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This Is Dedicated To My Grams As I Love Her So Much And Will Miss Her
When the warmth of the sun touches my face, I see your smile and feel your embrace. I hear the whisper of love in the wind And I know that you are close to me again The rain speaks of tears and the thunder of pain, But soon the sun comes the earth to reclaim. As the days come and go and the world moves on, I know you're still here, you'll never be gone. On the night the Angel came and took your hand, We cried as you left for an unknown land. But Heaven rejoiced as you came into sight, For your soul was a diamond, shining so bright!
Models Needed.......... is looking for at least 12 ladies who would be interested in working on producing, marketing, and modeling in multiple calendar projects, for more information please contact Thea at, ladies must be 18+years of age, provide proof of age with valid photo I.D. and have tranportaion. interested ladies should be able to provide contact information, head shot photo, and front/back body shot photo in bikini, as this is the type of clothing you will be wearing. there is also the possibility of the use of air brushing, and/or other artistic or creative outfits used.interested parties will also be expected to help find sponsors/promoters/advertisers please contact: Thea at-- > unique_creations59 at yahoo dot com , or by text at 1-352-220-9612 SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!
Cnbc - Meeting Of The Minds
This has a decided 'right' wing overtone, but the issues are pertinent. The goals are worthy. No matter what side you are on you need to know as much as you can.
Haters r every place u look. I cant stand them. I believe they r just jeoules of what we nonhaters have. So if ur a hater go away and dont bother wit me cause it wont work. Drama is for highschool so leave it there..
I haven't written poetry in a number of years and going to try my hand at it again. Reading works by Lord Bryon has gotten me inspired to get back into writing again.     I write words, they have no meaning they are random thoughts in my head. Yet they are more, they are me they bring life to my dreams passions are shared, love is found darkness resides but life thrives.          
Casey Anthony : Stop It From Happening Again.
I hear this is gaining traction in quite a few states. If you'd like to help make a difference so we don't have to deal with this kind of spectacle again, please visit this website below:
Dirty Wicked Dreams......very Very Very Nsfw....
babygirl was startled when the phone rang. It was late in the day, and she had lost track of the time this afternoon puttering about with her household chores. She glanced at the phone, and saw that it was Daddy calling. A sense of panic set in. Daddy called at this time of day only to give instructions."Good evening, my slut. It's Daddy. I am about to step out of the office and head for the house. I want you to go immediately to the saddle, mount it, and turn it on. I expect to be home in about an hour, given traffic. You are not to come until you have my cock in your mouth. You may pee, if needed, and of course you will have little choice but to express milk. But if I review the recording and see that you have cum, the consequences will be severe. Understood?""Yes, Daddy," the tender slut replied into the phone. "Mount now, no cuming. I understand, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy."babygirl quickly ran to the machine where Daddy would expect her to spend the next hour being used. She tore clo
slowly she reaches for the pack of cigarettes on the bed gently slides one out between her fingers she can't quite comprehend yet that he is dead standing there in the doorway she lingers   not in any rush, she puts the cigarette to her lips lights one and stands there smoking, hands upon her hips   he shouldn't of said those awful things to her shouldn't of said he was leaving that it was over her chest was still heaving   she should leave that hotel room someone had to of heard the boom from the gun she dropped on the floor before she got her cigarettes and walked to the door   but if she flees, where will she go 
This Is F^&*ed Up
Jobs for ordinary Americans will provide an immediate path to economic recovery. Yet Republican policy is aimed more at prolonging economic misery (transparently, to prevent President Obama’s re-election) than treating the wounds of festering unemployment. Ask yourself and Republicans how long it will take to increase general employment by refusing to raise taxes on those who can justly and most easily pay them (billionaires, millionaires, extremely profitable corporations subsidized by our taxes). A policy of nontaxation to hopefully create jobs is iffy at best; it can do nothing immediately and may perhaps take years if ever to effect. The Republican policy of cutting government costs to balance the budget also does nothing to promote employment. Such cutting in fact creates more unemployment, threatening the maintenance and safety of our infrastructure (public works, bridges, roads, transportation and traffic systems), the effectiveness of our police and firefighters, and th
Appreciation And Gratitude
There is a difference between feeling gratitude and appreciation for something and feeling attachment to something. Appreciation and gratitude are states of pure love, while attachment contains fear - fear of losing or not having what you are attached to. When it comes to something you want in your life, appreciation and gratitude attract, and attachment pushes away. If you are feeling afraid that you will not get what you want, or losing what you have, then you have attachment.   To remove the attachment, keep shifting yourself into a stat of appreciationand gratitude, until you can feel that the fear has gone.   from The Secret    
Determining Who Would Be Participants In Your Wedding By Religion, Area And Style Of The Wedding
The wedding party could be the people today who actively participate in the wedding itself. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses Choosing who would be to participate in your wedding is determined by religion, area and also the style of the wedding; you may also consider any loved ones traditions that happen to be carried down via the generations. The wedding party may possibly consist of only the few marrying (or people today marrying if it is typically a double wedding), maids of honor (or matron of honor), bridesmaids, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses junior bridesmaids, most effective men, groomsmen, flower girls, web page boys and ring bearers. Wedding party capabilities & Duties Maids of Honor & Matrons of Honor: First we'll obvious up that most inquired question: "What could be the variance among maid of honor and matron of honor?" The variance is purely semantics. Traditionally the chief unmarried (never married) female attending the wedding can be the "Maid of Honor". Wholesale
Determining Who Would Be Participants In Your Wedding By Religion, Area And Style Of The Wedding
The wedding party could be the people today who actively participate in the wedding itself. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses Choosing who would be to participate in your wedding is determined by religion, area and also the style of the wedding; you may also consider any loved ones traditions that happen to be carried down via the generations. The wedding party may possibly consist of only the few marrying (or people today marrying if it is typically a double wedding), maids of honor (or matron of honor), bridesmaids, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses junior bridesmaids, most effective men, groomsmen, flower girls, web page boys and ring bearers. Wedding party capabilities & Duties Maids of Honor & Matrons of Honor: First we'll obvious up that most inquired question: "What could be the variance among maid of honor and matron of honor?" The variance is purely semantics. Traditionally the chief unmarried (never married) female attending the wedding can be the "Maid of Honor". Wholesale
Rich To Poor
  You would like to think you're doing all the right things.  You realize the world doesn't award goodness, especially if that's all you have to offer.  You feel you're left with nothing.  Was once rich, now poor.  Walking a snail's pace as the world is sprinting cheetah like.  So seeing spots isn't a bad thing, consider it a natural side effect of the drug.  Prescription for life?  Though everything is starting to get away from you leaving you in the rear view.  Now you question all your efforts of bettering yourself.  What's the point?  Same looks.   Same laughs.  Same stares from a far.  Same nos giving.  Same corner in the dark.  Same feelings.  Same problems.  Same shit.  Same toilet but different day and sometimes that's the only thing you need.  Different day brings possibility.  Maybe today wont be like yesterday.  Maybe these changes will bring whats needed.  Yet, you sit there wondering about this all as you turn your phone off because you're wasting the battery as it sits o
Time To Run.....?
Why is it whenever things are going good I have to find some reason to run? Why am I sooooooooo afraid to truly love someone? Why cant I allow mysel fto be happy with both myself and with someone else?   I really really love you but I just dont know if I can do this. I dont think Im worthy of the kind of happiness you want to give me or a man as wonderful as you.   I just dont know anymore.
The More People You Push Out Of Your Life The Better!
So I have been doing pretty well at pushing people away! for good reason's to! If your not in my life it's cuz I want it that way. I don't really care what the fuck you say about me when in all reality whatever you say about me comes back to you three fold!. Certian people just cause you bull shit! and you know you DON'T deserve it. These people DON'T know you very well enough to be fucking with you!. All I gotta say to these people is get a fucking life and leave me outta YOURS!.and we'll get a long just fine!.
two brains in my head, my mind is out of controllooking for blood, looking for meati see your minced body under cover of the nightpale, like the moon abovetrembling hands, sweat on my lipscan't believe it, can't believei'm posessed, posessedpure water washes the death awaycleans my conscience, my consciencedawn is coming smashes me to the groundbrings me back, to reality, to realitydemons are exhausted in the glaring lighttiredness grabbs at me embraces me so's a normal day in a normal life until the coming nightdesiccated dreams, created by the devilmy body on a pyredefaced, past recognitiona sudden fall into an endless hole in front of meno one's holding me back, no one's hearing my screamthe eyes wide opened, there's nothing to clampto stop my fallharsh taste on my tongueit strangles my throat, it strangles my throatnow lying here awakethe eyes still closed, it's time to goi take my knife beside mewithout sense of direction a stumble through the streetsa vicious circle, no o
You are The Devil Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession
I Just Really Want To Know...
What is Love?
Life Thru My Eyes
Life is as Forrest Gump said. " Life is like a box of chocolates ya never know what ya gonna get." Such a true statement  when ya think about it.  It is the sad times, hough times, happy times etc that cause use to be the person we are today. These all make up road and journey that we travel through this life.  Some say the journey of life is based on fate. I am not certain about that. I do know the journey we choose has lots of ups and downs; twists and turns.  It is up to us how we choose to ride that journey.  You can of course stay negative and blame the world for all the bad that has happened to you. Altho, my choice has always been to stand up and embrace the good with the bad. Some of the greatest days of my life have somehow gotten me thru the darkest times. Those dark times altho few and far between can be the worst. We all experience in some way, shape or form the sad times. Whether it is a lost love, death of someone special etc. I lost myself for 2 years over the death of
All My H.d.r Mix Sets Are Now Available In One Spot Grab Em Here *up Date*
As things progress i have Moved all my H.D.R/URBAN/HOUS Mix sets for download to one spot   Enjoy!
Who says the sky is the limit when theres feet on the moon!!!
As I Sit And Think
As I sit here and think.... i've come across a lot of people which have either made me stronger or more leary of other folks.... as most of you may know... i'm a caring generous person when I can. I may not always be able to show everyone the love they may deserve. I appreciate all my friends I do have on here. I have had some so called friends in the past that i thought I treated very well and at the same time have tried to be there for them when they are feeling down and out. HHMMMM wrong move... I got treated like crap and from some who i never ever thought would do that to me. I guess it's because I am too trusting.... maybe nieve who knows.... so if anyone feels that i'm not a good friend or i don't talk to you much... it's because maybe i've been taken advantage of by people who i truly cared about and I am holding my wall up. Remember that. Sometimes because of recent things that have been going on in my real life, I just sometimes don't feel like talking..... and I have that ri
My Smart Ass Nephew
As some of you know, I watch my 22 month old nephew during the day, Monday thru Friday. It gives me a little extra cash and keeps me close to him. What some of you may not know is that he is a friggin GENIUS. He has had a little trouble developing his vocal skills, but he knows some words and always gets his point across. But he also knows some sign language. He can't say "I love you" or I love you, too" when someone says it to him, so I taught him how to sign it, and now he gets to say it to his mom and dad as they leave for work or when they tuck him in at night, whenever he wants. He has also begun seeing people out. When his parents go to work or i leave for the day, he walks us to the door, stands there and watches us leave, blows us a kiss, yells "Bye!" and signs, I love you. then he closes the door. He makes his own breakfast. If we have waffles, he places them in the toaster and pushes the button down, and then knows not to touch it because it's hot. If we have scrambled eggs,
For Me
 If you stand in front of a mirror with 11 roses, you'll see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world. I'm sitting here thinking about your beauty, but no words come to mind. Then I realize that no words could ever come close to the beauty I see in you.....By GA Assassin
anger is my own best friend.. embraced by hate.. consumed by my own rage.. I burn.. slowly building agony.. the pain is the only emotion i feel.. use to bleed to feel alive.. now only numbness left. nothing left to fill this void inside.. the endless sleep.. wishing you would just die.. maybe it would justify this reason i cry.. heartless is the one who claimed to love.. guess it should be of no surprise you were nothing but lies.. my anger will burry me alive.. but at least i'll survive.. burying the memory of you deep inside.. bitter  sconred  angry  alone heartbroken  cold ashamed of what i've become...
Casey Guilty Or Not
Casey may or may not of killed her child, but too many people out their mad cause she didn't get found guilty, need to remember one thing, let them that hath no sin cast the first stone. in other words go home people and go to work and quit worrying about other people, , and get your own life in order.....
Loving A Dragon
Fair maiden, on his back He soars through the skies Over mountains and streams Surveying all the lands The Noble dragon lord A princely sight to see The wind in his face And love in his heart For finding his true love Was not what he sought As he rescued the fair maid From her sacrificial fate But as into her eyes The noble lord did gaze Spellbound by her beauty His heart to her he gave How could a maiden so fair Love a creature like him The dragons questioned Her true love for him His eyes she now gazed into, And answered Him with truth I see your love and honour And so my life I give to you
  Pobierz jako taptę/download as wallpaper Powred by GR
In Re Susan Block's Entry On The Accused Rapist From The Imf
  Suzy's Blog   I sincerely doubt that Anyone in the USA actually cares about sexual 'improprieties' on some moral ground or even pseudo moral ground but i am absolutely certain beyond any reasonable doubt that people in the USA act in accordance with what Vattel attributed to people under a Monarchy - they accede to what appears to be the prevailing ethos and what we have now - in that regard - are the vestiges of 34 years of 'Conservatism'. Consequently at least half of the people merely think - yes, that's the right and proper thing or no that's terribly wrong and merely go along with it to preserve what ever pleasantry they have to maintainBut the biggest part of it is the exploitation of that conformity for the sole purpose of punishing some person that a powerful per$on doesn't like.But the more Liberal society becomes towards nudity, same sex marriage, &c the more melodramatic the sexually related allegations have to be, notably rape and pedophilia. I thought it was interesti
Laptop Bonanza To Experience For You
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They may see mebut not for who i amthey accept mefor the person i"ve showni may be funny energetic and strongon the outsidebut withinim shatterd like broken glasstorn to the edgeused to the boneim slowly pushed outthey dont think im usefuland it hurtsi cant change who i ambut maybe of what you think of mewe were gonna be friends foreverbut nothing lastspeople changednow in my lifesince i feel as though im not loveto everyone im faded
A Little Bit Of New Interaction.
I just added polls to my SexTalk to make it a bit more interactive.  Other then that there is a New Post up where I talk about one of my pet peeves and ask to hear about everyone elses so check it out and if you are feeling naughty feel free to comment or let me know (via the poll) what your pet peeve is.
On My Way
Life is just a trip in to the unknown with a navigator without any clear picture. You can get hints and ideas but you will never know what will be behinde next cornor, and thats the beuty of it all. You can never tell what will be you can only follow a path that feels good what the outcome will be is left to see.   So make youre choises decide where to go follow your road in to the future and enjoy the ride!
Right To Bear Arms
I ask that all legal gun owners put this on their wall. The Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of the individual. If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, and you are not afraid to show it, repost this!!! I hope to see this re-posted by a lot by my friends. Remember, if we outlaw guns, only outlaws & the government will have guns
Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes (repost)
Getting Shorted Retail | Miami, FL, USA | (At our store, we sell individual tea bags for fifty cents each. Free hot tap water and a foam cup come with each bag sold. One customer, a man in his thirties, has been coming in and buying a single bag of tea every Sunday for two years, but he never takes the water or the cup.) Customer: “I’d like a refund of $50 please.” Me: “We don’t sell anything that expensive.” Customer: “Well, I bought 100 of those herbal mixes and they haven’t done a d*** thing.” Me: “You mean the tea you buy every week?” Customer: “No, the herbal mixes in the little yellow packets.” Me: “Yes, that’s tea.” Customer: “You mean it won’t make my man parts larger?” Me: “No, it’s a beverage.” Customer: “Oh. Never mind, then.” (He leaves, disappointed. I never saw him again.) _____________________________________
All I Want
For some time I’m searching for your loveWith the tune, that’s something I’ll remind you ofWhen I feel the turning of the sunEvery moon has something that I’m dreaming ofWe can sail and sail as one by the time we reach the sunWhen hope will guide my wayI’ll hear you say You are all that I want, you’re more than thisYou’ve been gone on your crystal ship‘Cause I’m standing on the shores with the wind and a kissTime will fly, on your crystal shipYou are all that I want, you’re more than thisYou’ve been gone on your crystal ship‘Cause I’m standing on the shores with the wind and a kissTime will fly on your crystal ship Now we sit and wonder at the moon,While my heart is beating so much fasterWe can rise, rise up like
Using Oem Mercedes Pieces Tips
Does one track down your current try it for yourself keeping away from the one you love glistening Mercedes, generally mainly because it features received simply a minor cranky over occasion? Have you ever discovered functionality issues creeping straight into your current Mercedes? Perhaps your fashionable along with respected workhorse, your current Mercedes, need to purchase maintained in Wireless Device standard periods. throughout circumstances you've got remarked that your current Mercedes struts along with shock only never support your current experience ever again, and then probably, it can be time for it to exchange these people. Immediately after several of decades involving making your current Mercedes, throughout circumstances you've got began to watch your current radiator flakes a part, while touched, and then do not be shocked once your radiator does not work out with the necessity involving alert, making anyone stranded even though down the middle of thin ai
[this Song Is About A Knife.]
A knife named Paella. Alright so... I don't cook for mild mannered folk, or for more than 1 person so this was a bit of a learning experience.   What we did here was made a chorizo paella (at the insistance of my mother for something "Spanishy") And we had just come back from the hottest damned trip to the farmer's market   ever.   Like a parking lot next to the furnace of hell.   Alright   so I had 1 1/2 anaheim peppers diced 1 clove of garlic minced 1/2 a white onion diced (would've preferred red) 3 cups of rice (this turned out to be WAY too much rice for 3) 2 standard sausage size chorizos (y'know how sausage comes in the packages at ze markets and such- something that would fit on a bun) 1 ... crazy dry aged salami from a specialty market that tasted like game and spice and deliciousness (again about standard bun size) 6 cups of chicken broth 1 teaspoon of tumeric, curry powder, 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds, 3 teaspoons of paprika, 1 teaspoon of red chile pepper
Justice In The Court Room
Justice in the court room "Did that little girl get justice? Not by a long shot..." I want to start off by saying this, I feel that Casey Anthony should get some considerable prison time for not reporting her child missing (I'm talking about decades). I am pretty sure there is a large percentage of people out there who are outraged over the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case, yes, she lied and she partied at a time when she should have been doing anything but and many of you would like to see her life taken from her and more than likely would do it yourself if you could get your hands on her. You have a right to feel pain and to turn that pain to anger. I too am very outraged over what happened to Caylee, I truly am. I believe the mother did some terrible wrongs. I am not saying the mother did or did not do the crime because I honestly don't know. Casey Anthony did some stupid sh*t and told some lies but the truth of the matter is this, no evidence was ever present
Sex Geek Saturday Nite: Sex Toys, Sex Ed, Poly, Nerds And Porn Stars!
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute This Saturday Night, July 9 on The Dr. Susan Block Show  
Llcq: The Truth.'s her birthday! Hahah love or hate her you have to admit she does keep things interesting. And yanno, if ya actually talk to her you might like her....soo with that being said...wish a Happy Birthday toooooo... LLCQ XxKOxFubar BunnyxX@ fubar I won't be held responsible if she asks you for credits..come on people, take a joke...haha..Happy Birthday April!
You may believe That I am naïve    You may think you're sure Seems you're quite immature     You believe your lies still have audience in me Oh if only the truth you could see    The smoke and mirrors that once fogged my view No longer exist here, get a clue    Pointing at all the drama you have stirred Pretending it belongs to others''s just absurd    Maybe you believe in your own pile of crap But I never again will get caught in your webbed booby trap    So maybe there is a little naïveté But I wouldn't have it any other way    To know in my soul there is a truthful "good" in others  Will take me far beyond the jaded insecurities of another    To treat others the way I want to be treated Goes mil
Jen Is Losing Her Mind..
Jen: remember how i said I waned to live in the city? grahamryan97236: you dont wanna live in the city now? Jen: I have been rethinking my living in the city... grahamryan97236: We may have to live in the city just to save money for awhile Jen: if said zombie apocolypse ACUALLY HAPPENS...we would be fucked... grahamryan97236: ARE YOU KIDDING ME /facepalm Jen: LOL Jen: not kidding... grahamryan97236: i love you babe.. but sometimes i wonder..  Jen: you know what, if you read this it gets you thinking  grahamryan97236: wanna know what gets me thinking? science.. ZOMBIES AREN"T POSSIBLE Jen: the cdc has posted a what to do in the event of a zombie attack... grahamryan97236: Yea, well it was a slow week for them and they had to look busy Jen: /ded Jen: well Jen: when I am bitten by a zombie because we lived in the city make sure you put a bullet in my head I don't wanna be a zombie.  grahamryan97236: yes dear.. grahamryan97236: I am now going to go blog this.. Jen: ROFL
This Is What Answering Ads Has Come To Now Adays ! Sad Sad Sad !!!
Hello ! i am very glad to hear from you but i need to get this off of my chest right from the beginning just because this is has been and always be the way i am ! i speak my mind ,i show my emotions and i do not beat around the bush i am a very blunt person and if i want to know something i"m not afraid to ask ! if i have concerns about something im not afraid to communicate with the person about how i feel and would like to hear how u feel about the issue to ! so here we go ! I have been getting a lot of messages from ladies from out of my state in the past few weeks and almost every last one of them didn't have a picture on their profile ! almost all of them don't seam to be able to speak English very well either ! and almost every last one of them want to meet me on yahoo ? and last but not least ! when i try to talk to them. They all sound like they are reading from a script and not really listening to what i'm saying ! now this is how i am ! i'm not judge mental.  it is not my job
Who Dominates At Her Life?
I must brag. After the HOLIDAY weekend full of drinks, who lost 7 pounds?? The girl who posted this blog. Yup that's right!! FINALLY the kick boxing, and walking/running is paying off!!! 7 freakin pounds! My total is 30 now...I am pretty damn amazing.
The Fun Never Ends As Long As I'm Buying.
So, I recently set out to prove a point to myself, that fubar, and 90% of the so called friends I and everyone else ahve on it, only notice if you got bling, and notice I put 90% I have found a few wonderful friends on fubar that I wouldn't change for the world or trade for millions of dollars. but...   Amazing right after you purchase that god mode bling, and you look at the blue circle with the lightning bolt and wonder... wtf happened to the cross? Probably some religious freak bitched and moaned until it got changed... but anyway, I remeber saying to myself do I really, really want to spend this money on this? And that is the biggest thing to me, this is actual money that I could be shoving in my pocket and scratching my nuts with, but hey I bought it, I was cool with it, and I set out to have my fun. And i was right, the minute I turned it on, my bar tab lit up again like it used to all the other times, and I was liked, and I was rated, and I ahd beggers in my shout box, "I am
7 Months Later.
Well 7 months later, still nto soking, but got a congratulations for quitting smoking 50 pounds... woot... but hey I can breathe without coughing and I ahve more money.. so wth.
Quick Review Of "transformers 3" Or How To Feign Dread Looking At Cgi-inspired Awesomeness
“We’ll kill all of them.” It’s a line, asserted so assuredly by a pissed-off Optimus Prime, in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon, that makes geek fans go giddy. Considering everything that typically goes into a Michael Bay movie, maybe perhaps for once, we have not a perfect “Transformers” film, but a good one. Way, way - there’s no other way but up – better than “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and possibly on the verge of topping the original. Of course, this has never been about character development, scripting or story line. (However, model Rosie Huntington-Whitely is considerably a marginal improvement over Megan Fox as the hottie by Shia LaBeauf’s side. (Hell, drywall would be an improvement over Megan Fox in the “acting” department.) This is about special effects. This is about blowing up stuff real good. This is about all sorts of Autobots and Decepticons in an Earth-based battle of apocaly
I Don't Know..........
So a certain MuMMer has me blocked. He was told he had to block he did. He always said I was one of his best friends. We never had anything going on between us and he knows this.   Fubar has, for some reason, unblocked people...I'm not longer blocked by him. I'm not sure if he knows it.    Should I send him a shout just saying that I am sorry about everything that happened and that I understand why he blocked me and that he can block me again?
Garden Of Allah Don Henley
Garden of Allah Don Henley   It was a pretty big year for fashionA lousy year for rock and rollThe people gave their blessing to crimes of passionIt was a dark, dark night for the collective soulI was somewhere out on RiversideBy the El Royale HotelWhen a stranger appeared in a cloud of smokeI thought I knew him all too wellHe said, "Now that I have your attentionI got somethin' I wanna sayYou may not wanna hear itI'm gonna tell it to ya anywayYou know, I've always liked you, boy'Cause you were not afraid of meBut things are gonna get mighty roughHere in Gomorrah-By-The-Sea"He said, "It's just like homeIt's so damned hot, I can't stand itMy fine seersucker suit is all soakin' wet"And the hills are burningThe wind is ragingAnd the clock strikes midnightIn the Garden of Allah"Nice car.........I love those meticulousY'know, I remember a time when things were a lot more fun around hereWhen good was good, and evil was evilBefore things got so.......fuzzyYea
The One Power Abusing Bouncer
It is sad that a person can be friends with a certain bouncer and they will go around messing with people for you. I have known some of the bouncers here for YEARS, and I can honestly say they are some of the most honest people around, one is so fair that I admire her. It upsets me that a person so unlike the ones I know is allowed to have the job that the others take very seriously. Apparently my being green was so upsetting to a hater that I'm sure I know, lol, that with a bouncers help she was able to have me blocked from mumms, a mumm where I asked, "If your partner was constantly watching porn on the computer would that be a thing that would end the relationship" That's it. I was told that the use of the word that way was not nsfw. Then the picture that I am using currently was taken down as it was scrolling. It was obviously unmarked, but I just feel that this bouncer has power to help their friends and it is unfair to everyone here. All bouncers have that power, but I have never
Be Cool Man, Be Cool...
You can stick as many skulls on the back window and misfit logos, but you cant change the fact that you are driving a Buick, a Rendezvous at that...  
Please Help Me???
when i write in these blogs i write from my heart like im writing in my after readng this if ant one even reads it could u please help me with your true comment....ty babyyangelsss..... I have been stuck in this relationship i use to have for the past 6 yrs since the day i meet this man..his name is Max. I literally meet this guy when he was homeless living in a homeless shelter at 25, i had alot of sympathy for him for the fact of him being 25 and home less, and no family to help him, so be being the person i am i helpd him, i literally picked him up and took him out of homless ness with 2 1/2 months i fell in love with his heart and eyes, i didnt care he didnt have anything, i bought him clothes, shoes, cell phone, food, got him a little apt, feel in love with each other, with in the next 4-5 months we moved into our home, i brought him with me, took jim from no selfestem to being the king of the palace...we stayed together for 4 yrs, in total, one day he decided to che
A Gift For The Fakes...
Courtesy of Alethea (I still call her Ashwee)....if you see a fake drop this on their page... LOL. Maybe it will deter a tool or two.
Fubar Conspiracy Theory Unraveled
As some of us know, the new "Mumms" are sucking horrifically...After being back for a few days, I think I figured out the whole reasoning behind the suckage. Now us old school mummers, who have been here long enough to know about good ol' sporks and her dead baby, flag/report any "mumm" that was leading to a poll, self promotion, racist, etc..(Which by all means are violations of the TOS of this website). By now we have all figured out that the source of the ever so crappier mumms come from people who spend money, or potentially do on this website, or basically would throw themselves in front of a bus for more "fubar likes", in turn leads to more polls,surveys,self promotion etcetera. We have also established the fact that mumms show up on feeds for people who have the FSB layout, also with a "like" button below the mumm poster's picture. It also has been brought to my attention now that if mumms are being reported, the QQ(complaints for those who don't know what QQ means), are kind
The Most Recent Of Court Fidnings.
Ok folks I know I am going to get chastized for saying what I am going to say. But I am not going to sit by anymore and listen to it anymore. I know of the most recent court case that had its outcome be known on last Mon the 5th of July 2011. Yes the day after Independence day. Yes now you can define irony. The outcome of her court case that was all over the air ways for the past fucking months. Yes months. Well I define irony as this. Our country was founded on beliefs and strong such beliefs that was made a declaration to separate ourselves from another government to form another government and stronger country. To make things such as innocent until proven guilty. Well our justice system as much as it can suck sometimes and people don't get treated the way that they should. Yes I know people do not get what they deserve such as the case of last Monday. Maybe she should have gotten the chair or a lethal injection. But she didn't. Because they could not prove "BEYOND A REASONABLE DO
Take A Look At The Amazing Option And Affordable Costs Available To You Online
The proms of today are pretty elaborate and fascinating affairs, and types which are talked about and ready for by students extended prior to the specific event. Cheap Special Occasion Dresses The prom has come to be a who's who of high school society and since the dance tactics the stress is on to find a ideal prom partner, and preferably somebody that could provide you with a assisting hand to coveted name of prom king or queen. Proms weren't at all times the fascinating frenzy of posh outfits, stunning hairstyles, extention limos and warm dates as they are today. Cheap Homecoming Dresses In fact, throughout the earlier component on the twentieth century, the dance was a small-time, straightforward affair with tiny during the method of corporation or preparation. As the decades passed and unique sorts of songs exploded on to scenes, high school proms started to come to be more and more elaborate. reside bands and large halls had been hired for your event, and college students start
A Daily Thought
"A liberal is someone who reaches into your shower and adjusts the water temperature for you." - William F. Buckley
Take A Look At The Amazing Option And Affordable Costs Available To You Online
The proms of today are pretty elaborate and fascinating affairs, and types which are talked about and ready for by students extended prior to the specific event. Cheap Special Occasion Dresses The prom has come to be a who's who of high school society and since the dance tactics the stress is on to find a ideal prom partner, and preferably somebody that could provide you with a assisting hand to coveted name of prom king or queen. Proms weren't at all times the fascinating frenzy of posh outfits, stunning hairstyles, extention limos and warm dates as they are today. Cheap Homecoming Dresses In fact, throughout the earlier component on the twentieth century, the dance was a small-time, straightforward affair with tiny during the method of corporation or preparation. As the decades passed and unique sorts of songs exploded on to scenes, high school proms started to come to be more and more elaborate. reside bands and large halls had been hired for your event, and college students start
El Salvador
....that's where my bank card was used, well at least attempted to be used.    Let me catch you all up.    Last week I couldn't use my bank card. I thought I may have just punched in the wrong amount...I know how much is in my account. It wouldn't let me get ANYTHING out. On Monday I go to a local store, where I know the owner, and ask him if I can try to use my bank card there. He lets me. I try to charge a PENNY and it's declined. He cashes my payroll check there so I'll have something. I go to the bank Tuesday and they tell me that my money is safe, but my bank card got frozen because someone tried to take out over $500 in El Salvador.   Now I have to wait a week to be able to access my account with a bank card. Wanna know what's even better???   I only  have one check left in my book so I have to wait until that comes too! ( I ordered new checks when I had them send off for a new bank card)   Sucks having money you can't spend :(
Note To My True Friends.
Note to my true and cherished friends.   My deepest apologies for not being as attentive as I should be. My personal life is filled with "horse shit" as I like to call it. I am going through so much...mentally, emotionally and physically. No, I am not ill...except for peri menopause. AKA pre mental pause and it is kicking my ass (my emotions anyway). That, along with family crisis upon crisis upon crisis has my mind in a constant state of WTF?!!!! I do withdraw from friends. It may be wrong but it is how I am and how I have always been. It isn't intentional it's just that sometimes I can not be social. It is certainly not by choice it is unfortunately a part of my personality, I guess. My truest friends accept that part of me and will be around when I am of sound mind and body. To those friends that love me no matter what....I offer you my undying love and devotion. I am truly grateful and honored to have precious friends that love me unconditionally. I love you all ve
Facebook, Twitter & The Future...
Well, I don't really know what to say. People are so different nowadays. I guess they need different sitmulations of social media. So, with that being said, I'd like to invite everyone to my Facebook: And to keep up with the random tweets & status updates, Feel free to follow me on twitter: From there you can get more real-time things and access to future blogs both on and off Fu, different postings, videos, etc. Re-connect with long lost FuFriends that may have bailed and other exciting things like that. There's a wide variety out there. I felt the need to post this because I posted something about Casey Anthony and it received more Facebook feedback and debate and opinion-sharing than it did here. Personally, I enjoy that kind of thing. Apparently once people sign into Fubar, they get ADD from the flashing, spinning, dollar signs and blingy tooltips and their brain melts. This also
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 52
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 52 of Janey Godley’s podcast the dynamic duo celebrate the first birthday of their podcasting career. They are recorded live from Salt Spring Island in British Columbia in Canada.   They discuss the downfall of The News of the World newspaper and all the shenanigans involved, they talk hippy and explain the transport system of the small island. Their journey on boat and plane make for an interesting story and Ashley gets the lowdown on the village in seconds of arriving. Janey fell down some stairs and a man touched Ashley’s nipple on the flight.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.     Please do listen a
What the hell made you think the sun rose and set in your ass? Fast I remove you from my itinerary I tense you worry and exaggerate becoming jealous at the drop of a dime, wanting to kill all womankind You are a perfect ten with the perfect tan goddess Who could sell Evian to a drowning man, honest Trying to stay sane walking that tight rope I'm throwing you off the deep end you better pray shit floats You gave me chills to your mind when Beverly Hills make cleverly deals, and now you think you Brooke Shields Hated my foes, now you one of they one a day hoes Used to search my ass straight for weed I smoked some days before I'm crazy yo forever goin farther than just screwin em Making me feel like Joseph and Mary's hoein in Jerusalem Abusin em is how they wanna be treated they nosy too Should I just slap em like Scherazade told me to You just a tease and you play like I'm not in your league Capturing my mind claiming I'm your biggest fantasy I'm unattachin, what think you can spies me I
I have been copy-pasting help and How-To blogs from fubar here for a while now. It is a very time consuming task since I have to check and fix code when it breaks during the copy-paste procedure, which means the postings are few and far between. But fear not, I found a whole bunch of How-To's about fubar in Stevens blogs and I provide the link here.   HOW-TO'S
Mystery ( Who Is God? )
In eternal blackness, in the midst of the darkest nightProteins and minerals, exist within specks of lightSolids liquids and gases, and sparks of light withininfinite lengths and widths and depths and heightsNo beginning or ending, the seven dimensionsEnough space for more than a million words and inventionsTo travel through time within enough room to be the wombof the most high's great mind which he will soon make shineWith intelligent elements in sight that he will gatherIn the realms of relativity electricity struck matterEnergies explode he below to keep releasinAtoms by the millions, til the numbers increasinTil it was burnin he kept returnin itself to the sourceThe hotter his thoughts it gave the center more forceHe gave birth to the sun which would follow his lawsAll caused by his mental intercourse, who is God?He began to explain his craft, the master in the atticHe dealt with measurements his language, was mathematicsHis theoretical wisdom of the numerical systemThe complete n
Head Shots
Do people really want to see a Zillion head shots of the sameface? BORING!!!! What's up with that ? Are people so full of them selves that they think one would enjoy looking at the same face a thousand times!
Peace will never tame the hatred in me. I'm to restricted. seperated from your society. I'm a new breed of species. A curse to lift that speak my name. I'm different twisted. My mind is not the same. For those who deny the truth will seek and try to find it. You my friend are blind to the truth for you are simple minded. My ways are called abnormal. They treat me as if forsaken  But also feel the wrath just like when my heart was taken. And if these words fail to reach the limited few. You won't know but when I strike you'd wish that you would've knew.. This beast is on the loose. If you treasure life then destroy Words is to realistic for you to simply ignore it. I 've given a fair warning. Now beware because I'm cut a loose. A new terror walks the earth. And now its all up to you. If all hope should fail. Then you should sit and ponder. Your fate has been decided by one dangerous monster
Chicken Soup With Shirataki Noodles
So most of us try to keep our menus on the lighter side for the summer.  This recipe logs in at 139 calories for a 3 cup bowl!   6 Whole chicken breasts, boneless, skinless, all fat removed2 large onions, cut in slicesTBS minced garlicTBS of onion and garlic powderTBS natural sea salttsp cayenne pepperground white pepper and ground black pepperpoultry seasoning Shirataki noodles (yam noodles -- can be found at asian specialty stores. VERY low cal to no cal, and filling.) -- Follow directions on the packageBoil it all together in a large stockpot with a lot of water. The chicken will make the broth as it cooks down. Boil it for about an hour. I used tongs to remove the chicken so it could be cut up and weighed for portions. 100 grams (you'd be surprised at just how much chicken that is!) per portion. 3 cups of the broth with some onions and add the chicken and a serving of the noodles.
Girl's Name......
    its funny but when she was told about this blog she didnt think it was something she would be interested in....but now that she has started writing it is like a dam broke inside of her ....and the words and memmories just dont want to stay in their very proper little boxes..... in a way it is nice to have something to write them down on...something that will live on long after she has turned to ashes......her feelings are all jumbled today... the spirits feel so is comforting to let the stories take see them grow wings and fly....smiling softly.....the wisdom of her Grandfather surrounding her lately so much...  as He has so often when she has needed Him....The best in her comes from Him.... He was so strong...yet always gentle and kind....wild creatures would still to His touch....He was the best Man in her whole world......when she was little her Grandfather would cuddle her up before her bedtime and tell her over and over the story of her
Block Lists Cleared?
noticed that my block list had been cleared. thought I'd done so myself and not remembered, went and checked up on some people who had me blocked, and noticed that one didn't have me blocked anymore; assumed she'd unblocked me, and thanked her. then noticed two more no longer did- 3 is a pattern. Friends may want to rebuild their lists (and no, I have no intention of abusing this, now that I realize what it is- etc.  Stash ratings has always been another matter ;) )
The Saw Lounge: Come Check Out This Kewl Lounge
do u like great tunes ? are u a fan of the saw movies? then come to my lounge: saw( time to play the game. its my lounge that i have created here on fubar!! we have great staff, great bg, and awesome tunes!! so stop on by and say hi to us!! the link to my lounge is: look forward to seeing u all there.. from: rev vampire ( lounge owner)
Do On To.......
It is strange how life just twists and turns so many pathways to stumble down Ever walking between the worlds spreading smiles all around Reach out and touch a strangers heart make them become a friend In the darkness of the night never lonely will you be again Things you do for others tenfold will be returned Embrace the lessons life has taught things your soul has learned For when the road is rocky and the pathway seems so steep Look to your friends for comfort to hold you when you weep Take time to smell the flowers while away life in the sun Always be kind to others appreciate everyone
okay so i had a good time with my brother his wife and kids last couple days watched the zac brown band(kinda bluegrass or county) and an awesome fireworks display at fort stewart the kids always cheer me up... even if they did beat me at bowling... :( while i was there though there was a wildfire burning out of control like a mile and a half from their house which kinda sucked and closed down a couple roads they had the most awesome thing ever... an all you can eat mexican buffet XD nom nom nom nom while i was eating my 6th chicken fajita i got a call from bridgestone... i got the job i wanted but since i was in georgia i'll have to wait till next month to start it when i do start it i'll probably be working 7 12 hour days in a row for awhile... it'll help with my lack of a social life but i won't get on here much either i think... ummm oh and i got barred from my usual hang out by the owner's cunt wife for slapping a person in the face with a cupcake on their birthday... kinda
In The Shadows I Stand.
In the shadows I stand.Torn and conflictedAbout the past of my heartBroken and tornOnly broken thornsAre left to adornMy head like a crown.Broken memories of a past sceneembellish my reality.The torment I’ve oncecast down upon you to endureis now a reflection of who I am.Broken, painted with a million scarsmy sin is the bloodthat drips from my wrist.I am now naught but a broken man.And you see before you,The tears I weepAre just broken apologizesOf a blacken heart.Spoken from a condemned man.In the shadows, I awaitedto be forgiven for my past sins.Only to foil, again and again.Your pain imprisons me.Tears of crimson torment me.As I fall upon fragile knees.To beg for your forgiveness.for only you can purify.Sins that turn my soulblacker then ash.Only your innocence can purifymy tainted sin.And cast my soulfrom the shadows that plague me.I long to retreat back into the lightilluminated by your arms.Call forth my nameand I shalt hearken to theemy angelic herald.Call me back into thi
A caged bird cannot sing...she can not fly or even spread her wings.Trapped like an animal inside a cage...I would rather die than live this way.You hold me down and try to extinguish my you I think this is all just a game.The flame grows smaller with each passing day...before you know it I wont remember my name.I don't want to lose anymore of myself...I have to break free before nothing is left.Out of this cage I will spread my wings and sing sweet,sweet songs and bid you goodbye.
As intoxicating as her presence is to me I cant help wonder what force draws me near to her like a moth to flame, Should I turn away or succumb to her dark spirit.As I long to be inside her warm familiar spot that takes me away to a place where the feeling is like the light of a flame piercing the darkness of a night with no moon.As the darkness consumes us we come together like the swirling winds through the tall oaks, our bodies like the branches of the trees swaying with the night air.
I sit in silence these tears i hide For if i cry I would have to explain why.So deep inside there buried a place where they need to beBut with each tear they are slowing killing me.I long for approval to seek acceptance for the small things i do These tears come from each emotion that i feel deep in my heart and soulThey scream at me wanting to be released. Wanting to be be worthy wanting to be important. Wanting and Needing to matter. Wanting to be number one.So i sit in silence, wanting, waiting, The little girl inside just needs to be held and comforted, to tell her it's okwanting to feel your arms around me. To have reassurance that your still there Sometimes the emotions are frighting , scary, defening . I know I am not perfect but perfect love is what I crave. To know no matter how things are now that they will get better .Sometimes words can not explain enough how i feel, sometimes a touch can erase the pain sometimes all i need is is your embrace. Words can be tricky they can s
Clean My Wounds
Clean My WoundsAs I lay here beaten and torn not really aware of the physical injuries I have sustained, more the torture of my soul that has been inflicted upon me.Bleeding out and writhing with pain I search for solace in my mind alwayshoping, desiring for someone or something to ease my pain.All I ask is for him to clean my wounds, he says he cannot heal that kind.A bleeding soul becomes a bitter mind he looks and says¦You know this happens every time¦.
Dark gray matter all around me I see... I live in this darkness that has become me. I look inside my black heart to see what I can find... wait, its empty and has been for some time.I dig a little deeper down into my soul... only to find it has grown black and is now ice cold.It comes as no surprise all this darkness to me... its the place where I have found peace...all alone with just me.
My Prey..
MY PREY..   I hunt for you like prey stalking your every move...from me my love you will not get away.I want to consume your beautiful black soul... ever so slowly eating all of your flesh for when I get to your heart... I know it will taste the best.Your blood like like wine...tangy and sweet...the perfect complement to my flesh filled feast.Your tender lips I will save for very last..the perfect desert,succulent and sweet...they are going to be such a treat to eat.Don't try to fight can not escape...destiny my love has sealed your fate.
Last Rite
Last RiteIn my darkest hour I see that you are no longer there Was it something I did or something I said?Confusion and despair consumes me. My deepest fears have they come to light,Or is it my just my mind getting the best of me again?You’ve got me dying for you, it’s you that I’m living throughYou have me praying to you, doing anything you want me to.Please cast me out of the darkness and into the light, for It’s you that holds the key to my salivation and can set free my tortured soulFrom this prison that is of your making.I have lived my life for you Still you turn awayNow as I die for you My soul burns as I breathe your name
Silent Scream
Silent screamSplattered upon the wall was blood,Tears on the floor started to flood.From the dark a shadow appear,Thin and tall holding a spear.It tours over the room,With it's mysterous costume.The unknown comes without a face,With it's arm covered in lace.She sat there in fear,Because the face is not so clear.She pulls a blanket over her head,For what is comming is dead.The very life it destroys,All without a noise.The silent scream,All because nothing is what it seems.
Win For Fubar?
So after being up the entire night and Facebook was not entertaining in the least, I looked to Fubar for something to keep me busy...well....Fubar maded me happy! And has kept most of my attention off Facebook today. I think this is a major win for Fu today. They should really make a bling in my honor.
Dom/sub Vs. Master/slave
I wanted to get some comments or opinions on the subject of "sub/dom" vs "master/slave"  The way I see it, being submissive means just that. It doesn't mean subservient to anyone. So the realm of "master/slave" is really far removed from that of a dominant and submissive relationship.  The following is my personal understanding, PLEASE don't take it as anything other than me putting my thoughts down in order to have a greater understanding. I'm perfectly willing to accept constructive criticism and alternate explanations. Dom vs. Master: To be dominant over someone means that you have a responsibility to the one or ones you "dom" over. You are a leader and a strong personality. You have accepted the role as teacher and guide and you are willing to do your best to show your sub more about themselves. To help them to look inside themselves and find that place where they are truly happy and able to release any inhibitions. As a dom you may use means that seem to others to be cruel or pa
When Will Men Learn?
When will men learn?One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife, 'Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in 'Slim Fast'. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!'His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded.The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. 'What the heck is this?' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out.'April', he hollered into the bathroom, 'Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?'She replied with a snicker. 'It's not talcum powder; it's 'Miracle Grow'! You guys just never learn, do not tick off the woman .
Word Vomit
Not that any of you will ever read this, but i need to vent. so here i am. Read if you want don't if you don't want to. i don't really care at this point. I'm having one of those weeks were I've been looking at what I've done with my life where i am going and what I'm willing to put up with. I've watched so much drama go down in my life and I've had no control over what's happening because I'm the one that trusts to easy, and I'm the one that if i love you, I'm going to love you. No IF's AND's or BUT"s about it. So as i watch all of my life unfold in the hands of people i thought would never hurt me or ever let this happen, i just let it happen. I don't fight it, I don't try to stop. I just let my fate be up to them, because I'm to afraid that I'm not worth the fight. That this is what i deserve for whatever reason.  I don't clam to be perfect and i know i never will be, because I'm farrrr from perfect. I've done fucked up shit but I know I'm not all bad. I try to give people the bene
Respect...something Most People Don't Have These Days!!!
Hmmm...where to start.   First off I'd like to ask for some respect. Yep, that's it. Just respect.   But for you those of who don't understand what exactly respect is I'm going to explain....   Respect is... Understanding that I'm married. I know y'all lilke to comment and my hubby and I are more than happy to let you speak your mind BUT it becomes annoying not only to him but me as well when you can't take the hint that I'm not interested in you, don't cater to you, and don't care if you're horny or not.   YES, I did have my own page on here 2 yrs ago right before me and the hubby got serious BUT I am NOT that person anymore. So please drop whatever misconseptions you have about me.   The profile I have now is a JOINT account of my hubby and we both take equal participation on here. Y'all should be happy that we love to be on here, love to make friends, and enjoy this site.   So for all you horn dogs that can't take a hint I am spelling it out for you once again. I
Scorpion Attack!!!
So for Independence Day I got the surprise of a lifetime. We had just had our first monsoon storm of the season and I KNOW scorpions come inside when it rains. As a matter of fact, I had just gotten done telling my boyfriend to watch out for them in the house. He went to sleep (after some great lovin') and I was finishing up a few things I needed to do before bed. I was sitting at the computer desk in the living room checking my messages when I felt something tickle my leg. I looked down.....saw nothing. I felt a few more twitches that seemed more like muscle spasms, then I felt a SHARP sting a couple times and I shook my leg. Out falls a scorpion about 1 1/2 inches long from my pajama pants. I realized quickly he'd gotten me more than once...maybe even a few times. I immediately ran and took 2 Benadryls and grabbed an ice pack. I woke up my honey and asked him to keep an eye on me. If I was going to have a reaction it wouldn't take long. Within 2-3 minutes my skin turned TOMATO
A Great Firefox Add-on For Tab Handling
For Those Who Died
FOR THOSE WHO DIED       "You stand before this court, accused of heresy and witch craft. How do you plead?" "Not guilty!" "Guilty!" Our tongues they could not silence with their malicious lies Their unforgotten violence, remember those who died And as my flesh is put to fire I hear their voices still Their unjust accusations demanding that I am killed "We shall show no mercy to heathen such as thee Who stand accused and have refused the Church's clemency Your wicked acts are endless through the crimes we cannot name Innocent or guilty proved, we'll burn you just the same" Burning, into the fire Burning, a funeral pyre Burning, into the fire Burning, a funeral pyre This self-righteous inquisition is a plague upon our land as false as the confessions they force from shattered hands "We shall show no mercy to heathen such as thee Who stand accused and have refused the Church's clemency Your wicked acts are endless through the crimes we cannot name Innocent or guilty proved, w
Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil (repost)
Illustration: Mark Matcho; Chart Artwork: Jeff Berlin Why "efficiency" and "productivity" really mean more profits for corporations and less sanity for you. — By Dave Gilson In the past 20 years, the US economy has grown nearly 60 percent. This huge increase in productivity is partly due to automation, the internet, and other improvements in efficiency. But it's also the result of Americans working harder—often without a big boost to their bottom lines. Oh, and meanwhile, corporate profits are up 20 percent. (Also read our essay on the great speedup and harrowing first-person tales of overwork.) You have nothing to lose but your gains Productivity has surged, but income and wages have stagnated for most Americans. If the median household income had kept pace with the economy since 1970, it would now be nearly $92,000, not $50,000. Growth is back... ...But jobs aren't
Start Here
When I was a young man, yanked out of the spiritual purity delivered to me by LSD thence misled by Jimmy Cracker and the various evils of DW Griffith, Capitalism and Christianity, I used to browse used book stores like others browsed through antient and musty parchments before me, in the attempt to find the secrets to the foundation of the universe, wealth, how to make pacts with the devil, whatever it took to acquire cars, pussy and all of the things Madison Avenue told us we had to have, along with Las Vegas, sizzling steaks, Elvis Presley hairdo and whatever the fuck else One of the interesting things I came across was a system of cards presented in a book by Edith L. Randall entitled "Your Place in the Cards" This was great, it had a Pyramid, an Eye !! the whole Egyptian, Eye of Horus schtick. O Lordy this must be the Devil !! let me open a vein on that Motherfucker, O please Missa Debil take mah blood and gimme some a that pussy and lots and lots a money so I kin buy me more !! T
Ipod Dock Is Definitely A Cold Accessories
 Tracks will be servings for that cardiovascular. in the beginning . the software useful to customarily end up being clumsy transistors and additionally sound experience platforms. sound experience couples decided not to maintain the possibility Cheap Discount iPhone Accessories For Sale grip with their company all of their widely used tracks. That ipod one among the up to date many chic and additionally state-of-the-art electronic device that people to respond for that widely used sound experience at any time when any where. It is feasible to relate a ipod and additionally notice sound experience almost anyplace aided by the ipod docking rail station. Pictures notice sound experience relating to the harmful, upon your tactic to succeed, when you work apart in addition to even when researching. sound experience happens to be on the market the fingertips. With just some visit or even a regular water, you've gotten a tracks. That ipod has gotten to make sure you everyone min
[reading Is Fun]
Alright... I may have fucking SHREDDED my fingertips on this job... thing.   Had to twist wires and assemble things and drill so forth.   Got a bit of claw hand, some open wounds, some worn nubs after two days. Also- ridiculously cute 22 year old is ridiculously cute, but I had no further opportunity to flirt with her today, so ... *shrugs* dunno what to do now.   Anyway, I'm reading Lord Foul's Bane, it was a book my dad started when I was about 11 and stopped reading to me because it was a bit to sexy? Rapey?   I dunno, but I'm almost to the point we were 15 years ago, and I've not really forgotten anything about the story, and I think on an unconcious level the start had influenced my atheist character.   How bout them Royals beating the crap out of CWS in a fair game? Speaking of fair games It's still not camping. Run and gun retards... It says "tactical espionage action" on the box, learn to play.   Anyway, I'm actually reading a novel while loading screens and
Oem Honda Atv Part Is Normally Every Body Mechanic's Dream
Or even a a repair shop and even DYI style junkie, picking the best Oem Style Part can certainly be a trial. At each just turn you will discover a city trader seeking to get within your budget with doubling entertainment thats part needs to expenditure. Motorcycles Wireless Device seem to be high performance instruments which need simple and easy cutting-edge therapy throughout. Nobody wants to have to wait A month for a shop to modify your oils and even your main braking system calipers. Which you have route to shed now making his / her two wheel bike about bat roosting gents is absolutely not readily available; for that matter, stemming from the cost of gas price levels style specialists have never happened to be busier. Each of their bays seem to be populated with traveling bike, sporting activity bike and then ATVs, possibly even eco-friendly insides seem to be used demanding. Oem style part dealerships supply power to investment trader and look at microfiche on the s
Quotes And Sayings!
When my heart is breaking and you sit back and watch the pieces hit the floor along with my tears and do nothing I realize you truly don't love me anymore.   Sometimes you just have to let people go, because sometimes going on without them is easier than trying to pretend like things will ever be the way you want i told you i was scared of getting hurt and you still left me here sitting waiting for something to happen when in reality were just watching the world go by. is hoping one day she will love someone who honestly will appreciate the honest good loving woman she is and love her back forever Sometimes it takes more strength &  pain to let go, but time heals all wounds. Never settle for less than u deserve so always be a choice, never just an option. What happens when the one who used to take away all your pain is now the one causing it? sometimes I wish I could put my feelings in a jar and close the lid! There's only so much heartache girl can take before her
The Worst Of The Worst On Fubar Contest Catagory Picker
Ok You know how this works. Marcie did a similar one of these called "the best of the best on fubar" but you know me to be most evilest so Me and Mrs.. Sylent decided it be funny to make "the worst of the WORST fubar Contest" More like the demon side  not the angel. Here's how this 1st one works. I NEED ONLY CATAGORYS RIGHT NOW! The Voting Blog is not yet up so DO NOT NOMINATE ANYONE  just yet. The following Catagorys Are all ready listed for you so you can get the gist of what were looking for. We need your help to determine the rest.   ***If this causes drama in your little world, I feel bad for you this is a social networking site if you get voted think happy thoughts, haters are thinking of you and haters make you famous their just jelous. So have fun with it, because this is all this is suppose to be is fun, which is why when we have the final voting its annonymus.***   1. Worst Fubar Couple 2. Smallest Peen on Fubar 3. Worst Phone bone on fubar 4. Worse Ratio of Defau
Letter To My Mom
For as long as I can remember you were there. My earliest memory was of when I had a nightmare and went in to wake you up, I was about 4. I ran from your room, into the bathroom crying hysterically. You came into to find me and asked me what was wrong. I turned to you, with tears streaming down my face and cried, "I saw your bum!" You laughed as you replied, "Well yes, I have a bum, the same as you. It's not like you've not seen it before. You've come in when I have been in the bathroom." "Yeah, but I saw the whole thing!" What did a 4 year old know about a parents body? It was traumatizing. Not to mention killer on your sex life apparently.  Years later when I reminded you of that story, we had a big laugh over it. There were so many things that happened that I could call to my memory in an instant that would remind me of how we'd laugh (the water fights in the basement, or the wheelchair races you'd try to stop in the basement. Even the time for Andie's 16th party when we put the
Why I've Been Gone So Much
Here is a little update on why I haven't been around much. I took a job with a company that I worked with for a short time and have been staying in a hotel in Bristol, VA. I am working 7 days a week and have been here at the hotel almost 2 weeks. I work from midnight until I finish my deliveries. Normally back to my room a little after 9am. I haven't had a day off in over 3 weeks. Since I have been here my father has ben in the hospital and I lost my grandmother(last grand parent) so it's been really hard being away. The pay is great and I make a little more staying here rather than driving down each night plus it saves 4 hours travel time round trip so that helps a little. Miss everyone so much, Feel free to text me or yahoo me if you have that info. If I don't answer right away I amon the road or sleeping but willas soon as I can. If you don't have it, your not special! LOL, just kidding, just ask me for it. Leave me love so I know who cares enough to read this. LOL :P   Wally
The Storm Outside
the storm outside is like none she's ever seen before wind violently thrashing through the trees branches repeatedly scraping her windows like fingernails on a chalkboard her heart is racing, why did she tell him to go? now she sits all alone in this big old house electricity knocked out her only friend the flickering light from her candles thunder booms, lightening strikes, wind blows and some other sound was in the mix sounded like glass breaking that is all she needs, she thinks... for a tree to of broken a window allowing the elemets inside her safe haven little did she know though that soon she'd discover she was not so safe it was not the storm breaking into her home  
Cries Out For A Musical Note To Put You In The Proper Place To Consider Her Abbreviated Life
This article cries out for a musical note, to arranged its mood and put you in the proper place to consider this little girl, her abbreviated life, Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses and violent end. For this note, I have chosen the balcony scene of Sergei Prokofiev's gripping ballet "Romeo and Juliet." You will find it by searching any major research engine. If possible, view Rudolph Nureyev as Romeo and Dame Margot Fonteyn as Juliet. when you view this ballet and listen for the songs which inevitably captures your soul, Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses please keep in mind that neither Romeo nor Juliet knew their fate throughout this scene... we know the misfortune they will face... but they are teen-agers enraptured with every other, not understanding as well as pondering of the fate, only of every other. And ideal up right up until her end, Christina experienced no inkling of what was to come. Only we know... And so, enveloped by Prokofiev, the curtain opens upon a youthful girl, entire
Cries Out For A Musical Note To Put You In The Proper Place To Consider Her Abbreviated Life
This article cries out for a musical note, to arranged its mood and put you in the proper place to consider this little girl, her abbreviated life, Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses and violent end. For this note, I have chosen the balcony scene of Sergei Prokofiev's gripping ballet "Romeo and Juliet." You will find it by searching any major research engine. If possible, view Rudolph Nureyev as Romeo and Dame Margot Fonteyn as Juliet. when you view this ballet and listen for the songs which inevitably captures your soul, Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses please keep in mind that neither Romeo nor Juliet knew their fate throughout this scene... we know the misfortune they will face... but they are teen-agers enraptured with every other, not understanding as well as pondering of the fate, only of every other. And ideal up right up until her end, Christina experienced no inkling of what was to come. Only we know... And so, enveloped by Prokofiev, the curtain opens upon a youthful girl, entire
Just My Thoughts
People are  so cut throat and jealous here. All I am is green, apparently this is pissing someone off to the point of having things blocked, lol, and the powers that be must find this ok. The thing is, if I want to beat a person at something, I do it fairly, so I can look in the mirror and smile that I know it was ALL ME. By reporting and getting your pals to help have things removed in my opinion makes you a punk. A weak punk because you know you can't do it fairly. I hope whoever -and I have a good idea who it is- it is reads this. You are a weak lil punk and no matter what you do you will always be jealous because you know you can't beat me fairly.   Peace
silent whispers like silent dreams awake from the dreams and a world so sareen reality lacks the pure joy and bless  awake to silent sobs silent screams of the love i miss hate to linger in a world where you don't exist  i could numb my pain but it doesn't do the trick tears stain my check thinking of the days you were here with me everything reminds me of you  so hard to find a reason too keep going  waiting in agany for my final sleep to be at peace waiting too see your face again  i long to hear your angels song
For You
It's the little things about you i've grown so very found of  this goes so much more beyound then a simple kiss or touch it's the soul i see inside of you so pure and simple still you make my heart a flutter with the smiple words you utter no one else can make me feel this way i feel inside  so much or more then love and or lust for those things we put a side every moment spent with you is a moment for which i'd die  my soul feels simply lost with out you it even makes me cry never needing to say good bye is a day for which i wait  holding on to every word simply so my heart wont ache longing too speak too you agian makes me feel as i have gone mad  the purest soul the kindest heart the sweetest love i've known how i've come to find you is something i'll shall never know seeig how i make you smile fills my heart with joy seeing how i make you feel makes this an easy choice your heart is where i long to stay still you keep it guarded as i were to break it  i'd wait a tho
When it's a battle between heart and mind who do you let win. Your heart says jump your mind tells you slow down be careful. Slow and steady wins the race? or maybe sometimes going fast is the winning edge. Finding pieces of me in  you feels so right makes it so hard to hold back. Do I let the levy break  or do I hold back the floods. There's so much too say but we have so much time. Feelings we both share. Fears we both have. So many questions. So many ways this could go wrong. Yet here I am on the edge so ready to jump. But will you jump with me. We maybe apart for now in body, but we're together in our hearts. This might not yet be love but it's and so much more then a crush.  So for you I will sit on the ledge hoping waiting missing and thinking of you. 
LOOK at the gd salute and gender!  That is all!
I want you to knowone thing.You know how this is:if I lookat the crystal moon, at the red branchof the slow autumn at my window,if I touchnear the firethe impalpable ashor the wrinkled body of the log,everything carries me to you,as if everything that exists:aromas, light, metals,were little boats that sailtoward those isles of yours that wait for me.Well, now,if little by little you stop loveing meI shall stop loving you little by little.If suddenlyyou forget medo not look for me,for I shall already have forgotten you.If you think it long and mad,the wind of bannersthat passes through my life,and you decideto leave me at the shoreof the heart where I have roots,rememberthat on that day,at that hour,I shall lift my armsand my roots will set offto seek another land.Butif each day,each hour,you feel that you are destined for mewith implacable sweetness,if each day a flowerclimbs up to your lips to seek me,ah my love, ah my own,in me all that fire is repeated,in me nothing is extinguished
Rideing My Bike At Night Feels Like Magic :) :)
i have a 50's style bicycle my dad gave me the bicycle  for my 15th birthday and . 6 years ago i got this feeling i should ride my bike and i got it from my mom who kept it for me and i fix it up and the next night around midnight . i got my ipod.i rode my bike i named it billy lol . i just felt so free rideing my bike all of my stresses melted away . when i'm rideing my bike at night i forgett about the assholes who give me stress or my job i just  ride around  . i notice things the building are more beautiful and no one is around .the streets are empty its just me and billy . when i'm in my car things are small and all the same . rideing my bike everything is so big lol . i hope one day to ride my bike in new york at night it would be a real treat . in my town some people think they know who i am without knowing a fucking thing about me . i'm just a girl that rides my bike at night with a big smile on her face happy that no one is around but me and billy :) :) . my friend get's so ma
In Case You Were Wondering................
First things first.......  THANK YOU LILLPAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex has been my #1 Fu-friend since I joined this site, and will ALWAYS be my #1.    Now onto the meat of all this. If you have recently added me and helped me level, I really appreciate it from everyone. Alex has been keeping up with my FU for me. I had a fire at my home last month. I have been working insane hours while trying to clean up all the mess.    Any of my friends that I talked to often, I'm sorry if I haven't answered any messages from you. Most the time it wasn't even me on here lol. Don't worry, all of your splendid penis pics that you sent have been kept for my eyes only ^_^ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Thanx for being patient while i'm busy prying out the symbolic "FOOT" called life that has been crammed in my cooter.   
He's A She!... Popular Opinion Thinks So..
I found a pic, it told me to do this. I did them.   This is the pic..   I found an article...   Which you REALLY should scope out..   I copied and pasted it below..   *giggles like a schoolgirl*   50 Most Popular Women on the Web, Per Google Search Results     By LIZ HERON May 6, 2010   Which women are searched most often on Google? COED Magazine has compiled a list based on Google search results that is flying around the Internet, sporting some surprises -- Justin Bieber comes in at No. 7 -- and some givens -- Lady Gaga tops the list at No. 1. Here are the top 10: 1. Lady Gaga 2. Kesha 3. Madonna 4. Beyonce 5. Rihanna 6. Britney Spears 7. Justin Bieber 8. Miley Cyrus 9. Paris Hilton 10. Avril Lavigne   Washington's famous women made a showing as well: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is No. 18, first lady Michelle Obama No. 21 and Secretary o
Salutes 4 Me
My birthday is 7-11.. Now I know every woman on here loves bling and so do I lmfao.. BUT I am one of very few that understand that not everyone can offord it either so.... If you would like you can make me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY salute.. SFW PLEASE LOL!!!      So if that is something that you want to do then make it and send me the link :D!!! I am a firm believer that it is the thought that counts in any sittuation, especially someone birthday!!!! ty in advance xoxoxooxxoxo
Pimp Trade Liar
I stuck Pimp Trade??? in my Status got this chick... this chick however never pimped me back... said she been trying... its only 10:30am so the pimper things not clogged..  how do I know that cause I pimped her out... anyways... watch out for her!   KARMA KITTIE THE SOUL DESTROYER@ fubar
My Loving Dad... Rip...
Now here's to the man whose shoes i tried to walk in But always my feet were just to small, And heres to the guy that i beat out in inches But somehow wasn't quite as tall. Yes here's to the guy that woke me in the morning And called me "Smiley" long ago, And heres to the guy who had some chips for giving, Even when his chips were low. Here's to the guy who did alot of wrong things, But always did a few more right, Yes, this funny guy, who helped me with my problems And always led me to the light. I knew i couldn't have this guy forever And at the risk of sounding sad, I'd like to say that "Funny Guy"-ILove you, So here's to You My Loving DAD!!!!!
Facebook....god Wants You To Know.....
Okay so I check the app again and here is what it says today: On this day of your life, Elizabeth, we believe God wants you to know ... that when you focus on problems, you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you will have more opportunities.   I guess there is nothing to lose in doing so right! I mean lately it has been doubts and uncertainties....It isn't easy just letting go and hope that things happen for the best, especially when you want someone or something with all your heart. Positive thoughts give way to positive things....negative thoughts give way to negative things.  
My Achievement Points Been Waiting For About 10 Months, And Might Be More I`m Not Getting Any New Points In 10 Months "" !!!
Hey fubar workers it`s been about 10 months i been waiting for my Achievement points ""! 25 points for 250 videos added, and 100 points for 500 videos added ""!! think i can please have them now "" i have 1181 videos added """
Happy July
Well it is other July. Another birthday come and gone so know I am going backwards with my age haha. had a decent 4th of july weekened except the fireworks are were on July 1st. I was told it is because it saves them money. Dammit we can not even celebrate the country birthday with fireworks on the correct day. No wonder we ae falling as a country. The heat is on and I love it ! I had cold weather anymore. It has been great to jump on the bike after work and go for a nice ride. I am off to Roar on the Shore in Erie, Pa this weekend. Over 10,000 motorcycles will be there and over 65, 000 people all for a good cause. All of the proceeds go to the Hsanksville 9/11 memorial. 40 braves people who lost their lives just so the terriorism would not take down the Capital. that is what it mean to be a American, you put your life up for the betterment and safety of the country! I would like to thank all of the people serving in the arm forces for keeping us safe ! May God Bless you all and pro
Nerves Are Taking Over
I just got texted the drawing of the tattoo I am getting @4....I am officially naseaus lol I was ok until the artist said *it's gonna be a doozey* He can't say that to I am all panicked lol But omg it is EXACTLY what I wanted I simply told him ladybugs and daisies, and i want it to say ladybug ladybug fly away home and he is amazing, it will be perfect It's gonna hurt like hell.
Im Just Saying????
Hello if anyone even reads these????? why do people have to be so hurtful to other people, i dont like to be mean to people bc almost since i remember i have been either bullied as a little gitl or talked about as an adult or being just ignored and made fun of....i just wish people whould think before they speak mean words to other people and think before they speak. They dont know how much those words hurt internally and emtionaly. Im just saying.. :( babyyangelss please dont be mean.
My Amazing Summer.
I have had a pretty amazing summer so far. The first week of June, my boyfriend, our other long time friend and I went camping up at Waldo Canyon. We did the 2 to 3 hour hike into the site, with camping gear on our backs, toting all of our food, and water, etc. We had fun times, hiking up the stream to find water, as the stream was completely dry at our site. We filtered out the water we did find, so that we were able to drink it. Our friend that we brought did nothing but talk on his cell phone to his mommy, every five minutes to report what we had just done. He sang old 80's tunes by Journey and Survivor. Puke. However it was still pretty fun. The last night, (we stayed two nights) we heard something walking around in our camp site. We were so scared, it felt like the Blair Witch Project. But now we realize that it might have been a bear. We ended up leaving that very morning, hiking back the 2 to 3 hour trip.   My love and I have also done several hiking trips. Two to Pulpit rock.
Flower And Fly
  Pobierz jako taptę/download as wallpaper Powred by GR
Raindrops!/video/video.php?v=10150219653501895 check
Kalau Ditanya... Jawabnya "ga Tau" :d
Dulu… kalau ditanya banyak hal mengenai pria berkacamata itu maka akan saya jawab dengan tegas dan jujur “ga tau”… bahkan sampai beberapa bulan setelah bulan oktober 2009pun masih dengan jawaban yang sama.. Begini ceritanya… Beberapa hari masuk di kelas baru mankom (manajemen komunikasi yang lebih terbilang manajemen komedi)…. Seper sepuluh dari isi kelas itu sudah tidak asing lagi dimata saya… sisanya sangat asing sekali… belum pernah dilihat… kecuali si arab Fahmi… inget dulu dia pernah pinjem pulpen waktu di Global Tv. Seperti layaknya anak baru…. Liat situasi dulu… jaga sikap dan omongan… lebih tepatnya lebih banyak diam dan memperhatikan sekitar. Awalnya pria berkacamata itu belum Nampak dimata saya..sama sekali belum.. Seperti dejavu saat seorang dosen memberikan materi dan lawakan yg persis sama dikelas yang berbeda… dosen yang gemar mengenakan baju hitam-hitam itu… kata-ka
No Justice For Caylee
                                                               No Justice For Caylee   Something happened today, that really wasn't fair, a young child was robbed of justice, and it seems the jury didn't care.   Lady Justice turned her back , to a child named Caylee Marie, the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty and sent her murderer free.   It didn't matter how many times she lied, Casey walks free, while justice for Caylee is once again denied.   Who were these people? Did they even have a clue? I guess if you don't want your child anymore killing them is all you have to do.   The justice system is truely blind, now a murderer has been sent free Lady Justice has turned her back on a beautiful angel, Caylee Marie.
Praying For Raindrops....
today i did something i forget how to do sometimes.... i prayed. Im spiritual but very private..... i really want God to hear me..... he answered me... its raining right now on the other things i asked for...well if he gave me the rain then i can smile inside... everything else is going to be okay. Live, Laugh and most of all Love.. yourself, your loved ones around you then keep your heart open for the Love of Your Life... You just dont know what a simple lil girl will be asking God For...   ~Rags~ 
Join Us
A Short Rhyme
1,2 Should I delete you? 3,4 what the hell for? 5,6 I won't suck your dick. 7,8 You're too late 9.10Here we go again
Talking About Your Needs May Save Your Relationship.
There will come a time in everyone’s sexual relationship when they will have to convey your sexual needs.  Yes I know how painfully awkward it can be to have to do this but the alternative is unhappiness that will seep its way into all aspects of the relationship until everything comes to a head in a inopportune way at an inappropriate time,  unless you are having one night stands.  Though you can use one night stands as a learning tool to make expressing your needs easier, I mean really if you aren’t planning on meeting up with a partner again why not voice your needs.  If you are planning on meeting up with a partner again you still need to voice your needs (more so).  Rather you have the best, most understanding, patient, partner in the world (don’t really believe said combination exists, but even so I lucked out) or someone to just share an orgasm with, if something isn’t meeting your wants and/or needs the other person wont figure it out all on
The Verdict On Casey Anthony
I was watching the verdict being read today in regards to Caylee Anthony. Her mom was accused of killing her. The verdict came bac not guilty. How can a parent do that. She had no emotions when the verdict was read but she got up and hugged her attorney after everything was said and done.  Why is it that she is going to get away with murder and this girl isn't going to get the justice she needs. Casey told a friend of hers at one point that the tatoo that she had was dedicated to her daughter caylee. I just think that it was just a good show in my opinion. what is everyone else's opinion on the trial.
You Might Be An Asshat If...
It seems that, in my tenure on the Fu, I keep running into a number of asshats.  It seems like everywhere I go, there they are.  I clearly ask on my page that asshats go away.  I used to get upset about it.  But then I realized, a la Jeff Foxworthy, that maybe the problem was that the asshats didn't know they were asshats.  In that spirit, I have developed a test so that someone can tell if they are an asshat.                                                             THE ASSHAT TEST by LUCY FERR   If you sb random women asking in small penises make them laugh....... you might be an asshat If your first words to a stranger on Fu contain any combination of the words 'tits' 'ass' 'fuck' 'cum' and 'I'd like to'.... you might be an asshat If you don't take the time to read someone's profile, then go all emo when they point out to you that the questions you have are, in fact, already answered on their profile..... you might be an asshat If you hit on random women based solely on thei
This Is Number 2!!
Yep!!! This is my second blog!! I am really getting the hang of this!!
Turn On Your Light???
If you havent alraedy seen this on FB...TURN ON YOUR LIGHT FOR CAYLEE ANTHONEY...we are supposed to be turning on porch lights for her...Ok thats fine..BUT Why not turn your porch lights off. Take that money that you're funneling into the electric company and donate it here instead...they could do a lot more good than your local electric company! Visit The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children  
Clues, Claims And Things Left Unheard Of
So this is what it feels like to be 21. Ok fine. Barely 30. Alright, alright. 37. A few weeks into this wholly into a markedly different age bracket... your must be curious as to whether I truly am that much closer to being perennially cranky. Whether I'm wearing nothing but jumpsuits and sneakers 6 days a week. Whether I'm shouting for kids to "get off my lawn!” even if said kids have neither a connection to me nor are playing on a lawn. I don't even have a lawn. But never fear. I strive to maintain a careful balance between maturity, "acting my age" (whatever that really means), and preserving some semblance of a youthful, playful outlook on life. Sure, I'm still snarky. But I'm that way out of love. That's how my sense of humor rolls. I'm also learning to be a husband and step dad. I'm learning to better embrace my career. I'm learning to better envision an even brighter version of my future and that of my family. But I also strongly retain my inner geek, o
The Two-way Ipod Remote Can Be Used Boost Products Of This Apple Iphone
It's possible you'll have noticed out of the iPod Skin Case ipod remote which usually makes simpler all the dancing system for all the Apple ipod. All the ipod remote facilitates an individual to know his or her's favourite sounds whereas looking for records, rewinding not to mention extremely fast sending, . . .. that have an easy-to-use remote control. A wonderful device that you can buy certainly is the iJet Two-Way Lcd tv remote, of which works out being the several a particular ipod not to mention iphone remote. All the two-way ipod remote can be used boost updates out of the Apple iphone, most of types out of the ipod Nano, ipod Touch, ipod Videos, ipod Classic, ipod Minor, ipod Graphic not to mention iPods 4G, 5G not to mention 6G. It again facilitates an individual to determine track series not to mention painter details making use of the playlist out of the remote Liquid crystal display as an alternative for saving it the whole of the playlist, which sometimes dec
Tips Designed For Truck Oem Keeping Track Of Technology
We all assume that your chosen truck tracker is known as a have got to, specifically for navy organization. It concept contains unspent suppliers thousands and thousands and even Wireless Device left them how to have access to a more efficient product. Home elevators this is often accessible on-line, be sure that you buy a professional small business that really can provide gains. As i consideration it is excitement to visit the other suppliers could very well enjoy keeping track of concept. That pin-point dependability, ability to implement disproportionate make, and even prompt treatment might be created for below: You might now not aim to benefit from the kindness that your choice of librarian will show as you yield an important arrange 5 quite a few years the later part of. As the rentals meeting terminated, she'd can simply tilt the eye glasses, bite an important ask and even propel an important mouse. That retriever associated during the arrange would most likely li
Love N Hate
I Love You I Hate You Im Sorry I Care. I Wrote You This Poem To Show You Im There. I Cried And Ive Wept With Alot Of Dispare. To Realize Your Heart Just Was Not There. To End This Sharade And Get On With Life I Want
Beneficial Terms And Definitions To Help You Be An Informed Shopper For Prom Gowns
Are you bewildered with shopping for prom dresses? With all of the types of formal gowns and dresses available, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses there are also lots of terms that describe the length, design, neckline, and style of the prom dress. You may really feel overwhelmed when speaking having a revenue clerk at a formal wear shop or even shopping online for prom dresses. Pink Wedding Dresses below we've put together some beneficial terms and definitions to help you be an informed shopper for prom gowns and other prom-related things of women's interests. Prom dress Styles Some of the prom dress designs you may see consist of the ball gown, A-line (princess), sheath, lace-covered, high-low, newborn doll, chiffon, one-shoulder, empire, golden glamour, modest, Cheap Flower Girl Dresses and halter. Ballroom Gowns and A-Line Prom Dresses A ballroom gown features a pretty big skirt that billows out from your waist to mid-calf or ankles. It may possess a fitted waist and top or perhap
Beneficial Terms And Definitions To Help You Be An Informed Shopper For Prom Gowns
Are you bewildered with shopping for prom dresses? With all of the types of formal gowns and dresses available, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses there are also lots of terms that describe the length, design, neckline, and style of the prom dress. You may really feel overwhelmed when speaking having a revenue clerk at a formal wear shop or even shopping online for prom dresses. Pink Wedding Dresses below we've put together some beneficial terms and definitions to help you be an informed shopper for prom gowns and other prom-related things of women's interests. Prom dress Styles Some of the prom dress designs you may see consist of the ball gown, A-line (princess), sheath, lace-covered, high-low, newborn doll, chiffon, one-shoulder, empire, golden glamour, modest, Cheap Flower Girl Dresses and halter. Ballroom Gowns and A-Line Prom Dresses A ballroom gown features a pretty big skirt that billows out from your waist to mid-calf or ankles. It may possess a fitted waist and top or perhap
i wanna be insightful, right? but that isn't happening, i can't handle myself today. so i'll just be raw. you ever been so miserable you would do anything to not be you any more? thats me.....i don't think i will live here much longer.....maybe starting over is what i need.
Self Righteous Bitch
wish you would die soon you don't even deserve a box boxes are for gifts It What We Seek?
     I'm calling this blog it what we seek because after reading a romantic novel, it got me thinking about it.  Love is a complicated emotion. We all want to find that one person we want and need. The one that takes our breath away and we can't live without. It confuses us and complicates our lives. We sit there day and night thinking of this person and wanting more then life itself for them to love or want us in return. I write romantic poetry and novels myself. None have been published because of the fear no one will enjoy my work as much as I do. I also read romantic novels and wonder "Will my life ever turn out as perfect as this?" The answer to that question is simple "No". Real life and real love are not a fictional novel. It is not made up. But it is what we make it to be. We can get the love we seek and have that fictional love if we really work hard at it and desire it. So, as I sit here in my bed I just think about it. How hard do we really try to get what we reall
Casey Anthony : Not Guilty
Casey Anthony : Not Guilty. Not like I'm shocked they did this, I mean the prosecution didn't prove their case. The funniest part of the whole thing is the defense's post-trial comments. They attacked all of the media's "talking heads" about being wrong. It's true and they are right. They spent too much time on all of the networks covering this trial. Like the rest of the world doesn't exist. Well now they can eat it. Maybe now we can get back to somewhat real news coverage of I don't know...important things.. Just my take. Thanks.
Wow Last Post 2008
So much for "posting again tomorrow" lol I finally made that change 3 years later, I left the snoring, teeth grinding alcoholic sports fan on April 1st did not intend to make a fool out of him but that just ended up being the day I left, I am now back in Indiana and I STILL hate this place. I am currently residing in a motel until a job and apartment come along...I usually spend most of my time now on fubar and facebook trying to connect with people as i sit and stare at these 4 walls. My car broke down about 3 weeks after I got here so i am AGAIN without transportation...anyone want to buy a 91 infiniti q45 that has hijacked itself? The anti theft system seems to think i am trying to steal my own car, pretty freaking ironic. I now have 2 and a half semesters of schooling under my belt and am planning to return as soon as i can figure out how to get from greenfield to indianapolis. I will try to post again soon. ttfn
States Rights
Miscarriage? Face Prison Time for Murder
The Jedi Code
The jedi Code There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. "The tenets of the Jedi are more than just words to be memorized. Learn them, understand them. They will lead you to the true power of the Force; the power of the light side."
The Sith Code
The Sith Code Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. "The tenets of the Sith are more than just words to be memorized. Learn them, understand them. They will lead you to the true power of the Force; the power of the dark side."
Firefox 4.0.1 Download Links For Those Who Couldn't Find!
If anybody would like to switch back to Firefox 4.0.1 from Firefox 5.0 because of plug-in compatibility reasons, but cannot find Firefox 4.0.1; you can download it from the links at the bottom.       First uninstall Firefox 5.0. You don't need to delete the user settings (You can delete them if you want to). Then restart your computer and install Firefox 4.0.1 after the restart. Your disabled plugins should be activated already and your Firefox should be working with your latest settings (if you didn't delete the user settings).       In addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox, I would suggest you to install another browser for just in case times and also to check the pages on another browser.       For Windows:       For Mac:       For Linux:      
Google Voice Free Online Phone Number
For the people who doesn't want to give their real numbers to other people from internet; You can go to and get an online Google Voice Phone Number for free from any area code you want and any number you want; All you will need is a Google Account, which you already have if you have Gmail, or you can go to and get it from there; After you get your new online phone number, you can forward this number to your phone (home, cell, doesn't matter) and also to your Gmail too. You can forward it to both at the same time. When you forward the number to your phone, when people call you from your Google Voice Number, your phone will ring, and they will not know your original phone number. When you forward it to Gmail, you will be able to receive calls directly from your Gmail page, assuming that you have already installed Google Voice and Video Chat plugin, which installs in a minute, works on any browser. And till the end of 2011, calls to US and Canada are
4 Years?!?
No way its been 4 years sine I last blogged...WTF?!?
One Of My Favorite Poems!
I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. - D.H. Lawrence
What Would You Do?
What would you do if a new friend you just met decided on their own to say that you are their BF/GF? This has happened to me. A 70 year old woman wanted to make her friends jealous at the Senior Center by calling me her boyfriend, when I am just a friend and nothing else! I have no physical attraction to her and she reminds me of my grandmother. I will not go older than 64! This will never work out since she is pushy and on deprssion meds!
For My Fellow Homo's In Arms...
I've always been kinda bull headed and stubborn. Yanno, "Stand up for what you believe in, even if you're standing alone" kinda thing. If you've read one of my eariler blogs, I talked about my desire to join the military and my apprehension on why I didn't. Well all my worry and apprehension was made a reality when I woke up this morning. Woke up eariler than I normally do, a little before 7:30am. My adoptive father was already gone to work. He is an American Soldier in the US ARMY. Spoke to a friend of mine, also a member of the US ARMY who's currently in Afghanistan. And began to read some news from around the area and I was soon enraged by what I found. I'm also feeling a bit confused. Why would a group of people who were oppressed for so long continue the cycle? Less than 10 miles from my house, and all I could think about was really? Attacking another minority. Even more so attacking the people who are fighting and training to save you from cowards but by what you did you prov
Break Time!
My internet has been out for a couple days due to storms and I've had to find other things to occupy my time besides the net and fu.. I actually enjoyed my "fu break" and have decided to try to go through "fu-rehab" and take a couple days or more away from here. 
I Have A Problem
I am letting something that a guy said make me go backwards in my journey to a healthy me. Basically he told me I was too fat to date, which would spur most people to lose weight.. It's actually making me revert back to my poor eating habits, making excuses not to walk, or run I need someone, anyone to slap the shit outta me.
Wendell Wants You! Walk 20 Minute A Day To Live
Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, nutritionist, dietitian or doctor in nutrition nor fitness. Everything I read on meals & moves is based on my experience, opinions and what I have learned on my own. Please talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss or exercise program!     Welcome to my Blog. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. . . NEVER DULL!!   It. Is. So. FRUSTRATING BEING OVERWEIGHT! Let's Get to Know Each Other a Little Better First: My name is Wendell.  I'm an American living overseas in  Bavaria Germany.  Once was a soldier, I am retired from the United States Army and am currently employed by the Department of Defense in Europe. I'm diabetic! This is a real hard disease and it's very nasty to coexist   Over-51 Today 5th July 2011 I start walking for the Lessons Learned. I walk for the Miles Accumulated. I walks because I'm able. I walk to do good for my body & soul. That's my Story. What's Yours? Start you own journey to eat healthy. Start Today.   Wh
Things You Will Not Understand!
I am not ment to be understood  I make it impossible for people to get to close I hold secerts that God himself does not know  I have been called by many names Vixen, untamable and insane  Names others have called me cause they do not understand  I have a plan in life a plan other people will frown upon  Plans you and your friends will never know  You can't pick apart my brain you can't change my thoughts  I will never be tamed althou men try to prove me wrong  I am strong I can hold my own in any fight  I am just holding out for a much better life  I am careful I am presice I do not falter thou at times it may take longer then I thought I do not need help Or symothy I am just sick of all you idiots who think they know me 
Death Come Near Me!
DEATH COME NEAR ME! By day I sleep, at night I weep! O Death, come near me! Be the one for me, be the one who stays. My rivers are frozen, and mischosen, and the shadows around me sickens my heart. O Death, come near me, and stay (by my side). Hear my silent cry! In sadness I'm veiled, to the cross I am nailed, and the pain around me freezes my world. My cold world... In life I've failed, for years I've wailed. Frozen in time... left behind... The rapture of grief is all to find... The rapture of grief is all! Behind the shadow of life the lost hopes are grieving. I seek the night and hope to find love... So I drown in the silence of lifes short eternity. The tears fills the void in my heart astray... Embrace me now, delightful ease! Give me a world of wonderous peace! Calm the desperate scream in my heart! O Death, come near me, save me from this empty, cold world! O Life, you have killed me, so spare me from this couldron of misery! In life I cry, away I fly... Chosen to fal
Real bored.  so, since this is my first blog entry, i'd like to introduce myself.    My name is Ena. I'm always bored.  rawr. 
List Of Those Members Weve Helped
Midnight Memoirs Of A Man Longing To Know Your Touch~ By Jd
I could you give you one reason why and two reasons to think about, But first just let me say that right now im focusing my attention on what matters most. I tend to get all nervous but my words always make the most sense when the words arent easy to speak, I am intending to let you know i want to see inside your world, Constantly reminding everytime our eyes meet. Contrary to what you may believe, Im a shy soul but open to things most are too afraid to see, When i get close to you i feel like i am at my finest, You would never know just how i look forward to see you smile. The days are going fast and the nights humid almost too suffocating to breathe, I miss you and want you here with me, I try my best to hide my infatuation when we're together, Yet something in the way you look at me always penetrates the defensive side of me. I think your truly something special, All it takes it someone to look deep enough to make you feel alive, I want to be able to enjoy the little things
I Actually Own Sum1!!!!   Go luv up on him!
Fake Fupeople - Now Trending.
Hello everyone and welcome back! Thank you for reading as always, hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.. This won't be that long and winded, but it's something I've noticed and maybe, or maybe not it has happend to some of you as's called "fake." Not in the traditional sense like we have exposed here hundred of times over the past 5 years (yes, it's been that long) , but as in the fake FuPerson. Let me explain... Moreso now than at any time ever in FuHistory it seems, that this place has become influtrated with, on just about every level, the biggest band of bandwagon riding whores I have ever witnessed in my time here. If you are a colored name, running bling, are a "known" spender, or heaven forbid bidding high on someone in an auction, you are pursued relentlessly. Eveyone leaving stat comments, hearts, sending bling, etc...Once that stops, I've seen this way too often, people just disregard that person, because apparently they have no more use fo
[ /headtilt ]
I do this really unnerving thing when I tilt my head all the way down to my shoulder- it pops all of my upper vertebrae and makes this stepped-on water bottle sound. It signifies great displeasure possibly leading to violence.   Tonight a balk was called. A balk that advanced a runner home. ... in the bottom of the ninth.   ... I can feel the acid in my stomach and the clenched anger in my neck and shoulders.   but hey... at least I've got a job thing tomorrow. Don't get excited. It's for a friend, and its just one day. And I might be working with some hot girl I stumbled upon, or I might be working with a toothless chatty moron. ... no really, either or both are a distinct possibility. I'm thinking I might bring my PSP and headphones just in case. Me and hot girls, and work, and... comfort zones... it all doesn't quite work out. Gets under my skin churns that acid in my stomach in a unique and vicious way.   So I'm not terribly thrilled about it in fact I want yo
Funny People
I am bored.
you can take your fucking like button and shove it up your fucking mumm holes. just saying
Seeking Wardrobe Tips For A Special Occasion From Best Evening Dresses Of 2011
If you are seeking wardrobe tips for a special occasion, glimpse for inspiration from Hollywood's hottest trends for an ultra-trendy look. Cheap Special Occasion Dresses The formal wear fashion industry has lately broadened its scope of edgy appeal, now producing some of the most fashion-forward garments and best evening dresses of 2011. Contrary to famous belief, trends that you simply see in superstar casual wear or fashion few days runway exhibits do actually move into numerous with the most famous evening dress designers' collections. Junior Bridesmaid Dresses fashion trends are universal themes and also the hottest dress designers are in tune using the most recent appears and for that reason fashion and design pieces inspired by large Hollywood fashion themes. The most recent superstar trends which have also influenced the globe of designer evening dresses are: The army Trend Olive green, brass, a tailored fit, wedding dresses and powerful geometric lines describe the fundamen
Seeking Wardrobe Tips For A Special Occasion From Best Evening Dresses Of 2011
If you are seeking wardrobe tips for a special occasion, glimpse for inspiration from Hollywood's hottest trends for an ultra-trendy look. Cheap Special Occasion Dresses The formal wear fashion industry has lately broadened its scope of edgy appeal, now producing some of the most fashion-forward garments and best evening dresses of 2011. Contrary to famous belief, trends that you simply see in superstar casual wear or fashion few days runway exhibits do actually move into numerous with the most famous evening dress designers' collections. Junior Bridesmaid Dresses fashion trends are universal themes and also the hottest dress designers are in tune using the most recent appears and for that reason fashion and design pieces inspired by large Hollywood fashion themes. The most recent superstar trends which have also influenced the globe of designer evening dresses are: The army Trend Olive green, brass, a tailored fit, wedding dresses and powerful geometric lines describe the fundamen
Join Me
Wtf Is Wrong With Ppl??????
Fun Fourth Facts!
Okay, I've had some questions about my current status, and a few people wanting more details and such, so here they are! 1. The Declaration of Independence was actually voted on and passed on Juily 2, not July 4!  July 4 was the day that the text of the document was tweaked and finalized, not the day it was passed. John Adams even stated that July 2 would be a great American holiday! It wasn't until early August that everyone even signed the document! 2. July 4 marks the anniversaries of the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.   Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, at the age of 83. Adams died on the same day, aged 90!   Okay, I've indulged my inner historian enough for today, I think! :P    
Updated Master Task
She pulled into the parking lot fourty-five minutes early, "better to be early then late" she thought, Kate look for her compact the one she always carried with her in her purse, she looked at her make-up.she thought she looked small and that a man could brake her in half. God she didnt know the person looking back at her. Could she really be do this" Could she going on a date with someone she never met in person? Her best friend Amanda knows him...that  seamed to calm her down, "god, Kate!!!! Chill!!, its okay its not like you never been to this club'", she looked at the sign, it normaly made her feel relaxed just to see it ADEARA, but She hasnt been to the club in a long, long time. She thought back to when the last time she was at the club, tears started to form in the corner of her eyes. She wiped away the tears from her green eyes. This time it will be differnt, it not the same person! She glaced down at the clock in her car, "oh shit" i'm late!! its now past 6 p.m. how can that
Freedom Through Restraint
From 13 colonies to global imperialists, the Speakeasy celebrates the 236th anniversary of our country (that’s 236 years of war, slavery, genocide of natives, cultural hegemony, racism and fast food chains).  I take an all American cast of demanding doms, sexy subs and one eager-to-please slut-puppy on an erotic exploration expressing the paradoxes of freedom through restraint, liberty through (voluntary) slavery, independence through submission and release through pain, including some very wet fireworks: a very sexy, sparkling golden shower that would have given Paul Revere something to shout about.   FREE “Freedom & Restraint” PHOTO GALLERY More Pix Added Every Hour…Video and XXX pix coming soon to the Private Galleries of Listen Free to Freedom and Restraint on RadioSUZY1 My Featured Guests Ian Rath Owner of Fetish Nation and benign master of red-hot Jessi Palmer (though he prefers to go by “Ian” as he feels Master is rathe
Remembering A Life Well Lived
Savta Hannah passed away yesterday afternoon.  She was 3 months shy of becoming a centurion, she was born in Kolodenka, Ukraine.  As a newlywed, her husband was taken by the Russian Army to never return to meet his son.  She fled to the mountains of the Ukraine with her infant, not circumsizing him for fear of being targeted as Jews.  There she stayed until it was safe to travel to Kiev.  She raised her son on her own as most all of her family had perished by either the Russian Army or Hitler's Henchmen.  Around 1975 she made her way to Israel where she became a nurse and helped raise her now 3 grand children.  She then moved to Nigeria for a few years, then back to Israel..finally making it to the United States in 1986 where she remained, illegally until passing her Citizenship exam around 1997.  She led an extrordinary life by all accounts.  She is survived by her Son, daughter in law, 3 grandson's, and 7 great grandchildren.   RIP Savta Hanna Feldman...a life well lived!
My Book.
For years I have spent time jotting down idea's for my first book. Finally I have got down the first couple of chapters, forgranted the first chapter needs more clarification and extended. But below I have pasted what I have completed so far. I would love "helpful" critisism. So here goes nothing..................           To find our beginning you need to look into our past.         Time is infinite, never stops and never starts. A hundred years from now when all the earths’ resources are used up and the earth’s core starts to cool we will look into why we were put on the earth and where we actually came from. Trying to find the answers to the questions of life before the planet as we now know just disappears loosing its protective layers of the atmosphere and becoming a dried up rock.       John Jackson sat staring out of the classroom window; the physics class seemed particularly boring today, talking about matter and anti-matter, why will I ever need to know
Where We Came From And Where We Are Going
So it's forth of july 2011. So that would make it 235 year's since we beat some english ass and told them to get the fudge out. Well let's recap and see how we have done. So they leave and it's our baby now and we come up with this set of rule's to follow to keep us on this path to prosperity. And that work's pretty good we build forces to protect us' we start paying taxes to cover our asses and support our growth . Then we get around the first hundred year's and we start seeing thing's that are going on that we don't like very much' not to menchin that we are taking land away from people that were here before us but that's o k because we have this set of rules and if they don't work we can amend them so that they do work. So the south half don't like the way the north half is running thing's saying they can't have slavees and stuff they been doing for a long time down there. And they decide that ain't what they signed on for so there gonna take there colony's and go. Well the north
When To Say No To Only Chil?
To My Friends.. All Friends
to my friends... a friend of mine made me a nsfw salute of her with my name on a paper on her chest.... my friends list is acting up and i cant find you to get my pic again i accidentally deleted it .. if ur are the one who did that message me so we can reconnect plz....   and on a side note if anyone wants to make me one like that of them id be more than happy to accept it lol
My Day As A Bbw Model
Well it was an experience of a life time 4 me!! It was in 2000 there was a bbw competition in London in which at that point i lived(now reside near Scotland)everyone had 2 attend an interview -out of over 300 women who went only 15 finalist were chosen!! OMG i was 1 of them finalist -almost died in shock when i got the phone call -thought it was candid camera or somethin----well things like that just dont happen to me-does it???well this time it did haha!!! I had to start attending rehearsals-wearing make up all the time(was not 1 for make up but had to wear the works haha),had 2 get some1 2 sponser me(chose my local shop which were great!!!) -'thong song by Sisqo will always ave a fond memory in my heart!! Iwon an achievement award for personality on stage wooow -we had male escorts who gladly volunteered!! It done so much for me it was unreal -my dress was made a long flowing dress wid a basque -it touched the floor wow -had to come out in 3 different outfits-introduce ur self 2
I guess I'm pretty much a lone wolf. I don't say I don't like people at all, but, to tell you the truth, I only like it then if I have a chance to look deep into their hearts and their minds. Bela Lugosi
Franchise Reviews
franchise opportunities and have established and demonstrated its potential success, which can cause your investment must be substantial. While a top 10 franchises usually successful, however, does not automatically succeed in all areas and achieved by anyone. Businesses need advanced training provided by franchise experts intense and provide constant support along the road. It is always advisable to analyze their personal ambitions and abilities, as it is an important factor for success in any franchise business.The ten best franchise opportunities should also be considered as to which is the fastest growing company among the companies recently succeeded. This may offer new opportunities that may fit your situation better than for traditional business opportunities. Among the ten best franchise opportunities fastest growing fitness business took the initiative with the cleaning services following closely. Cleaning companies in the home is now among the fastest growing companies and a
Today Is A Day Of Sorrow For Me
I just heard that a dearest friend, who was like a mother to me. Who is a mother to Eric & his wife Penny. A grand mother to their kids. A wife to Dennis. She was always full of humor, wisdom, love witty comments. She cared for many of us. And the many of us will always remember her, love her & there will always be a place for her in our hearts. I give my love and condolence' to her closest family as they were and are family to me  
Fouth Of July!!!
Hello Fu natiks, the 4th of July was a holiday i was always afraid of since i was a little girl always scared of the fireworks, my dad being drunk all of the time and going places unknown ...well my mom had a daughter with her 2nd husband when i was like 12 yrs old. July 4th became alive to me with my little sister...She passed away same month she was born 25 years later of a heat attack yes at 25 after giving bith to her beautiful daughter Anaya....the father kept the children, so we see then , but the purpose im writing this blog is to always cherrish your family, always!!!! never be mad at family or hate ur brothers or sisters... my sister died April 9th 2006, she was my little sister and i caller "little girl".... i know she is an angel and now the 4th of July has died for me forever, no fireworks for me, no celebrations, just her looking at her fireworks from she use to say hurry lets go seemy fireworks!!! yes little girl today is your day beautiful angel.....i
Fun And Learning Done Simultaneously Through Video Games From Us
Video gaming is considered as the unlimited indoor entertainment for all age kids. People often misunderstand video game as the time killing mode for your kid, but actually this is not at all so. Video games, besides providing new age entertainment to your kid, improves the mental ability, hand eye co-ordination and so many traits, that are essential for your kid's developmental phases. Video games that are just rich in these features. Collections from the games king Mitashi are what we are maintaining at this link, and RightToys.In makes you access to these exciting gaming options. Models like Genius, TV Art, Junior, Smart Chotu, Handy, Smarty V.I.0, Mastermind, Infrazone, Xplode, Playon are the ones that gives pure action packed game sequence you kid would simply love to operate, whereas models like Witty, Quizzy, Smart Pro are little different in applicability. Skills like Alphabet Order, Missing Letter, Fun Lett
Thanks Soldiers
    tomorrow is the 4th of july;  thank you to all our soldiers. the ones in the p a s t,    the ones in the present. t h e s o l d i e r s w h o h a v e d i e d. , and the ones still fighting for our country.   thank you, for everything you've done. God Bless ♥ 
Feelin As Low As The River
Another day has turned it's page. I still don't understand why I am constantly feeling down. I miss my old life. I miss my baby girl. 2 years old and i avnt been seeing her because I have nothing to give her. No materials, or love because I cannot love myself. This whole world has turned upside down. Katey is a great mom and a very responsible person. Shes got a good job and is hopefully doing really well. But do i really miss her? All i have is a glimpse. No image, no stillframe. Her presence is no longer within my eyes its all heartache from here on out. I know i fucked up, multiple times. But, why did things have to get as bad as they did? Yea, I smoke weed. Get over it. Soon I'm going to get my card so it will be legal. All I'm saying is that it has effects on me that are medicinal, and that is that. I may have other problems that are not fully understood by people (even though they say they get it) They Don't!! I hve kept this job, and right when i started makig money, child su
Pick Out A Bridesmaid Dress That Your Bridesmaids Are Able To Really Wear Again
Do you want to express your gratitude for the women in your bridal party? Sure, they'll appreciate the bridesmaid gift you give them. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses They will really likely enjoy themself immensely at your bachelorette party. and they will appreciate the opportunity to dance and be merry at your wedding reception. But should you definitely want to ingratiate yourself with your bridesmaids, there's one point that trumps almost everything else you can do: pick out a bridesmaid dress that they are able to really wear again! Lucky for you, there are dozens of bridal party dresses that not just glimpse beautiful, Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses but in addition are styled so they might be donned long after the big day! right here are several from the models you can select from which have above-the-knee hemlines: Flirty Charmeuse A stylish charmeuse dress features a strapless neckline for any enjoyment and playful look. The fundamental silhouette form and ruched waist would m
My Mom
My mother passed away on June 28th 2011. It was sudden and most definitely not expected. I'm angry, hurt and I don't know what the hell I'm doing.  I wrote this tonight for her. I'm not worried about the flow. This is what I'm feeling, and the best way I could express it.  MOM Lord knows how you made me crazy.  Frustrated me to no end. The thing was though.  I never questioned you were my best friend.   Walked beside me and held my hand. Always supported me  Loved me with everything you had. Showed me that I was worthy.  Now I can't pick up the phone Dial your number and hear your voice.  For you have left me here Without a word or a choice.  I can usually find the words  For a story or a book.  But to tell you how I love you I only needed to give you a look.  Now I can't see your face Or put my arms around you. Nothing makes sense to me I do not have a clue.  Where do I go from here? How do I go on? Mom, I miss you so much I can't accept that you'r
Random Things That Piss Me Off......
Wanksters, gangstas, whatever you want to call them. I can't fucking stand them. But you already know this, don't you? Moving on... Illegal immigrants. I have no problem with the legal immigrants, mostly because the legal immigrants at least TRY to speak one iota of English. At least enough to function in society, which is all I ask for. I don't want to sit down and have an intellectual debate, I want you to be able to follow simple directions and understand that $1.06 doesn't require a fifty dollar bill.... Door-to-Door Christians. Look, if I really wanted to know "all of the answers," I have Google. I don't care what faith you have, until you can draw a cubic sphere and create matter and energy, I don't want to hear your bitching. Stop parroting around about how miraculous your savior isn't.... Small children. Always wanting and disrespecting their parents and tearing up shit and sqealing and whining and- SHUT THE FUCK UP! Sit down, and if you make one more fucking peep I will pun
Pick Out A Bridesmaid Dress That Your Bridesmaids Are Able To Really Wear Again
Do you want to express your gratitude for the women in your bridal party? Sure, they'll appreciate the bridesmaid gift you give them. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses They will really likely enjoy themself immensely at your bachelorette party. and they will appreciate the opportunity to dance and be merry at your wedding reception. But should you definitely want to ingratiate yourself with your bridesmaids, there's one point that trumps almost everything else you can do: pick out a bridesmaid dress that they are able to really wear again! Lucky for you, there are dozens of bridal party dresses that not just glimpse beautiful, Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses but in addition are styled so they might be donned long after the big day! right here are several from the models you can select from which have above-the-knee hemlines: Flirty Charmeuse A stylish charmeuse dress features a strapless neckline for any enjoyment and playful look. The fundamental silhouette form and ruched waist would m
The Abyss
i was sitting on the edge of the abyss looking down into the darkness wondering what awaited me below my mind filled with thoughts of loniness and despair i sat there for hours gazing down into the abyss i stand ready to jump into the blackness when i hear a voice behind  me saying don't jump i reply why not jump into the abyss and end this suffering and pain i feel in my heart you step to my side and take my hand in yours and say because i love you and want to replace the suffering you feel with my love for you so please step away from the abyss and come be with me forever i look at you and turn away from the abyss and walk towards the light with your hand in mine.
Phenomenal Woman
Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's sizeBut when I start to tell them,They think I'm telling lies.I say,It's in the reach of my armsThe span of my hips,The stride of my step,The curl of my lips.I'm a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That's me.I walk into a roomJust as cool as you please,And to a man,The fellows stand orFall down on their knees.Then they swarm around me,A hive of honey bees.I say,It's the fire in my eyes,And the flash of my teeth,The swing in my waist,And the joy in my feet.I'm a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That's me.Men themselves have wonderedWhat they see in me.They try so muchBut they can't touchMy inner mystery.When I try to show themThey say they still can't see.I say,It's in the arch of my back,The sun of my smile,The ride of my breasts,The grace of my style.I'm a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That's me.Now you understandJust why my head's not bowed.I don't shout or jump aboutOr have to talk real
Her To Me
 My dark angel, shelter me in the darkness of your truth, hide me from th blinding light of the naive and innocent, protect me from the evils of the ignorant, me to fight away my demons, ..for I put my heart in your keeping, my soul within your reach..waste not what is left within this fallen one....   She loves me and i can feel the love, she is such a amazing peroson and i am so lucky to have her as my angel.. 
If You Forget Me
I want you to knowone thing.You know how this is:if I lookat the crystal moon, at the red branchof the slow autumn at my window,if I touchnear the firethe impalpable ashor the wrinkled body of the log,everything carries me to you,as if everything that exists,aromas, light, metals,were little boatsthat sailtoward those isles of yours that wait for me.Well, now,if little by little you stop loving meI shall stop loving you little by little.If suddenlyyou forget medo not look for me,for I shall already have forgotten you.If you think it long and mad,the wind of bannersthat passes through my life,and you decideto leave me at the shoreof the heart where I have roots,rememberthat on that day,at that hour,I shall lift my armsand my roots will set offto seek another land.Butif each day,each hour,you feel that you are destined for mewith implacable sweetness,if each day a flowerclimbs up to your lips to seek me,ah my love, ah my own,in me all that fire is repeated,in me nothing is extinguished o
Love Sonnet Xvii
I do not love you as if you were a salt rose, or topazor the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,in secret, between the shadow and the soul.I love you as the plant that never bloomsbut carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;So I love you because I know no other waythan this: where I does not exist, nor you,so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.   Pablo Neruda
Blocked! Omg?!!!
Mumm poster has me blocked... soo..... here is my response to her wanting to know what "Love" is.... It's a biological response to external signals processed by your central nervous system and imprinted in your brain over time. There may very well be spiritual aspects to this, but they aren't exactly clear or currently definable in scientific terms. Now, this is very general and non-specific for good reason! There is no defining what it is for any one person or group, or you fall into the trap of religion and people controlling how other people think and feel about a given subject, which, in my opinion, is very wrong.
Poems I Like
i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) i fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true) and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)   ee cummings
Figure Me Out :d
My name oh forget my name, just say hi to me and lets all talk for a bit. No one needs to know each other its always a hi and bye and next. What I can say is HEy my name is LIzzy /liz / elizabeth lol im 26 years old and im not joking i know i dont look older. Besides I'm just here looking for a good person to talk to and help me out, cuz lets face it sometimes idk what other things are. Everyday i start my life all over again, I was dreaming the other day and gosh I have the strangest dreams. For example: china...dont ask. I go to the same job monday - sat and sit in the same chair  and when i have nothing to do i day dream and keep myself happy. (secret to  everlasting beauty Be like a KId) :) thats all i gotta say for now...till nxt time 
Mater Task8
Danmon just let her drink and relax. She looked like she needed it. His arm was on the top of the couch when she placed her head on the couch she put her arm right into his left arm. She didnt move away, so he thought of it as a step. as in she was relaxing more. "do you want to go sit at the bar" he asked questionly. She looked over to him, she had clearly been crying again, but she tried to smile "yes, i would like that" he got up from the couch and held his hand out so she could get up easier off the couch. She was shaking as she placed placed her hand into his large palm. He helped her up, as she tried to stand without  falling over. goodness i had to much to drink she thought as they  walking over to the glass wall. He cafefully helpped her to the chair, just then there was a knock on the door. He smiled at her and went to answer the door. it was the guy from down stairs she thought he handed him some papers and said something to him but it was to soft for too hear. He looked at
Well Isnt This Interesting..
after 5 or 6 some years im back on fubar! who would have known?? ive been through alot since i was here last.. went from being young 20's and working in retail, to starting a career to only watch it fall to the ground(thanks to the housing market) went to a good job and was going to figure a way to make that career only for me to fall on my face again by it outsourcing the entire building to china.. to being back in retail, 3 major relationships later(in the middle of a breakup now) and trying to relax and keep my anxiety down.. man.. wtf? lol
I'm not treating Fubar like I used to. I'm not really in my own lounge.  When you have a place to call your own and you don't feel comfortable in it, you tend to not want to be a part of it. I don't MuMM.  The sarcastic humor turned into pure animalistic anger and hatred.  I had a MuMM that was posted with a real, bona fide query, and it was changed to "Friends Only" because the bouncer involved told me it wasn't a real MuMM. I asked her where in the guidelines and Bible it says that what I did was wrong, and she just never replied to me.  Meanwhile, people post ridiculous, mundane, bullshit MuMMs and they remain posted.  While I am all about freedom of speech, I am also about a level playing field, and if you have rules, they should be governed equally amongst everyone. I don't rate.  I never really did.  Only when I'm close to leveling will I rate, and even then, it has to be REALLY REALLY CLOSE.  Still, though, rating just to rate?  If I see a picture I dig, I'll rate it.  But I
What The Hell Am I Doing Here
dont know what im doing just looking for friends i guess
Nyc: The Office
I used to go out with an accountant who worked in midtown. One day, we made reservations at a restaurant downtown for 8PM. I put on my nicest suit & went to pick her up at her office.Her office was on the 20th floor with a great view of Madison Square Park. She had a wide oak wood desk & a nice black executive leather chair. There was a table against the window with her fax/printer machine & tons of papers on both the table & the desk. It looked like it was definitely tax season."Sorry for the mess. It's tax season", she said. I kinda figured that out, me being a nerdy brainiac & all. "Do you still want to go out to eat?" I asked. "We can order in. How many people are still on the floor?" "We're it except for the cleaning crew", she answered quickly. "I'll be done in a little while. Then, we'll go, ok?". "Sure", I said.I spent a few minutes looking out the window at her view. You could see both the park & the Empire State Building. It was on 23rd St, about a block away from
It is hard to live you life when you have people in it who think you are someone you are not!    When you think you know someone they change and you find out you never really knew them at all!   Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!   Sometimes life is pointless!    Its not who you are that holds you back its who you think you are not!   Even if it kills me i m going to smile :)   You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!  
Strip Clubs & Call Girls
I've never understood the appeal of strip clubs. To me, it's the ultimate cock tease & if there's one thing you've probably learned about me by now, it's that I hate teasing.You can't do much in the strip clubs. You can't touch the women. Even when you're getting a lap dance, you still can't touch them. The only thing you can really do is get worked up, then go & have sex with someone else.I've been told that there are some strip clubs where you can get a little extra for the right price. I've never paid for sex. I've never had the need to; not from a stripper & never from a prostitute. I'm not faulting anybody who has & I don't look down on strippers or prostitutes, for that matter. Paying for it just isn't my style. I can certainly understand the appeal of paying for it, I suppose. It's just not for me. Then again, I guess we all pay for it, one way or another. Some of us just get away with dinner & a movie!! Just as an aside, but do you remember the call girl that got
More Sexual Truths
1. I love phone sex.2. I love webcam sex.3. I love cyber sex.4. I'm not as cool as you think I am. I'm really quite the nerd. Well, half nerd & half workout geek.5. I've never had a threesome with myself, a guy, & a girl. It's always been myself & two other girls.6. Having said that, I love threesomes.7. I've had a foursome with three girls...actually, that was a few times.8. Some of the places I've had sex are:- the office- a car; front & back seat, & hood.- a park- in a pool- in a hot tub- on a boat- on the subway- in a cab- a truck- a boat- in a closet at a party- in the next room with her boyfriend passed out- in the college dorm shower- at a gym- on the 50 yard line on a football field- on a private jet- on top of the laundry dryer9. I've been tied up & I do the tying up.10. I've been spanked & have done the spanking.11. I enjoy watching people having sex & having people watch me have sex.12. I love cumming in a woman's mouth.13. Business suits with short to medium l
My Sexual Truths
1. I love amateur porn but don't really like regular porn. Regular porn is just full of too many people faking the passion.2. I love loud, passionate, peel the paint off the walls sex.3. I fuck erotically. Hense, all of the adventures that you read.4. I love kinky sex. I'll share those stories soon.5. All of my stories are real. No sense in writing down lies for you to get off on.6. I masturbate at least twice a day every day: once when I wake up & once before I go to bed.7. I love everything about a woman's body.8. I have lots of stamina. I like my sexual sessions to go all night into the next afternoon if possible.9. I love using toys on a woman.10. I like sexy but not slutty. I love Victorias Secret but not Fredricks of Hollywood.11. You are who you fuck so make sure you only fuck people you're proud to be seen with.12. It turns me on knowing that you're cumming to my words.13. I love my sexual demons. I embrace them passionately.14. I don't discriminate with the women
Rules And Regulations
  A short direction To avoid dejection, By variations In occupations, And prolongation Of relaxation, And combinations Of recreations, And disputation On the state of the nation In adaptationTo your station, By invitations To friends and relations, By evitation Of amputation, By permutation In conversation, And deep reflection You'll avoid dejection. Learn well your grammar, And never stammer, Write well and neatly, And sing most sweetly, Be enterprising, Love early rising, Go walk of six miles, Have ready quick smiles, With lightsome laughter, Soft flowing after. Drink tea, not coffee;Never eat toffy. Eat bread with butter. Once more, don't stutter. Don't waste your money, Abstain from honey. Shut doors behind you, (Don't slam them, mind you.) Drink beer, not porter. Don't enter the water Till to swim you are able. Sit close to the table. Take care of a candle. Shut a door by the handle, Don't push with your shoulder Until you are older. Lose not a button. Refuse cold mutton. Starve
M.t. 7
She looked back at Danmon, He asked her if she would like to go the VIP area so they could talk where it was 'quieter' She never been to the VIP area and she knew Tom would know they were there so she would be safe. So she accepted his invite to the VIP. He stood from his chair, God he  was taller then she thoughthe was. He had to be atleast 6 foot5,she got up from her sit followed him around th bar to a stair case behind the bar, he gave the same card to the guy who was blocking the stairs he swipped it though a computer. the guy looked at Danmon then back at the screen then handed him the card. He lean over to the guy and said something to him, then the guy looked at me and back to Danmon and smiledat him. Danmon took my hand and lead me up the stair case. Upon the top of the stair case there was along hall way. there a stone wall on the left and doors on the right. He walked to the second door and opened it and held it open for me to enter the room.  the room was so nice compared to
Another Fb Message From God!!
On this day of your life, Elizabeth, we believe God wants you to know ... that God has an important purpose for you, and made everything possible for you to succeed. That's not to say it's an easy purpose, or a convenient one. It might very well seem hard or even impossible, but it only looks that way. The truth is that one day you will look back and see how all the pieces fit together. And how your life has been a complete and utter success. 
Master Task 6
She stood up from the bar, with her drink in her left hand she brushed her hair from her face started walking to the dimly lit area. Her heart was pounding in her veins. She approched the man she thought might be the one. As she got closer to him and her eyes ajusted to the drakness that ingulfed him,  his features became clearer to her. his hair was dark and shined even in the darkness, his eyes were gray like the ocean in the in middle of a storm, fighting for control. she could tell that he worked out, his muscles seemed to fight for there place under his his black t-shirt and blue jeans. When there eyes met she could feel the heat rise on her face. He smiled and showed his stright white teeth so gently, at her which put mind at ease quickly. He was sitting down he reached down to take her right hand, he pulled it to his mouth and kissed the top of her hand. She thought it was "old fashion" to do such a thing to do such a thing.  He looked her up and down which made her nevous even
Gypsy Winds...
Souixme Asked For It...
SiouxMe FuEngaged to LongHairedOne said: good lord Ford said: you called? SiouxMe FuEngaged to LongHairedOne said: Go get me something smothered in chocolate. Nao! Ford said: *smears chocolate sauce all over my naked body* why is it  a woman shies away when you do what she asked of you? :-P
Things Abt Tiny U
Before she was born: the death of Granny At the age of 1:  don't remember anything abt it At the age of 2: fell on the broken mirror  At the age of 3: be left alone at home and no one fed her whole day long                           the punishment of 3 At the age of 4: the chinese violin At the age of 5: chickabiddy and the lost pink shoe At the age of 6: her best sidekick and the abc book At the age of 7: the red cap and her first cat At the age of 8: the accident At the age of 9: rumba, cha-cha,samba,jive and paso doble At the age of 10:  the boss of the scholl gang At the age of 11: depressing middle school       BLAH BLANK At the age of 14: get rid of the idiot scholl                             meet her love                             be chosen At the age of  15: exclusive high school and skateboard At the age of 16: suicides
loneliness is wanting someone to trust loneliness is sometimes crying at night loneliness is wanting to smile more loneliness is wanting to be happy more loneliness is wanting for someone who may not come loneliness is dying slowly loneliness is wanting someone to smile at you loneliness is wanting someone to talk to loneliness is wanting someone to care loneliness is wanting someone to touch loneliness is wanting to be loved loneliness is wanting to love
Being Alone Sux
im so tired of the wanna be acting people in the world, im the type of person that when i say im going to do something i do it. i like meeting new people.
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And Now Your Weekend Update With That Random Retard
okay so i got barred from my local pub for shoving a cupcake into a friends face.... stupid i know since i do far worse pretty much every time i go out but the owners wife told me not to and yeah like some ragging cunt is gonna tell me what i can and can't do she thinks i'm supposed to listen to her because she owns the place and forgets her place... i as a parton pay money to go out and enjoy myself among friends(and a bunch of people who probably hate me) she's not my mother and not my employer so i really don't give 2 shits what she has to say... but alas i'm barred  well that convinced me to find something better to do so i went to a party last night which was kinda fun 3 metal bands all the food(and beer and liquor but i'm still not drinking) you want, a firework show and live nude body art(unfortunately it was women who i didn't really have any interest in seeing topless) but well it was interesting anyway okay so anyway in about an hour or so i'm heading down to georgia t
Someone Is Truly Watching Over Me =)
2:02am ... just sharing something I posted as a 'note' on FB.   1:23am OMGosh I have never been as scared as I was just about an hour ago.  So I am taking my usual exit to go home and stuff.  I literally stopped about 4-5 seconds at the stop sign off the exit.  I took the turn, and bam, them CHP who turned the other corner just before I did, busted a bitch and put the lights on me.   Let me give you a re-cap of the night so to speak.  I went to Marcos's house (Pris's boyfriend) for the shindig for his dad.  It was cool.  There was mariachi and music and stuff.  You know a cozy little family type gathering, which btw thanks for the invite you guys.  I had fun!  So I'm not going to go into what I drank right?  Anywho, I ate food.  Mole, rice, a little bit of the beans, cake, and ice cream.  I only had lemonade afterwards.  Later on, however, I decided to get some tortilla chips and some nacho cheese, cuz some other guy who had them made it look good, so I craved some.  I don't remem
Layered Fruit Salad
Layered Fruit Salad(Good served alone or with macaroons or crispy oatmeal cookies, wafers or pound cake and coffee or dessert wine, as desired.)     1 lb Grapes 1 16-oz Can Sliced Peaches 2 Oranges (Juice from 2 Oranges or 1/2 Cup Frozen Orange Juice) 2 Bananas 1 Pint Fresh Raspberries 3 Kiwis 2– 4 Tablespoons Powder Sugar, optional     Rinse grapes. Cut in half and remove any seeds if necessary. Place in bottom of a glass serving bowl. Peel and slice bananas. Place over grapes. Drain peaches well. Cut into smaller pieces. Distribute on top of bananas. Carefully rinse raspberries. Sprinkle on top of peaches. Peel oranges. Remove the white skin. Section and cut into smaller pieces. Place on top of raspberries. Peel and slice kiwis. Garnish salad. Pour orange juice over top of salad and sprinkle with powdered sugar, if used. Keep salad refrigerated until ready to serve.
Watermelon Fruit Salad With Fruit Salad Dressing
Watermelon Fruit Salad(Makes 5 to 6 servings)   2 fresh oranges, cut into segments 1 cup green seedless grapes 1 head of lettuce 2 fresh peaches, sliced 1/2 cup fresh blueberries 2 cups watermelon balls Combine. first 4 fruits. Place in circle on a bed of salad greens. Pile watermelon balls in the center. Serve with Fruit Salad Dressing.     Fruit Salad Dressing   Fold 1/2 cup whipped cream into 1/2 cup mayonnaise. Add 1 tablespoon powdered sugar and 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon or orange rind. Chill. Makes 1 cup.
Melon-berry Basket, Watermelon Fantasy, And Watermelon Supreme
Melon-Berry Basket 1 Medium Watermelon 1 Honeydew Melon 1 Cantaloupe 2 Cups Sweetened Raspberries   Cut Watermelon in half lengthwise, leave part of top for handle. Scoop balls from center of melon with melon scoop. Scallop edge of watermelon. Cut honeydew and cantaloupe, scoop out balls. Mix melon balls and raspberries together, place in watermelon basket. Chill basket until ready to serve.       Watermelon Fantasy 1 Watermelon 1 Cantaloupe 2 Bananas 1 Can Pineapple Chunks 12 ounce Bottle Lemon-Lime Carbonated Drink   Prepare watermelon as above (Melon-Berry Basket). Scoop melon balls from center with melon scoop. Halve cantaloupe, remove seeds. Scoop balls from cantaloupe. Cut bananas into bite-sized pieces. Drain pineapple chunks. Combine fruits in watermelon shell, toss lightly. Chill covered, until ready to serve. Pour chilled lemon-lime drink over fruits. Serve immediately.       Watermelon Supreme 1 Watermelon 3 Cantaloupes 4 Peach
Summer Salad With Cinnamon Pear-infused Vinaigrette
Summer Salad with Cinnamon Pear-Infused Vinaigrette (Serves: 6–8; Serving Size: 1 cup salad; 2 tbsp. dressing Ingredients) ½ pint/200 g fresh strawberries ½ cup shelled walnuts, chopped 1 pear, cored and thinly sliced 10 oz./300g package romaine lettuce 1 small red onion, thinly sliced Cinnamon Pear-Infused Vinaigrette (recipe below) Combine fi rst six ingredients in a large bowl. Drizzle with half of the vinaigrette, tossing to coat. Serve remaining vinaigrette with salad.     Cinnamon Pear-Infused Vinaigrette (Makes 2/3 cup) 1⁄3 cup pear-infused vinegar ¼ tsp. pepper 2 tsp. sugar 1 tsp. Simple Indulgence™ Cinnamon-Vanilla Seasoning Blend ½ tsp. salt 1⁄3 cup extra virgin olive oil Combine fi rst fi ve ingredients (through seasoning blend) in base of Whip ’N Prep™ Chef. Cover and, while turning handle, drizzle olive oil slowly through funnel to emulsify. Once all the olive oil is added, transfer vinaigrette into Quick Shake®
My Desire..
On the darkest of wings to you I will be yours forever...always by your side.The darkness inside me only you welcome appreciate it... like no one else can.I can see inside your most beautiful mine it is dark...of this we have no calls to me crying...wanting to be will slip into hand into glove.To quench my thirst for you I cannot drink in your dark soul...your love to partake...wrap me in your darkness...fill me with desire...for you are the only one that sets my heart on fire.
I know what I need as I lay here bleeding My heart says the words that won't come from my mouth Your words hit my down to the core Makes me think and I want more It is the person you are nothing more The person that I adore I expect nothing  Not who I am Just to be your friend Your words hit me down to the core Makes me think and I am left wanting more.
Ive found myself in a shallow grave. The flesh from my bones the vultures do crave. Laying there half dead to the core. No longer his life feels sore. Facing each day as a nights winter. Feeling the icy prick of this lifes splinter. Not knowing whats here to come hes losing all and forgetting some. Hating lifes endless game. all its pain is never felt the same. Striking a blow to the heart. Crushing it down from the start. Deserving no love and feeling so numb. This endless nights dawn may never come. Though this life will surely fade. Back to the hell from which it was made. To face an eternity w torture as the flesh is pickedby the vulture.
Summer Fling
summer fling so hot  so wanton  needing you each day .. my thought drifting back to you    missing you now your gone  noone to touch me quite like you do  oh summer fling mmmm your sexy  voice making chills go down my spine .. as i dream of the nights we had .. so good yet so bad hurting so much .. desperately seeking ur touch .. but holding back .. and remembering it all like it was yesterday  late at night your in my erotic dreams    oh summer fling ..  
Bill Hicks Rip
Bill Hicks died at the young age of 32 . and all the way up to that time he never stopped spreading his word. Now that is a Real Man!
And Another
I'm glad mushrooms are against the law, because I took them one time, and you know what happened to me? I laid in a field of green grass for four hours going, "My God! I love everything." Yeah. Now, if that isn't a hazard to our country … how are we gonna keep building nuclear weapons, you know what I mean? What's gonna happen to the arms industry when we realize that we're all one?!   Bill Hicks
And Yet Another
You see, I think drugs have done some good things for us. I really do. And if you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor. Go home tonight. Take all your albums, all your tapes and all your CDs and burn them. 'Cause you know what, the musicians that made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years were rrreal fucking high on drugs. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few tunes.   Bill Hicks
Bill On Pot
Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally on our planet, serves a thousand different functions, all of them positive. To make marijuana against the law is like saying that God made a mistake. Like on the seventh day God looked down, "There it is. My Creation, perfect and holy in all ways. Now I can rest. [Gives shocked expression] Oh my Me! I left fuckin' pot everywhere. I should never have smoked that joint on the third day. Hehe, that was the day I created the possum. Still gives me a chuckle. But if I leave pot everywhere, that's gonna give people the impression they're supposed to … use it. Now I have to create Republicans." " … and God wept", I believe is the next part of that story.   Bill Hicks
My Second Favorite Quote. Check Profile Under Idols For My All Time Fave.
“Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed America, your government is in control. Here, here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up, go back to bed America, here is American Gladiators, here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on the living in the land of freedom. Here you go America - you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!”   Scary isn't it . This man spoke what the world needed to hear and sadly only europe truly heard his words. Rest in Peace Bill we are still carrying your word , they will here hopefully sooner than too late.
Yet Another One From Bill
I've noticed a certain anti-intellectualism going around this country; since about 1980, coincidentally enough. … I was in Nashville, Tennessee, and after the show I went to a Waffle House. I'm not proud of it, but I was hungry. And I'm sitting there eating and reading a book. I don't know anybody, I'm alone, so I'm reading a book. The waitress comes over to me like, [gum smacking] "What'chu readin' for?" I had never been asked that. Not "What am I reading?", but "What am I reading for?" Goddangit, you stumped me. Hmm, why do I read? I suppose I read for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones being so I don't end up being a fucking waffle waitress.   Bill Hicks RIP
Saints And Soldiers
Gamer - Dance Scene
Robot Chicken: Glo Worm
Robot Chicken: Homonym
If you enjoy this episode the rest can be seen on HULU by clicking this link Kings.
3d Sun
Sid And Nancy
The Green Rush
American Meth
High: The True Tale Of American Marijuana
I Get The Strangest Songs Stuck In My Head
What's It All For?
What's this life for, what's it all about? Won't someone please help me figure it out? We're born, we live, and then we die. Does my life mean anything in another's eye? God give me the reason I'm here on earth. Tell me the purpose for my uneventful birth. Am I here to give another life? Will I ever find myself a beautiful wife? So many questions with just as many a concern. My life's mission I am now eager to learn.
Mr. Sensitivity
I wear my heart on my sleeve,And that's not the best place for it to be.It gets punched and sliced,And not treated very nice.Out there for the whole world to see,But I don't know to be anyone but me.Sometimes I wish my veins flowed with ice,But my heart is tender and I can't help being nice.You say, "Toughen up and be the man you should be."But my sensitivity makes me more of a man, you see.
Hey Lover
Hello Lover, it's good to see you again.I wish I could taste your lips and feel your skin.However you have met another man.Now I will just be the best friend I can.You said I gave you waves of orgasms like the ocean.You said that the electricity of ecstacy filled your body.Now making love to you is just a fond notion.Since the one you call lover now is another somebody.You say our friendship will live on and on,But I can't help but feel a piece of who we were is gone.
Signs Of Sexual Attraction From A Woman
Some girls can't help but flirt. It doesn't matter who they're talking to or how they like the looks of him, get them talking to any guy and their eyelashes will start to flutter. You can't really blame them. If all it took for me to get my own way was to giggle and thrust my chest out, I don't think I'd ever stop. But it's not much help to us men. We've all read articles about female body language. We know how to spot if a girl is flirting with us and we've been told that means that she fancies us. Now it turns out that that isn't necessarily true. So how do you go about recognizing which are the compulsive flirts and which girls are genuinely hot for you? Well, I'm about to tell you. The first thing to remember is that some body language cannot be faked. Sure, she can twirl her hair and hold your gaze, but there are certain signals which only genuinely interested girls give out. Start by looking into her eyes. If she likes the looks of you her eyebrows will twitch momentarily u
My First Installment
getting ready to head out, so i dont have much time... but ive been wanting to start one of these to put down some of the stuff that rattles around in my head every now and again... so here goes.   some will be fu related. some will be my thoughts on life. all of it represents me. i speak for nobody else. you dont like what i have to say? you surely dont have to read it.   til next time... keep house in your soul  
Fluffy Green Stuff
Fluffy Green Stuff   1 Box Pistachio Instant Pudding 1 – 12 oz Container Cool Whip 1 – 16 oz Can Undrained Crushed Pineapple 1/2 Cup Chopped Walnuts 3/4 Cups Miniature Marshmallows     Put all ingredients in Large Tupperware Impression 18 cup Bowl. Mix by hand. Chill 2 hours before serving.
Three Minute Fudge
Three Minute Fudge     1 1/2 Cups Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips 1 1/2 Cups Milk Chocolate Chips 1 tsp. Vanilla 1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk   Combine all ingredients in Vent 'N Serve Large Deep container. Cook in microwave on high 3 minutes, stir and chill.
Spicy Veggie Pizza
Spicy Veggie Pizza   1 tube crescent rolls 1 tablespoon Southwest Chipolte Seasoning 8 oz cream cheese (softened) 1 tablespoon Miracle Whip 1 tablespoon Wasabi Ranch Seasoning (or use 1 pkg Ranch Dip Mix in place of seasoning for a non-spicy variation) Assorted veggies     Roll out crescent rolls on baking sheet & bake by following direction on crescent roll package. Allow crescent rolls to cool. In Thatsa Bowl Jr, mix together cream cheese, miracle whip and spices using Saucy Silicone Spatual. Spread on cool crescent “crust.” Place veggies in Quick Chef to chop coarsley. Layer veggies on cream cheese mixture. Cut into sections and enjoy!
Citrus Surprise Pie
Citrus Surprise Pie   1 9-oz carton whipped topping 1 can sweetened condensed milk   Mix on low speed until blended. Add 1 6-oz can of frozen lemonade, limeade, or raspberry juice. Mix well. Pour into graham cracker crust or prepared chocolate crust. Freeze for at least one hour before serving.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs
Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs       2 Cups mile chocolate chips 1 Tablespoon solid shortening (NOT butter, margarine, spread, or oil) 1/2 Cup creamy peanut butter 3 Tablespoon butter or margarine, softened 1 Cup powdered sugar   Place Egg-ceptional Server Set inserts into base of Round Cake Taker. Spray each egg-shaped form with vegetable cooking spray.   Place chocolate chips and shortening in Base of Oval Microwave Cooker. Microwave on high for 1 minute; stir. If necessary, microwave additional 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each heating, just until chocolate is melted when stirred.   Spoon scant teaspoonful melted chocolate into each egg form, filling about 3/4 full. Refrigerate 10 minutes or until chocolate begins to firm. Put a thumbprint hole in center of each egg half. Cover and refrigerate until firm.   Invert egg tray insert, flexing slightly to pop out egg halves. With E-Series Whisk, blend together peanut butter and butter. Graduall
Nope, It's Not Just A Phase I Was Going Through...
Okay, I get a lot of really stupid messages on here, as I'm sure pretty much all the other girls on here do, as well. I got one a little bit ago that was so absurd it made me laugh until i cried, and it DEMANDS to be shared! It was only one line: "r u still lesbian?" Yes, random guy who messaged me, who I had to inform of my sexual orientation a couple of weeks ago when you tried to flirt with me, I am still a lesbian! It doesn't wear off after a few weeks! :P
To All My Firends
thank you and please bomb me I will be gone for a little while I will be back to return all your favors and I would like more family
Things I Learned In Jail.
Things I learned in Jail:   1.  You have to entertain yourself in jail, even if that means acting like a total retard. 2.  Most of the jail guards are lesbians and have a stick up their ass.  a).  It's all the inmates fault. b).  It takes FOREVER to get anything from the jail guards.  Ask and you recieve two hours later.  If you ask again before the two hours is up it will delay the process by another four hours. 3.  The gap in between the shower and the floor is about two feet. 4.  I learned what the term "throwed off" means.  And, I saw it. 5.  I learned that I'm "thicker then a Snicker." 6.  Only in jail do they have an item on the Commissary list called an "antishank toothbrush." 7.  You really can flush ANYTHING down a jail toliet.  Seriously, try it. 8.  In jail you have "bunkies" not "roommates." 9.  The jail razors will shred you to pieces. 10.  I learned what the term "shakedown" means.  It means the jail guards search your cell and bunk for contraband.  It reall
I Think To Much!
All I do is think What are you doing? Who are you with? Did you find someone new? Yes I think to much My thoughts hurt my heart break my soul I fear the unknown I put everything on the line when it came to you No one else truly knows the person in me Some say they do  but really don't I shared everything with you Just to be left here alone with my thoughts. Yes, I think to damn much!!!
When Womanizing Isn’t Rape: The Case Against Dominique Strauss-kahn Collapses
  The lurid rape case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears to be collapsing like a big hard phallus suddenly gone flaccid when confronted with the all-too-deflating truth.  The alleged victim, a housekeeper whose torrid tale of savage rape at the hands of the 62-year-old IMF chief in a luxurious Sofitel suite had so entranced police and pundits with its seductive “credibility,” has been linked to drug-dealing, money laundering and lying like a wet bathmat on the cum-stained bathroom floor.  She was also recorded, within 24 hours of the alleged “rape,” having a telephone conversation with a prison inmate about the exciting and lucrative benefits of pursuing assault charges against the man with whom she’d just had what now appears to have been consensual oral sex. Talk about the maid service blowjob from hell…. Don’t check into the Sofitel! That’s the first moral of this torrid tale.  Another might be Read the rest of this entry »
There was something on the radio the other day about things people do that nobody else does - basically saying that was what made people unique.   It kinda bugged me cuz all the things people were saying were kinda lame (sing in the shower level) and well, pedantically speaking, even one in a million is not unique, it's just 'rare'. Generally I think it is our combination of traits which makes us unique (if anything at all does) rather than any one thing we do.   However, as I was in my kitchen this evening, draping my face over my steam inhaler, deeply breathing in my particularly strange combination of essential oils whilst simultaneously doing modified yoga poses cuz I was did cross my mind that possibly nobody has ever done that least not quite that way...and possibly will ever, or could ever do...or want to.   I R SPESHUL =D        
Huge Inventory Over 13,000 Quality Products Available At Sensuals Adult Store!
Huge Inventory Over 13,000 Quality Products Available!  
Lil D And Mr John
who's that new guy thatchu' u love so bad, i know u still think about the times we've had, i'll say fuck that new guy thatchu' think u've found, why would u be callin' while he's not around .. i'm juss sayin' i'll do better .. u think i love well its to late now .. i'm juss sayin' i'll do better ... please stop callin' cause i cant take it ♫ ♥    some of the lyrics
As I stare out the window into the darkness I see the rest of lonilness sitting in for the darkness is now my friend   My world was once full of light for my heart was full of love and delight   As the cold sets in I let it settle under my skin   For now my fire is now turned to ice my warm blood is now so thick with cold that my youthness is getting old   a loving smle is now turned to stone for there is no love to grow   once there was love and passion in my eyes is now nothing but icicles that are trying to disguise   so forgive me for being so cold but my mind has grown old
0 I wonder why I have been let down again for did i do some kind of sin The tears of joy do not out way the tears of pain for I havent gained I wear my heart on my sleeve with my feelings that are left so revealing My eyes show you everything from the past and that doesnt even make things last For my sadness is not for you to judge but for you to understand me I have pieces that are broken but they are not yours as a token
Funneh Me. *shrugs*
It's gotta be me. I just has to be. I scare them away, or something. LOL. I always thought I was pretty rad...I have a huge heart and a huge ass...whats not to love? LMAO.        Meh,       Ya win some...       Ya lose some.     Tis life. 
Happy Birthday U.s.a.
we don't have to agree, get along, hell, we don't even have to like each other! but, we are firmly bonded by the foresight of franklin, jefferson, adams, we are further bonded by the blood sacrifice of a country AT WAR with itself! maxico, spain, wwI and wwII, korea, vietnam, grenada, lebanon, the hostage crisis, panama, 9-11, afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, libya, and where ever else the country has deemed it necessary. i don't even have to like you, but i'd lay down my life for your freedoms! happy birthday U.S.A.! the greatest nation yet! and a heartfelt gratitude and debt to those who have served and to those that paid the ultimate price, thank you so very much.
Dvus Bulletin
as some of you may know melody fell and passed out stopped breathing wed night. she was taken by 911 to local hospital where she was treated and released thursday night only to pass out again early this morning.shes still in icu could maybe be sent to a room or her own sat afternoon .on top of the two tumors she has had they have found a large mass on her right lung they can got control her blood presseras of yet and they are thinking part of this is due to pulmonary heart disies,tests are pending should be in early sat morning please keep her in your thoughts and prayers  thank you
Dolly Pardon's Just Leaving Song Lyrics
I ain't got no business hereYou have made it very clearSo I'm leavingLeaving this old townMy wings are kinda broken upBut I think I might can patch 'em upHeaven help meLord, you got an angel downTime and only time can tellIf I'm to find Heaven or HellThen I'm leavingI'm just leavingI have given all I canI've tried but you don't understandSo I'm leavingI'm talking big for someone so small[ Lyrics from: ]I know I'll be alright out thereEven so, I'm just a little scaredBut that's strictly just between usAnd that's allI'm gonna be alrightI'm going to ParadiseI'm leavingJust leavingTime and only time can tellIf I'm to find Heaven or HellBut I'm leavingI'm just leavingMy wings are kinda broken upBut I think I might can patch 'em upHeaven help meLord, you've got an angel downI'm leavingI'm leaving this old townLeavingI'm leavingLord, you've an angel downI'm leaving this old townI'm just leavingMore lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode
(how To) Manage Family
(How To) Manage Your FamilyEveryone who has a Family List on Fubar wants to pick and choose which member they want as their #1 choice as Top Family. Each member can utilize this feature and choose up to Twenty-Five members to be in their Top Family. Also each member can organize their Families to better show off other members.This blog will give the following:- Show How To Add To Family,- Show How To Make A Member A Top Family Member,- Show A Live Look Of The Manage Top Family Page.Adding Member To FamilyTo add a member to your Family List you must first add that member to your Friends List (making the member a Top Friendwill not make them a Top Family Member). Also before you move on you can read the blog titled (How To) Manage Your Friends as it will also have another feature that will show you how to add a member as a Top Friend.The below steps will show you how to make a member who is already on your Friends List a Family MemberOpen Your Desired BrowserDirect Your Browser To Fubar.
Feeling... Odd... Lately
I've been feeling "ghostly" lately.  Not the empty, hollow feeling of depression, rather like an invisible outsider, transparent to the world. As though a stiff breeze would blow through me instead of against me.  As though I am only borrowing this physical body that everyone else sees and talks to.   Its like I have to "come back" to my body to interact with others, and then only clumsily.   Interacting with others is like putting on a mask, one mask for work, one mask for friends, another for family...  I have to remember to put on the appropriate mask at the appropriate time.  The mask smiles, the mask laughs, the mask talks with others... The mask is the appearance one presents to the world, Carl Jung described the persona: "The persona or "mask" enables an individual to interrelate with the surrounding environment by reflecting the role in life that the individual is playing.  In this way one can arrive at a compromise between one's innate psychological constitution and society
Mia Test
JOIN US!! DJ MIA IS KILLIN IT IN DASWAMPYARD AND CLUB SNAFU!!!!! *Click Me* *Click Me* *Click to visit my page* BULLY BY DJ MIA
Mia Test
JOIN US!! DJ MIA IS KILLIN IT IN DASWAMPYARD AND CLUB SNAFU!!!!! *Click Me* *Click Me* *Click to visit my page* BULLY BY DJ MIA
Read Away
Welcome to my hell.. you will always be here.. welcome to my mind you will never be let go.. i have you now and you will see you think its all fun and games .. until u see the real me .. full of nightmares and screams just let it go. run away i will find you . kick you when your down as you did me. it will hurt so good . welcome to my hell where everything is frozen. time will tell if i let you go.. i think u just might want to stay and play for a bit .. but u love my hell
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye.
I seen Transformers twice now... once on opening day at 3 and the next time yesterday about the same time. I must say it has to be one of my all time favorite movies. Transformers Dark of the Moon really out did itself in terms of pleasing me the viewer as far as action and storytelling. I don't know how they can out do themselves in the next Transformers if they make another. This has got to be the best Transformers movie since the first one if not even better.   I'm s a space buff and the whole story that pay homage to our space program really did right by me. It was fantastic. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined Buzz Aldrin the second man to walk on the Moon would be talking to Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots. That was the icing on the cake. That to me was so cool beyond words. I still can't believe it. The only thing that would have made that scene even better to me would have been able to see all the original Moon men talking to Optimus Prim
loss is a part of life.  It will be 3 years this month that my dearest friend Phyllis passed away. Yes there is a loss in my life as she is no longer here with us. She is greatly missed by all who loved her.  My life has an empty place in it without her but I know she is in a better place.  I know she would not want me grieving over her.  Love you Phyllis know you are watching over me and keeping me safe.
Happy Expensive Day !
So, today, I woke up after not much sleep. (check the time of the posts on here if you want to know when I was up to) At 9 am with one thing on my mind. Will my car finally be fixed today? I call and call and keep getting the girl that just answers the phone to take appointments, as the service adviser still isn't at the booth.   Answer: No! ...  I go over everything they have done, and how the problem still exsist's somewhere. So, I tell them (Glen Campbell Chevy) over the phone to put it back together , button it up , and I'll be there 15 minutes to pick it up.   By the time I get to the dealership, its about 1130 - noon,  and have to wait for everyone to come back from lunch for them to finalize everything out so I can just pick the car up and leave. Which takes 40 mins! Me, calmly aggravated that this point, tell them thanks for everything , and leave . (you can thank the years of annoying personal and customers for ability to bite my tongue , and not tell you morons I think yo
Three Wedding Themes To Make Your Visitors Relax And Have Enjoy Themselves
When the weather is warm and love is in the air, like in spring and summer, many couples choose to tie the knot or just plain get married and settle on romantic outdoor weddings, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses also it is truly a excellent choice. It offers you a possibility having a touch of flamboyance you will make you're outdoors wedding fit even a really modest budget, create a checklist of all of the nuts tips you have seen, noticed about or just believed up. wedding dresses There are so countless completely different models and themes to select from and in the occasion you use your personal or perhaps a loved ones back yard you can a great day for just about bucks and change. Decorate the yard with whatever floral elements you can, arranged out some tables and chairs that you simply can beg, borrow or steal out of your friends, Cheap Flower Girl Dresses garden torches might be arranged out circular the yard since the garden torches are have essential oil in them be sure they ar
Three Wedding Themes To Make Your Visitors Relax And Have Enjoy Themselves
When the weather is warm and love is in the air, like in spring and summer, many couples choose to tie the knot or just plain get married and settle on romantic outdoor weddings, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses also it is truly a excellent choice. It offers you a possibility having a touch of flamboyance you will make you're outdoors wedding fit even a really modest budget, create a checklist of all of the nuts tips you have seen, noticed about or just believed up. wedding dresses There are so countless completely different models and themes to select from and in the occasion you use your personal or perhaps a loved ones back yard you can a great day for just about bucks and change. Decorate the yard with whatever floral elements you can, arranged out some tables and chairs that you simply can beg, borrow or steal out of your friends, Cheap Flower Girl Dresses garden torches might be arranged out circular the yard since the garden torches are have essential oil in them be sure they ar
Fake Military
Ok... Been seeing this a lot... people who are not military That Wear the Military Symbol on their page. To why no one of Admin has noticed is beyond me... so...     Hmmm... Yeah? Did you fuck a Military man to get this emblem? Sure you did! We all know who you are on fubar.. no need for explination. So why do people do it? Why else? Military gets 10% off on buying Bling Packs and a Comp VIP! No for me... I would buy Bling Packs for Military over buying bling Packs for regular people... why? Cause their Hero's but when your faking it Fuck you! Just to let you know there is a Law against impersonating an Officer including Military. We all know you don't ave what it takes to get off fubar for a min and work your ass off for something like this. You just like to get naked for Money I.E. Prostitute/Stripper or Wannabe. It's Wrong. Ok everyone already has seen you naked yet cause your Militery Wannabe... you get shit. So People beware. JFS
Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch
Immortal Technique - Virtuosic Veracity (piano) -1st Passage
Good Shit... Listen if you got the balls!
Immortal Technique - Bin Laden
Loose Change 9-11 An American Coup
Got NETFLIX? GO  Watch Loose Change 9-11 An American Coup if you have any Brains at all... which for most of you I doubt it cuz you can't manage to pull your head out of the drama and beggers! I Will Bling you if you watch it...
Top 50 Dumbest Conservative Quotes
  (Editor's note: Whatever your political beliefs, we can all agree that people say the dumbest things. Below, you'll find some some stupid conservative quotes put together by Sasha Brown-Worsham. For equally stupid -- and funny -- gaffs made by their liberal counterparts, read  50 Dumb Liberal Quotes.) When politicians and pundits mess up, flub their words, or make Freudian slips, they often do so in the most spectacularly hilarious ways. Former Vice President Dan Quayle reminded us not to lose our minds. (That would be a truly terrible loss, after all.) And Sarah Palin volunteered that that she was keeping an eye on Putin -- and on all of Russia -- from her perch up there in Alaska (you betcha!). Below, you'll find 50 more of the dumbest conservative quotes we've come across. No matter what your politics, we hope you'll have a good laugh.  "When the President does it, that means that it's not illegal." ~ Richard M. Nixon  "We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as
Should The U.s. Arm The Libyan Rebels?
It's kinda like that same old song -- a cruel dictator clings to power and President Obama is criticized for being "slow to act." he did say Libya's Moammar Gadhafi must go. But, it wasn't fast enough -- or strong enough -- even though some say he's treading carefully because there are still Americans in Libya. That's not stopping Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman. Lieberman told CNN he understands why the Obama Administration waited, but now "we ought to provide (the Libyan rebels) with arms." McCain said the President should impose a "no-fly zone" over Libya -- so Libyan pilots can't attack their own people. "Get tough," McCain said. "I understand the safety of American citizens is our highest priority. It is not our only priority." Both senators stopped short of saying U.S. troops ought to be used to help topple Gadhafi. Tough choice -- because who really knows who's leading the opposition in libya? Former CIA officer Jamie Smith says there's "no
Glenn Beck Announces Non-profit Venture – “mercury One”
Support The Movement! Check this out!
Sooo Lonely
I wish i could find someone to share my life with, someone to love me and i love them. I am a good guy with a lot to  offer someone and i am just SUPER SHY. so i stay in my shell and hope one day it will happen for me Any suggestions?
4:34pm  Top1Player: such beautiful boobs 4:35pm  To Top1Player: bye 4:35pm  Top1Player: dont like the comment dont flash the boobs 4:36pm  To Top1Player: i don't flash them. grow the fuck up and learn some respect 4:37pm  Top1Player: such manners from a lady using such swear words, omg did i say lady 4:38pm  To Top1Player: you're pathetic. 4:38pm  Top1Player: and your no oil painting and this is where the COWARD decides to block me :) this isn't the first time the lame ass has dared to show up in my shoutbox hitting on me. i've tried to be nice about it... yep. done with that :) at least i won't have to deal with his bullshit anymore!! just wish i could send a "thank you" card for blocking me...darn :( if ya see him...tell him i said "thanks"
Download Link Is Only Good For 24 Hours, So If You Want 'em, Get 'em Quick.
decided to make the link available in a blog as this will be easier for everyone...and that way I don't have to reply to a ton of messages lol I have a lot of packing to do still, so here's the link, it'll be gone tomorrow.
Hi The Two Biggest Credit Whores I Sugest You Noe Sent Them Nothinng  both girls only know how to use you anbd cheat you out of points I have not see anything where I prospered from there two if you reeally want to see what I got frome these to I will show you it is noothing that really impressed me
Before You Even Think Of Adding Me
Some Things You Should Know:I Hate Christianity And All The Contradictions That Go With It.I Don't Believe In Love (Or Any Related Institution)I Have No Faith In Humanity What-so-ever.I Have No Tolerance For Ignorance.I Am Brutally HonestI Hate LiarsI Am Not Here To Make Friends.I Hate Popularity Whores.I Hate Drama.If You Still Feel Like Friends Requesting Me, Then Feel Free, However I  Don't Add Just Anyone To My Friends List, And Certainly Not Anyone Just Looking To Improve Their Online Social Status.
Who Are You ...
Conversation Is A Lost Art
I have been a member of fubar for about one year now and it is a site with a lot of activity. But the main reason I joined is because I like meeting new people. I enjoy good conversation with people from different parts of the World. I have met some nice people here but for the most part it seems everyone is too busy to talk they are usually multitasking as is a popular phrase that I have been hearing. I am aware that fubar is a game but the object of the game is for people to interact. It seems many members are obsessed with the game and miss the point of what the game is all about. I do believe that good conversation is a lost art and people aren't interested in communicating like they use to. We have all this modern technology today but I believe people communicated better before. This a site to kick back and just have some fun  but it seems many members are caught up in this frantic race to get to the highest level of a game. Don't we stress ourselves enough in the every
From A Distance ...
Can You See Me ....
   CAN YOU SEE ME ? FOR I AM HERE .. CAN YOU SEE ME FOR WHO I REALLY AND ... I AM HUMAN JUSXT LIKE THE NEXT PERSON  ... MY HEART  IS BIG  AND MY SOUL IS EVEN BIGGER... CAN YOU SEE ME  FOR WHO I REALLY AM  YES I WEAR MY SHIELD  STRONG AND PROUD  .. BUT I AM HERE PLEASE  CAN YOU SEE ME ... MY LIFE MAY NOT BE PERFECT  .. BUT  I TRULY BELIEVE   NO ONE IS ..                                                                                                                                             WRITTEN BY TAMARA JULY,1,2011                                                                                                                                                       
From A Distance...
  FROM DISTANCE .... I WATCH FROM A DISTANCE AS I SEE DEEP INTO YOUR EYES  EVEN THOUGH ITS ONLKY FOR A MOMENT I  TIME ,I SEE THREW THAT  SHIELD  YOU HOLD  TIGHT,AND EVERY SO OFTEN  YOU SHOW THE TRUE YOU YOU  ,A WARM  , KIND , LOVING  HUMAN BEING  ,AND IN THAT MOMENT  I I BEGIN  TO SMILE AS I CAPTURE  A PEACE  OF HAPPINESS THT I WILL TREASURE  IN  MY MIND  LIKE A MOVIE  I CAN REWIND OVER AND OVER  EVERYTIME  I WANT  TO FEEL  A LIL JOY IN MY LIFE ...... WITTEN BY TAMARA                                                                                                                                                                                                                         JULY.1,2011
The Journey Called Life ...
Ladies Night In Daswamp And Club Snafu
Ladies Night In Daswamp And Club Snafu
Ladee K Playin Live On U.k Internet Radio
THIS TRACK NOW PLAYIN IN NEW YORK AT105.1FM AND NOW ON U.K RADIO AT FOLLOW THIS LINK AND REQUEST TO HEAR "GET LOW" BY LADEE K!!!!! directions.. click listen live then scroll down then click listen here under the globe!!! It will be played everyday!!! listen in to see what time!
Every Friday Night
      If you hear any noise, It ain't the boys , it's Ladies Night , uh huh! ~*~ Oh yes it's Ladies Night,And the feeling's right,Oh yes it's Ladies Night,Oh what a night! ~*~ That's right Ladies! Ya heard right!!! ~*~ ~*~  It's LADIES NIGHT @ Da SwampYard EVERY Friday Night!!! So grab your girls and get in here!! You know you don't wanna
Guys Like Us
Went to the beach today, I missed the sound of the wind roaring through my ears while waves smashed onto the beach with the sound of a drum snare. I saw something I'd never seen before. I saw a pinkish, throw-up looking thing in my path on the boardwalk. At first I thought that's just what it was: throw up or snot or something similarly disgusting. After staring at it for what must have been three minutes a gull suddenly landed over it and began to snap it up, eating it. I saw that around the pink mall were little bits of matter, like rock flecks. I realized what it was then: it was clam shell, and the pinkish thing was the clam. My mind raced back to a National Geographic thing that I saw (or read) that seagulls break the shells of clams by grabbing em', flying up to a height and dropping them so that the pink innards. Also while watching this grotesque-fact-of-life my mind raced, I tried to look away from the gull and couldn't. The clam slammed back into the bits of she
Sorry, I'm So Sorry...
Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry for making you mad Sorry for everything I said Sorry for being me Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry if I disappointed you Sorry if I hurt you Sorry for everything Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry that I liked you Sorry that you did Sorry for turning in to a bitch Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry that I loved you Sorry that you didn’t Sorry that we had to fight Sorry, I’m so sorry   Sorry for still loving you Sorry you don’t love me Sorry for ever loving you Sorry, I’m so sorry   But, sorry for falling for my best friend Sorry I can't be much more Sorry for spilling my feelings Sorry, I'm so sorry  
TRUST is a strong word; A meaning broke into two This word is formed around one letter the letter which is U For U are the one I'd live for, and the only one I'd love And if you remain by my side the U becomes an US For US means no other love, only me and you and from this day I promise you for ever I'll be TRU TRU to our relationship or friendship in hopes it will never RUST For you are the one I'd give my love and the only one I'd TRUST
Our paths were intertwined. At a time that had seemed strange. The day my eyes met yours. I was forever changed...   Maybe these are the ramblings. Of a hopeless romantic mind. But that day I'll never forget. Like a moment frozen in time.   I gave to you my heart. And a part of me that day. As you gave me a memory. That could NEVER fade away.   It was fate that brought us together. Or as I choose to believe. I know there is a higher reason. As why you were brought to me.  
The Letters, The Love And You
I kept your love letters I held onto your love Each breath that I take I wish I could give to you My memories of you are breaking my heart The flag that they gave me Lays next to your photo There is no letter of condolence When you put the gun to your head They thought you weren't worth it My heart beats every morning My pain hurts every minute I want to bring you back with honor I want to take away your pain If I only realized where you were headed Maybe I could have taken your place My dear darling daughter My life is nothing There is no me Without You.
My Mind
holla at cha boi, now sit back take ur shoes off an jus read this with an open mind, with this being said, brake it down, open it up, fill it up, light it, inhale, slowly exhale, ahhhh now thats the spot, it is amazing that when people say something and other people dnt knw what the question means nor do they understand wat the question is, its also amazing on how when people get delt alot of shit on their plate,then people being there friends jus holla back, an then they seem like they care but then really dont do they, but frist an formost there was something said on a date that shall never beforgot, something that some people will understand after reading this a few times an look at the aftermath of things, "Will the angel's bring me peace an also comfort me when i shall join them?" you should ask urself this question this is only one of the many questions that i have, i will get all of them questions answered one day everyone shall see these questions getting answered. Is there rea
Worth Reading.. I Promise
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was 'Daddy's Day' at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school, eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees, a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone too meet. Children were squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats. One by one the teacher called, a student from the class to introduce her daddy. As seconds slowly passed, at last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, for a man who wasn't there. "Where's her daddy at?" she hea
Blah!!! Blah!! Blah!!!
So i've been feeling like crap all week.. just in a choke the shit out of someone mood for no apparent reason.. temper is short... patience is shorter.. I think I'm just getting burned out on all this shit.. I need a break from reality....oh well...maybe I'll be in a better mood after the holiday.. but right now.. don't think so!
I Am Ashamed Of Myself
I want to deeply apologize to those of you who have stuck around for years. I never really realized just what a *woe is me* kinda girl I was and sometimes still am. I am deeply embarassed, please forgive me. I have been working on me, inside and out, and I like to think it shows. The stronger I get, the less tolerant I become. I have empathy for bad situations, but lose it quickly if you make no attempt to fix it. I am not sure exactly what it is that woke me up, but again, I am deeply sorry and will make every effort to quit that shit.
I have discovered and much to my own annoyance that people don’t want my opinion. Who knew? Not me. Standing last week in a bookshop (my favourite place) I offered to give a rundown of what books are good to read to a woman standing staring at the shelves. You see, always travelling or being bored or being married for 30 years I find reading lots of books helps me to stop killing the people who I live with.   This apparently doesn’t pass as a reading expert – as the woman who told me to shut up proved. Therefore my point is, we might think what we have to say is riveting but most times it’s flawed or unwanted.   Celebrated Journalist and former Iraq war supporter (what a screwy mistake that was) Johann Hari who writes for The Independent newspaper in the UK got caught plagiarising other people’s words and opinions (not mine – clearly or the Iraq War piece would have read differently) and he had to serve up a big apology which wasn’t really
Sex Application First Name: __________________ Middle: _________________ Last: _____________________dob: ______________ Height: ___________
Sex Application First Name: __________________ Middle: _________________ Last: _____________________DOB: ______________ Height: ____________ Weight: ____________ Hair Color: ____________ Eye Color:______Age: ______Measurements: Bust:_____ Waist:_____ Hips:_____& or Length:______Home Address 0r Email: __________________________________________Interests: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Favorite Color: _____________________Hobbies: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please check off or answer all the questions as best you can't in true honesty & to better serve to match you with a p
Ladies & Gentalmen.... Welcome 2the Most Eternal Show Onearth...(the Story Of My Dark Carnival)"
 DARK CARNIVAL The Night Was Heavy & Cold thick with fog surrounding this forest a place you'd been to perhaps a thousand times before... the toes of well traviled foot prints lined the old dusty road. Well travled it such a short time that sight alone spoke volumes about this land & so strangly out of place. For none hardly ever cam this path none thought to special or diffrent then any other  but a place people would never look twice to find. & some how not trully know how or why it felt if it drew you here a longing a calling of spirit perhaps of the nagging tugs of a restless spirit... The night was cold just a chill to the air that brough the mist form the lips of the living with each breath drifting before their faces but the dead walked here as well drifting among the  clouds that hung low to the trees hlaf seen half understoon the floaded on half noticed in & out the vison of each passser by some to notice  others to walk by never even knowing the energy that passed around t
This Goes Out To All The Beautiful People Out There
It's sad the way the world really works. Ive been in every catagory from morbidly obese to super ripped to normal where im at now. People really do treat you differently based on how you look, not just people of the opposite sex but everryone... I had more friends, it was easier to get jobs, i got hit on all the time, people were just nicer to me...On the other hand i also got to see just how shallow and lifeless the "beautiful people" really can be when the let me in to there world. People that havent had to work as hard and havent had alot of bad days they just don't have the appreciation for life that others do and at the end of the day it is them i feel the most sorry for, for it is our scars and imperfections that make us who we are and that is beautiful... this goes out to all the people that are truly beautiful where it counts, you know who you are
To The Bug That Crushed The Possum
To the bug that crushed the possum: Am writing to a certain person here on this site and if u know my story and know me well then u will know of whom I speak of but I want to thank her for leavening me when I was at my worst and need you to stand my me the most I also want to thank her for taking all my belongings and lied to me at the same time I hope u are happy with the hypocrites u have in your family and livening the the dead beat town u live in for u and I both know u are not going to do anything with your life besides being a hypercondact and play with peoples heart I was I would also like to thank whoever it was in your family that made the account on collarme .com for I can’t remove it for I don’t have the account password and would ask that you find out who put it there and remove it asap would like that very much (for we all know your mom did not like me much) u hope u have fun without me in your life and I hope u find lots of carpets to munch on because apparently the dic
Oem Honda Atv Part Is Actually Everybody Mechanic's Dream
 Regardless if you are an auto mechanic or even DYI motorbike fanatic, choosing the best Oem Motorbike Part could be a struggle. At each change there's a nearby seller looking to get to your budget through increasing the buying price of such a part ought to price. Motorcycles Wireless Device tend to be high end automobiles that need simple and easy sophisticated treatment throughout every season. Nobody wants to hold back Four weeks for the store to modify your essential oil or even your own braking system calipers. You've route to melt away therefore getting their own bicycle to those men isn't a choice; actually, because of gasoline costs motorbike stores haven't already been more busy. All of their coves tend to be full of visiting bicycles, activity bicycles as well as ATVs, as well as unskilled technicians tend to be stored hectic. Oem motorbike part sellers provide the capability to buy seller and examine microfiche upon almost any bicycle. Consider if the had been
Freedom & Restraint
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute Freedom is the Greatest Aphrodisiac.  But Restraint is a Close Second! With the 4th of July just a few fireworks and a hot dog away, this Saturday night’s live broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show will celebrate America’s freedom from the Madness of King George and our very personal freedom to choose our sexual path, even when that choice is to be restrained, chained and whipped like a slave on one of our Founding Fathers’ plantations.
Our Love, Our Life, Our Heroes
Our love has gone, Gone far away. They travel here and there, But we know they will always come back to us.   They might be away, But our hearts are always with them. Where they go, we are there with them.   We might be separated by distance, But not in mind and soul. They know we stay true, No matter where they might go.   It seems like a life time, When they are not here. But when they return, Everything seems to stop.   Our happiness has returned, We can quit worrying and stressing. They mean the world to us, As hey do to most others.   For they are  American Soldiers, That most hold dear. And they fight for what is right, And protects us day after day.   They don't consider their own lives first, They think of their loved ones, And everything they hold dear.   They know there's a chance to die, But they look at it straight in the face, And they show no fear, Because they fight for love, honor, freedom, And everything they hold dear.   They mi
Car Problem: Undetermined 2
So, the drama with my car continues.  They had it again, all day today , and it didn't act up at all for them.  So they did nothing to it , at all today. It just sat there. What a joke! Oh and to annoy me even more, the service advisor that I had been dealing with since monday called in sick today. So, I got a guy that had no clue what was going on. I feel sorta sorry for him,  having this mess dumped on him . On a plus note he seemed very cooperative, I ran a few idea by him on where to look to find the electrical short, said he have the tec look , and then said they'd park the car outside tonight. Maybe its not actting up because it spent the night inside there garage, and it dried out. I'm thinking , just like I told him,  there's a ground connection in the wiring somewhere thats rusted, and beind inside dried all the mositure out of it. Since when you think about it, the problem regulalry occurs in the morning,  when the car is still damp with morning due. So we'll see what t
First To Be Posted
some mandtory disclaimers.   1 THese are real chat logs, from my own account. so take note of the name. mine will be changed.   2 I am NOT gay.     and now for the fun.   (12:40:03 AM) cbeautifulkay: ;)(12:40:15 AM) jetzt: ello(12:40:24 AM) cbeautifulkay: Hey hun.. How are you today? Wanna chat for a little? Im bored and wanted to meet new people...(12:41:23 AM) jetzt: i suppose i can burn a few minutes(12:41:40 AM) cbeautifulkay: Cool... Well, my name is Miya Im from S.Florida.. Can I ask you a question?(12:43:20 AM) jetzt: ask(12:43:49 AM) cbeautifulkay: What kinda girls you in to? Are you in to BIG TITS or a BIG BOOTY?(12:45:40 AM) jetz: soz sweetie, but I don't see girls like that. (12:45:58 AM) cbeautifulkay: lol.. I have a lot of both!! Wanna see? I have some free time now...(12:46:56 AM) jetz: i dun think you understand. i like to play with the boys(12:47:24 AM) cbeautifulkay: Ok... let me set my web cam up and you can watch me shake my booty!! LOL.. That's if you can h
Candy Fluffy Silicone Skin Case For Ipod Look 4
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I am trying to grab a song list for working out I have a few songs that really pump me up...but I'd like more. Is there a song that really gets you going?
Public Service Reminder-july 4th
I wanted to remind everyone this fourth of July of the true meaning of the holiday. While you're barbecuing and relaxing with friends, just remember that we, as Americans, have a rich heritage of drinking, blowing stuff up, and shooting guns in the air. It was this day in 1776 that Christopher Columbos drunkenly set foot on new soil, shot in the air, and blew some stuff up, thus giving this great country it's humble beginnings. So wether you're enjoying a paid holiday, arguing with your friends over who threw in more on bottle rockets, or cursing under you're breath all day because you have to work, be sure to pause and show your patriotism by making something explode or have a hole in it.
There's nothing wrong with believing in fairy tales, because in the end, we all live happily ever after, However you've forgot one important detail...Not everyone we fall in love with means its a happily ever after after story... Most of the time its just... Once upon a time...
Something in me understands the voice of this heart broken in 2. Abandoned hopes and nites take me back to the start, I listen to The rain cryin', I listen to my heart drownin' in pain and again I Feel Im dying, I feel Im bendin' with the weight of my silent fate. Nothing is gonna b as it was b4, who was the first to open the door And sketch the serpent's touch? Idk much, Idk anything, I can only See that you've cut my wings. Im lost within meself, Imnt strong, I cant go along. What was so right is gonna b forever lost and wrong? Oh! Hun listen to me crying 4 ya, I wanna b swept into eternity, I wanna gouge my eyes out. Oh! Hunni, listen to my pain, to my shout. Oh! Luv take me away to a new day, lemme tell ya all the words I cudn't say. What I have now is the kiss of the memories crawlin' neath my cold skin. This heart broken in 2 makes me feel there ain't been nothin' like ya an' me. This heart broken in 2 has to learn again how to b free...
  i'd like to watch something die... 
Installing Ceramic Bathroom Floor Tile To Be Able To Liven Up Virtually Any Bathroom
Putting in ceamic bathroom floor tile is a good approach to up-date virtually any bathroom. Get the imaginative liquid going and also layout the style you need. Below are a few tips to keep...Regarding bathroom floor tile, you can not make a mistake together with ceramic tile. Each bathroom can be a damp spot. What with damp folks standing around additionally stocked full bathrooms and also playing inside basins, you will need a floor area which is approximately the task. Ceramic floors will be the best selection in the damp spot.Make no mistake - in which surfaces will probably be damp. With a lot of ceramic tile floors you should not worry much concerning falling even though. That is not correct for many tiles. But some alternatives are very not necessarily smooth that is a huge Ceramic Floor Tiles plus in virtually any shower or perhaps bathtub.In case you are constantly trying to saving time, a good choice regarding bathroom tile can fix that as well. Ceramic floors ar
Friendship Prayer
  Dear Lord   Thank you for the love you've placed in my life through the friends you've given me.  They bring me warmth when the days are cold, music when I'm overwwhelmed by silence, joy when sadness dawns above and below me.  May I be a loving friend to each one of them as well.  Fill me anew with your love that I may pass it along. Amen.
Nyc: Taxi Cab
A few months back, I was at an apartment party for a friend of mine. He was opening up a new business & decided to celebrate. The party was in the upper west side section of Manhattan. I took the subway from my place in Brooklyn. By the time I had arrived, the party was well under way. I walked in, grabbed a drink & made nice with a few industry people I knew.About a half hour after I had gotten there, I felt a hand rubbing my ass from behind me (where else would my ass be, after all, but behind me). When I turned around to see who was bold enough to do that (& also praying it wasn't some guy trying to play a joke on me), there stood a friend's client. She was about 5'8" or so, blonde with shoulder length hair & a thin, yet shapely frame. Her body looked like a stereotypical indie rockstar's girlfriend; not like a supermodel but very pretty. From speaking with her at work sometimes, I knew she was in her mid 30s. From the look on her face, I knew she was probably wasn't too
My Funsite
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Nyc: An Erotic Masquerade
Halloween reminds me of one of the sexiest, most erotic times I had, even though it didn't occur on Halloween, though. It did involve masks, though.While I was away on business in Chicago, I had to go to a masquerade ball. The dress code for the ball was black tie & gloves but no full face masks. I dressed up in a tux with a black Carnival mask & driving gloves & went to the hotel ballroom.There were plenty of women there with hot bodies. As far as looks went, you really couldn't tell much with the masks on but my eyes trained on one lady in particular. She was tall with a tight, aerobicized figure & a very slinky backless pink gown with elbow length black silk gloves. This lady definitely had her A game going. I went over & spoke to her when she went towards the bar. Her name was Lina. It turned out that she was a personal trainer (athletic women: my biggest weakness). She was in town like me for a couple of days & even though she had to make an appearence at the party lik
Just Need To Be Patient For Discovering Your Ideal Designer Wedding Dress
You're engaged. Congratulations! Your next big step: discovering the ideal designer dress. although various brides have dreamed about this experience since that they have been little girls, purchasing for designer wedding dresses can be recognised to normally strike dread in the hearts of brides everywhere. Have no fear. If you're searching for any designer wedding dress, then you'll undoubtedly wish to study this. What's Your Style? Many brides fail to request by themselves a pretty imperative query prior to they start their search: what may be the style of the wedding. Will it be considered a big, orthodox occasion inside a grand cathedral? A lush, tropical beach wedding? maybe yours will possibly be a no-nonsense civil ceremony. Cheap Little Black Dresses You may opt for any superior affair in a contemporary location. The record goes on and on. in conditions of wedding styles, there are literally no limits. Thus, it's pretty sensible to initial select your design prior to consider
Wrong Number
Just got a phone call:   Me:  Hello? Caller: Hello Me:  Hello? Caller:  Lisa? Me:  Sorry, no Lisa here Caller:  Do you have a daughter named lisa? (I guess I have an old voice) Me:  Nope, sorry, you have the wrong number Caller:  Is this 123-4567? Me:  Yes, but there is no Lisa here Caller:   Well I banged a chick named Lisa and she gave me this number Me:  Well guess what, you must have sucked and she doesn't want you to call her anymore Caller:  You don't know any girl named Lisa, have you banged a chick named Lisa? Me:  Just your mother, *click*
Just Need To Be Patient For Discovering Your Ideal Designer Wedding Dress
You're engaged. Congratulations! Your next big step: discovering the ideal designer dress. although various brides have dreamed about this experience since that they have been little girls, purchasing for designer wedding dresses can be recognised to normally strike dread in the hearts of brides everywhere. Have no fear. If you're searching for any designer wedding dress, then you'll undoubtedly wish to study this. What's Your Style? Many brides fail to request by themselves a pretty imperative query prior to they start their search: what may be the style of the wedding. Will it be considered a big, orthodox occasion inside a grand cathedral? A lush, tropical beach wedding? maybe yours will possibly be a no-nonsense civil ceremony. Cheap Little Black Dresses You may opt for any superior affair in a contemporary location. The record goes on and on. in conditions of wedding styles, there are literally no limits. Thus, it's pretty sensible to initial select your design prior to consider
There's nothing wrong with believing in fairy tales, because in the end, we all live happily ever after, However you've forgot one important detail...Not everyone we fall in love with means its a happily ever after after story... Most of the time its just... Once upon a time...
Republican Jesus (repost)
“Looking for Mr. Theocracy”  or  “How I Learn ed to Stop Thinking for Myself and Just Trust Republican Jesus.” When I was a kid, I was taught that the Pilgrims fled to the New World to escape religious persecution.  Somewhere in there, I learned that we don’t have a national religion and people were free to practice whatever religion they wanted.  That was kind of it as far as religion went in my history classes and overall education.  Sure, Jews were mentioned in the context of the Holocaust but more as a race than a religion.   I did, however, attend Synagogue for a few years as an adolescent.  I viewed it more as learning my heritage as opposed to actively worshipping.  Even then, I was not inclined towards belief.  Probably because my parents were more interested in making sure I was curious about stuff instead of learning any particular dogma, religion was, for me, just something that other people did.  It would be many years before I u
Probably not. I've only come across one person in the last several decades whom I really and truly wanted/want to fuck but she has no interest in me. So generally the whole process, especially Heterosexually, seems like cock torture. Metaphorically or otherwise, take off your underwear put your stiffest blue jeans on and dry hump me until you cum. Don't rub my face unless you shave your facial skin off and don't fucking touch me. Better yet do the same thing on the floor. Christ no wonder people in porn look so pissed off. The guy is humping his stiff blue jeans and the bitch being paid to be so close is pissed because it's too fucking close!!No matter how close, you're awlays aloneButt my background regarding this unfortunate predickament is addressed in my other blogs (see The Biology of It ). I just don't have any luck with my cock.But I do occasionally have that sense, that if a young woman with long beautiful legs, would let me fuck her in my back yard, on a hot summer night, stan
Lots of people will be getting shit faced this week,be a friend and don't let your friend drive drunk!!!
Lance Hates Stuff! #12 Ii'm Gay For Pay!
You know what I hate?! Identical twins that don't dress the same.Identical twins are the only people that can get away with dressing in the same outfit in public for no special occasion. So, why don't they do it? I don't know either. It pisses me off though. You guys aren't called "individual people who look the same," you are called identical twins. You are clumped as a whole, so you should dress the same, everyday...
Ganoderma And The Heart
ganoderma and heart Reishi or Ganoderma Lucidum is a very important herb has been used for over 4000 years for its effects on medicine. He has over 200 active ingredients (currently there is no similar natural product) that makes it unique in its positive effect on health. The health benefits of reishi are absolutely safe, and nontoxic.   Reishi has been used as a heart tonic and many beneficial effects on the heart. The significant effects on the heart is due to triterpenoid compounds. The following events are documented in research and is a comprehensive summary of the effects of reishi on the heart.   Antiplatelet effect: Reishi contains Adenosine and guanosine are platelet inhibitors. this action must to activation phospholipase. Combating effect platelet prevents clot formation, regularizes blood flow blood vessels especially level microcirculation, impeding attack heart.   Converting Enzyme Angiotensin: lanostane triterpines with converting enzyme angiotensin been i
Keep Thyself Young
  keep thyself young   GERMANIUM 132 - WANT TO REJUVENATE? As we know Germanium is a compound that is included in more than 200 nutrients that Ganoderma Lucidum has. Here we refer to this important compound. Germanium-132 is a mineral that has many properties, but is best known for their ability to obtain and distribute oxygen to the cells.       What is Germanium-132? 1) Germanium-132 (Ge-132) is a composite of organic Germanium. As it is enriched with organic carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Germanium is insoluble in most organic solvents except in water with a physiological pH (7.4). In addition, dissolved in distilled water maintains its purity. 2) is proven is the ability to obtain and distribute oxygen to all cells that determines the life expectancy in humans, because no oxygen can not survive more than a few minutes. It is also the oxygen that stimulates cellular cleansing of toxins and regeneration of cellular functions. Hence the effectiveness of Germanium-132 to maintain
My Best Friend!
Thank you for letting me in to see the wonderful person you are within the past has made you  who you are today a man of few words you seem to be You always say what you mean You never realize the power you have You make me smile when times seems bad BIG HUGS is what you say when I read those words my troubles go away. Thank you for being who you are I am honored to know you  and call you my best friend!
I Am Only Human.
Through the inconspicuous shield that outlines me, is a being entirely capable of compassion, understanding, and trust.This shield, which each of us carry, can be used as an armament, or mark of individuality, depending on one's intentions.Though my own shield is seemingly impenetrable, it is anything but...and try as I might, I cannot ward off everything that is said, or done.Only through the ignorant and callous things that are, at times, directed towards me, can I develop a tolerance and strengthen my shield. I can only allow so much before I break or before someone breaks me.I do not expect kindness from everyone, nor do I expect myself to give it.I do not let many people inside of my own shield, and those who I do let it, know that I am not as strong as I may seem from the outside.The truth these people show me, guides me. I look to them for honesty and fidelity, which they never fail to give.If it weren't for them, my shield would be almost completely degraded.I lack strong
Alzheimer's Disease And Ganoderma
  Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease mainly causes gradual loss of mental faculties to interfere with the ability to perform daily activities. The most common of all dementias and one of the most social costs generated by medical and emotional .. In many countries like the United States is the leading cause of death.   Currently, such therapeutic treatments or prevention for use in Alzheimer's disease is limited and only the best slow the progression of the disease for about 40 weeks.   Recent research has discovered evidence of inflammation in the brains of Alzheimer patients and unless the inflammation is present there is little evidence of neurodegeneration, even in patients with extensive deposition of amyloid B-peptide and neurofibrillary tangles.   The data collected on men and women suggest that the use of nonsteroidal anti nosteroidal is associated with reduced Alzheimer's disease which increases the importance of the ancient reports where Ganoderma was p
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Avoid Prostate Cancer
General Information About Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the prostate.   The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. The prostate is just below the bladder (the organ that collects and empties urine) and in front of the rectum (the lower part of the intestine). It is about the size of a walnut and surrounds part of the urethra (the tube that empties urine from the bladder). The prostate gland produces fluid that makes up part of the semen.   Anatomy of the male reproductive and urinary systems, showing the prostate, testicles, bladder, and other organs.     As men age, the prostate may get bigger. A bigger prostate may block the flow of urine from the bladder and cause problems with sexual function. This condition is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is not cancer, but surgery may be needed to correct it. The symptoms of BPH or of other problems in the prostate may be like symptom
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Natural Remedy For Arthritis
  There are many types of arthritis (disease of the joints). This topic is about rheumatoid arthritis. What is rheumatoid arthritis?   Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) causes tissues lining the joints to become swollen, stiff, and painful (inflamed).   Over time, this inflammation may destroy the joint tissues. This can limit your daily activities and make it hard for you to walk and use your hands.   Rheumatoid arthritis is 2 to 3 times more common in women than in men. It often begins between the ages of 40 and 60.   What causes rheumatoid arthritis? The exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis is not known. But rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. This means that the body's natural defense system attacks the joints. The disease also runs in some families.   What are the symptoms? The main symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints of the hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles, knees, or neck. The disease usually affects both sides of th
Fortress Of Solitude
As much as solitude can be peaceful, I'd rather have someone to share it with (at which point it also ceases to be solitude, but I don't care). Drove through and around the French Quarter in New Orleans for a bit before heading off to Thibodeux, where I'm fixing a leaky robot. Looks like a really fun place to be. Didn't feel like paying $20 bucks to park since it's just me, and all the street parking was thoroughly filled. I'll have to come back to NOLA when I don't have anyplace else to be. I got to walk around a wintery Salem, Mass. several years ago, drove around some very scenic areas now unfortunately on fire in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Somehow seeing all these things and places might be more of an experience for someone more extroverted than myself. I'd rather not be alone, no matter how much they're paying me to be there.
Death Begins In The Colon
Recent studies report that many diseases that human beings experience come together than we carry in their mouths every day. Our diet ultimately is responsible for any evil displayed. The diet, lifestyle and extrinsic factors make us sick. When the balance is broken somatic / mental illness are our being.   However, there are people who are more likely to get a special kind of evil by heredity or environment. We said that our diet plays an important role in our health. Eating the proper and timely manner will lead to a state of full health.   The question is do we feed? The answer in many cases can be daunting. Moreover, sometimes we abuse a special type of foods that are not all food. our digestive system is a complex machine processing of nutrients and many of us know how it works.   This article will not delve into how the process of digestion, but to orient the reader about its maintenance and avoid the excesses that we all crave.   Much was said in the past about the use o
So Yeah
We're officially fucked in My family. As anyone that pays any attention to Me here knows, I'm physically disabled and on a very fixed budget. I don't drive so in turn I can't get to work so don't have a job. Well My father is also now disabled and can't work and My mother may be on disability soon but for the time being while they fight it, she's on unemployment and well guess what....that just ran out. In other words, we are not going to have enough income coming in to survive if it lasts too long. Our car is on its last leg so it may not be running very long as well. My sister and brother in law live with us as well and he JUST got a job (starts tomorrow) but that does no good since they have their own things they have to take care of on top of trying to help out some with us. So basically as I said, I guess we're fucked. Maybe its a good thing I DON'T drive seeing as I probably would just jump into the car and run away from this shit. Sorry I'm not looking for sympathy or anything,
My Body Aches
my body aches for your touch the whisper in my earyour breathe on my skin my soul cries when i cant feel you near I feel lost and alone when your gone I feel the dark flood over me until once again your in my armsto feel you lying next to me i feel peace, just to reach outand touch you I feel safeTake me in your arms andnever let me go Tell me that i am your only love and no other fills your thoughts take me as I am and who I want to be shower me with your love for all eternity
Money Money Money
MY dad is 55 and my dad girlfriend is 44 and her thank when my dad die she will get my dad home no she will not get my dad home me and my sister will get it my dad dad gave it to me and my sister it say that in my dad dad will but i hop she will not try to get my dad home i thank she is useing my dad for money.
Worth The Effort To Read...especially With The Holiday
Six Boys And Thirteen Hands... Each year I am hired to go to Washington DC, with the eighth grade class from Clinton, WI where I grew up, to videotape their trip. I greatly enjoy visiting our nation's capitol, and each year I take some special memories back with me. This fall's trip was especially memorable.   On the last night of our trip, we stopped at the Iwo Jima memorial. This memorial is the largest bronze statue in the world and depicts one of the most famous photographs in history -- that of the six brave soldiers raising the American Flag at the top of a rocky hill on the island of Iwo Jima , Japan , during WW II.   Over one hundred students and chaperones piled off the buses and headed towards the memorial. I noticed a solitary figure at the base of the statue, and as I got closer he asked, 'Where are you guys from?'   I told him that we were from Wisconsin . 'Hey, I'm a cheese head, too! Come
I Do? What If I Don't?
Dear Ninja,   Is being fumarried to some one the same as having a physical realtions with someone. just asking because i had a woman say that all because i fumarried someone she went and had a physical relations with someone. she did it to get back at me for fumarring someone else. she calls it the same. i dont. just wondering what you think.   Fumarrying Friend     Dear fumarrying friend,   Some of us know that people can be fumarried to someone they are not in a relationship with. The rest of the people are idiots.   To assume that someone is involved with their fuspouse as more than a friend is just plain stupid. There is a large segment of the fu-population that sticks to only being fu-linked to someone they don't want to stab once a week. That way, there's not "OH MY GOD YOU BLINGED THAT WHORE?" shoutbox messages from a psycho girl. Nor is there they crazy stalkers all up in your kool-aid.   From experience, fumarrying friends = low to no drama from your spouse. T
Death Begins In The Colon
Death begins in the colon Recent studies report that many diseases that human beings experience come together than we carry in their mouths every day. Our diet ultimately is responsible for any evil displayed. The diet, lifestyle and extrinsic factors make us sick. When the balance is broken somatic / mental illness are our being.   However, there are people who are more likely to get a special kind of evil by heredity or environment. We said that our diet plays an important role in our health. Eating the proper and timely manner will lead to a state of full health.   The question is do we feed? The answer in many cases can be daunting. Moreover, sometimes we abuse a special type of foods that are not all food. our digestive system is a complex machine processing of nutrients and many of us know how it works.   This article will not delve into how the process of digestion, but to orient the reader about its maintenance and avoid the excesses that we all crave.   Much was said
Poetic Stuffs
TIme, meaningless and constant.  like ice, it moves as it will, while flowing like water seemingly linear, yet oddly circular. like money and water can be abundant or scarce with circumstantial dependance. now flow backwards and see what will be.
What America Means To Most
If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 yrs. hard labor.If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot.If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get a job, a driver's license, food stamps, a place to live, health care, housing & child benefits, education, & tax free business for 7 yrs. No wonder we are a country in debt
The Oracle Of Fubar
Get ready to become a Fubartender! I have all the alcoholic cool stuff that surfers and blogger have come from me.
Regarding The Mumm I Posted
I have a lover who drives me crazy...we have been doing the dance for a few months now. He asked me a while back if I would have a threesome. I wasn't crazy about it because it was not negotiable as to if the threesome would be any other combination then girl/girl/guy. I'm not bi-sexual. The thought of being naked with a woman definitely wasn't appealing. But I gave it a lot of thought and decided it would be ok as long as I was drunk and slightly stoned. So I did it. I won't share the details as they are too personal, but I did it and thats all.   p.s. I don't want to do it again!
  Dieing on the highway today a day the fog formed, demons laughing at me sitting on the hood of my car counting on their hands the memorable moments I had My crazy mother sitting in the back seat her face frozen in a scream of disgust flies scurrying over her face frenzied A gun in my lap bullets littering the floor mat flesh clinging to chunks of the windshield a mangy dog runs in front of my overheating car it's bones jutting out it's flesh garbage blowing into my broken windshield notes covered in blood from the past "wish you were never born" "I have always hated you" "you were so easy to use" as a porcelain skull swings west to east from the rear view mirror Demons reach threw the broken windshield grabbing the wheel my mother slides down the back seat, her head resting against the partly rolled down window the demons tongues licking the sweat off my face swinging the wheel back and forth headlights start to flash at me horns screaming into my ears my moth
Gushy Gushy Dropping Like Water
Greenland Ice Melts Most In Half-century: Us (repost)
(AFP) – 1 day ago WASHINGTON — Greenland's ice sheet melted the most it has in over a half century last year, US government scientists said Tuesday in one of a series of "unmistakable" signs of climate change. "The world continues to warm," the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a briefing paper for reporters. "Multiple indicators, same bottom-line conclusion: consistent and unmistakable signal from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the oceans." An annual climate survey, which includes work by scientists from 45 countries, said that ice sheet in Greenland melted at its highest rate since at least 1958, when similar data first became available. Arctic sea ice shrank to its third smallest area on record, while the world's alpine glaciers shrank for the 20th straight year, the study said. In line with previous studies, the survey said that 2010 was also one of the hottest years on record. Last year was either tied for the hottest
We Were Beautiful Once.
Trapped in a haunt. Wondering if I should call, wave, smile or on some faint, distant world where I believe in a fair and benevolent god pray.   Are you safe? Are you well? Are you lonely?   When time stopped that last time did you have to catch your breath or were you just passing through   Wet fingertips dry dusty ceiling.   Were you ever really here? Or just on loan to my wordstarved depravity?   We miss us. Or at least that's what I hoped you'd say.
The Biology Of It
The best alternative to my hand is a mouth or pussy - maybe a mouth because they seem to be easier to care for, depending on one's diet? That is an unresolved question with me and an important one because I have had problems using pussy as an alternative to my hand and really don't like condoms at all. I've had problems with my cock, most recently with what seems to be "contact dermatitus" of the glans - viz., the head of my cock. One part of this problem has been resolved by using "Firefly Organics" instead of my previous glycerin based lubes. I no longer get shiny raised placques which are commonly diagnosed as psoriasis. Apparently what happens is I get horny and look for images or preferably interactive emotions to devote my sacrament to - i.e., make a load of cum and shoot to. If in the rare case it's someone I have Loving feelings for, it never works because they're usually just someone that's conning me into believing I Love them in order to get money from me. There may have
Fashionable Romantic Braces Dresses Show Sweet Temperament
  In the romance of summer, the girls can’t wait to put on sweet fashion dress to show their own attractive glamour. With both comfortable and sexy romantic, braces dress is naturally everyone's first choice. next let's take a look at several pieces of the 2011 summer popular braces dresses !   Glaring contrast color match Contrast color match is this summer's big hot point, sweet rose red and elegant sapphire blue show the moving charm of youth. This loose version of cotton braces dress, is full of summer breath of enthusiasm, give you a feeling of very comfortable and pleased. Soft material underlines the elegant modelling, romantic and sweet, cool and refreshing dressing up is very suitable for holiday at the seaside of.   Blue gradient Boob Tube Top braces Blue gradient Boob Tube Top braces, light chiffon material foil out elegant temperament as the goddess, tall waist modelling well show tall and slender figure, on the vision has the effect of stretching. Elastic wrap
Cheap And Fashion Casual Girls Shirts Bring Cool Feeling
  In the summer, small sleeveless whicn is similar to common shirt and vest can help you get rid of embarrassing that oxter sweats in summer, meanwhile it can show a fashionable feeling, the korean and japanese fashionistas are on the move. whether matches fashion casual dress or trousers, both are so practical and lighter.   The design of shirt collar White shirt version is natural forthright and sincere, this design is really very suitable for stylish young office ladies. Match comfortable knitting pantsuit and this season’s most fashionable rivets sandals, you can immediately change into urban fashionable tide girl.   White frock shirt White frock shirt looks more sexy as less a button, also showiing a strong woman flavour. tall waist broadly leg fashion pants is loose and leisure. Light blue is pure fresh and natural.   High-necked design The high-necked design increased the sense of nobleness, also added some formal elements to knitted garments. Meanwhile match com
Japanese Style Sweet Bud Silk Chiffon Dresses Both Cheap And Pretty
  Since June has come, under the background that the weather becomes hotter and hotter, how to keep your consistent sweet gesture? Wear newest Asian fashion girl chiffon fashion dress, is a nice choice!   Vintage white flower braces dress   The fresh white big flower design, showing the beauty of summer. Simple braces fashion dress clipping, without excessive decoration, is pleasant and elegant. Small high- waist design, contains elasticity. Emulated silk material, is soft, smooth and comfortable in.   Sweet bud silk hollow out chiffon dress   Hollow-out short-sleeved design can keep out annoying ultraviolet ray, meanwhile let wearer feel cool. Green quietly elegant color design makes countless girls into a frenzy. the layers of lap lace design ever more accentuates sweet girl's naughty and cuteness.   Pink tender water jade dot bud silk shawl fashion dress   This style of shawl is with very loose design, and has a bit sexy sense, and not only echos the regular dot printin
Midsummer Korean Fashion Style Mature Lady Outfit Modelings
  full marks of super high popularity of mix-match fashion dresses are absolutely what every girl dreams of. Today, we will follow the sylish korean street girls to learn the most IN mix match methods of this season! Flower design is this season's most popular design, but need to pay attention to that collecation of plain color items can reduce messy feeling.   Pure and fresh and sweet hubble-bubble sleeve chiffon long fashion dress, is almost the necessary item of closet for most beauties, delicate hubble-bubble sleeve design can not only help you cover the supenllus meat of arm, but also look more melting and lovely. Tall waist long dress is very vintage, such collection will be extremely eye-catching.   Leisure washing cowboy short coat, with classic and never antiquated design, can almost match any one item, you can say that this small coat is the favourite of Asian fashion beauties short version of cultivate-morality design matches pink blue high waist shorts, more highlight
100 Truths About Me 1. Name: Jaynee Marie  2. Age: 35  3. Zodiac Sign: Aries 4. Male or Female: Female  5. Elementary School: Rochester Elementary  6. Middle school: Rochester Middle  7. High school: Rochester High and Juneau Douglas High 8. Hair color: Red 9. Tall or short: Short but don’t tell my son that lol  11. Sweats or jeans: Jeans  12. Phone or Camera: Phone  13. Health Freak: Na   14. Orange or apple: Apple  15. Do you have a crush on someone:  Yes 16. Eat or Drink: Drink  17. Piercings: Ears  18. Pepsi or Coke: Diet Pepsi  HAVE YOU EVER?  19. Been in an airplane: Yes alot 20. Been in a relationship: Too many 21. Been in a car accident: yes a few  22. Been in a fist fight: Yes  23. First Piercing: Ears  24. First Best Friend: Teri  25. First Award: Dunno cant remember   26. First Crush: Chad   27. First word: daddy I think LAST THING YOU DID  29. Last friend you talked to in person: Greg 30. Last friend you texted: Romeo  31. Last friend yo
I Could Kill You
Outside of the endless sea of the mediocre, faceless nobodies, there are only two different types of motherfuckers in the world. People who start shit and think they are tough. And people who have trained and KNOW they are strong.You see this shit every day. On the street, in bars, in workplaces... The "tough-guy" pretenders. They talk loud, they wear flashy clothing and jewelry, they drive souped-up cars. All this flashy garbage that is supposed to say "Don't fuck with me."They walk with a swagger. They stomp and strut with a mean face on. They hang out with their equally-obnoxious friends. They are SO QUICK to start shit. SO QUICK to try to prove how fucking tough they are. They say things like "Yeah, motherfucker, keep walking, pussy! I'll fuck you up, bitch!" and so on and so forth.They may go to the gym, even YOUR gym... But they don't train. They just go to do a few curls and bench presses and try to be intimidating to other people. They only do exercises that won
Improve Your Sexual Performance
NATURAL VIAGRA CHINA Discover the best kept secret for nearly 4000 years of the ancient chinese herbalist, the Kings use to take this marvelous plant as a  sexual performance enhancer, avoid failure at the time intimate, have your girlfriend happy, also will enjoy the following benefits to your health :   Cancer Diabetes Hypertension Obesity Migraine Constipation Sinusitis Kidney problems High blood pressure Digestive problems Fibroids Asthma Menstrual cramps Arthritis Gastritis IMPOTENCE Strengthens the inmune system,respiratory,nervous,digestive of the human body.                           Do you know someone who drinks coffee? Of course you do.   Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. It’s the second most traded commodity after oil. People drink coffee all day, every day in almost every country around the world. But here’s a really powerful q
This Is Why Wolf Needs Adult Supervision....
So, I was in a rotten mood for most of the day (don't ask!) and I decided to have a little fun at someone's expense.   I went jogging and ran by the park along the bike path. It was about 100 degrees today, so I went in to the public bathroom to clean up from the sweat.   I saw a man's feet sticking out from underneath the door of the farthest stall in the restroom and there was an atrocious smell. So, I naturally I assumed he was taking a really vicious shit. Then my evil mind is already at work.... I got really quiet and let everything die down. Other than the occasional "plop" and a little grunting from behind the stall door, it was dead silent. You could have heard a pin drop in this restroom.   Then I let out this insanely loud and savage war cry and flung myself against the door as hard as possible, causing a thunderous "BANG" to resonate through the restroom! I bet that guy has not ever been so scared in his life since he screamed "WHAT THE FUCK?!" and I hear
Stop!! ...are You A Sheep?
STOP! Yes, you. Stop.    Are you a sheep?  Do you follow your friends’ trends, listen to their music and agree with everything they like? If the answer is yes, then you are a sheep! If you are happy like this, stop reading here and move along with your shallow, self-absorbed life.....   ....If you are still reading, either you are not a sheep or you are a sheep that wants help. In that case, listen up, I will only say this once.... My name is "Wolf", and I eat sheep. What does that mean, you ask? That means, I enjoy breaking down other’s perceptions. I really like hurting feelings and offending people. Because if you are offended by something someone says, then you look at it harder.  And in turn, you look at yourself in the process.   I will not sugar-coat this message, it needs to be said in as raw and emotional a way as I can....   STOP BLINDLY FOLLOWING THE HERD!     Herd mentality is what has made you this way. But your subconsc
John Vs. Wolf... The Explanation You Were Waiting For....
If you are a friend of mine, you would do well to read this.... I usually avoid this topic like the plague, since no matter who I wanted to explain it to, I doubted that they would "get it". But since someone had enough balls to ask me about it and I am tired of dodging the issue, here is my first and only explanation. The topic is "Who is Wolf and why does he exist?" Ok here it goes.... A long time ago, I was weak. I was always smaller than people my age and got bullied. I was angry with life in general. One day, as I was being picked on and pushed around, I reached my boiling point. Something in my mind fractured and someone else was controlling me. And as I sat on top of this kid’s chest pounding his face into mush with my fists, all I can remember is someone was laughing. Later, with fear in their eyes, my friends told me that I was the one laughing. No one understood, they all thought I was just "going through a phase." They were only half-righ
Mystery Lady
                                                                    Mystery Lady                 Sittin' there all alone             smokin a cigarette             such a sad sad sight,             trying to remember             while trying to forget             what brought her there             that night .               Dressed in black            and feeling blue             I was wondering             what I could do             so I walked over             and offered her a drink or two.               I asked her what brought her here,             in her eye's I saw a tear,             she said "I'd tell you but my story's a little long.               I said, " It's alright, I don't care,               if it takes all night tell me,              what brought you here."              That was 10:00 o'clock            now it's 2:00, and there was nothing            I could do, I was captivated by           
This Is A One-time Deal... Read It Or Don't
It is rare that I allow anyone to see a human emotion from me. Most of the time, what you get out of me is either sarcastic, contempt, rage or indifference. However, very rarely, I show that I am capable of more than simple disgust toward the rest of humanity... This is a one-time deal. Do NOT ever expect to see such a thing from me again. Anyone who has studied psychology will tell you that anger is never a primary emotion, it is a secondary feeling. A defense mechanism created either to mask the first emotion or to inspire action instead of inaction. One never gets angry without having first experienced some form of loss, pain or injustice against them. Knowing this, now you will begin to understand more clearly why I react the way I do and behave in the manner that you see. Many times I am seen as the worst kind of person. There are people in my past and my present who honestly believe me to be devoid of any compassion, kindness or decency. Nothing is furthe
Recollection Of A Fight
This was something I had written once when asked "What does it feel like to be a fighter?" Since I am (for the most part), retired from actively fighting, I thought I would publish it here. I hope you enjoy the read as you gain a rare look through my eyes inside a fight. Critics have called it a “blood-sport” and “human cock-fighting”. However, Mixed Martial Arts remains not only a test of skill and endurance, but an essential part of human character-building and quest for the ultimate in physical excellence. The mixture of intense pain and pleasure felt through pushing yourself cannot be duplicated or rationalized, it can only be lived. Further, the emotions and feelings experienced during an MMA fight far exceed any other form of competition I have ever known. As my fatigued body slumped backwards against the cage wall, the cold rubber-coated fencing only gives slightly against my weight. The cold and clammy steel is a welcome feelin
On Religion... (very Long Read...but Worth It!)
Ugh! I usually HATE this topic. There are too many ideas and thoughts running through people's minds to have an intelligent, non-biased discussion about religion or faith. But, I have had several friends of mine wanting to discuss this very topic with me as of late. That fact combined with the constant onslaught of religious signs and media have seemed to forced my hand. So, without further ado, I bring you my viewpoint. As always, you are free to to read, comment and (unlike MOST religions) even call into question my own beliefs. Please drop a quick comment in if you do choose to read this, even if you have no feedback. I am always curious to see who actually reads the things I write! Okay, first and foremost, let's get one thing perfectly clear from the start: I am an Atheist. Period.... This viewpoint is from the sight of a skeptic. I will attempt to make it as unbiased and logic-based as I can, but in NO way do I claim that this is completel
Need A Good Laugh? This
Gentlemen, I invite you to follow in my footsteps and reclaim your backbone. (Ladies are welcome to read along and laugh, of course!) This is a true story from the life of Wolf.     One evening several years ago, my (now EX) wife and I were getting into bed. Well, as the passion starts to heat up, she stops and abruptly says, "I don't feel like it. I just want you to hold me." Naturally, my response was "WHAT?!? What the Hell was THAT about?" So the ex says the words that EVERY man on the planet dreads to hear, "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man."She responded to my puzzled and confused look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?"Realizing that, once again, Wolf was NOT getting any action, I went to sleep. The very next day I decided to take the entire day off of work to spend time with my ( now EX) wife. We went out to a very nice lunch and t
The Real Reason Wolf Is An Insomniac.
Typical criticism from others: "You know, if you stay up late tonight, it will just be harder on you in the morning. You should go to bed at a reasonable hour. Why can't you keep a normal schedule?" The response never said: "Maybe, but I like it that way. I like the numbness that comes with being exhausted, the oblivion, and the quiet chaos that exists only in my own mind. Everyone else's problems are suddenly the farthest from my own, because I have things in my own life to deal with as well. If I am tired, I have a qualified excuse to keep to myself at home, to turn off the ringer and not answer my cell phone, to evade the constant problems, drama and bullshit associated with other human beings that, most of the time, do not concern me anyway. Sometimes, I do not even need to try to block things out, the exhaustion does it for me. ...And I like that."
One Of Wolf's Favorite Sights
You know what one of my favorite things in the world is? I'll tell you: Each week, millions and millions of upper-class American citizens put on expensive dress clothes, load themselves into SUV's and luxury cars, and drive past homeless shelters, orphanages, prisons, rehab centers and halfway houses on their way to a very expensive and lavish church where somebody tells them how to be more like Jesus.... ...That is fucking awesome, let me tell you.
Wolf's Manifesto, Part I
"Warning: If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second off your life. Don't you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly can't think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all that claim it? Do you read everything you're supposed to read? Do you think everything you're supposed to think? Buy what you're told to want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned." -Tyler Durden, Fight Club Go to work. Send your kids to school. Follow fashion. Act normal. Walk on the pavement. Watch television. Save for your old age. Obey the law. Repeat after me.... "I am free."     I will act now. I will act now. I will
Is Satan Really The Bad Guy??
   According to Christianity, Satan is the epitome and embodiment of all evil things, described as "the father of all lies" in the Catholic Church's Catechism (paragraph 391). It is his works that tempt humans into doing bad deeds. If something evil occurs, we can be assured that Satan had something to do with it.   The History of Satan   According to Catholicism, Satan only exists because God allows him to (The Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 395). This raises some serious issues about how righteous God can be if he allows evil to exist, but I digress. Satan, as the story goes, began as the angel Lucifer, who outrightly rejected God and rebelled against him. God cast Lucifer and those who followed him into Hell, a place of eternal torture and despair, where God was not present.   Like any good propaganda machine, Christian authorities have made sure to limit the disenimation of information on the enemy (Satan) to what they want the public to know. For example,
(how To) Manage Top Friends
(How To) Manage Your FriendsEveryone who has a Family List on Fubar wants to pick and choose which member they want as their #1 choice as Top Family. Each member can utilize this feature and choose up to Twenty-Five members to be in their Top Family. Also each member can organize their Families to better show off other members.This blog will give the following:- Show How To Make A Member A Top Friend,- Show A Live Look Of The Manage Top Friends Page.Adding Member To Top FriendsTo add a member to your Top Friends List you must first add that member to your Friends List.Once you have read this blog make sure to check out the blog titled (How To) Manage Your Family.The below steps will show you how to make a member attain the top position who is already on your Friends List.Open Your Desired BrowserDirect Your Browser To & Locate The Login AreaOnce You Have Logged In Successfully Go To Your Friends Page
The Reason I Exist
"I simply seek justice. How can that ever be a mistake?"As I pondered this simple thought. I smiled. Not out of happiness. But because I knew that one day, I wouldn't have to do this anymore. One day, I could stop fighting. Because one day I would win. One day, there will be no pain, no loss, no hatred.... Because of me, because I fight for you, for all of you.... One day, I will win.I had finally come face-to-face with the Devil... And there was fear in his eyes, for the beast inside of me realized that the man inside of me was stronger than he could ever be. My present state of mind is not a pretty sight. It is a thing of Agony and Horror. But, it is also a story about Hope. It is about Revenge. Justice. And fighting for what you believe in.You see, there's law... and there's justice. But it is rare that the two of these concepts are the same. This is holy work for me, a sacred oath. There's is no room for mistakes, and and even less for forgiveness. Criminals and scum w
From A Dark Heart, A Light Is Born...
I truly believe that even the darkest shadows must be cast from a great light. Even the worst of times can be transformed, if one has the required courage and resolve. From Despair... Hope springs anew. From Pain... our Strength is increased. From Anger... we learn Patience and Tolerance. From Guilt... Forgiveness is taught. From Sorrow... we learn how to endure and to Survive.   But most important of all... From our Hatred, we seek the most precious gift of all. We learn how to LOVE.   May whatever God you follow bless you all. -Wolf
How To Prevent Or Survive A Wolf Attack
Since the beast is running free again, I am going to use this area to help you better protect yourself. "Forewarned is forearmed", the saying goes.... Allow me to set up a scenario: You are walking through the shadowed forests and have lost your way. You encounter a dark predator, its eyes gleaming with intensity and fury. You may or may not be armed, but the beast has the drop on you. How do you interact with it and save your life, health and/or sanity? 1. NEVER provoke or anger Wolf needlessly. To do so would surely cause it to attack and is pointless and unnecessary. 2. Do not attempt to appeal to its' mercy, compassion or sense of "fair play". Wolf possesses none of these qualities. It is NOT human and will not be contained by your rules. 3. Do not call it by its' "birth name". EVER. That name is the name of Wolf's disguise it wears when it must interact with the public. It is no more "John" than you are a serial killer by wearing a Halloween costume. 4. Do not sh
I See You, I Know Who You Are
Allow me to see within your reality and determine just who exactly you are....You're a person who often scorns fashion, and doesn't go along with trends. Religion is relatively unimportant to you. You're a person who believes they are individual and anti-social in some regards. You're not an unpopular person, but you're not exactly the center of attention, either.  You don't really care about hanging in shopping centers or clubs with your friends every weekend - but you're hardly a basement-dweller, either. You detest those who are sheep when it comes to fashion, like emo kids, thugs and trendy people.Chances are, you're quite intelligent - more intelligent than the majority of your local peers, and most people in society, for that matter. You try to associate with equally like-minded people. However, despite your above-average intelligence, I would predict you are either unemployed, in a low-paying job or are otherwise unhappy in your current employment. However,
A Message For You, The Readers Of My Blogs
Hey, you out there....   ...Yes, you. I have something that, for some reason, I just felt an incredible urge to share. Don't get me wrong, I barely know you. So, what I have to say may not really affect your life at all. But, it's still something I am going to say, so please listen to me. It's not your fault. You're just a human being like the rest of us. Even successful people have problems. And something else.... You are not a failure. You never were. You may feel like that you are not doing anything with your life, that all day long you do "nothing". But I just want you to remember this....
Car Problem : Undetermined
On the 15 th of this month,  I took my car to the local GM dealership, and explained the problem (explained below) that the car was having. Problem: In the morning, I would go to start the car, and it was just crank, and crank , and crank, and not start.  To get the car to start, I would have to take a rubber mallet and tap on the bottom of the gas tank.  After tapping on the bottom of the tank I would get back in the car, and turn it on , it would crank a couple times , and start up.  The dealership diagnosed the problem as a fuel pump issue. Which is alright, because that part was under warranty , because it had just had the part replaced 13 months ago, and is a GM lifetime warranty part.  So all the work was done at no cost to me. This past Sunday, the car again, does the same exact thing. Except this time after I tapped on the gas tank , which again made it start,  It would stall as I drove. So I called them up on Monday, and was told I could bring the car in on Tuesday. Tuesda
Ceramic Bathroom Tiles Will Be The Best Choice For Having Hygiene
Bathroom is actually a put with no shortage of soaked and they often a safe location for microorganisms. Without a doubt, may be the best detrimental position for relatives plus most trusted to get microorganisms. Bathroom is rather at risk of bacteria and germs in this the following put is usually rainy and creates Ceramic Floor Tiles quite a acceptable affliction for any growth of microorganisms. In case the work surface assimilates soaked a microorganisms receives friendlier ecosystem with regard to their progression. For your harmless plus hygienic bathroom a tiled work surface one is the most crucial to be troubled. Sometimes it is obtained in the event ceramic bathroom tiles utilized. Ceramics currently have remained as an increasingly fashionable technique of re-decorating insides plus outside of dwelling. There're likewise favorite to get destinations for instance bathroom plus kitchen's which will endure overwhelming affliction. Ceramic bathroom tiles will be the
Dont Be Afraid To Take Chances
Dont be afraid to take chances even if it might get you hurt. Just be strong and take it because you might miss that single chance that would change your life and make you really happy. Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there... to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but when you look eyes with them, you know that every moment that you are with them, they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, will power or heart. Everything happens for a reason! Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your so
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We had to put things on hold for the past 5 weeks or so due to unforseen cercumstances Like the amp frying for no reason ( turns out it's defective hopefully it works now and recent flooding) I still can't get any co-operation whatso fucking ever from the so called vocalist so you know what if he's going to be like this his ass will be through and i'll just fucking do it myself. The main songwriter hasn't been able to write anything at all that allow me to even start composing and my favorite guitar needs to be worked on so thus far this shit is really starting to fucking piss me off to ne ends.

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