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StoneKiss's blog: "Sweetumz"

created on 06/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/sweetumz/b88728

Your Gone

you slipped away...I know... I just don't want to believe you've drifted...somehow... ..my tears could fill a thousand pools.. I know you were hurting...I know the pain was indescribable...you always thought of everyone else....you took the pain so others wouldn't feel it by putting up a front when your insides were hurting... My fear came to life The day you lost the fight But a hero you remained Touching the souls of so many that gained Just from simply knowing you.... I know you're in a better place.. I know you have a smile upon you're face.. but I'm cryin' now! Time just wasn't on your side.. this agony..I can no longer hide, that's why I'm cryin' now I played hide and seek with reality I don't want to believe this tragedy Hoping this was some joke on me... but it's hittin' me now I close my eyes in hopes to see You standing right in front of me Sayin "it's ok, it was all just a dream" "Stop cryin' now". I can't accept you laying there All the goodbyes... ...all the prayer Too unreal to me right now.. So, if you're gone Why can't I move on? Somehow I'm still linked to you now If I could believe It was your time to leave My selfishness wouldn't take over me I'd say a prayer and let you rest in peace Please forgive me! Remembering all the yesterdays The tears, the fears, the agony The strength and inspiration you were to me In my heart, you'll forever be.. My tears are runnin' dry... I pray for the day.. The smile...that once brushed your face will appear before me somehow, I'm waiting now...I'm waiting now.. I MISS YOU! PLEASE WATCH OVER EVERYONE...YOU ARE IN SUCH A BETTER PLACE...YOU'RE FAMILY IS DOING WELL.I KNOW YOU WERE SCARED...YOU USE TO SAY TO ME...HOW BADLY YOU WANTED TO LIVE...BUT HOW BADLY YOU HURT..YOU'RE NOT SUFFERING ANYMORE! I AM SAD FOR EVERYONE THAT LOVED YOU...EVERYONE THAT KNEW YOU...I'M SAD FOR MYSELF! GOD GAVE THOSE IN HEAVEN A GIFT BY TAKING YOU UP THERE! I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! PLEASE COME VISIT ME...WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES...I WILL BE LOOKING FOR YOU, PAPA! I LOVE YOU! XOXO I WROTE THIS WHEN MY GRANDFATHER WHEN HE PASSED AWAY
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