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Wtc Family
I need as much as your help as you can give i never ask like this but i need all my family help so please come help me out for awhile we can beat them just need all your help thank you DJandSugarAnd Demon_lover
Please Help Level
Eaglez Clawz@ fubar help my girl level needs only 3000 ty all
Subject: Little Johnny Strikes Again
LITTLE JOHNNY STRIKES AGAIN.... A grade school teacher in Kentucky asked her students to use the word 'fascinate' in a sentence. Molly put up her hand and said, 'My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep. It was fascinating.' The teacher said, 'That was good, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate, not fascinating'. Sally raised her hand. She said, 'My family went to see Rock City and I was fascinated.' The teacher said, 'Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate.' Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word 'fascinate', so she called on him. Johnny said, 'My aunt Gina has a sweater with ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fasten eight.' The teacher sat down and cried.
Late To Work...
So I had my friend stay with me last night, and I had asked her to set her alarm so I could wake up to come here to work. Alarm was supposed to go off right at 6 AM. But it never did. Woke up around 7:30, so I just go here. Not that it matters, but can I depend on other people on things that I AM SUPPOSED TO DO?????
Summary Of My Last Year On The Computer
I must send my thanks to whoever sent me the one about poop in the glue on envelopes because, I now have to use a wet towel with every envelope that needs sealing. Also, now I have to scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time. I no longer have any money at all, but that will change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program. I no longer worry about my soul because I have 363,214 angels looking out for me, and St. Theresa's novena has granted my every wish. I no longer eat KFC because their chickens are actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers. I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day Thanks to you, I have learned that my prayers only get answered if I forward an email to se
Muahz....yall Will Be Missed
I may not be on as often anymore,but will give love to all my friends fans and family as often as possible....muahz :D
I Am In A Contest
here is my link please give me some comments ty all
She Wants It Bad
she is a great girl she will give you luv back plz help her
Wait For Me ~ Rebecca St. James
Darling, did you know that I I dream about you Waiting for the look in your eyes When we meet for the first time And darling, did you know that I I pray about you Praying that you will hold on And keep your loving eyes only for me CHORUS: 'Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling Wait for me too Wait for me as I wait for you 'Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling Wait for me too Wait for me as I wait for you Darling wait Darling did you know I dream about life together Knowing it will be forever I'll be yours and you'll be mine And darling when I say " Til death do us part" I mean it with all of my heart Now and always faithful to you CHORUS Now I know you may have made mistakes But there's forgiveness, and a second chance So wait for me, darling wait for me Wait for me Darling wait for me CHORUS
R.i.p Jimi Hendrix November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970
Down Side Of Plastic Surgery
A middle aged woman had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. >While on the operating table, she had a near death experience. Seeing >God, she asked," Is my time up?" > >God said, "No, you have another 43 years, 2 months and 8 days to live. " >Upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital and have a >face-lift, brow lift, lip enhancement, boob job, liposuction, and a >tummy tuck. After her last operation, she was released from the >hospital. While crossing the street on her way home, she was hit and >killed by a car. > >Arriving in front of God, she demanded, "I thought you said I had >another 40 years? Why didn't you pull me out of the path of the car?" > >God replied, > >"Giiirrrlllllll, I didn't even recognize you
You - Gary Moore
Sometimes when I look around at people who are lonely, I feel a sense of sadness deep inside. It makes me wonder how I got along before I found you, and what I'd do if you should turn around and say goodbye. 'Cause baby you, you're what I'm living for. I couldn't have asked for more. Right from the moment that I found you, I knew that you, you were the one for me. The one who could make me see, this world could be a brighter place. Sometimes when I think about the friends I left behind me, I feel a sense of sadness deep inside. It makes me wonder how I knew that one day you would find me, and what I'd do if you should turn around and say goodbye. 'Cause baby you, you're what I'm living for. I couldn't have asked for more. Right from the moment that I found you, I knew that you, you were my brightest star. And whether you're close or far, you're always here inside my heart. 'Cause baby you, you're what I'm living for. I couldn't have asked
Judging Others
Though it is human to evaluate people we encounter based on first impressions, the conclusions we come to are seldom unaffected by our own fears and our own preconceptions. Additionally, our judgments are frequently incomplete. For example, wealth can seem like proof that an individual is spoiled, and poverty can be seen as a signifier of laziness—neither of which may be true. At the heart of the tendency to categorize and criticize, we often find insecurity. Overcoming our need to set ourselves apart from what we fear is a matter of understanding the root of judgment and then reaffirming our commitment to tolerance. When we catch ourselves thinking or behaving judgmentally, we should ask ourselves where these judgments come from. Traits we hope we do not possess can instigate our criticism when we see them in others because passing judgment distances us from those traits. Once we regain our center, we can reinforce our open-mindedness by putting our feelings into words. To acknowl
Broken Angel
So small, yet still so proud At night before he dreams he looks into the clouds A high flyer's what I want to be Seems they won't let me, says I'm too small I don't feel small at all Break my dreams, that's what they'll do Well I'm going to run away and learn to fly like you I'm going to go so high and swoop so low You can't bring me down, going to be so proud Little angel you got to learn to fly Get up and earn your wings tonight Little angel just look in my eyes Get up and earn your wings tonight Push and shove then climb aboard This is the shuttle train to the top of the world When you look around what do you see These are all high flyers But none of these high flyers look like me What is that supposed to mean What am I supposed to be I pull my way up through this crowd To find your body crushed on the ground It's so obvious, why couldn't you see That you can't go high flying without a pair of high-flyer wings Little one's
Good Morning Sunshines!
how's everybody today so far? personally I think i'll need another cup of coffee to get me going and my back hurts, but that's normal. lol. so.... how are you guys? :)
She held the covers over her head as she curled up into fetal position. The thunder was crackling so loud, her windows shook. Don’t be retarded. She thought to herself knowing just how ridiculous she was behaving at the age of 16. It was unlike Jessica to be afraid of a storm. Another flash, one seemed to last more than a mere second, more like 10 seconds. It pulsed like a strobe light. Jessica could see its flicker from under her bed spread. “One-Mississippi, Two-Mississippi, and Three…” The thunder sounded like a freight train crashing through a building. This is crazy. Why am I so afraid? Jessica recalled the dream she had last night. It was a silly dream most likely summoned by the stupid troll movie her friend made her watch. She had a dream that a troll-like creature lived under her house. She found her white cat Snowball, torn into fluffy blood matted shreds near her porch. Under the porch, she heard a hissing type sound and smelled a foul odor of decay. She k
Help My Friend In Bombing Contest!!
Come Bomb a bomber!!! THANK YOU!! Cherokee Princess
An Entrapment
My love, I have tried with all my being to grasp a form comparable to thine own, but nothing seems worthy; I know now why Shakespeare could not compare his love to a summer’s day. It would be a crime to denounce the beauty of such a creature as thee, to simply cast away the precision God had placed in forging you. Each facet of your being whether it physical or spiritual is an ensnarement from which there is no release. But I do not wish release. I wish to stay entrapped forever. With you for all eternity. Our hearts, always as one.
Things are really picking up with your pet project, whether it's a hobby, a work initiative or even a romance! No matter what, your fiery enthusiasm is making it hum -- and you should find that others respond in kind. I don't think I would call work a pet project but w/'s crazy around here
A Special World
A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this are meant to last. And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in its wake To bind us closer and keep us strong In a special world, where we belong.
Eh,meh,and More Profound
¢Àwell now ha ha ha .....this is what plays in my mind as i hear about a delightfull story a friend of mine is telling me.... it was about how sorry they were that they wernt there when i needed them the most.....(go figure) but im done now with that and ive moved on because im now in one of those state of minds that it just cant get any worse then what it is and if it did then i would be dead. i woke up today feeling like a beaten and battered dog like as though someone came in while i was asleep and just beat the liveing shit out of me from top to bottom but without wakeing me up, and that is not just.....oh no my very inside (ya know where that person tells you to go and find your happy place yeah that one that inside wher you are just one big ray of sunshine) oh yeah my inside was telling me a differant story it was screaming out every moment of the day saying "ray of sunshine??? oh sure im one big fucking ray of fucking sunshine for sure asshole" ... yeah it was
A Friends Greeting
I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me; I'd like to be the help that you've been always glad to be; I'd like to mean as much to you each minute of the day As you have meant, old friend of mine, to me along the way. I'd like to do the big things and the splendid things for you, To brush the gray from out your skies and leave them only blue; I'd like to say the kindly things that I so oft have heard, And feel that I could rouse your soul the way that mine you've stirred. I'd like to give you back the joy that you have given me, Yet that were wishing you a need I hope will never be; I'd like to make you feel as rich as I, who travel on Undaunted in the darkest hours with you to lean upon. I'm wishing at this time that I could but repay A portion of the gladness that you've strewn along my way; And could I have one wish this year, this only would it be: I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me.
I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
I don't want to say goodbye. I don't want to go alone. I don't want to live my life without you in it my friend. I don't want to say goodbye. You have been my friend for so long now, picking me up when i had fallen. wiping the tears that so often fell. you walked beside me through it all. I don't want to say goodbye. you helped me to see the beauty within, see that life wasnt so bad. You helped me to open up with my feelings. I don't want to say goodbye. I have known you to long and cared to much for you, i don't want to see it end. I don't want to say goodbye. I can't see my life without you in it and don't want to know the heartache it will bring. I don't want to say goodbye. I know i can't be there to wipe away the tears, but know i was always there in your heart. and in my heart you will always be. I don't want to say goodbye.
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JDuB@ fubar
Trojan Condoms And Sexual Health
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Friendship Poem
You are friendly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and true Always there... yes that's you. Special, accepting, exciting and wise Truthful and helpful, with honest blue eyes Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright Yes that's you... not one bit of spite. You're one of a kind, different from others Generous, charming, but not one that smothers Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game But not just another... in the long chain. Appreciative, warm and precious like gold Our friendship won't tarnish or ever grow old You'll always be there, I know that is true I'll always be here... always for you.
Fuck Marriage
Ok, so heres my story Mr. Blog, I guess you could say that I am the head of the household when it comes to pretty much everything. I clean the house, take care of the kids, do the laundry, cook the food, clean up the mess, take care of the fuckin husband, do everything for him, all he has to do is go to work and mow the lawn (which I have to tell him to do). So that is the beginning of the story. So this weekend, the hubby decides he wants to bring home a dog. Mind you I am not an animal person. I hate animals. Most of which I am allergic to. So I tell hubby that he needs to put together the kennel so that when we are at work she can stay in there. This was Sunday nite. So hubby DOES NOT put together the kennel and puts the dog (which is a pit bull) in the bathroom and leaves for work. So I talk to him during the day and he tells me this. I told him once before that she should not go in the bathroom because she is going to tear it up. So I get home last nite, and to my shea
Yet another day has come to pass The sun is shining on the growing grass The sky though clouded, is still quite blue My heart still aches as it misses you. Yes, another day has come around The song birds make their harmonious sound Cars still rush down the street My thoughts are with you, your laughter so sweet Another day and you are still gone To My memories, I am clinging on I miss you with each passing day “I love you” Is what I want to say. Just because I am not here Does not mean I am not near Just because my body passed Doesn’t mean my spirit has. Please don’t cry because I am gone For I have been near all along. Late each night, when you pray I send my loving thoughts your way I hear your cries when you feel pain No, your prayers are not in vain. Please do not feel sad for me For I am where I’ve wanted to be. There is no pain, there is no fear There’s only love and happiness here. And soon enough you will be Walking in God’s light with me.
371 To Lvl
Timmy P!@ fubar
Why Did You Have To Go Away
Why did you have to go away, and leave me all alone. We were friends from the start i thought it would be forever. You said goodbye my friend, and now i only wonder why. I was always there when you needed me the most, dropped what i was doing to lend a helping hand. I cant understand why it had to end. I wasnt afraid to tell you how i felt and i wished you would have told me how you really felt, maybe you wouldnt have had to say goodbye. Why did you have to go so far away and leave me here to wonder why. I never wanted to say goodbye. I will miss you my friend, and in my heart you will always be. Why did you have to go away.
Facebook Message
I received this message on my facebook account from a guy that I do not know. He puts me down thru the whole thing and what I can't understand is the purpose of the message. Further more what are they teaching kids in school these days? And where are the manners that this guys parents should have taught him? I am sure he will respond to my reply, I am going to have so much fun with guy, he is going to be spitting teeth before I am done with him....hehe Here is the message he sent: Billy Bob 6:31pm September 17th Report Message JESUS AGE CHRIST YOU ARE A WHOOOOOOOOOLE LOT OF WOMAN I MEAN HOLY FUCK, DON'T TELL ME YOU ARE SITTING IN A CHAIR BECAUSE IF YOU ARE THAT IS TOUGH MOTHER FUCKING CHAIR HOLY FUCKING GOD YOU ARE ONE FAT MOTHER FUCKING OVEREATING NOT KNOWING HOW TO PUT THE FORK DOWN MOTHER FUCKER, NOW GO BREAST FEED A COW THEN EAT IT RAW YOU FAT FUCK And this is my reply: You took the time to look at my profile and this is the best that you can come up with? Come on
Please Help Me I Need Coments For My Pic Please Help
Funnyest Sex Joke Ever Lmfao Have Fun And Smile Your Alive Lol Thx............
Okay so a guy is 09-18-07...8:10 AM near the end of his senior year in high school. Unfortunately, he still has to share a room with his younger brother who is only 9 years old. One night, he decides to bring his girlfriend home for a little fun. They have bunk beds and the guy notices that his little brother is already asleep on the lower bunk, so he and his girlfriend climb up to the top bunk. As you might expect things start to heat up. The guy remembers that his little brother is sleeping below so he tells his girlfriend to whisper "lettuce" if she wants it harder and "tomato" if she wants a new position. Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! Lettuce!!! Tomato!!! She screams. Lettuce!!
I Thought About You
I thought about you when i woke up this morning, and i realized that you have given me more then you will ever know. I thought about you when i wrote this poem. Because i was full of laughter and good thoughts to. Because i care and want you to always remember that i will always be there to see you through. I will pull you out of that raging sea, so you can start a new. I thought about you today when your tears were falling, and i wasnt there to wipe them away and God only knows i wished i were there to wipe them away. cause i know that you would do the same. I love you my friend and i hope that you always know that. I thought about you today and said alittle prayer I wish you the best and always my love i send. I pray for years of happiness and when the days get dark know that i am thinking about you. I thought about you today, and hope that you are thinking about me to I love you my friend.
University Of Florida Student Tasered At Kerry Forum Please call to express your concerns about this horrific incident: University of Florida Police Department: (352) 329-1111 University of Florida main switchboard: (352) 392-3261 University of Florida Police Department's Dispatch Center: (352) 392-1111 available 24-hours daily. Forward this to everyone you know. Restore The Republic, 4 E. Ogden Ave #125, Westmont, Illinois 60559 The video link below will disgust you. A student asks questions then is dragged away and tasered. This is the end of our great republic unless we take a stand and do something about it. After watching the video call the university and demand the firing of the officers who acted brutally to crush the passion and voice of this student. Copy and paste this link below: Even though you mayor may not agree with the student's question he should not have been treated in such a way. Pl
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sexystuartl@ fubar
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With Thetouch Of Your Hand
With the touch of your hand, you make everything seem so much brighter. With the touch of your hand you make the sun shine. With every touch of your hand you make the dark clouds disappear. With every touch of your hand you make my life worth it. With every hug you send you brighten my days. With all the love you send my way i in return send my love back. My friend you have changed my life. We will climb these mountains together. you will never be alone. and when the road gets tough and you feel you cannot go on remember my friend i will always be there. With every touch of your hand with every hug you send my way i will give you the same in return. With every touch of your hand God knows i wished i could be there with you. In my heart i will keep you close my friend. You mean more to me then you will ever know. I can never really tell you how much i care or how much i love you but with every touch of my hand i hope you know how much i really ca
Bored to death is the word. Without a job or driving ability (Thanks Cunt) I find myself bored. Not everyone is like my childrens mother's. Lazy bitches that just sit around and do fucking nothing. They will both get theres. First Victim will be My son's mother her abandonment of her son is cause for termination of her parental rights. Second victim will have to wait for there karma to come. She only fucked herself. I had a job with a paycheck then the suspend my D/L how do you get money that way you stupid fucking whore. You will always be the same hateful. You guys better get your shit together cause when I come after you it wont be pretty. Once I get jon setteled you guys are next. Better get your shit together cause it will come. I have no time for usless lazy cunts
If It Were Not Silent....
(I always mark NSFW because I never know if I'm going to end up either swearing ridiculously or talking about sex. Eh, better safe than deleted, right?) Right now it's September, or at least I think it is... I'm never sure because my days run into blurs of weeks and months lately. I haven't known the exact date for well over a month and that's okay with me. August sucks. Period, plain, and simple. Sucks wild, hairy goat ass. In the fucking first week of August I have many anniversaries that I cannot avoid, even with an alcohol induced week long haze. August 2nd - the anniversary of my wedding. August 3rd - the anniversary of my divorce (6 years later). August 9th - The anniversary of my mom's death. Peppered in between are some birthdays and other crap that I can't quite remember right now, but you get the gist of it. No matter what, August sucks for me. The depression I feel in the beginning of the month trickles down into the remaining weeks and makes me thank God when it's ov
F**kin Fubar
Fubar has been broke for day's now I've had no shout box no mail now someone posts a contest on my profile and i went to deliet it since we have our own people in one and this is what i got Error: error finding comment.. give it a minute or 2 and try again. Why is it it seems since i became a paying member nothing is working? I'm even having trouble just trying to leave my home page GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Fuckin fubar
A Response To A Mumm
Here is the original Mumm (the conversation is bottom up as always) QueenLatin...: well were gonna have to agree to disagree,,,now we can be friends..or not here to argue ,,it a matter of opinion..... ->Mahi: what is wrong? the fact that I believe this is America and we shouldn't have to change for others? QueenLatin...: then dont make such statements...its wrong on so many levels...i dont appreciate it either...and you could have left a comment on the mumm site and not here..thanx so much sweetie ->Mahi: first of all I am not ignorant nor do I appreciate the implication of such .. Later that night I was accused of being racist ... Can people not tell the difference between others?
Listen Up
*the Goal Of Native Spirituality*
Have Respect Consideration for the well being of all. To treat someone or something with deference or courtesy. Never interfering with the right to walk their journey in the matter that they so chose. In the Native Culture of all Tribes, every person from the tiniest child to the Oldest ELDER – is treated with RESPECT at all times, with special honor given to: Our ELDERS & TEACHERS. No person was shamed or “put down.” People never spoke of others in a negative way for this interfered with their lives and diminished the Tribe in anyway shape or form. The people believe that every thought and action that went out into the World, affect the next seven generations of family. One of the most important aspects of the Native Culture is Respect.” RESPECT includes many things: Respect for Life - Respect for Self - Respect for Elders. RESPECT FOR LIFE - We believe all LIFE is sacred. All LIFE is an expression of The Creator. Each has its place and purpose. Each is dependent upon
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My Horoscope
You're feeling great and really loose -- though you may end up saying too much to the wrong person. If you realize it at the time, you should backpedal quickly, but otherwise it may take a real apology later
One Of Our Own Is In A Contest !!
When it isnt happy hour if you all could comment his pic when you can it would be very helpful. The contest runs until the 24th of this month. I want to thank everyone in advance. And also want to thank all of you for being so faithful to our group.
Threadbare pants, every day. Headless doll, older puppy. Fun times, always me.
Silence Is Golden
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Rich Date: Sep 17, 2007 10:36 PM I have never been hurt by anything I didn't say. There are very few people who don't become more interesting when they stop talking. You don't always have to have something to say. A person is known by the silence they keep. Simply; when you have nothing to say, say nothing. The more we elaborate our men's of communication, the less we communicate. An inability to stay quit is a horrible talent. Why are so many people embarrassed by silence? What comfort do we find in the noise. The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence. A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well intentioned words There truly is something greater and purer than what comes out of ones mouth. Silence illuminates our souls, whispers to our hearts and brings them together. If you walk into a crowded room. Which person attracts you more. The one talking about themselv
Calmness In Our Lives
I am passing this on to you because it definitely works and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives. By following simple advice I heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and never finished." So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off 23 Bud Lights, a bottle of Absolute, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freaking good I feel. Please pass this on to those you feel might be in need of inner peace.
Ok, here is my rant....... I don't mean to make this seem one sided but..... I have some minor issues that have a tendancy to bother me from time to time, and now is one of those times. So, here it is. Yes, I have some friends on here, and yes there are some of you that I truely call friends, but my issue is that I often get the feeling that if I am not the one who initiates any kind of conversation or make any kind of comment, that I would not hear anything from anyone for several days if ever. As I see it, a friendship is not a one sided relationship, and for goodness sake I know that I am not the only person in your world. I do know that you have other friends as well, so it is not like I am asking you to devote all of your time to me and only me. I am not like that. Sometimes I feel as if I should not log in for a few days just to see who really misses me.....but lets just face it, that would be self centered, and I am not really like that. With this in mind, I am not going to si
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Memories
Close your eyes...And go back... .....Before the Internet or PC or the MAC...... .....Before semi-automatics and crack.... .....Before Playstation, SEGA, Super Nintendo, even before Atari... .....Before cell phones, CD's, DVD's, voicemail and e-mail.... .....way back.... .....way.....way.....way back..... I'm talkin' bout hide and seek at dusk Red light, Green light Red Rover....Red Rover..... Playing kickball & dodgeball until the Streetlight came on Ring around the Rosie London Bridge Hot potato Hop Scotch Jump rope!!! YOU'RE IT!! Parents stood on the front porch and yelled (or whistled) for you to come home - no pagers or cell phones Mother May I? Hula Hoops Seeing shapes in the clouds Endless summer days and hot summer nights (no A/C) with the windows open The sound of crickets Running through the sprinkler Cereal boxes with that GREAT prize in the bottom Cracke
Fistful Of Love
I was lying in my bed last night staring at a ceiling full of stars when it suddenly hit me: I just have to let you know how I feel. We live together in a photograph of time I look into your eyes And the seas open up to me I tell you I love you And I always will But I know you can't tell me I know you can't tell me So I'm left to pick up The hints, the little symbols of your devotion So I'm left to pick up The hints, the little symbols of your devotion And I feel your fists And I know it's out of love And I feel the whip And I know it's out of love And I feel your burning eyes burning holes Straight through my heart It's out of love It's out of love I accept and I collect upon my body The memories of your devotion I accept and I collect upon by body The memories of your devotion And I feel your fists And I know it's out of love And I feel the whip And I know it's out of love And I feel your burning eyes burning holes Straig
Please Bomb A Bomber!!
Please help a friend of mine...she helped me in my giveaways/CONTEST and has helped many others in theirs! Go return the luv!!! THANK YOU!!!
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
1) NUDITY I was driving with my three young children one warm summer evening when a woman in the convertible ahead of us stood up and waved. She was stark naked! As I was reeling from the shock, I heard my 5-year-old shout from the back seat, "Mom! That lady isn't wearing a seat belt!" 2) OPINIONS On the first day of school, a first-grader handed his teacher a note from his mother. The note read, "The opinions expressed by this child are not necessarily those of his parents." 3) KETCHUP A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup out of the bottle. During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year-old daughter to answer the phone. "Mommy can't come to the phone to talk to you right now. She's hitting the bottle." 4) MORE NUDITY A little boy got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the women's locker room. When he was spotted, the room bu
Foundry Cams: Romy Slips Out Of Her Fishnets
Romy, one of the sexy ladies of FOUNDRY CAMS dances around in the tightest white fishnet outfit we have ever seen. Of course, she's not in it for very long before she's showing off her amazing body, and her tape-covered nipples. Music By TREATY OF PARIS. CLICK THE PIC TO SEE THE VIDEO!
Ernesto 'che' Guevara
Hey everyone. I am so sorry that I have not been able to be in contact with anyone lately. There are issues right now that I am taking care of and hopefully soon I will be back up and running. Right now I am back in Wilkes Barre for a few days I recieved a phone call last night in regards to my father. He is not doing well at all. His kidneys have shut down he is no longer eating. They sent a priest in yesterday evening to read his last rights. So it is only a matter of time. Thank you to everyone who continues to keep my family and I in their thoughts and prayers. It helps knowing that there are people out there who care. I miss you all and hope that things are well. Hugs and luvs to all of you. Missy
Tpoh: Cigarette Dangles
Pick Your Story...i Am Laughing To Hard To
Good Morning. It’s pick your topic day…you will see why… Nebraska state senator sues God Injunction sought against Him for allegedly causing deaths, making threats Updated: 9:51 p.m. ET Sept 17, 2007 LINCOLN, Neb. - The defendant in a state senator’s lawsuit is accused of causing untold death and horror and threatening to cause more still. He can be sued in Douglas County, the legislator claims, because He’s everywhere. Army officer Bryan Hilferty, a volunteer Llittle League umpire in Alexandria, Va., complained to The Washington Post in July that when he requested a copy of the League rulebook (to help him be a better umpire), he was turned down. Hilferty, who has access to classified information in his job at the Pentagon, was told that the Little League restricts its rulebooks, on a "need to know" basis, so as not to invite litigation, and that Hilferty did not qualify. [Washington Post, 7-29-07] In July, the Houston School District, citing student privacy laws, decline
Bob Dylan: Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
Los Lobos: Don't Worry Baby
Anselma/bestel Mar: Los Lobos Y Rowwen Heze
Motorcycle Diaries: Thema, Gustavo Santaolalla
My Best Favourit Band
I am just setting here thinking of chris and I and and I feeling a little blue...I miss him with all my heart and I know this is his job and I am going to be there for him all the way this is just a bump in the road I need to get over becouse this is our life now. I chose to be with him he had this job befor I was even in the pic so i just need to get off this feeling of depreshion is all. We talk on the phone daily to each other so its not like i don't hear form him at all. I just can't wait until I see him agean or I am able to go on the road with him too. I just feel like curling up in a ball and crying my self to sleep right now but i can't atleast not right now. Well this all for now ttyl good night ya all
well good morning all, here is wishing you all a bright sunny day today. well to bring everyone up to speed surgery is tommorrow,, yey, never thought that i would hear myself saying that. but im so happy the day is here. the past three months have been pure hell for me, the late nights, the endles hrs of sleep..the pain and agony that i have had to endure.why u may ask? all because of my blader shuting off. and hopefully tommorrows surgery will cure that or at least give me some relief. but in any case wish me luck. and to all my firnds and fans out there. i love you all. and may god watch over you all. havea great day gang, and a great week.
Big Country: East Of Eden
Big Country-republican Party Reptile
What You Know About Me!
This is funny. YOU fill in the blanks about ME even if you don't have any idea what they are and REPLY TO ME... but first, post a blank one out to all your friends so they can mess with you. Be honest and reply!! Make sure you repost it blank in your own bulletin so I can do it for you! My name: The love of my life: Where we met: Take a stab at my middle name: How long you've known me: The last time that we saw each other: Do I drink? Your first impression of upon meeting me/seeing me: One of my favorite things to do: Am I funny? My favorite type of music: Can I sing? The best feature about me: Am I shy or outgoing? Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? Do I have any special talents? If so, what are they? Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else (what)? Have you ever hugged me? My favorite food: Have you ever had a crush on me? If there was one good nickname for me, it
Target Tuesday
Pixie is behind, so we need to work hard to get her back in the lead :)
Roger Taylor: Nazis (1994)
September 18, 2007
You should exert a bit of extra discipline on home or work projects -- that is vital to success at this time. You've got what it takes, but that additional effort requires your undivided attention.
September 18, 2007
You should exert a bit of extra discipline on home or work projects -- that is vital to success at this time. You've got what it takes, but that additional effort requires your undivided attention.
What The Color Of Ur Eyes Mean
Black Eyes People with black eyes spend the shortest time in relationships except for the one with their current addiction. They are leg humping friendly to borderline sleazy. They always fall in love with anything that has two legs, a pulse and a wet spot. They are great kissers----until they vomit all over you. They are very easy to please unless they haven't had their latest fix of alcohol, meth, cocaine, or prescription medicine. If you repost this and you have black eyes you will either O.D., spend the night in jail, or wake up next to some skank you've never seen before within the next 2 days. Blue Eyes People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome,very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. Are straight up WARRIORS when necessary. if you mes
Online Affair With Each Other Ends In Divorce
A married couple are divorcing after they chatted each other up on the Internet using fake names. Sana Klaric and husband Adnan poured their hearts out to each other over their marriage troubles. Using the names 'Sweetie' and 'Prince of Joy' in a online chatroom, the pair thought they had found a soulmate with whom to spend the rest of their lives. It should have turned out like a real-life version of the 1979 Rupert Holmes song, Escape, where a couple meet through advert by someone 'who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain'. But, unlike in the song, there was no happy ending after they turned up for a date and realised their mistake. Now the pair, from Zenica, Central Bosnia, are divorcing after accusing each other of being unfaithful. Sana, 27, said: 'I was suddenly in love. It was amazing, we seemed to be stuck in the same kind of miserable marriages. How right that turned out to be.' But when it dawned on her what had happened, she said: 'I felt so b
~~walk With Me~~
Walk With Me by BlueWolf © Walk with me down winding roads Tree lined paths and trails unknown Walk with me and hold my hand Walk with me in sea soaked sand Hear my whisper in your ear A hushed breath, a gentle tear Hear the song of mourning doves Hear my cries of whispered love Tell me of your wildest dreams All the things you’ve never seen Tell me of our life to come Tell me of our unborn son Name the things you hold most dear The wants, desires that you hold near Name a place you want to go Name to me your deepest woe Write to me of love so sweet From your heart – dig down deep Write to me a song I know Write to me in sweetest prose Hold me close and don’t let go Your love is what I want to know Hold my heart within yours dear Hold me now, pull me near Feel me now our bodies twined Two become one, a single mind Feel my body, taste my soul Feel the love that makes us whole..........
Life Change
shit has hit the fan and life will never be the same. and all I can say is having a mental illness is no fun when you're threatened to be hospitalized against your will.
Time To Think
The past week I have had a lot of time to think about things. During this time I have realized a lot of things about myself and about life. Some things where like a ton of bricks hitting with such force it took my breath. Other things literally made me sick to my stomach. Who knew that getting lost in your thoughts could actually be painful. One of the main things that came about during all this was how I let myself be treated by others. The fact that I let people use me, walk on me like I’m a door mat, lie to me & hurt me made me sick. I try to see the good in people. I try to help them in any way I can. I forgive them way to easily. The few times that popped into my head of when I stood up for my self, I also remembered later telling the person whom I was fussing with I was sorry. I’m the type of person who is always there for people when they need somebody. Now if you turn that around you can count on one hand the number of people who are there for me when I need somebody. Hones
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Day 1 (kinda Suck-ish)
Today I began training. Today I am motivated and sure that I want to make it to Tuesday Night Fights. And so I give you Day 1. A little of my history of combat: I grew up scrapping and it was fun. But there is nothing more fun than fighting an equal opponent. I was in the military and had learned hand to hand, and I found this out about equal opportunities in fighting when I began Kajukembo (A martial art that is the "Gang Bang" of all martial arts in my opinion, since it incorporates Kung Fu Karate, Judo, Kempo and Chinese Boxing). I haven't done that for a while now but I have retained much of the knowledge and reflexes. My neighbor Maria came over for coffee this morning. She is an ex-fighter who unfortunately gave in to drugs a few years ago but is clean now. She stands nearly 6 feet tall and has "boulder" shoulders and we got to talking. We were discussing my physique and how I have a solid, low center of gravity, powerful arms and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to fight! She in
Train #2
* * TINK * * & ~ RAYNE ~ (Click pics to visit) Two great gals!
Y'all Are Probably Wondering
Or maybe your not wondering, where Ive been. I have no cable anymore and I have become addicted. Yes I have a sickness, its called POGO ADDITCTION. Its not pleasant, but it keeps me happy. LOL Im still around, still alive, and pretty much well. There is however, something wrong. I dont know how many of you are aware of my knee condition. I have sliding patella syndrome, also known as Patello-Femoral syndrome. (you can read about it if you want to at, just copy and paste the link.) I have developed horrible nerve damage. I can barely walk anymore. Just to walk to the bathroom puts me in such agony Id almost rather have a catheter. Before anyone gets all up in arms, I will be fine, in time. Now that the nasty business is out of the way, I want you all to know I havent forgotten any of you, and you are in my thoughts, as I hope I am in yours. Be safe, sleep sweet, and wish for eternal happiness. :)
Laying Alone In A Bed Of Memories
it comes and goes. i find myself drifting off.lifes been a blur recently.tossing turning,basically trying to break myslef down.thinking of the fucked up shit that has happened...fucked up shit i have done in my life.then i eyes close...and the nightmares start.i wake up alone and cold...sweating...nervous...shit sometimes im screaming or crying. it hurts. my thoughts arent the same..they are scatter brained. sleeping pills arent working.if i do sleep i wake up tired. go damn this noise in my head. i feel strung out, and theres no reason to be. i used to be able to say fuck it and move on.why cant i now?
You Know What
I need a girlfriend. I mean it. I had a girlfriend for 2 years (off and on) and we've known each other 3 years and are still good friends. She has a new girlfriend now and it makes me super jealous. I had a few other girls and none of them were that great to me. Yes I had one (other than the 2 year girl) who was a sweetheart but freaked when I accidentally took her off my top friends on myspace. Guys suck to me I want a new girlfriend...any takers?
My Snapvine Profile
How Do You Know
If you're a Kevin Smith fan (and I dont mean obsessed): You have seen all, or almost all movies and other things by/with him You continue to watch all of them still You quote certain movies to fit some situations You can compare people you know to certain characters because of how they act or look You wouldnt mind naming kids after characters from movies (yes including Silent Bob) You say the next line in the movie before the character does (geek) You know actually Alanis Morissette The guy who played Snape isnt so tough after all SHIT DEMON!!! You know Dante was number 37 You now know all too well that Kelly is a guy's name too You think "Goodbye Horses" is a so much cooler song now You do the "chap stick dance", complete with commentary and dance (guilty) *ahem*....Snoochie Boochies thats all I have for now.
Fucken Bitches
three years of my life wasted...hold on..let me say that again..three years of my fucking life wasted on a stupid bitch...its fucked up. i went to jail for three days because a chick lied.but fuck worries....what i am worried about is starting house,my job,my clothes,my fucken fish even...all gone.i changed my whole life for a person and now im being dicked.i have to ask myself what ive done to deserve this.more do i get out of this?where do i go now?where do i start?how do i do all these things?i feel ready to quit,give up and say fuck it all.more importantly...i lost one of my best friends.why???was it the wasnt clean.i have no answers..nobody can tell me i now set alone.sleep alone...its getting cold.this shit sucks. im so pissed over the situation,and so hurt at the same time....i dont know if i should fucken destroy shit..or call her...anybody have any insight
If So Comment My Pix So I Can Win
help comment this pix as much as possible to help me win the crazy contest im in much loves to u all oh and i love new fan and friends xxx
Love(true Or False)
I don't understand people who throw around the word love. Why would you think that the other person has no feelings. Love is the worst kind of pain and with love comes lies. Why cant people who say they love you respect you enough not to play the little mind games. Do you even know what love is? Alot of people dont. If you have a special someone do yourself a favor and be truthful,respectful,and cherrish what you have because going behind someones back and doing what you think is not hurtful really is. THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE.
9/18/07: Sometimes...
::takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly:: Life is just an amazing thing, and I don't mean that in a good way at times. Up until this weekend past I was just doing what I normally do, maintaining my relationships and keeping food in my cupboard, a roof over my head and gas in my car. Then, one of my long-term slaves breaks things off with me. I saw this coming because she has had serious medical issues over the past year and she has gone through some changes because of it. She asked for more freedoms and I gave them to her. But it wasn't enough, and after an incident between us and a long discussion afterwards, we decided to part ways after eight years together. As usual, it takes a few days for it to sink in, no I was kind of emotionally flat. Then after that, I get news from my tallyssinae that she is being kicked out of the place she was staying, through no fault of her own. I fully expected this to happen, even though I was hoping that things would hold out until we
Trying Out For Me Favorite Band Carnifex
i was on my myspace and my favorite band CARNIFEX is looking for a new guitarist so i sent the a message telling them about me and how long ive played and they send me a inavation to san diego to tryout in a week.. so i cant wait and i hope i get it... wish me luck
Rate My Pic To Make Me Win Please this is the link to my competition page plz rate and comment my pic i would be thank full to all who doing so thank you
10.000 To Level.
wildfire32@ fubar lots to work with should go fast.. thanks levelers.. also on kims blog later
Im a start out wit a quote " Love can sumtimes be magic...but magic is sumtimes jus an illusion." Love is a very difficult thing 4 me. I honestly don't think that people care bout me as much as they say they do. If I die tomorrow would you care? Everyone always told me that the love between a mother and a child is the strongest love...but is it? I don't know my mother she left us. when i was about 5 years old. My grandma told me that it was because she met sumone new and try to find job but as far as im concerned thats jus 1 side of the story there are always 2 sides but I often think to myself that if she really did love me wouldn't you think that she would try ta keep in touch? But wat i'm tryin ta get at is there is a different kinda love that I have never been too lucky at and thats the love between a man and a woman. I don't think that i'm ugly or anything I think that I have sum pretty good qualities to offer but I do have things about me that aren't all that great e
Suicide: A Heavy Burden???
Preface: As many of you know, I attended a QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training Class related to meeting suicide needs of people in various situations on September 10, 2007 (“World Suicide Prevention Day“), as offered and supported through the Austin/Travis County Suicide Prevention Coalition. Noel and Elizabeth Roebuck were there facilitating the class, while the class was lead by a Certified QPR Instructor, Janie E. Black, M.Ed. My interest in learning more about suicide stems from a second cousin killing himself with a shotgun (butt placed on the toilet and pointed to directly under his jaw) after returning home from a war and struggling with a variety of issues when I was in my pre-teen years…and, in later years, having friends go through bouts of suicidal tendencies, threats and attempts. Additionally, in working with domestic violence and victim situations throughout the years in the shelter and on the phones, it has been my experience that callers have called in,
My Life As Of Right Now.
I have to be honest with myself, I never pictured my life the way it is now. I thought at 22 I would be in college, not married and have a kid. Although, I would never give up my daughter for the world. I'm in a rocky marriage part of me resents him for moving me up here. I left my friends and family all behind for him and I still get nothing in return but being yelled at consently. Certain friends of mine are telling me to leave. I hate the fighting, I was never a fighter before. Before I met him I was independent, I never let a guy get the best of me. If he didn't call after a date or he would just decide to hang out with his friends instead of me, it didn’t faze me. I was actually fun. I didn’t really have a care in the world but my friends and family. The only good thing I got out of being here is I meet some wonderful people, which mean a lot to me. Some of them are real friendships that may last for a long time. Now to be honest if I left him, who would date me? I'm a mothe
Psychotic Stream Of Consciousness
i can't seem to work out what i want, what i need, what would be best, what the point is. craving what i can't have, never knowing what it is i crave most. i try to reach out of my cage but it never seems to work. i just get kicked back into the corner, over and over. try to sleep through the pain of another day,but it all keeps taunting me, coming back again to work my last nerve and make me hate. sometimes i want nothing more than to just crawl back into a bottle and go numb again, but i know that isn't the answer. sometimes i think i need the sweet release of the razor-sharp blade, but i know that won't truly help matters either. all i can do is go on, continue, if only to see what new horrors will occur tomorrow.
Buy My Sexy Hot Outlaw Cd Johnny Rodes Southern Etiquette
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band Date: Sep 17, 2007 5:23 PM
Not An Eay Decision.....
My buddy, Aaron had to witness his mother-in-law being taken off of life support today after a long fight with cancer! She, Mrs. Garcia, was a english teacher at our high school, so I personally knew her for about 18 years. He say his wife, Angela, couldnt sign the papers, D.N.R., at the last minute so he had to! He say that it was the hardest thing he has ever done! Could you, if the time called for it, sign a loved one's life away?
Bye Bye
As of the 24th I'll be working mon-thur and some fridays. During the work week I'll be staying at my sisters and more then likely won't have access to fubar. So if you give a shit...message me and I might give you my email address so you can email me and we can keep in touch till I get an apartment and internet in the new apartment.
Small Bus Riders !!!! Ride With Us !!!
Please Repost Bulletins at least once, Not required but it helps get more people on for the PaRtY Come Jump on Jokers Wild's Small Bus where the only requirement is to have a sense of humor. Unlike Trains and planes this IS A 100% Free Ride. NO RATING REQUIRED NO FANNING REQUIRED NO ADDING REQUIRED NO NEED TO BUY ANYTHING FOR THE DRIVERS You Rate, Add, Comment who you want to and IF you want to THIS BUS RIDE IS ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE When The Bus is full we will add a second one and another one until we have a small bus convoy ! LOL Note: I will be updating once a day riders on the small bus send a FUBAR E-Mail message and I will get you added on the next bus out, I can not keep up with Bulliten,Blog and shout box request I will ONLY take those by FUBAR MAIL and get you loaded Remember Just because you rate someone on this bus is no requirement that they rate you back, This is to see people that may have the same in common with you. There are plenty of Pay Trains if
Computer Date
Dear Tech Support: Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activities, such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, Going To The Pub 7.5, and Softball 3.6 I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run my other favorite applications. I'm thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0 , but the uninstall doesn't work on Wife 1.0. Please help! Thanks, Troubled User..... _____________________ REPLY: Dear Troubled User: This is a very common problem that men often complain about. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0, thinking that it is just a Utilities and Entertainment program. Wife 1.0 is an OPERATING SYSTEM and is designed by its Creator to run EVERYTHING!!! It is also impossible to dele
No Difference!!
looking at you is like looking at me no much to compare just the fact that you!! are in another human being!! looking at you an looking at me makes no difference to the rest!!! not looking for beauty, not looking for love , just looking for some one to tell that im a live!! not looking for you just looking for me i have no fucking idea wut i was looking at you for!! =0)
"Prayed About It? . . . Now Change!" James 4:17 'Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.' (NLT) Some of the most frequently used phrases of Christians today are, "Let me pray about it" or "I'm praying about it!" We like to sometimes use prayer as an out for our habits and frequent mistakes because we can say we are praying about it or working on it without producing any results. Sure, we are to pray without ceasing. But what are you going to do after you have prayed? I'm talking about when you keep doing the same, destructive things over and over and you keep saying that you are praying about it, yet you keep doing it! Prayer is good, but you also have to stop doing it! You can't keep praying about something you need to quit doing and then keep doing it. You have to change. Your actions will get the same results every time if you don't change. Prayer is not an out, but it is a means to an end. "Prayer changes things!" That was a phrase I grew up hea
Why Oh Why?
When someone wants to become my friend here on fubar, I'd appreciate it that they first rate some of my pictures, then rate some stash items and blogs. Please once you are my accepted as my friend, do not automatically go to my NSFW folder. That's just rude. There is nothing good there anyway. Trust me. Don't make me delete that folder. Rate my pictures, NON NSFW. Then if you are so inclined, rate my NSFW. No I'm not saying you have to rate every single freaking picture that's not nsfw, but come on. At least make me feel like I'm not a sex object to you. If you are going to go straight to my NSFW, at least try to talk to me first. Jesus! I'm tired of guys asking for friendship, then going straight to my nsfw and then never talking to me or rating anything else ever again. WTF is that about? RUDE! So I've deleted them and am now safeguarding against that. Yes, I'm watching your moves as best as I can. Thx LibertyLuvr
Big Ass Explosion
The thing you fear everytime you convoy in Iraq. Humvee Escapes DisasterAdd to My Profile | More Videos
New Pics
hey everyone i have new pics up in my profile so feel free to rate them and if you really wanna go ahead and comment. thanks mucho love latinagoth
Shelby Steele On White Guilt
In 2006, Steele received the Bradley Prize for his contributions to the study of race in America. In 2004, he was awarded the National Humanities Medal. In 1991, his work on the documentary Seven Days in Bensonhurst was recognized with an Emmy Award and two awards for television documentary writing—the Writer's Guild Award and the San Francisco Film Festival Award. Steele received the National Book Critic's Circle Award in 1990 in the general nonfiction category for his book The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America. Collapse Of White Supremacy Gave Rise To Age Of White Guilt Bestselling Author Shelby Steele Addresses Independent Policy Forum OAKLAND, May 19—The 20th century collapse and de-legitimization of white supremacy was one of the most important events in recent history, said well-known race-relations scholar, Dr. Shelby Steele, at a May policy forum at the Independent Institute. However, America moved out of its long age of white supremacy and in
Bare Feet Holidays
Bare Feet Society will now host a special contest for each holiday in each month. Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.. So if you would like to be in it or know some bare feet ya want to win then contact me for more details!
Fallen Angels
A soft blanket of snow slowly settles over his body. His eyes are closed and breathing is hard. His wings are bent out at odd angles and one idea is clear. All the angels,They've Fallen. With all the strength he has he manages to rollover and push up to his knees. The dull gray landscape holds little interest for the angel. But he knows in his heart...all they angels, They've Fallen. He pulls forth a sword, that used to shine. Now it is stained with the blood of the broken. A tear silently falls from his face because the news, it's true. All they angels, They've Fallen.
Something To Offend Everyone
Q) What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? A) Juan on Juan Q) What is the difference between A Harley and a Hoover ? A) The position of the dirt bag Q) Why is divorce so expensive? A) Because it's worth it Q) What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over? A) Doughnuts? Q) Why is air a lot like sex? A) Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any > Q) What do you call a smart blonde? A) A golden retriever. Q) What do attorneys use for birth control? A) Their personalities. Q) What's the difference between A girlfriend and wife? A) 45 lbs Q) What's the difference between A boyfriend and husband? A) 45 minutes Q) What's the fastest way to a man's heart? A) Through his chest with a sharp knife. Q) Why do men want to marry virgins? A) They can't stand criticism Q) Why is it so hard for
My Mother Has Killed Me
My mother has killed me, My father is eating me. My brothers and sisters sit under the table, Picking up my bones, And they bury them, Under the cold marble stones.
I'm Kinda Back, Lol
sup, fubar? i've missed everybody i'm in a new town with a new pc but i'm not quite right yet.....ANYBODY MISS ME?
Here Ya Go Guys! This Will Help You Out!!
This is all you need to know! 95% of females can't cum from sex unless they are on top…and why not unless on top? So they can stimulate their clit by grindin’ on our pelvic bones, which really does nothin’ for them, so the key is to eat pussy first! Make her cum a few times, numb her up, then hammer away or soft and slow with a lot of vaginal teasin’ with your meat thermometer to build it all up in the end, however you like! Now, once you are in between her legs, don't just fuckin' dive in there like a pig goin’ to the trough, take your time! I know that pussy is damned near irresistible, but don't act like it is! Lick her inner thighs, kiss them, kiss around her pussy lips, kiss the lips, etc. etc. Finally, once you've got your tongue on her clit, this is what you do! (you can use your hands to spread apart her lips if you want, that’s all preference! Its easier to make them cum with their lips spread so you can have easier access to their clit!) Roll the tip and somewhat flat par
Hey Everyone!
I am gonna be out of town from tuesday until Thursday night! i am going home to alabama!! I will be back on thursday!! Hope everyone has a wodnerful week!! lots of love and bites, Lost Civeteto, True Queen Witch, Creator of LDC, Engaged to rebel bitch, Member kot
A blind woman wishes for love.. She meets a man, which they both end up falling in love with each other. The woman then only wishes she could see the man she she has fallen for. She gets her wish and gets to see the man.. But, when she sees him... She sees that he is blind and doesn't want to be with him anymore. That is when the man says, "Ok. I can see you don't want to be with me."... "But take care of my eyes." written by a friend
They Need Some Help
come help me in these 2 contest im in please ADD,FAN,RATE (repost of original by 'Butterflymember of Memory Lounge of Lovely,Loving Ray and Angels' on '2007-09-17 22:31:30')
To My Loving Aunt
It is an unbelivable pain you have left us with. But I know that now you live with no pain, the pain that only the evil cancer can cause. You will be missed by so many of us but mostly my cousins and uncle. You were like my mother every weekend and every holdiday with out a doubt we knew it was going to be at your house. I wonder now what will happen...will we grow apart like some of us did when my mother passed away. It was both of you that always made sure we kept together as a family. The words you said to me when my mother passed away I will never forget and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and my brothers and dad. You gave me strenght when I thought I couldnt deal with life anymore cuz the pain of not having my mother. You always made sure we knew were our home was when the holidays were approaching. I ask myself "NOW WHAT?" Now my mother has someone else she loves with her. I can see you and my mother together again playing cards an
Hurt And Confused
So here I lay in my bed crying cause I'm hurt and confused. I don't know what's wrong I don't know what to do to fix it. I wish there was some way to take the pain away I wish I could make myself numb. Its been like this for weeks now I wish she would call but its always I'll call tomarrow but when tomarrow comes there's no call so I lay and wait and hope and the most I get is a text saying tomarrow. I'm beging to hate the word tomarrow cause no matter how many times she says it, its never tomarrow.
The Cowards Of Fubar 2
THE COWARDS OF FUBAR 2 RAVIOLI ™@ fubar fubar Support@ fubar ~SURF~@ fubar Nö Mörë ÐëMöñ§@ fubar ‡ΡΩLΩ‡@ fubar Oserinia@ fubar A_m_N_e_S_i_A@ fubar mskinn@ fubar Darkman@ fubar SiN DeReLla™@ fubar ¥ILL Vixen¥@ fubar JUICY★ remembers ★@ fubar
Poems My Friend Patty Wrote, Awesome Job Hun :)
The Cowards Of Fubar Part 1
THE COWARDS OF FUBAR PART 1 ~_RaZoR_~@ fubar G33K1N73HP1NK¡ÖI§ªS¡ïN☄TY~J‼@ fubar ~Fyretygress~FUBAR Bouncer@ fubar PHANTOM@ fubar ~Sandy~@ fubar McFUBeAveR@ fubar Wild Horse ~Fubar's 24th Godfather~@ fubar MolyMascot ☺@ fubar Darkman@ fubar Oserinia@ fubar MISTRESS KAY@ fubar A_m_N_e_S_i_A@ fubar
Why, When I Put Up An Irreverent And Offensive Photo For My Id
do i get all 10's? and when i put up one of just me... well. GRRRRRRRRR
Chapter One – Knight In Shiny Leather Pants
As they wait in line to see the band, Michelle fumbled through her bag to see if she could find a napkin. “I found one. Now let me try to get some of that blood off of your face.” Dabbing at the blood. “Ouch” Terri flinched at the pain. Trying to hold her friend’s face still with one hand and still dabbing at the dripping blood with the other, “Well you don’t want David seeing you like this do you?” “No. Not really.” She answered. “Why in the world did he have to wear those spikes?” Still worried about her friend’s wounds, Michelle said, “I don’t know why you won’t let me take you to the hospital.” “You know I couldn’t miss seeing him. I may never get another chance.” She says as she fidgets and brushes at some of the dirt and grass on her cloths. “Hold still, it’s running down your cheek.” Michelle grabbed her friend’s jaw again trying to get the streak of blood. “I can’t believe he found me here. All those spots we ducked into and the people he had to wade throu
Chapter Two – The Show Must Go On
With David still holding Terri’s waist, and her still holding Michelle’s hand, they make their way to the front of the building where, just outside the door, John, Adam, Adam S., Jason and Mike were all waiting. They were still discussing the whole incident while waiting on David, Dan and the girls. “I’m going to let them watch from side stage.” David announces to the rest of the guys. Michelle let go of the small train and went over to give her husband a hug. “That’s fine with me.” Jason answers. “I’ll show them where they can stand.” They make there way over to the back of the stage where David gives Terri a quick kiss on the cheek again, “I’ll see you all after the show.” Then he turns quickly and runs off to great the eagerly awaiting crowd. “Sorry for the delay, we had an incident happen, but everything’s alright now” They heard him announce from the stage. Terri turns to Michelle, “Now I really feel like shit.” “Don’t, babe, he did it for you. That should
Chapter Three – On The Road
The fallowing morning seemed to come way too early with the sun peeking through the curtains and into her eyes. Waking to find she was alone in the bed and hoping that it wasn’t just a dream, Terri groggily lifts her head to look around the room for the one that had comforted her through out the night. “Good-morning.” She hears him whisper to her from the table at the foot of the bed. Hoping not to awaken their friends in the bed next to her, in a tired but soft voice she asks David, “What are you doing up so early?” “I couldn’t sleep to well. Too much on my mind. So I got up and started working on another song.” Crawling to the end of the bed she climbs up to her knees and asks, “Did you get ANY sleep?” then she settled in a more comfortable position. “Very little, I’ll probably end up lying down later on while we’re on the road.” She felt herself slouch and began playing with her fingernails. Quickly drifting into thought of how short of time she has left to be
Chapter Four - The Surprise
A month and a half passed before David came back from his overseas tour. “Terri, David is on the phone.” She hears her mom call out. She rushes to get the phone from her mom. “Hello?” “Hay babe. I wanted you to know that I made it back safely. Did you miss me?” “Of course.” She answered, excited to hear his voice. “I got back yesterday. I would have called you then, but I was too jetlagged.” He apologized. “I totally understand. I wasn’t expecting for you to call as soon as you got home anyways.” “Thanks for understanding.” He said. “I was wondering, I have to stay here in Chicago to work at the studio during our time off from touring, and I was wondering if you wanted to come up and join me?” “Well you know I wouldn’t be able to pass up an offer like that, but I’ll have to find someone to stay with my mom while I’m gone.” “Ok, well, let me know when and I’ll make sure that you have a ticket waiting for you.” He said. “Well, let me call my brother and s
Wipe My Tears
Feel the pain I feel cut your wrists, hoping the pain will perish with your loss of blood cry the tears I’ve cried crimson red tears I JUST WANTED TO BE LOVED view the world, through the eyes of an outcast never will i be pretty enough never will i be accepted never will i be PERFECT suffer as I do, when I start and end my day put on a happy face, pretend everything is okay no one cares about me. Who will be there to stop me pulling the trigger? Who will be there to tell me, "your better than this.... you don’t need to hurt yourself.dont do this" WHO WILL BE THERE TO WIPE AWAY MY TEARS? No one, no one loves me, for they are just my enemy turn your back, talk about me as if I’m not a person as if I feel nothing...Callused False belief, just like my false hope of being able to succeed. I am a person; I take things twice as hard. im ugly inside and out im hated, this is true with out a doubt im a fuckin piece of shit loved my no one hated by all
My Mortal Sin
If I had known this would be.. The last time I cried, The last time I tried. The last time I bled. The last time I had shed a mortal tear.. Then I would have said I love you. I always showed you my true colors. I never let them fade. Lost in this gray haze I sat. Sulking through my days. Reflection was never seen. The torture never fought. I thought that I would die here. Right here in this spot. I guess I never cared. Just sat there in my shame. I thought “I’ll do it tomorrow” But tomorrow never came. I took that leap of faith. More like the step of fate. I cut. I cut deep. Deeper than my normal wounds would seep. Then a flash came back to me. A memory of when I was younger. Even then I was covered With crimson cuts and little white scars. I remember slicing, looking up at the stars. Thinking of where I would be. Who I would meet? What would lead me to defeat? But I guess I stopped thinking. I knew I was sinking. Into my mortal sin. 12/30/03
My Dearest
My blood is pouring from every vein. My wrists are cut. They have been slain. The razor once sharp. Has now turned dull. My voice has been hushed.. Down to a lull. The only ones to keep me here. The two that I hold dear. They keep me away from fear. So you must not shed a tear. For I will not go without them. 12/30/03
Fallen From Grace
Sunrise penetrates my eyes And knocks me out of bed So I nullify the nightmares That occupy my head And I look upon the day With its casual display One foot ventures outside And the other follows way Set upon the ground by shoes Wonder what I have left to lose Here in this place Having fallen from grace Jacobs ladder is crushed And gods voice was hushed Stood in the rain And cried out in vain So then I stare upon the world And wonder who I am And the endless crowds of people Who say that I am damned For not being saved by Christ Oe his plastered paradise To concede to any book of faith So clear or as concise Not trying to be saved by someone else God helps those who help themselves Still I feel disgrace Having fallen from grace Now I will walk on my own To an uncertain unknown The wind on my back Cries a sorrowful moan Here I tread this lonely road To a rock I can call my own Stray away form statues that some have called divine And evangelical ton
Death Is The Most Unbelievable Pain
Wow I just got back from being with my cousins and uncle...This pain is so unreal...I lost my aunt who I concidered to be a mother figure to me today...To have seen her layin in her bed till 6pm when she passed at 1:54pm...that was so hard...To see the pain in my uncles eyes and my cousins was the worst feeling...I know what its like to lose your mother...I lost my mother 8yrs ago in a car accident and now I lose her...This numb feeling of I know they say God will only give you what you can handle but wow how much is enough? This year by far is one of the worst ever. This week I have 2 funerals my cousin and my heart is aching like crazy and I feel so helpless and cant even find the right words to tell my cousins or my niece(cousins daughters)...even thou I went threw what they are going threw you never know what to say. Once again to everyone that has taken the time to read this and all about my dad...I thank you for all your prayers and emails...God B
A Secret Romance
The blade so shiny. Once so sharp. How beautifully it crawls Across the frozen flesh. Beads of black seep through. One by one they drop To end the life of another. The pain so familiar, Once so harsh. How elegant it feels To let feelings out. Saying nothing. But feeling relieved. The life of one.. Has stopped. 3/19/04
The Last Day
I remember all the special things Good and bad times we shared Everything was the perfect way Everything I did you cared But when the accident happened Sorry was all I could say How little I did really know It was close to your last day They took you into hospital Still you kept your brave face We were hoping you’d be out soon But that really wasn’t the case On the last night I saw you Something told me “say goodbye” But instead I just ignored it Still now I can’t tell you why In the middle of the night I heard It made me break down and cry If only I’d listened to my heart This can’t be your time to die It was your time I know that now Angels took you from us that night They better be taking care of you Just let me know you’re all right All I have now are memories After dark I look up to the sky You’ll always be the brightest star Watching my life pass me by One day I will see you again At the end of my very last day You will be there to gui
You Were Always There
Whenever I needed someone to talk to You were always there. My eyes filled with tears, my heart filled with pain, and You were always there. There was no time when I had doubt to come to you because You were always there. I could see in your eyes you wanted to help, and that you really cared. Whenever I was down and blue You were always there. No matter my problems, or what was wrong You were always there. Whenever I felt like nothing matters You were always there. Now your gone, and I don't know what to do I close my eyes and think of you, and how You were always there. It's hard to look at the pictures, and get memories of you Can you hear me now At night I pray, and I speak to you I guess you were right when you told me no matter how far you were You would always be there I know one day I'll see you again, but till then I have to say goodbye Even though it hurts to hear your name, and speak of you One thing I will always say is You were always there
Remember then, Dreaming of when Our childhood fears Would be gone with the years. Now we look at the past Wondering why it didn't last. Days in the hot sun Always having fun. Going for a ride Letting the bike glide. Biking, sledding, Swimming, swinging, Days of old Never to be sold. Signs of change Widely range. Moving away No more play. Friends forever Talk almost never. Through the years, Our lives shift gears. Laughter, smiles, Fears, miles, Distant souls Drifting goals. Friendship the art Connects our hearts. Now that it is when We dream of Then. 3/3/04
Losing A Piece Of My Soul
I came to you the hour I was in pain Looking for answers, I cried to you in vain. I shared the many skeletons hiding in my heart, I knew then you'd be my friend, I knew it from the start. Troubles ran like rivers, flowing through my life, You picked the pieces up and help me through my strife. When home wasn't home to me no more, You opened up your heart, and opened up the door. We cried into night until the early morn. We solaced each other's pain and shared our many thorns. As time flew, the air grew thick, I saw our friendship fading, and my heart grew sick. The day had arrived, When it was time to say goodbye. Now I sit alone, reminiscing the past I'd blown. 3/3/04
If I Were To Die Today
If i were to die today, what would you say how would you feel if i were keeled keeled by my rage that has been caged held deep inside, my feelings i try to hide as i begin to cry i die slowly inside Foolishly i try to hide it in buh its a demon built from within stupidly I told myself that i could win buh now its come to the surface agian I lie to myself so much its a sin as the demon laughs and gives an evil grin They all tell me ill be ok "Give it some time, you'll see" they say but to this day my feelings, they wont wont go away all my thoughts, their going astray im feeling so desprete, i begin to prey I beg the lord to forgive all my sins to make me a better person again to show me the light, and let me in to let all our problems come to an end But the lord see's no more faith in me hes turned a deaf ear to me covered my eyes so i couldn see the beauty siting right in front of me He said if i wanted to be free i had to prove it to him, i had to bl
Brown Eyes
I find there's no surprise The most amazing brown eyes The ones I havent seen in a while You've got the sweetest smile The warmest touch, The kindest heart.. It's hard to find a place to start I love you more and more With every passing day That one time you left me All of my blue skies turned to grey I didn't know what to do Barely knew who I was I cried for many reasons But mainly just because. I love you more than I love myself I want to be with you more than breathe I know we'll be together again I just have to believe In the truth that's behind Those amazing brown eyes. 9/10/07
An echo fades into the night, an eerie mournful sound. A shooting star disappears from sight, and I crumble to the ground. There is no life within this garden; my sobs are the only sound. I have poisoned the honeyed fountain where your love could be found. Dazed, I stare at the stars above, my grieving howls fill the night! Unintended betrayal of love has hidden you from my sight. I remember how it used to be when we shared our fears and delights. You are a treasured friend to me. How can I make things right? Feeling afraid, cold and lonely, I long to tell you how I feel, but you don’t want to hear me. The pain for you is much too real. Should I back away and build a wall and block away how I feel? Or, should I give you a call? We both need some time to heal. An echo fades into the night as our friendship disappears. How do I know what is right? How can I ease my fears? If I do call you again, would the old wounds reappear? I can’t stand to cause you
All Along
How could you touch her, Like you touched me. How could you kiss her Like you kissed me. How can you smile, Like you did with me. How can you laugh, Like you did with me. How could you do all of those things And never think of me. Did you ever try to guess How happy we could be? I tried to hide my hurt Tried to move on I bet they didn't know My heart is too far gone. I've always loved you Never lied at all Always kept my promises Never let you fall There's so many things That I've wanted to say. I cant make out the words You left me astray How could you touch her, Like you touched me. How could you kiss her Like you kissed me. I've loved you all along. Did she? 9/12/07
So anyways I go into court this morning and lucky me, I am the first person they call up. Now it was a small court, about 6 other people in there, and you still have the sense they are staring at the back of your head lol. So the judge reminds me what I did and asks for a plea.. well yeah I obviously did it and there was no way of getting out of it, so I took the guilty plea and tried to get on my way. Then he finds humor in the fact that I am here at court, pleading guilty, and I have no way of paying them anything at all today. I am thinking you know, I don't wanna be here in the first place, and then you mock me for not having the cash right away. But hey.. after it was all done I am glad I didn't get popped with an SR-22 or anything. So remember kids.. keep those insurance cards on you or in you car with you at all times.. BAH!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Top Breast Cancer Comments Graphics
I'm sitting here, on the 18th story of this building, looking out over the sea of land, watching as people move back and forth, going about their lives, and i wonder... are we all just alike or are we so different? we fight, cuss, scream, and kill each other so are we really all that different? then i shrug and just watch as life passes me by content to just be a spector to the grand scheme of things.
Practice Practice Practice
Well I have picked my guitar numerous amounts of times to learn how to play. I get so far and I do alright with the new beginner stuff. Then I get busy doing other things and I lose that. Bah! So anyways, I am trying for another go at it again. I do want to learn to play. I just think I have too many things going on at once. More than anything I guess I just have to make time. On a side note, one of those other things is getting my motorcycle done. I have done a lot of work on it the last couple days and there is only a few things left to do to it. The biggest thing is actually sitting down and making sure I get all the small dents smoothed out and get the primer on it so it is ready to paint. Will be happy that this will finally be done and I can go ride.
When You Love A Woman By Journey
In my life I see where I've been I said that I'd never fall again Within myself I was wrong My searchin' ain't over...over I know that [Chorus:] When you love a woman You see your world inside her eyes When you love a woman You know she's standin' by your side A joy that lasts forever There's a band of gold that shines waiting somewhere...oh yeah If I can't believe that someone is true To fall in love is so hard to do I hope and pray tonight Somewhere you're thinkin' of me girl Yes I know...I know that [Chorus] It's enough to make you cry When you see her walkin' by And you look into her eyes [Chorus] When you love a woman... When you love, love, love, love When you love a woman You see your world inside her eyes
Open Arms By Journey
Lying beside you Here in the dark Feeling your heart with mine Softly you whisper You're so sincere How could our love be so blind We sailed on together We drifted apart And here you are By my side So now I come to you With open arms Nothing to hide Believe what I say So here I am With open arms Hoping you'll see What your love means to me Open arms Living without you Living alone This empty house seems so cold Wanting to hold you Wanting you near How much I wanted you home But now that you've come back Turned night into day I need you to stay So now I come to you With open arms Nothing to hide Believe what I say So here I am With open arms Hoping you'll see What your love means to me Open arms
Faithfully By Journey
Highway run Into the midnight sun Wheels go round and round You're on my mind Restless hearts Sleep alone tonight Sending all my love Along the wire They say that the road Ain't no place to start a family Right down the line It's been you and me And lovin' a music man Ain't always what it's supposed to be Oh, girl, you stand by me I'm forever yours Faithfully Circus life Under the big top world We all need the clowns To make us smile Through space and time Always another show Wondering where I am Lost without you And being apart Ain't easy on this love affair Two strangers learn to fall in love again I get the joy of rediscovering you Oh, girl, you stand by me I'm forever yours Faithfully Whooa, oh-oh-ooh Whooa, oh-oh-ooh, oh Whooa, oh-oh-oh, oh-whoooooa-oh Faithfully I'm still yours I'm forever yours Ever yours Faithfully
It Hurts To Care
I have learned a few things, over the years. There is not enough laughter, and to many tears. I can't see a future for me. When I look ahead, fog is all I see. My daughter is my only light. Today, tomorrow and the rest of my life. I don't have many, that I can truly count on. That's a sad truth to face. It's what I have to embrace. I have loved, I have lived. I have been hurt, yet I still give. I give all of myself, to those a care for. My heartbeat is fading. My heart is on the floor. This is not meant for anyone in particular...just felt like writing tonight. It just one of those nights.
#15) I wonder if 2 letters were takin a bath would they need a ducky? (U and I) seein as the pickof bert and ernie I found was wrong
Friend Request.... Funny As Hell!!
Looking For A Sub Female
I'm tired of being lied to and finding all these people being fakes and liars, just playing games for fun. Leading someone on with false hopes really annoys me. Don't bother me if you can't be real. Seriously looking for a real female interested in me and get to know the real me past my page. Preferably submissive and bi. Must be very open minded either way. I'm not to picky or feel to be to conceded but must be beautiful in my eyes and other good qualities like intelligent, sense of humor, and good personality. Are you her? Know someone that would be just right or interested? Come on this way, I'm waiting. [M]
Need One More
#28) 123 brotha. oooooooooooooh yeah
Skin Walkers
The Bold Truth
01. I have kissed someone of the same sex on the lips. 02. I have seen a therapist. 03. I love my mom. 04. I am drawn to things associated with sadness. 05. I have gauged ears 06. I wear black eyeliner every day. 07. I am extremely influenced by kindness. 08. I love to write. 09. I can't live without chapstick. 10. I'm probably emotionally scarred. 11. I lived in Tahoe. 12. I spend money I have. 13. I'll be in college for over 4 years. 14. I love designer handbags. 15. I've had a concussion before. 16. I'm not good with confrontation. 17. I love the Backstreet Boys. 18. I have more than a couple horrible memories. 19. I'm addicted to Degrassi. 20. I've tried writing poetry before and failed. 21. My first kiss was unexpected. 22. I'm not a big fan of rap. 23. I love taking pictures. 24. I don't like people who are fake. 25. I can be mean when I want to. 26. I love AFI. 27. I have kissed someone whose name starts with A. 28. I have way too man
Great Medical Professionals In Venezuela!!
"Dead" man wakes up under autopsy knife Mon Sep 17, 8:53 AM ET A Venezuelan man who had been declared dead woke up in the morgue in excruciating pain after medical examiners began their autopsy. Carlos Camejo, 33, was declared dead after a highway accident and taken to the morgue, where examiners began an autopsy only to realize something was amiss when he started bleeding. They quickly sought to stitch up the incision on his face. "I woke up because the pain was unbearable," Camejo said, according to a report on Friday in leading local newspaper El Universal. His grieving wife turned up at the morgue to identify her husband's body only to find him moved into a corridor -- and alive. Reuters could not immediately reach hospital officials to confirm the events. But Camejo showed the newspaper his facial scar and a document ordering the autopsy.
Self Destuction
Self destruction, some sort of heartless function. My soul under construction. Trying to find a new junction. Pressure building, it brings a feeling, of my loathing nature. do not disturb. Endless hallways of a dark decent. I have found my self imploding, not finding sanity's edge. One day I shall never get out of bed.
Pictureses Blahhh
ok so i did another small album tonight and i realized i need more ideas for lazy nights like tonight... i know you all want ass pics and spankings and all sorts of fun stuff, but some nights i wanna just chill and do some fun light playing, nothing too involved, just me a single accessory or two, and the camera... so tonight i had a little lingerie and a gag... anyone got any other random ideas for light play pictures? come on, it can be like foreplay for your masturbation, lol ;) love you all sin
I'm Done
I've placed my heart, back on it's shelf. Way up high, keeping it for myself. Having it hurt, is no small matter. But why do I feel, Bruised...and battered? I never ask for anything, never expect it either. This way the disappointment, goes much easier. I will go through life, all by my self. I'll keep my heart safe, up high on that shelf. Written:9-18-07 0135 Written By:Dreamcatcher
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Nebraska State Senator Sues God
Nebraska State Senator Sues God Sep 17, 11:37 PM (ET) By NATE JENKINS LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - The defendant in a state senator's lawsuit is accused of causing untold death and horror and threatening to cause more still. He can be sued in Douglas County, the legislator claims, because He's everywhere. State Sen. Ernie Chambers sued God last week. Angered by another lawsuit he considers frivolous, Chambers says he's trying to make the point that anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody. Chambers says in his lawsuit that God has made terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents, inspired fear and caused "widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants." The Omaha senator, who skips morning prayers during the legislative session and often criticizes Christians, also says God has caused "fearsome floods ... horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes." He's seeking a permanent injunction against the A
Deep, fulfilling, meaningful, love, passion, beauty are all the lies that his body tells me as he lies between my legs doing what he does oh so well. His eyes look deep inside my soul and he sees the curiosity sparking within me. That’s when he digs deeper, strokes slower, kisses deeply, fill me with him, speaks to me with his body, and loves me passionately. I look into his eyes and see all the little white lies, shit; the big black ones too. My heart breaks, my mind races, but my body opens up and lets him in. I cry silently wanting to know how is it that this man between my legs has me so DICK-matized. I ask myself, “Do you love him? Yes, I do.” I close my eyes and picture the man that I used to love, how he used to make love to me, how he used to kiss me, how he used to touch me, how he used to be and my blood is flowing through my body making me feel hot. I open eyes only to have my vision taken from me by the evolution of the man that used to be. He’s grown into something I don’t
The Seeker
She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. WOMEN'S REVENGE "Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. "So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally." UNDERSTANDING WOMEN (A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) I know I'm not going to understand women. I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and still be afraid of a spider. MARRIAGE SEMINAR While attending a Marriage Seminar dealing with communication, Tom and his wife Gra
The Echo Of Us
Every time I close my eyes My body remembers our 69 And I quiver still feeling your tongue Flitting, tickling, dipping inside Mouth open wide Call and Response At its finest Floating, climbing This passionate spiral of sensation Heading upward Two bodies conjoined Two minds heaven bound Enjoying the ride From these sensations there is nowhere to hide And I know I should be satisfied But I am caught up in the echo of us The memory of you inside of me As I grind till I nut Has me enthralled I am appalled at my own greed My need to relive, And Relieve And Retrieve myself from this place inside my head Squirming in my bed Multiples offering no cures Only multiplying this ache I hope that you can at least relate To what I’m going through And if not, If this is a contest I surrender On the condition That memory on repeat in my mind Bounces off the walls in yours Hits the
Let You Go
(verse 1) your not worth the wait telling me shes better. Could u really go for some more.. of that past girl,that fucking whore (part of verse 1,but whispered or sung lightly) well,, im not one to describe really what i feel inside but by what i see u were meant for her. (chorus) cmon just get it over with the fact that your leaving ohhh and that ure not worth it. cmon get way out of hand with your lies and decieving ohh cuz ure not worth it. even from the start i saw it and i even called it whoaa arent i the greatest i knew we wouldnt have made it cmon by the way you were acting i knew this shit was gunna happen sooner or later id rather it sooner than later (chorus) cmon just get it over with the fact that your leaving ohhh and that ure not worth it. cmon just pack your shit and go how it would be with me youll never knowwww... never know...(song fades out) (last line without music) i just wanted to congratulate u and ure ho..and l
Saggy Pants Update
Cities Cracking Down on Saggy Pants Sep 16, 2:35 PM (ET) By MATTHEW VERRINDER TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - It's a fashion that started in prison, and now the saggy pants craze has come full circle - low-slung street strutting in some cities may soon mean run-ins with the law, including a stint in jail. Proposals to ban saggy pants are starting to ride up in several places. At the extreme end, wearing pants low enough to show boxers or bare buttocks in one small Louisiana town means six months in jail and a $500 fine. A crackdown also is being pushed in Atlanta. And in Trenton, getting caught with your pants down may soon result in not only a fine, but a city worker assessing where your life is headed. "Are they employed? Do they have a high school diploma? It's a wonderful way to redirect at that point," said Trenton Councilwoman Annette Lartigue, who is drafting a law to outlaw saggy pants. "The message is clear: We don't want to see your backside." The bare-your-britches
Every time I close my eyes, I think of you. Tell me now ’cause I’m not knowing what to do. I want to feel you but you are not here. I want to love you but my heart is in fear. How can we be so close yet so far away? I need you to love me. There is so much I want to say. Every time I hear your name, a tear fall down my cheek. The thought of you makes my body so weak. Yesterday, I wrote you a love letter And today I threw it away. Not knowing in my heart, the things I wanted to say. I took the chance and put you out of my mind. Now knowing in the end what I was looking for I would never find. I need you to hold me and feel your kiss. It’s something I so very much miss. Every time I close my eyes, I think of you. Tell me ’cause I’m not knowing what to do.
To Catch A Star
9/18/07 why is the moon so hard to grasp it seems close enough to snatch, how can the stars that twinkle and fall be so hard to catch? the distance 'tween us isn't as far as the moon and stars above and is not insurmountable it can be bridged by love. a little thought and a lot of work and together we can abide i'm willing to give and try it all just to be by your side. i've fallen so hard for you, my love forgive if i'm out of line but all i want is for your heart to be forever mine. d. r. hyden yeah, i know...not my best... meh.. who's from my heart, and that's what counts...
Where Do I Begin
where do you stop/ where do I begin when my soul flies into yrs and yrs mine in with yr strokes up and my strokes down until the air is heavy smells like sweating separate sex but feels like one flesh braided by eternity keep threading my needle with yr thick string cure my insanity with the pleasure you bring and ill unstitch yr velvet cries with my thighs and unravel the satiny smoothness in yr eyes with my grinds until hair sweats and knees quake and even brief separation makes our bodies ache when lips forget talk and legs will not walk ...then I'll ask you again where do you end and I begin mingling of spirit nothing like sin....
Its That Time Again
Well its that time again for me to start cleaning off my friends list. I cleaned it off when it was near 900 last time and as of now i have like 771 and only talk to a hand full of ya. Now I did redo my profile and I'm gonna be picky on who I add cause I've come to realize that the people I talk to and get to know are more important then any points and ive come to realize I would much rather have just a hand full of people on my list then go around saying hey look at me i have 4000 friends.... now really u may have 4000 people on ur friends list but as far as friends go I bet only a hand full of them are real friends. So maybe this little bit might make me sound like a bitch but I would much rather have people on my list that talk to me and i talk to them and make friends rather then trying to be number 1 in cyber world. So bottom line if ya wanna stay on my list then u gotta let me know or else I will delete ya. Now for the ones I talk to now u guys dont have to worry I wont delete ya
Look What Happens When You're On Fubar Too Much!
Man dies after 3-day gaming binge Story Highlights Medics fail to revive 30-year-old man at cyber cafe in Guangzhou, southern China Beijing News reports he had been playing games online for three days China has 140 million Internet users, second only to the U.S. Several cities have clinics to treat what has been dubbed "Internet addiction" BEIJING, China (AP) -- A man in southern China appears to have died of exhaustion after a three-day Internet gaming binge, state media said Monday. The 30-year-old man fainted at a cyber cafe in the city of Guangzhou Saturday afternoon after he had been playing games online for three days, the Beijing News reported. Paramedics tried to revive him but failed and he was declared dead at the cafe, it said. The paper said that he may have died from exhaustion brought on by too many hours on the Internet. The report did not say what the man, whose name was not given, was playing. The report said that about 100 other Web surfers "
Do We Just Want To Be Loved In Return Or Just Sex?
The Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow and we have 3 words for relationships’. The more words we invent it become hard to define things. In a world where you can date with out sex, screw with out dating, and in the end keep most of your sex partners as friends long after the screwing is over what really defines a relationship? I had a friend ask me, if she started talking to her Ex again would that be wrong? I asked her if she still had feeling for him and if she could put those aside for sake of a friendship. She is the type of person that would take them having sex again as being back together. I told her it didn’t and probably won’t be that way. How do we define a relationship that is just sex? How does the girl not get hurt, and how can she keep her feelings apart from the increasable kisses?
Projects, Obessions, And Just Plain Lunacy
As many of you know, I'm a rabid shooter and gunsmith. I decided to take on a special project over the coming 9 months. I'll be building a gun from the ground up based upon a Wilson frame. The tricky part here is that it will have 3 seperate slide assemblies like the old CZ/EAA rigs had. I'll go with the standard .45acp, 9mm/.38super for the second, and if I can finangle it .357 sig for the third. I started a list of specs for it. I'm just hung up on a few...I'm partial to XS Sights for defensive shooting and recommend them to everyone I meet, but they lack a bit of precision. (Captain can follow this...I assume most eceryone else is lost as hell...cept for an officer down south I met tonight!). Finish seems to be another, I want to color case harden the frame but not too sure on that as well. I could go With Armor-tuff from Wilson if I wanted a no-nonsense practical finish. Grips are a huge one as well. I have a set of Ivory that have been saved for a rainy day. But also found th
Update About My Son!!!!please Read
I want to thank all who have offered a kidney to my son..I have tryed to get all information out to all that ask but is very hard to keep up so if I missed you I am sorry...I am posting the information to the transplant unit here so please if you wish to donate use it as I need to be with my son...They will be better at answering all questions you may have as this is a first time for me also. Never dreamed when I had my children something may go wrong but it did and now all I can do is try my best to find my son a kidney...My son seen his doctor today and she is having him admitted back to the hospital tomorrow and then transfered to UCSF..Am not sure and wont know until tomorrow but I was told she is thinking about going ahead and having the doctors to start dialisis...He needs to have it started 1 month pryer to transplant...God bless all of youi that have tryed and to all of you that will find it in your heart to try and give my son the gift of life... Please if you are a possibl
Sept 18 Inspirational
September 17, 2007 Quote of the Day "I do believe it is possible to create, even without ever writing a word or painting a picture, by simply molding one's inner life. And that too is a deed." – Etty Hillesum
Gone In 60 Seconds--funny Clips
This Damned Hunt
#7) beer shop keg the last 2 clues are pissin me off. #15) I wonder if 2 letters take a bath would they have a ducky? and #28) 1,2,3. brotha brotha brotha ooooo yeah. I know you guys must be tired of me posting theese damned blogs, so help me figure out the last 2.
Twenty Responses To Use With Telemarketers
1. If they want to loan you money, tell them you just filed for bankruptcy and you could sure use some money. 2. If they start out with, "How are you today?" say, "I'm so glad you asked, because no one these days seems to care, and I have all these problems. My arthritis is acting up, my eyelashes are sore, my dog just died . . . " 3. If they say they're John Doe from XYZ Company, ask them to spell their name. Then ask them to spell the company name. Then ask them where it is located, how long it has been in business, how many people work there, how they got into this line of work if they are married, how many kids they have, etc. Continue asking them personal questions or questions about their company for as long as necessary. 4. This works great if you are male. Telemarketer: "Hi, my name is Judy and I'm with XYZ Company." You: Wait for a second and with a real husky voice ask, "What are you wearing?" 5. Cry out in surprise, "Judy? Is that you? Oh my God! Judy, how have y
Sitting alone on the banks of the shore, my mind begins to wander, So many forgotten emotions and ideas cause me to begin to ponder. The water ripples and the birds chirp as the sun begins its rise, Wanting to sing out and laugh over my new found surprise. My heart begins to pound from the nervous feeling I have deep inside, Those feelings of shyness and fear that as a teen made you want to hide. Burning in your cheeks, a bashful look that you just vaguely remember, Those forgotten emotions begin to light, like fire from an ember. Realizing at this age that joy of a new discovery can still be found, Happiness knowing your life isn't nearly as tightly bound. Becoming like a young kid again with that hidden sheepish grin, Fighting the urge you have to laugh, dance and spin. Watching the trees sway gracefully, in a fragrant early breeze. In the cool morning sun my thoughts begin to ease. Feelings of serenity, a smile on my face, a deep breath I take, Know
Good Morning!!!
Getting up on the tight side of the bed means that you'll probably have a good day... But waking up on somebody else's bed, means you most likely had a great night... (",)
What Being A Libra Means!!
Those born with the Moon in an Air sign usually respond to situations in a way they think should fit the facts, that is, they act in a way they think others expect them to act, or they imitate the same behavior as others. This gives them the appearance of emotional coolness or noninvolvement. Before turning a situation into a physical experience, and before considering the stability or practicality of the thing, or even how they may really feel about it, they tend to do and say what seems appropriate, as if it were not really happening to them. In spite of what appears to be their analytical detachment, most of them are loving and loyal in relationships. As lunar Air sign personalities, those with Moon in Libra don’t want to be emotionally compromised, preferring to let go of a relationship if their partner is not equally willing or enthusiastic. As a rule, they are disinclined to live alone. If they are not married or romantically involved, they will be content with an amiable comp
conciever of thoughts that drive me seeking some substance to get me through your once accomplished device is breaking in my hands shaking pieces scattered in my head lying awake am i a mistake? i am your fallen flattery. is it the end? will it be? cant it be? your once accomplished device is what u still demand no longer can u take away from me what ive held, it belongs to me ive taken it away.forever.for eternity. your once accomplished device is broken in my hands.
That twinkle in your eye, happiness in your voice, In that very first look, before me laid a choice. Do I run away in fear, or stand strong near you, As the days went by deep down I knew, I had to pursue. Days and weeks went by, and our friendship grew and grew, I started to realize how much I cared and the feeling was new. A hug that I never wanted to end, a moment never to pass, Fear of what I had found suddenly shattering like glass. Not knowing what to say I try so hard to hide this feeling, Afraid I will push you away while I know your Healing. What words or actions can I use to show you that I care, Without your mind thinking I'm pushing or not being fair. Over this time I have been lucky to have got to know the real you, So many words describe you, beautiful, with a heart oh so true. Although I know many secrets we both hold and hide, Someday I hope you feel safe enough with me to confide. I love the way we are together, and how easily you mak
True Story From Word Perfect Hotline
There's always one. This has got to be one of the funniest things in a long time. I think this guy should have been promoted, not fired. This is a true story from the Word Perfect Helpline, which was transcribed from a recording monitoring the customer care department. Needless to say the Help Desk employee was fired; however, he/she is currently suing the Word Perfect organization for "Termination without Cause". Actual dialogue of a former WordPerfect Customer Support employee. (Now I know why they record these conversations!): Operator: "Ridge Hall, computer assistance; may I help you?" Caller: "Yes, well, I'm having trouble with WordPerfect." Operator: "What sort of trouble??" Caller: "Well, I was just typing along, and all of a sudden the words went away." Operator: "Went away?" Caller: "They disappeared." Operator: "Hmm So what does your screen look like now?" Caller: "Nothing." Operator: "Nothing??" Caller: "It's blank; it won't accept an
Nine Things I Hate About Everyone
1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the T.V. remote because they refuse to walk to the T.V. and change the channel manually. 3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4. When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?".... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine? 7. When something is 'new and improved!' Which is it? If it's new, then there has never
The Call Of The Darkness....
I can feel the darkness calling me, Offering to carry me away to a better place. It's soft whisper entices me, Telling me of a place where the pain will go away. It wants me to come with it, Far away from the hurt and sadness. The promise it offers blinds me, Pointing me to a way out of it. The truth of life it shows me, That nothing good is meant to be, The pain it says it can take away, All I have to do is offer to join it. The chance that it gives me, Can help me to make it all ok, The path it says is easy, Easier then the road I have traveled so far. My life it shows me, The things I have lost become apparent. It speaks of love to me, Showing me the love that can never be replaced. It knows my inner thoughts, And the burden they have become to me. It grins to me from far away, The weight of the world it knows is getting to me. I can feel the darkness calling to me, Offering to carry me away to a better place. It's soft whisper entices me, May
About Me
i like list song i bean ever state -from west coast to eastcoast- i got married ---it turn ---no good i just look be friend poeple not look for married no that ok next preson not for me i like r&B and old good 70&60 -and little 80--i love country hole lot i speak with my friend on my computer--i like my dog
Left Alone To Say Goodbye...
Why did you leave, where did you go? How did this happen, I will never know. You were the reason I lived, and why I awoke. I needed one more chance, if only we could of spoke. Without you in my world, I am so very sad. Nothing can compare to the joy I once had. The loss of your love has left me dry. And all I can do is ask why. You once told me you loved me. Then why would "we" never be? The fear and pain got the best of you. Could I have helped if only I knew? My heart you once promised to protect. Now it is shattered and in a wreck. Our love you said would never die. But alone I am left to say goodbye. The hurt I feel will not ever go away. My love for you thought shall not sway. The love I have you only find one time. How could believing in it be a crime? You showed me the world before my eyes. I should have known at some point everything dies. The hurt I feel you will never know. Even though it is hard not to show. My love for you will last forever. Finding
Lost In The Night....
Cold and hurting lost in the night, Always searching trying to find the light. It’s hard to forgive and harder yet to forget, When all behind you lays a trail of regret. Things left undone, emotions left unsaid, Many things I should have done instead. Choices made but not thought out, Led there on a sea of doubt. So much easier if only I had asked, And let the truth finally be unmasked. Path in the past we can’t walk again, Only forward from here can we try to begin. To rebuild a trust that I alone lost, Fix the pain that you paid the cost. Thinking of the future and keeping it in sight. Cold and hurting lost in the night.
They Need To Level Update 9/21
~LEVELERS OF WICKED STORM AND FRIENDS~ NEEDS 3,138 Monique@ fubar Needs 1,223 rednecknot19@ fubar Needs 10,024 Rebelgirl is the bitch who fell off!@ fubar
Newest Stunt Stryke Tryed To Pull On A Friend Of Mine.
cuz he is a cock sucking liar : bfg3man: yeah wat did she say about me bro? jeffasmith2007: that you like to get drunk and beat on women that you have a thing for lil kids so waht the pics fo your kids bfg3man: wat kids?/ bfg3man: i dont have any bfg3man: we took that when we went out buying her bday gift Hide Recent Messages (F3) jeffasmith2007: no she is telling everyoen to watch th pics of there kids bfg3man: who did u hear this from? jeffasmith2007: 2 of my best friends i brought to the site and 1 name iw illw ith hodl lets jsut say there high upin fubar
Am I Dreaming....
As I lie awake at night I hear your soft voice, Whispering you love me. My eyes gently close as I sense you close at hand, I feel you next to me. My hand reaches out to caress you, Our fingertips meet. The air is filled with a soft scent, I can smell your perfume in the room. My lips gently seek you, I softly kiss your forehead. My voice softly speaks your name, I tell you I will love you forever. I open my eyes to look into yours, But you are not next to me. Am I dreaming? My heart knows I am not.
What Women Think
FINE This is the word women use to end an argument when they feel they are right and you need to shut up. Never use "fine" to describe how a woman looks - this will cause you to have one of those arguments. FIVE MINUTES This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so it's an even trade. NOTHING This means "something," and you should be on your toes. "Nothing" is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with "Fine" GO AHEAD (With Raised Eyebrows) This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over "Nothing" and will end with the word "Fine" GO AHEAD (Normal Eyebrows) This means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care" You will get a "Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead" in just a few minutes, followed by "Nothing" and "Fin
Invasion Of Your Privacy
I've noticed that I can't even get a photo uploaded and someone is marking it NSFW......some fucking fubar fuck is watching us..........they better watch theirselves because this could come back to haunt them.I'm getting pretty pissed at how some people are banning together to control everything here and I don't mean to enforce the rule .....but to bend them to thier way.It's the bouncers and they are probably within a phone call of BJ call me paranoid call me whatever,we all know it's a money game and with that comes corruption
Where Could She Be...
The heart goes on beating even with the pain, Holding deep a love that cannot be slain. Looking out the wind blows the leaves on a tree, Lost is my love, where could she be? Clouded is the vision through the tears in my eyes, Wondering if the love I hold will see the sun rise. Looking out the wind blows the leaves on a tree, Lost is my love, where could she be? A past that cannot be forgotten only forgiven, The love I have holds true, freely given. Looking out the wind blows the leaves on a tree, Lost is my love, where could she be? Haunted dreams take me to a dark place, The love a new day soon must face. Looking out the wind blows the leaves on a tree, Lost is my love, where could she be? Voices whisper quietly in the shadows of my mind, Love clings tightly not wanting to be left behind. Looking out the wind blows the leaves on a tree, Lost is my love, where could she be? The soul working it’s way on a downward descent, If love could only
Never Say Goodbye
Once what was so close and clear now a memory fragile and oh so dear. The hurt of which is always close to touch to have come so close but yet lost so much. A path I foolishly chose to travel long before never admitting how much my heart would be tore. Words I once said that can not be taken back knowing now without you how much I lack. The past a thing not to be forgotten or changed only the future, knowing from where our hearts ranged. Can the wrongs we begin to heal and tame or will they burn like an internal flame. Although our bodies lay far apart your memory is held near, never to depart. Each beat of my heart anguish wishing you were near the past a hurt that I can not repair. Tears in my eyes missing my best friend my love for you shall not break or bend. In my soul and heart yet you stay loving you more with each passing day. Emptiness now something I must endure attoining for a past I know not how to cure. The future I look towards with a
Join Me
Wanna See Me Be Naughty? Join Me Then " /> Alazia-Owner of Hedonism's Playground@ fubar
As The Night Takes Me In It's Arms...
I think of you in the darkness of night, When dreams won’t come you hold me tight. All alone and in tears I think of you. The life we had, the love I once knew. No noise after the sun has began to depart, Can cover the sound of my shattering heart. I’m sorry for all that’s been said and done, I was the moon, and you were the sun. Sadness consumes me; I fight to stay whole, I took so much for granted, and this is the toll. In the dark I wish you could come back to these arms, Where I can keep you safe from all the worlds harm’s. Pulling you in close and holding you tight, Helping you find your way through the night. Before sleep I think of you and cry for all my sin, The cause that made your hurt and pain begin. I lay awake thinking of the love we shared, Wishing I could take your pain and you would be spared. In the fleeting dreams I have, often you appear. Your so far away but yet still feel so near, As the dream shatters and begins to break, Gazing at the ceiling
Which Sign Are You??? I'm An Aries
AQUARIUS - Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ruling Planet: URANUS. The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns Aquarians make much better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship; it's the mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on. They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most inventive of all the signs. Mental stimulation is more important to them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot! Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying. They are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping around holds little interest for them. FAVE POSITION Mutual masturbation. BEST SEX TOY A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have some fun with this. AQUARIUS MALE IN BED He has amazing staying power in the sack. He can keep at it and control himself for as
who wants to play hot topics with me? (if u dont know what that is...its a game where they ask u 21 questions and u answer them then the other person sees the answers)...i will send u a invite and u will see it in your bar tab...let me know by leaving a comment on here
My Gf's Little Sister
Readers Story - My Girlfriends Little Sister I was happy. My girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. My parents helped us in every way, my friends encouraged me, and my girlfriend? She was a dream! There was only one thing bothering me, very much indeed, and that one thing was her younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty years of age, wore tight mini skirts and low cut blouses. She would regularly bend down when near me and I got many a pleasant view of her underwear. It had to be deliberate. She never did it when she was near anyone else. One day little sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived. She whispered to me that soon I was to be married, and she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome and didn't really want to overcome. She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married and committed my life to
Who's Your Daddy?
Who's Your Daddy? The following are all replies that British women have put on Child Support Agency forms in the section for listing father's details. These are genuine excerpts from the forms: 01. Regarding the identity of the father of my twins; child A was fathered by Jim Munson. I am unsure as to the identity of the father of child B, but I believe that he was conceived on the same night. 02. I am unsure as to the identity of the father of my child as I was being sick out of a window when taken unexpectedly from behind. I can provide you with a list of names of men that I think were at the party if this helps. 03. I do not know the name of the father of my little girl. She was conceived at a party at 3600 Grand Avenue, where I had unprotected sex with a man I met that night. I do remember that the sex was so good that I fainted. If you do manage to track down the father can you send me his phone number? Thanks. 04. I don't know the identity of the father of my daught
Missing You
Why can't I speak when I have so much to tell? Why can't I write when I have so much in mind? Why can't I sing when there's music in my heart? Why can't I dance when there's rythm in the air? Too many words left unspoken Too many things left undone Why can't it be and why can't I? For all I know this pain deep inside Took the gladness from my heart. Is this the pain of missing you? Is this the reason behind it all? Hear the agony of my heart Longing for you and for your touch Feeling your lips, feeling your face Missing your kisses and warm embrace. When will the waiting ever be over? For as long as were apart I can never be whole I just want you to know That my heart is aching because "I'M MISSING YOU!"
Nighty Nite
Hey everyone just got this new thing leave a voice comment show sum real love thank you everyone love ya
Confessions Of A Thinker
It started out innocently enough. I began to think at parties now and then -- just to loosen up. Inevitably, though, one thought led to another, and soon I was more than just a social thinker. I began to think alone -- "to relax," I told myself -- but I knew it wasn't true. Thinking became more and more important to me, and finally I was thinking all the time. That was when things began to sour at home. One evening I turned off the TV and asked my wife about the meaning of life. She spent that night at her mother's. I began to think on the job. I knew that thinking and employment don't mix, but I couldn't help myself. I began to avoid friends at lunchtime so I could read Thoreau, Muir, Confucius and Kafka. I would return to the office dazed and confused, asking, "What is it exactly we are doing here?" One day the boss called me in. He said, "Listen, I like you, and it hurts me to say this, but your thinking has become a real problem. If you don't stop t
Installing Love
Customer Service Rep: Can you install LOVE? Customer: I can do that. I'm not very technical, but I think I am ready to install now. What do I do first? Customer Service Rep: The first step is to open your HEART. Have you located your HEART ma'am? Customer: Yes I have, but there are several programs running right now.Is it okay to install while they are running? Customer Service Rep: What programs are running ma'am? Customer: Let me see....I have PASTHURT.EXE, LOWESTEEM.EXE, GRUDGE.EXE, and RESENTMENT.COM running right now. Customer Service Rep: No problem. LOVE will automatically erase PASTHURT.EXE from your current operating system. It may remain in your permanent memory, but it will no longer disrupt other programs. LOVE will eventually overwrite LOWESTEEM.EXE with a module of its own called HIGHESTEEM.EXE. However, you have to completely turn off GRUDGE.EXE and RESENTMENT.COM. Those programs prevent LOVE from being properly installed. Can you turn those off ma'am?
Hope is a necessary component for a healthy life. Those who are filled with hope find lifes disappointments easier to manage. Hope is the provider of silent strength, a will to move forward and grow despite obstacles. Hope fuels the soul and fires our passions. Often we project our hopes in ways that are self-defeating. We put our faith and hope on other people, money, or other things wishing them to manifest peace and joy in our lives. When those other things are taken from us we end up feeling defeated and devastated. It is in these moments we must realize that hope is something that must be nurtured within. Hope cannot be dependant on changing variables, but can only remain constant when we keep it centered on that which truly matters: love, respect, and faith. Today's Exercise: Reflect on a time where you put your hope into something that didn't manifest as you had wished. Remember those feelings and reflect on what this experience taught you about hope and fai
~falling Hard...~
~Omgoodness.. has any of yall met someone so quickly and just omf like that been smitten? Im so head over heels that its retarted! I feel like someone has put a spell on me, for real! lol. Im just happy is all. I forgot what it is like. I know that the only other time I felt this way was when I was truely madley deeply in love with someone who turned out to be someone they are not. But the love I felt then was worth the horrible fall I eventually had to take. I hoep this time I dont take a mad dash spill. I just want to sit and enjoy EVERY smile, kiss, butterfly in the tummy...and the feeling of falling in real love..last time it seemed like true mad deep passionate love which it was but this love is so different and electrifying is unreal. Baby thank yall so much for proving to me that my heart can feel even better than I ever thought possible.~
Well the weather in the central plains will be in turmoil for at least a week. The roommate from hell actually washed some dishes. My friend guilted him into doing it but the results are the same. He washed them!!! EEKKK! Take cover all!!! LOL!
My Friends
well first blog on fub . . woot! i was just thinking about life and events as of late and wanted to kinda give a shoutout to someone. my friend jen! shes is a lot of my pics with me cause she is pretty much my sister. we dont do much without the other one there. she is pretty much my other half. she has helped me with soooo much in the past year that im not sure i would be here physically and mentally without her. she is what a true friend really is and i dont think i thank her enough so jen, here's a blog to you sweetie!
The Odds Are At It Again
One of these days I will figure out who or what I pissed off in this or a past life. I had surgery the 5th of Sept. That was ok kind of. Unusual twisted anatomy and a good dr equal out... Getting the hosp bill and seeing the $23,680.37 total. (Luckily it was just the itemized bill not the amount I have to pay)... Having my 35 yr old washer decide now is the time to die adds to the pile... Getting my bill for my ins through work and having it be $163 instead of the expected $123..again adding more. Having the Credit Union do me a favor and cover the $300 check that I was going to pay off over 4 weeks ...yup higher still.. having it be time for my friend to go home after helping me get thru the bad days after surgery...The cherry on the top. I will live..I will have food to eat..I can take my clothing to the laundry mat to wash and dry them as long as I don't lift too much and ruin the repair on my back...But GEEZE!!!!! Can't a girl get a brake just once in a while!!!!!!!! I'm g
Tax Laws Shot Down By Supreme Court
ok so now im pimping in a tattoo contest if you could plz come help me out...i love back...thanxxx to anyone that helps... xoxoxoxo
Went out this weekend with friends. Got a little drunk, but had lots of fun. Stayed out until the next morning. Guess I really needed to be out and have fun, forget about problems for awhile. Made some new friends. But I was lucky and no hangover the next day, but not unusual. Did some things that haven't even told my best friend about. Hope to have fun this weekend again. I guess that is all I am willing to say at this point.
California Friends Vs. The Rest...*sigh* Hahaha
As a Californian.....this is soooooo TRUE!! FRIENDS:Will stand by you while you piss. CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Will shine a spotlight on you while your drunk ass is taking a piss in the bushes. FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Call your parents, drunk as hell, and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up. FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Know some wild shit will happen, and set up rally points. FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you in jail saying, "Damn, that shit was fun!" FRIENDS: Cry with you. CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Laugh at you, and buy you a drink. FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Steal each other's stuff so often nobody remembers who bought the shit in the first place. FRIENDS: Are happy that someone picked up a one
Alive With Passion
You awaken my desires… Like no one before… Igniting my passions… To which I adore… My deepest fantasies… Are to fill your needs… As you kiss my lips… Hear my sighs and pleas… Your voice caresses… My soul buried inside… Passions untold… No longer denied… My body burns … As you set my soul on fire… An everlasting flame… That cries to grow higher and higher… A succubus I may be… As you whisper my name… An insatiable wanton… That only you can tame…
Nice Day At Fubar
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My Personal Sexy Story By Captaincooter...thanks Babe!!!!
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:12:04 -0700 From: Size: 6 KB To: Reply-To: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The full moon shines down. Striking the grass and exposing everything in moonlight as you look into his eyes."Amanda." He breathes your name, you breathe in the scent of him. The familiar aroma, the comforting presence. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer, pressing his lips to yours as he squeezes you tightly. His lips leave yours, brushing across your cheek as he whispers in your ear "I love you." He lays you down in the grass, on the opposing team sideline. The stadium is empty, the bleachers bathed in moonlight. He kisses your neck, lips sliding over your neck as he kisses lower. His hands slide off your shirt, lifting your back so he can unclasp your bra before pulling it over your head. He kisses his way down your chest, over your stomach, trailing his way down to yo
Prayers For 3 Family Members
Hey everyone, *hugs* to all my friends. Please keep my family in your prayers. I just found out that my Aunt is dying. They have giving her just days to live. She will be leaving behind one child when she goes..So please keep her in your prayers...Also my grandfather is very sick..So please pray for him...3rd please pray for my sister elizabeth...She is 6 years and was just diagnosed with cervical cancer..The doctor said it is very uncommon to see a child her age with this condition...So please everyone keep my family in your thoughts and prayers...I will keep everyone updated.... Angel
Yeah I Am. . .
What is is about naked girls, or the thought of maybe seeing naked girls, that makes my brain go to hell? Could it be the fact that I have not seen a live naked woman in almost two years? That must be it. Are there any women out there who want to take mercy on me and let me see you in the flesh? (lol Yeah I guess I am that desperate. I am resorting to begging.) We wouldn't even have to have sex, you could just get naked. It wouldn't be so bad, but there isn't even a strip club in town. I am a sad, sad little man.
I'm Still Bitching
Easily offended? close your browser... Ok, you accept that you can handle this.. hmm? I AM FUCKING SICK OF BEING INVITED TO LOOK AT YOUR COCK IF I DON'T KNOW YOU!!!! It gives me serious reservations about your lifetime ambition if all you do is take pics of your naughty bits and put them on fubar. Oh, and I DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT IT! I'm not showing you anything you can't already see, so don't ask. I have an imagination and therefore can be sexual without sticking a camera up my twat. If I actually know seek you out for conversation and more, this rule may not apply. That's pretty much all my evil. Come back again; I'll have more!!
I was sitting here working, got the door open and the windows up and ii tell u it feels damn good now. Its finally starting to feel like fall. Its been hot as hell here like fer the last two months before. Temps in the 100's plus 90 percent humidty.We didnt have much rain at all to cool us down either. I feel for the other farmers who planted this year, alot of em will only have insurance to look forward too cause of the draught. We didnt plant this year because of family problems, but will next year. Anyway its good to let the fields rest fer a year, replensihes the land. I love this time of year though. Hunting seasons fer many different game starts next month, good fishing weather too. And its the best time of year to go camping too. No damn skeeters n bugs.I like weather when its just right fer long sleeves or my old leather jacket, like in the 60s or 50's. Just makes everyone feel human again after all this oppersive heat.
Things Not To Say During Sex
More Comments @
hey guys im new to hee so i need as much friends as i can get plz add later peace
Top 10 Reasons Why Its Better To Be A Man On Fubar Than A Girl
Read from bottom to top ->Fila: Aww I guess you don't want to play. ->Fila: hello? ->Fila: Only if you take a picture of you grinding your dick in a blender right now. Fila: so can i fuck u ->Fila: god that'd be so hot, seeing your blood all over Fila: yes u can ->Fila: oh yeah? that's awesome. After I do, can I feed it to you, then stick a dildo down your throat so you choke? Fila: 4 u yea u can cuz ur hot ur all i need ->Fila: only if i can stick your dick in a blender Fila: wana have cyber sex
You Have To Read This!!!
Did i like shit dumb another to it send retard a like this reading time azz sweet your took you since. ( read this backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!
World's Best Friend Week (these Are All For Ya'll To Copy N Paste To Your Friends If You Want To So Feel Free!)
If kisses were water, I will give u a sea. If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree. If LIFE was a planet, I will give u a galaxy, if friendship is life I will give u mine. "worlds best friends week" send this to all ur good friends. Even me, if i am one of them. See how many u get back. If u get more than 3 u r really lovable
W00t W00t
I am late writing this entry but here it is. I got off house arrest last Sunday and somewhat happy. Like so I was still able to leave from 8am to 9:30pm. Can't hold me down. Not much going on even off house arrest. I went to Tunica, MS again and entered in a poker tournament. No good but wasn't first out. Would have been nice to get in the top 3, would have had a chance for 10,000 tournament then an actual seat in the World Series Poker Tournament! Even though I didn't make it, it was a very good learning experience. Didn't get many good hands at all but I am ready to bring it on now! Besides that I have been mostly concentrating on my college work and getting things back in order in my life. Seems though certain things I seek and try to get done everything is against me with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Still with wishes that haven't come true. I will leave this here for now, seems I will just end up ranting about pointless stuff again. Take care my friends, ]V[as
Naked Me...hmmm
please baby doll , come help me with voting on my good friends freinds contest....if ya drop a buncha votes ill prolly letcha in my family to see all my naughtyest over 200 in there there bombing now....ty so much!
Family Salutes...
Dear family , Show me some love ... Make a salute to me ! Everyone that makes me a salute gets one back in return ! I will show you just how much you mean to me! I'll go that extra step for you and give you a pic, a voice comment anything of your choice (but with in reason of course.... Let me know who wants to participate thanks :) ~ much luv to all ~ BabyDoll MyHotComments :: HotFreeLayouts
The Last One I Hope
#28) I dont know if this will count, but her name is angie stone
Prologue To Fucking Beautiful Boy........
He caught my eye at our local hangout - tall, dark and handsome - but young. Just a glance...and I knew he was trouble for me. I lowered my head and I tried not to look, but I could feel his eyes appraising my body. My tummy quivered at the thought of him. I had to look again....and he was leaning on a wall...arms crossed...smiling...daring me to look at him. 6'1" of beautiful all for my hungry eyes to eat up. Phone call, one of the kids - must take call. I detest the intrusion into my little lustful fantasy I was having with myself about the beautiful boy. I go outside so I can's my coat is over my shoulders. My back is to the door, I am 5 feet in front of it. I hear the music as the door opens.....I am finishing up the conversation with my kid about some issue...cannot even recall what it was! I feel hands wrapping my coat closer to me....then a whisper of "Hello Beautiful" in my ear. I smile to myself knowingly....and slowly turn around and look into the mo
Is Hilary Clinton Serious??
I was watching the news and Hilary was explaining her proposed health care plan. I tried to find it on the net and was able to get part of what she said. Here it is: Hillary Clinton Unveils Healthcare Plan That Requires Insurance For All Americans Reported by: Regional News Service Monday, Sep 17, 2007 @01:54pm CST (Des Moines, IA) -- The nation's healthcare system could undergo major changes if Hillary Clinton becomes the next President. Clinton unveiled a plan to require all Americans to have health insurance during a visit to a hospital in Iowa this morning. Clinton is proposing to require Americans to pay for their health insurance at a level determined by their income. Her plan would require businesses to either offer health insurance or pay into a federal pool that would be used to cover the uninsured. Numerous tax breaks would be offered to help Americans and business owners pay for insurance. Insurance companies would not be allowed to deny coverage to p
Friends List Is Cleaned Up
I just cleaned up my friends list. It went from a hundred some to 52. I also cleaned up my fans list. Those who I have fanned. I am a fan of 25 people, not a hundred-some. I'm not playing around. Get used to it.
Picture Cube
Aries Clipxxx
like your fat chix on the naughty side? how about a chick that has an oral addiction. well if me craving my boi tois cock in my mouth sounds interesting i have some visuals for you! check out my new HOT clipXXX shop. im always taking requests and custom orders. check me out. or you can always join my hot site i offer so many online services im sure we could come up with something to get ya meat up so i can bring it down sinsexually, Aries
Just Left From Seeing Jeffrey.
He looked good today full of energy and kisses for my baby girl Angelia! I spent time talking with his mom (my second mom)and she isnt feeling to well these days she is having some medical issues as well she had surgery to replace a few of her disc in her back. Please pray for her so that she will not be in pain so she can enjoy these days spent with jeffrey and her two other kids pain free! Please keep jeffrey abd Tina in your prayers!
Lmfao !!!!!!1
My Shoutbox Fila: omfg wow thats hot the way u just talked 2 me plzzz i'll b ur bitch ->Fila: o fer fuks sake , piss off 18 u tit . ur babyfood Fila: wana have cyber sex lmfao fer fuks sake . im sitting here quietly rating stash and i get pillocks like this and babyfood at that !
Why Men Don't Want Sex (with A Response)
I put a top 10 list on here, the blank one you see. A friend responded with what you see below. I though it was funny myself. Someone posted a bulletin that I personally think has to be the biggest load of shit that I have seen in awhile. Here is the original bulletin:: Heres the top 10 reasons Men Don't Want Sex: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. .... okay, so there aren't any reasons that we would not want sex. Here is what I think the bulletin should have said: I know this is true because I have had all these things happen to me.I know that I want be winning any beauty contest but I also know that I did not fall off the ugly tree. Heres the top 10 reasons Men Don't Want Sex: 1.They only want to cuddle (this is not just a women thing it happens with men as guys might as well admit it sometimes you just want to be held) 2..they are tired..(a woman cleans the house,takes care of the kids and the guy still thinks she should be in
10,000 To Level A Leveler
SHOW HER SOME LOVE kelli2you...@ fubar
Packing Day #1
ok, i started packing today... i got this in: tshirts, shirts, pijamas, undies, jeans, shorts: most of this is summer/winter clothes pullovers and sweaters too. tomorrow i need to look for other things i need to look what books i'm going to take with me, make up, parfum, body creams, the jackets, the suits, shoes! omg :( i don't have place for everything! the only good thing is, that my dad is comming with me for a couple weeks and i can put in his bag some of my stuff hehehehehe (stupid air france only let me carry 20kg with me) an extra bag for my stuff i'll take in the airplane with me, and the bag of the laptop... anyways, it's raining and tomorrow i have to do other things, i need to go back to capital mmm it's tiring lol i just hope i don't forget the basics, last trip i did, i packed everything but i forgot about the pijamas lol *hugs*
Ginger Beef Vegetable Stir-fry
Ginger Beef Vegetable Stir-Fry The vibrant flavors in this superfast stir-fry are irresistible -- beef cooked with ginger plus noodles tossed with peanut butter equals one memorable meal. Credit: Lose Those Last 10 Pounds by Denise Austin Servings: 1 Ingredients: * 1/4 pound (4 ounces) thinly sliced eye round of beef * 1 teaspoon olive oil * 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger * 1 cup frozen Asian vegetables * 1/2 cup dry egg noodles * 1 tablespoon chunky peanut butter * 1 tablespoon chopped green onions * Pinch red pepper flakes * 1 teaspoon soy sauce Directions: Saute beef in a nonstick skillet with olive oil and grated ginger until pink in the middle, about 5 minutes. Remove meat from skillet, add frozen vegetables to the remaining liquid and saute until crisp-tender, about 4 minutes. Meanwhile, boil egg noodles according to package instructions. Drain noodles and mix with peanut butter, green onions, red pepper flakes and s
Please Understand
September 29th will be the anniversary of my dad's passing. This time of year is always hard for me. Please do not take it personal if i seem short or not wanting to talk.
Traditional Chicken Quesadillas
Traditional Chicken Quesadillas These fajita-style quesadillas are really packed with flavor. You can adjust the heat level to your preference by cutting back on the chili peppers -- or by adding more! Credit: Wen Zientek Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 1/4 cup onion, chopped * 1 small clove garlic, minced * 1/4 cup chopped bell pepper * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil plus additional oil for cooking quesadillas * 2 chili peppers, minced * 3 plum tomatoes, chopped * 1 1/2 cups cooked chicken * 8 flour tortillas * 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese * Salsa, for serving * Fat-free sour cream, for serving Directions: In a medium heavy skillet over medium heat, saute the onion, garlic and bell pepper in 2 tablespoons of the oil until soft, about 3 minutes. Add the chili peppers and tomatoes and simmer for a few minutes more. Add the chicken and stir well to combine. Maintain on low heat while preparing the tortillas. In anoth
OK I am kind of new at this blog thing. So I am going to try and give it a shot. If you read this please leave me a comment. I don't care if it is positive or negative.
Pimpin' For Votes For The Sexiest Fubar Smile Contest...
Hello my sweets!!! OMG! I've entered the SEXIEST FUBAR SMILE this is my attempt at begging you to vote for me! LOL...YOUR COMMENTS & VOTES ARE APPRECIATED!!! As many of you know, I don't pimp for attention or points, HOWEVER I'm ready to upload more fotos and had been unable to, since I have to level up first to acquire more foto credits! The winner wins a 3 DAY BLAST...(translated into MORE POINTS=MORE PIX!). Okay, I've done my PIMP...HAVE A GOOD TIME & VOTE! MUAH my sweets!!! THANKS Y'ALL! Here's my link:
A Note For My Dad!
Dear Dad, I've been thinking about you alot lately. As if there was a time that I don' I miss you so much! It's almost 4 yrs. since I saw your smiling face or got one of your famous hugs.=( Life has been hard on me lately but somehow I'm getting through it all. I think it's because I have the best angel in Heaven watching over me!=) It's the same soul that lived in your body here on earth! I wished I would of told you alot more how much you meant to me and how greatful I was to have you as my dad. I know I did get to tell you these things but I just wished it was more. I wished I would of spend more time with you when you was feeling good, before we found out you had cancer. I know that I visited alot but it should of been more! I asked you one day b4 you was really sick if you knew how much I loved you and how much you meant to me and you said yes that you did. Remember I told you that I would never be able to really show you how much cuz it would take atleast 10 life times to sh
Be Honest
1.) How many times a day would you kiss me? answer: 2.) Would you call me? answer: 3.) Would you have sex with me? answer: 4.) Would you take me places? answer: 5.) Would you love me? answer: 6.) Would you lie to me? answer: 7.) If I was sick what would you do? answer: 8.) Would you leave me for one of my friends? answer: 9.) Want to have a future with me? answer: 10.) Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? Answer: 11.) Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? answer: 12.) Would you care about what I wore when we go out? answer: 13.) Would you hang out with me AND my friends? answer: 14.) If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? answer: 15.) If we dated and broke up, would you want me back? answer: 16.) If I gave you my heart what would you do? answer: 17.) If I said I loved you would you say it back? answer: 18.) How much do you like me 1-10? answer: 19.) How do you feel about me?
Drowning In My Lonliness...
Soo...I just posted the lyrics to my fave song. I decided that along with some of them...I have something to say. It's the second verse... "Drowing in my lonliness how long must I hold my breath? All this emptiness inside... I could fill the deepest sea I reach to the sky as the moon looks on my one last tear has come and gone I'm dying to let your love rain down on me..." THats describes my life right now. I hate it. I am always alone. My best friend and roommate is non existant. She is always with her boyfriend at his apartment and is never home. I have seen her once maybe twice in a week and a half. The boyfriend works too damn much and I never see him. What the hell is a girl to do for entertainment??
I Dont Know If This Is How.......
u do this but............ here is the link THX in advance 4 aanyone who comments
A Day Without Your Loved One...
Tired Of Bs
I have a passion to create tags for my self and others. I use this site to share them with everyone seems there is always a few raising shit or causing drama bout comments. My page is that my page i allow people to comment bout my creations as they wish that is my choice not theirs. If you cant enjoy my creations with out bitching bout others commetns then dont bother on my page and pls remove your self dont ruin my pleasure and the pleasure of others. It is my page my creations not yours go bitch and cause drama on yours and let me do what i'm good at wich is to create and share with others. Sorry for venting out you all have a great evening or day depending.
Black Roses Red
Can I ask you a question please? Promise you won't laugh at me Honestly, I'm standing here afraid I'll be betrayed... As twisted as it seems I only feel love when it's in my dreams so let in the morning the light and let the darkness fade away Can you turn my black roses red? Can you turn my black roses red? Drowing in my lonliness how long must I hold my breath? All this emptiness inside... I could fill the deepest sea I reach to the sky as the moon looks on my one last tear has come and gone I'm dying to let your love rain down on me... Can you turn my black roses red? Can you turn my black roses red? Can you turn my black roses red? Cuz I feel like I've never known love.... (Black Roses Red by Alana Grace - new fave song)
Look Out Who You Shake Your Hands With Study sees rise in men not washing hands Study sees rise in men not washing hands By MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical Writer Mon Sep 17, 7:19 PM ET The gender gap has widened when it comes to hygiene, according to the latest stakeout by the "hand washing police." One-third of men didn't bother to wash after using the bathroom, compared with 12 percent of women, said the researchers who spy on people in public restrooms. They reported their latest findings Monday at a meeting of infectious disease scientists. Two years ago, the last time the survey was done, only one-quarter of men didn't wash, compared with 10 percent of women. "Guys need to step up to the sink," said Brian Sansoni, spokesman for the Soap and Detergent Association, which co-sponsors the survey and related education campaigns. The latest study was based on observations last month of more than 6,000 people in four big cities. Frequent h
I'm only 19, but some say I have lived the life of a 30 year old. Maybe its because of all the trials I've been through. The deaths and depression. Or maybe I just seem older than I am in personality, though I look younger than I am in appearance. I still see myself as a 16 year old, young and immature, yet sometimes I see myself as an old maid. I look to elders for guidance, and I hold on to my friends tightly. I try to make rational decisions although sometimes this world makes it hard to do. I look at my past and wonder how I could of ever gotten through it. People say that I am so strong to have lived through it all. When looking at myself I see a weak powerless girl desperate for some attention and some relief from the pain. My shoulders always weighed down with the worries a person my age shouldn't have. Always searching for a way out of this sadness I am always consumed in. Yet in truth I have to say that I'm scared to leave all the sadness behind. It's really all I know.... Hap
Run away, Run faster . The faster you go the better you feel. The farther you are the easier to breathe. Relax your gone. Relax it's ok. You've run away. Few days of solice. Time to go home. Slowly go back. Procrastinating whenever you can. Anxiety attack. Can't breathe. Can't run. How can I deal? 05/08/02
I Added One Of Those Voice Comment Things To My Profile
feel free to use it :)
Wrote 5/11/03
I go day by day, Lost in my own world. Hiding to save my sanity. Lost in my own head. Drifting by, Adverting my eyes. Trying not to see all the demise. Heavy weighted, Full. Filled to the top, Overflowing with frusteration. Spewing depression, Crying pain. This is me. I thought I saw you, Holding out your hand. I thought I felt you, Trying to break through. Scratching at the walls. Was it just me? Or have you stopped? Was it me? Please show me, Don't tell me. Show me that your still there. 5/11/03
Phone Numbers To Express Anger Towards Tasered Uf Student!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pamela's Protest Date: 17 Sep 2007, 20:18 PHONE NUMBERS to express anger towards TASERED UF STUDENT!----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: All my HEROES have FBI Files!!!Date: Sep 17, 2007 8:12 PMHere is the contact information for this corrupt police force. I suggest we make our voices heard on this one, loud and clear.I suggest to everyone that you email this video to every local media outlet, as well as to everyone on our master email list. If you don't have the list, you can go to my blog, it's there.If Guiliani can be allowed to speak out of turn at a national debate on something he "pretends" to feel passionate about, so should the people these scumbags are suppose to be working for.The University of Florida Police DepartmentBuilding 51, Museum RoadP.O. Box 112150Gainesville, Florida 32611-2150phone: (352) 392-1111fax: (352) 392-0539email:
I'm Back!
Well all, I missed ya and just wanted to let you know I am back after a much needed and deserved weekend away. I went down south west to spend the weekend with my hubby Eugene where he is currently working in the Ft. Myers/Naples area of Florida so got the chance to see the sun rise in the east and set in the west without jet lag! I was not sure I was going to make it at one point of the 4 hour trip as I went straight into a wonderful lightning storm that wound up being the worst thing I ever drove into in my entire life! I knew I was driving into a doozy of a storm for I was watching Mother Nature's fireworks display for a while and feeling super charged and energized. At the north central to western edge of Lake Okeechobee the skies fell in torrents with rain, hail and lightning all over and visibility was horrendous but I felt so "electrified" that I just trudged on and when it cleared up and I stopped to re-fuel, found out I drove through tornado warnings unscathed. Talk abou
Revision #2
#24) they proved they are real, but I want the other name #38) flagged because you are....? (NSFW) and #15) again just in case
My name is Brad, im 32 yrs old, married for 15yrs to my lovely wife Angela,we have 3 beautiful kids together......i'm a big Austin Powers fan( yea baby yea!!)i love to play golf,watch sports,and play ps3, also im funny and out going......if you wanna get to know me the door is always open!!!!!!
Lemon Olive Oil Gallbladder Cleanse
Lemon & Olive Oil Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse Lemon & Olive oil drink can be taken daily. To make this you need one organic/unwaxed lemon one table spoon of Extra virgin olive oil, a glass & a half of clean spring water or filtered if available tap water. Wash the Lemon, cut out any dark bits, then roughly chop the whole thing including the rind & put in a blender. Add the table spoon of Virgin Olive oil & the glass & a half of water - blend this for 60 seconds - strain & serve. If you wish to gain weight split the drink into three portions & drink with each meal throughout the day. This drink manages to restore the Ph of your saliva which in turn helps you to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. If drunk all in one go first thing in the morning (an hour before eating) it will flush & detox the Liver & Gallbladder
Smile Contest2
ok contest has started..i dont know how to do all that fancy advertising that those other ppl do, so it might take effort on ur part..sorry :D! but go to my family and its in A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN'S PIC files!!! xoxo Vicki
My Nick....
I was once asked about my nick, how could I claim the title Medicine wolf, implying that I was a healer of some sort. The answer is simple, I am a healer, I am from the wolf clan of the eastern Cherokee. My name was given me by my grandfather, he too was known as Medicine Wolf. A few other thoughts concerning the wolf, wolf totem, wolf clan... There is only one Lord Wolf, the grandfather wolf to all wolves, the first one created by the creator. There can be no other, and anyone claiming the name is really asking for some bad medicine to drop on their pointy little heads. The wolf totem represents the teacher within us all. And finally, those of the wolf clan are descended from the first wolf, who took a Indian wife. We have an affinity for dogs, wolves, and the wild. I have woke up on camping trips and found I was sharing a fire with a pack of wolves. I was not threatened nor did I threaten them. Remember, the wolf has the family first mentality, everything e
Verifing Your E-mail
This tutorial is designed to help new users verify their e-mail. Step1. Go to and click send e-mail again. Step2. Copy the token. Step3. Paste the token and press ENTER. Step4. You are now verified.
Hurricane Humberto
Hurricane Humberto came through here last Wednesday night. The entire peninsula I live on had no power until last night. I didn't have any major damage, just some palm trees... It's good to be back...
About Me Leavin Site..take U'r Risk And Don't Read This U Will Find Out Whats In Store No Matter What
i sat, i thought, i went to my martial arts vented and beat things worked so hard sweat covered my tank and i only thought even harder.......i ain't gonna leave site but i am askin those of you WHO WANNA STAY ON MY FRIENDS LIST that are REAL FRIENDS to let me know, if i do not get a private message from you, you will be deleted cept select few who will stay automaticlly and they know who they are.......i ain't leavin cause of a bunch peeps that are just SCORE WHORES. peace out speak or forever hold u'r peace. i will be completin this as of tomorrow :) thanx and sorry if ya think i am a bitch.
Planet Caravan
by Black Sabbath. We sail through endless skies, Stars shine like eyes, The black night sighs, The moon in silver trees, Falls down in tears, Light of the night, The earth, a purple blaze, Of sapphire haze, In orbit always. While down below the trees, Bathed in cool breeze, Silver starlight breaks down the night, And so we pass on by the crimson eye, Of great god Mars, As we travel the universe.
Girls Kissing Repost This If You Like It...
Passions ran deep within the big blue I pictured us, sitting there, just me and you. Holding hands watching the California Sun set, And in silence, there is not one Boston Jet. Determination makes me think, is there a chance? Someday will we have that one important dance? Two hopeless hearts, we are so romantic, Curious why’s only make me frantic. That other guy thinks I'm just hard to get, And continues to try to make me his pet. I will not be treated like someones posession, Just as you are mine, I am his obsession. My loyalty to you causes him heartache, Good girls like me are hard to make. I feel you could be my perfect match, And you my sweet are such a catch. Only for you, I’m a love sick wonder, And Because of you I will not Plunder. For jealous minds kill my dreams, We are mere stitches without seams.
Tampons Save A Life In Iraq ,plz Read It
Tampons to the rescue in Iraq !! Don't worry, it's a good story, and worth reading. It's even humorous in parts. It's from the mother of a Marine in Iraq . My son told me how wonderful the care packages we had sent them were and wanted me to tell everyone thank you. He said that one guy we'll call Marine X, got a girl care package and everyone was giving him a hard time. My son said, 'Marine X got some really nice smelling lotion and everyone really likes it, so every time he goes to sleep they steal it from him.' I told my son I was really sorry about the mistake, and if he wanted I would send Marine X another package. He told me not to worry about Marine X because every time I send something to him, Marine X thinks it's for him too. He said when my husband and I sent the last care package, Marine X came over to his cot picked up the box, started fishing through it, and said, 'What'd we get this time?' My son said they had the most fun with Marine X's package. Hm
Very Sweet
Sweetheart you are to good, ill never forget One day you will see, ill have nothing to regret I'm just playing with your friend to get you Its wrong I know and I'd never do it to you I have begun to make these lies To hold back tears from my eyes I know your hurt, my poor baby but so am I For I never thought you would make me cry It doesn't make sense, not yet anyway But when we meet I might just stay My love for you hasn't fully grown But I'm almost certain I will be blown A childish romance like no other Passion burn when we are together At least that is what I see You and I together and free I become a poet thinking of us Ill come by plain, train and bus What I wouldn't give for just a kiss Your long winded answers I dearly miss Hurry now, relax and heal So you and I can make a deal That ill be yours and you'll be mine Forever young in the sands of time You never worry about who I'm with For true love for us is not a myth It is tim
Student Tazered For Asking John Kerry A Question!
Feeling Guilty...not!!!!
So, some of you have actually taken the time to read my blogs and will already know the story...for the rest of you, I will tell it again. I come on here cruising for girls that will actually meet up with me and I use them and throw them away. In June, I found this wonderful girl on here that wouldn't give me the time of day and I was intrigued. She was new to online chat and I was able to chat with her and gain her trust over time. She wouldn't call me or give me her number for a long time which really got me mad. I knew all the right things to say to her though, and we started talking on the phone at least once a day and chatted daily. I told her that I was in love with her and that I bought a plane ticket to go out to see her. I sent her emails of the hotel I would be staying at and we began to plan an itinerary for the week. All along I had no intentions of actually going...I just wanted to play with her. After 4 months of talking everyday, I cut off all contact w
I met you today you were cool, we became friends. Built a strong friendship one that would never die. You understood the pain I was feeling deep inside. You reached out to me made me smile when i was sad. made me laugh when i wanted to cry. I love you with all my heart. I know that you will always be there for me and i will be there for you. Friends we are and friends we will be until the end of time. If i never meet you i want you to know that you will always be in my heart. I hope that i am in your heart and a part of your life like you are a big part of my life. You made me see things that i did not understand and made me realize the things in life. To worry about the things i can control and leave behind the things i cannot control you are my friend a friend for life thank you I love you always and forever my friend.
Am I Rude?
ThickBeaut...: uh ok kinda rude bye ->ThickBeaut...: Oh...Well,I only become fans of military and retired military...I do that because people come to my page to send love to Our Men and Women in uniform....I will rate all your pictures if you want me to instead. ThickBeaut...: are you going to fan me back? ThickBeaut...: ?? ThickBeaut...: can you fan me back? its ok ->ThickBeaut...: Can I what back? Mistyped...I rated you a 10. ThickBeaut...: can you n me back too please?
Thanks For Leveling Us
MsMaine here and I wanna thank everyone that helped us level up today. We went up 2 levels today. WAY TO GO!!! I was hopin that this would increase our family section but no such luck. We need to reach level 14 before that happens. So again thanks all for your hard work and PLEASE keep it up..lmao. Have a great night and dont forget about Archangel THE BRAT PRINCE, he is in a contest for a Happy Hour give away. MsMaine
New Contest
Lemon Cleanse
Lemon Cleanse Many diseases start in the intestines, so it is a good idea to do a cleansing. LEMON DRINK for your Master Cleanse you need: 2 tablespoons FRESH squeezed lemon or lime juice (approx. 1/2 lemon) 2 tablespoons genuine organic maple syrup, Grade B (the darker the better)* 1/10 teaspoon (a small pinch!) cayenne pepper, gradually increase (the more BTUs the better) 300 - 500 ccm (10-14 oz) pure water In a 300ccm (10-ounce) glass (to allow for 227ccm and mixing room): 2 tablespoons fresh (and organic, if possible) lemon or lime juice (absolutely no canned or frozen juice). 2 tablespoons real (and organic, if possible) grade B or C maple syrup. (Don't use Grade A maple syrup or maple-flavored syrup. They are over-refined, which means that they are mostly refined sugars and lack essential minerals.) A small pinch of cayenne pepper (to taste). Spring or purified water, between room temperature and medium hot (but not cold) – fill to 1/4 liter (8 oz). Mix
Ok I've meet some kick ass poeples on here. And i've meet the Luv of my life on here. and im not goin to be on here that much from now on. But i've had fun om here and thx for bein there and i'll say hi everytime im on here. ok well im out. SICK AND TWISTED
Uhh Ahh Lyrics Boyz Ii Men
Uhh Ahh Lyrics
My Hiding Place.xx
Runaway with me to my hiding place where we are free to be within his grace- Flawless, virtuous, pure in existence I ask myself how can you resist this? Where will I be without your gaze if this will be but a temporary faze... You reject the idea I might be true as you hold your breath I see the clue.. I want to hold your very frame and hope to god you might feel the same. I doubt the reality of any dreams but I know one day soon I may feel its seams. I'll be here in my hiding place when you meet me here I'll memorize your face. ~D.
Alone Again
I’ve been lonely for about as long as I can remember. It took someone like you to come my way. And inside it felt so right, until you took it all away. Tell me how am I supposed to deal with that lonely feeling again? Still sitting alone, in the early morning rain. Knowing this feeling so well, a familiar friend of pain. Still sitting alone alone again. Been alone for as long as I'd like to remember painful thoughts appear all around. We once hung our hearts so high that they fell to the ground. Is it all in my head or am I here alone again? Still sitting afraid in that early morning rain. Will the storm pass by and will it wash away the pain? Still crying alone alone again. Alone again…..
If only it were so simple, to cruise through life smelling roses; but the obstacles blacken the countryside, and we unwittingly crush them beneath our boots. Dreams sustain us through the madness; goals give a finish line to our race. Yet they change with every turn, around every wall, and remain elusive throughout the quest. Mistakes are made, and regrets are our luggage; we will drag them with us to slow us down. The victories are flashes of light, sudden and unlasting, which allow us to glimpse the road ahead before darkness descends. Love is bitter, yet it is the bread that keeps us. Over and over it fills us up, only to starve us. The people whom we love shape our destinies and our strengths, yet leave us cold and alone in the darkness. There are others trying to race to the end; occasionally, we bump into one or two. The bonds we form help us down the path less lonely but eventually, we lose each other in the darkness. Alone is not a bad way to be;
Neologisms From: The Washington Post has published neologisms which are alternate meanings for common words. 1. Coffee (noun), the person upon whom one coughs. 2. Flabbergasted (adjective), appalled over how much weight you have gained. 3. Abdicate (verb), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach. 4. Esplanade (verb), to attempt an explanation while drunk. 5. Negligent (adjective), describes a condition in which you absent-mindedly answer the door in your nightgown. 6. Lymph (verb), to walk with a lisp. 7. Gargoyle (noun), olive-flavored mouthwash. 8. Flatulence (noun), emergency vehicle that picks you up after you are run over by a steamroller. 9. Balderdash (noun), a rapidly receding hairline. 10. Frisbeetarianism (noun), (back by popular demand): The belief that when you die, your Soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.
Bye 4 Now Lyrics/song Lagwagon
Lagwagon Bye For Now Lyrics *** Complimentary Bye For Now Ringtone *** Here comes the day I see my friends far away, When I grow up inside what will happen to me? The city sights the business types, I can see but where are you? Bye for now. Didn't mean to let you down, Didn't mean to drive you away. Bye for now! Now that your not around, So many things I'd like to say! See here I think I've found the missing link, The piece that holds us together. If I had my way I'd here you say that it's OK, Friendship should last for ever. Bye for now. Didn't mean to let you down, Didn't mean to drive you away. Bye for now! Now that you're not around, So many things I'd like to say! Didn't mean to let you down. Didn't mean to let you down. Didn't mean to let you down. Didn't mean to let you down. Didn't mean to let you down. Never meant to let you down. Didn't mean to let you down.
After The Vows
After The Vows Category: Writing and Poetry She loved him to death, Though never sure why; But he was handsome and strong, One hell of a guy. Her treatment was special, What he thought she deserved; Alone and silent, While she cooked and she served. And it was all she would know, Without hopes of progression; Apart from more beatings, And verbal oppression. But she loved him to death, Still never sure why; Wanting to leave him, With no thoughts to try. She'd just justify the bruises, Her pain didn't matter; Just because she chose love, While he chose to batter. "He just gets mad," she'd say, "I still love him to death;" "And he says he's so sorry," Then "every time" under her breath. 'Every time' was always, The hand or the shout; But with so much love for this man, She had no way to get out. And then, one day, the man she loved, Brought her flowers, in a basket; Not shouting at all, or even hitting ,
Reality Checks!! (under Category Of Life)
Reality Checks!! Category: Life So do any of you need reality checks?We all need to be reminded sometimes. I try to check my reality once in a while. Though I never let anyone come between myself and god and being the way I am it does limit my amount of friends but I still don't let it stop me from living life. The subject today is called It's Not my Fault! we can all be stuck at some points in our life. It can be like that no one cares and I have felt this way many times in the past but if you feel this attitude of it is not my fault then it can be with you for the rest of your life. It is almost like a disease that will get you thinking one way and you will be living this way if that is what you think. But you can take control of this thinking pattern if you turn it to god's way of living.God gave you a power and right to live life in a godly way. If you do this you will be given the prosperity of many advantages that a christian will recieve as a no
You Like Bubble Wrap?
Another Great Prediction
Today's FUB-roscope 4me: "You are surprised -- and delighted -- by an unexpected message, smile or event that makes your day ten times brighter. Share the good vibes with friends and family, as there's plenty to go around." Oops! Must have been that email I got moving all my deadlines up by two weeks. I sort of thought those vibes were a bit more negative, why am I not smiling? Oh well, at least I am sharing. That part is right on. Gotta love the star charts :) LOL Can somebody send over some delight? I am fresh out. Patiently waiting... C
Who Was Your Last?
"Who was your last?" just be 100% truthful LAST PERSON. 1. You hung out with? SATURDAY: 2. Last person you texted?: 3. You were in a car with?: 4. Went to the movies wiith: 5. Went to the mall with? 6. You talked to on the phone? 7. Made you laugh? 8. Made you cry? 9. Last person you hugged? 10. You cried with. WOULD YOU RATHER... 2. Be serious or be funny? 3. Drink whole or skim milk? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER TRUTHFULLY... 1. Sun or moon? 2. Winter or Autumn?: 3. Left or right?: 4. Sunny or rainy? 6. Where do you live: 7. ?????????????? 8. Do you want to get married? 9. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? 10. Do you cook?: 11. Current mood? IN THE LAST 72 HOURS HAVE YOU... 1. Saw one of your best friends? 2. Sang? 3. Been hugged? 4. Cried? repost as "who was ur last
Douchebags In My Shoutbox
Where do these people come from? Im minding my own business when this total douchebag enters my space and tells me what I should have for my status. The best part is his nickname is "The Cowboy From Hell - The Man - The Myth" A zipperhead with a retarded screen name is telling me how dumb my Status message looks ->Cowboy fro...: did I fucking ask for your fucking opinion ? NO so shut the fuck up Cowboy fro...: You should change your status. It makes you look dumb.
War Protestors
It seems the anti-war crowd is getting more and more attention these days. What makes these people tick? Is it because the candy-ass/guts ratio is too lopsided in these people? Is it because it’s easier to run their mouths about our own government than to actually take action against the terrorists? They’re big on mouth and low on guts. They’ll never take up arms to defend this country. Their idea of taking action is to carry some signs and march in our streets. They don’t know what its like to carry an M-16 and have mortars dropping around them. What I see when the protestors are shown on TV is a bunch of people that aren’t willing to stand up and defend their way of life. I see a bunch of people that aren’t willing to stand up to anything except George W. Bush and the only people willing to put their lives on the line to defend this country, our great military. The news calls them protestors, but when I see them another word comes to mind…Pussies. They say that our military is ful
New Member Of The Team
welcome andy andy@ fubar
10 Things I've Learned
16 THINGS THAT IT TOOK ME YEARS TO LEARN: by Dave Barry, Nationally Syndicated Columnist 1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. 2. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be "meetings." 3. There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." 4. People who want to share their religious views with you never want you to share yours with them. 5. You should not confuse your career with your life. 6. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. 7. Never lick a steak knife. 8. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip. 9. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time. 10. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging f
50 Confessions
50 Confessions 1. Are you taller than your mom? 2. What color is your shower curtain? 3. What is the closest thing to you right now that is red? 4. What is your ring tone? 5. Does anything hurt on your body right now? 6. What color is your favorite pillow? 7. What is your favorite video game? 8. Had a nap today? 9. Gold or Silver? 10. Is there an animal that creeps you out? 11.Who was the last person you rode an elevator with? 12. Did you go ice skating as a kid? 13. Ever have stitches? 14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? 15. How long ago did you hug someone? 16. What's something you want to do before you die? 18. Have you ever seen a ghost? 19. Have you ever seen northern lights? 20. Do you know how to use chop sticks? 21. Name something good that happened last night. : 22.What room are you in? 23. Are you worried about something you can't control? 24. Do you take daily medications? 25. Ever be
Grave And Weep
I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn's rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush, Of quiet birds circled flight I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die
1. Does someone love you? 2. Do you know anyone named Dave? 3. Ever kissed anyone with the name starting with a J? 4. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member? 5. Have you ever tried Propel Calcium Water? 6. What colour are the walls of your parent’s bedroom? 7. Do you think that hair extensions look skanky? 8. Are you named after a grandparent? 10. Say you were given a drug test right now. Would you pass or fail? 11. Are you taller than 5'6“? 12. Do you know anyone in jail/prison? 14. Do you like the colour green? 15. What is your best friend's Dad's name? 16. How old are you? 17. Who was the last person to send you a text message? 18. Ever drove into the ghetto to buy drugs? 19. Last restaurant you went to? 20. What is the weather like today? 21. Last voicemail you received? 22. What did you do yesterday? 23. What's the first thing you would do with five million dollars? 24. What nationalities
Another New Sensation
Happy To Meet You Awesome People
Im new to this and love it already! Dont worry about giving it to me slow and easy,cause I like it hard and peddle to the metal Baby!! More Fun Quizzes at
What To Do.. What To Do...
So heres the story in short.. My exs cousin is going thru a divorce, they got 3 kids (all boys).. I heard that their youngest son who is 4 or 5yo is beating up on MY SON.. My Son has told me that hes been kicked & hit by him a few times.. I also heard about it from 2 friends that work w the boys father, that their youngest beats/hits their 3yo cousin (my son).. The part about their youngest son beating up on the 3yo cousin (my son) was brought up in one of their court hearing for divorse & child custody... I think it has to do w the parents gettin separated n all && the kids aggression... I have a picture of where he recently got kicked (on saturday).. Its not much, n u can barely see the bruising, but u can kinda see a lump.. Its on his inner left leg near his groin area.. I mean, is this what i have to deal w every weekend hes w his father & they go to the cousins house?? I dont know whether his dad or the cousins mom says anything to stop it.. But since its happening every w
Re: What The Fuck!
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Guinea: The 1930's Smut Peddler Date: 17 Sep 2007, 19:24 THIS IS WHY YOU STAND UP, THIS IS WHY YOU RESIST! WHY THE FUCK WAS EVERYONE LETTING THIS HAPPEN FOR! WHERE IS EVERYONE BACKING UP! FUCK! ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT! IF YOU SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENING AND DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, YOU ARE A SOULLESS ZOMBIE AND A COWARD IN MY EYES AND I'LL END UP KNOCKING YOU THE FUCK OUT TOO. A BADGE DOESNT MEAN THEY ARE NOT CRIMINALS. RISE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! JUST FUCKIN DO IT!From: AndyChrist1984Date: Sep 17, 2007 10:06 PMFrom: TbirdDate: Sep 17, 2007 6:54 PMThanks Leo fight the NWOFrom: Leo/FightNWO-JUST SAY NO TO FASCISM IN AMERICA!!Date: 17 Sep 2007, 06:46 PMI am so sick of this shit!!!!! Everyone rise up!!!!! Raise your fist!!!!!!From: § Lori §Date: Sep 17, 2007 6:39 PMMore bullshit!!!!!!thanks: the dirty beggarsDate: Sep 17, 2007 8:33 PMplease tell everyone you know
Things That Make You Say "hmm!" @work
These are taken from real resumes and cover letters, and were printed in Forbes magazine. 1. "I have lurnt Word Perfect 6.0 computor and spreadsheet progroms." 2. "Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details." 3. "Received a plague for Salesperson of the Year." 4. "Wholly responsible for two (2) failed financial institutions." 5. Reason for leaving last job: "Maturity leave." 6. "Failed bar exam with relatively high grades." 7. "It's best for employers that I not work with people." 8. "Let's meet, so you can 'ooh' and 'aah' over my experience." 9. "I was was working for my mom until she decided to move." 10. Marital Status: "Single. Unmarried. Unengaged. Uninvolved. No commitments." 11. "I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse." 12. "I am loyal to my employer at all costs... Please feel free to respond to my resume on my office voice mail." 13. "My goal is to be a meteorologist. But since I possess no training in meteorology, I suppose
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Deanostl@ fubar
Love Is...
Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
Such In Love
i compleatly love when Robert tells me he loves me. i love playing my DS while he has his arms around me and hes playing his 360. i love how he calls me babe (i never let people call me babe), how he comes over and has a key, and how he showers with me after sex and washes my back and i wash his. i love it how he always gives me his frenchfrys (he knows they are my favorite) i have never been this in love with anyone in my life. and i have never been so comfortable with anyone, and he likes my body, and thats what turns me on the most. i can feel so fat and ugly somedays.. and he will be there with his arms around me telling me the sweetist things. i have never. ever. been this fucking lucky in my life.
Mondays Suck
I have a headache and I haven't been drunk in three weeks now. This is bullshit.
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Wrote Your Name....
I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.
Re: Please Add My Friend Warren Cuccurullo (he Was Hacked!)
RE: Please add my friend Warren Cuccurullo (he was hacked!) ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Dr. Dot Date: 17 Sep 2007, 19:12 Click ^Warren's whole account was deleted by a hacker because he clicked on a group invite called "Help the 911 victims" or something similar..Anyways, Warren ROCKS and I would be grateful if you added him.xps. Going under the knife (tonsils!) in 8 hours, so cross fingers. If I die, please attend my Rock and Roll karaoke style funeral. ( See Ginger Snaps & Fet for details.). Well, you never know!:) OJ Simpson ^ "Opps I did it again"
Dear Alcohol
DEAR ALCOHOL First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. Your man dimensions are mind boggling (different than beer goggling, which I'll touch upon shortly). Yes, my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer with the game, and you're even around in the holidays hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. Yet lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences, briefed below for your review. Your Ad Here Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2am. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal and, though cooking is far from my specialty, why you suggested that I eat a kabob with chili sauce, coupled with pot nood
Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma
Just wanted to share with all who love and care about me my experience with Breast Cancer. My spirit is great and for today all is great.For today :) It is a little different to share an illness with my daughter. I so hate having her so full of worry, it just tears my heart out. I have found this to be life changing like it says in a song of Tim Magraw's "Live Like You Where Dying". I find that it is better to live life as I always have. Or do my best to keep life status quo! My family is everything to me! I found the man I am suppose to be with and my daughter is getting married sometimes this year...LOL That is exactly why my illness will not own me, or define me! It may be MY DRAGON.. and I WILL WIN!! I trust my help and hold fast to the rail, of hope and courage and ...... I'll fight like hell ! God has taught me to not sweat the small stuff, and to appreciate my family and friends. My love to everyone Sweetest Hugs Deborah Hopefull DRAGON S
Love Hope Faith
you know, its funny what life can teach you. In this life you have many battles that need to be fought and many things in life fade or seem meaningless. Many people give up on the three things that should mean the most in everyone's life. Love. Hope. Faith. In the pagan religion these three things are considered the most powerful magics on earth. They alone hold the key to so many things. Love can be a blessing or it can destroy you, hope keeps strong but can weaken you if you have false hope, faith gives you will to withstand the challenges in life and without it you can't hope to meet those challenges. Love, Hope, and Faith are intertwined. Without one you lose them all and without none you are no one. The thing is the simple loss of one of these things can simply shatter the rest...they may be strong but...extremely fragile. Without them, you stand as a bitter shell of who you once were...looking at society begrudgingly with hatred. If you hate you become th
Ho Hum
holy cow Im so freggin bored its whats left to do grrrr for like 30 minutes I've debated going to bed or staying up...its like I'm not sleepy I know whats going to happen...I'm going to lay there thinking about shit!! Then ill wonder hey is there anything good going on in the land of Fu...of course there wont be but ill think im missing something.....Thanks to D I was in mumms for like a whole 5 minutes haha now im bored with that... there is masterbation i suppose but yea Oc skipped town and gosh no one around to turn me on haha...... so have I totally bored the shit out of whoever is reading this....If you are reading this you are probably bored as i so help a girl out whats fun to do anymore?????
Re: Very Important Revolution Radio Broadcast Tonight!!
RE: VERY IMPORTANT REVOLUTION RADIO BROADCAST TONIGHT!! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Revolution Radio Date: 17 Sep 2007, 18:55 PLEASE REPOST!!!! PLEASE REPOST!!!!!!!!MY GROUP, WE ARE CHANGE FLORIDA, CONFRONTED GIULIANI TONIGHT IN TAMPA, FLORIDA!!! (VIDEO POSTED SOON!). I WILL BE DISCUSSING THE CONFRONTATION TONIGHT ON THE SHOW!!10pm-12am EDT!!!!click here to tune in!!http://www.realinsidenews.comPLEASE REPOST!!!!!!!!!
Sleeping... How Was It? Read Me.
have we ever read that file? i mean it always say read me, but when i open it it is not very cool to read anyway.. i am always feeling sorry for that file.. but it should be more cooler to read anyway.. yeah yeah it is just monday.. i want to sleep but whenever i want to sleep there is lots of stuff coming to my mind, even i don't want to thing something and i am really sleepy... whenever i slept a little bit, i saw confusing dreams that has no meanings.. and then woke up and have lots of stuff in my mind again... i know that i need to sleep so my mind will erase stuff so i can think clearly or whatever. i am not able to sleep and i dont even want to think anything. I hate being tired.. being very tired make you feel like this.. i mean i am trying to sleep but i am thinking a spoon... or how to use a spoon, dvd... how they put data in it.. or cooking, what i will cook when i get up, why people want to eat sugar..... blah blah... i was trying to say they are so meaningless a
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Motivation Is Simple
Motivation is simple you eliminate those who are not motivated. Motivation is what gets you started.
For Helping Me Get Second In My Contest
A special thanks to everyone that helped me in my contest I know my real friends are now. Also a special thanks goes out to these people and if I forgot anyone I am sorry. Thanks again Bitchy Babygirl. QUEENJAXZ@ fubar ~skyjegreg~@ fubar ~*~ RedAngel ~*~@ fubar ~~wildthing 456 ~SUNSHINE ANGELS FRIENDS CLUB!@ fubar Pussay ~Protected by my R/L and FU Hubbie Master Rebel!!!@ fubar Master җ»ЯęßêŁ«җ ..rl hubby, owner, MASTER and PROTECTOR of FU's pu@ fubar ~*DixieAngel*~@ fubar A special thanks to the host for making my tag and hosting the best tag contest ~ღღMrsღღ~ ღღ •*♥ aka Debbie ♥.•* ღღ@ fubar
Re: Free The Four! Reno's Day In Federal Court! *re
RE: FREE THE FOUR! Reno's Day in Federal Court! *RE ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: VANMETER DEMANDS the MARSHALLS 2 FREE RENO NOW Date: 17 Sep 2007, 18:41 thank you for reposting and adding all the extras for me! FREE THE FOUR ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: ♂ Georgilla Ћe Guerrilla ♀Date: Sep 17, 2007 2:05 PMPASS THIS ON!Passed this on: Suspension of DisBeliefOrig. Author and True American Patriot VANMETER DEMANDS the MARSHALLS 2 FREE RENO NOWEarly this morning at 9 am the identification and detenition hearings for Cirino Gonzalez were held. Being brought to the courtroom they refused him to wear a suit, brush his hair and had him bounded by chains and shackeled, his defense lawyer asked if he could at least requested for the sake of dignity during the proceedure to remove the hand cuffs. Oddly the Marshalls went to start to remove them without direction of the
My Personal Nsfw Pics
A little while back I had pics...some very NSFW pics.....but every time I turned around someone bugged the crap out of me over them! No "Hello", no "How are you?", just 'Let me see now!" "I wanna see." "Let me into your family album"......WTF!? So I got rid of them...... Okay...I have re-added my own NSFW pics....dont badger me about them or I will block you! If you want to see them...then add me! But I DARE you to demand me of anything! lol....all that will get you is banned...well blocked, which is worse if you think about it....hehehehehehehe So for those of you who cant figure it out let me explain it to you in no uncertain terms....Do NOT demand me for anything. I don't know you so I don't owe you! Nothing! I am not a whore ! And if I were I wouldn't be cheap so your word alone wouldn't cut it! Get over porn is one google search away....use it LMAO! our old family who have loved me from the beginning...they are back! And anyone else
No More Coffee Please!
so just a quick update.. my coffee buzz.. useful lol . I got a lot done I have been putting off lately. I weeded and to the dismay of my apparently new neighbor busted out the saws all & finally hacked down the rogue trees that keep trying to grow in my garden. I cut down the rose bushes for the winter while i was at it and got all the inside housework done except the scrubbing of the bathroom tiles. I guess I will do that tomorrow along with maybe steaming the carpets again and washing down the walls in the house. I 'm hoping by saturday afternoon to have all my cleaning done so I can concentrate on baking for the party sunday. I got a insanely funny idea for it.. Im making sugar cookies in the shape of bare feet , frosting them white & putting colors where the toe nails would be right?? then im crushing up vanilla wafers to look like sand & sticking the cookies up out of the *sand* on a serving plate. hehehe ok yes i know im odd sory LOL anyways from all this lovely productivity my
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His account accidently got deleted and was at level 17..Show some love King of Hearts@ fubar
all this week i have been dealing with alot of hardships but the only one persion that hsa been there alot for me has been my girl and if it wasnt for her i wouldnt know what i would doi would like literally go nuts but she is the only thing that i keep going for i would be lost without her
One Reason Only One !!
1418- To Level
andy@ fubar
Though The End Be Near Now..??
Ill be missing my friends always , he is my support in here and my friend; We grew close thru our Lord leading us to one another ; to love and share God,s Word , and give to others in here and out in the real world . .He is a great man and Loves God so, as I do . I want to say such things; How I feel for Donald but he knows , I cant say or find the the right words say to him . It ,s just I cant seem to find them at all.. God has a comforting word , I am the light, life and the way > No One comes to the father except thru me.Jesus on another as I have loved all you ; as you do love . Donald Ill see you again in heaven , yes and we will meet there . hugs diana
Wishbone (1988-2001)
this is my mourning season--i lost my beloved Buttons Bat-sheva berechiah caftor'im 3 years ago on 9/22. so my thoughts turned to the cute lil jack russell puppy named Soccer-pbs's Wishbone--my fave tv show of all time.. i know if he would have lived he'd be 19 1/2 --137 for you and me so i know he passed--so i was on a quest--and my answer was found in that stupid on-line rag wikipedia of all places--he passed on 6/26/2001 at the age of 92 dog years. so in the week i mourn for buttons-i mourn for wishbone Soccer(5/16/1988-6/26/2001) on the Rainbow bridge
Strange This Is Goin On I Smell Books Sales
minutes ago LAS VEGAS - News conferences, a slew of felony charges, a perp walk in handcuffs and detention in a holding cell without bail — it's clear authorities aren't giving O.J. Simpson any celebrity breaks. Police insist such treatment is prudent for a man whose name is synonymous with a slow-speed chase from officers in a white Ford Bronco. But legal experts are questioning whether Simpson is being singled out for extra-tough prosecution in his casino-hotel robbery case as payback for his murder acquittal more than a decade ago. "It is regrettable that America has not gotten over the O.J. Simpson criminal case," said Carl Douglas, who was co-counsel with Johnnie L. Cochran in Simpson's 1995 criminal trial. "The fact that he is being held without bail seems unfair and over the top," Douglas said. "O.J. has always been able to satisfy his obligations to the court. He cooperated with the authorities in this case. He is not a flight risk. And he certainly can't hide anyw
Galactic Tale
A Galactic Tale by Michael Lightweaver A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were all of these light beings just hanging out enjoying life in that joyful & timeless dimension. And then one day a very large, magnificent angel came to them. He had a very serious look on his face. He was looking for volunteers for a very important Cosmic mission. "We have this small - but very special - planet out at the edge of the Alcyon galaxy called Gaia. It is quite unique like a beautiful garden and it is teeming with hundreds of thousands of different life forms. It has been something of an experimental station in the galaxy and it has a most interesting humanoid life form that incorporates the very highest and lowest frequencies known in the cosmos. It is in fact the very epitome of dualism. On the one hand it is an incredibly beautiful life form and is capable of carrying the highest frequencies of love, light & joy known throughout the whole Universe. On the ot
I saw my oncologist today and he feels that we have the cancer contained if not gone.However he would like me to undergo brain radiation as a precaution. I have small cell lung cancer which is very fast growing and aggressive and has the ability to alter it's form making it immune to chemo. The cure rate is minimal but quite often it can be contained or even gone but most always comes back elsewhere and doc says it's usually the brain. He feels that if we do the radiation now that when it comes back the brain will be a less likely target as we have radiated it , so I'm going to sign up tomorrow.Hopefully I'll still be able to function and chat with my very good friends that I've made here !!!
You Gotta See This
This just shows that the president knew the 9-11 terrorist attack was gonna happen .. and this is just another kick in the azz .. but someone is tryin to tell us that he knew all a long .. here is yet more proof..NOW WHO HAD THE TIME TO FIGURE THIS OUT?!1. Fold a new $20.00 bill in half......2. Fold again, taking care to fold it exactly as below3. Fold the other end, exactly as before.....4.Now turn it over......5.What a coincidence! A simple geometric fold creates a catastrophic premonition printed on all $20.00 bills !!!COINCIDENCE? YOU DECIDE As if that wasn't enough.. her is what you've seen....Firstly the Pentagon on fire...Then the Twin Towers............ And now.. look at this!Triple coincidence on a simple $20 billIt gets even better 9+11=$20!! This is too interesting to pass up!Freaky.
Well Well Well
I just talked to Kathy, she left New York about 8pm which means that she will be home at her house at about 4 a.m. I will be very happy to see my wonderful girlfriend. She will just curl up in bed with me and go to sleep, I do not want to know when she will be home, I love surprises, Kathy omg, she is the best girlfriend a guy could ask for. I truly understand myself and I am in touch with my feelings and I know who the real Ken is and I love it.
Day Shift.
Second month coming to an end and I still don't like getting up at 4:30am. I am happy I have a job. It for things like this. Take care everyone.
About A Ladies!!!!!
I have seen alot nice ladies that they lives too far away! I wished I asking her to going out for a dating or going out for fun! But all of them that lives over like a 300 to 2100 miles away from Albany NY! Oh Well in Albany NY Ladies just being closed mind or selfish.... I tried to finding but fewer of old ladies lives 20 to 30 miles... she is sweet and trying to helping with me but.... I just trying find out what's next?? But I feeling give up!!! I guess so I will be single forever!!! Thank u Mike!!!!!
Watch Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Renee
Watch Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Renee Zellweger, Kevin Spacey, Winona Ryder, Ed Norton, Whoopi Goldberg, Ming Na, Benicio Del Toro and Kathy Bates state their Declaration of Independence. Watch the video their homepage at: HYPERLINK "" In Liberty, Restore The Republic, 4 E. Ogden Ave #125, Westmont, Illinois 60559
Check Out A Few New Pics I Added :)
Well I added some new pictures. Please check them out and rate if you like :)
I Hate My Life
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morkeleb7179@ fubar
Waiting For Summer
Warm Summer… Bumblebee flies to the south Hailed by the beautiful blossom orchid Summer..oh Summer… Awe grows on the way to the summer twilight.. Wish he could find the summer Before she leaves the space Forsake all Heavenly-Earth things Summer..oh..Summer
Pirates Vs. Ninjas
Ninjas v. Pirates A conversation which just sprang out of the mind of a 10 year old boy. No not me silly my son. Now while I many at times think like a 10 year old, I see that as a good thing. “Dad, who would win in a fight a pirate or a ninja?” I say “ I really like pirates” “Are you kidding, there is no way a pirate would win, ninjas would win every time.” “Why is that” I ask “Well pirates are drunk all of the time and ninjas don’t drink. Pirates are always laying around and ninjas are always on task, ninjas have better armor and smoke bombs, cool swords and throwing stars. Pirates only have clothing and swords. Plus pirates aren’t very smart and you have to be smart to be a ninja. I say, “well pirates have cannon” Without hesitation he replies, “you have to see the ninjas coming to shoot them” “good point” So I guess that is why pirates stayed on the ocean because ninjas don’t have ships. So the moral of the story is that while it may be better t
Level 14
I'm trying to get up to my next level (14) so any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll return the favor. Thanks!!
Compare Thee To A Summer's Day
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date. Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimm'd, And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance, or nature's changing course untrimm'd: But thy eternal summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st, Nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade, When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st, So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
Having To Take A Whisper
Once there was a little boy in church. He had to go to the bathroom so he told his mother, ''Mommy, I have to piss.'' The mother said, ''Son don't say piss in church. Next time you have to piss, say, 'whisper' because it is more polite. The next Sunday, the litle boy was sitting by his father this time, and once again, he had to go to the bathroom. He told his father, ''Daddy I have to whisper.'' The father said, ''OK. Here, whisper in my ear.''
Jfk About Emergence Of
JFK about emergence of JFK about emergence ofAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Forever Grow!
Your dreams I want as mine Your reality should be mine as one I hope to be My dreams should be yours My reality should be yours As one we will one day be All the unspoken feelings All the unspoken thoughts Mind body and soul one day it will be There will become a time That it will just be right It feels that it is now But we both know it is not I will not lie I want it so To be by your side I will not lie the feelings will not go My love will get stronger as time goes by I know what you are saying on some levels we are the same I know what you say you want And I may not always agree But one thing I have learned And one promise I will make I will always think about it before i disagree Verbal yes it might be but with thought and feelings You can always guarantee I love you with all of me For now and forever you will always know That from the moment we met I knew deep in my heart From that first kiss it was the start OF THE LOVE THAT
I Just Dont Get It
When a female offers a friendship with its conviences, or benefits if you will and you ask for something more, and you finally convince her to try something more call it a relationship if you will. then you let your retarded ex who you are obviously not over that is a cheating scandalous whore interfere...don't come crying to the person you just blew off to go back to her when she breaks your heart again...that is just retarded. Yeah ok I still want to be friends but dont expect a whole lot of sympathy from me when it comes to matters of the heart. I am going back to my old ways, i just want to be considered one of the guys again, that chick that will drink beer, take shots of jack with you, go to the strip club and watch sports...relationships are officially out of the question and a complete waste of time as far as i am concerned. i do apologize if this annoys anyone that reads it but i feel better at least getting this off my chest...them damn things are heavy enough as it is with
I Want To Know...
My Life
Well I am beginning to realize life is not fair. Jared is off in Kuwait but I talk to him often so I am doing okay. But today I found out I will be heading there 1-2 months after he gets back. I am hating that but I got to do what I got to do. So Jared will be doing the single Dad thing for a year. Eli will start Kindergarten while I am gone. This is too much. But maybe I will get out of the Army somehow between now and then, we will see.
Forbiddin Fruit
I want what I can't and shouldn't have. My eyes looks ahead in the forbidden light that is you. You, who is the forbidden fruit. It's you who lours me in with your sweet and juicy promises whispering in my ear. My mind says no but my body says yes.It screams yes for that forbidden touch. It screams yes for that forbidden yet familiar kiss. So ripe and lushes that forbidden fruit. I tell myself it is wrong. It's wrong to desire that forbidden fruit. A fruit so great my tongue still can remember the flavor. You capture me in your forbidden eyes,reading me like an open book. I try to resist your power and your everlasting ecstasy, but my weakness for you, you who is the forbidden fruit is too great and I devour you, you who is the forbidden fruit. It tastes like life itself and your juices flow through my veins.
Re: Excellent New Hutto Blog
RE: Excellent new Hutto Blog ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Free The Children of Texas' Hutto Prison Date: 17 Sep 2007, 17:38 Check out new blog Hutto: America's Family Prison.Also visit stalwart blogs:ACLU's Immigration BlogRants by RonniEye on WilliamsonThe Right Is WrongTexas Civil Rights Review, Greg MosesThe SpectraReminder: Hutto Freedom Walk and Vigil Protest Saturday the 29th of September.Click Here To View EventRE: Excellent new Hutto Blog ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Free The Children of Texas' Hutto Prison Date: 17 Sep 2007, 17:38 Check out new blog Hutto: America's Family Prison.Also visit stalwart blogs:ACLU's Immigration BlogRants by RonniEye on WilliamsonThe Right Is WrongTexas Civil Rights Review, Greg MosesThe SpectraReminder: Hutto Freedom Walk and Vigil Protest Saturday the 29th of September.
My Tears
My tears are not of loss But of time too quickly gone. I miss our days together Even while they're going on. 1. I savor odd, sweet moments When you laugh or when you smile, Nostalgic for your presence Though you're with me all the while. Strange how fantasy Can wander in and out at will, Looking back from somewhere That is just beyond a hill. And so when once you leave You will not leave me alone, For I will have you with me Long, long after you are home.
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pepsikola420@ fubar
Feelin U~ Chris Ardoin
A Thought...
Things never turn out anything like you expected/hoped/wanted/dreamed they would.
One Day
One day someone special will be gone. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of your bedroom, you might be struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more "just one more minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away never to return before we can say good-bye, Or say "I Love You." So while we have it . . it's best we love it . . And care for it and fix it when it's broken and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .... and friendships .. And children with bad report cards; and dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, Because we cherish them! Some things we keep -like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, No matter what. Life is important, and so are the people we know. And so, we ke
New Job
Yeah I finally got a job that I will be able to do because of my bad knees and shoulder. I am working for a company selling cell phones and Sprint wireless service. I love doing customer service and working with the public. I think this is going to be a good fit for me with a chance to move up in the company pretty quickly since I have lots of experience and a large technology background. The bad part is it is a kiosk in the mall and the good news is it is a kiosk in the mall LOL. I get to see a lot of people but I hate having to work in a mall with the holiday season coming up. Well I am just finally happy that I have a job so I can start getting the knees back into some sort of working order yet I am not overdoing it. I can now start to get my life back on track and get some self confidence back, I have been really down lately and my self esteem has been in the dumps so this will help. Well that is enough for now, please come by and show me some love I will return it (unlike
Im Saying A Prayer To My Dear Friend Don < And His Brother
Donald is one of my very best friend ; He and his brother are both God loving men. Him and his brother are needing hugs , love and my support. So Lord Please hear my prayer for them, and know I love all my friends ; Im so wanting this to be turned around , but My friend is ready for thy will . ; Ill also except what is to be . Lord ease their pain now and help them , show them thy will and thy love now , I do ask in thy name.. They need you so. Lord hard time are to follow . But I know your there with them in all .You will do all and have mercy o Lord and show them thy grace. And o they Love you so and have gave your word ..And been thy servants faithful for yrs . Lord open up thy heaven and except them now, if it,s thy calling to take them home .If you can see that they not suffer and take thy pain away, unto you o Lord . Ease their worries and pain. Thou Donald be strong he know the transition from death too life be great and not easly done . Lord my friend is ready
This Is A Easy One- 429 To Level A Leveler
WHITE NIGHT LEVELER~*~siren_sonia76~*~@ fubar
Strip Club Adventures
I just added a story from James about his recent experience taking his girlfriend to a strip club.  I have had some very similar experiences when I was a stripper.
For Bollyn's Video,
For Bollyn's Video, For Bollyn's Video,Add to My Profile | More Videos
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TIME TO LEVEL HER UP..SHOW HER SOME LOVE AND THANKS FOR HELPING Lori- (Wife of ScOoTeR)- Plz sign guestbook!!!@ fubar
2nd Contest
this is the link to the second contest that I entered... lets see where it goes :D Have a great day !!!!!!!!!
My All New Contest!!!!!
Yayyy! I am in another contest and I hope all my friends and family will help me and show some support!!!! I lovie u all and I hope you will show me how much you lovie me too!!! Just click on the link below and rate and comment the picture. Most comments wins and bombing is allowed!!!!! If you dont want to bomb then its fine just rate and leave at least one comment so I know you stopped by. The contest ends on Sept 24th. Please help me out! thanks! Click the pic below and it will take you there.
Freind's With Beny's
Friends Wit Benefits It doesn't matter if you're married, engaged, in a relationship, single, gay or straight! A test of your bravery. It will be kept a secret!! Here's how it works: Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a msg saying "I'M YOURS" If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'D HIT IT" SCARED? LOL THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you.
Please Leave Some Love
Cartoon Banned : Television And Nwo
Cartoon banned : Television and Nwo Cartoon banned : Television and NwoAdd to My Profile | More Videos
A man goes to his doctor for his physical and gets sent to the Urologist as a precaution. When he gets there, he discovers the urologist is a very pretty female doctor. The female doctor says, 'I'm going to check your prostate today, but this new procedure is a little different from what you are probably used to. I want you to lie on your right side, bend your knees, then while I check your prostate, take a deep breath and say, 99. The guy obeys and says, 99! The doctor says, 'Great. Now turn over on your left side and again, while I repeat the check, take a deep breath and say, 99. Again, the guy says, '99. The doctor said, 'Very good. Now then, I want you to lie on your back with your knees raised slightly. I'm going to check your prostate with this hand, and with the other hand I'm going to hold on to your penis. Now take a deep breath and say, 99 The guy begins, 'One .. Two ... Three .'
Halloween Night
Halloween night when the witches fly, the ghosts come out and the goblins sigh. The moon is up, the werewolves howl, you hear an owl, the monsters growl. All hallows eve you're walking out at night. Suddenly a sound freezes you with fright! You try to run away but your legs are stunned with fear. There's snarling all around you. Something sneaks up from the rear. You find that they have taken you high into the trees. They bind you to a limb that is swaying in the breeze. Below starts the dance of the ghosts and the ghouls, witches, and men with grave digging tools. Black cauldron fire with dark thick smoke. Frogs and toads are thrown into a kettle as they croak. Green flesh simmers, boils and bubbles in the brew. The ooze begins to reek as it congeals and turns to stew. A circling of spiders. A gathering of rats. They join with snakes and scary things as well as vampire bats. From every side the horde of things all stop and at you stare! Not knowing why they brough
Internet Acronyms...a-f
@TEOTD At The End Of The Day ^rup^ it means: Read Up Please ^URS Up Yours
All White Knights
this is a link for you to go to and add kim so u can get her blogs on who to level. all new levelers you need to add kim and robert to your page as friends so u can get the blogs from them Kim ~FU-Wife of Robert~(Sr. V.P of the White Knights Levelers)@ fubar
Soul Mates
Soul Mates Ultimately, for everyone, there is only one person in the world, and that is themselves. This is not so strange, for we are born alone, and die alone. It is living alone that is hard. So the best we can do, and the happiest we can be, is to find another to share the time and, for however long it lasts, we call it Love. But sometimes, and only so rarely, we are lucky enough to find something of the essence of our being in another person - and that unit is the greatest love, for it knows no barriers. It went on before and carries on after. If this coupling can take no part in the future together, then that is their destiny, but they cannot lose what really belongs to them, even if they throw it away. Therefore there should be no anxiety. All that need concern them is that they remain true to their natures in this life.... And wait for the next. © Jenni Shell 1978
Slipping Through
Slipping Through As you slip through, You consume my mind. Your essence fills my heart, As I recall all my fondest times. I allow you there, I want you to stay, Please tell me you will never slip away. Consume me all you want. Hold me close and tell me you love me. For in this moment in time, You are truly mine. I am filled with serenity, The world no longer bothers me. As long as you are there, Slipping through my mind. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserve
The Wanton Song
Starting A Lounge I'm new to this and I want to start up a lounge. But, I was informed I need more than 10 points? So help! I need to know how to rack up points quick...
Just Letting My Friends Know
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Been busy working having been on here much but i guess with a promotion comes more work. Just wanted to let all my fubar friends know i haven't forgotten you i still think about you guys everyday.
Nwo - Think About
NWO - think aboutAdd to My Profile | More Videos Description: We are all slaves, wake up and wake up everyone around you....mindcontrol nwo davidicke mindslaves brainwashed illuminati alexjones
How I Found Out I Liked Girls (aka Twincest)
Me and my twin sister Stephanie joined the cheerleading squad our freshman year of highschool. That also meant we had to be at school early a lot, so in order to save time we started taking showers together in the morning. It wasn't a big deal, nothing sexual, and we were closer than non twin sisters anyway. Eventually we started washing each others backs and if we were in a playful mood we slapped each others butts and giggled. I didn't realize it at the time but we were flirting. One morning before my mom left for work she stopped by the bathroom to let us know that school had been canceled for the day. We were so excited that we spanked each others butts, jumped up and down laughing and gave each other pecks on the lips. We had just gotten in the shower so we decided to finish. We could take our time but we still soaped each other up. When Steph finished with my back she spun me around and rubbed her soapy hands on my breasts. I gave her a peck, and another until they l
Listen To Your Heart
9/11 Eyewitness Bombs Evidence
SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt.1 SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt.1Add to My Profile | More Videos SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt.2 SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt.2Add to My Profile | More Videos SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt. 3 SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt. 3Add to My Profile | More Videos SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt. 4 SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt. 4Add to My Profile | More Videos SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt. 5 SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 Pt. 5Add to My Profile |
Check This Out
Hi, I just created this quiz "What do you know about me?". Take it and see how you score. You'll be added as my friend on Tickle! Jaqie Sorry if the link doesn't work! Just copy and paste and it should work! interested to see how people do on this!!
September 17, 2007
God!! How much closer can these things get to what's happening in my life right now?!?!?!? September 17,2007 You're taking care of so much weird emotional business right now that you might be torn between one important person and another. Take a deep breath and try to figure out your priorities quickly!
How Do I Begin?
How do I begin to tell you how I feel about you When everytime I think about you my body shakes everytime I see you my knees grow weak and everytime I'm with you I don't want the time to end When everytime I look into your eyes I wish I was there everytime I see you smile my heart melts and every night before I go to sleep I pray to the gods that we don't end I've tried somehow to say your the sun that lights up my sky the wind that keeps me cool on a hot summer's day and the sweet incense that keeps me on a natural high I want so much to tell you that without you with me each day my day is never complete that since day one that I always wanted to be with you that no matter what's going on in my life you're the reason why there is a smile on my face and that loving you is all I need to know But everytime I want to the words just won't come out to you it might sound mushy or too cute you may not believe it so it's better I just keep my mouth closed then to
The Vehicle Reason
Always Coming Back Home To You - Atmosphere
To all my killers and my hundred dollar billers To emo kids that got too many feelings He held the register open while he counted her change I was next in line which meant I was invisible From where I stood I could see that the till was full He didn't look the type to play superhero So I stepped forth and paid for my cigarettes Crept out the stores front door to chase a little breath Fangles in my head, shake the song off Another manic Monday night, its gonna be a long walk A car pulled up, a fixed up cutlass A woman and a child climbed out and left it running They went inside of the deli, placed an order With the extra dollar fifty bottled water cuz the daughters picky When they came out mommy gave me a glance That said man can love an angel but he's got to take the chance Already knew the deal, I lit one up and walk So they got back in the oldsmobile, belted up, and took off Thug love on the corner by the walgreens Lookin at me like I'm just another square sa
Something's Missing
I'm not alone, I wish I was. Cause then I'd know, I was down because I couldn't find, a friend around To love me like, they do right now. They do right now. I'm dizzy from the shopping malls I searched for joy, but I bought it all It doesn't help the hunger pains and a thirst I'd have to drown first to ever satiate Something's missing And I don't know how to fix it something's missing And I don't know what it is At all When autumn comes, it doesnt ask. It just walks in, where it left you last. And you never know, when it starts Until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart: Something's missing And I don't know how to fix it something's missing And I don't know what it is At all
its amazing how we can be surrounded by many people but still be lonely ever notice how as always want what we cant have the fear of telling someone how we feel about them is because most the time it isnt felt back or we are laugh at, so we instead hold are feelings to ourselves, never acted on and left alone and sad is it better to be in love or lust? love last forever but lust is a emotion we act on always should we shoot for the stars when it comes to relationships or except what comes our way? either way we take a chance to be in a relationship we are not happy in or to keep getting our hearts broken having a friend with benifits is a great thing, no strings atttached and you can still go drink a beer afterwards more to come
Cnn 9/11 Fake Video Proof
CNN 9/11 Fake video PROOF CNN 9/11 Fake video PROOFAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Make Sure You Read The Highlighted Green
Read all of this one, it is interesting!! Read down to the very bottom highlighted in green, IT GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS!!! You don't want to miss this! ((*_*)) VERY INTERESTING- 1. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq. 2. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq, was the cradle of civilization! 3. Noah built the ark in Iraq. 4. The Tower of Babel was in Iraq 5. Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq! 6. Isaac's wife Rebekah is from Nahor, which is in Iraq! 7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq. 8. Jonah preached in Nineveh - Which is in Iraq. 9. Assyria, which is in Iraq, conquered the ten tribes of Israel. 10 Amos cried out in Iraq! 11. Babylon, which is in Iraq, destroyed Jerusalem. 12. Daniel was in the lion's den in Iraq! 13. The three Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq (Jesus had been in Iraq also as the fourth person in the Fiery Furnace!) 14. Belshazzar, the King of Babylon saw the "writing on the wall" in

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