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Barnes & Noble May Spin Off Nook Business, Shares Plummet
told the Wall Street Journal that the potential deal was an effort to boost its share price, its shares have plummeted 21 percent since the news was revealed."We see substantial value in what we've built with our Nook business in only two years, and we believe it's the right time to investigate our options to unlock that value," Lynch told the Journal. Barnes & Noble cautioned that its year-end results would show higher losses than previously forecasted – between $1.40 and $1.10 per share as opposed to the $0.63 Wall Street was predicting. canada goose outletThe company blames disappointing sales of the Nook Simple Touch and investments in advertising while insisting other e-reader and e-book sales were strong.Also read: Amazon Sold Millions of Kindles -- But Won't Say Exactly How Many In the world of e-books its Kindle has been a game changer, but Barnes & Noble has been a primary competitor with its Nook.Both companies released a new series of products in November – inclu
Poets Corner.....
The Beauty The beauty of a woman is not in the coths she wear The figure she carries or the way she combs her hair The Beauty of a Woman must be seen through her Eyes That is the door way to her heart The place where love resides The beauty of a woman is not in a facil mole But True beauty is reflected in her soul It is the caring she lovenly gives The passion that she knows The Beauty of a Woman With "Time, only Grows"
Masochist's Lullaby
Sitting here alone; never knew loneliness had a taste Been bathing in sunshine, trying to fill this dark void inside of me Writing and repeating pretty words to put my mind at rest Chasing dead dreams that never prospered; only seeing the death of stars instead of their birth Aching to be touched, to be held, within this otherwise empty, walking corpse Running towards the ascending moon, as though I can catch her & make her bear witness to my despair Crying at the forsaken ashes of those I knew or once loved; leaving their old bones in a field, planted, and yet nothing ever grew Catching fireflies in a jar, lighting my way at night, when things are beautiful & mysterious; when everything I feared came out I walk this endless cycle, aching, beaten & bruised; the clock ticking away, trading one minute for the next as I wander through the woods, wondering what happens next in this masochistic lullaby
What Is & What Will Be
If I really have to take a wild guess, I’ll tell you that all of the memories made might just turn themselves into reels and reels of tape, rewound a thousand times just to be watched with less focus with every gaze. I’ll tell you, right now, that I’ll always be apart of you just like you will always be a part of me- seeping ourselves into each other’s crevices and cracks; the ones that nobody can ever reach.. just like the ones sought with the next person you find yourself loving. And, I’ll tell you right now that it’s possible to love after you and me. I’ll tell you that you’ll stop thinking of me consciously, but you’ll never stop thinking of me altogether; that sometimes you’ll think of me even when you don’t want to, and sometimes, the thoughts of me, of us, will be okay... that one day, I might become one of the memories that make you smile, whether or not we ever rekindle feelings or connections. I’ll tell y
Enjoy Life Before Its Gone.
Medical-pot Users Fuming Over Atf's Gun-sale Ban - Washington Times
Disturbing news in Arizona..Brewer and Horne are siding against Arizona voters, citing federal law enforcement's warning signals to upstart states with medical-marijuana laws.Sixteen states and Washington, D.C., have now legalized the medical use of marijuana. In more than half of these states, including in Arizona, voters approved medical marijuana directly at the ballot box.But as commercial marijuana operations have grown in accordance with state laws, the Justice Department has pushed back. Starting in February, U.S. Attorneys in these states began sending threat-letters to state officials. President Barack Obama's administration warned that nearly anyone involved with distributing, selling, or growing marijuana faces potential prosecution and/or asset forfeiture, despite state laws to the contrary.With another 10 states considering medical marijuana, the nation's medical-pot industry has become a states' rights issue.Though they are rejecting the "will of the people" when it comes
Happy (strange Poem)
Happy to be Happy to see Happy to know Happy to go I am happy to be me I am happy to thee I am happy to know you all I am happy to go away Nothing is forever Be happy with what you have Don't look for what is not there Or you will surely be mad Life is full of ups and downs Find friends that stand by you  I am grateful for every moment I shall always cherish them all
Standing By
Standing by,All the way.Here to help you through your day.Holding you up,When you are weak,Helping you find what it is you seek.Catching your tears,When you cry.Pulling you through when the tide is high.Just being there,Through thick and thin,All just to say, you are my friend.
I believe in angels,The kind that heaven sends,I am surrounded by angels,But I call them friends.
When We Danced
Soft gentle stareWarm tender touchYou took my handAnd we dancedArms around meLight dragging movesCheek warm against mineBreathing deep from the soulLong have I searchedFinally I have foundWhen you took my handAnd we danced
From Now Until Forever
From Now Until ForeverI’ve never known a love like yoursNor thought it could be true,But every time I kiss your lipsI feel what love can doWith hair like silkAnd lips so tender,Each moment with youMakes my heart surrenderI couldn’t live, I couldn’t breatheWithout you by my side,Never will I let you go,My love will never hideAnd in my heart you’ll always beFrom now until forever,No matter what, no matter whereWe’ll always be together
Happy New Year!
I wish everyone a new year of prosperity, joy, love, and friendship. It's the Year of the Dragon, which means a lot of changes. Hopefully good and positive ones. *crosses fingers* PBS showed an encore of S1 of Downton Abbey. I missed it the first time around so I'm glad I was able to catch it this time. S2 is suppose to start sometime this month. S4 of Merlin starts this Friday. *squee* It probably won't be until this summer when they air S2 of Sherlock here in the states. Ugh! Can't wait for S4 of Warehouse 13 this year. It's gonna suck when Starz quits being free next month. No more watching Torchwood. :(I finally finished reading The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I thought for sure I was going to start speaking with a Scottish accent. Found book two of the series, Dragonfly in Amber but haven't started reading it yet. I got several books for Christmas that I need to read first. Right now I'm reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I'd like to see the movie sometime.
A Special World
A Special WorldA special world for you and meA special bond one cannot seeIt wraps us up in its cocoonAnd holds us fiercely in its womb.Its fingers spread like fine spun goldGently nestling us to the foldLike silken thread it holds us fastBonds like this are meant to last.And though at times a thread may breakA new one forms in its wakeTo bind us closer and keep us strongIn a special world, where we belong
Being Found (poem That Got Published)
Being found I want a family of good jobs and you’ll do better   I want my chief of a grand father back to fix the rudder lost long ago to keep my family from the waterfall  I want a place to call my own I want perfect lungs to inhale the fresh morning air I want Chase, my first dog  guarding eyes and heart for me   I want to go somewhere no body knows my name    I want my freshman year, to use  the knowledge I have expanded I want my morals to keep me  from the things I cannot change I want to live  how I see fit. I want  to live without  evaluating every step  I want to stop living  to other people’s philosophy I want to tell the world who Me really is. I’m not  the me you think I am, I want  the snakes to show their true spineless  devious and killing ways I want to be complimented  for the things I do right. I want  the constant nagging,  yelling, screaming,  and fighting to end   I want to sit on a bus with people  that are not
Love Is The Answer To Life
A friend has this in her profile.Time is like a river...You cannot touch the same water twicebecause the flow that has passed will never pass againI beleive LOVE can overcome all obsticales, If I didn't then what is the point of LOVELove is not a word.. its the essence of 2 people, and if an obstacle comes in the way, Love isequalizer.Love is forever, Love is the answer to life.
Silent Words
You'll never hear the silent words I am speakingYou'll never feel the silent love I am feelingYou'll never fell the silent pain thats now my liveI'll never feel the silent joy of you as my wife. The sadness fill my soul, it clouds my lifeFe without you , what the point in life.My sadness builds from day to day.I don't want it to end, not in this way. My goal was never to let you down,it was for you to be aroundOh, yes my love I made mistakesmy judgment failed, but ne'r forsakes Oh yes my love I miss you so.And with these poems I let you knowbut will you read my words I writeI pray to God, each and every night So please forgive my humble souland start again, anew a common goaland if you love me , as I do youcome back to me. And say I do. Darling, my words fall silent. My life is meaningless without your love.Please search your soul. Forget what your head tells you follow your heart.
Thirty Days
Thirty days have gone and pastmy heart weighs heavy,my love still lasts you hurt me deep into the coreyou said our love ,is never more each day my thoughts do not grow lessmy love for you, has failed the test with every day there is still hopeits just the way, that I can cope I hope one day, you will seethat this is a love that's meant to be I pray to God on every nighthe'll bring you back and end this fight. I wish you can read this proseand bring you back my so this may close.Darkness has invaded my soulon my sanity it has taken it's tolleternal sleep will ease my painfor the love I seek has been in vainmy confidence is really shakenfor each day, I have been forsakenI will retreat back in my shellto escape the life of living hellmy heart is numb, my will is brokenthere are no words, they've all been spokenall thats left is empty wordsin distant cyberspace, their never heard.
Love Is..
Love is.Love is imeasurable , its bigger than the universe, yet can fit inside your heart.Love is unstopable, it can overcome any obstacleLove is always willing to forgive, no matter the circumstanceLove is tirelessLove is the essence of 2 people.Love is one, love is all, love is not singularLove is a gift from God. God gave me the gift of your love. I cherish that gift, I cannot think of life without that gift.
My Star Wars Story (school Project From A Few Years Back)
An armored space station, with enough power to destroy an entire planet, Stopped on Jupiter’s rings at the one stop drop and shop, ate all the chili fries and drank all of their soda supplies, then jetted off at hyper speed towards earth. With a sly smirk darth vader rounded earth encasing the planet it a giant bubble with only one opening. He then parked the ship on top of the opening, opened the docking station and hollered “ let em’ rip”. Strong flatulent gases then proceeded to extract from the death star, the people of earth hacked, coughed and wheezed at the smell…… Who will save them now?
Fubar Lesson 104 - Proof.
Here's today's lesson kids for those that want to do their own blow outs of people or feel the need to send stuff to me to look at, which I have no problem doing. Just a few things to know to make your case against what/whoever you are wanting to call out for the stupid stuff they do... 1. You need proof. Proof means screenshots of people admitting things. Be it Fu, Yim, etc. These are the most damning ones. Always start with this end to the means. 2. Avoid drama. Yes, avoid interpersonal drama. Just because someone cheated on you doesn't mean that they are a serial cheater. Are there serial users and cheaters here sure. But in order for it to have a max impact, it needs to be a widespread problem. For example, a red using cheater or higher profile piece of crap is a popular item. "Someone stole my fubucks and didn't send me the credits" could be a serial user or thief, but if you don't have a screenshot of the original deal and some variety of proof,it's not gonna work out and ther
In My Backyard
In My Backyard   In my backyard my friends and I consume martinis, cold and dry, admire my rose plant's symmetry and praise it for its purity. (But should we draw a little nearer, we'd see the rose a little clearer.) Aphids suck at the rose's crotch while voyeur flies drop down to watch. Bees light on the rose bud's face then penetrate with awkward grace. The petals spread with every thrust and yield at length to the fat bee's lust. We sit in chairs and speak of beauty, truth, sincerity and duty while rosebuds shake in frenzied spasm to learn the joy of first orgasm. Terry
Another Funeral ...
i so wished i was there to say goodbye to such a good lady  damn it hurts when the good people go .. and so damn young whats this world coming to   my brother had to bury another family member ...  wasn't his mother enough .. it hurts liek a son of a bitch when i think about but sometimes i just don't want to  Another funeral     i want to  be numb i dont want to feel thr pain but  i know i have to , to get through it .    i feel bad i hadnt seen you in so long even though we were/are family ..   now i guess your laid to rest ..  you left us so suddenly ..  we'll miss you ..   so much ...      
Amid The Million Mannequins.
Amid the Million Mannequins @ Amid the million mannequins (their fixed stares empty like eye-holes of skulls) you stand trying to make them see, touching plastic arms to make them feel, kissing dumb mouths and screaming (your eyes damp with pain) at their deafness. You held them. They did not grow warm, There was no longing in their bloodless touch nor comfort in their pale arms. I too was still-- lost in the stiff maze of their tangled limbs and the eternal chill of their arid eyes... until I stumbled into the oasis of your gaze, the well of your mouth, the healing breeze of your touch... and moved--perhaps just one step-- among these smiling dead... and you saw. When I wonder now what brought (at last) us here (into this throbbing sanctuary of pain and joy) I remember those vacant eyes and all around us lips that would not yield, and ears that did not hear, and mouths that could not speak, and flesh that could not feel... and I know why w
The Power Of A Kiss
This is the moment Hearts begin pounding as one Entering each other,knowing what has come. Plunging into emotions, Overwhelmed with excitement. Whispers of yearning Enveloped into passionate hugs Rendering whispers into speechless moans. Opening doors of lust and love Freeing emotions trapped in the soul. And in a body afraid to let go. Kisses turn into heavy breathing Intertwined bodies are melding together Senses explore new parts not found before Soothing the needs of the soul.
I Crave You
Your breath upon my flesh is burning Making me want you more Come extinguish the flame. The touch of your hand makes me quiver.I want to make you my secret lover, And ride you savagely. This body craves your tounge. My breast melt beneath your desire. My belly bends and bows as you make me yours. 
Another One, Ready For Bed.....
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Nothing Can Stop Thrilling Geno Smith, West Virginia
How was this even possible? Wasn’t the result pre-ordained? Color-coded? I mean, seriously. It was the Orange Bowl Classic. In a stadium whose interior is an endless carpet of orange seats. In an event whose original stadium was named after an orange. marc jacobsIn a state where oranges grow on trees. So … you really thought the team dressed helmets-to-cleats in all orange would somehow lose?Well, Geno Smith and West Virginia thought so.Nothing else mattered. The favored Clemson Tigers had the right color in Wednesday night’s 78th annual Orange Bowl Classic here, but West Virginia’s Mountaineers had the right everything else including the right team, the one with the Cub Scout colors of dark blue and gold and the unstoppable, locomotive offense powered by Smith. He is the West Virginia quarterback leading a team of Mountaineers with a decidedly South Florida flavor, and what a homecoming he fashioned. Smith schooled at nearby Miramar High and grew up just acros
Goofy Me
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Dandoline Kisses
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Saying Hello
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Beautiful Creations Of Nature For Your Beautiful Terms
Flowers are your true ambassadors, when you wish to craft your bonding with your loved relations in Hyderabad. is privileged to present breath-taking flower arrangements in all your favorite flowers like Roses, Gerberas, Carnations and many others for all your special events and occasions. Foods come immediately after flowers, and delicious foodstuffs, confectionaries are all here to bring taste bonanza to your events. Meet your fascinating gift concepts at all awaiting you.
Being Sick
So yesterday I had a doctors appointment.  Who cares it's been going on for awhile.  I was just going to find out about my bone scan for my neck.  Well it turns out that something abnormal is showing up in every picture that was taken.     I have a tumor on my brain behind my eyes.  I get really bad migraines ect.  Now I have to have an MRI of my brain to see how bad this problem is.  I decided that if it's bad then that's how it's going to stay.  I don't want any operations on my brain and I don't want to be sick from chemo.  Everyone dies sooner or later.  Nothing lasts forever.     I have had a handful of people get pretty upset over it.  It's stupid.  Like seriously I'm still me, and I'm still going to have fun, be a bitch, be a friend and everything else.  Nothing changed so get a grip ffs.     LOL.
As Reason Falls To Earth
as reason falls to earth by poet93they chiseled it out for days they walked on water they cured lepers but could not ever make a law that held that veritable truth they so desperately sacrificed themselves for still watching by the window on weary wendesday working day the rain comes down like mana from heaven but i can't part that sea waiting for the day she will fall into the meditaranean and rise like thalassa to give birth to love and hate less i never forget how i swelled up with luminous purity to behold her the silent tears of the father caught in a world of transcendance standing outside of the voices english words mean nothing to me when spoken by men i only ever listen to the whispers of gods pale illusions to a world out of joint but i will hold the torch for the newborn kneading my fingers against the moon in this moment of diana come calling sharp against the wheeze of my lungs and terrifying in its haste.
So Now We All Rejoice (a Poem)
So Now We All Rejoice by Poet93 So now we all rejoice Heaven singing and the choir sinning the bells of time wandering rhyme sky glances in apple rose moments crushed the song in blissful satiation  some godly moment but no religion here fall on your knees but the god laughs solitary is the road that emerges  your last smile the bread has finally risen  yea though I sing in the absence of god my apple my apple above and beyond the bread is my clarity with you on your knees rejoice in solitude and believe in me. 
Lone Gull (a Poem By Poet93)
Lone Gull by Poet93a lone gull cries out I wander down to the beach frontto greet the world,but life is barren amongst the sands.A lone gull cries outand the tide pours in.Each grain of sand blows against me,but I sit oblivious to life,now a sand castle in the void.The tide races,waves berate the sand,the sky turns black.My eyes shift.Ancient stars above blow me farewell kisses,as I gaze toward the thunderous waves.But they're merciless,and will not relent.The sea pounces on it's victim.I'm drowning underneath falling water,the gasping stars lack hands to save me.Gurgling in poetic speech, I curse myself.Covering my mouth,the waves form a handto stifle my penitent confessions,as the blue heaven abducts me.
Yahoo Names Paypal Exec As Its Ceo
Yahoo Inc. has named Scott Thompson, president of eBay Inc.'s PayPal division, as its new CEO, the fourth one in less than five years for the struggling Internet company.Yahoo, which announced its choice Wednesday, has been without a permanent CEO since early September. It fired Carol Bartz after losing patience with her attempts to turn around the company during her 2 ½ years on the job. Tim Morse, Yahoo's chief financial officer, canada goose outlethas been interim CEO since Bartz's ouster. Thompson has served as president of PayPal, eBay's online payment service, since January 2008.canada goose cheap outlet He previously served as PayPal's senior vice president and chief technology officer.Yahoo said Thompson's new job starts on Jan. 9. Morse will return to his CFO post.Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock said Thompson's track record of building on existing resources "to reignite innovation and drive growth" is "precisely the formula we need at Yahoo." It will be a big task. Yahoo, which is
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 78
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)     In episode 78 of Janey Godley’s podcast the funny duo discuss the latest news of the Stephen Lawrence trial. Ashley debates whether a parent has any right to cover up a child’s murder. Janey explains her latest twitter fight regarding Roman Polanski and Michael Winner and Ashley gives us some Glasgow urban legends.   The twosome gets into deep discussion over the weather in Central Scotland and Ashley reveals her deep fears about how to behave and survive the impending supposed end of the world in 2012. Janey explains her frustration about her own mother’s murder and the lack of justice served in her case.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter bante
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,the Sand. The Beach. The End.
I've been buried alive in the sand. Trying hard to not panic as I hold on to my last breaths. Hoping to see a hand, reaching to save me. The one person I wait for, is busy enjoying the scenery, the view, and the atmosphere to even wonder where I am. We got so close to paradise, and just like that, the end.
I have recently gotten hooked on Wordfued on the smartphone. (Damn appse current game I'm playing against my sister-in-law, I tried to play the word FAP last night. Guess's not a real word!!!! WTF?! Where is Prinny? If I find out that PEEN isn't a word I'm gonna freak out! Is this a FU language a
Late Night Interlude (#6)
Late Night Interlude   I rolled over in the middle of the night and woke up, realizing in a half awake daze something just wasn't right. It took me a moment of laying in bed to realize that you weren't there. Slowly I tossed the covers off me and shivered as the air conditioner blew its chilly breath onto my bare chest and legs. I reached for the pair of boxers I had discarded earlier and set out of the bedroom, looking for you. The fluorescent glow coming from around the corner told me all I needed to know. You must have been sleepless, and went to play on the computer. I peeked my head around the corner to confirm my suspicions, then simply looked at you, your hair, slightly mussed from the pillow going down to the silk white nightshirt you had worn to sleep.   With the stealth of a practiced cat stalking some prey, I walked up behind you and began to run my fingers through your soft hair. You gave a quick jump as I did, since you weren't expecting it, then gave me a sheepish gri
Thinking Of Upgrading?
Dear Tech support.Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0 and noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources.No mention of this phenomenon was includedin the product brochure. In addition, Wife 1.0 installs itself into all other programs and launches during system initialization, where it monitors all other system activity.Applications such as Poker Night 10.3, Drunken Boys Night 2.5 and Saturday Football 5.0 no longer run, crashing the system whenever selected.I cannot seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run some of my other favorite applications.Also it appears to have self installed some kind of system destroying application called Mother-In-Law 2.5, which appears interfear with all other applications I attemp to run?I am thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but uninstall does not work on this program. Can you help me!!Thanks JoeDear Joe:This is a very common problem men c
My Body Aches
my body aches for your touch the whisper in my earyour breathe on my skin my soul cries when i cant feel you near I feel lost and alone when your gone I feel the dark flood over me until once again your in my armsto feel you lying next to me i feel peace, just to reach outand touch you I feel safeTake me in your arms andnever let me go Tell me that i am your only love and no other fills your thoughts take me as I am and who I want to be shower me with your love for all eternity
Hey, What Are You Waiting For - I Am Hot, Horny, Willing, And, Waiting For You To Hop On, And, Take Me For, A Nice, Slow, Hard, Ride   visit my other website:
Forever And Always
Forever and always   Forever and Always  we will be  Forever and always  Cant you see   Your stuck widd me  till de end of time forever and always  you are mine   our hearts beat as one our lives stuck like gum Forever and Always  our love runs like none   Soon we will be  United as 1  Forever and Always  In the place of love    nothing can bring us apart nothing can get in the way Forever and Always  we will remain   So if yu ever doubt  Just remember  Forever and Always  i will be around 
When she cries The make-up runs from her eyes And it spills the truth about what she feels inside         Tears are words The heart can't express         She says she doesn't care Her eyes tell a different story         days like this I dont know what to do with myself         IWILL NOT BE BROKEN,I AM THE ONE!        
Advice That Made Sense.
01/04/2012 This blog is just for me to put my thoughts out there. It may be very likely that you will only enjoy this blog if you are bored and have nothing else to do. Even then it would just be something to occupy yourself. :P There are a lot of single men and women that are consrantly searching for someone to date. A good portion of them have no luck at all and get frustrated. I've felt this way for a while. When I was at my brother's and best friend's apartment New Years weekend, this topic came up. My best friend, Roxie, told me that I shouldn't worry about it, I would eventually meet someone and have a natural connection that led to dating. It made me think that instead of trying so hard create a deep connection with the women I meet, I should wait till I find someone that I can converse with constantly, with little effort. Another thing that I keep in mind is what one of my past friends told me: 'When you are adimately looking for someone to date, it will be hard to find som
You Can Increase Testosterone To Combat Andropause
For years, men and doctors have been baffled by a sudden decline in male libido after a particular age. Did you know that most men start to experience a decline in testosterone levels as they near the age of thirty, when men leave their sexual peak that lasts from puberty well into the late 20s? Until not long ago doctors were unsure of this drop in sexual libido that left many men and their sexual partners wanting.   But newer studies and medical reports are surfacing that show that low levels of the key male hormone, androgen (testosterone), are causing a common sexual indisposition called andropause (male menopause), and by merely taking supplements or receiving testosterone therapy, one can remedy this male sexual dysfunction with an increase testosterone factor.   Webmd describes the need to check if you need to increase testosterone as associated directly to "male menopause”. They say that, “men when, around midlife, their testosterone levels drop below a certain
Outstanding Reasons To Give Natural Sex Pills A Try
Ever wondered how natural sex pills could make your bedroom adventures that much more significant? There are ample reasons why most couples want to take things to the next level. Over time, sex can become more monotonous and boring, and the spice and flame can slowly wither away in the bedroom, especially for couples that have been together for longer periods of time. Think of natural sex pills like your easy tool to better sex tonight, and well into the future. Learn about the top reasons why more couples are swearing by their power in the bedroom in this fun blog.   Using Natural Sex Pills to Prevent Premature Ejaculation One of the top sexual problems in men during the present day happens to be premature ejaculation. It’s a wide spanning problem that affects countless men, and their partners, in the bedroom. Premature ejaculation can also lead to disruptions to an otherwise healthy relationship. Some men suffer silently unable to cope with their situation. But natural sex
Natural Supplements Have Turned Out To Be The Best For Impotence Treatments
Have you been living a bit away from your lady at home when it comes to a sexual intercourse? Are you willing to get back close to your partner once again positively with no weakness and impotence? The answers to your ongoing agony are Impotence treatments. Natural male enhancement pills are helping a lot to men to get closer and closer to their women. Many men face a problem of impotence due to lot several reasons and wish to get rid of it pretty soon before the actual end of sexual relationships. No surprise that impotence treatments by way of natural supplements are giving positive effects right away after its first doses. Today male impotence has turned out to be a serious issue for hundreds of men. Erectile dysfunction or male impotence is a common problem for men and 1 out of 10 men face such issues due to which they like to stay away from sex. But on the other side your partner is never satisfied and remains thirsty for more. Natural male enhancers are now available in market
Using Natural Viagra Alternatives For Avoiding Prescription Drugs
The term “Viagra alternatives” is becoming increasingly popular as more people try to look beyond costly prescription pills that are often accompanied with side effects, and instead seek out a more natural, affordable and holistic means of treating common sexual problems, like erectile dysfunction. Considering that millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the US today, it’s not really all that surprising that so many people are seeking Viagra alternatives. The reality is that prescription medications are not for everyone, some people can’t take them, others will experience side effects, and many people simply can’t afford the regiment when combined with doctor visits. However, there are some popular herbs that you can look to that can serve as effective Viagra alternatives that you may want to try before you throw in the towel on ever treating your sexual dysfunction affordably. At the very top of this list is Ginkgo Biloba. Ever since mainstrea
Relentless Rose Getting Drive Back
Derrick Rose had Jeff Teague all sized up. We all know the aw-shucks attitude is for off the court. He's a predator between the lines.So with the game there for the taking, Rose went to work. It was a sight to see.Two between-the-leg crossovers, a hesitation dribble to freeze the point guard, and then an explosion to the hole. marc jacobsAfter he picked up the dribble, Rose carried the basketball -- though it wasn't a carry -- coasting toward the rim where Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith lay in wait. Smith had already blocked Rose at the rim twice in the quarter, but this time Rose timed his shot perfectly, a teardrop high over Smith's extended hand. It kissed in off the glass.The basket gave the Bulls a one-point lead with 9.9 seconds left.It wasn't the winning points. Al Horford tied the game with a free throw on the other end, necessitating another winning play -- a fabulous Joakim Noah backdoor pass to Luol Deng a few seconds later on a set play. But still, to watch Rose move so e
[the L Word]
Yup.Girl is a lesbian.That could've been useful information 2 months ago.Or-she totally did the "oh sorry I don't want to date you, here's a roundabout dishonest way to say so"There was no blowout, chair throwing, or table flippingjust smoldering disappointment.Who wants to dance around naked on camera for me?It -might- cheer me up.In other news my besty got his copy of Old Republic up and running. We got him out of the starting area already, I beat Portal in 2 hours (seriously, why is that game $10.00?) andSaints Row 3 has about 1/10th the content of Saints Row 2.... how the fuck do sequels keep winding up worse than their predecessors? They have winning formulasthey keep getting fucked up!I guess I'm working for my old man for a few days, I got called in to stack boxes on Thursday but I had other arrangements and plans... I fucking ALWAYS do on thursdayits called doing drugs and taking off my clothes....seriously thoughwho wants to get naked and cheer me up?I need just a tiny nudge o
Batty About Turquoise Jewelry?
Are you crazy about Turquoise Jewelry, we don’t really blame you. Who isn’t in love with these gorgeous pieces of jewelry that can make anyone’s day bright and anyone’s life more vibrant. If you like to make a difference in your appearance or you want to add some color to your dresses, think of Turquoise Jewelry. You can make all the difference you want with it. A dazzling variety of Turquoise Jewelry – There are so many different types of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other types of accessories out there with the stone that can all be bought online. There are many websites that deal with turquoise in particular along with other stones. However, turquoise is a popular stone for so many, especially those luck boys and girls who were born in the month of December. Even if this isn’t your birth stone, nothing should stop you from checking out the dazzling array of turquoise stones in the market. Even if you don’t want to buy Turquoi
Alexander Mcqueen Boots Although He Kind Of Like Smoke
Just after the security office where Xiao,cheap Christian Louboutin shoes Xiao all know that the security be then also came out, evidently shares this time there seems to smoke soon. He looked at the roof, but also a bit startled the whole person. "Uh, Mr. Shaw, I ask ... ... your family in BBQ?" BBQ? Xiao who laugh and cry, big brother had to admit that this security talented, too rich imagination, someone fired BBQ to this size? "Ah, yes BBQ ... ... all right, you go busy, trouble you brother ..." Xiao who say these words, when there is a one killed this impulse. Of course not hit the wall, it should hit it dead fox who, by the way that dead fox kill myself. Security brother heard surprised a moment,Alexander Mcqueen Boots although he kind of like smoke, or smoke signals have some doubts, but since others have admitted that the host family BBQ, so he only smiled and said: "Star Tsui has a near-perfect fire-fighting system If the case of fire, then hit the pho
Hi, I Am From This Http://
HI, every buddy, this is what i am working for. wanna to know more about me just stay with me ......... Led by Amazon's first Kindle Fire, Amazon sold several million of Kindle during the Christmas shopping season. Analysts think the other Android Tablet manufacturers may produce Amazon's next generation products.Last year, plenty of manufacturers launched several kinds of Android Tablet PC, but except HP's TouchPad there were no Tablet PCs have threatened iPad's leading position in the Tablet PC market. After Amazon launched Kindle Fire which is cheap and features simple functions, the market takes a favorable turn. Amazon's Kindle Fire is priced at USD199 and users have access to the sufficient applications.Although there are wide differences between iPad and Kindle Fire in terms of price and equipment, they have one thing in common that all users are able to visit iTunes and Amazon Marketplace and get various applications easily through their own Tablet PCs.Sarah Rotma
Tie The Sacred Thread To Your Siblings To Uk
Rakhi is the occasion that makes you realize what value your siblings’ hold in your life. The simple looking Rakhi thread is perhaps the strongest bond that tides your hearts together, doesn’t matter how far you are from each other. Rakhi gives you the treasured excuse to let them know that they are really missed, and has opened its gift basket to let to convey that to all over UK. From flowers to confectionaries, from foods to apparel, collections at are all dressed up for this holy event of your life.  
Don’t Fall For Fake Turquoise Jewelry –
For a long time now, Turquoise Jewelry is considered to be one of the most well known and easy to access gem stones. However, you should know that this is the world where you have plenty of clever fakes, it is important to make sure that you have the right tips that will ensure that you have only the best Turquoise Jewelry to call for yourself. Don’t be taken in by the dupes, take the below tips into account and you can be sure that your stone is a real one that you can preserve and pass on to generations to come. As the stone itself is a soft one, often glass and other beads are dyed to create fake turquoise. Here are the simple and easy tips – You know that the real Turquoise Jewelry is going to be on the pricy end. And if you are getting it for a big bargain, it is time to think twice whether or not this is a good deal and if the stone is genuine or not. These gems are mined in Iran, USA, China, and generally the Southwest in case it is supposedly manufactured elsewh
Cheap Wedges "you Call Me Just To Let Me Buy You A Lollipop
"I did not want to? ~" Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes Du Xue how sweet the sound to be more sweet. If other people do change, it is estimated that to listen to the sound, it was eight elements were seven dirty fans, even the mother Jiaosha names are forgotten. Although Hsiao where crisp, but whatever the outcome, with a little bit of immunity. "This move is useless to me ... ... have something to say so." "Hee hee, it really is to help you see through the ... ... I bought a lollipop back ..." Shaw who could not help but almost a bit dizzy:Cheap Wedges "You call me just to let me buy you a lollipop?!" "Yes, or you think that smart ..." "Did I not say, my phone can play only an emergency situation?" "I want to eat candy ... ah ... good enough for this emergency, right?" Xiao all silent, and it seems any part of human reason, are not justified and the evildoer. "Well, I'll buy you!" Xiao who wound: "There, you remember to stay at home, not run!"
Alexander Mcqueen Boots Speaking English Can Be Considered Routine
Breath ten minutes,cheap Christian Louboutin shoes Xiao throat where some hair feel dry, they recovered. Leng Leng find Ginger fish actually looked at his daze ... ... Any help Xiao Yi Zheng, Jiang fish right in front of Baile Bai: "uh, fish, how do you?" "How you English so well?" Xiao Kang where fish were a flash in front, this time to emotion. "Oh, I spent several years in a foreign country,Alexander Mcqueen Boots speaking English can be considered routine." Xiao all explained. Ginger fish's eyes a little more worship, she suddenly felt like just talking about the Shaw who is really handsome. "Why do not then tell me it again ..." "Ah? Also do not know ah?" "... Is just not patronize a trance ..." rare fish saucy ginger Stick your tongue. Halo ... ... Ginger fish in the classroom and explain the complete English exercises after sunset surprised to have dissipated, the days are dark. However, where this ginger fish and other idlers like Xiao,Yves Sa
Cheap Wedges All These Are What Look
I looked fat ginger fish look,Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes a wink toward the next play, laugh, laugh very false: "uh, that what, we still have something to bother Ha, Xiao Fan, ginger fish you will continue ..." Where other people look to Xiao and ginger fish eyes are slightly ambiguous, there is no intention to make a light bulb, have done scattered. Xiao all silent.Cheap Wedges All these are what look? Do not see the fish he and ginger pure friendship between the flashing light? Well, do not bother to explain where Xiao. However, after the trouble, Xiao who seems to think he was starting to adapt to the students that an identity. Ginger fish laugh later, in front of Shaw who is not so stiff, and shining a pair of Smart's eyes, through that black-rimmed glasses, looked Shaw who seems. Xiao all slightly surprised a moment, touched the face: "how to use the eyes to see me, I spent a long face?" Fenjing again in a bright red ginger fish: "not ... just
I was riding the bus on my way to work today, and of course it being rush hour meant the bus was packed and loud. A seat directly behind the bus driver opened up and I took it. A few moments go by and my phone rings, I answer it and the woman on the other end cant hear me because of how loud the bus is, so I speak louder. Im trying my hardest not to yell, because nothing pisses me off more while on the bus than hearing some asshat scream at the top of his lungs while on the phone. Im trying to explain relative comparisons to the girl on the other end.   I tell her, if my mom were a cow and my father a bull, Id be a calf. If my mom were a doe and my father a deer, I would be a fawn. We come to a red light and the bus driver turns around and asks, "Well, what if my mother were a loud ignorant bitch, and my father was an annoying asshole, what would I been then?"   To which I replied "Well, Id be a fucking bus driver"       It was a nice day for a walk...
Iowa Caucus Voters Drawn To Messages Of Family Values
The wave of momentum carrying former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum washed ashore at the Republican caucus site at Shuler Elementary School here Tuesday night.By 6 p.m., caucusgoers had started congregating as Santorum's campaign bus was parked outside, while supporters of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas were busy planting signs around the school. Phil Tuning, the caucus chair at Shuler, said they expected about 500 people in the school gymnasium. Clive and surrounding Dallas County west of Des Moines are primarily Republican territory. Many of the crowd sat cross-legged on the gymnasium floor.Republican John McCain carried the county in 2008 against Democrat Barack Obama. mulberry bagsTuning said about 42% of registered voters in Clive are Republicans, compared with about 23% who are Democrats. Leading the Santorum backers were Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the Arkansas couple with 19 children and stars of the reality show 19 Kids and Counting. Jim Bob Duggar is a Republican former state re
If I Left
Whats Up
who the hell do u think u are God this is for all the shortys  
Top 5 Reasons Fubar Can Annoy Me At Times.
I have been a member of fubar for about 5 years on and off. This is my fourth account. I would get all gung ho about the site to either get pissed off by the asshats or burnt out, and delete my account only to regret it later. I have seen a lot of things on this site that piss me the fuck off, but I have met enough amazing people on here to make me see that this site isn't all bad. I have been sucked into the whole bling whore thing, asking for Likes, and everything else that haters hate, and I too used to hate that. Sometimes I hate what I have become on here. Five years ago, when I joined there was no special ability bling. High ranking people worked their asses off! I never made it past 20 on my earlier accounts. Being an Oracle was a HUGE deal that I didn't think would ever happen. Then came the Auto-11s. They started the whole downward spiral of beggers and bling whores. The fubar that I came from, just getting a 3 credit bling was a big deal. I can proudly say that I have nev
Ok first it started out just playing some mobster game where im suppose to do what mobsters do gathering a mob of people to do whatever any gang or mob would do to kill or do anything nessessary to protect whats theres and to protect whats going to be theres now that sound a sterrio typical but thats the truth for yah but I had no freakin idea the these two places are connected somehow cause I found myself playing the game then i found my registering into a world I've never heard of or seen. My first impression was AMAZEMENT I come in to this place wher Im greeted by people everyone buying me a drink for they're it was like secret social nightmare then after a while I realized I could go back between the mob game and this social slash bar dream. SIKE so for my closing and all who's reading thanks and there will be more let me no if you want to hear more yours truthly Donta
Just wanted to put in my little info on this matter that has came to my attention.  I am sick and tired of the comming foward to a person and the only thing that comes to your mind is "hey i got something that can make you smile" or "Ill meet up with you for the night" so on so on that fucking bullshit to me.  How can you treat a person like he or she is a whore or slut or just someone that you think you can get yourself off with.  I mean think about it i wouldnt want anything to do with you if you came up to me and that was the only thing that you could offer me, id would hope more on the line of friendship would be better but alot of fu's just think about themselves and only them, grow the fuck up be a man or woman!!!!!!!!  
Reader Content Alert
For everyone who is reading what i say this is not intended to hurt or offend anyone Before I start
New Ways Calories Can Add Up To Weight Gain
Whether you are just starting a New Year's diet or struggling to maintain a healthy weight, a provocative new study offers some timely guidance. It isn't so much what you eat, the study suggests, but how much you eat that counts when it comes to accumulating body fat.canada goose outletThe findings are the latest in a string of studies to challenge claims that the secret to healthy weight loss lies in adjusting the amount of nutritional components of a diet—protein, fat and carbohydrates. The diet industry has offered dozens of strategies recommending raising or lowering carbohydrates, protein or fat.In the study, to be published in Wednesday's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, 25 young, healthy men and women were deliberately fed nearly 1,000 excess calories a day for 56 days, but with diets that varied in the amounts of protein and fat. While those on a low-protein diet—about 5% of total calories—gained less weight than those on a normal- or
The Acid Made Me Crazy?
The acid made me Crazy?   I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they have always worked for me. - Hunter S. Thompson     I used to be what the majority of people would call a good person. I went to church, did the school thing, you know all those things that people find normal and acceptable. I went through the actions of daily life doing everything everyone else did, never questioning.   I began noticing, on my own, the hypocrisy of life. The shameless actionsof people, that were contrary to what they professed as their own ideals and beleifs.   When looked upon at a personal level, the world seems like it could be something. Full of promise and a sort of hope. As your sphere of awareness begins to expand, you realize there is little hope left in this world of ever increasing hopelessness. You realize that one on one relations blind you to the reality of this world. Life is one long bad experience, and you try to diguise that by putting peopl
So, I Feel Like I Gave Out Some Sub-par Dating Advice Just Now...
I was told my advice was ok, but I don't know. Women can be tough to give advice to, but then again, I'm just a young guy anyways, right? :P Right. Out of all of that though, I got to catch up with a friend, and apparently, they think I have a bright future ahead myself as far as dating. I'll avoid their method of using magazines for dating advice. ;) I see that can make things messy!
Testing Out A Fleshlight For The First Time...
Hosting An Auction
I am now taking entrants for my new years auction. Entry fee is 5 mill or 3 credits. If you pay with credits, your bids will start at cash bids only. Taking entrants until thursday January 5th @ 7pm central. Will start the auction Friday January 6th @ 8pm Central until Friday January 20th @ 8 pm Central. All entrants have the right to accept or refuse any bids at any time. There will be NO DRAMA! If there is any harassment of any kind, you will be blocked from bidding in ANY of my auctions. Will need your list of offers, link to your photo and payment no later than January 5th @ 7pm central.  Please SB me if your interested. Thank you.
Hosting An Auction :)
I am now taking entrants for my new years auction. Entry fee is 5 mill or 3 credits. If you pay with credits, your bids will start at cash bids only. Taking entrants until thursday January 5th @ 7pm central. Will start the auction Friday January 6th @ 8pm Central until Friday January 20th @ 8 pm Central. All entrants have the right to accept or refuse any bids at any time. There will be NO DRAMA! If there is any harassment of any kind, you will be blocked from bidding in ANY of my auctions. Need your payment, list of offers & link to photo you would like me to edit by THURSDAY January 5th @ 7pm.  Thank you.
New Years Auction
I am now taking entrants for my new years auction. Entry fee is 5 mill or 3 credits. If you pay with credits, your bids will start at cash bids only. Taking entrants until thursday January 5th @ 7pm central. Will start the auction Friday January 6th @ 8pm Central until Friday January 20th @ 8 pm Central. All entrants have the right to accept or refuse any bids at any time. There will be NO DRAMA! If there is any harassment of any kind, you will be blocked from bidding in ANY of my auctions. Please SB me if your interested.
Diverted Air Travel...
I know...I know...I said i would post this before Xmas but i got busy doing nothing...   So let us take a trip all the way back to December 19, 2011... My plan was into Albuquerque (ABQ) for the day for busy and be home that night by 7:30pm... flight leaves at 8am central and am supposed to land at 8:50am mountain... We try to land in ABQ at the correct time but snow, fog and all other things keep us from landing... We climb back out of the shit...they initially decide to divert us to El Paso...I am thinking cool...I can easily get a different flight home from they have really good mexican food (even at the airport)... 5 minutes later they decide to divert us to Farmington, NM...I will wait while you go look up where the fuck that is...we good now??? well we head there to get fuel and try again to get into ABQ...well as you saw by the is fucking small...we land (hardest landing i have ever had)...and barely stop before the end of the runway...
Nostalgia is something that fuels my artistic fire, and this is both a benefit and a detriment, as with most anything in life.  A good example of fuel by nostalgia is with my script I'm writing. I've put a lot of ambition into this, and I could not have gone this far writing, if it wasn't for the fond memories I have for my high school years with friends, which is pretty much the basis for my story. I tend to remember many things in my life, in great detail much of the time. I truly like to keep good memories and interesting stories alive, and I hope that as long as I can keep them intact, I can share such stories with grand people. A bad example of my nostalgia has to do with my writing as well, but not in the sense of a screenplay. I write poetry and potential song lyrics, potential because I don't actually write music, let alone play much of it, and I just have to guess if something would be a good fit in the context of a song. To get to the point, this writing seems to come from
So I'm hoping that I can win the spotlight Friday. I could really use some help in getting the funds for it. I don't have anything to offer you for donating, except a Thank You!   I'd really appreciate it.
Wtf?! Venting @ Fubar
     Why would anyone on this site have to pay for a vip to keep this site ad free? When I joined I stayed in a vip, spent lots and lots of hard earned money and you are telling me that with all the money spent on here on a daily basis you are not making enough to keep this site ad free????? I say B.S.!!! Everything about this site is turning into how rich can we make all the fubar staff and it is becoming pathetic. What once was an enjoyable site whether vip or not, has become just another porn, gaming and tasteless site. I have worked my butt off to get to the level I am on, spending my money as well as friends helping me by spending theirs and the ty I and others get is fucking ads on our pages now. This was supposed to be about fun, friends, family and now it has no affect much on me anymore to come here... may as well just go back to facebook or even myspace for that matter. I am so upset right now because I absolutley enjoyed this site and everything about it, especially being ad
Rate Me Please
I know I aint easy on the eyes But come by and rate my page Not here for all the lies And rating seems to be all the rage So drop on by and rate me today And i will do the same for you each and everyday!!
Precious Thing
Love is a precious thing It is a feeling that makes your heart sing. Whether you are far or near it is like whispering in my ear. When you find true love it is something you keep within your heart.
No I Don't Want An Effing Smartphone!
Jesus Christ. Why does every company, book, movie, ect have those scannable image things? Unlock free stuff, unlock interviews, ect.   Listen, it's nice that rich people who want to spend 500 dollars for the phone and 200 dollars a month for service plans can have awesome phones. Poor folk like me can't afford that shit. I honestly don't want that shit either. I want to call someone, send texts, and that's it. I block all photo mms too.   Also, wtf is with smartphones replacing mp3 players? I want a new one, and I don't like Ipods. I wanted a Zune but M$ stopped making them. Guess what they told me, "Well get Windows Phone!" No, douches, I want an MP3 PLAYER. One that doesn't have a subscription fee.   Yeah I know there are Sony Walkmans but I don't like the Mickey Mouse layout. I also know there are cheapo ones, but those break. Except my mom's pissy-ass Sansa Clip. Bitch has been chugging along just fine.   Right now I have a Walkman and it's really dying off, so I need a new
Hungry Eyes
Parts from the movie Dirty Dancing with Hungry EyesLyrics:I've been meaning to tell youI've got this feelin that won't subsideI look at you and I fantasizeYou're mine tonightNow I've got you in my sightsCHORUS:With these hungry eyesOne look at you and I can't disguiseI've got hungry eyesI feel the magic between you and II want to hold you so hear me outI want to show you what love's all aboutDarlin tonightNow I've got you in my sightsCHORUSNow I've got you in my sightsWith these hungry eyesNow did I take you by surpriseI need you to seeThis love was meant to be
I Like Men Also
Last nite I was at a freinds house when he and his wife started watching some porn, as we sat there a scene came on with 2 guys and a girl. Nothing new until one of the guys started to suck the other guy while the girl did him with a strap-on. I have never thought of these things until my freinds wife Who is short 5'3" maybe a little chubby asked me if I liked it. I was actually quite hard watching it. My freind was very drunk and said you guys watch this shit I am going to bed when his wife said she slipped a seraquel into his drink because she wanted to fuck me, but since I was turned on by the guy guy action would I like to try it. I said yes so we went a few houses down the street to another house where a slim young woman answered the door, my freinds wife Rachel, asked if Sammy and kenny could play the girl giggled and said all the time....will finish this later
the rather nice old man who came to my door seemed genuinely interested in saving my soul... i believe it and i'm a great judge of character... which is probably why most people think i'm such a dick as the really don't deserve any better but i digress as this is a note about the old man religion and me i was watching the girl with the dragon tattoo and for those of you who haven't seen it, it's a rather brutal movie about rape murder and some rather not so nice people in it are several references to religion... so being handed the lovely pamplet by the man at the door just seemed like such a coincidence... i'm rather fond of anomalies like this so why not give it a read... it was titled... "what if?"   "what if you died today...would you go to hell?" if any of you know anything about me the answer to this is obvious... i commit sin... there are very few sins i haven't commited... and only due to lack of interest... most frequently i suppose being blasphamy... so i must answer t
New Blog - Odd Link.
Sometimes this crap breaks and doesn't give the link so just C&P and scroll down to "Really" thanks
Hey kids, wow I didn't realize it had been such a long time since I actually wrote one of these on here. But I figure with the holidays and all here, it would be a good time. .. ..first off I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season and a Happy New Year. Some of you have been very generous this past year, while some of you are really starting to show your true colors out and about this vast expanse of webspace called ..sometimes time heals wounds but at the same time can shed a new light on the -total- picture of what someone is about. You know this past year, in addition to everyone's favorite fakes that we nuke, stupid that we expose and all of that "headline" kind of stuff, there's been just alot of well, interpersonal drama around here. At least from what I've seen in the time that I am here anyways.. Married dudes chasing young out of their league ass. Check. Girls that "don't do nude pics" having their pictures that were -never- taken in the first pla
Audi Car Fans Like Audi Sportback 2011 Very Much
Recently,a new car model-Audi Sportback 2011 appear befor wide people.Audi’s design DNA dictates full led daytime running light and the brand’s traditional hexagonal grille.Many other led lighting bulbs such as led tail lights,led led work lightand led strip light.Let us see the basic equipment of this new car modle.The top-spec gasoline engine, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, uses Audi’s TFSI setup-which includes turbo and supercharging-to boost the motor to 185 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque.Inside, the options range from mild to technologically sophisticated.As Audi company say that the Audi Sportback 2011 with automotive light bulbs will make great contrabution to the whole audi sales situation,the Sportback models will take about 70% in the total sales in the next 5 months.In addition,many Audi car fans and many people like it very much.This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Low-end Cars Will Also Use The Led Lights In Cars
As many special people anayse that with the the rapid development of the technology,these led lights for cars will be cheaper. It will start as soon as you turn on the light,it is energy-saving,the energy expenditure is only from 50 to 75% when compare with the ordinary light.It has a long lifespan,can be used as long as 5-10 million hours.By one tally,among all the led tail lights for cars and auxiliary light made in China,the led products can reach 20% to 35%.These led light really have their own advantages,It is possible to use the led car light during the car's whole life,which means that car owner will not change car light if there is no accident.So far,the led bulbs for cars have so wide use in the low-end cars,I believe that more families will use the led lights. Nowadays,except for the high-end cars,many low-end cars also start to use the led lights in cars to replace the traditional light bulb.This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
A Funny New Years Eve Conversation
i was in the midst of revelry, you know, catching up with old friends, drinking copious amounts of libations, when a woman walked up to me, and asked me if i knew that my ex was getting married? it had to have been the expression on my face, because she immediately starting offering apologies for having broken such an impacting item. " don't be sorry for me', i told her, "feel sorry for that poor dumb sob!!"
Good Bye
Hello everyone, I know I've said this time and time again. As of now I have made up my mind. I'm leaving Fubar. I haven been here over a year. I dont have time for it. I've met some wonderful people here also the love of my life. I'm so sorry. Please dont try to ask me to stay. Love you my friends  Carpe Noctem Ich Liebe Dich
I Want To Know What Love Is.
Hungry Eyes
This Is Why It's A Bad Idea To "tail-gate" Me!
So, if you're anything like me? You absolutely HATE inconsiderate, rude or careless drivers. Well, fear not, my Dear Reader! I have just the trick to take care of the idiot behind you!   1. Get the Following items from your local Wal-Mart.      A water baby. (Located in the girls' toy aisle) It is a regular-looking baby doll with a hollow body that is supposed to be filled with warm water to make the doll soft and squishy like a real baby, minus the bones and organs.      Three jars of strawberry preserves. (It has to be preserves. Jams and jellies do not work as well.)      A funnel from the automotive section.   2. Fill the water baby with the strawberry preserves using the funnel. Make sure to get as much into the doll as possible until it is almost ready to rupture. Dress the doll with the clothes it came packaged with, then place the doll in your car.   3. The next time some idiot is riding your ass in traffic? Roll down the window and throw said baby doll at their windsh
i am new to fubar... im trying to learn the ropes end im up for advice on how this site works. i also need friends please.  
Stripperella Squirting New Year’s Eve!
 12-31-11    Length:  01:27:08     Date: 12/31/2011   What better way to bring in the New Year than with a squirting orgasm, a hot strippin’ ass kickin’ superheroine, a newlywed BJ, kisses all around, spanks for joy, a reverse cowgirl ride into the future, sparklers, champagne and confetti shooting like multi-colored sperm throughout the Womb Room.  Whether our notions of time are fact or over-scheduled human fiction, we resolve to occupy our future with sexual literacy, erotic exploration and the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure.  So, to honor the transition from ’11 to ’12, we gather together our brothers and sisters, lovers and sinners for a passionate farewell to the past and a very ecstatic “hello there!” to what’s to come…and come again.   Featured Guests: Anthony Winn:  Our guest of honor, the artist and creator of Stan Lee’s newest comic book, Stripperella, happens to have been born on New Year’s, and this sh
In My Thoughts
Should you ever feel aloneIf finding times hard to bareYou can still count on me Know I shall always be there   You shall be in my thoughtsIf you are hurting, I feel it tooIt is my friendship sincerity I shall forever share with youThere each step of the wayMy support you can dependI will listen if you need me With love your forever friend For Elizabeth, a dear friend and beautiful soul.
Job Searching
This is where the fun begins!!  Oh happy happy joy joy!  Yuma is #1 in unemployment right now.  This is why I am leaving this place when my grandparents are gone. 
I Am Now In A Serious Relationship With..... My Car
Just Thought You Should Know
To look at him, you would never know. That his legs are black as coal, from standing knee deep in snow. Frost bite, a prisoner of war. The American dream, is what he suffered for. He held his head high, fought without fear. Shed his share of blood, sweat and tears. You can't look at him, and even begin to understand. To you he was nothing, but just another old man. Show him respect, he has earned at least that. For he is covered with memories, no one can take back. He carries around his reminder, underneath his clothes. He risked his life for you. I just thought you should know.
A dozen roses I give to you my friend,A gift that seems so smallBut they represent so much,Our friendship most of all.A rose for the friendship.A rose for the touch.A rose for the trust we shareOur sharing means so much.A rose for the kindnessAnd the deep caring you show.A rose for the comfort givenWhen I've been feeling low.A rose for the laughter,How it makes your eyes shine.A rose for the dreams we shareIt's amazing how they intertwine.A rose for the deep respectYou give to me with ease.A rose for the love we feelAnd how you wish to please.A rose for your compassionThat has helped me in so many ways.A rose for bringing me sunshineThat has brightened all my days.The last rose is the bestFor it stands so proud and tall.This rose represents youMy best friend of all.   For you Jess, you are inspiration....
Kinda Nervous
I have to have a nuclear stress test over the next two days. According to my appears that I had a heart atack some time back...The dr does not think this is the case, but wants to be safe. I am sort of nervous about it. Any of you jerks ever have one or know someone who did?
Oh Suga
Suga is a good lil bitch
He wanted me to talk about here goes. I was also told it had to be kind words. I can do at least one of those things. I'll talk about him. As for the kind words, I don't know....I'm sure some of them will be kind words. Jeff is the first person on here that I've actually went out of state to see. It didn't hurt that my father lives close to where he did, but yeah. Anyway, I went down to North Carolina to visit a friend that I'd just made. It was great.  My cousin and I drove down there about 3 or 4 years ago. Seemed like it took forever. We ended up getting a hotel about 5 minutes from  his apartment. The next morning he showed up at the room at about 10am. Too fucking sweet too, the fucker had flowers for me and cars for my boys. My first thought? "OMG, he's so sexy". He had great hair and perfect teeth. I was a little too into looks at that point. But he ended up being a really great guy all around too.  He did however try to get me drunk. It didn't work. I have never dran
I am ready.  Ready for a relationship.  Ready to find the one that I can spend the rest of my life with.  Ready to have a hand to hold, lips to kiss and someone with whom I can share everything.  Ready for the butterflies in my stomach, can't stop smiling, when will I see him again, feelings.  I. AM. READY.   Lord, I'm ready when you are.  
Educate Yourself
I envy those people who have led their sheltered little lives, constantly being shielded and protected by the real world around them. Not having a clue as to what really lies within the shadows and darkness around them. They have this perception that since they haven’t been exposed to it, that it simply doesn’t exist. However, for those of us who have had no choice but to make it in the real world, we tell a different tale as to what the world is truly about. I don’t have anything against the wealthy or those who live inside the gated communities, although a high majority of these people see the world as in what lies within their walls, and that alone can be scary by itself. Look around at all the well maintained lawns, and you would think you are staring at perfection, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact still remains that regardless of your community, economic status, race, religion or educational background, abuse and violent crime offender
My Heart
Your presence makes my heart want you...and my body yearns for your touch.The energy that runs through memakes me long for muchIf only I could hold youand have you next to meMaybe this aching that I feelwould finally set me freeI stand here waiting...
In My Dreams
In My DreamsIn my dreams I see your faceYou’re the one that makes my heart raceIn my dreams you hold me tightYou make everything seem so rightIn my dreams you’re always to my aidYou are close to me whenever I’m afraidIn my dreams you’re the perfect guyYou never hurt me, you never lieIn my dreams I’m always your girlAnd you treat me as a precious pearlHow I wish for this dream to come trueCause in there I love you and you love me too
Time Is Money
...the importance of things can be measured by how much time we are willing to invest in them, the more you reveal its importance and value. if you want to now a persons priorities just loo at how they use there time. when you give someone your time be sure you benefit from it because, because when give your time...your giving a portion of ur life that you cant get back. your time is your life it would be a waste if you get nothing in return
New Years Resolutions
Do people really keep their new years resolutons? Is it smart to make them? Let me hear your thoughts.
Water Your Damn Grass People!!
For some reason people are never satisfied...nothing is never enough...regardless of how much you is just never enough...people have this concept that the grass is greener on the other's not....the grass is the's all about how bad you want it..or don't....if you don't water the grass..then it's going to die...if you constantly walk on is going to die....if you neglect is going to slowly die....appreciate what you DO have..unless you want to lose it....don't look at your ring as a prison..look at it as an opportunity for something great...and if it kills you..then take it off...let it go....those of you who do have someone to lay beside you when you go to bed at don't realize how good you do have it...and you probably won't until you find out for yourself that the grass isn't any different anywhere else...but it is a Hell of a lot lonelier....being alone and scared not to no place anyone wants to be...finding th
The Past
I am particularly fascinated by the past lately I know that this sentence is funny in itself The past is a tricky thing It isn't REAL yet carries REAL feelings In it's wake to wash upon future shores Before I wax poetic and start measuring my sentences Oh Dear I already have Ok point Just in observation because that is all I can really do The past is fascinating  And has a reason More as a footnote for reference in a current argument But when it is used as a blanket defense I really don't understand I have heard ""that is in the past Hilary get over it" And the same people Baptize Dead people And tell me that I am the one with the problem
If I Die Young. . .
Don't you hate when you so called "gay" friend gets all over you and doesn't know when to stop? He also likes to keep me to himself and it's annoying. I'm sick of him trying to control my life. FUCK OFF. So other than being pissed off about HE WHO MUST BE BEAT, I'm off Warfin (the blood thinner I was on for the blood clots that were in my lungs), at least till December 2. I'm going to be taking this test to see if I'm prone to clots it'll also tell me if I will have problems with having kids. . . LIKE I WANT ANY!
Ramblings about my life...I am not now the man I believe I can be...and do not know how to get there from here.But I will!I am unemployed, my benefits exhausted...and scraping by with the help of a family that deserves a far bettter person as a brother than I've been these past few years...Where did I go wrong?  Where did I fail?  Was it by my own choice?  I have to think it was...I've made the decisions in my life which have led me to bee where I am at this moment in time...nobody else...just me.I Point the fingert at myself and wonder...not "What have I done"...but "How do I change things?"How do I undo the decisions that I've made?How do I right the wrongs?How do I turn things around when I'm falling at an increasing rate into a black hole with nothing to grab on to?I have no job...can't even get an interviewMistakes from my past haunt me and hinder meNobody loves me right now...although some have tried...but I can't let them.I try to love only those that will not alow me th
A Poem
How can i sleep when ur always on my mind drifting in and out with thoughts of u running as i try to sleep when i wake up if i fall asleep i think of u later on in the day if i get a  text from u later on in the day if i get a text my day brightens up even if it started out as a bad one its so hard to sleep when youre always on my mind nothing will ever change that but oh well u will never feel the same way but a lonely teenage girl can hopend pray u change ur mind cause ur always on mine
For The Better
Ever since i changed my name seems like the ladies like me better. I'm still me i guess the name just gave me a bad persona. This one suits me better because i am a true gentleman to the core. I don't care how mad u get at a lady u better never lay a hand on one in front of me my ranger side will come out and i'll rip off your head and feed it too u. I haven't had much luck on here with the ladies i have some raly great friends which i love dearly but just can't get one to be mine lol. Not that i haven't tried guys i've had to fu engadgements and got dumped for dj's so not so easy too get too my heart now have too earn it but i am always a gentleman first and foremost. So if didn't add me before because thought i was a perv because of nam i asure u i am not give me a chance may find out i can be your best friend.
New Year
Well its the year 2012. Jan 2. I dont have alot of resolutions but i do have some hopes. Like i hope this is the year i finally meet Mr. Right. However I doubt thats going to happen,but its ok to wish. If i stick to this blog thing it will be very interesting reading for my fellow fu-friends. LOL wish me luck and I do the same for u all.  
Female Sky Divers
Why do female skydivers wear a jock strap? So they don't whistle on the way down
Hurtful Feelings And Stuff
So. this is me. If you don't like it, there is a block button that you (or I can use). I know I am fat and ugly but you don't have to call me that. I am very insecure about my body at times. I hate that I have a peice of skin near my asshole that shows up in most of my pics. It's very embarassing. That is why I don't like showing my asshole or taking pics of it, unless my finger is there. I know I am fat and there is a reason for it. I was born with too much intestines and had some removed when I was 7 months old because I almost died and there is a scar on my stomach to prove that and when I had my last colonoscopy done in 2002, the doctor said my intestines were twisted and knotted up like a 95 yr olds and that I can't have surgery to straighten them out because of all the scar tissue there already. If you look at the rest of my body, I am not that fat. I have to take laxatives everyday for the rest of my life for my condition. Yeha, I am medically anorexic. I know I am fat but I ha
Science Fiction Ideas :new Military Technology
  the  prototype of a flying space ship has been made and it the newest of military technology. If there was ever a war between us and china we might need to  pic-pocket the blue prints . i think our country is wiser and more advanced in culture. its been this way for years. our country needs new science fiction ideas. we can brain wash them with kfc, and McDonald's but that just makes them more like us. it is  about  thebusiness and economic  competition and i have realized that Russia was dumb because of (NASA)  to copy our ideas of walking on the moon. i really think they are the zombies of the future. For one thing orientals look like aliens and have reached the point of nuclear poverty and i fear the time of its encounter with our nation. The Tokyo sensation of there world has clashed with our neo generic American pop culture of living fast in a virtual gamer show down.  3d is the range of our intelligence. If a nuclear plant where to blow up and all of us where to become alien lo
When I left this world without you I know it made you blue. Your tears fell so freely, I watched: I know this is true.While you were weeping, Days after I passed away While all was silent within me, I saw you kneel to pray.From this wonderful place called heaven Where all my pain is gone,I send a gentle breeze to whisper,"My loved ones,please go on."The peace that I have found here goes far beyond compare.No rain, no clouds, no suffering, just LOVE from everywhere.You need not be troubled Just stay close to GOD in prayer Someday we'll be reunited My love, HIS love surrounds you always, EVERYWHERE!   R.I.P NANA MISS  AND LOVE U.    
Im Lucky To Have Found You
               I wrote your name on a piece of paper, but I accidently threw                                               it away. I wrote your name on my hand, but it washed away.                                               I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves whispered it away.                                          I wrote your name in my Heart and Forever it will stay!!!                                                                                       
Everyone Wants Love
Everyone wants to feel loved and wanted. Everyone wants to hear those 3 lil words...            I Love You. Everyone wants to know there is someone out there who will be their                  One and only. Everyone wants to know they are not alone trying to battle this cruel               world. To Sum It All Up....Everyone Wants Love......           
Looking For Mafia Mercs
I am currently looking for mercs for my 3 players. If your interested please contact me!
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Silly Confession Lol
Silly confession tiiiime :D -- ok, remember the price is right game with that swiss dude that goes up that slope yodeling? That used to scare the crap outta me son! XD ...thx i feel better :D
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Weight Loss In 2012/resolutions
The Psychology of Weight Loss     Strengthening Your Resolve How many times has this scenario played out? It’s January. You make the resolution to eat less, exercise more and finally lose that weight — once and for all. You start out on a path to success, but after a few months, weeks or even days, your momentum slows. Suddenly, the year has gone by, and the weight never came off! The answer might not lie on your plate after all — it could be in your brain. Experts say weight loss is as much a psychological battle as it is a physical one. If weight loss is in your resolution this year, it’s time to get your mind right.   Get with the program. Maintaining weight loss can be as much of a challenge as losing the weight in the first place. In fact, one weight loss study showed that 80 percent of participants who lost weight gained it back within five years. A Yale School of Nursing study interviewed 18 women who had maintained weight loss for
2012's First Crowning Achievement...... stupidity.   After slappin the snooze a few times, lethargic from the weekend festivities, I finally got up and hustled about getting myself ready to return to the office and start the new work year. I was also happy to enjoy at least one day of very light traffic, albiet an increase in parked troopers, still a nice ride, devoid of the usual bevy of idiots playin whats my lane, convinced that their antics will win them any more than 2 spots up in traffic and 30 secs earlier arrival. 30 miles of carefree driving, only to arrive and empty parking lot..... I threw my head back and belly laughed for at least 2 mins. Can you believe this fukin shit right here. Now given most of our holidays are floaters for us management type folk, unless they take a tally and no one wants to come in, then they will put out an announcement that they are officially closing for business. I dont recall seeing such a memo, but then again I didnt take it upo
[a Cup Of Sleep]
Well, I just banged out 8 hours of Saints Row 3. Game is SMALL compared to 2, but I do like the direction this game went, which was incrementally away from 2. Just wish the volume of missions and content and customization didn't have to suffer. What else? Can one propose that 2 people make out in the back of an el camino in a denny's parking lot for their "spiritual learning"? Because that totally happened. I have no idea what comes next.The hope is to advance in this relationship, by leaps and bounds. My brother was in town, I played a ton of magic. Girl is out of town... contact has been minimal. Flirtation has been up. Several panic attacks. 40 people came over for a new yearsish party. I skipped on most of it due to... seriously fuck all those people >> I got blankets, this sweet coat, a ton of games for xmas.And my brother got me a new magic deck which I've been tweaking to my standards.It's not quite there yet.And it is hosey.I had a rant about "this is from both of us" pr
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An Exit
I'm looking for an exit from the world I created. I hate what I have become to escape what I hated being. Here is my real head? I am but a blurred specimen of what should have been.
New Year "resolutions"
 I haven't blogged in 2 and a half years. As a matter of fact, this is only my 2nd blog entry here of Fubar. I used to blog far more frequently back when Yahoo had its Yahoo360 social network thing going. So what's new? The year. So I'm wishing whoever reads this a safe and happy New Year. Please don't drink and drive. Any New Year's resolutions? Hmmm, I usually don't do them. I belive that any positive changes in life have to happen because we want them to happen, not by forcing ourselves to them by doing "resolutions". This year will be no different for me in that regard; however, I do plan to watch a movie that a couple of female friends have been bugging me to watch for months (The Princess Bride). I actually own the dvd but I didn't get around to watching it (I had to watch Inception instead, sue me!). I shall attempt to complete this arduous task before the end of 2012. But first I will have to hook up my "new" dvd player, as my Playstation2 no longer works. Note to
No Chance
(Sports Network) - The Toronto Maple Leafs will get a big boost to their lineup tonight, as captain Dion Phaneuf returns for the first time since suffering a deep laceration to his left leg against the Ottawa Senators on Nov. Kenny Phillips Jersey . 2. The Leafs also expect to have goalie Jean-Sebastian Giguere back in the lineup as they host the Philadelphia Flyers, a game you can catch right here on TSN, beginning at 7pm et/4pm pt. Toronto could have used Phaneufs 6-foot-3 frame to slow down the Penguins on Thursday. Tyler Bozak and Mikhail Grabovski had the Toronto goals and Jonas Gustavsson gave up all five goals on 26 shots in defeat, the Leafs fifth in seven games. "The turning point of the game -- they were outshooting us 20 to five or six," head coach Ron Wilson said of the second period. "I dont think that was the turning point of the game. The turning point of the game was the opening faceoff." Phaneuf has four assists in 11 games this season with a minus-6 rating. Without hi
Summer Storm.
Summer Storm   When the lightning of your gaze chars my brain, when your tongue thunders in my ear, when I stumble against the torrent of your sweet breath, I close my eyes and let my fingers fumble for the softness and the stillness of your rain.
New Head
RALEIGH, North Carolina - Apples iPad tablet computer hasnt been out a week yet but there are already over 830 video games that have been developed to suit the large format, high definition, multi-touch screen. Authentic Patrick Willis Jersey . That number doesnt even include the nearly 25,000 iPod Touch and iPhone games that will also play on Apples latest gadget which is a mix between a smartphone and a laptop but also clearly aims to cater for the growing numbers of gamers. The iPad is the fourth step in the gaming evolution, said Gonzague de Vallois, senior vice president of publishing at Gameloft. The first being the microcomputer, the second being the game console and the third being smartphones. Each of these platforms revolutionized gaming in its own way. Apple has already sold over 500,000 iPads and Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty forecasts the tech giant will ship 8 to 10 million iPads this year worldwide. Can the iPad sell 5 million devices in the first year without game
The Trade
NEW DELHI -- After competing in six events in eight days, cyclist Tara Whitten thought she was finished at the Commonwealth Games. Keiland Williams Jersey. But Whitten, who won four medals including one gold, has one more duty after being chosen as Canadas flag-bearer for Thursday nights closing ceremony. "It such an honour and I am so proud to have been chosen flag-bearer," said the 30-year-old from Edmonton. "Ive had the opportunity to see so many incredible performances. Ive watched my teammates succeed. "To have been chosen to represent them is a huge thrill and a great way to end the Games for me." Whitten won her gold in Wednesdays individual time trial. She also won three bronze medals in track cycling. "Yesterday was a gruelling race," Whitten told a news conference. "It was my sixth event. I knew I had enough left for one more really good effort and I left it all on the road." Whitten, a former member of Canadas cross-country ski team, received congratulations from Chandra Cra
Child To Child
Child to Child @ Here (below the pane beneath the sill, twice painted but not yet filled) rest the carved initials of our humid love. These letters (to those who see them now) may conjure images of hands that held, of lemonade sipped and spilled on old porch swings and, perhaps, a kiss on one abundant cricket-night in June. Oh... the hands did hold, did surely touch, first tentative as child to child, then bold as new flesh seeks its own. Nakedness (glistening and braiding by the light of eyes and shade of moon) throbbed with youth away into the brine-stung agony of shameful (therefore, overwhelming) joy, ending in the surge of our eruption into sin. Here, it all is written (pure flesh and lust belied by boy with knife) the first love shudder sealed under sill (in guise of innocence) for all to see yet none but us to know. After the first ecstasy there is no other.
In A Run
BEIJING: Australian Open semifinalist Li Na becomes the first Chinese player ever to enter the WTA rankings top 10 when new rankings were released on Monday.Calvin Johnson Youth Jersey . Tennis players Zheng Jie (L) and Li Na of China pose with their national flag during the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne January 27, 2010.[Agencies]  The Chinese, 27, who lost to top seed Serena Williams in Australian Open semifinal last Thursday, stepped up seven places to reach a career-high No 10 when WTA official website released the new rankings after the tournament. Related readings: Tennis-Li and Zheng, Chinas chalk and cheese vanguard Li takes positives out of Grand Slam run Serena beats Li to reach Oz Open final Gday II as Li, too, advancesLi has eyes on top 10 Her compatriot Zheng Jie, who also made the semifinal in the Australian Open but was eliminated by Belgian Justine Henin, upgraded 15 places to rank 20. Li and Zheng made history by becoming the first two Chinese players
Where Did The Friend I Knew Go?
I had a friend, or so I had believed she was so. just now I was invited to stop by the lounge she works in that I had joined a few days back. When I arrive she insults me then bans me from the lounge. I barely got a question in on why the rude word and get booted with no explaination. I sb'd her to figure the souce of her anger. I've not recieved a reply. I have removed her from my friends and fans list but haven't blocked her. Who knows, she may have a reason that in her mind justifies the insults. I doubt I'd think they are justified but I'm well aware I'm a poor judge of charecter. I tend to place their value too high sometimes which leads to getting hurt more often. Naivete is a weak point sometimes. As always I leave the person unnamed out of respect and good judgement.
Poor Decision
Los Angeles, CA (Sports Network) - The Los Angeles Dodgers signed veteran right-handed pitcher Jeff Weaver to a minor-league contract on Tuesday worth $800,000. Authentic Frank Gore Jersey . Weaver also signed a minor-league deal with the Dodgers last year but didnt make the team out of spring training. He did, however, join the club in late April and made seven spot starts with 21 appearances out of the bullpen, combining for a 3.65 earned-run average and a 6-4 record. For his career, Weaver is 99-118 with a 4.67 ERA in 312 games -- 274 starts -- for the Tigers, Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, Cardinals and Mariners.   Authentic Vernon Davis Jersey . Hernandez (8-9) gave up five hits, including three in a near-disastrous opening frame, walked one and struck out a career-high 13 batters. Hernandez had gone 0-4 in his previous five starts, but the right-hander received only five runs of support in those games.Authentic Tramon Williams Jersey . Sweden scored four unanswered goals in the third
The Threat
Birmingham, AL (Sports Network) - Jamarr Sanders scored a game-high 22 points as the UAB Blazers defeated the SMU Mustangs 67-53 in a Conference-USA showdown at the Bartow Arena. Nick Collins Jersey . Cameron Moore notched a double-double with 12 points and 13 rebounds in the win for UAB (13-4, 3-1 CUSA), while Aaron Johnson scored 14 points. SMU (10-8, 1-3) was led by Papa Dias double-double of 16 points and 10 boards in the loss, while Rodney Clinkscales added 16 points of his own. UAB held a 34-25 advantage at the intermission after keeping the Mustangs to a mediocre 41.7 percent shooting from the floor in the opening half. The Blazers secured the 14-point victory after connecting on 54.5 percent of their shots in the second stanza. UAB shot 49.0 percent from the field in the contest and held SMU to a mere 39.2 percent shooting effort, which included an even worse 5-of-16 clip from long range. John Kuhn Jersey . The Ice scored twice in the first period and held on for their 12th str
Free Agent
NEW YORK -- Jason Bays contract with the New York Mets includes a US$17 million option for 2014 with a $3 million buyout, people familiar with the deal told The Associated Press. Michael Crabtree Jersey . The Trail, B.C., native took a physical Monday, a necessary step to finalize the deal, and the Mets scheduled a Tuesday news conference at Citi Field to introduce their first major free-agent signing of the off-season. The teams senior executives took Bay to dinner Monday night. He is guaranteed $66 million under the four-year contract and could make $80 million over five seasons, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the contract had not yet been announced. Bay gets an $8.5 million signing bonus, payable upon approval by Major League Baseball, a $6.5 million salary this year and $16 million in each of the final three seasons. The outfielders option would become guaranteed if Bay has 600 plate appearances in 2013 or 500 plate appearances in both the 2012 and 2013
In Regulation
A boy shows his self-made no smoking poster during a lecture in the kindergarten in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province, encouraging their fathers to quit smoking. Jimmy Graham Youth Jersey . [Wang QiboChina Daily] To protect people from exposure to secondhand smoke, seven cities in China will take the first steps in creating legislation on stopping smoking at public venues and workplaces. Under the project, jointly held by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease(UNION), the cities - Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Harbin, Nanchang, Lanzhou and Shenzhen will implement a smoking ban in public and in workplaces. Currently, smoking is allowed in certain areas in public places, and experts said the enforcement of smoking bans is poor. This project would create strict legislation to guarantee 100-percent smoke-free public venues and workplaces and figure out a feasible and forceful working mechanism to en
The Gloom
BOSTON - The Red Sox began the game with a pitcher who couldnt find the plate. Victor Cruz Jersey . The Yankees ended it with a catcher who couldnt even throw. Daisuke Matsuzaka walked six batters and barely made it through the fifth inning, but was bailed out by the bullpen as Boston beat New York 8-5 in a weird game on a cold Sunday night. There were 14 walks, two wild pitches, one passed ball and two steals on which sore-armed Jorge Posada - who took over for an injured Jose Molina - didnt even throw in the eighth when Boston padded its lead. And Yankees starter Phil Hughes lasted a career-low two innings and allowed a career-high seven runs. "On a night that wasnt really baseball weather," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said, "we did some good things." Matsuzaka improved to 3-0 after lasting just long enough to get the win. "It was a stressful performance from the outset," Matsuzaka said. "I had a hard time getting strikes with all my pitches, not just the fastball." Bostons reliev
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Held In
  A model presents a creation by French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier as part of his AutumnWinter 2008-2009 Haute Couture fashion show in Paris July 2, 2008.Clay Matthews Womens Jersey . [Agencies]    Previous page 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next Page      Previous page 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next Page   Authentic Matthew Stafford Jersey . The Sabres lost their first game after the All-Star break last Friday, dropping a 3-2 decision to Pittsburgh, but, Buffalo responded by scoring a total of 13 times in consecutive wins over Toronto and Tampa Bay. Buffalo notched a 6-2 win over the visiting Maple Leafs on Saturday, and on Tuesday night the Sabres downed the Lightning, 7-4, in Tampa. Authentic Tramon Williams Jersey . All the 520 horses that pulled chariots in the terracotta army, unearthed from the mausoleum on the outskirts of Xian, capital of the northwestern Shaanxi province, had penises but no testes, said Yuan Jing, an archeologist with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 
Return A Call
NEW YORK -- Martin Brodeur is a finalist for the Vezina Trophy for the ninth time. Aaron Rodgers Jersey . The New Jersey Devils goaltender was uneviled as a nominee for the award Monday along with Ilya Bryzgalov of the Phoenix Coyotes and Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres. The winner will be unveiled during the NHL awards show in Las Vegas on June 23. The Vezina Trophy is awarded to the leagues best goaltender and is voted on by the 30 general managers. Brodeur is a four-time Vezina winner and led all goaltenders in games (77), victories (45) and shutouts (nine) this season. Bryzgalov had a breakthrough year, posting career-best totals in victories (42), games (69), shutouts (eight), goals-against average (2.29) and save percentage (.920). He helped the Coyotes set franchise records for wins and points in a season. Miller was second in the league with a 2.22 GAA and .929 save percentage while winning 41 games. The American was named MVP of the Olympic tournament and posted a 9-2-1 reco
His Labrum
DETROIT -- The Phoenix Coyotes have thrived in the face of adversity all season. Matthew Stafford Womens Jersey . They did it again Sunday in Game 3 against the Detroit Red Wings. Overcoming the loss of captain Shane Doan and another key player, Petr Prucha and Radim Vrbata scored midway through the third period to lift the Coyotes to a 4-2 victory and a 2-1 series lead. "From where weve come from, a couple injuries are not going to deter us," Phoenix coach Dave Tippett said. "Shane is a great player, hes our leader, but we recognized we had a game to play." Phoenix scratched forward Vernon Fiddler, who got hit in the lip by a stick in Game 2, and lost Doan on his first shift of the second period when he appeared to have an upper-body injury after running into the endboards. "They just got better," Detroit coach Mike Babcock said. "With no Fiddler and no Doan, they had the puck more than we did." The Coyotes have overcome a series of off-the-ice setbacks, starting with their previous o
Coastal Waters
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) - The excitement the Vancouver Canucks feel over the best season in franchise history has been dampened by the eye injury to center Manny Malhotra. Ahmad Bradshaw Youth Jersey . Malhotra has needed two surgeries after being hit in the left eye by a puck March 16. Captain Henrik Sedin says losing the faceoff specialist, who has become a leader on the ice and in the locker room, puts what the Canucks have accomplished in perspective. The Canucks have wrapped up first place in the Western Conference. Heading into Thursdays game against the Kings, Vancouver already had established team records for points (111), wins (51) and road wins (26). B.J. Raji Jersey . Commissioner Bheki Cele, speaking in the South African capital Pretoria after returning from Angola, Cele gave assurances that all security measures were in place to host a safe World Cup in June. Jordy Nelson Youth Jersey . The accident took place in Badaun district 250 kilometers from Lucknow, state
What Love Is To Me
Love is the unconditional, unwavering, unfaltering, undisclosed and unmistakable act of emotion that transcends understanding. It is only limited by the one who gives it, even when it is unwanted. It is most effective when it is unwarranted. Loves limitless power can overcome the greatest of mountains in life and can scale the highest of peaks. To give love is to give the greatest of gifts one could ever receive. Love freely and often, as it is God's reflection shining through you.
I've designed and coded websites since 1996.  I've hosted websites since 1999.  I've been an active blogger since 2000.  I've posted on networking websites long before there were networking websites like MySpace or Facebook.  I've run forums, chatrooms, and I've hosted servers. I've been around for a long time and I have seen a lot of different people.   Then I see Fubar. And I see all the same players, all over again.  Same personalities, same attitudes, same stories, all with different names attached.  Oh, and the fact that age is definitely not a factor.  I've seen high school fights break out between people old enough to have teenagers as children here! So it's no surprise to see someone on here playing the Bully, calling out people for their faults in a vicious manner that usually breaks their victims down.  And everyone laughs, because who doesn't like laughing at them? And much like another Bully on one of the websites I used to frequent, one person stood up.  One person sa
What are all the great Lesbain Tribbing Sites? Why do you all love tribbing? So far this is my favorite site
I am spending my New Year's day window shopping at American Eagle.  They have a sale on clearance items...........   I wish I got paid this week, lol.
Remember When
‎.remember when.....Checking out at the grocery store recently, the young cashier suggested I should bring my own grocery bags because plastic bags weren't good for the environment. I apologized and explained, "We didn't have this green thing back in my earlier days." The clerk responded, "That's our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations." She was right about one thing -- our generation didn't have the green thing in “Our” day. So what did we have back then…? After some reflection and soul-searching on "Our" day here's what I remembered we did have.... Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized and refilled, so it could use the same bottles repeatedly. So they really were recycled. But we didn't have the green thing back in our day. We walked up stairs, because we didn't have an escalator in every stor
Happy New Years Toast
New Years Comments Graphics - Comments The Gift of a New Year Here’s to the year that’s almost past its expiration date—2011 We all had some surprises, didn’t we? Some good, some distressing. Let’s use everything we got from our experiences, everything we learned, to enrich the new year. Here’s to the new year,2012 a gift we haven’t opened yet. May its bright, shiny package contain even more than we hope for. And even while we’re delighting in new treasures, let’s appreciate fully what we already have— the blessings we take for granted. Make a list, and check it twice. And here’s to all you wonderful people (wave glass around to encompass the whole group) who are putting up with my toast; I hope in the new year you see yourselves the way I see you: intelligent, interesting, and likable. (Raise glass) To 2012 May it give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "the good life." Redneck Graphics - Comments
Why Drifiting Was Created
After seeing this vieo I suddenly understood why the Japanese created such an excellent (sport)??.. I've always loved watching drifting and any other form of high powered car shows... but this takes the cake for sure.
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Fubar Broken Heart
how do you be the bigger man when you have a broken heart lol i promised myself i would not get caught up on this site, i lied to myself lol. found myself liking two ladies on here now my fave 2 are down to my fave 1 lol. i dont want to be a real douche and be mean and spiteful and stop being friends with people i care for but it just is a little much to be around the one that broke my heart. the bad part is that it really is not her fault. i still have my one fave i adore but if i was gone she would be okay and probably not even miss me lol. I still care for my number 2 and want them to do well but hanging around them just hurts my heart right now. I guess it will just take time. its okay its only my heart it will stop soon lol
My Hopes
Well, It's finally 2012, We'll see if the majority's take on the Mayan calendar was right....    I truly hope I can change for the better this year. I've procrastinated with my duties, dreams, and goals for far too long now. This is going to be the year I make them all come true. Indeed, time to grow up, move up, and move on. Out with the old, in with the new. I need to surround myself with a better group of friends. They say who you surround yourself with is a reflection of who you are. And I'm not happy with either. I've been a follower for far too long. I aim to find my love, my passion, and reach my goals this year. Shouldnt be too hard, I still have 365 Days left... (Leap Year)
Just Now
Steven Reynolds pfft why you liking that comment ya damn drunk 15 minutes ago  Matthew Reynolds didn't even drink last night 15 minutes ago Steven Reynolds
U Turned Out Like All The Rest
When I met you I was at my lowest.. You brought me out of the dark and showed me the otherside of the light, But after time I'm not sure what happened, I guess all the promises you made, all the things we did, all the things you said, were just words to make me feel better, where are you now ? When u said u'd never leave my side, You said anytime i needed you, you'd be there but now, Im sitting in the in the corner of the room, all alone, holding my chest, spreading tears of blood, calling for you, but do you even hear me ? Do you even really care? I took a chance lettin you in and now u just walked out, well fine it maybe be a while, but the tears will stop, and when they do u'll have something to be scared for, because as long as im crying u still matter,
From My Dear Friend Elcool43
Beneath this umbrella, may you be safe from the storms of life, regardless of their power... May you reach the heights of joy in everyday living... May each of your loved ones know peace and joy...For, knowing you, they should do no less! May the blessings of your beliefs carry you anew atop the churning sea of living in safety from want, each day of your life. Keep ye well, my beloved friend, For you are a credit to the human race, A shining example of friendship in the first degree.  Happy New Year! love, anthony  Thank you dear friend!!
halloween thanksgiving christmas new years ill always wait....
Where The Hell?
Well, another year is in the history books or as I like to call it..."The where the hell has the time gone" book. It's been an eventful year. A BUSY year at that. I didn't get my vacations I wanted, I didn't get the down time I was hoping for, I didn't get the sanity that I've been asking of Santa every year since I could talk. I did however get many other things. Some up, some down, some just downright weird. The one thing that I really wish I would have accomplished was getting my TARDIS all fixed up...alas...that didn't happen either. Damn Menards has been out of my time vortex flux device for months *sigh*. I guess it's on the to do list for 2012. :P Speaking of 2012, I hope everyone has figured out the world is not going to end. And if you are still convinced it's such, when you have all that sex this coming year, please use protection, we don't need the gene pool becoming more polluted when all those babies are born in 2013 ;)  I'm happy to report that in my case, with age come
I. Could. Be.
I wrote this in a daydream.On green seas and old iron desks.Worn smooth and thin from tapped rubber erasers.Playing at a thrum. A beat. A drawing.I sat there, afloat, unaware, and certain ofeverything.Til I caught a glimpse of derelictionand had to haul it all inNot for sake of curious chivalry but ignorant temptation.I had to have.In your eyes I could count the gods and taste the starsin your naive wonder I could have onceloved myself.Even by accidentand all at once.There was claritybut it slid through my wet, salty mind.Like sand at the bottom.Loose, dissolute, and impossible to grasp.
Broken Hearts
a broken heart is the worse wound a person can have. stab me and i'll heal shoot me and i'll heal or break my bones and they will mend but break my heart and a piece of me goes away forever.I just don't know how many pieces i have left to lose.
A Thought For A New Year
I try to get excited by New Years, but honestly my mind doesn't think of time in the linear fashion that most people do. Today is no different than yesterday, the resolutions I could make today are no less important than the ones I could have made yesterday. What IS important is that we grasp EVERY moment and make the most of it, for we have but one life to live, and never hesitate to tell the ones you love that you do in fact love them.
My new years resolution is as follows....I am sticking to the rules I have set for myself when it comes to men.  I get to know them first, no friends with benefits or flings.  I am going for a long term relationship.
Marilyn Manson
Its No wonder kids are growing up more cynical, They have alot of information in front of them... They can see That they are Living in a world thats made of bullshit In the past there was always the idea that you could turnand run and start something better - But now... America has become one big mall... And because of the interentand all of the Technologly, We have Theres no where to run.. -Marilyn Manson 1999~
Helping People Out
it's funny or stupid in my case that you can have so many friend's on your list that won't send you say a V.I.P. or even a bling when you say it in your status, i have had it so many time's in my status that NOT ONE PERSON that already has a V.I.P send's me one i'm thinking they aren't you're friends or they don't give a care about other people other then themself's even though yeah it's kinda begging but what can some people do IF they can't afford it,  people may say u can afford it u have the internet but how do some people if not all people think that just cause u have the internet u can buy all these thing's that really ticks me off and for me i can't afford it and also my internet is kinda free it's under somebody else's name not mine
Player1 $$$$$ player1 turfed different turfs off and on. got the gloves on  12/20/2011 even with missing 2 log ins. Was nothing to do but wait for energy to build till level 10 and couldnt afford weapons for mob until level 10 . Once was able to try the hl the new changes with 95% house cut can about so hunting wasnt even paying the healing costs. 30 day end stats health 1000 energy 100 stam 29 cash 729mil cf 71.73m mafia rateing 19 mob 74 missions 791 bountys 10 death 1 fights lost 115 fights won 139.
Test Players Set Up Dec 1 2011
THREE players set up under different circumstances to see how the newest changes to fu mafia affects newer players.   1 to be put in a turf in soldier/pay position 2 to be put in a turf  Not in a pay position 3 to be unturfed
Letting Go
Letting Go     Letting go of demons that have kept me bound. Hate, love, regret kept me from uttering a sound. From now til I am no longer in my skin, I shall be myself, through sainthood, and sin. I no longer conform to the rules of society! I no longer live a life of anxiety. I pray to whatever powers that be... To return ME! Wrong or right, matters not. If I continue as I am...I shall rot. I am not ashamed of what nor who I am. At this point in life, I no longer give a damn. We all have our deeper shades of black. I only beg for my happiness back. I am good, I am evil, I am close, I am distant, But I can assure you, I am persistent. Be TRUE to yourself, don't live a lie. I've lived it for too long and watched myself die. I greet the new year with utter passion. I shall live my life with abandon and compassion. Life is too hard to judge one another... Hates desire is only to smother. I will comfort and love you, as much as I can. But accept me,
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Israel: Violence
More on December 24 2011, Lately in the Public Sphere, as has Stated PM Netanyahu, Statement: "InThe Public Sphere"; Women have been Violently Segregated against, This Actions are not to be Associated with any Real or Hallachic, Religious Truth or Concept, this is Probably Why and not to Ever Justify a Virtual Movement who would have as Core any Segregation against Women in General; PM Netanyhu spoke to The Security Minister and The Atorney General to Instruct Them against those Crimes, to pouch them to be of the Utmost Severity against the Individuals Responsible for These Crimes.More in the Sources... Sources: "PMO:".
Friend (i Wrote This A Few Yrs Ago Let Me Know If You Like
your friend differant from family love, which is not chosen, but accepted. friendships develops, it grows without warning. it just grows until one day aquaintance graduates into friendship; love is diploma, this chosen love is real and powerful, bitter and sweet, it is warm, and it is bright enough to shine through all the night seasons of your life. only occasionally in the course of a life time will you meet the kind of friend who becomes more than an aquaintance. real friendship is hard work; dont let anybody fool you, contouring your heart to beat with another requires extensive whittling to take away distrust and selfcenterdness. you musth show a person how important they are, every relationship adjustments. the reason one relationship becomes more valuable than another in its abilty to survive circumstance and endure realightment, we never know how strong a relationship is until it is threatend. it take a powerful bond to withstand the presures and not be weakend by outside force
Looking For More Turf Members
We are looking for more turf members.. Paid Positions Available!!! If you play Mafia and need a home we are welcoming new turf members. Salute required.
Another Year Gone...and What I Have Learned....
Through so much life changes in directions that never seemed possible, this year has been so very difficult. I have been so very fortunate to have had the wise words that have been out before me when the feelings of emptiness and disparity hit like wave after wave and you helped to carry me to the shore. Helping to see through another day, another night and to look forward to a new tomorrow. You helped me never to give up and for this there are no words that can express the gratitude that wells from within. You here are so very special, you have no name, your voice, your thoughts, your humor carried me and I THANK you. So, it is a new day, a new year and I will try to make this all better, this life puzzle. Thank you for helping me find those lost pieces that appeared to be lost forever.... thank you one and all that make this place a little different than just any old place to go! Have a good new year or at least the best possible! THANK YOU wise, positive, funny and enduring posters!
A Dream Desire Of Love's Flames
Time flies byAs the eagle soars the skyTwo heartsTwo soulsSearching for dreams of truthAmong each otherWith questions of whyHolding on to whatEach other has knownAnd the hurt of the pastThat keeps their guard upFrom knowing the warmthOf the flame that burnsDeep within their heart and spirit.Seeing and feelingWithin dreams that come at nightWhen fast asleepHolding you in my armsVice versaAnd knowing that there is a peaceAn undying comfortThat speaks from heart to heart...The ice of fearMelting away just by looking into your eyesAnd feeling your lips pressed against mine.Then, when you awakeYou realize that you are all aloneAnd yearning to feelThat fire with that one within your dreams....On a cold night.@2011 Judy Little Hummingbird
Making 9k A Year More While On Ssd
Mission: Helping human becomings reach their potential   Number 5. Courtesan for women - Practitioner of Puritanical and Non-puritanical (not legal in all 50 states) massage.  I enjoy meeting interesting women of legal age but not dead. I am a mature man who can provide pleasant conversation aka oral intercourse.  I have experience dealing with people. I am a good listener, chivalrous, polite, with a unbelievable ego and house broken. I know how to handle the right whines. I want milady to feel special by providing a head-blowing mental, emotional, and spiritual experience. I can provide you intimacy - as allowed by local statutes and customs, connection, compassion, eclectic humor, companionship, trustworthiness, safety, and over time friendship - only if you remain a lady. Number 4. Corporate Coach - similar to a personal fitness trainer but to the entire work team in the all areas necessary to create a balance in the 8 areas of corporate life - Financial, Social, Intellectual, Ph
Come Join Us In Ace Of Spades
Happy New Year!!!!
Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be an epic year! 2011 was the year for setting yourself up for the bigtime! What does that look like for you? I know for me recording with The Constant and putting out our album and getting airplay around the nation has been huge for us. We've played The House of Blues, The Viper Room, Skinny's, Molly Malones, Cheetah's and TRiP, as well as other smaller shows here in the Los Angeles area. Beside the Constant I've been doing other projects. One of them with Ged Rylands in the UK (Ten, Tygers of Pan Tang, Fastway, etc.), Neil Fraser on guitar (Ten), Vinny Burns on guitar (Dare, Asia, Ultravox, Ten, Burns Blue, etc.), and guest vocalist Harry Hess from Harem Scarem. Read the exclusive interview on the new release coming out in Spring  2012 here. I'm also working with Chris Melikyan from the band Mysticity. Almost two years ago now I did a demo track with him called Revolution. Now we've decided to a release of the last album with me doing vocals on a
Just Rambling
Wow I really cant believe Im doing this but I guess Im needing to release some hurt and frustration.  Seems new and old friends lie all the same.  Its funny how I never trust anyone, and the ones I thought I could turn their backs on me....Me, lol the one who would do anything for anyone, who gives and gives and asks nothing in return, who never asks for help....All I want for the next year is one person I can count on no matter what....its not like I would ask a thing from anyone but it would be nice to know that no matter what someone would be there for me.  If I died tomorrow, yeah there would be a few people at my funeral, and so oh were so close and blah blah one could honestly say I know Jami....Thats because I couldnt let anyone get too close...everyone lies to me and uses me for some reason...thats why Im such a loner..... Would it be hard to just be a friend??  I mean a true friend?  Even if its a virtual friend?  People form relationships on line constantly, heck
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New Years :p
 This new year im takin it to everything i do this year relentlessly & im not gonna pull any punches what so ever,ill succeed at everything i set out to succeed at and read this at the end of the year haha.ill put it in my blog to read it at the end of next year.This year is gonna be my sweet child,ill treat it very well and make somethin of it and if this year needs discipline to shape it up to be better,then so be it.peace and happy new years from yur buddy Dee woot! & cheers!!!! happy fucin new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Prose:
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Panning for Gold                                       I didn’t know what I was hearing, could not understand                                               the ways and means of Master Zul’s demand                                                     wanting to be a part of digging it up                                             the treasure of ages, as my lips touch the cup                                                 showered with notes of the sonata’s fire                   &n
The Dreamer
PISCESThe Dreamer (Feb 19 - Mar 20 ) - Generous, kind, and thoughtful.Very creative and imaginative. May become secretive and vague. Sensitive. Does not like details. Dreamy andunrealistic. Sympathetic and loving. Kind. Unselfish. Good listener. Beautiful.Always respect other feeling.Willing to share the pains of other.Feels for his friend when they  are down.Always looks for  the bright spots when time look darkest.willing to cry for you and with you if needed.Alway looking for the best in everyone he meets The Dreamer 
Help a brother level up.....  Pimps are nice.,  like to see my Angles pics being Bumbed!!  anything helps  Thanks!
Thanks To Everyone
Over And Over Again
I got divorced earlier this year. She was bipolar and had neglected to inform me of this when I asked her point blank to her face. "Is there anything I need to know about you before we get married" Nothing! Not even the desire she has to have a persons arm inserted into her vagina. I think I should of been told about that before.   So I got used bad. Along with the relationship there after. A woman in need, and now a empty wallet.    I have a big heart. Looking for love, respect, unconditional love, and someone that will be there with me when times are hard. So far, I only find people that bail on me when it's convenient. I did stupid stuff in the past yes. But I'm honest, moral, loyal, trust worthy. And a family guy. And I get kicked to the curb, and I travel again, solo!   So yeah, I'm a little bitter I am entitled. But it's the past and no one should have free rent in my head. It's over. I want to find good times, and find someone worthy of my love.
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Its Him
It doesn't matter how many times I try to pull away, feel nothing, hate you even. I come back. It doesn't matter how many times I try to get you out of my head because I don't want to think about you anymore, I come back. It doesnt matter how many times I tell you to fuck off because your an asshole. My heart cries because I want you back. No one could ever be you. No one could ever come close to comparing to you. As I sit here, I think to myself, what is it about you that has me so damn strung out? Why has it been 2 years and I still cant mentally get it right with you? The mere presence of you makes me melt. Ive told you to go away, come back, stay, leave, try again, we're done...but I crave you. I feel like I'm going crazy, with or without you. You are my personal drug and the poison in my veins. But its you, always has been, always will be......just you. I'm cross between heart broke and happy because of you. But I love you.
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Cam Of Love Is Real
Cam of Love is real, I can not feel you, I can not lick you, here you , make Love to you , Cam of Love is real. Why do we do it if we can not feel each other , kiss , hug, lay next to each other . Feel bodies together as one... What is the point of cam ... We do it , Do we enjoy it , Or is it just a game here. Are we so alone in this land of madness Cam of Love. I want to be real hold you kiss you make love to you lay next to you make love to you all night long... Not be alone and be like every one  Cam of Love ... Looking and looking for that nothing is not real... Its madness all madness. But we still do it. We are looking for Love . Cam of love ... that something that one person we can just Love .... The one you can look in to her eyes fall in love just in that one min it can happened true love so may be you can fall in love , Cam of Love is real    by Christine
Would You Dance Under The Stars With Me
  Would you understand love Would you not fall away Would you give up Would you fight to earn it Would you run for it Would you keep it alive Would you teach me how Would you see what inside of me Would you be the sun in my life Would you say I love you 2 Would you be wrong about it Would you laugh with me Would you hang out with me Would you sleep in my arms Would you see the sunrise with me Would you walk at the beach with me Would you change anything Would you stay with me Would you be in my life all the time Would you travel with me Would you dry my tears if I cry Would you help me Help me ,by staying in my life And give me the kiss of love And the breath in my soul And the sight in my eyes Would you be the music in my ears Would you dance with me under the stars Under the moonlight Beside the lake Would you be my mermaid Would you just stay around…        
Bird In The Window
Thanksgiving one time Everyone sitting around and basically lying about how they felt A bird flew into the picture window and flopped on the ground outside Everyone but me said "what a shame" and kept talking Talking talking talking about absolute crap I went outside & picked up that bird They were all horrified that I did that I just refused to let that bird die cold & alone So I picked it up and warmed it...held it Talked to it Turns out is was merely stunned Gained it's strength and flew away
Cozy Resettlement By The Help Of Kanpur Professionals
Shifters move towards the new place in search of more comfortable life. They have to bear lots of difficulties while shifting the goods towards the new place. They are unable to complete the process systematically as like the professionals. If you are facing lots of problems while completing the task of shifting then you can take help of packing and moving companies. They are working in this field from years so that’s why they easily give you the solution for all types of resettlement. Reputed packing and moving companies have expert employees who complete the full work of resettlement smoothly. They got the special training for the task of resettlement. They have all those qualities that are required for the resettlement process. They finish the task in one by one method as per the needs and requirements of the customers. First they pack the belongings with the high quality packaging materials. Then, they load the goods in a lorry. When goods reach to the new place then they un
Fu-resolutions / Rebel!
A rebel of society will be seen as having no tattoos. Who considers alcohol and cigarettes should be illegal. Who understand the misconception of weed but still feels it's perfectly labelled as destructive. A rebel wont celebrate those substances instead frown upon there use by any and all. Live and let live, but you live a little further over there. Violence is non-sense and never be thought of as any variable resolution of any problem. So no love for guns or hatchets. No love for threats and hate speech. No love for the no lovers. Let the mind be the only weapon carried and owned. One who realize being a freak is common and no longer view sexual acts as taboo. Secret is out, everyone has done it. What is there to be afraid of? We're all sluts, live with it. A rebel enjoys face to face communication over phones and computers. Webcams is never a substitute. Texting never thought of as being used. Pick a place and lets meet. Tomorrow dont exist and yesterday is never forgot
Such a frustration and gift Weariness My kindness is amplified And yet my disdain still abides Like the "Siamese Twin" Attached to me by luck Happenstance AH the curse of a dual personality And the gift of it
How To Choose The Available Led Daytime Running Light?
May many people ever heard of led daytime running light .It is a kind of light which installed in the head of a car.Recently,many countries and regions say that cars must install led drl.In fact,it is a kind of useful vehicle configuration, it is also called DRL light,many people have already installed it,especially the people from the countries and regions with low visibility.Now let us see how to choose led drl products and where to install the led drl light. Then how to choose the available led daytime running light?Now in the market,there are many different DRL products for us to choose,so we should choose a suitable drl light to install.We should choose the right products with good shape, length,size and glowing effects.To install the drl lgiht will avoid the hassle of ongoing maintenance.Generally, we recommend the use of the High Power LED Day time Running Light.When install the daytime running light kit on vehicles, we should make sure the installation not only meet the distanc
Played Down
Kitzbuhel, Austria (Sports Network) - Second-seeded Austrian crowd favorite Jurgen Melzer was among Tuesdays first-round winners at the clay-court Austrian Open, a final French Open tune-up. John Kuhn Jersey . The highest-remaining Kitzbuhel seed Melzer mauled Portuguese Frederico Gil 6-3, 6-0 on Day 3. Melzers second-round opponent will be dangerous Argentine Agustin Calleri. Kitzbuhel lost its top seed when Russian star Nikolay Davydenko pulled out here with a foot injury. Melzer was the 2005 runner-up to Davydenko when this event was held in St. Poelten. Three seeds suffered opening-round setbacks on Tuesday, as Spaniard Oscar Hernandez humbled fourth-seeded Frenchman Fabrice Santoro 6-2, 6-3, Argentine qualifier Juan Ignacio Chela upended sixth-seeded Frenchman Marc Gicquel 5-7, 6-3, 6-0 and French lucky-loser Julien Benneteau bounced eighth-seeded Israeli Dudi Sela 7-5, 6-1. A second-round upset came when Spaniard Guillermo Garcia-Lopez ousted fifth- seeded Argentine Martin Vassal
A Wave
Lakeland, FL (Sports Network) - Andy Dirks two-run double in the bottom of the ninth lifted the Detroit Tigers to a 2-1 victory over the Atlanta Braves.DeMarco Murray Womens Jersey . Prior to that hit, the only run was scored in the first inning, when Atlantas Jordan Schafer led off with a triple and came home on Alex Gonzalezs single. Tigers starter Rick Porcello pitched 4 2/3 innings, in which he gave up a run on three hits and three walks. The Braves Brandon Beachy tossed five shutout innings in the start. He allowed one hit and walked three. Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey . Cest la deuxième fois cette saison quil est coiffé du titre. Cest super, mais je dois une fière chandelle à mes coéquipiers, a-t-il commenté, avant le départ de léquipe vers Uniondale, à Long Island. Ahmad Bradshaw Jersey . The snow was falling too quickly in the nations capital for crews to keep up, and officials begged residents to stay home and out of the way so that roads might be cleared in time for every
Five Situations Help You How To Use Led Lights For Cars Well
As we all know,the visibility is usually very poor at night. So when we drive at night we should control the led car bulbs rightly.Then how to control the led bulbs for cars when driving at night?Therefore, the use of led light bulbs is very important.Situation one:the car lights should be turned on at the same time with the street lights. If when it is bed weather such as cloudy, foggy or bad weather, you should turn on the light in advance to ensure a good the enough sight and make sure the driving safety.Situation two:you should turn off the led headlight and change the low beam light when there are traffic polices or when at the traffic light is only 30-50 meters away.Situation three:when you park your car on the road,you can turn off the headlight,you can turn on the low beam light such as led back-up light,led width-indicator light,led signal light or car led tail lights.Situation four:you should turn off the led headlight and change the low beam light when there are traffic poli
Exist Today
NEW YORK -- The NHLs new rule banning blindside hits to the head is called "Rule 48. Matt Ryan Jersey ." It easily could be named after victims David Booth and Marc Savard, or offenders Mike Richards and Matt Cooke, who might be the last players to get away with such shots unscathed. For the first time, a lateral or blindside hit on an opponent in which the head is targeted or is the main area of impact will not only be subject to supplemental discipline, but a major penalty and ejection from the game. Players have had only last seasons playoffs and one exhibition season to alter their play and keep their shoulders away from the head when they hit an unsuspecting opponent. "Weve seen a couple of blindside hits, shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to chest, that are still legal," league disciplinarian Colin Campbell said. "I cant tell you that Ive seen exactly a player whos tried to avoid it. Hopefully they are avoiding it." Savard is still bothered by the effects of a concussion he sustaine
Full Time
GREEN BAY, Wis. Ahmad Bradshaw Youth Jersey . -- Watching B.J. Raji rumble into the end zone in real time, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy was as fired up as any Packers fan. When McCarthy had the chance to watch the key play from Sundays NFC Championship game victory over the Chicago Bears again on film, he managed to find a few teachable moments. First off, its safe to say Raji should tuck the ball away until hes safely in the end zone next time. And what on Earth was that hip-shaking celebratory dance all about? "He got two minuses on the play -- one for holding the ball out, and one for the dance," McCarthy joked. Risky ballhandling skills aside, Rajis pivotal play slowed a frantic fourth-quarter comeback attempt by the Bears and third-string quarterback Caleb Hanie. Rajis rambling 18-yard return turned out to be the winning score, setting the Packers up to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl on Feb. 6 at Cowboys Stadium. "It really kind of happened so quickly that once th
Couldnt Fly
(Sports Network) - Hoping to avoid losing three straight for the first time in nearly two months, the Buffalo Sabres will try to pick up a fifth victory in a row over the Edmonton Oilers in tonights meeting at Rexall Place. Authentic Keiland Williams Jersey . The Sabres have dropped two straight and four of their last five, putting them in position to lose three consecutive games for the first time since a five- game drought from Oct. 26-Nov. 5. They were dealt a 5-2 setback in Calgary last night for their fourth road loss in a row. Drew Stafford and Patrick Kaleta scored the goals and Ryan Miller made 28 saves for the Sabres. We got the lead and the next 40 minutes it was just poor decisions on our part, said Buffalo center Jochen Hecht. We just have to focus and do our job out there. The Sabres played without leading scorer Derek Roy and defenseman Tyler Myers on Monday. Roy is out for the season with a torn left quadriceps, while Myers sat out last nights game with flu-like symptoms
Major League
WILMINGTON, Mass. Authentic Jay Ratliff Jersey . (AP) -A spirited practice was over. Most of the Boston Bruins were back in the locker room. But not Marc Savard. With his return from a 24-game absence just days away, Bostons best playmaker kept working on the ice with a few teammates on Wednesday. It felt like the Boston Marathon, said Savard, sidelined more than seven weeks following a Grade 2 concussion. They made it pretty tough today, but I got through it. I gave everything I had. So it was a good test. His next challenge comes in the opening game of the second round of the playoffs in which the sixth-seeded Bruins will have home-ice advantage against the seventh-seeded Philadelphia Flyers. The matchup was determined when eighth-seeded Montreal beat top-seeded Washington 2-1 Wednesday night in Game 7. If Washington had won, Boston would have faced fourth-seeded Pittsburgh, the team Savard was hurt against when he absorbed a blindside hit from Matt Cooke. But after Wednesdays practi
Yusuf Said
It appears you can add the Tampa Bay Rays to the list of teams vying for the services of Roy Halladay. Authentic Kenny Phillips Jersey . According to Fox Sports, a major league source confirmed the Rays have contacted Toronto officials about Halladay. The source suggested that Tampa Bay might be willing to offer speedy outfielder B.J. Upton and pitching prospect Wade Davis in exchange for Torontos 32-year old star. The deal would land Halladay with the Rays for the final year of his current contract. Since Halladay lives in the Tampa area, the thinking is that pitching at home would appeal to the right-hander, who must waive his no-trade clause in order to be dealt. However, the chances of Halladay being traded at the Winter Meetings may be slim. ESPNs Tim Kurkjian told TSN the combination of giving up multiple prospects and paying out millions of dollars for an extension may be too rich for teams this week. "Ive checked with several teams in the last couple of days and Im starting to
In Double
PITTSBURGH (AP) - Dustin Jeffrey scored the first of three Pittsburgh goals in a second-period span of 3:14 and the Penguins rallied for a 3-2 win over the Buffalo Sabres on Friday night despite again losing star center Evgeni Malkin to injury. Authentic Justin Tuck Jersey . Tyler Kennedy and Matt Cooke also scored for Pittsburgh, which has won five consecutive and eight of nine. Malkin returned to the lineup after missing the previous five games due to a left knee injury and a sinus infection, but he was knocked out of the game during the first shift of the second period with a lower-body injury after a collision with Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers. In the first 7 minutes of playing without Malkin, the Penguins - 9-1 without him this season - scored three times. Paul Gaustad and Mike Grier scored for Buffalo, playing its first game in 10 days. TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - Nicklas Backstrom had two goals and two assists, and Alex Ovechkin had a goal and three assists for Washington in a matchup o
In Detroit
Ottawa, ON (Sports Network) - Jason Spezza and Nick Foligno each scored twice as Ottawa downed Montreal, 6-2, in preseason action at Scotiabank Place. Ryan Grant Jersey . Spezza also added an assist while Bobby Butler chipped in with a goal and an assist and Chris Campoli had two helpers for the Senators, who overturned a 4-2 loss to the Canadiens on Friday. Brian Elliott turned away 27-of-29 shots to earn the win. Ben Maxwell and Tomas Plekanec notched goals while Carey Price took the loss for the Habs after allowing all six goals on 30 shots. Authentic Ryan Grant Jersey . Fleischmann, 26, has four goals and six assists in 23 games this season. Last year, he had offensive career-highs with 23 goals and 28 assists. Hakeem Nicks Jersey . Jack Cust added a two-run homer for the Athletics, who have won three of four and seven of 10. Joe Blanton (4-10) held the ice-cold Phillies offense to four hits and a run in seven innings, fanning five and walking four. 
Put The Flyers
When Tim Thomas arrives in Atlanta for this weekends NHL all-star festivities, he doesnt know whether hell be asking the other players for autographs, posing in photos with them or just swapping stories. Cameron Jordan Jersey . And it doesnt matter one bit to the Boston Bruins goalie, who will make his all-star debut at age 33. Thomas was a late addition to the Eastern Conference lineup this week and freely admits he has no idea what to expect from the experience. "You know, I dont even know what first-timers usually do," Thomas said Wednesday on a conference call. "Thats how inexperienced I am. Being a late appointment, Im kind of in the dark still." There shouldnt be many hockey fans who are still in the dark about Thomas. He leads the NHL with a .927 save percentage and has put together a record of 15-11-3 for a Bruins team that has battled injuries all year. What makes his success even more impressive is that hes played for more than 10 pro teams and didnt become an NHL regular unt
Trois Matchs
BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. Authentic Ryan Grant Jersey . - To walk up the stairs to the locker room at Oakland Hills is a swift journey through history, the kind that most Americans would like to forget. Go up the first flight and there on the wall is a wood-framed photograph of Colin Montgomerie, posing after another flawless swing. More large photos are at every turn, from Sergio Garcia staring down another flag to Luke Donald thrusting both arms in the air to Bernhard Langer posing with a gold cup. The final photo shows a champagne-soaked celebration at Oakland Hills. The last major competition here was the 2004 Ryder Cup, and it wasnt much competition at all. Europe 18 1/2, United States 9 1/2. "I got here this morning to play and there wasnt a soul out here," David Toms said Monday. "It was a lot different from the last time I walked off this golf course." For eight Europeans from that winning team, there are nothing but happy memories. And that might be one reason odds are better
An Award
PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. Authentic Darren Sproles Jersey . - Raging wind that toppled a 40-foot pine and rain that formed puddles on the green forced the PGA Tour to postpone the final round of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, giving it a Monday finish for the first time since 2000. Tee times were pushed back six hours Sunday until another band of rain arrived on the Monterey Peninsula. No one teed off, and there is no guarantee that the final round will be played Monday, when the forecast is for more rain and wind. Dustin Johnson had a four-shot lead as he tries to join Anthony Kim as the only players under 25 with multiple PGA Tour victories. A victory would give the 24-year-old Johnson a spot in the Accenture Match Play Championship at the end of the month and the first two majors of the year, including the Masters. "Im ready to play," Johnson said. "Obviously, Ill be real ready to play tomorrow after sitting around for a little over a day, waiting to see whats going to happen." T
Guide Them
CHICAGO (AP) -Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews each scored his second goal of the game late in the third period Tuesday night to shut off a St. Sean Lee Jersey . Louis Blues rally and send the Chicago Blackhawks to a 7-5 victory. Kane scored on a rebound off a shot by Viktor Stalberg with 6:18 left to put the Blackhawks up 6-4 after they nearly let a 5-1 lead slip away in their first home game since going 4-2 on a road swing out West. Toews then added his second power-play goal of the night about 2 minutes later to give Chicago a three-goal cushion on its way to a third straight win. David Backes scored for St. Louis with 2:39 left, but the Blues couldnt come all the way back and lost their third consecutive game. SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Henrik Zetterberg batted a puck out of the air from the slot for one of his two goals that helped Detroit get a small token of revenge for last seasons playoff elimination, beating San Jose. Zetterberg added two assists on a night when the ice was far f
An Error
Movements in the world of hockey Sunday: National Hockey League TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING-Recalled D Scott Jackson from Norfolk (AHL). Tony Gonzalez Womens Jersey . American Hockey League AHL-Suspended Springfield D Jake Taylor for one game for his actions in an April 10 game at Hartford. ECHL ELMIRA JACKALS-Announced F Tim Spencer was recalled by Binghamton (AHL). Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey . The 25-year-old, who scored both goals in Pittsburghs 2-1 victory over Detroit in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, had played through the injury "for quite a while" according to GM Ray Shero. Authentic Marques Colston Jersey . The high costs of the Spring Festival are a real financial burden for me, Song Pingyang, who works in Chongqing, said during an interview with Chongqing Evening News. 
Relation .......ship
Relationships are very precious,take care of them, because it is most painful for you,when a person "YOU KNOW " becomes, a person "YOU KNEW" Its means a lots ...
Qui A Raté
Washington, DC (Sports Network) - Stephen Curry scored 29 points, grabbed nine rebounds and dished out five assists, and the Golden State Warriors stopped a four-game slide by topping the Washington Wizards, 106-102. Darren Sproles Womens Jersey . Monta Ellis added 21 points, Dorell Wright netted 14 and David Lee pulled down a game-high 16 rebounds to go with nine points for the Warriors, who won despite making only three field goals in the fourth quarter. We needed a win no matter how we got it, Warriors head coach Keith Smart said. We were able to pull it together [at the end]. Nick Young posted 31 points for Washington, but missed a potential tying three-pointer in the final seconds. Andray Blatche had 20 points, nine boards and six assists in the Wizards seventh straight loss. With Washington head coach Flip Saunders tending to a personal matter, assistant coach Randy Wittman saw his club fight back from a 20-point deficit. The Wizards got within 100-95 when Trevor Bookers hook sho
De Punition
SEOUL, South Korea - Asian stocks showed signs of life Tuesday after a global market sell-off, with several markets climbing into positive territory or paring losses after opening sharply lower. DeMarco Murray Womens Jersey . Australian stocks jumped after the countrys central bank cut interest rates by a bigger-than-expected 1 percentage point to 6 percent in response to the unfolding global financial crisis. The S&PASX-200 index rose 2 percent to 4,634 after opening down 3.7 percent. Pedestrians look at a stock indicator in Tokyo Tuesday, October 7, 2008. Japanese shares fell sharply in early trade Tuesday, briefly sending the countrys benchmark index to its lowest level since December 2003. [Agencies]  Japans benchmark Nikkei 225 index erased some losses after briefly falling over 5 percent to below 10,000 for the first time in almost five years. By midday, it was trading about 1.7 percent lower at 10,292. Markets in South Korea, India, Singapore all edged higher. Trading in Hong Ko
'tis The Season!
Blessings of our beloved ABBA ADONAI ELOHIM YAHWEH in the Name of HIS beloved and begotten SON, Y'SHUA/JESUS CHRIST through HIS HOLY SPIRIT. HalleluYAH! Amen and Amen.Greetings to everyone! I see it's been quite some time since last I've written here on Fubar, please forgive me.  I can always be contacted on YouTube if you feel led to do so. Below please find 2 holiday musical videos, gifts for you. I hope it brings ABBA all the glory, and that you're blessed by it in some way. Please enjoy. "... And They Shall Call HIS Name 'IMMANU'EL" - Matthew 1:23 Chant - O Come All Ye Faithful   I hope this entry finds each and everyone of you healthy, joyful, prosperous, and abundantly blessed by and in the presence of our ABBA FATHER! I had an interesting experience a few weeks previous. I hope you don't mind my sharing i
Goodbye Fubar !
First.  All you folks in --209.  Most of you were correct about this experiment.  But, no experiment is ever a failure.  You just don't always get the expected results.  Keep the lefi coast open for me.  I'll be back, as soon as I tie up some ends out here. Then, it's "get the hell out of god's country !" (Be sure to wave, as you fly over.)  Now:  For the few persons I met and gained some shared moments on fubar.  It's been fun, but all things must end.  You have my personal contact info. Let's keep in touch.  Just don't inform me about anything fubar !  You already know, I don't care.   For all others ?   What's the point ?  This is hardly an adult site.  Childish... Childish...  ~Copol
You'll Never Loose Your Value
A well-known speaker started off his seminar holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands started going up. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this. He proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked, "Who still wants it...?" Still the hands were up in the air. Well, he replied, "What if I do this?" And, he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?" Still the hands went into the air. My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you wil
Early Birthday Wish List
i will be 30 this year, so for my birthday i would like to be level 30 have the best aquarius bling, a happy hour or blast and maybe vip. it would be nice to hit the top rakes if i could get more that would be awesome. i am gonna try to do it myself. i would rather have gifts and help from my friends. good luck to me.
My Life
I am 46 years old ( or young) and have gone thru a rough past year, but with hard work and strong support from my family and friends. I am now looking to the future with hope.  Inner strength was something i never knew i had, till i needed it. So when all seems hopeless look to your family and friends for help and Dig Deep into your soul and become a survivor just as i have.  To all who struggle and are depressed and without hope, Let me tell you that by never giving up on myself I came back from the gates of hell. If anyone needs someone to talk to or someone to listen, i will be here.
"LIFE sometimes becomes so selfish that it wants everything..and while trying for everything we miss something that is worth everything...
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Newt Gingrich Weeps, Mitt Romney Attacks Ron Paul
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wept Friday as he recalled his late mother's end-of-life illnesses, a moment of poignancy in a notably negative Republican presidential Iowa caucus campaign with four unpredictable days yet to run."I do policy much easier than I do personal," Gingrich told an audience of women as he tried to regain his composure. marc jacobsThe tears flowed as the former speaker was responding to questions about his mother from a pollster and longtime political ally. Gingrich's emotional moment came as his rivals engaged in traditional campaign tactics, and as polls suggested large numbers of Iowa Republicans could change their minds before caucuses Tuesday night provide the first test of the 2012 campaign.Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney sought to marginalize his closest pursuer in most polls, saying, "I don't think Ron Paul represents the mainstream of Republican thought with regards to issues, particularly in foreign policy." Paul gave no ground. "I really can
Finally...first holiday since my Daddio passed that I am not consumed by depression...still no tree, though, maybe next year!  *smiles and shrugs*
October Feast
October Feast   Suddenly you were at the door knocking like the rain from which you ran. You shook droplets from your hair and laughed as your raincoat slid softly to the floor. Your hands were cold. You said mine were warm. Neither of us complained. Later, at the maple table in the kitchen, we gorged ourselves on pumpkin bread and steaming apple cider. You ate so greedily I had to kiss away the crumbs-- as I had the raindrops clinging to your lips. Our plates and cups lay empty, yet the feast continued well into the storm. When the rain let up, you left, dragging your crumpled raincoat through the puddles on the walk. Since then, I hardly think of you except when pumpkin bread is passed around or when the kitchen smells of apples or the cider sizzles on the stove or on a rainy, autumn afternoon or when the sky is overcast or sometimes when a single cloud moves past.   Terry
Momentary Miracles
Momentary Miracles   Lives, more fragile than dreams, meet and tremble as they touch in the semi-darkness of their waking sleep. Should they touch too long, the visions fix. Lives link like hands on hands like bare arms entwined like moist flesh clinging. Lips and eyes wander amid millions of lips and eyes. In momentary miracles sometimes the right eyes and the right lips fuse and shut out the darkness by closing into each other as birds fold in their young as mouths of babes close on their mothers’ breasts as one dream closes to start anew as I fold gently into you.   Terry
A Long Read But Worth It
I loved every word of the post below and wanted to share it on here. Its a worthy part of your 2011 reflection exercise to reflect on the things you want to stop doing, and leave behind in the current year as you move on to the year ahead. For me…as I truthfully reflect on 2011, its got to be numbers 8, 12, 19, 23 and 26 (you’ll know what I mean shortly, read on). Although, at one time or another it was everything on the list below. I do have to acknowledge myself for the numbers that I just breeezed past and realized “Hey! I’m not that girl anymore! Way to go!” I can recognize the areas that I’ve grown and feel proud, and this is another key element of it all. So if you decide to read below, don’t be a self-hater and try to take on all of the advice at once. Acknowledge yourself for the ones you skip and realize that you don’t need any work in that area of your life. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back once in a whil
Bellamy And Gerrard Sink Newcastle
Craig Bellamy bagged a brace and Steven Gerrard was also on the scoresheet as Liverpool boosted their bid for a top four Premier League finish with a 3-1 win over Newcastle at Anfield on Friday.Liverpool trailed due to Daniel Agger's own goal midway through the first half, but Bellamy equalised soon after and the former Newcastle striker netted another goal from a free-kick in the second half.England midfielder Gerrard, who has missed most of the season due to injury, mulberry bagscapped a fine cameo performance from the substitutes bench with his side's third goal. Liverpool are now in fifth place in the league, level on points with fourth-placed Chelsea, while Newcastle remain seventh.Gerrard expressed his delight at being able to play again."It's good to be back. I've had a terrible year with a lot of injuries but I just want to look forward," Gerrard told Sky Sports 1. "I'm delighted to be back with the lads today, to get on the scoresheet and get three points was a perfect return.
A Roller Coaster Ride Within A Heart
  Unspoken words Fading memories What a country song In the makings Between you and me. Wanting a fresh start Something exciting and new Embracing what could be Only if you wanted to. Time slipping away From two hearts That was collided Together without effort And brought to one another By the Great Spirit. Do we walk away Or do we take this journey That has been laid? Sometimes fate has a way Of guiding the ones Who are meant to be Under the stars Before we see it Within our own eyes and heart. We can all resist And fight against the tides But one fact will always remain Which is a true loving heart And life long respect Destined just for you. Take me by the hand Or just give me a sign That you are walking away And moving on... As I can't standstill In these crossroads Of roller coaster emotions Any longer... Too much hurt Too much taken away Im guarded Yes it is true But enough strength to be open In knowing what I need And want in my li
Rutgers Downs Iowa State 27-13 In Pinstripe Bowl
Chas Dodd hit Brandon Coleman for an 86-yard touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter and Jawan Jamison ran for two scores to lead Rutgers over Iowa State 27-13 in the Prinstripe Bowl on Friday.The Scarlet Knights (9-4) ran their bowl winning streak to five and improved to 2-0 this season at Yankee Stadium, where they beat Army last month. canada goose outletRutgers, which played in one bowl game before 2005, is 5-1 in the postseason under coach Greg Schiano. The Cyclones (6-7) finished the season on a three-game losing streak, their last win coming on Nov. 18 in Ames, Iowa, when they pulled off the biggest upset of the season against Oklahoma State.That night Jared Barnett threw for 376 yards. In this game, Steele Jantz relieved Barnett in the second quarter and helped pull the Cyclones within 20-13 in the fourth on Jeff Woody's 20-yard touchdown run with 10:00 left. After an exchange of punts left Rutgers deep in its own end, Dodd went deep to Coleman. The 6-foot-6 redshirt freshman
2,500 Likes To Level
to all of you that have liked me thank you so much , pleaese click my like button, for thiose that have bombed me i will return the love when i level up
New Year
So many things we have learned this year. So much had happened too. For one this year I learned that when you become dependent on someone else, you stop being yourself, and you fall behind. I also learned that I'm stronger than I thought. This year some of us have suffered and lost someone we loved, others have hit bottom at the point of thinking "I just can take it anymore". YOU are ALIVE !!!Many things, too many for some of us, and although it seems like the wounds are to big or to many to heal today, they will be scars some day. Those scars will make you stronger, and smarter. So CELEBRATE !!! Do not see this coming year as another day... Celebrate, and welcome the next year as once again having an opportunity to start over, Celebrate that you have your family and loved ones with you, Celebrate because, although it was tough this past year, after the storm the sun rises once again. But only you can make this happen, only you have that magick.May the next year be full of Happiness,Ma
Why does it seem that Fubar relationships are so much easier than real life relationships? I just recently got engeged, and I met him on Fubar...He just deleted his account and now expects me to do the same...Am I wrong for wanting to keep something for myself, like all the amazing friends I have made along the way? I swear sometimes I believe that being single is the only way to live a strees free life...Thanks for letting me vent !! Peace and Love ~W
Losing The Onlything I Ever Lover!
A "me" World
It is hard accepting what is good for you and wat is not...especially when your heart and emotions are involved....a TRUE friend does not bail on you KNOWING you are facing something difficult....they do not disappear or say mean hurtful things....especially in your time of need...they will be the first to call you...and comfort you...not add to your stress level....someone wants you only when it is convenient for them..that is never a good thing...only when it benefits them in some way....when someone you love..regardless wat kinda love that may be..someone that is responsible for making you feel any type of emotion reveals their true cuts straight to the bone...thinking they were someone they are not....and feeling overwhelming emotions that you can't seem to control no matter what you do....just knowing or thinking you know they will be the last one to hurt you....only to be proven wrong....then they pop up...and say I'm sorry....I know I should have been ther
Thought Of The Day...12/30/2011
You know, why is it that dudes on here jerk off in broadcasts? I don't understand it. I mean, these are new people too. Makes no sense to me but it sure is fun to make fun of. If you ever need some entertainment or someone to make fun of to let out your pent up Fu Frustration, there's always someone with too much going on in those broadcasts. Rofl. Peace.
My Miracle Cure
I can remember everything from age thirteen on....I mean down to the very last detail..wat I wore on a certain day..every damn word that was said from then on out...who said it..where we were....wat we ate drank...the room setting...there is nothing I don't remember from that age on...all the memories...the nightmares..the harsh words..the struggles..the obstacles..the fear I was feeling...the terror of thinking I was going to die....the looks on the faces of those who have hurt me..the lack of remorse...the rage in their face and in their tone...just knowing that was the moment I was going to die....imagine having all of those voices..the names..the numbers..the images..I remember it all...there is nothing I forget...i carry that around with me every damn day...the medication..that's all it is...a's not a miracle doesn't make things fade away or easier to deal with...there is no magic learn to drown it out...but it is just a quick fi
Take Down Mine
Shadows lurking, all around. They are everywhere, littering the ground. But what are they really? Does anyone know? They are blank figures, not one feature shows. Black as coal, cold as ice. You can walk right through them, and never realize. That you have actually just stepped, on someones soul. Made your mark, fulfilled your goal. For the shadow doesn't care, it's a just a black shape. It doesn't have emotions, or even a face. But the person you walked through, feels it just the same. Before you crush them, take down their name. Check them off your list, add them to the trail you leave behind. And while you're at it, you can take down mine.
Might As Well.
You say you don't want me anymoreKicked me out and locked the doorPsycho ex is what you've dubbed meBaby, can't you see? I just want to fuck. Y u mad? Most people would be glad.I'll find a way to have you againFind your weakness and then I'm back inI just want to fuck.. Why are we arguing?Respect has nothing to do with it.I need my needs metLess talk let's get to it. You keep calling me namesI'll be that cunt todayTonight you'll fuck meI forgave what you said. You don't like my weightHate how I lookYet you keep fucking me.That's approval in my book I know it's goodYou're trying to find betterThat's a mistakeShe won't even let cha She'll spend all your moneyIgnore all of your callsHer abusive boyfriend will answerNow you got blue balls Might as well come backMakes sense to meWhy chase someone and sit home lonelyYou'll get hot meals and a "wet juicy"I love fucking you. It makes me happy It will work. Keep your mouth shutIt will work. Grab the handcuffsSpank me and call me mommy
Response To Bullies
I wrote this in response to a person who wanted bullys to stop and be nice     I have lived my whole life trying to stop bullies from hurting people. I was bullied as a very young child and as soon as I was able to defend myself I did, I have been blessed with size and strength. Not all people can do that, but speaking up for ones self must be mastered also. Adults, not in fear of physical violence, should also learn to stand up for themself. This builds self esteem and coping skills, the ablity to take a joke, or brush off and insult. In the Cyber world (FuBar) people can practice standing up for ones self and also block delete or change settings. This Cyber World of social networks (FuBar) also, gives would be bullies a chance to "pay back" for the pain they endured.  This is a twisted result of low self esteem, be stronger than those and delete them. I encourage all to take charge of your life, have fun here, and make the friends you want to have. Remember FuBar is NOT real life! p
Yeah Gonna Do It.
I'm thinking I want to start collecting for the spotlight. I just figure that it's gonna take me a while to get the bucks I'm gonna need. Will you please help me?
Horny??? Very - Take It All Off - Don't Be Shy - Love, And, Want To See It, All.     visit my other website: http://www.naturesc
Horny??? Very - Take It All Off - Don't Be Shy - Love, And, Want To See It, All.   visit my other website:
Infantryman Pride!!!!!!!!!!
Infantrymen have a pride and arrogance that most Americans don't understand and don't like. Even Soldiers who aren't infantrymen don't understand. The pride of the infantryman comes not from knowing that he's doing a job that others can't, but that he's doing a job that others simply won't. Many infantrymen haven't seen a lot of combat. While that may seem ideal to the civilian or non-infantryman;.................. it pains the grunt. We signed up to spit in the face of danger. To walk the line between life and death and live to do it again - or not. To come to terms with our own mortality and let others try to take our life instead of yours. We have raised our hands and said, "Take me, America. I am willing to kill for you. I am willing to sacrifice my limbs for you. I will come back to America scarred and disfigured for you. I will be the first to die for you." That's why the infantryman carries himself with pride and arrogance. He's aware that America has lost respect for him. To ma
Mumm In A Blog
Dear reader... I have this newly discovered thirst for life away from my computer, however, it seems to be interfering with what I thought were *friendships* Seems if one does not log in daily, people forget all about you...well me anyway. So.. Should I try to log in more often in hopes I will not be forgotten or Keep livin my life to please me and not have many friends at all?
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 77
  (Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)     In episode 77 of Janey Godley's podcast the mother and daughter comedy twosome discuss their favourite things of 2011. Janey tells us her favourite moments in comedy, music and books and Ashley reveals her top movies, TV shows and music.   Ashley debates a suicide issue that was in the news and recalls her experience with a stalker. Janey gives us the rundown of her night performing comedy at Corntonvale Women's prison. Both podcasters reveal their favourite moments and regrets of the past year. The round up of podcast questions and Ashley's sexual encounters make it a memorable episode.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. 
Makin' Music
OK.   Some idiot keeps removing my comments on the Battle of The Bands page.   I know people in the music industry.  Producers, and artists.   When I leave a note like the following, it is meant to encourage and help some "wannabes."    Note to all bands:   Wanna get off fubar and onto the charts ?    1) Get original.  Stop trying to redo the same old stuff that's been done for the past 15-20 years.   2) Get to work.  Talent is 98% Sweat Equity.  Get busy, then you'll get noticed.     Just like old vaudeville, the internet is a place to be bad, while you're trying to get better.   But, if you never get any better, you'll never get anywhere.   This is called "constructive criticism"  "tough love".   It's the way things are in the real world.  It's not about hitting the "like" button, when you know the stuff you're hearing is trash.  And, no, I won't help you get a foot in the door of some record company.  Ya gotta earn that, just like everyone else.   (Hmmm.  Maybe the b
Movers And Packers In Gurgaon – Some Important Services
These days, professional movers and packers are the common need for most of us. They serve people in different kinds of relocations. Expert moving firms of the city have proper infrastructure and team of well trained professionals. They take care of each and every aspect of clients’ relocation and make completely safe and trouble-free for them. They offer wide range of relocation services. Now have a look at some most common of them. All the expert moving companies offer excellent home services. They have expert professionals and all the required resources. They workers carefully pack all the goods using quality supplies. They choose appropriate goods transporter and load all the belongings on it. Their expert driver shift belongings to the desired destination. They can also unload, unpack and rearrange goods on demands of the clients within limited time. Several moving companies also provide their services for large scale commercial goods shifting. They have variety of big goo
Useful Services Of Professional Packers And Movers In Delhi
Delhi is the national capital of India. It is also one of the major commercially active cities of the country. Numerous industries are running in Delhi, packing and moving industry is also one of them. There are large numbers of shifting companies working in this city and offering their excellent services also at the affordable cost. They offer variety of services according to the needs and budgets of the customers. Now have a look at some most important services offered by the expert moving companies of Delhi. Packing Packing is the most important and trickiest task in shipping of goods. It ensures the safety of belongings in transportation and save them from several possible damages. Professional packers and movers of Delhi offer excellent packing of variety of belongings. They use first-rate supplies and the entire task done by the experts.  Transportation Shipping goods to desired destination is most prominent need of all kinds of relocation. Most of the damages and misplacing
Life On Life Terms
it hard to do what need to be done,but outlaws live life on the down loe,what ever needs to be done its done with all are heart and soul
Im Lookin For A Single White Female From The Binghamton Johnson City Ny Area
im 32 yrs old 5'5 125 pounds green eyes brown hair im honest carin luving trustworthy kindhearted im lookin for a single white female age between 26 to 32 yrs old who is honest carin luvin trustworthy kindhearted will luv me for me if ur interested u can im me at timwill3025 on yahoo or u can contact me here as well im not into mind games or drama im a single woman guy
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Stripperella New Year’s Eve!
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute   This Saturday Night, December 31st on The Dr. Susan Block Show Dr. Suzy’s STRIPPERELLA New Year’s Eve ! Party with Porn Stars, Artists, Millionaires, Models, Singers, Swingers & the Über-Awesome Bonobo Gang!    
Happy New Year
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A Bear'strue Love
To dream of you Is like a light Within the dark To guide me home. To think of you Is the pleasure Of the warmth of the sun On a breezy cold day. But most of all I yearn and dream To hold you And make love to you Underneath the starry sky Within the bright full moonlight. A blessing in my life Even during hibernational times... As to be able to call you mine In heart and soul Is of divine light and an angel's glow. ~ @2011 Judy Little Hummingbird
Yogi Tour & Travels
More And More Company Use Led Lights For Cars
With the led widely application,More and more company begain to get involved in led lights. Generally speakly,because it’s really a sunshine industry,Now led not only used in home lighting and road ligth,but also used in car.You will find many special colors be send out by will be attracted by thier beautiful color, Why their car look so beautiful?Because of the brightness and the special color,led is brighter than tradioanl bulb.But not only led siganl light and led brake lightwhich you can find out of the car ,but also led car interior light,led car interior light. This kinds of led lights for cars are usually used as car reading light and top light,It has 24pcs leds,using the led lights will be more beautiful and warm.   .This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,  
Many Car Fans Like New Mi To Car Model Very Much
As reported,appear before wide car fans.of course,this Mi To car model is the first entering into the European market after a rather long time. The car model has a compact and dynamic shape:it is 4.06 metres long, 1.44 metres high and 1.72 metres wide.  The car forms are unframed facet windows,three-lobed motif that distinguishes the front bumper, the form of the headlights and also the led tail lights.The Alfa Romeo Mi.To car model is the product of fashion and high technology.The headlights and led tail lights represent a particular feature: a frame that includes completely different types of material processing.The Alfa Romeo Mi.To car with led lights for cars  really attract a large number of people. Seeing from the whole car,we will find it is really fashion and having aggression.Many car fans like it very much.  This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Jamaica Opposition Wins Landslide Vote
Jamaica's leading opposition People's National Party won a landslide election, according to preliminary results, in a vote driven by concerns about crime, corruption and poverty.The preliminary results indicated the left-leaning party had won 41 out of 63 constituencies, giving it a resounding majority and showing the door to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, 39, the youngest person to hold the top office. The results were released late Thursday, marc jacobsbut within hours of polls closing local media had called the PNP's victory, and PNP leader Portia Simpson Miller, the designated prime minister, delivered an ecstatic acceptance speech."You will know everything. We will never hide anything from you. Now you have a government you can trust," she told jubilant supporters. Miller, who became the first woman prime minister in 2006 but narrowly lost a reelection bid the next year, promised a "partnership with you, the Jamaican people, a partnership with the private sector, the media and civ
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Can You Get Them Right?
Just for fun, lol. Give it a shot. 1. What is my first name?       2. What is my favorite color?       3. Am I married, divorced, single or seperated?       4. How many kids do I have?       5. What
The Abc's Of Neva
Adoration - You adore me and all my unusual quirksBeautiful - You truly are, thru and thruCaring - You are always thinking of me and my happinessDevotion - You are all about me and I thank you for thatEvil - Looks are deceiving, but it's the look that attracted me to youFunny - Whether it be intentional or not, you always make me giggleGiving - In so many ways, you are always doing itHeartfelt - Your words, I dont hear them, I feel themIrresistible - I can't imagine being away from you for very longJustin - Cuz of him, you are an excellent mother, I wish to see that with usKind - It goes without saying, you are a very sweet personLoving - You take this to a whole other level....hardcore statusMind-blowing - The scenarios we share, you have some great onesNuturing - It's in your nature and can never be a bad thingOutgoing - You're modest but not to shy around peoplePerceptive - You can read me, which is no easy taskQueen-like - This is how high I regard youReal - Nothing outrageous, you
In The Shadows An Angel Lurks....for Neva
In The Shadows, An Angel LurksWhen curiosity has planted its seedYou came to me, a small world indeedSeperation to the sixth degree.I know time has passed, years it seemedBut wasted days have been redeemedHave I yet awakened from this dream?For this I'm sorry you had to endureOr perhaps you were never sureDarling, don't be afraid, my heart is pure.It's all the same, this song and danceLook at me now baby, here's your chanceTo capitalize on love at first glance.I know distance has made this hardAnd who the hell would go this far?You won't find this type of thing in a greeting card.You made yourself known, no I can never forgetThat patience and hope is my only safe betTo see if what I want is what I will get.Tell me now, what do I propose?While I watch you try to composeJust know my thoughts of you aren't easy to dispose.Take me now, hell I'll meet you thereOur situation just isn't fairIt does no justice to hear me say "I care".Reaching out for you is quite the endeavorI'd hate to think
The Right North Face North Face Outlet
The right North Face North Face Outlet shirt, it will be like custom clothing designed for your specific needs. Choose your North Face shirt depending on the weather, the use of the shirt and the level of care that you wish to put into it. No matter which style you choose, you know that you can depend on the classic look of the North Face shirt to make you look good no matter if you are at home, playing sports or at work. Corporate North Face Jackets North Face jackets aka - Company North Face jackets are the basis of many companies staff uniform but how do you ensure you get it right for your company Smarter than a T-shirt and less formal than a shirt, the Corporate North Face can often provide just the right balance between style and substance but like any item of corporate clothing it must be suitable for the working North Face Gore Tex Waterproof Jackets Red - Womens environment and be able to deliver wearer comfort & value-for-money. It might sound obvious but a North Fa
I was thinking about MAYBE trying for spotlight, thing is....I have no funds.   If I were to decide to actually for for it, would you help?
Jersey Knit The North Face Outlet Online
Will be. Jersey knit The North Face Outlet Online North Face jackets resist stains and are easy to clean. They also rarely require ironing. They have a little bit of a smoother look and feel than cotton North Faces, making them a good choice wash and wear. Cotton and jersey knit North Face jackets are both great choices for breathability in warm weather. Most silk blends are combined with polyester and cotton. Silk blended fabrics have Cheap North Face Coats minimal shrinkage, resist fading and have a really soft and smooth feel. Silk blends are popular for their ironed appearance and extremely soft, cashmere touch. These North Face jackets are wonderful choices for work or times when you want to be comfortable but still have a polished appearance. Sport knit North Face jackets are the most lightweight North Face jackets on the market. They are also available The north face denali Gore Tex Jacket - men's in a mid-weight style for added warmth. The sport knit fabric is made up
Another Matter. North The North Face Store
Another matter. North The North Face Store Face jackets are a classic addition to any wardrobe. They are great for dressing up or down. If you are shopping for North Face jackets online, you may have questions about what exactly the descriptions mean. There are a few main categories of fabrics that you will have to choose from, including cotton, jersey knit, pique and sport knits. North Face jackets are available in pique or smooth finish. North Face Coats sale Pique North Face jackets have a raised, corded pattern. They can add style and personality to a run-of-the-mill North Face. Pique fabrics come in cotton, polyester and silk blends. Cotton is a classic, breathable fabric. It is popular for office and casual wear. Cotton North Faces are generally the least expensive. Check to see if the cotton North Face you are looking at is pre-shrunk The North Face Gore Tex Soft Shell Jacket Mens or not, as this can affect your size choice. Allow for some shrinking with 100% cotton. Cot
Ridden Country Roads. The North Face Outlet Online
Ridden country roads. The North Face Outlet Online tired old cliché of efficient German engineering will be trotted out here, but there isn't a single nuance of frivolity to be found on the whole car; everything is functional, because if it wasn't it wouldn't be on the car. A simplebasic concept has been applied to the designing of the North Face, ensuring that quality takes a huge precedent over quantity. Apply this logic to German beers North Face Coats if you will; never the tastiest of beverages and often more expensive than the other beers, but you always seem to get drunker quicker if you choose the Bavarian way. That, my friends, is efficiency. The real feather in the North Face's cap is the way it has effortlessly straddled and conquered the most pressing social issues of the day. The North Face's extremely low running costs combat The North Face Nuptse Goose Down Jacket - Men's the current economic burial pit we find ourselves in, whilst remaining kind to the environ
Succubus Love To Syn
I love you Syn... because you.. A lways try to make me happy. B elieve in me. C are about my well being. D evote yourself to me. E ndure me and any insecurities I may have. F ocus your days and nights on what we can do together. G ive me butterflies. H ave an amazing attention to detail. I nspire me and bring out my creative side. J oke around and make me laugh often. K iss me with those sexy lips and penetrate me with those intoxicating eyes. L ove me softly, deeply and affectionately. M arinade my mind, body and soul. N ever want to leave me confused or sad before you tuck me in at night. O penly share your love for me. P assionately share your emotions with me. Q uiver my lips and tantalize our possibilites. R apture my thoughts. S atisfy my sexual needs and explore the options for more. T ouch, tickle and thrill me.. and take me to another level. U nderstand me, listen to me and always make the effort to support me even in our differences. V iolate my walls
Love From My Baby
 Reasons I love you, NevaAdoration - You adore me and all my unusual quirksBeautiful - You truly are, thru and thruCaring - You are always thinking of me and my happinessDevotion - You are all about me and I thank you for thatEvil - Looks are deceiving, but it's the look that attracted me to youFunny - Whether it be intentional or not, you always make me giggleGiving - In so many ways, you are always doing itHeartfelt - Your words, I dont hear them, I feel themIrresistible - I can't imagine being away from you for very longJustin - Cuz of him, you are an excellent mother, I wish to see that with usKind - It goes without saying, you are a very sweet personLoving - You take this to a whole other level....hardcore statusMind-blowing - The scenarios we share, you have some great onesNuturing - It's in your nature and can never be a bad thingOutgoing - You're modest but not to shy around peoplePerceptive - You can read me, which is no easy taskQueen-like - This is how high I regard youReal
Come Listen :)
Born and raised in the hoods of long island new york , Sean " Yung 16 " Hall had thoughts as a little boy that "the life im living cant be all there is to life". At the age of 9 just playing around one day he freestyled his first song titled "L.O.V.E". After that his self confidence signifcantly rose. At the age of 10 his father gave him his first ever C.D which was Lloyd Bank's The Hunger For More. listenning to his unorthodox style full of wordplay and punchlines Sean started to love music more and more which made him look into alot of diffrent styles of rap. He started listening to the late great Notorious B.I.G, 50 Cent, Styles P, Eminem, Slick Rick and many more. At the age of 11 his favorite Uncle, Rodney Whitehead passed away which mad him very sad. With the pit in his heart unfilled he seeked and found music to heal his wounds. At the age of 12, he learned what punchlines were and started rapping with them in his verses. He didnt understand what a bar was so he just said it ho
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My Amazing Southern Friendy Boo Gave Me A Sweet Salute:) Xo
Space Plan From China Broadens Challenge To U.s.
Broadening its challenge to the United States, the Chinese government on Thursday announced an ambitious five-year plan for space exploration that could establish China as a major rival at a time when the American program is in retreat. Coupled with China’s earlier vows to build a space station and put an astronaut on the moon, the announcement conjured up memories of the cold-war-era space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States, mulberry bagswhich has de-emphasized manned spaceflight in recent years, is now dependent on Russia for transporting its astronauts to the International Space Station. Russia, for its part, has suffered an embarrassing string of failed satellite launchings. China has been looking for ways to exert its growing economic strength and to demonstrate that its technological mastery and scientific achievements can approach those of any global power. The plan announced Thursday calls for launching a space lab and collecting sample
Gone But Never To Be Forgotten
                                                   Gail Debra Gutshall                                                                                   1956 - 1972                               The Day I Lost My Best Friend                                                                         It was a warm spring day back in May of 1972. The sun was shining and not a single cloud in the shy. I was only 12 years old at the time and like any 12 year old boy I had my priorities set to my liking,fishing,baseball and at the bottom of my list school. On this particular day I decided that I was going to work on my priorities so I gathered up my fishing pole and bait and headed for the river that flowed nearby. As I sat along the bank of that river I closed my eyes to listen to the sounds that seem to surround me that I never took notice to before. Off in the distance I could hear the birds, cars and the wind as it blew gently through the trees. All was good with both me and my world, o
Republicans Battle Over Undecided Voters In Iowa
With time running short, Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich battled Thursday to win over a pivotal crop of undecided conservative voters. Of all the candidates, only Mitt Romney seemed to largely escape attack as he worked to win a state that long seemed out of reach until this week."Don't settle for what's not good enough to save the country," the newly ascendant Santorum implored Iowans at city hall in Coralville, canada goose outleturging voters to put conservative principles above everything else and suggesting that his rivals, and specifically Ron Paul, lacked them. For the first time, though, the former Pennsylvania senator became a target."When he talks about fiscal conservatism, every now and then it leaves me scratching my head because he was a prolific earmarker," Perry, the Texas governor, said of Santorum as the day began, referring to special spending projects members of Congress seek. "He loaded up his bill with Pennsylvania por
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You broke my heart in two And took me like a bet, with all you put me through I have so many regrets. To lose you was worth it, although I wasn't sure, it seemed to make me happy, but still so insecure.We always said Forever we would take it to the end never give it up but this time my heart couldn't mend.It cut so deep into me I guess it hurt you too but when you did it, then you lied I had to say "we're through."I gave you all I hadI tried to make it last but now all we have are memories from the past.So look me in the eye and tell me what you see a girl so broke inside who's been through misery.And now I’m moving on with the pain that kills inside but I’m starting to forget by reminding myself, how you lied!
Now In Spring
Now in Spring   Had you left in summer when the sun lies heavy around us sweltering the meadows, and even the baby birds have gone without a last embrace, I would have merely smiled sadly and memorized the beauty of your face.   Had you left in Fall when the trees grow brilliant once before they bleed their sorrow, and the flowers drop their petals on the dying lawn, I would have merely frowned to miss the quite autumnal redness of your hair when you were gone.   And had you left in winter when we bundle up against the chill when barren trees are even empty of the birds, I know I would have merely sighed to lose the comfort of your hands as I watched you go.   But you are leaving now in spring when every other lovely thing returns, when flowers, blossoms, buds, and birds are lining up for us to welcome home with kisses. Now I know the tragic irony of parting-- This is!   Terry
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Whisper.. to me, When I close my eyes..Tell me ..Tell me...Sweet lies...Say it's all true..No matter what you do.. Your affection is true. Wrap your hands on my thighs. Pull me tight..Pull me higher..Never stopping..Never quite..Softly.Slowly..Adrenalin rushing..Body blushing.. Feeling you. Talk me throw., Until the end...Until we begin ..Letting go.. Giving in..Tell me love.Whisper..
Please Until
Please. Please let me know ,let me know how much you love me... let the wind not blow .let the sun stop shining.let the be no silver lining.until, Until , I know you love me..Please. please tell me so..tell me so.. that you love me,let time not move ,let  the earth stands in waiting,let all of life be fading.until,Until, your lips tell me so,,Please. please , Don't be cruelDon't be cruel to meCan you see me shake ,, Can you see the death in my eyes.Can ,time and space... rip us apart..Until,Until , your lips touch mine I will not be fine,  Please , please.I'll let you know,I will let you know everyday.let you see all the pain,let you in my brain.let my love never be tame.until,Until, our bodes combine.
Daydream Gamer **edited By Mysweetestsin**
It was like any other Sunday afternoon playing video games together. Things always start out innocent enough. Playful banter and challenges issued. Gentle rough housing. Nothing out of the ordinary. But something feels different today; something that can't be explained. A simple push, an unintentional touch. Your minds are racing. Unsure of where things are headed but you know you don't want it to and won’t, let it stop. She smiles at you with a look of longing as she gently brushes the hair out your eyes.  You’re so close you can smell her sweet scent. It’s driving you crazy. Your heart is racing, thoughts blurring. You lean in for a hug. Without realizing it you were holding it, you let out a sigh. Every worry, every problem, they don’t matter. For just that moment in time you’re unconcerned with everything with the exception of now. Your emotions get the best of you and you give her a light kiss on the cheek.  She seems startled but not upset, and a lit
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Look Away
When you called me up this morning,Told me 'bout the new love you found,I'm said "I'm happy for you,I'm really happy for you."Found someone else,I guess I won't be coming 'round.I guess it's over, baby;It's really over, baby, whoa...And from what you saidI know you've gotten over me;It'll never be the way it used to be.So if it's gotta be this way,Don't worry, baby, I can take the news okay.But if you see me walking by,And the tears are in my eyes,Look away, baby, look away.If we meet on the streets someday,And I don't know what to say,Look away, baby, look away.Don't look at me;I don't want you to see me this way.When we both agreed as lovers,We were better off as friends,That's how it had to be,Yeah, that's how it had to be.I tell you I'm fineBut sometimes I just pretend;Wish you were holding me,Wish you were still holding me, whoa...I just never thought,That I would be replaced so soon;I wasn't prepared to hear those words from you.I know I wanted to be free;Yeah, baby, this is how
My Life
Well this is my first blog on here, as i sit here listening to my music, i think about my past and how i got to where i am nowI have a wonderful husband beautiful daughter im trying to get into college the most wonderful friends. there has been so much crap in my past but i love where it got me. ive been married to my husband for 3 years been with him for over 5 years and my daughter is or will be 13 months Jan 2 2012. I AM BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whatta Hoar!!
 PoSTaL: so wifey....hehe I want to be ultimate hoar and be fu single for awhile  8:23am reply  PoSTaL: but I don't wanna ever hurt your feelers! 8:24am more To  PoSTaL: lmaoooooooooooo 8:24am more To  PoSTaL: you can divorce me 8:24am more To  PoSTaL: its cool 8:24am reply  PoSTaL: ya?!?! you won't get pissed at me? 8:24am reply  PoSTaL: you sure?! 8:25am more To  PoSTaL: well i was hoping to get all yer points offa the godmode i
For Those About To Rock
I Cant Sing or Dance, and I dont Drink. With the 2012 coming to America, I offer my best to all and a safe return for those Who Are About To Rock.  I am 54 years of age, and still I cant stop having babies, my new little one are twin girls, and I tried to find a way to show my little ones. It will take time for me to figure out this system. I am only here to make friends I have enough children for now, 6 and counting. I am not over the top good looking I dont have a lot of money but I sure tie down a gal for a long while until she puts the paints on and then it ends the same, Alpha Dog steps out... I will allways be addicted to GIRLS.  I own Toptentogo which is now coverning the net, It is hard to build a site that has become a respected member of the Internet Comunity. I do not know your rules about sharing web site here, but I have Interfaced 10,000 sites in the last 3 years...hard work. And I would love to bring Fubar into my site of ongoing fun and action.  In time I will make
Never Let You Go
I'll Never Let GoI think about those times we hadBut evertime i do, i get so sadYou were always there for meIn the same spot where i could see youI cant let go of these thoughts in my headSeeing you smile and remembering what you saidI cant believe that you're not hereYou left me full of doubt and fearI don't know if i can move onI want to make you proud but the journeys too longI dont know if i could ever move onjust picturing you there, when now your goneYou showed me everything i had to doand now i know how few people there are like youYou're one in a million in the earthbut you're one in forever in my heartI know you're not too farbut dealing with this is just too hardI know you're watching from aboveI will never let go of your loveYou'll always be in my heartIll always work my best to make you proud!
Here's A Few Things About Me With A Message To And From A Person Please Read This And Follow My About Me Section I'm Going To Start Removing A
I have had many friends ask me to come back to FB after my 8 month leave for family reasons, i respect everyone of you and the new freinds i make everyday being here . please remember that respect goes both ways,i am in a relationship with a great man i have a great family that i love and cherish with all my heart,mind,body and soul. i am sick SICK to death of coming on here and being disrespected from the ppl thatcant get a grasp on real life and the cyber life . i started on this site 5 yrs ago as is was lost cherry into cherry tap , fubar has brought out the worst in some ppl with the begging the lack of rules and respect with webcams and the shit we see in our PM's and shout boxes . friends give help to those that need it in the game of leveling , here to give us support when we are having a bad day in real live, to make the other laugh, the charging for pimps,shitfaces,tags and skins is becoming BS. YOU ALL HAVE ASKED WHY I'M NOT HERE SO MUCH WHY I POST STATUS MESSAGES THE WAY I D
Get Back Together With Your Ex
.blogging|get back together with your ex
Classical 2012 Mazda3 Helps Improving Mazda3 Brand Awareness And Influence
Classical 2012 Mazda3 also have 17-inch wheels and used led lights for cars.It used automotive led fog light(optional on i Grand Touring), most people would rather choose the LED tail lights for cars ,never get paying 28 percent more for gas.Keyless entry with push button start, LED tail lights, navigation and power side mirrors with turn indicators.   To see from the power of this Classical 2012 Mazda3,the new car model is equipped with 4 cylinder engine,the maximum power can reach 107 horsepower, maximum torque can reach 146 NM.   Classical 2012 Mazda3 says that it will continue to meet the practical needs of more wide consumers, helping improve the Mazda3 brand awareness and influence in the worldwide.                                                             This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
2012 Mazda3 Has Good Equipment
Since the 2012 Mazda3 with led lights for cars enter the market,the specail design and equipment of the new car really attract a large number of people. Some service such as “whole car warranty classic” and 24-hour free roadside assistance service yearly.To the car model,it really have its own features.The Classical 2012 Mazda3 is equipped with electric sunroof.In addition,the Classical 2012 Mazda3 has full standard department:view mirror driving side with convex mirror ,CD play with MP3 function, and remote control key , and steering wheel that can control in four sides, and driving side Windows a touch type lifting both anti - clips and delay function , and anti - dazzle within rear - view mirror , and car within opened tank cover , and Hou seat 46 percent stack placed pour , and large lamp is not closed alarm , and full size preparation fetal and so on. Classical 2012 Mazda3 has be equipped with led fog lights for cars, automotive led tail lights,led dash light.The Cla
Movie Called The Work Shop
i saw a movie and it about being happy they say if you want to be happy then get naked for real that movie called the work shop and it a ta real life movie but i yhank they are lieing what do you thank
Sometimes Its Hard
It's hard to change being like this because of everyone and everything which made me this way. People, life, events (whether good or bad), situations, storms, trials and so on, tend to be the builders of walls, and distributors of pain and tears. Learning how to opperate the "wrecking ball" machine in order to rid myself of those things.... even harder....LOL, but "It's a good thing" as Martha Stewart would say...LOL.
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Asia Stocks Drop Third Day As Ecb Lending Surge Spooks Investors
Asian stocks dropped for a third day, with the region’s benchmark index heading for its first full-year decline since 2008, after a surge in lending by the European Central Bank highlighted the magnitude of the region’s debt crisis. Canon Inc., a Japanese camera maker whose biggest market is Europe, slid 0.7 percent after the euro dropped to a 10-year low against the yen, marc jacobsclouding the earnings outlook for exporters. Elpida Memory Inc. slumped 6.5 percent after a report the chipmaker may seek to delay repayment of bailout funds. Lynas Corp., an Australian miner of rare earths, slid 5.8 percent after China said it won’t lower export quotas of the materials. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index fell 0.2 percent to 112.50 as of 2:02 p.m. in Tokyo, with seven out of the gauge’s 10 industry groups falling. For the month, the index is heading for a 0.9 percent decline, and its 18 percent plunge this year is the steepest since 2008. “Europe can’t avoid an
You tred deeply on my heart , ran silently through the night left a deep deep scar never healed just left to bleed covered in concrete, rubble & dust  like a throw away takeaway wrapped in polystyrene foil discarded in a cheap parking lot   dirty footprintleft in an empty elevator enclosed with steel & glass splinters in the floor moss covered walls his soul is depleted just a ghost in a frail shell a broken egg  fragile & cold seeping slowly through every little crack
Plans Tumbler
This is where the sad people go  The ones who wander The dampened souls Here they congregate in misery  Here in this place of blackened screens Feigned gestures of heartfelt expression The toils of a lackluster life from which we slumber   ~A
Do You Ever Feel Like Breaking Down?
Do you ever feel like breaking down?  Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don't belong And no one understands you? Do you ever wanna run away? Do you lock yourself in your room? With the radio on turned up so loud That no one hears you screaming No you don't know what it's like When nothing feels alright No you don't know what it's like to be like me... To be hurt, to feel lost To be left out in the dark To be kicked when your down To feel like you've been pushed around To be on the edge of breaking down But no one's there to save you No you don't know what it's like... Welcome to my life 
Winner #11
this guy made me almost snort i laughed so hard!!!   subject:       I can suck on my own dick received: 12/28/2011 09:05 pm replied: no   block this member I can suck on my own dick. Would you like to watch me suck on my own dick on web cam for at least 15 to 30 minutes? Also, I have this really big role play/tease I'd like you to do while you're watching me suck on my own dick on webcam. Its a really big role play and i guarantee you, you never heard it before. It might even interest you. Anyways let me know if you'd like to know what the really big role play is.,   To matt: hahahaha you're an asexual freak.... have fun with that but no i don't want to watch
They Say
when one door closes another one opens the past two years I've been workin at a place at first it was ok and over time it just got boring and not worth goin to work anymore knowing you have to deal with them or it anymore I guess you can call it a bad break up at the end you wanted different things and you're better off finding something that will make you happy so here I am ... with a new year almost upon us only 2 days away starting over sounds good so I'm startin over Happy New Years!
Ever Want To Get A Magazine At A Heavy Discounted Rate Legitimate!!!
Hi All Welcome to I promise you will not be disappointed!! Please let me know what you think of our new site.  we do not carry some titles that are available anywhere we carry a unique mix of products! We also offer gift certificates! Register as a VIP member and you will be able to save $5.00 when you check out!! Thank you Richard
Pork Boning
Sitting around the christmas dinner table, awaiting the arrival of my sister who was of course half an hour late.. we were all gathered and were talking about food as we were all hungry at this stage and i quote exactly what my aunty said when there was mention of pork   "Bruce (my uncle) bones all our pork"   they entire room cracked up in hysterics
Her eyes, pale refraction of sorrow   through distance Not replaced  There heaved silence  Relegation and pure slopes.   Hail, the reeds tousle and sway  To some unknown rhythm; One we're dying to know.   Catering to unseen dictation:  The kind we're unable to regret   We kindle, lest we retire Lest we exit    Or worse, lest we forget.    Janelle Gregory  12/28/11
Stand And Deliver
Sarah walked up to him. strong. stern. unweilding. he was like a statue in the flesh. Sarah wondered if she could get him to break character. she walked around him slowly, hips twisting as her fingers ran across his multiple badges. through it all his eyes stayed focus and his stance strong. she ran her fingers along the stripes of her white and black tank top, causing her nipples to become erect and press against the cotton top, but he still stood unphased. she slipped the top slowly over her head and bent over, placing it on the ground before the soldier, giving him a long full glance at her rounded ass. sarah looked over her shoulder in dissapointment. this guy. this soldier. he was unphased. she pressed her back against him and slid her body slowly down his uniform, letting her hands linger on her body, slipping down into her tiny black shorrts to rub herself. bingo sarah felt the hard shaft press against his pants and with a smile she slowly unzipped his pants and pulled the bi
Retailers Get Late Lift
A last-minute surge of deal-seeking shoppers delivered better-than-expected holiday sales as nervous retailers lured latecomers with extended hours and steep discounts.The next question: How sharply will those discounts cut into profit margins? U.S. retail sales, excluding automobiles and gasoline, are on track to rise about 3.8% in November and December compared with a year ago, according to Michael Niemira, chief economist of the International Council of Shopping Centers.mulberry bagsThe results are something of a surprise to experts, who had originally forecast a weaker shopping season."Consumers are behaving in an unexpected way, spending more and taking more risk with credit," said Hana Ben-Shabat, a partner in the retail practice of global management firm A.T. Kearney. "The consensus going into the season was that consumers were still worried about the economy and jobs and were very cautious." Still, this year's results remain more subdued than in 2010, when sales rose 4.1%. And
Smoke Cited In 4 Fire Deaths
Smoke inhalation killed the three young daughters and the mother of a New York advertising executive in a Christmas morning house fire in Stamford, the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said Wednesday.A fifth victim, Lomer Johnson, 71 years old, died from trauma to the head and neck, likely the result of a fall or being hit with an object as he tried to escape the blaze, the medical examiner's office said. canada goose outletMr. Johnson, who also suffered smoke inhalation, fell through a landing as he tried to rescue one of his granddaughters, authorities have said. All the deaths were ruled accidental. Stamford fire investigators have determined that improperly discarded fireplace embers sparked a blaze that gutted the home and became too intense for firefighters to save the victims. Officials have said a security and smoke-detection system for the 19th-century Victorian wasn't set up.The causes of the deaths were released as workers removed debris from the seaside prop
         In my thoughts of you there is an underlying love that is present in every word,every glimpse.I hope you feel it as i do,for it is what I am and ever i will be",A friend is someone who will walk the long way when you don't want to ,hop the fence.No distance of placeor lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thourgly presuaded of each other's worth. I am thinking of you,in my sleepless solitude tonight.If its wrong to love you,then my heart just won't let me be right.Cause I'm drowned in you, And i won't pull through, without you by my side.Money and power only last the hour. but friendship and love withstand the sky above",I can give, I can recive,but i can't take",eventhough you',re not here and nowhere to be found, my heart says you're still here and everywhere to be found
Me And You
   You used me for good. To protect and serve! To lay down the law and hold all that’s true. You loved me to the fullest. I could see this right away! You Oiled and cleaned me almost every day!  To the range we would go. And boy did we put on a show! As a team we couldn’t be beat! Bull’s-eye, Bull’s-eye, bull’s-eye! We would laugh in the eye of defeat! A great team us two! Protection this is my function simple and true. I had your back! I loved you!  What you used me for was to never be.  Simply put, you abused me. You made me doing something I never thought I could do; you made me put a hole in you. rip-ger
This Is Pulled From My Personal Website
Yes I actually have my own site: I am of Chilean and (believed) Native South American mixed descent. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and brought to Texas and raised by my mother, grandfather, grandmother and uncle. While I had no actual father living in the house, my granddad and uncle both shared the role and as such my views have become rather conservative. I am, however, not one big on politics so I am able to see the viewpoints of those who tend to be more liberal. I have lived a rather unique life from this sense and while it has presented it's own unique challenges it has also formed me into the individual I am today. I graduated early from my high school after feeling neglected by my friends at the time and proceeded to attend Southwestern University(not to be confused with Southwest Texas at the time), however it was not to be. My lack of political sense caused me to throw in the towel over a class which I did not understand nor care to. Up
Random Thoughts Again
I would trade one night of happiness with him, to feel his touch, to feel his warm skin, the taste of his lips.. and spend the rest of my life in complete loneliness. Just to be with him for one night.
Random Thoughts..
If you find true love, never let it go... hold onto to tight. True Love is the most beautiful emotion to expierence in our lifetime. So, if you have that special person in your life right now... hold on to them tight, don't lose that special bond and if you haven't found that person, keep searching they are out there waiting for you to open your heart. 
Am I Wrong?
Am I wrong for wanting something more? Am I being selfish? I left a 5 bedroom house to my ex and I signed it over to him to come and move here to a 2 bedroom apartment. Did I better myself? The roof use to leak until I flipped and the owners son heard me. The basement has mold growing in it and the old neighbors use to let their animals down there instead of outside. They swept it up but never sanitized it. The basement has 20 years worth of old tennants belongings.. The owners mothers items.. and the basement leaks.. You can smell the mildew and mold. They redid the apartment down stairs and I went and looked when they werent there. The bathroom they gutted.. there was mold everywhere. They redid it really nice yet refuse to do anything upstairs. No updates. So I was diagnosed with intestional cancer 2 weeks before christmas. And so I have to go for chemotherapy treatments. Walking up 2 flights of stairs. Is it wrong for me to want a bigger place for my children? A better place
Jerseygirl@ fubar
Hallo Hallo
Here are some assorted thoughts for the day: I realize after seeing so many ungrateful people here, the worst incidences would have to honestly be with whiny men. I know I've been one of them in the past, and I'm ashamed to think of how pathetic that was ;) Women don't think it's attractive, just as I don't think begging women here or anywhere are, and it certainly won't make them like you more in the long run. My other thought would be, men, treat women well. There are enough problems in this world because of women who've been hurt by the numerous jerks out there who don't deserve to be called men, and it's about time respect ran rampant, as opposed to the dirty tactics that are commonly used. On the surface, these thoughts may indicate I'm moody, but I'm just being open and sharing them. I'm quite glad to be alive and awake, and savoring that I can sleep in today. :D  Have a great day folks.
I aam from the swamps of Louisiana, I think i was the person Hank Williams wrote about Long Haired Country Boy, because that is my life style and i really see no point in changeing
Word Press
End Of The Year Blog; Oh And My 100th Woot Lol
 Well according to this thing, after I post it I will have posted 100 blogs. Kind of cute how my end of the year blog for 2011 is 100 :) Where to begin? This year has somehow, in a weird way that's hard to understand, but completely understandable at the same time, it has been the worst year of my life....while being the best.  Year started out a little roughish closer to my birthday on here. I was too involved with this site, and took things people did too personally because I was sincere behind all my actions. And when I got hurt, I spazzed. So, to those I hurt or offended, I yet again apologize. This has also been the year of major fakes on this site. Two of the biggest happen to be two of my closest, or whom I thought were my closest, friends. One turning out to be a backstabbing, two-faced, lying, manipulative asshole....the same people they claim to dislike sooooooo much. But it is what it is. I'd like to think that somewhere in the years we were friends, there were moments of
Guardians Love Dark Angels
how mysterious love is , you cant give up only the darkest of angels who know of such supreme  power . i say this to you there is  a rebellion in love. This makes it all so more of in issue. what wonderful news but what if there is confusion and a ambush occurs. there is no goddesses of the moon  in fighting  and you must embrace death , the love disappears and the angels  punish. It is called magical realism there are guardians on earth. what do a group of alleged know about it? nothing. all they know is confusion and  rebelion. the question is how do you make a wish against it? after all i have perished does the fire die?  being pregnant is not a controversial topic nore is paganism  It is ignorant death in you in me is sexy and life comes from it. we are ignorant. that is not even the message that needs to be learned .it is because of our nations leadership that we can not have peace in our lives. the boy who goes "boo" is clearly renounce and believes in the curse of fire as blessi
The Web Your Reservoir Of Unforgettable Moments
Our life is full of unforgettable moments, one way or the other. It could be getting a raise in your office, losing 5 kilos, purchasing a new TV, buying a brand new iPhone, getting an awesome haircut, shopping for Christmas gifts, etc. No matter what you have a ton of memories to revive and share with the entire world. There are so many sweet memories that we would have forgotten in our lives, today you have the opportunity to record and store away all your memories. You get to share them with family, friends and all your loved ones. There are plenty of websites where so many hundreds and millions of people post their daily experiences and they come up with ways to define and create new Joyful things. We are sure you too want your fair share of recording these memorable things on a regular basis; the internet is the best way to do so. You can blog your joyful achievements and watch them become an inspiration. Memories to record : I am sure every one of us has a million memories locke
Ever wonder how methamphetamines are made? Don't wonder, that's how you and everyone else, get in trouble. Let's just say this: crap that is used in vehicles, stoves, and instant ice bags (among other things), is used to make it. So, if you are contemplating it: don't. Or your kids will wind up without a parent, and have to bury your sorry ass.
Results will take as long as they take.” It is so easy to give up if you don’t see expected results, immediately. This is especially true with exercise. You drag yourself to the gym and you sweat and burn. The pounds you planned to lose in three weeks remain stubbornly in place. Discouragement sets in and you want to give up. Don’t worry! This is a common experience for everyone. The good news is that you can turn things around. The secret to not giving up is to practice mindful exercise. Instead of counting your chickens before they hatch, enjoy each moment of your workout for its own sake. Experience exercise as an enjoyable healthy escape from the real world. While exercising, your mind may stray from your movements. But, stay mindful each the movement. Exist in the moment and gently remind yourself to focus. As you stay focused, without demanding rewards, the exercise itself becomes its own reward – and you will see the results you expect.
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams, TO MY LOVE ,Sweet dreams to you,May they all come true, Little rays of light shine through ...breaking your need for somnolence...Sweet Dreams  My Love,,Enjoy your  tranquility,,, let your desires be of prominence,,Sweet dreams my love Let them sweep away ..Your vulnerability. let them bring you ,back to me.
Sitting here trying not to have Ideas of grander.Wounder ,Where's my manners , but you take it all away from me. Because , I know your standers.Think about you on top of me.Please, don't ever let me be.Can't wait to be treated right,Can't wait to be loved all night,can't wait to be with you,Because , I know this love is true.What I want to do for you.Love , your body threw and threw.Boy, you do so much to me.Never, going to make you blue.More then lust,  This thing we do,But I'd lie , if I said you weren't my Favorite screw.
The Importance And Ow To Buy Good Drl
When compared with many some other led lights for cars, drl is more energy efficient.In many countries,many drivers are ordered to install daytime running light.Of cause,to install led drl has many benefits,it will help to improve vehicle identification.So it will help us improve the trafic safely greatly. When we choose led drl,we should pay attention to its quiality and buy high quality car led lighting.This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Learn How To Buy High Quality Drl
When we choose drl,we should pay attention to many aspects about the led drl,now let us see the followings and learn how to buy high quality led lights for cars.1,put the energy-saving at the first place; 2, avoid the light harm opposite drivers's eyes when driving; 3,must be waterproof,it will flash at the same time with the turn light,4, the voltage range must be 12-14V; 5, enhance steeringwarning function and safety; 6, metal cover,have good heat dissipation; 7, avoid effecting onboard computer systems; 8, the current is designed with the way of cross-flow style, 9, protect the battery from damage; 10, quality and price, usually the price between 200-500 yuan is more reliable. which can protect the components and make the light can use for a longer life span; If you want to modify the led drl,you should test it times in case of any other lamp failure.This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Great Accessproes For Clothing Franklin And Marshall Scarf
appropriately dressed, it can be very frustrating. You could excuse yourself then late wish you hadn’t. You could also arrive “as is” and spend the rest of the night feeling as if you don’t fit in. You can’t always plan for these occasions with an outfit that is “just right” stashed away in the trunk of your car. Even if you have a change of clothing, the time to do so may not be available. Yet, if you happen to be carrying a silk Franklin and Marshall clothing shawl or scarf, you can make over a standard outfit into something frivolous, quirky and suitable for bar or club hopping or into the height of sophistication and class for an up-scale restaurant and/or a night out at the theater. In just a few seconds, you can tie, drape and co-ordinate around your body, head, neck or shoulders creating an entirely fresh and new look for any event.This is not the only good reason for stashing a silk shawl or scarf in your car’s glove box. They are
Why City Girl More Stylish ?
Living in the city provides a woman with something to do no matter what the time of day or season. It is all about choice. Should you take a walk in the park, go rollerblading after a lunch with some friends, catch a movie, visit a museum or head off to a club. The only drawback is the cost. Living in a city can be hard on the pocketbook Franklin and Marshall clothing when it comes to finding the right thing to wear.While it would be fun to try everything, you do have to go to work to make the money to pay your bills. Rent, utilities and food all add up. Sometimes, you may find yourself forced to choose between a night out and a new outfit to wear on the night out. A special occasion you are dying to go to may call for a formal outfit, but….And everything you have in your wardrobe does not fit the bill no matter how you mix and match articles of Franklin and Marshall clothing.You can, however, avoid many of these problems if you keep on hand an assortment of fabulous hand dyed s
One Of My Theme Songs....
So Far Away - Staind   This is my life Its not what it was before All these feelings I've shared And these are my dreams That I'd never lived before Somebody shake me 'Cause I I must be sleeping [Chorus] Now that we're here, It's so far away All the struggle we thought was in vain All in the mistakes, One life contained They all finally start to go away Now that we're here it's so far away And I feel like I can face the day, and I can forgive And I'm not ashamed to be the person that I am today These are my words That I've never said before I think I'm doing okay And this is the smile That I've never shown before Somebody shake me 'cause I I must be sleeping [Chorus] I'm so afraid of waking Please don't shake me Afraid of waking Please don't shake me [Chorus]
Lookin For Merc's For My Mobbies In Fu Mafia
My guys could use your help in fu Mafia.  As a merc u get benifits not available to non merc's come join me   Recruiting Mercs for FuMafia use link below   I only ask that you play to level 6. Being a Merc has its percs. You can Play to level 9 without getting KILLED.  Mercs get more money to start with than non-mercs and if you are killed a merc will come back to life with FULL HEALTH   I will work with you to help you get started I wont leave you on your own.  You don't have to join the turf I'm in but you can.   If you joined FUBAR before Dec 31 2001 11 you are eligible.  If you were recruited in the past and you haven't played because you felt left out but you want to play and want to learn the game let me know, I can help.   Hit me up in the Shout Box inv=276285  Freddie Broke Your Fingers inv=276154  Who Fingered Freddie    Has one merc needs 2 more ASAP
Landing In London - 3 Doors Down
I woke up today in London As the plane was touching down And all I could think about was monday And maybe ill be back around If this keeps me away much longer I dont know what i will do Youve got to understand its a hard life That im going through And when the night falls in around me I dont think ill make it through Ill use your light to guide the way Cause all I think about is you Well L.A is getting kinda crazy And New york is getting kinda cold I keep my head from geting lazy I just cant wait to get back home And all these days i spend away Ill make up for this i swear I need your love to hold me up When its all too much to bear And when the night falls in around me I dont think ill make it through Ill use your light to guide the way Cause all I think about is you And all these days i spend away Ill make up for this i swear I need your love to hold me up When its all too much to bear When the night falls in around me I dont think ill make it through Ill use your light to gui
Flower Sales Boom As Scores Mourn N. Korea's Kim
Business was booming for flower sellers in the Chinese border city of Dandong on Wednesday as mourners gathered at the North Korean consulate to pay their respects to late leader Kim Jong-Il.Scores of stoney-faced mourners clutched bunches of yellow and white flowers as they entered the consulate, where large flat-screen televisions had been put up to show Wednesday's funeral.Another 100 people crammed into a North Korean restaurant across the street -- which along with scores of others had been closed since Kim's death on December 17 -- that reopened its doors for people to watch the ceremony. Dandong, a city of 2.5 million people in northeast China, marc jacobsis the main portal for trade with impoverished North Korea, which depends heavily on its wealthier neighbour for oil and food.The city usually has a large temporary population of North Koreans, most of them traders, but Pyongyang has reportedly ordered its nationals to return home for Kim's funeral.One Chinese national surnamed
Bent - Matt Nathanson
If I bent like you said was best Would that change a thing? If I spent myself what’s left Would you still leave me here? You're so sorry about it all Now that it's over Should i thank you for that dear? You're so sorry about it all And I hope you'll always be Cause I remember you best Hating all the boys who got to you And all the things they took That you'd kept for yourself Every car crash, every misstep, every word You're so sorry about it all Now that it's over Should I thank you for that dear? You're so sorry about it all And I hope you'll always be Always be La la la.... Cause I remember you best Hating all the boys who got to you And all the things they took from you again It's all wrong, it's all wrong, it’s all wrong La la la.. You're so sorry about it all Now that it's over Should I thank you for that dear? You're so sorry about it all And I hope you'll always be Always be
2 My Fufamily
i love you all and appreciate all ur kindness and i hope we will stay fam 4 ever and ever e.ven when im not on fubar when i go back to my hubby in jan
Louis Vuitton Bags In Every Coloration And Also Design
Louis Vuitton Bags In Every Coloration And also Design If you're away from picture the ones tend not to recognize anyone, then a Louis Vuitton handbags are the potential for acquiring discovered through other folks. Selecting appreciated drastically because of the style you've got. Purses are generally a vital factor for each female and so they don't sense complete whenever they do not carry their particular purse although going out. Totes received a fully different course by using this particular manufacturer. The bags are employed by simply all women which are employed to maintain many things. In addition to this kind of, the luggage can also be employed to illustrate the interior character and magnificence with the ladies. シャネルThey are more of a fashion statement and also token for the girls that carry these people everywhere they go. The women love to hold this kind of totes that will complement his or her clothes so they can improve his or
High On Cold Meds
MASo won't let me blog. So this is me not blogging! :D Or blogging about not blogging. Something. Either way, he is REALLY bossy. This doesn't count as a blog, MASo.   I'm on cold meds and I'm goofy (more than normal.) Does he look mad? I bet he's mad. :D     Hiiiiiiiiiiiii peoples. How's you doin'?
'roadrunners' Installment One
“In order for something to live, Another life must often be sacrificed.” ---Ancient Indian Tradition   “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few … or the one.” ---Mr. Spock ---From Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn   “If you know the future, you can change it.” ---Philip K. Dick ---From Minority Report       Prologue               “Jack, you have to speed up.”             “If I speed up, they’ll just ram us again.”             “We have to outrun them!”             “In an Escort?  Are you kidding?”             “Well then, what the hell do we do?”             “I’m gonna take the next exit I see … then we’ll get the police.”             “We’re in the middle of fucking nowhere!”             “Marcie!  Please calm down, you’re scaring J.J.”             The little boy in the back seat le
'fear Of The Dark' Installment One
Prologue June, 1982 A Good Deed   The last sane resident of the lodge set the timer for the detonators which were connected to twenty plastic C4 explosives.  The gentleman who had given the devices to him agreed with his urgency to maim the monstrosity that had arisen there.  Where the gentleman had come across the explosives was a mystery to the bomber but it did not matter.  If this was not done the evil would continue to metastasize into the outer world.  Due to recent events the bomber now had the chance to rid the world of the building’s owner and his destructive ways.  He was about to send all of it away. The lodge was decorated with wood finishes which gave it a nice, homey look.  The owner had spent many years refurbishing the building to give it an inviting quality which would make people comfortable. Everyone thought he was simply an interior decorating freak but he chose certain decors to set up specific pinpoints of light and dark along with areas of magnetic pul
One Game In, Wizards’ Blatche Is Upset With His Role On Team
It took only one game for the new-look Washington Wizards to resemble their same old dysfunctional selves. Andray Blatche took to Twitter on Tuesday to, in effect, criticize the way his criticisms were criticized after the Wizards’ season-opening loss to the Nets.mulberry bags“Every body need to shut up I didn’t call out my coach or team mates I said I had a bad game need it n the post instead of jump shots,” Blatche tweeted. Blatche was not happy after a 90-84 defeat in which the Wizards lost a 21-point lead, saying that he was not being used to the best of his abilities. He had 11 points on 5-for-13 shooting and was called for a technical for exchanging words with Kris Humphries. “You can’t keep having me pick-and-pop and shooting jump shots,” he said in the locker room. “Give me the ball in the paint. That’s where I’m most effective at. I’ve been saying that since training camp: I need the ball in the paint.” Bl
I Do My Best To Not Let Go Of Hope.
I don't cease to allow my heart's desire to travel quite far, and in the past, that's only turned into disappointment. I've made a lot of errors in my pursuits though, and I can honestly say, I've looked at being with someone else in the wrong way. So this time, even though I'm wandering a tad far again, I won't let hope fade. It's worth it to hold on (h)
Somtimes U Love The Things U Do
i love my friends and fans
Here's Another Way To Get To Know Me Better.
Our First Night
Sitting in the dark,My body , Pressed agents you.Your strong arm wrapped around me ,  as I look into your dark eyes.Starts ,with small strokes on my face.Then , little kisses. On my forehead . Slowly , I relax back into your arm . My nerves take over , I get up walk back to my room ....Unknowingly, wanting more, As, I turn away from you . I , can feel you delicately Slide your hands around my waist. I pause to see were this is going , before I get my thoughts .. I feel your : Soft, Warm , Wet lips on the back of my neck. Before , I can think , I lean back into you .. and let you kiss.I turn to face you .. I give in .. mouth to mouth . Our tongues playing joyfully.Firmly , but carefully you place me on the bed .. 
Stressed To The Max And Having A Heart Attack.....thanks Paul G. Harig (yes He's On Fubar Look Him Up!)
I am going to have his parental rights taken away from him completely! He's not a fucking father, he doesn't want his kids, he has no idea how to be a father and control his kids and he wants to give them up anyway so that's fine, he thinks I'm screwing him over now....just wait! He's had them 2 days and he's wanting me to pick them up tomorrow because he can't control them, they're being too loud, fighting and if I don't pick them up then he's supposedly going to be homeless with them? Good! I'll be right there in Walker to take pictures of him being thrown out so I can take it straight to the judge to prove he's not a father. Don't ever demand I do something when it has to do with hurting my sons because you will fucking lose! I even told him to call his dad and take the boys and go stay there til Sunday. He refuses to do that. Wow!!!!! Chose to give up your kids for pussy.......must be golden! Oh yeah and I forgot this is too much stress for her mom to deal
Sarah lay in bed with her hands cuffed to the headboard, bitting her bottom lip to supress the moans. her best friend was under the blanket with Sarah's legs wrapped around her face. Amber slipped her tongue slowly along Sarah's slit, parting it slightly with her moist tongue. she could feel Sarah's body quiver with ever stroke of her tongue. Amber trailed her fingers up Sara's flushed ivory skin and caressed her breasts, tracing her almost chocolately areola before twisting her already hard nipple hard and listening to Sarah's loud moan fill the room. Her finger slipped slowly into Sara's tight asshole as her tongue explored her inner walls, tasting her sweet honey as it poured from her juicy pussy. she sucked on Sarah's bullet like clit until her thighs began to shake violently and locked around her face. Warmth. Oozing. Dripping. Sarah's cum exploded from her sweet dripping pussy and covored Amber's face. Amber licked her lips and looked up at Sarah with a smile as her cum drip
Excited Excited
I am so excited. I have been ask to be in a calendar for SAVE THE TA'S TA'S foundation. I am not sure what month I will be, it will be topless, but we will have something over our boobs. These will be for the 2013 calendars and we start shooting in late Jan. I will probably be the only latina in the whole fucking calendar. Anyway wanted to share my good news. They will be selling them for either 10 or 15 dollars for the calendars/it is being done local here but hey who knows maybe you guys will want one. No I am not putting this up as a selling gimmick either. lol Update: P.S-Okay someone ask me why am I so excited, maybe I should have put this in there. I am excited because the money that is raised will help people fight against this disease, even if it helps only one person I feel totally honored. I am not excited because I will be in it, well maybe just a little bit, but the thought of helping someone that can not afford the treatments that are needed or for anything else this
Our Guessing Game
One of my all-time favorite bands is The Moody Blues.  The band was at their creative peak over a 7 album stretch (Days of Future Passed up through Seventh Sojourn) with each member contributing strong songs to the album mixes.  Think about 7 classic albums in a span of 6 years from 1967 to 1972. Many of their songs hit me and when I hear them I get lost in the moment.  Listening on Pandora at work today Our Guessing game came on.  It's from the album Every Good Boy Deserves Favour which is a good album but not their best. This track features Ray Thomas near his prime, with introspective lyrics and a strong vocal performance.  The other highlight of the track is Justin Hayward's lead guitar riffs which are excellent throughout the entire album, such a warm tone that is instantly recognizable as his. I've been reflective lately and I love this part of the song which struck just the right chord with me today: Standing in the townLooking at people, counting their frownsUnhappy fa
Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
A hundred days have made me older Since the last time that I saw your pretty face. A thousand lies have made me colder And I don't think I can look at this the same. All the miles that separate Disappear now when I'm dreamin' of your face. [Chorus] I'm here without you baby But you're still on my lonely mind. I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time. I'm here without you baby But you're still with me in my dreams And tonight, it's only you and me. The miles just keep rollin' As the people leave their way to say hello I've heard this life is overrated But I hope that it gets better as we go. [Chorus] Everything I know, and anywhere I go, It gets hard but it won't take away my love. And when the last one falls, when its all said and done. It gets hard but it won't take away my love. [Chorus]
Breaking Benjamin - Fade Away
I'm cold and brokenIt's over, I didn't want to see it come to thisI wonder if I will ever see your face againAnd I know that I will find a way to shed the skinIt's simple, I know that I will suffer in the endFast I fade away, it's almost over, hold onSlow, I suffocate, I'm cold and broken aloneIt's hopeless, the end will come and wash it all awayForsaken, I live for those I lost along the wayAnd I can't remember how it all began to playI suffer, I live to fight and die another dayFast I fade away, it's almost over, hold onSlow, I suffocate, I'm cold and broken aloneFast I fade away, it's almost over, hold onSlow, I suffocate, I'm cold and broken aloneI'm cold and broken
Staind - Could It Be
well i don't know what to say because there's truth to what you say i know it kills you i'm this way there's something different every day [chorus] could it be that i never had the chance to grow inside? could it be that my haven is to find a place to hide? could it be that sometimes i say things just to disagree? could it be that i'm only being me? not easy living in my mind a little peace is hard to find my every thought is undermined by all the history inside [chorus] [bridge] i know i hear the words you said over and over again i just can't get them through my head there's just too many voices must be like living with the dead waiting for me to begin to do the things i have said and for this i'm sorry so there's some truth to what you say [chorus]
Is The Grass Greener?
i cant understand if u know its not what u want then dont act like it is. i cant tell u if its greener over here but it is for damn sure more manicured and well maintained
This Is What I Am Going To Do....
Again The Fakers Are Out Lol
from: erickw45 Seattle, WA subject: hi received: 12/26/2011 11:57 pm replied: no   block this member It's nice to come in contact with you, your profile brought my really look attractive...hope we can start as friends first? However, I am seeking for a serious relationship with an honest and sincere, caring and lovely woman I do not care about age or location, all I am interested of is true love and trust...feel free to write me to: ericksonwayne45@gmail.comPlease, I want you to send me your personal email address so that we can have a better communication. Compliment of the season to you and your lovely family.from; Erickson
Why I Like To Kill Peoples Buzz's
11:33am reply  sunset: i dont even know you 11:34am more To  sunset: i'm spending my ability points on you! and i'm not asking for any form of payment 11:35am reply  sunset: not me lol 11:35am reply  sunset: my friend 11:35am reply  sunset: and to buzz kill is bad 11:35am reply  sunset: it takes your drinks and lowers your points 11:35am reply  sunset:  11:35am reply  sunset: bites you 
(i'd Love) Frying Without You
 how could i see through your swirl of litigating questions                 you constantly had my friends guessing were you a curse                              or a blessing i personally think you were a bottle of Wesson sent to teach my cooks a lesson looks like we’re getting busy i’d better go by the way we won the Iron Chef competition                                                                    your friend,                                                                Eve   Howard takes another look at the letter these are getting better and better                                                                                      love,                                                                                  eve & howard  
Darkest Days
  Darkest daysIn a whileStarving lil inner childLost in dreams Drownd with hopeChoked by fearNeed to look at myselfNeed a hand to hold me upGrown up bodyLooks like shameWanting love Never tameKisses given and taken awayBeing lonelyHere to staySeeking truth and honestyWant to just be happyMaking ties Burning bridges Why the hell am I so livid What do they see?When you look at me ...Sun it shines down on meI shine back , but it just fades awayNow , I am left in my darkest days.
I wonder why we even bother with them? We live in a disposable society. I'm disposable, you're disposable.
9 Stupid Comments/questions
1. People who point at their wrist asking for the time... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?2. People who are willing to get off their a** to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Damn Right! What good is cake if you can't eat it?4. When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they?5. When people say while watching a film, "did ya see that?" No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor!6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"... Didn't give me a choice there, did ya sunshine?7. When something is 'new and improved'. Which is it? If it's new, then there has never been anything before it. If it's an improvement, then the
My New Year Resolution (or Lack Thereof)
Man, I am so tired of trying to figure out what I will change about myself every year.  I Have in the past decided to try many things to make myself a better person, or try to make someone happier, or some thing like that.  Not that it has failed epically, but it has not come to fruition like I had planned.  So this year I am only going to say that I am going to make a resolution that will help me get motivated about moving forward and not sitting in the past.  There are all kinds of things to say, "I am gonna do" this or that!  Fuck I am gonna!  Don't speak of it like you plan on doing it, just DO!  That is my motivation for the next year.  JUST DO! I was at my grandmothers house when the subject of not putting off till tomorrow that can be done today.  So That is where it is coming from.  If my 80 year old grandmother can still get shit done, so can I, Right?  I mean, how can one person be so passive that he doesn't even want to do the things that he sees needs done?  There is just t
Here's To Your Health.... we have something to look forward to...starvation brought about by nonsensical, self-images, by celebrities, popular media, government, and "informercials"... Now first off: I agree that there are TONS (and I do not mean that in an unkind way) of people that are overweight. Some grossly obese, and some that are morbidly obese. And that includes children. I, myself, was grossly obese as a child. By the time I was 15, I was 315 lbs. I got my weight down to 173lbs in 12 months. Miracle? Diet? Exercise? No. A woman. Got involved with a woman that meant everything to me at the time. However, I didn't mean that much to her. Got a "Dear John" and became depressed. That is NOT the way to lose weight. Enough about me. Let's get back to the subject. Despite Jenny Craig, WeightWatchers, etc. and celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Valerie Bertinelli, Kirstie Alley, Dan Marino, etc., we are now plagued with "The Biggest Loser", "Celebrity Weight -loss Bootcamp
My Fav
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Im Single N Im Lookin For A Single Female
im lookin for a single white female age ? to 33 im honest caring luving trustworthy dependable im lookin for the same in a female n all im lookin for is for her to luv me for me if anyones interested let me kno im 32 yrs old brown hair green eyes 5'5 125lbs i live in binghamton ny n u should b to if not thats ok if u want to kno more let me kno ill let u kno more about me thanks my name is tim williams
New Dreams
This past few years(mainly last two)  have been an insane roller coaster ride for me.. ups,downs,twists..even almost fell out my seat completely. I used to be terrified of them..but now I can say I am finally looking forward to embracing the next new ride.. I lost a marriage(if thats what you want to call it)of 11yrs..but gained three amazing children from it. I lost a few very dear friends..yet have gained several new ones. Everyone comes into youre life for a reason,and you never know for how long.. so no matter how or when it ends..I look back and feel blessed to have known them. I lost family members over the years..but know they now watch over me as my gaurdian angels.    I have been trying to grasp all these things.. to make sense of recover from alot of hurt.. to figure out why it all happened. But Ive finally been able to sit back and realize I have my entire life ahead of me.. Everything happened for some reason or another,good and bad. Its a scary road ahead..but
SLIT MY WRIST As my blood hits the floor AS I slip away to be no more As I lay here to rest This world can kiss my ass I remornis of the pain Soon there will be no more rain I sit here now for the world to see But everyone just lets me be Soon I will leave this world For I will be dead When my body hits the floor Now that I am no more     My Heart   My heart breaks a little at a time, For now I reallise that you are no longer mine That someone else is able to put a smile upon your face Now that I am losing the whole race But you will not know For I will keep a smile on my face To keep you from leaving this place
Share A Small Piece Of U 4 Others 2 Grow
Tell what you knowEach of us has firsthand knowledge of the presence of Christ in the world. First and foremost, in the bread and wine of the Eucharist. But not only there: We’ve experienced Christ in the community of the church. We’ve encountered Christ in the grace of many sacraments and received from his tender hands the forgiveness of our sins. We’ve known the love of Christ in faithful marriages and felt his healing touch in times of sickness and despair. And daily, we see Christ in the eyes of the poor. On this third day of Christmas, imitate the memorable testimony of Saint John, and tell others about your own encounters with Christ.TODAY’S READINGS: 1 John 1:1-4; John 20:1a, 2-8 (697)“What we looked upon and touched with our hands concerns the Word of life.”   
Quotes Of Energy
Enter this AMAZING World by JANE POWELL on DECEMBER 27, 2011 “Breaking out of limiting beliefs is like opening a door to another world.” Beliefs are a set of generalizations you make about yourself, others and your life. They form your version of reality, based on what you feel and perceive about your experiences. Beliefs help you set rules by which to conduct your life. Guess what? Beliefs are not facts, even though we act on them as if they were facts. If you believe you are not a good athlete, you’re probably a bad one. If you believe you are horrible at math, then you’re destined to fail your next test. Remember, beliefs either free us or limit us. When we break past limiting beliefs, we enter a whole new world. So, believe you CAN do it. And … you probably will! ©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Different Types Of Services Offered By Packers And Movers
There are numerous packing and moving companies working in India. They also have well trained and experienced employees and resources to carryout transportation of goods in most optimized means. Most of the reputed companies also have several branches across the country. They offer wide range and different types of services according to the demands and budgets of clients. Now have a look at different types of services offered by them.          Full Moving: It is the complete shifting service. The shipping agencies will take up all the jobs in this kind of services. Expert workers of moving firms have carryout all the processes with complete responsibility. They pack all the possessions with good quality packing materials and shift to the desired destination by specially designed goods transporter. Their workers also unload, unpack and rearrange all the possessions on reaching at clients’ new residences. It is completely safe relocation and if any damage or loss has been done du
Tomorrow I'm gonna leave here.I'm gonna let you go and walk away Like every day I said I would.And tomorrow, I'm gonna listen.To that voice of reason inside my head Telling me that we're no good.[Chorus]But tonight I'm gonna give in one last time.Rock you strong in these arms of mine.Forget all the regrets that are bound to follow.We're like fire and gasoline.I'm no good for you, you're no good for me.We only bring each other tears and sorrow.But tonight, I'm gonna love you like there's no...Tomorrow I'll be stronger.I'm not gonna break down and call you up When my heart cries out for you.
Your Arms Feel Like Home
I think I've walked too close to love and now I'm falling inI've felt so many things this weary soul can't takeMaybe you just caught me by surpriseThe first time that I looked into your eyesAnd there's a life inside of me that I can feel againIt's the only thing that takes me where I've never beenI don't care if I lost everything that I have knownIt don't matter where I lay my head tonightYour arms feel like home, feel like homeThis life ain't the fairy tale we both thought it would beBut I can see your smiling face as it's staring back at meAnd I know we both see these changes nowI know we both understand somehowThere's a life inside of me that I can feel againIt's the only thing that takes me where I've never beenI don't care if I lost everything that I have knownIt don't matter where I lay my head tonightYour arms feel like home, they feel like home to me(Hold on, you're home to me, just hold on, you're hom
Hardware Adds Metallic North Face Jackets Sale
Hardware adds metallic North Face Jackets sale effect for the bags. The pleat detail is delicately designed to present us a distinctive and stylish handbag. The detachable interlocking G charm on the front of bag is greatly ornamented the bag. Telling us it is a bag from famous fashion brand, North Face, this bag can reflect your unique temperament and fashion consciousness. Thus, both of them share a lot of similarities, but Cheap North Face Jackets they present us totally different appearance. The Sukey Boston bag looks like Chinese dumpling, but very distinctive, so it is fit for someone with strong personality. And the tote appears more elegant and vigorous and I deem it is suitable for gentlewomen. Now let's compare its practicality. The Sukey Boston bag is measured 34 x 19 x 28 cm while the tote 38.5 x 12 x 26 cm. Both provide ample 2011 NEW NORTH FACE Gore Tex SKI Jackets Mens Black capacity. And they share the characteristics of considerate design of inside zip pockets
Children's Clothing The North Face Outlet
Children's clothing The North Face Outlet to sunglasses. The sunglasses are famous for retaining certain stylish elements that make the brand instantly recognizable. Such features include the monogrammed style North Face logo present within many offerings in either the corner of the right lens, on the frame itself. No matter which style you choose, you can also look forward to scratch-resistant lenses that block North Face kids ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you can rest assured that your eyes will be protected without worrying about the integrity of your sunglasses. North Face sunglasses are a wise investment because they are built to last, and their attractive features are noticeable in every aspect of their construction. As a saying goes, comparison is a good way to tell one thing from another. This rule also works 2011 NEW NORTH FACE Gore Tex SKI Jackets Mens green in shopping. In order to buy something that is most suitable for you, comparison is of great necessity, especia
Looking For A Type Of North Face Jackets
Looking for a type of North Face Jackets sunglasses that protects your vision and offers the ultimate in style, look no further than North Face sunglasses. They have long been the favorite of celebrities and fashion experts alike thanks to their iconic style and quality craftsmanship. The North Face brand was established in 1928 by North Faceo North Face. In 1938, he decided to expand his operations by opening a boutique North Face Clearance in Rome, Italy. From that point, the brand sought to become one of the most well-known types of luxury goods, and were largely able to achieve this feat through the use of inventive and rare styles that were not emulated by competitors. In the early stages, many of the brand's handbag designs were inspired by horse equipment such as saddle girths, giving the items the quality The North Face Realization 3 in 1 Jacket Men's of being both well constructed and eye catching. The sons of the North Face family did much to keep the business runnin
That You Use And Wear North Face Outlet Online
That you use and wear North Face Outlet Online your handbag is easily the most important. The name North Face has been synonymous with great looking handbags for decades now and there is just no confusing a North Face handbag when someone is carrying one. Black leather is making a big splash this season in designer handbags and North Face has a super wide choice of black leather handbags to select from now. However; if black just isn't North Face Vests your color in a leather handbag, don't worry, because that have lots and lots of other colors to select from. The designers at North Face recognize that fashion trends come and go and for this very reason that offer a wide selection of classically styled handbags that are virtually immune to fashion trends. All of their classically designed handbags harken back to earlier decades such as the 40s The North Face Denali Hoodie Fleece Jacket - Men's and 50s and draw off of timeless design styles that made their debut in those classi
We Made It Through The Rain
Neighborly Partners Rather Than Rivals
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said he has long had a bond with China after he wrapped up his first official visit to the country on Monday."I made my debut appearance in China in 1984 as a member of a 3,000-strong Japanese youth delegation and have ever since forged a bond with China," Noda said in a written interview with the Xinhua News Agency and other Chinese media ahead of his two-day visit. mulberry bags"That is why I often describe myself as the 'son of Japan-China exchanges'."In his maiden visit to China as prime minister, Noda said he expects to "reach consensuses with China's leaders on deepening bilateral strategic and mutually beneficial relations" on the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between the two countries next year. China too attached great importance to his visit. President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, all held talks with him. During these talks,
Looks Like We Made It
Could This Be The Magic
The Warriors Song (usmc Hard Corps)
The Warrior Song - Hard Corps PRELUDE: The eagle born to those who pledged their lives and sacred honor was smiled upon by God and freed from chains and iron collar. He is held aloft on unity and by history revered; for preserving peace through strength his wings now reach across two hundred years. But for each of those and one year more, God has smiled upon The Corps, from the Barbary Coast to the Eastern Sand, by sword, by gun, or by bare hand. So it's been, and shall be weighed: though many are born, few are "made". Faithful Always, they shall remain, dogs to loose when war is waged. I am a Marine on the beach, I'm a killin’ machine, with a need to bleed you when the light goes green, best believe, I’m in a zone to be, from my Yin to my Yang to my Yang Tze. Put a grin on my chin, come to me, ‘cuz I’ll win, I’m one-of-a-kind and I’ll bring death to the place you’re about to be: another river of blood runnin’ under my feet. Forged in
Poems I Have Written
Sometimes This pain is real i can not hide ...Sometimes i wish i could just die I keep my emotions to myself  ....sometimes i wish i could come out of dis shell seein ppl all around me so happy & free ......sometimes I wish that was me..... But I living this life full of doubt it makes me wanna shout... As I lay awake at night crying i catch myself asking why? I want this pain gone i want to b free so all i have to worry about is beein me.......   Dreamland Its my favorite place to b cuz i know your waitin on me after a long day i can't wait to drift off to dreamland  where you're waitin on me The dreams feel so real that i don't won't to wake up. So plz just let me be so i can keep dreaming about you & me     Tears I struggle with myself to keep them inside the feelings that i have tried to deny I tell everyone that im okay when i battle to make through each day ....In my world of illusions where everything was  right. I cried myself to sleep each night you notice the tears fi
Xxxmas Eve Orgasm For Peace, Hanukkah Candle Races & Saturnalia Spirit Of Holiday Sex
Speakeasy Family Hanukkah-Xmas Eve. Photo: L'Erotique  XXXmas Eve Orgasm   Length: 90:50 minutes    Date: 12/24/2011 No A-list porn stars, best-selling authors or champion wrestlers on this one. No, for Xmas Eve & the 5th night of Hanukkah, we make it a “Family Show.”  But when I say “family,” I don’t mean Focus on the Family (and I doubt they would approve); I mean our very own Speakeasy den of denizens, artists and multi-talented resident perverts—the Bonobo Gang.  From high-stakes Hanukkah candle-racing to a Nativity scene presented with Divine Interventions dildos and a Baby Jesus butt plug, we honor the winter holiday traditions in our own heart-warmingly debauched way. I dress up as Dr. Suzy Claus in red bikini trimmed with white faux fur and a matching micro-mini garter skirt from Adult Play Parlor, and Tasia is my feral reindeer pulling in a bag of sex toys, also from Adult Play Parlor, with something for everyone in the Speakeasy fa

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