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Snake Eyes Radio Dj Crash
The Beauty Of Living
You cant do things "again" in life, you cant re-create what was. That only comes once in a lifetime. But only that particular experience does, other experiences will come along and they will matter just as much. If not more...they will just be different experiences. And one day you will look back on them and they will also be a once in a lifetime experience as you move forever forward on to the next. Believe it or not but your life will be filled with "once in a lifetime" moments, that will totaly complete you in the end. Thats the beauty of living...
Doyou Know Her?
Its not the way my heart skips a beat, nor the way my eyes light up when you walk into the room. It’s not the elation I feel when I hold you close to me with my arms secretly begging me to never let you go. It’s not hidden in your soft sweet kiss that makes me melt every time, nor is it in that oh-so-magical-touch my body longs to feel whenever you walk by. It’s not in your words that caress my heart with such loving care. It’s not the way your smile says so much without a single word. It’s not how your laughter feels like a warm summer breeze to my soul. It’s not all the color you bring to my world. It’s not how much I miss you the second after you are gone from my side. It’s not the explosion I feel when our worlds collide. It’s not in how I can seem to cover so much ground without the earth ever touching my feet. It’s not the strength you give me to weather the strongest storms in my life, nor is it the song my heart si
How many you bless is how you measure success, Im sick of looking back with a pain in my chest, It isnt my fault I cannot forgive you, The hurt you caused will never go away, I lost myself for awhile But I refuse to live my life without a smile,I have no problem going mile after mile, to find my happiness CUZ I FUCKING PROMISE ILL NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!!
Spread The Word
in light of january being cervical cancer awareness month i feel the need to tell my story. In 2003 i went for what was to be a normal pap smear and it turned out to be anything but. i was unexpectedly called back to the doctor a week later about my test results. I was nervous going cause they dont tell you to come back in unless theres something wrong. i walked in and they said the doctor was waiting on me to go right back. i walked in the exam room and the doctor said "i have your test results here" At that time he said that the results showed i had cervical cancer. he said they had to do another test to see just how far this cancer was but he was setting me up with a specialist. The next few months were like a blur to me. At first they said that it didnt seem to be too far and could do a simple procedure and get rid of it. but as it was when i went in to have the simple procedure done they found that the cancer had spread to my uterus. I was devestated to say the least. i wondered w
I see dreams in the sky,they are wanderers They pass through the barriers That we build all day long. They disappear,and leave no evidence Wishes in confidence Revealed in a song. When i look at what i am leaving behind I've no regrets for all the tears i have cried. My dreams if they could be true i'd gain my freedom for good My dreams are vain and cruel But the are all i need to face the gloom The are beyond the white shores Away from my room I see dreams in the night,they are drifting far To float over seas of stars And reach for the moon A silent kiss on the lips of Providence Faith in pure innocence When hope is gone soon I began to see the world that i made When i marched across the deserts and plains My dreams if they could be true I'd stay in a free world for good But they are all i need To face the gloom They are beyond the wired fence Away from this room Everybody says that i am just another fool Who flies with their fantasy And talks to the moon,but who is the real fo
Missing Out
if you haven't had a chance to check out my blog over on blogspot, you're missing some good material. several of my fufriends are participating...we have posted over 30 blogs in under 2 weeks from 8 different regular contributors. here's just one of the many you have missed... convo between another poster and i on our yahoo: perfectly_inked: i am not always a dark humored cunt, you know groobes: i don't think you're dark humored at all. groobes: i think you're dry, but it's not the same thing. perfectly_inked: sarcastic/dry... okay fine. i'm not always a dry humored cunt. groobes: you're not always a dry cunt? ZING! perfectly_inked: i think i just take this seriously because i want badly to write for an audience perfectly_inked: but maybe if i can meet your standards at least partly then i'm sure i can pass for the rest of my slacker brethren groobes: its something to aspire to, certainly perfectly_inked: i sent that invite, dicklick groobes: OHBOY! groobes: maybe im alrea
Small Update
Just a real quick small update. I got notification that they had changed my medical insurance on Saturday so I can get the much needed counseling I have been after in the first place. Yeah to that! With this new medical insurance, its a step torwards ssi, they have a facilitator call me, and we do the paperwork together, whats nice is I will have the state behind me. I have been taking lyrica for 2 weeks now, The all over body pain has lessened, yet its still there. The colder the mornings are, the older I feel :( Its pretty bad to feel 90 when I am only 39. Now the fatigue is kicking my ass. Even though I go to bed, I generally cant fall asleep till between 12-2 am. Then I am always up by 8. During the day I feel extremely drained. So many times I tell myself I need a caffiene shot or IV. Alright thats all for now, just sending an update.
Judgments, Petitions And Goats? Oh My...
So, today began as any other day would in a law firm: hectic, frantic, busy and no coffee creamer. I spent hours combing through paperwork and taking countless phone calls, making countless phone calls, internet searches and a partridge in a pear tree - you get the picture. Now, this afternoon...things took a bit of a turn. While we are awaiting the return of our boss from court, I was in the back two offices gathering some files I needed. As I pass from one office to the other, directly across the hall, I glance to my left toward the lobby and then proceed to the other office - and then I freeze. I wasn't sure if I actually saw what I thought I saw, so I thought it best to take a step back and peer into the lobby once more. Yep, it was still there. Staring back at me is a goat. In our lobby, wearing a leash and a diaper. I quickly stepped into the office again and announced to my coworker, "There is a goat in the lobby." She laughed and responded in disbelief - naturally. I rei
The Year You Were Born!
The links below are cool!  Everything that was going on in the year you were born, from 1900-2006, Enjoy!  :)     _1900_ ( )                   _1901_ ( )                   _1902_ ( )                   _1903_ ( )                   _1904_ ( )                   _1905_ ( )                   _1906_ ( )                   _1907_ (                   _1908_ (
The Washcloth
[[I got this in yahoo, from a relative]]-The Washcloth-Ladies, this has to be read, laughed at and passed on. There is not a woman alive who won't crack up over this! I was due for an appointment with the gynecologist later in the week.Early one morning, I received a call from the doctor's office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am. I had only just packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already around 8:45am. The trip to his office took about 35 minutes, so I didn't have any time to spare. As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn't going to be able to make the full effort. So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pajamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in 'that area' to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car and raced to my appointment.  I was i
Not Always Right | They Don't Call Her Dumblesnore For Nothing
Pool | USA (Someone has been sleeping on a chair poolside for many hours. It’s routine to wake a customer if they’re getting too badly burned.) Me: “Excuse me, miss? You must wake up. You are getting badly sunburned.” Customer: *sleepily* “Where am I? Is this Hogwarts?” Me: “No, ma’am.” Customer: “Narnia?” Me: “Nope.” Customer: “Camp Half-Blood?” Me: “Not even close.” Customer: *pauses* “Well s***, then.”
Johnny Cash/ray Charles Et Al.
"Ring Of Fire"- Johnny Cash/Ray CharlesLove is a burning thingand it makes a firery ringbound by wild desireI fell in to a ring of fire...I fell in to a burning ring of fireI went down,down,downand the flames went higher.And it burns,burns,burnsthe ring of firethe ring of fire.The taste of love is sweetwhen hearts like our's meetI fell for you like a childoh, but the fire went wild..I fell in to a burning ring of fire.....[etc]
Awww The Joys Of Renting....right
Yeah so maybe I just don’t seem to understand. So thought I would rant a bit and see what you all think.    Looks like my apartment complex wants to evict me and wait until you hear why. You too may find it ignorant and others may understand it. Now mind you I have lived since June of 2006.  Never been late in the entire time I have been there. I don’t complain about the heard of elephants or cow tipping that goes on above me at all hours. Or about the fact that it is so poorly insulated that even if I have my heat turned off I still get a bill for no less then $90.00 during the winter. Why? Because there is one meter and they get in the bill take of a whopping 10% then they divide by the sq ft of your apt. Just so you know this blows last year it was no less then 120.00 for a small two bedroom. And as cold as it has been this winter. I am going to have to whore myself out just to pay the heat bill. This brings me to my original reasoning for this blog. So I wake up to
Snappy Title Here
You know, it usually seems that after some sort of heartache is when I become myself the most. I want to get out and do things, because that's what makes me happy - going out and having an adventure. Life should be an adventure, right? I like being a simple person, but I love to go out and have fun! Tuesday night I went out with an old friend from high school to see a band play at the Viper Room in Hollywood. They were actually pretty good. The style of music is very influenced by the glam rock of the 80's, but they had their own spin off it. My friend bought himself a cd. I'll probably end up stealing it from him to put on my computer, whenever I get my own back. It was really fun. At one point the singer jumped off stage and rushed right passed me, stepping on my toes in the process! At least I had my boots on, otherwise my toes would have been hurting for the rest of the night. It was cool though. I really wish my friend Xander would have been there. I only know him online from the
Don't You Need By Melissa Etheridge (in Response To Fu-wifey's Status)
I had a dream late last night The water was running low And my fields were on fire, burning my sky My body was moving slow And when I awoke I tasted the sweat of desire in my mouth And I realized my heart had abducted my mind And they were last seen headed south Now I can't sleep I'm so wired And I find myself screaming out Don't you need don't you want Can't you taste it when you're alone Don't you cry don't you feel Sometimes I wonder if you are real Don't you bleed Don't you need There's no quenching the thirst there's no relief For the hungry at heart And as far as you're concerned I'm just a thief Entertaining in the dark But it's you that holds the cards Now that the joker is wild Don't you want to lay it down And feel your skin against the ground Don't you want to ride the storm And then sleep inside the calm Don't you want to get that high Don't you want to be satisfied Well if you don't want it from me Don't you need I had a dream late last night The water was running low
Somebody's Watching Me By Rockwell
I'm just an average guy with an average life I work from nive to five, hey hell I pay the price But I want is to be left alone in my average home But why do I always feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone CHORUS: I always feel that somebody's watchin' me And I have no privacy I always feel that somebody's watchin' me Is it just a dream? When I come home at night I bolt the door real tight People call me on the phone I'm trying to avoid Well, can the people on TV see me or am I just paranoid CHORUS When I'm in the shower, I'm afraid to wash my hair I might open my eyes and find someone standing there People say I'm crazy, just a little touched But maybe showers remind me of Psycho too much That's why... I always feel like somebody's watching me Who's playing tricks on me I always feel like somebody's watching me Tell me it can't be I don't know anymore Are the neighbors watching me Well is the mailman watching me And I don't feel safe anymore, oh what a mess I wonder who's watching me
Rhyme Session With Bkps
-Each1 Teach1-of Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:Oh the immediate irony of being the last of a dying breed thats willing to die violently..Crazed2APoint... I'M AN ENIGMA WRAPPED IN FOOLISHNESS said:the irony of that is just as bad as this catch 22, wanting to live but having no good reasons as to why you want too... come equipped with enough pain bottled up inside, you can see it in my eyes, i can share a lil bit that could make the devil cry.-Each1 Teach1-of Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:so as he's weepin askin oh mama why, we supply the dopeness that make it all alriiiiiiigh...pressure from the inside let loose unto the night, breathing as an exercise to make us all feel fiiiine, listen as the devils cries turn to tears of pride, damn my people did it, layed it all on the liiiiine.....gyesh yesh!Crazed2APoint... I'M AN ENIGMA WRAPPED IN FOOLISHNESS said:that we did, dark clouds erased ain't nothin but sunshine, but it started raining guess the devil got mad and whipped his wife's
My Hell Froze Over.
I'm Happy. Its been a LONG time. All I can say is I'm glad everything went the way it did. Everything happens for a reason. With my husband, I never dealt with my issues, I pushed them aside and tried to forget them, but they grew bigger in the corner... when we went our seperate ways, I HAD to deal with them. And the deadbeat X I had in the middle kinda made me deal with them... which is ALL I can thank him for besides my Precious Littlest Angel I have been blessed with as a result of our relationship.  When I was alone, I had time to evaluate my life and deal with my issues and see WHAT I really wanted. I had time to be sad and time to think. Many people are delusional and think I want that loser back in my life - I Don't. I don't want him in my life at all. I have three son's of my own - and don't have time for a 30yr old child that doesn't feel like working and uses people. I don't have room in my life to tip toe through the house so he doesn't get mad and throw things at me or wor
The Limp Killer Strikes Again     According to official police sources, the killer known as The Limp Stalker has added another man's life to the death toll bringing the total number up to twelve over the past seventeen months. The body was found in a Wal Mart Supercenter family restroom yesterday evening but as of now, the identity of the victim has yet to be released.   All twelve victims have been men over the age of 65. None have been in the best physical condition which has made them easy targets for the killer. It took investigators several months to actually figure out that the men had been murdered and to piece together what was actually occurring in the moments leading up to their deaths. So far officers have figured out that the killer lures the men into the family restrooms at local shopping centers, offers and gives oral sex causing the men to go into cardiac arrest, then steals their wallets, and leaves them to di
Home.. Alone
You know, being home alone kicks ass sometimes. I have absolutely nothing to accomplish today. No agenda. Nothing. Yay for being able to run around in a towel after a nice hot shower, dancing to music blasting from the greatest surround sound system ever. Hehe! I feel so lame.
For Anyone Who's Curious
I had an appointment with my neurologist today. To try to see if he could do SOMEthing to help me with all this pain. I didn't care what it was. First off...he did what all the other docs did and said "oh great you're off the narcotics" yea...right...but I'm miserable. Second...he told me that I'm crappy at follow up. How am I supposed to know WHEN to follow up when all the specialists I see say "follow up as needed." So that's f*cking retarded right there. Then he goes "Well it says here in your chart you've had problems with narcotics before." Dude...the only "problem" I have is the fact that doctors keep calling it a "problem." I was given the drugs and I took them as indicated. End of story. Then he asks me if I've considered getting a gastric bypass. He says "no surgeon will touch you unless you get all your ducks in a row." Ok welllll I've lost 35lbs in the last 3-4 months or so...AND I can't rly exercise when I can barely get out of bed, now can I? I'm pissed at this whole
Book Review
Forsaking erotic fiction for more serious (but still ultimately masturbatory) prose, I recently finished reading Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections. My assessment:  Heavenly, heavenly prose. I sighed with pleasure, groaned with delight, craved a cigarette when it was over.  Sometimes I'd read a great sentence and just stop, admire, and, as one reviewer warned, have to check my impulse to whistle.  I try not to be prescriptive, but if this book isn't on your reading list, it really ought to be.
Cyber Sex
LuciousLips: Hi βǯÑÑϒ ÐÏÅßĽØ : Hi LuciousLips: Wanna have cyber sex? βǯÑÑϒ ÐÏÅßĽØ : I dunno I never did it before, sure why not? LuciousLips: Ill be gentle βǯÑÑϒ ÐÏÅßĽØ : Okay ty, you start I never did this before LuciousLips: Take out your tool βǯÑÑϒ ÐÏÅßĽØ :
Folk Singer Kate Mcgarrigle Dies Of Cancer
"Canadian folk singer Kate McGarrigle has died of cancer at the age of 63. The mother of singers Rufus and Martha Wainwright, McGarrigle died at home in Montreal on Monday. She had been battling cancer since summer 2006. " Source : BBC Online
Just A Hint
If she doesnt call you [ Its because she is waiting for you to call her ] When she walks away from you mad [ Follow her ] When she stare's at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hit's you [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she start's cussing at you [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignore's you [ Give her your attention ] When she pull's away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she lay's her head on your shoulder [ Tilt her head up and kiss her ] When she steal's your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she tease's you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesnt answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she look's at you with d
I have seriously been struggling over issues with my 19 year old daughter :( She told my sister yesterday she was moving out into a friends. This is not an appropriate house for her to be at. I hate the fact that I cant get her to see our points of view on this and that she is just gonna do what she wants to do. I know she has to learn and make mistakes on her own, but I dont want her going down the same road I did and it destroys me knowing that she is that close to it. I love her with all my heart and ugh!!!!
What's Your Winter Sense?
Your Winter Sense is Sound You're the type of person who listens carefully. You have a very well honed sense of sound. There aren't a lot of bold sounds in the winter, and for you, that's a very good thing. You like the smallest sounds of the season. Footsteps on snow. Water melting off of icicles. You also like the big sounds of holiday music and cheer, but it's the tiny sounds that make the season for you. What's Your Winter Sense? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
What Phobia Are You?
You Are Claustrophobia You are the fear of enclosed places. You demand a lot of freedom in your life. It freaks you out to have too many restrictions or limits. You don't really seek out responsibilities or commitments. You like to keep your life spontaneous. It's easy for you to feel smothered. A lot of relationships and situations make you feel claustrophobic. What Phobia Are You? Blogthings: Waste Time at Work!
Daddy O
In the morning (mid-afternoon, in some circles), I hear the gentle thud of the fella's house-shoes on the hardwood stairs leading to the bedroom. I've been awake for half an hour already, contemplating getting out of bed or the alternatives thereto, and find myself one finger into an alternative. The fella, either ignorant of or not interested in my morning activity, paces about the bedroom, telling me about his morning phone conversations and his plans for the afternoon. My fingers remain tucked between my legs, my warm palm cups the subtle rise of my mons pubis. I wait for him to peek under the many layers of blankets to see what I’m up to or into, but he does not. Instead, he chides me for sleeping late, then, snapping happily, suggests that I call him Daddy O, to emphasize his coolness. “Singers on the Tonight Show used to do this while they sang” he informs me, snapping all the while. “The beats, too. This is how they applauded at readings.” He goes on snapping.
Do They Know?
A while ago on my MySpace page (yeah, I think that's still active somewhere), in that bit where it says 'would like to meet' or something, I put Ron Livingston and Paul Rudd, so the three of us could make a movie together about three guys doing cool shit, or something.  You know, on account of my mad hetero-crushes for those guys. So anyways, 2010 sees the release of 'Dinner For Schmucks', a remake of some French film, which teams Livingston and Rudd up with 'The Hangover's Zach Galifiankis Doesn't take much to see that, somehow, despite not actually being aware of my existance, they already had some kind of unconscious desire to do that thing I said with me, but they didn't know me so they just went with a guy that reminded their unconscious minds of me. (I'm actually kinda torn, I swore never to go see a remake, on the grounds that they just make too many of them, and seriously, why can't people just watch the original French version - but dammit Steve Carrell and Jemaine Clemen
Be Careful Of The Choices You Make...
They could be the death of you.  I once made a bad decision that almost ended my life.  I was young, stupid (not that THAT has changed any), and desperate for attention.  One day in my sophmore year of high school, my "best friend" and I decided to skip school. She and I were fifteen at the time.  We walked to her 21 year old boyfriend's house.  From there we went to the liquor store to pick up vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice.  Then we headed to his friend's house.  The first half hour was spent sitting and talking.  Then drinks were made.  I had a fuzzy navel, o.j. and peach schnapps.  Everyone else was happy with screwdrivers, o.j. and vodka. My friend and her boyfriend went off to a back room, leaving me alone with a total stranger.  He and I talked for a bit, then he offered some of his drink to me because I had never had it before.  From that moment everything went dark.  I don't remember anything of what happened until I woke up face down on the floor.  Throwing up was w
Warning Signs By Women To Men
(1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't do it! (5) Loud Sigh: This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.) (6) That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for you
Addictions we all have one. Some are more harmful then others. There are those that drink, smoke, do drugs, and have multiple sex partners. Or spend way to much time on internet porn sites. I mean web sites.  Mine is Fruit Snacks. Yes Fruit snacks; I am not sure why that is? But I just love them. So what is your addiction?
Update On My Life Since Hurricane Ike
   Since I was in here last there has been a lot going on in my life.  I did not loose my apartment after Ike.  I did manage to finally get some help after loosing my job after the storm.  Pamela and I both managed to make it through that period.  We got into a new apartment and I found another job to get the bills paid.  2008 ended up going ok even though I was not able to really spend anytime on fubar because of how my life was going.  I worked and I worked, that was all my life was about.     2009 was a pretty good year at the beginning.  The first four or five months went pretty well and then everything fell apart.  Pamela lost her job.  Both of our computers went down.  And life in general just sucked.  We kept going through it all and tried to be as positive about it all as we could keep ourselves.  She managed to find another job and I ended up getting a better job than I had.  Not having a computer was hard on both of us.  We had to run to a library to check e-mail and normall
Piece From My Book
"As I stood there with his sculpted penis in my hand, it crumbling from the humid Florida air, I imagined him feeling the pain of every piece breaking off. The first piece was half of the head; I could see him sitting there grabbing his member and screaming. The next piece even bigger than the first was below the head onto the shaft. Again, he was moaning in pain from his cock breaking into thirds. The last piece broke off at his balls... ahhh, the final piece giving me deep satisfaction. He is on the floor now unable to move. Yelling for help but he is alone, by choosing his own destiny to be alone. I am happy and overjoyed as the pieces fall through my fingers and onto the Florida sand."
Things That Piss Me Off Part 1
I have named this lil piece ," things that piss me off part 1". The reason I chose this name is because, I know this is an ever growing list. On a daily basis I find more and more things that piss me this is part one of an ongoing saga.TV pitch menThe first asshole I would like to aim my anger towards is, JARED You all know him that fat fucker that went on the subway diet and lost his fuckin twin. well I would love to shove about 5 subs down his throat and watch him slowly choke to death.He claims that he ate so many subs that he lost weight, 6 grams or less. well I have news for all of you, unless the 6 grams is cut into fuckin lines, his ass excersized and ate fuckin rice cakes. Now enough about subway boy, my next rant is about another well know but equally hated by me "tv pitchman" You know the guy and i bet you probably hate him as much as i do. DUUUUUUUUDE YOUR GETTING A DELL". WHYYYYYYYYYYY? I will b good i promise. PLEASE DONT MAKE ME USE A DELL.To begin with Dell is qui
I just wanted to basically vent. I need to get this off my chest. Im not looking for "sorry to hear"s or anything like that. A majority of the people I talk to are on here and this is really the only place I can turn at the moment Growing up my dad lived with us, but was never really around because of work. We saw him everyday, but he would leave for work before we woke up and would come home just before we went to bed. So, we never really got to know him. I was never into sports or anything like that, so watching a game on a weekend with him, isnt something I would do. So, yeah, I guess it was a real "Cats in the cradle" type thing. Flash forward to last Oct. One day outta the blue on a Sunday, I asked my dad if he wanted to go to the bar for a few beers, he said sure. We went, and he actually apologized about not really being there when we were growing up, I said it was alright, he did what he had to do to keep a roof over our heads and feed us. He said that he was proud of us, a
My name is Nunya F.N Bizness i like fubar a lot
Good Song
  "Thunder Road"-Bruce Springsteen and the E Street BandThe screen door slams Mary' dress waves Like a vision she dances across the porch As the radio plays Roy Orbison singing for the lonely Hey that's me and I want you only Don't turn me home again I just can't face myself alone again Don't run back inside Darling you know just what I'm here for So you're scared and you're thinking That maybe we ain't that young anymore Show a little faith there's magic in the night You ain't a beauty but hey you're alright Oh and that's alright with me You can hide 'neath your covers And study your pain Make crosses from your lovers Throw roses in the rain Waste your summer praying in vain For a saviour to rise from these streets Well now I'm no hero That's understood All the redemption I can offer girl Is beneath this dirty hood With a chance to make it good somehow Hey what else can we do now ? Except roll down the window And let the wind blow Back your hair Well the night's busting open These
   We can not deny the impression that people commonly use false standards. They seek power, success and wealth for themselves, praise them in front of others and they look down on what is really valuable in life - Sigmund Freud
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Pant on fire: YES DO IT BABY DO IT! BennyDiablo: yeah ummm, problem Pant on fire: WTF NOW? BennyDiablo: my ummm manthing dont seem to like kinda resembles a cooked piece of spagetti Pant on fire: what? BennyDiablo: MY SHIT IS LIMP! WTF DID YOU DO TO ME? Pant on fire: OMG YOU ARE A STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE IM DONE FUCKING PRICK BennyDiablo: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT Pant on fire: WHAT? BennyDiablo: can we do this again tommorow? BennyDiablo: hellooooooooooo BennyDiablo: YOUUUUUUUU WHOOOOOOOOO BennyDiablo: heh heh heh IS IT REAL? I DUNNO YOU TELL ME
A Moment Of Happiness
, you and I sitting on the verandah, apparently two, but one in soul, you and I. We feel the flowing water of life here, you and I, with the garden's beauty and the birds singing. The stars will be watching us, and we will show them what it is to be a thin crescent moon. You and I unselfed, will be together, indifferent to idle speculation, you and I. The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar as we laugh together, you and I. In one form upon this earth, and in an
Blogs/status Commenting Over Mumms.
Gues you know that the mumms are shit house when you spend the majority of the times in friends blogs and commenting on their status.   think it's time to do a salute and do the mumm thing again.   it was foretold!
Caa #132
Mares newest grandaughter, Adison Rose, is having a lot of trouble.  She was a premie and her lungs are not yet fully developed.  Please send angel prayers of love and healing her way, and keep her family in prayers also.   Doc
Random Thoughts
First of all I want to mark this NSFW cuz I tend to say Fuck, a lot. :)   I've done a lot of soul searching this past week. I know a lot of people say that but It's true, I have. I've been down on myself a lot. Pretty much thinking I'm a loser and not worthy of anything and that's why I'm living the way I am. Those of you who know me closely, know exactly what's going on and those of you who don't well, I'm sorry. I don't know what my future holds a year from now or monday. What I do know is that I'm a good guy. Good guys get shit on though and made to feel worthless. There are a few instances where the good guy has gotten his just rewards in life but for the majority, the good guy's life is spent making the assholes feel better about themselves. This goes for girls as well. Good girls never get treated the way they should. If you're caring and compassionate in this world of ours, it's open season for douches to take advantage. You should know what I'm talking about if you're a good
Stupid People
To Rock N Rol...: well..what does that call u..if u want my yahoo id? a fatty lover?Rock N Rol...: FATTYTo Rock N Rol...: ywRock N Rol...: wow thanks for nothingTo Rock N Rol...: noRock N Rol...: cn you give it to me for next time?To Rock N Rol...: no i just woke upRock N Rol...: well give it to me for next time, and are you JUST now going to sleepTo Rock N Rol...: no. im actually signing offRock N Rol...: can you send me the ID and sign on now?To Rock N Rol...: ya but i dont go there much.Rock N Rol...: good here, do you have Yahoo chatID?To Rock N Rol...: tired but allright. How are uRock N Rol...: how are you?To Rock N Rol...: hiRock N Rol...: hey there
Mars Opposition 2010
January Reading
So I'm shamelessly stealing an idea from ZombieMonkey and blogging a list and some quick thoughts on all the books I've been reading lately. I don't really have a whole lot of time to sit and read these days (unfortunately), so most of my reading gets done via audiobooks. I do really enjoy audiobooks, and even though they're not quite the same, it's still much better than nothing! Anyway, on to the list. The Bright of the Sky - Kay Kenyon This is the first book in a series, called "The Entire and the Rose." The high point of the novel was definitely the world-building in this one. Kenyon has created a really interesting universe-next-door, literally; most of the novel takes place in the Entire, a starfish-shaped universe that touches ours in a few locations. The societies and peoples are very well developed and interesting, and I'm always a sucker for stories involving courtly bureaucracies and intrigue. The problem, though, is that it just felt too long. Most of the novel seemed t
Walk into room....see this...Wat DO!?
Today, I found out my walls are literally 2mm thick with no insulation behind them. Explains the 46 degree warmth in my home. Also, the pipes froze solid..even the large 10 inch toilet one. Basement's flooded with nice, cold water.Add the bathroom, too as well as the joining closets and out into the living room... Thank God I have no rugs here.. Toilet lines froze so badly, that the water didn't stop running, BUT the bowl wasn't draining due to freezing.... It's -7 degrees down in the basement right at this time.. Apparently the heat lamps I set up, to keep the pipes from freezing, were turned off.. I think one kid is to blame, but who knows, damages are done.... Tomorrow, I'm skating in my own basement on a slick, new sheet of ice...
Giddamittofriggin'helluptheassandbackagainforthecreamyfinish, Part Douche
"Today, I found out my walls are literally 2mm thick with no insulation behind them. Explains the 46 degree warmth in my home. Also, the pipes froze solid..even the large 10 inch toilet one. Basement's flooded with nice, cold water.Add the bathroom, too as well as the joining closets and out into the living room... Thank God I have no rugs here.. Toilet lines froze so badly, that the water didn't stop running, BUT the bowl wasn't draining due to freezing.... It's -7 degrees down in the basement right at this time.. Apparently the heat lamps I set up, to keep the pipes from freezing, were turned off.. I think one kid is to blame, but who knows, damages are done.... Tomorrow, I'm skating in my own basement on a slick, new sheet of ice..." That, my friends, was last night... This morning, much more fun's abound..Yes, my basement has a nice sheet of ice and we can now skate while doing laundry...Toilet was so bad during the night, that I was forced to turn the water off to it and hope
Q & A Session Ask me's totally anonymous!
Broken Sword
Flames burning with one spark, Through your religion I die,  Blind I see in the dark, I cut out my eyes!                                                          I was taught in my youth,  Denying all of my fears , Deaf I hear the truth,  I cut off my ears!                                        Ringing like a Broken Sword,  Upon my voice your attentions hung, Mute I speak the word,  I cut out my tongue!                                  Tearing open my pride, I feel pleasure instead of pain, I see the wound split wide I cut open my vein!                                            Flowing free I'm bleeding,  Pierced my blood will start,  As it is still beating, I cut out my heart!                                                          2,000 years of mutilation, Is this the generation, For judgement and devastation,  Our world is in desolation!
I See A Darkness
My mate Dave got me this for Christmas.  It kinda covers a lot of the same territory as 'Walk The Line', childhood, start in music, up to Fulsom, and then jumps to the American Recordings sessions with Rick Rubin.  It cuts between Cash's life, and Glen Sherley, an inmate of Fulsom who's desperate to meet Cash, and who sends him one of his songs, 'Greystone Chapel', which Cash performed at Fulsome and later recorded.  It also incorporates some great wordless sequences depicting some of Cash's key tracks. Very well-written, and the artwork is evocative, altogether making for a delightful and moving piece of work, and a splendid example of what the comic book medium is capable of.
After seeing your pictures, you had me hard in my pants and after this morning, I want to hold you, suck your tits, and rub my hands all over you. I want to see you and unbutton your blouse to expose your bra and to see your nipples pushing thru. I run my tongue deep in your mouth as my fingers slide under your bra and I squeeze your breast. I unsnap your bra to expose your tits, to see your nipples hard and erect. My cock grows so hard in my pants. Your hand presses against the fabric of pants to feel my hardness. You unzip them to rub your fingers on the head of my cock. You feel the smoothness and the wetness from my precum. Your fingers continue to trace the form of my endowment and you play in my precum. You sexily remove your fingers and place them in your mouth to taste my sweet nectar. My hand slides down your body in search of your inner thigh. I slowly drag my hand so close to your womanhood and I stop. You unbutton my pants and drop them to the floor. You take
Baby, Don't Say No! --comment And Rate-------
After 3 bottles of great wineAnd looking at you in that dressAfter smelling your sexy perfumeAnd touching your smooth skinAfter sensuous embraces and kissesPulling up your dress and playingAfter licking and biting your neckAnd you slowly unzipping my jeansReaching inside and getting me hardAfter sliding your warm pussy against meAnd driving me out of my mindBy putting me half way in and sighingThen letting me go in a little deeperAfter pulling back teasingSaying you're not sure you're readyThen tracing my cock with your lipsWhile your tongue circles the shaftAfter pushing your legs apartPutting my hands on your hipsHolding you down, sucking your nipplesI know what you're thinkingWe're so ready we can't stand itA little voice is telling meYou're such a practical jokerI never know what to expectOpening your pussy so I can see itPleading with me to do you hardSpreading your legs even widerI'm gonna give it to you goodSo, I don't want to hear itThis is not the time to be jokingBaby, don't
1. Assuming he can get a raging hard on when it suits you. Contrary to popular belief, men can't just flip a switch and get it up because you decided to stop being a frigid bitch. Getting it hard is your job. I suggest you figure it out. 2. Thinking that kissing needs to be this sweet romantic thing all the time. Sometimes pressing your lips against your partner's mouth while you get off is hot. It depends on the situation. 3. Leaving him responsible for your orgasm. You know what gets you off. Tell him. If you don't, it's your own fault when he's snoozing and you're all wound up. 4. Expecting him to cuddle. Men and women are wired differently. Sex makes most women want to talk and bond and all that shit. It makes men pass out. It's a biological thing. Stop fighting it, and stop holding it over his head, it's not his fault. 5. Expecting him to fall asleep with you in his arms. That shit is uncomfortable after a while. A little snuggling isn't unreasonable, but when it's time to actuall
Stolen From Bibli, Cause Thats What I Do
Name Looked up on Urban Dictionary Tyson 1) The best Goddamn boxer the world has ever seen, with his explosive power sending opponents to the canvas. I was a boxer, but I was never THAT good. haha   2)Sexyest and nicest manwhore you will ever meet ok. cant argue with that one.   3)"Tai-sun" meaning well endowed male all of my friends who took chinese in high school used to call me that. I had no idea thats what they meant   4)Text slang for taking your shirt off now. please do. :)   5)to metaphorically fuck. especially in the ass I dont know if i like where this is going urbandictionary   6)inserting a fist in both a girls pink and stink come on! really?   Started out strong... thanks urban dictionary  :)
Northjersey Whore
Well, imagine logging onto FUBAR tonight and finding a real PEACH [ /sarcasm ] of a guy has messaged you.  Yes, I'm well aware that this happens quite frequently.  Unfortunately.  The QUALITY of a large portion of FUBAR members is seriously lacking.  Take a look at your friends lists.  I can almost guarantee you that for every twenty males, at LEAST three are like the "man" I'm about to introduce you to.  They are sleazy.  They are cheap.  And they are DANGEROUS.  Not only to US, but to those who love them.  They have families that they don't bother to think about when they behave in this manner.  Is THIS the kind of person you want to call a friend?  Is this the kind of person you would associate yourself with?  These people are NOT friends.  Not to you, and certainly NOT to themselves.  Aside from the familial baggage they tote around, imagine what other sorts of nasties they can be carrying.  Are we SERIOUSLY going to tolerate it any longer?  Or, are WE, as WOMEN, going to put our c
2/2 Week 3
Soo.. I lost 2.5 pounds. am at 11.75 pounds lost in 3 weeks. Go me! GEAUX SAINTS! if you love me.. buy me saints bling... oh wait.. thats right...
Lhasa De Sala
I was lucky enough to see Lhasa perform as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival a couple of years ago.  It was a rare English appearance for an artist not widely known here, and the show blew me away.  Emotionally, I left the gig feeling I'd wasted my life not listening to her music, it made so much of my collection at the time seem... empty, worthless.  A heady mix of Latin-American, Mexican, Klezmer, Eastern European folk, Middle Eastern music amongst others, she simply defied characterisation.  The audience were spellbound, and when I tried to get my hands on some of her music the next day, there wasn't a record shop in Norwich that hadn't been bombarded with enquiries.  It was nothing short of a defining moment for me, musically, and one destined not to be repeated. It's a mark of how little she's known in this country that it's taken me a month to stumble onto the fact that Lhasa De Sala died on New Year's Day this year after a 21 month battle with breast cancer.  She was 37.
Why Do I Sarah My Daughter(12 Yrs Old)
  have you ever felt like no one understands you still searching for the one you know is true wondering if you will ever find him is he sitting right in front of you its like a mascrade ball where no one can see you is he the one all those questions running thru me is he the one i have been searching for but then i realize he is just an ordinary guy the one that toys with your heart and says good bye all this time searching and than i realize there is no true love for me why do i try again evrytime maybe someday that guy will appear in my life
What Does The Urban Dictionary Say About Your Name....??? Valerie is a VERY sexy woman who is also very intelligent. She has beautiful eyes and is sometimes considered to be a savage, but those people know as well as everyone else, that she is truly one of a kind. Don't do anything bad to Valerie, because she WILL come back out on top. Oh hell yea this is me!! hehe Go to and see what your name says about you ;)        
goingnuttynow and i have decided we are gonna go halvsies on a fubastard   we will cream all over our screens and hope one fu captain underoos makes his way to the promised land
Know Your Rolls (and How Many Of Them You Have!)
ok i really don't mean to offend anyone, but i have to say i feel like my eyes have been offended while browsing through corsets today. Let's look at it this way, you wouldn't expect a girl who weighed 100 lbs to eat TWO supersized meals at once when dining at McDonald's would you? No! Anymore than i would expect an overweight girl to be able to satisfy her appetite with a kids meal. It's all about knowing your role and knowing the difference between "sexy" and "ridiculously tacky". I'm not saying overweight people can't be sexy, but they have to find the correct way for themselves to look sexy instead of trying to fit into a mold that they don't belong. It would be like a petite woman tryng to look sexy in a maternity shirt when she isn't even pregnant! If you like potatoes wrapped in velvet, THIS might be appetizing to you When did Grimace become
I Gotta Write Or My Head Will Not Let Me Sleep...dammit
Crazy.... I am, or am I??   I have these...well "premonisions" I don't really know what to call them..but they are there and I've been listening and acting upon them lately proving them to be true.    I blocked them for years and years with alcohol and hard drugs...maybe even my beloved marijuana...anyway, since I've become sober the "thoughts" have been coming back and I've been ignoring them...until lately.   Last couple of weeks have been a total trip...and I'm riding it out.  Today was totally draining and confusing and enlightening all in one.   yes, I'm crazy but yet...I seem to be sane. I'm surrounding myself with people that have the same's odd to have confirmation. I don't know why I'm telling fu about this...except that perhaps there is more of "us" that I need to learn from.   Is it strange that I knew my mom used hers for the wrong purposes and didn't know "for sure" until another told me this evening?? Do all of us need confirmation because socie
Last night went to the Playhouse to see Adam Buxton present BUG.  This is a show he's involved with that currently has a bi-monthly slot at the BFI Southbank in London, giving big-screen exposure to the latest awe-inspiring work in music videos, anything that dazzles from big name directors to low-budget and zero-budget efforts, and generally celebrating the more extreme and experimental work being done in the field of music promos. We're lucky enough to have Adam Buxton living in Norfolk, which means we're now getting a semi-regular dose of the show at Norwich's Playhouse too, and my friends Becky and Dan took me last night (after swiping my tickets when I double booked myself last time it was on).  It was an absolutely brilliant night.  Buxton's hosting injects a healthy stream of comedy into the event, including some of his own video work (last night he played us the video clip he's got on his website that's his reaction to the vigourously critical net response his new sitcom The P
What Element Were You Born Into?
You Were Born into the Earth Element You are a responsible person who values the joys of working hard. You are practical, stable, and (obviously) down to earth. You have to watch out for boredom. Your life needs more romance, adventure, friendship, and fun. You are a solid friend and an ideal partner. You are honest, nurturing, and loyal. What Element Were You Born Into? Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.
i do not understand how people can think that just because fubar is only a website, that the people on it do not have feelings.  i do understand that this place is not real life----on here u can be whomever u choose to be. for some that is a fake person whom they have always wanted to be. for some that is a person who they wish they were a copy of. for people like me----my page is only an extention of myself. my page----although not completely filled out is 100 percent true of who i am as a person. this can leave me vulnerable to those who choose to take advantage of you for wearing your heart on your sleeve.  wether i am in real life or fu-life, i do have feelings and am supceptable to getting those feelings hurt. sometimes it is life that hurts us. sometimes it is just the way that it is and cant be helped. sometimes it can be intentional.  the intentional kind is the kind that should not exist in real life or fu-life. it is the kind that can be avoided.  what would possess people to
The Night In The Woods
                I was walking in the woods to find some where I can be alone for a while since there where people at my place and I was so damn horny. There was a full moon tonight and I have not had any in months and I needed some badly. So I decided to take a walk so I can get off.                 When I got far enough away to where no one will notice or see me I sat down to have some fun but then I heard a guy grunt and movement close by and thought, great someone is getting fuck. I got up to see f I could see them so maybe I can have something to get off to. But what I found was even better; it was a guy I saw at the party playing with himself. I got the crazy idea that maybe if I acted like I just happen to be walking by and find him like that maybe just maybe he would want to have some fun with me.                 I slowly walk back a few then I start walking back to where he was at, when I saw him I stopped died and just looked at him. He blushed and tried to hid what he was d
Disorder Rating Paranoid Disorder: High Schizoid Disorder: High Schizotypal Disorder: High Antisocial Disorder: High Borderline Disorder: Very High Histrionic Disorder: Low Narcissistic Disorder: High Avoidant Disorder: Very High Dependent Disorder: High Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: High -- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! ---- Personality Disorders --
Rhyme Session With The Shining
The Shining™ - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:Brass Knuckles shine like platinum: the epi-tome, handsome with a microphone. You cowards are cro-magnon, counterfits, like lead dipped in chrome, mellowdramatic, fairy tail gnomes. The Three Kings lift heavy weight and smash on the drones. The Shining™ - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:BRASS KNUCKLES TO THE DOME, you can phone a friend or phone home, but that won't save you from a silver bullet in the zone. Me and my folks smoke killa' zones, and set fire to these sterile-ass clones. Cat's throw books, but I slap 'em wit' a tome. Kung-fu-spiritual, like Bruce Leroy, when I rome. Heavy liftin', heavy spittin' from heavy chromosomes. I'd hate to meet me in a dark alley, under full moon, alone. To rally me, myself and I'm known, to thump a scally-wag, with heavy hands like "tally ho!"   Crazed2APoint... I'M AN ENIGMA WRAPPED IN FOOLISHNESS said:my wit is sharp enough to cut down the middle of a strand of hair, hella accurate
Music Monday 17
Ladies Night  
Think Before You Speak >_> (note: You Will Be Fined Hahaha)
O HAi O_o New fines Update: *Dumb Pickup lines-Bling me * Disrespect-HappyHour or BlingPack or BombBling * Really stupid questions - Blast or Ticker*Being Way Annoying- 11's bling  *Commenting a picture with out paying attention resluting in a comment  that makes u look retarded and un oringnal - One of the pimping fu gifts * *Overly Sexual comments esp with out even knowing me or in ur friends request -  pimphand bling so i can slap u Plus 500K fubucks*Copy and paste photo comments that u give same to all - one fu gift* Fwd Your pickup line/Parahgraph to me esp sexual ones asking me over the top shit , and then forgeting u sent it and sending it again  like every 2 weeks -Happyhour and blingpack*Wedding Proposals with out even knowing me or even saying hi frist- Fu drink,Pimp Gift &bling ********OHHHHH AND LEAVING A RANDOM COMMENT ON STATUS that has nothing to do with the staus - fined one small fu gift hahaha*********************************************all should come with a sorry Fu
Hit Me Up Peeps :)
This is called the "CUTIE GAME"       Repost this, see how many MESSAGES people give you...       [] I want your number[] Pretty/Cute[] Hottie[] Sexy[] Gorgeous[] Amazingly Beautiful[] I'd take you home in a second[] I'd make out with you right now[] I'd Hit it[] No, I dont like you like that[] I love you[] Wanna hook up?
Waiting for a kind word or gesture from him was like waiting for the rain in a drought…disappointing... unsatisfying and never giving. It left my heart and my soul dying of a thirst that would never be quenched.
I Want You So Bad, It's Driving Me Mad...
2pac, Me And My Girlfriend
"Me And My Girlfriend"[girl] Sheeit, ju motherfuckin right I'm the bitch that's keepin it live and keepin it hot when you punk ass niggaz don't Nigga Westside, WHAT! Bring it on[Tupac] Look for me Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde Me and my girlfriend, do one-eighty-five when we ride Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child Raised in this whirlwind (c'mon) Our childhood years recall the tears heart laced with venom Smokin sherm, drinkin malt liquor, father forgive her Me and my girlfriend, hustlin, fell in love with the struggle Hands on the steering wheel, blush, while she bail out bustin Fuck em all, watch em fall screamin, automatic gunfire exorcisin all demons Mafias on the side, my congregation high, ready to die We bail out to take the jail back, niggaz united Our first date, couldn't wait to see you naked Touch you in every secret place, I can hardly wait to bust freely, got you red hot, you so happy to see me Make the frontpage primetime live on T
Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn't appropriate - and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves... because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us fuck this asshole, we're going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!"
Brass Knuckle Street Fighters
  ANT ᵀᴴᴱ ЯANT - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: His Dhalsim style is too weak, so thin it needs some meat, I bring beef like Zangief, to slam a creep down to the concrete, I take my Fight to the Streets, leap like Blanka the Beast, from the trees to the blacktop of the back alleys, me and my family, World Warriors, Styled soldiers, Guile, with a back fist that would fold ya, and we can get chinese, like Chung Li, Ha-Ha-Ha hold it in, Haudoken, I release my energy, My lungs look like Ken dressed in the an all black Gi fit, from puffin on the marijuana, fat spliffs like E-Honda thick, get me some yoga-flame in this bitch, fucking with me is dangerous, I bring you a fight, every night, like Balrog live on the Las Vegas strip, Round One Fight, react swift with a scissor kick, followed by a tomahawk chop, as I float across the top, double-sweep your legs to make you drop, wind up on the black-top, seeing stars, before I finish you off. uppercut to the jaw, slow m
All The Same By Sick Puppies
I dont mind where you come from As long as you come to me But I dont like illusions I cant see Them clearly I dont care, no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually what you'll do I dont mind I dont care As long as you're here [Chorus] Go ahead and tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything And do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come But in-between it always seems too long Suddenly But I have the skill, yeah I have the will, to breath you in while I can However long you stay is all that I am I dont mind, I dont care As long as you're here Go ahead and tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything And do it all over again It's always the same Wrong o
I am conducting an experiment, by putting famous people and pretty girl's photos  as primary photos to see if people read, unfortunately many don't!
What shall we look for in determining an alliance? How many alliances is enough ? What should we ask of alliance candidates? What criteria will determine taking an alliance on or removing an alliance?  
A Peom Caused From A Broken Heart
You Will Be Cut The sun rises from east to west never knowing where its gonna end up next.The clouds in the sky move slowly up high.The movements of the ocean are clam an steady always perpared an ready.Wish i could say the same aobut life but I cant cause life is like a double edge knife cutting into you with both sides.An the faster you struggle to take it out the faster you start to lose your breath an slouch.Sitting alone on your couch trying to bring words of pain up out of your mouth.But the harder you try to speak the less you start to see.Next thing you know you cant hear an all you smell is fear.Then comes these tears cause your trying so hard to fight back the Fears Of Life.An all of a sudden you stop fighting an give up just let go of everything including life.An all because of that double edge knife.Thanx for reading my poems yallz plz leave me some comments if you like em!!! Thanx yallz by Sane aka TravisBe Eazy Yallz
~you Reap What You Sow~ Very Inspirational & Powerful~
You Reap What You Sow Good morning said a woman as she walked up to the man sitting on ground. The man slowly looked up. This was a woman clearly accustomed to the finer things of life. Her coat was new. She looked like she had never missed a meal in her life. His first thought was that she wanted to make fun of him,like so many others had done before. "Leave me alone," he growled.... To his amazement, the woman continue standing. She was smiling -- "Are you hungry?" she asked. "No," he answered sarcastically. "I've just come from dining with the president. Now go away." The woman's smile became even broader...Suddenly the man felt a gentle hand under his arm. "What are you doing, lady?" the man asked angrily. "I said to leave me alone. Just then a policeman came up. "Is there any problem, ma'am?" he asked.. "No problem here, officer," the woman answered "I'm just trying to get this man to his feet.. Will you help me?" The officer scratched his
one day you will grow up  and question everything  and i know you will think  why didnt she want me?  and why didnt she fight harder?  baby, oh sweetest child of mine  if you only knew how i live in regret  but no i keep my anguished thoughts quiet  i will not speak ill of those who bad mouth me  they know of nothing else  i hide my sadness in layers of mystery  but Devon, i think of you  i cry for you  i would give my last drop of blood for you  my son...  tho you are far and too young to understand...  Mama loves you  if i could change my nationality i would...  but i was born an American  and so were you,  even if now you are Canadian  blood of my blood, my lil pomme de sang  you will always be my number one man  and one day...  you will search out the answers to your questions...  and i will be here an open book with open arms  cause whatever they say  whatever time takes place  whatever hurts or happiness  I am always your  Mommy...  I love you Devon
Need You Now By Lady Antebellum
Need You Now by Lady Antebellum Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floorReaching for the phone 'cause I can't fight it anymoreAnd I wonder if I ever cross your mindFor me it happens all the timeIt's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you nowSaid I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you nowAnd I don't know how I can do withoutI just need you nowAnother shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the doorWishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did beforeAnd I wonder if I ever cross your mindFor me it happens all the timeIt's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you nowSaid I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you nowAnd I don't know how I can do withoutI just need you nowWoah, woahGuess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at allIt's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you nowAnd I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you nowAnd I don't know how I can do withoutI just need you now, I just nee
Response To Subway Rant
So this is from The Best of Craigslist and is pretty old but it still slays me. It is written by a Subway employee in response to a customer's rant.   > When you ask me what type of sub I would like, please be ready to make it so I don't have to repeat myself 5 seconds later. I understood what you said. I want you to repeat it in great hope that you will finally realize what you are ordering is the most disgusting piece of shit, walk out of the store and into oncoming traffic... then I'll have one less of you shitty people to deal with. Unfortunately, this has only happened 3 times since I worked here. > If I ask for lettuce, that doesn't include that extremely visible olive that came with it. Please don't pretend like you can't see it. If there is a large lineup, it's my boss's orders for me to move my ass. Deal with the olive princess... If you are the only one there, then it's cause I feel the olive will add flavour to that rancid piece of shit veggie-patty that you ordered
Music Monday 19
50 Ways to Leave your Lover - Paul SimonUnlock The Door - The Little OnesFeel The Pain - Dinosaur Jr.Hell - Tegan and SaraPossum Kingdom - The ToadiesLandslide - Dixie Chicks (though any version will do)Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
Why do I even care? Trapped in a hell i cannot escape. Shapeless, meaningless, A shadow of what I once was.   Crying, dying, longing for what may come. Longing for you my sweet mistress. Mistress of the dark, mistress of pain, Mistress of death, my last true friend.   So take me now, lead me away Bring me the peace and serenity I so long for.  Take me to the place i so deserve.   Darkness my companion, Cloaking my true self, Now I walk fearless into your embrace Falling into the deep abyss of you.   No more pain, no more hurt You cannot touch me anymore Your lies, and deciet are things of the past. You have lost your control to stain me anymore.   By KC Zimmerman (2/22/2010)  
If George Bush Was An Idiot
If George W. Bush had been the first President to need a teleprompter installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have laughed and said this is more proof of how inept he is on his own and is really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes? If George W. Bush had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take Laura Bush to a play in NYC, would you have approved? If George W. Bush had reduced your retirement plan's holdings of GM stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, would you have approved? If George W. Bush had made a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics, would you have approved? If George W. Bush had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive and incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him a thoughtful and historically significant gift, would you have approved? If George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an iPod containing videos of his speeches, would you have thought this embarrassingly narci
Don't Shoot The Messenger!
For all those men who say "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free?" Here's an update for you!  Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage, why? Because women realise its not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!   Like I said don't shoot the messenger:)
Dinner At Mi Casa
So tonight I used the oven, stove, and microwave to make dinner. I think I did a good job considering I've been eating microwave junk or nothing for dinner lately. When I get home from work I don't feel like cooking and I'm usually not very hungry. I figured I needed a decent meal tonight. Well, sorta decent. I had fish sticks, garlic mashed potatoes, and peas and corn. I might eat some ice cream later on. I just felt like sharing. Carry on. :)
86 Rules To Drinking
                              86 Rules to Drinking If you somehow manage to not break any of these rules, then you my friend, are in fact, a fucking rock star motherfucker!1. If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during happy hour.2. Always toast before doing a shot.3. Whoever buys the shot gets the first chance to offer a toast.4. Change your toast at least once a month.5. Buying someone a drink is five times better than a handshake.6. Buying a strange woman a drink is still cool. Buying all her drinks is dumb.7. Never borrow more than one cigarette from the same person in one night.8. When the bartender is slammed, resist the powerful urge to order a slightly-dirty, very-dry, in-and-out, super-chilled half-and-half martini with a lemon twist. Limit orders to beer, straight shots and two-part cocktails.9. Get the bartender's attention with eye contact and a smile.10. Do not make eye contact with the bartender if you do not want a drink.1
Hanging in quiet desperationseeing only what life wants me to see solitaire confinement of the soulall around lights, action, lest not for me driving for life in this worldyou see, I feel lost, my mind gone maybe traveling to a safe placea struggle it is for me to save this one depth in a life drowning memy very hope already destroyed, maimed no love, no hope, no sanityAll surprises of a soul already claimed...  
Time To Defend Myself
Taking Time Off
Ok friends and family...the time has come for me to take some time away from FUBAR. Just seems to me that the more things change the more they stay the same and it can get very tiring. So I am going to take some time off.  If there are some of you that would like to stay in contact...shoot me a private message. See you all later.
Raistlin Will Probably Kill Me, Lol.
I've been his friend for a while now. Everytime I go see his pics, I think of this little girl. I realize that that sounds bad, but oh well. Here is the girl:     Now add some facial hair and glasses..and some age and you have him. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.   So am I crazy????????????
What's Your Love Type?
Your Love Type: INFJ The Protector In love, you strive to have the perfect relationship. For you, sex is nearly a spiritual experience, a bonding of souls. Overall, you have high expectations for any relationship you're in. However, you tend to hold back a part of yourself. Best matches: ENTP and ENFP What's Your Love Type? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones Addendum: INFJ RelationshipsINFJs are warm and affirming people who are usually also deep and complex. They're likely to seek out and promote relationships that are intense and meaningful. They tend to be perfectionists, and are always striving for the Ultimate Relationship. For the most part, this is a positive feature, but sometimes works against the INFJ if they fall into the habit of moving from relationship to relationship, always in search of a more perfect partner. In general, the INFJ is a deeply warm and caring person who is highly invested in the health of their close re
My heart yearns for the day, you see what you gave up! How you stole my  heart and ripped it into pieces. So many wondered what I really meant to you, Was I just a game or did I really mean something to you. Why would you tell me you love me then walk away? Days and nights I cried for you to come back, and when you did come back you never stayed. Why is it so hard to love me?! Was I not enough, was I not small enough,smart enough or maybe I just wasn't pretty enough. W When will I be enough?
Sunday Video Lolz...
Every video I see of this thing is ridiculous and funny….figured I’d share some Sunday lolz… Raptors Mascot Fail - watch more funny videos Well, my eyes are crossing from chasing bombs. I don’t know how people do this all the time. Lol. Hope everyone enjoyed Auto 11 weekend and has a great start to March! Peace…
My Heart
Theres this guy he stole my heart  never could i imagine id fall so hard, hes the one i think about both day and night though we are miles from each others sight. when he talks to me i feel all tingly deep down and side  like my hearts going to jump out and float with the tide. you see hes the one near and dear to me  holding to my heart the key.
Recently my grandmother and my father passed away leaving my grandfather alone. I am the only one left to take care of him. Now he calls me like every week complaining that he doesn't feel well and wants me to come stay with him for a few days. Now I don't have a job and I don't drive due to my own health reasons so I have to rely on my boyfriend to take me to his house. My grandpa lives about 45 min away from my boyfriend, So, I feel like I am putting alot of stress on him to take me over there to stay with him. Which of course I feel horrible about cause I don't like asking. But lately my grandpa has been calling almost constant and asking me to come stay because he don't feel good. Of course I tell him that I will come over and help him out but, I have to work with my boyfriend's schedule because he has to drive me there. So, I was thinking and wondering for anyone that actually reads this, Should I talk to my grandpa about getting a nurse to come in a few days a week to check on hi
Weighed in today.. lost the 2 pounds i gained last week pluse a little more In 7 weeks, I have lost TWENTY pounds... weeee :D Soooo yeah.. i have 5 weeks to lose 10 pounds so i can get my next tattoo... BTW.. I am taking donations for it LMAO
How The Hell?!?!?!?
so i applied for an extension on my drivers license because i moved and apparently my license has been suspended in oregon even though i have never had a license there because a ticket i had that got paid apparently wasnt recorded so now my mom has to find the receipt that says its been paid and washington(where i have my license) says i need an eye exam even though i only needed it for my CDL they now want one for a regular license now too....this is fucking gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey 
Alabamagirl's Team
  Alabamagirl's Team alabamagirl Deputy Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties @ fubar 2nd Alarm Hottie BRAYCHELLE@ fubar EmeraldPrincessDee2NDALARMHOTTIE RL GFfuMarried to IEnigmaI@ fubar Bane 2nd Alarm Hottie@ fubar BADGIRL 2nd Alarm Hottie Asst Chief@ fubar ~Created by Venom 03/10~
What Women Want That Men Should Know.....
Interesting article on what men should know that women want.  I agree with most ... but not all....
It's Been A Long Time...
Enjoy:   Today, we were working with infant and adult CPR dummies. After practising flawless CPR on the adult dummy, I announced "And that's how you save someone." Then I tripped on the baby dummy and fell. My co-worker stood up and yelled out, "And that's how you kill a baby." FML
No Parade On Presidents Day (mn 2010)
I wandered your city, on Presidents ’ Day,And poured myself into a beer,It's got to be love; I've never felt this way,You’re still the owner of me. The sun on the snow, dazzled my eyes,I wonder where you can be,The moon was a portal to the light beyond the skies,You’re still the owner of me. I should go to the corner, find something to eat,Instead I’ll wait by the phone,My boss is complaining about my work rate,You’re still the owner of me. I climbed a mountain, I climbed a tree,I crossed the ocean for you,Now I’m pouring myself a double sympathy,You’re still the owner of me. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads try to stake their claims,When it’s clear that something went wrong,But it’s simply cold comfort I find in their names,You’re still the owner of me. I light a candle, almost every day,I have visions of tangled limbsI love you more than all these words can say,You’re still the owner of me.
Different Kind Of Blog Fuckers
tell me something you don`t like about me
Running Away
I learned an old friend of mine had committed suicide earlier this morning!  I've had several who have left this world in this manner, and I still think about them and in my heart they are now and always will be missed!   I've been down this same road myself...I even came close when I was 19 - I flatlined in the ER!  In the end, I had made a choice to come back into this world and ride out the storms and deal with life.  I asked myself many times over the years since then what I was thinking or feeling...I can only imagine what my friends were!   Jesse, however, had his demons...he had a hard time dealing with life and losses.  I spoke to him after I almost died at 19 and he questioned why I decided to come back to this world.  I never understood what he meant until much later when he would hit the bottle and the pills.  I chose to try and be there for him much like he was for me growing up, but sometimes I felt it fell on deaf ears.  In the end, Jesse's demons got the better of hi
Witch's Teat
You ever wonder why when someone says it is cold ,they say, it is colder than a witch's teat?  Are witch's breasts colder than other women's?
Parody, Satire ,and Sarcasm
Did you ever wonder why satire, parody, and sarcasm are so difficult to discern in written form?
Dull Eyed Artists
You ever wonder why there aren't any dull eyed artists? Or gluttonous artists?
[fourth Date]
My Rice...I'm waitin for it to finish. So..My Granny gave me $1200 today. I think I just paid off my folks. Why did I get that much money?Where did she get that much money? ... Holy fuck that was a lot of money all at once. Anyway fourth date... fourth date. The best to date.Eternal sunshineLibeled lady vegetable spaghetti and a whole lot of talking. I got her just lighting up last night.It was great.Good conversation, good smiles, great laugha thin, second hand loose necked shirt just barely drizzled over two heaving rolling creamy smooth ... sorry. She's really pretty. I got her full dating profile last night.Here's a little tip.Don't rush her.All her little ventures into the dating world ended disastrously by looney tunes asking her for a commitment after barely knowing her. I could relate. I listened. I laughed.I made appropriately timed jokes. The only hiccup and it was a pretty big one was agonizing stomach pain right in the middle of dinner.I got up and went to
deleting for real and forever this time. Add my Myspace, my email for it is or DeviantArt, I apparently can't handle being on this site.  I'll delete it in the morning so the people I still want to talk to can have a chance to see this and hopefully add me elsewhere.
Silent Parley
In the silenceThe resonance of your voiceLingers in my mind
New Team
Good Morning Hotties!  I stopped by all of your pages last night to introduce myself and to show you some Hottie love.  I'm going to be the new team Captain while Sexy69 is taking care of some business.  This is a list of the girls on your Hottie team. Please try to leave them some Hottie love everyday. Those of you that are higher up please help the girls at the lower levels to level up. Aryes Team Captain ~PolishGirl~ ~ Mysticpotion ~ jessicabeth ~Velvet Volcano Girl~ SeXy BiTch69 - Assistant Chief - Team Leader blue eyes Jessa CheapN0velty Mi Amore HOT Marina BEAUTIFUL DISASTER Fly http://www
So it's actually kind of fortunate that I didn't get to do music monday yesterday, because it means that I get to post this list today. Most of you won't like this list.  I'm sorry that it's not your thing. Christopher Wallace (a.k.a. Nortorious B.I.G., Biggie, Biggie Smalls, etc.) was murdered 13 years ago today.  March 9, 1997.  I was in 7th grade.  I remember it pretty vividly.  He was one of my favorite artists at the time and not much in the last 13 years has changed that.  A lot of people discount rappers as stupid thugs who aren't capable of producing art.  These people rarely allow the music to disprove their theories. This might not be the most profound body of work ever, and yes there are songs about fucking bitches and shooting gats, but there *is* an art to this music and this man did it really well.  I don't believe that he became famous because he died, I think he was talented and had a VERY large following before he met his end...but I do believe it made him infamo
Opening Night
So my dad bought my mom and myself tickets to go to the opening night of Cats! at the Pantages (I think that's how you spell it) Theater out here. I'm super jazzed about it! I love the musical. So I have to get all cleaned up for tonight and I still don't know what to wear. Just though I'd share my excitement with everyone. Weeeee! *does happy dance*
Always remember to neglect this place.Dim flickering light. Wet rusty needles dipped in thick pools.Like the skittering fingers of disturbed refuse.The things that drag against your skin and leave cracked, drawn itch.Like a pollen of ichor and oil in the air.Settles and tints.Turns every sneeze gray.Ever wheeze mottled with red. This is the truth you craved.The hubris you prescribed.The opening to a close. Strange unwillingness to patronize.Even more deranged is the impulse to watch. You'd have it no other way.Watching a man starve in a stocked pantry.A dog drown in a desert.Humanity wither in an ever surging soup of mankind. Wallow in the spectacle of the third act.Just don't linger for the curtain call.  
so anyhoo last night woo boned me pretty hard with her meat and surprisingly i was quite aroused...   then she held a gun to my head and said "NOW MARRY ME BITCH...OR I BONE YOU HARDER NEXT TIME!!!!" so i did what any sensible person would do...i married her..fuwise of course god knows id hate to see how bad id be boned with her here       i (h) her and stuff so go love on her...i get points too :)   Woo@ fubar
Please Rate This Pic Today!!
I wanna start off by saying thank you to all those who stopped by and read this, hopefully it is going to be read by all my BSU family members at some point, because this is who I am aiming this at. I want to thank everyone in Bitch Shut Up who has taken the time and joined up with us and have stayed with us. You guys all rule!!!! Back when I started BSU it was more so started as a joke, not ever thinking anyone would join, altho we are still a small group I will say each one of you are an equal part in the group, and I hope to remain seeing all of you stay and more join us and enjoy being here for a long time. (f)ALSE PROPHET
School Thingy
My school thingy went good today...   As long as I pass the CPAT I'll start April 19th and will graduate Sept. 25th of 11'   Then the plan is to go to Columbus for 2 years so he can go to school.   Then I wanna get the fack outta dodge!   *dances* 
And that's why I love amateur porn.No one there to fake it.Nobody worried about the shot.Just goodold fashionedall americanfun. All the best things are immediately nationalistic.Meat.A big red slab of corn-fed cow.What people don't realise is that local grass fed cattle have a funky complexity instead of that sterile lab shipped and altogether flavorless by comparison bovine. Baseball.The best thing to watch on television.And that's why its only on during the spring through october.Life itself would shut down if we had the time to walk to a ballpark every dayor pile one more hoagy bun with fried onions and a whole kielbasaI'm more of a Brat or red-hot kinda guybut you get the point.Probably because one grampa was southernthe other was about a quarter german. Who cares. American (?)NachoCheesecomes in that big round army surplus cylinder for a reason.Velveeta's too cnotinental, gimme the lil yellow square with the bristley black moustache any day.That man's gonna shut down my arteri
I Love It When People Or Groups Stand Up For What Is Just Even If It Is Not *popular*
Humanists Prepare to Hold LGBT-Inclusive Prom in Mississippi For Immediate Release (Washington, DC, March 12, 2010) The American Humanist Association (AHA) stepped forward today and offered to plan and fund a prom for the Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Mississippi. The Itawamba County School District made headlines earlier this week by cancelling their prom rather than letting a lesbian student, Constance McMillen, bring her girlfriend as her date. “It’s shameful that closed-minded members of the school board are prepared to deprive an entire class of students their prom over their outdated religious mores.” said Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the AHA. "People can hold to any belief or no belief in this nation, but the school board misuses their position when they try to impose their beliefs on the student population in Itawamba.” McMillen was barred from the prom after making it known that she intended to bring a same-sex date. The Ameri
It Really Is "in My Head"
Come on. Everybody’s looking for love. Oh. Oh. Ain’t that the reason you’re at this club. Oh. Oh. You ain’t gonna find it dancing with him. No. Oh. I got a better solution for you girl. Oh. Oh. Just leave with me now. Say the word and we’ll go. I’ll be your teacher. I’ll show you the ropes. You’ll see a side of love you’ve never known. I can see it going down, going down. In my head, I see you all over me. In my head, you fulfill my fantasy. You’ll be screaming out. In my head, it’s going down. In my head, it’s going down. In my head. Yeah. In my head. Oh yeah. Some dudes know all the right things to say. When it comes down to it, it’s all just game. Instead of talking let me demonstrate. Yeah. Get down to business and skip foreplay. Just leave with me now. Say the word and we’ll go. I’ll be your teacher. I’ll show you the ropes. You’ll see a side of love you’ve never known. I ca
Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump... My Heart Pumps The Same, Life Seems Nothing But A Game.. Wanna Play??   Im Sorry Please Stay, Life Can Be Such A Tease, Searching For Someones Touch, Finding No  Love In A Whore.   Walking Down  A Winding Way, With Loneliness Stalking Close, Emptiness Takes Hold, Gripping Tight Feeling So Cold, Laughing In Spite.   Tha-Thump.......Tha-Thump, My Pace Slows, Madness Begins To Glow, Standing Alone, Pick Up The Phone, Still Quite Alone, Is No One Home??   Cold Are The Rain Drops On My Skin, Feeling So Much Pain, Gripping The Blade, Bring The Spade?? Waiting....Watching... NOW!! DO IT NOW!! STAB! SLICE!... That Wasnt So Nice,   The Sweet Scent Of Blood Fills The Air, Taking Away All My Cares.   The End  -BuddahTheKlown
Flying Is For The Birds - Part I
A couple of weeks ago I flew from Atlanta to San Diego with my mother. Now, keep in mind that I have not flown since my honeymoon over 13 years ago. I have to say, things have changed slightly.Here are some of my observations and highlights: The security checkpoint at Hartsfield International Airport seemed different than I remember. The obvious change, of course, being that we had to remove our shoes and have them scanned. I passed that test with flying colors, but failed the liquid restriction requirements which I was aware of but, as is my rebellious nature, completely disregarded. Unfortunately, my attitude got my hairspray confiscated. Here is how that went: Worker: Whose bag is this?Me: Mine.Worker: *opens bag and rifles through it, pulling out the hairspray bottle*Me: *waits*Worker: What is this?Me: HairsprayWorker: This bottle is bigger than 3.4 ounces. See? It’s 8 ounces *points to wording on bottle*Me: Yes, true. BUT! It’s only two-thirds full so I’d estim
Quote Of The Day
Member of staff asking how to make a white coffee   "Where are the white coffee beans?"   Hilarity ensued, I suspect...
Who Are You????
I stand in front of my bedroom mirror and admire the way the white lace of my teddy looks against my tan skin. My shoulder-length brown hair falls forward to brush against the fullness of my breasts, and I sigh, eager to touch myself and forget the day's troubles. I slide the straps down my arms and cup my naked full breasts in my hands, liking their texture and weight. The nipples have already tightened slightly in eager anticipation of my fingers. I wet my index finger and slowly trace circles around my nipples, loving the sensations this arouses. There is a slight fluttering in my stomach now, and my pulse beats just a little bit faster. I squeeze my breasts, pushing them together and pulling them apart and imagining YOUR??? wet and wicked mouth sucking and licking and kissing my nipples until they are small peaks of pleasure. I'm getting hotter now... I lie back on my bed and slowly ease the teddy off. I like the way the cool air feels on my nakedness-it is a pleasant contrast to t
Need A Laugh Then Read
             These  are real noteswritten by parents in the   Memphis school  district . Spellings  have been left  intact.....      1. My son is under a doctor's care and should not take PE today. Please  execute him.
Don't Cry By Guns N Roses
"Don't Cry" Talk to me softly There is something in your eyes Don't hang your head in sorrow And please don't cry I know how you feel inside I've I've been there before Somethin is changin' inside you And don't you know Don't you cry tonight I still love you baby Don't you cry tonight Don't you cry tonight There's a heaven above you baby And don't you cry tonight Give me a whisper And give me a sign Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye Don't you take it so hard now And please don't take it so bad I'll still be thinkin' of you And the times we And don't you cry tonight Don't you cry tonight Don't you cry tonight There's a heaven above you baby And don't you cry tonight And please remember that I never lied And please remember how I felt inside now honey You gotta make it your own way But you'll be alright now sugar You'll feel better tomorrow Come the morning light now baby And don't you cry tonight And don't you cry tonight And don't you cry tonight There's a heaven
Call Me,text Me,email Me And Stalk Me! Haha!
Yahoo id.... ihaveboobs@yahoo.comHome Number.. 382 563 3650Cell Nuber.. 696 873 7326and last but not home addressKerosene38258 Dream StreetStalker,Fuland37325yahoo me,call me,text me and stalk me...ok then :)
Military Men
So I've noticed lately a lot of anti-war, military bashing shit talking by people who don't even know what they're talking about. This shit is starting to piss me off. It's not only people in my city but its people on this website too. I actually had some broad say she supports the troops and then turned around and said that none of our soldiers should be over there, that they're stupid and wasting their time and the ones that re-enlist are begging to be blown up. Those soldiers are over there protecting your right to talk all the shit you're talking about them. So STFU! And those stupid bitches that marry men in the military, knowing they're going to be goin over to Iraq and will be gone for a year, but marry them anyway and then CHEAT on them..I hope you stupid broads die. You're the reason the men in our military barely trust any women anymore and why most of them are starting to treat us like shit. Isn't it enough that they go over and fight this war, possibly having to kill somebo
Snowball Rocks To "another One Bites The Dust".
Explaining Mumms
Should I explain  in my mumms  the subject when posting them? For example I made a mumm asking about matzos, and many didn't know what I was referring to! I had to make it as a comment reply to a few people.
Called Out 1
Well, the point whores are in full effect tonight. I don't understand why the Fubar "way of life" is appealing to people, but I have to say I find it quite pathetic...   Let's take a look!   · bihorny little ... rated your photo an '11'! · bihorny little ... rated your photo a '10'! · bihorny little ... rated your photo an '11'! ·  new friend request from 'bihorny little ...' received! · bihorny little ... rated you an '11'! · bihorny little ... just checked you out!   bihorny little devil@ fubar   hi welcome to my page im JAZZ ,IM 29 38C 135 BLONDE AND BI IM A SWINGER YOU CAN CHECK MY PAGE ON THE SWING SITE BELOW I NEED HELP 2 LEVEL UP 2 GODFATHER IT SEEMS LIKE 4 EVER I HAVE BEEN ON THIS LEVEL IF U HELP ME ILL HELP U PLEASE SEND ME VIP,HAPPY HOUR,BLINGS,BLAST OR TICKER ILL MAKE IT WORTH YOUR TIME I HAVE ALOUT OF PICS UP NSFW PICS ILL LET U SEE IF U BUY ANY OF THOSES THAT I LISTED IF I GOT A HAPPY HOUR I WOULD LET U SEE MY PICS 4
have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you were left alone?Some of you still have your parents or maybe just one parent alive and some of you have children to love and love you back.Have you ever thought about what your world would be like to not have those people in your life? sometimes we act like nothing is wrong and smile as we walk down the street and then go into our empty homes where silence greets us and sometimes all you want to do is crawl in a corner and hide your self from the world.But life goes on around us the sun still shines the clouds still float by children laugh and we carry on as if our world hasn't just been turned upside down. Today I smiled for the first time in days and I felt guilty so I caught myself and thought no this isnt what right...I am young and yet I feel sooo old right now and broken but I will smile again tomorrow and every day after because that is why i am still here To keep memorie's alive and not forget those that loved me
Strange Indeed...
Strange not to have seen,the one I love for so long,Nearly forty years.
I see you, In everything I do,I feel your touch, when the wind blows,Your laughter haunts me, your touch it taunts me,And when I close my eyes, to sleep at night,You are in my dreams.
Letters From Home
i as thinking and have been curious how many people truly know how to write a real letter anymore?   so heres the idea i had...i propose to you my friends to write me a real letter..yes a letter you write with your hand and have to lick the envelope and mail it   i will answer everyone...tell me about your day..what funny trick your pet your kid got his first tball hit etc etc   if anyone is interested lemme know
Fyneazz's Team
FyNeAzz's Team       FyNeAzZ 2Nd AlArM HoTtIe Rl Gf 2 ChAoS@ fubar   NeWYorKGurL2nd Alarm Hottie@ fubar   o WiCKeD o AkA DOM DIMPLES 2nd Alarm Hottie@ fubar   Boo Boo Kitty 2nd Alarm Hottie@ fubar   Duckie 2nd Alarm Hottie DPR SS WPL Fu Owned by LayedBack1@ fubar   GATORGIRL KIMMIE 2nd Alarm Hottie FU Engaged To Diamond Man@ fubar  
Behind Blue Eyes By The Who
"Behind Blue Eyes" No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes No one knows what it's like To be hated To be fated To telling only lies But my dreams They aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free No one knows what it's like To feel these feelings Like I do And I blame you No one bites back as hard On their anger None of my pain and woe Can show through But my dreams They aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free When my fist clenches, crack it open Before I use it and lose my cool When I smile, tell me some bad news Before I laugh and act like a fool If I swallow anything evil Put your finger down my throat If I shiver, please give me a blanket Keep me warm, let me wear your coat No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes
Comment Approval, A Mumm Disguised As A Blog
How many would  agree that comment approval, especially on the mumms, is for crybabies!?
Pissed Off, A Mumm Disguised As A Blog
How many would agree that it is better to be pissed off than pissed on?
So I've been slowly getting into this band over the past few months.  They are very....different.  They started out as a looovely black metal band and have evolved into a sort of ambient electronic-ness.  Their stuff is very layered and if you have any love for classical music you may fall in love with them as I did.     Now, their earlier stuff as I said is very much black metal, which, while I adore it, know that it's kind of hard to get into. This is one of their more tame songs, with many lovely ambient moments. I think this song is from an EP of theirs in 1994 or so. This album is really pretty, Perdition City (2000) very experimental ambient electronica. This is one of their later songs from an album called Blood Inside (2005). It's very ambient and they don't have any of the electronic stuff layered into it, which causes it to be very haunting and lovely. And this is their newer stuff from Shadows of the Sun (2007), it's very ambient a
Peep Show
[empty Nest]
Dropped the babies off at the rescue.*sigh*I misses demz alreadys. In other news I thinkthink think think I know what I'm doing with my C-class Zeta. Matte Blue jet fighter colors with yellow highlights. I'm hoping it won't turn out too much like the titans colors.   I don't think that's gonna happen since my plan is to put in a dob of whit and my flat blue. That's more of a ... pearled black/purple. I think it'll look awesome, especially in flight mode. Someone motivate me to finish Neue Ziel, or at least finish primering. All paint jobs are on hold til that's done. I guess the main hang up is I reallyreallyreallydon't wanna load my airbrush and then clean it just for one coat of primer on the body, and START all the tiny pieces. but I could start coloring all the other parts I have primed. I dunno... I need like braces rubber bands for stoppers for at least one part, is TINY and no hand-holds or claw points. I was thinking just go white limbs/head and go dark dark blue
Wth Do I Do
so many of you know my sister called me 3 weeks and 5 days ago(yes been counting the days) and ask me if her and her daughter could stay over night (some kinda drama with her man). well i said yes against my better judgment...oo god why dont i listin to my voices more.. ok so now i cant get rid of her or her outragious bitch of a 13 year old know it all , tramp of a daughter !! there driving me out of my mind, i dont want to be a bitch although i have said twice get your shit and get out, and been laughed at ...her drug habit was the only reason i let her stay thinking it was better for her daughter to have some kinda normal life, but wtf i tell her no needles or dope in my house i ment it!!!i get a call about 2 hours ago , she was fired for doing pills at work , now im so fucked , ill never get rid of her or her brat , like me having custudy of her 3 boys the past 9 years isnt enough and shes never even been greatfulll for that, am i in the wrong, or just over thinking the situation??
Wow For Thoughts...
How do I tell you goodbye When there was never hello How do I tell you the truth That you just have to go You're a drug An addiction A glitch in my bliss Rehab is out They can't fix me for this Look inside myself To my very soul The darkness that lies there That you will never know Hide it away Show no pain Longing Desire so deep A flame burning Smoke that can't be released Steal it away Fire so hot It scorches my thoughts Desires Dreams forgotten Never knowing my true self But again I close my eyes Knowing it will come Sleep  These nightmares My reality in dreams You are it The only My chemical release....      
Life As I Know It
Once, every so often, life throws something at you that makes you open your eyes. I have recently realized that for the majority of my life I have lived my life trying to make everyone happy and not myself. Because of this I generally end up hurting myself and those who are closest to me. Because I have done this, I may have lost a very important person. Im done with that. No more will I sacrifice myself for the feelings of others. I may hurt people along the way, but my new mentality is "better me than them". Not that I will do this on purpose, but happiness is paramount. Im hoping that I can rectify the damage that has been done, regardless these changes will be made. I deserve to be happy and now is the time.
Second Book Review!
I can't believe it... my second review. The reviewer loved Storm Rising... I'm in shock!!  Check out the link: God... I'm going insane here!  This was a big boost to me.  Happy celebration time!  This is a great early birthday gift... and I had to share.
Are Greenies? Mumm Disguised As A Blog
Are greenies so illiterate, so even when it is my photo, they ask if I am a male.  Never mind when I put a woman's photo up. Should I state it in my status, not only in my aboutme and the caption next to the photo on the public profile?
Rachel's Love
He think she doesnt know, that hes watching her. As she slumbers. Well spent from the hours past, his caresses still felt on her skin. Every inch of her well loved, well possessed. she knows his golden eyes are are watching her breath. she can feel the fire still in him. feel the heat of his body as he cradles her, cherishing her. she knows what it finally means to love, to feel, to adore someone with all of her being. To have someone love her as she does him..To have protection for all harm.. never having to guard herself again.. and never to guard her heart from him. if anything she would put down her life for her beloved Love..She knows that he is the one that she has searched centries for.. and is not willing to loose the love she has finally found. She has found the lost piece of her heart, her life. her very soul. She loves him and he knows it.. she knows the fire that burns in him.. only burns for her. She feels the passion when their eyes meet, the first touch. the first kiss..
Before You Make The Decision......
...You see him every day, somewhere, standing there with his sign that troubles you so. Your mind has an itch that can't be reached, can't be scratched, and wont go away. Who is this guy outside your car window, eyes downcast as if ashamed or embarrassed? Get a job...go make me uncomfortable...dont look at me for money...come on light, turn green!!! Sound familiar??    Consider this BEFORE YOU MAKE THE DECISION to just drive away.......he sees YOU every day as he stands there on the corner, his eyes downcast...ASHAMED, EMBARRASSED. He wants a job so he CAN go away! HE is UNCOMFORTABLE, "DON'T LOOK AT ME" he thinks. "COME ON LIGHT, TURN GREEN" he doesn't have to accept your money.....your handout. In HIS mind he wonders how his life came to this....You can't imagine the nerve it took for him to print that sign that un nerves you so..." DOWN...BUT NOT OUT!!!!"....Every fiber of his being is screaming.....this is not how he was raised!!!....A window rolls down, a hand is
My Church....
As some of you know, Ive been laid up for the past 2 weeks after having a total knee replacement.  I have 8 weeks total to be off from work, as these things take quite a long time to heal, what with rehab and all.In the time before I went to surgery, I had found a church that I was enjoying going to, and had established a nice friendship with the Pastor of the youth group.  We went out to lunch together on Fridays, and discussed current events with the church, and how to raise money for the youth activities.  Since I have been home from the hospital, I have received several nice cards and well wishes from the ladies in my Sunday school class, encouraging me a speedy recovery so I can return to the church.  Some of the ladies brought food over to help the family get through the first few days of my being home and not being able to get into the kitchen to cook.  I purchased a 'thank you' card and thanked everyone for their kindness and generosity, and their prayers for my speedy recovery
Rat Pack Personality Test
Your result for Which Rat Pack Member Are You? Test... Joey Bishop You're the brains of the operation. While the jokers joke and the japers jape, you sit back and plot your next smooth move. As reliable as a Swiss watch, you're not given to flights of fancy. Some may criticize you for not spending more time dancing with the monkeys of life, but you know those monkeys don't dance so hot when you're not keeping time on the drum. Take Which Rat Pack Member Are You? Test at HelloQuizzy
My Accident
so many have asked what happened so here it is   me ive been in chair since age 15 i was in car accident spinal cord injury c6-c7. im a quad but very independent and high functioning i can transfer well long as spasms arent bad they are my biggest prob. but i have a van can drive, i can do most stuff on my own just really incredibly slow at it. how it happened was i was a dumb ass 15 years old out with 24 year old friend at 3am i shoulda been home. but we got bored said ok next car comes by lets follow it.  bad luck on us that car was 3 drunk 17 year olds.  they went down dead end road under construction then turned around we were like fuck this is boring.. oh excuse my language.. so they waved us pass em we said let go find something else to do. well when we went pass they wouldnt let us.  we sped up they did we slowed to get be hind em they slowed too they wouldnt let us outa that lane. so if mike was smart woulda stopped car kicked there ass was 5 us an 3 of them. but typical male
Questionable Content
Those who find true love,will also find such delight,tempered by heartache.
[the Next Big Idea]
    This is what I was working on Sunday. Linearts to test out a color scheme before I actually post it. Sees I gots these goufs.... and I wants to dos me some custom colors And I'm... pretty lazy. Well, thats not really the problem, the real problem is I'm also still stockpiling for a workshop, and I'm always planning other builds. And people keep calling me for 10 hours of every weekend. The purple one on the right is the original concept... which I arm wrestled for hours then I turned around and did the one on the left based on the same team's older custom colors. Left is the fan favorite on the robot forum I joined. You would NOT believe how hard it is to find black and white linearts for these fuggers. That was half the battle. I broke down and picked up a flat red and a glossy bright yellow for a couple other builds... what the fuck was the red for? ... ... ... uuuuuuuuh... And I picked up some sandpaper glue and squeeze bottles. Seriously what was the re-OH!Duh. The gr
Sorry in advance to my friends that aren't interested in politics... Click "Back" now. I received this as an email, and other than "Cleaning it up a bit" from the C/P process, I've not altered it in any way.New Pissed Off Party (POP) It's not Democrat, not Republican, not Independent.  It's called the "PISSED OFF PARTY" (or POP).  This party is dedicated to vote every incumbent out of office in the next elections.  If you're Democrat, vote Democrat.  Just don't vote for the incumbent.  If you're Republican, vote Republican.  Just don't vote for the incumbent and so on.  We need to send a message to all politicians that we're tired of their B.S.. If the country votes out all of the incumbents, the new incoming politicians will get the message.  It's pretty simple.  Nobody needs to change parties and let's face it, there's plenty of blame to spread around.  A few good politicians will lose their job but they probably have better retirement and insurance then 95% of the American public.Yo
Driving Me Mad
I can't fvuckin bear it.  I am currently sharing my office with an over paid and under busy consultant.  Problem is, he makes so much noise when he eats.  Biscuits, sandwiches, whatever he has for lunch - oh and he has biscuits all the friggin time. Gah, I'm pretty tolerant, but this drives me mad.  chomp chomp, slobber, heavy nose breath. Not a good thing in my current mood which swings between dejected and horribly angry. I need a punch bag.
What Flavor Are Your Kisses?
You Are a Cherry Flavored Kiss You consider yourself an expert kisser, and you try to kiss perfectly. You feel like you have the technique down, and you take kissing very seriously. You are always making sure your partner is comfortable and having fun. You're quite considerate. You don't kiss and tell, yet somehow you've got a great reputation for your kissing skills. What Flavor Are Your Kisses? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Wicked, Tricksie And False.
You liaryou cheatdis-organized,un-neat.Your soft mouth,no longer makes,my head spin.
Fudge With The Bull, You Get The Horns.
Wishing Everyone A Happy Easter
    imikimi - sharing creativity     To all our Family and friends here on Fu:         We would like to wish all of you a very blessed Easter.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers.     Love:   Doc G. and Mare
Lounge Code For After The Update
Hey everyone. There has been alot of changes with this update. here is some help I got from the fubar lounge coder DX. DX is a great guy and has helped me tons. This is my attempt at helping him and all the coders. This is the skin code just make the changes to the url's and the sizes. remember all your sizes must have a unit such as: margin-left: 5px; /* V:1 */.new_lounge_wrapper a {  font-family: eras demi itcc;  color: ffffff;  font-size: 12 pt;  font-weight: bolder;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;}.new_lounge_wrapper {  font-family: eras demi itcc;  color: ffffff;  font-size: 12 pt;  font-weight: bolder;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;}.new_lounge_wrapper a:visited {  font-family: eras demi itcc;  color: ffffff;  font-size: 12 pt;  font-weight: bolder;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;}div#pagecontent {  visibility: show!important;  background-image: url()!important;  background-color: 000000!important;  background-attachment: fixed!imp
[how The Hell!?]
So I was just going through the blog of that japanese kid that did that AWESOME gelgoog, and I was thinking to myself "my, what technically sound kits, but they sure do lack imagination" Then I saw a yellow gouf and I said "hey! A custom Gouf- nobody does those- OH MY GOD!" It got an out loud "Oh my god!"   That kiddies, is a HELL of a lot of studding, and I don't know how he did it.   Oh- and I knew I could make fins out of scrap plastic :P   This is the 1/144 Gouf. I can tell from the poseability of the hand, and the shoulder construction. Here's your reference point henceforth referred to as "before"   God damn... this kid is good, but he only has a few scrap built custom kits, the rest are primarily just very sound paint jobs.   Found his progress page... any one read japanese? It looks like he took the legs and head off an OLD (like early 80's) Gouf flight type kit and drilled all those rivet holes... dunno how he filled it.
Prayer Of A Lover
PRAYER OF A LOVER   Everynight when I pray, I thank God for each new day. I also thank him for something sweet, I thank him for each time you and I meet. He has Blessed me with his grace, He gave me the chance to see your face. He has taught me much, My favorite lesson was the joy i felt at your touch.
To My Family And Friends
My Dear Friends! Time is flying and tomorrow will be my last day at home for a while. I am going to a hospital for back operation. I have been dealing with often terrible pain for over a year, on morphine and limited with my activities. One of the best neurosurgeons will remove my bulged disk which is blocking sciatic nerve, remove some of the vertebra and replace it with coral and clean some fat and calcium deposits there. Of course I am scared, there is always a risk in every operation BUT I trust my doctor and believe that all will end successfully. When I come back home, I will be wearing specially molded/removable cast, very limited with my movements, mostly lying down and walking a bit. It will take weeks until I will be able to do more but I am prepared for that. For now, lets just hope for the best. I will miss talking to you, visiting your pages and leaving comments but my thoughts will be with you. Lucky me, I met a few extraordinary people here and cherish them all. You are
Anyone Wonder?
Anyone wonder what happened to Footboy's mumms today?  stfu  gtfo
A Little Something I Wrote sound...I was alone for the first time in a while. Everyone had left. The kids were with their friends and hollow was at the cabin. I had the dog at the vets overnight to have him fixed and tested for his ill tempered nature. I took an actual day off from work to take care of couple things I had committed myself to. I saw everyone safely on their way and here at just 4pm I was pouring a warm bath and putting on some music to begin the unwinding process. It has been so stressful and not just one thing or one area...everything it seemed was contributing to it and I needed this.A deep scrub to my entire body invigorated me, stimulated me, made me have an overwhelming desire to explore myself losing myself in the luxury of it all...hell I had my bathroom door open. The feeling of freedom was intoxicating.I allowed myself to satisfy myself thoroughly before I decided to move on to other things.I dressed in my simple black dress and changed the music channel to some
Free Stuff Rawks
The site surveys Im conducting has made for busy days of review and discovery, assess and report. Personnel out here in Cali have been cordial and accomodating, and not just in the forced kind of way induced by the reason for my presence. The trip brings back echoes of the road life and a more active era. I have to say Im enjoying the essence of waking up to buffet breakfast & coming home to fresh everything, before taking off to complimentary social hours for more buffet and free drinks, and falling back in to the room buzzed, fat and happy by sunset falling behind the palms and the smokey hills. I havent bought a meal since I arrived. Alfredo the maitre d' and I are becoming pretty good friends, and he gives me the lowdown on the local happennings. Turns out my accomodations are part the dallas cowboys spring training camp rotation, where they stay here and train at the facility just up the street. Seems its on 2 yr rotation, not sure where the alt years are spent
I Won The Mtv Hottie Thingy Haha Looky
No I never wonder why, so stfu and gtfo!  Just kidding, dayum!
Sometimes I wonder if people actually read. I accused someone of being antisemantic, which means one not knowing or caring to use proper grammar, sentence structure or meanings of words!  not Antisemitic, which means antiJewish, No one gets a pun anymore?
Too Bad
It is just TOO BAD that I am upsetting you with my status changes! (fu) anyway!  lol
A Certain Someone
A certain someone complained that I have NO bbws in any of my folders, I put a few up, but should I put more?  A . Yay  B. Nay
Muslim Swimwear
This was at a recent fashion show spotlighting the latest fashion in Islamic Muslim swimwear. Call me crazy, but it looks more like something you would wear for snow boarding or skiing.
Fubar Knows My Name
The fubar admins know my e mail address too, woot woot!
Would Any
Would any of you beautiful women of fubar like to be in my pretty women folder? Big, small, medium, black, white, asian, Latina?
The Letter /i Want To Be Six Again
Kathys Comments                   To whom it may concern, I am hereby tendering my resignation as an adult, in order to accept the responsibilites of a 6 year old. The tax base is lower.  I want to be six again. I want to go to McDonalds's and think it's the best place in the world to eat.  I want to  sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make waves with rocks.  I want to think M&Ms are better than money, because you can eat them.  I want to play handball, during recess and stay up on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa and Roudolph on the roof.  I long for the days when life was simple. When all you knew were your colors, the addition tables and simple nursery rhymes, but it didnt' bother you , because you didn't know what you didn't know , and you didnt' care. I want to go to school and have snack time , recess, gym and field trips.  I want to be happy, because  I  don't know what should make me upset. I want to think the world is fair, and everyone in it
-- written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s -- Not "Found in Old St. Paul's Church"! -- see below Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especi
Just Some Thoughts.
Life is made up of cause and effects. One slight difference and you will have a completely different outcome. I don't hold regrets. Life is to short to constantly question "what if". Sometimes it just leaves me dumbfounded knowing if I made just a few slight adjustments to choices in my past; I would be in a completely different place living a totally different life.
Lmfao- My Sb When I Was Bored- Im Shocked He Kept Talking To Me
2000 years...: me licia: me what? 2000 years...: na i just wanted to see if you respond licia: umm okay... 2000 years...: from where are you? licia: from the land where people read profiles, you? 2000 years...: maybe i read it and i just forgot im from pr 2000 years...: ill go read    2000 years...: hey it dosnt say from where you are licia: it says united state
Army Mom's Prayer~ Please Dear God, Return Him Home Safely~
For You My Son Chad~ I held you as an infant; I hugged you as a boy and through the years you have become my greatest pride and joy. I love you more than I can say, your life more precious than my own, but gone are the whims and notions of my little boy that I had known. For the years have passed so quickly since the time it all began and now you stand before me with the conviction of a man. You wanted to serve our country, you stated with pride as I try to sort out the emotions that I'm feeling deep inside... A union of the uncertain fear, which I cannot control and the allegiance which lies deep within my patriotic soul. I trust that my years of guidance will serve as a strong foundation as you perform the duties requested from this beloved nation. God please, please, I beg you, guide him as he travels to the places our soldiers have bled and walk with him through pathways where those heroes' feet have tread. Oh Sweet Land of Liberty, humbly I giv
Sniping The Kids.
"You seem to be under the impression that I'm kidding. Look at my face, Do I seem like the kind who enjoys talking for the fuck of it?" Looking up from the rifle in his hands, the boy looks at the fat mans face. Gold teeth spread about his almost as yellow teeth. Bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. Nicotine stains on his prematurely gray mustache. Nothing about the face seemed human, let alone humane. "But...They're just kids." "You ever been outside the gates, kid?" Looking into his eyes, the fat man cut him off just as he opened his mouth. "No. Of course not. See it in your eyes. You've heard stories though, right? Well, let me inform you of what no one talks about. Out there, the roaches don't live by any morality that you do. Morales are a luxury. Out there, every pair of hands either has a gun, or falls victim to one that does. This includes women, and yes, children. You're gonna get out there, and you're gonna get into a firefight. And at some point, you'll see one.
I need a person who has the ability to give out their points for the day?   To whomever will give me their points I will provide the Auto 11's for the day =D
Redneck Camping Adventure
After a fairly rough week at work and the promise for even worse work weeks to come, I found it meant to be that my cousin called to invite me to the family camp for a weekend of "drinkin' and mud ridin'."  As it seemed the powers that be wanted me to get tap into my redneck-ness, I accepted the invitation and proceeded with my questions about the necessities for such an adventure.  I've never been camping before.  I've never been on any type of ATV before.  Most importantly, I have never purposefully gone trampling and sailing through mud effectively bathing myself in the Desoto Parish earth.  I was told to bring drinks (alcoholic of course) and a pillow.  I added my shampoo, loofa and body wash to my "camping kit" in addition to my cell phone, phone charger and Toasted Pecan Wheatables. After I topped off the gas tank and bought the tennis shoes needed (since I didn't own a pair), I headed off to camp.  It smelled there.  I haven't quite placed what the smell was, but it smelled.  
Yes, They Really Let Me Write An Academic Paper On Buffy.
Most of my friends on here know I have a...weird education. I spent most of graduate school synthesizing what I had learned while obtaining my BAs in Anthropology and Religious Studies into a fascination bordering on obsession with the connection between burial practices, artifacts, the historical record and popular culture. As a result, I've written some very interesting studies on the human condition. I thought I'd give a sampling of some of my subject matter. It's good for an lol, if nothing else. Master's Thesis: Anthro: "Venus is a Doll, Mary is a Whore: How Feminine Iconography in the Artifact and Bone Records Has Influenced Modern Popular Conceptions of Woman, Witch, and Goddess" Religious Studies (unfinished): "Pagan Celebrities, the Diabolical Witch, and Burning Stereotypes at the Stake" Graduate School Highlights: " 'Daughters, Use Your Consciousness To Rise Up in the Earth': 19th Century Feminism in Christian Science and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."
I cannot believe that my little baby niece and nephew are finally here!!!! BEAUTIFUL..BEAUTIFUL..BEAUTIFUL...Now i can officially say i have a nephew... ♥ and two beautiful nieces :) My sister Brandy..had her twins this past saturday...they look so much alike..and they both look like their daddy..they are too they had to send them to cable huntington hospital...hopefully she'll get to bring them home within the next week or so..Im excited. Just sharing
The Electronic Cigarette...a Government Sham?...
Maybe you've already seen these, but I just ran across them and I will buy because I've tried everything... It seems like 20 years ago we were pressured to smoke to be cool by our peers, but NOW, it's so NOT cool to smoke and you should just QUIT! Yeh right, I've been smoking since I was 12!Please consider writing a blog on the electronic cigarette; a lot of people read yours. Short version is that it's new, much less harmful than regular smokes and for people who have smoked for years and have tried everything to quit, it would be much better for THEM. The flipside is that younger people will be encouraged to partake due to the available flavors, (although they must be 18 to buy). I put some links I've run across so far below.The FDA is claiming that it's better to continue to smoke, (at 100's of thousands of deaths per year), are already trying to ban them for US marketing AND are being sued by one of the companies who market them. The government wants their "piece", an
I am starting today a blog called jpub in my new folder of blogs.  J stands for Jewish and pub for  public. It will be about all topice of Jewish culture and religion. Is that a good idea?  Or is it too proselytizing?  A. Not abad idea B. Don't missionize me, man!
Ghosts On The Boulevard ( A Brief Story )
Clouds loom like the final curtain of a long running opera, as a mist form on the boulevard that just hours ago seemed so alive with possibility, hope and anticpation. The packs of hungry wolves have retreated to after hours spots and hang outs all over the city to lay the final claim on their intoxicated prey from the seemingly endlesss hunt in various bars and clubs they see as their hunting grounds. Suddenly, it begins, a faint echoing through the many historic buildings that seem like mausoleums in memory of broken dreams. With stars lining the sidewalks like headstones, the sound becomes a melody that hums the testimony of pain and tragedy, of loss and suffering. A sillhouette appears, a woman stops and asks for a light to a cigarette thats loosly packed and bent from being in her hip pocket as she walks the desolet and damp streets, she cups the flame revealing an old tattoo that reads "Louis" in a dingey gun metal bluish ink, an old flame perhaps? She takes the first hit and giv
Racist Requests
UK family ask for 'no black hotel staff' A British family has sparked a legal storm when they told staff at a US luxury hotel that they did not want to be served by any black people. The family allegedly told staff at a five-star Ritz-Carlton hotel in Florida that they didn't want to be served by "people of colour" or staff with "foreign accents". But Haitian-born waiter Wadner Tranchant has sued the hotel claiming that by preventing him from serving the family, the Ritz-Carlton violated the Civil Rights Act, the UK Times newspaper reported. Mr Tranchant, who is black, was moved to other duties when the UK family were seated at the restaurant. Mr Tranchant's lawyer said nine witnesses would testify that the family had made the racist request. "My client was prevented from waiting on this couple because he was black," he said. "Plaintiff was humiliated, embarrassed, frightened, intimidated, subject to undeserved shame and suffered severe emotional stress, which is continuin
Glowing Flower
This is a poem my friend wrote about a year or so ago. He passed away this past November. I always loved the way he wrote.  GLOWING FLOWER As once before I find my world narrated from a twisted novel. I live the crinkled pages, as my heart beats in total chaos and mess. My mind floats like the clouds on the empty days of reality; searching for the stellar fields. If only I could sell my heart to find that magic harmony, gain a chance to feel the earth move beneath my feet and silence the raw echoes of my soul. I should wash my brain. I've begun to color like a virus. -j
Just Like Riding A Bike
Turns out after a prolonged hiatus, having sex is exactly like riding a bike. After putting on my helmet and cinching the chinstrap I poured the wine, lit candles, mounted her and took a couple of aggressive pedals.  We coasted down the sidewalk, jumped the curb, crossed the street where I bent my front wheel on the far curb, ran head-on into a fire hydrant, crashed onto the lawn and burnt my leg on her exhaust pipe.  Overall I think that went well.  I know she's impressed.    
Porn Contest!
                 Well I have a problem! I need to go to PAA (Porn Addicts Anonymous) But before I go... I need some new FREE porn!!! So the contest is as follows.... Link me or email me the best porn video you know of. Based on what I like I will judge a winner. The prizes get better with the more porn I get. So private message me or leave a comment and I will get my YIM or email to you so you can enter! Let the best porn get me off and we all win!!!!!!!! :)       
Maybe Hellyion and Emanoon are the same person?
Bomb & Pimp Me & Bobbi Http:// (autos On) Rate All My Pics Help Me Level Almost 90% To Oracle!) Ill Be Bombing Later
Flashbacks of a life unknown remembering not but a few times life in ignorance of pain lived where is it I have been? What have i done? Never to know memories not wanted to see, feel.... There is joy in the oblivion...  
Mysterious night skies Tell me a story softly Bringing a tear to my eye. Clouds calling out Giving way to my life. A verse plays Flutes softly playing Drums beating Moon appears, slicing through dark clouds. Ray beams alive Twinkling of the night. I see and I'm not scared Silently aware my soul awakened here in this Mysterious night sky.  
How can I be super happy, and super pissed at the same time over pretty much the same thing?
Love 2
The sound of your voice, rekindles memories A time of long ago of inocence and how things used to be. For time is a thief that steals our dreams and  I was weak and could not see. A perfect crime were not immune.  Then routine becomes our solitude. For feeling left untold, they wither and fade away. Just like a bouquet of flowers and promices of yesterday. I thank you for the glimpse of light That warms my heart on this cold night. For never to taken a chance on life is never to have lived at all. Scott S.
I Wasn't Tagged
But I'm going to do this anyway. You can thank Weirick, I got it from his blog.   Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.1. I have severe allergies2. The animal I fear the most is a grasshopper3. I don't think I will ever understand men4. I LOVE not having any sound when I'm driving.5. I'm not sure I'll ever get remarried. 6. I'm starting to think that I'm slightly submissive in bed. 7. That thought SCARES me8. I could drink tea every day.9. I sleep on a couch every night10. When I was 16, I hit a parked car. Not only was the guy still in the car....he had his window down talking to a cop..........................I got no ticket.
The Clock Starts Now......
How long do you think it will take?
Setting The Record Straight
I am wanting to explain some non sense.I had a lady to come to me and offered to buy me a $99.99 bling pack,and i agreed to pay her back on the 22nd of april in which i did.She also gave me an auto and a bomb in which i was trying to level and i agreed to repay on my next pay period which is the 7th. of may and in which i am going to do.Ive been on this site since may of 2009 and ive never not paid any one that ive owed.There is ppl on here that can vouch for that so all i am wanting to do is get the record straight and for her and here fubies to stop bad mouthing me.So the ones of you out there that truly know me ,i appericate you,and the ones that dont thats jumping in and passing judgement on me can take a flying leap because you aint worth the time to get to know.Sincerly Yours Keith Beaver
Middle Tennessee Flood Awareness
Did you know that the United States just experienced one of the worst natural disasters in it's recorded history? Maybe not. Because the news coverage on this event has been short and in many cases, non-existant. This past weekend, the South experienced torrential downpours and heavy thunderstorms that dropped an unprecendented 13+ inches of rain in a 48 hour period, breaking the previous record from 1979 of 6.68 inches of rain in 48 hours. That's almost twice the amount of the previous record. The rivers couldn't handle it anymore. They were already swelled from the large amount of rain the area received almost two weeks ago and there was no time for the waters to receed. Particularily of note is the Cumberland River, which winds it's way down through downtown Clarksville (where I live), through the farmlands and residential areas of Northern Tennessee, to Nashville, past the Grand Ole Opry, past the Titan's LP Field in downtown Music City and then continuing South through the rural
The Song Remembers When
by Trisha Yearwood I was standing at the counterI was waiting for the changeWhen I heard that old familiar music startIt was like a lighted matchHad been tossed into my soulIt was like a dam had broken in my heartAfter taking every detourGetting lost and losing trackSo that even if I wantedI could not find my way backAfter driving out the memoryOf the way things might have beenAfter I'd forgotten all about usThe song remembers whenWe were rolling through the RockiesWe were up above the cloudsWhen a station out of Jackson played that songAnd it seemed to fit the momentAnd the moment seemed to freezeWhen we turned the music up and sang alongAnd there was a God in HeavenAnd the world made perfect senseWe were young and were in loveAnd we were easy to convinceWe were headed straight for EdenIt was just around the bendAnd though I have forgotten all about itThe song remembers whenI guess something must have happenedAnd we must have said goodbyeAnd my heart must have been brokenThough I can
Thursday, May 6th 2010
7:55am - woke up. 8:30am - checking email. 8:31am - reading and approving comments/PM's on my fubar account. 8:35am - checking on WoW Beta client download that i left running overnight. 8:41am - logged into WoW Beta. just to see if it worked.. 9:01am - going to the office. 9:24am - at the office. 9:26am - talked with bryan about radio metrics and adding some stuff to the SAG daily status report. 9:28am - reading and approving comments/PM's on my fubar account. 9:30am - checking nightly reports and usage graphs. 9:32am - talked with bryan about some report discrepancies. 9:34am - checking fubar spammer queues. 9:39am - checking SAI for any interesting news this morning. 9:50am - prepping for bling meeting. 10:22am - bling meeting over. sent out bling update. 10:22am - reading and approving comments/PM's on my fubar account. 10:25am - weekly marketing meeting. 10:29am - rolling out bling update to fubar. 10:49am - marketing meeting over. 10:49am - talking with tan
Mothers Day
If roses grow in heaven, Lord, pick a bunch for me; Place them in my Mother's arms and tell her they're from me;Tell her that I love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while; Because remembering her is easy, I do it everyday. There's an ache within my heart that will never go away.Happy Mother's Day, Mom RIP
Mother's Day
Mother's Day shoukld be an extra special day to appreciate our mothers, although we should honor and respect them a whole year around.  Those that use Mother's Day as the only time to honor and respect Mom are foolish.
Obesity Is Not A Diesease.. Its A Epidimic And A Choice.
Let me start off by saying if your easily offended stop reading here. *** ALSO LET ME SAY: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING BIGGER AND BEING HEALTHY!!!Also, i will start off by saying i have ALWAYS been big, at my biggest i was 250-260. I am now at 180. The journey was not easy, every day i struggle and will struggle for the rest of my life. But the reason i am writing this is because today as i was shopping, i saw a grandmother a mother and a child the gma and the mother were easily 300+ and rolling around in a automated scooter.. this poor baby couldnt have been any older then 7 years old and weighed easily.. 150 she was so big she could hardly breath. What kind of life are you giving your child? what kind of example? Making small changes mkae a HUGE difference. Which i will go into those later. However, people blame people and things.. they make excuses.. HELL EVEN I DO!!! (for example, i work 20 hour shifts.. roughly 135 hours every 2 weeks.. im effin tired when i get done with wo
Porn Star's
OK ladies I know we all watch porn even if we don't want to admit that we do. But we do. So my question is who is your favorite to watch? Mine is Jenna jamenson!
Why Should I Care?
There's a giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.Illegal aliens are pouring into my country, yet the Feds want to crucify Arizona for trying to stop them.The Federal Reserve is trying to bankrupt everyone while lying about it.The stock market is crashing.Nashville has been drowned.Lunatic shitheads are STILL blowing people up in Iraq.and on and on.......and I really don't give a damn. Why? Because I have more immediate problems of my own, that's why.My Dad just died a few weeks ago and left my mother with nothing but his funeral expenses and a few personal items. I have no job, and may soon have no place to live. I have no friends I can hang out with in the real world, because I won't play their mindgames. I can see no future for myself that doesn't involve eventual suicide. I have acid reflux that tries to kill me in my sleep, and I wake up with a head full of pain every morning. And on top of all of that, my girlfriend is horny all the time and I'm just not interested! My life sucks.
Crash And Burn
When you feel all alone And the world has turned its back on you Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take anymore Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone When you feel all alone And a loyal friend is hard to find You're caught in a one way street With the monsters in your head When hopes and dreams are far away and You feel like you can't face the day Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone Cause there has always been heartache and pain And when it's ov
People Amaze Me
People really seem to amaze me how they act anymore. I remember when meetin people was easy an makin friends was even easier but now it seems that all people want to do now a days is stab each other in the back an talk shit on each other. Sorry to tell you people but that is not what friendship is about! An let me get into the relationship thing all it is anymore is games an noone is ever serious anymore! Hmmm well I hate to tell you but there are people out here in the world that have hearts an real feelins an it is not cool to mess with peoples emotions! Love is so freely used anymore it cracks me up! One day I love this one an two days later you love another HELLO thats not love!!! Sorry I had to spill my guts for a minute cause there is real people out there in this world lookin for real things like real friends an real love an I happen to be one of them! Go ahead hate on me or say somethin smart I really dont care! The real truth is I am right an you know it!
I am over fifty and I have little moobs, I love them, but I won't show them.
Help Me Celebrate My B-day Weekend With The Zodiac Auction Bid Good On Everyone Have Fun Be Fair!
This Is Me Venting And If Your Here Then You Are About To Get An Eyeful Of Shit... Turn Back Now, Last Chance.
So. We went to the grocery store yesterday. It's a organic healthfood store. Lots of "hippy" type people, young and old who shop here. I'm all for "new life" living and such but............ Walking around the produce section this lady was pushing around a shopping cart with a couple of kids trailing behind her. She had a baby strapped to the front of her in one of those backpack thingies. And she was hogging up the aisles everywhere she went. I was getting ticked off but I dealt with it. I thought I saw something in between her and the baby. Of course I looked harder and kind of stared (and believe me...I wasn't the only one staring). Her shirt was pulled up on one side and her tit was practically hanging out. Not all the way coz it was shoved in the kid's mouth. Now again....I'm all for breast feeding (couldn't do it with my first...didn't want to with my second). I'm all for breast feeding in public because most women tend to cover themselves. But walking around a crowded
Favourite Movie Quotes - Add Yours!
"We'd have more luck playing pickup sticks with our butt-cheeks than we will getting a flight out of here before daybreak." ~ Del Griffith, Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Movie Theatre
You Are Imaginative and Idealistic You are popular and well liked. You know how to please a crowd and work a room. You tend to go to your friends for advice and opinions. You value what your friends have to say. You have a realistic take on life. You see things as they are, and you don't worry about how things should be. Spending time alone makes you a little nostalgic. You tend to think about the past a lot when you're alone. The Movie Theater Test Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
The Happy Smiley Test
You Are Energetic You may seem scattered to those around you, but there is a method to your madness. You are good at juggling many balls in the air. You definitely know how to multitask. You are driven and motivated. You crave success, and you always follow your dreams. You make responsible decisions, and you can be counted on in a crisis. You have your head screwed on straight. The Happy Smiley Test Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
Good Boob Day! (stolen From Philemon)
Do you have any alcohol bottles in your room? Nope, haven't drank alcohol in a year  and a half. I also know how to clean up after myself.       Last person to text you?   Lord Spinoza       Do you think you like anyone?   Duh.       Who's the biggest whore you know?   I don't know anyone who gets paid for sexual acts; I know a few sluts though.       Do you prefer to be friends with boys or girls?   Neither. I like grown ups. I get along better with men.       Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you?   No one can lift my fat ass.       Had sex in a movie theater? Given oral sex.       Has any one of your friends ever seen you cry?   Yes       Do you hate anyone?   Only one person.       Do you straighten your hair often?   No       Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?   I try to avoid conversations with people I hate.       Want someone back in your life?   Yes       What type of bread did
Get Your Own Time Machine
Have you ever said to yourself:  I wish I could go back ten years ago, I would Have taken better care of myself Started going to the gym do something that I wanted to do made a positive change in my life Well guess what?  Today is that 10 years ago, and you didn't even have to go anywhere.  Make those changes today and in ten years you can say "I'm glad I went back and told me to do those things.
The Tree Test
You Are Smart and Reflective You are a brilliant and independent thinker. Ideas are important to you. You need a lot of alone time to develop your theories and views. You are an introvert. You get along with anyone who likes to think and learn. You are never superficial. You spend a lot of time thinking about morality. You try to do what's right, even if most of society disagrees. The Tree Test Blogthings: Waste Time at Work!
I Will Possess Your Heart By Deathcab For Cutie
How I wish you could see the potential The potential of you and me It's like a book elegantly bound But in a language you can't read just yet You got to spend some time, love You got to spend some time with me And I know that you'll find love I will possess your heart You got to spend some time, love You got to spend some time with me And I know that you'll find love I will possess your heart There are days when outside your window I see my reflection as I slowly pass And I long for this mirrored perspective When we'll be lovers, lovers at last You got to spend some time, love You got to spend some time with me And I know that you'll find love I will possess your heart You got to spend some time, love You got to spend some time with me And I know that you'll find love I will possess your heart I will possess your heart I will possess your heart You reject my advances and desperate pleas I won't let you let me down so easily So easily You got to spend some time, love You got to
The Gift Of Friendship ...
One of the things in life, the very few things, that we get for free is friendship and even though we may not get to talk every day nor spend the kind of time we would like with our friends, true friends are always with our hearts. Its such a precious gift that needs to be treasured for how ever long the friendship may last. Things may happen in life that end friendships.....things beyond anyones control. So I wanted to take this time and say that I value the gift that you share with me.........thank you all! The Gift Of Friends by Karin Schaefer There are days when bubbling from us comes the innocent child within, who giggles at the little things and wears a silly grin. There are days when melancholy comes to visit for a while; the mind feels tired, the body weak; we have no strength to smile. There are days when joy abundant grabs a hold of you and me; wraps us up in all it's splendor, lifts us up and sets us free. There are days when sorrow wraps us in
To My Friends In Club Paradise
to all my friends in club paradise i want to say thank you. You guys have welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like i was home hanging with my friends. You all mean alot to me. Im thankful that i have became friends with each of you in some way or another. I love what i do in club paradise and thats buying everyone drinks hehe. I know that i dont talk much but im slowly talking more and more. If you havent noticed i am shy till i open up. All of you are the best and im very happy that i decided to join the cp family! If i need to work on anything just let me know cause i want to be the best bartender for all of you. So now with all that said I just want to end this with a huge thank you for likeing me for me and that im glad i have all of you guys as my friends! I love you all!
All I Ever Wanted
Tear up the photographsBut yesterday won't let goEvery day, every day, every minuteHere comes the emptinessJust can't leave lonely aloneEvery day, every day, hey heyThis second-chancin's really getting me downYou give and taking everything I dreamed aboutIt's time you let me know, let me know just let goAll I ever wanted, all I ever wantedWas a simple way to get over youAll I ever wanted, all I ever wantedWas an in-between to escape this desperate sceneWhere every lie reveals the truthBaby cause I all ever wantedAll I ever wanted was youI'd rather walk aloneDon't wanna chase you aroundEvery day, every day, every minuteI'd fall a thousand timesBefore I let you drag me downEvery day, every day, hey heyYour new beginning was a perfect endingBut I keep feelingwe've already been here beforeIt's time you let me know, let me know just let goAll I ever wanted, all I ever wantedWas a simple way to get over youAll I ever wanted, all I ever wantedWas an in-between to escape this desperate sceneWh
If there are nerdgasms are there geekgasms?
Omg Look At New Pics Me Drawn As Last Unicorn!!!!
omg look at new pics me drawn as last unicorn!!!! what u think? was drawn by Jack Carson is FucT n lusted by CK n owned by Kilala n im Mandi n Ambers DaDDy@ fubar leave a comment what u think :)
A Blog On Mumms
Why do people obviously misspell and not NSFW their mumms when it needs to be properly spelled and labeled?  A. Stupid B. Lazy C. Both D. Some other explanation
You know I have spent so much time on here and myspace and realised one thing that irratates me greatly! People always judge by how someone looks on if they want to be with them. Guys always want the skinny barbiedoll type and women want the muscular blah blah. Well I am here to say it is far from your eyes that fall in love it is your heart and your heart goes by how you are treated and how that person makes you feel so please someone tell me why everyone is so damn wrapped up on looks? You know alot of you guys are issing out on women like me that aren't barbiedolls because our personalities are alot more beautiful!
Just Rambling...
I'm only going to be on here for a few minutes, but I had to get something off my chest.   It's really pathetic when I'm blocked by someone for a stupid reason, yet they are "allowed" to have other female friends that do even worse things than I'm accused of. I did NOTHING and they can't be my friend while other women are allowed to send them bling that say "I love you". The worst thing I did was send them a bling that said "bff".'s lame, really.     That is all.
When Im Gone
people who actually kill themselves never give warning or signs, those that do aren't serious but I can tell you this, Suicide is a train barreling downhill track with no brakes- it starts slow but builds into an obsession impossible to stop. You should feel honored that he felt you were the most important person in his world that he chose you to spend his last hours with- that was carefully and intentionally planned. When you are on the train you enjoy the view the speed your last hours but feel it is inevitable so you are happy and never feel the ending coming, its all preplanned and nothing can stop it, you dont want it stopped, you want it over. My roommates have no idea it ever happened to me, that I was ever on that train but I have many times and if I were on it right now, no one would know. When we refer to people we love who are gone, they want us to remember the fun we had together, to them death was just another step in life. the only predictable part of life is that it is u
My Fu Engagement
BabYDoLL77 fuengaged to COWBOY@ fubar this my beautyful my fu- engage soon to be wife and i do adore her....she has been there and i been there for here for countless so im glad to be her in her life and im in hers =D
This Has Been My Life; I Found It Worth Living
Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind]. Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness. In the union of love I have seen In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of [people]. I have wished to know why the stars shine. Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens, But always pity brought me back to earth; Cries of pain reverberated in my heart Of children in famine, of victims tortured And of old people left helpless. I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot, And I too suffer. This has been my life; I found it worth living.
Epica - Tides Of Time
    You were always there to hold my hand When times were hard to understand But now the tides of time have turned They keep changingSeasons range, but you remained the same A steady head, a sun to rain You'll be the light that's shining bright High above meAutumn gold losing hold We are leaves meant to fall There is meaning to all that fadesFreezing winds were stayed by warming words To touch your headling to the hurt I'll treasure every lesson learned to the embersFire fails, blushes pale We will, answer the call There's a meaning to all ourSeeds of eulogy to sow along with dreams Fill the need that can leave us grieving aloneFrail is our beauty in the end But all we count is sentimentA memory stays to guise the way and whisperDon't lose sight, don't deny We are leaves meant to fall, there's a meaning to all ourSeeds of eulogy to sow along with dreams Fill the need that can leave us grieving alone A symphony resounding in our minds Guides us through what we knew would come all a lo
Kamelot - Edenecho
    First you said that you would never leave meMerry were my daysThen you told me life is never easyAnd left without a traceBut how come I want youLike the soil yearns for the rainWon't you light upWon't you light up my lifeLet my soul breatheTell me wrong, tell me rightYou're my mind cageLike a mountain far awayYou were always thereDressed in summer whiteYou will never know how much I miss youOr open to my fearFind the maze I made my way throughAnd enter if you dareHow, how come I want youLike the soil yearns for the rainWon't you light upWon't you light up my lifeLet my soul breatheTell me wrong, tell me rightYou're my mind cageLike a mountain far awayYou were always thereDressed in summer whiteRemember my nameAnd paint the darkness with your lightGo sing your song for all the broken heartedLike Eden echoes in my headThe unforgiven gave you allWon't you light upWon't you light up my lifeLet my soul breatheTell me wrong, tell me rightYou're my mind cageLike a mountain far awayYou w
My heart is on my sleeveCause I like making people smileMy heart is on my sleeveCause I like to keep people happyMy heart is on my sleeveCause I hate being selfishMy heart is on my sleeveCause I know one day someone will take itMy heart is on my sleeveCause I don't wanna be aloneBut wearing my heart on my sleeveHas created tons of painSo from this day forwardI will walk around sleevelessTo prevent all the hurt and painI will wear sleeve again one dayBut only when the right person comes along
Love Flame
The sun rises like gold and sets like burning fire just like in my heart.   Waiting to see if you would come I gave you extra light. It is called my eternal flare. It won't ever blow out, as long as you are near.   Is it Love everyone is looking for? If it is we are all in danger, because it is once in a lifetime we meet somone we really love.   So don't lose hope in that special someone because if you do it will be too late. When you finally realize it, you have lost everything you worked so hard to find.   Don't ever forget, it's hard to keep a flame going,
Black Holes In Merging Galaxies
What Kind Of Intelligence Do You Have?
Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence You shine in your ability to relate to and understand others. Good at seeing others' points of view, you get how people think and feel. You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations. A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict. You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person. What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have? Blogthings: Waste Time at Work!
Sfw, Comment Approval, But Not By Me
Why are those in the need of comment approval posting mumms, is there something they are truly afraid of, and is there some fu name we can refer to them as?
Which Is The?
Which is the most annoying, comment approval, getting blocked without an explanation or the Pimphand given to you?
Here I Am Again........
It's been just a bit over a year since I last blogged, at least anything of substance. I've just spent some time reading back through some of my blogs, amazed at where I have been, an awareness inside of the movement forward along my Path. So much much pain! Not so much chaos now but the pain continues, ebbing and flowing as pain and sadness do.   I am down to one teenager at home. Dakota is almost 16 now. The oldest grandson Damian is 23 and on his own.....doing well. Middle grandson Tim is on his own, as well.....still a work in progress. Tim usually calls me when he is in need of free medical care, lol. Dakota......well, he's a teenager, what can I say. I am thankful he is the last......I'm ready to hang up my child-rearing spurs, thank you!!   My Oriental Medicine practice continues to thrive and grow. I am thankful I am able to support myself and Dakota. I'm using my essential oils in my practice now. And crystals are "talking" to me these days, lol.....yeah, I've
Moons And Rings Before Saturn
Erotic Poetry
A whisper, a sigh A wink and a glance The glimpse of a thigh The thought of romance.   You move in a bit closer And dance just right I long to hold you Long into the night.   My heart beat quickens Eyes shine with lust My muscle thickens Anticipating a thrust.   Our heartbeats are frantic As clothes start to fall Each touch is electric We both shed it all.   So naked you kneel My cock in your mouth A gasp when I feel Your lips moving south   Licking and sucking And moving together Grinding and moaning Our mutual pleasure   You beg me to enter And give you my meat Quickly I help you To regain your feet   Swiftly I bend you Down over the bed Legs spread further I thrust in the head   I push it in harder You squeeze it so tight The moan of pleasure The sounds of delight   The rhythm of loving The feel of the flesh Indescribable feeling Our bodies are meshed
She's Got Skillz
him: I wont u so bad, girl. her: Mhm. I want you, too. Badly. him: Mmm, baby…gimme a taste of dem luscious lips you got. [She cringes but leans in anyway and they kiss then she says…] I love your lips and the way you kiss me. [he starts to speak] Dayum, baby… her: Shut up and kiss me again. [he obliges and she moans against his mouth] him: Dem sounds u makin’gonna get u fucked. And quick. [she cringes again while he moves down to kiss her neck but sighs with pleasure anyway…it does feel good] him: Let’s get u out dem clothes. [she tries to make the process quick hoping that getting to the actual sex part of this will make him stop talking. She’d really love to get laid tonight.] him: Girl, wus sho rush? Let me strip you down real slow. I ain’t the kinda man dat skips da pleasantries of dis here situation. Damn it [she thinks…] [he unbuttons her shirt slowly letting his fingers trace the skin
Anticipating The Curve Or The Trouble With Island Life
I think, for some of us, life becomes anticipation of the curveball. We become pros, able to recognize the signs of the coming curve, the last minute know the difference between, say, a fast pitch straight down the strike zone and the slightly trickier turn of a curve pitch. We see its possibility long before the twist occurs.It's the idea that nothing is ever really as it seems, that things never actually go according to plan. We have to keep sharp, be constantly aware and know deep down that even when it seems life is headed on a straight arrow path hurtling towards the arc of the bat when it seems all you have to do is whack the pitch, your golden opportunity, right over the fence or at least straight into right field for a double baser, a twist is possible. Those of us living for the curve, are, indeed, aware. We look for it. Encourage it. Taunt it. Bring it, we say...because we are fucking ready.We don't start that way. We, the Hank Aarons of life...just as Hank, himself
Basketball Finals
Who is going to win the finals?  Boston Celtics or the LA Lakers?   Like I really present a rodent's posterior about that crap!
Altruized Of The Day *plz Rate My Pics And Then Thiers* Updated Almost Everyday Look*** ....
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My love for you so deep and true I take heart in what I do Darkness and madness grow inside My obsession is in overdrive Ectasy sweet like a budding flower Weeds strangle love and make it sour I follow you I temper trust I let my hate empower lust
Msdallas Just Killed Your Buzz
from: MsDallas O... 300th Profile Rate Gets Cherry Bikini Boomy ON!!!! Ozone Park, NY subject: MsDallas Owned by Top Cat N Vampy just killed your buzz! received: 06/9/2010 09:11 pm replied: no   block this member MsDallas Owned by Top Cat N Vampy has buzzkilled you and you've lost your buzz! Virtual drinks raise your buzz meter and help you earn bonus points for everything you do on fubar! For example, if your buzz meter is at 100%, you get a 10% point bonus for everything you do on fubar!!! (click here for more info)
Drink Notices
All week, every time i get those drinks from the buy a round deal, I have started deleting by page...10 at a time or whatever...will they ever end? grrrrr as you were
And Where Is Mine!!??
I STILL do not have a fu-pony, or been given a 1000 bling credit pack, or been given a years VIP, or 30 day blast!   OK, I feel better now. But really!   LMFAO
Dream Girl
As you lay in your bed pictures from fu in your head you close your eyes so tight longing for the night because that's when I come to you... dream girl it starts with a deep kiss baby, relax... feel the bliss from your dream girl... I undress you so slow kissing, licking, sucking everywhere I go, got your heart racing, anticipating the love we'll be making... your dream girl... looking deep in your eyes I churn my brown thighs clinging to my ass as my hips do a dance up and down as I go squeezing you tight inside, and you know I'm your dream girl...  you lose breath as you moan, cause you know you're not alone you can't help but let go
A Love Letter
I believe God meant for us to be together, because He knew how good we would be for each other.  I think that's why our relationship happened so naturally and has been so good ever since.  We share a blessing of knowing that somebody will always be there for each of us.  To encourage each of us and give one another hope, or to simply sit and listen with understanding.  Success for one of us brings happiness to both of us.  And problems seem much less overwhelming when divided in two. I love you Baby. You're My Rib!!!
I was just randomly going through the most liked page and low and behold, I saw myself! I'm #69 most liked in the last 24 hours. WOW! My favorite number. hehe
The End Of My "army Wife" Job
  Of all blogs, this is the hardest I have ever had to write. As of 9:28 am this morning my Soldier husband, text me and told me that for 2 months he has been lieing to me about loving me, and he really doesnt. For months he made love to me when I visited, and tried to even get me pregnant.For two weeks he rarely called, and I finally said what is wrong..this is his response... "I have an emotional problem" me " in a marriage it takes two to work as a union, so what is your problem, we can fix it" him " that is my problem" me "Our marriage is your problem" him "yes for 2 months I have not loved you and have been fronting everything. I  don't know what to do." me " you are telling me this over a text" him " i dont feel how i used to" then came the call, the one we all dread when you are married for life. He said, I dont love you, I don't care about your son. I am not supporting you I am taking you off my bank account and ending this. i hung up he text me from a friends phone
6/18/10 Dilbert
3rd Place For Best Bully : Buzzkillnbeauty
Misfit Made Me Do It
I blame Misfit :)    
So its that time again.When I write a ranting blog. And dare I say its been overdue. Drama. If the drama that takes place on this site is what you call important, then I pity you. You're still not as cool as you think you are.Having tons of money to spend on flashing pictures does not make you cool or popular.Just desperate. Your boomerang isnt that important to me. I saw a lady say that Bling Polishers are point whores.This lady had over 1k bling.Thats not point whoring?I, being a big bling polisher, will polish bling, since it doesnt cost me a dime, and I didnt have to pretend to like an old dude who just wants attention from something with tits and will buy you anything. I dont like the new adding comments to a Blast. Its just tempting me to be a bitch. I know there is Stupid on here. But ive come across more Stupid.MOre then 1 guy has done this to me. Have his Full name in his Username, and then proceed tosend me a friend request, stating in the message, his full name. Like I
Family & Friend List Will Now Be......
Starting today I will be changing up my family and friends list,more so the family...Once a week.I am tired of hearing well I went down on the list or woot I went up.Everyone has there own reason for where they put each person.I have my own reason as well.It does not mean I like this one more or that one.I wished as I have said in 2 or 3 blogs now I wished I could put everyone first but I can not.So once a week now I am changing them up.No more discussion on this subject.PERIOD!!! Some act like my 2 year old and if I dont put up with it from him then why would I start with an adult.   So just pout.Lol..Seriously I don't mean to be mean but this is crazy and I am tired of it. May God Bless You
OK.. I'm living with Lewis and his Mother apparently. I'm not feeling well and so I'm in our bed. Members of his family are in and out constantly, why, I have NO clue. Next thing I know, we're in a car. He's driving.. ODD. He parks outside what looks like a ton of tents set up for vendors for some sort of carnival or something. We need to get something somewhere but have no idea what it is. So we're fighting through crowds and such and he's telling me to stay close so we don't get separated. Next I know, we're inside what looks like a dingy, run down Flea Market of sorts. People from all walks of life are everywhere selling everything you can imagine. There is even a Subway tunnel that runs through the place. Somehow we get separated. He was there and then he was gone. I start freaking out calling his name. Asking people if they'd seen him. No one can help. I end up finding someone who will let me use a phone because mine is dead. For some odd reason I knew he was mean
Guitar Heroes And Hasbeens
I just watched two short interviews on Concert TV. One was David Gilmour to promote the replica of his black Fender Strat. It was uncanny how much he looks and sounds like Richard Chamberlain nowadays. His included the solo from Comfortably Numb live which was brilliant.   The second one was Lita Ford to promote her new album. It was the polar opposite. She sounded like a flake and even worse, the clips of her playing her own music sounded like a hideous garage cover band . She used to sound so much more intelligent in her peak.
Strange What Some People Will Say......
Had a couple of days off this week with hubby and my mother in law. We were out and about...Or as the Canadians would say..Oout and aboout and had some lunch downtown. Went to this one place that had rocking chairs so we sat and rocked and people watched for a bit. This man walks by holding his daughter and off they go into one of the shops. My mother in law says to me "That little girl has slanty eyes." I just blinked. She then proceeds to say "I wonder if her mother is Chinese or maybe she's Japanese. I didn't see which way the little girl's eyes were slanted." I was like I didn't say a thing. Just kept shaking my head over and over and saying "Holy hell" to myself.
Where Have All The Good Fus Gone?
Okay I don't use my blog very often for personal notes. I'm usually hosting a game, or making a skin, or coming up with something or another for people to do on here to help pass the time and have a smile. This one though, is just one full of personal thoughts. Kudos to anyone who makes it past the third paragraph. Easily said, this site has changed. My #1 has been in a contest, a simple one in which the person with the most rates on the photo will win a bling pack. Sounds pretty easy, right? Nope. Not anymore. For some reason, people just don't seem to care about each other on this site anymore. I'm not sure why - or what has happened to change the way people spend their time on here, but for some reason if you're not offering to give someone something, they don't want to take the 10 seconds it takes to help you. Scratch that - that's not even true. I know this because over the past few days I've begged, I've bribed, I've offered to pay people fubucks, AND I've even offe
im thinking about mass friend requesting just to do it. and every person that "likes" me and rates my photo. but im not going to rate shit. just request. because im bored. BORED GOD DAMNIT. ooooooooooh sweet jesus!!!! the new episodes of futurama werent bad.
Your Loss
It's finally over, you did me in.I hung around through thick and thin.You used me good your talents are great.You got what you wanted you had tha right bait.My heart is broken my soul defeated.I did not deserve the way I was treated.You were a goddess to me and that's all I could seeMy gut knew tha truth, but heart didn't agree.My self respect is all but gone.I let myself be your little pawn.You had your plan when it all began.I let you use this stupid old man.Tha truth would have been nice once in a while.But I found out too late that truth is not your style.Tha kissing and holding you said you enjoyed.Turned out to be something you would rather avoid.I was devoted to you and you know that's true.Not a thing for you, I would not do.Money and time, I took care of you over tha yearsI was even there to dry away your countless of tears.You think you won but I have news.You really lost, and you'll sing the blues.You could have had me as your toy.Now, your life will go on, as
It's Time To Make This Happen...overdue Actually...
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
All Men Are Bastards!!!
All men are bastards! Way too long but as funny as fuck! I have just been at the pub and for 27.3 of the most irritating and mind numbing minutes of my life I had to sit at a table with 3 so-called "women" moaning about relationships and men. It was like a really low budget episode of Trisha but even more shit than you could envisage. Imagine waking up one morning an finding that your penis has a smelly, black, throbbing tumour on the end of it which is roughly the size of a Renault Espace people carrier...well this was much worst. It wasn't the ladies themselves, it was the constant use of every bitter womans cliche collection. "All men are such Bastards" "Men are so insensitive" "Men are just sex mad animals"...all the while i am sat there next to them and, despite my fustration, kept my mouth shut and let them carry on. and on. and on. and     aris-motherfucking-ton. It was pathetic beyond belief and after nearly 30 mins (thats 1/48 of a day or 1/336 of a week.
Thanks to Swift, I was able to get myself a 'rang'. What I'm wondering is.....     When you buy bling for someone else, you BOTH get points equal to the amount of credits it cost to buy the bling. Does that mean I get 30k points? It did say we both received 15k in point......     Maybe if I'm lucky, Mike will read this and answer, lol.
Are Horndogs And Lesbians Basically...
Are horndogs and lesbians basically illiterate?  I put a pretty lady's pic up, and they cant read the gender, or the status?
Muddy Waters
Honey Bee--Muddy Waters Sail on, sail on my little honey bee, sail onSail on, sail on my little honey bee, sail onI don't mind you sailingBut please don't sail so longSail on, sail on my little honey bee, sail onSail on, sail on my little honey bee, sail onYou gonna keep on sailingTake me to your happy homeI hear a lot of buzzing, sound like my little honey beeI hear a lot of buzzing, sound like my little honey beeShe been all around the world making honeyBut now she's coming back home to meI hear a lot of buzzing, sound like my little honey beeI hear a lot of buzzing, oh sound like my little honey beeShe been all around the world making honeyBut now she's coming back home to me
Ode To Babyj
Dear BabyJ You are a pretty decent guy if you ask me, not the selfish asshole others say you are. Thank you for providing us all with some way to escape reality,  a place where even ugly people are "beautiful", fat  people are considered "BBW's", and a place where  horny old men can spends obscene amounts of real money to buy "the love of their life" bling. You're the man!! (y)
55 Stupid Useless Facts For The Day
The war of 1812 is the only war in American history which congress debated the merits of. There are 2.5 million new gonorrhoea cases a year among Americans If you could magnify an apple to the size of the earth, the atoms in the original apple would each be about the size of an apple. Every second, 10 billion neutrinos pass through every square centimetre of your body. A rope woven from the hair of one person's head is strong enough to lift 10 cars. In its 120 day life span, each of your red blood cells makes 75,000 round-trips to the lungs According to relativity theory, a transatlantic concorde flight leaves you two millionths of a second younger than your earthbound pals (submitted by 'Green Arm') "Kemo Sabe" means "soggy shrub" in Navajo. For two years, during the 1970s, Mattel marketed a doll called "Growing Up Skipper." Her breasts grew when her arm was turned. A Saudi Arabian woman can get a divorc
Emerils Jambalaya
So tonight I wanted Jambalaya after the room mate, Amanda, Suggested it.. I am the chef of the house cuz women cant least in this house.. So instead of buying the premade packet of stuffs by Tony Sacherie, I decided to do the thing big...from scratch...all fresh ingredients. So i go to Emeril Lagasse recipes and write down whats needed and slap it together.. it is simple to make, although some kitchen multi tasking is needed.. and is freakin delicious,,,   this is the recipe I followed:     Ingredients 12 medium shrimp, peeled, deveined and chopped 4 ounces chicken, diced 1 tablespoon Creole seasoning, recipe follows 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper 1/4 cup chopped celery 2 tablespoons chopped garlic 1/2 cup chopped tomatoes 3 bay leaves 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon hot sauce 3/4 cup rice 3 cups chicken stock 5 ounces Andouille sausage, sliced Salt and pepper Directions In a bowl combin
The Waves Test
You Don't Make Waves More than anyone else, you're happy to go with the flow. Life has enough waves without you making your own. You don't really enjoy drama, though you don't mind watching it pass by... as long as you're not involved. If chaos does come your way, you try to minimize it as much as you can. You never like to feel like your life is out of control. There's no sea too calm for you. The Waves Test Blogthings: Waste Time at Work!
Laws To Think About
Laws of Life Murphy's First Law for Wives:If you ask your husband to pick up five items at the store andthen you add one more as an afterthought, he will forget two ofthe first five. Kauffman's Paradox of the Corporation:The less important you are to the corporation, the more yourtardiness or absence is noticed. The Salary Axiom:The pay raise is just large enough to increase your taxes andjust small enough to have no effect on your take-home pay. Miller's Law of Insurance:Insurance covers everything except what happens. First Law of Living:As soon as you start doing what you always wanted to be doing,you'll want to be doing something else. Weiner's Law of Libraries:There are no answers, only cross-references. Isaac's Strange Rule of Staleness:Any food that starts out hard will soften when stale. Any foodthat starts out soft will harden when stale. The Grocery Bag Law:The candy bar you planned to eat on the way home from the marketis always hidden at the bottom of the grocery ba
[how We Fair]
Apparently my boss doesn't appreciate that I can pit my entire unit against him.Is it my fault we have to ask him 4 times to get anything done and he generally pushes off what we need done onto other people?*shrugs*I have charisma. In other news. I have concocted a pretty tasty pesto.It consists of about one cup of diced cucumber, one cup of artichoke, and 1/2 a cup of seeds (I used sunflower kernals, I bet pistachios and almonds or walnutswould be awesome)now... this was purely a mechanical issue, not a flavor ideabut I had some carrot juiceand my blender was NOT cooperating so I splashed in some carrot juicewhaminneffective spinning of my gears to nearly instant imulsion. I then added some flavorants and herbsoregano, sage, celery seed, salt pepperand just a scooch of olive oil.Its very crisp and fresh tasting.Very yellow. I wouldn't recommend cooking it. Just plop it on rice and meat and consume.... I guess you could put cheese or cream in it...if you had to.Pomegranate and strawber
Mags :) (h) You Girl! (not My Best Writing But Who Knows)
Take this pain away I know it can not last Oblivion is around the corner Darkness exploding Remembering the past Close my eyes on the world As I escape to the dreams within I saw her standing there Not knowing what it meant Feeling her presence after I opened my eyes Baby you calm me I see you so clear Knowing this feeling Is also knowing true fear I can't live without you Your pain cuts me so deep  I want to save you As you have saved me Baby you're my sunshine In a world where it's impossible to see I don't know how to end this So I'm just gonna let it be Just remember mamacita you are amazing
C51 - You Can't Have Whatever You Like (remix To T.i. - Whatever You Like)
C51 - You Can't Have Whatever You Like (Remix to T.I. - Whatever You Like) C51 ft. Cadillac aka Caddy - You Can't Have Whatever You Like (Remix to T.I. - Whatever You Like)
Updated Bible
I spent some time updating the Bible. I know more about javascript now than I ever did before. I know the "common" user will really really see the advanced version of the Bible; if you're an admin you can edit the Bible entries and add more of them, something that will mostly be helpful to Scrapper. But since it'll make life easier for him, he'll be able to make life easier for you. Let me know if you have any trouble with the Bible at all. Tina.
Let Them Fuck Stones
Is "Let them fuck stones.", a good insult or not?
Ya know fubar, it's people like you who make people like me wonder about people like you... and sometimes people like me who wonder too much about people like you end up like people like you and people like me..
The Fate?
Her bottom lip cracks as she chews on her hate. The blood that she tastes is unfortunately her fate.   She tries to overcome and she knows it is wrong. She tries not to feed on it but it is just too strong.   Anger and the hatred is deep in her soul. She desperately wonders which has the control?   Will she overcome? She knows she's good inside. She shall wait patiently until these emotions, she can hide.   That may never come and she will accept that one day. And shall live in the pain that's the price she must pay.   The price for giving her soul, her soul over to hate. She sits anxiously though quietly to find out her fate.
Last Minute Shit
after just hanging around today I went back to my bunk to lay down and wait until 2000 hrs for my next debref I get there and the'r s nobody there!. si I'm thinking okay maybe there late the people who was suppose to pass down information to airman or soliders or marin es who are only at qatar for a few days. the troop commanders only go they pass down the information to there troops. well Im sitting in the place we had to be and nobodys their. like I said previously I thought they were late but nope they wheren't. I was lie okay ohh crap what do I do now? I getting ready to leave and somebody comes and he says " are you her for the troop commander stuff" I said yeah he say " there isn't any today cause the people we have in the transient ents are civilians" im like shit but he says you have a floight leaving at 0600 for balad" I said "how come nobody came to notify me?" then he says lodging was suppose to. you see for military personnel who are just here for R&R or going home or going
Long Day 2.5
We walk towards the look out. I point out the various points of interest "Do you see that string of street lights? That's Dimond, if you follow it far enough, you'll see The Hideaway Club." Years ago when parents first moved here, we stayed at grandmother's in her basement. My parents were drinkers and she wasn't for grandmother was a "saved-again-christian" who watched the PTL Club faithfully. She has plants galore and sleepy air. When sitting in her living room, it made you very relaxed and you ended up sleeping no matter what. Since no alcohol was allowed in her house, they went looking for the nearest bar, which was the Hideaway Club. They walked in and made friends with the bartender/owner. Come closing time they asked my parents if they wanted to stay. The answer was yes, so the owner locked the door and stopped charging and they got politely drunk. That was over 30 years ago and now parents are both gone and so was the original owners. When I got my freak inheritance, I bough
Empty Spaces
I often find myself disscussing the possibilities of existance with a few friends.Some of us have startling different veiws on the subject.One in particular always makes me feel as though there is little hope for us as a species.Let's just call him "M."He seriously thinks that all of life is utterly pointless.Nothing really exists and no one is ever truely alive. He refuses to search for answers to anything, as understanding is a futile endeavor.Nothing is made to make sense, according to M, and that everytime you find any answer, it's complicated with a thousand more questions.He sees no beauty in life, only chaos. He seems to feel no love for much of anything, just contempt and loathing.Bored almost to tears when no one is around, he is constantly searching for companionship. He is overly competitive, which then drives people away.His negativity is heart-breaking.  So many times have he and I sat and conversed about these things. I wish I could get through to him.The walls around him
I am nuts...I decided to go blonde..REALLY blonde...and now I am freaking out over here. I have not had blonde hair in nearly 15 yrs....and I am not so sure I should be blonde. I will take pics later today, but first, I have to fix the imperfections in my hair. You see, if you go from dark brown to blonde you sometimes end up with orange hair...and well the ends of my hair are kind of I am not happy. I had to wait to fix it till today because the friggin bleach burned my scalp and my head is killing me..hence why I am grumpy. BUT I am saving 100 bucks by doing it myself. Thank goodness I grew up in beauty salons cuz my step mom was a hair dresser and when I was 18 I was a manicurist. (I worked as a manicurist to pay for collage) I will never touch a pair of ugly ass feet again...anyway back to my hair...So when I am done..I might put some purple streaks in it or 15 yr old is trying to convince me to do that..but am I too old for that kind of hair?? No I will not mu
Scrapper Explains Blocked Accounts And Numbers For Screen Names
It seems there are some users who are not playing straight with you about the facts. fubar is for fun but there is also a business side. We do not like to delete or ban good users. Our good users will attest to it. If you are a person who is not playing straight or who has spent over 400 bucks and isn't willing to verify they are who they are, then don't be butthurt or make excuses about this. You are the problem. Clear up your account and quit whining to your friends. If you are a rincarnate, you will be deleted. The following are the reasons you will see people in numbers or banned. 1. They have chargebacks, disputes or are contesting services they have received and used. (They stole from us)  Often times these people hustle people to log in and spend money on them and then whatever friendship they have goes south. The person who spent the money charges back and the account holder who hustled the money plays dumb and tells fubar we are the big bad assholes. Please don't
The Game
You tear me apart Yet leave me intact Fuck you buddy don't want my heart back You've ripped it apart and stomped on it to Don't blame you one bit You did what you had to do Life's a cruel game With so many players in it Survive or get lost I understand your fears far more then you know I've thought so many times  of dealing you that final blow I know what would end us Yet can't bring myself to it The deed has been done And kept so silent Continuing on In this trivium so violent I hurt on the inside as well as out Knowing the real me consumes me with doubt I fear for your soul as you lie next to me I fear for your fate if we continue to let this be One day you will decide Saving me the pain One day you will walk away and end this cruel game
In Memory Of Lyndsey A.k.a. Diabolical Angel !
                                                      In Memory of Diabolical Angel  A.K.A. Lyndsey                                God Received an Angel,                              Just the other day,                              A terrible accident                              Took her away.                              With so much more to give                              in our hearts her memory                              will forever live.                                Though with us for just a short time,                              she really left her mark.                              she was a beaming light                              that rescued you from the dark.                                She was taken from us,                           &nb
Perhaps it never crossed your mind... That I may need some of your time... Without me having to ask or implore... Seeming so needy can be such a bore...   I do my best to not ask too much... Especially if I can not feel your touch... Too many things I can not say... Nor will I, much to my dismay...   So when I grow distant and cold... Never let it be said you were not told... Sometimes I can not express my needs... And once again it is my heart that bleeds....
Wicked Wanda, She Needs To Finish 3rd Grade Spelling Geez. Some Women Think Its All About Bling W A N D A
replyWICKED Wanda: your a pig lol and your nothing but a user and it shows lol love the status Cunt cancelChat12:17pmreplyWICKED Wanda: a dogs better than a pig lol cancelChat12:18pmmoreTo WICKED Wanda: reply cancelChat12:18pmreplyWICKED Wanda: lol cancelChat12:18pmreplyWICKED Wanda: blonde cancelChat12:19pmmoreTo WICKED Wanda: excellent, now stop acting as a 4 year old would when trying to get back a toy, Mario is a man, a person, and yuo do not seem to understand him or me a bit, good luck in life, you will need it cancelChat12:20pmreplyWICKED Wanda: mario is a man and hes confussed at the moment hun but I asure you he will relize a user as your self and I do know him you talk shit only and I dont want to know your kind ...I spit on lyour kind hun cancelChat12:21pmreplyWICKED Wanda: a four year ol lol good one did ya think of that yoru self ,I dont want the old junkie 12:22pmreplyWICKED Wanda: get over yourself12:24pmmoreTo WICKED Wanda: YOU CALLED HIM NAMES!!! YOU ARE A ICKY PERSON,
Stopped Cold
its hot the sound of the AC is  tink tink tink crinkle like winter snow under my boot in july im not cold im not cold cold cold if the heat wont stop i will cold stop if you could here it would you think the same hear wondering this makes me smile but not that smile its bitter cold stop i tell myself, but i wont because i cant stop cold so i sit and listen to the tink tink crinkle tink and wonder what you are thinking cold stop and because i cant you will do it for me stop cold tink me you nothing and everything is gone and where that makes any difference i cant see stop  cold stopped cold
2010 Mixes Hottt New Sound Remixes Of Of 2000-2001) Ian Van Dahl - Castels In The Sky 2010 Eletro,gigi Dagostino - Ill Fly With You (2010 Ele
thee are the 2010 mixes of the best songs in 2000-2001 listen comment ... more instash if u cant see it look in stash too
Wow...even For Me This Is Terrible...started As A Facebook War :)
one day you hear me spin this shit ain't got nothin on nobody can't even spit this shit lemme write it out for ya baby someone else can say it baby cause frankly baby i ain't got shit can do it again baby tell me what you you want me to say baby got a way with words on paper baby can't articulate ma voice to relieve the brashness baby don't need it on ma own can alwayz get it for ma baby love the way i know you will alwayz lay it down for me baby write it out as if you will never remember baby spit it on the paper like you will forget it baby how could you forget me baby never gonna happen baby my words so smooth got ya screamin out ma name baby remember what i say baby can alwayz use it again baby know that you're my muse and my inspiration baby these words mean nothin baby lest they're written for ma baby so hold it up throw it down baby keep on shoutin baby love the way you mix it around baby keep on flauntin baby give me a reason to keep on writin baby
Thieves Blend Kills Toxic Mold (repost)
Thieves Oil comes from research about four thieves during the 15th-century plague who used cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics to protect themselves while robbing plague victims. How to use: Diffuse for short periods of time (1/2 hour or less) in the work or home environment. Apply to the bottom of the feet or dilute with a Massage Oil Base for a stimulating massage under the arms and on the chest at the base of the neck. Common Ingredients: Clove (Syzygium aromaticum), lemon (Citrus limon), cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), Eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). Here are two recipes for Thieves Oil. One from Karen another from Debbie. Thieves Oil recipes: Equal amounts of eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, clove and lemon. Mix with base of olive oil. I usually put a tablespoon of each in a 2 oz. bottle and then fill the rest with olive oil. you can make a larger batch in a quart jar following the same proportion m
Caught The Bitch
******updated Blog About What My Life Is******
"You have no idea" is a phrase I hear a lot from people who think they know what I go through on a daily basis, or think that their problems are worse than mine. I NEVER knock anyone's feelings, and I feel awful and hurt when bad things happen to people I care about, but there are people out there who will argue constantly that what they're going through is worse than what you're going through. No matter how nice I try to be about it, it never seems to I'm just going to rant about it here.   In the last 4 years: I have been diagnosed with... -Fibromyalgia which is a disease that causes full body muscle aches almost constantly. It literally translates to "weak muscles"...and the heart is a muscle too so eventually it will weaken as well. It causes a lot of other issues like weight gain and loss, insomnia, a "foggy" feeling called "fibro fog", and a muriad of other issues. Here's some info on it:   Fibromyalgia affects predominantly women (over 80% of those affected are
I Hate Lance!!!!!!!!
he did this to me on fb so if you read it you must do it to....i didnt know i had 30 things to say about myself     Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 30 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 30 random things, tag 30 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish... 1. i love books, like all of them, i want to own every book in the world, so i may sniff and read them whenever i please 2. i played blitzen the reindeer in a play in the 1st grade 3. I
There Is Trouble In The Forrest, There Is Trouble With The Trees
Where is your cell phone - counter  Your hair - longer Your father - cry Your favorite thing - Spock Your dream last night - nothing Your favorite drink - gatorade Your dream/goal - love The room you are in - basement Your fear - loss Where do you want to be in 6 years - married Muffins - blueberry One of your wish list items - travel Where you grew up - PA The last thing you did - typed What are you wearing - nighty Your TV - working Your pets - resting Your computer - lappy Your life - lame Your mood - weird Missing someone - babies Your car - nothing. Favorite store - Igle Your summer - annoying Your favorite color - Pink When is the last time you laughed - remembering Last time you cried - awhile Three people who email me - mom, that's, all Three of my favorite foods - chicken, hoagies, steak Three places I would rather be right now - England, Ireland, Dubois Three people I think will respond - no one no one no one
Machete Dream
Another song of mine.. I thought this one was especially good, so i decided to post it and see what you guys thought.   Put on this Earth just to fuck me Burn in Hell and Rot for eternity Everything you say is to spite me Behind my eyes I see you die painfully I feel no emotion when I see this in motion I'm thinking 'bout slipping you some Jesus-juice potion Chorus: Don't try to run, it'll be all right In my machete dream tonight You've made it wrong, bitch, i'll make it right In my machete dream tonight Don't ask no questions, Don't tell me lies I don't want to hear your sobs and cries It's a bumpy ride, you'd better hold on tight In my machete dream tonight Never know what you've done to me The horror I endured subsequesntly Your actions will never surprise me The pain that you've inflicted mentally Don't get the notion of simple facial erosion I'm gonna give you a full-on nuclear explosion Chorus: Don't try to run, it'll be all right In my machete dream tonigh
Stanley Fubar Tool
Okay I don't know how I missed this before but its beyond cool. Check this out...   I broke out the Fubar, a new kind of hammer with an appetite for destruction, because the chicken-wire-like backing on my friend’s plaster walls was dulling my reciprocating saw blades like they were made of wax. Stanley designed the tool because today’s contractors use hammers mostly to break stuff—they drive nails with pneumatic guns. The Fubar’s square head and tapered edge tore huge holes in the walls, and the toothed jaws wrenched studs so forcefully I swear I heard the wood cry out in pain. Link to article here Stanley Product Page here
Autism - Just Watch, You'll Be Amazed.
Posting video as first comment.
ok Ladies and gentlemen......... After being blocked just for trying to get points to level with while playing the silly liked game I have decided to take a break from the fu side and just play mafia I do not care any more if I level or not so the people in my family will be rated and a few friends that have stuck by my side for all these years will be re rated and have drinks sent to them.  If the bs in mafia keeps getting worse I will stay away from it as well. I come here for relaxation no drama no lies no bs So for all you block happy block heads hope you all eat dirt. All the sefish people same thing. Happy point searching for all the others and happy hunting to all the fu mafia plyers. Anna
[i Don't Think Winamp Understands "random"]
I mean... it never has.but tonight more than usual.Okaytime to play doctoropen your blouse and scream "ooh~"...why does that NEVER work?I can't sleep because I'm a big ball of sexual frustration.Woo!Y'know what's worse than that?Being a big ball of sexual frustrationcovered in bees.What was I talking about?Probably foodrobotsand sexFirst upgnocchiI still can't make this stuff from scratchme- dumplingsproducts with flournever quite works outbut I didfind out that if you boil it til it floats,drain itand toss it into a flat iron skillet with ribeye juice in ityou got yourself an oral orgasmYou'll want to swallow.Not quite a pan sauce, not quite gravy, and for some reason the starchy lil dumplings seem to grab it up pretty good.I like mine with artichoke and almond pesto"why artichoke almond pesto you crazycrazy man"Because I have artichokesI have almondsI have a blenderIt also goes good with black olive tepanad and sundried tomatosthought I'd share that with youbut yeah, its a very rich,
Damaged Goods
I'm like a car that can't run right - too much hasbeen broken, from the promises that he made me, to the awful words that were spoken You can give me time, all that you have, in this lifetime that we live - but it willnever be enough for I have no more loveto give. As much as I'd like to let you holdme tight within your arms, I'm damaged goods, a smashed photograph, a heart that's frozen to all your charms. I hope someday, you'll accept me as a friend, and maybe then you'll see, that healing cannot come my way, for broken hearts never heal completely. I reach to you Hoping you see I will always love you.. But only Time and Patience  Will help me heal.. Can you be there? Or are you going to run away? And say Screw it, its threw? 
so the game was pretty good last night even though it was an hour and a half rain delay...almost got a ball but the guy in front of us snagged it which was kind of a good thing because if he hadnt then his gf woulda taken it right in the chops....   food was good though WAAAAAAAAAAY overpriced but i knew that before i left   the women there were just awesome...i won a free umbrella and bag   now im waiting to hear back from the college here for my finacial aid appointment     whats you all up to?
Time For Some Change
  That is all.
Surgery went pretty good. Pain pills are almost too strong, they make me sleep, pleh! Still semi struggling getting around but I went from crutches to my cane. Stairs and driving especially suck! I am hoping when this all heals I will get around alot better!! I hate being cooped up and afternoon tv sucks balls!! I am staying at a friends doing laundry tonight hence being online...............
Soul Searching
Soul searching I may feel a little jaded or perhaps a bit angry at life. I have no time for that though. Life is just way too short. I don't know the secrets of life. I don't have the answers.I almost lost someone close to me . I didn't know how to treat him. How many excuses can I make up for my inability to show this person how much he means to me? I can't think of any. Life is just demanding in that sense.I lied to him. I was selfish in ways because I felt the World was short changing me. I need to let go of the anger that follows me from my childhood. The cards that were dealt to me absolutely have no winning chance,however the game goes on. It's time to forgive. It's time to love. It's time to cherish the ones around you.It's time to stop hiding and take responsibility for my actions. To accept my mistakes but not hide from them. To stop making excuses and looking for reasons to defend myself when there is none.To live is to learn. I want to be able to take pr
I hate you. I always have hated you. I always will hate you. You judge me, and don't kknow me. You try to show your power over me, when you should have none. You have 2 ears, you never listen. You never change what you say. You see my darkness, but not the light. You see my cloths, and assume the worst. You take control, without due cause. Land of the free my fuckin ass. You can all suck my dick, and lick my chode. I hate you all, and with good cause. You wrecked my life, with out a care. I fuckin hate you you stupid fuckin bitch. I hope you fuckin die.    The end
Caa #138 - Rip Lacey
It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to our best friend who passed away earlier tonight.  She was one of a kind and dearly loved by all of us.  She will be missed.   Love, George, Mare, Trish, Randy and family.
A Scammer Is Someone Who Lies About Something To Try And Get Your Money Or Other Things.what A Gem She Was For Scamming Me.i Applaud You
A scammer is someone who lies about something to try and get your money or other things.THis is a defintion of a scammer. I am going to post a conversation between me and a scammer but I have to take her name out because she whines to fubar even though it is nothing but the truth being told and they delete my blogs.I will tell you in private who it is and can also send the conversation with her name there.What I am posting below is only the scam not the full conversation and her so called real life husband come to me minutes before the scam started telling me that no one messed with him,so if I have any trouble to come to him,now thinking back I think there was a point to all of that,like in scaring me or getting me to keep my mouth closed and as I said before there is only one being that I am afraid of and that is God and with him I am strong.PERIOD!!!   Scammer: Thank you hun! I love it! You talked to my hubby, I am going to ask you a favor...... if I can pay you back tonight with
So Disgusted At This Point...just Trying To Copy Passenger Lyrics... can't be done unless I type it out myself.....which of course I refuse to do because it is will just have to look up the lyrics yourself
Ya know... i been staying out of it.... trying to keep my opinions to myself about you... you are a lying self absorbed slut monkey who is not worth anything I tried giving you the benifit of the doubt.. I tried being friends with both sides   but dear fucking god lady.. you are a fucking cunt. I hate seeing what you are doing to him. please... kill yourself now.. the world will be a better place --------------------------------- this is not aimed toward anyone currently on my list. this is aimed towards someone who once was... but who shall never be again. and who i almost hope is stalking my page and reads it
Cunnilingus, a funny word?
Dedicated To 90% Of Fubar
This Is A Clever Idea.
Why Games Are The Killer App For Social Networks! Check Out This Article With Fubar In It!
About 1 day ago Ravi Mehta 10 Why Games Are the Killer App for Social Networks   Ravi Mehta is vice president of product for Viximo, where he drives the product strategy for Viximo’s social game distribution platform and helps social networks monetize via social games and virtual goods. For more information on virtual goods, visit his blog, Virtual Goods Insider, and follow him on Twitter. In 2009, an estimated $2.2 billion in virtual goods were sold to consumers globally, and that number is expected to rocket to over $6 billion by 2013. Although virtual worlds and MMOs have historically driven the growth in virtual goods, today the fastest growing segment is social games. Social games not only represent a lucrative new revenue channel for social media sites but they also signal a fundamental change in the structure of the social media industry. Social networks can no longer afford to rely solely on advertising revenue—they must master the intricacies
The Bicycle Test
You Are Confident You've accepted yourself fully, and you're happy with where you are in life. You are extremely content. Your gut reactions are neither negative nor positive. You tend to see both sides of issues. You are efficient and savvy. You don't get tied down by unnecessary details. Challenges make you feel alive and exhilarated. You love to be in the thick of the action. The Bicycle Test Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Something That Needs To Be Said.... (please Read)
i have been on and off this site for almost 4 years, and when i first got on fubar i said and did lots of fucked up things to many ppl, now i admit while nobody is perfect, i was way out of line and a real asshole... i'm not here to try to make excuses for my past mistakes however... i am simply tryin to say that i have done lots of growing up and changed myself and the way i treat others for the better.   Yeah, i know i still have a long way to go and im not tryin to play a guilt trip on ppl i just want to ask anyone that i have wronged in the past to take the time for me to show that i have changed... and i am aware that i still make mistakes but over all i want to be a friend and someone that you all can be proud of and respect not think poorly because of my past mistakes or rumors.     in short, please give me a chance to show that i am someone with a good heart that is worth knowing...                                                                      thanks,             
All Hope Lost
       In the darkest hour,      where your nightmares live,      all is lost and forgotten,      there's nothing to forgive.         There's no reality,        in todays society,        all dreams doomed to fail,        when there's nothing left,        but betrayel.          Past the gates of Hell,        there's a story to tell        of eternal pain and strife,         the destiny of a lost life.            In a world gone mad,         there's chaos to be had,         hope and desire gone         eternal life to the poor         unfortunate one.            So long my friend          the world's coming to end,          nothing left, but anger and hate,          The decisions been made          it's much too late.
I can't seem to find anything positive to say or do lately. I tried painting and my hands shake too much . Being injurred has made my training very difficult. If I can't train I become very depressed. Then people on here seem to make me feel even more bad about myself. I just can't snap out of it this time, So I am gonna drop off the face of the earth.
Free Homegrown Kush Mixtape
Shhhh! He's sleeeeepin :O
Some Insight Into The Economics Of Cheating
Interesting, albeit questionable study on how financial status affects cheating.  Men more likely to cheat on women with bigger paychecks CNN LINK HERE
Pet Responsibility, Motherfucker!
So, here I am enjoying one of my most delicious cans of smoked oysters. I love those things. I started to wonder, "Hey, can my pet ferret have some?" Now ferrets are sort of a unique animal when it comes to feeding them. You certainly cannot feed them just anything. So, I google "can ferrets eat seafood". I get the page of some Yahoo! yahoo who asks, "What can you feed ferrets besides ferret food, birds, and other mammals?" Seems like a reasonable question. Except for her reasoning for asking. She's a vegan and "due to ethical reasons" does not wish to feed the ferret the fucking foods ferrets require to fucking survive! They are meat-eating carnivores you retarded slut! They don't believe in being nice to their prey! Do the animal kingdom a real favor and feed the ferret your own self, you moronic cum-berfing cock-holster!   That is all.
Read If You Want
What is the use of even trying to start a conversation on here? Over 90% of messages sent are never returned. To me I just think that's rude. Do people just ignore other people if they say hello on the street? I for one don't. I never get rude or nasty. I just try to introduce myself, But mostly get no return. I know so of you people are going to tell me I'm being childish, But oh well. It's just something I need to get off my chest.
Time To Put Some Of The Aaaaaarrrrr Back In Fubar.
Please download, print, and enjoy. Post some pics and we'll see what happens. ;) DOWNLOAD IT HERE
Why is it that women ALWAYS seem to choose the asshole over the nice guy?  The controlling prick over the prince?  The bad boy image over the guy that seems to genuinely give a shit what they think and feel?   Perhaps some women and or other men have some insight as to the reasons for this.  I personally wish it wasn't so.  For the love of all that is holy or unholy, if you can do better than the nice guy, then do it, but why the hell do they always go worse? Is there some foolish belief that the bad boy can be "tamed"?  That he can be "fixed" and made into the nice guy that is claimed to be sought after but never actually gets taken?  Is it some foolishness that says "He's not that bad" or "Maybe if I give him a chance, he'll be good to me"?   I hate to break it to ya ladies, but that's the reason why good guys are vanishing and the world is filling up with douchebags and pricks and countless other bottom feeders only out to get their dicks wet.  Sometimes it just hurts to fuckin
Lonely Poet
There was a lonely poet who had nothing but his words and who didnt have the freedom to fly amongst the birds. Since his wings were broken he was forced to live on ground. He had to walk amongst the humans when he wanted to fly around. Then one day came a girl who could nurse him back to health. She filled his life with love, that's the world's greatest wealth. Then suddenly the time had come when he was finally healled. He can now soar through blue skies and get lost in a foggy field. Just before he took off he looked back at the girl. He thought how could I leave her, she's become my entire world. The girl stepped up to the poet and said, "Go ahead and be. Just make a promise that you'll always come back to me."
...bend over.Been a scooch busy this weekend moving my crazy granny aroundand watching really crap movies on cable.on the upshotuhuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuhThe other day I was playing Fallout 3.I shot a ghoul (feral radiation infected zombie) and looted his corpse and found a teddy bear on his corpseI thought to myselfwhy would a hissing, snarling, dried out inhuman husk ....I teared up a little.It was bad enough blowing megaton straight to hell for a fist full of dollars and a snifter of brandy.This...was this just survival?I pulled the trigger.I splattered his face and dirty, pointy teeth all over the wallreloadedcrouched downand picked his meager rags of all valuablesonly to discover he only had the one...The bear would've barely covered the cost of the shotgun shell. Commodities and sentiment have no place in the wastes. Carry food, carry water, carry chems, carry armor, carry guns, carry bulletscarry a knife when (not if) you have none of the others.I picked it up and took it home, picked
Do You Live Out Loud?
You Live Quietly You like to keep a low profile. You prefer to blend in with the crowd whenever possible. You aren't ashamed of who you are - you just don't need to be showered with attention and adoration. You love yourself, and that's all that matters. You feel best when you're working behind the scenes. You are wise, reliable, and loyal. People who take the time to know you truly appreciate you. Do You Live Out Loud? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
What Color Pen Are You?
You Are a Black Pen You are personally conservative and adverse to taking risks. You prefer to do things the conventional way. Of course you have your own personal flair, but you tend to keep it under wraps. You're very professional. You are very concerned about your own image, and you like to be as polished as possible. You have always been quite mature for your age. You grew up quickly and embraced adulthood early. What Color Pen Are You? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
Who I Am?
I'm a welder and I live in the country outside Austin, Tx. I am a vet. and I have worked oversea's in Dubai, U.A.E. recently as a welding consultant. I'm a single dad and my son is thirteen yrs. old. I love dancing and singing karoake. I love spending time at my campfire site under a big oak tree Playin rock and country music from my truck stereo. I live on ten ackers of land with a creek in the back. Love watching the deer and other critters play. There's nothing like drinkin a cold beer and kickin back in the country!
Can everyone please help out FUBAR and go to this link and hit the like button.........You will help out alot THANKS!!
Help Please?
soooooooooo............. i havent leveled in forever, cause i fail at whoring........... a little help?   i only have like 2,257,344 to go   pretty please with a cherry on top?
Fuck Answering Machines
I climb trees. That's not why I'm writing this.   I'm writing this becase when I'm climbing, if anyone calls, I answer.   I always say the same thing.  "I'm in a tree right now.  I just think my customers like to speak to a real person so I always pick up.  Can you call right back and I'll let it ring through to the answering machine?"   It's not really why I answer.     It's more like I'm an idiot 7 year old boy who thinks that talking on the phone at 90 feet is totally AWESOME!!!  
I Envy And Admire Those Of You Who Have And Can..freely...
So, today as I was doing my usual point hoaring, I came across something that really stopped me dead in my tracks, and reduced me to tears and the more and more I reflected on it, the more and more angry I got. It made me think about not only the event, but things that I would love doing, but "can't" September 11th, 2001 Rating like always, trying to help someone get points and rates and getting points myself and I came to an album with graphic pictures. Normally, I have iron emotions, and things don't bother me (unless its a snake) but these pictures hit hard and fast. I was in the 5th or 6th grade, so would have been around what, 11 or 12 years old? At any rate..I remember the day, and the pictures I saw, MADE me remember it. I remember the assistant principal getting on the PA system and telling us all to report to our homrooms. I remember walking the halls, seeing some of the staff of my school crying and on their cell phones and thinking, riighhhhtttt they get to do it, but I ge
[everything Just Popped]
and it felt ~good~Doggy's got a new flea treatmentrobot forum ... somehow had a dead abducted girl post on it and I explained why I'm such an unfeeling unresponsive person about these things ( realnumbers are BAD.75% of abducted children are dead within 3 hours.I remember when point whores used to fake amber alerts for points in bulletins on this site...God I'm glad that's not happening any more.But seriouslypretty fucked up.what else is goin on...Not much. Playin Fallout 3, I'm about ... level 18 out of my power armor training and I've started my rare item collection. I haven't even filled out an application in a week...probably because I was waiting for some UT jobs to get back.Or... the iquits.*shrugs*I have very little motivation to work at this exact moment.and I'm fillin my face fuzz out, this is about as long as my mustache has ever neck itches though.what else can I let you loverly folks knowa few games I
What Origami Animal Are You?
You Are a Frog You are flexible and open to the world. You're the type of person who is always changing. Your life has been a life of transformation. You still feel a bit unsettled. You are highly intuitive. You are very in touch with your own feelings and the feelings of those around you. You are good at helping others heal. You always know what sort of compassion someone else is craving. What Origami Animal Are You? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
My Lifes Lesson
We started out with everything Then slowly moved to nothing Before to long all we had was us You still have me, do I still have you?   Please help me see what I am to do My heart breaks for I know Your heart possibly belongs to someone new So now I feel I am way down low All because I thought I knew it all But I soon learned how to pick myself up After I had one hell of a fall.   Now here we sit without The one good thing we actually made She is so beautiful I am glad she got out Because this life is way to overplayed.   You tell me your finally done But I can't quite tell if thats true Just know that if not you will miss all the fun Because if you lied know I am really through.   Because my love this life to be honest Well, it's really no life at all And she is to small to protest And I won't let her take this fall.   She is all I have now But she is here now and I AM done I refuse to let this be my life When I have so much to live for Thankfully I can
Unethical? Unconstitutional?
Im sure everyone has heard about the mosque going up in NYC what are your thoughts about it?  The way I see it is it's unconstitutional to oppose it because it's freedom of religion.  Other people think it's wrong because it's Islamic.  Some people say it's a kick in the face to the American people. So what are you're thoughts? Feel free to share and fight among yourselves.    I really want to know everyone's opinion.
5:50pmreplybill: ur hot u gopt yahoop  cancelChat.. 5:51pmmoreTo bill: thank you, but I don't give out my yahoo to strangers.  cancelChat.. 5:51pmreplybill: please  cancelChat.. 5:51pmmoreTo bill: sorry.  cancelChat.. 5:52pmreplybill: im hung  cancelChat.. 5:52pmmoreTo bill: how nice for you  cancelChat.. 5:53pmreplybill: ud like it
Poets Are Liars.
Angel Of Th Night
I followed my heart to see what I could find. I tasted your kisses so deep and full of passion. I felt heaven intertwined as as our bodies became one. I waited an eternity for this one night. Just to see if the galaxy would align. Something I denied for so long. I felt buring deep within. Giving into temptations, the heavens light show made me choose right. Moments later I was gasping for air . but I could not sleep. Body weakened by sheer delight. Now I know my Angel of the Night. - Written by me
Simply Me...u Either Love Me Or Hate Me, U Decide;)
Im in the mood to blog so here goes nothing......I wanted to share whats been on my mind lately, could be a good thing or bad, just depending really lol...anyways..Im forever getting asked "are u single" , well yes I am...Im actually single by choice, just havent found what Im looking for YET. Im not one to jump into any kind of relationship, Im too afraid of getting hurt, so I take my time lol its the same for friendships too. It takes alot for me to trust ya..I will in time and then I'll be hard to get rid of lol. OMG, the next ?? is "what do I look for in a man" really?? god, this one gets on my nerves...I dont have a certain list that I go by, it just happens. But I do like a VERY STRONG MINDED man,  big big plus...if not I WILL and HAVE walked all over them, I loss all respect for them. I want him to tell me NO sometimes and mean it;)..I dont wanna be spoiled all the time, what fun is that.  I like a sense of humor, ROMANTIC (showing up with wild flowers and a pop, I;ll melt). A h
Shark Trivia
Why do Sharks swim around you before attacking? Two Great White sharks, were swimming around in the ocean and they spied the survivors of a sunken ship in the water.  "Follow me, son" the father shark said to the son shark and they swam to the mass of people. "First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing."  And they did. "Well done, son!  Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing."  And they
[10 Pills]
Well... I have nothing I want to do, and at least 3 days to do it in.Not much has changed in the last 24 hours.I get high.I go to bed.Some asshole calls me.I get up for a bit.I get high.I go to bed.Some asshole calls me.I get up for a bit.stitches come out at the earliest friday.unemployment system was down today.I'm going to try tomorrow without any narcotics.Last round was around 5 and I still probably have too much in my system to responsibly drive.My new car is in the works, its a piece that was in a minor accident, has an assload of miles on it, has a V-8 is going to run approximately $1000.I can live with that.Reportedly has AC and everything else a growing boy needs, just a fuel pump battery and headlight away from being driveable.Still in claims and police report limbo.Dad wants to get this guy, so do I. We realistically don't anticipate that we'll be able to.Houdini Sanchezis Houdini Sanchez.Plastic surgery keeps getting brought up.For some reason a trip to Vegas keeps being b
Tripple By Pass
Tuesday i go in for tripplr bypass i wanna say thank you to all my friends please keep me in your prayers. Ill be in fayetville at hospital if anyone wants to check on my status thank you all for thoughts an prayers
Necronomicon-book Of The Dead
Dancin' Days: Soundtrack Revisited
Music, as far as I'm concerned, should be just as vital to the people I surround myself with as it is to myself. Which means it is as necessary as oxygen. When I ask someone what sort of music he or she might be into, the last thing I really want to hear is "oh I listen to a little of everything." No the fuck you don't. What kind of answer is this? You're really telling me you haven't taken the time to find something that really moves you. Chuck Klosterman totally validated my belief in his book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs saying: Do you know people who insist they like 'all kinds of music'? That actually means they like no kinds of music. This is not to say that listening to a variety of music is a punishable-by-death-of-friendship offense. I listen to a varied list of bands and genres myself though most people would disagree with that statement. I'm a true music lover, though. I have taken the time. I know what I like while still keeping an open mind. My answer to the above q
[slowly Walking Down The Hall]
Got my stitches out todaymy eye swelling is down so I look like LESS of a tard.There's some ambiguity as to whether or not the guy that hit me is even eligible for parolelrn2citizenand I asked the doc taking my sutures out for some post care scar advicegot some goopand it still hurts to swallow and talkother than that I'm in high spirits.Yesterday was no narcotics.Today is following that precedent.Shaving is gonna be weird with the new neck scar.Mirror is gonna be weird with the new head scar.My monetary eligibility for unemployment came in, I'm going to tell them I voluntarilly quit for concerns over my mental/physical healthI haven't used my inhaler since I quit... and the building was being inspected for black mold.Srsbsness.I got a jury summons... which I promptly threw in the trash.And all the paperwork for the moment is filed, mailed, pending.Talk me into doing something I previously loved?It might not take that much effort.
Texas Chili Cookoff
INEXPERIENCED CHILI JUDGE Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Tester Named FRANK, who was visitingTexas from the East Coast: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as ajudge at a chili cook-off. The original person called in sick at the lastmoment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table askingdirections to the beer wagon, when the call came.I was assured by the other two judges (Native Texans) that the chiliwouldn't be all that spicy, and besides, they told me I could have freebeer during the tasting. So I accepted."Here are the scorecards from the event:_________________________________________________________CHILI # 1 MIKE'S MANIAC MOBSTER MONSTER CHILIJUDGE ONE: A little too heavy on tomato. Amusing kick.JUDGE TWO: Nice, smooth tomato flavor. Very mild.FRANK: Holy shit, what the hell is this stuff? You could remove driedpaint from your driveway. Took me two beers to put the flames out. I hopethat's the worst one. These Texans are crazy.______________________________
A Look In
Fair warning this blog was intended for me as all of them are if u take something away from it, it's a bonus. Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them. --Aristotle   Having read what I have recently posted has allowed me to examine my thoughts over the past few days. Quite frankly I looked into a mirror and did not like what I saw. The question is no diffrent that it has ever been, Step Up or Step aside? And the answer is ,as it usually is, time to STEP UP.  That being said I will not be ending my string of excellence here. There are Quite a few that would prefer me to do so. The ones who want the recognition without the work. Im sure they would love to me to remain quiet. As many of u know that is not my style. I simply had to look in to a place I haven't had to go for some time. It's dark and terrifying for some. I looked in me and asked, "Are you willing to accept defeat?" Because your sorry ass was starting to sound like it. And in the end:    I do
In Memoriam
Last week there was another prime example of human cruelty and stupity. Lisa and Caleb Eddy-Forde were murdered by her husband. Lisa was an EMT here in Lee Count, Florida. Her son Caleb was only one year old. he had just started walking on his own. While the police have released no details I have talked with officers who were on the seen. The nightmare they describe makes this even more horrific. On this site I see blogs about getting laid, increasing breasts.....all sorts of stuff. But I'm willing to bet there are very few who will read this let alone comment. And almost no one will post my pick for them. It seems talking about the size of ones equipment is fine, but let's not stand for something. let's not stand and say enough of this. Want to stop this? It's pretty simple, speak out. Speak out and refuse to allow this to be kept in the dark. Drag those who abuse spouses, kids, elders and animals into the light. Let the world know what pond scum they are. Demand harsher penalties f
Back To Life
Boy when I am right about someone, I am really right. Things felt weird from the jump and I ignored my gut feelings for ONCE because you continuely showed me that you were different. After a while; a girl is bound to believe you. You made a fool of me. Thanks for that. I have no intention of making other people pay for the heartache I feel right now, but you have definetly shown me that I need to trust in myself and noone else. I can thank you for one thing; returning faith in myself, because I saw this going badly, I knew I was leading myself down a bad path and I IGNORED IT! In the process, I fell head over heels in love with you and it seemed you had fallen for me as well. If you hadn't, why lie to me? I have never felt so used in my life. Life is hard enough without this unnecessary headache! But you know what, I will survive, I always have and I always will. If you weren't lying and honestly wanted to be with me, get your shit together and treat me the way I am supposed to be trea
My father answered the phone.  Without a greeting, I asked, “Isn’t it beautiful?” “It is,” he said.  “It is.” We were referring to the rain, the rain that has avoided us for months and now has arrived, a long-overdue visitor.  We will feel grateful if it stays for the rest of the day, but hope in our hearts that it will linger for a week. The chickens needed tending, so I donned a rain coat and headed out into the rain, sweet rain.  Though my jeans were instantly soaked by the southern-slanting drops, I didn’t mind.  I raised my face to be washed by the sky, delighted in the cold squish of toes in my waterlogged shoes.  I splashed through puddles, resisted the urge to dance, and cheerfully delivered the morning’s food to my girls, who were all unhappily cooped up.  Unlike me and my garden and the many thousands of acres of row crops surrounding me, the hens haven’t minded the lack of rain.  But, despite their obvious discon
Now that that training camp for the Dallas Cowboys is over, I was able to get back in to hotel I was at on my trip before last. Had a pretty warm welcome back, everyone here remembered me, and they even saved my old room for me when they found out I was coming! I didnt think I'd get back in the same spot, with the hot tub/pool/bbq literally 50-60 ft out the patio door. I like when life smiles on ya in lil doses. This trip will also put me over the top as a platinum member, so Im gonna have to see what kinda goodies are available thru the reward program.  
Fistfucking Her Decomposing Cadaver
Digging up her corpse, she is worm infested Badly decomposed, but hes take her to his home Stench of rot turns me on and his cock grows rapidly He is so horny, He needs to fuck that dirty whore He puts his cock in her mouth, bitch gives rotted head It feels so good, He slaps her pus-filled face Now its time to give her something Tonguefucking putrefying cunt The taste is incredible, much better than the one that is alive He eat maggots from her pussy He turns her over and start to fuck like a mad dog Deeper and harder, He is about to go crazy Now its time to penetrate ass Her asshole is so tight, this must be her first time Faster and faster, He can feel hi balls banging against her cunt He quickly cum, squirting inside rectum Pulling his cock out, its covered with with sperm, shit and insects Fucking stupid bitch, her ass was dirty, fucking dead slut...He brutally smash his fist up her cunt and rip her entrails out Double fistfucking her asshole Chainsaw mutil
Come Hear!
A friend sent me the video link below because they know I'm a Deadhead, and it's the best performance I've heard other than the studio version. It's also one of my favorite Dead songs. Uncle John's Bandfrom the album Workingman's Deadwritten by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garciaperformed by The Grateful Dead Well the first days are the hardest days - don't you worry any more,'Cause when life looks like Easy Street, there is danger at your doorThink this through with me, let me know your mind.Woh - oh, what I want to know, is are you kind?It's a buck dancer's choice my friend; better take my advice.You know all the rules by now and the fire from ice.Will you come with me, won't you come with me?Woh - oh, what I want to know, will you come with me?Goddamn, well I declare, have you seen the like?Their walls are built of cannonballs, Their motto is Don't tread on me.Come hear the Uncle John's Band by the riversideGot some things to talk about, here beside the risin' tideIt's the same story t
Quote Of The Day
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. " George Orwell
Delta Drama
Soo, to append my previous blog, I had bought tickets for zztop for the same day I was flying from cali. I gave my friends my ticket just in case sumn happenned and I couldnt make it. Usually when flying out of socal, I will go ahead and get to LA and bunk in by the airport. This time I drove in from outta town, worked once before, thought it might again. Left like 2am to catch a 615. Should have put me there like 4. Road's all mine right?...wrong. 4 bouts of night construction, with CHP zigzagging across 8 lanes in front of the pack 5 miles before the construction just to slow everyone down. So this repeated scenario puts me in the morning LA crawl. Im still 15 miles out, and its 430am. I still have to turn in the rental, catch shuttle, offload, checkin bags, by 515. Im not seeing it. So i figure its 730 back east, call the HR girl see if can catch the next. She didnt get in til nearbout 9. Turns out theres a 0915, and its now 0645. Gonna be tight, but lets try it. Turns out
Best Of You
I've got another confession to make I'm your fool Everyone's got their chains to break Holdin' you Were you born to resist or be abused? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Are you gone and onto someone new? I needed somewhere to hang my head Without your noose You gave me something that I didn't have But had no use I was too weak to give in Too strong to lose My heart is under arrest again But I break loose My head is giving me life or death But I can't choose I swear I'll never give in I refuse Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel You trust, you must Confess Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?   Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel The life, the love you'd die to heal The hope that st
-- ¢¾ -- Famous B00gie Texts -- ¢¾ --
--Lmao soooo am i!!!! Omg the longer i spend tasting you the better!! Mmmmmmmmm --And i would loooove to be covered in you!!! Ok i need to feel you baby. I want to see you like asap. Mmmmmm i love you --And after we have made love all night i want to cuddle and stay inside of you while we sleep --Mmmhmmmm better listen to daddy or i will bend you over my knee and spank dat ass --Mmmmm you know it!! Im really gonna own dat ass in 3 weeks!! Own it lick it eat It smack it...And then repeat!! --I love you too baby!! Omg my heart is racing like crazy!! Lol you get me all excited :D --Lol js! What you doin? Sneak texting daddy? Lol --Do i? Lol good!! I love that! Lets go, you need to be on my shoulders up against the wall!! --It depends. If i pull out and shoot a huge mess then no. But if i cum inside and its a strong one my head usually goes back, my eyes roll back in my head and i moan loud! I will prolly moan and yell your name when i cum in you --One of these days when i get to
This Is Our Time
                          This Is Our Time We wake up in the morning at the dawn of a new day,      And hope and pray to God above that things will go our way.There are times we reach that mountaintop and think we have it all,      Then there's moments that are rocky and we stumble and we fall. As your world comes down around you, no matter how hard you try,     And the darkness fills up in your heart and you don't even know why.It's seems like one step forward, two steps back, and we're left so hard and cold,      'Cause it seems like it'll be forever until our destinies unfold. Then your heart cries out into the night and hope that someone hears,      And you pray that they will take away your doubts and all your fears.The hell you're in is way too much and you can't take anymore,      And you want that feeling in your heart like you've never had before. In a tiny, single moment, someone whispers your name,     And it changes your life forever and you'll never be the same.Those s
Memories Of What Once Was
                                                              Memories of What Once Was        Sittin' in a small cafe'      sippin' on some Joe      Thinking of the times we shared,      Oh so long ago.         I shouldn't be shocked,       I shouldn't be surprised,       It all started with       Little white lies.        Reading some faded letters,      I've held close to my Heart,      faded through time,      I cherish more,      ever since things fell apart.       I shouldn't be shocked     I shouldnt be surprised,     It all started with     little white lies.       Holding on to the memories     and the dreams that never came true,     unprepared for how life would be,     now that I no-longer have you.       I shouldn't be shocked,     I shouldn't be surprised,     It all started with     little white lies.       I knew what I wanted,     but I didn't know     what to look for,     then I found you     I couldn't ask for anything more.  
Chat With A Known Cam Girl Lol
Ok this is a little chat i had with a known CAM girl on here. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did making it LMAO! They are such dumb asses! And let it be known, NO SHE WAS NOT HAKED. LMAO I cant and wouldnt do that....... but what she doesnt know wont hurt her now will it LOL! Enjoy!   nucking_futz33: ok turn that cam on like you promised'Joana Jones: ok babe but i have a lil favor nucking_futz33: LMAO, I knew itJoana Jones: wat do you mean?nucking_futz33: spill itnucking_futz33: where do you want me to vote for you?Joana Jones: on my linknucking_futz33: uh hunucking_futz33: turn the cam on firstYou have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.Joana Jones: i have but in the private site Joana Jones: just click this ****Deleted HTML for privacy reasons****nucking_futz33: ahhhhhhh but didnt you just say that you would turn it on here? Why do we have photo sharing up? Do you plan on showing me something?Joana Jones: babe do that linkJoana Jones: okJoana Jone
Bca Auction
'Tis the season for auctions, it appears... Starting October 1st (If I'm lucky), I will be having a breast cancer awareness auction.  I haven't ironed out the details yet, but there will be no entry fee and bids will start with fubucks.  I will have a fubuck to cash conversion, and cash bids will not automatically outweigh fubuck offers. If you or someone you know would like to join, send me a PM with a link to the pic to be used.  I will make the graphic for the auction.   Now for the details... should people come up with what they want to offer, or should I have a blanket set of things bidders will get?
....just The Way You Are.
Are you interested in anyone?I'm interested in a few people. Interested is such a vauge word. Has there been anyone particular on your mind at all today?a little If you could have one wish and have anything right now, what would that be?my own place Your plans for tomorrow?work and then making a pie with the boys. What is the first thing you usually do in the morning?pee. Do you miss someone?yes. Anyone you're looking forward to seeing soon?Of course Is tomorrow going to be a good day?I hope so Have you ever been to a funeral?I have... How about a wedding?Yeah.... Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama sweats over shorts?Jeans Has the last person you kissed ever took their shirt off in front of you?Sure has Did you have a dream last night?I did, but I don't really remember it. Do you want to say something to someone?Nope,  I'm good. Who was the first person you saw this morning? Connor Have you held hands with anyone today
I Thought This Was Really Awesome
short video blog -  video coming soon!
Really???? Sad
NJ student secretly taped having sex kills himself // // Buzz up! 16 votes Share retweet EmailPrint By ERIN VANDERBERG and GEOFF MULVIHILL, Associated Press Writers Erin Vanderberg And Geoff Mulvihill, Associated Press Writers – 46 mins ago PISCATAWAY, N.J. – A college student jumped to his death off a bridge a day after authorities say two classmates surreptitiously recorded him having sex with a man in his dorm room and broadcast it over the Internet. Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge last week, said his family's attorney, Paul Mainardi. Police recovered a man's body Wednesday afternoon in the Hudson River just north of the bridge, and authorities were trying to determine if it was Clementi's. ABC News and The Star-Ledger of Newark reported that Clementi left on his Facebook page on Sept. 22 a note that read: "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry." On Wednesday, his Facebook page was accessible only to friends. Two Rutg
Bubble Baths & Ball Flicking
Bubble baths and Ball flicking..ya you read that correctly... but I am getting a little ahead of myself.. today was a very weird day but mildly productive... me & my boyfriend Jason went through the entire garage and threw out all of the stuff that we didn't need or tat got ruined from it being stored for so long... I felt kinda like I could identify with the horders on that tv show... but on a much smaller scale ofcourse.It was kind of sad seeing all of my stuff ruined and picked over... and awesome at the same time to briefly see things that I haven't seen for years... and mildly liberating to be free of most of it.The day is coming to a close and I decided to let calgon take away the stress of the day... Searing hot water with petal scented calgon in it andsweet floral body wash turning the candle-lit tub into a nirvana of sorts.The door wisks open and before you know it my boyfriend is rocking the warm solitude of my tubby time. We were making jokes about the closed quarters and I
What Tarot Card Are You?
You are The High Priestess Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education. The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
The Tea Oracle
You Appreciate Life's Tiniest Moments You are a great compromiser. You can deal with personalities of every flavor, and you're good at making sure each person has a say. You have a very balanced personality. You know how to moderate yourself when you are feeling extreme. You are happy but realistic. You try to make the best of what you've got, even when you don't have a lot. You are energetic and downright hyper. All sorts of ideas and opportunities excite you. The Tea Oracle The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
Pick The World Series Winner And Win Some Fubucks!
2010 World Series Pool! Here's how it works! Pick anyone of the following teams to win the World Series.   American League Yankees (Wild Card) Rays Twins Rangers   National League Phillies Braves (Wild Card) Giants Reds Pick ONE team ONLY! ENTER ONLY ONCE! Tie Breaker #1 Pick the amount of games you think it takes your team to win the best 4 out of 7 games.  YOU MUST PICK EITHER 4,5,6 or 7 games!   Tie Breaker #2
You Can Thank Durham For This...
You are The Moon Hope, expectation, Bright promises. The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window. The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition. What Tarot Card are You?Take
Banned Breed
MANY PLACES IN THE LAND OF THE FREE HAVE BANNED PITBULLS.READ THE FOLLOWING...The Case: The Clark County Animal Shelter gives the following account: On Friday morning, a Clark County resident reported finding a seriously injured dog in their barn. The Clark County Animal Shelter director responded immediately and rushed the dog to the veterinarian, but the dog died shortly after his arrival at the veterinarian’s office. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office investigated the matter and discovered that the dog had been dragged behind a car for more than a mile—from an elementary school to a home on Calloway White Road, where his body was left in the street. In spite of his broken bones and other horrific injuries, the pit bull apparently crawled from the road to seek refuge in the barn. “This dog suffered horrific pain and a needless death, and anyone responsible for intentionally dragging a dog behind a car should be prosecuted,” said Pamela Rogers
Her Teasing Body
Master approaches his little one quietly - he likes to observe her before he announces his presence - she can never seem to lay quietly and wait for him until expressly ordered to do so.   She sits on the bed, staring out the window, brushing her long hair absently, then twisting it in her hands and combing the strands loose with her fingers.  The pattern is repeated as she sighs quietly while waiting for him.  Music plays softly in the background and covers his quiet approach.  The bed dips under his weight and her gasp of surprise is soft but welcoming as her Master comes to sit behind her.   His strong arms wrap around her as her head lifts to meet his for a soft, yet possessive kiss.  Her body melts into his as his hands stroke the silky soft skin of her arms.  His submissive rests her head back against his broad chest, feeling very warm and loved, her body soft and pliant - awaiting his desires.  Her hands absently caress his forearms - always enjoying the feel of
Ha I Said A Bad Word!
Last week we were all at my step-sister's having a BBQ. Chinese BBQ is different to normal ones. Ya get the fire but everyone has their own long fork things to skewer whatever meat they want on it and cook it on the fire themselves. Means EVERYONE has to cook not just one person on the grill flipping burgers. Anyways, it's hard work but it's kinda satisfactory cos you do it yourself and stuffs. So I wanted to cook some stuff but I wasn't hungry so my cousin asked me to cook some lamb for her which I did. I slow cooked it...and it was BLOODY MARVELLOUS! It took me at list 30 mins of sitting next to a VERY hot fire to cook it nice and slow. Anyways, I was half way cooking it and then she goes 'actually I don't want it anymore' and then I went....   'Oh you bloody twat'.   She was SHOCKED...SHOCKED I tell you!!!   She actually started laughing at me.
Read. Don't You Know How?
What's the point of profiles and "About Me" sections if no one reads them? I thought you filled the whole thing out so that people can get a sense of who you are and see if you have anything in common....right? Or am I just way out of line on that one?  Here's a tip: Read the fucking profiles. Some of us actually have shit written in there that will answer all your damn questions. I think I pretty much covered my bases on mine...Why I'm here, what I like to do, what I do for a living, what music I like, etc. So why is it that when people message me...they ask me all the same damn questions? Look...I know you can read since you can fucking type to me and read my responses, so just take a moment and scroll down to read what I've put on there. You'll even be greeted with some music. It's not a bad deal really. That way we can actually have shit to talk about instead of me answering the same monotonous answers. If you're really interested in who I am you will take the time to see what I'
Now Is The Time.. Bloom Where You Are Planted
    There are no guarantees in this life, so when we hold back we do so at the risk of never fully blossoming.Having a vision for our future that differs from our current circumstances can be inspiring and exciting, but it can also keep us from fully committing to our present placement. We may become aware that this is happening when we notice our thoughts about the future distracting us from our participation in the moment. We may find upon searching our hearts that we are waiting for some future time or situation in order to self-actualize. This would be like a flower planted in North Dakota putting off blooming because it would prefer to do so in Illinois. There are no guarantees in this life, so when we hold back we do so at the risk of never fully blossoming. This present moment always offers us the ground in which we can take root and open our hearts now. What this means is that we live fully, wherever we are, not hesitating because conditions are not perfect, or we might end up
i'd put blind fold over ur eyes....and stand infront of u..i lean in and run my tongue around ur lips slowly..i'd take off ur tshirt and blow across ur neck..then gently kiss hands would run down ur chest until they reach ur trousers..i'd undo the belt and massage ur cock my hands gripping lips still kissing and biting every once and awhile i move slowly over ur chest with my tongue..circling ur nipples then sucking hard on em..watching em turn hands still rubbing watching u get harder and harder..i take a feather and run it down ur back slowly...i watch u shudder as the feather hits ur skin..i take it around ur front and tease ur nipples and run it along ur hand still rubbingslowly i undo ur button and unzip ur zipper..i let ur trousers drop to ur ankles..the feather travels down ur body..and i tickle ur cock with it..u catch a breathe but i carry on..i can feel ur hardness on my hands..and i want morei walk around and stand behind heavily brea
This is crazy...tomorrow is 10/10/10...there are 5 fridays, saturdays and sundays in the month of October.....this wont happen again for another 833 years.... im gonna go play the lottery tomorrow.....who knows what might happen.....
Weezer-perfect Situation
What's the deal with my brain? There's the pitch, slow and straight All I have to do is swing In a perfect situation Why am I so obviously insane? I let love down the drain And I'm the hero But I'm the zero Now it's getting unbelievable 'Cause I could not have it better Hungry nights, once again But I just can't get no play From the girls, all around As they search the night for someone to hold onto I just pass through Singing Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Singing Get your hands off the girl Can't you see that she belongs to me? And I don't appreciate this excess company Though I can't satisfy all the needs she has And so she starts to wander Can you blame her? Singing Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Singing Oh ho, oh ho, oh ho whoa Tell me there's a logic out there Leading me to better prepare For the day that something really special might come Tell me there's some hope for me I don't wanna be lonely For the rest of my days on the Earth, oh Oh ho, ho ho, oh ho whoa Singi
Columbus Day In Spain
One thing great about being in Germany was taking trips to awesome places was cheap. I mean, no airfare: Paris, Berlin, London…all of Europe was at our fingertips for practically nothing. Sometimes the Morale and Welfare folks put together tours that made it even easier, and it was a unit tour to Spain that prompts this walk down memory lane. Near Barcelona is the Costa Brava, a section of beaches in Catalan that is epic in beauty and nightlife. Fifty of us descended upon the Hotel Santa Susana, enjoying six days and five nights of sunny skies, warm weather, hot beaches and hotter clubs. I settled into a routine of partying until five in the morning, catching three hours’ sleep, swimming laps in the pool, and catching breakfast. Then it was off to sight see, chase skirts, and shop. There were day trips to Barcelona, where we saw the stadium that was going to be used for the 1940 Olympics (until World War II dashed that dream) being readied for a second shot with the 1992
Let's Have A Single's Shower!
Has anyone noticed that there's a "Shower" for everything nowadays? Baby showers, House warming parties, bridal showers, wedding showers, engagement parties...the list goes on and on. What about us who aren't getting married, aren't moving, or having kids? I know all these occassions are just ways to get expensive gifts from all of us suckers who feel obligated to show up and buy something on the registry, but really...when do we get a break?! This thought occured to me a few minutes ago while I realized that I am going to Michigan in a few days for a wedding. I've already gone to the "Wedding Shower" and bought a $300 piece of luggage that was on the damn registry and now I have to go and pay for my ticket, hotel, food, rental car, and entertainment?! This is bogus. Alright...I know I don't HAVE to go, but I'm a sucker who feels obligated to. He is a good friend after all. So here's an idea. Why don't we start a "Single's Shower?" A day where all of us "Singles" who don't have child
If U Care Or Want To Know, If You Don't Then Just Dont Read It
Well, It's been a rough three weeks. Alot of ppl will find it a surprise, I didn't tell many ppl. Those who have been friends with me for a while know that I have had several miscarriages. They have been very emotionally trying for Ron and myself to get through. But I am stubborn and haven't given up hope. I found out about six weeks ago I was pregnant, because of all the miscarriages I felt yelling to the world " im pregnant" wasn't the right thing to do, even though inside i was thrilled...thrilled and worried...I lost the baby last week, seems almost as soon as i got pregnant i lost the baby, my doctor thought this to be very strange and was very worried, maybe there was a bigger problem...And there was, they did an out patient exploratory surgery, Nothing has been confirmed, but theres a good chance i have ovarian cancer. I undergo more testing tomorrow, hopefully, they give us good news, but if not, me and my soldier will deal with it together. I want to give special thanks to my
[oh Yeah... New Phone]
*hack cough wheeze... wheeze... wheeze... hack COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH*Mhm.Got a Rugby 2. And I've already dropped it smack on the bathroom tile.Gasped.And promptly picked it up and sent a message to my friend.Had to pay for it, got about ... 80% off since I haven't upgraded in... never.Its not as user friendly as my old clunkerbut its more comfortable in my hand and against my head, its invincible, and takes better pictures, and ... what else? OhThe fucking thing killed about half of my sim card contacts.HAH!... norly.But my mom did buy me 20 pounds of rice >> she's a nice lady like that.Funeral sucked.Oh andthere was something about creepy death trees bearing fruits of joy for your children to eat...really freaked me the fuck out... course I may have been on acid or... mocking the institute of funerals.Oh yeah and it might MIGHT not kill my internet when I'm on the phone.I managed to load up a L4D2 map while receiving a call.*rubs scar*I'm gonna take a n

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