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Never Forget Heros From The Wtc 9/11/01 A-f
Okay I was going to post this as one blog but it will not let me post it in it's entirety Blogs on CT are limited to 50000 characters and this one has 113000 characters So I will do it in a couple parts Here is a little something to reflect on, It will take a while to go through all the names but we need to never forget, We don't need just rememmber on the anniversary of that fatefull day, We need to Never, Ever Forget!!! God Bless the USA CONFIRMED DEAD: 2948 • REPORTED DEAD: 24 • REPORTED MISSING: 24 • TOTAL: 2996 WTC Heros Gordon McCannel Aamoth, 32, New York, N.Y.* Maria Rose Abad, 49, Syosset, N.Y.* Edelmiro (Ed) Abad, 54, New York, N.Y.* Andrew Anthony Abate, 37, Melville, N.Y.* Vincent Abate, 40, New York, N.Y.* Laurence Christopher Abel, 37* William F. Abrahamson, 58, Cortland Manor, N.Y.* Richard Anthony Aceto, 42, Wantagh, N.Y.* Erica Van Acker, 62, New York, N.Y.* Heinrich B. Ackermann, 38, New York, N.Y.* Paul Andrew Acquaviva, 29, Glen Roc
Orison Swett Marden
All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.
Leo Buscaglia
Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.
Never Forget Heros From American Airlines Flight 77 9/11/01
Okay I was going to post this as one blog but it will not let me post it in it's entirety Blogs on CT are limited to 50000 characters and this one has 113000 characters So I will do it in a couple parts Here is a little something to reflect on, It will take a while to go through all the names but we need to never forget, We don't need just rememmber on the anniversary of that fatefull day, We need to Never, Ever Forget!!! God Bless the USA CONFIRMED DEAD: 2948 • REPORTED DEAD: 24 • REPORTED MISSING: 24 • TOTAL: 2996 AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 77 Heros CREW Charles Burlingame, 51, Herndon, Va.* David M. Charlebois, 39, Washington, D.C* Michele Heidenberger, 57, Chevy Chase, Md.* Jennifer Lewis, 38, Culpeper, Virginia* Kenneth Lewis, 49, Culpeper, Virginia* Renee A. May, 39, Baltimore, Md* PASSENGERS Paul Ambrose, 32, Washington, D.C.* Yeneneh Betru, 35, Burbank, Calif* Mary Jane (MJ) Booth, 64, Falls Church, Va.* Bernard Curtis Brown, 11, Washington, D
In that moment deep inside my Heart My world is one of undeniable comfort You are the object of a lifetime of yen However, Desire cannot replace fulfillment For I am mostly left here Alone It is then that I feel the ripping of my soul in two Searing pain, as layers of trust are torn apart My very core of hope dashed to disappointment Such sorrow should never be endured at the expense of rapture Inconceivable loneliness and despair... Muscle into the place where dreams are stored Their evil air choking out the last breath of my heart's virtue I try to hold on to the memory of loves last words My grip loosens and fingers slip one by one I am about to plunged into that place where hearts break and dreams are destroyed As my last finger breaks and I am all but lost I hear the twinkle of an Angel giving me the strength to pause I pull myself up, up to the gates of hope I look into the bright light and see the scripture that is you You are here, and I am saved fo
My First Contest.....
Im in my first contest please come helpBombs ok, rates count 5Thank you smoochesLucretiaLuangel--Just click my pic to get to the contest area..... **** Extra request please R/F/A my beautiful friend PsychoRainStorm for helping with all manner of things : ) Another Note: I promise to get back to everyone that helps, it may take me a minute but I'll get here.
Never Forget Heros From United Airlines Flight 175 9/11/01
Okay I was going to post this as one blog but it will not let me post it in it's entirety Blogs on CT are limited to 50000 characters and this one has 113000 characters So I will do it in a couple parts Here is a little something to reflect on, It will take a while to go through all the names but we need to never forget, We don't need just rememmber on the anniversary of that fatefull day, We need to Never, Ever Forget!!! God Bless the USA CONFIRMED DEAD: 2948 • REPORTED DEAD: 24 • REPORTED MISSING: 24 • TOTAL: 2996 UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 175 Heros CREW Robert Fangman, 33, Claymont, Del.* Michael R. Horrocks, 38, Glen Mills, Pa.* Amy N. Jarret, 28, North Smithfield, R.I.* Amy R. King, 29, Stafford Springs, Conn.* Kathryn L. LaBorie, 44, Providence, R.I.* Alfred Gilles Padre Joseph Marchand, 44, Alamogordo, N.M.* Capt. Victor Saracini, 51, Lower Makefield Township, Pa.* Michael C. Tarrou, 38, Stafford Springs, Conn.* Alicia Nicole Titus, 28, San Francisc
Levelers To Level Up During My Happy Hour
8201 TO ROCKSTAR MzCaBBW*USAF Veteran*Writer Of Erotica-See Blogs: NSFW-FRIENDS ONLY*SF 49er Fan@ fubar 8445 HOTGUYINACHAIR~SHADOW LEVELER~FUBAR HUBBY TO ANGELOFDARKNESS@ fubar 4,025 punkin~*Insert smart a**ed comment here...*~angelofdarkness's pet~*@ fubar 7625 ~Ronja~ *Property of Birk*~*Owner of THE DARK KAVE*~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~@ fubar 6890 Robert "n" Kim ~Part of the SHADOW LEVELERS FAMILY~@ fubarLEVE
How Real Are You?
You Are 73% Real You know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself. Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great... But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults. As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real. How Real Are You?
Text Message And Internet Short Type
Hello every one. Like me I have had some trouble with internet texting and phone texting. Well to tell a short story the newppaper did an article on this form of talking. so here are some short talking. Info to help us people get by. IF there are more of these please add them in the comments of this blog. ? Do U TXT? TMB, THNX. = I have a question, do you text? text me back, thanks. A3 = anytime, anywhere, anyplace AYt? = Are you there? bf - boyfriend b4 = before b4n = bye for now Bbl = be back later bfd = big freaking deal BFF = best friends forever Bg = big grin Btw = by the way bwl = bursting with laughter c&G = chuckle & grin CD9 = code 9, meaning" parents are around" cmon = come on Cul8r = see you later cya = see ya DD = dear daughter or ( darling) DH = Dear ( or darling) husband Diku = Do you know you? DS = dear ( or darling) son DTS don't think so DW = dear ( or darling) wife Ema = e-mail adress emfbi = excuse me for butting in enuf = enough e
Never Forget Heros From American Airlines Flight 11 9/11/01
Okay I was going to post this as one blog but it will not let me post it in it's entirety Blogs on CT are limited to 50000 characters and this one has 113000 characters So I will do it in a couple parts Here is a little something to reflect on, It will take a while to go through all the names but we need to never forget, We don't need just rememmber on the anniversary of that fatefull day, We need to Never, Ever Forget!!! God Bless the USA CONFIRMED DEAD: 2948 • REPORTED DEAD: 24 • REPORTED MISSING: 24 • TOTAL: 2996 American Airlines Flight 11 Heros CREW Barbara Arestegui, 38, Marstons Mills, Massachusetts* Jeffrey Collman, 41, Novato, Calif.* Sara Low, 28, Batesville, Arkansas* Karen A. Martin, 40, Danvers, Mass.* First Officer Thomas McGuinness, 42, Portsmouth, New Hampshire* Kathleen Nicosia, 54, Winthrop, Mass.* John Ogonowski, 52, Dracut, Massachusetts* Betty Ong, 45, Andover, Massachusetts* Jean Roger, 24, Longmeadow, Massachusetts* Dianne Snyder
Quantum Prose
Who is to say true love cannot healAll that we need is a reason to feelSomething to cause us to empty our cupOpen our hearts, let love fill it upTrust our means to undo what we’ve learnedBalance addictions that continue to burnCreate our desires, forget wrong or rightAllowing ourselves to become twice as brightFree the anger that keeps us from showingLove to the one who is most worth while knowingHave faith to pursue possibilities of beingStretch out your consciousness, test what you’re seeingEnlighten your soul to become more sereneBegin each day as you wipe your mind cleanLook for the clues that cannot be caughtControl your life with the power of thought   jskins jskin 
I Hate My Car!!!!!
On This Day I See Clearly Now
******WARNING MASSIVE USE OF THE F BOMB********** To preface this it goes along with my other rants and previous attempts to take the high road a few months ago concerning how things went down with my potential move to NC Ya know its really fuckin funny how I'm the one fucking accused of playing games. I'm the one accused of not being fucking honest and all that other fucking horse shit. Turns out the fucking pot was calling the fucking kettle FUCKING BLACK... No that was the fucking pot dropping a bunch of fucking N bombs on the goddamn kettle and not givin the fucking thing any chance to fucking reply. Go figure. Not only does shit go down badly and I get accused of some fucked up shit that I never even fucking did it turns out the accuser is way fucking more guilty that I ever fucking was. Not even a little white fucking lie like oh my hair really isn't red or no my eyes aren't really green. This was a pretty big fucking lie. Now how fucking funny is that?
Never Forget Heros From United Airlines Flight 93 9/11/01
Okay I was going to post this as one blog but it will not let me post it in it's entirety Blogs on CT are limited to 50000 characters and this one has 113000 characters So I will do it in a couple parts Here is a little something to reflect on, It will take a while to go through all the names but we need to never forget, We don't need just rememmber on the anniversary of that fatefull day, We need to Never, Ever Forget!!! God Bless the USA CONFIRMED DEAD: 2948 • REPORTED DEAD: 24 • REPORTED MISSING: 24 • TOTAL: 2996 UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93 Heros CREW Lorraine G. Bay, 58, East Windsor, N.J.* Sandra W. Bradshaw, 38, Greensboro, N.C.* Jason Dahl, 43, Denver, Colo.* Wanda Anita Green, 49, Linden, N.J.* Leroy Homer, 36, Marlton, N.J.* CeeCee Lyles, 33, Fort Myers, Fla.* Deborah Welsh, 49, New York, N.Y.* PASSENGERS Christian Adams, 37, Biebelsheim, Germany* Todd Beamer, 32, Cranbury, N.J.* Alan Beaven, 48, Oakland, CA* Mark K. Bingham, 31, San Fra
Road Trip
Highway Dream The car speeds down the open road In summer sun and all blue sky You sit beside in relaxed mode And watch the scenery go by The day goes on, the heat has built With the roof down you want a tan The highway’s clear, you have no guilt Undue your blouse, you have a plan So there you sit, blouse open wide Your breasts receive the sunshine’s rays I watch you, eyes closed, at my side So beautiful, these summer days Now as you doze, your skirt rides up Your legs ajar, show well toned thighs Nipples are hard, a breast you cup And from your mouth come little sighs I watch the road, no-one around Your nipples and your breasts you feel I glance at you, my heart does pound Watch hands caress, mind in a reel! What’s in your dream I’d love to know As tween your legs a hand does roam And at your crutch your fingers go To explore now, that hot wet home What’s in your dream? It seems to work! Pants to the side are pushed with ease At you cunt lips,
Call To Love
Give to me your smile, and I will lock it away in my heart forever Give to me your eyes of innocence, and I will look back to you with strength Give to me your hand, and I will close your eyes with the touch of my passion Give to me your nightmares, and I will put them to rest forever Give to me your fear of the unknown, and I will make it known to you Give to me your heart, so that I may leave it pounding in your chest for days after I am gone Give to me your faith, for with it I can do the impossible Give to me your lips, for with them I will take you to another world Give to me the chance to know you, and I will give you the reality of the greatest love of all… Our Own...     jskins
Do You Know Where?
im going to put toget a decent blog and maybe front page links when i get enough names and statements... if you would like to be a part of showing america we still love her....plz send ur pge link. subject,,,where were you on 911...? what was you doing . .... and ur thoughts then and now.. this is under construction will build as i go. /" target="_blank">MishNumber1 ~ Co-Owner Of The G-Spot Crew ~ of S*U*P & Club FAR@ fubar n 9/10/2007, wrote: Where was I on Sept 11th....I was sitting on my couch pregnant with my son, watching television when it all started coming on, I couldnt believe my eyes...I was just dumbfounded...I think I cried that whole day not only for the people that this has all affected but the fact that I was bringing a child into this world...and wondering what his future would be like.... Here's a story for ya. Me and my ex hubby got married june 19th 2001, he
My Dear Online Friends.....Got this from someone...It is so true.......Online friends are people we may never meet.... We see pictures, we see cams...It isn't the same.... We grow close...We care and love one another.... One day we may not hear from one another.... Our hearts will break... All we see is a name on messenger but the person we don't see anymore..... We pray....."Please come back".... All I ask is you remember me in the good times we had..... Keep me close to your heart....Friends forever... Pass this on to all your friends....If I get it back.... I know you care
Leaving Fubar Thanks For The Fun
I just want to say bye to the friends that I did make on here. I am a very honest and trusting person and sometimes I trust the wrong people. That always ends up biting me in the ass. I am leaving fubar for my self... I might have just lost someone that I could really care for because of drama and he said, she said. I appreciate the well meaning sentiments of my girl..and my friends but I am a adult and totally cappable of speaking for myself if I felt that anything needed to be said. RYAN I REALLY LIKE AND CARED ABOUT YOU AND IM SORRY IF SOMETHING I SAID DIDN't SAY OR SHOULDN:T HAVE SAID got in the way!!!! I ve never wanted anyone as much!!!! RLK ANGEL!!!!
Don’t Give Up
Fight through the waves or be knocked down Don't allow yourself to float around The tow pulls you out to no certain place You need one in mind to enter the race Where should you look to find this direction? Not to the spot so filled with rejection Not to the place where your trust was dishonored Your Heart broken, your spirit collared I think you know of this place I speak Please stop this game of hide and seek Experience takes on the shape we permit We are the ones who mold it to fit Allowing darkness to become our fear Is a choice we make, one we can make disappear We control which path to follow One full of riches or a life that is hollow You have the tools to open your dreams Shut down the nightmares and painful screams All you need to make a fresh start Is to follow your beautiful, passionate heart   jskins
Levelers That Need Leveled
PLEASE WORK ON THE HIGH ONES FIRST AND LEVEL THEM DURING MY HAPPY HOUR 8201 TO ROCKSTAR MzCaBBW*USAF Veteran*Writer Of Erotica-See Blogs: NSFW-FRIENDS ONLY*SF 49er Fan@ fubar 8445 HOTGUYINACHAIR~SHADOW LEVELER~FUBAR HUBBY TO ANGELOFDARKNESS@ fubar 4,025 punkin~*Insert smart a**ed comment here...*~angelofdarkness's pet~*@ fubar 7625 ~Ronja~ *Property of Birk*~*Owner of THE DARK KAVE*~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~@ fubar 6890 Robert "n" Kim ~Part of the SHADOW LEVELERS FAMILY~@ fubar
Never Forget Heros From The Pentagon 9/11/01
Okay I was going to post this as one blog but it will not let me post it in it's entirety Blogs on CT are limited to 50000 characters and this one has 113000 characters So I will do it in a couple parts Here is a little something to reflect on, It will take a while to go through all the names but we need to never forget, We don't need just rememmber on the anniversary of that fatefull day, We need to Never, Ever Forget!!! God Bless the USA CONFIRMED DEAD: 2948 • REPORTED DEAD: 24 • REPORTED MISSING: 24 • TOTAL: 2996 Pentagon Heros Spc. Craig Amundson, 28, Fort Belvoir, Va.* Melissa Rose Barnes, 27, Redlands, Calif.* (Retired) Master Sgt. Max Beilke, 69, Laurel, Md.* Kris Romeo Bishundat, 23, Waldorf, Md.* Carrie Blagburn, 48, Temple Hills, Md.* Lt. Col. Canfield D. Boone, 54, Clifton, Va.* Donna Bowen, 42, Waldorf, Md.* Allen Boyle, 30, Fredericksburg, Va.* Christopher Lee Burford, 23, Hubert, N.C.* Daniel Martin Caballero, 21, Houston, Texas* Sgt. 1st
Rambling On And On.
Ok so here I sit with so much on my mind. So here I am again. My mind is so unstable right now, its just crazy I still stir crazy. reition repeats its self over and over and over and over. Nothing ever changes. I swear one day I will leave, But Im still here. I just want out. I cant take it any longer. Since before when I was just random with no job and everything was the same. Its gotten worse, now I have had a job for 9 months and counting. 6 months were good, Now they cut me off from the world, placed me in a little cube attached to this head set monitored every second im there. This happens daily, repition repeats its self getting worse over and over again. I hope to find that one and only perfect guy.. I do this over and over. and over and over I fall get crushed. Getting worse everytime over and over and over. So Im deciding Im going to leave. This repition is not goin to win me over. Im going to break this ball and chain that hold me forever stuck in this hell I
Heading Out
Well its 10:00 monday the 10th. ill be heading to Iraq in the morning.(again) actualy im glad its time finaly get this shit started! =oP ill see you all when I can. miss you all. ~keith
Oh, my dear son, how I miss you so. It has been eight months since your passing. I am ashamed as a mother to admit that although I miss you, I am no longer sad for you. I never thought the day would come when I would be at peace with your death. It has taken an ocean of tears and many fights to get to this point. I can sit here and look at your pictures with love instead of grief. I see the glow of your skin, the pink in your cheeks, and the mischief in your eyes (the kind that only boys have). How you have changed from that small, premature baby with thin skin and lots of hair. When you were born, you weighed only three pounds and eight ounces. You came two months early! You were so tiny that I was afraid to hold you because I didn’t want to hurt you. Your head fit in the palm of my hand. Your body was the length of the tip of my fingers to my wrist. Your legs were as long as your body. Your hair was a dark blonde with a soft green, yes, green, tint to it in the florescent light of
QUESTION: If two people really love each other but can't seem to get things smooth. When do you give up because enough is enough? DO YOU know the answer? Hit "REPLY" and give it a shot...
Lee Roy Mercer In This Week’s Issue Of Nascar Scene Magazine
PHOTO: NASCAR Scene Rewind Yuckin' it up Carl Edwards (right) celebrates in victory lane with comedian Lee Roy Mercer. NASCAR Scene/Special to Out This Week's Issue Of NASCAR Scene or visit the link below.
When was the last time you sat out in a field in the dark all alone and just listened? what about at the ocean and just sat and smelled the air? Have you just sat on a park bench and just watched people? when was the last time you stopped to smell a flower? Have you just help an old person recently because you could? what about giving a child a piece of candy to make them smile? That guy thats on the corner with the sign, have you given him a single dollar? (maybe he is really down on his luck). when was the last time you and your lover went for a simple walk in the park? When was the last time you fixed a candle light dinner for someone? when was the last time you called your parents or grandparents? There is so much to the simple things in life we all forget to see.
well, My birtday and birthday weekend was good, didnt do nothin specail,you know, thats how it is when your just got tipsy some, and talked to my special friend on the phone:D friday night, that was fun, nice late birthday gift!!!!! Anyways just bored so I thought Id let yall know Im enjoying being 28 now!! Again thanx to every one that gave me birthday love:D *hugs* ~Lexi
Answers Ladies :!?! Hehehe :)
Answers Men Would Like to Give to Woman's Stupid Questions, But Never Will 1. No we can't be friends; I just want you for sex. 2. The dress doesn't make you look fat, its all that fucking ice cream and chocolate you eat that makes you look fat. 3. You've got no chance of me calling you. 4. No, I won't be gentle. 5. Of course you have to swallow. 6. Well yes actually, I do this all the time. 7. I hate your friends. 8. I have every intention of using you, and no intention of speaking to you after tonight. 9. I'd rather watch a porno.
The Long Road To Nursing School
YES, I DID WRITE THIS........ At the tender age of twenty, I fell in love with the type of man that most women would not think would be a good husband, let alone a good father. He was very charismatic and charming. He was funny, with a unique personality. We went to Wal-mart. I had become very upset over something that I can’t remember. He asked me if I knew what turtles sounded like when they mated. I had no clue what he was talking about. I just looked at him like he had lost his mind. He began to hump my leg and make a loud grunting noise. I laughed and that one action put me in a better mood. We were able to joke and laugh most of the time. We would approach any situation by talking every detail out. His long, shaggy, purple hair, which looked like it hadn’t been washed for a couple of days, gave him the punk rocker look. His unmatched clothes bagged and sagged on his scrawny physique. On the day we met, he wore a green camouflage shirt with pinkish-purple cut-off polyester sho
ANNOUNCEMENT!! The first season of LA Ink is finally finished! SO, that means we are open for business ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! From noon to midnight! Kat Von D's New 'High Voltage Tattoo' Shop Open To Public!! On July 14, Miami Ink cult-tattoo-artist legend, Kat Von D opened up High Voltage Tattoo to the public. The new LA based shop is also the focus of the new Miami Ink tattoo shop spin off series LA Ink, starring Kat Von D. For Kat fans who have been dying to see their favorite tattoo artist since her departure from Miami Ink, walk-ins are welcome at High Voltage! So, skate up ... 1259 N. La Brea Ave. Amongst all the amazing people we tattoo, our friends and clients include, members of bands such as: HIM, Incubus, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, METAL SKOOL, Bleeding Through, Guns N Roses, Eageles of Death Metal, the Misfits, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastadon, Fireball Ministry, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Sebastian Bach, The Mars Volta, Slayer, Fireball Ministry, Papa Roach,
We ran into the bedroom, jumping from each side, me from the right, you from the left to land with a thud on the bed, our bodies bouncing towards each other. I slipped my right arm underneath your neck, sliding down your back. You pushed your left arm under my arm pit as I lowered our bodies to lie on the bed. Your left arm slid under my right arm, down the small of my back, sliding to my ass, cupping me softly through your jeans. Wrapping our arms loosely around each others, I stared into your eyes. I leaned forward slowly, very slowly, my mouth forming a kissing. You glanced to my lips, forcing me to steal a glance at yours. Your tongue darted quickly out, licking your lips, the salvia glistening. Our heads moved closer, our lips touching softly. We hesitated, feeling the softness of the kiss. We stared into each others eyes. My eyes closed slowly, to match your. Puckering again, our lips pressed tighter, pressing against your. Repositioning, I opened my mouth slightly, your mouth fo
Friendship Bear
________________#########_#____#_# ________########____________##_#_# _____##__##____________________#_# ____##_#___#_____________________# ____#_#___#_________________##___# ____#_#__##___________#######_____# ____#__#_#_________###________##__# _____##_______###_#_____##_____#________####### _______###_______#_____###______##____##__###__# _________#______#________#___#__#____##_##___##_# _________#______#_______#####___#___##_##____#__# __________#_____##____##_______#____#__#_____#__# ___________##____##__________#######___#___##__# _____________##____##_____###_____#_____###____# __________#############_####______#_________# _______##_______#______#____#_____#___________# _____##_________#______#____#_____##_________# ___##___________#_______#___###__###________# __#____________###_______###___##___#______# _##__________##___#____##____________#___## _#__________#______####______________#_## ##_________#_______ HI MY_____# #__________#__
I'm In A Contest
I'm in a 7 day comment bombing contest and needs lots of comments to win, please help me! The link to my pic is below.
Tomorrow is 9-11 a day of remembrance for all the lives lost & shattered that tragic day. I remember being at work about 45 minutes away or so from the city and when the first plane hit the tower we all just looked at each other thinking what everyone else was thinking the plane must have lost control! When they came on the radio to say no it was terrorists, my knee’s buckled and I literally fell back in my chair while my co-worker and friend Allison frantically tried to call her parents who were coming in that day ….Of course all the lines were busy and nothing would connect, we started to see the smoke from the crashes outside and I remember my boss putting his hands over his face with tears in his eyes knowing what we all knew thousands of people were going to die today. My friend Allison lost both her parents that day, yes they were on the first plane that hit. I have never felt and or seen such pain in someone’s eyes as I did that day, an ambulance had to be called for her becaus
Can You Believe This Shit!
CHRISTMAS STAMP >> >> >>How ironic is this??!! They don't even believe in Christ and they're >>getting their own Christmas stamp, but don't dream of posting the ten >>commandments on federal property? >> >>USPS New Stamp >> >>This one is impossible to believe. Scroll down for the text. >> >> >> >>If there is only one thing you forward today.....let it be this! >> >>REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of Pan Am Flight 103! >> >>REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993! >> >>REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon! >> >>REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the military Barracks in Saudi Arabia! >> >>REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the American Embassies in Africa! >> >>REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the USS COLE! >> >>REMEMBER the MUSLIM attack on 9/11/2001! >> >>REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious MUSLIM >>attacks! >> >> >> >>Now the United States Postal Service REMEMBERS and HONORS the EID MUS
Check them out!
I have to say Goodbye, Feel I have to shut the door, For even though I still love you, I don't think you feel it anymore. You tell me that you love me, That you will be there forever and a day, I used to be your everything, But something changed along the way. Was it all a lie? Or did someone else steal your heart? Is it that your bored with me? Or the fact we are thousands of miles apart? I really don't know what went wrong, But I have to say Goodbye, And even though it breaks my heart, I have no more tears to cry.
I Am Home Now
Wow Yet Another Blog :)
I have got many blogs in many places .. :) So I don't know what I can talk about in here .. LOL:) I'll just say Yet another blog LOL:) Gina
Do you remember where you were when the world stopped turning on that September day ? Stop and take a moment....remember all of our fallen heroes that gave their lives that day, doing what they were called to do... Stop and take a moment....remember all the lives that were lost... Stop and take a moment....remember all of our men and women that have sacrificed their lives fighting over there, for what we have here... Stop and take a moment....remember to thank our Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen for your freedom... Stop and take a moment....remember that freedom is not free... Stop and take a moment....remember that everything we have, is because of the blood, sweat, and tears of a Marine, Sailor, Soldier or Airmen... Stop and take a remember, to be thankful....
My Happy Hour Pimpout
Orally Speaking
I usher you into the room, our pleasure now to seek The air is warm, the bed is soft, your mouth opens to speak A finger stops and is replaced by my lips in a kiss We hold each other in a clinch, fall into an abyss Of wanting, need to satisfy, and gratify joint lust Allowing us to unleash feelings pent-up is a must I break away, your eyes are closed, a moan escapes your lips But is replaced by a sharp sigh when my hand brushes tips Of breasts hidden neath clothing now soon lossened and soon freed One button, two then blouse is gone, your bra is next to go And with a flick your breasts are freed, your nipples standing so They need my touch I take each one, tween finger twist and thumb Then stoop to take them in my mouth and lick them with my tongue Now standing proud and glistening with spittle from my mouth With one last kiss on each, time to progress and head down south Removing belt, skirt, hose and shoes leaves you in only pants And gently these are lowered now, nake
Dino Remembers 911
My Thoughts For Jennifer (babydoll1976)
Does the smile when I whisper mean you are not offended by my words of lust? Fingertip caresses explore as I breath my desire into your open smile. Sit with me a while. Share a drink with me and let us talk of decadence openly. Thoughts that might take all night to ponder deeply with the time we have to share. moments spent in minutes or hours perhaps days of lust. Sin with me a while.
hi guys im happy to say that im not leaving fubar yay for those who read it and commented im not leaving im staying on fubar
A Poem From My Love
"A Dream Already True" I dreamt of this perfect woman.. She has the most beautiful eyes I ever looked into, She has the smile that makes my heart melt, She has the body and strength that makes me feel safe when she holds me in her arms, She has the gorgeous face that makes me want to kiss her passionately, She has that sweet sensual voice that makes me weak when she whispers sweet words into my ear, She has the sensitive personality that makes me wish I could be in her life forever... Then I woke up, and that woman was laying right beside me. And I wake up again, And hope that day comes true. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This man is so wonderful. Please stop and show him love. Beretta@ fubar
My Happy Hour
Ok guys....tell me something...why is it that you can be honest and upfront with a dude....but they can't seem to do you the same favor...i mean really....WTF....we're adults right...i mean if you meet somebody and they're not what you expected....then damn...just freakin tell saves alot of time, effort, text messeges and phone're not gonna break their heart or leave them crying for days....there are toooooooo many damn fish in the sea for that'm just venting....having my usual BITCH moment...lmao
What Happened On June 2, 2005?? Pls Read Impt N Repost! $52,000 REWARD OFFERED FOR INFORMATION IN FATAL MONTGOMERY COUNTY BLAST It began like any other day. Two young husbands kissed their wives goodbye, told their children they loved them, and headed out the door to work. June 2, 2005 was also a normal morning for McPherson Drilling, LLC. Their employees arrived and began their work day. McPherson Drilling employees, Mike Holland, Mac Sanborn and Will Kobelt headed for their drilling rig, which had been “rigged-up” in a desolate area of Montgomery County, Kansas on the day before. When they arrived at the rig, things appeared to be just the way they had left them on June 1, 2005. The men took their respective stations on the rig and promptly began drilling. Shortly after they began to drill, an explosion occurred. This explosion gave no warning and resulted in the brutal deaths of two men, the third man sustained injuries. William “Mac” Sanborn was killed almost instantly and Michael “Mike” Hollan
Take A Moment
TAKE JUST A MOMENT TOMORROW TO REMEMBER THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES ON THIS TRAGIC DAY SIX YEARS AGO! On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 everyone in the USA who will be driving a motor vehicle is asked to drive with their headlights on during daylight hours. Though no explanation is needed as to why we are commemorating September 11, we hope more importantly to pay respect to the victims of that day, show our nation's solidarity and show support for our men and women of the Armed Forces. You can help by sending this bulletin on to others!
May America Stand Tall
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Rip Nico
Well, Dennis is on another one of his screaming yelling ranting shits again.... BUT THE GOOD NEWS... I did something OTHER than save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico... I got a job... lol, yay... pays 14.25 an hour... fun huh?? Yeah, well, at least I'll be able to move out on my own now... which will be here pretty soon... Dennis got an apartment and he moves in tomorrow... more than likely I'll stay there til i get a few pay checks, and my car fixed... then I'll get a place of my own... I'm so sick and tired of being yelled at, and treated like shit, and called names.... I'm so sick of being so depressed that I'm in tears, and don't wanna get outta bed... I'm sick of living like this... and the girls shouldn't have to see it either.... So, thats the plan, the plot, and the way things are... it's gonna be nice... I've gotten so sick and tired of dealing with his bullshit.... it'slike, endless... he finds some reason to bitch... always.... he bitches at me for
I begin to apprehend strange and wonderful thoughts of you, of finding you afloat in bubbly water, arms outstretched, reaching for me, finding, pulling me closer. I almost taste your lips inside my mouth, your tongue, and cool feel of air between us rushing away as I tumble in next to you. I can nearly feel you strip away my shirt strip away my jeans - just you and I and silky water sliding between us and away as we begin. How can we let this imagining go to waste? Wait for me, my love, I'm nearly there. © All rights reserved
The face of an angel and the soul of one, too, I will spend forever with you. My sweet Candace, our love is divine, your eyes, so tender as they gaze into mine. It feels so warm, your gentle touch, oh Candace, my soul mate, I love you so much. Together forever, that's you and me, this endless love is our destiny.
Warning!!! .................V .IMPT!! If any-one sends you a bulletin titled..."Mom made me delete"....DON'T open it or forward has a key logger code within the HTML designed to access both yr MS and e-mail passwords. Plz re-post.
Do You Believe Her?
"LMAO! IT'S A FLASHLIGHT!!! A FLASHLIGHT I TELL YOU... And I don't even remember why I had a flashlight between my legs." She seemed to get defensive very fast. Did it look dark in that room people? We will let the public decide!!! Is is a flashlight being used between her legs in a lit room? Or is it an old 70's style dildo? Any other suggestions on what it might be? It definately looks battry powered.
Questions Of Love
Many of us have or will be in love with another person. We will desire to always have this person in our lives, we will think about them constantly, we will dream about them, and we will talk about them to anybody who will listen. So, I ask why is it that when we feel all of these beautiful emotions about someone that we find it difficult to express our feelings to the person we feel so strongly about? I have over time listen to my friend's dreamy eyes and giddy as they talk about the man or woman that they have fallen in love with. But, if you were to ask them of they have said the words "I Love you" they will say, "No, I want him or her to say it first". They fear that this person that they have these amazing feelings for won't feel the same way. Everyone wants to be in love, and to have those feeling returned. Many people miss out on that, that they desire because of fear. We cannot control what someone else thinks or feels, but we can without being aware of it let our fear
Multiple Kite Flying Competion
OMG -- to all those folks like myself who have flown kites in their lifetime and attempted to handle two, just imagine and take a look at this Kitelife Magazine page and simply sit in awe as this man maneuvers in a dance like synchronization THREE kites!!! Amazing!! This is Ray Bethell, an 8-time-Multiple Kite World Champion . He is 79 years old, and this is an absolutely stunning film. He is spectacular !! You will not be sorry you took five minutes of your time to view this amazing 3-kite (one operator) flying competition video - it's truly an art form put to music.
Holocaust by Barbara Sonek We played, we laughed we were loved. We were ripped from the arms of our parents and thrown into the fire. We were nothing more than children. We had a future. We were going to be lawyers, rabbis, wives, teachers, mothers. We had dreams, then we had no hope. We were taken away in the dead of night like cattle in cars, no air to breathe smothering, crying, starving, dying. Separated from the world to be no more. From the ashes, hear our plea. This atrocity to mankind can not happen again. Remember us, for we were the children whose dreams and lives were stolen away.
Walking together under sapphire skies, my darling Jessica has love in her eyes. Our lips joined in passionate bliss, it feels like forever, that one special kiss. We never hold back, just set our hearts free, I hope she knows what she means to me. Holding her close, I smile and say: "Our precious love, Jessica, is here to stay."
He Needs Our Help Badly .................
He need everyones help to get the lead in his contest. To win a 1 Month Blast, Please help me help him do it. This is the photo just click it and drop him as many comments as you can. LUV YOU ALL!!!
My And Brat Song
I was walking home from school on a cold winter day. Took a shortcut through the woods, and I lost my way. It was getting late, and I was scared and alone. But then a kind old man took my hand and led me home. Mama couldnt see him, but he was standing there. And I knew in my heart, he was the answer to my prayers. Oh I believe there are angels among us. Sent down to us from somewhere up above. They come to you and me in our darkest hours. To show us how to live, to teach us how to give. To guide us with a light of love. When life held troubled times, and had me down on my knees. Theres always been someone there to come along and comfort me. A kind word from a stranger, to lend a helping hand. A phone call from a friend, just to say I understand. And aint it kind of funny that at the dark end of the road. Someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope. They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places. To guide us with their mercy, in our time
Http:// Please be kind enough to go to my pic and bomb its ass off ok Appreciated
Army Stuff
Ok, so as many of you know I've been in the army for 4 years now. Here's my dillema. I just recently had a baby. I also ended things with my husband. So now I'm a single mother with a two month old baby and a full time army job. I have the opportunity to get out of the army right now and keep my benefits. I would be able to avoid deployments and spend more time with my daughter. Or i could stay in and have a guaranteed job with benefits for my child, but possibly deploy. What do i do? Stay in or get out? I can't decide.
Speaking Of Looking
Here is another one! And tell me friends does that look like one of those old fashion "body massagers" you see in the old 70's porn flicks between her legs? Hmm Imagine the possibilities boys and girls. She said she doesn't like pervy but that looks like an old school dildo to me. I love this game.
Never Forget! Tomorrrow Is The Day To Remember!
i am back! so everyone hit me up to yak, god i missed ya, i have borrowed internet, so connect could go squirrly, but at least i can actually get some internet work done now, and start getting the home front right, by catching up on bills and stuff, i am still working at 7-11, and have alot of managerial duties as usual, damn why do i get those things? oh yeah i forgot, because i know how to run a buisness, lol,but anyway, i am going to try to build this family again, little by litte, so spreade some love and the word ok? have a kick ass night and hit me up on my home page, i need to do some stuff there, ok guys, i love you and missed you all!
Behold The Sea
Behold The Sea by Jerry Caldwell Behold the sea, the mighty restless sea! Behold the strand of battered rock and sand! The endless fight between the sea and man! Behold the sea! Through wind and storm the foaming breakers roar What of the man who waits upon the shore? What of the man you hold forevermore? Behold the sea! Rolling along in the starlight Restless, plentiful and strong Rolling along in the moonlight Surf and spray shining in the sun Behold the sea, the mighty restless sea! Behold the strand of battered rock and sand! The endless fight between the sea and man! Behold the sea!
Come Check Us Out
Get your own glitter and more at Get your own glitter and more at JUST CLICK ON THE PIC AND YOU WILL BE DROPPED INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT OF PASSION....... Get your own glitter and more at Get your own glitter and more at (repost of original by 'DJ L.O.C.'Evil Angel's Stalker..' on '2007-09-10 17:39:08') (repo
I Don't Mind The Stashes
I would just rather see pics or something like that. Naked pics are always my favorite. Give me something I can sit here and eat Cheetos and jerk off too? That would make me happy!
A Day Of Diamonds
I had a fun luxury yesterday. First took Ricky out to the batting cages. Out off of 87th Street, there are some batting cages with a small diamond nearby where we can set up his t-ball tee and he can start hitting the ball and running the bases. I didn't do real well in the cages. I only fouled a couple of balls off, but for not being in the cages or facing any pitching in over two years, I was realistic about my performance. Ricky is taking to the mechanics of baseball. He's also understanding some basics of strategy. It's just going to take more and more work. Gee, since I've been on baseball diamonds for most of my life, I can see this as being such a horrible thing. After we got done there, we came back, changed, and then went to the park. While Ricky was playing on the playground, I noticed a baseball game forming on one of the diamonds in the park. I kept my eye on it while my friend volunteered to watch Ricky for a few. After I was watching for a couple of minutes, I was invited
Patience Brings You....
I am a firm believer in "everything happends for a reason". The slightest decision can change the course of your life. What ever it was that kept me from coming home early last friday, also kept someone else from spending all the money they had at the time. Had they spent it, they never would have ended up here, on my doorstep at 8:30 am on a saturday. If you pay attention, you should now know who this person is. The one person I said I was so done with. I think him showing up at my door is one sure fire way to get me to listen to what they have to say, right? Without spilling all the details of boring conversations, tears and such,I will tell you this. I know the truth. I have forgiven, but refuse to trust. This really goes for anyone at this point. I don't trust at all anymore and I think I am ok with that. I'm not letting anyone back into my heart, but I am letting a friend back into my life. I am having no second thoughts about it. I am really happy with my life and the decisions I
I Am Just Thinking
This is what I would look down and see if she was licking the cheeto crumbs off my dick and getting ready to wash it down with some ranch dressing. I could be wrong, but thats pretty rare. I know some people have missed these so I have decided to do a few. Isn't she a cutie? I could look down at her all night long and eat Cheetos!!!
Ok..this whole blog is going to kind of go along with the last..but if Fubar was a real bar..I damn sure wouldn't go to it. What the fuck is up with not being able to cuss or post a picture of something dirty in a 18 and up site? I think if i want to say FUCK 42 times in a sentence or post a picture of a hairy pussy with an egg coming out of it then dammit I should be able to. What kind of pussy people run around and are offended by every little thing and flag shit? Whoever you are you can KISS MY ASS. If you're offended by words then go back to the playground you little pussy bastard. As far as NSFW goes..I have a super plan..maybe..just shouldn't be on fubar at work..ever think of that? I mean unless you work for fubar or something..aren't you going to get in trouble if you get caught on it at work, regardless of if theres a big set of tits or a giant cock playing tennis pictured on your screen? Will your boss walk by and go oh fubar..yeah thats ok..just don't be looking a
Remember 911 - Bring Our Troops Home!
If you really want to pay tribute to the 343 that died in NY and the thousands that have died in the unrelated Iraq conflict, then write to your congress person to bring them home! Don't know how? It's easy - go to and look up your rep and send them an email telling them to bring our troops home. Enough of the BS lies. No one else should die for this political war.
Todays Top Members
yay.. i made it back into todays top members. #440. not as good as I once was ,but as good as I'll ever be.
Found These Songs, Been Awhile Since I Heard Them, I Love Both Of Them.
My niece sang this one to my dad on his 60th Birthday Party. He was like a father to her since hers wasnt around.
Tomorrow is 9-11 a day of remembrance for all the lives lost & shattered that tragic day. I remember being at work about 45 minutes away or so from the city and when the first plane hit the tower we all just looked at each other thinking what everyone else was thinking the plane must have lost control! When they came on the radio to say no it was terrorists, my knee’s buckled and I literally fell back in my chair while my co-worker and friend Allison frantically tried to call her parents who were coming in that day ….Of course all the lines were busy and nothing would connect, we started to see the smoke from the crashes outside and I remember my boss putting his hands over his face with tears in his eyes knowing what we all knew thousands of people were going to die today. My friend Allison lost both her parents that day, yes they were on the first plane that hit. I have never felt and or seen such pain in someone’s eyes as I did that day, an ambulance had to be called for her becaus
Male And Female Atm..
A new sign in the Bank Lobby reads: 'Please note that this Bank is installing new Drive-through ATM machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. Customers using this new facility are requested to use the procedures outlined below when accessing their accounts. After months of careful research, MALE & FEMALE Procedures have been developed. Please follow the Appropriate steps for your gender.' ******************************* MALE PROCEDURE: 1. Drive up to the cash machine. 2. Put down your car window. 3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN. 4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw. 5. Retrieve card, cash and receipt. 6. Put window up.. 7. Drive off. ******************************* AND I CAN JUST PICTURE THIS............................. :-) FEMALE PROCEDURE: Unfortunately, most of this part is the Truth.!!!! 1. Drive up to c
My World
Feeling your tongue on my body makes me speechless I have missed the way you make me come alive The anticipation of what you will do next is so thrilling Going down to my most private region My world has been waiting for you You look up at me giving me a smile and you blow me a kiss goodbye Then it happens... Your mouth meets my world and I lose all control Sheer pleasure fills me I can feel it from my head all the way down to my toes Shaking, moaning your name over and over again Grabbing your head pushing you in deeper I can hardly breathe it feels so good You are working magic Casting me under this wonderful spell Its building I can feel it I'm almost ready to let go You know this and you know exactly how to make it happen Your tongue right there My world erupts all over An incredible rush I'm moaning releasing into your mouth You drink up every last drop Kissing me all over You come back up and hold me Letting me enjoy this great feeling
Another Short One!
Good evening to all my friends! My daughter Jenn has been moved to the most secure area of the Psych Unit, due to her continued suicide threats! They are in the process of changing her meds yet again. At this point she is feeling quite hopeless. So far the guys appear to be doing well at school, lol. Only time will tell, I guess! Tim and Taylor continue to work at Burger King, lol! Oldest grandson Damian has been promoted to First Assistant Manager at the same Burger King! Whoa, salaried now - what a deal! It was brought to my attention that I had not blogged about the Passion Party I attended Saturday evening! Yes, I had a marvelous time - such a good time that I booked a party of my own for September 21! I did indeed make a few purchases: one Toy that shall remain nameless; one book - hey, you can never know too many positions, lmao; some high class lube, lol! Also won a couple of games, so I received from lovely samples. Well, my wish list has increased dramatically!! I hav
Think about your typical dating profile. When done well, it covers a lot of bases. There, typed out, you have your general likes and dislikes (you love tofu burgers but can’t stand meat, say). Ideally, you make some mention of your hopes and dreams, the types of things you’ve already achieved, and what your life is currently about. Your profile would indicate whether you’re an active participant in life, or prefer the role of spectator, via the boob tube. You may be a die-hard armchair athlete or heavily involved in a variety of sports and activities. If you’re particularly religious, you’d be wise to say so. If you fall into the atheist or agnostic crowd, this too ought to be pointed out. Chances are you give the lowdown on what you consider a perfect date, what type of music you enjoy and where one might find you on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There, on this handy profile, you include your basic stats (income level, height, body type, hair and eye colour
In The Middle Of The Night
Your touch awakes me in the middle of the night It must be a dream I feel your breath in my ear Whispering your desires Touching my body with your strong hands I can't resist you The desire is so strong Kissing with such need I need you more than anything at this moment I know you feel the same We give into each other I can feel you diving into my world Moaning with pleasure The heat rises as we make love Grasping and holding onto you so tightly Beautiful feelings run through my body I can feel it building inside And then it happens We both feel it That wonderful wet warm explosion escaping from each of us Leaving us breathless and satisfied Afterwards we fall asleep in each others arms only to wake up and start all over again...
I Decided To Have A Little Fun With This Again.
I am now looking around the room for a victim. I wonder who it could be? While I am at it and ready to rant. STOP POSTING UP PICTURES OF FUCKING ANNOYING SHIT!!! I am so sick of seeing fucking FUBAR bumber stickers!!! I know when you see some little gay saying you think oohh this one is so me. Well who fucking cares. You piss me off!
I Did It Lol Lol
whoo hoo i did a play list and it only took me like 2 hours to figure it out lol lol have a great night every one
Oil Change instructions for Women: 1) Pull up to Jiffy Lube when the mileage reaches 3000 miles since the last oil change. 2) Drink a cup of coffee. 3) 15 minutes later, write a check and leave with a properly maintained vehicle. Money spent: Oil Change $20.00 Coffee $1.00 Total $21.00 ========================================================== Oil Change instructions for Men: 1) Wait until Saturday, drive to auto parts store and buy a case of oil, filter, kitty litter, hand cleaner and a scented tree, write a check for $50.00. 2) Stop by 7 - 11 and buy a case of beer, write a check for $20, drive home. 3) Open a beer and drink it. 4) Jack car up. Spend 30 minutes looking for jack stands. 5) Find jack stands under kid's pedal car. 6) In frustration, open another beer and drink it. 7) Place drain pan under engine. 8) Look for 9/16 box end wrench. 9) Give up and use crescent wrench. 10) Unscrew drain plug. 11) Drop drain plug in pan of hot oil
Sept 8/11
LIGHTS ON.....9/11 PLEASE forward this email to everyone in your address book asking them to also forward it. Please join us on 9/11. We have over two weeks to get the word out all across this great land we love and call the United States of America. Let's see how powerful e-mail can be! On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 everyone in the USA who will be driving a motor vehicle is asked to drive with their headlights on during daylight hours. Though no explanation is needed as to why we are commemorating September 11, we hope more importantly to pay respect to the victims of that day, show our nation's solidarity and show support for our men and women of the Armed Forces. You can help by sending this e-mail on to others! REMEMBER! LIGHTS ON.....9/11 GOD BLESS AMERICA
Hurt Feelings Report..
Date:__________________ Time of hurtfulness:______________am/pm A. Which ear were words of hurtfulness spoken into: Left or Right or Both B. Is there permanent feeling damage Yes No C. Did you need a tissue for the tears Yes No Reasons for filing this report: Please circle Yes or No 1. I am thin skinned Yes 2. I am a pussy Yes 3. I have woman like hormones Yes 4. I am a Queer Yes 5. I am a little Bitch Yes 6. I am a cry baby Yes 7. I want my mommy Yes 8. All of the above Yes (circle this since all most likely apply) Name of "Real Man" who hurt your sensitive little feelings:_______________ If you feel that you need someone to hug go home to mommy and let her hug you and change your diaper. If you feel as though you need to speak to someone to soothe you please call this number
Future Echos
once i get my ASE certification, im getting the vanity plate GRSMNKY
Catching Up
Hi all!!!! I just got home from Cleveland a little while ago. Thank you ALL for the tons of love and I will be trying my hardest to catch up over the next few days!!!!! manly
How To Drive In Phoenix
HOW TO DRIVE IN PHOENIX: 1. You must first learn to pronounce the city name, it is: "FEE-NICKS". 2. The morning rush hour is from 5:00am to noon. The evening rush hour is from noon to 8:00pm. Friday's rush hour starts on Thursday morning. There is also a Saturday morning rush hour to get out of town and a Sunday evening rush hour to come back. 3. The minimum acceptable speed on most freeways is 85 mph. On Loop 101, Your speed is expected to match the highway number. Anything less is considered "Wussy". 4. Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Phoenix has its own version of traffic rules. For example, cars/trucks with the loudest muffler go first at a four-way stop; the trucks with the biggest tires go second. However, East Valley, SUV-driving, cell phone-talking, lipstick applicating moms ALWAYS have the right of way. 5. If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear ended, cussed out, and possibly shot. 6. Never honk or look at anyone. Ever. Serio
My Happy Hour
Tonight at 8:00 p.m. pacific or for those of us on the east coast 11:00 p.m.EST is my happy hour. I want to thank Cappy for the Happy Hour givaway. A special thank you too all of my friends who bombed me to get it done. This one is for all of you. My title line says for all my friends and Levlers Rawk.. I just want to thank all of the Shadow levelers and other leveling teams for helping others level up. So I hope alot of you get to level up tonight. Thank you again for the countless hours you all spent on bombing too help me.Love to you all.
So I'm sure anyone who reads this will know about this already..but apparently last night some reason some cock sucker decided my absolutely normal and nice mumm needed to be flagged as inappropriate. So now thanks to asshole person..I'm mumm banned, meaning I can't make any new ones. How superbly annoying can someone be? I'd like to find this person and flag my thumb into their eyes.
I Am The Girl....
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than in an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says, "Okay, but you owe me..." jokingly. Not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you and I care... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you.. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. I'm the girl who you can talk to about anything.. I'm the girl
In Approx 12 Hours
In less than 24 hours, more like 12 hours, it's going to be the 6th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. No matter what you believe, something terrible and horrible happened that day. Whether it was from within, or from without, we as a nation were attacked. Please don't think me cold or heartless tomorrow when I refuse to watch footage aired over and over again from that day. I remember all too well, sitting in a room by myself watching the coverage minute by minute on CNN. I worked at the Indy airport in those days and it was a strong fear I had that I'd have to go to work. And I did, even as airports were closing and evacuating we still had to go in and take care of those who'd just been left stranded with no way to get to where they needed to go. It was chaos and it was confusion and looking back, in a way it was horror. From there on out, for I don't recall how long now my workplace was overrun with National Guardsmen, their weapons in plain view. The authority
Love is a silent hell. Destroying all emotions, And when it ends, is when Love becomes a silent hell Love is now like a stranger to me, But I did meet Love once. It was with a girl so beautiful, But she questioned and left my love! So now to me, Love is but a silent hell Though in part I still love the one Even though we wishes us nothing. Love is painful Infact it is riddled with pain. However pain has it's rewards. It makes one stronger! Love seems to me, uncontainable, And those who dare to try Are eventually lost to insanity Never to be saved Some who survive, are like me Believeing love to be a silent hell A force so wildly uncontrollable That only the lucky seem to weild it.
Sheltering me with your arms I feel secure once again. I can look into your eyes, and continue to feel proud having you as my man. The way things once were are no longer, and we will survive. Our lives together will thrive, just you and I. I have my protector, my armor shield back, and I feel safe once again. You listen to me cry, out of frustration, sadness and joy. The softness in your voice told me it would all be okay. You held my heart so gently last night, and I thank you for your patience. This is something I am not prepared to let go of, ever. You are stuck with me, through thick and thin. You are my papi, and I am your Mija. I love you twice as much today as I did yesterday. I can't wait to show you... *Te quiero mucho*
i hurt my ankle and it hurts pretty bad this weather isnt helping :( and i have a very bad headache.
Time To Cut Down The Friend List
If you dont remeber my birthday or just dont keep in touch I will be deleting you I dont put stuff up just to have noone look at it and yes I know you all have lifes
Blah Blah Blah
I'm tired of the single life, but the one person I'm slightly interested in is the type one moment boom she seems interested the next nope, and I don't need to deal with that bullshit right now. blah, in general I'm just tired of the single life.
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
On Vacation
.. Riden by to let every one know I will be on Vacation flying out on tuesday to see my son and his family it is my grand daughters 4th birthday I will be back on the 20th hugs and kisses to evry one wishing you and yours a sweet and safe week going to miss yeah much love and respect xoxo Mike.
~thermite Was Used To Bring Down The Towers~
br>9/11 Truth EXPLOSIVES going off in WTC (CLEAR AUDIO!!!) A new branch of 9/11 research claims to have identified the cause of the collapse of the twin towers. The photographic and video evidence makes a very strong case for thermite being responsible for the unprecedented implosions of steel framed reinforced buildings on September 11.This facet was first brought to light during a November 2005 appearance on The Alex Jones Show by Brigham Young University physicist Professor Steven Jones. Jones said that white phosphorous wasn't powerful enough to cause the implosion but that thermite was the likely culprit. Alex Jones's 2005 release Martial Law 9/11 Rise of the Police State highlighted the physical evidence that the towers and Building 7 were brought down with incendiary devices.Brigham Young University physicist Professor Steven Jones told peers at a Utah meeting that, "while almost no fire, even one ignited by jet fuel, can cause structural steel to fail
Bombers Heat 1, 9-8-07 85speedway
I have seen ratings on some peoples profile's what are they and how do you get them I am wondering?
A Friend In Need
well is my latest pimpout...he is a good person and had his account deleated some time ago for reasons i am not at liberty to say but i can say i talked to him and he is a cool person so whoever reads this blog can u please go on his page and show him some luv...he only has 55 pics so it should be easy...rate add and fan pleaseb as well as rate his pics...ty very much everyone and have a great is his link...................................... Catch me if you can now@ fubar this pimp out brought to u by the one and only... HOTSTUD262006 founder and Recruiter of The Godfather Family.(Real husband to Angel1111)@ fubar
The Attack
My Shattered Heart
Here I am thinking about how my life has been torn apart, Trying to find a way to mend my shattered heart, If only I had listened to you when you tried to tell me That I should listen to my heart because it will never fail me, I wouldn't be sitting here feeling this pain again As I watch the sharp edge of this cold steel Tearing its way through my skin. Well, that's what I am thinking of, I haven't done it yet because I've also been thinking about the ones I love. Instead of numbing this pain with sharpened steel, I've decided to grab a pen and some paper and write about how I feel. This may not last long though, Because like everything else People and feelings do change, That's why so many are in pain, Because nothing ever stays the same. Poetry is my way of expressing what I cannot say. Blood and emotions come from the heart Not the head So it should come as no surprise that I am comforted by bloodshed To ease my shattered heart. Written On: December 16, 2004
My Life
Self-inflicted pain is how I used to help myself cope With the feeling of losing all hope. Everyone has something that the choose to hide, I choose to hide this pain that burns deep inside. There is not one person who understands, All everyone wants me to do is cater to their demands. I will no longer hide behind this mask, I will start showing my "true" self no matter how awkward the task. I'm sick and tired of being what you want me to be, This time I will be who I want and need to be.... ME!! I say that I am hated by many and loved by few, But that was until I broke free from you! For the last few years I have held back these tears, And tried my hardest to hide my fears. I did all this to please those around me, Pretending to be someone you wanted me to be. You claimed to be helping me, But all you were doing was wasting my time. I did what you wanted me to do without saying a word, Yet you still held me captive inside my own body, You treated me like an animal,
All The Same
SICK PUPPIES LYRICS "ALL THE SAME" I don't mind where you come from As long as you come to me I don't like illusions I can't see Them clearly I don't care no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually What you'll do I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come And in between it always seems too long All of a sudden And I have the skill, yeah I have the will To breathe you in while I can However long you stay Is all that I am I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If
The Love Of A Rose
Roses are a gift from the Lord above, They symbolize beauty and the symbolize love. So whenever I look at a rose, I see you, I see beauty, tenderness and a love so true. The petals of a rose are soft like your skin and silky like your hair, So no matter where you are or where you go Wherever you see a rose, I just want you to know That I will always be there. Rose have such a beautiful smell that reminds me of you, Every time I see or smell a rose, I am reminded of how much I love you. A friend once told me, "Never forget the love of a rose, because I never will," Well babe, its time that I let you know just how I feel, Roses are like the love the represent, If you're not careful, you could get pricked, And though it may hurt for a little bit, You will realize that a little bit of pain is well worth it. Some roses fade, wither and die, Others last and last longer than most people live, So unlike the rose that withers and dies, My love for you will last as long
My Apology
I come to you to apologize, For I have hurt you, I come to you to apologize, For I have neglected to love you, I come to you to apologize, For I have made you cry. I apologize for all that I have done wrong, I'm sorry that you have had to deal with this for so long. I'm sorry for not always being there And for acting like I didn't care, I'm sorry for putting you through so much pain, I can understand if you never want to see or talk to me again. I'm sorry for wasting your time And for playing with your mind. I'm sorry that things didn't work And I'm sorry for acting like a jerk. I'm sorry for asking you to be my girlfriend, Only to have your heart broken in the end.
North Ship
The North Ship I saw three ships go sailing by, Over the sea, the lifting sea, And the wind rose in the morning sky, And one was rigged for a long journey. The first ship turned towards the west, Over the sea, the running sea, And by the wind was all possessed And carried to a rich country. The second ship turned towards the east, Over the sea, the quaking sea, And the wind hunted it like a beast To anchor in captivity. The third ship drove towards the north, Over the sea, the darkening sea, But no breath of wind came forth, And the decks shone frostily. The northern sky rose high and black Over the proud unfruitful sea, East and west the ships came back Happily or unhappily: But the third went wide and far Into an unforgiving sea Under a fire-spilling star, And it was rigged for a long journey.
Thoughts Of You
As I sit here thinking about you I realize that we have a love that is strong and true It all started with a few words that were softly spoken And now we have a bond that could never be broken You are the love of my life My best friend, and my future wife You mean the world to me And I will do anything to make you see Just how much you truly mean to me. You are more than my best friend you are my lover And I feel very privileged to know that your an angel undercover As I sit here thinking about you And all the wonderful things you do I am very blessed to be with you You are like a dream come true I wish that i could show you how much I love you You are all that I want and need, You are all that I could hope for You mean absolutely everything to me There is no way that anyone could ever love you more.
October 16th
Ok so I'm dreading October 16th!!!!! I mean dreading it! Its coming way to fast! For those that know me closest know that My Pappy Kauffman who I was really close to Died on this day 10 yrs ago this year! I'm taking off work to go to his Grave. I've been goin there alot in all honesty. I went Friday, Talked to his grave stone. which some ppl would htink is crazy but ya know what..... I know he heard me. I know he's been watching down from Heaven and here for me. I had reassurance of that thanks to Aunt Sharon (Andrew's Aunt).... So I'll be taking off work that day.... I'll be buying flowers and prolly spending quite a long time there...... This day is going to kill me inside.... it will be 10 years!!!! I dont even care that my bday will be 11 days after this or that i have a birthday party on the 22nd for me and Maria... I mean i care bout that but that doesn't compare to this day! I'm gonna see if i can get one of my really close friends to go with me or somet
My Mistake
As I lay here wide awake Recounting all the heartache You've put me through, I realize now that I don't need you. Right now I'm left here with all this pain, And I only have you to blame. It makes me sick thinking about you, It makes me sick thinking about what you put me through, And about all the games you play. How can I still love you after all you've done? How do you expect me to carry on? How do you expect me to forgive you for what you've done wrong? How was I able to live like this for so long? You mean absolutely nothing to me, I really don't care how much you hurt I don't care if I did break your heart, You are the one who tore us apart. I have had all that i can take And that is why you are MY MISTAKE!! June 7, 2007
Holding On
Though my life has been turned upside down, I am still standing my ground. Though my body has been beaten and broken And my feelings hurt by the things others have spoken, Though so many people have done me wrong, I am still standing strong. Though many of my dreams have faded away Nothing and no one can stand in my way. I am a man with goals, hopes and dreams, Even though many of my dreams are shattered by deafening screams, I'm still holding on. Though I have shed so much blood and so many tears for countless years I will stand strong and face my fears. Ladies and gentleman, take this lesson in life, No matter how bad your pain, worries, or strife, There's never a need to take your life. There's always someone to turn to, There's always something that you can do- Hold On. Even when you feel that you can no longer carry on, Just hold on.
911 Truthers Invade Fox News!! Fake Nwo
Road Trip
Okay I leave Arizona tomorrow morning and will get in Tennessee Thursday night. I wont have access to a computer for the next three days. I dont know if I will be on the computer Thursday night, since I will probably crash as soon as I get in. I will have the cell, but it will be on and off to save the battery. So dont freak out if you dont here from me in a the next few days. I promise I will get back to ya...
Bitch, I'm From Pa
BITCH.....I am from Pennsylvania woo hoo go us Somebody from California apparently wrote the top part, but somebody from Pennsylvania came back and put them on their asses at the bottom. just read all of it! lol CALIFORNIA: - I can wear sandals all year long - I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore" -Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang. - I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often - I know what real cheese & avocados taste like -Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal -We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down. -I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's! - I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear - I know 65 mph really means 100 - When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger and high speed chase cuz we dont fuck around on the road - The d
Me = Extended Version
'Allo. If you're here reading this, you've actually decided to look beyond the hair. Congrats :] A few things first: WARNING I am allergic to: [x]bullshit [x]lewd comments/being hit on [x]stupidity For the saftey of the Shadow, please maintain a distance if you're plagued with these disorders. Still reading? Good. Cos here's the ♥ that's me. Search and Ye Shall Receive ...and repent.... ℘ About me ℘ I am... ♥ Shadow Dancer(Terra to Some) Maybe Jess to a few ♥ A bundle of contradictions If you try to unravel me... Beware the thorns in the knots ♥ Potentially cheerful. Equally easy to piss off. '*Stop rubbing me the wrong way, I'm not a genie fuckers!* ;D' [Augie] ♥ TOTALLY in love. ♥ MOM, and hella proud of it. -Every kid should have a mom who mohawks his hair, agreed?- ♥ Scorpio all the way. ♥ Endowed wit
My Gift To You
I give you my heart, mind, body and soul For it is your love that makes me whole. I give to you each breath that I take, And every tear that I cry, I give you this promise that I will never break, I promise to remain faithful and never leave your side. I give you the world so choose anything, I give you my undying love along with this ring. I give you a life free from pain, worry and strife, I give you my heart and a chance to be my wife. I give you this kiss to say, "I promise to love you and cherish you forever and always." I trust that you believe that what im saying is true, Because today is the day that I give my heart to you. So close your eyes and take my hands, Let me give you a life of love and romance. Allow me to be all that you want and need, Allow me to give my gift to you, My gift to you is... ME!!
9/11 Bs
The Tears Won't Fall
The tears Won't Fall Even though you left, The tears wont fall. I feel so sad deep inside, But the tears won't fall. You have hurt me so bad in the past, Now the tears won't fall. I could never bring you back, So I will let the tears stay in the past. I feel guilty that I am not stopping it, But yet I can't let the tears fall. The knife you have used so many times to stab me in the back, Has become dull instead of sharper, The tears will not fall. When I look back at the past, I know I am better off. Never again will it happen, The tears will never fall. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserve
I'll Be There
When times get hard and you feel so weak, Your heart is hurting and you want to speak, Your thoughts are racing through your mind, And loneliness is all you find, I'll Be There. When you feel torn apart and broken, By the painful words others have spoken, When you have tears streaming down your face And you need someone to be your saving grace, I'll Be There. When your heart is burning and you don't know what to do, I'll be here to comfort you, When you feel like you are lost at sea, You can come and seek refuge in me. I'll Be There. When you feel you've lost all faith and hope, I'll be here to help you cope, When you feel nothing but pain, I will be there to help you get up again. I'll be there.
Not Alone
As you sit there in the darkness of what has become your life Trying to put an end to your pain and strife Realize this- You are not alone! As you fight for what you believe is right As the day turns into night Do not give up hope For you are not alone! When you feel like all hope is gone And you can no longer carry on Hold your head up high Wipe that tear from your eye And realize that you are not alone! When you world comes crashing down on you And you feel that there is nothing you can do When you feel like you are all alone Take a look around you and realize you are not alone! Though there are times that you feel so weak And you try to ask for help but cannot speak Do not give up hope You are not alone! When the ones you love the most are the ones that cause the most pain And they make you feel like your goin insane, Carry on You are not alone! When you find yourself wanting to bring your life to an end Reach out and ask for the help of a friend And reali
Literary Sex
doesnt anybody ever write about sex anymore… well I mean successfully…and that means to provoke arouse inspire and to shed new skin… america it seems strange such universal stuff as sex should be so religiously rejected but it is isnt it…even the boundary stretchers… to me guys like kerouac brautigan thompson they dont seem to have a clue now do they… well maybe they cant deal with tits assholes wet pussy and drooling erections…thats not art. hemingway faulkner fitzgerald didnt pull it off neither did vonnegut or heller or roth they all suck when it comes to sex… wheres the sexy literature wheres the sex… oh there are some that seem to get it robbins is sexy and burroughs and mccarthy and especially bukowski get it right but fuck all the others who are either too old and censored or too young and arrogant america what have you done to our sex. and what about our poets…what about pound and williams and olson what
A Pic Made For Me By Andyconda
Sex by Dwayne Gordon How can you live without sex in your life....... Sex in the morning Sex in the eveving Sex at night Every minute of the day Sex.......Sex........Sex Sex is great sex is bad Do it hard when you get mad Sex today Sex tommorow Sex everyday when you're in sorrow Sex on the bed Sex on the floor Have it everyday you will want more.
Just A Rate Please :)
Hey y'all the contest I entered ends tomorrow. Right now I am in 3rd place only 4 rates behind second place. If anyone could just take a few minutes of their time and rate my picture I would appreciate it. Thanks to my friends and family that have already helped me out!! Take care and have a great night!! Kassidy Here is the link, just click the picture and rate it, no comments needed. Thanks :)
Sexy Chubby Contest
As I sit here thinking about holding you in my arms, And keeping you safe and warm, I think about how much you mean to me You are the sun that brightens my darkest days You are the light that shows me the way I cherish the day that you came into my life I love the way you have taken away all my pain And showed me what it means to love and be loved again I could write forever and never be able to tell you how I really feel Because there just arent enough words in the world You are my lover, my best friend, and you will forever be my girl. The things you do to me are simply amazing Everytime i hear your voice it sounds like angels singing. You have my love, you have my heart And we have built this bond that can never be torn apart I know i might now be able to tell you how i feel, But I have a lifetime to show you There isnt anything in this world that i wouldnt do for you, I love you baby and I always will. There is only one way i can show how much I love you And tha
Call Me
When you feel weak and feel like you cant go on, Call me. When you feel beaten and broken By all the painful things others have spoken, Call me. When all you feel is pain and agony And you need someone to talk to, Call me. When you need someone to comfort you, Call me. But if one day I should ever need you, I hope that I can call you. If I am ever in need, I hope that you will be there for me. IF you ever need anything, Anything at all- Please do not hesitate, Just give me a call!
Come On In......
The Dark Goddess Of Music DJ GOTH ANGEL Click The Image If You Dare To Play !! Brought to you by: PhoeniXXX Radio
Beauty Of The World
When I think about all the beauty in the world I see it all in you, I see the beauty of the sky In you beautiful eyes I feel the softness of a flower In your tender touch I smell the alluring fragran flowers In your sweet perfume And when I hear the breeze I can hear you sweet voice echoing back to me When I look at all the beauty in the world I realize that I am very honored and privileged to call you my girl
Your Eyes
When I look into your eyes I see you When I look into you eyes I see all the things you do When I look into your eyes I see just how beautiful you are When I look into your eyes I am with you no matter how near or far When I look into your eyes I see a love that I strong and true When I look into your eyes I realize just how much I love you When I look into you eyes I see a love that will never break When I look in to your eyes I see an angel undercover When I look into your eyes, I see my best friend and lover When I look into you eyes and run my fingers through your hair I just want you to know that no matter where I am or where you are, I will always be there.
My Horoscope 9-10
Daily Horoscope: Virgo For September 10,2007 Use all that good energy you've got now to get even more organized at work or at home. You can make almost anything work if you put your mind to it, so don't be shy about taking on big projects. LOL Iwish I had a "big" project:P IDK.....Im bored
Hello To All My Wonderful Friends..
I just wanted to let everyone kno that I haven't forgot anyone. I still don't have y own puter running so when I come over to my g/f's-I use hers!! I just want to thank all of you for the prayers and thoughts concerning me over the past couple weeks..It has bveen rough but I'm trying real hard to keep a smile-I have a 4 yr old grandson that lives with Please continue to keep me in your prayers and I'll be back soon and in full Love to all "Indian Princess"
Sea Fever
Sea Fever by John Masefield (1878-1967) I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking, And a gray mist on the sea's face, and a gray dawn breaking. I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied; And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying, And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying. I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life, To the gull's way and the whale's way, where the wind's like a whetted knife; And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover, And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over. In honor of my brother Vincent an ex Shore Patrol in the US Navy.
All Alone
As I sit here all alone, I keep telling myself that I want to go home, Then I close my eyes and try not to cry For I realize that I don't have any place to call "HOME" These thoughts and feelings make me feel so weak I try to speak, But nothing comes out no matter how hard I try. I have told people to leave me alone for so long, That the words are starting to sound like lyrics to a song. I sit here and wonder why I have been left here all alone, I just wish that someone could manage to get close enough to fight away my fears, The fear of living my life all alone, The fear of dying all alone! I want to fill this emptiness within my soul, I want to heal my hearts gaping hole, I want to have a place that I can call "HOME" But most of all, I want someone to be with me, Someone who can see me for me and not who or what I used to be. I'm tired of going places and doing things all alone! Today is supposed to be a happy day, a day to celebrate my birth, But thinking about a
Here I sit all alone Tears Streaming down my face Feeling like I am nothing more than a disgrace, I sometimes cut myself to see how much it bleeds The pain is like a sudden rush for me, I cry out for help, but no one hears my screams, All i can do is watch my blood pour out, It starts out slow and forms little streams, I grit my teeth or bite my shirt so that no one hears me shout. My sking and clothes are covered with stains But my mind is more focused on this agonizing pain. My friends and family have begged me to stop But this pain keeps burning deep inside However a small amount of relief is found in each blooddrop. These scars and wounds I will no longer try to hide, For its my life, my body and I'm not hurting anyone but myself. I have began to love pain Because in one way or another I get hurt every single day. Can't you see that these wounds are apart of me? Why won't you just let me be? I am tired of hiding behind a mask, But showing my "true" self has bec
The Things I Love About You
I love the way you make me smile, I love the way you make me laugh, I love the way I am able to open up to you I love the way you make me feel I love the things you do to me The way you bring me to my knees I love the way your beautiful eyes shine bright I love the light that you have brought into my life But most of all- I love you!
Looking In Your Eyes
When looking in your eyes, I see a whole new you When looking in your eyes, I get mesmerized When looking in your eyes The only thing I want to do is hold you When looking in your eyes, I find that you are an angel in disguise, When looking in your eyes And you hold me the way you do, The only words that you will hear Are I love you!
America's Number One Collapse Expert Thought Wtc Bombed
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Jette Date: 10 Sep 2007, 16:24 Thanks: Alex JonesDate: 10 Sep 2007, 13:42 America's Number One Collapse Expert Thought WTC Bombed A man described as "the premiere collapse expert in the country" thought the collapse of the south tower of the WTC was caused by explosives and not jet fuel, before the implosion of the north tower killed him on 9/11.
God Bless The Usa By Lee Greenwood
Lee Greenwood (because we really don't have good voices!) "God Bless the USA" (Sometimes called "I'm Proud to be An American.") If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life, And I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today, Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away. I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free, And, I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. And I'll gladly stand up (!) next to you and defend her still today. Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land... God Bless the U.S.A.! From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee, Across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea, from Detroit down to Houston, and New York to L.A., There's pride in every American heart and it's time we stand and say: I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free, And, I won't forget the men w
As I sit here wondering what I did to deserve this, I realize that there is only one good thing in my life and that is you! Whenever I am with you, it is sheer bliss, But because of all that I am going through, I am afraid that I'm going to lose you. I never meant to drag you into this mess, If i were to lose you, I would never be the same, I am so sick and tired of people playing games, All that I ever wanted for you was simply the best. I feel like everything is out of place, And although they remain unseen These tears continue to stream down my face. I want to let it all out, I just want to scream, But I am afraid of being a disgrace I wish that this were only a dream. I haven't had a chance to be happy for quite a while, Then I met you, the only person who can make me smile, You are all that I have to hold onto, And I'm so afraid of losing you that I don't know what to do. You're the only one who has ever gotten close enough to wipe away my tears, Losing my mom u
They Were So Small!
I changed my pics so they were actually a normal size! Silly me! Feel free to re-comment!
My Love For You
I just want you to know that you mean the world to me, And I want to love you the way that you should be. I am so glad that i was able to end your pain and strife, I am so glad to have you in my life, You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, And with you is the only place that I want to be, Because without you in my life, my life would be empty. You are all that I hold dear in my life, You are all that I cherish, And I hope that our love will never parish. You are the light that brightens my darkest day, You are my one and only And I wouldn't want my life to be any other way Because with you by my side, I feel like I am finally free.
First Impression Of Indi
all i really want to do is fuck you all the time thats all i really want to do... well oops ahem heavens no i dont really mean allll the time i guess what i really mean is always... why certainly we would occasionally take time out every now and then to share a hot pastrami or a nice bottle or two of merlot (although we both know where that will lead) and there would be lots of walks upon beaches and drives into mountains and sometimes we would undoubtedly just lay in each others arms and watch old movies classic love affairs starring hepburn tracy bogart and bacall or maybe just maybe we might every now and then just decide to take in a baseball game and i knowwwwww we both have to sometimes sleep... but darling if i had my way i would drift away inside of you every night and fuck you all night long in your dreams.
God's Blessing
As I sit here thinking about the one I love, I call upon the Lord above And ask him to give me strength. Strength to be strong, Strength to help me carry on, Strength to do what needs to be done, Strength to ask for help, Strength to be patient But most of all- The strength to be able to tell you That I love you, I miss you and that I am nothing without you. You are my one and only true love, You are an angel sent from heaven above, You are beautiful, intelligent, talented and amazing, When you speak it sounds like angels singing. When you hold me close and whisper in my ear, I feel safe and wanted, something I haven't felt in years. When you tell me that u love me, I know that you mean it, When you smile, you brighten my darkest day, When you laugh, you take all my pain away, When you cry, I cry too, When you are in doubt, remember this... I love you too. I am always here to lend you a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on or even a helping hand, So here I am sta
Show Her Love
She has a new profile and is trying to get back to where she was before. She is one of the coolest people on fubar if not the coolest. So go show this awesome lady some love. Rate, add and fan her. You will be happy you did. She is a great friend. So what are you waiting for? Go check her out. The link to her profile is below. Thank you everyone and have a great day. ~Ashley~NewProSameBitch@ fubar
Listen To We Are Change
listen to we are change event live on Body: call in 8882021984. live from new world stages in nyc. -Sent from my Helio
Love Pt. 2
Love is blind Love is gracious Love is merciful Love is strong Love is caring Love is never ending Love is one of a kind But baby, in my heart is where you will find The feelings that I hold for you I love you
Dear Granpa
Well it's been almost 2 months since my grandfather passed onto the next life. I have been refusing to deal with it, for my own personal reasons I guess something about today has said it's time. He lived a good life, he was 92 years old and well passed ready to go and join grandma. I guess no one else was ready for it. And yes most of them were for selfish reasons.But it was not for any of us to chose his time to depart this life. That being said.. Dear Granpa, I know I haven't been the best person I could have been while I was growing up, but I have grown up alot since I left almost five years ago. I don't do meth, or cocaine or any of that shit anymore. I take better care of my boys now then I honestly think I ever have. I know you stood by my side when the rest of the family had given up, and I thank you for that you have no idea how much that meant to me. I know you never liked the religous path I have chosen but it's my path and I never asked for anyone else to believe the w
Sailors Prayer
Sailors Prayer Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea! O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard And hushed their raging at Thy word, Who walked'st on the foaming deep, And calm amidst its rage didst sleep; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea! Most Holy Spirit! Who didst brood Upon the chaos dark and rude, And bid its angry tumult cease, And give, for wild confusion, peace; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea! O Trinity of love and power! Our brethren shield in danger's hour; From rock and tempest, fire and foe, Protect them wheresoe'er they go; This is dedicated to the memory of my Grandfather who served aboard the USS Indianapolis. It was sunk 1 week before the end of WW2. Out of 1100 men aboard, 900 went overboard, but because the waters
Love Pt. 1
LOVE- Pt. 1 I am sick and tired of people saying "I Love You!" How can I believe that what they are saying is true, When I am constantly hated my so many and loved by so few. These three simple words are sometime quite irritating, The way they are thrown around without meaning is very aggravating. There are a lot of things that come from the words " I Love You" Pain, anguish, betrayal and hatred are only a few, Thus the reason I hate them the way I do. So please forgive me if it seems like I have an attitude, Forgive me if I don't show any gratitude, What do you expect from someone who has been devastated By the three simple words- I LOVE YOU? I have found it is harder to be loved than it is to be hated, So to keep from spreading the heartache, When someone does tell that they love me, I say, "I Love You Too," Because hurting someone I love his hard for me to do, It is something that my mind, body and soul just cannot take.
In Memory Of 6 November 1967
The anniversary of 9/11 is just hours away as I write these words. We, as a nation, will soon be reflecting upon the events of that day six years ago and all that has happened since. It is during a time such as this that I think it is important to also remember another day. This is not a day any of you would have heard of or remember for any special reason. For you and your families, it was most likely just another day in an endless parade of days. But for my family it was a day that should not be forgotten. And this anniversary reminds me that while much has changed in the past 40 years, in some ways, it has not changed one iota. Today we are in a "War Against Terrorism". Forty years ago, it was a "War Against Communism". Today, the news is filled with exotic names from far-away places: Iraq, Afghanistan, Baghdad, Kabul. Forty years ago, it was VietNam, Hanoi, Saigon. And a little-known place called Kontum. Today, thousands of young men and women head off to a war in a far-away pla
What The Hell!!
You know life brings you different battles and each battle you either learn from it or you ignore what has been placed in front of you. This is all gettin to ex's. Your an ex for a reason. Shit did not work out the first, second time why the hell would you give them a third time to hurt you. Then your the bitch because they supposidly love you know. What ever get to steppin. Obviously, something was really wrong. If you gonna lie to someone, why the hell would you give them a second chance!! That is pure bull shit. Then they wonder why they can't find someone that can treat them right. Maybe if you treated the person who actually gave a shit at one time you wouldnt be feeling they way you are feelin now. So to my ex kiss my ass!! You had a good thing now it is gone. Now you cryin. Ask me if i care!! Your answer is hell no you did me wrong! So now you deal with your demon. Next time maybe he will think before they jump!! So to you Jamaal just kiss my ass!!! Stop botheri
As We All Look Back
As we all look back on the terrible events that happened 6 years ago please remember that our enemies greatest weapon are the divisions and disagreements we create amongst ourselves. The people who plotted and carried out those evil attacks cared about one thing only, killing Americans regardless of their religion, economic status, political affiliation, skin color, height, weight, sexual preference and any other petty thing we use to alienate ourselves from each other. And if we allow it to happen, his friends will come back and attempt to kill more and more of us over and over again. But if we stand united as a free and tolorant society I believe no sick-minded, misguided individuals or groups can harm us like that ever again. "Come on people now, Smile on your brother, Everybody get together, try to love one another right now" Jesse Colin Young 1967 Thank you Soldier69 for sharing this with us all. Cool Myspace Comments
~please Read~for Everyone Who Is A Friend And My Family
I Have been working @ my daughter's school with the kindergarden class of 25 kids and have not had much time on here and feel bad about it, I have so many good people and family (Quite Angels) who I feel that I have been letting down and I am sorry if I have and I am gona try my best to at least be on hour a day for bombing and rating and leveling if you would all help me and tell me the best time you think would work I would really be greatful. thank you to all who read and respond. ~COPE~
OK 1 thing I hate is being walked on but I deal with that it happens all the time to me. But the one thing I detest is being used for money. Ok so I get a social security check and all of sudden I'm supossidly rich. They only ask me for a lil here and a lil there to help them out and the next thing I know it is gone. I'm am about to change from bein the nice person that I am to a person everyone hates. This has been happening since I was atleast 14 and I'm sick and tired of it. Ok i'm going to go punch a hole in my wall or go for a drive or something. Ttyl
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Once In A Lifetime
Looking beautifully brutal but not butch, Everything long, black hair, eye lashes, nose, Coat sleeves, pants and the straps of her bag. All in black, her hand on her companions lap, Whose silver smooth short satin dress, Shining by the light, From black wax candles through the glass table top. The pair enjoyed my 20 minutes of erotic words. Silver Girl clapped and smiled, Brutal in Black only smiled, Below the table, one hand squeezing inner Silver's thigh, Her thighs squeezing back on the knuckles kneading there, The club was half full, 40 people schmoozing, smoking, Some paying attention, most engaged in distraction, Against the background of my smutty speeches, Some rhyming, mostly ignored. 20 minutes of self-fulfillment, like masturbating, Before a mirror with eyes closed. On the side of a hill, the club marquee cast shadows, Down to the woodsy edges behind, I read it before walking into the darkness, For a smoke of my own, "Ero-Poets Saturday After Mi
Sick & Tired
Hey everybody whats up? Well this is my first blog and its sad that it had to take me to get sick and tired about something for me to write. This is mainly meant for all the male friends on my page. I know on my about me section of the profile says that I'm married and my nickname says it all. I would really appreciate it if you would respect that. I am getting tired of men asking to see my body, again I'm married and I'm not going to be showing something that is only meant for my man's eyes. Stop asking me for nude pics because its not going to happen. The only thing that will happen is that you are going to meet the bitch side of me and its not pretty. So those of you who can't respect that, fuck off! So please do me a favor and remove me off your friends list, if you have a problem with that. Thanks for your time.
Juggalo Is A What
You may think of a Juggalo as an Insane Clown Posse fan, or a follower of the Dark Carnival. In reality, a Juggalo is neither a fan, nor a follower. A Juggalo is someone who doesn't give a fuck what people think about them. They have entered the world of the Dark Carnival and Insane Clown Posse because they themselves have been considered clowns, buffoons, idiots, and freaks. Being a Juggalo reflects an entire lifestyle and state of mind... it is something that is impossible to define, even for a Juggalo. To understand what a Juggalo is, you must truly be a Juggalo.
Plz Complete Survey " Family Members & Wife ~simplysweet~
THE PERSONALITY SURVEY (OVER 100 QUESTIONS)BASIC...Name:: Birthday:: Height:: Weight:: Eye Color:: Hair Color:: Race:: Zodiac Sign:: DO YOU...Drink?: Smoke?: Use Drugs?: Cuss?: Play Any Instruments?: Have Any Peircings?: Have Any Tattoos?: Like To Annoy People?: Like Life?: Wear Make-Up?: Dye Your Hair?: Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs For No Reason?: Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Like Pina Coladas?: And Getting Caught In The Rain?: ARE YOU...Dependable?: Trustworthy?: Obsessive?: Hyper Active?: Happy?: Content?: Boring?: Violent?: Evil?: Hippie-Ish?
Bomber Heat 3 9-8-07 85 Speedway
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please come by and rate and comment bomd this pic. all you gotta do is click on tha link and it will take you there. thanx
Your rose colored ass pinked by my glancing blows, encouraged by your hard remarks. And would you? Please ask for kissing as it begins and continues. horizontal and vertical lips may drive us both to concussion against head board, wall, plush floor, plush porcelain Italian tiled tub surround. concussion induced by plush bath bubbles. your air supply is me and mine. floating becomes our shared hobby. we surface smiling. you are red eyed from watching things happen below. your next toy will be a submersible with full compliment. shiny rails, teak, brass, steam and tempered pyrex. May I insert something here? Here? Oiled mahogany with ribbed bumps
Woner Why?
Do you ever wonder why things happen that you nothing to do about, like who you have feelings for, or just why things in general happen if you do write back
Sign My Cast
well,my cast is comin off my leg this friday..woohooooooooooo case ur wondering,how i ended up in a knee gave out n i fell n passed out.nect thing i knew i waz in the emergency.with them tellin me they were gonna put a cast on my leg.let me tell u.i cant wait for this damn thing to come off..lmaooooo im sure ill needa shave..or wait,maybe i can jus leave it ,since winter is can keep my leg warm..lmaoooooo If u wanna sign my cast,feel free to do so by leaving a comment on my blog n tellin me wut u will sign on my cast in a comment..
Hater/downrater Beware
Dj Superman
A guy walked into the local welfare office to pick up > > > his check. He marched straight up to the counter and > > > said, "Hi. You know, I just HATE drawing welfare. I'd > > > really rather have a job." > > > > > > The social worker behind the counter said, "Your > > > timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from > > > a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur and > > > bodyguard for his beautiful daughter. You'll have to > > > drive around in his Mercedes, and he'll supply all of > > > your clothes. Because of the long hours, meals will > > > be provided. You'll be expected to escort the daughter > > > on her overseas holiday trips and you will have to satisfy her > > > sexual urges. You'll be provided a two-bedroom apartment > > > above the garage. > > > > > > The salary is $200,000 a year." > > > > > > The guy, wide-eyed, said, "You're bullshittin' me!" > > > > > > The social worker said, "Yeah, well, you started it."
Dj Pistol
Some of you who know me know that in 2 years I lost my son,my mother,& my grandmother...I have always been the rebelious black sheep in the family...what little there is left..have turned into complete fukturds.They do not come to functions that concern my a matter of fact,my Daddy is the only family that does,& he is my step father,but I call him Daddy,cause the sperm donor is a fuck up!!! I just hope that like everyone else in the world,my kids have a chance of growing up somewhat normal..even though their sperm donor does not support thm in anything they do...sports,school, funding for all of these costly point being.....I just hope that I can raise my boys to be independent men & to take care of themselves & not grow up to be clusterfucks as soooo many of the males in their gene pool have!!!!! So I just had to vent..... & to my gene pool...screw you people....of you are what family is supposed to be...I will take enemies any day!!!!
> Subject: A Rope & Two Knots! > > > > >> > > >> > > >> > > >> One day a young cowboy and cowgirl decided to get married. He was a > man > > >> of > > >> the world. She was an innocent bride with no experience. > > >> > > >> After the wedding they left for their honeymoon. While driving down > the > > >> road, the new bride sees two cows having sex. > > >> > > >> The new bride asks, "What are them cows up to honey?" > > >> > > >> The husband, a bit flustered, answers, "Why can't you see? Them > cows, > > >> they're roping!" > > >> > > >> She replies, "Oh, I see!" > > >> > > >> After a few more hours of driving they pass two horses having sex. > > >> > > >> Again the bride asks, "What are them horses doing honey?" > > >> > > >> The husband answers again, "Them horses, they're roping!" > > >> > > >> She replies, "Oh, I see!" > > >> > > >> Finally they arrive at their hotel. The couple washed up and started > to > > >> get ready for bed. When they got in
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go rate all her pics she is a very wonderful person Sweet Turtle@ fubar
9-11-01 "Where were you when the world stopped turning, on that September day?" - Alan Jackson I remember, clear as a bell.......... I was working. Falcon Drilling, rig 4, we were drilling to run our 7 inch casing. Thought the truck drivers were full of shit, or it was just a random accident. Then we turned on the radio in my Explorer............ As a proud american, I was shocked, outraged, and really fuckin pissed. And admittedly scared. Not for me, I can handle myself. I was scared for my children. So shocked that something like this could happen in their lifetime. As an american, no, as a member of the human race, I grieved for the loss of everyone. Not just life, but those who would be forced to live on through this. Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, grand parents, grandchildren, who would have to live with this atrocity commited on those who were totally defensless. Shows what kind of cowards they are, doesn't it? Typical bullies picking o
Well had a good day got a few cars done. Got some gr8 news from my promoter and business partner, big announcement coming soon! Hope everyone had gr8 day and have a gr8 night. I have never been one to blog much but hey why not? Give me some feed-back when ya can!
I Got To Tell You Something
what should i do to my 14 year old daughter getting in trouble with her bf?????he a bad person and for lieing what he have done what should i do keep her away from him....she in jail becuz of him and that is wrong what he done he shot a window out of a car and she never done nothing but she got arrested for it.......i will be back in a little ty and ttyl bye
9/11/01 And The Reasons Why....
Set out for Jibad in the name of Allah and for the sake of Allah. Do not lay hands on the old verging on death, on women, children and babes. Do not steal anything from the booty and collect together all that falls to your lot in the battlefield and do good, for Allah loves the virtuous and the pious. The above is from the Q'uran, the holy book of the Muslim peoples. Notice that it clearly states that women, children and the old are to be left alone in combat? In fact all non-combatants are to spared and not harmed, this means that every man who is not in the military is NOT a target. I say that in opening to show that Islam does not preach the death of all non-Muslims. In fact, the Q'uran states that all the children of the book will go to heaven, the children of the book being Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Bet you didn't know that, did you. So why did Muslim Extremists target the United States on 9/11/01 and all the incidents prior to that? Simple history. At the en
Ground Zero 9/11 Personal Pics
Since I am maxed out on my pics here on Fubar, I have a special album of my personal photographs taken at ground zero and rembrance pics on my Care2 network in regards to September 11 2001. Feel free to view them at your lesiure.
Warning: This Will Make Your Blood Boil!
Thank You juan PLEASE REPOST THIS TO EXPOSE THE FUCKING LOW-LIFE POLICE!!!! From: StLSpeaksOut next on Sept 15th Date: Sep 10, 2007 3:01 PM From: Tassi Date: Sep 10, 2007 2:26 PM Reverend Yearwood had been standing in line at the Captiol since 6 am in order to attend the Petraeus hearing today. Before the hearing began, he was singled out by capitol police and told he was prohibited from attending the hearing. Their excuse being that one particular officer had not seen him standing in line all this time. This was completely fabricated. As you can see, the police gang up on him when he stands fast that he will attend the public hearing. Revered Yearwood has been taken to George Washington Hospital with a broken ankle. He has also been charged with assaulting a police officer. WHYNot news
Omg I'm So Horny
You scored as Force that dick up there hard baby!I will make you fuckin shoot cum!, Omg email me I am so fuckin hott and horney! Just fuckin hit that shit BAM! If there were other people watchin us do it they would be gettin orgasims just lookin at us!Force that dick up there hard baby!I will make you fuckin shoot cum!67% you make me not so horney33% Oh my god Im so horney right now, will you fuck me??created with
Fuck That ((me Ranting))
Okay as alot of people should know by now, is that I (did) Have a boyfriend, Well until last night. His ex called my cell phone. That just bugs the fuck outta me. But I was talkin to him asking why she had my cell # and it turned into a huge fight... I got smacked really effin heard by him. I have a hand print on my face today. Go i grabbed my shotgun and told him to leave b4 he is sorry and never to come back. I am not the type to sick arond and get smacked arond. Sooo yeah i am single now, oh well it don't bother me that much, just he better never come near me again. idk i am just pissed and ranting so i guess your gonna have to deal with it lmao...
ok who out of my friends are into the bdsm stuff. please leave me a message if you are.
Mocedades..."eres Tu"...
Hey Peeps, Thanks for dropping by my blog.. Just a little note to say hi and stuff. I've been a bit funny over the past few weeks, I aint gonna make excuses and stuff, its not any of your hassles. You guys make me smile, laugh and remember that the world is the same everywhere and that we are all great. Keep being your normal loveable selves. I'm going away today, but I'll be back soon and I will be back to my cheery piratey bombing self in a day or two. Love yas heaps! MWAH!
Eddie Money - Two Tickets To Paradise
Curves Update( Update From Sick And Tired)
Apparently my big speech on the sick and tired post wasnt enough to make me do better.4 weeks of curves at least 4 times a week(they recommend 3) TONS of walking in NY, and 12 hr shifts constantly on my feet wasnt enough to make any progress. Not only that but Ive only gotten worse. Todays weigh in and measure- UP 2 pounds UP 2 inches up .8% bodyfat So Im feeling really fat and ugly today so forgive me and my pity party. Rather than be on here whining and moping Ill spare you all of that. I have another 12 hr shift to get ready for in 20 min so maybe by tomorrow Ill be feeling better. Just thought Id post an update since I said I would :( *smooches* ~Temptress~
Help Me Pick My 1st Tat!!
whats up people?...i have been thinking about getting my first tattoo...but i don't really know what i want to i'm looking for ideas and someone to help me design my if you have any drawing skills or ideas feel free to give me your advise..thanks
Frag Outtttttt
#$%$%$ Part 2
ok, the gifts have returned after logging off for a bit and coming back (ty black wolf 71 for the suggestion) but i still don't have my bar tab prior to the original posting of this blog. so If i dont rate or comment you please dont be mad at me, just give me a gentle reminder and I'll gladly remedy that.
Remebrance Of 9/11
Largest Database of ImagesFor Comments And Profiles at Never forget, we had been hit twice do not let it happen again
Loverboy - Turn Me Loose
Why Women Are Crabby
We started to "bud" in our blouses at 9 or 10 years old only to find that anything that came in contact with those tender, blooming buds hurt so bad it brought us to tears. So came the ridiculously uncomfortable training bra contraption that the boys in school would snap until we had calluses on our backs. Next, we get our periods in our early to mid-teens (or sooner). Along with those budding boobs, we bloated, we cramped, we got the hormone crankies, had to wear little mattresses between our legs or insert tubular, packed cotton rods in places we didn't even know we had. Our next little rite of passage (premarital or not) was having sex for the first time which was about as much fun as having a ramrod push your uterus through your nostrils (IF he did it right and didn't end up with his little cart before his horse), leaving us to wonder what all the fuss was about. Then it' was off to Motherhood where we learned to live on dry crackers and water for a few mont
What Kind Of Eyes Do U Have
What Kind Of Eyes Do You Have?SunriseYou have sunrise eyes. Sunrise is the color of joy and elation. Your eyes symbolize your general sense of wellness. Your confidence and high self-esteem each and every day make you the person people want to be around. You are a very creative, passionate, and sexual person. You are not afraid to tell people what you think of them, whether good or bad. Some words to describe you: self-assuredness, out-going, busy, cheerful, bright, amiability, courage, successful, creative, personable, happiness, motivational, optimistic, strong, and aware.Myspace Quiz
Word To The Wise For Wendys Customers. Stolen From A Friend
Wendy’s Customers: A Guide to DiningShare Current mood: annoyed CAUTION: The following may contain information that might induce heart attack, stroke, hemorrhage, or even death. It is not intended for intelligent, normal persons to read. Please do not be offended. : So, I work at Wendy's, a fast-food "restaurant" near where I live (literally...) It is not amazing or exciting in any sense, however, I have felt the growing need to address a few, uh, things to the lowly, uneducated idiots that plague the store every day. So without further ado, here are advices, concerns, and hints for Wendy's customers (or future ones)... 1. Figure out what combo you want BEFORE you start your order. 2. A medium drink is not much different than a large drink. 3. I do not know what "McNuggets," "happy meals," or "garden salads" are. 4. Yes, there are TWO flavors of frosty. TWO (holds fingers up and nod encouragingly) 5. Diet Coke is not much different than Coke. 6. Little Chuckie wants a di
Torn (lyrics)
Lyrics for "Torn"( by Latoya Lukett) a part of me wants to leave you alone. a part of me wants for you to come home. a part of me says i'm living a lie. (and i'm better off without you.) a part of me says to think it through. a part of me says i'm over you. a part of me wants to say goodbye. a part of me is asking why... (pre-chorus:) a part of me wants to leave. but a part of me wants to be here with you. and everytime i think we're over and done you do something to get me back loving you. and you got me just torn. (chorus:) torn in between the two. (oh yeah) cuz i really wanna be with you. but something's telling me i should leave you alone. (i really want to be with you) leave you alone. leave you alone. and you got me just torn in between the two. (in between the two) cuz i really wanna be with you. (be with you) but something's telling me i should leave you alone. (you alone) leave you alone. leave you alone. (verse 2:) there were no issues when
do u have what it takes to be fubar's next hottest tattoo...if so please send pic of tat to my fumail and i will set it soon as i get 15 contestents the contest will begin...good luck to u all first place----a month vip or a blast(7 DAY) second place---a porsh therd place----a tropical vacation the contestants so far are as followed angie babe dirty monky daves baby nopedaling im to good for you sexy azz bytch angel79 angel of sin sweetlikecandy wolves242006 in my dreams babydoll39 lick my screen Tatted&Peirced Frkyphkkr
Dj Lady Kae
On My Mind
things have been on my mind. the way things came to be. how did it happen? i could never see. not complaining how we met just that we are so far apart. the day i left you at the airport though... lets just say you've never left my heart. talking to you everyday just eases the pain a bit, i don't always know what you are doing, but i know that your thinking of me, with the loving lil texts and the thumpin i get deep in my heart. just a few month and again i'll be there. you were just my friend a brother at most... and from there it became something more. just to be straight with you it was from afar.... you my dear were the one i truely adored. so i'll letting you know now this is what i wish.... to be your every tomorrow. good time bad time happy and sad... we promised to make it through it, because after all we are a team.
Body Part I Like Most
You scored as Face, You love a person's face. Its what really makes a person, a person. You may not care about their body or maybe you do but its their face that you love most. You just love how they look. Please rate and comment and tell me what quiz this is when you do!Eyes100% Stomach100% Butt100% Face100% Between the legs67% Breasts0% Legs0% What body part do you like most? (with pics)created with
Dj Doom
Wild Weekend
I hope everyone enjoyed the football weekend and there teams won....I know LSU did it really big again Va Tech, but New Orleans blew it really big. I'm wishing everyone a great week and look forward to the rest of tha football season
Redneck Sex Test
Dj Shawbaby Bulletin
My Personal 911 On 9-11
I checked my bag, and headed toward my gate. Arriving at my gate, I called my wife to let her know when my plane was landing. My call also had a secondary effect of calming me down. She happened to be few months pregnant at the time, and she was adament I not fly. Unfortunately there was no way to get out of the training that was required. I said my goodbyes as I started to board the plane, and grabbed my seat. I had a window seat just over the wing. I prefer window seats for two reasons: Firstly I don't like getting up every two seconds to allow whomever is next to me to get out and do whatever it is they are doing every two seconds. Secondly I want to "see" what the plane is doing. I know I've no control over what the plane does, but I feel more in control if I can see for myself what's happening. As the old adage goes, it's not the plane you need to worry about, it's the pilot. The plane landed in NYC around 10:30PM, and after telling my wife I had landed okay, I picked up my
Schandmaul - Walpurgisnacht
Live And Kickin!!
" />
**wrr Presents Up & Coming Rock Stars!!**
Battle of the Bands Winner! Tune Us In On WRR! Great Classic ROCK sound! We ROCK! On WRR! Feed The Hunger!
Dj Mia Bully
ok.. Ive just lost my bar tab and my gifts received. I was in the middle of returning the love all my friends (new and existing) had given to me. So If i don't rate or comment you right away, bear with me, i have to go thru manually and try to manage it. Hugs to you all
John Mellencamp - Jack And Diane
Quiz Results On What Is The Right Aged Guy For Me...
Pick On Someone Your Own Age You get along best with guys who are on your level. They listen to the same music, laugh at the same jokes, and are at the same life stage as you are. You like to feel like your relationship is a true partnership, where you and your guy are equals and both bring something to the table. And no matter what the age of your guy, we know he can still drive you crazy at times. See..... and I dont buy this, b/c I've always typically gone for older men, I have dated within my age range, but usually always go for the older ones, they tend to play less games, know more of what they want & can appreciate a good woman..... that I truly think of it my longest-most committed relationships have been with men who were all within months of being the same age, 2 months older, 8 months younger, 1 month younger, and the last, 2 months younger. So I guess that would tell me to stick within a 8 month span of younger & older, but then again those all en
Frag Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Commentary On Faith, Caring, And Love.
Every day people place a huge amount of faith into objects they have no idea of how they work, who built them, or really know the actual condition of. People all over the world base their social and moral system of values on different religious faiths. Decisions people make seem to rest on what is unseen, unknown, and that which can’t be proved. For instance, a friend and I discussed briefly the future of humans on this planet. I took the following position based on man’s track record. No place in space is safe forever. The universe has seen fit to grant us some time. If humans do not rise above their petty differences, we will squander whatever time we have. If we don’t become a species which moves out into the stars, back to the origin of the stuff we’re made of. Then every hope, dream, drop of blood ever spilled or tear drop wiped from a child’s face. The Rosetta stone, The Constitution, the Mona Lisa, and the Beatle’s Abby Road will all have been for nothing…. Ok a bit
My Peoms
Slender beams of illumination enter this darkened chamber as I kneel, always lost, always alone, frozen here, waiting. Tortured forms wrought in panes of glass loom as dust dances in the air, forming an image in my mind, penetrating my exposed soul. A reflection on a deathless face. I raise my head, now embracing this oblivious darkness. Alone in Darkness the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, lost are we. the understanding for which you sacrifice yourself flares once, then dies, devoured by your obsession. all hope must fail. Untitled Around, all around, the dark memories gather. My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my naked soul. It wounds me, and darkly my essence drips to the wicked earth that is my prison. In a strange and terrible glee I beg forgiveness while the end of life takes my hand. Now alone, my soul falls upon howling eyes. This is because of you what you have done what have you wrought?
Fubar Russians
There is no such thing as freedom of speech on Fubar...they are ALL Russians and HATE freedom of speech!
I Say Whats On My Mind
Sometimes I just say what is on my mind Some people don’t like this about me but so what I am going to continue to say what I feel and think If people don’t like it piss on them If they don’t like it that I am so blunt too bad They need to deal with it and get over it
Guilty Befor Proven Innocent
Presumption of innocence is a legal right that the accused in criminal trials has in many modern nations. It states that no person shall be considered guilty until finally convicted by a court. The burden of proof is thus on the prosecution, which has to convince the court that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In principle, the defense does not have to 'prove' anything. However, the defense may present evidence tending to show that there is a doubt as to the guilt of the accused. Take into concideration,now,the reality of the way the human brain realy thinks...GUILTY BEFOR PROVEN INNOCENT...Thanks to the media/press, most cases are brought out into the public eye with out all the evedence on the table . The press often times will act as the judge and jurry in any given case.Therefore,the innocent may very well be tried and hung by the press..leaving the jurry with a bad taste in their mouth for the accused,and therefore convicting an innocent person of a crime they d
My First Contest
Can anyone comment or rate my pics. I am in my first contest and I never been in one before so feel free to comment or rate :) Thanks 8-p
High There ?
Just wondering if anyone out there is nicely toasted? New Graphics Mermaids Images Top Comments
Tomorrow marks the 6th Anniversary of the Attack on the World Trade towers and the Pentagon. It marks the day when our freedom was attack by people who want to control aspect of your life. Convert or Die is the goal. Regardless, of your politics, lifestyle, creed, color, and religion, Take a few minutes, to reflect, pray or whatever thank God or whatever Supreme Being, Lifeforce you believe in, for the freedom that you have to be you. And Give thanks to those who defend that right. Miles
Why do we do the things we do? We make decisions so fast without even thinking sometimes Then we have to live with the consequences forever. Sometimes we do things without even thinking Why do we do the things we do? How many times do we have to do stupid things before we learn? How many people do we have to hurt before we realize what we are doing?
Emily Ponders
My very, very good friend Emily sent me a few of her quotes last week that I was very impressed with. I love this girl! ----------------------------------------------- My greatest wish for this life is to be able to give my children everything that they deserve to make their lives easier. But not worry-free. For worry and hills and valleys in life build character. And with character comes greatness. If i could be anywhere in the world right now it would be right where i am...I love me...i love life...I love where life has brought me. I wake up each day and know that I am not in control of anything, but my outlook on that day and it's trials that will be thrown at me. So for that I am blessed. And for this, I am happy. Intelligence has nothing to do with your writing skills and everything to do with what you have learned through life experience and the want to teach others. Some may never open their souls to you...or anyone...because they may not know themselves what their
My Browns Blog Week One
My Browns Blog--blog game oneAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Santa Fe, New Mexico Vampire And Lycans
This once-peaceful city is under siege. In the space of six short months eleven people have been brutally murdered, their bodies drained of blood and dumped in different public places. Many more have vanished into the shadows of the night and might be lying beneath the streets of Santa Fe, their lifeless bodies decomposing in the lonely dark. Officials can't account for the gruesome killing spree. They do not believe the murders to be the work of one man, but nor have they been able to link the crimes to any known criminals. In the largest single police operation in New Mexico History, most local gangs have been broken up, religious cult leaders arrested, and the doors of secret orders, and brotherhoods smashed down.... to no effect at all!!! Chief Inspector Bruce of the whole police operation hates it when he is queried about the lack of results and responded with his own brand of bluntness," We've been working like silly clown," he snapped. "Everyone's on unpaid overtime. Nobod
Do I Love Jack Sparrow--duh
You scored as JACK SPARROW, Captain Jack Sparrow is the love of your life. He may be bad but he is VERY sexyWill Turner75% JACK SPARROW75% Do u love Jack Sparrow, or Will turner?created with
Review - "fido"
Good dead are hard to find. Not like i was looking, but here ya go, yet another shitacular sinematic snack. There's no more room in hell, George Romero bought it all, and apparently rents the zombie theme to high school drama departments. This isn't that bad, actually clean and sharp, a Canadian production, and very well manicured visually. No handi-cam hi-8 16mm wish you had, this is real studio/pretty location stuff. Kinda like a Disney treatment, with entrails. At any rate, it's pretending to be different, and just about pulls it off. What do I know, go plunder it, or not. Timmy Robinson’s best friend in the whole wide world is a six-foot tall rotting zombie named Fido. But when FIDO eats the next-door neighbor, Mom and Dad hit the roof, and Timmy has to go to the ends of the earth to keep Fido a part of the family. A boy-and-his-dog movie for grown ups, “FIDO” will rip your heart out. IMDB (7.5), RT (65%), torrent
Today's Horoscope
You're feeling pretty quiet now and might want to hang back from the social scene for a day or two, if only to put yourself together again after some big business. It's a good day to let others take charge. Note: sounds about right.
tell me why a mumm that ask me level up is need to be mark nsfw it not right so i desided do to that don't ask me to help other sorry but i don't get help i won't help other then . it luv for luv in my world !!!!!
Leave My Love On My New Pics
thanks ladies... ttyt
I have loved and been hurt by love I have seen joy and yet there is pain I have breathed and yet i am breathless In your presence Consumed by your beauty the essence of love I have walked a thousand miles in my shoes On a road which never ends Through the driving rains many tears have fallen Swept up in the passage of time My heart will linger in the moonlight As i breathe the ocean breeze tonight For on the horizon there is a new day A story still left untold For the dreamer dreams of hope And a lover feels with their heart So why is it human nature For us to tear ourselves apart??
Take A Moment
TAKE JUST A MOMENT TOMORROW TO REMEMBER THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES ON THIS TRAGIC DAY SIX YEARS AGO! On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 everyone in the USA who will be driving a motor vehicle is asked to drive with their headlights on during daylight hours. Though no explanation is needed as to why we are commemorating September 11, we hope more importantly to pay respect to the victims of that day, show our nation's solidarity and show support for our men and women of the Armed Forces. You can help by sending this bulletin on to others!
Curtain Club **pics**
this weekend has me beat HAHA lastnight at the Curtain Club! oh man our first night was alot of fun. A big thanks to everyone who came out to Sunday Nite Live @ The Curtain Club. I did not take many pics but my fav band of the night was the amazing Lucas Martin.. 15 years old and already playing like the greats! watch this kid he is goin places
Desktop Pic
i need a good desk top it can be risky but not to risky it any noe can help i will rate some pic or pro or fan or add you
Please Pray
As we all know tomorrow 9/11 marks the Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country that we lost so many lives I am askig everyone pray and take a moment of silence tomorrow to rememeber all those fallen people who did not deserve to die! I also ask that you will all pray as my sister is flying out to Vegas at 7:15 am tomorrow morning and im very leary and nervous so please if you can find in your hearts to pray for her safe landing i will post a blog when i know she has made it safe i thank you very much also lets not forget all the families and other people that suffer still!
First Contest
I am currently looking for contestants for my Hottest FU Friend Contest. It will last until the 5th of October and will begin either the 14th at the latest or as soon as I have 15-20 contestants. Comment bombing and self bombing is allowed. No empty comments, down rating or hating. Violaters will be removed from contest. 1st place gets either a 1 Month VIP or 1 Week Blast 2nd place gets a 3 day blast 3rd place gets a Yacht If you are interested, hit me up either in my shout box or send me a private message with the link to the picture you would like to use. Dj WoLfE = TCSBC Leader = DJ Harlot's Bad Wolfe = G-Spotter@ fubar
Climb The Mountain
"Mountains should be climbed with as little effort as possible and without desire. The reality of your own nature should determine the speed. If you become restless, speed up. If you become winded, slow down. You climb the mountain in an equilibrium between restlessness and exhaustion. Then, when you're no longer thinking ahead, each footstep isn't just a means to an end but a unique event in itself. This leaf has jagged edges. This rock looks loose. From this place the snow is less visible, even though closer. These are things you should notice anyway. To live only for some future goal is shallow. It's the sides of the mountain which sustain life, not the top. Here's where things grow." - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,Pirsig
For Awhile
Ive got to get my head out of my butt. Been goofing off too long. Can't get anything done . So, taking a break for a minute . Let you know when i get back . You can reach me at If you have anything important to discuss with me .I'l check it every couple of days .. Thanks for your patients .... Sue
Reminder Pick Sept 11 Default Picture
In memory of all the lives lost in the past and present since September 11, 2001. Please visit this profile and RIP picture for your default!! Spread the word; let's not forget. Sept. 11 pictures! CLick for pictures -->> HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN??? ©JÏÏTåñå~»§£ÅVE PRÌÑcE§§«~§@ fubar
Food Without Feet Nite
So this month's dinner double date nite with the Hooligan and BadBunnie constituted a selection of "Food without Feet". Granted some out there may consider cephalopods/mollusks to have a single foot, this was agreed upon by group consensus to not constitute the plural "Feet" and there for permissible by food court ruling. This while all the while trying to be Atkin's friendly to offer our continued support of the Hooligan's dietary considerations. Left us with quite a bit of seafood selections, so if you don't dig the fishes, you can stop reading now... Appetizers Jalapeño Pepper Popper Russian Roulette (Recipe included below) Seafood and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms (requested repeat from last supper see previous blog "stuff, stuffed in other stuff" for recipe) Steamed fresh Little Neck Clams and Mussels with Onion/Cayenne drawn butter Main Dishes Fresh Grilled Salmon Steaks with Habanero-Lime Butter (Recipe included below) Baked Tilapia Fillets topped with
How Horny Am I ??
You scored as UBERHORNY MOTHERFUCKER, you're the horniest motherfucker i ever met. what the fuck are you doing doing a quiz? go fuck yourself! please before you leave... rate me a 5 if you enjoy being a uberhorny motherfuckerUBERHORNY MOTHERFUCKER80% not that horny60% pretty damn horny...60% SEMI-HORNY BASTARD40% Homosexual Horny Motherfucker!40% anti-horny0% How horny are you?? (explicit)created with
I've been doing some checking and watching point changes, and it looks like no one is getting points on pics that have been ripped. No points for the person rating them, no points for the person being rated, and no points for the person they were ripped from. Bottom line... stop ripping pics... stop rating ripped pics!!!
Everyones A Ten?
Damn, it'd take some major beer goggles to rate me that high IRL.
Please Light A Candle For 9-11
Let us all remember in our prayers the people who lost their love ones and families in the 9-11 attack 6 years ago and let us always remember them.I ask you all to light a candle in their memory. Written By: Midnight Rider~Owner Of House Of Dreams aka:SteveLight A Candle
oh man what a weekend!! ok so as some of you may know I am very much a gear head and love to hit the races! I was invited to come out and guest announce the races at Devils Bowl this weekend. L.R. my old friend and his family threw out the red carpet for the 81X crew! we will be out there next saturday night broadcasting live from the races. drop by and get some free stuff from us..... shirts, hats, koozies & stickers! enjoy the pics!
Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick Dies
RIP Anita Roddick, founder of beauty retailer The Body Shop and one of Britain's best known businesswomen, has died at the age of 64 after suffering a major brain haemorrhage, the BBC reported on Monday. Roddick founded The Body Shop in Brighton, southern England, in 1976, selling toiletries made from natural ingredients, preferably sourced from the developing world. Her business mushroomed into an empire of more than 2,000 stores. France's L'Oreal bought The Body Shop last year. She campaigned against human rights abuses and was an environmental activist. Roddick revealed earlier this year that she was suffering from liver damage after contracting the Hepatitis C virus more than 35 years ago. She developed the potentially deadly disease from infected blood given to her during the birth of her youngest daughter, Sam, in 1971. BaZ:)
Holy fuck i just got back from dallas! last night I went to see Goatwhore, THE RED ChORD, and Mutha fucking Black Dahlia MURDER!!!! and cannibal corpse.... I almost cried when the black dahlia murder came on stage... even better later not only did i get to meet every one from all the bands but the lead guitarist for the black dahlia murder came and talked to me during the cannibal corpse show!! i almost shit myself... i swear i don't think I could have had a better fucking time.. i didn't get to meet the guys from cannibal corpse..but i think i'll live i got to meet who i went to see!! anywho i'll have pictures up here would have had more but yeah i ran out of fucking batteries...
Peace Of Mind
Affirmation: My mind is now peaceful, and I know that all of my needs are automatically taken care of. I can rest easily, assured that all is well. I need to make peace my highest priority. Commit to taking the steps to ensure my peace of mind and take them without delay. I need to meditate more and be more forgiving. This affirmation may be a little difficult... A dear friend and I are not speaking because of my attitude towards his best friend. She never should have said what she did and he should have stopped it if they are truly "just friends" She makes me feel that I'm not good enough to be friends with anyone on this site especially him. Ya know he's my friend too and I should be able to speak to him, to feel comfortable speaking to him so forgivness...thats a mighty big word and I'm not sure I can.
Won't Be On For Awhile
Hey everybody!!!! Well I am writing to let you all know I won't be on for awhile due to personal things and me moving will be a little hectic so I will miss everybody but don't worry I'll be back!!! Hugs and LUV~Victoria
From A Bulletin (i Just Reposted It From From One Else)
i was looking at bulletins and found this...just thought i would share with everyone...i know some of you don't read the bulletins and its ok :) Angela okie mom x 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've been doing some checking and watching point changes, and it looks like no one is getting points on pics that have been ripped. No points for the person rating them, no points for the person being rated, and no points for the person they were ripped from. Bottom line... stop ripping pics... stop rating ripped pics. I drop a note to scrapper to see if this is just a temporary glitch
In Rememberance* - 911 - Support R Troops
Light A Candle
Light a Candle Light a candle for those we mourn. Into a new life they will be born. Do not look for them at the gravesite. They are somewhere else radiating their beautiful light. They have gone to a new world where there is no darkness, no pain. Their light and essence will always remain. Light a candle for those who have left this mortal place. They are free to travel through time and space. When we think of them, they are near. When we sit in a beautiful garden. Their voices we hear. When we listen to a divine symphony, We close our eyes, their faces we see. Light a candle for they have not really gone. With each flickering flame, in your hearts they will always belong.
In Memory Of Eleanor J. Carl
THE BROKEN CHAIN We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name, In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone, For part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, And though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.
You Can Stop Now????
I am a girl who takes awhile to “warm up” and an even longer time to have an orgasm.If done right though I go off like a rocket but anyway I need a patient person who understands the nature of things. Whether any girls out there will admit it or not, I am sure there are quite a few others who are in the same boat. Most of us also know within a few minutes if it’s going to happen that night or not. Some probably even know before any action starts…just not in the right mood or frame of mind. Unfortunately guys, the girls brain controls her libido most times, so be attentive to her moods. I know this may sound incredibly crazy to you, but offer her a full body massage instead of sex, and she may be a lot happier and think more highly of you. Anyways, I digress. So here you are, you are wet, you’re breathing heavy, your body is tingling, it’s going really good and you feel great BUT you know you are not going to have an orgasm whether the person is there ten more minutes or an ho
Well, my son who lives in Oklahoma called today and his gf is pregnant! I am so excited. His daughter is 5 already. This makes #5 grandkid for me. I told them they where making me old before my time! I can hardly wait. I love Deana so much, but I know they won't get married. It seems like no one does these days. Anyway, woohoo, number 5 is on the way.
Remote Pleasure Bullet
All I can say is wow! I really can't wait to get out and try out this new toy more. :) I just got it in the mail from Adam and Eve and I'm already in love with it. Personally I love the idea of not knowing who is holding the remote and watching me as I get the sensation of the toy going off deep inside of me. It would be a lot of fun to try this out at a crowded party. Guys, if you have a woman that's even a tiny bit adventurous I seriously recomend getting this for when you go out to dinner or a party.
Fav Food
what is your fav food???
On Air L 9/11truthtv L Exclusive!
ON Air l 9/11TruthTV l TruTube.TV Exclusive! wSkype l Expose the 9/11 cover-up! says: im gonna be on CLKN 88.1FM local radio at 7PM - tune into the refeed at - Representing !!!!!!!!!!!!
Where Did These Conservatives Come From?
The Brownshirting of America By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS James Bovard, the great libertarian champion of our freedom and civil liberties, recently shared with readers his mail from Bush supporters (, October 12). For starters here are some of the salutations: "communist bastard," "asshole," "a piece of trash, scum of the earth." It goes downhill from there. Bush's supporters demand lock-step consensus that Bush is right. They regard truthful reports that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and was not involved in the September 11 attack on the US--truths now firmly established by the Bush administration's own reports--as treasonous America-bashing. As well, Bovard is interpreted as throwing cold water on the feel-good, macho, Muslim butt-kicking that Bush's invasion of Iraq has come to symbolize for his supporters. "People like you and Michael Moore," one irate reader wrote, "is (sic) what brings down our country." I have received similar response
Mom Died Today
my mom died at 9:55 am she suffered stomach cancer for about a year god rest her sou;
11th Hour
The hour of reckoning draws near Judgment day is here and gone Sweetly she draws me into her arms A liquid embrace to chase the day way. Sedate Numb Deaf and Dumb Stumbling into solitude. A clouded judgment day is fueled. Take me under your black wings Mark my words and remember me. So sweetly she shucks away at my time So sweetly she draws me nigh Closer and closer towards never ending sleep Spin the bottle Kiss only the bottle. The dark mistress of many, beholden to none Slips a ring of needles around your arm in an engagement Eternal engagement Never consummated. Take me under your black wings Mark my words and remember me. Destroyer of senses. So take as needed for the pain Another gray morning dawns across an ashen sky. My sweet demoness beckons me Ever again and again and again and again. The dark mistress of many, beholden to none My sweet demoness beckons me Ever again and again and again and again and again. Take me under your black wings. Jacked u
First Star
The night came softly, even briskly with the ever changing breezes Howling willows sang of its song Power lines sang from the branches Insisting they don't belong there. Star One appears Midnight blue sky shares her. When I wish upon a star danced in my head. Glistening and twinkling as I finished my wish the second appeared to torment. Justify your wish as it won't happen now. Fires crackle, pop breaks my trance reality check reality snap reality bites reality cold.
In Memory Of 9/11/01
this is for all those who lost there lives and all those who lost there loved one's on 9/11 may thay always be remembered and and a specal thank you to all those still fighting to keep our country safe. may our flag always fly high and our country always be strong no matter what thay try to do to us. god bless the USA
Im Alittle Down Today
well it has to be a monday dont it. i didnt have work or anything so that is good but im just a little down. i dont know it it is because of the weather or what. oh well i will live i guess. so anyways i just have no clue why im feeling this way today. i know that it is part of my depression that i try to hide from every one but i cant seem to hide it from myself. but im not wondering if all this depression or what ever im going through has anything to do from lack of sleep. cause i dont sleep much either. i might get 3 to 4 hours and that is if im lucky. ok well i guess this is a stupid blog be the ppl that reads it can deal with that. anyways im going to stop the typing now and find something else to do.
Only Breakfast
It was only breakfast, but before that I awakened with her warm breath breaking across my chest. She looked up to my eyes and into me, then moved to touch her lips to mine - my god, I wanted her again again again - and then, against our better judgment we made love again again. It was slow this time, deliberate, hands knew the way to hands, skin to skin, legs wrestling for purchase as we piled into over onto under - understanding we weren't only having sex, we were making love. © All rights reserved
Sexiest Dj Contest
any one like nascar or watch it on here???
9/11 Tribute Video I Did
Ponderisms I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes. Garden Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement. Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway. Have you noticed since everyone has a camcorder or camera phone these days no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to? In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire? Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out?" If Jimmy cracks corn
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Click on pic and leave me a comment please
(why) We Will Never Forget
Music Video: Why at (YouTube) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
***now Hiring!!***
WORLDROCK Radio, the number 5 ROCK station on the net, is looking for Army staff a.s.a.p. If you have an out-going and dedicated personality and would like to work for an internet wide radio station, contact WorldRock Radio Army Manager, CSC for a list of requirements and duties. Current openings available are: 1. Assistant Army Recruiters 2. Assistant Invitation Specialists 3. Greeters and Conversation Forces 4. DJ Liasons 5. Bartenders If you like ROCK music, new friends, and belonging to a great family of people, please contact CSC for details on open shifts. Click banner to enter lounge
Blink 182 - I Miss You
Hello there The angel from my nightmare The shadow in the background of the morgue The unsuspecting victim Of darkness in the valley We can live like Jack and Sally If we want Where you can always find me And we'll have halloween on christmas And in the night we'll wish this never ends We'll wish this never ends (I miss you) (I miss you) Where are you? And I'm so sorry I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always This sick, strange darkness Comes creeping on so haunting every time And as I stared I counted The webs from all the spiders Catching things and eating their insides Like indecision to call you And hear your voice of treason Will you come home And stop this pain tonight? Stop this pain tonight Don't waste your time on me You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you) Don't waste your time on me You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you) Dont waste your time on me You're already the voice inside my h
Hollywood In 2037- Omg
An emotional affair is when a person not only invests more of their emotional energy outside their relationship, but also receives emotional support and companionship from the new relationship. My opinion is in an emotional affair I think that person will feel closer to the other person and evenutally have sexual fantasies and if you don't pursue it, it turns into sexual tension .Its one thing to have harmless sexual fantasies but its another if you fantasize about turning your dreams into reality. If your spouse or lover is sharing intimate thoughts and feelings with someone else then it has already started, but you yourself may not want to accept that , but evenutally you will have to or you will be miserable.I personally think you have to let those feelings out or you are not being fair to your spouse or yourself.Why would anyone want to put them self through something like that?? Well I think they would try to deny it and not say anything because of fear,fear of losing someone the
Im Bored
talk to me
Slow Hand
As the midnight moon, was drifting through The lazy sway of the trees I saw the look in your eyes, lookin' into mine Seeing what you wanted to see Darlin' don't say a word, cause I already heard What your body's sayin' to mine I'm tired of fast moves I've got a slow groove... On my mind I want a man with a slow hand I want a lover with an easy touch I want somebody who will spend some time Not come and go in a heated rush I want somebody who will understand When it comes to love, I want a slow hand On shadowed ground, with no one around And a blanket of stars in our eyes We are drifting free, like two lost leaves On the crazy wind of the night Darlin', don't say a word, 'cause I already heard What your body's sayin' to mine
Eres Tu ... Recuerdos De Un Verano Caloroso ....
Quotes About Tattoos
Ink to paper is thoughtful Ink to flesh, hard-core. If Shakespeare were a tattooist We'd appreciate body art more. ~Carrie Latet Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good. ~Author Unknown Beauty is skin deep. A tattoo goes all the way to the bone. ~Vince Hemingson Your body is a temple, but how long can you live in the same house before you redecorate? ~Author Unknown
Icy water drips echo falling from point up sliding along point down painting rock rainbow hues drips form a symphony all dance to nature flowing along her melody water drops musical beats faster beats destructive tunes slower rhythm inspire creation life seeps through both breathing life drowning death from deep down beneath nature heats unformed being fires forge primate state dripping waters steaming cooling Cool waters drip down teasing along hidden crevices cooling deep recesses slowly razor edge rugged surface
Sept. 11
Ok, I have read about every bulletin out there. I have heard all the good points and horrible points of 9/11. That day, thousands upon thousands of lives were lost, and still counting. But do any of you realize the truth behind it all?? I come from a military family. My father did two tours in hell(Vietnam). Not many troops were supported back then, they were called baby killers, murderers, and so on. My point is, vietnam was not a war, it was a conflict. We weren't even suppose to be there. Same as this scenario that is going on over there in Iraq. If it weren't for our "president", our soldiers would be home and safe. The only reason why we are in Iraq, is because of what happened on 9/11. Once again, our very own 'Government' has dooped you all into believeing things that are not true. Think about it, really think. We were not attacked by terrorists, we were attacked by our own government!! They had to give the americans a reason to go to w
Quotes About Heartache And Lost Love
Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again, skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts. Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. ~Author Unknown I thought when love for you died, I should die. It's dead. Alone, most strangely, I live on. ~Rupert Brooke When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal. ~Author Unknown In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966 Love is like a puzzle. When you're in love, all the pieces fit but when your heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together. ~Author Unknown Don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens - The Main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away. ~John Steinbeck, 10 November 1958
God Bless Those Who Died On September 11 2001...
My Lounge Check It Out !!!!
trisha's tats come one come all members
I am soooo lost..and confused.....Where are things going for me? I know where I would like them to go..but now not sure that will happen. I know I dont want to be lonely anymore and things here are about to make me lonelier....I want him and I am not sure he knows who he is......Well I am sure he does but he is just as Lost and Confused as me. Yes...I am sure u know who u are......
Savin' Me
Prison gates won't open up for me On these hands and knees I'm crawlin' Oh, I reach for you Well I'm terrified of these four walls These iron bars can't hold my soul in All I need is you Come please I'm callin' And oh, I scream for you Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin' Show me what it's like To be the last one standing And teach me wrong from right And I'll show you what I can be And say it for me Say it to me And I'll leave this life behind me Say it if it's worth savin' me Heaven's gates won't open up for me With these broken wings I'm fallin' And all I see is you These city walls ain't got no love for me I'm on the ledge of the eighteenth story And oh, I scream for you Come please I'm callin' And all I need from you Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin' Show me what it's like [Savin' Me lyrics on] To be the last one standing And teach me wrong from right And I'll show you what I can be And say it for me Say it to me And I'll
**dirty South Crew** - Great People - Best Family Here - Helping Each Other Along The Way - D.s.c For Life!!!!!
When I first started Dirty South Crew 6 months ago I didn't think it would catch on, but it did and I'm very glad it did! We are 151 members strong and growing daily. I have met some awesome people and have made some amazing friends. Without all of you, there would be no crew and I wanted to take a minute and thank each and every one of you! All of you are f%#kin awesome!! These are the people who make DSC what it is! Gary-Dirty South Crew Owner@ fubar MyZtErY~{Dirty South Crew}~I.B.I.C.@ fubar rumney pride - Dirty South Crew@ fubar DJ *Brenna* Extreme " X" ~*~{Dirty South Crew} & ~I.B.I.C~@ fubar ~ JADA ~ Loves Her D.S.C. and Is Away Dealing w/Life ~Miss You ALL ~{I.B.I.C}@ fubar smoggy£{dirty south crew}@ fubar ~*Sunshyne*~ SSV Crew *~ SSV ~*Angel Eyes's Fubar Wifey*~ {~Dirty South Crew~}@ fubar Tim ~SouthernOutlawBiker~DirtySouthCrew~Jamies Fubar Fiance~@ fubar ~TNK~ ~DSC.~IBIC~ÌñÐêþêñÐêñ† Fåmïlψ Recruiter©
People We Meet On The Way
So i went out to a bar this past Saturday ... I met Samantha her boyfriend n a guy that works with him... all of them are from wisconsin doing some work on a local store...I went to hang out with Samantha again last night shes cool as hell ... Shes 21 and she informs me that she has already had a heart attack had it at age 19 and that already her liver and kidneys are failing... the doctors dont expect her to live past 40 if even that long... they want her to start dialysis and want to do biopsyies (spelling) on her liver n kidneys... To look at this young woman you wouldnt ever suspect this she looks as though shes in great shape and everything... the doctors cant find whats causeing all of the damage to her body... with the biopsys she is told she has a 45% chance of making it through the surgery... therefore she is refusing... she has decided that she would rather live her life as long as she can than to die in a month on an operating table... She said to me that she doesnt want to
This Kid Sucks
this kid got in my gfs shoutox and this is how the conversation went: ->Godard: No sorry about it. Now fuck off. Godard: sorry ->Godard: I vomited a little in my mouth. Thanks :) Godard: I wanna taste your sweet pussy needless to say i wasn't gonna stay quiet being the enormous asshole that i am so here we go: ->Godard: glad you think so champ ->Godard: so what are you doing with your senior picture as your default when it says your 29 Godard: your not worth blocking ->Godard: oh snap i'm still in your shoutbox ->Godard: make me loser Godard: who cares, shut up!!!!! ->Godard: oh you scare me fuckwad, did you ever think it was the way you approached her that maybe got you that reaction queer bait Godard: not anymore, she has a stick up her ass, keep talkin and I will put one up yours. ->Godard: bellor motherfucker Godard: which one ->Godard: so you like my girl huh? then he blocked me even though i'm not worth blocking. people amaze me more and more
Skyes Contest Dinishes 8pm Today Please Help Her Get 1st Place
Serbian Folkdance
Phrases Of Wisdom
1. If you're too open minded, your brains will fall out. 2. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity. 3. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a mechanic. 4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. 5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before. 6. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. 7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious. 8. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission. 9. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program. 10. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip. 11. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks. 12. A conscience is wha t hurts when all your other parts feel so good. 13. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway. 14. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it. 15. No husband ha
Iron Man Trailer
Ooooooooo I am such a geek. New! Check out my review Blog: Book Love | WriYe: 96,889/100,000 | WC September: 5,908 | | Subs: 79/50 | Accepts: 4 | Rejects: 65 |
Perception Is Our Reality...
Perception is Reality...This world seen through our eyes and processed by our mind is what is real to us...How we perceive Now is only a dream in our eternal mind... When our time comes, and our road ends on this plane...could it be nothing more than a change of perspective?
A Change Of Perspective...
Perception is Reality...This world seen through our eyes and processed by our mind is what is real to us...How we perceive Now is only a dream in our eternal mind... When our time comes, and our road ends on this plane...could it be nothing more than a change of perspective?
Powerball Lottery
what would be the first thing if you ever won the power ball lottery what would you do? pick something that you want not need but want and pick one more thing that would come from your heart that would benifit someone else and at the same time make you feel good on the inside.
Yeah, Job
My roomie got a job and starts tomorrow. YEAH!!! We have been so worried about all the bills and the kids but as usual the fates came through. I hope this job is as nice as she thinks it will be and as comfortable in the office. GOOD LUCK ROOMIE!!!!
Hard To Outdo A Texan
A man from Texas, driving a Volkswagen Beetle, pulls up next to a guy in a Rolls Royce at a stop sign. Their windows are open and he yells at the guy in the Rolls, "Hey, you got a telephone in that Rolls?" The guy in the Rolls says, "Yes, of course I do.." "I got one too... see?" the Texan says. "Uh, huh, yes, that's very nice." "You got a fax machine?" asks the Texan. "Why, actually, yes, I do." "I do too! See? It's right here!" brags the Texan. The light is just about to turn green and the guy in the Volkswagen says, "So, do you have a double bed in back there?" The guy in the Rolls replies, "NO! Do you?" "Yep, got my double bed right in back here," the Texan replies. The light turns and the man in the Volkswagen takes off. Well, the guy in the Rolls is not about to be one-upped, so he immediately goes to a customizing shop and orders them to put a double bed in back of his car. About two weeks later, the job is finally done. He picks up h
Ripped Pics
I've been doing some checking and watching point changes, and it looks like no one is getting points on pics that have been ripped. No points for the person rating them, no points for the person being rated, and no points for the person they were ripped from. Bottom line... stop ripping pics... stop rating ripped pics. I drop a note to scrapper to see if this is just a temporary glitch
Moment Of Silence Please !!!!!!......................................................please,this Was S=sent To Me,by A Great Person,that I Respect To
September 11, 2001 September 11, 2001, marked yet another significant turning point in world history. Whatever innocence was left in the world was lost on that fateful day. On lesser numeric scales, equally heinous crimes are committed against humanity virtually every day of the year. What is happening in the world? It is difficult to explain. Somehow the perpetrators of the most evil and disgusting crimes have been stripped of the virtue of mercy. It would seem that their basic humanity is simply missing. The memory of those planes crashing into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the one that crashed into the Pennsylvanian field, will be etched into people's minds forever. For many of us it was like watching a Hollywood movie as it unfolded before us on television screens all around the world. We watched in stunned silence as we learned that the events were real and were happening in real time. In the blink of an eye, families can be thrown into turmoil when loved ones a
Where`d You Go?
Where`d you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you`ve been gone She said somedays I feel like shit Somedays I wanna quit and just be normal for a bit I don`t understand why you always have to be gone I get along but your trips always feel so long And I find myself trying to stay by the phone Because your voice always helps me to not to feel so alone But I feel like an idiot, working my day around a call And when I pick up I don`t have much to say, so I want you to know its a little fucked up that I`m stuck here waiting, at times debating Telling you that I`ve had it with you and your career Me and the rest of the family here singing Where`d you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you`ve been gone Where`d you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you`ve been gone Please Come back home You know, the place you used to live Used to barbeque with burgers and ribs Used to have a little party every halloween with ca
Remember Thoes Who Died
Stupidity is like a skill, some are born with it and some develop it over a period of time." (Unknown) Submitted by Pavan Savoy "He who laughs last didn't get it." Helen Giangregorio "Life is not about how many breaths you take... it's about how many moments take your breath away." (unknown) A. Powell Davies: Life is just a chance to grow a soul. A. Powell Davies: Life is just a chance to grow a soul. Abraham Lincoln: And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. Adrienne Rich: Life on the planet is born of woman.
More Shark Fishing
I am leaving Wed morning to head out to Surfside Texas to go shark fishing! If you don't see me online, now you know why!!!! Jaws, here I come, I am coming to get you!!!
I Don't Even Know Anymore
This poem has a twist, that everyone will miss, except for that someone who cares, that someone I know is there. That someone this poem is about, will know its him without a doubt, that someone said its okay to be sad, and for some reason it made me glad. But I still want to cry, because I feel so empty, I guess the reason why, is because he isn't with me. And I can wait, even though it'll be hard, hopefully I'll find the gate, to her closed and confused heart. ****i didnt write it, but its EXACTLY how i feel****
Nickelback - Next Contestant
I judge by what she's wearing, Just how many heads I'm tearing, Off of assholes coming on to her, (Each night seems like it's getting worse), And I wish she'd take the night off, So I don't have to fight off, Every asshole coming on to her, (It happens every night she works,) They'll go and ask the DJ, Find out just what would she say, If they all tried coming on to her, (Don't they know it's never going to work), They think they'll get inside her, With every drink they buy her, As they all try coming on to her, (This time somebody's getting hurt). Here comes the next contestant. [CHORUS] Is that your hand on my girlfriend? Is that your hand? I wish you'd do it again, (I'll watch you leave here limping), I wish you'd do it again, (I'll watch you leave here limping), There goes the next contestant. I even fear the ladies, They're cool but twice as crazy, Just as bad for coming on to her, (Don't they know it's never going to work), Each time she bats an
17 Signs You Like Someone
SEVENTEEN: You look at their profile constantly. SIXTEEN: When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago. FIFTEEN: You read their Texts and IMs Over and over again. FOURTEEN: You walk really slow when you're with them. THIRTEEN: You feel shy whenever they're around. ELEVEN: When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time. TEN: You smile when you hear their voice. NINE: When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her. EIGHT: You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them. S EVEN: He/She is all you think about. SIX: You get high just from their scent. FIVE: You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them. FOUR: You would do anything for them, just to see them. THREE: While reading this, t
Jane Wyman
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Jane Wyman, an Academy Award winner for her performance as the deaf rape victim in "Johnny Belinda," star of the long-running TV series "Falcon Crest" and Ronald Reagan's first wife, died Monday morning at 93. Wyman died at her Palm Springs home, said Richard Adney of Forest Lawn Memorial Park and Mortuary in Cathedral City. No other details were immediately available. Wyman's film career spanned from the 1930s, including "Gold Diggers of 1937," to 1969's "How to Commit Marriage," co-starring Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason. From 1981 to 1990 she played Angela Channing, a Napa Valley winery owner who maintained her power with a steely will on CBS' "Falcon Crest." Her marriage in 1940 to fellow Warner Bros. contract player Reagan was celebrated in the fan magazines as one of Hollywood's ideal unions. While he was in uniform during World War II, her career ascended, signaled by her 1946 Oscar nomination for "The Yearling." The couple divorced in 19
Welcome Jt!!!
Something about Marina makes my oh my mashed and muddled, causes quivering and quaking. She's sweet and sour hot sauce and I want to touch her, take her, toss her down and dabble - draw tantric symbols with my tongue across her yes yes yes. I'm thinking about Marina and the taste of cotton candy, the perfect rounded line between each nipple and the map to heaven I'll draw with fingertips from here to there. Tomorrow, someday soon, I'll kiss Marina, somewhere soon, I'll make Marina somehow swoon for something more. © All rights reserved
Ha Ha Ha Stupid Fake Ass People
You know you are in love when you see the world in her eyes, and her eyes everywhere in the world. - David Levesque - Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this. - Stephen Packer - What Is It That I Love? If asked why I love her I would say It’s the sway in her hips, the thickness in her thighs. It’s the lust in her lips, the love in her eyes. It’s the softness of her skin, the silk in her hair. It’s the twist in her walk; it’s the sweetness in her talk. It’s the way she loves me that makes me love her each day. That is what I would say. - Justin Hutchins - Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top the view is beautiful. - Daniel Monroe Tuttle -
Never Forget!...
Find The Cost Of Freedom
My Birthday Soon
and i really really want to be given 3 wishes,what do you think of my choices 1. i want a tall dark funny bloke willing to give me loads of attention. 2. somewhere quite,real private and nice music 3. open too suggestion
Update On My Dad
Well here's the lastest on my dad.. which is not good .He fell two Fridays ago and we took him to our local hospital they took X-rays and said he was fine just some bruising ... said to follow up at his next VA appt.. well we did. This Friday Sept the 7 we took him to the Va and they examined him he had been retaining fluid and a lot of it I mean he looked like a giraffe with elephants feet ..well they admitted him for premature congested heart failure..(fluid on the heart and lungs) While he was there they decided to run a CT scan on this abdomen and chest well here comes the fall part they called me yesterday and said he had 4 broke ribs and a fractured pelvis..OMG I'm pissed..and they have told us he is now a non weight bearing patient which means wheel chair patient for a while the can't do surgery because the bones are still in place.. the ribs well the just have to heal on there own ..okay then today the cancer docs called me and they say mind you dad has Stage 4 lung cancer th
I Look Forward To Hearing From You On Our Call.
911 Truth Grassroots Organizer Monthly Conference Call Thursday, September 13, 2007 8:00 PM, Central Daylight Time Ha a glorious Agenda: · Events for 9/11/07--How did it go; where to submit photos/reports, share your successes. · CodeOrange/National Strike/Other Campaigns--What's coming out of 9/11/07? How will you follow up to strengthen your group? · Using the forum, Grassroots communication Conference Number: It has been posted to the forum for security reasons; if you have not registered on the forum please do so. There's a category with all caps, in the forum "Monthly Conference Calls," titled "CONFERENCE CALL NUMBER HERE." I look forward to hearing from you on our call. Paul Deslauriers
ok...get back from the courthouse and my bosses next client is in the office. They have to fill out a little paperwork, i.e. name, address, etc., well, my favorite (and only) co-worker, being the smart person that she is told my boss that they were ready. When looking at the file, he couldn't find this information sheet. So here I am, looking high and low for it and she is just sitting on her ass doing nothing. "I don't know what I did with it???" So for kicks, I start looking in the trash can. Get this...yes it is in the trash can. "I didn't put it in there!!!" Then how the hell did it get there??? I just got back in the office. I hate her!!!!!!!!!
My Move
For those of you who know or read this... I just recently moved to Rhode Island about a month ago. Things here are so much better than the situation I was in while I lived in Florida. It is good to be back home with all my family and to be around those who truly care :D. The only thing I miss about Fl is my friends and being close to Disney. But other than that things here in Rhode Island are great. I am truly happy for once and not totally stressed out and not wanting to be home. Things here are slowly comming together. I just started my new job as a Pharmacy Tech today, I think its going to work out well. But I cant realy tell yet but Im sure it will be. Now my next thing is that I gotta get my ass back into school so I can get my Pharmacy Degree. At this time I just have to apply to the college and then register for January. Then only thing holding my back on that is waitin for my RI license so I can appy as a RI Resident. All I gotta do is brink my bank statement with my new addres
Has Love Failed Me Again?
U Know how it feels to love someone so much that u cant loose them or u dont know wat u will do, and then them u dont know wat there thinking or anything. thats kinda like me and my fiance i love him so much and him he says he loves me but at times i ask myself if its the truth or jus another lie. he went to NC 2 weeks ago and was sopposed to come home yesterday he hasnt called me in several days and im worried that hes doing something thats gonna mess us up again. he was sopposed to come see me today but he hasnt called or shown up so i dont know wats going on. i wanna call him but im scared that im gonna find out soemthing i dont wanna so wat should i do, wait for him to call me would probably be the best.
Teddy Sad
Hi all found this on you have any feelings at will be in tears by the end of this poem..... "Dear Teddy" Teddy, I've been bad again, My Mommy told me so; I'm not quite sure what I did wrong, But I thought that you might know. When I woke up this morning, I knew that she was mad; Cause she was crying awful hard, And yelling at my dad. I tried my best to be real good, And do just what she said; I cleaned my room all by myself, I even made my bed. But I spilled milk on my good shirt, When she yelled at me to hurry; And I guess she didn't hear me, When I told her I was sorry. 'Cause she hit me awful hard, you see, And called me funny names; And told me I was really bad, And I should be ashamed! When I said, "I love you, Mommy," I guess she didn't understand; Cause she yelled at me to shut my mouth. Or I'd get smacked again. So I came up here to talk to you, Please tell me what to do; 'Cause I really love my Mommy, And
Virginia Tech
10 Valid Reasons To Have Sex
1. Scientific tests find that when women make love, they produce double amounts of the hormone estrogen, which make hair shiny and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscles in the body. It’s more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps and you don’t need special sneakers! 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases the body endorphin into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy! 7. Sex
Take my hand and you will see just how true your dreams can be. You have my heart....I feel I'm near to yours..... Every day that passes....every minute that goes by seems like forever because I can't touch you or hold your hand in mine.... But then again every minute that ticks away brings us one minute closer together. I call you Beautiful.....that's the way I see you...that's the way I feel you in the special place that is only for you in my heart. I will see you that way always..... Beautiful.
I'm Tired Of Women Saying Nice Guys Suck
A True Massage
Relax! Let me give you The gift of pleasure. My tongue is an Instrument of sex, It will massage Your tired body, Starting with your toes, Gently sucking and licking, Up your ankles, calves, Knees, around your thighs, Tasting each cell of Your hot flesh with sensitive And electric touches; Let me tongue massage you, Let's take it slow...relax, Feel the soft snake Crawl over your hot map, Into secret places, daring To give erotic pleasure. RELAX! Feel the glow as Stress turns into orgasms
As a pussyologist I am often asked, "What is a perfect pussy?' Great Question! To which I reply: Perfect can only exist where there is a standard for comparison and a way of determining what that standard is: A is perfect when compared to Z; Z is perfect when compared with Y. Perfect suggests that there is an imperfection that will be exposed by the perfect standard; this logic would conclude, based on my reality and experience, that EACH pussy is perfect. Why? Because each pussy is unique, one-of-a-kind and is not comparable to any other. Remember a perfect pussy is different from how the owner uses her pussy and how she lets you pleasure it. Thus, the perfect pussy is every pussy. Yes, Ladies, you have a perfect pussy
The Cock Speaks
I AM COCK... ...a beautiful skin flute; I AM COCK... ...crafted by lust; I AM COCK... ...I go from '2 to '7 in minutes; I AM COCK... ...both genders love and adore me; I AM COCK... home in mouth, pussy, ass,hand; I AM COCK... ...many try to imitate me (dildo); I AM COCK... ...I love being sucked, licked, milked; I AM COCK... ...tongue my pee hole; I AM COCK... ...I get the big head at times; I AM COCK... me swell
Lies About The Penis
I have read many Erotic writings where The cock is featured And find most of them amusing. For example no cock is Every smaller that '8 or '10 inches; Yet, in reality the average Size penis is between 5 1/2 to 6 inches. The cock is decribes as A beautiful work of art; Yet, in reality some are Very ugly, distorted and turn-offs. The cocks are always studs With staying power way beyond The woman's orgasm; yet, in Reality the average cock Shoots its load in from 1 to 5 minutes, So much for staying power. I guess the lies about cocks Are what makes erotic literature so unique, And creates a myth, but oh what A disappointent when the real Thing wimps across the stage. Yes, there is always that one Cock that meets the description In erotic literature.
What Really Happen On 911
R.i.p Family
Weakness For Animals
Thai people really love animals. This is "Moo Ping". It means BBQ'd pork on a stick. Don't know who named her that. This 7-11 was built in my neighborhood about 6 months ago and Moo Ping has been in front of the door from day one. She's there in the daytime to get the blast of air conditioning when people walk in and out of the automatic doors. She's there at night to give you sad looks so you'll buy her something to eat. (usually works) The thing is, is she's there, 24/7 just like 7-11. We Thais think it's normal, but my BF thinks it's hilarious that no one tries to move her from in front of the door. He assures me the dog would have been gone the first day. People will walk around her or step over her, but no one would try to move her from her cool spot in front of the door. Even the delivery people carrying big boxes just step over or go around. Why make her move, she's not hurting anyone. My BF thinks we have a real weakness for animals.
Waiting By The Backdoor
I was standing by your backdoor. Hoping to be invited in. To enter without permission. Might be considered a sin. You did say I would be welcome here. You never said you changed your mind. Your Mom and Dad had gone away. And your brother, he wouldn't mind. They had never refused my entry. Through your front door before. In fact it seemed you were more than keen. And would be invite back for more. So now I stand here waiting. Waiting by your backdoor. Wondering what to say or do. As I wait by your backdoor.
A Shared Secret
Dinner was over and the dances had been danced. Taking her hand he led her away and they closed the world behind them. Removing her clothes he looked at her body, aware of her nervousness. She lay on her back with a gentle smile and watched as he undressed. His caresses were gentle, her kisses sweet, as he took his place by her side. Her arms wrapped around him and her legs opened wide as he reached up for the light. Oh, the smell of the woman as he searched with his tongue For the spot where her feelings would start. The arch of her back as he mounted her body. The smell of her hair filled his head. Next morning he passed her a coffee as she shifted in her chair. He reached for her hand to hold it tight and let her know he was still there. She looked back and smiled as she picked up her cup. Her thoughts on the night just passed. The wonderful, magical night just passed. And the secret they had to share
My Daughter
My daughter is being a whiny and defiant little brat. I am at my whits end with her, I really want to throw her out the window with how she is acting, but I know that is wrong. But, man, I really want to throw her out the window. She is screaming at the top of her lungs, she isn't picking up her GIANT mess. It really hurts for me to bend down being pregnant to pick up her mess for her or with her. I am about to go insane!!
Spank Me
You look at me Head bowed Eyes lowered Packages in hand My hands shake I glare in disbelief Quiet Upset You have this way You really do You grab my emotions You cut them in two We work hard We're live a modest life Except when the urge strikes And out you go You say you can't help it You say it's out of your hands These expeditions draw you Like a magnet, you go You look at me Head bowed Eyes lowered Packages in hand "Spank me" Is all you say Like it makes things alright, all okay I sit in the bedroom On a hard back chair I glare at you At your fine red hair "Get over my knees" Is all I say You approach Nodding okay Packages by your side Your skirt is lifted Then the cotton panties Are removed Your ass is bare Your ass is white Your ass is soft Your ass shivers It's time To be punished For your Transgressions My hand is raised Then slammed down You cry out You beg me to stop "Take that, and that" I say
Friends Who Havent
who all on my friends list that hasnt fan me plz fan me and i return the fav
The Halo Of The Fallen Angel
I know what you're thinking. Your life isn't as pretty as it once was....then you were happy.... But now your thoughts are not of that place.... Your heart is no longer there.... Run! Yes...ride on if you feel you must....Your dreams will remain in the dust your shoes leave behind here with me....The One who loves you more then you'll ever know... I will always be with you no matter what happens while you run.... You will fall often...don't worry my Angel I will always be there to catch you.... You've been down this road before. I Know.... I've been with you on each and every journey....I try to make it easier for you each time you run. Yes you will know when your run is will come home to me like you always do.... Throw the dust off at the door.... Come to my arms once more.... For it is then that you will know..... I will always be your Halo.
Saturday Night Years From Now
she sits by the fireplace cozy warm quiet and content immersed in a book away from it all i gaze at her body still sexy still attractive still beckoning after 20 years the house is quiet save for a chirping bird it's snowing outside the wine warms what the logs can't red panties peek from beneath her tee shirt exciting my loins as my smile emerges cause it's Saturday Night it has become a tradition on this weekend night my craving to be satisfied a special time and soon i turn down the light she's always loved it not always, but especially when the mood strikes when the need arises and on Saturday Night she looks up and smiles she sees me squirming she knows "It's time," she laughs setting down the book she crawls across the rug slowly, I know stopping at my feet she looks into my eyes i am in for a treat she reaches up and upzips my pants smiling up at me reaching inside teasing all the while my cock springs into view
Takes A Life Of It's Own
Any blog I fucking starts usually starts out as one idea and ends up as something totally different. Thus.........Takes a life of it's own is a good title for my blog. I have no idea what will become of this blog if anything but check back and see. Later, Devilfister.
I was given this gift And it came at a price Had it been offered I’d probably thought twice A gift such as this Considered a blessing But more of a curse With words as a dressing The price I would pay Was not my decision And as I faced truth Cut deep its incision That all my wishes Would cascade into dust And a heart of love Must become one of lust What I’ve always been I will be no longer My soul has been lost I’ll never be stronger Never free from shackles That are bound to the earth A fate that was set Since the moment of birth With no moving past The future that’s stated And none of the pain Will soon be elated I accept what’s mine And I face it the best Till that moment comes When I finally rest ~
Congrats Dad
Get More at Today my father and his wife had a baby boy. :)
Her Walk
Her Walk I watch her walk from a vantage point behind: trim ankles and calves well-shaped connect to nylon-covered thighs and the flesh of her moves with a sensuality focusing attention. Outlines elastic show through her skirt drawn tight over curving hips drawing mind’s eye between her legs, intrigued with all the action there. Flesh writhing in swirling motion, shielding her very womanhood riding out the storm in dark, moist warmth. Oh, to stay and linger there! But she strides with purpose, moving quickly beyond seeing, leaving quickened desires unsatisfied
Hot Boy Plays With ...
I'm doing a live show on my webcam in a few minutes. This video hereafter shows what you can expect. Let me know if you want to watch ;) And yes it's me, here is the proof: Kisses
I Like This But It Aint Showing Up And It Stinks
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
Just Cause The Ex Is An Ass, Doesn't Mean I Gotta Suffer!
sorry i haven't been posting. I have been haveing a rough time with my ex. Seems he thinks it is ok to call me a liar, so he can justify himself doing it. Problem in that is, I didn't lie and have proof of it. His attitude caused me to pull some pictures I had posted for my fubar family. Well screw him, I think I will repost them. After all we have been ex's for 5 months almost, why should I let his opinion stop me from sharing my talents with those I care most about? I know there are nice guys out there, I guess I just gotta wait till one with an honest heart shows up in my life. I am too much of a good person to let him ruin my life. Well. will try to be on here more often now that wet blanket isn't callin the shots, whether intentional or not! lixx and such for my readers!
In Memory Of Those Lost On 9-11
On September 11th 2001 the lives of our people were no longer fun. For many that morning were no longer alive and many more others would no longer survive. Many in airplanes and in buildings around were praying for life while they heard dreaful sound. Planes had crashed into our famous Twin Towers and the cries and the screams seemd to go on for hours. Some people were trapped in the towers up high and others were stuck inside planes in the sky. The towers were burning and were goin to fall and many wouldn't make it out of the buildings at all. The firemen and police did all they could but the damage was done and over for good. When everyone thought the crashes were done another plane crashed into tower # 1. The victims were jumping one after another hugging and saying goodbye to each other. People on cell phones called home one last time to say bye to the loved ones they were leaving behind. As their lives are now over forever and more We remeber those people who
And Then
Talk to me in your drive-time voice as I am moving closer, coming in to kiss you - first your soft lips and then whisper to me "yes" as I am reaching 'round, unbuttoning, and then get right up inside my arms as I am tasting your sweet skin, smelling your soft hair, and then linger as I slide my hand down across your ribs and down inside your jeans and down and then lead me to the bedroom, close the drapes, pull back the sheets, and then allow your skin to touch mine everywhere, all at once - entangled, limb to limb, let's dance on cotton sheets slowly surely sweetly to the voice of the wind and then © All rights reserved
Fuck Off
apperantley Im an asshole because I drink and party alot, and people are too fucking lazy to read my profile. who the hell have i lied to about that? its on my fucking profile, i aint lied to noone about it and have no reason to! no matter where i go theres drama. for fucks sakes we are all grown up here so lets leave the childish shit back in the day. i just needed to complain and was told that mumm world wasnt the place to do it, and was kicked out of a few lounges for doing it so fuck it, unloading in here. you read it, thanks, dont, what ever. so anyways, im in the DFW are of texas for a while and im having quite a few parties each weekend. wanna come? let hit me up and ill give you the address. Its going to be hell of a party so bring yer party hats and lets have fun!
Touch me by being touched, move me by moving just a little closer to believing you deserve this. I cannot predict the waves that carry us toward into and over - I am surfing on the moment we might finally become. We will know through being known, will love by allowing love. These words are not for you, they are for us. © All rights reserved
The Road
We have no idea what's in store for us on the road called life..... But we do know this..... The road has many twists and turns..... Someday..... Sometime..... We will get burned..... From this we must live and learn.... Because whatever it is that we take from this life.. We will have earned.
Nice Car Pics Or Hot Women On Or In A Nice Car
i am shouting to all would love to see some kool car pics and hot women both together and make friends too anyone wanna help me ?? hope there is xxx
My Friend Inspired By Christy
You can have many "Friends" that come and go, But who you can call a real Best Friend? Someone you can trust, Someone who you can talk to, Someone who would listen and understand, Someone who would never betray you, Someone who would be always there for you day and night, Someone who would hold you and say "everything will be alright", A shoulder to cry on, A shelter from this cruel world, A being which would understand your very soul.
Pink Floyd Tribute to 911Add to My Profile | More Videos
Pirate Name ??
My pirate name is: Red Jack Flint Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr! Get your own pirate name from of the network
10 Sep 2007 12:10
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Wndy [WTC7 = WTF?] Date: 10 Sep 2007, 12:10 From: RainbojanglesDate: Sep 10, 2007 12:06 PMCindy Sheehan arrested!From: FLOWERDate: 2007/9/10From: sage adviceDate: Sep 10, 2007 12:28 PMCindy Sheehan arrested at Petraeus hearingFrom: CitizenDate: 10/09/2007By Klaus MarreSeptember 10, 2007Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Monday in or near the hearing room where General David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker are testifying on the situation in Iraq, according to the U.S. Capitol Police.Four anti-war protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct. One of them, who was not named, is being taken to George Washington Hospital “due to complaint of injury” is also charged with assault on a police officer.According to the information from the Capitol Police, Sheehan and the other three were shouting in a hallway. Sheehan was the face of the anti-war movement before saying in May of this year that she wo
The Peter Britt Country Girls Club
Hi everyone.... Myself and Angela my manager wanted to let everyone know that the Peter Britt Country Girls Club is about to open on The club was already active, but we decided to resart the club in a new place with a fresh look. We are inviting you to come join and become an official Peter Britt Country Girl. There are benefits to being one and there is no cost or fees to be a member. So come to this link..... And you will be able to read about the PBCG and find out what is involved, what you get, what you can get etc. Myself and Angela look forward to seeing all of you there and hopefully having everyone joining as a PBCG official member. Thanks very much :) Peter Britt
Re: Let Your Default Pic Show 9 Ll Investigation Solidarity
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Wndy [WTC7 = WTF?] Date: 10 Sep 2007, 10:54 From: RainbojanglesDate: Sep 10, 2007 10:37 AMFrom: TimeBombDate: 2007/9/10thanks: Florida 9/11 Truth/WEARECHANGE.ORG/Ron Paul 08Florida 9/11 Truth/WEARECHANGE.ORG/Ron Paul 08PLEASE JOIN IN SOME MYSPACE TRUTHER UNITY!!! Please copy this picture and use it as your default picture untill the 12th. We may disagree on some issues but I think we all agree on this. Please help this spread and encourage your friends to do the same. It's not much, but it is a way we can all be together and maybe wake some new people up..Thanks,RickFlorida 9/11 Truth/WEARECHANGE.ORG/Ron Paul 08Got Signs?
9/11 Chicago Street Action!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: a total betty Date: 10 Sep 2007, 11:38 Hey guys, tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of September 11th, 2001 and I will be in Chicago at the Art Institute for some 9/11 truth. Let me know if you will be able to make it...I'd love to see you there!Here's the info..When: Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 6:00 PM Where: Art Institute 111 s Michigan Chicago , IL 60603Description: Here we go again with our 11th of the month street action. This one is even more symbolic since it is the 6th anniversary. If you have not been showing up at any of the actions it is important you show up at this action. We are going to have 500 DVDs to pass out. You are welcome to bring more if you have any copies to pass out. Also if you have any flyer's or pamphlets. 500 might sound like alot to some of you, but it really isn't since we have been averaging over 1100 DVDs on the 11th actions. We should also have signs and a banner, but again
New Bin Laden Video: 100% Forgery
Introduces martyrdom of hijacker who is still alive, references to current events occur during video freeze Steve Watson Monday, Sept 10, 2007 The newly released Osama Bin Laden video is a an iron clad forgery, and not even a good one at that. All references to current events made by the figure said to be Bin Laden occur at a point in the video where the picture freezes and only audio is present. Bin Laden also presents a pre recorded martyrdom video of one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, Waleed al Shehri, who was reported by the BBC as still alive and well in Saudi Arabia. Hits to Blogs such as this one have sky rocketed as they have been the first to point out the suspicious aspects of the video which has become public in full for the first time today. Full article -
In The Line Of Duty
on sat sept 8 odessa police departmant lost 2 officers in the line of duty and a third is in critical condition they got the guy who did it and our prayers go out to the familys
apparently it's happy hour monday. LOL. Ugh, so what is everyone up to? Comment HERE and tell me. :)
My Middle Name
what my middle names means... Body: What does your middle name mean? Delete the other person's MIDDLE name and repost this with the title "what does your middle name mean?" in 11 minutes and something wonderful will happen..... A : You like to drink. B : You like people. C : You are really silly. D: You like to drink E : Awesome in bed F : You are dead sexy. G : You never let people tell you what to do. H : You have very good personality and good looks. I : You Are Great in bed. J : People Adore you K : You're wild and crazy. L: Everyone loves you. M : Best kisser ever. N : You like to drink O: Awesome kisser. P : You are popular with all types of people. Q : You are a hypocrite. R : Easy to fall in love with. S : Fuckin crazy. T : You're loyal to those you love. U : You really like to chill. V : You are not judgemental. W : You are very broad minded. X : You never let people tell you what to do. Y: Best bf/gf anyone could ask for. Z : Always
well everyone I healed up well i return to work on monday the 17
Poem 2
on a sunny day,a vision i saw,a woman of such beauty,my breath was taken away,seeing her so pure,a beauty none can deny,a woman of love,an angel in the sky,a dream or reality,both are supreme,to see her thus,makes me smile another by poetic justice he seems to be a one of a kind ty so much
Rest Of 2003 Poems
“Poem of the Heart” This is a poem of the heart. It was written long before time’s start. You mean a lot to me, more than you can ever think. So what if you swear, get moody, and occasionally drink. You have a tender heart and speak truth no matter what. You are filled with love, life, and imagination. I love you for who you are and we’re connected in spirit. I don’t ever want to change a thing. You cause the heavens and stars to sing. Yes, I need to be open and talk to you more. I don’t think you realize all the love for you I can store. It’s more than just simple words or touch. Just looking into your eyes means so much. The thought causes me to lose sight of everything else. You do mean more to me than my own self. I’d love to spend forever with you if given the chance. I pray more that God would bring you the one true. No matter what, I’m still here. I won’t shut down or disappear. You will always be my friend. I guess I should bring this silly poem to an end.
Can This Year Get Any Better?
the end of last year my mother spent my birthday in the hospital. the beginning of this year we find more cancer in her body. after that they give us false hopes that she will be okay. june she spends her birthday in the hospital. july she dies august - here comes probate september - my fucking car gets broken into
Help Fubar Mom
She doesnt get in many contest. But is always willing to help whiomever needs it. Come help her win this contest. Its the first to 7500 and she needs 1100 more to go..Thanks for helping her
Best Tag Contes
here are the rules please read carefully Rules: 1. Please Fan, Rate & Add Me 2. Rate & comment your Favorite Friends Tag & others if you wish. 3. Bombing is permitted..You can comment as many times as you want, & You can even comment your own pics. 4. No fresh meat. You need to be level 3 or higher 5. ABSOUTLY NO DRAMA whatsoever or I will remove the voter & the contestant from the contest 6. No down rating or negitave comments allowed if so you will removed without notice! 7. No lude or inapproiate comments or pictures allowed. 8. Tags that are not activated after 48 hours, will be taken out of the contest. 9. If u belong to a family, Please respect other that dont have family 10. IF I CATCH ANYONE CHEATING YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED!! here is the pic please go and rate and comment the heck out of me
So Called Friends
well ,, since ive started coming to fubar* formerly known as cherrytap ive made some good friends ,, but i guess i made them at the risk of meeting some people that i didnt need to . I went outta my way to post comments and rate and add ,, and spent hours talking to certain people only to get shit on in the end ,, so i think its time for people to make choices ,, if i dont hear from enuff people to make it worth my while staying ,, ima be deleting my fubar acct . i came here to meet friends ,, i didnt come to deal with people not trusting me ,,, or listening to someone else without checking in with me about what i supposedly said ,, ,, its called respect people . IF U DONT WANNA TALK TO ME ,, THEN GROW UP AND ADMIT IT ,, IGGY SOMEONE JUST MAKES U ARROGANT AND IMMATURE. so with that being said if u still wanna talk and be cool then lets ,, if not speak the fuck up and be an adult ,, ive played games for too long with too many people and it ends today ,, so anyone thats WANTS to still b
Sheer Stupidity
ever have one of those days when you know how things are going to go just by one thing? this is one of those things. and it could have been avoided if the jerk had just bothered to read my profile. this is what happens in shoutboxes when people don't bother to find out who they're "talking" to: ->julius: grow up and go away! i'm NOT interested! julius: send it pls ->julius: yes and i'm not giving it to you!!! julius: baby do you have msn or yahoo? ->julius: good for you. now learn some manners! julius: i want to see your sexy body i am an admirer of confidence but stupidity is not something to be admired. and it's guys like this that give other men bad reps.
Success And The Mountain......we All Know It Well
It’s about dreams & directions as you start to unfold, creative & thrilling, an elusive Pot of Gold. Searching for acceptance on a road that's aimed toward fame, Is it really an enigma... or the nature of that game? Heard it before and it sounds mighty smug, success and the mountain, is a most popular drug. Don’t quit your day job is the first rule of thumb, delusions-of-grandeur, or cruise until you’re numb. Something that happens on that mountain all the time, it's about fame and its paradox, playing tricks right in your mind. You’re thinking you want it, the approvals from all, but it’s surely an illusion of a place that’s very small. Life craves accomplishment, it gives a mighty tug, success and the mountain is the most powerful drug. From the few who have been there and found it too real, to the hordes who still strive it, see all that it conceals. A series of opposites, secure a strong foothold... a collection of ego trips, bringing vain up to a g
All Along The Road Of Life
This road is dark there's no looking back. The will and strength I seem to lack. Afraid of the turns coming up in the road. Unaware of the future and what it beholds. Judging from the past I have everything to fear. Life hasn't been kind Taking everything I hold dear. Still I go on down this long winding road. Feeling nothing but numbness from a world bitter and cold. A fork in the road I must decide. Which path I will take by the rules I must abide. So I look to the left then to the right. One looks like day the other like night. this looks like a maze I feel so lost. Trying to find light at any cost. Little did I know Fate already had a plan Little subtle hints helping all that it can. I watched for the signs and followed them through I didn't know they were guiding me to you. So I kept on walking finding my way through getting lost a time or two. An opening lies just up ahead afraid of what there could be. Hiding there waiting to take som
Heart I had open heart surgery in August 14, 1998. After the surgery I was induced into a 3 week coma. Sometime between the surgery and coma I, suffered a stroke. The stroke affected my left side. I can not move the fingers on my left hand individually. That is the biggest disability I feel. Being as I was left handed before 98’. My typing is a little slower now, along with a couple misspellings here and there. 98-99’ I Had, a deliberator implanted. It’s like top of the line pacemaker. If my heart rate goes over 180 I get shocked. Well, hopefully by writing this blog. I wont have to tell this to every person that asks. If not I doubt I’ll mind explaining it to you.
Isnt That The True Dream Of Love?
Standing there screaming things you really don't feel. Words of anger flying everywhere. Hurting eachothers hearts, the same hearts we intrusted eachother with. Why do we do this? Why do we say such hurtful things to eachother? Always wanting to have the last word, Never seeing the pain in eachothers eyes. Searching forever just to find that one special soul. Finding them and envisioning a world neither can live up to. Living your life to protect the one that you end up hurting. How ominous relationships can be, not understanding. Why do we search so long to find that one? The one that possesses everything we have searched for. Only to try to change them. If you have to change them, what did you love about them to begin with? To find the one that we don't want to change, the one that doesn't want to change you. The one that anger doesn't have to exist with. Hurtful things don't need to be said. Love can last a lifetime. Isn't that the true dream of love?
How Many Women.....
How many women do you really love in one live? If you really fall in love will this love last for ever or if love don't last will it mean that it not was a real love? If you really love someone, will you be able to forget her?
In With The New, Out With The Old
A haunting feeling knocks at the door, if only to scare you and make you unsure. In with the new & out with the old, a meaningful story about to unfold. A series of opposites at a moment in time, a glimpse of reality as it starts to unwind. Caught in the emotion of fear in your heart, controlling the feelings from the end to the start. Been there before and it certainly gets old, a place we all frequent ...a story untold. In toward the new and beyond your threshold, fire turned to ashes, your life put on hold. Learn how to touch the secret inside, as you travel through time with no thoughts in your mind. Examine those feelings from stress & hard times, and find new directions in the back of your mind. ...Or to constantly repeat life with the same dues to pay, is like waking each morning on that same Groundhog Day! So remember the future ~ now there's an odd twist, see through illusion ...just make one wish. Feast on the intellect, accept not demand.
To Be Me
I am proof of technology, I have half a million’s worth of work done to this body. Yet this body still treks forward into life. I live everyday with the thought of being shocked and yet go through life with no whims in the world. I’ve seen it all from when Orlando was orange groves to now where they charge to use our highways. I even have a serial number in my heart. So how’s that for technology. Everyone I’ve consulted told me I will not finish school, no matter how hard I try and yet I do not listen. Well I’m going to listen to them and get my degree all be it at 30. And will be more than a parking lot attendant as all my tests has said I will amount too. I am more than the sum of my parts that all these tests don’t show. I am caring alert all be it a little slow, I go through life with one goal in mind now and that is to graduate.
Fake Ass Friends
People are too fake on here. They only want pic comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Repost this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "fake ass friends" IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU RECEIVE A COMMENT STOP IN AND SAY HELLO AS A COMMENT SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING BECAUSE I WILL DELETE PEOPLE WHO NEVER TALK I AM HERE TO MAKE TRUE FRIENDS NOT TO ADD PEOPLE TO MY LIST TO SEE HOW MANY I CAN GET I LIKE TO TALK AND CHAT AND IF I SEE YOU COME TO MY SITE AND SAY NOTHING YOU WILL BE DELETED AND I DON'T MEAN COME IN AND RATE OR COMMENT PICTURE THATS A BONUS SO PLEASE SAY HELLO OK NOT ASKING MUCH I LEAVE COMMENTS SOMETIMES TWICE A DAY SO I DO SHOW LOVE Thanks iris
Fake Ass Friends
People are too fake on here. They only want pic comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Repost this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "fake ass friends" IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU RECEIVE A COMMENT STOP IN AND SAY HELLO AS A COMMENT SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING BECAUSE I WILL DELETE PEOPLE WHO NEVER TALK I AM HERE TO MAKE TRUE FRIENDS NOT TO ADD PEOPLE TO MY LIST TO SEE HOW MANY I CAN GET I LIKE TO TALK AND CHAT AND IF I SEE YOU COME TO MY SITE AND SAY NOTHING YOU WILL BE DELETED AND I DON'T MEAN COME IN AND RATE OR COMMENT PICTURE THATS A BONUS SO PLEASE SAY HELLO OK NOT ASKING MUCH I LEAVE COMMENTS SOMETIMES TWICE A DAY SO I DO SHOW LOVE Thanks iris
A Poem
a beauty before me,an angel down from heaven,sweet,warm,and sincere,radiantly shining through the mist,a woman any man would be proud to meet,a friend i hope i can always keep this was writen for me by a sweet friend on here we hardly speek but he is one awsome caring guy ... ty so much it made my day... this is him below...
This Storm
Let us spend the day listening to this storm typing poetry upon the roof - sit, warm, together in the pale light as stanzas fall from the sky. We will grow in the droplets of this fine rain, settle in for dinner, read a book, make love. I have so many uses for these clouds and the whispered eloquence they shower upon us. © All rights reserved

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