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Death Is Near My First Try And Poetry In A Long Time Let Me Know What You Think.
My first try and poetry in a long time let me know what you think. Sorry posted it in two different spots Death is near I sit alone at night in the dark Wondering what will happen to me Will I die or live today You can feel it but sometimes it just passes you by The cold heads of death reaching out to you. You start to remember life's things that have happen to you Could you have done better. How will people remember you. You go all day about your daily life wondering is he coming for you. Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow. But who really knows when. You cant hide from him when it is your time its your time. Maybe today maybe tomorrow maybe in the future but the fact is no one lives forever. Death is almost always near.
Why Bother???
I sometimes wonder why some women read too much into what is said on the phone to other people when they only hear one side of the conversation. They think that the guy is trying to hook up and such when all I am doing is going to see an old friend... who even has her kids for the day... Fuck It, Why Bother... LMFAO!
besides the fact that the mumms are kinda like a public forum for personal opinions (stupid or not) why do people get mad at comment aprovers??......seriously!!!
Mental Health Hotline
MENTAL HOSPITAL PHONE MENU Hello and thank you for calling The State Mental Hospital. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell You which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, hang up. It doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9-6-9-6. If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep. But Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-te
Day Dream
I gaze out of the window, a leaf tumbles its way down the gutter unhindered on the late summer breeze. Sun contrast to the shadow within the cool buzzing atmosphere. My mind wanders the thin sheet of glass a fragile prison separating desire from reality. The hum alters pitch distracting me from my revere. I turn the cadence registering demanding a response. I nod an affirmative seeking a return fantasy's release from the mundane. The monotone changes I focus for a moment disdain registered. I realize my affirmation is in error out of balance I hastily tack to the contrary which seems to restore the resonance back to normal harmonics. I pause a brief moment only to satisfy etiquette before returning my gaze to the passing world that holds so much allure filled with the possible the potential. I see only one that fill my heart with song in everything that holds beauty..
About Me
As I sit here all alone & wonder what to do Guess I could get up and do a thing or two My body on the outside may seem young & good But on the inside I feel as if I'm hundred & two This is for all the ones who have mis-understood for who I am or what I might say Only if they could walk in my shoes for a single day.
Slight Change To The Way You Setup Your Name On Fubar..
hey everyone, i'm trying to simplify the way we store and display everyone's name on the site. for example, the nickname for my profile is 'babyjesus', my first-name is 'mike' and my last-name is 'hedlund'. we have an overly complicated procedure that we use to figure out what name to display above everyone's photo on the site, and the name to display at the top of the public profile page for each member. to simplify this, starting today *ONLY* your 'nickname' will be displayed above your photo everywhere on the site. if you don't have a nickname set in your profile, then your user id will be displayed. so, if you start showing up as a number-- simply go to your profile settings page and enter whatever you want in the nickname field. public profile pages will also be modified so that only the nickname (or user id if you don't have a nickname setup on your profile) will be displayed at the top of the page. there will be a 'Name' column above your status/rank in the center o
Jordyn's First Day
I woke up this morning to a shake and a poke from an innocent 5 yr old anxiously awaiting her first day of Kindergarten. We have spent the last year counting down the days on the calendar when this day would come. I was filled with anxiousness and excitement for her up until this afternoon. As her name was called and she went to her teacher and got her name tag and everything she needed for her desk, I felt proud and overwhelmingly sad at the same time. Where the HELL did time go??? It almost seemed increasingly unfair that all of a sudden I am forced to learn how to let go. Not totally, but a little bit. She was so proud of her Hannah Montana shoes she was FINALLY able to wear, she had to show them to any and every willing person that would look and smile. And don't get me started on her black and pink Hello Kitty backpack. I wasn't worried one iota that she would have a problem making friends in her first year of school. The boy she had been talking to before class began
Breast Cancer Awareness Please Read - Free Mammograms
Thank you Chris for sharing this in your blog! PLEASE DO THIS! A favor to ask, it only takes a minute.... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors /advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.FREE MAMMOGRAMS AGAIN, PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS TO TELL 10 TODAY
Russian Swears
Thanks Peeps For Helpin Much Respect For All
History And Politics
Subject: History Lest we Forget > > For those who don't know about history....Here is a > > condensed version... > > > > > > Humans originally existed as members of small bands > > of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in > > the mountains during the summer and would go to the > > coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter. > > > > > > The two most important events in all of history were > > the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. > > The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These > > were the foundation of modern civilization and > > together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity > > into two distinct subgroups: > > > > > > 1. Liberals; and > > 2. Conservatives. > > > > > > Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that > > was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass > > bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while > > our early humans were sitting around waiting for
Best Friends
Today is not about Rates, Today is being there for My best Friend who is in pain, who is one of the STRONGEST PEOPLE I KNOW AND IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT, SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS! MY BEST FRIEND This is for you, my best friend, the one person i can tell my soul too Who can relate to me like no other Who I can laugh with to no extents, Who I can cry too when times are tough, Who can help me with the problems of my life. Never have you turned your back on me Or told me I wasnt good enough Or let me down I don't think you know what that means to me You have went through so much pain and you still have time For me. And I love you for listening even when inside YOU are dying And I look up too you because you are strong, and caring and beautiful. Even though you don't think you are. And I hope you know that I am always here To listen to you laugh and cry and help In all the ways that i can And I will try to be at least half the friend you are
Caa 22
As most has seen or heard of Baby Mya if you have looked at my web page. The mother is fighting the father in court, let us give special angel prayer, power and love to both mother and daughter for justice. Doc
The Interloper
MEET THE INTERLOPER! SHE NEEDS LOTS OF LOVE, ONLY ABOUT 33K FROM LEVELING, AND SHE IS DETERMINED TO DO IT TONIGHT! SO COME ONE, COME ALL PLEASE LOVE THIS LADY UP! the Interloper... Anti-hero idol with a suicide excuse...@ fubar GO NOW! RATE HER, FAN HER, ADD HER, etc etc etc.... BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE ONE AND ONLY: Drunk1 **Alison's Overseer**Owned By Lucky**@ fubar Fine Print: If you're not on somebody's shit list, you're not doing anything worthwhile.
The Saga Contiues....
Well, that time yet again to post to see who's paying attention or not.... More friends come and more to be deleted/go....kinda makes me ill when i've been rating certain ones week after week and nothing back. Yet, you rate and rate and the only time they do rate your pics is when you rate them first...c'mon we all like our pics rated but when i rate over 1500 some a day and I dont get to yours doesnt mean if you re-rate mine i wont get to you just means the next day. So, as i've stated before don't be shocked when I kindly say deleted and have a good one. Don't ask "HUH or WHY?" It just means you've been ignorant to long and ignorant to pay attention to a blog To those i'm missing get back to me please i'll make sure i rate the hell out of ya....
Caa #24
A dear friend and angel to me is having a rough time and finds emotional turmoil all around. Please send angel prayers, power and love to give her peace and rest and strength to deal with the tough time she has to go through. Doc
Crinkle Or Fold?
all throughout time there has been a question on everyones mind It's not about Love or friendship or living has nothing to do with hate or getting or giving this is much more serious am I making you curious? This question is something untold do you CRINKLE or do you FOLD? What the hell are you talking about? hold on, hold up, I'll tell you don't shout When you're sitting on the throne and you're doing your thing all alone If you reach for the paper and you fold, you're soul could be a little more cold Thats what you do? well than this is you, You're a tight ass with a little sass things must be perfect or your brain will fore fit You're much more organized so you'll never be surprised Life will be ok as long as things go your way Now the others crinkle whenever they tinkle these people are much more relaxed not to worry when their photo comments are maxed They are calm and cool not to be anyones fool these people are great n
It A Pimp Doing His Thang ! Join The Pimp Train1
Riding Doggy Style Train
We're gonna do it Doggy Style! The rules for this Ride are pretty basic, you must Fan/Add/Rate all yer fellow Dogz on the Ride. If you are already friends leave them a profile comment sayin' "Riding Doggy Style". No drama Please!! Tagz are also easy to get, just rate the already made tagz and let Dust_Me_Pink know when you are done in a private message The Lead Dog ~ M k ~Club F.A.R ~ The Lollipop Gurlz ~SBG @ fubar Yer Dogz ♕ LuAngel ♕ ~*~Fu Bad Girls ~ Fu Owned by Tappinit & SilverPixi
Contest Ends 15th
plz spank as much as possible every one..
Completely Ridiculous And Utterly Shocking. But It Is The Truth.
I received this mail... About this photo... And for the record, he never asked me to change the pic. His only actual arguement ever concerning the pic was the F word which is not contained on or within the photo or the description of the photo. GFY is just that GFY... And it is obvious to anyone and everyone that the photo does not contain the F word in full context. I wrote back stating that fact... Then I received this email from said person CUSSING me out because he cant read... hmm... Am I the only one that thinks this is RIDICULOUS?
Promises Can make you feel as if your floating on air Mean the world and show that your cared about Give you something to look forward to Show you can trust and believe in someone Give hope and faith Broken Promises Make you feel as if your worth nothing Can crush your spirit Can kill all belief and trust Can hurt and bring tears Can destroy your world and bring you down to nothing Pleading Please don't promise if you don't intend to follow thru Please don't promise if you don't mean it Please don't promise if your desire is to hurt me Please don't promise unless you really mean it Please don't promise just to make me happy
It A Freaky Thang Going On! The Freak Train Is Looking For Riders!
Freak It Like You Want It - Kilo Ali HERE THE FREAKY TRAIN FOR ALL THAT FEEL IT GOING DOWN ON FUBAR! JUMP ON AND RATE/FAN AND ADD ALL ON THIS TRAIN! PLEASE E-MAIL AKAMRS. T TO BE ADDED TO THE FREAKY TRAIN. ~AKAMRS.T THE DREAM TEAM ~ DYLON'S DIVA MAFIA~ CLUB F.A.R.~SHADOW LEVELERS~@ fubar BIG POPPA Ya Heard : if i aint caressing them im undressin'em@ fubar The Dream Team Organizer & Member of Dylon's Divas Mafia Fubar Queen07-08@ fubar Daddyslilangel * DREAM TEAM BOMBER* GF of Mr Keep it Real, member of the hot momma club,FU BAD GIRL
Not Here
So, for those that haven't noticed (and very few have), I haven't been on much. Well, I've been signed in, but not on. Anyways, it's because I actually have a life now. I got a job with keeps me pretty busy. I've also been going out a lot on weekends to try and keep my mind off of other things. So, I just wanted to say that I will continue to not be here as much, and I might even delete, I haven't decided yet. I've realized that there is more to life that Fubar. For those of you who want to stay in contact me and don't know how, private message me and I'll give you my yahoo or myspace, or for really special people, my cell number. It's been fun!
Tell Me More
Will you state two truths and 1 lie about yourself? Don't say which is the truth and which is the lie and I will try and guess. :)
Men Suck
Freaking men suck all of them including the ones reading this. I swear I start to think that things are looking good and it all comes crashing down on me. Another lieing cheating bastard for a so called boyfriend. Go figure that I pick the guys that are going to screw me over every damn time. Someone please give me a freaking break.
Bumblebees Outwit Robotic Spiders
"Scientists have found that bumblebees learn from their "near-death" encounters with crab spiders and adapt their future foraging strategies. They watched real bees in an artificial meadow - containing yellow "flowers" and robotic crab spiders." Possibly my favourite headline ever. Full story here.
We Sooo Bad!!
Fu Bad Girl Members!! as you may or may not know, we have been under scrutiny from some other club members claiming us to be unoriginal and criticizing our club name. We will not be weakened by their stupidity. We will stand strong and defend ourselves and especially our fabulous founder, Juicyfruit!! Plz remember ladies, we are and will remain the the baddest fu girls!!! p.s. I am making tags which are that of my primary pic which i have up now. if you would like one, plz message me to let me know!! much luv!!
Its My Anniversary
I wasn't sure how I would feel today. I knew it was coming...and I was trying not to think about it. Deal with it when it comes, right? Now its here. I'm looking back over the last 8 years...and I am at a loss as to why we were together so long. I figured out about two years in that he could care less about me. Two years later, I knew he hated me. I knew it was over the last time I got pregnant. Even though we knew we wanted another kid, he acted like I trapped him. He was gone before she was a year old. That he never connected with his daughter truly breaks my heart. Why did I spend so much time with such a selfish person? More importantly, how do I make sure I never do it again? Needing love today...if you can spare it. Thanks everybody.
What Do Ya Know
Odd that at the age I am at, I can learn things from those that are younger than me and much more immature. But I did. I am actually thankful that things rolled down the way they did WHEN they did. Wasnt but maybe 12 hours after the latest sad lesson that I had some fantastic news handed to me. I firmly believe in karma, and well, I am glad that i kept to the honorable road and didnt fall into the game that a few others seem to be playing out there. It should also be said here they can do severe damage to me at any point they choose, I pray they dont, but I cant stop them. I will continue to be who I am and even forgive the actions of others. One person went to great lengths to do harm to me, only to have destroyed himself in end. That makes me sad, he has the potential to be an awesome person if he can just let go the anger and contempt. The other one, well lets just say that his cage is his meaningless lies that wall him in and he has no where to go but to hurt another to es
Before My Surgery By Tequila Gurl
We have a wonderful lady and friend having surgery tomorrow let her know we are thinking of her and will be during this difficult time. Let her know we will miss her and that we thank her for being our friend and wish her a fast well recovery. vitamin de~ get your daily dose::fu~owner of ~SazzyGal~:: DSC~ I.B.I.C. ~ N.A.P **Fu Angel**
Lorf. The Definition
Ok, a few of you have asked me about what LORF means or what the hell am I saying. I thought this might help. And, if any of you have Lorf moments you wish to share, feel free! The word was an accident in its beginning, ok, more than one accident contributed to its existance. Several years ago, I was at a race track for a weekend of motorcycle racing. I was a bit drunk as I recall, (ok, what I was told) standing by the bonfire so big that could signal in the space shuttle, eating some saltines that I guess someone figured I needed to sober up. Some one that was probably just as blasted as I was came up with the idea to build a ramp to jump this said fire. After a few highly intelligent people with motorized vehicles made amazing jumps and survived, a few others would also jump by running and jumping. For the most part, they made it. At least none needed medical care. Now, it also needs to be said here that this fire was built on dirt, well away from paved part of the
Surprisely Tasty
ever since hurricane gustav, and the southern Louisiana coastline area having a mandatory evacuation there has been a curfew of 8pm. none of the stores in the area have had milk till yesterday and none of them had meat on the shelves. in order to give my chirrens some meat i took them to popeyes yesterday, since they finally opened for business and its better than mcdonalds or taco bell. today for lunch i had to improvise with stuff i bought off the shelves at the grocery store. i got some tuna and canned chicken for meats...its all i could do. so i threw a couple cans of chicken in some alfredo sauce and to my surprise its not bad... i expected it to be barely edible but its tasty. just wanted to share this with us in hurricane country for when you have to get creative about what to eat when there is a shortage of meats and dairy products on the shelves
Contest Info
Who Wants To Get Naughty?
I got a cam and I got AIM, MSN and Yahoo butt still I havent gotten anyone to get naughty with me. Ok my cam doesnt work half the time butt still sometimes it does and I still can get people to do naughty things with their butts on cam for me. Somebody help me! I need some live naughty anal action folks!
Let's Give This Lovely A Wonderful Birthday Present
WENDY WOO WOO Let's help this wonderful woman make her goal of becoming a Godmother by her birthday on Monday, September 15th. She has a bit over a million to go and I think, with all of our help, she can do it. Rate/Fan/Add her please. Rate to your hearts content. Let's rock this hottie..Wendy WOO WOO@ fubar brought to you by ChelleBelle "ChelleBelle" tattoo'd & pierced Bulliever & Charm Girl-read my about me b4 adding@ fubar
Hey all, I am looking to start a new family on fubar. I am looking for interested individuals that are BBW, this group is going to be called.. THE BBW LOVERS!!!.. If interested in inquiring or joining send me an email entitled "THE BBW LOVERS" anyone can join, expecially thoses that love us.. You must also fan, add, rate, me plz before added.. I will be making tags and cool pics for thoses lovely ladies that join... I also would like some ideas for some activities or games for the group.. I'm really big into leveling ppl.. so bring it on.... Thanks, Chocolate Bunny
Metallica - Eye The Beholder
Do you see what I see? Truth is an offence Your silence for your confidence Do you hear what I hear? Doors are slamming shut Limit your imagination, keep you where they must Do you feel what I feel? Bittering distress Who decides what you express? Do you take what I take? Endurance is the word Moving back instead of forward seems to me absurd Doesn't matter what you see Or into it what you read You can do it your own way If it's done just how I say Independence limited Freedom of choice Choice is made for you, my friend Freedom of speech Speech is words that they will bend Freedom with their exception Do you fear what I fear? Living properly Truths to you are lies to me Do you choose what I choose? More alternatives Energy derives from both the plus and negative Do you need what I need? Boundaries overthrown Look inside, to each his own Do you trust what I trust? Me, myself, and I Penetrate the smoke screen, I see through the selfish l
Embracing Nature©
Man you just have to love summer. This year has been terrific down south, as far as summers go, it's been quite mild. The other nice thing is that if ya go to the park the heat usually keeps the families inside. If you throw out a blanket in the shade you can enjoy the summer breezes, the squirrels chattering in the trees, and the smell of fresh cut grass filling the air. When I called her to see if she felt like just enjoying a light picnic she jumped at the chance. We haven't really spent time together lately and I missed her. I used business principle #7...K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I threw a cutting board, cheese, some fruit, and two bottles of wine along with a blanket into my backpack and off I went. She was dressed in a simple sundress and sandals and her hair up in a ponytail. She didn't even give me a chance to open the door for her as she jumped in and gave me a kiss hello. Small talk always comes easy when your with someone that your familiar with. Laughi
Wake Me Up.
This feeling's unrequited Sometimes uninvited I can't fight it.. I just want to give up or give in. Yet it means so much Am I just out of touch In such a rush.. I wish I knew what to do or how to be. Crazy is how I feel This can't be real Nothing is what it seems.. If this is a dream wake me up.
Wolfpack Support Train
To My Fubar Girlies..
This reminds me of some of you LMAO
Can We Still Have Children ?
Frequently Asked Questions Question: Can a man or woman who has Hepatitis C still have children? Answer: Yes, hepatitis C does not prevent a man or woman from having children. The hepatitis C virus infection does not cause infertility in either sex--it does not affect a woman's ovarian or uterine function, or a man's sperm production or sperm characteristics. Also, it is rare for a hepatitis C-positive mother to infect her baby. Only 1-5% of babies born to hepatitis C-positive mothers acquire the virus, and it makes no difference whether the newborns are delivered vaginally or by cesarean section. A hepatitis C-positive father can't pass on the virus to an embryo at all. The most important consideration for couples wanting children when one partner has hepatitis C is the timing of drug treatment. One of the drugs used to treat hepatitis C (ribavirin) can cause severe birth defects in the baby. This is true whether it is the man or woman being treated
Master & His Brat Slave
I knock gently on Master's door and hear his footsteps approaching. He opens the door and welcomes me warmly. "Come in, Princess" he says. I smile my sweetest Princess smile and kiss him lightly on the lips. Master gently pulls me by the arm inside his apartment. Once he closes the door behind me his affect changes instantly. He grabs a handful of my hair and brings my ear closer to his lips. Master asks me if I remember what my safeword is and I nod my head while keeping my eyes lowered, my pulse starting to race. "Tell me" he demands and I whisper it to him. Then he asks "Are you ready, Princess?" Master inhales deeply and exhales fiery air on my neck. He takes my hand and traces the line of my spine, slowly, so as not to miss a curve. He makes his way down my back, lower, down over my ass, and rests his hand under the curve of my ass cheek as if he owns every part of me. He traces another line, down my throat, between my breasts, my belly, and finally between my legs.
Take Your Tags Friends
Ok not sure why but my Vip has be taken from me :( if anyone can help me understand why please do so, also at the end of the night i will be deleted all tags i made for you all b.c i have no pic space , please get yours if you want them thank you Sherry !
Cuffs, Gag, Drugs, Dick
MMMMMMMMM, my favorite things in life. Let me count the ways I like them. Better yet just drug me, chain me to your bed and rape luv u Tara
Oh Hai!
I'm bored ... and sick. lol. How's it going peoples?
What Muse Are You?
Your Inner Muse is Urania You are most like this muse of astronomy. Your head is in the stars, and you look to the future. You give off a heavenly, mysterious vibe. And you're not too bad at predicting the future. What Muse Are You?
The Luggage Game!! All Cases Claimed Prizes Shortly
The Easiest Contest Ever!! My Biggest Contest Ever!! Everyone is a Winner!! We need Luggage!! Since we have so many Trains, Planes, Autos, & Cruises on Fubar! Here's how to Play: I have a picture folder filled with 65 suitcases, bags, totes etc... Your job rate and comment all 65. While doing this, decide which case is yours. Private message me with the case number. After you contact me, comment that case 10 times. Thats it! I will mark that case for you and it is off limits to anyone else. So for 75 comments and 65 rates (rate em all 10's, does not have to be 11's) you can win a Fabulous prize. When all cases have been claimed, I will reveal what all the prizes are. The prizes have already been determined and are stashed away in a seperate folder. Prizes include a 1 mo VIP, Blings (1,3,5 & 10 point),Tickers, Blasts (1 & 3 day), Fugifts, Rate ups, Morphs, Pimpouts, and so much I can't list it all. Every case has a prize! What will yours be??? This contest by LuA
Spicy And Wild...
Your Kisses Are Spicy and Wild Your kisses are powerful stuff. They'll start a fire in almost anyone you kiss. You kiss with passion, skill, and endurance. Anyone who kisses you is in for a long, intense ride. You better watch out though. Your incredible kisses are likely to get you in trouble! How Hot Are Your Kisses?
The Twin Towers Fell!!!
9/11 2001........8.45 am.....a very sunny morning in Manhatten......just like any normal September morning....but in the space of 1 minute, something happened that changed the course of history forever!!! They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing?
A Huge Thank You
Hey there! As most people will know from my last blog i had been stuck on henchman for ages due to looking after my mum and not having much time on here. But, due to some amazing friends and even people i don't know, i have leveled!! WooHoo!! So i just wanted to post this blog and say a public 'thank you' and say how much i realy appreciated all your help. So, thank you: Metal Sandy Summer Gypsysoul (whom i am really going to miss) Vicki Cindragon Karen Barb And there are a whole host of other people whom i don't personally know who gave up their time to help me. Apologies and hugs to anyone who helped me but isn't listed here. I realy appreciate all your time and efforts. If there's anything i can do for you, please call on me. Hugs Linda xx
A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. A young student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath. 'Nurse', he mumbles, from behind the mask. 'Are my testicles black?' Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, 'I don't know, Sir, I'm only here to wash your upper body and feet.' He struggles to ask again, 'Nurse, please check. Are my testicles black?' Concerned that he may elevate his blood pressure and heart rate from worry about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his manhood in one hand and his testicles in the other. Then, she takes a close look and says, 'There's nothing wrong with them, Sir!' The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and says very slowly, 'Thank you very much. That was wonderful, but listen very, very closely.. A r e - m y - t e s t - r e s u l t s - b a c k'?
What The Hell Is This Fu-marriage/fu-boyfriend, Grilfriend Thing?
I keep seeing these things all over this site....and I am frankly confused by the whole thing. What does it entail? How the hell does it happen? WHY does it happen? And why the hell doesn't anyone want to be Any answers would be appreciated...even smartass ones.
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Ok, now I come to some serious questions...things I have been thinking about a lot lately. I think before I go too much further I need to give a little background into why I am going to ask the questions I am going to ask. Ok, I moved back to Pennsylvania about a year ago because my parents moved out here and I wanted to come home (I am from here originally). I went about all the things that I neee to do to get this accomplished and at the end of October made my move. As soon as I got back out here things started to go bad...I am not going to put everything, just the more important ones. I didn't start my new job until a month after I was told I was going to, which just about crushed me financially. Once I DID start working I found out I wa in a job that paid considerably less than what I made before...I knew that going in, but there were bonuses that were supposed to balance that out for me. Now 7 months in to working at this job....I have seen no bonuses which has also hindered me
Tic Tac Toe
Haiku Poetry Trying Again
soon i am gone bye this by my own hand you think it is i think not soon it is all right i'm ready to go right now you see it is i think so soon i am gone bye give me the green light right now it is i think not soon it is all right no more two face lovers you see it is i think so soon i am gone bye easy come easy go i can see it is i think not haiku is style of poems consisting 3 lines with syllable count of 5-7-5 haiku in japanese has be easier cause each Hiragana is one syllable
I have power now!... i didn't for a while... its nasty outside.. lots of flooding and lots of power outages.. i live by a fire station so i got power quickly
Precious Photos
I want to thank everyone who has viewed my photos. Please continue to do so. I will upload more as I find them. My husband and I have been married for 33years. And I have loved this man for longer than that.But this is probably our last year together.He is dying of cancer. I don't know if he will live to see Christmas. I feel so helpless knowing we have done all we could for him. Renewing our vows was the only present for our anniversary I could give him, that I knew he would love. I am glad I put these photos here, where they can be wiewed and appreciated. He is so precious to me, and it breaks my heart knowing that one day I will have to say good bye. And these precious photos will serve to keep our love fresh in my heart.
Caa For Texas
Calling all angels please help us to send thoughts' and prayers to all our Texas friends in need. And may God help them to recover quickly and to recieve what is needed to get back to normal. Sunshine and Mare
Bottoms up! all started cause i asked if he was racist or against freedom of religion... after he posted a picture in a mumm ------------------------- aww... man i thought you were gonna be fun.. you have a nice day :D === 'J Kevin L' wrote the following at '2008-09-13 17:46:16'.. > > Whatever. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. > Have a great day..... > === 'Miss Vanima' wrote the following at '2008-09-13 17:43:45'.. > > > > i never said he was or wasn't... > > > > but that picture states > > either > > A) you are racist because it is traditional garb > > B) stupid and against freedom of religion because you think it is muslim... > > > > I never said if i agree or disagree with him.. so don't make YOUR assumptions > > > > === 'J Kevin L' wrote the following at '2008-09-13 17:41:06'.. > > > > > > So you think Im a racist or anti muslim huh. Thats a very stupid thing to assume. Do some research on your beloved Mr. Obama. He is not qua
Hurricane Ike Update
Just wanted to let Ms ohlala, Ms. Purty and all my other fabulous fu family i'm ok. Lost power round 11pm Friday night..cables out...i'm staying with a friend who has a's running the ice box window unit a/c and other appliances.lots of wind damage here. my house is ok. few towns south of me weren't so lucky. a couple were totally flooded by the storm surge...we had a lot of wind and rain..said the power outage was worse than Hurricane Rita...Verizon has been out all day so can't call anyone right now..soon as it's on i'll text those whose numbers i have. Galveston which is 60 miles from me was hit pretty much of the beach in this part of texas. some areas may be without power for a month...we have plenty of alcohol....lots of food i just wanted to let everyone know what was happening and i'm doing keep on keeping on....huggss and kisses and when i get full internet from Verizon i'll be back till than mwuahhhhhhhhhhh
Stop Whining
This is primarily for my new accepted friends. Look I appreciate your rating me and such, put dont get all pissy if I dont rate you back, I understand most of yall are new and think its rate for rate, but lemme tell ya, Im not a point whore so i hardly ever rate back, sorry if ya dont like it but thats me, dont like it, delete me. ~XOXO~ Lexi♥
Blog Away....
I think at somepoint this week i figured out fact from fiction....sad but true...can i state i effin love my C.N.H.F family and altho i havent given you most time ima bout too...I had to look inside me and see whats best for dee. what makes me smile what makes me tick...I gotta get shit together for me this babygirl needs better..deserves more, needs to love thyself above all others...i sit here and cry that twisted godess has always gave good advice she altho is my age is like my big sister motherly figure...knows whats best for me...this is mearly a websight it isnt r/l she tells me over and over...Miss your right..I may dedicate my strength that i have left to you...ty twisted lemme let you know about me I do cry I do laugh sometimes the two melt together i fuck up shit. break shit, swear, loss my temper, make mistakes, have good days, and bad ones... i live to breath and breath to live sometimes that is about all each day i make friends to have friends i keep them and if i ma
auction ends tomorrow!!! anyone else interested?!? also added 1 graphic done by my favorite artist and if anyone else bids higher than what it is they will get a cleavage salute!
Birth Day Gifts Please
I have met some very nice people here and I try to help out as many people as I can with points...leveling...rating and such. Well anyway, my birthday is Sept 22. I am looking for friends I have helped and some I have really gotten to know well to make and send me any type of gift picture I can add to an album here. Even if I don't really know you and you just wanna be nice....LOL. It doesn't have to take you hours or anything like that...but I would appreciate something a little more special then just a generic copy and paste b-day comment. So please let me know if you would like to make me one..and where I can get the final product..TY TO ALL MY FRIENDS OR ANYONE WHO OFFERS
Soo... This is a blatant promo of a site that I've created. If you think that humans are nothing but pointlelss roaches on an ugly face of humanity, feel free to drop me your email so I can invite you to, or my page for all things misanthropic under the sun. I don't feel like I associate myself with enough rage laced people, so all of us can have our own spot to bitch. Buh byes.
Chiefs Message
Dear Members, Today's Message is about the Ogala Lakota Indians and there struggle in life back in time. In it is some of there history. Battle of Wounded Knee The Wounded Knee Massacre, also known as The Battle at Wounded Knee Creek, was the last major armed conflict between the Oglala Lakota and the United States, subsequently described as a "massacre" by General Nelson A. Miles in a letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. On December 29, 1890, 500 troops of the U.S. 7th Cavalry, supported by four Hotchkiss guns (a lightweight artillery piece designed for travel with cavalry and used as a replacement for the aging twelve pound mountain howitzer), surrounded an encampment of Miniconjou Sioux (Lakota) and Hunkpapa Sioux (Lakota) with orders to escort them to the railroad for transport to Omaha, Nebraska. One day prior, the Sioux had given up their protracted flight from the troops, and willingly agreed to turn themselves in at the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota.
so...i can't fuggin sleep. the phone wont quit ringing. my dogs wont calm down. usually they sleep all day with me. my cats were all crying...ugh and now my landlord is coming over! and i have to work til 8am!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! someone sing to me so i can fall asleep :P
Inner Spirit
What's your inner spirit?WolfYou are faithful and cautious. You tend to run with a group of others and like to have others around you. You are brave and also gentle.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
I Wouldn't Try This If I Were You!
Apparently my dad was in line for trains or he's just so addicted to McDonalds! In a hurry to get McDonald's he drives right through this intersection at Warren Woods and Pardee Roads in Berrien County, Galien, Michigan. He drove straight through on Pardee Rd going North. You could turn and go Left as that the higher corner. The water was over the top of his car! He drives a 1996 Chevy Caprice which is a good size car! He's just damn lucky the car didn't stall which surprised me! We just hope he's learned his lesson. He didn't think the water was that deep. That just goes to show you all don't think or judge how deep water is over a road way. It only takes a few inches of rapidly moving water to cause your vehicle to float/drift away with the current. So please use caution when driving through water there may even be a big wash out that you can't see. If I can't see the center yellow line I don't go through and if it's going over a bridge or nearby a creek
Let Me Introduce You To...
My newest owner! This is Pedro El Loco. He was kind enough to sneak in a last minute bid and own my ass. Show him lots and lots of love! Pedro El Loco@ fubar P.S: This song rocks. Slave Girl (Album Version) - J. Jakimszyn
Mum Amputation
Today tues 16th, I may not be around we have just been informed that mum is going for further amputation on her leg since the infections not been healed after last amputation,, they are now going amputate to mid thigh and with mums state of health its only a 40% chance her pulling through.. the outcome of operation depends if im on later or taking few days off ,, tc love n respects Claymore aka GYPSY Update 17th,,,, mum didnt get op yesteday due to falling + rising blood sugar levels, so we are expecting it happen later today, so another frettfull day coming up ... Updated 17th 23.20pm BST... mum got further amputation ( its now about 5" above knee) she pulled through afer small hiccup and waiting near 5 hrs for blood sugar levels and insuline hypo to subside, then a further near 2hrs in prep and the op took just over 1.5 hrs. shes doing well and its now hopefully just a case of recovery and healing,,thanks all whom showed / sent love for her mosy obliged ..
Just Something I Wrote....
Be a heart breaker if you must instead of this ghost Ever have I adored you, to which my friends will toast Loved the time and reminisce of us together Or do you abhor them and wish them gone forever? Vanish if you must because I'm listening to the thunder Eternally though I'll know I did right, because that would cure my wonder Disappear or be my divine, but I need to know which thoughts will go asunder We have come so far, even though we are apart Could you still, or did history change a heart? Love me as you did when we fought the morning light Again we could lift each other, and promise every day and night... There is a message you see it? I bet few will....if any.
Toxic People Need To Go.
What's up with all the moody, bipolar bitches lately? When I say "bitches", I mean more than just females. Women AND Men as of late have been showing me their unstable grey matter. Everywhere I minute they're happy, next minute, I can't say ANYTHING right. Mean, short tempered, condescending, belittling then "Oh hey!" La La La like nothing fucking happened. I have my moods too but there's always a justifiable reason as to why mine change. Not just because the wind switched direction, FFS. Plus, I really try to stay away from people when I'm in one of my moods. I think the rest of you should follow suit. I'm usually a happy go lucky type. Usually. Been a little more difficult lately. Some know why, some don't. But I'm trying! So when you see me skippin along with a smile on my face, DON'T piss on my parade cuz I'll knock your teef out. Better yet, just keep your negative, soul sucking vibe away from me. Just sayin' :D So, lets review: 1. If you're in a bitchy m
Obama..just Unlike Us
As we near closer and closer to the election we as people of the United States have a duty, and that duty has become increasingly clear, that we must, without a doubt, elect John McCain and Sarah Palin as president and vice president of the United States of America. This duty of ours becomes more and more clear based on simple facts about the candidates, and these facts in the mind of any right thinking individual are undeniable and unarguable. As we move forward we learn that Obama has taken life guidance and friendship in a man who is known nationwide as a domestic terrorist, William Aires who bombed a police station and our Pentagon in the 1960's. He still to this day claims "He doesn't apologize and only regrets they didn't do more". So I am sorry but for you Obama voters, you sincerely need guidance, especially after reading this, and seeing the Church and the preacher he saw as his mentor for some twenty or more years. His preacher Rev. Jerimiah Wright tells Obama a
Obituary For Raymond Miller Sr.
Raymond Ernest Miller, Sr. (June 8, 1918 - September 15, 2008) Sign Guest Book CAMBRIDGE- Raymond Ernest Miller, Sr., 90, passed away very peacefully on Monday, Sept. 15th, at Mayo Regional Hospital, with his family at his side. He was born on June 8th, 1918 in Easton, Connecticut. He was predeceased by his wife, Eva Miller on May 12, 2006 and infant daughter, Sandra. He will be sadly missed by 2 sons; Raymond Jr. and wife, Karen; Arnold, and wife, Sherrie of Dexter; 3 daughters, Gale and husband George, Janet and husband Ricki of Cambridge, Darlene and husband Gene of Dexter; 18 grandchildren; 31 great grand children; 1 great great grandson; several nieces and nephews. Family and Friends are invited to a celebration of his life on Friday Sept. 19th from 6 to 8 PM, at Crosby & Neal, 61 Main St., in Dexter. Graveside services will be held on Sunday Sept 21, at 12 PM at Huntingtown Cemetery in Huntingtown, Connecticut, where he will be laid to rest with his wife Eva. I
Still Kicking
Well Ike came and went...kicked us around pretty good..but just like Hurricane Rita we came back...i miss my fu-babies ohlala purty Wickey bunnie sweetnspice my future fu wifey..sarah..momma..honey.Lizzy.southern belle ..DooDoo head sweetcherry...420gurlie...white crayon..cutie momma..Sweetness..Chevygal24..sister mable..cubbie internet goes off and i get online when i can phone signal goes out alot i text those who i can to keep in touch letting them know what's happening oh yeah MRE's suck and plenty of picture's of the damage some with bunny too...for those of you who asked bunny's fine lol
Nutty Pasta
I made this last night, it's teh nummers. 1 lb. bowtie pasta spinach goat cheese chopped, toasted walnuts 1 - 2 tbs. sesame oil salt n' pepa Cook pasta + mix with everything else = yum!
She Is A Rockstar...
I read where they will be doing away with large stashes...So..I've decided to put some of the things that I don't want to lose in a specific blog folder...The new stash will probably hold up to 25 items... I can't lose this one of my daughter messing around...And thinking nobody would see....LOL
Halloween Auction !!!
WELCOME TO THE SPOOKIEST AUCTION ON THE FU!!! It's time to have some freaky fun and Damien Darke and Passion are the ones to bring it to you by hosting this chilling Halloween auction. Are you searching for your owner from beyond? Get all "ghouled" up and make your offers SPOOKTACULAR...who knows who'll "dig" you...!!! **Auction guidelines are as follows** * You MUST have at least 1
60 Days
Well, it happened. We finally got an eviction notice. Apparently you can't have loud parties living next to a deaf man. It's not technically an eviction, but near enough to. They are terminating our lease agreement, and asking us politely to move so they don't have to evict us. So, at least I won't have an eviction on my rental notice. But now I have 60 days to get a job that will cover rent, that's something I don't need hanging over my head. I'm tired of all the stress, tired of the restless nights. I'm just...tired. Right now I'm looking at between $500 and $800 a, good luck to me?
This Week's A Hole Of The Week
What is about me that attracts these 24 year old ASS HOLES. Here is the latest as of 4 PM (pacific time) on Sept. 17, 2008. As usual read it from the bottom up ... when he finished he put me on block. And he called me rude!!! bigruss: i dont have to to hear your shit see ya ->bigruss: I get asked 100s of times a day by guys "do you like younger guys?" .... what kind of a question is that? ->bigruss: not being rude... bigruss: no need to be rude bigruss: i read it 5 mins ago thank you very much ->bigruss: I can tell from the long pause that you did not read the FAQ list and you are desperately reading it now ->bigruss: did you read my FAQ list? bigruss: just did sorry but i rated you tho ->bigruss: have you read my profile? bigruss: u like younger guys start here ^^^^^^^^^^^ and read up So .... if you see BIGRUSS anywhere in Furbar tell him hello for me and he and others his age are not doing well with impressing me as gentlemen that they could be.
I Am What I Am Train! (36 Riders Room For More)
popeye da sailor man - popeye I AM WHAT I AM! To join this train all you need to do is F/R/A (that's Fan/Rate/Add) EVERYONE on the train Please be sure to put something in the friend request like "I AM WHAT I AM!", or "I LOVE ME SPINACH!" Well you get the idea! If you already have them on your list be sure to re-rate them if you can and leave a profile comment on their page saying you are "I AM WHAT I AM!" or something of the sorts! You must F/R/A everyone on this train! Also everyone that joins after you as well! Or you may be removed from the train! Official Hundred "I AM WHAT I AM" Tag If you would like an official tag for the train please rate the
Idk W/ Some People
so..on a side note. i ran away cause the aprenticship fell flat on its face. if i want that gig id have to wait...another 6 months witch i ain't doing. so idk how i did it but i got my old job back welding after i screwed it up by showing up to work drunk all the time. SO ANYWYAS I GOTTA STORY TO TELL! somewhat said but totally true! the short of it is back in high school some 9 yrs ago an old friend of mine was with some real hot chick who was bi, then he cheats on her and gets my other somewhat of a friend pregnant (the girl i ran into) after i told his ass to use protection! dood is irresponsible because he dosen't have a care in the world cause his dad cleans his mess up! so you would figure that he would man up and take care of his kid right?......OF COURSE NOT!!! well he did for a while but then he started using her for sex and what not. he would get another girl, and when that other girl wouldn't put out, he would go back to his baby mamma for ass. and the broad was dumb enou
Am I Bish Enough For You?
Wanna Bish? I'm in the "Be a Bish" Auction! Click the rules or my pic to bid! Auction ends on Monday!
Heading To Georgia .
Jfubar family, I'm leaving today for Georgia. Just want to let you all know, so you don't think I'm ignoring you . Thank you all for being True and accepting me. 14/88.
Shoots And Costumes
Hello, I'm just a bit sniffly now...took a bit of shaking though that cold. This blog entry is sponsored by Sudafed! Dunno whether you remember that I was considering a photo shoot by a guy who's something of an amateur photographer and flattered me into submission. Jon came along too to make sure everything was above board and I was really pleased with the result. I'll show you a few of the pics down below. They're glamour in nature but I don't think seedy - quite tasteful and nice. Even my mum couldn't be *too* mad about them! Provided my recovery continues sufficiently I'll be off to a fancy dress party tomorrow night. The theme? Fairy tales!! I've already got the costumes as Little Red Riding Hood and Jon as the Big Bad Wolf! Provided I go, I'll do some pics of that too and put them on here at some point...they'll be really funny! I hope you're all well anyway, thanks for reading and speak soon... Vikki xxx
Poetry (mine)
the years have come upon me a sudden glance upon my life. do I allow for any confessions to lift my soul again. telling you for hours how sweet to hear your voice. fear is not an emotion that entered me as we shared such thoughts.... to be in one another's arms. raindrops awake.... how long has it been? how much longer will it be? when does the rain falling cease kiss me softly. listen...... to the fog ( such a soft light sound) lifting my soul mended heart to a place of illusions... dream of you awake.... i wait illusions of fate.
I have recently had a certain group of females attackin my page.. I block them and they send others -- they recently marked a large amount of my pics NSFW.. Could this be a jealousy issue or just stupidity? Either its high school teeny bop drama and is just petty.. So to u (YES IM SAYIN IT) JEALOUS PETTY WANNA BE ME females that think ur COOL by flaggin my photos and then blockin me. Ty for lettin me know that Im the center of your attention enuff that you take time out of your life to tho not rate but flag my photos face it YOU CANT BE UNTAMABLE ----YOU CANT BE ME:) so go get a life beter yet jump off a bridge..and for those that are joinin their little childish clan -- I thank you for the attention now.. and you can also BITE ME, and join them on that leap --the difference between me and you GIRLS is I dont care enuff to be there to wave at you on your way over the ledge. Now carry on in making me FAMOUS YOU LOSER HATERZ--- I disrespect no one and am nic
Lifelong Journey
Lifelong Journey I walk the broken bottles on bare feet, The throbbing splinters of shin by my belt are bound, Through some stinking urban alley to a narrow street, They pierce shattered, swollen ankles with a wrenching sound. Knees carved with crushing pressure clawed at bone beneath Snapped sinews held by muscle rigor made the pieces meet And hips too huge to carry tore at large grinding joints Where blood from fleshy tears mixed with bilious leaks. What would have been vomit on a better day Gave a pungent scent to bits of bowel exposed. From gut to tortured spine broken ribs ripped their track The lurching sway shooting pain like lightning down my back. In a laboring heart, burdened rythmns searing oozing wounds squeezed Fluids through the bleary eyes in a gelatin that once was face To the chest where burning lungs in squeaking gasps wheezed Through broken nasal cartilage where humours trickled at a steady pace. Broken shards of tooth sliced through tumescent ri
Kiss With A Fist
Kiss With a Fist - Florence and the Machine You hit me once I hit you back You gave a kick I gave a slap You smashed a plate over my head Then I set fire to our bed You hit me once I hit you back You gave a kick I gave a slap You smashed a plate over my head Then I set fire to our bed My black eye casts no shadow Your red eye sees nothing your slap don't stick Your kicks don't hit So we remain the same love sticks sweat drips break the lock if it don't fit A kick to the teeth is good for some A kiss with a fist is better then none A kiss with a fist is better then none I broke your jaw once before I spilled your blood upon the floor You broke my leg in return so sit back and watch the bed burn love sticks sweat drips break the lock if it don't fit A kick to the teeth is good for some A kiss with a fist is better then none A kiss with a fist is better then none You hit me once I hit you back You gave a kick I gave a slap You smashe
subject: BEWBS received: 09/19/2008 10:45 am replied: no block this member Flag as spam LOVE TO KNOW WHAT TO DO TO SEE THIS FOLDER What should I tell him????? sorry, bored as fvck Besos
What Pasta Dish Are You?
You Are Spaghetti with Pesto Compared to most people, you have complex tastes. You're a bit of a walking contradiction. You like a little bit of everything, even if the things you like don't go together. You aren't picky at all. You can find something to like about almost anything. You don't judge on appearances alone. You like to experience something before you judge it. What Pasta Dish Are You?
look at this jackass that decided to request me! what a prick (ps... i loves muh drill)
This was written by a very good friend of mine. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!! xoxo DeDe To My Children's Father: I'm writing this letter so that you understand the importance of being a father. I may have carried our children under my heart for 9 months but you are the man that our son is going to want to emulate and the man that our daughter is going to want to marry someone like. Your "job" as a parent is important enough so that I felt it was necessary to write this. I gave birth to them, until they are walking without a wobble and talking clearly if I say that something is "too dangerous" to do with them my "vote" counts for more than yours does. I'm sorry that it has to be this way but remember that there will be times when your "vote" is worth more than mine as well so in the end it will balance out. Don't yell at me if I tell one of our mothers that she isn't seeing our children without our supervision after she decides that it might be a "good idea" t
Dod For Saturday Mikey
mikey owner of nothing and nobody( member of Rating Revolution)@ fubar
Final Inspection Of A Soldier...
THE FINAL INSPECTION OF A SOLDIER The Soldier stood and faced God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now brave Soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? Or to My Church, have you been true?" The soldier squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't. Because those of us who carry guns, Can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my talk was tough. And sometimes I've been violent, Cause the world I've tried to protect, is awfully rough. But, I never took a penny dear Lord, That wasn't mine to keep... Though I worked a lot of overtime, When the bills just got too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fears. And sometimes, God, forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place, Among the people here. Noones ever wanted me around, Except to cal
Dallas Cowboy Fans Only!
36k To Level A Family Member...lots To Rate!!
skittles~fu-angel~*rating revolution*@ fubar
Is This The End?
Is this the end of everything? There's a whole progression Making promises I can't keep Do I show,I'm empty Should I beg for your mercy? Do you know, I'm glad to be There's a whole progression Do you hear me when I weep? Cause I search for peace If I should die within my sleep So you know, hold me Is this the end of everything? Nothing but you can taste so sweet Do I go, are you with me? Cause you know I'm in too deep Cause you know, lonely Is this the end? Is this the end of everything?
Show Jeannie Mad Love Dont Let Her Go
Miss Jeannie This wonderful woman has been here for me and many of others and has a big heart.She leaving without knowing how much she means to people on here Please if you can take a min and send her a gift and let her know how much she loved and will be missed if she left. Jeannie's page@ fubar Jeannie Your family Loves you very much and you would be missed so much if you left.Ang..Your best friend wanted me to make sure to tell you she Loves you! as of the rest of us!! Mwah babycakes
This Person Steals Pics
alien fu(k@ fubar she stole a pic from a good freind just me ♥J_M ♥Member : Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club*Fu Owned by PackerBacker*@ fubar so please dont let ppl steal others pics
Cause I Promised....
So, I know I promised this for two days, but wanted to sit back before I did this again like I do, thus giving those people the benefit of a doubt. Nahhhhh I gave them too much of my time so as a great person here is a list of the newest non-raters...yes some threatened me with bodily harm whether of their own admission or that of their Yes, it reminds me of the days of CB radios and how the threats come but ohhhh fucking Here are the cool cats out there that dont rate back, but I tell ya how much I gave too... 278 Rated 260 Rated 223 Rated 399 Rated 696 Rated 804 Rated 247 Rated 377 Rated 245 Rated 109 Rated http://fu
Couple Of Our Own Till I Find Someone
smoken joe needs 2 k SMOKEN_JOE_57Rateing Revolution -Head Enforcer at Legendes Saloon@ fubar and dj dirty 4 k DJ Dirty Wrecker~RR~@ fubar
Get Involved
We all need to get involved to put an end to child abuse
6k To Level
Self Pity
Lonely is this place I have built Completely entangled inside my quilt Pushing out the laughter I so enjoy Embracing the sorrows I now employ Remaining still while time moves on Dredging up memories very long gone Keeping me safe from anything new Trapping me here away from you A trick I had learned early in life With a mind as sharp as a knife Hiding here now I am once again As I withdraw a paper and pen Thoughts tumble to paper with ink Selfish tears I shed with a blink Pitying myself I will not rest But you see, at this I am the best I see myself as I was once before When shall I learn to do this no more?
Hi! I'm in another contest to win a month VIP! I need 7000 comments & there is no time limit! Would you please drop by & leave a few comments please? TY all! Just click the pic below! Thanks to all who helped me achieve my goal on the contest! Eagerly looking forward to my VIP!
~hold On To My Heart~
~Hold On To My Heart~ There's a flame, flame in my heart And there's no rain, can put it out And there's a flame, it's burning in my heart And there's no rain, ooh can put it out So just hold me, hold me, hold me Take away the pain, inside my soul And I'm afraid, so all alone Take away the pain, that's burning in my soul Cause I'm afraid that I'll be all alone So just hold me, hold me, hold me Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me And oh no, don't let me go cause all I am You hold in your hands, and hold me And I'll make it through the night And I'll be alright, hold on, hold on to my heart Peace.
Just One Rate Plz
i just ask yu one rate for a good friend of mine tyvm 2 all helpers
The Queen of Black Metal is on Air.. DJ Spooky De.Monde is killin it only @ CWP!!!!! Come join Our dysFUNctional family!! (click here to enter)
I Am
TIRED.. blah
Another Fake
Once Again A Fake Thinks They Can Steal A Pic From One Of Sarge's Bad Girls And Get Away With It..Let's Show Fakes What We Think Of Them This Is A Bully From BEG.. Brown Eyed Girl Well Fu Friends... I once again need your help to get rid of a faker using my photo... Please give them the what for and help me. I hate to ask again, but I also hate people stealing my pic!! Click the pic... Peace and Love, BEG iamnaughty
Could You Have It
Is also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome or Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD). Affects an estimated 6-10% of all women and most don't even know they have it. Is treatable, but not curable, by medications, changes in diet and exercise. Is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Has been identified for 75 years and they still aren't sure what causes it. Affects far more than just reproduction. IT IS NOT just a cosmetic problem. Can include the following symptoms: Irregular or absent menses Numerous cysts on the ovaries in many, but not all, cases High blood pressure Acne Elevated insulin levels, Insulin Resistance, or Diabetes Infertility Excess hair on the face and body Thinning of the scalp hair (alopecia) Weight Problems or obesity that is centered around your mid section What a Polycystic Ovary looks like: The many cysts in a polycystic ovary are follicles that have matured but, due to abnormal hormone levels, were never released. In a norm
Ummm... Yea
i'm havin serious issues w/ the guy i love. i dont ever wanna hurt him but he's pushin me in that direction. i've tried tellin him what's wrong so we can work on fixin it but he's makin no effort at all to do so. i cry and hurt b/c he wont listen, b/c he wont help. i love him, but he loves fubar more. he just cant see it. i see it clearly and it hurts me so much. all i want from a guy is to be loved and treated as his #1. right now i feel like his #2. baby if u read this i dont want to hurt u but if this isnt fixed i'm gonna have to b/c i'm tired of hurting so damn much. i love u and i always will. i've treated u the best i can and more while u dont do the same. plz if u read this hunny either fix it (and that doesnt include deletein ur account i would never ask that) or we'll both be hurting for a long time. i'm sry it sounds so cruel but it has to be said. i love u always!
What Kind Of Bra Are You?
You Are a Lace Bra! Dreamy, romantic, and ultra-feminine You're a womanly woman who makes guys feel like men Your perfect guy is strong, determined, and handsome With a softer side that only you can draw out What Kind of Bra Are You?
What Is It?
It is the one gift you want to give, and truly hope you get one in return. You can hurt it but you can not touch it. It can be very strong, and in the same token can be so very fragile. It can be warm, but in return can be very cold. It is not a container but it is best when it is full. We all have it but few of us truly use it. Do you know what it is?
Leavin Fubar For Awile
Not sure when i'll be back im movin into a new appartment Show me Love While im gone XoXo!
Arroz Con Pollo
Submitted by the sexiful Bibli who molesters me in my dreams. This is how my mom and I make Arroz con Pollo. I don't have exact measurements. You need: 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1/2 onion 1 cup rice 1 small can of tomato sauce 1 can of chicken broth Boil the chicken until there's it's no longer pink inside. Shred the chicken into bite-sized pieces and put it aside. You can cut the onion any way you want. I used to be picky and not want to eat onions so my mom would leave them in big pieces that could easily be scooped out because the most important thing was the flavor. Now that I'm over the picky stage, I dice the onion and leave it in. It's important to have all the ingredients ready before you start cooking because once you start, it all goes pretty fast and if you stop to open a can or measure out rice, the things inside the pan are going to burn. Cover the bottom of a medium-sized pot with oil. Turn a flame on high. When the oil is hot, throw in
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Dave@ fubar
Surviving Ike
HURRICANE IKE DIARY AN INSIDERS PERSPECTIVE Thursday, September 11, 2008 3:30 PM City sent us home and closed City Hall. Got home and saw roomies off. I stayed on the computer talking to my friends on Fubar until about 2 AM. Friday, September 12, 2008 4:30 PM I lost power. It came on for about 15 minutes, just enough to reboot computer and Cable, just as I was getting ready to make coffee it went off for good. Went out back and heard the popping of the transformer. What really sucks is that I can see lights in the subdivision across the drainage ditch behind still has power and I can see the glow of street lamps, it just killed my subdivision. My daughter had called right after that said it looked pretty bad. 7:30 PM Daughter called again no change so far and they say it is flooding Galveston. Passed news on to ex-father-in-law and his girlfriend of what was going on; they said they would be going over a friends house to stay. 9:30 PM Daughter called back, Fo
Can Ou Please Help My Friend ;)
Please come help my friend win a HH Rate and comments would be awesome :) Thank you
Rip Whitney
This is not fucking fair! Whitney was such a great friend to me, an awesome listener and one of the few people I would open up to. Liam needs his mom, and I feel so terrible right now. I can barely see, crying too hard. She was so sweet, kind, honest, respectful, loving and caring. It sucks, it really does. I've never been close to anyone that has passed on... but this hits hard. This is... just whoa... fucked up... my thoughts and prayers go out to her mom, Shawn and those two wonderful little boys, Liam and Jonathan. RIP Whitney! I'll always love and miss you!
Im That Girl
To My #1 Girl!!!
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This Is Why I Hate People
lol ok so i got my first rating of one and a comment saying my face was ugly lol now this amazes me not that someone would think i am ugly but that you would be childish enough to rate me a one and say i am ugly then block me i mean can you be anymore of a child not to mention you leave a comment like that and are afraid i will do the same and hurt your rating on here cause god forbid you should get a negative rating that might ruin the fact that all the guys have to chase you and want you lol you know the fact of the matter is i wouldnt have rated you anything less than a ten and i wouldnt leave you a comment like that but then again i am much better person than you of course your entitled to your opinion even if i dont agree with it but my main problem is that you cant take what you give and that pisses me off but life isnt about being happy all the time so in closing if you wanna rate me a one go for it you can say all the negative things you want it wont bother me cause i need to h
What Is It #2
This is a gift, it is probably given more than any gift all the world over. This gift often times causes far more pain than happiness. This gift can not be seen, or touched. This gift is also probably the only gift you truly hope that the person who gives it to you keeps it. What is it?
To My Someone Special...
It is absolutely wonderful to have someone in your life who is caring and giving and gracious-someone whose smiles are like sunshine and laughter and whose words always seem to say the things you most like to hear... because those magical people are really beautiful... inside. And it is a special privilege to know someone whose outward appearance is a delight just to see - someone who lights up a room with radiance and who lights up my little corner of the world with a loveliness it has never known before...because special people like that are really beautiful...outside...But most of all, it is one of the world's most special blessings to have a person in your life who can add so much pleasure and such magnificence to the days - as you have to mine... because you're someone who is beautiful... all over...
~ Addicted ~
I Friggin Love this Awesome Song....peace. Addicted (unedited) I'm so addicted to All the things you do When you're going down on me In between the sheets All the sounds you make With every breath you take It's unlike anything When you're loving me Oh girl lets take it slow So as for you well you know where to go I want to take my love And hate you till the end It's not like you to turn away From all the bullshit I can't take It's not like me to walk away I'm so addicted too all the things You do when you're going down on me In between the sheets All the sounds you make With every breath you take It's unlike anything When you're loving me Yeah I know when it's getting rough All the times we spend Trying to make This love something better than Just making up again It's not like you to turn away All the bullshit I can't take Just when I think I can walk away, I'm so addicted to all the things You do when you're going on me In
Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette, inherit the family ranch. Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in financial trouble. In order to keep the bank from repossessing the ranch, they need to purchase a bull from the stockyard in Ft Worth so that they can breed their own stock. They only have $600 left. Upon leaving, the brunette tells her sister, 'When I get there, if I decide to buy the bull, I'll contact you to drive out after me and haul it home.' The brunette arrives at the stockyard, inspects the bull, and decides she wants to buy it. The man tells her that he will sell it for $599, no less. After paying him, she drives to the nearest town to send her sister a telegram to tell her the news. She walks into the telegraph office, and says, 'I want to send a telegram to my sister telling her that I've bought a bull for our ranch. I need her to hitch the trailer to our pickup truck and drive out here so we can haul it home.' The telegraph operator explains that he'l
A letter shared from my mother-in-law to a friend: I am in mourning. I won't wear black on the outside but I am wearing it around my heart on the inside. I have been aware for so many years that our beloved America has been changing - some would say declining - for a long long time. But last week's financial crisis is like pulling the final black veil over one's face and placing America's coffin in the ground for burial... The dream that created the awesome reality we experienced mid-century is no more...the ways that we had lived apart from the rest of the world - raising levels of excellence,innovation, prosperity and high moral behavior i no more - for our uniqueness has been compromised by those who used it for short term gain. My life's work has basically been to shift the tide that we all felt was rising around our ankles long ago and now which envelopes us up to our waist! Starting the school in the 60's, counseling people to have the courage to be who they are an
Life's Not Fair
It's time to allow emotional wounds to heal, to let go of excuses and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It's time to get rid the victim mentality. No body ever promised us that life would be fair. Frankly it can suck at times and incredibly difficult just to make it through the day. Quit comparing your life to someone else's, and quit dwelling on what could of been, should of been, or might have been. How do you really know what is going on in that other person's life or in there thoughts. Life is difficult for everyone, and that my friends is a fact! Quit asking questions such as, "Why this?" or Why that?" or "Why me?" Don't even ask. With so many questions we have there simply are no answers to! We all live in a society that loves to make excuses, one that is heard over and over again is "It's not my fault." The truth is, if we are bitter and angry, it's because we are allowing ourselves to remain that way. We've all had bad things happen to us throughout our lives. If you look ha
I have been making jewelry for many years now, mostly as a hobby. I give it as gifts to friends/family, people I know. I do sell it mostly by word of mouth. I enjoy making jewelry it's somewhat relaxing. seeing the finished product is great. I make mostly beaded stuff, I do work with wire and chain, hemp, semi precious stones, and any other items I find that can be made into jewelry. I prefer to make custom pieces to stuff like something I have already made. I find them more personal. Lately I have been having some motivation problems making my jewelry does anyone have any suggestions that might help me get back on track? I would really appreciate it, thank you.
Bailout Aig
I'm against the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG. Instead, I'm in favor of giving $85,000,000,000 to America in a We Deserve It Dividend. To make the math simple, let's assume there are 200,000,000 bonafide U.S. Citizens 18+. Our population is about 301,000,000 counting every man, woman and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up.. So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals $425,000.00. My plan is to give $425,000 to every person 18+ as a We Deserve It Dividend. Of course, it would NOT be tax free. So let's assume a tax rate of 30%. Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes. That sends $25,500,000,000 right back to Uncle Sam. But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket. A husband and wife has $595,000.00. What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595,000.00 in your family? Pay off your mortgage housing crisis solved. Repay college loans what a great boost to new gra
Ain't That A Bitch
I've been deleted waaaa waaaa waaaa PLS rate fan add me all love returned...Spank her/his page hard they like it...Any and all love will be returned...She/He is a great person to have as a friend you won't be disappointed go hit their page hard blah blah fuckin blah... I am so fucking sick and tired of taking time away from helping my friends or on my contest for the PLEAS of someone you know asking for help with "THEIR" friend who was deleted, don't know why waaaaaaaa it's so sad breakin my fucking heart...From here on in I will not help out anyone I don't know, I'm sick of rate fan and adding certain ppl with the promise to return the love and all the fuckers do is accept your friend request...I don't need to spend an hour rating all the pics and stash of someone who more than likely fucked their own way into getting deleted for just a friend...Hell I get friend requests everyday and all they want is another person added to their list and you'll never see them again...I LOVE MY FR
My Pet Peeves.
1. People who DO NOT read my page ( or anyone's page for that matter ) I mean come on, it says about me...try reading it!! It's funny how guys will hit me up trying to flirt or whatever, not that I mind - a little flirting doesn't hurt :P ...but then they wanna come back later saying "oh you got a man?" duh dumbfuck... 2. I'm just here to cure my boredom... don't expect me to entertain you, it may or may not happen! and guys, keep it in your pants unless otherwise instructed lol... THANK YOU! 3. Harassing someone about their private photos..If I want you to see, don't you think you would be on the list already?? (SCENARIO) "random screen name" checks me out, rates my pictures,fans me and all that good stuff..I return the favor, everything is cool..then they go and fuck it up.."can I see your private pics?" which 90% of the time the answer is not no, but HELL NO! But I guess no means keep asking over and over and then get pissed off when you dont get added, cuz that is
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Don't be an Asshat!@ fubar
A Letter To My Family
I am sorry that Rebecca and I could not make it this week. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to attend the services. This was a passing that was the closest I have ever had to deal with. Aunt Fran was my favorite Aunt. The only way I have to morn is by writing this out. I want to share it with all of you. I love you. ~Donna As an Adult, you look back and think about the people in your life who have positively influenced you. Many people have made me who I am today. My Aunt Fran was one of those people in my life. She tragically passed suddenly, leaving many of us shocked and saddened by her departure. The only saving grace is that she did not linger. I spoke with Aunt Fran briefly on the phone 2 weeks ago. She was a little frustrated being in the Hospital, but just like she always was, very positive and cheerful. She always had a wonderful disposition. My Mother put it best when she said to me, Fran always had a way of making everyone feel special. Thi
Men Never Listen
In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said ' You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall.' He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW , WA , PP, and a red one labeled ATR Who would know if h e touched them? He couldn't resist. He pushed WW. warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside.. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom,
More Fubux For Me Godfather...gettin Close
Hey everyone! I am just over 660 K to level to Godfather. For a short time only I will pay MORE Fubux for rates....instead of the 10k or 15k I will pay......DOUBLE for rates. 100 10's =20k and 100 11's=30k. This will go on from now until midnight fubar time October 3rd. RULES 1. I have 3 folders with 100 pics each in them. Those are the only folders that will get paid for. 2. You HAVE to private message me to get paid and tell me what you rated 10's or 11's. NO SHOUT BOX MESSAGES WILL GET PAID. Here are the folders you can rate. PICS I TOOK: ANNE GEDDES: KIM ANDERSON: This is brought you by the one and only: Carebear^^Pitbull Mafia^^@ fubar
They Godmothered
9/28/08 ALL THESE PPL HELPED BECOME A GODMOTHER IN THE PAST TWO DAYS... GO SHOW THEM SOME LOVE... THANKS TO ALL OF U THAT HELPED ME BECOME A GODMOTHER TODAY. I'M STILL N SHOCK....SORRY IF I MISSED SOMEONE.... MUCH LOVE 2 ALL WHO HELPED ME... Choppie ~Spankers~@ fubar DD_Diva@ fubar RAIDERGOAT-owner@ RAIDER NATIONs- SPANKER member & Lounge Expert-OWNED by ANNA@ fubar vijayindia{{{{{[[[[MEMBER ** RATING REVOLUTION**]]]]}}}}}}}@ fubar Sexy Angel Babe@ fubar Club United Home Page See Blog To Join!!!@ fubar Anna~Shadow leveler~FU_ENGAGED to Teddy Bear Beer Hunter~fu owner of Passionman& RAIDERGOAT@ fubar JUDGE LADYBYRD02&hearts FEMALE WITH BRAINS!! READ PROFILE 1st * FU-WEDDINGS *AVAILABLE*!SHADOW LEVELERS..This Profile is for Levelers only..@ fubarsrc="" />
The Awakening
I came across this and it was inspiring to me so I thought I would share. :) A time comes in your life when you finally get it ... when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out ENOUGH!!! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on. And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. You realize it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change...or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over the next horizon. You come to terms with the fact that you are neither Prince Charming or Cinderella and that in the real world there aren't always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and that any guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with you...and in the process a sense of serenity is bor
hello... let me ask you a question, are you a good slavegirl material? that was just a question and i am not here to joke arround... when you are curious about this theme and when you are curious to behave like a slavegirl, to act like one and to be treated like a submissive by a dominant..... read my profile and my blog and when you think , that you would be an enrichment for me and my slavegirl family, adress me as sir and add me on yahoo: misterak20 or msn: and contact me there immediately, to ask for a chance to present yourself as worthy submissive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This I recieved in my friend requests first thing today All i have to say is....Are you fucking kidding me.......Its bullshit like this among other things i have deleted my profile on few occasions...Men like this need to just walk off the face of the earth never to return! The world would be a much better place!
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AzMephisto@ fubar
Leveling Help # 2
~~~Blue*Eyed*Obsession~~~Llama leveler@ fubar 3,500 to level
The Last True Romantic
so confused and im hurt and im angry...took me a lil while to realize that....but I am.....if someone doesnt want to b with you....why should they give u hope of it?....why do they make u want them till it hurts....just to say no...u cant have it the thrill of the it the warm cozy feeling that someone wants them.....cuz we all know that feels good....but doesnt the knowledge u r hurting someone who cares about u over power it? I the only true romantic out there left? ....that knows and understands all that love is and can b??? am I the only one who knows that all that matters is that feeling when u look in their eyes....or that second when they brush up against u and take your breath away....that moment they say I love you and make your soul cry out for more.....where your heart leaps just for them to say your name....the little gestures that they dont even know how much they mean......the little thoughts of them that make u smile when they are
My First
I am just sitting here....bored....without the lifeline that is my cell phone. It was disconnected last night at midnight. But I have a wonderful friend who is getting it turned back on for me in another hour or so. OMG I love him to death for that. I kept telling him that I wasn't going to let him do it because I'm the one that always helps everyone else. He wouldn't take no for an answer so here I am, accepting help from him. (And he's taking me to a Green Bay Packer game next month.....I SO CAN'T WAIT!!!)
Tuesday Dod Is Fancy Pants
FANCY PANTS *** member of rating revolution**** greeter for sinful sensations@ fubar
Bloody Freakin Blingies!!!
> Fubar knows drama, huh? well, forget the boring honeybabysugarblah / he-likes-she-likes-he-likes crap. let's see some REAL Halloween drama -- murder, mayhem, and bloody boobs! mel-l-co0l-j (click me, dahling. i like it like that.) and PERRRTYpiercedpooter (... click HER harder. she can take it.) want shiny, bloody, glistening Bloody Knife Bling goodness! IT MUST COME TO PASS! pass this bully along if you agree. ♥ (click either one of our pics to visit our spoooooooooooooooooooky pages. RAWR!)
Rate For Fu Bux $$$$ ( Open )
heres the deal rate 100 photos during HAPPY HOUR and get 10k for 100 10s and 20k for 100 11s below are two folders u can earn them with RAIDER NATION and NUMBERS click below to begin earning your FU BUX !!!!! MESSAGE ME WHEN YOUR DONE !!! tell me if u used 11s or 10s and how many u rated
Bad Girl Of The Week(9-29) Pierced And Tattooed
Let Me Introduce You To The Sarge's Bad Girl Of The Week For The Week Of 9-29-08 Pierced And Tattooed Be Sure To Stop By Her Page & Show Her Some ..She Will Be Sure To Return All Here Is A Bit About Her Pierced And Tattooed ~ABOUT ME~ *Basics* Name/Nickname: JESICA AKA: PIERCED AND TATTOOED Birthday: 9/27/80 Zodiac Sign: LIBRA Hair Color: RED AND BLONDE Eye Color: GREEN Tattoos: ALL OVER ME :) Piercings: EARS, TONGUE, NOSE, NIPPLES *Favorites* Color: HOT PINK Season: FALL Day Of Week: FRIDAY Animal: FROG Flower: TIGER LILLY *Have You Ever* Danced In The Rain?: YES AS OFTEN AS I CAN Laughed So Hard You Cried?: YES :( Smiled For No Reason?: ALL THE TIME Sat On Your Rooftop?: YES ITS QUITE NICE UP THERE *This 0R That* Computer 0R T.V?: COMPUTER Phone 0R IM?: PHONE McDonalds 0R Burger King?: MCDONALDS Summer 0R Winter?: SUMMER CDs 0R IPoD/MP3?: CDS XBox 0R PS2?: PS2 RANDOMS... Your Perfect Pizza?: XTRA CHEESE AND MUSHROOMS
What Color Of Thong Do You Like?
Quickdraw Gods Forsaken Radio Elite Squadron!!
Nsfw Section In The Stash Petition
So, Here It Is A Petition Of Sorts To Get A NSFW Section In Your Stash! Just ... Uh ..... I Don't Know .. Leave A Comment? -_- I'm Not Good @ This .. lol
Stuff I Have Been Thinking
I have been dealing with a lot of things in my life the past month... Somethings I have shared..some I haven't. With the death of my grandmother I really realized how many true friends I have...and who really cared.... I have went thru some really personal things and I know with time I will work thru them and be a better person In the end... I have changed a lot in the last month and most will notice the change...i have been stuck using my phone to get on the net for the last month so my interaction has been limited... Some of u may not like the change but that is your problem not mine... There will be more to come in this blog.... *muahz*
I Chopped @ A Chick Today
I was on the way home from work the other day. I hit a stop light and i look over and see the cutest nerdy girl i have ever seen. The lil "Mary Tyler Moore" hat. The long dark hair, and glasses on. So cute. So i continue to look over in her direction and realize that i'm staring so i look back @ the stop light waiting on it to change. The girl i guess saw me notice her in her periphiral vision because she looked over at me. At that precise moment I could go with a) look over and wave or b) do nothing and pretend not to notice. Seein as how i am a very mischievious man i decided to make a third option for myself. I instead looked over and gave her c) the "non lethal" version of the Chuck Norris Karate Chop and smiled. I thought "This girl will never see me again. Why the hell not?!" We both started laughing hysterically and she had to pull over her car. I rolled down my window and said "Ya okay?" she replied "Yes! Did you just 'karate chop' at me?" "Um yeah...i kinda
Coke Vs Pepsi
"> OK, This is WAR! You must choose, and you have to do it NOW! It's easy! First please rate the pictures in the Coke vs Pepsi Folder starting with this one. Please leave a comment on the last one Then just fan, rate, and add everyone who has joined before you... or leave a comment on their profile if they are already your friend. In the friend request, or comment, put "Coke is the winner!" (or Pepsi) or something similar. (If you get the bouncer, just change your comment a little bit or add ~ or ! or * to the beginning of it.) When you receive a request or comment, please rate, fan, and comment back. When you are done with everyone on the list, send me a private message so I will know to add you. We're all here to have fun, so no drama please! Start with me, your hostess. In my dreams...or yours? ~*~Shadow Leveler~*~CONVOY leader~*~Fantasy Flight Pilot~*~Fu Bad Girl~*~@ fubar The Riders> ~Dusty~ (J.O.) *{Shadow Leveler}*@
I Used To Think...
This (at one time) was my FAVORITE joke of all time and even cracked me up a little bit when i told it even though the people i told it to thought it was kinda stupid and gross...but then they see me laugh and we both start laughing... here goes... Q: why do dogs lick their balls? A: becuz they can... ahhahahahaaaaaaa i used to crack up a bit AND NOW?.... it's not so funnie now becuz NOW??...i have a dog. YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUT IT OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao :)
I'm 4 Sale Again,lol, cum and check me out, xoxo
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Puffz*OWNER OF SWEET&SPICY* ♥TIMBERWOLF FUFIANCE♥fu owned by the wooden shoe@ fubar last one for tonight unless one of ya find one for me to look thru
Precious Moments Train
Welcome to my Precious Moments Train! To join please rate my Precious Moments Album and leave a message on the last picture. This pic will take you there! Now Rate/Fan/Add everyone thats already on the train. If you are already friends with someone check to see if you can re-rate them and send them a comment "Precious Moment Train" or "Life is full of Precious Moments" When new people join the train,please DO NOT just accept the friend request-Rate/fan/comment back. No cheating,or you will be removed from the train! Private message me when you have finished and I will make you this Thank You Tag! The Precious Moments Riders.... Your Hostess... 1.~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~Fu Angel~ 2. ~Rebelicious DixieAngel~ Greeter @ Good Ol' Boys and Gals~ Head Enforcer @ Lucious Desire 3.◊ SNUGGLEBUNNY ~ PROMOTER AND HEAD GREETER FOR CLUB MIXTURE ◊ 4.☆Ǥįи_Łʎȵ☆ 5.
The Bad Boy...
Ok men...Let's just get this out in the open...Ok? Your concept of the bad boy image is not always what we women are looking think it's the guy that rides the harley...treats his woman like crap...Drinks with his buddies all the time while leaving us home to clean the house...Has a criminal record...Has women falling all over him...Fools around with anything that has a hole... Yes..those men do exist...I should know..I've dated a couple of them... My concept of a bad boy is completely different...Ok..riding a harley helps...LOL...But that's just image...Not the person...A man that can stand on his own two feet...Has an opinion and fights for it...Reminds you that your his in the bedroom...And I mean that one quite literally...Intelligent...Funny...Walks like he owns the world...Knows what he wants...and gets it without stepping on someone elses toes...These are just a few of the things that make my concept of a bad boy appealing... The same could be said for m
Time In Hell ..
The medic stood and faced God Which must always come to pass. He hoped his uniform was clean, He'd gotten dressed kinda fast. "Step forward now, paramedic. How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To my church have you been true?" The medic squared his shoulders and said, "No Lord I guess I ain't, cause those of us who wade in blood, can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, and at times my talk was tough. And at times I've been violent, cause the streets are awful rough. But I never took a penny that wasn't mine to keep... although I worked alot of overtime, when the bills got too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God forgive me, I wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place among the people here. They never wanted me around, except to calm their fears. If you have a place for me, Lord, It needn't be so grand. I never expected or hand too mu
Caa #38
Two of my dear friends have a friend who's brother is having bypass surgery, we think maybe tomorrow. PLease keep him and his brother in angel prayer and send angel love, healing and strength. Doc
Angel In The Twilight
THIS POEM WAS WROTE FOR ME BY A VERY DEAR FRIEND WHO TAK'ES TIME TO FIND OUT WHAT'S BEHIND OF MY MASK.THANK YOU HUN. Like a devil she arose into my life; mysterious and intense. My soul could not deny her contaminated innocence. Confusion and delight beckons for her sweet chaotic mind. Her words are dark, sinister and doubtful, yet so very kind. An Angel in the twilight, could this dream be true? A mystery descended from above. Compassion and charm with a sense of alarm she unveils her heart so blue. I gently welcome her to a life she does not know. For she has always been caged and confined, In a river that does not flow. A curse of radiant beauty she reveals to the world. But deep inside of this goddess faade hides a frightened little girl. A girl that wants to play and laugh, a girl that wants to smile. To release this girl and free her heart I would travel many a mile. I sit and think of the possibly great charities she offers to the world. If
I'm Chocolate Cake/dessert Challenge
It's fun!! No cheating. If all of the eight desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose (sorry, you can only pick one)! Trust me...this is very accurate. Pick your dessert, and then look to see! what p psychiatrists think about out. REMEMBER - No Cheating. Make your choice before you check the meaning. Here are your choices: 1. Angel Food Cake 2. Brownies 3. Lemon Meringue Pie 4. Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Icing 5. Strawberry Short Cake 6. Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Icing 7. Ice Cream 8. Carrot Cake No, you can't change your mind once you scroll down, so think carefully about what your choice will be. OK - Now that you've made your choice, this is what the researchers say about you... SCROLL DOWN---No Cheating 1. ANGEL FOOD CAKE -- Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm and fuzzy item
Vote Or Die
If you don't vote... you DON'T have the right to bitch. DO IT. -REL
Pedophile Nervous For First Day Of School
SEATTLEWorried about meeting new children and making friends, area pedophile Howard Dengal admitted Monday that he was feeling "pretty nervous" for the first day of school. "I hope the kids at Hampstead Elementary like me," said Dengal, who spent the summer reading comic books, watching early morning cartoons, and hanging around the entrance of a local swimming pool. "It'd be nice to have someone to play with during recess." Full story here. (sorry, misfiled)
Souljacker Pt 1
22 miles of hard road 33 years of tough luck 44 skulls buried in the ground Crawling down through the muck Aw yeah Johnny don't like the teacher Johnny don't like the school One day johnny gonna do something Show 'em he's nobody's fool Aw yeah Sisters' brothers make better lovers Family affair down under the covers Trailer park of broken hearts Won't let you leave until you're bleeding Sally don't like her daddy Sally don't like her friends Sally and johnny watching tv Waiting for it to end Aw yeah Sisters' brothers make better lovers Family affair down under the covers Trailer park of broken hearts Won't let you leave until you Rock 22 miles of hard road 33 years of tough luck 44 skulls buried in the ground Crawling down through the muck Aw yeah - Eels
Thursday Dod Is Andrea
~andrea~ fu-morpher, shadow leveler and member of the rating revolution@ fubar
Gonna Be Offline
Hi loves, My stupid computer crashed so I only have access here and there through my cell phone. I'll be able to check messages and reply, just not able to reply to shouts. As soon as I can convince my husband that we HAVE TO HAVE a computer (about a week) I'll be back. I love you Fu's!!! I'd love to see lots of shouts and messages, even if I can't reply. Just don't forget me. Kisses!!
~ Survivor ~
THE NEXT SURVIVOR SERIES Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids each for six weeks. Each kid will play two sports and either take music or dance classes. There is no fast food. Each man must take care of his 3 kids; keep his assigned house clean, correct all homework, and complete science projects, cook, do laundry, and pay a list of 'pretend' bills with not enough money. In addition, each man will have to budget in money for groceries each week. Each man must remember the birthdays of all their friends and relatives, and send cards out on time--no Emailing. Each man must also take each child to a doctor's appointment, a dentist appointment and a haircut appointment. He must make one unscheduled and inconvenient visit per child to the Urgent Care. He must also make cookies or cupcakes for a social function. Each man will be responsible for decorating his own assigne
Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet
HAZEL PARK, MIIn a statement made to reporters earlier this afternoon, local idiot Brandon Mylenek, 26, announced that at approximately 2:30 a.m. tonight, he plans to post an idiotic comment beneath a video on an Internet website. "Later this evening, I intend to watch the video in question, click the 'reply' link above the box reserved for user comments, and draft a response, being careful to put as little thought into it as possible, while making sure to use all capital letters and incorrect punctuation," Mylenek said. "Although I do not yet know exactly what my comment will entail, I can say with a great degree of certainty that it will be incredibly stupid." Full story here.
Mistakes Everyone makes them some small some big. Some you and correct and some you cant We all make them at one time or another . Do we forgive and forget or let them eat you away Can you say your sorry and it was my fault. Somethings are not worth fixing but most are easy. Some hurt and you don't even know it makes you think was it my fault or was it something I did. Mistakes some you can live with some you can't Just remember everyone is human and we all make them. Its how you change or come back from them that makes us who we are.
What Is The Point?
Some one please tell me what the point is of being fu married? I mean seriously unless your a real life couple on here it doesn't mean anything it's not legal in any way I am not being a downer I am just trying to understand what the fuss is over being fu married...I always assumed we were all our own person on here and we had our own identies and this was all for fun some people take it to extreme measures of a real wedding when in reality this is "ONLINE" and it not only that it's not going to stop the men nor women from hitting on your special someone if they want them bad enough they will stop at nothing to get the attention that they seek...okay its just me rambling again I said my piece just someone for gods sake give me a good anwser on this one lol.
Deleting Fake Friends
I have made some great friends on Fubar and the true friends that have stuck by me through everything mean the world to me. All I can say it I am very dissapointed about some so called friends Seems like the higher some people get on here the more they forget the friends they had and ditch them for friends that are higher and can offer more. Anyway to all my friends and family on here ( you know who you are. Thanks so much. To the so called ones, I will be deleting you all because for me the points aren't worth it. You all probably won't even know you are deleted anyway.I would rather have friends that no matter what level they are they don't forget what true friendship is. Love to all my real friends and family! Muaaahhhhhhh
Remember That Show??
Find out why the BBC makes the best tv in teh world here.
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Who's Got The Fever?
So I have over the years come to realize, I just can't date anyone for any long period of time without getting girlfriend A.D.D. What is GF A.D.D. you ask? It's a tragic disease that strikes without warning. It can come after 5 years or even five minutes. It's pretending to listen to everything you say without hearing a word. It's checking out a room full of women even though I am with you. It's thinking about the real hot waitress that served us that fantastic sushi earlier when I have sex with you later. It's telling you we can spend the next day together and having something come up. It's always letting your calls go to voice mail even though I really ain't all that busy. In the off chance I do answer your call when you blocked your number, you sneaky psycho bitch, I am getting bad reception even though you know I have Verizon. It's being on FUBAR like religion. It's sending you one word replies to 160 character text questions... Am I the only one? Share your A.D.D. Stories with
I Can Haz A Niece!!
My mother just wrote: "Ali [my sister] had the baby Tuesday night 9/30/08! Brinley Morgan xxxxxxx was born at 11:54 pm, weighed 7 lb 10 oz, was 20 1/2" long, and is absolutely beautiful. She has Garrett's [my elder nephew {11}]( & Grandma Robinson's) nose, Gabe's [my 4 year old nephew] (& Mamaw's) chin, and her Uncle Jeremy's [me, in case you didn't know] long, skinny feet & toes.(Glad she doesn't have my toes)! Ali delivered in 3 hours, and is doing well. They came home yesterday. Garrett stood at the head of the bed for the birth (he was so---o-o-o excited). I was in the waiting room with Gabe when Garrett burst out of the room to tell us. I think Gabe was a little overwhelmed by it all, bit he was excited to greet his baby sister,too. "
Ready For The Weekend Train!!
~ The Rules for the I'M READY FOR THE WEEKEND! Train~ 1. Stop by and rate this folder: 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the train. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Yay it's the weekend!" or I'm ready for the weekend!" or anything like that. 3. Private message Tulsa's Angel when you have completed rating each rider and she will add you to the train. All riders on the train need to be sure to hit each other up. 4. When new people join the train... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request. Everyone must comment everyone on here. 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 6. NO DRAMA. Hostess in DIRE need of a weekend vacation or I kept messing this puppy up. :( Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve! Tempting Enchantress Sarge'
Gotta Love Them DIY Puters Tech Support | London, ON, Canada (He was working in warranties for a large computer manufacturer, mostly with businesses but a few individuals came through on the line here and there.) Employee: Thank you for calling ***. How can I help you? Customer: My computer dont work. Employee: Im sorry to hear that, maam. Can I get the serial number off of your CPU? Customer: My what? Employee: The computer tower. Customer: Huh? (Ill spare you the agony but, I went on for about 3 more minutes trying to describe the CPU and getting nowhere.) Employee: Im sorry, I dont seem to be expressing myself well today. Can you describe to me all the computer parts on your desk? Ill tell you which one the number I need is on. Customer: Its just a keyboard and a screen, like any other computer. Employee: Oh, you have a laptop! Customer: A what? Employee: A little computer you can take with you. The keyboard and s
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In Her Mother
Lynn Stokes 1/27/33 To 10/18/83 Far is the distance That has grown between us. So many days........alone So many nights.......lonely. I remember your touch And the joy from your smile But.....Do you remember me. The years have been good to me I have grown up tall and strong the pain you must have suffered teaching me right from wrong. I've learned the lessons you taught me It took time, But they did sink in. And now....years later I still need you... And I need you to know I remember you. Do you... Remember me..... Your Son Copyright 2007 CRS
If The Bullets Dont Get You....
It was about 3:30 in the morning, I was asleep, when I hear some rattling coming from my desk area. I opened my eyes, and reach down to grab my rifle, it's my first instinct, sometimes a soldier's training comes in handy. No one is in my room but myself, I hear more rattling i feel my bed shaking, I get up, and I feel the floor underneath me move. Its an earthquake, lasted just a few seconds, maybe 7 seconds max. Probably one of the scariest events I've been through. The longest 7 seconds of my life for sure. For those who live out in the Western part of the U.S. this is nothing new, but for me its brand new. It definitely got me thinking that the only threat here were bullets, rockets, and I find out, earthquakes are something to watch out for here as well. Magnitude 5.9 - CENTRAL AFGHANISTAN 2008 October 05 22:56:29 UTC Versin en Espaol * Details * Summary * Maps
Pray 4 Me!
I have diagnosed with moderate cervical dysplasia which may or may not turn into cancer, I've been seeing a Neuropathic Doctor, to see if he can help me with all this. I just don't feel like getting my shit ripped on, they wanted me to go through a LEEP procedure which to me seems like the same damn thing as a Colposcopy so instead I'm trying to heal myself with natural means. Please pray for me in the hopes that this Neuropathic Doctor can help reverse it back to normal. I have done alot of research showing they have done so with many things such as vitamins to build up the immune system to fight the abnormal cell growth. All in all lets just all hope & pray that this will work, cause I'm not looking forward to them ripping on my cervix & or having any other invasive procedures done! I've been trying so hard to quit smoking in which I did for about 12 days & know I can again just with the stress of everything going on it's hard as hell. Please if you'll loves me take the time to ask
Get A Chance To Make Me Your Bitch For Halloween I'm up for bid, everything is negotiable Voodoo Whisperer
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Full Heart, Empty Arms
Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit; Never a flicker of flame, but with Arching bolts which strike with a force That disturbs my equilibrium. My mind races as waves of passion flush over My pale skin, causing me to gaze upon visions Of impossible romantic possibilities. Pathetic is this man who anticipates the True rhythm of love, with a woman she will never hold. My imagined discourse of thoughts leave me suffering, As my lips quiver with the words I shall never speak to his: "I have loved you more than anybody in this world."
You actually thought there would be something worth reading in here? Shit, you must not know me at all :p (but thanks for allowing me to waste 20 seconds of your time)
Just lost a good Fu friend on here. How come you ask? I wish I knew for sure. All I know is things have a way of snowballing. You get to know people, relationships get started, then you get to talking to other people, then back and forth you go. Feelings get hurt, assumptions are made. I ask myself can't we all just get along? This is a website, a fun website for sure. But situations seem to get out of control. How do you get control back? By losing a good friendship? Seems that way. I try to be friends to all, play it straight and down the middle, never making a promise that can't be kept. Sometimes its not enough.
What Temperament Are You?
You Have a Choleric Temperament You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things. Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life. You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation. You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon. Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall. You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others. At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults. Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion. A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior. What Temperament Are You?
A Small Request
My bf aunt is a beautiful soul that needs our prayers tonight. She has suffered another stroke after having one just 3 days ago. If you wish please send a prayer. Thank you in advance Peace Love and HUGS C~
A Good Joke.
A old lady takes her deaf husband to the doctors. Doctor to old man, "We need a stool sample, a urine sample and a semen sample." Old man to his wife, "Eh? What'd he say?" Wife to the old man, "He says he needs your pants."
Moral Of The Story Is...
*note to self: don't wear powdered deodorant when driving drunk. Shakopee man who spent two months in jail after being found with white powder has been cleared after tests showed the powder was deodorant, not cocaine. Thirty-one-year-old Cornelius F. Salonis was arrested Aug. 3 for allegedly driving drunk. He was jailed after police said they found cocaine in his car. Salonis' attorney blames a faulty field test for the false result. Richard Hillesheim says a state crime lab concluded the powder was deodorant. Prosecutors dismissed the felony drug charges Wednesday and allowed Salonis to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of drunken driving. He was sentenced to a year in jail. But the judge stayed nine months of the sentence and removed another month for good behavior. So with the two months he already served, Salonis was freed.
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A few mornings a week I stop at the Holiday gas station and get a ham, egg and cheese croissant and a bag of cinnamon bears. Holiday changed the recipe on the cinnamon bears and they don't taste the same. My day is ruined =(
Not Leaving Fubar!
Okay well... The Grand Jury decided not to indite (sp?) the bastard who raped me.. because of the witness statements that were taken. It pisses me off and hurt me to NO end. I have been very emotional. I feel a tad bit better because even though my case isnt going to court.. his life is forever ruined based on the fact he was arrested on sexual assault charges. He was extradited here to texas, so if he had a job, he doesnt anymore. and it will be next to impossible for him to find another decent job ever again. So I'm Back.. reposting my pictures.. so help me out by rating me again and leaving comments!
What Color Day Are You Having?
You Are Having a Brown Day Today you are your normal responsible, serious self. You're getting done what needs to be done. And you're not too worried about how you're feeling. While you're all business, you are still warm and approachable. You are busy, but you're not too busy for a little fun down time. What Color Day Are You Having?
Dolphin Paradise Tags
Dolphin Paradise Train Tags if your tag isn't here please let me know by PMing me...if you just joined your tag will be here shortly.
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Why Again
Why again do I care so much about people yet whenever I turn around, it seems like the people nearest me that should care about me don't? I try and do any and everything for people around me as often as I can. I notice when people are upset and something seems wrong. So why is it that when I have feelings that are like those, no one can sense them? Is it because I have gone for so long without letting people see what gets to me? If someone is your "friend," shouldn't they notice when you are upset or something is wrong? Why is it so hard to find someone in the world today that you can call a "true friend"? Is it because everyone is so concerned with themselves that they don't give a crap about anyone else? If you look at it like that, it makes a lot of sense. Where are the people that are supposed to be there for you when you are down and not feeling well either physically or emotionally? If they do exist, why are they never in the same locale that you are?
Joanne My Angel
You opened up a part of me that I just can't hide, you have turned this darkness part of me into light.. You have given me peace so now I can fly, So I spread my wings so I may not die.. I picture you every time I close my eye's, sitting there a beauty so rare the lust of you addiction cry's.. You have branded me with your love, placed me in your trust, my thoughts cry out into the night only to be silenced by your touch.. Two souls brought together so that we could shine, for to long I have carried you in my mine, eye's so soft they can stop time.. I give you everything I am, my heart just for you to hold for all of my life, I stand before you just as a man, asking for you hand, will you be my wife..
The Cycle
I friend of mine just gave birth this week. Another friend of mine killed himself this weekend. Last Wednesday, he was sitting in a meeting describing how doctors had just saved his life. He had had a heart attack and didnt know it. The doctors did. They cut his clothes, cut his leg, inserted tubes and told him to shut up and lie still. Less than a week after doctors saved his life, he took it. He was a father, he was in his forties and he spent most of his adult life in prison. The man I met, after his release, was a frightened, scared and lonely child. I would imagine, he wasnt much older, in terms of maturity, than when he went in; a man on the outside covered in tattoos, a child on the inside cloaked in hurt. This man was identical to me, in all ways except appearance. This week, a new life came into this world as one went out. The irony does not escape me, nor does the pain, the innocence or the significance of each. What I am witnessing is the cycle.
Hearts Division
Hearts Division You and I Alone inside An empty room Watching the rose in the vase On the window sill die Watching the moon in the sky Disappear behind a cloud Body spirits coincide Eye to eye touching view There's only one of you Who understood my mirror eyes When you sang it made me cry For I thought I'd found paradise But we cannot live for always I had to leave Gaining a love for you Was like walking through the door of one-ness I was drawn to you like a reflecting image I loved you I saw the turmoil I saw the pain I felt the evil person inside of you You were my dreamtime Those dreams came at a price No more I have awoken from this dream Now I can dream my own dreams
One Of Our Members Has A Happyhour
one Of Our Own has a HappyHour for Saturday at 7 pm fu-time. she will have auto 11's activated too. Fireeyes***Member of Rating Revolution***~Sugar Momma to The Sledge Hammer~@ fubar
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Chapter 1 More To Cum..
As you get in from work you walk up to the front door I open it anticipating you. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, you can smell dinner in the oven. I lead you to the bathroom slowly undress you and watch you climb in to the hot bath already waiting for you . I gently slip in with you and massage your scalp, asking you how your day was. Kiss you then lightly massage your temples run my fingers down your jaw lean forward and nibble on your ear saying after dinner I got a surprise for you I slowly bath you trailing my fingers ever so softly over your whole body. We get out and dry off wrapped in our towels I serve you your dinner then go to our room. You come in after you have finished eating. I am wearing a short baby pink skirt with a white tank top and 6 inch white high heels. I push you in to the chair I set up in the middle of the room. I straddle you grinding slowly against you each time you try and touch me I push your hands away. I stand up Look you
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Did You Ever Feel Like...
Did you ever feel like people went out of their way to hurt your feelings? It's bad enough I put up with that crap from my ex husband, boss and even my teenager. I just didn't expect grown adults, and I use the term loosely, for them to purposely try to make me feel bad. Shame on you.
Please help me win my 1st contest. All love will be returned. Rate and comment bomb the hell out of this pic. Contest ends Novenber 1st. Thank you. Here is the link: [ photo: 3601419773 ] or click on this pic
On-line Friends...
We are all here for various reasons...Some because of boredom...Some because of loneliness...But whatever the reason...It's important to you...A need is being filled... I've seen a lot of mumms lately about online friends and if they really are friends...I believe they are...Oh we can have the biggest friends list on here...And..your probably a lot like me...I don't even know 3/4 of them...But I do have a few select friends that I can really call that...I honestly would miss not hearing from them... I see where people comment that this means nothing to them...That the people on here mean nothing...That it is all fake...But..they are only fooling themselves...Why would they come back day after day if it didn't mean anything?... Recently...I almost lost someone that I consider very special...No...we've never met...But..our connection runs very deep...I can honestly say that my heart would have been broken...Now I call that a real friendship... So the next time you get on here
Prayers Needed....
Wow! Whut a way to start a weekend! :( Well first of all my 92 yr old NaNa passed away a few hrs ago. She had a mild stroke several days ago and has been in the hospital since. RIP NaNa Ballock i'll miss u lots! As if thats not enuff...i have been tryin to reach my father for the past few days to see how things are with NaNa but never got a answer or a call returned. Which is NOT like my father at all...we are VERY close. Well after my aunt called and told me NaNa passed away...she then tells me my dad is in ICU and has been there for 2 days now. On the way to the hospital to see my NaNa my dad and step mother where forced off the road by a 18 wheeler hit the guard rail and the car flipped several times...ejecting my father from the drivers seat (YES he had on a seat belt) my step mother has a broken arm, and is very bruised but my dad got the worst of it. Whut complicates things even worse is my father is a veitnam veteran and during his tour there he got cancer from agent oran
Deal Or No Deal
I came up with a spliffing idea earlier Your opinion is not required because I have made up my mind and this is just to let you know what I have thought of. Every Friday night I shall be selecting three friends (from my family usually) to receive a gift form me (cos I nice like that!) I have already rewarded two and cant decide who the third should be. I am not random but if you think you deserve something, let me know in coomment here and before I log off tonight. TY xxxx
Please Pray
today at 8am raymond was taken to the hospital by ambulance. he was put in icu with double pnemonia failure to kidneys and liver, and very low blood pressure. he is on life support at this time and dialisis please we need your prayers the doctors say he is the sickest they have seen he was in very bad shape. im am so crazy right now so please if im not around please understand i am spending alot of time at the hospital with him. he loves you all and i thank you for your prayers we need as many as possible he is a great loving guy.
Bikers Must Read This
JUST A BIKER I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers do
Hat-whore Salutes!!!
For those friends & family who would like, I'm making custom "Hat-Whore" salutes. You pick the hat from my "Hat-Whore" folder, & send your request either to my yim or in a comment on this blog. NOTE: This offer is valid for Friends & Family ONLY! NOTE2: edited to remove sb from contact method (it was getting full w/other
Why Do The Sweet Guys Get Treated Like Shit
why is it that if you teat a girl like gold sh treats you like your a pieace of shit cant nice guys be nice anymore or do we all have to be assholes
Thank You To All That Were True Help
I want to thank all these people who helped me not only reach godmother but fu-king as well please be sure to go show all these people love :) If I forgot you please let me know so i can add you to blog. Still not feeling 100% HELLCAT@ fubar In my dreams...or yours? ~*~Shadow Leveler~*~CONVOY leader~*~Fantasy Flight Pilot~*~Fu Bad Girl~*~@ fubar Ladyneptune *shadow leveler* /greeter @ 6th Sense Lounge@ fubar ZRK SHADOW BOMBER , Crew Leader Of Rating Revolution@ fubar ~LadySnowOwl~ of the ~*Omega Bombers*~@ fubar ♪♫♥♥Teresa♥♥♫♪Proudly Owned by Dr@gonMaster@ fubar ~*♥*~Rhonda aka RaRa~*♥*~ Trying to get spotlight before I level. lol@ fubar Cappy@ fubar ♥rkgl ♥ SDMF ♥ W ♥ R/L G/F Ģ ♥FOUNDER OF DARK SOCIETY@ fubar GRL*FU OWNED BY ZORK*☆♠Mmbr f Łh Rłg Rvlt♠**CLUB UNITE
Traci Lords, Give It Up!
Goddamn!.... I watched Crazy Eights last night... and i wondered why the hell do they keep giving Traci Lords acting parts.... Why? Why? Why? She failed at porn... couldn't act her way through a fake orgasm, for God's sake... Why she wan't made-for-TV movies and the big screen... Of course, Pee Wee Herman already seen her on a big screen....but most haven't.... Then... to top it off... Someone notified me that Traci was doing music videos, as well... WTF?? Screaming " OH GOD!," doesn't mean singing in the damn choir! One question in my mind, sticks out more then any other about this.... WHY?????????????? .. ugh... Video.. not bad, she looks the classic rocker part.. a skanked out, overdosed crack whore...
My Last Blog
Love Me, Hate Me... Personaly I Don't Care
ok people Fn Un-holy Can't taKe it anY mOre Up in here. Love Me, Hate Me... personaly I don't care Ok so i have been on fu for a little over a year now and i've met a lot of people on here and sadly there is only a handfull i could even call friends and the rest of them i've met are FAKE AS FUCK ! you know who you are asshats! so on that note i've decided to delete my account. now personaly i don't care if someone wants me to stay on here or not because i have Real things to take care in LIFE ... now let me point out something to you , you see the words in caps there .... well that is what some people on here seem to forget about sometimes REAL LIFE. most live in a fantasy world and sadly this year i got to witness one of my good friends i met on here do just that. He spent his every waking hour on here and even his sleeping hours and i used to tell him all the time " Hey man you know there is real people out there walking around that you can talk to with out clicking a lin
"the Wonder"
As days roll by , so does my heart bleed. In agony and in wonder of what maybe. Running down my breasts, let it all flow. Day by day it still grows. Come taste the bitter sweet pain that rolls down my breasts, Indulge in the wonder of what my heart feels, With each swallow it will soon set. Every last drop falling ever so deep, Seeping through my skin, Agony and pain keep. Till the wonder is gone , So will my heart bleed. The ever lasting flow, Of what shall become? Well see.
What Happened To Jaymee?
Well I am struggling with whole issue concerning Jaymee. Since news of her totally tragic death spread amongst her fubar friends, there's been a backlash of sorts among some people who question the truthfulness of the entire report. And when something like this happens to someone you care about, you overlook those minute details, and maybe respond in anger to someone who questions the story. It seems unconscionable that someone would make up it all up, if she was in over head or changed her mind, there's always easier ways to break up with someone than to fake your own death. On the other hand, it does seem suspect that her father would only interact via texting from Jaymee's phone. I never texted my son's friends with his phone to tell them he was in the hospital, I used my own phone. And when the aunt basically tells the friends of her deceased niece "I don't have to show you anything official confirming her death" that threw me for a loop. I can't imagine that ever happening. Whe
Oh And....
... I got tickets for Micah P Hinson in November. GLEE!!
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Using My Name
So Check this out.. I work for Snake Eyes Radio as a Manager of the lounge. I promote so u see me in your bartab alot I assume if u watch it. Well there are certain people in the lounge that like to start drama... or use my name saying "Well Dg wanted this from you or Dg said this." Let me make this perfectly clear if I do say any of that sort or nature...I WILL TELL YOU! I am very tact and I do not beat around the bush. My profile has No One blocked and no one will be downrated from me. If you wanna do that to me Fine I really dont care. But I just want you to know that If anyone ANYONE comes to you and says "Dg said this or Dg told me this had to be that way" or what not you let me know I will not get mad or angry. Because If i do say it I will TELL YOU PERSONALLY. I am not shy nor am I embarrassed or to proud to admit i fucked up or said something. I am human and sometimes i do make mistakes. The only time i relay messages is when i am away from the computer and I need someone to ca
Soo Fukn True Lol
I Just Don't Get It
Why is it that you tell a guy exactly what you don't want. They'll say they aren't that type of guy. They make it out like they want what you want. They will swear up and down they aren't "that guy". That they are a nice guy and different from the rest. But then after a few months you slowly start to see the real them. That they aren't really after the same things as you. They are just after a friend with benefits to have meaningless sex with. This just keeps happening over and over and over again. Its like I have "I'm not the type of girl you have a relationship with" written all over my face. Yet every fucking time it happens I end up hurt because I really start to like the guy. Then its like a slap in the face when I realize that they are in fact just like the rest. They are just playing the game a little different. What hurts worse is when they even acknowledge that what they really want is just some girl to have a good time with (no strings attached).
Ldc Love For The Week Of Oct 15-22nd...comment Blog, Repost Bully, And Show Love
Please show each of these members love this weekFяѕķĕŋ βίτсђTeam Cpt 4 CLUB FAR~@ fubarღ GothiqueTemptationღ Owner-DSG&D ღGio's RL Princess ღ Owner of LDC@ fubar~♥Metal Baby♥~CLUB F.A.R. Team Greatness Capt~Sarge's Bad Girls~ DARK PRINCE IS OK!~@ fubar*** Tiff*** L.D.C.*** head greeter for VR. Yay@ fubar
Cripple Tron
Ok Check This 1 Off Your List Please
12.5 K Needed For Auto 11 Bling
***UPDATE*** Thank you ALL for your help...the goal of 12.5k in comments has been ATTAINED! ******************* Hi all! I entered a giveaway for an Auto 11 bling today. I am in need of 12.5 k in COMMENTS ONLY...rates do NOT count! If you get bored at any time, please come and help a bit, then we can help each other when the bling is activated! Thanks in advance for any and all help you can give! Here is the link:
Our Next President? Please Think Before You Vote!
Some of you may have seen this before... This will make you re-think: A Trivia question in Sunday School: How long is the Beast allowed to have authority in Revelations? Guess the Answer? Revelations Chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months, and you know what that is? Almost a four year term to a Presidency. All I can say is Lord Have Mercy on us! According to The Book of Revelations the anti-Christ is: The Anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal....the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything. Is it OBAMA?? I STRONGLY URGE each one of you to repost this as many times as you can! Each opportunity that you have to send it to a friend or media it! I refuse to take a chance on this unknown candidate who cam
Are You On This Bulletin??????
ITS A HONOR TO BE ABLE TO CALL EACH AND EVERYONE OF THESE PEOPLE FRIENDS THEY HAVE BEEN THERE RATIN THERE HEARTS OUT!!! ~ CynzDreams ~Owned by SouthernOutlawBiker~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar "InFArREd"~~~Owned By SouthernOutLawBiker~~DIRTY SOUTH CREW 4 LIFE~~OWNER OF DOWNTOWN BOMBER@ fubar luvingmom (helping people find homes in Idaho)@ fubar })i({oouknounvmeoo})i({☠BadAzzBytch@Bad Habitz♥EricZGirL♥Addicted2Steph@ fubar ♥K3ll$♥ yoUr dIrTy LiL sEcReT~BB of the Pu$$ycat Playmates ~FuAngel~@ fubar ♥**1-800-u-wish~Pu$$ycatPlaymate~CoOwnerOfFuAngels~I make Pics**♥
Will I? Will You?
Will you really ever meet that one person that makes everything seem so right in your world? Makes you feel giddy when you see them,hear their voice? gives you butterflies five years later when your still with them? Their touch sets you on fire. You can't wait to lay in bed with them,just because it's comforting. This is the person that you don't love as much as the day you realized you were in love with them,but you love them more everyday that comes. Will you ever find that? Will I?
My life was simple When you appear You are such a cunt Making my twat going all wet Nearly causing a tsunami I never felt this before I was fearful But, I took a chance I wanted to know What's the feeling likes I can see it We will be laughing In each other arms Fondling and kissing Doing the dot dot dot thing Licking beer foam on your nipple Eating cookies crumbles off my belly button Laughing our hearts out Living our days I'm so thrilled Just by thinking about it I admit it was crazy thoughts But,don't you want it too You're driving me crazy I wanted to know What's the feeling like When you do the thing
She is my dearest friend. She knows me. In the short time when have known one another,she has seen me in ways people in my life never have. She knows when I am not myself just by the way I text or chat online with her. We are sixteen hours away from one another and we still know when something is wrong. She is my shinning star when it is dark. She helps me find my way when I am lost and struggeling in my life. I know that at the end of the day,when I sleep she is going to be there if I need her. She will be there even if I don't need or want her there, She is hard headed,brilliant and beautiful. There is noone else like her in my life and never will be. She and I will be on the porch in our 70's hoping to see some hot man walking down the street. Talking about the first time I rode in a cnvertiable with her and the many things we will have done in our lives together.
Go John Mccain Woohoo
McCain was on the offensive throughout the 90-minute encounter. He rebuked Obama for his frequent claims that he is too close to the policies of President George W Bush. "Senator Obama, I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush you should have run four years ago," McCain said in the final presidential debate, held at Hofstra University in New York. Obama, 47, said he sometimes had trouble spotting a difference between the two.
Hit Him Hard So We Can Level Him!!!
HE MAY NOT HAVE AN AUTO 11 ON BUT WE DO IT THE OLD FASHIONED WHY! BUT HE HAS HELPED LEVEL US IN THE PAST BEFORE AUTO 11'S! COME ON SHOW HIM SOME LOVE! This wonderful man needs your help in leveling! I know he has helped many times with leveling. I think it's time we all pay him back and show him what real FuLove is on here! He's an Awesome friend to have! You can't ask for a better friend! If he's not on your list already R/F/A thats RATE/FAN/ADD! You are sure to get the love back when you need it if you have not already gotten some from him! Colt Fan ***Founder ***[Fu-76th INF BDE Nighthawk BOMBING & LEVELING CREW]*** Just click on any of these pictures to R/F/A or bling this wonderful person! Show him lots of love. You're sure to get it back. OK LADIES WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? HE'S CUTE! AND HE HAS MUSCLES!!! ************************************This Pimp Out Brought to you by:◊ SNUGGLEBUNNY ~ ASSISTANT RECRUITER FOR THE GRD B
Tribute To Love
Hey all even though this will come across as b**** it really isn't though cause most are usually cool about who I am, but this addresses the few common types that have one very little respect; two, the impatient ones and three those that want to carry a grudge because another wants to bad mouth me before you ever knew me!! I'll take you to yesterday first...some un named JA rates all my pic and adds me. I wasn't near my pc cause of health reasons...and if you know me I've been sick for over a week now and totally properly un rested. So this person decides to call me a fake, and say I was blocked so I couldn't down rate So I kindly sign on my other account and email him and thus explain why. The JA then commences to sign under a different name, down rates my blog and comments on the blog I'm a fake...hmmmm, but I'm the fake or down Ok scenario twooooo haha. I recently had a HH in which yes I paid for and a kind friend gave me auto 11's AWESOME!!! Well, two pe
Just When It Looked Over!!!!
Ok....I had a feeling this was going to happen....but it looks like the Ex is trying her hardest to make me look the bad guy with my sons. A very big mistake to make indeed.....ifit's a battle she wants then it begins RIGHT NOW...... She has to remember that she is not hurting's the boys she is hurting and for that I will never fogive her for.....she has hurt thm too many times in the resent past......NO MORE....The Masters back is well and truly up now
Too Sad
I just don't know what to do. My ex's behavior is becoming more irrational.. more unpredictable lately. Tonight she flipped out on my son and me, made him cry, called him a liar, threatened to let me have no contact unless its my weekend. He is hurting, which makes me hurt.. and makes me feel guilty. And the guilt I feel is bad enough even on good days. Tonight I went to see the middle school band play at the high school game. She told him she was leaving early, so he thought I was to take him back to her house afterwards. And there was no sign of her after the game.. not with the other parents.. nowhere in plain sight. So based on what she told him, I drove him to her house. Turns out she was sitting in her van.. someplace. Of course she said she was talking to a certain parent the whole time.. by the doors to the bandroom. But she wasn't, because I was there. And David saw the parent she was supposed to be talking to and his mother was nowhere to be seen. Now I can s
My eyes capture the vision of you in a second, The urge fills me and I tingle all over, until a Swelling sets fire to my loins. I cannot think of anything else, your beautiful curves entice me, I wanna touch. the heat is almost unbearable and I am almost unable to control it. U sence my urge and tease, We play around and I touch ur skin and it's over whelming,I move close and smell U and I wanna die I want you so very much. and then we kiss and I physically touch heaven.
are you serious??!
Cheaters cheaters are liars cheaters are thieves they are here to use they are here to decieve cheaters play games cheaters are lame they are abusers i can tell you some names cheaters have no concious cheaters dont care they are selfish they arent fair cheaters destroy people cheaters ruin lives for a moment of pleasure they need to survive cheaters are losers cheaters are greedy they are attention wh*res they pretend they arent needy cheaters get caught cheaters accept no blame its someone elses fault they are all the same cheaters deny cheaters cry i hate cheaters they should all f*cking die you know who you are!
Special Thanks To Those Fu-friends That Helped Me Get My Birthday Blast!!
I just wanted to say thank you to those special friends that helped me get my blast in time for my birthday!!! ... and there was me thinking I better start it 2 weeks before my birthday so i got it in time lol! and its done under a week!! Thank you so much ... I've made thank you tags which some of you may already have but just incase here is the link to the first pic in the folder copy yours if you havent already :-) once again ... thank you !! Love Sandy xx
Trick Or Treat Train
TRICK OR TREAT SMELL MY FEET.... U KNOW THE REST LOL CHECK IT OUT ITS A NEW TRAIN COME STOP BY AND RATE/FAN/ADD US AND LETS GO TRICK OR TREATING!!! ☆ ~♡JUICY FRUIT~♡~MZ.DREAMS~♡~ ☆@ fubar Make me be good!! ~ NO FAN/SALUTE = NO ADD ~ Fu_Owned By LoneWolf ~ PLZZ READ " ABOUT M@ fubar mcautions@ fubar Rippedflesh@ fubar MzChelle {{shadow leveler}} ~n~ KKG for ck2@ fubar βε The 30th FU ORACLE
Whatever You Like
I love it! Hey girl You know, our economy's in the toilet But I'm still gonna treat you right I said you can have whatever you like I said you can have whatever you like Yeah Tater tots, Cold Duck on ice And we can clip coupons all night And baby you can have whatever you like I said you can have whatever you like Yeah Take you out for dinner anywhere that you please Like Burger King or Mickey D's And baby you can have whatever you like I said you can even have the large fries Yeah Baby, you should know I am really quite a sweet guy When I buy you bathroom tissue, I always get the 2-ply Want it, you can get it, my dear I got my Costco membership card right here, yeah You like Top Ramen? Need Top Ramen? Got a cupboard full of 'em, I'll keep 'em comin' You want it, I got it, go get it, just heat it Dump the flavor packet on it and eat it Pork and beans and Minute Rice And we can play cribbage all night And baby you can have whatever you li
Every love affair has its lifetime. This that as long as it has a start it has a finish. Some relationships last to the end of partners lifetime, some die soon after they started. Love may start as the strongest passion but time passes and the storm of emotions calms down, relationships once so bright and full of surprises become routine. It drags on for a while and than comes crisis. A couple can either survive through it or fall apart. Even when the love is gone its always hard to realise that you have to quit something once so good. Theres no certain way to decrease the sad feelings about falling apart. You may only try to stay civilised people about it and to let the one whos leaving do it without making up grandiose scandals and hysterics. Although some think that its better to stay enemies than friends because than you will have nothing to regret about and wont execute meaningless attempts to get things back. But is it so right to ruin all the memories about the happy
This quiz is absolutely dead on... What Your Nose Says About You You are detail oriented and attentive. You are a perfectionist. You are a nosey person and a bit of a snoop. You can't help but be curious! You are optimistic and trusting. You expect the best from people. What Does Your Nose Say About You?
The Evil Ex.. Part 2
After last night's episode, making the drive out to where my ex lives is not what I wanted to do, but David was in the Halloween parade so whether I wanted to or not, I went. The fallout that I know of so far from last night is my ex took away David's cell. So the middle school band was one of the last things in the parade, and my ex had been in an earlier group so she was already where the parade ended. I walked along side the band to the end of the parade, gave David a hug, told him I loved him, and let him go .. since the ex said we can't do anything when it isn't my weekend. I walked to my car, drove another 10 minutes or so and my phone rang. It's Steve... her current husband... "Where is David?" I said since I wasn't allowed time I left him at the end of the parade where he was to be picked up by his mother. Well.. they could not find him. My first thought was after last night he ran away. I turned around and drove back. Apparently Sue was not at the end of the pa
The Naughty Angels.
Welcome to the newest Leveling Crew on FUBAR. The Naughty Angels. We are looking for people that want to help others level. Must be at least a level 10 with verified salute. If you are interested, get in touch with me via private message. :) **kisses** Faith Cheryl I stole this from here,cuz I could :P
Honor Him
Was it really vengeance that drove Maximus, or was it the honor of his king and family that pushed him to fulfill what he believed needed to be done? Just as with Maximus, what really drove Borimir in the end? Was it honor, or was it redemption for allowing himself to be consumed by the greed of man?
Road Trip
So yesterday after work my coworker, me, and her friend went to Warren Dunes in Michigan. I was spposed to go to sleep at that time, but I can't ever say "no" to a road trip! It was a lot of friggin fun. Made my week :)
Bad Girl Of The Week 10-20-08 Vamp Morticia
Let Me Introduce You To Sarge's Bad Girl Of The Week For The Week Of 10-20-08 Vamp Morticia Be Sure To Stop By Her Page & Show Her Some ..She Will Be Sure To Return All Here Is A Bit About Her ~ABOUT ME~ *Basics* Name/Nickname:Vamp Morticia/Tamara Birthday:March 4th, 1975 Zodiac Sign:Pisces Hair Color:Dark Red Eye Color:Blue but they change sometimes Tattoos:None Piercings:Just ears (but 3) *Favorites* Color:Black Season:Fall Day Of Week:Monday Animal:turtles Flower:Rose *Have You Ever* Danced In The Rain?:no, any offers? Laughed So Hard You Cried?:a lot with my kids Smiled For No Reason?:yes Sat On Your Rooftop?:nope *This 0R That* Computer 0R T.V?:Computer Phone 0R IM?:IM or texting McDonalds 0R Burger King?:McDonald's Summer 0R Winter?:Summer CDs 0R IPoD/MP3?:Cds XBox 0R PS2?:XBox I guess cuz my son has one! RANDOMS... Your Perfect Pizza?:stuffed crust with beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, and cream cheese Your Fea
Erase my being Come wipe me clean I want to feel like I just stole my first dream It's taken over me Something so sober Let me drift a while a longer Lost in this bright light As our worlds collide I wanna feel like I just took my first flight Your getting closer Whispers tell no lies Something so sober Let me stay a while longer Help me up Bring me down Take me in Spill me out Write me down Tear me up Start again Fill me up Start again...
Leveling Help #39
Muggsy77~ aka Chuckles~@ fubar 12k to level
Linkin Park - From The Inside
I don't know who to trust no surprise (Everyone feels so far away from me) Happy thoughts sift through dust and the lies (Trying not to break but I'm so tired of this deceit) (Every time I try to make myself get back up on my feet) (All I ever think about is this) (All the tiring time between) (And how trying to put my trust in you just takes so much out of me) [Chorus] Take everything from the inside and throw it all away Cuz I swear for the last time I won't trust myself with you Tension is building inside steadily (Everyone feels so far away from me) heavy thoughts forcing their way out of me (Trying not to break but I'm so tired of this deceit) (Every time I try to make myself get back up on my feet) (All I ever think about is this) (All the tiring time between) (And how trying to put my trust in you just takes so much out of me) [Chorus] Take everything from the inside and throw it all away Cuz I swear for the last time I won't trust
Fun Facts Revisited.
-When I was a child, my dad drank alot and fought with my mom while I hid in my room with the TV on full blast so I couldn't hear the yelling. -My childhood depressed me so much that I turned to food for solace. It was always there when I needed it, was always satisfying, and never disappointed me. It was my best friend. This is where my struggle with my weight began. -I'm 5'9" and rarely wear heels because I don't want to be taller than those around me. -I like to stand out in this end, I will dress outlandishly and make a fool out of myself if necessary. -I read daily. Usually while I soak in a hot lavender scented bubble bath. -My brother Darrell was struck and killed by a drunk driver when he was 15. My son is named after him. -My other brother Wayne has been in debt to me for 7 months. He owes me $300 which I could really use right now. -I love to cuddle. -I sing along with every song on the radio. For some reason, I have this ability to learn t
Leveling Help 40
Gets Vicious When Provoked!! (read my rules before adding me)@ fubar 5k to level
Stolen From Queenie
ok stole from Queenie but, she is a good girl so mine has to be nsfw***************************** Do you get high a lot? naa, i prefer to just shoot heroin, jk yeesh i am nutty enough just add water. Do you wish you were somew​here else right​ now? do the words fuck yes mean any thing? Where​ are your sibli​ngs?​ fucked if i know, somewhere with thier heads up thier arses.......just saying Your ex shows​ up rando​mly at your house​,​ what do you say? fuck directly and completely off lmao Last perso​n you texte​d?​ Ls Do you have a bestf​riend​?​ kinda sorta in a wierd kinda not really, yes i do way.....Queenie How many pillo​ws do you sleep​ with?​ with? i have 6 on my bed, but i need to get to know them a little better before i sleep with them. What kind of shirt​ are you weari​ng?​ superman lol Do you like cuddl​ing?R
123 Days And Other Interesting Stuff
I checked in on the Become An Ex site, which helped me quit smoking because I feel obligated to go on and cheer/support/encourage others to do the same. Didn't realize until I checked my Quit Keeper that I had been quit for 123 days. This makes me happy. Last night, watched Dancing With The Stars, every time I watch it...which isn't regularly but occasionally, I want to dance. So last night I danced into the kitchen to refill my glass of iced tea and caught my reflection in the mirror. This made me unhappy. I lamented I couldn't exercise immediately after surgery and now that I know I can, or at least enough to produce suitable cardio, I'm stuck in my recovery process of mostly sitting on my ass with random errands thrown in here and there. So, today, after I finish sitting on my ass to finish typing up an interview I conducted in July and only finished transcribing yesterday, I will be dancing my butt into shape. It would be a real shame if certain modified parts of me were
Nsfw Auction
i am in a naughty auction click the pic below to see what i'm offering ::) HAPPY BIDDING!!!
Hello Letter Sent To All Members
Well i've taking quite a few days/weeks/months even years off of fubar. I just needed some time to myself. I felt like fubar was taking over my life. It was always fubar this, and fubar that, i just didn't want fubar to run my life. But i'm back, but i am not going to be a full time thing with me being on fubar. I am only here to keep up communications with all the very nice people i've met on here......even though you all have probably long and forgot about me :( Well here's hoping that isn't the case. ROCK ON PEOPLE AND I CAN'T WAIT TO TALK TO YOU ALL AGAIN!
99 Bottles Of Beer Contest All Bottles Claimed Prizes Soon
Which Brew will U do? The Easiest Contest Ever!! My Biggest Contest Ever!! Everyone is a Winner!! 99 Bottles of beer on the wall! 99 Bottles of Beer! Take one down pass it around... Here's how to Play: I have a picture folder filled with 99 bottles of beer. Your job rate all 99. While doing this, decide which brew is yours. Private message me with the bottle number. After you contact me, comment that bottle 50 times. That's it! I will mark that bottle for you and it is off limits to anyone else. So for 50 comments and 99 rates (rate em all 10's, does not have to be 11's) you can win a Fabulous prize. When all bottles have been claimed, I will reveal what all the prizes are. The prizes have already been determined and are stashed away in a separate folder. Prizes include: Blings (1,3, & 5 point),Ticker, Fugifts, Rate ups, Morphs, Pimpouts, and so much I can't list it all. Every bottle has a prize! What will yours be??? Music provided by WYKD Radio Th
I Miss You
I miss you when your not around me i miss you when your not kissing me i miss your lips when your not around i miss holding you in my arms when your not around i miss you i miss you whenever i cant see you i miss your touch when your not around i miss your smile an your eyes when your not around i miss you i miss everything about you I miss by cleon
Light A Candle For "angel"
TRAGEDY STRIKES GLOBE ARIZONA Bye Bye - Mariah Carey Today @ 4pm in Globe Arizona there was an Accident off Highway 60 involving an 18 wheeler and a compact car. The Truck hit the car throwing it into the side of a mountain. Inside the car was a 6 six old little girl that was transported to the Hospital in Critical Condition. In the process of being air lifted to Phoenix @ 5pm this poor little girl took her place with our Lord. We do not know her name So we will call her "Angel" Because she has gotten her wings now. We Pray for her and her Family in there time of Loss.. Light a candle for "Angel" Feel free to Add your candle,Name & Prayers before reposting.. Dj Always Erica Globe, Miami Arizona May god hold on to the family and watch over them. DJ BOOBALICIOUS LENORE WEST VIRGINA MAY GOD BE WITH THIS FAMILY IN THERE TIME OF NEED PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY.
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KMARTKUTIE@ fubar 7k valid salute 71 pics
How My Day Went!
So, I had court yesterday, from what i did in June, and it went well. I have to do 8 violence classes, which cost 200 bux, but instead of payin that fee ima do 20 hrs community service, which isn't nothing, considering i volunteer my time for a lot of things anyways, and they are lookin into the 500 dollar restitution, cuz i don't think the estimate is right for a door jam that i know for a fact isn't worth no 500 dollars, and my next court date is Nov 14. I will keep ya'll posted! Thanks for all your support! And if no one knows what i did in june, here is the low down bout it! I was datin this guy for over a year and he was an alcoholic, and he was good to me at first, then as time went on, i started to see the real him,, he tried to change me, and i wasnt' having it, ( i change for no one) so he started to treat me like shit, and me the type of person to give the benifit of a doubt kept forgiving him. Well i finally got tired of him beatin the crap outta me (on new years, valent
Wanna Own Me
aightt first auction. u wanna own me??? i will treat my owner like a king/queen. if u r interested, here is the link for bidding!! muah.......
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I-AM-WHAT-I-AM@ fubar 4,400 to Henchman!!
Can You Believe This??
Times Ticking Away
This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane to see Jeff again. This is your final warning. Imma be gone for a month just about, and won't be interneting that much. I'm so fucking excited. I wish today would pass fast. Theres so much I need to do today though. I've got to pack and clean and double check everything before I leave. Make sure everythings secure. I'm so fucking paranoid though. Autumn got sent home from school yesterday because of a lice scare. A few people got it, including one in her class. They dismissed school early, and when she got home everyone in this house got a hardcore hair washing and blow dry and head check. Thank god were all clean. I've been flipping through her hair every hour to double check and make sure I didn't miss anything. I would be so furious at the school if she wasn't. She goes to an all handicapped school. They should notice if one kid goes to school scratching his scalp senseless ASAP. Not after it gets to spread like wildfire through the damn school.
2 lbs of hambuger, 2 or 3 eggs, 1 sleeve of crackers, ketchup and sweet babyray honey bbq sauce... mix all together good ,then cook for 2 hours on 300 to 350 and while cooking put a good squeeze of both ketchup and sweet baby rays on the top makes enough food for 4to 5 people
Maybe ... we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe ... when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe ... it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe ... the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe ... you should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you dream of, and want to do. Maybe ... there are moments in life when you miss someone -- a parent, a spouse, a friend, a child, your girlfrien
Caa #49
This one hits home. A very good friend of mine whose is family to me was put in the hospital tonight, have no info other than she is in grave condition as of now and waiting to hear more. Please keep her, her family and my family in prayer during this time. Will update as soon as I know more. Angel prayers, power, strength and healing is desperately needed. Doc
About Us...
Untitled 2
Harsh words, violent blows hidden secrets, no one knows eyes are open, hands are fisted deep inside, I'm warped and twisted. On my knees, alive but dead look at the invisible blood I've bled I'm not gone my mind's just drifted don't expect much, I'm warped and twisted Born out, wasted, empty, and hallow Today is yesterday's tomorrow The sun died out the ashes sifted I'm still here, warped and twisted.
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Motoroil~Fubar Luv Bomber For Hire@ fubar 9k to level
I love you too Four simple little words From the mouths of angels Small in size, but big on heart I love you too Brings a smile to my face A warm feeling all over Letting me know Im not alone I love you too Its the antidote, the cure In that instant, all troubles forgotten Knowing that life isnt a waste Lights of hope in a dark mans existence I love you daddy Its how I sleep at night And the reason I make it through my days
Leveling Help 59
DramaQueen617~ZODIAK BOMBER/LEVELER@ fubar 10k to level
Got Boredom?
Star Whores!
Am I Really That Ugly
It's been brought to my attention that most of my friends and family are telling someone that Im ugly. I may not be good looking but, to go behind my back and talk crap is disrespectful. If you don't want to be friends or whatever let me know I'll delete you, I don't need friends like that anyways.
Come On You Know You Want Me So Prove It!!!
Us Hopes To Make 'flying Submarine'
"The US military is turning to the realms of science fiction in a bid to invent a flying submarine, authorities said. Designs for a submersible aircraft are wanted by the agency which commissions advanced research for the US Department of Defence (DoD). The new machine, dubbed a three billion dollar (1.9 billion) flying submarine by US media, needs to be capable of carrying eight men and their equipment a combination of 1,150 miles by air, 115 miles by sea, or 22 miles underwater - in less than eight hours." Source : MSN Personally, I can never tire of reading that last paragraph... "A flying submarine called FS-1 became one of the most recognised elements of the 1960s TV series Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, but even that did not reach the specifications the US military is looking for now. It was yellow and only held a two-man crew, but was able to carry passengers."
Caa #51
A friend of mine and her husband are going through a rough time. They are going to be visiting with a lawyer today for a second appeal on their case. Let us share our Angel strength and support with them, to guard them on this trip. Angel wisdom for both their lawyer and the judge, so that the right thing is done, instead of the injustice being done. We are with you Hun, 1000% and we send our prayers in this time of your need. Doc
The Soul
THE SOUL If I could touch you anywhere, it wouldn't be where you think if I could touch you anywhere it wouldn't even make you blink If I could touch you anywhere it would be daring and bold if I could touch you anywhere I would touch your soul If you believe the eyes are the windows to the soul then look in deep and you will be sold If you see something you like, and you want to see more look at the smile, you just might find the door Once you're inside the door, you can see what there is to see once you're inside the door, you can tell if it's meant to be Once you're inside the door, you can feel what it's all about once you're inside the door, you can touch the soul from the inside out The body is just a vehicle for the soul, that we know if human touch is the motor that makes the soul go If the soul is the essence of what is you and what is me then to start this motor, Love is its key In the night when it's dark and cold I want your heat to grab and hold I want to bring you into th
Dads After Surgery
hello all.. first thing i want to say is i have missed you has been a very long week. i am very tired but am doing is doing good he went through surgery very well he was under 3 and 1/2 hours then they had him in recovery for 6 hrs he was having problems waking up and his oxygen was very low..we was up there at OSU hospital from 9am friday till 1am saturday before they moved him to a room they call a step-down room. right across from the nurses staion.he never made it to a private room...he was watched closely.he was out of his head till late sunday.he didnt have enough oxygen getting to his brain.but he pulled through.brought him home tuesday afternoon and have been staying with him , he is doing ok..slow but moving forward.we will find out nov.3rd if the tumor was cancer or not.the Dr. saved 2/3rd of his thats about it for now.. thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers cause they are are all the best friends a girl could ev
Crush Verse 1 I drive you home, and walk you to your door, You say, please, come home with me. I walk you up to your floor, And throw you to the wall; passionately. I kiss and touch you all over, Ohh, please be mine for eternity. Lock all the doors, throw out the key, Just stay right here, next to me. My dear, I would stay here forever, Keep me in your mind; forever. I love the way you call me baby, I love the way you call me yours. Being here makes things all better, Being in your mind, keeps me on course. Chorus 1 The sun is shining through your eyes, I draw you a bath, candle light, fire in sight. I lay you into the water, Baby; you deserve it, each and every night. Verse 2 Wrap you up in a towel; kiss your neck, Lay you on the bed, your legs wound around my back. You whisper, "baby, love me!" I'll never hesitate to that. You take off my clothes! I say, "babe, you ready?" We make love for hours; our love explodes, This love will last fo
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No You Didn't!!
Sooo,I ventured out to the store this evening,I needed stuff. I am standing in the good old Wally World (Wal-Mart)trying to decide if the cardboard tampons or the plastic ones are better(not really plastic is good).There he is,walking right up to me like it was last year.nice grin on his face. He puts his hand up to my face,tells me I am more beautiful than I was last year and he misses me. Ok,so what I am thinking in my head is "FUCK YOU!! NO YOU DIDN'T JUST PUT YOUR FUCKING HAND ON MY FACE! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? HELL YES I LOOK BETTER THAN LAST YEAR AND YOU CAN GO BACK TO YOUR 20yr old knocked up not by you,CHILD-RAPING PRISON BITCH!" But,I politely say "Thanks,you look the same as always." I got the plastic tampons. I love plastic :)
Coffee, Tea, Marblecake?
rystal wanted to know how I take my coffee... I like my coffee like I like my women. 1. Strong and sweet 2. Straight 3. Thick and creamy 4. Rich and flavorful 5. Very hot
This Stuff Annoys Me....
SEAN DUBBS: hello?? PunkStarChik81: yo SEAN DUBBS: u busy?? PunkStarChik81: nope SEAN DUBBS: wanna show?? PunkStarChik81: show what SEAN DUBBS: u see my pic on your box PunkStarChik81: no, but i know what it was before so im not looking SEAN DUBBS: just me SEAN DUBBS: well a huge part of me PunkStarChik81: if it's still your cock, i have no reason to look at it SEAN DUBBS: ok, it is but y no reason to look @ it?? PunkStarChik81: i don't want to SEAN DUBBS: ok SEAN DUBBS: sorry PunkStarChik81: its ok SEAN DUBBS: u r really sexy PunkStarChik81: thank ya SEAN DUBBS: where do u live?? PunkStarChik81: on oregon SEAN DUBBS: oh PunkStarChik81: why? SEAN DUBBS: just wondering PunkStarChik81: lol ok SEAN DUBBS: bcuz ur sexy SEAN DUBBS: and if u were closer i would love to talk to u PunkStarChik81: talking is SEAN DUBBS: and.... PunkStarChik81: and? SEAN DUBBS: nm PunkStarChik81: hmmm? SEAN DUBBS: ok SEAN DUBBS: i would love to take u out SE
Born Only To Love Not Be Loved
Once a scared and scarred young girl closed herself off to the world She didnt believe in fairy tale dreams She knew they were not as they seemed Believing not in love at all She barracaded inside thick walls. One man after another proving her right She gave no permissions to love at first sight Once her walls penetrated by a kind hearted gent Words of love and messages sent This myth of love could it be real For this man taught her how love should feel She opened her heart and him she did love She knew that he was sent from heaven above One cold autumn night her dream lay shattered For it was her love for him that did not matter A close friend is what she will always be But more he was to her now he'd never see She cried to her friend as her body was shaking Her friend knew how much her heart was aching "Let it go" she was advised But inside she knew love was just a lie Laying alone she looked deep inside and knew that the truth she could not hide She came fr
Caregiver's Blues.
I am not having a good day. I won't go into details here, but I am frustrated as hell and so sick of the way things have been in my life these past few years. Before my mother got sick, I was doing pretty well. I started out with a hard road to walk because I had my kids young and was forced to forgo the latter half of a college education to be a single mother, but I was finally standing on my own two feet and really starting to get my shit together. I had finally dumped the last in a string of shiftless significant others and was concentrating on being a working mom. I was no longer living paycheck to paycheck and I had received a bit of life insurance money from my father's death. I was bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan. When my mom's health worsened, everything changed. My brother lived 20 minutes away from her and I lived in another frigging state. Guess which one was making the daily drive after work to go check on her and make certain she had food and cle
Lifes Bitter Twists
It never fails to amaze me how, in this life it seems that, just when you start to get back on your feet once more and everything seems just right, something happens to pull it all away from you once again.... It would seem that through sheer coincidence, someone very very special to me has mis-read something that maybe a thousand people had, at that time the same status I had for mine, but it woud seem that because someone else in my family had the same status it was read that the two were in some way related.....I can not speak for the other person, or know whom their status was relating to but I feel it was not for I guess it can be read in many ways by different people at to what your status really means. I have a feeling that because of the feelings this very special person ahs towards me and with what has taken place in their life as of late, I can only assume that it is no more than sheer confusion that has lead to the way things are right now....
Heaven Can Wait By Meatloaf
Heaven can wait And a band of angels wrapped up in my heart Will take me through the lonely night Through the cold of the day And I know I know Heaven can wait And the gods come down here just to sing for me And the melody's gonna make me fly Without pain Without fear Give me all of your dreams And let me go along on your way Give me all of your prayers to sing And I'll turn the night into the light of day I got a taste of paradise I'm never gonna let it slip away I got a taste of paradise It's all I really need to make me stay Just like a child again Heaven can wait And all I got is time until the end of time I won't look back I won't look back Let the altars shine And I know that I've been released But I don't know to where And nobody's gonna tell me now And I don't really care no no no I got a taste of paradise If I had it any sooner you know You know I never would havve run away from my home Heaven can wait And all I got is until the end
The Sistahood
Real Or Fake
well i am typing this out. it is bout the only way i can express myself these days with out hurting some one. like that is goin to matter. well if you have checked this out and u have rated this blog i will remember you. i say this because i am moving to another name. and i am goin to start new but im not goin to add just anyone anymore i dont care. i am goin to say it again i treat these online sites just like a way to keep in touch with my friends. im not into goin around just like most the guys on this site out to find all the girls with nsfw i could care less to see your tits or any part of your body if i dont know you. if i want to see that stuff ill go watch porn. but as i said this is to see who actually is a friend or not and believe me i will not hesitate to leave ya behind. david
Six Foot Five
...As he crossed the threashold, I realized he was extremely tall. A long lean figure appeared. Into the light a sweet face and smile looked down at me. ..."Hello Beautiful..." was what I heard.I scurried thru the house trying to get myself together. We sat for a few minutes. I turned my back a second and he started to caress my shoulders. A soft touch and strong hands traced my shoulders and arms. We walked into my room and I laid on my stomach. He continued to caress my body. It felt so good. He started getting closer and closer to my clothing line. His hands found their way under my garments. He fliped me on my back to caress my legs. His hands started to trace up to my lips. I felt his fingers slide into my lips and rubbing me. His other finger slid deep into my pussy. He sat next to me and cupped my lower half. He cradled my legs into his arms as he spread me open. His face plunged deep into my pussy. He licked and sucked my clit. I felt my cum ooze out all over his fa
Fall Fu-festival
Is Tony Robbins The New Jesus.............
Is Tony Robbins the new Jesus............. While talking to the good people of Fubar I came across someone who had been to one of this guys "shows" turned out on further questioning she was one of his volunteers, or disciples as I would refer to the poor misguided souls. So this got me round to thinking, maybe this guy is the new Jesus, so I looked for evidence and similarities between the two. Both are good talkers............... yep Both project/projected a strong personality.......... yep Both perform miricles*................ yep Both empower the poor through non violet protest...... yep Both live a simple humble life......... nope (not unless you count 18 cars, 5 houses, 2 boats and a helicopter as simple, p.s. those are not
Burt Reynolds
Dear Friends, I suck at PhotoShop and I need your help! I need my head in this Burt Reynolds pic...and I need a nice mustache. The mustache is important. If you're wondering why I want to be Burt then you obviously don't know about my gender identity issues :P Any volunteers? *waits*
Why do shirts cost the same no matter what size they are? I have to buy some new clothes, and I was looking around baffles me. I wear a medium, sometimes a large, why do I have to pay for Humpty Dumpty's excess fabric? Why do I have to pay more for shorts than pants? And don't even get me started on womens clothes, where you pay more for a lot less....
What Is Ugly Vs. Beauty
Ladies, what is ugly? I was online today, and I was talking in a chatroom, and a young girl was talking on how ugly and fat she is because others said she was. Everyone in that chatroom was trying to convince her that she was not ugly, and even I mentioned that people should never judge anyone by just their looks, but by their actions. Beauty, I told her, comes from the heart, and does not need to shown physically. The girl ignored everyone, and left that fact that she was fat and ugly. So, I left the computer to eat some dinner with my friends, and sadly enough they never showed. But I sat there, by myself, and thought why is it people can be so judgemental on others. And thinking some more I pulled out a napkin and my pen and wrote this down: What is ugly? I don't want the Prom Queen, because every guy wants the Prom Queen. I don't want the Popular Slut on the street, because every guy wants to get a piece of the Popular Slut on the street. I don't want the best lo
Just watched a Russian movie Mongol, and it was just fantastic. Definitely highly recommended for anyone that likes epic movies about historical figures (Ghengis Khan in this case). It is in Mongolian, with English subtitles. Gotta have my dad watch it, since thats where he was born.
when do you know.... how do you know when its time to hide? i thought it through..... i tried to make it real.... you were never by my side.. you told me don't worry.. you told me don't be scared.... but you never fuckin cared.... i'm as good as i can be it was as good as it was.... but what you had was not enough... i'm gonna be who i can... gonna be who i should.... you left what you had... it can never come back... you walked away never to be replaced.
Security Searches
To the whiners: I've been to over 15 countries, getting to most of them by plane. I flew across US by plane. I've been at an airport MANY times. FOr you faggots that complain about being searched: STFU. Having your toothpaste taken away is a lil less painful than getting stabbed in a throat 3000 miles in the air. Those people are concerned with everyone's safety, get the fuck over it. On occasion when I flew to Europe, they were very lax about searching. On other occasions, they weren't. After they got terror acts in one of their countries. Its ungrateful lil fags like most of you whiners that make me rethink the whole Humanity issue, and wish for humans to disappear off the face of the earth. Ungrateful pigs.
It Is What It Is
You see it yet it no longer fazes: Burning bodies, Wasted ammo cases' Too far removed with in your living room, your place-tomb. Fucked up nation: Your children die buy the moment, You write it off as bravery, Because your to cowardly yo call it What it really is, Nation-sanctioned suicide. The God of war has reawakened, And is once again is running free, The old war Gods are in full swing, And at the end of the day, Death and violence rule supreme.
my single voice in the hall way of reality kissing your life goodbye and saying hello to hell with a smile and determination is a wonderful thing inside outside looking between why can't there be a world with out any sides or by my side? are we all just aliens? Why can't we see whats right in front of us? why when something becomes clear that everyone else knew seem like a shock that was out of this world? Home? home is not is not where you lay your head home is not where your heart lies my heart is not my house home is what they cannot take from you I know what home is and my head has nothing to do with it so many tears fall with no one to catch them moonlight shining in my eyes and I am enchanted just seeing the stars to lose yourself but still hold on to what you are Heros are not born or made or even tangible what makes a hero? someone to help? stop evil? protect the innocent? what the fuck man isn't that life???????
So, last week I went to a funeral for a lady that I had taken care of the last year at my job. It was the first funeral I have gone to for a resident. It was kind of weird. She was a nice lady. 94 years old. very loving and caring. She even sent ariana a valentine's day card in the mail. Her funeral was nice, no tears. That is how I want it to be when I die. Then I wonder...would anyone cry for me anyway? My mom called tonight to tell me that my grandma is dying and that my aunt wants to have a last christmas so to speak with the family. I love my grandma and I want to be able to see her. but i want to do it on my own time. I told my mom I wouldn't go. I will go in 2 weeks with just my mom and my daughter and we will see Grandma. But, I won't go to this "family" thing. No one in that family ever has time for anyone. I don't want to spend any extra time with them. Am I wrong to be that way?
Caa #54 - Update
Please keep in prayers, have been updated on what happened. Seems that their truck was t-boned hitting the daughters side (she was the passenger). Other driver ran a red light. She has cuts on her face, but right now she is still unconscious from the accident. Dr. thinks it is due to shock, so we are waiting, but there does not appear to be anything major for right now. Will keep everyone updated. Doc
Deep Thoughts Maybe, Or Merely Just A Thought Put On Paper
Being human has its many faults. With all these faults, we still have the ability to overcome what in powers us to fall among the most common of circumstances. To Judge is to be judged. I myself have fallen prey to this character trait. To hurt is to be hurt. To love is to be loved. It is a parallel world we surround ourselves in. Then when you look at the bigger scheme of things to never feel sadness would lead us to not ever knowing what happiness is. To never feel anger would lead us to never know remorse. Our feelings belong to us and us alone. Our beliefs are ours to build on and prove stronger. Subconsciously we are constantly making decisions about who we are and who we want to become. Take the internet it is a very powerful tool to network well beyond boundaries that are physically unreachable. The friendships that are created with time. The feeling you get when you see a familiar name. Each person in there own realm, protected behind a keyboard and a screen. For those
Someone Get Ticked That I Flaged A Pic Nsfw
someone get ticked that i flaged a pic nsfw yea i flaged a pic today and its not very offten i do flag pic, stash or anything else i got a good laugh though out the conversation with this person cause he was showing his colors. i had to share this with all my friends that some take it to serious and clearly cant read the rules hotMsn: ok i block u ... ->hotMsn: apperantly you didnt get my hint hotMsn: u r not talking bothering me and it is not ur rite ? i said do not write me anymore ? isnt it enough u to stop? ->hotMsn: its my right as a human to talk and yet ur the one that came to my shout box hotMsn: tell me ? hotMsn: what should i say to u to make u not write me anymore? hotMsn: why r u still talk ? ->hotMsn: did i say its my job to flag it no i didnt and till you pay me quit actin like my boss hotMsn: go for it man,, dunt u understand me go and look so many pix like that ok? do ur job well than if it is ur job/// ->hotMsn: if a pic is a display pic is n
Mental Image
here images that people can easily see. Photographs and video are the most common ways people see Iraq. The problem is that's it's just an image. It lacks the actual scars left on the ones who saw the event firsthand. There are emotion behind images. There are sights and smells that will never leave an individuals mind. With all these scenes put together with an image, the real truth comes out of it. It can be seen as a whole, not a piece of paper with colors and shapes. there is a ball of fire that sneaks up in my mind one that sneak up on me any hour of the day bullets flying echoing in house in Fallujah watching Greg die. there are no photographs of this event Instead there are mental images that my platoon and I will hold on to forever
Consensual "Slavery Contract This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between two adult consenting individuals,________________ and _______________, hereafter termed the slave and the master (both terms are intended to be independent of sex). This agreement is legal and binding. This agreement must be entered voluntarily, but cannot be broken except under the conditions stated herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved. (See section 7.0.0) 1.0.0 Slave's Role The slave agrees to submit completely to the master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the master without risking punishment, except in situations where the slave's veto (see section 1.0.1) applies. The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, their body belongs to their master, to be use
My Auto 11's Are Active Get Fubucks And Bling!
Please read & rate this blog! I'm hoping to level so any help is appreciated! Please Rate my profile/ Fan & Add Me I will return the favor! I will randomnly be giving away Fubling!!! During HH's for each folder with 100 pics you get 10,000 Fubucks! If it's not during a HH then it's 5,000. You can rate as many folders as you want!! After you rate please send me a message stating which folder or folders you rated so I can verify. Please don't leave me a comment in my pictures, because I won't see it!!!!! Just a little Information you mght find interesting! If you rate with an actual 11, you get 114 (double) points per picture you rate ! That means you get 11,400 additional Fubucks and Points from Fubar! If you rate with a 10 that turns into an 11, you get 57 points per picture you rate ! That means you get 5,700 additional Fubucks and Points from Fubar! Thanks, Vixen! P.S. be patient for me to send you the fubucks! If I made a mistake and you didn't
I love halloween.. usually i will dress my house up and i will dress up to give out candy.. this year... not so much.... kids MUST love my house though... I give out full candy bars...
James Meza (rip)
such an interesting guy. he's sister and i were the best of friends but i never got to know him until junior high. he was loud. annoying. and funny when he walked into a room everyone knew who he was. his murder erupted chaos in my small hometown now, 7 people are dead and 12 are in the hospital i don't know the exact numbers but that's what i've heard one of the shootings even happend on the street i lived on..where my parents live. May he rest in peace. i miss you.
Nice Comments !!!!!!!
"WoW! You're incredibly gorgeous! I was checking out some of your photos and you're simply stunning in almost all of em! Ok, who am I kidding you're absolutely stunning in ALL of them! Seriously, it's are, I even double checked to make sure, (airbrushing/photoshop be damned, I'd bet in person you'd put all those photos to shame!) Anywho add me cause I think you're cool, and also because you know everything I just said is true :) Before I logged in here this morning I just viewed a breathtaking sunrise, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen...but it doesn't stand a chance, it's nothing compared to you!" This Is From A New Fan..BigDawg..Nov 1st 2008..Ty..That's So Nice 2 Hear. I Also Wanna Thank Each & Every 1 Of U That Say Equally Nice Things Like That 2 Me Each & Every Day...I'm Gld I Can Be A Part Of Your Life..XOXOXOXOXOXOXXOOXOXOXOXOXO
I Hope Youze Guys Are Happy!!!
I carved a kick ass pumpkin this year. It had all the makings of "Pumpkin of the Year". (Actually it was just your standard every day Jack. Perhaps, i can embellish the coolness of the Jack) *personal note: delete bracketed section* I hope you are Happy You Bastard! My Jack O Lantern was the key to immortality! It could cure cancer! It could tell you where you left your keys if you lost them! It could tell you all the words to a song if you forgot them! Jack was a vast well of knowledge even though he only had seeds in his head! Jack could spit pumpkin seeds like bullets! (only when his candle was lit.) Jack could wink and make a woman climax! Jack could get away with being naked ALL the time, because he was JACK! Now he's dead. You little bastard! You have destroyed the future of the human race by killing a poor defenseless Jack in his sleep!!! He was like Frosty the snow man...but he wont' be back again someday...(le sigh) Thirteen year old lil douche...
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Ms Bratt will have Auto 11's on TODAY 5pm central time! Lots of pic's to rate! GO level up on her & help your family member out! ♥MsBratt♥President/Recruiter 4 Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew@ fubar
how much cock could a cockknocker knock if a cockknocker could knock cock........
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Rate my photo for this contest......Bomb me with comments!!!!!!!!
The Cute Monster Test
What Your Cute Monster Says About You You have enthusiasm for almost everything you do in life. You have a super playful attitude. You are curious about the world, and you love to learn. You rather figure people out than rush to judge them. Your inner demon is pride. You can't help but have a big head sometimes. People think you're cute because you're adventurous. You always bring some fun, which is super charming. The Cute Monster Test
Birthday Train
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Selling Yourself On Fubar
Okay so we all know a bout the Blast Box right? Why do people (women particularly) feel the need to sell themselves by posting provocative pictures in the blast box? I went from new fu to a regular like in a two week span almost..and that's without being anyone's my fan, not doing my page up, and not crushing on anyone. I don't know.. some of these bitches shouldn't even be taking their shirt off let alone deceiving people with camera angles. On myspace we called them Myspace angels, a person who is overweight who takes pictures at a certain angle to look skinnier. Then when people go to meet them they're fat. Wtf man... that's some fucked up shit, no?
Well, my brother is in Maine...US soil! Woot! I still don't get to see him, but glad he's safe.
All Most There Give Me Love Plzzzz
HELP OH HELP ME PLZ I JUST NEED SOME BOMBS HERE.... click the pic and leave as many comments as you can ty ty just only on this one pic here... ty
Scream By Chris Cornell
Take a minute to tell you right And you can say what you want Turn around every night So now you're always going off Doesn't matter what I done Or if I even crossed the line Is that the hollar going for blood Girl, it doesn't have to be a fight Throwing out the blame when you know it ain't my fault Messing with my brain when you want to see me fall There may come a time when I don't bother you at all It isn't my call, it isn't my call Hey, why you keep screaming at the top of your head? I say hey, why you keep screaming at the top of your head? I say hey, why you keep screaming at the top of your head? I say hey, why you keep screaming at the top of your head? [There's no need to scream, baby I'm standing right in front of your face Why? I know sometimes we don't get along So Chris sing the second verse to you Like this] Take a minute to tell you now Don't have to raise my tone Take the level and bring it down I just want you to know I got no trouble w
Godfather Mother Auction
Join The GodFather/GodMother Auction! I Just GodMother'd And Thought What A Perfect Time For An Auction~Contest! This Will Also Be A CASH Only Auction! You Must Have A Verified SaluteAnd You Must Be Either A God Father Or Mother! This Is Also A Rates Contest! The Winner With The Most Rates At The End Of The 2 Weeks Will Get 3 Million FuBux! Send Me In A Private Message: Your Link To The Photo Your Offer What You Would Not Like In Your Bid Your 50K To Enter We Are Not Responsible For Non Payment We Will Pimp The Auction But For Your Best Bid and Rates You Need to Pimp Yourself For The Bidders: Your Bid Must Be A Cash Bid Only! No Fubux! If Offered Bid Will Be Deleted If You Bid Make Sure You Can Pay Up!!!! Auction Will Start When There Are 10 Entries GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY FU'ing! PLEASE REMEMBER NO DRAMA!! Tags Will Be Made Prior To Start Of Auction. First To Sticky In Mine Or Carebears Name Gets 500K Brought To You By: *Pink
Job App
Name: Age: How Often Could U Be On To Help: Why U Wanna Work For Latin Life: What Do U Think You Could Bring To Staff: How Would U Go Above And Beyond To Make Latin Life A Successful Lounge: When Can U Start:
Missing You
Insomnia sucks. I used to hate it when I had to get up at 5 am to go to work...I still hate it when I have to get up at 9. You may think 9 isn't that bad, and it really isn't...but for someone who doesn't get to sleep until 6-7 am's still a hassle. Now that I'm working again....I have something else to dread (Y)
[regarding Somniphobia]
The purpose of this post is to say that I'm terrified of sleep. Especially tonight. I can't stand the anticipation of all the things going on in my life, like a potential new job, the stuff going on with my folks, my brother's wedding, my goddaughter being born in a month. Its all just so exciting and yet, hollow. I'm doing it all alone. I was published for the first time alone. I was a best man, a conspirator, a great dad, a good son, a terrible grandson, a mediocre brother, a bad friend, and a spectacular dancer alone. If I could name 2008, I would call it the year of trials. Some tests I failed, some I passed simply by surviving. Some things that I thought I had lost, were always right there in front of me. You don't know what you've got til you have to use it to bail your sorry ass out. I grew up a lot this year, mostly involuntarily.
I can't stop buying things on eBay! Tell me to stop! I recently listed things to sell on there again, and now that I'm on there I can't stop shopping! :O I'm moving soon, so I'm supposed to be getting rid of stuff, not buying it. WTH?
Bending Over.....35 Times!
UPDATE! Ty All so much! My Happy Hour Rocked and I made mega points! WOOT! My 11's have expired though and that was my last one! BOOHOO! Definitely on the top of my list of birthday wishes! Hope you all have an amazing day! Will be returning love as I can. MUAH Come Party with Me! It's almost my Birthday and my Fu Anniversary but I am off work today so celebrating this morning with a Happy Hour and Auto 11's! and my Happy Hour is @ 8 am Fu Time TODAY! Be sure you have me as a friend, Fan Me and RATE, RATE, RATE. I'll return all the love! Just send me a private message when you are done givin' me my Birthday Spankin's so I can give ya some back! OH, and by the way....I LOVE TOPAZ! I will be making Special Salutes for and Super Pimpin' all those who Spoil me with Birthday Presents! Topaz Bling or More, Blasts, Bling Packs, Auto 11's....I'm easy to please! hehe! PebblesinAZ...Read and Do My Blogs! XOXO@ f
Keep In Mind
'Twas the night before elections, And all through the town Tempers were flaring Emotions all up and down! I, in my bathrobe With a cat in my lap Had cut off the TV Tired of political crap. When all of a sudden There arose such a noise I peered out of my window Saw Obama and his boys They had come for my wallet They wanted my pay To give to the others Who worked not a day! He snatched up my money And quick as a wink Jumped back on his bandwagon As I gagged from the stink. He then rallied his henchmen Who were pulling his cart I could tell they were out To tear my country apart! " On Fannie, on Freddie, On Biden and Ayers! On Acorn, On Pelosi" He screamed at the pairs! They took off for his cause And as he flew out of sight I heard him laugh at the nation Who wouldn't stand up and fight! So I leave you to think On this one final note- IF YOU DON'T WANT SOCIALISM.............. GET OUT AND VOTE !!
Dum Dum Dum
chefboy73: rite and i see you have alrea been brainwashed, free market is a fucking joke, i suppose you support nafta too ->chefboy73: I agree...could you send me all your money? its evil, i'm tryin to do you good chefboy73: capitalists are greedy pieces of shit, hence the stock arket dumb ass ->chefboy73: what would be your ideal then? ->chefboy73: erm, thats not a definition of capitalism...its called free market...but you won't know about it chefboy73: it also economically underminds the true american citizen ->chefboy73: *sigh* and...that is your defenition of capitalism?? chefboy73: capitaliss hire immigrants to save money wich supports there stay here, i hate that shit ->chefboy73: I thought thongs were legal... ->chefboy73: so, what makes you hate capitalism so much? any options? chefboy73: legalize thiongs that arent legal yet ->chefboy73: lmao, no wonder you are a loser... chefboy73: anti capitalist ->chefboy73: uhm, is that it?? chefboy73: pro choice ->chefboy7
Fubar Won't Get You Laid
I've decided...I'm gonna be on here a lot less than I have been. I'm tired of this place anymore, tired of sitting online wasting hours while my life passes by. I've got work now, things to look forward to, and life is turning around for me. It's time to start living. I'll still stop in to check out things every now and then, see how some of my friends are doing, but I'm not going to sit here for hours on end every day. Real life is calling, and I think I'm gonna answer this time. I have nothing to wait for, no reason not to go out and have fun. So, it's time to move on from the humdrum that has become FUBAR and the internet in general. I wish you all well, and I'll catch you now and again when I come back online.
Nov 4 Asshat
This guy just blocked me because I refused to comment on or rate his blog after I read it. Now everyone who knows me is aware that I do not rate everything - especially blogs I do not agree with. I do not downrate. Rather, I just skip it - be it a pic or a blog. Shortly after reading the blog, he jumped in my box and threw a couple rants at me and then blocked me before I could respond to his last statement. Obviously, he is a "Last Word" warrior. So be it. So I met this guy approximately two weeks ago on here. He was bitching and moaning about not getting rated back after he sucked points off people with Auto 11s. He even did a blog on it. I countered his thoughts in that blog with the fact that he was greatly benefiting from the points as well as someone elses bling. I suggested that, instead of bitching about not getting 10s and pissing throughout his blog in needless rants, he should suggest to the person, whom he rates with auto 11s, that they rate him back when he has one.
The Election
Well its been another election. the first thing I want everyone to know is that this has nothing to do with race because President Elect Obama won the election. My problems is that I know his beliefs. Everyone thinks that he is going to lower taxes on the middle and lower class. Well in the last 20 years there have been promises to lower taxes and its never happened. They have only gone up. Honestly I dont have a problem with my taxes. Where my problem lies is that Obama is going to raise taxes on anyone making more than $250,000 a year. Now I know all of you are thinking that, hey they are rich. They can afford it. But what all of you are missing here is that if you raise the taxes on the wealthy, they will not be able to expand their businesses, Hire more employees, and pay higher wages. So by taxing the rich the economy will still crash. So for all of you that think that raising taxes on them and lowering taxes on us is going boost the economy, well you are wrong. The recession will
Own Me
Place how much you wanna bid in the comments
New Pics That Were Made By The Beautiful Miss Fiona!!!
the following pics and morphes were made buy miss fiona, i love the pics the are representations of of the goddess morrigan... i am a firm believer that pictures are worth a million words, and there are many a times that images can stir a soul to remember or feel long sleeping emotions and memories... yes pictures are very open to interpratations but... the images are still there for one to seek out... what u choose to do with the thoughts and emotions is up u as an indivual... but for now i am shareing with those who matter what has been given to me as a beautiful present... thank u MISS FIONA! i do so appreciate this that u did and are shareing w me... a simple person....
I Choose The Grey.
Wouldn't it be nice if life was as simple as what's black...and what's white? If it were a clear cut decision between what's wrong... and what's right? If all things were as certain as knowing that day...turns to night? Sure, it would be nice, but that isn't the world we live in. And there are too many people who can't take this, and simply give in. Between black and white there lies that ever changing shade of gray. The place where most quickly leave, but a few choose to stay. It's within that "fog" i find myself living. A place of constant change of taking then giving. There is so much there that's unknown or uncertain. And yet so much more still waiting just behind the curtain. I suppose it's easier in the "black" or in the "white", where you know everything is either wrong, or everything is simply right. I sometimes wish things were "clear as day" or "set in stone", but i chose the grey... i chose the unknown. ..........(work in progress 11/05/08.........
32k To Level A Family Member
lots of pix and stash EmtSqueekieHeadBartender @ ROUGH STOCK**** fu-owned by DJ-HAWTLIXX member of rating revolution@ fubar
Fantasy 3
the night has been long,and so has my i arrive to this new city of lights and wonders known as the city that never hunger and thirst are great but i know i must i stalk the night streets in search of my prey,i am reminded of all the wonders i will soon i have moved here to be closer to my betrothed.i know she will be here in my arms within a few days but i have not feed for days and the blood lust is growing more and more with each passing second.i quickly spot a very easy prey off by herself.i quickly run ahead and hide in the shadows waiting,as she starts to pass by i quickly pull her into the shadows and sink my fangs deep into her neck drinking so much of her blood.i hear her moan softly not fighting me off.and quickly realise she is enjoying this.i let one of my hands drop down to her thighs and work my hand quickly up her skirt and feel that she is so wet and turned on and feel her muscles tighten around my fingers as i thrust a few into
Yeah, So...
I'm pretty sure my exhusband called my son while drunk last night. My ex has a special ringer on my phone so I know to avoid it whenever I want. But my son also knows the ring so I couldn't tell him it wasn't his dad. I felt kinda bad letting my son talk to him while drunk. Felt weird having my ex drunk dial my son as well...
I cant not believe my luck. Ok I am a swinger which means i can fuck who i want when i want and hubby does the same. So here it is... All week i have been in need of a good fucking, i invite a man over today and wtf? no cock in he didnt have one worth my time or energy........ i hate my life
My Appreciataion For Our Military,how Great Our Troops Really Are And Why They Do What They Do.
The First one comes from Thunder Over Louisville. This is how we do it in Kentucky and if you hippies do not like it don't come here. Gotta have some Johnny Cash and That Ragged Old Flag. The True Meaning of Memorial Day John Wayne "America - Why I Love Her" "If I Die Before You Wake" Tribute to Armed Forces Fight for Me (Citizen Reign)
Soooo Bored
yea, i'm bored. I took the boy to the doc earlier, still not sure what that lump is on his neck, but they know its growing on an artery. that can't be good...but it doesn't seem to bother him. yeah for that....i still need fubucks if i wanna spotlight on my burfday, which is 13 days, help me....or make me boobie salute :p
Am I The Only One That Cares About Shit Any More
THIS WAS AN EMAIL SENT TO ME FROM SOMEONE WHO SAW A BULLY OF MINE THAT I POSTED LIKE WEEKS AND WEEKS AGO... IM LOOKING FOR ONE FEMALE THAT HAD EMAILED ME SOME TIME AGO AND I SWEAR IM TURNING OFF MY EMAIL THING RIGHT NOW.. I'VE COMPLETLEY HAD IT.. I'VE BEEN SEARCHING THROUGH HUNDRENDS OF EMAILS AND IT WAS JUST A WEEK OR TWO AGO WHEN THIS ONE LADY EMAILED ME.. WELL AS I'M OFF DOING THAT TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT ALL MY UNREAD MESSAGES CAUSE IT DOES MAKE ME FEEL BAD I IGNORE THEM BUT ITS TO OVERWHELMING I RAN INTO A SUBJECT THAT GRABED MY ATTENTION. SO I OPENED IT. THEN I READ IT.. THIS IS WHAT IT SAID.. Same thing happened to me but i was in a giveaway hosted by hot marina for a 1 year vip i am a single mom of 2 disabled kids and by the time gas is paid for and medicine for all 3 of us plus monthly bill i dont have the extra to pay for a vip so i thought the giveaway was a good way to get one but she decided she wasnt going to pay the others she just wanted the points so i gave u
My Beautiful Wife And Daughter
To My Wife I just want to say that I love you very much and not a day goes by where I don't thank god for you. you are the reason I smile and the reason you brought our beautiful daughter into this world healthy and smart. I have never met a woman like you. you keep life and OUR marriage amazing everyday. through the darkest days and the sunniest I can always depend on you. I can count on your love being there when I wake up. Through whatever decision we make together or what differences we have it brings me closer and closer to you. Wherever the future takes us you can always know that I love you and will always be there when you need me. To My Daughter I just want to say daddy is very proud of you. you make life just as fun as your mommy does. When you came into this world I cried so hard. I know sometimes it was rough and I didn't always do the right things during the holidays but, I want you to know I love you so so much. you are beautiful like your mommy and you always have m
Something I Wrote
one nite the moon asked a boy if you love her then why do you not tell her the boy repiled i love her to much to scare her and she is already with someone the moon replied if you love her then tell her and see how she feels towards you then you love can be the next the boy went to the one he loves to tell her and found her beaten on the floor crying he picked her up and took her home he layed her down and cleaned her wounds and as he did he looked her in the eyes and said i love you so much but i have been so scard to tell you the girl replied for all this time i have loved you as well but was to scared to till you then last nite the moon told me of a boy that would come and save me and when i told the moon i was with a boy and he did this to me and then you came and saved me are you the boy the moon told me about he cryed and said yes i am for the moon told me last nite that i should come to you and tell you i loved you over time their love grew and flurished they where unseperatable
Mclovin Delivered Me A Package
Ash SS♥ O...: lol ->Ash SS♥ O...: just showin everyone what i found lurking in my bushes; and to make sure they double check their closets at night. Just incase unwanted fapping were to occur Ash SS♥ O...: Lmao wow it was shockign to say the least are you promoting his wang ? ->Ash SS♥ O...: My bad, lmao. I know, traumatizing; like walkingin on your parents with a gimp sort of traumatizing Ash SS♥ O...: omggggggggggg i so did not need to see that ->Ash SS♥ O...: that's mclovins wang Ash SS♥ O...: yeah what in the hell ->Ash SS♥ O...: did you see that shit? Ash SS♥ O...: Whut in the world ->Ash SS♥ O...: http:...
Obama Victory Opens Door To New Black Identity
Obama victory opens door to new black identity By JESSE WASHINGTON, AP National Writer Jesse Washington, Ap National Writer 2 hrs 19 mins ago WASHINGTON Shortly after leaving the voting booth, 70-year-old community activist Donald E. Robinson had a thought: "Why do I have to be listed as African-American? Why can't I just be American?" The answer used to be simple: because a race-obsessed society made the decision for him. But after Barack Obama's mind-bending presidential victory, there are rumblings of change in the nature of black identity and the path to economic equality for black Americans. Before Tuesday, black identity and community were largely rooted in the shared experience of the struggle real or perceived against a hostile white majority. Even as late as Election Day, many blacks still harbored deep doubts about whether whites would vote for Obama. Obama's overwhelming triumph cast America in a different light. There was no sign of the "Bradley Effect,"
The Mobile Phone
The sounds drift along Slowly getting louder With noise and music They bring the attention home The noise and buzzing brings notice People turning heads Talking is heard But only one is seen Fingers are a tapping Letters forming words Floating in the air Conversations flowing From one to another Secrets and lies are told Friends and enemies Come together The world becomes smaller As we embrace technology A curse or life Only time will tell
She Asks Why
As the infant turned to a child the Angel wondered more than once why Feeling helpless the Angel watched from above as her destiny began to unfold A woman selling herself to feed the demon within and for the needle that demon would make her scream Not out of love or even lust one night the seed was planted The Devil laughed as the Lord sighed, and the Angel simply hung his head and cried For the next several years he watched amazed as the child survived As the beatings grew worse and the world turned a blind eye He knew that it wouldn't forever be this way yet the waiting for her time to come was taking a toll The little one never did know what she did that was so wrong she would often try to make herself disappear not make a sound yet it never seemed to work for sure as the sun would rise and fall she would be beaten and passed around to those who wanted to touch by the age of eight she still didn't know why love had to hurt so much He stayed by her s
Thank You All
ChelleBelle I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you that helped me make it to Prophet, from the random pic raters to those that banged out some major points during my Auto 11 runs. Each and everyone got me here and for that I'm very grateful. There are way too many of you to mention individually, but know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Big Hugs, smooches and much love. If and when you need help you know I'm just a shoutbox away and always glad to help. imikimi - Customize Your World
The Brightest Star (the Wishing Star)
When I look up to the black velvety heavens, I see the tiny diamonds glistening faintly, Save one and it burns with a fire all of its own. From the corner of my eye it draws my gaze; With my full attention fixated on it, I suddenly realize that this one was special. This one I always implored to to bring our soldier home, This one was my wishing star... My wish was granted, Just not in the way I had hoped. Now each night when I go out to make a wish, The wishing star burns brightly, Wrenching my heart and bringing tears to my eyes. I know now that our soldier is that star; He is the brightest star in the night sky. He is my wishing star looking down on me. Written by Danielle K.
I'm Up For Auction Again/bombers Read Here!
Hey guys! It's that time again! I'm up for auction lol. So come bring all you got to offer and bid on me ;) I'm the best fu-pet ever hehe Minimum bid is 250K :P Click the pics to bid!! Oh and there is also a bombing contest so if you could rate/comment the pic I would really appreciate it!! I need at least 25,000 more is always a plus too lol!
Bad Girl Of The Week 11-10-08 Bbw Goddess
Let Me Introduce You To Sarge's Bad Girl Of The Week For The Week Of 11-10-08 BBW Goddess Be Sure To Stop By Her Page & Show Her Some ..She Will Be Sure To Return All Here Is A Bit About Her ~ABOUT ME~ *Basics* Name/Nickname: BethAnne / Goddess Birthday: Sept 30 1972 Zodiac Sign: Libra Hair Color: Brunette this week.... Eye Color: Hazel Tattoos: None Piercings: Ears *Favorites* Color: Green & Pink Season: Autumn Day Of Week: Friday Animal: Polar Bear Flower: Carnations *Have You Ever* Danced In The Rain?: Yep Laughed So Hard You Cried?: Yep Smiled For No Reason?: Yep Sat On Your Rooftop?: Uh, No... *This 0R That* Computer 0R T.V?: PC of course... (cuz you can watch t.v. on your pc..) Phone 0R IM?: Phone! McDonalds 0R Burger King?: Neither, Yuck! Summer 0R Winter?: Summer CDs 0R IPoD/MP3?: Mp3's!! XBox 0R PS2?: PS2 RANDOMS... Your Perfect Pizza?: x-tra cheese, green olives & ham Your Fears?: bridges over water, fire Y
Auto 11 Active
> > Auto 11's is active from Monday, November 10 at 3pm EST until Tuesday, November 11 at 3pm EST!!!! Please come by and help us both level!!!!!!!! C'mon over and let's help each other!
Crazy Nite
got to get my mind off these damn kidney stones. tell ya what who wants to come over play n rassel wiff me lol? i promise youll win!wrapp me up my sweet ladies lol!
The Sack Lunches (i Love This)
The Sack Lunches I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought. Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. 'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me. ' Chicago - to Great Lakes Base. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Iraq ' After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we reached Chicago, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time. As I reached for my wallet, I overheard soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. 'No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn't be worth five bucks. I'll wait
Ah, the beauty of having my father living in my building. Now I get to raid HIS fridge too. Ay, Karamba!
Aching For That Piece
aching for the piece... Current mood: calm Category: Writing and Poetry craving the piece to b placed with my very soul as i hear your voice it all comes back and makes perfect sense i close my eyes and drift on your tone i dont care about the past it only stops growth looking past that which hurts, accepting that which drives us weaher its a past memorie or a recent action... holding on with every fiber of my heart that which touches my spirit and bringing it to light your voice still calls to me more than u know lac 11-11-08
Just Shoot Me
Two Chances!!!
This AWESOME bully was made for me.. ;] read bottom of blog for 2nd chance to own me. Sweet suckface..doesnt she just make u wanna suck her face? Lol I love ya bish but seriously guys its this lil lollipops birthday in a couple weeks and we need some serious spanking going on here!!! How can you not want to see some more of ms sexyness herself? This sexy bish has A LOT to offer and she is very loyal to her owners boyz;);) Spank my lovely, adorable, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, and magnificent friend in her auction on my page! Here is the link so come n play boys AND girls!!! She is waiting for you*winks*, if you would like to go and see her and add,rate,fan her as well her is her link! suckface aka staceyfbaby.
Somebody Please...
make me numb...
Some Things To Help Ya Along.
You often see someone with a status message about helping them out to the next level. I see it daily. When going to their page, I can understand why they are having a tough time getting that last "only need 5k to level". They have about 10 or maybe 20 pics and stash (if they have any stash at all). This posting and section is meant to help that. I want to start at the beginning basics and work from there. One thing to always know is what your picture limit is for the level you are at. You also should also rate others to your daily limits as well. Know that your picture rating limit might be reached, but you can still rate blogs and stash items. You can also comment on profiles and on individual pictures. Everything gains you as a rater and ratee (is that a word?) points on here and those point values double during a Happy Hour. More on Happy Hour tips later. The highest point values for pictures will be on pics that are not RIPPED or not marked NSFW, its ok to have thos
Maybe . . . We were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe . . . When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe . . . It is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe . . . The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe . . The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures and heartaches. Maybe . . . You should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life
Musical Game Of Tag...
Do you know the #1 song the day you were born? Go to......... and find out. This is mine! "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John-
Yep, That's Right
So lately I haven't been able to get a hold of my girl, not answering the phone and what not... now I find out she's blocked me on some messengers and obviously I'm quite torn apart by this as we are or should I say "were" engaged. If this turns out to be a big miss understanding that would be great but if not then I swear to NEVER love again. Hope everyone who reads this gets a kick out of it.
i dont belive in them but since i seen someones blog i guess i have to make one too iam on the clasp iam a Sagittarius & Scorpio Sagittarius Traditional Sagittarius Traits Optimistic and freedom-loving Jovial and good-humored Honest and straightforward Intellectual and philosophical On the dark side.... Blindly optimistic and careless Irresponsible and superficial Tactless and restless Scorpio Traditional Scorpio Traits Determined and forceful Emotional and intuitive Powerful and passionate Exciting and magnetic On the dark side.... Jealous and resentful Compulsive and obsessive Secretive and obstinate
This Is A Test For The Next 60 Seconds...
Good MorningI have a question. No matter what race, color, religion and faith you are How do you view yourselfin other words when you here the news on TV or Radio does it bother you when they refer to you as a racial classification. Like for Instance, WHITE Caucasian, Cracker, White American. BLACK, Black, African American, Negro. LATINO, Mexican, Latino American Why I am asking this is you can ask 10 different people who are all the same race and you could actually get ten separate answers. So fill in the Blanks: What answer would you give if asked: What ethnicity are you? First answer the question by stating your race or religion then how you would like the news people, the government, and all others to refer to you in general. Please answer honestly; I will explain why if I get enough answers back to determine a viable survey. I bet most of you would be shocked to learn there are so many variations in each classyou can answer anonymously and I will not spill
She's under 60K to Godmother.... Please help! ~Kit~@ fubar
Auto 11 Bonus Game Round 2!
Auto 11 BONUS Game! Oh yes, there WILL be BLING! Due to the success of my last game... ITS ON AGAIN... TONIGHT AND TOMORROW!! Twice as much bling will be handed out to random and or heavy raters during Happy Hour and my 24 hours of auto 11's. FU-BUCKS GIVEAWAYIn addition to bling I will also be giving away fu-bucks. Three times as much as last week!! 3 lucky winners will be receiving 75,000 fu-bucks each day (thurs. and fri.) Rate the EZ RATE 100 picture folders to enter, for every 100 rates, you can enter again. Be sure to include a number, between 1 and 200. Winners will be chosen by the number CLOSEST to a set of predetermined numbers. ***Race BONUS BONUS***Because my friends ROCK!!!!... The first 3 people to complete rating the "DUP FOLDER" will win a electric guitar bling! Race will start at 8pm Central Time, or 6 pm Fu-

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