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The Best Man I Ever Knew
I took you for granted, the best man I ever knew. What I wouldn't give, just to see you. Hear your voice, let your love soak me in. I can't help but remember, way back when. You guided me, protected me, told me I was your pick. The way it made me feel, there's no replacing it. I miss you, I love you, wish you were here. Grandaddy, I need you, to dry my tears.
Laying Down My Soul
Infection turning, these cells to black. Red disguises, the horrific attack. Tracks, footprints, left behind. Indented in the system, the mind. Not equipped for war, it's an easy win. No armor at all, blood is to thin. Weak, struggling, laying down my soul. No existence at all, an empty hole.
Figure Me Out?...not Possible....
I have a pattern that I can't seem to control. I want to love and be loved in return, but I'm afraid to do so. After so many people, you just have to ask yourself. Maybe it's me? There was my mother, my father, my best friend, my ex abuser, my ex husband...etc...and the blame cannot fall strictly on them. When the people you love the most, the people that you hold dearest to you, cause you so much pain? It is hard to allow yourself to be set up for it once again, and I cannot make myself just let go. Regardless of what I do, that fear always takes over. Like it grabs me from the inside and says, " Not again girly," and causes me to push people away. yet, by doing so. I am really causing myself so much heartache. Letting go, and allowing love in, or just simply giving someone the opportunity to break my heart, couldn't hurt anymore than what I do to myself all the time. It is like my mind and my heart are at war, constantly struggling with each other, neither side giving an inch, tuggi
Getting To Level 28
Okay, I normally could care less about leveling but I'd like to become one to use some special abilities. Any suggestions on how?
Never Judge A Book By It's Cover
The people that view me and judge me based on my appearance never seems to amaze me. Most of them couldn't be more wrong. I NEVER judge anyone based solely on their appearance, or judge anyone period for that matter. Who the Hell am I to judge anyone? Don't assume to know what i am about, chances are you are WAY off. EVERYTIME I engage in a conversation with someone, I don't go by the exterior. They could be Mr. Freakn Universe and lack personality and morals and be completely ugly to me, despite their outside appearance. What lies within someone is truly what matters. You can basically tell within the first five minutes of a conversation where it is headed, and more times then not in my case, they have read me completely wrong. I can't help what I look like. I can't help my body structure, and yes I am proud of it, but in the same sense, it's not all that I am. It gets old and VERY aggravating to be seen for just the outside qualities, when the ones underneath it all, truly defines m
The Day I Brought My Shrink To Tears
Oh my that was an emotional day. I was feeling very overwhelmed and attacked by anxiety, and had to talk to someone, so I went to see my shrink. I could barely catch my breath, and slurred speech doesn't even begin to explain what i had goin on. Anywho, she made a huge mistake when she reached under her desk and pulled out this little rubber ball and said. " Okay honey, when these moments surface, this is what i want you to do. I want you to get you one of these and pull on it, until the anxiety and stress is relieved." If looks could kill, I woulda dropped that bitch right on the spot. This was my response. " So what you're telling me is, that this little magic rubber ball, is going to be the cure to all of my fucking problems. Okay then, I'll just drop down in the middle of the grocery store aisle, and when someone questions me for doing so, I'll just tell them that my shrink said it was the thing to do." When your shrink needs to see a shrink themselves after speaking with you...I
I Need Your Help For A Good Friend And It Involves Rum!
My good friend Carl Grooms is a fellow world traveler, a former Navy Aviatorク all-around Renaissance Man and rum connoisseur par excellence. Among his many other credentials, Carl was recently invited to a pre-release tasting of Master Distiller Francisco 'Don Pancho" Fernandez' new Ron de Jeremy rum: This was videoblogged and reviewed on Carl's awesome website seen here: . (NOTE: You can also view his mini-review of me also at: I can think of no one more deserving or well qualified than Carl to earn and hold the title of Tommy Bahama’s 1st ever Rumologist. As a favor to me, please vote for him once daily at : until next Thursday, September 8. He is currently in the Top 20 candidates nationwide. In return, I’ll
More On My Son!!!! Mizzou!!!!!!!!!!
Britt looking forward to offensive line test at Mizzou By MIKE DeARMOND The Kansas City Star Receiver Marcus Lucas (right), shown playing against Iowa State last year, will make his first career start Saturday. More Sports: Talk high school football today Texas A&M announces withdrawal from Big 12 Royals scratch Paulino from today's start because of back spasms MU’s James Franklin keeps faith while opening up Royals lose 2-1 to Tigers on walk-off homer in 10th Chiefs’ Brandon Flowers hopes to bloom this season Texas A&M denies it sent withdrawal letter QB-turned-receiver Pick follows path Meier blazed at KU Collin Klein will start at QB for K-State against Eastern Kentucky
My One....always And Forever...
Your eyes are the perfect shade of blue. When I look in them, I can see righ through. To your soul, your bleeding heart. I found myself there, not a glimmer of dark. So much light, and color portrayed. Now that I am there, it's where I'll remain. You had me from the very first word. Your voice is sweeter, than any I've heard. Your love surrounds me, fills me with hope. I have a death grip on you, that I'll never let go of. Just your name alone, puts a smile on my face. I can't wait to show you one of these days. Just how much joy, you have brought to my life. No more wondering, I'm just so alive. Alive and happy to have you with me. I don't have to wonder how life will be. Because it is already more, than it has ever been. It's all because of you, you pieced my heart back together again. These words aren't enough, to tell you how I feel. But I hope you feel that the emotion behind them is real. I've never been more sure about anything in my days. You amaze me
Whatever It Cost
I prayed for the first time in a while.I need to find the realism,behind this smile.I am asking for help.Please guide my way.Searching for the light,getting darker by the day.My heart is pounding,and it appears to be lost.Can you please help me find it?I'm willing to pay,whatever it cost.
Help Me Out Father Time
Hands go back and forth, not knowing what to do. As I wipe the tears away, thinking of you. How I screwed up, and threw it away. Not taking control, of my emotions that day. Come on Father Time, give me a break. Please just let me, fix my mistake.
The Worst Of The Worst - Summer 2011.
If the truth about any of the following interests you: 1. A Fubar Player on the Rise. 2. A mentally unstable spender that thinks he's a bouncer. 3. A God Mode Running Fake. 4. A dude who is not military using military emails for Fu Discounts. 5. A real petition to help stop a murderer and support Native Americans. 6. A split personality fake. 7. A Fubar Broadcasting Terrorist. 8. A dude who faked his own death for attention. 9. Another fake who is Green. 10. A Top Member Expose. ...then.... Click here & then link in stash!... Good times. ha. Don't forget to vote in today's Battle of the Bands! It's the finale...
That's All I Can Say
I'm not fake, and I do not hide. The way I am, how I feel inside. If I am feeling it, I'm going to write it down. These words are to YOU, how I'm feeling right now. Hands shaking at this very, moment in time. Because I can feel your heart, beating with mine. I have lost enough to know, that life does goes on. But I have never loved like this, I know where I belong. To say I love you, is the truth, but still. Even that word, isn't powerful enough to express how I feel. The world stops, and my heart begins to pound. As if, my feet, are being lifted off the ground. Everything makes sense, when I think of you. Like anything is possible, my dreams can come true. So to YOU, my Baby, the love of my life. All I can say is you're with me, every day and night.
My Dream
My Dream      I'm lying in my bed ready to drift off to a peaceful sleep, wearing only a white Lenin and lace nightgown. I suddenly have a feeling of being watched. I turn and look towards the curtains blowing in the breeze bringing the smells of roses and jasmine from the garden. I decide there is nothing. I am almost asleep again when I see you. Looming in the shadows, you step into the moonlight. My heart jumps with fright. You speak in the deep and dangerous yet familiar voice. Hello my Bella Donna. I tremble as you are forbidden to me, yet I yearn to have you for my own. You come closer to the edge of the bed reaching out to me. Urging me to take your hand, mine begin to tremble. That's when I feel the heat of your touch for the first time. As you sit on the edge of the bed you pull me to you and bend to kiss me. Your hair caresses my cheek as you kiss me softly. The heat of your lips on mine sends a delicious chill down my body. You pull me into your arms embracing me to
IMAGINE     I come up the steps to your porch and you are standing there watching me thru the screen. I smile as I tug at the hem of my skirt walking to you as you open the screen door and welcome me. You smile and wrap your arms around me taking me into a warm and gentle hug. As we embrace you kiss me cheek and invite me in. I smile and except your invitation as you wrap your fingers around mine and I feel the roughness of your work strong hands. You take me to the living room where we sit to visit, turned to face each other on the couch. You’re watching me so intensely it is almost enough to make me blush. You scoot closer to me and reach for my hand as you do. You caress my hand that you’re holding we make idle small talk and I forget what I’m saying as you run your finger across my palm. Slow wide circles across my palm then up each finger and back down and as you do this, I relax and lean closer to you. You look up and lean closer to kiss me, softly at f
Searching For The Answer
In my sleep, in my dreams. I see these images, play out like movie scenes. They don't stop, constant and scary. The blood, the tears, painful memories. Stronger medication, maybe what I need. To end this constant flow, from the inside, where I bleed. My fingers work their magic, throughout the day. To help me store, the hurt away. But one can only write, so much. Until all is lost, reality is too much. For my words, are a cover up, for my feelings inside. Each time I write them down, I'm bring them, back to life. But to tuck them away, hurts even more. Still searching for the answer, to permanently lock this door.
A firefighter is being yelled at for taking too long to get there, while trying desperately to save the life of a total stranger, starving because they missed their last meal, tired because the alarm sounded just as they closed their eyes and it's now four in the morning and is missing their family while taking care of yours. Re-post if you... are a firefighter, love a firefighter, or appreciate a firefighter.
In Loving Memory
When god calls little children to dwell with him above,We mortals sometimes question the wisdom of his love.For no heartache compares with the death of one small childwho does so muchto make our world seem wonderful and mild.Perhaps god tires of calling the aged to his Fold, so he picks a rosebud before it can grow old. God knows how much we need them ,and so he takes but a few To make the land of Heaven more beautiful to view.Beleiving this is difficult, still somehow we must try, The saddest word mankind knows will always be goodbye.So when a little child departs, we who are left behind must realize God loves children Angels are hard to find . My Little Angel may you rest in Peace. Gage Anthoney Love Nanna
A Lame Ass Excuse
When I hear people making excuses for abusers, it seriously gets under my skin. I don't care about the statistics, or studies, to me it's all just a lame ass excuse. Something or someone else to pin the blame on for being just a horrible person in general. I was a victim, and I remember looking into those beautiful blue eyes and begging for my life, and the same eyes that were once beautiful to me, became emotionless and cold. No expression, no feeling at all, and my cries fell upon def ears. His mother told me that when he was a little boy, he used to witness his father beating her and hide in a closet and scream for him to stop. But, that is the part I don't understand. How could he do the same to another individual, after witnessing it happening to his own mother. A pattern they say? Well I don't buy it. I never had a mother or a father for that matter, but I am a damn good one, and I could easily use that as an excuse to be the type of mother to my daughter that mine was to me. Bu
I Totally Hate Powdery Mildew!!!!
*grumbles* Well, the flowers are blooming and the pumpkins, gourds, cucumbers, squash, watermelons, peppers, tomatoes and herbs are producing *dances* I just can't stand the powdery mildew on the vining veggies *sigh* I sprayed last week with "veggie pharm" and went out today and cleaned up all the debris...I need to finish the rest this evening when it cools down again. My plan is to fertilize tonight with "Age Old" blooming. It is a liquid and feel that these last couple of feedings should be with something that has some "oomph" from the get go. It is also organic :) and then tomorrow night dust the garden again. I'll take pictures tonight, the sunflowers are GORGEOUS!!! I think I'll plant my cold crops next week...we've still had some 90 degree days and I feel like it's still too hot at night.... I'm stoked and I'm already planning the layout for next years crop *dances more* Hope everyone is doing well! xxoo PoSTaL
Redemption Is The Word
Redemption is the word. Oh how sweet that would be. That one word, kind of possesses me. It fills me with ideas, dreams and hope. Inspires me, drives me, helps me cope. With all that I've lost, and gained. That word brings new meaning, to my name. What lies ahead, what's in store. Feelings unlike, any before. Redemption for me, has a totally different meaning. It means love and happiness, freedom and dreaming. Completion describes it best, I think. Without it, I'm just a ship waiting to sink.
Yours To Keep
You're beautiful, they say. A million times, a day. But it's just a game, to see if they can get in. My doors are locked. Only ONE can win. He is the one, who holds the key. No one else compares. He is it for me. No other words or emotions, have ever came close. He seen me from the inside, it is him I chose. I feel him with me, with each and every breath. Every laugh, every smile, every obstacle, every step. Pushing me forward, saying you are worth it all. One of the reasons, I couldn't help but fall. So positive and bright, making me feel like I am something unique. Regardless of how far you are, My heart, is yours to keep.
American Human Rights Violations -- Medical Experimentation And Clinical Drug Trials In Third World Nations
By SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES Aug. 30, 2011 A commission set up last year by President Barack Obama has revealed that 83 Guatemalans died in U.S. government research that infected hundreds of prisoners, prostitutes and mental patients with the syphilis bacteria to study the drug penicillin -- a project that the group called "a shameful piece of medical history." "The report is good and I applaud the Obama administration for giving it some sunshine," said Dr. Howard Markel, a pediatrician and medical historian from the University of Michigan. "Internationally, what we do as a human society is to make sure that these things never happen again." But medical ethicists say that even if today's research is not as egregious as the Guatemala experiment, American companies are still testing drugs on poor, sometimes unknowing populations in the developing world. Many, like Markel, note that experimenting with AIDS drugs in Africa and other pharmaceutical trials in Third Wo
Nsfw Crew!!
Just a little info on our crew.... I have had many people asking what is *NSFW CREW*, it is simple to explain. 1) We have started a crew to help each other. 2) There are no *RULES*, so that means you can be in other groups. 3) Some groups make you do things, we are not like that! 4) Your picture will be posted in a folder and members will rate and like you daily if they can. 5) All we ask is help people if you can. 6) We don't require you to add *NSFW CREW* to your name, if you want to that is cool, if not it is cool too. We are all here for the entertainment and to level up, so let's have some fun cuz we are *AWESOME*! If you would like to join the *NSFW CREW* hit me or Asus up! YOU MUST HAVE A VALID SALUTE APPROVED BY FUBAR TO JOIN!! :) Peace Always. NSFW CREW
That's why we call it The Majestic. Any man, woman, child could buy their ticket, walk right in. Here they'd be, here we'd be. "Yes sir, yes ma'am. Enjoy the show." And in they'd come entering a palace, like in a dream, like in heaven. Maybe you had worries and problems out there, but once you came through those doors, they didn't matter anymore. And you know why? Chaplin, that's why. And Keaton and Lloyd. Garbo, Gable, and Lombard, and Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Cagney. Fred and Ginger. They were gods. And they lived up there. That was Olympus. Would you remember if I told you how lucky we felt just to be here? To have the privilege of watching them. I mean, this television thing. Why would you want to stay at home and watch a little box? Because it's convenient? Because you don't have to get dressed up, because you could just sit there? I mean, how can you call that entertainment, alone in your living room? Where's the other people? Where's the audience? Where's the magic? I'll tell
I dreamt of a dream, a dream that lasted a lifetime.I dreamt of a dream, a dream I died for to be mine.It began with pain and ended the same... and all the while I forgot that I was sleeping.I dreamt of blue-sky and water reflecting, of children laughing and people bleeding.I dreamt this dream and felt it in my veins, bleeding into a heart so realthat I forgot that I was sleeping.I sang tears and cried songs, I felt the centre of peaceand lost it again in the circumference of fear.I was child, I was crone, I was wise, I was ignorant.I was human while my God-self slept.And then I woke within the dreamand pulled sleep from my eyes, to see a world of beings of light cloaked in darkness.Blinded the sightless seeking the horizonthrough windows that blink.
ーコ、, クク, 、コー`ーコ、, クtotal Eclipse Of The Heartーコ、, クク, 、コー`ーコ、, ク
Together we can take it to the end of the lightI don't know what else to say tonightI really need you in my sightThings don't seem so right I feel like I'm holdin' on with all my mightMy heart is filled with so much frightI am so nervous that best of the years are gone Every now and then I fall apartTake my hand and walk with me through thisI don't know what to do but give you my heartMaybe we can sit here hand in handRemenicing of the times we spent at the parkA song keeps comming to mindWondering with every split moment What the doctors are gonna find
((two Souls Uniting))
Two Souls Uniting I can feel you all throughout meso deep inside meunderneath, I can feel you move through meI breathe you like I'm taking in my last breathI feel like I'm fliped inside out, you surround meThere's a voice that isn't mine; I listendisconnecting from everything insideFaitfully uniting as one without any self-controlAching to embrace our love as oneYou're everything I knowI have made choices that wasted many daysWe have both waited for thisBlessing our love even strongereven when we are apartImagine us making lovebeneath the stars abovecreating our own magical night
Border Tankini Swimwear
Border Color 4 Set of 2 colorful bikinis and Tankini swimsuit_Sports swimwear_swimwear and shorts are easy to use Parker Bikini, tankini, pants and shorts sets of four. Be determined in good and simple bikini pants, good to be determined and Tankini swimsuit_Sports swimwear_swimwear tankini with shorts! Dress of the four can enjoy! Bra tops are accented with lines of the base color to color as the outer. Outer tankini is also good in the water while still in sheer fabric, it can also be used for awnings big success. Parker with a surprisingly useful. With side ribbon. Inner pants are made from short pants to make design Hami Nai shallow. Shorts sharp around the abdomen at the waistline of the base color. Ribbon waist size is adjustable. Bra Tops: Detachable ribbon, containing wires, one containing a solid thick pads, with pad pockets. Shorts: No stretchy fabric body, with a ribbon waist. Note) is not with accessories such as sunglasses. ™ ™ tube 83 bust siz
Vetam, Almost A Hundred Years Of Expertise In The French Corset ...
For nearly a century, Etam lingerie creates his pieces in the tradition of expertise in French. When the brand was born in 1916, women abandoned their corsets to discover the very first bra. They then slide their new underwear line with the carefree atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties Birth of a bra Etam model development bra between the parent company in Paris and the studio of Mouvaux, in northern France. Today, if the design has been modernized, the process of creating a collection has remained true to its beginnings. Designers create models of Etam in the heart of the trends by making sketches and then looking materials that provide a clearer picture of the future underwear. Next, patterns and prototypes are made between Paris and Mouvaux, which remains today a center of technical expertise. Finally comes the crucial step of the "fitting" to ensure comfort and support to the model And Innovation It is this collaboration that gave life to the greatest innovations of the house
Etam, Almost A Hundred Years Of Expertise In The French Corset ...
For nearly a century, Etam lingerie creates his pieces in the tradition of expertise in French. When the brand was born in 1916, women abandoned their corsets to discover the very first bra. They then slide their new underwear line with the carefree atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties Birth of a bra Etam model development bra between the parent company in Paris and the studio of Mouvaux, in northern France. Today, if the design has been modernized, the process of creating a collection has remained true to its beginnings. Designers create models of Etam in the heart of the trends by making sketches and then looking materials that provide a clearer picture of the future underwear. Next, patterns and prototypes are made between Paris and Mouvaux, which remains today a center of technical expertise. Finally comes the crucial step of the "fitting" to ensure comfort and support to the model And Innovation It is this collaboration that gave life to the greatest innovations of the house
Few Strategies In Your Quest For The Best Maternity Dress For The Holidays
October is currently underway and holiday period is quick approaching with Thanksgiving and Christmas just close to the wedding apparelFor various of us who are expecting, the holidays indicates acquiring a holiday dress for a amount of interpersonal occasions. additionally to family and good friend get togethers, various of us also have holiday workplace functions to show up at which may possibly call for a more formal dress. So, regardless of whether your maternity dress necessities are casual, slightly upscale or formal, now will be the time to begin looking before it is too late! here are few strategies in your quest for the best maternity dress for the holidays. Unless you are buying for a complete out formal affair, it is effortless to discover a maternity dress that is awesome versatile for not merely Thanksgiving and Christmas functions for other outings too. The wrap maternity dress design will be the best bridge from the great dinner out to holiday party. Soli
The North Face Jackets To Females And Children-how Feel?
Granted that childhood, females and males have already been trained to care for the earth.North Face outlet Girls and bed room typically play the game inside the areas and it is in that respect where how they discover towards respect the natural world, to keep up with Mother Nature. Aren't says North face jackets are simply for men? These North Face is really a agency that specializes in wooden clothing and even gear. buy North Face Parka It's an absolute organization and also this recognizes that those love for the outdoors start from these young and for that reason they've created another line it is particularly for the children. And since quite a few a women have grow to be a little more actively involved in outdoor experiences, The organization in addition has included a woman's line regarding the stylishly important sportswoman. Just as it's important to keep the entire body warm whole cold months, genuinely much more incredibly for those almost no individuals who have
Random Things I Type!
Definition Of dfghyjuhgfdxsdfrgth: dont fuck guys humping your junk under high giraffes four donkeys xcite seven donkeys for random goat teething hookers Definition Of IWJTTCAPSY: i will jump thru this computer and pimp slap you Definition Of ikfvlyh: id kill for vagina like you have Definition Of GUY7UI: guy #7s under investigation Definition Of W9owf: woman 9s on whores face Definition Of lmai: laughing so hard your ass implodes Definition Of DMMCTTCAFYU: dumb monkeys masterbating circumstancially to the cat and firey yelling sexy underagers?
Im lookin for someone to talk to anyone text me at 812 653 9750
Just Random Thoughts And Ideas.. (( Comment If This Confuses You..lmao ))
my mind fade into blackness as the lonelioness takes over.. the room filled with people bu tno one even knows i am there, their eyes stare right through me like i am invisible.. the blackness just consumes everythign including my soul as i try to reach for any sort of light.. the feelings taken deep with inand i scream and no one hear.. enjoying what they can not understand and a smirk crawls over my face as i realise the possibilities that come from this and i start watching and seeing everythign i need from those i care about even though they dont know how much i care, and dont knwo how much it hurts that i can not touch them or feel them, yet i know i loove the way i feel, even as the worries of never being foudn enter my mind and never fade, reguardless of the whisper holding my sanity is trying to pull me back into reality, the lust for the power of nothing enjoys the death that will follow me though the hell that this is.. pain grows but doesnt hurt the blood poors but never leav
Passionate Kisses
Like soft whispers,Your kisses brush upon my lipsThey tantalize and captivate,Making my mouth salivate,Leaving me wanting moreA hunger fills you and I,As we draw together,No longer distant,Totally passionate,In love, rather than in lustEyes closed,Breathing shallow,My kisses trail to the corner, Of your delectable mouth,Onto your neck, pure alabaster and marbleColors and stars,Seen behind lidded eyesIt wouldn't be hard,To stand here,With you, foreverLicks and nibbles,Breath upon ear,I can't see you,But I know you are near,Passionate kisses make it clearLost, completely,In a moment often dreamt ofI'm afraid to open my eyes,Afraid it IS a dream,And that it will turn to dustA kiss so passionate,One that makes me weak in the knees,A kiss so devastatingly divine,Preferably from you,Is exactly what I need
Where The Stones Met. (part 6)
The baffling magnitude of this chamber, these tightly locked totems, and pictograms must have been here for centuries, perhaps centuries before the construction of the tower. The problem of how he was here, and inside the tower at the same time continued to grind painfully in his mind with dull creaking frustration. "Magic" he muttered in contemptuous surrender to the absurd, as he stepped further into the hall of columns. He felt certain that the corridor would come to an end soon, afterall, there were no more records inscribed on the walls, they couldn't have foresaw the need for chroniciling every insignificant moment of every primitive illiterate day, there had to be an end in site to their society, and if not- they always could've built another temple and scribbled simplistic notes to travellers there as well. With his disdain for this place peaked, he found that his lamp's reach was getting shorter as he neared the end of the tunnel. A great stone altar carved in the same fashi
First I saw a mouse right before bed last night... totally freaked me out Then tonight I went to the movies with my bestie (seen in my default) She made me see "Don't be afraid of the dark" well fuck you, I am. Holy scariness!!
Is An Ad Featuring A Battered Woman Offensive Or Artistic?
A hair salon ad featuring images that hint at domestic violence and the slogan "Look good in all you do" is generating irate comments and heated debate online. Originally shot two years ago for the Fluid Hair salon in Edmonton, juicy couturethe ad was uncovered by a New York advertising copywriter, The Toronto Star reports. After the writer posted a picture of the salon's ad on his blog, copyranter, irate commenters began posting their feedback about the shot. Those who were outraged by the photo are taking issue with the fact the featured model is pictured with a huge black eye, while in man in the background appears poised to offer her a diamond necklace. Critics say the image carries intimations of domestic violence. The Salon issued its own media release in response to the hubbub, in which it apologized for the ad and also promised to donate proceeds to the Edmonton Women's Shelter and generate donations for other related causes. The release also features the following defen
A Secret Desire
Football Joke I Love It Heehee
Two boys are playing football in a Manchester park when a rottweiler runs up and attacks one of them. The other boy rushes to help and manages to pin the wild dog down before breaking it's neck and killing it. A local newspaper reporter taking a stroll through the park sees what has happened and rushes over. He takes out his pad to ask the boys some questions. As a rough heading he scribbles down: "City fan saves boy's life." The boy says: "But I'm not a City fan." The reporter crosses out his headline and writes: "United fan saves boy's life." "But I'm not a United fan either" says the boy. The reporter replies: "Well who do you support then?" "I'm a Liverpool fan." The boy goes home, and next morning he runs down to the local paper shop to read about his heroic story. The front page headline reads: "Scouse B*****d Kills Family Pet."
Wear A Tradional Wedding Dresses At Your Big Day
If you've just began to plan your wedding and you're getting all excited at looking at the most gorgeous bridal dresses on line before you go to the bridal shop to start trying them on you won't have realised a few things yet.Traditionalwedding dresses, are very heavy, there is a great deal of fabric used to create on and this fabric is usually quite heavy especially if it's quality satin. They are also usually bulky too with the different layers and embellishments. like the kinds ofWedding Party Dresses.The wedding dresses you find in bridal shops tend to need either a net underskirt or a hooped underskirt to give the skirt of the dress shape and don't have the same effect if you don't wear one.such as you order aPlus Size Wedding Dressesor aPlus Size Wedding Dresses,it is a Ballgown dresses but without a underskirt ,it is will be errible even you can wear it.The wedding gowns floor length with a train which gives a great effect when walking down the ausle but not so good if you
Federal Court Issues Rulings In Favor Of Teva In Ms Drug Case
A federal court has acted in favor of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in the drug maker's patent infringement case against several generic drug companies seeking to market versions of its multiple sclerosis drug. Teva said the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a set of claim construction rulings in its patent infringement case against Sandoz and Momenta Pharmaceuticals, and Mylan and Natco regarding the drug Copaxone (glatiramer acetate) that favored Teva; the two parties are each seeking to market generic versions of the drug. A claim construction decision is when a U.S. burberry outlet cheap District Court examines evidence from all parties on the meanings of relevant words used in a patent claim; the court's interpretation of those words affects how it assesses patent infringement and validity. The trial is set to begin on Sept. 7. What sets the case apart from typical patent-infringement cases involving branded and generic drug makers is the nature of
Hillbilly Bone
Oh man, you've gotta watch where you're stepping around here Yeah I got a friend in New York City He's never heard of Connway Twitty Don't know nothing about grits and greens Never been south of Queens But he flew down here on a business trip I took him honky tonkin' and that was it He took to it like a pig to mud, like a cow to cud We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside No matter where you from you just can't hide it And when the band starts banging and the fiddle saws You can't help but hollering, Yee Haw! When you see them pretty little country queens Man you gotta admit that's in them genes Ain't nothing wrong, just getting on your hillbilly bone-ba-bone-ba-bone-bone Nah, you ain't gotta be born out in the sticks With an F-150 and a 30-06, Or have a bubba in the family tree To get on down with me All you need is an open mind If it fires you up you gotta let it shine When it feels so right that it cant be wrong Come on, come on, come on We all got a hillbilly bone down deep in
Border Security Boosted After Warning Of Attack
Israel intensified a high-security alert along its border with Egypt yesterday after a warning that there might be a second wave of attacks by a militant cell of infiltrators. Meanwhile, the military confirmed that two more warships had been sent to the maritime border with Egypt in a "routine" naval deployment. As reinforcements of Israeli troops patrolled the border areas, the Home Front Minister, longchamp outlet Matan Vilnai, said a cell of at least 10 militants linked to the Palestinian faction Islamic Jihad were in the Sinai. The army has closed two of Israel's southernmost roads, including Highway 12, along which eight Israelis were killed just under a fortnight ago near Eilat by infiltrating gunmen who the army said reached Sinai from the Gaza Strip. Israel then killed five prominent Gaza members of the Popular Resistance Committees, whom it blamed for the attack, triggering a cycle of rocket fire from Gaza and further air strikes, which have now abated. "The Palestinian Islam
Making A Perfect Plan For Your Dreaming Wedding
Using the recession arrived it might appear this is not a lot of fun to own the marriage, but planning the marriage in the budget and dare I believe that even cheaply is a powerful way to allow the creativeness flow also to avoid beginning married existence with debt.In this case,if you consider your budget,then I will strongly suggest you theWholesale wedding dressandDiscount wedding dresses,which you can save your money a lot. To start with you might want to go ahead and take wedding glasses off, individuals that lead you to think all the wedding stuff being produced can be a necessity because I will help you to in to a wedding secret - it's not necessary to possess the accessories to experience a fantastic wedding. Firstly,the wedding dresses are the necessary enough for your brides,as for me,I love theCheap Quinceanera DressesandCheap Homecoming Dressesbetter,because they are all my taste. It might be advantageous to start with a married relationship budget, one you could
The Product Story From The North Face In Style Everywhere In The World
Later on, the particular North Face cooperate utilizing La Sportiva Lenses.r.D, which is the best mountain climbing shoes suppliers in the world. Last season, the brand mixed up in design as well as production of mountain / hill hiking boots. Through expanding for Thirty-seven years, all of the North Face has become the family members name one of many outdoor models around the world. The company always meticulously connects Buy North Face Fleece Jackets in the natural horrible outdoor surroundings exploration recreation. Through continuing innovation regarding science and technology, typically the North Face design and convey the confident and higher qulity outdoor eqiupment to meet the needs of unique levels.Any North Face develop by way of kinds of traditions. In 1966, Hippies hold completely acquired overwhelming energies in San diego. During in those times, outdoor exercise movements was proving itself to be a kind of latest sports. The two main founders for the North F
To Love Is....
To spend timeless moments with you, Wishing that each would last for eternity; To speak by just the mere touch of your fingertips, To gaze into your eyes and see my whole life in each delicate sparkle. To know the feelings of complete lonliness whe we are apart, but to overcome it knowing the love I have for you in my heart. To want for nothing, for you are all my needs and desires; to lie awake at night and see charades of you in my eyes, to know the worth of life as I hold you in my arms; To shutter at the mere thought of not having you again; to say now and my lifetime through... I will love you always....
#7 Alien Vs Predator
Ok, I have a couple of issues with this movie... *spoilers... as always* Firstly, if this pyramid wakes up once every 100 years and they send their trainee predators down to hunt the aliens, the whole set-up requires the other predators to get there first to convince a bunch of people that they're Gods and that they must sacrifice themselves for the hunt. This way they can create some aliens for the predators to fight. Pretty much everything else is automated, but without some humans waiting in the sacrificial chamber, the game cannot even exist. Now, as luck would have it Lance Henriksson had his team down there and some of them got caught by the face-huggers, but had that not happened the hunters would have turned up to just find a bunch of eggs. At the end of the movie, the sole survivor is left alone on this Antartic island and temperatures well below zero without even a coat, when all the predators fly off on the mother ship. The movie ends at this point. Are we supposed to ass
şeyh Edebli - Turkey
EdebalıSHEIKHOFADVICELook, man!Ignorantof beingfriendlywithSciencedoes not know,Irfandoes not know,Itdoes not know,ワzlrsnSaygısızlafraternizationProceduresdo not know,Decencydoes not know,does not knowthe Border,ワzlrsnTo becomefriendly with thegreedyCateringdoes not know,does not knowthe rule,voracious,ワzlrsnGrgszlefraternizationRoaddoes not know,does not knowthe procedure,the ruledoes not know,ワzlrsnKibirliylefraternizationHaldoes not know,Ahvalnot know,does not knowGonul,ワzlrsn.UkalaylafraternizationTalk a lot,emptytalk,talk toKem,ワzlrsn.Namertlefraternization
Lost In Confusion
Lost in confusion and total self bliss I've found the relation between dream and wish A dream is a fantasy lived only while asleep But a wish has a compass vast, far and deep. A dream can bring true the wish never thought As your mind wanders aimlessly and feelings are sought. But a wish is a simple, momentous undertaking A grasping of things while still in the making. Now my understanding of wish and of dreams Have broadened my scope - or so it would seem But still I'm confused and nothing is clear Because you are a wish, yet a dream so dear. With the breath of each day, I wish for your sight Visions of loveliness turned to dreams in the night You've become such a fantasy with realistic tones I long for your love and time spent alone Sadly enough my dreams cause confusion For all their purpose are meager illusion And though the dawn of each day may be cheerful to sight I fear the darkness and my continuing fight. For now its a war - a battle within A dreadful nightmare which rationali
My Love
sometimes at night when i look into the sky, i start thinking of you and i ask myself why? why do i love you? i think and smile, because i know the liscan run on for miles. the whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch, so many little things that make me love you so much. the way you support me, and help with my emotions, the way that you care and show me such devotion. the way your kiss filles me with such desire, and how you hold with the warmth of a blazing fire. the way your eyes shine when you look at me, lost with you forever is where i want to be. the way that i feel when your by my side, a sence of completion an over flowing pride. the dreams that i dream that all involve you, the possibities i see and the things we can do. how you finish the puzzle that lies inside my heart, how deep in my soul you are the most important part. i could go on for days, telling you of what i feel, but all you really must know is my love for you is real.
I Guess
I'm not pretty! I'm not perfect!To be honest I'm quite far from all of these!But at least I have a loving heart!
I look in the mirror and see a girl,Who is staring back at me.I don't know who she is,Because she's not the girl I wana be.She puts a smile on,While inside she is falling apart.She says, "I'm okay",As painfills her heart.She pretends not to care,As everyone slowly walks away.She hides behind her mask,And pretends to be okay.She is scared to open up,And call someone her best friend.They all turn out the same,And never really care in the end.She is scared to let people close,It always ends up as heartache.She decides to trust someone,But it always ends up as a big mistake.She feels like a stranger in her own home,Like she doesn't even belong.She tries the best she can,But it always seems to be wrong.She freezes up at the word "love",People throw it around too much.Her muscles constrict,As she is afraid to be touched.She has ideas for the future,Hopes and dreams of her own.But she doesn't hold her breath,Because disappointment is all she has ever known.She
I Don't Get It
The most beautiful, I've ever seen. But, is this really, what you mean? I'm confused and hurt, Don't get it at all. How could my beauty, have been our downfall. I can help what I look like, it doesn't change who I am. You are everything and more, I could ever ask for in a man. I can't get it, out of my head. I keep thinking about, the things you said. You loved every thing about me, once before. How can the same qualities, not be good enough anymore? I thought, maybe I should cut my hair or gain a few pounds. Thinking of things to change, has really brought me down. Because I would change, if I could. If I thought, it would do any good. But it won't because, I would still be the same. I don't understand, which is a shame. Because I love you so much, and this has me in tears. If being myself drove you away, and not my fear. Then I have no idea, why I am even here.
My Thoughts
What is it that I want from you?Is it to be with you or is it not?There are pros and cons of how you run your lifeBut that doesn’t matterDoes it?You make me happy one momentAnd then the next sadIs this what love feels like?When your not there I make sense of lifeOf what suppose to be and what’s notBecause I know you’re not the man I wantBut when your there I lose sight of what suppose to beAnd know that you’re the one and onlyWhere somewhere in me I know we can’t have a futureBut as funny as it is we’re not together and I’m going crazyYou flirt and chase but won’t make a moveYou don’t mention anything of your past or dreamsAnd I wonder do we have anything in common?And, why, would you pick me as yours?Of all the girls you could have would you pick me as yours?And still I ask "Do you even like me?"Or is it just for the moment?Am I so insecure of my looks and feelings?That I don’t show my feelings for you enough?I want to win yo
For Friends
For the friends who have wondered about my silence that I have not been able to message personally. Some of you know that a fave aunt passed away earlier in the month. I was extremely busy preparing another aunt's house for the gathering after the funeral. It is the family joke that if out of town guest are coming, the women of my family tend to paint the house! It's almost the truth. It isn't that we are trying to impress anyone, we actually do it so WE will know it is clean and ready. Anyway...the funeral was Aug. 25th. We had a wonderful celebration of life for my Aunt Claudia! It was truly a party (it was also Claudia's birthday)! Aunt Claudia would have been proud. My Aunt Annie was cleaning a bit during the party and tripped over a rug. We went to the ER to discover she had broken her shoulder. She is 77 years old and also the one that took care of Aunt Claudia the last few months of her life. I have been with Annie since the fall. I have been the 24 hour ca
Short Stories Written By Me
My Vacation I decided to go on vacation to the Bahamas’. I rented a nice little cabin on the beach. A full two weeks by myself, just me and my reading and the sun and the waves. I sit on the beach reading in the morning light. And then in the afternoon I go swimming and just being lazy shopping in the local markets for fresh fruits daily. Just enough to feed me for the day, on the second day I’m there I notice you, your in the cabin next to mine about 100 yards down the beach. You are there alone like me in my cabin, time for you to get away from all the things that bug you at home. At least that is what I gather as I watch you while you exercise each day. On the fourth day of my vacation I run into you in the market. You smile at me and say hello, it isn’t the same accent that I pictured you having at all. I smile and say hello. We exchange a look between us. Something unspoken but understood that we find each other attractive. That evening I decide to go to
The Ghost
Needles in the grass, poking through your shield. Scratching at your ribs, bleeding in the field. Misty colored droplets; leave your heavy head. The Ghost in the wind, replaying all she said. Tumbling through his mind, like a wheel inside a clock. Coal, embers, fire. He could not make it stop. Flames engross the pure- The pure begin to wilt. The wilting turns to ashes-ュュ The ashes; into filth. - "What a dirty solider." the ghost said condesendingly. "Please forgive me, Mi'lady; it's what you've made of me." Her laugh was that of nightmares. Her laugh; grizzly, sarcastic and cruel. - "I've made nothing of you. I am just a memories fool." - "I am of your own making." - "I am the monster with in."
Something Insightful To Say.
A little too insignificant. A little too obscene. A little too much had been taken from her. A little's all that was left to see.She held herself in high regard. She held herself too tight. She held herself to only lose. She didn't know how to fight.She dreamed of being you, or her. She dreamed of being found. She dreamed of being fond of life. She dreamed of being drowned.Water spinning, slow rotations; as the waves would pull her in. Tiny opaque bubbles; rising to brim.Blink once. Blink twice. Muster her strength & inhale. One blink. Two blink. Lost in a sea water veil.A little too forgotten.
When Does Enough Become Enough?
As a parent, you want to take all of your child's fears and pain away and give them answers to questions that are about to push them off of that emotional ledge. I can't take my son's fears and pain away, and I don't have any answers to his questions that are pushing us BOTH off that emotional ledge that life has put us... Three weeks ago, my son came over with his wife and my two grand babies. He had informed me that he's been suffering from groin pain for awhile, and had found a lump in his testicle. He made an appointment with his MD who peformed a panel of tests and an ultrasound. While waiting for the results we were just being us, joking and knowing that it wasn't anything bad because after all, we are invincible. A day or two passed when he got the call that he had Testicular Cancer, and he would have to have it removed ASAP. He would also have to undergo a CT scan to make sure it hadn't spread. With Testicular cancer it begins in the testicle, then sp
Invisible, clear,You can see right through.As if, I don’t exist to you.Pounding pain,Pressure at no end.Running in circles,Flexibility with no bend.Hurt built this wall,No one can tear it down.I’m just a blank face,Walking around.
Lose,That seems to be all I can do.For, pain and sorrow,Is all that I know.It’s around every corner,Every place I go.Can’t trust, can’t love,Is only leads to one place.Right back here,Where I started,Disgrace.
Not Anymore
Feels like I’m burning from the inside out.In pain from all the misery and doubt.Why, why, do you do this to yourself?After everything else, in your life, you have felt.It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to smile.Everyone gives in every once in a while.No, I can’t, I won’t, I refuse.This is a game, I won’t lose. They will not win.I can control this fire burning within.No one will ever be able to say,They made me cry once more.Too many take credit,For that before.I live with regret, heartache and fear.But, not anymore.I have dried all my tears.
Too Much
If someone has the answers?I wish they would clue me in.For life is a game,I can’t seem to win.Once I was innocent,Free and untainted.Now I’m corrupt,Trapped and darkly painted.By scars, memories and pain.A loss for me, nothing to gain.To love is to hurt,I know the feeling well.The lies, the truth,It’s Hell.Wanting to believe,But always on guard.Trembling with excitement,Fearing the next card.What will it be,The King of hearts I wish.Instead I’m being served,Clubs as my dish.No false hope,No broken hearts,That’s my dream.I’m asking for too much,It seems.
My 1st Murder Mystery Dinner Train Adventure In Ft. Myers, Florida
I have experienced several "Murder Mystery" games in both homes and commercial settings but never on a real, working train. Wow, what a great time! Seminole Gulf Railway began operating freight trains in 1987 and in 1991 added a Dinner Train and daytime excursion trains. ( The train is based in Ft. Myers, Florida The Dinner Train began its first Murder Mystery Production, “Murder on the Seminole Express” and has had over 65 new murder mystery productions since. They also have a Christmas Rail/Boat Trip to Punta Gorda that has become an annual event for many guests. Over 1/2 million guests have enjoyed the MMT as the train seat up to 200 passengers in four reconditioned vintage railcars from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, “Sanibel”, “Marco”, “Gasparilla” and “Captiva”. All food is prepared fresh daily on board the train and the cuisine I dined was truly 5 star quality. The train trip begin
Our highest power is love, and it is one thing each of us has an UNLIMITED amount of. How much love do you give to others in one day??? Each day we have the opportunity to set out with this great, unlimited power in our possesion, and pour it over every person and circumstance. Love is appreciating, complimenting, feeling gratitude, and speaking good words to others. We have so much love to give, and the more that we give, the MORE we Receive. (Do you understand this people?) Sometimes we give so much love to someone else only to have them rip your heart out and stomp all over it. It is a shame that those kind of people exist in the world. When we are treated like this we search for comfort and a way to heal, only to feel more lost and in pain when we can not find it. The only answer I can give you right now is what was written up above. If you give Love you will receive it. It may not come from the one you want it to come from, but you will feel love if you truly give it. Th
New Hollywood Movie -colombiana (2011)
Release Date: 08/26/2011 Rating: PG13 Runtime: Not Yet Available Genre: Action Director: Olivier Megaton Cast: Zoe Saldana, Jordi Moll, Jordi Moll, Michael Vartan Synopsis A woman becomes a professional killer in order to seek revenge against the ruthless gangster who murdered her parents in this action thriller from director Olivier Megaton and writer/producer Luc Besson. As a young girl, Cataleya (Zoe Saldana) saw her parents killed in cold blood. Now Cataleya is all grown up, and she's determined to settle the score. Going to work for her uncle, Cataleya methodically begins working her way up through the criminal underworld, taking out every criminal in her path on an obsessive quest to bury the man who single-handedly destroyed her life. Click here for Full Cast Info Click here for Showtimes & Tickets pleseclickherehttp://www.nktm-sport.comtowatch swimwear,One piece swimwear,Two piece swimwear,Bikini swimwear, Tankini swimsuit,Sexy bikinis,Skirt typ
Vmany Kinds Bikinis For You Choose
May be many celebrities look awesome when they hit the beach in their Two piece swimwear_Sexy bikinis_swimwear—but their swimsuit style is often pretty impressive, too. Check out some of our favorites Tiny Black Bikini :If you dare to bare a lot of skin, this is the option for you—and Megan Fox, obviously! White Halter swimwear : Everyone's obsessed with princess-to-be Kate Middleton's hot bod—but wearing a great Two piece swimwear_Sexy bikinis_swimwear like this one definitely helped draw some of the attention. Ruffled Floral This bikini is the epitome of pretty—and the top has enough support for bust-ier girls Red and White Polka Dot :This suit is sexy and playful at the same time. Black and White Retro :A cute suit like this one has a 1950's vibe. Black and Red This color combo is a little sporty—and the cut is ultra-flattering Tropical Bandeau A bright, graphic, tropical print will always look right on the beach. Turquoise Two-Pie
Loveeeeee This .♥.
♥ the best line of atruly in love man : "Sometimes I just have to let her win, because losing the argument is easier than losing her "
From A While Ago But I Love It ♥
[He Walks Away,[] with her[h e a r t] in his hands; hecarelesslythrows it in thewater itlands. [(shetries to swim,)] she almostdrowns in herseaof tears, hestands hisground She tries and tries to hide the pain
Yeah A Reader
It is a great accomplishment to have known the reality that stares at you in the face. I'm not a follower, I'm not a tag along however, I stand individually, with pride. I stand strong! The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are. And if our words and our actions come from superficial human relations techniques (the Personality Ethic) rather than from our own inner core (the Character Ethic), others will sense that duplicity. We simply won't be able to create and sustain the foundation necessary for effective interdependence Rebel with a flaming heart, always ready to take on anything that may stand before me. Business minded, bubbly, free spirited, and a true passion for beaches , water and the sun to fall upon my face.With that being said, I'm also the kind of person you need a knife to cut through to get to the heart of me (metaphorically speaking) in any situation.What can I say...I am a little more complicate
Stupid Encounters #77 Ex-bouncer Meets No Life
The Debt Ghd Hair Straightener
the option contract on subsidies (contracts)Equivalent to a price guarantee system. Now for a certain period (such as the option price after half a year), but to buy the insurance. If buy the insurance expires, when actual prices higher than the option prices, the farmers themselves sells; When the market price lower than options expire actual prices, the government directly to the market price and the ghd south africadifference between the option price supply farmers, still the peasants themselves. Such sales has two functions one is to some extent the farmers' income, 2 it is to ensure that the government can reduce the direct purchase price of the formation of the reserves. But, as the market prices are often higher than the price is high, the actual option with not a lot of people this way.(3) agricultural insurance policyLimited to the country's financial and imbalance between agricultural insurance development, mainly in the more developed regions. Brazil's agriculture insurance
Contract Set Ghd South Africa
credit policyThe government according to the previous year's output value and farmers' land area of lending, small farmers and ranchers, the middle peasants can obtain the funds needed for the respectively 00%, 70%, and 55% of the loans and interest rates are also different in order to improve (2-3%). In order to ensure that small farmers can get a loan, the law requires all commercial Banks must have it the capital (deposit) are 25% in agriculture (called Exigiblldades). In ghd2000, for example, the 3.75 billion reais rural credit funds comes from the 7.2 billion a, accounted for 5%. From the use of loans to see, 8.927 billion used for liquid funds, 2.3 billion for investment, 2.52 billion for marketing loans. Since 996, the marketing loan (loan) that is growing fast, from 996 in 386 million to over 2000 in 2.52 billion, and investment loans from 996 in .5 billion to over 2000 in 2.3 billion, working capital loans from 996 in 4.39 billion to 8.927 billion growth. Credit funds guarant
The Lack Ghd For Sale
The above policy until 994 the establishment of the WTO and the signing of the agricultural agreement. Since 995, agricultural market more open. On the one hand out of financial pressure, on the other hand consider must abide by the WTO rules of the game, the Brazilian government began to change agricultural policy, and put forward the two new policy measures to gradually replace the old price support policy, the products sold plan (PEP) and options contracts subsidies (option contracts). The old price support plan at present is limited to rice, corn, wheat, cassava and beans and other major crops. In 2000, the government bought 57000 tons of rice and 93000 tons of beans and 03000 tons of other crops. This one phase policy objectives of specific shown in two aspects one is to keep the international competitiveness of agricultural, mainly is aims at the ranch, reduce the price support to compete in the international market are improving; 2 it is to ensure that the farmers' income is not
My mother finding a new recipe as she does decided that she was going to make it, so she sent me and my sister on a hunt for sage, we look in the fresh herb section for sage, standing there realising that they dont have any the conversation goesSister: no sage fml (for those playing at home fml = fuck my life)Me: settle down its just sage
How To Select The Best Of The Season's Christmas Party Colours
It's that time of year again when stores start to arranged up their seasonal glass windows andcheap wedding apparel, as befits the period with the Christmas party, there is a lot of glamour and sparkle, also it is not just around the baubles! can you find yourself wanting to shine at your Christmas celebration however safely reaching for that trusty LBD (Little dark Dress) again? As an picture Consultant, this is actually a situation I listen to all too often. I can advise you regarding how to select the best of the season's celebration colours to make certain you look more Christmas angel than Christmas tree! There is actually a marvelous variety of color this period with a thing to fit everyone, which means you have no excuse to achieve for that black! But, for people who just can't tear yourself aside out of your trusty black, however, I can inform you how to produce the LBD operate for you! Purple is actually a fabulous celebration colour. It is enjoyment and exhibits your ima
Dancing In The Rain
I'm Dancing in the Rain Looking to the Sky, a Strong Wind blowing A Lone Wolf Calling out your Name I reach out my arms to you, Longing to pull you in tight I want to hold you All through the night And as our lips meet Lightning streaks across the sky Can you feel my heart beat like Thunder Can you see the fire in my eyes I'm Dancing in the Rain Looking to the Sky, a Strong Wind blowing A Lone Wolf Calling out your Name I sit here watching the world go by The rain is like the tears that I cry The cold, the damp, a reflection of my heart The endless aching because we're apart Waiting here next to the river so free Wondering if you are thinking of me The wind and the rain, depicting my pain roars of thunder screaming your name I'm Dancing in the Rain Looking to the Sky, a Strong Wind blowing A Lone Wolf Calling out your Name Waiting here next to the fire so bright Yet it can't chase away the shadow of night A flash of lightning, but I have no fear Hoping the storm is a sign to you
If I Had Wings
If I had wings I'd fly away from here with all I hold dear deep in my heart. I'd live for the freedom of wild blue skies, lost deep in thought, no more despise. If I had wings I'd have no more hate, I'd fly with the birds and their own silent fate. To sing and to call, to laugh and to fall. To live and to breath, to never ever leave. No one governs the skies, no tyrants, no wars just the soft sun arise, and below sweeping shores. Wind in my hair, feathers so fair, I'd swoop and I'd dive, simply being alive. If I had wings I'd reach for the stars, wouldn't need any cars, just go with the flow all you need to know. There'd be no more pain, I'd just fly away. No more eyes streaming tears, no more time, no more years. If I had wings I'd simply be free, not a worry in my head, not a thing I would dread. I would be free.... Fly with me now, don't need to ask how. Spread your great wings, as the songbirds do sing, and fly.
Comfort Zone
I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I wouldn't fail. The same four walls and busywork were really more like jail. I longed so much to do the things I'd never done before, But stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor. I said it didn't matter that I wasn't doing much. I said I didn't care for things like commission checks and such. I claimed to be so busy with the things inside the zone, But deep inside I longed for something special of my own. I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win. I held my breath; I stepped outside and let the change begin. I took a step and with new strength I'd never felt before, I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door. If you're in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out, Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt. A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true. Reach for your future with a smile; success is there for you!
Been Rock Out Fubar And It Cool
so i been waljk aimlessly on this site and now i slowly getting this
The Clothes Of This The Year North Face Gloves.
Vehicle used your family smartphone with each other glovesBuy North Face Gloves? Capacitive handle screens tend to be simply not conscious of the connection points concerning insulating raw materials such as writing instruments, gloves ... The entire North Face has had for the work gloves ETIP. To run in capacitive screens, Our own North Face North Face Jackets has developed X-static science, this is a articles filament money to make the transfer of warmth.The rest of the baseball gloves is a popular glove from this quality: water resistant, resistant to frosty and have, and with the pins slip silicone on the grip.I must say why these gloves come with pinnacle temperatures of contemporary raids today located in Paris its 2??C at midnight! Our day, it almost never exceeds Twenty degrees Celsius. When i do not snow holidays introducing in August ... Aesthetically, I'm like The North Face hasn't trodden. We find are gloves a similar range and also touch the various components a
Civil Twilight...letters From The Sky...
One of these days the sky's gonna breakAnd everything will escape, and I'll knowOne of these days the mountains are gonna fallInto the sea, and they'll knowThat you and I were made for thisI was made to taste your kissWe were made to never fall awayNever fall awayOne of these days letters are gonna fallFrom the sky telling us all to go freeBut until that day I'll find a way to let everybody knowThat you're coming back, you're coming back for me'Cause even though you left me hereI have nothing left to fearThese are only walls that hold me hereHold me here, hold me hereOne day soon I'll hold you like the sun holds the moonAnd we will hear those planes overheadAnd we won't have to be scaredWe won't have to be, we won't have to be scaredYou're coming back for meYou're coming back for meYou're coming back to me
Jar Of Hearts....
No, I can't take one more step towards you‘Cause all that's waiting is regretDon't you know I'm not your ghost anymoreYou lost the love I loved the mostI learned to live, half aliveAnd now you want me one more timeAnd who do you think you are?Runnin' 'round leaving scarsCollecting your jar of heartsAnd tearing love apartYou're gonna catch a coldFrom the ice inside your soulSo don't come back for meWho do you think you are?I hear you're asking all aroundIf I am anywhere to be foundBut I have grown too strongTo ever fall back in your armsI've learned to live, half aliveAnd now you want me one more timeIt took so long just to feel alrightRemember how to put back the light in my eyesI wish I had missed the first time that we kissed‘Cause you broke all your promisesAnd now you're backYou don't get to get me backWho do you think you are?Runnin' 'round leaving scarsCollecting your jar of heartsAnd tearing love apartYou're gonna catch a coldFrom the ice inside your soulDon't come b
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (hot Summer Night)
Lyrics for the song from You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) From the album Bat Out of HellPerformed by Meat LoafWritten by Jim Steinman (Spoken) BOY: On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? GIRL: Will he offer me his mouth? BOY: Yes GIRL: Will he offer me his teeth? BOY: Yes GIRL: Will he offer me his jaws? BOY: Yes GIRL: Will he offer me his hunger? BOY: YesGIRL: Again, will he offer me his hunger? BOY: Yes! GIRL: And will he starve without me? >BOY: Yes! GIRL: And does he love me? BOY: Yes. GIRL: Yes. BOY: On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? GIRL: Yes. BOY: I bet you to say that to all the boys.
Do You Know Denali Cover North Face History
North Face information Your North Face is a global super brand of Outdoor Jackets. You may then wondering what is the North Face named soon after. In upper Hemisphere, In the n . hemisphere, north slope on the hills may be the coldest, the deepest Buy North Face Fleece Jackets excellent skiing conditions, the most tricky to climb. It indicates the real climbers, frequently fearless the issues. In 1968, Your North Face began styling, producing and selling their unique brands associated with outdoor supplements. Until 1980, TNF was crowned only business of out of doors products like mountaineering shoes, jackets, skiing suits, backpacks, camp tents in U . s citizens. They do finest in 90s. Found in 1996, individuals launched a series of Tekware and shocked everything, use particular material together with particular pattern, they took over as 5A outdoor goods company. Denali can be Buy North Face Fleece Jackets the best quality Fleece some of the North Face, and is some of
Vmas Backstage: Five Things You Didn't See
For all the unforgettable moments that occurred onstage during the VMAs on Sunday night,longchamp outlet there were just as many equally amazing happenings that went down behind-the-scenes. Thanks to our VIP connections, MTV News had access to everything that happened before, after and during the live broadcast. Therefore, in no particular order, we are proud to present five moments you didn't get to see: Gaga's Gentlemanly Behavior Leaves Celebs Starstruck As is her M.O., Lady Gaga's presence at the VMAs was a highlight in and of itself, and every celeb who encountered her had a wide-eyed story to tell of his/her encounter. Particularly Foo Fighter Dave Grohl's first introduction to Gaga as her alter ego Jo Calderone. "I got to meet her for the first time tonight [as Jo Calderone]," Grohl said of meeting Gaga when he went to say hello to Queen guitarist Brian May, who performed with her during the show. "I was like, 'Brian May, what's up!' and she was right next to him and I said, '
flounce \FLOUNS\verb; 1. To go with impatient, exaggerated movements.noun: 1. A strip of material gathered or pleated and attached at one edge, with the other edge left loose or hangingverb: 1. To throw the body about spasmodically.
There is moderation even in excess. - Benjamin Disraeli
ok... WTF one min you are owning me and ppl are buying me from you which is the whole point of the fuowned game. then we are talking on like a daily basis and now you are ignoring me. also i am more than just a toy for you to order to do things on cam just because you want to see it. you obviously didnt want to talk to me for me all you wanted to talk to me for is to have someone to look at on cam. anyways i have better things to do then to waste my time.
Africa-israel Advances Most In 2 Weeks On Second-quarter Profit
Africa-Israel Investments Ltd. (AFIL) climbed the most in two weeks after Lev Leviev’s holding company reported second-quarter net income of 32 million shekels ($8.9 million) as revenue increased 37 percent. The shares jumped 4.9 percent, Men Nike Air Yeezy Gary white black the most since Aug. 14, to 14.43 shekels at 12:11 p.m. in Tel Aviv. The stock has dropped 23 percent over the past year. Net income declined from 1.21 billion shekels a year earlier, the Yehud, Israel-based company said today in an e- mailed statement. Revenue climbed to 1.69 billion shekels in the quarter from 1.23 billion shekels. The results aren’t directly comparable because the company reached a settlement with bondholders last year, said Noam Pincu, an analyst at Psagot Investment House Ltd. in Tel Aviv. Africa-Israel exchanged about 7.5 billion shekels of fixed- income securities for new bonds, cash and equity in May 2010 after the value of its real-estate portfolio tumbled amid the global credit
Nsfw Crew Members
Must have an approved salute! BADassCHEVY Deadboy69 Vindictive Bytch SuperB Hypnotic Red Candi23 Angelize MissBehavin
Us Strongly Condemns Terror Attack At Tel Aviv Nightclub
The US on Monday strongly condemned the terror attack at the Haoman 17 nightclub in Tel Aviv in which eight people were injured. "The United States condemns in strongest terms yesterday’s brutal attack on innocent civilians in Tel Aviv," Air Yeezy darkblack white US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said during a press briefing. "We extend our deepest sympathies to all those harmed in this tragedy. Attacks against innocent civilians in Israel or anywhere else are never justified. We again remind all parties that violence will not advance but will impede the hope for peace between Israelis and Palestinians," she added. The retired GP said: ‘He should have been accorded a peaceful end in Tripoli with his family. The idea of extraditing him is a monstrous one… He deserves to be left in peace for his last days.’ Professor Robert Black, an Edinburgh University legal expert and one of the bomber’s leading supporters, said he should receive any avail
Sexy Dresses Determine You To Be Sexy Enough
How you can dress sexy, I have stated it again and again that to encounter as sexy is all about you and also not thewedding dressesyou put on. Consider it, contain the dress you tend on putting on out before you and exactly what does it say, you heard right "nothing." Now slip the gown over your curves and find out the transformation. Without having curves adding a wiggle for your walk and also theCheap wedding dressesonce more can look different? Would you see where I'm going with this particular. Fair enough a minimal cut dress having a protruding set of breasts hanging regarding this, or tight jeans showing the form of the bits in much intimate detail may without doubt be viewed as sexy, however it can all so be viewed as sluttish. So forget how you can dress sexy and find out more regarding how to become sexy. To become sexy includes various things like the way you represent yourself, how you act, how you talk even how you walk. The entire reason for attempting to look sexy is
In Our Life
Can we listen to the words of the past this might be our last chance (For a chance at salvation) Can we make it This is the countdown Do your best try to not frown its all going down on the foothold downtown CAN WE LIVE WITH THE WORDS OF OUR OWN STRIVE DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT WE DO OUR BEST SO DO WHAT YOU CAN IN OUR OWN TRY TO LIVE UP TO YOUR RIGHT SHINE IN THE DARKNEST NIGHT THIS IS REALITY IN OUR OWN LIFE Do what you will to surive don't lose your wil to fight its coming down on your shoulders now stand up don't lose your own light find the fire in your eyes its time to PROVE WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR THROUGH DISTRUCTION IN THE NAMES OF THE LEADERS FIGHTING FOR A WAR THAT NEVER NEEDED TO BE ALL THE LIVES LOST WHY DO THEY ALL BLEED IT WASN'T THEY'RE DESTINY SO TELL ME ! CAN WE LIVE WITH THE WORDS OF OUR OWN STRIVE DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT WE DO OUR BEST SO DO WHAT YOU CAN IN OUR OWN TRY TO LIVE UP TO YOUR RIGHT SHINE IN THE DARKNEST NIGHT THI Review
I'm not really one to write a review for anything. I may have done it one other time. But the more I thought about the VMAs, the more I wanted to say/get out. So here it is:::: The start of the awards show was.....different. No host, really? I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean it's not like they really had anything different where time would be an issue with the host talking too much. Then there is this whole Lady Gaga opening act. It was annoying as hell. I'm not sure I get the whole reason why she felt the need to dress as a man for the performance. She looked like somone I'd seen before. For some reason I'm thinking it's Madonna, but I don't know. Her clothes and style reminded me of Grease. I love that musical, but I just wasn't feeling it with her. And what the fuck was the deal with the beer? Did she really think that her slinging it everywhere when she was on top of the piano wouldn't make the floor slippery? Guess what, it does.....she figured it out when she jumped o
Todays Song Is Country Boy Can Survive By Good Ol' Bosephus
The preacher man says it’s the end of time And the Mississippi River she’s a goin’ dry The interest is up and the Stock Markets down And you only get mugged If you go down town I live back in the woods, you see A woman and the kids, and the dogs and me I got a shotgun rifle and a 4-wheel drive And a country boy can survive Country folks can survive I can plow a field all day long I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too Ain’t too many things these ole boys can’t do We grow good ole tomatoes and homemade wine And a country boy can survive Country folks can survive Because you can’t starve us out And you cant makes us run Cuz we're them old boys raised on shotgun And we say grace and we say Ma’am And if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn We came from the West Virginia coalmines And the Rocky Mountains and the and the western skies And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line And
Let's Be Clear (repost)
Let's Be Clear By Jim Kirwan 6-7-11 The last time that the United States Military did anything to actually defend this country was in World War II. Every 'action' after that war was nothing more than a political action in which the US military was nothing more than an armed political force that was assigned to duty in foreign places to underwrite the most criminal of corporate interests which has brought us to this impasse that passes for life in 2011. (1) From Korea to Vietnam, from Vietnam through Grenada and Panama: With side ventures inChileandAfrica, US military forces have been nothing but a bunch of paid thugs assigned to destroy other countries for US Corporate interests. Anyone in a US uniform that has served in Iraq, either in 1991 or in George Bush's illegal invasion and occupation has to know that everything they did there had nothing to do with protecting this country: Because it was always about suppressing t
After A Long Night Making Love
After a long night of making love, the guy notices a photo of another man on the womans nightstand. He nervously asks, Is this your husband? No, silly, she replies, Your boyfriend, then? he continues. No, not at all, she says, Is it your your brother? he inquires, hoping to be reassured. No, no, no! You are so hot when you're jealous! she answers. Well, who is he, then? he demands. She whispers in his ear. That's me before the surgery.
Gotta Snow Cone?
For those of you who have lived in New Mexico , you know how true this is. They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the Santa Fe Plaza . Judge #3 was an inexperienced Chile taster named Frank, who was visiting from Springfield , IL . Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off.. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table, asking for directions to the Coors Light truck, when the call came in. I was assured by the other two judges (Native New Mexicans) that the chili wouldn't be all that spicy; and, besides, they told me I could have free beer during the tasting, so I accepted and became Judge #3." Here are the scorecard notes from the event: CHILI # 1 - MIKE'S MANIAC MONSTER CHILI Judge # 1 -- A little too heavy on the tomato. Amusing kick. Judge # 2 -- Nice, smooth tomato
August 29, 1999.
On August 29, 1999 my beloved Daddy passed away after a long battle with cancer. In the last few years of his life I was his primary caregiver. I've found myself to be in that same position with my mother for the past 2 years. I wouldn't have it any other way, but some days it does get tough. On top of it there's always, daily the fear of my grandson's disease looming in the background. Just a little insight on my frame of mind today. Carry on.
Thirsty, starving for more. Always lacking, closed doors. Either there's a wall or a bridge for me to cross. Both dry. not damp, a reason without a cause. Running through the tunnel, towards the light. It's bound to be there, something has to go right. I can see it, I feel it all the time. It's etched into this soul of mine. It's there, but out of reach. So much to say, with loss of speech. Pounding heart, refusing to burn out. It's so intense, yet, without any doubt. I will not stop, until the light soaks me in. Feels my warmth, absorbs my beauty within.
Going Back To Ventura But My Cursed Mom...
I'm just going to copy and past my fubar and Facebook status here. "Back to Ventura in a few days but my mom washed her car and the water broke her car's windshield! I'm out of money, another stupid Holiday Weekend, haven't heard if my disability be renewed for another year in September, keep tryn get myself killed." My mom is cursed (extreme bad luck) and while watching some homeless teen special on ABC T.V. channel a few nights ago I found out there's a girl that is just like me. The girl said her and her mom have a "twisted love" relationship and after her dad died her mother would drive her on long road trips and they would end up sleeping in the car or in a homeless shelter. When my mom watched that part she turned her head to look at me and she said "That's sounds exactly like me!" and when she said that to me she looked just like my "bat shit crazy" 1st love and I have no problem leaving this life, my mom, my evil relatives, and everything else that I have issues wit
One Hell Of A Fight
Life, What does it all mean? Mine is all to real, praying for a dream? One struggle after another. When is it enough? Fighting back the tears. Holding in the hurt can be rough. Wearing a smile, while dying inside. But, I will keep doing so, regardless of the pain. This is my life, not a game. I have come to far, to cave in now. I will make it through, I always do somehow. My will to survive, runs deeper than myself. It dwells within me, I need it's help. Without it, I would be lost. Not knowing where to go, which bridge to cross. I'm speaking to you life, and I mean every word. Try me, I dare you. A challenge is preferred. I have passed every test, you have thrown my way. I will continue to do so, Until my dying day. What was that, you say? I'm dying tonight. Well I'm in your face, screaming. You're in for a Hell of a fight.
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Like a sinking ship, dragging you down under. I'm worse than the lightning following the thunder. Like the plague, that infected my town. The only path im headed on, is down. It's just my way, it's who I am. Like junk mail, the unwanted spam. That's me, no escaping it, time for me to realize. Nothing but pain and regret, hidden behind these hazel eyes.
Someone Hear Me
Mouth moving, But with no words. Is it so much to ask, To just be heard. I have so much to say, Yet, no one hears a thing. Like a child without a smile, A diamond without a ring. Screaming, At the top of my lungs. I am begging, Please hear me someone.
I Dare You
A dare you say? Yes, those were my words? I can repeat them. If that’s what you prefer? You see, I’m not afraid of you anymore. You can’t hurt me, like you did before. The scars I carry are nothing but a reminder. I no longer look through swollen eyes, I wear no blinders. I see you now for what you truly are. A beast, not a man, just another monster. That little girl you abused in the past. She died where you left her, lying in the shattered glass. A woman takes her place, and she is not afraid. She’s not your servant, punching bag or maid. I am no longer your victim, I have escaped your demon. You’re on the other side now, rotting in prison. You are where you belong, and yes I put you there. Not an ounce of fear within me, regardless of your stare. I will sit on that stand with my head held high. Tell the jury my story of abuse, how I almost died. And for no reason at all, I was merely a child. I wasn‘t bad, didn‘t misbeha
My Body Is Not My Temple
My petite little body, Is my downfall. There is so much more to me, Than something that small. My long golden hair, And ivory complexion. Is just the surface. You’re looking in, The wrong direction. Go past the outside, And see your way in. There is more to me dwelling within. If you’re taken by the outside, Then that’s all you will ever see. You’re missing out, On the most beautiful part of me. For, my body is not my temple, It is my curse. But if that’s all you want, Then it will never be yours.
I'll Find A Way
Death sentence poison inside these veins. What was once pure, only evil remains. Staining it's innocence, by colors of black. Leaving it's mark, En-denting your tracks. Through each an every cell that disappears. You are with me, even in my tears. You drain me dry, take all that you can. I can't fight you back, for you're not a man. You leave me helpless and weak, But my strength will prevail. There is nothing too deep. No obstacle will stand in my way. I will win, I'll find a way.
A What Is The Question
A daughter unwanted, but kept at birth. A slave to many, buried in the dirt. A victim, a prisoner to his ways. A friend stabbed in the heart, then thrown away. A girlfriend, beaten down to size. Praying through swollen eyes. A wife, tossed to the side, forgotten and alone. A mother wise, bitter and strong. A fighter working her way through school. A protector from a world so cruel. A singer, blaring out all her fears. A survivor drowning in tears.
I Shed A Tear
I shed a tear, cause you greeted me with open arms. I shed a tear, cause of a sweet kiss. I shed a tear, cause you touched my heart. I shed a tear, cause you took the time to hear me. I shed a tear, cause i love you. I shed a tear, cause of a dream. I shed a million tears cause it was not meant to be. I shed more tears cause soon the miles will grow between us. I shed not a tear, but a smile knowing you will be a friend for life.
No One's Fool
I love you he said. Next came his fist, upside my head. Not an ounce of love, Did I have for him. I just had fear, And pain, dwelling within. I was a child, With no one who cared. That was my reasoning, For being there. No way out, nowhere to run. No one but me, To depend upon. That’s when I realized, I would have to be strong. Look him in the eye, And carry on. I made it out, It almost cost me my life. I stood tall and spoke out. Shot daggers through his eyes. As he tried to scare his way out. But when they carried him off in handcuffs. There wasn’t any doubt. That I am grown woman now, And I play by my rules. I will never again, Be anybody’s fool.
If Only
I feel you here, You've been here all along. Disguising yourself, waiting for the perfect moment. Infection set in, Injected by the poison you sent. First up then down. Me, my life, my town. Go ahead and smile, it's okay. But I feel you within me each day. Building me up, to be knocked down again. I am playing a game, I can't seem to win. Each time something great makes it's way inside. You show yourself, refusing to hide. Misery and pain, haven't you brought me enough. I can't handle much more, just good at playing tough. I see her face and I know why I am here. Although I feel you, death is near. If I am here one day, then gone the next. Absorb all my presents, my love's depth. For it runs deep, strong and pure. If only it was your love, instead of this disease. I could die knowing there was no cure.
Roselle Park Nj Car Show
venders wanted live entertainment with terriblueeyes and the white liars all so appearing Dj HOT ROD MIKE Saturday, September 17th 2011 4:00-8:00 PM Must Register No Later than 5 PM on September 17th Chestnut St. & Michael J. Mauri Gazebo ParkDirectionsTake Garden State Parkway to exit 137 Roselle Park. Make a left at light (Westfield Avenue). After passing Burger King on your right go to fourth light and make a left at the light onto Chestnut Street. Just before the next light is the Michael J. Mauri Gazebo Park on the right. For more information call Karen Intile at (908) 245-0666
Car Show
VENDERS WANTED LIVE ENTERTAINMENT WITH TERRIBLUEEYES AND THE WHITE LIARS ALL SO ON HAND Dj HOT ROD MIKE Saturday, September 17th 4:00-7:00 PM Must Register No Later than 6 PM on June 11th Must Register No Later than 5 PM on September 17th Chestnut St. & Michael J. Mauri Gazebo ParkDirectionsTake Garden State Parkway to exit 137 Roselle Park.NJ Make a left at light (Westfield Avenue). After passing Burger King on your right go to fourth light and make a left at the light onto Chestnut Street. Just before the next light is the Michael J. Mauri Gazebo Park on the right. For more information call Karen Intile at (908) 245-0666
Someone Who Knows
There are two halves to every whole. Two lives sharing one soul. At the end of every rainbow, lies a pot of gold. Until you reach it? A part of you is gone. Some search a lifetime, never knowing where they belong. When that light shines through? The one made, especially for you. Grab onto it, as tightly as you can. It's a gift, it's yours, it is part of your plan. Don't let it slip away. Don't you dare let it go. Take it from me. Someone who knows.
Under Attack
Lying in bed, tossing around in my sheets. I can feel you, ripping it from my body underneath. It's a pain, you cannot describe. Something unseen, disguised. The pressure is just, to much to bear. What once was strong, is no longerthere. Everyone has a soul, they say. I had one, then threw it away. Now I'm fighting the pain, because I want it back. My heart, my body and my mind, are under attack.
One Day..
The hand on the clock, just won't rewind. Take me back to that, moment in time. To that very second, I let fear shine it's light, down on me and my mind, leaving you behind. You've never left, me from the inside. I know you are with me, but choosing to hide. I understand, really I do. I wish I could, make it up to you. I cannot say, I'm sorry too much. Even though those words, simply aren't enough. To erase what I've done, the hurt within. I can only pray, one day, you'll let me back in.
Things To Do On An Elevator
Things To Do On An Elevator Things to do on an Elevator 1) CRACK open your briefcase or handbag, peer Inside and ask “Got enough air in there?” 2) STAND silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off. 3) WHEN arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act as if you’re embarrassed when they open themselves. 4) GREET everyone with a warm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral. 5) MEOW occasionally. 6) STARE At another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: “You’re one of THEM” - and back away slowly 7) SAY -DING at each floor. 8) SAY “I wonder what all these do?” And push all the red buttons. 9) MAKE explosion noises when anyone presses a button. 10) STARE, grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: “I have new socks on.” 11) WHEN the elevator is silent, look around and ask: “Is that your beeper?” 12) TRY to ma
Nakie Lounge (nsfw)
Taking A Chance
I stand straight, bracing myself I open the door. Letting my heart out for the first time in years. It takes off, beating happily and strong. I chase it and slow it down. Can't run away just yet I tell it quietly. Take it slow and easy. Just enjoy being out and feeling again...
You My Number One Holds The Key
Please don't leave me, alone in this place. Constantly searching, for your face. It's dark and I'm afraid, as, the angels tears fall from the sky. I strayed from my path. I caused them to cry. You see, I sold my soul, to the devil himself. I am responsible, for this heartache myself. PLEASE...I scream, out in fright. Give me one more chance, to make it right. But, the demon cares not, about all that is lost. So, I will pay the Ferryman, whatever the cost. For a single moments time, spent alone with him. In-order to regain my soul, once again. For, ONLY YOU my number ONE, holds the key. And without you, I can never be me.
Killer, Superhero, Army/past
killer- I had a dream someone was killing people right outside my house/parent's house. It uste to be my grandma's house, and there was and old water pump there. Someone would bash the person's head on the water pump. Lots of blood and stuff, but I don't rmember seeing any in the dream actually. I just saw the police inverstigating and talking about it. They were looking at footprints and such figuring out all what happend, and maybe blood too. It's hard to remember. Eventually they came to the conclusion my little brother did it. He said he didn't. I wasn't going to let them take him to jail or anything. I kept the police away from him, and he ran off. I transformed him into a dog after he was out of sight. It seemed the natural thing to do, that way the police wouldn't ever find him. Every christmas he got to turn back into a human, so he could spend it inside with the family and such. I've been having lots of dreams with Brosha in them. She made a brief appearance when chr
Stuff And Words
Just back from London and I have to say I love the Soho Theatre more than ever, now it has moved downstairs to the cabaret space. I did miss Edinburgh Fringe which I unexpectedly fell in love with all over again by NOT doing a one woman show. I am sure I have bored you all about my happy time at Edinburgh. London was buzzing last week and I did miss all my comedy buddies and the vibe of the fringe, but I do also adore Soho and its unique blend of madness. I saw my favourite transvestite, the man who dresses as a milk maid on Saturday but is a traffic warden during the week. The past week in London was cracking fun, me and my pal Shirley caught up with my dear pal Monica and all my circle of pals in my fav city. The last night of Soho run I ended up partying very late and managed a disco night which included some awesome dancing with Bill Murray my favourite American actor – I know how bizarre? He was charming and a pretty good mover! I also met an awesome wee guy call
Do I Fully Understand Fubar, Or Have I Missed Something?
To my knowledge, this is what Fubar is all about: - Visiting lounges: Listening to music, chatting to people and perhaps subscribing to them. - Rating people's profiles and pics from 1-11. - Creating blogs - Buying each other virtual gifts and "blings" or whatever. - Making "Mumms" or whatever they're called. - Chery bombing peoples pics, profiles and albums (whatever that means) - "owning" people. - Pimping people - Decorating your profile. - Buzzkilling poeple or the opposite, getting poeple's buzz meter up. - blocking poeple who don't think you're worth 10. - Shoutboxing people. - Messaging people. - having crushes on people or secretly admiring them (they get to guess who it was) - earning "fu bucks" - getting "fu married" - in a nutshell, is that what this site is majoritively about? Because so far I'm bored to death of it. Rant over, bye.
Two Factors Perform An Vital Part When It Arrives To Pick Your Wedding Dress
The excitement at the rear of thecheap wedding apparelphenomenon is a little something most women undergo. It will be the one specific day of the existence they are already waiting for and as this, once the time is appropriate they go via amazing actions in purchase for being in a placement to come across wedding apparel which they have constantly pictured on their own in. When it arrives to pick one ofwedding dresses, two factors perform an vital part. one is the visionary impression you have and that which you have constantly imagined your wedding dress for being as properly as the other getting what fits your body type. This obviously will be the extra realistic approach, and getting in a placement to combine your views with what's readily available will absolutely make certain that the wedding dress is genuinely unique. The thought at the rear of picking a good wedding dress is the reality that it will need to make you feel, that this specific design and style and suit was mean
Dinos And Rinos
My observatons regarding the Democrat and Republican, or two-party, 'system' The "problems" facing America are ALL, CREATED ones! Because we have: DINO's & RINO's, Democrats & Republicans ONLY when on their campaign trail; Bait & Switch politicians the rest of the time. Were it not for the Democrats & Republicans, America would have NONE of these CREATED problems. There has been NO other party in power for over 50 years, ONLY the two major parties can possibly be responsible! I believe that it MUST be BOTH parties. Can't blame the constitutionalists! "To others it appears that both republicans and democrats have neither the desire, the intelligence, nor the will-power to solve the problems with our government. They simply want to stay in office and enjoy life in the ruling class.' just saying . . .
"tea" Or "tea"? As In 'party' Or 'movement'
Actually, I AM a little pissed-off at the various"Tea" 'parties' & organizations!What I remember FIRST about the "TEA" Party,is that the "TEA" is an 'acronym'; a noun,"a word formed from the initial letter of words ina set phrase, or series of words, ( such as: WAC,from Women's Army Corps, or OPEC. fromOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries,) "And the "TEA" in "TEA PARTY" Stood FOR"Taxed Enough Already"!Since then, these last few years have seen itcome to the point where I've been told:"(I) INVENTED the Tea Party and it has gotNOTHING to do with your silly idea of'taxed enough already!"Today I searched for "TEA"and found,besides the Texas Education Association,over 85million entries for things like, (.com),teapartynation,stlouisteap?arty, cocosteaparty,& teapartygirl. There are theteapartynation,bostonteaparty, teapartyexpress, teapartypatriots,teabook, & teaparty, for ".org". And also NONE of these seem to have a Clue aboutTAXED ENOUGH ALREADY! Thus, the "Tea"
The Fake Life
A Sweet Dream
I had a dream about you last night,oh how everything seemed so right...together we were having so much fun,somewhere underneath the summer sun...seeing your bright smile so clear to me,with your eyes so beautiful as can be...Imagination running wild and free,a magical dream so real to hold you close and feel your love,was so tender and sweet from above...I did not want to wake and have it end,this dream I had of a dear friend...Is it wrong to feel this way,about a dream that occurs every other day...touching my soul playing with my mind,happiness I'm searching for and hoping to find...
If I Am What You Love And Want Guess It Wasnt Me When It Ran Out So Did You
Moe theres NO other way for me to tell you how much i love. And just how much that love scares me. Understand Moe that people fool and play people for a living. Those people are paid not to be sensitive or care about the out come of the people they hurt. And anyone who does this should and probably will recieve the greatest in punishments from GOD! People like myself that trust in people like this and fall in love get hurt bad. Making it hard to believe in someone again. See I'm not as strong as I use to be ! And you are my life! And if you leave me I have no life. I'm not young therefore with out you nothing will matter to me anymore. I wont try to find another love because If i ever lose you It will be the end of my life. Everything that has happened between us and all the set backs in you not being able to come for me run in the same pattern as people who scam people! The events that you plan with these kind of people will never be. So look this first u couldn't cash check. then tim
Forever My Nightmare
True Love Will Always Be True
You Used Me
you used me you lied to me and every time you said you were getting extra money there was always excuse why you couldnt help me i never even ask you you to pay me back I did what I did for the so called fake business and our so called life of love together. point of the matter is there was always an excuse the check from the man you could'nt cash then when you could the machine caught on fire then the part cost all the check the you go to get part with the last money i had in my life on the promise you would pay it back in three days. but i think you took family on vacation. You say you assembled the MACHINE THEN YOU HAVE HEART ATTACK, THEN I SEE YOU ON CAM AT YOUR WORK, AND YOU JUST DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANYTHING I WAS GOING THROUGH WE BREAK UP THE YOU TELL ME ABOUT FOOT AND WILL SEND THE MONEY THEN BACK AND SAY CANT WORK SIX MONTHS AND THE FACTORY DIDNT WORK COS LEG NOW TELL ME ALL THIS SHIT IS TRUE THEN FAX ME ALL RECEIPTS YOU SHOULD BE FUCKIN ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR USING WOMEN LI
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Such Sweet Lies
Life Has Never Promised You Anything...Nor has God...But People Did..Some said they will never leave you..LieSome said they will love you till death..LieSome said you are the most precious one..LieLife is made of such sweet Lies...All that matters is, How You Faced the time you Finally Realized Those were just Lies...
Pain is painPain is miserable gloryPain stainsLike a sad storyMy pain is miseryLike stinging cutsMy pain controls me.Can you hear itThe sound of my painYou can at least feel itIt's like the presence of rainI hate feeling this wayNeglected and usedBeing emotionally abused.....
Go With Love
Cheryl today I am happy in my life and contrary to some opinionated people in this world who think they're word is Gods words and Gods laws. I say to you did God whisper those words to you in the Middle of the night. Are they your own words. Or are we reciting from a book that has been touched by man throughout many lifetimes? I say to you now the only way to be 100% you are not wrong is to be 100% correct. And unless you were a scholar in the days it words were written and indeed contributed into those writings then i doubt very seriously you could be 100% right. Unless you yourself is the creator of this universe. LOVE everyone no matter race color religion or beliefs. Be kind to yourself and others. Always try to speak the truth as you think it to be. Remember what is right for you is not right for everyone else so before you speak choose your words carefully in order not to hurt their feelings. and most of all if you have nothing nice to say about someone. I find that it is best f
[one Year Later]
Still angry. But hey, at least my back doesn't hurt. I can honestly say that the last 365 days have been a blur of prescription pills, aches, stiffness, and non prescription hooch. I don't miss a single one of those days. I don't feel the anger was wasted energy. Misguided. Or unjustified. I don't think that position will change any time soon. What am I gonna do about it? What can I? Its up to every whim of every other asshole. That is all. I'm not sorry to disappoint.
With A Broken Heart
So Much Pain Behind Those EyesBut Still They Don't Speak Out,Don't Let NO-ONE Know What They Feel ?What They Want From Others ?How Do They Live Their Life ?Why Do They Live Their Life ?But Still Cry 0ut In Pain AndMove On With A Broken Heart...
Im Sorry
I M Sorry For Thinking Of You So Very MuchI M Sorry I Always Miss Your TouchI M Sorry Of Being So Mad About YouI M Sorry For My Every BlueI M SorrNow That Cant Be Cured...I M Sorry Of y Of Being So ImmatureI M Sorry Being MyselfI M Sorry That Ive FailedI M Sorry And Sorry AgainI M Sorry Of Being Insane\But Believe Me That I Love You! Should I Say Sorry For That Too ???
What A Fool In Love Believes
There's pain in my heart ♥♥ that won’t let me live...There's pain in my life ♥♥ only you can relief...I'm so glad it was you ♥♥ that stayed by my side...You know and I know that ♥♥ our love will never die...Our love will always come through♥ It's like a dream come true... ♥ ♥ I believed in that dream and I believed in you. Until you used me and walked out of my life turning the dream into a nightmare. Knowing now that your love was never there
I Miss You
Am I Mad? No Im Dying
"Am I mad at you?.. That's your main concern after shattering my whole world into pieces? Mad For what? ..for breaking my heart? All the turmoils b/w me and you? Maybe for letting me put all my trust in you only to be betray the decency to tell me to my face?? how about the fact that you didn't even care the way you think its crazy that I'm crying over it, cause you think breaking up is no big deal? Am I mad? No. more like crushed. Did I ever even really know you?" "I hope that you're ok even though I'm dying." (-_-)
Just A Little Reminder...
so i'm really getting tired of bitches lately. lol. i'd rather know how you REALLY feel about me than have you be fake to my face. have some respect for YOURSELF and quit being a backstabbing, shit talking, two faced, dick chasing, fucking emo whore. you just make females look bad. i mean seriously. this is a GAME. if it pisses you off that the "boy" you like is talking to me or some other fucking chick that isn't to him...don't hate the girl. [vice versa for guys.] cuz more than likely the other person thinks they're the "special one" and they have no fucking idea you're even in the picture. JUST FUCKING SAYING! holy fuck. grow some fucking nuts and stop being caddy. and if you think i DON'T are sadly mistaken. i am a strong believer in the saying "keep your friends close and your frenemies closer." have a fabulous week. xoxo
Raped Molested Abducted And Abandoned: Love And Life
People Are To Be Loved Things To Be Used Subject: Life And Love
Because of you today I still cry. Weeks have passed by another has entered my life but today i still cry. Theres a memory in my heart of a love I thought once real. One i finally felt i didnt have to steal. One that made me believe in A BETTER PLACE A BETTER WORLD A HAPPIER LIFE I TOOK ALL THIS IN STRIFE. I honestly never thought you would lie love to use me for money. My only disbelief in you was other women. I always felt there would come a day when like Jane I would lose you to someone else. Well i now know that you used me for the money you never love me and a year of my life i waisted loving you real watching my life pass me by . today i still cry, I had the only chance in my life to be with the man i have loved for almost three years and will love for the rest of my life. For you some one who lied and today i still cry . I loved you so much i gave up the first man i ever fell in real love with because i believed in you and i believed in your love for me. You blind
As Tall As Cliffs...
Holy sweet goddamn where do I begin? So she never made it to my b-day. Not a word she wasn't coming. Not only was I hurt, I was embarrassed. Everyone kept asking me where she was. I didn't know what to say. Two months go by and finally she speaks. As I read this apologetic e-mail she sent, I couldn't help but cry. I couldn't be mad. I've wanted to be for all the time that has gone by, but I'm stupid. I fucking love that girl so much. What should I do? I'm lost and might need a couple days to think about it all.
homologate \huh-MOL-uh-geyt\verb; 1. To approve; confirm or ratify. 2. To register (a specific make of automobile in general production) so as to make it eligible for international racing competition.
It is right to give every man his due. - Plato
Astronomers Discover Planet Made Of Diamond
(Reuters) - Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard. The new planet is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense,juicy couture scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond. "The evolutionary history and amazing density of the planet all suggest it is comprised of carbon -- i.e. a massive diamond orbiting a neutron star every two hours in an orbit so tight it would fit inside our own Sun," said Matthew Bailes of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Lying 4,000 light years away, or around an eighth of the way toward the center of the Milky Way from the Earth, the planet is probably the remnant of a once-massive star that has lost its outer layers to the so-called pulsar star it orbits. Pulsars are tiny, dead neutron stars that are only around 20 kilometers (12.4 m
New Study Confirms Sea Lice Killing Salmon
A new Simon Fraser University-related study confirms sea lice from salmon farms are compromising wild fish populations. It is based on the most comprehensive examination of sea lice from salmon farms and wild salmon dynamics in B.C. to date. “I don’t know if I would go so far as to call our study seminal,” says SFU researcher Brendan Connors,juicy couture a postdoctoral fellow in SFU’s School of Resource and Environmental Management (REM). “But it shows that once you consider all the available information, there is support for a negative relationship between lice on farms and the productivity of adjacent pink and coho salmon populations. Contrary to the previous study (known as Marty et al. 2010), we conclude B.C. economies and ecosystems that depend on wild salmon would benefit from management and policy designed to minimize louse transmission from farmed to wild salmon.” Larry Dill (SFU biology professor emeritus), who supervised Connors doctor
Hot Squirting 都ummer Sirens Steam Up My Womb Room
radio8-27-11 Length:97:49 minutes Date: 8/27/11 The irresistible seductive power of the ancient Greek Sirens was said to have driven many a haplessly horny sailor to shipwreck off the rocky coast of their island. But these mythological femme fatales pale in comparison to my real-life Summer Sirens—porn stars, poets, hookers and webcam girls—who push the temperature of this super steamy episode of The Dr. Susan Block Show right on up through the Womb Room roof, stripping, sucking and squirting up a sizzling hot tropical storm. It’s Holy Water, Brothers & Sisters! It’s good for the skin, not to mention the libido—and the soul. And no, I don’t mention my cyber woes once during this amazing, invigorating, hot wet show! Who can think of anything bad when surrounded by seductive sirens like these? Featured Guests Destiny Dixon: Multi-talented, independent erotic entrepreneur, international webcam model and one of the world’s most
How To Buy A Cheap Wedding Dress
Every bride wants to purchase a beautifulwedding dresses, The price of a fabulous gown could not be the price that everyone who can afford to but it . But there is a way to help you get a glamorous bridal gown without spending too much money. how to buy aCheap wedding dresses,or aDiscount wedding dresses?for many bridals this a big problem.Read on this article and you will get the answer.It is suggesred to start your purchase list from local stores. You will find many retailers offering wedding dresses you really want.such asCheap Maternity Wedding Dresses,A-Line Wedding Dresses,Cheap Couture Wedding Dresses,Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses,Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses,Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses,Cheap Modest Wedding Dresses, and so on. If you have no idea about what to buy, you can discuss your needs with the salesperson in these shops to find a proper dress.If you budget is not very plenty,do some research and you will get equally glamorous attires for less money at discount shops. Y
Battle Is Won, But War Just Begun: Anna Hazare Tells Supporters
The crusader in him is not ready to rest yet - this was Anna Hazare's message to the overflowing Ramlila Maidan crowds after he broke his fast on Sunday. A day after Anna announced his next mission - a nationwide tour to ensure that no tainted leader gets elected to the next Lok Sabha - the 74-year-old Gandhian said his next target was electoral reforms. He added that the fight for the Jan Lokpal Bill, too, was far from over. "I have only suspended my agitation. I will not rest until all the changes that I want are achieved," he said to a thunderous applause from 85,000 supporters who had been thronging Ramlila Maidan since the morning. He said his fight would now be for the right to recall and right to reject. "We have to reform our electoral system. You should be able to reject your candidate on the ballot paper. air yeezy If the majority says they do not like any of the candidates in the fray, the election should be cancelled. How much money they (candidates) will distribute? Once
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Wrapup 1-last Throes Of Libya War Focus On Sirte
Libyan rebel forces were converging on Muammar Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte on Monday, hoping to deliver the coup de grace of their revolution but uncertain if the fallen strongman was holed up there. The fugitive Gaddafi's exact whereabouts where still not known and it was possible he was still in hiding in Tripoli, five days after it fell to rebel forces and his 42-year-old reign collapsed. NATO war planes struck at Sirte, on the Mediterranean coast, for a third day on Sunday, a spokesman for the multi-national alliance said in Brussels. "We're paying close attention to what's happening in Sirte because we know that there are remnants of the regime that are there," the spokesman said. On the ground, gucci outlet rebel forces also closed in and said they would seize Sirte by force if negotiations for its surrender failed. Gaddafi was born near Sirte, 450 km (300 miles) east of Tripoli, in 1942 and after he seized power in 1969 he built it up from a sleepy fishing village into an import
Keep Hot In Winter Along With North Face Down Jackets For You
If it is about the exterior, you will need to correctly layer a person's clothes influenced by weather conditions. Good layering results in being even more beneficial when you Buy North Face Fleece Jackets can be found in the outdoors over the cold weather or possibly winter months. Many outdoor fans love them all because they present warmth, can be sporty, with been built from recycled equipment. These jackets along with other clothing coming from North Face are widely known for their ease and durability. These are fully functional -- coming from walking on cold days to snow boarding, they are also quite fashionable. North Face is usually a San Francisco based mostly company which were established on 1968. Douglas Tompkins and Wang Happ are 2 hiking collectors who was consequently passionate about mountaineering that they offer their own small-scale mountaineering a local store. They Buy North Face Fleece Jackets intended, made, together with sold technological mountainee
Insist On Your Wedding Favours When You Buy Your Wedding Dresses
If you're a bride-to-be and possess found what you consider would be the perfectwedding dressesfor that reception, then you're being congratulated. Couples take several hours and several hours to search through literally hundreds of options, and so are so overcome that they are likely to seem like they'll never decide! But if you have a look at people beautifulCheap wedding dresses, are you currently certain they'll express your true personality and easily fit into well while using d??ィ?cor and theme from the reception? Even the most wonderful store-bought wedding souvenirs should have some type of personal touch added to be fit a bad tone from the wedding and to be special and various only to you. So how would you bring that personal touch for the favors, without trading several hours of energy just before the big day and needing to break your allowance? You will discover really a few easy techniques that you should start transporting this out. Couples choose personalization uti
Something On My Mind!!!
The thing is this, I am a single female, 29 years old, and I can't seem to find anyone out there to be with. I am a nice girl, and yes I am a bbw, but I know that if someone out there would just get to know me, then they would see that I am a great person to be around. I seem to wear my heart on my sleeve, and there are a lot of men out there who take advantage of that. I know now that if I want to find someone, then I need to be more agressive in my search to find someone new to be with. I can't just sit around and wait for someone to come to me!!!
What Comes Around
What Comes Around I saw my first true love just the other day, I said "Hello" to her but she just walked away. I told her I missed her, and asked if she still cared she looked at me and said "Why should I?, when I needed you the most you weren't there." I didn't know what to say, or if there was anything to say at all Although I had feelings for her, for me out of love she would fall. Right then everything I always wanted suddenly came to a crashing halt now I'm counting the many ways it was all my fault. I didn't know I hurt her so bad I didn't even give it a thought I should've known that love and respect were the only things you ever sought. Later on I realized without me your life would simply carry on, now I
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From My Dear Friend Elcool43
Annette's turn 8/28/2011Tonight, my friend, something said, "Write for Annette."To write, and bend, words with true sincerity, I'll bet,Is not easy on such a whim, so through the hours, I SetOut to make these words undim and fly to Sweet Annette.A music Lover, 'tis true, she'll send a dream on to you,Within a night, with songs and words she felt true blue.Now, this girl's a lady and lovely, through and through,She'll ring your soul with dreams and things, all so new.The Soul's loved friendship is built within these dreams,A wondrous tapestry she fills 'tis true and so it seems,A night to deeply move an honored soul to great extremes,So tantalizing her mind, kind and true, discerning scenes.To end this paean, I think..Will not cause me to sink,To my knees, awed by this lady, modestly to soon drinkThe draught of morn apace, that soon can place a blinkUpon the eye of a wandering descendant of missing Link.Ummmm!It is completely my own, with your inspiration.I've tried to capture you somew
My Music
Are We At Risk???
2022, A great deal of energy will be released upon the earth that will all but destroy it unless we can band together and fight off the onslaught that is coming. By 2021 we will have been contacted by an entity only know as a single digit in our numeric system but known throughout the universe as a life consuming race. This race will have unparralel information technology that will need the best and brightest mind to be able to understand how to detect the race's computer language along with being able to hack their systems. If we don't have these capabilities by this date, it might be too late.
Manning On A Week 1 Comeback: 訴知 Right In The Middle Of It
The Indianapolis Colts' recent acquisition of formerly retired veteran quarterback Kerry Collinshad a lot of Colts fans wondering if Peyton Manning'srecovery from neck surgery would allow him to start the season — and continue his amazing streak of never missing a game from 1998 through 2010. During the Colts' 24-21 Week 3 preseason loss to the Green Bay Packerson Friday, Manning talked with CBS sideline reporter Sam Ryan and have a more hopeful diagnosis than many might have imagined. "I'm right in the middle of it — working very hard every single day," he said. "My trainers and weight coaches have done a tremendous job helping me, and I'm really putting them to work … I have some more left to do, and I still have some time, and I'm going to use that time. At the appropriate time, I think I'll know what the right decision is, and with the help of Coach [Jim] Caldwell, I'll make that decision, and we'll go from there." Ryan noticed Manning talking to Collins thr
For The Rare And Radiant Maiden Whom The Angels Named Lenore...
..nevermore. As cellphone communication is getting restored, Ive been able to contact most of my people in NC. As it turns out, I have recieved word that I lost an immediate family member during the hurricane, early evening yesterday. Im just putting this out there so others may understand that my tolerance may not be parralel to those removed from the situation. I appreciate all the well wishes that were expressed beforehand, and hope that all those that were affected in its wake will recover soonly. All those that jeered and wished us dead, no need to bother, whats said has been said. I cant expect the whole world to be tactful or empathetic, and I respect their right to express their true feelings. I ask that you all please do not adorn my page with fubar gratuities, but just simply keep my family in your thoughts during this time. As the roads become passable over the next few days, I will be traveling there to help with arrangements. Until then, I'll reflect, I'll seek dive
The Package
Clever got me this far Then tricky got me in Eye on what i'm after I don't need another friend Smile and drop the cliche 'Till you think I'm listening I take just what I came for Then I'm out the door again Peripheral on the package Don't care to settle in Time to feed the monster I don't need another friend Comfort is a mystery Crawling out of my own skin Just give me what I came for, then I'm out the door again Lie to get what I came for Lie to get just what I need Lie to get what I crave Lie and smile to get what's mine Eye on what i'm after I don't need another friend Nod and watch your lips move If you need me to pretend Because clever got me this far Then tricky got me in I'll take just what I came for Then I'm out the door again Lie to get what I came for Lie to get what I need now Lie to get what I'm craving Lie and smile to get what's mine Give this to me Mine, mine, mine Take what's mine Mine, mine, mine Take what's mine Mine, mine, mine
As an ex-professional photographer I know it's possible to take a 6 and turn them into a 10 simply by having them stand up straight. If you want to know what perfect posture is then find a blank wall, stand with your back to the wall. Your heels, bum, shoulder blades and head should all touch the wall. Now pull your shoulders back so that they are inline with your ears. This was taught to me by a physiotherapist friend while I was recovering from a ruptured disk in my back. I know it will feel weird at first but it will become your natural posture over time. Proper posture will flatten the tummy somewhat and make the chest appear bigger.
What Happened?
What Happened? Who said life would be easy? Who said life would be fair?, I found out just the opposite when I woke up one morning and you weren't there. It happened all of the sudden it came from out of the blue now I'm standing here but it's without you. I thought I had it all I couldn't ask for anything more I treated our love like I deserved it and something not worth fighting for. I always took for granted all the things you did for me I was blind to what I was doing to you or maybe I just didn't want to see. Now I'm standing here with my suitcase in my hands and so begins my journey in that far away, nowhere land. What awaits me is a mystery
YOU SHOULD, introduce your upper lip to your bottomlip and shut the fuck up.
Hahahaha Just For Fun!!!!!!
Alright i know this is old but i thought i would revive it for some fun. This is hilarious!!!! Please Don't spoil the fun, and keep it going............ Type out the sentence you end up with in UR STATUS!!!Pick the month you were born:January-------I kickedFebruary------I lovedMarch----------I karate choppedApril------------I lickedMay------------I jumped onJune-----------I smelledJuly------------I did the Macarena WithAugust--------I had lunch withSeptember----I danced withOctober-------I sang toNovember-----I yelled atDecember-----I ran overPick the day (number) you were born on:
Just A Little Joke I Know!
Two rednecks decided that they weren't going anywhere in life and thought they should go to college to get ahead. The first goes in to see the counselor, who tells him to take Math, History, and Logic. "What's logic?" the first redneck asks. The professor answers by saying, "Let me give you an example. Do you own a weedwacker?" "I sure do." "Then I can assume, using logic, that you have a yard, " replied the professor. "That's real good!" says the redneck. The professor continues, "Logic will also tell me that since you have a yard, you also own a house." Impressed, the redneck says, "Amazin!" "And since you own a house, logic dictates that you have a wife." "That's Betty Mae! This is incredible!" The redneck is obviously catching on. "Finally, since you have a wife, logically I can assume that you are heterosexual, " said the professor. "You're absolutely right! Why that's the most fascinatin' thing I ever heard! I cain't wait to take that logic class!!" The redneck,
Points To Ponder
Mumm posters are so lame lately...comment approval, blocking after you call them a whore...sheeesh THEN one of them posts on my page ....ew. Now what I really wanted to mumm about 1. I have sleep apnea, and a patient at work was telling me that he used to have horrid insomnia before he used his machine, I told him that even with mine I often still couldn't sleep so I stopped using it Well, he yelled at me for about 20 minutes and made me promise to wear it. He said in abot 4-6 weeks I will sleep like a baby andwake up feeling refreshed. We'll see. Stupid darth vader contraption 2. The wedding I went to was delightful. The girls from work are so much fun!! 3. I have a verbose adversary, and he is intellectually stimulating, but he's chicken.
The Power Behind The Pain
Where there is pain there is power power to fall, power to hurt, power to survive Where there is power there is pain pain of holding on, pain of letting go interchangeable, irrevocable ultimately contradict-able the power, the pain, the source Love
Dont Know
haha i am so bored
Not-so-fresh feeling. Between stale air and week old smoke. call it a rash of the mind, an itch you can't scratch without a nail. Stretched like crucifix, nailed like Jenna. Counting the bumps in the ceiling. Afterglow just aint what it used to be. Can't find the beat. Can't find the line. Can't fight the wall. Wall cheats. Wall wins. Counting the bumps in the ceiling. Melting into the floor. Can't find the line. can't find the line. tastes like blue. dead in the corner ink in the vein can't find the line. Pretty patterns coming down. Numbers angles murmors lost all meaning. Can't find the line. Can't taste the metal. Down. All the way. It's warm. It's quiet. Can't sleep. Can't stop the fire. Everything. Everywhere. Can't find the line. Can't sleep. Can't find the line. Can't make the still. Can't find the line.
why do juggalos get all the blame from the cops. they call us a gang when we aint a gang we a family who just like to hear rock and anything to do with psychopathic records and drink faygo and yea get drunk to but we aint hurting anyone come on now. but cops like to say oh they are going around makeing trouble. no we aint we stick to our selfs . and have a fun time thats all i got to say on this
personalia \pur-suh-NEY-lee-uh\noun; 1. Personal details such as biographical data, reminiscences, or the like. 2. Personal belongings.
I own and operate a ferocious ego. - Bill Moyers
You Need A Skirt Type Swimsuit On Summer
Summer how can be less a cute swimwear_Skirt type swimsuit_Tankini swimsuit. Sweet, small calico, bowknot, dot cake bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt. Invincible fashion, sexy, elegant sports apparel, let you in clear water as clever, such as mermaid at ease. The cloth with unified whole body suit to emphasize the consistency of the day is over now, and mix build a swimwear collocation fashion. Little red vest, collocation LanGong stripes, of different and unification, the swimsuit is to let more lovely sleeves. Bikini design have the limit, change is limited, skirt type can be close to infinite swimwear_Skirt type swimsuit_Tankini swimsuit fashion, some fashionable and beautiful styles can even put on the street, magic? The upper body design, proper bikini showing skin, below the waist design is changed to skirt outfit, effectively cover up belly. Skirted swimwear is chic, adorable, and functional! Choose from our large collection of skirted bathing suits which includes sw
One Piece Swimwear ィc Make You More Comfortable And Confident
Summer Fisher is an Australian designer, photographer, stylist and former model who has her own swimwear and clothing line “Busy Summer”. She enjoys sharing her knowledge about fashion, modeling, health & beauty and designing for the fashion conscious 。」 Now in fact women often feel more comfortable and confident, therefore omitting more sex appeal in a One piece swimwear . This season it’s all about details and embellishments. The higher end one-pieces tend to look more “bling” than bland with beading, sequins and studs. Rings, buckles, bows and ruffles also give suits a retro style. Keep a look out for suits with asymmetrical detailing like big rings or buckles on only one hip or shoulder. One piece swimwear is back in fashion as women all over the world are realizing that modesty doesn’t have to mean zero sex appeal. Modern one-piece swimsuits have come a long way from knitted wool talks of the 1920′s. The runways of Paris reveal we h
Moving To New Horizons.
Well this is it, I’m moving on the 31st and I won’t have the phone on until the 5th then 10 days after that I will be back online I’m hoping it will happen sooner but who knows. Now I had a few ideas for things to do... I know I need to finish my book and a few other stories and poems and I also wanted to start a video rant since that seems like fun lol... but what do you think? I got my clothes packed and the small things get done tomorrow and dammmmmmmmm it’s so close to moving day ya'll lol... I can’t wait... I am going to miss you all but I still got my mobile so I won’t vanish forever lol... most times I will be logged into msn but I will try for yim every now and then ^_^ What else.... OH I was thinking of taking a barista class to get my coffee making skills up lol... but we will see ^_^ I don’t know who is going to read this so you know... have a good one and keep safe... I love my Chelle Belle ^_^ And I will be back :P
Old Flame
6:26pm PST Yes, as you may have noticed I usually time stamp something I start typing out. It's been a habit of mine since I started an old blog when I was 15, but it has closed down since then. So anywho, I went out with my friends last night. I got a phone call out of the blue. I hadn't seen my ex since January even though the last time we actually spoke was in February. I thought it would've been somewhat awkward since there was quite a bit of weirdness when we last spoke. Anywho, his birthday is on Monday. He is going to be 34. Yes, I know he's still young. He always puts himself down. I don't know why though. He was telling me how he missed me but didn't want to be in a relationship because he feels he has nothing to offer. If he didn't have anything to offer, then I wouldn't have been with him the time I was. One look at him last night reminded me he is still the same guy I last spoke to, though I noticed there was a sparkle in his eye when he saw me. I haven't rea
Dildo In The Park - M4w - 27 (rochester)
Looking for the girl that dildo'd my butt in the park at 3am... email me and tell me something about that night. I wasn't there and could tell you something about that night. She dildo'd your butt. Ta-da!
Guess it's time to update this sh*t... Shoulder isn't doing any better, in fact, the problem has seemingly spread to my lower back as well. I go to see the Dr (#8 I think) in a couple of days. I'm sick of it...I'd give anything to be better, to be able to feel normal again. I hate being in pain, the headaches when I haven't taken my medicine, the drugged up feeling sometimes that makes it feel like I'm drunk. Even now the pain brings me to the brink of tears. I just don't know what to do anymore. All of the pain, pinches, stabbing...shoot even breathing, laughing, and sneezing are painful at times. This Dr is going to refer me to another specialist so I can be re-re-(however many it is)-re evaluated. More physical therapy, drugs, shots, and who knows what else are in the future. Excuse me if I all of a sudden disappear or if I'm logged in but don't answer. It's difficult to sit or stand for too long. I have trouble sleeping and sometimes if I get at all comfy I doze off by accide
Hh Summary
HH was fun, thanks to everyone who rated and polished and left comments and bombed. A special thanks to Passion's Fire. Because of the huge bonus today, Rayna got over 18mil in points and can level twice. :D She needs 25 fans, sooooo if you're feeling kind, please fan her. Thank you.
Shadows Of The Nexus
i end up, losing my own sanity stuck inside me, slowly rising is a demon, searching for its freedom... I end up, stuck in my mind, he slowly starts to take the rines I FEEL THE SHADOWS WASH OVER ME BUT THERES NOTHING I CAN DO TO BRAKE FREE OF THIS LIFE WHICH I CAN'T GRASP I FEEL THE SHADOWS OF THE END WASHING OVER ME LIKE I CAN'T BREATH CAN ANYONE SAVE ME CAN ANYONE.... I end up, looking at my past trying to figure out what could have led to this crack Inside, its always there and slowly it is getting worse but now the voices lurch over me egging me begging me to release I FEEL THE SHADOWS WASH OVER ME BUT THERES NOTHING I CAN DO TO BRAKE FREE OF THIS LIFE WHICH I CAN'T GRASP I FEEL THE SHADOWS OF THE END WASHING OVER ME LIKE I CAN'T BREATH CAN ANYONE SAVE ME CAN ANYONE.... ITS COMING DOWN THE CLOCK WINDLES DOWN AND IM ON THE LAST PAGE (OF THE NOTE) ITS COMING DOWN IT'S COMING DOWN ONCE AGIAN.... i feel the pain slowly reside as the d
Teresa's Spotlight Entry's
I ave been wondering how long and what i would take to start healing from the loss of my son.....I have the feeling i am on the way to starting on the journey......turns out all i needed was a good bottle of whiskey some beer and to get mad enough to try and break my arm with my shed....the problem i still have is anger management and the total lack of a reason or desire to love anything.....i include my rl friends and family in this...i feel like i have been shut out left in the cold and with indifference but oh well.....gonna drown in a bottle again and try not to go postal or hurt myself smacking things so if i dont answer right away just figure i either am busy breaking something or i went to sleep!!!!
Cemical Priestess...
The Decaying Filth
I looked beyond your flesh Your painted eyes and face Your grossly adorned ears, tongue,hand, and neck Your clothing that is nothing but a public display of a whore Your dyed hair attempting to make you look younger and exotic You disgust me You are no better than the whore on the street Full of seed from men Vagina stretched and mangled from the sick fucks that would fill you Your breath of rotting flesh You display no integrity No loyalty No fealty No devotion And no love You fuck anything that moves Anyone that spends thousands of dollar upon you Anyone that dolls you up You may not fuck them, but you're a whore just like the one on the street You tell me to trust you You tell me you won't lie to me You tell me that you love me Hah! You love nothing but your own demoralized, self-loathing I deserve true, unrequited, love Devotion, trust, loyalty, fealty, Adoration, and caring compassion Not the filth of this world you wallow in. ----- FSI
Here 4 Today(poem)
hold on to the worldly possession. when youre dead where the uhaul truck. even the clothes they bury you in should they have put them on Wood box place in dirt and rock put into the earth.Like a dead seed cause it can't grow.cemetery is just a parking lot for corpses of course is worthless.From which we came from we retrun for a price. The sumpreme call remember what you did worng did anyone cry when you gone.But life goes on they life go on Some one buy youre house some one esle with youre wife. Some one rises youre kids If you never lived you wont know?
Our Place Lounge And Bar
come join me dj slow in the hottest new lounge on fubar........ OUR PLACE where all requests are played and genres are unlimited....come have a drink on me and listen to the hottest jams known to man
Not Much To Say...
nuff said
An Old Farmer Wrote To His Son In Prison.
An old farmer wrote to his son in prison." This year I won't be able to plant potatoes because I can't dig the ground, I know if you were here u would help me."The son wrote: " Dad don't think of digging the ground because that's where I buried the guns "Police reads the letter and the very next day, the whole ground was dug by police looking for guns but nothing was found.The next day the son wrote again " Now plant your potatoes dad, it's the best I could do from here!!!!♥
Tips For Fast Points On Fubar
I decided to write this blog with the intention and hope of helping fellow Fubar members with getting points to help them level up a little quicker. Keep in mind that now there are other requirements for leveling. This blog will just focus on the points. What is Fubar?-----------------In short, Fubar is a game and a popularity contest. It may come as a surprise (sarcasm), but you'll find that usually women with NSFW photos will be at the higher levels. That's because men will buy them bling, VIP's, etc that enable them to level with minimal effort on their part. Also people who purchase God Mode blings for themselves everyday will be at higher levels as well. If you don't want to buy God Mode blings and are not a female with NSFW photos, you'll find that it takes a great deal of time and effort to gather points needed to level. I've learned of a few ways to help ease the time it takes to get points. Keep in mind, using these techniques will not help you get to level 50 over night. It
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To The Know Who You Are
You called me the strong one, and I know this is true. You have helped me so much. I'm so blessed to have you. You have inspired me, in so many ways. I will look forward, and try my hardest to regain those days. The ones we shared, the emotions involved. I know it's not going to be easy, to be resolved. I was afraid and, shut you out. I couldn't believe the truth, I had my doubts. It never happens that way for me, no one has ever loved me so easily. But you do, and I'm sorry. I know that now. I hope you find your way back to me, somehow. Until that times comes, I am grateful just the same. To have ever had the pleasure, of simply knowing your name.
Thank You Mom
I received a message, from out of the blue. It said I was surfing the web, then I found you. My intention wasn't, to hurt you like that. Tears formed as I, thought back. You were probably sitting in church, putting on your little act. Not wondering for one second, where your little girl was at. You never meant to you say, well you did just the same. The only thing you have ever give me, is my name. Although I do not claim it, and I never will again. You made sure of that, way back when. I was a scared little girl, needing you so. I'm a grown ass woman now, it's time to let go. Of you, and the pain, you are responsible for. I will never again, walk through that door. I don't need to know why, you would expose me to such. I needed you then, but now, not so much. Your granddaughter, will never know you, she will never feel my pain. Everything I suffered and lost, will be her gain. I guess I should be thanking you, for everything you have done. Because
Kokoro No Tomo
Anata Kara Kurushimo O Ubaeta Sono Toki Watashi Nimo Ikiteyuku Yuuki Nga Waite Kuru Hidup Ku Hampa Tanpa Diri Mu Sepi Merasuk Dalam Jiwa Ku Peluk Diri Ku Genggam Tangan Ku Rasakan Cinta Ku Ai Wa Itsumo Rarabai Tabi Ni Tsukareta Toki Tada Kokoro No Tomo To Watashi O Yonde Senyuman Mu Bahagia Mu Jadi Satu Itu Luka Ku Dan Ku Simpan Dalam Hati Ku Rasa Ini Tak Akan Mati Shisuka Ni Mabuta Tojite Kokoro No Doa O Hiraki Watashi O Tsukandara Namida Huite Belaian Cinta Ku Kan Selalu Temani Saat Engkau Lelah Karna Aku Ada Untuk Mu
Shes My Angel Here On Earth
Hello all. It took me 32 yrs to find my special someone. But I am so glad i finally found her. I never would of guessed that she would be from Spain. But the lord workes in mysterious ways. I feel like the luckiest man alive. I've never felt a love like this b4. I want to go to the highest mountain top and yell it as loud as i can "I Love u Kelly" u r my missing puzzle piece. I will never hurt u or ever let u go. U r my Angel sent from Heaven. I can only hope everyone will find the true love that i have been blessed to find. Later ya'll
Our Wish
Mmm good morning baby, Oh how I wish to roll over and find you here, your warmth on my skin your voice in my ear. I love you so much more everyday, someday you'll be here forever to stay.
We stopped by a building as my daughter got out of the car. The building was called 'Phillips' as she stood in front of the door. Eyes big as saucers, she smiled ear to ear like the cat in Alice in wonderland. That moment, seeing her smile, was priceless. The building was a college dormitory. The event was her first day on campus. I guess a tear should have came to my eye but instead it was replaced by a wry smile on my face as the inside of my soul was filled with joy. She was finally on her own. The first day of college is usually filled with long lines and complete chaos of bodies and furniture and parents still telling their grown up kid what to do. However, for me, it was filled with smiles, joy, and laughter because i was nothing more than a tag along! I waited in line with my daughter for the different things she needed and asked her where she had to go next. She figured every thing out. The only thing I did was buy her lunch and of course, payed for her
8-26-2011 Night Of Dreams
So, weird. I had a dream my step-sister told me about how she had anal sex. The guy licked her asshole first, then stuck it in. It was a casual conversation where she was talking about different movies and such. I also had a dream I was in school or something. But at the beach. The bathrooms were totally gross and full of shit. I had to poop, but couldn't because of the condition of the bathrooms. Eventually they sent the janitor to clean them or something. I went back to class. It was my fith grade class. The room was different but it was mostly the same people. Some of them were playing with some kind of origami thing. The teacher ened up taking it away. He said they were communicating with it. So they were basically talking while he was talking and that is rude. Later we went to the park. The class had volonteered to play with younger kids there or something. There was a dream me and twoother people were on a computer or someth
All This Before Coffee
6:46am Not Tellin...: so which cock is supposed to be yours? 6:47am pc67: NSFW folder and Fucking Fubar babes 6:47am pc67: feel free to comment 6:50am Not Tellin...: aww i can't...shucks 6:50am pc67: you need to accept my friend request first 6:53am Not Tellin...: You are a pig. You objectify women ib the worst possible way. I sincerely doubt that you would like my comments 6:54am pc67: apparently women like them too if i judge by their comments 6:54am Not Tellin...: Sad women with no self esteem, or thyey are hoping for bling 6:55am pc67: or is it simply you that is backward 6:56am Not Tellin...: Sweetheart, I would never fuck someone that has an album titled fucking fubar babes. You likely have some incurable disease and I have no desire to spread it
Beaten, torn, battered, and bruised,her heart has become.Heart numb as can be she,has no idea what she's waiting for.Thinking of him she can't sleep,everything reminds her of him,no matter where she turns there is,small reminders of him.Her heart, mind, and soul tortured with,his sweet memory.Aching for his touch again,to take in his smell,remembering every detail of him.How could she go on living,without him?Remembering the times they had shared.
TimeThe Lord works in mysterical ways,The day he took you was on my 25th Birthday.The memories I have of you I will always cherish so deep.All the wisdom you shared I will always keep.But the pain I feel is so heartbreaking.The love I seen you and my grandmother share was breathtaking.When I look up to the sky I imagineyour face.Looking down on me telling me to have faith.I promise we will take care of Grandma for youWe have be trying to stay strong for her through all of thisfor the pain i see in her eyes no one can miss.I wish you was still here with us to keep us all in line.But the lord seen all your pain and said it was time.I know your up there looking down on us to make sure we are alright,We know you loved your family and will always keep us in your site.I will look up into the sky for you wishing you was still with us.The lord only takes the best home and he felt on that day Of August 24th, 2011 he must.
She sits and stares out the window,as she waits and wonders when,her warrior will return to her.Longing for his sent,his touch,his kiss.Dreaming of the day when she,will be in his arms forever.
Everywhere i look i hope to see,your face.Every touch i feel makes,me long for your embrace.I am yours heart and,soul.Wishing every day that you,where here.holding you close and,never letting always touch my soul.we may be miles apart i hold tight,the promise weve made.
Do You Know 6things About Kissing
Believe that a lot of people now have kissed "kiss is a romantic thing, will make you feel very happy. But a lot funny thing about kissing fact and you don't know. Today, let me tell you it The first point:There are tons of nerve endings... your lips (100 times more than in your fingertips!) that stimulate desire. That's why kissing before, during, and after sex can be extremely arousing and satisfying. The second point: Forty percent of men say that... ...a really long, steamy smooch will get them immediately ready for sex. (Thirty percent said that grabbing their crotch will do it. Duh.) Source: Cosmo Poll, April 2009 The third point: Pay attention to those "See ya later" pecks. If your guy... ...routinely only gives you a quick kiss on the cheek when saying good-bye, it could be that he's guarded and doesn't emote easily. If this is a more recent development, it's a warning sign; he may be feeling ambivalent about the relationship. Source: Body langu
If You Are Small On Top,how To Choose Swimwear?
If you are small on top ,may be you can try : Fringes,ruffles.or frills swimwear_Two piece swimwear_Tankini swimsuit Because embellishments will pump up the volume-or at least create that optical illusion Or you can choose trigngle tops swimwear_Two piece swimwear_Tankini swimsuit This foxy style makes your twins the main attraction because even the smallest curves stand out under these tiny tops Sure ,Plenty of padding is ok The extra-thick liner gives your girls oomph.Demi-cup tops are a great choice Horizontal lines swimwear_Two piece swimwear_Tankini swimsuit Because sporting some bold stripes will make your set look fuller swimwear,One piece swimwear,Two piece swimwear,Bikini swimwear, Tankini swimsuit,Sexy bikinis,Skirt type swimsuit,Leopard grain swimsuit,Floral and bright prints swimwear,Japanese swimwear,Mens brief,Mens trunk ,Sports swimwear
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My Heart
I look in your eyes And they are deep blue Your gaze has me wondering Do you want me to? I've given you my heart Which you hold in your hand You toss it and twist it Where will it land? Beginning to wonder What can I do To keep my heart safe Should I save it from you? You used to deserve it Now you dont It's broken and hurting Just set it afloat. Give it back to me,for me to regive To someone who will love it With all that they have Someone who will hold it with strong,gentle hands. Poem By Tammy C.
Its hard knowing the fact everyone thinks you have a wonderful life, fun , happy, and cheerful life, but when you are alone, you cry for no reason you just cry and cry till you feel happy and then when you are happy you want to feel sad again and just keep crying.My friends say i am so strong i wish i could say this to them:I am tired of trying, I am tired over crying, i know i am smiling but inside i am dyin! may be then they would realise i am just a good actress! Just so depressed, why does it have to be like this???? Something i will never know :(
Email To The Utah State Liquor Store
Hi, sorry to bother ya'll. I would really appreciate a detailed dress code for the Utah state liquor stores. What needs to be covered? what doesn't need to be covered? Are there any certain colors not allowed in the liquor store? I understand that a shirt, and shoes are required. Obviously " private parts " need to be covered. What rules are there other than that? If someone simply doesn't like your outfit, can they kick you out? I understand there's laws about covering dress and such. So in what circumstances is something legal to wear in public, and places like Walmart, or Harmons' stores, but is not allowed in the Utah State liquor store? If possible, please send me a copy of all your rules and regulations. Thankyou, Adam.
proclitic \proh-KLIT-ik\adjective; 1. (Of a word) closely connected in pronunciation with the following word and not having an independent accent.
Lessons are not given, they are taken. - Cesare Pavese
Tips Over The Warmth From North Face Denali Jackets Clearance Regarding Sale
Where is it possible to find the hottest North Face Denali Jackets? Everyone perhaps have the same problem.There is no doubt North Face has several types of high-performance at sale.Ropaplaza is one of the greatest on North Face Denali Jackets which could provide in a lot of colors and styles.You know North Face is the most trendy brand Buy North Face Fleece Jackets world wide,and North Face Denali Jackets can keep you warm in addition to dry nearly rainy or simply snow working day.In addition,all the North Face Denali Jackets are not since lengthy for the reason that others,outdated North Face Denali Jackets are used insulated feathers underneath the mantle in place of modern substances. Many of North Face Outlet upload The North Face water coat internet.Now,Diese North Face Denali Jackets are usually not available which are designed for men and cost-effective.North Face Denali Jackets,they are are always emblem of favor and beauty. Just what exactly resources is bound to let you f
The Rising Rise In Popularity Of North Face Jackets Are In The Best Choice Design
North Face glove is very important equipment which could keep your relinquish warm as well as without pain.It is actual physical trade boundary.The North Face help support their producers and members in the background,they can be high filter.In addition,if you are a men intentions to get various high engineering,the final Buy North Face Fleece Jackets the desired info is often privileged. Good quality and even satisfactory option are examined to ensure that your trade of one's North Face is production since North Face backpacks are used a handful of high systems.North Face company contains a good strategy and it generate the best merchandise on Earth along at the first time.Now,more and more people find out North Face. And more people these days love North Face products and solutions also.Many of us want to have North Face products and services in cheap value,so you can give consideration to to buy because of North Face Outlet online.Currently there,The North Face produc
It's About Me !
It's About Me This Time I picked up the phone, and tried to call you, but for some reason It wouldn't go through. I thought I misdialed so I tried again, but the same thing happened, that's when my worries began. What did I do wrong? was it something I said? there's so many questions dancing in my head. Were you hurt? are you alright ? I don't remember getting into a fight. I was so confused and kind of lost, 'cause I'd do anything for you no matter the cost. Did I hurt you? please let me know but if I didn't would you please just let me
Stupid Encounters #76
WTF... Lol New Fus are getting Ideas People! Bling Whores in the making!
Latest Wedding Dresses
Locating the latestwedding dressesis essential, if you wish to stay with the surface of the latest wedding the latest fashions. Celebrate lots of sense to check out the options.Looking for an excellent wedding dress orCheap wedding dressesisn't difficult or daunting whenever you can say for certain that which you expect. You won't ever select a style with florid touches as it were hold an eco-friendly wedding. You just will not relaxation on the style with draping look should you expect an easy & fluid line. Also, you won't ever concentrate on a contemporary style when the retro old castle wedding has special allurement for you.Wedding gowns are available in a lot of styles, colors as well as materials so it's not hard to think that selecting the perfect one for the big day is going to be daunting task. If you wish to discover the perfect gown from these stylies, it is important to appear in advance. Just in case you possess an eye for beauty, it's dangerous to begin searching for
Japan's Would-be Prime Ministers Jockey For Position As Kan Resigns
Stock investors may have been briefly underwhelmed, but Ben Bernanke was right not to promise new easing in his speech in Jackson Hole on Friday. Aside from its likely ineffectiveness at juicing the U.S. economy and its stubbornly weak job creation, the Federal Reserve chairman faces dissent at the Federal Open Market Committee. That'll make the now extended September meeting a new focus for markets. Markets had rallied a bit on hopes that Bernanke would announce more Fed bond-buying, as he did at the same event last year. But most analysts felt, rightly as it turned out, that his options are more limited now. The last round of quantitative easing, known as QE2, was marginal even in the minds of some of its supporters at the Fed, and inconclusive at best in its impact. And the FOMC's Aug. juicy couture 9 promise -- that it would keep interest rates ultra-low well into 2013, with only the mildest of caveats -- already attracted dissent from three of the 10 committee members who voted. O
Painkiller Recalled After Suspected Sabotage
The makers of painkiller Nurofen Plus have recalled the tablets in Britain after anti-psychotic and epilepsy drugs were found to have been placed in packets in acts of suspected sabotage. "Nurofen Plus is being recalled," said a statement on Friday from manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser. "Consumers are being asked to return packs of Nurofen Plus to their nearest pharmacy following five reported cases of other manufacturer's medicines being found in boxes." It added: burberry outlet "Sabotage is suspected and we are working with the police on a formal investigation to find the person or persons responsible." Distribution and manufacture of Nurofen Plus had also been halted while investigations take place, said the company. There had been no serious health consequences for consumers but the manufacturer said it did not want to take any risks when it came to the safety of its products. There are around 250,000 packets of Nurofen Plus currently in customers' hands, the company added. Police i
Good Girls Go Bad Lyrics
[Game]Since BIG aint here, I’mma do it for T’yannaAnd put roses on the grave for Kanye’s mamaThis for all the lost girls locked up in the penAll the girls that hold it down, gettin’ beat on by their manRespect women, I don’t care if they a 2 or a 10We don’t beat on Kat Stacks we just bring it to an endAnd we don’t wanna see Nicki fighting Lil KimThere’s missin’ women out there, let’s just focus on themThis song is dedicated to Natalee HollowayI feel for her Daddy, so I wrote this on Fathers DayI know she gone, but she aint far awayI just had a daughter, pass me that cigar ‘YeI’m about to tell a story, everybody parlaySit back, listen while I kick it, the Compton Boulevard wayMy daddy used to beat up on my mama all daySo I took my chronic out and slept in the hallwayI learned this the hard wayWhen police came our way, my daddy had his act onLike it never happened: (Broadway)Plus I was kinda scared to keep it real wi
What Needs To Be Learnt.
Well there is so much to learn about me... One i dont play games... be streight up with me i dont like playing ring around the bush just come out and say it... Two respect me and ill respect you just the same.... Three Im not all about me i like to talk about you aswell lol.... Four- Dont ask me for cyber sex bullshit theres no feeling to that love (maybe for you i guess) need more info? just hit me up ****cYaRa SwAgGa*****
True Italian Meal
A true italian meal comes in corses, first you get the pasta you take a brea to let it settle then you get the chicken, or whatever else was prepaired, then you get the rest, then you get desert but if you see it all on a table FORGET ABOUT IT!! YOUR EYES WILL BE WIDE OPEN we are talking all spread out lasagnia, pasta, chicken, steak, meatballs, and any other italian food you can think of trust me if your not full when your done eating you gots a problem italian food makes you feel soooo stuffed its crazy not to mention massive left overs, so your leaving that house with food for like 3 days lol
There are times when I wanna be free, flirting and pimpimg, yeah thats me. But then there are times when I get lonely. When I want someone to hug me, kiss me - love me.
Meh....not The Best
I dont toy with peoples emotions or play silly games with their minds. I dont build them up, only to knock them back to size. Yet I always find myself on the end of all your lies. How do you keep them straight, how many many times? Im sure Im not the first, whos fallen for the wolf in sheeps disguise. What is it that you have to hide behind your wandering eyes?Do you look in the mirror to see inside yourself? Do you have to have a captive audience to fullfill your souls request? What is that you see, When you reach inside your mind?So many questions to toss at you, so many ignored responses from you. Are you able to fullfill my active mind? Can you captivate what it is I hold inside?You toss me down, yet still I rise. You hold me there under your wandering eyes.
Making Love With My Baby
All I want is for you to love meSo thAt's why I alwAys let you touch rub your fingers down my spineletting me know what's on your mind.You kiss me softlY begiNnIng from my neckletting me know what I'm about to lie me down and begin to touchit feels so good, baby, I love you so much.You damn well know how to play, you've done it beforeyou put it in all the way, cuz you know i'll love it for sure.With your lips so sweet you kiss me, as you put it inyou see me with those eyes as if you'Ve commIted a, you know I'm having fun, you know how to keep the flowyou pUt it in and out,nice and slow.Being with you is what makes my heart beat,but making sweet love wIth you, makes me feel so complete.I love being with you and doing all that good stUff.Danm, even playing wIth you I can't get enough of.I know you're the one, when you Look at me we both have fun, we both get lost in ecstatsy.
I Love You
I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.
New Club
New club called NSFW Crew, its just a club w/norequirements, sick of all these clubs making you do things, this one, if you want in I will put you in a folder & ppl can rate & like you, if you got time, sure they will get you back, if you wana put it in ur name NSFW Crew thats cool as well if not its kool, just let me know I will put ur pic in a folder & others in the folder will rate you & like you, if they have time & help others in the folder w/levelrequirementsif they have time & no means do I need to level from it or give me stuff for it, just to have fun & help others if you got sum spare time. Peace Alaways.
As we lay upon the cloudsTogether you and IMaking sweet loveIn the sensual skyI can feel your heart as it rapidly beats,Loving you under the moonlightThe emotions are shooting through the starsAs we lay high above the worldJust you and IMaking sweet loveThroughout the sparkling night,Baby I long for your loveAs we lay high up aboveUpon a cloud soft and whiteIts just you and IMaking love under the moonlight.
Just Thoughts
some times i seem to wander in myself , and look at all that i have done , things that im proud of and even the things that i will never admit i did . And i wonder if i am going about things in the right way, i know im a disappointteedd to my family alot , if my dad was alive i would most likely have been disowned , long ago, and at times im very grateful that mom is off her rocker mentally , because it means she finally stopped trying to hook me up wiht her bible thumping buddy's bible thumping sons. Do get me wrong i have nothing against religion , just against people who play at being good one day a week lol. they (the sons) are so sweet and kind around the moms, but as soon as they are out of sight im nothing but a whore , and they are doing me a favor to be seen with me , and yes of course they want sex with me , fuckers . if i got together with one of them , i would never be allowed to forget that my kids are bastards and im nothing but a whore, since i was not married when i had
Breaking News
a friend of mine rote this and I agree with it,,let me know what ya think.. BREAKING NEWS The Pity Train has derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get the Hell Over It. Any complaints about how we operate can be forwarded to 1 (800) waa-waaa. This is Dr. Sniffle reporting LIVE from Quitchur Bitchin'. If you like this, re-post it. If you don't..suc k it up buttercup, Life doesn't revolve around YOU! :)
First Blog, What Do You Guys Think???
hey sexy. can I talk to you through messenger or am i bothering your fine ass? cuz I'd love to unzip your shorts with my teeth, pulling them .. down then taking your panties off with my teeth til I get to your clit and start sucking on that as my tongue slides through your pussy lips have you over here doing that to you... and sliding my finger in and out of your pussy the same time... u feeling my tongue pushing on your pussy muscles as you pull my head toward you as I go deeper with my tongue I move upwards to your clit and begin to play with it getting it throbbing and swollen as you grip the pillow and bite on it to muffle your moan. you arche your back and push down on my mouth to grind on my tongue as you begin to cum squirting me in the face and mouth as I drink it all up I move up as I begin playing with your tits, making your nipples hard, as you unzip my pants and pull them off anticipating my hard cock in your hand so you can play with it and feel it throb in your grip as
Every 40 Seconds Someone Asks ... Why?
I thinks its easy for people to say sucide's not the answer when they've never known what it feels like to be pushed to your limits and past. When you fight to find a reason to keep going. And once you cant find that reason anymore, its just not worth the fight. But I think the fight is what makes us strong enought to keep going. Life's gonna push you, but how hard you push back is what matters. I'm still pushing back, and I think it's going to be worth it.
To make her eyes smile forever,A goal close to my heart.Whether I hold your smile close to me,Or if we're an ocean apart.Your happiness is now my world,For your heart,there for every beat.To hold you in my arms for eternity,Nothing else could ever be as sweet.So my beautiful,never again a tear,Your smile will shine beautiful forever.And deep in your heart you will know,My love will never fade beautiful,never.
Could it be after so long,I now have my dream.My world no longer lifelike,Reality has altered it seems.She has swept me into her eyes,And I cannot look away.To tell me that shes mine,My heart longs for her to say.To speak of her heart with mine,Forever locked in a dance.I know now my dreams are coming true,Because my dream has given me this chance.One to fill her heart,Intertwine worlds we both know.To learn her dreams and reality,This is where I will go.To bring my dream to life,To become all her hearts desires.I promise you my beautiful dream,In my heart forever it will hold your fire.
Her eyes hidden by shadows. Covering the spark she now hides. Soon in time the glow will show. As her fears begin to subside. Her worries soon to vanish. As she'll curl deeply in my arms. Realizing in her smile. Now safe away from harm. Arms that could hold you forever. Patiently now wait for you. So show me your sparkle beautiful. And may it forever shine to me true.
You Know You Grew Up In The 80's If.....
You remember Don Johnson when he was "cool" You know who shot J.R You remember when Michael Jackson was actually consideredsomething of a sex symbol You practice getting in and out of your car through the windows You owned at least one skinny leather tie. Your first Walkman weighed 10 pounds and was the size of a brick. You wore L.A. Gear tennis shoes. You know the meaning of Wax on/Wax Off You're always "in the mood for dancing" If you can "See Better" with sunglasses that have paint splattered all over the lenses. You wore lace gloves with the fingers cut off, bangle bracelets up to your elbows, brightred Reebok high tops and parachute pantsto a school dance You need a shopping cart to carry your personal stereo with you. You remember what Michael Jackson looked like before the surgery. You go rollerskating every Friday night (not to skate, but to 'hang out') You still want to take Karate...(after you move to California) You watch NYPD Bluethinking, "Well,
She Took A Sip Of Her Wine, And Licked Her Lips.
Theyounger woman helped slide my skirt down around my hips. Then she slipped my knee socks down my calves.I was in ecstacy when our starving lips met. The kisses that I longed for at night for so long finally touched my hungry lips, and time stood still as I lost myself in the exquisite pleasure. My breath caught sharply as I was overcome with emotion. "Yes," escaped my lips. I did not mean to say it.Feverishly we explored each other's bodies, thrilled at the sensation of touching forbidden flesh. We touched ourselves together, enjoying the new experience while satisfying desires long denied.Jeanettepulled at my hips, urging me to back up, so that my excited pussy was poised at the mercy of her teasing tongue.I felt Jeanette's tongue lick delicately, at first, at my pulsing, engorged clit. I heard her moan when she tasted the juices, and felt her breathe in my scent. Then she pushed her tongue deeper, between my cunt lips, into my tight hole. I was getting close to climax. I craved t
☰ ☲ ☱ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☳ ☷
♥ Thank goodness I found the good in goodbye, because I went through hell from the moment I said hello.
Vision East Coast-nov 29, 2010 Of Crys
this is a vision my friend had last year. I am forwarding it to you and as he says go within and see what direction each is to take. Date Dec 13, 2010 With all due respect I share this strange but seemingly important vision with youI feel that I should let you know about this matter. I am not certain altogether of its meaning but I am knowing that it is important enough to share with many- especially who are on or near the eastern coastal areas. I should say that the date that was presented in this vision of Dec 21st of 2010 did not necessarily mean to me that the crisis would hit on that date. I am just not certain as to why this very date was given in this vision. But it was. I feel that you and all others with whom this is shared will know as much if not more about this as I do. Peace and love,Crys Just this morning I felt it was time to print the vision out at least in its main parts and then share it via email with certain ones in the east

if you leave without a reason DON'T COME BACK WITH AN EXCUSE.
○ ◎ ●
i used to think you took my breath away. but now,i realize i was just SUFFOCATED by all of your BxUxLxLxS

♥ Congratulations You've managed to make me feel like a worthless piece of sh*t again. would you like an award for that ?
The Spanking Club Pt.2
I picked up the belt that Vicky had dropped on the floor and took up the correct position. I gave a light flick and Vicky tensed, readying herself for her first strapping. I raised my arm and brought the belt down firmly, leaving a light red stripe across the still pink buttocks. To my surprise Vicky remained silent. With a bit more force the second stroke landed, another red stripe and again no reaction! This was one brave lady! Strokes three and four landed with more force again, the stripes on her arse now made crosses and as each one landed Vicky's legs kicked back, but still no sound! The fifth one landed across Vicky's thighs. "Yeeeowwwww, oh shit that hurts, hurry up with the last one Matt, pleeeaaase!" I paused and the sixth and last stroke whistled through the air and whipped across her arse. "Aaaaaaiiiiiieeeeee!' Vicky cried, standing up and turning around with tears flowing down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around me and sobbed into my shoulder. "Oh God, wh
The Spanking Club
My name is Matt, I'm an expatriate Australian who has been living in NY for about five years. What I do for a living doesn't really matter as far as this story is concerned because it is about one of my social interests – spanking. I have been going to the specialist spanking clubs in NY just about all the time I've been here and I have to admit I'm bored. The same old faces keep turning up night after night, I've spanked and been spanked by just about all the women who turn up to these clubs and I almost stayed home tonight – as it turned out I'm very glad that I came out. (no double meaning intended!) I was sitting at the bar my eyes roaming the room, all the usual extroverts were there, showing off in their usual manner but not attracting my interest in the slightest. I had just about admitted to myself that it was going to be a dud evening when the door opened and my hopes for the night were immediately raised. She stood in the doorway, obviously unsure
What Now
I looked forward to sleep. Sometimes I dream, and you are there. And then I realizethe reality of my life. A life I've come to hate. Careless whispers heated the coldness of my smile. Once upon a time, Long sexy strokes of confidence coloured my skin, Because then,You were there. I don't know if I'll ever forget How you made everything to meseem complete. You were the passion underneath the harshness of those tidal waves. They used to sink me and drown me. And then, You gave your breath to me. And I tasted the sweet flavor of life. Now, I need to break the intricate web, You have woven around me. Safety cradles me like a soft lullaby. But then, That was the only song I wanted to hear. And then, You threw it away. Bittersweet sensations, Lingered like an unwanted scar. You hid me far away from the painful truth, And then you tossed your heart high, Into the nighttime sky. Far enough, I cried because I couldn't see it. Now, I look forward to sleep. I can d
Ethan and I met on a forum for Christian singles interested in the domestic discipline lifestyle. While he had grown up in such a household, I had been fatherless and spoiled all my life. At the time I wasn't sure it was something I wanted for myself but I was curious. There has always been something in me that has been attracted to the concept of submission and to men worth the honor of my submitting to them. I don't know why. I've long since given up asking myself that or trying to decide if I'm crazy or kinky, or whatever. I've learned to just accept myself the way I am and I think I'm lucky, because many people live their entire lives and never do. About Ethan. He's 6'2, and clean cut with hazel eyes and a good build from working on his father's farm. He majored in agricultural science in college. Highly intelligent, affectionate, and a real Southern gentleman, he completely swept me off my feet from the very beginning. I never stood a chance. We had our differences
Blood Of Men
I look around and see The blood of men on the ground Men that died for freedom For they believed in justice I walk around and gaze With my mouth shut tight and eyes moist At men that had no chance To change their fate at hand The world starts spinning And I start to fall Fall to the ground of men As I lay on the blood of men I find the meaning of true honor
My days are filled with anguish and pain. My nights are engulfed with an endless strain. Through the day I search for a way to end the feeling of emptiness in my life. But then night comes and reality cuts me sharp like a knife. For it is at night, I realize I have accomplished little in my years. This is when my eyes begin to fill with tears. Although I know tomorrow will bring rays of sunshine to a few. For me it will bring another day Filled with raindrops and dew. I do hope that my future Will have joyous days. But this will take time, Patience, And walking through a somewhat endless maze.
Now That's A Poem =]
Thick girl when I see you pass I can't help looking at your ass Thick girl your thighs are so extreme I'd lick between'um and make you creme Thick girl don't hurt nobody with your thick body Damn girl, you're the thickest thang in the party Thick girl got a lil extra cushion Her body can take whatever he's pushin Thick girl don't hide under baggy clothes & be scared to be free You might as well show us what we already see Thick girl we see can see your thick outlined shape The big booty you have, the jiggle it makes Thick girl I'd rather look at you mouth watering, juicy meat, in my point of view!
It Was You
I sit here alone, thinking about the times we shared The laughs, the cries, the pointless little lies. You could never open up with me... Where's the part of you I've longed to see. Does you leaving, mean loosing everything? Does my heart breaking mean anything? I cry for hoursbut in front of you I have to hold back the tears How long do you think this misery will last? Days? Years? If you truly loved me,you would know this was right And realize,it was always meant to be So when you are around,or willing to fight to get me back My arms will be open, Because this whole time it was faith we lacked And maybe What people thought could be true because all along, I knewIt was you...
End Of Love
The end of love, the start of pain The blood from my heart that now aches, stains With the thought of your image, the thought of you care Devoted to another, whilst my spirit is bare Where am I to go, where is my hope now Am I no longer important like our dedicated vows You promised to always be there, and love me no matter what But it seems you’ve moved on, loved another and forgot The breakdown of our relationship, the break of my poor heart You punctured it with your cruel ways; you stabbed it with a dart You took away my faith, my dreams, I now have nothing left My happiness has disappeared; a brutal act of theft You promised to always be there, but now it all depends On if you’ve found another love and when my heartache ends
Storm Bringer
You are a storm bringer A story-teller A dream catcher You never remember You've only learned the meaning of pain On the night you stared at them in vain Two pale bodies on the floor Taught you the meaning of war Of your love, nothing remains The wind’s howling in your veins Blowing freely in your heart It has been broken apart You are a storm bringer A part-time love seller A child, a trouble-maker You never remember Through life you laugh your way You chase the night away And you never look back Never stop in your track Not before it’s much too late Not before you’re caught by fate You are a storm bringer You never remember
Spanking 101
"All right, all right. Settle down and take your seats. Yes, that includes you with the green mini in the back row... "Thank you. "Now, welcome to Spanking 101. My name is Mr. Nathan and before we get started, I'd like to get a few things straight... "I will be speaking from my own perspective. In other words, I'll say 'he spanks her' rather than vice versa. Forgive me this minor sin and make whatever necessary adjustments you need in order to fit your situation. I am not going to be making ridiculous, inclusive, roundabout descriptions to cater to political correctness. Get over it. "Also, hitting is assault. Everyone knows not to 'hit' others. There is no question of this. Not to mention the likelihood of being 'hit back'. Therefore, before you consider hitting someone who may not wish to be hit, it may be a good idea to consider how well you might adapt to being someone's bitch in jail. "Okay. Do I have everyone's attention? Good. "Now... Is it assault if there is n
Last Breath
I sit here for my time Waiting my payments of my crimeI close my eyesAll these painful good-byesBehind me stands DeathI can feel his breathCold as iceAll my painful liesRunning deep in my veinsSlowly I'm becoming insaneNo more I want to waitI want this to come to an end my fatebehind me stands DeathI can feel his breathColder and colder it becomesEvil I will succumbAll the suffering I have causedThat pain will have no pauseFor it will lingerFor I am the pain bringerBehind me stands DeathHere to take my last breath
Death Bringer
I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world My work shall never be done This world is full disease, filth, and putrigness These things I must pacify from my world I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world This world I speak of is full of fire and brimestone It is a world of eternal suffering and bliss It is my world and I shall controll all I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world This world demands suffering and pain I must destroy the pain that infects my mind This pain will never go away I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world I have failed, it has taken me over The pain spreads across my mind and body Failure is my destiny, I am in my own personal hell I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world
My Busy Week
So yesterday was my bestie's birthday Tues we all went out for dinner since Bob was off...we also went to the bar and had a drink then to the hookah bar Wed I took kel to lunch and shopping, then went shopping later by myself Thurs we all went to the casino (sans bob) I lost my ass :( I have discovered that Bob makes things more fun, he is like my big brother...protective yet picks on me Tonight I am pumped!! I scored a pair of tickets to a sold out concert for 30 bucks...yes 30 for the pair..I am geeked! I am takin my Kellee to the sold out Jason Aldean show...yes I know it is country...but if you know me at all you know I listen to everything Sat I have a bridal shower which I have to leave early to go to a wedding BUSY BUSY BUSY
What Is Compassion
The definition of compassion is: wanting others to be free from suffering. So compassion is the definition of the highest scope of motivation. It is said that to generate genuine compassion, one needs to realise that oneself is suffering, that an end to suffering is possible, and that other beings similarly want to be free from suffering. "Nirvana may be the final object of attainment, but at the moment it is difficult to reach. Thus the practical and realistic aim is compassion, a warm heart, serving other people, helping others, respecting others, being less selfish. By practising these, you can gain benefit and happiness that remain longer. If you investigate the purpose of life and, with the motivation that results from this inquiry, develop a good heart - compassion and love. Using your
Compassion In Perspective
To explain the different motivations of engaging in Buddhist practices, one can distinguish the three different scopes. With the lowest scope of motivation, one realises the problems one can encounter in the next life, and is concerned about working to achieve a good rebirth. In fact, this is not even a spiritual goal, as it relates to worldly happiness for oneself. With the medium scope of motivation, one realises that within cyclic existence there is no real happiness to be found, and one strives for personal liberation or Nirvana. With the highest scope of motivation, one realises that all sentient beings are suffering within cyclic existence, and one strives to free all beings from suffering.
'Bodhi' is Sanskrit for Enlightenment and 'Citta' means Mind. It refers to the wish to attain enlightenment (become a Buddha) for the benefit of all sentient beings. A 'Bodhisattva' is a being (sattva) with the bodhicitta motivation. A short story: An enthusiastic student asks his teacher: "Master, what can I do to help all the suffering beings in this world?" The teacher answers: "Indeed, what can you do?" So, even if I am genuinely concerned about the welfare of others, when I am hopelessly lost in my own problems, trying to deal with the world, how can I help others? I would be like jumping into a river where someone is drowning, when I cannot swim myself... Therefore, I should first learn to swim myself, learn to deal with my problems, learn how to become liberated from my problems, or at best, become all-kn
Methods To Generate Bodhicitta
The 4-Point Mind Training is based on cultivating four realisations: 1. Equanimity: One can cultivate the realisation that all sentient beings are equal in wanting happiness and not wanting suffering. Beings cannot really be divided into friends, enemies or strangers because friends may turn into enemies, enemies may become friends, and strangers may become friends or enemies. 2. Faults of self-cherishing: a consequence of karma is that self-cherishing is the only cause of my problems. 3. Good qualities of cherishing others: a consequence of karma is that cherishing others is the cause of all happiness. 4. Exchanging self & others: being intelligently selfish, by continually trying to put oneself in the place of others, and then acting. The 7-Point Mind Training is based on cultivation realisations in 7 steps: 1. Equanimity 2. Rec
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Aspiring Bodhicitta
There are two levels in the development of bodhicitta; aspiring and engaging bodhicitta. A person with the aspiring intention wants to attain enlightenment to help others, he or she is not yet prepared to engage in all of the practices and activities necessary to do so. On the other hand, someone who has generated the engaging altruistic intention and is prepared to joyfully undertake the Bodhisattva's practices six perfections, can take the bodhisattva vows. The difference between aspiring and engaging bodhicitta is similar to the difference between wanting to go somewhere, and actually travelling there. The vows are taken on the basis of having taken refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) and some or all of the five lay precepts. After generating aspiring bodhicitta before the guru and the Three Jewels - which means wanting to ben
Bodhisattva Vows
INTRODUCTION The bodhisattva or bodhicitta vows comprise eighteen root and forty-six secondary vows. These vows have been compiled in the Tibetan tradition from various authoritative texts. Breaking a root vow completely breaks your bodhichitta ordination, whereas breaking a secondary or branch vow does not completely break your ordination, but damages it. Even if you have not taken the vows, they are useful as guidelines in how to properly engage in the Bodhisattva practices. This will also help strengthen aspiring bodhicitta. One should take the time to become familiar with the vows before taking them. That way you can avoid the discovery later on that you are unable to keep them. These vows are quite a commitment, as they are not just taken for this life, but all future lives as well!
The 18 Root Vows
The eighteen root vows require that you abandon below actions of body speech and mind: 1. Praising yourself and denigrating others. You must avoid praising yourself and, with delusion, criticising and denigrating others through wanting to gain offerings, respect or some sort of profit. Praising yourself and criticising, denigrating or complaining about others creates heavy negative karma as well as breaking this root bodhicitta vow. 2. Not giving wealth and Dharma. If you refuse to help others with financial assistance or Dharma teachings when you are able to do so in response to their requests, you will break this root vow. You must practise generosity of material things and generosity of Dharma to those who are suffering, confused and dissatisfied. You should teach those who want teachings and show them how to meditate and remove their suffering. This root vow is part of the perfection of generosity 3. Not forgiving though someone apo
The 46 Secondary Vows
The forty-six branch vows require that you abandon the following actions: Vow 1- 7 are related to the perfection of generosity. 1. Neglecting to pay homage to the Three Jewels each day. Having taken the bodhichitta vows it is necessary to accumulate merit. You should therefore take refuge in the Three Jewels, make physical offerings and prostrations, verbal praises, requests and mental homage each day. 2. Following the mind of desire. If you do not restrain yourself from acting out delusions, indulging in desire, and do not know contentment, you will constantly grasp at material comforts and the enjoyments of cyclic existence and break this branch vow. 3. Not respecting elders. Elder Bodhisattvas, that is those who have taken the bodhichitta vows before you, are objects of respect and objects of offering. Not showing them respect will break this branch vow. 4. Not replying to questions. * When someone trusts you and sincerely asks a quest
Restoring The Vows
If one has lost the Bodhisattva Vows by breaking a root vow, one can restore the vow in a few different ways: 1. Re-taking the vows in a traditional way from a master 2. Restoring the vows in front of at least 4 people who understand and hold the vow themselves (preferrably fully ordained monks) in the following way: - One must generate sincere regret and the intention not to repeat the same mistake again. - Make 3 prostrations to them. - Say, 'Please listen to me, [and say your name], I have broken the vow of ....[clearly say in which vow you have broken], and recite the whole list of vows. Do this 3 times. - Then the people attending say, 'That is the best way', and one answers with, 'good, thank you'. 3. In case one has not really fully broken a root vow, one can optionally restore the vows in front of one person who understands and holds the vows with the same ritual. 4. As a last resort, if there is nobody available, one can restore the vow
Practising The 6 Perfections
One should practice what are called the six perfections of: giving, ethics, patience, joyous effort, concentration and wisdom. The first five are methods, the last, wisdom, is necessary for any of them to function. It is said that mainly the first three are practices for the lay people, joyous effort and concentration mainly refer to meditation practice. Giving Giving one's possessions, virtues, even one's body if needed. Giving of fearlessness, or protection to others. Practising mentally giving to others. 'Others are my main concern. When I notice something of mine, I steal it and give it to others.' Shantideva In giving we not only find wealth while in cyclic existence but we achieve the zenith of prosperity in supreme enlightenment. Therefore we all have to practice giving. Giving is not just overcoming miserliness and be
Five Questions
1. How do we address the widening gap between rich and poor?2. How do we protect the earth?3. How do we educate our children?4. How do we help Tibet and other oppressed countries and peoples of the world?5. How do we bring spirituality (deep caring for one another) through all disciplines of life?The answer:If we have true compassion in our hearts, our children will be educated wisely, we will care for the earth, those who "have not" will be cared for.The Practice: 1. Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of each day remembering we all want the same things (to be happy and be loved) and we are all connected to one another. 2. Spend 5 minutes -- breathing in - cherishing yourself; and, breathing out - cherishing others. If you think about people you have difficulty cherishing, extend your cherishing to them anyway. 3. During the day extend that attitude to everyone you meet. Practice cherishing the simplest person (clerks, attendants, etc., as well as the "important" people in y
Recommendation By Thich Nhat Hanh
Promise me, promise me this day, promise me now, while the sun is overhead exactly at the zenith, promise me: Even as they strike you down with a mountain of hatred and violence; even as they step on you and crush you like a worm, even as they dismember and disembowel you, remember, brother, remember: man is not your enemy. The only thing worthy of you is compassion -- invincible, limitless, unconditional. Hatred will never let you face the beast in man. One day, when you face this beast alone, with your courage intact, your eyes kind, untroubled
How do you tell someone how important they are to you, how much you need them, how much you hope they never leave your side, and then ignore them for months?
Where Have I Been?
Yep, been about a month since I blogged and am blaming the Edinburgh fringe. I know! I didn’t even do a show this year, for the first time since 2002 I never actually put on a comedy show, I merely hung out and boy was I surprised. Firstly, I never realised how many people I dislike and can avoid easily and cannot believe how many people I now love and made new friends with. I had more productive meetings, castings and gigs NOT doing a fringe! I got to hang out with Steve O him of Jackass fame, and Tom Green of Freddy Got Fingered fame and just so many amazing comics, playwrights and cool dudes. I have to say though my old buddy Paul Provenza has a show at fringe called The Set List Show where comics go onstage and in 15 seconds get told what subjects they have to weave into a live set. It is the most exhilarating frightening satisfying comedy show I have ever done – so much so I did it five times and with gusto! It’s like that very first gig; I wanted to keep doi
Summer Sirens This Saturday!
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute Live This Saturday Night, August 27th on The Dr. Susan Block Show SIZZLING HOT SUMMER SIRENS
The Wolf Return's!
His voice echoe's into a charcoal black night, Howling under a silent quiet night under the silver moon, Lip's dripping crimson blood, down his neck, Eye's filling with an amber shade cloaking over the darkness Closing slowly into narrow slit's, heart with a slow steady beat, White ivory teeth devouring his last meal under the palm frond's ,Pad's his way gently to a bale of hay lit by candlelight ,A dark dark place with his family & pack, Howl's to the rising Moon!
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Long long ago, I invested much more for my wedding gown than I'd actually compensated for any solo post of garments in my whole life. such as tax, it arrived to some whopping $200.34! back then, it seemed extravagant for any gown I knew I would only put on for several hours. Today, according to Conde Nast Bridal Group, the typical cost for any wedding gown is $887.00, with customcheap wedding apparelreaching into a large number of dollars. No wonder the price of obtaining married persists to spiral upwards. And no wonder several wise brides are opting to purchase a pre-owned wedding dress. should you believe about it for any minute, it genuinely can make great sense. Why do females really feel the have to personal their wedding gown when it's not merely acceptable, but downright anticipated that males will only let theirdiscount evening dresses? Perhaps this created feeling 'back of the day' when a wedding dress was passed lower from mom to daughter, more than and more than again.
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We all know which often North Face is the most well-known brand pertaining to young people.Of course,North Face Jackets can keep you warm.And you will survive through the warmest winter with one of these coacts,right?Men and women always will need to wear North Face Jackets on Colombia’s Buy North Face Fleece Jackets winter on your low temperatures.Some folks begin having fun with in nippy winter,many love hunting and scaling.So,the majority of their precious time are in in the open air.For people people,North Face Jackets usually their best coats in winter. A lot of women are inclined to the perfect cold months coats which might be in fashion and funky design.North Face Jackets by way of fashion layout just fulfill all of their desire.what’s more,North Face Jackets even announced period design contain beared bite ice abd fire. North Face Jackets might possibly be the crochet with many clleular layers that are tough,and they flee to enervating pleasant as break through n
I Got Flowers TodayWe had our first arguement last nighthe said alot of cruel thingsthat really hurt me.I know he is sorryDidn't mean the things he saidCause he sent me flowers today.I got flowers today,It wasn't our anniversaryOr any other special day.Last night he threw me into the wallStarted to choke meIt seem like a night mareI couldn't believe it was real.I woke up this morning sore,Brused all over.I know he must be sorryCause he sent me flowers today.I got flowers today,It wasn't mothers dayOr any other special day.Last night he beat me againIt was much worse than all the other timesIf I leave him what will I do?How will i take care of my kids?What about money?I'm afraid of him, scared to leave.But I know he must be sorryCause he sent me flowers today.I got flowers today,Today was a very special dayIt was my funeral!Last night he finally killed me.He beat me to deathIf only I gathered enough courage to leaveI would not have gotten flowers today....
The Path of LifeWhen walking down the path of lifeRemember what I sayThat every man must feel the thornsThat grows along the wayEvery soul will stumbleFor every man is weakThe road of life is uncertainIt's prospect often bleakBut always give a helping handA word of love, a simple smileTo help the soul besde you walkAcross each weary mileFor love will cause the sun to shineAnd every where you goThe painful thorns less noticedAs the roses bloom and grow
USWhen I think about usI think of how things use to beHow things are yet to beThere's no one in the world like usWe make each other laughWe make each other cryThrough all our ups n downsWe're still by each others sideThough all our tears and our joyI would not change us for the worldYou are sweet when I am meanStill you took my handMade me your queenWe've been through devistating timesWe've been through the best of timesYet we are still here screaming I LOVE YOU!!No matter what the world throws in our wayWe have God on our sideOur LOVE is here to stay
Why I Love You so MuchOnce upon a time long ago I made a wishA really nice person is all i asked for but...An incredibly wonderful love is what I got..I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to be so luckyI think some people spend half their lives making those kind of wishes...I'm so glad I found the right place at the right time, with the right person.My favoriate thing in the entire universe is just sittin across from youLooking into your eyes talking about anything and everythingFeeling so wonderful insideIt's holding your hand and walking anywhere the afternoon takes usIt's laughing so easily and trusting so completelyIt's watching the sun go down and the stars comes out into viewJust feeling that in the grand scheme of thingNothing could possibly be sweeter than having you hereIt's closing my eyes and looking forward to all the joysThat tomorrow will bring and thinking so many different things....Like sharing a home,being a family, and making he best memoriesIt's living ou
I want to do something a little different with her, and so on this Saturday night we have together, we will. See, by MY definition, I am not very kinky ...but that doesn't mean I haven't engaged in quite a few things in my sex life that would be considered by many to be kinky ..and by kinky for many, the meaning is anything beyond heterosexual missionary position. You know ...even vanilla sex is pretty good .., what would be memorable would be the level of passion or lack thereof rather than what position we stretched our bodies into or what implements or flavors might have been included. So, for me to say "I want to do something a little different" does not mean we will swing from the ceiling, nor does it imply we will need heavy duty power cord extensions. It just means that there are so many ways to express this love for her, and we'll roll the dice and see if this different way feels right for us. I am by definition neither defined by the term dom or sub. I am familiar with the
I've Decided
...that Jason Mraz is sexy. His voice makes me melt and he's not that bad looking either. I'd totally bang the hell out of him.
Great Kisses
I want to kiss you softlyI want to kiss you slowI want to look deep in your eyesI want you just to know. I want to feel your bodypressed up against my ownI want to feel your heartbeatI want to hear you moan. I want to taste the sweetnessas I linger on your lipsI want to feel you shiverunderneath my fingertips. I want to hold you near meand protect you through the nightand chase away your nightmaresuntil the morning light. I want you to believe in what isand what can beand know that I love youjust as much as I know you love me. I LOVE YOU MY WIFE
All I Wanted
Think of me when you're out, when you're out thereI'll beg you nice from my kneesAnd when the world treats you way to fairlyWell it's a shame im a dreamI think I'll pace my apartment a few timesAnd fall asleep on the couchWake up early to black and white re-runsThat escape from my mouthI could follow you to the beginningJust to relive the startAnd maybe then you'd remember to slow downAt all of our favourite partsAll I wanted was you
Making Flames In Photoshop Cs5
Ok had alotta people asking me about making flames and flaming texts so here we go ..... Open Photoshop and then click file then new now see image (A) and make your box look exactly as shown (NOTICE TO THE LEFT THE 2 COLORS ARE BLACK AND WHITE WITH WHITE BEING ON TOP) A. After you click ok a black box should appear click on your text tool and add some text see image (B)B. now that your text is typed click on image at the top and then click on Image Rotation now click on 90CW ..... Now that the text is side ways click on filter then click stylize then click on wind see image (C)below C. now click ok until you are out of the filter (if you want to add longer lines u can hold down ctrl and hit the F key until you are happy (i use to hits of the F button)now when you are happy click on filter again then click on distort then click ripple see image (D) below D. now click ok until out of that filter let straighten the text back out again click on image then Image Rotation then click
Things That Inspire Me...
Things that inspire me:My beautiful daughter, who taught me no matter what, love is unconditional....The majesty of horses running so freely in pasture, without fear....To always see the good in others, no matter what....A heart that can write freely, expressing one's most inner passions....Each day I can awaken and witness a beautiful sunrise....Long walks by ocean side only to hear the sounds of the water beating softly on shore....My grandparents whom had lived many a strife and could share their laughter and smile with me as a child....Those who seek living life to the absolute fullest and have many friends to grow old with....A beautiful flower garden....Strong men who keep their families safe and always lends an ear without ridicule.... (for Gary)Silly laughter....Spontaneity without recklessness....Visionaries who bring great things to life.... (for Gary)Finding love in its truest, most Godly and its most simplest form.... (especially for Gary)
Best Wedding Dresses For 2011
Are you currently a fashionista planning your approaching wedding? The very bestCheap wedding dressesfor 2011 do not have to be very expensive - they have to cause you to look amazing and when you shop at the best place, you will find you can get an incredible bargain.If you do ,you will get moreCheap wedding dresses.There is a new store online,I called itDiscount wedding dresses, but it is a network station nameddressokin fact.they provide the most recent designer, top quality gowns and dresses and also the costs are very reasonable. The styles are innovative but exude the feel and look of the luxury brand which costs ten occasions the cost.They also provide theJunior Bridesmaid Dresses,Cheap Quinceanera Dresses,Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses,and so on.The economy has put a squeeze on personal budgets across the nation but that does not mean the wedding as well as your imagine the perfect dress needs to suffer. The very best wedding gowns for 2011 may need to look beautiful an
Austrian Suspected Of Locking Up Two Daughters For 40 Years
Austrian police are investigating a man they suspect imprisoned, beat and sexually abused his two daughters over a 40-year period, they said yesterday. The 85-year-old Austrian, from the village of St Peter am Hart near Braunau, kept the women locked in a small kitchen with only a wooden bench as a bed, police said. “The accused repeatedly threatened to kill them and threatened them with weapons,” the police department of the province of Upper Austria said in a statement. The man banned his daughters from having “any social contact”, the statement added. burberry outlet It was not immediately clear if they were confined all the time. The description has echoes of the Josef Fritzl incest case which rocked Austria three years ago. Fritzl fathered seven children with his incarcerated daughter before being imprisoned for life in 2009 aged 74. Police said the women, now aged 53 and 45, were suffering from “mental deficiencies” and were being sheltered and
Legal Opinion Challenges Plo Statehood Bid
A legal opinion highlighting the challenges and risks facing the Palestinian people in their quest for statehood has been obtained by Al Jazeera, in the lead up to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation's bid at the United Nations in September. The opinion, written by Guy Goodwin-Gill, a professor of public international law at Oxford University and a member of the legal team representing Jordan's government in 'The Wall' case against Israel at the International Court of Justice in 2004, tackles the issues of Palestinian rights, representation, and the right of return, which may all be seriously affected by the outcome of the bid. Al Jazeera's Nour Samaha conducted an interview with Professor Goodwin-Gill to get a clearer picture of the dangers the Palestinian people may potentially face with the bid. sacs louis vuitton His entire legal judgment on the problems with the current Palestinian bid for statehood can be accessed here. How will the transfer of representation from the Palesti
Favortism Continued
I Wasn't Proud
Ricky was the first and Jeremy was the last, a painfully wet and wild past. Trying to figure a way to clear a name, so I can throw away any idea of fame. I don't want any one to remember when they maybe hear my name. They hopefully murmur, never knew her. I can honestly say out loud I committed sin and I wasn't proud. I never felt like I was really loved or even cared for, every closed heart means I can play no more. This hand I was dealt, knew somehow exactly how I felt. It all happened like it should, wanting any more or less I never could. I'll destroy everything that might remind anyone I existed, burn me with my hands tight fisted. Take my life, with your knife.
What Colors And Ideas Can Make Your Bridesmaids Dresses Perfect
I've got a couple of suggestions below. You might want to present those to your family and friends and find out those that like best. Any combination works. You've selected a monochromatic color plan so any lightness or darkness of crimson is suitable. Dress your bridesmaids in lavender like theJunior Bridesmaid Dressesas well as your Maid/Matron of recognition in plum. Used to do this inside mywedding dresses. Our colors were silver and lightweight blue. I used a whitened dress with silver and lightweight blue accents. My bridesmaids were see how to avoid blue while my Maid and Matron of recognition were inside a dark silver. You might, on the other hand, put your bridesmaids in plum and also the maid/matron in lavender. However, it's generally popular to decorate the maid/matron inside a more dark color in order to contrast the bride to be better. Dress all of them in lavender with plum sashes or accents. The accents might be shawls, systems, or laces and ribbons. Couples that l
Aint Gonna Last
Lay down beside me. Tell me...Is it mean to ask, does this work Do you imagine? You and ITogether in this world Dont try to tell meYour lies.. I will work you out Tear you apart cause I can see it in your eyes This aint gonna work This aint gonna work I get a feeling This aint gonna last From experienecesThat Ive had in the past I know weve been hereMany of times But its only the truth That im trying to find In your reflection What do you see Does it mirror Who your ment to be Try to be honest With me...with me Can you afford to be With someone like me I get a feelingthis aint gonna las tFrom experiencesThat ive had in the past I know weve been here many of time But its only the truth That im trying to find This aint gonna work This aint gonna work
Dear God!!!!
"I won't believe in heaven or hellNo saints, no sinners, no devil as wellNo pearly gates, no thorny crownYou're always letting us humans downThe wars you bring, the babes you drownThose lost at sea and never foundAnd it's the same the whole world 'roundThe hurt I see helps to compoundThat father, son and holy ghostIs just somebody's unholy hoaxAnd if you're up there you'll perceiveThat my heart's here upon my sleeveIf there's one thing I don't believe in its you dear god!!" by xtc
31 Fun Ways To Entertain Yourself Aka. 31 Ways To Annoy Those Around You
1) Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 99 copies. 2) In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sexual favors." 3)Specify that your drive-through order is "TO-GO." 4) If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others. 5)Stomp on little plastic ketchup packets. 6) Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers running in all weather conditions "to keep them tuned up." 7) Reply to everything someone says with "that's what you think." 8) Practice making fax and modem noises. 9) Highlight irrelevant information in scientific papers and "cc" them to your boss. 10) Make beeping noises when a large person backs up. 11) Finish all your sentences with the words "in accordance with prophesy." 12) Signal that a conversation is over by clamping your hands over your ears and grimacing. 13) Disassemble your pen and "accidentally" flip the ink cartridge across the room. 14)Holler random numbers whi
Into Your Eyes
When I look into your eyes, I see me. You are my world my hearts desire. I would take a bullet for you. When i said, I would give you my heart if it meant you would have one more day here on earth I would. You asked me if I loved you, and I said more than I loved life itself. It hurt me when you laughed at me and called me stupid. But that's ok, because not always are we going to be in sink, and that is what made us so close. Because you see girl, I understand you, I feel you when we are apart, I smell you, and I hear you breath. That's why when I came home and found you with him, I was so deeply crushed. That day my whole world slipped away, and there was nothing I could do, to stop from losing you. I want you to know that I will always be there for you no matter when no matter where, just know I will always care. And if ever you need me if ever he breaks your heart I'll be there. So remember these few words from me. To the world you might be one person But to one person
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Creative Writing Championship 2011, Round 1 Entry
This is a 1,000 word story Genre: Fantasy Location: A public library Object: A remote control A Tooth Fairytale I pick up the remote and turn on the sports channel, but golf is on so I turn to one of the news channels and a show is starting. I set the remote down as the title “The Sexist Tooth Fairy Union?” flashes across the screen. The documentary looks low budget, flood lights are berating a table in front of the Non Fiction stacks of books and three tooth fairies sit at the table. They introduce themselves as Bob, Ken and Steve. The voiceover tells me that they are the only three male tooth fairies working today. Although, it doesn’t seem like they will be working much longer. The three have co-authored a book about the sexism and discrimination in the tooth fairy union and Bob says he thought other kinds of fairies needed to be aware of the conditions of tooth fairies. I admit working as a Hobgoblin I rarely pay attention to the social inadequac
Angels And Shadows
He sat in a dimly lit booth in the corner of the bar, the perfect place to survey the crowd and watch the door. He was alone, as always, like every night since he could remember. He looked around at the crowd, drunk and rowdy, being social with their peers. The smells of various alcohols and smoke filled the air, and sounds of meaningless conversations echoing. As he looked around, peering past the heads of passers by, he saw her. Her body language told it all. She was what he had come here for. She sat alone at the bar staring at a television she couldn't hear, sipping from a glass of mild wine. She drew no attention from those around her and made no effort to. She didn't come for the social scene, just to drink and escape the world outside. He stood up from his booth and walked through the crowd, eyes locked on her. He confidently sat down next to her. As if to read her mind he said," We are all looking for a place to call home... and somewhere to escape when that home becomes a
Love From Rob's βąbұミo」」♥
Meeting you was pure destiny,You and I were clearly meant to be.Maybe not nowbut someday soon,We'll meet not under the sunbut beneath the moon.We'll watch the stars'till they fade away,but we won't fadetogether we'll forever stay.This is the day I'm waiting for,Everyday..foreverI'll love you more and more.I can't wait to watchthe sun set with you,every sunset from that dayAlways & forever me with you. I love you sweetheart.The future Mrs. Baar
Patrick Swayze Qoute
When those you love die the best you can do is honor their spirit for as long as you live. You make a commitment that you're going to take whatever lesson that person or animal was trying to teach you and you make it true in your own life... it's a positive way to keep their spirit alive in the world by keeping it alive in yourself."— Patrick Swayze
I have been in Firefighting since I was 20 years Old I enjoy it greatly.
Connecting With The Ashtar Command Are You Ready? - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network
Connecting with The Ashtar Command Are You Ready? - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network "Many come to what is called the Ashtar Command from tourist seekers to truth seeks and all inbetween. As you come to a place of wanting to know who and what the Command is you meet others on the journey. In this journey you also find those that are not here to connect with Ashtar Command but to just blend in or do not have a real interest in this reality." For the full article visit:
Loneliness As A Starseed - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network
Special note: Personally I seem to only see the love that my spirit friends, E.T. friends, elemental friends, Divine Beings, and nature (animals, trees, oceans etc. etc.) show me. I can't seem to believe that another human being could possible like me much less love me. Loneliness as a Starseed - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network"anyone else experiencing intense loneliness no matter how many people you have around that love and care for you? i have family, a husband and a child and i cannot seem to shake that lonely feeling."For the full article visit:
Obamacare - The Socialist Stampede Continues...
I found this after I heard a report that in the next 2 years that at least 1 in 10 employers will no longer be offering health care to their employees due to cost. I figure it's appropriate. Because this picture really represents exactly what's going it 2012 yet?..peace.
om/user.php?u=516416&friend=516416" target=_blank> Secrets
How Do You Do It?
Get to work woman, I keep telling myself. But I can't focus, keep going back to the emotions I felt. The way you touched me, it was so rare. I can't remember, ever being there. In the past, or even now. It was completely different, somehow. The way you looked at me, was unreal. I don't know how to describe, how I feel. My heart pounds, just by the sight of your face. I wish I had never, blocked out that place. A move I regret, and wish I could redo. I would give anything, to find my way back to you. It is so hard not saying, all that I want to. How do you do it? When all I can think about, is you.
I Adore You As Much As The Nocturnal Vault...
Je t'adore l'馮al de la vote nocturne Je t'adore l'馮al de la vote nocturne,ヤ vase de tristesse, grande taciturne,Et t'aime d'autant plus, belle, que tu me fuis,Et que tu me parais, ornement de mes nuits,Plus ironiquement accumuler les lieuesQui s駱arent mes bras des immensit駸 bleues. Je m'avance l'attaque, et je grimpe aux assauts,Comme apr鑚 un cadavre un choeur de vermisseaux,Et je ch駻is, b黎e implacable et cruelle!Jusqu' cette froideur par o tu m'es plus belle! —Charles Baudelaire I Adore You as Much as the Nocturnal Vault... I adore you as much as the nocturnal vault,O vase of sadness, most taciturn one,I love you all the more because you flee from me,And because you appear, ornament of my nights,More ironically to multiply the leaguesThat separate my arms from the blue infinite. I advance to attack, and I climb to assault,Like a swarm of maggots after a cadaver,And I cherish, implacable and cruel beast,Even that coldness which makes you more b
Hymn To Beauty
Hymn to Beauty Do you come from Heaven or rise from the abyss,Beauty? Your gaze, divine and infernal,Pours out confusedly benevolence and crime,And one may for that, compare you to wine. You contain in your eyes the sunset and the dawn;You scatter perfumes like a stormy night;Your kisses are a philtre, your mouth an amphora,Which make the hero weak and the child courageous. Do you come from the stars or rise from the black pit?Destiny, bewitched, follows your skirts like a dog;You sow at random joy and disaster,And you govern all things but answer for nothing. You walk upon corpses which you mock, O Beauty!Of your jewels Horror is not the least charming,And Murder, among your dearest trinkets,Dances amorously upon your proud belly. The dazzled moth flies toward you, O candle!Crepitates, flames and says: "Blessed be this flambeau!"The panting lover bending o'er his fair oneLooks like a dying man caressing his own tomb, Whether you come from heaven or from hell, who car
Marketing Stunts With Grunt
As any marketing wizard will attest you can easily run your own publicity drive for free. All you have to do is enlist the usual social media suspects – the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and now. But (yawn) running a marketing campaign that way is starting to look tired and trite. For inspiration on building your brand without busting the budget, consider some stunts spotted by observers in the know. The efforts below suggest that money matters less than imagination. Lateral thinking carries the day. 1. Making a splash Erik Bigalk, creative marketing consultant On August 2, UK beauty brand Soap & Glory plunged a huge sculpture of a bather into the Inner Alster: a lake in Hamburg, Germany. The two tonne steel-and-polystyrene woman, who stretches 20 metres, was a way for the firm to thank German buyers of their products after launching in the country nine months ago. The sculpture made a splash, he adds, in terms of instant public impact and “lasting word-of-mouth&r
Swimsuit Top (upper) Line Classification
swimwear_Bikini swimwear_One piece swimwear top Bear - Design cut above the bust line Bareback - Design and cut back significantly, backless Beamidorifu - large waist cut design and highlight the Senaku swimwear_Bikini swimwear_One piece swimwear V-neck in line - a deep cut neck design, look beautiful bust line Halter - hanging on the neck strap design One shoulder - strap design took one to obscure the broad-shouldered Strapless - the shape does not have straps on the top (which is still in English meaning). Although there are obvious advantages that the size of the breast, the impact of the above has the disadvantage of the weak. If the tube bikini top also known, is common to the back instead of fabric and thick straps (straps Monokini is also less and ties a cloth in the back). Some prefer a detachable shoulder strap also allows Center Strap - what has become the center of the chest from the neck to a V-shaped shoulder strap. This is also conspicuous in the chest, wh
The Structure Of Thy Heart
It's for every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see itFor every truth there'a an ear somewhere to hear itAnd every love there's a heart somewhere to receive it.It was your beauty my eyes had seen, my ears to hearyour truthful words and my heart to receive your love,I've truly learned listening is the essence of the heart.To be your friend was all I had ever wanted, my dearto be your lover, was all I ever dreamed - It's our lifeand our love we live to be relived everyday, my angel.Your love is the structure of thy heart, it is the essencebrought upon with an irresistible presence known only tothose whom are lucky enough to have truly felt it, love.I know there's a place within me where your fingertipsrest, your intimate kisses linger, whispers softly echo, It'sthis place where a part of you will forever be a part of me...- In my Heart
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Falling On My Face!!!
I fall on my face all the time. I'm to caring and to nice to other i try not to judge everyone the same bc everyone is different no one is the same. I fall on my face bc I care to easly, i give everyone that benifit of the doubt that they wount run when I care for them but they run away. No one knows the pain I have go threw but i can relate to many peoples pain. I feel as if I 'm stupid for caring so much. I feel like all I ever do in my life is help people and get shit on in the end. I cry everynight bc I don't know what it is that makes me push everyone out of my life. I dont like being to close to anyone bc I'm afraid of the hurt and the pain that I will endure in the end...
Certain Foods May Be The Best Medicine For Lowering 'bad' Cholesterol
For patients with high levels of so-called bad cholesterol, doctors routinely reach for two remedies: cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and a diet that cuts out foods high in saturated fat, such as ice cream, red meat and butter. But new research has found that when it comes to lowering artery-clogging cholesterol, what you eat may be more important than what you don't eat. Released online Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Assn., the study found that incorporating several cholesterol-lowering foods — such as soy protein and nuts — into a diet can reduce bad cholesterol far more effectively than a diet low in saturated fat. In fact, the authors assert, levels of LDL, the "bad" cholesterol, can drop to half that seen by many patients who take statins, sold under such names as Lipitor, burberry outlet Crestor or Zocor. That could drive down a person's risk of fatal heart attack or stroke by 20%, the authors wrote. But this doesn't mean that people on statins s
The Simplest Ways Of On The Search For Mens North Face Down Jackets
Your choice of the exact clothes can indeed magnify credit history . sex elegance by move on in addition to offering up functional includes. If you are a gourmand continually searching for athletically empowered fits, up to date complex styles plus the beloved, high-performance Buy North Face Fleece Jackets cloths just for gents, the actual mens north face down jackets can be found in your court case. Recognized as most likely Britain's Greatest looking Brands, All the North Face offers wide-ranging line of usefulness apparel, systems and shoes or boots. The brand could possibly be the choice of our planet's most gotten to climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders and people and provide some of the most practically cutting-edge products purchased from the market. Typically the North Face Pinnacle Bionic Cardigan. To locate from Height North Face Downward is a windproof, water-resistant, extremely capable light layer parka that can be used because a cover, a out
Best Method To Buy North Face Jackets For Top Quality
North face with designers try to subscribe to the most up-to-date technology after only North face with Jackets,they may be the best.This north face You will have access to a lively stride of rising in your popular historic streets at Buy North Face Fleece Jackets in the event you positioned across a North face with parka.Perhaps,it's always uncomplicated to decide how a perfect offer you really like practically North face utilizing Jackets. You look using the radio stations everyday,even if,you hear terrible facts inside the North face with the help of Jackets sometimes,you'll stil adore them.Obviously,down are utilized to undertake the improve.You may probably in significant financial ailments,so you call for to help deduce any spend for North face with Jackets. Certainly not concentrate ones endeavours until such time as the Buy North Face Fleece Jacketsperiod of aggression.It is renovated to fresh North face with Jackets plus T shirts for ladies.And these clothes and
Defaults At Fault
just taking a quick second to thank all of you super creative fu that insist on having complicated gifs and mini movies as a default. everytime i try to log onto the site with my phone, your default of you turning into the entire cast of twilight really bogs things down. add that to the girl who has to have a gif of herself smiling, then not, then giving the finger, then the tongue out between the fingers, the boob squeeze, devil horns, and finally followed by peace sign. dont forget the 50+ year old lady that somehow morphs into megan fox, or angelina jolie, then into a cartoon dominatrix, then finally a butterfly. the question is... why? guys, you dont escape the wrath. stop turning into dragons, tigers, dracula, chewbacca, a zombie, rob zombie, rob schneider, etc etc its rediculous. youre not dracula. youre not a tiger. why would you wanna show a girl how much you resemble a zombie? "hey baby, in just .31 seconds, i can look exactly like ive been dead for 6 years. wanna see?"
Server Update
Updated server security and tunes are back up now... Please, refresh, thanks.
Being Probably The Most Considerable Element In The Wedding Ceremony
As you going to have begun to realize, preparing a wedding is thrilling and usually much more than just a little nerve-wracking. Preparing for a ceremony as specific being a wedding is lots of bring about for excitement and anticipation. However, there is so significantly to accomplish and, most likely, considering that you'll want it to all go completely that's lots of bring about for nervousness and stressed nerves. And once you think about that it isn't the sort of issue we do on the typical basis, nor one thing that people regularly have any instruction for, you have to ease up just a little for the quest for perfection and attempt to concentrate for the excitement. Your wedding dress is almost certainly being probably the most considerable element in the wedding ceremony. Everyone's eye could be for the bride. what ever design of wedding you settle on, you'll locate that there's many traditions that relate to the wedding ceremony - even with some of the much more unusual themed w
Author Unknown
Author Unknown Somewhere in the pages of a book written long ago, there was something about love everyone was supposed to know. Lost in translation from a language that is no-more was the true meaning of love and who it was meant for. Love was a feeling that was meant to be shared but where and how those pages got lost and people forgot how to care. What was on those pages very few people knew I happen to be one of them let me share it with you. Love is something special love is something true and if you think you're in love be careful , 'cause sometimes your thoughts can deceive you. Love is something to embrace, not something to fear, but if you forget to return that love, your love will disappear.
collogue \kuh-LOHG\verb; 1. To confer secretly.
No one is happy all his life long. - Euripides
A Womans Worth
A Woman's Worth You could buy me diamonds , you could buy me pearlsTake me on a cruise around the worldBaby you know I’m worth itDinner lit by candles, run my bubble bathMake love tenderly to last and lastBaby you know I’m worth itWanna please wanna keep wanna treat your woman rightNot just told but to show she is worth your timeYou will lose if you choose to refuse to put her firstShe will if she can’t find a man who knows her worth, mhmnCuz a real man knows a real woman when he sees herAnd a real woman knows a real man ain’t afraid to please herAnd a real woman knows a real man always comes firstAnd a real man just can’t deny a woman’s worthIf you treat me fairly I’ll give you all my goodsTreat you like a real woman shouldBaby I know your worth itIf you never play me , promise not to bluffI’ll hold it down when it get’s ruffBaby I know your worth itShe rolls the mile makes you smil
True Beauty
True beauty is in the way she laughsTrue beauty is in her eyesTrue beauty is how she actsTrue beauty is insideTrue beauty is unseenTrue beauty is only feltTrue beauty is not meanTrue beauty is herselfTrue beauty can't be cruelTrue beauty is bareTrue beauty within youTrue beauty is always thereTrue Beauty can't be covered with makeupTrue beauty means true loveTrue beauty can't be baked upTrue beauty is the flight of a True beauty has no flawsFor True beauty is all that matters after all
Cheap Wedding Gowns - Tips To Get A Gown At A Lower Price
You actually do not have to go far to locateCheap wedding dresses. It's not necessary to possess a "wedding club" membership. It's not necessary to "be aware of right people". And it's not necessary to travel to another condition or country. Honestly, you need to simply follow these simple tips if you wish to findDiscount wedding dressesthat appear to be beautiful & elegant.Obtaining a Wedding Gown at a lower price...1. Request Mother. This is actually the simplest method of gettingwedding dressesunderneath the budget. Odds are your mother, grandmother, or another female relative includes a dress for you to put on. Request her if she'd grant the "recognition" of putting on clothing for the wedding. Also, request if it might be okay to create a couple of small changes towards the dress too.Your famliies will give you the best suggestions about how to buy a wedding dresses that fit you.stylies likeA-Line Wedding Dresses,Cheap Couture Wedding Dresses,Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses, orC
Ve Jobs's Resignation Letter To The Apple Board Of Directors
In a bit of news that managed to be both shocking and expected at the same time -- we've all been waiting for this day, it had to come eventually -- Steve Jobs resigned from his post as the CEO of Apple in a letter to his company's board of directors. His note, brief but moving, reminded Apple watchers that, among his many talents, Jobs can write. CUPERTINO, Calif.-August 24, 2011-To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community: I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come. I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. air yeezy 2011 I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee. As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple. I believe Apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching a
French Budget Targets High Earners
BIG COMPANIES and the rich will bear the burden of new revenue-raising measures in a highly political budget approved yesterday by French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Just nine months away from a presidential election, France’s high earners will face higher taxes as the government seeks some €12 billion in extra revenue by the end of next year to help bring public finances under control. Unveiling new austerity measures, launched after the country’s growth stuttered to a halt in the second quarter, French prime minister Fran?ois Fillon said: burberry outlet cheap “We have passed the threshold of tolerance on debt.” Though he also scaled back forecasts for growth from 2 per cent this year and 2.25 per cent in 2012 to 1.75 per cent in each of these years, Mr Fillon said the new measures would ensure France could meet its promise to cut its budget deficit from 5.7 per cent of gross domestic product to a marginally better-than-expected 4.5 per cent next year and
Sweet Tease
Sweet Tease I'm sure you know full wellThe damage that you doAnd I am sure you're certainI'll not soon take leave of youSo lead me on, I'll play for nowI'm going to have you, anyhowDon't let your luscious lips tell me liesBecause I see all the answers in your eyesAnd when hot glances come my wayYou make me wonder why you playBut go ahead love, play the gameSoon I will have you, just the sameIt seems, my love, you haven't learnedThat playing with fire will get you burnedEach word and truth I speak, directShall melt your resistance, I suspectThen other games with you I'll playI mean to have you anywayI only seek to touch your heartAnd pleasure you in every partSweet Tease, for me you are desireFor you, my blood runs liquid fireAnd it matters not what others sayIn my dreams I've had you in every way ゥ2011 Dene Whelchel
About Me, Lol
Things you should know about me:: 1. I'm pretty sure I'm controlling. 2. I'm also pretty sure I'm a slacker. 3. Is it possible to be homeless and have a home? Well, that's me. 4. I'm pretty funny 5. I'm cool 6. I write like a girl 7. I write "really pretty". 8. I make "the best" tea 9. I have green on my mind, obviously =/ 10. Gold is a hard color to put on here. 11. I'm allergic to gold. 12. I just forgot what I was going to put because my laptop fucked up. 13. I remember, I was going to say that I smell really nice. 14. I have a bad attitude That's all :)
Road Trip
going on road trip with my boo to: El Paso,Phoenix, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Albuquerque tell me the must see's and must Eats
How Do I
How do you find get past the heart that wont let go of something that just disappearedHow do I walk away from the one that took away all of the things in life that I fearedHow do I breathe the air that dosent taste the same since they are no longer thereHow do I give another a chance when for someone else so much I still love and careHow do I look at there picture and not bring back the memories of what we sharedHow do I hide the emotion that builds up inside as every second passes with another tearHow do I find the way to pick up the pieces and put on a smile to hide my loss and fearHow do I find that person that will listen to all that I have to say without taking a sideHow do I look inside myself again to see what is left of my heart and soul and my prideHow do I lie to say that I am over it when I love you is what inside I sayHow do I go on with my friends that are happy and have someone without it showingHow do I get through all my days with out people just looking at me and them
Janey Godley痴 Podcast Episode 59
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 59 of Janey Godley’s Podcast the Mother is away so the daughter can play. While Janey performs at the Soho theatre in London Ashley introduces two of her best friends, Victoria and Bobby, to Podcasting and what ensues is probably one of the most disgusting moments in this podcast’s history. Urban legends are dissected while the possibility of mind reading through technology is debated, Victoria gives us a taste of middle class holidaying in France and Ashley brings more bizarre news. They discuss the finer points of dog ownership and the girls decide to embarrass Ashley by outing a possible love interest… Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother an
Great Guy
There are no words to describe all the feelings i have inside, all the things you do to me. how you somehow make me come alive. I wish i could explain why i feel this way; why I am affected by everything you do and say. How can i explain to you? everything you do for me, how you make me want to be a better person ; in your own little way help set me free. Is there a way to show you all the happiness you bring to me? and all the smiles you create by all the little things you do. there is no way to express how you make me feel. But what i really want you to knowp is how much i truely care for you and how i value your wishes, opinions and boundaries. maybe one day i can tell you all the reasons i dont want us to end and how even if we never begin.....I will always consider you my friend!! thank you for being you. i cherish every moment we have spent together, you are a great guy and please dont ever forget that!!!
Post-op Physical And Mri 08/24/2011
To paraphrase the words of the doc "I am the poster boy for laminectomy and disc replacement surgery". The healing process is so far beyond all expectation that while formal physical therapy would not normally begin for at least 90 days after such surgery, mine begins tomorrow, just 41 days post-op. UUUUUUUU fukin RRRRAAAAAHHHHHH !!! The MRI shows that the pain I am still experiencing is the other herniated discs shrinking back into place and my lower spine adjusting to "normalcy" again. While I still awaken sometimes so stiff and sore I question this whole process, something the doc tells me will continue for a while, though he won't even hazard a guess as to how long with the progress I am making, this "new man" they promised me is taking shape, and faster than anyone could have imagined. Quite frankly, I think they just never took into account what a motivated Marine can overcome and accomplish, even at my age. There really isn't a whole lot more to say, except for this... whil
Mothers Aniversary...
THIS WAS FOR MY MOTHER BEFORE SHE DIED AND ITS HER BIRTHDAY TODAY... God bless you mom I love you may you ever rest in peace mwah xxxI LOVE YOU MOTHER... These tears are not of joy,But of sorrow as you can see.They're for my dear mother,Who is very sick indeed. I want to help her get better,But this will never be so.For she turned my offer down,And blatantly said NO. So all I can do now,Is sit and watch with fright.As mother slowly dwindles from me,And far beyond my sight. I hope gods place is ready,For someone as dear as my mother.For
Teresa's Spotlight Auction
Please PM your pic, offers and fubucks to LiL Darlin if your going to donate your winning bids please let me know when you send your info. Thanks Auction/Bully Brought To You By: LiL Darlin AO by Wallygator722
The Messages Aren't Broken Completely.
For any one who hasn't figured this out and is having issues replying to messages, it's pretty straight forward. Don't click on the message from your bartab, just go to your inbox. Mark all as read. Now when you go into the messages, you can click "reply" and send a message. The new system they have in place actually works. Too bad it's extremely glitchy.
Infection By Love
Love doesn't exist without pain It doesn't care whether you're sick or sane A disease in the form of adoration and obsession Slowly shadowing the world with its infection Creating a new birth every couple seconds Every passing moment it takes yet another victim Feeding the weakest of minds with its addiction Consuming the easiest of lovesick minds Absorbing their most prescious wants and stealing time Every eager heart has something they want to find It has the power to strip of trust on which it feeds Expanding your expectations that often lead to doubt and jealousy Love can empower you to reach your most intimate dreams But it also has the ability to hinder the worst of things Love is a lot more clever and complicated that it seems.
Viral Traffic Frenzy Review Free Website Traffic System
Viral Traffic Frenzy is a new website that promises to deliver website traffic effortlessly. It's a pretty bold claim, especially with so many places making similar claims.Visit Viral Traffic Frenzy:=>'s created by Solomon Huey, who is well known and trusted by many in the Internet Marketing world. He's created several incredibly popular programs designed to help marketers with many topics, ranging from traffic generation to list building and more.The way Viral Traffic Frenzy works they have a custom toolbar that attaches to your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, just like some of the other toolbars you may have seen or used. Naturally, the toolbar is free of any viruses or malware. The installation is very easy and fast. If you've ever installed any plugins into your web browser, it's as easy as when you install other plugins. It should only take a couple of minutes to have the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar set up.And that
I Am Not Bashing Either Political Party...but This Show Problems!
History Lesson on Your Social Security Card Dick Kantenberger Gifted Education Writer History Lesson on Your Social Security CardJust in case some of you young whippersnappers (& some older ones) didn't know this.It's easy to check out, if you don't believe it. Be sure and show it to your familyand friends. They need a little history lesson on what's what and it doesn't matterwhether you are Democrat or Republican. Facts are Facts. Social Security Cards up until the 1980s expressly stated the number andcard were not to be used for identification purposes. Since nearly everyone in the United States now has a number, it became convenient to use it anyway and themessage , NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION, was removed. Error! Filename not specified.An old Social Security card with the"NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION"
Pants Availability
My Aunt works in an AZ. Prison posted this on her facebook today. Made me laugh, I want to post this in the dojo to all the punk kids who take MMA classes just to look cool. They are the idiots who show up for class once a week and we see them on the streets smoking cigs and being morons. To all you guys who "sag" your pants and show your butt and underwear....did you know it originated in prison? It was a signal to the other MEN that you are "available". So if you wanna keep going around looking like your "available" for another dude to "tap that"... then keep thinking your cool while I think you look like a Fool!!! RE-Post if you agree
Got a problem. I need contact lenses but my prescription is very expired and I can't afford the tests for new ones. So if anyone out there wears contacts close to mine and would be willing to help me buy some, I am willing to pay over cost, including shipping and handling. Just let me know. Mine are Diameter 14.2 and I have one that is -2.00 and one that is -2.50. Please, if anyone can help, let me know. Thanks.
30k 100..rates
30k/100 me when finished..
HATERS H-aving A-nger T-owards E-veryone R-eaching S-uccess

Ipushpeopleaway it's a fact. If i start to push you away, it's cuz im already afraid to loose you....
✦ ✧
------------------------- Thosehorriblethoughts you create when you overthink. the ones that have you crying for hours. the ones that scare you. the ones that make you push people away, so they don't push you away first. the ones that you can't comprehend. The ones that make you think how much you actually have to lose in your life. ♥
Let Me Go
I look for you and you are no where to be found. I listen for your laugh but there is no sound I long for your embrace but will never feel it again I will never get lost in your eyes again or feel your sweet breath on my neck what I am left with will not do when I am left with everything, but you Your memory haunts me pain over rides all the memories I have, good and sad. The daysfold into the night but some how I never see the light. I scream your name, can you hear Can you see my fear.Can you slate this clean and remove my tear. Please just let me go dear. BY:AL
Contest Update....
Since there are so many people on Fu who swear they are niot sexy enough to make a dam salute lol.... the salute contest will begin thursday the 25th.. The contest will end the 15th of September... Remember its all about a pic rate.. so it not a hard task at all lol.. the folder will be open to all.... and I just ask for everyone to be respectful.......
Ancient Instrument's Twang Draws Global Fans
x The Jew’s harp, a plucked-mouth instrument found all over the world, has absolutely nothing to do with Jews But it does have a distinctive sound and a lot of fans. Many of them have gathered at the North American Jew’s Harp Festival in the western state of Oregon to celebrate the tiny instrument. If you haven’t heard of the Jew’s harp, you’re not alone. Even its biggest fans were once in the dark. “I thought it was a bike tool or a screwdriver or something," says ethnomusicologist Deirdre Morgan, executive director of the Jew's Harp Guild. "I found out it was a musical instrument. And I thought, 'Oh it’s that thing that I’ve heard in the background of old-time music.' I didn’t know what it was called, so I Googled the words ‘twangy mouth instrument.’” Morgan is writing her masters' thesis on the Asian Jew’s harp, one of the instrument's many variations. Now an expert, she explains how they work. &
How Many Kinds Of Swimsuits
Design Categories Dresses - Top (upper) and bottom (lower body) is connected to type. Mainly floral designs, including many style Monokini design - design is back as the Bikini A-line - designed with a skirt on the bottom Slingshot - designed to be contiguous to the bottom of the neck just two straps` Two piece swimwear - Top (upper) and bottom (lower body) is an independent type Separates - bikini designs with reduced feeling Tankini swimsuit - design that combines the top and bottom of the tank top or camisole type Sexy bikinis - Small fabric design Bikini triangle - a triangle-shaped bikini top and bottom Micro Bikini - Bikini cover only a minimal swimwear,One piece swimwear,Two piece swimwear,Bikini swimwear, Tankini swimsuit,Sexy bikinis,Skirt type swimsuit,Leopard grain swimsuit,Floral and bright prints swimwear,Japanese swimwear,Mens brief,Mens trunk ,Sports swimwear
Wow, What A Weird-ass Dream Last Night
ok best as i can tell, this dream starts in my old neighborhood, the one i grew up in as a kid. I see a really pretty girl. The type of girl that may be legal, and may be not, yanno that 18ish barbied up kinda girl that for anyone who has checked ID's at a bar or gas station knows what im talking about when i say questionable. I'm walking down the street and cuz this is a dream i have no idea what my intentions were at the time, but this girl was playing tennis against her garage door and sprained her ankle just as i was walking by. being the guy i am, i stopped to help. After i hepled her up and help her to her front door (figuring someone would be inside), she invites me in for a gatorade. Innocent enough , right? ok here's where it gets weird, she starts comin on to me, yanno the gettin close without actually touching me in a sensitive spot, but also flirting the whole time. I'll be honest, its a dream, I didnt stop to ask her age lol. So I make a move and this girl is THE WORST
Susie's In Hospital...
Susie went to the hospital with some chest pain yesterday. They took a bunch of blood and did a cat scan. They luckily found no cats and really don't think it's cardiac related. Since they couldn't rule it out entirely they kept her overnight to do more tests including an MRI. They are leaning towards Gall bladder related ailments. I had a very weepy young one last night that had to sleep in my bed. She's still snoozing. Took a bit out of her. Brewed a pot and will wake the Munchkin up in a bit to go back up to the hospital. Susie feels much better and is extremely pissy because she hadn't eaten all day yesterday, and when they brought her breakfast this morning, Someone rushed in and told her not to eat until they did another test. I can't wait to go bring mama HOME! You've been told. Any with her number, give her a ring.... Love, Dud Ok she just called and They told her she'll be doing a stress test and she couldn't eat . She's getting really pissed now. They t
It's Time
Nothing like waking up and starting your day. However, I woke up to a phone call at 7am. NOT my plan. I decided to kill time by coming on here until I had to get ready for work. That's when I realized.... I have friends that I don't remember accepting. Time to delete some people!!!
Considering Giving It Up
I spend way too much time on FUBAR and give too much to this place for what I get back. It has turned into an addiction. I spend hours a day hitting my like button to only get a kick in the pants when maybe 1 out of 30 people like me back. I am throwing in the towel...I am done....
Girlfriends Gangbang And Cyber Crisis Update
With Bree Daniels, Dana Dearmond, Lily Cade, Kara Price, Dan O'Connell, Elexis Monroe, Erin & Candi Girl right after our Girlfriends Gangbang. Photo: Mad Passion Listen to the Girlfriends Gangbang show: radio8-13-11 Today my sick hard drive entered the recovery lab. I feel like its in rehab and needs to dry out from too much partying. Whether they put it through detox or a clean room, I just hope they resurrect all the years of blogs, shows and archives that are somewhere in there under an avalanche of digital sludge, gasping for release. Thanks for all your help, attempted help and comments of support. I’m glad no one so far has said they are “praying” for my hard drive because that would be too much, and there’s no evidence that other people’s prayers help hospital patients, let alone sick hard drives, anyway. In the meantime, I’m here on this “temp blog,” and want to bring you LAST Saturday’s amazing “Girlfr
A Short Overview Of Males North Face Jackets
Everything you've ever wanted to are aware of men's North Face Jackets.In doing my homeland for Canada these are generally very popular for self-evident reasons. Generally you can obtain a lot of different styles of North Face jackets. To be a man I really Buy North Face Fleece Jackets love to decide to wear big parka Jackets because I've been putting on the standard concern mans North Face peacoat for ages and I disliked them. Inside Canada we now have absolutely that worse North Looks you can imagine, and so i spent my best whole life here. Yet their started doing business, like most fellas, I donned these shitty smaller North Face Jackets,which were possibly the saddest Jackets you could expect wearing within the 30 below-zero climate. So I eventually invested in an appropriate coat, the latest North Face parka jacket regarding $500. I thought to be the recognized Canada Goose type, they are insanely popular nowadays but manner overpriced including a bit heavy for my
High Quality North Face Down Jackets Requires More In The Event That Washing
Plenty of individuals will purchase one little bit of cutting jackets with the chilly winter weather thanks to the fantastic effects on steering clear of the toughest environment and even staying toasty and cozy. It is well-known that it can protect and support stable whole entire body temperature. Plenty of the Buy North Face Outlet jackets usually are rated as stated by their ability from keeping inviting at a certain temperature degree. carry a -40 standing as an example, you may not be chilly even with a minus 40-degree temp. However, typically the highly insulation exceptional from cutting cover demands as a replacement serious clean-up capabilities owing to the distinctive materials the fact that jacket uses. There is no doubt who leather-based one is usually an awesome instance which has no exception connected with wool and then artificial mixes that will be damaged easily with no need of cautious vacuuming. As for design to the strong climate, a good number of th
I'm Doing Good And Now The Haters Come Out! Success Brings Fortune And Also Jealousy!
Hi my Fubar Family! I was checking out my twitter and Facebook account and "BAM" there it goes! " A Hater" just one trying to steal fame already. He didn't have to even comment on the post! I was stating that the ringtone are being sold by friday they can log on and buy! The thing is that it was an old artist that's washed up in the game. He was a personal friend of mine and once was a very good artist. Her he goes say;"fuck your group and you too bitch N&^%*" I really feel for him! I guess all the success is driving him mad! Everybody getting it, he's hearing it in the clubs now, and I guess he's losing it! I say; " Don't hate the game of life, " Get educated and be what you want be in life! I've sent a personal message to the buster and said; " Grow Up" " Man Up" " You owe no one but your self for the success you want to achieve". Don't you know this was one of the good new comers that was heading for success! I guess people burn the wrong bridges at the wrong time. He's n
Loss Of Love.
Heartbreak is a bad thing no matter how many times it happens to you. You never get over it quickly and it always hurts! See I've never been good at expressing my self ortelling other my feelings now I have lost someone I care about very much by keeping it bottled up, am I to go through life alone? Who knows but will I settle for whats there or will I find love again?
Perfect Wedding Apparel Is Essential When You Are Engaged
Most brides who will be begin dreaming about the perfectcheap wedding apparelextended before they are even engaged. deciding on the perfect wedding apparel is essential due to the fact it is maybe the only day time that all eye balls will possibly be searching at you. A apparel that is gorgeous while remaining tasteful as well as flattering for your figure will be sure that you just glimpse your very best in your wedding day. With so numerous style, coloring and material choices available, deciding on the perfect wedding apparel may be a daunting task. However, most brides merely know once they have discovered the perfect wedding dress. in the instant they set within the dress, they instinctively realize that this could be the perfect wedding apparel for them. The most crucial point when looking for your wonderfulwedding dresseswould be to start searching a minimal of six weeks before your wedding date. acquiring the perfect apparel will most probably consider pretty some time and
Thought This Was Funny
BREAKING NEWS: The Pity Train has derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get the Hell Over It. Any complaints about how we operate can be forwarded to 1-(800) waa-waaa-waa. This is Dr. Sniffle reporting LIVE from Quitchur Bitchin'. If you like this, repost it. If you don't.... suck it up cupcake. Life doesn't revolve around you!!
[a Lot Like Homework]
Finishing these Fallout 3 expansions feel a lot like homework for a class I never wanted to take. Don't lock me in a room, corridor, spaceship whatever in a game about exploring the wasteland. I'll get bored and feel taken out of the core element of the game. It also doesn't help that ... Fallout 3 is notorious for bugs. Crashes. Etc. For one stretch I was averaging a game crashing bug every six minutes of gameplay. Not fun. Now I just play in constant fear of it happening. Like it did an hour ago, after a prolonged gun fight (my 4,000 shootout with aliens in 6 hours) and a tedious sequence where I had to blow up some generators (my 30th blown up generator since being abducted by aliens) and it happened RIGHT at the area's exit. There's a reason I didn't run screaming to the store to get these expansions when they came out. There's a reason I haven't finished them in ... 3 years? See above. ... the part about being locked up in a game about
Life Goes On
Well a lot has happened in such a short amount of time. I'm no longer with my husband but I am now with a very special man with the same background as me as far as relationships goes. I can honestly say that everything that happened happened for a reason and it just wasn't men to be with Chad. Travis only time will tell.. but so far I like where things are heading and how slow things are going. almost as if everything fits just right like it was meant to be. ATM just waiting for school to start up and get bk in the swing of things.... cant wait to get this two yrs over with and work on the next 4yr degree.... want something work hard for it!!!!
Lyrics To Rolling In The Deep
There’s a fire starting in my heartReaching a fever pitch,it’s bringing me out the darkFinally I can see you crystal clearGo head and sell me outand I'll lay your shit bareSee how I leave with every piece of youDon’t underestimate the things that I will doThere’s a fire starting in my heartReaching a fever pitchAnd its bring me out the darkThe scars of your love remind me of usThey keep me thinking that we almost had it allThe scars of your love they leave me breathlessI can’t help feelingWe could have had it allRolling in the deepYou had my heart inside of your handAnd you played itTo the beatBaby I have no story to be toldBut I’ve heard one of youAnd I’m gonna make your head burnThink of me in the depths of your despairMaking a home down thereIt Reminds you of the home we sharedThe scars of your love remind me of usThey keep me thinking that we almost had it allThe scars of your love they leave me breathlessI can’t help feelingWe coul
If I stepped into the lightAnd left my reflectionStanding in doorwaysAnd not look behindIf I coloured by the signsIn shadows and tonesKissing in cornersAnd not look behindIf I slipped into the quietA melody strongGlowing in darknessAnd not look behindIf I stepped into the lightAnd left my reflectionStanding in doorwaysAnd not look behindIf I fell between the linesDistant and drawnWaiting by streetlightsAnd not look behindIf I let the moments riseDiscover and fallHanging in hallwaysAnd not look behindI'd go crashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endI'd go crashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the end...Crashing to the endKissing in cornersCrashing to the end
Swinger Holiday From Cyber Disaster
First, I want to apologize for the fact that this Bloggamy is currently in disarray. My slip is showing, and not in a sexy way (then again, maybe it turns on some of you sadists. Most of my blog posts, photos and comments are missing or out of order, many links don't work and the format is all wrong. This is temporary (I hope)! As you might already know, my blog and several of my other domains and archives went down a few days ago, felled by a freakish cyber disaster that caused both the main linux server and the backup drive to collapse simultaneously. This is about as likely to happen as running into your Mormon mother-in-law at a swing party in Cannes, but it can happen. And it just did happen. So we are now working our hot butts off to recover the data and post various temp-sites like this one. In the meantime, several of our other sites are just fine—better than ever, in fact! So we are able to bring you most, if not quite all, of the sex, fun, wisdom and live shows
Random Thoughts
eu n縊 posso lev-lo para fora da minha mente, eu penso em voc o tempo todo, .. seus l畸ios me degusta鈬o ... sua m縊 de roaming sobre o meu peito, fazendo-me t縊 feliz que eu encontrei voc, eu n縊 sei o que eu seria voc n縊 tem voc. im perdido no mar com o pensamento de voc sem mim, eu n縊 acho que eu poderia viver dessa maneira, passando por cada dia com o seu toque, ou palavras para me confortar, eu estaria perdido para a eternidade, com o homem que roubou meu cora鈬o , a um eu n縊 ouso nome, para o medo que rouba minha respira鈬o que eu estarei sozinho se eu fiz ... eu te amo minha alma g麥ea de
Do you know that silence speaks louder than any voice heard? The words you speak yes we hear them but the silence you deliever we feel. Words are just those and those alone, words. But when you put those words to actions it hits so much harder. And silence is an action like no other. The silence you give can be seen in many ways depending upon the one your delivering it to's emotional state. Sometimes silence we give out as a warning. Or we can give it out as a meaning. It all depends upon the person who is recieving it. How you wish to deliever your silence is what you know but not always what someone else will read into. Make sure when your giving out silence to those around you, you know where they stand and how they will react to it. Cause sometimes your silence will lead you to finding no one there to listen when you wish to speak words.
My Sweetest Sin
Impossible relationships my sweetest sin. Seeking out the hardest ones to satisfy my mind. These are also the ones who posses enough mental stimulation for me. But always in the end turn. My complex mind seeks something so much more tangiable. Something with more substance. Yet Inside I am still a woman. Who seeks the one who can be compassionate. Who can be understanding. Who will remember where I stand with them. Beside them not behind not in front. The one who will be by their side, no matter what. Yet my sweetest sin of impossible relationships always leads me to the men who are unable to be that. and yet I crave them like no other. Lust over takes my heart. Fantasy over takes my mind. And Im left in a daze of mazes unable to find my way out. You speak of feelings you speak of desires, wants, needs only to find they have fallen on deaf ears. So many see yet so few listen. Just listen to the words that are spoken. Impossible relationships. My sweetest sin.
Hobson Jobson
hobson jobson \HOB-suhn-JOB-suhn\noun; 1. The alteration of a word borrowed from a foreign language to accord more closely with the linguistic patterns of the borrowing language.
He who hesitates is sometimes saved. - James Thurber
It Continues
So, momma has started her treatments now...she has gotten used to her seizure meds now so she still lays down quite a bit after she gets home, she is eating like crazy, somethin she has NEVER done..Being difficult about the docs though and still saying she doesnt need help. The med bills are really getting high nothing like they wil be though. I wonder if she realizes just how serious her condition is, dont realy believe she does...She has enjoyed all the company and help her friends have been giving especially the trips to McDs, she enjoys seeing her cliq of a morning and catching up on the gossip.
Strauss-kahn Sexual Assault Case Dismissed
A New York judge dropped all criminal sexual assault charges against ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Tuesday, leaving him free to return to France and rebuild a shattered career. The decision to drop the case ended three months of sordid headlines on both sides of the Atlantic about a hotel maid who accused the International Monetary Fund director of forcing her to perform oral sex. Prosecutors sought dismissal of the case after discovering contradictions in her story that undermined her credibility. Strauss-Kahn, tiffany outlet who many had seen as the next president of France, was hauled off a plane leaving New York for Paris and arrested on May 14. He resigned from the IMF four days later, his political plans in tatters. Lurid details of the case and past sexual encounters that emerged to shock and titillate the French have tarnished the former Socialist finance minister's reputation and make a political comeback difficult. Strauss-Kahn left court smiling with his wife Anne S
Flamboyant Gadhafi No Stranger To Bloodshed
Moammar Gadhafi's penchant for extravagant uniforms, gold regalia and Bedouin tents provided a theatrical backdrop for four decades of harsh repression at home and a foreign policy that made him a bete noire of the West. On Tuesday night, those props were smashed, pilfered and paraded in mockery when rebels stormed his fortified compound. One man wore the familiar braided hat he said he found in his house. The tent where he received foreign dignitaries was set ablaze. The decapitated golden head of his statue was trampled. Gadhafi, who has been fighting a rebellion for six months, was nowhere to be seen. In tandem with his eccentricity, Gadhafi had a charisma which won him support among many ordinary Libyans. His readiness to take on Western powers and Israel, air yeezy both with rhetoric and action, earned him a certain cachet with some in other Arab states who felt their own leaders were too supine. While leaders of neighboring Arab states folded quickly in the face of popular uprisi
Cheap Wedding Gowns - How To Locate Them
The typical bride will expend about 10% of her wedding budget on her behalfwedding dresses- and also the average wedding cost? $27,000....Meaning if you are a typical bride, you'll spend around $2,700 in your wedding gown. Without having that type of cash (as well as in present day economy, who?), you're ready to come on about searching forCheap wedding dresses.or some calledDiscount wedding dresses. Before the time of the Internet, "cheap wedding gown shopping" was symbolic of "fighting other brides-to-attend a trunk purchase." Difficult - as well as not useful if you do not squeeze into the standard sample dimensions. 5 Best Modern Ideas to anInexpensive bridesmaid dresses 1. Take a look at maid-matron of honour dresses, that are a smaller amount costly than wedding gowns. Most designers carry bridesmaids dresses in a variety of shades of whitened and in several styles, so you will have several options. Cheap Bridesmaid DressesandJunior Bridesmaid Dressesare generally a
I am sitting here with so much on my mind, but not even sure what it is I am thinking or feeling. I would have never thought taking an English writing class that is suppose to teach the basic writing fundamentals would have me looking at myself so personally like this. When I do look at myself like this tho it brings up feeling I am not ready to deal with. I mean don't get me wrong I do want to deal with them and have on some levels but I know I have not fully yet. I am scared of failing I know I have said this before. The problem is I have not fully got over that fear yet even tho I have worked out alot of it by achieving alot of goals I have set out for myself in just the last year. I have a couple of people to thank for that, but most of all. I know making such life changes is not an easy thing to do but are well needed and happening but there are things missing that will help make it easier and one day soon I hope it change well I know it. I will do every th9ing w
Flattering You Unique And Perfect By Choosing Right Wedding Dress
Rules are intended to be damaged, approximately they are saying. What about lengthy-established traditions? Brides happen to be putting on whitenedwedding dressesin overwhelming amounts since 1840. Which was when Full Victoria married Prince Albert within an elaborate whitened gown. Ever since then, whitened wedding dresses came represent wholesomeness, innocence and chastity, a minimum of in the western world. While it's true that styles frequently change, couple of sartorial trends happen to be as consistent because the whitenedCheap wedding dresses. However, designers and merchants have reported a small rise in non-whitened gowns in the last decade. Most industry associates think that the recognition from the whitened dress has fallen off a little because of the sharp rise in wedding costs. The price of the typical wedding nearly bending in the the nineteen nineties in to the twenty-first century. However when the truly amazing Recession hit, bridal budgets fell the very first
Fix The Damn Site
Its so damn irritating to not be able to see the trail of things around you on your homepage. You can't see who likes you or rates you or buys you drinks or jack shit I get the site went down two days ago!!!! But damn can't we get this working soon. Maybe they should give everyone some Fubucks or some bling to compensate for the inconvience of not being able to see the shit we can always see. Not that they will do that or hell not that they will even ever see this rant. Fuck its just so damn irritating. You can see mumms and thats it. FUCK THAT>
Mother Nature
In the last 10 years our planet has showed us it natural forces.. The tidel waves, earth quakes, volcanos, hurricanes now headed for the east coast again. Is it time we wake up?? we need to listen to our mother more. you know if you drop a frog into hot water he will jump straight out.. if you take the same frog put him in cold water and heat it up slow he will stay till he boils up dead. seem us humans are like that frog. mayans have said that 2012 was signifcate for some reason.. lets put all of our head together and see if things are like we are being told or if something else is up.. all of us are in this world together lets not let it boil. please comment
Inside The Space Ships
INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS"George Adamski took these four photographs in rapid succession through a six-inch telescope. Space ships discharge their Scouts (saucers) through a launching chute located at center bottom. One Scout has begun to leave in the first photo. In the fourth, six have been launched. To understand the mechanism of launching, see illustrations Nos. 3 and 10 in this book."Visit:
Pet Prayer
Pet's prayer: "Treat me kindly, my beloved friend", for no heart in the entire world is more grateful for your kindness than mine. Don't be angry with me for long, and don't strike me, chain me or lock me up as punishment. After all, you have your job, your friends and your entertainment. I have only you."
Random Feelings
i am really suffering from a lack of sympathy.....i could possibly understand it if it was people i barely knew but they seem to be paying me the most attention since my sons death...people who i have known my whole life act like i don even exist now....they wont return phone calls or answer emails and it really hurt because i am still raw over his passing and am really needing the attention to help me cope....even the people i see every day seem not to notice me or even acknowledge anything bad has happened...the people i live with are hurting me the most because even in the begining it seems they were like "oh that sucks" instead of "oh my god how can i help"......i have never been through this type of loss before and i feel terrible for anyone else who has but damnit i need to feel like people care its me thats hurting and not my ex....the heffer got her bills paid rent and all for a year by the people in her community and i cant even get help with an electric bill....where the hel
The Truth About The Situation In Libya: Cutting Through Government Propaganda And Media Lies By Brian Becker
Libya is a small country of just over 6 million people but it possesses the largest oil reserves in all of Africa. The oil produced there is especially coveted because of its particularly high quality. The Air Force of the United States along with Britain and France has carried out 7,459 bombing attacks since March 19. Britain, France and the United States sent special operation ground forces and commando units to direct the military operations of the so-called rebel fighters – it is a NATO- led army in the field. The troops may be disaffected Libyans but the operation is under the control and direction of NATO commanders and western commando units who serve as “advisors.” Their new weapons and billions in funds come from the U.S. and other NATO powers that froze and seized Libya’s assets in Western banks. Their only military successes outside of Benghazi, in the far east of the country, have been exclusively based on the coordinated air and ground
The Rest Is Left Unwritten
So many years ago i said i would never ever give my heart to another man.. I would never give anyone the chance to hurt me again.. i would never let my heart be left out there again... then i met earl and i let my guard down.... boy what a fucking ass i am.. I spend 5 years with this man giving him my everything... and the last year he has been messing around with another woman.... a whole fucking year and you could not tell me you wanted out.. you now say i could not find the words to tell you... mother fucker how about im sorry allie i do not want to do this anymore and we need to move on.... you take me to meet your kids and some of your customers and when we go you introduce me as your that i know what was going on you say you dont have the words to talk to me about this yet? what fucking makes you think you have the fucking right to look for the words... about IM SORRY!!!! how about move on allie.... how about fuck you there is no words to make this pai
You - Want To Be In An Auction?
Anyone want to be in an auction??? You know you all love those you make a's someone that's hosting one so contact her for details!.. I have a ton to catch up on, including some crazy and some bombshells so stay tuned! Peace...
It's Been Almost 2 Months
The 28th will be 2 months since mom passed. I don't know what's wrong with me. Half the time I seem to be alright, the other half I feel like I'm in some horrible B-Movie flick. The dreams are the worst. Last night I dreamed that I went to my mom and dad's apartment (he just moved from there on Sunday) and when I walked in she was sitting at the table. She smiled at me and I felt like my heart was going to explode from my chest. I didn't know what was going on. I looked from my dad to my mom and waited for an explaination. My dad said, they made a mistake, mom didn't die. She's fine. They were able to save her. They didn't want to give us false hope until they knew for sure she was going to be ok. Instead they made us think she had died. In the dream, I was livid. I was so angry. It made no sense. Why would he have gone through everything we had gone through if that were true. Then I looked around the apartment. There were boxes everywhere. They were moving and hadn't planned on te
Son Rallies Loyalists For Gaddafi's Tripoli Fightback
Saif al-Islam, swimwear who has been seen as his father's heir apparent, visited the Tripoli hotel where foreign journalists are staying to declare that the government was winning the battle against the rebels. He took journalists to his father's Bab al-Aziziyah stronghold. Television footage showed Saif smiling, waving and shaking hands with supporters, as well as holding his arms aloft and making the V for victory sign. "We broke the back of the rebels. It was a trap. We gave them a hard time, so we are winning," Saif said. Rebels swept into Tripoli two days ago in tandem with an uprising within the city. Reuters reporters saw firefights and clashes with heavy weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, as rebels tried to flush out snipers and pockets of resistance. Hundreds seem to have been killed or wounded since Saturday. But Gaddafi tanks and sharpshooters appeared to hold only small areas, mainly around the heavily fortified Bab al-Aziziyah compound in central Tripoli. swim
Sports Swimwear
For sport Used for swimming competitions and fitness swimwear_Sports swimwear_One piece swimwear. Physical activity can not interfere, difficult (especially in swimming) are required to reduce the water resistance.Lap swimwear, swimsuit school, fitness and swimwear. Past competitive swimmer tends to increase the exposure of skin to reduce the resistance of the water by itself swimwear, men's briefs-type, high-cut women's type were common By devising a pattern of surface materials and swimwear_Sports swimwear_One piece swimwear since the 2000s, and will be less than the resistance of the skin resistance of the surface swimwear, neck, arms or wrists, unless an an kle, spread like an encompassing whole body started to become more likely to use long swimwear Such as the Olympic swimsuit has been actively devoted to new material called high-tech materials. Have begun to spread like an enveloping the whole body as well in the lifeguards, they tend to be focused on risk aversion and bo

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