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My Letter To Santa !
Dear Santa , I Understand That This Is Your Busiest Time Of The Year So I Wouldn't Take Up To Much Of Your Precious Time ! I'm Writing You To Let You Know That Not Only Have I Been A Very Very Good Boy This Year And That I Would Like To Add To My Long List Of Very Good Deeds And Offer You Some Well Deserved Help ! I Understand That You Have A Overwhelming Amount Of The Naughtiest Girls That You Plan To Either Give Nothing Or A Large Chunk Of Coal ! This Is Where I Would Like to Offer You My Services , I Would Find It My Great Pleasure And Honor If You Would Let Me Take As Many Of The Naughty Girl Offenders Off Your Hands So As To Free Up Your Time For The Nice Girls ! Please Forward A List Of The Worst Of Offenders Along With A list Of Their Offenses, Face And Body Pictures And Measurements For Positive Identification As Well As Last Known Location ! Again , I Believe This Would Be A Win-Win Situation For Both You And I Seeing As I Would Consider This To Be My One And On
First of all thanks for even bothering to read, it won't be short so please be a little patient with me :) I was going to post this once I reached level 40 but I have been forced to do so earlier because it became a conflict with my ABOUT ME section. I have know this site for over 5 years, had a couple of accounts which I personally deleted, out of respect because I was in relationships and latin men tend to be very jealous but not before adding the real nice people I met to my yim or msn. About 70% of those people are no longer on fubar.Back then, there were no godmodes, boomies, pimphands and all those perks, so one really had time to get to know people and chat. For the last 2 years I had an account, very low profile, I was here to relax, make friends,chat, and have fun,could not care less about leveling. Then last August my account got deleted by FU.....I asked many times why, never got a response which annoyed me, I was level 26 and just wanted to be able to pimpout my friends
The Antonym
If he is the darkYou are the lightA glacial islandA warm oasisHe closes inWhile you open upIf he is the nightYou are the dayBroken and emptyVivacious and fullHe left meWhile you chose to stayHe is the antonymTo your beautiful
I Was Overdue
I was overduethat initial afternoon,misinformed as to the exact hourI was but a first glimpse—YOUa sight!sentiments overflowing,the instant you vocalizedThat which has stirred within me,is pricelessour unutterable exchanges,valued far more thanthe most enduring nights—even with the one I madean oath with long agohe is already absentconsigned to oblivion—My tenderness squandered,a foolish mistakewithdrawn to only generate within methis unreserved StrengthPossessing this vigorI will bestow this candor—YOU have disturbedmy being,at what could not bea more advantageous endeavorWithin your lyrical notionan encouragementresidesto ensure this attentive one of loveliness, elegance andtrue designAnd so I donatemy gratitudeon account of yourexistencefor in Its absenceI would undoubtedlycarried on listless
The quick jestureLike A sudden breeze of the most stinging kind.Oh, how grateful I amYetTroubled by the awful truthUnexpected,Like a loud crashThat invades the senses.He was a never-ending sadnessThatStill haunts my every being.I want nothing more ThanTo be healed to where no ContrastStill exists.
My Forebearer's Throne
This unrivaled truthLeisurely travels inThis body-not everMinuscule or thinThe double X organsOnce vowed lifeInstead have illiberally betrayedWith solitary strifeThe misdeeds are my ownWhile others Fall heir From my forebearer's throneThe agony that arisesFrom most unpleasant uncertaintySanction my reason, my regardTo inquire relentlessly 
You are a fresh Spring on a stuffy afternoon Refreshing the very soul That resides within   Thanks is all I can offer But thanks is only the beginning To this rapid whirlwind of Pleasant affection   I hope to continue If you would allow me the chance Together we can learn the steps To this all too new dance   We will begin in a song And end with a movie Leaving all those around us thirsty For the fire of passion
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts
A touch of skin soft and slippery,   With the hint of hint of sweat.   We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets,   As the wind flowed from the window above us.   Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance,   To abandon all of our uncertainties.   You began your work on my lips,   Probing gently as if drawing sex,   From a deep well of longing and need.   Then heated tongues met in the midst,   Of hot and quickening breath.   And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts.   Then intoxicated with those spirits,   Our clothes found resting place on the floor.   Piece by piece,   Until there were no hiding places,   For the two glistening and wanting bodies.   Hunger revealed in this hot moment.   Then skin meshed with skin,   As the floor became the stage.   You moved atop of me easily,   And lowered yourself gently.   Kissing me as I was filled with you.   As a gasp broke the kiss,   Your hands stroked the stray strands,   Away from
Senate Leaders Agree On 2-month Extension Of Payroll Tax Cut
Senate leaders said on Friday night that they had reached a deal that would extend a payroll tax cut for two months — falling far short of the year-long extension they had been seeking. The agreement would also speed the decision process for the construction of an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast — a provision necessary to win over Republicans who opposed the tax break. mulberry bagsA senior administration officials said that the deal announced Friday night meets the test that President Obama had set out: that Congress would not go home without preventing a tax increase on 160 million Americans. However, rank and file members of the House said on Friday that they were opposed to a short-term extension. Approval in that chamber, even with the provision on the Keystone XL pipeline, is no sure thing. The Senate agreement would also allow jobless workers to continue receiving unemployment insurance benefits as permitted by current law for two months. For the same peri
Penn State Officials To Stand Trial In Abuse Case
District Judge William Wenner decided there was enough evidence against former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and finance official Gary Schultz that they should be brought to trial. The ruling capped a court hearing where a key witness, Mike McQueary, testified in public for the first time that he saw Sandusky in a sex act with a 10-year-old boy in 2002.The explosive allegations against Sandusky have shocked the university and the college-sports world,canada goose outlet and focused national attention on the serious problem of child sex abuse. The story told by McQueary, a graduate assistant in the university's football program at the time, is key to the case against the two Penn State officials and Sandusky.This is because McQueary testified that he personally witnessed the abuse and then told his boss, former head coach Joe Paterno, who in turn told Curley. Even though McQueary's account was passed up the line of authority at Penn State, no one told police and Sandusky's all
Things Are Getting Complicated Again
Just letting everyone know what's going on. I got a new stint installed in my heart on wednesday. Thanks to my body being a total douchebag it rejected it again. They put a medicaided stint in thursday morning and removed the other, so far so good. I got a few more appointments until I see if I qualify for a transplant. If things go well with this new stint hopefully the surgeries will be over and no transplant will be needed. I'm sorry I won't be able to be around as much as I have been but things are getting complicated again with this damn heart of mine. Just wanted to let you know if I don't respond to your messages and stuff, it's not that I'm be rude or anything but that I may not be here. Thanks
Bah Humbug
Ok, at the risk of sounding rude, I absolutely hate Christmas because I hate most of my family, their loud, rude, ungrateful, fat, undisciplined, loudmouth, opinionated, under-educated, group of surrealistic asshole I have ever met. I get sick of year after year, being bugged about what I want and then telling someone what I want but not getting it, You know what I want, I want to sleep all day, I want a carton of my brand of cigarettes, a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, and a blowjob. after that leave me alone. until t's time to eat.
Jealousy is a negative feeling which is similar to envy. You feel jealous of someone when he or she possesses something that you don’t have. It might be money, some unique personality trait or any kind of achievement made by a person because of which he or she is envied by his or her contemporaries. In Christian Mythology, jealousy has been regarded as the green-eyed monster which mocks the meat that it feeds on. Jealousy is not considered a positive feeling in any way. Jealousy has been considered to be the love bed of the burning snarl. In the words of Aristotle, “Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy.”  
Rok - The Scandal Behind The Woman
I am 'posed to be in my kitchen doing Christmassy stuff but fuggit, roK said I had to write a blog about her scandalous self, mainly because, she assures me, nobody would read it.   So I guess the first point is, roK never makes much sense.   Now obviously, I am a man-hating prudish lesbian, so I don't know much in the way of 'scandal', except to say that this is the woman that sent me a jumping plastic penis AND a pubic hair comb for Christmas...and was disappointed because her local hookers weren't giving away their kamasutra help signs.   She has better hair than I do...which admittedly isn't a huge benchmark, or scandalous...but it's only cuz she goes to a transvestite hairdresser who has the upper body strength sufficient to hold her down while the blowtorch does its magic.   You can rarely find her in the MuMMs anymore...which is a right royal pain in the arse AND a scandal of GOP proportions, in my humble opinion, cuz she happens to be both funny and wise, which is not
This Wasn't Even What I Wanted To Blog About
I was in the process of starting a blog post of some creative writing, when this occurred...   The AntiChristYou were Pimp Handed: Photo Comments!You were just Pimp Handed upside 'yo head by: The AntiChristBlocked from posting photo comments for the next 3......    talk about harboring a grudge, lol   This guy had pimphanded someone I love, so I went and started rating all of his pics a "1"... in SEPTEMBER!!!
Something To Ponder.....
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” — W.E.B. DuBois
Chapter 29
three strikes
Chapter 28
three strikes
Lost In You
From where you areYou have the power to touch my heartYou’ve reached a place deep insideNo one else could ever find You’ve turned my world aroundAnd I’m so lost in you nowThat even if I wanted toI can’t be found From where you areYou move me in so many waysLift my spirits, take my breath awayAnd I can feel the loveWithout the simplicity of one touch From where I standI can see all that I amWhere you are
A Joke A Heard A Long Time Ago That Is Well Sort Of Funny
Three Guys died and went to heaven. St Peter stopped them at the gate and said tell me how you died and the innocent one gets to enter...   the first guy said   I came home early from work one day to catch my wife cause i just knew she was cheating... i came into the apartment and found her in the kitchen. she was alone so i searched the apartment and found no one... i came back to the kitchen to find hands gripped onto the window seal so i stomped on them... the guy fell 20 feet and bounced off the canapy and lived... the looked up at me and waved,,, so i picked up the small fridge and threw it down upon him.. In the middle of all this i died from a heartattack...   the second guy said... I was washing windows one day when the rope broke, i grabbed onto a window seal to keep from falling and some guy stompted on my hands i fell 20 feet praying to live... i bounced off the canapy and lived and raised my hands in praise... I was alive... but the same crazy guy threw down a fridge an
Eye Surgery
Hello to all of you reading this!      I am now 10 weeks past having surgery for a detached retina in my right eye.  It has been, to say the least, something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  I won't get into all the not so nice details, but suffice it to say, it has been quite a hellish ordeal.  The ophthalmologist did what is called a "buckle" procedure.  I haven't been able to spend too much time on the computer, or anything for that matter, because fatigue sets into that eye relatively quickly.  My vision is blurry, to say the least, and I have been told it will probably stay that way.  But, the alternative would be to TOTAL blindness in the eye.  So, I thank all of you who have left me comments, sent drinks, bling and well wishes.  I hope to get back to the Fu as soon as I can.  I wish ALL of you the most joyous and wonderful holiday season possible and hope to see you all VERY soon.  Thank you again!
Today Is The Day!
Well after 2 very long years I am ready to see my daughter. I leave out here in minutes driving to MO to get her.
Join my TURF!!
Verbal Sedatives
A jungle of concrete grows throughout the thickest parts of the city, where tenants of hip hop find eviction notices attached to their pumas. The rent money is due and we only have drumbeats to sell. The record stops, screeching against the blacktop where a dancer drops to the floor. His black band is strapped around his forearm, cutting the circulation to his wax arteries, as spray paint drips from his wrists, coating the concrete surface. The verbal sedatives spill out the sides of his mouth and fall face-first onto a canvas of ink. Beside him, a poetic flow of footsteps crackle like a strand of hair caught in the wax's needle. Track marks of track shoes swipe across the floor as ciphers echo revolutionary chants of supply and demand, "And Yes Yes Y'all, And Ya Don't Stop!" This heroin of culture is too good to resist. But its scars surface as it seems the beat box martyrs are losing their faith. We found kamikaze pilots bombing windmills on the ground and wrapped their bodi
The Sting Of Miasma
Antiquated by the cultural time lapse that plagues its own history; beneath the musk of ravished liberty that has been raped behind closed doors, a panopticon society rests in the lens of its overseers.  Books once trapped, backtracked and washed clean of impurities (denoting isolated instances of a culture incinerating knowledge four hundred fifty-one degrees above ground zero while peacemakers with pacemaker scars scar the impotence of a porn star mentality) now procreate terrorist threats through weapons of phallic nature, nurtured in the stranglehold of a neutered neo-degeneration.  Culture is myth.  Deep within the sleeping iris, beneath the abyss, a relapse in the fabrication of space-time ventures into the alterations of communities scratched by heretics and treason; by the lectured politics of ever so truthful falsehoods.  Erasing all, if any, fine fond memories of a life that couldn't be taken now, the grass of confusion grows. Fortunes needles and debauchery's op
To The Speaker Behind The Puppet
Dear Ventriloquist, We have uncovered your secret. Your tricks are no longer spectacles, wrecked and sectored off. We have spotted your hand and thwarted your attempts to mime falsehoods into our thoughts. But your mime fails to mine my mind's mind, try to mind your own time. Land mines and mind mines, mine's miming minds while my mind's eye finds Mayan ruins within my mind's mines. Miles beneath the Mind's beliefs, grows mind files to find in piles to reach. Styles to teach while Miles plays free jazz through open eyes and speech. Cries relief. Captivate the thoughts, then die in peace. Minds released. Create a forest from a garden and add vines to reach. Divine deceased. Divinity is a trick on the mind's eye, designed to cease. Lines to crease. Lions of zion line the spines of feet. Crime and peace. Kind and beast. Rhyme and reason during times of treason blind the season, where winter wars melt and find peace in freezing. Increased relief.
Hip Hop
A slave to the beat- play me like cards and trade me to the street. For I am like the superhero on the cardboard sleeve, doing acrobatic tactics that you could never achieve. Believe me, my energy (E) spans like spray cans splattered paint tans the matter (M) in light years to see (C). Squared, mixed and brought up spun up to the Nth degree times matter to bring back my energy. (E=EmCee^2) I am energy equaled rooted squares and thoughts blared caught glares and split hairs I am the bboy. I am the EmCee- who DJ's the art with the music inside me.
Poet Tree
Within the veins of capillaries coalesce, a surge of inferences stuns my central operating system, systematically stemming my siege, in vain overthrow, under through, and thrown out the facade of those who sought before me out of sight, out of mind, scent of theology; Themes tame the very hollow shackle the grapple and tackle the shame, the sane create the maze sink what may follow. Into your fantasies and fashion my fence with disdained dissonance, obtain the outliers, desire is the fire to our destructive sense. With out defense, we retreat. T-Minus ten seconds and counting, shouting as the trip wires kiss our feet. Crack the bell curve for what data was not served. And find it is I who stood in fractions observed. The factor is, me; you remember me. I fractured the tick that time can't mend between the tocks of clocks, rocks slung in its very mechanism Clogged the cogs of history, churning the turns of mystery hug the rungs of a tipping ladder; I've flattened a world with branc
Ring around Rose pedals On a closed casket Warm rain Running streaks On a mother’s face Displaced and lowered A nation’s heads In memory. Pockets full Of posed questions Pose thought Thoughts pose words Prose and verse Posed thoughts Prose rehearsed Posed the first Shots. Ashy legs Ashy knees As she lays As she bleeds As she’s lifted To a stretcher from the ground Ashes to ashes We all fall.
What To Worry About!
Long Ambience To Medi(t/c)ate On...
"fire Flies & Cupped Palms"
The act of prayer is a digression from our lives. We cup the wind with hopes To catch the eye of deity. At ease as streets clear of life- Darkness plays the best role of night. And much like when I was a child, I cupped the wind many times Hoping to catch a glimpse of fireflies, And I would reach my hands out for better intentions that when they opened together, I would see the light. But much like my childhood days, I would find my open hands empty.
Friday Night Of All Night
Late Friday night and the weekend is about to begin. I had meet James a few months ago and he had warned me that he has been working on a project that was really bazaar and had asked if I would consider helping him if he needed any help. James is a very handsome men. Somewhat into the western style.. jeans, boots, etc.. He is also a well built man.. 6‘2" around 190 pounds..  Brown hair and hazel eyes tattoos on both arms ….oh yes and his age is around 30, When I arrived he had nothing but a pair of shorts on laying on the bed looking at me like I was something to eat getting off the bed walking over to me. He grabbed me by the hips and kissed me with all the feeling of lust passion and confusion say mmmmmmmmmmm you taste so good…….. Kissing me more feeling up my side over my breast and ripping my shirt off to get to my nipples brushing his hand over my nipple to get them hard then placing his mouth on my neck kissing down my shoulder to my breast taking my ni
Right Approach To Clean Lower Coat
Right Approach To Clean Lower Coat In the event the frosty winter arrives, a piece of down coat can prevent you the actual worst weather and stay a person high temperature and comfortable. It's well-known that it may insulate as well as carry stable temperature. Numerous the actual outdoor jackets are generally scored according to their own results of staying heat at the distinct heat degree. Take a -40 ranking for instance, you will not be cool actually in a minus 40-degree temp. Even so, the bigger exceptional your down hat is, the excess it will take any time laundering. There is no doubt that leather One particular can be a great instance with no different involving made of woll as well as artificial mixes which will likely be damaged simply with out careful laundering. canada goose france So far as the structure for harsh weather conditions are anxious, waterproof addressing are usually inside the will need, which defies cleaning typically. You'll have troubles through
Mom's Illness
It breaks my heart to have to leave all my friends here...I've come back several times for a reason...and that was just to stay in touch with all of the very dear, true friends I've met here. I lost my dad last March and my mom has gone downhill very rapidly since then due to Alzheimers. I've been going back and forth between Seattle and Vancouver lately..Monday thru Friday to take care of her but she is not doing very well at all. This may very well be me and my son's last Christmas with her and I wish to make it the VERY best for her!! SOOOO.....I will not be here much at all. That being said...I know the nature of this game...this isn't my first If you need to take me out of your family, believe me...I COMPLETELY understand! All my finances are wrapped up in making sure she gets the absolute BEST care possible so I just simply cannot spend any more money here. To be honest Fubar is SOO NOT my priority right now but I do understand how the game is played. If you remove
My Baby
So im dating the most wonderful woman in the world. I cant wait till we finally get married. She makes life worth livin. With out her god knows where id be right now or even what id be doing, Rachel I LOVE YOU BABY.       She says"Look baby I'm a rock star"Grabs my old guitarPlayin' it upside downDancin' aroundIn front of our tvI can't see the ballgameSo I just wave my lighter and sayYeah, rock on babyI'd rather watch you anywayBut when you're doneCan I come backstageAnd get you to sign your nameOn that zeppelin shirt of mine you're wearin'I'll never wash that thing againYeah and she's my kinda crazyThe little games she playsLord they'll never get oldShe's too cute to get on my last nerveThe way she throws her little fitsPokin' out her lip and bitin' mine when we kissThere ain't a fight that she can't winThat's my babyAnd she's my kinda crazyYou ought to see her in my pickupShe's gotta have that radio upBless her heart, she can't sit stillHead in my lap, bare feet on the windshieldSa
Sometimes when you give importance to people they think that you are always frEE...But they never understand that you make urself  available for them..Everytime.......
Indycar Cites Wide Racing Surface As Factor In Deadly Wheldon Wreck
Dan Wheldon was killed when his head hit a post in the fencing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway -- contact that created a "non-survivable injury" to the two-time Indianapolis 500 winner.The cause of death was revealed Thursday when IndyCar presented its findings of the Oct. 16 accident in the season finale. The crash collected 15 cars, including Wheldon,marc jacobs who came from behind the initial contact, launched over spinning cars and sailed about 325 feet into the catchfence.Although the contact with the post killed Wheldon, the investigation determined several factors contributed to what became a "perfect storm." "The accident was significant due to the number of race cars damaged, but more importantly due to the non-survivable injuries to Dan Wheldon," the report said. "While several factors coincided to produce a "perfect storm," none of them can be singled out as the sole cause of the accident."For this reason, it is impossible to determine with certainty that the result would have
Led Car Lighting Will Be Used Widely In Many Lighting Areas
As we all know that led lights for cars have been used widely nowadays.Of course,the most common application area is still in the automotive lighting area.  During them,led strip light and daytime running light can be used as decoration lights.The led lights really have many advantages.They have a long life span,respond quickly,energy-saving and environment friendly. As the LEDs are solid,they are much more durable and use longer,these led lights can be used as long as 50,000 hours, so usually you do not have need to change new car lights.Most led lights can be powered by batteries. We can choose a suitable light replacement available. Usually these led lights have two kinds:standard dual-contact bayonet bases and signal-contact sockets. If you do not replace your led turn signals or led tail lights and use car decorate light to dress up your car. The most popular led bars and led strip light,colorful dash lights, led reading light, door handle lights and so on.Generally speakly,exc
High-tech 2011 Audi A8
Auto lovers got a sneak peek at the high-tech 2011 Audi A8 at Miami design week, and now the release of the sedan seems to be more anticipated than ever. The car, fully loaded with LED lights for cars, was unveiled to an awed crowd, with one fan commenting at the Daily Tech, "I guess Bond would be proud." The Audi A8's innovative technology is supposed to make driving easier and greener. Features include a new V8 engine that boasts fuel efficiency 15 percent higher than the previous V8 engines and CO2 emission rates lower than any previously attained by a luxury car. Additionally, the A8 uses led car lights for all light functions. The Daily Tech reports that car's LED lights consume only 40 watts each when in use. In addition to making the car more energy-efficient, the LED lights also add to the A8's unique aesthetic. Fans believe the bright bulbs lend the car a high-end look. One Audi enthusiast says the led tail lights put this car on his "list of luxury do-wants."Audi executives
Godrej Glides Your Kitchen Into Delicacy
The mouth watering and great smelling delicious dishes, sometimes shadows the effort. While enjoying the food, you shouldn’t be ruling out, rather forget, the necessity of having the perfect and proper kind kitchen gadget to result that. You already know that kitchen appliances may not be operated through out the day, but once they are in operation, you can’t take slightest of chances. Safety is first and last for this appliance segment, and when you have Godrej stuffs to accompany you, you are relieved that at least this safety measure is well taken care of. believes in similar manner, and the Godrej specific link at that this online gadget shopping major maintains just brings you the gadget from Godrej that turns your kitchen operation a smooth and safe one. In the age of LPG crisis, people are opting for microwave operated gadget stuffs. And brings on the stuffs fo
Day 52
Day 52 nuts... why do i bother? i can't keep up with this thing. facedeskIt's funny that all my life, I've wanted to be a celebrity, wanted to be famous for something, when i see all these celebrities like the Kardashians doing the dumbest fucking shit. So apparently Kris Humpries, the dude that Kim Kardashian hooked up with for life and dumped after 72 days, is gay.YOUSTUPIDFUCKSthey have more money than brain cells. IT'S CALLED DATING DUMBASS. try it sometime.these fuckers do all this crazy dieting shit and whatnot for headlines. what the fuck...i swear to god, if i ever become famous, and get that bad, someone PLEASE shoot me in the fuckin foot. god damn it.I have an idea. I'm getting a car tomorrow, and when i finally get my fucking license, I'm gonna see if i can take the girl from Janesville out on a no-strings-attached date, just so we can get the feel of each other, you know, hear each other's voices and talk about the stuff we've been talking about for months, and anyon
Meditive Writing For Those Down With Winter Blues!
If you only there that day, We stood on the shores ,  a gentle breezea seashell in the hand placed gently to your ear hear the distant echo the turtles , whales & dolphins sing such a beautiful tune let it slowly resonatethrough your soul until you can feel sea spray  taste it  feel it wash over you warm cooling vibes take away your blues closing your eyes  the sunshine above your head bringing ethereal warmth
*** I Need To Get This Off My Chest Before I Have A Heart Attack :o
*** Dear Mcdonalds fries, yes, I know you miss me..I miss you too!! I miss you somethin fierce, but please understand, your jus TOO easy t'get... I need to respect myself, and right now, it just isnt safe for us to be together....sincerely yours. [send]   .......Dear Papa Johns, you KNOW you have my heart, right? I'm sayin, it gets wild every time you come through the door cause you always look so hot. And thats why I hafta back off for a while. Your jus too yummy for me to resist. Seriously, I'll eat you all night. But trust me, its for the best so we dont ruin a good thing. "mwuah." [send]   ......Dear Whopper, You love it when I call you juicy, and I love the fact you let me have it my way....EVERY time!!...Thats some serious dedication right there. And I cant ignore the goodness....SPECIALLY when the beef gets up between those big beautiful buns. But Imma leave you alone for a while, cause your a whole LOT to handle, and its gettin harder for me to breathe around here. ....Its
Ok If You Are Going To Have Sex In Public Please Note People Have Camera's
so in my town this girl i saw her around town a couple of times . i have not seen her around but one time when i did see her she would wear a hat over her eyes and i wondered why so someone tells  there is a video of her on this internet website where is is with two guys lets just say there not talking and i guess she manage to get the video taken off the website but its too late everyone have seen it i wish i could feel sorry for her but damn she is stupid she should know that now people are takeing videos or pictures of everything so fuck if you are in the heat of the moment go to a motel hahaha or if  you are slick enough then maybe you won't get flim with your pants down and ass in the air haha sorry i had to say that .   sex is fun only if you play your cards right   xoxo remember no matter what sex you have, please be safe and as maury says PUT A CAP ON IT lol nicole
Music Station /microsoft/96_5_fm_caribbean_fyah_connect
Japan Set To Declare Stricken Nuclear Plant In Cold Shutdown
Japan is set to declare on Friday that its tsunami-stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant has reached cold shutdown, passing a key milestone in efforts to bring under control the world's worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl 25 years ago.The Fukushima Daiichi plant, 240 km (150 miles) northeast of Tokyo, mulberry bagswas wrecked on March 11 by a huge earthquake and a 10-metre-high (33-ft-high) tsunami, which knocked out its cooling systems, triggering meltdowns and radiation leaks. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is expected to announce the accomplishment of one of the government's top goals at a news conference at 0900 GMT, though he may also warn that it will take decades to fully dismantle Fukushima's six reactors.A cold shutdown is when water used to cool nuclear fuel rods remains below its boiling point, preventing the fuel from reheating. mulberry saleOne of the chief aims of the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), had been to bring the reactors to cold shutdown by the
France Hands Carlos The Jackal Another Life Prison Term
The Venezuelan defendant, 62, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, has been locked up in France for almost 20 years serving a life sentence in a separate case for killing two police officers and an informant in Paris in 1975.canada goose outletSentencing Ramirez to an additional life term, the special terrorism court in Paris made up of seven magistrates said he should serve a minimum of 18 years in jail.The verdict could push back the date on which he can apply for conditional release, currently set for 2012. Ramirez was accused of masterminding four separate attacks in France on two trains, a train station and a Paris street that killed 11 people and wounded nearly 200.Prosecutors said the bombings were his answer to the police seizure of two of his gang, including his lover, and had argued that he remained a danger to the public. Earlier on Thursday, Ramirez -- once one of the most wanted international criminals -- addressed the court in a five-hour monologue, alternately rambl
Hahahahaha Fukn Hahahahaha
Skinny little Irishman goes into an elevator, looks up andsees this HUGE black guy standing next to him. The big guy sees thelittle Irishman staring at him, he looks down and says: '7 feet tall, 350pounds, 20 inch penis, 3 pounds of testicles, Turner Brown.'The little Irishman faints and falls to the floor.The big guy kneels down and brings him to, shaking him.. The bigguy says, 'What's wrong with you?'In a weak voice the little guy says, 'What EXACTLY did you sayto me?'The big dude says, 'I saw your curious look and figured I'd justgive you the answers to the questions everyone always asks me...... I'm 7feet tall, I weigh 350 pounds, I have a 20 inch penis, my testiclesweigh 3 pounds each and my name is Turner Brown.'The little white Irishman says: 'Turner Brown?!....Sweet Jesus, I thought you said, 'Turn around!
The Hell With Ex-tremehosting
Black Cat Child...
The End Of 2011
Wow, alot has changed since I last husband came up to Indiana (been sober almost 7 months) It was a difficult decision to let him come back and when I did decide to let him stay, i found out he had lied to me about having a round trip bus ticket back to TN, I asked him what would he had done had I said no he couldnt stay? I told him he would have been hitchhiking down 465 back to TN. Not a very auspicious beginning to him making big changes in our lives. So he has been up here with me now for almost 4 and a half months, I am no longer in the box (motel room) lol and have a really cute apartment. I am getting to spend more time with my daughter who is turning 16 next week and I have a nice little job making some money. Now it would be great if he got a job as well! I had some very bad news recently...My Best Guy Friend (and childhood friend) was doing drugs with his 17 yr old firstborn son, The son accidentally od'ed so now my bgf is being accused of murder and I in turn am
Is Bad To Wish The That The One Who You Loved Refused To Keep You
is that bad to wish that person felt regret after deciding not to keep you .. if so then i'm guilty of this a few times in my life .. Guilty of giving way to much.. for so little in return ... . I am someone else as a result i stand stronger , more proud , willing to take control of my own destiny .. so for that i thankyou all of you in my life that have my heart .. and made it because ive grown each time .. strong enough to stand on my own .. and know that i dont have to have man to be happy .. but its nice to have them and friends around for company , good conversation dancing .. im not the broken women i once was .. i love me .. and i beleive in my dreams and goals .. and i bleive i deserve the best that life has to offer . and some will judge me for this but its is of consquence i dont not answer to them .. i only answer to myself and my own conscience and to my standards of living ...   for a man i desire is a man who is willing to be a man , a manly who is my partner in all thi
Rules And Schedule
 If you are going to be a DJ in our lounge you need to commit to at least 2 sets per week ,  unless you are a guest djay.   Every Effort should be made to play all requests whenever possible . If you cannot do your set please make every effort to have it covered and you must yim DJ MIGAMORSE OR TELL A MEMBER OF UPPER STAFF and let them know you can't make your set at least 3 hours in advance.  All DJ`s should be in the lounge 15 mins before their set begins . Stop taking request 15 mins before your set is due to end .  All new djays will have a one week probationary period.
On My Own!
On my ownI don't need your kiss to make me feel bliss.I don't need your tongue to make me feel young.I don't need your hands to make me feel glad.I don't need you bone to make me moan.So I guess what I'm saying is...I don't need your body to make me feel like a hottie,I'm doing perfectly well on my own.Your kiss is not needed along with the tongue.Your hands are not needed I can do it on my own, because I can make myself moan all alone.
First: Dates Kiss, Sex
Another lunchroom discussion at work awhile ago. A few co-workers and I were talking about first. First dates, first kisses and first time sex with people we've dated. Me I havn't been on too many dates recently, jus nites out with friends and co-workers having drinks playing pool, bowling or whatever. 1) FIRST DATES Who asks first? Usually its the man right, but sometimes it may be the woman who ask the men out nowadays. U kno lets get together n do somethinking, like have drinks, go to a movie, Whats a good place to go on a first date? Drinks, dinner, a movie out to play something like pool, bowling or over a friends house to play cards or dominos. Is that good or not for a first date? Maybe someplace for jus the two of you to talk and get to know eachother better. 2. Or) OK FIRST KISS Who goes for it first, The Female or the Male? Should they try at the start or the date, so U aren't thinking about it all through the date.Or should U wailt till the end when U are dropping her
Early Christmas Present
Last night I received an early Christmas present, a 1 year old German Rottweiler who weighs 120 lbs. He is HUGE!!!!   I've wanted one forever and came across this one and the lady gave him to me.   I am sooooooo happy with Achillies (that's what I named him...after Brad Pitt in Troy)   I will post pictures later tonight :)   P.S. I love some of you, lust more of you and tolerate the rest of you (h)
Still Can!
 you all can't see what the blind still can... Hearts of fire lie to me. My love got lost in the black hole inside me. Why can't they hear what the deaf still can... Tell them. "bite me" like the mute still can!
Scars Tears And Lies!
Scars tears and lies!Some scars stay some fade away some people stay and like scars they fade away some eyes lie and some eyes cry some scars die some people lie some eyes cry but in the end they all ask why? Why do bad scars stay why do good people die why do some eyes cry why does everything lie why do bad things stay and the good fade away why do eyes die why do hearts lie?I wish the bad would fade away I wish the good would stat I wish human eyes wouldn't cry but could still see the lies I wish people wouldn't die hearts wouldn't lie I wish people couldn't scar, lie or cry and I wish the human heart and eyes would never die I wish cries couldn't lie I wish scars would die! I wish your hearts weren't filled with one thousand cries!
Do You Know
Do you know?Do you know what it's like to....laugh when you feel like screaming... Walk when you feel like running or to cry when you feel like dying... How about to live, when you don't want to...or to sleep when you feel like moving.... How about winning when you feel like your losing... Do you know what it feels like to lose a friend right when you need them.... How about feeling pushed away sitting next to someone... Do you know what a hug feels like when they don't mean it... Or to have someone walk away from a hug when you need it... I Bet You Don't 
Srew You!
Screw you!You say you know what I'm going through but you have no clue... No clue what it's like to stand in a crowded room screaming " help me" and people act like you aren't there! They say it's a faze but you know it ain't fair! You don't know what it's like to know they don't care, to feel so alone out there! Don't say you used to be just like me! Trust me honey you ain't s crazy!!
In Her Own Words
Before you sir; there was an emptiness, a lack of something that I felt, vaguely recognized yet could not accurately define or name. With you in my life; I find myself happier, eagerly awaiting what the day will bring; the most important being talking with you. I feel safe in a way that is difficult to describe in words; yet I know you are looking out for me across the miles that separate us. The only way I can even come close to giving back what you have given me is to be yours in the fullest way I can. To respond as quickly and honestly as possible to any communication from you and to joyfully complete any assignment you give me. I know that I may not always like the assignment; but I must also realize there is a reason you gave it to me; a lesson for me to learn or to push my limits. For me not to devote my time and energy (that is not required by my other responsibilities) to you makes me not worthy of being yours or of the definition of submissive. 
Just A Reflexion, Cause I Want To Do It!!lol(yes, Even In Hedonistic Places Like This..)
I have been a little sick these past couple of know the drill: emotional, achy, feeling like crap, and the whole "why me" feeling-sorry-for-yourself kind of thing...BUT..(yes, that should last about 10 minutes, not ONE second longer!! in MY book..) minute 11, I thought..(yes, sometimes, in rare occasions, "ideas" come flashing by..and being, well, ME, I HAVE to share them: Really?!?! "why me?" there are a LOT of others, unfortunately, that have it even WORSE than us, some of them, unfair as it sounds, children...and in these times of the "memememe", "what are we going to eat?" "what are we going to drink?" "how many presents will I get?" there are people like us, who don't even have a roof on their heads,much less food to eat, or presents for their kids.....and isn't it better SHARING than HAVING? we are all looking (yes, VERY guilty: ME... ) to be "understood" and "loved"...but I want to turn it around, if only for the holidays..(hey, who knows, it might stick with me...w
How The Angel Came To Be On Top Of The Christmas Tree
True Story on how the Angel came to be on top of the Christmas Tree. Santa was having a very bad day. He had already stubbed his toe on the way to the kitchen for him morning breakfast. Mrs Claus accidentally spilled milk in his lap and he dropped his cookie on the floor. As he went to sit in his easy chair to get his mind straight before work, the head elf showed up at the door saying there was a factory wide strike by the elves. He was pissed. About that time, an angel shows up at his door with his annual Christmas tree. "Well Merry Christmas Mr Claus...where would you like for me to put your tree?" And that's the true story of how the angel came to be on top of the Christmas Tree.
 The fear of being hurt in a relationship usually causes you to stay single or fear getting attached to a
No One Cried, No One Mourned
Monday a family friend passed from this world to the next. He was a lonley man, needed a reason to hold on. Just to go on one more day. But his heart was heavy, his life seemed meeninless. And as we went on with our day, He did not. He succombed to depression and lonliness. He asked God for help, He reached out to some of us. But we went on with our day, self absorbed. We did not see his torment, his lonliness.. His pain. I am sorry Carmine, I did not get here a day or two earlier.. I went on with my day self absorbed. He was not here for points or level up. He was here for love, a love he lost. But she went on with her day, self absorbed. All I can put up now are these words, and now words mean nothing. Because now, it can not be undone Sleep well with God. My husband and I will miss you my friend.
What A Fucking Day
Three things that really annoys me. 1- as a father of 4 Girls I hate skinny jeans whoever came up with these should be shot. 2- Old people if you have to drive stay in right lane, the left lane is for going fast not five miles under speed limit. 3- And the worst thing is when parents don't take care of kids. Come on people if you make a baby your going to have to step up for the rest of there lives, not just till you
They Should Make A Barbie With No Hair
They should make a Barbie with no hair so every little girl fighting cancer can feel beautiful. That comes with a head scarf and donates the proceeds to the cancer foundation.
Trust Me...
I was wondering if any of you could give me bling credits.. I only need 4 to get a polisher. I'd really appreciate it.   Thanks!!!!
Zipcode Absence
I'd like to understand why Fu helps members hide their general location.  Naming the country where you live seems so silly, especially when its a large country.  What would be the harm of showing the zip code the member used to sign up?  Why do I want to know the location?  Good question - it would be easy to argue that its none of my business... [yes, I'm opening this blog for achievement points]
My Brother
I'm going through some rough shit right now. My older brother might have lung cancer. He is going to get a biopsy tomorrow. He already had a biopsy, the one that goes through the nose to the lung to take pictures and perform a biopsy. The Doctor said he wants to be 100% before he rules it out. Say a prayer for him for please. His name is Michael.
Scalloped Corn
Here's an old recipe... It's old to the point I had to change some terms to include the use of modern appliances that don't rely on burning wood to operate... Try it!! It goes very well with slow-roasted beef, ham or as a wonderful side dish with just about anything. Hope you like it!! Butter your favorite oven-safe 1-1/2 or 2qt baking dish. Pour into this dish, a can of creamed corn. (Save the can!!) Stir two Tablespoons of flour into the dish with the corn. Next, crack two eggs into the empty corn can. Beat the eggs nicely. Blend a cup of cream or milk and a half teaspoon of salt, with the eggs, in the can. Stir the egg mixture into the creamed corn. Crack several soda crackers (saltines) over the corn to cover lightly and evenly. Dot the top with butter. Bake at 325 degrees for about 1hr and 15min Feel free to adjust the basic recipe as you like.. Less milk will make the scalloped corn set more firmly. Some people like pepper or other seasonings.. Add a pinch to the milk
End Of War In Iraq
The White House declares war in Iraq over today.. So this is Christmas and what have you done,Another year over, a new one just begun.And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun,The near and the dear ones, the old and the young.A very merry Christmas and a happy New YearLet's hope it's a good one without any fears.And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong,The rich and the poor ones, the road is so long.And so happy Christmas for black and for whiteFor the yellow and red ones let's stop all the fights.A very merry Christmas and a happy New YearLet's hope it's a good one without any fear.And so this is Christmas and what have we doneAnother year over, a new one just begun.And so happy Christmas we hope you have funThe near and the dear ones, the old and the young.A very merry Christmas and a happy New YearLet's hope it's a good one without any fear.War is over if you want it, war is over now
Its very easy to say BUSY when someone needs you!! But Its very painful to hear BUSY when you need someone....!
They Say Writing About It Helps
as a tear rolls down my cheek,i wonder if an angle falls when your out of hopeas a tear rolls down my cheek,i wonder if an angel falls when your out of dreamsas a tear rolls down my cheek,i wonder if an angel falls when your out of faithas a tear rolls down my cheek,i wonder how many angels have fallin because of meas a tear rolls down my cheek,i wonder if their are angles...
Patch Of Green
I saw her sitting aloneAt a corner table Of a poorly lit innHer blouse pinkThe color of Sweet smelling rosesShe had no clueWho else was in the Tavern and did not careShe was reading From what looked like a diaryOccasionally taking notesInfrequently sippingFrom a half empty glassOf sallow wineHer hair was colored Gold as shiny as King Tut’s venerated chairShe looked like a modelUnsuspectingly posing For a photo shootWith her cheek bonesPlaced high in her face Her eyes made of jadeWhen I looked at her From the far side of the room A butterfly entered the localeAnd softly settled On the rim of my wineglass Levitating my heartOn occasion she would Posture a smile more Captivating than a Mona LisaI stood up slowly My feet growing colder As I approached her Hello, I said To myself as IHaughtily fought My chi and feigned Indifference as I soberly Lost course and Spun toward the exitLeaving my rose behind And keeping it my secret Nobody noticed As I solemnly walked past T
Right Solution To Wash Lower Jacket
Right Solution to Wash Lower Jacket If the frosty wintertime will come, some lower hat could prevent you from the particular worst local weather and remain an individual warmth and comfortable. It is well-known that it can protect and also hold steady temperature. Numerous the overcoats are usually graded in accordance with their particular results of remaining heat at a specific temperature stage. Take a -40 score for instance, you will not be cold perhaps at the less 40-degree temperatures. On the other hand, the greater excellent the lower hat is, the actual additional it will take when washing. There is no doubt that leather 1 is often a outstanding occasion with no exemption regarding made of wool and also man made combines which will oftimes be harmed swiftly with no cautious cleaning. canada goose france As far as the look for severe climate is worried, water-resistant masking are usually inside will be needing, which defies cleansing typically. You will have difficu
What is your full name?  Natassia Larisa Westbrooks What is your birthday? December 31st 1991 What is your favorite color? Teal Are you spoken for? Yes What is your biggest fear? Loosing My Daughter  What is your most embarrassing moment?  Sneezing Snot Onto My Hand Durning Class Do you love someone? Of Course Can you eat cereal without sugar on it?  Depends On The Cereal Do you like coffee? If so how do you take it?  I Love Coffee.  I Like A Caramel White Chocolate Triple Shot Mocha Hot Extra Whip LOL I'm From Seattle We Love Our Coffee. Are you interested in the opposite sex or same sex? Both  If you were to win the lottery what would you spend the money on? A New Car And Place To Live Then The Rest On My Babies.  How old do you think a child should be before they are left home alone?
Bootleg Liquor Kills 102 People In Eastern India
A tainted batch of bootleg liquor killed 102 people and sent dozens more to the hospital in villages outside the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, officials said. Day laborers and other poor workers began falling ill late Tuesday after drinking the brew that was laced with the toxic methanol around the village of Sangrampur, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of Kolkata, according to district magistrate Narayan Swarup Nigam."It's a very sad thing that this has happened.marc jacobs Why don't the police stop this? I cannot understand? What connection do they have?" said Anwar Hassan Mullah, who brought six people from his village to the hospital. All of them died, Mullah told NDTV news channel. Police arrested four people in connection with making and distributing the methanol-spiked booze, said police official Surajit Kar Purkayastha. Highly toxic methanol can be used as a fuel, solvent and anti-freeze.By Thursday morning the death toll had skyrocketed to 102, and dozens more remained h
Dingju Offers Hundreds Of Led Lights
Where to buy led lights?come to Dingju.Here we produce more than five hundred led lights. As many consumers know that the biggest advantage of our company is the high quality and cheap price and offer kinds of led products.The led products include LED turn signal light ,LED license plate light,LED fog light,LED strip lighting,LED turning light, brake light,drl,LED tail light,LED Dashboard light,etcs.If you are interested,please visit our,there you will find all the led lights you are looking for.                                                         This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Dreaming Of You Tonight
Dreaming  of you tonight  Stars falling down from the sky Light my heart of love Dreaming of you tonight Wishing the moon will shine tonight Standing on sweet summer grass holding my love Stars falling down from the sky Light my heart of love  Dreaming of you tonight Wishing the  moon will shine tonight I lay here thinking of you miss you I can't hold my love  inside Dreaming of you tonight my love stars falling down falling down from the sky Light my heart of love Sweet smell of love
These wounds keep on hurting these hearts keep on hurting trying to mend what is broken tearing every mend       time ceases progression further back we go the past just returning     What could of happened? Will we ever know?     So much we have tried  now every chance is fried    
A Woman's Journey Into The Bathroom
When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied. Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't matter, the wait has been so long you are about to wet your pants! The dispenser for the modern "seat covers" (invented by someone's Mom, no doubt) is handy, but empty. You would hang your purse on the door hook, if there was one, but there isn't - so you carefully, but quickly drape it around your neck, (Mom would turn over in her grave if you put it on the FLOOR!), yank down your pants, and assume " The Stance." In this position your aging, toneless (God I should have gone to the gym!!!) thigh muscles begin to shake. You'd love to sit down, but you certainly hadn't taken time to wipe the seat or lay toilet paper on it, so you hold "The Stan
The Spoon
A lesson on how consultants can make a difference in an organization. Last week, we took some friends to a new restaurant, 'Steve's Place,' and noticed that the waiter who took our order carried a spoon in his shirt pocket. It seemed a little strange. When the busboy brought our water and utensils, I observed that he also had a spoon in his shirt pocket. Then I looked around and saw that all the staff had spoons in their pockets. When the waiter came back to serve our soup I inquired, 'Why the spoon?' 'Well, 'he explained, 'the restaurant's owner hired ABC Consulting to revamp all of our processes. After several months of analysis, they concluded that the spoon was the most frequently dropped utensil. It represents a drop frequency of approximately 3 spoons per table per hour. If our personnel are better prepared, we can reduce the number of trips back to the kitchen and save 15 man-hours per shift.' As luck would have it, I dropped my spoon and he replaced it with his spare. 'I'
Why I Am Not Allowed In Walmart Anymore
I was at WalMart buying a bag of Purina dog chow for my dog , in the check-out line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. Why else would I be buying dog chow, RIGHT ??? So on impulse I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again, and that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in intensive care, with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and all you do is load your pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle's butt and a car hit me. I thought the guy
Couple Of Rounds
The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said,'Things are great and I've never felt better.' I now have a 20 year-old bride who is pregnant with my child. "So what do you think about that Doc?" The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell astory. "I have an older friend, much like you, who is an avid hunter and nevermisses a season." One day he was setting off to go hunting. In a bit of a hurry, he accidentally picked up his walking cane insteadof his gun." "As he neared a lake, he came across a very large male beaver sittingat the water's edge. He realized he'd left his gun at home and so he couldn't shoot themagnificent creature. Out of habit he raised his cane, aimed it at the animal as if it were hisfavorite hunting rifle and went 'bang, bang'." "Miraculously, two shots rang out and the beaver fell over dead. Now, what do you think of that?" asked the doctor. The 86-year-old said, "Logic would strongly suggest that somebody elsepumped a
It's Important To Have A Woman
To have a woman who helps at home, cooking from to time, cleaning etc. To have a woman who can make you laugh  To have a woman who you can trust and doesn't lie to you  To have a woman who makes you feel great in bed, and loves being with you  And it is very, very important that these 4 women do not know and never find out about each other!!!!
Nick The Dragon Slayer
Nick the Dragon Slayer was an official in King Arthur's court. He had a long-standing obsession with nuzzling the beautiful Queen's voluptuous breasts, but he knew the penalty for this would be death. One day he revealed his secret desire to his colleague, Horatio the Physician, who was the King's chief doctor. Horatio the Physician exclaimed that he could arrange for Nick the Dragon Slayer to satisfy his desire, but it would cost him 1,000 gold coins to arrange it. Without hesitation, Nick the Dragon Slayer readily agreed to the scheme. The next day, Horatio the Physician made a batch of itching powder and poured a little bit into the Queen's brassiere while she bathed. Soon after she dressed, the itching commenced and grew intense. Upon being summoned to the Royal Chambers to address this incident, Horatio the Physician informed the King and Queen that only a special saliva, if applied for four hours, would cure this type of itch, and that tests had shown that only the saliva of
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The Evil Moriarty Emerges From Sherlock's 'shadows'
He's colder than Darth Vader, more ruthless than the Joker, smarter than James Bond nemesis Ernst Blofeld and capable of out-eviling Lord Voldemort. And, man, can Professor James Moriarty — archenemy of ace detective Sherlock Holmes and one of fiction's first supervillains — play a mean game of chess. The notorious yet mysterious baddie gets his highest-profile treatment yet in director Guy Ritchie's sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which opens Friday. Pitted against Robert Downey Jr.'s manic man of action, Sherlock, Jared Harris stars as Moriarty, mulberry bagsthe genius math professor and global criminal mastermind who plans to start a world war. Although he played an active role in only two of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock stories in the late 19th century, Moriarty has seen his legend grow over the years with people's interest in the ultimate antagonist, achieving an impressive level of pop-culture notoriety. "You have to see Moriarty as the dark side of Ho
Box Of Love
 As I hold you dear to my heart I let you in my box of love I tell you my mind of beauty  of love You have my heart stars fall from the sky in my mind as I think of you as I hold you dear to my heart I let you in my box of love I tell you my  mind of beauty of love lay still don't say a word love is all we need in box of love come to my beauty world with flowers moon stars above walk on stones of love hold you hold you  box of love
I signed the waiver, scanned it, and sent it in.  I should get my money within a week.  I just want to be done with this company and get on with my life. 
Your Arms Feel Like Home
Your Arms Feel Like Home : I think i've walked too close to love And now i'm falling in Theres so many things this weary soul can't take Maybe you just caught me by surprise The first time that i looked into your eyes There's a life inside of me That i can feel again It's the only thing that takes me Where i've never been I don't care if i lost everything that i have known It don't matter where i lay my head tonight Your arms feel like home Feel like home This life aint the fairy tale we both thought it would be But i can see your smiling face as it's staring back at me I know we both see these changes now I know we both understand somehow There's a life inside of me That i can feel again It's the only thing that takes me Where i've never been I don't care if i lost everything that i have known It don't matter where i lay my head tonight Your arms feel like home They feel like home (hold on, you're home to me) There's a life inside of me That i can feel again It's the only thin
Your Arms Feel Like Home
Your Arms Feel Like Home : I think i've walked too close to love And now i'm falling in Theres so many things this weary soul can't take Maybe you just caught me by surprise The first time that i looked into your eyes There's a life inside of me That i can feel again It's the only thing that takes me Where i've never been I don't care if i lost everything that i have known It don't matter where i lay my head tonight Your arms feel like home Feel like home This life aint the fairy tale we both thought it would be But i can see your smiling face as it's staring back at me I know we both see these changes now I know we both understand somehow There's a life inside of me That i can feel again It's the only thing that takes me Where i've never been I don't care if i lost everything that i have known It don't matter where i lay my head tonight Your arms feel like home They feel like home (hold on, you're home to me) There's a life inside of me That i can feel again It's the only thin
When You're Feeling Alone
WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE NO ONE CARES, READ THIS because it's absolutely true: Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep. At least 15 people in this world love you. The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. There are at least 2 people in this world that would die for you. You mean the world to someone. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look. Always remember the compliments you've received. Forget the rude remarks.   (Borrowed this from my sistah Crushed Dreams....SHE's pretty AWESOME! Go love on her and my TOP family. They are all very special and great people.)
Don't Ever Let It End
Don't Ever Let It End Don't let it end. Don't let it end. Don't ever let it end. Well, I got two tickets to the game. It would be great if I could take you to this someday. Well, I'll walk you home when the whole things done. If you're there, I don't even care which team won. We could stop at the . And make fun of the cops in the parking lot. We could laugh as we both pretend that we're not in love and that we're just good friends. Well, I'm tired of pretending, but I'm terrified of it ending. I know if not for you there's nothing I could do to ever let it end. And I know you feel the same way, because you told me drunk on your birthday. And as you pulled me near, whispered in my ear - don't ever let it end. Don't let it end. Don't let it end. Don't ever let it end. Saturday I'm gonna take her out. Because her favorite band is gonna play downtown. Gonna sing the song we've all heard, about those two young friend who should have fell in love. Later on we'll cut through the park. And sh
Holding On To Heaven
Holding On To Heaven And if forever never comes tonight. And if forever never comes tonight. And if forever never comes tonight. I'll hold on, hold on. I keep listening to my chest for a beat, but theres nothing left. It's been a week since I've seen you, and I still can't believe it. Because I'm dying inside alone. And in every dream we gotta be apart. I'm like a baby with a broken heart. But the second that I see you. You will know how much I need you. Because I'll never be letting you go. Now you know why. I'm lost without you. And there's nothing I can do. Your the one that I keep going without. And by holding onto you, then I'll be holding on forever. I've got you now and I'm not letting go of you. Never been together long enough. Because every moment I'm with you, it's like I'm holding onto heaven. And if forever never comes tonight. And if forever never comes tonight. And if forever never comes tonight. I'll hold on, hold on. In a symphony, baby you would be my melody. An
Oh Yeah, Ready For You To To Make Love With Her - You Know You Want To     visit my other website:
Lullaby I know the feeling of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge and there ain’t no healing from cutting yourself with the jagged edge I’m telling you that it’s never that bad take it from someone who’s been where your at laid out on the floor and you’re not sure you can take this anymore So just give it one more try to a lullaby and turn this up on the radio if you can hear me now I’m reaching out to let you know that you’re not alone and you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell ‘cause I can’t get you on the telephone so just close your eyes well honey here comes a lullaby your very own lullaby Please let me take you out of the darkness and into the light ‘cause I have faith in you but you’re gonna make it through another night stop thinking about the easy way out there’s no need to go and blow the candle out because you’re not done, you’re far too young and the best is yet to come
I Wish You Could Know........................
I wish you could know what it is like to search a burning bedroom for trapped children, flames rolling above your head, your palms and knees burning as you crawl, the floor sagging under your weight as the kitchen below you burns. I wish you could comprehend a wife's horror at 3 in the morning as I check her husband of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring him back, knowing intuitively it is too late. But wanting his wife and family to know everything possible was done to try to save his life. I wish you knew the unique smell of burning insulation, the taste of soot-filled mucus, the feeling of intense heat through your turnout gear, the sound of flames crackling, the eeriness of being able to see absolutely nothing in dense smoke-sensations that I've become too familiar with. I wish you could understand how it feels to go to work in the morning after having spent most of the night, hot and soaking wet at a multiple alarm. I wish you could read my mind
Tyring Not To Love You
Tyring Not To Love You You call to me, and I fall at your feet How could anyone ask for more? And our time apart, like knives in my heart How could anyone ask for more? (Chorus) But if there's a pill to help me forget, God knows I haven't found it yet But I'm dying to, God I'm trying to 'Cause trying not to love you, only goes so far Trying not to need you, is tearing me apart Can't see the silver lining, from down here on the floor And I just keep on trying, but I don't know what for 'Cause trying not to love you Only makes me love you more Only makes me love you more And this kind of pain, only time takes away That's why it's harder to let you go And nothing I can do, without thinking of you That's why it's harder to let you go But if there's a pill to help me forget, God knows I haven't found it yet But I'm dying to, God I'm trying to 'Cause trying not to love you, only goes so far Trying not to need you, is tearing me apart Can't see the silver lining, from down here on the fl
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 75
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 75 of Janey Godley’s podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo discuss feminism, Russian boats and Ashley’s penchant for having sex in cars. Janey debates the local news in Scotland about a man who threw another off a train and Ashley talks about her late Uncle from the Isle of Rothesay and his recent death. There are some fun weird facts, podcast questions from Facebook and twitter and Ashley sings her self- penned song ‘My Nips are like bullets’ Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 75 You can check out all our videos on YouTube. Order “Hands
I Know I'm Not The Only One...
from: gentleman Beaverton, OR subject: hello received: 12/6/2011 05:14 am replied: 12/6/2011 05:57 am   block this member how are you doing over there? my name is Richard 47ys single with one lovely daughter....i like your photo and your sweet hey... i am honest caring gentle loving easily pleased generous playful loyal with sense of humor, im here looking for serious relationship but i will like to start as friend and see how its will lead, i want honest caring and trust worthy woman not a lair or cheater because i have been cheated before..for more conversation. if you can chat on yahoo then you can send your yahoo address to me       from: gentleman Beaverton, OR subject: RE: hello received: 12/7/2011 04:24 am replied: no   block this member i can send some of my photo to you if you want it ok...i will like to know a little bout you.     *(after this i got blocked)*   If you got anything
A List Of Things That The Sergeant Is Not Allowed To Do.
So, I was going through some of my papers and found copies of several documents I was sent while I was in the U.S. Army. Looking back, I realize how amusing it is AND how stupid I was! So, of course? I decided to post it.     A list of things that the Sergeant is not allowed to do.1) The SGT is not allowed to end After-Action Reports with lyrics from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".      1.1) ADDENDUM: Or "In accordance with the prophecy".   2) The SGT is NOT: A superhero of any sort, Head of "Public Relations", a doctor of psychology, a member of the Illuminati, made out of "bacon and pure fucking willpower", in possession of a IQ over 300, Head of "Female Recruit Review", or a member of "The League of Shadows".    3) The SGT is no longer allowed to make up his own cadence for morning physical training.    4) The SGT is not from an alternate timeline.     4.1) ADDENDUM: The SGT cannot override orders to "preserve the timeline".    5) The SGT is not allowed to challenge anyo
Rip Soldier............thank You For Your Service.
> Airline Captain (don't delete)> He writes: My lead flight attendant came to me and said, "We have an H.R.> On this flight." (H.R. Stands for human remains.) "Are they military?" I> asked.> > 'Yes', she said.> > 'Is there an escort?' I asked.> > 'Yes, I already assigned him a seat'.> > 'Would you please tell him to come to the flight deck. You can board him> early," I said..> > A short while later, a young army sergeant entered the flight deck. He> was the image of the perfectly dressed soldier. He introduced himself and> I asked him about his soldier. The escorts of these fallen soldiers talk> about them as if they are still alive and still with us.> > 'My soldier is on his way back to Virginia ,' he said. He proceeded to> answer my questions, but offered no words.> > I asked him if there was anything I could do for him and he said no. I> told him that he had the toughest job in the military and that I> appreciated the work that he does for the families of our fallen> soldiers. The f
I don't need you I shouted, as I flushed them down the drain. I will not allow a pill, to control my life. I will throw you away, and still survive. Because I lived it, stared it in the face. I made it through the blood the tears, that horrific place. No medication can, take that away. I carry it around with me, everyday. Swallowing a pill, won't make it disappear. It exist in my memories, my heart, my tears. I am the only one, who can control that pain. Not the chemicals implanted, inside my brain. The power lies within, me. I can conquer this mission, successfully.
With Pride
A smile forms, through pain. But the sun doesn't shine, through the rain. The smile is big yes, but as fake as they get. Can't you see, inside me yet? To the disease, the broken pieces within. A dark narrow road, that has no end. Lightness on the outside, dark hidden beneath. The surface, disguised, the ultimate defeat. Breath gets harder, beats get weaker. The hurt and pain, couldn't possible get any deeper. Camouflaged by the exterior, it cannot be detected. Health and happiness, are always rejected. That's not my way, not was I meant for. I was put here to suffer, nothing more. And suffer I shall, I will let it hide. Swallow my pain, and die with pride.
Your Hell
I hear you, roaming around. Circling my bed, staring me down. But I'm not afraid, you won't get in. This is a battle, you will not win. I have fought you before, and won. Who's coming out on top? I will be the one. You may infect me, run through my veins. But you will not beat me, hear my name. I will shout it, you live inside me. I will erase you, completely. There will be no trace, of your existence. I will strike with force, and persistence. With each pill I swallow, you fade a little more. Every needle injected, pushes you out the door. I will replace you with, new and healthier cells. Until that day comes, I'll make it through your Hell.
I know you are with me even though you are miles away. The love that you have for me is nothing I cant deny I need the crisp rivers to walk away these tears\ Breathless from my mind's eye.    Take away this skin of lies. Show me another way to be brought to life. Forever with you;my rose of light. SHow me the way awaken with you.   Shaken from the past of scars. Another simple apology of another hope. But if forever was only to be with you; my rose of light. Show me who He is and I am awakened with you.  Awakened with you.  Awake me with you.  Unshame with you.  Away.  With.  you.
Always Wondering Why
I want to call you, so damn bad. I don't know what it's like, to have a Mom or Dad. I would love to know, you don't understand. What I would give, just to hold your hand. To hear you say, just one time. That you love me, that you're proud to be mine. My parents, the same people that brought me into this world. To actually acknowledge, your baby girl. I hold the phone, with tears in my eyes. Knowing I can't call you, always wondering why.
Never Look Back
I cannot try, anymore. No more tears, will fall on my floor. I won't break down, I will not crawl. When I have over looked someone, whose been there through it all. I don't have to try, he knows me too well. I don't have to say a word, he can just tell. That I need someone, to give back everything I do. I'm letting go now, I have to. Because it kills me accepting that, the one I love has already let go of me. Where I'll end up, we'll just have to see. These emotions can fill me, I can live with that. But it's time for me to walk away, and never look back.
Some girls are major trolls online they like seeing people get mad i dont understand it period.
You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?
So we're all on Fubar for a reason. Whether it's for someone, or we're addicted to the attention, or we're just bored. There are things that are awesome like bling and powerups. But there are things that piss people off. Me, I love people. Right now a certain one but people in general. But how would I be a normal person if I didn't complain? So all in good fun here's a few things that aggravate me, this is only opinion and I don't take it too seriously so please don't be offended, I'm not trying to offend. I've been on here for a while now, no complaints, these are just things that I've noticed that kinda bug me. 1. Morphs-Seriously you don't look like Abby from NCIS or whatever supermodel you think you're similar to. All you're doing is confusing those looking at your lil profile box. 2. Lounges-I'm not saying they need to go away but honestly folks I don't want to stare down a list of profile comments that aren't directed at me in order to actually converse. If you wan
Unless I Learn
I have to look up from inside this whole, to see the light. Down here it's cold, dark as night. The outside world, is what put me here. A never ending battle between, happiness and fear. True happiness, comes with a high cost. You can never gain it, unless something is lost. But I've lost so much already. Can I really take that chance? I'll just peak my head out, and get a glance. At my surroundings, see if I can recognize the danger. If I can allow myself to fall into, the arms of a stranger. Will he hurt me? This I don't know. And I never will unless I learn, how to let go.
Oh, Yeah, Getting What We Both Want, Feels So Good      
i wanna find someone or even a couple that would love to play with me and my wife and have fun message me if you are interested .
The Ultimate Gift To America
THIS IS THE ULTIMATE GIFT TO AMERICA ONE AT A TIME A physics teacher in high school, once told the students that while one grasshopper on the railroad wouldn't slow a train very much,a billion of them would. With that thought in mind, read the following, obviously written by a good American . . . This probably sounds crazy, but just yesterday I was in Wal Mart looking for a wastebasket. I found some made in China for $6.99. I didn't want to pay that much so I asked the lady if they had any others. She took me to another department and they had some at $2.50 made in USA . They are just as good. Same as a kitchen rug I needed. I had to look, but I found some made in the USA and they were $3.00 cheaper. We are being brain washed that everything that comes from China and Mexico is cheaper. Not so. That is also why I don't buy cards at Hallmark anymore. They are made in China and are expensive. I buy them at Dollar Tree....50 cents each and made in USA . Check this out. I can verify this be
so alot of friends addds I get are really bizarre..this one to,,he read my about me...and was original as all I wanted to share it   Slackerj7 minsAbout me: I am a sad sack with a tiny peen who needs to search the net for girls willing to give me the validation that is missing in the rest of my life. If you accept me as a friend I assure you I will pester you continuously again in hopes of the aforementioned validation. So how about it you SEXY MILF, wanna cam? P.S. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
A Simple And Easy Way To Find Real Estate Property.
Housing renting contains a database of rental properties currently available as well as general information and rental adviceAdvertise your rental property, homes for rent or search for a home to rent free.With hundreds of homes on offer on our site, you will find a home just for you.Discover how easy it is to save time and money finding the property you want.
Men Vs Boys
A BOY keeps a password on his cellphone, while a MAN is confident enough to say "Baby can you answer that for me!!" A BOY runs the streets & chill with his friends, while a MAN is enjoying time with his woman planning ahead for their future! A BOY complains about spending too much time with his woman, a MAN plans vacations & getaways because he is wise enough to notice tomorrow isn't promised! A BOY tells his woman all the things she does wrong, a MAN acknowledges his woman's hard work! A BOY will read this & think this is about him & a MAN will read this & thoroughly acknowledge what he needs to fix in his relationship
Excellent Website Of Franklin Marshall Outlet is proud to offer the Franklin Marshall Hoodie Men (Hydro) - Apparel: When you’re towering above the ground just remember the gear that helped you get there. The Franklin Marshall  Hoodie tackles insane pitches in gnarly weather in its sleep and might just show you up if you’re not on your game. ; WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell fabric provides windproof and water-resistant protection without sacrificing breathability. ; Fixed adjustable hood. ; Articulated elbows provide more freedom of movement. ; Full side zips dump excess heat quickly. ; Two-way front zip. ; Two zip hand pockets and one inner zip pocket. ; Thumb loops. ; Logo hits at right chest left sleeve and back yoke. ; 91% polyester 9% polytetraflourethylene. ; Machine wash warm and tumble dry low. ; Product measurements were taken using size M. Please note that measurements may vary by size. Looking for your style to get the people buzzing? Toss on this rFranklin Marshall  Hoodie to go into straight
Men Franklin Marshall Fitted Hoody
Recently, hoodies have become a very popular apparel for men. Specially in teenagers who buy hoodies in bulk as they have rapid inclination towards this fashion. Hoodies are designed and available in the market in few different styles. One of them is a pullover hoody that you wear and put on like a normal sweatshirt. It has no zippers, although it often have a drawstring at the waist and in the hood as well as a pocket in the front side. Pull over hoodies are greatly worn with sweats, track pants, jeans and shorts.Another type of Franklin Marshall hoody that is very popular in men is a zip front or zip up hoody. It contains a zip up at the front side like a jacket. These Franklin Marshall hoodies are perfect jogging and running because they have the easy on and off option in case you get too warm. In that situation, you can simply unzip the front of your hoody keep cool your body. You can buy every style of hoodies of your own choice. Either they are  monotones or print, logos or sport
A Friend From Another Site,
a friend recomend me to a new site, but it`s mostly bikers, so i added this in a reply post, " but a lot of them are bikers "' and i`m not much for most biker type guys "" "' I`d much rather have the sexy body romantic type that would take me to see nice places and things and ride there in a warm cozy luxary car, and have him treat me like a princess and pamper me """"" then take me to a bikers convention somewhere "" Rebecca Leuallen a moment ago I already have lived the hard life "" want to see and feel the good life things if i can.moments ago
Led Lights Create A Colourful World For Us
Nowadays, led lights are very important for us and used widely all over the world. These led lights for cars were first introduced in 1962 when they were initially used as an indicator on control panels. Now you are starting to see them used in a wide variety of lighting needs, including replacing traditional household bulbs, recreational vehicle lighting, boat lighting, and there are airports that have began using LED lights for cars for their runways. This is saving one town hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual led lighting and maintenance fees.Many other led lights such as daytime running light,brake light,led turn light,led license plate light are also very important. After all,to use good led lights improve the driving safety.These led lights create a colourful world for us. This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Led Light Is Used Widely In Our Daily Life
Let us say the LED light today.The led lighting really have many advantages over the traditional halogen bulbs and get used widely in our daily life. To begin with they have a greater reaction time,with a reported 20% faster illumination than standard bulbs.This can be the deciding advantage that keeps you from watching someone hit their brakes quickly behind you, or being slammed deadly hard from behind causing a terrible accident. This may seem like an insignificant amount of time, amounting to approximately .When traveling at even the relatively slow speed of 45 miles per hour this can give you an additional 10 of reaction time.There are airports that have began using LED lights. This is saving one town hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual lighting and maintenance fees. Many other led lights such asdrl,brake light, license plate light are also very important while driving at night is very important.The led light led light will help you to drive safely. This article is exce
About Me
You know I am pretty easy to figure out. I don't have naked pics and don't hold your breath waiting for them. I have enough respect for myself to not put that out there. For those women- and I use this term loosely- who feel the need to display that side of themselves all over fubar and the internet then I say this..if you have to put that out there to get attention then you need serious help. If you cannot hold someones attention with your clothes on then in my opinion you don't have much to offer anyone. I have been labeled insecure and I find this amusing considering I am not the one throwing it all out there for everyone to see. You see me and me fully clothed. If that isn't enough well then move right along because I am sure there are more than enough of those types of women to fill your needs. I do not want to be treated like trash so I don't carry myself in that manner. As to the ones who try to insert themselves into my relationships with either friends or my boyfriend- well to
He Made Me Smile ...
I made a new friend today!!    Was helping a customer today with three little kids. The first one I noticed she was holding a tiny little girl with huge hair and bigger eyes. I chuckled and said something to her in baby talk and she slowly smiled at me. Her Mom ( I at first did not get it ) made a HUGE deal about her smiling. Just as I was thinking ok ok lady your kid smiled big whoop I hear a little voice from other side of the counter say " thats my baby sister" I leaned over the counter and looked down and there was this little elfine mischevious face belonging to a tiny little boy with the most WONDERFUL slow smile I have ever seen and he had a mohawk ( my ice cold heart melted on the spot ). He was also sporting a hell of a blackened eye. I made a big OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO face and said  "what happened did your big sister beat you up ????"    He giggled and shook his head no    "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know your baby sister beat you up"   he giggled louder and said noooooooo
Why There's An Angel On The Top Of The Christmas Tree
Local Fu-landers Must Read..
Can't find that gift for your special someone? well look no further,I have the answers you seek. Gift certificates available now.. ....And for a limited time additional discounts will be added to all certificates sold till Xmas. ..... show'em you love'em and have me hurt'em for you...ToxicTat2.
Laid Off
I got laid off today.  I was told I wasn't needed anymore, but I think it's more personal than that.  a couple of my coworkers had issues with me, apparently.  I believe they had a part in it.  It really sucks when all the hard work I put in doesn't count.  I am a good customer service rep, no matter what others think. 
Tycoon’s Next Big Bet For Space: A Countdown Six Miles Up In The Air
One of the richest men in the world is going to build the biggest airplane ever. And then he is going to use it to launch rockets.Paul G. Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, said Tuesday that he was entering the rocket business with a concept seldom used until now: a plane that can take off the conventional way and then, at 30,000 feet, launch a rocket to orbit, carrying with it satellites, supplies and — eventually — people. The first rocket launching could be as soon as 2016. “You have a certain number of dreams in your life that you want to fulfill,mulberry bags” said Mr. Allen, an avid philanthropist who has also financed efforts like a radio telescope listening for alien transmissions, “and this is a dream that I’m very excited about.” The airplane that his new company, Stratolaunch Systems, plans to build will be larger and heavier than the Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes’s record-setting flying boat that flew, just once, in
Need Members
'twas The Night Before Christmas 2011
                                                            'Twas The Night Before Christmas 2011     'Twas the night before Christmas     and all through the land,     all the children have fewer presents     in their cute little hands.      With funds so low      and unemployment so high      instead of smiles and laughter      there will be tears and cries.      As Santa flies over      with his reindeer and sleigh      houses are now empty      where families used to stay.       As he got on his sleigh     and flew out of sight     I heard him exclaim     "This Is Just Too Sad,       I'm Going Home Early Tonight."
Panetta Says Drone Campaign Over Iran Will Continue
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, in an exclusive interview with Fox News, said that the stealth drone campaign along the Iran-Afghanistan border will "absolutely" continue despite the loss of a valuable and sophisticated drone to Iran. The mysterious loss of the RQ-170 Sentinel drone has revealed not only that the U.S. was spying on Iran, but also that the program was being run from Shindad Air Base in western Afghanistan. Panetta would not comment directly on what that drone was doing over Iran, canada goose outletbut he said the U.S. military has no plans to halt the drone operation out of western Afghanistan. "Those operations have to be protected in order to do the job and the mission that they're involved with," he said. When asked if he would continue those missions as they have been conducted out of Afghanistan, he responded with one word: "Absolutely." Panetta would not speculate about whether the Sentinel drone had been felled by a cyber attack or a high-tech jamming device. "Y
You Know When You're Loved.
Just moving into the proper folder...this one isn't new. You know when you're loved...  (edit | delete) I stopped by an old chat site to catch up with a few friends, and THIS is what I get! *LMFAO*   Sookie is kinky chica i want to spank sookie I want to spank sookie too lets form a spank sookie line and club I am going to start a webpage twitter! so we can follow her oh and twitter spankiesookie/twitter lol and a facebook idk there is just something about sookies ass that i just want go WAP! and spank her ass :/ I want to squeeze it maybe I should have another web page well there will be no squeezeing it on the twitter or the website or the faceboo yea you should for or better check and make sure that domain name is not taken no no lol damn it is :/ jk
You May Be A Terrorist If...(repost)
"I'm not anti-America, America is anti-me" -- British hip-hop star LowKey Wiki image Activist Post You thought you weren't doing anything wrong, so why should you care about who they call a terrorist? Well, you may not believe it, but you're likely a terror suspect in America's new paradigm of the Land of the Fear. The government is casting a wide net over its citizens in its search for potential threats. Now, you don't need to actually commit a crime to be hauled away to a detention center and held without charges while you are tortured; you just need to appear suspicious by sympathizing with anti-government views to be labeled a domestic terrorist. First, it's important to understand the official definition of domestic terrorism in the United States. The ACLU reports that a person is a domestic terrorist if they engage in any "act dangerous to human life" that "appears to be intended to (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a
By The Sword...
Something Is Shinning In The Backyard By Max
something shinning in the backyard burning so hard like you tried like a hand on your head what you said is it me still by your side my father never feel sad my mother never told something is shinning in the backyard burning so hard underground you can not see it like the snow melt underground all that words gonna fade where can i find you back who is the whisper like a snow fall tonight like the flower blow in the wind what you said is it still right like the snow always so white stick togther so tight when you call my name i turn around i wondered
Some Just Random Thoughts....
So today i had the most interesting conversation with a co worker of sorts.and reminded me just how much i REALY fucking hate the human race...In my hardcore stoner day's i used to sit and contemplate things. & though it wasnt as complicated as people made it out to be....I really did find the meaning of life.Its not family,money,or all the butt secks gang banging you can ever imagine.Its simple....Breathe in & Breathe out...Once you have that masterd .You 're ready to step out into the big bad world and see how many people you can fuck over and manipulate without getting  brutally murderd and have your gapeing wounds violated...Theologically...or very literally.Just depends who you piss off at the moment.Either're going to end up suffering some sort of huge loss or dissapointment in yourself and/or others.Please dont take me as being a naive "damaged" little girl because that couldnt be farther from the truth.As any super heroe story would say ..There IS good in everybody.
Slight Turn For The Worse
Sorry I have not been on but things took a slight turn for the worse. I had been running a slight fever for 3 days as well as nausea and headaches which were indications of a possible infection in the surgical opening. I am back on track and waiting for my nurse to come visit and let me know if I will need medical attention from my Doc or if it is ok to wait for my appointment. I apologize for not being around and able to rate you all back but I will soon. Much love to all and ty for the love you keep sending even when I am unable to return it :):):) Keep smiling tomorrow may be a better day :)
A Soldier's Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this little house lived. As I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No Stockings by mantle, just boots filled with sand, On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, A sobering thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, The home of a soldier, I could now see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder, Not how I picture a United States Soldier. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this night, owed their lives to these soldiers who were willing to fight. Soon round the world, the
Grandpa And The Blow Up Doll
As a joke, my brother Jay used to hang a pair of panty hose over his fireplace before Christmas. He said all he wanted was for Santa to fill them. What they say about Santa checking the list twice must be true because every Christmas morning, although Jay's kids' stockings overflowed, his poor pantyhose hung sadly empty. One year I decided to make his dream come true. I put on sunglasses and went in search of an inflatable love doll. They don't sell those things at Wal-Mart. I had to go to an adult bookstore downtown. If you've never been in an X-rated store, don't go, you'll only confuse yourself. I was there an hour saying things like, 'What does this do?' 'You're kidding me!' 'Who would buy that?' Finally, I made it to the inflatable doll section. I wanted to buy a standard, uncomplicated doll that could also substitute as a passenger in my truck so I could use the car pool lane during rush hour. Finding what I wanted was difficult. 'Love Dolls' come in many dif
Google Me
I am Sarah Jade BBW, and I am here to make you happy!50-44-53 and ready to rock your world!Im a fun-loving, adventurous, sensual, passionate, and highly erotic, young vixen.Almost all my fantasies include other people, either joining or watching at me and getting off with me.I LOVE SEX. Im mostly submissive, but if I found the right person, I think I could be dominant.Nothing gets me hornier than when I get all dolled up, and grab my camera to get kinky!I love sharing my kinky side with perfect strangers through my erotic photos!Google me. Sarah Jade BBW
Anger Management
When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered, saying "Hello." I politely said, "This is Chris. Could I please speak with Robyn Carter?" Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear "Get the right number!" and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude. When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the 'wrong' number again. When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled "You're an asshole!" and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word 'asshole' next to it, and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or had a really bad day, I'd call him
Truck Lingo
Thought bc my ex is a trucker now and 99% of the time i have no clue what he's talking about I would learn the lingo Trucker Slang and CB Radio Lingo City                                                                                                               Trucker’s City Nickname     Amarillo, TX Big A Boston, MA Bean-Town Chicago, IL Windy City Chattanooga, TN Choo-Choo New York, NY Big Apple Charlotte, NC Queen City Detroit, MI Motor City Los Angeles, CA Shaky-Town Indianapolis, IN Indy 500 Knoxville, TN K-Town Louisville, KY Derby City Dallas, TX The Big D Nashville, TN Guitar San Francisco, CA Gay Bay Kansas City, KS Bright Lights
Impression Services
Roofing Services VoIP Providers Antique Dealers
Define Your Virtual Online Popularity With Lamp Website Development
Every business irrespective of the fact that it might be big or small needs a virtual window to meet its online potential and regular customers. The virtual identity of the company should be a fine one, in order to bring in the right business. With the help of LAMP website Development, it is probable today to have a website which will give your consumers precisely what they require. Several popular and significant websites run on LAMP website Development, as it is considered to be one of the most popular and most well known software platforms known. With Lamp Development you don’t really need entire detailed information on how the software runs to control and work with it. That is probably why Lamp Development is considered to be one of the most wonderful alternative for website owners. Brief explanation about Lamp Development LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This is one among the best known open source technologies that can be used to develop ri
Cold. Gasping. Strange.
I'll be honest.This one's about you.If I had a cigarette for every time I made you cryeverytime you forgot your keysor played your awful music too loudI could turn the sky a hazey shade of yellow.Like that first, dusky dawn in L.A.All the cool kids die of cancer.I planned on something a bit more theatrical.There'd be a band.Or at least a solo.What did you really feel when my world opened to youin all the big, bumpy green.Were you sure then?I wasn't.I could feel my pulse in my throat.Crushed. Terrified.Never so timid, and trembling as the first.I'll never forget.You saw to that.
˙·• ♥ •·the Candy With The Little Hole˙·• ♥ •·
The Candy With The Little HoleA teacher performed an experiment in taste identity . . . You have to lovelittle kids.The children began to identify the Lifesavor flavors by their color:Red....................CherryYellow.................LemonGreen..................LimeOrange ..............OrangeFinally the teacher gave them all HONEY lifesavers.None of the children could identify the honey taste.The teacher said, 'I will give you all a clue. It's what your mother maysometimes call your father.'One little girl looked up in horror, spit her lifesaver out and yelled, 'Ohmy God! They're ass-holes!The teacher really had to "leave the room* in a hurry... LOL
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Cheap Women Winter Coats Also Can Lead Fashion Style
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Wearing Beautiful Ol Business Suit To Become Office Queen
  Long ladies turndown business suit Contracted style, super cultivate one's morality turndown business suit coat. Pure and fresh and generous appearance is very favorable degrees. Can directly buttons is wide open to wear take a or wear, with belt modified girth line also very good. The use of the scarf let collocation more fashionable feeling.   Collarless collect waist women double-breasted dust coat Contracted style, super cultivate one's morality double platoon to buckle dust coat coat. The waist of fashion, very good foil was born shape line. Double platoon to buckle design, draw the outline of perfect body. Khaki temperament conspicuous, let a person unforgettable.   Double color smart fashionable short leather jacket Delicate and cabinet brief paragraph joining together small leather, agile have a type of dress up will allow you to easily change street tide female. Double lubricious Mosaic style, the interpretation of the fashion trend classics. Tie-in skirt outfit or t
Christmas Party Women Dresses Light New Year’s Passion
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Hey World.
So much shit it going on around me and I don't know where to start.  I've got a few dozen issues going around ... and I'm going to repost a sentence I posted a while before.Those of you who like to lie and/or start shit, come at me head on.  Don't hide behind other people.  If the only way you feel better about being miserable is to start shit or belittle me, get over it.  I'm Fred.  I was Fred long before I met you and I'll be Fred long after you're gone from my life.  If you can't handle that, run before the actual shit storms start.  Because this is the final time I'm going to approach it this way.  After this, I start pointing you out.  Very publically and shamelessly.  Everyone will see it.  
Subtle Lukey
Lukey was chatting to me in yim, when he said to me that he had left lounge and wasnt sure what to do, so me being the good friend i am linked him to another persons picture folder on fu, full of funny images. Shell: theres a gay test one keep an eye out for it, oh btw im gay :( lukey: dont worry i got your back lol
Newly Inspired
Well thanks to some very unsuccessful pillow talk over the weekend I am now inspired mostly out of spite though.  So I've put all my other short (and not so short) stories on the back burner and am going to start with a new erotic short story and I will see how far I can take it and even if I can complete it.  I'm kind of a fish out of water on this one though is not my typical light bondage fare.  I’m going to be trying to tap into my bicurious side and doing a girl on girl erotic story.  I have a lot of ideas and partial ideas bouncing around in my head, however like with every story getting started is one of the hardest parts, plus character naming (I waste hours just trying to name characters).  I probably won’t start any of it tonight, might only get as far as the naming part but I am hopeful that I will be able to do this short story, that it will come out believable, and that it won’t take me forever and a day.
Failed The Gay Test
Lukey was chatting to me in yim, when he said to me that he had left lounge and wasnt sure what to do, so me being the good friend i am linked him to another persons picture folder on fu, full of funny images. Shell: theres a gay test one keep an eye out for it, oh btw im gay :( lukey: dont worry i got your back lol
My Life
Totally ready to just chill in life and do what makes me happy for a change,  Some of you remember me as "CB" from years past. Well life has taken many twists and turns and I am finally able to just be me and its awesome.
Thinking Of You ..
Thinking of you on a full moon grass cool on a summer night stars kisses on my face lay me down Thinking of you love is in the air holding me dear to you not knowing where you are tonight so close but so far Thinking of you I run to you I run to you ... stars fall on my face of love hold me tell me love is true stars are falling falling with kisses of love on my face as I lay on summer cool grass flowers all around me sweet  sweet smell of love I wounder now as I set still thinking of love true love ....Thinking of you on this full moon grass cool on  a summer night stars kisses on my face lay me down are you Thinking of me I run away my love for I can not love on this summer night you are so far so far to hold me my love I must lay on cool summer grass Thinking of you on full moon stars kisses on my face
The Origin Of The Mistletoe Custom
The Legend Chapter 1How It Began During the occupation of Britain the Romans used many great military leaders as governors of the British provinces. After the Romans were called out of Britain to help defend Rome from its own invaders, Britain was left with very little in the way of a governing body. There were many small Kingdoms, all fighting amongst each other. With the Romans gone the Danes found Britain easy to defeat, one small kingdom at a time. A young prince was soon to prove himself in battle. His grandfather was a Roman General and his grandmother was a British Princess. He learned military strategy from his grandfather at a very young age and put this knowledge to good use, when at the age of seventeen he was pronounce King after his father was poisoned by neighbouring King who was after his land. This neighbouring King figured that it would be an easy matter to take the land now that the father was dead. He figured wrong. Three Days after he was pronounced King, the youn
Poem By Shelly
the  waters  are  like  glass  reflecting  your  face  into  my  image  of you ,  i can  do nothing  but  think  of  the times  we  spent together  ,  if  it  not  for  you  i would  not  live .  all  i have  is  my  heart  to give  .  my love  seems  old  and  tarnished  now  . underneath  this  mask  i  wear  is  a  face  that  is torn  and  ravished  , tears  are  new  that i cry  for you  ,  i  reanounce  my self  into  a world  that  has  broken  my  spell  . 
Uanswered Questions
The question on everyone's lips is why? and the answer is simple, why not?  Do what you like meanwhile charge headlong into a minefield, of well persacution, yet undeserving insignificant little pricks with no self-discipline or work ethic roam free while their younger counterparts grow up fast in a combat zone in a part of the world we shouldn't give a shit about. How is it?, that a person who won't work at nothing is lazy but a person who works at nothing isn't stupid? How is that drunk driving conclusively kills more people every year than smoking, yet cigarettes are taxed at quadruple the rate of alcohol? No babies are born with fetal-Nicotine syndrome, No one has ever smoked up and then beat their wife. How is it that Heroine grown in a field is illegal but heroine synthesized and tabulated in a lab isn't?
Beauties & The Bautista Wrestle With Desire
Samantha Saint, Angela Sommers, Dr. Suzy, Anthony Winn, Victoria White. Row 2: Tasia Sutor, Destiny Dixon, Daisy Delight. Photo: Irwin J Samantha Saint, Angela Sommers, Dr. Suzy, Anthony Winn, Victoria White. Row 2: Tasia Sutor, Destiny Dixon, Daisy Delight. Photo: Irwin J    12-10-11    Length:  01:35:13   It’s a tag team smack-down in the Womb Room ring, full of boob-grappling, libido-wrestling, dildo-wrangling, stripper pole sliding, lunchbox munching and blow job competitions, not to mention a intriguingly raunchy, face-to-crotch, upside-down, pro-wrestling maneuver known as the Bautista Bomb. In the midst of a bevy of wild beauties from all parts of the XXX industry is the PG Animal, wrestling with his sexual desire.  Though Bautista keeps his pants on, we do “unleash the beast” Continued Click Here »
Board It Up
Having a conversation in my yim about a certain person that just gives me the wrong kind of vibes and this comment made me lose it on cam in the lounge....    Like my ex, her cooch is prob so loose now, you need to tie a board to ur ass so you don't fall in
Maggie May
Thank You
A big thank you to all of the lovely ladies I have met on here that have aloud me access to pictures to add to my ever growing Cleavage colllection and guild.   I owe you thanks a Huge Hug and many thanks.   I would still be willing to gladly accept any others that you may care to donate.   But again A big thanks to everyone.
I find it quite curious that I am not the only one that stays "unwell"  in my home. After talking with the brother I bitch most about, he has a total personality adjustment away from this house. I know I am sensitive to many things physically (allergic to many things) and well, NOT so physically (unexplainable). Believe what you wish, but I know what I feel, see, hear and dream. It happens elsewhere but more prominent in my home. I love my house! However, I am ill more often than not and depression seems to haunt me more here than anywhere. It could be many things, mold and mildew (I do live in Florida,  very humid). Or it could be something else draining me...I personally believe anything is possible. I'm not the only one to have bizarre things happen. Almost everyone that is welcomed into my home has had something odd happen to them. A child can see a "monster" in the hallway, though not afraid to stay over many nights after, perhaps that is the only way he knew how to describe i
Some Amazon Kindle Fires Brick Right Out Of The Box
There's good reason for tablet and personal computer manufacturers to be afraid of the Amazon Kindle Fire: it's zippy, it's lightweight, it supports Android apps and direct streaming of Amazon's Instant Videos. Oh and it's really cheap too, making it one heck of a deal this holiday season... and why online and local retailers are having a hard time keeping units in stock. If anything, the Kindle Fire -- not to mention HP's TouchPad which sold out again on Sunday in just twenty minutes -- indicates that consumers want a powerful handheld for surfing,marc jacobs playing games, consuming media and socializing without having to pay laptop and desktop-sized fees. That said, there's a dark side to the Kindle Fire phenomena. Consumers lucky enough to get their hands on a unit before Christmas might actually want to test the device first before wrapping it all up in a pretty bow and sticking it under the tree. Based on first-hand experience, the device can brick itself after installing the ini
who wantx 2 suck my dick
Obama And Iraq’s Leader Signal Shift To Postwar Partnership
President Obama, welcoming Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq to the White House on Monday, said that after eight years of war, Iraq had become a “sovereign, self-reliant and democratic” country that could serve as a model for aspiring democrats across the Middle East. Mr. Obama, who as a young politician labeled Iraq a “dumb war” and campaigned on a pledge to end it, used language reminiscent of the Bush administration to justify the costly commitment of American lives and treasure. mulberry bagsThanks to these sacrifices, he said, “what we have now achieved is an Iraq that is self-governing, that is inclusive and that has enormous potential.” The two leaders appeared at a news conference after a morning of meetings, and a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, meant to mark a historic milestone in the relationship between the countries as the last American military convoy prepared to roll out of Iraq this month. Yet
Almost Over
The auction I'm in is almost over. I'd love more bids...what do ya say????
High-end Cars Really Have Applied Led Lights Successfully!
Nowadays,many high-end cars Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Mitsubishi Lancer and many other car models have already install led lights. these high-end cars really have applied led lights successfully. There are varieties of led lights in the market today. The common led lights are LED Dashboard car,LED signal light,led daytime ruuning light,LED turn light,brake light,license plate light,LED fog lamp,LED strip light etc.  They can be used as long as ten years,This is commonly seen as L.E.D.tail lights in cars. You can actually count the number of LED lights that are used to for that one tail light. When these lights come to life at night, it looks brilliant. It adds beauty to the car.  These led lights take over the market in a so short time.They have so many advantages,they will save money for you.In a long time,they will save a lot of money for you. This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,Ltd.Webisite:
Led Lights Will Help Change Your Cars
Then how to have your car have a change,come here,the led lights for cars will help you. There are varieties of led lights in the market today. The common led lights are LED Dashboard car,LED signal light,drl,LED turn light,brake light,LED license plate light,LED fog lamp,LED strip light etc.As the extensive use of light-emitting diodes,led lights for cars start to bring changes for people.Some led lights are usually used at night,while some lights such as daytime running light can be used in the daytime too. In addition,if you plane to buy led lights ,you will find that these lightswill save a lot of money for you in a long time.
What Turns Me Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Funeral Held For Fallen Va. Tech Officer
A Virginia Tech police officer gunned down in a shooting that revived memories of the April 2007 massacre on campus was remembered at his funeral Monday as a loving husband, father and dedicated public servant.canada goose outletBagpipers and drummers marched somberly down the center of Cassell Coliseum to Deriek W. Crouse’s flag-draped coffin as hundreds of police officers, family, friends and state dignitaries looked on. Crouse, 39, was ambushed last Thursday during a routine traffic stop on campus. Police said Ross Truett Ashley, a 22-year-old student at a nearby college, walked up to Crouse’s cruiser and shot him. Ashley was found a short time later in a nearby parking lot, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Investigators said they have found no apparent link between the two men and are seeking a motive. The random nature of Crouse’s death was a common sentiment expressed at his funeral. “Today we have gathered in this place not because life always make
just wonted to say hello
Hey Girl-poem
Who you trying to please little girlYour mom, your dad, those pretty girls who twirlBut why can't you seeYou can't be what they want you to beYou are who you areDon't change to reach a low barSet your sights on highAnd don't listen to their jealous liesYou are special to someoneWho wants to be your shining sunSomeone's out there that loves you for youNo matter what you could ever doThere's someone who's rightAnd will take care of you through every nightJust because you are always reading a bookDoesn't mean that some guy won't lookLook at all this extra strifeYou dont want to live like this your entire lifeYou can't see that you are the bestBecause you want so badly to be like the restWhat are you looking forBecause it shouldn't be making you this sorePlease come outThere's no reason to doubtYou are beautiful enoughWithout your attitude being so roughPut that anger awayAnd listen to what I got to sayLook at the world around you thats realAnd quit looking for the catching dealYou've alwa
As If I Won
I had a dream last night, that I died. From all the pain, locked inside. Is it possible, to die from a broken heart? To fake a smile, while falling apart. That is what is happening, to me. Longing, loving, insanely. The feeling was too familiar, inside the dream. Because I carry it around, constantly. With every heart beat, I grow weaker. The pain buries itself, just a little deeper. So much to say, with loss of speech. I have never felt, so out of reach. Beyond help, beyond repair. All I want, is to be there. Although my love, will live on through him. I would love for just once, to feel his skin. Against mine, to become one. Then I can take my last breath, feeling as if I have won.
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[ photo: Lace and Leather ]
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[ photo: Lace and Leather ]
So Yeah
I have to wear these when I drive now. Glasses. In my new default pic.   I was in an accident driving home from Chigago two Fridays ago, and coincidentally needed to be tested for vision and depth perception at work because I drive cars, vans and forklifts as a part of my job. Failed the depth perception part of the test. Left eye 20/40... had always been, though. Even when I was younger. My right eye had degraded to 20/70. This threw off my depth perception.   Anyway, I go to get checked. I actually had far worse in both eyes. Now I have corrective lenses (bifocals!) and have to wear them when I drive anything for work. I can't use a computer with them on, though. Too disorienting. I guess it takes time to get used to.   That is all. I'm just saying that's why I have glasses now :)
Silent Night ~pagan Version~
SILENT NIGHT ~PAGAN VERSION~     Silent night, Solstice NightAll is calm, all is brightNature slumbers in forest and glenTill in Springtime She wakens againSleeping spirits grow strong!Sleeping spirits grow strong!Silent night, Solstice nightSilver moon shining brightSnowfall blankets the slumbering EarthYule fires welcome the Sun's rebirthHark, the Light is reborn!Hark, the Light is reborn!Silent night, Solstice nightQuiet rest till the LightTurning ever the rolling WheelBrings the Winter to comfort and heal
Futard Of The Day..12/12/2011
Futard of the day. Wow that chick is hot!..or wait a minute..WTF IS THAT?!?! below for today's Futard.. Click here & then link in stash!... The stupidity never sleeps. ....peace.
Chapter 27
three strikes
Chapter 26
three strikes
Chapter 25
three strikes
Chapter 24
three strikes
Yes I Can Be A Bitch On This Subject.
Finals are done tomorrow. Pats myself on the back. Ready for Christmas. Now to what I am referring to. I am just going to be as blunt as fuck and I don't give a fuck if it pisses you off or not. If it makes you mad then you must be one of those that do it. I actually took the time to go to a few of my friends page today and look at there photos. I saw albums upon albums basically saying you want in send me credits or this bling or that. I was sickened to my stomach. You can call me whatever the fuck you wish to call me but a fucking whore I am not. I respect myself more than prosituting my pussy or ass or breast out there for all to see. I am a highly sexual person but there is no way I would personally lower my standards. I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend etc: . There is no fucking way I could downgrade myself as some of you have. If I have hit a nerve then the fucking truth hurts. The same goes for men that do this. There are porn sites you can get this shit for free or fuc
Ones Need To Get Both Sides
two all if you dont no both sides to a situation then do not judge me our make up stuff about me cause frankly im getting sick of the junk on here off here by others thats why i have real life on off here un like others who have to bad mouth me mostly guys who dont no whole story
Candy 2
My heart was broken, shatterd dust, before you came along. Every thing I ever done just seemed to turn out wrong, my days were long, lonely and will with such dread. the dark and draining thoughts ran uncheck around my head. Then you came along and your light shined through chassing all those thoughts away. You have made me happy, brought joy in every way. Just for you my love is true, and it goes deep into my soul. You are the most amazing woman I will ever know. Now I end this thinking that your close but far away, but knowing in my heart you will soon be here to stay. To have you here will be like a dream come true, to hold you close and kiss your lips there is nothing I wouldn't do. So hurry home my love, my life, be here with me now, I will show you that I love you, and make that solemn vow.
Anothert Gift
good morning ..another gift .that we dont deserve ...why should god give you another day if you are going to waste it ? i didint wake up in jail....under the park bench ,,,,the hospital bed...  ?so today is a gift its up to me if im goint to return the whom do i choose to honor or what message im i sending?...only god knows....i hope can do the right if u can pray for me i would appreciate it because i know tha i am all messed up and really its only gods grace and mercy that keeps me ...anyways mad love and forgiveness...
Thoughts Gleaned While Eating A Deluxe Cheeseburger At Mcdonald's
So there I was, putting fries on my cheeseburger (cause that's how I roll), when I had an ephiphany.   But for that I have to back up just a bit. So, if you'll let me, I'm going to Tarintino it for you...   While I was waiting in line to oder my delicious Deluxe Angus Burger (and this isn't an ad for McDonald's--I just think that sandwich is delicious), there was a group of three girls (college aged I'm assuming) in front of me. First they all looked like they had just rolled out of bed (it was close to 1PM) and none of them were wearing coats (it was probably 30 degrees out). One of them walked away with an oder of fries and a drink while the other two waited to hear their total. Then the one tried to swipe her card and when told by the clerk, "It's not taking it, sorry.." the girl turned to her friend and said, "What?" She then yelled for her friend and said, "My card's not working...I don't know why..."  Okay,'s a conundrum if I've ever encountered one.  Gee, why
Sometimes there's way to much to take, way to many fake people. Blank stares from strangers and friends, my future is my biggest dread.. Time flys by and scares me shitless, seems as though my fear is pitless.. Lapidary carving my life set in stone, my fear of forever feeling alone. Ill always have someine, I know that for sure, to sit by my side for all I incur.. But being alone and feeling alone are very different things, you can be alone and still feel loved, but the other one sure stings.. See, Im fluent in the language of love, "I love you too" means nothing but lustt..
Somewhere there should be for all The world to see a statue of a fool made of stone An image of a man who let love slip through his hands And then just let him stand there all alone And there on his face a gold tear should be placed To honor the million tears he's cried And the hurt in his eyes would show so everyone would know Concealed is a broken heart inside And the hurt in his eyes would show so everyone would know Concealed is a broken heart inside So build a statue and oh build it high so that all can see Then inscribe the world's greatest fool and name it after me /
Muerto By El Mundo
I just had a close family member die, he was walking to the package store and was hit by a drunk driver. He was hit so hard he went through the windshield. It is depressing that someone has to die like that because we all live in a sick world. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but shit seems to be getting worse out here. And i am trying to be happy and think about the fucking future, but I am scared shitless right now. Hearing the things that are on the news now and everyday is very shocking. This much wasnt happening when I was a little girl. The world seemed a lot safer a long time ago than what it is now. I wonder if it is going to continue getting worse or is it gonna get better. But as far as I am concerned...I am tired of this life...i am not saying that i wanna end it all, but i am very close. There has been a lot of crazy shit going on.
my dad passed away two years ago and today is his birthday. So i sent all my friends a Tequila shot. He was a great dad, served our country and gave me a great life. Everone that still has there dad, go give him a kiss or hug, they arent here forever.
Romeo And Juliet Ii
In a park I did dwell For there was a man I loved so well He stole my heart away from me Now he wants to set it free A small girl he placed upon his knee And told her things he didn't tell me Home I went to cry in bed Not a word to mother I said Father came home from work late that night He looked for me left and right Up the stairs the door he broke And found me hanging from a rope Upon the ground a note he found "Dig my grave dig it deep Place a stone at me feet Upon the stone place a dove To show the world she died for love"
Need To Find Some Clit To Lick
like to lick clits for hour,s can you handle it do it till your weak in the knees  you have to lick it before you stick it.can i do you
Article On Endometriosis, Read If Your Curious About How This Disease Effects Me
What It Really Means to Have Endometriosis In last week’s post (“What is endometriosis?”), I said that endometriosis by definition is a disease process where the inside lining of the uterus, the endometrium, flows back up inside of the body around the ovaries and bowel where it implants and begins to grow. Quite frankly a lot of this medical stuff can be quite dry and boring and does not convey what it is like for a woman to have this disease and how it truly impacts her life, her family, her career, her sex life, and her ability to live her life in very basic ways. In reality, this disease can be like having tens or hundreds of excruciatingly painful blisters covering the inside of the pelvis. Infertility and pelvic pain are the two most common symptoms of endometriosis. Patients with endometriosis can experience horrific pain – for the lucky ones it lasts just a couple of days during their period, and in the worst cases the pain is 24/7. The dic
[i Think I'm Going Blind]
So yesterday was a Brink bendertoday was a -mod the holy hell out of Fallout 3 and then play wanderer's edition bender (worth it)I have 70 gig of games installed on this computer with more coming.I didn't implement the cosmetic mods for FWE, and I'm probably not going to, the thing runs for hours at a time (more than I can say about vanilla on PC or console) and the game already looked good.I do enjoy the 10 second loadtimes and increased graphics on my PC.I think I spent... I dunno at least 5 hours modding Fallout3, and I'm counting the time where I had to sit and wait on downloads, patches, ini fixes, and *nods off for a second* I have narcolepsy...but I'm pretty sure I just PLAYED for 12 hours.Now, I managed to pick up Fallout 3 Goty for PC on sale for $12.00I've played Goty unmodded backwards frontward and sidewaysbut I have to say FWE is a completely new experience.New guns.New monsters.Random crazy shit.WAAAAAAY more challenge.You gotta scrounge for every itemyou take a lot more
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First Blog
Okay so I'm new at this. Well I'm not really new at the blog, cause I blogged on myspace back in the day. But I am new to being on here and blogging. I don't know what to talk about right, not really. And to be honest I don't think that people would be interested in reading what I have to say. Although I could let yall preview this book that I'm writing and tell if it's worth something or not. I'm still deciding on that I will let you know soon. :D Well other then that I don't have anything else to talk about and I will talk you later. Smooches!! xoxoxoxo
In General
hey listen tonight i was just haveing ..and i hope i could make somebobys night a littile easier..but all bullshit aside if i offend,or hurt anybody i am sorry ..because really i dont hate anybody love u all and god bless
Newest Nikki Update
I am extremely frustrated at the most recent turn of events.  Leading up to this, I'll update some from the last 2 1/2 years or so. Nikki lost custody of both children about 3 years ago, give or take. She was proven unfit by the State of WV (yes, they did their jobs this time around). The State took away her custodial rights for Grace and Jacob. Thank the Lord for this miracle!! She cried a river, used drugs as her bridge, and got over it. Rather quickly, I might add. A day in the life of a junkie. She was in and out (mostly out) of rehabs/clinics/private Christian detox homes more times than I can account for the last few years. She says she was clean for over a year, nothing at all....come to find out it was more like 3 months, but she was still smoking MJ to get her through so she wouldn't crave the heroin as much. All of her needle drug use led to her Lupus coming out of remission and making her very ill. She had Nephritis in one kidney, almost losing it. She also had a severe inf
Professional Packers And Movers For Safe And Smooth Reallocation
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Lakers To Trade Lamar Odom, Set Sights On Dwight Howard
A weekend of moves and counter moves did not enable the Los Angeles Lakers to acquire New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul or Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard — or both. Instead, 6-10 Lakers forward Lamar Odom will be traded to the Dallas Mavericks, mulberry bagsa move that might enable Los Angeles to put together a deal for Howard. The Hornets did lose a player, but it wasn’t Paul. Free-agent forward David West, influenced by Paul likely not staying in New Orleans, signed to play for the Indiana Pacers. The Mavericks will send the Lakers a 2012 draft pick and an $11 million trade exception (from sending center Tyson Chandler to the New York Knicks) for Odom, according to a person with knowledge of negotiations who requested anonymity because the deal is not official. Odom was last season’s Sixth Man of the Year, averaging 14.4 points and 8.7 rebounds. That will help the Lakers put together a deal for Howard that likely also will include 7-1 Los Angeles ce
Gronkowski Sends Patriots Past Redskins
Tom Brady's first interception in more than a month led to a screaming match on the sideline. That's how perfection-driven the New England Patriots are. On a day when tight end Rob Gronkowski is simultaneously strong and nimble while setting an NFL record, on a day when the defense again makes just enough plays to compensate for all the yards it allowed, on a day when a 34-27 score vs.canada goose outlet the Washington Redskins meant a fifth straight victory, it was Brady who had to be calmed down after a rare fourth-quarter mistake. With the Patriots leading by seven, Brady tried to find Tiquan Underwood at the back of the end zone and was instead picked off by Josh Wilson with 6:30 remaining. The Redskins then began a march downfield that could have sent Sunday's game to overtime — even as Brady sat on the bench and exchanged words with offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. "I threw a pretty bad interception, so he wasn't happy about it," said Brady, who completed 22 of 37 passes
Cowboys Lead Giants 7-5 After First Quarter
Tony Romo surpassed 20,000 career yards passing with a 12-yard touchdown pass to tight end John Phillips and the Dallas Cowboys took a 7-5 lead over the New York Giants after the first quarter Sunday night.marc jacobsCowboys rookie running back DeMarco Murray had to be helped off the field at the end of an 8-yard run. It appeared that his right ankle got rolled under a defender while being tackled. New York, which has lost four in a row, had gone ahead 5-0 on a safety when Romo fell down in his own end zone after being spun around by a defender and Lawrence Tynes kicked a 23-yard field goal. The Cowboys then went 80 yards in eight plays, the last when Romo rolled to his right and then threw a screen to Phillips on the left side for the tight end's first career touchdown.marc jacobs bagsDespite their losing streak, the Giants came into the game only one game back of the NFC East lead behind the Cowboys. The division's top two teams play twice in the last four weeks of the regular sea
Lost And Found
                                                                         Lost And Found      I saw an Angel    in a crowded room one day    and I was never the same,    she took what was once a dead heart    brought it back to life, and I didn't    even know her name.      Heaven lost an Angel that day    and I'm glad I was around    you came into my life    and I opened my heart    where you could be safe and sound.      How you ever got lost    Heaven only knows,    the longer you stay    the better I feel    and my love for you    will forever grow.      Will you stay with me my Angel,     will you stay with me my gift from above?,     if you do I promise you     a lifetime full of love.
Can You Imagine?
I wrote this a few years ago.  Not sure when.  Everyone I think deserves to be pampered and worshipped with love and admiration.  This piece somewhat encompasses this idea. Enjoy!   ____________________   Can you imagine? Can you imagine, a day so long, your mind and body exhausted from the work you toil with.  As you step thru my door carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, all you desire is for all of it to go away, if just for a moment.  The stress of your life bearing down upon you like a carnivore upon its prey ready to consume you. You long for rest, for relaxation, your body craves attention, a break.  Your mind desires to shut down and forget everything for a while, to stop its constant whirling of information running here and there.  Your head hurts, your feet are sore and your back is weary.  You have pushed yourself to physical limits and beyond, demanded by those that seek the admiration for your hard efforts.  Efforts that you deserve recognition for, th
My Writing
Most who knew me before (back in 07 08) would know that nearly most of my writing is adult in nature.  I am not found of straight out smut, nothing there really impresses me.  I do however enjoy writing romantic coupling erotica.  I always try to maintain a certain emotional base for the scenarios that I have written.  Any creative writing imo should move someone on an emotional level first and foremost.  I will start to repost my writing here in the next day or so.  I hope you enjoy :)
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I Love I Hate U
It takes a lot of courage for someone to admit to themselves and others that they have Borderline Personality Disorder. It took me 5 years to accept it and admit it to myself, everyone else already knew and dealt with me as much as they could until they walked out of my life. I was diagnosed after 3 years of being on medicine for Bipolar disorder. I was in the army at the time...Finally after gaining 65 lbs from all the nasty meds I was on and I was not getting any better from the meds, I was only getting worse...I had a board of 4 psychologists get together (after they all did different testings and evaluations) they came to the conclusion that I have BPD. I am not making blogs about this for attention I am making them so that people can see that it is a disease, that ruins your life if you let it. Being Borderline feels like INTERNAL HELL. you don't know how you will feel from 1 minute to the next. In your head you want to be nice and show the ones you love, love...but sometimes you
Cost Uggs Outlet
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Kids Ugg Boots
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The Truck Driver! That truck driver you flipped off? Let me tell you his story.   Let me tell you a little about the truck driver you just flipped off because he was passing another truck, and you had to cancel the cruise control and slow down until he completed the pass and moved back over. His truck is governed to 68 miles an hour, because the company he leases it from believes it keeps him and the public and the equipment safer. The truck he passed was probably running under 65 mph to conserve fuel. You see, the best these trucks do for fuel economy is about 8 miles per gallon. With fuel at almost $4 per gallon -- well, you do the math. And, yes, that driver pays for his own fuel. He needs to be 1,014 miles from where he loaded in two days. And he can't fudge his federally mandated driver log, because he no longer does it on paper; he is logged electronically. He can drive 11 hours in a 14-hour period; then he must take a 10-hour break. And conside
Audi Company Invests A Lot On Audi A4
      As reported,the Audi company expects that this Audi A4 can attract many people's attention and invest a lot on this kind of car model.      Audi A4 was more than the attractive sheet metal that stretched out from its single frame grille and LED enhanced headlights. The trunk was 12 cubic feet. Let the rear seats down and that expanded to 34 cubic feet. The new kind of car model is equipped with daytime running light , LED tail lights,led brake lights,led turning light,led signal lights and some other led lights.Bluetooth and a driver information system, the Sport Package option which included sport seats and high performance tires.After all,these led lights will help you to improve vehicle beauty and comfort.      This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Many Car Models Have Already Used Led Lights
@   Includes LED lights for automotive purposes. The LED lights can be used for either the interior or the exterior of the automotive vehicle to illuminate the surrounding areas.      All LED lights for cars are manufactured to ECE standards. No more burnt out light bulbs, broken filaments or dim light bulbs.Automotive Compatibility: The LED lights work on boats, ATVs, motorcycles, RVs and quads. LED lighting works on any model of RV, ATV, boat or quad.      Many car models have already used led lights.Any make or model of a car such as a Mazda6, Passport, Harley Davison, Subaru, Sentra , Lamborghini, Pontiac, Mustang, Armada, Nissan, Miata, Taurus, Xenon, Spectra, Toyota, BMW, Ranger, Tacoma, Pathfinder, Thunderbird, Hummer, Escalade, Porsche, Corvettes, Ranchero, Ford, etc are all compatible with led led light.
Oh Yeah, Just Relax, Stretch, And, Let Us See It All Exactly What We Desire - Very Sexy     visit my other website:
If a woman says  I love you and you respond ditto, what the hell is that? If you are just dating, that means you are not ready to commit yet and just playing games. If you are having sex and living together and you say ditto it means you are no better then a dog in heat and never will understand the meaning of the word love.  The woman has just wasted that much time out of her life and her heart has been hardened...May those men suffer 1,000 times more in pain and judgement then men who truly know the meaning of the word and are not afraid to say it.
Go to Google. In the search box type "what defines an English person"   Look at the first result ;)   Have fun
Christmas...a Solider's Perspective...
T'was the night before Christmas, and he lived in a crowded, 40 man tent, with warriors so loud. I had come into the tent with presents to give, and to see just who in this rack did live. I looked all about, and a strange sight I did see, no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stockings were hung, just boots close at hand, on the locker hung pictures of far distant lands. He...had medals and ...badges, awards of all kind, and a sobering thought came into my mind. For this place was different, it was so dark and dreary, I had found the home of a Soldier, this I could see clearly. The Soldier lay sleeping, silent and alone, curled up in his rack, dreaming of home. The face was so gentle, the barracks in such good order, but not how I pictured a United States Soldier. Was this the hero whom I saw on TV? Defending his country so we all could be free? I realized the families that I've seen this night, owed their lives to these Soldiers who were willing to fight. Soon round the world, t
Prelude Of Love
I walk upon the clouds, not wanting to get off, just gazing at the love that was brought forth to me. From the first time i saw her, i was amazed, astonished, admiring this beautiful woman. Our worlds were distant then, me mated with another her in the same path. Our planets were afar along time, but the admiration grew into a devoted friendship. This friendship, grew as we grew, my heart growing more fonder of the friendship in front of me. As time  elapse, we adapted to our own worlds,the communication as distant as the time spent apart. She grew to admire others , i devoted my time to my path in life. but then something changed.... She became the same as i , single and heartbroken, me single an searchin... We began to see this in the same light, but both leary of events in both our paths. I saw something along time go that brought my heart  to hers. Our paths now on the same road, our planets align, our worlds united as one. Were it takes us, i dont no, but my souls been
Frozen Whisper
Frozen Whisper       Late at night is when it happens... coldness creeps in like a frozen whisper a whisper of one one who wants to feel warmth but clutches to the cold an empty heart pounding harder and harder trying to reach out fear taking over hiding in the shadows in the door, a ray of light tears fall which way to go who knows alone... and scared fearing love that it's forever lost slight hope in dim light seems so far away so in the cold, and in the shadows one remains softly the frozen whisper fades
Wow Have Not Done This In A Long Time.
It has been a long time since I have posted a blog here on Fubar.  I may even have to repost some of my writing for friends to enjoy.  Not much is going on lately.  Lots and lots of work, trying to get ready for the holidays etc etc.  Hope you all are doing well and I will see you again real soon with some new and interesting blog post.
Why Try?
                                                                        Why Try?      Sitting here    in a packed room    feeling all alone    amongst a crowd.    my heart broken beyond repair    crying in pain out loud.      Looking for a way to carry on    but finding no reason to,    wondering how it came to this,    trying to figure out what I should do.      Should I give up,    or carry on?,    should I try something new?,    my heart is breaking    I feel so lost    someone please tell me    what should I do?       How do I begin?     where do I start?     how do you repair a broken heart?,     nothings differant,     no matter how hard I try     so I put my face into my hands     'cause all I want to do is cry.    
Much Needed Venting
As some of you know, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer as I was going through radiation therapy 2.5 years ago.  She's been whomping the heck out of everyone's expectations, but unfortunately this morning she told me that her doc has recommended hospice and estimated she has 3-4 months left.  I've known this was coming for quite some time, but she really looks awful now.  She's gone from 150 pounds down to about 80, and is wearing kids' clothes now.  She can barely walk, and the amount of degradation in the last 9 days since I saw her last was astonishing.  The way she looked today, I'm just hoping she has THAT long.   I know I haven't been around here much the last few months since I started working again, and for a while when I do come on I expect it'll be to try for a massive distraction.  I promise it's not because I don't love everyone on my list - you either keep me sane or make me realize I'm saner than some of you crazy mofos :P  So if you see me around and I don't make an
My Lover...
What Is Beauty And What Do U Think Is Beautiful?
Personally i think u are only as beautiful as ur insides if u have crappy innards then ur face wont be attractive, whats ur input?
Love And Humility
good morn.1st to my lord and my closest freind ...jc and to all just thanking him 4 the trails ..storms and blessings as i prepare my mind and heart 4 today...looking back so that i may grow foward i realize and try 2 understand that i am far from perfect and never worthless ,,so ask myself treat  the next man likeself.even when i am..hurt..feeliing tooking advantage ,,neglacted lied about or even left 4 dead i know that resentment is not my freind only an enemy so as long as walk this earth ..let strive to walk in humility ...for what porfit is it for man is the answer..
Foreign Men
What is it with men from overseas? I have a couple as friends, and as soon as I am nice to them and start talking, they are suddenly "in love" with me and won't stop smothering me. Are they that insecure that they cannot find a woman where they are living? I don't mind American men coming on to my profile and leaving hot little comments, but American men, talk to you for a while and then leave you alone. Foreign men, talk to you and if you talk to them, you are their girlfriends' and they constantly harrass you when you are on here, they just don't get it that some of us are naturally nice to everyone, and that doesn't mean we are your girlfriends. My advice to all you guys is don't expect American women to be hard up, to want someone to shower them with gifts and constant attention...we are not that way, that is why we had the Equal Rights Amendment...we are self sufficient. We make choices in our lives that effect our family's life and we have rights to vote, and cook a meal or go o
And Again, Even Better Lol
You know you're Italian when you...1. Were raised with Nutella and Panettone for breakfast2. Have thick gold rings, bracelets, and gold chains with a cross3. Have a pissed off look on your face all the time4. Have a least two Cadillac's in the famiglia5. Only eat quality food…if pasta is not al dente you yell, "che schifo!"6. Still get a Perugina egg for Easter7. Talk with your hands naturally…ooooo…eeeyyy…"ma che fai?"8. Know the corner piece of lasagna and the end piece of bread is the best part9. Know that tiramisu is made with mascarpone not cream cheese   10. Know that if you're gonna do something, do it the Italian way11. Have a cross in your room above the bed12. Have a Maria, a Salvatore, a Tony, and a Vito in the family13. Love Madonna's old school music14. Do the Chicken Dance and the Tarantella at weddings even if you can't dance15. Eat a panino with prosciutto once a week 16. Find yourself cursing out people who aren't Italian, in Italian 1
You Know You're Italian.....
So I found it soooo true, thought I would shae it..over 95% of this relates to me.... lol   You Know You're Italian If...   You have many relatives named either Joe or Mary, and you have at least one brother named Joe You grew up in a small house, but you still had two kitchens. (One was in the basement) When you were growing up, you had five cousins all living on the same street When you were growing up, you thought that all wine was red and that it only came in gallon jugs If someone in your family grows beyond 6’ 2”, it’s presumed that the mother had an affair There were more than 28 people in your wedding party Your grandfather had a fig tree You've always wanted a red Ferrari When you were growing up, you ate Sunday dinner at 2:00 p.m., and on Thanksgiving, your family’s first course was Ravioli Your big family gatherings were held in your garage Your favorite movie is the “Godfather”, your favorite television show is “The
Enjoying The Pleasures Of Simple Things
Just enjoying the blessing of waking everyday to see what new ventures shall meet me good and bad. To be able to smell and sip on my herbal teas as I do meditations. Walking is a park an enjoying nature and all the different scenes and animals moving depending on the time of the day. Have a parent to fuss over and fuss at, the joy just to hear their voice, being able to like some family and stay way from the drama others bring. I LOVE cooking because it let's my creativity flow, from pizza to full course meals. Music and singing along awefully and that's why I try to keep it to shower time or when at home alone. Playing with the cats running and chasing them in the house and them chase me back. Playing with babies in the airport as I wait for my flight. I enjoy reading a good book day or night. Making friends laugh to they pee their pants. I enjoy being different, being myself as much as I can. Simple dreams of life, le
? ?
What to do when you have so much going in your life and sometimes you feel like nothing goes as you plan. For some of us sometimes its easier said then done to tell someone no worries, or everything will be ok. I know that from experience. And you just say back thank you or I hope so cause you do hope and your not to sure what else to say to them.   I know that everyone has their own personal problems (issues) and I don't blame them sometimes wanting to keep it to themselves. I do it sometimes also. But I do know that also sometimes talking to a friend helps. But sometimes you need to sit back and say to yourself do you really want to them everything. Cause do you trust some on here and some others you don't? But also, can you always trust anyone? Cause you may think cause you have met someone here and say I believe that I can trust them but do you fully? Cause you may tell them something and it comes out a whole different way.    And what if you do tell someone something that you
True Love Dies...
Limited Sweater
I’ve been in recovery for almost two years, but the draw of chunky knits and obscure patterns continue to trigger relapses. I find myself eyeing the bold colours and Navajo prints sported around campus with an eagerness to acquire more. My sweater addiction began in my prime years—preschool. I had developed a fascination with bird watching and could be found reading the latest edition of Alberta Birders. For my birthday that year, my grandmother decided to make me a hideous purple Franklin Marshall sweater with a giant red cardinal on it, bedazzled with a variety of magenta gemstones.
Life Part 2
learning to look away from the closed door .. learning to let it go .. trying to embrace a new exaitence . a new lifes journey . the heart racing .. the tears already shed .. the pain of losing one .. sometimes it feels better to be dead .. to be numb .. be numbess only lasts so long .. considering new paths .. new adventures .. not to wait for forever for a prince that may never come .. sleepy beauty enjoys her dreams better then her reality .. different existence a dreamlike state .. her smile , her honesty her love visable for the world to see .. the castle filled with sleeping pll . the prince he have heard and gone on a journey to find the castle , to find his true love . he has fought dragons.. and now his heart does not cower as he realised he has to break away all the vines from the castle to getto his true love .. Briar Rose..sleeping so beautifully .and then awaked by his his kiss as thier lips touch her dream of a hundred years ends ... and together they start a new journey
To heal from ones greatest tregedies takes time.. to allow one to feel .. all that was and to express it and and not shy away from ones pain .. to know once that the door is opened one will never be the same .. . but the same can said about the closed door .. you must lock it and think of it no more .. well no more in the way .. that path is lock its journies out of reach .. but once you lock it and walk away .. there will be another doors , another path to take .. not better only different from the last .. but will i have the strength , the will , the mindset to care enough to open this new door . this remains to be seen but life is for living , not to be head .. so i confront it .. confront the pain wrestle with claim it as my own .. and once i'll conquer it .. but there will always be consquences for the one lost and to the one who moves on .. at least in the state of exsistence . i wish no malice on ones that love .. and choose a different path .. but the pain remains the same lo
My Good Luck On Low Shirts
I love the popped collar–It’s just right. The sweater is sweet, but the collar gives it a sophisticated edge. The brand is Franklin  Marshall uk, but I picked it up at Goodwill for around $5.00. Worth. Every. Penny. Let’s talk about something else I’ve seen emerging in the fashion world. To celebrate Starbucks’ 40th birthday, Alexander Wang, Sophie Theallet, and Billy Reid have each designed a Franklin Marshall shirts that is being sold at Nordstrom.  This one, by Wang, is my favorite.
To hela .. from lifes grea
What Do We Do With All Our Rage
regrarless of how evolved we think we are.,there are still times when the dead lurches of the dreaded ego come back to life, bringing with them their stock in trade; fear, insecurity, judgement etc. and for me, recently, rage. Now rage is one of those primal feelings that is going to do some damage to something.It plays out in various ways. Turned within it can become depression, self hate, guilt etc. in addictions tx we used to tell people that it would come out the side of their necks. The event is just the trigger. This time for me it was about some money that I found out I wasn't going to get. But that ignites  the whole caldera of anger and resentments that burn wildly, like white hot melting rivers just beneath the crusts of our skin. My bathroom door was made of balsa wood and cardboard. My first instinct was to punch a hole in it.,but I quickly rejected that option; I write for a living, and I'd feel prettty dumb if i fucked up my hands and could
Hello, And Welcome To The Mental Health Hotline.
If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly.If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you.If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6.If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want. Stay on the lineso we can trace your call.If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to themother ship.If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a small voice will tell youwhich number to press.If you are a manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number youpress-no-one will answer.If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969.If you have a nervous disorder, please fidget with the hash key until arepresentative comes on the line.If you have amnesia press 8 and state your name, address, phone number, dateof birth, social security number and your mother's maiden name.If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, slowly and carefully press 000.If you have bi-polar disorder, please leave a message after the beep orbefore the beep. Or after th
Show Some Love To Roxan
Go check this fellow Fumembers page out for his sweet babygirl, Roxan. Let's help this family out and she is just too precious. :) Much love, Crystallee
Okay so this is something that I have been wanting to say for a long time. It is about gay love and if you don't want to hear about it then you shouldn't read this.......................................................................................................................................................................................................... Parent tell there kid that they will be loved no matter who they are or what they become but that isn't always true. They say that it is okay to love who every they want to. But that isn't true either, in most cases once the word gay passes the lips of their child it is like death has come out of their mouths. They are pushed away and left alone most of the time. I think that people need to learn to just deal with it, that or don't tell their children they will be loved no matter what because that is a lie, they should tell them that they will love them and be with them unless they are gay because that is what happens most of
Love Hurts
Blissful Moments
She gazed upwards into her lovers eyes the blood within her veins coursed through her body. The caress of his touch brought her higher loosing herself in the passionate moement time seemed to stop their bodies consumed in heat coming together in loves spellbinding curse. The passion tore through them  like lightning pure, white and hot Their hearts roaring skin pink with pleasure the world seemed to stop at the moment as all things fell into place
Can't Help Fallin In Love
Best Blog Ever
Just Follow The Link & You Will Find A Little Angel ,Her Story and her special loving dad right beside her! :)  
Nothing Like Rubbing Her Tummy Up, Down, And, Around, Nice, And, Slow To Get Both, Very Horny - It Feels So Good!!!     visit my other website:
Things I Learned From Ipod
1. All that she want's is another baby 2.Rythym is a dancer apparently 3. Captain Jack will get me high but only tonight 4. Every bad thing in life is because I got high. 5. Britney Spears is still looking for Amy 6. I am a Barbie girl 7.Sometimes you get knocked down, but you get up again, they will never keep you down.
If you could date anyone famous who would it be? and why?
19 Years An Innocent Man Still Sitting In Statesville
Juan Rivera learned his conviction for a notorious 1992 murder had been overturned on appeal when cheering inmates woke him early Saturday in his cell at the Stateville Correctional Center. The Illinois Appellate Court ruling tossed out his third conviction for the rape and fatal stabbing of 11-year-old Holly Staker and also barred Lake County prosecutors from retrying him for the Waukegan girl’s death. “He has been waiting for almost 20 years to hear these words,” said attorney Larry Marshall, a member of Rivera’s defense team who met with him Saturday at the prison near Joliet. But Rivera, now 39, already had learned his appeal had succeeded — inmates passed the word to him based on earlier news reports. “They woke him up with all kinds of cheering,” Marshall said. The ruling released late Friday means Rivera — who has been jailed for more than 19 years — could be freed from the prison within weeks, his attorneys said Saturda
Strange Love
Strange in time stars in the sky falling falling fast love comes and goes love love is strange the moon so high in the sky so strange love deep deep in the dark woods of love falling faster faster deeper deeper love flowers all around me need of love love strange deep love flowers all around me falling from the sky run deeper in the woods to find you love moon so high in the sky so strange love
Ferrets Rants & Rates Episode #1
"I'm Sorry"   Here we have a statement that i have heard multiple times to which i am sick of hearing it. Right now people have a habit of using this statement as apologies, but i have heard it so much that i consider it nothing more then excuses in which to have a person drop their guard. For example: Just about a month ago someone who was having a rough time decided to take out all of their anger and frustration on me. Now this is something i do not tolerate and as a result the person got blocked and deleted. However fubar seemed to mess up and allowed them to contact me again this week. Now i never give second chances when it's something such as this, and i didn't want to talk to this particular person but in the time it took me to go into support and get the problem solved this person had messaged me multiple times trying to tell me how "sorry" they were. I ignored it until the last minute and explained to them i did not like it and didn't appreciate how i was treated and in t
Lounge Bulltin
      GET LOONEY WITH US!! DRINKS AND HOTTIES ALL AROUND LOTS OF FUN AND FANTASTIC TUNES   (repost of original by 'Mrs Nawty Evil Addiction' on '2011-12-10 18:37:53')
Christmas With Mum
it was my mothers favourite time of year . so i still hold it very dear .. we used to decorate the the tree .. and drink eggnog together .. those memories last forever .. wed decorate the whole room .. with handmade decorations .. and mum would sure we each choose a gift for each of us .. fives presents in all . always things we needed in some way .. lots of arty things . one year my brother bought me a novel on horses .. i almost cried with joy .. my oldest bro i caled o him o always gave me trendy clothes to wear .. and i remember all of us .. pooling ur money to get mum jewellry .. and perfume .. such happy times together .. with the cats messing with the christmas tree .. but all i have now are memories she is long gone ...
Its Strange Being Here
its strange lying on this bed .. being in my exs house .. wish i didnt to be here .. but nia needed to see me again . i feel bad leaving to go see and my family .. but i can't take her out of school .. if youve ever felt youd know how i feel i . so many emotions it doesn't seem real ..leaving is going to be so hard .. but i have to seem its been so long .. i wish someone could tell me it wasnt so wrong .. i need her with but .. i can't even take her ... coming back is going to hurt so bad .. so these are some of the reasons why im sad .. sometimes it feels better to express them then keep them in ..
romance its such a funny little dance .. no always knowing what do to .. do you folow the the rules .. or make your own .. im always falling so hard when i fall .. i hope dont hit the ground hard .. my little heart of mine is scared .. but i do hope i hope for something to share .. i feel a bond .. so strongly there ... if he goes away again ... i dont know what i'll do .. if he choose some other girl .. my world will spilt in two .. i dont not own anyone .. but im sure like to keep people close to my heart .. lifes a funny thing ..
Schedule For Whiskey River
est           monday          tuesday        wednesday     thursday        friday          saturday              sunday 9-12                               shorty                                shorty           fiesty         12-3         shorty                                                                                3-6                                                                                                                 shorty                6-9                                                     cb                   cb                 cb                cb                      cb 9-12          shorty            shorty                               shorty           miga                                       miga 12-3          haus               haus            haus              haus             haus              haus                 haus
Just A Lone
Just a lone is a feeling of the moon going down on my face of sadness  no love in my heart as I set thinking  love of flowers falling around me will make me happy love come my way one day running running finding love one day falling moon falling moon falling flowers on my face of love ... love one day may be love come my way love falling down falling down
A Chance To Dream
                                                                    A Chance To Dream          Waking up next to you,      the greatest feeling I've ever known,      the caress of your skin,      the beauty in your eye's      the greatest act of kindness      ever shown.        Was it just a fantasy      or a vision of what was yet to be?      what did I do,      for it to come to me?        Was the heart you gave me a loner      or was it mine to keep?      I don't want this feeling to end      so I'll just go back to sleep.        I hope that when I wake up      things are exactly what they seem,      where I wake up next to you,      and it wasn't just a dream.  
Mandy's Douche Bag Of The Day!
Mandy's Douche Bag of the Day! This idiot came into my sb saying "Hey Baby-Wanna have some phone fun?"   With a status that says "I have to go to work, but i have a hard cock...wanna help me drain it!"   What a pathetic man!   Your Master@ fubar
Put Your Beard In My Mouth
May To December
Nito ay 7 buwan ngayon, ako ang lahat ngunit ibinigay na up-asa. Aking pag-ibig para sa kanyang ay hindi deminished. Sabi niya dapat kong ilipat. Ngunit hindi ko, ako sinubukan ngunit ang aking pag-ibig ay matatag. Alam ko siya ay may kakayahan upang makita ang, ngunit pa siya kalahati pinapansin akin, at kalahati ay matamis sa akin.Ang Biblia ay nagsasabing kung ako bilang para sa someting sa iyong pangalan mo bigyan ito sa akin .. Mangyaring Panginoon dalhin ang kanyang likod.salamat
Honesty should be a sin, cause it's a fucking curse. I can't help being truthful, but it brings out the fucking worst. Somethings should be kept in your head, but now I can't help it, The goddamn curse comes up like fucking word vomit. I say whats on my mind, I hurt people - push them away, all because I can't help the absolute truth, now Im astray from the ones I love. Knows as a bitch cause they've had enough. And so have I, so take my pain and let me lie..
Poems Bye Rochele9 Blog By Rochele9
trapped inside i rest a feeling i hide a moan , utter maddnes befriends me , i can not see , how can i look , how can i feel , where are you , i sat alone to cry , to taste my bitter tears , while alone i could only know the fear . when it was over i felt relieved and hallow , only voice to hear which leads a heart too follow.
Woman 101
Listen, ladies, there is a sickness running rampant.   It's called insecrurity. Instead of trying to build self-confidence and a sense of independent identity outside the bounds of a relationship, many of you are looking for meaning in a man. FALSE. You need to be comfortable in your own skin before you can even begin to share who you are with another human being-men included.And don't just take my word for it. I've talked to so many men over the years and I've noticed a trend. They want someone real. It's not even that they want an uber feminine woman (whatever it means to be feminine---that's another issue all together). They want another human being that they can relate to and connect with on a level that goes way beyond makeup and tight clothes.HOWEVER, do not get me wrong. I LOOOOOVE to get dolled up, but it is not for any one esle but me. Will men look my way? Sure. Will they whistle as I walk by and regress back to cave men behavior; of course, that's what they are hard wired
Can You Read My Hidden Message.
W e have to be strong when we want to sit down and weep. A ll is never how it first seems though if we have time to sit and be silent somethings will be revealed. I am a vessal to be used for good never to be taken and missused in a disrespectful way. T ime  seem to fly and the day is gone before all your plans can be set in motions and then tomorrow comes.   A t what point in life do you take control of you and not let the world lead you. N ow that there are more choices in direction which way do you go and how will you get there? D rive is an inner source of mental power that is embraced by the soul to ensure you become what you want.   E very person you come across will form an opinion of you... Will it matter to you and break your spirit? M eet every event with an open mind to see the possibilities. B rightness is the children. Raised in love and shown the correct way to be & break the chains of greed. R ace against time and odds and yet you feel you heart beat and the
Hippy Heart
Been moving in my mind but my feet seem planted not  wanting to walk in any direction. Heart pounding unsettled, disappointed with the ways of mankind seeking a saticfaction of another kind. Turn to my music as it is the only comfort I have in this holiday season, no disappointmentor judment from what I should be but can not be beccause it's not the inner me. Travel far from this place where the angels play, no I'm not crazy just tired of lies and false claims. Hope for the worst and be suprised by the best of situations as life spends you on the toy top and you hang on for dear life as you wonder where you will stop. Shake a hand, give a hug embrace in love though what is the true heart of those one meets. Always wanting to see the good and love in each fellow person and yet I keep get hitting with that wall. There are people not able to show such things at all no matter my positive nature I poor out. Never done a drug to get away, yet my mind takes many trips away, adventures o
Erotic Fantasy (only Read If You're Brave)
i walk in the door, and there you are...a vision of beauty, like a shining star...dressed in a skirt, and a pale cream blouse...i come up behind you, quiet as a jump and squeal, as i pull you near...then lean against me, when i breathe into your ear..."honey, i'm home", is all i say....but everytime i say it, it takes your breath turn around, looking at me with sparkling eyes...then wrap me in your arms, with contented lift your face, so i can kiss your lips...and i begin to stroke your cheek, with my fingertips...when at last, we come up for air...i run a hand, through your luxurious hair..."come with me", i say, as i lead you along..."i've missed you all day, since i've been gone"...i sit on the couch, and pull you to me...and you straddle my lap, sitting on my tell me you missed me, wishing i was home...and i tell you truely, that i would never leave you alone...we kiss again, passionate and together the life, we dream of i
All My Loving
Fakes Of The Day...again..
I forgot to mark the last blog myself so it got hit. Here's a repost of that...Fakes of the day. Always special. Always Fail... Check out the "Faker Crap" album for details!... The stupid never sleeps. ....peace.
Trouble-free And Snug Resettlement Services
In India, numerous of packing and moving companies who are providing their assistance to the shifters for the comfy resettlement. They take all your tensions of resettlement and offer the quality services for the relaxed resettlement. They provide you the best solutions for all types of your resettlement situations. They do the complete work of shifting to lessen the burden of your resettlement process. They handle all important work of shifting process perfectly in a faultless manner. Some of the important works that they complete in a planned way are as follows: packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, rearrangement, etc. First, the work of packaging is completed by expert workers of these companies. It is one of the most important works that secure the belongings from loss. The packing and moving companies used the finest quality materials for the packaging work of resettlement. Bubble wrap sheet, cartoons, jerk resistance, corrugated cardboard roll, sticky tapes, gu
Burberry Outlet Store The Oath
 The Vedic marriage ritual, does not  burberry outlet store enjoin the duty of obedience upon the wife. The reliable Christian ritual, specify enjoined the duty of obedience upon the wife. She took the oath that she would adore and obey her husband until her death, even although the latter merely observed that he would adore and cherish her. The deliberate differentiation within oath was a organic and natural corollary belonging toward concept adumbrated in Paul, V, 22, how the husband will be the mind belonging toward wife, as Christ will be the mind belonging toward Church. It is fascinating to be aware that even in 1928, the British Parliament refused to sanction the suggestion to remove the reference to obedience within wife’s oath. The concept of wife’s subordination is dying out within West.Physical Assault of partner – using the decrease within standard age and training of girls, cheap burberry bags actual physical assault belonging toward partner do take place
Burberry Scarf Outlet Parameters
It is not until the center belonging burberry scarf outlet toward 19th century that dowry started to be an impediment in marriages. earlier toward advent belonging toward British, of india was an agricultural overall economy but subsequently decent education, lucrative job; financial placement started to be parameters on which boys started out getting measured. The problems appears to possess obtained accentuated commencing the 1900’s. Its time this method is dumped.A be aware on placement of girls in Western Society Chapter 12The Doctrine of perpetual tutelage of girls was not used severely by Hindu neighborhood could possibly be gauged within fact that the women’s write about in house kept on increasing. If suppression burberry scarves on sale of girls was certainly the aim, her write about within house might have come about reducing however the opposite happened. based on Dr Leitner, the educational Commissioner of Punjab all through the 3rd quarter belonging toward last
Burberry Scarf On Sale More Mature
The more mature rules enjoining upon the guardians the duty for marrying their girls earlier along using the right toward woman to create her option of husband continued. Also the revocation of marriage owning burberry scarf on sale a bridegroom below specific conditions was allowed. The rules relating to sinful girls ongoing although with much less severity though. The partner was to hold on to show up shortly after husband and family people as well as the husband’s reciprocation of sustaining the faithful partner continued. As before, the husband will be to spend compensation extending to one 3rd of house to his supreseded wife.However, the sensation that girls are symbols of conquest started to be more powerful all through this period.A widow was regarded getting the foremost heir of her sonless and divided husband as also a women’s complete ownership of her stridhana (certain types of house obtained with a female on particular occasions and at different stages of life)T
Identifying Some Of Prevalent To The North Have To Deal With Shirt Styles
When dealing with Upper Face Jakker, an individual's are a number of variations which are currently ever more popular to cyclists from around the world and that they most of get their unique distinctive feel and look which will riders very often will want. Some within the most popular South Front fleece versions is the primary, added, jean material, moped, and thus lovely looking Upper Encounter Jakker.The primary N . Head parka is merely which in turn, common. This taste is probably the most well known north face danmarkchoices because it is more traditional which will be often the things the large majority of riders are looking for. It stands for whatever motorcyclist have been completely with regard to a and that is certainly role-specific riders who seem to take pleasure in just about everything you can find on the subject of motorcycling. The important style and design parka ordinarily consists of steel or perhaps a steel appliances, loads of conventional hardware and
Little Tin God Don Henley
Little Tin God LyricsDon Henley "A new age is dawningOn fewer than expectedBusiness is usual"That's how the headline readSome shaky modern saviorsHave now been resurrectedIn all this excitementYou may have been misledPeople want a miracleThey say "Oh Lord, can't you see us?We're tryin' to make a livin' down hereAnd keep the children fed"But, from little dark motel roomsto "Six Flags Over Jesus""How hard the mighty fallen"So the Bible saidYou don't have to pray to a little tin godStep out of the way for a little tin godYou might fear the reaper, fear the rodBut you never have to get down on your kneesYou don't have to holler, "please, please"No, you never have to get down on your kneesFor a little tin god OH NO   Well the cowboy's name was "Jingo"And he heard that there was troubleSo in a blaze of gloryHe rode out of the westNo one was ever certainWhat it was that he was sayin'But they loved it when he told themThey were better than the restBut you don't have to pray to
New 2012 Nissan Juke Attracts Many People
The new 2012 Nissan Juke has installed led led lights,it attract many people.You can see that outlining the rim of the light enclosure is a series of dots.This is an LED strip light that he added to augment the brake lights. It’s glued in place, and features side emitting LEDs so that the light will be focused behind the car. The car has equipped with an ATtiny85 microcontroller.When turn on the led lights for cars,the led strip light will up to 75% in only eight seconds. When the brake pedal is pressed up to 100%.
Suv Audi Q3 Is Fashion And Beautiful
SUV Audi Q3 is a kind of compact-class car model.It attract a lot of people.It has been equiped with many different led lights for cars such as led signal light,brake light,led license plate light and so on.It will be equipped with adaptive shock absorbers,TT equipment off shock absorber.Generally speakly,the SUV Audi Q3 is sporty, efficient and versatile,all the equipments inside the car will make drivers feel at home when they are driving.In addition,the additionIn order to distinguish the SUV Audi Q3 from many other car models,SUV Audi Q3 has already beed tuned to ave a more dynamic driving performance, luxury appearance.of the led lights  also make the car more fashion and beautiful.
Me, being the attention whore that I am, am feeling as if I am invisible. I worked all day today, and my boyfriend felt as if the ten minutes of sitting down and eating a meal was more than enough time to spend together today. Instead of having an adult conversation with each other, this is what we do: sit next to each other in the office, in our own separate internet lands. I try to converse with him, but he has his head phones on and the music up so loud that even I can hear the music. I always tell him that if I were to get inured he would never be able to hear me screaming for help.   Now, what's worse, with me wanting attention tonight is that my best friend messages me to complain that her husband is ignoring her tonight. So we exchange frustrations, and then she tells me about a good thing that happened to her today, so I congratulate her and tell her the good thing that happened to me today. No congratulations from her. She switched to a totally different subject, not even co
Inspiration 40
Kristen: She has wild nights at Best Buy/Rifling threw movies and games naked, roleplaying, hiding from the black drip from her coworkers/I record it all, smiling and terrified by how turned on she getsd me and how dangerous she is/ For XXXmas she gets promoted to a new department and I jump for joy when she brings me the latest 3D First Person Shooter Grand Theft Tetris Kill Santa game/ A KLos Bitch nametag firmly secured to my chest and killing Santa ive never felt so manly, or so aware that my balls could be crushed instantly should i dissapoint her
Creative Writing Championship 2011, Round 2 Entry
This is a 1,000 word story Genre: Comedy Location: Flower Shop Object: Fish Killing GoldfishMr. Brownfield could feel Harold looking at him. Brownfield closed his eyes, took a deep breath and potted the plant how he wanted to do it anyway. The Greenhouse was slow and Brownfield was trying out new things to pass the time. Harold the goldfish just did what he always did, swim in his bowl and shake his head at Brownfield. After the shop was tidied up, Brownfield locked up and headed home without saying a word to Harold.When Brownfield came in the next morning Mrs. Flowers was sitting at the register, smiling at Harold and sprinkling food into his bowl, blowing kisses at him.Brownfield said hello to Mrs. Flowers and Harold. He told Mrs. Flowers she looked lovely and gritted his teeth as he told Harold that his bowl looked very clean. He set down his bag and went to look at the Marigold plant he potted the day before, it was on its way to dying already.It was Friday morning and the shipment
Dj Schedule For Whiskey River
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday   9AM-Noon  Shorty  Shorty Fiesty       Noon-3PM  Shorty       3PM-6PM Clutch Clutch Shorty Clutch   6PM-9PM Miga Sassy CB CB CB CB CB   9PM-12AM Shorty Shorty Shorty Miga Sassy Miga   12AM-3AM  Haus  Haus  Haus  Haus MadDog  Haus  Haus
Dj Rules For Whiskey River
If you are going to be a DJ in our lounge you need to commit to at least 2 sets per week ,  unless you are a guest djay.   Every Effort should be made to play all requests whenever possible . If you cannot do your set please make every effort to have it covered and you must yim DJ MADDOG or DJ MIGAMORSE and let them know you can't make your set at least 3 hours in advance.  All DJ`s should be in the lounge 15 mins before their set begins . Stop taking request 15 mins before your set is due to end .  All new djays will have a one week probationary period. If you cause any problems for staff or lounge members, you will terminated immediately We play all kinds of music and we get requests for all kinds of music so we have to be flexible in what we play This is a great lounge to work in and be a part of and it will remain that way, lets all have fun and be the best lounge on fubar!!  
First Thing To Go!
Brewed some ice tea last night.My pitcher was soaking, so I used a 2liter Coke bottle I just finished. Stuck it in the freezer to chill for bit, got sidetracked, forgot.Saw it in there this morning, frozen, so took it out & put in the fridge to thaw. I get home this evening, kick my boots off, go to mix a rum n coke, and Im like watching it come out the bottle, and thinkin "wtf?, sumn aint right with this Coke, its looks watered down, no fizz at all, wutindeefuk is wrong with this shit? Did I get a defective product?". So I sniff it cautiously, doesnt seem to have any zing.. *face all twisted up at this point*. I cant believe how scared I was to dab my finger in there and take a taste, but I just had to solve this mystery,...then it hit me...*arms drop, head goes back* "eeeyouhoohoo stoopid mutha fuker hahahahaha"..first time in awhile I actually lost my breath laughin at myself. The more I thought about how bummed I was that my drink was all fukd up and I was gonna have to go b
True Lil Piece I Found Written By Someone Else I Liked It So Much I Wanted To Keep It :)
Relationships-of all kinds-are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers. You may hold onto some of it, but most will be spilled. A relationship is like that. Held loosely, with respect and freedom for the other person, it is likely to remain intact. But hold too tightly, too possessively, and the relationship slips away and is lost. -Alice Sebold
Gothic 12 Days Of X-mas
I was bored, so I made my own Christmas list!   twelve purple roses eleven packs of Cloves ten stripey arm-warmers nine pounds of coffee eight custom corsets seven Living Dead Dolls six pairs of platforms five Cure CD's four granite gargoyles three Giger posters two ambulance hearses and a Tim Burton Christmas Tree!
Check This Out!?!
Being true to yourself is very important to me....I am prob about as up front as they get...if you offend me..I'm gonna let you know it...if you piss me off...I have NO problem making you aware of that as well...if you hurt my feelings..oh my...we don't even wanna start on that is NOT the same goes for once my emotions have went beyond friendship...have reached a whole different level....I express it...try and show it...I don't want to live with doubt..and wonder..wat if I had only revealed wat I was truly feeling..I ALWAYS reveal it..and prob say too much..but there is NO questioning wat I am feeling..because I have no problem expressing it....but I am NOT the epitome of strength...I just like everyone else have my weaknesses....and I am VERY well aware of wat they takes ALOT for someone to get me to open up and feel anything..but yet at the same time..I am kind and just as respectful to others as they are to me....I give wat I get....but when s
Taxi Service
Visiting a new place may be frustrating and quite different from your friendly neighborhood. It becomes even harder when you move from one place to another. A new set of transportation system may be pretty confusing. It can be time consuming too. Even though if it is almost the system you have come across before, then again hassles come to you in many means. Talking about bus; it takes so much time to reach destinations, commuters; you will have to wait until it gets full, train service; as same as the bus service. All these pester can make you tired and distracted from your focus. But, while you are dealing with the question of how to deal with this problem, you may be forgetting about one solution. It’s a public transportation system will offer a much faster and a hassle free service. Yes it’s the Taxi Service in the neighborhood. A taxi service is comparatively faster than other public transportation systems. It will not stop at different destination, except your desti
Weeding My Own Path
People look at their lives..and wonder wat they would change..I look at mine..and I wouldn't change a damn thing!....even with the nightmares...the unbearable times...all the hardships...tears...blood and sweat...all of that HAD to made me who I am....all the obstacles I have overcome..have made me the crazy ass emotional train wreck I am today.....but it has also made me compassionate...caring..and has made me see the world differently than everyone else....when others don't dare waste their time...that's when I do....because I DON'T give up on the people that I feel need me....and are worth it...KNOWING I am worth it as is easy to give up....but hanging on...fighting thru the toughest times....smiling in spite of your wat true strength is about....sometimes you have to be your to realize just how strong you truly are....the world is full of good excuses...that many people are WAY too eager to hand out to you....but it is YOUR choice
Following Her Footprints In Sand. Placing Flowers On Her Grave.
is this as casual as i believe what is this eerie sense of forbiding i cant seem to think clearly sweet hero my only friend...   going around in circles im running as fast as i can trying to hold it together sweet hero my only friend...   her screams are getting louder her tears are falling faster do all sins wash away take me away sweet hero...   my one and only friend
Check This Out!?!
 Mahal na Diyos ,ka ng lahat ng posibleng mga miricales at futures. Mangyaring Pakidalhan ako pabalik ang aking pag-ibig. Alam ko siya nagmamalasakit, alam ko siya loves sa akin. Umaasa ako na maaari mong mamagitan at ipakita ang kanyang daan pabalik sa akin .. Ako ay malungkot. Ako nawala .. Point dito sa path bumalik upang mahanap ako.
Hands Of Love
I thought of an analogy last night as I was trying to fall asleep about relationships and feel led to share this morning...Imagine two hands facing one another. When two people meet and begin a relationship is when the two hands are placed against each other. As the relationship grows the fingers of the two hands begin to move toward the other hand and fold downward. As the love begins to mature the fingers begin to take hold of the other hand so that the other hand is secure and cannot easily slip away. If the love is cultivated enough the two hands will become intertwined and nothing can separate them. the same respect, when our love for another person is not cultivated, our fingers begin to pull back. Our grip becomes looser upon the other persons hand and we begin to come into danger of allowing them to slip away. If we are not careful, before we know it we have lost the love and relationship.It takes two hands moving toward one another to make a relationship strong. Culti
Ambiguity Of Love
Through nights pass arrives the chalice of hope.. the serenity of light and the beauty within your eyes. The glistening sun reveals your heart, and visible is a reflection of fate..As the moon fades your lips derive a compulsion, and our hearts yearn. The gentle spirit of you i feel, and through nights warmth, all my wounds begin to heal.. Alas destiny has played its role, in that i have been united with the most beautiful soul.. what seems a dream couldn't be more real...and with a gentle kiss, our hearts seal. I close my eyes, hold you tight within my arms and embrace.. i feel your serenity, open my eyes.. and see your beautiful face. You seem to be glowing, and within you i see an angelic mist of love.. this is destiny, it is fate.. because you were sent from above. Your smile speaks truth, hope and serenity.. With you i see a future.. one of everlasting eternity...As the sun rises, we feel content.. in each others arms there is no fear, every evil and every distress is shed without
The First, The Last?
They say that a girl, always remembers her firstHe who claimed her heart, and he who quenched her thirstThe fun that they had, the experiences they sharedAll of which taught the other, how to be preparedThe future was unknown, partners without a faceOne had to walk away, the other increased the pace.Fast forward a lifetime, to something as simple as “hi”Did they really know then, that their emotions would flyThese two first timers, now with separate livesSparks flew from the moment, he looked into her eyesTalking and laughing together, as comfortable as beforeAnd though it’s so exciting, is it right to want more?To spend the next lifetime together, can they both believeIt would be so easy, to merge and blend their livesStronger together, working to overcome the others’ pastCan it really be possible, that the first becomes the last?
Katt Williams Goes Off On A Mexican National Heckler At His Show.
racist or patriotic?   
The Difference Between Me And You
Look through my eyes, and tell me what you see. Can you see beyond them, into the real me? Or is it just the color, and shape you're focused on? I bey you don't even know, where you went wrong. I look at the world, through a different set of eyes. I don't see what you do, I've learned how to recognize. Real beauty, not the surface at all. What lies beyond the brick, that built the wall. What's buried in the sand, hidden from view. That's the difference between, me and you.
For The Troops
we must support the troops , while they are away i wish it was only kind words we had to say . this nation is build on soliders blood . going back generations .. and while the soliders fight .. thier families wait. thier children wait the world waits for them to return .. but the sand runs red with thier blood .. the sacrifies untold .. they are the heroes .. yet they leave their stories untold .. so many lose the wives .. cause they can't take it all .. the children miss their fathers their mother thier aunts thier uncles .. too many die at war .. war is not a pretty . countries are covered in blood . bodies lie in the streets .. children pick up guns and become men .. soliders are forced to do things that should never have to be done .. all for the sake of thier country to grant us the freedoms .. we have and the reason i know all this is because im an ex milatary wife . If the army wanted the soliders to have wives it would of issued them to them .. .so when you stop to complain thi
The Day The Penis Asked For A Raise
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons:I do physical labor.I work at great depths.I plunge headfirst into everything I do.I do not get weekends or public holidays off.I work in a damp environment.I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation.I work in high temperatures.My work exposes me to contagious diseases.Sincerely, P. Niss The Response Dear Penis:After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons:You do not work 8 hours straight.You fall asleep after brief work periods.You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations.You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working.You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift.You don't always observe necessary safety regulations, such as wearing theCorrect p
Hiding From My Shadow. Where does the darkness of my calling card will come to an end? Many waken nights i have wonder when it will be over for good. Only time and many steps from the awaking each day i rise from my sleep. Sometimes I Wonder if it is just a dream or all my twisted inside sick dreams have been unleashed to haunt me from now and many times down the road from now. When will it ever end to be happy and shatter all these nightmares that i have become from my twisted tormented thoughts of insanity from my dreams. Have i reach the end of the road or is their more to see other side of the light that shines down the road. Only the mystery of the thought can be my idea for now until that time comes,and only will know soon enough as the days go by.     By Josh R. Snider
You'll Never Learn...
ems1160: you are in a bathroom stall smoking a cigarette suddenly a penis comes through the hole and the voice on the other side says "surprise me" what would you do? To ems1160: Well, If I WAS smoking, which I don't, I would put my cigarette out on that rude penis that shouldn't be in the women's bathroom anyways. Then I'd ignore the idiot who thought it was ok to talk to a lady like you have. BUH BYE   If this is how you plan on speaking to me, don't bother. EVER.   Sincerely, Still not impressed.
The Day The Wrong Way Around
getting mildly feed up with seeing the day backwards ...  i miss sleep! My god do i miss sleep, there is something uncontrollably frustrating about seeing the day come the wrong way round. I dont want the sun to burn my eyes .... hell my lap is burning my eyes... Its slowly getting so bad i feel the sun hit my face and my head throbs for a moment    I am not a bloody vampire lol as fun a role play as that can be... i dont wan the sune to brun my eyes... I am just tired    I miss peaceful rest. I miss sweet dreams... waking up clam and bliss.. ya anyways if it was summer the sun would be burning my eyes already but its not... so maybe i will sleep enough that it wont 2moro
Fubar Christmas Carol
Pursue Your Passion And Share Happiness
We all are talented in one way or the other; there is no doubt about that. If you look deep inside you know that there are many ways where you can easily find your passion and make sure that you develop your interests and even share it with the whole wide world. Some of us might be great with numbers, some might be geniuses when it comes to poetry, some might have a creative touch, however only some might be able to put their passion in their direction. In this article we are going to discuss how you can actually with the help of the internet, make sure that you are achieving the right things the right way. With your passion you can so easily share a lot of fame and be on the receiving end of these unforgettable moments. 1. The first step would be to start having a good list of the things that interests you and what you are really good at. Take a piece of paper and write them down. It might be big, it might be small, and it doesn’t really matter. 2. For example if you are good at
Beauties & The Bautista In The Speakeasy Ring
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute   This Saturday Night, December 10th on The Dr. Susan Block Show BEAUTIES & The BAUTISTA We’re going to UNLEASH YOUR BEAST (in a Bonobo Way)!    
Discount Burberry Scarf Instant Continuity
A Ministry of GloryBesides stressing his humiliation like a indicator of his union with Christ collectively with a badge of his organization for Christ, Paul also compares his ministry with that of Moses. The tactful criticism using the discount burberry scarf complacent 'Spirit people', who prided by themselves on their wisdom and dignity, is in instant continuity using the criticisms of earliest Corinthians. The comparison with Moses is, however, a brand determine new element (see p. 71). We have currently arrive throughout the risk posed to Paul's ministry by individuals that insisted on observance of Mosaic ritual (pp. 26-30). in inclusion to sending brokers to Antioch and Galatia, they may nicely have sent envoys to Corinth to counter the effects each of Paul's 'libertarianism' and using the severe libertarianism using the 'Spirit people'. If they objected to Paul's independence from legitimate observance, they would item even an awesome offer more strongly in the direction of cav
Burberry Sale Revolution Produziert
In Frankreich, vor der gegenw?rtigen burberry sale Revolution produziert die Einrichtung der Menge der Parlamente oder unparteiische Gerichte, alle durch den ganz anderen Provinzen, relativ wenige unpassende und Erschütterungen Entscheidungen. Dies lange zugewiesen wurde, und mit deutlich erkennbaren Grund, seit die hervorragende Quelle für diese Vielfalt der Zoll- und Gesetze, die vorherrschten, zu einer ungew?hnlichen Grad, alle durch die v?llig anderen Komponenten mit dem K?nigreich Frankreich, im übrigen so sch?n komprimiert.In England werden, die Regeln, sowie Rechtsvorschriften über die komplette Justiz Abteilung, einige Standard, einheitlich in einem beispielhaften Ma? verringert. In keinem Land vielleicht, ein st?rker Eindruck Vorrang über die Vorteile von Stabilit?t durch die Verwaltung der Justiz. Aber durch eine Unaufmerksamkeit unklug, um zu sagen, zumindest davon, in Richtung der Inferiour Betriebe, unten mit exquisit proportionierte Geb?ude, errichtet von Alfred, ist eing
Burberry Sunglasses His Believed
Paul also now offers the clue to all his believed near to the matter, producing one more pun, this time noticeable while in the Greek. The verse 1.21 reads literally, 'God repaired us firmly with you in Christ (bebaiw/n) and christed (cri,saj) us, who also sealed us and gave us the pledge using the Spirit within our hearts'. The term I have rendered burberry sunglasses'christed' is etymologically as well as phonetically associated to 'Christ', for 'Christ' signifies 'anointed', whence the conventional translation, 'God...anointed us'. however the pun expresses nicely the intensity with which Paul feels his integration into or identification with Christ. Similarly the present using the 'pledge' using the Spirit of Christ bespeaks precisely the very same integration, for that term utilized for 'pledge' is utilized of the earliest down-payment or deposit, a payment which produces perception only if even more payment will be to follow. Paul is getting cautious to not contradict what he men
  Pobierz jako taptę/download as wallpaper Powred by GR
#opdarknet Official And Last Release — 11/2/2011
#OpDarknet Official and Last Release In the last three weeks of #OpDarknet, we gained much support from The World with our Operation Darknet. We would like to thank our supporters, in #OpDarknet’s cause. There also was a large amount of resistance from the pedophile community claiming that Tor was their safe haven with messages such as: Hidden Wiki ‘Hard Candy’ section – October 20: “To the vandals, you vandalize the page 1,000,000 times, we will correct it 1,000,001. It will just go back and forth. We are here to stay. People want to run DDoS attacks over tor and think it hurts us, it does. It is our GOD given right that we can choose to have our sexual preferences for youth. It is the same for the any other porn community. It is not what we choose to become, it is who we are. You Anonymous aka #OpDarknet do not have the right to censor us.” Operation Darknet was never intended to bring down Tor or the “darknets”. The only p
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Angel In My Eyes(poetry)
Angel in my eyes In everyway i can see From the beautiful eyes Starring thru my soul To the softest Lips I have ever known I dream of her beauty standing here beside me Knowing one day it may be true I can feel my heart pounding The anticipation growing Desire Is all i know To have her all to myself Would mean the world to me To bring a smile upon those lips To keep her happy is my only wish Curressing her hands with my own I can feel all the pain she has indurred Wanting to take it all away An let her know from here on out You will never have to be alone Wanting to hear her voice standing next to me My heart has just skipped a beat My mind begins to race
My Mind
The pain in my heartKeeps ripping me apartThe thoughts in my headTell me to make you deadThe hate inside of meKeeps me thinkingLaying in my bed at nightThe things going on filled with frightStrangers just walking byHow many ways can they dieMy hands , a gun or knifeAll tools to end a lifeFilled with so much hateThis can't just be heart breakThe years trieng to bury itNow I have to live with itAll this painTrapt inside my brainThe way I walk , talk and dressExpressions of my mind's messYou make fun of meI want to make my fantasy a realityIt starts with a lifeIntroduce a knifeStabbing at your headNow you're deadI'm the one laughing nowYour friends are crieng nowYou wanna make funTalk to this gunI pull the triggerJust one fingerHow many people can I killHow much blood can I spillI'm filled with rageExpress it page after pageYou wonder what's wrong with meTry spending one day as meFingers pointingFaces stareingI feel frustratedAlways aggravatedI want to hideAway from my mindSitting by a tr
Hotel Apna Avenue-hotel Near Yeshwant Club, Treasure Island Etc
Hotel Apna Avenue is place for the Best Taste of Indore. It is a Pure Veg and Best and Economy Hotel in Indore. Its location is near Malhar Mega Mall, Orbit Mall, C21 Mall, Mangal City Mall, Treasure Island, SGSITS, Yeshwant Club, Holkar Cricket Stadium, Bombay Hospital, CHL Apollo Hospital, Abhay Prashal, Curewell Hospital, Basket Ball Complex, ITC, AB Road, MG Road and in Commercial Area, most Posh Area, Shopping Area etc. Banquet is available here. Hotel Apna Avenue, Indore under the professional management of M/s is a full service hotel that has established itself as a premier hotel in the city showcasing modern architecture making it a Landmark in Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.We have an experience of over 50 years in the field of Hospitality in Indore. Our excellent team of experienced professionals in Hospitality Industry and in-depth knowledge of the taste of the town ensures that our guests enjoy the best of services. Our vision is To excel in hospitality s
Thought This Was Cute...:}
Holiday Eating Tips1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet tableknows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls.2. Drink as much eggnog as you can. And quickly. Like fine single-malt scotch, it's rare. In fact, it's even rarer than single-malt scotch. You can't find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who cares that ithas 10,000 calories in every sip? It's not as if you're going to turn into an eggnog-aholic or something. It's a treat. Enjoy it. Have one for me. Havetwo. It's later than you think. It's Christmas!3. If something comes with gravy, use it. That's the whole point of gravy. Gravy does not stand alone. Pour it on. Make a volcano out of your mashedpotatoes. Fill it with gravy. Eat the volcano. Repeat.4. As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they're made with skim milk or whole milk. If it's skim, pass. Why bother? It's like buying a sports carwith an au
Day 45
Life is starting to unravel. Today I was on a belt register the entire day, and half the time i was either smote by a furious rage that started for no reason or having Adele songs stuck in my head, infuriating me more. nothing is more inherently annoying than Adele's voice; you hear it, and the whole fuckin day is shot. Still, the fact that i spent 2 hours in a secret state of high piss off for no reason annoys me. i should know why the hell i'm it pisses me off when i don't know why i'm pissed in the first place...not to mention the squalling brats, screaming and crying because mommy and daddy aren't doing what they wanted. See, this is why the world is going to hell. Kids these days have no respect, and little to no sense of right and wrong. Punishment has been deemed crass, has been classified as "child abuse". But if I'd tried half the shit that I see these little bastards pulling, I'd have gotten a few well-deserved swats about the bum. When Pirates of the Carib
Viber app    it always free long distance calls and texts  from smart phone to smart phone.... thought some of you long distant friends might like it    its pretty cool      waits for PF to get cited 
Copy`d From My Yearbook Just A Few Mins Ago ! My Battle Still Going On !
Rebecca and i was going to add another female one ! not now ! 1 hour ago · Comment · Unlike · View You and albert brocklehurst like this.   Rebecca Leuallen 1 hour ago I won`t add no female ones ether ! Rebecca Leuallen 1 hour ago and there were more with less on !
I Am A Hot Wife
Why To Intall Led Brake Light On Our Cars?
     Why to intall led brake light on our cars? Most people know the importance of the Led brake light .It decides if we can drive safely.     The common problems for the led brake light are two-the light does not light up or always on, no matter is the former or the latter situation,it will effect the driving.    Led brake light is the most important led signal light of the led fog light.The common car led brake bulbs have two types-led rear brake light and high brake light.We often see that some brake lights on both sides,while the driver himself is unaware of the problem,This situation is very serious, if it is congested road in the urban areas, may result in minor rear-end and it is a waste of time and money;     If it is on the highway will lead to serious accidents, not to mention that at night, even during the day, the brake light problem is also dangerous.So when we use this kind of led lights for cars,we should pay attention to them,and improve our driving safety.
Led Lights For Cars Make Audi A8 Stand Out
In fact,the Audi A8 has two different versions of the models,so the styles of lights are also different.When compared with the old rigid headlights, the “L” shape design of the new A8′s headlight is very special-dimensional scalability.Of course,Audi company also spend a large amount of money on the lights: 22 white led light bulbs and 22 yellow lights.The white led lights control the use of the daytime running light,while the yellow light to control the led turning light.Standard led car lights take the design of the “L” shape,it extends from the head to the rear of the car,almost go over all the car body.It takes the form of LED lens, while the flagship design of the lights is whole designed by the led light led light, it is arrogant.The irregular shapes are called “wings” shape by Audi company for the lights really look similar to the shape of flying.The led lights for cars make the car model stand out and almost everyone like this kind of c
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 74
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 74 of Janey Godley’s podcast the chatty mother and daughter comedy duo discuss strikes in the UK, Paul McMullan the journalist and the viral video of the racist rant. Janey takes up the lead in ranting about the imminent conflict in Iran and Ashley is convinced George Michael is somehow linked. Ashley speaks about the latest Muppet character which ends in tears as they discuss hunger in children. Podcast questions are answered and the TV show Deadliest Catch is fully explored. Janey Godley Podcast at:
Hey Everybody
Hey yall Im Jim Nichols im from Graceville Fl anybody   close send me a friend request
Getting Laid, Feels So Good - It Is What We All Love, And, Want              
What I Wrote When I Was Locked Up
Your Love- Your love has been my rock even when I couldn't see it. Your love for me is unconditional, so strong that it now consumes me. If only I had seen your love before ending up in here, was blinded by so many things. I lost sight of your love. Your love for me is so amazing, your heart pours it out. One day I hope to show you the same love. I have abused your love in so many ways, the only thing I can say is "sorry". I know that you forgive my mistakes but, know I have so much to fix. Gotta start with your broken hearts. Your love is so amazing,
Willing To Buy
Bombz Plz
How Awsome Is This!?
Check It!
Futard Of The Day..
Futard of the day, hands down. Maybe a month, maybe more... Click here & then link in stash!... The con game never sleeps. ....peace.
A New Nationalism?
On Tuesday, 6 December, 2011, a 1910 speech given by Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt raised its head and begged for further scrutiny. It became known as his "New Nationalism" speech and was lauded by progressives everywhere. It began as a speech to open the John Brown memorial Park outside Osawatomie, Kansas (it did, at least, mention John Brown's name twice), but ultimately revealed Teddy Roosevelt's vision of where he wanted to take the country. As the speech reaches the meat of the subject, it reads: "In every wise struggle for human betterment one of the main objects, and often the only object, has been to achieve in large measure equality of opportunity." Sounds a bit like the leveling the playing field routine we've all heard recently, but he speech goes on to say, "The citizens of the United States must effectively control the mighty commercial forces which they themselves called into being....It has become entirely clear that we must have government supervision o
The Edge Of The Night
There's a channel between us.When the moon shines bright,I can hear your footstepsOn the edge of night.When you're near it seems like timeHas fallen deathly still,Your shadow dancing on the wall,Arriving with a chill.And I know you're ever wandering,A twilight place you roam,Your spirit merely brushingThe place you once called home.Sometimes in the night,I can hear you sigh,Or sense the plaintive echoOf your lost soul's cry.Your spirit is familiar;I've come to know you wellWithin these faded wallsWhere you used to dwell.And even though I feel a chillWhen you pass my way,I'd be quite contentIf you'd like to stay.
Some Ladies Looking For Relationships And Having No Luck Might Want To Read This!
Girls Need To Realize This: (Written By a Guy) We guys don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls or texts you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/beautiful/ gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take advantage of the mood im in. Let us pay for you! dont 'feel bad' We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say 'thank you.' Kis
Reality Is A Womb
Reality is a womb.     Where are the people who are not boring and predictable, and so terribly terribly conventional ?  Where are the risk takers, the grand schemers, the producers of elegant variety ?  Who are they, those who can still do something that might shock the lesser mortals ?   Who can still commit the sensational without being ashamed in the morning after ?    I never want to see another trite landscape, wonderfully rendered and so clean !   I'm tired of the same old studio nudes, faithful, realistic and classical posed.   When has there ever been a still life, still alive ?     Find for me the artists, who are not merely qualified technicians.   Let me see alive again, to thrive on the uncommon, the irregular, the impossible made probable.    That's what art and poetry are meant to do.  They are not to celebrate the ordinary.     Whatever your calendar age, if you can't dream beyond the scope of your own limited securities,  you are already old.     Real
My mind has a million thoughts going through it at once. I'm also bored out of my mind. I need something to happen. The MuMMs are lame. Someone should stalk me in there.   Oh, I'll be making salutes tomorrow night. If you want one, send me a message. Also, who wants a Christmas card, a REAL one. I'll need you to send me your address in a message to...please do NOT send it in a drink/gift. 
Cheaper Clothes In The Internet For Kid
Summer children’s clothes are easy – it’s never a problem finding cheap t-shirts or shorts. It’s winter clothes – all those duffel coats, boots and wool knits – that are the real pain: who wants to spend £60 on a coat that’ll be worn for three months? The trick isn’t to scrimp on quality, but to buy the good stuff second hand – all those parents who paid full price last year will be looking to recoup some of their money on eBay and this is where you can reap the benefit. But the trick with eBay is to know what you’re looking for – a search for ‘boy’s winter coat’ will show more results than you’ll want to trawl through. So here’s a guide to what to look for: Columbia snowsuits These are brilliant for those bleak winter months, but not something to buy full price. They will, after all, only get limited wear as it’s rarely that cold and, when it is, you’ll be indoo
More Advantage Price In The Internet Shop
After a bit of searching on the internet, I got a Franklin Marshall jacket for men reduced to £150 from Cotswold Outdoors, the OH got a Bear Grylls coat from Craghoppers at half price for £100 and we got the young one a North Face coat reduced to £99 again from Cotswold Outdoors. All 700+ down filled, waterproof and windproof. Because they are down filled they pack down easily in the suitcases and weigh virtually nothing. To be honest we haven't come across anything over here comparible but that could depend on where in Canada you are. If you come across this standard of coat for the sale prices as we did then yes get them in the UK. Remember though, the greater the down fill the better. I agree. My Franklin Marshall jacket from the UK has kept me warm on the mountain at -30C with no problems and it wasn't expensive. I think the winter clothing thing is one of those myths; like the choice myth (if there was so much choice, how come Canadians all dress the same in winter?).
Forever In My Heart
You have given me a second chance in lifeSometime before you I couldn't cop with the strifeYou've given me that love I dreamed of foreverHappiness I been united with now that we're togetherYou've touched my heart so deeply with your gentle touchTo world I will never deny that I love you so muchWords can't explain how thankful I am of youYou have brought my smiles to overcome my blueThe moments that we have shared the memories we makeI promise your heart won't shatter or even breakMy world has changed forever now that you are hereI miss you so much when you are not nearI've opened up my everything to you because I trust youThe more comfortable I am with anything we go throughThe love you and I share has made us one wholeYou have made my life complete from once an empty soulYou will always be the guy who will stand out from the restI'll never forget each memory that you made the bestForever in my heart baby with this love I'll always keepI'll always have you in my heart even when I'm asl
A Individuals Owner's Manual For Upper Encounter Jakker
Due to pedaling serves as a continuously growing enthusiasm concerning young children and since a considerably long time it's been people?隆楼s ie bookmarks, it is preferable and a need to use the right Upper Encounter parka. It may be undoubtedly an extraordinarily sexual fun toward spin a bike. Taking along with turning united states of america avenues usually to just have fun with the spin is definitely an quintessential sexual pleasure. Being able to get along with child cyclists and have the fellowship of your team is rewarding.North Have to deal with Jakker are generally not pretty much designed to investigate great nonetheless they've most living protecting carry abilities with built in to these people. It?隆楼s valid at the very least whom textile . which happens to be north face danmarkcreated for recreation bikes include safeguarding incorporates give you. Most of your vintage fabric the fabric are utilized to put on doesn?隆楼
Perfect Services Of Moving In Ahmedabad
For the safe move people take out lots of time so that they can perfectly move to the new place without any trouble. But in this competitive era it is quite tough to take out time from the busy schedule for moving from one place to another. As this is the competitive era is going on so there are solutions for every problem so for this moving problem also there is one solution i.e. to take out help from the professional moving companies who has emerged in numbers. The moving companies take the whole accountability of the shifting that they complete the task in the desire time so the customers must not worry about their relocation as they promise for the best. Packers movers Ahmedabad based companies have particular procedure according to which they start doing the whole work. They use fine quality materials for the safety of the goods so that they do not even get the scratch. While handling the numbers of procedure the workers takes all precautions so that they do not do any mistake
Poem To A Dead Friend
Broken hearts never mend or so they say Though yours did in your own kind of way. I heard your hollow laughter I heard your secret sigh But never did i ask why Because i knew your anser would have been a lie. Broken hearts never mend or so they say Though yours did in your own kind of way. Now i know i should have tried before, Before you painted that picture, That picture with a twist. You painted it with a razor blade, You painted it on your wrist. You surely painted it properly, for a fountain did appear, And with that scramin fountain your problems dissapeared. Broken heards never mend or so they say, Though mine did in my own kind of way. Now i know i should have tried before, Because i have lost a friend, a friend i held dear, And in every screaming moment, i feel your presence near. Broken hearts never mend or so they say.........
The Big Bad Wolf ---made Me Laugh Lol
The Sadness Of Fubar
At this time of year , Fubar really saddens me. When I think of the amount of money that is spent just to gain some stature in a never ending ranking system ....... It just makes me lose a little more hope in mankind. There are so many people out there in the world that this money could help. But instead , it's lining the pockets of people that already have plenty of money. When did peoples priorities get so screwed up.  Instead of buying a VIP for that person that will ignore you after you give it to them , find a local charity and give them the money. Find a family that has fallen on hard times  and help them out. Help a family that has one or both parents deployed overseas. It doesn't matter what you do. JUST DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF THE FUBAR WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't Let Me Down
With the thought of such beauty My heart skips a beat To hear an see this angel"s picture Starring straight back at me I can barrely believe my eyes With How pure her beauty is I can hardley catch my breathe An then i see her smile an my mind goes into awww If only i could hold her in my arms The amazing life we could have An only then I would know The rest of my life would be complete
Hey Jude
The love for a woman is such a specail thing. It comes from the heart an no other such place. Love can be so strong an yet so fierce But the love I carry goes so much deeper then that With her eyes as blue as the ocean waves I dream of her each time I close my eyes To make Her smile in every way An let her know she will always be mying Wanting to hold her in my arms To feel her breathe next to mying An to feel her lips with one small kiss To let her know everything will always be alright
Hair Extensions And Relaxers.
I am now doing Hair Extensions and Relaxers.    HAIR EXTENSIONS are &600.  You buy the hair.   RELAXERS: Retouch:  $50               W/Haircut:  $80   Virgin: $60                W/Haircut:  $90
Finally the hills are without eyes They are tired of painting a dead man`s face red With their own blood They used to love having so much to lose Blink your eyes just once and see everything in ruins Did you ever hear what I told you Did you ever read what I wrote you Did you ever listen to what we played Did you ever let in what the world said Did we get this far just to feel your hate Did we play to become only pawns in the game How blind can you be, don`t you see You chose the long road but we`ll be waiting Bye bye beautiful Jacob`s ghost for the girl in white Blindfold for the blind Dead siblings walking the dying earth Noose around a choking heart Eternity torn apart Slow toll now the funeral bells
With A Little Luck *wings*
With a little luck, we can help it out.We can make this whole damn thing work out.With a little love, we can lay it down.Cant you feel the town exploding? There is no end to what we can do together.There is no end, there is no end.The willow turns his back on inclement weather;And if he can do it, we can do it, just me and you,And a little luck, we can clear it up.We can bring it in for a landing,With a little luck, we can turn it on.There can be no misunderstanding.There is no end to what we can do together.There is no end, there is no end.The willow turns his back on inclement weather;We can do it, just me and you.With a little push, we could set it off.We can send it rocketing skywards.With a little love, we could shake it up.Don't you feel the comet exploding? With a little luck.
Devil's Swing Godsmack
Devil's Swing lyrics One step back from a beat down maniacI'm tired of taking a back seat from all the other demons that are stealing all the good shitleaving me with nothing but my handsAnother stroke down my back tasting all the flames that are licking around my neck and making me insaneas they pull me down, pull me down into my graveI can't get awayOoooh, it doesn't mean nothinguntil your deep inside dancing to the Devil's swingWhoa, it doesn't mean a Goddamn thingdancing to the Devil's swing.Spit down inside I'm begging for another rideI'm trying to find a way to keep it all andsatisfy the needs I'm craving andI'm not taking it lightlyOh no!I'm living inside, a dead liecontrolled by the Devil's eyes and I don't mind itDraw my ace up and roll my snake eyes nightlyHold on baby!Ooooh, it doesn't mean nothinguntil your deep inside dancing to the Devil's swingWhoa, it doesn't mean a Goddamn thinguntil your deep inside dancing to the Devil's swing.Whoa, dancing, dancing to
Juggalos Keep It True
we step up on the scene face painted up2 middle fingers in the air homie thats whats upwhoop whoop thats all ya hear ya know the end is nearwe rydas we dont fuck around were quick to lay ya downbodies all around fuck the hollocaust reapers here im a fuckin bossrep the hatchet till im dead an gone fuck the haters we already wonOpen up ya eyes n see its all about the familyi live an bleed for this wicked shitmurder on my mind im on some killa shitpop off get ya wig split naw sneek up on ya leave ya throat slit.wat the fuck u niggas wanna do    JUGGALOS KEEP IT TRU
What's Your Sign?
CANCER Great Kisser. Very high sex appeal. Great in bed. Most horny. PISCES Caring. Smart. Center of attention. Too Sexy, DAMN IT. Very high sex appeal. Has the last word. Extremely wired but in a good way LIBRA Very gentle. Nice. Love is one of a kind. Silly and fun! Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet! And the best sex you would ever have!!!!10-10 in Bed. CAPRICORN Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future. Irrestible, awesome kisser. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. BY FAR the BEST in BED. EVERY PERFORMANCE!!!! AQUARIUS Trustworthy. Sexy. Rare to find. Loves being in long relationships. Extremly energetic. Amazing in bed, the BEST lovers. ARIES Outgoing. Spontanious. No one to fuck with. Have own unique sexiness. Unpredictable. Erotic. Funny. Addictive. Take you on trips to the moon in bed. TAURUS Aggressive. freak in bed. rare to find. loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremly outgoing.
Reverbnation Widget
Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head Again!
Ok I don't usually write blogs but this shit is starting to get out of hand with women spreading lies about me. This I what I have to say on that subject: GROW UP CHILDREN!! Jealously is unbecoming of anyone, but spreading lies about me ends up only making you look bad. I have had a few different guys come to me and trash me or block me because women tell them I am talking nasty to them or cussing them out in their shoutbox. Now if some stupid bitch tells you this about me, you can be 100% sure they are FULL OF SHIT!!!! If any women tell you this ask for screen shot proof of the conversations and then send them to me and let me know. I don't start drama with anyone on here. I take a lot of shit from a lot of ppl but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I give WAYYYYYYYY more than I receive. I don't do it to try and take your man, or the guy you THINK is your man. I am the kind of girl who spoils her friends. The one who is hear to listen to them bitch about the women who screw them over (which I have a
Yet Another Worry...
I had to go to the er last night because I have a huge swelling on the base of my neck the size of a grapefruit. Worried I had a disc injury or something to that effect I went and got the er to check it out. After many blood tests, a ct scan and complete medical history I have been diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome.  This was caused by all the steroids I have had to take to control my Chron's. Though my Dr. says my blood work up shows I should be able to go higher on the steroid dose it seems my body has a different opinion.  Quite frankly I am scared. I am being weaned off the steroids but because of how high my dose was it's going to be a slow process. Untill then I will continue to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. All I need is my bell.  It feels like no matter how hard I try and stay true to the food diets, medications and all other Dr. advice that there will never be an end. I am so tired of being sick. So tired of pain. SO tired of not being able to live a normal life bec
This Is Too Funny To Be Dirty - Enjoy!
 The husband leans over and asks his wife,   'Do you remember the first time we had sex    together over fifty years ago?    We went behind the village tavern where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you.'   'Yes', she says, 'I remember it well.'    OK,' he says, 'How about taking a stroll around    there again and we can do it for old time's sake?'   'Oh Jim, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but a good idea!'    A police officer sitting in the next booth heard their conversation and, having a chuckle to himself, he    thinks to himself, I've got to see these two    old-timers having sex against a fence.    I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble.    So he follows them.    The elderly couple walks haltingly along, leaning on each other for support aided by walking sticks..    Finally, they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence..    The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops    his trousers.    As she leans against th
Im Back Dj Dragon Is Here To Stay
look yall enough of the games im tired of playign around  from this point on im in it for the good times if u wanna be my friend please tell me because the game is over im in it for real love from this point on i love all of u that have been true and i love my bros no homo  but yall have had my back for to long and told me to get my ass right well its time to show yall times have changed and i have to most of u see me for the games but i promise u the changes r there and im here to stay no more nova no more fire  its time for yall to see the real my  which is brandon aka dragon to my brothers and sisters who no dragon im back yall the long lost brandon is here to stay i love u all no homo  guys i swear
Omg Bring On The Real Fuckin Vampire Flicks For Fucks Sake
Mental Murderer
Spilling my heart outI just wanna shout outDreaming of a better placeHateing everything even my own faceDay dreaming nowI'm a mental murderer wowWith all this hateWhat's my fateI wanna take a bath in your bloodThere's so much it's like a floodWalking down the streetPeople watch me like im a freakI wanna cut their eyes outI wanna rip their guts outI'm gettin frustratedI'mma leave you obliteratedI'm goin insaneAll I wanna do is see your brainI grip this gunGonna make you runHold this knifeGonna end a lifeI'm filled with so much angerNoone knows the real me i'm a strangerIt feels like a spellWith these thoughts will i go to hell?Only with a chance to kill the devilYou want a peek inside my brainSee blood all around like rainAre there voices in my head?No , it's more like movies in my headThe kind you watch on a dateBut only when it's lateMy mind's in a killer stateI'm filled with hateI'm a murderous whoreEach kill is a scoreStay out of my pathOr feel my wrathI embrace the capitol vicesInd
Fear Holds Me Back
One thing I don't understand with people..they say things like...wat would you do..or wat do you suggest....when it comes to a personal issue..especially someone you care about...why is someones opinion on an issue the two of you are struggling with so important....they don't know them like you do..and prob have no clue as to the depth of your relationship...watever that relationship maybe....there are DEF two sides to each story..but regardless of wat those two sides are...that really doesn't matter...the fact still remains..that the person's opinion you should be focused on is that other person....too many people go looking for the answers in all the wrong places...when the answer to the question you may be faced with lies within that other person....why is it so easy to pour your heart out to a total stranger..than it is to someone who means so much to you....I will never understand people....get your answers..ask your questions...just make sure you're using the right so
One Person Is All It Takes
Put a smile on'll get better...that's what I get...but that's just prolonging things...people say..why waste your time..I say..why not? is sad how people are too quick to dismiss people and what they may be person can make so much of a difference...I went too long without having that one person to wanna help....and I am grateful to this day for that one person that made all the difference in the world....too many times you see people complaining about how their kids aren't going to eat..or how they can't pay their bills...but yet they are walking around with the newest cell phones....or carrying around that bottle in their hands....they refuse to lay down the same issues that broke them in the first place....those are the people I am most interested in...the ones that are broken...pieces can be put back together..and all it takes is for one person to open their eyes view me and wat do you see...a perso
Images And Words...
Images and words..they are not just that with either of these things...words have a way of creating images..and crushing them at the same time....I see different images all the time....the crushing factor comes into play when I do....the people I held the highest..that were supposed to love me the most...were the first ones to distort those images I had....I don't know ho to get past every vision...every image...all the broken parts of myself...I cannot deal anymore....I am good at tossing it aside..I play it off very well...but that is all it is..a front...believe me when I say that I can and will handle it..wat other choice do I have..I have handled worse...and I'm still here...altho my existence seems to be another question to me.....I look at my little girl and I know why I am here...I am here for her..and I live each second for her...I don't give up for's not for me at all...I am one of them broken souls I talk about...when talking about things of that nature
Play The Role ©
Ever dated a woman with wild fetishes? Have you ever had a woman teach you things you didn’t know you had no clue of?  Well hell I’ve been with my girlfriend Ashley for two and a half years. I, as a man, had never considered new sexual activities to be an option with my no- nonsense, straight face girlfriend. She is a stringent lawyer working for one of the biggest law firms in the city and she has always been no-nonsense in the bedroom as well. She likes what she likes and she makes it crystal clear. It threw me off when she came home from work and told me she wanted to show me something that she never had the guts to show anyone before. I had no idea of what it was until she came out of the shower and put on another work suit from the closet. With her button up jacket and her office skirt on she sat me down on the bed and told me I was a falsely convicted felon on trial and that she had to save my life before I was put into prison for a term of life. She then asked that I
Best. Comment. Ever.
Some guy on youtube was talkin shit about the kottonmouth kings, one response was.. "haha thanks bro! and you're a little bitch that rants over the internet. id rather roll a couple joints, smoke some bowls from my bong, invite bitches and homies over, and drink whiskey and vodka. you're probably pissed because you got jumped by a couple stoners in high school. get over it fool. Us get a life? how about you fool. you're the one not having a good time EVERY NIGHT and not meeting new girls and homies EVERY NIGHT. punk bitch."
Preteding..that's All I'm Doing
I'm pretty much just shooting words out here..just thoughts in my head I can't seem to get rid of....I feel the tears form..and fight them back..tell myself..NO...but it's a battle within myself I am always loosing..they fall no mater how hard I tell them NOT to...laugh in-spite of beyond them....pretending....disreagrding what I am actually if it doesn't exist at all...only to be seen by own reflection...only to be heard by my inner voice...I do not speak or say what I am actually feeling...what good would it do....I'm in a box that I can't escape from....saying I'm not afraid..that I have no regrets...but I have both fear and regret....not daring to expose that weakness..that vulnerability....never allowing my true self to be shown...just this disguise...the tough...not afraid of shit person..who is really killing herself with everything she holds can I say I love can I say I miss can I say any of what I am feeling..
Screamers, Moaners, Quite Types
Heres a topic for the ladies in FUBAR or anyone who falls thru my spot. In my experience I've known 3 types of women in the bedroom. SCREAMERS, MOANERS, AND THE QUITE TYPES. Now there maybe some inbetweens, but three basic types. The SCREAMERS are loud, vocal, talkative, instructive, intense. Screaming your name or some name (daddy or whatever). Rule #1 Don't have sex with a Screamer if you live in your mammas house or the kids are home. MOANERS are not as loud as screamers but they aren't quite either. Moaners ooohhh, and aaahhhh, their eyes rolling back in their heads and will do whatever to please their man. The QUITE TYPES are just that quite laid back not much vocalizing not much activity, letting the man do most of the work. Beating up the pussy till he gets his. Then its, Are You Done , Is That IT. WHAT!!! So which are you? A SCREAMER, MOANER OR QUITE TYPE. Think about it. Just a reminder, ITS ALL GOOD!!! LOL F/X HOLLA
Naughty Application
I figured what the hell. Post the survey see what happens. Re-post and I can share my response!  REPLY IN A COMMENT BELOW THIS BLOG. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?   SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND
Oh "" Gosh "" My Son Just Called Me And Said I Was Gonna Be A Grand Mom Again "" I Thought He Meant By Him "" But It`s
Rebecca "" oh "" gosh "" my son just called me and said i was gonna be a grand mom again "" i thought he meant by him "" but it`s my Daughter "" ! - 2 hours ago · Comment · Unlike · View You and barry heater like this.   Rebecca Leuallen 2 hours ago but i wish i could get to see them. barry heater 2 hours ago I CALLED YOU THIS MORNING
What Makes You So Sassy
Picking Up Women: How To Make Easy, Fun Conversation That Leads To Attraction & Sexual Chemistry
There are two main ways in which we communicate with others: non-verbal communication and vocal/verbal communication. You probably already know a little about the non-verbal side of things, such as the types of body language that silently signal someone’s nervous, excited or angry. But how about the more obvious but actually less frequently discussed topic of verbal communication: how what we say and how we say it impacts on our lives and goals? That’s the subject we’re going to look at today. Except we’re going to a get a little more specific and delve into how a guy can make easy, fun conversation with a woman, that helps lead to attraction and sexual chemistry between the two of you. Let’s first get a grasp on a few pieces of background information. First off, how do most men make conversation with a  woman they’re attracted to? What do they do right, wrong or completely miss out from their talks with the opposite sex? The best way to answer thes
Public Bitching Blog
(I stole this from my friend Donnie)   Hi folks, Donnie (Cross Donnie out and add Vampy)  here from Fubar. Welcome to my, "Public Bitchin Blog." Maybe you'd like to bitch about gas prices, or complain about how hot or cold it is outside. Maybe you'd like to just call me an asshole, because when you got out of bed today you stepped in dog shit or because someone screwed up your whole day. Maybe when you got online today someone rated you all 1's, and then blocked you...and now you're pissed at the entire world because of it. Whatever it may be, and no matter how pissed off it made you, well then you can drop your comment right here. My, "Public Bitchin Blog" is open 24 hours a day...7 days a week. (no reservations required) So,thanks for coming by my "Public Bitchin Blog", and remember folks, I don't wanna make any ratings or fubucks, I just love to hear you BITCH!
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My Patience Had Worn Thin
A friend sent me an sb when I first came to fubar. She wanted me to send her a bling and promised me a family add and access to all her photos. The bribe was never necessay, but I sent her the bling she wanted. She never did keep her bribe. I didn't care though; I felt a warmth in my heart for helping someone I admired and even sent her messages letting her know that although I was hurt I wanted to send her another one sometime. SHE NEVER ONCE ANSWERED! She never thanked me, never even answered me when I tried to make small talk. She most definitely logs in regularly, but it's as if I don't exist anymore now that she got the bling. It has been months and my patience at being ignored is gone. I removed her from my friend list, unfanned her, and sent her one last plea to her sb so she would know I would readd her at any time she is willing to acknowledge my existence and I still intend to send her a second bling if she could be considerate of my feelings and post something. I did not blo
Talking To The New Girl
i decided to add this to my facebook about me... it's something i told her and well it just fits in there   i'm completely honest... moreso than anyone i know... i choose to never lie... it's not that i don't know the words to say to make people like me i could play good guy... i could fit in and have tons of friends... hell i could keep the few i already have... but... then one of them will ask me something stupid and expect me to say... no dear you're fine that doesn't make you a whore at all.... and well you can guess how that goes
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A Kiss
A kiss  love color boxes falling from sky of mindedness woods of love falling deep in the moon sky just a kiss goes around and around of love stars falling on my face of love just a kiss as I sleep at night I feel your lips of love of passion as I wake I know you think of me our lips will meet one day of passion of love... color boxes falling from the sky of mindedness of love falling deep in the moon sky a kiss goes around and around of love stars falling on my face of love just a kiss as I sleep at night I feel your lips and your by my side.
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She Needs Ability Points Spent On Her!
My girlfriend MissClaudia needs help again.... She is so close to leveling, she needs ability points spent on her! Please go help her out, she will return the love!
Us Evangelist Billy Graham Released From Hospital
WASHINGTON —US Reverend Billy Graham was released Tuesday from a North Carolina hospital where the 93-year-old evangelical preacher was treated for pneumonia, his religious association said.A pioneer of "televangelism" in the 1950s, Graham used the new medium and radio to preach to an estimated two billion people over a 60-year career that made him a household name and a confident of US presidents.A comforting presence during times of national crisis, Graham led a national prayer service for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. He also presided at graveside services for president Lyndon Johnson in 1973 and spoke at the funeral of president Richard Nixon in 1994.Graham is the author of 27 books, most of which have been translated into several languages. His latest, "Nearing Home: Life Faith, and Finishing Well," released in October, focuses on life's transitions.
Sweet Memories In A Brand New Way This Christmas
This Christmas, don’t let the winter blahs get you down, socialize and interact. Creating a profile on the social networking websites has become quite a popular method of making new friends and creating unforgettable moments online. Today there are social networking websites, dating sites, educational forums, no matter who you are and what your interests are, you are sure to have a ton of people with the same interests. Even if you have an interest in rocks, you can be sure that the internet is a great place to get the right kind of people who share your same interests. Share happiness this Christmas on the virtual world : There are a ton of fun activities online that are going to help you have some laughs this winter. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, the net will always have something amazing and interesting for you. Never underestimate the power of the internet, as it is surely going to help you get the best sweet memories that are sure to give you joy and cheer. When
Why Lie When You Get More With The Truth
ok so i dont get why these guys got to run some lines they know are bull shit...come on just tell the truth...if you only on here to find someone to hook up with come right out and say it....if you are married and fucking around on your spouse let everyone....liers are the worst things ever....i would rather be beat the lied to
I've Fucked My Life Up So Much All These Years, All For The Pursuit Of Nothing.
Let me start off by saying, for all the good things in my life, and I know there are plenty, I am grateful for them, be it events that have happened, grand opportunities I’ve gladly partaken in, or people that truly care about me. Despite having a decent life, I cannot shake this terrible feeling at times, this loneliness that consumes me, and at times, I even act out because of it. It’s all so ridiculous, and I have not really fathomed how this could be so powerful, and beyond that, what exactly is the source of this? I feel tonight, I can honestly say I’ve come to a decent conclusion: my pursuit’s of women, that have gone absolutely nowhere, and will go absolutely nowhere. It really should have been so obvious, but I guess it takes time to really understand what’s at the core of such a deep feeling in your life. I do not blame women for my loneliness, or not being able to handle rejection, although to be fair, I’ve been treated bad in some prett
Led Tail Lights Wil Bring Benifit For Your Business
Our company-Dingju offers different types of tail lights.I am sure it will benifit to your business. They are affordable, easy to install and look great.In our company,We have more than 300 items products,including SMD,super flux,high power and so on.These fit directly into the stock housing and use the existing led lights for cars and wiring harness to make replacement easy and affordable. Our tail lights can even replace a broken tail light. These are the type of led light led light that come on luxury automobiles and these will lend an air of superiority and luxury to your ride.These led lights shine more brightly, last much longer and are more robust than normal bulbs.So many people like it very much.
Led Fog Light Will Help To Have A Better Driving
As most people know that the visibility is the most important thing we have to think of while driving through fog. Then many people may think of the led fog light.A lot of accidents happen because of the fog,as many regular led led light do not reflect anything other than the fog even when high beam settings are used. Even the fog light for cars that come with cars do not provide a longer range of visibility. The led lights for cars are said to cut through this fog in a much better manner and they won’t even reflect back at the person who is driving the car.The special light of the led fog light makes it possible for the fog light to work well.All the colours are available,of course,the white,blue,yellow are more popular. Of course,the led fog light will help to have a better driving.
Pants Below Butt!
You Know You're Australian When..
You know your Australian when: 1. You believe that stubbies can either be drunk or worn. 2. You've made a bong out of your garden hose rather than use it for something illegal such as watering the garden. 3. You understand that the phrase 'a group of women wearing black thongs' refers to footwear and may be less alluring than it sounds. 4. You pronounce Melbourne as 'Mel-bin'. 5. You believe the 'l' in the word 'Australia' is optional. 6. You can translate: 'Dazza and Shazza played Acca Dacca on the way to Maccas'. 7. You call your best friend 'a total bastard' but someone you really, truly despise is just 'a bit of a bastard'. 8. You think 'Woolloomooloo' is a perfectly reasonable name for a place. 9. You're secretly proud of our killer wildlife. 10. You believe it makes sense for a country to have a $1 coin that's twice as big as its $2 coin. 11. You understand that 'Wagga Wagga' can be abbreviated to 'Wagga' but 'Woy Woy' can't be called 'Woy'. 12. You believe that cooke

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