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Glad Today Is About Over!!!!!!!!
Well for being a Friday, today pretty much sucked. It was my daughters 16th birthday, and that was very emotional for me all by itself. It's hard to watch her, and know that she will soon be on her own. I remember when she was just the cutest little brat ever! LOL She has grown into a beautiful young lady, and that scares the hell out of me. She is growing up way to fast and I just wish that there was some way to slow it down, or just put her on pause. My birthday is right before hers, but for the last sixteen years it has not been my birthday that makes me feel old, it's hers! Time has gone by so fast. I have no idea where it has all gone. ~nods head and sighs~ Anyway, due to financial reasons we couldn't do a whole lot for her birthday, which makes me feel terrible. I know that it isn't about the gifts or the stuff, and fortunately for me, so does my daughter. But as a mom, it broke my heart to not be able to give her something really special. We did have din
Journey "seperate Ways"
Foreigner "waiting For A Girl Like You"
How long have you had it? The hate that you hold in your heart The kind of hate that reaches your soul Does it satisfy you? Letting it consume your thoughts. Obsessing and not letting go. How does it feel? Watching all your positive ease into negativity Plaguing your life and rotting your existance Do you even love yourself? Enough to break free from the torture To live without having to endure torment Will you accept it? Life is not perfect All the hate you create can be overcome Can you let go before too much damage has been done? When you hold it off until its too late... The hate has consumed you and has already won Copyright 2007 Kayla Santillana
I'm Sorry
just wanted to say i'm sorry for not getting to some of the pics, stash, blogs, ect for my friends on my friends list. for the past couple of days i've had a real bad toothache. i have a high tolerance for pain but it has been unbarable so much that it had me in tears. vicodin has become my new friend but it makes me loopy and a little forgetful. i truely am sorry and will get on rating and fanning, for some, asap before my time is completely filled up with work and my new nephew about to be born. lots of love and respect
Ozark Maountain Daredevils "jacki Blue"
3 Doors Down "here Without You"
9100 To Level
War "cisco Kid"
In 15 minutes it will be midnight and thus be Saturday so while it's still Friday, here's what happened. My niece and nephew were gone for the night so the house was peaceful! I actually fell asleep on the couch. got new clothes and new luggage. Made hot dogs for dinner and drove to Moonsville. That was my day. Night all
The Blind Girl...
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, "If I could only see the world, I will marry you." One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left her in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.' This is how the human brain often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their side in the most painful situations. Lif
Grand Funk Railroad "were An American Band"
Ha Ha
Three handsome male dogs are walking down the street when they see a beautiful, enticing, female Poodle. The three male dogs fall all over themselves in an effort to be the one to reach her first, but end up arriving in front of her at the same time. The males are speechless before her beauty, slobbering on themselves and hoping for just a glance from her in return. Aware of her charms and her obvious effect on the three suitors, she decides to be kind and tells them, "The first one who can use the words 'liver' and 'cheese' together in an imaginative, intelligent sentence can go out with me." The sturdy, muscular black Lab speaks up quickly and says, "I love liver and cheese." "Oh, how childish," said the Poodle. "That shows no imagination or intelligence whatsoever." She turns to the tall, shiny Golden Retriever and says "How well can you do?" "Um. I HATE liver and cheese," blurts the Golden Retriever. "My, my," said the Poodle. "I guess it's hopeless.
Give Aways That Could Use Some Love
Hi to all my friends and family. These are giveaways with no time limitsThey other two ladies are my daughters Any help would be appreciated ..stop by comment or leave a rate. Any amount will help. Just click on the pic and it will take you there. 7 DAY BLAST AND 1 MONTH VIP..27,000 comments ..needs approx 4,000 7 DAY BLAST AND 1 MONTH VIP 27,000 comments..needs 26,659 1 MONTH VIP15,000 comments needs 14,499 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION..40,000 comments 1 rate = 5 comments needs 39,799 YACHT23,000 comments 1 rate = 5 comments needs 22,806
Good By!
So Many thoughts going through my head, what we have said and what we should have been just left for dead. What happened to the good times,the laughs the looks we shared? We both became to scared and neither of us dared to fight back the insecurities that should have stayed burried, so deep within but instead, we let them win. I would rather bleed with cuts of love then live with out any scars, but what we had is know to far gone... Good By....
A Message To All Members Of The Freedom Fighters Network
A message to all members of The Freedom Fighters Network Just look for that in my posts as I have found some books for you to add to your collection. I will be posting up more so just look for "Free Online Books" in my blog posts. Thank you for your time. About The Freedom Fighters Network Here at FFN, we report on governmental, judicial, correctional, and police corruption. We also investigate the corporations and secret societies taking away our daily liberties, and those who swear to fight against them. Click here to visit The Freedom Fighters Network! -- You have received this email because you are a member of The Freedom Fighters Network. If you no longer wish to receive notification emails from The Freedom Fighters Network, please click here.
Guttermouth - Shave The Planet
Because we're Americans We don't give a shit about each other We don't give a shit about the earth And all I want to do is rip you off And fuck you in the ass while you're not lookin' Because we're Americans The Catholics mouth more than just each other It's written that He must toss you off Your parents were light on their last tithing Father fucked me in the ass while I'm not lookin' If God created man, He did it just right Hitler, slavery, urban blight Starvation, religion, and selling our nation Out right Because we're Americans Hide behind the mask of mediocrity My wife, my kids are swell A fifty-fifty chance that he's a homo And he'll take it in the ass while you're not lookin If God created man, He did it just right Hitler, slavery, urban blight Starvation, religion, and selling our nation Out right Americans Take a fist in the ass Americans Try hard and fast Americans Just eliminate the middle fucking class
Keith Urban "you'll Think Of Me"
Love Is Like God
to me, love is like god.... u cant see it but u know its there, u cant feel it but it makes u feel better, u cant make others believe it cuz they aint in ur heart
Living Large
HoW lArGe Is LaRge? I suppose it's about the MoNey. WeLL hoW MuCh monEy does it take to be "living Large "? I made a Quarter miLLion neT for a few years, and I'll TeLL yoU, My PrObLeMs WeRe As LaRgE As My income! I make 42,000.00 a yr now, and I Must SaY, I aM Much HaPPiEr NoW! LiFe is So MuCh Simpler noW than ThEn! The StrUggle to Become wealthy takes it's toll, And it's a 24/7 never ending fight All UphiLL. I've Had a good taste of being wealthy. It is Addictive, Overwhelming, And VeRy StReSSfUll! Of course, I'm speaking in terms of Coming From Nothing, To Becoming a high profile Success, thru sacrifice, and hard work, not an individuale Born into Money. I suppose it's a matter of opinion, But I prefer having a couple hundred left over in the bank a day before payday. As opposed to having a $10,000.00 BiLL to pay a day before invoices go out! Any way That's just my thoughts about Living LarGe!
Are We Better Off, Now?
Are we better off now, than we were 7 years ago? I don't think so! With gasoline costing over $3.oo a gallon, milk is close to 4, now, and everything else just keeps going up, except wages. Now, the talking heads are saying that we, Americans, will have to have a presense in Iraq for many years to come. I don't see how we will be able to achieve this without a draft. The soldiers that are there now, have already been over extended. There are a lot of "what ifs" or hypotheticals that could be taken into consideration but I just want to deal with the facts, right now. Where are the "weapons of mass destruction?" Why have we fallen for this absurd reality, in George Bush's mind? Rush Limbaugh is a hypocritical junkie! Sean Hannity is a pussy! Sean Hannity is all for sending our military into an unjust occupation but I don't think he ever served a day in the military! Sound familiar? Alabama Air National Guard? Well, I'm glad Alabama was safe from the North Viet Namese! Fox news is NOT fai
I Miss You..............
I miss you miss you) Hello there the angel from my nightmare The shadow in backround of the morgue The unsespecting victim of darkness in the valley We can live like Jack and Sally if we want Where you can always find me And we'll have Halloween on Christmas And in the night we'll wish this never ends We'll wish this never end Where are you and I'm so sorry I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always This sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting everytime And as I stared I counted the webs from all the spiders catching things and eating their insides Like indecision to call you And hear your voice of treason Will you come home and stop this pain tonight stop this pain tonight Don't waste your time on me your already the voice inside my head(6x) I miss you miss you(6x)
First Time......lifehouse
We're both looking for something We've been afraid to find It's easier to be broken It's easier to hide Looking at you,holding my breath, For once in my life,I'm scared to death, I'm taking a chance,letting you inside. Feeling alive all over again, As deep as the sky, under my skin Like being in love, she says For the first time Maybe I'm wrong, But I'm feeling right where I belong With you tonight Like being in love To feel for the first time The world that I see inside you Waiting to come to life Waking me up to dreaming Reality in your eyes Looking at you, Holding my breath, For once in my life I'm scared to death, I'm taking a chance, Letting you inside. I'm feeling alive all over again As deep as the sky under my skin Like being in love, she says, for the first time Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right Where I belong with you tonight Like being in love to feel for the first time We're crashing Into the unknown We're lost in this But it
Wham "careless Whisper"
Birds & The Bees
A father asked his 10-year old son if he knew about the birds and the bees. "I don't want to know," the child said, bursting into tears. "Promise me you won't tell me." Confused, the father asked what was wrong. The boy sobbed, "When I was six, I got the 'There's no Easter Bunny' speech. At seven, I got the 'There's no Tooth Fairy' speech. When I was eight, you hit me with the 'There's no Santa' speech. If you're going to tell me that grown-ups don't really get laid, I'll have nothing left to live for."
New photo folder.... check it... rate it.... let me know....
'when No One Sees Your Tears'
'When No One Sees Your Tears' It's strange, all right.... The way they look right through you, As if you're not there. But, YOU know they see you. You realize it's a power play. You hurt, they ignore. They are waiting to see you explode. Watching you explode, somehow, Defuses their own unvented anxiety. You realize, also, that you have become Their source, of all things, Of Validation. Your pain validates their own meager little existance. Then, you realize it's hopeless.... None of them are going to save you. None of them are going to dry your tears. None of them are going to stop causing your tears or pain. Would a child voluntarily jump off a great carousel ride, a ride which fills his or her heart so full of amusement.? NO...... But, give that child a whip.... And watch as he or she whips that horse for fun, although it is fastened by nuts and bolts to a pole and going no where .... in circle
Tom Petty "you Don't Know How It Feels"
Gud Nite
Get More at
Ok Im doing the Bored thing and I come across a pic of this women who I think is tryin to be sexy, shes in skimpy clothes and saggy boobs hanging out. I rated her as a 6 which I didnt think was that bad, well she comes to my shoutbox: ->"͎...: Yep your right and my opinion you should take that pictures off the net "͎...: well every ones allowed to thier own opinion love Then she checks me out and starts rating me 6s. And blocks
My Outlook On Life
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlighted about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fears, our presence automatically liberates others.
Pink 'dear Mr President'
this was requested by destiny...pretty impressive for a 9 yr old! Dear Mr. President lyrics (feat. Indigo Girls) Dear Mr. President, Come take a walk with me. Let's pretend we're just two people and You're not better than me. I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly. What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street? Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep? What do you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you proud? How do you sleep while the rest of us cry? How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye? How do you walk with your head held high? Can you even look me in the eye And tell me why? Dear Mr. President, Were you a lonely boy? Are you a lonely boy? Are you a lonely boy? How can you say No child is left behind? We're not dumb and we're not blind. They're all sitting in your cells While you pave the road to hell. What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away? And wha
For Ryan
I did not write this but I found it and thought it was beautiful. Rest your head Oh weary son Your watch on earth Now is done In a land far away you went to war To keep the evil From our shore Staying on course Always standing tall Protecting our land You gave your all Blessed are those That battle for right For GOD has said You are HEROS in HIS sight Your honor and pride Stood tall all the way And now you have come To the end of your day Your watch is over PGR will take it from here With all the respect We stand for so dear You will ride in our hearts Down the FLAG filled road Thank you, BRAVE WARRIOR You carried our load Protecting us all By both day and night Never once flinching In the heat of the fight As we ride for you now Our hearts filled with sorrow Never to forget you For all of the tomorrows When the bugle plays TAPS And the rifles will sound Our eyes will be full Our tears on the ground You will be missed By o
Love Is
I love is a living blaze of fire kindled by and attractive thoughts divine. it blooms and blazes at a rapture speed. According to the lord design. II It illuminates humanity, it circulates the mind; it destroys all savage liars among the human kind. III It deducts the stupid ignorance, it turns darkness to light; its power is stronger than heaven or hell, tis a brilliant blaze of light IV Love is a diamond set in liberty, Tis the anchor of the mind; Tis the sweetest bloom of all the flowers Among the human kind. V It bends right the stubborn will, it breaks the cruel mind; it builds well the forts of joy it takes care the feeble mind. VII Love is the spring of life, lovwe is the source of joy; Love sees the hungry fed; love saves the wondering boy. Although i am not very religious anymore these words i have studies from the fo
These threads we share, these little things of seeming moment that combine to make us laugh and long to touch each other - how did we travel such different trails to arrive now in the same place at the same time? Has there ever been some grand plan to place us here together, sharing different ends of common threads? And from a grainy photograph I can almost hear your laughter. All rights reserved
Jerks In Men's Clothing
Just recently I had two friends, women, relay their latest crappy encounters with jerks pretending to be men. To the guys that may be reading this, let me describe these women. Both are intelligent, both are well versed, both are mothers, and in my humble opinion both quite attractive. Even if they weren't, so what? I listened to what they had to say about the jerks, mentally playing devils advocate, accounting for the girl-guy losses in communication, I had to conclude, these guys were jerks. Why should men care if there are jerks in the world? Well I cant speak for every guy on the planet but for me it takes work to be a decent man and sometimes it even hurts. I work damn hard at it, and every time one of these jerks does something really stupid. They piss away all the effort I have put in and all men get taken down a few notches. Without fail, its been my experience that somehow, someway, I pay out the freaking nose for all the jerks ahead of me. I can hear someone r
Alice In Chains - Rooster
4000 To Level
MY STASH IS MAXED..AS LONG AS I HAVE HELP IM GOING TO POST THEM... SHOW SOME LOVE sTaRr ~Proud Member of the Latina Mafia~&~Fubar Plus Size PinUp Girl~@ fubar
So, I'm sitting here about to die! I'm so damn bored. My son is asleep and I'm hyper as hell. Didn't know what else to do, except get online. What a wonderful life I have lol...
Could You Be The One For Me?
Could you be the one for me? Could you be my find? Could it be, after all this time, Fate is going to be kind? Could you be the one for me, The one to help me forget The man that broke my heart, my soul The man that haunts me yet? You tell me that I'm beautiful Something I've never heard But the one still lives here in my mind That couldn't spare a kind word It's going to be hard to forget And pick up the pieces he left Could you be the one to teach How to love again and forget? Could you be the one to come And mend my broken heart? Are you willing to piece together What another broke apart? It won't be an easy job, you see My road has been long and rough And the heart that was once so soft Is now shut, locked, and tough But I can feel my heart open again It's opening for you Just come in, and love me back That's all you have to do I must ask you one small thing Before we kiss and part Please be nice and kind to me I'm tired of broken hearts
My Story
Hi, my name is: Kathleen But you can call me: Kate Never in my life have I: done cocaine The one person who can drive me nuts is: my grandma My high school is: Highlands HIgh (GO SCOTS!!!) When Im nervous: I laugh/smile ALOT The last song I listened to was: Bartender If I were to get married right now it would be to: um, no one My hair is: LONG When I was 4: i was in my mas wedding Last Christmas: was the best in years! I should be: happier When I look down I see: my cute toes and my carpet The happiest recent event was: meeting Sondra (shes a AWESOME friend!!) If I were a character on Friends : rachel By this time next year: i may be in the Army My current gripe is : bad jobs in military towns I have a hard time understanding: men/boys/guys Theres these girls: that ruin guys for the good girls If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: sondra I want to buy: a house Where do you plan to visit: ireland
Bad Company "feel Like Making Love"
Life's Little Cares....
life's little cares arent so little. ive learned thats its the "little" things of this life, simple daily things or areas that seem so tedious, but are in fact some of the most important. I used to look at love as this huge force of sweeping passion, but in reality it is so much more than that. Ive waited on things in my life that i thought were going to come in a huge "monumental" way, but found out that, when you wait for the greatest things in life....they in fact are right under your nose, its the what and how your seeing it that is the difference....the difference between wasting valuable time or using it up wisely...esspecially for the sake of others. WOW, what a slammer, if you dont know its right in front of you or just what to look for. I have a family, boy, that can be a disaster if overlooked, and im guilty of this. Ive been realizing that the things ive been looking for dont always come in a "big" way. we can treat life like one big birthday present, always wanting to open
Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding The Death Of Afspecop
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: nierika Date: 15 Sep 2007, 04:00 14-16, 2007 -- UPDATED -- The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a US Air Force Special Operations Command officerWe live in dangerous times. With fascism comes to inevitability of extra-judicial murders being carried out by the government. The "disappeared" of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia in Henry Kissinger's "Operation Condor" are a bloody testament to extra-judicial killings. And the names Tillman, Westhusing, Kokal, Weiss, and others are now joined by Sergeants Omar Mora and Yance Gray, two authors of an August 18, 2007, New York Times op-ed opposing the Iraq war who were recently killed in a vehicle "accident" in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Jeremy Murphy, another author of the anti-war article, was shot in the head in Iraq while the article was being written. Murphy is recovering from his wounds in a
Ears On, Mouth Disabled.
When you type in a URL (such as, you are making a request for information. Once the request is recieved, information is transmitted to the requesting machine from the host. Upon completion, a small packet is sent to the requesting machine that asks that machine for a confirmation that all data was delivered succesfully. An acknowledgement is then sent, and the process repeats every single time you request a peice of information. Even if the information is not present, there is at least data introduced denoting that fact. That's it. Dirt fuckin simple. Now, computers can move data two ways, in and out at the same time. (At least most protocols allow that). The same is not true of individuals, people, humans. When a person transmits (speaks), the data line must move one way, until all relevant information is delivered. It is at this time that an acknowledgement, or reciprocating data can be introduced from the reciever (listener). This can continue back and forth for as
Girls Cry Because...
Girls Cry Because..... They fell in love with the wrong person They're Mad They're Sad They're Scared They're Nervous They're Frustrated They're Missing someone They're Alone They're PMSing They're Pregnant They're tired of abusive relationships Their Heart Is broken They're in love Their souls have been torn They met someone they cant have They feel cheated They hurt so bad inside They feel unloved BOYS!!!: If any girl you know is crying, and you see them, don't just stand there like an ass and say you're sorry, hold them, kiss them, and tell them everything will be ok, even if you have no idea what is wrong with them. Girls go through more drama than you can imagine! Girls just want to be held and know that someone cares about them. Girls: Repost this if you're tired of dealing with the drama, and you're sick of putting up with the bullshit! Boys: Repost if you're a loving, caring, sensitive guy, who hates to se
Merchant Of Death: Global Arms Dealer
Meet Victor Bout: Known as the "Merchand of Death" he is an untouchable Global Arms Dealer. Rogues Gallery Victor Bout Picture Credit: New York Times Victor Bout, shadowy international arms dealer and war profiteer, runs a network of air cargo companies that specialize in transporting arms to conflict zones. He controls the world's largest private fleet of Antonov cargo planes with heavy airlift capacity, capable of bringing tanks and other heavy arms into difficult terrain. He has fueled dozens of the world's most murderous conflicts by shipping arms clandestinely to rebel groups, trading in diamonds and other precious resources. His field of operations include Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Liberia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. He is said to live in Moscow and to operate his air fleets mainly out of the United Arab Emirates. The US and UK reputedly have used Bout's services to bring shipments into dangerous zones of Iraq. For years, Victor Bou
We Win Again
My softball team has done it again... Pleasantville rocks... we have lost two games this fall season out of 8 games so far... lol we never practice either... just a bunch of parents and coaches playing to have fun.. we are all athletic in some way shape or form.. most of us also play indoor soccer as well as coach our kids teams... this has got to be the best team i have ever seen or played for... we Rock!!... three cheer's for the Pleasantville softball team!!!
Thinking Of You.
When I close my eyes I think of you. Just the thought of you makes me wet. Me on top of you riding you slow savoring every sensation. Your hands on my breast rubbing them softly. I lower myself so you can suck my nipples.Mmm I'm so wet now my hands between my legs, eyes closed shut thinking of you. You turn me over on my back legs are put on your shoulders. Ahh that feels good. My fingers moving in and out as I think of you. Your looking in my eyes as you slide in and out of me. My heart is racing even faster about to jump out of my chest. I'm now on your lap moving my hips back and forth. Screaming your name as I move my fingers in and out getting closer to orgasm. Moving my hips faster. Moving my fingers faster. I'm moaning louder as I get closer. Ahh yes I say over and over. I came all over as my eyes closed shut thinking of you
I Am Thankful
I am thankful; for the wife who says it's hot-dogs tonight because she is home with me, and not out with someone else. for the husband who is on the sofa being a couch potato, because he is home with me and not out at the bars. for the teenager who is complaining about doing dishes because it means she is at home, not on the streets. for the taxes i pay because it means i am employed . for the mess to clean after a party because it means i have been surrounded by friends. for the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means i have enough to eat. for my shadow that watches me work because it means i am out in the sunshine for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, and gutters that need fixing because it means i have a home. for all the complaining i hear about the government because it means we have freedom of speech. . for the parking spot i find at the far end of the parking lot because it means i
On The Outside Lookin In
On the outside, looking in... I slowly open my eyes And have a look around I see a lot of people I hear a lot of sound I see a massive box Its shaped as a square People moving inside it As I stand there and stare People going to work Children going to school Others on a holiday Splashing in a pool Men seducing women Girls flirting with boys Everyone is so busy The world is full of noise There is some joy But a lot more pain Some people are crazy While others are sane I stand outside the box And look at them all Wishing I could join in With my heart and soul But no matter how hard I try, To enter the box and go in I know its a lost battle And that I would never win So I hold my head up high And I raise my chin I will always be on the outside... On the outside...looking in! AND SOMETIMES I slowly open my eye
Yadadamean what it do, why you be lookin at dis, get to commenting you lousy commies, yadadasayintho
4800 To Rockstar
Blogger's Block
The Voice
It was 12 AM the phone rang. Half asleep I answered the phone What are you wearing? said a deep, sensuous voice I was ready to hang up the phone but was intrigued by the voice on the other end and with out thinking said nothing MMM I hear him say Now close your eyes he says And I did as he said Tightly closing my eyes I hear him breathing, almost feeling his breath on my light brown skin Can you feel my lips on yours? he asks The answer yes barely passed my lips I was aroused and it seemed to heighten with every breath he took Can you feel my tongue on yours? MMM Yes I hear myself say almost surprised by the sound of my voice What was I doing? I didn'tt know this voice I heard on the other end But again I was intrigued by that deep, mysterious, sensuous voice With my eyes closed shut I felt his tongue and I smelled his sweet breath on my mouth Squeezing the phone in my hand I hear his voice again Do you feel my lips around your nipples? he asks Yes I say
Serious Business
2) Nothinbutc...: You ever been down here to what we are REALLY like ... or are you just makin some lameass yankee assumption? 1) Nothinbutc...: Why do you feel that Texas is retarded?
Prayers Needed
A close friend of mine was in an accident today. The doctors don't think he will make it. I am asking that anyone reading this please pray for him and his family. Thank You
∞∞∞ Club Efx ∞∞∞ No Open
Kinda what it says and please do share.........
WELL it just seemed like we need an open here it is...LMAO! *kisses & hugs* -Jess
My Stickam
Lost Ones
In the past few months i have lost a few family mebers due to cancer the yungest was my NIECE AMANDA past away at the age of 19 3 months ago had a long battle fighting cancer it started at the age of 13 years old she fought it hard and kept in heart to help others fight cancer by selling sandels ribbins and many more as the years wen by she attended school in boston and made many friends met her first love wich he stood by her side till the end. Her wishes before she past away is for all to help on donating to cancer and to all smile she has opened her self to god and his home her pain has healed she will not suffer anymore she will be allwys loved and be missed she is a angel AMANDA I DO LOVE YOU I MISS YOU SO MUCH........ So people is it ok to still hold on to her in my thoughs please feel free to share your thoughts
Somebody Loves You!
When your heart is all alone Every second seems so long When it's just you, you can't see through Those ol' clouds that rain so blue But when somebody loves you There's nothing you can't do When somebody loves you It's easy to get through When somebody loves you The way I love you When it's late, the sun hangs low By yourself, nowhere to go Sing song, you dance alone Play solitaire and stare at the phone But when somebody loves you There's nothing you can't do When somebody loves you It's easy to get through When somebody loves you The way I love you So let's put aside our foolish pride and let our hearts say hello We both agree we're just no good At bein' on our own 'Cause when somebody loves you There's nothing you can't do When somebody loves you It's easy to get through When somebody loves you The way I love you The way I love you
The Fkn News 9-14-07
Did You Know?
Wohoo My Bday Is Tomorrow
okay yall just droppin you all few lines to let you all know im still alive yes i am here lol. But i will be offline for awhile because I am moving to a new house and wont have internet for about a week but on a good note tomorrow is my bday ill be 31 lol so yes show me lots of love an shower pink with gifts lol (hint Id really love a birthday blast:) any takers lol:) well take care yall love ya much pink
Survey About Me
...::About Me::...
The Perfect Man
All my life I had built up a fantasy of the perfect man. Countless romance stories and fables helped make that fantasy a reality in my mind. Searching for that fantasy lead to many disappointments. Reality made it clear that there was no such man. And as the years went by, the fantasy started to fade away - until I met you. I had almost given up on the fantasy until my fantasy became reality, that reality became you.
Thanks To Wes For Showin Me This
Rock Your Body With The Ultimate iPod Acsexsory! The OhMiBod vibrator is a whole new way to enjoy your iPod or any other music player. Everyone loves music. Everyone loves sex. OhMiBod combines music and pleasure to create the ultimate acsexsory to your iPod. A whole new way to plug 'n play! Simply plug OhMiBod into your iPod or any music player and it automatically vibrates to the rhythm and intensity of the music. Let your body feel the vibrations as you get down with your favorite tunes. The combination of listening and feeling your music quickly transports you to a place where music, mind and body come together to create an unbeatable sexual experience. OhMiBod brings personal enjoyment into the light of a new day More than just a pleasure toy, OhMiBod harnesses the iPod movement and popularity to bring a higher level of acceptance and openness about sexuality in a fun and liberating way. Young or old, single or partnered, people from all walks of life are experienci
Walk with me, the path of life, to explore every bend of the road Enjoy with me the beauty of life, along its wonderful way Find comfort with me, in each other's arms, when grief crosses our path Find strength with me, in each other's strength, when despair lies in wait Laugh with me, a single true laugh, to enlighten another's distress Cry with me, a single true tear, to understand true happiness Cherish with me, the wonders of life, as they need to be preserved Rejoice with me, in the mysteries, of what is yet to be Find peace with me, in each other's souls, when the world has gone insane Find love with me, in each other's hearts, until this life has been fulfilled And when the path comes to an end I hope we can say from within We've known the beauty of true love, our love came from within
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Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut
Looking 4 Friends
well people i been on this for a while and still cant get into loundges please leave me a message or add me as a friend
Well well well.... Here I am once again sitting at home bored shitless My roommate is always off and running with her boyfriend works too damn much.I saw him yesterday after my haircut for like 5 minutes otherwise...I havent seen him since Saturday and won't see him till Sunday.Everyon else is too busy to hang out.So once again i sit here at home alone and bored. i'm on the sobering up lone now, but I drank. I know, ur not supposed to drink alone cuz it makes you an alchy or whatev, but I did. I had about 10 beer, a bottle of wine, and a shot of tequila. I started drinking at like 4. Ooops. I am sick of being alone and bored with nothing to do...grrr. Off to yahoo games to find something to do.
Pray For My Aunt
I know everyone ask for people to pray for their family members.. and yes I'm about to do the same. My aunt just went into the hospital with a blood clot lodge into her lungs. The doctor said she was lucky to have survived it. So can you please just pray for her speedy recovery. Thanks Misty
I'm Doing It Again
It's been months but I am now at it again. I am in a contest. It is a tattoo contest held by Blood N Gore (his link is in my Godfather List). It will start this Saturday the 15th @ 7PM EST. His rules are as follows.... NO DRAMA!!!!! if you start a problem, or anyone that is voting for you starts a problem I have the right to delete your entry from the contest. This means no bad mouthing, no going and down rating, and no accusations. You must have people to back you in this contest, don't just enter to enter. Make sure you have enough people to back you before you start this. Self commenting is a must! No NSFW pics will be allowed. Most comments and rates at the end of the contest wins. Each rate counts as 10 comments so if you have alot of friends that dont bomb at least get them all to come and rate and your comments will add up. It will be your responsibility to notify your friends of my rules. If you post or repost a bulletin about my contest make sure
My Nsfw Pics Are Closed
I have closed my NSFW pics intill further notice intill i see ppl that actually are my friends to come help me. i want to win this contest to get a vip come on help me out!!!!!!
Geography 101
American Geography
How Bout Dem Cowboys
IRVING, Texas - The Dallas Cowboys are No. 1. That's according to Forbes, the national publication which annually ranks the current value of the 32 NFL franchises. But as Forbes points out, this ranking is not just No. 1 in the NFL, but in all of the sports world. Forbes has put a $1.5 billion current value on the Cowboys, $330,000 more than the Washington Redskins ($1.467 billion), who had been the reigning champs for the past seven years. The Cowboys' value increased 28 percent since last year, and likely some of that jump must be attributed to the new $1 billion stadium rising out of the ground in Arlington, Texas. But according to a very proud Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, he credits the franchise's rating to one thing. "This evaluation is a credit to all Dallas Cowboys fans," Jones said in a statement here on Thursday. "They are the owners of this team." Just behind the Redskins, whose value only increased 3 percent from last year, are the N
Boobies,they Make Me Feel Good!
Best Breasts Ever - Watch more free videos
Dance The Dance
Your smile screams to me across the wire, it fills me with hope and desire. I want to know you as a friend, take it slow who knows where it will end. They enchant me those bewitching eyes, on your passions wings I want to fly. Don't toss me aside give me a chance, you can't have fun if you don't dance the dance.
How I Got A Vip
Youve received a Mail from Fubar Shop... ***bought you a 1 month VIP membership! This means that you get to experience: - Increased photo storage space -- Upto 2500 photos! - A blue, pink, or bolded gray nickname that will be displayed all over 'fubar'! - The special ability to rate members and photos 11's! - Space for up to 50 family members! - 10,000 Points bonus! - Access to VIP-Only gifts! the_dark_o...: 11s ->Psychowolf...: a gift of sodomy, does the body good! the_dark_o...: now you have to rate all my shit 11a the_dark_o...: lmao ->Psychowolf...: holy fuck...l;mao!.... the_dark_o...: waits ->Psychowolf...: seriosuly....ill shove things in all their buttholes the_dark_o...: lmfao ->Psychowolf...: but me a VIP and ill sodomize a dozen ppl of your choice the_dark_o...: ~falls over~ its been a looonngggg week
9-11 Gold Heist Story
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: nierika Date: 15 Sep 2007, 03:05 9-11 Gold Heist StoryPosted by: "" Thu Sep 13, 2007 1:22 pm (PST)Precious Metals Stored Beneath the World Trade CenterOne of the less noted of the possible motives for the attack was thecreation of diversion in order to steal hundreds of millions of dollars worth ofprecious metals.By September of 2003, 9-11 Research had published the following story aboutthe discrepancy between the value of precious metals reportedly stored in theComex vaults beneath WTC 4 and the value reportedly recovered in late 2001following the attack. (The September, 2003 version of the page is archived on_archive.org_( .)Missing GoldA King's Ransom in Precious Metals Seems to Have DisappearedThis image is found on the website companion for thetelevision documentary America Rebuilds under the section Unc
The Angel Series
I know some of you have wondered about the angel series, after some thought I have decided to stop the angel series for now. But dont worry it's not over. The good news is with the success of the series and the great work that came out of it, I am going to start a new series. The new series will be called "Journey" What that means exactly I dont know but I'm excited to see what grows. I'll also be posting more in my general poems section as I need to get things down. ~Tony
Who Defines Beauty?
That's what I really want to know. I want to know who determines what is good looking and what isn't?
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New Sexy Friend
Help a sexy new friend level up...shes too fine and you can always use a new friend right? Just click the pic and rate and fan and add her will ya?...MUAH! *Daddy's Gurl~Proud Member of the Confederate Bombers Family*@ fubar
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Do I Have Two Hours Of Friends?
I need two hour of friends starting 7-9 pct on saturday fu time and 10-midnight est on sunday. I will have the link so you can start bombing me. so please help out so I can win a 7 day blast or vip. Thank you for all ur help and support. So please help me out. Thank you! Love you all.
Poetry For The Ladies
Since, I have not yet said much about myself on my page yet ladies, here is an insight into my heart. As you will see, when I get emotional...I get creatively poetical as well. If you like I will post some more. Tell me what you think. This one really hurt to write. My Story of True Happiness Here today and gone the next I know everything in life is really a Test I try harder and harder to not to fail But my EGO tells me, "it is to no avail" The One that I love is gone from my life She would have been my future, my heart, my wife That Dream is gone now Because of another (the other older me) I'm left to myself, my children and mother So I look up and See Only YOU (GOD) I look into my Soul to find what I must now do Since this is a Test, and I probably didn't pass I ask myself and wonder, how long will this pain last? I'll wake up tomorrow, forgetting all that was done I'll know in my Heart truly, You were not the One. So once again it's back to me, to fix what i
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Revolution Radio In 10 Mins!!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Revolution Radio Date: 15 Sep 2007, 02:49 PLEASE REPOST!!!! PLEASE REPOST!!!!!!Tonight, news and open lines! Plus, Mike Chambers will co-host with me!!10pm-12am EDT!!click here to tune in!http://www.realinsidenews.comPLEASE REPOST!!!!!!!!
~friend For Life~
I had someone that I met many many years ago I felt a instant bond with ... like we had known each other from some past life He would toy with my feelings as if I were a puppet I do not know if he knew what he was doing to my emotions ... or even if he truly cared Some days it seemed more than I could bare but I had fallen deeply in love and I cared Twenty some years passed and we still remain connected in some unusal way He still plays with my heart and pulls my strings I still love him and care ... will our souls ever unite or will they stay adrift in this world?
Yep This Is Me!!!!
MyHotComments :: HotFreeLayouts
When you have been with someone as long as my ex and I have been you have a closeness that cant be explained. Sometimes that is great, but the bad always seems to pop back up. Ok here is the deal, we just got divorced in May, I have not even tried to find anyone else. He did almost to find someone almost before the ink dried; well he did wait a few weeks. He drove a big truck at the time and would come in about every three weeks. When he came back, he stayed with me. On his last trip, he called me the night before told me that he was going to start dating the slut he met online and he was going to get a room this time. For some reason I got mad as hell and green-eyed ( for the people that know me they know this is not something I do hell the one before him would f*ck anything ) about all of it. Well to say the least we slept together in the room that he had for her during the time they were dating. (Because I know what to do in the sack) by the end of the week, he was done with her.
The Truth & Lies Of 9/11
You And Me.....lifehouse
What day is it? And in what month? This clock never seemed so alive I can't keep up and I can't back down I've been losing so much time Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do Nothing to lose And it's you and me and all of the people And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you All of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right I'm tripping on words You've got my head spinning I don't know where to go from here Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do Nothing to prove And it's you and me and all of the people And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you There's something about you now I can't quite figure out Everything she does is beautiful Everything she does is right Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do Nothing to lose And it's you and me and all of the people And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you and me and all of the people with
The Fallen
UN bury me from my shallow grave Only to evil am I a slave My soul you can never save Its blood I forever crave. Dancing with the dead Memories running thru my head As you lie on your death bed My thrill is to kill all that you are My love is to hate leave you as a scar Uncertain about your future, confessing all youre past To a god that you believed in, a belief that will be your last Will you die for him, id like to know? So we can deliver your last blow Dark lord and master to whom we all give praise Soon there will be no one left that believes Jesus saves Amidst all the folklore, among all the lies, the song of death Will be orcistarated from all the screams and crys A revelation of a salvation that will never be Tormented souls eternally disposed of all their sanity Consumed by fire, compelled by hate Soon our power, we will demonstrate I chase you down, beat you to the ground Try to attack, but youre on your back Going down, back into the ground Back to
10 Things
List 10 things people are surprised at hearing about you. 1. i don't smoke ( i dunno why people always think that i smoke!) 2. i'm almost 30 (i look a lot younger i guess.) 3. i didn't start drinking until i was 22 (cos i was such a big boozer for years--i still kinda am when the mood strikes me!) 4. i've never ever been to a wedding 5.i own a Michael Jackson cd (i dunno why this is so shocking i loved "thriller' when i was 5!) 6. that i don't have any kids (i guess cos i'm 29 & i've been married for 2 years) 7. that i don't want any kids right now & i'm not sure if i ever will 8. i don't have any grandparents ( 3 died when i was 10 & my grandma died 5 years ago) 9.contrary to popular belief i am NOT A BITCH! i'm only a bitch to people that i don't like ! 10. that i married Jamie Noggle :)
White Stripes Cancels Touring Due To Meg's Panic Attacks
The White Stripes have called off their entire UK tour, just days after they pretty much canceled their US tour. The band announced on Tuesday that drummer Meg White was "suffering from acute anxiety and is unable to travel at this time. We hate to let people down and are very sorry.'" Sorry to hear about Meg's panic disorder. It must be tough touring with her ex-brother or ex-husband Jack White, or whatever he is, along with his wife and twp young kids.
This one is for you, J.... How long have I been in this storm? So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form Water's getting harder to tread With these waves crashing over my head If I could just see you Everything would be all right If I'd see you This darkness would turn to light And I will walk on water And you will catch me if I fall And I will get lost into your eyes I know everything will be alright I know everything is alright I know you didn't bring me out here to drown So why am I ten feet under and upside down Barely surviving has become my purpose Because I'm so used to living underneath the surface If I could just see you Everything would be all right If i'd see you This darkness would turn to light And I will walk on water And you will catch me if I fall And I know everything will be alright I know everything will be alright
9-11-07 Nyc With Alex Jones
Lonely Heart
was it all for... nothing did I have to take the fall I will miss... everything even this familiar pain again I told you... I loved you alone in the pouring rain I can hear... your heart in my head it will never sound the same such a lonely thing to hear oh its such a lonely day never knew I had so many tears to cry and my tears have nothing to say
A Poem Of Who I Am
I may... I may not be a model, I may not be your ideal; At least I know who ever I am, I always keep it real. I dont have to be thin to catch an eye, I only have to do is smile when I walk by. See I shake my ass, and it really moves - catchin the eye of all the dudes. Men like all women, theres no secret to that - But they love us girl who are really Phat. Hips that swish, breasts that bounce - thats want they want, ounce for ounce. So dont say im wrong for the size that I am All your doin is hatin Cuz you want my man!
Something To Think About
Does the little mermaid wear an algebra? Do one legged ducks swim in circles? How come you press harder on the remote control when you know the batteries are dead? If a turtle doesn't have a shell..Is he homeless or naked? If love is blind..How come lingerie is so popular? If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself.. Is it considered a hostage taking? If the #2 pencil is so popular.. Why is it still #2? Why is a doctors work called practice? Why is an airport called terminal? If a fly has no wings..Is it called a walk? Just something to think about.. LOL Chocolate Is a Vegetable Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans. Bean = vegetable Sugar is derived from either sugar cane or sugar beets. Both are plants, in the vegetable category Thus chocolate is a vegetable To go one step further; Candy bars contain milk, which is dairy So chocolate b
To All Pleases Read !!! About Ranks...
if you would like for me to rank your stuff just ask me to and i will i am bored and need stuff to do comments to let me know or shout at me or email me teling me hey bigben go rank my stuff asap...
Touch It
Was it unexpected? Not an unexpected gesture between us I guess, but at the moment I did not expect it. My thoughts were elsewhere. My body... I am always trying not to be there, so that when it crumbles, when it goes away, when the badness happens, I can react to it as a story being told to me... because I was not there. So many thoughts. Looks. Like... like a plea. Please notice me. Examine this. Hold it. Be gentle because it can break so easily. And then... was it casual? No. It was personal, intimate, that one gesture. His hand, sliding, pressing slightly, resting where my hand had been mere hours ago, minutes, seconds maybe? My thoughts of despair and defeat and otherworldliness were interuppted. And looking down at his fingers placed so gently I exhaled. I calmed. I relaxed. The smile crawled from my throat, slid past my lips and found his face. Were we both the same? Did the thought, the possibility cling to our minds with each passing second? While
ok you guys help me out here i have several friends FEMALES that are in abusive relationships wtf is goin on here why the fuck do some guys feel the need to beat up a woman i mean is it a power trip control trip or just plain out fuckin bein a pussy? ok ill put it out there for any MAN reading this you ever feel the need to wanna beat up a woman you bring your pussy ass to my house and beat on me fucking men like that give me a hardon to whip someones ass heres the addy 1795 north mcdonald drive lot 105 griffin ga 30223 lets see u pussy asses come beat on a man !!! on the same note u women need to grow a set if a man gonna put his hands on u like that lock his punk ass up and get the fuck away from him real talk IF HE DOES IT ONCE HES GONNA DO IT AGAIN! ok ill stfu now yall have a great weekend
Read Me
Monogamy!!!!!!!!! i know what it means.... i believe these sex sites that are so common and so abundant at the moment give opportunity for infidelity.... My recent partner that i was engaged to.. and i thought id found the one... saw an opportunity to have a discrete fling off the net,, so i thought id have a look at these sites. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm so many married people looking for that little extra...SHIT!!! fix your bloody relationship i reckon...or at least be upfront with your partner and leave if its not working. Hey.... there has to be someone out there trying to keep at least some respectfull morals and the idea of monogamy going... Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence...NO,, its the idea that it is,,,, water the grass it can grow and flurish. Come on people ,,,,meaningless sex leaves you empty and hollow inside, it doesnt matter how many people you have sex with its the same feeling none the less...and everyone keeps doing it trying to find what th
Potty Mouth (rated R)
I find it funny and catchy. Maybe I'm a bad person. But I can't be cause Fat Sonny likes it. It's Every Cuss Word We KnowAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Load Of Crap
Spat Over Horse Manure Wafts Into Court Sep 14, 7:06 PM (ET) MILFORD, Conn. (AP) - A man has filed a lawsuit against his neighbor, claiming he can't sell his house because of the smell of horse manure from next door. In court documents filed in Superior Court, Gino Sciortino claims Helen Catlin is permitting significant quantities of horse manure to accumulate in piles on her property and the foul odor can often be smelled at his home. Helen and David Catlin have lived on Park Road more than a year and own three horses. Sciortino said that at times, the smell is overpowering. "When the wind blows, everything smells of horse manure," Sciortino said Thursday, saying the odor has made it difficult to sell his house for the past year. Sciortino is asking for monetary damages as well as an injunction ordering Helen Catlin to relocate the horse manure and other debris and to re-grade the soil near their property line. "Once this is resolved, I will try to sell again,"
Please Help
Some Of My Favorite Music
I have to let go I can't take it this way I have to let go the sun sets on our day
Have You Ever Wondered?
Have You Ever Wondered... Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin? Why can't women put on mascara with their mouths closed? Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Why is "abbreviated" such a long word? Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"? Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour? Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it? Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes? You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes????? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?! Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together? If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the o
Co-genius Of The Week
Teen Shoots Himself in Leg at McDonald's Email this Story Sep 13, 5:31 PM (ET) PITTSBURGH (AP) - A 17-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the leg while standing in line at a McDonald's restaurant and now he faces an illegal weapons charge. The boy was fiddling with the .25-caliber pistol tucked in his waistband when it fired, wounding him in the upper thigh shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday, city police Sgt. William Gorman said. "Some days you deal with a victim, some days you deal with an actor," Gorman said. "But it's a strange day when the actor is the victim." The boy was in good condition at Mercy Hospital. He was to be charged with illegal possession of a firearm, because he is not old enough to lawfully have a gun, police said. Police were also trying to determine if the gun was stolen. The boy was not identified because he is a juvenile. No one else was hurt.
Offensive And Indecent Breastfeeding Mothers
I'm thankful for not having boobs thrown in my face all the time by offensive and indecent breastfeeding mothers like the ones below:Wait...Well, this is a bad example. Let's try again.Hmm...Just a minute. I'm sure I can find better ones than these...Eh, still not offensive enough. I'll check one more time.That is better. LOOK AT THAT! I see about a half inch of boob. DISGUSTING.UGH. Look at that indecency! She must be from some third world country to be exposed like that!Now that's just...There are no words to descripe how inappropriate that is. Something needs to be done!But why stop at breasfeeding women? There are boobs everywhere. Beware! If you thought the above photos were offensive, you WILL DEFINITELY be offended by the photos below.Not this one, though. This one was in plain view on news stands and in mail boxes in 19 countries world wide!Not this one, either. This one actually won an award!
Here Is My Pimpout Part 3
ok is a pimpout for not only the people who helped me out in winning my wifes contest but these people r my dearest friends and very please friends and fans go show them some ol fashion fu luvin and hit there page up with some fan add and rates.....ty *~♥ANGIE BABE♥~CO-FOUNDER OF THE GODFATHER FAMILY~*@ fubar ~ Unique Dream ~@ fubar $DJ Baby Boy$ { DIRTY SOUTH CREW}( DSC Bombers')@ fubar babydoll39 Extreme "X" Greeter@ fubar Viper@ fubar *~JustMeMic~* and Myself (ctwife and real life fiance of MikeS)@ fubar ~*MikeS*~and MsMic (FUBAR HUSBAND& REAL LIFE BF/Fiance of Miczhell)@ fubar Fade2B|ack@ fubar One Hot Momma@ fubar Mя. Đ Pєяĸy's Huѕband Owner of the O.C.L & PitBulls@ fubar
Genius Of The Week
Man Steals Car to Turn Himself In Email this Story Sep 13, 9:20 PM (ET) GENEVA, N.Y. (AP) - A western New York man faces grand larceny charges after being pulled over in a car that he said he stole so he could turn himself in on another charge. Ontario County sheriff's deputies say they pulled over Vincent Estrada Junior, 29, and found that the car he was driving had recently been stolen from a parking lot. Police said Estrada was wanted on a family court warrant, and he told deputies he stole the car so he could drive to the Geneva City Police Department to turn himself in. But he never made it there. Deputies say they arrested him and drove him back to Canandaigua to face the car-theft charges. Estrada was being held in Ontario County Jail on Thursday, in lieu of $5,000 cash bail or $10,000 bond.
nothing left but hurt and pain..the ones that want me are the ones i don't want the ones i want are the ones that don't want me..its not so bad someone wants me even if it is not the one i want, not so bad to be loved even though the one that loves me is not the one i love, wont be the first time wont be the last time, i settle!
Compilation Exposing 9/11 Truth
Compilation exposing 9/11 Truth
Accused Mugger Licks Woman's Toes
Accused Mugger Licks Woman's Toes Sep 11, 3:45 AM (ET) ST. PAUL (AP) - Police said a man who robbed a woman of her keys and cell phone then took off her shoes and licked her toes. Commander Kevin Casper said the attack was "weird sexual behavior." The 24-year-old woman was leaving work around 1 a.m. Saturday when the 27-year-old man approached her and demanded her keys and phone. After that he removed her shoes. Police say the woman was not hurt. Police arrested the man a few minutes later about four blocks away. The woman identified the suspect and police were able to recover her keys and phone. The man is in custody and has not yet been formally charged.
Time Flies When Your've Having None...
I think I completly mismanage my time here lately. Seems like everytime I attempt to start a process, something else comes along and hinders that. I really do try to limit the amount of bullshit that I deal with on a daily, but seems like here lately, that is not happening. Nothing really momumental about this entry. Just felt like bitching.
What's Your Adult Filmstar Name
Your Adult Film Star Name Is... Captain Winky What's Your Adult Film Star Name?
Insomnia Brings Out The Best In Me....
I have been going on very little sleep lately. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. When one has the apperance or is actually going on in this condition it allows certain things..... 1. the ability to act on impulse with an excuse.. 2. to allow the sub layer of your mind out and allow it to "play".... 3. plain and simple, to not give a shit...(my favorite)... 4. to be.. a)rude b)loud c)violent d)ALL the above at this point I am at answer d)ALL the above. I am tired of the "hardcore, wannabe, little bithces" running the streets these days, just cause you think you can box, don't mean you're ready for Ali mother wanna talk it or walk it? My breed walks it...fuck the talking, fuck the want to spill blood then jump on...I need a good blood drunk. til next time, I AM THE TERROR IN THE NIGHT, I AM DARK WING DUCK!
You Doing Dishes?
(this was asked to my by a 27 year old mother of two, whilst I was ...well...doing dishes.)
29 Lines To Make You Smile
TWENTY NINE LINES TO MAKE YOU SMILE 1.. My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God and I didn't. 2.. I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it. 3.. Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them. 4.. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. 5.. Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive. 6.. You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me. 7.. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. 8.. Earth is the insane asylum for the universe. 9.. I'm not a complete idiot -- Some parts are just missing. 10.. Out of my mind. Back in five minutes. 11.. NyQuil, the stuffy, sneezy, why-the-heck-is-the-room-spinning medicine. 12.. God must love stupid people; He made so many. 13.. The gene pool could use a little chlorine. 14.. Consciousness: That annoying time between naps. 15.. Ever stop to think, and forget to start again? 16.. Being "over the hill" is much better th
Help Me Level Up Some And I Will Help You
rank all my stuff and i will help you out if u r bored come talk to me...
New Pics
added a few new pics...check em out!
Police: O.j. A Suspect In Hotel Break-in
Police: O.J. a suspect in hotel break-inSays he was there on sting operation (Las Vegas - WABC, September 14, 2007) - Investigators questioned O.J. Simpson and named him a suspect Friday in a confrontation at a casino hotel room involving sports memorabilia. The former football star said he went to the room to retrieve property he said was stolen from him but denied breaking in. Simpson told The Associated Press auction house owner Tom Riccio called him several weeks ago to say some collectors "have a lot of your stuff and they don't want anyone to know they are selling it." Simpson, who was in Las Vegas for a friend's wedding, said he arranged to meet Riccio at the hotel and conducted a "sting operation." "Everybody knows this is stolen stuff," Simpson said. "Not only wasn't there a break-in, but Riccio came to the lobby and escorted us up to the room. In any event, it's stolen stuff that's mine. Nobody was roughed up." A message left for Riccio was not immediately retur
My Dear Friend
Just wanted to give everyone who is on my friends list that has Mina on their list as well, an update. I spoke with her mother this morning and her surgery went fine. She is resting now and should be released in a few days. If you have read her recent blog you are aware that she is deleting her account. She is my dearest friend and has been sick for quite some time. The drama on here has finally gotten to her and she feels that at this point in her life she needs to focus on taking care of herself. If you would like updates on her recovery and you are not on my friends list, send me an add request and I will be relay all messages to her. Thank you for your understanding. Peace, Mindy
Hey There Delilah
Hey there Delilah What's it like in New York City? I'm a thousand miles away But girl tonight you look so pretty Yes you do Time Square can't shine as bright as you I swear it's true Hey there Delilah Don't you worry about the distance I'm right there if you get lonely Give this song another listen Close your eyes Listen to my voice it's my disguise I'm by your side Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me What you do to me Hey there Delilah I know times are getting hard But just believe me girl Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar We'll have it good We'll have the life we knew we would My word is good Hey there Delilah I've got so much left to say If every simple song I wrote to you Would take your breath away I'd write it all Even more in love with me you'd fall We'd have it all Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what you do to me Oh it's what y
Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State...
Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State...
She Is Family,duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know the routine bottom to top.I was really nice considering the girl she is talking about is a close friend of mine.I think she will get more ebarrassment out of looking like a fool,then me talking trash. ->Mr.Potatoe...: No,I dont expect anyone to rate anything.If they do cool,if not cool.It is called life.Im sorry you are so judgemental about people.You dont even know me and assume Im rude. Catherine: okay, the girl Amelia in your family list, i went to her page and rated and fanned her and sent her a friend request a couple of weeks ago and she stopped by my page but never returned the favor, ten minutes after i sent her that friend request i asked her why she never rated my page or anything and she said that she'll get to it on her own time, don't you think that rude? Catherine: and you're probably as rude as she is because she's in your family list ->Mr.Potatoe...: lmao Catherine: i thought you were cute until i went to your page and saw someone in your family li
You Want A Fucking Outrage, I Will Give You An Outrage
Low pay taking toll on NYPD recruitment 165 recruits have dropped out Officials say 165 recruits have dropped out of this year's class of 1, 131. That's more than 14 percent, and it means the class could eventually fall below 800 graduates. That would threaten programs in high-crime neighborhoods. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly reportedly told the city council the department's successful Operation Impact program will be at risk if the NYPD can't graduate at least 800 people per class. And if the attrition rate holds among the remaining 966 recruits, officials say that could become a reality. Many of the drop-outs say the department's starting salary of $25, 100 is just not enough to keep them in uniform. "You get those first paychecks, and suddenly you realize that doing the right thing, protecting your city, doesn't pay anything, " a 27- year-old former recruit told the Daily News. He dropped out after t
9/11: Press For Truth
9/11: Press for Truth
No Means No!
Some men just don't understand that no means no. I am here for friends and friends only! If you want more then that i am sorry but you won't find it here. I am married and very happy. And if you push the fact that you want more then just friends then you will be blocked. I have morels and values!!!!! Some people are just brain dead and you know who and what you are. I will say again..... NO MEANS NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am married and what I have belongs to my hubby only!!!!!
Hello Freinds Please Help Me Level
Need To Level Please Help
My Faith
Some people may think I am a religious fantic and to others they will understand me. A few years ago I married a man who claimed to be a big christian! His family were either preachers or missionaries so I thought I foudn a good man. It wasn't long before he started treating me and my kids like garbage. Each year I lost more of myself while I was married to him and I never knew it. I quite doing for people. I quit smiling. I quit being ME! It wasn't till I met one special man and he brought it all to light. I allowed someone to steal the real me. I got back ot reading my Bible and building my faith. It was then I realized I didn't need this man any more. I kicked him out and my churhc turned their back on me. My faith was shaken. I was losing ground fast. I went to another church but whenever i ran accross those people it hurt and I would get mad at them. Not healthy! The more I read my BIble the more I realized I had done right and my church had done wrong. People knew i
To please the masses I did a voice intro for my voice comment box. So if you wanna hear this idiot talk go have a listen.
The Rise Of The Dark Phoenix
Click on pic and join me...
Ghost Rider Here Looking For Some Love
Indeed Good Guys Finish Last
Well I had some time to reflect on some recent events that have occurred to me a the last few weeks. I was involved in a relationship for a short time, and like everything it seemed like things were heading in the right direction, however things suddenly turned sour. I wish I had some more enticing details but im still searching through the rubble of this perpetual mess. It was about a week ago that me and this individual were having a discussion about how I can assist her in turning her life around. One of the things she mentioned was her desire to go to beauty school, I said to her listen Im happy about the progress you made in the past weeks, and I will support you in everything you want. She was in a bit of a financial bind, and she asked if she can barrow money to register for her school, in addition to this I co-signed what appeared to be a loan for her school. She seemed extremely happy about this and thanked me. The next day (Thursday) I tried to call her and no answe
Come one lets help are family member lets rock this photo DSC Style Thank you, DJphilburg360
Strong Sister...
Ya sister is very strong. She's tiny but she has more additide then 5 regular size women. She really doesn't care for children. Once while out to dinner I said to her "You know...everytime I see a little baby...I want to pick them up." I smile and my arms move to my chest. She looked at me. Her face blank, her right eyebrow raised high. "Really." "yeeeees really." "Hmm....." we walked as we talked. Dodging children with plates full of food and adults who should know better then to walk between such hawt sisters. In a tone completely devoid of emotion she stated "Everytime I see a child...I want to kick 'em." I looked at her. She looked at me. "You are such a bitch." "Yes. And I am an honest one at that." My sister loves my kids. She loves HER son. She loves children that she KNOWS. She just truely doesnt like most of all the rest of the kids in the world. My sister who as a freshman in highschool got in a fight and dislocated disks in the
Payback Baby
I'm thankful for not having boobs thrown in my face all the time by offensive and indecent breastfeeding mothers like the ones below:Wait...Well, this is a bad example. Let's try again.Hmm...Just a minute. I'm sure I can find better ones than these...Eh, still not offensive enough. I'll check one more time.That is better. LOOK AT THAT! I see about a half inch of boob. DISGUSTING.UGH. Look at that indecency! She must be from some third world country to be exposed like that!Now that's just...There are no words to descripe how inappropriate that is. Something needs to be done!But why stop at breasfeeding women? There are boobs everywhere. Beware! If you thought the above photos were offensive, you WILL DEFINITELY be offended by the photos below.Not this one, though. This one was in plain view on news stands and in mail boxes in 19 countries world wide!Not this one, either. This one actually won an award!
Beatles:don't Let Me Down
Don't let me down, don't let me down. Don't let me down, don't let me down. Nobody ever loved me like she does, oo, she does, yeh, she does. And if somebody loved me like she do me, oo, she do me, yes, she does. Don't let me down, don't let me down. Don't let me down, don't let me down. I'm in love for the first time. Don't you know it's gonna last. It's a love that lasts forever, It's a love that had no past. Don't let me down, don't let me down. Don't let me down, don't let me down. And from the first time that she really done me, oo, she done me, she done me good. I guess nobody ever really done me, oo, she done me, she done me good. Don't let me down, don't let me down. Don't let me down, don't let me down.
Dj Zero!!,... My Hero!
this one goes out to the lo's n lettes up on this site.. check out our new home, dont forget to tell ya homies bout this place. hope to see ya there click ↓ Click ↓ click ↓
Bombfest Morphs
Hi to all I have made morphs for every it R Done bomb squad member that I have on my friends and family list. I made these as a celebration of bombfest beginning and would love to see everyone using them as their primary pic during bombing,,let's show our love for the squad please You can find them in my GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY BOMBSQUAD~ folder. You may rip your morph and if there are any that i have missed, please let me know and i will gladly get them made I love you all Come on let's kick some major but in bombfest,,,WOOOOOOOOOO
Hey All
Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone...I have been pretty sick and unable to be up for long periods of time. This illness has really kicked my butt but with all the meds I am on I will be back to full health soon. I miss you all and will catch up with everyones stuff as soon as I am able. Hugs, Susie
Is This Love?
so here a blog proceeding what the scum i kicked out did. Sicne the whole thing ive been getting text from girls he was leading on was involved with, got preggo, yeah this man is a piece of work. Well one girl and i have become friends over it. Now this man has been married for less then 3 weeks, and is now texting amy again telling her her loves her and misses her, and he wants her. I feel sorry for his wife she knows none of this and won't listen and i don't want her hurting. amy is going to try and bust him. Which i feel no remorse if she does but im concerned about his wife. What should i do. the major part of me wants to sit back and do nothing but i don't want her to get hurt. It tears me apart to know this man id getting away with this and leading on and hurting girls who are good and fall for his shit. UGH I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!
Created by Samantha now i took this from my 360 blog and it put 2nd part above the 1st part so go to the bottom first then read the 2nd part 2nd part As her army takes the rest of the army's out threes a grave yard not to far from where she is, she goes over to check it out, walking through the body's she and her army has killed and the muddy bloody ground she walks upon, she sees something lurking through the dark in the grave yard and she wonders what it is, she goes over and she draws her sword to get ready for a battle again. The wind picks up and the rain comes heavier, and the lighting comes more, the thunder gets louder, and her mind is in the state of craziness and she cant help her self, the blood is still on her, as she walks closer she starts to lick it off with the sword in her hand, she sees its some one, that some one is looking at her, sitting on a grave stone, so beautiful but so dark and her eyes shine with the lighting, her hair moves with the wind, and
5270 To Level
SHOW SOME LOVE Neveralone@ fubar
Attention Artist I Promote Please Read
All about nashville on stage! Current mood: busy Debbie and Ernie tapes shows for PAX TV live onstage at the Nashville Preston Hotel. This performance is then aired on PAX TV Channel 28. Our show is geared for serious singers & songwriters who are looking for exposure in the music business. Nashville Onstage TV Show is broadcast through ION Media Network WNPX airing through Tennessee and Kentucky. This commercial airtime reaches 3.4 million viewers. There is a cost for this airtime 150.00. Because we, like you, are independent. We do not get paid for any or our production. we are charged for this airtime. The artist will perform 2 songs, acoustic or album tracks. This will include interview, website under performance, you also receive a DVD of your showcase with label and jewel case FREE. No Karaoke, no drums. We do not do bands. Due to the for taping and the amount of artist on the show, we do not have the time for set up of bands. Acoustic, the song will sell its self. You can hav
Hey folks, as you know, I seldom even delve into the blogs, but today, a fellow Fubar member, a very dear friend of mine, lost her best friend. Kuma was a St Bernard, a big teddy bear of a dog, and I had the pleasure of meeting him. I know what it is to love a dog, in ways a deeper love than between two humans, for the dog shows undying gratitude and endless forgiveness. I know everyone has heard it before, but here is the story of the rainbow bridge. Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as
Couple Chooses To Honeymoon At 9/11 Event
Couple Chooses to Honeymoon at 9/11 Event A Milwaukee Wisconsin couple, Michael and Renee Enderson, left their reception, spent the night at a hotel and jumped on a flight bound for New York City the following morning. Their goal was to spend as much of their honeymoon at the five day 9/11/07 event as they could. These two are real patriots who care more about 1st Responders and Truth and Justice then getting a tan at the beach. Thank you for caring and you have one heck of a story to tell your children one day. You guys helped make history.
Rules To Live By
10. Never piss against the wind. 9. Never tell your woman her sister gives better head than her while she has your shlong in her mouth. 8. Never attach jumper cables to a car battery and then to you matter how good of an idea your buddies tell ya it is. 7. NEVER...FUCKIN EVER... go to a donkey show in's not as cool as it sounds, she really does fuck the donkey. It just ain't right.. 6. Never masturbate after using Ben Gay....nuff said. 5. Never ask you in laws to come look at the loaf you just pitched...even if it does look like Gene Simmons in makeup. 4. When asked by your girl at a beach if another woman's ass looks better than hers...never reply with " No honey, I love the way your ass drags in the sand. Looks like ya draggin two clubbed seals behind ya." 3. Never wear ANYTHING doesn't make you manly, it makes you look like you're about to jump out in a chorus of It's A Rainin Men. 2. Never scratch your ass and the
For The Benefit Of The Newly Added
hey all, for those just added... please read the profile! twice if necessary :p more albums are available that are SFW not just NSFW... please take the time to look at them, you might be surprised how good I look WEARING something :p I take no responsibility for anything that comes up while looking at my pictures. nsfw poetry is in the ramblings blog. sfw poetry is in the dunno stash. all of you, please keep in mind, these are pictures of a REAL person... and you can say what you want in comments, but keep my shouts decent (i'm not saying you have to be a good little schoolboy and pretend sex doesn't exist, but there's alot more to me than you see in the pictures.) Other than that, have fun wandering around my stuff :p Love, Sin
Remeber Me
Remember Me By Eric Ethan Remember the good thing that has happen Remember the love and hugs and sweet kisses Remember the people touch your heart that makes you shine and smile everyday Remember the starry night s and bright moons. Remember to not lose yourself in bad thing but sat y with the good things Remember the words of love and good saying that touch your heart Remember that cold night and the light that brought you home Remember Christmas light that shine bright at night Remember to look out tonight for the brightest star to make that wish Remember to grow with smiles and surprises that make your day special inside. Remember to stay cool and awesome things in your life. Remember to light a candle to remember the good time of love ones that past through the years Remember the morning the morning dew when you wake up to the lights of promises not sadness. Remember to stay healthy with a lot days ahead .
Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Stew
This is a hearty stew that makes a fabulous meal in the winter time! Make a whole pot and it'll feed your family for a week. With potatoes, squash, carrots, onions and corn, you'll be full for a while! Ingredients 2 10 3/4 cans reduced-fat condensed cream of chicken soup, undiluted 2 C. 1/2-inch diced Yukon Gold potatoes 2 C. 1/2-inch diced peeled butternut squash 2 C. 1/2-inch thin thick sliced carrots 1 1/2 C. frozen, small white onions 1 C. frozen corn 2 ribs celery, chopped 2 Tbs. snipped fresh dill 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper 6 skinless chicken thighs, trimmed of visible fat 3 Tbs. all-purpose flour 1/4 C. water 3 Tbs. fat-free sour cream 1 C. frozen baby peas, thawed Directions Freshly cooked and drained egg noodles. In a 4 or 5 quart slow cooker, combine soup, potatoes, squash, carrots, onions, corn, celery, dill salt and pepper. Put thighs on top, bone side up. Cover and cook on low heat setting for 6-7 hours until chicken and vegetables a
Say A Name Damn You.
Say A Name Damn You. Lights turn down low, She walked in with a glow, This mysteris stranger, Theres a sence of danger, Somthing eerier about this women, Yet ever eye is on her yet its only the men, Do they not see the lie, Or are they looking to die, I know this person, The truth was revealed in a vision, She try's to glide across the floor, As all the little kids race for the door, Trying to be all gentlemen like, Even though she looks like a dyke, She's on the prowl, Unfortanely she's not as wise as a owl, Cause she has her eyes on me, And all I can pitcher is her splattering against a tree, And watching her slowly die, N watching the flames of hell consumer her as she fry, All she's looking for is sex, Just like all the rest, I know her face, I see through her false grace, But yet I enjoy the game, Because I know she doesn't have much of a brain, So I toy n play with her mind, Till she's running around blind, And getting on her knees, Begging and ple
Hello we have a family member in a contest and she needs some help this weekend so lets rock this house Thank you, DJphilburg360
Whole Wheat Apple-minced Meat Pie
A classic British dish they do like their pies with lots of fruity flavor and completely homemade whole wheat crust. Ingredients Pastry: 1 C. Pillsbury's Best Whole Wheat Flour 1 C. Pillsbury's Best All Purpose or Unbleached 2 Tbs. sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 C. shortening 1/2 C. cold water Filling: 4 C. sliced, peeled apples (4 medium) 1 1/3 C. prepared mincemeat 1/2 C. sugar 2 Tbs. flour 1/2 tsp. grated lemon peel 1 Tbs. lemon juice Topping: 1 egg white 2 Tbs. water 1-2 tsp. sugar Directions Heat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly spoon flour into measuring cup; level off. In medium bowl, combine whole wheat flour, 1 C. all purpose flour, 2 Tbs. sugar and salt; blend shortening until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Gradually add water to flour mixture while tossing and mixing lightly with fork. Add additional water, 1 tsp. at a time, until dough is just moist enough to hold together. Shape dough into 2 balls. Flatten balls; smooth edges. Roll 1 ball lightly
A Poem For My Love.....
To My Love There are many thoughts and fantasies Wandering in my head. While I dream about you, And when I am asleep in my bed, I wish many things. I wish with no fear That right here beside me You would be here. I wish you could tell me In person every day Just how much you love me. And never would we say To go our separate ways. It would just break my heart To have to know That we were apart. A dream can go Where a wish cannot. A dream can bring true What a wish never thought. When I dream about you Youre holding my hand. My feelings for you; These I had never planned. Gazing at the stars On a dark, cold night, We utter sweet words Under the pale moonlight. If you were here beside me, I could look at you. It would all come together; That you are my dream come true. I am smiling as I realize That although we are apart, It is only in body; Never in heart. I hate not having you here, But I know that some day, Fate will bring us togethe
Eton Mess
This is an English boarding school dish of smashed meringues, strawberries and cream. Ingredients 4 egg whites 1 1/4 C. sugar, divided 4 pts. (about 3 3/4 lbs.) ripe strawberries 2 C. heavy cream Directions Heat the oven to 300 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment. In a mixing bowl, whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form. Add half the sugar, and continue beating until the peaks have re-formed. Stop beating and fold in the remaining sugar. Place 12 equal-sized dollops of the meringue mixture on the papered sheets. Put the sheets in the oven for 5 minutes, then open the door and reduce the temperature to 275 degrees. Close the oven door and continue to cook for 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours. The meringues will be ready when they are a pale golden color and can be lifted effortlessly from the paper. Meanwhile, hull the strawberries and halve them, or if they are very large, cut them into quarters. Place them in the bottom of a large bowl. Break the meringues into bite-size
Pisces is the mutable/water sign. Pisceans adapt emotionally to their environment. Often painfully shy, they are adept at imitating the mannerisms of other people in order to hide their own personalities. A Piscean can too easily become a victim by identifying with the personality and problems of other people, because this severely restricts the development of their own personality and talent.
Poem Or Song
NOW I JUST TYPED THIS I WAS BORED LOL The Darkness Poem or Song Created by Samantha Day's gone by darkness fills my heart flaims claim my heart and come out of my eye's and mouth you poisened me with your thought's you drown me in your darkness and you still wisper to me from the dark Blood rains from the sky lighting flashes and scream's are heard from a distance red eye's are seen in the shadows and the hot flaims burn me from with in me you hide from me in the shadows and now i fight you Angels of light angels of haeven angels of god fight this demon give me the strenght i need to fight this demon your starting to bring me under i gasp for air just a singel breath of air i feel so cold so dark and so scared give me strength You will go down and i will be the one who brings u down you cant find your self your lost now you feel what i feel now it's time to fight
You Make Me Smile...even Just For A While
I've been awake for a while now You've got me feeling like a child now Cause everytime I see you're bubbly face I get the tinglies in a silly place It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose Wherever it goes, I always know You make me smile please stay for a while now Just take your time, wherever you go The rain is falling on my window pain But we are hiding in a safer place Undercover staying safe and warm You give me feelings that I adore Its starts in my toes, make me crinkle my nose Wherever it goes, I always know You make me smile please stay for a while now Just take your time, wherever you go What am I gonna say When you make me feel this way I just...hmmmm...... And it starts in my toes makes me crinkle my nose Wherever it goes, I always know You make me smile please stay for a while now Just take your time, wherever you go I've been asleep for a while now You tuck me in just like a child now Cause everytime you hold me in your arms I'm co
If I Could Make A Wish
If I could make a wish And have it last forever and a day, I would take you in my arms And this is where I'd stay.. For there's no one else I know That holds my heart like you, And I know someday, baby, You'll realize this is true. If I could make a wish Your lips would be on mine, I'd slowly sip and savor you Like only the finest wine. For there's no one else I know That gives me so much pleasure, And I know someday, baby, You'll see that you're my treasure. If I could make a wish Our bodies would unite, There's nothing I'd love more Than making love all night. For there's no one else I know Who gives me passion like you do, And I know someday, baby, All my wishes will come true. If I could make a wish I'd start by making things right, I'd take away all your doubts, And hold you through the night. For there's no one else I know That means as much you see, And I know someday, baby, You'll learn to trust in me. If I could make a wish. It would be
Please Help Me
come on please come help me with this i need help come bomb my pic
We were two Me and you We hadn't met Nor touched yet Our souls ached Our bodies longed For the two to become one Over many miles You drove with smiles To meet your love Sent from above With souls aching With bodies longing The two would soon become one An hour away My love did stay To him I went And the day we spent Satisfying our aches Fulfilling our longings The two became one That day we both knew we were meant to be I was made for you and you for me Never again will our hearts beat as two For your heart beats for me and mine for you We are forever one
Love On The Internet
Though I wasn't looking for anyone new, One day I got e- mail and in it was you. Charming, sensitive and so debonair, I strongly resisted it go anywhere. But letters and stories captured my heart, Filled me with passion almost from the start. Love on the Internet, how could it be? These things just don't happen to people like me. But doves and butterflies flew into our lives, Carrying messages we could not deny. Each person has meaning and love to express, And we could deny our hearts nothing less. It's a beautiful love that has grown between us, Something beyond any words we discuss. Much deeper than LOL, cyber kisses and such, Far down to our souls, beyond human touch. My love's not confined by what it can see, I feel you, I taste you, I experience your dream. Close my eyes, and I envision what in my heart I can hear, "Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear." It's the soul that captures God's love in a way That eternally melts hearts together to
Miss You...
MISS YOU Ceiling of white Drops of goo Head on the bed Thoughts of you Wish the stars I could see Lay in your arms Come cuddle me Black sky aglow With Diamonds And stardust A breath taking show Empty apartment Silence so real Deep sighs echo I miss your feel Warm hand of love A delicate touch Upon my cheek I miss that so much Close my eyes tight Fall on a star Jump on the moon Travel so far Land in your room Hold your hand Sit next to the bed Help you stand Bring you dinner Make you smile Lift your spirits Visit awhile Drive you home When you are well Happy for you Youre out of hell Home at last A place of new One bed to share Make love to you Open my heart Tucked in tight Lingering thoughts Of us in sight Get well soon I just wanted you to know I love you And miss you ever so! Written by: Unchained Melody 9-14-07
Full Heart Empty Arms
Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit; Never a flicker of flame, but with Arching bolts which strike with a force That disturbs my equilibrium. My mind races as waves of passion flush over My pale skin, causing me to gaze upon visions Of impossible romantic possibilities. Pathetic is this woman who anticipates the True rhythm of love, with a man she will never hold. My imagined discourse of thoughts leave me suffering, As my lips quiver with the words I shall never speak to his: "I have loved you more than anybody in this world."
Help My Gurl Out
ok guys my gurl need lots of help if you guys will bomb her and help her win thanks everyone thanks to all my buddys
Juggalo Dictionary
Juggalo DICTIONARY Axe: A sharp blade on the end of a long wooden handle, used to chop wood....MOSTLY Big Money Hustlas: Insane Clown Posse's first movie Bigot: Racist, hater Born Twiztid A fake documentery about Twiztid. Only 30 minutes long but funny as hell! Chedda: Money, skrilla Cherrie Pie: See Cotton Candy Chicken: A redneck, bigot, racist Cotton Candy: Neden, pussy, vagina, cunt Dark Carnival: A dark carnival that Shaggy and Violent J often preach about. Delray: A neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. Southwest Detroit Echoside: A fate worse than hell Facepaint: The make-up used by ICP and Twiztid (and more) faygo: A cheap ghetto pop that Insane Clown Posse throws on Juggalos at concerts. More info: Click Here! Feminem: Eminem diss Floob: This is what Violent J and Jumpsteady called themselves when they were kids. It means scrub. Fright Fest: Twiztid's own version of Hallowicked Gathering Of The Juggalos: An event that happens only once a year where Juggalos
Up Or Down?
At a Senior Citizen's luncheon, an elderly gentleman and an elderly lady struck up a conversation and discovered that they both loved to fish. Since both of them were widowed,they decided to go fishing together the next day.! The gentleman picked the lady up, and they headed to the river to his fishing boat and started out on their adventure. They were riding down the river when there was a fork in the river, and the gentleman asked the lady, "Do you want to go up or down?" All of a sudden the lady stripped off her shirt and pants and made mad passionate love to the man right there in the boat ! When they finished, the man couldn't believe what had just happened, but he had just experienced the best s*x that he'd had in years. They fished for a while and continued on down the river, when soon they came upon another fork in the river. He again asked the lady , "Up or down ?" There she went again, stripped off her clothes, and
4000 To Level
He doesnt have alot too rate ..Show some love and help him level up CherryPicker hubby to Tanya Fubar@ fubar
My B~day Is Comming!!
I dont know what to say or even where to start I would have never guessed it would be you to break my heart You can just walk away,but I dont feel the same My love for you was true and to you it was all a game I wish there was a way I could go back in time To hold you in my arms as if you were still mine Please someone tell me when this pain will go away when I'll forget the past and move on to another day A day where just for once your face wont cross my mind I wont think of our memories,I'll just leave them all behind I wont think of our good nights or the way you made me feel I'll try to move on to someone new,someone whose love is real I wont miss your arms around me holding me so tight I wont no longer feel your body pressed against mine through the night The memory of your kiss will finally disappear and never again for you will i shed another tear I say all this right now wishing it would be true but I know tonight I will go to be
Bully Trials
COME JOIN DJ COLD LIVE ON AIR!! Just click on the pic "P§ѧ" and join us for good tunes, good friends and good times! enter>
Poem Sorta
Look in to my eyes look deep into my eyes and u will find a light so bright, u will fall so deep that u will not want to come out of, and the angels guild u into me u feel the love and passion deep with in, u cant help but open ur eyes and see nothing but white and my body floteing in the distance, u come over and grab me and i fall in to ur arms and open my eyes and look deep into urs without moveing with out touching and just the sound of my heart beat pounding, i put my hand on ur face then u slowly start to bend to kiss me then i dissapear from ur arms and u fall back out of me thinking was it..........was it a dream......
If It Is A Girl
Please leave a comment for baby girl names.. This is what we got JoyLeann.. ty
*yawn* yannow...the whole so n so wants you to take a lookit some shit you dun care about is starting to grate on my nerves just a little bit. if i wanted to see it...*gasp* i'd go look on my own time table. i dun need a so anyway. ive discovered or rather re-discovered books are much more entertaining than the internet...heh. i stayed in bed almost all day today. it was fabulous. i needed the rest. im still kidlets are outside playin with the hose moms is takin a nap im watchin csi with half an eye...or whatever and the silence is awesome now i just wanna drink. maybe some pizza. O.o i have both! go me! kthnxbi
Help Lady Raven Please!!!!!!!!!!
Flight 93 Wreckage
Do you know where the Flight 93 wreckage is? I do. "IRON MOUNTAIN" "WHERE DID FLIGHT 93 REALLY END UP?" "EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF FLIGHT 93"
~wicked Storm Crew~
5800to Level
Please only rate blog if helping on a level up. Show some love CherryPicker hubby to Tanya Fubar@ fubar
Whats With People
Today I ran accross a person who said in their online message to rate their pictures. So I sent a shout out to this person and asked if I could rate them. They said yes and so I did. Little did I know that this same person contacted a mutal friend we both share and fuzzed about me rating them. Come on. Who is acting childess here? Get a life! You claim on your page NO DRAMA, well you go looknig for it and stir it up. I will rate people and leave comments on anyones page but if YOU DO NOT WONT ME TO RATE YOU TELL ME!! I cannot read your mind and if you say I can then I will. I am not some mean person who loves drama or trouble. I hate it! I like making friends no matter who you are! Don't be scared to get to know me! You might actualy like me!
Okay, What's The Freakin Point?
What the hell is the point of putting how many points you need to your next level? You tell me. I've had enough of seeing it, and i'm about to stop doing it. I go to your page, I rate your shit, you don't rate mine. What the hell is up with that? (reminder the term "you" is collective, I'm currently speaking in generalizations) Well... I'll be freakin honest with you, I've got this sad feeling that because I don't show my dick, or I don't show skin, ya'll don't give a rat's ass about me, or my page, or what the fuck not. To all of you who HAVE helped me in the past, and will probably help me in the future, this isn't directed at you. it's directed to all those lameass fucks who don't bother to "share the luv" as they say it, and beg for it. Now if you've read this far, you know that I'm not done ranting. The next fucking time I get an email from someone telling me "you have to go here and help this person level" I'm sending a reply back telling them to fuck the hell off.
Take me up in to the sky fly me high in the night sky, make my skin tingle make the wind pass through my hair, let the light of the moon guide ourway through the night sky with all the stars, let me dream of a dream, let me touch ur face let me show u love that i have and can give, let me feel the love back,let me be the one that can love u, let me be the one u will hold forever let me be the one u can cry on ..............let me
Big Brother ???..some Scary Stuff Here
If anyone out there really cares about life, liberty, and Freedom. I highly suggest you watch this video clip on The subject is regarding implantable RFID chips and the National ID card. This is some of the most scariest stuff I've ever seen and heard. Screw security, this is my personal freedom their screwing with. Think about it. They say if you got nothing to hide, it shouldn't matter. Regardless, its still a choice. My choice. The sad thing is nobody is doing anything about it.
Too Short
One Wiener Rule Causes Rampage
OBBS, N.M. (AP) Some Lea County inmates set fires and broke toilets and windows after being told they would be allowed only one sausage at dinner. Jail officials said the inmates began yelling and banging on their doors in what they described in a news release as a "temper tantrum." Officers from the Lea County Sheriff's and Hobbs Police departments were called in to restore control, and the jail was locked down after Tuesday night's incident. Some 33 prisoners were involved, Warden Jann Gartman said. The remaining 300-plus prisoners at the jail accepted the meal without incident, authorities said. The damage to the jail was light, with some smoke damage and broken toilets and windows, the warden said. Information from: Hobbs News-Sun,
THE BET Two families move from Pakistan to America. When they arrive the two fathers make a bet to see -- in a year's time -- which family has become more Americanized. A year later they meet again. The first man says, "My son is playing baseball. I had breakfast at McDonalds, and I'm on my way to pick up a case of Bud. How about you?" The second man replies, "Fuck you, towelhead!"
Hey To All My Firends
Shit, They Should Have Just Bent Over If They Wanted More!!
South Florida Inmates Go on Sausage 'Temper Tantrum' By Associated Press 9:20 PM EDT, September 13, 2007 HOBBS, N.M. Some Lea County inmates set fires and broke toilets and windows after being told they would be allowed only one sausage at dinner. Jail officials said the inmates began yelling and banging on their doors in what they described in a news release as a "temper tantrum." Officers from the Lea County Sheriff's and Hobbs Police departments were called in to restore control, and the jail was locked down after Tuesday night's incident. Some 33 prisoners were involved, Warden Jann Gartman said. The remaining 300-plus prisoners at the jail accepted the meal without incident, authorities said. The damage to the jail was light, with some smoke damage and broken toilets and windows, the warden said.
Seeing Through The Tears
I have built these walls to keep me in wore a mask to cover the tears. I cant see through these tears. The world it seems is against me, and my friends have all gone away. Seeing through these tears almost seems impossible. I have tried to run i have tried to hide but there is no escape from the pain deep inside. Seeing through these tears is it possible? These walls must come down the mask must come off, but how i cant seem to find one good reason why. If i bury the pain it will still be there to haunt me, i must throw it away and learn to let go, but how. I have built these walls to keep me in and wear this mask to cover the tears, I cant see through these tears. Can i find the reason to just be strong, or can i pretend that everything is ok. I hide behind these walls afraid to come out, wear this mask to cover the tears, but hopefully someday i will be able to take it off and face the world head on. My friends i am one step closer to finding a way.
Yeah ! You Go Britney
I Think This Is Really Rude
ok i think this is rude. when someone ask you can you come to rate there pics or them and they well rate you too. you go to help out then they never come to your page. i think thats really really rude and im not going to rate them again
My ex cisco wrote this about me. When I broke up with him. Sad thing is this is my favorite poem of his. He has so much talent and it shows unfortunetly in a bad way in this one. lol. Vengence Did you think i wouldn't find him, Wouldn't catch you in a lie? Did you assume that I am stupid, And forget that I would try to unearth your secrets using the clues from our past? And now i've got your little bitch and It's the end at last. he's ugly and he's broken now I've finally got my way. can you hear him screaming now? What is there left to say? be glad I haven't found you yet Your fate would be the same a painful death in the hands of a lover And only you are to blame. See this river that flows from him? It cleanses him of his sin. And with his last shuddering breath My plans for you begin. First, I think, I'll take your eyes You cannot covet if you can't see. After that will come your fingers that led to your atrocity. A slice here, a tear there Your skin
We Must Never Give Up
We must never give up, we must always move forward even though the road is tough. We must always remember that life isnt easy. Sometimes we fall short and lose our way but we must never give up. Life is too short live it well. But dont you ever give up. I am always here. Although i am not there to hold you close when you cant seem to find one good reason to keep moving forward. Remember that i will be there to take your hand and lead you to the top. you cannot see me but i am there in your heart. I may not always give you the best advice but i am not here to live your life, but only put a smile on your face and make you laugh. I am not here to take away your pain, but here to be your friend, and relieve the pressure that holds you back, but never give up. I am here for you always and in my dreams i will hold you close. I wish for you the best. Remember that the bad times make you stronger and it will be worth the tears when it is said and done, j
Look Plzzzzzzzz
Bombfest Morphs
Hi to all :) I have made morphs for every it R Done bomb squad member that I have on my friends and family list. I made these as a celebration of bombfest beginning and would love to see everyone using them as their primary pic during bombing,,let's show our love for the squad please :) You can find them in my GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY BOMBSQUAD~ folder. You may rip your morph and if there are any that i have missed, please let me know and i will gladly get them made :) I love you all :) Come on let's kick some major but in bombfest,,,WOOOOOOOOOO
So here she is... an old friend that just arrived on FUBAR... help me help her out. missmolly@ fubar
The Crew
Spit Yo Game
Sex... - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?over 30 2. What is your sexual orientation?Bisexual 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?No Answer 6. What is your pubic hair style?Landing strip, a little hair still there 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Thong 8. Have you ever had anal sex?Sort of tried to 9. What is your favorite position?Doggie style 10. How often do you masturbate?Whenever I can 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?Yes, I sure have 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Yes, been in them 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, an all out orgy 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?Both watched ot
You Are Not Alone
There will be sorrow there will be tears. There will be sunshine and there will be rain, but through the mists of the hardships I will be there. There will be heartache and there will be anger, but always know you have a friend that cares. Although the miles are long, it wont keep me from reaching out. I will do my best to make you smile even if it is just for alittle while atleast i know i did my part. There will be dreams yet to fill and memories yet to build. always remember you are not alone. i will walk beside you, although i am not there, but look up into the sky and know that I am watching you, cause we are standing under the same big sky. There will be sorrow and there will be tears, but always remember I will always be here for you. I love you my friend. You are not alone.
British Whiskey Chicken
If you love the taste of whiskey then this is the recipe for you. Ingredients 1 (2 1/2 to 3 lb.) broiler fryer chicken, cut up 2 Tbs. butter or margarine 1 C. whiskey 8 oz. fresh mushrooms, sliced (3 C.) 1/4 C. sliced leeks or green onions 1/2 C. light cream or milk 2 Tbs. all purpose flour 1 Tbs. lemon juice 2 tsp. whiskey Hot cooked peas and sliced leeks (optional) Directions Rinse chicken pieces; pat dry with paper toweling. Season chicken with salt and pepper. In a skillet brown the chicken in butter or margarine 15 minutes, turning to brown evenly. Add the 1 C. whiskey to skillet; cover and simmer 30 to 35 minutes or till chicken is tender. Remove chicken to serving platter; keep warm. For sauce; Skim fat from pan juices. Add enough water to juices, if necessary, to measure 2/3 C. liquid. Return to skillet. Stir in mushrooms and green onions. Cook and stir jut till onions are tender. Combine cream and flour; add to mixture in skillet. Cook and stir till thickened
YOU KNOW YOUR SOLDIER IS DEPLOYED WHEN.... YOU KNOW YOUR SOLDIER IS DEPLOYED WHEN... 1. You wear old sweatpants and sweatshirts to bed. 2. You can watch whatever you want on TV without arguing with him first 3. You get up in the middle of the night to check your e-mail. 4. You sleep with your cell phone incase he calls in the middle of the night. 5. You love watching cute love movies because it reminds you of all the cute things he does when he's home. 6. You haven't shaved your legs in weeks. 7. The mailman knows you because you are always out waiting for him to come. 8. You start paying close attention in class when the words "military" or "iraq" are mentioned. 9. You suddenly have an obsession with anything military related. 10. You see someone wearing an army, navy, or usmc shirt and you get this overwhelming urge to talk to them. 11. You make friends with strangers online just because they are in the same situation as you and are t
Daily Motivation
Friday, September 14, 2007 Powerful positive push Look carefully and thoughtfully at the things that frustrate you. In each of them you will find real and workable ideas for positive growth. Frustration occurs when you realize, sometimes painfully, that things are not working nearly as well as they could be. Follow that realization to its natural conclusion and you will find a clearly marked pathway for improvement. Great inventions, successful companies and immense fortunes have been built through positive responses to frustration. Indeed, frustration has always been a major catalyst for creating value. People frustrated with the way things are, can develop insatiable appetites for making the world better. Frustration can get you thinking and acting, building, creating and persevering toward a positive purpose. Frustration is the feeling of knowing it can be better, and the greater the frustration, the more positive and exciting are the possibilities. When you are feelin
Help Me
hey any of you know a good place to download music for free? i was using limewire but it messed up my computer so i need somewhere else to download from. any ideas???
Repost If You Agree...
Nwo Scum Must Be Stop !!!!
Time Off
I will be off the net for few days, taking some needed time off. Ill be taking that time to go deeper in my darkness the shadow world to try to heal. I have been wouned deeply several times trying to mix w the light world. I do not belong my place is the shadow world dont take me wrong even darkness can do good, just we do it difrently but still good. I have tryed and got to badly hurt i shall remain in the shadow world where i belong where my strengt is. i shall be back some time this week hopefully less hurting and different. I am tired of the pain and hurting, one can only take so much then starts bleeding. My bleeding has to stop i can only give so much then there is nothing left to give nothing left to bleed. I have reached and passed my limits many times. I have my wrongs im not perfect but all the hurts the pains makes me not human anymore need to stop it b4 its to late i shall be back this week for those wishing my friendship bless be all.
The Pimpout I Did ! Part 2 Will Sticky In Bulliten This Weekend
part 2 of the pimpout!!! countryhotty2006~assistant graphic designer of THE Fmlψ ~@ fubar LauraLei~~CO-FOUNDER OF INDEPENDENT FAMILY~~R/L PARTNER OF PONYBOY1966~~(ON LEAVE TIL MID OCT.)@ fubar love_you_forever~~THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY~~@ fubar ~Rockin~ @>;--'-,-- ~ Ronnie ~ Of The Independent Family@ fubar Crazy Lady~ Family of CT@ fubar Kittycat ~ The Independent Family~@ fubar THIS IS THE HOME PAGE OF THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY AND BOMBSQUAD!!!!!!!!@ fubar whyte_booty Proud member of Sunshine Angels Friends Club & The Independent Family -(`v)-Pleaz@ fubar Sweet D Head Recruiter OF THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY@ fubar SUGAR PLUM@ fubar Jables
i'm not so sure i'd want to survive a nuclear disaster..have you ever seen the day after??? ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Son of Liberty Date: September 14, 2007 6:38 PM Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: KMFNWO Date: September 14, 2007 3:23 PM Body: ~~~ IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON-LINE, PRINT OUT SOME HARD-COPIES NOW! ~~~ PDF version for best printed copy is here IF you can do so quickly, e-mail the link to this page to all on your e-mail list... ...with the brief message from you urging them to "Print and Read Now!" Your top priority right now, though, is preparing for your own immediate family survival! WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT! This guide is for families preparing for imminent terrorist or strategic nuclear attacks with expected severe destruction followed by widespread radioactive fallout downwind. IF ONLY A 'Dirty Bomb' A
My Job
Okay, here is the story, I'm at work, just doing my job. I work at a grocery store and I was carrying out groceries for a customer. I come back inside and I went to the back to talk to someone about something and I get called back up front and the checker who is a manager said that the customer I carried out for didn't pay for her groceries and I am like what, I didn't know that, and she was like "you are suppose to make sure the customer pays before you carry out the groceries" I didn't know that I was doing both jobs. She was the checker at the time, she is the one who is suppose to make sure that the customer pays. I was doing my job, sacking the groceries. She knows how to do her job, I shouldn't have to help her. I don't see how she thinks it is my fault that the customer didn't pay. I wasn't the one in the checkstand. I was where I was suppose to be, at the end of the checkstand sacking the groceries. That is my job and that was what I was doing. I hate my job but it's the only o
Aspartame - The Worlds Best Ant Poison
Aspartame - The Worlds Best Ant Poison thanks Lauren (vegemini) Thanks Laure Aspartame - The Worlds Best Ant Poison contributed by Jan Jensen of WELLthy Choices We live in the woods and carpenter ants are a huge problem. We have spent thousands of dollars with Orkin and on ant poisons trying to keep them under control but nothing has helped. So when I read somewhere that aspartame (Nutrasweet) was actually developed as an ant poison and only changed to being considered non-poisonous after it was realized that a lot more money could be made on it as a sweetener than as an ant poison, I decided to give it a try. I opened two packets of aspartame sweetener, and dumped one in a corner of each of our bathrooms. That was about 2 years ago and I have not seen any carpenter ants for about 9 to 12 months. It works better than the most deadly poisons I have tried. Any time they show up again, I simply dump another package of Nutrasweet in a corner, and they will b
R.i.p Serenity Cheyanne Fletcher
New World Rising Tonite @ Brave New Books 7pm Austin Tx
Tonight at Brave New Books, Josh Reeves of North Texas 911 Truth will be screening his movie 'New World Rising' at 7pm. Brave New Books is located at 1904 Guadalupe in Austin, TX. Check out their website at
9/11 Explains The Impotence Of The Anti-war Movement
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Lo Date: Sep 14, 2007 3:48 PM 9/11 Explains the Impotence of the Anti-war Movement Dandelion Salad By Paul Craig Roberts The anti-war movement has proven impotent to stop the war in Iraq despite the fact that the war was initiated on the basis of lies and deception. The anti-war movement stands helpless to prevent President Bush from attacking Iran or any other country that he might demonize for harboring a future 9/11 threat. September 11 enabled Bush to take America to war and to keep America at war even though the governments explanation of the events of September 11 is mired in controversy and disbelieved by a large percentage of the population. Although the news medias investigative arm has withered, other entities and individuals continue to struggle with unanswered questions. In the six years since 9/11, numerous distinguished scientists, engineers, architects, intelligence officers, pilots, mi
The "shot-gun" Bat-mitzvah Of Rebekah Sarah Lieberman
she's 13 tomorrow--i really didn't want to donate thousands to some synagogue to teach her some rituals--many i don't believe in and are just plain against G-d's Word. i bat-mitzvah'ed her myself in the car ride from work during lunch--it was beautiful. the basic precepts were serve G-d, mankind and the animal kingdom fervently--backed up by the rituals of continual prayer, atonement, kindness, charity, and devoted study--then you got what it means to bind yourself to the Coventant that G-d made with our fathers. got home -recited a few prayers from the authorized prayer book-recited Deuteronomy 6:4 and let her know that G-d gives us free will to serve Him fully--or not--it's up to you to make the right choice--and i know you will. such was the 'shot-gun' albeit beautiful bat-mitzvah of Rebek'ah Sar'ah Lieberman on 2 Etan'im 3458--9/14/2007
Snippets Vol. 1 (various Dates)
Sweet Defeat ------------- Looking for life's answers no where to be found watching life's dancers dancing all around Rainn, 1995 Petals of Roses --------------- Secrets hidden upon the petals of roses are never forgotten just merely set aside until the petals fall silently in the wind Rainn, 1995 Silence -------- Silence unfolds the unknown thrasher cut the wheat and the rustling lulls me to sleep Rainn, 1995 Life's Sunrise --------------- A golden ember in the sky brightens each day with hope desire untold fly by as each learns to cope Rainn, 1995 Night's Day ------------ Night winds racing children playing parents pacing life each day Rainn, 1993 Today's Children ----------------- Yesterdays' love is today's marriage tomorrow's divorce is today's children Rainn, 1993 The Storm ---------- Walking silently a single wind blows the beats defiantly and the storm gr
Bombers Wanted! Please Come Bomb To Your Hearts Content.
Hello Everyone, I am in a VIP giveaway. I have to get 8500 comments and ratings. I have 5500 more to go. Please come bomb your heart out. All you have to do is click my picture at the bottom, rate it, then post a lot of comments. Thank you in advance for all your help. I love you all. Siren of Love
Constant Cravings (1996)
Constant Cravings the sentiment inside dealing with complications for i cannot decide my constant cravings it cannot be denied for it lurks upon my mind and prepares silently in disguise a constant craving and no where to hide the craving will always be and always deep inside this constant craving allowing me to be blind my eyes are red and swollen from tears i haven't cried constant craving shall i ever find the one thing the one thing i cannot find constant cravings for the silence of rage will it ever be the silence in my head?
!!!!!truth Movement!!!!!
The Wooden Bowl
I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. The Wooden Bowl A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. " I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl! When the family glanced in Grandfather's
A End
A end I am not going anywhere thats what they all say, but give them time and they all go away. They remind you of the pain, of the thunder of the rain. They also remind you that the sun can shine, that you can happy in given time. I am not going anywhere I have heard it many times before, but for one reason or another they always walk out the door. whether it a lover or friend, if there is a beginning there must be a end.
Beyond the rawness of this attraction lies an endless hope for laughter, for truth, and for more depth than we can plumb with our bodies. Be my lover, with all that might include - no expectations save the one - that we might meet again and explore each other in the dark and in the brightest light. I promise nothing but to hold you and to listen for your needs breathed softly or shouted out and to give to you what I can and take from you only what you offer. All rights reserved
The Invisible Dancer (1995)
Softly spoken words enhance our understanding harsh thoughts break my silence fears release our angers and resentment causes our fears eyes begin to hear the unseen words ears begin to see the unheard tales our mind feels the distant pain and our hands remain motionless as if in thought
To Be A Doll
To be Doll to stand up high above all to be there with no emotion to carry the same expression to not seek friendship to not seek love to stand there high above all Oh! To be a Doll.
Prelude To The Rainstorm (story)
Prelude To The RainStorm by Raindear816 (Sweet Lil Wicked One) On a warm, but not sweltering spring day, the sun is out and shining, however the scent of rain is present. We are strolling alongside a meadow filled with butterflies and wildflowers. Up ahead, there is a tiny brook babbling down through river trodden stones, smooth for skipping, if one felt the urge to indulge their playful side. We come upon a rock of slate beside the brook where we decide to rest for a bit and enjoy one another. As I sit here, I cherish the presence of you. Your arm is around me, my head is rested on your chest while my long, blonde hair lays partially down the top part of your forearm. I can hear your heart beating along with the brook running its way through the earth, what a lovely melody. We exist as a miracle among miracles, two lovers listening to the soothing sounds of water flowing through those smooth stones, making mini rapids as it cuts its way through the Earth. Suddenly the sun
The Waltz (2005)
It seems as though the words are not there when it comes to you i never know how to say it how to express my love i feel so cold at times so cruel yet so in love i demand your aid and i return your help yet the promise is unkept it's like a twisted fairy tale where the knight falls in love with the dragon i shred your esteem i bury your heart yet you love me im so cold the tears fall in my silence i'm so empty the warmth that i feel for you cannot warm my numbness I ride into the night upon Death's horse i take his hand the black rider i bear my soul to him he touches me with his insolence the dark rain falls covering me in it's acidic embrace i cry in vain i pray to the angels to guide me back yet i cannot seem to follow the trail I walk in the swamp and befall Medusa with her stone cold stare Death persues me returns me to his side I walk under his cloak this is no dream i see the demons that lurk within and without i
So, I'm in this contest for hottest eyes that Fu-Bri is holding.....I'd love you forever if you'd throw some love my way!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your time!!!!!!!!!! Here is the link:
Eternal Love
Show me how it feels to be loved A feeling so deep that every thing's above Sing to me your angelic sweet melody And take away the breath that I do not need Look into my eyes, Deep down to my soul Then bite my neck so I'll never grow old Dance through the sky all through the night Hiding in darkness, way out of sight Fly back to the tower and to the seventh floor No one knows what's hiding behind the door Run for the cave when the moon starts to fall And again wait for the dark to conquer it all Rising again when the sun finally sinks We realize now why our love is so deep Giving the meaning to "The Living Dead" We walk among you as you rest your head Quenching our thirst we blood as we need Living forever as our souls bleed
Barren Realm (1995)
Shadows lurking behind trees each controlling me at times none are exactly free all making me a mime Memories forgotten shadows know each begotten none act like foe Smiles wander from nowhere tears from dry eyes blank stares empty lies Void of memory my soul is in many or maybe many in the soul of me not sure if any
The Masquerade (1995)
The flames dance the wall houses the shadows the smoke enhances as the embers feed the battle The hands enter the ballroom and the dancers gather 'round each delivers a certain doom by releasing another mound Soon the music dies and the guests part in numbers one hopeful spark flies but it soon buried with the others It always ends the same way a black sooty mass a sign of no one to stay just those who have passed
My Kids
Talking to my kids i haven't seen in over a yr brought tears to my eyes.... Now i know where they r after not knowing for a yr anyone here live in Virgina Beach? I need to get to my Babies somehow and as most of u know imma worthless Bumm right now..... anyone know how to get quick cash besides robbing a crack house.... i hope im making sence i can not stop the tears from pouring....laugh if u want but i love me Babies...yes men do cry..... i have to go for now i will be on lil at a time i need air....LOTS of it.... PS.if anyone can help me out plz write back let me know plz no shouts id never get them..... Thanks......... Tongue.........
Dream From The Edge (1995)
This is a dream a dream from the edge a man raping a woman with no regard to her children or the loose flame that danced on his flesh My hands held a sea of contempt a red, raging pool spilling over me this was a dream I was dreaming until i went to her I scratched at his eyes they fell off like buttons I grabbed for his hand he pulled away, leaving me bleeding This dream my journey of soul I remember The memories I have of the struggle all of them are hidden under stone churned by time Dying within I fell crucified tumbling over and over I struggle for a cornor hidden from his knowledge He searches his eyes are empty for he cannot see A desolate man searching struggling for happiness the fate of his followers is to grasp wisdom yest his justice is the destruction of touch This is a dream from the edge and I remember well 'Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it The Earth is rising above me as I am falling to m
Missin My Bailey... :(
Just feeling really sad and empty today for my kitty Bailey! He truely was like my baby! Treasure what you have for tomorrow you may not have it!!!!
The Pimpout I Did ! Part 1 Will Sticky In Bulliten This Weekend
ok everyone here it is...we were up against 4 bombing families and we ended up coming out on top in the end thankes to all the support we had from our a token of my grattitude i am doing this pimpout for them...please stop by there page and show them love as they have showed my wife love in her contest.............. $DJ Baby Boy$ { DIRTY SOUTH CREW}( DSC Bombers')@ fubar CHEVANNA~~SUNSHINE ANGELS FRIENDS CLUB~~AND ~~THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY HEAD SECURITY~~@ fubar Chrissy ♥ Wife to Nuk ♥@ fubar ICANBURS ~ BOMBERS R US FOOTBALL TEAM@ fubar '~TK~Ч.~ǣ F..R ~)C ߇~ Fml R袮 d Hd Gh$ $g让@ fubar PONYBOY1966~~ THE FOUNDER OF THE INDEPENDENT FAMILY ~~R/L BF AND PARTNER TO LAURALEI~~~~@ fubar Calamity Jane@ fubar ~*~TONI~*~@ fubar RedheadedCherry ♥ Club F.A.R ♥ Rate & Fan Me *B4* Friends Add@ fubar SYCHO FU {WIFE OF DISTURBED}
Can Ya Believe This?
SHE REALLY WAS A TRAITOR!! In Memory of my brother -in- law LT. C.Thomsen Wieland who spent 100 days at the Hanoi Hilton She really was a Traitor IF YOU NEVER FORWARDED ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE FORWARD THIS SO THAT EVERYONE WILL KNOW!!!!!! She really was a traitor A TRAITOR IS ABOUT TO BE HONORED KEEP THIS MOVING ACROSS AMERICA This is for all the kids born in the 70's who do not remember, and didn't have to bear the burden that our fathers, mothers and older brothers and sisters had to bear. Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the "100 Women of the Century." BY BARBRA WALTERS Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country, but specific men
The Journey (1995)
"A man raping a woman with no regard to her children or the loose match igniting his skin" I grasped my mother's hand, she slipped away tearing my soul from within "This is a dream I was dreaming" wishing for the end I pulled myself from the edge "I held in my hand a sea of misery, a red raging pool spilling over me like the wind" My journey along the edge, I remember. I can still see the rocks below NOTE: adapted from "I am Haunted by Waters" by Jeff Rainey
Forever Dead (1996)
Dissipating Memories or silence in my head the rage within is silent and strangely complete instead Yet in all the noise it seems to be fed as the feeling; the feeling of love is dead My soul is pure yet silently fed for unless written I shall forever be dead Deceased upon the silence the intelligence, instead is upon my arrival I shall forever be dead
Here's A Puzzle For You
Schwarzenegger has a big one, Michael J. Fox has a small one, Madonna doesn't have one, The Pope has one but doesn't use it, Clinton uses his all the time, Mickey Mouse has an unusual one, George Burns' was hot, Liberace NEVER used his on women, Jerry Seinfeld is very very proud of his, We never saw Lucy use Desi's What is it? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a last name....... Were you thinking of something else?
The Cross On The Mountainside (2005)
The cross sits on the mountainside awaiting the freshest of tears the winds blows past the blasphemy and the devil awaits in fears the eve sets upon the starry night and ebony waves crash into the sun it is here that our hope fades and anguish haunts me alone it's a synthetic reminder the coldness of my room it reminds me that we are not so far away yet few can see their own tomb the cross sits silently on the mountainside awaiting the first break of dawn a few cross it's shadows in fear of their own I arise to see the sun setting in the distant lands of humanity I cross the invisible barrier and fall on hardened stone to my knees Forgive me Father for I have sinned this is a first confession I have made I walk not in your path of light yet you guide me in your own celestial fight The earth was warm on that saddened day and even I have never spoke of you in vain yet in my defiance I watched your son be slain I remembe
it doesn't seem real. we never meant for this - it came up behind us, left us a little dazed, fearful, under the orange sky, caring more than we dared to, kissing with new meaning. yesterday, our feelings were unknown - how could it change and what has it become? romance unplanned arrives with the dying sun. All rights reserved
Broken Mirrors (1996)
Broken Mirrors cease my soul creased upon serenity shattered yet whole broken mirrors broken in haste stab the body miss the rest broken mirrors release the pain silence the voice, the voice within broken mirrors i hate you today for tomorrow i will repair you for yesterday
Garnet Yam
2 large garnet yams 1 medium red bell pepper, seeded and diced 2 avocados, peeled, pitted and mashed 1/2 cup chopped fresh cillantro 3 green onions sliced 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1 lemon or lime juiced salt pepper and papricka to taste 1 cup shreded cheddar cheese 1. puncture yams with a fork and microwave on high for 4 minutes, or until cooked. OR bake at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes on a cookie sheet. 2. In a medium bowl, mix the red pepper, avocado, cilantro,onion,juice, and spices. Set aside. 3. cut yams in half lengthwise and fluff centers with a fork. Top with the avocado mixture and then with cheddar cheese. Yummy! You can add a diced red chile pepper and pressed garlic for some spice. Quick and easy, yet fresh and tasty!
Angelic Script (2005)
The night's embrace falls fast upon the Earth for this beast called the Creator's man, and time rolls on without a word it seems he will never hear the unheard the night becomes day and day unto night yet in the whole of the visions they are worlds apart faith of stone and mortars laid with staffs and wands of regency and the word of the eternal ghost crowns of greed will alter its hosts Secrets of memories and lies untold their swords poised and ready to strike i feel the ambush of the many men the words of their harlots and of their pens a peasant to rise from the turmoil of hate his destitution rebuted and staged this is the sea that will divide them all all that will conquer, all that will fall share witness to the witless it is here that you shall be broken i bear witness to your mournful cries and here you shall see your true inner lies it is not death or destruction that will cause the most pain your refusal to listen and see this is what
Devotion, A High Price To Pay (1999)
Sexuality and sexist actions a gross reservation of life sometimes I feel like such a whore sacrifice my happiness and sanctify my soul Entertain your own obsession never see the dawn passify my emotions I will pay with my own devotion
Excuse Me, Your Fly Is Unzipped
1. "The cucumber has left the salad." 2. "Someone tore down the wall, and your Pink Floyd is hanging out." 3. "Your soldier arent so unknown now." 4. "Quasimodo needs to go back in the tower and tend to his bells." 5. "Elvis Junior has LEFT the building!" 6. "Mini Me is making a break for the escape pod. 7. "You've got your fly set for Monica instead of Hillary." 8. "You've got a security breach at Los Pantaloons." 9. "I'm talking about Shaft, can you dig it?" 10. "Men are From Mars, women can see Your Penis."
Secrets by BlueWolf From moon rise to sunset I dream of her I hide my feelings Away from them These hidden affections May cause a stir So no one will know To whom I refer They will not understand The passions of my heart So I keep this secret That holds us apart Someday I will let them in On the deepest desire That is buried within Burning like a fire But she must know first The secrets I hold I hope I am able to tell her I will try to be bold.................
Silent Legacy (1995)
The darkness evolved into desperation upon thought the shadows were thrown upon the wall this is all I have fought And as i pray in my darkness for wings to set me free I am bound to my silent legacy My vision always becomes blind and my heart seems to cry because the light... it's the light I shall never find And as i pray in my darkness for wings to set me free I am bound to my silent legacy As I reach for reason as original as sin the shadows lay upon the wall and the fear sets in And as i pray in my darkness for wings to set me free I am bound to my silent legacy The memories that bind are now very clear I have broken my silence and the legacy stops here Note: adapted from "Silent Legacy" by Melissa Etheridge
Death Wish (1996)
Destiny trails last in it's place and memories burn with no trace listen to me closely and watch in vain see the tears fall deep within close your eyes open your heart see my dreams of lace; the Web of Life Fear the widow her venom is harsh her bite cuts deep and leaves phantom scars Touch your soul save your own kind slice my wrist I am the damned dream the knife to be clean with lies and look into my swollen bloody eyes Visualize the spirit dancing upon the fire Invisible dancer, dance free as the liar criticize my play catch the stained tears pound on my heart i've been doing this for years only time has changed and please I beg of you slay this empty soul for me so I may say adieu
How (1996)
Recent events remind me restless living remembering the day Eventually all things merge into one events are current earthly ways execution, not delayed Momentarily persuaded missing in action miles away to the nearest memory Ever think of me? even in dreams? excellent in the rain... even in the flood Mortal thoughts mess with your mind's peace mike doesn't even know Banned thoughts break through the walls boats of ecstasy burn into my flesh Enigma is the answer exciting games about to take place ending in spilled blood enough clues? Re-question you, are you aware? ready to answer? reassured your probably wrong resent the game? Drag the mind through turmoil drifting in directions danger is getting closer days go by, got an answer? On the contrary, oldness is not the answer on the the paper it won't say Oh!! How easy this is. Nothing yet? next poem? not a chance... new thoughts... Never get another chance... no way of kn
Talk To Me Sometime
Ok, Im really not sure what this blog is for but I guess I just made one... So what am I gonna talk about to start with. Hmmm... I guess Id like to say if Im on your friends list, Id like to get to know you. It takes me a while to warm up to people, but I really am a caring and fun person. Granted I can be kinda cocky at times,but its usually just in fun. Im usually to worried about bothering people to shout at you first, but if ya give me a hollar I always answer back. Im getting brave enough to send comments to peoples pages though. I guess I must have a low self esteem or something. Kinda just figure people already have their clicks and I dont wanna intrude. But I would really enjoy getting to know the people I have on my friends list! Ok, thats enough for my first blog....
Ken Burns
check this out :) , i was involved with ken burn's world premiere last night of his new documentary "the war" at the old theatre where i work, i had to move some WWII artifacts from a bank to the theatre and other lovely tasks, and i got to meet and talk with him, the whole evening was very cool, but that's not really what i'm posting about, so please dont think i'm just bragging etc for the type of work i do i meet a lot of celebs and high profile people, and i rarely ever really talk about it outside of work, but check this out, i grabbed one of the programs to take home and one for my step dad who was in WWII, and i just so happened to open it up to chapter 5 i think it was, and guess what the title was??? FUBAR !!!!!! lol, i coud'nt believe it :) i thought that was just so cool and a great way to end the evening, to bad i was so tired when i got back home to post about it then, but i'm sure you undersatnd, so now we're even more famous! lol :)
Goodbye To A Dear Friend
RIP DLDG, WE WILL TRULY MISS YOU 12/22/78-9/14/07. GOD MUST HAVE THOUGHT WE NEEDED ANOTHER ANGEL TO WATCH OVER US BECAUSE HE GOT A SPECIAL ONE TODAY. WE WILL MISS YOU OUR DEAR FRIEND, OUR HEARTS WILL BE ACHING FOR TIME TO COME. YOUR MEMORIES WILL KEEP YOU WITH US FOREVER. Dont grieve for me for now i'm free I'm following the path GOD laid for me I took his hand when i heard him call I turned my back & left it all I could not stay another day To laugh, to love, to work or play Tasks left undone must stay that way I found that place at the close of the day If my parting has left a void Then fill it with remembered joy A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss Ah yes those things i too shall miss Be not burdened with times of sorrow I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow My lifes been full, i've savored much Good friends, good times, a loved ones touch Perhaps my time seemed all too brief Don't lengthen it now with undue grief Lift up your heart and share with
Watch Me (1996)
Watching the horrors evolve into beauty wanting for the beauty to come into my soul listen to the echoes as they race through my mind this is the embarrassment of life Allowing them to be seen wanting to have them torn from my soul raped over and over this is the insanity of being alive Touching words with spoiled thought seeing the visions with pure eyes smelling the satisfaction of my breath this is the obstacle of feeling Caressing the feeling of pain remembering the tears never cried loving the thought of suicide this is the life of insanity Hearing the silence of spirits screaming envisioning the mist of life tasting the stench of life all around this is the life in death My world has crashed through the floor the road to hell has been lit forever now I see the light and I am not alone this is the miracle of friendship Envelop the pain in my head decide whether your strong wish for it to end this is the sanity of suicide Divide the world i
And The Keep Coming !!!!
These girls want to be treated like crap...Look!!!They keep coming back for more...So why shouldn't I oblige them? All you guys who posted on my last attention, I'll show you how to treat the ladies the way they want to be treated.
I have just about had it with people posting fake pics in their profiles and no real pics of themselves....or worse yet a fake main pic to lure you in..then you gotta dig to see what they REALLY look like...whats the point? A) its illegal B) show yourself and dont misrepresent yourself or push off. Having "other" pics in an "other" file or "pics I like" is cool...but dont post fakies and make people think they are YOU! DUH!
Delusions Of The Past (2001)
Silent solutions sacred emotions a destination unknown Fortified arrogance sleeping destiny a rite of eternal revival Saddened revolution sadistic compilation a memory of things to come Desecrate existence sanctified righteousness a delusion of the past
Fantastical Realities (2005)
I walked into the unseen night and upon the cold, desolate existence I saw a man he was cradled by the wind of the dark and his eyes embraced the moon here he wandered alone balancing between existence and fantasy as he held tightly onto the unforeseen destiny his soul was tortured upon society's rack his heart became withered and his eyes filled with tears his shadowed memories began to fade and the flame dissolved his last breath I never imagined i could understand and yet as I fade into the night my existence is fantastical while my fantasies are so real
Quick Funny Story About Pee, Lol
I may regret telling the world this but....I just went pee and as I was peeing, I remembered that I had used the last of the toilet paper earlier! I look around and the box of Kleenex is missing. I open up the vanity drawers and nothing. Nothing that remotely looks like a piece of cloth to use. I am all alone. What do I do? I sit there for a minute and laugh and then I had to take my hand and use it for toilet paper!!! What else was I going to use? Yes, I thoroughly washed my hands after. I then went and got the box of Kleenex by my bedside and proceeded to wipe properly! I just thought it was too funny not to share! Now, there are 3 roles of toilet paper in my bathroom! Thought you could use a good laugh grossed out! haha Ciao~
Just Too Funny
>> > I have 6 large dogs, and was buying several large bags of Iam's at >> > Costco and was in line to check out. >> > >> > The woman behind me asked if I had a dog? (Duh!) >> > >> > On impulse, I told her no, I was starting The Purina Diet again. >> > Although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital the >> > last time. But I'd lost 20 pounds before I awakened in an intensive >> > care >> > ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. >> > >> > I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way it >> > works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat >> > one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally >> > complete so I was going to try it again . >> > >> > I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now >> > enthralled with my story, particularly a tall guy who was standing >> > behind her. >> > >> > Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive c
Journey Of Soul (1994)
Silent breezes roam over the land waves crash on the shore birds fly into the dawn's horizon in my mortal wanderings, I have been there Crescent moons visualize the sea lightening takes photographs to preserve the mood the rain has washed away the saddness in my mortal wanderings, I have been there The stars reflect the peace within and the snow blankets the ground while the Earth sleeps quietly in my mortal wanderings, I have been there Each one of us journeys every day but they do not last forever the journeys are within and each step reflects your soul
Okay.. I have held it in long enough! My computer is online 24/7 7 days a week, I on the other hand am only human and I am not. If you shout me and I do not respond that means: 1)I am not near the computer regardless of what my status says. I have children and family and things that need to be taken care of other then Fubar. 2)I am at work and not able to respond, like I said online 24/7 7 days a week...the computer, not me. 3)Helping the "Fu-Bombers" which means I'm doing something other then sitting here staring at the shoutbox. 4)shoutbox is temporarily off now, regardless of what I may be doing this does not give you the right to call me a bitch, stuck up, say I am only looking to add names for points, or anything else that disrespects me. I am a genuinely nice person and I accepted your add because I thought there was something interesting about each of you. Now after this being said if you feel like deleting me that is entirely up to you. If I am online and
Personally I hate the term BBW. Big Beautiful Woman. I have no idea why I do. It just "icks" me. I like the term Fluffy. It is cute and pink to me. My parts are fluffy. My stomach is not flat. It is not firm. And if there is a six pack in there. It is hidden well. It is fluffy. And while my children are growing faster. The stretchmarks they left behind fade, from angry marks to gentle white ones. I wonder why so many woman feel that being skinny equals being beautiful. Actually I do not need to wonder. It is something that you grow up believing. I did it too. In highschool with my flat stomach and tight ass. Making fun of a women with dimply thighs and stretchmarks. "I will NEVER have stretchmarks!! And my ass!!! I refuse to allow it to dimple!!!!" *snort* Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. My breasts that were once firm and perky, after breastfeeding two children for 18 months each, look mommyish, but proud. I think additude equals beauty. I think that being soft is beautiful.
White Stain (1994)
my mind whispers silently my hands shake in haste my soul ceases to be with every day that I face the hawk cries at night my head spins in pain each day I struggle and fight trying to reduce the white stain the emptiness inside grows deeper each day while the white man lies and laughs in dismay
Mortal Wanderings (1994)
Time drifts like sand from a dune bells chime in the distant land the sky is lit by the moon and the beam looks like a hand the wind gently sweeps me away and my feet never leave the ground I'm swept to serenity where I stay and where my soul is no longer bound
Battle Cry (1994)
Secrets silence the laughter within spoken words cry for the pain that is there hands disturb the sleeping thoughts and my mind sleeps silently and aware night falls softly upon my weary head shadows lurk and sing to awaken my mind and mine eyes drift silently along whispers are heard through the night and the gale sings whispering her words the music floats heavily upon my breath and the words are nowhere to be found memories disintegrate as the words appear to be thought in my heart the rhythm is felt and the words are seen the eyes drift quietly upon the scenes and my voice quivers as they ride past my hands shake within and my mind plays it's games this is the turn the battle that was fought this is the war that no one wins this is my life and heart
The Dance In The Darkness (1995)
Candlelight upon the wall shadows dance to the rhythm the music is only heard in my mind and the dancers survive within candle wax drips down the stick as the music becomes silent yet the dancers dance on and my thoughts are found upon the silence as the wicks are smothered the glow of thought brightens the music still silent, plays on and my soul embraces the unspoken rhythm this is the dance that all men fear the dance is forgotten and unseen yet all dance in the silence of their mind and all deny it's very existence this passage, through silence and darkness, it is the way of every man it is a journey taken by all only to begin yet again
The Ecstacy Of War (1995)
Shadows lurk as the evil rises the low moan of spirituality sighs in ecstasy but upon my arrival my soul screams in pain twirling and spinning in delusional triumph the battle has ended but the war has just begun the war in my mind has tipped the balance the balance has tipped near the edge and my eyes see the pain and desire below yet my heart is bound in self-declared freedom and in the end, my self-destruction, I shall again be reborn
What A Week!
This seemed like one very long week. There was a lot that happened with my boys pretty much every day. It is over and today is a brand new day. The sun will set and another day will be fresh! Right? I think so. I have been cleaning today. Funny how when you are not feeling the greatest, no one seems to help you out around the house. I know they have good intension's but....we know what Moms do that other people in the house don't even see us doing and taking care of! Yesterday wasn't the best. I took a friends advise and didn't let the school thing and his homework get in the way of Christopher having fun on his birthday. It was a rocky start but it ended well. He was happy. We got him (ordered) a bicycle for his birthday. One he has had his eye on for quite some time. Hopefully this one doesn't get stolen like the last one! Now...he just has to learn patients for it to come. Kids even at 12 years old don't understand 5 business days. He thinks it should be here
good evenin familys i hope all are doin well, well tomorow is the big day the party of the year, i hope are ready as of today im not takin no more entrees to the bomb fest. this bomb fest is for fun in all, please lets not have NOOO DRAMA IN ANY SHAPE SIZE OR FORM.if any one feels thier a problem pls go to ur leader b4 u come to me , also please have proof b4 comin to me , we are adults. make sure all are have added i will only add one time tomorow an after that statin sunday i will add twice a day , thier has been more enough time for all familys to have done it by now good luck to all familys love rubia
one of my best friends passed away on Wednesday. she was --the-- most upbeat person i have ever met. the world was her oyster, even when she was sad and down she had a hurricane beneath her wings. after more than five years, cancer finally took her from this world. the world is less shiny without her. my heart is sad and misses her. i will never forget her, nor will her influence upon me ever decrease. the world will never be the same now that she has left it.
The Place You're In - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Cry, baby cry I hear what you say You used to have a good man baby but you Threw it all away Live baby liv While you still can I can change your world baby If you let me be your man Chorus: I want to get you out of the place you're in I want to leave you in no doubt I want to get you out of the place you're in Right now, I want to get you out Dream for the day Open up your mind It don't matter what happens girl You got to leave it all behind Chorus: I want to get you out of the place you're in I want to leave you in no doubt I want to get you out of the place you're in 'Cause I, I see a bluer sky I see a better life So baby dry your eyes I'm gonna get you out Chorus: I want to get you out of the place you're in I want to leave you in no doubt I want to get you out of the place you're in Right now, I want to get you out
War Paint (1997)
Vacant Land and Sacred Hearts Restless Spirits and chosen words Once upon a time, a people of Wolf, Deer and Snipe; a people of happiness and independence. Now the pale face tell the story, a people of savagery and sin; a people of illusion and poverty. My people shall rise out of the ashes and we shall become one nation again. We shall rise up and take our place and the battle lines will have been drawn. The war paint has been applied, so prepare for the bloodiest of all wars. Prepare for the ending Saga, for we shall prevail.
My Mother's Tears (2005)
I sit in silence of the Earth and listen to her cries I see the chaos of her Love and feel her tears on my shoulder Man has waged many wars, but none as harsh as the one he's declared on his mother whom he rapes daily I feel her pain and cry with her as she tends to her wounds while she ignores the brutality She sings a song so sweet yet her eyes are filled with the blood of her young that has no regard for her love I cry in my darkness as I listen to her heart break with the rising of each dawn and the setting of each twilight Shall we ever know the tales of her cherished pain? Shall she be the nurturing mother that we have seen in the past? Or shall she rise against us -- her children, battering her swollen and abused spirit in defense of her existence? I reach out to her in love and devotion to tend her wounds as I pray for our serenity.
The Crown: A Poetic Rambling (2006)
I peered in the mirror it reflected the life I lead I was shocked to find a crown on my head The crown of justice, defense and grace The crown of hatred, love and faith it bred envy, violence and hate anger and sadness was my desired state I laughed to not cry sang to not plea slept to not think and tried to not be the scars of deceit can be seen on my flesh the circles under my eyes a due from no rest the nails on my hands are short and dry the aches in my bones are not which make me cry this crown on my head and it's glittering state is not just beauty but a reflection of the weight I dare not to say Mirror Mirror on the wall I am beauty I am also the fall See my reflection it can be cast in stone beware of the shadow I am alone The crown adjusts to the weight of my head I keep trying to raise it so none will see me dead NOTE: this is just some rambling that was going through my head. it's not intended to mean anyt
All Bombin Familys
good evenin familys i hope all are doin well, well tomorow is the big day the party of the year, i hope are ready as of today im not takin no more entrees to the bomb fest. this bomb fest is for fun in all, please lets not have NOOO DRAMA IN ANY SHAPE SIZE OR FORM.if any one feels thier a problem pls go to ur leader b4 u come to me , also please have proof b4 comin to me , we are adults. make sure all are have added i will only add one time tomorow an after that statin sunday i will add twice a day , thier has been more enough time for all familys to have done it by now good luck to all familys love rubia
Question: What you want from the next president of the US? Do you care about thier race or sex, or is it just about thier political views? Feel free to comment on your opinion!
Plz Read
good evenin familys i hope all are doin well, well tomorow is the big day the party of the year, i hope are ready as of today im not takin no more entrees to the bomb fest. this bomb fest is for fun in all, please lets not have NOOO DRAMA IN ANY SHAPE SIZE OR FORM.if any one feels thier a problem pls go to ur leader b4 u come to me , also please have proof b4 comin to me , we are adults. make sure all are have added i will only add one time tomorow an after that statin sunday i will add twice a day , thier has been more enough time for all familys to have done it by now good luck to all familys love rubia
Remember That First Time....
As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him-he's done this many times before. His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him more room for an easy entrance. You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way; pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful. Your eyes are filled with tears but you shake your head and nod for him to go on. He
Interview (very Funny)
6848 To Level
Please come show the love to her and help her level up. We have 8 more Happy Hours in a row. 100% SUNSHINE 4 YA@ fubar
One Day
good evenin familys i hope all are doin well, well tomorow is the big day the party of the year, i hope are ready as of today im not takin no more entrees to the bomb fest. this bomb fest is for fun in all, please lets not have NOOO DRAMA IN ANY SHAPE SIZE OR FORM.if any one feels thier a problem pls go to ur leader b4 u come to me , also please have proof b4 comin to me , we are adults. make sure all are have added i will only add one time tomorow an after that statin sunday i will add twice a day , thier has been more enough time for all familys to have done it by now good luck to all familys love rubia
Mr And Mrs Winn
well brian .. looks like you fucked up big time .. what did you do .. you have managed to chase away one of the best people you could ever meet .. all this bullshit you blew up her ass and her son .. please .. how could you mind fuck her so bad .. she believed in you .. she wanted nothing more then to be with you and hopefully be happy .. but no .. you had to fill her head with nothing but sweet little promises .. and they were all lies .. you need to get a set of balls and change that .. but i dont see that happening .. you are not a man but you are a weasel .. how many other women are you doing this too .. god i wish i knew .. and you call yourself a marine a man among men .. for once i can say i am ashamed of a soldier .. heres his page if ya wanna check out a good bullshitter
Bomb Fest
good evenin familys i hope all are doin well, well tomorow is the big day the party of the year, i hope are ready as of today im not takin no more entrees to the bomb fest. this bomb fest is for fun in all, please lets not have NOOO DRAMA IN ANY SHAPE SIZE OR FORM.if any one feels thier a problem pls go to ur leader b4 u come to me , also please have proof b4 comin to me , we are adults. make sure all are have added i will only add one time tomorow an after that statin sunday i will add twice a day , thier has been more enough time for all familys to have done it by now good luck to all familys love rubia
You know what? It was about nine months ago one of my friends from SoCal bought a blast for me for 3 days. Since then nobody has offered to buy me another blast. I see these young girls on here getting blast after blast bought for them and I have to wonder if the younger women on here get all the blasts and we old females are being sent out to pasture or just what is the deal? Anyone have an answer for me?
Help Sassy Please!!! Needs Love
Sassy is the bomb!! She is there to help anyone and everyone. Please help me give her back some love and help her level up. She needs all the ratings, comments, fans, friends you can give her. Click her link to show the love!!! ~/~ Sassy Laurie~/~ Founder of The Lancasters Bartender Fusion Club F.A.R. Founder of the B r U Ch@ fubar Thanks for paying it forward!!! WE LOVE YOU SASSY CHICK!!!
So, I had an eye Dr. appointment at 2p today and I was running late for it... but I knew how much time I needed to get there and thought I would be cool. Uh.. NO. I get barely onto the interstate and there's traffic backing up. SHIT! Time pases and I notice we aren't moving AT ALL. More time passes ... shit, it's getting cloe to my appt time. More time passes .. and we've moved maybe 50 ft..if that. So, I thought I would be courteous and call the Dr's office and let them know what the deal is. I mean, my "appt" wasn't really an was a quick re-check so I could get my prescription. So this young dude answers the phone and quickly tells me that he cancelled my appt and that I will have to reschedule. Uh... WHAT? I was so pissed that I jus hung up on him so I didn't say anything I'd regret later. and I was STILL sitting basically in the same spot I was before all this.... So, we barely move along about every 10 minutes..and I'v had time to think and calm down from everything
One Day
good evenin familys i hope all are doin well, well tomorow is the big day the party of the year, i hope are ready as of today im not takin no more entrees to the bomb fest. this bomb fest is for fun in all, please lets not have NOOO DRAMA IN ANY SHAPE SIZE OR FORM.if any one feels thier a problem pls go to ur leader b4 u come to me , also please have proof b4 comin to me , we are adults. make sure all are have added i will only add one time tomorow an after that statin sunday i will add twice a day , thier has been more enough time for all familys to have done it by now good luck to all familys love rubia
The Elevator
The Elevator By Ms. Cleavage Copyright 2007 The elevator door closes and behind me is a very handsome man that I noticed as I entered. He is wearing a very expensive looking suit with an attach case in his right hand leaning up against the wall. He smiles at me as I enter the elevator and press the button for the floor below the button he pushed. We have many floors to go yet. I stand there in the middle of the floor and we begin our ascent to our destination. I can smell the scent of his cologne as it wafts over my shoulder. Very manly and extremely seductive was the scent from his cologne. It made my mind wander with the allure from his scent. I hear the tap of his attach case as he sets it on the floor behind me and off to his side. Suddenly, I feel his arm slowly reach around my waist and give me a slight tug backwards and I can feel his body press up against my back. I gasped for a second but never say a word. Against my ass I can feel the stiffness of hi
Solar System
Solar System Sun diameter: 1 392 700 km temperature at the center: 15 000 000 Celsius temperature at surface: 5800 Celsius time for one rotation: at the equator about 25 days proper motion: with about 20 km/sec. in direction to constellation Herkules -------------------------------------------------- Mercury diameter: 4840 km distance of orbit from Sun (average): 57 900 000 km time for one turn around the Sun: 88 days time for one rotation: 59 days surface temperature: -200 to +350 Celsius -------------------------------------------------- Venus diameter: 12 200 km distance of orbit from Sun (average): 108 000 000 km time for one turn around the Sun: 225 days time for one rotation: 243 days surface temperature: about 460 Celsius ------------------------------------------------- Earth diameter: 12 757 km distance of orbit from Sun (average):
Escortin A Soldier Home
Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq . I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do. Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and ma
Sexstory: A Story In Collaboration & In Progress
Monday morning and I'm walking down the hall toward my office. I'm an accountant at a local medical center and it's usually quite busy on Mondays, as it is most days. The weird thing is that as I pass by several open office doors, almost every woman looks up at me, smiles, and says, "Good morning, Anthony!" This may not sound odd to most of you, but trust me, it is! Many of the women I work with are drop dead gorgeous and never seemed to notice I existed before today. One of the reasons I enjoy my job at the hospital so much is that ninety percent of the people I worked with were female. In fact, I'm surprised many of them even knew my first name! Its usually Hey, howre you doing? when the women see me which you can read as Youre really not important enough to remember your name. So, you see, I'm thoroughly confused at all this attention as I make my way toward my office. It's not that I'm devastatingly ugly or anything, don't get me wrong. I'm in no way disgusting, but
Drug Problem
The other day, someone at a store in a small town read that a methamphetamine lab had been found in an old farmhouse in the adjoining county and he asked me a rhetorical question, "WHY DIDN'T WE HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM WHEN YOU AND I WERE GROWING UP?" I told him that I did have a DRUG problem when I was a kid growing up on the farm when I was young: I was DRUG to church on Sunday morning. I was DRUG to church for weddings and funerals. I was DRUG to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather. I was DRUG by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults. I was also DRUG to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, brought home a bad report card, did not speak with respect, spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher, or if I didn't put forth my best effort in everything that was asked of me. I was DRUG to the kitchen sink if I uttered a profane four-letter! word. ( I do know what Lye soap tastes like.) I was DRUG out to pull weeds in mom's g
Alice Cooper Finally?
50/50 chance that I will be seeing alice cooper tomorrow night... stay tuned... also playing queensryche and heaven and hell... DJK
Rules Of The South!!!
1. Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot. 2. Turn your cap right, your head isn't crooked. 3. Let's get this straight; it's called a "gravel road." I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 4. They are cattle. That's why they smell to you. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? I-40 goes east and west, I-65 goes north and south. Pick one. 5. So you have a $70,000 car. We're impressed. We have $250,000 cotton strippers that are driven only 3 weeks a year. 6. So every person in the south waves. It's called being friendly. Try to understand the concept. 7. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of doves are coming in, we WILL shoot it out of your hand. You better hope you don't have it up to your ear at the time. 8. Yeah, we eat catfish &; crawfish. You really want sushi & caviar? It's available at the corner bait shop. 9. The
~ Dale Sr Tribute To Bob Segar Still The One ~
You know i seen this in Dale;the Movie and forgot all about it, but it is unbelieveable when he calls in to Pit during a caution and Richard tells him no that they can't give up the track position. Dale comes back and says "ok i'll be off the radio for a few minutes" The car comes around the track and there is Dale unbukled and setting on the door of the car cleaning his windshield. You can see it here. This is AdamSc'3 Dale Earnhardt Tribute. This is simply about the life of Dale Earnhardt, including big moments in his racing and with his family, ending with him climbing into his car for the start of the 2001 Daytona 500 all set to Bob Segar's "Still the same"
Courtroom Laughter
These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active? WITNESS: No, I just lie there. ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? WITNESS: Yes. ATTORNEY: And in what ways does it affect your memory? WITNESS: I forget. ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot? ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? WITNESS: He said, "Where am I, Cathy?" ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you? WITNESS: My name is Susan! ATTORNEY: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in voodoo? WITNESS: We both do. ATTORNEY: Voodoo? WITNESS: We do. ATTORNEY:
Whats In A Word
Cool, Sweet, Right On, Chicks, Far out, Duh, Dude, Not, Psyche, Snap, Awesome, Good Deal, No Doubt, Shibby, Crunk, Forrizzle, Shwing, Doh. Every generation has there sayings, words or phrases that sticks over time and is passed down to the next. And thankfully some have disappeared and vanished away. Gone forever and are never used again. Just the other day I heard my 12 years old refer to a 50 plus year old woman as a chick. On other occasions he has said words like duh and dude. I find it rather amusing when the things that I once said, or sometimes use myself, come from his mouth. It's just not right to hear him or any other kid say these things, and yeah it makes me feel old. But on the other hand, I do laugh about it because some words just won't die. But I never realized how fast these kids grow up until now. Pretty soon, both my kids will be all grown up, and I will be hearing these words come out of my grandchildrens mouth. I still remember like it was yesterday when both were
I Believe
I believe- That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe- That no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and, you must forgive them for that. I believe- That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe- That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe- That it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe- That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the las t time you see them I believe- That you can keep going long after you can't. I believe- That we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe- That either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe- Tha t regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.
Electric Bike
Here is a new kind of drag bike....go to the link below and check it will be amazed!!!
Spare A Rate?
I understand that not everyone can bomb...But it only takes 2 seconds to rate...Soooooooooo come on by and rate ~Hot Momma~ in the hobby contest!!!!!
Nothing I feel it now More than ever That never-ending longing Longing to be free again To return to where I once was To be classified as weird To do things that are crazy To lose myself in the nothingness That sounds so wonderful To act like nothing matters To feel like nothing matters To be nothing Nothing, nothing, nothing Its calling me What do I do Its pulling me hard I feel it Deep, deep inside me The nothingness is calling Yearning to be set free Go wild, and not have a care in the world Just run and be free Can I suppress it No I dont think so Its way too strong I just cant shake it It just wont be shook I just cant leave again What to do What to do I cant say nothing It will only cause problems It always goes back to Nothing, nothing, nothing It will always be Nothing, nothing, nothing!
Pray For Jersey Brat And The Famly Of Her Friend!
Hide header Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 14:28:28 -0700 From: Size: 2 KB To: Reply-To: I heard this afternoon that a good friend of mine was killed last nite in a motorcycle accident. Ironically, he just bought his bike last weekend. He was only 25 years old. Please keep his family and loved ones in your prayers. He was a Marine who served time in Iraq and is/was also a fulltime firefighter in Jersey City, NJ. He was a beautiful person inside and out. I feel so fortunate to have had him in my life as my friend. I've learned a lot from him and I miss him already. Thanks in advance for your prayers . .
Bed Of Stone (2004)
in the night i wept great tears of sorrow indulgence of flesh years of tomorrow he came to me with hands so soft his soul of darkness an empty cross i remember his laughter so taunt, so dark a reverie of seduction mocking of my heart his eyes so black as night they bled his breath afire and so i wept he ravaged me sweetly my mind became lost his passion embraced me and nothing was fought I remember the fear he had all control a demon in heat an unsheltered soul I can feel his touch ravage me still i ache for his kiss i yearn for his will That night i remember in the dark so alone he left me lying on that bed of stone
The Diamond (2002)
the coldness of the dark surrounds this everlasting soul there is no life to be lived yet it must be so the tears fall and nothing is left to feel this is the last time i will cry in vain the pain you cause there is nothing to lose your words slice through my unbeating heart you take none of the cause the blade is mine in your eyes all is forgotten but the diamond still cuts
Everyone around me is whipping out their own lingo. All the hot rodders are saying 'krazy, kustom & kool'. The geeks are dropping 'CGI Joe' and 'crapplet'. Even the hood rats are waxing 'boojie' - the ghetto version of burgoisie. But when is the last time you heard someone use 'nards' in a conversation? ", she put the kung-fu grip on my nards...." or "...dude, you must have nards the size of bowling balls.." Fuggit, I'm bringing it back! From now on everyone will get the word nards in their profile comments - "...what do you call that hairdo? it looks like nard fuzz..."
Epitaph (2002)
i told you the tears were done yet you try to hurt me you slice me with your words yet there is no pain you tell me lies and they just reflect i have no fear of you or your tales you isolate me and then come crying you hurt her she didn't cry they are your tears i didn't cry they were your words you are alone this is your epitaph
Santa's Toy Bag (2000)
i often wonder where all the toys have gone then i open my eyes and they are before me not unlike the scenes of the latest horror film I see myself in the mirror and look away black tears hide the pain they seep onto white flesh never before seen at the sun's reflection so much felt by me given to others i play the viscious cycle over and over the pawns are never the same only they play the same board will the bag ever be true? will it ever be empty? can i make them as i go? i wish for playtime to be over can i say goodbye? his little elves the minions of the dark his strings are moved i am the puppet dare not to cut the strings shall i fall? i drown in the black tears reflecting in the mirror can i scry upon the reflection? i see myself i turn away is this fate? merciless upon this breath there is nothing but cold and the fire that i extinguished ashes are drowned in the same tears will they blow in the wind? this is where i am
Supposed Boyfriends
Well I have this supposed boyfriend. I get the feeling he's cheating on me. I'm rather upset about this. I loved him. I thought he loved me. But apparently one person isn't enough for him. So he has to have 2 or 3 I can't believe this shit. I'm done with relationships.
The Dancer (2003)
i look i see the dancer she dances upon the black ice not knowing or caring of the thickness does she cast a reflection? none that can be seen is it the starlight? or just the lack of perception? as she dances, the cracks become clearer will they hold? or is this the end of the dance? she dances on projecting her image that can not be seen will she tire? i look down and see slippers that belong to her they are moving in the shadow of my own is this fate? is there such a dancer? or is she my own imagination? we share the same space, yet we know not each other's name
Vip Runs Out Tomorrow (((saturday)))) Yet Again!!! :( :(
Well here I am again yet agaion with this... :( My Vip runs out tomorrow.... I been adding so many pics and stuff.. been on this stupid levedl 20 for 1 month now..... I cant afford nuttin and have no credit cards.. Or else I may of bought myself a renewal... I have been in 6 contests soo faw only won 2 of them and the 2 I did win the lady closed down her site on here and none of us got our VIP renewals we had one on... Yet again... I am toooo sick to enter any contests right now for a while anyway.... And no you Who think this is some kind of ploy.. Bite my big old white ZOMBIE arse.... lol..... hehehe.. I gotta go back into the hospital for 1-2 days only short this time....Compared to the 11 days I just spent in there.. lol .. My Birthday is in 4 days Sept 18th.. So I am not going until after my B-day I told my doc that.. lmao!!! Maybe another little angel could help me out again.... Now worries.. I am not a point whore nor l;evel whore.. and pull my own weight.. all
A Boy No One Knew (2004)
Terrible Visions Blackness incurred Tragic Events Insomniac Blurred Dangerous times Traveling Past Negligent path a day of last Fourty-two shadows curled in a line disenchanted slumber metaphysical rhyme Average life average years seduction of Master fragile tears Ninety times eleven by two a peacful warrior an unpaid lieu twenty squared times four by four a crossing over a rogue whore Silence in the Blackness a desert eagle flew a cauldron boiling over a boy no one knew
Well, Thankfully we made it through the first hurricane of the season. Went to bed wednesday night expecting to get a pretty good storm from tropical storm humberto, which was supposed to make landfall south of galveston,,,, Got woke up about 330 am to what sounded like a train bearing down on the house. Shit crashing into the sides and rain trying its best to get inside where we were. Seems humberto decided to become a very strong catagory 1 hurricane before shifting and slamming into us that night. We got a pretty direct hit but we survived a direct hit from catogory 3 Rita a couple years back so this wasnt to bad... I can handle the storm, the rain, the wind, the noise, trees crashing, all that stuff, I just dont like doing it in the dark. And by about 430 we of course were without electricity.... GOt that back late last night, was nice cause we were actually one of the first areas to come back on. Anyway, now we are cleaning up, accessing the damage, all that fun stuff. Le
Goodnight Sweet Prince (2004)
Tell to me your tale the one about love the fantasy I held for so long Tell me of your triumphs the slaying of the beast and of my rescue Sing to me your lullaby a shanty of honourable lies Bid me Goodbye your armor has tarnished you must polish it for someone new Goodnight my sweet prince I bid you farewell for my dreams have come true
The First Resurrection (1999)
a distant foundation of love, hate and joy a single serenity a irresistable boy caressed understanding a delusional way arrogance to beligerance an undescribable way The first resurrection and a thought of suicide past deliverance and a method to decide questionable tolerance and a violated queen serve up the inheritance and design the final scene
Sacrificial Memories (2001)
Sacrificial Memories and suicidal dreams a moment stolen a heart full of dreams a memory of enchantment of days gone past a shadowed stain a preacher's tongue is cast Evangelistic Havens a christened bloodied gown sincere subtle viriginity a simple crested crown lack of faux forgiveness an evil cry below uniformed madness and a unified goal angered simple peasantry a gleaming sacred kiss shadowed indulgent arrogance and silent tears are missed
Crime (2000)
An angelic hue rises over the land a graceful shadow falls into the night sinful memories fade into the past and the wretched heathen falls from fright Worship my understanding and peace set your arrogance aside caress my everpresent denial and understand that i have cried Repress your juvenile regression and congregate in time feed the rising fires and sanctify my hideous crime Victimization and a hateful plea remains quiet my insane agressions and never forget my pain
Letter To The Assholes In My Life!
Dear Assholes, I'm tired of the bullshit. I'm tired of the lies. I'm tired of trusting and being let down. Its funny how people can be dishonest and blame their faults on me. I'm not perfect i know, but i do not lead people to trust me and let them down in the worst possible way. I would never intentionaly hurt someone. I'm tired of excuses. The James you all know is lost and i'm not sure he could be found again. If evil is what i'm charged with then evil is what you'll recieve. From now on i'll show you what that side of James is with no regrets. If you call me a dick, an asshole, or a basterd then know that you earned it fair and square. Fuck you and all that you represent. I'm just tired of all of it. I'm done playing this game and i'm done with YOU! -Forever Hate James
Totured Soul (1999)
Silohuettes of sadness and unease of tears combined soulful searching forever a thought i cannot find memories and halucinations a dreadful eerie quest disembarked promises a lost and dark request shattered dreams upon this tortured soul lost serenity upon that night so cold a destined union that one can never understand please forgive my tears and lend a caring hand
Dj Forsaken Bully #5
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Song By Mac Fleetwood
Go your own way Loving you Isn't the right thing to do How can I ever change things That I feel If I could Maybe I'd give you my world How can I When you won't take it from me You can go your own way Go your own way You can call it Another lonely day You can go your own way Go your own way Tell me why Everything turned around Packing up Shacking up is all you wanna do If I could Baby I'd give you my world Open up Everything's waiting for you You can go your own way Go your own way You can call it Another lonely day You can go your own way Go your own way
Silent Cries (1999)
A sweet surrender a precious time ignorant behaviours disappointing lies massacred serenity watch for death to come ignore the insanity of it all and watch it all become one a single delusion of eternal life a threatened cry from an unwed wife misunderstood depression and untellable lies christened morals and a pain denied sugar-coated socialites and anger from deep within the integrity of delusions and silent cries within
Dj Fosaken Bully # 4
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I Love this song My, my said the beggar man What you give and what you take Are two different things Eat up what you've got Evil winds that drag your bones to rot Evil winds that'll set, set me free Suicide of the first division Found dead with a noose wrapped around your head No one cared to raise an eye Don't it make you wanna' scream, scream till they cry Evil winds that'll set, set me free Please brother can you spare me a dime To buy some bread and a bottle of wine I'll never ask for anything again Just help me, help me to survive Evil winds that'll set, set me free Please brother can you spare me a dime To buy some bread and a bottle of wine I'll never ask for anything again Just help me make it through the Help me make it through Help me make it through Help me make it through Make it through the night High tide like a wishing well The thoughts of Balrog flowing through my head Please time won't you take me back To the lands and paths F
Vampyric Tears (1999)
A trembling motion and a heart true of lies my simple industrial vampire caress this heart of mine Darkened appraisal and deepened tears accused innocence of blood and misunderstood fears Alone and caressed a shadow of love eternal deception a lies from above A trace of heredity and open eyes singled out unity and angelic spoken lies A small invisible life an eternal love for fears entranced reverence all from Vampyric Tears
Dj Fosaken Bully#3
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Birthday Love...
Today is Angie's birthday. Show her some birthday lovin's? She's an awesome friend to have and she's a nut. :P Love ya girl!!! bellrang@ fubar
Unfinished (1999)
Sexuality and sexist actions a gross reservation of life leads me to the faction Sometimes you make me feel like such a whore sacrifice my happiness and sanctify my soul no more entertain your own obsession never see the dawn passify my emotions to depression we are unfinished yet the door is closed i give you back the key
Pain Of Existence (1999)
The pain of existence is often worse than the cure the pain of unbearing is often better than joy At least with resistance, the mercury will fall again the joy of containment speaks of eternal pain the judgement of severance and the delusion of fear a heir of injustice and the deliverance of fear nightmarish pain and an illusion of joy a disciplined arrogance an illigitimate boy
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Thats Funny
The Equation: 7 Glance = 1 :)Smile 7 Smile = 1 Meeting 7 Meeting = 1 Kiss 7 Kisses = 1 Proposal 7 Proposal = 1 Marriage - And that 1 Bloody marriage has 777777777777 problems. So beware of glance! Plan For Future: Teacher asks children, what do u wish 2 do in future? Robyn: I want 2 b a pilot. Marvin: I want 2 b a doctor. Tobey: I want 2 b a good mother. Emon : I want 2 help Tobey. Exams: Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS; 1,Too Many Questions. 2,Difficult to Understand. 3,More Explanation is Needed. 4,Result is always FAIL! Liar: A man is dying of Cancer. His son asked him, "Dad, why do u keep telling people u're dying of AIDS?" Answer: "So when I'm dead no one will dare touch ur mom Delivered: Indian Punjabi Sardar sent a SMS to his pregnant wife. Two seconds later a report came to his phone and he started dancing. The report said, "DELIVERED". Three Feelings: What's the difference between stress, tension and panic? Stress is
No Release Of Pain (1999)
Obessesive deliverance of times of old a blight of arrogance an angelicy to behold life's misunderstandings, a simplistic view the tolerance of understanding a very select few tears not cried eyes swollen in vain the dryness of my eyes show no release of pain
"i Wanna Feel Something"
"I Wanna Feel Something" If youre tellin me Im not on fire Youre just preachin to the choir Ive gotten dull as old barbed wire from livin Last night I watched the evening news It was the same ol nothin new It should have cut me right in two But it didnt I dont know why it didnt But I wanna feel somethin Somethin thats a real somethin That moves me, that proves to me Im still alive I wanna heart that beats and bleeds A heart thats bustin at the seams I wanna care, I wanna cry, I wanna scream I just wanna feel somethin If youre tellin me thats just how it is I dont buy it cause once I was kissed By a red-headed girl with cherry lips On her porch when I was sixteen And I felt it somewhere in my soul and time stood still and I couldnt let go I cant tell you cause I dont know how I got so cold When did I get so cold [Chorus:] I just wanna feel somethin Somethin thats a real somethin That moves me, that proves to me Im still alive R
Purify Me (1999)
Mystic values empty spoken lies opened destiny wasted lives a quest for serenity and a night alone a playful indulgence and sins to behold resurrection of the purest of lies speaketh unto the God of man hold your breath inside purify my evil soul destine me to breath simplfy my choices and postpone my nearing death
New Baby
Hey everyone need your prayers for my New Grand-Son he only 3 months only wt. was 1 lbs. 3.4 oz. 11 in. born on 9/12/07 Thank You Lil-Bit Or Dorothy
Whispering Ghost (1999)
a whispering rain and a full moon a questing gale an uncrossable dune shadowed memories and twisted fate a destined arrogance and a night of late these are the things i cherish most i seek you my whispering ghost
Sad News
With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokie Pokey" died peacefully at the age of 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started. Shut up. You know it's funny. Now send it on to someone else and make them smile.
Check out Scatters World! Awesome Music and Awesome People, Just Click here.
Oceanic Veil (2001)
Destiny's Solution a mighty ship to sail embark the revolution light the oceanic veil watchers on the front seek the shore by day a mighty thundering hunt a wish of sadness away waves of tremedous fury a mighty lonesome gale a forgotten love buried the desperate cry of the whale a kiss of the golden sun and a frightful glow of red an axis of silver won a wish for those of dead a day of peaceful sailing a light from shore to sea silence of the desparate wailing my love returns to me written by: Dayz & Rainn
Acl (austin City Limit Music Festival) Update....
Just received an update from the Austin American Stateman..... Four were hurt.... "Workers in concession area were injured; officials say one is in critical condition, three others have second- to third-degree burns." Prayers for the healing of these folks would be appreciated.... THE REST OF THE STORY SO FAR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fire at the ACL festival grounds By Michael Barnes | Friday, September 14, 2007, 02:40 PM A column of black smoke billowed over ACLs festival grounds at 2:30 p.m. as a fire erupted in a trailer behind the beverage vendor tents between the WaMu and AT&T stages. Multiple fire engines and EMS crews arrived on the scene near the Town Lake Tavern beverage area on Lou Neff Road by 2:50 p.m. Two people are critically injured and were taken to Brackenridge Hospital. Others have received second- and third-degree burns, according to Assistant Fire Chief Jim Evans. He reports that, according to 911 callers, multiple trailers we
Our Truth - Lacuna Coil
I picked up Karmacode on one of my many road missions in Iraq. Our Truth happened to have the video included on the CD. The video is friggin amazing in my oppinion. But what really grabbed me was Christina's Voice. I'd listened to Lacuna Coil before, but the Siren song she lets out is so amazing. It rocks my world. She is hot as hell, but if she was ugly, I'd still do her just for that
More Touching Quotes
"I was not kissing your lips... I was telling your lips a secret." "A kiss is only a moment, but that moment forever lasts in your heart." "I knew that forever was in your eyes the moment I saw you smile." "Love endures not for a time or season. True love simply loves and knows not the reason." "There is only one thing that lasts longer than time, and that is true love." "The greatest beauty on earth is found in the hearts of those who love." "Real beauty is the beauty of soul." "Forever isn't what I want to spend waiting for you, it's what I want us to spend loving each other." "A great friendship is the way to a great love." "Friends are those who know the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten." ..............Huggzz & smiles........ Leah
Mark Needs U!!
Please, my awesome family and friends, come help me bomb him...he needs 20,000 comments and I know that we can do it!!!...lots of luv and kisses to u all!...muah!!
The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people are suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of three of your closest and best friends, if they are all ok, then it is you!!!!
Blood Of Caine (2001)
A temptation so severe a taboo of christian law a past remembrance a sexual call A desire of hope and I firey love iridescent manipulation a sinful act of love Crash and burn in the furious depths of hell succomb to the temptation and let it be my soul to sell Oh Master, Lord of Dark Reign delve inside of me and possess this soul not slain Let me know thy pleasures Seek me out of the flames Caress my hopelessness and love me with thy shame Quench this great desire and everlasting thirst make me a succubus and I shall worship Lilith, the first Teach me the ropes that burn this human soul Rape my flesh and place me in the mold Master of the Dark, Lord of the Dark Reign Make me fearful of your love and feed me the Blood of Cain
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
I really didn't groove with Three Days Grace's first album. There were great songs, but the singles were overplayed and easily worn out. I bought One-X in the Desert, but never listened to it. When I wen't back to Indiana for Christmas leave (a 14 Hour drive) I took it with me, and it became one of my instant favorites. This song in particular caught my ear. I love the strength of his voice, and the emotion you can hear poured into it. It first struck me as a bit depressing until it sank in. It was one that had to grow on me.
Demon's Game (2002)
This shattered mirror it reflects my images it cuts the tears from my soul three hands leading me each a different place only one to my home i cast no shadow and the light burns my eyes for i walk in the the darkness and none know my name i play along the tail of the wind and seek the rising sun i am forbidden so i lie in shame my Father he rejects me yet pulls me when i am gone it is i who suffers in the end painful visions of the sun and me, i'm just a pawn i am one just a single piece the puzzle is incomplete yet i still came the dark surrounds me i want to be whole for i shall ever play the demon's game
why is life so hard why do people have to struggle to get by why ??? im just writen on here to see who reads i and who doesnt ya know what im sayen!!!!we will see
Gonna Be A Daddy!!!
Me and Amber went to the doctor today to get our answer if she is pregnant...and it was what we both wanted to hear! Yes my wife is going to have a baby, and it's due April 27, 2008 :D I am so happy cause I know she is going to be the most amazing mom, and I'm hoping I will make a great dad.
Deaf (1999)
A trace of time a journey of life a shattered destiny and unwed wife Troubled existence and fateful ways an unmade decision and deluded delays Simplistic tendencies idealism to stay wake to see the morrow and explore the darker ways Misunderstood depression and misused ways a destined decision and uniformed days Respect the knowledge or embrace the fear the time is closer but don't expect to hear
I Am In Yet Another Contest! :d
I never thought I'd participate in ONE let alone two LOL But Bri made the contest and he's my friend, so I entered :) It's for "Hottest Eyes" Starts today 4PM Central (which is now) and ends Sunday, September 16 at Noon Central. The most comments wins (with rates only counting as the tie breaker) Here is my link: Good luck to all! :D
Echoed Remembrance (1999)
A still whisper rolls across the land an echoed remembrance steals the show the solitary day defines the memory and the words fight the flow Radical elements of change occurs and destined unions fight for air a treacherous sound is heard then silenced in it's own lair A silent show begins then thousand cries of pain the deliverance of solitude arrives and brings the coming rain The echoed remembrance is here the crested ritual begins a deliverance of acceptance has arrived and i begin to listen
Mother & Daughter!!
Been thinkin alot & kinda feelin it, Sept 22nd iz my Momz Birthday (R.I.P) & my Daughterz iz Oct 12..minez iz tha 13.Momz haz been heavy on my mind & heart i set sumtimez & wonder if waz a good kid 2 her & then reality cumz n clear HELL NO, i waz a bad kid & got real bad az a teen, i put my Mom through alot of worryin about her youngest, i wish i could have spent more time wit her nstead of runnin tha streetz, but thats another story..& my lil girl..well my close friendz know tha story on that!I guess i just needed ta bend u guyz ear for a min about whts n my head! thankz 4 u all bein who u r..much Love 2 u all!!
Invocation Of Love (1999)
Invoke the unholiest of Ghosts terrify the unopened heart Deliverance of Resurrection and I willingly play my part Let the anvil break never surround this heart of mine a simplistic indiscretion a simplistic chaotic time Rain of acidic fear and darkened moonlit nights a christian moral or an evil mark of rites The Beast shall rise out of it's darkened realm cower in your bible and hide within this realm The hidden indiscretion and a passion of love and wine a caressed understanding and a misbelief of time Make love to one another and rape your precious one Describe your thoughts forever and cower from those above
Now That You've Gotten All Wet By The Rayne Come Get Dirty With The Mistr3ss!!!
I'm not least I don't think I am. I am just tired and worn thin. I worked so hard in school to finish early so maybe it is normal for me to want to PLAY a bit......I really don't wanna go to work..I know as adults we have to do stuff anyway we don't wanna do but this really sucks. I am so picky and I don't want just ANY job (for my FT job anyway...PT is different). I *KNOW* I need to. My asthma situation is getting desperate, and my roommate has to be my "eyes" because they are alot worse and my lenses are too weak to really help me. Every time I talk to dad, he offers me money...that's all fine and great but I'm supposed to be own my own now and I'd rather keel over and die from an asthma attack than accept their money. I already owe them quite a chunk of gold for helping me pay off my disney trip to a psycho ex. BLAH I am just BLAH lately
Saturday Night
It was a few minutes after 11 pm when we finally went to bed. I was following my husband down the hall to our bedroom when he entered the room and I walked up behind him as he stopped to pull the blankets back. He stood before me with his back to me only wearing his boxers. I reached around his chest with both of my arms and gave him a big hug. I made sure that my breasts pressed up against his bare back so he can feel them give his shoulder blades a hug while I pinched his nipples that he loves so much. I took my fingernails and ran large circles around each of his nipples and I could hear him take a deep breath as I did so. I stepped back a bit and ran my nails over his shoulders and down the length of his spine very slowly teasing him with the touch all the while. I dropped to my knees behind him and then tugged lightly at the elastic band at the top of his boxers dropping them slowly just so that I could see the top of the crack of his sweet ass. I then dropped my hands
The Crowned Faith (1998)
A crest of falling snow suceeds the arched bishop a new awakening has desroyed the faith join the harmony that breaks away and join the single note Electrify the incarcerated and their souls shall cry in vain Punish those who take the lives and do not embellish the gripped switch Join the intensity of the moment release the prisoners of your rites solidify the crowned cries and destroy my very soul
Touching Quotes
Don't just love him, but show him." "Your first love is not always your truest love." "Love can only be what you want it to be." "One must learn to love oneself before one can learn to love others." "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return." "Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime and never let go 'til we're gone." "You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back." "One of the best feelings in the world is to touch and warm someone's heart, whether it be your love or just a friend, almost nothing can feel better." "You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you live in torment if you do not trust enough!" "You will never be content with what you have until you make peace with who you are." "You can feel the stars and the infinity of the sky since life, in spite of everything, is like a dream." "It is not how much you give or what you say, it is how much love you give in wha
Conspiracy Of The Hill Ii (1999)
A dream of demon cultured life a destiny of values lost secrecy of illigitimate fears and a quest of roads crossed a demon trance and a nightmare cast separate lies of illusions and a singular terror to last The hills of Conspriracy and a dreadful dreary day an angelic conspiracy a religion of dismay the inquisition of lying blood the wine of death drank in flight worship the heavenly Father and worship his foe at night
Exotic Bicycle
The Collision (1999)
Sanctify my heritage and release my evil soul apprehend my integrity and worship me as a whole A secret get-a-way and a simplistic game sacrifice my deliverance and slay my heart again listen to my tears of pain and see my words of joy ignore my sins and evil way break me like your toy Ignorance and equality are evil in themselves man's understanding is put away on the shelves sincere quests of evil dreams and the demon hiding inside evolutionary debts and our souls collide
War Head
- Otep Lyrics
Childbirth Witnessed By Child.. Stole This Outta The Mums. Thought Itwas Cute..
Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call. The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, little Connor was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old what she thought about what she had just witnessed. Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place......smack his ass again!" If you don't laugh at this one, there's no hope for you.
Absolute Distortion (2001)
Submissive intentions and a satyrical view a tendency of flagellation and a discretional few Unique indecisions helpless memories anger and aggression on bended knee indisposed segregation a simple destiny sincere indescretion and a bleeding melancholy Dreams of Deliverance visions of fear absolute distortion an absolute queer the fallen moon on this night so bright an arrogant mutter the word - "alright" a seer of truth a world of despair listen closely the time is near
Beginning Of The End
Beginning Of The End - Spineshank I had to start with this tune. It is one of the two on this list that quite literally saved my life. At the time when I was home on Leave from Iraq, I was going through alot. I had come home to find my wife living with another man, and not willing to accept forgiveness. I felt abandoned and alone, even around my parents. I stayed secluded most of the time. I didn't feel like a war hero... I felt like a failure in life. This song was one that I played over and over. It helped give me scope on my life to an extent. That and it... well, it fucken rocks! It kept me motivated and moving when standing still would have meant taking my own life rather than just contemplating it. Spineshank always has a way of using rhythm in both music and vocals that gets me going. This track and New Disease are my favorites by them.
Hi All Quiet Angles
leave your link and i will rate you
Drawing Down The Moon (1999)
Express the oppostion caress the ignorance here sacrifice the religion and wipe away your tears one man standing alone a simpleton of defeat sell the arrogance to your soul and imagine a powerful feat drawing down the moon a questionable illusion singled out my expression of a spoken delusion
Dawning Of The Moon (1999)
Fantasies of life and poetic dreams a simple illusion unknown screams shadowed ignorance and undefined bliss a questioned ritual and deliverance the circus plays a merry tune yet the darkness evades the night my spirit will call me from there and the sacred celebration shall be tonight the mourning of lost serenity and the passion of evil bliss transforms my wisdom allowing the light to twist black separation and sacred rendevous a blight upon intelligence and the dawning of the moon
Conspiracy Of The Hill (1999)
I am the Watcher I watch all day and night I sleep with my eyes open to see if they are right The terror of the night as defined by those of day are all in our minds and not as they say The creepy old church upon the frozen hill is worshipped in the day and not at night by will The old and ancient religions have been known to say an demon is a devil if feared by the day Then if not in belief or writ by those of old should there be not an angelicy to behold? In the memoirs of the old and ancient ones the seven wonders of the earth were delusions of the sun I'll never understand and probably never will the rites of man and the conspiracy of the hill.
I Shall (2000)
Shall I bring to thee a single drop of dew? shall i kiss the stars and embrace them as the light reflects the moon to these fantasies i say nay only in the purest of heart and deepest of soul shall i speak those unforgettable words I shall yearn for you on the highest of mountains and the deepest of seas I shall cry for you on the darkest of nights and the saddest of days i shall embrace you on the dawn of every eve and the rise of every sun for i shall love you as long as the nectar of the flowers embraces the breeze
Wow! What Happened To The Day??? Lol...
Waking up around noonish has its disadvantages.... as now it is nearly 4pm and I had so much mapped out for me to accomplish today. Oh, well... perhaps, I can catch up with a few of those things soon. :) In the meantime, I have to be getting a few things for working tonight. lol..... Look forward to talking to you all more soon. Meanwhile, I am going to attempt to accomplish a few more tasks before going into work tonight.
I Miss You (song)
Walk With You There (2001)
the night has fallen and still i lie here the rain soothes me to slumber and i dream of being there yet she does not ask and i'm not sure what to say i just need to hear those five words and there i would still lay just a smidgeon of love and a dash of care i don't know if i could but i would try to walk there if only she was here to love and to hold i know i would try i would have to be bold i will always remember that tearful, dreary day A valentines in december or so it seemed that way a walk through time and peace a silohuette of joy they're are all descriptions of my love and a lesson learned, not destroyed if someone you love asks you to walk there take the time and rejoice because you may never have the chance to tell them you care
Little Boy At Nude Beach
LITTLE BOY AT NUDE BEACH A mother and father take their 6-year old son to a nude beach in Tampa. As the boy walks along the sand, he notices that many of the women have boobs bigger than his mother's, so he goes back to ask her why. She tells her son, "The bigger they are, the sillier the lady is." The boy, pleased with the answer, goes to play in the ocean, but returns to tell his mother that many of the men have larger things than his dad does. She replies, "The bigger THEY are, the dumber the man is. "Again satisfied with her answer, the boy goes back to the ocean to play. Shortly thereafter, the boy returns again, and promptly tells his mother: "Daddy is talking to the silliest lady on the beach, and the longer he talks, the dumber he gets."
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. Keep reading-they get better!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WOMEN'S REVENGE "Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. "So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNDERSTANDING WOMEN (A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) I know I'm not going to understand women. I'll never understa
Words Of Disgrace (1999)
a simple destination a tranquil sea acceptance of deliverance a destitutional way a rhyme of truth a rythmn of defeat questioned existence a silenced retreat a simplistic view a creative tongue massacred ideaology and still the words hung the idea of poetry has fallen from grace a makeshift of puns words of disgrace
Made it back to Tennessee fine. Met some interesting people on my journey. But also made a few friends too. Didnt dye my hair black or get my nose pierced. Mom says she will kick me out if I do either one( rolls eyes). Stupid bus people lost me bag. Went today to get it, grrrrr. Going job hunting on Monday. Hopefully to hang out with some people over the weekend. Well if your bored give me a ring....
Fuckin Hostile
Fucking Hostile Lyrics
Question Of A Slave (1999)
clutter of ignorance and useless wasted days divine interference recognition of delays a smiple accusation years of falling tears obliterate the significance rape me with your fears Absolute destination the chill of dismay a sentiment of realization a hope in idealistic ways mostly of inheritance and a face from far away hopes of understanding the questions of a slave
Destiny (1999)
Thought after thought and praise after praise a religious discussion an irritance of ways single out my emotion and play your hateful game sacrifice my ignorance and suffocate the shame a comical understanding and a wish made today a love of reprimanding an idealistic way motion after motion heart after heart a sacrificed deliverance and a sad and sullen heart
A Heavy Heart
My grandfather passed away this Sept 11th..After trying to fight off throat cancer..I got to the hospital 20 min before he died, and I got to hold his hand and tell him how much I loved him and how proud I was of him to have been in my life..For my life mirrors his so far..I am a old fashioned man, that has had his wild times..Loves God and knows who his savior is..He did 2 tours in Germany during WWII..and was such a strong rock for me and for his country..I was always proud to tell people what he did for his country and what he did for the free world..He was such a strong rock for me when I went through a divorce 6 yrs ago..I blamed myself for breaking the vows to God...My promise I made to him..My grandfather told me to lift my head, for I kept my promise..She was the one who coommited adultery ..You was freed of your vows once she did that...And God Blesses you for you kept your word.. My grandfather loved playing the steel guitar..Which is a lost art..Back when he was younger, he
She Is So Sweet
so i have been sick a few days but today has been the i have the best gf she has taken care of me all day...It's all so new to me to be taken care of bc i have never dated anyone who has taken care of me! BUT let me just say she is a real blessing an i thank her so much i know i wouldnt have made it threw the day with out her! thank you baby!
Goodbye (1999)
A song to say i love you no words to hear a melodic tune november rain falls on my face and the tempo slow way down I lie here and cry to sleep where no one hears me a distant wind blows them away when you walk into the room Goodbye is such a sad song goodbye is such a sad way so ya never ever say goodbye The words you say i cannot hear your star is so silent I never knew heartbreak like this 'til my angel told me Father, why must i go? can't you see me crying? Mother why must i know? can't you see me dying? Goodbye is such a sad song goodbye is such a sad way so ya never ever say goodbye Goodbye is such a sad song goodbye is such a sad way so ya never ever say goodbye
Tragedy (1999)
Introduction: funeral Music (spoken to rhythmn) Tragedy is the loss the loss of the nothing when you have all the loss of all when you have nothing We are the loss of the future and they are the loss of the past together we are the Tragedy of the present Chorus Tragedy we are your children Tragedy we are your faith teach us to live in our lies teach us to lie in your faith Verse 1 We have chosen to caress our fear we are taught to believe chase the tears away and bear the life we lead as children we are taught that no baby shall cry and we are punished for the errors that can not be denied Chorus Tragedy we are your children Tragedy we are your faith teach us to live in our lies teach us to lie in your faith Verse 2 We are here errors here no one said it has changed focus on the reality that is created for you and me we have no options here the decision has been made it's all in

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