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The question on everyone's lips is why? and the answer is simple, why not?  Do what you like meanwhile charge headlong into a minefield, of well persacution, yet undeserving insignificant little pricks with no self-discipline or work ethic roam free while their younger counterparts grow up fast in a combat zone in a part of the world we shouldn't give a shit about. How is it?, that a person who won't work at nothing is lazy but a person who works at nothing isn't stupid? How is that drunk driving conclusively kills more people every year than smoking, yet cigarettes are taxed at quadruple the rate of alcohol? No babies are born with fetal-Nicotine syndrome, No one has ever smoked up and then beat their wife. How is it that Heroine grown in a field is illegal but heroine synthesized and tabulated in a lab isn't?

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