now we can see where Danny's great qualities came from. RIP Brother. you only lived a short life , but being a NYC fireman, you lived one of the best lives in the will be missed but not forgotten!! hopefully you set the standards high for those who follow in your footsteps
The 6-year-old
A six year old goes to the hospital with his grandma to visit his grandpa. When they get to the hospital, he runs ahead of his grandma and bursts into his grandpa's room. "Grandpa, Grandpa," he says excitedly, "as soon as grandma comes into the room, make a noise like a frog!" "What?" said his grandpa. "Make a noise like a frog because grandma said that as soon as you croak, we're going to Disneyland!!!"
I Adore You...
Soft, thin coveted touches reaching down from yesteryear dancing free on unclaimed skin within the shadow of a tear Longing only now portrays what in faint sun dissipated trailing down in adduced smiles as the dusk emancipated Hunger twirling down her spine lingers in compulsive cravings humming in consumptive tunes unsung deeds of love enslaving Rushing, spiraling through veins encouraged by the beating heart claiming once forsaken grounds coercing passion to impart Capturing each dormant thought each touch- each utterance of ardor exclaimed inside each exhaled breath a whisper singing “I adore you”
My Friend
This past Monday my great friend Andy left for Iraq for his 3rd tour. He has 3 children that his family is looking after while hes gone. Andy has been my friend since the 1st grade and now 30 some yrs later we are still friends. I have talked with Andy many times about his time in Iraq and it wasnt good. He has a hard time just getting in a car for fear of it blowing up, he cant sleep in the same house with the kids because of nightmares. He sleeps in the garage that hes made into a home away from home. He has told me that he hates being home because he lies so much to his kids and family about what happens over there and the questions people ask him..."How many people have you killed?" things like that. I pray for the best for him and for him to return home safely. For those of you who read this please say a prayer, wishes or what ever you do for him.
WITH A STEEL GUN IN MY HAND Cold and all alone tonight The wind brings my fear to life The whip of a strong delight With a steel gun in my hand Remembering what was good Forgetting every part of me Loosing sight from far ahead Pretty soon I will be dead Walking along by myself The shadow creeping behind Mocking me, laughing at me Whispering all of the time I come by and stop to look While darkness spreads through and through To mutter again a lost thought With a steel gun in my hand Too late to start over again Too early to face the end Too tired to rage the fight Too scared for my soul tonight Why can’t I see the falling When will I hear the sounds Cumbersome as it may be My tourniquets come unbound The life I had slowly pours Back to earth, a crimson gorge And now rest , to forever sleep With a steel gun in my hand
Bob Saget Is Disgustingly Hilarious
Real Video Proof That Ghosts Are Real!!!
I Dont Get It
why do people wait till your off line,leave some odd comment on your page and block you so you cant ask wtf are you on about!!!grrrrrr
Stranger And Friends
iTS AMAZING WHEN STRANGERS BECOME FRiENdS, BUT ITS SAD WHEN FRiENdS BECOME STRANGERS... I NEVER WANT TO LOSE U AS A buDDY..A H0mEY...A FRiENd... SEND THIS TO ALL Y0 fRIEndS...InCLUdING ME(IF U DONT WANT TO l0SE ME!)~ ____???_____???_____ __?_____?_?_____?___ __?______?______?___ ___?___________?____ _____?_______?______ _______?___?________ _________?__________ _______?___?________ _____?_______?____ ___?___________?____ __?______?______?___ __?_____?_?_____?___ ____???_____???_____ ~I MET U AS A STRANGA. I TOOK U AS A FRiENd. I HOPE WE MEET IN HEAVEN WHERE FRiENdSHiP NEVER ENdZ!!.
Im Not
just becaouse i suffer from bipolar does not mean im crazzy
I Just Found This Today....plz God I Neva Ask You For Ne Thing But Im Asking Now:p
I Am
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will (or at least try to) have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you. I'm the girl who loves to en
sniffmybal...: No you are in my box, you muff diver ->sniffmybal...: good.... now get out of my shoutbox sniffmybal...: Oh my god, I never thought it was possible till now. You are the ugliest bitch i have ever seen
Happy Blah Birthday
Well, it's almost 3am on June 28th which is my birthday. I've tried to go to sleep several times but have been unable to do so. I didn't get my midnight phone call from Daddy singing completely out of tune to me. He would always call me on midnight of my birthday and sing, "Happy birthday to you, You belong in a zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too!" Then he would always tell me the story of how he had to leave to take Mom to the hospital the night I was born and he missed his supper because of me. He sat and waited at that hospital for me to be delivered while his pork chops were sitting on the table at home....LOL **Sighs** Will it ever get any easier? Sad birthday to me, eh?
good morning my awsome friends i hope you have an awsome day and remeber to keep a smile on your cute little faces
For A Dear Friend Of Mine
SPECIAL PRAYER FOR A SPECIAL PERSON.MY FRIENDSTHIS PRAYER IS FOR MY FRIENDS DAUGHTER,I'M SURE THAT EVERY ONE OF US HAVE SOMEONE VERY DEAR IS GOING THROUGH PAIN BUT THIS LITTLE THREE YEARS OLD GIRL WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND NOW SHE IS IN THE HOSPITAL FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE ,YOU KNOW THAT GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ALL OF US IN EVERY MOMENT,SO LET US PRAY FOR LITTLE Abbigail la'shai Baby Boy J'S DAUGHTER AND FOR WHO EVER ON YOUR MIND. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. BabyBoy-J@ CherryTAP A PRAYER FOR STRENGTHO Lord,In this time of need, strengthen me. You are my strength and my shield; You are my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. I know, Father, that Your eyes go to and fro throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts long for You. The body grows weary, but my hope is in You to renew my strength.I do not fear, for You are with me.I am not dismayed or overwhelmed, for You are my God. I know You will strengthen me and help me; that You
I was talking to a friend the other day about Jealousy. I told him to me, it is a pointless emotion. Here is why. I am out on the town with my girlfriend(hypothetically speaking of course). And we run into an old flame of hers. Now this break up was on good terms, so they are still friends. So I expect them to be cordial and friendly around each other. They don't have a reason to not be. Now he starts to flirt with her. Here is were most people would get jealous. But not me. Here is why. She showed up with me. She is leaving with me. I'm the one she says "I love you" to. I'm the one she is kissing goodnight. I'm the one she will be making love to. I'm the one she will be falling asleep next to. I am the one she will be waking up next to. If anything, the ex-boyfriend that was flirting with her should be jealous of me. Your thoughts?
Your Doing
i am me a Shadow Raven i live in the shadows and use my gifts to help in the darkness i tryed changing for others out of love or other reasons i paid the price for it one can not love or be loved if one can not be themself tis not for me no one is worth changing oneself to be wat they want if ur going to be loved it should be as yourself nothing else if they can't do that then they do not deserve you i have tryed several times only to be hurt and pushed further towards darkness was it worth it no it wasnt the price was to high i lost part of me in the process fake friends and fake love i do not need or want the price is to high my name Shadow Raven was given to me by a very dear native friend and her grand father a wise man for the gifts that i have i know in today's technologie age it is not easy but those that realy know me in real life knows of them have seen them i'm not worryed or do i care about others opinions i will not let anyone make me feel the
Fashion Designs By Satan
Ok, it's summer time and it's hot as hell and shows no signs of cooling down for a long time. Being as how it's so hot, people's brains are being fried to the max. I realized this when I went to the mall the other night. Everywhere I turned people were wearing the ugliest things on their feet. Sure they're called shoes, but these shoes aren't just regular shoes, these things are called Crocs. If you don't know what a Croc is you need to get out a little bit more, hit a mall I don't know if it's a fad or if it's really the real thing. Crocs aren't made specifically for men and women, they're made for everyone. That's right, men, women, kids, and God knows what else can get a pair of crocs. Crocs, if you haven't noticed are plastic shoes with holes in them. Well actually, they're rubbery shoes that when worn mold to your foot as they warm up. The holes are for circulation and there's a strap on the back to hold the shoes in place. The shoes were originally made for
Well, Doesn't That Just Bite?!?!
Yeah, so I packed my lunch in a hurry this morning and a grabbed a bowl of what I thought was left over grilled chicken with rice. I go to heat it up for lunch and it was ..... ..... just mashed potatoes. No chicken, or meat of any kind. That sux! So lunch today consists of: Mashed poatoes, a KitKat bar, and Diet Pepsi.
The Shocker
Yeah so i didn't know what that was before i joined this group. lol I googled it and then learned all about it on wikipedia. damn was i surprised. my butt is a virgin. that cherry has not been tapped. i just don't get it. did everyone start doing this overnight and i missed that memo? its so gross and it just sounds so painful... i've had this discussion with so many of my friends, and i guess that i can understand the whole trust thing... wow its off the hook. like if its a pregnancy thing, why aren't girls using birth control, then u don't have to worry. i don't know if any of this makes sense but i had to get this off my chest. i really don't get it
Deleted A Couple Stash Items
I took the step of deleting a couple stash items today. Its so stupid cause this is an adults site and I am starting to wonder...what is really defined as NSFW? I mean come on! I see alot of stuff on here people...and I am left wondering.... I had a couple Monty Python scenes in my stash...but they are gone now. I decided that maybe "sex education" from "The meaning of life" might be too risky. I mean...its freaking funny, but do I run the risk of someone coming to my page and reporting it and losing my account over it...nay. I really do enjoy them and they are totally for adults...but if anyone can just complain because they don’t like what they just viewed and my account gets deleted...its not worth I am being pro-active...LOL. Maybe I am being overly sensitive, but whatever! So since the description of NSFW is "offensive or adult" I removed them. But hey...they are still on youtube if ya want to go see them. I will let others fight over this issue. I personally like my
When You Are Old
When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire,take down this book, And slowly read and dream of the soft look, Your eyes had once and of their shadows deep. How many loved your moments of glad grace, And Love your beauty with false or true, But one woman loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face, Bending down besides the glowing bars, Murmur,a litle sadly how love fled, And paced upon the mountains overhead, And hid his face amid a crowd of stars...
We're Launching P.o.p. Sisters!
What does P.O.P Sisters mean? Well, P.O.P. stands for Power of Pussy! That's right, we're women, and we know we have a little power, so take the time to check out the P.O.P. Sisters network! Introducing the P.O.P. Sisters Network This is a whole set of lounges that are looking for you, and their either made by women, or for women! Just check out the members of the P.O.P. Sisters! That's right, P.O.P. Sisters is your home for hot women, fun chat and good tunes. We feature Excalibur Radio and lounges dedicated to the P.O.P. Find your favorite here!
Everyday theres multiple Mumms about "am I hot.. cute. fuckable..." etc this is one that took offense to my lil pic I gave him instead of being my charming self. -As usual read from bottom up.. Im too lazy to change it.- SmokeDrago...: im not begging lol ->SmokeDrago...: chill with the begging... SmokeDrago...: damn ok chill with the attitude ->SmokeDrago...: *Site ->SmokeDrago...: DUde... knock it off. there IS a sught called type it in and go SmokeDrago...: lol ok ifu have yahoo i can send u pic ->SmokeDrago...: Im not going to your page to check... SmokeDrago...: then am i hawt or not? or cute ->SmokeDrago...: No Id say that if I thought it SmokeDrago...: callin meugly right? ->SmokeDrago...:No thats Mild compared to what they say SmokeDrago...:You sayin Im ugly
Got To Love Religion
Ok, so, I’m not one to blog every 5 seconds around here, but I cant seem to let this one go today. Must be my man period again. Anyway, I went thru the drive-thru at the bank, and end up with a Christian piece of literature in with my receipt. Now, I’m all for freedom of speech and religion, but I’m at the fucking bank for Christ sake. Well, being the open-minded and outspoken person that I am, I decided to go inside and ask the manager about it. Boy did they pick the wrong day to mess with me, lol. The manager comes out and asks what the matter is. I merely asked if it was ok for Holy-rolling bible-thumping super-Christian employees to distribute religious material while at work. Before answering my question, the manager asked if I was offended. I certainly was. Now keep in mind, that if you wanted to label what I believe in, you would most likely call me a Christian, however, since I have some different views on things, I am apparently going straight to hell. What I found out next wa
I Want You
I just want to lay next to you. Stroke your hair. Be a part of your warmth. I just want to kiss you. Your neck smells like musk. I just want to take it all in. I want to look into your gorgeous blue eyes. I just need to kiss you softly at first. Then with a passion that surprises us both. I just want to taste all of you. I just want to take you to new heights. I just want you.
User # 489945 "babyboy-j" Daughter (not My Daughter, Just Posted This)
Their turning off the machines at 2 not expecting her to make it even a 1/2 hour shes gone,3:22 pm IM GONNA MISSED HER SO MUCH I REALLY LOVE HER TO DEATH SHE MY ANGEL SHE IS MY EVERYTHING I WILL NEVA FORGET BOUT HER SHE MY HEART:X ~BabyBoy J~
My Settings
Please dont take it personal if u cant view my pics, u soon will be able too, just adding people to my family that I trust. I know someof u missed my earlier blog, so heres another one.
Light Blue~
Well He didnt have to be Blonde and have teeth as white as his sweater..Everything about him fit perfectly. His scent 'Light Blue' matched his eyes.. It was funny how I noticed the small detail of it all, When typically He isn't my type. :) Only because His body form didnt resonate Manliness or whatever that it was missing. Might have been perfect, perfect timing in a sense, but I turned him down. Even while glancing at his Diesel Jeans and absendtly thinking I loved his belt. :D I couldn't care if my man didn't wear designer clothes or had rolls of cash in his wallet. If I'm not attracted within fifteen minutes of our conversation, it's out. Sad when the only reason you want to drool in his presence is for the fact he's wearing your cologne, and how often do you come across someone who does? :) You smile thinking, gosh, if he only knew that was the only thing he had going for him. hehe I giggle in my own mindless thoughts. Wishing My gf's would rescue me. They only left
Monterey Bay
Early in the morning to rise, get them out and give them a safety briefing and signed out of the area. Board two vans and my car and we are off. Silly LT wants to go through Los Padres and up Hwy 1 to Monterey, a 2 1/2 hour trip. 3 stops later because of car sickness, we arrive in Monterey. A Stop for coffee, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Bubba Gumps, A Glass Bottom Boat ride, Shopping, lots of shopping and an urgent call to return due to a large vegetation wildland fire. 80 to 85 all the way back on Hwy 101. Get back, on standby, not so urgent afterall. The entire time having fun, right? Yes, however my mind always drifted off to Oregon and Lynda. That is where I wanted to be all day.
Night Swimming Part Two
second installment of Night swimming leaning your head down to touch your lips to my breast, arching my back to meet you. Your hair falling like ribbons of copper on my breast and shoulder. You look up at me, blue green eyes the color of tropical waters, sparkling in the moonlight a smile on your soft pink lips, a slight blush of tose on your cheeks, Unwrapping my legs from your waist, i lean closer to you, softly kissing your neck and shoulder, letting my hands softly caress your sides Your skin is so soft, it feels like sarin beneath my lips, long hair cascading down your back and slightly sticking to your wet skin. ...more soon sory.....
I Love This Quote
Quote of the Day "The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on." – Julia Alvarez
Today's Quote Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you. -Satchel Paige
for the Copa America... well i have to tell that we won the soccer game :) sorry hehe Argentina 4 - United States 1 before the game and the results :P
It's Been .. Um ... "amazing" ... Lol
I had never heard of this site until a few hours ago ... I was sitting here, clad in swimwear to head out and work on my tan, chatting with a longtime friend on Yahoo .. when he said to me .. "Hey, you ever heard of cherry tap?" Well of course I hadn't so he got me the link and within minutes I was logged in .. Good grief, 5 hours later, here I sit, still clad in swimwear, having never made it to the pool. Within the first 15 minutes, I was ready to log off and never visit this site again .. for I had never seen anything quite as chaotic. I felt like I was under attack .. lol (Well, maybe I was .. *EG*) Anyway .. to those of you who offered help in my first few minutes .. THANK YOU saved me from drowning .. And to those of you who have assisted me in these first few hours .. THANK YOU .. And um those of you who um .. well, have gotten me a bit "excited" about being here .. THANK YOU! I hope the rest of my stay here will be as enjoyable as the first
Found Todays Funny
You're a master at maintaining business as usual, but what if your insides are actually in turmoil? Let go of that mask. When other people realize you need help, they'll be perfectly willing to give it.
My Model Of The Year Page Is Up!
I am so excited! Playboy has put up my Model of the Year page on there site. Check it out! Muah xoxo, Breann
Looking for new Cherries to eat!!! Join me!!!
Posting A Blog!!
U can really find out what kinda assholes u are dealing with! Just post one! CT Haters, fuck u!
Dream Vaction
We have finally gotten to our destination. Twelve glorious day on our dream vacation. As I start to unpack you say your going to scope out the resort. This is an adult only resort in Fiji and its absolutely beautiful. You can sense the romance in the air. When Im done unpacking you are still not back so beings there is a large open deck outside our room I decide to do a little sunbathing. I look around and no one is there so instead of putting my bathing suit on I decide to lay there naked. Hmm I think to myself no tan lines. I Lay the towel on the lounge and oil my body up, as my hands are sliding over my body I am starting to get turned on. I jokingly say to myself I really should pay extra attention to my tits, ass and bald pussy. wouldn't want them getting burned. I lay on my back and pour tanning oil over my tits and start to rub, my nipples are growing under my touch so I give a little pinch and tweak. I can feel my pussy starting to get wet and my clit growing. I pour more
Stalkers Suck!
Some of you know I have had a stalker for several years now. I think it's getting to the point now that I will have to get a court order and jeopardize her career. I do not know why she does what she does. She has had several profiles on here, yahoo and myspace. All fakes and all full of lies. Anyway, if you call me and she calls you, her name is Donna L Gentry. She is NOT married to me. She is not WITH me. She does not even know my address or where I live. Feel free to mes with here head and tell her you ARE with me even if you like and call me or send a note to me and let me know if she has contacted you. I need to finish building the case so I can get an Order of Protection. Might even get her lill but locked up since I have dated a few female law enforcement officers. I sure hope she calls them, it will all be too funny. How did she get my Cellphone info. She called Sprint and pretended to be my spouse. Whether you are single or married, call your phone
Cut My Face?
Thursday, this COMING friggin Thursday, I am having surgery on my sinuses. I have to have my septum (nose bone) broken and reset because it is occluding my left sinus cavity and making it hard for me to breath. I have to have my upper sinuses opened up and a cyst removed from my right sinus. All this is suppose to happen through my nose, into my face and up into my brain! It brings to mind the movie with Arnold, Total Recall where the probe comes out of the nose with the little orb on it. Maybe they will find another race of beings in my face and head. I will be laid up in bed recovering, half doped up, partially irritated I am sure. I will do some *mad tapping* :-) Just rambling because I am nervous about it....and that is really what a blog is about. Sharing your personal thoughts. Well there are some personal thoughts for ya.!!
Saturday 06/20/2007
I know I missed Friday's thought for the day, my apologies for that. A thought for the day from: Peter Britt "Her beauty is from within. It pours over her and covers her with a glow I have ne'er pleasured in before. I drown in her arms and an instant lasts a lifetime. To find beauty, the easiest pursuit and I have seen it. To taste it's sweetness, therein is held the treasure. To revel in its sweetness and memory when it is ripe and willing, there is my undoing. The taste stays with me, unforgiving." © 2000 Peter Britt Krystal Vision Productions
This Is What
Ok this is what is going on with me right now.Me i am having alot of health problems right now and i need all of my friends to keep me in prayer please.Now i dont ask for much but this is one thing i do need so please.I have to go in for a spinal tap next friday and it is cause to alot of fluid build up on my brain so they are needing to drain some from the spine to start.But after that they are wanting to put a stent in the side of my head to keep the fluids off and the swelling please everyone keep me in mind and if it takes me a while to get back to you that is why.I love all of you and hope you guys can bare with me..So if you all can go to my folder and rip the candle and burn it for me it would help. You friend,loveablesissy Hope all of you have a safe wonderfull 4th of july.
My I.b.i.c. Sistas!
Meet all My Sistas!!! My Sweet Sistas! ~Mydnyte™~Founder of I.B.I.C.~ D.S.C.~!@ fubar Mystêfyï~I.B.I.C.~♥D.S.C.♥~FB wife to Jim~@ fubar ۞§eductress §in åkå VamPre§§§inCin ♦I.B.I.C♦۞@ fubar †®ø©k§†ã®69†~I.B.I.C¤CLUB F.A.R~@ fubar IRISHCELESTE~ I.B.I.C.~ Rockstar Lounge~@ fubar Soldiers Angel -I.B.I.C. Member-@ fubar ~ JADA ~ {DSC always} {IBIC} ~ Fubar Wife to Recondoc and His Real Life Fiancee'...hehehehe~@ fubar MyZtErY~{Dirty South Crew}~I.B.I.C.~Dirty Addiction~@ fubar ~♥ Lady Sunmaid♥~♥I.B.I.C.b
Night Swimming Part Three
moving around you trailing my fingertips along your side, your flawless pale skin seems to glow in the light running my fingers through your silken hair, I pull it over your one shoulder, exposing your neck to me. Moving close to you, kissing your shoulder and neck, nipping gently at your neck, pulling the skin lightly with my teeth wrapping my arms around you from behind, pressing my bare breasts against your back pulling you into me my hands exploring your body, running over your smooth skin of your stomache moving my hands up to cup your breasts, I lean closer whispering in your ear how beautiful you are as I do your body seems to melt against me I feel your hands reaching behind youand carresing my hips, light moans escape your soft lips as my fingertips brush over your pink nipples I can feel you squeeze my hips as I pinch them gently...your beauty is intoxicating, never met a woman quite like you One hand still massaging your breast , the other roaming down
For you wondering, things in my love life, are getting back on track----ty for all your friendship for my trying time...
Five Minutes
Well this is it. a couple things to do and i am gone. 5 minutes should do it.
Sex Ed 101
im in a dream stae of mind, and fantasizing about a good looking guy, touching and squeezing me, piching and grabbing meand i get hotter and hotter, i throw him on the down on the bed, and i tie him down with nylons.then i also blindfold him, to tease him ever more and more, as i grab a couple toys to tease him , he is moveing sensually to every touch i give him. then i grab his balls tenderly and give a slight squeeze to them.he moans softly, i gently nibble the head of his cock, now and hercires out for me to nice , i nibble harder when he says that. know i take oneof my smaller toys out and poke his ass gently, he goes wild and tries to excape me/tighten the nylons now, so he has no chance of getting lose, as i am probing his ass with my toy i move up and bite his nipples, he cries out even louderthis time i dig my nails into his ass, and tell him to shoosh, or it will get worse. he stops for a second and i stick the toy into his ass hard this time,but he remains silent as per my in
Help: Fire Alarm Spontaneously Going Off!!!
Anyone know why the fire alarm goes off w/o reason? No smoke ... no fire ... no nothing and they just started screaming. It happened twice in one night a few weeks ago around this very time. The batteries are not low. We actually only had batteries in the two bedrooms from the last time. I pressed the button on the one in my sisters room and it turned off. WTF is triggering them?
Bedroom Painting Project
Some of you that chat with me on a daily basis will know I'm painting my bedroom this weekend. Today will be the day I paint the computer desk area of my room & so I might possibly be down for a few days. I have a massive corner computer desk & so moving it will not be fun or easy. The trim is a darker brown than the walls so it's going to take time to get it done. I very easily could be MIA until the 4th/5th of July. To my wonderful friends who visit me & comment me daily; please don't forget about me. Girly glitter comments from Girly glitter comments from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m XOXO~Lizzy~
I'm Back In The Lead!!~thanks Cherries~
I'M IN FIRST PLACE!!!!! Ok Friends,Family and Fans!! The Gimptastic One needs your help!!! I need you to click this link and comment the hell out of this pic!! Help me win this 3-day blast!!! You can vote as many times as you like. Comments count as votes!! The more comments the more votes!!! Thanks in advance to all you that vote for me!!! Porcelain has added a challenge to all that read this to match her 400+ votes!!She will also buy the person with the most verified votes a gift worth up to 4,000 Cherry bucks!! Can you do it??? I dare ya!! And as an added bonus, the person who sends me the most votes well get the most "exspensive" cherry gift I can "afford" with cherry bucks. (Right now thats the Corvette but if I level up and get more by the time this is over, I''l buy you the most exspensive one I can afford with Cherry Bucks). I'll also rate everything on your profile with 10's(or until I run ou
Girlfriend Application
GIRLFRIEND APPLICATION Current mood: horny TELL ME........ BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: OTHER: 0. Are u a virgin? 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who is your favorite rapper? 3. Do you drink/smoke? 4. Do you like the rain? 5. If so...would you play in it with me? 6. Would you give me a lap dance? 7. Would you like for me to give you a lap dance? 8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together? 9. Would you kiss my neck? 10. Do you play any sports? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw each other? 13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick, slut etc)? 17. Would you give me a kiss just because? 18. Would u sleep in the same bed wit me? 19. Would u take me home to meet your parents? 20. Would u
Can Anyone Help?
I have windows vista........ I just downloaded adobe photoshop 7.0 When I try to open it I get this stupid Vbox error. It says " Failed to intialize Security Client. Error code:202. I know nothing about this but I want to be able to use this program. I downloaded it from freeware offline. if anyone knows wha tto do or has this or an equivilant art program please contact me.ASAP Brian
A couple of people have complained to me about me putting stuff in the ol' Stash. Honestly you can just remove me if you feel the need to complain about it. The stash serves a few purposes: #1- It lets me watch the videos for songs that I've never seen before because I grew up without MTV for the most part. #2- When someone asks what music I like, I can direct them to the stash... most of the good stuff is in there. #3- Its a way to share the music I like, some of which you don't hear very often anymore. Most of the time when I drop stuff in there, I get a comment like, "Wow, I forgot how much I like this song... I'll have to download it." So stop whining or delete me. The rest of you, we're cool and rock on.
A Tribute To Myself...duh.. Baila Morena :-)
Im's With Idiots
IM's with idiots..... **for those who have never read an episode of these, please note anything in ( ) is simply thinking in my head and names are changed of course idiot: don't you hate sundays? me: not really (what ever happened to "hello"?) idiot: I hate them idiot: are you one of those preachy bible in your face jesus bitches (refrain from going off) me: no, no I am not idiot: thank god (god?? ok... I am lost) I hate those people idiot: I mean, if jesus was so damn important he would have his own national holiday or something.. you know, jesus day. (wtf? surely he is not serious, ...he can't be serious!) me: lol... are you freaking for real? umm. he technically has 2 idiot: no he doesn't, you got to be lying gurl (gurl?? ohhh nooooo...) what they called then? me: christmas and easter idiot: 4 real? me: (go away.....) yes few moments pass... idiot: damn you are hot! (BINGO! THERE IT IS! knew it was coming) me: thank you I suppose idiot: if you aint no j-fre
Who's In Charge???
A Submissive's Ethics "I'm in charge" This is a realization that some submissives have from the beginning and that hits others like a thunderbolt. The Dominant has Control, but the submissive chooses to be under it. The submissive chooses to kneel, and sets limits within which the Dominant controls what happens. In time, trust grows and the scope of that control will grow with it. In a sane, safe and consensual relationship, a submissive has control over how far she submits and within what limits. It is confidence in this control, which is expressed as trust in her Dominant, that allows her to truly submit. This includes having control over: safe sexual practices; stages in the transfer of power; the involvement of witnesses or participants; the creation of photographed, videotaped or other evidence of activities. A submissive also has the right to be well and truly used, to have as much power as she wants to give taken, and to be taken on
I Need Your Help!!!
Please comment bomb my friend who is in a contest. If your not into bombing then plz just drop her a 10 on the her pic. Thanks so much! Press this link to help out!! xoxox Look how damn sexy!!! Please rate/comment bomb her!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
How To Get The Women On Cherrytap
Hi, guys - Dr. Don here with some timely information on how to impress women online here at CherryTAP and other community websites! Make sure you read ALL of my advice before posting a reply. It's a good idea to create your profile with as much fiction and fantasy as possible. Do NOT let her get to know the REAL you, epecially if you are married, attached and so on. Operating this way will ensure you have built yourself up into the ultimate catch and you can toy with her emotions with abandon. At the very least, if you can't create your profile in this fashion then outright lie and make excuses. Be sure to track your excuses and stories somewhere handy where your wife or girlfriend can't find them for future reference when stalking your online prey. Women have a way of noticing when you change your story, so track your correspondence separately for each girl - don't miss the shoutbox, this is very important. Women LOVE it when you make comments on their profile and pictures
Ok i been on cherrytap since it was Lost cherry and i never complain or wine but i have to say this. Why would youeven go through the trouble of rating somebody a 1? i mean really if you really feel that badly about somebody why wouldnt you hit the x in the top right hand corner and close it out? Just a thought....HMMMMMMM. Now i have gotten it from men and women which is cool but keep in mind if your a man and you rating me, either you a nice Cherry and just rate people or you a gay cherry and your girl probably rated me a 11 lol ha ha, and to the women that do im not that mean to say negative things or list you as i have seen so i will just say thanks for the rate and keep the 1's coming lol
Yall Gotta Read Dis ..... Its Funny As Shit .
This Dumb ass got mad cause i wouldnt give him my number . So this is what he left in my shout box ............... I think its funny as fuck .... Read from bottom up ...... My Shoutbox ->E.The Frea...: whateva BITCH. yo grl mo of a man dan u are ya bitch mutha fuka fake ass E.The Frea...: furthermore as for ur man if he was so great u wouldnt be on cherrytap being a whore seekign the approval of other men to tell ur ragedy ass u look good ->E.The Frea...: i aint worried bout yo bitch ass . u funny as hell . laff'n like a mutha fucka ova here E.The Frea...: maybe if u werent updating me on when u post pics and giving me so much play on hee I may believe ur weak ass E.The Frea...: and u dont fase ma t all E.The Frea...: I know I look good and so does every other female who jocks this so u really talking ur shit to the wrong man because I am betetr than good lookign bitch ->E.The Frea...: was neva crazy ova y
Cleaning The Closet Out
I have come to the conclusion that some people are just more concerned with getting friends and seeing nsfw pics. Please dont get me wrong i do have some great friends that talk to and want to be my friend. I am just tired of letting people see my pics and never hearing from them again. They dont seem to realize that I am opening my door for them not to have it slammed in my face. So in the next few hours I will be cleaning out the closet sorta to speak. If you are truely my friend and wish to stay that away show me!!!!!!!!!!!
My Best Paper Ever
My professor called this the best paper he's ever read from a student in 19 years of teaching at Penn State. He asked to borrow quotes from it for his online textbook. So technically, I'm a published author. On November 11, 1918 the European continent ended four years of attempted suicide. As the dust settled over the lands torn apart by trenches and fields filled millions of dead, a new democratic order was poised to rise up in Europe. The Allies had defeated the forces of autocratic Germany and Austria-Hungary while in the eastern part of the continent Tsarist Russia had collapsed into anarchy. The time for all the peoples of Europe to enjoy democracy and freedom according to US President Wilson’s Fourteen Points seemed at hand. Sadly, these hopes of self-determination and peace were ruined almost as soon as the ink had dried on the peace treaty at Versailles. The failure of the victorious powers to deliver a reasonable peace set the stage for the ascendancy of dictators li
Where Is My Someone.....i Want To Find This Girl..
is there a girl like this for me...
I Find It Amusing........
i was just blocked from a mumm..... because the question was..... with video mind you...... does this mean he likes me?....... i simply asked... "and you are how old" ... feeling this was a teenager or else someone that really needs some help...... this is what was in my shoutbox..... too funny.... mexican_ju...: ok its just a question no need to fckin critisize me ->mexican_ju...: oh okay i were a teen mexican_ju...: im 18 knowing me and some knowing me ... if i was criticizing her i think she would know about it.... peeps like this are too funny........ that and downraters...... the type of peeps i dont even worry about..... they are waiting on a reaction and if you give one they win....... the are neg. peeps....... Not Exactly Grounded......... lol
Scotland's Leader Speaks On Terror Attack.
Alex Salmond - Scotland's First Minister. Mr Salmond visited the airport on Sunday. The first minister has paid tribute to the "exceptional" effort which allowed Glasgow Airport to reopen less than two days after a terror attack. Alex Salmond said the "spectacular achievement" was symbolic of the desire the country had to return to normality. He added that Scotland should be proud of its Muslim community, which he said contributed greatly to society. And he denied the country had been complacent about the risk posed by terrorism. The airport was fully operational on Monday morning despite a Jeep Cherokee which had been loaded with gas cylinders crashing into its main terminal building on Saturday. Speaking of the response to the attack on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland, Mr Salmond said: "I think it has been much better than adequate, it has been exceptional, particularly from our emergency services. "Think of it. Only two days afterwards, less than that,
The Nooner
The Nooner Lunch hour date Just cant wait Door barely open Hand start gropin’! Close the door~ Kiss some more! Sweet warm lips Hands on hips Buttons are popping *We aren’t stopping* Sighing~moaning Gasping~groaning We’re still disrobing Fingers are probing Coming back slick Watching you lick Shivers me skin. *taste me again* Your finger slips Between moist lips One more time Your touch sublime. Tickling ~giggling Squirming~wiggling You on your knees *oh, god, yes …please* Silk and lace Against your face Inhale the musk Taste the lust I turn my back A playful smack Take me now Slake me now Tearing~ripping Squeezing~gripping Give in to desire *my body’s on fire* Earrings lost Pillows tossed Clothing disheveled Hotel room leveled. Has it been an hour?!? Damn, time for a shower. Cooing~sighing Kiss~goodbying Should have done this sooner *I love a nooner.*
Ive Been Gone
Well my mother has been very sick. They believe she has a bowel obstruction and has been in the hospital since last Thursday. My mother has been battling cancer since December 06 her last chemo was 3 weeks ago. Now they think the blockage could be more cancer so more testing is on the way. The biggest thing right now is that shes Bipolar and it has kicked in full force. Shes very delusional, paranoid and fights the nurses. She has a tube down her nose to try and remove the blockage and she keeps pulling it out. So this is what Ive been doing all weekend. Ill update when I can.
..... If You Do Nto Wanna Hear Me Bitch Do Not Read It That Simple
This is how I feel...Proclein BY red hot chili peppers Porcelain Are you wasting away in your skin Are you missing the love of your kin Drifting and floating and fading away Porcelain Do you smell like a girl when you smile Can you bear not to share with your child Drifting and floating and fading away v Little lune All day Little lune Porcelain Do you carry the moon in your womb Someone said that youre fading too soon Drifting and floating and fading away Porcelain Are you wasting away in your skin Are you missing the love of your kin Nodding and melting and fading away Little lune All day Little lune... I know you all are tired of my issues but then again no one forces you to read this shit. It is not like I am strapping you down to a chair and making you read line after line although I am sure some of you might enjoy that...hahaha. Plus rason I was thinking about things. I feel like I am loosing a lot of people in my life. Even people I am close
Could use some help w/ some comment bombing for best smile: (click on photo)
as you can see i had to delete my nsfw folder cause i wanted to put more pic up they will be back on hopefully soon
Im Gone
Well see you later I'm going on Vacation. Won't be back until July 17th so Have fun My Cherrys, and don't forget to show the love. Love ya all Wizardary
Poop Splash
Don't you fuckin hate it when you do a courtesy flush and the toilet splashes water up on your ass...that's fuckin nasty!
I Have Just Ran Across Something That Made Me Very Sad..
Many of you know I am Wiccan and have many wiccan related articles in my stash. Well one of my friends on here started reading thru them and found them intersting. She inturn forwarded a couple to her mother just to get her thoughts. No this lady has not chosen Wicca has her path but she is curious about it. For those of us that have chosen this path we know that. I am an electic solitary. I study whatever I want on my own and follow no one path. This poor lady whom I feel very close to because I know how she feels is being condemed by her mother and saying shes going to burn in hell and that chosing The wiccan path is the easy way out. There is only one god and yada yada yada no nothing we havent heard before. To honor gods and goddess meant she would go to hell because there is only one god. There is no mother earth, and yada yada yada. I know I have many wiccan and pagan friends on my lists. please give her sum advice on this. Just leave it here and Ill be sure she gets it. thanks g
Home Again....
I got out of the hospital today after 11 days. 3rd surgery in a month. So sorry I have been MIA. Hugs and Peace =)
Joe My Adorable American Boy
Joe rawks! He's my cute adorable american boy that I met on ct. Makes me glad I joined this site. He loves mint chocolate aeros. He loves mario He love pirates and he loves me ( i love him too ) hehe :D xx
This Is My Real Life!!!
For those that don't know me... I have a very painful, and debilitating disease called LUPUS!!!! I take 10 different medications to take down some of the pain levels I am always in.... I have been diagnosed with this disease for the past 4 years of my life.... It attacks your nervous system, bones, joints and skin.... And most of all it EATS BADLY away at your IMMUNE system..... This CT site is soo awesome.. And I have such awesome friends I have met on here!!! .. So I just wrote this tonight.... I do write alot of journals.. And figured I would start writing them online....... Step into my world for a little while and see that the GIRL behind the smiling pics..... She is a girl painfully hurting on the inside and outside... Just trying to live every day t othe best that I can now.... :) =================================================== How I am feeling today.. Can you hear me?? Can you feel what I am feeling?? Can you hear my Whispers in the nightime..... Through all my pa
My 2 Cents On Chris
I'm sure your sick of seeing this all over the place the pro wrestler who killed his wife and 7 year old child then himself, fox news is reporting that the doctor that gave him his steroids is now facing charges in his death, be that as it may, Chris killed his family not his doctor, Chris had friends and family knowing or even being suspect in knowing there was a problem would had made sure he was safe, and at least talked him into getting help real help instead the media is Turing to the doctor, I agree that the doctor is somewhat to blame and should take that to his grave, but no one held Chris down and injected him with steroids , no one forced Elvis to eat large doses of weight loss medication that lead to his death... sadly I see the media playing the last time Chris was seen with his family, hugging that little boy , the look on that little boys face while kissing his daddy was more then a heart warming sight for me how much he loved his father, he looked up to his daddy , the
Im Just Busy
OK well this has been bugging me. some "friends" of mine on here and yahoo are getting pissed at me b/c I dont talk to them anymore and i tell them its hard for me to talk to ppl b/c of my job i work 2nd shift from 3 to when ever i get done which is mostly 1am. I dont even have time for my real friends in my life. why dont ppl understand that? some girls wanna hook up with me knowing i have a g/f and it says right in my profile that i have one and im a flirty person. why dont ppl just understand. Im a busy guy with life and trying to live my life and them getting mad doesnt make it any easier. I get depressed realy easy and they just make it worse. I just want ppl to know if i dont talk to you for a few days doesnt mean i forgot about you and stuff. if im wronge for it then delete me from your life if you dont want to then just understand. Im trying to find a 1st shift job to free up some time so i can talk to friends and hang out with my real friends like i use too. I miss fishing wit
So Now
so now if you dont want to be my friend ill understand,but just rember this i am still human and still have feeling,you all have bean awsome friends and i thank you but now you know about me lets just see how good of friends you all are knowing all that you do now

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