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3442332's blog: "huhwot"

created on 03/29/2010  |  http://fubar.com/huhwot/b330854  |  9 followers

I am 'posed to be in my kitchen doing Christmassy stuff but fuggit, roK said I had to write a blog about her scandalous self, mainly because, she assures me, nobody would read it.


So I guess the first point is, roK never makes much sense.


Now obviously, I am a man-hating prudish lesbian, so I don't know much in the way of 'scandal', except to say that this is the woman that sent me a jumping plastic penis AND a pubic hair comb for Christmas...and was disappointed because her local hookers weren't giving away their kamasutra help signs.


She has better hair than I do...which admittedly isn't a huge benchmark, or scandalous...but it's only cuz she goes to a transvestite hairdresser who has the upper body strength sufficient to hold her down while the blowtorch does its magic.


You can rarely find her in the MuMMs anymore...which is a right royal pain in the arse AND a scandal of GOP proportions, in my humble opinion, cuz she happens to be both funny and wise, which is not a combination that we get very often (present company - ie me - excluded of course).


If you should stumble on to her page, though, you will find the biggest scandal of all...an actual real person, who is humble, sweet, funny, kind, intelligent, beautiful, soulful, artistic and just a little bit insane.


Ok, a lot.


This past month, I have not been 'here' much - she is the only one that hasn't...well, to be honest, 'noticed' is probably the most correct word here (BITCH, WHY HAVEN'T YOU BITCHED ABOUT ME?)...anywho, I digress, one of the points I have 'seen' on fu is the focus on the self...in some cases, interest in the other is purely a means to get attention for the self...this is not the case for roK, and others whom I am lucky enough to call friends (I'm lucky; them...not so much).


I would love to see more honest, pure, giving - paying it forward, with no thought of what you get back or whether someone else's was better than yours or yadayadafuckingyada...and roK is one of the people that has made me stop and think about that, through her actions and her example.


So get over yourselves, and let someone else know they're wonderful - and if they don't appreciate the means by which you expressed that, tell them to go fuck themselves and get roK to beat 'em up.




AND NO, this should not be interpreted as favouritism, nor should anyone think I am excluding them, prioritising or ranking them, or making a bitchy point about them or in any way try to take this and twist it into something bullshit relating to themselves OR I SWEAR I WILL RIP YOU IN TWO WITH MY BARE TYPING FINGERS.


(I have a limit on Christmas spirit :s)

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